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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Which Titles We Talkin Here

   Anyway, Happy Tuesday.  Working Week Sobriety between Tuesdays and Wednesdays!  I can, "Deal," with that.  Got some coffee going that's delicious.  Got some great dinner planned, got a couple of good options for lunch.  All in all its shaping up to be a nice fun relaxing day assume I get into the groove of writing this entry 1 or 2 paragraphs in.  Once I'm A Paragraph Down it all becomes so easy!  I saw Arizona Certified Joe Biden.  Not impressed.  I've been Certified by Arizona Loads Of Times.  Also does he put that certificate in a frame on his Office Wall.  Arizona President Certified Class of 2020.  Also Is President's Main Office = West Wing.  Nope how about that Oval Room.  I forget what its called.  Oh, right.  OFFICE.  But is that more like Biden's SHOW Office and he really gets most of his work done in a less fancy, less visible room.  Like OVAL OFFICE is for photo ops and whatnot.  But he's got just a little nook somewhere where he's like alright gotta get to work.  Read the first three chapters of Barack Obama's Memoir and start doing an outline for a book report.
Sounds about right.  Is it possible Trump never did A SINGLE WORK while in office?  Anything attributed to him was just him talking to someone else and was like alright take care of that me put my name on top.  Oh and make sure to do it in my handwriting, can you imagine if the president handed in book reports in someone else's handwriting, I'd Be Impeached THINK MCFLY THINK.  Biden's Wife is an ACTIVE Teacher.  Gotta imagine they have some Sex Kink where once a week Biden has to hand in a book report.  A real one!  Not just a prop where its like HERE YOU GO TEACHER and then they have Relatively Normal Sex.  No Biden HAS TO READ A BOOK AND WRITE A REPORT EVERY WEEK.  And then they go over it together.  Dunno if they have Relatively Normal Sex after that or if that's just how it ends.  I'll have to research that more extensively.
What else is going on and crap.  Gotta imagine most other offices in White House are squares.  Or at least rectangles.  Maybe some parallelograms that sounds like fun.  But this is the only Oval One, though, that's for sure.  Otherwise it wouldn't be the defining characteristic In Name!  Is the White houes like that place where it rotates while being a restaurant.  You eat and it slowly rotates 360 degrees.  I can KIND OF picture The White House being like that but I'm not 100% sure.  I wanna eat and/or live in a Revolution Restaurant as opposed to just a Rotation Restaurant.  Really get some movement going that's my hot take.  My Dad saw Trump wants to expedite Vaccine and my Dad was like now I suddenly DON'T trust it.  So gotta imagine that's his goal.  Dissuade Regular People from wanting it while encouraging his supporters to want it.  It's brilliant political strategy!  Endangering through implication the lives of many people!  Why hasn't this guy gotten the Nobel Peace Prize Yet.  Oh because that's PROBABLY NOT COMPLETELY his intention?  FINE!  Get off my back about it either way.
     What else.  Two more paragraphs until a break!  I got that going for me is the point.  Biden introducing his Team of Super Economic Business Politician Public Servant Friends very soon.  I hope its like last week's roll out of Foreign Policy People.  Nice little event.  They each get to talk that GUY WHO WIPES DOWN PODIUM EACH TIME GETS SOME MORE WORK and we learn a little bit about everybody.  Also I wanna get a good look at these people I know them by THE VERY LIMITED ANALYSIS I'VE READ but you can judge a book by its cover so I will figure out All I Need To Know just by looking at them over the TV.  Anyway.  If I become president that'll be my first move.  BUILD ME A PARALLELOGRAM.  Yep seems to check out. Also YEAH I know Squares and Rectangles are kinds of parallelograms.  I'm OBVIOUSLY referring to the kind of parallelograms that are WEIRD and NOT JUST RECTANGLES.  If I meant  just a rectangle I WOULD HAVE JUST SAID A RECTANGLE.
Get to take a break soon!  Into Penultimate Season of #TheSopranosAutumnNeverSettledOnAHashtag.  What else is going on.  Most likely lunch is Lamb Saag + BONUS Rice.  Its EASY.  It's delicious.  It's FUN.  Not very filling compared to other options but hey you can't have it all!  Thinkin about getting a TV seriously for the first time in at least half a year.  Maybe beginning of Pandemic Quarantine I probably thought about it for a week.  Now I'm thinking about it AGAIN.  My brother was talkin' up how great 4K TV/DVDS are and I'm like YEAH LETS HOOK MYSELF UP WITH THAT.  Especially because I don't have any TV right now might as well get a GREAT TV.  Brother was like its like seeing it in theaters.  I assume he meant on the big screen in theaters.  I've been in theaters where they have a 20 inch TV around the concessions stands, I guess to keep the workers busy during downtime.  So watching a movie on that kinda seems like nothing special.  Also why did I pay a ticket for this.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!



This One, That One, Some Other One

   So I got that going for me is the point.  Decent Substitute for Alcohol-- Take one Ritalin &/Or Klonopoin.  Don't over do it!  At most 2 pills overall!  It'll get the job done.  Pretty sure I may have mixed up the prescriptions.  Ritalin relaxes me and Klonopin gets me in a clearer head space.  It's no joke.  I'm pretty sure I didn't Sleep-Take-Pills-Out-Of-One-Cainter-And-Put-It-In-The-Other-Container.  SO it must just be my Body-MInd Physiology is WRONG.  Maybe I don't know what it is to be relaxed &/or have a clearer head going.  I got them mixed up 100% is the point I'm trying to make!  And the worst part about this is I Will Never Learn My Lesson and take the one that would best treat my symptoms.  Always take the opposite one WILL I EVER LEARN?
     Cool.  Got some NEW kind of bagels.  We're talkin 270 calories instead of 380.  We're talkin SAME SIZE.  But I CAN sot of tell yeah these bagels aren't quite as HEARTY as the other ones.  But it's close enough I'd have a real decision to make each time I want bagels (presuming I have a choice).  The good news is I start thinking about post-Quarantine and all the SUBWAY SANDWICHES I can get for lunch WHENEVER I WANT.  I can MAKE MYSELF a BAGEL WITH EGGS as an alternative lunch the world is full of AMERICAS.  You know, Possibilities.  America MEANS Possibilities and Possibilities means AMERICA.  Do I need a Metrocard to be allowed into a Subway: The Sandwich Shop Organization.  Probably not on account of That's Just Nonsense.  I'm sure we can trust Vaccine as long as other people are saying its good to take.  If Trump is on board but everyone else is Also Still on board, that doesn't make much of a difference to me.  Even a broken time is right 2 clocks a day.
     I'm of an age where WE STILL WORE WATCHES SOMETIMES.  Maybe kids in K-12 still need to do that.  Gotta imagine there's a standard No Phone rule.  And gotta imagine no clocks in every classroom.  So we're talkin there's still kids with watches good for them.  Maybe there's a no watches rule, now, too!  Watches can be phones.  I saw a James Bond about it.  So kids with watches in K-12 Classes WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE UP TO.  Is is a thing where you put your watch on the wrist of I wanna say The OPPOSITE wrist of the Handedness you are.  I'm left handed and I can KIND OF picture wearing Watch on my RIGHT wrist I think.  Such is life I guess I'd look that up right quick but I don't feel like it right now.  Anyway hey more than halfway through the entry!  I like those odds!
     Wonderful.  I used to think 4K in regards to DVDs was like a Sports game but it anticipates the sport and players 2000 years in the future.  NBA2K13 or something would be a Basket'd Ball Game circle 2013.  So I thought I was getting a FUTURE sport.  That would be interesting and potentially profitable (if I'm the only one on Earth who knows about it I CAN GET 100% OF THE PROFITS GETTING IT UP OFF THE GROUND!) but in the end I think I'd rather just have a very High Def TV.  You know FOUR TIMES as High Def as what was previously imaginable!  NOW ARE WE TALKING THE SAME LANGUAGE.  I've reached a point in my life where I like watch pre-HD filmed shows and movies and watching them on HD and they look foolish with what kind of make up and stuff they have on because it was aimed for a different Definition.  Now that's what I think REAL people look like.  It's what's NORMAL now.  Now they'll have to start doing make up for 4K to get the effect of no make up on Regular HD from video that was originally intended for NON-HD Completely TV.  Sounds about right I Like What I Like get off my back about it.
Last paragraph of Act II!  I LIKE those odds.  Figure I'll have lunch with Act III.  Meal + Bonus Rice.  I like those odds.  The only thing I dunno is when I get Subway Sandwiches for lunch do I get a Half sandwich with some chips as a side, or do I get a FULL 12 INCH SUBWAY SUB WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS-- TWO THIRDS OF THE TRIMMINGS.  Get me that HONEY OAT WHEAT BREAD.  It's like regular Wheat Breat but MAN OH MAN IT's GOT HONEY OAT IN THE TITLE AS WELL.  We're talkin Cold Cut Sandwich.  We're talking TURKEY.  We're talking CHICKEN.  LOTS of good options.  I might even get a More Unhealthy sandwich once in a while!  That's for The COURTS to decide!  ANyway I'm gonna take another break here.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Give Me A Sign!

   That's great, just great.  A few more paragraphs and then the fun store for today is all uphill &/or something.  Watched a solid 50% of Biden & Friends Speaking.  Biden was STANDING UP VERY WELL that's my first impression.  I know he hurt his foot (did he have it coming?) but its nice to say its not keeping him down LITERALLY I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT HE'D BE CONFINED TO A ROCKING CHAIR.  Biden hurt his foot over the weekend.  Playing with his, "Dog." .. IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL IT?!?!  Hah!  Also call what.  What's my guess on the Secret Way He Twisted His Ankle &/or hairline fractures in foot.  I'm old enough to know Don't Trust The Lead Story!  But what could be the cover up?  Embarrassing game of Twister between the Bidens & the Harrises? Hmm.  It WAS a dog but it wasn't in the course of playing it was INTENTIONAL (either on the Dog's side or for some reason on Biden's side).  Biden's got a sex fetish where you sprain his ankle and he likes that.  We're never gonna get to the bottom of this until 20 years from now when they're writing books about this moment.
  Had delicious lunch while waiting for Biden & Friends to start.  It was delicious!  Lamb Saag + Bonus Rice + Bonus 2 Breadsticks.  So that's great what else is going on.  What kind of, "Horror," can I watch when this is over.  Better consult All My Streams.  How about DOCTOR SLEEP: THE SHINING SEQUEL.  Saw it in theaters-- was pretty good!  Saw it on my computer several months back-- was pretty good!  Can watch it again when this entry over-- probably'll be pretty good!  Maybe I just want a DUMB Movie ever think of that.  Doctor Sleep is TOO INTELLIGENT.  I WANT SOME DUMB.  Some Friday Some Thirteenths dumb out there.  I can watch those!  The point is whatever I'm watching I'M LEARNING.  Dumb horror movies?  Learning about dumb horror movies!  The Sopranos!  Learning about them there Sopranos!  It's called BEING A RESPONSIBLE ADULT PRIMARILY BY THE WATCHING OF TV (PRIPRIMARILY IT BEING TV YOU'VE WATCHED BEFORE!)
     Cool.  I LIKE this season of #TheSopranosAutumnToNeverHashTagConsistantly.  It's got STEVEN PUSCHEMI.  It's got FEECH LA MANCHA.  It's got directed by Allen Covert.  No it doesn't.  That's Adam Sandlers Fifth Best Friend.  I'm thinkinking of Allen COULTER.  You know that sort of thing.  The point is after today I Am Out Of Clean Shirts To Wear.  Either get started on some laundry &/Or wear some unclean shirts.  Pretty straightforward.  Or don't wear a shirt at all.  Not very likely but that is technically a plausible third option.  WHAT THE HELL I just saw a poll that showed both Democratic In Georgia Running-Offs are BEHIND?  HOW COULD THAT BE.  THEY WERE JUST TIED A WEEK OR TWO AGO AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE FOR REPUBLICANS SINCE THEN AND... THEY INCREASED THEIR LEAD?  DOESN'T ADD UP.  IT WAS DOMINIUM: THE VOTING SYSTEM HACK.  VENESLUVIA.  THEY'VE HAD IT IN FOR TRUMP FOR SO LONG IT WAS EVEN DEVELOPED BEFORE TRUMP EVEN RAN FOR PRESIDENT THE FIRST TIME.
     Two more paragraphs to go!  I was watching #TheSopranosNoHashTag and they're like dreams can be expressions of whishs. Or they could be Freudian.  Or they could be stuff we're thinking about.  Pretty insightful stuff because MY dreams pretty much just boil down to Just Walking Around All The Time And Seeing What Happens.  That's more or less my MINDSET that's more or less what I ACCOMPLISH and it's more or less WHAT I WISH FOR IN WAKING LIFE.  The good news is HEY THAT JAMIE LYNN SIEGLER... SURE IS WAY TOO YOUNG FOR ME.  WHIch is odd because She's Older Than Me.  But in TV CAPTURE technology suddenly II'M the creep.  DOESN'T SEEM FAIR.  Also TOO SMART.  In the show.  She's always having conversations with this really vast amount of knowledge about EVERYTHING and we're just supposed to be like what the hell why is this girl a STRAIGHT UP GENIUS!  And if not exceptional at intelligence, at the worst just insanely well read and well informed.  DOESN'T ADD UP.
     Also the part where They're The Mafia.  The Mafia doesn't exist.  There that settles that!  I remember once hearing people were playing MAFIA at a sleep over or something and I don't know the rules or how to play because I wasn't there but at the next few sleep overs I was like lets play MAFIA sounds like fun and NOBODY WANTED TO PLAY MAFIA.  So I got that working against me.  Anyway hey another entry in the books.  I took a week and a half or so off in early October and I think besides that I've been here every day for about 8.5 months?  We're talkin ABOUT HALFWAY Through eight months and nine months.  Crunch the numbers yourself I've Got Time! ... .. Hey finished yet?  Good.  Hope you got the same answer I did!  Anyway great just great.  I'll see you tomorrow presumably.

-2:35 P.M.






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