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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

I Don't Have To Put Up With This

    Hey!  Time to write another entry.  It's Tuesday morning.  31st of August.  2021 I wanna say.  I wanna say it because I believe it's accurate.  All things being equal I thin kwe can all agree saying accurate things tends to be better than inaccurate things.  You say too many inaccurate things and people are gonna stop taking you seriously!  GREAT.  I don't wanna be taken seriously!  I want to be a source of amusement.  Whether it's to my benefit or not!  Even if people are laughing at me at least I'm contributing something to the world.  Wow what a great guy I am.  I watched the first two episodes of The Fargo Season IV.  Wonderful.  I like the parts where stuff happens with and/or without characters.  Anyway.  Lunch today will either be TURKEY SANDWICHES or KIDS MEAL CHICKEN PARM.  I'm leaning towards SANDWICHES.  Also I'm enthusiastic about LUNCH hence the CAPITALIZATIONS.
     Wonderful.  What's the last place I went to recreationally.  The bathroom?  Starbucks bathroom, that's not fun.  Necessary!  BUT there's a little shack bathroom in the park that I always have a blast going to.  Closed after 5 PM but if I get there early in the day I'm havin' fun.  Also how do they close this shack.  Do they have someone who goes around at 5 PM every day locking it?  I never saw such a guy!  Maybe it's automated.  But THEN I'm worried I'll be using the bathroom and then it automated shuts and then I'm stuck inside!  In the dark!  For all time!  Until the morning! But I will have GONE CRAZY by then with Fear and/or Boredom.  Mostly fear!  Scary situation Being In Dark.  Then again it'd be scary if it's Too Light also.  OH NO MY EYES THIS IS TERRIBLE is one example of what might happen In The Light.  Also what was the final consensus in Poltergeist on whether Carol Anne should go toward light or away from the light.  They had differing opinions and I forget which one is the best way to go if you're with ghosts in alternate dimension.  GREAT now I don't know what to do when it happens to me.
Ugh.  The bad news keeps piling up!  I should start an inventory of the bad news as it comes so it won't pile up at least.  Okay.  I could get a delivery for lunch today.  It's a reasonable possibility albeit an unlikely one.  ALBEIT?  I'LL BE IT.  Let's talk about it.  Today is the last day of Summer.  Everyone knows September is the fall.  That's common knowledge!  I guess.  I feel like Video Game helping me tune my guitar has led to my guitar being much more in tune in general than when I was doing it myself with or without the help of external guitar tuner.  Video game knows how to advise me perfectly re: tuning exactitudes.  Or maybe there's frequencies being emitted from video game through guitar cable that tells strings hey best get in tune.  I don't know how frequencies work!  Like that!  That's my best guess!  I feel like my Dad liked the movie Frequency.  Which I should watch again for a 2nd or 3rd time because it IS a father son movie.  And I'm always in the market for some good father son movies.  And my father ALREADY likes this movie so we're halfway there.
     Cool.  What are some goof Father Son movies where I'M the father and I relate to MY son with this movie.  Well off the top of my head maybe Jurassic Park II The Lost World.  Anyway.  Maybe I have to meet my son first.  That makes sense.  Hmm if I ever have a family I'm gonna have to COMPLETELY stop being a comedic weirdo and be a regular person.  I owe it to my immediate family to Just Be A Person.  DAMNIT I'm gonna have to change my entire BEING.  Oh well I got time to get there gradually.  Also I can be a BIT of weirdo.  But its gotta be IN PROPORTION.  What else.  My Mom made coffee earlier so I don't know how much is left but I'm assuming at least enough for upcoming cup.  umcupping com.  That sort of thing.  I'M GONNA BE A WEIRD DUMB SILLY GUY.  FOR REGULAR THINGS CHECK IN WITH YOUR MOTHER.  That's one way for things to work.
     Coffee after this paragraph.  Maybe your mother is weird dumb and silly too!  For regular things LOOK INWARD.  Anyway.  Hey the war in Afghanistan is over more or less is my impression!  ALRIGHT!  Could we still be doing drone strikes there and just shrug our shoulders and be like well this is what we do!  I dunno maybe.  I hope not!  Unless they kill terrorists 100% of the time and innocent people 0% of the time and we're 100% sure they're terrorists and 0% sure they're civilians.  Anyway I'm gonna have to look into that one I'm not sure.  DRONE STRIKE?  WHO DECIDED TO UNIONIZE THESE DRONES IN THE FIRST PLACE.  DRONE STRIKE?  How can we say we had a drone strike that killed eight people.  That's a drone STRUCK.  A DRONE STROKE AND KILLED EIGHT PEOPLE.  That sort of thing.
     Hey I got coffee.  There was enough for one cup!  There isn't enough for a second cup!  I'll probably make more coffee myself as opposed to not having second cup!  Wonderful.  I guess.  What kinda stuff am I gonna watch today.  More Fargo.  That's more of an Evening Activity though so let's hold onto that in my back pocket.  One of them.  I've got two.  That's my impression.  Normally I have keys in left back pocket and phone in right back pocket.  DAMNIT I GAVE IT AWAY.  Now you know if you want to steal my keys and/or phone you know exactly where to find them when I'm out and about.  Anyway.  Plastic case for wireless earbuds in left front pocket. If I had my wallet with me that'd be in left front pocket.  WHY AM I SAYING THIS I DON'T KNOW WHEN TO STOP I'M GIVING AWAY TOO MUCH SPOILERS THAT YOU CAN USE AGAINST ME.  Front right pocket used to be cigarettes.  I don't carry those anymore on account of I don't use them anymore!
     My Mom just got back from Doctor Appointment where they re-evaluated Eyeball after surgery and her eyesight in that eyeball is AMAZING.  It's the best it's been SINCE FOREVER.  Now she can DO STUFF like LOOK FURTHER AWAY without GLASSES.  WHAT A POSITIVE CHANGE OF LIFE LIVING QUALITY.  Anyway what is this, the seventh paragraph?  Yes it is.  I assume.  YEAH IT SURE IS.  I like disfigured people who are missing eyeballs.  And there's no replacement eyeball.  Of all things someone can be missing I enjoy seeing that perhaps the most.  Ugh.  Is it possible Buddhists believe we have a slightly less powerful/important FOURTH and FIFTH eyes?  Why not.  I can have a fourth eye that doesn't come into play very often.  But every now and then it can do something.  Oh well I guess we'll never know.
     Jeez.  My Mom may have misplaced her wedding ring!  Oh no now my parents are living in sin.  Also gotta imagine it was worth something.  If not sentimental value than actual value!  Also gotta imagine probably it'll turn up.  How cam things turn up.  You gotta look for things.  You're not just gonna be sitting around in a chair and then suddenly you see it!  Well maybe that can happen!  If it's with eyesight of you sitting in your chair.  But FOR THE MOST PART you can't count on that happening.  Then again tell me more about this Sitting In A Chair activity you've got my interest.  Also lets put that Eyeball to use!  Look around for the ring NOW IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE.  What else is going on.  Anyway.  A few weeks ago I was like ya know what I'm gonna bingewatch THE LORD OF THEM RINGS.  And I watched the first 20 minutes of Lord Of The Rings I: The First Movie That Isn't A Hobbit Movie and IT WAS GREAT and I LOST INTEREST QUICKLY.  I wasn't into it as a kid but now I like it!  However I still lose interest in it!  You figure that one out!
     Wonderful.  I fell asleep while watching The Hobbit II or III in the theaters.  Maybe The Hobbit I.  It's hard to remember on account of me not being conscious.  What else is going on.  Ninth paragraph!  I hope this ring turns up.  It's a symbol of my parents being married to each other.  You know that sort of thing.  Then again you're bound to lose it eventually.  What you're telling me you're gonna go 40 or 50 years NOT losing something?  I don't buy it!  I feel like they've been married for close to 40 years now and that ring had a pretty good run all things considered.  What else is going on.  OH NO the Mets have a starting pitcher tonight whose not on my Fantasy Baseball team.  This is great news maybe he'll do good then.  Less pressure on him.  That sort of thing!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Which situation.  All the situations.  Oh okay.
Last paragraph of the act!  Wonderful.  Pair some Sweet with turkey sandwiches.  A couple of cookies or something.  Or some Salt.  Some chips or something.  Or some Sweet and Salt.  A portion of both but half size portions.  I DUNNO I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT ONE.  My tastebuds will get confused.  Too much information!  Cannot compute!  That sort of thing!  Anyway if you're a Social Media influencer and you're in a friendship gang with other Social Media Influencers you may call them Your Taste Buds.  Because you're buddies.  And you set Tastes.  OR something.  I forget.  What else.  Maybe tune my guitar to something different for next time period of playing Video Game.  Play some songs I haven't played yet that are songs I recognize and know I enjoy.  That sort of thing!  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Time to take a break.  I'll be back in a little bit!




You Figure It Out

    Hey.  My dad found my mom's wedding ring!  It was In Car!  Also I feel like the ring my Mom wears is MY DAD'S and the ring my Dad wears is My MOM's.  Because of the communitive transitive property of Marriage Jewelry.  What else is going on.  Sure communitive is a word.  I said it, didn't I?  Wonderful.  Made bonus coffee.  Gonna have that for myself with Act III!  Wonderful!  I don't know why I would make up a word AND it doesn't even have a fake definition.  You'd think if you're making up words you'd at least have some sort of concept in your head of what they may mean.  I don't know what communitive means exactly!  I'm gonna have to think about that one for a while.  Anyway.  Wedding ring is a sign of my parent's love for being married to one another.  That's my impression.
     What else is going on.  Gonna flip the page of Patriotism Calendar tomorrow.  I don't look at it nearly as much as I used to but it's still Hanging Around Here Somewhere.  LITERALLY.  IT'S ATTACHED TO METAL FILE CABINET WITH A MAGNET CLIP.  HANGING ONE MIGHT SAY.  Wonderful.  MAN remember when refrigerators used to have stuff on them.  I feel like that's a time gone.  I feel like in when I was a kid, and probably for a decade or two OR THREE before then, the premise was you'd put things up on the fridge with magnets.  I don't know if today's modern fridge even ACCEPTS magnets.  Anyway you'd have cute magnets that say or show something cute.  Or you could hang papers with magnets.  Papers with any kind of information you want!  Anyway kids today play with less magnets and I feel they're missing out.  Adults, too!  MAINLY adults.  Kids don't appreciate how fun magnets are.  You need to reach a certain age to get playing with magnets.
     Ugh.  What else is going on.  I googled whether modern fridges accepted magnets.  Some do, some don't!  Now we know for sure.  Anyway.  It just doesn't work AESTHETICALLY with your modern kitchen.  What else is going on.  Mets still hanging around with a .8% - 2.7% chance of making playoffs.  PLAYOFFS?  WOW!  That's like winning the world series but NOT QUITE.  Only ten out of thirty teams make the playoffs!  WOW WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT and whatnot is the point.  Anyway.  I feel like there should be a Fan Vote and one team from each league goes to the playoffs whom wouldn't have qualified based on their standings in Winning Games Vs Losing Games.  Let's get a FAN FAVORITE.  I dunno I feel like every year the same team would win Fan Favorite.  Because apparently the franchise has the most fans.  It's not a Fun Mix Em Up if its the same team every year.  Also it's not a fun mix em up anyway!  SURE IT IS.  As long As I get to decide the Fan Favorite.  Will it always be the Mets?  NO I take this responsibility SERIOUSLY.  Gonna consider what the fan favorite SHOULD be taking into account EVERYONE'S feelings.
     What else is going on.  Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  I don't believe it!  I feel like I was watching a horror movie yesterday that actually scared me.  I MAY be thinking of Fargo.  But that wasn't scary for the most part!  Must have been a horror movie.  HMM.  I can think of one horror movie I watched that wasn't that scary.  Must have been watching a different one, too!  Anyway.  Maybe it wasn't watching ANY movie.  The scariest movie of all is the one You Never See.  I'm gonna have to look into that one.  No I don't.  Yeah but I might anyway.  Sure.  Anyway.  What am I gonna do for 2022 re: Absorbing The Days And Months Of The Year And/Or It Relating To Patriotism.  I've gotten used to having Patriotism Calendar and I DON'T WANT IT TO END.  Where did I get this calendar in the first place.  Hmm.  From drug store I think.  Must have gotten some drugs and they were like hey take a calendar it's on the house.  Better LTURQ.  Promotional Item from Comda.com.  Better look up right quick what comda.com is.  I looked it up and spent 10 seconds looking at the website and I have no idea what this is.  BUT I feel like getting it from drug store is the most likely case.
     Last paragraph of the act!  I don't believe it.  LOOK in an ideal world am I fantastisizing about having Chinese food for dinner?  No.  In the REAL world I am.  In an ideal world I'd be fantasitising about whatever it ends up being.  So I ultimately end up Very Satisfied.  But yeah I can see myself eating some Chinese Food.  But my parents aren't usually on board with that!  So you can see the kind of predicament I'm in!  YA NEVER KNOW THOUGH.  Sometimes you do.  For example by tomorrow I Will Have Known What I Ended Up Having For Dinner Tonight.  SOMETIMES YA KNOW.  That checks out more accurately I guess.  I like spilling a little bit of water and/or coffee grounds on counter when making coffee and four out of five times I just go well this isn't my problem and don't even do the bare minimum to clean it up.  And no one calls me out on it!  That's why I keep doing it!  I'm trying to make an effort to clean up after myself anyway.  Because I WANT to be a good person.  Anyway I'll be back soon.




That Reminds Me

    Wonderful.  Time to finish the entry.  Got coffee #2 going!  Made PERFECT AMOUNT of coffee where I poured exactly a full cup for myself leaving room for a bit of cream and my Mom took Whatever Amount She Took Beforehand.  YEAH.  Looks like we're getting BENS: The DELI RESTAURANT for dinner tonight.  I'm okay with that!  Maybe try some WINGS from them.  Never had that before.  CHICKEN Wings.  They have a VARIETY of flavors.  THREE OR FOUR.  I might try SWEET TERIYAKI.  This is great I'm excited about this.  Will I have ALL OF THEM?  I dunno!  I'd have 6 or 7 easily.  That might be all of them.  PROBABLY NOT THOUGH.  Okay calm down it's not THAT serious and/or important.  I don't think I'll get anything for tomorrow, though!  Hot Dogs come to mind but I CAN DO BETTER re: lunches tomorrow.
     Wonderful.  OH NO wings are only on TWO OUT OF THREE menus.  They're on official menu that you'd use if calling them directly.  They're on official ONLINE menu if you're ordering from them online.  And they're NOT on doordash menu WHICH MAY BE WHAT WE USE.  Oh no.  Gotta think of a back up!  THIS DOESN'T SEEM FAIR.  Oh well such is life.  Hot dogs come to mind.  I'm having SANDWICHES FOR LUNCH.  Hot dog is a sandwich.  I can't have sandwiches two meals in a row!  Look we can argue back and forth whether hot dogs are a sandwich but lets just get it out of the way-- Hot Dogs Shouldn't Be Sandwiches But They Are.  That's the universal accurate position.  So lets move on with our lives!  WAIT A SECOND maybe it's hot dogs Should Be Sandwiches But They Aren't.  Now I'm confused. 
     Anyway.  WHAT ABOUT SOME SORT OF OMELET.  That's not a bad idea.  I haven't had OMELET in a long time.  Great!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!  Maybe HAWAIIAN CHICKEN as a back up.  I'd have to get an entire Dinner but it's SIMILAR to a Sweet Teriyaki Chicken PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Oh no I have too many decent back ups.  What to do, what to do.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Like I said!  That's still my official position re: whether I will keep you updated on this situation as it progresses or not.  Ugh.  WAIT SECOND THIS IS GREAT NEWS I can just get a pint of Hawaiian chicken.  See I TOLD YOU I'd keep you updated.  These colors don't run.  Or something.  I believe that's either an America Reference or A Laundry Reference.  Or possibly both.  Or very possibly neither.  Anyway what else is going on.  Oh Right this paragraph is over.
     Yeah!  Maybe the movie that scared me was the one horror movie I can remember watching yesterday.  Don't remember it scaring me!  There might have been a spooky moment or two, though!  What else is going on.  Last entry of the month!  It will remain forever at the top of the page of August 21.  Because I'm too lazy to reverse the order of every single entry each month so it's in chronological order in retrospect.  If I could just press a single button to do that I'd do it!  It'd be wonderful!  But it takes MANY buttons to press.  We're talking HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of Pressing Buttons to get there.  This isn't automated it's all by hand!  Copy and paste each entry back and forth and make it before the next one instead of after it.  That sort of thing!  NOT FOR ME.
Last paragraph of the... month!  Yeah!  Maybe I was playing a spooky song on Rocksmith.  Hmm I can't REMEMBER playing a particularly scary song.  What else is going on.  Watch an episode or two of #TalesFromTheCryptTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent when this is over.  I started one episode while Drying Off From Shower.  Gotta at least see that one through!  Then maybe one more episode for good measure.  WOW doing things.  I like the sound of that!  Even if it's the same thing as the last 30 months.  Especially if it is!  Why mess with success!  You definitely shouldn't because the words rhyme.  That's how you know it's accurate!  What else is going on.  I'll be back tomorrow!  See ya then!

-1:00 P.M.




Monday, August 30, 2021

What Are You Doing Here

    Hello friends.  Here we go again!  Time to write some dumb paragraphs.  My Dad's nurse who gives him blood infusions is coming today.  Soon!  Wonderful its so nice to have a guest.  I'll vaguely consider offering her coffee because that's just the kind of great host I am!  I always have coffee being made and I always think ya know a normal person would offer coffee.  NOT ME.  I don't wanna TALK to people what's wrong with you.  Also that's OUR coffee.  We can't be giving out coffee to anyone who wants it.  We'd run out in no time!  Anyway.  Coffee makes me a big boy!  Kids don't drink coffee.  I drink coffee!  Therefore I am a Big Boy.  You heard it here first.  Two meals today will be Bison Burger and Super Market Pasta.  Either Kids Chicken Parm or Meal For All Ages Wide Fettuccini Al Fredo.  WOW.
     Yeah!  Playin' some more ROCKSMITH.  I'm starting to get the hang of it!  Wait so you want me to hit this note at this time?  Doesn't sound right to me but OKAY you're the boss!  I tried playing some Used Baseball Game From 2013.  Walked 11 straight people before I gave up trying to figure out how to pitch.  SOME were successful four ball counts.  SOME were intentional walks.  A COUPLE were hit by pitches.  Also of the successful four ball counts SOME of those balls WERE CAUGHT BY THE CATCHER and not WILDLY WILD PITCHES.  Wow!  I did a DRAFT for the game.  I picked all the best hitters possible.  First basemen and DHs and some Outfielders!  Then they HAVE to play positions they don't play!  BUT THEY'RE ALL IN THE LINEUP  GREAT STRATEGY.  They're big boys they can figure out how to play middle infield. 
     Wonderful.  Uh oh I might have had too many left handed people.  Left handed people can't play in the infield.  WRONG ANGLE FOR THROWING TO FIRST.  You heard it here first.  Oh well they'll figure it out.  Big boys!  I just hope there wasn't some sort of algorithm that registered my pitching strategy is to walk 11 people in a row to lead off the game and then when simulating games they take that strategy and use it for themselves.  Oh no AN ALGORITHM?  I don't like the sound of that!  Actually I kind of do.  I don't like the concept of that but the sound of it?  Sounds kinda fun!  You heard it here first!  Anyway.  There was a comedy twilight zone with Carol Burnett!  I didn't see that coming!  Well I saw it while it was coming at me I guess.  Sound and sight were being emitted by my TV in the direction of me and while that was happening I saw it coming.  Yeah.  Great.  Sure.
     Fourth paragraph.
  I could get coffee after this paragraph or after next paragraph.  Let's flip a coin.  Google flip a coin.  HEADS!!!  Oops I forgot to decide which option was which side of the coin.  Heads.  Alright google flip a coin THIS TIME heads means after 4th paragraph.  HEADS?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?  THAT WAS WHAT IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I FLIPPED THE COIN.  What are THE ODDS it would be heads again.  Gotta be like 1 in 100!  Anyway great now I can have coffee sooner.  I'm going to be a Big Boy VERY early on in the entry.  Anyway.  I thought I was getting the hang of Guitarsmith but then I realized what it's having me play is maybe 5% of the actual song.  Hitting the real song notes is Oh I Don't Know TWENTY times as intensive?  I don't remember songs having this much notes.  That wasn't my experience earlier in my guitar playing career.
     Great!  Coffee!  Google Heads or Tails HEADS I WILL CONTINUE THIS SENTENCE hey here's some more sentence THAT GIVES YOU YOUR ANSWER WHAT IT WAS.  Ugh.  Looks like the Mets give a thumbs down celebration to somehow stick it to the fans?  Fans are mean to Mets players.  Mets players occasionally do good.  They put their thumbs down in celebration enthusiasm.  I don't 100% get what's going on but my impression is GOOD FOR THE METS.  They're re-appropriating Negative Reactions To Them in a positive way!  Also they're right We Mets Fans Are Jerks!  I have no problem with this AND I'm in favor of it PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  So there's that.  It shows MOXIE. 
And HEART.  And FEELINGS.  Great what else is going on.  Also any Metfan that is like HOW FARE THEY MY KIDS ARE WATCHING THIS OH NO is dumb!  Anyway this paragraph is over.  Google heads or tails will this google algorithm hit heads or tails next.  HEADS.  That means that it hit Heads.  You heard it here first.
Huh.  Halfway through Act I!  When this entry is over I got so much great stuff to do.  Why there's only... uh... I was pretty sure I'd be able to think of ONE thing immediately off the top of my head.  So far I'm drawing a blank.  Hmm.  Closing in on September!  That won't happen today, but today is as good a day as any to start mentally AND PHYSICALLY preparing for it.  I need to get in shape for September.  Today is a good day to get Getting In Shape out of the way once and for all.  Do 20 push ups and 20 sit ups.  I can do that!  LATER.  How come in high school there was gym 3 times a week and we had to run laps around the gym and do some jumping jacks and stuff.   WHO CARES THIS MEANS NOTHING.  This isn't gonna accomplish much, what we're doing here!  WHY BOTHER.  Let's just have Quiet Time.  Also can I listen to my earphones during quiet time?  They're quiet enough that no one else would hear them!  So it doesn't interrupt THEIR quiet time.  But yes for me it would NOT be quiet time because I'd be hearing things.
     Anyway.  I forget what was going on.  Hey today is Monday.  Feels like a Sunday to me!  Nurse usually comes on Sundays.  But today Not.  Today Monday!  You heard it here first.  I can go through the Final Destinations.  I don't like the sound of that, though.  Too much death!  Also it's not like oh well this guy Happened to die.  The guy HAD to die.  IS THAT TRUE?  DO WE ALL HAVE TO DIE?  I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT.  I was hoping we would only die by accident and/or bad luck by being around killers or ghosts.  Now I see it invariably happens to everyone and I DON'T LIKE THAT.  Oh well that's life.  Also spoiler alert but I feel bad for the protagonists.  I could be wrong but I think GENERALLY they don't succeed in Living As Long As They Can.  Could be wrong!  That's a good guard against spoiler complaints.  Here's a spoiler but guess what I COULD BE WRONG.  And ya know what?  It's true!  I COULD be wrong.  But even if I didn't think I could be wrong that'd be a nice thing to say to guard against spoiling.
     Eighth paragraph!  Google HOW'S STORM GOING.  Oh No Hurricane might hit New York Wednesday or Thursday.  At that point it might mildly inconvenience me!  JUST MY LUCK.  Anyway.  Is it possible we can build a dome around New Orleans.  No that's not possible.  We'd need to replace all the grass with artificial turf.  Yep that's the main reason why the Dome Around New Orleans isn't possible.  That checks out and whatnot.  Why can't it just hurricane in places no one lives.  Or not hurricane at all!  What's this hurricane's problem.  I dunno moving on.  How come there's no Puppy Bowl counterprogramming to the olympics.  I want to see puppies do ALL this stuff.  Even just the most basic Track Race.  How hard could it be to get puppies to run fastly in an oval?  And how adorable would it be?  HMM.
     Then again it's exploitation because the puppies won't see ONE DIME of the endorsement deals they sign.  All gonna go to the puppies' agents and managers!  Doesn't seem fair.  Hey this is the ninth paragraph.  GOOGLE WHAT IS THE RICHEST DOG IN THE WORLD.  ALTERNATIVE GOOGLE GOOGLE HOW MUCH DID LASSIE MAKE.  There's a dog who inherited 62 million dollars when a German Countess died in 1992.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.  That's what google says and it appears to be a real article.  But I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.  I clicked the link to make sure it wasn't written on April 1st.  But no.  Dogs inherit money.  And Everyone Is Just Okay With That.  What else is going on.  What's next.  Leaving money to inanimate objects.  I LEAVE MY CHEST OF DRAWERS SEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS.  And what can anyone do?  It's all signed and notarized in the will.  Now that chest of drawers is the richest chest of drawers in the entire countryside!
     Last paragraph of the act!  Is a chest of drawers, are the drawers like Underwear Drawers, or is the drawers like hey we gonna put stuff in compartments and then those can be opened or closed.  I dunno.  I guess we'll never know!  What else is going on.  I could have six mini ice cream sandwiches for lunch.  That sounds reasonable.  I'd get to eat delicious ice cream sandwiches AND I'd be like this is MORE than enough ice cream sandwiches such that I'm gonna get tired of eating them before I'm even done.  So I got that going for me.  I dunno.  I don't have a will right now.  It just occurred to me!  Luckily I have nothing of value.  And I assume according to The Law anything I have goes to my immediate family.  Which is just fine by me!  I don't even KNOW anyone outside my family let alone Want TO Leave Them Things.  Also I got crap!  You can have a used copy of am MLB 2013 Baseball Game!  Also it's not just used by me.  It was used EVEN BEFORE I GOT IT.  So there's that.  I'll be back in a little bit.




This Is Where I Live

    Hey!  Got coffee #2 doing with act #2.  You only live once, right?  Gonna have to look into that one.  Anyway what a wonderful world I got plenty to do today.  There's MEALS.  There's WALKS.  There's I can stare that the television set for 4-8 hours.  Presumably images will be showing up on there.  HEY AN IMAGE I CAN GET INTO THIS.  WAIT WHAT THE HELL THERE'S A NEW IMAGE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY?  THESE IMAGES ARE HAPPENING IN QUICK SUCCESSION.  ALMOST TOO QUICK.  I'M GETTING A HEADACHE.  What else is going on.  Maybe I can watch The Simpsons.  Maybe I can watch some Horror Movie.  Maybe I can watch Simpsons Halloween Episodes as a nice compromise.  I dunno ALL Simpsons episodes are KIND OF scary.  These people are more monsters than human.  You heard it here first.
Anyway great just great.  The bad thing about watching TV from my computer so I can access Shutter: The Screaming Horror Movie Service is remote is suddenly USELESS.  Except for volume.  Which is the main thing you would wanna use it for.  But I can't PAUSE the movie or anything!  I can't ACCESS CLOSED CAPTIONING.  I gotta do all that from computer.  Doesn't seem right!  Closed Captioning What's The Deal With That.  I get the Captioning part but I don't see how this is any more Closed than it is Open.  It's CLOSED to only captioning THINGS THAT ARE SAID AND/OR HEARD.  It's not OPEN to saying things that are IMPLIED or IMAGINED.  I guess.  Also it's CLOSED to only giving you captions in the small text horizontals and not ACROSS THE ENTIRE SCREEN.  I guess.  Anyway.  I wonder if I could Sign Language something by accident/instinct.  If I was talking to a person who spoke sign language and I just made whatever dumb movements that occurred to me, would he get SOMETHING out of that.  And be like well this is gibberish but A COUPLE OF WORDS HERE AND THERE I'M PICKING UP.  Basically I wanna have a stroke and then translated back to me what the stroke said.
     Cool!  If someone throws a strike in bowling and then another guy is like what did you just do is it appropriate for the first guy to go I Stroke.  My guess NOPE the correct word would be STRUCK.  But I feel bowlers don't say Struck nearly enough either!  I'd like to see them say ideally Stroke and I'd settle for Struck but they need to say SOMETHING is the point I'm trying to make.  How did bowling trick people into playing bowling.  It's the dumbest game!  If you think you're having fun bowling you're either an idiot or you're really good at bowling.  Sure doing something you're good at could be fun.  But otherwise this is the dumbest game.  How are there entire big bowling alleys that make money and all the people show up and bowl and I DON'T GET IT BOWLING IS TERRIBLE.  Also sure I'd bowl I got nothing better to do.
Anyway what else is going on.  People pay BIG MONEY to bowl.  Just imagine how much it costs to maintain a bowling alley day in day out.  And maintain all those shoes!  It must be costing a fortune!  Which means they're making a fortune from people who bowl recreationally.  I dunno.  I feel like in my childhood there were like 5 or 6 bowling alleys to pick from and then by the time I was a teenager it was like ok there's 1 bowling alley left so if we're bowling we're going to that one.  So maybe people are trending in the right direction re: bowling.  Wonderful!  How long does A Pin last.  Gotta imagine being struck by bowling balls and/or other pins all the time GRADUALLY wears it down, right?  I dunno gonna have to look into that one.  No I don't.  In no world do I have to look into that one.  Well that's fair.
Last paragraph of the act!  Then it's time to take some sort of shower.  What else is going on.  Look if you think about it I guess most sports are dumb.  Unless you're good at them!  If you're good at something How Could It Be Dumb It Makes You Look Good.  Gonna have to look into that one.  Anyway I don't need the Mets managers and ownership to be like BAEZ THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE YOU CAN'T HURT METS' FANS DELICATE SENSIBILITIES BY REACTING TO THEM BOOING TO YOU.  We're okay!  We're Big Boys we can handle it!  If there's anything that's insulting us it's YOUR reaction that implies we're oversensitive babies!  YEAH.  That'll learn 'em!  And maybe we are oversensitive babies but THAT'S OUR BUSINESS NOT YOURS.  The point is hey the act is over.  I'll be back soon!




Where Do You Think You're Going

    Hello friends.  Time to write the rest of the entry!  For me.  For you it's time to read the rest of the entry!  Or jump ship now.  I wouldn't blame you for leaving the website right now.  I couldn't blame you!  A) For what.  B) HOW.  C) All Of The Above.  D) I forget whatever no one cares.  I wanna watch some CLASSIC Shutter Horror Movies.  People in comments section being like THIS ONE IS A CLASSIC.  Also people like I remember renting this in 1988 what memories.  I feel like I lost out only going to Blockbuster.  Sure they had lots of movies but I feel like that a lot of these films some people claim to have rented never would have showed up in Blockbuster.  AND I WANT TO WATCH THESE NC-17 FILMS WHEN I WAS EIGHT YEARS OLD UPON FURTHER RETROSPECTION.  That sort of thing!
    I like Child's Play.  LOOK it's clearly for children.  They're VERY clear about that.  And it worked!  I rented them all the time!  Taped it myself from TV!  Well done Child's Play Franchise.  What else is going on.  I feel like 2-5% of the VHS I taped from TV I made an effort to STOP taping during commercials and then immediately START taping once the commercials are over.  That way when you're watching it NO COMMERCIALS.  I feel like if I had 100 VHS that were taped ourselves, maybe 2-5 of them we did that.  100 VHS we taped?  Can't be that many.  I don't remember there even being 100 MOVIES in the 1990's.  We didn't reach that amount of films until 2015.  Anyway what else is going on.  Hmm.  What TV shows did we tape besides the Simpsons.  Must have been a few.  HMM.  HMM. HMM.  HMMMM.  Hmm.  Anyway what else is going on.
     Jeez.  Does Godzilla (1998) count as a TV Show?  My guess?  No Of Course Not.  Anyway what else is going on.  What's the LAST VHS we bought or taped ourselves.  What film!  Would it have been in the 2000's?  My guess is YES it would be roughly 2001.  I think I got my first DVD player in 2002.  Wonderful.  I don't know.  I'll never know!  But it's an interesting proposition to consider.  Not really a proposition.  We CAN consider it, though.  No questioning that.  Anyway what else is going on.  Here's a Think-em-up-- how many movies do I have on DVD that I also had on VHS, professionally made or taped from TV.  My guess?  Probably around 25-30.  Off the top of my head that might be it!  Could be even more.  I don't know.  I JUST DON'T KNOW.  PLEASE get off my back about it.  I've got so much better things to do than think about this anymore.  JUST LEAVE IT BE.
     Penultimate paragraph.  How many snacks do I eat these days that I also ate when I was a kid.  HMM.  I can't think of ANY off the top of my head.  Different chips!  Different cookies!  Different Frozen Snacks!  It's been a COMPLETE TURNOVER re: Super Market Brands of Snacks I Eat.  I guess.  Gonna watch some TV for an undetermined amount of time before taking next walk.  Could be 15 minutes!  Could be an hour!  Probably will be 15-30 minutes!  WONDERFUL I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS PARAGRAPH.  IT REALLY MAKES ME WANT TO CONTINUE READING.  ONE CAN ONLY HOPE AND IMAGINE THE NEXT PARAGRAPH WILL BE JUST AS GOOD.  What else is going on.  The DVDs I have that were VHS movies I had largely have gone UNWATCHED.  Why would I watch ARMAGEDDON on DVD if I've seen it seventy times on VHS?  Because I BOUGHT IT?  Maybe that's a reason to watch it AT LEAST ONCE.  Also maybe there's a DELETED SCENE from the version I watch that's only available ON DVD?  I've given myself a lot to think about.  I should watch Armageddon for one!  That's the main thing I've given myself to think about.
     Last paragraph of the entry.  I'm not gonna watch Armageddon.  Let's be very clear about that.  Moving on.  Anyway.  There's hope new NY Governor will be more active about NY Marijuana Legalization and Prospective Sales than Old Governor.  Not just from me!  ON THE INTERNET AS WELL!  Wow the internet now we're talking!  Sometimes I walk by people smoking marijuana and I smell it and I'm like ya know what that's all I need.  I don't need to smoke it.  Just SMELL IT pungently for 10 seconds, that gets me there 90%.  So there's that.  Any more than Smelling It would be too much!  I can't HANDLE IT.  I'm very delicate!  Like my sensibilities!  Re: Rooting for baseball!  The METS PLAYERS ARE MAKING A MOCKERY OF MY FANDOM ENTHUSIASM AND REACTIONS TO THEIR POOR PLAY?  I WON'T STAND FOR THIS!  I'M GOING TO GO HOME AND NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN.  That sort of thing.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-12:43 P.M.




Sunday, August 29, 2021

I Think You're Great

    Hey friends!  I'm here again to write some more paragraphs.  Why?  I forget!  I'm pretty sure I started out with a good reason and then it just became something I do.  I think I was operating under the premise at first that I would be saying amusing things.  That rings some sort of bell.  Oh well that's life.  It's AMUSING that I'M AN IDIOT.  You read this and you think wow what a moron.  I'm getting a kick out of this and whatnot.  That's an ideal world I imagine.  Anyway hey I got a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Pepperjack Cheese for lunch yesterday!  And got the Freedom Toast for today.  And didn't get appetizer sampler!  Got the sandwich instead!  Get off my case about it!  Played some more GUITARSMITH.  Switched settings from Rhythm Guitar to Lead Guitar.  NOW WE'RE TALKIN.  I'm gonna hit 70% Of these notes ACCURATELY and nobody can stop me.  Well Rocksmith can stop me as it gradually increases the difficulty.  But BESIDES THAT.
Anyway.   Is it possible Led Zeppelin is some sort of half-pun on Lead Guitar?  My guess?  Anything's possible but No Not Likely.  Is Anything possible?  Gonna have to look into that one.  I can think of several things off the top of my head that aren't possible!  Anyway I was reading up on ways to potentially Un-Lag the game ONCE AND FOR ALL.  But I'd need to BUY accessories.  And then PLUG THEM IN appropriately.  Not even just plugging plugs in wily nily at free will.  I'd have to plug things in the way they say I should.  And I'm a REBEL.  I don't follow orders!  No one's gonna tell me when and where to plug!  I forget what I was talking about.  Then again now that I think about it maybe it would involve me getting external speakers for TV which will be better for listening to TV even beyond video games.  WOW that sounds good EXCEPT FOR THE FACT I'd have to be doing something.
Yeah!  Mets won yesterday!  Really makes ya think.  It made ME think oh yeah this is bound to happen from time to time.  Wonderful.  I hate it when people BUNT.  Hey let's BUNT the runner over.  These people are terrible at bunts.  They probably have a higher chance of getting a regular hit than they do getting the bunt down!  You heard it here first.  I'm ANTI BUNT.  Also who came up with the word bunt.  HEY it's like a halfway hit  that's meant to go nowhere.  Hmm I'LL CALL IT A BUNT.  What's the deal with things!  Bunt is baseball's version of onside kick.  And onside kick is football's version of What I'm Thinking Of Which May Or May Not Actually Be Called An Onside Kick Better LTURQ.  IT IS.  That's right when someone successfully bunts THEY take over the pitching and defense!
     Anyway.  I think if the ball hits the batter it should count as a hit.  That's a good way to bunt.  Just jump out in front of the plate while thrusting your body down the third baseline.  Almost guaranteed to make contact!  I dunno about that one.  What else is going on.  Also if getting hit just makes you walk I think it should be legal to just jump in front of the ball to get a walk.  If you want to sacrifice your safety for a walk, guess what, you've earned it!  And if you wanna get hit by pitches 30 times in one inning, that's just clever strategy!  You heard it here first.  Is it wrong to strike the umpire with your bad.  Either with the intention of hurting him or not.  Gotta imagine you'll get called out if you hit the umpire with your baseball bat.  Gotta face some sort of consequence.
    Last paragraph before coffee!  Wonderful.  Is Shea Stadium still there.  Or did they implode it.  I'd like to rent out Shea Stadium.  Nice location for an Jurassic Park Amphitheater.  Of course I'd need to get into the business of making dinosaurs, but FIST I need a sight for the amphitheater.  SHEA STADIUM WAS DEMOLISHED.  Great now we'll never have a Jurassic Park Amphitheater.  What else is going on.  Why couldn't they keep Shea Stadium and play there once a week.  Mix things up!  People would get a kick out of it.  No they wouldn't.  Anyway what was wrong with Shea Stadium that they needed a new stadium.  Was the foundation breaking.  Did an engineer go to the owner and be like IF YOU PLAY ONE MORE BASEBALL GAME IN THIS AMPHITHEATER IT MIGHT COLLAPSE COMPLETELY.  IT COULD HAPPEN LITERALLY ANY GAME NOW.  My guess is I dunno that's up to the engineer and/or the owner.  Time to get coffee!
     What else.  What percentage of baseball owners is them wanting their team to win and/or be entertaining compared to them wanting to make money.  I feel like they always Hype that aspect where they're like WE WANT THIS TEAM TO WIN AND BE FUN TO WATCH WE'RE GONNA MAKE THAT OUR PRIORITY NUMBER ONE BECAUSE THAT'S JUST THE KIND OF GREAT GUY I AM.  But let's be honest they're there to make money.  But is there a solid as high as 20% of them that IS like well I LIKE SPORTS and I'm now INVESTED INTO THIS TEAM so EVEN JUST ME WANNA SEE TEAM DO REAL GOOD.  Wonderful.  What else is going on.  Whose the guy who owns the Mets now.  I wanna say his name is either ZACK or STEVE.  And how did he make his money before buying sports franchise.  Better LTURQ.  Hmm his name is Stephen Cohen and his previous Wall Street Organization was broken apart for insider trading.  GREAT now he might be trading players from the Mets double A team to their triple A team.  HE HAS THAT TRACK RECORD.  Donated 1 million to Trump's inauguration.  Well now I don't wanna root for the Mets at all!  OR okay how about this.  I root for the Mets to WIN but also somehow LOSE MONEY.  THAT'LL SHOW HIM.
Seventh paragraph.  He is the richest owner in MLB.  Well gotta imagine there's a solid .5% that he wants the Mets to do great and will put WHATEVER IT TAKES into the payroll to get it done.  WOW ONE IN TWO HUNDRED?!?!  Not bad odds!  That's what I've been led to believe by someone Or SOMETHING.  Cool.  The point is his name is Stephen which isn't such a bad name but I'd be happier if his name was ZACH.  Or even ZACK.  Oh well that's life.  He's active on TWITTER?!?!  I don't know how I Feel about that!  Oh, I KNOW.  I DON'T CARE.  That shuttem up.  I feel like lately at Mets games at home the crowd has started cheering ironically for the other team.  I first noticed it with them playing the San Francisco Giants and I thought oh well Giants used to be in New York, sure the people from back then are in their 70's and 80's now, but that explains A BIT why people are rooting for the Giants.  But then this continued into further series against other teams.  So now I think the crowd cheers ironically for the other team!  In which case GREAT.  At first I didn't like it but now that I think about it I LOVE IT.
     Eighth paragraph.  Maybe they're cheering for their own low expectations.  HEY I had A FEELING that The Mets would do badly and now it's being confirmed LET'S GIVE ME A HAND.  That sort of thing and/or whatnot.  Shouldn't have gotten Pepperjack cheese as my one topping on Grilled Chicken sandwich.  It was OKAY but I should have gone with BBQ SAUCE I'm thinking.  I expected the Pepperjack to be spicier!  PEPPER is spicy.  JACK is spicy.  Pepperjack should have been my TINGLY.  Tasted just like regular cheese!  Anyway that's all over with now.  But I learned a valuable lesson for next time.  I'll probably forget it but that's part of life.  Learning valuable lessons and then forgetting them before they become useful.  Great.  The bread and the chicken were good!  So I know I should get THE PREMISE of this sandwich again.  Just a different Single Topping.  GREAT GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
Anyway.  The Mets are playing at 1:10 PM today!  I like it.  Get it out of the way early!  They AND I can have a nice The Rest Of The Day.  Anyway.  How come no baseball players have weak bladders.  LOOK I get that most people can be like well I'll use bathroom right before game starts, that should cover me for three hours.  But there's people LIKE ME who can't do that!  Why shouldn't I be allowed to play baseball professionally!  Maybe there's a bathroom JUST INSIDE from the dugout and they can use that bathroom during half innings they're in dugout.  MAYBE MAYBE NOT.  Maybe they're not even allowed to go inside!  What are they up to!  Keep 'em where I can see them I THINK THEY'RE UP TO NO GOOD leaving my view.  Anyway I forget what I was talking about.  Maybe they just pee in their pants.  Talk about convenience!  Anyway I think life would be a lot better if we just accepted peeing in our pants as part of life and no one thought twice about it.  I won't care if you do it in front of me!  Go for it it doesn't bother me!  And you don't care if I do it!  WHY NOT is the point.
     Last paragraph of the act!  Pee EVAPORATES.  Not like shitting.  You shit in your pants that's gonna be uncomfortable and smelly for a while.  Peeing there's NO CONSEQUENCES.  Maybe pee smells.  I dunno.  I don't smell my own pee.  Maybe I'd smell yours.  I haven't put it to the test yet.  Moving on.  Also if you wear certain color pants of certain materials I won't know for a second if you're peeing or have recently peed or not!  It's none of my business either way what do I care.  What's the average number of times people have shit their pants going back to childhood.  Obviously not counting in diapers.  And maybe not counting until you're let's say four years old and up.  Gotta imagine the average is maybe 2.  A lot of people 1 or maybe never!  A lot of people three or four times!  I guess there's different degrees of it, too.  I'm thinking ANYTHING.  Even if it's just the tiniest bit.  That counts towards you doing it three or four times in your life SO FAR.  Anyway what else is going on.  I'll be back soon!




Today Is A Pretty Good Day

    Hello friends.  Looks like I'm gonna write Act II, take a shower, write Act III, then comes the rest of my day!  The rest of my day?  That sounds WONDERFUL.  The rest of my day happens at night.  It's either the rest of my previous day or the rest of my upcoming day.  But NOT BOTH.  Anyway Jewish New Year coming up.  Rosh Hashanah!  Let's look up right quick when exactly we are In Jew Years.  5782.  WOW.  What a number!  I have no thoughts on it.  First thought is 82 THAT'S LIKE BLINK 182.  First AND LAST thought.  I refuse to think any harder about this number and what it makes me think of.  Man it IS tempting to try to figure out other stuff the number reminds me of.  But I must resist!  I don't know why!  But that's how I feel this paragraph for some reason.  Hmm. 
     Yeah!  Thinking about what I might get from Delivery Tonight that I would have Lunch Tomorrow.  Maybe a Freedom Pot Pie.  That's a reasonable guesstimation to make!  What else is going on.  FALL IS COMING.  I like Fall.  Presumably.  I like the parts where the leaves fall off the trees!  FINALLY the trees are sharing their leaves with the rest of us.  Now we all get to enjoy Some Leaves. Walk around on leaves.  Fun!  I dunno what any of that means.  Leafs.  I feel like my entire life I've been using the word Leaves and it only now occurs to me it's Leafs.  And it MUST be Leafs now that I think about it because there's a hockey team with Leafs and I'm pretty sure it's not Leaves.  Better LTURQ.  YEP.  It Sure ISN'T The Toronto Maple Leaves.  Anyway that's a name that will strike fear in the heart of their sports opponents.  LEAFS.  LIKE FROM TREES.  Terrifying AND Intimidating!  I feel like there must have been a horror movie The Leafs and it's about Leafs that will kill you.  Yep that checks out.
I guess!  What is it about Maple Leafs that are so great compared to your average run of the mill leaf.  Is that where maple syrup comes from?  THE LEAFS?  Better LTURQ.  It's a symbol of Canada.  Nothing special about it.  It just Means Canada.  Great. Leave it TO CANADA to be like HEY YOU KNOW WHAT OUR COUNTRY IS ALL ABOUT?  A LEAF!  Wonderful I like Leaves and I like Canada I have NO problem with Maple Leaves.  I dunno if I've ever had maple syrup.  Most likely answer is I've had a tiny bit of it once or twice from getting Diner Food and they put it on ADJACENT to my pancakes and a tiny bit gets on.  But it's also very possible NOPE NEVER NOT EVEN THE SMALLEST BIT.  And I'm pretty sure it's never been YEP I JUST PUT MAPLE SYRUP ON SOMETHING AND AM EATING IT.  Never did that!  I THINK I'd remember such a thing!  Anyway it's just not my deal!  Syrup and sauces!  Some sauce is okay but GENERALLY I'm not a sauce or syrup or dressing guy!  So GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful.  I think it's great I had the chicken sandwich yesterday and saved the Freedom Toast for today.  Now I get to enjoy what I REALLY wanted to get COMING UP.  Saved the best for last!  YEAH.  What else is going on.  Gonna take a real nice shower.  Solid 5 or 7 minutes in the shower.  Use soap.  Some shampoo!  Get A LOT out of the water.  Water is the main part of shower!  Sure shampoo is nice, Soap is even nicer... but let's face facts its the WATER that's the star of the show!  I feel like it's POSSIBLE there was a period of time as a child or even a teenager where I wouldn't use soap in the shower.  Too lazy or something!  Look I'm SHOWERING isn't that ENOUGH.  WHY BOTHER with a bar of soap IT'S TOO MUCH OF A HASSLE for NOT ENOUGH OF A PAYOFF.  I can't say for certain that happened.  But I CAN say it definitely SEEMS like something that I could have done.
     Last paragraph of the act!  Maybe it's halfway there and I normally used soap but when I finished a bar I'd go several showers too lazy to replace it.  That's halfway there and a reasonable guesstimation to make about what I did re: Showers when I was younger.  Moving on!  I feel like before I started college my parents And/Or the NYU Dormitory gave strict instructions to wear shoes or whatever in the shower.  And I was like sure that makes sense.  And then I never wore shoes in the shower.  I don't think I even did it once or twice and then stopped!  I just knew I was supposed to do it and then didn't!  And guess what NO FEET STDS FOR ME.  Or maybe there were and I showed no symptoms!  In which case HEY THAT'S JUST AS GOOD AS NOTHING.  If there's no consequences of something who cares if it even happened!  Anyway I'll be back soon.




Sorry What's Going On?

    Hello friends.  Back here to write Act III!  Got coffee II going.  OH NO I got a fundraising e-mail saying that Republicans HAVE A GOOD CHANCE at taking back the house next year!  DAMNIT.  I went a solid Several Months NOT REALLY FOCUSING ON WORRYING ABOUT POLITICS.  Not because I thought everything was great and/or everything will be great.  Just because I needed a breather and this seemed as good a time as any!  BREATHERS OVER NOW TIME TO WORRY AGAIN.  I hate it when that happens!  What if we just lived in a decent enough society where things alternated between Pretty Good and Not That Bad.  Instead of Not That Bad and OH NO SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAS HAPPENED.  Why is that a pipe dream!  We should live in a decent enough society is MY impression!  Oh well that's life.  Hey I finished a paragraph just now.  THAT'S THE BEST NEWS ALL... THIRTY SECONDS!
Cool.  Anyway.  Thirty Seconds to Mars is A SPEED OF WHAT EXACTLY.  Better LTURQ.  ABOUT SIX TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT.  I cracked the code of that band name!  If you could EVEN CALL IT THAT.  The point is if you're on Mars and you see Light From Earth I guess it's three minutes in the past?  That's the best math I could come up with on such short notice.  Anyway look 30 seconds to Mars is TOO FAST.  Why do you need to be THAT FAST no one needs to be that fast!  Even just ONE The Speed Of Light is faster than anyone is ever gonna need to go!  The point is that's Jared Leto's band right.  IT SURE IS.  I cracked THAT code, too!  I know what the band name means AND I figured out one of the people whose in the band.  Crackin' codes left and right this act!  Anyway.  I've been assuming the starting point from 30 seconds to Mars is EARTH.  It could be literally ANYWHERE.  Great I don't care what else is going on.
Three paragraphs to write!  Watch some Mets game when this is over.  Then take another walk.  Anyway.  What's the slowest someone has ever walked to first base after drawing a walk.  Gotta imagine there's been some people who really take their time with it just to aggravate people.  If you're REALLY creeping up very slowly gotta imagine the umpire will lose patience after 30-40 seconds and call you out.  YOU'RE HOLDING UP THE GAME.  Then again THERE'S NO RULE AGAINST IT.  There probably is.  Seems like holding up the game for no reason on purpose should be explicitly not allowed!  What else is going on.  I've been thinking well if the Democrats Do Good Enough Things then they'll win elections.  Because people like it when Good Enough Things Happen For Them.  But that's not a sure thing!  NOT A SURE THING AT ALL!!!  Hey great what else is going on.
     Penultimate paragraph.  Also YES none of that takes into account voter suppression and rigging and whatnot.  I made A CONSCIOUS EFFORT to not take that into account BECAUSE IT UPSETS ME.  Get with the program!  If something REALLY upsets you your best course of action is DON'T THINK ABOUT IT.  It's at least ONE OF THE TOP courses of action.  For the most part it's always an option and across the board I feel it's your best bet!  I feel!  What else is going on.  Eat some Freedom Toast for lunch later.  Maybe From Microwave.  I could eat it cold BUT I WON'T.  I could put it in Oven BUT I WON'T.  Well this is easy I've narrowed it down already to Microwave without even really thinking about it.  Then again I should consider eating it cold.  I feel like I've had bites of Freedom Toast Cold before heating it up and am always like hey this is good.  Maybe better than heated up.  OH WELL WHAT CAN YA DO.  And I will go through that Again Today.  YEAH!
     Last paragraph of the day.
  Wonderful.  ALSO basing your feelings on something claimed in a Fundraising E-Mail IS THE DUMBEST THING.  I mean presumably it's based on SOMETHING.  But generally they will frame whatever is real however they determine will raise the most funds.  I get the impression YES THERE WAS A REAL ARTICLE or POLL that they based this claim on but who knows how Definitive that impression really is.  NOT ME.  The point is great I wish the Democrats the best of luck re: Fundraising.  They need funds to do things!  That's been my impression.  OH NO Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard might have Covid.  Oh well he'll survive.  Maybe he won't.  Oh well these things happen.  What else is going on.  The entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow with brand new paragraphs, though!  Don't you worry about that!

-1:09 P.M.




Saturday, August 28, 2021

Just As I Suspected

    Hello friends.  I'm here again.  Gotta imagine I'll come up with several things to say over the course of the entry.  Woke up slightly early today!  Not really!  Just on the earliest end of the generic time PERIOD I wake up at.  It's not a set time it's a PERIOD of time that's normal.  And I woke up at the BEGINNING of that time period.  FASCINATING.  I like getting up early because I have so much more time to fit in all the things I have to do during the day.  An extra half hour to do stuff in?  Why I could relax a bit.  Take a breath here and there!  Probably should be breathing more than here and there but that's not my problem!  Yes it is.  Alright it's my problem.  Fine!  Got Steak & Seafood last night!  It DOES split into three meals.  And I will have all three!  Because that's the kind of guy I am this weekend!  WOW.  That means I get to have A DIFFERENT THING one of the meals today.  WOW.  Every paragraph after this one will be GREAT.  You heard it here first.
     Anyway.  Playin' some more Rocksmith.  Gettin' around to the other songs I haven't tried yet.  I think they did a good job picking songs.  Not only is it a variety of genres but also it's a variety of Kind Of Guitar You're Playing.  Each song has got it's own unique guitar playing dealie.  I was under the impression every song was more or less the same!  But here each song is quite different!  FASCINATING.  So far the song most attuned to my previous style of playing guitar is The Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop.  I like the power chords and whatnot!  And STRIKING THEM over and over.  Not just hitting it once!  We're talkin' hitting them several times in a row before moving onto the next power chord and doing that again with that!  YEAH.  Anyway.  I feel like at this point I should stop turning on Mets Games in the first place.  Then again I might miss them hitting lead off singles every now and then.  And then what will I tell my children.  When they ask were you there the times Mets hit lead off singles.  I can say yes I was THERE in the sense I was ALIVE when it happened.  What's your problem.  Get off my case you idiots.
That sort of thing.  What team should I root for In Playoffs.  Tampa Bay Devil Rays?  DEVIL?  I don't feel comfortable with that.  The Tampa Bay plucky low budget major league baseball team is A GATEWAY TO HELL.  The DEVIL LIVES in this baseball franchise.  Prove me wrong!  You can't!  We'll just have to settle for never knowing for sure one way or the other.  Are Devil Rays like Sting Rays.  Or jelly Fish.  Also what's so evil about them.  I'm betting they're a minor inconvenience for humans one way or another.  That's why they're evil.  Better LTURQ.  It's a fish.  Not a lot of details on it. Nobody cares about devil rays one way or the other.  Fascinating.  I could root for the Chicago White Sox.  I don't know WHY.  But I COULD if I felt like it.  LOOK it's not important to pick a team right now to root for.  What I'm probably gonna do is not commit to one team HOWEVER as teams get narrowed down and series happen I will pick a favorite for each individual series and see where that takes me.  NOWHERE that's who.
Cool.  Then again I can root for THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS.  They presumably play baseball!  Ugh.  What else is going on.  Gotta nice shirt going on today.  That's fun.  Played some Call Of Duty II yesterday for 15 minutes.  Made progress!  I reached a solid ONE CHECKPOINT from where I was before.  YEAH.  I SECURED THE AREA OR SOMETHING.  Now I have to secure the next area a little bit further into the map.  That's for LATER.  I would root for Blue Jays but they probably aren't gonna make the playoffs.  Also I would root for The Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team but they probably aren't gonna make the playoffs either.  I'm rooting for birds.  That sort of thing.  I feel like I was tricked into rooting for Boston somewhat for DECADES because of their rivalry with Yankees.  All of us were!  None of us liked Yankees.  So when they faced Boston in Rivalry in Competitive Years around 2000 before and after we were all like well this is easy we're rooting for the Red Sox.  But now I feel The Red Sox benefited from a lack of alternatives.  The point is I DON'T LIKE IT.
Gonna get coffee after this paragraph.  I DON'T LIKE IT.  Yes I do.  Anyway.  Get some good guitar sounds on Video Game.  Way better sounds than on Amp or 8 Track Recorder!  Sure it's EMULATION sounds and not 100% accurate authentic and perfect.  But WOW LISTEN TO THAT SOUND I sound like THE GREATS.  So that's something to keep in mind.  I wanna take more LESSONS on the Video Game.  I did that for 15-20 minutes hen I first loaded it up for the first time.  Since then it's just been Practicing Songs.  There's so many other things you can do with the video game besides just practicing songs!  I'll get around to it at some point.  Also I'll get around to playing The Beach Boys I Get Around at some point.  They don't have it on there.  Seems like an oversight!  I'd have played that song NO PROBLEM.  Also it's insensitive to differently abled people.  Some people CAN'T Get Around Round Round Round.  Why rub it in?!
Not sure I like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  I like that they're a Small Market Team Make Good.  They overcome all adversity of not having money and succeed anyway!  Then again who cares I just don't feel it.  I WANT to like them but that's something you just can't force.  Maybe you can.  You could probably force me to like the Devil Rays if you were so inclined.  I don't know how, but that's your problem!  Anyway sixth paragraph.  Can't very well get Chipotle for today.  Main Chipotle protein is Steak.  I already have steak!  Maybe some sort of Other Place.  Chinese Food or something!  I can see myself enjoying white rice from Chinese Restaurant!  It's in my mind's eye!  I'm picturing stuffing my gullet with rice and then smiling and nodding approvingly.  THEN AGAIN I'm also picturing feeling oh no I can't eat that much rice and this small portion is only whetting my appetite this is terrible why didn't I go back in time and warn myself not to do this. 
     That, too!  Watch some Shutter The Screaming Service today.  I can see myself getting, "Into," that.  HMM maybe get Cheaper Diner Where I Can Get It Just For Myself for meal today.  And get FRENCHED TOAST.  A real Sweet Breakfast Meal.  I'd have to get something for tomorrow, too, though.  GREAT I LOVE FOOD FOR TOMORROW.  I plan on eating SEVERAL times.  So that's something to think about now that I've thought about it!  I just thought about it why do I have to think about it more.  To decide whether I wanna do it or not.  And then if I decide I do wanna do it, I gotta think even more about putting into action Actually Doing It.  GREAT the thinking never stops.  I need a break from thinking!  It's too much!  What else is going on.  This is the place that gave me cinnamon and powdered sugar on French Toast once!  Then the next time they didn't!  And the times before they did it they also didn't!  So that's something to think about.  DAMNIT the things to think about keep piling up.  MAYBE I SHOULD JUST END IT ALL RIGHT NOW.
    Wait no that's not a good idea.  Eighth paragraph!  Wonderful.  HMM Buffalo wings.  That's what I got last time I get Frenched Toast from here.  I asked for Crabbed Cakes but they didn't have em and then I got Buffalo Wings.  Which I enjoyed!  YES I spent A LOT of the time thinking just thought.  Now that's that much less thinking I have to do from this point forward.  Also I feel like Buffalo Wild Wings is the name of a sport franchise?  Maybe like a Triple A team?  From Buffalo presumably?  Great.  Maybe do this for LUNCH.  Save Steak & Seafood for dinner.  Which is MORE APPROPRIATE.  Okay jeez calm down.  This is a good entry because nothing happens.  Sometimes if something happens it could be a bad thing!  Nothing?  Nothin' wrong with Nothing!  I dunno I might have to look into that one. 
    Maybe later.  I wouldn't even know where to start looking into that one.  Google I guess.  But I dunno what to search for!  The point is lets move on with your lives.  Hmm.  Maybe I can get to Xbox Live because my TV is connected to the internet.  That's a relatively somewhat plausible thing that may or may not have a decent chance of being kind of possible.  Sure.  Then I can spend LOTS OF MONEY to buy new songs to practice on ROCKSMITH. But the jokes on them because I'M GETTING SOMETHING OUT OF IT TOO.  They think they're winning because they get my money and what do I get out of it NOTHIN.  Wrong!  I LEARN.  So basically I'm taking advantage of them is the point.  Anyway.  I feel like I noticed when practicing songs they tell you which fingers to use for which strings.  GREAT.  I was going off the top of my head!  Now I know for sure what to do.  THIS GAME DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HIT EM with all I'm getting out of it.  Potentially.  So far the main thing I've gotten out of it is humility that I'm not great at guitar.  But at some point I might start getting better!
     Last paragraph of the act!  Decent shot I talk about something in the next Act.  First Act was just getting started.  Last act is just getting the ending started.  Second act?  Gonna be A BLAST.  And a half!  You heard it here first.  The point is sure I'd root for the Buffalo Wild Wings if they existed.  They do.  As an eating establishment I feel!  Fine then I guess I'll root for the eating establishment.  I don't like Buffalo Wild Wings: The Eating Establishment.  Only as a sports franchise.  FINE then I'll root for SOME OTHER Eating Establishment is that okay with you?  Well sure it is, what Eating Franchise am I going with???  Hmm.  APPLEBEES.  That feels right.  I'm okay with Applebee's!  You heard it here first!  Anyway hey the act is over.  I'll be back in a little bit with more.  Potentially BETTER more!





I'm Going To Do Some More Stuff

    Hey.  Maybe get appetizer sampler as 2nd thing from diner.  I don't wanna eat it all in one meal!  I don't wanna stretch it out to 2 meals!  Maybe have it as 1 meal and then the 2nd meal I pair with a Cup O Noodles or something.  Leave over a mozzarella stick or two if I have to!  So that's settled great now we can move on with my life.  Third time I'm getting Freedom Toast within 8 or 9 days.  You can't argue with Freedom Toast!  I dunno I feel like there's other toast that's more American.  I feel like sliced bread toast is pretty American.  I'm imagining maybe a somewhat burnt piece of white bread.  Then again White Bread is TOO GOOD for America.  But whole wheat bread is TOO HEALTHY.  And anything else DOESN'T FIT MY IMAGINATION FOR NOW.  The point is Freedom Toast Doesn't Exist But As A Figment Of Our Imagination.
     Cool!  I feel like my guitar is tuned pretty good.  I've went through a few song on video game where it's like well this doesn't sound right.  Now it sounds right! Presumably I will go through this many more times over the course of the rest of my life.  It's called Tuning Your Guitar and it never ends!  Oh well that's life.  I don't get why guitar can't just stay tuned.  What is it dumb.  I tuned it!  There!  Just STAY.  Don't make me have to do it again you JERK.  Appetizer Sampler sounds so good I kinda wish I could have it TODAY for lunch.  Then again Frenched Toast sounds EVEN BETTER.  So you can see the kind of predicament I'm in.  Not much of one!  It's French Toast For Today By A Long Shot Still!  Is there a Buffalo Red Wings.  I know there's Buffalo sports teams.  I feel like there's a Red Wings.  HMM this is odd.  There is a Detroit Red Wings and there's RECENT ARTICLE about them potentially making A TRADE DEAL with the team from Buffalo.  WOW.  What are the odds??!  I'm gonna say roughly one in four.  WOW!
     Cool.  Why does Buffalo have major sports teams.  Who cares about buffalo.  Also why is Buffalo in upstate New York.  I thought the most of the buffalo were in the west on the Oregon Trail.  I guess there was buffalo on the east coast, too.  And they were founding a town and they were like hey you know what's great?  BUFFALO.  Let's name our town after them so that people will think our foundation town is great, too!  Some sort of CREEK named Buffalo Creek.  Great.  I'd look up more but I've lost interest even BEFORE this entire line of thought started.  I don't know how I managed to lose interest in something that hadn't happened yet but that's the way things go sometimes.  Also let's talk about it How Wild Can Wings Really Be.  I assume they're spicy or something.  These wings are WILDLY SPICED.  Anyway they've got my attention.  I wanna see how wild these wings are!  I bet they're pretty wild!  That's what I've been led to believe at least!
     Penultimate paragraph of the act!  Then shower.  Then act III!  Then walk.  Then dumb stuff.  What else is going on.  Anyway.  Applebee's delivers on DOORDASH.  I could get Applebee's.  It's delicious AND I'll be transported back to high school and eating at Applebee's with Friends on a Nice Friday Night.  Wow FRIENDS?  That sounds strange but I KINDA LIKE IT.  Anyway that was when I was 50% my age now.  The age I was when that happened, I did My Entire Life Again Roughly, and now that brings us up to where we are now.  Well that's one way to conceptualize my life.  There's lots of ways to do that!  This is a pretty good one, though.  No question about that!  What else is going on.  I went to Applebee's with family a few times.  It wasn't in our main rotation but probably half a dozen times over the years we went there.  YEAH.  FAMILY?  I thought FRIENDS sounded good.  Now we're talkin FAMILY??!!  WOW THAT'S EVEN BETTER ROUGHLY MORE OR LESS DEPENDING ON THE SPECIFICS.
Last paragraph of the act!  I guess.  What kinda stuff do I got coming up.  You know, in life.  I don't know.  Can't think of much!  I like Mozzarella sticks because I don't like mozzarella sticks but then I have one and am like well this is okay but I can do without it and then I'm like well that's great normally I wouldn't get mozzarella sticks but I did and its fun to mix it up and then that repeats itself next time I get it.  Makes sense to me.  Who decided that mozzarella was the best cheese for Sticks.  Not me!  I don't even remember being consulted at all re: Cheese Sticks.  Anyway.  I DO like cheese sticks from Fast Food Pizza restaurants where it's just Pizza without tomatoe sauce and in the shape and form of sticks.  That's delicious!  The point is hey it's time to take a shower.  I'll be back soon!





It's All Going According To Plan

    Hello friends.  Gonna pour myself coffee #2 after this paragraph.  So I have an incentive to finish this paragraph.  Also I like accumulating Written Paragraphs.  So that's another incentive.  Will I start watching Fargo Season IV today?  My guess?  No!  I don't know why.  It's a good show.  I'll enjoy it!  But thems the breaks.  Sometimes we don't do things we want to do because we can do them later and there's no real good reason to hold on to them but we do anyway because thems the breaks and whatnot.  I dunno kind of a stressful show to watch.  There's Good Versus EVIL a lot in the show.  Some characters are up to no good!  I don't want EVIL TO TRIUMPH as it may on occasion in this show!  I don't need that kind of negativity in my life!  Maybe I do!  I don't like it is the point but maybe it's necessary what do I know!  COFFEE TIME.
I put coffee in microwave for too long!  Too hot!  I thought about putting it in the freezer for 60 seconds but that may not accomplish anything and also it's impossible to do it logistically.  Instead I'll just sip it not a lot for 5 minutes and then 5 minutes from now it won't be too hot.  Also at this point it's LESS THAN FOUR MINUTES from now.  Wow this just keeps getting better and better!  Anyway.  Gotta write just three and a half more paragraphs for the next 22 or so hours.  Man oh man I'm gonna have a lot of free time!  Free time is a lot like mozzarella sticks.  I don't get it all the time but when I do I don't like it as much as I was hoping I would but it's still something I should do to mix things up even though it happens pretty often.  Hmm good adage.  Well it's not a BAD adage.  I've heard better adages but as far as adages go you could certainly do a lot worse!
     Anyway.  Maybe I should just get mozzarella sticks instead of appetizer samplers.  I'm all mixed up in my head now re: Appetizers and thinking about getting and eating them.  Oh well that's life.  Anyway.  Steak and Stuffed Sole was a perfect amount for three meals.  Not too much but certainly hearty enough portions.  RIGHT NO TARGET.  Also I had MATZOH BALL SOUP as side yesterday and the next two sides will be half a potato and half whatever amount of broccoli they gave me.  YEAH.  SIDES.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF 'EM.  I'd like to have a dinner sometime that's let's say 4 separate sides.  AN APPETIZER SAMPLER OF SIDES.  Hmm there's some overlap of what might be considered an appetizer and what might be considered a side.  French Fries for example.  That's the main one off the top of my head.  Similarly Onion Rings.  Anyway I forget what was going on.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Turning 33 in several months.
  And then 4 months from that I'm 33.33.  A THIRD TO A HUNDRED.  Gotta imagine I might have a hundred year life expectancy, right?  Despite our best efforts to go backwards gotta imagine Life Expectancy will increase most of the time over the course of my life.  Not out of the question to imagine I live to be 100!  GREAT.  I can't wait to be in my seventies and the premise is like well now I'm middle aged!  Wait a second I CAN EASILY WAIT FOR THAT.  It's not GREAT.  But it's better than my parents had it right now in their 70's!  YEAH.  The point is I'll be alive for a very long time is the point.  That's what my parents would say to me when I was a kid and scared about dying.  Which I feel we had a conversation about very often.  They'd go you're not gonna die for a very long time.  And I'd be like VERY LONG TIME?  THAT'S NOTHING.  A VERY LONG TIME CAN BE OVER IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE.  So basically that wasn't great.  Luckily though I Forgot To Be Scared Of Death somewhere along the line and now I'm much happier!
     Last paragraph of the day.  Wonderful!  I guess.  DAMNIT now I'm scared I'm gonna get scared of dying soon.  Right now I'm not there yet but I feel it a-creepin' in possibly at some point soon.  Oh well that's life.  I'm not scared of dying soon.  I'm scared that soon I will be scared of dying.  That sort of thing.  Although it would be bad if I die soon, too!  Anyway went out last night when it was thundering and my Dad told me not to go out because I might get hit by lightening.  And I was like ya know it's a cliché that people getting hit by lightening is like the most uncommon thing.  And he was like it's more often than BEAR ATTACKS.  And I was like wait so now you're also worried I'll be attacked by a bear?  And he goes YES IT HAPPENS.  And I go there's no bears around here.  And he goes YA NEVER KNOW.  And he's not joking.  He's actually been worried I'd be killed by a bear for at least a while and this is the first time he's vocalizing that concern.  This is actually how he thinks.  YEAH.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:27 P.M.





Friday, August 27, 2021

Now I'm Here Again

    Hello friends!  Belt broke!  Belt I've been wearing every day for years, the metal part that HOOKS into other part of belt to KEEP TIGHT fell apart!  Now I'm wearing a belt I haven't worn in a long time or maybe EVER!  Was too small on me!  Now it ain't!  Hmm I feel like this is a good development.  Nice tight belt now instead of loose one.  Makes me feel safe.  This belt is gonna keep everything right in place, no question.  Anyway will be accepting SUPER market delivery sometime soon.  Will it interrupt Act I of entry?  I'll never tell!  I might tell later. I can't tell now even if I wanted to.  I don't know!  I guess I can tell Inaccurately.  Or I can tell accurately because I guessed right.  So that's something to think about.  Got clothes back from laundromat.  WONDERFUL.  They were folded up and I like 'em on hangers.  So I put em on hangers myself!  WONDERFUL.
Also I got a spare sock.  Looks like a baby sock.  Now there's a baby out there with one sock.  That's not good news for the baby.  Why do babies need socks.  They're not walking anywhere.  What's the worst that could happen to their feet.  Nothin', that's who!  Also as far as I know I'm missing some laundry.  I didn't do a detailed inventory when I brought it in!  The good news is what else is going on.  Played some more ROCKSMITH.  I'm starting to realize the fun part of the game is Just Listening To The Music.  I put on a song, I'm having a blast hearing it go!  Unfortunately I'm hearing me play wrong notes at wrong times over and over but I can sort of tune that out more or less!  I like STANDARD tuning.  It's the best because I can play the most songs with it back and forth without having to change the tuning.  Most common tuning not just in life but in video game!  YEAH. 
    Anyway.  The Mets are just a bad team now.  Sometimes in franchise history they're good contending teams.  Sometimes they're piss poor teams.  Often they're in the middle!  But let's face it they're a piss poor team the last few months.  They can't do anything right!  Then again IT'S LEARNING EXPERIENCE.  They're gonna come back next year and be like OH I GET IT DON'T PERFORM THE WAY WE DID LAST YEAR GOTCHA.  So that's something to look forward to.  I guess.  I wish I had better things to look forward to!  That's life I guess.  Look I'm a piss poor Human Being.  Who am I to judge.  I dunno I feel like I'm somewhere between Piss Poor Human Being and being a Good Contending Human Being.  I've got decent enough attributes, right?  YEAH.  I had to tune the guitar to Way Out Of Tune to play The Kinks song.  It had it's own one song unique tuning.  And it was unique because this is out of tune.  But it's how it must be tuned for you to sound like them.  I guess They haven't worked THE KINKS out yet.  Oh well it works for them I've always enjoyed this song so shows how much I know.
Cool!  Sure I tried playing other songs while in that out of tune tuning to see how they sound.  Maybe now EVERY song will sound better.  NOPE!  Didn't work out that way!  Now we know.  I don't know what I will be eating today for meals!  Lunch should probably be something from Super Market order.  Or maybe I get Chipotle I DON'T KNOW.  Dinner could be ANYTHING.  WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING AS OF THIS MOMENT.  Anyway I'm wearing the shirt that I was like hmm I just got a lot of shirts clean, this one shirt I don't wanna wear at all, not a great shirt.  And that's the shirt I'm wearing FIRST.  I figured well I'm gonna wear it at some point, I paid good money to have it washed.  Let's get it over with!  ALSO this shirt isn't SO bad.  It's kind of a nice shirt actually.  Real Under Dog shirt.  It's got CHARACTER.  Anyway that's life.  Guess I'll have coffee after next paragraph.  I guess.
Yeah!  Got some socks and underwear done.  When I showed up to pick up laundry they were still finishing folding it and I felt uncomfortable.  WHAT THE HELL these people are looking at and TOUCHING my undergarments?  My DELICATES?  This is embarrassing!  I guess I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that was happening but I was THERE for it to happen.  AWKWARD.  Also I'm not 100% comfortable knowing they know all my shirts, either!  They're getting a nice snapshot of who I am and I DON'T LIKE IT.  If I wanted to be snapshotted I'D BE IN THE PICTURES.  Then again they didn't look at me with disgust or anything.  I don't know why they would.  But they didn't!  So that's good.  I'm gonna go get coffee now!  So that's good!

     Hey!  After I poured my coffee super market delivery came.  Now that's done with!  Mostly!  I put FRIDGE AND FREEZER stuff away and removed everything else from bags but did not put them away in CABINETS.  That will take 3 or 4 minutes!  But besides that Weekly Chore Done With!  It's all up or down a hill from here!  Hmm what would I like to do today.  Maybe go Up Hill.  It seems like a fun way to mix it up for today at least.  Anyway.  Watched the Kurosawa adaptation of Macbeth.  WOW NOW I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN MACBETH.  Apparently he took some liberties.  STILL THOUGH.  I feel like I don't know what happens in any Shakespeare play other than Romeo and Juliet.  KIND OF got the gist of that.  Anyway I read OTHELLO and MIDSUMMER NIGHT DREAM in schools.  Maybe a third one.  Better LTURQ.  GOOGLE WHAT OTHER SHAKESPEARES HAVE I READ.  Julius Caesar!  Anyway of those books I remember well this is easy Julius Caesar.  But that's because I know 10% of history.  Also I will call these plays books EVEN IF IT KILLS ME.  I hope it doesn't kill me.
Wonderful.  Is Shakespeare like a Babe Ruth where if he was alive today he'd be the crappiest writer around.  Like for Babe Ruth they're like well if he had to face Modern Pitching he'd be terrible.  If Shakespeare had to face Modern MLB Pitching he'd be writing much worse plays, that's the point of contention I'm proposing.  RUTH IS A GIRL's NAME.  BABES ARE GIRLS.  I GUESS BABE CON BE A BOY IN THE CONTEXT OF BABY.  Either way was Babe Ruth a HERO for young kids.  I dunno!  He's fat!  Not sure we should be idolizing fat guys!  Although it does go hand in hand with him Being A Candy Bar.  EAT CHOCOLATES YOU'LL GROW UP TO BE LIKE THAT FAT TUB OF LARD BABE RUTH.  That's what kids had to deal with way back when!  Anyway.  A bit TOO ahead of schedule today.  Left a lot of time to accommodate waiting for delivery.  Now I don't need it!  WOW I can do SOMETHING ELSE I guess.
Something else?  I like the sound of that!  I imagine.  I haven't heard it out loud lately but one could imagine it'd be a joyous experience.  What else is going on.  Maybe Macbeth just makes more sense in feudal Japan than wherever it took place before I wanna say Ancient Egypt?  Also I feel like there's a main character in Macbeth whose name is MacDuff.  Shakespeare musta been getting pretty lazy then.  Hmm MACBETH what's another name oh sure MACDUFF.  What else is going on.  I've read Shakespeare POETRY for school.  We're talkin' I've probably read upwards of TWO sonnets here and there.  Ya know what COULD EASILY have been half a dozen.  Wow!  What else is going on.  I'm excited about Mets off season.  They might end up being a worse team than they were going into but OR they might end up being THE BEST TEAM across all sports.  They can make a big signing POTENTIALLY A GOOD big signing.  THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT.  Can I donate 10 dollars towards them signing The Best Signing Possible.  Because if I can then I WON'T but it's nice to know that I COULD if I wanted to!
    Ugh.  Maybe get into some football!  That sounds fun.  What's a good football team to root for.  Are the JETS or the GIANTS any good.  It's my impression those are the two New York Professional Football Teams.  Better LTURQ.  GOOGLE NFL TEAM RANKINGS GOING INTO UPCOMING FOOTBALL SEASON.  WOW The Giants are leading the way ranking at 24th out of 32!  The Jets making a RESPECTABLE appearance at 30th!  Buffalo Bills are #3, though!  It's my impression Buffalo is in New York.  I can root for Buffalo!  No one's stopping me!  Then again I can root for Washington Football Team based on the name alone.  I can root for ANYTHING based on the name alone!  Literally NO ONE is gonna stop me!  Then again I'm too lazy to get into football.  I'd have to learn how football works!  Also I'd have to deal with 80% of watching football coverage is them talking about Gambling Moves You Should Make.  I DON'T CARE.
Last paragraph of the act!  Wonderful.  Is Basketball a winter sport.  Better LTURQ.  IT SURE IS.  But that presents the same problems Football did.  I DON'T CARE.  BROOKLYN NETS ARE RANKING #1 IN OFFSEASON POWER RANKINGS?!?!?  That's MY HOME TOWN TEAM.  I feel a sense of PRIDE and JOY.  The Knicks are #6?  THAT'S PRETTY GOOD, TOO.  I WISH THEM THE BEST OF LUCK.  Anyway moving on.  Let's see how many if any names I recognize on either of those two teams.  KEVIN DURANT???  I feel like it's a 50% chance I've heard that name before!  WONDERFUL I DON'T CARE.  I'm gonna write a bonus paragraph after this one.  Because I like doing stuff!  Anyway.  If there's a basketball team named The Nets gotta imagine at some point they'll play a team named The Balls.  Those two things go hand in hand in basketball.  Hand in hand.  Hand AND hand?  Hand in hand.  I think it's hand AND hand.  Then again it could be hand in hand.  Or it could be Either Is Acceptable.  Now you know why I have to write a bonus paragraph!
Wonderful.  I feel like when they started interleague play in baseball 24 or whatever years ago there was a joke where the next step is intersports play but I also feel like I have a 5% memory of they actually did Intersports play at some point?  Not just as a joke.  Or in a movie.  I know it happened as a joke in BASEKETBALL.  But I feel like I have a tiny vague memory they actually did intersport play as an exhibition at least.  Also I know I'm wrong.  But that's part of life!  Being wrong!  The main part!  There might have been a big name who was having success at multiple sports at that specific time.  Hmm.  Who would that have been.  Maybe Deion Sanders.  Maybe not!  I've narrowed it down to I DON'T CARE.  Hey great time to take a break.  I'll be back in a little bit.




I Heard You The First Time

    Wonderful!  Thinking about getting a delicious Steak & Seafood combination for tonight.  Only negative thing is if I wanted to eat all of it it would take me three meals and not two!  Also other negative thing is they might not serve it!  It's not on their LIMITED MENU that they show since Pandemic Quarantine.  But I THINK they offer entire menu by now.  But the point is DELICIOUS and I get a nice variety of food which is the spice of life.  Also Seafood would be stuffed filet of sole.  Also steak would be steak.  I'm sold!  Back up is Steak & Eggs.  WOW A BACK UP?  THAT COULD EASILY BE THE PRIMARY GOAL MEAL.  What a blessing this dinner gonna be.  Gonna have super market lasagna for lunch probably.  What a blessing primary lunch will be.
  I wonder if I can download Bonus Songs for Rocksmith without having to pay money for Xbox Live.  I dunno!  On the one hand they want people to pay money for it so they'd make it  available.  On the other hand if I'm not paying for a connection to the internet how will I access the internet???  Also on the other hand I might tire of this program before I even get through the 50 songs included.  Also on the OTHER hand wow I've got lots of hands this is great news.  Imagine all I could accomplish with all these hands.  Wonderful.  Maybe back up isn't steak and eggs but Seafood Dinner.  I DON'T KNOW.  That's why I want both.  Because I WANT BOTH.  That settles that.  Anyway this new belt has a lot going for it.  Not a bunch of useless End Of Belt hanging out because it's too big for my waist.  Only what I need!  Also it makes me feel good about myself that I could wear a small belt.  REAL good.
     Sure.  Gonna take a shower after this act.  Then write act III!  Then figure out a fun way to spend the rest of my day.  Maybe play more GUITARSMITH.  Listen to them songs.  While hitting notes occasionally on MY guitar.  One would imagine at some point I'll start hitting notes that are relevant to the song at times that are relevant to hit the notes relative to the song.  Well that's the dream isn't it.  Maybe play some Call Of Duty II.  I felt like playing that yesterday but never got around to it!  Then again I'd have to REMOVE Rocksmith CD from Xbox and REPLACE IT with Call Of Duty II CD.  Ugh who needs that hassle. A nd the worst part is I'D JUST HAVE TO PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS at the end of it.  I don't remember signing up for this kind of manual labor!  I don't remember signing up for anything!  Last thing I remember signing up for was my DISNEYPLUS account over a year and a half ago!  I've probably signed up for new things since then but I can't remember! 
     Moving on.  HEY I can watch The Final Destinations Binge To Remember.  I have ORIGINAL on DVD.  I downloaded AT LEAST MOST of the rest that were playing on TV yesterday.  And by downloaded I mean recorded!  I feel like I could call DVRing programs Downloading Them!  Whose gonna stop me, you?  You don't have the gumption!  Anyway what else is going on.  The Mets should challenge people to exhibition games during the Winter Off Season.  That'll show people they mean business.  Also they win either way!  Either no team accepts their challenge and they win by default, or the teams accept the challenge and the Mets win by beating them!  What about if the team accepts their challenge and then that team wins the exhibition.  Well that's the doomsday scenario.  I don't even wanna think about that happening.  It's too upsetting!
     Last paragraph of the act!  I could get Steak & Sole and just throw out 15-38% of it.  How did I arrive at 38%.  Well I wanted to definitely include 1/3rd.  But I felt like 40% was too much.  Split the difference and went with 38%!  Now would you like to know how I arrived at 15%?  Because it seemed like the best number to use.  On account of Meaning It or something.  I forget what I was talking about.  Ya know what let's make it 10% on the lower end!  Maybe they give me a slightly smaller portion than I'm even imagining for the smaller size portion I'm imagining.  Makes sense.  Then again if it's really smaller than I'm imagining maybe I don't leave over a thing!  FINE JESUS CHRIST CAN THIS PARAGRAPH END ALREADY.  Yes.  Yes it can!  I'll be back soon.




I've Got To Hand It To You

    I'll eat three Steak & Seafoods.  Sure.  I don't waste food!  Not today, not this week, not ever!  Well maybe let's just keep it at Not This Week.  Actually I just threw out some food this morning.  I had FROZEN roasted chicken that I had saved because I couldn't finish the entire thing myself when no one else wanted it!  At this point even frozen it's too late to eat it.  So I Don't waste food, not this minute, not this hour, NEVER.  But again We Must Discount The Never.  What else is going on.  I ate 2/3rds of the chicken get off my back about it.  What else is going on. If anything I'm making MORE food.  When I bought that chicken I ended up not eating I created a DEMAND for more chicken.  Now because of me they're making more chicken and there's more food out there overall!  I'M A GREAT PERSON is the point I'm trying to make.
     Cool.  Got half my shirts hanging off my FILE CABINET.  Got the other half hanging off THE FRONT DOOR OF MY ROOM.  Only door of my room.  But you can argue it's the front door of my room.  I don't know why you would.  Or where you found someone to argue back the other position.  But if that's what you feel like doing I'm not gonna stop ya!  Watched one and a half Friday The IIIIIIIIIIIIII films that I didn't have available to me a month or two ago when I was binging them.  WOW.  Finally SOME CLOSURE.  I bet Jason CONTINUES to kill people.  Maybe he had a change of heart at some point I don't know.  I hope not for his sake.  He has supernatural heart!  That's why he keeps coming back from the dead.  He gets a normal pig heart or something suddenly he's presumably down to One Life.
     Anyway.  I dunno.  Got so much day ahead of me.  With no chores I can think of!  What a wonderful world & whatnot.  Maybe watch a Shutter Film Or Two.  Maybe from THE NINETEEN EIGHTIES.  Wow a time period of a decade?  I'm sold!  And not just any decade starting somewhere dumb in Calendar Year Chronology.  We're talkin a Clean ZERO TO ZERO.  1980 to 1990!  1990 MAY not be part of the 1980's.  So a clean ZERO TO NINE.  The point is I want to live in a world where everything else is the same BUT 1990 is considered part of the 1980's.  That's the one thing that's different.  Oh well it couldn't hurt to dream.  Except for all those situations where it can hurt to dream.  Nightmare On Elm Street Situations come to mind as one solid example.  GOOGLE has the new coca cola zero been phased in yet.  Internet says it was phased in starting July and in Canada it will be September.  HMM better play it safe and wait until September.  WHO KNOWS what Coca Cola Incorporated considers to be part of Canada.
What else is going on.  Here I am drinkin' The Same Old Diet Pepsi like a chump.  I consider myself a trendsetter and I like to be on the cutting edge of things and I'm waiting until September for the new Coke Zero?  I don't like it.  But then again getting the OLD Coke Zero by accident I would dislike even more!  Have you TASTED that crap?  TERRIBLE.  It's okay.  I dunno.  I feel like it's possible that's what I would get From Tap when going to Movie Theaters the past half decade.  VERY possible.  Very possibly NOT, though.  Even more possible!  The point is ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  SPECIFICALLY RE: SODA I'VE DRUNK.  Moving on.  Getting very close to the end of the entry!  I think that's great for me.  I get to move on with my life!  Not you, though!  You finish the entry and then you shut down and start thinking ONLY SO MANY HOURS UNTIL NEXT ENTRY.  BETTER JUST SIT HERE AND REFRESH EVERY SEVEN SECONDS.  That's what I imagine you'd be doing at least.  SORRY.
Last paragraph!  There might be RAIN today?  I don't remember signing up for that!  I mean I guess apparently I did but I don't remember it is the point I'm trying to make.  HMM I'm NOT going to go to a movie anytime soon but lemme LURQ what I COULD be seeing in films in a different world.  WHAT THE HELL THERE'S A NEW CANDYMAN MOVIE AND IT'S AVAILABLE IN THEATERS?!?!  I'd watch that!  Oh well such is life.  Also upon further introspection I knew there was a new Candyman movie coming and I BELIEVE it's from Jordan Peele?  Better LTURQ.  Partially Written and partially produced by Jordan Peele!  THAT'S GREAT.  GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A SHOT AT DIRECTING.  I LIKE THAT.  The point is I wonder if its getting good reviews.  Better LTURQ.  YES It has been getting good reviews!  You heard it here first!  Anyway hey great.  I wonder if there's any CASTMEMBERS I would recognize in the film.  Better LTURQ.  OH MY Tony Todd REPRISES HIS ROLE AS CANDYMAN.  WONDERFUL.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow!!

-12:12 P.M.




Thursday, August 26, 2021

This Means Something

    Hey!  Just took laundry into laundromat.  That's what they exist for!  For the most part!  Also for people to go in and watch the washing machines.  The one that are see through.  Look at things swishing back and forth.  But the point is I get all my clothes cleaned FOR FREE and it only costs 25 dollars.  So I'll pick that up later today.  Also hey guess what I got Phone Chargers.  They work!  One of them works at least!  I'm assuming the other ones work!  I shouldn't assume!  It makes an ass out of you and me.  WAIT A SECOND IT DOESN'T MAKE AN ASS OUT OF YOU.  Why would ME assuming something make an ass out of you.  That doesn't seem fair at all!  Anyway playing a few songs in Eb Standard Tuning.  You know what that's like.  Maybe you don't.  It's like playing a song in Regular Standard Tuning!  But everything is SLIGHTLY LOWER in pitch.  Fascinating.
Yeah!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Mets continue to play every game that they have scheduled unless it's canceled for some reason.  Not bad!  Some teams would just give up and stop showing up to the games completely.  Not the Mets!  They still show up and appear to even be trying somewhat to win!  Also I like how all the star players are returning fro mthe injured list.  JUST KIDDING I HATE IT.  I like to see them play but I have a sneaking suspicion they're being rushed.  They're gonna end up SUPER injured after playing for a few days.  I'm calling it!  When you call something you make a CA out of LL and ING.  That seems to make sense.  Almost TOO much sense.  What else.  I find that after playing ROCKSMITH for at least 15 minutes the Guitar Lag Delay seems to go away.  Either I just get used to it after a while OR video game gets the hang of it after awhile.  Fascinating.
     Anyway.  There's no way this is actually how these songs are played.  These notes I'm hitting and the times I'm hitting them seem WAY off.  I think it's a scam to make people WORSE at guitar.  So all the people DECENT at guitar now suddenly seem a lot better.  That's the scam!  That makes sense I guess.  Went to new laundromat today.  The one I normally go to was closed!  I had to go to the one a fifth of a block away from the regular one!  They seem BETTER.  Just CLEANER.  MORE EFFICIENT.  NICER.  That sort of thing.  I never got chipotle!  I had left over 1 chocolate chip pancake and Some Super market beef sirloin.  COMBINED EM.  Delicious AND nutritious.  Well, partly.  It's on the spectrum of being delicious and nutritious.  Might be ALL THE WAY in the other direction for each of them.  But it is easily SOME PERCENTAGE delicious and/or nutritious.  WOW percentages?  Now you're talking my language!
Cool.  Get coffee after this paragraph.  I like the odds of that.  What kind of major motion pictures can I watch today.  There's DOZENS of them I haven't seen yet.  Anyway.  Gotta imagine there's someone somewhere whose watched EVERY major motion picture.  Or at least someone whose watched THE MOST.  Yes we would need to strictly define Just How Major a Motion Picture needs to be to qualify.  But that's THEIR problem.  Huh.  If you spend 18 hours a way watching major motion pictures for the first time CAN you be caught up to watching every MajorEnough Motion Picture being released?  Also how much do you have to pay attention and how can we prove you paid enough attention.  Do you need to write a three paragraph summary and/or critique of each movie?  I hope not because that would take up your time which is precious.  Unless you write it WHILE watching the movie.  Hmm.  Anyway can you watch SEVERAL movies at once?  If you're absorbing it enough to write your three paragraphs, you ARE watching it and getting what you're supposed to get out of it.  Why not let people Triple Up and watch three movies at a time if they're REALLY getting enough out of it!
    YEAH.  Gotta imagine there's people out there-- dozens of people!-- who regularly watch 2+ movies at once just because that's the kind of guy they are.  Wow.  I multitask with movies all the time.  I watch a film AND do nothing AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.  In fact sometimes I'm doing Twos or Threes of Nothing.  And the nothing is the MAIN thing I'm doing!  I just happen to be partially watching a film at the same time!  Anyway got coffee going.  Got enough soda to last me till re-upping with super market tomorrow IF I drink some of my Mom's Dr. Pepper.  Which I will!  Because that's just the kind of son I am.  HEY there's a new Coke composition.  I forget if it's Diet Coke or Coke Zero.  But I wanna try that!  A commercial told me it was important!  I'm sold!  Anyway I feel like if there's a new soda I should try it no matter what soda.  I'm a big Soda guy.  Soda and Public Transportation.  Those are my things.
     Cool.  I haven't taken public transportation in AT LEAST a year and a half.  And by a year and a half I mean a year and 5 months and change.  Sounds about right.  What else is going on.  Sixth paragraph!  Wonderful.  Turkey sandwiches for lunch today.  I have no choice!  Well I could get chipotle.  That's a decent choice.  NO I got turkey last week and I'm gonna have it IF IT KILLS ME.  Well if I KNEW it was gonna kill me I'd probably not have it.  That's how I feel.  Maybe get pizza tonight.  That happens once a week!  And it's been about a week.  Therefore great what else.  Dunno how much walking to do after I lose all the weight I want.  I LIKE walking.  But SHOULD I be taking 6 half hour walks a day for the NEXT phase of my life?  Four or five sounds more SANE.  But then again every walk I take is a little bit more I can stuff m yface with re: food calories.  Wow stuffing my face that sounds fun.  What if I eat the amount I eat these days every other day, and then the other 50% of the time I Stuff Myself Silly.  WOW that's a good What If.
  Almost done with APPLE MUSIC PLAYLIST I'm up to.  Right now it's ROCK PLAYLIST.  MODERN ROCK.  The latest ROCK songs.  You know MAINSTREAM ROCK.  Big guitars.  Drums!  Other instruments one would imagine!  I go through different Modern Music genres.  What will I listen to next?  I don't know!  They update the playlists on The Fridays so I might have to listen to something else for a few walks before re-upping with a new playlist tomorrow.  WOW I can listen to whatever I want.  That doesn't sound right.  Too open ended!  Better listen to playlists of songs I may or may not somewhat enjoy.  At least I don't need to think about what I'm listening to.  Playlist is doing all the thinking for me!  Not sure what Big Guitars mean.  I kind of am sure.  But I don't LIKE IT.
     Yeah!  Look I saw scale that I put laundry on for them to weigh it.  It CLEARLY said 20 pounds.  They charged me for 19 pounds.  HOLY CRAP these people are HEROES OF THE YEAR.  What saints!  They're gonna go down in record books as Nicest Laundromat People of all time.  And if not all time that exact period of 3 seconds.  They're fifth runner up.  Gotta imagine at those three seconds there were roughly 1-2 dozen other laundromat people across the world who were being Slightly Bigger Heroes somehow.  But they were UP THERE IN THE CONVERSATION is the point I'm trying to make.  Anyway.  Fargo Season IV is there waiting for me.  I don't know when I'm gonna start it.  But it's there.  Up there in the conversation of what I will watch next!
    Great.  It's called Fargo but each season mostly takes place somewhere else.  But Fargo is UP THERE IN THE CONVERSATION.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  I feel like season V should take place in A Canada.  Then again they need to get permission from Canada.  For rights purposes.  And Canada is gonna demand lots of money to allow its likeness to be used.  Great.  Where did Canada get its name.  Lets look that up right quick.  Huron-Iroquois word CANATA which means settlement or village.  IROQUOIS?  WE HAD THOSE SUCKERS IN NEW YORK TOO.  Small world!  Oddly enough Iroquois is a CANADIAN word for American Indian Tribe.  Funny how things work out like that!  I feel like America should have more of a unique language than British English.  Sure there's lots of differences here and there but I feel like it should be such that we can't 100% understand each other.  I don't know why I would want that.  I don't know why a lot of things these days!
     Last paragraph of the act!  Wonderful.  Gonna get laundry later today.  We're talkin LATE afternoon.  FIVE THIRTY maybe we're talking about.  WOW.  I feel like I looked up what Canada means before.  And if I did, which I think I did, it was probably in the context of writing an entry.  So basically that's one of Many Things that I've said before.  Oh well that's part of life.  Repeating yourself.  And yourself Not At Your Best.  Hey great what else is going on.  Play some rocksmith today.  Maybe tune it back to standard tuning.  Play some songs I haven't played yet!  Also in essence I haven't played ANY of these songs yet.  I've played a few songs at 5% accuracy.  So that's halfway there I guess.  But not completely!  Anyway kind of unhappy with phone charging just by putting in charger once and without forcing it.  I was getting used to JAMMING the charger into the phone at ODD ANGLES OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Now I'm never gonna have that much fun again!  I'll be back soon.




I'm Getting To The Point

    Hey!  Gonna take a walk between Act II and Act III and not just a shower.  Because that's the way today works!  What else is going on.  Got some nice Graham Cracker Breakfasts going.  Delicious!  Not sure why I had to say that.  I couldn't think of anything else to say!  And often if I say something not worth saying it gets the ball rolling and maybe I'll think of something worth saying directly after that.  What else is going on.  Turn the page on Patriotism Calendar in a few days.  Can't wait to see what Patriotism Picture is gonna be there.  Maybe it will be an Anti-Patriotism Picture.  As sort of an April Fools.  Next month is September.  That's why it's such a Big Fool.  Not even April! 
     September is like April.  Similar nice weather.  April it's on the way UP in heat and September is on the way DOWN but all in all they both are some nice in-between weather PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Also all of this is IN FLUX because of Climate Change.  Also it's IN FLUX depending on where you live.  Also it's IN FLUX based on normal fluxuation in weather.  FLUX sounds like a made up and/or dirty word.  WHO THE FLUX ARE YOU.  IS it because it sounds like Fuck?  No!  That can't be it!  That makes little to no sense!  YEAH.  Anyway.  Haven't played Call Of Duty IN WEEKS. By which I mean OVER A WEEK.  Too much violence!  Why aren't there any video games simulating International Negotiations and Peace Treaties.  Because they'd be TOO HARD.  Unless it's a multiplayer game.  Then it's be TOO EASY. Everyone wants to make a deal as fast as possible to win the game.  Maybe you're rewarded not based on Fastness of Deal but on Quality Of Deal.  Maybe maybe not WE DON'T KNOW as of now.
     Anyway.  Then again it takes A BIG MAN to RIP UP a Peace Treaty and declare war!  There should be incentives to do that in Video Game!  Just like in real life I guess.  I don't KNOW.  Got some left over Kasha Varnishkes to eat with Turkey Sandwiches.  Also I repeatedly say Sandwiches because it's accurate!  Gonna have two mini sandwiches.  I'm not just Having A Fun by saying Sandwiches For Fun.  I wouldn't do that!  Not to you!  That's my crazysheet promise!  NO FUN NONE OF THE TIME.  Wonderful.  I'm gonna have ALL the laundry after today.  I think I missed one or two pairs of boxer shorts.  I think that's it!  Everything else is comin' to me all clean and whatnot.  LAUNDROMAT Clean.  Which one would imagine is cleaner than Home Washing And Drying Machines Cleans.  I'M imagining it at least.  Maybe Special Bonus Scents.  Oh man I hope there's some Bonus Scents.
Cool.  TWENTY POUNDS OF LAUNDRY FOR THE PRICE OF NINETEEN?!?!!  What's this I'm saving ONE NINETEENTH of the cost it should be?  I dunno.  Maybe it's ONE TWENTIETH.  I'd do the math but I don't want to so you can see the kind of predicament I'm in.  Then again I had to pay THREE BONUS DOLLARS for them to have it done by the end of today instead of tomorrow.  I might have to TIP THEM several dollars.  IT NEVER ENDS.  If I knew I Was gonna have to PAY THEM for this I never woulda ever got this ball rolling at all!  Also I want a ball!  PARTLY FOR ROLLING but mostly for throwing against wall.  Man I wish I had a blue rubber ball right now.  I'd have so much fun.  I'm easy to entertain!  Gimme a ball and a wall.  Also give me permission to throw the ball against the wall. Without permission what good are they, they're useless!
     Last paragraph of the act!  Then time to take a walk.  That's how Today Works!  What do they call American Indians in Canada.  My guess is NATIVES. Not Native Americans.  Not Native Canadians.  Just NATIVES.  Lets LTURQ.  INDIGENOUS PEOPLES.  Or sometimes ABORIGINAL PEOPLES.  That sounds like fun.  Indigenous sounds the most respectful and Aboriginal is the most fun to say.  I think they're doing well with BOTH those phrases.  In fact I wonder what would happen if I started using those phrases in America.  I think Indigenous, no one would bat an eye.  But if I start using Aboriginal here in America I think some people will be like is he supposed to say that?  I dunno. Gonna have to LTURQ.  Anyway.  This is still me talking, the other guy.  What else is up.  Hey great what else is up.  The act is over!  I'll be back soon!




Why Is That A Problem

    Hello friends.  I have sliced jalepeno peppers in the fridge!  I can put those suckers on turkey sandwich for flavor!  Also will I microwave turkey or eat it cold?  I don't KNOW.  All I know is that whatever I decide to do will end up being the wrong move.  But that's part of life!  Inevitable Failure!  Cool.  Got coffee going.  Got Shower Going After This Act.  Got dinner rolls DEFROSTING on kitchen counter.  We're talkin one of the mwas in fridge for days.  The other one was in FREEZER all that time until just an hour or two ago when I put it in fridge.  And now they're both OUTSIDE THE FRIDGE.  This helped me accomplish writing an entire paragraph.  And I'll never forget it.
Yeah!  Started listening to NEW MUSIC DAILY playlost.  Why it's only The Newest Music and it's updated daily.  Presumably 99% the same as the last day.  But each day they might add a song or two to the six hour playlist.  HMM better listen to this six hours EVERY DAY just so I'm REALLY on the up and up.  As long as I'm watching four separate movies at the same time.  That's accomplishing a lot!  No it isn't.  It's accomplishing A Lot Of Nothing.  That's fair I guess.  Maybe watch Jaws II.  Gotta imagine there's some Shark Attacks in that.  I DON'T have to imagine that I can actually watch the movie!  Wow what a wonderful world.  If sharks are so great how come they haven't evolved legs and run around on land eating people. Because They're NOT so great that's why.  You heard it here first.
     Ugh.  HMM I can buy Coke Zeroes on Super Market Delivery Website but I'm not sure if they've phased in New Flavor completely.  I don't wanna buy Coke Zero Old Flavor.  DISGUSTING.  I wanna try the new flavor.  Apparently it's made to taste more like Regular Coke.  DISGUSTING.  Too sugary!  Per my understanding.  I haven't had Regular Straight Up Coca Cola in 20 years probably.  Maybe once or twice by accident.  Either way DISGUSTING.  If I had to drink non diet soda EASY I'm going with Mountain Dew Code Red.  I used to drink that in high school!  Even when I had already transitioned from Regular Soda to Diet Soda.  This only came in regular soda and it was DELICIOUS.  Also I believe they marketed it with the premise that it was like halfway to an energy drink.  DELICIOUS.  Do they still sell it.  Better LTURQ.  HOLY SHIT now they have Code Red Zero!  THIS CAN CHANGE MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER.  If only it were easily available to me.  And it's not!  Oh well I guess life is a disappointment that's life I guess.
     Penultimate Paragraph!
  Yeah!  Maybe put some mustard on turkey sandwich.  Not a huge fan of mustard!  But if I'm EVER gonna eat mustard it's almost definitely on a turkey sandwich.  Nowhere else!  And I don't even want it on turkey sandwich most of the time!  YEAH.  What else is mustard good for.  NOTHIN.  Yeah but c'mon.  I've had hot dogs with mustard on em.  That's okay.  That's about it!  Anyway.  Yeah!  Anyway.  What about HONEY mustard.  Who cares I don't care.  This is dumb and also I don't like mustard okay.  If I don't like eating it why would I like talking about it and DEFINITELY why would I like talking about situations where I may like eating it when WE BOTH KNOW I don't like eating it pretty uniformly.
     Last paragraph!  I ordered a pack of THREE phone chargers.  I only was given ONE. My parents are holding onto the other two.  I don't know how I feel about that!  Oh.  Right.  I don't care at all.  I have no feelings one way or another.  OR DO I.  I feel INSULTED.  What they don't think I can keep the other chargers safe and sound in a place I'll remember?  They have THAT low an opinion of me?  Then again THAT'S A LOAD OFF MY BACK not having to keep them safe and sound and in a place I'll remember.  Now it's THEIR problem.  Whew!  Also if I had multiple chargers I'd be tempted to use 2 at once.  That's no good!  Anyway in the end I guess I have mixed feelings about it.  Wonderful.  Gonna take a shower in 10 or 15 minutes when my Dad is back from his walk.  Then re-assess where I've went wrong in life.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:57 P.M.




Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Lets Get This Over With

    Hey!  Wonderful news!  I checked my weight again this morning and it's .5 pounds less than it said yesterday!  That makes it 1.5 pounds lost in last week and a half.  Which is exactly What I Would Settle For!  ALRIGHT I GET WHAT I SETTLE FOR.  What a wonderful world it'd be if we could just always get what we'd settle for.  Hmm what other kind of stuff in life should I settle for.  Let's say living till I'm... hmm.. I dunno.  What IS a good age of death to settle for.  Eighty?  That may be too high or too low.  Also maybe I don't wanna live a long life!  It depends on what happens I guess.  The point is I never got Seafood Parade last night.  Got Freedom Chip Pancakes and Fried Calamari!  Calamari is for today!  Pancakes is for yesterday!  Other meal today is either Turkey Sandwiches or FREEDOM BURRITOS from Chipotle.  Except Burrito Bowls.  Freedom Burrito Bowls.  I'd settle for a Freedom Burrito Bowl.  YES!  Oh, right.  I was talking about Nothing.  Let's keep that going!
     Anyway.  Played some Rocksmith yesterday.  Getting a little better at it!  We're talkin I'm gettin accustomed to the format and whatnot of seeing what notes to hit and following along and whatnot.  We're talkin I tuned my guitar down half a step which is the required tuning for roughly SIX OR EIGHT of the roughly FIFTY OR FIFTY TWO songs included.  WOW THIS IS FUN.  Hey The Mets didn't win yesterday but on the other hand HALF of the teams playing yesterday lost, too!  Gonna have to look into that.  Safe assumption that in head to head games, 50% of the teams end up losing.  But who knows for sure.  Some Genius.  I envy them.  I'm not a fan of Mets Line Up Decisions.  I'd do things differently if it were me!  Wow I'M SOLD I should be manager.  Except just Line Up Construction.  The other 99% of it I'll delegate to other people.  I just wanna make lineups is that so wrong.  WHAT?  IT IS?  Oh No.
Cool!  If it were up to me I'd have the Mets go 9-3 over their next 12 games.  I just think that's good strategy.  I'd SETTLE for 8-4 but I'm not happy about it.  What else is going on.  2/3rds or 3/4ths into JAWS.  Hey this movie is pretty good!  I like the part when the shark happens.  Also I'm pretty sure this movie is lying about risk of Sharks.  They make it seem like it's Real Life that we gotta be worried about sharks at beaches.  While I'm pretty sure that's Fake Life.  Either way well done you convinced people it was a real problem.  I feel like that's irresponsible because you're making people less likely to go to the beach.  And then where would they be.  Not the beach!  That's for sure!  Also what are sharks dumb or something, exposing their fin or whatever above the water.  You're giving yourself away!  Just DON'T do that you idiots.
     Cool.  I tried playing JAM SESSION on Rocksmith but I was very bad at playing with virtual drummer.  Didn't even set up any virtual Other Instrument Players.  I couldn't get into a beat with the drummer and I gave up.  I blame HIM.  I know he was programmed to accommodate what I was playing but I feel like he was doing a poor job.  Eh.  That seems plausible.  But the joke is NOPE IT'S MY FAULT.  I can't even play well with Virtual Drummer Programmed To Accommodate Me.  Oh well that's life I guess.  HMM Chipotle would be good today.  Either as a lunch or as a dinner.  Or perhaps as a TomorrowMeal.  It's good to eat TomorrowMeals today.  Of course we'd have to actually eat them tomorrow but you get the point.  I hope not.  If you get the point you're accommodating me Way Too Much.  Even more than Virtual Drummer tried to.  What kind of film is Steven Spielberg working on now.  Better LTURQ.  Oh right the movie about his life as a child.  How could I forget.  Because it's forgettable.  Good point.  Once I See the movie it won't be forgettable.  This guy knows what he's doing re: Movies!
Coffee after this paragraph.  Fantastic.  I like the part of Rocksmith where they're starting to trust me to be able to hit two strings at once.  Pretty good game designed to make it gradually more difficult by ACCURATELY interpreting what you're getting right and what you're missing.  I'm up to two strings at once SOMETIMES.  I can handle it NOW AND AGAIN.  WOW.  One day I can hit ALL the strings.  That's easier than 2 strings.  You're hitting 2 strings, you hit 3 or more by mistake You've Failed!  All you have to do to hit All Strings is hit All Strings!  Hmm I thought I was past all this 15 years ago but shows how much I know.  Cool.  Wearin' a worn shirt again today.  I don't do laundry!  That ain't my scene!  Leave it up to my Mom. And if she chooses not to do it for a while that's just the price of doing business.
     Is there a price of doing business.  Gotta imagine Business would be against that.  Then again maybe it's best for the rest of us.  Certainly something to look into.  Business means Like Gary Busey.  No it doesn't.  Ya got me.  Moving on!  Sixth paragraph!  So far I MAY have said two things that were worthwhile.  That's my best guess off the top of my head.  At that rate I'll have EIGHT THINGS that were worthwhile this entire entry.  HOLY CRAP EIGHT THINGS?!?!!  I started off joking but now I feel REALLY that eight things is a lot of worthwhile things for one day.  All I gotta do is hope I stay at this blistering pace of saying worthwhile things.  It's called a blistering pace because it gives you blisters.  Because you're going through it so fast.  Scraping up against your skin.  Is it called a blistering pace.  I'll have to look into that.  Later.
Yeah!  Cold Fried Calamari sounds like the way to go.  TASTES like the way to go.  In imaginary prospective taste imagination.  Which may or may not be a thing.  But it's still more accurate than SOUNDING like the way to go.  I can't imagine a sound of calamari at all.  Maybe kind of squishy.  Even if its fried it's still kind of chewy.  Squishy = Chewy.  You heard it here first.  Also sure I'll eat ~30 pieces and then leave ~4 or 5 over!  I know how much I want to eat and nobody can talk me out of it.  Not Calamari Meal, Not Nobody!  Also ideally I would eat All regular Calamari and then leave over the calamari pieces that look like tentacles or something.  Who knows what I'm eating when I eat those things. Calamari.  Yeah but IT'S WEIRD LOOKIN'.  Also this is the seventh paragraph.  You heard it here first.
Not sure why that was necessary.  And by that I mean Everything.  I don't get why life is necessary at all.  But I WILL settle for an unnecessary life.  Hmm sounds not so bad at all.  Nice Settlement by me!  Anyway we're in the middle of the week.  I don't think there's any debate that Wednesday is The Middle Day.  Middle of work week DEFINITELY.  Middle of entire week PROBABLY.  FINALLY another week is half down.  I don't live my life week by week.  Not in my immediate past!  Well sure I do.  But it's evenly distributed between week by week, day by day, and month by month.  ALL ARE SEPARATE BUT EQUAL parts of my schedule imagination.  They're not separate.  They work IN TANDEM.  They ARE equal though.  Probably not.  But close enough for now to say they are.  YEAH.  Look is there a year-by-year?  Sure but it's not on my mind too much.  Decade by decade?  NOPE NOT REALLY SORRY.  Anyway I think month-by-month is the best way to live your life.  You heard it here first!  Strong opinion!  Big declaration!  A real think-em-up!
     Last paragraph of the act!  IS WHAT I WILL SAY AFTER THIS PARAGRAPH IS OVER.  With the next paragraph.  That sort of thing.  HEY what else is going on.  Anyway.  If we're doing GoFundMes for sports signings maybe we should do it for Actor Signings.  Off the top of my head it would be utilized in a Samuel L Jackson Snakes On A Place Scenario.  People pay money to make actors do dumb stuff that will entertain them but the actors may think are beneath them but will still do because hey ya gotta give the people what they want especially if you're getting paid appropriately for it.  Anyway that sounds like one way to spend your hard earned money.  Hey guess what you can even spend money that just came to you with no effort at all.  It's all up to you which of your monies you wanna spend!
     Last paragraph of the act!  SEE I TOLD YOU.  Wonderful.  If Francisco Lindor plays the way Mets Hope He Will he could be a future HALL OF FAMER.  By which I mean he will be inducted into the Baseball Sports Hall Of Fame.  Because he had such a successful and illustrious career!  He's not there yet but WOW I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  "COULD BE."  I'd settle for that kind of odds ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.  Which I don't 100% keep track of.  ANY MONTH OF THE YEAR.  Now you're talkin' my language!  Also when someone is inducted into the hall of fame do they HAVE TO spend the rest of their life at the hall of fame?  Or do they have a choice to turn down hall of fame so they can continue with their life as they know it.  In which case that's a tough decision!  You wanna be in hall of fame but do you wanna be in hall of fame 24/7/12/2000/1992?  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




I'm Not Sure How I Feel About That

    Hey!  Got a package from Amazon that may probably include my chargers!  But my Dad doesn't want me to open it yet so there's that.  I'm not sure what he's waiting for.  Christmas Morning I guess.  OH NO THAT'S NOTE FOR FOUR MONTHS.  Oh well that's part of life.  I'm not sure how I feel about Richard Druyfess.  I'm pretty sure I don't like him.  I like him in this movie The Jaws though!  I may or may not have a better reason to not like him, but the only one I can come up with was he spoke at some of my friends' high school graduation and they didn't like him.  Talked about the Iraq War! They didn't care about The Iraq War!  They probably still don't!  Gotta imagine I have a better reason than that.  He didn't like Bob.  That might be it!  EVERYONE LIKES BOB.  That was the name of the movie!  Everyone Likes Bob!
    What else is going on.  Gonna take a nice shower soon.  I can, "Dig," that!  Wearing boxer shorts way too big for my current proportions.  Nothin' is holding them up!  Except for when I wear pants.  Pants hold them up.  Also when I hold them up manually with my hands while in transit.  That holds them up, too!  But the point is they ain't holding themselves up and that's no way for a boxer short to appropriately act.  Is there a way I can fold these in half and then wear those.  I don't think so.  Maybe a 10, 15% chance that could happen somehow.  Hmm maybe MORE of a chance.  Then again maybe less.  I lose either way!  Sure.  HEY we were able to get money back from Wilco Sleater=Kinney show!  I don't know how he did it but Brother accomplished that.  Well done!  I got the best of both worlds.  I lived for TWO MONTHS anticipating concert, then I didn't even HAVE TO GO to the concert, then IT COST ME NOTHING.  WOW I HIT THE JACKPOT.
Cool.  Also I'm under the impression in Nevada you can gamble right at the airport.  Gotta imagine some people would just never leave the airport.  They fly to Nevada.  They stay in the airport at a machine for 72 hours.  They go back home!  No fuss no muss.  Also if you never leave the airport your return flight is free.  Because Duh That's Obvious.  That's how taking flights work!  Las Vegas is in Nevada.  You heard it here first.  I like it when you have to play the notes on the guitar half a second before Program Thinks Normally It Would Be.  You could see it coming up just a tad before the normal amount and that's when you hit it.  NICE.  I'm getting these notes OUT OF THE WAY EARLY.  So by the time I'd have to play it I'VE ALREADY PLAYED IT so I can take a short break.  Why put off till tomorrow what you can do yesterday.
     That sort of thing.  Gotta play some more Guitarsmith today.  How much remains to be seen.  It could be TEN minutes. It could be TEN THOUSAND minutes.  Wait no not that last one.  It could be TEN TENS minutes.  You know AN HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES?  That's probably the upper end of what it may or may not be.  Ten Ten Wins is some sort of radio station.  They either played The Yankee Games or The Mets Games.  I'm guessing Yankee Games.  Better LTURQ.  I don't think either are on Ten Ten Wins.  Oh well.  I feel like I listened to baseball games on radio at some point in my life.  It's possible!  I may have even taken portable radio TO baseball game once or something.  Sounds plausible.  The point is I forget.  Well that makes sense.  I can go to Yankee game and watch that and LISTEN to Mets game at the same time.  I've got all the bases covered!
     Last paragraph of the act.  I don't believe it!  It's odd when you think about it that so many people like the Yankees but I would imagine most of them don't like the Bronx.  You'd think they'd go hand in hand.  Because that's where The Yankees Live.  In The Bronx.  So does The Zoo.  Basically that's what The Bronx has going for it.  Hmm I'd go to a zoo.  I guess.  If I had no choice.  That settles that.  HEY so that's what that animal smells like.  That's the main thing I remember getting out of zoos.  I already knew what animal looks like from Books And TV.  Everyone knows what animals look like.  Now I know what it SMELLS like.  NOT GREAT.  But at least Now I Know For Sure.  Maybe I'm just smelling the other Pleabs who are at the zoo.  These people stink to high heaven!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




Seems Kind Of Dumb

    Hey!  Took a shower.  Gonna get coffee after this paragraph.  All is right in the world.  For this second.  For me specifically.  And not counting all those things that are wrong in the world for me at this very moment.  Wow sounds great.  Anyway.  About 3/5ts to 2/3rds of Dieting Time.  Presumably.  Started dieting and walking 4 and a half months ago.  Could be done in 3 months!  If not then, then a few weeks more. [EDITOR'S NOTE: MATH MAY BE WRONG.  VERY WRONG!]  Then I can eat CRAP all the time.  I don't know WHY it has no nutritional value.  Maybe it has some.  Gotta imagine there's some excrement that we should be eating from some animal.  Better LTURQ. HMM all I'm seeing is on HUMAN Feces.  Of course there's nothing worthwhile in eating that.  We just pooped it out!  But other animals might work DIFFERENTLY.  Also sure I'm on some sort of list by googling nutritional value of excrement.  That's just the sacrifice I had to make IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH.
    Wonderful.  Tales From The Crypt isn't as fun to watch on TV as it was on computer monitor!  They're all very poor resolution so on Big Screen HD TV they look like crap!  ALSO I'VE SEEN THESE EPISODES TWENTY SEVEN TIMES EACH OVER THE LAST PERIOD OF TIME.  Cool.  Got coffee going!  Microwaved it a bit too long.  That's the price of doing business!  HEY I have one spare buffalo wing from a few days ago.  I can pair that with calamari EASY.  Just eat 4 or 5 less calamari as I was going to.  Delicious!  Right now leaning towards eating it all cold.  It's DELICIOUS because IT'S SIMPLE.  Anyway.  Do we eat Shark ever.  Talk about a turn of events!  Gotta imagine there's Shark Sushi.  I'll eat some shark!  Let's be honest they've had it coming!  SHARK MEAT IS LEGAL FOR CONSUMPTION IN UNITED STATES.  Wow?  NOT ILLEGAL?  I'm sold!  I won't be prosecuted for it so I'd be an idiot NOT to do it.
     Cool.  Shark meat has to be soaked well before its eaten because sharks urinate through their skin.  Well great.  I learned something new today!  Sharks urinate through their skin.  I don't know what to make of that!  I'm gonna need to let that percolate for a while before I come to any sort of conclusions on how I feel about sharks urinating through their skin.  We urinate through our skin, too!  A HOLE in our skin yes but it's still through our skin IN ESSENCE.  Either way soak thoroughly before it's eaten?  SOUNDS LIKE THE SHARK ALREADY DID THAT.  Maybe urination has nutritional value.  Can't discount that completely!  Then again I've already gone too far with google and I don't wanna go any further.  One search is one thing.  Google may disregard it.  I start making A STRING of searches about eating piss and poop then I'm really gonna see some consequences!
    Penultimate paragraph!  I watched the trailer for the new Spiderman movie!  No spoilers but LOOKS LIKE SPIDERMAN HAS REALLY GOT HIS HANDS FULL THIS TIME.  I thought he faced Conflicts in past movies BUT THIS TIME WOW HOW'S HE GONNA TAKE CARE OF THIS ONE.  That sort of thing.  What else is going on.  I watched portions of all three Sam Raimi Spidermen over the last few days on TV.  3 Minutes of Spiderman I.  EIGHT MINUTES of Spiderman II.  FIVE minutes of Spiderman III.  In what order?  I forget!  And it wasn't one after another.  It was at RANDOM times.  Either way hey Spiderman has got a lot going for him.  Good for him.  What else is going on.  I'm not sure if I ever owned a single comic book.  My guess is it's like a 50% chance I somehow got a comic book one way or another.  Also I guess it depends on how generous you are with defining a comic book.  Maybe I got some sort of comic book from BURGER KING.  And the characters are the Burger King Mascots.  Who I forget who they are.  But they did exist at one point!  Either way might have had a Burger King Comic Book is the point.  Wonderful.
Last paragraph!  Gonna have to take a bit of a breather after this entry and before next walk.  I'm supposed to be home when my Dad is walking!  In case Mom needs help!  Dad hasn't even left yet!  But he's leaving soon enough that I can't take my walk before he leaves.  Either way wonderful I get to watch TV or something I don't have all the details in front of me.  Also his walks are like THIRTY FIVE or FORTY minutes.  What kind of PSYCHOPATH walks for 35 minutes.  Everyone knows walks are divided into units of half an hour.  Anyway.  I dunno.  HEY I haven't had alcohol in roughly five months.  You know what that means!  One month less than six months.  Either way I haven't thought about that in a while.  But one day I will have alcohol again and I'll enjoy it!  And I won't do it every day!  I'll do it Oh I Don't Know SEVERAL TIMES A MONTH?!?!  I like the odds of that.  Also hey the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:11 P.M.




Tuesday, August 24, 2021

It's Nice To Meet You

    Hey!  Terrible news!  I checked my weight for first time in nine days and I've only lost a pound!  According to scale if it's to be trusted!  I was hoping for TWO pounds.  I would have settled for ONE AND A HALF pounds.  Oh no it's less than what I would have settled for.  Guess I have to fight this, then!  I'm gonna take this right to the top!  Oh well that's life.  FLUXUATION in results.  Ya never know what you're gonna get!  Hey the Mets are down 6.5 games in the standings.  Maybe if they re-checked their standings on my scale they'd be down THREE POINT FIVE games.  Now the scale is working to my advantage!  Anyway the point is I'm seeing difference in weight with my eye balls so that's pretty good too!  Anyway my Mom had her patch removed today.  That's life!  I dunno if I've ever worn an eye patch.  Maybe I should even if I don't need to.  Just to see what all the fuss is about.
     Finished Fargo Season III!  Wonderful!  Per my calculations I'm up to Fargo Season IV now.  What else.  Wearing a dirty shirt for the second straight day.  A new dirty shirt!  Which is great.  I must like this shirt a lot because apparently I've worn it AT LEAST once before in my past.  That's how it got dirty!  Dunno if its dirty.  WRINKLED, that's more accurate.  Oh well when you put wrinkled shirt on the wrinkles disappear.  I don't know why but that's a fact.  A universal fact!  Anyway put on JAWS last night to finally watch it once and for all.  Right before I went to sleep!  I watched the Universal Title Card and then turned it off!  That was enough excitement for one night!  HEY the Earth in that Title Card is 80% Blue.  WATER.  THAT'S WHERE JAWS LIVES.  Presumably.  I haven't seen the movie yet!
     Cool.  Got some orange soda going up.  First time in a while!  I've been drinking lemon lime soda as a supplement to pepsi.  That's how I do it!  I got a pepsi in the fridge each day and a supplemental which alternates.  Wonderful.  HMM I think I'll look up main cast of Fargo Season IIII.  Or more accurately Fargo IIIIIIX.  Either way let's go.  WOW look at all those people!!! I know TWO of them.  Not personally.  I'm familiar with their acting work.  That sort of thing!  I bet at least one of the others I'd recognize.  Because I'm a compulsive gambler!  Anyway maybe check my weight again tomorrow.  Normally it's every week and a half or so but I feel like I want a better result for this round of checking weight and tomorrow may or may not give it to me.  The only thing I know about the plot of Fargo Season IIVI is the time period of when it takes place.  Not gonna say!  No spoilers!  I already spoiled that I am familiar with two of the main cast members.  Yeah but you don't know which.  I already spoiled that there's, "WOW look at all those people!!!," AMOUNT of main cast members.  Oh well sorry about that. 
     Yeah!  Coffee after this paragraph.  Is what and when I will be consuming.  Got a bison burger for lunch today.  Dinner is anyone's guess!  Hopefully mine!  I'd be able to make much better guesses than anyone else in the world because of my proximity to the source situation!  Anyway I don't think it's raining at all today.  What's that all about!  ONE MORE SPOILER season 8/2 is 11 episodes instead of 10 which all the other seasons were!  WHY did I have to spoil that for you.  I had no reason to say it.  I'm a compulsive spoiler.  That's just how I get off!  Get off my back about it is the point.  Hey the METS are playing today.  They're still in the playoff picture!  Let's see what their odds are PER website calculations to make playoffs today.  UP TO 5.8% or 2.1%.  Based on the two websites I enjoy.  HOLY CRAP even the pessimistic website ADMITS there's a greater than 1/50 shot.  Also the website is accurately described as pessimistic.  Because it has a Mets-bias.  Main focus of Baseball Website is yeah but how does this relate to Mets-centric Thinking.
Cool!  I feel like if I moved somewhere else where there's a regional baseball team I may or may not change sports allegiance!  I never really thought about it until 15 seconds ago but that's an interesting thought.  Then again where would I move?  Pittsburgh?  What am I some kind of idiot?  Hmm.  If I lived in LOS ANGELES THE CITY OF ANGELS that's like 4 local teams I could choose from.  HMM.  I like the Los Angeles Dodgers because they have the highest payroll in the sport.  THEY'LL buy the best players and force them to play baseball for our amusement!  I'm on board with that!  Then again I always like the Oakland Athletics!  Kind of!  I've always had reasonably neutral feelings about them at least!  It's my impression that Oakland is IN CALIFORNIA.  You heard it here first.  Oh Hey I was supposed to get coffee before this paragraph.  I guess I can get it now!  Hmm.
Maybe after this paragraph.  Definitely after this paragraph!  What if I moved to the Bronx.  First of all No.  Second of all How Dare You.  Third of all I guess I'll root for the Yankees.  If my life has taken such a wrong turn that I am now living in the Bronx it's reasonable to conclude I'd like being a Yankee Fan in this New Dystopic Life I Lead.  That's life I guess.  I wonder how often I went to baseball games as a kid.  I feel like it easily could have been once a year.  Maybe even more.  And it was often YANKEE games for a good portion of it.  I liked the time I sat in the bleachers in the outfield.  I think those are the cheapest seats but I liked em!  If there's a homerun IT'S COMING RIGHT AT YA it's like a 3-D movie!  Not all stadiums have seats there.  Maybe they do.  I don't know what I'm talking about.
     Anyway.  How do illiterate people have their eyes tested. The part where you have to read letters.  They can't do it!  Maybe they can read numbers.  Maybe they can't read numbers either, they're illiterate!  Maybe they can read shapes.  This is a lot of Maybes coming from you!  Sounds like you're trying to come up with a response when you know there is no response!  There's barely something to respond to!  I already forget what I was talking about!  It's the seventh paragraph.  Is that relevant to what I was talking about?  I dunno.  Anyway.  According to MY scale I'm in normal healthy BMI range.  According to OTHER scales probably 1.5-2.5 pounds over as of now.  DAMNIT why are your scales being so difficult.  Can't we just universally agree My Scale Is The Scale Zero.  100% Scale To Be Replicated.  Hmm if that were the case they'd re-calibrate BMI Calculation so that I'm STILL 1.5-2.5 over but it's just a different baseline number.  DAMNIT they're always one step ahead of me!
     Cool.  I wonder what happens in Jaws.  I get the feeling a lot of it takes place on a boat.  Maybe several boats.  But there's one KEY boat.  And presumably at some point They're Going To Need A Bigger Boat.  It's a line of dialogue from the movie, you wouldn't understand.  Cool.  Is it true that sharks can't stop swimming or they die.  That sounds like a lie.  I don't think it's true.  Better LTURQ.  NO IT APPEARS TO BE A FALSEHOOD.  There was a more complicated intensive explanation but I got what I needed to get out of it.  At least partially or mostly a falsehood!  I'm done with that research now!  Which makes sense because how can Jaws eat you if it never stops to bite you and get you in your mouth.  Hard to do all that On The Move!  It needs to get up close REST FOR A SECOND then eat you!
     Wonderful.  Ninth paragraph!  I don't believe it.  Mets are playing a HOME game today.  I like it when they play AWAY games.  They bat first in the inning as opposed to second.  I turn the game on from the beginning?  I get the ACTION of seeing them hit RIGHT AWAY.  If they're playing defense first I LOST INTEREST IMMEDIATELY and change the channel before I can ever see them hit.  So that's one thing to consider.  I don't know about what context you'd have to be in for it to be important to consider that.  Maybe None!  Anyway.  Was there ever an iteration of baseball without a catcher and either the hitter repeatedly throws the ball back to the pitcher after a pitch or even better the umpire does?  The umpire makes a lot of sense!  Why be redundant and have two people back there.  Umpire can make himself useful and throw ball back!  The point is I forget.
Wonderful.  Hitter can't CATCH the ball in process of pitch.  Umpire CAN.  Anyway this is the last paragraph of the act somehow.  I think it's due to me not writing anything worthwhile.  That's how I got through it so quickly!  Then again Umpires can PITCH TOO.  Also have an umpire hit.  And divide these umpires into teams.  And then just have the teams of umpires play each other!  Maybe with some META umpires who call balls and strikes and whatnot.  That's one way for baseball to go.  I'm very innovative is the point.  I wonder if that's some sort of training they do for teenagers or some level of baseball player.  Make em UMPIRE games now and then.  So that they get the hang of approaching the Baseball Game from all angles.  If that's not a thing IT SHOULD BE.  You heard it here first.  I'm gonna take a walk now.  You heard it here first.  Be back soon.




One Would Imagine

    Hey!  Looks like Act II, then Shower, then Act III, then move on with my life for the rest of the day at least.  And at most!   After the day ends and the next one begins I have to stop moving on with my life and do this again!  Maybe get some pizza today for dinner.  The food So Nice It's Italicized!  I haven't had cold pizza in a while!  Because I eat it the night it gets here!  Several hours after it gets here!  I COULD put it in the fridge when it gets here so I can have cold pizza when I want to eat but thus far I haven't done that!  But I do have that option in my back pocket! One of them!  I got two back pockets.  FOUR if you include my entire body as my back.  Which you probably shouldn't. 
     Anyway.  HEY at some point I can probably start wearing contact lenses again.  NOT THIS SEASON.  Season ends in a few weeks.  NOT NEXT SEASON.  Probably not.  MAYBE THE SEASON AFTER THAT.  Don't count on it.  MAYBE BY NEXT SPRING OR SUMMER.  Sounds reasonable.  Gotta imagine covid goes away at some point, right?  It's easier to imagine than it Never Going Away.  The nagain it's easiest to imagine it stays around to some degree for the next year or two.  And then we can re-calibrate.  WONDERFUL something to talk about.  It's a good ice breaker!  So what are your thoughts on COVID Outbreak.  Still goin' on!  I wanna hear YOUR take.  That sort of thing.  However we can't be having ice breakers in person.  We gotta have ice breakers online from the safety of our broadband!  Something like that.  Sure we can have ice breakers in person.  If we're all vaccinated AND should be wearing masks PLUS it might be outdoors AND we live with no Elders or Immunocompromized!  I envy you.  Then again I get to avoid Ice Breakers!  So it's not all that bad!
That sort of thing.  I feel like there's a brand of gum or mint called Icebreakers.  Lemme LTURQ.  Kind of a mint.  Seems to be more Just CANDY though.  So there's that.  Wonderful!  HEY it comes in gum, too.  Wonderful!  You heard it here first.  Phone charger coming soon!  This is gonna be a blast and a half.  Don't have to do any work at all trying to get my phone to charge.  Easy!  HMM I probably could have taken this opportunity to Might As Well Buy Docking Station to charge.  But I'm not joking when I say I DON'T LIKE IT.  Maybe it's easier I DON'T CARE.  I'm old fashioned I LIKE A NICE PLUG-EM-UP.  Also if it can charge just by being CLOSE to it what else is getting charged that I don't know about.  For all I know everything in the room is getting charged just by being close!  I don't feel safe or comfortable with this at all!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  A reeeeaaalll IIII paragraph.  Hmm.  I wonder if they came up with a Roman Numeral for Zero after the fact.  I have it on good authority Romans didn't understand the concept of Zero.  But maybe at some point they were made privy to it in let's say The Holy Roman Empire and were like HEY QUICK WE NEED A ZERO.  Lemme LTURQ.  HMM they used the word, "NULLA," which is Roman for, 'None,' in future philosophy-math.  In middle ages.  They knew about zero but still used Roman Numerals.  So they just went with A Regular Word.  Fascinating.  I didn't know they had math-philosophy in the middle aged.  I just thought it was people living with rats and they give each other diseases.  Fascinating.  I feel like in the Middle Ages The Rat was more of he Alpha Top Dog Species even higher than Humans.  That's been my impression.  Also what's the Top Dog.  Gonna have to look into that one at some point.
Yeah!  Almost time to take a shower.  I like those odds!  What kind of small side will I have with bison burger.  Maybe some CHIPS.  Not a lot!  Just enough to whet my appetite.  Wait no that's not right.  Just enough to SATISFY my appetite.  That's my main goal When Eating.  Whetting is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what I'm trying to accomplish with this endeavor!  That sort of thing!  Hmm maybe I can get AN APPETIZER for dinner.  Sounds good IN THEORY.  IN THEORY.  But in practice what appetizer would really fit for tonight.  Calamari?  I GUESS.  It's as good a guess as any!  Probably BETTER guess than most things.  HOWEVER not as good a guess as I to IIIIII things.  The point is hey I'm gonna take a shower now.  Be back soon!




I Guess We'll Never Know

    HEY you know what would be good for dinner?  Some sort of Seafood Dinner.  That seems like a possibility depending on which place we're getting from.  Haven't had that in a while!  So I got that going for me is the point.  Also The Seven Seas.  Is there An Actual Seven Seas.  Or were they speaking more metaphorically.  Better LTURQ.  YEP THERE WERE SEVEN SEAS.  The oceans Plus A Few Bonus Seas.  So that's something to keep in mind.  What else is going on.  Really should try to do some Guitarsmith today.  I need to learn!  If not now, then never!  Wait no.  If not now, then eventually!  I LIKE those odds.  Anyway.  Last time I checked weight I had lost 3 pounds when I expected 2.  This time 1?  HEY lets split the difference and say I'm Losing What I Expected.  WOW I LIKE THOSE ODDS.
Jeez.  Maybe some sort of FRIED Seafood.  Less healthy but you can't argue with something being Freedom Fried!  Sure you can but what would be your motive!  Maybe start watching That Dark Knight today.  I'm UP TO IT in Batman Film Bingewatching Experience To Remember.  Seems kind of scary.  This joker character isn't fucking around!  Maybe he is.  But even if he is Fucking Around He's STILL getting Results.  BAD results.  GOOD for him.  But BAD for the rest of us.  Except for FELLOW CRIMINALS AMONG the rest of us.  GOOD for them SOMETIMES.  SOMETIMES even BAD for THEM.  I lost track of what I was talking about.  Oh, right, second paragraph of Act III!  I feel like people don't give enough attention to the fact that they say they would have continued to have Joker be main villain in Batman III if the actor who played him didn't die.  I feel like his name was IRONICALLY Health Ledger.  Because he now has no Health.  Also he was left in Batman II HANGING OVER A LEDGE.  WOW.  Anyway I forget what's going on.
     Spoiler alert.  It's been thirteen years.  Also maybe I was lying about where he was left in Batman II.  I'm an unreliable narrator!  You can't believe a thing I say!  Also his real name is Heath.  And he suffered a DEATH.  DIRECT NOT-EVEN-SLANT RHYME.  The words are the same except for the first letter.  THAT'S RHYMING.  Now I'm picturing either his name being, "Heth," OR the word Death being, "Deeth."  It's fun!  My imagination is having a blast and a half with this.  Moving on.  A FRIED SEAFOOD COMBINATION?  It's the same as a Seafood Parade but FRIED.  I feel like it should have its own special name.  A seafood AIR SHOW. A seafood BOAT RALLY.  That can't be it we're doubling down on Sea in that.  Anyway I've given myself a lot to think about.  Hmm if I get fried and then DON'T eat the batter part then it's healthy.  What if I just don't get it fried.  But then I won't be able to eat the battered part.
Penultimate paragraph of the day!  I don't believe it!  What day is it.  The 24th?  That's my best guess.  Hey I was right.  Good stuff!  Moving on.  HMM if I get Italian Restaurant I can get some kind of SHRIMP dish.  So seafood is an option no matter where from!  WOW.  How about some sort of SHRIMP HERO.  I dunno we'll get the folks at Marvel working on that one.  Moving on.  Maybe try a new song on Rocksmith.  To get myself excited about it.  HMM there's many great songs to choose from.  How about one where I don't need to re-tune my guitar.  That could take upwards of SIXTY SECONDS.  Then again that's sixty seconds I don't have to be playing the song and confront the fact I can't play the guitar.  I CAN tune the guitar when the video game helps me.  Not so much when no video game is helping me. 
     Last paragraph!  Maybe take a day off from The Fargoes.  Watch some Shutter The Screaming Service.  There's roughly MANY films on there I haven't seen.  Gotta imagine each and every one of those films IS AN ENTIRE FILM.  Characters.  A plot.  SETTINGS.  Every single one of these films has ALL of that.  Presumably more things!  Like credits.  CONFLICT.  ACTS.  WOW ALL THESE FILMS HAVE ALL THOSE THINGS?!?!  I don't believe it!  Not sure all these films have ACTS.  Oh well no film is perfect.  Maybe some films are.  I haven't crunched the numbers explicitly.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll be back with more entry tomorrow!

-12:59 P.M.




Monday, August 23, 2021

Hey What Time Is It

    Hey!  I ordered three phone chargers from Amazon.  They came in a pack of three.  We're talkin I went with THREE FEET LONG.  So let's say each one will last me four months.  That's an entire year!  And when you factor in the three feet long that gets us to, what, three years?  Because of multiplication order of operations!  Anyway I'm really looking forward to that.  Should be a blast and a half.  Plug in the plug.  Don't have to do it 37 times to get it to register.  PLUS I can have TWO GOING AT THE SAME TIME IN DIFFERENT OUTLETS.  I wanna plug it in on night table?  Great!  I wanna plug it in on surge protector across the room?  I can do that WITHOUT EVEN MOVING THE WIRE.  Talk about luxury!.  Anyway.  My mom is having surgery done right now.  Or recently and she's not back yet.  Maybe she hasn't had it done yet!  I have very little details! 
     Wonderful.  Gotta imagine she'll be in an eye patch after this.  When you're in an eye patch do you have that eye closed all the time.  Or open all the time.  Or you mix it up depending on how you feel.  Or you can't even tell.  Or maybe you don't have an eye patch on at all!  Great.  Made four walks in the rain yesterday!  Last walk or two I probably shouldn't have done!  Then I did a double In Room Circle Walk later so it all evened out.  Except for how I was uncomfortable taking most of the walks.  Because of the rain.  And wetness.  And getting my clothes wet.  Also can't forget about the rain.  Also I felt like an idiot.  Walkin' down the street which normally has a fair amount of people and I'm the only one.  Oh I See I'm Some Sort Of Idiot It Turns Out.  Then again maybe I'm a genius.  I RUN THESE STREETS for this period of 10 minutes.  YEAH. 
     Great!  Lunch today could be Turkey Sandwiches or Super Market meal of chicken and sweetened potatoes and broccoli.  One of those two things seems like the way to go!  Wearin' a nice brown shirt.  Haven't worn this shirt in a while because it was at the bottom of my hamper.  And when giving my Mom laundry I just take what's on top.  But now I'm out of shirts for today.  So I went in deep and got this shirt despite it not being clean.  Clean enough.  It's BROWN who can argue with that.  Uh oh am I a brown shirt now.  I don't wanna be a brown shirt.  I'd rather not be a shirt in any respect.  Then again who knows.  Hey I'm due to check my weight tomorrow morning.  My guess is I've lost several weight units.  ESPECIALLY if we're okay with using Fractions Of Weight Units.  Or Negative Weight Units to just cover all the bases.
     Wonderful!  Who cares about weight.  I think most people care about MASS.  OH NO I'M WEIGHING DOWN ON THE FLOOR A LITTLE BIT MORE.  GRAVITY OH NO I CARE ABOUT THIS RIGHT.  NOPE!  People don't like to be BIG.  What do they care about weight.  I dunno maybe people like to be light.  So they can be carried by things and whatnot.  I'm gonna have to look into that one.  I'd rather be heavy!  NO ONE'S PICKING ME UP, NO SIR.  Cool.  Phone chargers should come by Thursday.  That sort of thing!  Oh no I gotta play more Rocksmith.  I don't like being reminded how bad I am!  Also somehow I get worse every time I play it.  I don't wanna get worse!  That's a NEGATIVE thing as far as I can tell.  HEY I get to have whatever I want for dinner.  Completely Blank Slate!  How about Some Sweet.  Breakfastcentric meal.  That's One Way To Go.  No it's three.  Pancakes or Waffles or Frenched Toast.  Or other kind of Frenched Toast!  Or maybe some sort of Omelet.  That's Five Ways To Go.
     Cool.  Gonna get coffee after this paragraph.  Because I like to drink things!  Usually things that aren't poison and won't kill me.  That's my general preference.  I can't wait for off season to see if Mets make any big moves!  It's fun to root for sports teams making big signings because it's like what are you stupid just spend as much money as possible on the best players.  Easy! Just do it.  Don't be an idiot you can spend whatever you want.  In some sports there's Payroll Caps.  In some sports there's quasi-caps.  But IGNORING THAT just sign all the best players you idiot don't be dumb.  Also are payroll caps always Sports Team Member Athletic Caps, or do they sometimes refer to EVERYONE employed by this sports team franchise.  In which case EASY pay everyone else minimum wage and put it all out there on the field.  Gotta imagine everyone would be okay with that.  It's for a greater purpose is what everyone else working for the franchise would feel!
     This entry isn't great so far.  For a lot of things I've, "Gone There," before.  At least a several things.  What's more than a several things. All Things.  Maybe I've said All Things Before.  Especially if you count This Entry as Before.  It is both Right Now and also Has Happened In The Past.  Can't argue with that!  You'd have no avenue of communicating it!  Gotta imagine people Like being on The Mets.  They'd go out of their way to be signed by The Mets.  I don't have to imagine that.  You Can't Make Me!  Anyway.  I'd like to be on The Mets if it weren't for the fans.  These guys are jerks!  Including me!  I can say it because I'm A Mets Fan.  The only thing I don't like more than The Mets are The Mets Fans.  Also I'm a Mets fan!  What a confluence of philosophical conundrum.  That's baseball for you.
     Seventh paragraph!  I can't wait for robot umpires calling balls and strikes.  Not so much because it would be much more fair and good for the game but because I Want To See Umpires Suffer.  I hate these guys and I want them to be out of a job.  Or at least have their job value diminished.  What assholes!  Who made THEM boss.  Major League Baseball?  That doesn't sound right.  HEY gotta imagine there's some algorithms keeping track of how good umpires are.  Because we're now charting out every pitch so we can see if it's a ball or a strike.  And we know which umpires are calling balls and strikes for any given game.  Gotta imagine somewhere there's rankings and statistics and ratings of all kinds of umpires and how accurate they are.  YEAH I LIKE THE SOUNDS OF THAT.  I'd like to see this data one day when I feel like it more than I do now.
     Eighth paragraph!  I like how Javier Baez had one good game and then the article on Mets Official Blog Page is Is Baez playing his way into a Mets extension?  My favorite part about it isn't that it's dumb but rather that I THOUGHT THE SAME THING AND I HOPE HE IS.  Because I'm dumb too!  That's life I guess.  Being dumb.  One of the main parts of life!  Anyway.  I think the worst of Storm Hurricane Event is over?  I think maybe ALL of it is over?  It rained a little bit this morning but I dunno that might be a coincidence!  What else is going on.  BASEBALL REFERENCE HAS METS UP TO 1.2% CHANCE TO MAY PLAYOFFS.  ESPON HAS THEM AT 5.6%!  That happens ALL THE TIME.  Practically a coin flip!  You flip a coin, it's 50% chance it's 50% tails.  Therefore THE METS HAVE A 50% CHANCE OF MAKING THE WORLD SERIES.
     Cool.  Almost done with Act I!  Then it's time to move on with my life for a while until 45 minutes later when I start act II.  Oh well it was fun while it lasted in the near immediate future.  Cool.  I can see myself playing some Call Of Duty II.  Also I never played Call Of Duty I.  I don't know the context of what's going on.  World War II?  What does that even MEAN.  HEY MY MOM IS OPENING THE DOOR I'LL BE RIGHT BACK.  HEY I just spent ten minutes talking with my Mom and helping her TANGIBLY.  We're talkin I HELD HER HAND ON WAY TO SITTING DOWN.  I POURED HER COFFEE.  A THIRD THING.  Either way everything seemed to go okay.  Wearing an eye patch!  She said she has that eye closed all the time.  So that answers that.  What if The Mets convince Baez to stop striking out so much.  Then he'd be REAL superstar.
     Can't discount that happening!  All he need is a good talking to.  Wonderful.  Walk after this paragraph!  Is what I will do!  I was NICE to My Mom.  Because I'm a good son.  HOW'S EVERYTHING GOIN.  ANYTHING I CAN DO.  WELL SEE YA LATER.  A+ #1 Son.  Chocolate Chip Pancakes would be the best but then there's the third of three pancakes I don't eat and split into breakfasts and I already have enough breakfasts for the immediate future.  WHAT IF I FIGURE OUT A WAY AROUND THAT.  Well SURE if that were POSSIBLE.  Maybe just get a huge giant cookie and eat it for dinner.  I feel like if I was living alone and no one was around to judge my meals I'd do that every now and then.  Hmm kinda seems like a GOOD thing then people are around to judge my meals.  Keeps me eating Good Reasonable Meals.  Anyway.  I'll be back later!




No Not Now

    Hey I'm back.  Maybe some FRENCHED TOAST for dinner.  I had that a few days ago!  I'll have it again!  It's delicious!  Also this time it's from a different place.  And it's slightly different overall!  Anyway great just great.  Everything seemed to go with Mom Surgery.  Like I said!  Been watching some SHUTTER The Screaming Service movies. Pumpkinhead!  This monster is pretty scary BUT it's head isn't quite a pumpkin.  In fact I think Pumpkinhead they used as a DECOY title that we didn't expect such a scary monster.  We were picturing something with a Pumpkinhead!  That sort of thing.  Anyway I've seen this once or twice before but on Computer From Distance so I didn't SEE what was going on.  So the monster was a surprise to me!  Also the plot!  What there WAS to the plot.  GOTTEM.
    All these cheap horror movies with teenagers, gotta imagine 90% of the teenage actors think of themselves as Deep Dramatic Actors.  And they have to act like Dumb Teenagers all the time.  They can't be 100% happy with that arrangement!  I mean sure they like getting work but now we think THEY'RE dumb just because their characters are dumb.  Well done I guess.  Also is it kind of strange how every other Cheap Horror movie has nudity from women who are at least playing teenagers if not are actually teenagers?  Hey gotta give the people what they want!  UNDERAGE NUDITY!!!  I never thought of it like that when I was a kid because teenage nudity wasn't underage to me.  But now it seems like a kind of weird thing that we all accept is general and okay?  Oh well that's life I guess. 
     Sure.  What else is going on.  ESPN says the Mets have over a 5% chance of Making the playoffs?!?!  Wait maybe they mean Ever Again not this year.  DAMNIT they got us on a technicality!  Anyway.  Gotta imagine there's been SOME low level discussion about a Major League Reboot working in Cleveland Guardians into the plot.  Probably some MID level discussion!  It's good for the film franchise AND it would be GREAT for the Baseball Franchise.  Get off on a nice solid foot in entering Culture.  The point is we want to see the same characters but they're in their seventies now so what would they have to do with baseball.  They can be umpires.  HEY YEAH.  It's about a ragtag group of Old People (WHO WERE THE PEOPLE WE KNOW AND LOVE FROM PAST MOVIES) and they want to save Umpires from the looming threat of Robot Umpires.  Also it's THE CLEVELAND GUARDIANS.  None of this makes sense but if you retooled it 90% it COULD make sense.
So there's that.  Is there any way that we can start doing GoFundMes for sports free agents.  I'm sure there would be LOTS of dumb people who would contribute money to pay a player to sign with their favorite team.  A super star free agent in the off season?  LOTS of markets where they can get idiots to collectively cough up 30 or 40 million so that the Best Free Agent Of The Year will sign a simple very overpriced 1 year deal with their team.  OH NO now that I spoke this idea it will come true.  Why oh why did I have to speak this evil idea.  I'm an idiot that's why.  Either way GREAT.  Then again if you're buying a stake in the team with that contribution now we're talking.  That's not how things work.  NONE OF THIS is how things work.
Last paragraph of the act!  Then it's time to take a shower and whatnot.  The opening credits for Pumpkinhead had something I don't think I've seen before.  Had a credit INSPIRED BY THE POEM BY ... and then they said the guy who wrote the poem.  Presumably!  Also if there was a movie inspired by a poem PUMPKINHEAD the movie about SOME MONSTER THAT KILLS TEENAGERS NAMED PUMPKINHEAD wouldn't have been my first guess.  Maybe some movie about Kublai Khan.  That'd be MY first guess.  English.  What else is going on.  How come there's been no major motion pictures about Kublai Khan.  Is it because no one owns the rights to the Mongolian Empire?  That'd be my first guess.  Wonderful.  Hey I had no coffee with act II!  That means I get to have coffee with act III!  What a wonderful world we live in.  Over the next hour.  And it's just my world.  Also I'm barely alive but I AM living MORE OR LESS.  The point is I'll be back soon!




I'm Just Thinking Ahead

    Hey!  Took a shower.  Poured coffee.  Thinking about having Super Market Grilled Chicken with Freedom Potatoes and Broccoli for lunch.  Wonderful!  Got an invite to my a I wanna say Second Cousin's? Bar Mitzvah!  And they're Livestreaming the ceremony!  Wow I don't believe it.  I can watch a kid speak Hebrew Phonetically from my own living room!  Maybe he knows Hebrew In Fact I dunno that's HIS business not mine.  Either way I dunno about that.  Seems like using Live Streams is Work.  We're not supposed to work on Shabbat!  Also I feel like Going To Temple and sitting there for a couple of hours Is Work.  We're not supposed to work on Shabbat!  Better stay at home and lay in bed and think about where I've went wrong in life.
     Anyway.  Wonder if that's a two-way live stream.  Somehow there's Someone Watching Me to make sure I'm taking this live stream seriously.  Sure there is HIS NAME IS GOD.  But he watches me In Person From Up Above.  Not on a webcam from a remote location.  Maybe he watches me on a webcam TOO I dunno that's his business not mine.  He can see me from all angles, God Can.  It's up to him is the point.  What else is going on.  They finally officially approved Pfizer Vaccine?  Does that mean I've Been Living In Sin for the last 5 or 6 months???  That's terrible news!  Although does this Approval work retroactively.  I'm forgiven for Living In Sin after the fact?  I dunno gonna have to ask God about that one.  I'll get around to it later.  I'M BUSY RIGHT NOW with YOU.  Anyway.  Gotta imagine there's people here and there, presumably wealthy and or well connected people, who have had like 15 booster shots already.  Not A LOT of people.  But there must be DOZENS of people out there who have had all the booster shots they can get their hands on.
    Good for them.  I wish them the best of luck!  They know what they want and they went out and got it.  God'll judge them not me!  He'll get around to it.  He's BUSY RIGHT NOW reading my website.  What else is going on.  I'm not gonna go to Live Bar Mitvah primarily because of Covid but I guess it's only polite to at least LOAD UP Live Stream.  I can leave the room but what kind of jerk doesn't at least pretend to attend.  It takes nothing to pretend!  Just make that gesture and that's good enough.  I assume there'll be a chatroom attached.  You can't chat with your friends during NORMAL Bar Mitzvah Ceremony but HEY let's take advantage of a bad situation and have some fun.  Chit Chatting.  Online!  With your friends and/or relatives!  That kind of stuff!
     Penultimate paragraph.  No Mets game today!  DAMNIT.  They have the greatest streak of their season and now there's a day off to ruin that mojo.  Also they've won One Game In A Row.  I feel like they've won 6-7 games in a row earlier in the season.  I can VAGUELY remember it.  It was before I had TV which in retrospect might have been the flipping point to their Quality Of Playing.  When I was paying attention online they were winning!  Once I started watching on TV they started losing!  Sounds like an open and shut case the TV is the culprit here.  Just like in Poltergeist!  THEY WERE TRYING TO WARN US.  Anyway hey what else is going on.  Anyway.  That reminded me of the movie Stay Tuned.  And then I thought ya know what if he was alive I'd like to see JOHN RITTER as a star in a season of Fargo.  You heard it here first!
     Last paragraph.  I don't believe it!  Do actors like acting so much that when they go to Heaven they get to make movies in heaven.  My guess is no whose gonna watch a movie in Heaven.  They've got MUCH better stuff to do than watch movies made by people who are just making the movies because they like making movies so much.  Probably!  That'd be my first guess.  Anyway I dunno what else is going on.  Even in death I think John Ritter could do a pretty good job Playing A Corpse In A Movie.  Gotta imagine that's somewhere in the Guinness book of world records.  Longest Time Someone Has Been Dead Whom Appeared As A Character In A Movie.  It CAN be done and it SHOULD be done.  It's their last wish!  Presumably!  They never said it explicitly but one can only assume that it was their last wish!  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:05 P.M.




Sunday, August 22, 2021

So What's On Your Mind

    Hey!  STORM is here.  Or pre-storm.  Can you get pregnant from pre-storm.  Anyway it was raining lightly moderately and/or moderately lightly while I took my first walk of the day.  But nothin' I can't handle!  So I got that going for me is the point.  At this rate I will take all the walks I want!  ONE FOR ONE today.  That sort of rate.  What kinda stuff have I been watching/eating and/or will be eating/watching.  Same stuff as yesterday!  OH NO YOU ONLY KNOW ABOUT THE FIRST THIRD OR SO OF YESTERDAY.  Suffice to say I watched TV AND ate after the entry yesterday.  I dunno I don't feel Sufficed.  I feel like I need to go into further detail!  Then again who cares.  Them Again is a sequel that is about Giant Ants attacking people AGAIN.  I hate it when that happens!  I thought they were done attacking people!  Shows how much I know!
    Giant ants are scary because they're disgusting.  Everyone knows bugs are gross and when they're giant there's NO escaping that fact.  Man though imaging all the sideways farming giant ants could accomplish.  They'd out-farm us by a FOUR TO ONE MARGIN.  SIDEWAYS.  Not sure what that means.  Somehow I'm getting WORSE at guitar as I continue trying to play Guitarsmith.  I started off much worse than I thought I was in real life and then during playing the game I'm getting EVEN WORSE THAN THAT.  Oh well live and learn.  Tried 3-4 songs at this point!  At the very least I enjoy listening to these songs.  I'm having a blast and a half with that aspect of the game.  Also the game takes FORTY SECONDS to load.  I turn Xbox and Controller on.  From the time I press the on button to the time I'm at the main menu ready to select things EASILY forty seconds.  That's forty seconds of my life I'm never getting back.  Am I?  Maybe getting them back IS in the cards.  Lemme know about that.
What else.  It is interesting to start trying to play new songs because it makes ya realize Hey you can do A LOT of stuff on the guitar.  I thought knowing 1-3 songs and playing them over and over, as I did the last year or two, I thought that was all you could accomplish.  Well these 3 songs pretty much cover What You Can Accomplish On Guitar.  I was wrong!  WAY OFF!  Now all I need to do is LEARN HOW to play other songs and I'd be sitting pretty.  Hey time to call in coffee reinforcements to help me write entry is creeping up!  One and a half paragraphs away!  Great.  Starting to get into the meat of Season III of Fargo.  Wonderful!  I like the CHARACTERS.  They do stuff and I can't get enough of it.  Anyway I'm looking forward to SEVEN MONTHS from now when 2022 baseball season starts up.  Mets are gonna be HEALTHY and ready to go!  Wow only seven months?  That's barely half a year!  I crunched the numbers and everything.
Cool!  What kinda lunch I got for today.  Oh.  Chicken pot pie.  Not even up for debate!  That's it, no two ways about it.  HMM I can't wait to eat ONLY 90% OF IT.  It's called being on a diet get with the program.  HEY concert I didn't go to was yesterday.  Presumably.  Guess it might have been rained out.  Either way I can't wait to see what setlist I missed.  That's not an Either Way.  If it was rained out I can't see the setlist because it never existed.  Either way I make a good point either way.  No.  Sure!  Maybe I could have arrived 24 hours early and put in a Electronic Listening Device so then the next day I CAN HEAR THE CONCERT through the device.  Now all I need is an ELD.  And go back in time.  And figure out a way to get into the concert arena a day early.  And make sure no one messes with my ELD.  Great.  Coffee time.
Is Batman Begins a horror movie.  The SCARE crow?  I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that.  Also he wears glasses when he's a regular person and no glasses when he's the scarecrow.  HOW DOES HE SEE???  Also the mask appears to not have eye holes BUT IT COULD POSSIBLY I'm not saying it's IMPOSSIBLE.  The point is not being able to see is the real scary thing.  That's why Bats.  They can see in dark.  By not seeing.  Sonar.  Also by seeing.  Regular eyesight.  I don't know how bats see in the dark.  Anyway.  I can imagine bats wearing glasses.  Not sure what that accomplishes.  No set list yet for Wilco Show.  Still pretty early, though!  Oh man I bet they played NINETEEN or TWENTY songs.  GREAT JUST GREAT.  That's twenty Wilco songs I'll never hear again!  Not sure that's how it works.  PRETTY sure that's how it works but not 100%.
     Sure.  Anyway maybe play some Call Of Duty II.  That'll get me more in tune with playing video games and then would help me play Rocksmith later on in the day.  Also I can JUMP and CROUCH and carry TWO WEAPONS AT ONCE.  I guess one in each holster.  Hmm a lot of these weapons wouldn't fit in a holster.  Too big and Machine Gunny.  Well I'm carrying them somehow so don't you worry about me.  Although yes I can only carry two at a time.  That's just logic!  Also is that a real thing in war.  You're constantly coming across Dead Enemies and are like hmm I don't like this gun the army issued me that much GONNA SWITCH IT UP and take their gun.  Because that happens 150 times a level in War Video Games.  But in real life it's gotta be pretty rare.  You were trained for YOUR gun not THEIRS.  Stick with what you know!
     What else.  Seventh paragraph!  That's good news.  I want this to be over as soon as possible more or less.  Anyway.  Am I supposed to continue to be invested in The Mets for the rest of the season.  Because it's pretty much over for them.  They have maybe I would estimate a 3-5% chance of making playoffs by my calculations.  HEY 3-5% odds HIT ALL THE TIME.  Well roughly 3-5% of the time would be my guess.  But sure it could happen.  But it probably won't!  But sure I'll continue being invested in it!  I don't WANT to be.  But I don't see a way out!  Too far in now!  I'm trapped!  DAMNIT.  Now the main thing to be invested in is seeing how Mets Players play.  Specifically people who will be free agents.  Whether they do good or bad or it seems like they'd be a good Signing during the off season or not.  WOW!  That's exciting sports stuff.  Well it borders on almost exciting at least.
     Eighth paragraph!  Great.  I saw it was raining this morning and I was ready to start walking around in my room but I was like ya know what doesn't seem like it's raining too hard.  I'm gonna go for it and try to take a walk!  RIGHT decision.  It wasn't so bad!  So I got that going for me is the point I'm trying to make successfully.  ESPON has odds of Mets making playoffs at 4.7% and Baseball Reference has it at .9%.  1%?!!?!  EVEN THAT IS POSSIBLE.  It's solidly AN ENTIRE INTEGER.  Wait no it isn't.  It's .9%.  And I rounded it up to a solid integer.  Okay then fine IT ROUNDS UP TO A SOLID INTEGER WOW!  Cool.  As of now it looks like Rain Predictions for the day appear to say that it won't be raining too much that I'd have to skip walks for at least the next couple of hours.  WOW PREDICTIONS?  I'M SOLD!
I don't wanna be sold.  Because then it means someone owns me.  I'm not comfortable with that!  Then again if I'M getting the money from the sale, which presumably I would be because no one else owns me, at least I'm getting something out of the deal.  Moving on!  The Mets are playing the Braves for the final three games of the season.  That means they need to get to within 3 games by then.  Then all they need to do is sweep the Braves in the three game series and then win against them one more time in the Bonus Game Because They're Tied.  What are they, seven games down right now?  They can make up four games IN THEIR SLEEP. In fact they'd probably have a better chance in their sleep!  Have you seen these guys playing when they're awake?!!?  What else is going on.  Also if they make up FIVE games all they need to do is sweep the Braves for THREE games!  Wouldn't even need to win a fourth game!  WOW I'M SOLD.  Sold on what I don't know.  But count me in!!!
Last paragraph of the act.  Presumably will take a walk soon after if everything goes to plan.  Also YES the Phillies are in the picture of competing with Mets for that playoff spot too, but let's just assume if Mets Gain Ground on Braves they would also be Gaining Ground On Phillies.  It's not DEFINITE but its decent odds!  YEAH.  What else is going on.  Will I be able to make at least 4 or 5 of ideal 6 walks today?  It's not DEFINITE but its decent odds!  YEAH.  HEY I think I saw Setlist from yesterday concert and Wilco only played 17 songs!  Presumably because of Rain!  WOW I LUCKED OUT.  Who needs to hear 17 songs!?!  For me it's either NINETEEN AND UP OR NOTHIN'!  Anyway.  I ate a couple of Carrot Sticks and one or two Celery Sticks with Buffalo Wings yesterday.  So GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  I'll be back soon.




None Of Your Business

    Hey!  Took a walk.  It was raining somewhat harder than first walk but not hard enough that it's gonna stop me!  The main negative is trying to step around puddles.  Wait no.  The main negative is stepping IN puddles.  Stepping around puddles is no problem.  The problem is when there's no way around the puddle and you just gotta take the plunge.  So there's that.  Also I don't like walking in mud.  If I'm not careful about this this mud is GONNA STICK TO MY SHOES.  AND THEN WHERE WOULD I BE.  Gotta step carefully in mud.  And in puddles!  I dunno what I'm doing but I'd like to think that whatever kind of careful steps I'm making help a little bit.  Really should take a class in walking somewhere.  Community College Adult Education or something.  How to step in and/or around obstacles.
     Sure.  Shower after this act!  Then Act III!  Then probably another walk!  Got some Super market Beef Sirloin for dinner.  It's halfway between some sort of Beef Main Course and some sort of Beef Deli Cold Cuts.  Splits the difference between them!  Either way I think I'll have a side of a mini roll with it to split the difference there, too!  Not eating it like a sandwich BUT I'm having bread with it which I wouldn't normally if it was just a Regular Main Course.  WOW This sounds great.  FOOD AND BREAD?  Now we're talking!  I was talking before too but I'll excuse you if you didn't hear me.  You're not in my room like I am right now.  In Time AND Space.  What else.  Fargo.  Batmans.  Shutter Screaming Service Horror Movies.  METS games.  OTHER STUFF.  Lots of stuff to watch is the point.  That's life!  Watching stuff!  Unfortunately!
     Oh well what can ya do.  Not much!  I had some sort of snack last night but I don't remember what it was.  I woke up in the night, ate something, then went back to sleep.  WHAT COULD IT HAVE BEEN.  A GRAHAM CRACKER?  That's a reasonable guess.  VERY reasonable.  But there's no way of knowing really.  Oh well I guess we'll just have to chalk that up to one of my life's mysteries.  By the end of my life, when we're ranking the Top 20 Mysteries of my life, this thing is gonna be in there.  PROBABLY around 15-20 but still it's a privilege just to be nominated.  I dunno about PRIVILEGE.  An HONOR.  A COMPLIMENT.  It's NICE.  Those make more sense.  Cool.  I think I figured out how Rocksmith works.  IT measures THE FREQUENCIES.  Sounds about right.  Guess I'm some sort of genius it turns out!
     Cool!  I assume Rocksmith works the other way too and I can hit a button on the screen and it makes MY guitar play the right song.  Like a player piano.  I don't get player pianos.  They're the one kind of piano that DOESN'T need a player.  Then again what else is going on.  Is that an accurate thing.  Where the piano plays itself.  And it's called a player piano.  I'd wager that roughly 80% of that is correct.  Moving on.  Looks like we're not gonna get a full fledged hurricane at all.  I wanted to see some Hurricane Conditions!  Part of me at least!  It's bad because I like walking.  It's bad because it could KILL people.  I don't want people to DIE.  I just wanna see some hurricane conditions SANS CASUALTIES.  IS THAT SO WRONG.  What.  IT IS?  OH NO.
Last paragraph of Act II!  This Act II!  Not all Act IIs!  Moving on.  What else is going on.  Maybe play some MADDEN 2006.  Do some passing.  Some running plays.  I've always disliked the phrase Running Play.  You're still passing it.  You pass it to the runner behind the line of scrimmage.  That's a pass!  WE ALL SAW IT.  Look I think I know a little something about how football works okay.  Great.  Also all passing plays involve running.  At least partly.  Maybe Wide Receiver stopped for a second and a half and then starts running or something.  But there's no WALKING in Pass Plays.  Just RUNNING.  MAYBE SOME JOGGING.  BUT JOGGING FALLS UNDER RUNNING CATEGORY NOT WALKING.  Also Maybe there are plays that call for Walking.  Special Trick Plays.  I'd like to see one of those sometime.  In the meantime though I'm gonna take a shower!  Be back soon.




You Didn't Hear It From Me

    Hey!  Wonderful.  Here to write another five paragraphs.  Then it's all up hill from there!  Probably.  Maybe it's all down hill.  What do I know.  It's a good thing I never implemented my ELD (Electronic Listening Device) in Concert Arena yesterday because it would have been rained on.  You can't have electronic listening devices get wet!  At the very least it will be too loud and the only sound it registers is the falling rain.  And at the worst the rain causes the device to explode, killing several people.  Also in the middle somewhere electronic device becomes broken completely but hurts nobody else in the process.  That sort of thing.
     Huh.  I also missed a dozen Sleater=Kinney songs.  I was excited about that, too!  But the good news is I had no investment in the Opening Act.  So that's no problem.  I probably would have ended up enjoying him too but that's life!  Anyway.  HEY maybe after The Dark Knight Rises I go ahead and watch the Batmen that have come since then!  It seems like a great time to take advantage of that opportunity.  Assuming the opportunity exists.  If it doesn't then I guess I'll have to move on with my life.  I don't think there's been an Individual Batman Film since then.  Only as an ENSEMBLE Batman.  That's the impression I've been operating under.  Also Great What Else.  In baseball, LINDOR AND BAEZ may be activated ANY DAY.  That's pretty impressive.  I'm not gonna be off the Disabled List FOR MONTHS AT LEAST.  In fact I may never play again!  That's how bad I'm doing!
    Cool.  Looks like my Mom will get Eye Surgery Part I tomorrow.  Gotta imagine that'll go alright.  Maybe it won't!  Things happen now and again that aren't alright!  But what are the odds it'll happen to someone I care about.  Very low!  Gotta imagine the times things go wrong happen to other people.  It's only fair!  Hmm EYE OF THE STORM.  Is that a pun I could make somehow.  Because if there WAS a BIG storm maybe they would have cancelled surgery.  Unless if it was in the eye of the storm.  In which case, go outside, live your life, you're safe!  You lucked out go have fun!  But the point is Nope that pun is impossible to make well.  Only possible to be made in a clunky way.  That's life!  I guess.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Sure!  HMM there's a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Bar Wrapper in my trash.  At the top!  Maybe that was my snack.  Or maybe I had it a couple of days ago and it's still at the top.  Where's Batman I need him to get to the bottom of this.  He cracks cases, right?  That's the new Batman.  Some sort of Private Detective.  Also so much better than those Public Detectives.  Leave something to the imagination!  Cool.  Too bad Graham Cracker didn't come in individual wrappings.  Then I'd have more evidence one way or another.  That's life too I guess.  Man oh man do I look forward to a time in the future when I'm done writing this entry.  It's all I can think about!  Then again that's understandable.  It's what I'm doing right now.  And will end pretty soon all things considering.  Not much of an obsession if it only lasts 5-15 minutes.  Well it's a Micro Obsession.  Sounds like fun. 
     Last paragraph!  Now I'm thinking about how I'd like to have more micro obsessions.  Sounds fun and productive.  The point is hey let's finish the entry.  Maybe eat all the crust and the chicken in Pot Pie.  Leave over some of The Rest.  The Pie and The Chicken is 2/3rds of the meal!  The pot part I'm partially leaving over.  Wait so I'm eating SOME of the pot?  Yeah like I said I'm eating MOST of it!  I assume by pot we're talking about the container it comes in.  Can't think of what else it could be.  Also yes it's good for the environment to eat a pot container, whether it's tin aluminum or plastic or whatever.  Either you eat it or it becomes unrecyclable garbage that will never go away.  Make the right decision!  Hey great news the entry is over!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:27 P.M.




Saturday, August 21, 2021

Now You're Making Sense

    Hello friends!  I figured out a way to watch SHUTTER: THE SCREAMING SERVICE on my TV!  Why it's only set it up on my computer and have my computer show up on my TV!  So far I've watched PIRANHA and DEATH SHIP (1985) (MORE ACCURATELY 1980)!  Good stuff.  I like the part where stuff happens.  Anyway I can watch Horror movies I never done seen ONCE OR TWICE A DAY FOR MONTHS.  Anyway.  Played some more ROCKSMITH.  Turns out I'm not great at guitar!  But I will become great at guitar by playing this game every day for a yet to be determined amount of time per day.  So far over 1.5 days I've averaged HEY 1.5 HOURS a day.  Not a large sample size, though!  One of the smallest sample sizes possible!
    Anyway.  I was bringing down 2/3rds of my laundry at random and I was thinking mathematically re: socks and if there will be an even amount.  Ya know what?  I concluded OVER 50% chance it's even.  Not 50%!  Because ZERO is a very legitimate possibility.  So it could be let's say Zero, One, Two, Three, Four... That's not even odds 1-4.  It's ODD ODDS FOR EVEN 0-4.  Three out of 5 times it's even!  What if it ends with Three.  It DOESN'T because I presumably have an even number overall.  60% CHANCE I GOT EVEN PAIR OF SOCKS IN LAUNDRY.  So I got that going for me is the point.  I dunno about 60%  That's if there were 4 socks overall.  Two pairs.  I had more than that!  The point is the main point STANDS.  That sort of thing!
     Cool.  I watched episode I of season III of Fargo The Television Show Experience.  Good stuff!  I liked the part where it involved people and plot.  Anyway do I got any responsibilities coming up.  Nothin' I can think of.  Gotta write this.  Gotta write GOOD stuff for this.  I dunno that doesn't check out 100%!  I had Frenched Toast last night.  I DID order Maryland Crab... Cakes but they called me while putting together delivery to tell me THEY HAD NONE CARB CAKES.  So I got Buffalo Wings instead off the top of my head.  Which I think was a good instinct.  I'll enjoy those tomorrow (today!) I thought!  Also Price-wise it's the exact same price it turns out.  So no fuss no muss there.  Maybe a little bit of muss.  Definitely no fuss, though.  Not 100% sure what Muss is.  I know what Fuss is.  Muss presumably is related to Fuss in some respect.
Whatever.  NO powdered sugar or cinnamon on Frenched Toast.  That's okay!  It was pretty good anyway!  Anyway.  Time to start doin some SIT UPS and PUSH UPS a day.  Wow SOME a day?  I dunno if I could commit myself to that exact amount.  Seems like I should start out with A TINY AMOUNT and then work my way up to SOME.  Sure.  Also George Kennedy starred in DEATH SHIP.  I spent the entire movie thinking man that guy sure looks like that guy.  Oh well.  Can't logically be him.  Turns out it is him.  Great I'm happy for him.  Happy for all of us!  We ALL come out on top when George Kennedy Is In Death Ship.  Hey I just realized both movies I watched are Aquatically Centered.  Wonder what that's all about.  I don't get how people stranded at sea wash up on desert island.  Then again I don't know how sea works.  It just doesn't FEEL right.
     Anyway.  Started working on a SECOND song on Rocksmith even though I have a long way to go getting first song right.  Second song was Why It's Only The Ramones!  I forget which song.  Blitzkrieg Bop?  Probably!  Anyway this is hard too.  POWER CHORDS?  I thought I knew how to do these down pat but I was WAY OFF.  This is tough!  That's okay I'll get there.  If I DIE in the process I'll get there.  I dunno if I die in the process that might be the end of my progress.  Don't see how I can continue making strides After Death.  Then again I don't how death works.  It just doesn't FEEL right.  Started new bag of coffee grounds to make pot just earlier.  That's an interesting insight-em-up!  Anyway.  How else can I utilize my newfound talent for getting stuff on my computer onto my TV.  Listen to my music on my TV?  I could already do that by accessing internet from TV.  But now I can do it EASIER.  But I don't WANT TO.  Have you heard this crap?  I'm not sure I'm on board with this fully!  Time for coffee.
Hey off the top of my head have I said Anything Good yet in this entry.  NONE CARB CAKES??!  HILARIOUS!  So that's One Thing.  Sock Probabilities.  Not great entertainmentwise but I was pretty pleased with myself while crunching the numbers in my head before.  Anyway.  A THIRD into Batman Begins.  Seen Batman Begins Begins and next act is Batman Continues Beginning.  Then Batman Begins To Stop.  Not sure about that.  Not sure about a lot these days.  HEY movies generally have Three Acts just like website entry.  Now I realize entry is a movie!  Wow people like movies.  Maybe if people thought entry was a movie they'd like entries.  Solid 60% chance that makes some sort of sense presumably!  HMM what Shutter movie should I watch next.  Maybe one that has Nudity.  Gratuitous Nudity!  I enjoy that kind of thing every now and again.
     What else.  Seventh paragraph!  Today is day of concert I'm not going to.  I wonder if I listen real hard I could hear concert from the safety of my home.  How many miles away is this.  My guess is TEN TO TWENTY.  I'm not good at Geography Logistics.  Lemme LTURQ.  NINE OR TEN MILES.  I was RIGHT ON.  I said TEN first and that's pretty accurate.  The TO TWENTY is the exception that proves the rule.  Anyway.  What's the loudest concert they can play that we'd hear the music the furthest away.  Gotta imagine someone wants to set that kind of record for fun and for practicality.  It helps people TANGIBLY because they can hear something (pleasurable to listen to?  important to listen to?) from far away!  The point is I forget.  Also I feel like when I used to dread imagining a nuclear bomb dropping I always imagined I'd hear it.  Like that hissing noise in the movies where you see a bomb falling from the sky.  That noise.  You wouldn't hear that noise from far away.  You'd have to be RIGHT THERE to hear that noise.  You'd NEVER hear a bomb dropping in real life from ANY sort of distance.  So we got that going for us.
I don't imagine that lately!  But I'm sure that's something we all consider now and again.  Hey a bomb could drop and kill us all.  PROBABLY won't happen.  I LIKE those odds!  Anyway eighth paragraph!  Starting to consider what kind of diet I'll have in a few months when I transfer to MAINTENANCE diet instead of WEIGHT LOSS diet.  No reason to get ahead of myself.  We'll see through the natural course of things what makes sense!  Then again it's FUN to imagine HEY I CAN HAVE A NICE BIG OL SNACK AT NIGHT and that's only PART ONE to the bonus discretionary calories I can eat every day.  Presumably still Walk All The Time.  AT least for now!  And by now I Mean Then.  The Soon Then.  For A While!  Huh.  Just gonna have the Buffalo Wings for lunch.  No Noodles!  Thems the breaks!  I dunno about dinner!  Thems the breaks!  This paragraph is over!  YES!!!
Cool.  I don't like it when actors play multiple parts in One Thing presumably brothers and/or sisters most often. W HAT YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME.  And everyone else?  "HEY I can play TWO THINGS at once I'M THE GREATEST," is THAT how you get off?  These people are jerks is the point and I don't like it.  Anyway.  If Regular Person can play twins in a movie does that mean Twins can ever play One Person.  Sure I think they do that with Kids.  Kids in a movie can't work too hard.  It's not right to make a kid work so much!  So half the time it's one kid and the other half its the other kid.  I BELIEVE they did this in BIG DADDY.  I don't know WHY I believe and/or know that.  But I do!  So go figure!  Better LTURQ.  Not so much for CONFIRMATION but for FURTHER information.  Anyway.  Didn't find any further information.  But I did find confirmation!  So I got that going for me!
     Ninth or tenth paragraph.  Let's go backwards and count.  TENTH!  I don't believe it.  I just went backwards and counted.  I JUST did it.  How can I not believe it.  That's just my ways.  Moving on, what else is going on!  Mets game is going on Late Afternoon today.  I'll probably watch that for any time between 5 and FIVE THOUSAND minutes.  That sort of thing I guess.  My mom has Eye Surgery Part I on Monday.  Then they do surgery on Other Eye a few weeks later.  Presumably everything will go okay.  That's the assumption I've been operating under.  And her eyes will be what they're operating OVER.  Not really over.  OR under.  ON.  That's the most accurate word.  They'll be operating ON her eyes.  Presumably she'll see better after this stuff.  So that's a positive!  That explains why it's happening pretty well!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




You Know What I Think

    Hello friends.  Here with some more paragraphs in store for us.  Thinking about getting Heated Dogs for dinner tonight!  Not healthy unless they're acquired in a sports trade but they are delicious!  Chicken pot pie for lunch tomorrow.  Some sort of Super market Beef Sirloin Dish for dinner tomorrow.  Some sort of other Super Market meal for lunch the next day.  Something for dinner the next day.  Something for lunch the day after that.  Something for dinner after that lunch.  Something for lunch after that dinner.  Another dinner after that lunch.  More meals after that for an undetermined amount of time until I'm dead.  You know that sort of thing.  Gonna write Act II then take a shower then write Act III.  You know that sort of thing. 
     Hey great what else.  I don't get why Batman is so scared of bats.  Bats aren't scary.  Then again compared to your random other animal sure I can see them being scarier than them.  They FLY.  The make SOUNDS.  They carry DISEASE.  They see in the dark when you don't.  And they LIVE in the dark when you don't.  They'll BITE YA or at the very least FLY PAST YOUR EARS RAPIDLY and disorient you.  They travel IN PACKS.  The point is OH NO BATS.  Now I'M worried about bats.  Thanks a lot Batman.  You struck fear into people yes but YOUR ALLIES.  I'm not against you Batman!  I'm your friend! Or at least I was!  Now I don't wanna spend time with you because you strike fear into me too much!  Anyway hey bats are terrifying you won't get an argument from me there.  Not anymore!  The point is if you're in a situation with bats something already has gone very wrong for you.  Unless you explore caves for fun.  In which case HOW DARE YOU.
Wonderful.  How common was it for Early Humans to actually live in caves.  Cave men we call 'em!  I feel like SOME people lived in caves.  But there's not just caves laying around all over the place!  Maybe the highest rung of society got to live in caves.  Everyone else had to sleep outside the cave.  But nearby the cave.  Because it's the suburbs.  That sort of thing.  Anyway I'd live in a cave sure.  Kinda odd that isn't a thing.  People rent out caves for tourists or vacationeers.  Spend a few nights in a nice personal cave!  I'd do it!  I don't know why I'd do it but I would!  I've got nothin' better to do is the point!  What's the best real estate for Early Humans other than caves.  On top of a mountain?  Bad can still climb up the mountain to get you but it'd take them a while and a fair amount of effort.  I feel like living on top of a mountain is the next best thing after living in a cave.
     Anyway.  But then they'd have to walk back up the mountain every day.  Presumably they have to go down the mountain for the day to do whatever they have to do.  Then they gotta go back up!  Who needs it.  Anyway penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Maybe live on some kind of raft.  I don't think Early Humans can build much of a boat but they presumably could find something to float on.  And they get on that thing and paddle out and then go to sleep for the night.  That's a pretty innovative idea for Early Human.  I should go back in time and recommend it to them.  But I don't really wanna.  Who cares, not worth my time!  What else is going on.  Then again they'd have to be sure to not get eaten by genetically engineered Piranha.  Also is the plural for piranha also piranha.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE it's just piranhas.  ALSO internet tells me a Swarm of Piranha is called a, "SHOAL."  I dunno why they need their own word for a group of piranha.  But they got it!  Good for them is the point.
     Also Early Human On Raft gotta make sure they don't get crashed into by Death Ship.  It's a ghost ship that no one is on but ghosts.  Also it drives you crazy and makes you want to kill the other regular living people that were on your ship.  Something like that.  I didn't fully absorb 100% what Death Ship did but that's more or less it.  Got SEVEN decent meaty buffalo wings that came with order.  Gonna have SIX for lunch.  The SEVENTH is a bonus wing that may or may not be some sort of breakfast and/or snack at some point over the next week.  Presumably it will be!  I don't like wasting food!  That's a lie!  I LOVE wasting food.  I don't do it often because of Responsibility but I GET OFF when I do do it because I feel like I'm getting away with something.  So there's that.  Also there's a few strips of carrot and/or celery or something?  When I was a kid I was like that's nice pretty garnish WELL INTO THE TRASH IT GOES.  Now I realize hey am I supposed to eat this, too?  It IS food.  I Think I'm Supposed To Eat This!  Anyway shower time.  I'll be back soon!




Can't Argue With That

    Oh no a HURRICANE is coming.  Also today is raining perhaps all day but perhaps light rain!  Also perhaps not the first thing and or perhaps not the second thing.  That sort of thing!  Anyway lets finish this entry once and for all.  HMM how do I heat up Buffalo Wings.  Or do I eat them cold.  I think I'm gonna eat them cold!  You can't argue with a classic.  A classic is cold buffalo wings.  I don't know why but I apparently can't argue with it so you can see the kind of dilemma I'm in.  Also it's a FRENCH hurricane coming.  Based on it's name.  They were talking about it on Cable News downstairs!  I only heard it from the middle but one can only assume they introduced this segment by saying here comes the story of the hurricane...  And the ellipses THEY SAID OUT LOUD.
     What else is going on.  I'll take a walk in the light rain all day.  Moderate rain?  I'll walk in it BUT I WON'T LIKE IT.  Heavy rain?  I DUNNO I GUESS NOT and I DON'T LIKE THAT EITHER.  So let's compromise and have it rain all day BUT it's all light rain.  Fair?  Good.  Then it's settled!  Light Rain for everyone!  Moving on.  No wintermint gum for this week!  They didn't have any!  Just peppermint and Tropical Blast.  I'm assuming the title for the citrus flavor is Tropical Blast.  Solid 60% chance that's accurate.  Anyway I sure hope Hurricane changes its mind and decided not to attack New York.  I feel like when watching hurricanes on TV for other places they're always Downgrading the hurricanes.  All the time!  I feel like they should downgrade this one too.  It's only fair!  Either way that'd probably effect my walks and I'm not happy about it!  I'm not happy about most things!  Pretty neutral about a solid plurality of things is my first impression!
     Anyway.  So what if I don't take walks for 2-3 days.  It just means I'll have to diet an extra 2-3 days roughly.  Who cares that's nothing!  Wonderful.  I can walk in circles in my room!  Probably not for the entire time I'd be walking outside but just a bit to keep everything going.  The point is maybe I can take a vacation to somewhere where there's no hurricane for the weekend???  What's a good place that will be hurricane free.  How about Boston.  NOPE that's no good.  Hurricane could be there too!  How about Connecticut.  SOUNDS PERFECT THEN IT'S SETTLED.  I'm going to Connecticut for a few days!  To walk around!  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Alternatively maybe I CAN just walk around in a circle for three hours a day for 2 or 3 days.  Probably split it into 2-3 sessions.  But no reason I can't do that!
     Wonderful.  Let's move on with your lives.  IF ONLY I LIVED IN A CAVE.  That wouldn't help.  I'd still be unable to walk outside the cave because hurricane can still get me.  Unless there's levels of Caves.  And you live in the deepest level of cave and then there's a part that's still inside a cave but is the outside more or less to you.  Then I could walk around outside the deepest part of the cave but still be under the cave so I can walk around without getting hurricaned on.  Yep that checks out very good point made by me.  Anyway.  I've seen Piranha but I've still never seen Jaws.  Gotta imagine that's a good thing to watch, right?  People seemed to get a kick out of it!
     Last paragraph.  Let's get it over and done with.  Or at least just Over.  Done With, while preferable, I can live without!  What else is going on.  Maybe being scared of bats is an evolutionary consequence of us living in caves.  We had to fight bats for Cave Dominance.  And bats meant trouble because who wants to have to fight someone for cave dominance.  And that carried over thousands of years later!  Seems plausible.  Not really.  But maybe a little bit.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Great!  How come we couldn't have trained bats to be our friends.  Seems like Bat and Human should be able to co-exist!  Oh well it's probably The Bats' fault.  We As Humans TRIED.  Bats were having none of it, though!  Great.  The entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-12:46 P.M.




Friday, August 20, 2021

This Is My Kind Of Title

    Hey!  Waiting for super market delivery right now.  Odds are I can fit in entire Act I before it comes.  There also good odds that there's a chance that it comes before I finish Act I!  Now I've caught you up to date.  Good name for a Dating Website Service.  UpToDate.  And it's specialty feature has something to do with it being On The Cutting Edge Of Things Or Something.  Hmm better copyright that before I post this on internet.  Then again who cares.  As long as someone does it I'm happy just to contribute to society!  Anyway ROCKSMITH program came and it works!  I'm still getting the hang of it but no complaints!  Except for one decent sized complaint!  Some lag between playing guitar and it registering on TV and making appropriate sound.  At first lag was BIG.  Then I figured out a way to cut it by 90%.  Lag is still noticeable but ya know what MAYBE IT'S FOR THE BEST.  Now I'm learning guitar with slight slight delay.  People use delay pedals on guitar!  Now I just do it all the time!  SORT OF.
Anyway.  VERY bad at it so far.  It's basically starting over from Zero on the guitar.  Everything I thought I knew is out the window!  Good idea for a dating website.  OutTheWindow.  I dunno about good idea.  It's an OKAY idea.  The point is I'm gonna get into this game and figure it out once and for all. OnceAndForAll.  Sure.  I'm accepting Super market delivery by myself and putting stuff away by myself.  My Dad ain't gonna be around to help me!  He's driving my Mom somewhere!  Maybe to get a covid test!  That sounds about right per my limited understanding.  FINISHED Fargo Season II.  FINISHED Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Batmans.  FINISHED YOUR MOM.  YourMom.Com.  Why is it such a Universal Diss that someone had sex with your mother.  Most sex is reciprocal!  If your Mom wants to have sex with this guy who are you to get in the way of her happiness.  IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY LET YOUR MOM FUCK WHO SHE WANTS.
     Sure I get that the implication is that this guy took advantage of your mom in some respect.  And didn't treat her with respect to some advantage.  THAT'S no good.  I'm not on board with that!  Anyway.  How's Them Mets doing.  They may be getting SUPERSTAR PLAYERS back within a week.  We're talking the Dynamic Duo Lindor & Baez.  BATMAN AND ROBIN.  YOUR FRIEND AND YOUR MOM. OTHER CLASSIC PAIRS.  What parts of country have big Met Fans populations outside of New York State.  Better LTURQ!  The Yankees are favored over the Mets in 98% of Zip codes in America.  That doesn't sound right.  Most people don't like the Yankees from other places!  They must REALLY hate The Mets.  I don't get it!  What did the Mets ever do to you!  Probably POSITIVE things.  They came through and your team beat them.  YOU OWE IT ALL TO THE METS.  Anyway I don't get why it matters who win the World Series.  You know it's just gonna be won by another team next year, right?  Who cares!
Unless you win many times in a row.  But it'd have to be more than many.  Maybe EVERY TIME.  Then you've got my attention!  Too late already been plenty of World Series where different teams won.  I guess.  Anyway what song have I been practicing.  I forget what its called but it's a female vocalist and it's in the key of G# otherwise known as Ab!  I forget which one is more used!  Hmm maybe I DO need this program.  Pretty sure it's G#.  VERY pretty sure.  Anyway.  In the course of setting up this game and tinkering with TV settings so Guitar Lag is minimized, I think I figured out a way to get SHUDDER: THE SCREAMING STREAMING SERVICE on my TV.  I came across an option that might do the trick!  But I haven't tried yet.  OH WOW WONDERFUL.  I can watch All Them Movies.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  The ones on that website.  Dating Website.  Can every website be a dating website?  Just a Get To Know Each Other And Date Community Page.  That way you're meeting people with the same website interests as you!  WOW!
Gonna pour coffee after this paragraph.  Presumably it's there.  My Mom said she made coffee and I have no reason to doubt her telling the truth.  Anyway phone been charging A BIT better.  I changed outlets.  Plugged Phone Plug into a different outlet across the room than it was in.  That did some sort of trick for some reason apparently.  I wonder what Fargo Season III will be about.  Oh well.  No way of knowing!  Anyway.  Not 100% sure whether Rocksmith is used or new.  Box appeared to be unsealed!  But inside it had all the papers and whatnot and the CD itself looked fresh and brand new.  And when I loaded it it showed no explicit sign of past use.  And the way the Cable was rolled up made it seem like it hadn't been used before.  But the key thing is Box Wasn't Sealed Up.  I was able to open it easily without gettin' through any plastic or anything like that.  I guess in the end whatever might as well use it the way it is.
     Sure!  Is it possible new NY Governator will expedite licensing Marijuana Sales Headquarters so we can start buying marijuana?  Gotta imagine that's somewhere on the list of priorities.  When she was sworn in she was presented with a list of 80 Possible Priorities and that solidly made the top 80.  WOW.  The point is I got coffee going.  And assuming I finish Act before Super Market I might load up that there Guitarsmith and see how bad I am again.  REAL bad.  I like alternating between Guitar and Regular Controller HOWEVER I think it would have been FUN to be able to click select and scroll and do that sort of stuff ON THE GUITAR.  Pluck the A string to select Okay.  Go up and down the high E string to SCROLL.  Huge missed opportunity here!  That's how I feel.  I like how they have a crowd simulated when practicing songs and when you're doing good hitting the right notes they get louder and more enthusiastic.  FINALLY SOME RECOGNITION.  I've been waiting my whole life for this video game!
     Anyway.  Dad got his shot yesterday!  Presumably everything went okay.  Also does Eminem have to legally update Lose Yourself post Covid Pandemic?  You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow.  IRRESPONSIBLE SONG.  YOU DON'T ONLY GET ONE SHOT and telling people you do is GIVING THEM THE WRONG IDEA.  Updated lyrics should be you should only get two shots until eight months from the second shot then you get a third shot do not miss your chance to blow.  That sort of thing.  I have WATER going on with coffee.  Soda lasted me ALL INTO last night.  However JUST BARELY didn't last me the week because I was out of it by morning of delivery.  NOT BAD.  I can live with that.  I HAVE NO CHOICE.  We always have a choice.  I dunno about that I'm gonna have to look into that. 
     Great.  I wonder what kind of Drama Television Program Series I'll start going through after Fargo.  Maybe none!  This could be it for the rest of my life!  Too busy learning guitar all the way from the start.  Look maybe I've been playing 10 milliseconds too soon on guitar already.  This could be PERFECT.  Or would that be me playing 10 seconds-- Milliseconds!-- too late.  I forget.  By which I mean I don't know and never knew.  Also I'm in RHYTHM guitar mode.  Not LEAD.  LEAD ZEPPELIN.  Wonder what that's all about.  Oh Hey I thought of a new music name to adopt for the upcoming guitar learning and possibly creating.  Just a new Name!  To go into this phase of Music.  I'm not gonna tell you!  You'd just make a dating website out of the name.  Hmm I could see this name being used for a dating website.  So there's that.
Ninth paragraph!  I don't believe it.  HMM I wanna get dinner for tonight but my Dad and Mom don't need it.  I can get DINER that makes Frenched Toast with CINNAMON and POWDERED SUGAR or SOMETHING.  Wouldn't say anything about it.  Then when it comes scrape it off 90%!  YEAH!!!  I dunno if I want Freched Toast but now's the time to get it with cinnamon and powdered sugar and something.  YEAH!  I can get that for TOMORROW.  And have something else for TONIGHT.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  I dunno what I'm having for lunch!  Something from Super Market.  Could be one of any 4 or 5 things!  YEAH.  Anyway these songs that came with Rocksmith are pretty good!  Nice variety!  Nice variety of songs I know and enjoy and songs I don't know and will learn to enjoy!  I enjoy ALL songs.  Well all songs that make their way onto video games at least.  That's more accurate.  Lots of songs I don't like.  But they don't make their ways onto video games so they're irrelevant!
     Sure.  I think it would be FUN if The Nolan Family made a Fourth batman.  With similar cast to their first three Batmans.  People would be ENTHUSIASTIC about it.  It would make MILLIONS of dollars (IN PROFIT NOT GROSS).  Although also in gross.  But the point is PROFIT.  And if they can resurrect Heath Ledger from the dead?  People would go CRAZY.  ESPECIALLY if he agrees to be in this movie.  Just bringing him back from the dead is good enough but him being in the movie is the 10% Leftover of powdered sugar and cinnamon on the cake!  The point is if Lindor and Baez are actually both back in the lineup that's fun to watch!  They're good at RUNNING AROUND is my impression.  And I have The Need For Speed!  Watching other people speed!  From the safety and comfort of standing or sitting still myself!  I'm gonna write a bonus paragraph of Act I!  Let's see if that gamble pays off!
    YEAH.  I dunno.  OH NO I'm gonna need laundry done soon.  Down to ONE clean shirt for tomorrow.  The good news is I don't do that my Mom does that.  It's good for Me because I don't have to do it and it's good for Her because now it's her time to shine!  Wonderful.  Watched a few The Twilight Zones last night.  I like the episodes I've already seen and at least halfway remember.  Makes me feel like a genius.  HEY I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THIS IS GONNA TURN OUT.  MAN AM I SOME SORT OF BRILLIANT OR SOMETHING.  That sort of thing.  Also SAFER.  If I know how its gonna turn out I know how good it'll be.  If it's new to me?  Why this episode could be terrible!  I don't like that risk!  That doesn't make much sense.  Makes, I dunno, 35, 40% sense I feel.  Well that's halfway there I guess.  Well great just great.  I'll be back later.





Sounds Great Count Me In

    You know what?  I'm excited about Frenched Toast for tonight.  With Bonus Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar PRESUMABLY.  Maybe that was a special one-off event last time.  Maybe I imagined the whole thing.  MAYBE THERE WAS BONUS CINNAMON AND POWDERED SUGAR AS PART FO A ROUTINE THEY DO.  Either way  GREAT.  Think for tomorrow I will get BONUS CRAB CAKES and pair that with a Cup o Noodles for a lunch.  Depending on how big they are!  I might just have ONE with the noodles.  OKAY this paragraph is worthless might as well pack as much dumb stuff into it so the next paragraph is better.  Played a bit of rocksmith today and ya know what?  Lag Delay isn't really that bad at this point.  Very small.  Also HEY guess what.  I crunched the numbers and for the Mets to have a good shot at winning division and making the playoffs, they need to win roughly 2 out of 3 games the rest of the season.  That's EASY to do over a period of 3 games.  In fact if you don't know math it's more likely than not that they win 2 out of 3 games all things being equal.  But they have 41 games left.  They'd have to go about 27-14 just to have a DECENT shot of making it.  Crazier things have happened, though!  I can't THINK of any but it's a safe assumption.
    GREAT this paragraph is gonna be the Topps.  Accepted Super Market Delivery!  It came 10 minutes after my parents returned to house.  So my Dad helped me put stuff away!  WONDERFUL I DON'T CARE.  Anyway.  Mets are behind both Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phantatics in division.  I think their best chance of leapfrogging them is for both those teams to Cheat In Some Exceptional Way that their season is nullified.  I dunno what they'd have to do for that to happen but I guess they'll have to figure it out.  OR the Mets do an UNCHEATING or some sort of SELFLESS ACT that's SO GOOD that Major League Baseball decided to award them an extra Thirty Games In The Win Column.  So basically the enemy teams must be disqualified OR the Fan Favorite Team must be SUPERqualified.
That sort of thing!  Maybe the Mets CAUGHT the Braves and the Phillies cheating.  That would REALLY get the job done.  Anyway I'm gonna take a shower after this act.  Then write act III!  Then move on with the rest of my life.  Thinkin' maybe have Kids Chicken Parm for lunch today.  Why not.  It seems like a ton of fun and a half.  Anyway.  I started watching BATMAN BEGINS and ya know what?  Getting very little out of it.  LESS than the 4 Batmans before it.  Presumably because I've watched this film AND ENJOYED IT and GOTTEN WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF IT many times.  Whereas the Batman and Batman Returns I haven't seen as many times.  Batman Forever and Batman and Robin I had on VHS so I've seen those many times but there's NOSTALGIA at play because I was but a child when I watched those.  YEAH.  OH NO BAD NEWS.  I forget how it came up but I was talking with my Dad about family vacation in 1997 and he was like hey we got videos of that somewhere that's good.  And I was like UH OH I MEAN YEAH SURE THAT'S GOOD REAL GOOD NO PROBLEM THERE.  LOOK odds are I never PRESSED RECORD when taping myself masturbating.  VERY GOOD odds.
     Anyway.  CRAB CAKES?  FROM MARYLAND?  NOW WE'RE TALKIN?  Anyway.  I don't get what's so Maryland about Crab cakes.  Look you got some crab.  You baked and/or fried them into a cake.  You're doing nothing special or original about it.  What is it about Maryland that makes these crab cakes unique.  NOTHING THAT'S WHO.  Maybe the Crab comes from Maryland.  It's not Maryland Crab Cakes It's Maryland Crab... Cakes.  I've been living my whole life BASED ON A FALSEHOOD.  That sort of thing.  The good new sis if The Mets just won THREE of the many games they've lost lately instead of losing them they'd be RIGHT IN THE CENTER of the playoff race.  Man oh man this is exciting.  THEY WERE SO CLOSE to Being In The Picture.  Imagine if things just went a little bit differently!  Oh well time to go home. 
     Last paragraph of the act!  Anyway.  I think the Nolan Batman Trilogy really blew it by naming the first installment Batman Begins and NOT naming the last installment Batman Ends.  Everything that has a beginning has an end!  I don't know if that's accurate but It Should Be!  I don't know if It Should Be but Who Cares!  What else.  Also presumably the middle film is Batman Continues... FOR NOW.  What else is going on.  Appetizer comes with TWO crab cakes.  I anticipate having ONE TO TWO of them with my cup of noodles.  PROBABLY 1.5 is the most likely off the top of my head!  This wasn't off the top of my head.  I've been thinking hard about it for at least half an hour.  Really puttin' the work in.  Anyway the point is I'm gonna take a shower now.  Be back soon!





No You've Got It All Wrong

    Sure.  Got coffee #2 going.  Wonderful.  Maybe get started on Fargo Season III today.  Maybe don't!  Give Something Else a chance!  That's right I'm gonna binge Something Else season I.  Once it comes out.  And has been produced.  And has been pre-produced.  And has been thought of by some guy for some reason.  I think my Mom is gonna be doing some laundry today and/or tomorrow!  Wonderful.  I'll have clean shirts after that, no question about it!  OH HEY I can see if I can indeed get Shutter on my TV.  Then there's A HUNDRED movies that are at least 20% worth watching.  WOW 20%?!?  THAT'S PERFECT.  That sort of thing.  I like movies that are part of FRANCHISES.  Wow this movie is so good they had to make more of them?  Or, MORE COMMON, wow THERE WAS a movie so good they had to make more of them Like This One? 
Anyway.  Can the Mets trade for wins in the standings.  Trade some players or draft picks for half a dozen of the wins the other team has accumulated this season.  One would imagine that's one way for sports to work.  If the people deciding how sports work want to sabotage their sport for some reason.  HEY maybe The Mets trade their wins for this season.  Sure they admit defeat but IMAGINE ALL THOSE CONCESSIONS ITEMS THEY GET.  Also NOW THE OTHER TEAM CAN TRADE HOT DOGS FOR WINS.  Sounds good to me.  Everyone knows that Foods You Get As Parts Of Sports Trades Don't Count Against Your Body Calorie-Wise.  It's ALL upside is the point I'm circling around.  What else is going on.  Surely spend some time today on Guitarsmith but not gonna make it The One And Only Thing I do.  Maybe overall 1.5-2.5 hours over the rest of the day!  Broken into SMALLER PIECES.  Oh no did I just break my guitar into smaller pieces by accident.  By typing that sentence.  My guess is No Probably Not.
Yeah!  Three more paragraphs to go.  Sure it's 1 bonus paragraph overall but thems the breaks.  OH NO DID I JUST BREAK THEM STRINGS ON MY GUITAR.  My guess, again, is Almost Definitely Not.  I don't like taking breaks between hitting notes on guitar.  You're playing along with a song, particularly at Ultra-Beginniner level, you hit one note and then 1, 2, 3, 4... FINALLY you can hit the next note.  I NEED TO BE PLAYING ALL NOTES ALL THE TIME.  I don't know what to do with this downtime.  It CONFUSES me.  Well that's lesson #1 I guess.  LEARN TO NOT HAVE TO PLAY NOTES ALL THE TIME.  TAKE A BREATHER FOR A FEW BEATS.  Wonderful.  Maybe I'll crack that problem sometime this upcoming week.  Cool!  Mom's thing this morning was getting Covid Test.  They SUCCESSFULLY took the test PRESUMABLY.  We don't know the results yet!  Gotta imagine she probably doesn't have it but it's not impossible she does.  Go ahead and imagine it!  YA GOTTA!
Penultimate paragraph.  HMM.  Wonder if there's any Audio Cassettes of Family Home Videos.  Home Audios.  Gotta imagine there were tapes made by me and/or my brother for SOMETHIN.  Oh well no way of knowing.  Also almost definitely don't exist now somewhere even if they were made at some point.  Great just great.  I thought of that by looking around and there's a thing of audio cassettes in my closet.  HMM I can OPEN THAT UP to see if there's any tapes that look homemade.  THEN AGAIN that would involve me getting up and walking 5 feet and then REACHING UP to get it.  Now I'm SOLD.  Excersize AND it's for a purpose.  Let's go!  HEY there were a few unlabeled blank cassettes.  Which may not be blank anymore!  The labels are still blank!  That's how that goes.
     DUKIE BY GREEN DAY?!?!  I don't believe it!  I remember listening to ONE song When I Come Around but the entire album??!?  THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  Maybe it was just the one song and they gave the name of the entire album on the cassette for fun.  SOUNDS PLAUSIBLE.  REAL PLAUSIBLE.  Hey we made it to the last paragraph.  I think that's great.  It means I don't have to do anything for a while.  A pretty long while!  Relatively!  Context is everything!  What else.  Got some nice Re-Up with Super Market Delivery.  Some sliced turkey.  I can make myself some turkey sandwiches!  That was the premise behind me putting the order in for them.  Fascinating.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:18 P.M.





Thursday, August 19, 2021

You Know What

    OH NO phone charging is giving me a hassle and a half.  I plug it in.  It says it's charging!  It sometimes doesn't go up at all AND GOES DOWN SLIGHTLY as if it weren't charging.  Then when it is working it goes up too slow AND it goes down a lot immediately after.  It is charging A BIT otherwise I wouldn't be able to have it on the last 24 hours but I have a lot less wiggle room!  The point is Well My Life Is Ruined.  My Mom made coffee before I could get to it this morning.  So when I got back from Walk I and was ready to make coffee and it was already there I moved onto the next step which is pouring myself coffee.  Then I realized I don't want coffee yet.  What an idiot.  So now there's poured coffee GOING COLD in a mug on the kitchen table.  I will heat it up in a few paragraphs.  Only In America!
Guitarsmith has SHIPPED.  Or BEEN DELIVERED.  Not to me but presumably to AN INTERMEDIARY LOCATION.  So I got that going for me!  Woke up a little bit early today.  I'm a solid half an hour ahead of where I usually am!  Anyway.  HEY here's a thing I was thinking.  When you dream, is the dream-time the end of your last day or the beginning of your next day.  I feel like when I was younger I thought of dreams as The Last Part Of Last Night.  And it concludes Yesterday.  Now?  Kinda feels like it's the Beginning Of Today.  And gets me off to whatever sort of start the dream has in store for me.  I guess it depends on your schedule.  My schedule is concentrated in the morning these-a-days.  Is THAT relevant?  Sure it is, everything is relevant.  That's my philosophy.  Well it should be at least.
Cool!  Up to the last 2 episodes of season II of Fargo.  DO I DARE check out the main cast of Season III?  I think I'm gonna do it.  Oh boy.  Here we go.  HOLY MOLY five main cast members TWO OF WHICH I know who they are more or less.  Supporting characters?  THAT I won't check out.  That's a bridge too far!  Also how come bridges are always far away.  And who cares how far away the bridge is from you.  Do you mean A Bridge Too Long?  That makes sense.  No one wants to be on a bridge that's too long.  Too high a chance you'll fall into the river either through a fault of your own or something wrong with the bridge.  The bridge's distance from your starting out point is kinda irrelevant.  I thought everything was relevant.  So what I think things that are wrong all the time!
     Cool.  I feel like I might have been spoiled re: Big Bridges.  I mean I certainly didn't go across bridges every day.  But maybe 2-4 times a year as a kid am I crossing one of any of a half dozen Nice Big Bridges.  It's like riding a roller coaster!  THIS IS SCARY AS FUCK BUT YA KNOW WHAT KIND OF FUN.  I could plunge to a watery death at any moment but in the meantime I'm BREEZIN across this nice open space.  I hate watery deaths.  So much worse than Solid Ground Deaths.  Ice Deaths, that's the worst!  What about airborne deaths.  Hmm.  What kinda thing can kill you in the air.  Easy a fighter pilot.  Ok but lets say No One Is Trying To Kill You.  How can you die in the air.  Fall down a mountain.  That's not dying in the air that's dying on a mountain.  Falling through the air onto the ground and breaking into a dozen pieces.  STILL that's a ground death.  How do you die IN AIR.  Can you suffocate or something depending on the level you're at in atmosphere.  That sounds possible.  I don't know the science behind it but it sounds like something science might say.
     Sure.  Gonna go re-heat coffee after this paragraph.  And then drink it!  That's what I do with coffee.  I dunno about you.  The Mets game is at TEN TEN.  I'm in bed by then more or less!  I've taken my pills and am watching a last 15-45 minutes of TV or something before actively trying to fall asleep.  That sort of thing!  Oh well I can RECORD IT and then watch it tomorrow.  The sounds like fun.  Less stress!  Whatever happens, it ALREADY happened.  I dunno if it'll be good or bad but it's already in the books so there's no stress.  Wonderful.  Anyway.  Baseball players on the disabled list.  THAT'S NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT.  These players are on the DIFFERENTLY ABLED list.  That settles that I guess.   I think I've crossed some sort of weight threshold.  I know numerically I'm 1-3 pounds away from NORMAL HEALTHY BMI RANGE.  But also visually!  Kinda look like A Heavy Skinny Person.  Before this I was a skinny heavy person.  This is SO MUCH better!
   Drinking coffee.  Compared to not drinking coffee?  This is SO MUCH better.  If I can play my guitar on XBOX I assume the reverse is true and I can play Call Of Duty II on my guitar.  That sounds fun AND reasonable.  I like it when the Mets lose five games in a row and then the yfinally win a game and the commentators are like THIS WAS THE ONE GAME THEY REALLY NEEDED TO WIN.  First of all Dumb.  Second of all How Dare You.  Third of all C'mon.  If they lost this game, then lost another 2, then won a game, you'd still be like BUT THIS ONE WAS THE ONE THEY REALLY NEEDED.  They need to be winning half of these games at least!  That's MY hot take.  Stay at .500 for a little bit to catch your bearings and take it from there.  Catch your bearings.  That can't be a phrase, can it?  Better LTURQ.  You can Get Your Bearings.  Why not Catch.  Similar words all in all!
     Seventh paragraph!  Right?  Sure.  Wilco consistently has been playing A Shot In The Arm as their first song on this tour.  Finally yesterday I realized I SEE WHAT THEY'RE DOING THERE.  Took me a week and a half but I GOT THERE.  Why we always getting shots in the arm.  I want a shot somewhere else.  And I mean Regular Health Shots.  I know junkies'll shoot up anywhere because they shoot themselves all the time so need to get creative.  I mean like if I'm getting a flu shot.  I should get to CHOOSE from a dozen different places.  Also the shot should come in different FLAVORS.  I'd like ORANGE CREAMSICLE PLEASE.  Anyway what else is going on.  When Guitarsmith comes, do I start using it IMMEDIATELY?  Do I SAVE IT for the next day.  And then how often and when do I use it in general?  WE DON'T KNOW YET.  Too many variables at this point to make a solid prediction.
     Sure.  Eighth paragraph!  I don't believe it.  If I get a new phone charger should I get the thing where you just place the phone on the thing and it charges.  NO WAY.  Where's the fun in that.  I like how plugging in the phone to charge it simulates sex.  PENETRATION.  CHARGING.  100%.  So suggestive and ya know what IT GETS ME OFF.  I guess putting phone on charging station simulates tantric sex.  I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT STUFF THOUGH.  MEANINGLESS TO ME.  What else is going on.  Now I can't stop thinking about phone sex.  Not the regular kind.  The kind where phones have sex with docking station.  Great just great.  Got part II of Steak and Eggs for lunch.  I enjoyed it a lot yesterday!  Part I I mean! Nice variety of food.  Cooked fine in oven.  Great reasonable yet hefty enough portions.  AN ONION RING for each Part that my Dad got with his meal.  ONION RING NOW WE'RE TALKING.  We were talking before but now we're REALLY talking.
     Anyway.  Parents aren't home right now!  Dad is driving my Mom to go to doctor to get stuff checked out so she's cleared to get eye surgery next week.  HEY my Dad is getting SHOT later today.  On account of Immunocompromization.  That's exciting and a half!  He's way ahead of the 8 ball now.  Also where can I Buy an 8 Ball.  I need a sphere to tell me what to do.  Or what to think at least.  And I can know what to do through the 8 ball telling me what to think.  So it's telling me what to do one or two degrees removed.  I feel like I had an 8 ball at some point.  Probably broken.  I kind of remember having it and I kind of remember it just being broken.  Oh well such is life.  Also MAGIC 8 ball.  I don't need a non-magic 8 ball.  C'mon!  WAIT A SECOND if they were saying treat immunocompromized people vaccinated twice very carefully as if they were unvaccinated WHY THE HELL should we assume a third shot is gonna save them.  TWO wasn't enough.  A third one though?  DUH THAT'S OBVIOUSLY GONNA FIX IT IT's 50% MORE SHOT THAN BEFORE.  I mean it probably couldn't hurt!  But Hey It Still May Not Be Enough!  YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.
Wonderful.  Got some nice plans in store for upcoming Super Market Delivery.  Don't you worry about me.  I know what I'm doing!  Anyway tonight dinner'll be fun!  Off the top of my head I might lobby for ITALIAN RESTAURANT so I can get PIZZA and ONLY PIZZA.  Nothin' for tomorrow!  I can have Super Market meal for lunch!  But that's just one idea.  It's the only idea as of now.  I haven't allowed myself to even think about another option because that would be conceding victory and accepting defeat.  VISUALIZE the pizza and it will come true.  Make plans for back-ups?  Then THAT might come true.  And I don't know if I feel comfortable about that!  Solid 40% chance the back-ups I think of WON'T become my first choice after further deliberation.  Anyway.  Great.  I'm gonna take a walk now.





I Can Live With That

    Hey!  Took a walk. Back here.  You could have guessed that.  OR you could have not cared at all.  Didn't bother guessing AND didn't bother even caring when I told you explicitly.  I envy you.  When I was younger I think dreams were part of The Last Day. HEY THAT WAS AN INTERESTING DREAM.  WHAT A WAY TO END LAST NIGHT.  Whereas now its HMM THAT WAS AN INTERESTING DREAM.  WHAT A WAY TO START MY DAY.  The point is It's The Same Point I Made Last Act But This Time I Used Slightly Different Words To Say It.  What else is going on.  Gonna take a shower after this act!  Delicious!  Soap didn't have special scent but it smelled good enough.  I'd smell it some more if the opportunity arises.  Also nice BAR of soap.  I can wipe this all over my body no problem.  When you got a small sliver of soap that presents some difficulties.  Impossible to get a grip on it carefully so that you're not dropping it AND it's swiping surface against body.  Almost impossible!  In fact IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.
     Anyway.  I don't like how surfaces in my bathroom are getting dirty again.  Don't do a good job wiping up water.  Don't do a good job wiping up ANYTHING.  If I went to clean it now it'd probably take me 1 or 1 and a half hours.  And I'm NOT doing it now.  And the longer it takes for me to do it the more how long it will take grows.  Nice sentence structure there.  I sure know how to say things.  The point is HMM maybe I should do it AT THE END OF THE MONTH.  NEXT MONTH.  MAYBE THE LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR.  What would be a good precedent to set.  FINE EVERY 12 MONTHS. ...IS WHAT I WOULD SAY EVERY TIME I'M 18 MONTHS INTO NOT DOING IT YET.  That sort of thing.  Halfway into BATMAN AND/OR ROBIN.  It's okay!  I like how more than 50% of the lines Arnold Shwanatenzzernger has is either a pun with the word or idea of Coldness or Freezing or Ice or NOT EVEN A PUN just uses the word.  Also THEY RE-USE PUNS.  So some of it is unique puns.  Some of it is just him using the word Cold without a real pun.  And some of it is re-using puns they've already used.  The point is Great I got no problem with Mr. Freeze.  If that's the way he chooses to live his life that's up to him.
Anyway.  Also The Glow In The Dark Street Gang continues into Batman &/V Robin.  We never learn anything about them.  I think when I was a kid I just thought they were some tough regular guys.  Who glow in the dark.  Because it's Gotham City.  That's how they do it there.  Now I realize it's kind of implied they're some sort of gang that at some point might present Batman with some legitimate trouble.  But they never got around to that part in the franchise.  Also Arnold Swhwatenegger needs diamonds to survive and that's the main crime he commits.  Stealing diamonds.  There's SEVERAL ways society can react to this.  ONE-- stop holding big events where diamonds are on display or being auctioned or something.  TWO-- MAYBE GIVE HIM THE DIAMONDS???  That's the humane thing to do.  What, we're supposed to just keep wearing diamonds for show while someone else needs them TO LIVE?  That's on US as society for being jerks, not him! 
    Penultimate paragraph of the Act!  I don't believe it.  THE LITTLE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES STARTS IN AN HOUR AND A HALF.  I'll watch that, sure.  No I won't.  Maybe I will.  Probably watch it for a matter of minutes.  Possibly.  Either way what else is going on.  I can get in on the ground level for rooting for baseball players!  Some of these kids might be in Major League Baseball 12 years from now!  WOW.  People born in 2010 will be in the majors in 12 years.  I DON'T LIKE THE SOUNDS OF THAT.  They're WAY too young to play baseball per My Generation's Understanding.  I can't root for someone 22 years younger than me.  That's a bridge too long!  Speaking of bridges and baseball how many Francisco Lindors are we paying to work on our nation's roads and bridges.  I guess it depends on the 2nd Reconciliation Package.  Also it depends on whether we know Lindor is getting paid 340 Million and that dictates how many Lindors we can hire OR if we go back to the logic that he's being paid 340 BILLION.  In which case we can't hire that many Lindors AT ALL.
Wonderful.  Looking forward to a nice Empty House Shower.  Finally I can shower with the peace of mind knowing that I'm alone.  Huh.  My parents might be back while I'm in the shower.  Probably not!  Could be!  Oh well I'll be none the wiser.  Unless they come back before shower starts.  Then I'd be Wiser!  Completely Wise is the point!  How does Rocksmith register my String Tuning.  Does it just assume I'm in standard tuning?  Because I'm guessing a third of these songs they have me learn are probably traditionally in other tunings!  Probably most often HALF A STEP DOWN.  The point is I have doubts this program works at all.  THE TECHNOLOGY JUST CAN'T BE THERE.  HOW COULD THEY DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO.  IT CANNOT BE DONE.  Anyway hey I'm gonna take a shower now.  Be back soon!





What's Going On With You

    HEY my parents are back (AFTER MY SHOWER) and apparently PACKAGE WAS DELIVERED.  Guitarsmith package!  Wasn't at front door so presumably its in mailbox.  Possibly could fit in mailbox!  Apparently hopefully it did!  Anyway told my Dad he don't need to make special trip to mailbox just for me.  He'll get it on his way back from Walk!  Which is great because then I take a walk and THEN I wanna start setting it up.  You know possibly selecting an avatar or something.  Maybe LOTS of options to customize my avatar.  WOW I didn't even think about that until just now.  I can make the avatar look like me BUT BETTER.  The ideal version of me.  That's Still Definitely Me but in the positive sense.
     That sort of thing!  HMM dinner could be 1 slice of ANCHOVIES and 1 slice of GARLIC.  You'd think I'd be getting pizza to put those on respectively but NO just goin with large slabs of those two things.  Anyway is it possible I could get BOTH on each slice but HALF AS MUCH.  I don't want double toppings on each slice.  I want the AMOUNT of a single topping.  But it'd be nice to MIX EM UP TOGETHER.  The point is they'd probably let me do that.  But then again I don't care enough to , "Go There."  WAIT  SECOND MAYBE I DO.  I'm gonna have my Dad ask them about it.  HE MAKES THE DELIVERY CALL.  Wow now I'm really excited.  OF COURSE if they don't do that I could do it manually.  Pick up some of each topping and splash it on the other slice.  How do I pick up garlic.  That's for THE COURTS to decide.
     Hey let's keep it going.  I'm almost done with Responsibility For The Day!  Other than hopefully creating Avatar.  Really wanna get that right from the get-go.  Anyway I DID have the thought well my Dad is triple vaccinated today that's TWO DAYS BEFORE Wilco concert.  Is that something I should re-consider?  And I decided no that'd be rude to my MOM.  She's not immunocompromized, so overall the real point of risk was my Dad, but she's STILL AN ELDERLY.  I don't wanna be a jerk to Just My Mom now.  So what's done is done!  No concert!  Besides what else is going on.  Maybe you don't consider dreaming to be Yesterday OR Tomorrow.  You accept it just as it is.  A unique period of time.  In which case, good for you.  I think you've got the right idea!  That sounds like a great philosophy to me.  Anyway sure I wish I could have pizza right now.  But then I wouldn't be able to have steak until much later.  And THAT'S NOT HOW TODAY WORKS.
     Penultimate paragraph!  I don't believe it.  Almost definitely gonna finish FARGO SEASON II today.  Then it's onto FARGO SEASON III per my limited understanding of how Television Works.  Gonna finish Batman And/or Robin today.  Then it's on to THE GOOD HIGH QUALITY BATMANS.  I dunno if I'm ready for that!  I've been conditioned to enjoy Bad Batmans over the last few days.  Hey that's life I guess.  Maybe the good Batmans really aren't that good upon further introspection!  I guess I'll find out very soon.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  I don't remember ANY glow in the dark gang members AT ALL in this Good batman Trilogy.  What's even the point of a movie without a Glow In The Dark Makeup Gang.  NOTHIN THAT'S WHO.
Last paragraph!  What if The Mets win like FIVE GAMES IN A ROW.  Everyone would be like HEY THE METS THEY'RE BACK.  Also they already won once yesterday.   Now it's only FOUR MORE GAMES TO GO.  Also after that four games THEY CAN GO AHEAD AND TAKE IT EASY AND TAKE A LOSS, WE'VE ALREADY PLANNED FOR THAT.  This just keeps getting better and better!  Anyway.  I hope JAVY BAEZ comes back from Differently Abled List and does GREAT and then The Mets sign him.  If he continues to underperform the Mets will never sign him!  And I want the Mets to sign him!  So he has to DO GOOD in order for that to happen.  Why would I want the Mets to sign him if he doesn't do good.  That's not good for anybody.  YEAH BUT I WANT THEM TO SIGN SOME HALFWAY SUPERSTAR.  WHY NOT BAEZ.  HE'S PRACTICALLY 80, 90% THERE FOR SUPERSTAR STATUS.  ESPECIALLY if he continues to underperform!  Anyway hey great I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:31 P.M.






Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Getting Off To A Good Start

    OR IS IT.  Hello friends.  I'm back here with more to say.  By which I mean Nothing More To Say.  Presumably even LESS to say.  I forget what and how, but I apparently Said Things in past entries.  So there's that!  Talked to therapist over ZOOM this morning.  Good stuff!  I like that guy in the little window on the top.  He's got CHARACTER.  It was me.  That sort of thing.  I got Orange Soda going.  Coffee in a few paragraphs.  All is well.  Steak and eggs for lunch.  Wide Al Fredo for dinner!  All is well.  Except for all that other stuff that isn't well at all.  You know like having to get a third booster shot!  WHAT THE HELL.  I HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE AGAIN.  I THOUGHT I WAS DONE HAVING TO DO THINGS IN LIFE.  The point is can I give my third shot to my Dad to be his fourth shot?  The main reason I need it is to protect Dad.  Let's cut out the middle man!  What about Mom.  She'll be okay!  DAD will protect her.  I'll interact with Dad and he'll interact with Mom!  Easy!
     Anyway what else is going on.  ROCKSMITH has SHIPPED.  I'm anticipating Being Frustrated by it and not understanding how it works.  OR understanding how it works and not liking how it works.  Either way that should be fun for several minutes.  I had a dream I was gonna buy some DRUMS . A nice two set of drums.  In my dream that was the basic starter kit of drums you get.  Two drum surfaces.  And it cost 3,000 dollars.  In the dream I think I had 3,000 dollars.  But I woke up before I could commit to any purchases!  Oh well maybe tonight I'll get around to buying it In Dream.  Or save my dream money that's fine too.  Anymore than 2 drums and it can't fit in my room!  This basic 2 drum set is EXACTLY what I need.  Also, 3,000 dollars?  That's EXACTLY how much money I had in my dream.  This is perfect!
     Yeah!  The Mets lost yesterday but they only lost by one run.  That's the closest to winning you can come if you lost.  What about a tie.  That's not losing you idiot.  No I meant what about wearing a tie with a suit.  Oh well in that case Good Point.  Jeez.  I loaded up Perfect Dark Zero to play for six minutes and I didn't like it.  What the Hell you can't even JUMP.  What kind of game is this with no jumping.  Can't even CRAWL.  Just standing and crouching.  Who came up with this nonsense.  You can press a button where you do a weird ROLL.  Like if there's laser force fields and you press the button while running into it you avoid the lasers by doing a nice clever roll-em-up.  So there's that!  Also I don't know how I feel playing as a Female Protagonist!  That makes me uncomfortable!
     Coffee after this paragraph!  I can, "Dig," that!  Into the fourth or fifth episode of Season II of FARGO.  You know what that's like, right?  GOOD that's what its like.  Anyway I like the part where it makes ya laugh AND the part where it makes ya Drama-invested And the part where it's creepy and tense and spooky.  And demoralizing!  Sometimes when The Bad Guys Are Winning its like OH NO I DON'T WANNA LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE BAD GUYS ARE WINNING.  THEN AGAIN WE DO IN REAL LIFE SO THERE'S THAT.  Also sure the entire first season I thought Fargo was in Minnesota.  Also sure the entire time I saw the original movie I thought Fargo was in Minnesota.  Also sure at some point I learned that Fargo wasn't in Minnesota for the movie.  And sure I forgot that part between learning it for the movie and watching the TV show.  You know that sort of thing.
North Dakota is pretty close to Minnesota.  In the sense that they rhyme with each other.  Also geographically.  HEY YEAH.  Here comes coffee.  Is it just me or is there a lot of violence in Fargo.  I don't remember signing up for all this violence!  I just wanted a show where people are polite to one another.  That's exciting enough for me!  Yeah sure what else.  Might buy some CLOTHES in a few months when I've reached Final Ideal Weight.  We're talkin' SHIRTS.  We're talkin' maybe some PANTS.  That's about it.  I don't need new underwear or socks or ties.  Maybe a new baseball cap.  Gotta imagine that's another layer of protection from COVID.  It couldn't HURT.  I guess it COULD.  But my instinct is it helps protect you by .00002%!  Especially if it covers your ears.  Ears are wide open in terms of accepting viruses.  I wear ear phone plugs.  Also baseball cap doesn't cover ear.  Unless if its very big on you!  Well SURE in that scenario.
Yeah!  Let's keep moving along.  I can imagine a time period where I would sometimes wear a Mets cap.  I can't place it timeline-wise in my life.  I was definitely above elementary school.  It definitely wasn't in the last 7 or 8 years.  High school doesn't sound right, college doesn't sound right... but it must have been one of those.  Either way Wonderful!  Hey maybe it was middle school.  Gotta wear a cap or a yarmulke for Hebrew School.  That's probably what I'm thinking of!  YEAH.  Well that's great just great.  Wonder if I still have that hat.  I'm gonna be honest if I have a Mets Cap that fits snuggly I'MA TRY WEARING THAT ON A WALK.  Just to see how people react.  Positively or negatively.  HMM I WONDER.  Then again I'm ANTI-METS this week.  Keep lettin' me down!
Seventh paragraph!  YEAH!  Not only are The Mets doing bad but the teams I don't like are doing good!  The teams I don't like pretty much meaning The Yankees.  I also don't like Mets Division Rivals doing good but that's direction related to wanting The Mets to achieve and them doing good tangibly hurts them.  Yankees doing good doesn't effect Mets.  Just makes me ANGRY.  WHERE DO THEY GET OFF PERFORMING TO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITIES.  IF THE METS KNEW THAT COULD BE IN THE CARDS THEY'D HAVE DONE IT.  WAY TO KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES YOU JERKS.  Anyway that sort of thing.  I was looking at demographics of Mets Fans vs Yankees Fans a few days ago.  Most notable to me is that Mets Fans are generally middle class while Yankee fans are lower class and upper class.  Sounds about right!  YEAH.
Wonderful.  I had Freedom Chip Pancakes last night instead of Steak and Eggs.  Instead I'll have half Steak and Eggs today LIKE THE PLAN and the second half tomorrow instead of last night.  Like THE CURRENT plan.  Anyway great just great what else is going on.  SURE The Cleveland Guardians are gonna have a lot of goodwill next year from people across the country.  SURE a slim plurality of people were AGAINST the Name change but they weren't gonna root for Cleveland anyway.  The rest of us will give Cleveland a chance based on this Mix-Em-Up!  If only they had better players.  Or a better stadium.  Or lets face it a better name.  They're called stadiums because you have to STAY in them for the duration of the game.  If you leave the stadium mid-game that counts as a loss!
    Sure.  How do they manage those things where its like In Basketball they take a fan during the halftime and if the fan makes a basket from half court everyone gets free pizza.  I feel like that happens in Movies but also probably in real life.  The point is if they make that basket HOW THE HELL ARE THEY GONNA MAKE ALL THAT PIZZA.  That's A LOT of pizza they suddenly need to prepare.  Maybe they get vouchers for future pizza.  I dunno in my head this made up scenario was VERY EXPLICIT about the free pizza being given IMMEDIATELY.  So there's that.  I'd eat some Ballpark Pizza.  Hot Dogs gotta be better.  Pizza probably not good.  But still probably kind of good!  That sort of thing.  Hey this is the ninth paragraph.  Wonderful!  Good for me AND you.  Because presumably you'd like to move on with the rest of your life, too!
     Okay!  I hope I get to go to AQUEDUCT RACE TRACK to get my third shot like I did for my first two.  That's a fun place.  I enjoyed my time there!  Then again maybe there's even FUNNER places.  I dunno if I wanna take that chance, though.  Best to stick with the fun place you know.  Also this time around it's ONE shot.  I don't get a shot and its like guess what TWO WEEKS LATER GOTTA GET ANOTHER SHOT.  Suddenly this whole ordeal is taking WEEKS.  One shot?  That just takes half a day!  It's all over with at the end.  WOW HALVES OF DAYS?  I GOT PLENTY OF THOSE I CAN DEVOTE ONE TO GETTING A SHOT NO PROBLEM.  Also if I make the shot from halfcourt everyone gets free pizza!  Why the Hell do I care about that.  Now, if I got 20,000 Free Pizzas NOW I'm invested in making this shot.  The point is I'll be back in a little bit.




Hey I Know What To Say

    OR DO YOU.  Hey I got a baked potato with my Steak and Eggs.  Big one!  This is a jumbo baked potato is the point I'm trying to make.  Also I got RYE BREAD UNTOASTED BUT NOT FOR ME.  I gave it to my Mom as a gift.  I don't even expect anything in return!  That's just the kind of guy I am re: Bread and Giving It To People.  Anyway per my calculations I should definitely be done with weight loss by the end of the year.  And possibly by the end of NOVEMBER.  And possibly BETWEEN NOVEMBER AND THE END OF THE YEAR.  And possibly BEFORE NOVEMBER.  And possibly AFTER THE END OF THE YEAR.  I've narrowed it down to All Mathematically Possible Scenarios.  That sort of thing.  I'm a little concerned I'll be too handsome when I'm not overweight.  Kind of unfair to everyone else!
     That sort of thing.  Shower after this act.  Act III!  Then another walk.  That sort of thing.  Got a new bar of soap set up and ready to go!  I forgot to check what flavor of soap this is.  Lemme go LTURQ.  It's Dove Soap for Sensitive Skin.  No special scent or anything.  Well if there's no Bonus Scent what'st he point.  I wanna smell like ARCTIC CHILL.  Also I don't have sensitive skin to my knowledge.  No one ever told me I had it!  This is my Dad and/or Mom's soap I guess.  Or this is just what they say on Standard Soap.  The point is this soap isn't gonna smell like an Ocean Breeze AT ALL.  Doesn't seem right!  Also will using this soap make my skin more sensitive?  One can only imagine YES IT DEFINITELY WILL.  NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.  I wish I could imagine an alternate scenario but that's just not in the cards I guess!
     Sure.  Soda gonna last me all week.  Perfect!  Got enough gum to last me all week.  Great!  Those are the main two things I gotta take care of in life.  And I did!  AND I HAVE.  OH NO THE MET GAME IS IN THE LATE AFTERNOON TODAY.  That's PRIME TIME for me to watch it.  Hey this is great news.  Solid 40% chance they win today!  And if that's the case I'd be spending three hours watching them spend productive time playing baseball!  Building up to this eventual win!  It's all in the journey.  Baseball is about WATCHING THE GAME PLAY OUT not just seeing who wins!  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Sounds reasonable, though!  Hmm.  I could probably technically fit a drum set in my room.  There's just enough Groundspace in the middle of my room.  Although this drum set WOULD be a groundhog.  But either way that's something to consider.  No it isn't.
Penultimate paragraph of the act!  Great.  HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WATCH TV WITH THE DRUM SET IN THE WAY.  WHAT IS THIS SOME KIND OF INVISIBLE DRUM SET?  IT IS??? HOLY SHIT NOW I REALLY GOTTA GET IT.  I'd have the world's only invisible drumset.  WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY MADE 600,000 OTHER INVISIBLE DRUM SETS.  THAT SOUNDS LIKE A LIE TO ME.  Anyway what else is going on.  HEY maybe I should get a bass guitar.  I feel like I had that idea several months or a year ago and then just forgot it.  Now I remember it again!  That also works with Rocksmith program!  HMM that's a legitimate idea!  But for now lets focus on Guitar.  We'll have to wait and see with bass guitar!  Also I don't feel like spending the money to get an invisible bass guitar.  Just a basic one for now would be fine.  Sure, great, wonderful.  I know how to play bass guitar already!  Why It's Only playing the lowest string or two Regular Guitar.  PROBLEM SOLVED.
Last paragraph of the act!  Can't wait to start a brand new bar of soap.  FRESH.  BIG.  SENSITIVE.  All that stuff.  Gotta imagine there's jumping in Rocksmith.  As there is in other Xbox Games.  I feel like there's famous guitarists jumping a lot.  I'm picturing possibly The Who jumping but I could be wrong.  The thing where you jump and make a windmill type of strum of the guitar at the same time.  Is that a thing.  Maybe they windmill strike the guitar strings so hard it gives THE APPEARANCE of them jumping even if they're just standing still.  I dunno!  Gonna LTURQ.  Guitarists Jumping.  Let's see.  HMM there's some results but I don't see any Main Video Or Something of famous guitarists doing it.  Hey that's part of life I guess.  The Main Part.  I'll be back in a little bit.




This Is Better Than I Expected

    OR AM I.  Hey time to write the last five paragraphs of my life.  Wait a second No That's No Good.  Of this entry!  Of today!  It does beg the question though, how many more paragraphs will I write in my life.  Tens of thousands?  MILLIONS?  Gotta imagine it might be in the single digit of millions.  Any paragraph, not just here or Creative Writing.  If I'm writing a letter to a corporation to complain about something, that's five paragraphs right there!  And I anticipate doing that A LOT.  Apparently!  What counts as a paragraph.  Let's say Four Sentences and Up.  Three sentences in a row about the same thing NOT QUITE ENOUGH.  Four gets ya there, though.  That sort of thing.
Sure!  Up to the very beginning of BATMAN AND ROBIN.  We're talkin' I just watched the first two minutes.  Hey Bath Man looks DIFFERENT.  Also he looks EXACTLY LIKE GEORGE CLOONEY.  I know him from other Films and Television!  Why he's not THE REAL Batman at all!  Why is everything in Joel Schumacher Batman glow in the dark.  I'm thinking specifically in Batman and Forever where Robin is taking on a street gang by himself and finds himself overwhelmed before Batman saves him and everyone in the street gang has glow in the dark make-up on.  And they just never talk about it.  And I feel like that aesthetic carries over for the entire film.  And no one ever talks about it!  UNTIL NOW.  That sort of thing!  I think other people should start talking about it now since I've brought it to everyone's attention.  EXPLICIT ATTENTION.
Cool.  Got coffee #2 going since the beginning of this act.  Now you know!  Explicitly!  The point is if I have 3,000 dollars in my dream to spend on a 2 drum drum set what OTHER kind of stuff can I afford to buy in my dream.  We shouldn't assume that the Dream Price is related to the price in Waking Life, of course.  So basically I'm gonna need to go back into my dream to check up on this.  Go to The General Store in dream and see what everything costs.  Gotta remember to do that tonight.  Don't let me forget!  OH HEY NOW I REMEMBER I also thought about buying a new keyboard in dream as an alternative to drumset.  Music keyboard.  A THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR KEYBOARD.  WOW THAT'S A HIGH QUALITY KEYBOARD.  I BET YOU CAN GET TWO, THREE DOZEN SOUNDS OUT OF THE KEYBOARD AS OPPOSED TO JUST A CLASSICAL PIANO SOUND.  Anyway I could do that in real life.  But get one for 1/10th the cost!  That's still a decent one all things considered!  Look I didn't Actually Consider All Things but I feel that if I did I'd come to the same conclusion!
     Wonderful.  I guess!  Watched the trailer for the new Child's Play TV Series.  NOT GREAT.  I'm basing this 98% on the design of the Chucky Doll.  SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT.  AND I DON'T LIKE IT.  That ruins the entire thing for me.  AS OF NOW.  Maybe I watch the show and get used to the new Chucky Doll after ninety seconds.  That sounds reasonable I guess.  Also when I read it had ANDY BARCLAY returning I kind of assumed he'd be the main protagonist.  It appears the main protagonist is SOME KID.  A teenager!  I don't care!  A younger kid?  Great.  An adult?  Fine!  A teenager?  WHAT DO I CARE ABOUT TEENAGERS.  Let them live their life and I'll live mine!  I don't need to see TV about it!  SURE I'm okay with Child's Play III where it's about Teenagers.  That's the exception that proves the rule!
Last paragraph of the entry.  We did it!  I did it and you watched.  In retrospect.  That sort of thing.  Looking forward to some lunch.  I'ma eat a reasonable amount!  And it's a reasonably healthy combination of food components!  Wonderful!  I bet the first sequence in Batman is about them fighting Mr. Freeze.  I'm sure I've seen this movie 60 times and that sounds about right.  I don't know why I saw this movie 60 times.  Because you gotta watch SOMETHIN' when you're a kid.  Not sure that's accurate.  It'd be a better world if it isn't, at least.  Presumably!  Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe TV is the best life you can live, what do I know, that's not for me to say!  The point is the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-12:32 P.M.




Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Try To Follow Me Here

    HEY!  I got Chinese Food last night.  And have some for lunch today!  Different food.  Totally different meal components!  So I'm looking forward to that.  Also YES I saved the best for last.  The meal I have today is empirically BETTER than the one I had last night.  The point is Great Got That All Worked Out Now It's Time To Move On With Somebody's Life.  Went to get blood work done today.  Wonderful!  My temperature is NORMAL.  My Blood pressure is GREAT.  My standing blood pressure is ADEQUATE.  I feel like Sitting Down blood pressure is where it's at.  Standing blood pressure I could do with or without.  Not really needed!  I never stand!  I sit all the time.  I'm WALKING a lot but not standing still.  Totally irrelevant!  Hmm In Life do I spend more time sitting or lying.  That's a tough one.  And Walking, now that I think about it, is RIGHT IN THAT WHEELHOUSE TOO.  It's really roughly 1/3rd sitting, 1/3rd lying, and 1/3rd walking.  Notice anything missing?  STANDING.  I DON'T STAND THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE.  Taking a shower.  I stand there.  GREAT.
     Wonderful.  I think if The Mets really want a nice fresh start in 2022 they'd sign All The Free Agents.  Not only can they select from the best of them to be on their 26 man roster going into the season, but all the 2nd and 3rd rate free agents won't be able to play on the other teams.  We got the best AND the 2nd and 3rd rate best are out of the picture!  Leaving only fourth and fifth rate players for the other team.  Gotta imagine that's a rare scenario for general managing teams.  Signing or trading for players specifically so another team WON'T have them.  And if not WHY NOT IT'S A GREAT IDEA.  The point is if the Mets spend 20 billion dollars they can make all other MLB teams OBSOLETE.  We win every season because we're the only team left.  Sounds fair to me.  Then again 20 billion might not do it.  Most reasonable number off the top of my head but I dunno I could be way off.
    Cool!  Today I have ALL THE CHICKEN WITH GARLIC SAUCE I CAN HANDLE.  Wit hWHITE RICE.  PLENTY OF WHITE RICE TO HANDLE.  It's half a pint which isn't that much but I think it's perfect for me.  DELICIOUS.  I can't remember the last time I had white rice.  The time I have it in several hours.  That's The Last Time if we're not counting rules of how time works.  Which I feel we shouldn't.  We shouldn't count any rules!  Too constricting!  The point is there's a decent chance I get Guitar Program, I learn guitar a lot, I start working on new music!  How exciting.  Ok first things first NEED A NEW NAME.  Better try to come up with one off the top of my head and then use faulty reasoning with myself to convince myself why it's a great name and I should try a second time to think of a better one.  That's how names work get off my back about it.
Presumably I should wait until I know guitar and start working on music to Name Project.  You'd think so wouldn't you.  Let's move on with my life.  Go get coffee after this paragraph is over!  I will.  I'm not telling you to.  Although if you can, if that's in the cards for you, Yeah Sure!  Go for it!  I finished FARGO SEASON I.  I started FARGO SEASON II.  That sort of thing!  So far I'm OKAY with how it takes place in the past.  At first I was like am I gonna be okay with this?  Then I got okay with it!  Sure great.  Now that I think about it seems pretty odd that I've never time traveled to the past.  Based on films I've seen there comes a time in every young man's life when he goes back in time for some reason.  Just never happened for me.  And my time being A Young Man is losing ground RAPIDLY.  Although it's all relative.  If you're 90 you think a 46 year old guy is a young man.  If you're 70 you might think a 46 year old guy is a young man.  And if you're 46 you might think a 46 year old guy is a young man.  The point I guess is I Think A 46 Year Old Man May Or May Not Be The Cutoff For Being A Young Man.  That seems to be the concept I'm circling in on.  Here comes coffee!
If you had to pick going back in time or going forward in time, which would you do?  Off the top of my head, I'd go back in time!  That way if I ever want to return to the present I Just Have To Wait.  If I go into the future, no goin' back!  Then again Future is presumably more fun.  On account of HEY WOW TECHNOLOGY HOW ABOUT THAT.  Then again it's a good assumption that the more time passes the more dystopic our society.  So the further we go in the future the more we'll think wait a second THIS ISN'T GREAT.  If you're a gambling man, I can think of ways to use time travel in either direction to your financial benefit.  If that's your DEAL.  Also POSSIBLY if you go back in time you can chance the future for the better.  Depending on how time travel works in real life.  If that's your DEAL.  Maybe you want to change the future for the worst.  I don't know your priorities and I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.
    Moving on!  Halfway through act one.  I don't believe it!  I think my favorite part of Fargo is the accents.  I can't get enough of hearing these people talk!  That's half a joke but it's also a half truth!  It's FUN to hear people who sound funny AND are really nice and polite.  I LIKE IT.  Anyway with Season II of Fargo being a prequel, I've kind of just been assuming there's no time travel in Fargo.  But for all I know the outcome of this season might completely contradict the world the first non-prequel season inhabited.  OH NO SPOILER ALERT NOTHING IS REAL.  Wonderful.  I wonder what kind of vegetables are in chicken with garlic sauce.  Hopefully some BROCCOLI.  Maybe some MUSHROOM.  PEPPERS OR ONIONS OR SOMETHING.  CARROTS MIGHT BE IN THE CARDS.  WHY AM I YELLING.
     Anyway.  Seventh paragraph!  I had the opportunity to check my weight on Hospital Scale today.  I FARGOED that opportunity.  Thanks but no thanks!  Got my own system!  Said that yesterday!  I'll say it again until you get the point!  I always tell them explicitly I'd rather not know my weight.  Otherwise they'd mention it!  Gotta imagine they're thinking That's not normal.  What kind of person would rather not know their weight!  If you're healthy and not obsessed about it you'll welcome knowing.  If you're unhealthily obsessed about it you wanna know!  So you can continue being unhealthily obsessed about it!  Then again there's a one out of one cases that I know intimately of where the person would rather not know irregardless of those two things.  ME.  I'M THE GUY.  DON'T TELL ME THAT SORT OF THING.
Anyway great just great.  Mets lost last night.  That's bound to happen roughly once a day.  I was able to watch THE FIRST TWO AND A HALF INNINGS before bed time.  It was zero zero while I was watching so don't blame me!  In fact don't blame me either way.  I have no input or impact on the outcome of this game.  Barely had an impact on the INCOME of this game.  How come income and outcome aren't antonyms. Is it because everyone's an idiot but me?  Maybe!  Maybe take a shower after this act is over instead of going straight into a walk.  I like that idea!  I like it so much I'm HEAVILY considering implementing it into real life.  I'll have an outcome on my real life if it KILLS ME.  Wait no.  Not if it kills me.  I'd rather be alive than... decide to take a shower... and it's an outcome of... my life?  The point is all things being equal, don't wanna be killed by Things or by People.
     Yeah!  Got 4 or 5 Tootsie Pops left in an open bag.  I have one roughly once or twice a week!  I was pretty sure I had an unopened bonus bag somewhere but I can't find it!  Doesn't seem right!  The point is Delicious.  I like snack before bed to either be POPSICLE or SOME SORT OF ICE CREAM or TOOTSIE POP.  Or some sort of COMBINATION of that.  Anyway.  Are we supposed to suck on popsicles for a while before we eat them.  Honest question!  I feel like I've tried sucking on them for a bit before chomping down and it seems to make sense tastewise.  But then again it's much easier and more intuitive to just bite in from the very start.  It's like licking ice cream.  I feel like that's the premise of ice cream you get when you're a kid!  You like at an ice cream cone!  WHAT THE HELL You're absorbing practically NOTHING licking at ice cream.  That can't be right!  Maybe SUCK on some ice cream.  That's a middle ground that I think we should consider!
     Last paragraph of the act.  HMM.  Got some sort of small cut on one of my fingers Why It's Only My Left Middle Finger.  Papercut or something!  Either way great I can pick at this a little.  Don't wanna open up the wound more but I can still scratch at it a little bit for fun!  SMALL cut.  Don't blow it out of proportion!  Blow it INTO proportion if you gotta do something.  I think it's fun to watch the Mets lose this week because not only is it well this loss hurts them in the standings and decreases their chance of making the playoffs but also mainly yes these teams they're losing to are obviously just better baseball teams.  So that settles that!  It's FUN because we should live in a reality.  That's my first instinct at least.  LOOK if The Mets had NO or ONE injuries I'd think they definitely stack up against these other teams.  BUT THAT'S NOT REALITY.  And it's my FIRST instinct to live in reality so we all have to abide by that instinct.  Because it was my first!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




This Doesn't Make Much Sense

    Hey!  Got coffee going.  I usually save it for act III.  Not today!  Wonderful.  LOOK if you go forward in time as a one-off time travel you MAY be able to get back to the present if someone else invents time travel and then lets you use it.  So that's something you can consider too if you feel like it.  Anyway.  Mets can still make the playoffs!  And maybe if they make playoffs their main injured players can be healthy by then.  In which case they DO have a formidable team.  But the odds are against all that.  OH NO there's an article on ESPN "What's Wrong With The Mets?" but it's an Insider article!  Which means you have to pay to see it!  I don't need to pay money to know what's wrong with the Mets.  However apparently I DO need to pay money to know what they think is wrong with The Mets.  And if they've thought of things that are wrong with the Mets that I haven't thought of yet!
    I had ESPN INSIDER for 1-3 years in highschool.  I liked baseball a lot then!  Not other sports so much!  Also helped with Fantasy Baseball!  The point is I know what I'm talking about re: ESPN INSIDER.  Also I've noticed since 2020 more and more articles on ESPN.COM are behind the insider pay wall.  I guess they have to make more money!  I guess because of Cancelled Sports in 2020.  That's MY hot take instinct guess.  HMM is there a Logo for Cleveland Guardians yet?  I feel like I've seen a Letter Logo.  Where you see the letters of the team.  But most teams have some sort of Picture Logo, right?  Cleveland did at least!  That picture of the Indian!  Now they need a picture of A Guardian.  Better LTURQ.  IT'S A PICTURE OF A BASEBALL WITH WINGS AND ONE OF THE WINGS LOOKS LIKE A, "G."  ALSO THE BASEBALL APPEARS TO BE IN MOTION BASED ON DEPTH PERCEPTION OF THE WINGS.  I could imagine worse logos!  But that's because I'm not a professional Logoneer.  If I could come up with a better logo off the top of my head that's a REALLY bad logo you went with.
   Gotta imagine there's gonna be a Guardian Mascot?  And he's dressed up like a Giant Guardian?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Just checked some polls of whether people like the new name.  People DO NOT.  In America a net negative 2 people like the name.  In Cleveland it's net negative 10!  I could have said Net Positive Ten DISLIKE the name.  I made my decision and I stand by it.  Either way Republicans REALLY don't like it.  HEY IF I WANNA CALL CLEVELAND BASEBALL PLAYERS INDIANS THAT'S IN THE CONSTITUTION.  The point is I think it's a dumb name but the more I think about it the more I come to terms with the fact that I Like Dumb Things.  I can see it growing on me.  Like a cancer!  Hmm The Cleveland Cancer.  That could have been another way to go.  Which makes sense because Cleveland is known for it's high levels of Cancer.  AND the alliteration factor!  CANCEL CANCER CULTURE.  That could be an ad campaign to end cancer!  Why do we need an ad campaign to end cancer.  I think most people are on board with ending cancer already!
     Anyway.  Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Then watch 2nd 2/3rds of Simpsons Episode I'm up to, and then return here to finalize entry.  Yeah!  Hmm Black Americans HEAVILY like the new name Cleveland Guardians.  And Black Americans GENERALLY know what's cool so basically I'm gonna say Cleveland Guardians ARE cool and that will be revealed to the rest of us through the natural course of things over the next few years.  Black Americans are cool.  You know, like Danny Glover.  That sort of thing.  I just looked up Danny Glover on Wikipedia and he IS really cool.  Not just because he's FUN to watch in MOVIES but because he's a big Activism Person.  For GOOD.  He's not activising for NEGATIVE causes!  Not based on my quick scrolling through the Wikipedia Page!
     Wonderful.  What kind of superstars are on the Cleveland Indians now.  Gotta imagine there's 1-2 people I've heard of.  Lemme LTURQ.  HMM Jose Ramirez he seems to be a very high quality player!  That's about it.  Oh well One Good Player is not bad.  But as of now he's just the Cleveland Guardian.  They need at least one more very good player to be GuardianS.  That's my hot take!  What else is going on.  I don't like how at the beginning of each Fargo episode they say it's a true story.  They tricked my Dad!  He thought it was true!  And ya know what at first I was like well that's dumb but ya know what It's THEIR fault.  I'm a young savvy entertainment consumer of course I'm gonna know it's false.  But as far as he knows what does he know it says it's true WHY WOULD THEY GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO SAY IT IF ITS A LIE.  Either way I'm not done with entry yet!  Still need to write 5 more paragraphs!  I'll be back soon.




I Mean Nothing By It

    Hey!  Here I go!  With more words.  Got a good idea for dinner tonight Why It's Only Steak & Eggs.  I feel like I Came Up With Steak & Eggs.  Your welcome.  You're welcome.  Yore welcome???  The point is huh great.  I can't wait to have nothing to do for the rest of the day.  I will presumably like resuming FARGO in the Evening as it's an Evening Activity and not Daytime.  That leaves me some TV to watch during the daytime.  RESUME BATMAN FOREVER??  EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT WORTH WATCHING AT ALL???  THAT SOUNDS FUN!  I've never seen Justice League.  Or any Ben Affleck Batman.  You'd think I'd have gotten around to it at some point.  Why were you thinking that.  That's not relevant to you at all.  It's not even really relevant to me!
What else.  Anyway.  We're talking SCRAMBLED eggs.  Well we weren't talking about it.  We are now!  Maybe we were talking about it earlier.  I can't remember that far back explicitly!  Also LOOK when I was speculating on what vegetables might come with Garlic and Chicken Sauce I was only thinking of ones I might enjoy eating.  There's vegetables I can guess will be there that I don't want.  SNOWPODS.  MINI CORN.  Some sort of THIRD THING.  Ugh.  I really wanna finish this entry HOWEVER I refuse to write a mediocre last 4 paragraphs.  Only the best for my readers!  Like this sequence of sentences!  This is The Best we can reasonably hope for!  HMM have you been wondering what I had last night from China Restaurant?  Why it's only a cup of Hot & Sour Soup and a complete appetizer of Steamed Shrimp Dumplings!  DID YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD FOR LUNCH YESTERDAY?  Let me think for a second.  What was it.  Oh right KIDS CHICKEN PARM.  WHEW he good news is this paragraph was terrible but I'm guessing you could go through it really quickly.  You probably skimmed it in a fraction of the amount of time it took me to write it!  Which already wasn't that much!
     I envy you.  Not so much overall but in this one regard yes.  For the most part though I pity you and envy myself.  HEY Biden said something about how people will start getting 3rd shots 8 months after their last one? My Dad told me that happened.  I haven't seen it on TV yet today.  Neither while watching The Simpsons on Disney Plus NOR while watching... uh... pretty sure I was watching something else on TV a little bit this morning.  Either way GREAT.  I'll get another shot!  I'll feel guilty about it!  That I get three shots while in other countries 1% of people are vaccinated.  But that's part of life!  Accepting More while other people suffer.  Oh well what can ya do.  Not much.  That's my first instinct, at least.  Maybe you can do something.  If you figure it out let me know and I MAY OR MAY NOT support you.  In the meantime though okay 8 months since last shot will be End Of November.  WOW NOVEMBER?  That sounds great!
     What else is going on.  HMM I was imagining the standard Home Fries/Hash Browns as a Potato Side but I Could GET ANYTHING.  I could get Frenched Fries.  I could get a BAKED POTATO.  I dunno Home Fries sounds the best.  But the important thing is I CONSIDERED it.  Carefully!  I didn't jump into the Home Fries/Hash Browns without taking the time to determine if its actually the best option.  Also what else is going on?  Jeez.  Should I EAT some Toast with it?  Or just leave the toast over?  If I had the toast I'd have less homefries to make up for the toast.  I dunno about that one!  TOAST is delicious.  I don't think anyone's debating that.  If I could I'd just eat toast all the time.  I could!  But then when checking my weight THEY will know I'm higher in pounds than I want to be even if I'LL never find out.
     Last paragraph!  The important thing is hopefully you can read this quickly and intuitively know when to start skimming and reading quicker and then slow down and read the more better parts more carefully.  Gotta imagine you've developed that skill set from these entries.  I can imagine it!  I just did!  Wonderful.  Another terrible entry in the books.  Gotta imagine there were roughly 3-5 things worth reading.  That's almost A Thing per 3 paragraphs!  I like those odds.  Anyway.  LOOK I probably sit more than I do lie down.  It's close but that's how I Feel.  I sit while ENTRY.  I sit while MEALS.  I sit up in bed for VIDEO GAMES which is halfway sitting and halfway lying down but IT DOESN'T COUNT AS EITHER as opposed to counting for Lying Down as I was imagining earlier.  That sort of thing!  See ya tomorrow!

-1:40 P.M.




Monday, August 16, 2021

I Need To Tell You Something

    What's up friends.  I'm back!  Because that's just what I do every day at around this time.  Be Back!  Got some Ginger Ale going.  Got coffee a-brewing.  Got Sitting Down Going On.  The Big Three.  Cold beverage, hot beverage, and utilizing Chair.  Anyway  I could be wrong but when I picture Thrones for kings and queens they always look uncomfortable!  They LOOK impressive.  Made out of gold and are big and daunting.  But it can't be comfortable to sit on gold!  Get some sort of sofa recliner.  You're the king, you can get the top of the line model!  Hell they can make a unique model just for your body type.  And they can even spray paint it gold or silver if that's your thing.  BRONZE maybe.  It's up to you!  Also maybe you want to lie down.  If I was a king I'd lie down all day instead of sit.  That way your subjects can relate to you!  HEY I'd like to lie down too!  This king is alright!
Not sure about all that.  That's life, though!  Does the king spend most of his time just sitting there with nothing to do.  Gotta imagine there's a lot of free time.  He's the king, he's earned it!  But they didn't have TV or anything.  What's King doing to kill time.  I mean Sure what's ANYONE doing to kill time in Dark Ages.  But non-kings are busy being peasants and working 18 hours a day on this or that.  King's the only one with free time!  It's a blessing AND a curse.  Maybe play some chess.  Too much at stake, though!  He loses at chess He's Done For!  Not sure that's how chess works.  Not sure that's how anything works!  Also is there a gender-progressive chess that's exactly the same but you use the Queen Piece as the king and the King Piece as the Queen?  My guess is I Dunno but that's a great idea WE CAN SELL DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF CHESS SETS.  Everyone's gonna wanna buy a set of chess pieces where you use the queen as the king and the king as the queen.  Uhhh can't you just use the original set you have.  NOPE GOTTA BUY A NEW SET.  Thems the breaks!
     I'm full of great money making ideas.  Like That for instance.  Dunno whatta do for either meal today.  I was thinking Subway for lunch yesterday for today.  Let me start over.  YESTERDAY I was thinking about having subway for TODAY'S lunch.  But now that it's today I'm not so sure!  Also I will be getting Food From Delivery tonight but I dunno WHAT and from WHERE.  OH NO TOO MANY VARIABLES.  Maybe get some sort of Chinese Food if I can trick my Mom and/or Dad to getting it with me.  So I could only get enough for one meal to satisfy me.  I dunno if I could pull that off.  It'd take all of my Trickery Power Deposits to be utilized!  Anyway what else is going on.  I think it MAY be time to accept that The Mets Aren't Very Good This Year and Will Continue To Not Be Very Good For The Remainder Of The Year.  That's life!  There's always 2022!  Well, For A Year There Is!  Most of the time There Isn't 2022!  But it's coming up soon and will last a fair amount of time!
    Yeah!  Look it's not all their fault.  They were bit by the Injury Bug!  That's part of life!  Being injured!  Hmm wish I was injured.  Depends on the injury.  I dunno if I want BACK SPASMS.  Or a HAMSTRING THING.  Some sort of Arm injury though, that sounds relatively pleasant.  Also it means I've been working hard with my arm!  Don't get Arm Injuries for nothin.  Means I've been putting my work in!  I dunno about all that.  I've watched BATMAN and BATMAN RETURNS since yesterday and/or the night before yesterday.  Also that's a good idea for a new Tim Burton movie.  The Night Before Yesterday.  I just read the title and I already like it!  Also apparently it's about me watching BATMAN for the ~10th time.  Wow a Meta-Movie!  Don't see those every day!  You'd get bored of it!  Maybe three or four times a year would be good!
     Gonna get coffee after this paragraph.  I could get it now!  I could Not!  I'm going with that!  I was thinking about having Pizza for one meal today.  I could have Frozen Pizza for lunch.  OR I could get Fresh Pizza Delivery for dinner!  OR I COULD GET NEITHER.  I like this Chinese Food idea.  But I don't think I could successively trick my parents into getting it!  So you could see the king of bind I'm in.  Could pick up Chinese food from Walk.  That way I wouldn't need to Order Extra To Make IT Worth It.  But then I'd have to GO INSIDE a place.  A dirty place!  Oh no Dirt MY ONE WEAKNESS.  Anyway.  Gonna have Rocksmith within a few days hopefully!  WOW.  I may Know Guitar better than I ever did!  Or Worse!  That could happen, too!  It could just CONFUSE and ANGER me.  Anyway I'll be right back.
I guess.  My parents were thinking about Chinese Food last night for the first time since FOREVER.  But then ended up not getting it because the one Restaurant that was delivering I told them proudly displayed a B in their window from the Health Department.  Which I think is pretty good!  Look overall you'd expect A's, right?  But I dunno!  Not from Take Out Chinese Restaurants.  I feel like a B is pretty good.  But that turned my Dad off!  But tonight the more standard one I get from is open.  So that MIGHT be in the cards.  Which means it might happen.  If something's in the cards it could happen.  Playing cards.  We might Draw That Card that was in the cards.  And thus it will happen.  Hey let's play some Magic: The Gathering.  It's called Magic: The Gathering because it's MAGIC that we got all these nerds to actually leave the house to show up at a social gathering.  To play the game.  GOTTEM.
What else is going on.  Is it time to pick a secondary team that will make the playoffs to root for.  Hmm how about the BLUE JAYS.  They're good because they're competing with the Yankees who are my arch nemesis.  Also CANADA.  Also NICE GOOD YOUNG PLAYERS.  Anyway.  I'd like Vlad Guerrero Jr on al counts EXCEPT he's overweight.  Not sure how I feel about someone being overweight in a baseball context!  In other sports?  Sure.  Overweight football player?  I can see it!  NOT in sports?  Wonderful!  Overweight people are great.  BASEBALL though?  I don't like it!  Hey that's part of life.  Some baseball players are overweight.  That's the main part of life.  What else is going on.  Maybe have Kids Chicken Parm for lunch.  HEY THAT'S A GREAT IDEA.  I Won't Do it BUT AS AN IDEA THAT WILL GO UNFULFILLED WONDERFUL.  I might do it.  Who knows.
     Eighth paragraph!  That sort of thing.  What kind of person makes their kid a Junior.  Hmm what should we name him.  Can't think of anything.  This is tough.  What's MY name again.  OH RIGHT.  That'll do.  Also you're just setting yourself up for confusement!  Hmm my kid is ALSO Vlad Guerrero.  So from now on when someone is talking about Vladimir Guerrero, whereas before in life I knew that was me, now it could be someone else?  WHY WOULD I GO OUT OF MY WAY TO SET UP THIS SCENARIO.  Doesn't make sense!  Look isn't giving the kid your last name enough.  That's plenty!  I'd want my kid to have my last name.  No question!  Anyway.  Can Jewish People do Juniors.  Is that just a gentile thing.  Better LTURQ.  Well sure wait off the top of my head Sammy Davis Jr.  Ok that was a joke but lemme LTURQ for real.  HEY I THINK IT IS A THING where Jewish people don't make Juniors.  I mean there is still tradition of naming kids after relatives.  Maybe a grandfather or something.  Maybe they have to be dead.  Or maybe they have to be ALIVE.  Point is NO JRS!
     Ninth paragraph.  Wonderful.  Blood work tomorrow!  Gotta keep up the routine of not knowing weight when they check it.  I HAVE MY OWN SYSTEM I don't need them to tell me what things are on their scale.  Anyway.  Last time I had high blood pressure or something.  Or a low pulse rate.  I think last time it was a low pulse and the time before was high blood pressure.  Wonder what kind of problem I'll have tomorrow!  No blood.  Off the top of my head that's the next logical thing.  WAIT A SECOND when they gave me Covid Shot were they re-using noodles.  And by noodles I clearly mean needles?  My guess is YES THEY WERE.  They can't have a new needle every time!  That'd be TENS OF THOUSANDS OF NEEDLES A DAY.  Well they can use the same Main Needle but replace Needle Points.  That sort of thing.  TENS OF THOUSANDS OF NEEDLE POINTS A DAY.  At some point we gotta ask ourselves is it really worth it.  Using up all them needle points.  Yes we want to inoculate people BUT AT WHAT COST.
     Last paragraph of Act I!
  I don't believe it.  OH NO I only have a few days to watch SPACE JAM before its removed from HBOMax.  Gotta imagine that's almost worth my time.  We'll see how the next few days shake out.  Probably won't watch it but it's relatively almost possible!  Right now schedule looks like Walk, Act II, Shower, Act III, Walk, ETC.  Wonderful.  Hey it's the second half of August.  WE'RE OFFICIALLY INTO THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR!!! ...is what could accurately have been said 6 weeks ago.  That sort of thing.  Summer is the middle of the year.  Second half of August is halfway into August.  By which I mean two thirds into August.  Therefore this is the second act of the year.  Huh.  Right.  Okay.  I'm going to go now.  I'll be back in a little bit! 




Let Me Think For A Second

    Hello friends.  Back with another Act of Entry.  Well, I don't have it with me yet.  I'm back here to create it!  Maybe Chicken Parm for lunch.  I can see that.  In my mind's eye.  I spend most of my mind's eye's energy picturing what meals to have in the immediate future.  Seems as good a use as any.  At least I'm doin' somethin' with it.  HEY tried playing some All Star Baseball 2003 yesterday.  Not so great at it!  I'm not making contact most of the time when I'm hitting.  Yet when I'm pitching THEY make contact a lot of the time?  What kind of rigged game is this.  Also I tried creating a player and naming it after me and distributing the points they allot you to fine tune the player's attributes and they only give you a certain amount of total points so you can't just make an A+ player and my player is only a B- overall?  NO WAY.  He's a pitcher and I MAXED OUT on Velocity and Control while making Hitting and Defense D-'s.  THAT'S GREAT STRATEGY FOR MAKING A PITCHER and he's only a B-?  YOU'RE the idiot not me.
     Also I can't make him less than 5'5.  What kind of heightist bullshit is this.  Also I can't make him less than 150 pounds?  What kind of Fat Lobby bullshit is this.  Also there's only four shades of color he can be?  THAT SOUNDS REASONABLE just like in real life.  Also I didn't register at the time but not sure there's an Asian shade of color in that four.  There's white, black, Hispanic, and wildcard.  No Asian!  And there were some Asian players in the game!  I think they just gave them the White color.  Maybe the Miscellaneous Color was actually Asian and I just didn't register it.  Or maybe Asians are the HISPANIC color.  Look I'll get to the bottom of this sooner or later.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  I chose HIDEO NOMO for the Pitching Delivery that my Mike Kornblum would replicate.  I don't know WHY.  Just seemed right!
     That sort of thing.  Also it's purely for aesthetic purposes.  They don't actually have the pitching motion relate to the quality or velocity or stamina or anything of the pitches.  Pitches can't have stamina.  Yeah but in real life certain pitching motions might make pitcher more likely to get injured or something.  Which stamina is SORT OF almost the correct word to use in reference to.  Maybe some pitching motions make it harder to pitch so many pitches in a game.  STAMINA.  NOW whose the idiot.  YOU.  You're the big dummy now!  What else is going on.  I SIMULATED HALF A SEASON AND MIKE KORNBLUM ONLY HAS A 4.20 ERA?!?!  Then again 20 years ago that's relatively decent.  STILL THOUGH I maxed out on the important stuff.  I SHOULD BE LEADING THE LEAGUE IN QUALITY PITCHES.  What else is going on. 
     Yeah!  I think Mike Kornblum DID have a winning record.  10-7 or something.  7-3.  I don't have the details in front of me but pretty sure it was a winning record!  Also with the rest of the team I had PRETTY IMPRESSIVE.  The team was 15 games under .500 overall halfway through the season.  So anyway the point is It's Not All That Bad.  By which I mean this Expansion Team Franchise I spent 12 minutes on last night and never even saved it because I didn't care at all.  However if I'm talking about This Act Of Entry Yes It's All That Bad.  Jeez.  I chose MEXICO CITY as the site for my Expansion Franchise Team.  And they had like 30 Team Names/Logos to use.  Obviously I'm gonna go with one of the ones that start with M.  All the best franchises have alliteration between City/State Names and Team Names.  Actually most don't.  I can't think of ANY off the top of my head.  Hmm.  But the point is THEY SHOULD.  It sounds GREAT.  Mexico City Midnight.  What's a baseball team with alliteration.  Better look at a list of MLB teams for reference.  PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES.  PITTSBURGH PIRATES.  I guess it's a Pennsylvania thing.  Chicago Cubs but DIFFERENT C SOUNDS.  Los Angeles Angels but THAT'S THE EXACT SAME WORD.
Last paragraph before I get to take a shower.  Nice shower!  It's gonna be pleasant and a half.  Maybe only Pleasant.  That's still pretty good, though!  Wonder what sort of HORROR movie I could watch today.  Somethin' spooky perhaps!  Is Batman Forever a horror movie.  OH NO I like batman but FOREVER???  Not sure I want to make that commitment!  Scary stuff!  Also if I remember correctly the movie starts with Two Face committing a crime and Batman intercedes and they act like yep we've tangled in the past here we go again.  I'VE NEVER SEEN THEM TANGLE BEFORE.  NOT IN THIS ITERATION OF BATMAN.  I NEED MORE CONTEXT.  Also very easy chance I'm not remembering correctly how things worked in this movie and/or franchise.  But even a BETTER chance that I AM remembering correctly.  WOW the odds that I'm right are more than 50%?!  I must be some kind of genius!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




What Are The Odds Of That

    Hey!  Time to finish the entry.  Well it's time to Start finishing the entry.  I estimate it will be time to finish the entry in roughly 20-40 minutes.  That sort of thing!  Just finished the penultimate Fargo Episode Season I edition.  I can't wait to find out who stars in Season II!  I bet it's some good ones.  I know Chris Rock is in a future season.  He's a quality actor!  The point is what else is going on and crap.  Took a nice pleasant shower!  Got as much as I could get out of my current bar of soap.  So small it kept slipping through my fingers while trying to Soapize my body.  Time to move on for the next shower!  So that was troubling but besides that it was a positive experience.  Shampoo bottle still pretty full.  Wonderful!  I squeeze out some shampoo, no fuss no muss.  Not like when it's getting to the bottom and ya gotta put some effort into squeezing.  Who needs it!  YOU DO.  If you want Shampoo for your hair, at least.  And don't wanna start a new bottle just yet.
That's life I guess.  New York Yankees.  York Yankees.  There ya go.  I think the Yankees should be forced to end their franchise.  They've been around too long!  Give someone else a turn!  Not sure what that means.  Oh well.  The point is we all better get used to there being a Major League Baseball team The Cleveland GUARDIANS.  This is gonna be interesting!  Brand new NAME FOR A TEAM.  Wonder what The Guardians are gonna be all about.  We don't know!  Hopefully they make a splash signing a super start free agent.  So we CARE.  Otherwise we won't care!  Also maybe I like The Guardians now.  I can get in on the ground level!  Sort of!  They have a new superficial NAME so basically its an entirely new franchise.  Also Cleveland is new.  Cleveland 2022 is WAY different than Cleveland 2012.  Not sure what that means.
Hey great.  Cleveland Cigars.  Cleveland Cougars.  Cleveland should have gone with an alliteration name is the point and I'm trying to think of a good one.  Cleveland Cubs.  That's a good idea for a Baseball Team Name!  Cleveland Cleavers.  That's a very obvious one that I'm sure they considered heavily because if they didn't What Are They Some Kind Of Idiots?  Lets move on.  Mets game tonight!  Too late for my sensibilities.  It STARTS at 9:45.  I got TV OFF and IN BED by 10:30.  It's made me miss the end of Mets Extra Inning games in the past!  TOO TIRED.  Can't do it!  TOO TIRED.  So the good news is All TV is Non-Baseball Related for the rest of the day!  Also the part of the day that already happened!  All Day Is The Point!  Anyway.  We should get a MLB team in Puerto Rico.  They love baseball in Puerto Rico!  I assume!  They love baseball in probably over 50% of Latin American countries!  That's sort of a Latin American Country.  By Which I mean Mid To South American Countries.  Which Are Partially Made Up Of Somewhat Latin American People!  I lost track of the point but it's something to do with baseball.
Penultimate paragraph.  Wonderful!  HMM I'm close enough to starting Fargo Season II, I think I'll go ahead and see what kind of Stars are in it!  TREAT myself so to speak.  With INFORMATION.  TV SHOW information.  KIRSTEN DUNST?  TED DANSON?  PEOPLE WHO'S NAMES I DON'T RECOGNIZE IMMEDIATELY???  This is gonna be a blast!  Also I successfully read the names of the stars without reading any spoilers about the plot.  Except for one-- It's a PREQUEL to Season I.  Now it's been spoiled for You Too!  Only fair.  If I suffer everyone must suffer!  I'm not suffering.  I had a GUT FEELING anyway there might be some prequels in the works.  That's life I guess.  Also I went through the list of Supporting Stars which I feel was a mistake.  I should have left that up for Fate To Surprise Me In The Natural Course Of Things.  Oh well there's always Season III.
Last paragraph!  I don't believe it!  No spoilers but there were some Star Cameos in Season I that I feel they must have been very confident it was the right move because now they blew those actors making larger roles in future seasons.  I'm thinking of one Actor who shows up for one episode in particular.  And I thought hmm this guy could EASILY have been the right kind of guy for a future larger role.  But now they blew his one appearance on this.  Maybe they can make him show up as someone else in a future season.  They can do whatever they want!  No one is gonna stop 'em!  Anyway hey great what else is going on.  The entry is just about over.  Time to move on with my life for a few hours!  Then re-calibrate.  I'll see you guys later.

-1:34 P.M.




Sunday, August 15, 2021

I'll Let You Know

    Hello friends.  It's me!  Same guy as before!  Hmm that would be a fun mix-em-up if One Day I'm Not Me.  Not sure what that means.  Could mean several things!  Or-- could mean nothing!  The point is lets move on with my life.  Checked my weight today.  Lost ~3 pounds in the last 10 days!  And you all doubted me!  I got on and off scale Oh I Don't Know eight or nine times.  Got numbers varying from 2-4 pounds lost.  Three was the MODE.  Three was the MEDIAN.  Three was NOT the mean!  Off the top of my head the mean might have been slightly MORE pounds lost!  Also you guys gotta get the scale that tells you how much pounds you lost since last time.  So much more convenient than telling you what you weigh at any given moment.  I don't know what that MEANS. I need more CONTEXT.  The point is I'm 3.5 pounds overweight.  AND YOU ALL DOUBTED ME, LIKE I SAID.  STOP DOUBTING ME.  What are you dumb or something.
    Let's move on with my life!  Another day closer to getting GUITARSMITH.  I know it's called Rocksmith but I'm Against That.  I'm gonna call it Guitarsmith every time I get the chance and remember to.  Also I don't believe that this program actually does what they say it does and its proven it does by customer reviews.  I can SEE what the guitar is doing in the TV?  That technology SHOULD NOT EXIST.  Doesn't compute.  I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  I would say I'll believe it when I see it but you know what?  If I see it I'M STILL not believing it.  That's how strongly I feel about this.  Anyway the Mets have been losing but doing WELL in their losing.  Also they still have like 45 games left to go in regular season.  Imagine if they're competitive right up till the end of the season!  WOW I like THOSE lowered expectations.  We should celebrate that their inevitable loss means something!  Because imagine if THEY WON.  Season Accomplished!
     What else is going on.  Started coffee as usual.  Will pour it around paragraph five as usual.  Then consume it on and off for a period of time.  I see kids are getting Covid now.  I don't know how I feel about that!  Poorly.  I should feel bad about that.  It's a net negative for everyone.  Well I guess.  Maybe kids enjoy it!  I used to like being sick when I was a kid.  Means I didn't have to go to school!  Also I could watch Daytime TV.  That never happens unless you're sick!  What about during the summer.  I got better things to do during the summer.  No I didn't.  Well either way maybe there's different Daytime TV programming in the summer than in the regular campaign of the year.  Good use of the word, "Campaign."  Thanks!  I feel like it was kinda meta playing hooky from school and then watching Mauries with Out Of Control Kids.  YEP WE'RE A HANDFUL! I think while eating my ice cream.  Gotta imagine I had some ice cream in this scenario.  Because my throat hurt.  I thought I was playing hooky.  Look a lot of things in my life don't add up.  This is just one example of that!
     What else is going on.  Ice cream is a cure for Hurt Throat.  First things first Let's COOL IT DOWN.  Any doctor'll tell ya that!  Went through all Re-Animator movies.  Do doctors like the Re-animator movies.  That's what I was wondering.  Do doctors like any movies?  I dunno!  Maybe they're too busy being doctors to like movies.  OR maybe being doctor is such a grind or something that they LOVE movies in their spare time.  None of my business!  Let doctors do what they want and LEAVE THE REST OF US OUT OF IT.  Do Doctors carryover the Hippocratic Oath to regular life.  Gotta imagine it's not just a 9-5 thing.  Maybe In their mind they finish their shift and they think FINALLY!  TIME TO DO SOME HARM.  I dunno!  Again, none of my business.  Whether doctors want to be good or bad people outside of Doctoring.  Also Do No Harm should NOT be first.  Maybe second.  First should be HEY DO SOME GOOD.  Let's get ACTIVE with it.  Let's get POSITIVE.  Anyway here comes coffee.
Gettin close to the end of season one of FARGO.  Go Far.  Ograf.  That settles that.  Gotta imagine there's three more seasons of Fargo after that.  That IS what we have to imagine.  Because it's empirically accurate.  If we're imagining something else While Knowing That's Accurate, well, actually I dunno.  Good for you then!  Imagination is the key!  I don't know to what!  But it's an overall good thing is my impression!  Looks like BAD stuff is happening in Afghanistan.  OH NO WHAT A TROUBLING DEVELOPMENT.  Hey it is troubling developments!  The point I meant was that bad stuff has been constantly happening in Afghanistan for 20 years.  But is WORSE stuff happening now?  Probably!  Not for me to say!  Nothing is for me to say.  I wish it was!  But that's just not the world we live in!  Anyway what else is going on. 
     The good news is WE HAVE LOTS OF TV TO WATCH.  If we WANT to watch about Afghanistan there's channels for that.  But if we want to watch about something else even MORE channels for that!  Wonderful.  How long have I had TV.  Five or six weeks?  What a change my life has taken!  Also even watching the same stuff I was on Computer is better.  I can PAY ATTENTION more because I can actually make out what's going on.  Because Bigger Screen.  More HD!  Have we considered giving everyone in Afghanistan an HD Television.  That'll calm things down a bit.  ALSO that's a lot of commercial watching!  They'd buy lots of products and services!  And that's not to say anything about them subscribing to Amazon Primes.  Oh no if Taliban Islamisists take over the Amazon Prime Class in Afghanistan is gonna suffer.  Now I figured out a way for me to care.  The STREAMING Demographics are NOT GONNA LIKE THESE DEVELOPMENTS.
I think that's accurate.  Sounds about right!  Seventh paragraph.  I don't believe it!  I'm starting to lose hope for 2021 Mets.  At some point its not like OKAY THIS IS A KEY AT BAT.  SURE WE'LL FAIL MORE OR LESS HALF THE TIME, AND IF WE DO FAIL THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT TIME...  We're getting to the point in the season where There Is No Next Time!  This is when games are won or lost.  Either you succeed on a key at bat by key at bat basis or you don't!  That's how baseball works!  The point is does Mets losing upset me more than Afghanistan losing?  NO.  It registers more but I can safely say in the back to middle of my mind Afghanistan concerns me more!  So GET OFF MY BACK about it is the point.  Anyway.  Lost 30 pounds so far.  Was aiming to lose another 20.  Now I'm thinking there's a 50/50 chance when I lose that 20 I MIGHT wanna lose another 5 or so pounds.  Either way I should be done by End Of Year.  2021 Year.  Calendar year!  Our calendar.  Not the Taliban Calendar I Hate Them So Much.
     Anyway.  NYPost headline six months from now-- TALI BANS AMAZON PRIME.  I don't want to live in that dystopia future!  Well in America we can still have Amazon Prime.  Gotta look at the silver linings.  Can Newspapers BOLD individual words in Article Title.  I feel like you can CAPS words.  I feel like you can Bold ENTIRE title.  Dunno if I've seen Partially Bold and Partially Not titles.  Then again I haven't looked at a copy of a newspaper since 2002.  The point is hey this war in Afghanistan seems to be winding down.  That was me in the past!  From 2002!  Or, wait, no.  It's me in THE PRESENT.  But based on INFORMATION from the past.  Which is the most current information I have.  THAT sort of thing.  What else was going on in 2002.  Nice palindrome year.  Gotta imagine there was celebrations about that throughout the year occasionally making the front page.  That's when I started high school.  That was no good.  First semester of high school was no bueno for me!  Did that make the paper.  I don't know!  The 2002 paper I saw was IN THE SPRING.  I didn't start high school until THE FALL.  That makes sense.
Ninth paragraph!  Wonderful.  It would be a cool thing if America supplied the world with Covid Vaccines.  It would be cool because hey a lot less people are dying.  And also good PR!  Hey don't let anyone tell ya America never did anything for ya.  Here have some vaccines!  Then again we might not immediately make money on it so you can see the predicament we'd be in.  People trying to get vaccine and people trying to get Xboxes.  Is that a thing.  Hard to get is the point.  in 2021!  ANOTHER good palindrome year!  No it isn't.  Yeah you're probably right.  Anyway jeez.  One meal for today is Calamari.  Ovened?  Microwaved?  Cold?  As of now it could legitimately be any of those!  Maybe 2 or all 3!  No that doesn't check out.  But Any Of Those is accurate.  Other meal'll probably a Super market fresh made meal.  Kids Chicken Parm?  Lasagna?  Wide Al Fredo?  As of now NOT SURE.  I will presumably be SURE later on in the day When I Have It.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
    Gotta imagine there's some website on the dark web where you can exchange vaccines for xboxes.  It wouldn't work in reality.  No way that is going on.  But still You MUST imagine it.  That's my position.  I'm only 3-4 pounds overweight?  AND YOU ALL DOUBTED ME.  Everyone doubting you is great motivation.  Much better than just Some people doubting you.  If you're having people doubting you it's best if its NO ONE or EVERYONE.  Some people doubting you is no good for anyone.  Why is it so hard for America to win in Afghanistan.  Just Shoot EVERYONE.  And then everyone  left over whom you don't shoot is like OKAY WE GET THE MESSAGE.  Easy!  EASY.  Look I know that's not a good way to go about things.  I was being A MOCKUMENTRY about it.  Huh.  I think if The Mets don't make the playoffs NO ONE should make the playoffs.  I don't enjoy it when other teams succeed while mine fails.  Doesn't seem fair!  Anyway hey I'm done here for now.  Be back in a little bit!




That's The Word Around Town

    Hello friends.  Looks like I'm gonna take a shower between Act II and III and no walk break.  That's how things are shaking out!  Thinking about having LASAGNA today.  Wide Al Fredo is wrong.  Chicken Parm sounds OKAY but I think I'd like that even more at some other point over the next week, whereas the lasagna might not get any more appealing than it is right now.  Which is halfway appealing!  In fact since writing the last few sentences I've been conceptualizing Lasagna Lunch and now it's starting to grow on me!  Wow this is good stuff lets keep it going.  Anyway gotta Do Something next week Why It's Only getting my blood work done.  Wonderful.  Now I'll have it CONFIRMED I have blood once and for all.  Or Confirmed I DON'T have blood.  That's the other outcome.
     Jeez.  Looks like my Dad qualifies for third booster shot!  They said Severely or Moderately Immunocompromized!  I think my Dad is AT LEAST Moderately.  Probably AT MOST BARELY SEVERELY.  I'd say either Moderately Moderately or MAYBE Severely Moderately, though, those are my main two guesses.  LUCKY HIM.  Gotta imagine there's a part of him where he's like THIS SUCKS the only people really at risk are immunocompromized and THAT'S ME FUCK.  And another part of him that's like HOLY SHIT I WON THE SWEEPSTAKES.  OUT OF EVERYONE I'M THE ONE WHO GETS A THIRD BOOSTER SHOT.  SEE YOU IN HELL LOSERS.  That sounds like My Dad.  Always wishing losers go to Hell.  And he'll see them there.  Also is it a SECOND booster shot.  I feel like the first shot you get Isn't A Booster Shot.  It's just A Shot!  So a third shot is actually a Second Booster Shot?  To whom I can I take this query.  I know I could be wrong.  But ALSO I could be right.  Sounds like a fair compromise.  I'll say things All The Time if there's even a possibility I'd be right!!  Good deal!
     What else is going on.  I'm not sure if I know how to play Any Song on the guitar.  Can't play real songs.  Can hardly play my own songs!  In fact I CAN'T play my own songs.  Either way now I will be able to play roughly Fifty Songs after this game.  AND YOU ALL DOUBTED ME.  Why do You All doubt me All The Time.  Not only is everyone doubting me About One Thing but it seems like everyone is doubting me About Everything.  Oh well that's life I guess.  What's the last Somewhat Productive video game I've played.  Hmm.  Productive Video Game.  WORDTRIS???  That was a game on Super Nintendo where it's like Tetris but each piece is made of letters and you needed to Tetris Real Words instead of just aligning pieces geometrically to make them disappear.  That's good for kids one would imagine.  Helps with vocabulary and whatnot.  Hmm.  Maybe Doom.  Now I know how to fight Demons On Mars.  By playing video games.  Well I guess it couldn't HURT at least.
     What else is going on.  I fee like I've played SCRABBLE on the computer.  And TRIVIA games.  Now I know how to construct words-- Out Of Letters!  Also now I know a little bit of trivia I didn't know before!  Presumably!  That sort of thing!   Possible I'll make some progress in Call Of Duty II today.  Now I know World War II History.  There was an Allied Assault a day before D-Day to get things primed for D-Day.  I never knew that before!  Now I do!  Also now I know where to do 1/3rd into the assault to reach a new checkpoint.  Before now I didn't know where the next checkpoint where you could save the game was IN REAL LIFE.  Whatever.  What else is going on.  When I first installed TV I couldn't get over how big everything was.  That lasted a solid three days!  Then I got used to it and felt I COULD USE EVEN BIGGER SCREEN REALLY.  It's all relative is the point.  It's A point.  Dunno about THE point.
Last paragraph!  Then I take a shower.  Then re-calibrate.  But mostly, Then Write Act III.  I could re-calibrate if I feel like it, but as of now, I have a pretty good idea of how things will Shake Out.  I learned a lot from Mario 64.  Now I know if you jump into paintings you can reach brand new worlds which you have to Win At one by one until reaching the final painting in which you face Bowser and once you beat him congratulations you've won the video game move onto the next one.  That's Life!  Whatever.  Lasagna is delicious if you want it.  If you don't want it it's not as good.  That's my hot take.  I'm in-between wanting it and not wanting it.  Leaning towards wanting it!  Hmm I've certainly given us all a lot to think about as we head into the break.  I'll be back soon.




Oh I Almost Forgot

    Started going through all the Batman Movies again.  At least the ones I'm familiar with.  Batman Thru Batman and Robin and then Batman Begins through The Dark Knight Rises.  AMAZING.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF BATH MAN.  Roger Ebert liked Batman Forever!  And then he liked Batman and Robin EVEN MORE.  I'm not one to disagree with Roger Ebert but I Disagree With Roger Ebert.  Then again I'M gonna watch them again.  So shows how much I know!  Anyway as of now halfway through BATMAN: The One With Jack Nicholson.  I like how Jack Nicholson's character is Also Named Jack.  They have A LOT of fun with that in the film.  Hey, Jack... some guy is always saying.  I SEE WHAT THEY'RE UP TO.  WELL DONE!  HILARIOUS.  What else is going on.  I legitimately unironically had the thought a couple of times so far while watching it that hmm this Joker character is REALLY unrealistic.  Took me right out of the movie!
     Whatever.  What else is going on.  I feel like when I was a teenager and considered myself Into Movies I thought too highly of Tim Burton.  Oh he's one of the modern greats what a wonderful filmmaker.  Now I realize Some Hits, Some Misses!  I blame Everyone But Me.  I didn't get the idea Tim Burton was great from my own powers of deduction.  I HEARD IT somewhere.  I'm looking at YOU, INTERNET!  And then SURE I could apply that knowledge to films I had seen and be like yeah you know what that IS A Great Movie.  Now I realize Hey even the great movies are only pretty good.  The point is Tim Burton has had it too good for too long re: Critical Reputation.  I've had it up to here with it!  Before Tim Burton they never had the idea to make a GOOD LOOKING, MOODY FILM.  HE CAME UP WITH THAT.  Oh in that case I'm back on board!  Anyway.
Great!  Gonna take about a 30-60 minute break when this entry is over before taking next walk.  That's just how things are Shaking Out!  Remember The Battle Of Shaker Heights.  That guy was the best director ever!  He won a CONTEST about it.  A TELEVISION Contest.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Also I think its a That Guys.  I think they were a team!  MAYBE Brothers maybe just Good Friends.  That sort of thing!  I think it's interesting that pairs of brothers are always directing films but rarely starring in films.  Off the top of my head ya gotta go back to the Marx Brothers.  These days not a lot of leading roles shared simultaneously by Real Life Brothers!  Oh well that's life I guess.  Halfway through August.  September is in only a couple of weeks!  I think September is great!  At least this upcoming September.  I can really see myself getting into This September.  Maybe some nice cool Fall Days.  Gettin' prepped for an Halloween.  That sort of thing.
Jeez.  I feel like Fall could start before The First Day Of Fall.  I think we should have some sort of Groundhog Scenario for the first day of fall.  And the variable is that the first day of Fall might be 2-3 weeks before We Assume It's Going To Be Accurately.  Wow.  What a wonderful idea.  If only that's the way the world really worked.  Such is life!  Anyway.  What do they do with the Groundhog the other 11 months of the year.  They're not catching a wild groundhog every year and forcing him to see his shadow, right?  This is a domesticated ground hog.  I guess they take care of him Year-round but it's all for that one day in the end.  Gotta imagine they hold resentment for groundhog.  I GOTTA TAKE CARE OF YOU ALL THE FUCKIN TIME AND FOR WHAT.  ONE DUMB DAY A YEAR.  I HATE IT.  Wonder of that negativity has any effect on Groundhog seeing its shadow or not.  Wonder lots of things!  That may qualify as one!  Not sure!
     Last paragraph.  Yeah!  Groundhog Name comes from Man's Resentment for Groundhog hogging all the ground.  LOOK THESE ANIMALS ARE TAKING UP TOO MUCH LAND SPACE.  SHARE SOME LAND WITH US YOU GROUND HOGS.  Only reasonable conclusion one could reach!  Anyway Hey Entry Is Almost Over.  Then its time to move on with my life!  For roughly 21 or 22 hours!  Then I start working on a new entry for some reason no one is really sure of.  I feel like the Sklar Brothers will co-star in a movie at some point over the next fifty years.  That's certainly one way to go about things.  Maybe the kids from HANSON.  The point is the entry is over now.  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-12:53 P.M.




Saturday, August 14, 2021

Can I Please Have Your Attention

    Hello friends.  I ordered Rocksmith!  Actually called Guitarsmith.  ACTUALLY called Rocksmith!  2014!  For XBOX 360!  Cable included!  85% sure it's a brand new copy!  99% sure the order is in!  They said it would arrive by Thursday!  Next Thursday!  The point is I'm worried about having to Try on guitar.  I can't actively TRY.  I don't know why I can't but that's just how I feel these days.  Then again IT'S A GAME JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT.  Then again hey what else is going on.  This is just the beginning of MY ROCKS MYTH.  Not happy with that one.  I'm happy that it took up a sentence.  But beyond that I think it's a real net negative on each of our lives.  Anyway the Mets made a HUGE come back yesterday!  Then the other team Came Back themselves and won. But HEY for a solid TWO INNINGS things were looking good.  That's what I like to see!  INNINGS OF QUALITY.
     Yeah!  What kind of schedule I got for today.  Normal amount of walks.  Normal times of activities particularly Entrying and Eatings.  Let's move on to something substantial.  How are the Olympics going.  They're over?  But they never got to MY EVENT.  I was promised there would be an event I could participate in AND I would have a chance of winning in.  Maybe they meant for upcoming winter olympics.  That does make more sense because I excel at winter activities in general.  I think Japan would be a GREAT country for upcoming Winter Olympics.  I can IMAGINE there being mountains in Japan that are snowtopped.  In my mind it seems somewhat plausible.  Maybe I'm confusing Japan with some other place.  It wouldn't be the first time!  I think it's great that Japan went from adversary to ally.  Also does Japan still have Ceremonial Emperor.  I better look that up right quick.  I should have been worshipping an emperor all this time maybe!  Oh no I hope there's no ceremonial emperor.  OH NO THERE IS.  And google says he's the ONLY Emperor left in the world.  In that he still goes by Emperor.  OH NO THIS IS A TROUBLING DEVELOPMENT.
Whatever.  Who really benefits from having Powerless Royalty.  If I were king and everyone knew I had no power that'd be humiliating.  You go around like you're the tops but EVERYONE laughs at you behind your back because no one takes you seriously.  Oh well at least I'm SORT OF King they must think.  Doesn't seem like a positive situation, though.  Then again SURE I'd be king of some country.  I dunno you'd probably have a lot of responsibilities.  You have no POWER but you gotta be doing meet-and-greets all the time.  It never ends!  What a hassle and a half.  What else is going on.  Is there ANY inkling in British Royalty for example where they talk among themselves like look it PROBABLY won't happen but we should set out some preparations IN CASE we wanna Take Over Again.  Don't tell me you've never thought of it!  There's situations where WE'RE BACK ON TOP.  Gotta imagine that thought would show up every now and then at least.
     Yeah!  Gonna go get my coffee after this paragraph.  Anyway.  ROCKSMITH comes with ~50 songs that you can play along with to learn.  Then they have over 1000 more downloadable songs that you can play along with.  HOLY SHIT I'LL DOWNLOAD ALL OF EM LEMME AT 'EM.  I dunno if my Xbox 360 can currently connect to internet to get to the songs, though.  I don't know lots of things!  Also maybe this program is a bust and I don't like it.  Yeah!  Also I realized I had to check to make sure it works for lefties.  And I don't have to play everything upside down and/or backwards.  THEY SAY IT DOES WORK FOR LEFTIES.  WHY WOULD THEY LIE.  THEY'D HAVE NO MOTIVE.  OTHER THAN GETTING MORE PEOPLE TO BUY THEIR PRODUCT SO THEY CAN MAKE MORE MONEY.  BUT LETS GIVE THEM A LITTLE MORE CREDIT THAN THAT.  THEY JUST WANT TO PUT OUT A GREAT PRODUCT TO HELP PEOPLE.  BECAUSE THEY'RE JUST THAT NICE.
  Individual songs are standardly 2.99$!  Sure I know in America we put the $ before the number.  I LIKE IT BETTER THIS WAY.  My website, my rules!  Anyway you can also buy some packs where I guess it's cheaper for an individual song.  Also what else is going on.  How do they KNOW exactly how to play each song on guitar.  I mean I guess that betrays my guitar playing ignorance.  But they can't know EXACTLY 100%, right?  It's impossible!  That's how I approach playing guitar.  Look I can learn to play a song real well and it'll be roughly 40%!!!! how they play it.  But a SOLID 40%.  The 40% that's most important.  The other 60% you can live without.  Anyway there's several paths on Rocksmith it's RHYTHM GHUTAR and SOLIO GUIAR and also BASS GUITAR.  I'm guessing you need an actual bass guitar to play the bass guitar.  But I have a regular guitar which can play Rhytms AND solios!  So that's TWO CAREER MODES.  Wow!  Career modes!  I knew this would help me LEARN but I'm also getting the sense it's a fun GAME.  Wow games?  I LOVE games!
Yeah!  Sixth paragraph.  Lunch'll probably either be Corned Beef Sandwiches or Chicken Parm Kids Meal.  Or something else!  I've got several options and right now I don't feel too strongly about one option or another.  Obviously I feel strongly enough that the two I said are in the upper tier of options I'm considering.  WOW there's TIERS?  Now we're talking!  That sort of thing.  Is it possible we can all live on the top of snowcapped mountains when Climate Change makes most land uninhabitable.  I like the sound of that!  No one would bother us because who wants to walk up a mountain.  Not worth it!  Might as well just leave us alone!  Then again it'd get pretty lonely.  That's part of life, though!  Being lonely because you live on top of a mountain.  The main part of life!
     Anyway.  Program will be here by Thursday?  That means it could arrive BEFORE Thursday!!!!  It also means it can arrive after Thursday because that happens now and again no one's perfect.  WOW Before OR After?!?!  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW THIS ALL SHAKES OUT.  Wonderful.  I finally made it to a new check point in Call Of Duty II!  Then I saved it and quit the game.  I've lost my zeal for this game!  Maybe I'll re-gain my zeal later on.  It's possible!  I also have no idea what I will have for dinner.  Probably GET something from Delivery Enterprise.  YEAH!  Wonderful.  WAIT A SECOND.  New York Mets.  NYM.  The NYMs.  The NIMMS.  Brandon Nimmo.  Lead off hitter for the Mets.  The NYMMOS.  YEAH.  Also sure we should start calling the Mets The Nyms (pronounced Nims) for fun.  I don't know why we haven't yet.  This seems fairly obvious!  UH OH HOLD THE PHONE MAYBE IT SHOULD BE THE NIMES.  like NIGH MMs.  Oh no I don't know what to do.  And I can't have you holding the phone indefinitely.  I guess hang up the phone and we'll call back later once we've figured this out.
     Eighth paragraph!  Wonderful.  The Mets are a really good team because I can IMAGINE each player performing to 90% of their best ability.  Each player can SOLIDLY do the best we can reasonably expect they can do and in that case WOW WHAT A SOLID TEAM.  Also let's be fair.  Two or three players can underperform a little as long as there's 15 players Not Overperforming but Performing to The Very Top They Can With It Being Reasonably Reasonable To Expect Them To.  YEAH.  FIFTEEN.  I LIKE THE ODDS OF THAT.  Huh.  I lost track of what I was talking about.  I always wonder what they mean when they say a player is a leader in the club house.  What is he like HEY EVERYONE FOLLOW ME TIME TO TAKE THE FIELD.  I'LL SHOW YOU THE WAY.  Or does he just sort of set the tone for the communal relationships the team has with one another and whatnot.  That's what I actually imagine.  The guy who sets the tone!  Hey great ANYONE can set a tone.  What matters is if IT'S THE RIGHT TONE.  The point is it takes a special kind to be like HEY GAME IS ABOUT TO START LETS GO TO THE FIELD.  SINGLE FILE NOW EVERYONE GRAB A BUDDY AND HOLD HANDS.  PROBABLY SHOULD BE DOUBLE FILE, THEN.  YOU CAN'T HOLD HANDS WITH SOMEONE DIRECTLY AHEAD OF YOU OR BEHIND YOU.  NOT CONVENIENT.  ANYWAY.
That's the kind of leader I'd be is the point.  Ninth paragraph.  Double File!  That way you can walk somewhere, it's still orderly, but you can have a friend on the way to chat to.  What else is going on.  Also now you got some Width to this enterprise.  No one gonna bother some people in double file.  Huh.  I can watch all sorts of TV &/V movies today.  All sorts!  Drama.  HORROR.  Sports.  Comedy.  FILMS.  That's about it.  Still though hat's five things.  I dunno I don't see any straight up comedy in the cards.  Maybe Drama-Comedy or possibly Horror- Comedy.  But that's still 4 things overall and not 5.  No Solo Comedy!  MAYBE THERE WILL BE WHAT DO I KNOW.  Also I'm gonna learn how to SOLO on guitar.  Doesn't seem possible.  How can you get a solo from a song 100% mapped out on the guitar.  THERE ARE WAYS TO MAKE THE SAME EXACT SOUND BY USING DIFFERENT STRINGS AT DIFFERENT FRETS.  HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING.  BY ANALYZING VIDEO?  BY BEING PITCH PERFECT AND ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EACH STRING MAKING THE SAME SOUND ON DIFFERENT FRETS?  I DON'T BUY IT.  Sure I do.  No I don't.  But then again I do. 
     Last paragraph of the act!
  That's how that goes.  Maybe I can download Song Practice on computer and then put it onto a CD and then put the CD into the Xbox 360.  I don't know.  Frankly I don't want to know!  Sure I do.  Yeah but it's too early to tell me.  You tell me now I'd just forget it.  I want to know Later!  Maybe a week or so from now!  Ugh.  Rocksmith.  That's the program I wanted.  2014.  That's the edition I wanted.  For Xbox 360.  That's the compatible system I wanted.  With cable.  That's the status of With Cable Or Without Cable I wanted.  Brand New.  THEY NEVER EXPLICITLY SAID BRAND NEW BUT THEY GAVE THAT IMPRESSION HEAVILY AND ALSO THEY DIDN'T SAY USED OR ANYTHING SO THEY BETTER MEAN NEW.  Amazon.  That's who I gave the money to.  Hey the point is solid 85% chance this all works out!  I'll be back in a little bit.




That's What I Thought

    Hello friends.  Time to write another five paragraphs.  That could go quickly.  Usually does these days.  That sounds like fun!  Thinking I'll eat them Cornt Beef Sandwiches for lunch.  It's the oldest of the fresh food I have to eat!  Therefore it will go bad the soonest.  Therefore it is IMPERATIVE I eat it as soon as possible.  Therefore Delicious I anticipate enjoying this lunch If Only I Knew What Side To Have With It And How Much.  I know how much.  I just don't know How Much Of What.  You'd think a salty crunch snack.  A CHIPS or so.  That's my first instinct.  But then again I Like Some Sweet so ya never know!  Anyway I finished an entire bottle of Ginger Ale yesterday!  I only have one left!  YES I also finished a bottle of Pepsi but I have 5 more of those.  That's not notable.  Who cares!  Ginger Ale is what the people wanna hear about!  Also DELICIOUS.
    Anyway.  I dunno.  Am I a little worried if I never finish Call Of Duty II that means history will change and we won't win World War II?  No. No.  Of course not.  That would be insane.  Then again even if its a VERY low possibility I suppose anything can happen.  Then again its roughly the same probability that if I don't finish Call Of Duty somehow history will change and We'll Win World War II BY EVEN GREATER MARGINS.  I know we defeated Germany and Japan with more or less a Total Victory but there must be SOME room left for us to win by even more.  Well macro-speaking I suppose that would mean We Win More And Russia Wins Less.  But I DON'T CARE about Russia in this paragraph.  I just want Germany and Japan to LOSE EVEN MORE THAN THEY DID.  JUST SO THEY GET THE MESSAGE.  I think they got the message.  BUT STILL.
What else is going on.  Probably gonna be able to take a shower after this Act.  Then take a walk.  Then come back!  Then write Act III.  It's all going according to plan.  The semi-flex plan I have in my head at all times.  Updated every few minutes to re-calibrate.  Hmm semi-flex THAT REMINDS ME OF MEAL PLANS IN NYU.  I forget exactly what FLEX means in Meal Plan lingo but it definitely was a word used.  Also there WERE Semi-Flex plans per my remembrance.  Oh well.  For some reason I had a full meal plan Freshman Year that I could get 2 meals a day every day for all I cared, but I still got meals all the time from non-Cafeteria Sources.  Because I was AN IDIOT.  That's MONEY WASTED.  Then again I should just Not Have Had That Meal Plan so I COULD eat other sources.  But the point is If I could go back in time and change one thing, and I already took care of Germany and Japan losing more and America winning more, in World War II, it'd be to adjust my meal plan in the 2006-2007 Season.
That sort of thing.  I forget if this is accurate or where I got this impression or if I just made it up in my head, but I remember thinking that the NYU people who worked at cafeterias as Servers or maybe Cookers were ex-cons.  That was in my head for some reason.  And looking back I can't recall ever actually hearing that and/or if it was from a reliable source.  But for some reason I thought it.  And I didn't judge or anything.  I had absolutely no thoughts or opinions at all on whether it was good or not or if I cared or not.  The point is good for Imaginary NYU Policy of hiring ex-cons, very progressive in the scenario where this is an accurate scenario.  Anyway.  Then again WE'RE ALL IN DANGER.  These people were in PRISON and you know what happens in prisons and what makes people go to prison?  VIOLENCE.  Oh no!
     Last paragraph of the act!  I'll definitely fit in a shower now before next walk!  Wonderful.  Still gettin' all I could out of Current Bar Of Soap.  Look I know to expect a fair amount out of a bar of soap but when it gets down to it I'm OFTEN continually impressed at how much I can get out of slivers of soap.  I can get down to a sliver where I' like hmm at this point maybe 1 to 3 more showers this'll last me.  Then it lasts me three weeks.  This happens ALL THE TIME and Hey That's Great.  I've seen in fiction or somewhere that people combine slivers of bars of soap into one big bar or ball of soap.  DISGUSTING.  What is WRONG with people.  Maybe no one does that in real life.  I hope not!  For People's Sake, at least.  Maybe if it was My Enemy I'm okay with them doing it.  Because it's bad overall is the point.  Hey I'll be back soon.




I Can See That

    Hello friends!  Got some coffee going.  Got a nice break between walks in progress.  Gotta nice 3rd Re-Animator Movie To Watch when this is over.  Got lots of nice things going for me!  Anyway I looked at VIDEO of Rocksmith game play JUST FOR A FEW SECONDS because I LIKE TO BE SURPRISED.  But from those few seconds, if I extrapolate what I learned into longer periods of time, it SEEMS like its an okay thing!  The point is it looks like Corned Beef Sandwiches for lunch and Kids Chicken Parm for Dinner!  And get food TONIGHT for TOMORROW.  We're talkin maybe a FRENCHED TOAST.  Maybe a Bison Burger.  PROBABLY BOTH.  I eat two main meals a day!  If I get two things, that matches up nicely with having food for Those Two Meals.  YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.  2=2!  Anyway what else is going on.  I like whistling when I take out the garbage at night.  Show the neighborhood whose boss.  This tune is in my head now you gotta listen to it, too!  I RUN THIS BLOCK.
That sort of thing.  Also I don't wear a mask when I take out the garbage.  WOW what a thrill.  How exhilarating!  I can BREATHE all my little heart desires!  And I feel like I'm getting away with something!  It's great is the point I'm trying to make.  I CAN DO WITHOUT TAKING OUT THE RECYCLABLES.  Sure it's Exactly The Same Thing but I put it in a different bin next to the garbage bin.  I just don't like messing around with plastic bottles!  I feel like my time could be better spent elsewhere!  Also I like the environment but do I like it THAT much.  That I wanna recycle plastic?  I dunno!  I feel like that's going TOO FAR in the other direction.  Life requires a balance.  Pro-environment but only recycle OCCASIONALLY.  Once every now and then.  It's called FINDING MIDDLE GROUND.  Hey I wonder if I can find some middle ground.  Like halfway between the Earth's surface and... uh.. You Get The Idea.  Maybe you don't get the idea.  I envy you.
Wonderful.  I wonder if my other electric guitar works.  First I had one.  Then I started using a new one.  Then I eventually went back to the first one!  That's where I'm at now.  Now we're all up to date!  I'm up to date!  Send me your measurements through the magic of e-mail and I'll let you know if I want to set up a date to meet you.  For pizza or something.  It's up to you!  That sort of thing.  I don't know what measurements mean.  I kind of get that for breasts the higher in the alphabet you are the bigger your breasts are.  Also I'm GUESSING that for other parts of your body, the higher certain numbers are, the bigger it is.  But I wouldn't be able to conceptualize how big or small things are just by seeing a letter and/or a number.  GREAT it's what's INSIDE that counts.  You know like BLOOD AND GUTS.  Maybe some ORGANS if you're lucky.  That sort of thing!
Penultimate paragraph! BLOOD AND GUTS HUH.  That reminds me how I have Re-Animator III in store for when I have 2 more paragraphs written.  And then posted to the internet.  Also between those two activities I do a comprehensive spell check.  And correct 75% of the words.  And leave 20% of the words mis-spelled because they're called wrongly spelled because they're not really words but I'M okay with using them as words.  And then 5% of the time they're real words misspelled by accident but for some reason I go ya know what I'm gonna stick with my misspelling.  It LOOKS RIGHT.  Or maybe it SHOWS CHARACTER.  I'm KEEPiN' IT!  That's how that goes.  Also it's probably higher than 20% of originally misspelled words that are Not Words But I Keep Them Anyway.  It's probably more like 50%.  LOTTA FAKE WORDS I USE.  LIKE, "LOTTA."  False Contractions are one common example!  Is contraction the right word for this situation?  I dunno but if its not it's PRETTY CLOSE.
Last paragraph.  Also I hate it when pregnant ladies have false contractions.  Always bothering doctors I'M ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH.  NO LADY YOU'RE NOT.  THESE ARE FALSE CONTRACTIONS.  COME BACK LATER WHEN YOU'RE FOR REAL.  Not sure if that's an accurate depiction of the birthing process.  My guess is yes that's a very accurate depiction of the birthing process.  What else is going on.  I'm glad I never got the Xbox Series X: The New Kind Of Xbox There Is.  I got bored of playing Video Game I Started Out Liking over the course of a couple of weeks.  And I have no real desire to continue it OR start a new game even if I had it.  WHEW THAT'S A RELIEF.  I saved upwards of SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Between the hypothetical system and 3-4 hypothetical games to start with.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow with a new entry!  No old entries!  Maybe lots of old material!  But THE ORDER OF IT will be slightly different!

-1:25 P.M.




Friday, August 13, 2021


    Hey!  It's a SPOOKY DAY.  This happens roughly once every seven months.  ROUGHLY.  Lemme Look That Up.  What months are more likely to have a Friday The Thirteenth.  I don't wanna look that up.  I'm sure that for whatever reason there are slight differences in odds over a mid-length sample size.  LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.  I don't care.  I accepted Super market delivery just recently. YEAH.  That Weekly Chore is DONE with.  And all it took was FIFTEEN MINUTES to put stuff away, TEN MINUTES waiting by the door while they unload my stuff from their truck, and TWO HOURS checking the front door every eight minutes to see if they're there.  Do I need to check?  Probably not!  They'd ring the bell most likely!  But WE CAN'T BE SURE.  And there's MILK and the like.  I can't come to it several hours later.  MILK WOULD HAVE FROZEN BY THEN.
     Yeah!  Got some GINGER ALE.  Gotta be honest not so great.  It's okay.  I used to like Ginger Ale when I was a kid for TWO reasons.  One-- my Dad used to like it and He's My Main Male Role Model.  TWO-- I liked having it in small shot glasses and pretend I'm drinking alcohol.  WHAT FUN.  I'm a BIG BOY with an alcohol problem.  THREE-- why not it's a common enough genre of soda WHO AM I to not like it.  LOOK let's get it out of the way.  One meal for today is .95 of Chicken Pot Pie.  I'm going into it planning on leaving 5% over.  I don't know WHY.  I PARTIALLY know WHY.  Because I'm plotting out general potential calorie intake for the day.  But it's still DUMB.  If I don't wanna eat more I can stop.  If I'm still hungry I can finish it!  THE POINT IS the other meal is Some Steak and Potato and Carrots.  POSSIBLY NOT ENOUGH STEAK.  I'll add Some Sweet then.  A GRAHAM CRACKER or something.  YEAH.  I can't wait for the NEXT paragraphs.  I already Said All The Nothing There Is IN THESE PAST TWO ONES.  WHY AM I CAPITALIZING SO MUCH.
That sort of thing.  What have I been watching.  At least Three Re-animators are on a Free Streamer Site.  I'll binge 'em sure why not.  I'm happy for the actors in these movies.  The one guy whose the villain and half the movie he's a serious respectable brain surgeon and then the other half of the movie he's a disembodied head who wants to kill everyone.  What RANGE.  That actor WAS HAVING A BLAST AND A HALF.  I ENVY HIM.  I assume he was playing The Head.  And they didn't just cast a disembodied head who kind of looked and sounded like him.  UGH I'm sick of this ABLE-IST casting.  CAST A REAL DISEMBODIED HEAD what you think no disembodied heads are actors?  YOU DISCRIMATORY ASSHOLE.  Also his non-head body was up and around.  Gotta imagine that was played by a different actor.  Gotta imagine they cast A REGULAR GUY and just covered his head with something.  WHAT JERKS.
Hey I'm gonna go get coffee after this paragraph.  Delicious!  I better have a graham cracker with it just for good measure.  I CAN'T DO THAT I'M ON A DIET YOU IDIOT.  Anyway talked to my brother and we're all set to not go to concert.  Hey that's life I guess!  At least life for approximately eight days from now for the afternoon and evening.  That's the main part of life that this effects.  So I got that going for me!  Also I gave him 9 days notice and he didn't berate me for giving him such short notice.  I was hoping that'd be the case!  What if he threatened to kill me because I only gave him barely a week to adjust his scheduling.  Even worse what if he DID kill me?  That's one of the worst things that could happen to me!  Anyway.  I think people talk a lot about being scared of dying but who the Hell is scared of dying.  I think most people are scared of death.  Dying sounds kind of fun and exciting!  Assuming it's a Quick Unexpected Thing.  I guess a lot of people die slowly and unpleasantly.  In that case I am scared of dying.  NO I'M NOT.  BUT I SHOULD BE. I'll get around to being scared of that when I'm older and its more imminent!
    YEAH.  I don't know if anyone's ever threatened to kill me.  I guess I've lived a lucky life.  When I was a kid I had suicidal ideations a bit.  That's me threatening to kill myself.  Luckily I was able to talk myself down from it.  Which makes sense because it's TERRIBLE for me if I end up being dead.  A real net negative for myself!  Also how come religious people don't kill themselves all the time when they're kids.  Hey Heaven is great.  Way greater than Earth!  I wanna be there.  THIS IS EASY let's go for it.  Probably because In Religion they have to specify it's a sin to kill yourself.  I dunno not if you get CREATIVE about it.  If you do it in such a way that it can't be traced back to you, so that you fool God and the authorities, then sure you're gonna try killing yourself. 
Are there religions where there's a Heaven/Hell type deal and the person who decides if you go to Heaven or Hell is a Living Regular Person On Earth.  Like your preacher.  Assuming you die before him.  And you live your life knowing SHIT IT'S GONNA BE UP TO THIS GUY.  BETTER GET ON HIS GOOD SIDE.  How can you assume you die before him.  You can assume whatever you want I'm not here to tell you what you can and cannot assume.  What else is going on.  Sixth paragraph!  Great!  The Mets have been SURGING the last three games.  WHAT A HOT STREAK.  Anyway.  I hate it when you check the weather and it always tells you what it FEELS like.  It's seventy eight degrees but it feels like ninety two.  Look YOU IDIOT IT FEELS LIKE SEVENTY EIGHT BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT IS.  What YOU'RE saying ninety two feels like IS CLEARLY WRONG IT'S WHAT SEVENTY EIGHT FEELS LIKE YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT IS RIGHT NOW.
I feel like that's a good point.  A very good point!  Anyway.  When I was taking my first walk before Super market delivery I SAW THEIR TRUCK PARKED OUTSIDE THE POST OFFICE.  I guess the Post Office got a super market delivery!  Or they parked there and went across the street to Dunking Donuts.  NO I think it's that the Post Office needed super market supplies.  Either that or the supplies traveled through the post office and it's a secret we're not supposed to know.  But I KNOW.  Because I WAS THERE.  Yeah!  I don't like them getting Dunking Donuts on my dime!  But then again if I'm only paying them a dime you can't really blame them for operating outside my specific instructions.  Also it's better than them eating MY donuts.  In that respect they're making a responsible decision to get their own donuts.  I didn't get any donuts.  I kind of want a donut now, though.  Hey that's life.
     Eighth paragraph.
  Right now I WANT Chicken Pot Pie for first meal of the day but it would take 1.5 hours to heat up in oven and all things considered I might save it for evening meal.  I won't be AROUND 1.5 hours in a row pre-eating meal.  I can't turn on oven and then leave the house!  Sure I can!  My Dad'd be around to make sure nothing blows up.  But it's HOT outside today.  Oven makes it hotter inside.  In the evening its less hot!  Then it's time to turn on oven.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.  Presumably I'll end up doing something and then at the end of the day I can re-assess What I Ended Up Doing and think hard about whether I made the right decisions.  YEAH.  Right now Rocksmith is in stock but I'm not getting it right now for some reason . It just doesn't feel right!  But LATER TODAY if it's still in stock I anticipate it Feeling Right then!  Hopefully it'd still be in stock.  It says JUST ONE IS IN STOCK but I dunno I say 50% shot it's still there later in the day.  YEAH.
Wonderful.  I'd be fun to learn how to play the guitar.  I could play SOLOS and CHORDS.  The whole deal!  Anyway ninth paragraph.  The Mets are playing an evening game tonight!  I wonder if they can keep their hot streak going.  Also at the end of the game yesterday when Pete Alonso hit a walk off homerun they stripped him of his clothes and TALK ABOUT A HOT STREAK!!!!  Streaking is walking around without clothes.  Hot means attractive.  Also exclamation parks mean I have enthusiasm for the previous phrase or sentence.  That's how that sentence goes.  Is it allowed to have super soakers in the dugout.  Gotta imagine that in-between innings they can super soak each other to let off steam.  And also to cool down!  Then again I Hope You Brought Enough Super Soakers For Everyone including the other team definitely and possibly even the entire arena of people.  Possibly everyone on the face of the Earth!  I don't have all the details in front of me.
     Last paragraph for now.
Wonderful.  I can, "Dig," that!  Is there some kind of acid or something you can put in your super soaker that would kill people.  There's gotta be SOMETHING you can load in a super soaker that would kill and/or hurt people who are getting super soaked by your super soaker BUT THE CATCH IS it can't disintegrate your gun or anything while its being loaded.  Has to be able to rest in the super soaker chambers safely but when you shoot it it kills people.  I'm gonna have to look into this one.  Wonderful.  I feel like I alone have seen two dozen movies where its like we're gonna load water guns with holy water and shoot monsters!  I'm not talking about that.  We're in REALITY.  Monsters don't exist.  HOLY WATER doesn't exist.  Only people we want to kill with water guns.  THIS IS REAL LIFE OKAY?  Anyway hey the first act is over!  I'll be back in a little bit.




I'd Like To Read More

    Been watching a little bit of Little League Baseball on ESPN the last couple of days.  NOT IMPRESSED.  These kids are TERRIBLE.  Plus I'M BIGGER THAN MOST OF THESE IDIOTS.  You know, 11 and 12 year olds?  Also I JUST DON'T LIKE THEIR ATTITUDE.  Runner was on first and then EVERY PITCH the catcher accepts the pitch and then GETS UP and runs towards the base a little and pretends like he's gonna throw over.  To pick the guy off.  Not once because he thought the guy was getting too big a league.  EVERY PITCH.  He just HAS TO HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT doesn't he.  This is his big moment on TV and he's gonna milk it for all its worth.  BAD ATTITUDE.  Anyway I'm about 2-4 cups in with Ginger Ale and NOW I GET IT.  Starting to grow on me.  I like it at this point!
     What else.  Anyway.  I would think for kids Catcher is the hardest position there is.  Because you need to catch the ball ALL THE TIME.  Catching the ball 99+% of the time is IMPOSSIBLE for kids.  Even the best maybe catch catches they should catch 80% of the time.  So if you're playing Catcher YOU'RE GONNA LOOK THE FOOL ALL THE TIME.  Unless the team puts their best catcher at catcher.  Which they probably have to!  Pitcher needs to catch the ball all the time too when catcher throws ball back to pitcher.  Yeah but those are nice easy tosses.  ANYONE can make those catches.  Anyway I've got a lot of problems with these kids.  Not so much the premise of little league in general.  Or putting it on TV.  I just don't like the players!  Not Great, Too Small, and Bad Attitudes!
     Jeez.  Took my shower already.  Gonna take a TV break between Acts II and III instead.  I'm thinking perhaps an entire The Simpsons episode.  YEAH.  I'm thinking perhaps have complete coffee #2 with act III.  YEAH.  The point is I got a lot going for me today.  I can POSSIBLY get the Rocksmith game later.  I could get it now but I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT.  That sort of thing!  Anyway probably gonna check my weight in pounds tomorrow morning.  Nine days since last time!  I SHOULD have lost 2 pounds by then but I'd ACCEPT 1.5.  Less than 1.5 would be disappointment!  With each half pound less being more of a disappointment.  In reverse order?  You get the idea.  The point is I'm Ever So Close to Not Being Overweight.  YEAH.  I'm gonna be THIN as a mother fucker!  I dunno about being a mother fucker, though.  THAT part I'm not sure about.  Specifically if it's my mother I'm fucking.  In that scenario NO WAY I'M NOT ON BOARD WITH THAT 110%.  If I'm fucking someone else's mother SURE on a case by case basis I could be okay with that.  As long as their father is out of the picture.  I don't need to be an accessory to adultery!  That ain't my scene!
     What else is going on.  LOOK did I just have 1.5 Doritos YES I DID.  And does that mean I should check my weight in 2 days instead of tomorrow for various reasons of calculations and formulas YES MAYBE.  A little bit can make a big difference in those formula calculations!  Either way took another look at steak and ya know what there's a decent amount of steak.  Wouldn't be quite enough alone with the sides.   Maybe HALF A Graham'd Cracker with it.  I like the sound of that.  I haven't had a Graham Cracker in several weeks.  Per my recollections they're a blast and a half!  So half of one would be roughly 75% of a Blast.  Well that's halfway there so that's not bad.  Hey what's going on again.  I forgot how long I've Been Talking About Nothing.  Definitely back to the beginning of this paragraph.  How far back This Current Nothing goes is anyone's guess.  You just read it presumably.  You'd make a good guess I bet.  Good for you I envy you.
     Last paragraph of the Act!  Yeah!  I don't believe it!  Wonderful.  What else is going on.  I can watch more Little League when this paragraph is over instead of The Simpsons.  One of them is bound to do something that impresses me.  Either in Baseball or in Character.  Or in being taller than me!  That wouldn't impress me.  It would anger me.  How dare they and whatnot would be my impression.  I feel like someone could do something Characterwise though.  I dunno WHAT but that's why THEY'RE the little leaguers.  The top little leaguers!  I dunno I was just ASSUMING these were the top little leaguers.  Maybe I'm just watching a random game of 11 and 12 year olds.  That would explain why I think so lowly of them.  Either way hey this act is over.  I'll be back soon.




What An Achievement

    Hey!  Watched a bit of Bride Of Re-Animator: The 2nd of 3 Re-Animator Movies between Acts.  I enjoy it!  I know they say that the sequels aren't as good as the original but YES THEY DO SAY THAT.  I just wanted to let you know what they say!  Also are they right PROBABLY.  I've watched the sequels 1-2 times before each and don't remember them being special.  But they're GOOD ENOUGH.  I ASSUME.  I DON'T REMEMBER ENOUGH TO SAY THAT CONFIDENTLY EITHER.  Oh well that's part of life.  Repeating things people have said and then adding on your own impression that you lack the conviction to stand behind because you haven't seen those movies enough.  Anyway I got coffee going on.  More ginger ale.  Since accepting Super Market Delivery I've had 5 cups of soda and ALL GINGER ALE.  When possible I like to go back and forth between sodas.  NOT NOW.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS GINGER ALE.
Wonderful.  Got Little League going on in the background.  I assume.  I turned it on and then turned it on mute.  I can't see it this second but I'm guessing it's still there!  YEP THERE IT IS.  Wonderful.  I saw one streaming service had Weekend At Bernie's available and it was listed under Drama.  And at first I was like that's hilarious it's obviously a come... WAIT A SECOND MAYBE THEY'RE ON TO SOMETHING.  Can we technically call Weekend At Bernie's a comedy?  When WE ALL KNOW it has zero laughs?  Maybe if you had to pick a genre it IS a drama.  YEAH.  I think I had Weekend At Bernie's II on VHS but not I.  OR I just happened to see it several times on TV and never the first one.  Either way I forget what the point is.  Here's a good pithy review for Weekend At Bernie's-- AFTER WATCHING THIS MOVIE FOR 90 MINUTES I WISH I WERE DEAD TOO.  I ENVY THIS BERNIE CHARACTER.  JUST END MY LIFE NOW FOR THE LOVE OF GOOD.  Somethin' to that!  Maybe I didn't phrase it in the most economical way but the critic preferring being dead for the rest of their life to seeing the rest of this movie is a fair criticism to make!
     Anyway.  I'm looking forward to Steak Dinner for lunch now that I think about it.  All parts.  I can imagine myself enjoying each individual ingredient all the way down to the Presumable Half Graham Cracker.  Also it's half a Pretty Big Graham Cracker relatively speaking.  So half of that isn't tiny.  Also for days if not weeks whenever I write Graham Cracker I think of Billy Graham.  Who was some TV Evangelicist guy.  Maybe I'm being unfair calling him TV.  Maybe I'm being more than fair!  I don't know all the details in front of me as of now.  What kind of preacher goes by BILLY.  If he wants us to take him seriously the obvious way to go is WILLIAM.  If you REALLY wanted to be an unconventional about it BILL is more than familial enough.  Billy?  GOD WOULD DISAPPROVE PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Either way that's all I have to say about that.  Yeah you could have assumed that even without that sentence.  If I just moved on to the next paragraph and started talking about something else I doubt you'd be like, "Yeah but He's got MORE to say about this, right?  When is he gonna get to that?"  That's you talking.  Hypothetical you.  Something like that.  I FORGET.
     Penultimate paragraph.  This level of Little League is State Vs State.  I dunno which state to root for!  I guess I could take that on a game-by-game basis.  Up till now I've just been rooting for every player and team to fail.  Now I realize I gotta pick a time to root for!  What teams are playing Right Now.  Massachusetts vs New Hampshire.  I DON'T CARE ABOUT MASSACHUSETTS OR NEW HAMPSHIRE.  I have NOTHING invested, pro or con, for those two states.  Maybe root for New Hampshire.  Is that even a state.  New Hampshire.  That doesn't sound right.  Maybe some sort of township or something.  Either way fine I'll root for New Hampshire.  HEY New Hampshire is up 2-0 in the bottom of the 4th.  AND THREATENING TO ADD MORE TO THAT.  I believe Little League games are six innings.  Based on Something.  I forget what.
     Last paragraph!  NEW HAMPSHIRE JUST HIT A DOUBLE TO SCORE TWO MORE RUNS.  They're running away with this game.  Massachusetts must feel terrible about this.  All their dreams are going up in smoke!  Anyway what else is going on.  WAIT A SECOND THE GUY MADE IT ALL THE WAY TO THIRD BASE.  That's right A TRIPLE the most exciting play in baseball.  So exciting I stopped watching when it still looked like it would be a double.  Guy hit it into the gap and the outfielders were getting to it and I was like WELL I'VE SEEN ENOUGH I know what's gonna happen here.  I was way off!  New pitcher coming in for Mass and guess what HE'S NO TALLER THAN I AM.  Same height as me!  What an idiot.  Anyway great the entry is over for the day.  I'll be back tomorrow with more.

-2:08 P.M.




Thursday, August 12, 2021

I'll Come Back Later

    Hey!  What's going on.  Not a lot per my first impressions.  I did the same stuff after entry yesterday as I do most days!  And the stuff I hadn't done most days WILL BE done Upcoming Most Days.  Like watching FARGO.  That'll be a solid Most Days for a week and a half, maybe two weeks.  MORE OF AN EVENING ACTIVITY.  That'll make it last a bit longer.  Evening isn't most of the day at all!  Maybe a third of the day per my Being Awake hours.  Depends on what you decide is the evening!  I say roughly six to ten PM.  Maybe it depends on the time of year.  Can it be evening when sun is still out?  IT SURE CAN.  You heard it here first.  Also if Evening is 6-10, LESS THAN A THIRD OF MY DAY.  Let's talk about it!  We just did.  Let's talk about something else then!  Sounds good!
Mets won one game yesterday and the other game was rain delayed.  HOLY SMOKES WHAT A DAY.  I feel like something bad happened to me yesterday.  I might be thinking of something good.  Also it's very possible nothing happened to me yesterday.  That's life I guess.  Wearin' a nice shirt today.  Good shirt!  Underrated shirt by me!  When I was younger I wasn't a huge fan of this shirt or the 1-3 other similar shirts I have.  Nowadays?  Nice Shirt!  It's like a jersey shirt without any design.  Main body is a nice blue an sleeves are very dark blue.  WOW THAT DOES SOUND LIKE A NICE SHIRT.  I dunno if its really a Jersey Shirt.  I don't know what words mean roughly a fifth of the time!  Anyway have an entire 1 2 liter bottle of soda saved up for today.  Before re-upping tomorrow!  I can make that last the day.  I'm not happy about it but it's better than Past Times when I didn't even have this.  SURE I'm getting 2 more bottles of soda next delivery and Why It's Only Two Bottles Of Ginger Ale.
Wonderful!  Rocksmith 2014 for Xbox 360 With Cable Included will be IN STOCK SOON according to Amazon.  They could easily be lying but if they're not I'm gonna get it.  Really!  This time I mean it!  The other times I meant it too!  But this time not only do I mean it but it might actually pan out!  Anyway.  Still holdin' onto big winged bug!  I wanna look up on the internet what kinda bug it is.  Then I can get rid of it.  I'm saving it for SCIENCE and THE PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE.  I have a couple of ideas what I could have for dinner tonight.  GREAT I'M ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT.  You might wanna sit back for this it's more comfortable and there's less of a chance you'd fall down and hurt yourself.  OKAY NOW I'M SITTING BACK.  Probably steak either way but if we get it from one place I'll also get Frenched Toast for tomorrow.  WOW IT'S A GOOD THING I WAS SITTING DOWN FOR THAT. ...BECAUSE I LIKE SITTING DOWN.  MORE COMFORTABLE.
Hey great.  Go get my coffee after this paragraph. I will go get it.  I'm not ordering you to get it.  That's impossible!  Because of the dimensions of Space And Time.  Anyway I watched three Fargos last night and I was enjoying them at the time but now that I've had some sleep and an hour or two to re-calibrate might be too much Fargos.  I don't know where that feeling comes from exactly and why it's my true feeling but hey there it is that's life.  GREAT the more I don't watch it the more I have to watch later.  GREAT.  Got Chipotle for lunch today.  CHICKEN BASED Chipotle.  That sounds okay.  I've heard words that sound worse than that!!! Off the top of my head?  Hmm.  What's a really shitty sounding word.  Hmm this is a tough one.  Let me go get a dictionary and pick a word completely at random.  And the conceit is This Word Is The Shittiest Sounding Word.  LMLTURQ.  HMM first I need to find my dictionary.   I thought I knew where a dictionary was.  It's not there!  LMLTURQ some more.  MAUN.  That's the word.  MAUN.  It was in The Scrabble Player's Official Dictionary.  What does it mean?  I don't know!  And there's no way to find out!  Wait a second yes there is.  A Scotch form of Maun, Must.  Also according to Google I would also accept Maun, Batswana.  A city.  I don't know what the Hell EITHER of those things mean.  The second one I sorta do.  It's a place.  I get that.  Here comes coffee!
     Places count as words in Scrabble, right?  Maybe not.  Too many places!  That'd make too many words.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE THEY'RE NO GOOD.  Luckily we can still use MAUN because of it being a Scotch form of MAUN.  SO MAUN IS A FORM OF MAUN.  WOW THIS DEFINITION IS GREAT.  What else is going on.  Looks like probably my Dad'll be able to get a 3rd Booster Shot soon.  Not official yet but that's how it looks!  GREAT.  He's gonna be the object of envy across the town.  Everyone is like HOLY SHIT I WISH I COULD GET THAT SHIRT SHOT.  ALSO BY SHIRT I MEAN THIRD.  THAT SORT OF THING.  It's odd that EVERYONE concurrently made that same mistake with, "Third," and, "Shirt."  Then again IS IT so odd?  Then again YES It Is.  Two Mets game today!  Presumably!  I'd enjoy watching roughly 25% of those games pending what happens in them!
     Anyway.  FRANCISCO LINDOR MAKING PROGRESS re: COMING BACK FROM INJURY.  I'm excited about it!  I only saw maybe a week of him since I got TV and watched games.  I bet he RUNS AROUND a lot and uses his glove and/or bat to Do Good Baseball.  I'm excited for him to come back!  That sort of thing!  What is this the sixth paragraph.  YEAH.  Anyway.  In The Mornings I think about playing Call Of Duty II and get excited about it.  Then later in the day when entry is over and I can play it I've lost enthusiasm!  PART OF IT is that sometimes it takes 1-5 minutes to get the game loaded.  I open Xbox Tray.  I put Game In.  DOESN'T RECOGNIZE THE GAME.  What I have to do is open and close the tray 10-20 times until it's finally like Oh okay NOW I get it okay Play Away.  It's not that much effort or time but it's just enough to dissuade me from gettin' started on playin'.
     Anyway.  Maybe I can watch some sort of DVD!!!! Why though.  I have enough TV I can watch.  Plenties of TVs!  LOOK upon further introspection I THOUGHT I could get a brand new copy of Rocksmith but now I'm thinking maybe I can only get previously sold copies!  Maybe what confused me is its possible there's old sold copies that have never been opened.  Which if I have to settle for MAYBE I DO.  But I'm more of a Buy New Copies guy.  Don't go for the Used Copies generally JUST NOT MY THING.  However it makes a ton of sense.  Presumably you're not getting ripped off ~80, 90% of the time.  And a used copy of a video game or something... who cares!  They don't GO BAD.  The main reason not to do it is because you might be getting ripped off!  No rip off no problem!  I HATE GETTING RIPPED OFF.  IT'S TERRIBLE.
Anyway.  I mean I can IMAGINE getting a used game and it's real and it works but it takes a long time to load.  And there's a message on the screen this game been used a lot... give me some extra time... already been used plenty... but In Real Life I don't think that actually happens.  But yes we can all vaguely imagine it sure!  Eighth paragraph!  I don't believe it.  Gotta call my brother later today to cancel concert.  Me going to the concert.  I'm not gonna try to cancel the concert completely!  I'd have no motive!  If you don't live with elderly people and specifically one whose immunocompromised Hey Go Ahead And Have A Blast at concert!  Now I might want to cancel it out of SPITE but that's another story.  Sounds like the same story to me.  Yeah but it's a part of the story we don't need to get into now!  We can get into it later!  Me having spite and wanting to cancel concert!  I'll get to it maybe in the latter part of Act II!
     Anyway.  MAN I'm gonna have Mets Game on with ACT II of entry.  Roughly.  I dunno how I'll arrange Partially Paying Attention To Game OR Not with writing entry.  But they will be happening at the same TIME if not at the same PLACE (My Room).  What else is going on.  Did I tell you I had a dream 2 or 3 nights ago I catapulted into 2nd place in my Fantasy Baseball League?  I might have said it because it was a great feeling but I also might not have said it because I forgot about it.  Either way I said it now!  WOW WHAT A SCOOP.  I was gonna say what a story.  But scoop is a fun word to say, too!  Ninth paragraph.  Hey we're gettin' there!  There being Done.  Done being with this act, and relatively this entry, and relatively MY LIFE.  Wonderful.  Now I'm getting sense New Governor is pretty conservative.  Oh well that's life!  We can VOTE HER OUT in roughly a year plus a few stray months here or there.  WAIT NO THAT'S NO GOOD.  That'd be voting her out of GENERAL election.  We want to vote her out in PRIMARY.  If we're voting her out of GENERAL that's even worse than keeping her!  Also I don't want her for governor but I would vote for her for GENERAL.
Last paragraph of the act!  HMM now's a good time to do some updated research on when I can buy marijuana.  I haven't checked on that since Cuomo Resigned!  I don't see much new information.  Odd.  You'd think there'd be websites that have 24 hour Twitter-Blog updates that give us the latest SCOOPS every 2 hours.  PEOPLE CARE ABOUT IT A LOT.  Sure I'm in a groove of writing D+ Material but I have to stop after the next few sentences.  I can't write MORE than 10 paragraphs in an act.  Both because it would confuse people and also II can't write MORE than 10 paragraphs in act where the MORE is halfway decent.  I literally can't do it!  I can't even do it where the LESS is halfway decent!  HEY GREAT JUST GREAT.  WHAT IF I WROTE ONE BONUS PARAGRAPH.  THAT'S FINE RIGHT.  ONE is nothing.  It's PRACTICALLY nothing.  It's as close to nothing as any positive integer in the world.  And TIED with -1 for ANY integer in the world.
     YEAH.  Anyway what else is going on.  Oh right I have nothing to say.  We'll see if I can work around that.  Also I'm looking forward to seeing BAEZ back in action for the Mets sometime soon hopefully.  I got burnt out on him for striking out every at bat but now that it's been a couple of days without him playing I'm back on board!  I bet he can contribute to the team in a barely positive way.  BARELY POSITIVE?  YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.  POSITIVE.  Better than him not being in the lineup is the point.  That's POSITIVE.  That's what ya get with a Javy Baez!  A better line up than if you just had eight players playing.  Anyway great what else is going on.  Hey this paragraph is over.  It was worthwhile because I half Zinged Baez and half Praised him.  That was the entire paragraph.  HEY GREAT.  I'll be back in a little bit.




That's One Way To Look At It

    Hey!  First Mets game of the day starts pretty soon.  I doubt I'll be able to finish the Act before the game starts but we'll have to wait and see.  We can't Wait And See.  If we're waiting NO WAY I'll finish the act before the game starts.  I'd be busy waiting!  YEAH HOW ABOUT THAT I CAME UP WITH THAT LAUGH-EM-UP ON MY WALK.  That's life unfortunately.  Anyway gonna take a shower after Act II hopefully.  Then write Act III!  Then take another walk!  You get the deal you know what my schedule is.  Almost as well as I do!  I was gonna say better than I do but lets be honest I Know My Schedule PRETTY well.  I spend most of my time thinking about it!  During Free Time, during Work Time, all I think about is what's comin' up next on schedule.  It's good because, well, I don't know why it's good!  I'm okay with it, though!
    WOW I CAN BET 100 DOLLARS THAT BRANDON NIMMO WILL HIT A HOMERUN TO WIN 600 DOLLARS?  THIS IS THE BEST PRE-GAME SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN.  How do Sportscasters feel about this.  Gotta imagine a lot of them don't like being cheapened and exploited by Big Gambling.  Oh well they better shut their mouths and do their jobs if they know what's good for them!  They can't shut their mouths and do their jobs.  Talking is the main part of their job.  Other than paperwork.  Every job has paperwork.  I GUESS.  Anyway there's been a lot of commercials lately about Chicken Sandwiches from Fast Food Restaurants.  And ya know what? H ALFWAY MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  I think about getting a nice Fast Food Chicken Sandwich WEEKLY.  But I never do!  Too unhealthy.  Plus I'd have to commit to three meals or so ordering a Fast Food from door dash.  So they got me on board but ultimately unless I buy a chicken sandwich their ad campaign is a failure.  Maybe they got other people to buy chicken sandwiches.  That's their business not mine.
     Anyway.  I think I said THAT EXACT THING about a month or two ago.  The point is YES I still think about it ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK.  And I still haven't gone and gotten 'em!  I got a CHICKEN BASED BURRITO BOWL from a Fast Food but that's an entirely different thing.  Chicken sandwiches are fried.  This isn't!  I don't know what it is!  I don't think it's grilled!  Something between fried and grilled.  I GUESS.  There was a Macdonald's Banner behind Home Plate for Mets game that said Steal Bases, Not Fries.  I wasn't even THINKING of stealing fries.  Why would you assume we're all thinking about stealing frenched fries???  Also SURE after I thought about it I was like oh Oh they're talking about like you get something from Mcdonalds and the other person gets fries and you have their fries.  Stealing them from that person.  But if you're BOTH getting McDonalds and you WANT fries YOU'RE GETTING FRIES.  You don't care about health THE REST of your meal that YOU GOT was clearly from McDonald's too.  Anyway I GET IT BUT I DON'T LIKE IT.
     Yeah!  Not happy with my Capitalization Choices the last few sentences.  Think I made things LESS clear as opposed to more.  That's life I guess!  Hmm at this rate I'll definitely be able to fit in shower before my Dad takes his walk.  SCHEDULING UPDATE.  HMM if I get Deli instead of Diner as my Mom wants YES I miss out on Frenched Toast for tomorrow's lunch but I can have Chicken Pot Pie instead!  I haven't had that in WEEKS.  And it's RELATIVELY GOOD, RELATIVELY HEALTHY, AND PRETTY LONG-LASTING in terms of how long it takes to eat the meal.  You can get LOTSA bites in is the point.  Also I avoid to eat as much peas and pieces of corn as I can.  That makes it healthier!  It's just crust and whatever that weird whiteish sauceiesh creamish filling thing filling is.  WOW ALL THOSE ADJECTIVES SOUND HEALTHY TO ME.
  Maybe I do finish this act before Mets Game starts.  I have an entire 4 minutes to write this paragraph!  Uh oh.  Looking back on the last 10-15 minutes, I've clearly wrote 4+ paragraphs, and I don't remember saying A Single Thing.  I DON'T like those odds.  Oh well that's part of life.  Not liking odds!  And it's even WORSE because I Know What Happened.  I'm saying I don't like the odds of something that Definitely Already Happened.  The odds are ONE.  The Negative Thing HAS HAPPENED.  Uh oh I want this paragraph to end so I can run away to take a shower and put all these bad memories behind me once and for all.  I like the sound of that!  What else is going on.  I really should write a few more sentences for this paragraph.  Just to keep things nice and even.  I guess that and/or this counts for that.  I'll be back soon!




Maybe That's Not My Problem

    HEY I'm gonna get Super Market Graham Crackers tomorrow!  Just thought of it!  Just added it to order!  DELICIOUS IMAGINE ALL THOSE CINNAMONS.  Anyway took a shower.  Got coffee #2!  Wonderful just wonderful.  Got Mets game PAUSED.  The first inning JUST ENDED.  I'll return to it either when this act is over or if I feel like it sometime before then.  It all depends on what I feel like!  That's life when you're an adult!  When you're a kid you gotta do what other people feel like you should do!  At some point that power is transferred to YOU YOURSELF.  HOLY SMOKES THIS IS GREAT.  Anyway.  I only have six pieces of gum left for 4 walks.  At first I was like OH NO I CAN ONLY CHEW GUM THREE OUT OF THE FOUR WALKS.  I chew 2 pieces at a time.  I'ma GENIUS though because I realized I can chew gum each walk, 2 walks are only with 1 piece though.  HOLY SMOKES WHAT A GENIUS.
  HEY this game is only 7 innings.  The first inning is over?  WHY IT'S ALMOST LIKE THE THIRD INNING IS OVER in a regular game.  WOW THIS ZERO ZERO GAME's stakes JUST WERE RAISED by four half innings.  You might know it as 2 full innings.  I'm a genius because I can realize they're equivalent!  HMM I wonder how the Mets game is going.  Remote is all the way halfway across the room, though.  Hmm this is a tough one.  Do I continue sitting indefinitely and forego the Mets game.  Or do I go get the remote and watch the Mets game and then later watch some Fargo.  HEY I LIKE THE ODDS OF THAT.  HEY The Mets have only allowed one home run since five minutes ago!  I said that before I checked.  I feel comfortable that will end up being accurate.  Let's See!  HEY it was 12 minutes and they allowed NO homeruns.  Wow this game is going GREAT.
     It took me 12 minutes to write that 1.8 paragraphs?  That TERRIBLE 1.8 paragraphs?  I don't like the odds of that!  I like 7 inning games because I feel good for the bullpen that they will be 2 less innings over-worked for the several few days surrounding the 7 inning game.  Then again Relievers WANT to pitch.  It's their job.  It's FUN for them and it's how they make their money.  So I feel bad for relievers for 7 inning games.  They wanna get in there PUT 'EM IN THEY CAN HANDLE THE WORKLOAD.  I've done a complete FIVE FORTY.  Is that an accurate multiple of 180.  360 + 180.  Gotta be 540.  Right?  MUST BE.  I'll look into that in a little bit.  In the meantime what else is going on.  HEY they just showed Hot Dogs on the Mets Broadcast.  I can get that tonight from Deli.  I dunno STEAK IS SAFER.  Probably a little healthier, more to the meal in terms of Bites Allowed... Then again ya gotta go with your gut.  And my gut is telling me STEAK IS STILL THE WAY TO GO but hot dogs would be delicious and a half.
Penultimate paragraph!  People having their gut telling them things must have started SOMEWHERE physiologically.  It's not just a turn of phrase.  At some point in human history people were getting feelings from the gut area that tell them what to do or think or eat.  HMM this thought appears to be COMING FROM MY GUT.  I've never felt that per my limited recollection of my life but I can see how in history that could have happened to people now and again!  Hey THE METS hit a homerun.  Well, one of them.  Brandon Nimmo.  FUCK WHY DIDN'T I BET THAT HUNDRED DOLLARS ON NIMMO.  Now I REALLY hate Gambling Analysis on Pregame shows.  Anyway that's how life goes.  Also why didn't I bet TEN MILLION DOLLARS on Nimmo.  I'd have SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS.  Now I feel REALLY dumb.  Because of this paragraph.  Not because I didn't bet 10 million dollars on Nimmo hitting a home run.  I don't have 10 million dollars.
And I NEVER will with that attitude!  Anyway hey its the last paragraph of the entry.  Also maybe I didn't say that earlier in the entry.  I think I did!  But if not, that was the bet they were talking about on Pre-Game show today.  Bet 100 to win 600 that Nimmo will home run today.  And by today I think I mean Just Game One of today.  DAMNIT.  On the other hand this is GREAT NEWS because it's a big bite in the ass of Betting Website.  All those people betting Nimmo would hit a homerun, this gambling website must be OUT OF BUSINESS with all the money they owe now.  SEE YOU IN HELL GAMBLING BUSINESS ORGANIZATION I DON'T SEE HOW YOU COULD RECOVER FROM THIS ONE.  Hey well the entry is over now.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:00 P.M.




Wednesday, August 11, 2021

This Is Going To Be A Blast And/Or A Half

    Hello friends.  I haven't made any progress in Call Of Duty II lately!  It takes me FORTY FIVE seconds to get from the corner of the map I start off at From Last Checkpoint to where the action is.  And that action is HARD to beat.  So I have to try many times and I need to WALK FOR ALMOST A MINUTE to get there each time.  COUNT ME OUT.  I'll try again LATER.  The point is at least I figured out the simplest, quickest route to get there.  The quickest route between two points is a straight line.  NOT WHEN THERE'S OBSTACLES IN THE WAY.  The quickest route between two points is maneuvering around obstacles.  There that's better.  Anyway I figured out how to get onto HULU on my TV!  This is great!  They've got The Fargo!  Also I resumed watching Tales From The Twilight Zone in chronological order!  When they were released on TV chronological.  Not in the time the episode takes place in.  THEY TAKE IN A DIMENSION BEYOND TIME.  AND/OR SPACE.  Pretty hard to do chronological order in a dimension beyond time and space!  Also SPATIAL order.
    The point is The Fargo is the main thing for now!  I watched the first episode.  WOW this is great I continually thought.  Augmented by AND THERE'S PLENTY MORE.  What else is going on.  On the same Time Chronology Schedule today as I've been the last few days.  Right where I've been at this point in time!  Routine-wise!  OH RIGHT I was gonna look up How Much Does The Standard Bowel Movement Weigh.  LMLTURQ.  AROUND A QUARTER POUND TO A POUND.  Wow that's a lot of shit!  What else is going on.  Haven't thought much more about Concert re: Me Going To It.  As of now I'm still not going to it.  Re: Concert.  Oh No my Mom and Me mutually decided to throw out my Elliott Smith shirt. By which I mean she threw it out and I JUST HAD TO DEAL WITH IT.  This shirt is from 2007.  It's served me well!  But there was a small rip-tear underneath the right armpit.  I guess the shirt is ruined??? I thought it was okay.  That's the STYLE these days.  Oh well.  Also FOR CONTEXT this was a BROWN SHIRT.  And on the right side it had the words ELLIOTT SMITH with some sort of balloon or rose or something SIDEWAYS.  The words were sideways!  As well as the thing on a string or something!  You gotta be perpendicular to me to read them properly!  OH WELL THAT'S OVER WITH.
     What else is going on.
  The Mets didn't lose yesterday!  They showed some great strategy by having the game suspended due to rain.  Well done!  What do I got to be excited about for today.  Lunch'll probably be Chipotle.  I was excited about that yesterday.  Right now I've momentarily lost enthusiasm for it.  Gotta imagine it'll come back around.  Gotta imagine a bowel movement made by Chipotle weighs more.  Also I assume we should be more proud of heavier bowel movements?  The heavier the more we're accomplishing?  That's my instinct.  Either we're more proud of heavy or we're equally proud no matter what.  I can't see people being like I MADE THE SMALLEST SHIT THIS IS GREAT.  Sounds dumb to me!  THEN AGAIN...  Small shits are more CLEAN and TIDY and CLEAN.  No fuss no muss. 
     Wonderful.  Are The Mets playing a double header today?  I don't know!  I get the sense that Yes Something Along Those Lines.  Hey I'm gonna go with some coffee after this paragraph.  That's great just great!  I CAN'T WATCH FARGO WHEN THIS ENTRY IS OVER.  Fargo is more of an EVENING thing.  I gotta figure out an EARLY AFTERNOON thing.  DAMNIT THIS IS HARD.  NO ONE TOLD ME LIFE WOULD BE THIS HARD.  Yeah!  Maybe some The Simpsons.  Maybe some Video Game.  I don't KNOW.  Anyway I killed a bug in my room last night that had A HUGE WINGSPAN.  I thought it was a butterfly at first.  The wings were roughly ONE POINT FIVE TO TWO INCHES long.  That's a lotta wing for a bug whose mucking around in my room.  Somehow it was easy to kill.  I had to get up on Chair to reach it while it was resting on Top Of Wall Near Ceiling.  But while I tried to get it with paper towel it just STAYED there.  Didn't fly away at all.  Almost like it didn't care it was about to die. HMM.  Either way I didn't get rid of it yet!  It feels wrong to dispose of such a notable bug.  Such big wings!  I'm gonna hold onto this one indefinitely for a while! 
    I've watched 2-4 Twilight Zones in the last 18 hours and 2 or 3 of them were parodied in Simpsons Tree House Of Horror episodes.  AND they're all episodes I hadn't known were parodies of Twilight Zone episodes.  WOW NOW I HAVE CONTEXT.  Wonderful.  So far I enjoy Fargo.  Did I want to watch the movie ahead of time to get in the spirit?  For Context Spirit?  YES but I couldn't find it fore free!  That was a good story.  What's another good story I can tell you.  Have enough soda to last me 2 days until I re-up with Super Market Delivery just barely if I work in Some Glasses Of Water.  If I start working in the water immediately I can stretch it out until Friday.  Hey that's ANOTHER good story.  Maybe I've got a third good story.  I might play a video game later as an Early Afternoon Activity.  THAT'S A TERRIBLE STORY.  IT HAS TOO MANY OPEN ENDS.  UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. 
Oh well that's life I guess.  Finished Jeepers Creepers.  I like it because villain is 80% scary unstoppable monster who eats people but ALSO he's 20% Some Jerk.  He's mostly a monster who eats people but he's ALSO An Asshole.  Interesting.  The Mets did give up a three run homerun in first inning of the baseball episode yesterday which presumably will be continued today but they also came out SWINGIN in their half inning.  So that was a nice change of pace.  Not only were they SWINGIN but they occasionally put the ball in play.  WOW NOW WE'RE TALKIN'.  Anyway what else is going on.  I wonder what kind of Progressive will run in Governor Primary Democratic Edition 2022 To Remember New York State Tough.  Gotta imagine SOME Kind.  I guess. 
     Wonderful.  I don't know what Meat Filling to get with Chipotle Tough Burrito Bowl To Remember.  I'm going to get TWO.  One for today one for tomorrow.  ONE filling will be STEAK.  It's arguably the most delicious and also arguably the least calories according to Website.  I dunno if that's for today or tomorrow, though!  And I don't know which filling to have the other day.  WOW THIS IS A GREAT STORY.  I hope there's more to it!  My interested has just been whetted I need there to be more!  Maybe get LETTUCE in the burrito bowls.  YEAH NOW WE'RE TALKING.  THIS EPIC IS ONE FOR THE AGES.  HEY this is how double headers work for suspended games.  Game that started YESTERDAY will be the full 9 innings but new game today will be 7 innings.  THAT'S A BORING STORY.  I WANT TO LEAVE NOW.  NOT JUST THIS WEBSITE BUT MY LIFE.
Wow.  Imagine being such a crappy writer people kill themselves because of you.  You're having a real NET NEGATIVE impact on the world with that kind of input into the world.  Unless they're bad people.  Maybe.  I dunno.  What is this the seventh paragraph?  EIGHTH.  That's the best news I've heard all minute!  Who would be a good surprise Progressive Candidate for NY Tough Governor To Remember that'd come out of nowhere.  HMM.  Maybe it's impossible to think of one.  If I can think of them then they're not completely surprising and/or out of nowhere.  DAMNIT.  Off the top of my head the best logical candidate might be Zephyr Teachout.  I remember her from previous elections as being a progressive candidate.  Also Fun Name.  Other than that I know very little about her.  My first instinct was she was a teacher but my IMMEDIATE second and third instinct was no that's not right I'm just thinking that Because Of Her Name.  So that settles that once and for all!  ZEPHYR is recognized as a word.  I guess Microsoft Front Page 2002 knows better than I do!  Better LTURQ other uses for ZEPHYR on the internet.  "A SOFT GENTLE BREEZE."  "A FINE COTTON GINGHAM."  Oh it's a GINGHAM.  Of course.
I was just gonna leave it at that but lets be honest I MUST know what a Gingham is.  Some sort of cotton cloth.  WELL GREAT now I have to know what a CLOTH is.  Anyway lets move on.  Ninth paragraph!  I don't believe it.  Wearing a nice long sleeve shirt.  This may possibly be my only long sleeve shirt.  Off the top of my head I can't think of another one!  Nice shirt though.  One of my favorites.  That's life!  I've got a button down shirt I wear sometimes.  That's got long sleeves.  GREAT I DON'T CARE GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Wonderful.  Based on just the last one or two nights, I'm settling into a nice groove of things to bingewatch on The Television Set.  FARGO.  SIMPSONS.  TALES FROM THE TWILIGHT ZONE.  Maybe get back to ASH VERSUS THE EVIL DEAD.  A FIFTH THING.  A NINTH THING.  A THIRD THING OTHER THAN THE THIRD THING I ALREADY SAID.
Last paragraph for the act!  Let's get it done with.  I wonder when I'm gonna get rid of the bug.  I should just do it right now.  But man those wings I'm NEVER gonna get over this.  The Asshole Monster in Jeepers Creepers had wings.  Like some sort of GARGOYLE.  Is that relevant to this situation.  Nothing is relevant to this situation.  It's an irrelevant situation to begin with.  Hey that's life I guess.  Bought some GUM from STORE yesterday.  I used QUARTERS.  And another SILVER DOLLAR.  When talking about Dollar Coins a day or two ago I as like these mean nothing I've used them one to two dozens of times.  Now I realize WAY MORE THAN THAT.  When I used Long Island Railroad in non-high school situations where I was buying Single Tickets at Vending Machine, they give you dollar coins as change!  I've gotten and used them dollar coins ALL THE TIMES.  WHEW I had inaccurate information on the website for a while, but Now it's been Accuratized!  GREAT.  I'm gonna be back in a little bit.





I Have No Problem With That

    LOOK did I just break out the ruler and measure the bug's wingspan and it was only 1 and a quarter inches YES.  Also LOOK why does Fargo have to be an Evening Activity.  I can watch FARGO (As it's stylized in this sentence) in the Afternoon!  What else is going on.  There's FORTY episodes of Fargo.  That's a lot of episodes!  That's the same as EIGHTY episodes of a half an hour show.  And even WAY MORE of a 22 minute show.  How long is standard FARGO episode.  You'd think that's be relevant information when estimating how much longer it is than other shows.  AROUND FIFTY MINUTES.  Wonderful.  I forgot why I cared about that.  Oh right.  So I know what to expect going into this experience.
Wonderful.  MAYBE CARNITAS: PORK as non-Steak burrito bowl filling.  You heard it here first!  I HOPE so.  If you heard that information somewhere else before just now I gotta wonder what's going on in that scenario.  And how can I get out of this scenario.  Not only is some entity knowing what kind of burrito bowl I want before I do, which is bad enough, but they're sharing that information with YOU on the internet?  Not even just with Others on the internet.  With YOU.  The person who reads THIS.  So not only is he invading my future privacy, and sharing that information, but HE'S CUTTING INTO MY AUDIENCE AS WELL.  THAT'S THE LAST STRAW!  What else.  Take a shower after this act.  Write next act.  Take a walk!  Then it's All Free Time.  I DON'T LIKE IT.  I need something to do.  I've got GREAT TELEVISION TO WATCH.  Yeah that's great but then again it FEELS wrong.  Once I get it on I'll enjoy it.  I don't wanna put it on, though.  IT DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT.
     Great.  Hey I can check the Wilco set list from last night presumably.  And feel bad for myself.  Yeah let's do that!  HOLY SHIT THEY PLAYED 21 SONGS.  When putting together those variables and equations as to whether it's worth the risk to go to concert in terms of how likely it is I would get covid and spread it to my parents and one of them would have at least a serious case of it... does the amount of songs Wilco plays in the concert become a relevant number on those equations.  Gotta imagine SOMEWHERE I'm either entering the number 19, 20, or 21.  It may not be a BIG part but it's gotta show up SOMEWHERE.  That's my hot take.  What else is going on.  I'm still interested in getting Rocksmith 2014 For Xbox 360 With Cable Included Brand New Copy.  But I haven't SEEN it available.  In my LIMITED attempts to find it available.  But that's in the cards for sure!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  I don't believe it!  LOOK have I been thinking about having a sandwich for lunch instead?  Sure!  Subway would be good!  BUT I also have Corned Beef in Fridge from Super Market.  So if I'm having a sandwich I'd go with that.  Maybe I should do that.  I dunno about that.  I already had that TWO OR THREE DAYS AGO.  What am I supposed to eat the same thing every three days?!?!  If I get Chipotle I'd have it again tomorrow.  Yeah but that's DIFFERENT.  It's a BURRITO BOWL not a sandwich.  Entirely different ball game!  Anyway.  I could get a BURRITO from Chipotle.  That's like a sandwich but even better!  Man oh man one day I'm gonna have a burrito from Chipotle again.  Not NOW.  Not with the next few months.  But possibly at SOME POINT a few months from now when I'm onto Maintenance Diet.  WOW THAT MAKES ALL THIS LIVING I'VE BEEN DOING ALL WORTH IT.  TO KNOW THAT MIGHT BE IN THE CARDS LATER IN LIFE.
Last paragraph of the act!  Wonderful.  What if I get Chinese Food.  WHAT IF YOU SHUT UP.  That was uncalled for!  It was a legitimate idea!  It's less healthy, less portion I'd feel comfortable eating, and more than 2 meals I'd probably be committed to eating from it.. possibly more delicious, though!  So there's that.  What about if you SHUT UP would THAT be THERE.  Okay I gotta calm down.  I'm getting way out of line with myself.  Hmm maybe I just want CHICKEN.  I can get CHICKEN as 2nd filling for Burrito Bowl.  That sounds okay.  Don't particularly like Chipotle Chicken.  But maybe THIS TIME It's just what the doctor ordered!  Also if it's between Chicken Burrito Bowl and Chinese Food gotta imagine the doctor would order me to get the burrito bowl. HEALTHIER RICE.  BEANS.  HEALTHIER AND MORE REASONABLE.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.





Don't Get The Wrong Idea

    Wonderful.  Here I am with the final act.  For today.  In Life, I've lived hundreds of thousands of acts.  Probably!  Depending on what ACT means.  And what HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS means.  I feel like there's an alternative to the SATS called the ACT and that I NEVER TOOK THAT TEST.  Wonderful.  I like the way I've been losing weight the last few weeks.  In my belly, but from the outsides in.  It's slowly losing weight from the sides of my torso so that there's a nice big vertical roll of fat that gets thinner and thinner.  SIDEWAYSWISE.  Is this clear?  I dunno if I'm explaining it well enough.  Either way WHAT FUN I'M HAVING A BLAST WITH THIS.  Looking forward to Chicken Burrito Bowl for today.  I did realize ya know what if I'm so enthusiastic about Steak Filling and none other filling I could just get Two Bowls With Steak Filling.  But then again I'M GONNA TRY FOR THE CHICKEN.  I FEEL LIKE IT ALWAYS LETS ME DOWN BUT THIS TIME IT MIGHT NOT.
Wonderful.  Wide Alfredo for dinner!  Great dinner!  That's what I predict.  Anyway.  What's Patriotism Calendar got to say.  NOTHIN.  What time does the Cable Box have to say it is.  NOTHIN.  I'm isolating myself too much.  Patriotism Calendar in a remote area of the room, taped up cable boxes.  This is no good!  I browsed an article that talked hypothetically about potential Democratic Governor Primary Candidates and they mentioned TWO DOZEN PEOPLE and none were Zephyr Teachout.  Maybe they know something I don't!  I'm sure they know A LOT of things I don't.  I don't know very much about this at all and they seem to have a lot of background details down pat!  They know roughly two dozen things I don't.  I KNOW THAT MATH IS FAULTY BUT I THOUGHT IT'D BE FUNNY.  I was WRONG on both counts.  Except for the math being faulty part.  I was ACCURATE there.
Ugh.  I better remember to get GUM this Super Market Delivery Order.  Maybe I can even find some sort of ARCTIC CHILL flavor.  Or something synonymous.  I've been getting Peppermint, Wintermint, and sometimes some sort of Tropical Blast.  But when I buy single packs from a store my first choice is some sort of ARCTIC CHILL.  I dunno if that's available to me from Super Market.  Well if they don't have ARCTIC CHILL gum how super are they really.  Not very!  That's my Hot Take!  For years the standard gum I got was Spearmint.  Because that's the kind of gum my Mom got.  So it's the kind I had in the house.  I had no idea what I was missing out on.  How much BETTER gum could taste.  Sure I knew SOMEWHERE in the back of my mind that I had had better gum than this in my life.  I just never really thought about it!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Look is Spearmint better than Bubble Gum flavor?  YES EVERYTHING is better than Bubble Gum Flavor.  Lets move on with our lives, though.  I guess I still have 24 hours to change my mind about Wilco and Sleater=Kinney show.  Then I call my brother to let him know how I feel.  I can't wait too long to call him.  It'd be rude!  The closer it gets to Concert Day the Ruder it is to tell him I'm not going!  I feel like tomorrow isn't too rude.  It's Oh I Don't Know EIGHT days before the concert?  And it's also Oh I Don't Know Actually NINE days before the concert upon further introspection?  NINE?  THAT'S THE MOST SINGLE DIGITS THERE CAN BE.  I feel like TEN should be considered a single digit number.  Digits are our fingers.  We can count up to ten with just using singles of each digit.  All single digits is ten.  Still a Single Digit!  I'm not explaining this well possibly but trust me It's A GREAT Point.
Speaking of POINTS how about FINGERS.  They POINT all the time.  They're the main things in life that point.  Of all things that point they're the top pointers!  Ugh.  This is the last paragraph.  Also I feel like this is the sort of thing I should CALL my brother about, not text him.  I generally like to text better than call but this calls for a call.  That's how I feel.  Anyway I got a lot of clean shirts.  Probably around 8-12 clean shirts altogether.  This'll last me roughly Oh I Don't Know 8-12 days.  That's the frequency I use clean shirts under ideal circumstances!  HMM I bet there's a good Elliott Smith shirt out there I can buy.  WOW THIS IS GREAT UPON FURTHER INTROSPECTION.  Lemme LTURQ.  WAIT A SECOND I DON'T THINK I WANT AN ELLIOTT SMITH SHIRT.  I just assumed I would.  Maybe I don't!  Maybe if I found the right Elliott Smith shirt I'd want it.  But just in general WHY.  Well great just great.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:18 P.M.





Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Let Me Put It This Way

    Hello friends.  I'm back!  With more words.  Roughly the same words as last time.  But in slightly different orders.  Roughly the same orders as last time.  But the order of those orders have slightly changed.  Lets get right to it I will listen to New NAS album later today.  The EXPLICIT version.  Common decency be damned, I'm gonna listen to some CURSE WORDS.  Why not spoil myself.  Really get into it!  Anyway down to my last clean shirt today.  Big Shirt!  I wouldn't wear this shirt normally it's way too big.  THEN AGAIN sometimes it's FUN to wear a way too big shirt.  I wasn't looking forward to it Going Into The Experience but now that I'm wearing this shirt and walking around in it I LIKE IT.  A LOT.
Yeah!  Lunch'll either be Wide Al Fredo or HERBED CHICKEN with Sides.  What sides?  I can't go into it!  There's roughly TWO of them this would take forever if I was telling you all the sides.  I don't have that kind of time or space!  There's only a limited amount of space the entry can take up.  I can't waste it on nonsense C'mon!  Anyway.  I feel like if I load up Call Of Duty II I CAN make it to the next Checkpoint such that I can move on with the game.  As opposed to being stuck in the same place the last 3 days.  It's gonna be tough but I CAN DO IT.  I'm all rested and ready.  Anyway I put on a couple Film DVDS!!!! yesterday.  Watched the first 15 minutes of Re-animator.  Then it stopped working!  Then I put on Jeeper Creepers.  That worked!  But I stopped watching 20 minutes before the end.  I got TIRED.  I went TO SLEEP.  I'll get back to this TODAY (which was tomorrow yesterday).
     That's a good movie!  It's not really anything too special but it's just well done at what it is.  That's my hot take.  Also they're called hot takes because you gotta Give Em And Get Rid Of Them Fast.  They're burning your hands if you don't get rid of them you're gonna burn your hands to death.  Also since they're hot the person you're giving them to has to consume them quickly!  Before they get cold!  That's my hot take.  I got coffee a-brewin'!  Gonna go for that before fifth paragraph.  Because of Routine!  Anyway.  Today is TUESDAY.  You know what that means!  It's the day I will finish watching Jeepers Creepers and ideally make it to the next Checkpoint in Call Of Duty II.  That's how you know it's TUESDAY.  Cause it's call of Duty II.  Anyway we're solidly into the second half of summer!  You know what that means.  Closer to Fall than The First Day Of Summer.  You COULD know what that means but it probably wasn't your first instinct of What That Means.
Yeah!  Okay time to write some good stuff.  What's going on in the wide world of sports?  Is it possible we can create a New Olympics that isn't called the Olympics and are run by different organizations?  Olympics had their shot and they're blowing it!  Countries should form a United Nations of New Non-Olympics Olympics.  That'll show The Olympics whose boss!  YEAH.  THAT MAKES SENSE.  NO DOUBTIN' THAT.  Anyway.  I dunno what to do about lunch!  I can have something other than the 2 options I informed you of but it would be irresponsible.  I NEED TO EAT THESE OPTIONS SOME POINT.  At.  AT SOME POINT.  These options will be eaten.  It's too bad I couldn't watch Re-Animator.  I like the part where there's Re-animating.  In my opinion the most important part of the movie!  They should name the movie after that!  Oh right.  Here comes coffee!
    Look I might not be making progress in being Entertaining Today but I SURE AM making progress in Call Of Duty II.  POTENTIALLY.  I've made zero progress so far but it's reasonable to assume I will make ONE PROGRESS by the end of the day.  By which I mean 100% of progress.  All the progress will be accomplished.  Also The Mets are playing again tonight!  Gotta imagine they're gonna get 3 or 4 hits!  That's more hits than I've ever had.  Ever!  Anyway My Mom was telling me about an article she read in NIGHTTimes last night about a guy who went to concerts and she was going to use it as Points to tell me not to go.  I read the article this morning!  THIS GUY WAS PRO GOING TO CONCERTS.  I don't get it!  I'll ask My Mother about it later when she wakes up!  Also this guy was A Pro going to concerts.  He really knew what he was doing!  He's done this before is the impression I got!
     Cool.  Sixth paragraph.  I don't believe it!  Am I in the mood for Hip Hop music?  Not off the top of my head!  But once I put it on I'm sure I'll get, "INTO," "IT."  KING'S DISEASE II?  WHY WOULD THE KING HAVE A DISEASE.  He's the king!  He can get a surf to have the disease for him.  Doesn't add up!  I think when I was a kid I thought in the middle ages Everyone Lived In The Castle.  There's the Interior Castle and then there's a lot of space before The Castle Walls.  I thought everyone lived within the castle walls.  Maybe they did.  What do I know.  Not a lot!  Also Castles aren't that safe at all.  What's raving hoards of warriors gonna do.  OH NO A WALL.  HOW DID THEY KNOW OUR WEAKNESS.  WELL LETS GO HOME.  Walls are nothin'!  So many ways to Defeat A Wall.
     Cool.  Maybe they have Warriors On Top Of Wall.  Giving the aggressors no time to take care of wall.  They'd be getting shot at By Arrows while they're busy trying to destroy wall.  That'll slow 'em up!  I lost track of what I was talking about.  Also Catipults.  Also when did they stop using catipults.  Also did they ever stop using catipults.  I'd use a catipult now!  The only way to stop a bad guy with a catipult is a good guy with a catipult.  Also catipults are a great way to go hunting.  You can go hunting from the comfort of your own house!  Very convenient!  This may sound stupid initially but has anyone considered using Catipult as mode of transportation?  Look you're gonna wanna cushion yourself VERY heavily.  No doubtin' that.  But if you cover yourself with comforters and pillows I feel like you could catipult yourself somewhere as a way of getting around.  Also FUN.  Also SAFE.  Cars can crash into cars all the time.  VERY rare you're gonna hit another person being catipulted mid-air.
     Eighth paragraph!  Also before planes did they consider Catipults The Air Arena of warfare.  Catipults loaded now WE control the skies.  My guess is Sure That's Something That Could Happen In Real Life.  Also I've been spelling Catipults wrong this entire entry.  Most likely I will go ahead and fix it in spell check.  But just know it's been Red Wavy Lined this entire time.  Maybe I keep it for posterities sake.  But here we go I'm gonna spell it right right now-- Catapult.  APULT?  THAT'S THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD.  Also it's pult because you PULL on a string to something to activate the catapult.  PULT is like PULL.  And PULL happens per my imagination.  Anyway.  Herbed chicken comes with broccoli and sweet potatoe.  Now you know.  DON'T MAKE ME SAY IT AGAIN.
Ninth paragraph.  Also there's HERBS on the herbed chicken.  Presumably!  I'm just assuming that based on It's Name.  And from Eating It.  And tasting Herbs.  And seeing The Herbs.  Wow that's A LOT of evidence.  Sounds like a pretty safe assumption to me.  My parents are getting more and more agitated about me going to concert!  I feel their pain but I just feel like it's not a big risk!  Outdoors, masks, and vaccinated!  Odds are I'm gonna be okay.  HEAVY odds.  Also they're vaccinated, too!  Odds are they'd be okay!  Even if I get it and spread it to them!  Also odds are I wouldn't spread it to them.  LOOK if I could see an accurate exact number of the risk they'd get ill based on me going I may or may not go.  1 in 100?  I'M NOT GOING.  1 in 1,000,000?  I'M PROBABLY GOING.  Hmm I'd like to see this number.  Maybe it would encourage me not to go.  HEY GET CRACKIN' ON THIS NUMBER WE ONLY HAVE A WEEK AND A HALF.  My e-mail is mankindguy at You Know What Domain dot You Know What Dot.  WHAT'S THE NUMBER.
     Last paragraph of the act!  Hmm this Number idea has suddenly made me more sympathetic to their case.  If it is 1 in 1,000 I'd probably be like FINE THAT'S TOO HIGH I'M NOT GOING.  Great.  I'm gonna have to think about this one!  DAMNIT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE THESE CALCULATIONS.  No one told me I'd have to do CALCULATIONS.  Especially when we don't even know the variables!  DAMNIT.  What's the branch of mathematics where you have to do mathematics but you don't know the numbers or the equations.  That's the hardest branch of mathematics there is!  Hmm is there any avenue where I go to concert but then don't come home for 2 weeks.  That way parents are safe!  Where would I go.  I dunno I could figure something out.  Are there any bridges nearby.  I can live under the bridge.  That sounds safe AND productive.  Anyway.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Then Again On The Other Hand

    Hey!  Was thinking about it on Recent Walk, and the risk that one of my parents gets a serious case of covid as a result of me going to concert would have to be somewhere between .01% and .1% for me to feel comfortable going to concert.  Somewhere between 1 in 1,000 and 10,000 is the cut off point.  And ya know what?  SEEMS PRETTY PLAUSIBLE.  Oh well that's life.  I can listen to Wilco from the safety of my own home.  I GUESS.  I'M GONNA HAVE TO LOOK INTO THAT ONE.  Anyway I still don't know but right now I'm meaning towards not going.  I DON'T KNOW THOUGH.  I JUST DON'T KNOW.  Then again going would be a blast and a half.  Then again the charge I get out of Doing An Adult Safety Responsibility would be a blast and a half.  I win either way!  That's life I guess.
    MY DAD IS IMMUNOCOMPROMIZED.  I'm a special case!  Also SURE if I KNEW there was a bridge I could live under for a week sure I'd do that.  I dunno the bridge, though.  Or if they're accepting reservations. OH NO WILCO HAD A SONG CALLED RESERVATIONS.  Just one more song I'll never hear in person next week presumably.  HEY CUOMO IS RESIGNING.  Andrew Cuomo!  The Sexual Assaulter Governor.  BREAKING NEWS.  Uh oh we're gonna have to put news back together soon.  Only for it to be broken again.  Doesn't seem right.  Anyway this is good news!  I'm ANTI- Cuomo AND ANTI- Sexual Assaulters.  He's BOTH HIMSELF and a SEXUAL ASSAULTER.  KATHY HOCHUL is the new governor.  HMM. NEVER HEARD OF THAT PERSON BEFORE.  GOTTA IMAGINE I'LL HEAR OF HER IMMINENTLY.  Anyway.  Just talked to my parents about how I'm probably not gonna go to concert.  Which is tough!  Because once I say it to them it makes it harder to backtrack and then be like Ya know what Guess what I AM GOING I GOTCHA.  So basically at this point 90% sure I'm not going.  GREAT JUST GREAT.
Wonderful.  I thought about living at my brother's apartment for a week.  That'd be an interesting creative solution.  I don't wanna do that, though.  He wouldn't wanna do that!  My parents wouldn't wanna do that!  Apartment itself would be fine with it.  Finally it's being utilized TWICE AS MUCH.  Apartment is lovin' this deal!  Also I've been there Small Apartment!  Anyway that's not going to happen.  What else is going on.  Gonna take a shower after this act.  Then take a Write Act II Break From Breaks.  Then a walk!  YEAH.  I'm leaning towards Herbed Chicken for lunch.  YEAH.  Maybe PIZZA for dinner.  GARLIC PIZZA.  YEAH.  I WISH I HAD THAT FOR LUNCH.  Oh well by dinner I'll be really primed for it.  GOVERNOR HOCHUL.  For over a year!  Whatta deal!  I'm hoping her #1 priority is Expedite Legal Sale Availability of Marijuana Sales.  FIRST THINGS FIRST LET'S COVER WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT.
Anyway.  If you're busy smoking weed can you still get covid.  Lungs are too busy with marijuana smoke!  Can't be breathing in covid!  That's my assumption of how things work.  Also is it a thing where you smoke weed and then immediately put mask back on and it's a sweet deal because you're breathing in the excess smoke more that you breathe out because it has nowhere to go.  I think they'd call it MASKING or something.  Off the top of my head.  Most obvious thing to call it!  Hmm.  Is there some sort of device that you wear it like a mask and it releases marijuana smoke very gradually so you just have the mask on and breathe in the marijuana over a few minutes or up to an hour or two?  My guess is no but maybe there should be.  If the technology is there at least!
     Wonderful.  MAN I WAS getting hyped for one song in particular on Wilco setlists.  I'm Always In Love.  For some reason out of the 20 songs of which 15 I really like that was the song where I was like oh man that's gonna be fun to hear.  Oh well I can always listen to it on my phone.  I GUESS.  PRESUMABLY TECHNICALLY I CAN DO THAT.  I SUPPOSE.  Maybe the 10% chance where I'm like YA KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA GO pans out.  I hope it does!  I'd like to go it'd be fun.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  I'm gonna LURQ Kathy Hochum.  I bet she's a lady.  That's my first instinct to guess.  HMM first thing I see is that she was on the Working Family's Party Ticket in Election.  They're the good guys!  She must be a good guy.  Good LADY.  That's my third instinct!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




Whose The Idiot Now

    Wilco will always be in love whether I'm there or not.  Just not with me.  Oh well that's life.  I'll always be in love whether I'm there or not!  Just not with Wilco.  Oh well that's life.  What else is going on in life.  Kathy Hochum has BAD INDICATORS on her wikipedia page.  Some stuff to suggest SHE'S NOT PERFECT politically.  Might not even be SEVENTY PERCENT PERFECT.  Uh oh I don't like the sound of that.  However there's an election coming up in 2022.  Assuming she doesn't cancel the election and declare herself Autocrat of New York.  Which PROBABLY won't happen.  I've seen nothing to lead me to believe that's a significant possibility.  Anyway there's an ad during Mets games about New York getting vaccinated and they're all like WE'RE NEW YORK WE'RE GREAT WE CAN HANDLE THIS.  We're NEW YORK STATE TOUGH.  They have to say State, don't they.  Cause upstate people would be like NEW YORK TOUGH?  THEY MIGHT BE TALKING ABOUT THE CITY.  AND I CAN'T STAND THE CITY.  Dumb Upstaters.  Need to be coddled LIKE BABIES.
     New York State Tough ISN'T a thing.  New York Tough is hardly a thing!  But it's DEFINITELY closer to a thing than including the word State.  Anyway.  Who becomes Lieutenant Governor.  Whose next in line.  Is it ME?  I don't think I'm next in line.  Look lets be honest I'm 30 or 40th in line AT BEST.  Probably not even until the hundreds am I next in line.  Anyway what else is going on.  Also even if it does reach the point in line where I'm the next Lt. Governor NO THANKS.  I RESPECTFULLY DECLINE.  YA KNOW WHAT SCRATCH THAT.  I DECLINE.  NOT RESPECTFULLY.  SCREW YOU AND YOUR LUTENIANT GOVERNOR POSITION.  That sort of thing.  Uh oh does CUOMO become Lt. Governor?  I guess that's better than him being governor but still that's not the satisfying fair closure that I was anticipating getting from this experience.
     Cool!  They still wanna impeach Cuomo even though he's resigning.  I'M ALL FOR IT.  I think they should impeach Cuomo even after they impeach Cuomo!  Bar this guy from Office MANY TIMES OVER.  That's my official position.  If ya don't like it make me lieutenant governor!  That way I'd keep my positions to myself for Political Reasons!  It's too bad I can't watch RE-ANIMATOR.  That's a good movie!  I like the guy who wears GLASSES.  He's THE HERO.  HOW PROGRESSIVE.  Anyway.  If Going Outside To Places ever becomes a thing again I'd re-up with Contact Lenses and make that my standard.  The period where I wear glasses day in day out is over!  It's time to move on with my lives!  I can't get contact lenses NOW though.  Getting Eye Test with covid afoot?  Our eyes are where we're most vulnerable!  Hmm if that's the case WHAT IF WE JUST WENT INDOOR PLACES AND KEPT OUR EYES SHUT THE ENTIRE TIME.  I figured out how to beat Covid!  Keep your eyes wide shut for the rest of your lives!
     Well around other people at least.  In your own home?  Go ahead and open them eyes you can look around all you want!  Anyway I dunno about all that.  What else is going on.  Can you get covid if you don't breathe.  I'm sure there's physiological ways you can avoid breathing for several hours at a time.  SCIENCE can figure it out.  Anyway I'll be taking my next walk roughly half an hour from this moment right here.  This very moment!  Or at least the one roughly eleven seconds earlier from This Moment Right Now The One That's Going on RIGHT Now.  Ugh.  That covers that.  I'm rooting for a Good PRIMARY for Hochum.  I think we can do better!  I think WE MUST do better!  You heard it here first.  Probably!  You haven't quite had the chance to hear it explicitly somewhere else.  You might have THOUGHT IT or assumed OTHERS have thought it.  But assumptions are only good in horse shoes and hand grenades.  Any other kinds of grenades.  I can't think of any grenades you use other parts of your body to projectile. 
     Hey it's the last paragraph.  Lunch is coming up soon!  In roughly several hours.  I can wait that amount of time!  I'll do it by occupying myself with other things.  Like WALKS.  And FILLUMS on the TELEVISION SET.  Maybe figure out the password to HULU or NETFLIX.  I can watch some of that crap.  Watch some THE SIMPSONS.  I got a few of those in yesterday.  It's FUNNY because it makes you LAUGH.  I'm up to season 13 or 14.  And yes I've thought about Starting Back At Zero now.  Right now I'm not doing it!  Gotta keep going from where I'm at.  These episodes aren't going to watch themselves.  It's impossible!  What else.  Gonna give myself 48 hours to finalize decision on Concert.  By which I mean I will give myself a VHS copy of 48 Hours to bribe myself into accepting to make a final decision on Concert.  Sounds fair!  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:29 P.M.




Monday, August 9, 2021

I'll Get Right To It

    Hey friends!  I'm back!  That happens all the time.  In many ways it's like I never leave!  I know I think about entry on and off for the rest of the day after writing it.  Mostly DAMNIT THAT DIDN'T GO WELL THIS WILL HAUNT ME FOR THE REST OF MY DAYS.  Anyway.  Monday!  Start of a new week!  What do I have in store Besides Nothing.  Hmm.  A lot of nothing I guess!  I finished going through all the #TheNightmareOnElmsesStreetTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent!  Except for the 2010 reboot!  If my memory serves me correctly there's nothing about that film that is good.  WAIT A SECOND.  The one scene I can clearly remember takes place in a diner.  DINER?  I WANNA BE IN A DINER.  And since I can't in real life I might as well live vicariously through people on the TV being in diners!
    Also I did watch Freddy VS. Jason!  It was okay!  I think they should have made it more about Jason, though!  I personally like Freddy more but STILL it was very lopsided towards a Nightmare movie and not a Friday movie.  90% a nightmare movie in plot, and 75% starring Freddy.  THIS MOVIE NEEDS BALANCE.  That sort of thing.  Got coffee a-brewin'!  I'm alone in my house!  Dad is at hematologist.  Mom is asleep.  She's in the house but she's not IN the house.  She's in Dreamworld!  Presumably!  I dunno what my Mom does when she's asleep that's her business not mine.  Anyway I THINK I found a way out of Call Of Duty II but so far I haven't been able to progress for Decent Reasons like I keep getting shot.  Hopefully if I can avoid getting shot AND I SUCCEED in shooting all these people it takes me to the next level.  So I got that going for me.
     Yeah!  I'm running out of time to read Carrie Brownenstein book before Sleater=Kinney concert.  Gotta imagine I'll get to it at some point.  I think if TV didn't exist people would read more books!  You heard it here first.  One meal today gonna be Freedom Chipped Pancakes.  Other meal probably gonna be Double Mini Corned Beef Sandwich.  With A SIDE.  Chips?  Maybe!  I'll never tell!  I'd tell ya but it'd be too late by the time I know.  And by tomorrow it won't be relevant anymore.  Not like it's relevant right now!  Maybe somewhat relevant but LESS relevant I think we can all agree on that.  HEY I saw Wilco Setlist from last night was posted online.  DOWN TO 19 SONGS.  I guess it depends on which songs they play.  Some are longer than others!  I'd prefer 20 songs which are somewhat shorter.  You heard it here first!
     Then again they have to set up for 5 minutes between each song so with a bonus song that's a lot of wasted time.  I dunno.  Hey I get to drink coffee after this paragraph!  Also I'm gonna predict after this paragraph I will get into a groove and write 2-3 decent paragraphs.  Before falling out of the groove.  And then never returning to the groove.  But maybe starting brand new grooves!  The Mets aren't playing a game tonight.  They can't lose!  DAMNIT why didn't they adopt this strategy a week and a half ago.  If they decided not to play at all over the last week and a half they'd be roughly tied for first place.  I think maybe a game or two ahead!  Also if they don't play they don't LOSE.  The game just never happens.  That's how baseball works you idiots!
     Usually in Call Of Duty II you're backed up by a squad of computer fellow warfarer's helping you.  Shooting at enemy and drawing fire and progressing through the map.  This level I'm on?  They're THERE but scattered around the map and not helping me at all!  That's AMERICA for ya.  This if the first level I've had where I'm American and it's been the hardest one by far!  Dunno what kind of statement XBOX was trying to make with that.  Maybe it's a positive statement.  SEEMS LIKE A NEGATIVE STATEMENT TO ME.  Yeah!  Anyway.  I don't think I can attach string to old guitar.  The metal thing you twist to tune it up or down is there but not really there.  It's attached but really lose and you can't tighten it.  So I don't think I can attach the string.  Can I play the lower 5 strings?  SURE.  Am I going to do that?  NO.  Should I?  PROBABLY NOT.  Why?  I MIGHT AS WELL PLAY THE OTHER GUITAR WITH ALL THE STRINGS.  Will I do that?  WHAT'S WITH ALL THE QUESTIONS ARE YOU WRITING A BOOK.
     Anyway.  My Dad's summer class is over.  Damnit!  I was enjoying it.  I liked going up and down stairs and hearin' him Yukk-It-Up with his class on the computer.  It made me feel closer to him!  Oh well that's over with now.  He has a class starting in the fall.  Oh well that's going to happen again soon now.  Anyway got a head start on eating Freedom Chip Pancakes by having a third of one pancake for breakfast.  Delicious!  I put it in THE MICROWAVE you know what that's like, right.  Anyway.  When I'm done dieting to lose weight and will just diet to maintain weight I think one way to go is eat a real breakfast.  Even if I can survive without it re: Hunger, that's probably the most healthy 1st adjustment I could make.  And by real breakfast I mean Oh I Don't Know A BREAKFAST SANDWICH FROM THE FREEZER?  How about Oh I Don't Know SOME SORT OF LARGE COOKIE.  You know the healthiest stuff out there.
     Cool!  Sixth paragraph.  JUST KIDDING SEVENTH.  I had you going there for a moment!  Anyway.  Hey I still gotta watch ASH VERSUS THEM EVIL DEAD.  I like that show!  I liked liking shows before I got TV because I could be like I wanna watch this so much I'M GONNA SAVE IT.  FOR WHEN I HAVE HIGH DEF BIG SCREEN TV.  And that was the justification, because I'd get more out of it on better TV, but the REAL fun was Saving Good Stuff For Later.  Now I have no justification to be like hey I wanna watch Ash Vs Evil Dead BETTER SAVE IT FOR LATER I'M GONNA LOVE IT AT THAT LATER DATE.  Oh well.  That's life!  The main part of life!  Anyway.  If it was suddenly very easy to get New Xbox Series X I'd probably get it.  Also if it was very easy to get Rocksmith I'd probably get that, too!  I dunno how easy it can get.  Basically if it just pops up on my screen HEY NO RUSH YOU CAN DO THIS LITERALLY ANY TIME YOU WANT BUT WE GOT THIS AVAILABLE FOR YA AND IT'S REALLY CHEAP.  TAKE YER TIME!  That'd be pretty easy.
     Uh-oh now I just gave a suggestion for Spam Virus.  Spam Virus Distributor is gonna read this entry and be like AH HAH!  NOW I KNOW HOW TO GET HIM.  And then make that pop up on my screen.  But the more time I take I don't get closer to getting Rocksmith I get closer to HAVING SPAM VIRUSES ALL OVER MY COMPUTER MAINFRAME.  Oh no I'm scared.  Oh well what can ya do.  Getting Spam Viruses is a part of life!  Especially if you go to pornography websites!  Or download pornography!  Basically the least safe thing most people do with computers is pornography-related.  That'd be my guess.  Do people still download pornography.  Do people still download ANYTHING.  Sure they do.  I don't.  But They do.  Fine I don't CARE.  What else is going on.  The Mets are imploding but that's bound to happen now and again.  I forgot all about that part of Baseball!  Oh well despite what I say I'm VERY pot committed to being a Met fan.  But being a Met fan is OVER 50% HATING THE METS.  I forgot that part but now I remember!  Great just great.  That doesn't sound fun at all!  IT ISN'T!!!
Ninth paragraph.  I don't believe it.  Had different topping for Bison burger last night Let's Get Into It.  Raw onion!  That's it!  It was okay!  Probably would have been happier with No Topping.  That's life!  Raw onion they don't charge for.  So IN ESSENCE it was no topping.  I DISAGREE.  Well I Don't.  OH NO THIS STOPPED MAKING SENSE RECENTLY.  What else is going on.  Today is a good experiment with the Mets being off as to whether I'm happier with the Mets or without the Mets over the course of the day.  My guess is WITHOUT the Mets.  I dunno too many other variables to determine this exactly.  DAMNIT I HATE IT WHEN THERE'S TOO MANY OTHER VARIABLES.  YEAH.  I've lost enthusiasm for Fantasy Baseball League.  I'm stuck in 3rd to 4th place and I don't see me finding my way out of it.  Unless if it's down.  I can see myself dropping to fifth place.  No way am I rising to 2nd place!  NOT ENOUGH TIME and also MY TEAM ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH.  Also TOO MANY METS ON MY TEAM.
Last paragraph of the Act!  Hmm any good DVDS!!!! I can watch.  Maybe a movie I've seen a lot but with Commentary.  Director's Commentary!  Or someone else's commentary!  Presumably someone with some connection to the movie!  I dunno I'm gonna have to think about that one.  HMM looking at Standings in Fantasy Baseball I've got a pretty big cushion over 5th place.  I also have a very big deficit from 3rd place.  DAMNIT.  Fourth place out of 12!  Top 3 are winners!  They never say that and we're not actually playing for anything but if you come in third you're vaguely a winner for the most part.  Fourth?  NOTHIN'.  YOU LOSE AND ALSO YOU'RE THE BIGGEST LOSER BECAUSE YOU WERE THE CLOSEST TO WINNING AND YOU LOST.  YEAH.  Hey the point is the act is over and I'll be back in a little bit.



Don't Tell Me That

    Hello friends.  It's me again!  The same guy as Right Before This.  Gonna take a shower between act ii and Act III.  That's how that goes.  My Dad is home from hematologist!  Everything went okay.  He's got blood and everything!  I assume.  I didn't ask him if he had blood.  I asked if everything went okay and he said yes.  I ASSUMED that meant he has blood but what do I know.  Not a lot!  I know maybe 20, 25% of things.  That's not a lot!  Gonna have coffee #2 with act #3.  HOW CONFUSING.  TWO DIFFERENT NUMBERS.  I'M GONNA REALLY HAVE TO WRAP MY HEAD AROUND THAT ONE.  I can't wrap my head around anything.  Very little flexibility to my head at all.  I'm lucky if I can TWIST It more than 75 Degrees.  Hmm.  It'd be fun to use the Symbol for Degree.  That doesn't come up every day.  Lemme go find it.  UGH but then once I find it I need to translate it into This Font.  UGH.  Well I'm pot committed now! °.  I DID IT.
     Wonderful.  I didn't change the font but I DID change the color.  When I copied it from Internet it was Black Font on White Background.  I REVERSED IT FOR CONTINUITY'S SAKE.  That sort of thing.  I THREW OUT TOSTIDOS.  That sort of thing.  I've had bags of Doritos, Tostidos, and Kettle Chips open FOR MONTHS.  I DO make progress in them EACH DAY.  A little bit each day.  But it's been months!  And anyway Tostidos I DEEM FULLY STALE.  No more Tostidos.  The rest are still salvageable, though.  I like the taste and consistency well enough.  Also My Dad is ALWAYS on my case about this.  Three, four times a day!  WHEN ARE YOU GONNA GET RID OF THE CHIPS.  THEY'RE STALE.  GET RID OF 'EM.  That kind of stuff.  He also suggested I combine them all into one bag like a Trail Mix.  MAN WHAT AN IDIOT THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE.
Okay.  I AM GETTING RID OF THEM A LITTLE BIT EACH DAY.  BY EATING THEM.  YOU IDIOT.  What else is going on.  Anyway.  Javy Baez might have injured himself yesterday!  And at first I was like GREAT JUST GREAT THE BAD NEWS KEEPS ON COMING.  But then I was like ya know what he's been terrible.  THIS COULD BE A GOOD THING.  That's how that goes.  You might need more context for that sports analysis to be relevant to you.  You might not!  I don't know how into Current Mets Situations you are!  One could only imagine there's more than one of you!  So one of you might be well versed in Mets 2021 and the other one of you aren't!  Isn't!  Amn't!  Also The Mets are a Major League Baseball Team.  They live in New York.  They leave half the time to play at other people's stadiums.  That's the way it works!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Think I'm gonna Shave but Not Hair Cut next week a day or two before concert.  I need to look my best!  Without going through the hassle of cutting my hair.  It would take TENS OF MINUTES counting setting it up and cleaning it up.  Also Wilco girls LIKE GUYS WITH MEDIUM LENGTH HAIR.  I'm way ahead of the game by not having a haircut in the past 4 months.  So I've got that going for me.  Also I'm gonna sit in aisle seat and not be sitting next to any Wilco Girls.  I CAN TALK OVER MY BROTHER to the Wilco Girl next to him.  Gotta imagine that's a scenario everyone but me would absolutely hate.  That's a lot of scenarios, though!  Nothin' unique there!  Why would I like that scenario.  I dunno that's life I guess.  Hey one more paragraph to go!
     Yeah.  The Mets still have FIFTY ONE games to play in the regular season.  Wow!  They will either WIN most of those or LOSE most of those!  No splitting the rest of those games!  Sure there can be Bonus Games after that which if there's an odd number they can Split The Rest From Now Overall.  But I'm not COUNTING that you idiots.  Also they can either win ALL or LOSE all.  Those are the other two possibilities that I forgot to mention.  Or they could cancel same games, I dunno.  That's a legitimate thing that could happen because of Covid or something else.  OH NO LESS BASEBALL WHATTA WORLD WHATTA WORLD.  I don't think I've ever seen The Wizard Of Oz.  I KNOW I've never seen The Wizard of Oz.  That's not the kind of thing you'd forget!  I guess.  Whatever.  This act is over.




What Am I Supposed To Think

    Hey!  Back from shower.  I'm roughly several units cleaner than I was going into it!  Whattado when this is over and next walk is over.  Don't feel like going right into Video Game.  Gotta watch something!  Something that isn't worth saving but also is worth watching to some degree.  Right in the sweet spot!  Not too good, not too bad!  Wait a second, TO SOME  °.  Anyway.  Still drying off from Medicine Gel I put on myself after shower.  Testosterone Gel!  Not because I wanna have extra testosterone!  Because I want to have normal testosterone!  I didn't used to need it when I was younger!  I had all the testosterone in the world a young boy could want!  At some point I developed low testosterone!  NOW I HAVE AVERAGE AGAIN thanks to Medicine Gel I rub on my shoulders.  Also Yes now my shoulders are the most testosterone-ized parts of my body.  Gotta imagine that'll play out well in the long run.  Also I want coffee but gotta wait another 10-20 minutes for this to dry up.  I don't wanna get testosterone on my family.  They already have an appropriate amount whatever that is!
     Great.  Also when it's dried up enough I put on SHIRT.  So they're DOUBLY protected.  Also they steer clear of touching my shoulders as just a general rule in life.  TRIPLY protected.  Also some other thing.  QUADRUPLE PROTECTED.  Fifth thing.  Nah that's too much.  Let's leave it at four things.  Let's get coffee after this paragraph whenever that may be in regular universal standard time units.  Still got tape covering up Time On Cable Box.  I feel like it was the right way to go.  But once or twice every few days I DO re-evaluate it and briefly wonder hmm did I make the right decision?  Because, if I didn't... it's not too late to change it.  I CAN take the tape down if I wanted to.  I'm not ENTIRELY, "Pot Committed," to it.  Oh well that's life.  The good news is Here Comes Coffee!
     YEAH.  What else is there to talk about.  Gotta imagine there's roughly 6-8 things I haven't talked about yet In My Life.  I just can't THINK of them.  Hey In My Life The Beatles everyone loves The Beatles.  Maybe.  I'm sure most people are indifferent to the Beatles.  They don't care!  But I doubt there's people actively ANTI- Beatles.  Not a lot of people, anyway.  That's MY Hot Take.  In 1970 Most Of The Beatles Were Anti- Beatles.  I dunno if that's accurate or not but it SOUNDS like an interesting point to be made if it WERE accurate.  What else is going on.  I'm interested in seeing updates on SLEATER=KINNEY set lists from Current Tour.  I wanna see if I could identify the songs on the set list!  As titles I remember!  And even possibly jogging the memory of what the song sounds like!  Well let's not get CARRIED AWAY that's a little too much to ask.
Penultimate paragraph not just of Act but of Entry BUT OF LIFE.  Uh oh I hope not.  If I never write another paragraph after the next one In Life PROBABLY means I'm dead.  Sure I can live life with never writing a paragraph again.  But all things considered, over 50% chance I'm Dead if there's no more paragraphs.  Oh well being dead isn't so bad.  Sure it is.  Interesting counter-point.  When I was in Fantasy Baseball League with my friends in high school, we had 10 teams a year, and 3rd place got their money back.  12 teams?  Fourth place MIGHT be able to MAKE A CASE it should get its money back.  I dunno that's asking too much.  How about 4th place gets 80% of its money back.  Nope I just don't see it.  Fourth place Is Just Not A Winner.  DAMNIT.  I WAS SO CLOSE TO MAKING MY MONEY BACK.  I contributed Zero to the pool for this league.  I am getting Zero back.  HOLY SHIT I MADE MONEY BACK.  WE ALL MADE OUR MONEY BACK.  What a wonderful Fantasy Baseball League!  And we didn't even need to PUT IN any money.
     Last paragraph!  I only have one more clean shirt.  For tomorrow.  I also have Clean Pajama Top.  I dunno if its called a Pajama Top.  Some sort of shirt that isn't meant for outside wear I'll put it that way.  Anyway.  If The Beatles were so Anti-Beatles they should have made their point more emphatically to the public.  Because the public never stopped liking them!  The Beatles should have argued their case better!  I feel like they let us down by having us continue to enjoy them.  Maybe the Beatles were never Anti-Beatles.  I DON'T HAVE THE DETAILS IN FRONT OF ME.  Also, Beatles on Beetles?  The bug?  Nobody likes beetles.  Except for maybe their namesake!  I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS IN FRONT OF ME.  The point is the entry is finally done, once and for all!  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-12:57 P.M. 




Sunday, August 8, 2021

Sure This Is An Entry

    Hello you idiots.  I'm here with another day!  The day doesn't belong to me.  Nor do I belong to the day!  We exist separate from one another more or less.  What do I got in store for the day.  Six walks.  Met game Early!  Call of Duty II!  FILLUMS.  Meals.  OKAY WE COVERED EVERYTHING I'LL SEE YA TOMORROW!  That's accurate.  I'm not leaving now but I WILL see you tomorrow.  Well, we'll see each other in the form of Me Typing At You.  I may or may not see you in person.  Probably not!  We can't count anything out, though.  Hey there's still time to write One Good Thing in this paragraph.  Hmm this is a tough one.  I read review for Perfect Dark Zero on The Internet.  They say it's pretty good!  I remember playing it several times Back In Day.  Whew glad we figured out a Great Way for me to close the paragraph.  THAT WAS ENTERTAINING AND A HALF.
Got coffee a-brewin'!  Got a shirt I'm wearin!  I was looking around for something to say.  Looked down.  HMM I APPEAR TO BE WEARING A SHIRT I thought.  I wear shirts all the time.  I take walks.  Can't be shirtless for that!  No shirt No Service!  I think one positive thing about many Mets underperforming is that it makes it less likely we'll give them big contracts at the end of the year.  WOW WE'RE GONNA SAVE A TON OF MONEY DUE TO NONE OF THESE GUYS BEING WORTH ANYTHING.  And by we I mean Mets Ownership.  I don't know why I feel INVESTED in how much money they make and/or save.  But I do!  I root for Mets Franchise not Mets Baseball Team.  I want them to turn a profit!  That's How I Approach Sports Fandom!
     Why not!  Gotta imagine there are SOME people who think that way.  Besides the people actually part of Sports Franchise Business Sides.  Anyway.  I'm rooting for THE STADIUM.  I don't know how that would work but it SOUNDS kind of fun!  What else is going on.  I think it's great when Mets play away games because that way they don't have to bother playing Bottom Of The Ninths.  Because The Mets come up first.  And they're always down in the score.  So when they're done batting we don't need to play the next half inning because the other team already won.  Don't need to score more runs!  That's how baseball works.  I dunno why I bothered saying that.  The majority of people already know that and the other people probably still don't get it based on my explanation.  Oh well that's life.  Ya say thing that are of worth to nobody.  Yep that seems to check out.
Yeah!  Watched THE HIDDEN FORTRESS yesterday.  I liked it!  I spent the whole movie trying to find The Fortress and I had a hell of a time!  My favorite part was the beginning credits where they were listed in Japanese Writing and then the subtitle was giving you the credits in English and after a few Title Cards they got to a several Credits where the entire screen was packed with Japanese Writing and for those there were no subtitles.  It was like ugh we've been keeping you updated on these credits in English BUT THIS IS TOO MUCHW E GIVE UP.  I feel bad for the people who were credited in those credits.  They're dead now.  Some of them might be alive!  This movie was from Oh I Don't Know 1958.  My parents were from Even Before Then and they're still alive and kicking!  I keep telling them to stop kicking but they're having none of it!
     Get coffee after this paragraph.  That's a direction to myself.  Not to you!  I haven't watched RASHOMAN lately.  That's the next one I gotta watch!  I've watched it IN HIGH SCHOOL.  I've watched it recently WITHOUT PAYING ATTENTION AND READING THE DIALOGUE AND ABSORBING NONE OF IT.  Now it's time to get into it.  And by now I mean later.  And by time I mean later.  Wonderful.  Hmm I had a dream I was playing my old acoustic guitar.  Original acoustic guitar!  I don't know if I still have it and its broken or if I don't have it.  I could probably figure that out within 10 seconds.  I think I'll do that!  WHAT THE HELL I still have it and it doesn't appear to be broken.  There's no High E string but that can be replaced.  Presumably!  I can try to replace it.  I can do lots of things get off my back.
     I accomplished A LOT with original acoustic guitar.  Not so much with 2nd one!  I forgot when I got it.  But suffice to say it's not as good!  Presumably.  Who can remember these things.  Me In My Dreams.  Great that's ALMOST Me In My Waking Life.  Me in my dreams shares many overlaps with Me in regular life.  Anyway I got coffee going on.  I don't believe it!  Is it possible I Slept Fixed My Old Guitar last night.  Probably not!  Not only did it probably not happen but it's Probably Not Even Possible!  Wonderful.  Gonna fit in 2 more walks before my Dad takes his walk.  We just worked it all out!  Wonderful.  I dunno what I'm gonna have for lunch today!  Have a MINUTE amount of turkey left and a lot of stuffing.  Could I use that as the basis for a lunch?  Probably!  But I wouldn't be happy about it!  Too much stuffing!  Too little turkey!  And overall Too Little for a meal I Dunno what to pair with it OTHER THAN A ROLL I'D BE HAPPY ABOUT THAT.  Ugh.
Wonderful.  I've got a good feeling The Mets MIGHT win today.  They've got a solid 30-70% chance to win per my predictions.  They're facing an ACE pitcher but that's why it starts off at 30%.  Them being due is why it's 70%.  That sort of thing!  Seventh paragraph.  That sort of thing!  I think I told you I would keep you updated a day or two ago on how long I can get out of current Bar Of Soap for shower.  STILL GETTIN SOAP OUT OF IT.  Definitely enough for today, too.  Then I will re-evaluate this situation.  Anyway.  Comforter STILL SMELLS AND FEELS pretty fresh.  And at this point it's been over 2 weeks I feel since I started using it at Perfectly Clean Level.  WOW THIS IS GREAT.  Going to sleep is a blast and a half when your blanket smells and feels fresh.
     That sort of thing!  WHAT THE HELL THE METS GAME ISN'T UNTIL 1:05?!?!  I was imagining 12:10!!!  MAYBE 12:40.  Oh well now I have more time to CONCENTRATE.  On THINGS.  I forget what but presumably the things I'm to concentrate on will reveal themselves in the natural course of things.  YEAH.  Hmm.  I bet I have an appropriate guitar string.  I bet I can attach it more or less well enough!  I bet there's a 50% chance it turns out the string receptor or something is broke and that's why I haven't been playing it.  But we'll see!  AMAZING.  Sure the guitar is stained but that adds to the sound.  It gives sound CHARACTER.  Hmm maybe I lost a pick or something inside the body of the guitar.  That's why I stopped playing.  THIS RATTLING IS DRIVING ME CRAZY I NEED A NEW GUITAR.  I dropped picks in guitars all the time in my life.  It's fun trying to shake them out!  I get a blast and a half out of it!
     Ninth paragraph.  Wonderful.  Just blazin' through.  And the only consequence of going through it quickly without thought or effort is that it's dumb and not worth reading.  Sounds like a fair compromise to me.  That sort of thing!  FREDDY FREEMAN HAS UPPER RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS.  GREAT News for The Mets.  Ugh.  I take it back!  COVID and other serious illnesses I WISH ON NO ONE.  Minor temporary not serious physical baseball injuries?  That will have no long term effect on Health?  FINE GO AHEAD AND GET THOSE.  See I'm a halfway decent guy.  I want my Enemies to live.  Also the closest things I have to enemies are baseball players who play on teams I'm Against.  Oh well that's life.  Maybe some people don't like the TEAMS they're against.  I don't like THE PLAYERS ON THE TEAMS.  I take everything very personally!
     Last paragraph of the act.  I don't believe it!  Javier Baez DREW A WALK yesterday.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm more pumped up when he walks than when he Does Other Stuff.  Definitely more than a single.  Probably more than a double!  That sort of thing.  Also Nimmo draws lots of walks and then RUNS to first base.  YOU DREW A WALK.  WALK BEING THE KEY WORD.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING RUNNING.  YOU DIDN'T DRAW A RUN.  IF YOU DID WE WOULDN'T BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION BECAUSE YOU'D COME ALL THE WAY BACK AROUND TO HOME PLATE TO SCORE.  THAT'S WHAT RUN MEANS IN BASEBALL.  NOT WALK.  I lost track if I was making sense in that Point I Was Trying To Make.  Oh well.  Also is Dominic Smith the best?  Sure!  He's one of the best at the very least!  ALSO NIMMO'S FIRST NAME IS BRANDON.  I feel like I had to clear that up.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




That's To Say The Least

    Hey!  Probably not gonna have Turkey for lunch.  Not even enough turkey to Half-Assedly base a meal around it.  So SEE YOU IN HELL STUFFING AND SMALL AMOUNT OF TURKEY.  I'm leaning towards CHICKEN PARM KID'S MEAL.  Delicious!  Anyway back from a walk.  Gonna take a shower after this act, write third act, then take a walk.  That's how I do things sometimes!  Today is probably going to be one of those times.  Why shouldn't it be.  It's a Nice Time.  I like Nice Times!  Let's have a Nice Time Today.  Hmm. If I don't have a guitar string, can I Presumably remove appropriate string from 2nd guitar and re-appropriate it for 1st guitar?  My guess?  Yes people can do that but I can't!  I'm not mechanically inclined!  Not even mechanically neutral!  I'm solidly un-inclined re: Mechanics!
    Cool.  Looking forward to hopefully the Mets are being outscored by a lot early and maybe go into some Call Of Duty II.  Still on the level where I don't know what to do next to move on to the next part of the mission!  I tried running around the entire map and I haven't quite cracked this code yet!  Have I tried JUMPING across the entire map?  Maybe not the entire map but MOST OF IT!  I feel like I was jumping more than my fair share while running across the map.  Maybe not the entire time, no.  But I feel I was jumping enough!  Anyway still finishing coffee #1.  Cold Beverage = Orange Soda.  That sort of thing!  Been keeping up to date on Wilco Set Lists.  HEY I LIKE 90% OF THESE SONGS AND I REALLY LIKE 75% OF THESE SONGS.  Those are some good odds!  Presumably.  Way more good odds than some other odds I can think of!  Dunno what that means exactly.
Cool.  Today is Sunday!  Earlier today I was on the fence as to whether it was Sunday or Saturday.  As of now I feel pretty confident saying it's Sunday.  What kind of fun do we have in store for the second part of Act II.  Gotta come up with something fun.  Is this a joke--  I watched Rashoman several times but I don't remember 100% what happened.  Also, even if it is a joke, is it a joke I 90% made earlier in my life here?  I feel like NO IT'S NOT A JOKE AND IT'S SOMETHING I'VE SAID BEFORE EARLIER IN MY LIFE HERE.  Gotta imagine that's ~50% of everything I say.  Not a joke PLUS it's been said before.  By me.  WOW 50% OF WHAT I SAY ISN'T THAT?  I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  I finished coffee #1.  I can start coffee #2 roughly half an hour from now.  Maybe plus a few minutes.  I like those odds, too!  I like lots of odds.  I like ~55-60% of odds.
     Wonderful!  Without Odds we wouldn't know what to gamble on.  Therefore just there being odds is a good thing.  What else is going on.  I like how they legalized Sports Gambling Apparently and every Baseball Show I watch is now just 80% talking about gambles you can make.  Pre-shows and whatnot.  Now OVER HALF of what they talk about is these are the odds you get on this website, let's go to the experts, what do you think about this gamble.  And it's not even just which team will win.  That's a fair Gamble to discuss.  Because it's the main thing to discuss even without gambling!  No it's stuff like should you bet 300 dollars to win 100 dollars that Brandon Nimmo will get a base hit this game.  LETS GO TO THE PANEL.  I DON'T CARE.  I already don't care that much about sports and You're Heavily Leaning Into Even LESS CARING territory with this shit.  Also it's insulting!  I don't wanna make bets.  LAY OFF.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Also NO WAY should you bet 300 dollars to win 100 that Brandon Nimmo will get a base hit today.  Or any day!  That's a TERRIBLE bet.  I don't need Steve Gelbs to tell me that.  And I REALLY don't need him to tell me it's a good bet.  That'd be even worse!  What else is going on.  I dunno.  Shower coming up! That should be relatively fun for a solid 4-6 minutes.  I'd be cleaner after it!  Also I like the smell of my shampoo.  It's BLUE.  OCEAN CHARGE.  SOMETHING LIKE THAT I DON'T FULLY REMEMBER.  I guess I'll find out soon.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Anyway I'll be back soon.




On No The Rest Of The Day

    I reserve the right to change my mind, but right now I'm fantastisizing about having a Bison Burger for dinner.  NO JALEPENO PEPPERS.  I like jalepeno peppers and I like bison burger but each one makes the other one worse when together.  That's life I guess.  Maybe I can get jalepeno peppers and take them off burger and POP EM.  That's why they're called Peppers.  So we can POP them.  POP and PEPPER are almost relatively similar words!  Either way No Of Course I Won't Do That.  I got coffee #2 going on.  As well as Snapple... #... 1.  Also YES shampoo is Ocean Charge and YES MOST IMPORTANTLY IT'S BLUE.  The last few weeks I've been kind of upset that I take my shower early and not in the evening.  Sometimes in later afternoon or evening OR EARLY NIGHT I'm like ya know a shower right now wouldn't be so bad.  I can shower twice in the same day.  Nobody's stopping me!  Maybe they'd start stopping me if I started trying!  I don't know yet! 
     Anyway.  I don't want to alarm you but I'M RUNNING LOW ON SHIRTS.  I've got maybe 2-4 clean shirts that I can use!  OH NO WHAT'S TO BE DONE.  Eh I'll worry about it tomorrow.  And then tomorrow I'll worry about it the next day.  And then the next day I'll worry about it the day after that.  And then the day after that OH SHIT WHY DID I KEEP PUTTING THIS OFF I'M OUT OF SHIRTS.  That's life I guess!  I can wear unclean shirts.  Nobody would be the wiser!  Unless they get close to me!  And my shirts smell and/or look unclean!  Then lots of people would be the wiser.  Presumably.  Huh.  Is it possible The Mets are in the equivalent stage of their season as I am in Call of Duty II?  And they're just running around all over the place and can't figure out how to win and get to the next level?  My guess?  NOPE they do very little jumping.  And Jumping is the main part of this situation I'm in somehow for some reason.
     Wonderful.  Maybe the Mets should be doing more jumping!  There I just figured out their problem AND their solution.  That's great we got that out of the way.  Now we can move on to other topics fir the last 2 paragraphs of this entry!  I have to write 3 more paragraphs.  Yeah but I meant the last 2 paragraphs AFTER this paragraph which has just barely started.  Get with it!  C'mon!  Hmm I wonder if I can actually Complete Stringing this guitar and play it.  I think I'll try doing that later today.  Presumably.  I may give up VERY quickly.  But I'll do the bare minimum required to be able to say Well, I Tried!  Even THIS is the bare minimum.  I vaguely set plans to do it.  There!  Minimum accomplished!  Anything further from this point is Extras.
     Yeah!  I tried putting Old Fashioned French Toast which means White Bread French Toast in TOASTER to warm it up yesterday.  And ya know what?  DELICIOUS this is the best Re-heated Frenched Toast I ever had!  I'm not exaggerating!  I might be INCORRECT.  I've had French Toast all the time in my life and it's easily possible at least once it was better than this.  But OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD this easily ranks up there!  And is the best I CAN FULLY remember.  YEAH.  If I get Bison burger tonight good shot I'd be getting another Breakfastcentric Meal for tomorrow.  Even though I just had Frenched Toast!  We're talkin CHOCOLATE CHIPPED PANCAKES.  Maybe a waffle.  But if it's one of them probably FREEDOM CHIP PANCAKES.  I've had it up to HERE with Chocolate being against the Iraq War.
Last paragraph!  Still got 2 or 3 #TheNightmareOnElmsesStreetTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent to go!  I like those odds.  Also gotta imagine when Freddy kills people, yeah, sure, they're upset about dying.  But it happens in a funny and ironic way so you gotta imagine they're somewhat thinking well if ya gotta go, might as well have a laugh with it!  That's how I'd feel if Freddy killed me in a fun and ironic way.  HE GOT ME GOOD OH WELL THAT'S LIFE.  Except for the part where several movies seem to imply that when Freddy kills you your soul is trapped and belongs to him or something.  And you're suffering eternally.  Maybe suffering Internally, too!  Either way they don't know that WHILE being killed.  So they could still be having a blast IN THE MOMENT because they don't know the bad news to come.  Anyway.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:55 P.M.




Saturday, August 7, 2021

How Do You Like That

    Hello friends.  I went inside Store this morning to get packs of gum.  Two!  Dentyne Ice.  Winter Chill!  Sounds good to me.  Also if I remember correctly this brand of gum has a nice crunch to it when you first start it.  I like a gum that crunches the first bite.  That's my unofficial AND official position.  Hey before I got a chance to watch Recorded Olympic Baseball Game I accidentally read the results!  Oh well!  Probably wouldn't have enjoyed watching it anyway.  Anyway NO SPOILERS but Japan won.  Oh well.  That's life!  At least we won World War II.  That's slightly more important than a Baseball Game occurring every four years.  What's the word for every four years.  Like, annually is one year.  If I knew the word for four I could connect that to annually myself.  But I don't!  QUAD something off the top of my head.  Oh well lets move on.
     Got coffee a-brewin!  Got 6 walks on the schedule for today.  There's an XBOX 360 game that didn't completely work when I first tried but I feel it SHOULD be working.  I got it to register the disc and I got to the main menu but when I played the Press Play Or Whatever Button it started loading AND NEVER STOPPED.  I had to stop it myself eventually.  Otherwise I'd still be stuck watching it Loading.  But anyway my official AND UNOFFICIAL position is that I dunno I'm pretty sure this should work.  I'm gonna try it again.  Also the game is CRACKDOWN the game where you play a policeman who RUNS AND JUMPS VERY FAST AND VERY HIGH and fights crime presumably.  Similar to a Grand Theft Auto. But MUCH FASTER RUNNING and MUCH HIGHER JUMPING.  Also as the game goes on and you make progress THE FASTER YOU CAN GO AND THE HIGHER YOU CAN JUMP. 
     Wonderful.  Got Freedom Toast in store for lunch.  I got OLD FASHIONED.  That's French Toast with white bread.  THEY ONLY GAVE ME THREE PIECES.  I was expecting FOUR.  You know A QUADANNUALITY OF FREEDOM TOAST.  Oh well I'll eat a fuckin COOKIE to flesh out the meal.  Three pieces of Freedom Toast and a Pirouette!  I'm a culinary super star!  Also I feel Our Sun is a superstar.  As far as we know it may be the ONLY STAR IN THE FUCKIN' UNIVERSE providing for Life Form Organisms.  HOLY SHIT this star is knocking it out of the park.  Also considering all that maybe we should be worshipping Sun?  Egyptians had the right idea!  It makes SOME sense you have to give me that.  If not WORSHIPPING the sun we should at least THINK KIND THOUGHTS about it every now and then.  I'm up to a level in Call Of Duty where I don't know what I'm supposed to do next!  I try running around all over the place and I'm stuck!  OH NO.
What else is going on.  WINTER CHILL GUM?  GUM THAT CRUNCHES WHEN YOU BITE INTO IT?  A PACK WITH 16 PIECES INSTEAD OF 14 AS THE ONES I'VE BEEN GETTING WERE?  This is wonderful news!  I used a Silver Dollar as part of my payment.  You know, like a Susan B Anthony Dollar but I think with another design which I didn't register.  Gotta imagine those are only worth a dollar.  That's what it said!  Otherwise I lost a collectable.  I get those all the time in life.  Probably TWO DOZEN TIMES overall.  And I spend 'em each time!  I know I do because otherwise I'd still have them!  What else is going on.  What do people do at Baseball Games if they catch a foul ball.  Or acquire a foul ball some other way.  Commentator on TV is always like and that fan got a souvenir!  And lets be honest you get a foul ball IN THE MOMENT YOU'RE PUMPED.  HOLY SHIT IT CAME TO ME THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!  That's normal!  But then when you're leaving the stadium you gotta think what the Hell do I do with this.  You can't put it up on a mantle It Means Absolutely Nothing.  You can't very well just throw it away.  By which I mean in the garbage.  You could just Throw It Away onto your neighbor's property.  But anyway I feel the best thing you can do is get some people together and play baseball!  You've got a free ball!  That's what it's worth!
     Get coffee after this paragraph.  ME I mean.  I'm not advising you.  Although actually that's not a bad idea.  Why don't you get coffee after this paragraph.  Wonderful!  OH HEY I saw a Child's Play TV SHOW is in the works.  By in the works IT'S BEEN MADE it is coming out onto the Television Airwaves in October.  Also lots of recurring characters and the one I was excited about was KYLE THE TEENAGE GIRL FROM CHILD'S PLAY II.  We haven't seen her IN CLOSE TO THIRTY YEARS.  MAYBE EVEN MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS.  YEAH LIKE I SAID CLOSE.  If you say close to 30 years I think it's implied it's slightly less.  But somewhat more than 30 is ALSO close to 30 years.  Let's talk about it!  We just did.  Okay then let's talk about something else.  Dentyne ICE?  This is gonna be a BLAST.  A WINTER BLAST.
Hey I got coffee how about that.  Mets continue to disappoint!  I like when things are going okay the Mets Media is like THIS IS GREAT YOU GOTTA TUNE IN THIS IS WONDERFUL PAY ATTENTION DEEPLY AND GET INVESTED.  And then when they're losing a lot they're like IT'S JUST A GAME FOLKS TAKE A STEP BACK IT MEANS NOTHING.  That's not what you were saying when things were going on!  Either it means something or it means nothing.  Pick a lane!  I suggest It Means Something.  Your financial stability depends on people thinking it means something over it meaning nothing.  I'm full of practical ideas!  Like THAT ONE.  And DON'T WORSHIP SUN ALL OUT BUT GIVE IT SOME LOVE.  Where did that thing where kids make drawings of the sun and its a circle surrounded by spiky triangles come from.  You know what I mean.  It must be from something but I've looked at the sun all the time and I've never seen spiky pattern of triangles surrounding it.  Then again I don't look at it too hard.  For safety reasons.  Kids are the only people dumb enough to look at the sun and that's why they know more than we do.
     Wonderful.  The triangles signify RAYS.  Invisible to the naked eye but an important part of Sun altogether.  Maybe?  I don't know!  Seventh paragraph.  I wonder what the world record is for Staring At The Sun.  Gotta imagine SOMEONE SOMEWHERE decided I'm gonna do this more than any other person EVER.  And he's been staring at the sun for the last 24 months.  I guess he's allowed to sleep.  But even when he sleeps he needs to be facing the sun.  What about when it's dark out.  He lives on ain aeroplane so it's always sunny.  That's not PRACTICAL.  FINE He's allowed to sleep at night when there's no sun.  He wakes up a minute before sunrise and goes to sleep a minute after sundown.  OKAY?  DOES THAT SATISFY YOU?
     Eighth paragraph.  Anyway.  What else is going on.  Part II of turkey dinner for tonight.  I like that!  Healthwise!  And Deliciouswise.  Also when I was a kid I remember getting WISE potato chips.  I dunno if they even exist anymore.  They weren't great!  Better LTURQ.  Of all the things I said I was gonna LURQ this entry and never did, THIS I actually wanna get to the bottom of.  Wise potato chips.  LETS SEE.  HEY they still exist but the classic personal bag design I remember from my youth is gone.  Also these potato chips weren't great!  I already told you that!  I'll tell you again!  Wonderful.  HEY I think this is the brand with The Owl.  I feel like their mascot is some sort of Owl.  Which makes sense because Owls are Geniuses.  YEP.  I was right!  I don't know why owl's are supposed to be smart but I think it's because I Can Imagine Them Wearing A Monocle For Some Reason and if people with glasses are smart people with monocles are TWICE as smart.  You'd think it'd be HALF but you're not thinking right!  YOU'RE GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.
     Ninth paragraph!  Here's an interesting story I'm going to need to start a new bar of soap for my shower soap in a couple of days.  I dunno exactly how much I can get out of the sliver of soap I have left.  Definitely one or two days.  Maybe I can get a week out of it, I don't know!  Hey that was an interesting story.  I'll keep you updated on it!  It's a story that never ends.  It may end in one or two days.  Maybe even a week.  But then when I start a NEW bar of soap that's a continuation of this story.  Sort of!  What's going on again.  I lost track.  Wonderful.  Look I don't have all the quarters in the world and COULD I have saved this 4 dollars of Quarter and Silver Dollar for buying shot bottles of alcohol?  Sure!  But right now I have no interest in it!  Should I have planned ahead so when one day I do have interest in it I have that 4 dollars?  Maybe!  Get off my back about it!  It's my life I'll spend change however I want!
     Yeah!  I want to aim for 3 beers for Wilco Sleater=Kinney show but that's ONE MORE than I feel comfortable broaching with my parents.  I feel FINE with being like look I'm probably gonna have 1 or 2 beers.  I go up to three?  That's crossing the line!  Right now I feel the best way of putting it is I think I'll have ONE TO THREE beers.  Better than saying 2 or 3.  Better than lying and saying 1 or 2.  1 to 3 is the best I can come up with for now!  Also I could just not say anything but I HAVE LIMITED CASH MONEY we need to plan ahead how much I'm gonna be spending.  OH MAN IF I HAD THOSE QUARTERS AND SILVER DOLLAR, COMBINED WITH SOME OTHER QUARTERS I CAN RUSTLE UP, I COULD HAVE BOUGHT THAT 3rd BEAR MYSELF.  Great NOW you tell me.  YOU ASSHOLE WHERE WERE YOU AN HOUR AGO.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.





Oh There's No Question

    I've talked about Sun God before!  I'm pretty sure I've talked about Useless Foul Balls before!  DAMNIT AND THOSE WERE THE TWO MAIN THINGS FROM THAT ACT.  Also probably talked about ~half a dozen more of the overall top 20 main things from the act.  WOW HALF OF IT IS NEW.  The LESSER HALF.  Although it being new bumps it up to THE GREATER HALF.  THAT'S THE PROBLEM.  Redundancies make the non-redundancies more important and these non-redundancies CAN'T HANDLE THE SPOTLIGHT.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Anyway.  Back for another Act!  Took a shower, took a walk.  That covers that.  Started the next #TheNightmareonElmsesStreetTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent.  This was on a DIFFERENT STREAMER than the first five movies.  WONDERFUL.  It's fun to mix things up.  I LIKE HBOMAX.  It's my favorite Streamer!  All the SHOWS.  The MOVIES.  The MINISERIES.  OH NO if 90% of the rest of this act is redundancy saying HBOMAX Is My Favorite Streamer is one of the KEY TOPIC SENTENCES of the entry.
Yeah!  Might not take a walk between Act II and Act III!  I'll take my six walks sure but the timing of everything leads us down that road I just said.  HMM the fun part of the video game is gradually becoming INSANE at running and jumping.  I mean I probably made it 20% into the game back in 2006 but even at that point I could run and jump SO FAST and SO FAR.  What fun.  I feel like The Olympics Ending is a big bummer.  I had nothing invested into the olympics starting and continuing.  But ending?  It feels sad and somber.  I just imagine Japanese People sweeping up empty arenas and crying because this once in a lifetime event is over and the next one isn't for Oh I Don't Know 1 or 3 years.  And they don't even get to host it!  This was their big break on the world stage and THEY BLEW IT.
     Aww I feel bad.  Oh well that's life.  Did I have 2nd cup of coffee in the evening last night?  NO.  I had it LAST EVENING like I JUST SAID.  Either way I'm still finishing coffee #1 with this act.  I can either have coffee #2 with act III or maybe HAVE AN EVENING CUP TONIGHT AS WELL.  OR MORE ACCURATELY THIS EVENING.  It's a nice snack.  It tastes good because of cream of the cream and it's healthy because it's a beverage.  HEY the Mets game is late afternoon.  We're talking FOUR OH FIVE.  Which I feel is the name of a Pop Band that masquerades as a rock band.  I feel like I'm 80% accurate in describing a band name to the specifications I laid out.  Anyway am I supposed to be invested in it or not.  I don't know!  I'm gonna lean towards I don't want to be invested in it but I am but also I could easily get uninvested over the course of several hours or days after the game takes place.  It takes TIME to uninvest myself but I can handle it.  Over Time!
     Wonderful.  WE CAN'T CHOOSE WHO WE LOVE.  And I love The Mets.  Wait a second OF COURSE we can choose who we love.  If we can't choose who we love that sounds like a VERY restrictive and dystopian society.  Which may be accurate.  As far I can tell our current society is somewhat restrivive I guess and vaguely dystopian.  But also SOMEWHAT NOT.  WOW SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE?  I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  Wonderful.  I feel if I really felt like it I could easily pick another baseball team to love.  Maybe over the course of a week.  I'd need to put some time and thought and effort into it but I can come out after a week liking a different baseball team.  I think!  How about the Oakland Athletics.  That's EASILY in the top 10 of Major League Baseball Teams I should consider leaving The Mets to.  I dunno about easily.  Maybe POSSIBLY.  That's more accurate upon further introspection.
     Last paragraph of the act!  Hmm instead of picking a new team based on ethos maybe I consider what kind of franchise players they got going on.  In which case I DON'T KNOW BASEBALL PLAYERS WELL ENOUGH.  Whose my potential favorite player if The Mets are out of the equation. HMM. I DON'T LIKE ANY PLAYERS NOT ON THE METS.  THEY'RE NOT ON THE METS SO WHY SHOULD I ROOT FOR THEM.  Maybe just flip a coin to determine what team to root for.  A 30 sided coin.  Maybe a 29 sided coin if I DEFINITELY wanna leave The Mets.  Maybe leave it at 30 and if I land on the Mets then it was meant to be.  Wait a second what's going on what am I talking about.  Coins.  I BROUGHT $4.50 in quarters and Single Silver Dollar to buy gum AND I LEFT WITH 2 QUARTERS LEFT OVER.  You know that sort of thing.  I'll be back in a little bit!





What Else Is There To Say

    Hello friends.  Time to finish the entry.  Roughly!  Got coffee #2 going.  Delicious!  Probably gonna have the Freedom Toast for lunch and the Turkey Dinner for Dinner.  ORDER STILL PENDING THOUGH.  HMM what kind of special days does Patriotism Calendar say we got in store for August.  Monday the 2nd was, "Civic Holiday (CAN)."  Nice name Canada.  Civic Holiday.  Makes sense and isn't too complicated.  I'm from another country and even I get the gist of what Civic Holiday is all about!  ESPECIALLY I get the gist.  If you're from Canada you're too close to the source material to get it as much as someone from further away can get it!  That sort of thing.  Civic Is A Palindrome.  Haven't heard that word used in Palindrome Discussion before much.  What else is going on. Oh the paragraph is over.
Yeah!  Look I've been playing Call Of Duty at the 2nd easiest level out of 4.  That's RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE.  I've been holding my own is the point I'm trying to make.  You don't get to hold many things in the game.  Mostly guns and grenades.  Can't think of anything else!  Is there anyone good on the Seattle Mariners.  I'd root for the Mariners!  They used to have KEN GRIFFEY JR AND ALEX RODRIGUEZ AND EDGAR MARTINEZ AND TINO MARTINEZ AND JAY BUHNER AND RANDY JOHNSON.  WOW WHAT A TEAM.  OKAY SO IF I'M ROOTING FOR THEM NOW HOW MANY OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE LEFT ON THE TEAM.  None.  OH WELL.  I can always root for the 1993 Mariners in Present Day.  No reason I can't just Like Baseball From 1993 exclusively.  That's my perrogative!  I FEEL LIKE THEM MARINERS HAD A CORA OR TWO AS WELL.
Moving on.  I like John Wetteland because he's a more P.C. way of Saying John Swamps.  You heard it here first!  Also he was never on the Mariners.  That's life I guess.  He was a RELIEF PITCHER.  HE RELIEVED OTHER PITCHERS.  They were pitching and then he was like I GOT THIS FROM NOW ON YOU CAN GO TAKE A SEAT.  Wonderful.  Halfway through Act III!  This is going great.  I'll have All Responsibility for the day Done Real Quick.  Then it's all uphill from there!  Which is good.  The higher you go the more high you get on the thin air oxygen or something.  Not sure what I'm basing that on, but going uphill gets you high.  YEP.  NO ONE'S ARGUING THAT!  Nailed it.  Wonderful.  Maybe watch a Tales From Them Crypt when this is done and before I take my next walk.  YEAH.  Crypt is DOWN.  You gotta go down into crypt.  Presumably that gets you high, too!  Going anywhere gets you high.  Hopefully!  That's my dream at least.
     Penultimate paragraph.  I like Mike Trout from the Angels but I'M UNDECIDED on Shohei Ohtani from the Angels.  Sometimes I feel neutral on him, sometimes I actively dislike him, and sometimes I actively like him.  I can't make up my mind on this one!  Maybe I will one day.  I feel like IN GENERAL I've trended TOWARDS liking him from not liking him.  GENERALLY.  TRENDS.  TOWARDS.  HIM.  What's going on again.  I can't believe I missed celebrating Civic Day (CAN).  Oh well there's always next year.  Assuming it's an Annual Thing.  Most holidays are annual!  Almost all of them!  All I can think of that isn't is Leap Day and that's not really a holiday but more of a Time Keeping Exercise.  HMM.  What's a good holiday that's not annual.  And also Not UNDER Annual.  Maybe a holiday or two that happens more than once in a year.  I don't care about that!  This is good stuff let's keep it going.
Last paragraph.  If it's such a big deal we should remember and/or celebrate it why shouldn't we do it every year.  Why would they explicitly be like YEAH THIS IS BIG but not EVERY YEAR big.  MAYBE TWICE A DECADE.  They wouldn't, that's who!  What else is going on.  Concert is 2 weeks from today!  Assuming all goes to plan.  Even assuming just 30% goes to plan.  There's a lot of leeway in terms of how much can and/or cannot go to plan and this concert still occurring 2 weeks from today.  Wonderful!  Maybe they don't serve bear and that settles that problem.  I NEED ONE BEAR PER ACT.  THAT'S MY FEELING.  Wonderful.  Hey the entry is over!  Wonderful.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:01 P.M.





Friday, August 6, 2021

Let Me Tell You Something

    Hey!  Just accepted Super market delivery.  Well, about 45 minutes ago.  Then I took a walk and now I'm here!  Great!  Accepting Super Market order is great because 1) I Did It!  Don't need to do it again for another week, 2) ALL THE SODA MY LITTLE HEART CAN DREAM OF.  ALSO IN THIS SCENARIO THE HEART IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DREAMING, 3) Got some MINI ROLLS.  BREAD?  I hardly ever have Just Bread anymore!  GONNA PAIR IT WITH DINNERS.  MAYBE MAKE SOME SANDWICHES FOR OTHER MEALS.  YEAH.  Anyway I watched Tales From Them Crypt: Bordello Of Blood.  Dennis Miller is okay sometimes but he's not funny when he's making references I don't get and he's even less funny when making references I do good!  For some reason he comes off as okay to me anyway!  I don't know much about his politics in later years because I Don't Care!  I know enough to know I Don't Like Him Anymore.  But put that out of my mind and I can tolerate him!  I DON'T KNOW WHY.
   Because I'm a very accepting and loving person.  I tolerate all the peoples.  I tolerate 50-60% of the people.  ON AVERAGE if you pick a person at random I'm more likely than not going to tolerate them.  Anyway.  Lunch is gonna be a great smorganesbouard of ingredients.  Left over CHICKEN FINGERS.  Left over HALF ROAST SPHERES of potato.  A SINGLE ROLL.  Never got these rolls before.  One can only imagine they're gonna be the best rolls I've ever tasted.  They advertise the bread as POTATO BREAD or something.  I think that's more or less generic bread but it SOUNDS great.  Potato?  AND BREAD?  THAT SOUNDS LIKE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.  All the best matches are made in Heaven.  Then again there must be something to be said for Matches Made In Hell.  They're still Matches!  And clearly some thought was put into them even if it was for Bad Reasons.  There's SOMETHIN' to them is all I'm trying to say. 
    Is there fire in Heaven.  I know there's fire in Hell.  But fire is useful and great a lot of the time.  Gotta imagine there's safe and controlled fire in Heaven.  Is there Dennis Miller in Heaven.  Gotta imagine there's safe and controlled Dennis Miller in PURGATORY.  I dunno about any Dennis Miller in Heaven.  I'll have to look into that one.  HEY My mom mad coffee today early.  I don't feel good about that!  I may not have all my little liver desires for the day.  Probably enough for 2 cups but will it be 2 FULL cups or 1.8 cups of what I want overall.  I don't know!  I'll pour myself the first cup soon, though!  Probably after the next paragraph!  Also I'm gonna take one less walk today.  Super market order messed up my schedule a bit.  It's okay!  One walk one day means next to nothing! 
     What else is going on.  Got SPRITE ZERO going on right now.  You know what that's like, right.  DO they still make Diet Sprite.  I dunno if I've seen Diet Sprite lately.  Also what's the consensus on whether Mountain Dew is close enough to be considered in the same group as Sprite And Seven- Up.  Look we know none of them are ginger ale.  Lemon and Lime is one genre of soda, and Ginger Ale is another one.  Is mountain dew lemon-lime, though?  I always thought of it as separate but it may be close enough to be lumped in together.  I DON'T KNOW and there's no way to find out.  Also what are the 7 ingredients in Seven Up.  Gotta imagine it's a reference to seven ingredients.  And gotta imagine those seven ingredients are the accurate list of ingredients for seven up.  I dunno better LTURQ.  Maybe later.  Probably not it's either now or never.  Ok never then.
     Wonderful.  Got coffee going on!  Probably have enough for enough of a 2nd cup to keep me satisfied.  Man oh man I can't wait to eat that bread.  And then surely when I eat it I'll be like great wonderful its bread.  I'm being sarcastic in case you can't tell.  also I ate it up right quick not only was it mediocre but it went fast.  Also thanks a lot if I was just thinking it to myself I wouldn't need to clarify I was being sarcastic.  It's because I relayed this future personal feeling to you I HAD to clarify.  YOU ASSHOLE YOU'RE WASTING ALL MY TIME.  Does Dennis Miller know the references he's making.  Or is it just random words he's come across that he's just saying off the top of his head.  The words mean nothing.  They just pop into his head and he says them.  That's how ALL words work.  I mean we normally know what the words we're saying mean more or less.  But who really knows what anything means!  Philosophy.
  Been listening to the HARD ROCK playlist on apple music.  WOW ALL THAT GUITAR.  WE'RE TALKIN 2, 3 GUITARS PER SONG.  WHATTA VALUE.  So many guitars for such minute amount of listenings.  Can we call most modern rock Hard Rock.  Or is Hard Rock specifically about Hard Rock from the 70's and/or 80's.  I think Hard Rock I think of 1980's subgenre of music.  I also think of Cafes.  MAN I WISH I WAS AT A HARD ROCK CAFE RIGHT NOW.  What fun!  It's a restaurant but with things on the walls.  I forget what kinds of things.  But it certainly makes for a fine family eating experience!  Man I wish I had a fine family eating experience.  That sounds great!  I normally don't think too much about wanting a family one way or the other, but now that I think about Hard Rock Cafes, I realize I NEED A FAMILY.  AND SOON!  HARD ROCK CAFES AREN'T GOING TO EAT AT THEMSELVES.
That's life.  Hopefully!  Seventh paragraph.  I don't believe it!  It's true, though.  Wait better triple check to make sure it's true.  Alright, it's true!  Said that before I triple checked it was true.  I was pretty confident it was true.  Ok NOW I'm gonna triple check.  IT'S TRUE.  I triple checked that time.  It's all true!  What else is going on.  ALRIGHT KIDS YOU CAN GET ANYTHING YOU WANT.  MIGHT I RECOMMEND THE CHICKEN FINGERS.  That sort of thing, that's what I'm looking for.  ALRIGHT WIFE YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT.  MIGHT I RECOMMEND THE ONION RINGS.  That sort of thing!  Let's move on for now.  Tried playing the Used Baseball Video Game that Social Worker bought me in 2013 or so.  It does work!  And the graphics are leaps and bounds better than the one I had from a decade before then.  But the gameplay just isn't that great!  Hitting is too easy.  Pitching is too hard!  FIELDING IS JUST RIGHT.  JUST KIDDING FIELDING IS THE HARDEST.  Putting lineups together is just right.  Probably.  Skipped that part when trying out the game yesterday.
Wonderful.  Also yes I'm sure I could figure out pitching very well if I spent a solid entire 20 minutes on it.  I don't feel like it, though!  Also The Mets from 2012 were TERRIBLE.  Where do they get off being that much of a clunker.  What team am I supposed to play as JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS?  Whatever.  Let's move on with my life.  Oh no at this rate I can work in all six walks today.  I was looking forward to taking only 5 walks.  But now I'd be a fool not to take that sixth walk.  I got nothing better to do!  I've got several worse things to do!  Also I have several things better to do!  But that's neither here nor there!  Wearing shirt that's a bit too tight today.  This t-shirt is leaving nothing to the imagination!  You know that thing your Large Intestine is responsible for.
    Ugh.  Two more paragraphs for now!  I can do that with my eyes tied behind the back of my head.  Got them PIROUETTES cookies.  The cookies that are shaped like straws.  Tall tin cylinders.  Normally I have no use for such cookies because the amount of calories and the amount of satisfaction they are leaves them very little room in my diet.  HOWEVER with the kinds of breakfasts I've been having I can have TWO OF THESE for breakfast and be happy about it.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow very much to take this out for a test drive!!!  Not a really a test drive.  I already bought them.  Just a regular first drive after purchase.  A test drive would have been somehow getting them and having them before purchasing them.  DAMNIT that was a possibility?  I messed up!  Sure I would have ended up buying them anyway Because I Know What I Want but I could have potentially had two for free!  Id unno if its a test drive analogy I think the 2 are for free initially but when you buy it you just get the can that the 2 started.  So what you purchase is 2 cookies down.  The ones you had the day before.  On a test drive breakfast.
     Last paragraph! 
BASEBALL GOLD MEDAL IS COMING DOWN TO JAPAN VS UNITED STATES.  You know what that means.  WE'VE GOT SILVER LOCKED UP.  By us I MEAN JAPAN SURPRISE.  Ugh.  Anyway that's tomorrow morning at 6 AM I believe.  I can record that presumably!  And watch it when I wake up!  No spoilers!  Also maybe we should make a deal with Japan that we'll still play the game but they can have gold medal and we can have silver.  We just prefer Silver!  That's life I guess.  Looking into possibly getting Turkey Dinner for dinner tonight.  Part I of II.  That sounds healthy and delicious and abundant.  Also it just feels right!  Gotta go with what feels right.  That's how Dennis Miller makes jokes.  The words make no sense but they just FEEL right.  To him.  To the rest of us we can do without them.  Anyway hey I'll be back in a little bit.




I'll Get Around To It

    Not a lot of love for the large intestine.  Small intestine gets all the press!  Oh well that's life.  I just took a shower!  Walking Schedule is right on... schedule.  Got coffee #2 coming up in 15 minutes.  MAYBE write Act III with lunch.  Probably not, though!  I don't like the sound of that!  Maybe use oven for lunch.  Definitely use oven for lunch!  OKAY NOW LETS GET INTO IT.  They had the setlist for Wilco concert last night.  Nineteen songs!  And some of those songs are pretty long!  I'd be happy with 19 songs!  20 songs would be slightly better but you can't argue with 19 songs!  Especially when Sleater=Kinney is gonna be playing at least a dozen songs, too!  Maybe even approaching 19!  I didn't see the numbers for that!  Thinking about having 2-3 beers over the night.  ONE BEAR for each act.  There's an opening act!  GOTTA HAVE A BEAR FOR THAT.
   It's good to have plans.  Hey what else is going on.  I still reserve the right to cancel plans completely if Covid Situation in 2 weeks is significantly worse than now.  We don't know what's gonna happen!  Some of us do!  They're called X MEN and they can see the short to mid term future.  BIG SERIES for the Mets starting tonight.  Facing division rival whose neck and neck with them in the standings. Ya see that's a phrase because when people's necks are close to each other it means they're in competition and right around equal footing for now.  Anyway gotta imagine the Mets do well OR the Mets do poorly.  I've narrowed it down to those two things.  THREE GAME SERIES!  CAN'T BE SPLIT.  Either they do well or poorly the ball is in their court.  Unless there's a rain delay cancellation.  Only 2 games this weekend?  They can definitely not do well AND not do poorly.  We'll just have to wait and see how that shakes out.
     Yeah!  Maybe have coffee after this paragraph.  I can't have coffee with Act III!  Too close to Lunch.  It's either Now Or Never.  Or some other time I guess.  I've narrowed it down to those three things.  HOLY SHIT SLEATER=KINNEY ALSO PLAYED 19 SONGS.  We're talkin 38 (hopefully 39) songs!  Also there's introduction band act, too!  And Hopefully PRESUMABLY doesn't last very long and we don't have to listen to that.  The point is lets move on with my lives.  HMM SHOULD I TAKE A GANDER AT ABSORBING WHAT SONGS SLEATER=KINNEY PLAYED.  I THINK I WILL.  HEY how about that.  Have I said anything worthwhile this Act.  Mets can't tie the series.  That was a long hysterical bit.  Having Bears during concert.  Classic.  19 is good but not as good as 20.  That goes into the vault.  The good vault.  Where we keep good things we don't want to lose.
    Anyway.  If in baseball we're rooting for certain teams to do bad because we're actively anti-fans of that team, is it such a stretch to be happy when people get covid on those teams. Hey the Yankees have been going up in the standings but AT LEAST THEIR COVID CASES HAS BEEN SKYROCKETING.  I'm not happy with having that initial feeling but hey sure I am it's fun to talk about even if its a terrible thing to feel in your heart of hearts.  The cream of the cream of your heart.  Gotta imagine Heart Produces Cream.  No we don't.  We all know enough about human anatomy to know heart doesn't produce cream.  Blood is cream.  Could be!  Some people might have creamier blood than other.  The point is I was happy when players got REGULAR injured for other competitor teams.  And I didn't feel particularly bad about that.  Why not COVID injured.  I DEMAND ANSWERS FOR WHY NOT.
    I'm not having any coffee now.  Maybe with Act III before lunch or maybe not at all.  HEY MAYBE LATER.  I haven't had a 2nd Half Of Day Coffee in as long as I can remember.  Which is roughly 2 or 3 days.  But also presumably MUCH LONGER than I can remember.  We're talking Months And Whatnot.  Still making progress going through #TheNightmareOnElmsesStreetTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent.  This time around I'm enjoying it!  It's a combination of knowing what's gonna happen, watching it in HD, paying more attention, and most importantly watching it on a BIGGER screen.  So I can REALLY see what's going on.  Also I like it when Freddy says BITCH.  Also I like how everyone thinks each movie they can beat Freddy and Freddy just makes mincemeat out of 'em.  You can't stop him!  Each person thinks they can stop him their own unique way that shows off their personality.  Freddy never loses!  Also he's always like YOU BITCH.  Also it wasn't until Yesterday that I put two and two together to figure out oh he looks like that because he was burned to death in real life.  Right.  I knew that was his origin story.  And I knew he looked weird.  NOW I SEE IT ALL COMES TOGETHER TO MAKE SENSE.  I'll be back in a little bit.




You Know Me

    How come Freddy is so tough to kill as a ghost but was so easy to kill in real life.  Seems like there should be part of the back story where it took the parents of the murdered kids like 12 tries to finally kill Freddy.  Sounds like they accomplished it without any real effort!  Anyway.  As soon as I said I put two and two together to realize Freddy looked like that because he's a Burn Victim, the next scene I saw in Franchise was of Freddy being born and he was born looking weird.  I think it's possible he was born looking weird and then started looking MORE weird after that horrible fire but the fire doesn't account for all of it.  Not by a long shot!  I have food in the oven!  Not by a long shot!  Will presumably have 2nd cup of coffee LATER IN THE EVENING.  Long shot!
     That sort of thing.  It's not so bad if the Mets miss out on the playoffs this year.  It'll give them an extra week or two to start preparing for next season!  And the way they've been performing they need all the preparation they can get.  Anyway.  There's no reason I'm so Down On opening act for Wilco and Sleater=Kinney.  Presumably they chose him.  And I like their music.  I just know it's a One Guy Multi Instrumentalist and that doesn't sound good to me!  I'm a one guy band and if I'm anything like me I'm not enthusiastic about it!  Huh.  I'm not a multi instrumentalist.  I'm barely Just An Instrumentantalist.  HEY GIVE ME SOME CREDIT.  I know how to play guitar and TALK IN A SING SONG VOICE.  2 Instruments.  BLAM.
Moving on.  HEY I'm gonna have a nice solid block of bread soon.  A nice dinner roll that's kind of square.  Like a White Castle Hamburger Roll It's Like!  Are rolls implied to be round.  That's how it rolls.  Round things roll!  Squares don't roll.  Maybe they do by chance every now and then but it's not in their nature!  HEY I need to update the page of my Patriotism Calendar.  It's in a place I don't look at it so you could understand why I'd forget.  Hmm wonder what the new picture is like.  This is gonna be good.  Lemme LTURQ.  HOLY SHIT ITS A PICTURE OF THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL.  Anyway.  Is Lincoln's ghost trapped in the Lincoln Memorial.  And if not what's the point.  I assume it was built primarily to trap his ghost so it can't cause havoc in the rest of our Earthly World.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Wonderful.  Pretty soon I'm done with work for today!  This counts as work!  Other things I'm doing after it Don't Apparently!  Also was Lincoln known for particularly enjoying Sitting Down.  Most statues you see a guy is standing or something.  Maybe leaning on something.  Not a lot of statues of people sitting.  I guess sitting was just a big part of Lincoln's Whole Deal.  Or maybe they had already made a statue of a chair and wanted to make use of it and didn't want it to go to waste.  So when they got the order for making a statue of Lincoln they were like well this is great we can use That Chair We Made For Some Reason.  To memorialize Chairs one would imagine.
     Last paragraph.  Are you supposed to sit on the Lincoln Memorial's lap and ask it for Christmas presents.  I dunno.  Gotta imagine that when it was first made every visitor wanted to sit in Lincoln's Lap and they quickly had to make a rule that no one can sit in his lap.  Otherwise they'd be there all day waiting for their turn and trying to make it last as long as possible so the next person had to wait all day.  HEY what else is going on.  The entry is over!  Gonna continue with some #TheNightmareOnElmsesStreetTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent for the rest of the day.  Presumably watch some IF NOT MOST of the Mets game.  Do other stuff that I do every day.  HEY I'LL HAVE A NICE EVENING COFFEE!!!!  Wonderful.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:07 P.M.




Thursday, August 5, 2021

That's All There Is To It

    Hello friends.  Today is Thursday!  I knew that off the top of my head.  That's pretty impressive!  It's hard to know things off the top of your head.  We're talking SKULL or HAIR or SCALP.  Little to no Knowing Power in that part of your body at all!  Anyway.  Do people live after being scalped.  I feel like people often live without scalps.  I'd look that up right quick but it's much more fun to speculate.  Also did Scalpers ever do a Face/Off and take the scalp from one person and trade it with another.  Gotta imagine they did because they get bored sometimes and that's one way to mix things up.  Anyway.  Checked weight.  Lost another 2 pounds in a week and a half!  That sounds about right Estimationwise and Satisfactory Weight Loss Goalswise.  I add, "Wise," to words every entry and Spell Check always reminds me I'm Wrong.  Too bad!  I don't care!  I'm stickin' with it!
    Drinking Bottled water now.  Still a bit of soda and snapple left but I'm stretchin' it out!  Anyway.  Listening to ROCK playlist on Apple Music during walks.  We're talkin' the latest ROCK songs.  They've got GUITAR and everything.  I bet in a century people will be like what the Hell did people find so cool about guitars.  It's just an instrument!  It's no different than a clarinet.  That's all it is!  One would imagine YES because I already thought about it NOW so surely within a century other people can catch up to my thought process.  Probably even within a couple of decades!  Also do people really find Guitars Cool.  Or have I just been falsely led to believe that.  By Big Guitar.  Big Cool Guitar.  That sort of thing.  Hey what else is going on.
Coffee after let's say fourth paragraph.  Going into fifth paragraph!  Wonderful!  I found another game that almost definitely works on Xbox 360 Why It's Only Perfect Dark.  It's a 360 game!  I remember playing it back in the day and I BELIEVE it's similar to a Goldeneye.  And I enjoyed Goldenye.  HOWEVER the protagonist we play as is a lady and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.  Also we act like a SPY which I'm guessing means hey a lotta levels don't just shoot people you're giving away your location.  Gotta be SNEAKY.  The entire game is just you being SNEAKY.  I got better things to do than sneak around in a video game.  Lots of better things!  Like sneak around in real life!  Hmm I don't sneak around in real life all that much.  AS FAR AS YOU KNOW.  THAT'S BECAUSE I'M SO GREAT AT SNEAKING YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IT.
Wonderful.  HEY THIS LEVEL IS YOU HAVE TO RETRIEVE THIS DOSSIER.  I don't care!  Not only is it boring gameplay but I don't wanna be invested in the plot of this game.  Who cares!  I don't need it!  Then again What's This Dossier All About.  What else is going on.  Probably will figure out where to watch Fargo Fro Free For Me soon but right now I don't know how!  Anyway.  Also ideally I'd watch the movie first.  For Free For Me as well!  Just to get into the spirit of things.  HEY The Mets won yesterday!  Not bad!  That win alone is WAY more wins than I've had this season.  Yeah sure what else.  Waffle for one meal today.  Chicken fingers for other meal!  WOW I CAN COMBINE THEM FOR CHICKEN AND WAFFLES.  Yeah but then I'd have to have the same meal twice today.  OH NO I TAKE IT BACK I TAKE IT ALL BACK.  Whew that was close.  Coffee time.
What else is going on.  Call Of Duty II still going on!  I'm on the first level for American Campaign and it's a DDAY level but I believe PRE-D-DAY.  I dunno if that's historically accurate.  Or even Video Game Accurate.  But I THINK they were like hey this is the day before D-Day preparing for D-Day.  I always was under the impression D-Day was a surprise.  That's the whole premise.  So the point is either History Is Wrong, Video Game Is Wrong, Or I'm Wrong.  Or any combination of all three.  Or maybe none of all three!  I dunno how that'd work but sure why not.  Anyway I like Levels with TRENCHES.  I don't care if their mine or enemy's.  Cause if they're enemy's, guess what, I kill enough enemies, I'm takin' over their trenches.  Running around while crouched.  This is a blast and a half!
     That sort of thing.  Not a lot of old men who are soldiers.  Like rank-and-file soldiers.  General infantry.  Never see a 82 year old just running around.  In video game or in real life.  I've never seen ANY soldiers in real life.  By real life I mean movies.  Close enough!  Also I've seen soldiers in real life.  Off the top of my head In Penn Station.  Probably other places, too!  Like in Recruitment Set-Ups.  Often they have DOGS in Penn Station.  I might be thinking of seeing Police in Penn Station.  I've seen both Police and Soldier small groups.  And BOTH might have had pet dogs with them now and again.  Also is it rude to soldiers to say Thank You For Your Service to the dog and then give the people soldiers the cold shoulder?  My guess?  Rude to THE DOG.  How presumptuous to think that he cares what you've gotta say.  This dog is beyond all that!
     Had two Hots yesterday for dinner.  With some Tots!  I haven't had tots in months.  But I did last night!  YEP.  What is this is, the seventh paragraph?  YES YES IT IS.  Thank Me For My Service.  How come we never thank regular people for their service.  I go buy a pair of shoes, I don't thank the guy helping me try on shoes for his service.  Sure I do.  I Thank People All The Time.  I just don't specify it's for, "Their Service."  Maybe I should!  Also I never thank Soldiers for their service.  I know they're just following orders but all in all I feel like they're up to no good!  Why they in Penn Station.  What is this an OCCUPATION OF SORTS.  Don't tread on me and whatnot.  I wonder what tread means.  I guess it means to be on top of a person in some respect!  Oh well no way of knowing.  HEY very early Met game today.  I might still be on Next Walk when it starts.  Or I may be back from Next Walk.  I've narrowed it down to those two things.
     YEAH.  Baez knocking it out of the park yesterday.  Both in terms of knocking one ball out of the park in fair territory (counts as a home run) and also he made A Special Slide into home plate where the ball beat him by a quarter of a mile but he did a Super Special Slide to avoid being tagged!  That's what I like to see!  That and pornography!  Main two things I like to see!  Also cut scenes in Call Of Duty II even if they're wholly historically inaccurate.  ESPECIALLY if they're historically inaccurate.  Incorrect.  I prefer accurate.  Wonderful.  Hey what is this the eighth paragraph.  YEAH.  YES IT IS.  I noticed there's no campaigns in Call Of Duty II where you control The Germans.  Just as well.  It would make people confused.  WAIT A SECOND I'M THE GERMANS BUT IN REAL LIFE THEY WERE THE ENEMY?  BUT I WANT THEM TO DO GOOD IN THIS VIDEO GAME?  I'M CONFUSED A LOT THE TOP OF MY SCALP IS HURTING.
I feel like there's been Video Games about World War II where you're the Germans.  And nobody got confused in the process.  Well some people got confused I guess.  And we just don't know about it!  Maybe that's why there's been a resurgence of White Nationalism that mirrors and/or idolizes Nazism in World War II.  People were playing as Germans in World War II Video Games and got confused!  Either that OR NOT THAT.  I'm leaning towards NOT THAT but what do I know!  Ninth paragraph!  I know that much!  At least I THINK I do.  Uh-oh.  How's Mexico doing in Olympics.  I read a few days ago they were eliminated in Baseball.  Let's see how they're doing Across The Board.  MEXICO COMIN' IN AT 0 Golds, 0 Silvers, and THREE BRONZES.  And its not even over yet!  They can add to that!  Wow with all that bronze they can make half a statue to commemorate this achievement.
I feel like Bronze is good for statues.  Or half of statues if that's all the bronze you have available.  What else is going on.  What kinda stuff do I have in store In Life.  HEY I can actually get the Rocksmith game-program and work in guitar!  That sounds like work, though.  Then again maybe WORK is just what the doctor ordered.  Also when The Doctor Is Ordering Things does that mean he's ORDERING YOU to do something or is he PUTTING IN AN ORDER for some sort of medication or procedure to be given or done to you.  I feel like it should be the 2nd thing.  Putting in an order is fine.  ORDERING YOU?  I mean sure Doctor can give you instructions for what you should do but it's NOT DOCTOR'S PLACE to ORDER you to do something.  So, great, that's that I guess!  What was I saying. Oh.  Guitarwork!  Just what the doctor heavily suggested.  I'll be back in a bit! 



You've Got The Right Idea

    Hey!  Took a walk, took a shower, and then watched first half inning of The Mets Game.  Didn't go to my liking!  I dunno why.  But that's part of life I guess.  Gonna have Waffle + Egg Whites for lunch today it looks like.  Then dinner will be Chicken Fingers + Mystery Side???  Possibly No Side at all!  That's part of the mystery.  I'm guessing I'll be leaving .5-2 Chicken fingers over.  Which I may or may not ultimately eat.  Get off my back about it is the point.  Also Chicken Nuggets > Chicken Fingers > Chicken Tenders GENERALLY.  It's fluid but generally I feel that's the same way to go.  What about Chicken strips.  I never heard of chicken strips.  For good reason!  They're terrible!
     Also look Chicken Nuggets are HIT OR MISS.  But when they're HIT they're the tops PER MY opinion.  Anyway.  Man all this talk about chicken fingers, maybe I DO want chicken fingers for lunch.  DAMNIT.  I hate it when I want both things for lunch.  I can only choose one!  I'd rather want Neither Thing I Have for lunch.  At least I know I'm not making a wrong decision.  Because I won't like it either way.  If I THINK I want both for lunch then I'm Wrong ultimately One Of Them is the right decision.  I dunno if the logic of this checks out.  I don't know if the logic of anything checks out.  That's my philosophy!  What else is my philosophy.  I don't think I have any philosophy.  Maybe earlier in my life I had some philosophy.  Presumably as I get older I'll accumulate some philosophy again.  But for now not much philosophy going on!  HMM you know what would be a good thing to watch today?  Some #TalesFromTheCryptTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent.  Maybe THREE overall. Wow.
Hey also the name Perfect Dark makes me imagine a very dark video game, as in Not Bright.  As in I CAN BARELY SEE WHAT'S GOING ON THIS IS A CHORE TO NAVIGATE.  That's not fun.  Don't tell me not seeing well is a fun part of the game!  That's not fun.  I WANT TO SEE.  Anyway.  Gonna have Coffee #2 with Act III.  Gonna have Coffee Ice Cream Bar NEVER for at least the next 8 days.  They don't have it in store for upcoming delivery!  Have I talked about Coffee Ice Cream Bar.  I get 2-4 different flavors of Ice Cream Bar and Coffee Ice Cream is generally one of them and it's delicious!  I definitely talked about this before.  It's been a blast and a half to have it 2-3 times a week!  It will be roughly a negative ONE SINGLE blast to not have it.  That's how math works!  If you want it to!
     Anyway.  I like eating ice cream bar as Final Snack of the night because I can take it into bed with me and eat it lying down.  Because of the convenience of The Stick.  I can't eat regular ice cream like that.  I guess I could.  I choose not to!  Only problem is I don't have it in me to throw stick out I'm getting ready for bed!  Lay it on night table.  Then in the morning it DOES come off easily but it sticks A LITTLE BIT so it leaves over a bit of stickiness.  The stick does.  That sort of thing.  These are the days of my lives.  I don't like all these commercials during Mets game where it's doctors telling us to take covid shots.  And they're DOUBLE length of normal commercials.  I ALREADY GOT THE SHOT YOU'RE WASTING MY TIME.  I COULD BE SEEING COMMERCIALS FOR CARS.  OR CAR INSURANCE.  SOMETHING WITH CARS.  I DON'T HAVE A CAR BUT MAYBE IF I HAD THE RIGHT CAR INSURANCE IN STORE THAT'D SWEETEN THE DEAL.
Wonderful.  Last paragraph of the act!  Dad is taking a walk right now so I can't take a walk immediately but I'll get my chance don't you worry.  I WANT TO MICROWAVE WAFFLE.  CONCERNED THOUGH THAT IT MIGHT MAKE IT A STRANGE TEXTURE CONSISTENCY.  What else is going on.  I can watch a Tales From The Crypt RIGHT NOW.  WOW I LIKE THAT IDEA.  I'll watch the one with ICE CREAM.  With BARD DOURIF and BIL PAXTON.  And that OTHER GUY I don't know his name.  BETTER LTURQ.  WHO PLAYS THE ICE CREAM MAN.  OR MENS SPOILER ALERT.  His name is Michael Lerner.  I KNEW IT!!!!  Well I know it now at least.  Probably will forget it pretty soon.  HMM THAT SOUNDS LIKE A CHALLENGE.  How long can I go in life with remembering his name is Michael Lerner.  I guess we gotta set goals.  For now my goal is I will I remember 3 hours from now.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  See ya in a little bit.



That's What I'm Talking About

    Hey!  Got some coffee going on.  I appreciate coffee even more when I don't have a surplus of other Bonus Beverages like soda or snapple.  YES those are cold beverages and this is hot and the difference does matter, but still All Bonus Beverages have something in common.  Being bonus beverages.  That sort of thing!  Maybe put waffle and egg in OVEN.  I may not like the texture consistency but at least I know what to expect.  Also I MAY like the texture consistency.  I know what it'll be and I may be in the mood for it!  I like those odds.  Anyway Met game starting at 12:10?  PERFECT.  Goes great with my 1st Half Of Day Routine.  I can watch a bit, do something else, watch WHERE I LEFT OFF WITH THE MAGIC OF FAST FORWARD, I can turn to something else if I have to... it's all good!
     Wonderful.  Maybe small frozen POTATO PANCAKE as Supper Side tonight.  I like the odds for that!  I mean I like the idea of that!  The odds are fine I guess!  Not particularly emotional about the odds one way or another.  WAIT A SECOND I have all the coffee in the world.  I can have MORE COFFEE TODAY as a Bonus Beverage!  I dunno that doesn't check out.  I don't WANT any more Hot Bonus Beverage.  Plus that'd be more calories because I drink the cream of the cream with my coffee.  Anyway lets see if I can think of anything worthwhile to say.  Been a while since I said something worthwhile.  I'm assuming I said roughly 2 or 3 worthwhile things in Act II.  That's relatively recently!  Bard Dourif.  Is it possible Shakespeare's name was Brad and we've just been getting it wrong this while time.  His name is William.  Maybe Brad is short for William.  Too bad this isn't worthwhile.  Otherwise I'd be having a blast writing it.
Wonderful.  How's my sock game going.  I don't know what that means.  I was just looking around fruitlessly at things until finally settling on the socks I'm wearing and figured that was one way to go about things.  Also YES the socks I'M WEARING I wasn't looking at socks in drawer although that is within sight!  I wasn't looking at old sock laundry on the floor although that also exists somewhere in my room.  That's it!  Those are all the categories of socks I have in my room.  I have 3 baseball games.  Red Sox and White Sox in each.  That's SIX more socks.  I dunno about that.  I don't think this is great at all.  Other than it makes it sooner that I can stop writing here.  And move on with my life!  Maybe watch a #TalesFromTheCryptTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent.  Or maybe watch The Mets Make Some Moves.  Baseball moves.  Within the game!  That's possible, too!
     Anyway.  The Mets hit a DOUBLE.  Well that just makes it all worth it don't it.  Worth what.  I DON'T KNOW I'VE BEEN SAYING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR PARAGRAPHS AT LEAST get off my back about it.  OH NO THEY MIGHT OVERTURN THE DOUBLE.  ...PENDING... PENDING... PENDING... PENDING... PENDING... PENDING... PENDING THE DOUBLE STANDS HE'S SAFE!!!  Wow.  What a life I lead!  Nobody else in the world leads this life.  I hope not!  Maybe there's 2 dozen people across the globe leading the exact same life as me.  And none of us know it.  I hope not.  Yes company is always welcome but I'm being altruistic in hoping I'm The Only One.  I'll let you know if the runner scores.  I only have 1 more paragraph to write but I don't see myself finishing the entry before this run is figured out one way or another.
     Great!  Let's close it up.  I don't like not watching live TV and then fast forwarding to live TV because I always feel like I'm still ~1 second behind.  It won't let me fast-forward any more but I'M SURE this is .5 - 1.5 seconds behind.  I KNOW IT.  Ugh.  THERE MUST BE MORE SOCKS HERE SOMEWHERE.  There's SOMETHING I'm not thinking of.  Hmm any DVDS!!!!! I have with Socks in the title.  I'm not seeing anything.  Sure I actually just spent 15 seconds quickly looking over DVD titles wondering if I'd see a Socks in there.  I don't know exactly what I was expecting to say but when I say I'm gonna do something I do it!  That's my philosophy.  I rarely say I'm gonna do things though which is a relief.  Means I rarely have to actually do anything!  THE RUN HAS COME AROUND TO SCORE.  Hey that's great just great.  Also the entry is over!  Wow this keeps getting better and better!  See ya tomorrow.

-2:20 P.M.




Wednesday, August 4, 2021

I Don't Like The Sound Of That

    Hi!  I have all 5 Met Starters on Fantasy Baseball Team!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  I have FOUR Mets Starting Lineup Regulars in my Fantasy Baseball Team.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  But THIS TIME it's sarcastic.  I still have 4 more to go AT LEAST.  Also besides that I also have a lot to say about what meals I've had recently and are on the docket AS WELL AS same situation but for watching TV and Fillums.  That's a little teaser!  Keep reading and later in the entry we'll delve deep into those topics.  Anyway.  Another new day!  Played 20 minutes of Call Of Duty II when I woke up.  I'm up to the 1/6th of the entire game where you play as Americans.  FINALLY.  Now I feel totally comfortable killing people because I'm doing it for the fatherland.  Is America a fatherland or a motherland.  Definitely not a motherland.  That doesn't sound right at all. 
    Sure.  Started coffee.  I heard it beep already!  Presumably signaling it's done cooking the coffee.  I'll go get that after the third or fourth paragraph.  YEAH.  Looks like I'm going to check my weight tomorrow. On a scale!  I stand on top of it as evenly as possible and then a number pops up and that number is within striking distance of my accurate weight in pounds.  Rounded off to the nearest .5 pound!  It works ON BATTERIES.  What else is going on.  Concert is coming up!  Assuming it takes place.  I'm gonna assume it takes place!  In Fatherland America, 70% of Adults are vaccinated.  Gotta imagine more than that percent are going to concert.  Because it's NEW YORK which I can easily check what that number is but for now I'm just gonna assume it's higher than Fatherland National Average, and ALSO, these bands are LIBERAL.  The people going to this concert, if we have ONE thing in common, it's that we're prone to get vaccines when we're supposed to.  So all that adds up to Very Safe Experience.
     Wonderful.  Do Conservatives like good music?  I don't know and frankly I don't want to know!  I know they like country music.  Which is bad music!  You heard it here first.  It's GOOD because it's SIMPLE.  Music is too complicated these days.  Country music is EASY.  That sort of thing.  Hey what else is going on.  Mets continue losing!  Gotta wonder if that's gonna work out in the long run.  However they're still in first place in the division.  That's pretty good ! I do a lot of losing myself and I'm nowhere NEAR first place in my division.  Gotta imagine I'm in some sort of social division.  Maybe several, sure, but there's gotta be one division I'm in that's my primary division.  And the point is I'd be lucky to turn out to be somewhere in the middle of the pack.
Yeah!  Coffee after this paragraph!  WILCO IS ALT COUNTRY A LOT OF THE TIME.  Oh no.  ALT means its complicated.  Because they're not simple they have ALTERIRIOR motives.  That sort of thing!  Maybe having The Mets as my fantasy baseball team explains why I'm in fourth.  Fourth is good!  Out of 12!  I'm IN THE TOP 33%!!!  And if I'm in the top 33% the odds are GREAT I'm in first or second.  Top 33% is made up of our teams.  25% CHANCE I'M IN FIRST.  THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS.  What else is going on.  Running low on Beverages.  I have enough to last comfortably for today.  Drinking as much as I want.  But TOMORROW I'm shit out of luck!  And I don't get NEW beverages until The Day After Tomorrow You Might Know It As Friday.  I have Friday on DVD.  I should watch that with audio commentary.  The DVD one.  I don't just invite my Dad into my room and he gives commentary on Friday.  Although if I can convince my Dad to participate that's certainly one way to spend my afternoon.
I watched SIGNS on DVD!!!!  There's a scene in the DVD version that I don't think was on the TV version where the character M Night Shaymalan plays just gives away the ending halfway through the movie.  I don't mean he gives a sign.  He says the surprise ending and then Mel Gibson is like ok maybe that'll happen maybe it won't we'll see.  Maybe this is in Every Version and I never noticed it before.  Either way if they DID cut it from several versions YOU MADE THE RIGHT MOVE.  Anyway.  Scary movie!  I liked the part with The Signs.  Here's a little bit of Upcoming Meals-- looks like CALAMARI for lunch today.  Not Ovened.  Maybe microwaved.  Maybe cold!  Probably microwaved.  Alright ya just got a taste.  For more talk about future and/or past meals stay tuned!  What does that mean.  Stay Tuned.  I wasn't tuned in the first place.  And what does me being tuned have to do with me sticking around to watch TV or whatever you want me to continue paying attention to.  THAT SORT OF THING.
Sixth paragraph!  Wonderful.  My Dad told me when he plans to take his walk and I gotta fit in three walks before then!  Cutting it a bit close but I feel I can do it if I put my mind to it.  Actually it'd be easier if I didn't put my mind to it.  Putting my mind to it (TUNING INTO IT ONE MIGHT SAY), that'd take a lot of time and effort.  I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PUT MY MIND INTO ANYTHING I GOTTA FIT IN WALKS.  Anyway.  Update from last entry-- I am pretty sure eyeballs ARE mostly spherical.  I can imagine watching movies where there's spare eyeballs and they look like spheres.  HOWEVER when looking at eyes attached to body, with the eye lids and everything, they look less spherical and more conical.  For lack of a better word.  HEY CONICAL IS ACCEPTED AS A WORD.  I WONDER WHAT IT MEANS.  LMLTURQ.  IT MEANS WHAT IT SHOULD MEAN.  Like a cone.  Which ISN'T how I want to describe eyes but you get the idea.  Like a Jesus Fish!  That shape! That's what we see from eyes when they're inside skull.  Why and WHAT is a Jesus Fish.
I'll look into that later when I have more time!  I HAVE NO TIME!  ALTernative to Calamari for lunch is .75 Belgian Waffle + 2.0 Egg Whites.  THAT'S JUST HOW THINGS GO.  Dinner'll be from Deli!  THAT'S ALSO HOW THINGS GO.  My Mom bought me more socks and they're BLACK SOCKS AGAIN.  Black socks!  All I got.  I have no white socks left!  Maybe I do I better LTURQ.  I DON'T SEE ANY WHITE SOCKS.  My mom is like you have black shoes can't wear white socks with black shoes.  Sure you can.  I'll do it all the time!  It's fun!  Also how often do you look at a man's shoes.  In conjunction with that man's socks.  Also I tuck my socks under my pants.  If you're looking very carefully which you aren't you might catch the slightest glimpse of my socks and even that's a stretch.  Also I want to STRETCH my socks as much as possible IS THAT SO WRONG.
     Ugh.  Three paragraphs to go for this act!  Wonderful.  I don't know how to get to Concert Show and how to get back.  Public Transportation is risky.  Taking taxi cab is risky!  My dad driving me is inconvinency!  Maybe they should just bring the concert to me.  That's even more risky my parents live where I live and we must limit their exposure!  Wonderful.  Started going through Nightmares On Elm Streets again last night.  I'm 1.5 movies into the franchise!  Also this time around is the most I've paid attention to it!  WONDERFUL.  Two and a half paragraphs to go with roughly half an hour to go before I need to take walk if I wanna stay on schedule.  WOW I CAN DO THAT EASILY.  OR I COULD ALSO NOT ACCOMPLISH THAT EASILY.  WHATEVER HAPPENS WAS PRETTY EASY IN RETROSPECT BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED.  That checks out!  I guess!  DELI for tonight?  I might get TWO HOTS (what I call Hot Dogs) and CHICKEN FINGEES (what I call turkey leg).  Just kidding!  It's what I call Chicken Fingers!  Also I will get BOTH (All Three).  I don't know which to have tonight.  PROBABLY THE HOTS.
What else.  Then tomorrow I have Part II of Deli and The Reject from what I'm having for lunch today.  WE'RE ALL CAUGHT UP.  Wonderful!  THREE HOTS AND A COT?  WELL I'M NOT HAPPY WITH ONLY HAVING THREE HOT DOGS TO EAT FOR A DAY HUNGERWISE BUT THAT DOES SOUND DELICIOUS.  AND THIS COT ONLY SWEETENS THE DEAL.  Why am I in caps AND italics.  I think just one of those would have been fine for the last few sentence.  I DO think one was necessary.  But not both.  NOT BOTH!  There I go again.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  What kind of DVD!!!! can I watch next.  Maybe a HORROR film.  I've got JEEPERS CREEPERS I haven't seen that too many times.  Which is ironic because Jeepers Creepers has something to do with Eyes And/Or Seeing.  Both The Phrase Itself I Think AND in the plot of the movie Monster does something with eyes or something.  Either way we've got to stay tuned to Jeepers Creepers.  I don't know why.  But that's the world we live in.
     Last paragraph of the act!  Of course there was the Mr Show sketch Jeepers Creepers.  I have nothing to say about that.  I just thought you'd be confused if I didn't acknowledge it!  Well great what else is going on.  How's Bob Odenkirk doing.  Has he given any DIALOGUE QUOTES since starting recovery from Heart Episode?  Lemme LTURQ.  YES HE GAVE A HEART WARMING REACTION ON TWITTER.  He said he had a Small Heart Attack but he's being modest Bob has got ONE OF THE BIGGEST HEARTS in the business.  That sort of thing.  Presumably.  People said nice things about him when he was near death.  That only happens to the Most Hearty.  Otherwise people would take that opportunity to be like ya know whatever happens I dunno but I should take this opportunity to say WHAT AN ASSHOLE THIS GUY IS.  That could have happened!  Anyway.  Hey.  I'm done with the Act.




No More Freakin' Around

    Hello friends.  I'm back here to write more paragraphs.  Strange Paragraphs!  You never see this kinds of paragraphs anywhere else.  For good reason!  I've copyrighted this type of paragraph.  Anyone else does is they're gonna be a world of trouble!  Litigation trouble!  Anyway what else is going.  Solidly into Ideal Proper Walk Time Schedule.  That's great.  I like it when DVDS!!!! are two sided and one side if Regular TV Format and other side is Wide Screen.  Even before I had a widescreen HD TV I always went with Wide Screen.   LOOK I'M A BIG TIME MOVIE AFICIONADO I MUST WATCH IT IN THE PROPER FANCY FORMAT I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING WHEN IT COMES TO WATCHING FILUMS.  What kind of idiot chooses Standard.  DUHHHH I NEED IT TO BE DUMB TV FORMAT DUHHHH I'M AN IDIOT.  The kind of idiot who thinks that!  Man if that's actually someone's thought process they are a REAL idiot.  What kind of person would ever think those words in that order!  No one, that's me!
     Great.  Maybe eat Cold Calamari.  People do that!  In Asian countries they eat chewy unfried calamari out of snack bags.  I don't like it either but that's what they do.  It's the main thing they do.  Their life revolves around eating uncooked calamari.  Gotta imagine it's cooked SOMEHOW.  Unsafe to eat uncooked fish.  What about sushi.  Exception that proves the rule.  What about calamari.  Maybe I Dunno now that I think about it.  I JUST DON'T KNOW.  Also I've always operated under the assumption that if one side says Wide Screen that's the side of the DVD facing YOU and not facing DOWN.  97% chance I'm right but it's also a 3% chance I've been watching Standard Aspect Ratio Films my entire life and have been none the wiser.  Oh well live and learn.  I like ZOOMING IN.  DVD teases an option to switch through camera angles but I haven't seen one DVD that utilizes that.  ZOOM, though?  Every DVD allows that.  You just ZOOM IN to whatever part of the screen you want.  Now YOU'RE calling the shots.  I remember talking about this a year or two ago here.  Presumably with saying the exact phrase Now YOU'RE calling the shots before.  Oh well that's life.  Live and learn!
Anyway.  What'd be really impressive is if I can ZOOM OUT!!!!  Holy shit there's more to the scene than anyone ever thought THIS IS INSANE.  I get to see what's going on in Background of any part of film of any filum I like!  Gotta imagine that's in the works.  Also if you're listening to audio commentary that means that the people speaking must be SOMEWHERE on the screen.  How else could we hear them?  Stephen Spielberg is hiding behind a wall somewhere in A I ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE and that's how we can hear him on audio commentary.  And ZOOMING OUT shows us the other side of the wall.  What wall.  Artificial Intelligence Wall.  Oh okay.  Gotta imagine Stephen Spielberg has better things to do with his time than Audio Commentaries.  We don't have to imagine it.  It's up to us!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  I love it.  What's Stephen Spielberg working on his.  His films are always good for a laugh.  A MOVIE BASED ON STEPHEN SPIELBERG'S LIFE.  That's not a joke!  Sounds like a joke I might make in an ideal world where I'm firing at all conicals.  But no!  He's making a movie about himself as a teenager and/or young man!  Didn't see that coming.  Oh well as with all matters I trust Stephen Spielberg implicitly and I'm sure this'll be a good movie.  Most of his movies are good movies!  And presumably the ones I haven't seen might be bad but I'm none the wiser!  I go into Not Watching A Movie with the explicit impression It Will Be Bad.  So it's reasonable to assume films I watch are good and films I don't watch are bad!  So that's that.  Sure!  What else is going on.
     Wonderful.  I'm imagining the film will like an IT scenario?  Evil clown that haunts Stephen Spielberg & Friends?  I know it's not a 2 part movie (no I don't!  Maybe it is a 2 part movie!) but I guess he's just gonna work in the narrative of Evil Clown into a single film.  It can be done!  What else is going on.  I watched that HBO Documentary on Stephen Spielberg from a year or two ago.  Is his life basically gonna be that?  Because if it is SEEN THERE DONE THAT.  I guess.  Hey I'm too ahead of schedule.  I need to wait half an hour before my next walk.  It's too much for now!  HEY GOOD TIME TO TAKE SHOWER.  HEY YEAH GOOD IDEA.  YEAH DON'T MENTION IT.  I'll be back in a little bit.




The End Is My Favorite Part

    Hey!  During Recent Just Now Walk, I was considering using OVEN for Freedom Calamari.  Then after a while I was like WAIT A SECOND I'm picturing what it was like in oven in past times and I WOULDN'T like that.  So I feel I dodged a bullet with that.  I was only HOURS away from making the biggest mistake of my life.  Putting lunch in oven.  Instead of eating it cold.  Is microwave an option.  Sure ANYTHING is an option but right now I'm feeling most confident about eating it cold.  Anyway!  Looked into Wilco and Sleater=Kinney concert and they're playing roughly 3 hours together.  That's a lot of Wilco, and that's a lot of Sleater=Kinney!  Also 40 minutes of Opening Act.  WOW OPENING ACT?  YOU GOT MY ATTENTION!  Also my parents are more worried about concert safety health than a month ago and I'm SLIGHTLY more worried but still not worried.
    Mainly me getting Covid wouldn't be a huge deal but I wouldn't want to transmit it to parents.  And I READ SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET that said people who are vaccinated can get it but really can't SPREAD it.  WOW INTERNET?  I'M SOLD.  So that's a good sign and whatnot.  Also sure I don't wanna get Covid.  That'd be THE OPPOSITE of a blast and a half.   Thankfully I've had Two Blasts of vaccine which makes it less likely I get it and less likely it's serious.  I KNEW I got those vaccine shots for something.  Of course I did.  What else is going on.  An hour and a half of Wilco songs?  Which MAY OR MAY NOT include encore presentations???  That's solidly more than 15 LONG songs.  Wilco got some long songs!  But most songs aren't that long!  Wow sounds like a lot of songs are in the cards.  I'll Be Counting!
     Wonderful.  Maybe I'm giving Wilco and Sleater=Kinney fans too much credit but I BET they're vaccinated and wear masks.  These are the creme de la creme of society.  They're not fooling around not taking Covid seriously.  We're gonna be a big healthy CONSIDERATE group together I'm sure of it!  Does Creme de la Creme mean Cream Of The Cream. Because if it does Not 100% Sure What That's Supposed To Mean.  Let me rephrase that.  I am 80% sure of what that's supposed to mean.  But I am also reasonably sure it's a very dumb way of putting it.  Oh well that's Other Languages for ya.  Got coffee #2 going.  Delicious!  I put Creme De La Soul into it to make it taste better because I like the taste of it.  It's VANILLA flavored cream.  Seems pretty standard.  Your standard cream is white.  Vanilla is ALWAYS white.  Never seen a brown vanilla.  So basically the two go hand in hand!  Hmm I'd be VERY interested in a brown vanilla.  Like a vanilla with a twist of brown sugar and/or cinnamon.  Lemme at some Brown Vanilla!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Lunch is creeping up and I'm comfortable with waiting as long as it takes but all in all I feel like lunch is kind of far away from right now.  But like I said it's relatively soon AND I'm not starving or anything.  I just wanna eat that calamari so I know once and for all how to prepare it (OR LACK THEREOF).  Just get Starting Eating It Cold out of the way and move on with my lives!  YEAH.  I'm either gonna have 30-33 pieces OR ALL OF IT if it's less than that.  That's where I draw the line!  Also it'll be roughly that amount of calamari overall available to me.  That's been my experience in the past!  Sure I'm gonna count out the calamari before I eat it.  What am I supposed to go just GUESSTIMATE how many pieces I'm eating?  Get out of town.  And stay out of town!  You're not wanted here!
     Last paragraph.  Lately Back door of Starbucks has been locked.  I always use that door when I need to empty my bladder in their bathroom because if I go in through the front door all the people working there will see me and they'll recognize me From Before and I don't WANT us to have to acknowledge each other.  Or even worse NOT acknowledge each other.  Just go in through the back door, and go out through the back door!  LATELY IT'S BEEN LOCKED.  I guess I have to hold the liquid in my bladder till I get home LIKE AN ANIMAL.  Wonderful.  The entry is over!  I'll be back here tomorrow.  Same time!  Roughly!  Give or take lets say an hour or two at most.  I can't wait to find out how close exactly!  Sure I can.  It means nothing to me.  Oh right.  I'll be back!

-1:55 P.M.




Tuesday, August 3, 2021

You're My Favorite Title

    Hey!  All alone in house!  My Dad is right now in the process of driving my Mom to some sort of Appointment.  Eye Doctor appointment!  She's getting surgery in a few weeks and they need to measure her eyes.  Presumably how big they are.  And how closely they resemble spheres.  Are eyes pretty much spheres.  That's an interesting question.  They don't seem like spheres but what do we know.  We can't see the entire eye!  And we probably will never have the technology to see the entire eye!  We can only speculate.  What else.  Was I thinking about playing Call Of Duty this time between walks instead of getting started AND WRITE MOST OF entry right now?  Of course.  I would be INSANE to start that sentence and then go NOPE I WASN'T THINKING THAT.  Anyway.  Finished The Fog.  I feel like I started a new DVD!!! but ya know what I'm confusing that with watching Films on TV.  I watched DEMON KNIGHT: TALES FROM THE CRYPT MOVIE AS WELL AS finishing POLTERGEIST: 2015 MOVIE.  Good stuff!  Demon Knight has grown on me!  Partly because of great performances by William Sadler and Everyone Else.  Billy Zane?  CHECK.  Old guy from Gremlins?  THAT'S A CHECK.  Thomas Hayden Church?  SURE WHY NOT WE'RE GIVING OUT CHECKS WILY NILY WHY NOT GIVE HIM A CHECK TOO.
    Old Guy from Gremlins only died in real life LAST YEAR.  2019.  2020 doesn't count because of Covid.  2019 is last year!  I feel like this isn't too controversial a statement.  Here's something I found fascinating, the INTRO to Tales From The Crypt movie is pretty much the same intro to regular TV show but LONGER.  It feels like its exactly the same thing but at .75 the speed and the music is adjusted slightly to keep up with that.  I could be wrong and my brain was operating at .75 speed for a few minutes OR I could be right.  I've narrowed it down to those two things!  My mom made coffee earlier and I'm gonna finish that instead of making my own!  There's definitely enough for one cup and then I don't know!  I JUST DON'T KNOW.  Hmm.  Maybe I should get back on board with getting NEW XBOX.  Imagine all the processing speed I'm missing out on.
Also I only have one good game right now to play.  And that'll be done at some point!  Presumably!  Anyway.  The Mets strategy of losing games but also hoping their main division competition also loses games has hit a snag!  One of the other teams WON yesterday.  Oh well back at it today!  You can't mix up strategy based on one day.  Gotta commit!  What else is going on.  Had frozen pizza last night for dinner.  Which means Wide Al Fredo for lunch today.  Which means I don't know what's for dinner.  It could be one of any half dozen of things!  That sort of thing!  Had INDULGENT Subway Chicken Sandwich yesterday.  We're talkin SWEET ONION CHICKEN TERIYAKI.  We're talkin' THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY TERIYAKI SAUCE.  So it was just SWEET ONION SAUCE.  Hey I was happy with it.  Tastes good to me.  What else.  Oh right the paragraph is over.
Oh right after this paragraph would be a good time to start coffee!  Wonderful!  I'm looking forward to Wilco/Sleater-------Kinney tour starting so maybe I can see SETLISTS they've used.  That way I can know what to expect!  If I don't know what's to be expected I might be too surprised or caught off guard by what happens.  And who needs that!  Not me!  Maybe some other guy!  That's their business!  Also I'm going to make a PACT with myself to finish Carrie Brownenstein's book before Concert.  That way I can bring it and see if I can get it signed.  They can't be signing things there's VIRUS ABOUND.  Maybe they can tell ME how to sign it from a safe distance.  Just give me some pointers on how to write their name from a safe, socially distanced... distance.  Hey great.  The Mets may have lost yesterday and Javier Baez may have gotten injured but right now he's gonna PLAY THROUGH the injury.  WHEW THAT'S A RELIEF.  I was worried he would go on the disabled list immediately instead of playing through it and then aggravating it more and then going on the disabled list sometime later this week.  HEY COFFEE TIME.
     Hey there was about 1.8 normal cups of coffee in pot.  That means I'm having 2 cups of .9 the normal amount!  More or less I could be wrong!  I know T HIS cup is about that much, but I can't be 100% certain how much is left.  I FEEL like it's about the same amount as this cup.  But feelings can betray us!  What else.  I think writing titles that have been used sets a terrible precedent for things in the entry to be things that are used.  I write things that I've written before ALL THE TIME these days.  All I can hope for is that I just have Deja Vu 40 times a day and it's really all new and I'm just dumb.  Solid 10% chance that's the case.  WOW I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  Hmm better go write a couple new titles.  Titles I KNOW are new.  NAH.  TOO MUCH WORK!
Seventh paragraph!  By which I mean sixth paragraph.  I could see how you might get confused by me saying Seventh Paragraph when I meant Sixth.  You might interpret it as meaning Seventh Paragraph.  That sort of thing!  Next DVD!!!! I watch may be SIGNS.  Which I assume is about my future interaction with Carrie Brownenstein and Jeff Tweedy trying to get my books signed from a distance.  WOW WHAT A TWIST THE FUTURE.  I think M Night Shaymalan should make a new movie and the surprise ending is AGAIN it turns out the main character is a ghost.  People would go nuts.  HOLY SHIT THIS ENDING IS FUCKING CRAZY they'd think.  I'd think that at least!  So that's something for him to keep in his back pocket.  Anyway.  I forget who it was but there was a Met running down to first and he appeared to have something big in his back pocket.  Might have been Baez.  It was big enough that I was worried it was slowing him down.  Probably gloves or something.  Why isn't he wearing them.  Would slow him down.  Oh Okay.
    Seventh paragraph!  YEP.  Hey NYC is requiring proof of vaccination for doing some stuff!  I get the sense it will include upcoming concert!  Good news I STILL HAVE PROOF I THINK.  I saved index card they gave me when vaccinating me.  I'm pretty sure that's all I need.  YES!!!  Also now I know my fellow audience members are vaccinated.  YES!!!!  This is all working out in my favor and I love it.  Any market for counterfeit Vaccination Cards.  Probably.  Any market for counterfeit Vaccinations?  I hope not!  You should never get an unlicensed vaccination.  You don't know what you're getting!  You heard it here first.  HMM I'm still, "Hyped," to play Call Of Duty sometime.  The instinct I had this morning that I'd like to play it is still there!  Hopefully that lasts long enough so that by the time I'd like to take a break from things and play video games I'm still excited to do it!  Otherwise why bother!  Also SIGNS isn't that great.  It COULD be great or it COULD be not great.  It's up to YOU.  Don't know what that means.
Yeah!  I don't like how famous people's signatures are worth something but presumably if they write something else Who Cares.  I'd rather get something, ANYTHING, out of a famous person in a written interaction other than their name.  I get it's probably just that hey this guy writing his name THAT'S PROOF ITS HIM.  Still though who cares.  I want him to write me some Micro Fiction.  Two sentence story.  GO.  THAT'S WORTH SOMETHING MUCH MORE.  Anyone can write a name.  Maybe.  I sort of can!  My cursive isn't great but it makes sense TO ME.  Also my signature is TERRIBLE but it's too late to do anything about it.  I'd LOVE to be like okay from now on gonna write more clear and better.  But I need to be consistent with signature!  That's the key!  So I'm pot committed to this terrible signature for the rest of my life!  Let that be a lesson to you kids.  When you first do signatures for important things PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO IT.  This is gonna be it for ya for the rest of your life!
     Oh well such is life.  What if I change my name.  I'd HAVE to have a new signature then.  I dunno I kind of like my name.  Pot committed to that, too!  Ninth paragraph.  Yeah!  Also if you want to use a signature that's not in cursive but regular alphabet font then WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO DENY IT?  They can't stop you!  That's a great idea!  You'd be one of a kind!  MAN I wish my signature was in ~Comic Sans All Caps.  I'd have lots of fun writing it.  NO I can't duplicate Comic Sans, not even close.  But if I had to pick a standard type font I think Comic Sans IN GENERAL is a good one to aim for/emulate.  YEAH.  Also it's not like oh but then people can copy your signature.  No one gonna write letters the way I'M planning on writing these letters.  And f they can, they probably could duplicate my script, too!  Either way oh well too late I have to continue doing what I'm not happy with.
Last paragraph of the act!  How much is it to buy a stamp that has your signature.  And how safe is it.  And do you need to replenish ink supplies every few years.  And also do these things exist for personal, private use.  And are they allowed in general transactions which need signatures.  And where do I get it.  LOTTA questions with this idea.  But LOTTA payoff if I decide to go for it.  I'd like to have stamps for every word.  Or every possible sentence.  Here I am writing sentences LIKE AN IDIOT when I could have a stamp for every possible sentence.  This sentence, right here, this could be one stamp.  I'm writing on the internet Stamps are USELESS for internet.  Unless I Scan What I Stamped.  Ugh.  Hey the act is over.  I'll be back in a little bit! 




Not This Again

    Hello friends.  Back from another walk.  Still got the house to myself!  Wow imagine all the things I can accomplish.  Hmm.  Only thing I can think of is masturbate with my door open.  And I don't feel like doing that right now!  Leave the fridge open all the time.  Why would I want to do that.  I wouldn't.  That's why I'm not.  Exactly.  Also fridge can't be open.  Fridge DOOR can be open.  Sure fridge can be open.  SURE.  Ugh.  Lets get started on Some Good.  I had steak two days in a row recently and now I want steak again!  I dunno!  I want PROTEIN and I DON'T WANT POULTRY OR FISH.  Have you got a better idea.  How about some LIVER.  CALF LIVER.  Well SURE in an ideal world.  Diner serves liver regularly but they're still on Pandemic Limited menu so I dunno if its available.  Also they may be up to regular menu by now.  I Don't KNOW there's too many questions up in the air as of now!
     YEAH.  Bison burger.  Are bison and calves friends.  Also Calfs = Calves.  I don't feel like that's too controversial a statement.  SURE Bison burger is great but I need to get at least one more mealsworth.  Maybe some sort of Oh I Don't Know BREAKFAST MEAL or an APPETIZER.  Well sure IN AN IDEAL world.  The point is so far this act is WONDERFUL.  You can't argue with I WANT PROTEIN AND I DON'T WANT POULTRY OR FISH.  It makes ya THINK and it makes ya RELATE to me.  Hey I'm just like that right now for some reason I'm assuming your thought process is.  Also I've never eaten any Aqua Mammals.  Wonder what whale tastes like.  Gotta be delicious!  It's like 90% fat!  Whales are 90% fat, right.  Blubber!  That's what I'm thinking of.  Blubber must be delicious.  AND nutritious.  It's a MAMMAL mammals are GREAT for you.  Dunno what I'm basing that on.  My past experience eating mammals.  Oh okay now I see.
What else.  I've never seen Free Willy or Free Willy II or Any Other Free Willys.  I just don't care!  I have nothing invested in hoping good things happen to a whale.  Makes no difference to me one way or another.  If anything maybe I want BAD stuff to happen to a whale.  Whales aren't our friends!  Read Moby Dick if you don't believe me.  I never read Moby Dick.  I JUST DON'T CARE.  I HAVE NOTHING INVESTED IN WHALES ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  Again why would you name a whale.  I assume the whale is named Moby Dick?  I better LTURQ.  YEP.  I was half joking when I guessed the whale was named Moby Dick.  For some reason that sounded dumb.  But, yep!  Whale is named Moby Dick.  What a strange name.  For a whale, or for anybody!  We all know Moby The Musician is a dick but that's not related to this at all!  Just a coincidence!
     Anyway.  What else is going on.  Having fun with shampoo.  NOT having fun with draining out old water in tray that captures moisture by resting Soap Bar on top of.  I hadn't emptied it out for over a week and then it was filled with smelly dirty water!  I guess I gotta empty it out every day after shower.  That's life I guess!  YEP.  THE MAIN PART.  How long do whales live.  I feel like whales live a really long time.  I better LTURQ before I lose interest which may happen in a matter of SECONDS.  It's a real race against the clock whether I'll lose interest first or get to look it up right quick.  WHALES LIVE A LONG TIME DEPENDING ON THE WHALE.  By which I mean depending on the Brand of Whales.  Although depending on the whale is even more accurate!  Can't argue with each whale lives a slightly more or less completely unique amount of time.
  I get to take some sort of break after this paragraph.  Walk?  Call Of Duty II?  Shower?  All in the cards for the next immediate future but I don't know exactly how its all gonna shake out!  Maybe a shower first.  I like those odds.  MAYBE!!!  Wonderful.  Bison burger is a GREAT dinner option.  The only thing I don't know is what to do for FUTURE meal plan.  Why even concern myself with it.  Why do today what I could put off for tonight.  Huh.  I don't think I've ever been invested in a whale.  Only whale I can think of is the whale from the Decemberists song.  That was an interesting story and the whale was more or less a key part of it.  The whale was The Setting!  Whales are great as settings but as characters who needs 'em.  That's what I've learned!  Anyway I'll be back later. 




Hey We're Reading The Same Entry

    Had a little bit of coffee left over from First Cup so when I poured second cup I had enough to fill it up!  Wonderful.  Anyway, did H change a title or titles since speculating whether I'd change a title or titles earlier in the entry?  POSSIBLY.  I can't remember that far back.  All kind of a blur to me.  Not even.  A blur you can kind of get a sense of what's going on.  All kind of Blocked Out Completely to me.  And that's the way I like it!  Anyway what's going on.  Took a shower.  No walk between shower and Act III!  I don't believe it.  I saw a highly touted Olympian won a bronze medal?  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?  Third place?  THERE'S ONLY ROUGHLY THREE COUNTRIES COMPETING IN TOTAL.  YOU CAN IN ROUGHLY LAST and I'm supposed to be IMPRESSED?  I REVOKE MY CITIZENSHIP I DON'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS.
Anyway.  I can't revoke my citizenship just like that.  Probably some forms I'd have to fill out.  Also do I need a replacement citizenship before I can revoke this one?  I could be Citizenshipless!  Where would I go.  Who would take me in.  Nobody, nowhere, that's who!  Anyway I take a walk after this Act I got A NICE REAL LONG BREAK to do Nothing Presumably Play Call Of Duties and/or Watch Signs.  I like the part where there's SIGNS.  I wonder what those SIGNS at all about.  Anyway I'm not a huge fan of Mel Gibson because I'm only 5'2 but in Signs he's pretty good.  Also I'm under the impression he's a Raving Anti-Semite but oh well what can ya do that's life I guess.  If we didn't want to be exposed to Raving Anti-Semitism we shuoldn't have all paid money to go see What Women Want.  Not sure about the logic of that sentence.  Or the point I'm trying to make.  If there's no logic there can't be ANY point.  Sure there can be.  An inaccurate point!  I guess.
Wonderful.  Met game going on tonight.  Solid 50% chance the score will progress in such a way that I would watch Most Or Almost All Or Even Perhaps All of the game live.  WOW I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  No I Don't.  Maybe I WANNA do something else with that time.  Maybe I DON'T.  Therein lies the contradiction that is central to my Nighttime Tonight.  Also YES in fantasy baseball I am picking up the 5th Mets Starting Pitcher Currently so I have all 5 on my team FOR NOW.  Unfortunately the Mets might get Better Pitchers coming back from injury which would deplace one or two of my team members but for now I got it all covered.  WOW.  Also the Mets starting pitchers haven't been great lately.  BUT MAYBE THEY WILL BE IN THE FUTURE.  Solid 50% chance they'll be better in the future.  How did I come to that number.  By estimating in my head without thinking at all and just picking a number.  50% is A GREAT number to pick off the top of your head when estimating things.  EASILY the best single number you can pick if you're not thinking about it extensively.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Maybe get some sort of Calamari Appetizer for tomorrow.  The main kind.  The kind that's the only kind.  I like that.  I can eat THIRTY PIECES for one meal.  HOLY SHIT THAT'S PRACTICALLY DOZENS.  Maybe 30 is dozens.  Very much at the lower end of what could be dozens.  Maybe even THE lowest.  I know technically 24 is dozens but we're not talking technically we're talking colloquially.  Wonderful.  Also before getting to the sentence where I use the number 24 I was imagining 26 as two dozen.  For a second I thought there was FOURTEEN in a dozen and that somehow 26 was FOURTEEN TIMES TWO.  I was wrong MANY WAYS and I felt I should be upfront and honest with you about it.  The point is over the last few months I've answered the door in my Boxers and/or Boxer Briefs over a dozen times and without shame!  Hey ya gotta give the people what they want.
Last paragraph!  HEY I thought of something I should bingewatch last night.  Why It's Only FARGO.  That seems like something I'd like now that I think about it.  I assume I can get it for free one way or another.  Or MULTIPLE ways.  I'm putting ALL MY MONEY on multiple ways.  Oh boy this is big.  I really am laying it all on the line.  Holy Shit.  I'm scared to look!  I'll check later if it is indeed multiple ways.  And if it isn't well I guess I just lost all my money.  HEY WAIT A SECOND I ONLY HAVE 22 DOLLARS.  WHEW that's a relief.  Also guess what pretty soon I MIGHT HAVE 44 DOLLARS.  I'm okay with this gambling arrangement now!  What else.  That's it!  I'm done with the entry.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:45 P.M.




Monday, August 2, 2021

The Least I Can Do Is Think Of A New Title

    No it isn't.  Oh well.  Hey friends!  Here we are on a new day.  Today'll be a six walker but a slightly condensed 6 walker!  I'd like to be 30, 45 minutes ahead of time compared to where I am but that's life!  Life is being 30, 45 minutes behind where you want to be!  MAN imagine if for all of us, we actually had 45 minutes left in life than we thought.  Right now, you reading this-- it's actually 45 minutes earlier where you are!  WOW IMAGINE WHAT YOU COULD DO WITH THAT TIME.  Spend half of it imagining what to do with the other half!  It takes you 22 minutes to imagine something?  Wow you're slow.  You DO need this extra time.  Anyway thinking about what to get for lunch.  You know what I haven't had since 2008 Why It's Only POPEYES.  And it's presumably healthy because of chicken.  But menu online doesn't have NUTRITION CALCULATOR.  Only says how healthy things are with all the toppings.  THAT DOES ME NO GOOD.
Oh well that's their loss.  The Mets didn't sign their draft pick from this year's draft!  Wonderful!  They get a similar ranking pick next year.  11th pick overall!  I think that this was strategy!  Everyone knows Next Year's Draft has EXACTLY ELEVEN SUPERSTAR PICKS.  Wow they played this one to perfection.  Then again things are worth more now than in the future.  That's a principle of capitalism economics, right?  If you have a dollar right now that's worth more than you getting a dollar next year.  Not just because of inflation but because you could invest it or accumulate interest or use it or spend it in a productive way.  So the point is WELL DONE YOU FAILED.  Oh well. We know Mets will fail their fair share of times!  Now we know HOW and WHEN they will fail.  THIS WAY and JUST NOW.  That should cover their Failings for a few weeks or months.
Anyway.  Probably gonna go for the coffee after this paragraph.  They still haven't explained why the Draft Pick fell apart.  Inquiring minds want to know!  That's why they're busy inquiring!  Desperate to know!  I've read it's not based on money, it's not based on injury, it's not based on potential performance.  I have no idea what's left.  Did they just get the sense THIS GUY IS A JERK WHO NEEDS HIM.  That's the only thing I can think of.  In which case WE NEED HIM.  Jerks are the best at sports.  They intimidate the competition!  You're facing a jerk his jerkiness is gonna be all up in your head and he's got the advantage now.  Anyway.  Watched Saving Private Ryan yesterday.  It's a good movie because it's like Call Of Duty II but less fun.  I think my parents took me to see the movie in the theaters.  I musta been nine.  I don't remember really registering it!  Got very little out of it.  This time around though YEP I FOLLOWED IT.  Wonderful.
    Coffee AFTER this paragraph.  That's how that goes.  Anyway.  Now it makes sense why nobody picked Rocker until the Mets.  Obviously something was up!  The Mets were like NAH NOTHING MUST BE UP THIS IS JUST DIVINE PROVIDENCE.  Now they look The Fool!  Hey what else is going on.  How soon after drafting someone can you trade them.  I know you can't trade draft picks.  I know the Mets just traded their first round pick from last year.  So how soon could they have traded Rocker after signing him.  A DAY?  A WEEK?  SOME SORT OF COMBINATION OF WEEKS AND OR MONTHS?  The point is HEY I'M GONNA LOOK THAT UP.  Sounds like work but I'm genuinely interested!  This is gonna be a blast and a half to find out.  I'll be right back!  I DIDN'T SEE ANY INFO IMMEDIATELY.  What am I supposed to spend MINUTES looking into webpages for this info?  Hmm if only I had 45 extra minutes.  I could devote Oh I Don't Know FIVE of them to this? 
     What if teams have a NEFARIOUS plot where they're like okay we'll draft who you want in this pick and then trade them to you officially in a few months for what we want.  We can't stop them!  Then again if you're trading draft picks you presumably usually want something good immediately for your team, so waiting a few months to get them might not be in your best interest.  But it's POSSIBLE that nefarious plot could be beneficial for both teams and be put into play!  ON NO WE MUST STOP THEM AHEAD OF TIME.  WE'VE GOT 45 MINUTES TO STOP THEM LET'S GET TO IT.  What is this the fifth paragraph.  Yes.  I know it's the fifth paragraph.  You probably know it too.  I assume your main mindset when reading this is yes this is all well and good but WHAT PARAGRAPH ARE WE UP TO.  Because that's my main mindset when writing this.
Except for this being all well and good.  It's relatively well but not very good!  What else is going on.  Watched THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT on DVD!!!! yesterday.  I started watching it with Director Commentary by The Wes Craven but then switched over to Regular Audio Of The Movie.  Also I may have realized this once before, but I realized it again, perhaps the main villain in the movie is named KRUEG and Wes Craven later invented Freddy KRUGER.  Pronunciation the same!  OH NO AN EASTER EGG.  Do easter eggs have to be intentional.  Or can they just happen in the natural course of things.  Also why are they called Easter Eggs.  People like to find Easter Eggs.  I know they do but why are they called Easter Eggs.  I dunno.  I lost track of what I was talking about and/or if it made enough sense to me and/or you.
    That's a scary movie!  I DON'T LIKE THESE GUYS ONE BIT.  THEY'RE WAY OUT OF LINE WITH WHAT THEY'RE UP TO.  Anyway what is this the seventh paragraph.  Wonderful.  Probably gonna have Wide Al Fredo dish for one meal today.  Or I could save it for Tomorrow Lunch!  Either way I dunno I got some options.  Popeyes sounds delicious but who knows how many calories I'd be consuming.  I can't Not Know!  I'd rather eat too many than Not Know!  Not knowing is the worst!  Presumably!  I've Kind Of Known how much calories each thing I eat is for at least the last few months.  I LIKE IT BETTER THAT WAY.  I haven't had Burger Fast Food in a long time.  And I will continue that streak of not having it!  Who needs it!  Some people who aren't me I guess But NOT ME.
     Anyway.  Was looking in mirror or just down at my body in real life or something and I was like HEY I'M GETTIN' THERE!  Still some rolls of fat but overall close to normal.  So I got that going for me.  I may not be accomplishing much Creative Work Wise or any other sort of Work Wise these days but I am losing weight!  That's a positive thing!  Also once you lose weight you can't gain it back.  It's permanent!  That's the impression I'm under.  Anyway.  I'm looking forward to Francisco, "The Franchise," Lindor coming back To Health Baseball and showing us why he's The Franchise.  Also who in real life has been called The Franchise before.  It'd be a blast and a half if it was No One but I'm pretty sure I've heard it before and didn't come up with it.  Better LTURQ!  TOM SEAVER.  I KNEW IT.  Either way he's from The Mets so Lindor is Franchise Reborn.
     Ninth paragraph!  I don't believe it.  Is there a reason Quiznos isn't available on Door Dash.  Of course there is.  Probably several reasons!  Everything That Is has reasons.  That's why They Are.  Makes sense to me.  I remember when I started getting Quiznos for a few months at tail end of high school, picking it up when my Mom was driving me home from Train after school, I KIND OF thought of it as health food.  THIS IS REGULAR SANDWICH NOT BURGERS AND FRIES I'M STEPPING IT UP A BIT IN THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT.  Also presumably they had Commercial Campaign which subtly influenced my thinking towards that direction, too!  Also Quiznos I HAD TO GO INTO THE STORE.  I think every other option I had was drive through!  WOW I'M GETTING SOME EXERCISE TOO NOW THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT FOR MY HEALTH.
Wonderful.  Then they had a Quiznos in NYU Cafeteria so I got that sometimes there!  Then never again!  I've had enough!  Anyway.  Already up to the last paragraph of Act I!  And all I had to do was Say Nothing Worthwhile Very Quickly.  Wow if I knew life was this easy I would have... uh... Been Living before?  I've been living my whole life!  More or less.  What else is going on.  Is Saving Private Ryan based on a true story.  Did World War II really happen.  My guess is YES there's way too much evidence for it to be false.  Ugh.  The point is over the weekend the Mets lost 2 of what was considered their top 5-8 prospects.  One because they traded him.  One because they never even signed him!  Then again they GAINED Friend Of The Franchise Javy Baez.  And they GAINED not spending 6 million on Draft Pick AND THEY GAINED 11th overall pick next year.  Wow that's a lot of GAIN.  Gain is an electric guitar setting.  Not 100% sure what it means or what it does or how to adjust it and what the adjustments mean in music.  That's life I guess.  I'll be back soon.




What Kind Of Title Is That

    Hey guess what maybe I'll get White Castle!  They have chicken in the form of rings!  And despite what I said I can see myself enjoying White Castle Freedom Fries as well as Burgers.  Also I'm picturing a meal which is a reasonable amount of calories and in my imagination it satisfies me just fine!  WOW.  Imagination?  NOW WE'RE TALKING!  I feel like in my imagination but not in real life, there being a variety of foods in a meal makes it more satisfying.  Two different things of 3 each sounds more satisfying than 1 thing of six.  Because it activates different Satisfactionary Glands.  That sort of thing!  Also the food is shaped differently.  Eatin square hamburgers and RINGS of chicken?  Well that's just running the gamut of shapes!  Is gamut a word and is it THIS word.  YEP!
     What else.  Took a shower.  Writin Act II!  That's how that goes.  Shampooed with OCEAN CHARGE THE BLUE SHAMPOO again.  Delicious!  Everyone knows The Ocean smells like Good Hair.  And it being a Charge just sweetens the deal!  What kind of Horror movie do I have on DVD!!!!! that I can watch today.  I have roughly 12 or 24 of them.  Woulda made more sense If I said One Or Two Dozen.  Oh well can't go back now.  Sure I can.  Okay Well Then I Choose Not To.  Fair enough.  I guess I could get White Castle that it lasts 2 meals but 3 meals makes more sense.  But then I have to eat it three times!  That doesn't make sense.  But yet there we are.  WOW CHICKEN RINGS.  I was picturing liking some sort of fried chicken perhaps in the form of sandwich but not necessarily.  Chicken rings are pretty close to that!  Also I can eat THREE of them.  That's a lot!  Picture eating one chicken ring.  Then DOUBLE IT.  Then ADD TO THAT by ANOTHER 50% of The TWO Chicken Rings.  Now you see what I'm talking about!
    Also 1 or 2 dozen = 12 or 24.  Now you see what I'm talking about with that one, too!  Maybe I should just play it safe and get A Chipotle.  NO.  PLAYING IT SAFE IS FOR SUCKERS.  We're gonna PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE and get WHITE CASTLE.  Now we're talkin!  I'm pumped up about it now!  Wonderful!  Have I talked about anything in this Act that wasn't White Castle yet.  And I didn't even say anything.  I just said what I was thinking about getting.  And that's lasted about two and a half paragraphs now.  Wonderful.  It really makes ya think!  When watching War Movies or Wild West Movies or any movies where people have Canteens I'm always concerned when I see them use them.  Drinking water, wetting their face, whatever.  I always think OH NO THERE CAN'T BE THAT MUCH WATER IN THAT CANTEEN YOU GOTTA BE MORE CAREFUL WITH THE SUPPLY.  Even if they're drinking water and had put it off for 18 hours.  STILL YOU'RE DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER YOU GOTTA SAVE THAT.
That sort of thing!  Maybe screw Doordash and just get Subway on Walk.  It's healthy because that's what commercials have led me to believe.  Also nutritional information provided by Subway!  Most of the numbers seem like a lie but that means some numbers may NOT be lies.  I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  Maybe get a slightly more indulgent chicken sandwich than I usually get where there's teriyaki sauce.  I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  Gonna take a bit of a break after this act and next walk.  I wonder what I'll accomplish.  I might watch TV for half an hour.  What it is remains to be seen!  And how big an accomplishment I accomplish obviously depends on what I end up watching.  If I play video game I can REALLY accomplish something.  I could be half an hour closer to finishing the video game!  Wow I don't believe it.  And by it I mean that I subject people to this dumb dumb crap.  I can't believe I'm such an Internet Jerk!  Sorry about that.
Last paragraph of the Act I!  This entry will be over at some point relatively soon and then the bad memories of how bad it is will start to fade.  And will fade completely relatively quickly!  Certainly by tonight I'll have forgotten and/or accepted how bad the entry is.  And then tomorrow I wake up excited to write something possibly slightly better!  Doesn't pan out but Again I Get Over It Relatively Quickly.  Wonderful.  Also I saw a movie last night where people kept dying in a World War and this entry might not be entertaining and reflect poorly on me BUT I AM NOT DYING IN WORLD WAR.  I'm not even dying in any other context.  I'm totally alive and after this entry I'll be just as alive as I am before and during it.  So the jokes on YOU is the point.  I'll be back soon.




This Is The Way Titles Work

    Hey!  I had a vanilla oreo!  Hey!  I started watching THE FOG: ORIGINAL VERSION: ACTUAL ORIGINAL TITLE on DVD!!!!!  So basically life is going okay. I dunno life could be a lot better than that.  Could be slightly worse, though, too!  Anyway definitely looking like Subway Lunch Experience in a couple of hours.  Not sure if I ever ate lunch in a Subway: Transportation Type Subway.  Pretty sure I've had a snack once or twice.  Hopefully waiting for train and not on train.  You don't wanna be eating on a train, it disgusts the other passengers.  Maybe you don't care.  In which case that's your perrogative.  Either way they sometimes have very little mini convenience stores in some popular subways so I might have gotten a CANDY BAR or a BAG OF SNACKS or something at some point.  Definitely gotten BOTTLES OF SODA.  WOW that reminds me I LOVE BOTTLES OF SODA.
I mean I get 2 liter bottles of soda every week and have 1.5-2 a day.  But I miss PERSONAL TRAVEL SIZE bottles of soda.  Convenient!  And you get exactly what kind of flavor you want.  You don't have to commit yourself to this flavor beyond this one Soda Experience.  I dunno those Mini Convience Stands at subway don't have a big selection.  It might just be Coke and Diet Coke.  In which case diet coke but I'm not happy about it.  Diet Coke isn't great!  Maybe it is!  I haven't had it in a while!  Wonderful.  Sometimes if it's Too Deep into the morning they close down the Subway Convenient Stands.  WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY.  THIS IS WHEN IT'S MOST IMPORTANT THAT YOU'RE OPEN.  I REALLY NEED a Diet Coke at 3:00 AM IN A WAY I WOULDN'T AT 11:00 PM.  That sort of thing.  Also if we're all paying taxes for Subway System we should also be getting Diet Cokes for free because our taxes pay for them.  That logic makes no sense.  Maybe some of our taxes go to subway system but also we DO pay for each individual ride.  Yeah but the point is I want Community Personal Diet Beverages Sold/Distributed At Public Transportation Hubs.
     That sort of thing.  Hey great what else is going on.  I'm gonna estimate I've watched The 1980 The Fog SIX times.  Which may sound a like a lot to you, or it may sound like a little to you!  It depends on how many times you watch movies generally.  Anyway I'm gonna estimate I paid adequate attention to watching it TWO times.  And I REALLY wanna make this a THIRD time.  So far in the first 15-20 minutes I've been right on the edge of Really Paying Attention and Not Really Paying Attention.  Solidly in Paying Attention category but there's momentum there that I can slip into not paying attention.  Oh well.  That's life!  That's The Fog for ya.  Probably gonna go with SALTY snack to compliment Subway Sandwich not a SWEET snack.  That's The Fog for ya.  Wonderful.  WE ARE DOWN TO ONE VANILLA OREO LEFT.  And my Dad doesn't want it-- kinda stale!  VERY stale.  Still good to me but lets face it These Last Few Cookies Are Stale.  The cookie part is soft.  Oreo Cookie Part supposed to be crunchy.  Or crispy.  I think crunchy is better than crispy in this context.  But they're pretty similar!  The point is I GOTTA EAT THIS COOKIE AND I'LL GET AROUND TO IT WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH.
Okay calm down about it!  Wonderful.  I only have to write two more paragraphs.  That means relatively soon I'll begin the arduous process of putting this behind me for the rest of the day.  LOOK the best thing about Limited Selection of soda and they're all Coke is USUALLY you can get a Diet Sprite.  Sprite is Coke!  I think!  Either way if I'm drunk and I have a Diet Coke what do I care it may as well be a Diet Pepsi to me I'm getting pretty much the same thing out of it.  Because I'm IMPAIRED.  I don't REALIZE I'm sacrificing Soda Pleasure because I've got better things on my mind!  I forget what!  That's the best part about it!  Gonna put off my next walk such that I will want to eat lunch right when I get home.  That way Subway is FRESH.  Amazing!  I don't like my sandwiches being fresh.  I don't need my sandwiches to have an attitude with me!  YEAH.
     Last paragraph.  I can watch the rest of The Fog now!  Or most of the rest of it!  I'm getting a lot out of it.  I like the part with THE FOG.  OH NO HERE COMES FOG.  Presumably with monsters.  I think that's the premise.  Undead is creeping up HIDDEN BY THE FOG.  Shouldn't it really be called The Undead then?  The Fog is incidental!  WRONG.  PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF THE FOG.  THEY KNOW THE FOG BRINGS DOOM.  Great.  Wonderful!  What else is going on.  I don't see fog that often in real life.  But when I do?  Ya know what?  I LIKE THE FOG.  It's a rare treat and I'm always like HEY THIS IS A NICE CHANGE OF PACE.  Fog is fun.  Well that's great.  I can end the entry now.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-2:25 P.M.




Sunday, August 1, 2021

Titles Gotta Be Relevant

    Hello friends.  Here comes August!  August is one of my favorite months.  Second only to October, September, March, May, April, November, and... THAT'S IT!  WOW ALMOST IN THE TOP 50%!  Also that's no joke those are my favorite months in order.  What rounds out the order. After August?  From best to worst?  December, February, July, June, January.  LOOK I LOVE ALL MONTHS even the worst months I like.  I DON'T KNOW WHY I LIKE MONTHS.  Most people are indifferent to months!  Maybe its from writing website for most of my life.  And months are how they're divided by pages.  Dunno why that'd make me LIKE months.  If anything that would make me detest and resent months.  You'd think so wouldn't you.  I GOT FEBRUARY WAY AHEAD OF JANUARY???  THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!!!
What else is going on.  Look December has my birthday and CHristmanuckah and a wonderful week off school but other than that it's THE WORST.  All that brings it up to close to average but Holidays Aside NOBODY NEEDS DECEMBER.  What else is going on.  Nurse is downstairs!  To give infusions to my Dad.  Blood infusions!  So I got that going on.  Got coffee brewing.  Got two meals in store for today Why It's Only Chocolate Chipped Pancakes and Part II of Rib Eye Steak.  What order will they be in?  I DON'T KNOW.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and ultimately all I came up with was I have many hours until lunch, I feel like the answer will come to me in the natural course of things.  So I got that going for me.  HAD A THIRD OF A PANCAKE FOR BREAKFAST.  Does that come in to play?  YES.  YES I DOES.
    Did I eat half of the fat the piece I cut had?  YES.  Did I LEAVE OVER half the fat?  YOU BET.  Responsible Eating Habits!  That's me in a nutshell.  Anyway.  I've had a thought 2 or 3 times over the last few days where I picture a picture of a Beehive and then I imagine saying OH, BEEHIVE.  Like Austin Powers.  Saying OH BEHAVE.  Also he said something about him being in a nutshell.  Like this is me in a nutshell!  And he acted like he was tripped in a giant nutshell.  That's why it's relevant.  This is SEVERAL DEGREES REMOVED from being relevant.  Not even irrelevant.  Irrelevant would be a stretch!  I think it's a good thing there hasn't been an Austin Powers since 2003.  Then again I think it would be a good thing if there was a new Austin Powers.  Then again Thank God there's been no Austin Powers.  Not sure about this paragraph.  BUT IT DOES TAKE UP SPACE.  That's pretty good.
    Hey The Mets won a nice game yesterday.  It had everything.  HOMERUN.  BASE HITS.  RELIEF PITCHERS.  REGULAR UNIFORMS.  Anyway.  I like a recurring commercial on Mets Channel where they're selling special edition Baseball Bats and they have players pictures on bats with details about the player and for Pete Alonso it says Home Run Contest Winner.  I guess Home Run Derby is copyrighted!  So it says Home Run Contest Winner.  That's my hot take on commercials.  Unless there was a Home Run Contest at some point.  And Pete Alonso won that, too.  Either way I GOTTA GE THIS COLLECTOR'S ITEM BAT.  First I have to become a collector, though.  That's the hard part!  How much stuff do you need to be a collector.  At least A Dozen, right?  You can only get collector's items if you have at least 12 things already.  Otherwise they're just Items.
   WHERE HAS AUSTIN POWERS BEEN UP TO.  I wonder.  Oh hey I can drink coffee.  That reminds me of the time Austin Powers drank coffee but it was SHIT.  THE LAUGHS NEVER STOP when Austin Powers is afoot!  I like the part where there's recurring bits over each Austin Powers movie.  MAN I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS BIT THE FIRST TIME AND NOW THEY'RE DOING IT AGAIN.  Like the thing where there's something that looks like an illicit body part and they do cut scenes with people saying words for it but in other contexts.  Thank GOD they did that several times instead of just once.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH.  Hey I got coffee going.  Less Cream proportionally than usual!  Bad because taste is diluted but good because Healthwise.  Is Verne Troyer still alive.  I feel like we've lost Verne Troyer.  Better LTURQ.  Yep he's gone.  Oh well.  He'll never have to LTURQ for anything again.  After a lifetime of LTURQ.
    Why kick a man when he's down.  Well this man is NEVER NOT gonna be down.  Also he's dead.  That's as Down As Ya Get!  Look I can say all this because I TOO WILL DIE SOME DAY.  So there's that!  When I was a kid I was really scared of Death.  Now I'm not so scared anymore!  Presumably I will become scared of it again in the future.  I don't like those odds!  Oh well what can ya do.  Create technology so I can be an everliving cyborg.  I've got DECADES to work on that before I'm likely to die without it.  I'll get to it later.  Maybe within the next year or two.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Sixth paragraph!  Wonderful.  I don't 100% get the special olympics.  This is probably worked out fine, but to me it seems weird that people are disabled in different ways to different degrees and they're all competing for the same medal competition.  They can't be like NOPE you're disabled but NOT DISABLED ENOUGH, its no fair to the other people.  So basically the Disabled But Not As Disabled are gonna be racking up all the wins in Special Olympics.  Again probably they've worked out the kinks for this.  Oh well what can ya do.  Speculate!  That's always fun!  Also disabled isn't PC.  DIFFERENTLY ABLED.  There we go.
     Anyway.  Also MAYBE IT'S JUST ME but the original olympics is PRETTY SPECIAL TOO.  Why does Special Olympics need to take a dig at regular olympics.  Doesn't seem right.  Special Olympics is getting a bit too big for its britches.  Talkin' crap about regular olympics.  I don't like it!  Anyway it's possible by the time Rich Hill is ready to make his next start, I will pick him up in fantasy baseball, and I will have ALL FIVE CURRENT PITCHER STARTERS FOR THE METS on my Team.  Uh oh that's not so great.  But now I get to root for the Mets EVERY GAME.  Unlike what I was doing before.  I dunno.  What did I decide August was in Month Rankings.  Seventh?  Third?  Sixth?  Better LTURQ.  Seventh!  HOW IRONIC it is the EIGHTH month chronologically.  That's not ironic.  Not even close!  It's not ironic in the correct sense of the word and it's not ironic in the incorrect sense of the word.  Not even close!
     Eighth paragraph!  Mets are playing a Day Game today.  It's always Day somewhere.  What about the moon.  Are there Days and Nights on the moon.  Sure.  They're different than Earth Days and Nights though.  Yep.  Or you can pick a time zone and just extrapolate that structure to the moon.  Why not.  What else is going on.  Were astronauts that landed on moon originally a LITTLE concerned there'd be aliens.  And the aliens would want to hurt them not help them.  If they thought the aliens wanted to help them that's not concerning at all.  Astronauts could use all the help they can get!  I lost track of what I was talking about.  Is it possible there are aliens that come from and live on Earth.  Think that would make them Not Aliens.  Interesting counterpoint.
     Penultimate paragraph of Act I!  I liked the Javy Baez home run.  It was good for the team!  Also I didn't like how into the game the Mets fans were last night.  It was kind of fun but also CALM DOWN YOU'RE GETTING YOURSELF TOO AGITATED.  That sort of thing.  I went to sleep after Mets tied the game last night and before they ended up winning.  Then I had a dream that the Mets were down 6-0 in a game and that replaced my accurate memory of last nights game so when I woke up I was pretty sure the Mets had lost the last game.  Because they were down 6-0 per my Dream Memory.  This is good stuff lets keep it going.  Maybe Homerun Derby isn't politically correct anymore.  Now we have to say Homerun Contest.  Derby is insulting to... uh.. DERBY.  Kind of hat or something, right?  A derby hat.  I dunno about that better LTURQ.  HEY IT IS HOW ABOUT THAT.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Pretty sure they should have made Pete Alonso wear a Derby hat when he won the Home Run Contest.  What else is going on.  With my Dad stuck in house all morning and early afternoon I can take walks whenever I want.  Wonderful!  No more waiting 15 minutes to take a walk or something.  Or taking a walk 15 minutes before I wanted to.  It's all up to me!  Anyway.  Can mental illness qualify you for special olympics.  Because if it does I'm trying out!  Wait a second I'm not highly qualified at sports or physical contest competitions.  But he point is I'm more qualified than people who are physically differently abled.  I'll wipe the floors with them!  Probably not they'd probably wipe the floors with me.  The point is the act is over.  Also the point is I Don't wanna be in the special olympics.  One because it would be embarrassing and everyone would laugh at me.  Two because it would be REALLY embarrassing when I do very poorly and everyone would laugh at me even more.  Oh well that's life!  I'll be back.




You Know What That Means

    Just took a shower with my new shampoo!  We're talkin the new flavor is OCEAN CHARGE.  And ya know what?  DELICIOUS!  It's a BLUE flavor.  Old shampoo was GREEN (Alpine Fresh).  I'm very happy with new flavor.  Smells great is the point.  Anyway.  I also had a dream last night I was playing Video Game Football against someone and I was doing terribly.  They kept scoring touchdowns every charge and whenever I had the ball there was instantly a turnover.  Pretty frustrating stuff!  Thank GOD I woke up and no football game has ever taken place in real life.  YET.  Could have been one of those premonition dreams.  Which I take as a GOOD sign.  If I'm having premonitions of Real Life Tragedy, losing a football video game match by a lot is pretty low stakes!  If that's the worst life has in store for me I'm doing pretty good overall!
   Anyway.  Right now thinking about Chocolate Chipped Pancakes for lunch!  There's been times in my life we got Chocolate Chips from supermarket to eat as snacks.  MORSELS they called them.  And presumably still do!  Why bother changing the name when they've clearly had so much success with it!  Hmm I'd eat some SNOW CAPS if I had to.  Those are like chocolate chips with JIMMIES on them.  Sprinkles or something.  Dots or Lines of Sugar is the point I'm trying to make.  SNOW CAPS are often the best candy option you have at super market.  And I don't mean that as a put down.  Like candy option is so bad SNOW CAPS are the best.  Yea the options could be better but I'm happy with SNOW CAPS.  There's a candy called Snow Caps, right?  And they're more or less what I'm describing?  At this point I'm really pot committed to hoping they exist.  On account of me talking so much about them.
     Yeah!  I wonder what kind of contract it would take to sign Javy, "Friend Of The Franchise," Baez.  Possible we can get him for a reasonable deal more or less.  A BIG deal but not THE BIGGEST deal.  We'd have the best offensive line up and the best defensive lineup!  FOR A LONG TIME.  This franchise seems to be built to keep best core players together not just for 1 year but for SEVERAL years.  WONDERFUL we get time to get to know these characters.  What's Brandon Nimmo all about and how does he relate to Dominic Smith.  Those sorts of things.  Also I could be projecting what I want to see.  Maybe franchise is built normally as a year by year thing.  Or MAYBE ALL GOOD PLAYERS WILL STAY METS AND ALL MET GOOD PLAYERS WILL STAY GOOD.  That's MY assumption.
Wonderful!  Anyway by the time I get home from next walk Baseball Game will have started.  Or would be starting imminently.  And if it Had Started I'd watch it from start with the power of PAUSING THINGS AND THEN REWINDING THINGS.  And playing things.  And fast forwarding through the Muck.  Until I get to present day!  That sort of thing.  I dunno if I'd rather think of Baez as a Javy like a Javy Lopez or a Javier like a Javier Bardem.  I'd RATHER he be more like Bardem, but on a purely aesthetic level hard to argue with a name like Javy.  Then again JAVIER is not without its charms.  Then again it's MR. BAEZ to us.  Show some respect!  What else is going on.  I saw Baez took the number 23.  Nobody likes you when you're 23!  What else is going on.
     Last paragraph of the act.  Wonderful!  This entry as a solid D+ entry!  You get a D just for writing ANYTHING for 20 paragraphs.  I feel like I've done enough good to bump that up to a D+.  WOW I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  I dunno.  I feel you should get a D+ just for writing something.  Which makes this entry a C-.  That seems to generous.  Maybe a D+/C-.  I'll take it!  That's bordering on being a C!  Sort of!  Kind of!  Having Baez is great for the entire team.  We're conditioned to giving Baez a pass for striking out all the time and being disappointing because he's gonna come up big a lot, too.  We should EXTRAPOLATE that and give the entire team a pass for not doing great a lot of the time because they'll do good sometimes, too.  Let this be a lesson!  We should give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt we give Baez!  YEAH LETS BE NICER TO THE METS.  THEY'RE DOING THEIR BEST.  Also why stop it at the Mets.  Or at Sports.  EVERYONE HAS POTENTIAL TO BE A GOOD GUY.  Even if they're JERKS 75% of the time!  I'll be back later.




Why Is This

    Hey!  Watched the first inning of The Mets game.  Now I'm taking a break to write the rest of the entry.  Looks like the Mets may not sign the draft pick they made a few weeks ago.  Their top draft pick!  That they made a big deal about signing!  Oh well gotta wonder if that works out for them in the long run.  On the other hand you don't REALLY need to wonder if that works out for them in the long run.  Maybe you've got better things to do!  In which case I envy you.  Got some coffee going.  Delicious!  Almost as delicious as I imagine OCEAN CHARGE SHAMPOO tastes.  It's BLUE that's how it tastes.  Sounds good to me.  I'm way ahead of The Walk Game today.  If I really wanted to I could take eight walks today.  Gonna stick with six!  Feels like eight walks is too much.  Also every now and then I think I should do some sit ups and push ups every day.  Even just a little would be good!  Maybe start out at 10 each a day.  However I can never REMEMBER to do it.  And when I DO remember I'm like yeah I'd rather do that some time that isn't now.  Not because it would be a lot of strenuous physical effort but because I'M LAZY I LIKE TO PUT THINGS OFF.
     Wonderful.  Also that's really more of a MORNING thing.  I can't do it now!  it's the afternoon and/or evening!  It's always morning somewhere.  On the moon.  That's where it's morning!  Thinking about putting Chocolate Chipped Pancakes in oven for lunch.  Check them at 20 minutes.  Probably won't be ready.  Check them at 25 minutes.  Maybe they'll be ready!  I don't anticipate them going much longer than 30 minutes.  You'd think I'd know from doing this dozens of times and YOU'D THINK WRONG.  One of my worst attributes is not learning anything from doing things often.  Easily in the top 200 of my worst attributes.  Well, top 2000 AT LEAST.  I never thought of it explicitly before but it is kind of accurate I guess!  HERE COMES JAVY BAEZ I'M GONNA WATCH THIS AT BAT.  MAYBE EVEN UNMUTE IT I DON'T KNOW IF I WANNA MAKE THAT BIG A COMMITMENT.  NAH I THINK I'LL JUST LOOK AT THE SCREEN.
   At bat is still going on.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  THE COUNT IS 2-1 AS OF NOW.  UPDATE IMMEMINT. 
Ugh.  The at bat is still going on but I'm gonna stop with the updates.  Nothin here until at bat is over!  He grounded out to the short stop.  Wonderful!  Now we can all move on with our lives for another, what, 30, 45 minutes until he's up again?  An hour?  I'm not good at estimating things.  Easily one of my top 5,000 worst qualities.  Also I've been impressed with Baez getting BALLS when he's at the plate.  He hasn't walked yet but he's managed A LOT of 2 ball counts and that's halfway there so that's pretty impressive! 
     What else is going on.  A solid D+ entry!  I've re-assed it and I'm knocking it down a grade from D+/C-.  I SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH THE D+.  ESPECIALLY SINCE ITS MORE ACCURATE.  WE SHOULD ALL BE SO BLESSED AS TO GET THING ACCURATELY FOR THE MOST PART.  Sometimes things can suck but if we're ACCURATE about it that's halfway there.  Not sure what that means.  Not even sure it makes enough sense to vaguely mean anything at all.  Oh well that's life I guess.  Can we have rankings of Olympics events in terms of most important.  If there's 120 different sport competitions who cares who wins an individual one.  Not even 1% of all the things!  However if we can say THIS ONE OLYMPIC EVENT IS THE EVENT, THIS ONE IS FOR ALL THE MARBLES, then I'm pumped up about that event!  The point is we should have Head To Head Olympics rankings and competitions and not Rotisserie League.  Makes sense to me.  Wait.  No It Doesn't.
Last paragraph!  I don't believe it!  I don't mind eating chocolate chip pancake straight from Fridgerator!  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Still though there are better ways to go about it.  Presumably.  Also I only eat the chocolate chips.  Scrape each one out of the pancake and throw the rest out.  It's FUNNY because IT'S A JOKE.  What else is going on.  Would it have been funnier if I said I only eat the pancake.  I scrape each of the chocolate chips out because I don't like them.  I don't know!  It's hard to measure what's funnier when neither are funny!  Not even close!  The point is hey the entry is just about over.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

-1:47 P.M.








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