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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

My Titles Are Up Here

   I guess.  Last day of the Working Week!  Monday-Wednesday.  I feel like that's pretty good.  Anyway had some Great Dreams Last Night.  Thought up a Song!  Of course I can't remember how the music to it went (Pop-Punkish!) but I SOLIDLY remember a single couplet.  I wrote that sucker down!  I also had a dream that Trump resigned from Presidency and somehow Gary Coleman became president.  And my reaction to it was thinking of The Simpsons episode with Gary Coleman and he ends the episode by saying t the audience Whatchu Talkin' Bout, EVERYBODY!  So that's a good situation except for its very possible Gary Coleman would be a zombie.  Yep that guy is deader than a doornail.  Doornails aren't the epitome of being dead.  They were never even alive!  Deader than Gary Coleman.  That's more meaningful!
    The one negative thing was Mike Pence was president for a few months.  And I guess Gary Coleman somehow won the election and was inaugurated in January.  Oh well.  Anyway got my Delivery Specifications for Super Online Super Super Market all set up and it's all very exciting.  Trying their FRESH COOKED CHILI.  I like those odds!  I might have tried it the first or second time we got This Super Online Super Super Market several months ago.  And if that was the case, clearly I didn't like it, because I didn't continue to get it.  But the point is we'll see how that goes, see how it goes hardcore!  Here's a scenario--  IS THIS CHILI?  NO ITS ROOM TEMPERATURE.  Hmm that is chilly for chili.  Should be Hot!  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  
Great.  The debate was.  No need to go into that.  It just was!  Mostly unfortunately.  I think Biden wasn't great but overall Pretty Good.  And Trump is a raging lunatic.  So we got that going for us.  Chris Wallace was who cares he's not running for president he can do as good or as shitty a job at Moderating as his little heart desires it makes no difference to me!  While watching it I thought he wasn't going great but overall Pretty Good TRYING to reign in Trump.  Then Twitter was like Nope he should have done better.  So then I was like hmm Twitter makes a good point he SHOULD have done better!  I just have very low expectations I guess so he seemed to be doing Moderately Well at Moderating.
    Fascinating.  Is Gary Coleman supposed to symbolize me in my dreams?  Because I am Very Short and he is Even Very Shorter?  What you think short guys all look alike?  Is this your deal?  We're all the same to you?  WELL I TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT BECAUSE I'M TALLER THAN THIS JERK BY A LOT.  Don't lump ME in with HIM.  Or, fine, do it, now that I think about it.  I can Score some Pity Points!  That's my impression of how people can and should think about my height.  Anyway 2 meals to do today, 1 is Part II of Penne & Meatballs.  The other one is either Part III of III of Frozen Pizza OR Bagel OR that's about it those are my main two options.  We'll see how that situation develops I'll keep you updated on it and whatnot.
Cool!  Finished #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor season #3 of 7 during CircleWalk.  Seasons aren't the exact same amount of episodes but let's say we ARE roughly 3 into 7 into the series.  Lets say lots of things!  Here's an interesting development-- if I have Bagel as one of my meals (say roughly 2/3 - 3/4 chance) feelin' like goin' with CREAM'T CHEESE instead of Butt'r!  Mix things up its fun!  Keep my palate guessing!  I think the most surprising part of the debate was that Trump was on the left side of the stage from the point of view of the audience and Biden was on the right side.  Totally DID NOT see that coming!  I got used to it after a few minutes but it really threw me for a loop!  Anyway 1 more paragraph then break.  Yeah!
    Cool.  Here's a conundrum-- is that Stage Left or Stage Right.  From our point of view as Audience, the left, I'm GUESSING that's Stage Right.  LMLTURQ.  Yeah I was right!  I'm either a genius or I got lucky with a 50/50 Guess.  Heavily Leaning towards eating Pasta Meal for dinner and having Bagel Meal for lunch.  Heavily leaning hardcore!  Hey it's October in roughly a day (Actually HALF A DAY is when October starts! Let's say a little bit less than 12 hours from Right Now When I'm Writing This Right Now)  Anyway for the last 3-5 weeks been getting MILLER LITE beer this week I'm goin' back to COORS LIGHT I feel like MIXING THINGS UP!  I dunno this week I just feel like drinking Light Beer.  Kinda tired of Lite Beer.  Yeah!  I'll be back in a little bit!




Isn't That Something

   Is it just me, or was Chris Wallace on the same side of the room as Trump (Stage Right)?  Which seems like a pretty big advantage for Trump he gets to hear every question sooner on account of The Speed Of Sound.  Figure lunch will be with Part III.  Figure Lots Of Things.  Hmm wonder what Next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor will be.  I bet its Something Good!  "None But The Lonely Heart."  That's that sucker where it's a guy who marries old women for their moneys and then kills them once he's secured their monies.  With a nice cameo from Thomas Hanks!  Hmm I wonder if Thomas Hanks directed the episode.  Solid 50/50 chance he did.  LMLTURQ.  HEY YUP HE SURE DID.  I called that sucker Way Ahead Of Time!
    I think Tom Hanks did us all a disservice by not dying of COVID 19.  Imagine if Tom Hanks died in March or April.  People would be OUTRAGED and we could have prevented TENS (HUNDREDS?) OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS.  I am being 90% Dumb & Silly and 10% Hmm That Actually Kinda Checks Out!  No judgment, though.  How could HE have known 40% of people would be Pro-Covid19 Pandemic to all intents and purposes.  On the other hand, we'd be losing Tom Hanks.  How many Regular Folk Deaths is equal to Tom Hanks.  I'd say around 2 or 3.  2 or 3 regular folk are as valuable as Tom Hanks.  I feel that's a nice compromise in the middle.  I mean, 1 person, that's assuming everyone is equal.  So it can't be any less than ONE person.  I dunno I'll consider this further and keep you updated on these calculations as they progress.
Cool!  Spoiler Alert Protagonist (Antagonist?) of This #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor Episode may or may not get his comeuppance at the end.  With possibly SUPERNATURAL and/or GHOULISH aspects to it!  I dunno.  I think the last month or so my favorite episode has been the one with Steve Buscemi.  About 20%? or so because of Steve Buscemi.  Which is a lot considering how many peoples and aspects there are to consider when considering this episode.  A whole 20% of the Greatness is Him so he can be proud of that.  Proud Boys.  When will they grow up to be PROUD MEN.  BUS CEMI?  WELL WHICH  IS IT.  A BUS OR A SEMI (Truck)?  I prefer busses personally so that's where my heart is in regards to this debate.  I dunno, are Proud Boys overwhelmingly Teenagers?  What kind of Adult calls himself a Proud Boy, even just taking out all the racism we associate with it.  Just pretend Proud Boys don't exist yet and there's just a Middle Aged Adult, racist or not, whose like Ya know what I'M A PROUD BOY.  I dunno seems weird to me!
    Anyway.  Two more paragraphs to this section of entry!  Anyway.  A lot of FuckUppery in regards to NY Mail In Ballots!  People gettin' ballots where Name On Envelope Don't match Name On Ballot!  I dunno if this has happened to me yet, still waiting for CoronaVirus to Die Down From Envelope.  But either way Way To Go You Bastards You Making Problems For People!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got Capos and Guitar Picks yesterday!  Again CoronaVirus Must Evaporate for 24-72 hours until I can Open Up That Package but its very exciting!  I'll use that sucker on Acoustic Guitar and be like yep these keys are totally different than if I were playing the exact same fingering without a capo.  Cracked that code of why Capos are useful!
    Anyway.  What else is going on and crap.  Here's a negative for the day-- roughly one glass of soda left over for the entire day!  Then its all water!  Some orange juice!  Not a lot!  Not really into orange juice these days anyway!  Can make some coffee!  That involves water as well as coffee grounds!  Also orange juice would involve water, too!  I mix orange juice with water when I pour myself a glass!  Roughly 50% of each!  Maybe sometimes more water than orange juice!  Where was I.  Oh.  Okay.  I see.  Well I get to take a break in a Hot Minute and then come back with lunch.  Wonderful.  What do I got in store After Entry.  Why its only watching more #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor! 




Either That Or Nothing

   I guess.  Bagel with Cream't Cheese.  Smallish amount of Cream't Cheese!  PERFECTLY cut and toasted bagel.  We're talkin real Straight Down The Middle cutting.  We're talkin' Just Right toasting.  Delicious!  Anyway what else is going on.  I wonder how racist Trump considers himself.  I mean, we're beyond him just using racism as a political tool.  It's safe to say he Harbors Racism in his Person.  But does he recognize he's racist and is okay with that?  Or is he like Yeah I'm Not Really That Racist.  It makes a difference!  For entertainment reasons!  It makes no difference in the real world but if we're trying to get inside his head for entertainment purposes It'd be interesting!
    Anyway.  Women allowed in Proud Boys?  I dunno gonna have to look into that one.  I think the reason for the NY Fuckuperry re: mail in ballots was they sourced it out to a third party or something?  I don't have all the details but that's the defense I think they were making.  ITS NOT OUR FAULT, ITS THE PEOPLE WHO WE GAVE THE CONFIDENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY TO DO THIS CONSCIOUSLY's FAULT.  That sort of thing.  Anyway Tomorrow is October huh.  What if I did a Spook-Em-Up and made the month Black Font on White Background.  That'd be a real creepy mix-em-up WHAT'S GOING ON HERE I DUNNO IF I LIKE IT BUT I'LL GET USED TO IT PRESUMABLY THIS IS HALLOWEEN THEMED BECAUSE IT'S DIFFERENT.
Huh.  Sure!  Watched the entire debate yesterday.  I liked the part where... uh... Hmm.  This is a tough one.  Come back to me on that one, okay?  Just finished my bagel.  Hmm.  Come back to me on that one, okay?  Anyway a real good amount of penne left over for Dinner Meal.  2 Meatballs, obviously that's a good amount.  But also I'm not cheatin' myself with this portion of Penne its a solid amount of Penne I got no worries in regards to how satisfying this dinner will be.  Also can add a Dinner Roll to the equation.  All in all it's gonna be a great dinner I look forward to it.
    Two more paragraphs to go! Hmm how many instruments do I got in my room.  Including broken ones.  2 acoustic guitars, 2 electric guitars, keyboard, mandolin... 8 track recorder is SORT OF an instrument.  Anyway about 2 of those instruments are Playable.  So I got THAT going for me is the point.  Woah just thought of another instrument-- recorder!  Not the 8 track recorder NO the thing that's like a flute but 1/20th the price and 1/50th the quality and also its 25 years old or so.  Still I can Record With The Best Of Em.  I dunno if they ever taught me how to play it in elementary school.  We each got a recorder and were told to play some pledge of allegiance or national anthem or whatever.  And we were just supposed to somehow know what to do.
    I guess the note doesn't matter when you're all playing notes at the exact same time and length.  That's halfway there so that's pretty good.  Anyway I get to have beer in LESS THAN A DAY.  I like those odds!  Also AROUND HALF OF THAT LESS THAN A DAY IS SLEEPY TIME!  Man oh man.  Probably a 4 day Drinkweekend instead of 5.  Or 3.  Or some other number.  Narrowed it down to 4!  Probably!  I know there's holes on recorder you get to hold down.  Not all at once.  And not None at once.  You gotta mix it up, hold some down while leaving the other ones open.  That's as far as I got to knowing how to play it.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:38 P.M. 




Tuesday, September 29, 2020

You Know What I Mean

   I don't mean anything yet.  I didn't say anything that could be qualified with You Know What I Mean.  Except for the Date of the entry.  NOt even the title.  Well I guess Title could be Referencing Itself.  But lets say That Ain't The Case and you know what I mean by Tuesday, September 29, 2020.  It means That Is An Accurate Portrayal of the day I shall be writing this and publishing it to Internet, in turn making Website And Me An Internet Sensation!  That was a title I decided not to use from Old Notebook.  I figured it comes off a little too strong As A Stand Alone Title.  Me just saying I'm an Internet Sensation WITHIN the entry?  That's fair game.
    Anyway great personal news-- Communal Spaghetti Dinner (with the Happy Complication of Meatballs) for dinner tonight-- an EARLY dinner.  I like to eat around 7:00 because It Makes Me Feel Like A Big Man to put off dinner for an hour or more than when I'd really like it.  But this time around Dad is doing his Teaching Scams at night so we gotta eat early at 5:30!  So that's great in and of itself and also it means I am right to have An Early Lunch, Too.  We're talkin' with Part II of entry presumably!  Or Part III!  I started this entry pretty early.  Part III is still early in the day!  So the point is I got one Yukk-Em-Up.  Someone mentioned in a Commercial Or Something being in their Birthday Suit.  Which means naked.  Shouldn't wearing your birthday suit mean re-attaching your umbilical cord and covering yourself in placenta?  Sounds about right!
    Sure I know what Placenta means.  It means what I imagine it means.  Anyway Hey put in the order for GAS!  Should be here in about a week presuming the USPS is firing at 80% All Cylinders!  That's the new normal.  Hey the USPS is doing great it's only taking 1.5 times as long as it used to!!!  People are very good at adjusting our expectations presumably or something.  Not really just a joke.  Anyway, also put in the order for a Combo Pack of TWO CAPOS (different colors at least?  possibly different Structures?) and half a dozen Guitar Picks!  THAT MIGHT COME AS SOON AS TODAY.  Which means I can use it AS SOON AS TWO OR THREE DAYS FROM NOW.  Gotta wait for CoronaVirus to go away!
    Anyway I did realize the Amp was smaller than I was imagining based on pictures.  Only 8 inches wide.  That's cool it felt wrong at first but with further introspection maybe that's kinda COOL.  It's loud enough certainly is the impression I'm getting.  Very Portable in case I'm doing some sort of small/midly, "Gigs."  Also in one of the Videos of People Reviewing The Amp one had it propped up on a desk!  You Can Do That with that size amp!  I like that!  I used to OFTEN sit on the floor playing guitar without really knowing why but maybe it was to be Level With Amp?  This way I can do that WHILE SITTING IN CHAIR.  OR ON BED.  OR STANDING I GUESS.  THAT'S HOW SHORT I AM I AM AS HIGH AS NORMAL PEOPLE ARE WHEN THEY'RE SITTING DOWN.  Oh well.  You weren't expecting me to be So Short but upon further introspection you're like maybe that's kinda COOL!
    Yeah Lets Go With That!
  We're talking a Delicious Lunch of Frozen Meal (Sesame Chicken WITH vegetables and POSSIBLY PASTA-ISH SOMETHING I FORGET, SOME LEFT OVER WHITE RICE, SOME LEFT OVER TOFU!)  Now we're talking GREAT potential lunch.  Pasta for dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow.  What can I have for dinner tomorrow!  I dunno!  OH RIGHT still have 1/3rd of A Pizza Product from Digiorno: The Frozen Pizza Operation.  That settles that!  Anyway hey what else is going on.  #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is still going strong.  Into Season Number III right now.  Aye Aye Aye el programa de television!  Yeah.  Sure!  Wonderful.  I'll be back in a little bit!


I Have No Idea

   One negative thing about Playing On Amp instead of On 8 Track with Headphones is that it's not Super 100% Easy to play along with backing tracks of guitar.  Which is Key For Me!  Lay down some Chords, then muck around On Top Of Chords!  It's not TOO difficult to get that arranged with Jsut Playing Live on a GAS, I can do it if I want!  Hmm so that's a pretty big contradiction with what I started off the paragraph saying.  Oh well no going back now.  Started Part II without lunch.  Oh well no going back now.  I did have ~7-8 #2020KettleChipsToRemember to tide me over!  Which is good because whenever you eat Kettle Chips (really, any kind of chip!) it satiates your hunger and lowers your appetite.  Surefire way to satisfy your gut!  Eat some Kettle Chips PROBLEM SOLVED.
    Anyway, great, what else is going on and crap.  Lookin' forward to Debate tonight!  I wonder whats gonna happen!  It could go GREAT or NOT SO GREAT or NO SO GREAT BUT ALSO NOT NOT NOT NOT SO GREAT.  I used to have a stutter where I would say, "Like," over and over again.  People in high school made fun of me for it.  Not even friends.  RANDOM CLASSMATES.  Also TEACHERS.  I would be, like, I'm saying, like, something and, like, I don't mean to, like, keep saying like, like, I don't even, like, hear it but now that you're mocking me I, like, get it."  One would imagine I grew out of that but I don't talk to people at all These Years so who even knows!  It wasn't a source of SHAME or anything.  Just like oh well what can ya do.
    What else is going on and crap.
  Hmm what #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor do I have lined up Next.  THE RELUCTANT VAMPIRE:  THE GEORGE WENDT VEHICLE?!?!  That's AWESOME I only watched that like ONCE in the past few months.  Vampires are a snooze but this one has the acting prowess of Malcolm MacDougal and George Wedknot  Anyway been roughly more than 36 hours since last drink of Beer.  Another 48 or so hours to go!  I like those odds.  That reminds me, gotta put in Order for Thursday Delivery.  That reminds me, I GOT MY ELECTION BALLOT IN THE MAIL!  Haven't opened it yet, gotta wait 2-3 days for CoronaVirus To Go Away.  But presumably it's got All The Options for Elections and all I have to do is bubble it in or something and then put that sucker back in an envelope or something and put that in some sort of Mail Man Drop Box Thing?  I dunno gonna have to look into that.  I think I can just drop it in the mail?  I'll Keep You Updated On This Situation As It Progresses.
So, great, I got that going on and crap.  I think they said they would start delivering them ballots on 9/17 or 9/18.  So that's not GREAT timing but that's why ya gotta request them ballots early!  Go ahead and do it right now!  I'll wait! ... ... I assume you've done it now.  At this point, right?  I did TWO Ellipsis!  That's MORE than enough time to get cracking on your Early Voting.  Also I know it sounds COOL to do Late Voting, like showing up at a party late, but don't do it!  They'll have stopped voting by then by definition and you might look COOL like Pshhh I didn't even wanna vote in the first place I'm just voting late to make YOU  happy but in this scenario your Voting Power is Going Unutilized!  Completely Unutilized!
    Hey last paragraph without the aid of Lunch.  I like those odds.  Man this is gonna be an early lunch by my standards!  Roughly 11:30 AM?  That's not even Afternoon by ANYONE'S standards.  Well I'm sure like 25-30% people would be like, if polled, yeah 11:30 AM more or less afternoon that's my personal feeling.  Its a legit position to have!  Great.  Drinkin' some Strong Ginger Ale.  A little too Strong For My Tastes.  Real Leaning Into The Ginger with this Ale.  Anyway what else is going on.  Hmm if I do start doing music again in an ideal world do I still do Website Entries?  I don't see why not!  Well I do.  I'd be overextending myself!  But besides that I Don't See Why Not!  Be back with Part III in a bit! 



Ask Again Later

   Got lunch going on NO TOFU didn't need it!  Anyway I had a McDonalds Spicy BBQ single serve Sauce in my fridge for at least 2 years, was like hmm gonna try that, then I opened it up and it was pretty much A Solid Not A Liquid.  No bueno you're going in the trash!  But first I'm gonna put you in a sandwich bag, you might be liquid enough to spill everywhere!  Not if you're in a sandwich bag!  YOU AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE!  Anyway this Sesame Chicken & Broccoli & Red Peppers' Pasta is more or less Spaghetti.  I'm okay with that!  This way I won't over eat spaghetti tonight!  I'm already gettin' my spaghetti on ahead of time so now I won't need as big a portion tonight!  Tofu would go well witH Spaghetti & Meat'd Balls.
yeah!  Four paragraphs to goo.  This rice is 2 weeks old but Fresh Enough!  What else is going on and crap.  Do I go straight to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor when this entry is over?  Do I try watching some sort of Film or something?  Nobody knows yet!  What else is going on and  crap.  This debate could Make Or Break a campaign!  I hope the good guy prevails in debate assessment.  I saw CoronaCases are on the rise in NYC.  That's no bueno these people are my Friends and Neighbors I feel for them!  Also there's some amount of chance I and/or my immediately family can get it Even Doing Everything Right!  We leave the house once every three weeks for half an hour and 90% outside!
    Three paragraphs to go.  I can do it.  I can do it!  I can do lots of things this is but one example.  Basically if I wanna do Multi-Track Recording Live I just record 1st track with my 8 track, just regular in-machine audio recorder, then play that back on my VERY MINI Cheap Amp and then play along with that.  Hmm this amp is Very Little and is like 5 or 6 inches.  Eight?  That's gonna look like AN Mini Amp!  Oh wel size doesn't matter.  Unless we're talking about French Fry Portions.  You wanna go with SuperSize that'll satiate your hunger real good.
    Anyway.  I never was interested in Fast Food Dressings on the side for dipping.  Look I DON'T WANNA DO WORK.  THat's why I'm HERE.  You want me to start preparing my own food I'M WALKIN' OUT THIS DOOR NO WAY THAT'S NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR.  Also when I was a kid I think I Just Didn't Like 97% of sauces in general!  I'm fine with Plainness and the taste of Food and Spices Just By Themselves!  I don't need no BBQ SAUCE.  I don't need no TANGY MUSTARD SAUCE.  And I CERTAINLY don't need any KETCHUP.  And I never will.  These days I'll take some BBQ sauce and maybe on occasion even Tangy Mustard Sauce.  Ketchup?  I'm walkin' out the door if you want me to eat some ketchup!
    Last paragraph.  One day I hope to find out if its pronounced CayPoh or CapOh.  Oh well such is life.  Ya know what guess whose gonna have some ice cream when this entry is over why its only me the guy whose been talking at you the entire entry.  How long does it take to read an entry.  I imagine its different for everybody!  Me, personally, I've never been able to make it through an entire entry.  I get slightly bored and severely discouraged!  Hmm this paragraph is a total snooze why subject myself to more inevitable self criticism I got better ways to waste my time.  That sort of thing.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow to Talk At You some more!  See ya!

-11:46 A.M.




Monday, September 28, 2020

Lets Get Going

   Good News-- Gonna buy a new Guitar Amplification System!  Bad News-- For some reason I was okay going 2 or so years without a Working Guitar Amplification System (GAS for short).  Part of it was the 2 GASSES I have were 98% working but the Input Jack Receptor (IJR) wasn't screwed on tight enough so I couldn't plug the cable in.  Same Problem For Each GAS.  Probably due to me doing something wrong, that's the first conclusion to reach.  And, yeah, I can SORT OF imagine myself Yanking on the cable to unplug it or something.  Which could effect the GAS IJR.  Anyway the new Amp is relatively cheap BUT AMAZING.  AMP Technology has increased SEVENFOLD in the 12 years since I last bought an amp.  I can get MANY tones and sounds and whatnots out of this cheap thing!  Also I know its good because its a FENDER and I have a STRATOCASTER (Fender) AND IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IT TRULY DOES.
    So I can put that order in today or tomorrow.  Already spoke with Father about it.  Then it takes a few days to get here.  Then I let it sit for 3-5 days, Coronavirus should die down after 3-5 days Based On Nothing.  So the point is that's very exciting!  Another exciting thing is Probably A Bagel For Lunch.  MAYBE even cook some EGGS.  Probably not.  Just Butter That bagel real good.  I think when I was a kid and played guitar 4 hours a day and was Better At Guitar Than I Ever Was, I sorta gave very little fucks about whether I was practicing with Acoustic or Electric.  I mean, I made that decision each time I picked up Guitar based on Something Or Other, and it was a SOMEWHAT thoughtful decision, but in the end it was operating under the premise that they're equated, and one cool sounding thing you can get out of Acoustic would be equally cool sounding (Or UNCOOL sounding if that was your starting point) on Electric Guitar.  Hmm wonder if I should Stick With That Premise.  Seems both Right and Wrong at the same time.  Such is life!
    Anyway.  Bagel, right?  Butter that up real good.  Had a breakfast burrito for Breakfast today.  That had Some Egg in it.  First Breakfast I've had in 2 WEEKS OR SO.  No beer today.  No beer tomorrow!  No beer the day after tomorrow!  I will resume beer The Day After The Day After Tomorrow.  Which is Not A Bad Sequel Idea get in touch with me I wanna say Jerry Bruckheimer?  LMLTURQ.  Nope Roland Emmerich.  Decent guess, though!  Emmerich.  Am e Rich. Am I Rich?  That's the question Everyone is asking today after it turns out most of us  pay way more in taxes than Donald Trump does.  Hey I guess we must be rich, too!  Even richer than Trump!  Why This Is WONDERFUL NEWS!!!
Sounds about right.  What else is going on and crap.  Making some good progress with #TalesFromTheCryptChronologicalToRemember.  Nah that's no bueno lets stick with #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Only six episodes left in Season II.  Season I was Only Six Episodes.  That's how I was able to Knock Season One Out Of THe Park So Quickly.  Six Episodes, what was this season FROM BRITAIN?  Nope last season was though!  That was 13 episodes!  Significantly less than Season II TFTC but significantly MORE for British Sensibilities!  Anyway feel like I watched a movie last night.  Oh, right.  #HouseOfAthousandCorpsesToBeSpookedBy!  Also I've seen this house no way there's a thousand corpses in there.  There's a lot of corpses SOMEWHERE in Movie, not close to 1,000, and also Not In A House!  I dunno maybe they're using the term, "House," loosely.  If someone lives in a hole in the ground is that a house?  Spoiler Alert.
Maybe not I wasn't paying 100% attention.  There is a sequence where there's people in a hole in the ground I think?  You might just call it, "Underground."  I call it a hole in the ground.  My way of saying it Has More Character!  Hmm what if they went the other way and released a movie in 2022 TOMORROW.  And it's like WE WARNED YOU ABOUT THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.  WELL NOW ITS TOMORROW.  AND THEN NOW'S TOMORROW IS EVEN CLOSER!  That makes a lot of sense I guess.  Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  Probably Hold On To Lunch In My Back Pocket For part III.  Probaly Bagel!  We'll find out together more or less!





I Knew This Would Be The Middle Title!

   I hope so.  Otherwise that means I'm either writing too many titles or too few titles.  Neither is an ideal situation!  Hmm how long have I been in this Three Sections of Normally 5 Paragraphs Per Section Operation.  Three months or so?  Four, maybe?  TWO?  I wish there was some way to LTURQ but I can't think of any.  Man oh man I saw this 7 minute Promotional Video of a Guitarist playing great riffs with all them different models of guitar and I was like HEY I COULD DO THAT!  IF ONLY I HAD THIS AMPLIFIER I'D BE UNSTOPPABLE RE: MUSIC.  It's true!  GUITARING WITH DIFFERENT TONES MAKES A DIFFERENCE as hard as it is to accept this premise.  I had more of an integrated model of Guitar.  All riffs and chords are equal and are all allowed!  You're sellin me a Segregated, Separate But Equal guitar story.  And I Don't Like It!
    Anyway.  Kinda thinking I may Make Egg + 2nd Egg with Bagel for lunch.  Really.  This time it's a solid 50% I will.  I'm not drinking so I could Stand Over Fried Eggs Operation for 5-10 minutes Like It Was Nothin'.  The 50% where I just butter Bagel is the Glass Half Full Half.  Probably gonna be that 50%, that's how estimations work.  My dad expressed concern I'd Be Too Loud and I was all like never heard you complain before lol. And he was like I remember complaining you were playing after 10 PM.  And I was like lol you love it I'm bringing lightness and joy to our entire household you'd be NOWHERE WITHOUT ME!  And then I was like oh but also I won't play when you're teaching.  That's your Money Making Operation I can't endanger that with my Power Chords.
Anyway.  Man this guy playing guitar in Fender Mustang LT25 video must be some sort of an idiot.  Doesn't he know that in my imagination I CAN PLAY EVERYTHING HE'S PLAYING JUST AS GOOD AS HE IS?  He looks like a FOOL!  Man I was looking up Guitar Amp Sound Presets and THEY KNOCKED NAMING THESE TONES OUT OF THE PARK!  No ambiguity like 8 Track Recorder where I KINDA get a sense of what it is/primarily used for.. these are VERY CLEAR what sound they produce based on stereotypes of music.  I like that A LOT now I know exactly what I'm dealing with with these tones.  Also they say this is for beginners and novices and practicing.  Look 12 years ago this would be MIDSHELF LEVEL AMPLIFIER.  Probably.  Seems about right.  I've bought more expensive GASSES than this that ain't have HALF the features!
    Cool.  But Michael those are only Mock Ups of those sounds They Ain't The Real Thing They Can't Make Love To You Like I Can!  I DISAGREE.  CLOSE ENOUGH.  They ARE The Real Thing!  As far as I can tell.  The sound that I used over 50% of the time during 8 Track Recording (out of about 90) was Dirty.  That's what it was called.  Dirty.  That's the kind of guy I AM and the kind of music MY GUITAR PLAYS.  That's just how it goes for Roughly A Decade Or So.  Starting to Really Lean To Butter w/ Bagel.  Maybe a nice Pastrami Sandwich with Potato for dinner.  Last full-out Fresh Meal I have leftover for This Week!  Anyway hey one more paragraph then another break!
    I like those odds!  Hey Thursday is OCTOBER.  Fresh Start for website!  Also For Everything.  Regardless of what you're thinking about, October 1st is a New Month For Just About Everything.  Only one thing I don't get with New GAS is they have dial for Treble, they have dial for bass, but NO DIAL FOR MIDDLE?  I mean its OKAY I never liked Settling On A Middle myself, but seems like they could have had that dial where we could control the level of Middle.  I think people would really get a kick out of that!  The point is I don't care but now I see why they're saying this is for beginners.  Intermediary And Advanced players NEED MIDDLE.  Anyway I'll be back with Part III in just a little bit! 




I'll Keep That In Mind

   Having a delicious Bagel with butter.  Too much butter!  I siphoned off too much butter from Stick Of Butter, then inundated my bagel with too much butter, and I still have some butter left over that I'm not using!  The good news is It's Delicious.  What do I got in store for After Entry. No beer so I can really pay attention to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor!  Kinda looking forward to that!  No detail will escape me This Time Around!  Or, alternatively maybe ALL the details will escape me!  I'm so, "Into," it that I'm just ENJOYING IT not paying attention to every detail!  I like that even better!  No Cumbersome Details Just The Straight Story.
    Okay.  What else is Okay.  Still got some Tofu.  Got a single Buffalo Wing.  Got some rice to pair with Frozen Dinner at some point this week.  But most of all looking forward to a delicious dinner of Sandwich + Half Potato Spheres.  Maybe do some Communal Pasta Tomorrow Night!  Eat some Spaghetti Watch The Debate have a meatball for dessert.  Sounds like a great Tuesday Night!  Hmm wonder if there's any way I could save/make use of this Leftover Butter.  I'm not jus Gonna Eat It.  No matter how curious I am.  To the taste of A Bar Of Butter.  Well, let me put it this way-- if I WAS gonna eat some butter, it's at a perfect consistency now.  Been out of the fridge for, what, 10 or 15 minutes.  Gettin' PRETTY soft but not completely.  That's the kind of level you want your butterbars to be at IDEALLY.
    Okay.  Maybe have that Buffalo Wing for Lunch Dessert.  Maybe lots of things!  Biggest deterrent re: GAS is that at any given moment during the day My Mom Is Probably Sleeping.  In other words she sleeps more than 50% of the day.  I think that's another way of saying The Exact Same Thing.  Gotta ask my dad about those probability calculations.  I think I can reach a GAS Level where I can hear and enjoy it just fine, it might be VAGUELY hearable if you're awake, but also wouldn't wake you up in and of itself.  I also just had that buffalo wing I was talking about. It was delicious!  Maybe next Delivery I'll get TWO Orders of Buffalo Wings!  Or, get this, one Buffalo Wings and one Buffalo Chicken Fingers.  G...GET IT!!!!
Okay.  My dad asked me can't you just play it without plugging it in.  And I was like oh ok no its an electric guitar.  C'mon.  ITS IN THE NAME IT NEEDS ELECTRICITY TO THRIVE AND LIVE AND SURVIVE!  Still got a few Breadsticks.  Those were great Bread Pops.  I'm surprised there's still a few left over! Hmm what about Spicy Jalapeno Bread Pops.  I feel like I've seen Jalapeno Bread/Crusts advertised places I Wanna Say It Is Indeed Delivery: The Pizza Hut Operation.  Could also be Other Places.  That's just my first guess!  HMM THIS AMP YOU CAN ADJUST, "MIDDLES," DIGITALLY.  Now we're talking GREAT GAS.
    Last paragraph!  What fun.  I dunno, probably.  House of 1000 corpses, huh.  Sounds like Robbing Zombie To Pay Paul.  Amazing.  Ya'll know what #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor I'm up to.  The one where it's about a Tales From The Crypt: The Magazine Version From Olden Days Illustrator and he's finding his creepy pictures might be coming to life... in real life... I call this one... The Story Of The Illustrator Guy Whose Drawings Come To Life In Real Life.  The point is does the crypt keeper need an understudy?  Someone's gonna have to keep that crypt once he's gone.  And if not me, who?  If not when, where?  If not how, Why?  I'll be back tomorrow to address some of these questions.  that's not true.  Well, the first part is true, at least.  See Ya Tomorrow!

-12:49 P.M. 





Sunday, September 27, 2020

So, We Meet Again

   What Fun Word do we have this morning to get us all started.  The Word of the day is... "Apiarist."  Someone who owns/runs an apiary.  A place where bees are kept.  LOL!  Dictionary Is The Gift That Just Keeps Giving!  Also the first Laugh-Em-Up I got out of it was I clearly turned to one of the first pages in the dictionary, an, "A," and then it was about, "B's," the next earliest letter.  Also Yeah My life is a big Bee Keeping Operation and I'M ON TOP OF THAT!  No reason it has to be About Me.  Maybe a friend of mine is Abstractly An Apiarist.  I've raised more questions than I've answered!
Anyway maybe that's the New Routine.  Only check Dictionary Twice A Day-- once in Morning Pre-Entry, once at Night pre-going to bed.  I need some thing to focus in during Trying To Sleep it takes 2 hours and I'm always like Hmm What Should I Be Thinking Of.  No one gave me A SINGLE WORD to consider.  This is Hard!  Anyway Doing a 4 day Weekend in regards to What Days I'm Drinking Alcohol.  I figure its better to Go All OUt for Four days than go Considerably Out for Five Days!  Anyway Nurse is in house today.  I THINK she was being friendly to me as opposed to just not registering my prescience which is the Norm.  Oh boy a new friend!  Also SHE HELD THE GARBAGE CAN OPEN FOR ME.  Was pouring myself coffee and had to throw out the Sweetener Paper Wrappers and she was throwing something out and then she kept her Foot On The Pedal That Lifts The Top Of The Can for me!  Yes that's the closest I've gotten to intimacy During Pandemic.  Hell, during Not Pandemic.  Not since HUGGING THE COMEDY SHOW AUDIENCE GUEST!
Also I didn't really engage her because I wasn't wearing a mask!  Yeah lets go with that That's Why.  Then just now I took a beer out of the fridge and I don't think she was looking but if she was I'da been like You Don't Judge Me I Judge You!  Did you know Judge Dredd is neither a Judge nor Dread.  He's a policeman.  You can't have a judge policeman.  Separation Of Powers should explicitly forbid that!  Also he doesn't exhibit Much Dread At All.  Hardly ANY Dread am I getting from this character.  Maybe he inspires Dread.  That's Possibly I only seen this movie once and it was several years ago.  Anyway is it just me or does this Supreme Court Nominee have A LOT of positions on record that are clearly disqualifying?  Go look em up yourself I saw A HALF DOZEN just making my twitter rounds this morning!  Like, I mean seriously, enough horrible positions that it Could Potentially Possibly Probably Not But POSSIBLY keep her from being Senate-Elected To The Supreme Court!
You don't judge me I judge you.  WHAT SHE IS PRO JUDGE DREDD?  I know he SPECIFICALLY happens to be a good guy but he's got too much authority THERE'S NO CHECKS AND BALANCES.  Anyway what kind of delicious dinner did I had last night.  Oh, right.  Frozen Health Meal + Soup.  Didn't go great.  I was lookin' forward to both aspects of the meal pre-dinner, but actually eating it, both were a HUGE let down.  Anyway for lunch maybe either Salmon + Rice OR Frozen Pizza + Nothing That's Its Frozen Pizza That's All You Need.  Also, regarding her religion?  Sure she can be Whatever She Wants To Be but she has a long record of Adhering to her religion Over The Constitution.  She clearly states in positions things about virtue and sin and making judging things based on her personal religion and not THE LAW.  Last I heard we had separation of Church & State.  And if we HAD to not have a separation of church and state, SURELY WE CAN DO A BETTER RELIGION THAN THIS LADY'S!!!
    Anyway, hey, I don't think I've had Sip #1 of beer.  I, "Cracked," it open but haven't gone through with the Sippage until Right About Now.  Also she worked on Bush v Gore (along with TWO OTHER ALREADY SUPREME COURT JUSTICES) which seems Kinda Relevant considering THEY'RE BEING OPEN ABOUT TRYING TO STEAL ELECTION WITH SUPREME COURT.  Anyway that's Scary Stuff but what can we do about it Just Watch TV About It Read Twitter About It And Lament This Situation We're All In About It That's All I Can Think Of.  People In Senate can do something.  Grind the gears to a halt!  IT'S POSSIBLE BASED ON TWITTER JOURNO/POLITICAL PERSONALITIES/INFLUENCERS.  Anyway so we got that going for us.  Lament.  Lame nt.  Lol Now I Get It!  Hey one more paragraph of this section, lets go!
    Cool.  Polling already shows by a significant margin voters don't want Republicans to appoint a Supreme Court Justice Pre-election.  They think Winner of Election should take care of that!  So as a starting off point You Can't Get Better Than That and once you make it clear that she's clearly not SUPREME COURT JUDGE MATERIAL (based on her Not Following Constitution As The Highest Power, being very clearly on the opposite side of Very Popular Issues, and in a sense arguably theoretically being an illegitimate nominee in the first place I.E. the 'McConnell Rule,' Legit worries that she's just there to throw the election for Trump... ETC!), I think there's a solid, clear path forward for making Her Nomination A Flop.  Oh boy this lady is gonna Flop Real Bad.  She's gonna wish she never was flipped into this flopping situation in the first flop.  Break Time!




What Can I Do For You

   I'd like to be a Twitter Influencer.  Just a lot of Commenting on other people and be like Hey, Followers, Get A Load Of This Guy Am I Right.  Do you need Video to be an influencer?  I don't think Text would do it.  Maybe a podcast where you influence people?  I think we could have Audio Influencers.  Anyway very very torn.  Torn between Sandwich for Lunch or Salmon for lunch.  Hmm both start with, "Sa."  I wonder what, "Sa," is on the periodic table.  Solid 1/2 chance its on the periodic table.  LMLTURQ.  Nope doesn't look like it.  LOTS of, "S's," but no, "S A?"  Seems like a pretty big oversight I hope someone lost their jobs over that one.  All of their jobs.  Not just the one which, within their official capacity, they made this Oversight, but also OTHER UNRELATED JOBS.  Scorched Earth Policy!  You mess up with the periodic table and WE'RE COMING AFTER YOU.
    Alright then.  Sometimes I try using my right pointer finger and am like Hmm wonder what Stephen Hawking's Language was when he was paralyzed.  First instinct if Each letter is just One Tap Per Number of Letter.  A is 1 tap.  B is 2 taps.  C is 3 taps.  And then you take it from there.  WOW THIS FOOL DIDN'T EVEN HAVE FINGERS.  HE USED HIS EYEBROWS.  Now we're talking GENIUS.  Hey I was gonna mix up what direction I was facing for Sections Of Entry.  I forgot!  Facing South This Entire Entry up till now!  Pot committed to it for the rest of this section!  Fantastic!  Ya know I can have Potato Spheres (Half-Version) with Salmon.  That way I put 'em in oven and I can't wait to see how that turns out!  Hmm looking at polls in, "Mich," and I assume that means the senate race between MItCH McConnell and his opponent i wanna say Alison McCraft.  Amy McGrath.  That's my REAL guess!  YEP NAILED IT.
Anyway.  I hate all these Catholic Supreme Court Justices either because I'm Prejudiced Against Catholic People OR because I Don't Wanna Live In A Country where more than 10% of the highest court has A TRACK RECORD based on HER OWN WORDS AND DEEDS that would inflict her Religious Laws ON THE REST OF US.  Probably the first one I HATE CATHOLICS SO MUCH.  I'm always thinking, "GOD DAMN CATHOLICS!  I HOPE THEY NOMINATE ANOTHER CATHOLIC  TO THE SUPREME COURT JUST SO I COULD BE AGAINST HER!"  Yep that seems to check out.  Also,
THIS ONE IS EXPLICITLY MUCH MOE ADHERENT TO HER RELIGION OVER AMERICA'S LAWS, BUT THAT PART IS PROBABLY OK THAT ALL CHECKS OUT AND EVERYTHING.  Also are the other Supreme Court Catholics any better?  I Dunno!  Never did the research!  My guess is if they do share similar approached to Judiciating Cases then at least they have the good sense and manners not to be so open about it!
Great, just great.  Finished Beer #1.  Will go get Beer #2.  Now Nurse is REALLY gonna start judging me.  Based on her severe Catholicism Beliefs.  WHICH IS IN HER RIGHT.  What isn't in her right is being like HEY I'M GONNA SAY YOU CAN'T DRINK 2 BEERS BEFORE NOON BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I FEEL LIKE SHOULD BE THE CASE!  UN-VIRTUOUS TO DO IT!  ILLEGAL!!!  That's the kind of person we're going to be debating about nominating for Supreme Court. C'mon.  This isn't just a generic Ultra-Right Dogmatic Appointee.  They're not Neoconservative, THEY'RE FUCKING NUTS!  Hey got Beer #2 and I was like, Hmm gotta play it cool, gonna have a potato chip before I get the beer It's No Big Deal then I got the beer and am like Hey Gonna Have Two More Potato Chips Just To Show Everything's Cool.  Then I went upstairs.  With my beer.  No more potato chips.  Except for inside me.  They give me the Strength I Need To Proceed.
    Okay.  Oh yeah gotta take that into account for Lunch.  Which would b the least obstructive in Kitchen.  Salmon +Potato is Oven.  Sandwich, there's a lot of work for that.  Cutting Hard Bread In Half.  Waiting around by the Noisy Microwave to heat up Pastrami.  Seems like Salmon is the way to go.  I don't need this nurse judging me based on how hard it is for me to Cut Hard Bread In Half!  Hmm bread would be a good side for salmon.  I'd still have to cut it, though.  Not In Half, but just cut it Off The Loaf.  Which is still hard, this bread is hard!  Anyway, hey, time to start Beer #2.  Today is 5 beers.  Get off my back about it Last Day Of The Weekend Boy I Need Some Release.
One more paragraph to finish up this section.  Hmm, what else is going on and crap.  I want to be a Weekend Boy.  Not connected to The Weeknd.  Connected to the 2-4 days of the week that could potentially be called The Weekend.  I'm That Kind of Boy.  Also how do we pronounce The Weeknd.  Is it just the same as, "The Weekend?"  Or is it more like, "The Week... UNHD."  Maybe, "The WeekaND?"  One day I hope to find out and also at the same time find out Who The Weeknd Is.  The point is I'm almost done with this section!  Hmm of course there's some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor in store for the rest of the day, but I feel like it's Very Possible I Watch Some SOrt Of Movie As Well.  New Movie?  Maybe.  Comedy?  Possibly?  Old movie and/or not comedy?  Sure we'll find out together.  Except for Just Me.  You won't know at all!  Be back in a bit!




Nothing, Huh?

   Got Salmon + Spheres (Half Edition) in oven.  Another 20 minutes and We're Talking It's Totally Ready!  Some pretty good polls for The Joseph Robinette Biden campaign.  Pretty good!  Not Insanely Good but HEY NOT BAD!  Anyway.  Biden's Polling vs Trump Nationally is just around where he was 4 weeks ago (a .1 or .2 better, actually).  Which is cool ebcause when I stress-think-about-actual-election I'm often like, okay, six weeks left or whatever, let's say Trump gains half a point 4 of those weeks, Biden gains half a point 1 week, and 1 week is even.  So basically Trump gains 1.5 points over six weeks.  And the premise is like Well That'd Be GOOD For Trump, all those Gainings, but SOLIDLY Still Not Enough!  So basically Biden being Where Biden Was 4 weeks ago (roughly when this type of thinking started) Hey That's Pretty Good!
    Fascinating.  Also if I HAD to pick a number which would be Pretty Good Indicator for Biden
winning electoral college, it would be him being +3 or +4 or more Points Nationally.  And these polls leave a margin of error ~3 points, too.  Biden is up 7, 7 and a half points.  So basically if he gains, stays the same, or only loses a marginal amount he's outpacing the margin of error and is A Now We're Talking Real Favorite.  And he CAN lose a couple points and still be a solid favorite.  It's just that this way it would be more emphatic!  Cool!  Anyway that's where my head has been at in regards to Reading Lots Of Polls. 
    Hey, great.  I have more than enough time to finish this paragraph, then have Lunch with Final 2 or 3 Paragraphs.  I need to outpace the paragraphs by 3 points but I think I can get there solidly and Now WE're Talking Real Favorite In Regards To Who May Or May Not Finish This Website Entry.  Hey get a load of this I'm gonna put salt on my Potatoes.  Now that I think about it MAYBE SOME PEPPER ON THEM SUCKERS, TOO!  Hey I can write a 4th paragraph probably, too, before Lunch is started.  Which makes sense because I dunno why not who gives a fig.  Haven't used my Hot Sauce in a long time.  Similar situation as salmon.  When I do use it, IN RELATIVELY SMALL AMOUNTS, its usually pretty good.  But I'm TOO TIMID to try it.  Doesn't SEEM RIGHT on the outset!
    Fantastic.  Gonna enjoy a Day After Entry with a solid At Least 2 Beers Post Entry.  Gonna enjoy lots of things.  I gotta bring up a Beer Can #3 somehow with lunch.  I can't put it in my pocket.  My sweat pants are on inside out!  I'd have to stuff it inside my pants to get to the pocket.  And nobody needs that kind of harassment forcing Nurse to Watch That.  I'M NO LOUIE CK.  What if I just changed my sweat pants and made 'em Not Inside Out.  I Dunno That Sounds Like A Lot Of Work.  And I'm pointedly against work.  That's My Whole Ethos!  Based on my OEUVRE, at least, if you will.  Facing North for this section of entry.  Facing North real good.
    Hey got lunch.  No beer.  2 more paragraphs here!  Hey Next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is the one with DON RICKLES.  And BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT.  And A BUNCH OF OTHER ACTORS NOBODY KNOWS.  When I bring down Empty Plate, and bring up Beer #3, and this is all predicated on the entry ending-- I'll watch some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor, sue.  Also Salmon tastes FINE from the oven.  Not a huge difference!  But pretty good No Complaints.  2 Filets.  Only .5 OF ONE FILET LEFT.  That'll learn 'em.  Dinner, if I had to decide this very moment, I'd say It's Delivery: No It's Not: It's Digiorno.  But Sandwich is also possible!  Lots of things are possible!  It's just that most of those things have Very Very Low probabilities!
    Cool.  The good thing about Salmon is I'm really getting my Daily Dose of Mercury.  Fascinating.  One can only imagine what sort of Great Wonderful Word I will turn to in Scrabble Players' Dictionary later today in the Evening.  I'm guessing A Real Word.  One with a definition and everything!  Still not sure what Red Miso tastes like.  It either tastes Plain or it tastes something I Can't Put My Finger On.  Probably a combination.  It's 40% Tastes Plain and 60% Tastes Something I Can't Put My Finger On.  Oh. Red Miso.  Right.  The moral of the story is I would never be able to identify this again.  Anyway hey another entry in the books.  I'll be back tomorrow! 

-1:08 P.M.




Saturday, September 26, 2020

Hello, Friend

   Kinda presumptuous of me.  Calling you my friend.  For all I know you can't stand my guts.  Speaking of guts, I had a dream I had the tenacity to look at myself in in the mirror Real-Profile-Like, and I was like, hey my Gut ain't too protruding.  I can live with This Kinda Gut.  Then I woke up, looked in the mirror, I HAD AN ACCURATE ASSESSMENT OF MY GUT IN MY DREAM, but this time around I was like yeah this is what I pictured but on second thought Ain't So Great No Bueno Oh Well Such Is Life.  Also both In Dream and In Real Life I was sucking it in JUST A BIT.  Not TOO much.  I feel like this is well within my rights when assessing my profile.  Everyone Sucks It In.  I'm just like everyone else I'm not cheating.  Well, I am cheating, but everyone is cheating.  If everyone is doing something Wrong, Is It Really Wrong?  Good Philosophy-em-up.
    I guess.  You're not gonna believe this, I did have salmon for lunch yesterday, and I enjoyed it just fine!  You'd think after having this situation happen 12 times in a row, dreading Salmon and then enjoying it, I'd get used to it at this point.  Not used to it!  Still Bothers Me Something Awful!  Anyway new development in #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor -- still watching them chronologically, still making an effort to Pay As Much Attention As Possible-- but also giving myself slack for doing it while Circle Walking and/or watching it while PERIODICALLY checking Phone.  Not on Phone for Entire Time! Just 5 times an episode I pick it up and am like Hmm wonder what's going on on my phone twitter hmm what's that all about.  I feel this is A Great Compromise and nobody can take that away from me. 
    Probably not.  What would they have to gain from doing it.  I guess they COULD but now the question is Why WOULD... they.  Hey I watched #SteveMartinFatherOfTheBrideToRemember and it was a solid 30 minutes!  That's the lowest I would have Not Felt Cheated With AND THEY GOT ME THERE!  So, great, what else do I got going for me.  Lunch with Part III.  Possibly Pastrami Sandwich Part II:  This Time With Soup.  Opened up a bag of #2020KettleChipsToRemember.  Ya'll know what that's like.  Drinking Beer!  So much Positives Going On In Life.  Still haven't gotten my Absentee Ballot Yet.  Looking forward to that.  There's a solid 95% chance I get to have my vote counted and everything!  only 5% chance they throw it out for some bullshit reason!  And I guess subtract 1% from one of those and its a 1% chance I legitimately Mess Up Ballot By Accident.  Hey what if we subtracted .5% from each of those options.  I Ain't Here To Tell You How To Live Your Life.
    Anyway.  Possible Alternative Lunches -- Salmon & Side (RICE or POTATO) or Frozen Meal & RICE DEF NOT POTATO FOR THIS OPTION.  Maybe a ROLL or something.  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE SOME NICE POLLS TODAY.  Some nice, REAL NICE, ones overnight that I was made privy to this morning.  Since then NOTHIN' NEW!  How am I supposed to know What's Going On At All?!?!  I'm looking forward to Tuesday Debate.  I know they say Biden is prone to Gaffe but I feel like there's only a 15% amount of times that Trump Is NOT GAFFING.  He says something reasonable about 1 out of 7 times and whenever that happens you could tell He's Not Really Into It.  So that'll be fun.  Yeah sure I guess.  Anyway Facing EAST for this section of entry.  Next entry?  PROBABLY NORTH!
    I'd like to Be North: The Movie.  I never saw it but I think its about Parents Fighting Over Who Gets To Be Elijah Wood's Parents.  Solid 5 out of 7 chance that's more or less the plot.  Also I estimate things IN DIVISIONS OF SEVENS get over it!  Anyway borrowed a Dictionary from my Parents and that's non-stop fun.  Just flip randomly to a word and be like LOL I GET IT.  Also its the OFFICIAL SCRABBLE PLAYERS' DICTIONARY which is even better!  Not only does it Actually Have Definitions (dunno what that adds to the equation) but the definitions are 3-6 words long.  I CAN GET THE GIST OF IT WITHIN LESS THAN 2 SECONDS!  What was the first word I turned to last night To Start Us All Off.  Pitchy.  LOL WONDERFUL. 
    Anyway I'm going to only do that in moderation.  I can't be looking at words and living my life based on those words All Day All The Time!  Put that off FOR A LONG TIME now.  We're talkin NOT UNTIL SUNDOWN.  Kinda in the same spirit of as playing with a Ouija Board.  But you Always Get Som Sort Of Answer!  What fun until it scares you and you're scared out of your whits.  Remember Walt Whitman.  Who could forget?  Hey this is the sixth paragraph of the section.  What else do I got going on.  Just finished Beer #1.  Figure Beer #2 with Part II.  Part III is Lunch #1.  And Possibly No Beer, Possibly SOME Beer #3, and Possibly ALL Beer #3.  What a fun entry I got planned.  Only gonna get better once we Advance In Sections.  I'll be back in a bit! 




Sorry, I Wasn't Paying Attention

   Hey great I'm back now.  Certainly looking like Soup & Sandwich Lunch.  When I used to watch Seinfeld I never related to the Soup Nazi Plot.  Never ate soup when I was a kid!  Never watched Seinfeld when I was an Adult (and Eating Soup!)  Actually, I dunno,  Maybe it DID Speak To Me.  Actually, yeah, in retrospect, it's The Exact Opposite!  Soup was gross to me in real life but that episode made me REALLY FEEL LIKE Hmm that soupd must be GREAT.  I can sort of IMAGINE Looking Forward to Getting Soup FROM THIS GUY.  So yeah what I originally said was 100% wrong.  Get used to it most of what I say is 100% Wrong!  Well, most of what I say is 6 out of 7 times wrong.
Cool!  I like reading polls.  Hmm nice poll for Trump right here, but what do they have to say about THIS OTHER Poll that just came out which was better for Biden?  Hmm this poll showed Collins tied with Gideon but HOW ABOUT THIS OTHER POLL Where Gideon is ahead by six?  How do you reconcile those two things YOU IDIOTS.  I assume Gideon is related to The Bible.  I'd like to Get GIDDY ON YOU Baby OH YEAH.  Hey here's a New Blasphemous Sex Kink-- Jerk off while reading the Bible.  No one has thought of this is 3000 years.  But it's about time they DO start thinking about it.  You can get in on the ground level!  You're the first to think about and/or do it!  There are no rules you're a pioneer go about it however you want!  Yep sounds like fun.  Ohhh yeah Lot's Wife looking back at Sodom & Gomorrah Look At That Sin Baby Look At That Sin Bad.  Oooh your frozen solid baby aren't you.  Sinbad.  Hmm.
Anyway.  Hey Paragraph The Third of Section The Second.  Really, "Digging," these breadsticks I got Thursday.  They're Nice Crunchy and Hearty and only at 50 calories a Pop!  Also they're Bread Pops more than Bread Sticks.  They're vaguely Hollow Inside.  It's A Bread Pop.  Hmm good compromise for Soup Nazi and Vaguely Disrespectful Customer-- NO BREAD For You.  You get the soup, that's what you paid for, and without Giving People Soup he'd go out of business-- but no BREAD for you.  That'll keep people coming back AND give the Soup Nazi a way of punishing people who disrespect him and his store and His Soup In General.
  I like the Scrabble Players' Dictionary because for about 19 out of 20 words I'm like Man I Never Would Have Thought Of That.  I guess, I'm relatively smart in a lot of ways, but Scrabble for whatever reason is not where I shine.  Yes I know ALL THESE WORDS now that you're reminding me but I'd Never Think Of Pretty Much ANY Of 'Em!  Maybe I can't perform under pressure.  I know usually in Scrabble there's no time limit, but still it's being considerate socially that your main instinct While Trying To Come Up With Word is HEY I BETTER COME UP WITH AN ANSWER QUICK I'M FRUSTRATING EVERYONE ELSE.  Because I'm a GOOD GUY.  A real PEOPLE PERSON.  The primary goal isn't to win it's to Get The Game Movin' Every Time And In Every Way You Can!  MAYBE HAVE SOME CHIPS WITH SANDWICH FOR LUNCH.
Sure, great, what else do I got going on.  Also shouldn't it be illegal to deny Soups based on Whims.  It's like if how, post Civil Rights Era in the South, they were like Hmm I can't deny you based on skin color but I CAN DENY YOU based on me perceiving that you're disrespecting me.  And People Of Your Color Just ALWAYS Seem To Be Disrespecting Me!  No those laws would be no good.  SO basically the Soup Nazi Is A Lie... right?  Seems like it.  Is it wrong to call it the, "Civil Rights Era?"  Doesn't it sort of imply that ok this era we addressed Civil Rights okay knocked that out of the park lets move on!  We need a Civil Rights Era II: The Return Of Civil Rights.  Sounds about right yes that would be perfect and wonderful!
One more paragraph to finish this section.  I feel like in the mid-to-late 1990's they should have had a Scrabble PC Game?  I dunno 50/50 they did.  On one hand seems like a very logical game to make.  On the other hand, I'd almost definitely have had that game if it existed, and I Didn't have That Game As Far As I Could Remember.  LMLTURQ.  Yeah it existed.  Well My Parents REALLY Dropped The Ball not giving me this game.  One can only imagine how great I'd be at Scrabble (And Other Stuff!) if I had this.  Oh well such is life.  I get that Words With Friends is a modern incarnation of this.  But I'm talkin 1990's not 2000's or 2010's!  Get off my back about it!  I'll be back with part III in a little bit!



Really, I Don't Know What's Going On

   Having some Great Lunch Now.  A solid B+/A- Lunch.  Nice Hearty Pastrami Sandwich on French'd Bread and ~125 Cal Worth of #2020KettleChipsToRemember.  Also when I say Hearty Sandwich I MEAN Hearty Sandwich.  I've become so conditioned to Not-Hearty-At-All Portions of Meat in Sandwich.  This time around DOUBLED THAT and it looks like REAL SANDWICH you could get at DELICATESSEN.  Tastes like one, too!  DELICIOUS!  Is it possible that the first Meal I Can Get from Lifted Quarantine is Subway?  I DUNNO I LIKE TO MIX THINGS UP!.  Anyway I have just about the right amount of meals left over for Rest Of Week (Ending Wednesday Night).  And that INCLUDES Freezer Meals.  & Cup O Noodles Meals.  & Presumably 1 Cooksworth of Pasta (2 Meals).  What a wonderful world. I  even put Pastrami in Microwave for 60 seconds (1 minute).  Now we're talkin FRESH Sandwiching.
    What else is going on and crap.  Finish Salmon for dinner?  Sounds good.  Except for the Finishing part.  I get 4 filets worth.  Had 1.5 for Last Meal With Salmon.  Even if I have a full 2 filets for Upcoming Meal, that's .5 a filet left over!  Which may very well be an entire 1.0 Filet!  So I got that to think about.  About halfway through TOFU.  Only had it as  snack.  No full meals or anything!  Had 2 or 3 Buffalo Wings: Hot 'n Spicy Edition.  Still got more of that left over!  Solid!  Buffalo Soldiers is when African Americans Fought In Teh Civil War, right?  Figure there's a solid 80% chance that's at least KIND OF correct and, within that, about a 50% chance Yep More Or Less Correct.  Nope formed right AFTER Civil War.  AWESOME 80% KIND OF correct Pretty Close!
Cool!  I've only eaten the tofu Cold!  Figure Microwaving it'll do something to it.  Ovenning it Even More Stuff Being Done To It!  The point is I can't imagine any other meat that I'd rather have as a Hearty Sandwich for This Particular Lunch Right Now In Particular.  Everything is just, "Clicking!"  Anyway I've been getting this salmon many times over months and I don't think I've tried Ovenning it even once.  Maybe I can do that JUST TO MIX THINGS UP.  Also because I usually have it with rice (No Bueno In Oven!) but this time I'm saving The Small Amount Of LeftOver Rice to pair with Frozen Meal.  So I'm gonna have small amount of Potatoes with Salmon.  And Potato Half Spheres are best in Oven.  So Salmon and Potato Half Spheres In Oven for tonight.  IT'S ALL ADDING UP AND LOOKING TO BE A FANTASTIC DAY FOR MEALS ALL AROUND.
    Also Bob Marley knew about Buffalo Soldiers.  Where does he get off knowing more about American History than 90% Of Americans.  Buffalo soldiers... that's when the Native American uses ALL Of The Soldier.  Anyway this may be the penultimate paragraph.  This may be the penultimate to the penultimate paragraph.  Most likely one of those!  I got that going on for me is the point.  Movie based on Scrabble.  That Means Nothing!  Facing North Right Now.  That Means Nothing!  Still have 3 beers for tomorrow and day after tomorrow.  Assuming I drink another 2 today.  That Means Nothing Too!  SO MANY NOTHINGS.
Wonderful.  Man oh man imagine this scenario-- it's 40 minutes from now, get a pang of hunger.  I go to the fridge and why what else would there be but A Platter Of Several Buffalo Wings For Me!  And I only have one, save the rest for a later date.  Mmmm now I got myself looking forward for the rest of the day.  That'll Hit All The Spots.  Anyway entry is just about over.  Figure I'll get started on Beer #3 of 4 almost right when this entry is over.  Its fun because it gives me something to look forward to.  I can really get into The Last Two Sentences Of The Entry happily knowing I got a great Future Ahead Of Me.  Hey if that was the... uh... 2 more sentences from last sentence?  Hey great news that means this is the last sentence!

-2:07 P.M. 

POST ENTRY THOUGHT-- What if The Soup Nazi IS Illegal, but he pays off the authorities In Soup??




Friday, September 25, 2020

No One Thought Of This Title Yet

   Hell No!  All Me, Baby!  Most people wouldn't include the commas between, "Hell' and 'No" nor, "All Me' and 'Baby!"  Maybe the 2nd one is slightly more common.  But the point is I GOT 'EM BOTH RIGHT.  Wait a second I never added the comma between, "Hell' and 'No."  I tohught to do it and then I got ahead of myself and went ahead and patted myself on the back about it without actually changing it.  Well that's great, just great.  Now I look like AN INSANE Person!  Probably.  I wonder, assuming I have any number of readers, what's in people's heads in terms of What I Imaginarily Look Like and/or What I Imaginarily Sound Like.  My guess is A Lot Better than how I look and/or sound in real life.
    Maybe you're a Glass-Is-Half-Empty Guy.  And you imagine my appearence and sound to be Horrible.  I dunno That's On You you get to choose your own adventure is the point.  Anyway gonna have some delicious meat loaf for dinner and adequate-tasting Salmon + Rice for Lunch.  Most likely!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Finished Watching Men In Black International: The Movie With Lower Production Values Than I Was Expecting and also Competed Jumanji:  Now We're Talking Some Great Production Values.  I dunno maybe its because I wasn't paying attention to Men In Black In The Right Way.  Just felt like Yeah they're kinda phoning it in with this special effects and whatnot.  Probably was just The Mood I Was In!  Maybe I found the acting TOO ENGAGING that everything else seemed like shit!  Yeah lets go with that.
Well, great, what else is going on.  Do I really want Salmon?  Probably not but I'm gonna have it AND ENJOY IT anyway!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Up to Episode Eight of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Its good I'm only watching 2-4 episodes a day I am DIVERSIFYING my entertainment portfolio.  What other movies are in store.  Hey there's a Father of The Bride Part III: The Squeakwell, "Dropping," Tonight!  I saw Father Of The Bride Part II Many Times because they repeatedly Showed It To Me on Cable Television!  Don't remember much Father of The Bride Part I.  I guess that was deemed, "Too Hot' For TV!"  Anyway its a nice friendly familiar festive film and I look forward to watching it!  Gotta be honest though I HIGHLY ANTICIPATE NOT GREAT PRODUCTION VALUES!!!
Anyway, what else is going on.  That reminds me I STILL NEED TO FINISH MARTIN SHORT: THE BOOK!  I really Can Do That, ya know!  I can Read More.  I've got the time!  It seems like an appropriate way to spend the time!  Well we'll see I guess.  Hey I DID FINISH Steve Martin: The Book!  So basically I got it all covered.  Martin Short: The Book is a friendly familiar festive... non.... FICTION.  Yep that seems to be accurate.  The point is its very possible Should Quarantine be lifted completely or almost completely, I may or may not try Stand Up Comedy: Open Mics.  Reading books have prepared me for this!  Hmm that reminds me the one Book which is from a Primarily Stand Up Guy was the George Carlin book which I NEED TO CONTINUE AS WELL.  I don't know WHY I CAPITALIZED that.  I don't know a lot of things!
    Great, just great.  I'm starting to realize how the Plot Holes or Confusions in many #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor weren't totally unanticipated or accidental.  I get the sense They Know It's Not 100% Logical THAT ADDS TO THE #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor ETHOS!  Also I like using the word, "Ethos."  I used to think that the word, "Oeuvre," has the definition that the word, "Ethos," really has.  Oh boy what great website fodder.  Anyay I Got A Lot of OEUVRE!!!  This website, The Uppers, Non-The Uppers Music, Past Crazysheet.com...  SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS...  Lots of stuff to keep myself entertained.  Also who do I contact about being an Influencer.  I feel like I could be a real UNIQUE influencer I think I could THRIVE in that field maybe!  I'll be back!



What Did You Say

   Wiped down Part II of Groceries today.  We're talkin' I'm done wiping stuff down until next Thursday Unless We Get Amazon or something In Which Cse Yes It Falls To Me To Wipe Some More Stuff Down.  Anyway you're gonna enjoy this story-- since I started getting Groceries Delivered, 1) get a lot less soda than I used to (6 or 8 bottles instead of SIXTEEN UP TO TWENTY BOTTLES) and also I get a monochromatic kinda soda.  Which is close to the right word I'm trying to use!  All Pepsi or whatever.  But THIS TIME I get TWO DIET PEPSI, TWO SPRITE ZERO, AND TWO ORANGE SODA.  Get a load of that story ooofff man am I entertained and I EVEN HEARD IT BEFORE!  Also my Dad was whistling The 10 Commandments: The Film Tune, and I said 10 commandments, is that the tune you were coming?  I MEAN HUMMING?  So there's that.
I never seen The 10 Commandments: The Film.  Somehow I picked up the theme to it.  Probably from My Dad whistling it in the past.  Seems like the most logical conclusion to me.  Also earlier my Mom was listening to Tig Notaro and I was like, to myself that must be Tig Notaro but I didn't Call It and just asked my Mom and she said Tig Notaro and I was like I coulda said that and impressed my parents.  But I missed that opportunity.  Oh well there goes that.  Gotta assume, "Tig," is short for something.  I dunno about that.  LMLTURQ.  HMM SORT OF!  Her official name per Wikipedia is, Mathilde 'Tig' O' Callaghan Notaro.  There's a, "T," and an, "I" sound in "Mathilde,"  And there's a, "G," (but not a, "GUH") in Callaghan.  I feel like we accomplished a lot in this paragraph.  Made the memory of me saying is that the tune you were coming to my Dad fade further into the past.
I wonder if Freud has a problem (or would have a problem should he be living) with Freudian Slips.  He's like Look I did thousands of ground breaking stuff with therapy and the one thing my name is on is This Weird Phenomenon?  Sure it's COOL and INTERESTING that it exists And Potentially Provides A Lot Of Laughs but I DID SO MUCH MORE WHY AM I RELEGATED TO THE HISTORY BOOKS WITH THIS BULLSHIT?  Hey I just remembered to start Beer #2.  Starting to get back into Drinking Beer Directly From Can as opposed to Pouring Into Glass.  Feels Right For Right Now.  That's all.  I used to be into the, "Alternative Comedy," Scene.  Well, not so much the scene.  Just the comedians associated with it.  So Knowing Tig Notaro is A Thing I Was Very Proud and Protective Of.  Oh well My Mom is cool she, "Gets It," any Alternative Comic would be GLAD to have my Mom as a Fan.
Right?  That sounds about right.  Also, at some point, most of the comedians I associated with, "Alternative Comedy," became (or I guess always had been) the Main Stream Top Comedians.  I mean, not just in Quality, but Business-wise.  But they're still Alternative Comedy.  They're the alternative to Whatever Has Zero Percent, No Comedy.  Comedy is the alternative to tragedy.  So everything out there that's tragedy-- which is much of the world-- these guys (and ladies!) are the alternative to that!  Yep that seems to check out.  Wonderful!  Oh right gotta start Beer #2.  Maybe that's how Comedy Works.  The Greats start out as Alternative, then they become mainstream, then they become old and we're all like hmm not as on the ball as they once were oh well we're pot committed to them at this point and then the cycle starts over again with New People.

Probably.  Also it's VERY possible that I used the title, "No One Thought Of This Title Yet," before.  At the very least, something conveying the same meaning with 75% of the same words.  Also I probably used THIS Section's Title Before too!  But the first one is more egregious because the content of it is immediately called into question.  Anyway.  I was temporarily turned off during Jumanji II because I was like hmm this one person whose supposed to be part of the main ensemble is clearly not getting in their fair share of screen time.  Then I realized I'm thinking of a CHARACTER in the film, not an actor.  Because the characters switch between actors.  And it makes sense for from a business side that you want all your Ensemble Actors to feel like they got their fair share.  But now I was feeling bad for One Of The Characters being split up between actors and Not Being Quite As Main As The Others.  Yeah!  I'll be back in a bit.



You're Going To Have To Speak Up

   I don't gotta do nothin No Title Gonna Tell Me What To Do.  Great.  I think, I always don't look forward to Salmon, but this time its even more because I'm imagining Red Miso means That Spicy Stuff they give you as a Side for Sushi.  I know its not the same thing.  I even tasted a small piece of the Red Miso Salmon I HAVE RIGHT NOW.  And it didn't taste like that!  Didn't taste great, but tasted okay!  But the point is I dunno not interesting in eating food that tastes like Spicy Side For Sushi.  Great, just great.  I HAVE TO eat it.  I could have a Pastrami Sandwich like I did yesterday.  I would LIKE that.  But I'm anticipating Doing That With A Soup and I DON'T WANT TO EAT SOUP RIGHT NOW.
    These are the days of my lives.  I dunno.  According to Fifty Three Eight, Ohio has come around to be SLIGHTLY Biden leaning.  I like the idea of that compared to other states.  I live NEAR Ohio ALL THESE CONSIDERED I'm gonna have to DEAL with these people after Election it'd be nice to know They're WITH US.  Ohio must be a good state because they have multiple sport teams in single major sports.  Cincinnati is in Ohio.  CLEVELAND IS IN OHIO.  That's about it for Baseball at least but Still Pretty Good Accomplishment.  They also got that going on for Football.  MAN OHIO CAN'T GET ENOUGH SPORTS FOR THEMSELVES.  What about Pennsylvania.  They got that going on too for MLB.  These Midwest Teams love baseball!  Also I Never felt comfortable having Ohio being Mid West.  Look its VERY East all things considered, who you trying to kid?  How about Mid East.  It's not Coastal East, but it's closer East Middle than West Middle.
    How about that indeed.  The point is I'd love to have meatloaf for lunch today instead of dinner but I pot committed to having it as part of a communal dinner tonight.  Mmm drinking from Can Beer Makes Me A Big Man.  I wonder how much alcohol consumption will be in Father Of The Bride III.  Gotta be a lot, right?  I'm looking forward to this!  Better be like 40 minutes or an hour.  If they teased it for us This Much, For So Long, it can't be like 5 minutes, right?  They've built it up SO MUCH that that'd be letting us down!  Anyway.  MINNESOTA, HUH?  You know how McDonalds used to have Super Sized fries/soft drinks, but they had to stop because it was bad for the public health?  Maybe they should have had Super Small Sized.  Either In the Past or presumably They Can Do It Now, Wouldn't Be Bad For Public Health At All!  And it's just like here's a dozen and a half fries.  That's 18 fries.  Let's say between 17-19 As A Rule.  Also them fries are small fries.  No Dinner Fries Here.  Tiny Fries!
    Cool.  Super Small Soda is just a shot glass.  I dunno how they're not hemorrhaging money with that, giving a Shot Glass away every time someone orders A Super Small Soda.  Hell people would be doing it Just For The Glass.  ME I get ALL My Silverware as part of Promotions from Fast Food Resturaunts.  Wonderful.  How did Silverware become the term used for Those Utensils Regardless of what they're made out of.  Silver is pretty good, but its not even the most optimal thing!  Goldware is even better.  And most silverware is Less Than Silver.  So what's the deal with that All Together!  YWe make Glass out of Sand, right?  We've got a lot of sand.  Sand ain't goin' nowhere.  Does Steve Martin talk to the camera/film audience during Father Of The Brides?  I honestly can't imagine it one way or another.  50/50 that it involves Him Talking To Us.
    Great, just great.  Another Lunch After Entry.  Assuming I have lunch.  Assuming I finish entry.  Lots of assumptions all around!  I could do Stand Up Open Mic comedy.  I've got a real B/B+ Set For A Beginner Open Miccer!  And I would GROW as a writer & performer over time one would imagine!  Also I might get some hugs!  Best part of performing at Final for Stand Up Comedy Class which Was A Show! Got A HUG
(2 hugs?  was it 3 hugs even? I HAD BEEN DRINKING [after my performance])  People WANT to AND ACTUALLY FEEL COMFORTABLE TO SHOW AND GO AHEAD AND DO  physical affection with me?  What The Hell This Is Weird BUT GOOD.  Also the one I'm remembering was possibly an Elderly Black Lady?  Maybe not.  50's or 60's lady.  I THINK she was black In My Memory? 
    Alright I ALWAYS WONDERED what my demographic would be!  Now I know!  And let me tell you its a thrill Just To HAVE A Demographic.  I'm used to the pie chart to be Stuck At Zero Percent and it Just Being Nothing.  Anyway almost done with the entry.  In a way I already am done.  Finished 5 Paragraphs x 3 Sections = 15 paragraphs.  Now is just Bonus Time.  I dunno.  We're at that point where I wanna have lunch because its unhealthy to skip lunch but I also really don't want that salmon so I dunno maybe have BUFFALO WINGS?  I had sort of relegated them, in my mind, to be Snackworthy, but its healthier in the end to have THAT be a lunch!  So that's where I'M at.  Hey SNL is coming back next week?  I enjoy that because its one of the only (perhaps the only?) show I've continued to watch regularly as new episodes come out since getting rid of my TV last April.  Awesome!  I can't wait to see their Send Up of Father Of the Bride III: The Best Production Values You Could Get Considering The Circumstances.
    Alright 1 more bonus paragraph.  Is part of me wanting Ohio to be Biden Country as opposed to other possible swing states because I imagine Ohio to be Very White and I to am Very White?  I dunno.  I wouldn't say I'm very white.  I've got the White Privilege down Pretty Good.  That's the main way I'm white.  But also I'm Jewish and whatnot so its A Whole Thing!  I want to be an ALLY.  It's easier to win when you have allies.  Team up on That There Enemy!  Makes sense to me.  See that elderly black lady who gave me a hug SHE KNEW WHERE MY HEART WAS.  Anyway gonna finish up the entry right about now.  I'll see you guys later.

-1:49 P.M.        




Thursday, September 24, 2020

There Goes This

   Hey I just  did Weekly Chore of Wiping down Phase I of Super Market Groceries.  Phase I-- Refridgerator & Freezer Stuff.  Phase II-- Other Stuff.  Phase III-- Continue Phase II ACtions if Not Completed During Phase II.  Phase IV: A New Hope.  Anyway about to sip the beer alcohol I so crave for the first time in MORE THAN 60 HOURS.  I crunched the numbers, figured 1/2 a day at 12 hours is a good Measuring Stick.  So Moe than 2.5 days is the point!  Where's my Mathematics Award.  Oh, I get it.  You're waiting for the end of the entry for you to give it to me.  I see what you're up to!  ALright, I'll Play Along!...
Hey, great.  I think I possibly Didn't Get Enough Meal Foods from delivery.  Unpackin' stuff I was like Hmm I definitely didn't OVER Order.  That's great because I don't have Stuff I HAVE To Eat, but the other side of that coin is I don't have Stuff TO Eat.  Also in Batman Forever we never were really exposed to the origin of Two Face (Tommy Lee Jones).  In that four movie portion of the franchise, every other main villian we see how they started out and how they became what they became.  This movie, 3rd into the 4th, we just see Two Face being a Super Villian and WE'RE SUPPOSED TO JUST KNOW WHAT HIS DEAL IS?  That's the main problem I have with this movie.  This is important stuff because people, OTHER people, may have seen this movie, and now they realize, YEAH I'VE BEEN JIPPED WHERE IS THE ORIGIN FOR TWO FACE NO WONDER I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS CHARACTER AT ALL NO ORIGIN CRAZYSHEED NAILS IT AGAIN.
Yep that seems to check out.  Thinking about having It's Delivery: Wait, Nope:  Gotcha For A Second, Though!: Dijornio Pizza for lunch.  We're talking PEPPERONI Pizza.  A lot of cocern that Trump isn't interested in committing to a Peaceful Transfer of Power shoud he lose the election.  What does that mean, really.  Would he be a conscientious objector?  That sounds like Trump to a T!  Yes i will abdicate the throne literally and I won't Physically Fight You But in my Heart Of Hearts I will always be president!  Sounds about right.  What if he wants to re-make his image after Losing to be more a bipartisan figure.  I can see him starting off that long road by being like Hmm just lost maybe we should be CO presidents lol just kidding anyway I'll be appearing on Fox & Friends Three Times a Day You Haven't Seen The Last Of Good Ol' Uncle Trump!  Either that or he won't abdicate the throne and will use the police, secret polices, and right wing militia (gangs) to try to intimidate the remnants of our appointed democratic leaders, what do I know!!!
finished Season I of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  It's relevant to think of This Fall In Regards To Frights because, like most other Falls, HALLOWEEN occurs this time around.  It's the main holiday Of Fall!  Maybe we shuold have Halloween every 2 years instead of every year.  Or maybe once every four years.  The point is Halloween is where we participate in our society and make our voice heard (in regards to expressing ourselves with costuming) and Election Day is when we're scared out of our wits (in regards to Democracy Facing A Significantly Big Challenge Again This Time.  It seems like it's not great if every election, Democracy is on the ballot.  Seems like not such a great way for Democracy to Go About Its Business.  I blame Republicans.  Yep seems to check out.  Democrats haven't exactly been A Plus On Top Of Things.  Yeah but still they're Pro-Democracy for the most part on the whole.  Yep seems to check out.
  If my memory serves me correctly, the next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is the one with Jeffrey Tambor and Demi Moore.  LMLTURQ.  YEP CHECKS OUT.  Also if you watch this episode with the knowledge that Tambor was a jerk to work with particularly with women-- adds another layer to his performance (And Demi Moore's performance acting OPPOSITE that kind of character!).  Alos hey it's just a good episode C'mon you guys'll get a kick out of it TRY IT if you don't like it then You're Wrong but just TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT IT'S FUN AND STUFF.  Anyway. I  should be getting my Ballot in the mail this week.  I should be getting lots of things.  This is just one example.  Anyway gonna write a sixth paragraph for Part I!  WOW!
    Fascinating.  Halfway through the newest Men In Black: This Time They're British And/Or A Lady.  It's an okay movie I guess!  Really invested in these characters and the plot.  I mean aliens are involved as far as I can tell and presumably the fate of our world may ultimately hang in the balance.  I haven't really been paying attention but that's often the gist of it.  Also the premise that Men In Black is a Global Thing and not an American Thing, I dunno what to do with that.  I think our first instinct was  Men In Black there's something particularly American about that.  But hey if the Globe wants it The Globe Can Have 'Em! They're probably jerks regardless of movies trying to get us to relate to them and like 'em!  That's just Hollywood Movie Magic Fiction at work!
  Figure I'll write a seventh paragraph before I take Break.  How come there's not more stories of Real Life Mafia killing and/or maiming film makers portraying Mafia.  You'd think, time and time again, real life mafia is like hey these guys are making us look bad.  Look liek a joke!  Oh Well What Can Ya Do.  I guess in the end they're just PUSSIES.  What else is going on and crap.  Look I can have Truly Whatever I Want For Lunch to a degree rarely seen.  What do I really want in my Heart Of Hearts.  I Need A New Deck of Cards This One Has Been Corrupted.  I got the heart of hearts.  Nope not amusing!  Damnit!  Anyway I had a nice beef empanada that's supposed to be fried in Cooking Water but I used it in the oven which ALMOST made it fresh and I had that as part of mny dinner last night.  The pastry part was gross but the Beef inside Tastes Cooked Well Enough!  So great I'll be back in a little bit for some reason no one is really sure of.     




Here Goes That

   Having a nice, hearty breadstick as a snack.  We're talkin not as Long but more Width than you'd expect.  Sounds like an interesting way to have a Penis.  I don't got thta problem but I'm sure SOME people do. And they're always like YES I'M NOT LONG I KNOW THAT'S A PROBLEM BUT IS IT JUST ME OR IS THIS THING WIDER THAN USUAL SO IT ALL EVENS OUT BUT NO ONE DOES A TAPE MEASUREMENT AROUND SO I CAN'T KNOW THE EXACT DIMENSIONS FOR SURE.  Anyway, great, now I'm facing East?  I can learn to deal with that in time.  Better learn quick its only for the next 5-7 paragraphs.  UHOH BETTER GET ON TOP OF THAT!
    Man oh man am I into watching #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  You might think watching while Buzzed is incongrous with my Fall Plan to get an IMMERSIVE FOCUSED experience while watching.  Nope!  The key is No Phone or anything while its going on.  That's it just watch the episodes.  Beer or no beer I will appreciate it more, and With Beer?  Maybe even MORE than More!  Anyway the Intro to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor shuold be a 3D Motion Simulator Ride.  Hmm making these twists and turns slowly.  Goin' down a spiral staircase... slowly.  Inching closer to the cofin I hope no one pops out of i--- OH CRAP!  They took my picture right when Cryper Keeper Popped Out Of Coffin!  The look in mny face for that Fright is gonna be remembered forever!
    Cool.  Maybe put Pizza in oven Now.  Sounds about right.  If I really do want Pizza.  Eh maybe just Knock some Red Miso Salmon out of the park.  Finish 50% of the White Rice I had left over.  Then it's REALLY time to Eat Whatever I want for Future Meals in the next few days.  Alright gonna have salmon in a bit.  Tried 2 Small Cubes of Tofu just now And Hey Tastes Good Enough.  Have some of that with Salmon.  Some Old Rice.  Anyway, I dunno.  Am I allowed to start a militia.  I mean, my specific ethnicity, political alignment, and geographical location.  If I started a group of like-minded, heavily armed people to go out and either Just Intimidate or Look Actively For Violence-- would that be a Militia or a gang.  That's a tough one. Politically, you'd think Gang because of my politics.  Probably!  On the other hand I Am White Which Gives Me Lots Of Points In The Other Direction.
    Fascinating.  So yes its terrifying to see Rhight Wing Violence Gangs patrolling the streets but its helpful to remember yeah but what about all the towns and cities where They're NOT Patrolling the streets.  There are way more places without Right Wing Violence Gangs than WITH them!  ...For now.  I don't like that sound of That qualifier!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  What exactly was Jeffrey Tambor guilty of again?  I think it was being really mean to ladies.  Like verbally berating them if they do a bad job acting?  Sounds about right.  LMLTURQ.  GOOGLE: WHAT WAS JEFFREY TAMBOR GUILTY OF?  GOOGLE: MIKE, I SEE WHAT YUOR POINT IS HE WAS NEVER ACTUALLY TRIED IN A COURT OF LAW, HE DID NOTHIN WR-- MIKE: NO I JUST MEAN WHAT DID HE DO THAT WAS WRONG I'M NOT SAYING HE'S INNOCENT I JUST FORGET.  Google: OH LMLTURQ...  Some of it is what I said but Also MULTIPLE accusations of Sexual Harassment.  NO BUENO BUDDY YOU'VE BEEN CANCELLED.
Anyway.  I think LGBTQ+ phrasing should add a letter for Straight and/Or Cisgender People and Hey It's Just Everyone.  I BELIEVE IN A GENDERBLIND FUTURE.  Probably.  Don't think about it too often but Sure Why Not.  Anyway hey what's going on and crap, four beers for today almost definitely, just about finishing beer #2.  That's more quickly than I wanna do under ideal conditions but I went MORE THAN 60 HOURS without beer so for Thursdays I'm giving myself a little leeway.  Is there something we haven't thought of that isn't covered by LGTLBQ + Straight + Cisgender People?  Hmm there's probably something we haven't figured out yet.  It'll come to us and we'll be like MAN HOW DID WE EVER OVERLOOK THAT.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit! 




Gone Goes Going

   Hey got pizza in the oven.  Sure I decided to have pizza for lunch.  It's delicious!  but instead of 1/3rd the pie its closer to 1/4th the pie.  Which means I will pair it with a Single Delicious Hot-Flavored Buffalo Wing.  Prove me wrong!  You can't!  VERY confident it will happen.  A Solid 1 in 10 chance it Doesn't, though!  Anyway Tofu is a great snack to have because its delicious and you can pop 'em one at a time for as long as you want.  Although I only started off with 1 or 2 dozen pieces From The Start.  Those disappear Quickly if you're Poppin' Em As A Snack.  Anyway I figured out a way to see some Website Statistics for myself.  And its a Very Different Picture whether it counts Every Time I Personally Refresh My website as opposed to Not Doing That.
    I'm either getting thousands of hits a month Solely From Me, or I'm getting A CRAP LOAD OF HITS A MONTH!  Or its 60/40 and its Mostly Me but also SOME Real Audience.  It's probably ALL ME but I choose to ignore that fact and continue pretending I have an audience That Ain't Me.  Probably.  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of crap.  Hmm better put that One Wing in the oven With Pizza.  Didn't even think of that!  Gotta do that RIGHT NOW.  Very quickly.  The longer I don't do it, the less it'll be done when pizza is done.  I have NO TIME to waste.  I'm talkin' NOW I GOTT  ALRIGHT Just took care of that.  But I put in TWO not One Buffalo Wings.  What kinda guy goes into an operation thinking I'm going to have a Single Buffalo Wing. No kinda guy, that's who!  Made it Two Wings.  One wing?  That's for Crazy People.
    Right!  Sure.  What else do I have in store for today. #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Some Music to listen to Specifically #TheUppersDuringBathing.  My first instinct is of course all those hits are me but the IP Address shows for some of it and it's not All One IP Address!  So I dunno WHAT to think.  Probably jus tune out that noise and continue Writing as if I hadn't read a thing.  That's my kind of writing-- Completely Unfettered By The Real World!  Almost definitely gonna have some Salmon + Rice (+ Tofu?) for dinner.  Almost definitely a lot of things!  Specifically that thing for right now + future dinner time.  Anyway what do I got in store for today?  Gotta listen for Delivery!  Dunno what's being delivered But It's ON ME To Listen For It!  Doesn't seem right.  My Dad could put on a Glove(S?) and accept delivery.  Nope!  Gotta be me!  Oh well honestly I'm happy just to be needed.  I'll get the delivery No Problem No Questions Asked.
Cool!  I have Lots Of Questions but I won't ask them I don't need to know anyway its okay If you wanna tell me that's fine if not that's fine!  Hey Chris Wallace, wanna moderate the 1st debate?  SURE I'LL DO THE DEBATE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  Well ya see that's just not gonna work for us....  That sort of thing.  I think Chris Wallace is a compromise because He's A Serious NewsGuy But That's Balanced With If You're Too Lazy To Change The Channel After Debate Is Over You're Watching Fox News.  Yep cracked that code.  Fascinating.  Maybe leave over a Buffalo Wing.  Maybe lots of things!
    Last paragraph of entry.  Then I eat lunch when entry is over?  That's a new way of doing things.  I think I could, "Dig," that because I don't really have a choice!  Figure I'll finish watching Men In Black IV Roughly I Think We're At? during tomorrow's CircleWalking.  Hmm whattado with Beer #4.  Maybe After #THeUppersToBatheTo?  Maybe just after dinner?  I've given myself a lot to think about.  I can take an early bath, too!  Say bathe in like an hour and a half, then follow that up with Beer, now we're talking Great Day It's All Working Out Okay For The Best That Sort Of Thing And Whatnot.  Anyway hey entry is just about over.  Tomorrow'll be a great entry.  Will drink TWO beers over the course of entry not THREE.  I feel very strongly about this!  Probably!  I'll see ya later.

-1:36 P.M. 




Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Going Out Of My Mind

   I know what's on your mind-- what kind of meals do I have in store for today.  None I don't own a store lolol.   But really lets get into it-- Bagel for Lunch probably!  We're talking With Butter!  And Elbow Macaroni for Dinner!  Probably with butter mixed in as well!  Some salt, too!  Can't forget the salt.  That's how you know something is worth eating!  No salt to it, you're like well hmm is this even real food?  My salt glands aren't being activated at all.  Got a tiny bit of Rib left.  Snackwise Tiny.  We're talkin nibbling at it 2 or 3 times and Boom Thats It No More Rib!
    So, great, I got that going for me.  Facing EAST today.  For first section of entry!  God Only Knows what direction NEXT section of entry will be.  Lets bank on North.  I like those odds, North feels like a good way to go for This Situation.  Anyway got a GREAT #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor strategy.  1) Yes I continue watching TFTC.  2) I watch it all IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.  Episode One all the way through Episode Ninety Three.  And here's the Rub-- no On Phone while I'm watching.  REALLY have a nice #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor IMMERSIVE experience.  So the point is I can't do that while Circle Walking  I figure most likely if I follow through on this it'll last take about 2 weeks to get through.  I figure lots of things!  That's one example of something I figure.
    Cool!  What can I watch during CircleWalk?  Why its only resuming binge watching The Simpsons.  Anyway put in an order for a nice It's Better Than Delivery: It's Digiorno for Supermarket, then I had a nightmare last night that My parents ordered their own kind of pizza from supermarket and I was panicking like OH NO TOO MUCH PIZZA WHAT THE HELL IS THERE STILL TIME TO CHANGE THIS?  And it turns out It Was Just A Dream so there's nothing that needs changing.  Also FreshDirect HAS Real Fresh Made Pizza.  But I don't play those gamse!  Those pizzas gotta eat within a week presumably.  Frozen Pizza I can eat whenever WHEREVER I want.  As long as its in my CrapShack.  I don't anticipate leaving This CrapShack for, I dunno, another year?
    Yep that seems to check out.  Up to Episode THREE of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  I can't believe it!  Also the Crypt Keeper gets more FUN and Light Hearted as the series goes on.  I mean he's always a fun kinda guy what with the pun rhymes and whatnot but you can tell he's making an effort to be more congenial and friendly as time goes on.  Which is good I like Crypt Keepers who aren't afraid of Growing as a Person/Monster even well into their death.  Anway.  There's that episode where the guy who does the Crypt Keeper Voice is in the episode as a regular Picturetype Actor.  Totally ruined the entire series.  Now I can't get this guy's dumb face out of my mind when listening to Crypt Keeper.  They BLEW that one.  Yeah it was a nice gimmicky thing that one episode but it RUINED THE ENTIRE SERIES.  Now let me get back to watching it for the 200th day in a row...
    Cool.  What else is going on and crap.  Beer Tomorrow.  Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow, that's my slogan for Tomorrow.  Just watched the Simpsons where Barney Quits Drinking.  I can relate to that fo the next 23, 24 hours.  Also he pilots a helicopter.  I can't relate to that at all.  I never flew a helicopter in my life.  Anyway I was looking up Death Rates from Sky Diving and they're way lower than you'd expect.  I mean, you'd expect they're very very very low because it's a legal thing to do.  But, I mean, if I were in the process of Diving Through Sky, there's gotta be like a Solid One in One Hundred Chance that I'm like Hmmm PANICKING FORGOT WHAT TO DO PULL SOMETHING I FORGET I CANT DO IT MY HANDS ARE NUMB I CAN'T THINK OH NO GROUND IS GAINING GROUND ON ME...  That sort of thing.  I'll be back in a little bit!   




Can You Even Imagine

   I guess.  Facing North.  North Face.  That's a brand of Winter Jackets.  Possibly other clothes, too.  Even Backed Packets.  Is it possible I permanently damaged my posture by walking around with Packed Backed Packets through Middle and High School?  Yeah probably!  I never bothered to use Lockers for some reason.  Seemed like too much work for me.  I would just carry around Every Single Book & WhatNot from class to class.  And we're talkin' TEXTBOOKS sometimes.  No Bueno I developed a severe hunch and the only remedy I can think of is start wearing heavy Backed Packets ON MY FRONT.  So it balances out I guess.  I don't NEED a back packet .  A backet Pack.  Whatever.  The point is  this sure was a paragraph.
    I think I ONCE was interested in a locker but it didn't work out and turned me off the whole deal permanently.  I think Freshman Year in Stuy I went to my Locker and someone had already claimed it.  We were assigned lockers.  Someone took mine.  And I was like well fuck this they want my locker they can have my locker.  Also I had a hard enough time just getting in under the wire from Class To Class without being late.  Going back and forth to and from Locker?  How Do They Do It I Don't Get It!  I used Locker for Gymnasium Class.  Gotta put my Pants in somewhere while I wear special Gymnasium Pants.  I don't think I ever even bothered to lock the locker, though.  I think I just figured what the hell do other people want with my pants.  Now that I think about it I put my entire back packet and everything in the locker, too!  I guess I just figured eh what does anyone want with my back packet at all.  Also closed to random School People.  Only opened to Fellow Gym Class Acquaintances.  Surely they won't steal my stuff!
    What else is going on and crap.  Somewhere along the line in the last 2 paragraphs I lost sight of What Those Accessories Are Really Called.  Back Packs.  No, "Et's" for either word.  back packs that's it.  Yep seems to check out.  Presumably gonna have lunch with Part III.  Presumably it will be Bagel with Butter.  Presumably.  Man Oh Man I can't wait to get to Episode IV of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Watched it 3-4 times over the last week after being one of the main ones to SKIP before then.  Let's just say it GREWSOME ON ME.  Hmm that pun would really hit the spot if something gruesome grew on me.  Like I dunno some sort of conjoined twin that didn't show up until now.  Also can you have a Male/Female Conjoined Twins?  LMLTURQ.  NOPE.  Glad we got that settled.  I was wondering that since Last Night!
Lots of episodes with Conjoined Twins.  That's why it was On The Brain.  You usually don't find out they're conjoined twins until the end of the episode.  They used that as The Big Surprise MORE THAN ONCE.  Oh well who am I to complain all these conjoined twins were entertaining and each episode had its own specific thing going for it I got No Qualms with #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Then of course there's the episodes with Conjoined Twins that we're aware of from the start.  Then the episodes with un-conjoined twins.  Yeah its all very interesting and entertaining.  Anyway.  Lately I'm too lazy to read mail that isn't 100% neccesary to read.  And I have to decide Do I want to, "Mark as Read," or, "Delete."  Do they find out what I did?  Are they going to be offended if I Delete?  But also if its spam does it ENCOURAGE THEM if I Mark As Read?  Lots of questions when it comes to E-Mail Inbox.
    Last paragraph of this section!  I guess.  Only negative thing about Macaroni is that I have to make a small amount.  I don't wanna make enough where I have enough left over for Lunch Tomorrow because I'm getting Delivery Tomorrow and Things Need To Be Eaten As Soon As Possible!  I can't have Macaroni for lunch when there's so much else I should be eating for lunch!  Irresponsible!  My Mother expressed interest in Macaroni, too.  So I gotta work THAT into the equation its a while thing Jeez at least I don't be Drunk For It.  I'll be able to FOCUS on BOILING WATER and then once its boiled FOCUS on STIRRING IT AROUND with A PLASTIC SPOON for FIFTEEN MINUTES.  Yeah sure great.  I'll be back in a little bit.



Three For Three

   I'm having a delicious bagel with butter.  I saw that one coming a LightMile Away.  Lighryear is Distance.  LightMile must be Time.  I dunno WHY but that was my reasoning when I typed out LightMile.  Anyway here's some good Website Fodder-- usually have bagels Slightly Not Toasted Enough.  This time it was Just A Little Bit Too Toasted!  I don't believe it I can't believe it!  Easy way to do dinner is Eat Two Breakfast Burritos.  They are different flavor Breakfast Burrito!  One is Chicken Based while the other is Turkey Sausage Based.  On the one hand I've never had Chicken as part of a balanced breakfast with eggs and I should get that experience done now rather than later.  On the other hand gross eggs and chicken.
That's My Life These Days!  Hey there was a small big amount of butter left on Bagel, not spread in very well, and I picked it up with my fingers and I realized HEY we should be spreading butter with our fingers not with a knife.  It's EASIER an More Fun and QUICKER and Saves Energy not having to cleanse this one knife we've been using.  Well I have to use a knife anyway.  Gotta cut bagel in half!  Without that your butter or cream cheese are useless!  I guess you can TRY spreading Butter or Cream Cheese on Outside Of The Bagel.  You might make SOME Progress.  But its a ton harder so why bother just get into that middle meat of the bagel.  Bread meat.  You know what I mean.
    Cool.  Finished my bagel.  Either way Dinner will be Delicious I'm comfortable making that prediction and basing the rest of my day partly around looking forward to Delicious Dinner but not 100% I got other things to base my day around this is but one thing.  Finished the bagel.  Finished the last 1/2 a rib.  It's been 6.5 days and I finally finished Fresh Food For The Week. Except for rice.  DAMN RICE.  I was gonna re-up Rice but ya know what NEVERMIND. GO TO HELL RICE I'LL SURVIVE WITHOUT YOU.  Maybe find ANOTHER SIDE that REALLY Gets The Job Done.  In addition to Half Spheres of Potato.  That's a given.  But I need a SECOND SIDE what with all the meals I got.  ROASTED TOFU?  THAT'S JUST THE OUT OF THE BOX CRAZY IDEA SCHEME THAT I'M LOOKING FOR!  SO CRAZY IT JUST MIGHT WORK.  Well that settles that.
    Penultimate paragraph.  WHAT THE HELL, "SWEET CHILI GARLIC TOFU?"  MOVE OVER "ROASTED TOFU" WE HAVE A NEW FAVORITE FOR HEAVY WEIGHT CONTENDER.  I mean the point is I have rice left over from this week!  I'll be fine in terms of sides.  And I've got Progresso: Hearty Beef Barley Soups if I need it waiting in the wings.  Trying some BREAD STICKS why MAY be hearty enough to act as a Side Dish for Meal.  I got it all covered ok don't worry about me this is gonna be a great week In Terms Of Eating Things.  OH SHIT I almost forgot We're Talking French Baguette.  That could be a GREAT side dish because you get to decide Exactly How Much Bread You Want on a Meal By Meal Basis.  That is if you don't Snack It To completion in the first 2 days!  I know how you like your bread to snack on!  I mean, "Me."  "You," Means, "Me."  I haven't had breakfast in a while.  True Story!
Okay lets close this entry up with some quality paragraphing.  Also trying a new Salmon.  This Grocery List has A LOT going for it.  I'd take it over any other grocery list for this week.  If there were any differences I'd Prefer I'd just add them to/subtract them from This Delivery.  Duh.  Seems pretty straightforward.  Well what else is going on.  Just a little more than a week till we get to October. That's pretty cool October is in the top third of months.  Ya know what?  Top Fourth?  Actually?  VERY POSSIBLY 2nd or 3rd OR FIRST greatest months.  These are FACTS that's all.  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:49 P.M.




Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I'm Great At This

   I'm going Counter Clockwise today.  Determining Clockwise Vs Counterclockwise always seems more difficult than it shuold be to me.  I start thinking what if I was reversed or turned upside down/inside out from my vantage point-- does that make the Clockwises Reversed?  It's a real question!  I'm Too Dumb to actually conceptualize it beyond Just Being Confused.  Yeah this FEELS counterclockwise but we do we really know for sure about directions clocks go in.  Also how did they describe this Circle Direction before Clocks?  I guess they just never had a use for it before clocks.  That was a jump in technology/enlightenment that happened to correspond with each other.  It took for us to Get Clocks to actually be like Hmm need a word for This Direction.  And Counter This Direction.
I've raised a lot of interesting questions.  Anyway, no beer today, no beer tomorrow!  Beer the day after tomorrow!  That's Do-able.  Had a Psychiatrist Phone Appointment this morning.  And I was even able to get through the entire thing without my phone malfunctioning.  What Fun!  Anyway so far yes I have begun a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  I'm not proud of it, I'm not as engaged with it as I once was, but it's still the instinct to watch #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor in DownTimes.  Got some coffee going.  I feel like I've been in a rut with drinking coffee for months.  I take small sips here and there.  Now I realize I GOTTA BE CHUGGING COFFEE That'S The Way To Do It!  And upon further introspection that's the way I Used To Do It.  I mean, not Extreme Chugging.  Light Chugging!  But Chugging None The Less.  Also Chgging sounds like a gross word.  Hey let's Chug.  Don't like it.
    Maybe because it rhymes with Hug.  And that's terrifying why are these people trying to touch me.  What else is going on.  Got 1 meal where Main Course is Ribs, too much rice, an That's About It!  Running low on meals I didn't plan this week out well enough.  I have 2 Single Serving Burritos BUT THEY'RE BOTH BREAKFAST BURRITOS.  I can have a breakfast burrito for lunch whose gonna stop me you I'd like to see you try but only hypothetically if you were really going to try I'd consider it an invasion of my personal space which is terrifying why are you trying to touch me.  I see Trump is really leaning into the idea that he's running against Kamala Harris.  WHAT YOU CAN'T DO THAT.  YOU CAN'T JUST RUN AGAINST A PERSON OF YOUR CHOOSING ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR DUMB SUPPORTERS ARE MOSTLY GONNA BE LIKE WELL IF HE SAYS SO.  I don't say this about Trump a lot but this seems Irresponsible!  It negatively impacts the Good Faith National Debate we're supposed to be having, Presidential Candidate Vs Presidential Candidate.  He just punted on the entire thing.  Nah I'm gonna run against Someone Different. And he'll get away with framing it this way with 35-40% of the population!
Also the premise that they're operating under is HMM if Trump would rather run against Kamala Harris there must be something wrong with her NOW I DON'T LIKE KAMALA HARRIS MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER!!!  Hey what paragraph are we up to.  I'm gonna guess FOURTH.  Yep Knocked It Out Of The Park.  I think it's unfair for us to hate and be sour on these 35-40% unabashed Trump supporters.  Look they're Dumb.  But they're being lied to and exploited.  The real problem is The People Lying To And Exploiting Them.  I mean yeah I'm sure a lot of them, MOST maybe, ARE shitty people with or without Trump/Republicans.  But in an ideal world that's not our problem!  Let 'em be shitty people in their own damn lives instead of inflicting their Shittitude on Ours!  Gotta have a sandwich today.  Corn't Beef.  Soup in store as well.  Or rice.  The point is Hey That Sounds Like Lunch I Can, "Deal," With That As Today's Lunch.
    Get to take a break after this paragraph.  I get to do whatever I want after this paragraph.  Except for that I Must Come Back To Entry soon after break starts.  We're talkin normally its around a 20-30 minute break! A  little INSIDE BASEBALL for ya.  Also what is Inside Baseball.  Is it Horse or something?  Maybe Cows?  Not just the exterior of the baseball, inside the baseball.  Does it have a molten core.  Magma under the surface.  Make America Great, Magnificent, Again.  Make America Smegma Again.  What the hell Microsoft FrontPage don't recognize Smegma as a word?  I learn't it in Health Class!  Google says its a word.  I don't like Microsoft FrontPage Legislating from the bench and just cause they don't like a word they're saying it's not a word?  Irresponsible!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




I'm Okay At This

   I had a great idea for lunch that you eggheads would have never thought of!  10 Chicken Nuggets & 20 or so French'd Fries.  600 Calories which is my baseline for Lunch And Dinner Meals.  And hey 5 nuggets at 210 calories that's not so satisfying.  Even paired with more things.  But 10 nuggets at 420 calories?  HOLY SHIT WHAT KINDA CHUMP IS PASSING UP A CHANCE TO EAT TEN WHOLE CHICKEN NUGGETS.  Chicken Nuggets, Denver Nuggets, Denver Omelet-- Nuggets of Ham.  WHERE DO I COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!  2/3rds into Ocean's 13.  So let's say roughly Oceans Eight with Some Left Over. That was a movie.  Without the, "Some Left Over," part.  Anyway have Coffee cup #.5-1.5  Left over .5 Last Coffee, topped it off.  So that's where Those Calculations come into play.
    Anyway.  SPOILER ALERT i am neither Great at this Nor Okay at this.  But you'll figure all that out by the time you get to Next Title.  Just didn't feel right leading you on for so long.  Anyway Smegma I think is Cum that.. I dunno... gets caught up in your private parts?  Like crusting over?  Well good I'm glad they picked a word that truly expresses how gross it is.  That's like A Halfway Onomatopoeia.  Gross sounding word for Gross sounding thing.  The point is It's Important We Learn This Word In High School Health Class?  What, was the teacher like well you probably will never need to use this word but JUST IN CASE!...  Do they use that word in Law & Order: 'Special' Victims Unit?  Or is it Too Gross For TV.  I dunno I don't really care either!
Got lunch in oven.  It'll be ready in about 30, 40 minutes.  Let's say THIRTY THREE MINUTES.  You'd think if I was splitting the difference it'd be 35 minutes.  You don't know anything though you're wrong.  Thirty Three Minutes.  Well at this point 32.  Anyway what else is going on.  Liquid Hot Smegma.  I'm So Sorry.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Lotta talk about, "Naked Ballots," Re: Pennsylvania Elections.  I dunno these ballots seem pretty decent to me.  I think you're just letting your preconceptions about ballots getting the best of you.  I think if you took the time to get to know these ballots you'd find that they're just regular ballots trying to express the wishes of the person who sent them out in terms of who they support In Elections.
    I guess.  I ran for president of School Grade in 7th or 8th grade.  I had no friends or even acquaintances outside Gifted Class.  I think in retrospect it was just The Prozac I had started taking Working A Bit TOO Well.  I had confidence and hard-work attitude to a negative extent.  Look don't bite off more than you can take.  Surely there's a happy medium between being a poor student and Thinking You Should Be President Of Seventh Grade.  Anyway the good news is I stopped taking Prozac after a year or so.  And went back to being a mediocre/adequate student!  There we go reached the Sweet Spot In The End.
Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  Come back With Lunch With Part III.  What else is going on in the wide world of crap.  I think I ran on a platform of I will reduce the Snacks Cost During Lunchroom BY FIVE PERCENT!  It's good because it's a concrete thing that would benefit people truly and not just running on Popularity Content With Meaningless position.  It's BAD because I had no contacts or authority to do this if I won.  I never consulted the Faculty or Administration about this.  Yeah It'd Be NICE and it's a REAL THING but I had no reason to actually think I could accomplish it.  In my head though I Could.  I just thought it was reasonable.  But in retrospect I Was Just Promising Things That I Had No Way Of Actually Fulfilling To Win An Election.  I feel like that's understandable.  I'll be back with lunch soon. 




It's Horrible Isn't It

   Terrible, indeed!  That's not what I said.  I said, "Horrible."  Pretty close, though.  HORROR-ABLE.  TERROR-ABLE.  Anyway got the lunch that i anticipated.  Even covered it all in salt (Especially The Fries But Also The Nuggets) to really bring out the Fast Foodness to it all.  Mmm Crinkle Cut Fries.  One day I'd like to learn the definition of a Crinkle and see why it applies to this Cut Of Fries.  LMLTURQ.  Hmm it means exactly What We Should Have Assumed It Means.  It means Exactly what makes Crinkle Cut Fries Crinkle Cut.  The Crinkliness to it is what it is!  Was halfway through the episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor where it's Crypt Keeper's Parents.  Somehow there's about 80 Episodes which I Cycle through but every episode I put on feels like I've seen it in the last 24 hours.  I watch a lot of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor but not THAT Much.  That's how it feels though!  If I watched it 3 days ago still registers as VERY Recently.
Wonderfu.  L.  Gettin' legitimately Filled Up with this lunch.  I got no complaints!  Figure I'll watch the Brad Pitt episode after This One.  Not so much for the Brad Pitt but for the character who is his main adversary.  Brad Pitt is the bad guy.  Although is he really such a bad guy?  He's the antagonist of the episode but he could be a worse guy that's my opinion.  Probably gonna have Soup & Sandwich for Dinner.  That's my opinion.  If only I had Jalapeno Peppers to add to sandwich.  Gotta put that in for next order.  Really Spice things up and make me WANNA eat the sandwiches I GOTTA eat.  Eat and Ate are anagrams.  Let's get some people workin' on that one.  WHAT THE HELL I just googled anagram just to double check and it gave me the example Cinema and Iceman.  ICEMAN IS WHAT BRAD PITT CALLS HIS ADVERSARY.  Who could have predicted Two Icemen so close in proximity to each other.
Not me!  That's why I was surprised by it.  I didn't predict it at all!  Icemen are like snowmen but slightly colder and slightly more permanent.  Anyway finished lunch.  Gotta bring plate down and also refill my Soda!  Figure I'll try to hold out until after entry is over.  Gotta take things one step at a time.  Don't get ahead of myself!  Alright I did just get ahead of myself and did all that because I wanted a delicious iced cream sandwich and now I'm eating that!  That's another good episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor, there's one centered around Ice Cream Men.  It's the same one with The Guy Who Eats Butter.  And there's a mini scene where he's ordering Ice Cream from Ice Cream Truck Man and he's like You got butterscotch?  And they're like no and he's like butterbrickle? and they're like no and he's like butternut? And anyway this goes on for roughly ten minutes.  No Foolin!  Except for the 10 minutes part.  That Was Foolin'.
Anyway.  Penultimate Paragraph!  That's One Entry Without Beer Down, one more to go!  That's a fun way of looking at things.  Halfway there!  Even though there's almost a full two days in Hourswise before beer.  Anyway Psychiatrist suggested a Pill I forget which helps people curb alcohol cravings.  I think that's more for being physically addicted to it.  I don't have Physical Pain if I don't drink.  So Not For Me Thanks Anyway!  I'll look it up RQ at some point, what have I got to lose.  My Time.  RQ Time.  Yep seems to check out.  II like iced cream it cleanses the palate.  Also no more #JoeBidenKettleChipsToScarfDown.  Mom finished all the chips!  Left me a lot of crumbs, though!  Those are fun.  Ya pinch down a portion of crumbs, bring that to your mouth, now you got a lot of surface area that regular chips don't afford ya!
    Last Paragraph!  I'll take a bath anywhere from half an hour from now to FOUR hours from now!  Wow What A Window Of Time So Many Possibilities.  So that's exciting.  Get to put in SuperMarket Delivery tonight!  When the Next Week is All Possibilities.  So full of promise and hope.  Not like the 2nd day after delivery when its like FUCK NOW I HAVE TO EAT THIS EXACTLY THIS DAY, THAT NEXT DAY, TOO MUCH COMMITMENT I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS.  And I DID sign up for this, and its the best scenario of all possible scenarios, but I STILL don't like it to a large extent.  That's Multiverse Of Scenarios For Ya.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-1:37 P.M.

HEY upon further retrospection, I didn't PROMISE I'd get a 5% cut in Snack Food Prices.  I promised I'd FIGHT for it. Which is true!  Maybe not HARD.  But I'd propose it, at the very least, to some Administrators or Faculty!  So YEAH GREAT VOTE FOR ME FOR PRESIDENT OF THE SEVENTH GRADE!



Monday, September 21, 2020

Now I Remember

   I forget what I remembered.  That seems about right.  Anyway Last Day of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor!  Just one more day until... hmm.. Do I REALLY wanna do #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor?  Its good because it leads to... what's that called... its not a PUN because its a different word.  Like, Crypt Keeper saying Fright instead of Fight.  Not a pun.. its a RHYME but it also is a... well, its a Rhyme Pun.  A Pun Rhyme.  Yeah there we go.  A punnish Rhyme.  I'm okay with that definition.  Hmm if only I could watch the two #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor movies somewhere.  Seems like those movies were Decent Enough!  There's one where Dennis Miller is a hero as opposed to real life where he's a villian.  Or at least a punchline himself.
    Gotta be a meta-moment in a famous comedian's life where they become the subject of comedy.  Or, even worse, Comedy Ridicule.  Hey this is as bad as when the pope was sucking off victoria's secret!  Well That Says A LOT About Me, that sentence.  A WHOLE LOT!  Oh well I'm comfortable sharing.  That's just the kind of guy I am!  Also those are the Deepest References I could think of.  Most obscure.  Pope, Sucking Off, Victoria's Secret...  No Deep Cut References in that at all!  I wanna see a comedy show co-hosted by Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield.  And it's Rickles making fun of Dangerfield and he just keeps going to the audience, I TOLD YOU I GET NO RESPECT!.  Maybe they're doing that in Heaven.  For Jesus.  Gotta keep Jesus entertained, what, you think he let you into Heaven based on HOW GOOD A PERSON YOU ARE?
    Anyway.  I think the point of that paragraph is Dennis Miller Is Going To Hell?  Which possibly was part of the Plot in the #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor?  Pretty sure it wasn't but No Spoilers I wanna keep you on your toes in regards to this Movie.  Anyway 1 Meal today is most likely Frozen Meal + Sticky Icky Icky Rice.  And Other Meal is most likely Corn't Beef Sandwich with SOUP POSSIBLY?  I've been neglecting my soup responsibilities the last 2 or 3 weeks.  I just dread the end of the soup where there's still those gross noodle/pasta tiny pellets and its not hot anymore and I'm scraping up the cold pellets at the bottom of the bowl...  No bueno Not on board with that!  I have rice I need to finish.  But I dunno what I'm gonna do as of now!  Also got a solid FOUR BEERS for today.  I LIKE THOSE ODDS!
    Cool.  I enjoy the new 538 Senate Odd Calculator Webpage but I have one complaint NOWHERE DOES IT SHOW WHEN IT WAS LAST UPDATED!  For Presidential Odd Calculator Page it SAYS updated 37 minutes ago or whatever!  Seems like a huge oversight and I hope someone got fired over this.  I DON'T KNOW HOW UP TO DATE THESE NUMBERS ARE WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS.  Fascinating.  Anyway that'd be a nice come-on if you're looking for a mid-to-long-term relationship.  You Up To Date?  ANd then they'e like Yeah!  And you're like to your friend See I knew she was a robot you owe me 5 bucks.  Her software is up to date.  That sort of thing!  Also in this situation first instinct was no she's not a robot she's just looking for a mid-term significant other.  But the fourth instinct is i dunno maybe she IS a robot what do we really know about this entity.
    Not a lot!
  What else is going on and crap.  Too much Ribs!  I'm never getting A Rack of Ribs again.  Had ~3 meals where Rib was main dish and I still have 2 more meals with Rib as Main Dish and even THAT is underselling it a bit.  WHATTA SCAM.  What else is going on.  Facing North for this entry for the first time in More Weeks Than A Single Month!  I closed computer then re-opened it at this desk-station so it never got unplugged or anything.  I like those odds.  When TV was in my room, this was where Computer was 95% of the time!  I like those odds!  Really makes ya think.  Hmm wonder what Dennis Miller would have to say About This Paragraph.  Achem.  This paragraph is like when Charlie Shot Down A Star Wars Defense Shield back in World War Three!  Yep that seems to add up.  Be back in a bit!




Its All Coming Back To Me

   This title reminds me about Ho Chi Minh talking about a slumber party with a Prius Hybrid.  I'm not hitting the NOTES of the first letter of the references, though.  Upon further analysis, maybe that's the Key in providing humor.  We don't know the references anyway, so its just he the notes and sound hitting the beginning letters well.  I can't even try to do that I'm not talented enough.  Anyway I'm tired of thinking about Dennis Miller!  SO IS EVERYONE ELSE that's why he's the subject of Comedy Ridicule.  I feel its okay and encouraged to shit on Dennis Miller because of his politics and, to a lesser extent, because of his lack of inspiring amusement.  OH JUST CAUSE OF HIS POLITICS YOU'RE TRYING TO CANCEL DENNIS MILLER?  Nope all of his former outlets have already taken care of that!
    YEAH FUCK THIS GUY.  I dunno I enjoy the movie he's in.  He can be entertaining and engaging as an actor I just don't dig his own personal comedy.  And people can have whatever politics they want, just know, if you have the wrong politics, I would disapprove!  Which is what REALLY counts!  So I'm glad we settl'd that!  Think I'm gonna have that LEAN CUISINE and SOME RICE.  It's a sesame chicken concoction.  Some pasta already.  Pair that with some Sticky Rice and you're happier with your meal than Ho Chi Mihn providing Charlie with some... Sticky Rice...  Victoria's Secret?  Yep that all seems to check out.  Anyway got a Phone Doctor Appointment tomorrow morning.  Yes I am now facing East.  I am making my way around the room Clockwise.
What else.  Only about 1/2 way through Beer #1.  Lets see if I could finish that Right About Now!  What happens after 2020 Election for people obsessively and/or compulsively readin Poll Data every day.  They're gonna have to find some new things to poll and The Stakes Must Be High!  I dunno just how about EVERY DAY we cycle through the 7 Best Pollsters and each Survey is just Interesting Things where It'd Be Fun To Know how Americans Feel About Light Hearted But Fascinating Things.  I can't think of a good example.  Well, ok, how about here-- Dennis Miller Approval Rating.  And it's of course broken down by age, political party, geographic location.  That's just Day One.  We can do Approval Ratings of ALLLLLL The Peoples. And that's just One Way these polls can go.
  Anyway.  here's My guess-- 15% approval, 18% disapproval, 20% undecided/not enough information, 40% Never Heard Of.  But that's the thing WE DON'T HAVE TO GUESS ANYMORE we're gonna have the accurate numbers presented right to us!  Here's a caveat, though-- for people who Never Heard of Him, does the pollster follow up with well he's been in THIS, That, You Might Know Him From... because if THAT'S going on it'll make a decent sized dent in that Option.  Hmm got a lot of variables to consider getting this Entertainment Polling off the ground.  Also despite this one example, it's not Polling specifically Entertainment.  No, it's polling that's main use is For Entertainment Purposes.
    Anyway.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Get to take another break after this paragraph.  Presumably come back with lunch.  I got that going for me that's the point.  Look, the point is, if you polled all the people who at least vaguely knew who I was, I too would have an approval rating Under Water.  I know this!  But those on board make it all worthwhile!  Sometimes I think about the LIRR going from Queens to Manhattan in an Underwater Track and I'm like HOW THE FUCK DID THEY BUILD THIS.  UNDERWATER. HOW HOW HOW DID THEY MANAGE THAT ONE.  Because I don't get things AND I'M PROUD OF IT.  It makes the common man RELATE to me.  So when they're polled, if they knew they related to me, GUESS WHOSE GETTING A POSITIVE APPROVAL RATING?  I'll be back in a little bit.   





Where Do I Begin

   This website is like Pad Thai in the cooler for Vitamin J.  I think I mixed up Vitamins and Doctors in my mind.  But that's bound to happen now and then.  Also is the cooler a slang for Refrigerator?  Or Freezer? I feel like I've heard that before.  Also Pad Thai is some kind of Asian Cuisine.  I feel very confident about that.  Possibly a THAI meal?  I Dunno Better LTURQ.  YEP THAILAND LAYS CLAIM TO BEING THE GENESIS OF PAD THAI.  Also Pad Thai sounds delicious based on those 2 words that make up it's name and I'd like to enjoy it some day.  As for my lunch, gonna have it soon.  Usually takes me 2 or so paragraphs of writing to finish a lunch.  So I'm just gonna wait until Penultimate Paragraph to start lunch.  It's called STRATEGY ever hear of it?
    Maybe the paragraph Before Penultimate.  I dunno my Tummy is starting to yearn for fulfillment.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Hey Mnday huh.  Better start working on Thursday Grocery list.  Or, as my pal Crypt Keeper might say GOREsday GROSSary LIST.  Also is it just me or is the most Straight Up Horror elements to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor the opening credits?  Up to the part where the Tales From the Crypt Keeper starts welcoming us and introducing us to Tonight's Terror Tale.  No, just going through the haunted house with the music and whatnot and finally settling on Crypt Keeper's grave and he pops up laughing-- that's more Straight Up Horror Thematics than 75% of the episodes entirely.  LET'S GET REAL.
Terrifying!  A Haunted House!  Is it really haunted.  The Crypt Keeper OWNS the house I'm guessing.  I never seen anyone else there.  What do we know,, though, maybe its real residents are out on the town.  And they might not even know Crypt Keeper exists at all!  They don't know this secret passage way at all they have NO IDEA what's going on in their house while they're gone.  What else is going on and crap.  Oh, right, I get to have lunch after this paragraph!  Wonderful!  Sure its his house.  He's the crypt keeper. It's his crypt.  Then why does he live in a secret passageway and not in the upstairs master bedroom.  Answer Me THAT!  I saw Barr labeled NYC as an, "anarchist jurisdiction."  That don't sound good!
    Got lunch going on.  Was supposed to take 4.5 minutes As Per Carboard Directions.  TOOK AROUN TWO TIMES THAT.  But the good news is its delicious.  Ya konw I'm starting to get the sense that this Barr guy ain't on the up and up.  The good news is is I have delicious chicken nuggets in the cooler.  Got some delicious burritos also in Cooler.  Ben Folds has a song There's Always Someone Cooler Than You and I wonder if this alternate defiintion for Cooler played any roll in those lyrics/song title. My guess is YES Of Course.  Every great writer is ultra-aware of any puns being made in his jurisdiction and either is 100% behind it being a pun or at least Accepting that it exists.  That's been my experience at least.  Hmm.  Thursday.  GOREs Day doesn't quite rhyme.  HEARSE-sDAY?  Is that better?
Last paragraph!  Ya know I'm enjoying these noodles which compliment Sesame Chicken.  Maybe I make Elbow Macaroni for dinner tonight.  Can't have Cup o Noodles-- didn't plan ahead adequately and finished my supply of Them.  Anyway when I can begin getting food delivered again-- 1st McDonalds, 2nd Chipotle, 3rd Pizza Place, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Some Diner Food...  So I got that to look forward to in About A Year?  HEY THAT'S NOTHIN.  I ALREADY DID HALF OF THAT.  JUST TWO MORE OF WHAT I DONE DID?  I CAN DO IT.  I CAN DO IT!  Presumably, one would imagine.  Anyway figure I'll write a bonus paragraph after this paragraph is done.  Which it is about to be done... right about... NOW.
Yeah!  Look if all I had to do was put Pasta in oven or microwave I'd be having pasta all the time.  Gotta set up for like 25-30 minutes standing at Stovetop, though?  Not on board with that!  Maybe some chicken nuggets and a burrito and some Frenched Fries.  MAN OH MAN delicious.  1 Burrito + 5 Nuggets
+ 100 cal of French'd Fries?  NICE BALANCED HEALTHY SUPPER.  SUPER!  SUPER SUPPER.  SUPPER SUPER.  That's when you do a Super Job of Eating Supper.  Look the REALLY great news is that Rice will be fresh for line 10 days, which means I can still be finishing it After NEXT Grocery Delivery!  That's the point of everything.  How about some Chicken Nuggets and some macaroni.  It's like chicken parmesan.  Except for the Parmesan part.  More like Just Chicken & Noodles.  Anyway, great, another entry in the books!  See ya tomorrow!

-1:51 P.M.




Sunday, September 20, 2020

Who Am I Kidding

   That's a serious question!  Assuming it is, indeed, a question.  No question mark, which is usually the ultimate sign of whether thing was a question.  It could be a statement.  Who am I kidding.  Anyway another Day Another Dollar.  Not sure where that expession comes from and in what time in our history but these days if you're making a dollar a day you justtttttt might be an inmate!  Or living in a third world country.  Maybe even second world countries-- don't hear a lot about them!  LMLTURQ WHY AIN'T THERE SECOND WORLD COUNTRIES?  Also if there are America is WAY at the top of the list of Second World Countries.  Hmm.  Second World Countries were originally countries in the old USSR.  Then when that broke up they were re-assigned to Third World Countries.  Maybe Russia itself is a First World Country I dunno.  WHAT THEY THINK THEY'RE BETTER THAN US?
    Anyway.  Well, if Second World Countries ARE parts of the USSR maybe USA IS WAY AT THE TOP OF THE LIST!  Gottem.  Gottem real good.  AAlso it seems kinda jackassey with those labels.  Third world country MAN YOU AIN'T EVEN IN THE SAME WORLD AS US YOU WAAYYYY OFF OUR RADAR.  That's my internal monologue when presented with the phrase third world country.  That, and sympathy and empathy.  Very little Understanding Other's Human Experience, though, that's the rub!  Hey ya know there's people living lives in third world countries all over the place.  We're talking BILLIONS OF PEOPLE PRESUMABLY.  It's good to have empathy because We Got More Stuff Than Them but ya know what?  They Do Them.  That's my impression anyway.
What else is going on.  I made a deal A PACT IF YOU WILL that I would have 3rd sip of beer, and then just start the drinking day formally, when I got up to Paragraph III.  So far I had 2 Sippages earlier in the day.  So the point is I got that going for me.  Russia, China and Cuba were promoted to 1st world.  Rest were demoted to 3rd world.  Isn't that kind of tacitly admitting to USSR's premise that it was Good For Other Counties?  Hey back when we were in the USSR, we were Second World Countries, now we're not and we're THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES?  WELL THE LESSON TO THIS ONE IS PRETTY OBVIOUS...  How come this occurred to literally no one 30 years ago.  People are Dumb!
    What else.  Had a piece of Meat'd Loaf for breakfast today.  It's healthy and a good breakfast because people eat bread for breakfast and Meat Loaf shares a word with Some Types of Bread.  Lunch'll Most Likely Be Salmon + Rice.  Knock those out of the park with some Great Lunch.  Also still a lot of rice to be left over.  But Not As Much!  Finished Buffalo Wings.  Probably halfway or so through BBQ Ribs.  I got a lot going for me even had a bagel last night for dinner!  Buttered it myself!  Also if you're comfortable putting on as much butter on bagel as your little heart desires, I did a great jop with it!  Totally spread it pretty evenly, pretty quickly, and it was enough to really get a kick out of it!
    Fascinating.  Gonna have that sippage of beer now!  We're talkin I got 4 beers for today, 3 for tomorrow, and 2 days off.  I call those days The Working Week.  Tuesday and Wednesday.  That's how Working Weeks go for some people I'd guess.  Not very hungry right now.  Probably won't eat lunch until Part III of Entry.  Anyway.  Watchin' some great #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor as usual.  Got, what, 2 more days to do that?  What is First Day Of Autumn.  YEP TUESDAY!  September the 22nd.  I got today and tomorrow.  Then DUNZO!  We're on to yet another Season To Remember.  Presumably.  Maybe I decide its a, "Fall to Forget!"  Nah that's no good.  Makes Fall Redundant.  Why would I go into An Autumn with the expressed goal is Not To Remember.  I wouldn't that's who!  I'll be back in a little bit. 




Please Continue

   Also if you're a Young Kid (4-10) a Dollar A Day is pretty fair.  Seven Dollars A Week allowance and you're in a situation where you basically never have to spend money.  But you get a dollar of discretionary funds a day.  Just to give THE APPEARANCE of having to deal with money.  It's not so much a reward, its not so much of giving them room to buy things they want-- its a TEACHING moment about MONEY MANAGEMENT.  Kids need to learn about money Young it's the main thing in Our Society.  That's the impression I'VE been under.  Also look you're blowing 350 dollars every year on Teaching These Lessons?  Fine you make it back In Dividends when your kid becomes an Excellent Money Manager.
Jeez.  Anyway.  My Google Chrome Window perpetually have a dozen tabs because of All The Streaming Services and I Don't Wanna Forget A Single One!  Hmm maybe some Potato Half Spheres instead of rice.  I DO still need to finish them.  Rice is a more pressing concern but Potato Half Spheres need to be completed as well.  I'm up to 1/3rd trough Ocean's XIII: The Ocean Movie.  So I got that going for me is the point.  I Would Finish it today, and I still might, but I gotta fit in all the #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor as I possibly can.  Man I dunno if I can just Let Go in 2 days.  It's gonna be tough but it's an important thing to do!  I can resume my The Simpsons Viewings.  I dunno-- look, just hear me out-- #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor. 
Feels good.  Makes me feel real good inside.  Ordinarily I find Autumn to be a funnier word than Fall other things being equal, but I'm willing to make compromises for The Greater Good.  Fall has a lot of other meanings which as an attribute for a word COULD lead to humor, but taking that of the equation, yes Autumn is a funnier word than Fall Which Isn't Funny At All!  Hey what else is going on.  Got a nice lunch planned, a Real Great Time To Eat Lunch, too.  1:45?  2:00 PM?  That's a great time to eat lunch I dunno how you feel about it but that's My Hot Take.  Man 365 dollars a year?  That's as much as a Birthday and Chanukah Present COMBINED!  Unless you're doing Real, All-Out Chanukah, and you get 8 Days of Gifts.  No, One Real Solid Gift From Parents for both Birthday and Chanukah-- 365 dollars is enough to Get You Some Solid Gifts.
    Yeah!  Is there any way that Jewish people could win influence among the adolescent by promising them More Gifts Than Christmas?  My guess?  I dunno something worth trying out, though.  Also you get to light the menorah every night!  Kids LOVE playing with fire!  I don't think I'm just Yuk-Em-Upping with that, as a kid it WAS fun to play with fire lighting the menorah!  Kids don't smoke cigarettes or heat up food.  Having your parents let you light the menorah is you're Best Chance Of Playing With Fire responsibly You're Gonna Get!  Anyway solidly more than halfway through the entry.  I like those odds!  There's no odds to it!  Already happened!  100% unless I'm having some sort of stroke!
    Cool. What else do I have going on in the wide world of sports.  10 minutes into a #TalesFromTheCrptSummerToShriekFor, figure I can comfortably make the rest of that episode the break between Part II and Part III.  Figure lots of things!  Figure I'll enjoy this Salmon because I often commit to eating it as a meal without anticipating it but for the most part once I get started I'm totally on board with it!  Figure that may play out similarly for today.  So I got THAT going for me is the point.  Wouldn't it be weird to have a #ReadSomeBookAutumnToChillOut.  Weird AND unproductive.  Watching TV and Film, that's where you really shine doing productive!  I don't WANNA write a book.  I Kinda WANNA write TV and Film!  Seems pretty straightforward to me!  Sure I'll write a book if I suddenly COULD.  But I can't!  That settles that.




Wait A Minute...

   The point is I am having lunch and it is, indeed, delicious!  Also I happened to get a bite of both salmon and rice at once and I was like WAIT A MINUTE THIS TASTES LIKE SUSHI!  DELICIOUS!  Salmon is heated up but It's Pretty Close!  I'm gonna do ALL Bites Of Lunch like this!  They said it couldn't be done, having sushi for lunch.  I'm gonna prove them all wrong!  Huh?  Oh, right.  What's going on to finish up this entry.  The bad thing about trying to have it all-- having salmon and rice in same bite-- is that it has to be bigger bites.  Its IMPOSSIBLE to have half the salmon as I would usually have in a bite-- same goes for rice.  So if I wanna combine them Guess What Bite Has Got To Be 2x As Large!
    Well life is full of sacrifices.  That's what I'VE been led to believe.  There's even that #TalesFromTHeCryptFallToFrightFor called The Sacrifice which I watched Just This Morning!  Some weird plot hole in that one as far as I can tell.  Probably picked up on it between the sixth and 8th viewing.  Oh well such is life.  Anyway I've heard the term Sticky Rice and never knew what it meant, and I STILL DON'T, but this rice seems to stick together.  And it brings to mind how sometimes Real White Rice From China Restaurant would stick together.  And in the past it's like c'mon I wanna decide how big this bite will be not a fan of sticking.  But this time around I'm like yeah I like this stickiness I take a bite and its all stuck together I'm on board with this entire enterprise!
What else is going on.  Good chance I go with BBQ Ribs for tonight along with some Delicious Sticky-ish Rice.  So I got that going for me is the point.  WHAT THE HELL THERE WAS A PIECE OF BONE IN THIS SALMON FILET?  WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO KILL ME?  I knew this piece of Salmon had a vendetta against me From Day One!  Never really 100% trusted it.  And now my suspicions have paid off.  How did they pay off.  By being confirmed.  I suppose that's a way of Being Paid Off.  The Main Way!  Anyway I have a delicious variety of soda.  Got pepsi, got orange soda, got silver soda, I mean, ginger ale soda.  It kinda looks like Silver, right?  This is the kind of soda that reminds us all of the color Silver.
    Okay.  Penultimate paragraph!  I used to take a Fish Oil supplement, which, now that I think of it, sounds TERRIBLY UNHEALTHY.  But its not!  That's the presumption I was And Still AM under!  Also, didn't even taste good!  There was no taste to it!  If I'm ingesting a concentrated dose of Fish Oil I WANT IT TO TASTE LIKE FISH-- OIL!  Anway as of this moment, almost exactly Halfway Through The Week In Terms of Grocery Shopping.  And I've eaten most Fresh Food.  Like 2/3rds, 3/4ths of it.  Which is EXCELLENT.  I finally get to splurge on the Dumb Unhealthy Freezer'd Food.  I've been waiting ALL MY LIFE to eat these chicken nuggets and frozen French'd Tries!  EVERY LIFE MOMENT HAS LED TO THIS.
    Hey last paragraph I got that going for me is the point.  Hmm maybe I could do that TONIGHT!  That other fresh food Ain't Goin' Nowhere.  I'll get to it in due time don'tchu worry about that!  Even can have Some Rice With It just to do a Productive.  Also got some Single Served Frozen Burritos.  Maybe incorporate THAT into Dinner.  It'd have to be the Main Course, though.  No just Side of Burrito.  So I dunno I don't think I'm gonna do that!  Maybe ONE Rib.  One Rib, some Fries, some Nuggets-- I CAN GET BEHIND SUCH A CONCOCTION.  o much so that I had to capitalize Me Doing it?  That's how enthusiastic I am about that Dinner Combination?  YEP seems to check out.  Anyway time for ME to check out.  I'll see you tomorrow!

-2:16 P.M.




Saturday, September 19, 2020

I'll Think About It

Dad -- There's No Hope
Me --
There's Always Hope
Dad -- There's Hope Until There's No Hope
Me --
Even Then There's Hope 


   I guess.  That's the belief I'VE BEEN Operating under, at least.  Anyway, I've got better things to do than to Despair!  Presumably!  What do I got going on in the wide world of sports today.  We're talkin I Had A Single Rib for breakfast.  We're talkin Hmm this one rib didn't have as much meat as the First Two yesterday.  Maybe I got the Meaty End of the Rack.  Yep seems to check out.  Maybe finish BBQ Salmon + Side for lunch.  We're talkin I got too much Potato Spheres AND White Rice so I dunno which one to make a dent in today.  Leaning towards Half Spheres!  I dunno why I want SOME CRUNCH.  Potato Don't Provide Crunch unless it's been French Fried or Chip Fried or perhaps Kettle Chip'd.  Yeah but In Oven Potato Becomes KINDA CRUNCHY.
    Yeah!  Anyway what else is going on.  Ended up doin' 4 beers yesterday like I anticipated after I made it the premise I was operating under.  Probably do it again today!  Fascinating.  I've started incorporating into my Beer Planning that maybe it's BETTER to drink more during 5 days than have six days a week.  I could USE two days off it's much better in Arranging My Mood & Whatnot During My Weeks.  Anyway I guess I was Way Ahead Of The Curve donating to the Senate.  Not really.  A lot of people were donating to Senate already.  Well, to Democratic Nominees to the senate.  I assume the Senate is fully funded by the government.  Otherwise how would it exist.  Hmm makes ya think.  I dunno about what but There's SOME Think-Em-Up There Just Waiting To Be Figured Out.
Awesome!  Looks like in Swing States Voters Trust Biden to Pick Supreme Court Justices over Trump by a HEALTHY margin.  We're talkin he's over performing his Regular Poll Biden vs Trump numbers by SEVERAL DIGITS.  SEVERAL DIGITS?  NOW We're Talkin!  Anyway it's kinda nice to be able to bask in the delight of celebrating RBG.  In my jadedness and sarcasm I made fun of her Pop Culture Image but the truth is she gave her life to this country.  And its not just in Pop Culture Entertainment. It's Real World Life.  Hmm.  Good Question for Journalist To Ask Trump-- YES OR NO, WAS RUTH BADER GINSBURG A LOSER?  Eh not such a great question.  We all know how that one goes.  But the point is It Took Up Several Sentences.  Got some solid Coffee going.  Cool.
Anyway.  Flipthesenate.com.  Is that the place I donated to myself a month ago?  Yep sounds about right.  Also the joy is THEY get to figure out how your money is best spent.  You don't have to even bother!  Unless you want to!  Then hey you do what you feel is right!  Hmm dot Com.  Is this a Commercial Enterprise?  I'd feel a lot more comfortable with a .us.  Because that's the initials of our United States if you don't include the word America which I don't know why you wouldn't want to include it it's one of the great names.  Actually now that I think about it IS America such a great word?  Let's re-evaluate how great a word America is After Election.  THOSE ARE THE STAKES.  Is America a good word or not?  THE STAKES COULDN'T BE HIGHER
    Anyway.  One more paragraph for this section!  I like those odds!  Mixed things up and poured Beer into Coffee Mug.  It's a nice enterprise because it basically encourages you to sip at beer like you would coffee, which makes it longer lasting to finish, and basically I feel like I'm Accomplishing Something by drinking it.  Drinking coffee is accomplishing something.  Helps to Get You Going so you could potentially Accomplish Something Literally.  Fascinating.  I also have coffee in another coffee mug.  I've got soda in a regular glass.  But I dunno maybe I should pour it out of the glass and into a third yet unused coffee mug.  I've given myself a lot to think about!  I'll be back in a little bit!





Its The Principal Of The Thing

   Sure I spell words accurately in context.  Anyway I am not a Political Insider Guy but it seems pretty straightforward-- if Republicans nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, either before election or in Lame Duck session (If Biden % Senate Dems Win), Dems expand the court.  Bingo Bango.  The MOST shitty thing as far as I can tell is thinking about what Republicans can accomplish in the next few months with a 5-3 lead in the Supreme Court!  Also the MOST shitty thing is Trump wins and Republicans win the senate.  But the point is I Dunno I Just Gotta Believe There Are Scenarios Where Things Relatively Work Out!  Also, Republicans Ran on Court Issues for decades and I dunno if they even really want what they fought for!  However This Year They Be RUNNING on Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions this election.  The huge majority of America are PRO Abortion Rights.  The point is They Can Easily Get All The Things They Want but there could also be Consequences.  Election Consequences!  Hmm what if the election goes to the Supreme Court and it's 5-3.  Well that's easy we Pray For A Split Vote.  That ain't great.  No It Ain't!
    Okay I'm hopefully done with that stuff.  What else is going on and crap.  Lunch will happen with Part III presumably.  Hmm, beer in Coffee Mug.  I totally forgot You Could Just Pound Some Coffee.   Like I just did.  Beer.  It wasn't coffee but it was in a coffee mug.  These Are The Days of My Lives.  I dunno maybe I do go with Ribs for lunch today.  Now that Rib isn't as much Meat it's easier to quantify and imagine myself eating it paired with Other Sides.  Like a Buffalo Wing maybe.  Some Half Spheres of Potato.  That sort of thing.  Anyway. I've been, "Digging," the #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor episode with Hank Azaria because, no spoilers, one of the last lines of dialogue is like YOU STOLE MY SOUL! and I'm like I LIKE THE WAY THAT ONE SPECIFIC LINE OF DIALOGUE WAS DELIVERED.  I'M GONNA WATCH THIS ENTIRE 25 MINUTE EPISODES BECAUSE I, "DIG," THAT ONE LINE.
Also what else is going on and crap.  Hey I just put lunch in the oven.  We're talkin 3 Regular Meat'd Ribs, 1 Buffalo Wing, and 8 Half Spheres of Potato.  Last time I did the RIbs and Wing in Microwave!  Mixing things up this time around!  If it takes longer, and is more work, it MUST be better!  We're rewarding for putting in more effort.  That's presumably how the universe should work under ideal conditions!  Right?  Yeah sounds about right.  II re upped beer but not coffee.  I feel sad about how that turned out but in the end how close do you want Coffee to be to Lunch.  Look, Coffee is great with Breakfast.  Lunch or Dinner?  Just Doesn't Add Up!  That's MY interpretation of Real World Issues!  The point is based on Episode Of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor, #The1989Batman, and the idea that I like HBO Shows more often than not,  I should have a #2020AutumnToWatchARLISS.  Robert Wuhl has Got It Going On and I wanna DOUBLE DOWN with that sentiment. 
    Hmm Arliss was 1996-2002?  I legitimately thought it was A Full Decade Earlier than that.
  The point is Should I binge watch #EntourageAutumnToVICTORY!  I feel like I could do that but why.  I raise an interesting Counter-Point.  Something I've always wondered is if, when you pour beer, and the foam accumulates on top (The Head?), does that evaporate so you Lose Some Beer, or does it just turn into Regular Beer as it's disintegrating.  Probably Common Knowledge but NO ONE EVER INFORMED ME.  LEMME LTURQ.  I LOOKED IT UP RIGHT QUICK AND I HAVE NO MORE KNOWLEDGE THAN  I DID BEFORE!  Except for confirmation that Yes It's Called Head.  Now I've heard everything!
Cool.  What if we did a thing where every Supreme Court Justice that dies gets to pick their replacement.  They'd have to have it set up before they die, sure, they can't pick someone After Death.  But if we start off at a balanced place, then we'd pretty much stay there indefinitely, right?  I mean weird things could happen but that would be a FUN and INTERESTING way of doing things.  Only problem is Supreme Court Justice Opportunists would sell their seat to the highest bidder!  Gotta look out for those people who devoted decades of their lives JUST TO CASH IN when they reach the Supreme Court.  Yep seems about right.  I'll be back in a little bit.  Presumably with lunch!





Now That I Think About It

   The point is We're The Majority.  Or at least Plurality.  More people are supporting Biden for president per the polls, more people support Biden in terms of who they trust for Supreme Court, more people support the Democratic-Supreme-Court-Pick-Leanings on the key Judicial Issues, Hell, as of now, Democrats are in the lead for the Senate.  We're ahead in people!  And we're getting increasingly passionate and confident about it1  That's ultimately MAYBE what might/should count??? That'd be my guess.  Hey This Lunch Is Delicious Again But Less Garbage Meat!  So I got a lot going for me right now is the point.
    What else.  The one Buffalo Wing is an Appetizer.  The 2.5 Ribs and 8 Half Spheres of Potato are The Main Course.  Are there any holidays where its like You're Supposed to Celebrate Today By Eating Ribs.  I feel like there should be.  Maybe the celebration of Day Eve of Eden was born.  Seems like an oversight that we don't celebrate The Day of the year that either was Day 1 of God creating the world or Day 7.  People wanna celebrate Everything beginning and we're just supposed to not accomodate the people?  That doesn't sound like the religion I know!  Probably not, at least.  All the meat on these ribs is Vertical Meat.  Look, the sides got a lot of meat-- more than the most meat you're used to-- but it's the meat ON TOP the bone that is just an insane amount of meat!
    Pleasure to Meat You.  2 Beers into Today.  Figure I'll have beer #3 starting with End Of Entry.  Watched me some Oceans XII yesterday.  Pretty confident Julia Roberts was the extra I.  Either her or Eddie Izzard.  Can't be both, though!   Pick one and move on with our lives!  Anyway dinner today MAY BE another thing that's exactly what lunch was.  I like those odds!   May also be Finish Salmon that's a solid productive great thing to do!  The pint is this was more delicious in Oven than Microwave and with Potato than Rice.  The other point is Hey I just finished the lunch completely 100%  And the third point is Hey almost done with this paragraph then its on to 2 more paragraphs and then its time to re-evalute my life. 
    I wouldn't donate to McConnell's opponent.  Better, Closer Senate Seat Races to donate to!  You might have to settle for the joy of demoting him rather than waste money on the joy of defeating him.  C'mon demoting him is Pretty Good!  That's Fun and Great and Interesting.  I know I'D hate to be demoted.  Which I think means I have to go back to xanga.com and write my blog there instead of at crazysheet.net.  Ugh that'd be a No Good Not Great Terrible Thing To Happen.  Then again I Dunno maybe that's something I Can Work With.  Ugh.  What else is going on and crap.  Gotta wipe down Rest of Groceries today.  If not I don't have a 4th beer ready for consumption!  So I might as well Do All Of It!
    Last paragraph.  I guess Oceans XIII is a good possiblity for 2 of the upcoming hours and whatnot.  Maybe not!  I got lots of good options in terms of the 90 episodes of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  Hmm how about this one where Hank Azaria steals his friend's soul.  That seems like a nice change of pace.  It'd be weird to live by myself so I could risk taking walks and whatnot.  Getting food from Outside.  Mainly those two things, that's pretty much it.  Walks and Meals.  I still walk and eat meals But Not As Well!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Had a nice dinner last night.  We're talkin a mini Turkey Sandwich and a Cup O Noodles-- Chicken Flavored!  Which I guess is just Eating Noodles and the water they're in is roughly almost chicken broth tasting.  Yep seems to check out.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:14 P.M.





Friday, September 18, 2020

Don't I Know It

   I can't have coffee today!  Coffee Machine had a Major Malfunction yesterday and it's not SAFE.  Basically I dunno what happened but it stopped dispelling coffee when there should have been more, then I open it up, and the Grounds in the filter are IMMERSED IN FLUID.  Not wetted.  We're talkin several ounces of water How Did That Happen?  The point is that was a hassle and a half to clean up and right now I don't wanna push my luck! W hat luck.  You can't push something that wasn't there in the first place.  Bad luck, maybe.  I don't wanna push my bad luck.  Might end up doubling down!
    Hey I did what I had to do with the BBQ RIBS, thawing them over night, and unwrapped it just to see if it looked Unfrozen, ripped off one of the end bones which was ALMOST just bone but a tiny bit of meat, ate that piece of meat, and BOY OH BOY I'M GONNA ENJOY THE NEXT 5 LUNCHES.  Well, the next ONE lunch.  We'll play it by ear when and if I get tired of it.  Ended up trying those Buffalo Wings I ALSO ENJOYED THOSE TO A NOT NON SIGNIFICANT EXTENT.  The point is I'm gonna have lunch with either part II or III of the entry.  But you know how that goes.  It's the main thing that is carried over entry to entry.  That and Titles That End Up Being Okay But I Need Several Days To Fully Process Them And Realize What THey Were Actually All About.  That's life for ya!
Which I believe was the line Doctor Frankenstein says in the 1st draft of the movie Frankenstein.  I was gonna say the book Frankenstein but my instinct is to believe that wasn't in the book, but only the movie.  It's kind of a cinematic phrase.  Lightening going on, ITS ALIVE ITS ALIVE.  You don't wanna be reading serious novel and then he's like ITS ALIVE!  ITS ALIVE!  GETTA LOAD OF THIS.  But, yeah, okay.  In the novel it as That's Life For Ya!  Glad we worked that out.  If Global Warming destroys All Of The Arctic Circle, where Will FrankenStein's Monster Live.  He'd have to find a new place.  Anyway might have 4 beers today!  3 six days a week is just too much pressure!   3 2 days a week, 4 3 days a week, now we're talking!  Sure I don't need Punctuation for Numbers.  That's for words!  Numbers are math you don't need punctuation.  Unless it's parenthesis.  Those show up in math.  Are parenthesis punctuation.  Now that I think about it I'm not sure.  I'm just imagining periods, colons, semi-colons, commas, that sort of thing.  I'd LTURQ but I don't wanna blow all that excitement.  I'll LIURQ later in the entry so the anticipation has a chance to build.
    Okay then.  What else do I got going on in the wide world of sports.  Olympics coming up presumably.  I'll LTURQ. Plan is next summer.  Presumably for the summer Olympics.  It's not like they were gonna do the winter Olympics, needed to postpone it, but wanted to do it as quick as possible, so they decided to do the winter Olympics next summer.  Although that would add some interesting curveballs into that equation!  I'd be MUCH more interested in watching a Summer Winter Olympics than just A Regular Olympics.  Ok, anyway.  I assume for the Track Running competition they'll be practicing social distancing?  One person starts running, wait 5 seconds, next contestant starts running... and yeah you know how this goes the first person across the finish line wins.  Seems about right.
In most cases aren't The Finish Lines also The Starting Lines.  You just run around in a circle.  Or an oval, more accurately probably.  But either you're starting at the finish line or you're finishing at the starting line.  Pick one, make a commitment, and then we can all move on with our lives.  Had some delicious Meat Loaf last night.  Might be the end of all Meatloaf for this week!  Might not!  We'll see how this plays out!  Oh, right, Punctuation Definition.  I was right for 80% of it but Parenthesis is part of it too.  Maybe it's just any mark or symbol in words that aren't letters or numbers?  I dunno I'm gonna have to LTURQ.  No I'm not I'M DONE LTURQ IN REGARDS TO PUNCTUATION.  Done, I tells ya!
    Anyway as a Past Future History Teacher, Trump's grandstanding yesterday about Patriotic Education initially struck me as dangerous but then I realized its a joke.  Look, there's a 25-35% chance we end up going Full Fascist in which case Yes That Will Happen.  But for the most part he's just making a fool of himself because he knows history won't be kind to him.  And he's just doubling down on that sentiment.  Making an enemy of history TEACHERS.  Gettin' ahead of the game!  Jokes on him, though!  History teachers ARE THE SMARTEST.  We way ahead of him on History.  That's how I feel.  Also that's where it's FUN to teach history.  If history was just Patriotism Class it'd be a SNOOZE.  Teaching the murky controversial sometimes ugly debatable stuff, That's Where Conversations Are Born!  Critical Thinking Engaged, its not just History Knowledge Imparted!  I'll be back in a little bit. 



That's Not What I Said

   Hey so I AM trying to make coffee right now.  Mom did smoe Magic Cleaning Or Something and she gave me the Go-Ahead.  Only Four Cups, though!  I've been at Six for months!  Or weeks!  Let's Go With Weeks!  That way if it is Months We're Still Accurate!  Anyway, what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Sticking with #TalesFromTheCryptSummeToShriekFor All The Way To The End.  When I make a commitment to having A Summer To Shriek For I FOLLOW THROUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE END.  Started bingewatching The Oceans Movies.  At least the first three.  I watched a full 1/3rd of them.  Not accounting for differences in lengths in the movie.  By which I mean I wonder what the different lengths in penis size for these dozen people.  I bet its not what we'd expect!
    Cool.  Lunch is in striking distance!  Hey I'm Facing East For This Section Of Entry.  Hmm wonder what's oging on beyond My Wall.  Probably street, then a park.  After the park I dunno The Ocean?  Tere's Four Oceans not 11.  Although I never was 100% Comfortable with The Four Oceans.  Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, sure, we know and love those oceans.  What are the other ones?  Indian Ocean?  Arctic Ocean?  LMLTURQ.  YEP NAILED IT.  The point is The Indian Ocean ain't so great itself, but even the Indian Ocean is way better than the Arctic Ocean.  Arctic Ocean is a snooze!  Nobody needs it.  Also I'd like to learn one day the differences in Oceans.  Why we're not considering it Just One Big Ocean.  Probably different in currents and flow and hustle and that sort of stuff.  Oh well no way of knowing.
    Anyway after this paragraph I'm gettin' some coffee!  Assuming it all went according to putt.
  That's not a word in the right place.  Oh well.  I'I'm gonna MICROWAVE my lunch.  We're talkin' 2 Ribs.  2 Wings.  2 Hundred Calories worth of Rice Presumably.  Wow what a great Microwaving.  Microwaving is when you wave hello/goodbye with your hand but no muscles beyond your wrist.  Actually kind of unnatural of you test it out youselves.  My instinct is to use Whole Arm Up To Elbow.  But I think it'd be real interesting to experiment with Just Hand Waving.  I dunno maybe I'm doing it wrong.  Maybe you're doing it wrong ever think of that.  Cool!  Oh right coffee.  Is it kind of weird that Oceans are All Gender Congruent.  Either all men or all women.  Unless you count Julia Roberts sometimes possibly not sure about the math on that one.  Why can't we have Gender MIXED Oceans. 
    Hmm never thought about it that way.  Also I'm guessing Julia Roberts is either the 12th and/or the 13th in those movies.  I don't have any PROOF but that's what my INSTINCT tells me.  Is theere some sort of predatory real estate acqusiations under the premise of What Land and What Quality Of Land will presumably exist Post-Climate Change?  I mean, not 1000 years in the future-- who cares.  But could you anticipate in 30 years this piece of property will suddenly have a nice climate and environmental plusses that people would like it more than they do now.  Something to think about!  If you like profiting off the demise of Man.  Which maybe you do i guess that's part of the demise lol carry on.
  Anyway, what else is going on.  If only we could MAKE MONEY fighting climate change.  Well, WE can.  Yeah but not The Already Super Rich and Powerful.  Well maybe that's what we should do then.  Just bribe billionaires with more money until THEY decide to fight climate change.  Hmm.  So basically we're subsidizing fighting climate change.  Hmm why don't we cut out the middle man and just fight Climate Change ourselves within Governments Economies.  Hmm seems to check out.  No it doesn't!  Solid 60% chance it doesn't check out at all and is Just Nonsense!  Another 20% chance it checks out A Little but is Partly Nonsense!  ANyway hey this section of entry is just about over.  Maybe one more paragraph t take our minds off Me Spewing Partial Nonsense. 
    That's how that goes.  Probably going back to Facing South for Part III.  Facing East doesn't have enough room accomodate a plate of lunch.  So I got that going for me!  Just finished Beer #1.  That's not so bad.  Good rate!  Even good enough to only have 3 beers today comfortably!  I like those odds but I wouldn't bet on it I already subliminally committed to four beers in my mind.  And if I only drink three, no matter how long it lasts, part of me will be like yeah I was KIND OF promised four beers?  So we'll see how that goes.  Maybe watch somethin' between Part II and III.  For the most part it's roughly 15-40 minutes between Parts.  I can fit in An Episode Of Something in that time!  I usually don't bother but maybe I SHOULD be bothering.  Alright Ill see you guys in 15-40 minutes.     



Good Job Reading

   Hey this lunch is delicious.  I also like how food tastes fresher when its the first time you open it.  And then you leave it either In Fridge or In Freezer or On Kitchen Table for several days and its quality gets worse and you start thinking well that's just the extent of Good to which this food reaches.  Then you Re-Up and are like Hey Now We're Talking!  I should have never let you go.  Anyway cycled all the way back to Episode One of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  Obviously when I was watching them all in order, Episode I was more or less the Most Watched Episode.  But now that I'm picking and choosing, I haven't watched this one in a while!  And its pretty good!  Probably in the top 50% of All Episodes!
Anyway these Ribs have an insane amount of Meat on it.  Which is great but it will lead to me getting fat.  Also an unhealthy amount of this meat is fat.  Which will lead me to getting fat.  Already formed as fat, might as well just Stay Fat, cut out the middle man.  That's how Food Works.  First Episode, huh?  That's with that guy from Shawshank Redemption Movies.  Robert Adler.  That's my first guess. NO William Sadler.  That's my REAL first guess.  YEP WILLIAM SADLER NAILED IT ON MY FIRST TRY. ...Well, second try.  Still Very Good Thuogh!  From now on I can have Just Ribs And Rice as lunches (/Dinners?).  Which is great because it makes Buffalo Wings A Snack Food.  One wing here and there, now we're talking Great Several Days.
    Cool!  Only Halfway Through Beer Consumption for the day!  I like those odds!  Hey turns out I only drink three beers for the day after all most likely for the most part that's what I'm sort of predicting.  Man this meat is legit 4 x the amount of meat on bone that I was expecting.  I am going to have a #GeorgeWendtHeartAttackToRemember any minute now!  Okay this lunch was too much.  But I learnt important lessons for Next Lunch.  Remember when we didn't have OCD or Body Image Issues and We Just Ate What We Ate When We Ate It?  I miss those days.  So much it made me go into The Royal We.  That's what happens sometimes when I miss things too much!  Apparently!
    Cool!  Hey my Heart DOES Hurt.  How about that for Cause & Effect.  So my best guess is Kansas City BBQ Ribs means either 100% Fat or 400% the amount of meat as regular ribs.  Based on personal experience that's what I've come up with.  Anyway whatta do about dinner today.  Myabe sandwich and soup.  I got sandwich meats That Need Eatin'!  Might as well make a solid dent into those rations I got going for me.  God Damn I have A WHOLE RACK OF THIS.  What's the over under on how many heart attacks I will have over the next week.  I guess One.  .5, maybe. 
Alright last paragraph of the entry.  Then I get to finish my beer!  Take my plate downstairs wash that sucker off use the same plate for dinner tonight!  It's called being Economically Conservative!  No it's not, that means something different.  Oh right.  It's called being Conservatively Economical.  I guess that's Kind Of accurate?  What else is going on.  The point is I'm Done Thawing Out These Ribs!  One & Done Thing!  They're in the fridge For How Ever Long It Takes To Finish Them! Yeah!  Hey what else is going on.  How's the #Mets2020SeasonToFinish.  Hey they've won back to back games in their last 2 games.  Nice little winning streak they got going!  I don't know what makes me feel worse-- knowing that I splurged on calories I didn't want to, or the physiological consequence of eating all that garbage meat.  Let's say its right down the middle 50/50 there.  I'll see you guys later!

-12:50 P.M. 




Thursday, September 17, 2020

Happy New Week

   Here's a Think-Em-Up-- Aiming for Herd Immunity as a way to deal with CoronaVirus is 100% EXACTLY like what Thanos from #MarvelSummerToRemember wanted to do.  He was the main villain for a decade of films!  And his ultra-evil plan was to wipe out half the population of the galaxy altruistically.  NAILED THAT THINK EM UP NOW WE'RE THINKING!  Except Less Altruism.  The point is Thank God my phone vibrates twice in succession when I plug it in to be charged.  Without that, I wouldn't even Know My Phone Was Doin' Stuff.  It's nice to be reminded every time and again.  I was gonna say, "every time and again," then I was like that's not a phrase but it sounds nice, so I was then like, better say 'ever now and again,' but then I was like nah I'm gonna stick with 'every time and again.'  True Story!
    Hey I got Supermarket Stuff including Beer.  All wiped down and everything!  Ready for consumption!  Can't have Ribs today for lunch-- Need To Be Defrosted!  Can have Meatloaf for dinner-- what a wonderful dinner!  Gonna get AHEAD OF THE CURVE this time and have 1 of the 2 Salmon meals Gettin' It Right Out Of The Way with Lunch TODAY.  It's all uphill from Getting Salmon Out Of The Way.  Or is it downhill.  I forget which one is good.  Uphill sounds good because we're getting higher into the stratosphere which is good for strategy reasons.  But downhill is good because its easier and more fun to get from Point A to Point B if it's Downhill.  Yeah I think I'm gonna err on Downhill, I wanna go downhill is the point.
Seems to check out.  Got TWO White Rices this time around!  Now we're talking!  Well, I am.  You may be too, I have no way of knowing though.  The point is I had 2 Breakfast Sandwiches for dinner last night and I never really fully processed how shitty this specific Flavor & Brand Breakfast Sandwiches are.  It's on English Muffin, IF YOU COULD CALL IT THAT, and it's just not pleasurable to eat what with the different textures and bite sizes.  Taste is OKAY but it's hard to get A Good Bite Goin'.  Also yes Bite implies  A Singular Turn but I think it could be used differently, as in, Yeah I was getting my Bite on and it wasn't pleasurable at all thanks to these contradicting textures, hope someone was fired over this one.
My dad is teaching Monday Thru Thursday Evenings which I like because somehow it provides structure to MY week.  Just knowin' he'll be down there teaching till his hearts content for an hour and 40 minutes these nights, why, it gives me something to Time My Clock Towards.  Internal Clock.  Figure I've got an Internal Clock In There Somewhere.  Fascinating.  BBQ SALMON THIS TIME.  None of this Lemon Herb Salmon.  GIVE ME THE HARD STUFF.  We're Talkin Sweetish BBQ not Spicy BBQ HARD STUFF.  I have delicate sensibilities I CAN'T HANDLE SPICY BBQ!  Just kidding Of course I could I'm a big man I can eat hot and spicy food why aren't my parents proud of me I'm Doing ALL I CAN!
    George Wendt was in this Vampire Episode of #TalesFromTheCrypTSummerToShriekFor?  Would I be more aware of George Wendt if he didn't die of a heart attack?  I'm Assuming?  LMLTURQ.  WHAT THE HELL HE'S STILL ALIVE.
  I truly did not see that coming.  Well when I was TYPING IT I was like Hmm 10% chance he's alive, never explicitly found out he died.  But the point is Good News for Him, Good News for His Family, Good News For All Of Us!  lets get him back in action he's a Character Actor we acn ALL get behind.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  WHAT THE HELL HE'S STILL WORKING?  I also Truly Did Not See THAT Coming either.  I figured he retired from public life.  Turns out No He's In A Lot Of things just Things I and/or You Would Never Be Seeing.  Anyway hey one more paragraph for this section.
    Cool!  That Rack of BBQ Ribs was sure an entire Rack.  They weren't kiddin!  This is an all out Rack!  Of Ribs!  I can't wait to enjoy those tomorrow what with combining them with SPICY Buffalo Wings you wouldn't believe how spicy these wings are.  I haven't eaten them yet, but the website, it said spicy, this is the spiciest it can get people are telling me.  Anyway if Trump is Thanos how do Other Real Life Public Figures equate to #MarvelSummerToRemember Characters.  Why, there's Robert Downey Jr-- He's Iron Man.  Scarlett Johansson-- she's Black Widow.  I could go on and on like this. But I choose not to.  Wisely!  I'll be back in a little bit.




It's Your Website Against Mine

   I think the point so far is that America Demands a George Wendt Comeback.  IT'S GEORGE WENDT'S BIRTHDAY IN EXACTLY ONE MONTH.  If you could have Exactly a month.  I think it's commonplace for Exactly a month to be the next Calendar Month on the same day of the month.  That could be 30 Days!  COULD BE 31 DAYS!  EVEN COULD BE 28 DAYS. EVEN COULD BE 29 DAYS.  We're talkin all the numbers between 28 and 31 INCLUDING 28 and 31.  Anyway what.  I've probably talked about What's a Month half a dozen times here but that's just because We Really Need To Get To The Bottom Of This!  What else is going on and crap.  Had some #JoeBidenKettleChipsToScarfDown as a Snack just now!  We're talkin 6 pieces.  Roughly 50 calories.  But they were nice sized pieces!  Wouldn't that affect the amount of calories they were. Yeah You'd Think So Huh.
    Hey had 1 sippage of beer for 1st section of entry, now gonna go back to the well.  Let's get, "Sippage," in the dictionary.  Either as California Jargon Lets get Our Sippage On Buuuuudy. Or as a precise amount (to be determined) of consumption of a beverage-- presumably through sipping.  Or both, why not.  Let's Go Nuts if we're making up words!  Anyway hows everyone doing.  Good?  Great.  I'm starting to realize that in about 10% of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToSHriekFor there's plot holes that are significant to the plot (is that being repetitive?  Sure!) and I guess that's what makes them Creepy.  Creepy how I never noticed before.  Creepy how it's creepy that Linear Logic seems to not have a stronghold on this narrative.  You know that kind of crap.  Figure I'll have Salmon & Rice for lunch during Part III of entry!  FIGURE HARD CORE!  I GOTTA THAW THESE RIBS OUT OVER NIGHT IN THE REFRIGERATOR?  WHAT ABOUT HALF A NIGHT BUT ITS OUTSIDE THE REFRIGERATOR ON SOME SORT OF KITCHEN COUNTER?  C'MON MEET ME HALFWAY HERE.
Sure, why not.  I like the idea of Arizona being the Tipping Point state in #2020ElectionToGoSmoothly.  I dunno why!  Arizona is HOT.  Got some HEAT to it.  But then also they Have Iced Tea.  So there's layers to Arizona.  Jonathon McCain represented Arizona and maybe Trump being a Dick about McCain costs him Arizona and then the election and IT'S ALL BECAUSE TRUMP WAS A DICK ABOUT MCCAIN.  I'm no McCain Cheerleader, he was one of the last good ones though, but I think there's a sizeable portion of people who would be tickled by that scenario.  And then that election night Trump gets a knock on his door and its the Zombified Corpse of John McCain and he goes 'I like presidents who don't lose their re-election' and then he drags Donald Trump back into his Grave and buries them both alive.  Well, Trump Alive.  McCain is still More Or Less Dead in this scenario.  He's animated, but dead.  And I guess he goes back to being Regular Dead now that he's fulfilled his final mission.
    Great!  The point is I can face South writing entry-- 90% of the time-- I can face East-- 10% of the time.  But I can no longer face North or West.  West, I could never really do.  I did once or twice but It Was Uncomfortable.  North?  Used to be standard, but Wire got tangled and I can't get it to that North Facing Desk without unplugging Computer.  In which case  Computer Would Turn Off Completely.  So I'm stuck here with these two directions.  It's okay I guess.  East is one of the best 2 directions.  South is PROBABLY the worst but I've gotten used to it so it's really no problem.  North is probably the best, lets be honest here.  I like the premise of how I donated 15 dollars to FlipTheSenate so basically any Specific Race I can say well I made a difference there!  I don't know exactly where my money is going under this campaign donation premise.  I don't think they just automatically divide up the 15 dollars proportionately for each race.  They probably do some calculations about where to spend it best. But I'm Not Involved In That Conversation!  Probably for the best!  I Don't Have The Necessary Knowledge!
    Fascinating.  Mom is on board with #JoeBidenKettleChipsToScarfDown.  Dad even expressed some interest in them, but he's concerned if he likes them he will Scarf Them Down as the Hashtag suggests might happen.  I respect his decision but also I think he should try the Kettle Chips he's worked hard his entire life he should be able to have #JoeBidenKettleChipsToScarfDown if that's what he thinks would bring him momentary happiness.  Well, great.  Lunch'll be in just a little bit.  I got that going for me.  Finishing Beer #1 right about now.  It's all going great is the point.  The main way I'm conceptualizing Facing Directions for this entry, I'm thinking Hmm South I'm facing Most of America.  Same as if I were facing West.  Facing East, though, that's The Atlantic Ocean out there.  North is Some Nice America but Not As Much.  That's how my mind works today.  How Deep Into America Am I Looking.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Yes This Website This One Right Here

   I guess that's gonna be the framing when Biden wins.  Whatever Tipping Point State it was, they'll say It was the Non-Trump Conservatives who put him over the top!  In which case I'm prepared for this dumb talking point but its gonna be stupid and bullshit in a multitude of ways!  Just like me!  I got lunch going for me.  I stand corrected.  I'm eating lunch in a multitude of ways!  You know, mostly fork.  Maybe some Fingers.  Just the normal stuff.  Man oh man I'm ENJOYING the Salmon, not just Enjoying Knocking 50% of the Salmon out of the park.  It's wonderful, this whole lunch scenerio, I've got no complaints!
    Cool.  Last 2 #TalseFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor episodes I've been watching, (Last one I completed and One I'm .25 into) NOT ON BOARD WITH 'EM.  Dunno WHY I thought these were the right ones for Right Now.  I was OFF.  Which is odd cause usually I'm good at picking episodes correctly.  That go with the vibe of What The Next 25 Minutes Will And Should Be.  I'm off my game and whatnot is the point.  Only 1 drink in and the entry is almost over!  I like those odds!  I'm starting to really enjoy my Daily MidDay Bath.  It's got all the properties of Cooling Me Down because it's a Relax Bath, but also it pumps me up because I listen to The Upper The Uppers.  And If I'm not enjoying myself nobody else is gonna do it.  It's UP to ME!
    Fascinating.  ORANGE SODA?  I HAVEN'T HAD THAT IN A DOG'S AGE. A VERY TERMINAL FROM BIRTH DOG.  Putting Groceries away, my Mom was like you can have your Slices for dinner.  And I was like SLICE THE ORANGE SODA?  I GOT SUNKIST BUT I'M ASSUMING YOU'RE SAYING I CAN HAVE ORANGE SODA FOR DINNER?  Turns out she was talkin' about THE MEATLOAF SLICES OF MEATLOAF man oh man did I have a laugh after that.  Mom was like what's wrong? and I'm like LAUGH.  I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING.  PLEASE SOMEBODY STOP MY GUFFAWING.  Finished Salmon.  Little bit of rice left!  Fascinating.  I don't wanna get ahead of myself, but I have a pretty good idea of Next Episode of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  I've even got some ideas for Episodes Later In The Day!  I'm comfortable with what the rest of this day will bring.  Real Comfortable.
    I remember in The Keenan 'n Kel Show Kel was addicted to Orange Soda.  It was a running joke.  Gotta figure they were being sponsored by Big Orange Soda, right?  Sunkist, Slice, Fanta, they all got together to influence kids on Orange Soda in general.  What brand they go for be damned, they're an unholy alliance in this scenario brainwashing our kids to CRAVE Orange Soda.  Hmm I could go for a Fanta.  I think they're a punchline but also have you checked out their Line of Punches?  I mean, they taste fine to me.  Kettlechips, huh?  I see where you're going with this.  Delicious snack treat ideally between Breakfasts And Lunches and Lunches and Dinners.  But lets be real-- After Dinner, Too!  Not so much before Breakfast.  That'd be dumb.
    Last paragraph!  Wouldn't it be nice to have a Single Buffalo Wing.  In the name of science.  I need to know what I'm dealing with here!  It'd be irresponsible to NOT have a Buffalo Wing.  Eh EEh I'm trying to pysch myself into having a buffalo wing but you know what I'M NOT BUYING IT No Buffalo Wing until Tomorrow's Lunch!  THAT'S IT THAT'S ALL THAT'S ALL THERE IS.  Buffalo don't have wings!!  Sure they do Angel Buffalo. Why shouldn't there be Angel Buffalo.  Bison needs Accurate Organized Religions just like humans.  They need help and guidance from Angels just like You Or Me!  But People won't get the job done, no, they need their fellow Buffalo to be Angelized.  That'll do the trick!  Yep seems to check out.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:10 P.M.




Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What Have You

   Have you?  Really?  Yeah Probably.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Gettin' the sense that Basketball is going on per Twitter.  Also Football possibly?  Baseball PROBABLY but not a lot of talk about that!  Snoozeorama.  I did see Baseball Commissioner was like yea maybe we're gonn have 16 team playoffs All Of The Times From Now On.  Which is good.  Why don't you just have a 30 team playoffs and it's called The Regular Season.  That'd make a whole lot of sense.  Anyway one meal for today-- very possibly lunch!-- is Bagel with either Cream't Cheese or Butter.  Feels like a Butter Day!  There's a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor where one of the character just eats bars of butter.  It's not really important to the plot.  I mean, I guess it works as Character Development and Illustration.  But it just shows up 3 or 4 times in the episode, him eating butter and offering butter to other people as a polite thing to do.  Really makes ya think.  
    I think I saw Hazy Night Sky last night Because of California Smoke?  Also is there gonna be a blend of Marijuana California Wildfire or is it Too Soon?  Or Not Soon Enough.  Or Hey it happened when it happened.  I can't wait to see All The Blends Names when Marijuana is Universal.  That's how legalizing marijuana works, right?  It's a Marijuana-For-All System.  I'm just kidding that would be absurd!  No one in their right mind would be in favor of that idea!  ...yea I guess not.  No, nope, never considered that idea seriously.  It'd be dumb, like you said.  Real dumb.  What else is going on.  Gotta another 2x size beer for today.  I'll drink between 60 and 100% of it Throughout Entry.  Is there gonna be a Cocaine Lobby and Heroin Lobby and PCP Lobby that are like well we want in on some of the action.  I hope not those drugs are dangerous!  Still maybe let people Decide For Themselves.  I dunno I don't wanna have a REAL Debate.  That's not what I'm interested in!  Not one bit!
    Don't doubt the political power of Big Ecstasy.  Wait, no.  What I meant to say was Let's have a Big Ecstasy Party.  Political!  I dunno what else is going on.  I feel bad getting Spam when it should be in Promotions.  It's legitimate Promotions I'm getting because I signed up somewhere somehow quasi-intentionally.  Now they're SPAM?  Doesn't seem fair to them.  Maybe they gotta pay off some people to get to PROMOTIONS.  And then double down with that, pay 'em 3x as much, and get to INBOX.  Alright whose the guy whose running the internet.  I got a proposition for him that he's gonna wanna hear!  Anyway I'm seious about #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor ending in a week.  I just gotta figure out how to make #AutumnSummerToBeSpecial.  Wait get rid of that Summer.  It doesn't belong!
    Cool.  Mixing things up for Delivery Tomorrow.  Gettin' some stuff I always DREAMED about but never dared to commit to ordering.  We're talkin' Full Rack of BBQ RIBS.  ALL FOR MYSELF.  Also instead of Chicken Fingers HOT SAUCE'D CHICKEN WINGS.  Presumably some Drumsticks too!  That's the moneymaker of that whole scenario.  Can I do a poll, which is the best chicken wing-- wing, thigh, or drumstick.  Also is Wing a Thing.  Or is it just thighs and drumsticks.  Either way Drumstick has got to be way ahead in preferences, right?  Because that's My Opinion.  For the most part Something Being Our Own Personal Opinion has a better than 50% chance for the most part of being accurate.  You already took a survey of yourself!  And you're a pretty Average Type Guy!
    Fascinating.  Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  Yeah i like these hot buffalo wings but I don't like the skin!  Just try rip that off cleanly to get to the delicious plain chicken inside.  That's one way to go.  Back when Food Diner Delivery was a thing, my Dad would regularly get Linzer Tarts, which is basically 2 big cookies stacked together, held together by some jelly.  And he's just eat the cookies, not the jelly.  And I'm like, ya know I'm sure there's some kind of cookie on this menu which you can get without the jelly.  And he didn't wanna hear it!  There's no reasoning with him at this point when it comes to desserts!  Alright time for a break. 




Entry Tastes Good

   Maybe but it smells like shit.  I think it's possibly you can blame my entire social self isolating in high school was due to some smelly Indian Breakfasts.  I was carpooling Freshman year with my neighbor who also went to Stuyvesant, so in the car on the way there, she smell't like shit!  I'm not saying Indian people smell.  I'm saying Indian Breakfast Smells.  Just like if you were saying I smell like cigarette smoke, it's still the cigarette smoke that smells, not me.  Anyway so the point is because of that I was always in a bad mood in the morning ride to the train station.  And I never engaged her at all.  You'd think we'd be friendly cause Why Not it's a new school new everything we've got a head start in terms of being friends..  But I just withdrew.  Because of the smell made me pissed off at her.  I was already pissed off at getting up at 6:15 AM every day!  And anyway this negativity made me antisocial in MicroSituation AND MacroSituation And it set A PRECEDENT IS THE POINT.
    The point is hmm I'd be interested in some Indian Breakfast Now.  Seems to check out.  Nah not if my smell memory is accurate.  What else is going on and crap.  Gotta Unpack and Wipe Down Delivery Tomorrow.  I got a solid 24 hours or so until that happens!  Doesn't hurt to mentally prepare, though.  Figure I'll keep up with #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor when this entry is over.  What else Pissed Me Off in high school.  Hmm that's about it.  Only complaint I had over 4 years.  IT GOT ME STARTED IN THE WRONG DIRECTION WTF WHY CAN'T SHE JUST BE PLEASANT SMELLING FROM BREAKFAST FOOD LIKE CINNAMON OR CROISSANTS.  I dunno why, but that's the way the universe worked against my favor.
    Anyway its hard to write entries without the premise of More Beer in the future.  Unless it had No Beer from the start.  I think I can compromise at 3 beers over 6 out of 7 days a week from now on.  That was the goal when I first started.  But somewhere along the line I started drinking FOUR sometimes and it would be five days.  Then somewhere along the line it was FOUR OR FIVE and it was four days.  Then now We're Back To Thinking about Maybe THREE AT A TIME, DUNZO, THAT'S IT, six days a week.  I can have 1 beer to look forward to if I drink 2 during entry.  I like those odds!  MMM KANSAS CITY BBQ RIBS.  One would imagine that's a good thing.  If they're going out of their way to call it Kansas City there must be something good about that phrase that pushes people over the top.  It's not like ..hmm first thought for another city was Portland.  Then it was Charlottesville.  The point is I only think of cities when I heard them in the news.  Charlottesville BBQ.  I'd buy it!  And then Portland Oregon and Portland Maine also EACH have BBQ Ribs and they're always at war with each other about which is the best BBQ RIBS In Terms Of Portland.  Huh?  Sorry short circuited there for a minute.
What else is going on.  I think we shuold be more upfront and honest with each other the way different minorities make ou lives better by having All The Cuisines.  I mean, I know entertainment industry is tops in America.  We've got the best sports, also entertainment.  But I think we probably are in the top 10% of Dining Options in the world.  We got All The Options here and there!  It's a real melting pot.  Another good Marijuana Blend-- Melting Pot.  And it makes you feel like melting.  Which is a good feeling maybe?  Doesn't sound good to me.  But hey I ain't here to tell you what to and what not to be into.  Also most of the best leaders in causing malnutrition deaths and multiple afflictions are FROM America.  USA!  Is that a metaphor for what America is?  No!  It's Not Even A Metaphor, it just IS what America Is!
    Hey I get to take another break after this paragraph.  Return with Part III with Part I, II, and III of Lunch.  All acts of lunch at once is the point.  Man Dad is really into Every Day this week.  It's a real Father-Son Whistling Tune.  Showed up in Father-Son movie, that's why he likes it, so it's accurately a Father-Son Whistling Tune, that's how I feel.  Anyway all day me and Dad are just trading off whistling.  Every time I come down stairs, one of us starts, the other one does the next part, goes back to the first person, and so on.  Trading Off Tunes!  It's a real Father-Son Activity that no one can take away from us.  Why would they want to?  What do they have to gain by souring my relationship with My Father?  I'll be back in a bit.




This Is The Best I Can Do?

   Hope not!  Or hope so.  I forget what words mean and also words have no meaning anymore.  Got some lunch going-- a French Breaded Pizza as well as Four count 'em Four Chicken Nuggets.  MMM wouldn't mind smelling this on my way to Train Station.  Anyway, when I was a kid, the only time I'd eat breakfast was if I was up all night beforehand.  Then, sure, A Breakfast Dinner is TOPS.  Steak and Eggs gets the job done.  Maybe some Nice Combo Meal where it's French Toast or Pancakes with All The Meats and Some Eggs Too.  Hamburger.  That's Not A Breakfast!  Says you.  Anyway hey I only have to write another four paragraphs after this one.  I like those odds!  Oh, right.  Still gotta finish this one.  Forgot about THAT LITTLE DETAIL.  Damnit! Oh Hey I Did It!
Okay.  Still might have Bagel for DINNER.  DinnerDinner.  I never got why Penn Station isn't packed late Weekend Nights.  You'd think kids all over the Queens and Long Island area are drinking in the city and then want to snack at Penn Station.  Not showing up!  What's the deal!  Where are these other people snacking.  Is there an iHop I don't know about?  Is tehre a Denny's Somehow and Nobody Thought To Alert Me?  Is there an After-Hours-Chipotle where they only serve Breakfast Burritos bcause it's AfterHoursBreakfast?  Anyway I was thinking about it and I wouldn't mind getting a Dictionary.  Then turning it to random words and being like Hmm Wonder What That's All About.  It's the entertainment that never stops giving!  Pick out words blindly!  Read them!  Read the definition!  Rinse and Repeat!
    Cool.  AWESOME THESE KANSAS CITY RIBS ARE SIDE RIBS [SPARE RIBS] and that goes well with my White Rice.  I get to imagine I'm eating CHINA CUISINE.  I think if there was push back on Trump for using the phrsae, "China Virus" (And there probably should be but it's not a priority I guess), he should be forced to say China ... for good things.  Oh I kid them about teh virus but the truth is I love China Cuisine.  I love China Genocide of Muslims, I think China Genocide is pretty good.  I like China Yao Ming, he was one of the good ones...  If it works its shitty, but I think its pretty hilarious about how one of the main tenets of Trump Campaign is that THINGS AREN'T GOOD AT ALL NOW IN JOE BIDEN'S AMERICA.  Obviously its ridiculous, but my first instinct is hmm that might work.  But if it doesn't we're gonna laugh about it for a long time.
    A long time.  Pair that KC Ribs with some Hot 'n Spicy Wings.  2 Spare Ribs, 2 wings, some rice.  Rinse and repeat!  I'd probably have to go through that 4 times over the week, and still have some left over For Snacking.  Ya know what at this point I'm Okay With That.  If my Old Neighbor is reading this I'd like to apologize and I wish we had become great friends.  I could have even mentioned to you, man whatchu been eating that smells bad. But I thought that would be insensitive!  Probably would have been!  But if we became friends then I could work it into a conversation.  Oh well such is life.  Hey I'm almost done with this entry.  Just one more paragraph to go about!
    Okay.  I know we all think we know what Indian Food Smells Like but we're mostly basing that on Official Indian Restaurants and whatnot.  A real Indian Family cooking Breakfast isn't necessarily what you're thinking of.  It's in the same FAMILY of Smells but you don't know what I was smellin'!  Get off my back about it.  I hope they legalize marijuana.  Even if I can't enjoy smoking it anymore, I enjoy The SMELL.  I enjoy the premise of OTHER PEOPLE Enjoying Themselves.  I enjoy the idea that it's Legal when Legally & Whatnot IT SHOULD BE.  And I enjoy the idea that Maybe I Can Smoke It Myself At Some Point I Dunno Been A While!  Anyway that'll do it for today.  I'll see you tomorrow.

-1:21 P.M.




Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Its So Nice & Peaceful

   Hey I was just minding my own business, living my life, yesterday and it suddenly occurred to me, Hey 200,000 PEOPLE ARE FUCKING DEAD!  That's a lot of people!  I had been petty desensitized to that but I realized Hmm 200,000 Unnecessary Deaths.  And I mean that not politically, just on a human level.  SO many lives lost.  And-- then we get to politically-- YES A HUGE AMOUNT OF THEM COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED.  And we can DO A LOT MORE TO PREVENT MORE.  But we're not!  We're busy doing mass hysterectomies in ICE camps!  And denying Climate Change!  And Rigging Elections!  America 2020 You Get What You Ask For.  I don't remember asking for this.  Oh, no, not you personally.  I meant the ROYAL, "You."  Yep seems to check out.
    Isn't causing people to panic about how their freedoms are being suppressed by wearing masks in public PANICKING THEM?  You say you meant you want to avoid Average American fron panic-- you're inspiring more panic among them about their rights to spread a deadly disease than those of us who have made logical adjustments to our lifestyle and are doing the right thing!  Those Other Assholes are WAY more panicked than us!  The point is I had blood work done today ad to wait like an hour in the waiting room!  Also the Waiting Room is a sequestered part of the lobby.  I think because it's more Roomy.  Is that a thing people are gonna be looking for in Future Apartments.  When the next pandemic hits, you're gonna want to socially distance from your loved ones (or people you cant stand But Live With You), so this living room you can put a couch here and put a nice Rocking Chair on the other side here.
    Also see through Plexiglass in-between.
  Not sure what that accomplishes but it FEELS right.  Anyway if I could ever buy a fancy apartment Sure I Want Plexiglass In The Equation Who Wouldn't Want To Live With Some Plexiglass.  Anyway.  So I got 2 Big Beer Cans on way home!  Now I get to drink that later!  That's how it goes when you buy yourself beverages!  Anyway lunch is lookin like Left Over Penne with 1 Meatball PLUS like Half a Roll?  It's great, just great.  So over the next two days (including today!) I gotta finish that meal, I got 1 Meal of Salmon, and I DO HAVE ENOUGH Corn't Beef for a sandwich.  So I got all that going for me is the point!  Oh yeah had the idea to combine Pasta with French'd Bread't P'tzza and save the meatball.  I'll some some Pizza Hold The Meatball.  Hold MY Meatballs how about that now we're talkin!  Great.  My Dad had to use the facilities real bad when he drove me to Hospital because I was waiting so long for Blood Work.  And he ain't parking and going in to use the facility, too much COVID.  So basically he was rushing me when on the way back when I was getting  Cigarettes and Beer so I could even Enjoy Myself Being in Convience Store.  This is the most exciting thing I've done in a month, lemme soak it all in.  Metaphorically.  Not literally.  No Soaking Literally, not if I could help it!
  My Favorite Goldeneye Multi-Player Map was Facility.  And also it starts off You're In An Air Duct Above A Bathroom.  True Story!  Anyway halfway through September.  That's great.  I don't like September this year True Story!  Sure I'll set up some Remote Mines then when you're coming after me BOOM you blow up and you never even knew it was coming!  Proximity Mines, those are too risky.  What if I want to cross that space!  Why, I'd be blown to pieces!  And My Fictional James Bond Immediate Family would be besides themselves with grief.  WHY DID HE HAVE TO SET UP A PROXIMITY MINE AND THEN CROSS IT BY ACCIDENT AND EXPLODE!  WHY DO GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE?  I mean, Why Do BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE.  But the first is The Real Conundrum, that's how I feel.
    I've made that Yuk-em-up before.  All the way down to Proximity Mines.  Jeez.  When I entered Hospital they checked my temperature just by looking at my silhouette.  I was normal.  What an age we live in!  And if I had Fever, I assume Trump would just go Look one day your temperature is just going to get cooler, just you watch.  Also this applies to Global Warming now In Addition to Covid.  Also if everything goes according to plan, around the end of Next January, these things will just start getting better, just you watch.  Politics Humor!  Anyway this is the end of Part I.  Continue reading to access Part II!



What Did You Say

   Got some lunch going on.  We're talkin' first thing I said.  Pasta + Meatball + 1/2 Roll.  Made out of Bread!  I dunno what kinda rolls YOU Been Gettin!  Sushi Rolls.  Rice is bread.  Rolled up in rice. Sushi rolls without rice.  Seaweed is bread.  Real good seaweed!  Also begun my 24oz of Beer.  Anyway what's going on in the wide world of sports.  Hows Baseball doing.  I guess they're wrapping up their season around now.  LMLTURQ.  Yep seems to check out.  Man that was a great, "Riff!"  Baseball 2020 You Get What You Ask For.  I saw the Mets were 5 games under .500 and at a 28% chance of Making The Playoffs.  Hmm I guess All The Good Teams are Under .500 this year.  Reallly makes ya think.
Not if I have any say about it! The point is Penne is delicious.  And I have only myself to thank for putting it in boiling water Really Well.  Hmm Well Water.  That'd be a good Fancypants Way to cook something.  Cook it in well water!  Do you cook things in water?  Sure water makes up 80% of our food presumably.  Makes up 80% of US or so I've heard.  I'm guessin it applies to other animals as well as fruit and vegetables.  Bison is 80% water.  Carrots are 80% water.  And all I'm asking is for something to eat thats 80% Well Water.  Anyway most likely going with Salmon for dinner toinght!  Totally out of Well Rice or Well Potatoes.  Maybe a Well Soup that sounds delicious.  Does Well Water Beef't Barley Soup Go With Well Water Salmon?  Only one way to find out!
    Finished my lunch.  If only I could retroactively pretend that it was made with Well Water.  I dunno what I'm doing here anymore.  I mean, I do know.  I'm just not proud of it.  Anyway they took my weight at Blood Work today and I was like hmm gonna check it out myself and I was at 161!  While wearing clothes!  Means I'm around 159 without clothes but WITH my Chubby Body.  That's great I got 5 pounds to go until I'm Obese.  If I play my cards right, I could STILL BE NOT OBESE by New Years!  IF I play my cards right.  Also playing my cards right accounts for SOME over eating.  I don't wanna make This Card Game any more difficult than it shuold be!  Maybe drink less, that'd be my instinct.  Or drink the same amount but spread it around more.  Now we're talkin!  Well, I am.  You might be too, but I have no way of knowing!
    Cool.  What a lunch I just enjoyed.  Delicious!  My compliments to the Chef.  Do waitresses ever relay that message.  Or do they just hold it on for themselves like tips.  Here's 15% you split it between you and The Chef.  And waitress pockets the tip.  Compliments to the chef!  Waitress is just gonna pocket that Compliment.  Hmm what does it say about me that I jumped to the Female Version Of Word for Waiter.  Probably says negative stuff!  Anyway, when I took Spanish, EVERY word is masculine and feminine.  Is there some Gender-Conscious Backlash trying to get rid of that in Languages Where That's An issue?  My guess?  Yeah probably maybe not what do I know.  HELLO WAITER HELLO?  OK NOW THAT I'VE GOT YOUR ATTENTION ... .. ... ... . ... WAY TO DO YOUR JOB.
Fascinating.  Anyway if the Chef DOES get his compliments is he supposed to be like YES THANK YOU LORD THEY LIKED IT I'M SO HAPPY.  Probably.  If I Was Chef that's how I'd react.  The first hundred times.  After a while you get numb to it and start resenting the diners that'd be my guess.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Shaved myself last night!  About 90%!  Was I partly insipered because I was going out into the real world today?  Yes!  Did I forget the mask covers all of my Facial Hair Face?  Sort Of!  Is that a thing.  Extra Facial Hair prevents Coronavirus?  Because the virus gets trapped in your beard or moustache or sideburns before it has a chance to infect you internally.  That'd be MY Guess!  I'll be back in a bit with Part III!    




I'm Open To Any and All Website Criticism

   Let's say I've got a solid ONE WEEK to finish #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor until Summer Is Over.  Then will there be a new Hashtag for Autumn?  iI dunno lets not get ahead of ourselves.  #LetsotGetAheadOfOurselvesAutumnToRemember.  I dunno, what else.  More coffee!  Finishing That 1 Roll I had FOR SNACK.  Two Hundred Thousand Americans.  Over a Million in The World.  If each Ameican who died gave me a dollar I'd be RICH I TELL YOU.  Also shouldn't Each American be giving me a dollar whether or not they die from Coronavirus?  That's how taxes work.  They're a Get Rich Quick Scheme for Government.  Well, Wall ST And big companies, at lesat!  People pay taxes.  Government bails out Wall Street and Corporations.  Wall Street and corporation reward investors and underpay and lay off workers.  And the cycle continues.  It All takes a few sentences to say.  I use it to finish A Paragraph.   And the cycle continues.
Great, just great.  Here's a meal I've been Fantasizing About-- 2 EggS Sandwiches @ once, either Lunch or Dinner.  It All Checks Out how it would be delicious filling and an appropriate amount of calories for Lunch Or Dinner.  And all I have to do is put it in oven 40 minutes ahead of time!  Hmm I gotta eat this salmon for dinner to be responsible but Hold That Thought maybe we can work something like this out for Tomorrow?  Yep checks out I'll hold that thought, hold it all day if I have to!  You're gonna have to hold it more than that, into tomorrow as well!  Ok I'm still on board I'll hold this thought for the next 36 hours hows that.  Alright that's definitely more than enough We're Good.
Yeah!  Three more pargaraphs to go.  We did a whole Spring together.  Closing in on a whole Summer together.  I'm predicting a whole Autumn Together!  I Don't Care WHAT season it is I'm in it to win it with #Crazysheet2020ToRemember.  Hmm that's pretty catchy better remember that one.  #Hashtags2020ToRemember.  That's EVEN BETTER I Gotta Remember THAT ONE!  #2020ToRemember.  AMAZING I KEEP TOPPING MYSELF SOMEHOW BY REMOVING MYSELF DEGREE BY DEGREE!  But the point is I still have a whole week of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor and I intend on making them COUNT.  Several episodes about Vampires.  DON'T QUITE CARE FOR THOSE.  By a VERY noticeable margin, the Vampire episodes DRAG DOWN THE QUALITY OF THE ENTIRE SERIES.  I don't think I'm speaking out of school with that analysis.
2 paragraphs to go!  Speaking Out of School Saying What Does It Mean Why Is It In School Or Out Of School Lets Get To The Bottom Of This One Summer To Remember.  Hmm I've grown accustomed to this 438 Fox Mascot but what if he was on a snow board.  Just he's a fox but does a lot of snow boarding.  Is that something we can work out?  The point is I wore my sweat pants in public whose gonna stop me you?  The point is I wore my glasses out in public (went with glasses instead of contacts to stop Coronavirus!) whose gonna stop me you.  The point is I'm 100%, well, 92% on board with Salmon + Soup for today's dinner.  ToNIGHT's Dinner, one might say.  Tonight is part of Today.  Isn't it?  Now I'm in my head about it, maybe it isn't!
Cool.  I saw there was an article that said Everybody In The World might not get Vaccine until the end of 2024.  So, just like every other asshole out there, my first reaction was Yeah but I'LL Probably get it a lot before then!  Me AND My Loved Ones!  Because, sure I'm a terrible person, based on FIRST reactions.  My third and fourth reactions, though, now you're seeing me shine, those are some real Human and Compassionate Reactions.  You just gotta do the work to get there, that's all!  Anyway, hey, the entry is just about over.  I like those odds!  Hmm any #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor abuot odds.  Why there's only the one with 2 gamblers pitted against each other.  There's the one where there are 1, 3, or 5 main characters!  ODThat's an ODD amount of characters Wouldn't You Say?  I hate this.  Ya know what now that I think about it the PLOTS to ALL These Stories are odd.  I'll see you guys later.

-2:38 P.M. 




Monday, September 14, 2020

We The People

   Back to regular Just Thinking Of Titles!  The night before!  So I still get the time to Dream On It.  Anyway some good news on the Beer Consumption Front--- actually have A BEER left over for today.  And I'm getting blood work/cigarettes tomorrow!  Which means I can RE-UP with JUST A MERE 2 CANS OF BEER.  The big 2x 2 cans.  But the way I phrase it to my DAd it's just Two Cans! 2x2?  What is that some sort of WOODEN BOARD?  Yeah I went there!  Anyway gonna have beer with Part II of the entry.  That's  the premise I'm operating under right now.  Amway My Mom did my laundry for the first time in, what, six weeks?  Eight weeks?  I guess she wan'ted to do me a solid as I'm doing her a solid by giving her Cigarettes.  Basically this is Prison.  We're trading cigarettes for doing laundry.
I assume prisoners Sometimes are responsible for their laundry and also Sometimes make trades or, "Barters," with other prisoners to do their laundry.  Or just make them your bitch, that sounds more economical.  Then you're keeping your cigarettes for yourself for a rainy day!  Man if I was in Prison I'd totally start smoking again.  It'd be stressful!  But I'd need to trade something for cigarettes.  Unless I get medicinal cigarettes.  That's gotta be a thing somewhere somehow.  It is, just not tobacco cigarettes.  HEY if I could go to prison and smoke MARIJUANA cigarettes NOW WE'RE TALKING GREAT LIFE.  Here's a good compromise-- legalize marijuana cigarettes, but ONLY sell brands that add something explicitly chemically addictive!  We get our marijuana cigarettes, you get customers smoking a pack a day for life-- Win/Win! 
    Sounds about right.  I think I did that riff about Addictive Marijuana Cigarettes.  But I can't help it if it came up again!  It weighs heavily on my Background Mind because of all those times I used it in a short period of time short circuited some of my Mind Machinery.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Looks like a communal Pasta with Meated Balls for dinner tonight!  I like those odds!  Also I timed it so that I could Cook without being drunk at all and being like man I'm buzzed I have to just STAND HERE for 25 minutes and THE LAST 15 MINUTES STIR THINGS LIGHTLY?  One beer 4 or 5 hours before then would be erased by that time.  So I could Focus On My Cooking Responsibilities.  I don't get why I refresh STARZ or HBO streamings on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, and I NEVER SEE THEM UPDATE IT WITH LATEST WEEKEND MOVIE.  If my memory serves me they usually debut movies Saturday Night.  WELL WHERE IS IT.  NOT HERE SAT, NOT HERE SUN, CERTAINLY NOT HERE MON.  Great.
    Hey that's great.  Yeah I just told you.  So I did.  Anyway if I had a bitch in Prison I'd do THEIR Laundry because IT'S CALLED MEETING EACH OTHER HALF WAY.  Yep seems to check out.  I dunno about lunch!  Still have 2 meals I HAVE to eat Through Wednesday-- 1 Salmon Meal, 1 Roast Chicken Meal, and now 2 Pasta Meals.  So basically I can have ANYTHING for lunch but not a pasta or noodle type thing It'd Be Repetitive.  Besides I already have a Frozen Meal where it's like pasta and Swedish Meatballs FOR BREAKFAST.  And almost the exact same thing for dinner I GUESS IT LOOKS LIKE but it's okay Today is a nice good ol' pasta day thru and thru.  Except for Lunch.  Maybe French Breaded Pizza.  That's in the Pasta family.  Italy Cuisine Family.
    Wonderful.  Maybe have that with Part II and Beer with Part III.  That'd be the Healthy way to do it.  You eat food, you drink beer!  To celebrate the meal you just ate.  A Job-Well-Done Beer.  That you did your job and sustained yourself with nutrients for another third of a day.  The other way, you're sustaining yourself with beer, and having a Job-Well-Done Meal.  That sounds unhealthy But Also where I'm at in life Maybe For A Very Long Time?  Anyway.  I still have some Corned Beef but not enough for a sandiwch.  WHAT TO DO, What To Do!  Marijuana didn't short circuit my mind.  I just happened to do it myself during the same time period I smoked a lot of marijuana.  Total coincidence!  I'll be back in a little bit!




Spend The Night

   I accidentally set up my phone to vibrate every time I plug it in.  Just a quick 2 second 2 Part Buzz.  These are the days of our lives.  Put lunch in oven, figure I'll leave it in there for 50 minutes that sounds great.  Just started Last Beer until Tomorrow Presumably I got that going for me.  The entry is in process that's fun for somebody.  Not me, not you.  But somebody is out there who is having fun.  I'd like to meet that person and have them tell me all about Why This Is Fun For Them.  Cause I Don't Get It 100%!  I probably don't wanna know.  It's fun because I'm laughing at your problems.  ...Ya know what I'm okay with that.  It's better than people NOT laughing at my problems.  Unless it implies that my problems are more severe by there being laughing.  In which case Fine hook me up with less severe problems with nobody laughing.
  Talked on Phone for Therapy Visit today.  She keeps insisting I get ZOOM and is REALLY pushy about it.  And I'm like sure I'll do that couldn't do it today PHONE WASN'T CHARGED BETTER CALL ME ON HOUSE PHONE WHERE ZOOM DOESN'T EXIST.  The point is I don't like the idea of showing Phone My Face.  Phone'll start laughing at my problems.  Face Problems.  Oh right I never told you my lunch.  It's finishing Roast Chicken plus TWO HANDFULS of Frozen Frenched Fries.  Wasn't that much chicken left.  Maybe I'll drink these beer  Real Slow.  Like how I am in terms of Intelligence and Intuition.  Maybe I'll drink it the same pace as always I don't have all the answers c'mon get off my back about it.  JUMANJI SEQUEL?  AND I LIKED THE FIRST ONE AFTER BEING HESITANT ABOUT WATCHING IT?  NOPE I JUST DON'T SEE ME WATCHING THAT.  Watched The Bucket List last night for maybe the 2nd or 3rd time in my life.  I like how they used Morgan Freeman Narrating in the exact same style of Shawshanked Redemptors and half a dozen things he says are 90% the asme as half a dozen things he said in that past movie.  Hey give the people what they want I'm On Board With That it was my favorite part of the movie, too!
Anyway.  I also liked the part where it made me question my own mortality and Life Outside of being In Hospital which was uncomfortable because One Day I Will Die and One Day I Might Have To Spend Significant Time In Hospital and its no fun BUT it also reminded me HEY I AIN'T GOTTA WORRY ABOUT THAT AT ALL FOR A PRESUMABLY RELATIVELY LONG INDETERMINATE AMOUNT OF TIME. Two Colorado polls today, Biden up strongly there.  Do The Shining Ghosts get to vote.  Is it kind of like they're in prison for eternity but once they're freed they regain their franchisement.  Also they can't leave the house to vote they have a good solid reason for Absentee Voting even without Covid.  Confined to the Overlook Hotel!
Great.  How did we manage to Drink In College.  I mean, sneak beer or vodka Into Dorms. I mean, I know what we did.  3 or 4 of us would leave the building, get 12 forty ounces, then come back with them in our backpackets.  But it was always a 3 or 4 man job!  For beer, at least.  You could get Vodka as a one man job.  backpackets.  Is that like Backpacks?  Yes its the same thing in terms of what I meant to say.  The good news is even without beer I get to have my blood taken tomorrow which I Like.  Nice little pinch where they inject the needle.  Take some of my blood out, makes ya just 1/1000 a bit Woozy, less blood circulation, feels real chill.  The point is this paragraph is almost done.  Then there's one more paragraph.  Then there's presumably a little bit of time off and then presumably I will eat some Roasted Chicken and Un-Frozen Frenched Fries.  And then who knows.
    Cool.  Well if ghosts can vote Pennsylvania would move from Lean Democratic to Solid Democratic.  All those Ghosts Of Gettysburg Ghosts, only the ones on the Union side.  They'd easily be like well this is what we fought for before we're stickin with the Union side 150 years later.  All Those Ghosts Of Gettsyburg!!!  In the late 90's the History Channel still primarily did Real History, but their early foray into Non-History started turning when they have special after special about The Ghosts Of Gettysburg.  And, yeha, there must be some Confederate Ghosts there, too.  But they're not FROM Pennsylvania they were just visiting.  Well I guess at this point they can safely say they're from Pennsylvania they've been living there for a long time in their death!  Alright time to take a nice break!  Be back in a bit! 





   Hey I'm back and its been One Bit!  Got Lunch I prepared.  You coulda guessed that.  Solid 95% I have the lunch that I already started making.  Probably some more #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor today.  Man remember back in the day when it was #MarvelSummerToRemember.  It was a simpler time.  This was back in the day when we had to adjust our lifestyles to Covid 19.  Hmm.  That's accurate-- we don't have to adjust our lifestyles anymore!  They've been adjusted!  The only way we'll have to adjust our lifestyles again is if they get a vaccine and/or we're just FORCED to have herd immunity.  Oh well for now Wait A SECOND I Haven't Taken A Walk In HALF A YEAR?
Whatta load of crap!  Anyway just about finished with lunch.  Boy did I stuff my face with some Roasted Chicken and Frenched Fries.  Hmm I kinda knew there wasn't that much chicken left but I was hoping there'd be a fair amount of SKIN and/or FAT.  Turns out NOPE!  A little bit!  Not a lot.  Hey I dropped a piece of chicken on my Sweat Pants.  Ain't that a kick and a half.  I got to pick it up and eat it and since My Sweat Pants are clean this Chicken Is Clean.  Hey I got one decent sized sip of beer left.  I like that because it takes my mind off troubles.  Too many troubles in the world today!  If I drink alcohol every day that cuts the amount of troubles in the world by HALF.
    Gonna go downstairs, bring down plate, and have a LUNCH DESSERT of A PIECE OF BREAD.  Hey I just did that.  I also ate A Single #JoeBidenKettleChip.  Because it goes well with Small Roll.  It's like how Chinese Food Desert is a cookie with a single almond on it.  My Food Desert is a piece of bread with a single kettlechip on top PARTLY FOR SHOW/DECORATION but also PARTLY FOR ONE BITE OF DELICIOUS.  Anyway gonna finish beer... ...2 seconds from when I finish the word, "Now."  Yep seemed to check out.
What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Ghosts of Gettysburg.  We were watching History Channel one night around 22-24 years ago, and there was some show about Truman, and me and my Brother were horsing around or whatever, and my Dad was trying to concentrate, and he eventually got really fed up and angry at us and stormed away, and for YEARS--- 5 years? 10 Years?  He would hold that over us.  YOU MADE ME MISS TRUMAN YOU PIECES OF SHIT I'LL NEVER FORGET.  Also he's not a huge history buff!  I don't think he has a special affinity for Truman.  But for some reason That Made Him Snap for some reason.  Also he didn't call us, "Pieces of Shit," but the GIST of it was the same.  But we were in the wrong.  We were!  Dad Was Trying To Watch About Truman!
    Jeez.  And now he won't stop whistling, "Every Day."  Every Day with this crap!  I don't even know FACT ONE about who Truman is!  Maybe I should have watched this documentary!  That's why he was so upset.   Here were his sons' chances to learn about Truman and WE BLEW IT.  Anyway another entry in the books.  Vaguely worth reading!  That's the level of entertainment I've reached.  Pot  Committed To This Whole Thing!  That's the level where I'm At with being entertained by This Whole Thing.  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:36 P.M. 




Sunday, September 13, 2020

Illusory Spectacle

   Looks like that's the title I turned to.  Last night.  I do the Turning To Titles the night before entry.  That way I can Dream On It.  Hmm what Productiveness Did My Dreams accomplish last night.  I forget.  When I woke up I had a Beef Taco Hot Pocket for Breakfast, though?  Same thing I had for Yesterday's Breakfast.  Yesterday, My Breakfast Hot Pocket Seemed So Far Away.  No it didn't, I just told you!  I had it Yesterday.  Also, it's true that I hadn't had breakfast Hot Pocket (Non-Breakfast Flavor) Ever In Lifetime Up To Yesterday so maybe for 20 minutes Breakfast Hot Pocket Seemed So Far Away.  Also, It's not that it seemed so far away from TODAY, either.  Which is inaccurate too, I had it again today.  So the point is I Never Missed Breakfasts Hot Pocket (Non Breakfast Flavor) because I never wanted it or even thought about it before I had one.  And then once I had one It Never Seemed So Far Away until The NEXT TIME I Had one.  Only roughly 24 hours from Yesterday To Today.
    Funny stuff, this is wild stuff.  Hey I see Trump is really testing the waters of Murder being okay.  Well that's great.  It's not so much that Russians are influencing the election directly, but that they're influencing TRUMP directly.  He wants the kind of power Putin has!  He just praised officers for Just Killing People!  It's not a joke! "Extrajudicial Executions!"  EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUR LIVES... oh wait, we can't.  EVERYONE STAY INSIDE FOR YOUR LIVES.  Yeah we were already doing that.  Great How's That Working Out For You.  The point is I'm scared where we're headed!  It's just getting worse and worse!  And Repubs are like Great the liberals are scared of us lol triggered much?  YES!  I AM TRIGGERED.  HOW COULD SO MANY PEOPLE ALLOW THIS TO GO ON!
This is great A+ comedy material Keep It Comin'.  Well it's KIND of funny.  The polar opposite of Funny is KIND Of Funny.  Yep seems to check out.  You'd think the polar opposite of Funny would be not funny at all.  Wrong!  It's Kind of Funny.  Not funny at all is In Between.  Yep seems to check out.  Finally I had some salmon for dinner last night And It Was Generally Fine!  I Enjoyed It Well Enough!  Also this is Well Salmon.  There's wild salmon.  There's range salmon.  There's pond salmon.  And tere's well salon.  I wouldn't mind some Well Beef.  Just get a cow down a well and it has to live down the well for a while and then eventually it becomes our lunches.  Yep seems to check out.
  I Finished the #DanaCarveyShowSummerToEndAllSummers.  It was pretty good!  I liked the part where I laughed a lot.  I saw Michael Bloomberg is spending 100 million dollars in Florida.  Presumably to help Joe Biden win.  He's not just renting out DisneyWorld for the next 18 months All For Himself.  Although if he did that he could really make some money charging the general people to enter His Private DisneyWorld for a fee.  It's a brilliant plan!  I think the DisneyWorld People Already Thought Of It First.  Touché!  The point is I've been all over Florida.  I've been the distance between DisneyWorld and Universal Studios.  I've been the distance from Disneyworld to Medieval Times.  I've been the distance from Airport to Disneyworld.  And all the way back from Disneyworld To Airport.  Hmm fascinating.
The point is DisneyWorld would make a lot of money, but kinda bad public relations, charging like 10,000 dollars for Disneyworld For a day.  Because it would be like a few hundred people Presumably if it was a one time thing and it was either do it this one day or never do it.  People would be outnumbered by the DisneyWorld Workers.  Finally the tables have turned, says the man who works at Epcot Center running the Ice Cream Shop right outside The Big Golfball.  Actually, scratch that.  Part of the deal is EPCOT CENTER IS COMPLETELY CLOSED.  So NO ONE has to suffer going to Epcot center and you don't need to make an excuse for not going to Epcot Center.  NO ONE CAN GO TO EPCOT CENTER!  Anyway 10K for a few hundred people doesn't add up.  We need more people than Vendors.  Let's say 2K for One Day.  Let's say lots of things.
Great!  Where was I.  Paragraph #6.  Figure today is 4th out of 4 Meals which consists of 1 piece of meatloaf, 1 chicken finger, and potato spheres-- but this time there's no potato spheres left-- i did get frozen Frenched fries-- that could go with the meal instead of the-- potato spheres.  The point is, lets say Michael Bloomberg rented out Disneyworld just for a day, him and his immediate family (going down all the way to grand children).  Would Disneyworld have the 2K People who work here and there across Disneyworld all employed and waiting at their station?  Or do they just hire half a dozen people who follow Mike Bloomberg around and then act as Whatever They Need To Act As to keep this party going.  That sounds like fun.  For who?  Everyone.  Except for the people who wanted to go to Disneyworld this specific day for a reasonable price.  They're having significantly LESS fun.  I'll be back in a bit!




Nobody Withstands Assault

   Look when the apocalypse Formally Happens, is DisneyWorld gonna turn into the the last refuge of the wealthiest Americans?  Like in Land Of The Dead.  Everyone's gonna be holed up in DisneyWorld. Everyone who can afford it.  If you can't afford it Why There's Only Medieval Times to chill at.  Which is appropriate because It's A WHOLE NEW DARK AGE!  I think we've spent so much time debating over What The Apocalypse Will Be and as Climate Change And Pandemic And Fascism Taking Hold are showing us It Can Be Many Things At Once.  And the one thing people like, ZOMBIES, is the least likely to happen!  Although, I dunno, I GUESS we can somehow figure out a way to make that happen?  I mean there IS a non-zero chance, right?   
  Disney putting his name of DisneyWorld. When I was in Sixth Grade, a class mate made up MaxiLand (his name was Max) and, him being popular, everyone wanted a country in MaxiLand.  And me being me, who saw this man as a THREAT to MY VERY SURVIVAL (or just didn't like his whole deal at the time) made 6G2 LAND!  That's the class we were.  6G2.  Sixth Grade #2.  Oh also I think I was INSULTED by the GAUL of this guy to make up his own world and name it after himself.  That's how Bugs Bunny felt about Walt Disney and he made up Six Flags.  Anyway turns out we became best buds for a solid 2 years.  Well, in a quartet of best buds.  But the point is he's no asshole for being creative and I'm kind of an asshole for making it all about me (under the guise of being Populist and making it about Everyone!).  I think we can learn a lot from this story.
    DAMNIT NOW YOU KNOW MY SECRET SHAME I WAS IN 6G2 NOT 6G1.  It's not divided By Intelligence or anything, cause we were the Main Gifted Class.  Maybe by Attractiveness.  Nope that's WAY off.  Sense of humor?  MAYBE!  I could easily raise a G3 or G4 all the way to G2 with MY SENSE OF HUMOR ALONE!  Also now you know all my passwords.  6G2.  Gotta imagine that's some sort of password for somethin', right?  Well you go ahead and try that.  Presumably you want to see the kind of spam I email I get.  It's Very Interesting!  It's full of Addresses that I explicitly withdrew from their list but that ain't stopping them from continuing to have me on their list and sending me e-mail.!  I LIKE THAT TENACITY I'M BACK ON BOARD WITH YA.   
    The point is
I just put Lunch In Oven.  We're talkin 1) 1 piece of meatloaf 2) 1 piece of Chickened Finger and 3) ~12 Frenched Fries.  Who can count that high.  I just got a handful of 'em, dumped em onto aluminum foil which was dumped onto an oven tray, then I dumped that trey into the oven and I dumped my fingers into the numbers which represented what temperature to make it, I dumped the 3, then the 5, then I dumped the zero, then I hit dump on the Start button.  Fascinating, just fascinating.  I guess.  What kind of entertainment do I have going for me today.  #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToSHriekFOr is winding down, gotta make the most out of that over the next week and a half.  Am AAm I actually operating under the premise that I HAVE TO STOP #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor after Spetmeber 21st?  I dunno anymore.  I just say things and then they are true.  It's Magical Thinking, I learned it from this president.  And Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  But mostly from the president.  Also Marquez is Magical REALISM not Magical THINKING.  Oh I see.  That makes more sense.  Too bad we're stuck with this Magical THINKING guy as president.
Fascinating.  I get it!  Hey I started watching a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor during Break between Part I and Part II of Entry.  I will continue it during upcoming break!  Man oh man what a life I'm living.  Looks like this will be my last time eating Meatloaf.  at least until next Re-Up with Super Market.  Which will be on Thursday.  But I've had soon-to-be FOUR meals within FOUR days where I had 1 piece of Meatloaf As Part Of It.  Also I was talking about yesterday how I Never Pinch A Loaf when I defecate and I have an update on that-- Turns out Yes I Sometimes Do.  I just didn't realize it because who even thinks of these things!  Apparently I Do Now.  MAN OH MAN MAGICAL THINKING CAME THROUGH.  I'll be Bach in a little bit.




Where Do We Go From Here

   WHAT?  People are having fun?  And I'm not explicitly invited?  I'll put an end to this!  Well 6G2 Land isn't an END to other people having fun.  It's a BEGINNING for other people to have fun.  Presumably.  I don't remember what happened exactly.  The point is I'm having Fun eating Lunch.  It's exactly what I told you it would be!  And the Frozen Frenched Fries are Tops, I'm havin' fun eating them.  Good chance I'll save 2 Beers from today to have tomorrow.  That way it's another entry on beer.  And we all know beer makes everything more tolerable.  On MY end at least.  Can't say whether it makes it more tolerable on your end.  Probably not much of a difference.  I don't want a life that's tolerable I want a life thats HOLLERable.  It's slang you wouldn't understand.
Cool.  Pretty sure there were more than ~Dozen fries.  Maybe close to ~15 fries.  I'm just being totally honest with you!  Dinner tonight is probably Finish or Make a Big Dent in Roast Chicken.  With finishing and Definitely Would Be Finishing white rice.  Great.  Something I've been enjoying kind of is getting specifically hungry soon before I'm going to eat.  And then being like well hey this worked out perfectly just got some hunger pangs or pings or whatever, now its time to eat, wow life is crazy with coincidences all the stuff, Magical Thinking Maybe, I dunno.  But part of The Hunger is Feeling Weak.  I'm weak from hunger-- I'm not STARVING, its just a combination of more-or-less hunger and MY BODY IS FEELING WEAK FROM LACK OF NUTRIENTS.  Probably something wrong with me More Or Less oh well it's still Magical.
    What else is going on.
  My Dad was whistling Every Day by Buddy Holly all day yesterday and he asked me to Name That Tune and I did and he was like I dunno about all that I just know it was in Big Fish.  Which, I'll take his word for it!  But also great Father Son movie, that makes this a fun Father Son Chat, also we both learned something.  I didn't know Off The Top Of My Head it shows up in Big Fish!  He knew all that FOR ME.  We traded Father Son Knowledge as al Father Son duos SHOULD do.  Hey I just finished lunch.  A clean 1/2 through the section of entry, too!  AMAZING.  Boy oh boy am I looking forward to having more Frozen Fries Until They Go Bad in a month or two and then they become a chore to eat because they're stale-- Frozen Stale.
    Cool!  I dunno maybe I'll just finish the beer today. I make an interesting and persuasive argument!  That seems to check out.  People drink beer on Weekend.  People Work During The Week and the Weekend is for Anticipating Next Week Of Work.  Or Cooling Off from Previous Week Of Work.  Or Ideally Being Able TO Forget About All Weeks Of Work.  Just spend 2.5, 3.5 days a week being like NOPE JUST WANNA FORGET ALL THE REST OF LIFE.  Seems to check out.  Oh, right.  I have no job.  Everyday is A Weekday.  Or weekend day.  Nah feels like a week day.  Except for today and yesterday.  Those kinda felt like Weekends.  The point is I got a whole 10 minutes on Days Of The Week.  Monday is tomorrow, you know what that's like.  Open Mics are commonly on Monday for some reason.  He's sayin' what we're all thinking!
    Great!  One more paragraph.  Then its some more #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  Yeeheeheeheehee.  Got a Phone Call Appointment with Therapy tomorrow morning.  I like that because I have to constantly click back and worth with Speaker Phone.  I can only hear them on Speaker Phone, my phone is broken.  They can only hear me Not On Speaker Phone.  So I listen, listen... UNCLICK SPEAKER PHONE TO RESPOND, CLICK IT BACK ON, listen, listen... Ya'll know what that's like.  You have the same very specific problem I have with my phone.  The point is I'm Not Weak From Hunger Anymore.  Presumably On Account Of Eating.  That seems to be how it all checks out and whatnot.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-2:23 P.M. 




Saturday, September 12, 2020


   Look that's great what else is going on.  Was just talking to my Dad.  He's very anxious about Election 2020.  So is Mom!  All I can tell them is Well That Sucks That You're Preparing For Loss.  This next 2 months may be the Least Panicky we COULD Have for a long, long time.  Cause if he wins THEN IT'S TIME TO PANICK!  Which, if we're spelling, "Panicky," with a K, we really should be spelling, "Panic," with a K.  Hey what if we spelled it, "Panicy."  That's stupid don't be dumb.  It looks like it would be pronounced Pan-ih-See.  Which is WAY OFF.  Yeah that's why they added the K in the first place.  Hmm seems to check out Glad We Talked This One Out We All Learned A Little Something.
Wonderful.  Had some delicious Roast Chicken for dinner last night.  Preusmably finish it today.  With some sort of Side.  Runnin' low on rice.  Only 4 Potato Half Spheres le... oh ok I could have THAT plus A BREAD as a side.  Looks like I'm Glad We Talked This One Out We All Learned A Little Something.  They're definitely seems to be a lot of Cheating and/or Preparing To Be Cheating regarding Election 2020.  I don't like to hear that!  It's tough though because there's 2 dozen ways they're attacking the election.  It's like that scene in Super Hero Movie where they're attacking Super Hero 2 dozen ways and he's like I AM BUT ONE MAN, SUPER MAN, NOT SUPERMAN, I'M NT HIM SPECIFICALLY, BUT I AM A SUPER MAN IN GENERAL.  ALSO I HAVE APPARENTLY RISEN TO THE RANK OF GENERAL AT SOME POINT.  LIKE BLACK PANTHER BUT GENERAL NOT PRESIDENT.
    Yep seems to check out.  WHY did I get Regular Salmon.  It's got NOTHIN goin' for it these past few days.  Maybe in the next few days I'll re-assess whether I'm Interested in Salmon.  But as of now it's more like a Chore That Has To Be Eaten (TWICE IN NUMBERS OF MEALS)  It's sad but the main thing that keeps me going is Thanks to Electoral College THEY'RE GONNA HAVE TO RIG IT ON A STATE BY STATE BASIS.  And then Republicans are like Well Then That's Just What We're Gonna Do, Smart Guy!  Glad We Talked This One Out We All Learned A Little Something.   I like reading polls and the Nates are like well at this point the Poll is about 3 points off from final number.  So it'll probably be either 3 below this or 3 above this.  And I'm like ok, if you had to guess 1-- it has to be 3 below, 3 above, RIGHT ON TARGET, you're saying you'd take the Over on 3 below or above?  What even IS THE POINT THEN.
    Great, just great.  Nates are Great.  Not as good as Daves.  Don't even get me started on Soledads.  That's a funny word.  It's someone's name.  Get out of town!  I'm a solid 3.5 episodes into 8 episodes of Dana Carvey: The Television Sow Experience.  I'm enjoying it!  Ya know Stevens are great, not even just Stevens, but ALL the Stevens, including Stephens and whatnot.  I have 2 cousins and they are named Dave and Steve.  No Soledads, no Stevens.  But 2 out of 4 ain't bad!  Hmm cousins have you heard about this I could have gone to Christmas last year but we didn't and now one of my elderly second cousins is NEAR DEATH.  And I BLEW my chance to see him one last time!  Great kinda a snooze to talk to but That's Mostly On Me.  I'M a snooze to talk to so basically for me I project it and Everyone is A Snooze To Talk To from my perspective thusly.
Yep seems to check out.  The point is I COULD HAVE ONE MORE MEAL OF MEATLOAF CHICKEN FINGER AND.. uh... not enough potatoes. OH YEAH I got some frozen Frenched Fries.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Got my Mom on board with my #JoeBidenKettleChipsSummerToRemember.  I hope remembering Joe Biden goes beyond This Summer To Remember and into the Next Four More Years.  That'd be a Net Positive.  I'd have a surplus of positive emotions.  With 3 points being off either way.  So basically I'd either have it as Neutral or VERY VERY Positive.  Yep that's how Math And Statistics work.  You get one answer and then you're like well it's DEFINITELY NOT THIS ANSWER, KINDA CLOSE THOSE ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, THOUGH.
    Sure I know how to Read A Poll.  Inaccurately.  The way I just talked about.
  Anyway.  The point is I tend to be more positive than my Dad and/or Mom specifically on this one issue.  Ya know the big issue.  Donald Trump.  Referendum on Donald Trump.  And referendum on Is Joe Biden Good Enough Yes Of Course He Is He's An Upstanding Individual And Citizen Who Also Is Good Enough On All Fronts!  That's where I'm at!  Anyway I forgot Dana Carvey was Wayne's World.  He's more a movie star than we'll ever know.  Because he IS Garth in Wayne's World.  It's hard to separate THE CHARACTER From The Man.  By which I mean I'm calling Dana Carvey, "A Character!," and Garth From Wayne's World is, "THE MAN!"  Anyway time to take a break!





I Forgot Your Name

   Let's continue with the entry.  I'm not happy with this title either, but what can I do about it?  I'm pot committed to giving you The Freshest Random Titles from 9 Years Ago.  Okay.  Did I ever clear up this issue with you-- I told you about how I found Indulgent Pajama Bottoms but not the top?  Turns out They're Sweat Pants.  Boy was my face red.  One INTERESTING thing about these sweat pants-- 3 pockets.  Two front pockets, and pocket behind the right bum.  Or switch those if you're wearing them backwards.  And if they're inside out just imagine them inside out as well.  That sort of thing.  Figure I'll aim to have lunch in about an hour 15 minutes.  Which means I Start Oven in about half an hour.  I crunched all them numbers.  OOP Margin of error of 15 minutes off.  So basically it'll  be 15 minutes from now I Start The Oven.  Or 45 minutes from now.  And you can TAKE THOSE STATS TO THE BANK.
  What else is going on In Sports.  #DanaCarveyShowSummerToEndAllSummers To Be Finished today.  That's just 3.5 episodes, though.  That's roughly an hour and a half or so.  Maybe a little under!  Hmm Plus or Minuses Three Hours Calculations Error.  I think the point is I'm looking at polls and am like JUST TELL ME WHOSE GONNA WIN!  ONLY IF ITS BIDEN.  IF ITS TRUMP LET ME LIVE THE NEXT 7 WEEKS IN AS PEACEFUL A STATE AS POSSIBLE BEFORE IT ALL REALLY TURNS TO THE SHITTIEST SHIT AMERICA COULD SHIT.  If only Dana Carvey was around TODAY to Help Us.  Probably wouldn't see it I Don't Have A TV.  Then again I'd probably check it out Online.  But then again it'd be cancelled before he gets to build up any momentum.  But on the other hand he either has a Brand New Cast or somehow gets the old cast back together in which case That's Too Much Star Power To Cancel!
    Also, Heat.  And brightness.  Main two powers Stars have.  OH and gravity.  Stars have A LOT going for them.  What else is going on and crap.  Is it possible that Freddy Got Fingered is a Nightmare on Elm Street Reference.  It's like if Freddy Krueger lost his Glove of Sharpness and just has fingers.  How would he manage?  Would he still be consumed by paranormal murderous tendencies?  Or would be be like well got some regular fingers maybe just be a regular person now.  I'm still dead and show up in people's dreams but from now on its gonna be Real Neutral.  Only 3 points in either direction, good or bad.  So I could be Bad but not so much, "I'm Going To Kill You," bad.
    Terrible!  Terrible paragraph.  NEW HAMPSHIRE IS BIDEN WINNING BUT WITHIN MARGIN OF ERROR FOR TRUMP?  Sorry I don't wanna get Too Threatening but HEY NEW HAMPSHIRE How'd You Like To See What We Did To OLD HAMPSHIRE.  ... Got rid of it in some way, sense, or form!  We're gonna get rid of YOU if you don't cool it with this, "Within The Margin Of Error," Crap!  It's a joke that's not how I feel!  How I REALLY feel is Jesus New Hampshire you're in the North East you're supposed to be The Good Guys.  That's more or less Accurate of how I feel.  Saw Bernie Sanders is concerned Biden isn't focusing on The Issues enough.  The Economic Issues Presumably.  I got no comment on that!  it's within the margin of error whether that's An Accurate Take Or Not.  I'm leaning TOWARDS accurate but that's just cause I Trust this Sanders guy.  He speaks truth to power!  And Biden speaks power to truth!  Yeah!
    Alright one more paragraph then another break!  Which will line up pretty well with When I put Lunch In Oven. The point is I could re-watch The Last British Season of Tales From The Crypt because I've seen it so few times but NOT the final episode which was a CARTOON.  About the Three Little Pigs, but HORROR.  There's something VERY disturbing about a cartoon fairy tale in The Tales From The Crypt Ethos.  TOO scary.  That's how I feel.  Ok One Note why does it matter if the pigs are little or small?  I MEAN little or big?  Is it because if they were Big Pigs they could take on this Wolf themselves?  That'd be MY Guess.  Anyway time for a break!  I've earned it!  Probably!  Within margin of error if I earn't it or not. 





Poison In My Ears

   Hey that sounds great.  Took an Xtra Long Break to line up Part III with lunch.  Also finished Episode IV of #DanaCarveyShowSummerToRemember.  Also watched 5 minutes of a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor until I was like yeah there's a reason I rarely watch this episode, and when I do, have NOT ONCE successfully done so with Full Attention.. cause it's the pits!  Not so great!  On the other hand Prime For Watching for That One Time where I'll pay Enough Attention To It.  Anyway so that seems like a nice way to transition from Entry To Rest Of The Day.  WATCH THAT TFTC HARDCORE ONCE AND FOR ALL LETS DO IT MAKE OR BREAK TIME TIME TO PUT UP SHUT UP WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE.
Great.  2 Beers into the day.  Either 4 or 5 overall.  Figure I'll start Beer #3 During Entry but After Lunch.  I've seen people refer to excrement as pinching a loaf but that's nothing like the Loafs I've ever seen in my life.  Not Meatloaf.  Not a loaf of bread.  Not a loaf of anything.  You don't get that kind of shape that a Pinch would create, that's first of all.  Second of all its not the consistency of any of those!  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I dunno.  Anyway, what else is going on.  In North Carolina, Black People's Mail In Voting are being rejected at FOUR TIMES White Peoples.  Well I guess that's how it goes.  Fight It On All Fronts!  Give up some time from Trump talking about Voting Twice, that's his way of distracting you!  Presumably!  Makes sense to me!  Also I get that you HAVE TO talk about that.  But talk about Multi-Things!
    Anyway.  I kinda forgot that TV exists.  I don't have a TV and I haven't watched anything That Was On TV In Real Time On Internet.  So I guess America has got that going for it.  TV Schedules!  So that's good for them.  I wonder how they're being distracted.  What's good for taking TV Audience's Minds Off.  Off things, onto other things, maybe just not involving The Mind at all, having audience Trade Minds.  Lots of things you can do when you're on TV.  The point is I finished lunch and the pint is beer which I poured maybe 1/5th, 1/th of a pint.  Hmm I think I'll consume that right now.  Hey that's delicious.  Also I only have to write two more paragraphs.  That's beyond delicious.  It's nothing in regards to taste.  That's my current impression on Senses and things that Encourage Senses.
    Wide world of sports.  Tomorrow's Titles will be great, I can just feel it.  There goes those inaccurate senses again.  When Chadwick Boseman died, my Mom was like where can I watch Black Panther.  And I was like why it's only on DisneyPlus, let me help you access it from your TV and she was like nah why bother.  I didn't realize I'd have to ACCESS it.  I think it would be GREAT if that's Biden's October surprise.  EXTRA NON-HEARD FOOTAGE FROM ACCESS HOLLYWOOD TAPE!  This time REALLY incriminating stuff!  It'll work this time around probably, that'd be MY guess.  Anyway is there a non zero chance that they won't be publicly launching investigation into Joe Biden & Joe Biden's family before election?  Because if there is, then... uh... is that a double negative?  I can't keep track.  The point is.. uh... I can't keep track.
Last paragraph!  Also October Surprises are all well and good but wouldn't an Early November Surprise be even better?  I dunno maybe not.  People need 3 or 4 days to PROCESS this surprise.  Can't catch them completely off guard by this surprise!  People Need To Adjust!  Anyway diner tonight'll probably be finishing that chicken.  Or making a dent in it anyway.  HEY I just received A Spam from Pizza Hut and I was like hey I could have French Breaded Pizza for dinner tonight.  Sure, sure, that's the ticket!  Poodles are French Bred?  That'd be My Guess.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow!  See ya!

-2:26 P.M.






Friday, September 11, 2020

Takes My Mind Off

   Look I got some real bad news.  Last night, while taking my Eye Contacts out, there's a SEVENTY PERCENT chance my right contact is lodged in my eye socket.  Under the eye lid?  Under the Bottom Eye Lid?  Behind one of the side eye lids?  Either that or it fell out while I was trying to take it out and I just didn't feel like and it fell to the grownd.  But the good news is Once This Is Over and I need new Eye Examinations inevitably, they'll tell me look ok you got 5 contacts stuck in here!  Not bad!  I've seen people with TWENTY, THIRTY contacts lodged into their skull sockets.  I'm basing this on Real Life.  I think it was two he found several years ago.  So basically I suffered no consequence.  That's the take away I feel.
    Anyway what else is the wide world of sports.  Got some nice Coffee Vibes going.  A little bit of beer maybe spread that out a little more than I've been doing.  Watched the Dana Carvey Show Show, it was pretty good!  The Show Show.  I can't speak 100% on Just The Show.
  Although I can speak enough that I gotta LTURQ to see where if I can binge it somewhere.  Because what I did see I Was 80% Totally On Board With!  The only part of the Show Show was when it showed or referred to Louie CK and I was like BOOO! HISS!!! THIS GUY'S SECRET EVIL SHAME HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO US LETS ERASE ANY EVIDENCE OF HIS EXISTENCE IF WE WANT TO AVOID SITUATIONS LIKE THIS.  It was The Show Show is from 2017, people didn't know!  Or maybe they did!  The COMEDY is the important part don't let our disappointment in Louie CK cloud the REAL message!  Has Louie CK done his Comedy Time yet?  I figure he's due for a comeback.  Not for me to say!
it's all available on Crackle!  What the Hell is, "Crackle." It's the streaming service that shows Dana Carvey Show!  I guess cause it's Crackling us up?  Is that why crack is called crack.  Doesn't it make a Crackling Sound when Ignited?  Or maybe its because its tiny little cracks of cocaine. That's what I used to think, until just writing it right now, because that's not an accurate representation of what the word means.  Sure it is. You crack open big pieces of crack.  Into smaller pieces.  Smaller pieces of crack.  For personal consumption.  Crackling sounds accurate though, too!  Anyway probably gonna have Sandwich & Soup for lunch.  Part II?  Part III?  Some other time? I dunno yet!  Lots of options!  Maybe Louie CK can come back BUT ON OUR TERMS.  Joke about what WE WANT HIM TO SAY.  That's pretty much the opposite of Louie CKs unspoken spirit.  STILL THOUGH LIFE IS FULL OF COMPROMISES FOR ALL OF US.  The point is #DanaCarbeyTwilightOfTheSummerShowToCrackleUpFor.
    Yep seems to check out.  Except for his name is CarVey.  But the crux of it is in the right place.  Anyway, eight episodes at 22 minutes each?  That's now A Summer that's An Afternoon.  Oh well what can ya do.  Only about a week and a half till summer is over.  LMLTURQ.  Yep seems to check out Autumn is a week from next Tuesday, 9.22.2020.  Man oh man what else is going on.  I also watched that horror movie on the Shiver Me Timbers website.  That was a pretty good movie, too!  I find it odd to see movies that were made with AT LEAST the upper 7 digits of production money that there's no way anyone has ever heard of them unless they have this Service or are legit Horror Nerds.  THAT'S A WHOLE LOT OF NO GOOD RETURNS ON GOOD INVESTMENTS.  Such is life, though, right?  Maybe they all had 2 week long wide releases.  And just nobody remembers them enuogh that people Born Later could ever even access them.
    The point is I Forget.  The Dana Carvey show was a Good Investment because it made people laugh if only for a short time and only for a very limited amount of people and only in a very forgettable fashion.  Anyway hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  More #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor this morning during CircleWalk and presumably more later on!  I gotta see this thing through.  I said I was gonna have a Summer to Shriek For, and God Damnit I'm Gonna Follow Through!  10 More Days!  11 MAYBE depending on your interpretation of when days start and end!  There's a thing where rich people charter planes on Happy New Years so they can experience the new year in every time zone all day, right?  Is that a thing for the Autumnal Equinox?  Just some real big Equinox fans?  I thought it would be funny because Equinox is a funny word.  And Autumnal is kinda funny, too.  I was wrong.
What else is going on.  One more bonus paragraph for this section.  No one knows why.  I go by FEEL it's more of an ART than a science.  Well no one is arguing that it's a science.  I guess it could be Art.  Art CAN be terrible.  Science though is either Real or Not Science.  Or Weird Science.  Which I guess is Real Science but a little off-center.  ALRIGHT HERE'S THE POLL I'VE BEN WAITING ALL SUMMER FOR BIDEN IS UP  12 POINTS IN OREGON.  Well that's the election right there.  As Oregon goes so goes the nation.  And as the computer game goes, the nation goes to Oregon.  IHmm.  Is it possible that the name OREGON comes from people calling the trail, "The Oregon Trail," for some reason?  And then when they settled in the Oregon Place they were like Hey lets just call THIS Oregon.  Pretty plausible scenario!  Probably DIDN'T pan out that way but it'd be INTERESTING if it did.  LMLTURQ.  NOPE NOT THE CASE.  DAMNIT.





Damn U.N.

   Idea for Dana Carvey show-- parody of Tales From The Crypt and its Dana Carvey playing the Crypt Keeper.  And Louie CK plays the person who wrote the script who it turns out is masturbating in front of women he could uncomfortably abuse because of his purported power and influence in the industry.  I dunno if I've learned anything from masturbation its that every once in a while you need A Fresh Start.  That's My Hot Take on Whether Louie CK can be rehabilitated.  Life is one big jerk off, right?  I think that's the premise I've been mostly operating under.  What if QNON tried to tamper down its zealots and was like ok we were off about them killing and eating children-- they just jerk off in front of them.  I feel like SOME people would be against that but SOME dumb Repubs would be like oh well that's not so bad they gotta learn about sexual abuse of power SOMEWHERE and I was REALLY HOPING it wouldn't come from me.  Their parent.  That's what Comedy Role Models are for!
    Dunno what that paragraph was all about.
  Anyway, re: Qnon, there's always been Kooks around.  They wrote She Moves In Her Own Way.  Other than that I have no idea what The Kooks are.  I don't even know why I know that one song.  Did it pop up on Pandora that 2 month period I used Pandora?  That'd be my first guess.  Is there an alternate universe where I Really Get Into Bill Cosby At Some Point In My Life?  A world where His Raping either didn't exist or was ever uncovered?  Yeah probably He Seems well respected by my Comedy Heroes.  Or was.  I dunno anymore!  Here's the next question-- is there a universe where DESPITE the apparent raping I STILL Get Into Bill Cosby At Some Point?  Probably, if I had to guess.  I wouldn't be PROUD OF IT but it's called Doing COMEDY RESEARCH.  Get off my back about it!
    Well he's having all the Jello Pudding Pops he could handle in Prison if you catch my drift!!!  Being raped by prisoners with flaccid penises.  I assume a Jelly Pudding Pop is relatively flaccid.  I've never had one.  There must be a name for Sex with a flaccid penis.  Right?  I'll get to the bottom of this one yet!  Crypt Keeper is probably pretty flaccid.  That's how puppeteering works as per my understanding.  Maybe start some coffee right about now.  More Coffee, I mean.  Hey just did that.  Right about 1/2 way through the section of entry.  Interesting, very interesting.  Tell me MORE about how far into the entry we are.  Well, at this point, pretty much almost done with third paragraph completely.  That's roughly 60% into the section.  Fascinating, this is great stuff, lets keep it goin'!
    Hmm.  Also what kind of shitload of money did Bill Cosby get from Jello that it became so ubiquitous with him.  And also I'm gonna be honest maybe it's my generation but outside of Bill Cosby Parodies I've NEVER heard of or seen a Jello Pudding Pop.  Whatever money he got, that must have been 100% of their advertising budget.  They just went ALL IN on Bill Cosby.  And you know what?  KINDA paid off?  But not in the end, though.  That's what Bill Cosby is saying to fellow prisoners on where he'd prefer they put their jello pudding pops.  The End is slang for The Butt.  It's where your body ends.  Your gastrointestinal tract, at least.  Well that's great, just  great. 80% into the section.
Fascinating.  Yesterday DID end up having same Dinner as Lunch.  Today Dinner is Communal Roast Chicken.  I'm gonna Opt for white rice as a side and my Dad is gonna go with a few half spheres of potato.  II like chicken and rice it reminds me of when you could get chicken stuffed with rice.  It's the same thing but SEPARATE BUT EQUAL.  As opposed to ONE THING WHERE IT'S ONE THING PENETRATING THE OTHER THING.  Which I think is how we all approach civil rights.  In one way or the other, right?  Seems to check out.  Anyway gotta take a break in a minute.  Not just Gotta but Wanna.  It gives me time to reflect on Louie CK some more.  Really gotta figure this one out By The End Of The Entry.  The Entry's Butt.  Hah.  Butt.  I'll see you guys in a bit! 





Worth Living For

   Anyway got some Corned Beef Sandwich and a few half potato spheres going on.  Didn't feel like Soup.  A) Waiting for it to heat up B) eating soup will writing is a chore C) that's it, A and B, only two reasons!  So great what else is the point.  What's the status on Louie CK Forgiveness Needle in the entry.  Still stuck at, "Ain't My Place To Say!"  I say lots of things that aren't my place.  But the point is here is one where I explicitly ACKNOWLEDGE it ain't my place!  Everywhere else it's IMPLICIT and NOT ACKNOWLEDGING.  Hey I'm having Diet Pepsi for the first time in OVER A WEEK.  Possible TWO WEEKS OR MORE.
    Anyway.  Time to EXPLICITLY ACKNOWLEDGE the CLIMATE CATOSTROPHE going on on the west coast (Of America)  I saw pictures of Globe and it's SMOKEY over the entire west coast into Pacific and Down Even Into ARIZONA which doesn't touch the coast not even close we're talking hundreds of miles away from the Pacific Ocean as per my understanding.  But the good news is The President is on it not having us panic by Again Not Doing Anything.  It's a real one size fits all to natural disasters.  Do Nothing so people WON'T PANIC.  JUST KEEP YOUR COOL WEST COAST IT'LL ALL JUST GO AWAY ONE DAY.  ONE DAY THE FIRE AND SMOKE WILL JUST BE GONE.  That's EXACTLY what he said about Coronavirus.  Whatta Chump!
Anyway, I dunno.  I finished lunch and I'm Not Happy About It.  If I had soup I'D STILL BE EATING NOW.  Anyway the past several weeks I've Been Wearing The Same SOcks and also The Socks Don't Match.  Gotta imagine I've been trading off Which Sock Goes On Which Foot because I don't consciously make an effort to be consistent with it. Maybe I instinctually put One Brand Of Sock on Left Foot and the other on Right Foot.  I dunno maybe one day I should pay more attention when I'm putting on my socks!  Anyway Figure I'll start Beer 3 of FIVE MAYBE? after this entry is over.  Get started on that #DanaCarveyShowSummerToTwilightTheShow RIGHT AFTER a few #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor z.
    Whatta day I got planned!  Never Forget.  And I Never Will. Transcribed for all eternity on Internet!  Is this a Universal Thought Today-- Hmm next year'll be a clean 20 years since Never Forget.  Everyone can SEE 19 years is a bit too clunky to Never Forget and we're all like YEAH I'M CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS IN MY HEAD NEXT YEAR IS A BIG ONE.  Well, I AM.  I genuinely believe other people feel the same way.  That'd by my guess.  But NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING.  Who decided we should Never Forget.  Was there any debate, and was anyone saying hey maybe we should forget!  Because Hey That Guy Could Make Some Tangible Reasonable arguments?  But We NEVER even had that conversation!  Someone just said NEVER FORGET and we were all like YEAH THAT SOUNDS RIGHT.
    To commemorate those who died.  Yeah, I guess that makes sense.  But also you're holding onto Hurt and Damage in your heart.  Sometimes it's best to let go.  Not Forget, but Just Sorta LET GO A BIT.  Because at this point, when I hear never forget, my first thought isn't right never forget the first responders and the WTC workers and all those people... My thought is oh yeah never forget That Thing That Happened.  It was a bad thing!  And maybe I'm wrong!  Maybe I'm trying to remember the wrong thing! THAT'S ON ME I GUESS.  Anyway that's it for today.  I'll be back tomorrow!  Never Forget!

-3:09 P.M.  





Thursday, September 10, 2020

Inside Out

   Look at that!  A title that's already a well known title.  Several well known titles!  There's the movie.  There's the song.  There's some book presumably.  Inside Out: The Story of Inside Out.  And its a memoir.  Yeesh.  Got my walkin' done real early, waited 2 hours for Grocer Delivery to arrive, spent some time wiping down stuff, now where am I?  Oh, right.  Here.  With my favorite people.  Anyway got Buffalo Chicken Fingers AND All-For-Myself Meatloaf so I'm gonna have ONE OF EACH for lunch WITH SOME BIG HALF POTATO SPHERES.  I MEAN SPHERICAL POTATO HALVES.  I mean...  The point is This Time Around the Half Spheres are TWO TIMES as big.  I'm guessing overall it's the same amount of Ounces Of Potato.  Just 1/2 as man and twice as big!   Is that accurate, would it be 1/2 as many if its on a Spherical.  Or would it be exponentially different or something.  Hmm I've given myself a lot to think about.  To finish this paragraph lemme give you a bit of what I'm enjoying-- orange juice, coffee, and beer.  All at the same time!  I call it The Beverage Trifecta.  I don't know WHY.  It's not catchy at all.  Doesn't come up that often that it needs a name.  I'm gonna have to rethink this phrase COMPLETELY.
    Wonderful.  I know in Home Alone it was a Plot Point that Kevin never gets pizza when entire family is there, too slow on the uptake.  But then when he's alone he's like A whole Cheese Pizza ALL FOR MYSELF.  The point is that's where I am this week With Meatloaf.  Which is Pretty Good!  Also I feel like there was a time in my life at NYU where I would get pizzas and easily eat 4 or 5 in a night.  But this was before my metabolism went all to putt.  I could do that and no consequences!  Just like how Trump thinks his life should and does work out for him!  No Consequences!  Hmm that's been working out for him for the most part up till now.  Maybe I should become a colossal douche bag.
FreshDirect has an appetizer OR entry, I forget which, which is Colossal Shrimp.  And I'm like yeah you SAY colossal but I'm no sucker I wasn't born yesterday I was born at least a few weeks ago as per my memory.  This is gonna be like three  pieces of shrimp.  Just regular shrimp.  You know not mini shrimp but not anything an accurate person would describe as colossal.  Hmm an Accurate Person, I wonder how they would describe things.  Accurately would be my guess, that's the point I'm trying to get across here.  Still haven't taken that first drink yet!  Man oh man am I just about ready for that.  The point is I gotta say compared to other Generic Brand Lite Beer Miller Lite is the tops.  Miller Lite, For When You Want The Tops, that's my ad campaign promotion suggestion for Miller Lite.  Also it's ME saying it in the commercials and magazine ads.  So I get DOUBLE the royalties.  At that point, all the royalties I'd be earning behind and in front of the camera, might as well just make me majority stock holder of the Miller Lite Corporation.  Seems like that'd be the natural conclusion to this Miller Lite Story.
 That's how Ronald McDonald Got His Start.  Just a clown with a dream.  A Hamburger Dream.  Behind and In front of the camera apparently.  Also Miller Lite is its own corporation?  Yep seems to check out!  Figure I'll aim to eat roughly around Act III of the entry.  Yep now Entries are divided into Acts.  Or maybe they always were and I just didn't realize it.  The point is There's No Second Acts In American Life... WE JUST JUMP STRAIGHT TO ACT III!!!  THE FINAL ACT.  CLIMAX TIME WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN! -F Scott Fitzgerald.  Again another thing I should be praised for that I knew that quote AND knew who it was by.  Anyway already watched more than more than more than my fair share of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor today.  We're talkin' during CircleWalk.  We're talking for most of the 2.5 hours Waiting For Delivery To Come.  We're talkin' yep that's about it ain't life grand.
  What else do I have in store for today.  A movie on Shutter:Shiver Me Timbers The Horror Movie Streaming Website that looked Prime for some Late Afternoon watching.  Gotta wait until the Late Afternoon, It's The Scariest Time OF The Day, when its ALMOST starting to GET DARK OUTSIDE.  Shiver Me Timbers is a Pirate reference.  It's what Pirates say when they're scared.  You'd think pirates would want to keep their fears to themselves, kinda unpiratelike to admit to fellow pirates you're scared!  Turns out it means more, "Shocked," than, "Frightened."  But I'm pot committed to this paragraph and Hey At The Least We All Learned A Little Something At The End!  Alright time for a break for some reason.  I don't know WHY.  It just is!





   Looks like it!  Wonderful.  Hey Part II: The Second Part: Of Three Parts.  Do people like it as in PREFER IT when they, "Crack," open a can of beer and it sprays everywher JUST A LITTLE BIT?  Like, so slight that you're really not losing any substantial amount.  But you get that nice, "Crack A Beer Open Vibe" wit just a BIT spraying.  My guess is Yes Especially in TV Show Movie AND COMMERCIAL.  I should be saving this stuff for my Miller Lite pitch.  Main Character, "Cracks," open a beer and it sprays a little bit JUST A FUN AMOUNT NOTHING IS GOING TO WASTE CALM DOWN.  The point is In Real Life No I paid good money for this beer I don't want any going to waste.  Also I paid very little money for this beer but I can only purchase a finite amount of it week-by-week so that's where it hurts!
    Cool!  I wrote down some thoughts on Two Tales From The Crypt Episodes but no one would know what I'm talking about.  So if you're interested in my thoughts from several #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor Episodes my e-mail is MANKINDGUY@GMAIL.COM   As far as I know.  That's what I've been telling people, at least.  I really should look into that.  How did, "E," become a stand in for Internet.  "I" I get.  I for Internet.  E?  I'm trying to think of a synonym for Internet where, "E," shows up.  Not having any success.  Maybe I'll LTURQ.  Oh.  Electronic.  That seems to check out.  But I think it applies to internet.  If you're playing Super Mario Bros on Super Nintendo you're not E-Gaming.  But you are ELECTRONIC Gaming.  I don't make the rules I just assume them. 
    Okay.  Figure I'll aim to eat in around 1 hour.  A real right between 2:30 and 2:45.  Oh I got a good documentary lined up!  The Story of The Dana Carvey Tale Show Movie The Documentary Movie Show.  That Dana sure CARVEYD HIMSELF OUT a niche in the film and tv industry!  YEehehehe!  MOSTLY TV FOR THIS ONE Yeshshehehee!! Talk about kicking someone when they're down.  I think that was the thesis statement for Cobra Kai.  He JUST lost his own TV show roughly 24 years ago or so?  I'll find out Very Soon I Guess!  Again, not to pile it on, but I remember Master of Disguise was the subject of RIDICULE from me and my friends.  We were at the age where we were proud to be above it.  Ya know 15 or so.  We did quote the commercial a lot.  He Goes TURTLE, TURTLE and mocks being In A Turtle Shell.  Now that I think about it maybe We All Just Liked That Commercial and only I thought we were being sarcastic.  Also I never saw that movie!  Sorry!
    Well there goes any chance I'll ever have of working with HIM.
  Great, just great.  Fourth paragraph of part II.  Crazysheet is Canon everyone knows this.  By which I mean I go by, "C," and I'm revealing Deep State Secrets One Fabrication At A Time.  Canon in D.  Danon.  What was going on again?  Oh right, that's a new character I'm trying out.  Guy who says things nobody asked for.  Anyway.  In To Those About To Rock, does AC/DC use a real cannon, sort of like how they used a real Hell's Bell in the song Hell's Bells?  In which case, Was that Cannon tuned to D?  I dunno.  I've raised a lot of interesting questions, tough!  Also Yep they used a real church bell I read about it in a Book!  Don't REMEMBER there being a cannon involved anywhere in the book but it's POSSIBLE.
THIS CANNON IS WAY OUT OF TUNE SOMEONE HASN'T BEEN TAKING PROPER CARE OF IT.  Anyway just put in Lunch in Oven.  We're talkin 1 Slice of Meated Loaf, One Buffalo'd Chicken Finger, and Several Half Spheres Of Potato-- I Aimed For Around Six. ANd that'll be ready in a nice 40 minutes.  So that's a good plan for today.  Dana Carvey + Horror Movie.  Also it's not JUST Dana Carvey.  It's a Whole TEAM of Wonderfuls.  That's what I'VE been led to believe.  Anyway all this talking about Dana Carvey makes me want to finish the Martin Short Autobiography.  Kinda similar physiques, both good at comedy, do impressions a lot.  Martin Short does impressions, right?  But Don't Confuse 'Em!  That'd be no bueno.  Anyway based on when Food'll be ready, to correspond with Act III, gonna write a bonus paragraph right about Now.
    Hey what a bonus!  Are Severance Packages technically bonuses?  Hey we're giving you a One Time Bonus Also You're Fired.  That's congruent with My Understanding of Business Economics.  Has anyone noticed that Trump's unemployment numbers Are No Bueno and also he became famous with the slogan, "You're Fired."  What were people expecting Am I Right?  It's a good thing though that he didn't panic us and leaving a national effort to lick this pandemic within 6 or 8 weeks.  I don't know HOW we would have survived that!  TOO MUCH PANICKING ABOUT HOW IT WAS A RELATIVELY MINOR HICCUP AND WE CAME RIGHT BACK AFTER TWO MONTHS!  I'D BE ALL PANICKED OUT!  One more bonus pragraph this fuchslkerksonudemsk
    Yes you will lose your lives and/or your loved ones lives.  Don't panic!  It's all part of the plan that I Don't Give A Shit Whether You Or Your Loved One's Lives or Dies!  Keep Calm About It!  Shhh there there its okay.  So we've got THAT going for us.  The other point is he's talking about Stocks and Markets.  That's what he was referring to that he wanted to avoid panic, which makes more sense.  Of course that was also Completely The Wrong Way To Do It even by those standards!  Probably.  I dunno, "Markets," but it seems like, "Hundreds of Thousands of American Lives Unnecessarily Lost," can't be GOOD for the economy, can it?  And if it is, isn't that kind of an indictment of the way our economy works?  An
yway hey I get to take a break now for half an hour.  See Ya Soon!




Let's Only Play Beatles Songs

        Wonderful.  Got lunch going!  Exactly what I predicted.  I'm eating it Quickly because I need to get my energy up IMMEDIATELY.  I think I might watch Horror Movie FIRST and then watch Dana Carvey Show Movie AFTER.  Food is DELICOUS when it actually fills you up.  So eating quickly, I get full quicker and more completely, it's even more delicious!  Is Meatloaf an American Meal.  I mean I know it, "Rates," as American.  But we couldn't have been the first that came up with this.  Probbaly England.  Go praise England for Meatloaf.  Anyway 2 beers down.  1 More Beer for Next Entertainment Thing, then take a bath, 1 more Beer for Second Entertainment Thing!  That's The Plan!
  Baths are fun because I listen to 3-4 songs of my own during the bath.  And its all like Hey check that dude out he's doin' his ting in perpetuity in recorded music.  Hmm I haven't given much thought to WHAT TO DO FOR DINNER.  Maybe just Another Same Thing As Lunch?  I dunno!  I got salmon I should eat.  But I also have DELICIOUS MEATLOAF AND BUFFALO CHICKEN FINGERS.  ALRIGHT I'll start Beer #3 now.  I Don't Know What Else To Do!  This Act III of the entry is really tricky, don't know how to approach it, get my head around it, wrap it in my arms and figure stuff out.  I burnt the flip side of my left middle finger.  The flip side being the opposite side of the nail, in roughly that place.  I took a half sphere when it was too hot to touch!  I sure learnt my lesson though lemme tell you.
Whatever.  Good dinner could be a Corn't Beef Sandwich and a soup.  Lotta good possibilities.  Maybe some sort of Frozen Concoction.  With some sort of White Rice that There's Only One Kind Of White Rice I Have.  I started drinking beer sublingually.  I lift my tongue up a bit while drinking and I think that makes you absorb alcohol faster.  Getting it under your tongue  It's a theory I'm operating under and there's a solid 70% chance part of it is based on scientific realities.  The point is if I was living alone I'd very heavily lean towards Same Dinner as Lunch.  But my parents?  What would they say?  They'd be concerned.  That's some disorder right, for kids?  Only eat one thing.  And I'm a kid in my parent's eyes.  Presumably! 
    Cool!  Hey WHAT THE FUCK is going on on the West Coast?  Is It Fire As Far As The Eye Can See?  Well I dunno look I'm East Coast Thru And Thru but that doesn't mean I can't EMPATHIZE with people on the West Coast if not being able to outright SYMPATHIZE with them.  I can see WHY they're upset but beyond that, I dunno!?!  Look Climate Change is real, its happening, make that connection, and then, what?  Hire A LOT of fire fighters?  I dunno what the short term solution is to their midterm problem.  Get a lot of fire fighters!  They're probably Slightly Less Dicks than Police Officers!  You never see Firemen just beat the shit out of people.  Doesn't mean it's not happening, just that we never see it!
    Anyway.  Last paragraph.  I got kettle chips but they're not wiped down and won't be until tomorrow.  Such is life.
  Is that how they see right wing militias and whatnot?  Volunteer Police Departments?  My guess is yep that seems to check out completely.  PARENTS B DAMNED I mAY EAT THE SAME DINNER AS LUNCH.  You don't MESS with a CLASSIC.  And this has been classic for OVER TWENTY MINUTES.  If only I could just turn back the clocks to 25 minutes ago so I could eat the Lunch Again without having to wait for dinner.  But I can't!  Not even just that little amount!  I can't turn back the clocks NOT EVEN A MINUTE not even if I tried really hard!  Can rewatch the sale #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor, though.  In some ways that's where Time Has Stopped for me.  For a few weeks!  A FUN few weeks!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-3:02 P.M.     




Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Burned My Finger

   Look, if I was writing that title today, it'd be "Burnt My Finger."  But I'm not!  I have integrity when it comes to Accurate Random Old  Titles.  The people Expect As Much From Me.  Anyway hey Wednesday, gettin' a very small super market delivery from KeyFood: The Chain Grocer because it's stuff my Dad likes that FreshDirect doesn't have.  We're talkin' 7 things over all!  We're talkin' 2 of those things are for me!  We're talkin a box of lean pockets and a package of Bread Sticks!  We're talkin Taking Care of Business.  Delivery won't arrive for another 2 hours or so According To Them.  Hmm  Weird Al Album-- The World Accordion To Me.  I feel like Weird Al dropped the accordion for the most part as the years went by. SELL OUT.
If you were ranking artists on a Approval/Disapproval rating, would Weird Al have the highest surplus?  I dunno!  Maybe the highest DEFICIT depending on how you're conceptualizing the numbers!   I dunno there must be like 10-20% of people who are like WHAT THE HELL HE'S MAKING FUN OF MY FAVORITE SONGS.  WHAT A FUCKIN JERK I CAN'T STAND THIS GUY.  I've never met that person, but they must exist somewhere?  Anyway, I was also going to get White Castle Hamburger from KeyFood: The Grocer, because FreshDirect Don't Sell It (Sell outs!) but Dad guilt tripped me into Not Doing It because of cholesterol.  And I was like look 90% of what I would be eating anyway is just as unhealthy.  And he was like... I dunno... didn't make any further arguments.  Just doubled down on Don't Do It!  And I was like fine great what do I care.
  I was going to finish Wes Craven's New Nightmare: Fred Krueger Movie: Kinda Old By Now for CircleWalk but I went with 3 Tales From The Crypt instead.  I dunno how I managed to fit in 3 into an hour but I accomplished it somehow in a way nobody really can say for certain.  The point is I got great meals planned.  One is Smart Ones: The Frozen Meal Dealie WITH some Rice, and Two is I dunno two burritos?  The lean pockets?  I don't have all the answers as of this moment.  Even possibly Make Myself Some Eggs!  I gotta make the most of Non-Beer Days because they're presumably the best days to do the little cooking required to do cooking.
    Okay.  I just misspelled, "Nightmare," last paragraph and FrontPage was like "DID YOU MEAN TO SAY NIGGARD?"  And I was like Hmm just when I thought I knew what Microsoft FrontPage was all about they throw a curveball at me.  They're Racist!  And they think I'm as racist as them!  Sure it's a word independent of the N-word.  But I feel like they're not just similar sounding words but they are related in etymology.  That'd Be MY Guess!  Again the Real Great News is I knew the word
etymology on my FIRST GUESS.  Anyway, what else is going on for now.  Look the point is if I Could Just Have Fresh Eggs Immediately I'd be doing that for lunch but I can't!  So I'll probably do the Frozen Meal + Rice.  It finishes The Rice which is the Last Of The Fresh Food From Last Thursday.  And it's THIS Thursday in approximately 30... no 20... TEN HOURS! 
    Hey I was happy just to finish a Part I of Entry before Supermarket Chores, but I could probably get in Part II as well!
  With LUNCH presumably.  I find this all very fascinating.   The Beatles probably have a high approval rating.  What kind of guy is like I CAN'T STAND THEM AND THEIR BULLSHIT.  Probably some people, I dunno!  I LIKED EM BEFORE THEY, "SOLD OUT," AND DECIDED TO MAKE MUSIC.  I LIKED THEM WHEN THEY WERE JUST FRIENDS.  That seems like a plausible reaction to The Beatles.  Anyway what else is going on.  Figure I can watch plenty of Great Stuff over the rest of the day.  What kinda stuff did I watch YESTERDAY.  1/3rd of a documentary about Bill Murray.  But the entire focus of the documentary is This guy shows up at places, sometimes where he's not expected, and brightens the day of regular people.  That's It.  Nothing about his life.  Whatta scam of a documentary this is.  I GOT it 5 minutes in!  Sounds Great WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT.  NOW TELL ME ABOUT HIS LIFE.  Maybe they do I'm only 1/3rds in.  I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE.



I Couldn't Agree More

   Well I went with 2 Burritos.  We're talking... Beef Beans and Cheddar?  Beans Cheddar and Something?  Three things for each one, though, that's the main point.  Oh Yeah I figured out the other movie I watched yesterday, Comedian: The Jerry Seinfeld Vehicle (Before the Jerry Seinfeld Vehicle That Took Place In Vehicles).  I felt bad for Orny Adams why is he so ornery.  It's his given name.  We Don't Know That For Sure!  I've seen this guy he is a VILLAIN a COMEDY VILLAIN he could have made up that name!  I feel bad for him he comes off like a jerk but that's all editing I'm sure he's a good guy most of the time.  Also it's an accurate adjective for him In The Movie.  The MOST accurate!  Maybe that's what the movie was about.  Went over my head at the time.
  Anyway solidly gonna finish Part II before Supermarket Chores, that'd be my guess.  Anyway it's fun to have 2 burritos that are SIMILAR but NOT THE SAME.  I forget which one is which and its like a Blind Taste Test.  Also why are you giving Blind People Taste Tests it's their Sight that's the problem.  Anyway looks like SuperMarket is putting together the order so I'm gonna stop... right... now. HEY I JUST TOOK AN HOUR BREAK AND STILL NO DELIVERY.  But I've crunched the numbers and I should be able to Finish Part II before Taking Care of Business: Grocery Business.  Looks like Trump is responsible for why USA succumbed to Coronavirus. I tink his argument is I woulda said something but I didn't wanna ruin the vibe.  I guess that's what they're going to say?  Yes Tens of Thousands, if not inevitably hundreds of thousands, people died unnecessarily BUT HIS HEART WAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE.  Just look at his face, He's Sorry!  He learned his lesson this won't happen again!
Of course that demeans the intelligence of anyone.  Which at this point is worth thinking about.  Because it's pretty cut and dry, so if you're going with Trump just wanted to lull you into a false sense of security when he knew that it would kill SIX FIGURES AMOUNT OF AMERICANS to Provide a Chill Atmosphere Which Lasts About A Few Weeks or A Month, I dunno, that Smells Like Bullshit to pretty much anybody Would BE MY Guess.  Can't wait to find out!  Also it's just so dumb because it accomplishes Nothing ultimately!  Eventually the Mood'll be spoiled on account of All Those Rising Deaths and economic hardships and sacrifices WE ALL HAD TO MAKE AND ARE STILL MAKING.  So basically the point is He's Just Flat Out Dumb and/or Crazy!
    What else is going on.  But the good news is Dumb People didn't suffer for that SPECIAL MAGICAL ONE OR TWO WEEKS before Most of Us Knew It Was Gonna Be Real Bad until Everyone Kinda Knew It Was Gonna Be Real Bad Even If They Chose To Ignore It And Or Downplay it.  March!  And in his mind Well this is March.  April?  I dunno waht that means.  Oh I get it.  One day I'll wake up and it'll be April.  I don't know HOW but my life is not a Groundhogs Day I've figured that much out.  One day I'll wake up tomorrow and presumably coronavirus will be over.  I feel like if I WASN'T president someone'd take care of it.  So I assume someone'll take care of it okay Nighty Night I'll see you in the morning.
    What a fucking useless piece of garbage.
  Anyway food is on its way, time to take a break now!  BRB!  Alright Took Care Of Business now I'm back to write a paragraph, watch some #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor, come back and write Part III.  Is this a key moment for Trump politically?   Could be!  Will it definitely be?  Nope!  Is there a third option?  One would guess!  What about a fourth option?  Now you're pushing it!  I'd say between calling Veterans Losers and Suckers, and inflicting a Plague that killed Six Figures Of Americans unnecessarily... NOT A GOOD WEEK FOR A SITTING AMERICAN PRESIDENT.  That wouldn't be a Good Week for ANYBODY.  Maybe Our Enemies.  Seems like they'd be getting a kick out of this!  Hmm, maybe, get me here, follow me on this... THE TRUMPERS ARE OUR ENEMIES.  Gotta imagine some of them  are getting some kicks out of this.  In which case ENEMY.  Break Time! 




He Lost His Mind Then

   Hell Yes it looks like a Smart Ones: Health Dinner with a small but NOT INSIGIFNAICNAT amount of White Rice.  HEY CHINA IS INFILTRATING OUR CUISINE WE DON'T GO TO CHINA AND PIMP AMERICAN RICE.  Which does bring to the question why isn't there American Rice.  Is it because Rice SEEMS TOO HEALTHY?  Obviously we know, depending on the rice because there's lots of varieties, but for the most part its just empty carbohydrates.  But still IT LOOKS LIKE HEALTH because the taste isn't 100% noticeable.  MUST BE HEALTH FOOD.  Also its complimenting my Disgustingly Unhealthy Main Dish.  MUST BE HEALTHY ITSELF.  What are THE DEAL with things?
    Yeah I WENT there!  The point is latest I'm finishing an entry in A LOOONG TIME.  We're talkin, I'm gonna estimate, Two weeks?  Three weeks?  Stuff like that.  Anyway good chance if I'm ever allowed to Do Things Outside (and on The Inside But Outside) 1) Comedy Open Mics.  It's a nice Reset because Everyone's Gonna be out of practice.  Open Micers, at least.  And then I knock em over and push em out of the way and get to the mic first and am like WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH STARBUXXXXXX.  And then a heckler goes WE FORGET! and he gets a laugh.  And I get insanely jealous of him.   Then I say OK SMART GUY IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT MAYBE I'LL JUST LEAVE!  DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL. And then I step back down.  Pretty plausible scenario of how my open mics might go.  In my long career of doing 4 minutes of Stand Up Comedy I don't think I dealt with any hecklers.  Why heckle someone whose doing so poorly already.  That'd just be CRUEL.
Seems to check out.  Anyway got a nice Shutter Horror Movie lined up for tomorrow.  Feels like a good Late Afternoon while inebriated on beer kinda movie.  You know how that goes.  COLIN QUINN IN COMEDIAN?  PLAYING THE SAME KIND OF ROLE HE PLAYED IN KEVIN HART'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY?  Does he know he's getting type cast?!?  What's, "Real Life Dummy?"  And do you have any proof of it Actually Existing?  OH also watched a 30 minute documentary on Sam Kinison.  Sorry but I just don't get it at all. I liked the role he played in a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor and I understand and agree that there's something INTERESTING about what he's doing but it doesn't make me laugh and also is sometimes offensive!  But mainly the Lack of Ha-Has and Yuck-Em-Ups, that's what I got from that.  Then again it wasn't the most IN DEPTH 28 minutes.  Anyway what else is going on. 
    Such is life.
  Anyway tomorrow I'm back to the Miller, "Lite!"  Which based on recent past experience is better than, "Bud, 'Light" AND, "Coors: The Light Beer Version."  I know what you're thinking this guys a Pussy for drinking light beer.  NO I'M NOT A PUSSY I JUST HAVE AN EATING DISORDER OK.  WATCHING CALORIES!  WHAT DO YOU MEAN HAVING AN EATING DISORDER MAKES A MAN A PUSSY THAT DOESN'T MATCH UP WITH MY EXPERIENCES.  Yeah I, "Went There!"  But for the record Men can and SHOULD have eating disorders at the same rate as Women!  I feel strongly about this and in terms of gender equality we should all be equally obsessively and compulsively worried about our weights and diets, etc.
    Yeah I'm on a diet-- DIET SODA!  MAN OH MAN WHAT A SICK BURN.  Hey this is the last paragraph!  Wonderful, just wonderful.  Anyway.  If Bill Murray ever showed up randomly at my house, I figure I'd just gush to him about how Kingpin is my actual unequivocal favorite movie of all time.  That'd be my first instinct.  Only instinct, too!  Once that's taken care of I don't have any more instincts planned!  Just play it by ear, that'd be My Strategy!  Anyway hey entry is just about over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!  WITH ALCOHOL I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  All the hard sober work I've done over the Working Week is gonna pay off with a BINGE OF BEER of 18 cans over 4 days and nights.  Not good, but could be worst!  I'll see you guys later.

-4:58 P.M.




Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Lets Play Role Play

   Well that sounds like fun I guess.  I call Me!  You can be you, or someone else.  Those are your optoins.  I guess you could ALSO be Me!  That's Two Peas In A Pod Think-- great conditions for comedy!  Okay, so going forward-- I am Me, and You are Me.  Just feels right!  Another day without beer.  Hey this is fun, I got Blood Test Results and my Cholestrol is Way Too High!  I already take ANTI- Cholesterol Drug, but that just ain't cutting it anymore!  May need a higher dose!  Great why does this happen to me.  I don't deserve this!  Just because of my own unhealthy habits what now I'm supposed to get Unhealthy?  Who made up this system.  Some HEALTHY People you can bet on that!
    258. Main Cholesterol Number.  That's Through The Ruff!  On tOn the other hand, while the blood test results had like 100 or more random things, there were 2-5 things where she SPECIFICALLY wrote Excellent.  Which tells me she'd be a good teacher.  Point out where student went wrong, but balance that with praise for where he went right.  So yes my GDR is Excellent.  My MMP is Excellent.  I ain't even gonna tell you about my ODJST it'd be bragging!  Also she wrote See me 11/13/20 and I already was!  We made that arrangement weeks ago.  She's comin' off kinda pushy by repeating it.  I Know I Know I'll Be There.  And It'll Be EXCELLENT.  Also I assume she's flirting with me by saying my HHTs are Excellent.  That seems to check out.
Cool!  Gonna have a relatively early lunch for me.  Had no breakfast!  Except for a Full glass of Orange Juice.  Topped with 1/3rd of a glass of water what kind of Slob do you take me for, all that orange juice... So anyway I'm Counting That As My Breakfast.  Wonderful.  Wanna do another Frozen Meal w/ White Rice, but I still got some salmon, and Thursday is Re-Up day, so I gotta finish it, so I'll have the salmon replaced Frozen Meal.  Anyway I was watching a documentary about Gilda Radner and it showed how during Weekend Update if they needed like 2 minutes for a bit and no full bit would fit in it, and she would just talk about what she ate that day.  And obviously that tickled me to no end.  Everything under the sun has been done.
Anyway, that's great, just great.  Also I didn't rip her off.  I never seen no Gilda Radner in my life until yesterday!  And maybe in Still Photographs here and there.  But boy she was somethin'!  Presumably.  CNN's Documentary's Framings Of Her Life & Work left a little bit to be desired.  Basically I could have used a different narrator.  What do you mean there were multiple narrators.  Yeah, I want them ALL GONE.  I Want A Whole New Team!  THINGS ARE GONNA BE CHANGING AROUND HERE AT CNN FILM BIOGRAPHIES FOR TV.  Anyway I knew about 10% of this stuff from reading Martin Short's book about 1/2 way.  And the first half of Martin Short's Book Life was the part with Gilda Radner in it.  So he's got that going for him is the point.
    Cool!  Hey this section of entry is almost done.  I love it when that happens!  I also have Bagel with Cream Cheese as a 90% chance for one of Four Future Meals before Thursday.  I got lots of stuff is the point.  Cream Cheese is good for Cholesterol.  I GET THE ONE THAT'S 2/3rds Fat.  1/3rd LESS Fat.  That means the only fat left over is Two Times the Amount that We Got Rid Of!  Anyway in terms of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor I do have an abundance of episodes that are prime for re-watching on account of I only watched them a couple times.  The last season!  From Britain!  It's Not As Good!  BUT I'VE SEEN IT LESS.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Anyway I guess its time to take a break.  I'll be back in a bit!




I Can't Complain

   Sure I can.  I do it all the time In My Head.  Like that time I was complaining about my high cholesterol.  Didn't seem fair then, Doesn't seem fair now!  Anyway I eat a lot of crap, but I was doing that before Pandemic Quarantine, just less of it.  So I'm blaming eating Too Much, not eating The Wrong Stuff.  Also is it possible there was a Space Drama Spoof called The Wrong Stuff?  Sure anything is possible, we got 11 dimensions to this universe, that movie must have existed in at least ONE Dimension!  So anyway not having lunch quite yet, good chance I'll have the bagel for lunch and salmon for dinner.  That sounds like a good plan.  Lots of plans sound like good plans while still in the planning stage.  It's once you set a plan into motion that you inevitably find out hmm Good Plan Maybe, but Terrible Execution.  That's been my experience at least.
    Anyway.  Man Oh Man is Biden Up in that once state and Down in that other state.  Lots of fun AND productive to keep track of these numbers all the time!  Anyway #BloombergBlewIt if he doesn't donate more money like he said he would.  If Trump wins I Personally Will Make It My Life Long Quest to get #BloombergBlewIt to be the common consensus of Why Biden lost.  Look you just made, what, 12 billion FROM PANDEMIC ECONOMICS all we want is like, I dunno,  1/20th of that would be SUPER.  Oh well such is life.  Bloomberg did accomplish Now Mayors In NYC Can Have Three Terms.  Great now we're constantly Stuck With This Guy even more often than we Normally Would Have Been.  Third Trimester.  Maybe Mayor is like Pregnancy its divided into trimesters?  Gonna have to crunch the numbers on that one to see if its accurate.
Cool!  Uh oh I sure hope that never happens on a National Level.  Seems like that will definitely happen if Trump wins and is still alive in 4 years.  Which he may or may not be.  Have you seen this guy  he's the unhealthiest.  I bet he has high cholesterol too.  Oh well I feel some empathy for that If Only There Were Things We Could Do Personally To Impact Our Cholesterol.  ONLY THING I feel empathy for Trump.  I assume his cholesterol is through the ruff!  Now, if Bloomberg does drop a 9 figure amount for advertising in key states-- hash tag I'M suggesting is #BloombergBlueIt.  So the ball is in his court (basketball reference) over which hash tag he's more comfortable with!  Could be a tennis reference, too.  Tennis and basketball, the only two sports with courts to my knowledge.  Anyway Microsoft FrontPage doesn't recognize, "Hashtag," as a word which seems fair, this version is from 2000.  Wonder if Dictionary NOW has added it.  Seems right that they should. 
    Oh, right.  Sports with Courts.  LMLTURQ.  Handball, Racquetball, Volley Ball.  Fascinating.  I remember in 6th grade, Volleyball was too advanced for us so we played Nukem.  Which is Volleyball but you Just Catch The Ball when it's hit to your side and then serve it back.  A bit easier!  A lot easier!  When I was in Public School Camp as a kid (just an elementary school setting but you do camp stuff during the 4 hour day) we played Regular Dodgeball but my favorite is when we would play Every Man For Himself Dodge Ball.  No teams, no sides.  Everyone just running randomly around the gym.  Sure I was terrible at it but that's a fun way to play dudgeball!  My favorite part about it is I Can't Be Picked Last For Full Court Dodgeball, It's Every Man For Himself Dodgeball.  Maybe that's why I liked it.  What a breakthrough! 
    Wonderful.  Hey I was watching Nightmare On Elm Street: New Nightmare: The One Where It's Meta And About Them Making Nightmare On Elm Streets: The Movie,
and I'm halfway through it!  Was watching it during CircleWalk.  Just wanted to clear that up!  Anyway great, just great.  I think I've seen this movie before in completion.  Maybe just part of it, who knows.  There's definitely a scene, at least one, where Leading Lady is talking directly with Wes Craven.  And he's like I dunno what's happening, why Freddy Krueger is hurting you and your family, doesn't seem right, he's not real in real life.  The point is I'm GREAT at writing dialogue for movies OR TV!  Anyway.  Leaning towards Bagel with SORT OF LOW fat cream cheese for Lunch.  Just goes better with Entry Eating as opposed to Non-Entry Eating.  I'll be back!




Pees In Train Stations

   Bagel with cream cheese.  Did I make the wrong decisoin?  Sure Feels Like It!  The good news is I have no choice but to make The Right Decision for dinner.  That's not how Right and Wrong Decisions For Meals Work.  This was the wrong decision for Lunch but very well may have been the right decision for dinner.  Now what I have for dinner may be wrong for dinner but was right for lunch!  I screwed things up and I don't see how I can fix it.  Hmm put bagel in sandwich bag, put it in fridge, eat it at dinner.  I'M ALREADY HALFWAY THROUGH ONE SIDE OF BAGEL WHAT DO YUO WANT FROM ME I'M POT COMMITTED.  Also something off with this cream cheese.  Not that Reduced Fat, I'm used to that.  Just OFF.
Cool!  I saw they rejected so many voters in Georgia Governor Election that it almost definitely got the election wrong.  Hey if it can happen in GEORGIA it could happen anywhere!  Like in GEORGIA, at least, Definitely!  I don't know much about Georgia other than its probably got a lot of racist white people but on the other hand also has, "Hotlanta."  Not sure how they came up with that one., "At," does not rhyme or anything with, "Hot."  It doesn't matter, though.  They wanna be Hotlanta?  I support them it sounds great!  I just don't see how you got from Point A to Point B, that's all!  Where's the CNN Documentry About That?  And can we mix it up on the narrators this time?  Hmm wiped off some cream cheese on second half of bagel.  That makes this whole enterprize a little bit better.  It's probably Hot in Atlanta.  In various ways.
What else can I say to end this entry.  The point is my bathroom ran out of paper towels so now I'm using toilet paper as a napkin.  Sure I get paper towels to use for napkins from my bathroom.  You're not actually suggesting I bring up napkins from Kitchen?  I can't plan that far ahead in advance!  Also even if I could PAPER TOWELS GET THE JOB DONE.  While you're mucking around with multiple napkins I'm taking care of business with a single paper towel.  Anyway I think I'm gonna finish Wes Craven's New Nightmare TOMORROW for CircleWalking.  In the mean time It's About Time I Caught Up On British People Making Tales From The Crypt.  Except for the Crypt Keeper.  He still has an... American accent?  Is his accent American-Ghoulish?  I dunno I never thought about it, I think I just took for granted he was an American Citizen.
Cool!  I Have No Allegiance To Israel I am a GHOULISH AMERICAN.  Jewish.  Figured I'd go there, why not.  Almost slant rhymes!  Just on the brink of slant rhyming almost.  Hey great I'm almost done with this, that means only one more entry until I re-up with beer.  It's good to have things to look forward to.  That's why I'm so upset the days I'm drinking beer!  All I have to look forward to is Inevitably Running Out Of Beer and that's a hassle and a half.  Anyway I think in NY they send out your absentee ballots in late mid September.  We're talking more than 1 week but less than 2 weeks from now!  So I got that to look forward to.  I'ma look up online, "Common Ways That They Disqualify Your Ballot," and avoid all of them other than, "Voting Democratic."  That's the one thing where they got me!
    Last paragraph!  Had a delicious Corn't Beef Sandwich for dinner last night.  Still have some slices left over which, combined with Father's Turkey, I can make a nice sandwich out of that.  Damnit that sounds good for dinner but I gotta finish this salmon it's either me or the salmon!  Right?  Anyway I wonder what kind of CNN Documentaries are in store for me.  I thought I was gonna watch #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor British episodes.  Yeah that's a plan B.  Anything Else is a plan A.  Hey I just realized I can watch #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor REGULAR EPISODES.  What the Hell has happened to my life.  Not much been like this a while.  Yep that seems to check out!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:28 P.M.




Monday, September 7, 2020

How Old Are You Now

   Wait THEN NOW OR NOW NOWThen Now would be lets see lemme crunch the numbers give me a second OKAY 22.  Now now is hmm this one is a riddle let me get to the bottom of this OKAY 31.  And what a 9 years it was!  Why there was the time that I did all that stuff.  And times I was taking breaks from doing all that stuff!  Not to mention the times that I was thinking about doing the stuff in the first place.  Lots of Stuff, don't Cry For My Lost Years I did tons of stuff.  Anyway the GREAT NEWS is that Looks like there's a Solid ONE Piece of Meatloaf left over because Mom decided she wasn't gonna eat it after leaving it over a few days ago.  You know what that means!  You probably got there on your own.  You don't need me to tell you.  Just in case... I am going to eat it for lunch.  With some half potato spheres.  If you're a frequent reader, then you could have even guessed Part II of that lunch! 
What the hell its been about 18 hours without beer.  You know what that means about 72 hours until With Beer.  At least I Still get to Consume FOOD.  It's good because you can plan your life around it and nobodys gonna give you any guff.  Well you might get some guff from your mother about gaining weight but SCREW HER WHAT DOES SHE KNOW.  Get with the TIMES.  It's HOT to be 20 pounds over weight.  It shows people you could Afford The Best Foods.  It's an evolutionary survival of the fittest thing thing.  We want to Be and/or to Congregate With Overweight People!  And if we DON'T, then we're simply not there yet!  Maybe in a hundred years!  The fat shall inherit the earth.
    Jeez.  Yeah I just used the word, "Congregate," to mean Sleep With.  I KEEP IT CLEAN AND CLASSY.  Only negative thing is You Probably Assumed I Meant What The Word Actually Meant.  Nope!  Way Off!  Anyway after this paragraph put lunch in Oven.  Figure that'll line up pretty well for part II of Entry.  We're talking I might have a Dinner Roll with lunch, too.  A three part-er of a meal!  Those are great because variety is the spice of life.  That doesn't go in the oven, though.  I don't wanna Burn The House Down!  Which putting bread in the oven would do.  Oven gets confused. Why is there bread in me.  Better explode.  Or at least emit a lot of carbon monoxide.  The point is I have a problem with these people putting bread into ovens.   
    Hey I just did what I set out to do!  Got some good news/bad news.  Bad news is there's only three small half potato spheres after this lunch.  Good news is the same thing!  I'M TIRED OF THEM GET OUT OF MY WEEKLY CULINARY EXPERIENCE.  Also good news/bad news.  Had a delicious small bite out of Meat Loaf before putting it in oven.  The other news is Had a delicious small bite out of Meat Loaf before putting it in the oven.  The point is everything you do or think or experience is both Good News/Bad News.  I think every time Trump says, "Fake News!" We should do a Mad Libs and ALWAYS replace, "Fake," with, "Bad."  THEY'RE SAYING I'M DOING A BAD JOB AS PRESIDENT! BAD NEWS!  And you just keep going with that for every time.  Probably could have thought of a better One-Offer if I'm just doing one.  But that was THE EASIEST one!
    Cool.  One more paragraph then I get to take a break then I'm Back Here With A Vengeance.  And Vengeance = Lunch in this scenario.  What do I got lined up for the rest of the day.  Probably a lot of Dumb TV.  Maybe some Average Intelligence TV.  Don't foresee any Smart TV.  HEY THEY'RE SAYING I'M BEHIND IN THE POLLS!  BAD NEWS!  What else is going on to finish up this section of entry with.  Maybe some Comedy.  I'm burnt out on Horror.  I need a laugh or two.  Hmm horror is good for internal laughs.  You get a kick out of them on the inside.  Hmm I make an interesting counterpoint to myself.  Hmm I've only watched two #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor already today.  Figure I could fit in another 4 or 6.  I'll be back!




It's Going To Be Ill-- It's Ill.

   I like how every time I think of a real premise for a joke I just Immediately Abandon Working It Out Completely. Sounds about right.  Whatever I guess.  I've got lunch going at a 90 Degree Angle right now.  We're talking Facing East for this section of entry, facing north when eating my lunch.  It makes me feel like a real responsible Double Tasker.  I got two work stations is the point!  No one desk is adequate for me!  Also probably good for taking longer to eat.  They say you shuoldn't eat fast but I dunno they're probably lying about that.  Just another Survival Of The Fittest Thing.  Fast eaters are more likely to reproduce because they don't waste any time.  They have more time to Take Care Of Business! 
    Anyway.  The point is I'm having the exact same lunch as I told you about.  Watched Fantasy Island last Afternoon.  That was a scary movie No Spoilers!!  Also totally unrealistic.  What you want me to believe there's Some Fantasy Island out there?  C'mon, who do you think you're dealing with.  I ain't no chump.  Except for the 60-75% of the times where I am a Chump.  Just typed Trump instead of Chump.  Uh oh that Freudian Slip I could do without.  Do without Hardcore.  The closest attribute I share with Trump is probably Wanting Attention.  But I only want vague ambiguous attention for Deeds that I've done.  He wants concrete National Attention for being a Crook and Embarrassment.  Take THAT!  I don't even want that much attention.  Just as much as anyone else.  I want my WEBSITE to get attention ITSELF. 
    Also whatever else I've done that's vaguely productive over the past 9 years.  And I'm Counting The Titles We've Been Experiencing.  Anyway most Responsible Dinner would be Salmon.  Fish don't stay Fresh that long.  That's what I've been led to believe.  And I don't see any way they would be leading me Falsely.  Oh, maybe The Fish industry.  You gotta eat it quickly, according to them, so you have to hurry up and get MORE fish.  Anyway I just finished lunch.  Took me 2 and a half paragraphs.  That's how I measure time now For Some Reason.  Anyway requested my Absentee Ballot about a week ago.  Figure that'll arrive some time soon.  I figure lots of things.  Is there a betting market on How Long Will It Take For Me To Get My Mail.  I dunno, probably!
    Okay.  Hey another break after 2 more paragraphs!  If only I could say I'll Be Back With Lunch II.  Look I may be bulking up with fat but there are still limits!  Hey the election is in EXACTLY 8 WEEKS... Plus 1/7th of a week.  You may know that estimation as a, "Day."  I wonder what'll happen.  My bet is on Hopefully I'll have received my mail by then.  Actually, I hope I received Absentee Ballot Specifically A Day Before Then?  I think I read that some states only take ballots delivered before Election day.  We should all look into that for our own respective states.  We should all do a lot of things.  That is one example of things we should do.  And I will!  I swear it!  Later today, and then I'll update you tomorrow as Proof I Did It!
    Cool!  Looks like 538's mascot is some sort of anthropomorphic fox who wears nerd glasses.  I'm sure they have their reasons and I'd like to read maybe an article about it one day?  Also why does a website need a mascot?  Also eh.  Hey last paragraph of this section of entry.  Hear some lawn mowing going on outside, you guys know what that's like.  Maybe you have to do your own lawn mowing.  Well that's great then you'd be even likelier to know what it sounds like.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit! 


R You Killing Me?

   My guess is when I wrote that title I was supposed to be alluding somehow to saying, "Are You KIDDING Me?"  But there's no way to know For Me, and there's no way to know for You, so either way it's relatively irrelevant.  Anyway another good idea for dinner is Frozen Meal + Rice again.  It's hard to argue with that.  I could argue FOR or AGAINST that but to argue with it?  Almost as pointless as 538's mascot Foxey The Statistic Models Fox.  Watched a The Simpsons and two The Tales From The Crypt during CircleWalk.  We're talking about the episode where Maude dies, the episode with the TV Show Filming Haunted House, and Psychiatrist Radio Show going to a house call with unexpected frights.  Which one was the Simpsons again.  Oh, right.  Haunted House one.
Anyway.  Is it fair to say that on Average, TreeHouses of Horror are better than Non-Tree Houses Of Horror?  I mean on AVERAGE.  Not they're the top episodes and the rest aren't.  Just if you were watching a TreeHouse Of Horror it's better than the median Simpsons.  Also lets limit this to the 1st half of All The Simpsons.  That's all I can confidently be familiar with!  I dunno too bad there's no one to argue with about that.  Maybe 538 is in the tank for Fox.  Which seems unlikely considering they're run by ABC either directly or indirectly.  Maybe ABC is in the tank for Fox.  Maybe everything is in the tank for Fox and we just don't know it yet.  Kinda hope not.  Fox is the pits.  Have you seen their Fake News Channel?  It's Not Great.
    Cool.  This section of entry is facing South again.
  No arguing with that!  I can't wait for this entry to be over.  You know, so I can go back to Watching Things?  Things I've Already Watched?  I feel like there's been some stuff I've Been Missing from Things I've Already Watched so better just to double and triple check on those things.  Also Microsoft FrontPage correctly doesn't recognize Treehouses as a word but DOES suggest Teahouses.  I guess that's where people go to drink tea.  Unless it's something illegal.  And they just call it Teahouses to avoid being in trouble with the law.  You know like Opium Dens.  Call it Teahouses and no one is the wiser!
    Cool.  Greenhouse is a word but we all know that.  I was kinda surprised.  Do they mean, "Biodome?"  Cause otherwise I don't get it.  Also biodome isn't a word?  Haven't they Ever Even SEEN Movies?  Great, just great.  Hey less than 2 paragraphs to go.  What else do I have in the tank.  I wonder how Baseball Records will be kept this year.  I wonder about that a lot.  It consumes most of my time just trying to predict how they recognize record holders based on this seasion.  They could not recognize them AT ALL but I don't think they'd do that!  They could recognize it with Asterisks but That'd Be Too Much recognizing to be done!  They could be just like FUCK IT no more asterisks we're COUNTIN' All Of Em Records!  But that wouldn't be in line with how they normally operate.  The point is Hey One More Paragraph.
    Jeez.  Drank more coffee than usual today, presumably to compensate no alcohol.  Anyway September 7th, huh.  That sure is the day after yesterday, September 6th.  Been September for a while now now that I think about it.  Small but not impossible chance I don't re-up with supermarket until Friday.  Which means an extra day without the aid of alcohol.  I Don't like them odds.  ANY possibility is too much.  Too much at stake!  That's how I feel!  Anyway I guess the entry is just about over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:34 P.M.




Sunday, September 6, 2020

Pandemonium II

   Yes that checks out Another Meaningless Title.  Anyway since I've been takling about my dreams (That's Good Stuff!) right before I awoke today I was talking to some Adult or something and he was like I know what you kids like-- pee pee and poo poo and I woke up and was VERY amused at that scenario my unconscious mind concocted!  Anyway.  Here's something my MORE OR LESS CONSCIOUS mind concocted-- I was telling my Dad about how I have to close the fridge and freezer doors twice.  Once, then walk away, then am like better make sure its closed.  And this is Each Time not Some Of The Times.  And anyway my Dad has some OCD, too, so I was thinking part of me telling him about it was I Wanted To Make Him Proud.  Maybe that's what all OCD is.  Gotta make some intangible ambiguous authority figure proud.  Or not, what do I know.  Hmm maybe some sort of chemical imbalance.  Yep That Seems To Check Out.  Also my Dad isn't In And Of Himself some intangible ambiguous authority figure.  I'd say the only word that is 100% accurate there is Figure.  The rest is only SEVENTY%
That's not something you see every day.  A percent where the WORD IS SPELLED OUT but then you get the Percent SIGN to follow it up and not the WORD, "percent."  I'm a visionary and pioneer and all that great stuff Apparently.  Hah.  Pee Pee and Poo Poo.  That's what kids like!  Anyway lunch most likely be the standard soup + sandwich.  I haven't had that winning Combination in a dog's age!  Roughly 14 years?  16 years?  Only the Good Dogs die young.  Anyway the point is at 31 I have lived exactly two dogs' ages.  You get a dog as a puppy?  Great!  He dies.  That's sad.  You get a new puppy?  That's great!  Then he dies.  THAT'S JUST ABOUT WHERE I AM IN LIFE. 
    Anyway.  Got Four Beers for today.  That's a pretty decently high sized amount while also not being Too Much High.  Then The Working Week where I hunker down and take care of business.  Then back to a #BeerWeekendDuringTheSummerToRemember.  I dunno.  What kind of TV did I watch on my Computer yesterday.  Also that's my tribute band to TV On The Radio.  TV On The TV.  Actually IF ANYTHING They're a tribute band TO ME.  Everyone knows The Computer is a technological achievement Greater and More Recent than The Radio.  So why would a Computer band be, "The Bottom," of the relationship to the Radio band.  MAKES NO SENSE.  Also yes All Tribute Bands are, "Bottoms," to their primacy band.  As far as I know.  And I DON'T KNOW VERY FAR.  You know what? That rant was vaguely amusing to me At Least This Once Time While Writing It but the REAL GREAT NEWS is I knew the word Primacy and used it exactly in the right place.
    What else is going on. 
Sometimes I think about 22/7 and wonder exactly how close it is to Pi.  I'm Gonna LTURQ.  PRETTY DARN CLOSE.  ~3.143 is how it starts out and Pi is 3.141 is how it starts out.  Then the next thought is II wonder if NASA was like Hmm using Pi in various ways to send a rocket ship to the moon, 22/7, that's close enough.  My guess is No That Would Be Terrible For Their Entire Enterprise and Calculations.  But Still, makes ya think, HOW FAR INTO PI did they go to have The Exact CLOSE ENOUGH approximations.  I dunno exactly HOW Pi works out, but you'd imagine it comes up here and there in sending a SPACE SHIP TO THE MOON.  The moon is a sphere.  There, ya need pi right there.  Right?
Is the moon a sphere.  I have no proof.  I'm a Flat Mooner.  If that's not a thing let's start it right now.  Yeah the EARTH is round but that moon in the sky THAT'S DEFINITELY FLAT. What a wonderful Laugh-Em-Up.  If only I could continue it enough To Get To Some Laughs.  Primacy, huh?  That settles the debate whether I'm a good writer or not Once And For All.  You never know where such proof may come but once it does We All Gotta Recognize It.  Anyway just about finished with Part I.  Lunch probably'll be Part II I DUNNO YET.  Yesterday I ended up not eating lunch at all!  Except for that 1 chicken wing and all the snacking on Bread and Kettle Chips.  But no Lunch!  I feel very strongly about this.  I'll be back in just a bit!  Hmm just read me using the Acronym LMLTURQ and is it POSSIBLE it's a rearrangement of LGBTQ? With some replacements?  My guess is yes but It's Just Too Bad I'm taking a break now instead of working on that.  Also in real life it means Let Me Look That Up Right Quick.  I dunno if I ever explicitly said that even once.  I forgot that it might just appear to be nonsense every time you read it.  Anyway Break Time.   




Beats Per Minute

   Yeah great just great.  When I picked out THIS title I was like I dunno not sure about this one will people connect with it?  And I think it turns out I don't care enough.  If Only That Were True.  I care too much!  The point is Hey re-upped my coffee to Cup III and re-upped my Beer to Beer II.  Hey remember last title it had a, "II," in it.  Now THAT'S a title.  Basically because people think, "What was Pandemonium I?" and no other reason.  That's pretty much it.  Anyway.  Makes me think of Pandas, too.  Everyone likes Pandas!  They Cute Like People But Vicious Like Bears.  Also apparently Very Hard To Get Them TO Mate in a Zoo type setting.  I wonder why.  I'd Mate with ANY PANDA YOU THROW AT ME.  Even IN a zoo type setting.  Maybe ESPECIALLY in a zoo type setting.  Also don't throw pandas at me I won't have sex with them in real life.
Anyway.  Way I've been consuming beer is I pour out .20-.30 of a can into a glass.  That glass is worth 3-5 sips.  And then you refill!  Sounds like a winning Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  But its not!  IT'S REALLY WORKING OUT TO MY ADVANTAGE.  I stumbled upon the best way to drink beer for myself and so why should I Give That Up?  Nowhere, that's who!  Why, that's when.  Whatever, that's Yeah!  Jeez.  Anyway this entry has been FACING EAST.  I LIKE those odds.  Atlantic Ocean would be in eye sight if I had a window... and a telescope... and if there wasn't that 5000 foot wall around the Atlantic Ocean I Hate It So Much.  Hmm wonder if I could see a 5000 foot wall around Atlantic Ocean if it was really there.  And I wasn't Just Looking At A Wall.  I'm no great at crypto-geography.
    Cool.  Also that's the future we have, right?  But in NYC specifically?  Big walls to keep out Rising Seas?  I hope so we Gotta Do SOMETHING.  Also sorry to Long Island but you're just not savable go sell your real estate NOW while it counts!  Uh oh if Long Island is Dunzo maybe Queens is too.  No.  NYC wouldn't abandon Queens!  We're its most populous borough in terms of Population.  Yeah I figured it was in terms of population based on the word, "Populous."  Yeah well SHUT UP.  UH OH tuns out Brooklyn is the most populous borough now.  I Stand By Thinking That Queens Used To Be.  But Queens is the most SURFACE AREA borough.  So you gotta take THAT into consideration for some reason.  Anyway.  Not sure if I've ever been so Staten Island.  All the other boroughs, sure.  I've SEEN Staten Island from Manhattan.  But unless there's a Zoo or Museum there that I can't think of when I was in elementary school tripping, nope.
    Sure, great, that's fun topic.  Where in the world has Michael K*RNBLU* been.  People might be googling me for JOB APPLICATION they can't find out about This Website, My Secret Shame.  I dunno.  How's everything going with you?  Good? Great, that's great.  Really should crack some code to figure out how to get You to Respond To Me.  Preferably in Real Time!  Oh right just watch Real Time With Bill Maher.  I heard he's a supreme jerk in real life but his show sometimes serves its purpose!  Yeah I WENT There.  Anyway.  I know it'll sound like I'm taking Current Joe Biden Lead FOr Granted, but one of the things I, "Dig," the most about looking at Presidential Polls is when they poll some Extremely Solid Red State and Biden is like 6 points down.  It means nothing in and of itself but it's FUN.  Anyway great just great.
I dunno.  At least one more paragraph before break!  At least a lot of things!  I assume the Democrats will win the Senate because otherwise I Blame It All On James Carville.  Is he still married to the Republican Counterpart to him.  LMLTURQ.  YEP there's still together.  Hmm I hope being married to a Republican Operative won't cloud his judgment and enthusiasms for properly, "Flipping The Senate."  Oh well guess we'll just have to see what happens.  Sometimes I accidentally read AD MAIL which is when you're on Gmail and then at the top of your list of mail is a thing that looks like a piece of e-mail but is actually an ad.  And I often go the other way and avoid it TOO MUCH and end up deleting/not reading The Top Piece of REAL E-mail.  The point is the E-mail system leaves a lot to be desired.
Alright, one more paragraph for this part!  I feel like I could accomplish that.  Anyway finished up Cobra Kai.  No Spoilers but it looks like if there's a season there there's SOME ROOM for the POSSIBILITY of Daniel LaRusso teaming up with Johnny Lawrence BUT I ALSO MIGHT BE MAKING THAT UP TO CONFUSE YOU so in the end Yep No Spoilers Seems To Check Out.  To be fair it looked that way halfway through the first season.  And we all saw how that turned out!  Unless you didn't.  In which case No Spoilers.  What else is going on and crap.  Is that a Macho Trump Supporter thing like not wearing a mask.  Man the PC crowd is always telling us not to spoil TV Shows WELL YOU KNOW WHAT I DON'T PLAY THOSE GAMES I'M GONNA WATCH ALL THE TV SHOWS AND TELL EVERYBODY ALL ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS.  It's called BEING A MAN.  I'll be back in a little bit.  Also all of that was probably to throw you off track.  You don't know!  You'll never know!




Hay, Nice Shoes

   It's possible I SAW Staten Island a bunch.  I used to hang out at South Street Seaport a few dozen times when I was living on Water Street for NYU.  And that May Or May Not Probably be Looking At Brooklyn but I always tohught it was Staten Island.  Anyway those were the days.  I'd have one of those pipes that looks like a cigarette, and you put a bit of marijuana in there, and ya go just hang out Looking At Body Of Whatever and listen to iPODs.  Presumably a Creative Nomad would get you there too but my experience was iPods.  The point is I had a lot going on in life.  That I would just pick up and go THAT'S IT TIME TO WATCH THE WATER.  I have a recurring dream where I basically Go To South Street Seaport but now It's Just a Fast Food Restaurant.  Presumably McDonalds.  Nothing else is the same except for Location In My Dream.  So I got that going for me.
I got a lot going for me.  Most Paragraphs Are Done.  Been having some fun dreams I get to share with you lately.  I know what you kids like, pee pee and poo poo.  I guess You Just Had To Be There.  Anyway I just had something to say I came up with while urinating but halfway through urinating I forgot.  Maybe it'll come back to me, maybe it won't.  We Can't Dwell On The Past!  OH Right I just remembered-- and its just Boring Life Stuff.  Basically the GIST OF IT WAS you get yourself some white rice from Fresh Direct, you pair that with a Healthy Asian-Inspired Frozen Meal.  Now you're Cookin'!  Presumably a Frozen Meal without rice.  From my experience they often have NOODLE or PASTA but not rice.  So you can get that going on for yourself. 
    Anyway just refilled coffee up to 3.5 Cups.  I was at 2 cups when I started my third cup and I made it halfway through and filled it back up. 3.5 cups.  Just like that scene in Die Hard With A Vengeance where they have to do math with jugs of whatever.  Also 3rd beer.  Anyway yesterday I only watched 3 or 4 Tales From The Crypts!  So right now for today it seems like #TalesFromTheCryptWithAVengenceToShriekFor.  Gotta get back up to 5 or 6 episodes a day otherwise What Even Is Life.  Hey Here's a Fun Story-- I got gum for the first time in a few months on Thursday and finially chewed some today!  We're talkin I popped 2 pieces, then 20 minutes or so in, Spit out about TWO THIRDS of that, then popped in another piece.  You figure that math out on your own with how much gum I was chewing at the end compared to 1 stick of gum.  Ah hell I'll do it.  1/3rd of 2 pieces + 1 piece. 2/6ths + 1.  8/6 pieces.  4/3 Pieces it sounds like.  One and a third I was chewing at the end.  Probably could have reached that conclusion in a less clunky way.  Hey That's Life!
    Dunno about that one.  The point is YES in case you were wondering I AM facing a different direction for this section. South!  Ain't that a novel idea.  Hey I just came up with a novel idea.  South!  It's about the movie North but they reverse it somehow.  And also it's in Novel form.  Also I never saw that movie.  I never saw lots of movies!  Hmm there must be SOME sort of #SummerTVToBingeAndRemember.  How about... uh... I watched 3 or so Dick Van Dykes yesterday, does that count?  It sure does All The Way Up To Three!  That's some solid counting.  North was directed by Rob Reiner per my understanding.  I JUST got up to episodes in Dick Van Dyke where Carl Reiner shows up.  The point is This Paragraph Has Come Full Circle I can't believe it!  Better make sure North was directed by Rob Reiner.  LMLTURQ Yep I Was Right!
    Fascinating.  Remember #CarlReinersDeathSummerToRemember.  Yeah it was back in June I think.  Time flies when you're Doing Nothing.  FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR?  TO BINGE WATCH?  THAT SOUNDS LIKE A NOVEL IDEA.  NO NOT WRITING THE NOVELIZATION OF IT WATCHING IT GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER.  I brought up Fresh Prince in 2017  back in my African American Literature Class.
  I'd let you know about The Horrifying Truth of what I said but that's no fun let's continue this entry without it!  I dunno Carlton is SORT OF like the Crypt Keeper but not close enough.  The point is hey the entry is just about over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow for some reason.

-2:20 P.M.



Saturday, September 5, 2020

Out Of My Head And Into The Toilet

   Yep that seems to check out.  Anyway You're Gonna Get a Kick Out Of This-- I just came up with a slogan for Season III of Cobra Kai several words into that phrase.  Anyway you're REALLY gonna get a kick out of this-- I had a Health Version of Indulgent Brand Breakfast Sandwich for Breakfast and then I was like Ya know what I DON'T WANT OR NEED THIS.  I'm putting 85% BACK IN THE FRIDGE.  ...After never being in the fridge in the first place.  In the freezer It Was.  But now It's In The Fridge FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.  Anyway down to only 1 episode of #CobraKaiSummerToSwanKick for.  Thank God!  Too stressful.  What with the teenagers and the adult men acting like teenagers and the Straight up EVIL adult man and I Gotta Be Honest LaRusso isn't that great of a teacher.  I'd bet on him In BATTLE but he hasn't shown me the same kind of raw teaching talent that Mr. Miyagi had.  It's okay Teaching Isn't For Everybody.  But also Teaching is for some people who refuse to become teachers despite that being their major, their parents job, and the most suitable thing for one's interest, skills, and lifestyle preferences.  We're talking about ME!!!  Summers off.  That's the lifestyle preference.  Get Your Head Out Of The Gutter!
Wonderful.  Anyway laving my Room Door wide open.  It's called LISTENING TO BELL BECAUSE 2 AMAZON DELIVERIES ARE IN THE WORKS FOR TODAY.  DOOR BELL.  GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER.  Anyway finished #WipeStuffDownForTheWeekPandemicQuarentineToRemember earlier today.  We're talking The Rest of The Soda and The Rest Of The beer.  The Rest Of The Beer.  Is that anything.  My first instinct was Nope Definitely Not Even To The Point I Don't Like This Reaction.  Then I was like I dunno, my audience is a mystery to me, maybe they LIKE The Rest Of The Beer.  I'm no expert on audiences and who they are and what they want.  Speaking of The Rest Of The Beer, I got 4 cans for today, 4 cans for tomorrow, then its back to The Working Week.  Three Full Days and a Half Day.  That's the job, good ol' 9 to 5, punch in punch out, that's what I say.  Punch In, Punch Out.  Is that anything.  Maybe an addendum to the, "Wax On, Wax Off," school of learning that sort of thing.
Anyway.  I know there's some debate among comedians and presumably other Societal Commentators where its like you can be insensitive or risky our out there but you should be Punching Up-- not like Punching Up A Script, Dummy-- go after the people who deserve it and need a little ribbing.  Punching Down is like you're making fun of people for bad reasons also WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM Punching Those Lower Than You leave Shorter People Alone.  That's how I know I want to be A Comedian or In Comedy.  Surrounded by people whose creed is To Not Punch Me.  Finally being short IS PAYING OFF.  It it okay to Punch Laterally.  My guess is IN MOST CASES.
Jeez.  I'm starting to grow weary of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFOr.  THAT WAS JUST THE CRYPTKEEPER'S PLAN.  He WORE ME DOWN by watching 80% of them half a dozen or more times within months and now He Has My Scared About My Future TV Habits.  THAT JERK ALSO WHY DOES HE LIVE IN A COFFIN.  Even if I was undead (or HALF Dead per his origin story discussed several days ago) why sleep in a coffin.  Surely there are more comfortable options.  Unless there aren't.  I dunno.  Maybe WE should be sleeping on coffins.  If its Good Enough For Ghouls, surely its good enough for The Living!  I want to get to the Leprechauns In The Hoods but I just can't get through Leprechaun: In Space.  It's TOO Dumb.  Hey I could skip ahead no one would be the wiser.  Well YEAH I COULD Have Done That but NOW PEOPLE ARE THE WISER.  I just told 'em!  Oh well there goes that.
Cool!  Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  I don't know why I look forward to that.  Breaks are Boring.  But they give my Brain some time to re-charge.  Breaks aren't Great but they're necessary!  That's been MY experience.  When you're in school Breaks Are Great.  Being a Freshman in High School I had no breaks.  But as you go up in Years you start getting breaks.  And a high school break is GREAT I can READ ESPN THE MAGAZINE ONLY THE BASEBALL PARTS!  Also not sure which is better, a break DURING the School Day or a break that at the beginning or end to shorten your school day because you could just arrive/leave earlier.  I'd say the best is Early Break to get there later, then FOR THE MOST PART a break in the day, and then A Final Day Break.  But YOU CAN'T GO WRONG They're All Good.
This is good stuff!  So good I have to write a paragraph before Break!  I psyched myself out to REALLY not wanna take a break.  Anyway.  What are the odds I get some stickers from FlipTheSenate.  They never said I would get stickers.  And it would cost 1/3rd of the Donation Cost or so to Ship it (and also Pay For Making Them Hypothetical Stickers!)  But it would still be a NICE SURPRISE that's all I'm saying.  Is it a thing where Trump can win but Dems can win Senate.  And if so How's That Gonna Play Out PROBABLY NOT GREAT I don't 100% trust these House People.  Hey that reminds me of that movie House Party!  Now, if the Democratic Senate Majority Leader was Kid 'N Play and... Kid 'N Plays partner... uh...  Oh.  They're BOTH Kid and Place.  One was Kid, the other was play.  I was operating under the assumption Kid & Play was just ONE of them.  Presumably the one that's on The Nerd Spectrum. 
House Party?  There's TWO parties going on in this house!  Plus presumably a few people who are loners and don't participate in either party.  They're called Independent.  I wish I knew to use that in high school.  I'm not unpopular I'M JUST AN INDEPENDENT.   Oh well such is life too late to go back now.  Hey I'm still writing this entry.  I'm guessing Kid was the guy with the hair.  The nerd.  LMLTURQ.  Yep seems to check out.  Except for the periods when they had similar hair.  In those eras They Have The Same Hair More Or Less.  Anyway.  Gonna recheck Twitter for my break.  I must have missed SO MUCH over the last 25 minutes or so.  Especially from the 3 dozen Check Marked people I read.  I DON'T FUCK WITH THE RANDOS ON TWITTER.  Except for the half dozen I do read regularly who don't have check marks as a SIGN OF PROTEST.  Or, maybe not protest.  But they're clearly Check Mark Material and they Just Don't Give A Fuck!  Wow.  I'll be back!




We're Bread Things

   Anyway.  I don't Unofficially Follow 3 dozen people.  I unofficially follow Probably Around Twice That.  It just seems like less.  Who was The Base 12 Dummy who got us all using the word Dozen.  I'd like to meet him and shake his hand!  My birthday is 12/12, so anyone pushing the idea that 12s are special enough to demand their own word, I'm On Bard!  Meant to say I'm On Board but maybe Shakespeare Came up with, "Dozens."  He's The Bard per my understanding.  Also did The Danny Ocean Franchise, 2000's incarnation, BLOW IT by not calling the first sequel Ocean's Dozen?  Yes!  It practically SLANT Rhymes and isn't clunky like the word, "Twelve," can be on occasion.  Anyway.  Watching those movies I spend around 80% of the time trying to figure out exactly How Many Of These People Are There and does it match with what the title is telling us.  And I'm like, ok George Clooney, there's one.  Matt Damon.  Those two guys, you know... Alright there's GC I ALREADY COUNTED HIM, lemme start over from the beginning.
It's a hard movie to count!  Why is it called Ocean's Eleven?  It's purportedly about a Casino Robbery but based on the title I guess It's More About The Friendships They Made Along The Way.  Cool, just great.  Went overboard with the beer last night.  We're talkin SIX over the course of the day and/or night.  Which leaves me with 4 for next two days, and had 4 the first day.  I can't make a habit of it but #CobraKaiSummerToSwanKickFor was just too stressful.  WHY WON'T THESE KIDS JUST GET ALONG.  AND LARUSSO GOTTA SETTLE HIS BEEF WITH JONATHON LAWRENCE HE'S GOT A CAR DEALERSHIP AND A WIFE AND SON HE'S NEGLECTING.  I assume he still has a son.  He had a son in the first season.  Presumably he's Still Hanging Around.
    Anyway.  NO NO NO these two teenagers are COMPLETELY WRONG for each other!  And trust me, I know teenagers!  And BEING WRONG FOR PEOPLE!  #SelfZing.  Jeez.  Not particularly hungry for lunch.  Probably will have that 80% of Breakfast Sandwich for lunch.  It's a Small Lunch but maybe That's Just What I Need This Afternoon.  After Noon.  Or as I call it The Daily Dozen.  Only there are Two Dozens in the day.  There's NoonDozen and MidnightDozen.  I'll get the kinks worked out with incorporating, "Dozen," to tell time.  I just need some time myself to think about it.  Gotta Put In The Work!  Anyway.  Watching #CobraKaiSummerToSwanKickFor, I dunno exactly WHO to root for.  Obviously MiyagiDo, I want to like them, they're The Gooder Guys.  But their teacher leaves some to be desired!  And they're ALL, Miyagi Do, Cobra Kai, and The Rest, kind of MEH.  MAYBE THIS SHOW ISN'T FOR ME.
Sure it is I'm the target audience.  I'm old enough to feel nostalgia for it but I'm also young enough to not be an Old Man and be completely uninterested in it.  Figure that's what 50+ people think.  Man these kids and some of these adults I JUST DON'T CARE.  And I DON'T CARE EITHER but I'm pot committed at this point is the point.  I saw Will Smith is one of the Exec Producers or something.  I assume hands off, like Ricky Gervais being an Exec producer of The American Office.  But it still makes me happy.  I'm guessing because he bought the rights to Karate Kid.  For his movie with his son.  Which is an OKAY movie!  Where was I.  What paragraph is this.  WHERE AM I.  Oh fourth paragraph of Part II.  Wonderful!  I had an idea for a song last night.  Just the title.  And in retrospect yeah this is a crappy title.  As Nirvana says, Never Mind.
Wonderful.  They might have stylized it Nevermind.  LMLTUQ.  Yep they left out the space.  WELL THERE GOES MY ENTHUSIASM FOR THEM.  If you're not following the rules of grammar and spelling, What Rules ARE YOU FOLLOWING?  I like my Grunge like I like My Coffee To FOLLOW RULES.  Anyway I got side tracked sometime around the last paragraph or maybe the paragraph before that.  But hey that's just how Things Might Go!  Anyway Part II is almost over.  And I haven't even started a second beer yet.  Looks like SOMEBODY got their ALCOHOL problem ALL FIGURED OUT.  Probably gonna start a new one when this paragraph is over.  I don't have an alcohol Problem I have an alcohol SOLUTION.  Spoiler Alert, pretty sure I said that on crazysheet at some point over the last 8 years.  Rings some sort of bell.  And it wasn't funny then and its not funny now.  But it's Accurate Presumably?  I'll be back!





   The point is there's a good chance I Heard That, "Alcohol Solution," Joke and not Came Up With It.  The point is It's Been Done.  Also Yep this was one of the titles in my notebook.  Butt.  Really makes ya think.  The point is I don't have to listen for DoorBell anymore.  We're talkin' My Dad got 1 of the 2 packages he expected and the 2nd one they say is in the mailbox but it isn't in the mailbox so probably someone else got it and I don't think they're ringing any bells if you know what I mean.  Pretty self explanatory it means exactly what would be assumed.  How about a QUARTER.  That's  a 25.  WAIT NO IT ISN'T.  You can have a quarter of 200.  That's Not 25 At All!  It's 50!  I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS AND EVERYTHING.
Okay.  I legitimately may jump ahead to #LeprechaunsInTheHoodSummerToRemember.  This In Space is WEIRD and SCARY in terms of HOW WEIRD it is.  Not weird good.  Weird like hey this is bad, kinda weird how they went through with making it even after they presumably figured out how crappy it was BEFORE production even started you'd think.  The point is time to transition into some new entertainment.  Pretty much necessary at this point.  Also refreshing Polls every 10 minutes isn't entertaining!  538 hasn't even released a poll since BEFORE 9 AM THIS MORNING.  FOR SHAME.  I see Total Recall is available on Starz.  I saw the original version once but I don't remember it. 
    Okay!  Okay.  Three more paragraphs to go.  Let's make 'em count.  Finish #CobraKaiSummerToSwanKickFor when this is done.  It'll feel nice to Be Done With That Once And For All Presuming There's No Third Season.  Which I'm betting There Won't Be!  Anyway I got my Hair Shaver a couple of weeks ago.  It does beards, it does moustaches, it does On Top Of Your Head Hair.  But so far I haven't touched it.  If its like Real barber razor which I THINK IT IS I could shave myself in no more than a minute!  Which I like!  But also my Head Hair is getting to a place where it's long enough that it's a style and not just some weird too long but not long enough place.  So we'll see how that goes!
    Right?  Although having a buzz cut would be Very Ahead Of The Curve.  You guys don't have Head Hair Razors, do you?  I dunno maybe you do what do I know.  Two more paragraphs That's What I Know.  I just can't say, "No," to The Crypt Keeper.  He's captured my Heart and he is the true successor to #MarvelSummerToRemember and #StarWarsSomethingToDo.  All there is left is #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  And lets say #DickVanDykeSummerToSettleFor.  That sneaks in as well.  And summer is in th autumn of its years.  We're talkin less than 3 weeks until Autumn.  Which wil be in the Winter of its years?  I dunno Spring?  What do YOU count as the first season?  E-mail me at @mankindguy@gmail.com
    Wonderful.  Another entry in the books practically.  Right now I'm not even hungry enough for Breakfast Sandwich.  But if I Re-Put It In The Oven now, I might be hungry enough Later.  When it's ready.  Ya know, that sort of thing.  Maybe I'll watch the 30+ minutes of Final #CobraKaiSummerToForgetAboutIt and THEN and ONLY THEN reassess whether I want to prepare a breakfast sandwich for a late lunch.  There's a lot of MOVIES I can watch.  REAL movies.  Not Leprechaun In Space movies, I'm talking CLASSICS.  Also I like how CLASSICS are a genre on Streaming Services and its not just meant to denote Old Movies.  They go out of their way to assume the authority to declare whether a relatively recent movie was a classic or not.  I don't remember giving them carte blanche to determine what's a recent classic or not!  I don't remember lots of things!  I'll see you later.

-2:21 P.M. 




Friday, September 4, 2020

Devilled Eggs Rule!

   Went through Old notebook and picked out 3 random titles.  Random Page, Closed my eyes, put my finger down, these were the first three phrases.  That explains why They're FUN and GREAT.  Or at least different from referring to the title itself being a Website, Entry, And/or Title.  That's Rule #1 of writing-- LAZY writers use titles with the word title in them.  That's where EVERYONE goes at first but It's Too Easy!  So I'll do that for a while I guess.  Real Random Titlse!  Yes I have a notebook with hundreds of Dumb Random Titles.  It's from 2011 or 2012 GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Also it's a Black & White Notebook NOT A SPIRAL NOTEBOOK C'MON GET REAL.  I dunno why this paragraph is necessary.  Would people really be like Hmm these titles, something's different, if only there was an explicit explanation for these new brand of titles.  Oh well guess I'm gonna close this website now.  Why BOTHER.
  Big news of the day is Donald Trump thinks soldiers are Losers and Suckers.  Well, he said that about DEAD soldiers.  In which case Yes They Have Lost something--their lives-- to defend our country from The Baddies.  But I'm guessing he feels the way about Live Soldiers too.  Also in The Others: The Suspense Horror Film starring Nicole Kidman, she refers to the Bad guys in WWII as The Baddies to her little children (while they existed in England).  If I remember correctly.  I dunno if I do.  But it sounds like it could have been said by Nicole Kidman in that movie.  Hmm just received three confirmations from anonymous-to-you sources that She Does Say That In That Movie.  I DUNNO I GUESS WE'LL NEVER KNOW FOR SURE.
    Wonderful.  No breakfast today.  Lunch'll be soon.  If there is no Breakfast of the day, does Lunch become breakfast.  Sounds like One Of Those Philosophical Conundrums except for the fact that Sure Yes Lunch is still Lunch nobody in society is really trying to argue with that or make a case for the other side.  So that settles that.  Had to wipe down some more stuff today.  We're talkin' some stuff left over from yesterday but also some new stuff from AMAZON FRESH.  Great!  I stopped 60% into #LeprechaunSummerToSquatFor.  We're talking only 50% through Leprachaun Four: IN SPACE.  I gotta at least get to the TWO ONES where it's Leprechaun In The Hood
.  The point is I have a lot of options for lunch but most likely is Delicious BBQ Salmon and a side of Most Likely Rice but Possibly Half Potato Spheres?  Also these half potato spheres are smaller than in the past.  Still half spheres but the overall sphere which presumably existed at one point is smaller.
Anyway an episode into Second Season of #CobraKaiSummerToSwanKickFor.  I had a dream about it last night, too!  Basically the dream was basically a Documentary about The Making Of Cobra Kai, and each cast member was talking a little bit about it.  Then I woke up WANTING TO KNOW MORE.  Hey I donated 15 dollars to Flip The Senate, the organization that, you guessed it, James Carville was e-mailing me about!  I dunno how he did it!  Maybe he was just lucky to be endorsing the kind of organization I felt most inspired to donate to.  Or maybe he Jedi Mind Tricked me.  Probably the first one.  #DemSenateWinterToBeginYouKnowWinterNextYear.  Anyway would I consider being a Pole Worker if I didn't live with elderly parents?  Sure It Sounds Like A Sweet Deal.  You get a FREE JOB and you help DEMOCRACY IN THEORY And Presumably Man Oh Man there'll be stickers left over and your supervisor will be like hey you want these and you're like THIS IS THE FREE JOB GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING.
You know that sort of thing.  I think Flip The Senate is a Super Pac.  Which in general is a bad thing but if Republicans are using it We Gotta Too.  Now, if it was called a Super PACTTT, that'd be more fun.  WE'RE MAKING A SUPER PACT TO FLIP THE SENATE YOU WANNA GET IN ON THIS PACT FROM THE GROUND LEVEL.  Anyway I'm all Interventioned Out, going back at least a month, but there's plenty of MY 600 POUNDS LIVES to be watched.  I saw we need like 250,000 Poll Workers.  That's a lot.  When I was reading my Favorite People on Twitter call for people to sign up to be pole workers for some reason I was imagining like okay a few thousand people that's it.  Now that I think about it more carefully Sure A Quarter Million sounds more necessary.  It's less than 1 in 1000 people in America.  So the point is Get On Top Of That and ALSO insist you only Pole Work in Democratic Neighborhoods THAT SOUNDS LIKE THAT'S HOW IT WORKS.  I'll be back in a bit!



I Leave It All To You

   Sweet that sounds great.  "All," includes good things!  Wait a second it also includes Bad Things.  Suddenly this don't sound like such a great deal at ALL!  I forget what the Cast Members had to say about Cobra Kai.  Definitely the Young Lady was there though.  That's the kind of Cast Member I can dig listening to talk about their role in a TV show if you catch my drift.  I Like Dream Documentaries.  I don't remember a single thing I learnt, though.  Such is life.  Also no I'm not having lunch right now!  Maybe Part III!  Get off my back about it is the point.  Jeez.  538 presidential Prediction is slowly going up for Biden, but The Economist Presidential Prediction is slowly going down!  I'm gonna have to recalibrate my expectations and which site I trust more.  Let's just split the difference and Just Live Our Lives.  I don't like the sound of that idea!  Because I DON'T HAVE A LIFE!
Fascinating.  Whatever.  Can I watch The Sequel To Jumanji?  YES I HAVE LOTS OF OPTIONS For SHORT TERM LIVING LIFE.  I can pick from many Entertainments.  But Long Term Living Life is A Whole Lotta Nothing As Of Now.  When 538 first put up their model, there was a 20 point difference between their prediction and The Economist.  Now that's been sliced ALMOST IN HALF and there is a 12 point difference.  I LIKE IT.  I think websites should GET ALONG Better In General!  It warms the cockles of my heart!  Hey that reminds me I gotta start Beer #2.  It reminded me of that because Beer Warms The Cockles Of My Heart.  Wonderful.  Anyway, my specific feeling in regards to Trump calling Fallen Soldiers Losers and Suckers is, first, I don't support the military in general!  So that influences my instinctual judgment.  But, a) it's one of the stupidest politically incorrect things I can imagine a president saying, b) while it's more often not Great or Brave that we decide to go to war as a country, I can still recognize the soldiers who actually fight it are brave as shit.  And also calling them suckers?  Didn't Most of these wars have a draft?  They didn't wanna sign up for this!  But they fought anyway.  Also should we focus on the issues more than stuff like this?  Maybe.  Probably!  But its worth talking about it for a little bit!  And I'm the authority on a) what to talk about b) how to talk about it and c) how long to talk about it and d) Great, wonderful, what else is going on.
    Fascinating whatever etc.
  Maybe it matters more to The Greatest Generation, or the Second Greatest Generation, or The Third Greatest Generation, as opposed to Millennials On Down.  That seems about right.  Do people of The Greatest Generation ever just think at random points, Man.  My generation was the greatest.  My guess is yes that informs all their thoughts and actions.  So they got that going for them I guess is the point.  The Greatest Generation were those who fought in WWII, right?  LMLTURQ.  Yep seems to check out.  The point yes they were a FINE generation but greatest?  I dunno that might be contested.  Can't we just all agree All Generations Are Great?  Except for every generation After me.  I don't get THEIR deal at all.  That's not fair.  I'm okay with the Generation DIRECTLY after me.  But then After THEM?  I DON'T GET IT!
    What else is going on.  Trump is Canceling Stars & Stripes I heard.  But without that THERE'D BE NO SECOND ACT TO FULL METAL JACKET.  And then where would we be.  Well, he's not going back in time and wiping it from existence completely.  That movie still exists and it still is an accurate representation of World War Vietnam: Only Us Vs Them And Some Other South East Asia and Maybe Some China as per my understanding.  WWI had a draft, WWII had a draft, Vietnam had a draft.  Iraqs and Afghanistan didn't.  Did Korea?  I DUNNO ILTURQ.  YEP LOOKS LIKE IT.  So just because All Recent Republican Presidents weaseled their way out of serving by being drafted ... that makes THEM losers.  Maybe not suckers.  Can't argue with avoiding draft.  But most people didn't have any Extra Help to be able to avoid it.  They had no freakin' choice.  Well I'm sure a lot of them were on board with it in general.  What am I some kind of History Teacher?  I put that behind me A Long Time Ago.
Cool!  Here's a good test-- ask Trump off guard are you completely healthy regarding bones?  And he'd be like Yeah I'm the healthiest I got the best bones, no problem the--... OH RIGHT THE BONE SPURS... uh... the thing about that is..  I had bone spurs but they went away.  Now I'm all good.  Didn't last long.  It was there for a few months or years or so now I'm back to Greatest Bones, people tell me, you'd make one of the greatest skeletons, and these are people Who Know Skeletons.  Anyway what else is going on and cap.  World Wars were necessary to fight.  So especially Trump Sucks for talking specifically about WWI soldiers.  Korea, I dunno, probably not.  Vietnam Onward, Probably Not.  Maybe Afghanistan I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DEETS.  Anyway time for another break.  I'll be back in some unit of measurement of time.  I might have to make up my own unit for however long it takes.  Okay, sure!



I'm On Break With A Headache

   Sounds about right.  I can only IMAGINE what kind headache I had 9 years ago.  And what exactly I was taking a break from.  I guess Not Having A headache.  Anyway didn't wanna have lunch yet so I just had a Fried Chicken Drumstick.  Just ate the chicken and 80% of the skin!  No bone!  Well, maybe 10% bone, but that was completely unintentional!  I think I've just been conditioned To Trump.  I take it for granted oh that's the role of the president he just offends everyone and insults everyone's intelligence and uniformly denigrates all of our institutions.  That's What Presidents Do.  I'm making a point that I SHOULDN'T feel that way, not that I'm saying Past Presidents also did this.  Get on board With The Points I'm Trying To Make.  The other point I'm trying to make is that Yes that Chicken was delicious but I don't FEEL like having a Fried Chicken Lunch.  I got 4 BBQ Salmon Filets!  That's 2 Meals + ONE OR SO LEFT OVER AS A SNACK.  And I don't eat them now, when?
    Cool.  I hate how roughly once a week I accidentally add someone on Twitter and then I gotta backtrack and remove them.  Because there was a brief period o theim they were like HEY I GOT A NEW FOLLOWER... WAIT A SECOND... HE JUST UNFOLLOWED ME?  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GUY SOME SORT OF PSYCHO?  Unfollowed (or Unfollow) isn't a word... yet.  Gotta figure that'll be added to Dictionary at some point.  Do they only Add One Word A Year.  I feel like that's a gimmick the Dictionary People Do.  This is the Word Of The Year.  But they can add EXTRA words, right? What if there's a dozen words in a single year that need to be added?  Anyway maybe they already added, "Unfollowed," I have no idea!  Cool.  The point is I dunno if Flip The Senate is for 6 or 8 or whatever people.  You'd think I'd look into it before donating it.  I think it was 6 OR 8 I really HAVE narrowed it down to one of those.
    The point is either way wonderful.
  Not sure what Devilled Eggs are.  I jut keep imagining Hard Boiled Eggs.  Looks like Eggs Possibly Hard Boiled Eggs incorporated with Mayonnaise.  Fascinating! I'm never gonna have that! Nothing disgusts me more than Mayonnaise but also nothing is more delicious to me than Halal Food (chicken and lamb + rice) in Hot Sauce & White Sauce (which, as folklore tells it, is mostly mayonnaise).  So the point is I HAVE NO CONSISTENCY IN MY CORE BELIEFS.  I do have 2.5 paragraphs to write at least.  I am consistent in that.  I set out to write 15 paragraphs God Damn I'm Gonna Write At Least 15 Paragraphs!...based on the last month or two.  That's a long time to be consistent!  Hmm I could have that Salmon with Rice.  Rice sounds good I was just reminded of rice It'd be Consistent With My Core Beliefs To Have Rice As Part Of My Near-Future Lunch.
    Cool!  Just finished Beer #2.
  Of probably 4 for the day.  I like those odds!  There were no odds given!  The word, "Probably," isn't scientifically defined as an approximation!  Definitely over 50% and presumably under 99%.  The high End gets more dicey, but Over 50% seems like a good place to start.  Biden will Probably Win The Election.  WOW I LIKE THOSE ODDS!  Wait a second, those aren't Odds.  We just went over this.  Anyway I dunno what else is going on and crap.   The good news is every week I've been sticking with the #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember and it's DELICIOUS.  And this week I got a, "PARTY SIZE," pack.  It's 14 oz instead of 8 oz.  Because Everyone Knows 14 Oz Is A Party and 8 oz is Just You Being A Pig.
    Yeah!  I like these chips because they're made in such a way that 1/2 of them is like 1 chip folded over itself.  So overall its less surface area but its crunchier and more deep.  Could I do that myself by having 2 chips or a Lesser Chip at once?  Yeah!  But THEY do it FOR ME which I have a hard time arguing with!  Anyway what else is going on.  The entr is just about over.  Gettin' real close to a full half year of non stop days with entries.  I feel like I shuold either be given Some Sort Of Prize or given Some Sort of Punishment.  I can't decide which but I feel like this milestone demands some sort of action to be taken.  Anyway watched a documentary on Richard Pryor and another one on Phil Hartman.  Both kinda sleazy documentaries focusing on the tragedies in Personal Lives they led.  But hey it's better than watching Other Stuff!
    Ok one bonus paragraph Because I Like Ya.  Just almost misspelled Phil Harman as, "Phil Hartmen."  Gotta imagine that's what he called his Family.  We're the HartMENS.  I don't have to imagine that and you can't make me!  What else.  Gonna update my Computer Security in a little bit.  So if you're planning on Cracking Into My Computer you better do it quick your window of opportunity is closing rapidly.  One thing I learnt is that Phil Hartman's wife and Richard Pryor were both big proponents of Cocaine.  So that's one thing to take away from these documentaries.  Hmm people seem to like cocaine.  Hmm makes ya think.  Also Man Richard Pryor did a lot of cocaine and crack!  And HE TURNED OUT O... wait never mind. HE TURNED OUT OK I'M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT.  It was OTHER THINGS that brought him down!  Why would I be afraid to say something on my own website.
    One more bonus paragraph.  Then WE'RE DONE I'M SEVERING MY RELATIONSHPI WITH YOU, READER, COMPLETELY.  More #UnhealthyCompulsionToWatchTalesFromTheCrypTSummerToShriekFor later today.  Maybe some more Cobra Kais I don't ESPECIALLY like it because it makes me uncomfortable.  These teenagers, man, they're, I dunno, TEENAGERS, C'mon, they make me uncomfortable.  I just can't get on board with teenagers!  Dating back to watching the first several episodes on Youtube years ago, I never felt comfortable with Daniel La Russo looking different than he did in the 1980's.  Just a whole different vibe. WHERE DO THEY GET OFF.  Probably some place that I DON'T LIKE.  Cool!  Oh hey the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.              







Thursday, September 3, 2020

What Do You Want

   Some coffee.  But its not ready yet I just started it.  Says you.  Anyway Hey Got Groceries Delivered!  Wiped down a good 80% of them!  That includes Four cans of beer.  Hey I also want some Beer.  I think I'll have some!  It's Funny Because It's True.  Fried Chicken for lunch, Meatloaf for dinner!  It's a real great day when it comes to Food & Beverage I ain't lyin'.  Got some BUD LIGHT this week.  I had gone a 4-6 weeks witH COORS LIGHT then I got MILLER LIGHT last week and this week BUD LIGHT I was HAPPY with MILLER LIGHT but they weren't OFFERING IT.  Also SOME OF THOSE MAY BE SPELLED, "LITE," I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS. 
    I was thinking about Trump's joke that Sarah Sanders should sleep with Kim Jong Un to, "Take one for the team," and I don't care that its gross, I care that it implies Trump's Main Mindset is, I GOTTA PLEASE KIM JONG UN.  If he recognized North Korea as an adversary why would he want to make his Press Secretary The Dictator's concubine.  Maybe that's part of the deal ever think of that.  Nope sounds more like Just Trying To Get On His Good Side.  Because he likes dictators.  That's who he gets along with.  That's Not A Joke.  Well, its sort of a joke!  But it's not a Ha-Ha Joke.  It's a WAH-WAH joke.  Anyway wasn't I going to take a sip of beer?  Also at this point ENOUGH Coffee may be ready.  I'm not counting on the Whole Pot being done but enough for one cup?  I like those odds!  Crossover between North Korea Dictators and Long John Silvers.  Hmm that's gonna take all my concentration to come up with THAT pun.  But I Don't FEEL Like It!
    More e-mail from James Carville.  He wants to, "Flip The Senate!"  By which I assume he means exchange powers and constitutional responsibilities and duties with the house.  I don't know WHY he wants to do that but that's the only conclusion I could draw.  Sure maybe I can donate to Do That.  I could do lots of things.  Anyway I was reading last night that House (CURRENT configuration of The House) is gonna vote on a bill decriminalizing Marijuana!  And according to polls Dems, Indys, and Repubs ALL support it.  SO MAYBE IT PASSES WOW THAT'S GREAT.  Also yesterday I learnt that my Mom got me Tootsie Pops from Amazon.  And they're sitting in a box just waiting to be Used.  Consumed, whatever.  And I combined those into a dream last night where someone gifted me a bag of Marijuana Infused Tootsie Pops.  Funny how the mind works like that.  No it isn't.  Well not HA HA Funny.  Hey Coffee Should Be Ready!
    Okay how about this, Kim Jong's Silver, and that's what they call whatever insular currency they use in North Korea.  And it May or May not contain Trace Amounts Of Silver.  Some sort of Pun about a Never Ending Game of Uno going on in North Korea.  Nah that one ain't so great.  Neither was the first one.  Agree to Disagree!  Also how are we sure Kim Jong Un winked at Sarah Hucklebee Sanders.  Maybe he had something in his eye!  Like a UNBRIDLED DESIRE FOR SARAH HUCKSTERBEE SANDERS.  ...that resides in his eye, physically, somehow and for some reason.  Great, just great, I can have Fried Chicken during Part II or Part III of entry.  Also I should drink more beer!  I only had One HalfwayLong sip as of this sentence!  Anyway.  Plan today is to catch up with #CobraKaiSummerToSwanKick.  I call Daniel La Russo's finishing move The Swan Kick.  That's what Swans look like.  Balancing on one foot and kicking would be aggressors with the other foot.   That's Swans For Ya.  Summer to SWANK IT.  YEAH SWANK THAT MEANS WHAT I IMAGINE IT MEANS.
No it doesn't.  Probably.  Can I get stickers for Donating For Flipping The Senate?  Seems only fair.  I think I should get More Stickers In General Though.  I was just looking around my room earlier and I realized oh yeah I have a SECOND electric guitar that works.  Maybe it doesn't work.  I think the Input Jack Receptor is broken or something.  If only there was some way to find out.  Yooo Kim JONGs ILLLLLL.  Sure.  That was the Past Dictator Guy.  Either Un's father or uncle.  If only there was a way of finding out.  Yep it was a son. WTF HOW'D YOU FIGURE THAT ONE OUT.  I dunno who can remember those kinds of details and facts.  Also I know this is gonna come out wrong and insensitive but are we sure Sarah Sanders WASN'T ASKING FOR IT?  We don't know what kinda vibes she was putting out there! For all we know, Kim Jong Un might have a magnetic personality and be very attractive Up Close In Person.





Shut Up Your Face

   I just took a break and accomplished NOTHING!  You know what that's like, right?  It's about 80% of MY LIFE and presumably a high percent of Your Lives, too.  Of course watching Movies and TV and listening to music is Productive, thouhgh, Now I Have More Cultural Experience Than I Had Before.  And if it's Watching/Listening to Stuff I already consumed-- like 95% of what I watch and listen to-- then I'm just SHORING UP my knowledge and expertise on Such Art.  BUuuudddy.  That's not funny.  I know it's a real, "Think Piece," it makes you, "Think," "Why did this happen in the first place and Why Did I Read It?"
Cool!  Looks like Fried Chicken is a Part III thing for today.  We're talkin a BREAST, a Drumstick, MAYBE A THIGH I DUNNO.  We all agree Thighs are the worst kind of fried chicken/chicken wings, right?  Little Meat on Em, too much bones, and those bones go every which way it's hard to get whatever meat IS on there without choking on some bone.  Also, it's so little chicken-- you're getting more Skin than chicken.  That's unhealthy and I won't stand for it!  Well Yes I Will there's nothing I can do about it.  But IN THEORY I won't stand for it.  The point is this is a paragraph and there's nothing nobody can do about it to take that away from me!  Also when telling my Mom about The Fried Chicken (She expressed interest), she asked me how big the pieces were, and in the process of answering her I was using the phrase Well The Breasts Are Big, and I DON'T LIKE USING THAT PHRASE WITH MOTHER.  Because I'm SEXUALLY REPRESSED to the point that NON-DIRTY-AT-ALL-WORDS make me uncomfortable.
    Yeah!  Oh man this portion of chicken has got some HOT DRUM STICKS LEMME TELL YOU THAT.  Hey I just finished 1st Beer.  Today'll be Most Likely Four but POSSIBLY Three.  I don't make the rules but I don't break the rules.  Unless the rules are no good.  Also, if not me, who is making these rules?  Maybe they have no business making rules themselves!  Figure I'll put chicken in oven when this section is over.  And maybe start Part III when It's Ready and maybe before its ready I DON'T MAKE ANY OF THE RULES.  Anyway when I was in High School, A High School For The SUPERSMART, I was with A LOT of people either first or second generation Americans from Asian Countries and NOT ONE NORTH KOREA.  Presumably either because THEY'RE EXTREMELY DUMB or more likely they're not allowed to leave North Korea for America.  OR THEY'RE THE DUMBEST COUNTRY!  Why am I ragging on North Koreans don't they have it hard enough?  YEP THEY DO BEING DUMB AS THEY ARE.
Why!  It's not fair to North Koreans!  Maybe there were North Korean immigrants but they kept quiet about it on account of Secret North Korean Spies and Intelligence Officers who infiltrated my High School.  That sounds about right I guess.  Slogan for Budweiser-- Everyone Needs A Bud.  Slogan for Miller We're The Millers Hey Remember That Movie It Was Pretty Decent!  Slogan for Coors-- Hey We're Coors The Beer Brand Pretty Good Beer If We May Say So Ourselves!  Also NOT AS MANY JAPANESE AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT.  Lots of Indians, South Koreans, Chinese.  Oh and this is all For My Grade.  I didn't fuck with other grades!  I BARELY fucked with my own grade!  And anyway a couple dozen from the Other Main Asian Countries.  But ZERO who publicly identified as North Korean as far as I know. This is important stuff!  We need more Race Based Assessments of Intelligence!  I'm not saying anything about race based intelligence, I'm not making ANY judgments or conclusions because I have no conclusions to make.  I'm just listing demographics without any purported insight.
    Okay!  I'm Glad I WENT THERE.  As long as I'm GOING THERE there were only half a dozen black people in my grade?  Maybe 2 dozen Hispanic?  Sounds like a scam but what Can I do about it nothing.  I could have boycotted my school but then they'd just flunk me in every class and eventually expel me if I just stopped going completely.  They wouldn't sign me up for next semester if they knew I Wouldn't Be Coming Back.  Anyway this was a real great fun section of entry and it's almost over now.  I had an TEACHER who was black.  He was pretty good!  English!  I also had a gym teacher who was black.  And he was also really overweight.  Which was the main characteristic I noticed on account of him being a gym teacher.  Anyway Food Go In Oven Time and Me Be Back Later Time!   





I Like This, "Website!"

   Pot committed to at this point.  Anyway.  Got one Chicken Breast and one... smaller breast?  Huge thigh?  Misshapen Drum Stick?  The point is its 2 pieces and it's Not Delicious But Hey Pretty Good As A Change Of Pace.  Anyway when my Dad saw it he was like That looks pretty good!  Like KFC!  And I was like KFC is the authority on Fried Chicken?  That's the best you can come up with?  And then he was like Leave me alone you big bully.  Anyway.  I (we?) have good nostalgia memories of KFC because when I was seeing a physcitrist in ~2000, and he roped in my entire family to make it Family Sessions, we would get KFC after sessions!  So we were all argued and angered out and ready to enjoy some Fried Chicken.
    I could be wrong or this may be a unanimous conclusion-- but I always found the Regular Fried Chicken to be crispier than the Extra Crispy Fried Chicken.  You know what I'm coming around on this fried chicken I'm having right now it's delicious as long as I spit out the majority of bones.  I dunno about #CobraKaiSummerToSwanKick.  There's hardly any Crypt Keeper or Ominous Themes.  Anyway I had a dream about the Crypt Keeper last night.  Obviously in character.  And at first I was like you ain't so scary but then he did some stuff like creep up on me and I was like OKAY NOW I'M SPOOKED ALSO JUST LOOK AT YOU THAT'S PRETTY SCARY IN RETROSPECT.  At some point I should finish #DickVanDykeSummerToSettleFor.  Also this Fried Chicken Breast is big!  I probably could have had this by itself!  But its too late!  I ate the smaller piece already!  Maybe I can save Some Of This Big Piece!  No Law that says I have to finish it At Once!  Not to my Knowledge!  But I probably will anyway.
    Wonderful.  The point is does KFC have delicious Potato Wedges and Biscuits?  Yes yes they do.  Do I have delicious Potato Wedges and Biscuits?  No, no I do not.  I got Potato Half Spheres.  And I got Dinner Rolls.  So that's about halfway there.  Hmm ChickenBreastToSettle, maybe I can finish all the remaining chicken but only 20% of the remaining Friedness.  That sounds like an A+ World Class Compromise.  Anyway.  Watched some Simpsons During CircleWalk today.  You know what that's like.  It's entertaining, that's what that's like!  Hey great the most recent bite of chicken had a hair on it what a wonderful treat.
Penultimate paragraph!  I left chicken in oven for 1/2 hour.  In case I ever wanna do it again.  Which I will.  But I will never read this entry again.  Probably not.  Maybe one day when I'm an old man I'll go through all of these.  I don't envy my future self.  Also just cause I'd be old.  That's no fun.  Anyway I had 2 beers with the entry.  Might have a third starting Immediately After Entry as a Transition to Rest Of The Day.  And there's a lot of The Rest Of The Day.  I wrote this entry relatively early on account of getting up early to take care of Groceries & Whatnoat!  OH HEY YOU'LL FIND THIS ENTERTAINING I JUST REMEMBERED I GET TO EAT FRENCH... Uh... MEAT LOAF.  DUNNO WHY I STARTED OFF WITH FRENCH.  I'VE BEEN EATING FRENCH'D FOOD A LOT LATELY.
Wonderful.  I just finished my lunch!  Wonderful.  Hmm what kind of #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor can I watch.  I've narrowed it down to Anything Except The Last Season Which Was A Snooze.  Anyway the High from the Tootsie Pops never kicked in.  I woke up still waiting to get high from them.  Which I found odd because I was under the impression edibles (a Lollipop is Edible, right?  You don't EAT it you SUCK IT but its still edibling) are STRONG.  I guess not Fast, though.  At least NOT IN MY DREAM!  I can't wait to take this plate of lunch down and put it in the sink-- after wiping it down completely!  DOn't want crumbs clogging up the sink.  Hey what if I wiped off the crumbs, kept the plate on my side of the table, and use it again for Meatloaf and Half-Potato-Wedges.  That's great AND entertaining to read.  I'll see you tomorrow!

-1:22 P.M.





Wednesday, September 2, 2020

You're Going To Like This!!

   So what.  Even if I do it'll end and then I'm back to Not Liking Anything.  You Make a good point.  Or I do.  I forget who is who.  Such is life.  Anyway last day of the Working Week!  You know WEDNESDAY.  Well Thursday is essentially A HALF DAY.  So, sure, I dunno, what else is going on.  I'm plumb out of of meals.  Gotta bagel going for lunch in a bit, then Hopefully Communal French Toast for dinner.  Otherwise I'd have to dip into my Dad's Turkey Stash!  And he wouldn't like that one bit.  He was even asking me if we could Push Back Delivery to Friday and I told him This Story about how I Don't Have Enough Food.  But thBut that I could live with.  The real reason was I don't wanna go another day without beer.  I could have figured something out for meals.  Like a bag of popcorn and a pop tart.  A nice balanced Lunch-Em-Up.
    Yeah!  I was reading a Nate Silver tweet abuot the differing levels of Biden winning the National Popular Vote and how that would translate into  Chances He Wins The Electoral College.  And my main take away was Uhh That Ain't Right.  Isn't there a way we can get rid of the electoral college.  What if we were like, Biden wins and we take the Senate, and we make a compromise, OK YOU CAN WIN IN 2024, THATS A GIMME, BUT STARTING IN 2028 NO MORE ELECTORAL COLLEGE.  It's like trading a Superstar going into Free Agency for a #1 Draft Pick.  It's SPORTS You Wouldn't understand.  Oh But Also we get to have a say in who wins in 2024.  Gotta be PLAUSIBLY SOMEWHAT Moderate.  The point is Should America Operate Like The NFL?  I don't see you coming up with ANY BETTER IDEAS!
Probably.  Got some Coffee going.  Last week or two I never finish my coffee.  Usually I finish 1 cup, then leave over half the second cup.  But it all works out because more often than not I just use that as 1/2 my First Cup Of Coffee The next day.  It's called Conservation ever hear of it?  The environment can't stand all those wasted coffee beans!  And Energy where my Coffee Maker Machine has to spend More Time Making More Coffee THAT I DON'T EVEN NEED.  Anyway took a break from #SimpsonsCircleWalkingToRemember and watched the first two thirds of ZOMBIE: The Movie About Zombies.  I had seen it a few times before but this time I was paying more attention.  I actually have it on DVD so I presumably paid attention to it back in 2005, I had no phone to distract me back then.  So THAT settles THAT.
    Okay.  I had a dream-- and when I woke up, I wasn't 100% sure whether it was a dream or real life-- but the story was They Were Disassembling Stonehenge for some dumb Business or Corporate of Right Wing reason.  And I was like NO WAY THAT'S HERITAGE... PRESUMABLY.  We don't know WHOSE Heritage as far as I know but LEAVE STONEHENGE ALONE.  I also had a piece of lucid dreaming that was very possibly the longest Bit of Lucid Dreaming I ever accomplished.  But I was able to accomplish that because I was like, to myself Ok I know I'm dreaming but I CAN'T GO DO ANYTHING REALLY PLEASURABLE I'd get too excited and wake up. Hmm.  Appear to be on a city street.  Better just walk down the street.  Hmm made it to the end of the block.  Better wait for the light to change.
True Story! Well, no, it was a False Story concocted by my unwaking mind.  But it's True that False Story Happened!  Anyway am I gonna eat bagel with Part II of entry or Part III.  Only time can tell.  Hmm wonder what happens in the end of Zombie: The Movie That's Presumably Some Cult Classic Based On My Understanding In 2005 But Haven't Updated My Thoughts Since Then.  THe point is it was a stand in for #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor and it did its job pretty well.  Paid a good amount of attention to it while CircleWalking and that's a pretty good accomplishment for Entertainment it doesn't happen all the time.  Anyway KINDA pissed at my Mother for smoking less often than she used to, meaning less times I leave the house, meaning 1/2 the time I leave the house I am justified in getting beer.  I mean, if it's the day of delivery-- Beer Delivery included-- and I go leave the house I can't get more beer.  That would be INSANE.  The point is Yay Break Time!




Well If You Say So

   Hey what's going on.  Few months ago my Mom bought be Pajamas, FANCY Pajamas.  Made out of Fabric and everything Per My Understanding.  Today I'm wearing them for the first time.  Well, the bottoms.  I seem to have misplaced My Pajama Shirt.  Maybe there wasn't one.  That doesn't sound right, though.  The point is it was too Heavy Fabric for Summer but now that it's September (Autumn) let's break these Fabrick Pajamas In!  Hmm I feel like I had a Really Crappy Save-Em-Up, lemme LTURQ.  Oh, right.  The term Pool Shark.  Meaning I guess someone who hustles people at pool.  But when I first became aware of the phrase Per a Sublime Song I thought it meant there's this Shark Loose In This Pool!  How'd that happen!  Pools are too small to hold a shark!  But it Sure Is An Interesting Scenario!
    Whose to say Sublime DIDN'T want me to make that connection.
  I posit this-- they knew I and Others could misinterpret it that way and They Just Didn't Give A Fuck!  Anyway I don't have lunch right now so presumably with Part III I will.  Anyway.  Then after that Back to #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  At this point its becoming Unhealthy.  But on the other hand It Comforts Me For Some Reason.  Maybe I relate to the stories.  Maybe I relate to the Crypt Keeper.  Maybe I relate to the CINEMATOGRAPHY.  There's something in #TalesFromTheCryptLifeToDismemeber that keeps me coming back and I'll get to the bottom of it one day.  Oh it's for children.  But it mascurades as being for adults.  It's for Adultish Children and Childish Adults.  That MAY OR MAY NOT check out.  What else is going on and crap.  NINETY THREE EPISODES?  AND ~80% OF THOSE ARE DECENT.  I can go through these over and over and over again.
    I dunno.  I see TENET is in theaters.  That must be exciting to be abl... HMM JUST FIGURED OUT THE EXCITING PART OF MY LUCID DREAM.  Just walking down city streets is exhilarating enough to a guy whose been homeridden for half a year.  Also it was Manhattenesque City Streets.  I LIKE THAT KIND OF ENVIRONMENT.  The point is obviously the first impulse is Do Somethin' With Imaginary Girl In My Dream, if I wanna make the most of my lucid dream.  But I was like I dunno there' girls around here but none of them have shown any interest in me.  Or given me consent to touch them.  Just cause its a dream doesn't mean I can overstep my bounds.  #A+SUPERRESPECTFULGUY.
    Anyway, fourth paragraph of Part II.  Part of it was because I Figured if I DID go ahead and touch these strangers they would react negatively.  And I don't need that kind of Crap messing up my dream.  Better just stick to walking down some streets.  Hmmm 48th street.  Is that a thing.  It Sure Was In My Dream.  Anyway, I think I Didn't Know How I Got Into Manhattaneqsue Place, and I wanted to find my way back home, but I could Only Walk.  That was the rule.  I also had a dream 2 nights ago where I had one of my old iPods.  It was a black one.  I remember that iPod THOSE WERE THE DAYS.  Yes I know there's nothing more entertaining than other people's dreams. I'm not joking II get a kick out of that.  But I do realize You Probably Don't.  Oh well.
Great, just great!  What's Tenet about.  I dunno I'm still working on What's Inception About.  Also Yes I Am getting 2 kinds of gum from supermarket.  Same BRAND-- Trident!  Different FLAVORS-- Peppermint and Wintermint.  Nothing more fascinating than Other People's Gum Habits.  Especially when I'm sure I've talked about those two being my favorite gums at least three or four times in the past.  But that was Long Ago!  You May Have Forgotten!  Anyway I sure finished the Ben Affleck Basketball Coach Movie.  It must have been an acting Tour De Force by Ben Affleck because the plot of it was a snooze.  So I'm assuming the acting was good and That's Why It's A Movie.  Anyway time for another break.  I'll be Back in a Jiffy!



That's What I Thought

   Great we're talkin' I'M EATING A BAGEL.  We're talkin' Cream Cheese-- Not a Lot of it!  We're talkin' Toasted-- Could Have Been Toasted A Bit More!  The point is Zombie: That Movie Which What I Was Talking About has 2 memorable scenes People Remember.  Zombie Vs Shark (Ocean Shark Not Pool Shark).  We're also talkin' someone gets stabbed with a splinter in the eye.  No Spoilers!  Are there any ManMade Pools that use Salt Water for some reason?  Figure Someone must have tried that just to mix things up.  Also I remember enjoying the taste of water with Chlorine when I would accidentally taste it.  Then I read that you only taste Chlorine when its been activated by Urine.  So that wasn't a great thing I did in retrospect.
Such is life.  I'm trying to think whether I urinated In The Pool when I was younger.  ANd would go to the pool relatively often.  (My Neighborhood Complex has a pool).   I feel like there's probably a 75% chance I would feel comfortable urinating in the pool as a child, but a Decent Sized Chance that I was responsible enough Not To Do It.  The piont, though, is that Pool Water is delicious and is it possible we add Chlorine to The Next Water Energy Drink?  I'm sure you could find a way to Activate The Flavor Without Urine.  C'mon Scientists MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL.  I want to DRINK CHLORINE BUT NOT URINE.  I don't think that's asking too much from our scientific community.
    Cool!  Well I just finished that bagel.  But the memories of it will last forever.
  I wish I had another one RIGHT NOW.  But I don't.  Anyway gettin' Some Fried Chicken instead of (Buffalo?) Chicken Fingers this upcoming week.  Last time I got it it was OKAY but it was during time Air Conditioning wasn't working and Parents Forbid Me from using Oven.  This time around I can really make the most of the, "Fried," part of, "Fried Chicken."  Also ordering a lot of other stuff thats delicious.  This time around I'm getting communal meat loaf and my Dad is on board with it but my Mom is not interested so basically I GET THREE SLICES INSTEAD OF TWO HOLY SHIT GET OUT OF THE WAY WHAT A GREAT MEAL.
Something along those lines.  Anyway been reading up on the almost certain chance that Trump is up way ahead on election night but Democrats end up At The Least Closing The Gap if not Winning.  It's interesting becuase We Have Two Months To Prepare The Audience (Or, "Voters," If You Will) to Not Be Angry And Confused About It.  The other point is I'm getting a box of individual bags of Cheez Its that are Single Portions and each one is only 140 calories.  Which if I had to estimate means around 14 Cheez Its.  Not Reduced Fat like I'm used to!  Just regular!  This is good stuff keep it comin'.
    Last paragraph!  Then finish #ZombieWasn'tReallyWorthRememberingJustAOneOffMovie and then back to I dunno!  Man if I had a #IndividualPortionOfCHeezItsSummerToRemember Right Now I'd eat it.  What responsibilities do I have for today.  Gotta bring down Bagel Plate and Empty Glass.  Refill Glass with Soda bring that sucker back upstairs.  If we're making French Toast I'm presumably The Grill Master while My Mom soaks it in Eggs.  Then I gotta EAT the French Toast and that's a huge hassle.  That's about it.  Maybe Watch Something That Requires My Undivided Attention.  Which I would probably provide 75% of my attention to, if such a Thing comes up.  Anyway the point is the entry is over I'll see you tomorrow.

-3:12 P.M.





Tuesday, September 1, 2020

That Doesn't Sound Like Me

   Sounds more like Some Other Guy Or Something.  Anyway starting a late entry on account of waking up late.  We're talkin' stating entry at THREE PM.  We're talking about having lunch at THREE FORTY PM.  We're talking about having dinner at IT DEPENDS ON WHETHER WE HAVE COMMUNAL DINNER OR NOGHT.  If we're havin' Family French Toast that's around 6:30, 7:00.  If I'm having sandwich and soup THEN THERE's NO TELLING it could be any time!  The point is another day without beer and another day Closer To Beer.  So that's My Life and whatnot.  The other point is I only watched 2.33 episodes of Simpsons during #MorningCircleWalkToForgetAboutIt and finished it up with Half a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  We're talking about the one about the Crypt Keeper's parents.  That's not a joke.  There's an episode devoted to his parents.
It's not ABOUT them being his parents.  It's just a story of a Sideshow Freak and A 2000 Year Old Mummy and they end up having relations and we find out at the end that The Crypt Keeper was the result.  I'd say Spoiler Alert but you know what, I'm gonna be honest, I don't care.  Also it's kind of implied based on The Crypt Keeper's INTRODUCTION to the episode While In The Crypt so trust me you're not gettin' anything spoiled.  Hmm.  If his mother was Dead, does that imply that maybe Crypt Keeper is As Alive As Possible?  I always thought maybe he was just some guy who died and then is some sort of ghost or ghoul.  But this might be Just His Life because He's Dead On His Mother's Side.
    Something along those lines.  Also how come we have to go behind hidden staircases and bookshelves to get to The Crypt Keeper.  Shouldn't he answer us at the Front Door and be like hey good to see you I got another story for you this is gonna be great.  Doing it Behind All The Hidden Passageways, now we ALL KNOW ABOUT THE HIDDEN PASSAGEWAYS.  He's giving away too much information about his House's Secrets.  Now EVERYONE knows.  Anyway what was I talking about.  Oh, right.  Lunch will be a delicious French'd Bread Pizza.  And I'd wager around 60% chance Dinner'll be delicious French'd Toast.  Really doubling down on French Food.  Fascinating Stuff!
    Cool.  Anyway I spoke too soon about Simpsons being down to Just Adequate Episodes.  I enjoyed one of this morning's very much!  Tomacco Episode.  Lotta laughs in that one.  One could only imagine there's Even More Classic-To-Me episodes on the docket.  Anyway just blazing through this entry.  It's good news, too, because if I finish Part I as quick as possible, I could take a short break, and French'd Bread Pizza lines up Exactly with starting Part II.  That's how I choose to live my life.  Ya know, that sort of thing.  Hmm a little under 48 hours until beer.  I could watch an Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte Vehicle in that time.  I assume the movie Was Actually 48 hours long.  Otherwise False Advertising.  And there's LAWS against that.  Right?  And even if there aren't, Seems like an interesting legal argument to make!
    Yeah!  I wanna see more of Joe Biden.  I feel Good every time he and/or Kamala Harris are showing up on TV.  Because it's like Hey Feel Good Time Reasonable Responsible People Talkin' Reasonable Responsible Stuff.  Also the press doesn't need to endlessly repeat Trump's lies, incitements of violence, conspiracy theories, etc.  And if they do, they should INTRODUCE it with Well this is completely bullshit, but Trump's been saying...  That sort of thing.  Gotta make things as clear as possible!  That's what News is all about.  Probably.  I never took any class in Journalism or anything.  Although I am in SOME SENSE the Journal-IST.  Nobody journals like I do!  The good news is I wrote Part I TOO QUICKLY.  Maybe don't even take a break at all!



Chill Out Dude RELAX

   Hey its me from before.  No break.  Well, maybe a 3 second break.  I HAD TO SCROLL DOWN AND EVERYTHING.  The point is French'd Bread Pizza is delicious but the bad news is I estimated it'd be ready at THREE FORTY PM last section of website, when upon further reflection, it's more like THREE THIRTY.  Which is an interesting time to eat lunch because Hey That's Great What Else Is Going On.  Bad thing about French'd Bread Pizza is it goes Oh So Quickly.  Good news is It's Delicious.  Well those two sentences Added Nothing to our national discourse.  Also this paragraph is part of the national discourse.  Well that sucks sorry about that.  Presumably you'd have better things to Discourse about.  Discourse... remote learning.. College Courses... You get the idea.  Maybe take a 10 minute break right now.  Well, no maybe.  I AM Going To Do It.  Right now.
I'm back 15 minutes later.  It wIt was the 10 minutes plus the 3 minutes of refilling soda, taking pizza out of the oven, and an extra 2 minutes based on BAD PREDICATION CALCULATIONS.  Oh, right.  I spent 2 minutes pouring Crushed Red Pepper on the pizza.  Anyway what else is going on.  Anyway this is a good episode of Tales From The Crypt because 3/4ths of them are good episodes.  MAYBE EVEN MORE!  Anyway gotta start putting together Thursday SuperMarket Delivery Order.  You Know What That Means! ...VERY self explanatory, I'm really counting on you to know what that means.  If not We've GOt Problems.  Well you do.  But if you got a problem WE have a problem that's just the kind of supportive Website Guy I Am!
    What else.  French'd Bread Pizza is a little bit of nostalgia for me.  I don't remember ever getting Frozen Pizza in the form that regular pizza is.  Always French Bread or maybe Pizza Rolls or Pizza Bagels or some sort of Pizza Hot Pocket.  Anyway I had a dream I finally got a new TV and I hooked it up to my Xbox 360 and pretty much all my troubles and worries in life melted away.  Then when I woke up I was like Hmm I could re-hook up old tv.  And then I was like nah I ain't gonna do that.  Watched about 2/3rds of Ben Affleck Becomes A Basketball Coach movie.  It was interesting because I'm a big fan of sports and basketball in particular.  Also Ben Afflect plays a Drunkard and it makes me thing about my own Drunkardness.  He just drinks cans of beer all the time if THATS being a Drunkard well then Maybe I'M JUST A DRUNKARD OK?  Oh right that is the case ok glad we figured that one out.
  Maybe I should have had a more fulfilling meal like a Soup & Sandwich but oh well can't go back in time at this point.  Or at any point.  Maybe in the future we can go back in time.  What else is crappening.  Lots of talk on Twitter looking for people to sign up to be poll workers.  I find that an incredible demeaning job.  They live on tips for showing off their half-naked bodies and dancing around the poles and I dunno why Barack Obama is trying to ENCOURAGE this behavior.  Sure I follow Barack Obama.  Never know when he might come back.  Biden is kind of like Obama coming back.  Hmm interesting conclusion maybe I should be a TV Pundit.  More like a TRANSVESTITE.. Pun'd It!  Is TV short for transvestite.  I think I must have picked that up somewhere.
Cool!  Anyway another break after this paragraph.  I like those odds.  Anyway the Freak who is Crypt Keepers father, the kind of freak he is is that he has two faces.  He's got his regular face and then on the side of his regular face is another, around 80% formed face, but disfigured.  And I don't think it makes any facial expressions.  Maybe a little bit.  Not a conjoined twin or anything, though.  Just an extra face.  So that settles that one.  Hey maybe I can make my way back to watching The Way Back: That Basketball Movie with Ben Afflect I was Just Referring To.  It's good to have plans.  Anyway in the mean time I'm gonna go take a break.




There's No, "I," in, "Website."  Wait A SECOND...

   Hey that was a fun break!  I totally did absolutely nothing! Hey why would I watch a Ben Affleck Movie where he coaches basketball?  What kind of idiot would I be.  I like Ben Affleck just fine but this movie is A Snooze.  I'm 2/3rds in and The Main Conflict is when Ben Affleck Curses while coaching the high school boys and it's a Catholic School and his assistant coach is like you can't do that.  That plays out over 80% of the scenes in the middle and that's pretty much it.  I guess that's how They Become A Great Basketball Team?  They go from Zero's To Heroes!  Because Ben Affleck says the word SHIT every now and then.  Yep seems to check out.
    What else is going on and crap.
  Hey it's a new month.  That means I need to come up with a pithy short title for the month that shows up when you see this page listed in your web browser.  Hmm.  SEPTEMBER IS SEPTEMBER. That's SOLID I GOTTA USE THAT ONE.  Nah it ain't great.  SEPTEMBE TIME.  I like it because it implies I don't care enough to correct obviously misspelled words.  It's a real, "Think," Title.  Yeah that seems to check out lets go with that one. Spoiler Alert I didn't' go with that one.  You can check out what I DID go with on your own.  I ain't here to hold your hand while we go through Every Little Title I do.  SHITHEAD.  Me calling you a SHITHEAD makes you a good basketball player.  Oh, that's another thing.  For the most part, Affleck isn't even Cursing AT his players to motivate and inspiring them.  He's just like, the ref makes a bad call, and he's like FUCK! and then I guess THAT inspires them enough.
    The point is I dunno.  Three more paragraphs.  Still 1/3rd of that movie to go.  Good chance it'll Switch Gears and turn out to be a different movie than the one I'm imagining that's just Standard Guy Coaches High School Basketball Team To Victory movie.  I presumably will finish this movie at some point.  Cool!  Havin' some orange juice.  You know what that's like.  It's like you pour half a cup of orange juice and pour half a cup of water on top of it.  Ya'll gotta try it its all the joy and pleasure of orange juice AND all the joy and pleasure of Water.  I call it Watered Down Orange Juice.  Figure that's as good a name as any!  What else is going on.  You can water down ANYTHING.  Watered down French Toast.  Why not.  You got that Egg you engulf your bread with.  Water it down with some water!  No one's gonna stop you! 
    I dunno.  I also had a dream I was working on new music but I was doing it On The Floor.  Which, in retrospect, MAY have been how I usd my 8 track for a good amount of the time when I was recording in my House-Bed Room back in the day.  Desks and surfaces too clunked up with Garbage!  Gotta sit on the floor and play guitar if you REALLY wanna get into it.  Nah I ain't gonna do that In Real Life.  Doing it in my dream was rewarding enough!  If they said to you, you can be DREAMING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, and guaranteed to have 80-90% of it positive, maybe even some LUCID dreaming, would you do it? On the one hand it's a dream.  Not reality!  But on the other hand HELL YEAH SIGN ME UP.  But on the other hand Nah In Real Life I'd probably Stick To Real Life.  How about you?  E-mail me @ Mankindguy@gmail.com!
    Well what else we're down to the last paragraph. I like those odds!  Dinner'll be in about 2 hours.  French'd Toast or not.  At this point I think I'd prefer a Soup & Sandwich but I got my family all psyched about French'd Toast so I dunno how its gonna turn out!  Figure FIRST THING I do when this entry is over is finish up that Tales From The Crypt Keeper's Personal Lineage.  Then SECOND THING is probably some more #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  My Mom was asking me how to watch Black Panther.  I told her!  Man that was a nice story.  Right?  I think she relates because she too had colon cancer.  So they'd have a lot to talk about.  You talk to the movies you're watching, right?  About their Real Life Personal Life Health Problems.  That's what movies are for.  Anyway I did it I wrote an entire entry.  Only one more of those Without Beer then Several Days of entry WITH Beer.  Then I forget who knows.  I'll see you later.

-4:32 P.M.






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