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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Have I Got Something For You

    No I don't.  Anyway it's Sunday.  For me!  For you it might not be Sunday.  I'd say it's the Best Guess followed by Sunday is Monday.  But after several months it over time becomes but a regular 1/7 chance.  Thinking about having a real, "Wild Card," lunch of stuff I Have To Eat so I Have To Eat It but ALSO I Can See Myself Getting A Kick Out Of It.  WHY It's Only Chili + Yellow ("SPANISH") Rice.  Lookin forward to that.  I KNOW the amount of rice I need for the meal but I DON'T KNOW how much chili is appropriate.  And ig I just heat it all up and finish what I can and put away the left overs I'LL END UP EATING ALL OF IT TOO MUCH YA HEARD.  Which isn't an ideal situation.  You know, that sort of thing.
     For some reason it's been Too Hot in my room the last week or so.  Well, I've narrowed it down to my parents have the heat on in the house.  But I have Windows AS WIDE OPEN AS POSSIBLE.  Normally that works!  Also I can only open windows about 1/20th of the way up.  ALARM WIRES are attached to window such that if I open it up too much (which is really not so much!) ALARM GOES OFF.  Uh oh now you know my Secret Shame.  Hmm.  How exactly would you use this information against me.  I guess if you were to break into my house WITHOUT opening windows too much.  BUt you'd have a ZERO PERCENT CHANCE of getting in The Amount It Opens Without Alarm.  Also the alarm wires are ON THE INSIDE so you can't clip em.  And also Clipping Them would SET OFF THE ALARM.  That's no way to disable the alarm.  There must be SOME way.  BUT I AIN'T TELLIN!  Looks like I'm gettin BLOOD WORK DONE TOMORROW.  Uh oh that's my 2nd Secret Shame Of The day.  ONE OF US WILL STILL BE HERE to guard the house from Breakers Ins.  So don't even try it!  Also Alarm'll still be set AS FAR AS YOU KNOW.
What else is going on and crap.  About 2/3rds into SNL: The Episode From Last Night (But For me Was From Just Now This Morning). I LIKE it because hey I remember these people doin laugh-em-ups from previous Saturday Night Lives.  So we got that going for us is the point.  The bad Safety Thing re: ALarm & Windows is if there was a MURDERMAN who has me cornered in my room Can't jump out the window WITHOUT THE ALARM GOIN OFF.  In a real fight &/or flight situation I LITERALLY choose Flight.  What if I fought.  Nah that's not gonna happen.  Think I'll stick with Flight.  Then again, using 100% different logic to this premise, if I wanted to get help ALL I NEED TO DO is SLAM THE WINDOW OPEN WIDE and everyone will be ALERTED to me & my predicament.  Then they'd come to save me! Finally things are working out MY way.
Cool!  What if I had MORE rice and then used Exactly HALF the chili.  That might be one way to go.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Ended up watching that Homeless People drink Acid Alcohol movie all the way through.  Really freakin' weird and creepyfunny movie.  But I like it!  It's got CHARACTER.  In both the sense that it's one of a kind in adjectives AND the characters in this film aren't ones you've seen before.  Just creepyfunny homeless people and associated creeps NOT associated funnies though.  The point is you ain't never seen a movie like this before!  Unless you've seen this movie before.  In which case you've seen a movie JUST LIKE THIS before because IT WAS THIS.  The point is I'd be a great Major Motion Film Enterprise Critic.  "Hey this was a good movie.  There's characters in it.  Different than other films to either a large or small degree!  I forget what the title was!  THREE STARS.  Out of Four Stars.  None of this Five Stars Nonsense."
You heard it here first!  I remember what the title was.  I just Forgot To Tell YOU the title.  Street Trash.  There now that's settled.  Figured out a new favorite Preset on Guitar Amplification System.  It's called BLUES LEAD II.  Look Blues Lead I was OKAY but Blues Lead II They're Really Stepping Up Their Game!  What if I just knock a hole in my wall with a sledgehammer.  Make MY OWN window.  With NO ALARM WIRES set up to keep it closed.  Also Nothing To Close.  It's just a hole in the wall.  I guess that's one way to go.  I dunno maybe Alarm Wires ARE SET UP that at one point sledgehammering THE ALARM WILL GO OFF.  I don't see HOW that would happen or WHY its a feature of Alarm Settings but can't count it out completely.  Ya know what episode of #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear I haven't watched lately?  The Whoopford Golderberg episode.  Figure I'll watch that in Oh I Don't Know NOW?





Hold On A Second

    No I'm not.  I watched OH I DON'T KNOW TEN MINUTES OF SAID EPISODE.  Wonderful!  I think when I leave the house tomorrow I need to wear a shirt.  It's been a while but if I remember correctly, when you leave the house, put on a shirt.  And I don't mean a Pajama Top, either.  A nice, real shirt.  Anyway.  I'm a T-SHIRT guy.  Or at least I used to be.  ALL T-SHIRTS ALL THE TIME.  I like it when they EXLPAIN something about me or my personality or my likes and interests.  Or when they're a single MONOCHROMATIC color.  Those are fine!  A nice BROWN shirt.  Not because of Nazi Fascism.  I just TRULY believe strongly that I like Just Brown Shirts for one reason or another.  WHY WON'T YOU BELIEVE ME.  Look it's true either accept it or lets move on.
     What else is going on and crap.  Cleveland Browns Shirts.  Cleveland Steamers.  I have a shirt that says Tenacious D on one side and Cleveland Steamers on the other.  THAT SETTLES THAT To a T.  Anyway.  WHAT IS THE BROWN IN QUESTION IN CLEVELAND BROWNS.  It can't just be like well one color is as good as another.  Let's go all in with BROWN.  Gotta be a better explanation, right?  LMLTURQ.  PAUL BROWN was the first coach or something for this Team Franchise.  Musta been a really good coach.  Or, a really TERRIBLE one.  Maybe it's an ironic name.  Can't rule out ANYTHING at this point.  Now if only we knew where the word CLEVELAND comes from. Oh.  Right.  That's the city where the Browns Live!  Yeah but where did CITY get its name.  General Moses Cleveland.  Well that settles that once and for all!
     I saw some Republic Senators proposed a POULTRY Counter Proposal for Stimulus/Relief Package Deal.  Biden said 1.9 Trillion!  These Republicans are like 600 Billion!  Look, the premise of this kind of deal is meet us half way.  They couldn't even meet us A THIRD way.  Also THIRD WAY Democrats are corporate Democrats or something.  I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS IN FRONT OF ME.  Anyway OVER A TRILLION POINT THREE OR BUST.  That's MY line in the sand.  Not really.  Also it doesn't matter what I feel.  I have VERY LITTLE Political Power.  Basically I'm susceptible to following MYSELF politically and socially but Beyond Myself it's basically nothing!  Beyond Myself is when I eat myself but it's plant not me.  Anyway get Hannibal Lector some IMPOSSIBLE HUMAN and EVERYONE'S HAPPY.  He thinks he's eating people.  No People Are Actually Getting Eaten.  It's a win/win is the point I'm trying to make.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  WE NEED THEM 2K STIMULUS CHECKS ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  It was a PROMISE to Voters and That's That!
Yeah!  I'M CONVINCED.  So basically Mission Accomplished.  On board with myself!  You'd be surprised how often that isn't the case!  It's TRUE I haven't had Spanish ("Yellow") Rice in a month or two and it's TRUE I'm looking forward to it.  I can IMAGINE it's Fried Rice because it's not that different.  I can IMAGINE it's the kind of rice with Halal Cart Food because it's Also Not So Different From That!  Hey I gotta finish TALES Episode.  Gtota finish SNL Episode.  Gotta CONTINUE LIVING FOR ROUGHLY 50 YEARS OR SO IS MY GENERAL CALCULATION.  That's where I'm at as of this very moment or so is my general calculation.  Blink Won 82.  I won 82 years of life in the blink of an eye.  That's EXACTLY 50 YEARS FOR YA.  I'm 32, right?  Sounds like a reasonable guesstimaion.
Cool!  JUst started Beer #2.  Seems plausible I can drink but 3 beers today.  Lining up pretty well for my next few days and whatnot.  Started re-watching SOCIETY: THE HORRIFIC SHUDDERSTREAMS that's also a creepyfunny movie.  As opposite as Street Trash as can be!  There there was the DREGS of Society and here it's the... SOCIETY... of... SOCIETY!  HIGH SOCIETY!  That sort of thing.  Today is the last day of January.  Tomorrow is the first day of February IF ALL THINGS GO RIGHT.  Anyway I rarely watch this #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear because just isn't that great an episode.  I'm not POT COMMITTED to enjoying it every time its on.  I TRY but I JUST CAN'T.  Oh well, the point is I get to take an act break.  So many stuff to ifnish watching!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!





This Is Where I Leave You

    No you aren't.  Anyway I Cracked The Code of Chili is Best with Yellow Rice AND Yellow Rice is Best with Chili!  What else is going on and crap.  Dinner is something I have to start considering.  Off the top of my head, maybe Communal Roast'd Chicken.  But the point is Let's Move On With Life.  Finished SNL!  MAY OR MAY NOT FINISH TALES.  WILL finish SOCIETY.  If Communal Roast'd Chicken isn't the cards maybe some sort of Finish The last mealsworth of Frozen Pizza: It's Dijourno!  But in the mean time lets finish this entry.  Anyway had more or less HALF of the chili so that means a mealsworth of chili left over with same amount of rice and Dinner Roll.
    Cool.  I finished lunch!  That was fast!  Relatively!  The point is I didn't eat TOO MUCH chili but now my Tummy hurts.  Maybe I ate it too fast!  Maybe it's just the nature of this Super Market Chili in general!  Maybe my Tummy Hurts for a different reason!  Maybe my Tummy doesn't really hurt that much at all!  I just told you my Tummy hurted to seem like A Big Man.  Man this guy really loves his CHILI (Man Food) he hurt his TUMMY how much he ate!  Anyway.  Talked to My Dad and COMMUNAL ROAST'D CHICKEN IS IN THE CARDS FOR TONIGHT.  I'm On Board with that.  It's delicious!  The LEG of the chicken is the best.  There's TWO OF THEM but my Dad has the other one.  MMM Roast'd Chicken legs, chicken just fallin' off the bone, maybe eat some of that there skin real indulgent like.
    Well, great, just great.  The good news is the entry was NOT SO GREAT HOWEVER WILL BE OVER PRETTY SOON.  For both YOU & I.  I get to TURN THE PAGE of my calendar tomorrow.  I guess that's where turn the page as a phrase comes from.  Let's turn the page on this one.  Going ahead to a new time.  Going ahead to a new month. A new CALENDAR month.  Lost enthusiasm for re-arranging Past Music.  I was only enthusiastic about it for a few hours to be honest.  In the end hey it's already good enough pot committed to this order of songs and whatnot.  Also it's a similar thing to How Much Political Power Do I Have.  A LOT-- but only in regards in the context within Myself and of Myself Only.
     Sounds about right.  At what point does Biden decriminalize marijuana as an Executive Order and then Republicans complain HE'S ONLY DOING THAT BECAUSE IT'S VERY POPULAR.  And then we all shrug our shoulders and then start smoking weed a few weeks from then when it finally becomes available to us.  Next week?  The week after that?  Gotta imagine it's coming!  He's trying to score CHEAP POLITICAL POINTS by doing something EVERYONE IS ON BOARD FOR.  THAT'S NOT THE KIND OF DEMOCRACY I WANT TO LIVE IN!  Whatever.  I only need to write one more paragraph after this paragraph.  Which, all in all, is only a few more sentences away.  The Next paragraph.  From This Paragraph.  That sort of thing.  The point is if I want a HEARTY snack I can have Garlicked Bread.  If I want a MICRO Snack I can have a few Doritos: The Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips.
     Wonderful!  Also for Garlicked Bread I'd need to PREPARE ahead of time.  Put that sucker in the oven for 20, 25 minutes.  I CAN eat it cold-- left 1 loaf in Fridge instead of Freezer-- but OVEN'D IS THE BEST'T.  Anyway this entry was A BIT of a snooze but the good news is I get to try again tomorrow.  Odds are it will be SLIGHTLY better.  NO guarantees but that's just crunching the numbers, that's all that is.  Best part of Communal Roast'd Chicken is the LEG.  Second Best is Nice hearty pieces put in Dinner Roll and eat that sucker like a mini sandwich!  Lots of fun to be had with Communal Roast'd Chicken is the point I'm trying to make.  What else is going on.  That's about it.  Today I've been operating at 25% capacity.  Tomorrow lets bump it up to 50% capacity.  Right?  Seems like a reasonable way to go.  I'll see ya later.

-2:17 P.M.





Saturday, January 30, 2021

This Is Only The Beginning

    Well great.  Been re-watching HURRICAINE: THE MOVIE BASED ON A BOB DYLAN SONG and I'm PRETTY sure he's innocent.  Solid 4/5 shot he's innocent!  That's a joke of course he's innocent.  Well, I dunno!  I always took it for GRANTED he's innocent.  What if there IS a 1/100 he's guilty.  Guilty until proven guilty!  That's AMERICA JUSTICE SYSTEM for ya.  They released him from prison at some point, right?  Better LTURQ.  YES he was released in 1985.  Wow so was Back To The Future.  Funny how things work out like that.  Anyway I've seen this before but now I'm watching it again.  It's solidly I dunno is this a white savior movie and/or an overly sentimental movie from White Gaze.  The answer IN MY OPINION is YES it's 60% white gaze movie, 20% white savior movie, and then another 40% movie Good For Black Folks.  Such a great movie it has 120%!  Also we've heard of MALE Gaze.  Why not White Gaze.  Male Gays.  Makes Me Laugh!
    To be fair, to me, 100% OF THINGS IS WHITE GAZE.  Whether I like it or not.  I'm stuck being white in perpetuity!  I can see things from other points of view to a 110% degree, but there's still that 10% where its like Well I'm Still White Seeing it through this perspective.  So that's an interesting thing to talk about!  Anyway.  I was asking my mom, If I was a QANON Person, would she have me committed to a hospital?  Gotta imagine that discussion is going on across the country.  I mean, I'd guess it's overwhelmingly the elderly PROPORTIONALLY into Qanon.  And they don't have parents who can make sure they are committed.  Anyway, I dunno.  Asked my Mom what SHE would do for ME in that scenario.  She was like well maybe.  And I was like yeah sure.  And my Dad was like hmm well.  And my Mom was like yeah ok.  And I was like makes sense.
What kinda delicious lunch do I have in store for me today.  First thought was a Delicious 1/2 Chicken Parm Single Serving with some Garlicked Bread.  Seems about right!  I don't think it's much of a White Savior Movie.  White people HELP but I don't get the sense that White People SAVED.  Maybe about 5-10% a White Savior movie because it's SUGGESTED that them White People At Least HELP.  What else is going on and crap.  Christianity is a White Savior Religion.  Pretty much the prototype for a White Savior Ideology presumably I would guess if you don't hold me to it  Presumably most people across White Lands think Jesus was (/IS) White.  So they've got that going for them is the point.  Anyway lets move on with this entry (/MY LIFE).  I think even after cognitively realizing, "well Jesus would have been middle eastern he wouldn't have been white," Christians go HOWEVER I'm SORT OF POT COMMITTED TO A WHITE JESUS SO WHAT CAN YA DO.
That sort of thing!  What's a good ALTERNATIVE to Chicken Parm + Garlic Bread.  I dunno if there is one!  I'm into eating Spaghetti.  I'm into eating Chicken with Cheese On it.  And I'm CERTAINLY into eating Garlicked Bread!  What else is going on.  Took a break from #TheHurricaneIsDefinitelyInnocentWinterToStartYourYear to watch some #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear.  Is it possible the crypt keeper is A PRISONER in the crypt.  And he has to tell stories once a week or else they throw him in the hole!  Which he might even LIKE this guy is a FREAK.  Then why is he telling the stories.  I dunno maybe he like telling stories EVEN MORE than being in the hole!  That's the most logical reasoning deductions we can make about Crypt Keeper AS OF THIS MOMENT.  Also does Crypt Keeper KNOW he's on TV?  And that we're all watching this on TV?  Or does he think he's talking to a real person (&/Or A GHOUL OF SOME SORT?).  Also he's not telling us these stories.  He's introducing the stories.  They're not all in the same voice and point of view that would have been the case if he was telling the stories.  He's introducing already put together stories from others!  In which case WHO NEEDS HIM.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  If they started naming Hurricanes with Male Names as well as Female, only a matter of time till we get a Hurricane Carter.  Again, I mean.  We've already had one!  There's films and songs about it so we KNOW he took place.  What else is going on and crap.  Oh Right Delicious Garlicked Bread is in my near future.  We're talkin maybe an hour to an hour and a half.  I LIKE those odds.  I LIKE some evens, too.  There ought to be a third thing beyond Odds &/Or Evens.  But I can't figure it out on demand.  Give me a few months and I'd come up with something.  Also PAY ME and then I have more incentive to do it!  Otherwise we're STUCK WITH JUST Odds &/or Evens!  Maybe go back to #TheHurricaneHereComesTheWinterToStartYourYear instead of continuing #TalesFromTheCryptWinterTOStartYourYear.  I wasn't, "DIGGING," Tales story (THE ONE I'M ON INVOLVES DIGGING SO IT'S A PUN-- GET IT?) but I WAS enjoying The Hurricanes so I guess that settles that.  I'll be back in a bit.




The Entry Is Half Full

    Is there a .5% chance Rueben Carter is like HAH I FOOLED 'EM ALL!!!!!  Possibly!  It'd amuse me if that were the case but Look It's Not The Case.  I've SEEN MOVIES about it!  Anyway.  Wide World of Sports.  I don't think prison would be SO bad if I could Request a Single Room.  Sharing room with someone DRAMATICALLY lowers the quality of life in DOZENS of different ways.  I got my own room?  SIGNIFICANTLY better situation.  Also gives you some time to catch up on whatever hobbies you want.  Read.  Write.  Push Ups.  You know those three things.  Anyway Garlic bread takes 20-30 minutes to Cook In Oven.  Figure I'll just put it in oven when I'm done with Act II.  That sort of thing!
     Is it possible once a week Prisoners get Garlicked Bread?  It's not totally out of the realm of possibilities.  Look I've Said It Before but three hots and a cot is just a description of my ideal life pared down to the essentials.  What about 2 hots a cot and a cold.  I like that.  Sounds fine to me.  2 Hots A Cot & a Cold.  The cold is still a FRESH thing, though.  Just something that's best served cold &/OR room temperature.  Lots of good meals can be A Cold when you start thinking about it!  What else is going on and crap.  Does Rueben Carter get royalties from Movie &/Or Song About Him?  Better LTURQ.  Google-- RUEBEN HURRICANE CARTER ROYALTIES.  It doesn't look like He Gets SHIT.  He did get 6.5 Million as a settlement because He Did Time For A Crime He Never Done.  Put in a prison cell be ONE Time he could have been the champion in the world.  Also gotta imagine he made six figures or something from his book.
     So that settles that I guess.  If I worked at the white house and had to lock up the dogs at night I'd be like Put in a prison cell but one time he could have been the CHAMP ion of the world.  I'd say that to myself every night!  When you have multiple dogs Are They Friends With Each Other?  Or do they see each other as competition in terms of Who Can Be The Best Good Boy.  Gotta imagine well it depends on the dogs.  What else is going on.  Feel like I'ma get in a #WinterToStartYourYear habit of WATCHING Films: AKA Major Motion Pictures.  Stuff I've seen before!  Stuff I haven't seen before!  Doesn't matter as long as they're ADEQUATE ON UP.  What else is going on and crap.  DEFROSTING Garlicked Bread.  That's ONE WAY to end a paragraph.
Cool!  Gonna be February in a couple days.  It doesn't feel right that I've written over THREE GOD DAMN HUNDRED Episodes since Quarantine.  Also now Entries are called EPISODES.  SOMETIMES.  In this paragraph they are.  In other paragraphs they might still be called Entries.  We will assess this situation on a case by case basis.  Also THREE FUCKIN HUNDRED (AND THEN SOME).  Doesn't seem right.  All that entry MUST BE dumb and pointless.  That's the only reasonable logical conclusion I Can Assume!  One day I'll go back and read these and be like man this must be WAY in the future that I actually feel like going back and reading these.  I must have Forgotten COMPLETELY that they're not so great.  And then I'll read One Adequateness and be like well pot committed at this point gotta keep going.  This should last me a few years. 
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Then is an Intermission.  For me.  You basically just continue immediately.  OR decide your own intermissions at your leisure.  Take a break here and there, it's okay!  Anyway Homeless People Shudder didn't pan out buy maybe it's worth another shot.  CERTAINLY there's 9 other films on The Shudders that ARE worth a second shot.  Like CASTLE FREAK: THE ORIGINAL ONE I WATCHED A YEAR AGO.  CASTLE FREAK: THE NEVER ONE I WATCHED A MONTH AGO was good, too, But I Watched It Too Recently!  Ya know another good one was HIGH SOCIETY: THE FILM THAT'S ACTUALLY JUST CALLED, "SOCIETY."  I can watch that after The Hurricanes Starting Reuben Carter as Denzel Washington.  I MAY have some of the details on that messed up.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!




Not On My Watch

    Wow I can finish the entry now.  Five paragraphs Comin' Up!  I hope the Canadian White People helping The Hurricane are okay.  They've been THREATENED by people!  Gotta imagine they end up okay otherwise Where Are We Getting These FACTS From.  FOr the movie.  Anyway lunch is delicious.  Whattado with the rest of the day.  This Part of Hurricane: The Movie is horrorific to me!  People after people for doing good things?  GET OUT OF THE WAY THAT'S TERRIFYING I NEED TO RUN ALL THE WAY HOME.  The good news is I put SOME of the Frozen Garlic Bread that I Didn't Eat into the fridge.  Some back in the freezer!  ANd finally some I'm eating right now.  Glad we got all tha settled.
Cool!  I bet OTHER PEOPLE wrote to Rueben Carter and visited him in person As Fans.  This time around its these Canadians and their Friend African American From Brooklyn Who They Are Helping Teach.  Must have been DOZENS of fans before this that wrote to him and he wrote back and they met up in person.  WE DON'T HEAR ABOUT THAT INCONVENIENT TRUTH THOUGH DO WE?  I dunno what else is going on.  Watched the Denzel/Jared/Rami SUSPENSE THRILLER yesterday.  That's how I got to The Hurricane!  Suggested it!  Anyway that original film, the suspense thriller, SEEMED pretty good but I'm not 100% sure what happened.  I watched the first 30 minutes from my bed and COULDN'T HEAR &/OR READ the dialogue at all.  Still maintained that arrangement.  Then I took a shower, came back, watched the rest SITTING AT MY COMPUTER, knew what was going on, but then I got distracted again at the end and LOST TRACK OF WHAT HAPPENED COMPLETELY.
     Sure, why not.  Anyway finished lunch.  Left over a bit of spaghetti and chicken parm but that was the plan from the start!  That's why I had the Garlicked Bread with it!  Alright just finished the chicken parm.  BUT I STILL LEFT OVER SPAGHETTI PLEASE BELIEVE ME.  Also I AM FULL please believe me.  NO INCENTIVE to finish Spaghetti.  Except for how there's not much left.  And can't really logically conclude What To Do With It when I do eat it.  Can't really use it as a side.  Not enough!  Maybe as a snack!  Spaghetti ain't a normal snack but hey you can snack on it you can snack on ANYTHING if you put your mind to it!
     Penultimate paragraph!  Microsoft FrontPage only accepts ONE of Denzel/Jared/Rami as a word.  And SURPRISE SURPRISE it's THE WHITE GUY.  Thinking about Boycotting Microsoft Front Page.  Two Hots, a Boycott, and a cold.  That seems to check out pretty well.  What kinda dinner do I got in store for tonight.  Are there SANDWICHES I Can do?  Maybe!  Got some Corn't Beef in the fridge which MAY NOT be enough for a sandwich but presumably I can have some of my Pa's Turkey and that'll give me something to work with!  Oh right SPAGHETTI.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  Finishing Beer #3 over the rest of the entry.  That's great, just great.
     Hey what else.  I'm having a piece of GUM.  That should get the BRAIN JUICES flowing.  Or at least my Saliva.  That's Mouth Juice.  I got LOTS of good options of what to watch after The Hurricane: God Bless The Hurricane.  Only 25 more minutes of that film COUNTING FOR THE CREDITS.  What if Bob Dylan was like actually I own the patent for talking about Your Life.  First person to own the premise so I know YOU lived your life and YOU are YOU but sorry got to it a bit ahead of you!  Such is the breaks!  Why do Boxers need nick names.  Why does ANYONE need a nick name.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Anyway.  That'll do it for today.  See ya tomorrow.

-2:33 P.M.




Friday, January 29, 2021

They Said It Couldn't Be Done

    Wait.  They said it SHOULDN'T Be Done.  I get, "Couldn'ts," and, "Shouldn'ts," confused.  Anyway GREAT NEWS It's Friday.  Congratulations to The Cure on Being In Love.  I dunno.  Are they in love EVERY Friday.  Or is it just that if they HAPPEN to be in love it's always a Friday.  Never in love another day, but also every other week they're just not in love at all.  That seems to be the most reasonable assumption.  Also GREAT NEWS I'm facing NORTH.  That hardly ever happens!  When I'm writing website.  EVEN LESS just in general.  Hardly ever facing North except for 1/8th of the time I'm doing Circle Walking.  Also in addition to the Rational Four Directions, I'm including the North By North West ETC directions as their own thing.  8 Directions you can be going towards.  Any less is too few.  Any more is too many!  I feel like this shouldn't be too controversial a stance!
     What else is going on and crap.  Just did A Nice Ol' Chore and called A Doctor to Refill a Prescription.  Talked to an automated voice mail instead of a person.  Usually I skip the voice mail and INSIST I talk to a person, because it gets the job done quicker.  But this time around Eh whatever I've got RESERVES of this medication for a month LETS LET THE ROBOT VOICE MAIL HANDLE THIS ONE.  What kind of Delicious Lunches do I have to choose from.  Many.  Too many!  Four traditional possible lunches as well as a bonus four that make sense as well.  Any more is TOO MANY TO CONSIDER.  Any less and I'm clearly leaving things out.  You know, that sort of thing.  What else is That Sort Of Thing.  That's not a turn of phrase. ...YET!  Okay sure.  STRONGLY considering Meatloaf for tonight.  VERY Strongly.   What else is giong on in the wide world of sports.  If I was 100% on Meatloaf tonight SURE that would impact my lunch decisions. 
    Lets move on with My Lives.  What to WATCH today.  Those are the common threads that bind all entries together.  What Am I Gonna Eat What Am I Gonna Watch.  ...Trying to think of a third thing!  There is no third thing!  Just Those Two Things!  How far along into the entry am I.  That's a third thing I guess.  Anyway I DUNNO WHY but I'm STRONGLY considering Frozen Pizza for lunch.  Sure I know why.  It's because It's Dijorno: It's Delicious.  That's my suggestion for Updated Slogan.  Keeps with the Di/De first syllable of Dijourno &/Or Delivery.  Now it's Dijuorno &/or Delicious.  So it REMINDS people of previous campaign promise but is ADAPTED into this new world we live in.  Pandemic Quarantine World.  Where you DON'T want Delivery-- too risky!  You do want Delicious, though-- none of that has changed!
     Sure, whatever.  Is it a thing where we can buy stock in Covid.  I feel like Covid is Going GREAT.  For itself.  Not for us!  What else is going on and crap.  Obviously we should all be buying stock in Dijornio.  But that would have been more valuable analysis a year ago.  Too late now to MAKE A KILLING re: Frozen Pizza Enterprises.  What else is going on and crap.  I feel like watching that Shudder: The Horrorific Streams about the homeless people who drink acid or something.  And they all melt over the course of the movie?  I don't remember it 100% but it was solidly in my top 10 of Movies I Watched a Year Ago On Shudder: The Streamlining HALLOWEENESQUE Movies.  Hmm in retrospect YEAH that was a good month.  I Really Enjoyed A SOLID TEN MOVIES that I had never seen before.  And another dozen or two were DECENT.  Oh well if only I could go back in time and invest in Shudder:  Shiver Me Timbers I'm SHUDDERING.  I may not know what, "Shudder," means.  Oh well too late to go back now.
     What else is going on and crap.  Was watching a third of a documentary on the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark books.  I get VERY ANGRY watching people talk about these books because YES they're right the Stories are AMAZING and the pictures are EVEN BETTER but they're leaving out THE WONDERFUL ORIGINAL AUDIO BOOKS.  Which is SOLIDLY better than EVEN THE PICTURES.  I guess they never heard em!  I get ANGRY that THEY'RE MISSING OUT.  It's the most altruistic feeling I EVER have.  They're WRONG and they MUST BE MADE TO KNOW THEY'RE WRONG but it's GOOD FOR THEM IN THE END because They Get TO Enjoy it FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL OVER AGAIN HUH WHAT'S GOING ON?  What's the name of the fellow who does them Readings.  Better LTURQ.  GEORGE IRVING.  I KNEW HIS LAST NAME WAS IRVING.  No I didn't.  Yeah But I Thought If I Said I Did It'd Make Me Feel Like A Big Man.
     I think I'm gonna write a 6th paragraph for Act I because I've, "Gone Off," about Scary Storie Audio Tapes before and I don't wanna make you feel cheated.  What else is Wide World of Sports.  Half the time I'd listen to Scary Story Audio Tapes were In The Car.  On the way to school or home from school (ELEMTARIAN SCHOOL).  It makes any standard car drive into a NIGHTMARE. But its SAFE because its not only Day Time It's OUTSIDE MORE OR LESS in a CAR.  SAFETY IN OUTSIDE, EVEN SAFER IN CAR IN OUTSIDE, BUT STILL CHILLING AUDIO READINGS.  Same exact deal with the Fiddler On The Roof Audio Cassette.  Huh?  Oh, right.  Sixth paragraph.  Hey now the Act I is finished for real!  I'll be back in a bit.





Now You Tell Me

    Okay.  ...Still waiting to see what You Are Telling Me Now.  E-mail me your answers at Mankindguy at gmail dot com.  CAn't wait to hear what you'd be telling me!  FINE IT'S SETTLED I'm going to have an Hors Dourves Party for lunch.  We're talkin put all them mini suckers in oven in 10 minutes.  Take em out 60-75 minutes AFTER that.  I like a WELL DONE Hors Derves Party that's just me though!  What's today. Friday.  Also at NO POINT does the Cure really give ANY indication they CAN'T be in love on a different day of the week.  They're just saying USUALLY these other days are Busts, in the PAST &/OR PRESENT, but we can guess it leaves the door open that at some point Love Is In The Cards for every day of the week.  Also if I wanted to improve Magic Powers could I spend 12 hours a day shuffling  and cutting a deck of cards, picking a card, and trying to predict what card it is?  I mean on the one hand no that's impossible.  But on the OTHER HAND, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.  Devoting hundreds of hours to that pastime over time has gotta pay off SOMEHOW SOMEWAY, right?
     Not 100% on board with Microsoft FrontPage telling me it's spelled, "Pastime."  Its PASSED TIME we recognize the word Pasttime with TWO, "T's!"  I feel VERY strongly about this.  HEY GUESS WHAT?!?  Took a short minute break to put HourDourves Party in oven and it'll be ready in Oh I Don't Know an hour and 8 minutes?  Very likely I'll still be wrigin Act III at that point.  Not definite!  HEY BASEBALL is coming back in Oh I Don't Know TWO OR SO MONTHS.  Maybe I can, "Get Into," Baseball again.  I feel like the Mets are a DRAMATICALLY different team than in 2019 when I last paid attention.  Presumably I'd still root for the Mets.  This may be the last window I have In Entire Lifetime to re-assess what team I wanna support.  Baseball got a RESET.  But I dunno I guess I'm put committed to the Mets.  They live in the city I live in And Aren't The Yankees!  Seems pretty straight forward.
Mets are SCRAPPY.  UNDERDOG.  This is based on FACTS not on marketing YOU IDIOTS.  Ok, lets think about it, though!  If Not The Mets, what team would I support.  I dunno I'd need to look at A List Of Teams.  So I can Contemplate ALL OF THEM at the EXACT SAME TIME.  Let's see.  I don't know I Kind of HATE All Other Teams?!!  I kinda liked The Marlins when I browsed past them but I'm under the impression they have the lowest payroll salary Of All Teams and thus Will Never Be Competitive.  But I like their ETHOS.  They REALLY ARE Scrappy and Underdog!  On account of not being able to sign decent players!  There must be SOME percentage of people who are really into MLB (or, well, any other professional sport) and they're like I LOVE BASEBALL (and/or any other professional sport) but I JUST HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD TIME.  AND GOOD NARRATIVES AMONG PLAYERS AND TEAMS.  I LOVE WHAT HAPPENS BUT I HAVE NO VESTED INTEREST IN ROOTING FOR A PARTICULAR TEAM.  MAYBE PARTICULAR PLAYERS.  MAYBE NOT, IF I WANNA CARRY THIS PREMISE THROUGH EVEN FURTHER!  Yeah there's people like that.  I Dunno what else is going on and crap.
I forget what's going on else and crap.  Have to start over completely!  That's how I Feel about Football except for I Don't Really Like Football.  Also basketball.  Hockey.  I feel like in Non-Baseball Sports the NY Teams are pretty Not So Great.  So why WOULD I be invested in rooting for them?  Doesn't add up!  I kinda feel, in regards to sports where New York Teams aren't great,  WHAT THE HELL?  NEW YORK IS THE BEST EMPIRICALLY.  Doesn't Add Up that their sports teams wouldn't be The Tops.  SOUNDS LIKE SOME SORT OF ETERNAL SCAM.  I think part of it is based in idiocy and part of it is based in well in NY they'd probably have a larger payroll for players.  Which is ACCURATE.  It's about 75% of why I feel how I feel.  But also part of it is just NEW YORK IS THE BEST BECAUSE IT'S WHERE I LIVE WHAT THE HELL WITH THIS BULLSHIT.  I feel like I'd gladly rewatch the Scary Stories Tales In Some Darks MOVIE whenever it becomes available on TVComputer, but this documentary about the books AIN'T GREAT.  But you know what on further introspection Maybe I Load That Back Up after this Act (&/Or after This Entry.)
MAYBE THIS ACT.  NOW I'M ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT WATCHING IT FOR SOME REASON NO ONE IS REALLY SURE OF!  Anyway. If it wasn't for Threat Of Violence I'd feel PRETTY GOOD about the wide world of sports these days.  Such is life.  &/Or Death.  IF only George Irving provided Narration Reading Out Loud to &/or of News Stories.  Then we'd GET IT even more!  I dunno if I WANT to get it even more.  I think I'd be a lot happier if I Got It Less.  But oh well what can ya do.  Not much apparently.  Yep that seems to check out.  HEY I wrote 6 paragraphs in Act I.  Maybe go for it again in Act II.  If I can't deliver(: It's Dijourno) on Quality the least I can do is deliver on QUANTITY.  I HAD A SINGLE TATER TOT JUST NOW.  Not really cooked at all but cooked JUST ENOUGH that it wasn't like eating a Frozen UncookedCompletely Tater Tot.  DELICIOUS.
     Wonderful!  I remember eating Just Real, Regular Potatoes.  Those are a blast and a half from the past.  I'd eat a potato sure why not.  Maybe half a potato.  I had been in the habit of splitting up most dinner-meals that involved a potato into 2 (or 3!) meals.  So only half a potato at a time!  Seems about right.  Also if it's 3! meals made up of one meal... STILL would top off at half a potato for meal.  Then just figure out what I can do in the third meal to REPLACE the Half A Potato.  Maybe Some BREAD or something.  A SOUP possibly.  I don't have all the details in front of me!  NY opening up indoor dinning on Valentines Day.  I feel like there's a joke to be made there but I'll leave it as a Choose Your Own Adventure.  Anyway.  I'll be back in a bit.





You're Right About One Thing

    Or AM I.  No I'M not.  YOU are.  That's what the title was meant to convey!  HEY started entry with Hour Derves Party.  Slightly longer ACt Break than usual!  Not, "Totally," entertained by Homeless People Movie on Shudders.  Figure I'll just BAIL on that and start watching something else when this is over.  How hard is it for Republicans to actually be like No For Real Though no more Killing People.  Even THREATENING Killing People.  I know, I know, if its juts a threat what's the harm, but still, don't do it!  Apparently VERY HARD.  The point is Republicans are giant pussies and until you can convince me there's another word that describes them better, I'm just gonna stick with Pussies.  Specifically GIANT pussies if we're adding... adjectives?  Adverbs?  I feel like Giant is a, "QUALIFIER," whatever that means.  I guess it's an adjective.  Being a Pussy seems like an adjective but It's Actually A Noun.  And, as they are being Pussies as Nouns, they are GIANT pussies at that. 
     Seems right.  Of course, "Giant," is a metaphor.  They're not HUGE or GRAND or PHYSICALLY LARGE Pussies.  They are just CONSIDERABLE Pussies.  That sort of thing.  I can, "Dig," having Meatloaf for dinner today.  It's delicious because I can have two slices which are half sandwiches.  That's why it's delicious!  Anyway drinking a Solid ONE or even ONE POINT FIVE ahead re: drinking beers during this part of the day.  Normally aim for 2 or 3 beers by end of entry.  At this point we're talking AN ENTIRE FOUR PRESUMABLY.  Have half of one left.  Oh well what can ya do.  Not drink anymore over the rest of the day.  Sure that's one thing I can do.  Checks out pretty well doesn't it.  Yep I'm on board with ya there.  Apparently we're past the Coldest Day Of The Year Traditionally.  January Oh I Don't Know SEVENTHEETH?  I read about it in a book.  By book I mean my phone.  On a website on my phone.  Presumably affiliated with google in some way shape or form.
     Yeah!  I saw GENERAL MOTORS is planning on ONLY SELLING ELECTRIC GUITARS by 2035.  By which I mean ONLY ELECTRIC CARS.  But it DOES bring up the conundrum, if we're so environmentally conscious as musicians, kinda seems like we should all be playing acoustic guitars?  Never thought about it but now that I have SEEMS LIKE A REAL WEDGE ISSUE FOR MUSIC PEOPLE.  I'm not jokin' THERE'S A GOOD DEBATE &/OR CONVERSATION TO BE HAD THERE NOW THAT WE REALIZE IT.  I feel like if I turn my Whammy Bar over and over 200 times that should Power Up My Guitar for about 2 minutes.  That's how winding up whammy bars works.  Are they actually called, "Whammy Bars?"  Better LTURQ.  YEP SEEMS TO CHECK OUT.  The point is if I could drive &/or had a car SURE I'd get an electric car!  Bu I can'.  And I don't!  And I NEVER WILL.
     Wonderful.  Look General Motors is all well and good but have you heard the good news about SPECIFIC MOTORS?  Seems like that's a better product Based On Titles Alone.  The good news is I STARTED NEW BAG OF DORITOS from recent Super Market Delivery.  I LIKE those odds. Delicious. Nacho cheese?  DISGUSTING.  Nacho Cheese Powder on Tortilla Chips?  DELICIOUS.  Meatloaf for tonight?  ALL BUT CONFIRMED.  Well, lemme rephrase that-- CONFIRMED.  But there's still a chance it could be UNconfirmed.  But it HAS been confirmed by all parties involved is the point I'm trying to make.  Looks like I might be getting bloodwork done MONDAY.  Instead of TUesday.  Normally if it was Tuesday I'd get 2 2x beers for Tuesday & Wednesday.  This way, on Monday, I WILL still have beer in fridge PRESUMABLY, but I guess I can get the Future Beers anyway.  It's called PREPARING AHEAD and it's ALL THE RAGE.
     One more paragraph?  Two?  I dunno we'll see!  HMM I can apparently, "STREAM," all of the Harris Potter Films.  I can, "Dig," that.  Feels like about time I watched them.  Feels like I've watched a solid 3, 3.5 of the films overall.  Not necessarily three full films and one half.  Maybe 2 full films and 3 halves.  That sounds the most accurate upon further introspection!  I dunno I'm not gonna do that.  Maybe in the near future.  Not today, though!  I feel relatively comfortable making that declaration.  EAT SOME DORITOS when this Paragraph &/or entry is done.  Which is VERY soon.  I LIKE that.   WHAT THE HELL.  There's a new movie on HBOMax (presumably MEANT TO BE IN THEATRICALS?) with Denzel Washington and it's a PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER?  SURE I'LL WATCH THAT RIGHT NOW. RAMI MELEK AND JARED LETO, TOO?  I FEEL LIKE RAMI MELEK WAS THE PERSON WHO PLAYED FREDERICK MERCURY.  BETTER LTURQ.  YEP NAILED IT.  Also we all know who Jared Leto is.  Why It's Only Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars fame.
    Ugh.  One more paragraph.  QUANTITY!  Not sure if I've ever heard a minimum of 5 seconds of Thirty Seconds To Mars music.  Nah I think I'm good.  Not an entirely bad name, though.  Makes ya think.  What takes 30 seconds to get to Mars?  Maybe some sort of FUTURE SPACE SHIP in 300 years could we accomplish that AS HUMANS.  SO they're just planning ahead is the point.  Good for them!  The point is I'd MUCH rather live on Europa: The Moon of Jupiter than Mars: The Planet of The Solar System.  I feel very strongly about this and I'd have an academic debate with you about it If You So Choose.  ANyway hey the entry is over again.  That happens roughly once every day.  See ya later.

-2:34 P.M.





Thursday, January 28, 2021

That Means a Lot

    Or does it.  Yeah sure it does why not.  I'm not here to argue!  Main chore of the week Just Got LESS CHOREY.  Were talknig I had to accept Super Market Delivery.  Empty Fridge and Freezer stuff onto Oak Tag On Floor.  Put that stuff DIRECTLY INTO FRIDGE &/OR FREEZER, NO WIPING NECESSARY.  Then later today do the rest with the Non-Fridge &/or Frozen stuff.  No more wiping for me!  I'm indestructible as far as I can tell.  I Was thinking about it and I am NOT looking forward to Covid 20.  That's MY hot take.  Maybe we learned our lessons enough to alter behavior IMMEDIATELY so it doesn't spread?  I dunno I think that's giving humanity a little bit too much credit.  I don't think we've learned anything.  That's MY educated guess!!  See, I'M still guessing.  I haven't learnt enough about anything!  Still making Educated Guesses!
  Got NOODLES IN THE WORKS for this week. May even have some for lunch.  With a Slice of Salmon.  I LIKE those odds.  I feel like a GENIUS every time I'm talking about Cup o Noodles &/Or Cup o Noodles competitors and I just refer to it as noodles while other people are referring to it as soup.  LOOK I've crunched the numbers this is certainly just Noodles and Not Soup.  TOO MUCH NOODLES for it to be soup!  So basically I'm talking down to people (My DAD) and being like NOPE FOR THE LAST TIME I'VE GOT REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE EATING THESE AND I INSIST IT'S CALLED EATING NOODLES.  What else is going on.  Get off my back DAD.  Its NOODLES you idiot not SOUP.  Just send my Dad a link I was made privy to that's supposed to make it easier to track down &/or make a Vaccine Appointment.  On account of me wanting him to get it as soon as possible (or whenever he wants, its his life!).  My Mom could also get vaccine it if he chooses to share the website with her.  That's his decision!
     Wonderful.  I finished watching Barry Lyndon last night and realized he's only a good person for roughly 1/4th of the film.  Then he becomes a Good Enough Person.  Then he becomes a big jerk.  Then ultimately just kinda pathetic.  CERTAINLY A LIFE TRAJECTORY WE CAN ALL aspire to!  Anyway.  About 60% into Barry Lyndon, there's an Intermission.  Movie turns to a black screen that says Intermission on it.  Lasts about 20-30 seconds watching ON TV &/or ON DVD id I remember correctly.  HOW LONG WAS IT IN THEATER.  We have no way of knowing!  We KNOW it must have been longer than that.  You can't get SHIT DONE in a 30 second Intermission.  How about a 30 Second Intervention.  Then that's a waste of a time, this person was obviously ready to go to treatment themselves!  Anyway TWO MINUTES?  TEN MINUTES?  WHERE CAN I LOOK INTO THIS TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH.
Probably somewhere, I dunno, wouldn't totally blow me away if that information was somewhere.  Looks like people did weird Stock Market stuff to boost Game Stop.  I don't care at all.  Just let me know when the Game End Completely.  It's FUNNY because it's TOPICAL.  Anyway.  Is it to make a weird point, is it to make money, or is it just because people were like WE LIKE GAME STOP.  GOIN' UNDER OR SOMETHIN.  LETS PROP UP GAME STOP THAT'S HOW MUCH WE LIKE GAME STOP.  I think we should GIVE PEOPLE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT and just assume THESE PEOPLE LOVE GAME STOP AND WANT TO SAVE IT.  I mean these people are probably the target audience for video games.  Seems to add up pretty well.  That's why I PARTICULARLY like AMC Theaters Stock Skyrocketing.  That's something I'M ON BOARD WITH.   Let's keep them movie theaters going I'm a Solid STRONG BUY ON AMC Theaters.  And you can take that to the bank.  Well you can take it to the bank.  Or you could buy stock in AMC Theaters.  Can't really do both!  Make up your mind already is the point.
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Getting close to an Act Break.  Gettin close to Lunch with Act III.  Gettin' close to a Number Of Things I Guess I Don't Have All The Details In Front Of Me.  I think it'd be a real, "Bummer," if I &/or My Family get Covid (19) from not wiping down groceries.  I'd be like Man oh man whatta blooper coulda been avoided IF ONLY I HAD MADE A STAND AND SAID NO.  I WILL CONTINUE WIPING THINGS DOWN.  I Crumbled like a paper... a paper doll?... paper crane?  Sadako and Paper Cranes.  It's about a Japanese Woman (Teenager?  Child?) who was into making cranes by folding paper.  I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS.  She may have been TERMINALLY ILL.  That sounds about right.  And Paper Cranes are her legacy to the world.  Better Look All This Up Right Quick.  YEP I GOT MOST OF THE DETAILS RIGHT.  See I knew I learnt something in third grade.  Also that my classroom was a planetarium.  For some reason third grade classroom had like a Half Sphere ceiling that I think doubled as A LASER LIGHT SHOW or something.  We never USED it but It Was Just There.  I have LESS details on this than I did about Sadako and Her Thousands of Paper Cranes.  I'll be back in a bit.




Thanks For Everything

    The point is I Still Don't Know What The Stock Market Is BUT I'm gonna go with assuming this is just a case of People Liking Game Stop and wanting to save it from Bank(rupcy).  It's like a movie.  But instead of saving TOWN from the bank or  something like that it's saving GAME STOP.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I've gotten a Game Stop ONCE.  Had a Social Worker For about a year after last time I was in hospital, and he bought me a USED OUTDATED BASEBALL VIDEO GAME from Game Stop.  The point is I COULD NEVER FIGURE OUT HTE CONTROLS so basically it was a BUST.  BUT I don't blame Game Stop.  I either blame Social Worker OR Baseball In General.
     Wonderful.  The point is you'd think after ~2 weeks I'd have gotten myself clean from #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear but NOPE still fiending for it.  This is harder than I thought it would be!  I Blame, as I do in all cases, Baseball In General!  Not so much of a big deal Cooking Noodles.  Like 8 or 10 minutes for water to boil.  That's not so bad.  I can, "Live," with that.  I saw Hank Aaron hit 755 Home Runs over his career (in Major League Baseball).  That's WAY more Home Runs than I've ever hit.  HUNDREDS more if we're being honest.  Laying all our cards on the table.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Speaking of CARDS if I PLAY MINE right I will have at LEAST 2 Beers over the next Oh I Don't Know 12 days?  BEER IS FUEL FOR NOT FEELING BORED.  That's MY Hot Take.
     What else is going on and crap.  What #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear do I got Coming For Me later.  Why It's Only The One with Jake Busey in a bit part AND someone who STRONGLY looks AND SOUNDS like a Younger Elizabeth Banks but Wikipedia insists it's NOT Elizabeth Banks.  Better LTURQ.  The point is at some point in the mid 90's Elizabeth Banks was watching TV and say this supporting actor in a #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear Episode and went THAT'S WHO I WANNA BE.  THAT'S GONNA BE MY VIBE GOING FORWARD.  THAT SORT OF THING.  That's the best explanation of these circumstances that I could figure.  Is HANK short for something.  Henry?  That'd be my first guess.  My first guess is nope not short for anything.  Second guess is Henry.  Third guess is somethin else.  Better LTURQ. "ORIGINALLY SHORT FOR HANKIN, WHICH WAS A MEDIEVAL DIMINUTIVE OF JOHN."  ITS TRUE THAT'S WHAT GOOGLE IS INFORMING ME.  But in modern times, yes, it can be short for Henry generally.  STILL THOUGH, LET'S BE HONEST, if your name is Hank... YOUR REAL FUCKIN' NAME IS JOHN.  That'd catch you by surprise one would imagine.
Hey 2 more paragraphs.  Then ACT BREAK.  Then Lunch With Act III!  I LIKE those odds.  Hank.  John.  Practically the same word!  Well they're both One Syllable.  That's KIND OF narrowing it down?  What else is going on and crap.  I can watch what MAY be the latest Monster Movie Re: King Kongs & Godzillas in HBOMAX.  2019!  Pretty sure I never seen this one before!  Those are fun movies to watch presumably I dunno I Don't Have All The Details In Front Of Me.  Finish watching that French Shudder:The Horrorific Stream movie.  It was solidly pretty good while I was able to read it!  So that's in store for today I'll Put Money On Game Stop On It.  I dunno if I can.  They might have frozen stocks with Game Stop.  Because regulation is good if & when they feel like it.
     Great!  I dunno I don't wanna watch King Kong fight with other monsters.  Just tell me the end.  King Kong vs Godzilla has gotta be what its all leading up to.  Lemme know who wins!  I don't wanna see no TRUCE or DRAW.  One has to win and I wanna know who I shuold Bet Money On Game Spot for it.  WAIT A SECOND IS IT GAME SPOT?  I've been saying Game STOP.  Better LTURQ!  WHEW it is Game Stop.  I'd be much more interesting in investing if it was Game Spot, though.  Lets be honest.  HEY I got more Garlic Bread.  Presumably the one with Clumps Of Cheese halfway through vertically.  You might call it The Middle.  I might as well But NOPE I Didn't!  Hmm any AKIRA KUROSAWA films on Streams.  I'd have to read those but I'm A Bit Of A Film Buff That's My Thing I LIKE IKIRU GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  HEY THEY DO.  THEY ALSO GOT SEVEN SAMURAI WHICH I LIKE AS MUCH AS IKIRU.  The point is Nah I ain't gonna watch that.  Seen 'em too many times.  BIT of a Film Nerd.  I'll be back in a little bit.





Well, I'm Off

    Well in a few paragraphs.  Still got some paragraphs to write!  Presumably Approximately Five!  Anyway have Lunch-- NOodles + Salmon-- and so far GOING GREAT.  Also have first glass of pepsi in AT LEAST A WEEK  Probably more like EIGHT DAYS!  EIght Crazy Nights.  Never really thought about it before, but WHY do Jewish People DAys start at night.  And end at Next Sunset.  Were Jewish People originally Draculas &/Or Wolf People?  There's gotta be SOME explanation.  Somethin' to do with Moon.  Lunar stuff.  Moon comes out at night.  Solid I dunno CERTAIN PERCENT CHANCE that's part of the explanation.  Maybe the Ancient Isrealites were just PARTY ANIMALS.  THe day starts in the evening when the DRINKING STARTS.  I'm Okay With That Explanation.  Seems to check out pretty well.
Anyway.  Lots of good options for dinner!  Can't even CONTEMPLATE how many good options there are!  Anyway.  When you get Chanukah Presents at Night it's no different than getting Christmas Presents at Morning.  Start the day with presents!  Seems about right.  Resuming French Horror Movie.  Eiffel Tower.  Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Is it possible they didn't intend The Tower Of Pisa to be leaning?  ANd then when they took a step back after assembling it and were like uh oh.  Let's just say we meant to do this.  Right?   What does The Leaning Tower of Pisa &/Or The Eiffel Tower accomplish.  Are they Just There to look at?  Or do they DO ANYTHING?  Better LTURQ.  Yeah I dunno whatever.  Interesting thing I read though WHILE BROWSING was For Leaning Tower-- multiple efforts have been made to correct its leaning but not only did they fail OFTEN THEY MADE IT LEAN EVEN MORE.  I feel like that's a Quotable Notable.  It's interesting on several levels!
     Third paragraph of Act III!  Was leaning over Noodles and HAIR DUNKED IN SOUP.  I had been worrying this might happen.  Now it has happened!  Now I just gotta be extra careful apparently.  One good option for dinner is CHILI + YELLOW RICE.  PROVE ME WRONG!  Five part documentary on SERENA WILLIAMS on HboMax.  I feel like I MAY have seen it before but if not I'd Watch THat Sure.  Kinda feel bad for Venus.  What did she do to piss the producers off that they were like ACTUALLY THIS IS JUST ABOUT SERENA.  One can only imagine.  Hmm.  Busy imagining.  This is fun.  You should imagine, too, just like I suggested!  I dunno this seems to be more about her personal life and not her professional life.  I wanna see About TENNIS.  Not THIS bullshit!  I'll GIVE IT A SHOT just to see for sure what the focus is.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
     Penultimate paragraph!  They put a STOP to THEIR game.  Cracked that code and everything.  What else is going on.  Probably nothing but we have no way of knowing.  I like the idea that IN THE 20th CENTURY they were like This leaning tower of pisa is making us look bad!  We gotta straighten this out right away!  And then I like the idea EVEN FURTHER that THEY FAILED THEY MADE IT LEAN EVEN MORE.  Fun stuff.  Too bad World Trade Centers weren't Leaning.  They could have Dodged The Planes.  I feel like its 20.5 years lets us laugh a little bit at dumb jokes, right?  Anyway I finished lunch.  I remember when I Was a kid they had FLIGHT SIMULATOR programs that were for Professionals presumably but the Box made it look FUN ENOUGH that kids might want it as a Fun Computer Game.  I never got it, though!  Thought this looks fun but ALSO thought this looks like it would be a lot of work.  And that's why I'm not a pilot today!  That and being short. You can't have a short pilot!  It would inspire fear among the travel passengers Why Is This Short Guy In Charge they might think!
     Last paragraph.  The point is IS IT POSSIBLE I can invest in COMPUSA.  Easily a 50/50 shot on whether they don't exist at all anymore, &/or they exist SOMEHOW SOMEWHERE.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE been gone for at least 8 years.  Oh well you can't win 'em all.  All the more reason to buy stock in it.  I can be THE SOLE SHAREHOLDER Of CompUSA.  And if they ever try a Reboot LOOK WHOSE HOLDING ALL THE CARDS NOW?!?!  Sure I know how things work. Like that.  Things work the way I say in this paragraph specifically for some reason.  Anyway 7 minutes into a #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear.  The one I was talking about previously!  That's how that goes!  I can see myself having a SANDWICH for dinner but do I have enough Meat Fillings for sandwich?  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe I can have HALF a sandwich.  I've given myself lots to think about!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:35 P.M.






Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What's The Good News

    Okay.  What else is going on, though.  Patrick Leahy LIVED to Die Another Day!  There was a 45 minutes where I was like NO FUCK THIS SHIT WHAT THE FUCK HOW DARE LIFE COME AT ME & ALL OF US WITH THIS BULLSHIT.  Then it turns out Hey back to work already.  Maybe he's HIDING some serious illness.  But how serious could it be?  If it's so serious it's a few weeks or few months imminent death-- probably wouldn't have returned to work!  Why bother!  Take some time off to enjoy your impending doom.  If its likely 2 years or more-- GREAT JUST WAIT UNTIL THEN TO DIE.  AND IMPLY YOU'RE RESIGNING AT END OF TERM (2022?) so we can have A NICE VERMONT ELECTION.  I CAN live with that and HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TOO.  YEP LOOKS LIKE 2022.  So basically live another 2 years and you'd be doing All Of Us A Solid.
Anyway that's great.  Just great!  Turns out his wife is a NURSE.  I get it!  That's a fetish I can understand!  Why can't he be in love with his wife.  Why is it a sexual fetish.  I dunno just SEEMS like it would be.  Off the top of my head!  Old Ass Senator with NURSE WIFE?  I just imagine a much younger woman.  I guess elderly can be nurses, too.  Better LTURQ.  They were married in 1962.  Well there goes My Theory.  But I still feel like HIGHLY UNLIKELY she's a practicing nurse!  Which is the main point of contention IMO.  I've had lots of Nurse in and out of hospital and I can't recall ONE elderly.  Maybe once or twice someone in their 60's but even that's rare!  EIGHTIES?  I think they're just being nurses so they're in close proximity to hospital beds so as soon as one opens up they can just jump in and be like DIPSET GOT THIS ONE NOW YOU GOTTA CARE FOR ME.  Cause The Elderly need health care Whenever They Can Get It!
     Look he's old anyway.  He could survive Whatever The Fuck This Was and die next week of something totally unrelated!  THESE ARE THE STAKES OF POLITICS.  Is it possible he could Groom an Understudy and be like Alright Peaceful Transition of Power this guy (OR GAL) is gonna replace me.. starting... NOW.  No he can't do that.  That sort of arrangement would have lots of bad implications.  I dunno maybe GOOD implications.  We should start thinking about adopting this and weighing the bad implications with the good implications as well as considering the relatively neutral implications.  It was fun to read about how Patrick Leahy was the old man who stood up to The joker During Political Party Raising Money for Two Face in The Major Motion Picture: The Dark Knight.  That's a truth!  Really!  WHAT FUN.  Also I know The Joker isn't real but he's loads of laughs and who WOULDN'T consider being a peon in his criminal enterprise?  Hmm maybe, "TELLING," on myself with that.
Hey 4th paragraph!  Oh.  Patrick Leahy.  He stands firmly against Joker. That's why they keep re-electing him to Senate.  Got Rotini + Meat'd Balls for one meal today.  Lunch or dinner!  PROBABLY have Frozen Meal + Bonus Rice as OTHER meal.  But I have other options as well!  That settles that.  TWO THIRDS into Barron Lyndon.  Wanna hear something weird?  Barron Trump is going to GROW UP one day.  He will be AN ADULT MAN.  WHAT THE HELL.  WHAT IS HE GONNA BE LIKE.  WHAT'S HE GONNA DO PROFESSIONALLY AND OR SOCIALLY.  It's like in Films where there's fighting and they kill the person and the persons kid is like ONE DAY I'M GONNA GROW UP AND GET MY REVENGE I FEEL LIKE THIS HAPPENED IN KILL BILL OR SOMETHING.  And that's Barron Trump.  He's SEEN some shit and is just biding his time to act.  Probably on a PRO Donald Trump Axis but hey ya never know.  A solid percentage of Donald Trump's family despises him!  Not as much as SHOULD but it's not out of the question Barron Grows up to renounce his father!
     How old is Barron.  My guess is THIRTEEN.  LMLTURQ.  FOURTEEN YEARS!  WHAT THE HELL JUST SAW A PICTURE OF HIM AND THIS KID IS GONNA BE (already is?) A DOUCHE BAG.  I'd bet EVEN money on it!  So it's slightly more than 50% as I'm guessing.  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  Is it just me or are the Democrats On Track to Actually Be Doing Some Stuff?  That's great because Yes Stuff Should BE Done to Improve Our Lives but ALSO doing popular stuff, with the Republicans devolving into Dumb Fascist Chaos... kinda feel like the Democrats can CLEAN UP in the near future.  If they play their cards right!  And one of the main HANDS is just doing as much as they could and that being a fair amount!  BUT IT'S NEVER ENOUGH.  That's MY Hot Take.  Government isn't there to just Not Do Anything.  That's not in the constitution.  First & Foremost DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING isn't there.  Government is here to GET SHIT DONE IN PERPETUITY TO MAKE US A MORE PERFECT UNION.  Ya know that sort of thing.  I'll be back in a bit!





Oh That's Interesting

    Maybe doing the right thing that's good for people and that people support politically is a Good Way To Set Yourself Up As A Politics Party?  I've narrowed it down to MAYBE!  I've got some Frozen Meal + Rice for lunch today don't you worry about me.  The LAMB SAAG.  One day I hope to find out how to pronounce, "Saag."  First instinct is Sag.  Second instinct is... WELL... there IS no second instinct.  I know there might be a different MORE CORRECT way but I can't even imagine!  Better LTURQ.  "SOG."  Pretty close to, "Sag."  But NOT QUITE.  I will remember the results of this LTURQ Paragraph for the rest of my life.  Well hopefully for a week or two.  Can't rule that out completely!
     What else.  I'm a little bit confused about Executive Orders.  Is it ok new order this is Rule Of Law get crackin' on this new development of LAW.  Or is it ok new order not really binding just a general suggestion of stuff we should be doing.  My opinion is SOMETIMES ONE, SOMETIMES THE OTHER, OFTEN BOTH, SOMETIMES NEITHER, SOMETIMES ANOTHER DIMENSION WHERE WE HAVEN'T EVEN ASKED THIS QUESTION YET...  That's MY hot take.  An alternate dimension with NO Executive Orders at all.  Wonderful.  If you do popular things that people want and helps them and others tangibly in life and also helps Country As A Whole... tangibly... in life--- maybe that's good politics! Seems like a quaint way of thinking about politics but who knows maybe it'll pan out in the long run.
     Third paragraph! No beer today!  I don't believe it!  Probably can go A WEEK with beer for next week, though.  Probably gettin Blood Work done on Tuesday.  Meanin' I get 2 2x sized beers during that Trip and one for each day of Tuesday and Wednesday.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Here's a MIXEM UP rice I'm gettin' tomorrow is SPANISH rice.  YELLOW rice.  Kinda LOOKS like Pork Fried Rice but I'm pretty sure it's NOT Fried Rice.  Also no pork.  Could have just said, "Fried Rice," in that phrase and not, "Pork Fried Rice," and indeed that was my intention but my fingers typed out the, "Pork," on instinct!  I've got some good album titles to replace the I-IV album titles of the THREE 10 song albums I put together!  Maybe put together a FOURTH just as God Intended.  We'll see how that goes.
     Penultimate Paragraph of Act II!  What else is going on.  OH RIGHT.  Pressure mom to come up with TV Provider Password so I can Get Back Into #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  I dunno that sounds bad.  My life is empirically better without #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Presumably.  Not 100% what Empirically means in this context (or in any context!).  The Sun never sets on the British Empirically.  That'll show em.  Got about a third?  As much as a half? of Sprite Zero left to last me the next 12 hours.  Then it's RE UP WITH SODA DIETS for tomorrow!  I feel like when I was a kid it was a thing where if you were feeling sick, I guess particularly stomach sick, my Mom would give me soda to calm my sicknesses?  Maybe I saw that on TV or someting?  Maybe it's a, "False Flag," and it never even happened at all.  Also lots of talk about False Flags these days and I'm RELATIVELY CERTAIN there hasn't been a single false flag yet!  Except for waving Confederacy Flag inside US Capitol.  That's a false flag, the real flag that belongs there is America Flag. 
     Last paragraph of Act II!  I wonder what I'm gonna watch for the rest of the day.  Came across some SHUDDER: THE HORROR STREAMS to watch.  I like that!  If I remember correctly the main time I was binging on Shudders was ABOUT A YEAR AGO.  January and maybe February 2020.  The 2020 before Quarantine 2020.  We had two months of FUCKIN' SHIT UP OUTSIDE.  Am I the only one who feels 75% good and only 25% bad when I read about how many people don't want to get the vaccine.  On account of them being stupid?  Because it means Great More Vaccine for me!  Well same amount of Vaccine but CONSIDERABLY SOONER!  However, in the end, they still SHOULD get vaccine I still want them to live for some reason no one understands.  But if that's their feeling-- lemme get it first.  Seems only fair!  I'll be back in a bit.





Seems To Make Sense

    Hey got lunch going on.  CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA + Bonus Rice.  It's delicious because that's how things go and whatnot.  Whatta do with the rest of the day.  No beer!  I can usually get through Post-Entry Afternoons &/Or Evenings without beer.  Usually have half of one or so anyway, whatever I left over from Entry Beers.  Anyway was just watching some #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear.  I can go back to that.  Shudder Movies, though!  I'm 1/3rd into a Shudder: The Horror Streams movie which si going very swimmingly BUT it's in French so I have to devote ALL my attention to reading the captions.  Subtitles.  Whatever you wanna call it!  I call it closed capioning.  It's wrong but it's CLOSE to being right!  Apparently Biden is talking downstairs now.  On TV downstairs.  Presumably he's ACTUALLY at some remote location.  Talkin' CLmiate Change.  Now you're speaking my language.  ENGLISH.  Not like this FRENCH BULLSHIT, havin' to read CLosed Captioning.
What else is going on and crap.  CLIMATE CHANGE... FRENCH.. PARIS ACCORD... ALL THE PIECES ARE FINALLY STARTING TO COME TOGETHER!  Gotta imagine if we solve Global Warming as much as possible,  Paris Accord goes down in history (Maybe?  Was it an important enough first step that it gets recognition for that historically?), and people are like well I guess THE FRENCH saved us from Global Warming.  Hmm Whoudathunkit.  Lotta, "If's," in that premise.   What else is going on and crap.  I get the sense Biden and Team Democrats are finally getting KINDA serious about climate change.  Why else would John Kerry sign on to be Global Climate Czar Coordinator.  He's got so much better things to do with his life, but he decided to do this.  As in all matters I trust John Kerry implicitly.
     Wonderful.  Pasta + Meat'd Ball tonight!  I don't believe it!  Also how plausable would it have been that someone poisoned Patrick Leahy.  Very plausible?  Somewhat plausible?  A tad plausible.  USA USA USA!  Easy today to poison an 80 year old just COUGH on them.  Have a team of Special Ops who in perpetuity have Covid and send them out to COUGH ON ANY ENEMY.  Also the Special Ops are made up of slow, mentally and physically impaired children.  Gotta use children they can get Covid but NOT AS BAD.  And gotta use, "Special," Children because they're worth less than regular children so if we're putting children in harms way might as well have these kids make themselves useful.
     Penultimate paragraph!
  Very happy with how this lunch went!  No complaints from me!  If you have complaints you can send them to me # Mankindguy at gmail dot com.  Love to hear your complaints about ANYTHING but NOT ANYTHING, SPECIFICALLY how my lunch today just went.  What else.  Gonna watch some #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear when this is over.  One episode?  Two?  Only time will tell!  Gettin' close to Februray.  At February may have to update Hashtag Phrases.  Less than a week away!  Gotta prepare NOW.  Anyway I don't have to listen for the bell at all today!  Totally Chore Free.  main chore some days is ANSWERING THE DOOR.  Roughly half the days that's all I have to do.  TOMORROW gotta accept Super Market Delivery and wipe stuff down and put stuff away.  But that's done with the knowledge the Beer is imminent so it's not so bad.
     Last paragraph!  Everyone still alive?  Good, great!  Whose gonna be the first Major Motion Picture Super Hero to be a Senator.  Robert Downey Jr comes to mind.  It's there if he wants it!  Samuel L Jackson would CLEAN UP at the polls.  ...Those are the two actors who have played Super Heroes over the last 2 decades.  Oh well such is life.  I can, "Dig," watching some #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear right about now.  Lots of good choices.  Maybe Right Back to Stephen Buscemi one!  IT'S ONE OF MY FAVES.  STill no update on #WhiteHouseFirstCat.  The impression I'm getting is It May Still Be In The Works They're Just Taking Their Sweet Time With It.  Whatever its time we moved on with our lives.  As hard as that may be!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:47 P.M.




Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Ya Feel Me?

    No beer today!  But I SHALL have beer.. Thursday.  Today is TUESDAY.  That means there's another ENTIRE TODAY before Thursday.  Oh well what can ya do.  Take a Ritalin and Klonopin at the same time!  I used to do that at Start of Open Mics, upon getting there.  Not sure WHY.  Kinda just felt like well in general I dunno about being around people not to mention DOING MUSIC better just be safe than sorry and Take Drugs.  But I've never really done That Combo outside of Open Mics.  Hey so far I Feel Fine.  Put music into 3 10 song albums.  TWO OF THEM ARE 19 MINUTES.  THE OTHER ONE is 22 MINUTES.  These are the IMPORTANT Metrics on whether they are successes as albums.  Also the REAL consideration is wondering how the Titles Line up VISUALLY while looking at track list.  Not so much the flow in and out of the music itself.  The titles are the REAL stars of Music Making & Listening & Self Arranging.
     That sort of thing.  I saw the Democrats DIDN'T promise to keep filibuster.  DEMOCRATS ONE, MCCONNELL... FIFTY.  He got roughly 50 Supreme Court Justices passed over the last 4 years I FEEL LIKE HE'S STILL A LITTLE BIT AHEAD.  Anyway.  Why wouldn't Republicans wanna cripple legislative branch and give more power to Courts.  THEY JUST PACKED THEM COURTS.  Seems like pretty straightforward strategy for them.  And thus it seems like a pretty straightforward strategy for Democrats to get as much done in House & Senate as HUMANLY POSSIBLE.  I mean Democrats have to win 49 MORE THINGS just to get to AN EVEN STEPHEN.  What things.  I dunno you figure it out.  Also appoint some Court People (Judges?) themselves.  As much as possible!  Anyway, is packing courts just putting a bunch of people who are ideologically on your page in existing open positions, or is it the thing where you add brand new positions of justices (& or judges?) to courts.  I feel like both are certainly a thing, important things, but I can't remember which one is PACKING.  THEY CAN EACH MAKE A DECENT LINGUISTIC CASE.  Packing Bowls into Marijuana Pipe.  I don't need to tell you about that am I right.
Gonna have a DELICIOUS HourDourves Party for lunch today.  Making a DELICIOUS box of Rotini for dinner tonight.  In between I will probably NOT TAKE ANY MORE DRUGS.  Anyway so I got 6 new socks (all the same) a few days ago and I've STILL only worn 2 out of 6 of them.  Just re-using the same pair 3 or 4 days in a row.  Why Not!  What harm could be done!  Is Socks going to accumulate virus (coronavirus?) and then it's absorbed through my feet?  My guess is Probably Not.  Look real pasta with tomatoe sauce and meatballs is All Well and Good but if it were just me I'd be just as happy with BUTTERED and SALTED Elbow Macaroni.  Parents don't want that!  Maybe it's an Age thing.  Seems like Kids Food, elbow macaroni. I don't get it.  It's delicious and FUN.  Look at how many elbows I can get in one utensil (spork?) and I stuff my gullet full of macaroni wonderful.  I finished Gremlins I: The Movie That Just Scared Me More Than It Had The Last 12 Times I've Seen It.  So I got that going for me.
Yeah!  I saw Joe Biden had a wonderful 63 or 64% approval rating but WHERE IS THE TRACKING.  538 I'm looking at you.  But I won't be looking for long!  Not until you get some REAL President Approval Trackings.  The point is Biden has broad bipartisan support so Hey Unity Achieved.  NEXT.  Gotta put together Super Market Delivery order today.  That's a blast and a half.  YES my Mom normally puts a relatively meaningful amount of butter into pasta.  I've done it before too but I DON'T LIKE IT.  The way you put a wad of butter on,  Then you swirl your pasta around for 8 seconds... LOOK THAT BUTTER IS NOT GONNA BE DISTRIBUTED EVENLY.  I feel very strongly about this!  Dunno any good solution.  Maybe some sort of Butter Shaker.  Salt shaker, pepper shaker, Butter Shaker.  Shake butter out onto your pasta.  The logistics of that would be tough but I feel like It's a good solution lets get a team working on that one.   Yeah!  Also not HARD butter.  But it can't be too soft, either.  However ERR ON THE SIDE OF SOFT.  That's the Life Premise I've been operating under.
I had a dream I went out and bought a 375 ML of Alcohol.  Then I woke up and was like maybe it was a premonition dream.  Because one pandemic is over I will surely get some alcohol again.  Feels like a fun way to spend the rest of your life-- Drinking!  That's the Life Premise I've been operating under.  Is there sodium in alcohol.  I dunno why but it just occurred to me.  Better LTURQ!  YEP THERE IS.  So basically DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL.  It's like drinking sea water only gonna make you sick!  Well that's true in a sense.  Except for the Don't Drink Alcohol part.  Go nuts!  It's your life and whatnot have some fun.  Then again, in Open Mic (the one I went to for over 95% of my Open Mic Participations), I'd pop a Ritalin and Klonopin, I'd Have Coffee at the same time (Which I also do have now) AND I'd have a beer (Which I don't have now.)  So that's important to clarify for some reason no one is really sure of!  I'll be back in a bit.  Hmm Microsoft FrontPage doesn't recognize, "Rotini," as a word.  Sounds kinda RACIST.  I'll be back in a bit.




I'm Pro Website

  Sure.  THREE ALBUMS of The Uppers Music. ONE ALBUM of Pre-THe Uppers, NYU Music.  ONE ALBUM of Acoustics From Across Times.  Maybe just the first three.  And for the other ones you have to go on some sort of digital treasure hunt.  With a VERY LOW PAYOFF depending on how much time and effort this digital treasure hunt takes.  Maybe you should know ahead of time what you've got coming to you at the end.  Gives you an idea whether you wanna do it in the first place.  Anyway at this rate will I have lunch with ACTIII?  Will I have lunch with Post-Act-III?  Those are my best two guesses.  Dinner'll be around 7:00.  So THAT'S a whole part of the equation.  Where do EGGS come from in Easter.  Jesus didn't lay eggs.  Rabbits don't lay eggs.  Those are the two main things we worship at Easter.  Maybe Jesus Laid Eggs if any Man could do it logically it would be him.  We don't have all the details in front of us at this moment.
     Yoshi: The Dinosaur who is friends with Mario: The Video Game Plumber lays eggs SOMETIMES.  In Mario Super Brothers Party Video Game To Remember Yoshi can GOBBLE YA UP, then POOP YOU OUT IN AN EGG.  Does very little damage but basically now you're behind him instead of in front of him.  Totally discombobulates Your Character.  Saw they're putting Harriet Tubman on 20 dollar bills.  I'm okay with that.  But what I'd REALLY be on board iwth is if they send us each a bunch of 20 dollar bills in the mail so we have some time to get used to it before we go out and encounter them In The Wild.  Also I'm WRONG but my 2nd instinct, after oh that's good was I dunno of all the choices of Black Men & Women who have devoted their lives to making America a more perfect union... is Harriet Tubman #1?  FEELS like obviously some people think so.  Better LTURQ exactly what she did.  She was Underground Railroad, right?  Better LTURQ just like I said.  Yep that seems to check out.  If she was alive today, she'd be THRILLED to be so universally recognized.  And she'd be EVEN MORE THRILLED by SUBWAYS.  HOLY SHIT THESE UNDERGROUND RAILROADS, THEY TOOK MY IDEA AND RAN WITH IT.  Gotta imagine that joke is worth something.  It's around a B-/B joke from my current perspective!  Also I have NO problem with Harriet Tubman.  We can narrow it down to a dozen good African American Men &/Or Woman and sure why not she's a good choice.
     Is there a secret part of Harriet Tubman's likeness that's a sign of the Illuminati.
  That's the dumb conspiracy theory where its like the eye and the pyramid and all these images on money ITS A SCAM &/OR CONSPIRACY THEORY SOME HOW SOME WAY.  And now they've ROPED HARRIET TUBMAN INTO THIS.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Was there ever ANY THOUGHT-- even just A LITTLE-- to is Harriet Tubman ATTRACTIVE enough to be on money.  You don't want some Elephant Man guy on money.  But you also don't want a Super Sexy Person either to distract people from spending money!  There's a sweet spot in the middle and I don't know where it is but maybe you do.  Not a lot of people named Harriet these days.  Maybe this 20 Dollar Bill will change all that!
     Hey, great, just great.  I saw they can do Federal Minimum Wage 15$ (aka $15) with RECONCILIATION.  I like the sound of that!  Let's crunch the numbers.  15x9 (standard day?)= 135$ a day.  Multiply that by FIVE DAYS A WEEK (standard week?) 675$ a week?  That's Oh I Don't Know TIMES 52 weeks a year= 35K A YEAR!  That's certainly very appropriate per my understanding.  Can support yourself on that kinda cash.  Not really a family!  Well you can but that's still pretty hard!  Maybe have Spouse Working Minimum Wage, too!  Then you can live a nice totally respectable life.  On the other hand what if I don't want people to live totally respectable and comfortable enough lives.  I don't know WHY I feel that way but nonetheless Let's Not Help People Who Need It and  Have Got Help Comin' To 'Em!  What's the poverty line.  I feel like 35K a year is above the poverty line.  Let's LTURQ.  It's RIGHT AT Poverty Line in a household of 6.  Anymore SORRY BELOW POVERTY LINE.  So basically with Minimum Wage at 15$, if you have 4 kids, POVERTY LINE FOR YOU.  Sounds fair that's what you get for having four kids.  YOU DIDN'T THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES.  Also if you have 4 kids, and you wanna earn more money to support them so you go with Spouse getting a job, too-- NOW WHOSE RAISING YOUR FOUR KIDS.  THEY CAN'T RAISE THEMSELVES.  YOU'RE KIND OF SHITTY PARENTS IN THIS SCENARIO.
Wonderful.  If most people ar suddenly above Poverty Line does the affect what the Poverty Line is?  Make it go up or down?  Or is it an abstract and independent metric that is based on Either Something Else or Maybe Nothing At All.  Let's get some people looking into that.  The good thing about people having more money is they can SPEND MORE!  This country is FOUNDED on the idea of PEOPLE SPENDING MONEY FOR THINGS.  So it's a win win basically is the point I'm trying to make.  Anyway.  Put lunch in oven in about 30 minutes.  I LIKE those odds.  If I have 35 thousand dollars I'd spend it all in one place-- Harriet Tubman 20 Dollar Bills.  They might change their mind and quit printing them after a week.  I'll be the worlds most collector of TWENTY DOLLAR BILLS.  Which I'm being assured that each one is worth a SOLID 20 dollars in perpetuity.  That's MY investment strategy!  See ya in a little bit.




That's The Word Around Town

  No it isn't.  Anyway got lunch ready in about an hour.  Solidly be done with Act III by then.  Unless I take some weird breaks or somethin.  Who knows.  Confirmed Yellen.  Confirmed Blinken.  Who else can they confirm that are a Verb with doing something with your face.  Yelling is done with mouth.  Blinking is done with eyes.  What's the word for That Kind Of ACTION Verb?  BETTER LTURQ.  HEY I NAIELD IT.  Action Verb.  I feel like I have got some sort of English Trophy coming my way!  What kinda fun stuff can I watch tonight.  And afternoon.  Get started on Some Sort of TV SERIES.  Hey I talked to Mom about figuring out A & E password.  Maybe #INTERVENTIONTOSTARTYOURYEAR is in the cards, afterall!  I don't get how they do the Documentary of Addition and at no point the subject goes this isn't an Intervention Show, is it? because whats the appropriate response from Documentary Team.  "...Mayyyybbbe." And then Subject is like ah what the Hell I'm too high on drugs to remember your answer anyway.
Doesn't add up!  HOLY SMOKES Barry Lyndon is available on HBOMax.  That's one of my Major Motion Picture Film Enterprise Top Tens!  I ENJOY THE CINEMETROPHY.  No I don't.  Well I do.  I guess.  Never really thought about it.  Probably enjoy it.  I read the Stanford Kuberick used JUST REAL CANDLE LIGHTS FROM INSIDE THE SCENE and not Regular Movie Lights.  And this INFURIATED Everyone because it took a lot of time to get it right.  And THREE PEOPLE COMMITTED SUICIDE who were working on the set.  Ok that last part didn't happen-- as far as we know.  But anyway it's a nice good movie because it's just like hey here's this guy watch him go do stuff wonderful.  Because that's the premise of MY life.  Some guy doin' stuff sometimes it works out SOMETIMES it doesn't.  Sometimes I seem like a good enough person, sometimes I'm a bit of a ROGUE.  So the point is I LIKE THE SOUNDTRACK TOO.
Wonderful!  Where we're going, we don't need rogues.  Also that's clearly untrue.  I mean, the original quote.  Doc Brown telling Marty that he doesn't need to back up to reach 88 miles per hour to achieve time travel because there wasn't enough road.  Then he flies into the sky and gets to 88 miles per hour while FLYING.  And anyway the next movie we go to 2015 (Fictional 2015-- not our REAL 2015) and there were CLEARLY STILL MANY ROADS.  A lot of transportation still going on on the ground!  So look maybe you PERSONALLY don't need roads because you got a Super Flying Car but MOST OF US AER STILL STUCK WITH ROADS and you look like a REAL ASSHOLE shitting on their roads.  Is it Janet Yellen or something like Janet Yellich.  Better LTURQ.  YEP YELLIN.  I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG.
     Penultimate Paragraph!  Billy Lyndon is introduced as a sympathetic character because he WANTS to have a romantic relationship with his cousin but CAN'T CLOSE THE DEAL.  She is giving him strong symbols that she's into it.  He's just too shy!  Not because they're cousins.  Just because HE'S A SHYGUY.  In retrospect maybe because they're cousins.  But that's not how I choose to interpret it.  Lookin' forward to lunch soon after this entry.  Also I was saying how I relate to Billy London, but lemme be clear, I don't have any romantic feelings for any of my cousins.  They're male cousins!  And even if they weren't WE ARE OF DIFFERENT GENERATIONS I can't be Falling for a Cousin 15 years older than I am!  And even if I could THE THEORETICAL SPARK JUST HYPOTHETICALLY WOULDN'T BE THERE.  Ya know that sort of thing.
Last paragraph.  I can, "Dig," that!  I had A SINGLE CHICKEN NUGGET because they taste best this much cooked.  So I got that out of the way is the point.  I like these Rotinis they're like Penne or Ziti but CORKSCREWED.  Sounds like fun!  I can totally imagine having just ONE PIECE AT A TIME.  It'll make it last a long time.  Maybe 2 at a time.  3 or 4 is pretty standard.  If I wanted 10 or so it'd be tough to Fit Them All On Fork but man oh man would the pay off be epic!  I dunno what I'm talking about anymore.  Anyway talkin' about Yoshi eating people and laying eggs.  There's NOWHERE in Nature where one animal EATS ANOTHER ANIMAL and then POOPS IT OUT IN AN EGG, FULLY FORMED AND STILL ALIVE.  Either Regular Poop or Menstruation Poop &/Or Birth Poop.  Also NOWHERE IN NATURE does Mario Eat A Special Mushroom and then GROW 14 FEAT TALL, DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN HIS WAKE.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:17 P.M.




Monday, January 25, 2021

I'll Learn You Good

  Sure that might happen.  Anyway working on a new project.  Taking all my Old Projects Of Music and REARRANGING THEM.  We're talkin taking ~200 potential songs (With a lot left out completely!) and narrowing it down to Oh I Don't Know FORTY OR FIFTY.  Then when I have it narrowed down, and if I could find it for the right price, find a CraiglistAmateurMusicProducerMan to MASTER those songs.  Then PUT THEM BACK ON BANDCAMP UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME IN DIFFERENT ORDERS.  It's so stupid it just might work!  Except for the it might work part.  Not even sure what working would entail.  More people listening?  That's not in the cards!  Maybe just making me feel better about ARRANGEMENT OF SONGS IN ALBUMS which MIGHT work I'm easily swayed to thinking The Last Creative Thing I've Done Is Better Than All That Came Before It.  So this re-arrangement BY DEFINITION has to be The Tops!
     What else.  All depends on what kinda DEAL I can get for mastering 40 or 50 songs.  I'm not paying TEN BUCKS a song.  What are you INSANE.  Find some College Student who can do it just as well and give him Oh I Don't Know ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS?  200 DOLLARS?  FOR 40 or 50 SONGS?  I CAN LIVE WITH THAT AND THEY CAN LIVE WITH THAT THERE IT'S SETTLED.  Wait no it isn't.  It's settled on MY end.  Still no answer from The Void of Potential CraigsListsMusicMen.  Anyway so I got started Re-downloading my music from Bandcamp now onto My New Computer.  It's FUN.  Downloading is a BLAST with this new computer!  Totally TWICE as fast these days compared to Past Days on Past Computers.  FORTY TO FIFTY TRACKS?  SOUNDS LIKE FOUR ALBUMS WITH SOME LEFTOVER BECAUSE IT TURNS OUT THESE SONGS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO REDEEMING CHARACTERISTICS.  The LEFTOVER songs.  The non-leftover have TWO OR THREE Redeeming Characteristics on average.  Yep that seems to check out!  What else is going on.
     Last day of Thursday-Wednesday week with beer.  I can live with that.  Probably getting bloodwork done NEXT week.  Which means NEXT WEEK I will have enough to drink all 7 days.  So I got that to look forward to.  Anyway unless it tastes funny and thus HAS GONE BAD I'm gonna finish Salmon for lunch today.  With Rice!  Bonus Rice!  Actually No Just Rice!  There's No Other Rice That Came Before This Rice TO Make It Bonus Rice!  But I MIGHT have a 5th album of music where the premise is IT'S BONUS MUSIC.  So I got that to look forward to.  Anyway.  A few years ago I found a Music Student on Craigslist to do me 4 songs Masteringwise for free and I WAS PLEASED.  I'd look that guy up but I CAN'T GO CRAWLING BACK TO HIM WITH MY TAILS BETWEEN SOME LEGS.  Presumably we didn't go forward because I didn't agree to his price!  So great it's OVER with this CraigsListMusicManToRemember.  Sure whatever what else is going on.  Craig Slist.  Is that a thing.
My educated guess is No.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  What's going on in the Wide World of Joe Biden Being President and Democrats Controlling House & Senate.  Presumably that arrangement of power is still intact.  Kinda feels like it will be for the next 2 years more or less.  So we got THAT going on for us!  Finished THE ITS.  Re-watched DR. SLEEP.  DOCTORS LEEP.  DOCTOR THE LEPERS ITS OKAY THEY'RE NOT CONTAGIOUS.  Cracked that code.  I like the part of Dr Sleep at the end where THEY GO BACK TO THE SHINING.  I like the parts of Dr Sleep BEFORE the end because Hey It's Just A Very Good Movie On The Whole!  So Stephen King's Extended Universe has got THAT going on for... it... IT...
Cool!  If I were a BETTING MAN I'd bet on the next Act being Somewhat More Entertaining than this act.  I'd put Oh I Don't Know Five Bucks On It.  I'm not putting Ten Bucks on it.  What are you INSANE?  What the hell it's gonna take me THIRTY MINUTES to download 2 dozen or so albums from bandcamp of POTENTIAL MUSICS.  I already just downloaded SEVEN OR EIGHT or so.  YEesh The Work NEver Ends!  That's life punch in punch out rearranging mediocre music tracks.  In the hopes that its like Oh in THIS order in THIS context NOW I GET IT NOW ITS GREAT.  Gotta figure very good chance things work out that way!  Also the real premise is just whittling down the songs into a smaller sample but a BETTER sample.  Less filler!  Too bad I DON'T KNOW WHICH SONGS ARE BETTER THAN OTHER SONGS.  Oh well what can ya do.  Be back in a bit.




That'll Show Em

  Re-arranging albums is FUN.  Listening to my music 3 Dollars A track Mastered IS FUN.  It's all for fun is the point I'm trying to make!  I feel like 200$ for 50 songs is GREAT for a Music Production Student.  Probably will take him a couple of days but then 200$?  HE CAN USE THAT TO BUY WHATEVER HE WANTS.  WELL NOT ANYTHING.  ANYTHING UP TO 200$ WORTH.  MAYBE HE CAN AFFORD SOMETHING MORE THAN 200$ IF HE ALREADY HAS SOME MONEY IN THE BANK.  YES I INSIST ON USING THE DOLLAR SIGN AFTER THE NUMBER PROVE ME WRONG! Just researched that On Internet.  In America YES we put $ before number.  In Some Parts of the world They put it after the number!  Seems like hat should have caused a Y2K style Melt Down of Computers and suddenly everything involving money is going haywire.  Yep seems like that.  If not for the INGENUITY of our first responders for Solving Y2K PROBLEMS, it may have happened!
Huh.  What else is going on and crap.  Not a lot of talk about Tech First Responders.  Not a lot of talk, indeed!  Look I got CHristmas/Channukah/Birthady/Ramadan/Tet Money burning a hole in my pocket and my first choice-- puttin' some $$$ on poker-- would be met with Upsetedness from my parents.  This?  If its at WHAT I CONSIDER a reasonable price?  Not so bad!  Why can't I celebrate Kwanzaa.  I dunno.  Is that a thing where White People CAN Celebrate Kwanzaa.  Or is Kwanzaa like that's alright but this is our thing.  Appreciate the thought but PLEASE NO.  Gotta imagine that's how it goes.  I remember in elementary school, when giving us lessons about TOLERANCE and Universal ACCEPTANCE Of ALL Peoples, they taught us about the big three-- Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa.  Only later did I find yeah Kwanzaa isn't really a thing at all among most black people.  Seems like I WAS BEING LIED TO.  Oh well what can ya do go back in time to change your first and second grade teachers' curriculums DOESN'T SEEM POSSIBLE.
  Accepted Delivery For Today just now.  It's all downhill from here! I get to CLOSE THE DOOR TO MY ROOM.  I get to BATHE WHENEVER I WANT.  I get to NOT PUT ON GLOVES AT ALL FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.  We didn't learn about Ramadan or Tet because simply no Muslims or Vietnamese in my school system.  Yep.  Out of mind out of sight!  Something along those lines.  I had a BITE of Salmon and it tasted KINDA funny but the Funny Taste was actually SORT OF BETTER?  So it may make me sick but It's Gonna Be One Hell Of A Ride getting there!  Also I get to eat WHITE RICE.  You know what that's like, right?? DELICIOUS.  Man oh man would Pork Fried Rice hit the spot (or at leas tone of the spots).  Oh well what can ya do!  Wait a month or two for Mom & Pop to get vaccines.  Maybe even wait till I get vaccine!  I probably wouldn't die from Covid but I can get a serious condition that stays with me FOR REST OF LIFE.  I'm not, "On board," with giving myself LifeLong HealthCondition just so I could eat Pork Fried Rice...  wait a second.. now that I think about it... maybe that IS something I'm, "on board," with.
I'll re-evaluate this situation when my parents have been vaccinated!  I'll keep you updated as these circumstances progress!  I feel like MSG was banned in New York even before I ever started getting Chinese Food.  Kinda makes me feel like I'm missing out?  Maybe they still have some MSG in the backroom.  I could just like Alright Chicken in Garlic Sauce, pork fried rice, hot & sour soup.. drizzle some MSG all over there ok Just Between You And Me.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Hmm what if I put some sort of TOPPING on Salmon.  Maybe SALT or something.  Just add Lots of Salt to anything.  That's a nice #ICrackedTheCodeOfCooking or something.  The point is I want that Yakami with TURKEY GREASE I want to be JUST LIKE THE POOR KID FROM THE WIRE.  Yep that seems to check out for some reason no one is really sure of.
Last paragraph of Act II!  I lost the 4 mastered tracks of My Music I Got For Free!  It was e-mailed to me as part of a, "Cloud," and I think I never downloaded them then the, "Cloud," Shut DOwn and here I am back at Square One!  Hmm those 4 tracks though, a solid 75% of them are ones I'd definitely Strongly Consider for Michael Kor Nblum I-IV.  That's the titles in my head AS OF THE LAST TWO HOURS.  Also Regular Spacing Of My Name.  I just don't want Googlers to see this information as a Spoiler Alert!  I think I was probably inspired by Led Zeppelin.  Because hey what's the best music?  Led Zeppelin?  Well if mine is the 2nd best I should copy their Album Title Premises.  That's just obvious.  Watching the #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear about the ROCK BAND.  Specifically about ONE PERSON in the Rock Band.  And his situtaion regarding a SECOND MEMBER of the Rock Band.  Plus Several LADIES involved with Each One Of The Members of Rock Band!  Well that settles that.  I'll be back in a bit.




You Get It

  I guess.  Slamon is delicious!  White rice is delicious!  Sprite Zero is Not Half Bad!  GOnna have some delicious Beef Sirloin: The Meal That's Sort Of Like Steak for dinner!  Anyway hopefully next week I Get The Noodles I've Got Coming To Me.  Whatta do with the rest of the day.  Pot Committed to watching Gremlins and also Vaguely Pot Committed I Guess to watching Gremlins II.  I like those odds!  Good shot I MAKE PASTA tomorrow night.  Delicious Spaghetti or Penne.  Or maybe even Delicious Elbow Macaroni.  Lots of stuff going for me at the moment is the point!  Damn wish I had some Pork Fried Rice.  You can't go wrong with Pork Fried Rice!  Whatta waste of a paragraph.  Got NOTHIN' goin for it.  NOTHIN'!  Yeah!  There must be SOME food where its like yeah it goes bad after 2 weeks... but the SWEET SPOT where it tastes The Best is 24 hours before it goes bad completely.  Seems like A Thing One Would Imagine.
     What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I feel like there's been some Superbowls going on.  In Football it's like you have to fight several Superbowls until it's narrowed to 2 teams and then they play a Final Superbowl to see which team is the best at Superbowls.  Also I used to smoke, "Bowls," of Marijuana!  That was my main method of ingesting it!  It's like using a pipe or any type of thing and the bowl is where you put the leaves and nuggets of marijuana!  So I got that going for me 13 years ago or so.  Man at this point FOURTEEN YEARS is when I PEAKED.  Doesn't seem right.  Oh well what can ya do.  I saw Biden's Dogs have officially joined the white house.  Ugh.  Look dogs are fine but you're just rubbing NO CAT in all of our faces.  You made a campaign promise!  You wanna set the precedent that you don't follow through ON CAT?  Doesn't seem like a great way to build trust and communication and understanding!
     Yeesh.  I have SLIGHTLY LESS RICE than I thought I had in the fridge!  But it's PERFECT.  At first I as disappointed!  Slightly less of anything isn't great!  But upon further introspection I was like yeah ya know what this is the best amount of rice I could have going into Re-Upping with Super Market Delivery on Thursday.  Also NO MORE SALMON.  Cause I ATE IT!  SEE YOU IN HELL SALMON.  Why is Salmon in such a Rush to Die?  Ya know that sort of thing.  TEN TRACKS PER ALBUM?  WITH EACH TRACK ON AVERAGE 2 MINUTES LONG?  20 MINUTE ALBUMS?  THAT'S PERFECT FOR TODAY'S KIDS & ADULTS WITH LOW ATTENTIONS SPANS.  Presumably.  I don't 100% KNOW any Kids &/OR Adults but that'd be MY educated guess.  You can get a lot done in 20 minutes.  That's how long it might take Amateur Music Producer to Master A Track if he's doing it JUST intensively enough!  Look he can go longer I'm sure to make it better I'm sure but beggars can't be choosers, at the rate I'm paying him 20 minutes per song feels about right.
    Maybe it takes a lot longer than that.
  Even for just a Adequate Quick Job Job.  I dunno I don't have all the details in front of me!  I remember in NYU you could have options of SHARING iTUNES LIBRARIES across the Network.  And back in the day having music on iTunes was the main way to have &/or play music.  So sometimes you'd see people NAME their itunes library with their names and the ROOM THEY'RE IN in the building.  And it's fun because now and again while DOOMSCROLLING (No it isn't!) you come across a library that matches up with yours very well and you're like hey that kid lives in 705.  And clearly wants that information out there.  And it'd be GREAT to make a good friend! ...OH WELL WHAT CAN YA DO.  Ya know that sort of thing. 
     Last paragraph!  I can, "Dig That!"  Man oh man That kid in 705 of Brittany: The Freshman NYU Dorm had 85% MATCHING ARTISTS AS MINE ITUNES.  Forgot how they spelled, "Brittany."  Could have been that.  Could have been another way!  No Way Of Knowing!  Sometimes when I try to Think Back on Periods In My Life, the main sense memory I get of that year in that dorm specifically is Church Bells ringing all the time.  Not sure what church it was.  Not sure what times the bell was ringing!  But there was definitely some bells going on now and again that I could hear outside my window.  Sounds about right.  What else is going on and crap.  Entry just about over.  I give it a SOLID D+/C-.  VERY solid.  The good news is though it's over!  See ya tomorrow!

-2:18 P.M.




Sunday, January 24, 2021

Too Many Laughs

  I... HAD A DREAM... THAT I WAS THE SAME WEIGHT AS I WAS... SIX WEEKS AGO.  It was a good dream is the point.  Also YES I anticipate Too Many Laughs.  Any amount of laughs is too many.  THIS IS MEANT TO BE DEADLY SERIOUS.  You laugh once and I've Failed.  Hey get a load of this-- I like the phrase Deadly Serious.  Hmm what's really serious.  Death.  YEAH LET'S GO WITH THAT.  It's interesting that at some point SOMEONE came up with phrases.  Just stuff like Deadly Serious.  SOMEONE thought that up themselves!  Unless it was like Pyramids.  Where different civilizations came up with it totally independent of each other.  Gotta imagine a lot of these phrases are obvious enough that multiple sources came up with it.  That's MY impression.  I FINISHED IT: It ONE: Not It WON It LOST: But IT ONE: It Was The #1 FILM IN THE MOVIE FRANCHISE.  I liked it!  Again!  I thought the Adults would show up here and there in the film but they didn't!  I thought that even AFTER seeing it.  I memory for such frivolous nonsense is Not Great!
     Wonderful.  LOTS of good options for lunch.  We're talkin I dunno 2 or 3.  Chicken PARM is a good option.  Maybe a FROZEN MEAL + Bonus Rice is a good option.  Those are the BEST Two Op... OH RIGHT EVERYTHING BAGEL & EVERYTHING EGGS.  These eggs got EVERYTHING eggs are supposed to have.  The YOLK.  The SHELL.  The Inside that ISN'T YOLK.  Anyway That's another good lunch option.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Seven beers for today and tomorrow!  Seems just about right!  I'm, "OKAY," with that!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I like how It: The Miniseries and It: The Major Motion Picture Film Franchise are PRETTY DIFFERENT.  I mean the premise and gist of it is pretty much the same.  But PLOT POINTS are different.  SETTING is different.  CHARACTERS are about the same.  IT is about the same.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Maybe it's just me but for me the scariest thing It Does is Balloons.  Half the time he's All About Balloons, handing them to you, showing them to you, all balloons all the time.  And balloons are an assault on all the senses-- I've talked about how Balloons Are The Worst here before.
    Sound weird, feel weird, ACT weird.  Who needs a balloon?!?  Unless if you consider condoms balloons.  Which they probably are about 50% balloons all things considered.  I've OWNED a condom I THINK I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.  Friction with balloon is weird I told you!  Gotta imagine some sadomasochists are into fucking with Regular Balloons instead of condoms.  You don't HAVE to imagine it.  It's just SUGGESTED you do.  If you wanna get the full Crazysheets Experience you'd imagine it.  You don't have to DEVOTE YOUR DAY to it.  Just I dunno 5 or 10 seconds.  That's a lot but ALSO not too much in the grand scheme of things!  Another day without #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Wonderful!  What the hell this is only the third paragraph.  I was hoping it'd be the fourth paragraph.  Well My Life Is Ruined.
HEY I'M BACK and its the fourth paragraph now so Guess What My Life Is Un-Ruined!  HEAVILY thinking abuot Frozen Meal + Rice.  It's a Sleeper Pick but I feel like it's got a lot going for it.  Maybe Chicken Parm I DON'T KNOW I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS.  I think it's great that pretty much all of what Biden is prioritizing on the issues has BROAD MAJORITY SUPPORT.  So basically he's UNITING the Country.  He's not Uniting Elected Officials of both parties.  Who gives a shit.  He's uniting BOTH PARTIES PEOPLES BY PRIORITIZING THINGS WITH BROAD MAJORITY SUPPORT.  I dunno maybe he IS prioritizing Dumb Stuff like Can't We All Just Get Along In The Senate?  I don't know what's in his mind!  Just look at his face, though!  He wants to help The Peoples, not bend to the minority's will in the Senate.  Those are two Diametrically Opposed Priorities!  THe point is I've got a good feeling about this guy's Face!
    Huh wonderful.  One more paragraph then I get to take A Nice Act Break.  About 90% sure I've used This Act's Title Before or at least something HEAVILY RESEMBLING It.  But oh well what can you do.  Written about More Than 300 Entries since Quarantine Started.  BOUND TO BE SOME REPEATS.  Anyway gonna Re-Up with Coffee when this act is over. Then what.  Probably start It II: Some Sort Of Pun With The Word, "IT," later today but NOT NOW.  I finished The Hello Ladies Whatever Two Days It Was Winter To Remember Hashtag.  What other kinda series can I get, "Into," now.  I DON'T want to watch Gremlins I but I DO want to watch Gremlins II.  So you can see the sort of bind I'm in.  I dunno maybe I DO want to watch Gremlins I.  In fact YEAH LET'S GO WITH THAT.  Well this turned out to be a VERY productive paragraph.  I'll be back in a bit!






I've Got My Attention

  I'VE WATCHED 17 MINUTES OF #GREMLINSWINTERTOSTARTYOURYEAR.  And it's WONDERFUL.  Watching the #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear with Zach Galligan a dozen and a half times over the past year REALLY gives me some perspective to What His Whole Deal Is while watching The Gremlins.  Also HEY I'm definitely leaning towards Chicken Parmesan for lunch with Next Act.  Also HEY looks like today is gonna be 4 Beers and tomorrow 3 Beers.  Looks like a lot of things.  It turns uot 538 has apparently NO INTEREST in keeping a running tab of Joseph Biden: The President's Approval Rating.  I don't get it!  They had it for Trump.  Doesn't seem right!  Off the top of my head I'd say High 50's right now.  Aided by HoneyMoon Period.  ALsi if you're having your period on your honey moon that's gotta be a bummer.  I mean you can have sex with Period People PER MY UNDERSTANDING but it's NOT AS GOOD.  Also from now on I'm calling Ladies (puberty & up) Period People.  Just try and stop me!
Wonderful.  Oh also (Menopause & down).  Cracked that code.  OH YEAH I still have IT:II for Afternoon &/or Early Evening Watchings.  I know very little about female issues. I  know very little about male issues!  I know A LOT about Universally Children issues.  I totally lived as a 80% specifically male child, 20% universal child beyond gender specifications!  Seems pretty normal!  But the point is NOW I'm an ADULT.  And it means I'm 80% An Adult and 20% Still A Child.  I dunno if those numbers are accurate I'm gonna have to look into that one.  I can't wait to watch IT:II.  I like the part where HEY THEY'RE GROWN UPS NOW and the parts where HEY THEY'RE KIDS AGAIN.  You'd think I'd LOVE the Franchise Grown Ups on account of how much I like seeing THESE Grown Ups! ...And You'd be right!  I, "DIG," THOSE MOVIES WELL ENOUGH.  Only Adam Sandler Film with a sequel.  Off the top of my head.  Doesn't seem right.
     Crypt Keeper introducing a Tale From The Crypt and he calls adults, GROAN UPS.
  I feel like he could pull it off, saying Groan instead of Grown, and it's KNOWN that its supposed to be That Pun.  Because normally pronounced about 90% the same-- but Cryptkeepr can make that distinction I bet.  IF Cryptkeeper Puts His Mind To It he can accomplish ANYTHING!!!  Also it just occured to me recently maybe CryptKeeper isn't human.  Always thought of him as some Deadish Human.  He could just be a random GHOUL or something.  I don't have all the numbers in front of me but it's possible he's a GHOUL.  Like I've told you, there's an episode which he says is about his family-- his Mother is a Mummy (Long Dead Human) and his Father is a Human Freak Show Freak (Totally Human Until He Also Dies).  Put those two things together... That's CLEARLY a HUMAN.  But Still... is that episode 100% Canon?  I DON'T HAVE ALL THE NUMBERS IN FRONT OF ME.  Also why does he sleep (&/or Hang Out In) a coffin.  He's clearly animated enough to sleep in a real bed. 
     What else is going on.  Are all these Tales supposed to be from The Real World as The CryptKeeper Knows It?  Is there a slightly alternate dimension where CryptKeeper exists and is telling us Tales and they EXIST in his dimension?  Or is he just telling fun tales with no basis in nothin'.  Gonna have to look into that one I dunno.  I feel like I've assumed the 2nd one for a long time, but now that I think about it, I MIGHT have used to think the 1st way.  Which is probably more fun!  I dunno.  But the stakes aren't as high the Main Way which may not be as fun but is a lot of less tension.  If I KNOW FOR SURE these are stories I can relax a little bit!  Just Stories For Fun!  Anyway.  I like watching IT because my life probably Peaked TOO around 11-13 years old!  I think they're around 13 years old in RECENT INCARNATION.  Probably around 11 or 12 in PREVIOUS incarnation.  And in book WHO KNOWS has anyone ever actually READ a Book?  My guess is No.
     Wonderful.  Certainly looking like a Chicken Parmesan Lunch To Remember coming up soon.  Had another PEPSID COMPLETE last night.  DELICIOUS.  Also LUNGBREATHING has been going ok.  I forget if I talked about it a few days ago, but for a few days ago I was 1/2 experiencing the acid reflux/heart burn, but also felt like I might be confusing it with Lung Breathing Problems-- slight problems-- which was worrysome cause Covid Can Do That!  Haven't been experiencing that the last few days.  PLUS my dad got a Negative Covid Test last week so basically WE ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE.  I dunno if I ever talked about this, but my Dad has the Mr. Glass Disease from Unbreakable.  I don't even know if it's ever been officially diagnosed.  But he's probably an EXTREMELY mild case, because he can get bruised very easily.  It's RELEVANT because I just said he was indestructible.  Maybe he is in other ways!  I don't have all the information in front of me!  I'll be back in a bit.






This Is All Your Fault

  HEY I'm back.  With 12 more minutes of The Gremlins watched.  With Chicken Parm.  With last 2/3rds of Beer #3! LOTS of good options for dinner.  I can't even get into it!  It would take too long!  Sorry!  OH FINE YOU WORE ME DOWN.  Beef Sirloin + Potato.  Salmon + Rice.  Frozen Meal + Rice.  PIZZA.  HOURDERVES PARTY.  Like I said LOTS OF GOOD OPTIONS.  Maybe eat Salmon + RIce, salmon is older than the rest of the choices.  Gotta eat it! It's now or never!  Or now or tomorrow!  Now or the next day!  At some point we will reach the Never threshold but I DON'T KNOW WHEN.  Also there's ONE IT: The Losers Club that's hard to keep track of.  There's the Period Person (SHE IS SHOWN GETTING TAMPONS), there's fat boy, there's stutter man, there's comedy man, there's black kid, and there's hypochndriac boy...  I feel like there's ONE MORE and HE'S THE GUY who SPOILER ALERT is Different Than All The Rest In Part II IN A CERTAIN WAY that I WON'T SPOIL.  I guess that's (Whatever it is) what happens to a kid who no discernable personality traits.  How is Black or Female or Fat or Stutter a personality trait.  Fine they're not.  The only person with personality is the kid who cracks wise and then becomes a comedian.  HE'S GOT PERSONALITY UP THE YING YANG!
     What else is going on and crap.  Fat is a personality trait.  Most of the time.  He chooses to eat a lot.  Thanks to his personality!  I'm not, "Throwing Shade," I'm a fat Boy this past 9 months or so.  Presumably I'll get back to Very Healthy Weight in Oh I Don't Know 1 or 2 years!!!  Also Fat Boy writes a poem for Period Piece (now they're called Period Pieces) which is in MY personality!  I write songs!  Songs are like poems!  But not as good!  At least that's how MY songs relate to poems!  The poem talks about "January Embers."  WHAT THE HELL, I'm WATCHING THIS IN JANUARY.  HOW DID THEY KNOW?!?!?!  Solid 1/12 chance assuming I watch it AT MOST once a year.  Any more common than once a year the Month Starts Losing It's Novelty.  So I got that going for me is the point.
     Maybe Everything Bagel tonight.  It's got EVERYTHING.  Salt.  Onion. Sesame Seeds.  Poppy Seeds. Ya know that sort of thing.  Anyway last 2 baths have included me listening to My Music from My Computer from Rested On Closed Toilet Seat.  It's good because I'm all like hey check me out a solid half of these songs are half good.  Do people Eat In Bath.  Gotta imagine that's a thing for some people.  You don't have to imagine it.  It's your life, I ain't here to tell yuo how to live it.  Probably finish Gremlins I.  Watch IT II.  Watch Gremlins II.  Then figure out where I'm at in life after that.  ANyway I just finished lunch.  Delicious!
     Penultimate paragraph.  OH RIGHT I Gotta be listening for DOor Bell.  I have Door To My Room CLOSED.  I'd NEVER hear the door bell at this rate.  Guess I'll go open it now.  Seems like the right thing to do.  Here I go.  Time to do it!  HEY I DID IT!  Did It: II is what I CAN SAY by the end of tonight!  I anticipate not just STARTING IT (II) BUT FINISHING IT (II).  Anyway.  The movie (&/or Book?) reminds me of playing Tag and I'm SURE that must have breached Stephen King's imagination but I can't quite PINPOINT how it relates to tag.  KIND Of picture it.  But Not 100% though if I'm being honest.  I like playing IT because when you're IT everyone runs away from you and that's a pretty good metaphor for My Life at least.  GOTTEM.
     Last paragraph.  I've Not Got Pepsi Diets but my Mom DID get 2 Dr Pepper Diets for herself and given current circumstances she's allowed me to drink that as well.  Wonderful!  Either Bagel + Egg or Frozen Meal + Rice.  DEPENDS ON HOW I FEEL re: What I Want To Eat For Dinner In Roughly Five Or Six Hours.  Maybe go STRAIGHT TO ITII after this paragraph.  I feel like there's a scene sequence at the beginning with some sort of COUNTY FAIR.  Not a Statewide Fair, not likely.  World fair?  VERY unlikely although I guess we can't rule anything out at this point.  Country Wide Fair?  Do these exist?  Lets get a team working on that one.  I like the scene where GROWN Period Piece is talking to an Old Lady but Things Are Not Quite As They Seem.  I remember that being the main part of TRAILER For ITII, THE THING THAT PLAYS BEFORE OTHER MOVIES.  So you can see why I enjoy it.  I'll be ba... wait no I won't.  Wait yes I will.  But not until tomorrrow.  I'll be back TOMORROW.  See ya!

-1:42 P.M.







Saturday, January 23, 2021

How's It Goin'

  That's an appropriate way to Greet Someone.  That and Hello Ladies are the top ones.  Sorry fellas, this Greeting is ONLY FOR THE LADIES!!!  You'll survive and whatnot.  Anyway thinking about having a delicious Noodles + Salmon for lunch today.  Had a delicious Oh I Don't Know CORN'T BEEF SANDWICH for dinner last night.  It was the tops.  Sorry fellas this dinner is ONLY FOR ME.  What else is going on.  Got some good beer going today.  Probably FOUR today.  Dad saw my Reachin' For A Beer just now and he was like a little early in the day for that and I was like well I drink while I WRITE I WRITE early in the day.  And he was like cool cool I'm surprisingly laid back in this conversation and not DrinkShaming You FOR NOW.  Hank Aaron died.  For smoe reason in my mind, and presumably this was made up In FACTUAL AUDIO DIALOGUE, I thought of his name pronunciation as Hank ERIN.  It SHOULD BE Hank AAAARRRin in real life!  Presumably.  Oh well now you know my Secret Shame.  Can't pronounce people's names as well as I should be able to!
     Anyway, great.  Made some more progress with #HelloLadies1/22/21-1/23/21ToRemember and well that hashtag just about sums it up doesn't it.  What's going on in the Wide World of sports.  Other than Death, Disease And Cardboard Cut Outs. 


DAMINT I just lost 2 paragraphs.  What the fuck.   

     Let me think.  IT was GOOD STUFF.  Can't think of the DOZEN great mini riffs I made.  GOtta start over from the beginning.  Sports.  I was talking about sports!  WHAT WAS IT.  OH OKAY HERE'S ONE. ...Wearin' my sweat pants.  What I wear almost every day.  Only had THREE POCKETS.  Both front pockets and right back pockets.  And I'm all like, LOOK you're 75% there!  Just A LITTLE MORE WORK and you can make all pockets. And, So I'm Sayin, What's the point of not having a Left Back Pocket?  FASHION?  I DON'T GET IT.  THAT REMINDS ME OF ANOTHER AMUSING STORY, I got my socks yesterday!  I'm wearing 2 out of 6 of them.  THAT'S ALL I CAN REMEMBER OF THAT AMUSING ANECDOTE.  Hmm what else.  There was something about 75% of something.  OH I ALREADY GOT THAT ONE.
Oh well.  Now I'm really just gonna move on.  Can't go backwards!  Only forwards!  That's what I've been led to believe!  Anyway.  I had clicked a few clicks inadvertently which closed the Microsoft FrontPage.  And I hadn't saved Page since The End Of That First Part Of Entry.  Should I kill myself because I lost 1.5 paragraphs of Crazysheet?  NO.  AT LEAST .5 paragraphs I lost are COMPLETELY Dumb Repetitive Stuff Worth Nothing.  So basically I lost 1 paragraph.  SUCH IS LIFE that's bound to happen now and again.  When I was telling my Dad about drinking beer while writing website he was like oh is that Crazysheets.  ANd he was right!  It IS Crazysheets.  Which would be an interesting stylization if I ever lose the rights to crazysheet.net for some reason.  Either crazysheet.org is next or maybe crazysheets.net or crazysheets.com.  I've grown accustomed to the, "Dot Net," I think it's CHARMING because NOBODY ELSE IS DOIN' IT!
All things considered This Is The Fourth Paragraph More Or Less.  Not enough speculation is going on about the next project of the #RickyGervaisExtendedUniverseToRemember.  I hope it includes ALL of our favorites.  Why it's only Ricky Gervais-- why it's only Stephen Merchant-- why it's only Warwick Davis-- MAYBE a Karl Pilkington but PROBABLY NOT... those three amigos, Les Denis, Shaun Williamson and... the third one is... LMLTURQ... KEITH CHEGWIN. Maybe Scottish Lady who Doesn't Play Herself.  She can come about on this one too, why not.  If we're goin with Scottish Lady, mayeb a MARTIN FREEMAN is in the cards?  I dunno I forgot what I was talking about.  UGH.  It HAD to be the other 2 paragraphs I lost.  Not THIS ONE and PRESUMABLY the next one (I anticipate a real Nothin' as the next paragraph).
     Great, just great. THANK GOD I remembered that I'm wearing 2 out of 6 of my new socks.  THANK GOD is all I can say.  Looks like My DAD may be able to get VACCINATION before my MOM can.  And it seems like it should be a good bonding activity they can do together.  But looks like MAYBE NOT.  Oh well such is life.  He shuold still get it because that way HE can't spread it to his wife (my Mom) so that helps her A LITTLE BIT.  Either way What Else Is Going On.  Hmm my Mom is my Dad's wife.  Cracked that code.  Was halfway through an #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear before switching to a #HelloLadies1/22-21/01/23/21ToRemember.  Figure I'll finish that #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear during Upcoming Act Break.  Maybe a little more!  I'll be back in a minute.  Not literally.  Figuratively!  Cracked that code.




How About That

  Larry King is dead.  As far as I know.  We wish him the best of luck. In the after life.  Gotta imagine he's got his work cut out for him in After Life.  Another Ricky Gervais Show.  Is Ricky short for Richard.  Gotta imagine it is, right?  What else is going on and crap.  Anyway I took a Pepsid Complete last night and IT WAS DELICIOUS.  It was MINT which is brand new to me at least in Pepsid Completes.  And I actually had the thought ya know tihs is so delicious I'd Pop These for FUN.  Then I figured, well on the one hand PROBABLY NO CALORIES so there's no harm to be done... then I figured, gotta imagine if I'm taking 30 Pepsids a day SOME HARM WILL BE DONE.  Oh well what can ya do.  Take it only when I need it re: Symptoms.  Yeah that seems to check out!
     Cool.  Another fun day of #JoeBidenKettleChipsPresidencyToRemember.  SATURDAY pretty much a day off!  When Trump is tweeting seven days a week, and the crux of what he does is referred to in his tweets (or is the tweets themselves) was really a 24/7 presidency.  Now we have AN ADULT who lets us TAKE SATURDAY AND SUNDAYS OFF MOSTLY and I LIKE IT.  Also late nights!  That's why he called Biden, "Sleepy Joe."  MAKE AMERICA SLEEP AGAIN!!! It's a GOOD THING.  I mean we should be Awake most of the time.  I'm not saying we can sleep 24/7.  Let's sleep around 8/7 is we can.  I get a lot of people have jobs and schedules where they can't get to sleep 8/7.  But it's a good target IF We CAN get there.  Also, I get if you're a meth addict maybe you can sleep 24/2.  That's one way to go if you so choose!
    Watched Earlier IT earlier this week.  Figure I can go with watching It & It II: IT'S BACK! over the current weekend.  I've SEEN most of it TWICE but I can get into watching it again.  I  think IT dropped the ball by making Pennywise just another random form the True Evil is taking.  Look, you wanna have a story with a supernatural evil clown-- STICK WITH IT BEING A SUPERNATURAL EVIL CLOWN.  Why go a step further?  Now he's not even a clown except in appearance at times.  NOW IT'S NOT AN EVIL CLOWN IT'S JUST SOME GENERIC OH THIS EVIL WE CAN'T EVEN PICTURE CRAP.  I WANT EVIL CLOWNS AND THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT!  Anyway.  VERY likely we're goin with Noodles + Salmon for lunch.  90%!  Like I said VERY MUCH LIKELIHOOD.  I don't get why these kids (and later, adults) are so special that they can defeat Pure Evil.  Wow they're friends and they wanna stick together.  SNOOZE.  I'm sure there were 2 dozen more groups of close friends in their Middle School and THEY DIDN'T DEFEAT PURE EVIL.  They couldn't!  What makes these jerks so special is the point I'm trying to make.  DOESN'T ADD UP.
     Cool!  Must be some explanation.  Let's get Stephen King on the phone.  And offer our condolences re: his cousin Larry.  Hmm.  Not enough thought is given to the fact that this guy calls himself LARRY in a professional type setting.  LEONARD is acceptable.  LAWRENCE is acceptable.  LARRY?  Kinda low class.  Oh well we wish him the best of luck navigating After Life Worlds & Whatnot.  I finished #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear.  Gotta imagine that's it for good.  This time when they called Freddy it's for real!  I think that's one negative aspect of going 6 or 8 movies into a horror franchise.  I mean, if you like one of them, you'll probably enjoy the rest to some extent.  But once you go more than 1 movie, and presuming you kill the villain at the end of the original movie (as is usually the case), and he comes back the next movie... it loses its stakes completely.  Yeah you can kill him again.  Then he can be back again.  Then I'm sure you'll kill him yet again.  Then he comes back once more!  It means nothing!  CRACKED THAT CODE.
     Last paragraph of Act II!
  You know what that means!  Pretty self explanatory.  Anyway, great, just great.  GOOD chance I end up being able to watch more #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Wonderful.  Oddly enough, the most original thing you can for for Edition of Horror Franchise Movie is not killing them at the end.  They win!  Gotta be DEMORALIZING for the protagonists &/or the protagonists' friends and family, but at least that means the left over survivors live to fight another day and maybe NEXT movie THEY kill THE VILLAIN.  I dunno gotta get the kinks worked out.  I also have GUM now.  Peppermint AND Winter...mint.  Delicious!  So many mints!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got my windows open and my door slightly ajar so I can listen for Front Door Bell to accept Packages.  Wind keeps blowing my door closed.  Have to leave it open MORE THAN I WANT because otherwise it's Breezed Shut!  Whatever.  I'll be back in a bit.




How Do You Mean

  WHAT THE HELL I don't have any noodles!  This is the worst news since I LOST 2 Paragraphs!  The Good NEws is I am finishing the chicken.  Maybe in store for a Meat'd Loaf tonight!  ANyway drinking some WATER you know what that's like.  It's like when you run out of soda because they forgot to give it to you but you still need to drink something.  Gonna finish #HelloLadies1.21.22-1.23.21ToStartYourYear.  I'm not enjoying picking at chicken and writing Entry.  We've gone over this!  But oh well what can ya do.  JUST ACCEPTED DELIVERY.  That fool WAS NOT WEARING A MASK.  And OPENED SCREEN DOOR once I opened MAIN front door.  NOW WE'RE CONTAMINATED.  Sorry.  I've gotten so close to you and now YOU'RE in trouble.
  Anyway.  What kind of Horrific Movies can I watch now that #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear is over.  Who knows.  I don't like drinking water with meals because I like to imagine drinking diet soda is my HEARTY and SUBSTANTIVE so I will get full from meal further beyond Just The Eatings.  HEY I just finished lunch.  And THEN I poured myself Sprite Zero LIKE A CHUMP.  Coulda been drinking it DURING meal and I'm drinking it AFTER meal?  Doesn't seem right.  What does seem right.  Writing a GREAT 3.5 paragraph to close out the entry.  Anyway.  IF I ever get to smoke weed regularly again (due to LEGAL issues and PERSON HEALTH PHYSIOLOGICAL/MENTAL ISSUES) I figure I'd smoke weed and work on music.  Then alternate that with drinking beer and working on website.  It's the best of both worlds! 
     The point is who would be a good THIRD to complete the Death Trilogy of Larry King and Hank Aaron.  What kinda point could make that either a Nice RIGHT TRIANGLE or a VERY NICE Equilateral Triangle.  Hmm.  Now I'm thinking about Triangles.  Anyone famous who's death is imminent that has to do with triangles?  How about Bill Clinton.  Triangulization is his political premise.  Yep that seems to check out.  I don't WANT Bill Clinton to die.  Just putting that out there!  Lets make it James Carville who is On The Chopping Block.  Yeah that sounds a lot better!  No offense to James Carville but He Shouldn't Have Kept Sending Me E-Mails if he didn't want his death to be celebrated on my Alcohol Website.  I wonder if James Carville ever went into an Ice Cream Shop and went My name is James Carvel GIVE ME ALL THE ICE CREAM I GOT COMIN' TO ME.
Probably.  It'd have to be a Carvel Ice Cream Shop.  He goes into Baskin Robbins with that nonsense, he's in a WORLD of trouble.  He'd get the shit kicked out of him!  Ice Cream Shop Wars Get VERY Violent, VERY Quickly.  So, no noodles.  I'll have to adapt.  That's what separates us from the animals!  Ability to adapt when Noodles Aren't Available To Us for another 5 days!  The bad news is Delivery Man Contaminated Us but the good news is Now I Don't Need To Listen For Door Bell and I can now take Bathing Procedure whenever I feel like it!  Got some chicken On The Floor trying to pick at it.  Pretty sure I picked up around 80% of it!  I picked upa s much as I could see!  But all in all I'm gonna estimate 20% of it went unnoticed and is clunking up my Floor.
     Last paragraph!  If I stood on Stephen Merchant's shoulders we can EASILY clear 10 feet.  EASY.  That makes me about 4 feet tall.  He's 6'7, but me standing on his shoulders, it's not just 6'7 + whatever I am.  I Would Be Starting At His Shoulders!  Gotta imagine his FaceHead is about I dunno a foot long?  I'm not great at estimating but off the top of my head Heads are a foot long.   Maybe more like 8 inches.  Can't be too much MORE than a foot.  So anyway we got that going for us is the point.  Dammit now I can't get Standing On Stephen Merchant's Shoulders Out Of My Head!  I dunno what that means.  It Just Is.  I like it on the odd occasion I meet a guy whose about my height.  I'm usually like well this guy is my height but I Got More Goin On For Me Than He Does.  C'mon have you seen this guy?  Not very tall at all!  That Just Is.  Anyway I'll be back here tomorrow.  See ya!

-2:05 P.M. 




Friday, January 22, 2021

Today's Entry

  Yeah!  Anyway welcome to Friday.  Gotta assume no one has Explicitly welcomed you to Friday yet.  And if they have, c'mon, let me welcome All The OTHER People to Friday.  You can sit this one out!  I like it when Bernard Sanders becomes a MEME.  People are like HEY I GUESS I'M ON BOARD WITH DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM NOW.  AT LEAST AS LONG AS THIS MEME LASTS.  PROBABLY TOPS OFF AT 1 or 2 DAYS BUT IS RELEVANT AMONG MOST FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK AND AMONG JOHNNY COME LATELIES FOR WEEKS IF NOT MONTHS.  Then again I don't think you can Convince the Johnny Come Latelies.  They're a notoriously Hard HEated VOting Block!  I was doing some Crunching The Numbers Research and apparently Democrats can assume their majority and move on with Senate by just voting for it 51-50.  BUt the opposing party wants them to give concessions even though they have no bargaining power.  So you can see the kind of bind Democrats are in!
     YEAH!  Had some NICE Communal Chicken last night.  Over the last month or two I've discovered Dinner Roll Mini Sandwiches are not just a great addition to Communal Meatloaf but ALSO Communal Chicken.  Cracked That Code!  Lots of good options for lunch.  PLENTY GOOD OPTIONS.  I can't even go through all of them, it'd be a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.  Oh what the Hell YOU DESERVE IT!  1)Finish chicken 2)Hourderves Party 3)Salmon + Noodles 4)Those are the main three I guess In My Head I Was Imagining There Would Be Half A dozen.  Oh well the good news is I WENT INTO THIS PARAGRAPH knowing it would be a snooze.  First two paragraphs are just Catch Up.  THen the fun starts!  Presumably.  That's the assumption I've been operating under for at least the last few days or so.  Saw Dave Chappelle has Covid.  I wish him Health because if he dies from Covid he SKY ROCKETS into the biggest Celebrity Covid Loss.  Ahead of, uh... Fountains of Wayne guy.  Ya know what, that meant a lot to me, too, over time.  Can't listen to The Fountains Of Wayne without thinking about it now!  But anyway he's not as UNIVERSALLY beloved as David Chappelle!  Is Chappie a documentary about David Chappelle's Biography.  Lets get some people looking into that one.  Why would I be interested in watching Chappie I've Already Seen SHORT CIRCUIT II.
Wonderful.  Is it possible Short Circuit II could catch Covid 19 Going On 20?  My guess is no of course not.  That would be ridiculous.  Short Circuit II is a robot.  He can get other viruses though, ones WE Can't Get.  So there's plusses and minuses in regards to health re: Humans Vs Short Circuits IIs.  HourDourves Party is 60%.  Chicken is 20%.  Salmon + Noodles is 20%.  Now You Know!  Still LOCKED OUT from watching #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Which I still feel is a good thing IN THEORY but day-by-day I'm experiencing true dismay.  Hey that's life I guess.  Also not happy about how I can't listen to My Own Bandcamps on my phone.  A couple of dozen songs of mine are availaboe on phone through OTHER websites.  But I MISS MYSELF.  I guess I could Listen from my computer.  Probably slightly better audio quality.  But luckily it hasn't come to that yet!  I think it's interesting I haven't added Chappelle to MicroSoft FrontPage Dictionary yet.  Let's get crackin' on that RIGHT NOW.  Not 100% on board with Dave Chappelle Aging Over The Last Decade.  I mean he's still great, but Youthful Exuberance was always an underappreciated part of His Deal.  In MY HUMBLE opinion.
     Looks like Trump Senate Impeachment-Conviction Trial is RELATIVELY IMMINENT.  Also is it still called an Impeachment Trial.  Even though it's more of a Conviction Trial.  I still feel like Impeachment is a word to be used but I Don't Know WHY.  Oh well what can ya do.  Anyway.  Lotta Dunkin' On Biden from Republicans being like HE ASKED FOR UNITY AND NOW HE WANTS TO PURSUE HIS OWN AGENDA???  Because Hey it was about a week ago when YOU were ASKING FOR UNITY and NOW YOU WANT TO PURSUE YOUR OWN AGENDA?  Guess we'll have to disagree to disagree on this one!  HEY another good lunch would be Chicken Parmesan.  But I should finish Roast Communal Chicken if I'm gonna have chicken.  So yes if lunch was an ISOLATED event it'd be a solid pick.  But All Things Considered not the way to go!  Also roast communal chicken FOODWISE is the best I could do but I'd be pickin' at it and goin' back and forth with keyboard so that's a mark AGAINST IT.
     Yeah!  THINKING ABSTRACTLY about trying to do 2nd CircleWalks during Evening with PODCAST listening to instead of TV On The Computer.  I did it for A WEEK a few months ago.  Now It's back in the forefront of my mind!  So I got that going for me is the point.  At this point most likely Beer Schedule if 5 out of 7 days.  Just keeping you updated!  I think in Impeachment Conviction Trial it should be the Republicans who get to decide if Trump is to be convicted, because you're supposed to be Tried by a jury of your peers, and they're all criminals like him.  Sure they'd vote to ACQUIT but he's a criminal so his peers are criminal!  Too bad the CONSTITUTIONERS didn't see THAT one coming.  ANyway time to take a break!  I'll be back soon!




It's Not Today Anymore

  I AM GOING TO PUT HOURDOUREVES PARTY INTO THE OVEN IN EXACTLY TEN MINUTES.  Starting FOUR SECONDS AGO.  When I FINISHED That First SENTENCE.  Yeesh.  Ran out of Coffee Mate: The Flavored Coffee Creamer regular flavor, and we had one Bottle of Alternate Flavor we've never had-- and It's OKAY!  First sip I was like this ain't good.  Second sip I was like this is okay.  THIRD sip I was like this is still okay.  FOURTH sip I was like yep still okay.  FIFTH SIP I was like yep I'm Callin' It THIS FLAVOR IS JUST ABOUT OKAY.  Anyway next hashtag experience is #HelloLadiesWinterToStartYourYear.  Probably can knock it out in 2 days but HEY GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT it's what I got going on Right Now!  I can't watch #HelloLadiesWinterToStartYourYear without thinking about how Stephen Merchant's Luck With Ladies REALLY is.  I mean he's famous successful and truly talented in an accessible way (Funny!)  He's gotta be doing PRETTY Good.  Oh well no way of knowing.  What else is going on.  HE'S BEEN WITH SOMEONE SINCE 2017?  BUT THAT WAS AFTER HELLOLADIES?  So I don't feel LIED to but I still am DISAPPOINTED.  He could have it so much better On The Singles Scene!  And I'm VERY invested in Stephen Merchant's personal intimate relationships!
     Anyway.  Gotta imagine if I WANTED to I could get #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear worked out in no more than 10 or 15 minutes at most.  So we gotta think about THAT.  Anyway today I'm OPENING MY SOCKS and I'm OPENING MY PEPSID COMPLETES.  Haven't even NEEDED Pepsid the last 2 days.  Which is good!  I'm not complaining!  I get to Go To Sleep and just be like hey trying to fall asleep WITHOUT being in pain that's a real net positive!  Wonderful!  I FINISHED #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear!  WAIT A SECOND.  No I Didn't!  I still have to watch the REMAKE of #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear.  WAIT A SECOND.  No I Don't!  I CAN WATCH WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT IS THE POINT.
     Cool. How's Joseph Biden: The President doing today.  Looking into cats one would assume.  Does he get a BRED cat or a SHELTER cat.  Or a NONBRED NONSHELTER cat.  Or a Bred Cat that SOMEHOW ended up in a Shelter?  I've narrowed it down to those four things.  Well, that and the 5th thing, No Cat.  Ugh.  I can't even express how disappointing it would be to have no First Cat.  Wonderful.  Also I Saw someone referred to Kamala's Husband as First Lord.  WHAT THE HELL?  I GET that in Europe it was Ladies and Lords.  But I think if we were polled OVERWHELMINGLY Americans would prefer First Gentleman.  I feel like that shouldn't be a controversy debate??  Seems pretty clear to me and I dunno who it was that's talking about Lords but I hope their opinion is their own and not indicative of what we're supposed to think.
     Yeah!  Watch some more Horrific Movies.  Lots of fun stuff to be watched even WITHOUT #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  The point is YES I put Hourderves Party into oven 5 or 10 so minutes ago.  Look it was about 7 or 8 minutes ago.  I feel comfortable refining my estimations to more closely reflect the reality of the situation.  I'm OKAY with watching #HelloLadiesWinterToStartYourYear over the next two days.  It's FINE!  I like the parts where its like lol this guy get aload of that.  Really Makes Ya Think!  Also if Stephen Merchant is saying Hello Ladies to women, lets be honest-- he's not thinking of HIMSELF as a LORD.  He's thinking of HIMSELF as a GENTLEMAN.  That's pretty straightforward!  I assume!  Maybe that's what British people think.  And he DOES think of himself as a LORD.  WE HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING AT THIS TIME.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Anyway the BRUNT of January is almost over.  Brunt.  I feel like I've never used that word in Typing in my life.  Better LTURQ just to see if it is indeed a word and if I am indeed using it correctly.  Yep checks out.  About 90% what I imagined it meant.  It means what I imagined BUT it's implied that it's a NEGATIVE thing.  So when I'm saying the BRUNT of January, I'm not just saying MOST of January-- I'm saying MOST of January-- and it was specifically a NEGATIVE THING that we got through.  Now you know.  Brunt.  Not a very charming word at all!  I don't like it!  Anyway gonna start Act III without lunch but very good chance I'll have lunch close to the end of Act III.  All depends!  On various circumstances & conditions!  No way of knowing as of this moment!  Be back in a bit!




Some Day Soon

  HEY I'm back!  Lunch is about 20 minutes away.  Probably coinciding with Paragraph 4 or so.  Wonderful.  I had A SINGLE chicken nugget a minute ago because out of Chicken Nuggets, Tater Tots, and Cocktail Franks they're the ones BEST with LESS TIME in oven.  So that's where I'm at!  Wonderful. I think I already said that.  Wonderful.  Wonderful.  Can't wait to wear some socks.  Presumably starting tomorrow.  It's gonna be, "Off The Hook."  Which is a phrase for some reason  Being off the hook is GOOD.  Seems bad to me.  Inconvenient.  If we're talking about things being on or off hooks, in general, we're talking about things that PROBABLY should be on hooks.  Otherwise Being On A Hook would never even enter the conversation.  Wonderful.  DAMMIT.  The entire time Stephen Merchant is saying Hello Ladies when he should have been saying Hello to a Single Lady-- the one whom he ends up with.  Yep that seems to check out.
Cool!  Made it only 50% into I Spit On Your Graves.  I can resume that.  Presumably the huge majority of I Spit On Your Second Graves is Mostly All Pay Back.  That's something I can, "Get On Board With!"  I think it's great they banned Trump from twitter permanently.  Obviously the last 2 weeks mattered a lot, but now we don't have to deal with Trump Tweeting About Every Single Thing That Happens.  Pays off IN DIVIDENDS in the end it turns out.  He can still call into Fox & Friends.  But I can continue not caring &/or being aware of What's Happening on Fox & Friends.  Also who is the Friends in this scenario.  That aren't explicitly Fox.  Really makes ya think.  I assume everyone there is Fox.  Maybe Trump was THE Friend.  No that can't be it.  That'd just be Fox & FRIEND.  There's MULTIPLE FRIENDS IN PLAY IN THIS SCENARIO.  Yeah!  Someone spitting on your grave has got to SUCK.  You're like FIRST I'm DEAD, and NOW THIS?!?!?!  That's how that might go.
     Cool!  I listen to myself IN THE BATH.  Now I'd have to Bring my COMPUTER into the bath with me.  Not LITERALLY.  Rest it on a Closed Toilet Seat Or Something.  Still seems kinda risky, though!  I dunno that might pan out pretty well though.  I can do that.  There's songs I've made that haven't been listened to BY ANYBODY in MONTHS.  Doesn't seem right, that's my opinion.  One negative thing about having a 50/50 senate, even with the deciding vote going to Democrats, its that this FUCKS UP Kamala's schedule!  She's got BETTER THINGS to be doing other than being your dumb tie breaker.  Doesn't seem right!  Just had a tater tot 10 minutes before they're officially ready!  I think it's FLAVORED somehow.  Not just ORIGINAL Flavor.  There's some KICK to it that I could find out if I looked at the bag in the freezer.  Yep that checks out might as well look at that in 9 minutes when I'm downstairs to retrieve Hour Derves Party from the oven.
Wonderful.  I like this Lady Press Secretary.  And I'm not being sexist by saying lady.  If it was a man I'd call him a Lord Secretary.  That's just how WORDS go!  Look LORD is CLEARLY wrong.  We don't say Lord in America.  Jesus how is this even an issue?!?!?!  Maybe it isn't.  That's a good possibility.  So when's the Decriminalizing Marijuana Executive Order coming.  Next week?  The week after next week?  Gotta ASSUME it'll be one of those.  We'll probably get it around the same time Biden gets a cat.  Which is INEVITABLY and IMMINENTLY.  That'd be a fun thing for Biden to do.  Every decision he makes in his personal life is based on Executive Order.  Biden wants a cat?  Gotta sign an executive order to get a cat.  Biden wants ice cream after dinner tonight?  Gotta sign an executive order.  I know there was a story that Trump gets an extra scoop of ice cream after dinner compared to how much ice cream his guests got.  That was a true story!  Gotta wonder though if that tradition is kept alive with Biden.  Maybe he doesn't wanna shake things up too much so he sticks with it.  Maybe he's An Adult so he scraps it.  Who Knows!
     Yeah!  Hey I got lunch going on and whatnot.  One more paragraph to write.  Another day down.  Presumably watch episode II of #HelloLadiesWinterToStartYourYear after this paragraph.  Lots of good options for dinner.  At the head of the list is FInishing Communal Roast Chicken with 1 Dinner Roll and Some Half Spheres Of Potatoe.  Have some Laptop Music with bath which will take place in an hour or two.  If My Music falls down in a forest and nobody is listening to it does it make a sound?  My instinct is nope.  I dunno.  In GENERAL my response to that Philosophy-em-up is YES a tree falling down makes a sound regardless if anyone hears it.  Maybe the FOREST hears it.  Forest can hear things As Far As We Know.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:42 P.M.




Thursday, January 21 2021


  That happens once roughly every 24 hours!  Anyway lets get into it Bit ONe Of The Best Nail Bitings this morning in WEEKS maybe MONTHS.  Started with a little bit of clipping.  Then bit the rest off.  That's Strategy for ya.  Gotta use ANY and ALL the tools at your disposal.  Nail clippers, teeth, swiss army knife, perhaps some sort of spork.  Hmm what else is going on.  Accepted SUPER Market Delivery today.  Wiped down fridge & freezer stuff.  Thinking' about havin' some Chili with Rice for lunch today.  Still no Spork, though.  Better look into Plastic Silverware Sporks I can get from Super Market Delivery or perhaps an Amazon Order.  I I went through this a week or two ago but I still feel like there's ONLY PLASTIC sporks.  Not a lot of silverware sets with sporks.  But if there are I'm On Board With It!
     Yeah!  Are there fancy silverwaresque tooth picks?  Gotta imagine at some point in the 18th century they were thinking of dumb things they could make for fancy rich people and someone thought of hmm silver toothpicker.  We've done a lot of dumb things in our past as humans and that feels like it could have been one of them!  For some reason the channel that shows #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear stopped working for me.  Instead of spending 15 minutes working it out, I'm taking this as an opportunity to Just Stop Watching #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Is there official White Huose China Silveware that Trump used that Biden now has to use?  I dunno.  Gotta imagine Trump mostly eats with his hands.  No shaming there!  If I could get away with eating with my hands for 80% of stuff, I'd do it!  I CAN get away with it!  But I Still Show Restraint Half THe Time JUST FOR FUN!  Anyway it's a relief to live in a world where I can write a real mediocre two paragraphs and it's still like SO WHAT WHO CARES AMERICA IS BUILT BACK BETTER!!!
     What fun.
  Nice to see the Qnon people and mythology imploding.  There was always that .5% thing in the back of my mind hmm maybe they're onto something.  Like a solid 20, 25% of what they're talking about Might Pan Out To Some Degree.  Because I've been residually brainwashed!  NO MORE THOUGH.  Alcoholic Anonymous type group, but for former Q devotees.  I call it, "QAnon."  UH OH THAT DOESN'T HELP AT ALL!  I feel like every time I see Alcohol/Drug Anonymous meetings on TV or in movies, there's always the guy up front and goes, Hi my name is blahblahblah and I'm an alcoholic... YOU JUST BROKE RULE #1!  ANONYMOUS.  RIGHT OFF THE BAT YOU'VE MESSED UP.  Yeah I guess you're still anonymous with JUST a first name being given.  Still hardly seems right.  Anyway.  Usually when I get Chili I Never Want To Actually Eat It.  Today I'm knocking it out of the park with FIRST MEAL post- Delivery.  Yeah!
What else is going on and crap.  Whose gonna legalize weed first, New York or Federation Government.  Federal Government.  Short for Federation Government.  My hope is one of them does it over the next couple of months.  Then drink half the time and smoke weed half the time THAT WOULD BE MY FIRST INSTINCT on how to schedule Mood Altering Hobbies.  Anyway.  Made it an entire 7 days last week with at least 2 beers each day.  This week PROBABLY same amount overall but over FIVE days.  Four to 7.  Five most likely!  I feel very strongly about this!  Smoking weed is like drinking beer but better and more healthy.  Seems pretty straight forward.  ONE NEGATIVE THING from Super Market Delivery is they didn't send my SIX PEPSI DIETS.  Got 2 SPRITE ZEROES.  My Mom got 2 DR DIET PEPPERS which she will now share with em.  None of my SIX PEPSI DIETS.  They fucked up and I'M paying the price!  Not literally!  They gave us back store credit for the mess up.  But YOU GET THE IDEA.
Anyway, hey, great.  HEY at this point I can probably Open My Birthday Socks today or tomorrow.  Also presumably it turns out they're my birthday socks.  Didn't get any explicit present for Birthday &/or Chanukah in December.  First non Super Market Delivery thing my parents have gotten me.  Birthday Socks!  And I'm ON BOARD.  WHERE'S THAT CAT JOE BIDEN.  Where's The Cat!  Better LTURQ might have been addressed by this point.  He signed an Executive Order COMMITTING to getting a cat in his first three months.  Presumably.  Let's LTURQ.  NO CAT UPDATE.  Well this entire thing turned out to be a scam.  I don't know WHAT to believe in now.  Is it possible we can make Qanon people into Muslims as a back up plan for them on account of the bible being the Quron which is a similar word to Qanon?  My guess is Sure Let's Get A Team Looking Into That One.  Be back soon!




Wait Hold Up

  Big Politic story this morning is FILIBUSTER.  Democrats want to Not Be Committed To Upholding It As A Rule so They Can Get Stuff Done.  McConnell wants it to be preserved so he can STOP Democrats from Them Can Getting Stuffdom Done.  The Democrats have control of the senate.  It's ultimately up to us.  So you can see the kind of bind we're in!  What to do!  OH I KNOW Don't Acquiesce to MINORITY MAN Mitch McConnell so we can have some room to GET STUFF DONE.  Also is that a Semi-Slur that would upset Mitch McConnell?  Calling him MINORITY MAN?  Let's get  team looking into that one.  Just as likely that he likes it.  So yeah we're gonna need to get a team looking into that one, like I said.  Still looking forward to Lunch with Act III!  To TIDE ME OVER I had 3 HALF SPHERES OF POTATO HALVES.  Cold!  Nice little snack.  Whose gonna stop me, YOU?
  So far no #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear has led to More #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear.  So far!  There's more stuff to be watched!  Like for example the next upcoming #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear!  This is how great That Nail I was talking about is-- STILL GOT IT GOIN.  Not sure what that accomplishes.  Such is life.  Anyway what's Biden up to now.  Presumably taking many phone calls and meetings from earlier this morning into late at night.  That's President Stuff For Ya!  I know we, "Dunk," on Trump for writing that dumb boilerplate of his schedule but C'mon Seems KIND OF Accurate for what we imagine Presidents do?  And apparently what Presidents imagine what Presidents should be doing?  I just think that running joke over Trump's life, where he writes something about himself under the premise its someone else, is pretty amusing.  Writing into newspapers and stuff as if he was not himself but someone close to him Talking About Him.  And here writing about what he does as if its from someone else (he doesn't say I Will Be Working Early In The Morning to...) Funny stuff!  That's all I'm trying to say!
     Anyway.  I was watching Evening Inauguration Special with music and whatnot, and it couldn't have been just me that the culmination, with Katy Perry singing, "Firework," and there being Fireworks-- TOO MUCH FIREWORKS.  I mean this is TEN TIMES your normal amount of fire works which ALREADY is a lot.  Someone is gonna get hurt with all these fireworks!  Also who is the firework in this equation?  Joe Biden?  Seems about right.  That's an appropriate interpretation.  LOOK I don't KNOW if I'm gonna finish the chili.  My guess is I'll leave a fraction over.  Maybe 25%.  But I'm just gonna go ahead and heat it ALL up with 1/3rd of Portion That Rice Comes In.  So I got that going for me is the point.  I'm not 100% sure why Bernie Wearing A Jacket BLEW UP as a meme, but I'm all for it!  I look at it and I'm just like ok he's wearing a jacket.  I don't get it.  Maybe cause I Don't get FASHION or something.  But Great Bernie SHOULD be present in our minds he's gonna HELP GET STUFF DONE is the impression I'm under.  I did like the part of him sitting with his legs crossed.  I don't know WHY.  I just LIKED IT.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
Wonderful.  Anyway waiting for an Executive order the pertains to ME SPECIFICALLY.  Some things pertain to other groups.  Some things pertain to everyone (or at least a huge majority of people).  Nothing JUST FOR ME &/Or People EXACTLY JUST LIKE ME as of this moment.  I WOULD consider legalizing marijuana as helping People Exactly Just Like Me. And A Whole Lot MORE People!  That's MY opinion.  The point is I'm gonna have to work in Drinking Water into my schedule this week and I'm OKAY with that.  Healthier!  Cheaper!  A Third Thing!  I feel like Joe Biden should play some acoustic guitar.  We know Bill Clinton played Saxamaphone.  Tim Kaine was FAMOUS for playing Harmonica.  I feel like Joe Biden should have spent a few months when he was 35 learning to play basic chords on the guitar.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE not seeing anything.  I guess Biden wants to keep that private.  Most logical reaction to Not Seeing Anything.
     Great, just great.  IS THERE a Grand Piano SOMEWHERE in the White House that's Just Permanently There.  Probably!  Better LTURQ.  AT TIMES there were.  I don't think there's been one Permanent White House Piano though.  Oh well such is life.  I'm OKAY with Interventions not being a part of my life anymore.  I'm just CONFUSED.  I wish I knew THE REASON.  It's just upsetting that it turned out this way and I don't even know why.  Oh well such is life I guess.  Hey what else is going on and crap.  Next thing on my Patriot Calendar is Psychiatrist Phone Call Appointment SPOILER ALERT Next Tuesday.  Anyway I've checked News as recently as 30 seconds ago and Biden is STILL ALIVE AND KICKING.  Which is a phrase for some reason.  Dead People can't KICK everyone knows that.  That's the MAIN THING dead people can't do.  Kick!  Totally useless at soccer!  Be back in a bit.




Whatchu Trying To Say

  On the one hand, we can do a lot of great stuff in the senate!  Good for the people, and good politically!  On the OTHER HAND lets give immense power to our opponents who just got a SHELLACKING at the Elections, CRIPPLING our ability to get Good Stuff Done Built Back Better.  You can't Build Back Better if you're constantly being filibuster!  Lemme put it into language you can understand!  Anyway what else is going on.  Got CHILI and RICE.  Rice cooked to perfection!  Chili cooked pretty good, too!  Delicious!  I'm drinking Water with my lunch LIKE A CHUMP.  How the mighty have fallen!  I've been drinking soda like The Good Life for so long and now back to WATER?  What the Hell IS this bullshit?!?  Cool.  At this rate looks like I'm just gonna finish the chili.  Awesome!  No more chili!
     Wonderful.  Whatta watch after this.  There's a John Leguizamo Teaches Kids Chess movie That's GOT MY NAME ON IT.  It's called, "Critical Thinking."  IN retrospect That is NOT My Name.  Anyway I wanna reach the top level of chess playing a Grandmaster and immediately when the game starts I go I'M PLAYING THREE DEE CHESS and I FLIP THE BOARD OVER.  And then accept all the applause and adoration I've got coming to me.  Would be open to some COMMUNAL DINNER tonight.  Meat loaf.  Chicken.  Both good possibilities!  Biden has been president for roughly 26 hours.  GREAT NOW WE'RE 26 HOURS CLOSER TO THE NEXT PRESIDENT who MAY BE WORSE.  The glass is .00000098% Empty!
     Wonderful.  I thought it was interesting we had a president sworn in without an assassination attempt!  Caught ME by surprise!  I ain't complainin it's a GOOD thing!  Hey I just finished lunch.  Too much chili in my belly.  Doesn't feel 100% right!  Anyway I don't even wanna think about dinner with this chili mucking up my belly but a good alternative to either communal dinner is NOODLES + Salmon.  I'll think about it more once my Belly is more calmed down.  Also 3D chess is EASILY something they could work out that intelligent people would find amusing and intellectually engaging.  But THE EGG HEADS THAT WOULD ENJOY IT ARE TOO LAZY.  I'm calling you out, Eggheads!  Don't be so lazy!  It's for your OWN Amusement and Engagement Benefits!
      Penultimate paragraph!  HAVE I MENTIONED that my Belly is in discomfort?  It's the main thing I've been experiencing Low These Last 15 minutes.  Lo These Last 15 minutes.  Loe.  One of these things must be accurate!  Looks CAN I have an HOURDERVES PARTY for dinner?  YES.  It's POSSIBLE.  ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE.  And this is EVEN MORE Possible than A LOT of what ANYTHING might Involve!  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  Hey great idea let's get started on some #TheSimpsonsWinterToStartYourYear.  NightmareTrumpTimes is over so now we can RELAX with some YELLOW MONSTER FAMILY go about their business.  I know they LOOK like relatively normal people (but yellow)n but when you see them Head On they are clearly monsters.  Only at DIAGONALS do they even SOMEWHAT resemble Regular People.  Still waiting for the episode starring Moleman.  Maybe it's showed up.  I haven't seen a new Simpsons in two years.
Yeah!  Last paragraph!  Whose the most realistic person on The Simpsons.  Is it CARL or DR HERBERT?  They're the only people whose colors roughly resemble the color some people actually are in real life.  What about Wendell or Louie I feel like there's one black kid in Bart's Classes.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I've got a GOOD FEELING my Belly Pain will subside JUST ABOUT IN TIME for enjoying dinner cleanly.  Life is wonderful I guess, things work out that way sometimes!  Anyway.  Some HORRORIFIC TV &/OR MOVIES for the immediate future.  That's just the kinda mood I'm in right now GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT AND WHATNOT.  ANyway BAD NEWS FOR MY DAD he accidently got EVERYTHING BAGELS instead of regular.  Anyuway GOOD NEWS FOR ME WE ACCIDENTALLY GOT EVERYTHING BAGELS INSTEAD OF REGULAR.  I hadn't even THOUGHT about Everything Bagels in more than a year!  But now that I am I AM ON BOARD 100% ALL THE WAY.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:51 P.M.




Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sick It Up

  Okay.  Hey the Biden Wins Phase of American Life is over!  What a SOLID 2 and a half months!  Can't think of anything going really wrong during that ti... oh.  Right.  THAT.  ALL THAT.  ALL THAT WITH KEENAN THOMPSON.  At what point did Keenan Thompson become the Star of All That such that he's included in the name.  Probably never!  Except for in this paragraph.  ANyway somehow saved myself 2 beers for today.  SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, SEVEN BEERS A DAY, I MEAN SEVEN BEERS A WEEK, ONE BEER A DAY, I MEAN EIGHTEEN BEERS A WEEK, ON AVERAGE 2 OR 3 A DAY.  Well  I think I worked out all the kinks to that.  Anyway Yeah Hey Biden is president.  Gotta imagine that'll last Oh I Don't Know IN FOUR YEAR INTERVALS?  Presumably ONE four year intervel at least and other likely possibility is TWO FOUR YEAR INTERVALS (Served successfully).  Just getting you prepared for what's coming!  Ah now that all seems to check out.  Wonderful.
     Couldn't get to sleep last night!  Felt like the day before school starts.  Except school didn't start.  My routine is the same.  Anyway I did sleep for Oh I Don't Know FOUR HOURS?  Not so bad!  Anyway where am I.  What kinda meals I got for today.  Bagel + Egg.  Pizza + That's It That's The Meal.  Probably.  Anyway Biden talked while touching a Bible, and gave an acceptance speech, but it's not REALLY official until his twitter is changed to #potus46orsomethingtherealofficialtwitterhandlenotthis.  So HOLD ON TO THAT TRUMP CONSPIRACY THEORIST.  STILL NOT OVER!!!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Trump now knows what its like to be a black person he does business with on account of being evicted.  Lets get the kinks worked out for that joke.  Or not.  Let's just Dump It Completely.  Yeah that seems to check out pretty well, too!
     Is it possible Trump has pardoned more people IN SECRET.  Like he wrote some pardons, sealed them in an envelope only to be opened at a later date.  Seems legit!  He can pardon all he wants, still his right!  We just don't KNOW about it until later.  This is an argument that MAY have been presented to Trump by some of his all star lawyers like Rudy Giuliani or the guy who is famous for advertising pillows in commercials.  I fI was advertising My Pillows in a commercial, the crescendo of the commercial would be referring to them, saying, "My Pillows!," and then punctuated with, "Get Your Own!"  Cause these specific ones are MINE.  MY PILLOWS!  GET YOUR OWN.  That's how the commercial goes.  I miss havin' some good Big Substantive Pillows!  I feel like at times in life I've had pillows 2x the size of your normal twin bed pillow.  and it's FUN but UNSUSTAINABLE.  Somethin' like that.
     If yuo have a standard 2 pillows on a twin bed, is it 100% standard to just overlap one pillow above the other?  And read your head on a slight slant?  I guess 1 pillow alone'll slant you a bit.  2 pillows?  More slant!  You've got other optoins of things to do with Second Pillow, though.  Put it between your legs.  Rest it upon your nose like a Fun Sleep Time Balancing Act.  Hug it, I dunno.  Lots of stuff you can do with a Bonus Pillow.  But in the end, that works against it.  So much choices, such decisions to make, you just get in your own head about it and you realize FUCK THIS SECOND PILLOW I WAS BETTER OFF WITHOUT IT and you throw it to the ground in a fit of fury!  That sort of thing.  OH MAN BIDEN @POTUS JUST POPPED UP.  I was ~ the 1.4th million follower!  I've been on board from the ground up I feel like I should be rewarded politically somehow (Pardons??). 
  I didn't hear the poem but apparently a young poet did a GreaT Poem just now?  Sounds like a scam.  Everyone know no on else can be a good writer if I'm a good writer.  Doesn't add up!  And I've been led to believe (By delusions?) that I'm a good writer.  So basically Explain Yourselves Universes!  Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  Have Beer #2 with Act II, have Lunch #1 with Act III!  And then tomorrow I Re-UP with Super Market Delivery and can drink MORE Beer Per Day For Several Days before not... doing... that.  Huh?  Watched LATE NIGHT: The Major Motion Picture.  Good movie!  I liked the parts where it was my fantasy about life and the other parts where it was like Yeah But What ELSE Is On.  Also based on this Major Motion Picture SHOULD this be my fantasy about life?  Yeah, might as well.  Pot committed to the whole thing at this point.  I'll be back in a bit!




Whatever You Say

  Okay.  I survived Trump 45 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!  Is that the T Shirt Speaking About It Self in that scenario?  Also if you got a t-shirt, even if nothing else, that's a POSITIVE.  A lot of people go out of circumstances (like Trump 45) WORSE for wear.  You're coming out Plus One T-Shirt CONGRATULATIONS YOU'VE WON THE GAME.  Now we can get to working on why is a T-Shirt talking about itself as if it's not itself.  If I were Trump, and was told it was IMPOSSIBLE to pardon myself, I'd just Pardon LITERALLY EVERYBODY ELSE.  That way if I DO go to jail at least I'd have the entire jail to myself, give me some room to spread out.  Yep thats the kind of joke we're moving forward in with BIDEN 46 ERA.  Can't go back now!  Nw we're pot committed to this nonsense at this point!  Wait, no.  Pot committed to this MALARKEY.  I won't continue that habit.  My website My words don't get used to this use of the word, "Malarkey!"
     For some reason my Mom used to sing me an Irish lullaby.  Tora Lora Lora Baby, etc.  I didn't know it was Irish at the time.  Only when I grew older did I realize yeah that's Irish stuff.  I CONFRONTED my Mom about this yesterday.  She said that's what her mom sang to her.  Which I assume she got from someone not in The Old Country but in The New Country.  Because my Mom's Mom wasn't Irish.  Guess when they were poor immigrants my Grandmother was looking around like hmm don't know any lullabys.. YOU!  YOU!  IRISH LADY!  C'MON OVER HERE GIMME SOME LULLABYS OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD.  Gotta get my mom to sing it out to me and record it.  I only remember 1/3rd of it but it's probably the main nursery rhyme of my child hood.  Presumably I can keep that going for when I have Irish Children.  You know Irish OFF Spring?  Yeah!
     Cool.  I'm starting to REALLY get the sense that Biden is in fact President.  I guess it's not real until the first time he sits at his big boy chair in Oval Office and starts taking many phone calls and having many meetings into the night.  Hmm just realized we won't have Trump to dunk on anymore.  Update on Nixon being like you won't have me to kick around anymore.  Except it would be Trump saying please let me stay part of the national conversation unendingly you can dunk on me all you like I deserve scorn after all JUST ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!!  So I guess we'll have to see how that plays out!  Hopefully doesn't!  Let's Forget Trump for a while.  Oh.  Right.  Impeachment Conviction Trial and potentially more trials.  Hey we're gonna get to Dunk On Trump to an appropriate desirable amount!  We don't have to when we don't want to! (most of the time!)  But when we do feel like it, There'll be Relevant Dunkings To Be Done!
     Yeah!  Nightmare America is over YET #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear LIVES ON.  Probably gonna go with Frozen Pizza: It's Dijournio Get Over It in about an hour or 2.  Woke up late!  Having lunch late!  Will have dinner late!  Will go to bed late!  Tomorrow PROBABLY BACK TO NORMAL.  Kinda surprised the Papa Johns guy wasn't serving a similar roll as the My Pillow guy for Trump.  Well throw that joke out.  Not relevant anymore!  PAPA JOHNS HAS BEEN FORECLOSED.  Ugh.  Not seing anything about A CAT for White House.  Look at this point I Get The Message.  You're not getting a cat.  It was a campaign promise, it turned out to be a lie, and fine, I get it!  That's politics!  I shouldn't have let myself get so heavily invested in it.  Just disappointing.  That's on ME.  For CARING TOO MUCH.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  I'll come up with some more thoughts on Post Trump Era NATURALLY, over TIME.  You can BET I'll have my pulse on the thumb of the nation from here on out!  You can, "COUNT," on me to be AMUSING, be RELEVANT, and To BE HERE EVERY DAY FOR SOME REASON NO ONE IS REALLY SURE OF.  Anyway my Dad took Covid Test a couple of days ago and At Least As Of Then is HEALTHY.  Re: Covid.  Re: other issues not 100% healthy.  But that's NONE of your business.  It's all our businesses!  Maybe not even 100% mine!  100% his, maybe 90% mine!  All things considered.  One Flew Over The Covid Test.  That's the kind of Hard Hitting Insight you can continue to expect from me as our nation faces this once in an ever 4 or 8 years reset.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!




Sounds About Right

  Okay!  Took a big 'ol break waiting to be ready for lunch!  Now I am!  Pizza!  Wonderful!  Parents were still watching Inauguration After Show on TV.  Past Presidents hanging around Tomb Of Some Unknown Soldier, and they were standing around for 2 minutes waiting for Biden.  And my Mom was like uh oh I hope Biden's alive.  That's our NEW national nightmare.  Every time we  don't see Biden on TV we gotta be worried uh oh is he dead now?  Turns out he's still alive.  FOR NOW.  Also Tomb Of Unknown Soldier YUKK EM UP will they ever figure out who this soldier is?  That sort of thing!  Anyway hopefully within the next few months I & Family can get Coronavirus: The Vaccine and I can start taking walks and goin around town and doin' stuff.  ANd life will be Nice & Normal and Progressively Getting Better FOr Me At Least!  And here I lived through all this Trump crap FOR NOTHIN'.  I shuolda just Rip Van Winkle'd It!  Oh well such is life.
     Yeah!  My first positive reaction so far, and its genuine, after Biden being sworn in, I'm like all this TV and movies I've been watching... I can keep watching the exact same things... but there's 20% LESS UNDERLYING STRESS TO EVERY ACTIVITY I PARTICIPATE IN.  So far!  Don't wanna get ahead of myself.  Thinkin' about adding Chili to Super Market Delivery Order.  Why THINK when I can DO!  Hey great just great.  LOTS of good options for TV On The Computer Viewings today.  I think I'll go for some #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear when this entry is over.  Can't argue with a feeling!  It'd be pretty futile!  Alright what else.  Only Three more full paragraphs.  I gotta figure out what to say then.  Or now.  Figure out what I have to say THEN now.  Lost some enthusiasm for Bagel + Egg when last time I had it a week ago I got sick.  Because I had never clean't out the frying pan!  And guess what!  Haven't cleaned it out since then either!  I don't play by the rules!
     Cool.  What kind of rules can I not be playing by these last three paragraphs.  Anyway how do I allocate my free time now.  Especially in regards to twitter.  I can read the same amount of Twitter in 1/20th the time by checking it half a dozen times a day instead of All The Time.  That's step one.  Only step I have as of now.  Doesn't even make a STAIRS.  Is one step called A STAIR.  I feel like it should be or could be or if there was any JUSTICE in the world it might be.  That  reminds me of the #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear when STAIRS are the main gist of the episode.  It's even called STAIRED IN HORROR.  No spoilers but Stairs HAVE A LOT TO DO WITH THE PLOT.  Well that was SOME Spoiler.  I guess I spoiled it for you to some extent.
Whatta dumbullshit. That's my new portmanteau.  Dumbullshit.  Prove me wrong!  Anyway since Joe Biden Moved Up to Presidential Twitter Acct... can I move up to Regular Joe Biden Twitter Acct?  Seems like SOMEONE has to be promoted to Just Being Joe Biden and I don't see anyone else out there making a case for themselves!  Figure that Twitter Acct Name is AS GOOD AS MINE!!!!  I'll have to look into that one, I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Maybe watch DAY OF THE DEAD after this entry.  It's on the HBOMax.  It's a good decent movie about people living underground AND there's zombies here there and everywhere.  Well I'm sold.  I sold it to myself.  Very easy!  I was on board with it right from the Get Go! 
     Last paragraph.  We did it!  This was the first thing I've Accomplished with my Patriot Calendar.  Wrote in Biden Inauguration Day for Today's Square-- and it happened!-- successfully!-- presumably because I explicitly planned for it!  Gotta assume that made the difference in terms of making it happen successfully!  Anyway hopefully can go back to Too Much Sleep tonight.  We're talkin TEN hours of sleep a night!  That's SLIGHTLY TOO MUCH.  7.5-9 hours is the sweet spot Per My Understanding!  Let's ask SOME UNKNOWN SOLDIER what he thinks about this?  I'm 90% sure Tomb Of Unknown Soldier is a metaphor.  10% chance there's a soldier buried there whom no one is really sure who they are.  Anyway another wonderful ay.  Well, A wonderful day.  We have a wonderful day tomorrow THEN we're talking MULTIPLE, SUCCESSIVE Wonderful Days!  See ya guys tomorrow.

-3:26 P.m.





Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Read It Or Else

  Or else what.  Dam you called my bluff.  Hey another good day.  Tryin' to plan ahead Tomorrow Entry so I can watch Joe Biden: The Inauguration Of Joe Biden at 12:00 Post Meridian.  I can wake up early and have entry don by then!  So I got that going for me is the point.  Good news Strongly Leaning Towards having Noodles + Salmon for lunch.  It's got noodles!!!  This is good stuff keep it comin.  Or else what.  Dam I called my bluff again!  I think I might make that a new Writing Idiosyncrasy.  Spelling, "Damn," without an, "N."  Going through old stuff a year or two ago I came across something I had written when I was presumably around 8 or so and I spelled it Dam.  CHARMING.  VERY CHARMING.  For an eight year old.  I can be an eight year old.  Easy!  Saw they abruptly fired Mets General Manager because of Inappropriate Sexts to someone.  It WASN'T Me.  Just let me make that perfectly clear.  I WASN'T THE ONE.
     Yeah!  I need to get a new phone number and a new phone and then text myself and pretend It's A Sexy Lady. Sure I should no reason not to, that seems pretty straightforward.  If you have 2nd phone number presumably you can sext yourself on the same phone.  Let's get some people looking into that one.  Ones gotta imagine that when Biden is sworn in, on completing the final sentence, ("I Do?") its like Mario eating a Mushroom and he immediately grows to be 10 feet tall. AND CRUSH ALL THOSE WHO STAND IN HIS WAY.  Mario DOES crush EVERYONE who stands in his way.  Either for some reason Mario is so antagonistic that EVERYONE is his enemy, or Mario Just Doesn't Give A Fuck and if you get in his way he'll jump on you or something.  Shoot you with a fireball.  Hmm fictional plumber what's his attack.  FIREBALLS.  Yep just like all plumbers.  In MOST Marios there's usually an element where he goes down a tunnel into an underground world for a screensworth or two.  Just now did I realize oh yeah.  Cause he's a plumber!  Probably used to going down tunnels to plumb in Underground Worlds.  That make sense!  Sure do. 
    After a Mario or Two Luigi shows up.
  This is really irresponsible of Mario.  Why oh Why did you get Your Brother mixed up in this?  HIS LIFE IS IN DANGER and FOR WHAT.  So you can take a break every other Level?  Talk About A Bad Brother!  Shut your mouth.  Hey I'm into paragraph three for some reason!  Had an entire 4 beers left over for These, The Last Two Days Of The Week.  Don't know how it's gonna go!  Still remains to be seen how I arrange drinking them beers!  I think over the last few months, my favorite #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear is the Stephen Buscemi one.  Dunno why!  It's pretty good, I know THAT much.  Dunno why it's #1!  Well, maybe it's tied for #1 with lets say half a dozen.  Sure let's say that!  Seems to check out pretty well.  Gotta imagine Joe Biden will be eating a nice ol bag of #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember during Inauguration.  What's Trump's agenda over the last couple of weeks (not including insurrection coup).  Death Penalty For Some, Pardons For Others!  It's the best of BOTH worlds for Mostly Rich Mostly White Mostly Racists With Bloodlust In Their Heart.  That was Trump's campaign premise from the very beginning!
Also, "Death Penalty," &/Or, "Pardons," aren't, "Worlds."  This isn't like a level of Mario.  Which care called worlds sometimes.  Presumably.  I think the main SNES Mario game was officially Super Mario World.  Better LTURQ.  Yep that checks out.  That's the Super Mario Bros where Mario Mario, the Plumber, starts riding a Dinosaur across the world.  And faces many enemies.  VERY few friendlies.  His only friend is his dinosaur I guess.  Also why is he stalking this princess.  Just Seems Weird!! Does he even know her.  Real question!  They never really gave us any backstory.  As far as I know Mario is just really desperaet to catch up with this princess and he's been given NO INDICATION she's into it.  I mean, maybe she's thinking anyone is better than Bowser.  Or Wario.  Or King Koopha.  And,  Why are there so many monsters trying to hide me in castles (and it's always the last castle you'd think to check) and why is the only one who can help me a plumber.
Ya know that sort of thing.  Kept mistyping, "Mario," as, "Biden."  True story!  For this past paragraph!  I dunno what it means!  I feel like I, "Riff," on, "Mario," once every few months.  Great gotta go with what you know!  I don't know, "Mario," that much.  Gotta go with what you know a little bit about!  Checks out.  Stuff you don't know about, you'd have nothing to say!  Stuff you know a lot about, you're too invested in it, you can't talk about it from an unbiased stand point!  It's important we all talk about stuff we know a little bit about.  That's the AMERICA I BELIEVE IN.  Lookin forward to them noodles.  And that's not to sell the salmon short!  Lookin' forward to that as well!  That's the AMERICA I BELIEVE IN.  Is it true that Bear catch salmon.  I feel like that's relatively common knowledge, that bears eat salmon.  Gotta be hard for Most Regular Non-Human Animals to go fishing.  But bears have figured it out!  Don't sleep on bears!  THEY CAN FISH!




Don't Tell Me That

  Sure I guess.  ONE ACT AWAY from Delicious Delicious Lunch.  Also one break, too!  Breaks go quick!  Fifteen, Twenty Minutes usually.  The point is WHERE'S THE CAT Joe Biden.  We were promised a cat and you have EXACTLY ONE DAY to bring a cat with you to White House (I assume you'll be carrying it in a Personal Travel Kennel.  Cage sounds so CRUEL.  I call 'em Personal Travel Kennels!  Better LTURQ just to make sure Biden HAS Gotten A Cat.  NOPE NOTHIN.  I did see Mike Pence had rabbits.  Presumably because he wanted to Fuck Like Them!  In a REALLY creepy way that WE DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT.  I mean, we'd like to think we've thought of mostly every permutation of sex &/or fetishism, but what Mike Pence has got going on is his mind is BEYOND what we can even imagine!  Sounds about right.
Wonderful.  Anyway.  Find out if my Dad has coronavirus tomorrow!  I sure hope he doesn't.  That'd be a REAL BUMBER.  What kind of PSYCHOPATH has rabbits as a pet.  What, 2-5% of households?  NO WAY PROBABLY 1% AT BEST.  Better LTURQ.  "Google: How Common Are Rabbits As Pets?  Also, Google: Do I have to type my question into google or is typing it Into My Website Good Enough.  ...  Google?  TWO POINT FIVE MILLION live in households with Pet Rabbits.  Gotta imagine there's about 100-200 Million Households.  So you crunch the numbers and I Dunno You Figure It Out.  Consider this a MATH TEST.  Prove your worth by solving this PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD question and e-mail it to me at mankindguy at gmail dot com.  And if you get it right.... I'd have no way of knowing!  Unless there's one answer that has a very clear consensus.  Then You're Probably Right. In which case CONGRATULATIONS.  I think the, "G," in, "Gmail," stands for, "Google!"  Cracked that code and whatnot.  What else is going on and crap.
Wonderful.  Figured out how to play THe New Monkees Theme in MINOR KEY.  Minor Key Chord progression.  Which involves Some Same Chords and Some Chords Same Not But Minor Instead Of Major.  One of Biden's Two Dogs is named, "Major," so I'd like to FORMALLY SUBMIT potential cat name to be, "Minor."  How about Sophomore.  Not Freshman &/or Junior, though.  That would be DUMB.  You want a cat named, "Sophomore," believe me!  Well I'm confusing the word, "Major," with, "Senior."  You'd do it too if you were me at this exact moment in time with whatever dumb blank slate my mind is operating under this very moment!  Yep that seems to check out.  Alternate Pun-- Major as in, "College Major," the SUBJECT YOU'RE STUDYING MAINLY.  Oh well that would have worked but there's no time to go back now!  We must push forward! 
     Yeah!  You Know What I might watch a #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear today.  Prove me wrong!  Anyway, I dunno.  Watched Part II of II of Tiger Woods: The Documentary Experience.  True Story-- last night I dreamt there was a PART THREE to the documentary.  And it was realistic to the extent that when I woke up, I KNEW that Part II seemed to tie everything up, but I was still like ya know what I REALLY feel like maybe that there was an Episode III.  There isn't, though!  Not yet! I'VE CHECKED.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I like Tiger Woods because he's kind of a Geek who gets A SECOND CHANCE at life!  Wait no.  That's not Tiger Woods.  That's ME.  HOPEFULLY.  I dunno if I will ever get a second chance at life but I can't rule it out completely and if I do It's All Thanks To Tiger Woods???
  I was surpised how many Official Golf Courses are partly a Cliff.  Like the final hole or something is right at the edge of a cliff and there's a body of watever surrounding it.  See ya learn something new every day.  How do they maintain them golf courses.  I mean there's SO MUCH GRASS.  That's what they said about Snoop Dogg's.. place... where he smokes weed at... also YEAH too much grass at golf course!  It would take hundreds of people to take care of them grasses perfectly every night.  I DON'T BUY IT seems like a scam.  Artificial Turf for Gold Courses.  Gotta imagine that's a solution EVERYONE would be happy about!  No dissent with THAT solution.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!




Pretty Straightforward

  Yeah!  The point is Noodles are great, but I left Salmon in microwave for 20 or 30 seconds too long.  That much overboard gets a rubbery texture for lots of meals.  Oh well The Noodles is the star now its just gotta carry its weight even more!  POSSIBLE I won't have any more beer today after 2.  Leaving me 2 for tomorrow.  Making it the first week Ever I made the 18 can once a week delivery actually last me seven days!  Either that or have 1 more today.  Either that or have 2 more today.  That's about it.  My Dad is at the dentist.  We wish him the best of luck.  Unfortunately that's a phrase That Makes Sense.  If I said it 2 years ago You'd Be Like Hmm Nonsense Joke Not 100% on board with that.  Now it's A Nonsense Joke too but the nonsense is its not a joke!  Huh.
Great.  Anyway no more noodles until Thursday.  Such is life!  Not a lot of great options on Amazon Prime.  I thought when I discovered I had access to it It'd Be A Cure For Boredom for AT LEAST several weeks.  I was wrong!  Mostly just a lot of snoozes!  They don't even have the show about Karate Kids!  I forget what it was called.  Oh, right.  #KarateKidsWinterToStartYourYear.  Gotta imagine I have access to it somewhere, because I had access to it in the past when I watched it!  Gotta imagine that on account of it being a good summation of TRUTH up to this point.  OH RIGHT I started watchin Original It: The Original IT MiniSeries and that's fun!   Lasts a while!  And I'll presumably follow IT up with watching the remake (s).  I know a lot of kids are scared of Clowns but I was always like hmm I'm gonna need more information.  Haven't been exposed to a lot of clowns at this early age (maybe NONE) so basically the jury is still out on whether I'm afraid of clowns.  WHich means I'm Not.  IF the jury is still out then that makes NOPE NOT SCARED OF CLOWNS (YET!).
    Yeah!  I vaguely remember hearing my brother was scared of clowns.  But how often is that fear gonna manifest itself. Hardly ever!  Anyway.  I was scared of pigeons.  RIGHTLY.  Them suckers carry Covid 19 Going On 20.  What kinda dinner I got for tonight.  Probably Finish Beef Sirloin with some Half Potato Spheres Of Potatoe.  Delicious.  Tomorrow?  Maybe a Bagel & Egg.  Maybe that for tonight!  I'VE GOT PROBABLY AROUND THREE OPTIONS FOR NEXT THREE MEALS.  Think I'm gonna have a third beer at least today.  Such is life!  I SHOULD want to be CLEAN AND SOBER for Biden Inauguration.  Really give me a chance to TAKE IT IN.  Gotta put in stuff for upcoming Super Market Delivery.  That's where I'M AT in life right now.  Presumably more Biography Documentaries out there that I can watch.  I'll keep yuo updated on this situation as it progresses!!
     Penultimate paragraph!  What's the first thing Biden does when he moves into the White house.  Light up and chill with the people who live there and never left.  That's what I'D do IF there were people who live there and never leave.  Gotta imagine there's some dormitories on ground for people who work there all the time.  And they get one day off a week to leave the building because otherwise they'd never leave the building where they live.  And that would be MADNESS.  Nobody would EVER HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THAT in THE REAL WORLD.  Wait oop right.  Whose the president most likely to have smoked weed in White House?  Bill Clinton is the obvious answer.  And probably the best answer!  Lets go with Bill Clinton!  Barack Obama would probably be, "Down," to do it but I don't think he'd actually go for it.  That's MY impression.  Jimmy Carter.  Yep that Sure Is Another President.
     Last paragraph!  Just finished lunch.  DELICIOUS.  Five hours away from Dinner.  DELICIOUS.  Maybe make some GARLIC BREAD at some point in-between NOW We're Talking DELICIOUS.  I still have 2 filets of salmon left over.  Gonna finish those during TWO meals with EACH TIME pairing ONE of THEM with a CUP O noodles.  I feel very strongly about this!  Probably watch an #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear when this paragraph is done.  Maybe CONTINUE one or START A WHOLE NEW one.  I've narrowed it down to that.  I guess another choice is watching one I've already watched (and FINISHED).  Probably wouldn't count on that one, though.  My circumstances would have to change PRETTY SIGNIFICANTLY to wind up in a scenario I'm watching an #InterventionWinterToStartYourYEar that I've already watched (and FINISHED).  So don't count on it is the point!  Great.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:09 P.M.





Monday, January 18, 2021

Don't Take It From Me

  Pish posh!  I'd like to get to the bottom of what Pish Posh maens.  I know Posh means fancy &/or wealthy in British.  Pish rhymes with Fish.  That's the closest I could get to understanding Fish.  ANYWAY as long as we're typing bull shit might as well use this opportunity for MYSELF in terms of Calculating What Lunch I Should Have.  One-- Lamb Saag + Bonus Rice.  Two-- Salmon + Noodles.  THREE-- Double Salmon Plus Oh I Don't Know ROAST HALF SPHERE POTATOES?  That sounds like a good option.  It kills two birds with one stone!  I get to eat something AND I get to not have it go bad because I never ate it.  That's super market delivery for ya.  Ya gotta get enough meals to last you a week (or however often YOU'RE getting deliveries) but then you're stuck Having To Have Them.  WHAT A CRUEL WORLD THIS PANDEMIC HAS FORCED US TO LIVE IN!!!
    Maybe you're getting Super Market Deliveries every Six Days.  Seems kinda complicated and dumb.  But you calculated that's what's best for you.  And as Melania Trump says BE BEST.  Bebe Street.  That sort of thing!  I kind of just ASSUME Melania Trump said Be Best.  I've seen it in text.  But now that I think about it I'm not 100% sure I've ever heard her speak out loud AT ALL.  Seems like a conspiracy.  That's MY first thought.  I think that's the America a lot of people live in.  Anytime they're confronted with something new to them or strange in someway or not lining up with their preconceived notions and preferences for how the world works... well Seems Like A CONSPIRACY to me.  &/OR A SCAM.  It could be BOTH a Conspiracy AND a Scam.  That's what I'VE learn't that OTHER PEOPLE have learn't INCORRECTLY from... life.... I forgot what I was talking about.
    Concerned about Inauguration Day!
  If they're gonna be stalking Biden maybe we should go on the offensive and exploit that personnel positioning and stalk THEM where THEY'RE VULNERABLE.  Ya know some sort of Chain Restaurant.  That'd be my first thought on What They Would Find Most Demoralizing.  If something bad were ever to have happened to An Arbys.  The point is I'm of the opinion that Joe Biden should continue living for as long as possible.  Gotta imagine roughly 80, 85% of Americans are On Board With That Premise.  Finished Bride Of Chucky: The Major Motion Picture About Chucky & His Bride during this morning's Morning Circle Walk.  So I got that out of the way.  Do I watch Seed Of Chucky?  Yeah probably.  What else is there to do.  I saw Biden is going to cancel Keystone Pipeline on his first day at school.  TALK ABOUT CANCEL CULTURE.  Actually don't too many people are talking about it and They're ALL Dumb.  Anyway Keystone XL Pipeline is what I call my big unit so please don't cancel it.
    Keystone is a beer.  Pipeline for some reason sounds like a Beer can.  Maybe it's a CONSPIRACY to DRY UP the Homegrown Beer Business that is ravaging communities all across Wherever The KeyStone XL Pipeline is to Maybe Even Neighboring States!  Anyway today is DRMLKJR today.  Stylization My Own.  Anyway we've had our disagreements in the past but I'm Happy to celebrate MLK.  Dunno why I thought that would be a joke.  I meant it to be that The Premise is I Knew MLK JR and had disagreements with him EXPLICITLY in our relatively personal &/or private life.  That's what I was going for.  You might just have read, Crazysheet ISN'T on board with DRMLKJRD.  But now that I've explained everything in terms of I Agree With Most Everything I've read &/or seen!  And they've successfully kept the quotes and speeches and actions he's given and performed that I wouldn't like away from me!  Presumably.  Wasn't he cheating on his wife.  Sounds like a scam to me.
Better LTURQ just to make sure.  I dunno I came across articles that are DEFINITELY scams and accuse him of far worse.  Then I gave up because I was like fuck these guys I can't read anymore of this.  ALL I WANTED TO KNOW IS, "MLK INFIDELITY," AND YOU'RE GIVING ME, "HE RAPED PEOPLE," CONSPIRACIES.  NOT ON BOARD!  I think if people told Biden you can Ride The Keystone XL Pipeline Like A Train that might have tripped him up to the extent he wouldn't cancel it.  How very devious.  I dunno.  Good news is pretty much any lunch I have any enthusiasm about is Microwave Lunch so I don't have to plan ahead of time.  Just put 3-8 minutes Microwaving Time depending on what it is.  Microwaving that's like when you put your arm up but only move your wrist to signify waving.  Maybe some people DO wave that way.  I either wave Ending with elbow but USUALLY AS MUCH AS MAYBE EVEN ending with shoulder.
     Sixth paragraph of Act I.  I don't believe it!  MLK has a son Martin Luther King III.  Look you're gonna have to keep this going A WHILE if you ever wanna catch up to Malcolm X!  That sort of thing.  Is Malcolm X a super hero?  MALCOLM X sounds like Super Hero name.  As far as I know he was a pretty good super hero for black people.  Hell for all of us is the impression I've been operating under!  But anyway what else is going on and crap! I saw a movie about Malcolm X.  I remember VERY LITTLE except for the fact that DENZEL WASHINGTON is MALCOLM X.  He called himself Malcolm X because if you go back 10 generations, his ancestors were living in Africa.  I don't think that's true but it would be a cool piece of trivia that no one knows (because it's not true).  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!





You & I Both

    Just googled, "Random Martin Luther King Jr Quote," and I think that says all that needs to be said about Today.  Anyway maybe just go with my gut and have the Lamb Saag + Bonus Rice.  I had the Other Frozen Meal + Bonus Rice yesterday for dinner!  So what!  I want it again!  Get off my back about it I'm ALMOST A GROWN MAN I CAN'T PICK AND CHOOSE MY OWN LUNCHES.  Anyway that'll coincide with Act III.  You heard it here First  Anyway.  I figured out how to access AMAZON PRIME: THE STREAMERS and that opens a whole lot of new opportunities of things to watch.  Like the movie I watched yesterday.  I forget what it was.  Probably a Horrorific Movie.  Better LTURQ.  Oh Right.  Stephen King's Thinner.  I seen that there movie before!  My review is, "The premise was A LITTLE THIN."  If only Stephen King hadn't been operating under that pun The Entire Time He Wrote The Book Presumably.
What else.  OH I think I got Part II Of Tiger Woods: The Documentary Experience ready for today.  Again LMLTURQ.  YEP PART II TOTALLY AVAILABLE.  I'm gonna watch that!  I relate to Tiger Woods because I, like him, is The Best at my Chosen Hobbies.  I get he's the best at golf but he really needs to get a real job if he wants to support himself.  Golf on the weekends sure, once or twice a week!  Keep it in perspective.  That sort of thing.  I feel like I've never non-mini-golfed and I hope I never do!  All that walking!  If I'm gonna be walking it's gonna have to be in a circle with a 4 feet radius!  I feel very strongly about this!  I dunno if this is universal, but I would guess it's fairly common that the general approach to doing Mini Golf with friends &/or family is that THIS IS GREAT I'M GONNA BE THE BEST AT THIS.  It's MINI GOLF I'VE SEEN THESE COURSES, NOT TOO COMPLICATED.  GONNA BLOW EVERYONE ELSE OUT OF THE WATER.
Maybe.  I wouldn't be EXPLICITLY thinking that, let alone SAYING it, but I feel like there would be an element of that in my approach to Doing Mini-Golf.  Also if you're an inexperienced golfer, how would you even know how to find your ball.  You hit it pretty far (Very Far For A First Timer!) and then you turn to your co-golfer and are like did you see where that ended up?  I can kind of imagine what direction to go after it to but this is gonna be tough.  That happens on every hole.  On every stroke!  The point is I dunno I forget.  Golf is like hockey but its a hole in the ground and not a net and it's a golf club not a hockey stick and it's a golf ball not a hockey puck and there's no one to defend the hole.  So basically the same thing as hockey.
Wonderful.  Interesting variant of golf.  Someone is defending the hole.  Let's get some people working on that one!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Fourth paragraph of Act II!  I guess I need Golf Balls with Microchips in them that I could track their location on my Internet Telephone.  That's one solution I can think of to this very real problem.  ANyway easily gonna have beer to last me an entire 6 out of 7 days!  Only negative (positive?) thing is that 7th day is Final Biden Wins Day.  And it'd be cool to celebrate that with myself with beer.  Oh well what can ya do.  Maybe skip beer tomorrow and save it for Wednesday.  Yeah I'll think about it... NOT!
I want to think about it.  I really do!  I just probably won't!  Just being honest!  I really enjoy Doritos.  I like how big they are, but then you get to the last third of the bag, and they're not as big, and then you get to the last tenth of the bag, and they're just crumbs.  Keeps getting worse as the bag goes on!  Then you start a new bag and its like HOLY SHIT I LIKE DORITOS AGAIN.  That's how MY Today is going!  Figure I'll watch #TigerWoodsMLKJrDayWinterToStartYourYear AFTER act III.  Gotta imagine Happy Gilmore was partly inspired by Tiger Woods?  Tiger Woods had the media frenzy and Kind-of-novelty-attraction that Happy Gilmore duplicates.  They said Tiger was getting 80 Million Dollars a year in endorsements.  I think Happy Gilmore got like 50,000 thousand dollars more or less from promoting Subway: The Sandwich Shop.  Something like that.  So basically Tiger Woods MUCH better business man than Happy Gilmore.  If a Tiger is in the Woods and doesn't make a sound, is the stimulus check only 75% full?
Yeah!  Sixth paragraph of Act II.  I don't believe it!  Are there Sneeze Guards Masks that are bullet proof?  Gotta imagine Why Not Seems Possible THe Technology Is There.  So let's get Biden &/or Kamala Sneeze Guard Bullet Proof masks.  Well cracked that code for a nice useful product gotta imagine I'd get royalties every time one is sold.  What else is going on and crap.  Maybe they could create some sort of SHROUD around themselves.  Not sure what that means or accomplishes.  Moving on.  I know what I'm having for dinner!  Why it's only Beef Sirloin: The Thing You Put In Oven and is a Cross Between Brisket And Pot Roast And Steak.  Is Amazon Prime related to Optimus Prime.  Is Optimus Prime a thing at all.  Transformer?  Wow!  I was a few years too young for Transformers: The TV Show.  NOt sure whose relating to that show.  Hey he's a car who is also a rboot I WANNA BE A CAR WHO IS ALSO A FIGHTING ROBOT WHEN I GROW UP!  Actually upon further introspection sure, who WOULDN'T want to be a car who changes its appearance and structure to fight crime as a robot.  I'll be back in a little bit.





Can You Believe It

  Alright I'm having Lunch!  It's delicous AND healthy.  Lamb Saag!  You know it's healthy because it's International Cuisine!  In International Places, it HAS to be healthy because they can't afford to get sick and get tripe bypass surgeries because too many Triple Cheeseburgers.i  Sure we can'f afford it either but that don't let us get us down.  Figure that'll be one of my top 14 meals in the first month after Quarantine Ends.  Triple Cheeseburgers!  Well, gotta start at Double Cheeseburger.  My body needs to acclimated to Mroe Cheeseburger you can't just start over at 3.  That's unhealthy!  Lookin forward to Tiger Woods: The Documentary Part II: Part II.  Wait no.  One xtra, "Part II," to that.  Oh well what can ya do.
Not much!  I saw a few years ago they were supposed to do a Reboot of #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear with M Night Shaymalan at the helm but they cancelled it because they don't like things that would be great?  I don't have all the details but it doesn't seem to add up!  Either a conspiracy or a scam or Both A Conspiracy And A Scam.  Wha else.  Lamb is healthy. It's like Sheep without giving sheep the opporunity to ruin themselves.  Pure sheep without all that Nasty that sheep do to themselves once they're grown.  I dunno, maybe YOU WANT a good ol' sheep.  Give the sheep a chance to Let Itself Go.  All that bonus fat they've accumulated by binging on whatever sheep eats (Grass?) makes the meal that much more tender!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Had to listen for doorbell today-- it already arrived!  My PEPSID COMPLETES.  Try to wait 2-3 days before opening them because Coronavirus needs to die even though We KNow That's Not How It's Spread Still Might As Well Wait AM I Right?
     Sure I am!  Best thing about Lamb Saag is it reminds me of Halal Cart.  Presumably because of the Lamb.  Chicken and lamb.  ALso, rice!  Different kind of rice!  But there are definite palate similarities which make me momentarily happy.  Besides Grown Ups, has there ever been a sequel to an Adam Sandler film?  Well sure if you're like BESIDES THESE CASES, IS THERE ANY CASE OF... you can do that for anything!  But he's made I Don't knoe FOUR OR SIX films and I can't think of a sequel to any of em!  And we all have nice nostalgia entertained memories of his films!  Lets see an UPDATE.  That'd be my hot take were I to be a Hollywood Producer.  It will do good AT BOX OFFICE and IN AUDIENCE MEMBERS' HEARTS and PRESUMABLY NOT SO GREAT CRITIC REVIEWS BUT WHO GIVES A FIG ABOUT THEM!
     Wonderful.  I feel like Roger Ebert's review for Billy Madison was just Who The Hell Is This Idiot.  I can't remember specifically really, I'm just trying to picture how Roger Ebert might react to Billy Madison in 1997 or whatever.  That's the premise of a review that I'm comfortable guessing.  Talkin' about Chris Farley being my favorite actor in my Late ONES and presumably early TENS... Billy Madison almost definitely would have been considered my favorite movie!  I feel comfortable putting this information out there despite the real chance that it is used against me at some point in the future!  Billy Madison is a fun movie for kids because he's a kid in the movie.  Half the movie he's in third grade!  That's pretty much roughly what I WAS around that time.  So you can see how the movie would be endearing to me & my generation!
     TWO MORE PARAGRAPHS.  Six paragraphs an Act today!  I don't make the rules but I do follow the rules that are made naturally by pure chance!  FUCK YOU KEYSTONE PIPELINE.  YOU AIN'T GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT &/OR GLOBAL WARMING.  ALSO THEM AMERICAN INDIANS DON'T WANT YOU MUCKIN' UP THEIR LAND.  I feel very strongly about this!  Lookin forward to Impeachment Trial Conviction in Senate.  Sorta seem premise of how Trump was looking forward to January 6 Insurrection Coup Riot.  I dunno if this is gonna Go Full Out What I Want, but lets see how far I can push it!  Except for the fact that I'm feeling that way as a spectator and he felt that way as an Insurrectionist President trying to overthrow the government as opposed to Me Just Watching TV About The Government Hopefully WORKING and finding this dude guilty as we all know he is.  Pretty significant differences.  Anyway there was a feeling on and off the last few days where I felt maybe the heartburn/acid-reflux I've been having is ACTUALLY sources in my LUNGS and PULMONARY SYSTEM which would be no Bueno a sign I have the Covid Virus 19 Going On 20.  That's what they should call New (Relatively New) varients.  19 Going on 20.  Oh, right.  But yeah I'm pretty sure it's just Digestive System Pain.  Whew.
Coronavirus can cause Digestive System Problems, sure, why not?  Not as PREVALENT but I'd bet it happens!  I feel very strongly about this.  Much more strongly than I shuold feel based on the limited information and intuition I have at this moment.  Not gonna go STRAIGHT to #TigerWoodsMLKJRDayWinterToStartYourYear.  Maybe after Bathing &/or showering.  ANyway gotta unclog shower/bathing drain.  Water ACCUMULATES even while it's unplugged!  Gotta take care of that DO MY RESPONSIBILITIES EVER END?  In the mean time what else is on Amazon Prime.  Is that the Streamer where I can watch Season III Of The Karate Show?  LMLTURQ.  NOPE NOT COMING UP.  The Karate Show is fun.  I like THESE Teenagers A LOT MORE than THESE OTHER TEENAGERS.  Also They Mostly Do Karate.  Fascinating!  Hey if I write ONE MORE PARAGRAPH that's an even 20!  Oh well too bad.  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-2:33 P.M.





Sunday, January 17, 2021

Let Me Just Put This Out There

  Put what out there?  You'll just have to continue reading!  Titles!  3 Titles tell a story together!  The astute amongst you may have picked up on this!  The rest of the website is fairly meaningless.  Cracked that code.  Got a solid EIGHT BEERS left over for rest of week.  I can do whatever I want with those 8 beers over four days!  Well, a certain amount of things.  I'd crunch the numbers but I don't feel like it.  I feel like I COULD determine every permutation of how I could split 8 beers over 4 days but it would take 2 or 3 minutes and FOR WHAT?  Nothing!  Doesn't help a single soul!  Dad has Nurse over for today.  Monthly nurse!  Blood infusion!  She seems like a nice lady.  She said good morning to me when I was pouring coffee so basically It's On!  That's how I choose to interpret things!
     Wonderful.  She hasn't seen a man in ages!  Not my age.  Slash her age.  She's probably around my age!  Early 30's.  For some reason when I try to picture hmm what people are about my age I usually come up with people in their mid to late 20's.  Because I am stunted re-growth (developmental psychiatry AND PHYSICALLY!) so I got that going for me is the point.  At least it's not teenagers.  And at certainly at least it's not under 18 teenagers!  I could be accused of Statuary Age... Identifying... As... You get the premise.  Do we need the term Statuary Rape?  Basically it's like us saying well it's rape but NOT AS BAD.  When its probably even worse!  Under most circumstances!.  Maybe there are Borderline cases regarding lowest age possible for rapist and highest age possible for rapee, but Those Are The Exception That Proves The Rule!  Figure we should get some people working on this one.  Why is Statutory Rape Not As Bad.  Also, Is there a LOWER limit to statutory rape.  Like below a certain age for the victim it's SUPER STATUTORY?  Let's get some people working on that one as well.
Hey Look There's A Lady for the first time in a month!  Hmm THAT REMINDS ME OF STATUTORY RAPE... who knows what's wrong with my mind!  Does beg the question though, is Rapee the word for a Victim of Rape?  Why get cutsey with it.  Not a circumstance that demands Cutsey Names!  Although maybe that'll take the stigma off.  Let's get people laughing it's the best medicine after all.  Who came up with the phrase laughter is the best medicine.  Because that guy is Pretty Dumb!  Gotta believe even HE doesn't believe that phrase.  He just thought he was being Cutsey but LOOK his CUTSINESS is convincing The Unhealthy not to get treatment and instead to just to watch a lot of comedy.  HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED.  How many people have died because THIS GUY WANTED TO GET CUTSEY.  Gotta figure out why I insist on misspelling Cutsey.  I think it's because I don't believe it's a word at all.  So I'm just going ahead and making my mark and spelling it My Way.  Hey remember when Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.  I'm sure everything was on the up and up with that!
     There's too many potentially decent chance of being true Conspiracy Theories out there these days!  Just completely overwhelmed We Are!  Turned into Yoda for a second.  Dunno why.  Anyway hey great what else is going on.  Thinkin' about an Hors Dourves Party for lunch today.  Alternate idea is Garlic Bread With Something.  I'm thinking about Garlic Bread and it would Be Best but what to pair it with?  Have a single slice of meatloaf my Mom left over.  Not enough for a meal!  I got Frozen Meals.  Potentially enough for a meal!  I'll keep you updated o this situation as it progresses.  Bill James is into STATS-autory rape.  Let's get that slander out there.  He's a Baseball Statistics Guy.  That's why it's a pun.  Poor Bill James.  If only he had a different hobby he wouldn't be confused with a rapist over and over again.  Oh well such is life.
  Watchin' some Bride of Chucky.  I watched about 25 minutes a few months ago while DVD Player For Computer briefly worked.  And then stopped working 25 minutes into Bride of Chucky.  That's how I found out it wasn't working anymore.  But anyway now it's on Streams and I'm 25 minutes into it AGAIN.  I watched the first part AGAIN.  For FUN.  Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  Also if there's a Super Statutory Rape where it's raping someone UNDER a certain age, is there an Alternate SUPRA statutory rape where the rapist reaches a VERY VERY ADVANCED AGE and then that raises the age which statutory rape would be for the rapee.  Like if someone's 200 years old, and they have sex with someone whose 35, is that SUPRA Statutory Rape?  I guess that's something mankind is gonna have to deal with once &/or if we have people living to be 200.  Too Much Grown Up.  A whole other LEVEL of growing up that we can't even comprehend at this early date!
    Bonus paragraph for Act I!  Potentially a little less, "Heavy."  I can't wait to find out What People Look Like when they're 200 years old.  They can't just Max Out At 100 and that's what they look like FOR A CENTURY.  They're gonna look MAN OH MAN I WANNA SEE IT!  There's Ultra Elderly in Some Bibles.  I always just imagined them as what a 90 or 100 year old would look like.  Methuselah is 800 years old and HE LOOKS GREAT.  That sort of thing.  How do we know a Bible Person isn't STILL ALIVE TODAY.  Maybe there's a guy born 1000 BC and he's alive 3K years later and he's just mucking around somewhere.  Protecting the holy grail, maybe.  Nah, not that.  I like to imagine he's just living a life somewhere and is like Boy I'VE Seen Some Things you people don't know!  Ya don't know!  Alright I'll be back in a bit!



You Know What I Think

   I think that this nurse can Infuse MY BLOOD Anytime!  Well, not today.  Not prepared for it yet.  But I feel like if I gave at least 2 weeks advanced notice she'd be ready to Infuse My Blood.  Not 100% sure what a Blood Infusion is.  Is it like Synthetic Blood?  Transfusion is when you get blood from someone else.  Infusion?  Still gotta be coming from somewhere!  The point is Yes It's Probably The Case That It's Not Complete Blood.  Synthetic Blood makes no sense (FOR NOW).  Anyway what else is going on.  Probably looking at an Hour Dourves Party for lunch.  Least amount of time Cooking.  And Nurse is in Kitchen.  She'd be WATCHING.  JUDGING.  FROWNING (Under Mask).  So best to just avoid that sticky situation altogether and just Put Stuff In Oven and then later Take Stuff Out Of Oven.
     Wonderful.  Is there going to be Comic Books about Pandemic and its about a super hero who wears a mask and he blends in with all the non- super heroes?  It's like a Where's Waldo.  Where's Waldo As A Super Hero Comic? NOW THAT'S a cross over that's RIPE for exploration!  Also what is Carmen San Diego guilty of.  Must be somethin, right?  Otherwise we're stalking this Carmen San Diego ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE and That's Not Okay In My Book!  Gotta imagine Carmen San Diego is based on a book..  No I don't.  It's almost definitely not the case.  I strongly feel comfortable choosing to NOT imagine that.  At this rate might have lunch After Entry.  At this rate Lot's Of Things.  Also are we Police in Carmen San Diego or just Amateur Sleuths.  Probably work for some sort of Crime Fighting Organization!
     Cool.  Waiting for a delivery, which is bad, gotta leave my door open and rush down stairs once I hear the doorbell.  HOWEVER the delivery is going to be SOCKS and THE SOCKS ARE FOR ME and T'S ABOUT TIME I GET SOME SOCKS.  That's my impression of where I'm at in life.  Halfway through Act II.  Wonderful!  Pretty sure I'm Down To One Sock as of now.  I'm re-upping with a whole new THREE PAIRS.  Same brand of sock.  Some Line Of Sock From IntraBrand.  You don't mess with a classic!  Anyway when I was a kid up to I dunno mid 20's, high 20's, ALL WHITE SOCKS.  Since then ALL BLACK SOCKS.  With a year or two in the middle with Both.  The point is hmm now that I think about it I Miss Me Some White Sox.  Frank Thomas was on the White Sox.  He was a SUPERSTAR.  I wouldn't lie to you I'd have no motive.  OH HEY just remembered more stuff I could watch.  Watched the first 1/2 of #Life'sTooShortWinterToStartYourYear!  I mean I've seen it before but now I'm seeing it all over again.  HILARIOUS.  Wonderful!  Kinda get the feeling that this is scripted though.  Not a REAL documentary.  I'll have to look into that at some point.
     Huh.  Not sure what THAT accomplishes.  What else is going on and crap.  Did people from other countries play The Oregon Trail II when they were in Computer Class.  Also I played Oregon Trail II.  Gotta imagine people 3 years older than me playing The Oregon Trail I.  DON'T have to imagine people 3 years younger than me played Oregon Trail III.  That sounds like a SNOOZE.  Everyone KNOWS the franchise peaked at Oregon Trail II.  I think I bought Oregon Trail III for myself in the late 90's.  It was PARTLY IN THREE D (dimensions).  I dunno if I ever made it all the way through.  Also did that many people REALLY die on The Oregon Trail.  I feel like on average about 75% of your party will be dead by the time you reach Oregon.  Maybe I'm just REALLY BAD at The Oregon Trail.  Half the time Everyone Is Dead before Oregon and I've lost the game.  Half the time we make it to Oregon but about half my family and friends are dead!  Doesn't seem right.
Ok.  Last paragraph of Act II presumably!  I like Oregon Trail because it tells us Bankers Are The Most Important Profession.  You start out as a banker?  Great you can afford more supplies.  You start out as a teacher?  Well what use are you TOTALLY USELESS.  I kinda always thought of it that way, but upon introspection, gotta guess they'd give you some fringe benefit.  Like if you have kids with you maybe they're 10% less likely to die.  Teacher tells them not to wander off from the trail.  What are teachers even TEACHING in the mid 1800's... WHILE TRAVELING ACROSS COUNTRY.  Like I said-- main lesson is don't wander off from the trail!  No Banker Could Accomplish Getting THAT Message Across!  Anyway gonna do another bonus paragraph this time with Act II!
What else is going on and crap.  I feel like I always thought of Almost Heroes as The Film That Killed Chris Farley.  Obviously you can't narrow it down to one thing-- but if you COULD, and it wasn't just The Heavy Drug Use... it'd be Almost Heroes, right?  That's always been my understanding.  Figure I'll finish watching Bride Of Chucky over today, and finish watching #Life'sTooShortWinterToStartYourYear over the day as well.  And figure some stuff out beyond that, I dunno, I don't have all the answers!  I know Chris Farley wasn't happy with Beverly Hills Ninja but as an eight year old or whatever I Enjoyed That Movie Just Fine.  And what you're trying to tell me making 8 year olds happy isn't all there is to life?  Sounds like a scam!  I'm sure I liked Almost Heroes almost as much as I found Beverly Hills Ninja just fine, but I DIDN'T HAVE IT ON VHS.  Didn't watch it over and over!  Also look it's probably just not as good as Beverly Hills Ninja!  These are the things that keep me up at night!  I'll be back in a bit.





Talk About a Title

   Hey!  Got food in the oven.  Won't be ready until after entry is finished!  Presumably!  I saw COVID can give you Worse Than Smoker's Lung.  And FOR WHAT.  A few weeks of enjoying having Covid?  Not worth it in the end!  I've seen DIAGRAMS.  Based on my estimations it's THREE, FIVE TIMES WORSE than smoking cigarettes.  Sure getting covid is 3, 5 times more FUN than smoking cigarettes but there's just Too Much At Stake!  For some reason Extras isn't on HBOMax.  What are they dumb or something? I've only binge watched this show 7 or 8 times.  Gotta at least get me to A Dirty Dozen before you Withdraw it From Your Streams.  I dunno.  Lungs have been hurting about 1/20th of the day For The Last Two or Three Days.  Gotta imagine that's due to the time a couple of lunches ago I was eating something and Inhaled Wrong and it went ito my lungs.  Sounds like that might be a Best Case Scenario.
Scenario.  Sounds like Encino!  I can watch Encino Man!  What a beautiful mind I've Got.  I think it's kind of presumptous that Biden wants to re-join the Paris Climate Accord.  What if they don't WANT us back.  He thinks just because we got a new president that CHANGES things?  That we can just LEAVE and COME BACK whenever we want?!  PARIS CAN DO A LOT BETTER.  I dunno what else is going on.  Not 100% on board with that, "joke."  Such is life.  Anyway in what way am I lucky I'm 5'2 instead of a Dwarf.  Is it that I'm considerably taller, or is it that I have more or less the same proportions as most people.  I LIKE that there's multiple things to be happy about compared to other people!  And they in turn are happy about themselves.  They've spread joy to people who feel better about themselves in relation to their own shortcomings. 
     Sounds about right.
  I dunno.  Just received my package!  Presumably the socks!  No way of knowing as of now!  Parents probably won't want me to open it for 2 or 3 days!  Wonderful!  AN HOUR AND A HALF MORE of #Life'sTooShortWinterToStartYourYear.  I wonder what Warwick Davis is really like.  In real life!  All we can do is wonder.  I wonder what the person who plays his secretary is really like.  I wonder what the person who plays his girlfriend for half the series is really life.  Basically I'm watching TV for CLUES to see what people are REALLY LIKE.  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  Hey I can BATHE any time I want I don't need to be on alert for accepting delivery!  I LIKE those odds.  Anyway.  Ricky Gervais Extended Universe.  That's a thing for some reason no one is really sure of.  Or at least was.  Kinda petered out a bit over the few years.
Penultimate paragraph!  Phil Spectator Died.  Speaking of, "Tator," part of my upcoming Hour Dourves Party is 10 or 11 Tater Tots.  That's what I'VE gotten out of the story of Phil Spectator Dying!  Wonderful.  When I went down stairs to Accept Package I could SMELL the Hour Dourves Party Coming Along Real Well.  Still a lot of time left for it to be cooked to Good Eatin's, but already there in terms of Good Smellin's.  Hmm.  First two acts had 6 paragraphs each.  Maybe I should stick with that premise for today and write TWO more paragraphs after this one!  Feels right as of now.  Feels very right!  Anyway as of 12:48 P.M EST No Reported Terrorist &/Or Insurrectionist Attacks.  COULD have happened but nothin' in the news yet!  Alright half a day down with no further attacks.  So Far So Good!  Since a week and a half ago!  No News is good news as the news saying news.
     Great, just great.  In #Life'sTooShortWinterToStartYourYear, there's a part where a guy says he doesn't have a TV and Warwick is like WHAT and the guy was like I Just Read.  When he FIRST said he had no TV MY REACTION was like yep me neither!  Watch all my TV on the computer  That's gotta be what THIS GUY is doing.  Turns out he reads books.  I dunno is that really a thing?  I'm gonna have to check that out.  Let's get a team working on that one.  I also wanna watch that Summer Heights High Extended Universe TV Series.  But I CAN'T because IT'S NOT AVAILABLE on THE STREAMS.  Seen diagrams of Smokers Lung vs Covid lung.  Why do we make Dioramas in High Elementary School.  At what point EVER are we going to use our diorama skills.  I mean I guess its just to entertain the teachers.  If I was an adult I'd Look At ALL The Dioramas.  Fun to take in!  But in terms of making one Not A Huge Point.
     Hey last paragraph!  And lunch is still 15-30 minutes away!  I can't wait to have the mini hot dog cocktails those are THE HIGHLIGHT of any Hour Dourves Party.  Except for maybe a Potato Puff which I Have None Of but may show up at an Hour Dourves Party HOPEFULLY They're The Best!  If I'm gonna finish #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear, a) i can watch all the episodes-- already 1/2 through or b) i can PICK AND CHOOSE episodes based on the paragraph disclaimer.  Most important factor is What Their Addiction Is but there's other important details that may or may not make me want to watch an episode.  These are the days of my lives.  If Almost Heroes was so bad how come Matthew Perry is still alive?  Doesn't seem right!  Also I realize Chris Farley died of a drug overdose.  But the reason he had to do so much drugs was because how ashamed he was of Almost Heroes.  That's the impression I've been under!
     I don't wanna end on Chris Farley dying.  Somehow I remember when I was 8-10 I would consider Chris Farley my favorite actor.  Dunno what I was basing it on!  I probably watched SOME SNL back then, and he showed up in Many Movies I Liked.  But the point is he just Had IT.  Both in terms of he had, "It,"-- that undeniable quality that someone has when they're The Greatest At Entertainment.  AND in terms of he's HAD IT with this dumb career and typecasting into what he considered mediocre movies and making a joke out of him.  So he has
both of those things going on is the point.  Anyway 19 paragraphs today!  That's not so bad.  Not so great, either.  Pretty much inconsequential to People As A Whole.  Anyway, great!  I'll see ya tomorrow!

-1:13 P.M.




Saturday, January 16, 2021

Yeah Sure Why Not

   Today is solidly the weekend.  Is it almost unanimous that Saturday is The Tops re: Days?  Friday Night is better than Saturday but you also have to deal with Half Day Of Work Week.  Sunday is a snooze, and that's part of its charm-- I can see some people liking Sunday more than Saturday.  I've given myself a lot to think about, I guess.  Also Thursdays, lets talk about Thursdays.  Maybe later.  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Look keep all the it depends on your life circumstances which day is the best to your self!  I Don't Want To Hear It!  I'm trying to make generalizations and your specifications aren't helping me one bit!  You're adding NOTHING to this paragraph.  Well that's unequivocally true upon second thought.
Wonderful.  We hear a lot about on second thought but VERY LITTLE about on third thought.  And if there IS a third thought-- is it just reverting back to First thought?  Or is it a third completely new and original thought?  I guess either one is possible.  Anyway, great, what else is going on.  Upcoming week have to be very concerned about Insurrection Terrorists!  That's what I've been led to believe.  Presumably our Crime Fighting Authorities are doung all they can to keep us all safe and take care of would-be Violent People with Laws and Arrests.  Solid, I dunno, 80% chance we can count on that.  I LIKE those odds.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Lunch maybe Hors DOurves Party.  Maybe some salmon + rice.  Maybe It's Pizza It's Dijornio.  Lots of B-/B lunch possibilities.  That, when I'm eating them, SKYROCKET to B+/A-'s!
     I like Sky Rockets.  So much better than Ground Rockets.  Try to get to the center of the Earth.  Anyway.  Is there some big governmental operation somewhere on the globe where they're just digging and digging and digging and this has been going on for decades?  How far deep can we get?  And is there any point?  Sure there is!  It's like the guy who said he climbed Mt Everest Just For Fun Or Something.  That famous Notable Quotable.  We're digging Because The Ground Is There.  Gotta find out FOR SURE what's under the ground.  THEN, what's under that!  Digging is the gift that just keeps giving!  At some point we can Dig from one location to another.  Not Straight down, like from America to China or whatever.  Because that would get us to Molten Core and that's no bueno.  Maybe just dig at a very slant.  Well I'm just describing a tunnel.  A long and unusually long &/or underground tunnel, sure, but that's still just a tunnel.
  Anyway the movie Armageddon is VERY RISKY movie.  Now people know they can dig into our Earth and plant a Nuke and then Entire World Explodes!  DAMNIT I JUST GAVE AWAY THE GAME.  Now you, Website Readers, know how to Blow Up The Earth.  Probably wouldn't work, Earth is Too Big compared to that Asteroid.  Such is life!  Also MOLTEN CORE in Earth.  That's like Nuke Bombs going on ALL THE TIME one would imagine based on very little information and insight.  So the point is I Forget.  Pizza MAY just be the lunch that makes the day worthwhile.  FOr me.  Doubt it has very large effect on your day.  Maybe A LITTLE.  It effects Act III of entry which you read presumably.  Maybe you skip Act III!  Probably would be wise!  It's the worst Act CONSISTENTLY.  That's like me skipping the Intervention part of Intervention.  Act III is the intervention (mine?) that the entire website has led to That Day.
    I like how Trump Administration was like we got more vaccines stored up, especially important for people waiting on 2nd dose! and then a few weeks later it's just yeah we lied about that.  Made it up out of thin air.  You got other stuff to worry about though so Looks Like We May Get Away With It!  C'mon, man!  I think PIZZA may be the sleeper Lunch that I need.  In retrospect, I remember thinking about Potential Lunch Today during Last Night, and last night I crunched the numbers and did the calculations and was like ya know what Pizza probably the best lunch I can go with tomorrow.  Now I remember all that and it SEEMS TO CHECK OUT.  Anyway.  I like cheese sticks from Chain Pizza Restaurants like The Pizza Hut or The Papa Johns.  Also quick question-- which is more racist, Papa johns or Dominos.  I feel like Papa John is a Mad Right Winger but also Dominos just FEELS racist. 
     Oh, right.
  I like cheese sticks-- it's literally just Pizza without tomato sauce.  And SOMETIMES in a different shape!  I kinda feel like at some point it's just a pizza pie pre-cut 80% of the way into sticks of cheese.  But they even SERVE it like a pizza without tomato sauce.  So we got that going for us.  I like cheese sticks!  I like tomatoe sauce!  I DON'T like Racist Pizza Purveyors!  Also is current incarnation of Papa John just JOHN?  I feel like Papa John has been around long enough, and this gy seems relatively young, maybe he's not even Papa John at all!  I think I'm confusing Dominos with whatever pizza chain Hermain Cain had.  Which wouldn't make it racist, but Mad Right Wing, I guess.  So that's what's going on in my mind ON THIRD THOUGHTS.  I'll be back in a bit.





What a Turn of Events

   TI WANT SOME GODFATHER'S PIZZA.  Wait a second, no I don't.  Wait a second-- on second thought-- YES I'd Try It.  But I have never had it so I can't specifically want it over OTHER PIZZA I KNOW AND LOVE.  Anyway put Pizza in oven in about Oh I Don't Know 20 minutes.  That should be Great.  Anyway.  Not sure if I have a Godfather &/or Godmother.  That's interesting, I bet I do!  Gotta ask my Parental Units!  My first guess would be my Uncle and Previous Aunt were my God Parents.  But theyr'e already my Uncle and Previous Aunt.  Seems like Doubling as GodParents would be Too Much Titles.  Also I don't get why Godfather has to do YOU a favor on his daughter's wedding day.  His daughter's wedding day should be a JOYOUS occasion.  One of the top dozen days of his lives!  And now he's devoting the entire day to ENDLESS WORK?  HELPING OTHER PEOPLE OUT WITH STUFF?  It seems it would make the day a real DRAG.
     Wonderful.  Also if He's The Godfather, what the fuck does he have to do other people favors for?  They should be doing favors for him.  He's The Godfather!  I assume He Is The Godfather In Question.  I seen that movie once all the way through.  And the sequels Never All The Way Through.  So I got THAT going for me is the point.  Dad went to get a COVID test today Spoiler Alert.  Had to get it done to confirm he has no covid when he gets some sort of medical procedure next week ro the week after that or maybe the week after that or the month after that gotta imagine it can't be any longer time frame than several months.  But anyway he risked himself To Covid to get a test!  Hopefully it's NEGATIVE.  Who decided we'd refer to the results of tests as Negative And Positive.  I know we're all used to it that 90% of us would Get It, but wasn't there anyone there to be like won't getting a negative result confuse some people and think it's positive.  And they were like Ahh I trust people to not be dumb.  Which is dumb!  You can't trust people not to be dumb have you SEEN These People?!?
     Great.  I feel like there's a good shot 90% of Americans GET that positive means negative and vice versa.. but I also feel like I may be overshooting a bit.  Anyway what else is going on.  I wanna dig a Slant Tunnel from here to Oh I Don't Know WISCONSIN.  It could happen!  Slant hole digging!  Maybe it has to be a CURVE.  Either a natural curve, or straight line slant digging and then at some point RE-ASSESSING DIGGING DIRECTION and slant drilling in a 2nd direction.  That'll get you from New York to Wisconsin.  Gotta be a n easier way but Apparently Not!  If there's easier ways Why It's Almost Like This Entire Thing Is Pointless!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I said the word, "Tomatoe," earlier.  I said it by accident.  I like it so much I ADDED IT TO THE DICTIONARY.  Microsoft FrontPage dictionary.  I have VERY little authority over Real World Dictionaries.  Potatoe is a corresponding word I Should Add To Program Dictionary.  Here I go!
     Anyway.  Lunch won't be ready yet by Start of Act III almost definitely.  Maybe halfway through it will be!  Maybe not!  I've narrowed it down to those two things!  Had But 3 Beers yesterday for the 2nd day in a row.  That means Highest Plurality Shot is 4 beers over the next three days.  Each day.  Not over all. 4 x 3.  That sort of thing.  Anyway.  If Pandemic Quarantine ever ends, probably go back to drinking Liquor.  It's FUN if my memory serves me correctly.  Try not to drink any MORE.  Just DIFFERENTLY.  Probably would lead to me drinking more.  Well That's DIFFERENT.  What else is going on and crap.  There's a Tiger Wood Documentary on HBO: HBO MAX: THE HBO STREAMS.  I enjoyed Michael Jordan documentary on Some Other Channel gotta imagine this may be similar.  On account of Sports.  Sports Super Stars.  Sports Greatest Of All Times.  Also they're probably around 75% African American each ON AVERAGE.  Similar!  I feel like I've seen Tiger Woods documentaries.  But never LIKE THIS!
     What else is going on and crap.  Alright figure I'll put lunch in oven directly after this paragraph.  Lined up pretty close with what I was aiming for Independent Of Website.  Anyway I hope to one day be considered one of the top 2 Website writers with an African American sharing the top 2 spot so It Could Be Like they were each 50% black ON AVERAGE.  That'd be pretty cool!  What else is going on and crap.  Finished Beer #2.  Finished Coffee #2.  Figure I'll re-up with both of those after this paragraph.  I liked how they leaked some response from some Republican about how Biden First Round Stimulus is, "Dead on arrival."  You do realize you can't kill anything on arrival, or at any time.  We have more votes than you do!  Get used to it!  Presumably.  Maybe WE'LL have to get used to things being dead on arrival because of you!  Maybe half the time we get our way, half the time we compromise and get it your way!  I DON'T like those odds, it should be 75% AT LEAST we get things our way on account of Having The Votes Already Just Among Ourselves!  75% of the time we have the votes presumably!  I'll be back in a bit!





No One's Enthusiastic About Anything

   Looks like I may be getting Pepsid COMPLETE as soon as Monday!  Better than regular Pepsid.  It was incomplete!  But anyawy ANY Pepsid will be improving my life dramatically.  I just gotta use them strategically.  I want to make them last as long as possible!  ONCE a day instead of Two, Three or More times a day!  Well I'm enthusiastic about Pepsid Complete.  THUS PROVING THE TITLE WRONG.  Anyway based on where I'm at right now figure lunch'll be ready after 2nd or 3rd paragraph.  So I got a lot going for me Act III that's all I'm trying to say.  I know which #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear i will watch.  It's the one with the guy who kills his wife and he's been stalked by a police officer but Things Are Not Quite As They Seem and also they ride a train for half the episode gotta imagine its Biden's Favorite Episode.  ONLY episode with a Train Ride for HALF OF THE EPISODE.
     Wonderful.  Did a pretty good job cutting this Circle Of Pizza into thirds.  Pretty even!  That's what I mean about Digging Tunnels In Earth.  Just picture cutting a pizza into thirds instead of a generic circle in your mind (Which a sphere is... and then some!)  What else is going on and crap.  What's today SATURDAY?  Maybe some New Update Movies for Some Of The Streams.  I'll look into that at some point but not right now.  Gotta finish this paragraph so I can finish next paragraph and have lunch with But Two More Paragraphs To Coincide With Lunch.  What's the over/under on if Trump &/or Trump supporters make at least ONE MORE earnest attempt at a coup before Wednesday.  Seems pretty plausible.  And then what's the over/under on if Trump &/or Trump supporters attempt Coups AFTER Biden is inaugurated?  Seems pretty plausible, too!  Because That's The Kind Of Country We Are These Days.
     I guess.  I guess I'll pour some crushed red pepper on top of pizza.  I'm pot committed to enjoying that as a spice.  At some point I got in the habit of it and it's fun!  If only I had GARLIC to add.  Maybe that's something I can get from next super market delivery.  A portion of Garlic that's not just Garlic but CRUSHED Garlic you can add as a topping to things.  I can't wait to find out as long as I remember to look into it! Oregano.  Who is using the Oregano at a Pizza Place.  I mean, maybe ONCE, just to see how it is.  I've definitely used ot once or twice FOR FUN.  But who is adding Oregano to their pizza Day In Day Out.  No one, that's who!  Waste of oregano, WASTE OF DISPENSER SHAKER THING THAT STORES THE OREGANO.  Anyway hey time to get my pizza out of oven!  Be back in a sec!
     HEY I'm back!  A little bit disappointed with Portion Of Pizza.  Thought I was making a Third of Pie that was SLIGHTLY SMALLER than the other thirds.  Instead turns out this looks slightly bigger.  I don't wanna blow my Bigger Third Of Pie load so quickly!  I could leave over some but that's A Hassle And A Half saving that.  Not really.  Pretty straight forward.  I'll take that under consideration, I guess!  See how it goes.  I added Crushed Red Pepper.  Gonna LTURQ ABOUT GARLIC from Super Market.  They have CHOPPED Garlic.  Smaller than regular garlic, bigger than Crushed &/Or Powdered Garlic.  Better take that under consideration!   Wonderful.  Better LURQ what Godfather's Pizza looks like.  Looks okay I guess.  Glad we settled that.  What else is going on and crap.
     Last paragraph!  Now the question is What For Dinner.  Salmon + Rice, Salmon + Noodles, Hor Deroves Party... I dunno.  This pizza is giving me hiccups.  I can't say for certain why!  But such is life.  I guess I swallowed it down My Wrong Gullet Hole.  I think it's good that Body knows not to put Food in lungs.  Way to go!  Well I'm just finishing this pizza.  I coulda predicted that from the start.  But I Didn't.  Not explicitly!  Oh well such is life.  One thing I don't like realizing while seeing Trump's approval rating tanking is that its not just Republicans finally realizing the truth about him in terms of what WE know and think... it means Trump's supporter are starting to doubt he's their savior and on board with them FROM THE RIGHT OF WHAT WE KNOW HE IS!  Oh well what can ya do.  30% of people are crazy fascist morons?  SEVENTY PERCENT AREN'T.  We outnumber than BY A LOT. Gotta imagine that counts for something or something.  Presumably!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:38 P.M.





Friday, January 15, 2021

This Will Make Happy

   The point is I Got Garlic Bread You Idiots.  Frozen Garlic Bread!  2 Half Loaves!  Turns out it has Legit DEPOSITS OF CHEESE in th middle.  Not just a skin of cheese.  CLUMPS of cheese!  I'm wiping these clumps off!  Skin of cheese left over I'm Okay With!  But the point is I will have .5 Chicken Parm and .7463 Some Sort Of Unit Of Garlic Bread for lunch in an hour or two!  Wonderful. .7463 sounds like you can round that up to 75%.  If only we knew what Unit it was referring to.  That would make conceptualizing this All The Easier.  Also they called Randy Johnson (Super Star Pitcher, Bird Exploder) The Big Unit.  Not sure what that's in reference to if NOT his dick.  He was a tall guy.  6'7.  So he's THE, "UNIT," in this scenario?  Doesn't make sense.  I'd look it up but Oh Fine lemme LTURQ.  First of all he's 6'10!  Second of all he got in a tumble with some other baseball player at one point in a game and the other one was like You're a big unit! so we have Tim Raines to blame.  Tim Raines.  Had a good few seasons as both a pretty legit power threat and speed threat.  I know ALL ABOUT Tim Raines.  Mostly a BIG speedster.  That's how he SHOULD be remembered.  Some seasons with power but SPEED is KEY.
     Wonderful.  SPEED is key in practicing KEYNESIAN Economics.  Presumably.  In one way or another.  We Did It!  I know all about Keynesian Economics.  Solid power/speed threat in its prime.  Huh.  Oh, right.  It's like capitalism but Good Capitalism.  That's my impression.  If we're having capitalism (sure why not!) lets at least have KENSIAN Economics.  I'm dumb but that probably checks out around 80%.  AI see there's some conversation about whether we should be giving 2,000$ Stimulus Checks on top of the 600$ already given, or just $1400 to make OVERALL $2,000.  Obviously I am for 2,000 but I'm gonna be honest I was CONCEPTUALIZING only 2K overall.  That's on me!  I'm a Stimulus Check is 3/4ths Full kind of guy!  But anyway imagine my elation when I find out we can be giving more Stimulus money to people who need it desperately!  Let's Go With That!  Presumably I'm getting money from this.  Right?  What kind of person is like well I could be given another 600 dollars but on the flip side OTHER PEOPLE might be getting it, too.  Which I'm not on board with for some reason? 
What else is going on and crap.
  Anyway on the Good News Side we might be getting $15 an hour federal minimum wage?  Almost makes me wanna try to get a job!  Only to find out there's no jobs out there!  But take solace in the fact that If I Could Get A Job I'd be able to survive on it well enough and at the least support myself well enough!  I mean imagine the premise of working at McDonalds and ALSO being paid a Living Wage.  It's like Disney Fans working at DisneyWorld.  Working at McDonalds?  That's where MAGIC lives.  I can be AROUND Double Cheese Burgers and even PARTICIPATE in sharing Double Cheese Burgers with those who CRAVE Some Double Cheese Burgers.  That's the dream!  No foolin.  I dream about that all the time.  Maybe 15% of the time.  That doesn't check out but oh well what can ya do.
     Cool!  I thought I liked double cheese burgers (plain, MAYBE with cheese, maybe NOTHING) UNTIL I FOUND OUT ABOUT Triple Cheese Burgers!  Also MCDONALDS Doubles/Triples.  A legit all-out double cheese burger from a DINRE or something?  That's very no bueno.  These burger patties are SMALL we need Triple JUST TO GET BY.  Sure I know how to spell, "diner."  I just have no motivation to change it!  I think the whole Storming The Capitol thing was a SCAM so that the Biden Inauguration will be even smaller (even smaller than it would have been because of Pandemic) so RIGHT OFF THE BAT Trump can be like SEE I HAD A MASSIVE INAUGURATION AND I BEAT BIDEN AT INAUGURATION.  That's as far Trump can think ahead.  This entire thing was just to shrink Inauguration crowd.  Then Trump is out of plans.  Maybe he goes straight to sabotaging Biden's SECOND inauguration.  That seems like a genuinely plausible scenario.
     Wonderful.  Lunch with Act III.  That's the way!  Losing enthusiasm for #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Also losing enthusiasm for #HashtagsWinterToStartYourYear.  I mean, it's still fun!  But I'm starting to realize I have to prepare for a new Hashtag eventually.  I mean this can easily last all January.  Then it's on to something new.  Something to keep in the back of my mind.  Also is that a thing.  Whenever someone is recalling something they're like well this is coming from the back of my mind, not the front.  Not the sides.  Lord KNOWS not the middle.  Not me!  I never think that!  Great riff.  Well we all know what's going on in the corners of our minds.  Still the Insurrection Riot!  Torn between wanting to move on and knowing we can't move on.  Well, we can move on.  VERY SLOWLY though.  We need a legitimate trustable diagram-chart to show us JUST HOW SLOWLY we are to move on.  And it's not a straight line or a curve.  there's ups and down! We move on slowly for a week, REMEMBER AGAIN A LOT for a week, Remember a bit less, then Remember a bit MORE...  That sort of thing.  I'll be back in a bit.





I Choose Word Carefully

   Look like there's no federal reserve of CoronaVirus Vaccine: The Thing We're All Counting On.  Which makes sense because Trump won't be president anymore.  If people die from Covid in a forest and Trump isn't around to hear it, do they really die?  Yep Trump Killed Them.  Which we know he likes based on Fast Tracking Executions.  Probably realizes it's unevenly poor and minority people dying from Covid.  And if someone fed that thought to him, presumably over 50% chance he's like sure that's great WHAT'S THE PROBLEM.  What else is going on.  Fascists in the congress!  Legit ones!  Pro-violence and insurrection ones!  I guess that's what happens when you have Republican primaries where it's a right winger vs an ultra right winger vs a straight up fascist.  Ultra Right Wingers &/or Straight Up Fascists end up in congress!  Never saw THAT comin!
What else is going on and crap.  The good news is Time To Eat Lunch is creeping up!  Figure I'll put Garlic Brea'd in oven around the beginning of Paragraph V of act II.  Sometimes, I get it right 100% of the time, but I do SOMETIMES have a second thought whether Roman Numerals are, "V," or, "X."  I'm saying Five, V is ALWAYS my first choice.  But I do have a quarter second thought hmm oh right X would be ten, this seems to check out completely.  Biden wants a fifteen dollar minimum wage. WHAT A YEAR?!?!?!  No an hour.  Oh yeah that should have been my first thought.  Makes A LOT more sense.  In other countries if you're getting fifteen dollars a DAY that's Upper Class.  Presumably.  I'm basing this on very little hard evidence!  What else is going on and crap.  Three beers yesterday.  Very likely Four Beers today.  I've narrowed it down to that or something else. 
     Cool!  Where will Trump live after he's not living in the White House.  Maybe he in an aeroplane.  We've got RVs some people live in.  We've got HouseBoats people live on.  Don't hear much about people living on planes.  Trump can be a Ground Breaker!  Also every time he flies off to his Home's Natural State In The Sky, he'd be breaking ground!  Also in the air No US Federal or Local Laws apply!  Well let's tell him that, anyway.  People live in Space Stations.  Submarines.  We all live in a yellow submarine, or so I've been told.  Never put much stock into that.  Just seemed like nonsense.  But it is what some people are saying.  Also man that's gotta be ONE BIG SUBMARINE.  Unless, "We All," isn't really WE all.  Could just be The BEatles themselves.  I always thought they meant All Of Us In Humanity (or at least among Beatles Listeners).  I was wrong!  Coulda Just Been The Beatles!  Presumably!  I don't know for sure!  Also if you live in a submarine HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S YELLOW.  Well maybe you weren't ALWAYS living in the submarine.  When you first boarded submarine you noticed it was yellow.  Nothin' crazy about that.
Wonderful!  Garlic Bread in oven starts after this paragraph!  I don't get why draculas don't like garlic.  It's delicious!  Spices up any meal or so I've been told.  Garlic Knots were a STAPLE of if I was getting Pizza from PizzaPlace.  Before I thought about Diet.  Just get 2 slices AND some garlic knots what's the harm it's delicious and not very filling.  Now I know I don't NEED garlic knots!  It's too excessive!  Unless you Minus A Slice.  Which lets face it you're not exchanging a slice for 5 or 6 smallish garlic knots what kind of idiot are you.   The point is I didn't know what to expect when getting Fresh Frozen Garlic Bread from Super Market Delivery but I am Happy about how it turned out!  Scoop out some of the cheese and it's all worthwhile!  Obviously this should go hand in hand with confirming the election was not stolen, but at the very least it would be nice if the Ultra Right Wingers at least came out unanimously and unequivocally against violence.  But then they might be confused with JUST Hard Right Wingers.  So you can see the bind they're in!
Bread in the oven!  That sort of thing.  One of the perks of having a personal website is you can say whatever you want on it!  No censoring me!  Self censoring, maybe!  Not consciously, though!  Maybe there's a part in The Sides Of My Mind that are preventing me from even THINKING about stuff I could be talking about, but anything that enters the Front Third Of My Mind, and I wanna say, I DO say it!  Wonderful!  Now if only I could crack the code of having an audience come to my personal website.  I DID crack the code!  Just don't care!  Or, care, but Act As If!  Pretend there is an audience!  No one is gonna EXPLICITLY try to prove me wrong!  If they're there to prove me wrong then they've already lost They've Apparently Become My Audience!  That sort of thing.  Anyway time for another break.  I'll be back with lunch!  Well, my lunch.  I'm definitely not bringing enough lunches for all of you!  Don't see how that would work logistically at all.  Be back soon!





This Begin The Act III

   That's great, just great. I just realized I Don't Personally Have To Live In Fear for AT LEAST the rest of the day!  Livin' Life Good!  Also I'm having lunch.  Delicious!  Smaller than a Full Sized lunch but high calorie all the same!  Most Likely Meatloaf tonight.  What is Meatloaf's real name.  The musician.  Not the meal.  Presumably Meatloaf IS the Meal's Real Name.  Marvin Lee Aday.  Well I just DOXXED Meatloaf.  His name was Robert Paulson.  In a movie.  They were VERY explicit about that.  What else is going on and crap.  Is it possible that most of the Latest Domestic Terrorists imagine their life in a Fight Club type circumstance?  They became domestic terrorists In The Movie.  Better have some Team looking into whether there are Fight Clubs going on at the entry level.
Four more paragraphs!  Then its onto Presumably More #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  I don't LIKE IT.  But compared to the lack of alternatives I can Live With It.  Maybe we should be STARTING Fight Clubs.  Get these white nationist Etceteras to focus their violence Where It Belongs-- Upon One Another.  Anyway ate a lot of garlic bread over last night and Just Now.  1/2 way through all of it!  I like those odds, lots of garlic bread left over, gotta make it count though!  Anyway got a delivery for More Pepsid Complete set up from Amazon.  Should arrive in a week or a week in a half or maybe two weeks I don't know I don't have all the details.  But that's good because Chewing Gum As A Remedy was starting to wear off.  So that's great I guess.
     Wonderful.!   Great.  The point is what's going on in Tim Raines' head that he collides with Randy Johnson and the first thing out of his mouth is calling him A Big Unit.  Figure I'll ENJOY meatloaf tonight.  That's the plan!  Ugh.  Another Episode of #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear down.  It's called Making Progress With Life.  America Rescue Plan.  ARP.  THAT'S WHAT DOGS SAY.  YOU CAN'T GET ANYTHING PAST ME!  Also it's the same phonetically as AARP.  Which means American Association of Retired Persons.  I thought it was gonna be Advanced Age something when I first looked it up.  I was wrong!  The point is IT'S A SCAM TO MAKE US ALL RETIRED PERSONS... AND ASSOCIATED... THROUGHOUT AMERICA!  I cracked THAT code.  The point is do the people who think everything Trump says is a code, is that honor bestowed upon Joe Biden now? Whether you're PRO-the code or ANTI-the code.  Someone's gotta look into this one, this is pertinent information for our American Association of Advanced Aged Adults.  AAAAA.  That sort of thing!
     Penultimate paragraph!  Also I'm a follower of the theory that EVERYTHING ANYONE EVER SAYS IS A CODE.  It's called LANGUAGE and it's all the rage!  What else is going on and crap.  I dunno.  Gotta finish this entry!  It's important for some reason.  No one is really sure why.  About 2 months away from having A Full Year of Constant Entry Every Day Except For But ONE WEEK In October.  I should celebrate myself one way or another for some reason.  I can have a BonusBirthday.  Dunno how to celebrate it, though.  No one would know but me.  And other people celebrating your birthday is half the fun!  The point is in a couple months I'll be the 32.25 Birthday Boy and SAVE THE DATE@!!!  I didn't give you a date.  Well maybe you can figure it out somehow It's In The Codes of The Website it's just there waiting to be cracked!  Presumably I mentioned it was my birthday one day last year When It Was My Birthday.  Pretty easy code to crack all things considered.
     What else is going on and crap.  One more paragraph!  My Dad was asking me if I want MINT Pepsid Complete or CHERRY.  IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE is how I responded.  But how I really felt was SURPRISE ME!!!  I DO Care and it DOES Make A Difference, but I still can't answer!  And I'd be happy with either!  I can't wait to find out which one he got me.  I HOPE IT'S MINT.  Last bottle I had was Cherry.  I feel like Mixing It Up that's where I'M at in regards to Acid-Reflux &/Or Heartburn.  Then again Cherry is great and You Don't Mess With A Classic.  Ugh.  Hey the entry is just about over.  About 1/10th into Beer #3 for the day.  What a wonderful day I have before me/that has already passed.  The point is I'll see you tomorrow.

-3:00 P.M.





Thursday, January 14, 2021

I Don't Feel So Good

   True story!  Just ACCEPTED Super Market DElivery.  An hour ago!  That's pretty just in this context!  Got myself some nice beer.  We're talkin Budweiser: The Light Edition.  We're talkin more calories than other light beers BUT it's the beer I would regularly get at Open Mic so it brings back all the memories!  Hmm remember drinking this beer.  Pretty sure other stuff was going on, too.  Vaguely remember being on stage at some moments.  After a while people would applaud!  Presumably Some Times they would mean their approval and Other Times they were just being polite.  IF ONLY I COULD PIN POINT WHICH WAS WHEN.  Anyway during Open Mic the REAL show is when you're 1-3 people On Deck.  That's when the brain Really Gets Going.  Then when THAT'S over you're just like oh right now I gotta perform now for other people Doesn't Seem Right.
Cool!  It seems bad the Republicans refuse to concede the election.  Almost like that might be what's inspiring violence.  If I thought election was stolen I'd be pretty pissed off, too!  But it's okay because What Can Ya Do.  IF ya don't know What Can Ya Do you're stuck in this situation!  Anyway.  ALso, they're calling for UNITY!  I'm a bipartisan person.  Yesterday when they called for Unity I was like NO WE MUST IMPEACH AND CONVICT.  But at some point you're like well I spent a lot of time being against violent insurrection coup egged on by Republican Members of Politics and Media but I'm GETTING TIRED.  They wore me down!  Wait no they didn't!   I'm Experiencing a SECOND WIND.  ALRIGHT BACK TO IT.  If you can't do the bare minimum and admit that Biden won election fairly you have absolutely NO real intention or interest of/in avoiding future violence.  Which seems BAD.  Maybe we shouldn't just accept that.  It's unacceptable!  Alright gettin' tired again.  I'll keep you updated on What Wind I'm At as the situation progresses.
Well we got that out of the way.  What else is going on and crap.  Practically UNLIMITED choices for lunch today.  Think I'm gonna go with an H'our Derves party.  It's FUN because it's FINGER Food.  Everyone likes finger food because it's like hey I don't need to use silverware?  FINALLY.  Here I've been using forks and knives and spoons LIKE A CHUMP this whole time.  Why do we need a halfway point between food and mouth?  We don't!  Maybe for soup!  We need spoons sometimes!  Otherwise fingers'll get the job done as far as I can imagine.  Hmm.  What SOLID really can't be Reached To Your Mouth and/or cut without silver ware.  I mean, obviously forks are redundant.  Knives?  You're eating a piece of steak Just RIP it apart.  Like our ancestors did!  Grow your fingernails if you really want to that's one way to cut without having to resort to silverware. YA know what you can eat soup without spoon. Just cup your hands.  Easy!  EASY.  Even easier-- SLURP.  We're allowed to have BOWLS this isn't Communist China!
  Then again Sporks are wonderful.  Man oh man is there ANY nice respectable mid-high shelf collection of silverware you can get either for use or as an antique that includes sporks?  I gotta look that up That Would Be DELIGHTFUL.  Amazon sells Metal Sporks.  Which is half way there.  Because I guess they do make Silverware Sporks but probably Cheap Ass Metal.  No Fancy Sporks.  The point is if I had sporks I'd only use sporks.  That's MY hot take.  Sporks would be good for chili.  Gotten chili half a dozen times from Super Market Delivery this past year and I'm not happy with either forks or spoons for it.  Sporks are JUST RIGHT though.  These are the days of my lives.  Not sure why Trump being Impeached Twice is the, "Own," they think it is.  Look impeaching him ONCE is supposed to get the job done.  Impeaching him twice is an indication of not achieving all you wanted to with FIRST impeachment.  But the good news is we're all #DumpTrump hashtag followers get on board sooner rather than later!
     Anyway.  What else is going on.  Cross between fork and knife.  Look lets all just eat with Swiss Army Knives.  Sounds like a decent product.  It's like a Swiss Army Knife but actually designed to just have all your favorite utensils.  Maybe a tooth pick option.  Sounds like fun.  Also I don't get why we're trusting the Swiss for our Army Knives.  Swiss famously don't get involved in war!  What do they know about Army Knives.  Nothin', that's who!  Well actually maybe that's why they don't go to war.  Other countries are so intimidated by the Swiss Army's Pocket Knife Etceteras, they always just leave the Swiss alone!  Yep that seems to check out.  Is there an Online Ranking of Swiss Army Knife Tool Options from most useful to least useful?  ONe would imagine.  I'd look that up right quick if I had more time.  I'm running out of time!  I'll see you guys in a little bit with Act II.





It Hurts All Over

   Swiss Army Knife should have more WEAPONS.  As of now it just has TOOLS.  Even the KNIVES aren't very effective for War.  Anyway what else is going on.  Looks like 50/50 whether I have lunch with Act III or just After Entry.  I could see it going either way!  Anyway Wide World of Sports.  For some reason my BandCamp page doesn't load 100% on my Cellular Telephone so pretty much the main way I can listen to My Music on My Cellular Telephone is through my YouTube Page.  Which only has 2 dozen of the songs!  And in retrospect are these my best songs?  I dunno!  Probably better than a completely random compilation of 2 dozen songs.  But also certainly can fine tune What It Is to make it better.  These are the days of my lives!  Anyway I think I'm gonna Mix Up Showerhead Setting next time I take a shower.  Change the shape of the streams.  Change the water pressure.  It's about time we mixed things up Re: Showering.
     I saw one of the streams has Psycho I- IV.  Which is great!  I'd be interested in watching Psycho I!  It's a classic and I may have seen it in completion ONCE at most.  The part that scared me was the ending with the Mother Corpse SPOILER ALERT.  Oh, right.  This collection of Psychotic Movies is Original Franchise II, III, and IV... and Vince Vaughn version as Episode I.  I don't get it.  I DON'T GET IT.  At what point in history did we add Psycho to the dictionary.  After the movie?  Microsoft FrontPage recognizes it as a word when I'm pretty sure nope that isn't really a word per my guesstimation.  Also is there a reason the bathroom with shower didn't have a lock on its door?  Presumably, sure, Psycho took the lock down so he could barge in there at opportune moments.  Yeah that seems to check out I guess.
     Not a fan of Act II so far!  No better than a 3.5, 4 out of 10!  I think killing someone in the shower, besides being dramatic, is a great way to go about it!  Blood goes down the drain.  EASY clean up.  EASY.  Makes a lot of sense.  They say he's Psycho but that shows GREAT critical thinking and constructive reasoning.  Sure, "Constructive Reasoning," is a phrase.  I just said it!  It's a phrase NOW that's for sure!  Also that's why every time I take a shower I take my Swiss Army Knife with me.  The best defense against a Psycho with a knife is a Good Guy with a knife!  Sure, take it into the shower, you're never safe without a Swiss Army Knife!  And then You're Never In Danger With a Swiss Army Knife.  That'd be my slogan if you're not gonna sue me because in fact Yes You Will Still Be In Danger In Many Situations EVEN WITH a Swiss Army Knife.
     Cool!  As of now looks like I won't have lunch until Entry is completely over.  Oh well such is life!  Watched Child's Play II: The Movie yesterday on a Streams.  Maybe skip Child's Play III: The Major Motion Picture and right to Bride of Chucky.  I saw Child's Plays III no longer than a month or two ago!  Not Brides of Chucky, though!  Wonderful.  The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a Good Guy with a gun.  Chucky is a good guy.  Good Guy Doll.  That's what his brand of doll is.  Also maybe its a generational thing but when I was a kid no boys had dolls.  I didn't!  Don't think my brother did!  Or my friends!  So either its a generational thing, or the movie is completely based on FRAUDULENT PREMISES.  Then again I didn't even have action figures.  Those are like Dolls for Boys.  But Chucky is more of a Regular Doll.  We're not talking a #SmallSoldiers situation here.  What else is going on.  I had a Jurassic Park Action Figure.  It was of the dinosaur that is the arch-nemesis of Wayne Knight.  Never USED IT.  Didn't have any other dolls to use it with.  It was just THERE.
     Great!  Wayne Knight... Bruce Wayne... Dark Knight... FINALLY the pieces are starting to come together!!  Put food in oven probably sometime DURING Act III.  Won't be ready for an hour after that!  That's how I Go Abuot Cooking H'our Derves Party.  Also at some point (this entry!) I just gave up with trying to spell "Hors Derouves," accurately.  I got better things to do!  Presumably!  Maybe watch some #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear during upcoming Act Break.  Maybe lots of things!  That's one of them!  Presumably relatively likely!  Anyway about 2 weeks since I shaved.  Now my facial hair is growing again???  What kinda scam is that!  I shaved LIKE A CHUMP and for what NOTHIN'.  Are there hormones I could take that would make me not grow facial hair?  My guess is Probably!  But it'd have unintended Other Effects that I'm NOT on board for.  So I guess I'll look into that situation as it develops but for now Just Say No To Hormones.  Extra Hormones.  Regular Hormones are okay.  The science isn't in yet on how Extras would effect me!  I'll be back in a bit!





I Can Only Imagine

   Yeah!  #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear have been snoozes today.  Just doesn't captivate me!  #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear has been OKAY today.  Could try to figure out something better but I'm OKAY with Tales!  Anyway I'm wearing a Real Shirt for the first time in a week or so.  Been wearing my Pajama Top!  With Sweat Pant Bottom!  With No Socks!  Underwear probably 80% of the time!  That about covers it.  HEY I threw up last night for the first time in months!  Hadn't been drinking!  But it was fun.  I was experiencing heart burn or acid reflux or whatever, then I threw up, and I THREW UP THE ACID REFLUX SYMPTOMS.  So I cracked THAT code.  Gotta imagine there's some bulimics who throw up not because of weight-issues.  They're just INTO throwing up.  The point is I Aspire To Be Bulemic One Day.  Temporarily.  Watching these #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear Bulimics, I'm like, well this is easy, be bulimic for a few months to shed Covid Weight, get to target weight, then stop!  Easy!  I'd be a fool NOT to do that.
I probably WON'T do that.  But I could if I really wanted to!  I don't get these bulimics who are alcoholics.  Get a drug to be addicted to that DOESN'T give you calories.  Maybe they Bulimia Up The Alcohol.  Sure maybe but WE HAVE NO PROOF.  Ya know that sort of thing.  JAMIE HARRISON will be DNC chair.  If I remember correctly He's A Good 'Un!  And if I remember correctly DNC chair is essentially a fundraising operation.  Solid 2/3rds chance I'm getting that right.  In the mean time though WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON.  Anyway throwin' up was fun.  I don't think I threw up anything of VALUE.  As far as I can tell.  Gonna put lunch in oven now.  I will BRB!  HEY I just accomplished that.  And I only need to write 3 more paragraphs after this next sentence.  This one, the one I'm writing Right Now!
     Cool.  No update on my parents potential vaccinations.  No news is good news!  Wait, no it isn't.  No news is bad news.  That Shut Me Up.  Am I wearing underwear right now?  YES!  Wearin some Boxer Briefs.  Started wearing Thems a year ago?  Two years at most?  And I LIKE EM.  Totally the best of both worlds re: Boxers &/or Briefs.  Anyway.  I kinda remember as a kid, up through teenage years, sometimes no wearing any underwear under Pants and feeling like I'm Getting Away With Something.  I'm TOTALLY NAKED (not including all the clothes I'm wearing).  SCANDALOUS in a way, sure.  But it was more just Being Rebellious that was the kick I was getting out o fit!  Shit, same thing with socks.  I get the same thrill out of not wearin socks outside (even up to present day presumably!)!  Socks are like underwear for your feet.  Socks are like gloves for your feet.  Socks are like pre-shoes for your feet.  The point is The Science Is Still Out on What Are Socks Exactly.
Penultimate paragraph!  What had I eaten before #ThrowingUpWinterToStartYourYear?  Nothin out of the ordinary!  Bagel & Egg.  In retrospect, though, I had never cleaned the Frying Pan which cooks eggs from LAST time I made eggs a few days ago.  That could have accumulated some shit that makes people throw ups  It TASTED kinda off so maybe the moral of the story is Clean Your Kitchen Appliances & Utensils It Really Makes A Difference other than just aesthetic!  Barbara Boxer putting out a weekly newsletter to her Office Team.  Boxer Briefs.  Well great I finally said something worth while during Act III!  I enjoyed it and that's what counts!  I dunno if she still has an office team.  She is no longer a senator.  She could put out briefs to her family, maybe.  In fact, if its her family, doesn't even need to be FROM HER.  Her fuckin' grandkids could be putting out Boxer Briefs, I dunno!
     Yeesh.  ANother day down.  Another day, So Far No More Insurrection Violence.  GOtta imagine that'll last a few more days.  Then it's time to Re-assess our entire world.  That sounds like fun.  Do Trump and Trump Wife sleep in same bed?  I honestly can't picture them interacting at all.  Gotta imagine first thing Biden does when he moves in is sleep with his wife.  Nothin' is hotter than WHITE HOUSE SEX.  And not just White House Sex but PRESIDENT'S BEDROOM SEX.  Also that's the official name of the room they sleep in.  "President's Bedroom."  I googled it and everything!  Typed out, "Where does the president sleep."  Gotta imagine that search was flagged and now I'm on an FBI list because I may be a danger to Presidential Bedroom.  I will write a bonus paragraph.  Because I don't have much else to do!
     What else is going on and crap.  How many fellow Men are thinking well after no haircut for ~a year, might as well commit to Even Longer Long Hair BEYOND Pandemic Quarantine.  I mean this is our 1 clean shot to do it.  See how far should we go with it.  Presumably I dunno 5 or 10% of us are thinking this!  That sort of thing.  I know EXACTLY what #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear I'm going to after this paragraph.  It's the one with the guy and the lady and things happen But Are They As They Seem and Ghastly Circumstances Come About.  Look I know Jamie Harrison pronounces his name, "High-Me," but can I lodge a formal complaint about that and insist I should pronounce his name, "J Me?"  I know it's wrong of me but I am set in my ways and I'm just being honest about it!  The point is Sure I'll pronounce his name Chay Me whatever he wants its HIS name and I am here if not fora anything I am here to pronounce peoples' names the way THEY want.  I kinda like it now that I think about it.  It SHOULD be, "High-Me."  Feels RIGHT feels GOOD.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow (Presumably).

-12:40 P.M.





Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Amusing Or Bust

   That's how I feel.  Impeachment is going on In The TV!  I'd like to take this opportunity to formally Vote FOR IMPEACHMENT in my capacity as Website.  Wait.  That's no good.  If we're saying Me Being WEbsite empowers me for anything... let me Save The Date and vote to CONVICT.  Wait, no, that's no good.  Lemme use that power that is ordained in my as Website to CALL THE 25th AMENDMENT.  Wait, n.. nah actually that's fine.  The next step would be Website President and I Resign.  But I don't wanna be president.  Have you SEEN the asshole who has been president lately?  I wonder if when they were making amendments to constitution, if they thought people would just use their numerical value when referring to them.  My guess is It Didn't Exactly Keep Them Up At Night.  Not a big deal from my vantage point as Website!
     Cool.  No beer today.  Beer today, gone tomorrow!  Except mixed up.  Gone today, Beer Tomorrow!  Seems to check out.  Only Fresh Food I have left in Fridge is 2 Buffalo Wings.  Pair that up with a Noodles and that's either Lunch or Dinner.  Ohter meal is probably bagel & egg.  These are the times we live in!  I'd read an article that's like, removal or no removal, what's Trumps options for when he's not president anymore.  What's going on in HIS MIND &/or IN REALITY.  Kinda feels like that's pertinent information when discussing his POLITICAL Fate.  Hey Let's Minority Report him!  That's one way to go!  Too late for that he committed one of the worst crimes in American history just last week.  Hey let's REVERSE Minority Report him!  It's like a Minority Report, but instead of arresting someone for a crime they haven't committed yet, you DON'T arrest someone for a crime they HAVE committed.  Sounds weird I dunno I don't see how any society worth its mustard would do that.
  Woke up kinda late today.  About an hour or two behind schedule.  For some reason I'm Too Hot in my room.  We're talkin I got my windows open!  We're talkin WHY.  I guess my parents like it hot.  Too hot!  I once heard Heat Rises.  So if they're comfortable downstairs all that excess heat is rising to my room.  You'd think the open windows would negate it.  Right?  That's what you're thinking.  I can tell!  But You Are Wrong apparently.  Leanin' towards Noodles + Wings for LUNCH.  Leanin' towards Noodles + Wings for LUNCH with ACT III.  THERE'S GOTTA BE SOME SORT OF ALCOHOL IN HERE.  There's alcohol half a mile away.  But that's way outside.  Who even knows if its safe outside.  Not me!  Streets could be overrun with Cyber Punks and Grand Theft Autos and Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball.  Yep that seems to check out.  What can ya do.  Stay inside.  What's a Rightist's violent video game of choice.  Why is it now narrowed down to violent.  Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball wasn't violent.  II guess you can have a fist fight in REAL LIFE if you &/or your opponent don't like the results of the video Game.  Huh.
What else is going on and crap.  I have pills I can take for fun!  Trying to avoid that.  Only taken 1 Klonopin since the I Wanna Say 3 Weeks ago I snorted .5 a pill over two days.  It's called BEING RESPONSIBLE as a direct result solution for BEING MOMENTARILY IRRESPONSIBLE.  C'mon get on board.  Speaking of Baseball I just looked up Baseball on the internet and the Mets have got ALL the players.  AT least forty, forty five players per my understanding (including minor leagues).  Anyway.  In KEn Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball, their Team Tradings AI was severely lacking.  When you're simulating a season.  You can offer three mediocre players to land 1 super star.  The AI thinks wow I'm getting a solid THREE PLAYERS FOR ONE?  I'D BE A FOOL NOT TO DO THIS!.  So basically after 20 minutes you can put together not just an ALL STAR team but a SUPER ALL STAR TEAM (the best of the best between BOTH leagues).  I feel this is pertinent information in this, one of the darkest hours of American History.
Sure, great, why not.  I was just ready to write at least one more pragraph about my gameplay strategy in Baseball Games Simulated Seasons (MULTI-SEASONS in more recent games) but WHY.  No reason!  then again no reason NOT TO... so basically my strategy in the draft was...  Ok, now I'm done.  Is it possible I can climb out my window and THEN I finally won't be as hot anymore?  Only one way to find out.  THROUGH LOGICAL DEDUCTIVE REASONING.  My first thought is this discussion is moot, purely academic in nature, because I have no intention of climbing out my window one way or another.  My second thought is yes obviously since its colder outside, if I went outside through my window, I will be colder.  Pretty straightforward stuff!  I'll be back in a little bit.





It's Not What I Expected

   I don't get the logic behind Sports Video Games having a Superstar of the sport in the title.  Was anyone like Hmm wanna play a baseball game on Nintendo 64.  And then someone responds well good news there's a game just for that!  And then first person is like yeah but whose SPONSORING it.  And second person is like No one.  And then first person is like PASS.  If anything, I'd RATHER buy a game without a Sportsman in the title.  Means they presumably put all that money they would have paid SportsFigure INTO THE GAME ITSELF.  Better, more well developed game!  That's just common sense.  Anyway one more act without INGESTING things to get me through it.  Then after Lunch Act tomorrow RIGHT BACK AT IT with Beer.  Somewhere between MicroDosing and Macrodosing.  I I call it, "Dosing."
     What else is going on and crap.  I was just thinking yesterday about how when I was a kid we regularly went to a Chinese Restaurant that had Karaoke once a week.  And I did Karaoke at least half a dozen times over the years.  And I'm trying to figure out what the hell kinda song was I singing.  I have NO IDEA.  What was on my radar when I was 8 and would have been available in Better, More Well Developed Karaoke Software?  The point is Hmm I guess no way of figuring this one out.  I can ask my parents.  They were There The Entire Time I Was On Stage.  And gotta imagine my beautiful voice and raw charisma and stage premise burnt a hole in their memory.  But the opposite of a hole.  A tumor.  My magnificent Karaoke created a SMALL tumor on their brain that they'll never get rid of!
    IMPROV SCENE-- a person goes to their doctor.  Patient says Well Doc give it to me straight.  And Doctor goes well you have a tumor on your brain.  And Person goes well at least does this make me smarter?  Because they have More Brain Now.  More Brain = More intelligence!  That's just facts!  That's not an improv scene.  It's very explicitly written out.  I guess that'll show me!  I wanted to start watching Paranormal Activity II (Only one available to me at this moment in time) but I was like BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN PARANOMROMAL ONE.  Also for some reason these movies annoy me.  Maybe because I Just Don't Like People.  So People Acting Like Real People INFURIATES ME.  I dunno I bet if I watched the entire franchise I'd GET USED to liking People Acting Like Regular People.  Can't rule that out completely!
     Wonderful.  Lookin' forward to having lunch in Oh I Don't Know 45 minutes or so!  I eat all them noodles.  The powder that you pour on dry noodles that becomes flavor once you add water.  I like that hot & spicy powder!  It's the Difference Maker between this brand of noodles and Regular Cup o' Noodles.  I don't feel like I'm saying anything too controversial here.  Also there's Just More Noodles.  That's the second difference maker.  Those are The Main Two Difference Makers!  Anyway what kind of Spam Asking For Donations are in store for the next 12 months.  There might be a Special Election here or there that merits our attention!  Maybe they want me to donate to a NON PROFIT or a MOVEMENT or just to a politician Who Wants More Money Just For Fun!  Can't rule out anything at this point!
     Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  After considering a Klonopin earlier.  At this point Nope Moved On With My Life Don't Need It!  Not sure what's going on RE: my parents getting Vaccinated.  Dad is 100% for it but may need to go into the city to get it and he's NOT 100% for that.  Mom is presumably I dunno 75% for it but is reluctant to go to Pharmacy or something to get it-- wants it at a doctor's office.  I'm 100% For BOTH OF THEM getting it.  For personal selfish reasons!  I want them to live as long as possible.  Just to please myself I guess!  That's not it!  I'm also pot committed to loving them and hoping they have as long a life as possible.  Unless it's a really unpleasant life.  Then we'll re-assess that situation as it may develop.  I'll be back in a bit.





There's Still Time

   Got lunch!  Delicious as always! Well, delicious as about 80% track record.  If we're considering Yes All Lunches.  All Lunches Matter.  A third thing.  Feel like there's an 80% chance every lunch I wlil find it delicious that's the only political point I'm trying to make this paragraph.  Anyway put the Bonus Hot Sauce they send with Buffalo Wings on the wings.  Tastes good!  Totally a Bonus Hot Sauce DIFFERENT from the Hot Sauce they Put On The Wings Already.  Anyway.  Never been to a Hooters.  Hooters are a pun.  For Owls.  Because They Serve Owl Meat.  Does beg the question HOW COME WE DON'T EAT OWLS.  Not enough of em!  I don't ever see an owl not in MY neck of the words.  Are Owls just Flying Rodents.  Better LTURQ.  Nope there are NO Flying Rodents.  Still though why aren't we eating Land Rodents.  I get that poor hillybillies might eat squirrels but What Are We Missing Out On?!?
     Seems about right.  Not a lot of Wild Birds we eat.  Turkey, chicken, duck.  THose are Standing Up Birds.  Where are the flying, airborne birds in our diet?  Nowhere?  Just because we can't catch them?  They're too high up and we'd fall off the tree trying to grab one because they're too quick for us?  Is that what you're trying to tell me?  I dunno what else is going on.  I don't get George McFly's excuse for being up in the tree sleuthing on his eventual wife and his excuse is bird watching.  You can easily watch birds from the ground.  Climbing up a tree doesn't help ya!  Also what kinda balls this guy has, just climbing up a tree and sluething on a girl IN BROAD DAY LIGHT.  Anyone walking down the street is gonna be like WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS THAT GUY IN THAT TREE??? OH HE'S LOOKING INTO THAT GIRL"S BEDROOM... And That's Just OKAY For Some Reason?
    Seems about right.  Most likely dinner is Bagel + Egg.  Only possible alternative is Frozen Ribs instead.  I dunno!  We'll see how it pans out! FOWL.  That's what we call our Standing Up Bird Diet.  Anyway good news I haven't watched ANY #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear today!  Wait.  I think I watched 15 minutes of one earlier.  Good news I've watched 15 minutes of #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear today!  As my hair slowly but surely grows longer, I am becoming more and more concerned it will interfere with Meal I'm eating.  Might get a hair in my Gullet from interference!  Depends on what I'm eating.  A lot of things, no concern.  Some things?  Legitimate concern!  Glad we settled that.  Anyway what else is going on.  Gog Stuyvesant Alumni Newsletter!  They have a new principal already!  I feel like this is the ~4th principal since I graduated.  I guess without ME around, what's the point in staying?  Either that or scandals.  Probably scandals.  Oh well what can ya do.
    Best part is where it tells you What Alumni have bene up to year by year.  This year there was a lady who wrote a book!  A name I recognized!  Then 5 minutes later could picture in my head!  Also if there's nobody From Your Year YOUNGER is the only thing interesting.  What are people Who I Should Be Ahead Of accomplishing before I got a chance?  It's called DOOMSCROLLING and its all the rage!  Two people dead from Covid.  People OLDER than me.  Presumably.  Oh well what can ya do.  I think it's a nice scam, because presumably the REAL purpose of Newsletter is to solicit donations from presumably-mostly-successful alumni.  They ain't gettin NOTHIN from me though!  I get this nice newsletter 2 or 4 times a year and FOR FREE.  I beat the system!  I cracked the code! 
     Last paragraph!  Alt Joke-- I always check the section where it says What Success People Have Been Up To hoping to see my name.  Imagine what a nice surprise it would be to find out I've Accomplished Something!  Yep that checks out.  Anyway honest question-- are we supposed to remember the day January 6th?  January 6th WITH the 2021?  Not at all?  I get the sense we're gonna have to Remember January 6th.  That'd by my Guesstimation.  2021?  I dunno I guess we'll just have to wait and see!  What do I got in store for When Entry Is Over.  Same 2 stuff I watch All the time for the Winter To Start Your Year.  But probably Tales for IMMEDIATELY after this paragraph.  Also realized I still have 5 or 6 half spheres of potato.  What if I made Bagel + TWO eggs intead of 3 + Finish potatoes.  I dunno what if.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-3:44 P.M.





Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Same Kinda Stuff As Before

   That's the stuff.  Got some nice nails chewed up yesterday.  Solid half dozen nails over the course of the way.  Bad new is I need to wait for nails to grow again.  It's like Harvest of Farmwork or whatever.  There is a season to grow nails, then you bite the nails off the hand that feeds, then goes right back.  I'm skipping #WinterToBreakUpYourFarmingSeasonsToStartYourYear.  Six nails out of 20!  And presumably each toe nail you can get two or so nails out of at any given time.  So it's more like 6 out of 40!  It's called PLANNING AHEAD.  Whenever I see a lady with long nails (on the TV!) my first thought is I dunno if I'd wanna chew on those.  Unappealing texture and length.  Probably got nail polish on, too, that sounds dangeruos.  The point is no one is forcing me to chew lady's nails.  Real OR False! ...At least as of now...
Cool.  Also, the texture and length make it unappealing, but also, it's just a question of manners.  You spent a lot of time getting this nails the way you want them!  Who am I to ruin all your hard work!  No one, that's who!  Anyway have a Bonus Beer for today!  We're talkin' about 40% into it.  Probably finish it with Act I.  That's not so bad!  Act II and III occur AFTER Act I so presumably I'd still be feeling effects a tiny amount.  It's like microdosing with alcohol.  How come no one microdoses alcohol.  Well, liquor, a shot is gonna get you somewhere.  So microdosing a shot is lets say 1/8th. a shot.  Which translates to about 1.5 ounces of beer as microdose of beer.  Not About....  EXACTLY!!!  So that's my new patent-- alcohol in tiny amounts.  Ok time to mail to to myself and Hey Another Productive Day!  The point is I've given myself a lot ot think about and that's the real Productive of The Day.
     Cool!  Dunno whatta do over the next 4 meals.  1 good clean option is Corn't Beef Sandwich.  With some sort of side I Want To Say I still have some Tater Tots?  That makes it 75% more appealing.  (Fresh) Corn't Beef Sandwich is all well and good but tater tots?  Now we're talking HOT LUNCH.  I think people who binge drugs and are heavily addicted should just reframe their consumption as MacroDosing.  It's still Just Dosing!  You're choosing to Macro It!  What's wrong with that It's Certainly One Way To Go About Your Life!  Looks like POSSIBLY they're gonna be offering Vaccine Doses (MACRO DOSES HOPEFULLY!... EXCEPT ONLY FOR MY FAMILY.  FOR OTHER PEOPLE THAT WOULD EAT UP OUR SUPPLY.  MACRODOSING FOR ME AND MINE, MICRODOSING FOR THE REST OF YOU PLEABS)... oh, right.  I had started a sentence and that was in the paragehtis.  Here lets try again... Looks like POSSIBLY they're gonna be offering Vaccine Doses ... to people 65 and over!  That would cover my parents!  My parents would cover me!  NOt really!  But I'd take a solid 2 walks a day knowing my parents are safe, at the least.  Possibly at the most!  That seems 98% safe and I LIKE those odds.
     I remember in March when this was all starting I was like hmm they're saying 3% die of this at the time (Why was saying, "at the time," if it just was what was going on at the time?), they're saying in the end it'll be like 60, 70% of Americans that may get it... I DON'T like those odds.  And I was like well maybe I have a 1/200 chance of dying considering All Factors... Parents might be like freakin' 1/10 or 1/20... then I learnt to stop worrying and love the pandemic.  Vaguely True Story.  Anyway still got .5 Beer.  Might have A Single Sip now and save the rest for Act II.  That seems Reasonable and Responsible.  SEems like a lot of things with, "R's."  Also who cares what, "The Three R's," are.  Reading writing and 'rithmatic.  Great that teaches me NOTHING.  Yes I already know about those three concepts as studies to learn.  WHy do we need a catchy phrase?  It's not like I'm going to forget the word for, "Reading," and be like, "Well I can't remember the word, and Now I Can't Even re... what was that word again?"  Sure, great, what else is going on.
     Stuff and whatnot.  I dunno.  Alt Lunches are Salmon + Rice &/or Salmon + Noodles.  Maybe just finish beer with this paragraph.  Whose gonna stop me, you?  What would be your motivation &/or method?  Seems pretty futile you'd accomplish stopping me &/OR that you'd even want to!  There we go.  A solid 48 hours or so until there's more beer.  But I accomplished drinking This Past Week's Beer so that's something to be happy and proud about.  I could till drink coffee.  That will impact me in some way or another.  Klonopin &/Or Ritalin waiting in the wings but UNLIKELY.  Figure I'll go with an #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear during upcoming Act Break.  Which one?  I dunno.  How about the one where it's like the guy is in the place and does something someone else gets involved GHOULISHNESS BREAKS OUT and then they all suffer the consequences-- often FITTING and IRONIC.  Oh, right.  EPISODE 34.  Better LTURQ to see what Episode 34 really is!  "MOURNIN' MESS?"  it's a fine episode but I JUST WATCHED IT last night.  Also it happens to be the one episode that EXPLICITLY refers to its monsters as, "Ghouls."  So basically Everything I Just Said In This Paragraph Panned Out.  Be back in a bit.




I'm Forgetting Something

   Oh, right.  I don't know.  Well here we are without beer.  Took a Ritalin!  That should do some sort of trick.  Not sure what yet.  But gotta imagine it does somethin!  Anyway Sandwich + Tots in the cards for today.  Put Tots in oven after this paragraph OR paragraph II.  That feels about right.  Anyway.  What else is going on in the wide world of news.  Looks like we got impeachment tomorrow.  Fear Today, Impeachment Tomorrow!  Corresponding with More Fear.  And followed directly by Some More Fear.  Oh well you get what you give.  I don't remember inspiring fear... Can't Rule It Out Completely, Though.  Even if it was just in my sleep.  Maybe I've been sleep-inspiring fear.  Totally unintentional!  My Bad!  The good news is it just feels like one of those days where I can relax for a solid 50% of it and enjoy some #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear.  I know 50% sounds high but also it's really not that great.  It's just right.
     Oven Use after this paragraph!  Sure!  Here's good news I have a Phone Call Physiatrist Appointment in EXACTLY TWO WEEKS.  That's TWO, "One Weeks," by The Barenaked Ladies Band.  Tomorrow is a NEW MOON.  Glad we got that out of the way, I know you were all wondering what's the upcoming phase of the moon AND when will it occur.  Yeesh!  Where was I.  House.  My house.  That just about covers it.  It'd be nice where I can be AS MY FIRST ACT OF DEFEATING QUARANTINE, I WILL BUY AND INGEST MARIJUANA.  LEGALLY & WHATNOT.  Also we ALL have it in us to Defeat Quarantine.  Here's how you play-- OBSERVE QUARANTINE... wait till you get vaccinated.. GO OUTSIDE!  YOU'VE DONE IT YOU'VE DEFEATED QUARANTINE!  TALK ABOUT A HERO.  Also, thinking about people who can't 100% Quarantine.  OK your job is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.  You may not be able to Defeat Quarantine but You Can DEFEAT PANDEMIC!  Just play by All The Rules and then get Vaccinated and You've Gone Above And Beyond and DEFEATED PANDEMIC!  Oh, right.  Nonsense.
Looks like my parents are Right Now eligible for Vaccine.  Except maybe my Dad!  And my Mom!  My Dad is over 65 but he gets blood infusions and for some reason they're conflicting messages he's getting, that blood infusion makes him INELIGIBLE for some reason.  I don't see the logic on that.  Seems like you're kicking an old man while he's down.  He's confident that in the end though they'll let him.  He has DOCTORS who KNOW his CONDITION and are like sure GO AHEAD and get it!  Also my Mom doesn't wanna leave the house.  But my guess is they'll both get it eventually.  The sooner the better!  The better for THEM.  The better for ME.  The better for AMERICA.  Yes I put Tater Tots in the oven already.  Where do you think This Conversation With My Dad Occurred IF Not Downstairs??   Wouldn't add up other wise.  Downstairs=oven.  Correlation doesn't prove causation.
     Well that means nothing.  Sheldon Adelson died!  I imagine his last words were  Rosebud.  Like the movie?  Get it?  Oop about to d... .  You don't have to imagine it, though!  I already did!  Seems like it would be overkill for more people to imagine it after I already explicitly have.  Well that was a CLUNKER.  At least I could trade it for Cash.  I think that's the lasting legacy from Obama Years?  Cash for clunkers?  I feel like I've said that on Website before.  And it was definitely 2 or 3 years ago if I did say it.  Oh well you don't mess with a classic!  I dunno what kind of bread I will have sandwich with.  White bread probably Expired.  Regular Roll too hearty and my Dad don't want me to use them up.  I guess 2 Dinner Rolls is what I'm left with.  I don't LIKE IT.  But I can LIVE WITH IT.  I can ACCEPT it.  There's really no alternative so we gotta make do with what we got!
    Last paragraph.  Then a nice solid Act Break.  Maybe mix it up and watch some #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  I can RELATE to them because I am DETOXING from alcohol.  Not really.  Maybe a little.  I'm MICRODetoxing.  Which is fun because now I get to relate to Intervention Addicts who are in PAIN because of their drug use and now I'm Like One Of Them!  Two Days A Week Or So!  And only Micro-Like-Them.  I feel very strongly about this.  Anyway.  I think Twitter is missing a real opportunity to get #DumpTrump trending and the focus is to get as many corporations or billionaires to, like it says, #DumpTrump.  It's not enough to be happy with four or 5 Corporations Dumping Trump (and those aligned with Trump).  WE GOTTA GET EVERYONE To Dump Trump. AS WELL AS Trump's Associated Friends and Family of Enablers and Sycophants.  But #DumpTrump is catchy so all that is just IMPLIED.  I'll be back in a bit.




Thank Goodness

   About what?  I dunno just Thank it in general.  Come to think about it I've Always wanted to be the kind of guy who uses the word, "Goodness."  Either explicitly in the phase thank goodness or mayne in some correlating phase.  Iv'e noticed, consciously, I start to call my Mom Ma to get attention.  She's in the other room, I wanna say something, my whole life I would say Mom.  Last few months going just with Ma!  I don't think she likes it.  She doesn't respond to it.  Must be thinking I'm talking to &/or about someone else.  But that's what's going on in my corner of the world.  Anyway diggin' these 2 mini sandwiches as well as these dozen tater tots.  I lost one to Ground Dirt.  Not just fell to the ground, that's fine!  But fell under the counter where there's too much dirt &/or spiders web!  Had to throw it away.  YES the Tots could have been burnt a bit more to the extent burnt is the appropriate word.  These are BARELY Well Done.  JUST LIKE MY WEBSITE.
Yeah!  I can DEFINITELY live with barely well done.  Not just for website but for STEAKS.  It's hard to remember, but the last few years I normally went with Medium Well?  Maybe some Just Well?  Might Well Medium Well Well Medium?  Oh well such is life.  Lookin at Noodles + Salmon or Noodles + Wings tonight.   Don't have to listen for any doorbell today so I can BATHE WHEN I WANT TO.  I realized yesterday that my time showering the last month or two I only close the curtain 2/3rds of the way.  I'm standing on the side of the tub where the Shower Nozzle is.  I have the curtain as far out as is necessary.  But I should be ENCLOSING MYSELF in this area not just giving myself easy access to get in and out of the Standing Up In Tub at my leisure.  I want an IMMERSIVE, SHOWER EXPERIENCE! 
     Wonderful.  Probably gonna re-up with Corn't Beef this upcoming Super Market Delivery Order!  That's just how adequate I found it today as well as last Thursday or Friday when I had Part I of Corn't Beef!  Well I just finished lunch.  And it got me almost halfway through the act!  Man did me and my dad enjoy those Nacho Cheese Doritos.  He tastes the salt.  That's about it.  I taste the powdered nacho cheese!  It's delicious!  Anyway ideally parents can get vaccine over the next few weeks.  Still in limbo on if my Dad can even get it-- and if he can-- maybe it's some extra difficult way that he has to jump through HOOPS (which I believe is a Rodeo Clown Reference) just to get it!  And my Mom is okay with getting it but ON HER TERMS and in the doctor's office of HER choosing.  But gotta imagine their desire for Vaccines will conquer all obstacles.  Probably!  We don't have to imagine it!  Just wait a while!  See if it don't pan out the way I say!
     Penultimate paragraph.  65 years and up!  That means if I stand on top of my brother's shoulders ONE OF US could receive the vaccine.  Probably me.  Whoever is on top.  They'd ask for an Arm presumably to shoot up.  Not a leg.  So its incumbent on The Top to Offer Their Arm for Vaccination Shot.  I remember back in the day when my parents were only 65.  Seems like not so long ago!  It wasn't!  That settles that problem.  Maybe have a breadstick for dessert.  Yes some Dorito Chips: Nacho Flavored would be more delicious but that's out of the equation for now!  Have a nice solid breadstick!  Gotta wait until entry is over!  So I can bring Lunch Plate Down.  Then re-assess how hungry I am & for what!  Anyway also gonna have to re-asses what I'm hungry for in terms of TV Watching.  Same main two options as all last week or two!  Narrowed it down to Probably That!
     Last paragraph.  I don't believe it! I dunno if I want a breadstick.  If anything maybe something sweet.  Maybe a cinnamon stick.  I don't have any cinnamon sticks.  There goes that.  Figure once I take walks outside but refrain from anything else, top out at 2 walks a day.  That's REASONABLE and GOOD FOR HEALTH both IN mind and in BODY.  I wrote Biden Inauguration on January 20 of my PATRIOT CALENDAR.  Only thing I've written on it other than Phone Psychiatrist Appointment that I alluded to earlier this entry.  That's how Excited I am for Inaugurations.  I think the theme is America United.  Lemme LTURQ.  YEP GOT IT.  Nice message!  I was totally able to remember it despite its blandness!  That's how you know something is good!  Wait what's the news on Potential First Cat.  Better LTURQ now.  NO INFO SINCE AT LEAST DECEMBER.  What's the hold up!  This is almost as concerning as no details in the last week from someone about this Terrorist Attack!  First time I called it a Terrorist Attack.  Feels accurate!  Anyway, I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:36 P.M.




Monday, January 11, 2021

Free Website

   Look the point is I'm Facing East as we all should be.  A fourth of the time.  I'd like to see a study of how what percent the average American is looking in any direction.  I bet it's not a 25/25/25/25 split!  THere'd be some curveballs and then the next study would have to find out WHY.  I fee like Facing East is The Best.  Based on What I'm Doing Right Now.  There's a Jacket that calls itself, North Face.  They might also make BackPacks, I don't have all the details.  They're telling us to face north!  THEY'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME... BUT I AM THE BOSS OF YOU.  Face East And That's All There Is To It!  For some reason!  I'm sitting at the desk, facing East, as my Stationary PC and Monitor which I used throughout high school and INTO college.  Normally laptop would be set up facing NORTH for a decade after that.  Now we're facing SOUTH and Laptop has replaced my TV Station.  THESE ARE THE ISSUES THAT KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT.
Anyway yesterday I was goin' to sleep and I was like man all this danger is keeping me up at ni... oop fell asleep.  I didn't actually think oop fell asleep.  I just remember in RETROSPECT.  Being like I know this is keeping people up at night, and now it's keeping me up t... and that's mostly all I remember.  The point is we all need sleep!  Presumably!  That's what I've been led to believe by #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear!  If we don't need sleep WHY BOTHER Problem Solved!  I feel like this isn't unique to me, but I remember in Stuyvesant, having to get up at 6:30 AM or whatever... trying to fall asleep just kept me up at night!  Every minute that passes is A Minute Less Of Sleep and I CAN'T DEAL WITH ALL THIS ANXIETY OVER NOT FALLING ASLEEP IT'S KEEPING ME UP AT NIGHT!!!  I feel like that's universal.  Universal STUDIOS MAYBE.  GOTTEM.
     What else is going on.  Possibly lunch-- Pizza.  Possible lunch-- Half of Pizza and 2 Wings.  Possible lunch-- I'm happy with those two options.  Anyway.  ANxiety over falling asleep legitimately kept me up ALL night.  Go to bed at 12 or 1 or something.  Can't fall asleep until 3.  That's when ya start thinking well at this point fuck it I'll just go on my computer I BLEW MY SHOT AT SLEEP.  I dunno-- 3 AM is still decent still-trying-to-go-to-sleep territory at times.  4 AM DEFINITELY time to give up.  Guess it matters when you need to wake up.  That seems to check out pretty well.  Anyway I got 4 beers for today (just finished 1) and then 2 days without beer and then Hey Week Starts All Over Again How About That.  Beer keeps me sane I guess.  Structures My Week pretty well! 
  Don't think I told you fellas (AND LADIES) yet, but I discovered a great wholesome homecooked remedy for acid-reflux or heartburn or whatever Pepsid was helping me with-- CHEWING GUM.  Both in the sense of it can be called, "Chewing Gum," as a noun, and also using Chewing as a verb in Said Phrase.  Anyway Yeah it really works!  Worked a dozen times so far!  Feel the pain Chew Some Gum alleviates the pain!  Patent my Just Rebranding Chewing Gum as a medicine prescription.  I think if you claim Patent on your website that counts as a patent.  Maybe you need to write out your idea, mail it to yourself, and don't open it.  That's Legally Binding!  That's the rumour I always heard about copywritring music.  If you mail it to yourself and don't open the letter that's legally binding that you came up with it At That Date and all rights to it are yours.  Originally I was like hey that might check out cool.  Then I think through INTUITION And FURTHER INFORMATION that's not a real thing.  Still sounds like fun though!
     Cool!  Looks like there's a lot more violence planned all over the place over the next week or two.  I would just say to Police Associations, imagine it's black people or leftist groups gathering to commit violence.  That's all you need to do, and everything should work out pretty well.  That's MY Hot Take.  Also you know what strike a balance somewhere in the middle!  Maybe you can enforce law and neutralize threats and hold people accountable WITHOUT beating the shit out of them &/or killing them.  Maybe not!  Maybe these threats are so consequential you GOTTA go hard!  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Threats at ALL 50 State Capitols!  How is the FBI supposed to address that!  Maybe they should work with local police and/or national guard I DON'T KNOW.  It'd be nice if someone was coordinating this and that person isn't the person who is inciting the violence!  Gotta imagine SOMEONE'S coordinating this (the Response not The Violence Itself)  from a position of authority!  That'd be my, "Hot," Take.  Be back in a bit!




So Much Good Times

   That's the impression I'm under.  Anyway looks like I'm gonna have lunch in Oh I Don't Know an hour and a half?  What else is going on.  Biden Inauguration is But A Mere SINGLE DIGIT OF DAYS AWAY.  Tomorrow it will be a day even LESS.  Then the day after that even ONE MORE DAY closer!  Then eventually Biden will be inaugurated and that's when the good wholesome clean fun begins!  The good news is-- as long as I'm writing a paragraph pretending to be okay with all that's going on outside-- my lunch LOOKS LIKE half a Portion of Pizza and TWO Buffalo Wings.  Hmm.  As long as I've still got time pretending to be okay with all that's going on outside--- WHEEEEE THIS IS FUN.  This paragraph'll last forever.  Nothing Bad Ever Happens and if it does It Just Don't Last Very Long so why worry!
     Yeah!  Oop new paragraph.  Oh Well What Can Ya Do.  Listen for door bell!  Parents are expecting a delivery from AMAZON: The Company That Is Half Evil, and I have to accept the delivery.  It's a solemn responsibility but the good news is I spelled solemn on my first try.  Not that hard a word.  I think the majority of us can deal with spelling, "Solemn."  You'd thin so, wouldn't you?!?!  Alternate lunch-- Salmon + Noodles.  Solemn reminds me of salmon.  Salmon reminds me I need to finish the salmon I have before it goes bad.  Thinking, "Salmon reminds me I need to finish the salmon I have before it goes bad," makes me think it's a fair alternate lunch opportunity.  I've been relatively happy with the polls coming out since #CoupAttemptWinterTOStartYourYear.  It really feels like a reasonable amount of people agree This Was Bad & Assorted Other, "Hot," Takes based on the last few weeks.  Trump's approval rating down to 33%   But still defend him Republicans gotta assume that'll pay off if we continue to have a Democracy.  Then again, going down with the ship would pay off if we don't continue to have a Democracy. SO that's something to consider, too!  Wonderful.  That wouldn't be going down with the ship, though.  That'd be attempting to prop the ship back up.  Way To Go.  And don't forget, please remember, it's an EVIL CRIMINAL ANTI-DEMOCRACY SHIP!  None of those words are more inflammatory than the reality of the sentiment accurately being conveyed by them!
Hey third paragraph of Act II.  Republicans saying if they don't vote to overthrow election they're scared of supporters threatening them &/or their families.  YOU FUCKIN' PUSSIES.  That's all I have to say about that.  Maybe DON'T become a congressman if your inner narrative is gonna be Oh no I have to  keep doing the wrong thing out of fear.  But continuing to be a congressperson Makes Me Feel Like A Big Man!  So you can see the bind I'm in!  And if you ARE on board with overthrowing election &/or inciting violence &/or coup attempts because you like those ideas... probably should be expelled from congress and senate.  Those seem to be A DISQUALIFYING SET OF PRIORITIES for Democratic Chambers of Government!!!!  That's my, "Hot," Take!  The good news is I'll put lunch in the oven at 2:00.  Eat it at 2:45.  And that's the bottom line!
     Hey great just great.  Makin' some more progress with #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear.  Found out it takes place in SPRINGWOOD, OHIO.  IF THERE EVEN IS SUCH A PLACE.  Better LTURQ.  FICTIONAL?  WHAT?  WHAT KIND OF SCAM IS THIS.  Anyway.  For some reason I haven't gone through a 1 or 2 day #ScreamWinterToStartYourYear.  Those were some of my FAVE Movies when they were released and I was Blooming from a child into an adolescent!  Except for Episode IV!  I saw that when I was ADULT 8 years ago!  Never seen the TV series!  Not really interested in it but if I DO Binge Screams seems only logical I'd give them a shot!  Also Hey great just great.  One's gotta imagine Springwood Ohio is near Boston Township.  In the film.  We just made it abundantly clear Springwood, Ohio isn't real.  But Boston Township IS real.  Sorry for the confusion!  That's MY, "Hot," Take!   Wonderful.  Anyway.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  I don't think we pay enough attention to the fact that the actor who plays Freddy Krueger (Just no actor not a real Dream Killer) is named Robert Englund.  Englund?  That's a dumb name!  Reminds me of England.  That's a dumb country!  Reminds me of American History.  And Present Date Europe.  Can't we all just agree England: The Country &/Or Empire is Dumb For Some Reason?  Also his name is spelled Englund.  That's a LEGITIMATELY DUMBER way to spell England.  I think I've made my point is the point I'm trying to make.  Also SPOILER ALERT it's all just a movie.  None of it is real!  Except for the #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear that's a meta-version and it involves Freddy stalking the people who made the original #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear movies in real life.  That's about 20, 25% real.  That'd be my best guesstimation, at least.  Could easily be less.  COULD BE MORE.  I don't think enough attention is that it could be more than 25% real.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.




I'll Come Up With Something

   One would imagine.  Got lunch in the oven!  Pizza + ONE Wing.  It's the whole spectrum of possibilities AND finishing Pizza!  Not sure what calling Plant Based Imitations Of Meat Impossible.  Look IT'S CLEARLY POSSIBLE.  Because HERE WE ARE.  When you say this is impossible, then the word loses ALL meaning.  Very irresponsible is the piont I'm trying to make.  Anyway lunch'll be ready in 25 minutes.  Most likely corresponding with 3rd or 4th or 5th paragraph of Ac III.  MOST LIKELY.  Not committed 100% to that prediction.  I'd have to know what the odds are what I stand to win &/or lose by this high stakes gamble.  Also SMALLEST WING I Have.  This is just a wing with barely enough meat that it wouldn't be Very Noticeable Not Enough Meat.  I feel very strongly about this!
Yeah!  Here's a thought I have based on the last few days, trying to make yuk-em-ups while thinking about and processing Horror going on outside.  It's a variation of Tragedy + Time = Comedy.  MY equation just goes Tragedy = Comedy.  Or Comedy = Tragedy.  If you're following math Those Should Be The Same.  But this ain't math it's PHILOSOPHY.  Yep that seems to check out more or less.  The point is there's a lot of worry about how much of the military is pro Trump but really we should be concerned about the Space Force.  They owe EVERYTHING to Trump.  Maybe that's what Trump was banking on all along.  He thought he'd live to be 200 and he'd be living on Mars and the Space Force would just let him personally TAKE OVER MARS.  Cracked that code.  Unfortunately.  Probably pretty close to his reasoning in real life.
Well maybe he wants to leave that behind to his family.  His great grand children will own Mars.  I dunno that can't check out what does he care about Great Grand Children.  Not much that'd be my guess!  Anyway here's a scam-- I haven't checked my Queens College E-mail in A DOG'S AGE.  What kind of valuable pertinent spam would I be getting there?!?!  No way of knowing!  Anyway had a nice Frozen Dinner + Bonus Rice last night.  A nice LAMB SAAG.  DELICIOUS.  The point is there's an outside chance I finish entry before lunch.  Got 15 minutes to get there!  It's a race against the clock!  It's a race FOR the clock.  Cause it is a race against the clock but I WANT IT to go over the clock so basically it's a race Against AGAINST THE CLOCK.  I think I've made myself very clear.
Cool!  I saw last week the Metropolitans of Baseball made a huge trade getting a TOP DOZEN SUPERSTAR POSITIONAL PLAYER as well as A REAL DECENT ACE OR #2 PITCHER.  I'd be on board with this presumably if I was invested AT ALL in baseball this week.  Presumably.  That'd be my educated Guesstimate at least.  Where do SPORTS TEAMS come on Attempted Coups.  Gotta imagine 80, 85% of players in the MLB and NFL and NBA and NHL aren't on board!  LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS HEROES YOU'RE IN THE WRONG ON THIS.  Again-- just one man's Educated Guesstimate.  The point is right now top 2 Presets with Guitar Amplification System are Post-Punk and Desert Rock.  Really makes ya think.  What's Post Punk.  I dunno presumably something more identifiable than what's Desert Rock.  That'd be My, "Hot," Take!
     Last paragraph!  Got lunch!  Thinking about skipping the Buffalo Wing.  Put it back in the fridge!  With the rest of the wings!  Changed my mind!  Figure most likely thing to go back to after this entry is #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear &/or #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear.  I saw National Guard will number in at least 10,000 people protecting Biden & Assorted People & Landmarks.  Good!  Hope they keep everyone safe.  That's MY, "Hot," Take.  Anyway BAD NEWS.  Just got a call from Pharmacy asking me if I had enough of a certain medication, because it was last filled in August.  I do!  But upon checking realized I've been taking TWO DOSES of 75 mg instead of One Dose of 75 and One Dose of 37.5!  OH NO MY DEPRESSANTS HAVE BEEN EXCESSIVELY ANTI'D!  This must have been going on for at least a month!  Oh well What Can Ya Do.  In all this stress I decided to eat Bonus Wing.  That'll take my mind off of taking 33% more drug than I should be!
     One bonus paragraph.  Whatta do for dinner.  Perhaps another Frozen Meal + Bonus Rice.  I think it'd be Chicken Tikka Masala.  I LIKE Those Odds!  Ya know what I kinda feel like not being depressed.  To an UNHEALTHY degree.  Ya know how that goes.  Gotta imagine there are Real, Legit consequences to taking too much anti-depressant.  Either emotionally, logically, physiologically... oh well what can ya do.  I should donate some Anti-Depressants to Right Wing Violent Political Overthrow Mob.  They're just mentally ill GIVE EM A BREAK.  Sure I'll give 'em a break I'LL BREAK THEIR NECK!!!  That sort of thing.  The good news is Lunch Was Delicious and that's all that counts during the first third of my day.  To ME.  To you I would imagine almost 99% of things count more than that.  ALMOST.  So over one percent matters to you.  Yes That's MATH Get Off My Back About It!  Best ALT Dinner is salmon + rice!  It's a solemn occasion for di-- nope it's a SALMON OCCASION FOR DINNER.  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:59 P.M.




Sunday, January 10, 2021

Same Time Tomorrow

   Well I guess.  Anyway here we go with another entry.  We're still learning more about the Coup Attempt Winter To Start Your Year.  But it all seems like supplemental information compared to what I learnt reading twitter while it was going on. I Too considered it a real possibility we were looking at mass deaths!  Then I learned nope it wasn't that close.  Then I RE-learned hmm maybe it was kinda close.  Now I'm Learning All Over Again yep very close I was right to feel that way originally.  So we got THAT going for us.  Anyway.  It's like a school shooting I guess.  In School Shooting, do the Shooters know who they're gonna kill ahead of time, or do are they just Going With The Moment and killing more or less Whoever's Convenient.  I know in Columbine they had a List.  I feel like a lot of these New Wave Teenage Mass Murderers are playing it by ear, though!  Makes ya think.
Now that I think about it, maybe anonymity would protect MOST congress people and senators.  Your Average Violent Mob'll be able to identify maybe a dozen of the top congresspeople and senators, at best!  Sure those paramilitary people have probably Read Up on Identifying CongressPeople.  But they're the exception that proves the rule!  Anyway.  Every congressperson needs to have a Viking Helmet in their office so if anyone storms in they can quickly put it on and be like SEE I'M ONE OF YOU.  Also I want NUMBERS how many people were Qnon how many were neo nazis how many were ex police &/or ex military.  Gimme some Stats STAT.  Sure there can be overlap.  I'm sure there's lots of overlap!  How many are just Law & Order Conservatives.  Gotta imagine there's a few dozen that were like WE'RE STORMING THE CAPITAL TO KILL PEOPLE INCLUDING POLICE TO PROTEST COLIN KAEPERNICK.  BLUE LIVES MATTER!
  Did the people Ready To Assassinate Congress People also have a list of people who were OKAY.  Like they come across some congress person and they consult the list and they're like no you're cool.  Get Goin!  Gotta imagine that explains a lot of Republican's reactions the last few days.  They're banking on being, "Cool," so they could, "Get Goin!," next time this happens!  Anyway.  Gotta imagine there'd be some violent rioters who just wanna Max Out and kill all they can.  Also that's my Tribute Band to Quiet Riot.  Violent Riot.  So close to a slant rhyme.  So, so close.  STRONGLY considering Noodles for lunch.  Either with your Standard Salmon or MAYBE with left over Roast Chicken.  Probably salmon!  It's easier!  You know that sort of thing.  Then again I'd rather eat Roast Chicken.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Wonderful!  Maybe put that chicken in oven in about half an hour.  Eat it about an hour after that.  Cook noodles to line up to be ready at same time as chicken.
     Wonderful.  I like that these guys like ALL the flags.  I musta seen half a dozen flags here!  Look at some point if you're on board with EVERY FLAG it kinda loses all meaning.  Two flags at most!  And really it should be only one if we're taking thigns seriously.  But I can see making a case for being on board with 2 flags.  Three?  You're REALLY PUSHING IT with three flags!  SIX?  THAT SOUNDS HORRIFYING I DON'T WANNA PARTICIPATE IN ANY ENTERPRISE TALKIN' BOUT SIX FLAGS.  Unless if there's roller coasters.  Those are fun!  Anyway they should need to clarify WHICH SIX FLAGS.  I don't think that's too much to ask for!  Maybe delay lunch a little bit more than I had told you I was anticipating.  Not quite hungry yet!  Not quite hungrey yet indeed!  Also that's my Better Tribute Band to Quiet Riot.  Quite Riot.  You know that sort of thing.  Let's Move On From This Paragraph.
Cool!  I watched WILLAIRD yesterday.  I liked the part where hey that Ernest Borgnine has got a lot going for him.  No other Ernest Borgnine in the world, he's got being Ernest Borgnine NAILED.  Wonderful.  Movie about killer rats.  Movie about killer dogs.  Segment in one of those Horror Anthologies about a killer cat.  Mouse cat Dog.  All can be killers!  Watch out for them!  Having trouble thinking of a movie with a Killer Horse.  Like Secretariat but a Slasher Film.  Horse is killing people.  Maybe By Slashing.  Haven't Worked Out The Kinks Yet.  Well now I REALLY wanna see if there HAS been a movie about a killer horse.  LMLTURQ.  I dunno didn't see anything at first glance.  Also apparently in my mind it goes Mouse--Cat--Dog--Horse.  IF you know a better animal to form a quartet with mice/cat/dog, I'd LIKE TO HEAR IT.  Maybe some sort of elephant.  I'm just trying to think of Other Pets The Simpsons Have Had Over The Years.  that's about it per my understanding.  ANOTHER dog.  So according to the SImpsons, the universal chain of command goes Mouse/cat/dog/other dog/horse/elephant.  Time to take a break.





That'll Do The Trick

   Simpsons have had a pet MONKEY, a pet PIG, pet Gerbil... I THINK I'VE MADE MY POINT.  Time for act II.  SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING Pick @ Communal Roast Chicken + Noodles for lunch!  In about an hour!  Maybe a little bit more than an hour!  Those are my two best guesses!  What constitutes, "About an hour," and how does that differentiate from, "A little bit more than an hour!"  About an hour is 50-70 minutes!  A little bit more than an hour is 70-90 minutes!  I know an hour and a half SOUNDS like it's Too Much for, "Half an hour," but in this time of great uncertainty its incumbent upon us to loosen our definitions of Time Frames for some reason.  Anwyway just looked at my calendar.  My Patriotic American calendar.  If only Republicans can be as patriotic as my 2021 calendar.  Someone should send them all a free 2021 Patriotic Calendar then MAYBE they'd see what life is like for US REAL AMERICANS.
     Something along those lines.  "For Amber Waves Of Grain," is the quote for JANUARY.  Gotta assume December was, "For purple mountain's majesty."  Better LTURQ.  NOPE, "O Beautiful For Spacious Skies."  When does Purple Mountains come into play.  FEBRUARY.  We got that to look forward to in just a few short weeks!  D12 had a song after Eminem's immediate success either called Purple Hills or Purple Pills.  I think one was the, "Explicit," version and one was the, "Radio," version.  But I can't remember which was which.  Anyway, purple hills = purple mountains.  Cracked that code and it only took me TWENTY ONE YEARS.  Anyway too bad for D12.  I bet they were hoping with the Smash Success of, "Purple Hills," they'd be on the same Fast Track To Success their member Eminem had been!  Didn't pan out that way!  Gotta imagine there's at least one of them coming up on an #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Took too many purple pills.  Also if you're taking pills you should be able to identify pills beyond what color they are.  That's my, "Hot," Take!  Wonderful.  THe pint is D12 Banked IT All On February and it didn't work out, such is life!  Figure I'll put chicken in oven about 10 minutes from this very minute.  I LIKE those odds. 
     Wonderful!  Gotta imagine at some point Biden will be president and we won't all be fearing for our lives 24/7.  I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  Hey it's Sunday.  I feel like over the last week you could have told me Any Day was ANY DAY OF THE WEEK and I'd believe you.  Any recent day, you could have told me On That Day that it was Any Of The Days Of The Week, I would have believed you.  I said it TWICE because I figured after 2 times you'd have worked out the kinks on what that means.  Just one sentence and you're like days of the week Huh?  Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger is ANTI FASCIST.  I woulda guessed that but its always nice to know Just For Sure.  What else is going on.  Also this guy is over 70 years old but he could probably beat up half a dozen fascists at a time.  I'd draw the line at around 4-6 of your Standard Fascists, Arnold can take them.  Even more with the Conan Sword!  I dunno, was that part of his preparing for the film?  He actually underwent SWORD TRAINING?  I could easily see it going either way.  Probably doesn't need to know how to use/handle it beyond it being a prop but if you're a Legit Actor wouldn't you be like NO I WANNA GET INTO CHARACTER I MUST KNOW HOW TO SWORD FIGHT WHY IT'S ONLY LIKE FENCING BUT ACTUAL DANGER.
Probably.  Based on nothing, I think half the Republicans in the house and senate are just defending Trump out of habit.  For many there really is no good reason to support him, either because of consequences &/or its behavior you're truly on &/or not on board for... they're just like well we're on Team Republican, Trump is still Head Republican, figure we'll just keep doin' what we've been doin...  I could be wrong.  Maybe half of them are evil fascists who are, "Okay," with coups and violence!  Wouldn't surprise me!  Well, half of them would surprise me.  20-25% of them wouldn't surprise me!  But the good news is We Have To MOve Forward In Unity!  Uniting Democrats and Sane Republicans to marginalize all the fascist republicans!  Sounds like a good Unitarian.  Almost as good as the church!  Maybe even BETTER than the church!
     Wonderful!  Oh right Chicken.  BRB.  Goldfish are a pet some families have.  I don't see why.  Nothing more boring tahn a goldfish.  Swims around in small tank.  Great.  Goldfish got NO CHARACTER.  NO PERSONALITY.  Don't respond to you in ANY WAY.  What's appealing about a goldfish?  Sounds like a crappy title to a crappy book of poems.  Presumably having a crappy poem called, "What's appealing about a goldfish?"  That settles that.  Reminds me of J D Salinger.  Had a story called, "A Perfect Day For Bananafish."  Well we just cracked the code of why that sounds like something to me.  Oh well time to move forward with unity.  Every time I exhibit bad behavior, before any consequences can occur, I yell out to nobody in particular GOTTA MOVE FORWARD WITH UNITY!!  Also The Worse The Behavior, the more important it is That We Move On With Unity.  That's just common sense!  I'll be back in a bit!





One For The Ages

   Got some lunch going on!  Chicken + Noodles.  Noodles are Still Too Hot Right Now!  Chicken is GOOD but there's Slim Pickins!  I wonder which came first, the phrase or the man.  I LTURQ!  Slim Pickens IS a person which is all Y wanted to know.  Anyway, yeha, there' a fair amount of chicken left, but it's 75% fat.  Which is Delicous but not very healthy or filling.  Gonna try to leave over hte majority of the fat.  Great.  I guess I can watch some IT: The Horror Franchise today.  Over the last fwe months, I watched half of Part II (having seen it before in theaters), then a week or two later, half of Part I.  So basically Parts I and III out of IV Parts.  Those some well done movies.  I like the half with Kids, though.  I CAN RELATE TO THAT.  I was once a kid.  ADults?  NOt sure if I can relate to that.  I'M ONLY THIRTY TWO AFTER ALL.  Also being terrorized by a supernatural clown?  I can RELATE to taht.  As a child!  Not as an ADULT being terrorized by a super natural clown!  Just doesn't add up!
Wonderful.  Just found a nice Reserve Of CHicken!  DElicious!  First thought was Slim Pickens was a poker player.  Then that he was a folk musician.  Then google said Rodeo Clown.  Not sure why I would know a Rodeo Clown by name.  Apparently he was an actor in addition to being a rodeo clown.  BUt A RODEO CLOWN FIRST.  That's his motto!  Presumably!  That's one way why Google would remember him this way!  If that specifically was his motto!  What else is going on.  Fingers VERY greasy and I'm All Over My Keyboard With My Fingers.  Gotta imagine that's not gonna pan out in the long run.  Anyway this week very possible I'll have an UNPRECEDANTED THREE Bowl 'O Noodles.  Gotta imagine in forty years they'll make an ITS III.  And it's elderly versions of them.  In real life!  Real life actors but its elderly.  Well that would work if its the ADULT VERSION OF THE CHARACTEDS.  You can also add another 30 years to THAT so you can have THE KID ACTORS VERSION AS ELDERLY VERSIONS.  So basically your options are wide open IT'S A GOOD TIME TO BE ALIVE.
Yeah!  At some point Donald Trump WON'T be, "It," anymore.  What else can be a Terrifying Clown?  Slim Pickens?  He's a RODEO clown you Dummy.  Totally different thing!  Rodeo Clowns are there to amuse the animals, right?  Something like that.  Better LTURQ what a Rodeo Clown is.  He's a bullfighter (someone who taunts bulls and ultimately physically assaults them) and a PERSON entertainer.  No enteratinng animals.  Gotta imagine that'd make things a lot easier on the animals being exploited at rodeos.  At least give them entertainment themselves!  What else is going on and crap.  I think we should go back in time and Change THe One Thing That Would Make Slim Pickens A Folk Singer Instead Of A Rodeo Clown (&/Or Actor).  HOLY SHIT great idea for a movie.  A team of people who discovered time travel and they figured out how to go back in time OVER AND OVER AGAIN and change things JUST RIGHT to concoted THEIR PERFECT WORLD.  The balls in your court, hollyweird!  Just remember I CAME UP WITH IT.  I don't need MONEY I just need Private Accolades!
    Also HAVE PEOPLE DONE THAT IN REAL LIFE?  We're just living in a Perfect World For People Who Made It This Way Consciously.  FUCK THAT CHECKS OUT.  That seems like a likely scenerio if time travel exists but I've never seen that idea brought forth before explicitly!  The good news is WHO CARES LETS FOCUS ON RIGHT NOW LUNCHES.  The other good news is Yes Lunch Is Just About Over but now we can Focus On Dinners Right Now!  Anyway how far away are we from #LegalMarijuanaInNewYorkWinterToStartYourYear.  Is it actually possible we get it IN THIS WINTER (which starts all of our years)?  Or later this year??? Or ever?  Man Oh Man I'd enjo that for 36 hours, looking forward to it, and then the last 10 minteus being like NOPE THIS STILL AIN'T FOR ME ANYMORE.  Sounds like a fun Anticipation!  I think it's interesting that even when eating Chicken we go Straight For The Breast.  Also I don't get the reasoning of yep men like breasts because of primal infant urges for breast feeding.  They do know women sometimes breast feed too, right?  Straight up Genetic women or identifying as women.  Straight or gay...  The point is SOME people are into boobs but other people aren't.  EXPLAIN YOURSELVES.
     Yep.  Seems to check out.  Marijuana opens our MINDS.  And our first thought goes straight to Bo... WAIT NO IT WENT STRAIGHT TO LUNCH.  I'm having chicken breast for lunch.  That's the DEFINING factor that led to that paragraph.  SHOWS HOW MUCH YOU KNOW.  Thought That Just Occurred To Me-- I wonder why bestiality isn't more common.  WELL SEE YA FOLKS.  I think I still have a Mealsworth of Pizza.  That could be a nice, "Fun," Dinner.  Have LOTS of Ribs in the freezer.  GOtta imagine I'll eat those at some point.  Anyway I saw PARLER got shut down.  I'd like to turn Trump Supporters onto mIRC.  Is that a thing anymore.  Used to be this program where you had, "Chat ROoms," but it wasn't AOL.  It was COOLER and MORE TECH SAVVY than AOL, or at least it had that aesthetic.  Lemme LTURQ.  Looks like it still exists.  WELL glad we got to the bottom of THAT.  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-2:44 P.M.





Saturday, January 9, 2021

I Know I Read This...

   Well, sort of!  Sorta just browse through it wily-nily.  I don't really, "Get," the rhythm of following it sentence by sentence.  Anyway Bad News I Am Down To One Wearable Sock.  I must ave more socks somewhere but where they are is not known to me at this time!  There's one No Hole Sock.  There's one Pretty Big Hole Sock, like three or four toes wide!  Then there's a third Sock Where There's A  Whole BIGGER Than The Whole Where It's Just The Side You Put Your Foot In.  So basically not going well here at my house.  Normally I don't give a fig about wearing socks, in the present or in the past.  But when I'm CircleWalking in my room, the friction between my non-socked feet and the floor is kinda SLIPPERY or something.  I don't lke it!  I was able to live with it today!  Maybe I can live with it tomorrow!  Better than Dying With It!  Presumably!
     Cool!  Skipped lunch yesterday.  Had communal roast chicken.  Lunch today may be a Finish Roast Chicken But Gotta Figure Out Some Good Sides (perhaps even a 1B Main Dish.)  Amount of chicken is such that the meal would be made better, all things being equal, with another Half A Regular Main Dish.  And I DUNNO what to do about that!  My Current Plan is to Save Chicken Until Such a Bonus Half Main Dish comes to me naturally.  Anyway.  Is it possible we can do a Citizen's Impeachment of Donald Trump: By Far The Worst President Ever?  I mean, Removal.  He will be impeached yet again almost definitely per my understanding.  But We as CITIZENS want to participate.  We thought we were doing that by voting but most of us aren't in swing states.  So nope we really only have a say if there IS a Citizens 25 Amendment Per say.  What makes YOU GUYS in the Cabinet so special?  I live here and do an important job (Website) and I THINK HE'S INCAPABLE OF FULFILLING HIS ROLE RESPONSIBLY.  there that should get the ball rolling.
Yeah!  What are we down to in days until Regular Changing of Guards.  11?  12?  I'd bet FORTY DOLLARS it's either 11 or 12.  Better LTURQ.  ELEVEN.  You owe me 40 dollars!  You agreed to the bet by not immediately closing the window and running SpamCheck.  VirusAlert.  MalwareRemoval.  That sort of thing.  Also if we impeach him before 11 days and then move to convict him after Joe Biden is president, GREAT!  MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!  We're not doing this for lower-case political reasons, but for LAW &/OR ORDER REASONS.  I mean, the law &/or reasons would dictate we can get his removal accomplished immediately.  But you get the point.  Anyway LUNCH right what's the deal with that.  Woke up earlier than yesterday but later than 2 days ago.  Wait a second.  That doesn't check out.  If I woke up earlier than yesterday that means I woke up SOMEHOW on a day BEFORE JANUARY 8th 2021 JUST NOW.  NO THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN I HOPE.  I've got enough on my mind than having to deal with time travel.  Also if you were suddenly Time Traveled, how seriously would you take the responsibility to Not Change Anything Important.  Who cares go have fun this is your life I ain't here to tell you want to do re: Time Travel Considerations.
     Gotta imagine there'll be better security from now on At Things, right?
  That'd be my inclination.  What else.  I think it's bad that when I was watching The Exorcist, one of my main thoughts was ya know what, I can relate to the characters in this movie PRETTY SIGNIFICANTLY.  Never struck that chord with me in the past.  But now YEAH this all makes sense to me.  I mean the PLOT is different than my experience.  But the characters WITHIN the plot and parts of their INNER CONFLICTS I'm like yep that checks out.  WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME DIMI.  That's Me and My Mom SPOT ON!  Not really.  Only to the extent that when you watch ANY movie its natural to see stuff in it you can relate to.  This is just the latest movie!  And it's a well done movie!  And I've seen it a lot so characters' characteristic conflicts sink in more!  What else is going on and crap.  This paragraph is over.  Hey so it is.
Cool!  First time in A Dog's Age I went without either Lunch &/or Dinner.  I liked it!  Made me feel like a Big Man.  Also how come no one ever talks about the incident of Curt Schilling's bleeding foot in Very Key Baseball Playoff Game being the EMBODIMENT of the team name Red Sox.  That's what it means.  The only thing it could mean.  Blood is red.  Red socks.  We get one person who famously has a bloody sock in a major league game (in a VERY KEY PLAYOFF GAME) and they're on the Red Sox.  Also, White Sox.  NON Bloody socks!  Those are the two colors socks can be.  Either you're bleeding through the socks or they're just regular relatively clean socks!  I was talking about socks back in the first paragraph.  Remember?  Anyway funny how things work out like that.  Hey that was an entire paragraph!  This One!  I'll be back in a little bit.




A Little Bit Funny

   Well I know several lunches that may be in the cards.  We're talkin Noodle + Slamon, we're talkin' Bagel + Egg, we're talkin Probably + That's + The + Most + Likely + Best + Two + Options.  Anyway, also lookin' like Communal Meatloaf tonight.  Which is a good reason to leave over .5 MainDishChicken.  Decent chance there's a bonus slice of Meatloaf left over.  That's PERFECT as a 50% MainDishMeal.  So basically everything in MY life is going pretty swimmingly.  Anyway.  Housing Development I live at Has A Pool.  Outdoor pool.  Underground Pool!  Either 3 feet underground or up to 5 feet underground.  It's a SLANT pool.  That way you can have kids in the shallow end and not worry too much about drowning.  But the BIG KIDS and Adults can enjoy a Deeper Pool that has a 5 foot depth.  Oh, right.  Swimmingly.  I went swimming there a dozen times over the last 10 years.  It's fun but also there's part of it where its like these life guards are judging me too much.  Whether I'm simply floating around or doing strokes or laying on my back.  They're Taking Note Of Everything I Do and I wish I was just alone!
     What else.
  I think ideally the way this historic moment is supposed to be like Trump incites violence and sedition in desperate attempt to overthrow government and then IMMEDIATELY its like nope you can't do that and Trump is like yes I can and we're HOPEFULLY like we're taking away your power immediately and you will face charges slightly after that and we're putting a lid on this entire four year enterprise. And Trump is like Dam.  That's how it plays out in my head.  And then in history it's like well He Clearly Shouldn't Have Done That.  Got what he deserved and to be honest he deserves MORE and he's deserved it his entire term!   Got what he deserved!!!  ...Anyway then President Biden took over and that's when the FUN really starts!  Not as a euphemism for chaos or something.  NO! BIDEN BEING PRESIDENT LEADS TO REAL GOOD WHOLESOME FUN!!!  That's MY hot take.  Anyway if Donald Trump is holding our country underwater in the pool trying to drown us, who is the life guard that will STARE AT HIM JUDGING HIS EVERY MOVE.
     Life Guard is a metaphor for History.  Unfortunately.  I'd rather have A Real Person too but what can ya do!  Anyway third paragraph of Act II.  Leaning towards Bagel + Egg for Act III.  You know that sort of thing.  Was watching NightMare On Elm Street V.  How come every single year they forget about Freddy Krueger and then are reminded again one by one by death.  Every year there's an, "Episode," of half a dozen or more kids dying from Freddy Krueger and its all anyone can talk about but then 12 months later in the new movie its a blank slate again and they're like Freddy who? Never heard of him!  And it's not just like each Single Year Generation knows about it.  EVERY YEAR HALF A DOZEN OR MORE TEENAGERS DIE IN THEIR SLEEP.  PEOPLE SHOULD BE TAKING NOTICE OF THIS and it should remain THE TOP STORY for as long as that Elm Street Street continues to exist!  I'm under the impression, "Elm," is some sort of Tree.  Prove me wrong!
Cool!  Look I don't know what's Biden's Next Four Years will be like but I DO know MARTY WALSH GONNA KNOCK SHIT OUT OF THE PARK.  I used to have a psychiatrist named Walsh!  Looked a lot like Jane Lynch of Entertainment Fame.  That's MY hot take from that year and a half.  Back then they said I had BiPolar Disorder.  Now they don't!  Oh what fools they were.  Now they say I have somethin' else. I forget.  I'm not defined by my mental illness!!! ... I'm defined by the dozen drugs I Take BECAUSE of my Mental Illness.  Yep that seems to check out!  Anyway.  Gonna have a decently timed lunch.  Roughly around 2:00 PM.  All things being equal that's Right On Time!  Speaking of drugs I'M ALL OUT OF PEPSIDS.  They help with my HEART BURN or ACID REFLUX.  Again-- doesn't matter what my symptoms are called-- all that matters is I take Pepsid once or twice a day to NEUTRALIZE the symptoms.  And it works!  Momentarily!  And I'm gonna have to go several days or a week without them!  Yeah!
     Cool.  Had 3 beers the first two days of BeerWeek (mostly corresponding to Regular WeekEnd).  Three days of four beers each left over!  Give or take a beer here or there more or less would be my guess sort of.  Nice sentence.  Thanks I Thought So Too.  What else is going on.  Definitely leaning towards a Bagel + Eggs.  Not too heavily.  They're 20 feet away at least.  All the way Downstairs and in the Kitchen and in the Fridge and Freezer.  I'm not physically leaning in that direction is the point I'm trying to make, and if I am, it's very minute that it's not even noticeable.  Anyway gonna go with some #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear after this paragraph.  Which episode?  Maybe he Lou Diamond Phillips episode.  IT's fine!  Rare episode compared to other episodes I watch, though.  Feel like I could stand watching it now.  Then again No I Don't.  This is a real conundrum!  Either way, I'll be back in a bit.




I Can Do This All Lunch Long

   And then some!  GOt lunch going for me.  Egg + Bagel = Delicious!  What kinda entertainment I got going for me after this Act.  We're talkin more #TVOnTheComputer.  Go back to some #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Don't blame me that 20% of them are dead by now by suicide or overdose!  They signed their rights away and now we own their life rights.  Whatever they do with their life after life rights are inconsequential to me!  Also LOOK I can make educated guesses on whether this person may be one who overdoses or suicides and some who are like well I don't think they're likely to suicide &/or overdose.  And the point is I'd Still Watch Both of Em but I KNOW half the time They're Probably Okay!
    Made it about 40% through the Recent Incarnation of I'll Spit On Your Graves.  Mostly almost close to halfway through the 2nd one out of 3!  Yeah!  Anyway toasted this bagel Pretty Optimally, as well as cooked eggs Very Solidly.  What else.  I can see myself, "Digging," an hour or 3 of #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  WAtched an episode or two of Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction: The TV show yesterday or the day befoer.  And I'm sorry This Is Just Too Not Good At All!  Brings back sense memories of dinner while watching it on FOX 2 decades ago.  Garden of Eden take out.  Which is a nice mid-high shelf restaurant.  Gettin' some sort of sliced steak on garlic bread.  I'd re-up with some sliced steak with garlic bread RIGHT NOW even if I had to watch Beyond Belief: The TV Show: Fact Or Fiction just to eat it!
Cool.  I'd sacrifice a lot of my free time if it meant I was getting Good, Unique-during-pandemic, Meals.  Anyway, how is CoronaVirus going.  I dunno about you guys but I'm still against it.  Anyway figured out why Devil possessed Reagan.  They lived down the street from Monastery!  It was the devil's plan all along to go at it with Priest I wanna say his name is DEMI?  That's what his mother calls him at least.  Anyway.  One other thought I have had is maybe the devil is a Star Fucker because Reagan's mom is a famous movie star.  Which may also be true!  What else.  I can't wait to see whether the police are on Our Side or on the White Nationalist Trumpist side.  As of now I can see it going either way and man oh man am I HEAVILY INVESTED in how this one turns out!  What else is going on.  I can, "Dig," taking a bath &/or shower after this entry.  Probably one or two #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear (with skipping interventions-themselves-maybes?) first and THEN cleanse myself through the magic of soap, water, and shampoo!
     Yeah!  Penultimate paragraph!  THe point is Biden was just one year younger than me when he saw The Exorcist for the first time.  Presumably.  That's part of my Joe Biden Fan-Fic.  He was a movie buff most his life and particularly liked 1970's horror movie franchises.  Look the point is I dunno how, "into," film Joe Biden was/is but he SHOULD BE ABLE TO tell us some films in his top 10 (dozen?).  I'd like to see him follow up on this because I need more information on whether I should support Joe Biden or not.  He already won the presidency.  He will be inaugurated in a week and a half.  Too late to hold your support based on his Favorite Movies.  Oh well-- better later than never!  I don't think I'm asking for too much.  Ugh.  What else is going on and crap.
  Marty Walsh!  I'm gonna shout out praise for Marty Walsh from THE ROOF TOPS.  This guy is gonna GET.  The.  JOB DONE.  MAYOR Marty Walsh.  Lest we forget he was the mayor of Boston Township!  I feel like the complete title for Boston: The City is, "Boston Township."  That's just nonsense but I feel like I wanna LTURQ anyway.  There is a Boston Township in Summit County in Ohio.  Oh so THAT'S what I was thinking of.  Saw they removed Trump from twitter.  You can take the Trump out of twitter, but you can't take the twitter out of Trump.  I dunno.  Maybe you can.  That'd be preferable if you could.  I ain't here to tell you how to do your jobs!  Since realizing I love Meat Loaf in mini sandwiches I STRUGGLE with whether I should have ONE of my TWO slices of MEatloaf as a mini sandwich with Dinner Roll or just GO FOR IT and have BOTH slices with Dinner Rolls (costing me An Extra Dinner ROll.)  That's a way to end the entry!  See ya tomorrow!

-2:51 P.M.




Friday, January 8, 2021

This Is My Website

   Wait I'm not sure about that.  I HOPE so, at least.  Anyway saw they're aiming for Impeaching Next Week (Impeaching TRUMP next week as a time frame, not that they're going to impeach either the Concept of, "Next Week," or the time period of Specifically The Next Week itself.)  Per My Understandings.  Also impeaching starting Monday is LIKE doing it right away but An Extra 72 Hours.  That's My Hot Take Calculations.  I dunno as far as I know They ARE Impeaching Next Week IN and of itself.  I think most likely is they're impeaching Trump next week.  Then next likely is they're impeaching Next Week Itself.  Then third most likely is they're impeaching the concept of any, "Next Week."  All Hot Takes, All The Time.  That's my motto!
     I think Trump would be okay with being impeached.  He can be like well look they impeached me twice, one impeachment cancels the other impeachment out, these are just words... These words, why do they have power on u... the point is Trump Post Presidency turns into Michael Richards saying the N-word repeatedly in a comedy routine and then trying to walk it back.  So.  Like he was Pre and During Presidency.  Yeah more or less.  And that's a BEST CASE scenario.  That's Trumps DREAM Post-Presidency Scenario.  That he's got as much cultural and political capital (and coming from the same places) as Michael Richards using the N Word 24/7.  Don't like it!  I don't think he shuold have any cultural or political capital at all.  NOt after he incited violence on OUR "CAPITOL."  It's the same word except for one letter!  Very very similar words!  Can't get Much More Similar without it Being The Same!
     Trump tweeting in Caps all the time.  Insurrection on Capitol being the bookend of his presidency.  There's somethin' there that needs to be explored.  Trump HIMSELF was radicalized by using too many capital letters!  I lost track if this is funny at all or just weird.  #CrazysheetWinterToStartYourYear.  Aiming for a nice Bagel & Egg for lunch today.  Woke up Very Late today.  We're talking Past 11 AM.  We're talkin Lunch gonna be around 4 PM.  We're talkin I dunno about dinner could go either way, regular time or later time, still remains to be seen!  Anyway.  Seeing them NOW go back and arresting people Stormed Capital now that they've returned to their homes, reminds me of Oceans 12.  The people got away with the robbery great!  But then the Casino Owner Methodologically tracks them down one by one!  And makes them commit One Last Con which now HE will profit from.  That's kind of what's happening here, right?  I got my hopes up thinking the authorities were rounding them up to penalize them.  Maybe they just wanna get the gang back together but this time Storm Some Other Place I dunno I wanna say THE AEROSPACE MUSEUM?  Hmm.  Get a load of this!  It REALLY IS called The Air & Space Museum!  I thought THAT would have been the Joke Way to reference it.  I thought I was going with the REAL name by saying Aerospace Museum.  Now I just look like I have egg on my face so to speak.
  Why is it so bad to have egg on your face.  I mean sure you have to wash your face off but I can imagine worse things happening.  Watchin some #TheExorcistWinterToStartYourYear and I've watched it enough times that it don't scare me too much anymore!  Hey you're about to show the shot of Head Twisting Around?  The JOKES ON YOU I'M JUST GONNA TURN AWAY FROM THE SCREEN.  Also I've got better ways to not see this other than TURNING MY HEAD (IT WOULD BE THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SCENE HOLY SHIT BUT ONLY 90 DEGREE AT MOST NOT 180!!!)  Anyway the way I go about things, instead of turning my head, I put my hand/fingers in front of my eyeline and cover up parts of the screen.  With my fingers!  Then I take turns closing one eye at a time and seeing how that effects my eye line and covering up bits of TV with obstructions.  I might get a small glimpse of PART Of the ScaryStuff but Mostly I'm SAFE FROM IT COMPLETELY.  I feel like I can turn my head MORE than 90 degrees.  I wonder if they've done studied and are like average human can turn their head/neck THIS AMOUNT of Degree. Must be, right?  I imagine its uniform and it's an Interesting Factoid.  Better LTURQ.  Wait no.  Upon further introspection I can't even get to 90 degree.  Maybe like 80, 85 degree at most.  Better CONTINUE LTURQ.  Lotta conflicting accounts here! ONE account said 80 Degrees which I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE because it was ONE OF MY FIRST GUESSES.
     OK!  I dunno maybe I CAN twist more than 90 degrees.  I've Raised More Questions Than I Have Answered.  Cool!  I would be TOTALLY JUSTIFIED in eating lunch with Act II.  But EVEN MORE Totally Justified in eating lunch with Act III.  I'm sorry but I Call 'Em Like I See 'Em and that's what I'm Seein' Today Re: Lunch &/or Acts.  I feel like we've been encouraged by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David to let Michael Richards off the hook so Oh Well What Can Ya Do.  Where do Jason Alexander and Julia Louie Dreyfus stand on Michael Richards?  I dunno better LTURQ.  Looks like they're not In Every Single Google Story EXPLICITLY ANTI-MICHAEL RICHARDS.  So in my mind that's a Tacit Endorsement of Michael Richards.  So we got that going for us is the point I guess.  I'll be back in a bit!





It'll Be Okay

   Wait no I'm not.  Such is life!  Had 3 Beers yesterday.  Best way to go about rest of week is 3 days of 4 beer, 1 day of 3 beer through Oh I Don't Know MONDAY.  I saw Labor Secretary: The Position will be filled by someone Bernie handpicked &/or handapproved &/or Bernie may not have control over his hand(s?) but is, "Down," with this person anyway.  So that's pretty good!  I like politics because you don't need to know anything over time.  All you need to do is Know Enough at ONE SINGLE moment in time, and then after that, just be like well what & who ever I was down with At That One Moment I was Hip To Things, just trust THEIR judgment beyond That One Moment.  It's FUN because it's EASY and also it takes away ANY PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.   Also DO NOT TRUST, "CAPTAIN HOWDY."  ITS A SCAM TRUST ME.   What else is going on.  He's Captain Howdy because he wants to get to know you.  Howdy!  Nice fun way to say, "Hello."  No harm there!
    Yeah!  Egg & Bagel during Act III presumably.  Also based on what I can tell, in The Exorcist, in the beginning, Reagan had a mass produced official Oigia Board.  Not one she made her self.  She bought this in a store.  Gotta imagine she'd have some justification in SUING MILTON BRADLEY based on her possession, right?  THey KNOW they're risking Demonic Possession but there's no warning on the box!  Maybe there is!  There should be!  Not only would that rid them of criminal liability, but it just makes Buying it even MORE enticing!  Hey WE MIGHT GET POSSESSED, THIS MUST BE THE REAL DEAL.  I'LL TAKE TEN.  Also then you're distributing out 9 Boards to your friends and neighbors.  What else could you get out of multiple boards?  Doesn't make sense!  I have a Oijia Board!  Probably tried to use it (Not even HALF Heartedly) 3 or 4 times and Nothin'!  Not as far as I remember.  Maybe it pulled an, "Us," and I'm the Demon it conjured 22 years ago.  PROBABLY not though.  Then again that's exactly what I'd be saying Even If SO.
Yeah!  Is that a Spoiler Alert Territory?  Yeah sure what can ya do.  That's the height of malevolence my secret-inner-demon wields.  MISSING SPOILER ALERTS.  Anyway, what else is giong on and crap.  I assume when Biden introduces (introduced?) Labor Secretary Marty Walsh of Previous Mayor of Boston Fame they play the Drop Kick Murphys in the back ground.  I assume lots of things!  Not really that one, though!  That was more in jest!  But there ARE Things that I assume even if I don't do so explicitly On The Website!  How come there's not ONE episode of #InteventionWinterToStartYourYear where it's like ya know what, in this once specific case, this subject is doing REALLLLY WELL with their addiction.  Totally improving the quality of their lives, they got it under control, and they're excelling!  Every now and then potential Interventions come across a case where they're wrong, the subject should continue their addiction, but IT DOES HAPPEN.  That'd be my guess?
     Cool!  The crazy thing is I'd say there's an over 50% I've BEEN TO the Air & Space Museum.  Went to DC for 4 or 6 days back in Oh I Don't Know 1997.  Definitely went to Holocaust Museum and I FEEL like Air In Space Museum.  You know, basically the 3rd tier of DC Attractions.  Also highlight of my life going back 24+ hours, NACHO CHEESE DORITOS.  That sort of thing.  I got them because I was like this Ain't gonna be great for my diet but JUST IMAGINE HOW DELICIOUS.  Also in terms of estimating calories, VERY simple calculations.  2 Chips = 25 calories.  VERY simple!  The math practically works itself out!  YES I MEASURE CALORIES by the TWENTY FIVE.  If you know a better way KEEP IT TO YOURSELF I'm Pot Committed To This Way!  I feel like we rode the bus as part of the DC attraction.  I dunno where I'm getting that sense memory from.  Just feels right.  We had a rental car I'm sure!  But I have this dumb (inaccurate) memory where it's like well this is DC we gotta ride the famous Washington DC Bus to get a real sense of things.  No way that happened!  Maybe I just remember being on ANY  sort of transportation.  In a car.  On the street.  Rental car!  Down the street!  YEP THAT SEEMS TO CHECK OUT.
  Take a break after this paragraph.  Figure I'll make lunch for Act III. For me.  During Act III.  That sort of thing!  I wonder, if I Crunched the numbers, what would be the most frightening film to me if I wanted to watch it TODAY.  Exorcist can't be it, I know the scares, I'm prepared.  Almost definitely would be something I haven't seen before.  But I haven't seen it before!  So how can I project what it is!  There's no Real High Quality Horror Film Everyone Knows that I know about but haven't seen.  Oh well what can ya do.  Nothing, that's my impression.  Also no SNUFF films.  Where there's Real Life Murder or Rape or Drunk Driving.  Or scenes of War or anything.  Just, nothing Real Life.  That's where I draw the line!  What line.  Horror Entertainment line.  Oh okay.  Anyway I'm under the impression we got one of the best Labor Secretaries possible and not the worst Commerce Secretary.  A Democrat!  A, "Venture Capitalist,"  Democrat which means their priorities are NO BUENO per my LIMITED understanding.  But not a bad trade compromise.  I'll be back in a bit!





I'll Show Myself Out

   Here we go!  Gonna have lunch with this here Act III but wait until Paragraph Number THREE or so.  Also What In The World What's The Deal With Why We Call Cabinet Members Secretaries.  Was their role originally like, ok this entire department is going at it having a discussion EVERYONE SLOW DOWN I'M TRYING TO GET THIS ALL DOWN ON PAPER.  Cause THAT'S what secretaries mean TO ME.  Also it's not a Gender Criticism because not all secretaries are women that's YOU who jumped to THAT Conclusion.  I jumped to the conclusion you'd jump to that conclusion.  Doesn't reflect very well on me in retrospection.  Also I hope against hope that the reason Cuomo is fucking up vaccine distribution is because he's busy working on legalizing marijuana.  ONLY acceptable justification!  Yeah.  Cool.  I feel like at this point my Parents may be qualified for Vaccine within WEEKS if not MONTHS!  IN which case that's a load off my backs. 
     Yeesh.  Got some GUM from Super Market Delivery yesterday.  First time in MONTHS if not MORE MONTHS that I've gotten GUM: The Thing You Chew.  That's JUST the wild card I needed to introduce into my life to shake things up in a POSITIVE fashion.  Anyway I wanna get together a half dozen of my closest friends and do a Lunch Draft.  We each have to pick SPECIFIC lunches we can get and it snakes around from 1 to 6 and back to 1 and back to 6 and so on and we pick a Team of Our Favorite Lunches.  You can't just pick a Generic Turkey Sandwich, though.  I need to know WHAT YOUR ORDER IS SPECIFICALLY and WHERE ITS COMING FROM.  And be as specific as possible, but there are certain variations that you can't just have variation after variation.  If you're getting a Big Mac from McDonalds with fries, the next person can't just say big Mac WITHOUT lettuce and a DIFFERENT SIZE FRIES.  Look we'd be here all night if we allowed such distinctions!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Is there lettuce on a big mac?  Only one way to find out for certain.  LMLTURQ!  YEAH there is.  I should have known because of the Big Mac's Theme Music.  Oh well.
Great!  Lunch either next paragraph or the paragraph after that or the paragraph after that or Just After Entry Completely.  Also OK it's seven rounds.  You're not just picking your favorite lunch each time its your choice.  You're putting together a TEAM of SEVEN LUNCHES that you have to have over a generic week.  You get to pick which day each lunch is after you have all your lunches!  Anyway what's going on again.  Wonder what kinda cafeterias they have at the Capitol.  Gotta imagine there's half a dozen different Lunch Rooms.  Do these cafeterias have ny franchises or is that inappropriate for Congress to have An Official Popeye's ON SITE.  Also, On Site, It'd also be inappropriate for armed rioters to... well we know what they did.  They know what they did!  Pretty soon We'll Know What They Knew When WHO Did It What When They Did It!
     Seems to check out.  Probably just wait until Entry Is Over to have lunch.  Pretty much pot committed to finishing the entry at this point.  I bet you could get a nice Reasonably Sized Cheeseburger with some fries at The Capitol.  Real Solid Sandwich.  The point is it probably is just me, but if they hyped CAFETERIAS AT THE CAPITOL when I was in college SURE I'd Want TO Major In Going TO The Capitol.  YOU HAD ME AT LUNCH AND DINNERS IN CAFETERIAS!!!  MAN I BET THEY HAVE BREAKFASTS.  I dunno, that sort of thing.  The point is you'd think being a Cafeteria Cook would be a natural career path for me.  And you'd be right!  If being creative doesn't ultimately pan out I can do much worse than Being Around Lunch All Day.  Hmm but it wouldn't be that way, would it.  I'd be around lunch for 4 or 6 hours at most.  Then around dinner for another 4 or 6 hours.  Which is FINE I GUESS.  But it's no lunch!  And breakfast cafeteria  is NO DINNER cafeteria.  The point is I've given myself a lot to think about but for now I have to move on with the entry.
     Cool!  Not sure what the piont is for the devil to possess some girl and just hang out in her room indefinitely.  Look if you're the devil and you wanna do some devil-type stuff why just be like ALRIGHT GONNA TAKE ME THIS GIRL TO GET INTO AN EARTHLY FORM AND THEN... JUST LAY IN HER BED... IF SOMEONE COMES NEAR ME I'LL TRY TO SCARE THEM...  Not sure how that pans out ultimately!  In the end they kill at least two people.  So I guess that's SOMETHIN'!  I dunno maybe at this point just wait another 2.5 hours and REALLY Enjoy Some Dinner.  I'll run it by my Father.  See if he wants Roast Chicken.  That seems to be, in my mind, the best alternative to having Very Very Late Lunch.  I can see myself DIGGIN SOME CHICKEN at Oh I Don't Know SIX FORTY FIVE?  Maybe as early as six thirty?  Maybe something else at some other time?  I
dunno.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:14 P.M.






Thursday, January 7, 2021

It's Too Early

   Let me get this out of the way--  I AM HERE FOR LAFFS.  But there's Nothing Funny about THE NEWS.  So I'll ignore it unless it comes up naturally which Hey It Probably Will Upon Further Introspection.  But for now...  Moving on and on and on!  DAMMIT there was a Nice Long Streak of Mostly Good News dating back to Election Night.  Well except for all that terrible news.  But this STRONGLY brings us down to a Glass Half EMPTY day.  Which is great if we're trying to conserve water butoce if we wanna drink Doesn't Seem Like There'd Be Enough  To Cut It!  Anyway yes of course Trump should be removed immediately as soon as possible evntually oh just let him stay around 2 weeks I feel Like it would be TOO MUCH WORK to get rid of the guy who attempted conciously inspired people to attempt a Coup Attempt. 
     And loved it!  That's the most fun Trump has had his entire presidency!  The point is Oh Well What Can Ya Do write WEBSITE that's what I can do.  Here's what I Can do-- focus in My Personal Life.  We're talking we don't live in a police state yet (only a few news cycles until we reach that point) so for now we can focus on writing whatever we want!  And what I want to write is HEY GOT Super Market Delivery today!  We're talkin Lots of Nice Re-ups Including Beer.  Thinkin' about gettin that Self Serving Meal of Chicken Parm for lunch Right Away.  IT'S DELICIOUS on account of the chicken (and cheese) and spaghetti (and tomato-ISH sauce).  I feel like there's a thing called Spaghetti Sauce and it's Not Just Tomato Sauce and I Don't Know What I'm Dealing With Any Time I Get Spaghetti With Sauce From Somewhere.
     You know that sort of thing!  Current allocation of beer for this week is 3 days of 4 beers, 2 days of 3 beers.  Lasting me a SOLID 5 out of 7 days.  SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  That'd be a weird mixture of Open Authoritarianism and Some Sort Of Things-will-change-ism.  YOU MUST SUBJECT TO CHANGE!  Subject.  Like we'll subject you to something.  To change!  I dunno that sort of thing.  And in my mind it's in a More Or Less Democracy.  That's a slogan intended to GET OUT THE VOTE.  Anyway I dunno what else is going on and crap.  I think it's pretty impressive how every Trump Scandal actually seems to get progressively worse.  There's no 1 step forward, 2 steps back or anything.  It's not like oh this is worse than last week but better than two weeks ago.  It really just feels like Each Thing is just one further step worse than the last thing.  So we got 2 weeks to deal with that.  2 weeks is what, like 5 Trump Scandals?  Gotta imagine nothing can go wrong based on those calculations.
     The good thing is we know it's hard for Trump to walk down stairs or something.
  One step worse, each time he's risking loosing his footing and go tumbling down the stairs.  I better LTURQ the thing about him having trouble Walking Down.  Oh, it was a RAMP.  That's even Easier than stairs.  It's still got the, "Walking Down," part though, I think we can all identify with having trouble Walking Down.  Anyway I know some people are calling on Trump to resign (Or, "Step Down,") but like I just told you he has TROUBLE stepping down.  We may need you to PUSH HIM DOWN.  Ya know that sort of thing!  Anyway pretty hungry at this point.  I spent lots of energy wiping Super Market Order down.  Probably able to wait until Act III to have Lunch: Presumably Self Serving Portion of Chicken Parmesan.  "Mixed it up," in terms of what Diet Soda I got from Super Market Delivery.  6 Pepsi which is normal, but then 2 SPRITE ZEROES after mostly getting 2 ORANGE SODAS.  I like Sprite Zeroes because the Zero is in reference to the calories!  0 Calories in this enterprise.
     Great!  Break after this paragraph.  It's probably weird to be in congress and have to be like hmm all these security people turns out they're not interested in keeping us safe.  THAT'S WEIRD.  Oh well what can ya do.  Gotta imagine that's a prevalent thought among many people.  Oh well what can you do Police State.  Police State I'LL BE WATCHING YOU.  It's true they stated it many times over the last few decades.  Also The Police is a reference to the Police.  I'll be watching you is just a song about police surveillance.  Not a guy watching some sort of girl.  Glad we cracked that code.  IT Wasn't A COUP ATTEMPT.  IT AWS JUST HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE, AFTER BEING FOMENTED BY SPECIFICALLY TRUMP BUT ALSO OTHER TOP REPUBLICANS IN POLITICS AND MEDIA, ATTEMPTING TO FURTHER FOMENT VIOLENCE AGAINST THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATE MEMBERS.  You're blowing this way out of proportion!  AND YES I know the word, "Foment."  The question is WHY DON'T YOU.




That Sounds Bad

   You know that sort of thing.  Also, I assume in most Rioters minds it WAS a coup attempt.  But I think for Trump it was more just a way to Incite Violence and Just See How Far It Could Go.  Anyway the good news is I AM FACING NORTH.  Every now and then I write Acts facing other directions.  This new computer I got in October I can unplug and it works on battery power for HOURS if not YEARS.  Wait, not years.  HOURS if not SLIGHTLY MORE HOURS.  Yep there we go.  So anyway I can put it WHEREVER I WANT without worrying about Tangling Power Cables.  Dad told me he read somewhere that For Me, I'd probably be getting Vaccine in Summer...  And I was like, for half a second (ACCURATE amount of time, not just used colloquially) I hope he says 2021!  And he did!  And I was like well that ain't great but I can, "Live," with that.  Specially since Parents will presumably get it months earlier and I could start easing up My Lifestyle Restrictions SLIGHTLY.  These are the days of my lives!
     The good news is every paragraph I write is a paragraph closer to lunch!  The bad news is eventually I will have lunch and have to write not just paragraphs DURING lunch but paragraphs after lunch.  But I guess the last few paragraphs are just That Much Closer to Tomorrow's Lunch.  The point is you'd never think you'd see this happen at the US Capitol where Senate and House Live.  A school, SURE, that's surely bound to happen half a dozen times a year, but congress?  WHERE HAVE WE GONE WRONG???  It's funny because I'm sure I Read that Joke-em-Think-em-Up on Twitter half a dozen times.  But now it's ME whose repeating it!  And Me is my favorite guy.  It's me!  I can relate to Me more than I don't know A Decent Amount of other people.  What was I talking about.  I went downstairs for a second.  Totally unaided!  Had to re-up with Beer Supply.  Oh, right.  This shuold make CongressPeople think TWICE about being Pro-School Shootings.
     Wonderful.  One negative thing about watching Interventions is the knowledge that if they're still alive about 85% of these would be Trump supporters.  In which case AND I SYMPATHIZED WITH YOU FOR NOTHIN.  You get what's a-comin'!  I dunno maybe Drugs Open Peoples Minds and they're more liberal maybe.  But the InteventionERS are Trump people at least!  I mean that as an NEGATIVE correlation.  Don't Tread On Me (Drug Addict).  Cool!  I've put SOME thought into What Direction should I write entry with but NOT ENOUGH thought into What Direction is Best For Eating Lunch.  North South and East all offer different surfaces with enough room for a plate of food.  Hmm gonna have to put some deep thought into this I'll keep you upated on this situation as it progresses.  West is Fun direction but NOT ENOUGH SURFACE for Lunch.
Yeah!  Just finished Beer #1.  We're talkin I went and got 2nd beer 10 minutes ago to be prepared!  Now I look like a genius because I have an empty glass and a full can of beer whereas if I hadn't gotten the beer 10 minutes ago I'd just have an empty glass.  The glass is All Empty.  That'd be a real nihilist view of is the glass half empty or half full.  It's ALL Empty.  Explain.  Show your work.  THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE IS EMPTY.  Yep that seems to check out for some people.  Not me, though!  I'm a Glass is A Nice Reservoir For Liquids Kind Of Person.  MAN OH MAN am I close to an Act Break where I get to watch some TV!  I never thought it'd come!  When Attempted Coup was happening I was like well the police are in on it.  They want this coup, too.  Now I just think, I'm sure SOME of them were like that, but I think for a lot of them it was probably just like lol we get where these people are coming from!  Let em get it out of their system, no harm done!  But there WAS HARM DONE.  You should be REPRIMANDED by a COMMANDING OFFICER. 
     Cool.  Also the police being like that is a best case scenario.  I DON'T LIKE those odds!  Hmm maybe watch Brad Pitt episode of #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear.  Solid episode.  Not really creepy or ghoulish or anything but a nice solid episode nonetheless.  I think if you've never seen it you might think for much of the episode Brad Pitt is some sort of ghoul.  But that's just getting ahead of yourself.  No concrete evidence of it, but you'd be justified in GUESSING it.  Anyway SPOILER ALERT he's just some guy.  Anyway the best news from yesterday was I Started AND FINISHED the chili.  No more chili!  Until the next time I get it for some stupid reason!  Also I only have Half A Order of Salmon which corresponds with 2 Noodles Meals so I don't need to eat a Just Salmon meal... the point is this week is gonna be a solid week of meals.  I'm starting to figure this Preparing Super Market Order For Potential Meals For Myself thing out!  I'll be back in a bit.




Seriously Though

   I'm gonna be honest I didn't know the Senate and the Congress Lived Next To Each Other.  Why wouldn't I be honest about that.  I'm sure a lot of people don't know that!  So if nothing else I learnt about The Capitol.  Anyway, don't have lunch with me right now but WILL halfway through Act III presumably.  I think I've grown to accept the fact that #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear KNOWS that every other episode has a GLARING plot hole, but they just price it in to teh creepiness of it.  They know what's going on.  But it's just like Hey these plot holes, these TALES don't exist in an accurate reflection of reality. CREEPY!  Makes sense to me!  THIS was an entire paragraph?  Well that sounds creepy, too.  Glaring Plot Holes and whatnot.
How many people need to sign on to the 25th amendment for it to go into effect?  Is it 25?  And that's why it's called the 25th amendment?  That's my best guess.  Anyway if it were up to me (It isn't!) I'd have him removed as soon as possible in anyway necessary.  On account of this dude is flat out trying to insurrect things and also is flat out out of his mind.  There will inevitably be more violence as long as we keep going on with this charade.  Also, Trump can start a war with Iran!  Nuke the planet!  ACCELERATE CLIMATE CHANGE IN A WAY ONLY HE KNOWS HOW OVER 2 WEEKS. Anyway, I dunno.  What else is going on and crap.  Also what's the endgame for blaming this on Antifa.  National Guard being deployed... to fight Antifa?  That's NO BUENO.  We can't let this escalate any more.  That's MY Hot Take.
     Yeesh.  I like to imagine Dumb Supporters who stormed the capitol, only to turn on Fox News later that day to see it being blamed on Antifa... and gotta imagine there's SOME of them that are like Hmm I was there.  It was us.  Maybe this whole thing IS A SCAM.  Most of them are would surely be on board with the scam.  It Just Makes Them Feel Stronger!  But I wonder if that sequence of events changed anyone's mind.  Imagine a coup being attempted and the response is well what can ya do.  Maybe we SHOULD arrest the people involved at the ground level, that's debatable, we may or may not look into that.  But The leader of the coup, though, What Can Ya Do!!  Anyway, you remove Trump, they'd call THAT a coup.  That's why you need to act as Swiftly as possible!  Leaves no room for interpretation-- this is disqualifying conduct for anyone, let alone THE SITTING PRESIDENT.  The point is I will wait until after Act III to eat lunch!
     Yeesh.  How many Superbowls are we up to in Coronadeaths.  I feel like it's up to five or six at this point.  Six Superbowls of death.  And we're probably what at best Peak Coronavirus Deaths HOPEFULLY?  The point is YES I'm watching the #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear with Short Lady from Poltergeist.  I've watched it TWO DOZEN TIMES at this point.  I'll probably watch it again!  Probably not 2 dozen times more.  Hopefully not!  That doesn't imply a very positive or productive use of my Future Time.  Also gotta imagine Sudden Death: The Film would have had more appeal if it was taking place during the Super Bowl and not Hockey Match.  I've come around on hockey, though.  Look 'at em go!  What with their sticks and whatnot.  I could imagine worse sports and whatnot!  Also a Solid Sport for Video Games even WITHOUT the fist fighting SubGames.  Hey one more paragraph to go.
Okay.  I feel like Jean Claude Van Damme is a Trump supporter.  Solid 50/50 chance.  Better LTURQ.  Yep seems to check out.  Also Google told me Bloodsport: The Jean Claude Van Damme movie, has been cited by Trump as his favorite movie ever.  Seems to check out.  I NEVER SAW THAT MOVIE.  That's how you KNOW it's a scam.  Anyway a solid Day Ahead Of Me.  Hopefully today will get SOME of the Stank Off that accumulated Yesterday.  That'd be MY Hot Take on how I'd like today to go.  Also I got the worst weekly chore done this morning!  All up hill from here!  Can Trump Walk UP Hill?  Seems like logically that'd be even more difficult than DOWN Hill.  I dunno I can imagine scenarios where going Down is harder than going Up.  It's not totally beyond belief.  Gotta imagine I can Binge #BeyondBeliefWinterToStartYourYear.  I feel like I did that sometime this year or more likely last year.  Not all of them, but did it for a day or two.  Lemme LTURQ.  ITS ON TUBITV: THE FREE STREAMS.  NOW things are looking up!  I'll see ya tomorrow.


-12:47 P.M.




Wednesday, January 6, 2021

No Problem

   That makes sense.  Anyway Bad News I still MUST have Chili at some point.  Today?  I guess so!  Thems the cards that lives dealt us (me).  Anyway I have a nice deck of cards and every now and then I deal out three NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD EM hands and pretend I'm each player just making Generic call/fold/raises assuming they don't know other people's cards.  No deep thinking.  Just off the top of my head what the obvious play is.  Not even the Best play.  The Most Obvious one!  Anyway I did that a few times but I've added a new wrinkle-- dealing FOUR hands.  So the point is I'm not going crazy you're going crazy.  I KNOW there's not ACTUALLY four of me competing in high stakes Play Money Poker (I imagine it being 25/50 cent blinds for some reason.  Which MATTERS in how the obvious plays work) What would be the point?  All the money is a total wash no matter which of these four personas win!   Hmm that's a new New Wrinkle.  Give them each personas.  Obvious moves AS PER EACH PERSONA.
    Still haven't worked out calling drugs/using drugs, "Works."  Still sounds right, still seen no proof that it is right.  Presumably #JoeBIdenKettleChipsToRemember Super Certification commences at ONE PM.  Presumably my best guess is I'd be act Act III by then.  So I might miss the beginnign which is GREAT I don't wanna watch these assholes be jerks.  Most of them are gonna be Cool.  A solid 3/4 of Senators will be ON BOARD WITH BIDEN.  Also that should have been a Promotion during Joe Biden Campaign (any of 'em).  Get to ride the train with Joe.  We're talkin a solid TWENTY EIGHT MINUTE Ride.  And it's called #OnBoardWithBiden.  I guess there's always 2024.  I hope so.  If there are Sometimes Not 2024 well I don't like the implications of that at all!  Anyway what was I talking about.  Oh, right.  3/4ths of Senators, I guess probably a similar amount of Congressional People are #OnBoardWithBiden.  So let's focus on The GOOD.
     Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  Happy about Georgia Senate Races Per My Understanding.  VERY happy.  Slightly less happy than I think other people are happy.  But definitely more happy than just Kinda Happy.  VERY Happy but not ULTRA Happy.  Maybe it needs to sink in.  Maybe I'm still living with the stress of Today Going Well.   Maybe some other reason, I dunno, I don't have all the answers!  Maybe about 85% of the answers.  But MOST OF THOSE ARE TO QUESTIONS NOBODY ASKED.  Anyway, what's the best part of having a 50/50 senate with the Tie Breaking Vote.  I dunno maybe if you were like We Have To Pick A Senator At Random What Are The Odds It'll be A Deomcrat (or Republican) it's Always EXACTLY 50%.  Gotta imagine that'll pay off time and time again.  Pay off.  OSS OFF.  All the pieces are finally coming together!  Also the other good part is There's So Much Good That can Be Done Ideally, And There's Even Some Good That Could Be Done Very Realistically, but Why Bank on that happening.  Don't, "Break THe Bank," with your Hope and Dreams and Positivist.  Also is Breaking The Bank like stuffing too much money in it.  They only have so much room in the bank, so if you deposit a few thousand dollars can the bank Physically HOLD all those bills?  Too much depositing inevitably breaks the bank eventually!
     Wonderful.  I'm really REALLY trying to talk myself into having Chili for lunch today.  Presumably with some rice.  White rice!  Like white on rice!  I don't get that expression.  White On Rice.  Is white really on rice.  I get that some rice IS white.  But the white isn't ON rice it IS rice.  Speaking of rice possible we get Condoleezza Rice Reboot in Biden administration?  Maybe she could run in 2024.  Basically like not only do Republicans may want to undo the Obama era, but now also the Trump era, so go ALL THE WAY back to W Bush to Make America Grea Look WE KEEP GOING BACK IN TIME TO MAKE AMERICA BE IT AGAIN.  Also Black Laddddy.  For some reason I thought of Jerry Lewis saying that.  I mean I know he goes Lady in a funny way.  But I didn't need to say Black Lady at all.  But it's true!  And if she's not running against Kamala Harris then she could use that TO HER ADVANTAGE.  It's called IDENTITY POLITICS AND IT'S ALL THE RAGE.  Also did black people come up with White On Rice?  If so, I'm, "Down," with it after all.  I dunno.  How about Herman Cain.  Can we resurrect him to be president in 2024.  Hmm.  George Bush SENIOR, if only he were alive!  He could have ran in 2024 on account of Only One Term Served.  Anyway does anyone know if Richard Nixon is still alive?
     Cool!  In my wildest imagination, Biden is inaugurated (and we have a senate majority), and basically all that happens is look we're gonna do some stuff start small at first nothin' that's too controversial with actual voting people just Do Some Stuff TRUST US YOU'LL LIKE IT.  #JoeBiden2021LETSDOSOMESTUFF.  So many stuff that can be done!  I dunno, not gonna get my hopes up.  Wait, yes I am.  Yeah but get off my back about it.  I mean obviously the inagural thing to do is them 2K Checks.  OHOLY SHIT.  I typed that and I was about to go but who knows what Tru... OH SHIT HE'S NOT GONNA BE PRESIDENT ANYMORE BIDEN TIME.  IT'S REALLY BIDEN TIME!  Yep that seems to check out.  I LIKE those odds.  Anyway what kind of Horrific am I gonna watch on Computer TV during Act Breaks.  Maybe the Real Life Horrors of #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  Anyway YEAH I had that DoubleBeer for today.  Drank about half of it so far!  That seems to check out pretty well.!  Next Day (Tomorrow) I re-up with beers so presumably FOUR beers give or take ONE beer.  Be back with Act II eventually.






I Find Myself Amused

   I didn't learn Ossoff was Jewish until either yesterday or yesterday's yesterday.  No earlier than that!  Anyway I can Put Off Chili + Rice for dinner, and finish Communal Pasta &/OR Meat'd Balls (&/Or Throw in a DINNER Roll).  ALso is that a phrase everyone across the world knows.  Dinner Roll?  AS far as I know it's definition is smallish roll you presumably eat as a side &/or before dinner specifically.  Maybe my Dad just says that and I thought it was Universal.  BETTER LTURQ.  ALRIGHT everyone knows dinner rolls!  Great so now you can see why I'm so enthusiastic about them.  I haven't said anything that insinuated Enthusiasm about it.  Obviously I like it well enuogh to eat it but I've never been like DINNER ROLLS MAN OH MAN I GOTTA GET ME SOME MORE OF THOSE DINNER ROLLS AND I CAN'T EVEN WAIT UNTIL NEXT DINNER.
Yeah!  Maybe I was like that at some point.  I forget!  I write three acts a day since last March (Minus a week) so it's Very Possible at one point or another I was Enthusiastic About Dinner Rolls.  In fact I'd Bet I Did.  RAISE TO $1.50 dollars btw that's the bet I'm making.  How do you get cards rough and not so slippery.  You buy a new deck of cards, cards are so slippery!  It's not fun and its not convenient.  I wanna find a way to un-slippify them without actually putting them into use day in/day out.  Give Me An Easy Solution!  Anyway tried to set up a test if I had any psychic energy.  Picked a card at random (let's say FIVE OF DIAMONDS) shuffled itu p real good, cut the deck, MORE shuffling, cut the deck twice (second time trying to cut it as a direct repudation of the first cut, putting things back into place HOPEFULLY) and see if I could pick it out of the deck.  Nope.  Not the first time.  Not the second time.  Not the thi-- ahh Nuts To This!
Great.  Look Ossoff is not without his charm but Warnock is the REAL SUPERSTAR from Georgia.  He's a freakin nice Progressive Preacher!  Reverend!  Whatever he's called.  POPE, I dunno!  But I like the cut of his jib.  FEELS Like he's in it for the right reasons.  I saw a Debate About It GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Also just kind of guessing he's progressive.  If only there was some way to LTURQ.  WHAT THE HELL HE GOT DIVORCED.  That's VERY progressive for a preacher Per My Understanding.  I dunno, though.  If he feels he can Divorce his wife What ELSE might he feel comfortable divorcing?  I dunno maybe we CAN't trust this guy.  I talked myself out of it!  Oh right gonna LURQ if he is progressive.  Yep he seems Pretty Good!  No complaints from me.  Not based on this Limited Wikipedia Page.  He can divorce whatever he wants to I'm not here to tell him how to live his life.
What else is going on and crap.  Yesterday got up to the one main #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear that I remember-- one of the guys from City High-- the group that was most famous (only famous?) for the song What Would You Do: Which is one of the 3 dozen non- Eminem Rap Songs I Enjoyed and HAD DOWNLOADED (&/or bought on CD &/or Just Heard On HOT 97: The Main &/or Generic NYC Rap Radio Station Enterprise) around Oh I Don't Know THE TURN OF THE CENTURY.  So I remembered him being in one of them and being an alcoholic and yup seems to still check out.  Episode played out more or less according to my memory.  Also No Spoilers but they play the song at the Final Scene of the movie Life: With Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence: No Further Spoilers.  I had a Beastie Boys CD but I probably could only identify and recognize and enjoy But ONE song on that CD At that moment in human history (Turn of Millennium).  We still call it the Turn of The Century but don't sell your Historical Time Frames short It Was THE TURN OF THE MILLENNIUM.  Unless if that's 2100.  Which I wouldn't understand Why.  No Spoilers!
Hey I get to take an Act Break after this paragraph.  How far into January are we.  I wanna say today is the SIXTH??? LTURQ.  YEP seems to check out.  Whatta wonderful world.  Also the City High Guy was one of the rare Black Subject Of #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.  There was another one I just saw, too!  Some guy who used to be a Semi-Famous Really-Pretty-Impressive-Career-As-A-Boxer Guy.  I'd never heard of him but his credentials are SOLID.  Anyway I forget if the help he got sticked.  We spend 99.8% of the show seeing them sick and then there's a .2% at the end where we find out if they got any better.  And with VERY LITTTLE CONTEXT.  THey say dude has been sober since Oh I Don't Know February 2008.  I NEED TO KNOW UP TILL WHEN.  WHEN ARE YOU PUTTING THIS EPISODE OUT THERE.  It could be a YEAR he's been sober, or maybe we should know he's been sober for a DECADE.  This is pertinent information for some reason no one is really sure of!  I'll be back in a bit.






Today Was Once Tomorrow

   Hey I'm Back Again!  That seems to happen 3 or 4 times an entry.  In retrospect only 2.  Well, maybe 3.  Depends on if you consider the beginning of the entry as being, "Back again."  It's back again in the context of the entire website.  But in the context of Just The Entry it's not.  Anyway having a delicious Why It's Only Spaghetti and Meat'd Balls for lunch!  Finished my Soda Supply.  It's gonna be a TOUGH 10 or so hours.  No beer.  No soda!  Only way to redeem itself is Not Having Chili for dinner.  We're talking I'd rather have Rice and Some Frozen Meal.  And whose gonna stop me, YOU?  You don't have the guts!  Anyway Still not as good as When It Was Made, but I did the best job microwaving this lunch that I could.  I feel very strongly about this!
     Wonderful.  I'll be done with this entry 15 or 20 minutes into They Said 1:00 PM Is When Certification Starts Or Something.  I saw Merrick Garland is gonna be AG (Attorney General).  I would have proffered John Merrick but oh well what can ya do.  He's the Elephant Man.  I feel like I've, "Gone Off," on this before, but this guys deformities don't especially remind me of elephants.  He looks VERY strange and SHOULD be identified primarily based on his deformities-- but Elephant isn't what comes to mind!  Anyway.  Got some Ribs 2 or 3 weeks ago.  Only had One Serving of them.  And there's like 5 left.  I should enjoy that at some point presumably.  Maybe with RICE.  Make Conservatism NEO Again.  That's one way for the Republican Party to go Moving Forward.  Elephant is the animal mascot of Republicans.  Elephant Man is Trump.  Trump is Our Elephant Man.  But he doesn't HAVE to be.  What else is going on and crap.
    Why can't the Republicans have a GOOD Elephant.  like Operation Dumbo Drop.  Or that movie with Bill Murray, I wanna say, Operation Dumbo Drop II.  Better LTURQ.  "Larger Than Life."  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  Just finished my lunch!  Delicious!  Can't take a bath &/or shower immediately &/or when I want.  Listening for doorbell for delivery which I MUST accept my parents Can't DO IT only I CAN ACCEPT DELIVERIES FOR SOME REASON.  Look everything else not mattering-- what's my ideal dinner for tonight.  I dunno frozen meal and rice.  I TOLD YOU THIS.  That's true but also maybe I thought I could come up with something even better.  Nope that's about it.  Jeez whatta crappy world we're living in.  I can't even have an A/A- Dinner JUST BECAUSE I CAN'T COME UP WITH ONE?  Not fair!  I don't like it!  I do like how, after this sentence, only two more paragraphs to go!
Yeesh.  Just took a break on account of Lessss See Whas Goin' On.  Lots of stuff going on!  Elephant Man gonna be Attorney General.  Three other things.  Nice Riff I Just Did There!  Anyway I'm done with beer for the day Yet Looking Forward To The Rest Of The Day DESPITE IT.  We're talkin lots of fun TV to watch.  We're talkin' presumably by the end of the day we'd have another solid #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember Win Day.  Right now isn't so great because of the added anxiety of Republicans Objecting.  But hey not every Joe Biden Wins Days get stop be fun.  Sometimes Joe Biden Winning Days is WORK.  Or STRESSFUL.  But overall NECESSARY IN THE END.  OH RIGHT one of the three things-- CUOMO INTRODUCING SOME BILL TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA.  IN NEW YORK!  THAT'S WHERE I LIVE. And for not just Medical but, "Adult Use."  I'M AN ADULT!  AS FAR AS ANDREW CUOMO KNOWS, AT LEAST!  The point is THE SOONER THE BETTER gimme some of the sweet sweet.... ugh.  I dunno.  I'd TRY marijuana again.  No guarantees on whether I'd like it &/or use it regularly!  We're Not At That Stage Yet!
     Wonderful just wonderful.  My favorite marijuana Strain is Operation Dumbo Drop.  Also when was the last time we had a Sitting Reverend in the senate.  Better LTURQ for real.  "Only about 2 Percent of Congresspeople are Clergy," they say.  ONLY 2%?  THAT'S A LOT. That's like A DOZEN CLERGY BETWEEN HOUSE AND SENATE OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.  I find it interesting that every time I go outside to throw the garbage out, or accept a delivery, I never need to wear a jacket even throughout November December and Now and Presumably The Rest Of The Year (Lifetime?).  Well, concerned more than interested in.  Oh well what can I do as just one man?  Sabotage Oil Drilling sites?  I'd be arrested by the 2nd or 3rd site!  They'd figure out my comings and goings by the 3rd site and it'd be a set-up and they'd arrest me right away!  I saw an article called Why Merrick Garland For Attorney General Is Better Than You Might Think and I was like SOLD YOU CONVINCED ME.  WAY TO GO YOU KNOCKED THAT TITLE OUT OF THE PARK, You Changed My Opinion JUST LIKE THAT!  Too bad I'm not joking.  Ugh.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:34 P.M.






Tuesday, January 5, 2021

All This Website

   Today is Georgia Day.  From this year HENCEFORTH.  It will be the day that we celebrate &/or mourn people in Georgia Voting Well.  Super Man votes WELL, you're voting good.  Throw some ballots collected from Republicans down a well.  That's what I'D do! Jokes on them Well Is Officially Designated As A Drop Off Point.  By Them I mean ME I GUESS?  I'm having more than my fair share of difficulty trying to make sense of this paragraph so far.  Anyway went &/or got Bloodwork today!  We're talkin sitting in a waiting room for an hour and a half (PROPERLL SOCIALLY DISTANCING) and then well You Know What Bloodwork is like.  Bloodwork.  Work being Heroin or something.  Bloodwork.  Can't Somebody ELSE put the pieces together for me?  Just This Once!  Googled, "What does Work mean in Heroin?"  Nothin conclusive yet I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses immediately.  I'm not seeing anything.  In which case I CAME UP WITH IT.  Oh. Like Water Works.  From Monopoly.  But Heroin.  I dunno I'm still pretty sure Internet is HIDING THe Works From Me.  It's all there on the DARK WEB.  Which is the alternate title to SpiderMan III: IN Reference To VENOM.
     I guess the moral of the story is Venom for Peter Parker is an analogy for Heroin?  Only logical conclusion to make!  GOOD NEWS I get to START A-FRESH after that entire paragraph of Dumb.  Gonna have lunch with Presumably Act II or Act III.  Dinner will be at 7:00 PM SET IN STONE ON ACCOUNT OF COMMUNALITY.  So even if I CAN I don't wanna delay Lunch as much as possible I NEED A NICE CLEAN LONG BREAK BETWEEN LUNCH AND DINNER.  Anyway.  Venom is Heroin.  Sandman is Cocaine.  Green Goblin in Marijuana.  That's why the only villain I CHOOSE TO FIGHT is Green Goblin It's Called Being RESPONSIBLE.  Topher Grace BEFORE Venom is ATROVASTATIN.  He's USEFUL because he helps YOUR CHOLESTEROL.  FIGHT your cholesterol.  He's not adding to it that'd be a NET NEGATIVE, no bueno at all!  Anyway does anybody know if we'll know the Georgia Results tonight?  I guess it doesn't matter me asking about it. By the time you read this in 2023 it'll be too late to get me an answer at a relevant time.
     Speaking of Georgia Voting I liked that guy yesterday who was nervously and frustadedly was going through why every accusation about voting irregularities and whatnot was false, and it reminded me of the Mr. Show Sketch Pre Taped In Call In Show.  Just a guy having a mini-meltdown on TV and being like NO THIS ISN'T REAL, LOOK, WE'VE BEEN THROUGH THIS, LETS GO THROUGH IT AGAIN, THIS IS FALSE, THAT'S A LIE, THIS IS NONSENSE AGAIN WE'VE COVERED THIS, LETS THINK!, etc.  Maybe for you it's just how Some People Sometimes Act In Real Life.  I only watch TV, though.  SO my first thought was this reminds me of something else I've Seen on TV.  That's life, I guess!  Anyway I dunno.  Still watching SOME #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear but I'm not proud of it!  Also I like the ones who need Interventions with Body Issues.  That's what strikes a CHORD with me this week for some reason.  I think it's just because they're less common.  If Interventions were 80% Anorexias and 15% was Meth, I'd be more interested in The Meths!  Yep that seems to check out.
     Wonderful.  HEALTHCARE
is a phrase I saw on a banner in Hospital waiting for bloodwork.  Took me a while to figure out what it means.  Health Care. Like the words, and/or phrase.  I kept reading it HEAL THC ARE.  Yes THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.  And it helps us, "Heal," sure I could imagine using that word.  ARE?  Well that's a very common word in and of itself there's got to be DOZENS of ways to use this word in this context surely someone with more time than me can figure out what, "Are," means in this context.  I dunno.  Maybe will be having Lunch with Act III.  Shouldn't be too late in the day.  Shouldn't be Lots Of Things.  Anyway, how come in the The Conjuring Film Franchise-- which is an interrelated universe based oN FACT (Two Ghostfighters in real life were involved in all these cases)-- how come there's never any scenes where it's just the couple (The ghost fighters are married) are like ANOTHER GROUP OF IDIOTS WE TRICKED HAHAHAHA and they have a pile of money and they start throwing the cash at each other which only makes them laugh harder.  Gotta figure that would come up at least 3, 4 times each film.
Okay.  BRAD: THE GUY WHO ERRONEOUSLY RECORDED TRUMP ASKING HIM FOR ELECTION FRAUD says we may not know the Senate Winners until Wednesday Morning.  Is that supposed to be a BUMMER?  I'm prepared to not know the winner for A WEEK (S?).  The point is Great Just Great.  I can't wait for the Democrats to win both seats and the line of reasoning from Republicans on it being rigged is like ISN'T IT FUNNY THAT IN ELECTION AFTER ELECTION WE CONTINUE TO LOSE???!?!?  DOESN'T THAT STRIKE ANYONE ELSE AS A LITTLE ODD?!?!?!  Which makes me laugh almost as much as getting splashed with piles of money.  Anyway HEY I shaved yesterday.  A good 98% of my facial hair.  The other 2% is Hard To Shave Off but Why It's Only Picking Out Hairs With My Finger To Finish The Job.  I'm not PROUD of that as a habit.  That's why I don't do it anymore really.  But if I need to Fine Tune A Shaving Session, suddenly it's a RESPONSIBLE and FUN way to go about Finishing The Job.  The works.  Water works.  Heroin.  Be back in a bit.




Easy Entertainment

   Look it would be ERRONEOUS of me to not get to the bottom of this Heroin = The Works stuff.  Maybe it's just Any Drug!  I dunno.  Why do I think, 'I wnat to get to the bottom of this,' and go to Writing What I Know On Website, instead of actually trying to find out.'  It's called killing TWO STONES with ONE BIRD I get to say it here first FOR POSTERITY and then I take care of figuring it out.... NOW.  I dunno.  I also feel like now it might be SEX, too.  The point is the idea of Having a Job brings me to mute elation as well as ejaculation enterprise.  That's how my mind works for some reason.  Also got the tune Wave of Mutilation in my head this morning.  75% of the time I think of it I think of it as Wave of Mute Elation.  Because it's fun!  Just like Heal THC Are.  Words are FUN and I'd stake my ENTIRE REPUTATION on it!
    Uh oh already Stoked my ENTIRE REPUTATION on, "WORKS," in regards to Drugs (and now Sex). I have no Reputation left to play with.  I can't be taking out a loan for my Reputation I'd NEVER pay it back AND THESE LOAN SHARKS KNOW THAT.  I saw they were bragging on Twitter how this one organization Contacted EVERY Latinx Person in Georgia to vote!  And I was like WOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF PEOPLE... GOTTA HOPE IT'LL PAY OFF IN THE END, RIGHT?  CAUSE IF NOT What A Waste Of Time!!!  I dunno what point I was trying to make there.  Not 100% sure I was trying to make a point.  In fact pretty close to 100% sure I wasn't trying to make a point.  That's how my mind works for some reason.  LOL GETTALOAD OF THIS-- Spin-off/copy cat show called LOAN SHARK TANK and it's where you go if they don't pick your invention.  You appear before a Mafia and try to convince them to give you a loan.  Loan Sharks are like Mafias, right?  They'll give you a loan no questions asked but AT HIGH INTEREST RATES and YOU BETTER PAY IT or ELSE.  That's my understanding of how the Wide World Of Loan Sharks Work.
Great!  Lookin like Lunch will line up with Other Variables Just Fine.  Time it happens Re: Dinner, Re: When I'm Hungry, Re: Part Of Entry... it's ALL LINING UP.  Also is there ever a TRIPLE ECLIPSE.  Sun Moon AND some sort of Planet?  Gotta imagine AT SOME POINT that'd happen.  Let's get Neil De Grasse Tyson in on this.  I'd consider him the foremost expert of things in the Public's Mind.  I bet there's a split among astronomers and other Scientific Academics where it's like Tyson is GOOD FOR US he's getting people to think about astronomy but then there's other people who are like he's a complete sell out also he thinks hes better than us?!?  I dunno too much about that stuff.  We can only speculate.  Look if Google didn't have an answer for my, "The Works," Dilemma, what are the odds they'll have information for, "Is Neil De Grass Tyson a Sell Out?" Conundrum.  oh HEY I just thought of a Triple Eclipse.  Sun, Moon, and EARTH.  GOTCHA.  REALLY MAKES YA THINK!
     Wonderful.  Hey when I went to get bloodwork done they took my temperature By Silhouette and GUESS WHOSE NOT FEVERISH??? THIS GUY.  Then again my Temperature was TOO Low.  96.7?  That's ROOM TEMPERATURE!  Prove me wrong!  Checked my weight, too.  Totally in line with what My scale said 2 weeks ago.  THe exact same thing accounting for clothes and shoes which presumably weighed 35 pounds.  The joke is I gained 34 pounds in two weeks?  Why is that funny.  Why would it EVER be funny.  It wouldn't, that's who!  Anyway HEY got the 2 doublebeers today, too.  Gonna have BOTH today and tomorrow is an OFF-DAY.  Because that's the way I feel for some reason no one is really sure of.  Also it's a bonus OUNCE.  50 oz overall instead of 48.  That Bonus Beer is really gonna pay off down the line one would imagine.  The part of Heroin that I think is, "The works," is when they inject it.  It might be injecting heroin SPECIFICALLY that's, "working."  It's a job.  Sure, it's a job no matter how you use it.  What with the Buying It and Ingesting It.  That's work, too!  But the act of using a needle is SPECIFICALLY Doing A Real Concrete Job.  That's MY educated guess.
     Great!  What else is going on and crap.  Will START making lunch around .5 hours from now.  Otherwise known as 30 Minutes.  Will EAT lunch I guess around 10 minutes from then.  Then will finish my lunch in DUE TIME I can't walk you through Every Part OF My Day!  Gotta leave somethin' to the imagination!  Finished 1st Double Beer=2 Single Beers.  I LIKE those odds.  Finished all the coffee I made for today.  Doesn't happen often!  Probably 3/4 times I don't finish it.  I need THREE or FOUR cups to finish it.  I make SIX cups.  My MOM usually has SOME.  And one cup DOES NOT NECESSARILY mean ONE PERSONAL CUP.  I feel like I've made myself clear on this.  Pretaped Call In Show Energy Vibes from that Georgia Secretary of Secretary Of State or whatever that guy was!  WE'VE COVERED ALL THIS LOOK SCROLL BACK UP TO THE FIRST PARAGRAPH LOOK





How Very Convenient

   I changed my mind!  No double double beer!  Single double beer today then another single double beer tomorrow!  OR MAYBE I didn't change my mind!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Look, I'm fairly certain I didn't come up with, "Works," but the internet is REALLY LETTING ME DOWN re: Finding traces of it.  Look, I'm fairly certain NAY COMPLETELY CERTAIN I am having lunch right now.  WHat I predicted!  Bagel &/Or Eggs.  I think one good way to explain to Trump that Pence can't do anything about TrumpElection is by being like, you remember the 20,000 times you said you wanted to do something that we told you can't-- just, "Being President," doesn't mean you can step into ANY situation and be like THIS IS WHAT I WANT-- just imagine THOSE TIMES but when somebody else.  Look, I'm not a thank god for the adults in the room w/ Trump kinda guy.  But also, I'm sure there were many WH conversations where Trump betrayed a toddler's understanding of the presidency.  That he can just do whatever he wants in any sphere in any situation... and people had to say ya know what I know it FEELS like you can do this but you actually can't.
  Just figured out When Toasting Bagel for Eggs Err on the side of NOT toasted enough instead of TOO Toasted.  Look I THINK I know what I like re: toasted.  I like some BROWNING.  But it's more often I'd leave it in too long than too short.  Just gotta recalibrate how I make bagels, I can do that pretty good.  So, yeah, Communal Spaghetti and Meat'd Balls tonight!  And Personal Lunch tomorrow.  I LIKE those odds.  My finger but burnt one way or another in the Making of Meal.  My GUESS is because of the Flame Under Pan but I guess the main alternative is I Toasted My Thumb By Accident.  Also was erring on the side of Less Butter To Make Eggs In Pan but maybe I should be erring on the side of go for too much if anything.  It tastes better I would assume!  Is it a thing in Sandwiches where you can butter the sandwiches.  I know A Bread With Butter is a thing.  I know a Bread with Meat or Cheese or Vegetable Toppings is a thing.  DO THEY COMBINE.  And why &/or why not?
     Wonderful.  TV says Georgia Run Off Coverage starts at FOUR PM.  Gotta imagine they picked that time for a reason and not just erroneously.  One day I strive to figure out what Erroneous Means.  Also I strive to figure out THE DEMOCRATS WON THE GEORGIAS WE'RE GONNA HAVE A DEMOCRATIC SENATE LET'S THROW A (PIZZA?) PARTY!!! IT COULD HAPPEN.  PROBABLY over FIFTY PERCENT CHANCE.  Then the next 2 years (at least!) would be a NON.  STOP.  PARTY.  (pizza?)  Just news cycle after news cycle of DEMOCRATS WANNA Do THIS THING, CAN THEY GET IT DONE?  AND ALSO PRESUMABLY SOME THINGS THEY CAN GET DONE AND SOME THING THEY CAN'T.  And A Lot Of Compromises Along The Way.  But either way GET OFF THE NEWS CYCLES' BACKS THAT'S JUST THE WAY THINGS WORK IN OUR MULTI-YEAR PARTY.  Also if you don't like Democrats leading the narrative of news... If you don't believe in Democracy you don't get a seat at the table!  Eat your just desserts!  Eating just desserts WHAT KIND OF WHORES PARADISE IS THAT?!?!
Penultimate paragraph.  Look would I rather have Penne and not Spaghetti Yes Of COURSE I would but life is full of compromises.  Also how come it's always on ME to cook something so it's not too hard or too soft.  Eggs, BAGEL, now SPAGHETTI.  MEATBALLS.  My mom takes care of the meatballs and sauce.  Now that's HER PROBLEM.  But the point is my favorite part about heating up pasta is the 2 dozen times I taste a single piece over 15 minutes to see how hard it is.  Gotta imagine if you're just eating it while cooking it the calories don't show up.  Also what I think 22 strands of spaghetti are gonna, "BREAK THE BANK," in terms of calories?  Also can you, "BREAK THE BANK," in terms of calories.  Let's get some junkies, "WORKING," ON THAT ONE.
Last paragraph!  Figure I'll take a shower at some point.  I LIKE those odds, etc.  Lots of good options for Computer TV consumption.  #InterventionWinterToStartYourYEar, #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear, #THeConjuringFranchiseWinterToStartYourYear.  #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear.  Also ElmStreet NEVER comes into play in these movies.  I mean, they take place muchly on ELm Street ERRONEOUSLY but why is it important?  For Research I googled most common street names across the United States of America and Elm Street DID make the top 20.  So that explains why they went with Elm Street-  All American Street Name-- but why did they choose it over the other Dozen most common names (that aren't FIRST ST, Third St, THROUGH EIGTH St.?  I dunno I've raised more questions than I've answered this entry!  Go figure!  I'll see ya again tomorrow.

-3:29 P.M.





Monday, January 4, 2021

Please Read AT ONCE

   I think #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear should be called, "SO MANY PLOTHOLES.  Also Plothole isn't a word-- people would keep pronouncing it, "Ploth Oles."  ALso this is PERTINIENT OBSERVATION assuming there's one (or more) people also Watching #TalesFromTheCrypTWinterToStartYourYear.  WHich I heavily encouarge.  You want the fully Crazysheet experience, you gotta watch what I'm watching.  Why would you want The Full Crazysheet Experience.  I dunno you have your reasons.  I try to stay out of your life!  You do a #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToSTartYourYear for your reasons and lets leave it at that.  HEY I'm getting incrementally more upset I got Chili.  Running out of meals before Thursday even WITHOUT IT.  ANd it takes up 2 meals!  That's 2 meals I could be having a Wild Card like a Bagel With Egg, or a Frozen Pizza Pie (1/3rd version).  Oh well what can ya do.  SAVE IT FOR NEXT WEEK.  THAT'S JUST THE WILD CARD THAT WOULD FIX MY NEXTWEEKDIET.
Yeah!  Georgia Run Offs are in Tuesday?  And Jon Ossoff's name corresponds with, "Georgia Run Off?"  Sounds like a pretty glaring scam!  You THINK you're just voting FOR THE RUN OFF TO TAKE PLACE because you didn't read hard enough, and it turns out you're actually voting for him!  Because you thought you were just SUPPORTING THE RUN OFF IN GENERAL.  BUT YOU DIDN'T READ HARD ENOUGH.  YOU THOUGHT I..
OKAY YOU GET THE POINT.   Yeah.  I dunno why it just became a different font for a sentence.  Presumably I did something to cause it.  That'd be my educated guess.  Cause I was messing around with TAB and ALT and SHIFTS so yeah there IS a good reason.  I just dunno what it was Specifically.  Anyway 2 beers today.  Presumably 2 beers Tomorrow and Wednesday.  It's the working week!  Only 2 beers instead of Oh I Don't Know FOUR ON AVERAGE?
     I hope the good guys win Georgia.  After Joe Biden won Georgia, I'm imagining a Georgia where it's All Different Kinds Of People Holding Hands in a circle and singing songs.  Kinda seems to check out!  But yeah the main idea is true.  Georgia just FEELS like a Purple BORDERING ON BLUE (which may be incorrect) state in my mind now.  Whereas before that I DON'T REMEMBER but I'm GUESSING I pictured it as Red Thru and Thru.  So if Election accomplished ANYTHING I have a much higher instinctual opinion of Georgia now!  And if it accomplished TWO THINGS its that we elected a new president and he and his vice president elect are taking over AS PER THE VOTERS DEMANDS THROUGH VOTING.  I don't get why ADS show up in my e-mail.  Not just spam. Not ads that made their way into my regular inbox.  GMail is just selling Ad Space on my gmail account.  Am I supposed to delete it or ignore it?  I've been Just Ignoring It on the premise that if I delete it 2 more (even worse???) ads will just take their space.  Good stuff.  Good interesting stuff.
     Alright.  The name Liam is Mail backwards.  Now you know.  What else is going on.  I've watched a Complete FIRST TWO #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear.  They're okay!  I got several more in store!  For some reason they never explore WHY IS THIS HAPPENING.  Yeah I get its within the realm of reality that a bunch of parents can track down a child killer and kill him.  But then him showing up in peoples dreams and KILLING THEM (in dream AND in real life), there's never a moment wher eits like wait a minute ...uh... THIS CAN'T HAPPEN!!!!  They just gloss over that.  The parents explain it to the kids 3/4ths into the movie.  We kliled this guy and THAT'S why he's killing you in your dreams.  Glad we covered that now we can move on with our lives (minus a teenager or two once a week or so).  I THINK I'VE MADE MY POINT.
     Yeah!  My Dad wants me to shave today because when I get blood work done tomorrow he's concerned my facial hair will get in the way of me wearing a mask.  I don't have all the details.  Wait, yes I do.  Those are all the details.  I don't have all the details of WHY HE'S WRONG but oh well what can ya do.  I want to Have Been Shaven anyway.  Not looking forward to the process!  But that's part of life I guess.  Dunno what I'm gonna have for lunch.  I guess IDEALLY Pizza Party.  Maybe.  Salmon and Noodles isn't likely as of now but there's room for improvement.  Eggs and Bagel.  Not really ranking very high either but MAYBE I DUNNO.  What else is going on Specifically for Act I.  Took the plunge and watched half an hour of #InterventionWinterToSTartYourYear.  I mean, they're not Dying WHILE I'M WATCHING.  They're getting help!  Ignoring all those epilogues where it says they relapsed, as far as I know, They're Doing ACES!  If 40 of them Die then MOST LIKELY THIS PERSON HASN'T.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.





Continue Reading IMMEDIATELY

   I GUESS.  I have EVERY #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear except for Episode III: The Title I Don't Know Because It's Not Available On HBOMax.  So I just moved on with my life!  To Episode IV!  Sure I Know you don't capitalize the, "M," in, "Nightmare."  Mare means horse.  Night mare mean night time horse.  You're dreams are running wild (like horse) and it's scary because it's A Horse At Night.  Yep seems to check out.  At this point relatively confident that I will have Noodle + Salmon for lunch today.  I feel like having something I want, and this way I get a meal that's Fresh (Salmon Part, which I need to finish!) instead of Bagel and Egg where The Eggs stay fresh for Oh I Don't Know SIX MONTHS?  The point is while making this point the reasoning has fallen apart but Oh Well What Can You Do Pot Committed At This Point.
     Sure, great. DAMNIT NightMare III was PARTIALLY WRITTEN BY FRANK DARABONT.  He's a LEGIT BIG TIME REAL MOVIE WRITER/DIRECTOR.  I want to see HIS take on Frederick Krueger!  Of all the Episodes In All The World HBOMax had to NOT HAVE THIS ONE ON THEIR STREAMS.  Also in the First Movie someone calls him Fred, and I feel that comes up here and there, which leads me to the question-- which is more Familiar-- "Fred," or, "Freddy?"  Do most people call him Freddy but his REAL friends call him, "Fred?"  Or is it the other way around?  I hope to get to the bottom of this some day.  II dunno if he HAS any real friends.  On account of all that killing.  Someone becomes his friend, in his mind, he's just like alright another person I can kill! so his friends just don't last long is the point.  I used to assume he was a Child Molester and not just Child Killer.  They don't say that explicitly as far as I've gathered.  But maybe it's in the subtext purposely.  I dunno don't have all the answers!
     Wonderful.  Man oh man I get to eat noodles.  I LIKE those odds.  Am I on a list anywhere where they call ME for emergency vaccination?  I know there are places that are just like ANYTHING GOES when their vaccine surplus is about to expire.  HOW DO I GET TO THAT LIST.  Do you know?  Tell me!  I'll be your best friend!  Also if it's just ONE dose I'd let my Dad or Mom have it.  I want FOUR DOSES.  Three for my household one for my brother.  On Third Thought give me FORTY doses! I feel I could determine 36 more people that I want vaccinated than Other People At Random.  In fact just PUT ME IN CHARGE OF VACCINATIONS.  Such responsibility, I better get vaccinated first.  So people know it's/I'm legit.  Anyway this paragraph is very unrealistic.  I DON'T KNOW 36 PEOPLE!!!
True!  Anyway Ranking of Family Vaccinations, I can't decide between my Mom and Dad for 1st, but they're both Top Two, THEN ME, Then my brother.  My brother is more or less as at risk as am But HEY FINDERS KEEPERS.  I dunno.  Maybe Flip A Coin with him.  Just to PROVE I love him.  Flipping Coins for brotherly love, seems to check out.  Also the  REAL city of brotherly love was Rome.  It was founded by two brothers (Wolves?)  And I think one ate the other one.  As Brothers (Wolves?) do.   Googled that and ALL OF IT TRACKS.  Wonderful.  Also if Rome was Founded By Wolves, how come everyone who participates is Human.  There's not even a Small Contingency of Wolves making that participate in society.  Not as far as I know!  It would confuse me!  Wolves aren't anthropomorphic AT ALL PER MY UNDERSTANDING.
     Last paragraph of Act II.  Have about .5 a beer left.  Which I will finish either Now or Seconds (Minutes?) from now.  Anyway.  Also is it a thing where a guy whose had Vaccination can donate blood and his blood contains vaccination in it so we all get vaccinated as soon as we can get his blood?  My guess is no of course not.  Oh well such is life.  I feel like I've talked about the folly in thinking Wolf (ves?) founded Rome before.  But this time it was in the context of City of Brotherly Love.  That's a new wrinkle!  Wonderful.  Also I added the part of (As Brothers Do) when I talked about one eating the other.  That's a new line!  Also I may not have done the riff at all.  I may have mentioned this origin story for Rome, but then just stopped completely before saying anything about it!  I'll get to the bottom of this one day!  I guess I have to go back to April 2012 and READ EVERYTHING until I get up to it!  Then read EVERYTHING AFTER IT incase I get up to it again!  Well there goes my decade.  I'll be back in a bit.





It's IMPORTANT You Read The End

   I guess.  Got lunch!  Salmon + Noodle.  Orange Soda!  Half a beer left!  Have a spoon AND a fork!  On a plate!  Noodles still in their original container!  HEAT'D UP.  Salmon, too!  Look I think I covered just about everything there is to cover.  I had a short phone call appointment with therapist this morning, and I may have been half asleep or not paying attention very well, but I THINK she said something like I don't wanna be one of the first to get the vaccine!  We don't really know yet what it does!  Maybe I DID register it correctly, but at the time it seems sensible, but with more INTROSPECTION sounds Kinda Not Right For An Almost Doctor Nurse Therapist in terms of a Stance for them to take.  Also lets be honest she's a good nurse therapist person, but Dr. Jill Biden is more of a doctor than her!  According to titles!  I trust titles! My life revolves around them!
    ALRIGHT just got a good First Slurp of the noodles.  1 SLupr DOwn, roughly 20 or so to go!  Feel kinda confident I'll have some chili and rice for dinner toinght.  It COULD happen!  The point is I can't watch Freddy Krueger III: It's Called NightMare On Elm Street, but I guess I can re-watch Shawshank Redemption.  Same movie based on Wrier/Directors.  Hmm.  I don't see how you can go to a Mid-Upper Level Chinese REstuaint and get noodles that are any better than these noodles.  Well I KIND of can get it.  And LEMME AT THOSE NOODLES.  Man those noodles sound great.  Now I know what to do when Pandemic Quarantine is order.  Solo Trip to Sort Of Almost Fancy Chinese Food Restaurant!  Now all I need is a friend to go with me.  No I don't.  Yeah that pans out pretty good.
Anyway.  Can you say to these Republican Congressmen and Senators you do realize that Trump clearly lost the election, right.  It's not good politics to support him.  Literally.  Our, "Political System," is a Democratic Republic.  How is good, "Politics," to go past that.  Unless you think Non-Democracy is in our near future.  That such a stance would pay off.  Because that's the only way it pays off.  Yep seems to check out.  I bet if you said that to them, and they chose to answer you honestly, they'd be like Well it's still SORT OF a Democracy!  That must be their personal view.  Anyway, finished my beer!  Wonderful.  Almost done with the entry.  Two more paragraphs to go.  Maybe watch somethin' REAL scary and go watch some #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear.
     Cool!  I like the POUCH of, "Hot 'n Spicy Powder," to put into NoodleSoup.  ALRIGHT GO FOR IT DO YOUR JOB IN A FEW MINUTES>  RIGHT NOW ITS STILL IN POWDER FORM BUT VERY SOON IT WILL BE ABSORBED COMPLETELY BY LIQUID &/OR NOODLES.  Here's a good right wing talking point-- IF JILL BIDEN IS SUCH A DOCTOR MAYBE SHE SHOULD BE ADMINISTRATING VACCINATIONS.  BUT SHE WON'T.  #GOTTEM.  I don't think you need to be a doctor to administrate vaccinations.  Maybe have gone to NURSING SCHOOL at least.  Maybe not Anything?  Maybe you take a one week course and get certified or something.  I dunno better take it to the state legislature I don't trust this Vaccination Administration Certification Process ONE BIT.  Anyway one more paragraph then I'm done.  Also lines up pretty well with Finishing Lunch.
That didn't need to be in Italics!  Not one bit!  If I don't go with Chili tonight, best bet is Bagel & Egg.  I LIKE those odds because before Lunch I couldn't really picture enjoying it for lunch but now that I'm HAVING lunch I can sort of picture having it FOR dinner.  I don't KNOW why I capitalized words in THAT sentence (and this ONE) oddly but WHAT can you do.  Also it's been ALMOST A WEEK.  Since bagel and egg.  I need my Fix!  I feel like #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear episode I'm up to now, FOUR, is the one I've seen most recently.  Either that or New Nightmare.  Or both at the same time in the past.  Which was almost definitely THIS YEAR.  Yeah!  Good stuff.  ALso is it EVER explained why Krueger has those sharpy fingers (or not really fingers, just sharp stuff he wears sort of like a glove)?  I mean I SORT OF watched the first two movies and I can't recall it being like OH YES AND HE KILLED PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE BY SLASHINGS.  SLASHINGS WITH POINTED GLOVES.  Gotta imagine there's SOME justification for this, right?  Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:00 P.M.



Sunday, January 3, 2021

It's a Joke

   I have some new thoughts on #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear!  ONE-- we shouldn't be watching this show on account of its track record of KILLING PEOPLE.  And they don't even admit it!  They always have Follow Ups at the end either saying they relapsed and leaving it there or saying they relapsed, they've been sober now since November 2008 or whatever.  Not ONCE do they say dude is dead now.  whatta bummer.  I've watched way too many episodes where if there's over 40 peopl dead, they'd have gotten to at least A FEW dead people!  And anyway stopped watching it yesterday but watched some more this morning during CircleWalk.  It's hard to stop!  So much relatively entertaining content that I haven't seen before!  OH ALSO I figured out why it's a Double FUCKSHIT for them that an Intervention is sprung on them.  THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE ABOUT TO GET PAID FROM APPEARING ON THE SHOW AND GOING ON A MASSIVE DRUG BINGE.  That's why they said yes!  The entire show they're probably thinkin ok just get through this, then I get PAID, then man oh man time to party.  So for the climax of the show to be like NOPE NO MORE DRUGS! they're PARTICULARLY like FUUUUCKKKK THISSSS SHITTT.  it hits doubly hard.  That's MY ASSUMPTION!
What else is going on and crap.  No episode of an Interventioner Needing an Intervention yet.  I think there's 4 or 5 interventioners they've used, and I'm operating under the assumption/edudcated guess/they may have said so explicitly that they're all ex-addicts themselves.  So over 10, 15 years, at least one of these half dozen people must have relapsed!  Maybe.  Could be!  But anyway YES I am still going to make an effort to #GetCleanFromInterventinoWinterToStartYourYear.  Not hyperbole!  Want to cut ties with it COLD TURKEY.  I feel like hyperbole is pronounced high per bull uh which is FUN.  But I also could swear I've heard just Hyper Bowl! here and there.  Probably INCORRECTLY.  But that's fun to say, too!  But either way it's fun to pronounce wrongly or rightly.  Got Double Dose of Chili to eat over the next few days.  I always regret getting the chili.  But IN THEORY it always seems like something I would enjoy.  Be right back with next paragraph.  I'm not going anywhere.  I am not taking ANY sort of break.  I am just hitting Enter and then the space bar 5 times.  Indent Key doesn't work with Microsoft FrontPage.  Messes with the Web Format or something.
Yeah!  Gotta imagine there's a bar out there called Space Bar and it's done up to have the atmosphere of that bar (s?) in Star War (s?) with aliens playing instruments and laser light shows etc.  I'd go to that!  Maybe without the aliens playing instruments.  People DRESSED UP as aliens playing instruments I can enjoy.  Actual Aliens?  Playing instruments? I'm not ready for that yet.  Anyway the jokes on you I activated my new credit card and you didn't even steal my identity ONCE.  As far as I know.  And I know pretty far!  I'd have been alerted or made aware of it by now!  Ugh.  Had a breakfast for the first time in a week or so.  We're talkin Spinach and Bacon Frozen Breakfast Wrap.  We're talkin' that means no bagel and egg today.  We're talkin Great I Don't Even Want It Anyway.  Minority Report but for voter fraud.  Anyway evn THINKS about making Voter Freud is gettin arrested half a dozen seconds after Conception.  Crime Begins At Conception.  Pretty good tagline for Minority Report.  Wonder why they didn't go with that.  I was thinking about Voting In Georgia.  That's the inspiration for that Think-Em-Joke-Em-Almost-Em-Up.
Yeah!  I saw Trump said to Georgia Sec of State something like JUST FIND ME 11,000 votes YOU GOTTA FIGURE OUT SOME WAY TO ADD THAT TO MY TOTAL.  That sounds like a person with Legitimate Concerns over the electoral process.  We should take him (and all Republicans supporting him) at his word that a free and fair election is all that he's asking for!  Anyway hey should I take a MIDPARAGRAPH break where I don't take any break at all but for some reason am like Okay Be Right Back With Second Half of Paragraph.  HEY welcome back time for the 2nd half of the paragraph.  That panned out pretty well.  Also that's about I dunno 25% of the madness in that Leaked Phone Call PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  I didn't listen to it I READ TWO OR THREE QUOTES THOUGH abd A WHOLE LOT OF TWO SENTENCE SUMMARIES ON TWITTER.  I think I got the jist.  What else is giong on.  Oh, right.  Entry.  Ted Cruz we need to calm down.  All he's doing is trying to sabotage an extremely transparent election process where his team lost.  CALM DOWN.  It's like stabbing someone repeatedly in the face and being like CALM DOWN I MAY NOT ACTUALLY END YOUR LIFE.  THE COPS MAY EVEN ARRIVE BEFORE IT COMES THAT!
     Sure, great, what else is going on.
  Not a lot of Stabbing People In The Face in real life PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  It's often used in parables or stuff.  Not a lot of stories about someone getting stabbed in the face.  Not for homicide.  Not for suicide!  Maybe as a College Fraternity, "Prank."  Maybe in the prequel to, "Scarface."  Third thing.  Gotta imagine a third thing!  E-mail me your third things at mankindguy AT crazywaitnothatsnotright lemme start over MANKINDGUY AT g mail . com!  Dunno what I'm gonna have for lunch today.  At the EARLIEST it'll be with Act III.  I had A BREAKFAST today.  Gotta spread out meals to the greatest extend possible as determined by the law (constitution).  Huh.  Hey I'll be back in a bit.  No more #GetCleanFromInterventionWinterToStartYourYear!.  Somethin else, though!





You Get It

   GET WHAT???  I dunno I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Anyway gotta good lunch lined up, especially if today is a lunch POST-ENTRY.  We're talkin' finish communal chicken.  Finish communal meatloaf.  HAVE SOME ROAST POTATO HALF SPHERES and ONe or TWO or ZERO dinner rolls.  Knockin' a lot of stuff out of the park is the point.  Is there an #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear Web Database where they tell us which episode the person succeeds in becoming clean up to the latest possible input date?  Cause if you told me 3 weeks ago they had that database I'd probably watch the people who don't get clean.  But now that I have learned some humanity lately I wanna make sure I'm watching people Who Aren't Dead One Way Or Another Partially Due To My Entertainment Choices.  Seems like one way to go about your life!
     Yeah!  I said Trump telling Georgia Secretary State to come up with votes anyway they can was about 25% of the leak-- getting the impression at this point it's a solid PLURALITY/MAJORITY at RIGHT AROUND 50% of the leak--- but another 25% of it is He Called the Sec of State George at least once.  I SEE WHAT'S GOING ON THERE.  BECAUSE HE LIVES AND OPERATES IN GEORGIA.  THAT'S WHY YOU CALLED HIM GEORGE!  ALL THE PIECES ARE COMING TOGETHER.  Then again we can forgive Trump for thinking people's names are where they live.  If anyone on Earth is justified in that kind of instinctual thinking its Trump.  I assume his regular residential area When Not President is some Trump Tower somewhere.  His name IS where he lived.  So get off his back about it HONEST MISTAKE!!!   Yeesh.  I dunno.  Maybe have That Lunch for tonight's dinner.  And have an H'ordeourves Party for lunch.  Honestly that'd be THE BEST lunch and if I Really DO have that stuff for dinner it's Best Case Scenario.  BUt by kicking the can down the road Who Knows if I'll follow through and eat it for dinner tonight!  Also kicking cans down roads is fun.  I feel like dozens of times I've been out walking and there's some sort of can or something laying on the sidewalk and I Kick It Along As Far As I Can Without Putting Too Much Effort Into It.  OH!  SNOW! Ya do that with some nice snow.  Harder than soft but softer than hard.  You can kick a klump of snow a good DOZEN kicks before it comes apart/gets out of your reach.
    One of my favorite things is when I pour Almost Too Much Beer into a glass the Foam (HEAD?) is VERY MUCH higher than the glass is but Somehow Knows How To Not Spill and Just Subside Slowly into the glass.  Anyway real test for Democracy is when asking Republicans do you support Trump just asking for more votes and they're like well he's the president he can ask for anything he wants.  he believes what he believes...  Also he has data that makes it seem... the election, the jury is still out... i think this phone call is being blown out proportion... Also Sure SOME SENATORS AND HOUSE PEOPLE WILL SAY THAT.  But it SUCKS.  And hopefully it's As Few As Possible!  Because C'MON.  If you're on board with a president clearly trying to rig an election ON TAPE AND WE ALL HEARD THE TAPE I dunno how you've decided that's a good move for your political future.  Even if you're totally cynical and anti-democracy... if you're anti-democracy so much, why bother participating in Democracy?  Pick a lane!  Democracy or Demagogue.  I'm on team Democracy Most OF Us Are Per My Understanding.  NOT 100% with using the word, "Demagogue," there.  I think Trump IS a demagogue and Democracy or Demagogue IS a Valid Question but the word doesn't fit in with What I'm Trying To Say Right Now.  Oh well LOOKS LIKE DEMOCRACY WINS BY DEFAULT!  USA USA USA
Gonna put lunch in oven in 15-30 minutes One Way Or Another.  Man OH MAN would an H' ourdeurves party hit the spot.  Also it's Like TWENTY DIFFERNET THINGS.  Between Miniature Hot Dogs and Chicken Nuggets and Tater Tots.. even MORE.  GOtta be a dozen Tater Tots ALONE.  Anyway, jeez.  Just watched one of my non-British-Season least watched episode of #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear during break between Act I and Act II.  Nothin' too compelling there but it's WORTHWHILE.  Not the most entertaining but when you Think Back on the episode from Start To Finish you're like yeah that's a pretty good twist and whatnot, I"m OKAY with the way this plot and characters unfolded.  That sort of thing.  DOES Trump subconsciously imagine we all live in towers named after ourselves?  I dunno.  Does he CONSCIOUSLY imagine it?  Slightly less likely but LIKE I SAID I DON'T KNOW.
Yeah!  Break After This Paragraph.  DEFINITELY leaning towards an H'OURDERVES party.  At some point you'd think I'd want to commit to memory how to spell the part after the H and the apostrophe in H'OURVERVES.  ALRIGHT LETS SEE. ORDERVES.  EASY.  The word ORDER, then the letters VES.  H'ORDERVES.  Not too difficult.  Not EASY BY ANY MEANS but not too difficult either.  I was thinking about the Painting/Evil Villain in Ghostbusters II and I was like ya know what I'd like to have a joke about this.  And I came up with nothing!  That's Where MY HEAD is at every now and then.  Not too often.  Rarely think about jokes that way.  As shown in this paragraph.  Didn't think of a single joke!  It's a nice fun reference though.  Gotta imagine jokes about it would be received POSITIVELY.  I think I'm gonna write a bonus paragraph.  Then put lunch in oven DIRECTLY AFTER PARAGRAPH.  ALso Now THIS PARAGRAPH is over!
Yeah!  Anyway, I dunno.  I WANNA HEAR THEM TAPES.  Did audio of the tapes leak along with the transcript?  I'm under the impression we might get some audio.  And I wanna hear Trump talking for some reason.  They said at times he was very confused and unintelligible.  Sounds like fun!  It reminds me of ME but I'm not trying to overturn an election!  Not to my knowledge!  Trump would have gotten along with Walt Disney.  Man I thought having a tower was big YOU HAVE MULTIPLE YOUR OWN WORLDS.  Well, one WORLD.  One LAND.  One EUROWORLD presumably.  MAYBE EVEN ONE TOKYOWORLD.  He must be in awe!  Also Tower of Terror was inspired by Trump Tower.  I feel like that's pretty obvious.  Also Tower of Terror may very possibly be Universal Studios?  Better LTURQ.  NOPE Disneyworld.  Hey this paragraph was a huge bust.  Be back in a bit.





I Hope So

   HEY last Act of Day.  Got an H'ORDERVES party comin' up in Twenty Minutes.  Most likely be up to paragraph 3-5 or so at that point.  Historical Day!  President ON TAPE committing ELECTION FRAUD.  We can hear it!  Not just today but tomorrow!  The Whole Year!  HISTORY!   Gotta imagine in Future Textbooks which include Audio STANDARD we'd be listneing to Trump'd Dumb Voice sayin' all that he's sayin.  Assuming HISTORY BOOK TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES ENOUGH.  It has to advance to the point that Magazine's advanced to 2 decades ago for advertisement.  If THEY can get some audio by turning to a certain page CERTAINLY OUR CHILDREN'T HISTORY TEXTBOOKS could have the same technology fifty years from now.  The bad news is I already ate 3 or 4 Tater Tots and 1 Chicken Nugget.  Not enough to be a, "Game Changer," in terms of My Upcoming Meal but still I'll Miss Them Tots and That Nugget.
     Great!  So far NO #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear today since the episode I was watching Pre-Entry.  Life Begins At Intervention.  Huh?  Oh, right.  Paragraph II.  I was watching the #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear where it's Kirk Cameron and his real life grandson because its like I bet these two actors get along real well outside of Episode.  Real GRANDPA and GRANDSON relationship, I can see it up there on the screen!  Not up!  On screen, though!  At eye level with chair-I'm-sitting-in &/or Bed-I'm-Lying-In(-Or-Also-Sitting-In).  Looks like Congress convened either today or yesterday... AND I WASN'T INVITED??  Where is GOOD.  Where is JUSTICE.  Nowhere that's where!  It's possible I was invited and I moved it to my spam folder and hit Delete Forever but then if I get an e-mail from the same source They'll Still Send It TO Me (In Spam Folder) when I CLEARLY don't want to receive ANY e-mail from them EVER AGAIN.
     That sort of thing.  If I have four beers today, I will have 2 beers over the next few days EACH. If I have three beers today, I can have three beers One Of Those Days.  These Are The Days Of My Lives.  Gotta make a CONSCIOUS effort to have a CONSCIENCE and not watch #InerventionWinterToEndYourY... WAIT A SECOND #InteventionWinterToSTARTYourYear!  GREAT now I have to make a CONSCIOUS effort to have a CONSCIENCE and remember it's a Winter to START Your Year and not END Your Year.  I got mixed up once-- shame on me.  I get mixed up twice?-- that's Your fault.  I get mixed up more than two times?-- I guess my mix-up is correct we're all pot committed to it at this point, I guess we're All Still Ending Our Year.  I feel very strongly about this.  The point is I have Very Little Reason why I stopped binging The Simpsons last Spring.  I mean, yes, I made it to ~Season Eleven which certainly, by that time, we're not in the Golden Age anymore.  But it's still a DECENT age.  And most (all?) of this season and NEARBY seasons I would remember most of it and they'll have sentimental value.  So basically It's A Real Conundurum.
     Yeah!  Take Food out of the oven after this sentence.  I LIKE those odds. Oop if you were Betting On It I just fucked you up, it's past that sentence and still no food.  Alright lets go. EHH not quite ready yet.   I gotta write this paragraph first!  Turns out.  Gotta wonder how Trump Tapes will effect Georgia Runoffs.  I mean, first thought is It Will Turn Off Potential Republican VOters.  But what's the alternative.  NOW I WANNA VOTE FOR TRUMPIST REPUBLICANS EVEN MORE?  I don't understand how the world we live in works so I suppose that's possible.  I don't wanna know!  Keep me out of it!  That sort of thing!  Anyway HBOMAX has MOST of the #NightMareOnElmStreetWinterToStartYourYear and I watched The First One paying more attention than I had in the past 2 or 3 times I saw it and PRETTY GOOD.  Not really scary to Today's ME per say but Good Nonetheless.
    Lotta scandals in Presidential History.  Can't recall a HELP ME EXPLICITLY STEAL AN ELECTION ON TAPE before.  But then again I haven't had as Great A Lunch As I'm Having right now Before either?  Well maybe 2 or 3 days ago when I had the same thing for lunch.  But BEFORE THEN, never would have even considered such a lunch!  I think I'm not only Fine but am also Looking Forward to dinner of FInishing Roast Chicken, Meatloaf, and Some Potato Sphere Halves tonight.  it's the slice of Meatloaf that's the wild card that this meal needed.  Usually don't have a bonus slice of meatloaf but this time around Mom only wanted 1 slice!  I feel like I wrote 6 paragraphs with Act I.  Maybe write a bonus paragraph with Act III, as well.  NOPE but close!  Act II had 6 paragraphs!
Wonderful.  Found another good Guitar Amplification System Preset.  It's called Post-Punk.  And I changed it so the, "Stomp Box Setting," was more Distortioning.  They call it FUZZ.  I guess that's somethin.  Hot Fuzz.  I saw that movie half a dozen times from When It Was Released In Theater to Maybe A Year After It Was Released On TV.  Pretty good movie Per My Understanding/Per My Recollection.  Hmm is Freddy Kruger II: Nightmare On Elm Street II available on HBOMAX?  LMLTURQ.  YEP #2 is SOLIDLY available on HBOMax.  Hmm best part of Imagining Tonight's Dinner as A POSITIVE is double sandwich.  Mini Meatloaf sandwich, mini Roast chicken sandwich.  Also half spheres of potato ain't bad either!  Also how come As Far As I Know there's no global cuisine tradition in having Roast Chicken Skins as an appetizer or something.  Based on just my own experience, gotta imagine SOMEWHERE they have that as a culinary tradition.  HMM I BET I COULD LTURQ.  BRB.   Not seeing anything!  Oh well.  Let's get that, "Trending," but in Real Life.  Servin' Some plate of chicken skins!  Shouldn't be too hard to find, lots of people will forego the skin when they get chicken.   Just accumulate the chicken skin they Don't eat!  And give it to me!  Ugh.  Be back tomorrow.

-4:01 P.M






Saturday, January 2, 2021

Look Over Here

   WHAT THE HELL just finished an #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear where they didn't relapse after treatment!  This is the ~50th episode I've seen over the last week or two and I truly cannot think of a single episode where it wasn't like "Dude relapsed 48 hours after completing treatment."  Unless if it was a lady.  Then they'd say "Lady relapsed 48 hours after completing treatment."  Also lots of times they make it MONTHS before relapsing.  But anyway what I've learnt from this episode is this guy is a pussy giving up alcohol just because a TV Show told him to I GOT NO RESPECT FOR THIS ASSHOLE.  How much do you get paid for being on an episode of #IntefventionWinterToStartYourYear?  I'm just trying to picture how much Crystal Meth you can buy by participating with this TV show.  Gotta assume Everyone on the show is operating under that mode of thinking the entire time the episode is going on.
     Great!  Anyway probably gonna get some blood work done on Tuesday which means probably get 2 Large Cans of Beer on Tuesday which means if I play my cards right I can go without a day without beer this week!  Why wouldn't I play my cards right.  I've already been dealt a winning hand!  It's be More Than Foolish to play the cards wrong.  Oh well such is life.  Anyway very possible to have Chicken Parm for lunch today.  Not too much of a hassle to cook- just some Microwaving (And not too long a mirowaving process at that!)  HOPEFULLY some Communal Meatloaf for tonight but not definite!  Anyway watched The Conjuring and 1/3rd of The Conjuring II yesterday, and I'm only saying this because I Want To Remembr this franchise (particularly this iteration of it) is actually PRETTY GOOD.  It blends in with all these other horror movies from the 2010's, but these are actually High Quality.  Both in terms of Scaritude, production values, script and acting, TIME AND DAY IT WAS RELEASED, OPENING CREDITS... you get that idea.  Opening Credits are actually pretty good.  No Joke!
     Anyway.  I've seen both of these movies before!  I know what's gonna happen more or less to prepare for the BIG Scares.  So I got that going for me is the point.  I knew I was doing something productive with my time By Watching TV.  Now if I ever have to see ANY NUMBER of horror movies again I'll be Ready For ANYTHING.  Watchin them with people I'm not gonna get spooked externally.  People would mock me if I did!  Especially if they knew I'd seen it before!  So embarrassing!  Yeah, okay, what else.  If ghosts and spirits etc are real... how come they only show up in like .00000001% of households or buildings or preying on people or families?  It's always like oh in most cases it's something normal and benign, but in THESE cases it's a ghost.  Look, all the cases whree You Say That have already been made into movies.  Three dozen cases at best.  In a world of SIX BILLION PEOPLE.  Three dozen cases of ghosts WHAT MAKES THOSE SITUATIONS SO SPECIAL.  Doesn't add up!
     That's all I'm trying to say.  Also when I was watching Horror Movies I was thinking abuot The Uncanny Valley.  Where it's like, using CGI or other special effects, if its very crude that's ok and normal, if its very realistic and's ok and normal, but in-between its very weird and strange.  And in horror movies, it's good if its very dumb and not scary, and its good if its very smart and scary, but in between WHO NEEDS IT and ALSO it's WEIRD AND STRANGE.  Horror movies being weird and strange is a good thing.  Works to their advantage!  That's why ALMOST ALL Horror movies are great entertainment!  No matter where the quality determination falls, IT'S STILL SOMETHIN'!  Also is Uncanny Valley a concept specifically for talking or thinking about pornography?  That's how it goes in my brain.  What else is going on.  Fourth paragraph already!  Alright!  15% chance I don't know what the Uncanny Valley is.  I DON'T Like those odds!
     Wonderful.  Is a global pandemic sort of a Survival Of The Fittest scenario?  If you're Personally Dumb Enough to not be careful about being exposed to it &/Or Personally Dumb Enough to forego a vaccine... oh well thanks for playing.  And if its more societal and governmental and political forces and people in power ruining it for the rest of us... oh well Group Of People which is unfortunately penalizing the good people inside it, Thanks For Playing.  Oh well such is life.  What else is going on.  Finished an episode of #InterventionWinterToStartYourYear before this entry began.  Maybe watch some #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToStartYourYear.  Also why is it your year.  My year seems like it would make some more sense.  Oh well too late now, no going back, that thought is way in the past.  The one bad thing about, on e-mail, reporting everything as spam, is that now it just shows up in the Spam Folder instead of regular Inbox.  I thought I was making my point clear.  I don't care about these e-mails.  I don't want to see them anymore. And Gmail is like Well I Hear you FOR NOW but JUST IN CASE YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND... I'll be back in a bit.




The Blog Must Go On

   That's the assumption I've ben operating under since September.  Anyway looking forward to finishing #TheConjuringIIWinterToStartYourYear.  Again, it's MY Year, not yours.  I'll get the kinks worked out of that hashtag sooner or later.  Still lookin' like Chicken Parm for lunch.  I went through a half hour period where I was like ya know gonna have an h'ourderves party for lunch again.  Then I changed my mind!  And also it looks like Communal Meatloaf for dinner IS In The Cards!  Glad we got all that out of the way.  Now its time to brass tacks-- Is that the thing people have on their desks where it's like 6 metal balls and then on one side it swings back and forth and hits the next ball and then the same thing happens on the other side.  Made out of brass!  Presumably.  If you know another Shiny Metal that could be made into sphericals then I'd Like To Hear It!
     Anyway if we're trying to go the week without a day of drink, that means today tomorrow and Monday is 3 drinks.  Or four one day and 2 another day!  Those are the most likely permutations.  Lookin forward to a Dream Team of Warnock and Ossoff going to the United States senate.  Gotta imagine they'll share the same dorm.  Be best friends!  Maybe even attend the same classes that's how much these two guys like each other.  Warlock.  FuckOff.  Two good Taunts for their last names for potential bullies.  I dunno if calling someone a warlock is an insult.  It means like A Male Witch, right?  And who cares if someone's a Male Witch, whatever kind of magic a man does in his own home is not our business!  You know that sort of thing.
  Just great.  Gotta nice sticker yesterday.  Well, I got it 9 years ago.  But I became aware of it yesterday.  Back when I got my EPIPHONE: The Guitar.  They gave a nice big ol Epiphone sticker, and my Dad kept it with his papers.  Was going through his papers yesterday!  Asked me if I wanted it.  I said yes!  On account of wanting it! Now it's on my acoustic guitar case!  WIth something leaning against it to make it adhesive-to-it because on-it's-own the stickiness was-a-little-bit-gone.  YEAH!  Big sticker, too.  Not HUGE but definitely covering up a good amount of Space.  Also that was one of my sense memories with watching Soul.  Guy walkin around NYC with some instrument or somethin trying to get to a show.  I did that.  If you replace instrument or somethin with GUITAR.  And a show with OPEN MIC.  And walkin around with I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING NOT JUST MEANDERING AROUND.  The main difference is THIS ISN'T THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS EXPERIENCE (OR IS IT?)  Anyway I lost track of what I was talking about.  See ya next paragraph!
Great!  Man oh man if I give myself 1 day off of beer this week I can go NUTS today and tomorrow.  We're talking ONE DAY WITH FOUR BEER ONE DAY WITH FIVE BEER.  Also what are Beer Nuts and why does that phrase disgust me so.  I guess I'm not a fan of ANY nuts to begin with.  Gone a month or two several times Over Life where I was, "Into," Pistachios.  But most nuts are gross!  Beer nuts, just makes me think of a bowl of nuts in some dank bar and its like Here have some BEER Nuts won't you and I wanna throw up I DON'T LIKE THIS SCENARIO NOT ONE BIT.  Well the bit about a dank bar I could work with.  Haven't been exposed to that situation too often yet in life!  But the point is I FORGET.
  Maybe it comes from, we used to go to a diner when I was a kid, and when you're leaving they have Mints and Small Cookies for free as you're leaving, and my Dad was always like DON'T TAKE ANY!  UNCLEAN!  and he's right!  But that's why I don't like Communal Nuts.  Also because that's common sense I dunno why I'm blaming it on my Dad.  He was totally right and any RESPONSIBLE father would say the exact same thing.  Whattado with the upcoming break.  Lots of decent options!  The same options as every day PLUS watching more #TheConjuringIIWinterToStartYourYear.  The point is IF GHOSTS WERE REAL THERE'D BE A LOT MORE OF THEM.  I feel like this is a decent insight-em-up.  GHOSTS ARE A SCAM.  Ugh.  Hey this paragraph is over!  I'll be back in a bit!




I Feel Okay About This

   Then again, if Ghosts AREN'T Real... where do they get the ideas from for all these movies.  Interesting point I just made.  Anyway looks like there's a lot of Senators and Congresspeople who are like ya know what I Don't Give A Fuck.  ANd are dumb!  I feel like they're coming out against Democratic Election (certified and re-certified over and over) for political reasons, obviously, and I think there's a greater than 50% chance in the end it'll hurt them politically.  That's where the DUMB part comes into play.  But they get whatevers coming to them unless something good is coming to them in which case I'd like to have a conversation with Said Thing and be like maybe you should come at some more deserving peoples.  Anyway YES I am eating Chicken Parm for lunch right now.  Glad we covered that.
     Great!  I feel like at different points in my life I've had the recurring thought... I wonder what kind cheese they use in chicken parmesan.  Probably mozzarella.  I might be confusing that with pizza.  Thinking about I wonder what kind of cheese is normal pizza cheese.  PROBABLY MOZZARELLA. YEP that checks out.  ANyway, I dunno.  This piece of chicken is pretty big!  Not TOO big!  But pretty big all in all.  #TheConjuringIIWinterToStartYourYear takes place in England.  I don't get the TERM Brexit.  The pronunciation of the EXXXit  does NOT match up with the word Britain.  That'd be BRIXXET.  Which is very clearly nonsense.  The point is how this think-em-up got past SO MANY PEOPLE doesn't seem right.  Maybe they do sort of pronounce it Brettain.  I've never BEEN there or SEEN A MOVIE ABOUT IT.  That seems to check out.  II feel, "Okay," with the rest of my day.  Computer TV, shower &/or bath, hopefully some CircleWalkingPodCastTime.
  Blood work done on Tuesday?!?  I don't believe it!  Anyway I get why people on #InteventionWinterToStartYourYear who are Heroin Fans talk about They Just Love The Needle.  I Love Needles, too!  But in a RESPONSIBLE way.  You're takin blood?  Love It!  Maybe that's something Heroin Addicts shuold consider.  Giving blood as often as possible.  Which is EVERY DAY if you go to multiple Blood Banks.  You're comfortable skirting around the edges of the law, you do heroin!  So get blood taken every day What Do You Care.  Also at what point does 2021 start becoming a good year.  1) Once Biden is inaugurated, 2) when INDIVIDUALLY we Each Get Vaccine &/or 3) when lots of/most people/people we're concerned about get vaccinated.  So basically WE WON'T BE ON THE SAME PAGE THE NEXT FEW MONTHS.  Some of us gonna get it sooner than others!  Look JEALOUSY is inevitable but just remember we're all in this together!  To different extents!  Maybe you have to be in it a little bit longer than me.  That's The Price Of Doing Business!
     Penultimate paragraph.  HBO had Allll The Freddy Kruegers.  Or at least Mosssssst of them.  A solid Ovvvvver 50% of them would be my guess.  So I can binge that at some point in the next week or two.  Anyway had Frozen It's Dijiorno NOT Delivery last night and they explicitly say FOUR CHEESE PIZZA.  Which makes me wonder, is it The Same Amount of cheese overall but just coming from four different cheese sources?  Or is it 4x the cheese.  I ate it AND SAW IT and FELT IT I should be able to answer this.  Fine!  Seemed like a NORMAL AMOUNT of cheese!  There, are you happy!  Get off my back about it is the point I'm trying to make.  Anywah had a nice Go To Sleep last night.  Went to bed about an hour later than usual, fell asleep around the same time.  Makes sense to me to do it that way!  Also I was Googling ways to fall asleep fastly and got some tips!  Maybe they helped yesterday maybe not!  Can't say for sure at this moment!
    Last paragraph!  Better LURQ how much you get paid to be on Intervention.  UH OH turns out FORTY PEOPLE DIED AFTER BEING ON INTERVENTION.  And we're not talking about a show from the 1940's where if they're dead now It's Totally Reasonable.  They have a PRETTY BAD track record of Keeping People Alive yet the show gets season after season.  I dunno, that MAY or MAY NOT be a Deal Breaker watching this going forward.  That's, what, at least a 10% chance this person will OD or kill themselves or somethin.  At this point NOT a Dealbreaker but maybe by tomorrow I'll be ready to Go Without It!  Classssic Interventionee.  Also It's possible you don't get paid a cent, but the Intervention and Potential Treatment are Free.  In which Case YA GOT SCAMMED.  Hey the entry is over.  YA GOT SCAMMED.  I'll see you tomorrow.

-3:25 P.M.




Friday, January 1, 2021

Go For 2021

   Exactly.  Finally out of Contact Lenses.  Last pair lasted me a solid 5-7 days in a row and now no more!  Presumably won't Re-Up until after Pandemic Quarantine.  The point is Now I Look Like a Nerd but Oh Well WHat Can You Do Not Much Gotta Wait Until Pandemic Quarantine Is Over To Stop Looking Like A Nerd.  Also in Pandemic Quarantine, I think a lot of isolating people have come to terms with their negative Societal Place In Social Ecosystem Adjectives.  I dunno if you're a nerd or a geek or a jerk or a SPAZ.  Everyone's Gotta Be SOMETHIN' NEGATIVE!  I like that!  Spaz.  Can I be A Spaz?!  No I'm a nerd now we just settled that.  Glasses?  Nerd.  Oh well what can you do.  Not a lot.  Anyway it's a new year and you don't have to take my word for it consult your local calendar.
     Great!  Lots of Interesting options for lunch today.  Finish COmmunal Chicken (Had Communal Chicken last night).  Some Dijornio: Your VERY Local Pizza Enterprise (Set Up From Inside Your House).  Mayeb a Hors Duerves Party.  Lunch Party.  Of Jors GEurves.  One day I hope to have the motivation to spell Deurves right.  I think I got Hors.  FINE I'll LTURQ. H'OEUVRES.  One can only imagine that's Hungarian.  I feel like having a Leg of Mutton is Hungarian.  Something like that.  A Nice Big Leg of some animal.  Hungarian.  I'd LTURQ but I'm relatively certain I am wrong.  But if I'm right... GOOGLE HUNGARIAN CUISINE let's go.  Not seeing anything about Big Leg Of Meat.  Lots of stuff in another language.  For Just One Country, they sure do have a lot of meals that aren't even In English.  Go figure!
  English... Scottish... I might be thinking of Scottish.  I can imagine them having a big ol' leg of mutton.  In An Ideal World for them.  WHY DO I KEEP SEARCHING THIS.  It's like looking at every country's cuisine specifically for Chicken Breast.  YES EVERYONE IS HAVING LEGS OF MUTTON IF ITS AVAILABLE TO THEM.  WHY WOULDN'T THEY ITS DELICIOUS PRESUMABLY.  Oh, right.  Lamb Chops.  Gotta imagine Lamb is Mutton on account of Mutton being Lamb.  Those are CHOPS, though.  Not a nice big ol Lamb Leg.  I've had Lamb Chops.  I'd do it again, too!  Just watch me!  Anyway leaning towards having an H'OERVERDS party for lunch.  It's finger food and if you can grasp food in your fingers obviously that's good for your diet.  Not big amounts of food if you can hold it just with a couple of fingers.  Duh!
     Anyway I saw a nice Eating DIsorder Idea on Intervention a couple times where they chew up food and then spit it out.  I've THOUGHT of that before (as a Thinking Exercise, not to actually do it) but I always figured well you're probably absorbing most of the calories through your Mouth Glands.  You chew it up, you're absorbing sugar or whatever else is giving you the calories from this.  So It Doesn't Even Pay Off!  But then this #InteverntionWinterToComeBackToMeOnThis made me specifically check it out and they DO lend some credence to my idea but they're like normally you absorb about 1/3rd of the calories just through chewing and whatnot.  Whatnot was MY addition for EMPHASIS.  The Googled Website did not say, "Whatnot."  Also look I have no interest in persuing an eating disorder, and I don't feel any pressure from inside to do it at all.  All just an Intellectual Exercise!
Wonderful.  Look if I'm having Legs of Mutton I think I'm doing okay Re: Not Being Weird With Food.  I dunno now that I think about it my preoccupation with Legs of Mutton may betray some food issues!  Yeeesh.  I just can't win!  Anyway had 5 beers yesterday on account of I feel like I'm supposed to have a personal party celebration today (Yesterday).  Now I have THIRTEEN beers for the next three days (including today!)  You know what that means!  Two days of 4, one day of 5!  Probably.  Maybe you didn't know what that means.  Which is good!  You shouldn't be so involved and invested in my life that you Would Know What That Means.  What was I doing AT MIDNIGHT: NEW YEAR MOMENT.  Listening to music.  I can Sense Memory Remember which song I was at But NO SPOILERS.  You wanna know that That's Bonus Information!
     Bonus paragraph!  Feels right on account of the first 5 paragraphs being a snooze.  Spend most of the Night watching DAWN OF THE DEAD: THE EXTENDED VERSION: ON YOUTUBE FOR FREE.  Usually am in bed at around 8 PM, asleep around 10 or 10:30.  This time I was UP AND ALERT and WATCHING ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES.  Presumably.  It used to be one of my favorite movies.  At some point I just got in the habit of re-watching it every now and then despite it not really clicking.  Makes sense, that's the premise of the movie.  Zombies return to Indoor Shopping Malls because that's what they did in life.  And I return to this movie because That's What I Did In Life.  So, with that context...Man oh man it sucks being the semi-recently Undead.  I guess I've been a zombie for a decade or so.  Seems to check out.  Alright I'll be back in a bit!



I've Got Lots of Things To Say

   I dunno why I'm bringing down Other People into having to be a Nerd or a Spaz, etc. just because I am. Makes me feel like a big man.  ANyway my Dad likes to play games with Days and Months and Years where it's like What will it be on January 23rd at 4:56 PM.  And it's 123456.  But obviously if you can work in the year its better.  So when my Dad goes IT's a new year!  NOW TELL ME what will it be on March 21st at 6:54?  ANd I'm like Yeah I guess 654321 but ITS A NEW YEAR LETS FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THAT RIGHT?  That's the whole point of waiting for it to be a New Year.  New Numbers.  Anyway, 21.  What about April Third at... 7:65... Yeah this year SUCKS.  Wonderful.  I'll have to think about this.  There must be SOME pretty good day this year (ideally with a good time, too!).  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
     Figure I'll have Lunch in about an Oh I Don't Know A 75 Amount Of Minutes from three minutes from now.  Well now it's two minutes.  I just HAD to spend all that time capitalizing Bonus Words in that sentence.  Lost an entire minute Rounded Up Or Down More Or Less.  Also when I Say Dawn of the Dead I mean the Original.  Maybe if I really want to clarify this I'd go back up several paragraphs and make it clear from the onset.  I dunno I guess I just don't care enough.  So sue me!  It's be a waste of a Suit, though.  I got nothin' to give.  What do you want from me, the shirt off my back?  I need it!  Without it my Torso Upwards would be chilly!  Anyway been wearing Real Pants since yesterday or the day before.  We're talkin JEANS.  That fit me!  No more of this Been wearing the same-pair-of-sweat-pants-that-border-on-being-pajamas for several months in a row.
     Socks, too!
  When I was younger I regularly Just Didn't Wear Socks.  This goes back mostly to times in my life I never really left the house.  But I feel like I went through periods where I left the house regularly without socks.  But I wear socks every day now, because I've found it's hard to walk around in a SMall Circle in Room without socks.  Just the friction between my bare feat, making all those turns for an hour... doesn't feel right!  You know, that sort of thing.  Also at what point are we going to get an update on Potential First Cat?  Has he &/or she been adopted yet?  Or maybe they picked out a pregnant cat and have dibs for the soon-to-be offspring?  Do they have a name picked out with no cat, or do they have a cat picked out with no name?  I saw Biden & Dr Mrs Biden were on New Years Eve Television but THEY NEVER ADDRESSED THIS?!?
  Figure I'll put Party Finger Food in oven in about Oh I Don't Know TWELVE MINUTES.  DAMNIT JUST TURNED TO ELEVEN MINUTES.  CAN MY LIFE GET ANY WORSE???  You know that sort of thing.  First Act was 6 paragraphs.  AT this point can't rule out that this Act will also be 6 paragraphs.  What's today.  Friday.  Sounds about right.  Yesterday was indeed Thursday upon further introspection.  Tomorrow being Saturady I feel like that makes sense.  Dunno what else is there to say.  Maybe have the cat's last name EXPLICITLY Biden.  I feel like I could imagine the Bidens going with that.  Let's say the cats name is Mittens, obvious first name for cat off the top of my head-- would be officially and explicitly referred to as Mittens Biden.  Doesn't work so well with Mittens but a) that's because it's played out and b) reminds people of Mutton too much now everyone is gonna wanna eat big ol Lamb Drum Sticks instead of Enjoying This Cat.  Anyway.  I feel like people think of cats as never showing affection.  My cat used to rub me up.  My Bottom legs. below the knee where she could reach me.  Nice rubbing up against me That Means I'm Loved!
     Cracked that code.  I think she was, "Into," how much I played Donkey Kong II: Diddy Kong's Adventure for the first week we got her.  Then I had to return that to Blockbuster and Our Relationship Just Never Was The Same.  I dunno I have the sense memory of having Donkey Kong II: Diddy Kong's Return as a Rental BUT ALSO making it far (or even all the way) into finishing it.  Maybe I rented it 2 or 3 times.  I definitely feel like I've rented games (DEFINITELY movies!) 2 or more times.  So that's something to consider.  Oh, right.  Cat.  Got cat when I played Super Nintendo.  All the pieces are finally coming together!  Anyway put in Finger FOod Lunch Party in oven just now so I'll either be done with entry by the time its ready or more likely will be ready at some point during Act III (maybe near the end???)  Anyway OH right I learnt I can chew food and not swallow it and cut my calories by 66.67%.  Why did I decide to round it to 2 decimal points.  Anything other than that makes sense.  67, 66.7, 66.667... ANYTHING but 66.67%!  I feel very strongly about this.
     Anyway.  Hmm, 21.  Well obviously you'd think Some Sort Of Descending number.  But I already Tried April 3rd and there's no such thing as a 7:65 WE WENT THROUGH THIS ALREADY.  I'll STILL keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  I ain't throwing in the towel just yet!  I Won't Give Up On This Concept!  Not Today!  Anyway looks like another Act with 6 paragraphs.  So far THAT'S THE 100% STANDARD for Acts during /21.  Is that a COOL, FUN way to stylize this year.  /21.  I feel like that might check out let's get that trending or something.  Forever 21.  21 you can drink beer.  21 is black jack.  21 is lots of things they even made a movie about it.  I never saw it but based on Title it was ALL ABOUT 21.  So NUMBERwise this year doesn' offer us a lot but in The CONTEXT Of WORDS its got a whole lot interesting stuff going for it!  Well, great, just great.  I'll be back at some point with Act III!


I've Got Nothing Else To Say

   Not 100% sure why when I was in school tater tots digested me.  I was like look I like French'd Fries but THIS IS DISGUSTING.  ANd its not just that it's School Cafeteria Food.  If they had French'd Fries once a week I'd be DOWN with eating those.  But when they're in a different shape I'm like NO WAY.  OF COURSE in retrospect Tater Tots are empirically better than French'd Fries.  You know that sort of thing.  I feel like I ate Lunch in school a solid K-9th grade.  First few years Paper Bag Lunch.  Next few years Cafeteria Lunch.  Then 9th grade, for first semester at leat, we're talkin MAC'D DONALDS.  I think I stopped eating lunch completely at/around school after that first semester.  I remember I ate Regular Cafeteria Lunch at high school for the first week or so.  And then I was like well look if I'm eating alone I can figure out a better way to do it.  Eating Alone in Cafeteria in 9th grade NOPE NOT FOR ME!
I had a fantasy the first week of high school where I was like I'm just gonna spend my LUnches and Free Periods (if I had free periods freshman year) doing creative stuff.  First thing is I'll write some sort of script.  And I got about 2-3 days worth of IDEAS for a movie then I was like well this is impossible why would anyone do this.  Even WITHOUT friends.  Probably A MULTITUDE OF EASIER ways to spend Free Time At School.  Anyway.  It was a SCI FI film.  Taking place in the VERY DISTANT FUTURE.  Where people don't live on Earth anymore really, but UP IN THE SKY (Not Earth Sky, way beyond it, I just said Up In The Sky to be fun.  It's really Across The Universe!).  And then a couple of characters have to RETURN TO EARTH to FIND LOVE!  That's about it.  If you use that LogLine to make a movie that makes Dozens of Millions of Dollars I WANT SOME ROYALTIES!  I want Royalties even if you DON'T use the premise at all.  I feel like if I ask for Royalties Enough Times someone's bound to give me Royalties for SOMETHIN'.
     Wonderful.  Lunch in about 10, 15, 20 minutes.  Fifteen has the Strongest Case!   What else is going on.  3rd beer for today beginning!  A solid ONE or TWO more over the rest of the day.  That's easy.  For the most part I use Beer Days to drink Beer During Entry that's the most important part!  I don't know WHY.  I can obviously Make Do without drinking beer.  But it's FUN and WHATNOT.  The point is after I took half a Klonopin Nasally I felt kinda shitty every now and then over the day? for the next few days.  Didn't have an immediate strong effect but I feel like it had a negative not-quite-semi-mid-term effect.  But I laid off it for a week so that should solve that problem.  Then I took one AGAIN LAST TONIGHT.  Took it REGULARWISE.  And anyway I think I'm okay that's the point I'm trying to make.
     Yeah!  Figure I'll take lunch out of oven after this paragraph.  Feels about right unless something goes very wrong.  Or slightly wrong.  Maybe even something going Slightly RIGHT could effect this planning.  Combined last half of Mini Hot Dogs, left over Chicken Nuggets, and rest of Tater Tots into ONE HUGE PLASTIC BAG.  It's called a QUART bag and I just barely was able to fit everything in it.  Just Barely!  It took some work to seal it in but I was able to accomplish it!  Also at some point I feel like I need to listen to MF Doom?  I listened to 2 or 3 songs yesterday and I was like, I Can, "Dig," This but not right now Maybe In A Bit!  That sort of thing.  I've gotten in the habit of just listening to whatever Long Acoustic-ish songs I can think of Pre-Sleep.  Hmm putting on this song will not HURT my Falling Asleep Prospects AND the longer the song the less times I'll have to Changed The Song!  Yeah!  Hey I'll be back in a minute with lunch.
     HEY I had Stuff In Oven for 50+ minutes and it's Well Done enough to Comfortably Eat but not much more than that!  Whatta jip!  Eh it's good enough.  That's MY Hot Take.  Whattado with Rest Of Day.  Obviously a Bath &/Or Shower and eating dinner.  Hopefully work in a Bonus CircleWalk with PodCast.  Got around 1/3rd into I Spit On Your Grave II: Not Quite The Endgame There's a Third One, there's Interventions and Tales From The Crypts.  Anyway NOW is a good time to figure out what my Winter Hashtags will be.  #...WinterToRemember is a strong contender, it's just the same as the original SummerToRemembers.  And I can't think of anything better.  SO, yeah!  Let's just go with I guess I'll watch some #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToRemember.  WHose gonna stop me YOU?  I doubt it you haven't stopped me from a single thing yet!  What's a good dinner.  Finish Communal Chicken.  That's a no brainer, most obvious dinner even if it's not my FAVORITE dinner.  Anyway hey bonus paragraph comin' up!
     Great.  Also I think the movie I described is CLOSE to AfterEarth but it's not Romantic Love they discover it's a Father Son Love.  Also that may not be accurate at all I only saw the movie Once At Most!  Better LTURQ.  Yeah More Or Less right.  My Movie is Less of an Action Movie.  Certainly an ADVENTURE movie. Also I don't have all the kinks worked out I ONLY WORKED ON IT FOR 3-5 DAYS OF LUNCH PERIOD.  Anyway not a great Start To 2021 Re: This Website.  A Solid 3.5/10.  Not so great!  Maybe get workin on beer #4 DIRECTLY after entry.  That'll make me feel good about myself!  Due to the psychotropic effects of the alcohol content within said beer!  I enjoyed this lunch so much I WANT THE SAME THING FOR DINNER.  I feel like that happens 1 out of 10 lunches.  But VERY rare to act upon such impulses.  But they're there all the same!  ROMANTIC Love?  Has anyone made a movie about that yet?  My guess is Probably, At Some Point.  Good news is The Entry Is Over.  I'll See You More Or Less Same Time Tomorrow.

-3:36 P.M.









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