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Saturday, October 31, 2020

I've Found That This Means Nothing

   Sweet!  That takes a lot of pressure off.  I imagine a lot of Creatives are always like hmm what does this thing I'm making MEAN.  Means nothing!  Unless you're F SCOTT FITZGERALD.  Then it means No second acts in American lives!  Maybe in German lives!  Not counting out South Korean's lives, either.  Not American though, I (F SCOTT FITZGERALD) feel very strongly about this.  So we got that going for us anyway.  Anyway look like Five Hundred Thirty Eight Election PRojectino has Biden winning 90% of the time compared to losing it 10% of the time (That's not intuitive it could be a TIE you idiots!).  I thought that would make them say Clearly Favored instead of Favored.  I was wrong!  Maybe he needs JUST ONE MORE .5 to put him over the top!  Gotta imagine that's a good swing vote to court.  People who live in swing states and want 538 to say, "Clearly Favored," because they don't care which candidate wins they just like 538 Words.
Sounds about right.  What kind of delicious lunch will I have today.  Why it's only Oh I Don't Know finish Beef Sirloin?  Have some sort of LAMBISH SAAG with Bonus Rice?  I like those odds!  Those ain't odds.  Certainly ain't evens!  I remember in elementary school I had a classmate who in passing conversation was like zero is neither even nor odd.  Or maybe he said zero is BOTH even AND odd (think it was that one actually).  And apparently my reaction to that was that's kinda stupid I'M GOING TO REMEMBER THIS FOR THE NEXT TWENTY, TWENTY FIVE YEARS.  I know Indians came up with Zero as a number, but who came up with NEGATIVE numbers as numbers.  LMLTURQ.  HMM INDIANS AS WELL.  I'm starting to get the sense that non-European countries/civilizations may have contributed very heavily to our Earthly sciences, arts, and philosophies.  Yep seems to check out.  Then again Those ARE Shit Hole Countries but that's just because They've Let Themselves Go.
Cool!  Has there ever been a Bollywood star who crossed over to mainstream AMERICA Success?  I konw Jackie Chan was a star of China Stage and Film (Probably just film... WAIT A SEC) before I Continue that thought KARATE/KUNG FU PLAYS!!! LIke the movies but they do it for a live audience!  They must have that already, right?  Either way I want COVID to end so I can see some CHOREOGRAPHED MARTIAL ARTS BUT ALSO IN THE CONTEXT OF A PLAY NARRATIVE.  It's like Mideavel times but 25 Times Better!  Anyway, oh, right.  Jackie Chan crossed over from China.  LMLTURQ FOR BOLLYWOOD FELLERS.  HMM IRRFAN KAHN.  Never would remember that name but I recognize him looking at Google and can picture him in Them There Parts that Google says he was in.  Also He's Dead.  Sucks to be him!  He was in Jurassic World.  Hmm Jurassic Park but IT'S A STAGE PLAY.  It'll be tough to work out the logistics but I think if they DID figure it out that would be a HUGE SUCCESS.  "Great Success," as Borat might say.  Presumably that would be at Universal Studios.  Solid 60% chance Jurassic Park is a Universal Studios enterprise.  LMLTURQ.  YEP NAILED IT.
     Cool.  If there are no second acts in American Lives HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN JURASSIC PARK II: The Lost World?  Gottem!  How come there was no part of Jurassic Park II where a Single Specific Dinosaur from Jurassic Park I shows up in the sequel.  I mean, not just a different velociraptor.  THe same one from the first one!  One of the ones in the kitchen going after them kids.  Somehow he's on the other island now and WANTS REVENGE.  Seems like a pretty big oversight.  I dunno, what else is going on.  With how smart they insist velociraptors are, gotta imagine they have the capacity to hold the need for vengeance in their hearts.  I dunno about you guys but I would favor Biden winning by a lot to him just winning by a moderate amount.  And I'd rather he win by a moderate amount than just eeking out a victory.  And I'd rather him just eek out a victory than lose.  I may be going, "out on a limb," there but that's my current thinking.  Similar thing with the senate.  The more senate races they win, the better!  IMO.
     Hey great almost done with Act I!  Worried about Trump Approval Ratings going up a couple of points over the last few weeks.  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?  If he wins they can be like that was that there canary in some cold mine.  Cracked that code.  Anyway based on restraint the last 2 days I will have Beer Supplies Through MONDAY.  It's called thinking ahead and being responsible you dolts.  Cool!  Hey it's the last day of October.  Not ever.  In a little less than a year there'll be a Brand NEW October!  I crunched the numbers and everything.  I saw Dr Fauci said we may not be back to normal by the end of 2021 or even into 2022!  What if Biden/ Governors/Everyone does everything right.  Just shut it down for a few weeks/months?  Other countries did it LET'S DO IT OURSELVES that's MY hot take!  And even if we still can't return to normal, Still KINDA Worth It!  On account of the lives saved and whatnot.  That sort of thing.  That's MY Hot Take!  I'll be back in a bit.




I Don't Get It

   My mom had a nightmare that she woke up crying about a few days ago.  I asked what it was, and in her dream she had a Picasso and it was ripped!  And I was like, that'd be GREAT to have a Picasso even if its ripped and she was like NO ITS NOT.  And am I crazy or is having a Ripped Picasso COOL AS FUCK.  Even if you just get rid of it, you could sell a ripped Picasso and make bank!  And if you keep it, you could have A FUCKIN' PICASSO on your wall!  Who gives a fig if its ripped!  So the point is I brought this up to her just now, to see if she is thinking more clearly about it now.  She's still like NOPE IT WOULD BE TERRIBLE TO HAVE A RIPPED PICASSO.  I don't get it!  I DON'T GET IT.  I don't know ANYTHING about Picasso.  Modernism would be MY guess off the top of my dome.  ANYWAY either Meat'd Loaf or Roast'd Chicken for dinner!  COMMUNAL DINNER one way or another!
     Cool.  I know they often consider Pennsylvania MidWest but isn't it more accurate for it to be MidEast?  Thanks I'll be here all night.  No I Won't.  Nobody would be here all night.  I don't care how many times a Night Club Comic says I'll be here all night! they WON'T be there all night unless they're a David Chappelle who does 4 hour drop ins PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Maybe say I'll be here all week!, which I think can be used interchangeably, because you may or may not have SEVERAL SHOWS over the week.  And its implied it would be Just The Shows over the week.  But if you're SPECIFICALLY saying you'll be there all night you're giving the WRONG impression and you know what I THINK YOU KNOW IT and IT'S IRRESPONSIBLE.  It's strange how over the course or 3 or 4 days I went from REALLY obsessing over National Poll Numbers to not caring about them hardly at all and REALLY obsessing over STATE Poll Numbers.  Gotta imagine that'll pay off in the long run.  If I'm obsessing over the right thing that could help swing the whole thing just barely!
Cool!  Had Half of Salmon last night for Dinner.  Maybe finish it for lunch then I'm Thru With Salmon For The Week!  Sounds good BUT ON THE OTHER HAND I would enjoy something else better.  So we'll see how that goes is the point.  Hmm The Point I feel like they use that phrase in #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  Always like yo what's going on at The Point.  I forget if its a Project thing, a Union/Docks thing, a POLICE thing.  I guess the moral of the story is I have to pay more attention!  Hmm NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT does anyone EVER say, "I'll be here all night!?"  I feel like if I google it It WILL Show up in the correct context.  But still 95% of the time  Not used and its just a mistake.  LMLTURQ.  Nope NO ONE EVER says, "I'll BE Here All Night."  Well, I do!  I'm the first to do it!  Trailblazer!  I'LL BE HERE ALL NIGHT!
Tried plugging in External CD/DVD Rom drive a few days ago.  Still Nothin'!  At least I got A COUPLE of DVDs worth of watchings done.  Watched 100% of THE SHINING.  Watched 100% of KINGPIN.  That might have been all I got to.  Oh well such is life and whatnot.  Whatta start watching over Next BReak.  Back to #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo, I think.  After one or two episodes of already watched today of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  I feel like if Biden wins, I will continue to pour over Polls for a few months.  I dunno if they release any Right After Election Polls, but even if they don't, I'll just look at Positive Polls and like YEAH WE DID GOOD GIVE ME SOME TIME TO REALLY ENJOY THESE.  I'LL BE DONE AROUND INAUGURATION TIME ONE WOULD IMAGINE.  I dunno, maybe I WILL need current, up-to-date polls on SOMETHIN to keep my days going.  But WHAT.  No elections for a while.  BASEBALL and/or Other Sports I Know OF Ain't Goin' On (Except for American Football PER MY UNDERSTANDING).  What numbers can I crunch.  COVID.  Hmm that doesn't sound Fun at all!  Unless we're going in the right direction.  THen it's PARTLY fun because it's SOMWEHAT positive.  I feel like that's a good result for a Covid Test.  You can be negative, you can be positive, and you can be SOMEWHAT Positive.  Well this could be worse I guess I should count my blessings I'm only a Somewhat.
You know that sort of thing.  I think I dread getting Covid more than ever, not counting the first few weeks/month or two.  I got used to it after 6 or 8 weeks but now I'm like yeah still nit likely I'll get it, and if I get it very rarely will I die, but IT WILL STICK WITH ME past Dying Range.  Could be some serious complications to my health that Just Don't Go Away!  I'd ne AGAINST it causing underlying conditions and whatnot.  Also being a SUPER SPREADER to my two parents.  But in terms of Just Worrying About My Own Health it's MORE because we're/I'm more aware that it's not just Killing Ya it's DAMAGIN' YA.  HMM wonder if I can watch any of the TWO #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr movies.  I'd watch the DENNIS MILLER ONE sure.  I ENJOY HIM in that one movie there.  Anyway hey just about done with Act II.  Be back in a little bit!




Oh, I Get It

   Got some lunch goin.  We're talkin Beef Sirloin.  We're talkin' Dinner ROll.  We're talkin some Half Potato SPheres.  We're talkin' TWO Dumplings.  NOw we're talkin That's It Time TO Move On With The Entry.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Nice day of Relaxation after Act III of entry!  We're talkin a 2nd walk with Why It's Only The Jennifer Kirkman Podcast!  When I used to listen to podcasts All The Time, I had like EIGHT or TEN I would listen to and this was one of those 8 or 10!  Stuck with my all these years later!  After skipping 95% of the episodes!  I can't go back in time to listen to them I GOT THINGS TO DO.  One of the One Person podcasts.  Those are a blast.  One would imagine.  I assume they don't have a Co-Podcaster because They're Just TOO Great on their own.
     You know, that sort of thing.  The point is I'm very enthusiastic about dinner whether it's Communal Meat'd Loaf OR Communal ROast'd Chicken.  10% of it is fun to have communal meals and 90% of it is mm EITHER of those meals sounds great to eat and/or taste.  Anyway I'm 15 minutes into a #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo episode BUT I may just leave it there and watch some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after this entry.  Hmm which one would I watch.  Oh I Don't Know how about THREES COMPANY.  Wait lemme LTURQ.  THREES A CROWD.  That's a solid one!  No complaints with that one!  Maybe some complaints!  The main character Looks WEIRD for some reason.  I can't put my finger on it.  His face just looks stupid.  I can't explain it!  Co-main characters look normal enough.  But this one guy I DUNNO SOMETHING'S JUST OFF.
     Fascinating.  If I HAD to choose between Meat'd Loaf and Roast'd Chicken... what would I choose?  I dunno I GUESS MEATLOAF but thankfully I DON'T NEED TO MAKE THAT DECISION.  Unless I do.  Solid 20% chance I WILL need to make that decision.  You know about DOUBLE the chances Trump has to win!  II don't like those odds.  I think if you're voting by a touch screen and you press Trump it should show up What are you stupid or something?  Think about this a little harder, then try again.  We're gonna go dark for 30 seconds, make sure you really think.  Then we'll give you another chance!  That's how voting MAY or MAY NOT work I don't have all the numbers in front of me.
     Two more paragraphs to go!  I LIKE those odds.  My Dad seemed the most positive he's been in since, I dunno, ever, about Upcoming Election.  Because he DEDUCED that hey if Democrats are voting early and Republicans aren't, THEY'RE gonna be the ones who face long lines to vote on Election Day!  And I'm about 80% with him, except I don't think Republicans will necessarily face long lines, but the main gist of it is right in terms of Democrats would presumably be facing shorter lines.  So basically We Got That Going For us is my impression.  Not the voting thing.  My Dad Being Positive.  That's what we (Me + Immediate Family) have going for us.  HMM what about the #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrihtFor where the ACRONYM, GHOULS, is used.  Very Clever how they worked that out in that there episode!  I dunno I'll have to do some deep thinking on this one.
Last paragraph!  Starting to get in The Groove of wathcing A bit of Computer TV AFTER Dinner.  We're talkin a couple episodes of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor, MAYBE an episode of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  That sort of thing!  I think I can play Civilization without the CD.  I played it for a solid 20, 30 minutes when I first installed it and I Sorta Can See Myself Wasting My Time Playing That Game.  Gotta play as INDIA that way you know all about Zero and Negative Numbers!  The other civilizations won't have a clue!  Well, eventually they'll figure it out.  But not as quickly as you!  Also presumably if you don't engage with other civilizations and share knowledge with them they'd NEVER figure it out!  Yep that seems to check out that's how Global History/Video Games tend to work per my understanding.  Anyway great just great.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:52 P.M.




Friday, October 30, 2020

I'm a Swing State!

   Seems to check out.  What's going on in the wide world of things.  Gotta nice weekend planned.  We're talkin FIFTEEN BEERS over THREE DAYS which works out to roughly Oh I Don't Know 3.0 Beers a Day! Wait lemme start over.  Oh I Don't Know FIVE POINT NOTHIN' BEERS A DAY.  There we go!  Anyway one day I'd like to find out where my 15 Dollars Donation to Flip The Senate!: The Super Pac Presumably Or Some Other Kind of Enterprise went to.  I want a POST MORTEM.  Ok 3 dollars went to NC Race, 4 dollars went to Arizona race... rest we pocketed.  ADMINISTRATION FEES SUCKER.  Oh well its a mixed bag there.  A solid Almost Half of it went to good use!  Someone's gotta be paying James Carville SOMTHIN to keep him e-mailing us 10 hours a day.  Anyway as per my resarch (Scrolling Twitter) getting the sense we definitely won't know MEDIAWISE whose winning election on Election Day Night.  Us Smarties will be able to interpret results to determine what they mean over all.  But on cable news they might not do a good job explaining it.  Especially the 1/3 (1/2?  THREE FOURTHS?) of cable news who do not operate in good faith and want to call it for Trump for some reason (they like his smile?)
     So we got that to look forward to.  Anyway I'D know who won election night (not definitely at all, but very possibly), but many people won't (and/or they'd think the wrong guy is winning).  That's a pretty good compromise!  Some of us know and the rest of us don't.  Seems like a Nice FUN POSITIVE scenario to play out!  Anyway I've got ONE MORE THING to say about Election and then I'm done!  FIFTY THREE EIGHT HAS BIDEN AT 89.5% to win.  HALF A POINT MORE AND I BELIEVE WE'RE INTO CLEARLY FAVORED TERRITORY!  That's it, that's all, that's all there is.  I dunno I'll probably work my way into election later.  It's a big deal!  I dunno about you guys but I think about the upcoming election AT LEAST once a day!  Often two or three times!  I shouldn't have to wait online at Disney World.  Wha, huh.  I want to ride this ride! But they're saying I have to WAIT THIRTY MINUTES?  I'm confused.  This doesn't make sense at all.  Also, instead of re: not counting votes after election day night, this one is re: Trump talkin' if we didn't have tests we wouldn't have CoronaCases.  Similar riff for that!-- hey I would have gotten into Harvard if it weren't for SATS.  SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM.
     I wouldn't have gotten into Harvard even without the SATS.
  It's called having Just Adequate GPA and/or a not outstanding 1 or 2 extracurricular activities.  If I was Harvard at some point an applicant can be doing TOO MANY extracurricular activities.  SIX THINGS?  CLUBS AND SPORTS AND COMPETITIONS AND WHATNOT?  Hmm this lady is clearly over extending herself.  Not very smart!  NOT Harvard Material!  Anyway took a nice pleasant MorningWalk today except for it was raining Just Barely Moderately so that wasn't as much fun.  The rain I can deal with.  It's the walkin' around in slightly wet dirt (I call it, "Mud"), havin my glasses fog up with moisture within 3 seconds of if I try to wipe off lenses from LAST TIME they filled up with moisture... if its not wet dirt it's puddles that are hard to avoid... but the good news is I Accomplished a MorningWalk and its all uphill from there!  First 1/4th of MorningWalk is PARTLY uphill.  It's only like 1/20th of the entire walk (Hmm 1/5th of 1/4th of the walk I CRUNCHED THEM NUMBERS BOY).
     What kind of Delicious do I have in store for today.  Definitely a Salmon + Rice either Lunch or Dinner.  That's 2 Meals GOTTA GET AT LEAST ONE OUT OF THE WAY.  Anyway if Biden gets elected, obviously the biggest short And mid AND long term thing to do is Declare War on Climate Change.  We're a war like country.  We like War.  If we call fighting climate change WAR ON CLIMATE CHANGE that'll get people on board!  (the first 1/2 of that riff was from a George Carlin riff! No Spoilers!).  I guess.  But besides that best short term thing to do is LEGALIZE IT.  (marijuana).  That was an ENTIRE GEORGE CARLIN SPECIAL.  He just said Legalize It in different voices over and over.  Not one of his best.  DAMNIT needs to shore up Voting Rights.  NEEDS TO END FILLIBUST.  NEEDS TO CURE CORONAVIRUS.  HEALTH CARE.  EXPAND THEM COURTS.  Eh he'll figure something out.  You can't cure Coronavirus with the wave of your hand.  You can DECLARE WAR on it though!  Sweet.  Declare war on Anti-Healthcare, get that out of the way.  Declare war on mandatory marijuana sobriety.  Lots of wars we can be fighting!
     Cool!  Hmm worked my way back to politics in about 1.5 paragraphs.  Oh well what can ya do.  I dunno.  Some #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo during upcoming break.  Not the whole episode!  That would be too long a break!  Gotta keep breaks short or else I get complacent!  Had some coffee with this section of entry.  Gonna refill at the end of Act I.  Coffee Intermission.  Also finish Beer #1 or so, you know, that sort of thing.  I can have any one of a whole range of possibilities for Non Salmon Meal for today.  Maybe some BAGEL AND EGG.  HMM if My Dad wants communal meal tonight that'd be either Meat'd Loaf AND OR Roast Chicken (Not Or).  I'd be, "On Board," with either one of those I enjoy being nourished and EITHER ONE of those would get the job done!  Anyway Trumps approval rating is going UP.  But generic congress poll DEMS are going up.  So I Dunno if either one of theses is a sign for President Election, but if they are, maybe they cancel each other out?  Maybe Lots Of Things!  I'll be back in a while.




Lemme Tell You

   If I was a swing state, which state would I be.  Hmm one of the Least Swingy of the swing states.  We're talkin a state that is 95% a sure shot for one of the candidates.  You know like a LIBERAL MISSOURI?  Fascinating.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I can kind of picture Missouri being purple.  It just SOUNDS Purple.  And you look at it on a map of The America, I kind can picture filling it in with purple.  Politics.  I don't get why for Halloween, when we describe our costumes, we say, "Oh, I'm gonna GO AS... whatever.. I'm gonna GO AS a Monkey."  You will be DRESSING UP as a monkey.  You may or may not GO SOMEWHERE as a monkey, that's inconsequential.  You can sit in your living room dressed like a monkey and you'd still be saying I'M GOING AS A MONKEY.  FOR HALLOWEEN OR TO HALLOWEEN you can't have it both ways and also going TO Halloween MAEKS NO SENSE.  I'm gonna GO to Halloween as a SEXY Monkey.
     Cool!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Got some more coffee going, got some more beer going.  Anyway IT'S OFFICIAL my prescription for Ritalin has been cut in half!  No longer taking it twice a day!  Just once a day!  Which matched up Almost Exactly with what I've been doing the last year or two.  Maybe once a month these days I have 2 Ritalin!  And if I still WANTED to take a second Ritalin I've got Oh I Don't Know A HUNDRED FIFTY, 200 ACCUMULATED?  Anyway Wide World Of Sports what else is going on and crap.  Lookin' like No Communal Dinner tonight.  That's great, just great.  I get to have SALMON AND RICE for one meal and Oh I Don't Know BAGEL WITH EGG FOR LUNCH.  It's delicious and all the more delicious because I made it myself!  I'm the one who pokes the holes in the bagel.  Also gotta imagine that's some kitchen appliance you can get.  You put in a slab of bread, it pokes a hole in the middle.  Doesn't even matter what kind of bread!  Maybe not even bread!  You can have The Bagel Version Of Pretty Much Anything!
     Cool.  What do ya do with what became the hole.  I dunno, when it makes the hole, does it leave a piece of bread that would have been there?  Or does it just add the bread to the surrounding bread so there's nothing left over extra, it's just incorporated into the rest of the bagel.  I've raised more questions in this paragraph than I could ever dare to answer.  I don't have the answers that's why I wouldn't dare!  Anyway where does #WatchTheWireFallToFrightFor take place.  I wanna say San Francisco?  They never really explicitly say.  I don't get why you would name cities after Saints.  Yeah it's good to honor saints, I think we should honor saints even more, not less!  But why is it a city name.  Hmm this city kinda reminds of Diego.  You know who I mean.  Diego!  Guy was a saint.  Let's name our city after him.  DOESN'T CHECK OUT.
     Wonderful.  I guess its better than naming a city after BALTIMORE. Hey you guys know BALTIMORE?  You know what I mean.  The guy and/or thing and/or place.  This place just says BALTIMORE to me!  LMLTURQ.  Baltimore is an Anglicization of the Irish phrase, "Baile an Ti Mhoir," meaning, "Town of the big house."  Great, just great.  An IRISH city.  Wonder how many of those there are.  I always knew something was up with Baltimore and It's The Irish City now I get it.  In a good way!  Town of the big house.  I guess there's a big house somewhere in Baltimore.  And the rest of Baltimore is just an afterthought, secondary to this Big House Wherever It Is.  Don't they sometimes call jail, "The Big House?"  Seems like not such a bad jail.  I'd rather live in a big house than a small house.  Especially for a really long time!  More room to move around and whatnot.
     Fascinating.  What else is going on and crap.  I don't get all these NEW cities or states.  Look how hard is it to come up with an original name.  Go crazy with it, have some fun!  Don't just be like hmm remember YORK?  Let's just say this is New York IT'S EASY TO REMEMBER.  That riff is the pits.  ACCURATE, but the pits.  Hmm I was just thinking about it for some reason, I guess thinking about IRISH People and then thinking about hereditariness... wonder if there's any NON JEW in my relative-recent-family-past.  My four grand parents were Jews, definitely.  How far back do you go where it's like HOLY SHIT I'M 1/64th GENTILE!!!  Part Of Me Always kinda knew!  But anyway, that's be NUTS.  Oh well there's no way of knowing.  Not without handing over your rights to your DNA.  Gotta imagine in the long run that's not gonna pay off.  Keep It Close, that's what I say!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit with Act III!



I can't wait to find out!

   Seems to check out.  Anyway having my #1 Choice For Lunch Why It's Only Bagel and Egg.  Been watching mostly #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo and will switch it up after entry to some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Per Some on the SUpreme court, why have an election at all?  It will just confuse people!  Trump is currently president and now you're saying there's a chance someone else might become president?  Doesn't Add Up!  Equal One Part evil & corrupt, One Part dumb & dumber.  Except A LOT of both Parts.  You might be like ONLY HALF EVIL AND CORRUPT?!?!  It's still REALLY REALLY Evil and COrrupt!  IT just happens to also be REALLY DUMB & Dumber!  I just finished my lunch.  I'm confused I was eating lunch and enjoying it But Now It's Over?  Doesn't Add Up!
     Cool!  Maybe next week I start planning for having Bagel & Egg FIVE TIMES A WEEK. At this rate I never wanna stop having it!  At this rate I've only had it 3 times in the last couple months, the novelty of it will wear thin pretty quickly one would imagine.  Sure, imagine all you want!  I ain't here to tell you what to and what not to imagine!  That's JOHN LENNON'S Job!  Hmm lets see off the top of my dome what #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor should I watch.  First instinct was THREE'S COMPANY.  By which I mean the actual title to this episode, "Three's a Crowd."  What's my SECOND Instinct?  Hmm oh I don't know how about THE... uh... GET BACK TO ME ON THIS.  It's only right I shouldn't be able to come up with a second instinct.  Watch the first instinct!  Then the second instinct will come to me naturally in time!
     Sounds about right.  What's today.  Friday, huh?  Seems to check out.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong (or RIGHT) but when I make eggs it's like halfway fried and halfway scrambled.  Basically I do it like I'm making fried eggs-- no beating eggs or whatever its called-- but when its frying I break it all up, with the main goal being to spread the yolk but in the process it also SCRAMBLES the FRIED EGG.  I got Fried Scrambled Eggs.  Or Scrambled Fried Eggs.  I dunno what its called but I Got No Problems with it Tastes Right On Point.  Anyway only about two paragrpahs left.  Gotta finish this one paragraph which is almost finished, then only two paragraphs left!  I like those odds.
     Cool!  One can only imagine the first thing Joe Biden will do is be like YOOOOO GOTTA WASH THE STANNNKKKK OFF THE WHITE HOUSE.  CALLIN' A PRESS CONFERENCE SO YOU CAN SEE THESE DOZEN PEOPLE I HIRED TO CLEANSE THE STANK OFF THE WHITE HOUSE.  GET TO WORKIN CUSTODIALS!  And then they spray liquids all across the White House and wipe it back up.  Sounds like Joe Biden to me.  Also sounds like a responsible and logical first thing to do.  I mean you become president and move into the White House, sure you're gonna wanna get started on Your New Job but FIRSTLY gotta get acclimated to your new house!  Figure there's a, like when I went to NYU< there was a day the summer before Freshman year where you get acclimated with NYU and the dorms and cafeterias and library and whatnot.  Gotta imagine late December, Trump hosts Joe Biden and like well let me show you around.  Biden doesn't need to be shown around!  He hung out there all the time with his Best Friend Obama.  But he still needs to get ACCLIMATED to living there and whatnot.  I feel very strongly about this.
I dunno whats going on anymore.  What if Biden just has Obama over to the White House all the time just to hang out.  They play Super Smash Bros and whatnot.  Kamala is a solid 3rd for that game, but four is the magic number.  Whose #4 on the Super Smash Bros party between Biden, Kamala, and Obama. ...Hmm I'll get back to you on this once I figure it out.  OH duh Michelle Obama.  Leaves Jill Biden and ... I wanna say JACK Harris out in the cold?  LMLTURQ.  DOUGLAS EMMHOFF.  Sorry about that.  Second Man.  That's his title and everything!  I guess.  Is Vice President's Spouse the closest a Jew has ever gotten to President?  I'd have to do some research on that one I guess BUT I DON'T CARE.
     Hey I get to write one more paragraph then call it a day. Pretty much gotta have Salmon + Rice for dinner tonight and I Think I'm building up to it in the sense that I KIND OF anticipate enjoying eating it for dinner.  That's the sweet spot!  You eat things that you Really Want TO Eat!  Like in NYU Cafeteria.  Their one cafeteria that had Mini=Fast Food stations in it, they had Oh I Don't Know a QUIZNOS.  They had Oh I Don't Know a CHICKEN FILET.  They had Oh I Don't Know some kind of other STATION that I never got and isn't a MAIN Franchise Place or else I'd remember.  I forget what the point I was trying to make was.  Oh well such is life.  I'll see you guys later.  Tomorrow.  That's what later means if we're getting all specific about it and whatnot.  See ya tomorrow is the point!

-1:00 P.M.







Thursday, October 29, 2020

I See Where I'm Going With This

   Or Do I.  Anyway wonderful now its time for the Working Weekend so to speak.  It's the weekend because Pleasurable (Alcohol) but it's the Working Weekend because I put that Pleasurable (Alcohol) to good use!  Making myself have fun!  It's WORK!  Hey get a loaf of this, per my extensive research from how they talk about other forecasts, if Biden gains ONE POINT in FiveThirtyEight ELection Forecast (goes from 89% chance of victory to 90%) The Website will go from saying Biden is Favored to Win The Elction to Biden is CLEARLY FAVORED to Win The Elcetion (emphasis mine) [That Whole Phrase was from 538 Future Description INCLUDING the (empahsis mine)]  If I know 538 as well as I think I do, if he reaches 90% they're saying There's No Way Trump Can Win.  I'm confused as to what an electoral tie does.  FOr a while I was operating under the assumption it would lead to a Biden win.  Then I switched over for some reason and thought it would lead to a Trump win.  Now I don't know what to think!  I'd LTURQ but what's the point I'd only forget again.
What's the point in learning anything.  I'd only just forget it!  Cracked that code.  Is it possible that if there's a tie I become president?  Probably not.  Someone would have alerted me to that possibility were it the case.  They'd make sure I'm prepared, even if its really unlikely.  That's my Hot Take.  Anyway Oh Right BEER for next 4 days including today.  Election is in Oh I don't know FIVE DAYS.  How much do you count Tuesday.  Or Today.  I know counting days SEEMS straightforward but ya gotta be thinking of how much of Current Day and Final Day you wanna be counting.  Hmm I know this isn't the case but doesn't it seem like if there's an electoral college tie Biden and Trump would have to be Co-Presidents?  Seems like that would make a good Remake Re-imagining of My Fellow Americans.  Also when I Was a kid we have My Fellow Americans on VHS and for some reason I watched that ALL THE TIME.  It's not really for kids though?  I mean it's an inoffensive mostly pleasant comedy but a lot of it would go over most kids' heads.  NOT ME THOUGH I GOT IT.
Cool!  Been watching #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episodes a la carte.  Just totally like yo this is the first episode off the top of my head I'd kinda be, "Down," to watch LET's GO.  What kind of lunch will I have today it's an Embarrassment of Riches.  That's what they called Bewitched after ALl Final Castings were made over the entire enterprise.  Lotta Dicks.  Dick is short for Richard.  Rich is also short for Richard.  Hey my name is Richard.  Is it okay if I call you Dick?  WHY WOULD YOU GO THERE WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?  You know, that sort of thing.  It was raining during my MorningWalk.  We're talkin' barely drizzlin' when I went out side, barely raining moderately by the time I was reaching Home Base again.  That's right I hit a homerun during my morning walk.  What the Hell is going on in Texas.  By election day they'll have easily surpassed ALL 2017 Election Votes.  Gotta imagine election day will increase that by about 50% up to Oh I Don't Know ONE HUNDRED PERCENT?  You don't have to imagine it that way but that's how I'm imagining it so if you wanna be on the same page as me (you do!) then you'd go ahead and imagine that.
     Anyway it's GOOD and COOL but at a certain point it's just OBNOXIOUS.  That's MY hot take.  I mean if suddenly New York was in play for Presidential Election I guess we'd have a much higher turn out, too.  That'd be MY hot take.  Huh?  Oh, right, fourth paragraph.  I think I'm building up to bingewatching IT.  It's only 2 films but they're long films!  Qualifies as a Bingewatching!  Also THE CURRENT IT.  Not the OLD IT.  I already watched the first 15 minutes of IT Episode IV: The It Franchise Has Yet To Make The Three Prequels As Of This Title.  So I got that going for me is the point.  I assume the movie Tag is in the same universe as It.  That shut 'em up.  We used to play Freeze Tag in elementary school recess.  For 1/2 of 2/3rds of Elementary School Reccess.  Halfway though we started transitioning to playing Suicide.  Which is like HANDBALL but less complicated.  You throw the ball against the wall the other person catches it FROM THE AIR NOT FROM A BOUNCE and you're out or something.  I'm really out of practice Re: Suicide so you might want to consult an outside source.  Freeze tag is when they tag you, you don't become it, but you become frozen.  And you rely on a fellow player to tag you to become unfrozen.  You're gonna want to be popular in this game.  Nobody likes you, nobody unfreezes you.  I forget how people WIN.  Or BECOME It.  Oh well such is life.
    Cool!  Oh, right, embarrassment of riches re: Lunch.  Thinking about having THE LEAST good thing, SALMON, just to get it out of the way!  Still would have to eat Part II of salmon but over a week I could figure out a certain meal where I'm INTO salmon.  Oh, right, start or watch completely an episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after this paragraph!  Is it possible that Walker Texas Ranger is the deciding swing voter for 2020 President Election?  Either the Exact Walker Texas Ranger, or as a stand in for a certain kind of person who is LIKE a Walker Texas Ranger.  I dunno I don't have all the answers.  Kinda seems a shame that Chuck Norris was in exactly ZERO #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episodes.  I hope someone lost their job over that!  On the plus side RObert Wuhl was in an episode.  He's the kind of character actor I WANNA SEE MORE OF but I guess NO ONE ELSE DOES or else they'd be putting him in stuff!  Such is life.  Be back in a bit!





The Website That Never Ends

   Or Does It.  This is gonna sound, "Out There," but if I could choose ANYTHING I want for lunch OF THINGS I HAVE It'd be Frozen Meal + Bonus Rice.  I got 2 Frozen Meals.  We're talkin a LAMB SAAG.  We're talkin a Chicken Bryani.  We're talkin' I'd have the Lamb Saag in an ideal perfect world.  I can do that.  I can do that if its what I really want.  OK GREAT IT IS.  THen it's settled then!  WONDERFUL.  Sure!  Feel like some #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo during Next Break.  I like it because CHECK OUT THOSE CHARACTERS WATCH EM GO.  I can't think of even ONE episode of #WatchTheWireFAllToListenInTo with Robert Wuhl, though.  Seems like a big oversight!  Someone shuold have lost their jobs!  Also, Chuck Norris!  At the very least they could have a cross over episode where The Wire needs to befriend Walker Texas Ranger to work a Case.  That's just off the top of my head seems like something they could do if they had to.
Cool.  Ranger Texas Walker.  A guy named Ranger.  And he's a guy in Texas who excels at Walking.  Yep that seems to check out.  I wonder how Conan in the mid 2000's squared the fact that the biggest laughs they got were just cherry picked 5-20 second clips of Walker Texas Ranger.  You kids might not be aware of that bit.  Conan just had a lever (hooked up to nothing!  JUST A PROP!) and he would pull it and then a short clip from Walker Texas Ranger would show up.  And it was hilarious these things were great especially out of context.  But still that's gotta be tough on the Comedy Writers.  Also, what kind of person on staff was finding these clips.  My instinct was a writer.  They put a writer in a room for 2 weeks and he jots down every time something close to funny happens.  And they spread that over two years.  Maybe it was a producer or something, though.  I dunno!
    Cool.  Also got some Buffalo Flavored Chicken Fingers.  Now that I think about it, that's a solid contender for lunch!  What kinda SIDE though.  Not enough rice or potato for it, estimating how much I'd have over the next week!  Got FROZEN FRENCH'D FRIES that's a good possibility.  Delicious And Good!  Let's collectively look up Conan Walker Texas Ranger on youtube RIGHT NOW (For you Right Now means RIGHT NOW [for you]).  ALRIGHT just watched THREE Walker Texas Rangers and Man Oh Man that's the sweet spot when you're fifteen years old.  Which I WAS at one point.  Not anymore.  As Far As I Can Tell.  Lunch oh lunch.  Oven or microwave.  Not early enough for brunch!  In the afternoon is what I'm sayin'.  The point is YES our collective assumptions would be the Walker Texas Ranger is a Trump voter.  He just LOOKS stupid, this Walker Texas Ranger guy.  That'd MY hot take.
     Two more paragraphs for ACT II.  Probably made this Yukk-em-up before-- Whets his name said, "There are no second acts in American life."  You know who I mean.  Great Gatsby guy.  what's his name.  Frances something or something?  Let me look that up right quick.  F Scott Fitzgerald.  Anyway the point is COULD THERE BE THIRD ACTS?  Also, if its Just One Act missing, why can't there be second acts but NOT third acts.  I think the premise is there's only one act in American life.  But there could be Act I and Act II, but no Act III, or there could be Act I, II, AND III, or there could be Act One, no Act Two, Skip To Act III which DOES exist.  That's MY kinda life.  Act I...  REALLLLLLLY LONG INTERMISSION...  Get started with Act III!
     Fascinating.  Anyway, put Chicken Fingers + French'd Fries in the oven!  Figure that'll be ready At Some Point during Act III if not outright the beginning of Act III.  we got a Communal Roast Chicken so I best get these fingers out of the way on a day I don't have the chicken!  Also I forgot to get Chili again Like A Chump!  So there's a mixed bag of good news and bad news.  Election is continuing to go on.  9/10 chance Biden wins.  Basically if you're guessing a number from 1 to 10.  That's Trump's chance.  Hmm I gotta good scheme WHATEVER HE SAYS is the number LETS SAY WRONG.  Even if it IS the number we're thinking of, he doesn't know that!  ALRIGHT SAVED THE ELECTION!!  WHAT ELSE YA GOT FOR ME?  I dunno where I heard this or whether its accurate but somewhere along the line of growing up I heard ya wanna guess EIGHT.  you gotta pick a number from 1 to 10?  8.  Trust me.  I think I got that from my brother somehow, but I don't know where he got it from.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!





That's My Impression

   Or Is It.  Got lunch going on.  We're talkin 2 buffalo chicken fingers plus Oh I Don't Know A dozen and a half of French'd Fries!  What kinda dinner I got in store for today.  Maybe some of that delicious Beef Sirloin.  What kind of wonderful way will I cleanse myself today.  Could be bathing could be showering!  I can't pinpoint this activity to an exact point in my life but I kinda remember sometimes taking Baths by Shower.  You keep the bathtub plugged, sit or lay down, but water comes from showerhead, not bathing faucet.  If you ever wanna mix things up I can't recommend it enough.  Mostly because I wouldn't want to!  Pretty indifferent on the whole thing one way or another.  Anyway I think this is 3 Buffalo Fingers out of 4.  I LIKE those odds!  Anyway ya'll are like oh man its gonna come down to Pennsylvania and I'm all like yo all he needs to do is hold steady in GREAT LAKES STATES, and win ONE of Penn, Ariz, Georgia, Texas, Florida, NORTH Carolina... even I could do that.  I could win North Carolina if I really wanted to.  That's my impression.  OHIO.  IOWA. 
     Wonderful.  Four more paragraphs to go!  I don't know why but I enjoy #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor AND #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo A LOT for some reason.  I guess it's comfort food.  Election is going on outside and I'm eatnig TV comfort food.  I wish I cuold eat REGULAR comfort food.  I mean I can eat Some Disgusting Food.  But imagine if I had DOOR DASH and WHATNOT then I could really Gorge Myself Silly.  Anyway I've been re-using Masks for 2 days in a row.  2 walks in a day.  Four walks per mask.  I don't know WHY I don't know THE SCIENCE BEHIND IT but this is what my parents want so This Is What I'm Gonna Do!  Also they had me wearing gloves when I take walks but starting today they were like nah you don't need gloves.  Just don't touch anything.  And I was like well if I can't TOUCH ANYTHING why bother TAKING WALKS IN THE FIRST PLACE.  I'm only going out there TO touch stuff!  Ya know that sort of thing.  Hey three more paragraphs after this one.
Cool.  I don't know what happened to my jeans.  I was pretty sure I had 1-3 Active Pairs of Jeans but I dunno they ain't nowhere to be found.  Sweatpants all day every day!  Except for all day!  Roughly 2/3rds of the Waking Day!  1/3rd of the Overall Day!  I crunched the numbers and everything!  Anyway what can I do to close up this entry.  Last Thursday until Next Thursday!  I mean, last Thursday before Election Day: Endgame...?  It's not (shouldn't be!) the end of votes being counted.  That's the dumbest thing anyone can ever say. Yeah we have this system for counting votes but FOR SOME RESAON after an arbitrary amount of time LETS JUST STOP COUNTING VOTES FOR NO GOOD REASON.  Anyway the point is hopefully we know who won election by then because it'd probably mean Joseph R Biden won and I already voted for him!  So you KNOW I'm on board with him.  I've only voted for, at most, a dozen people in my life.  And having that be The Main Reason I voted.  I mean, in one single election, I vote a dozen times down ballot.  But in school and government and PERSONAL POLLS I vote for 12 people or so in my life time.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
  What kinda COMMUNAL meals I got for this week.  Why it's only Roast Chicken.  Why it's only Meat Loaf.  Why it's only Beef Sirloin.  Why it's only I dunno decent chance some sort of Pasta Meal.  Maybe a bag of POPPING CORN to share with my Pop (Mr. KOrnn...so-on-and-so-forth)... that's no joke we talk sometimes about sharing popcorn during the afternoon!  On RARE occasion I have popcorn I ask him if he wants some and he's like if it was afternoon yeah I'd be all about sharing some popcorn not now though WHO YOU KIDDIN TOO LATE FOR SOME POPCORN.  Anyway.  Maybe some nice IT directly after this entry.  I kinda, "Dig," that!  The point is I have to write an entire paragraph AND a few sentences to add to This Current Paragraph before we can even THINK of what I might wanna do when the entry is over.  That's inaccurate.  We can certainly think about it RIGHT NOW.  Not just theoretically-- we can think about it Nice And Responsibly!
  Why watch Horror movies when I can just read a RASMUSSEN POLL AM I RIGHT.  Very Republican leaning poll.  You get it, though.  Why read Rasmussen Polls when I can watch HORROR MOVIES AM I RIGHT.  Yep that checks out even better!  I'd be a lot more comfortable watching That Them Horror Movies a lot more enjoyable way to spend my days.  HEY it's Halloween in only Oh I Don't Know TWO DAYS?  I can't wait to dress up in my clothes and a mask and perhaps gloves if my parents decide I should wear gloves from now on.  I dunno.  I think the last time I went trick or treating was with my one friend who lived in an apartment complex.  Well, to be clear, IN AN APARTMENT within the Apartment Complex.  He didn't sleep under the stairs or anything.  But anyway trick or treating in Apartment Complex is VERY convinient but loses some of its appeal.  Also it turns out Me and Friend HAD THE SAME COSTUME.  The SScream Franchise Mask.  Just the mask!  Also we were so old we stopped wearing it the second half of the night.  WE'RE ADULTS WE'RE ASKING OTHER ADULTS FOR CANDY JUST LIKE ADULTS WOULD NO CHILDREN HERE.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:58 P.M. 





Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I've Got Something To Say

   We'll See About that!  Anyway it's about a week until Final ELection Day.  It's on a Tuesday and today is a Wednesday.  Next Tuesday to be more specific.  Hmm you crunch the numbers on whether that's an Accurate Week.  I'd start counting my fingers but I dunno.  Also, am I the only Dummy who does still often count on his fingers?  I gotta count something from 1-10 (or even up to 20 or something, and wrap back around on my fingers!) I REGULARLY unclench a fist one finger at a time To Help Me Keep Track!  It's called BEING RESPONSIBLE without my fingers WHO KNOWS how accurate my Mind Counting would be!  Anyway based on my Calculation Projections about an 80-85% chance Biden wins Pennsylvania, and my own spin on if he doesn't win Pennsylvania is he's about a 50/50 chance to win election.  That's not what Models say!  Fuck the models!  I'd like to fuck some models you know what I mean!  Have sex with an election projection model.  Hmm turns out I guess I DIDN'T know what I meant.
Okay!  Last day of the working week.  Anyway had a dream I watched a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episode and in the dream I didn't register it at all.  I remember putting it on in the dream.  I remember it ending.  THat's about it!  Watched that sucker JUST NOW and you know what?  Didn't 100% register it!  Not even SEVENTY percent register it!  Kinda 2/3rds registered it which all in all is pretty good!  Sometimes I think about Prop Bets and what amount of money someone would have to pay me to smoke a single tobacco cigarette.  It's got large financial and health implications!  One cigarette could tangibly lead to a lifetime of smoking!  We're talkin TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars and YEARS OFF LIFE EXPECTANCY.  Of course there's a high probability it WON'T lead to that.  But it's an interesting proposition!  My instinct is maybe 1,000$ is too low and maybe 10,000$ would be hard to pass up.
Cool!  MADE MYSELF EGG last night.  More than one egg!   Three eggs!  Now that I think about it, "Egg," should be one of those words where Plural is the same word as singular.  Have Some EGG won't you?  Feels right.  Feels BETTER than right.  Feels Left!  Anyway plumb out of meals today, possibly have bagel with egg AGAIN today.  And/or Turkey Sandwich.  TUrkey is normally my Dad's Stash.  Once in a while he's, "Down," with me having some turkey, though!  Hmm I Was gonna get PASTRAMI from Tomorrow's SUPER Market Delivery but it's in teh news that it's like Elderly People Gotta Stay Away From Cold Cuts.  And I Dunno if its Just EATING Cold Cuts or sharing the same room with Cold Cuts.  Either way No Pastrami for me I know Elderly People who I love and they are often in the same room as Cold Cuts IF I get Cold Cuts.
     Anyway.  Took a walk earlier today and I listened to Why It's Only The Sarah Silverman podcast.  She was talking about how Ben Folds wrote music to go under her Trash Talking playing Fighting Video Games.  Also even before this he wrote A BUNCH of songs for Silverman.  AN ENTIRE ALBUM JESUS CHRIST.  THE TITLE OF THE ALBUM WAS, "SONGS FOR SILVERMAN."   REALLY!  I cracked that code and I ain't need help from no one for that code crackin'.  I believe I read that it's because his producer's name was Silverman or something.  Hmm didn't know Sarah Silverman is producing music that's interesting.  Anyway finished season one of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  How'd that happen.  I didn't realize I was watching it at that rapid a clip.  Oh well ONTO UNION SHENANIGANS FOR ME!  My favorite part of Songs for Silverman is that it was followed up with a live album Songs for GoldFish.  HA WHA HUH.  Switched, "Silver," to, "Gold."  Switched, "Man," to, "Fish.  Goldfish!  HILARIOUS.  Also goldfish probably can't appreciate songs.  Goldfish are those suckers who only have seven second memories, right?  They can't appreciate a 3 minute Pop Song Not One Bit!  LOL.  Googled, "Goldfish Memory," and there was an article debunking that myth.  And it said scientists say goldfish can remember things for as long as five months.  WHAT THE HELL IS A GOLDFISH REMEMBERING AFTER FIVE MONTHS AND HOW DO SCIENTISTS KNOW ABOUT IT.  Hmm Owner forgot to feed me one day three months ago I'LL NEVER LET THIS GO.  And scientists are looking at the goldfish and are like yep the goldfish is definitely remembering some stuff from solidly a few months ago.
     Weird stuff!  What are goldfish supposed to be remembering and why do scientists care.  Cracked that code.  Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  Not really hungry yet.  I anticipate a lunch right around Act III.  Everyone knows that lunch occurs at the beginning of act III.  That's set in stone structure for film and theater.  Act III starts off with the characters all eating lunch.  Tried and true element of a Narrative Feature.  What else is going on and crap.  You'd think Lunch would start Act II or maybe even end Act I.  You'd be wrong though!  Man are you stupid.  Where'd you get that idea bout lunch.  Theater isn't Just One Day Chronologically!  Unless it's 24!  Also 24 is a narrative with 24 Acts.  Cracked that code.  What's the most acts a film or play ever had.  We gotta imagine they've figured out how to do Lots and Lots of Acts.  I dunno what I'm talking about anymore.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Keep On Reading

   I guess.  538 at Biden winning 88.5% of the time.  Economist has Biden winning 97% of the time!  Well this one is easy I'm gonna internalize Economist.  Cracked that code and everything.  PLUS I saw A TWEET that made me feel good about election, too!  I forget what it was.  But there was definitely A Tweet that was like yo things goin pretty good re: ELection Projection Or Somethin.  Sounds Reputable to me!  Hmm came up with a nice idea for a meal besides Sandwich & Side Or Egg & Bagel.  It's called Frozen Ribs & French'd Fries.  Or maybe just do the first two!  I enjoyed that Egg & Bagel last night very strongly leaning towards having it this lunch!  Two meals in a row!  Food tastes good when yuo make it.  And I made these eggs myself!  Plus the bagel!  I even made the toaster the bagel went in!  I made the frying pan and butter I used to cook the eggs.  I MADE MY ENTIRE KITCHEN it was ALL Me!
     Cool, that seems to check out.  Apparently the Dodgers won the WOrld Series.  I don't even know who they were playing.  Better LTURQ.  LOOKS LIKE THE TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYS?  Good thing I didn't know that I probably would have rooted for the Devil Wrays.  They're a scrappy underdog type team per my understanding.  I think mostly based on Low Payroll.  Gotta be scrappy, REALLY scrappy, to accommodate for a lower roster payroll.  They've got to hire coaches to coax the Scrappiness out of the high quality players they can afford.  Hey I get to take another break after this Act.  Last break of the working week!  I don't count Break between Act III one day and Act I the next day.  You might consider it The Biggest Break Of All.  NOPE i just consider it Down Time.  2 BReaks a day!  Mid-Entry Breaks, that's it, that's how I feel.
     What exactly are the Dodgers Dodging.  Someone get back to me on this.  My Dad was a Dodgers fan as a child.  Because when he lived Los Angeles didn't exist yet, Dodgers were based in Brooklyn.  Then one day they put together a city called Los ANgeles and were like hey we kind ofn eed a baseball team or something for some reason no one is really sure of.  So they kidnapped the Brooklyn Dodgers and put them to work playing baseball on the West Of The Coasts.  How did they do Professional Sports before the aeroplane.  Seems you'd be only able to play games within your region.  Also how about before Automobiles?  GOtta take a horse and buggy to and from games.  ECONOMIST HAS BIDEN DOWN TO 96.5% chance of winning?  FINE I'LL SETTLE FOR IT BUT NO LOWER.  FINE I'LL SETTLE FOR 95% CHANCE OF WINNING BUT THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE.
Cool.  Did anyone ever try to design an aeroplane powered by horse?  Like just a horse power buggy or something but High Up In The Air.  I'm sure SOMEONE was like yo this is gonna sound out there and probably isn't possibly but Let's Just Think For A Second WHAT IF...  you know that sort of thing.  Back to some more #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo during Break #2 of 2.  Come back with SOME SORT OF LUNCH presumably?   One would imagine.  Hey I get to consume alcohol not just tomorrow but TOMORROW'S TOMORROW.  Tomorrow's Tomorrow's Tomorrow!  One More Of That With An Additional Tomorrow!  Alright that's a lot of days I can't even count that much.  Wait let me try. One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  The next four days.  Did I use my fingers?  I'm Not Telling!
Cool.  I kinda feel bad for Rudolph Guiliani in Borat II.  He really thought he was about to get laid!  Turns out he wasn't!  Ain't that just about the pits.  It's been A LONG time since I thought I was about to get laid.  But it feels great!  Then it ALL TURNS ON YOU and ain't that just about the pits.  Biden is FROM YOU Pennsylvania WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?  He was BORN and RAISED in the state you live in!  He GETS IT.  He LIVED in Your House!  If someone was born and raised in my house I'd be like HEY THIS IS DEFINITELY EITHER ME OR MY BROTHER YOU'RE REFERRING TO.  We the First Family to live here!  They built this neighborhood Development back in the Nineteen Hundred Seventies per my understanding!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




I'm Building Up To It

   Hey I'm eating Bagel & Egg.  I guess Egg can be used as a plural.  When it's not clear it's single or plural.  You go to a Deli and get yourself a Bagel & Egg for breakfast.  Easily could be 2 eggs!  I dunno I'd have to look into that one more extensively.  Dinner'll be either Turkey Sandwich, Ribs, Frozen Pizza, or Cup O noodles.  Haven't had THAT in a while.  We're talkin I Dunno A MONTH or so?  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  The wide world of sports Got A Little Thinner today after Baseball Ended For A While.  Yep that seems to check out.  Man oh man this season of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo sure is... I dunno... the THIRD best season out of 5!  That's a solid RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE!  And when the overall thing is highly regarded, the median of it is sure to be highly regarded as well!  Well, not surely!  There's lots of different variables that could happen!
     What about some Rib and some Noodle for dinner.  That sounds great in my MindBrainImaginationTasteFutureTasteTesting.  Anyway Ya'll gotta turn out to vote on Election Day.  Best way to vote!  Voting by mail is The Coolest but you blew your shot better luck next year!  By next year I mean 2 years from now!  2 Years is 1 Year in election time!  But anyway get on that shit you want your vote to count on Election Day because it's Just More FUN that way!  Figure I'll shower in about an hour.  For about Oh I Don't Know FIVE MINUTES?  Five minutes to me SOUNDS like an extremely quick shower but when you're actually In There you could accomplish a lot in Five Minutes!  When I Was in High'd School I would routinely take 90 second showers!  GOTTA GET OUT THE DOOR IF I WANNA CATCH TRAIN.  IF I DON'T CATCH TRAIN WHAT KINDA STUDENT AM I NO KIND THAT'S WHO.  Also the other side of that is Gotta Get As Much Sleep As Possible.  I'll trade 5 minutes of sleep for 5 minutes of shower ANY DAY OF THE WEEK especially WEEKDAYS and NOT REALLY THE WEEKENDS.
Cool!  Three paragraphs to go.  I like the part when I ate the eggs.  I gotta do that more often!  These Super Market bagels TASTE on point but they're ~75 calories more than your standard bagel that is presumably the same size and ingredients.  Dunno why!  And under normal circumstances it'd have an impact on my diet!  But these days who the Hell cares.  Anyway gotta finish one episode of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo and then switch it up and watch a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Hmm what kinda episode do I got lined up.  Maybe dip into the British Season.  Maybe lots of things!  HOLY SHIT I CAN CYCLE BACK AROUND AGAIN AND WATCH ANY EPISODE FROM ANY SEASON.  Man my luck keeps getting better and better!  I'M ALLOWED to rewatch the same crap over and over again!
     Penultimate paragraph.  More or less settled on Cup O Noodles plus Oh I Don't Know ONE POINT FIVE RIBS?  These ribs are 300% the amount of a normal rib.  So 1.5 of these ribs is like... Uhhh... FOUR.Five REGULAR RIBS?  That seems to check out but also is too much to eat!  Let's just say ONE SUPER RIB with the Noodles.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses. HMM what episode should I watch off the top of my head Oh I Don't Know THE SACRIFICE!  Nothin special about that episode.  Ain't one of the scariest, one of the funniest, one of the grossest, one of the best twists.  It just WORKS and I get to watch it NOW more or less.  Gotta finish entry first!  Gotta finish current episode of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo, about 10 minues left on that sucker.  So the point is Great I dunno One More Paragraph.
     Cool.  Hmm if I was a goldfish, how long back could I remember.  Why It's Only Late May.  Yep that seems to check out.  Late May I can sort of picture it being the last month of Spring but before that it's all kinda hazy.  Turns out I have more in common with FOLD(s)Gish than I realize.  Cracked That Code EVEN MORE.  Anyway hey entry is just about over.  The Sacrifice has LUST its got INTRIGUE its got SOME Twists it's got Players Getting And/Or Being Played.  DEATH AND/OR MURDER.  Some Laffs in there too, there's a talking parrot!  Also is the science out on Parrots.  They just repeat things without understanding what they say, right? They have no idea the context of the conversation or what they're contributing to it.  Just got half a dozen phrases they go through.  Yep seems to check out as per my assumption Still Being My Assumption.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:19 P.M.

BONUS JOKE-- let me be the first to say... Trump LITERALLY Left His Supporters Out In The Cold.  THANK YOU GOOD NIGHT!




Tuesday, October 27, 2020

What's A Matter You

   I am back to write some sort of an entry.  Let's see, what's stuff I talk about.  MEALS.  DREAMS.  DAYDREAMS.  WALKINGS.  #WatchTheWIreFallToListenInTo.  #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Coffee, Beer.  DAYS OF THE WEEK.  MONTHS OF THE YEAR.  YEARS OF THE... uh.. what's the word for MultiYears.  Better LTURQ.. OH how about this.  Years in the decade.  Decades in toe century.  Centuries in the millenium.  Ok NOW gotta look up 10,000 years.  NOPE NOTHING SEEMS TO CHECK OUT.  I guess because accordifng to Judiusm WE AIN'T EVEN REACHED 10K YEARS YET.  Who needs a word if you've never needed the word Yet.  Plan ahead, get some good words going and prepared for when we DO need it.  Fine, but we still have, what 1 or 2 thousand years to come up with this word?  We can Totally Take Our Time with this one is the point.  Hmm how many JEw YEars are we into.  8K Something?  LMLTURQ. ONLY 5781?!?!  Great news we got FOUR THOUSAND YEARS and THEN SOME to come up with Word.  Then it's onto 100,000K Years.  We have EXPONENTIALLY MORE time to figure out THAT sucker.
     Cool.  Took a nice walk this morning.  We're talkin' listening to Conan O Brian: The Podcast Featuring William Nelson.  Well, this one episode.  It would be weird if he was Featured on Every Episode.  Then again who am I to judge.  I'm not Brett Kavanaugh!  Didn't he literally say when he was confirmed YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME, YOU'LL GET WAHTS COMING TO YOU.  Cause that doesn't sound very judicial and unbiased.  LMLTURQ... there's no way I could ever find that quote.  I googled BRETT KAVANAUGH LIBERALS WILL PAY.  I googled BRETT KAVANUAGH REGRET.  (Under the premise that it will be The Liberals who will REGRET the day they dared try to Not Confirm Brett Kavanuagh by bringing up his adherence to rapism and pointing out That's Not a Great Quality for a person.  Then I gave up so yep here we are!  They don't want to start counting mail in ballots early.  They don't want to count mail in ballots after election day.  I'm starting to get the sense They Just Don't Want To Count Mail In Ballots!
    I'm sure it's in the constitution.  That's the only logical conclusion right?  Anyway I know Democrats have rightfully been campaigning for people to do Mail in Ballots and Eearly Voting... but maybe its Just About Time to start pivoting to being like ALRIGHT ELECTION DAY FINAL CHANCE IF YOU WAITED NOW ITS TIME TO DO IT TO IT.  GOOD TO GET SOME VOTES IN EARLY BUT WE GOTTA SHOW UP ELECTION DAY LIKE IT WAS ANY OTHER YEAR BUT EVEN MORE.  Cracked That Code!  Anyway no ALcohol today and presumably tomorrow!  Then alcohol Through Sunday.  Then Panic Monday and Tuesday.  Then have a heart attack Wednesday.  Then back to drinking alcohol!  Hopefully with a Biden win.  I dunno if I'll be in the mood to drink alcohol if Trump wins.  No, that's JUST WAHT THEY WANT.  They WANT me to be so demoralized I'll stop drinking alcohol.  I AIN'T GONNA GIVE IN THAT EASY.  I'll drink alcohol EVEN MORE if Trump wins that's how pot committed I am to not giving in!
Cool!  I don't know why my first Search was, "Brett Kavanaugh Liberals Will Pay."  There's a VERY low chance that was the exact phrase he used.  But it conveyed the meaning pretty quickly as far as me trying to think of what phrase to use in the search.  Anyway what kind of Delicious Meals do I have in store for today.  Salmon + Potato almost definitely One Delicious Meal.  Maybe a Bagel with Cream't Cheese and/or Butter except Definitely Not And Butter, that sounds like a blast.  Maybe even have that for lunch!  Also I've been thinking about how I learned to make eggs then made eggs a few times over a few weeks then never made eggs again.  I could have Bagel with Eggs and forget the Cream't Cheese and/or Butter!  It takes all of what, 10 minutes at most?  Sounds about right.  Anyway if the Supreme Court clearly hands Trump the election unlawfully I think there's gonna be a lot of really upset people!  We're talking 10,000s of people.  Wait that's too low.  We're talking 100,000s of people.  Wait that's too low.  We're talking 1,000,000s of people.  Wait that's too low.  We're talking 10,000,000s of people.  Wait that's too low.  We're talking over 100,000,000 People (if you count all Americans not just voters).  Yep that seems to check out.
     Cool!  Get to take a nice break after this paragraph.  Maybe have the egg and bagel meal with Part II of entry.  I like those odds!  Maybe just have the salmon for lunch because that's easier.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.  Had a late afternoon walk yesterday.  I like the timing of the walk I anticipate doing the same thing today!  Jeez we gotta get people to vote on election day.  That messaging has totally taken a back seat!  Perhaps rightfully strategically, getting people hyped to vote early.  But now all the people who DIDN'T vote early NEED TO BE REMINDED ELECTION DAY IS GONNA MAKE YOU OR BREAK YOU.  Assuming YOU are on the ballot.  Solid thousands of people on the ballot across the states most likely.  That's a lot of people on the ballot!  I wish roughly half of them the best of luck.  THe good half.  Well less than half.  Many races are 3 or more people and I'm POT COMMITTED to just ONE of these people in those race.  So best of luck to however many people that is I forget what I Was talking about.  See ya in a bit.





Get Out of Here

   I got POTATOES going in the oven.  To be consumed with Salmon (To Be Heat'd Up In Microwave!)  It's called Me Being Lazy get off my back about it!  It may be wishful thinking, but I can kind of see Supreme Court Not Throwing Election For Trump so they can be like See We Aint Not Not Unbiased.  And then just rule in favor of Conservative positions for the next 30 years.  Nah they wouldn't do that Too Risky what if Biden wants to Expand The Courts?  Gotta imagine that'll cut into their Payday.  They can't just Allocate More Money For Supreme Court re: more judges.  They're gonna have to split the payroll allocations from Between Nine Judges to Between Thirteen Judges!  Sounds like not a great deal.  What do Supreme Court Justices get paid.  Also how often are they Not Judging Things.  For some reason when I think of Supreme Court Justices I kind of imagine them Just ALways At The Bench.  They live at the courthouse because they need to hear cases and make decisions all the time.  They have no family they're just these weird people living at the court house.
     Oh well such is life.  Is that brainwashing?  Does that sort of go with the premise They're All ABOVE Normal standards and practices and biases and lives.  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  Oh well such is life.  Are there ANY other jobs where it's just like Yep you got this job forever.  Nothin can be done.  I guess Dictator-for-lives.  Also can a Dictator For Life get some lackeys and underlings to ALSO be for life?  Just be like ok this Cook who makes my meals I don't wanna start over with someone new.  Gonna have this guy be My Cook For Life.  Seems about right.  Also you can impeach a Supreme Court Justice as per my understanding.  LMLTURQ.  YEP YOU TOTALLY CAN.  They impeached Samuel Chase back in 1805!  I don't need to tell you that we all can remember where we were the day Samuel Chase was impeached.  Also I don't believe life begins at conception.  I believe life begins just about roughly 200 years before conception.  I don't make up the numbers, that's just how it is, get off my back about it.
  OBAMA talkin on Downstairs TV.  Well, it's being transmitted to Downstairs TV.  Both Sight And Sound!  Sounds like he's at some sort of RALLYING EVENT.  This time with People Cheering Not Honkin' Horns.  Wonder what that scenario is I assume they're taking good care to Not Spread Coronavirus.  Maybe these guys got some crazy fancy personalized Car Horns that sound like muted people cheering.  Yep that seems to check out that's the most likely scenario we're in.  Anyway gonna take a rare Mid Section Break after this paragraph, finish up Section II with Lunch in about half an hour, 40 minutes from Right Now This Very Half Minute.  Dad is teaching on Next Tuesday Election Night.  I guess he'll find out Hey What's Goin On Election Night after his class!  I figure if I had Great News I'd be Whooping Up A Storm.  And if it's bad news I'd be... I dunno.  I don't have a Good Plan For Bad News!  Gotta imagine that'll pay off in the long run. 
Anyway.  Need a good plan for if Election Night Goes Bad.  Let me think about this for a while, let it gestate.  I'll come up with something!  I mean, if it Legit Goes Bad.  Not if it's Stolen Bad.  If it's Stolen Bad I'm freakin' Marching and/or anything else Serious People might react.  How accurate is the term, "Marching."  Is there actual Marching?  And, if so, can it be just sort of a lackadaisical unstructured parade of are we literally marching in step with each other like Soldiers.  Because I think we'd need to figure out our moves ahead of time.  I've never marched with these people before!  We need PRACTICE we need to learn the CHOREOGRAPHY!  The point is I never started lunch yet so Presumably I'll be starting lunch right around Act III.  Also now my website is a play.  Three Acts!  Seems to check out.  I just made that connection.  I started doing three sections by accident.  Now I Realize I'm A Theater Play!
     Cool!  Whattado with the rest of the week.  Only one more entry after this entry is done without alcohol for the week!  I like those odds.  Anyway facing SOUTH for this Act of Entry.  Was Facing EAST for the first Act.  So of course we all can predict what direction I'll be facing for Act III... PROBABLY SOUTH.  I knew it was on the tip of your tongue.  Just like taste glands.  Gotta be SOMEWHERE on your tongue, why not the tip, that's the first time you engage food or whatever else you may or may not be tasting.  That'd be MY guess.  Look odds are Biden will win by a margin they can't steal.  Look next most likely odds are Biden will win by a margin they can't steal BUT THEY STILL STEAL IT.  I don't like those odds!  Then again all those tens of thousands of people times 10,000 more people would be pretty much like I WON'T STAND FOR IT!  I'LL MARCH FOR IT!  NO MORE STANDING STILL FOR ME IN MY IMMEDIATE FUTURE!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.





Now You Write Me A Website

   I've got Salmon & Potato right now!  Remember about a month ago I did a huge piece on I wanna eat a Filet O' Fish or something congrous.  I'm back around on that STILL WANT IT.  Also is there some reason they have to call it a Filet, "O'" Fish not just Filet OF FIsh?  Like maybe it's not really OF fish.  So they say, "O," and they're like well if you interpret, "O," as, "Of," that's your own mistake, we can't be held accountable for your wild speculations.  Also it turns out Obama IS talking to cars but AS WELL AS PEOPLE this time around.  Was the CARS Franchise a pro- Fossil Fuel propaganda enterprise.  Also how did they make Electric Run Cars lame.  Nah you don't want to drive in an Electric Car that's for pussies REAL MEN drive in cars with internal combustion engines.  WHa... HOW... IT MEANS NOTHING.
     Cool!  Caught a bit of Obama Talking.  Good stuff!  Hey just finished my lunch.  Good stuff!  Maybe for DINNER I will MAKE EGGS.  I'm really getting closer to the point of Actually Doing It instead of just talkin' a Big Game.  I talk a Big Egg Game but so far the evidence to back up such a claim is severely lacking!  Oh well I don't care I'll talk a Big Egg Game anyway whose gonna fact check me YOU?  You don't have THE GUTS!  I hope not, at least.  If you push back on this Me Talking A Big Egg Game even just a little bit I'LL CRUMBLE LIKE A HOUSE OF CARDS.  Houses of Cards don't crumble.  Coffee Cake crumbles.  House of Cards just come undone very quickly.  I feel very strongly about this.
Three paragraphs to go!  Man oh man watch some more #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo when this entry is over.  Maybe an episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallTOFrightFor over the day.  Second Walk, Shower and/or Bath, Makin' Good on my Egg Game Premise/Promise... all in all Today Could Be Worse!  Hmm, let's say I'm watching a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor Episode immediately after this entry is over... What Would It Be.  LMLTURQ.  WHY it's only the one with Hank Azaria where he plays a Hospital Morgue Watchman and he lets a Doctor take a body and soon gets caught up in the entire GHOULISH enterprise which I like to call... Doctor.  Of Horror.  I didn't come up with that enterprise's name.  I saw someone  ELSE call it DOctor of Horror.  I wanna say The Crypt Keeper, you knw which one.  He's got lots of stories and they all take around 22-28 minutes.  Lives in a hidden passageway in an otherwise deserted mansion.  DUnno why he can't just sleep in the master bedroom, it's going completely unused.
I dunno MAYBE OTHER PEOPLE LIVE in the Tales From The Crypt House?  We never SEE them.  We never HEAR from them.  I never get the impression from The Crypt Keeper that he's sharing company with anyone else.  So basically most of this house is just going to waste is the point.  I mean the Cryptkeeper must leave his hidden room Some Of The Time, right?  He keeps the entire Crypt not just his little enclave.  So he's dusting the book cases, vaccuuming up the floor, all that stuff.  It's called Being a Responsible Crypt Keeper c'mon man get on board!  Look the odds are very much in one Joseph's Bidenses Favor re: Him wanting to be elected president by The America.  So that's the good news.  The bad news is I dunno may not happen!  Anyway the other point is I will write one more paragraph and POSSIBLY make good on my Big Egg Game Talk and have some of that for dinner tonight!
     Let's wrap it up here.  Man oh man listen to Obama go.  I can't make out what he's saying, Too Far Away from Source Of Audio!  But I hear him talking he sounds Pumped Up and ANIMATED and VERY MUCH SO in favor of one Joseph's Bidenses enterprise goal to achieve Being Elected As President of the American People BY and FOR the American People!  I HAVE 12 MINUTES LEFT OF EPISODE OF #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo so I gotta finish that at least before switching over to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor!  Maybe stick with #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo even after that episode!  And resuming #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor later today!  Anyway another entry in the book.  Do I write one tomorrow?  I dunno, probably!  But it's not a 100% open and shut case as it would have been weeks ago.  I've learned to OPEN UP and sometimes NOT write entries every day!  Based on that one week I couldn't.  Other than that week I've written an entry every day for over eight months!  Jeez That's TWO THIRDS OF A YEAR.  Everyone knows years should be divided into thirds.  That's just common sense!  Also has anyone made this Vice Presidential Connection-- Kamala... Common Law.  Common Law.  Kamala.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!

-1:40 P.M.





Monday, October 26, 2020

No One Can Touch Me

   I was mucking around with my computer and I realized it's a touch screen!  I mean, nothing happens when yuo touch the screen.  Might risk it getting a little dirty.  But hey you can touch this screen All Your Little Heart Desires!  Go For It!  Anyway day I of III without any alcohol presumably.  I told my parents when we agreed I could take walks, we set the terms that specifically I wouldn't go out and get alcohol and hide it in my pants or something.  And I feel like being a Good Guy and keeping my promise.  I took an Oath on something!  I forget what.  Not a bible.  I think I think I have a bible.  When I graduated Judaism (Bar Mitzvah) the Synagogue gave me a nice fancy bible as per my recollection.  I mean I'm sure we paid for it.  This One FAncy Book INSIDE AND OUT.  Also it has my name in it.  Like, on the front page or something, includes my name.  HOLY SHIT I'M IN THE BIBLE.  As per my recollection.
     Anyway, great!  I'm really enjoying #WAtchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  It's about Police Guys Fighting Drug Fellows and sometimes More Things like School and Newspaper and Union Shenanigans... but what it's really about is The Friends Made Along The Way.  Especially when members of antagonizing groups make friends with one another!  Mid-high level drug dealer becoming friends with a couple of Knocko's.... main example of such a thing.  Warms the cockles of my hearts!  The Economist: The Economist Election Prediction Module is like Biden at 96% to win.  ANd I'm like nah you ain't adding things up right that can't be right.  538 only has him at 87.5% chance to win.  EXPLAIN THIS DISCREPANCY AND EXPLAIN WHY I SHOULD TRUST YOU, ECONOMIST: THE ECONOMIST ELECTION MODULE, OVER EVERYONE'S FAVORITE POLLING WEBSITE FIVETHIRTY EIGHT.  I'll be waiting for an answer!  E-mail me at mankindguy @ gmail . com.  Whew now no one would know my e-mail except for The Economist.  The average lay person couldn't put together the pieces of how to e-mail me.  I couched it in an elaborate Code Riddle which only the best Code/Riddle Crackers could solve!
     What else is going on.  I think apparently DOIN' SOME INTENSE RESEARCH Economist just doesn't count a certain poll which is generally biased towards Trump.  But 538 DOES count it.  Big difference this poll is Way Out Of Bound!  I dunno whose right WHO CAN SAY IN THIS MODERN ERA OF COMPETING ELECTION MODULES.  Anyway if I had any more than Fives OF Dollars I'd put it ALL on Biden winning.  That way if Trump wins I'M REALLY Screwed!  It's kinda like in Armageddon when they know they're going off to Space Asteroid but get to live it up for 48 hours on Earth.  And they run up enormous debt, do irresponsible stuff and its like well if I make it back alive I'M ALREADY A WINNER might as well burn all my bridges for when/if I come back to Earth.  Then again in REAL LIFE if they made it back from Space Asteroid and saved the world gotta imagine whoever they owe debt to would be like, aww I can't stay mad at you!  Tell ya what I'll give you an extra month to come up with the money.
Seems about right.  The point is if there's a 87.5% chance on Best Module, 96% chance on second or thid best Module... I'm estimating it at around 90% chance Biden wins BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD.  Maybe I shuold just completely ignore the 96%?  MAYBE LOTS OF THINGS I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS.  Alright I knew there was a Third Main Module and I LTURQ and they got Biden at 86.3% winning.  So basically 90% seems pretty fair over all!  WONDERFUL WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON IN WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS.  What kind of Podcast did I listen to on Walk.  Why it was only the Conan O Brian Podcast Featuring Bruce Springsteen today!  Probably taking a second walk today.  Late afternoon before dinner?  Maybe!  Only time will tell!  I like Economist dismissing Rasmussen Poll completely.  FUCK YOU POLL YOU AIN'T SHIT NOT EVEN GONNA INCLUDE YOU WEIGHTED FUCK THAT SHIT.
What kinda meals I got for today.  Maybe some bagel for lunch.  Pizza for dinner or somethin!  Maybe reversed!  I dunno we'll see how it goes.  Anyway apparently I am writing an entry today.  I just figured that one out!  We're talkin 5 minutes in to a #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo episode.  Will I watch THE ENTIRE REST during Upcoming Break?  Or just ROUGHLY HALF.  I dunno only time can and/or will tell.  Only hope if I wanna drink alcohol today through Wednesday is Mom wants cigarettes and I'm like well if I'm ALREADY STOPPING OFF... That sort of thing!  Also betting all my money on Biden isn't like that Armageddon Scenario at all.  The closest thing to an Armageddon Scenario is Trump winning which makes the chances of Short-To-Mid-Term Armageddon happening significantly higher!  Not a Space Asteroid, something else.  What will it be?!??!  Could be any one (or more!) of 10 or 12 things, that's my impression.  I'll be back in a bit.



I'm One Of The Greatest Creatives I Know

   Yes indeed.  Got lunch in the oven.  It's not lunch yet.  Needs to be properly Ovened and then Prepared and then ultimately Eaten by me to fully be considered lunch.  What else is going on in the wide world of crap.  I have a good idea for a new kind of coffee, it's called Room Temperature Coffee.  Not Cold!  Certainly Not Hot!  Basically its the kind of coffee you get with EITHER Cold OR Hot but wait a while.  ALright knocked that idea out of the park now it's on YOU to get it up and running.  All I want is TEN cents every coffee sold!  At that rate I'll have all the Star Bucks one could imagine!  Also you buy the coffee with Fun Bucks.  Like Amusement Park.  Gotta exchange regular money for Coffee Bucks.  Also in this scenerio my enterprise is just called, "Coffee," apparently.  Yep seems to check out that's a very appropriate name which I assume no one owns the rights to.  You can't own the rights to A SINGLE WORD.  Dictionary wouldn't stand for it!
     Okay.  Also Once A Month you have to Serve THEM Coffee!  Is it possible we could have a drink that's like coffee and as ubiquitously sold as coffee that's a Depressant?  You know it tastes like coffee but just helps you Chill.  My guess is Sure Why Not It May Or May Not Be Called Alcohol.  Cracked That Code!  Anyway I dunno.  Lunch'll be ready in Oh I Don't Know TWENTY or so minutes?  Sounds about right!  Anyway got a nice #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor lined up.  Figure I'll get to that at some point.  Not these hours, thuogh!  Busy watching @WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  It's got Everything a viewer could want!  SOUND.  MOVING IMAGES.  CLOSED CAPTIONING OF DIALOGUE.  Yep all that seems to check out.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Oh right.  I get to start a new paragraph any moment now!  I figure I'll write one more sentence, this sentence, and then I'm all ready to start a new paragraph!
     Yep that checked out 100% Completely.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Making very little incremental progress with Playing Guitar More.  Well when you put it that way It Sounds Bad.  I meant it in a good way!  I AM making incremental progress, and it is very little, but Progress Is Progress!  Looks like Daylight Savings Times is this weekend.  I did some research and I wanna say we're GAINING an hour?  It says Clock Goes Back.  That's like at 3:00 AM it goes back to 2:00 AM or whatever.  Bonus Hour!  LMLTURQ YEP IT ALL CHECKS OUT.  Except it's TWO AM.  Didn't See THAT Twist Coming!  Maybe it's 1:00 AM depending on how you look at it.  Maybe lots of things depending on how you look at it.  I like to look at things Head On.  Night upside down, not sideways, not backwards.  I feel very strongly abuot this presumably.
     What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  When it's 2 AM, set back your clock to 2 AM.  Yep that seems to check out.  For some reason 538 had Biden win back all that he lost with that One Dumb Poll.  Not sure how THAT happened But I'll Take It!  I have no choice!  Well, a little bit of a choice!  I can NOT take it re: bad polling and then just throw my hands up in the air and be like Well It Turns Out I Don't Want TO Take Anything! or something along those lines.  Anyway figure I'll take lunch out of oven any minute now.  Could be 1 minute from now.  Could be up to 10 minutes from now!  I like those odds!  I just I JUST CHILLED FOR FOUR MINUTES, THEN TOOK LUNCH OUT OF OVEN.  NOW WE'RE ALL CAUGHT UP!
     Anyway last paragraph of Part II.  WHAT THE HELL BEST POLL HAVE TRUMP UP FOUR IN TEXAS?
  Why that's such bad news it almost makes me not want to look at Texas as the TIPPING State.  Texas is all well and good but it probably won't determine Winning Of Election.  And its also not the kind of thing where a little bit of Investment goes a long way.  So many different media markets in Texas Per My Understanding!  Costs a lot just to be competitive!  Then again It Would Be Sweet to win Texas and also to Help DOWN BALLET races.  And also there was another poll today had BIDEN up 1 in Texas!  And a third one had Trump plus FIVE.  The point is We Should Obsess about thing we both have no control over and also have no control over what to make of that information we have no control over.  I'll be back with part III in a little bit!




I Don't Take Me Seriously

   LET ME BE VERY CLEAR I WANT JOE BIDEN TO WIN TEXAS!  Get off my back about it is the point!  Anyway took a pretty large Sect II --> Sec IIV Break.  ALso gonna try to get Roman Numeral Equivalents trending.  You know, like this paragraph is the IIIIIIIIIII Paragraph of th entry.  Yep seems to check out MAYBE? You better count those, "I,"'s yourself just to be sure.  If it's NOT Eleven please email me @ mankindguy AT gmail DOT com And YOU MAY WIN A PRIZE.  Probably not, tohugh.  I don't have any prizes to give.  You could have my Bible but sorry my name is already in it I don't see what kind of use you could make of it.  Maybe take a nice walk AFTER bathing and/or showering but BEFORE dinner.  Anyway my MOM isn't having ONE slice of meatloaf that was allocated for her and guess what I'M GONNA HAVE THAT SUCKER OF A SLICE.  FINALLY things are breaking my way!
     Cool.  Maybe have a delicious walk in a couple of hours.  We're talkin AFTER BA.. wait i just said this.  Oh right that seems to check out oh well what can ya do.  Maybe I end up taking a BreakFromEntry Tomorrow and/or Wednesday.  Gotta take it day by day this week for some reason no one is really sure of!  On the other hand Texas is looking at some crazy historic voter turn out, and a shit load already Pre-Election day which is probably In Biden's favor... so we don't know what's gonna happen!  Election MODULES seem to be saying Biden has about a 1/3 chance of winning and I'd say that's about right!  Because that's what they say!  I put my trust in them!  So anything they say I'd say is about right!  Yep that all seems to check out 100%, well done to me for Listening to Experts.
Ok, great, what else is going on.  Fit in a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor earlier today.  Figure I'll only watch Good Ones from now on.  I got no time for these mediocre episodes!  Not one bit!  Look what else is great.  Maybe take a walk immediately aftre this entry.  That's a good idea because it gives me something to look forward to WHILE writing the rest of the entry!  Hmm lying down and putting on a #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo is EVEN BETTER thing to look forward to!  Then follow up with some Cleansing myself with Hot Water and Soap and Shampoo, then dry off, then take a walk soon after all that is accomplished!  Then have either a delicious Meat Loaf based dinner OR Salmon based dinner.  Hmm today ain't gonna be so bad after all!  And YOU wanted me to buy secret alcohol to get me through the Working Week.  I sure proved YOU wrong.  Now you look like a FOOL in the eyes of EVERYONE.
     Sure.  Wonder how Roman Numerals decided on Letters to represent numbers.  I as 1 though, that's just genius.  They look VERY simliar, in fact, you can just draw a straight line vertically AND people could barely tell the difference!  And I'm under the impression All The Digit Numbers weren't even AROUND at the time!  That's WHY THEY NEEDED ROMAN NUMBERALS IN TEH FIRST PLACE.  I have it on very good authority they would have used Digits instead of Roman Numerals if they had the option.  Where do digits come from, India?  Muslim Places?  LMLTURQ... NAILED IT started in India in the 6th/7th century.  I assume Since Jesus.  That's how we universally measure time for some reason no one is really sure of.  Oh because people in charge like Jesus.  Oh well good for them if I wanted to decide how to measure Years I'd have worked harder to be in charge!
     Last paragraph!  Figure Dinner'll be around Oh I Don't Know SEVEN O CLOCK?  Figure A LOT of things.  Anyway what eight more days until Main Election Day.  OH MAN GREAT IDEA.  Get together a SQUAD of people to COUNTER INTIMIDATE POLLING PLACES.  Go to a polling place where Trumpists are antagonizing the people waiting in line and be like NO WAY KEEP GOING WE'RE HERE FOR YOU.  YOU CAN DO IT GUYS JUST HANG IN THERE!  If only I had thought of this a month ago, and had a platform to put that message out there.  Oh well too little too late.  YOU CAN STILL DO IT FOR ELECTION DAY WHY IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY TO DO IT OF ALL.  Anyway I'm some kind of a genius but no one cares for some reason.  Such is life.  Wonderful, just wonderful.  I'll see you guys tomorrow presumably.  Definitely by Thursday!  You can take that to the bank!  Any bank!  Ok MOST banks!  See ya later.

-2:56 P.M.




Sunday, October 25, 2020


   Yep seems to check out.  Took walk #3 of 3!  I mean, at this rate of explanation, every walk # will be out of itself.  No room for calculating Future Walks apparently.  Just what I'm up to!  Hmm what else am I up to.  NURSE is here in house.  I totally was like Hey Yo Whassup and she was like I remind you of your pshyciatrist I look and sound just like her.  And I was like no way did you say that that was just a thought in my head.  Stop Trying To Trick Me!  Trick me into thinking you said what was my thoughts in my head said.  GET OVER IT I AIN'T BUYING IT!  We're talking It's Sunday GET OVER IT.  Anyway had some delicious Frozen Meal LAMB SAAG with some Bonus Rice and a Dinner Roll and it was delicious!  Yeah you started off the sentence saying it was delicious.  Two positives make a positive though!  It's true calculate the numbers yourself! 
     Okay.  HEy I finished watch Borat: Is Nice!  It sure was hmm a 6 out of 10 of living up to my expectations and an 8.5 out of 10 just in general.  I guess the Practical Joke was on me.  Made me anticipate it'd be better than it is, ey?  BOY is my face red.  How much of the plot was set in stone and how much of it was determined by how each sequence with real people went.  At first I was watching it like Yep obviously this movie is about what its about.  Then I was watching these scenes with presumably real people that happen to fit the exposition of the movie just about perfectly.  I guess they were coached a bit, I dunno!  BUt still YA NEVER KNOW maybe Borat was written by The AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST BEING THEMSELVES.  I assume they handed out 3 dozen Writing Credits for any Real Person who furthered the exposition.  Also Hey Guess What I KNOW THE WORD EXPOSITION!  ANd I'm using it correctly at about a solid EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT RATE!
Wonderful.  Five beers for today!  I totally had eight going into yesterday AND I ONLY DRANK THREE YESTERDAY.  It's called Saving Beer For Another Day.  Yep that's exactly what it's called, pretty much what I was picturing even without that, "It's called..."  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Probably Meat Loaf for toinght.  THinkin about maybe some pizza and SINGLE BUFFALO WING for lunch today.  Thinkin' about a lot of stuff!  Not really, that's the main thing I've been thinking about!  We're talkin' I enjoyed that Lamb Saag so much Lunch Might Be Bonus Rice + OTHER frozen meal.  We're talkin Chicken Tikka Marsala.  Had that sucker a week or two ago and It Was Delicious!  Whatta do after entry.  Watch #SaturdayNightLiveToRemember.  I can't remember S & L's.  There's 20 of them a year!  UNLESS...
     Unless I do a Total Recall and they implant All SNLs into my brain.  That's the most plausable scenerio I can remember SNLS.  Anyway what else is going on.  Is it all SNLS going back to Season I of I (or so they thought at the time, at least it was all they could PROVE), or is it just From This Season Onward.  I dunno I've raised more questions than I can answer!  ADELE is the Host?  HOw do they square the fact that she is as far as I know 85% a musician... and is the host... NOT just the musical guest.  DOesn't make sense to me I'm sure She's Got The Chops but why have Musical Guests if your Musical-Attuned-Guest is just REGULAR HOST?  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I dunno maybe ADELE acted in something.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE NOT COMIN' UP WITH ANYTHING.  I'll still watch it BUT I DON'T LIKE IT GOING INTO IT.     Okay, sure, why not.  I enjoy ADELE's music.  You know those three or four very popular songs.  Great, just great stuff!
     Okay, what else is going on and crap.  Figure I'll have lunch roughly around Part III of III.  Dunno what yet!  Maybe a BAGEL but that's not PRACTICAL with Nurse clogging up Kitchen.  NOt enough Cutting Bagel Space, and CERTAINLY not enough Buttering/Cream Cheesing Bagel after cut and toasted.  Hmm, "Cheesing," is a word.  Good for Cheesing.  We're talkin TOO MANY PEOPLE on my walk today.  I was able to at least six feet social distance but there were a DOZEN people here and there that were like yeah we're gonna clog up the WalkWay whatchu gonna do about it.  I can't just STOP completely and wait for them to gain some distance!  There's ALSO PEOPLE COMING UP ON MY TAIL.  I guess I could just make a right turn and walk perpendicularly compared to where I'm supposed to go.  At that rate I'D NEVER get home.  Wind up 10 miles away in the wrong direction and be like oh right I started this to get away from people Probably Safe to go back to that line where I made the turn 10 miles ago.  Also I think Coronavirus is just around the corner! Wait, no.  It's Just About DONE.  That's What I've Heard!  It being OVER is just around the corner.  I dunno that sounds like a lie.  I think Coronavirus being still just around the corner is a lot more accurate!  I'll be back in a little bit.




It Was Good For Me

   This is the last Sunday that isn't a Sunday that's two days before Election Day!  FASCINATING.  What kind of podcast did I listen to on Walk Today.  Why its only the Conan O Brian Podcast Featuring Guess Hillfordy Clinton.  She's a barrel of laughs.  And people keep laughs in a barrel some how.  I guess laughs are sort of like farts in this scenario.  You can fart into a barrel and then close it and then someone opens it up and they smell that sucker.  You laugh into a barrel, close it up, someone opens it... they HEAR laughter?  They are INSPIRED to laugh?  They HEAR some sort fo joke that inspires Laughter Both Between Ghost Laughter And The Opener?  Anyway started a great new phase of life why its only #WatchTheWireFallToListenInFor.  Hmm my senses seem to be getting confused.  Watching AND Listening?  AND FALLING?!?!?
I think the acting is especially impressive when you watch the first episode and realize these guys are just doing these lines AND MOVEMENTS cold they don't know what this show is gonna be.  And they especially don't know the future of these characters.  But they play the characters the same way through season five!  PRETTY IMPRESSIVE STUFF if I may say so myself.  I really hope I can say so.  It's A Positive THing!  I'd understand if I couldn't say something NEGATIVE about Wire.  But positive I Don't See The Problem!  HMM now that I remember I Started Watching The Wire I'm all like Man Oh man I can watch 1/3-2/3rds of an episode DURING BREAK TIME.  I saw Biden is going to Georgia to do a rally/speach/whatever on Tuesday.  THE QANON STUFF PRACTICALLY WRITES ITSELF-- THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA FINALLY PROOF GEORGE BIDEN IS ONE OF THE DEVILS.  Hmm why does The Devil want to be in Georgia.  I'm gonna have to LTURQ at some point.
Cool!  I guess the Devil lives in the northern hemisphere.  That he has go to down to Georgia.  Hmm I dunno is going, "DOwn To," somewhere a reflection of Latitude or is it just colloquially yeah he went SOMEWHERE, doesn't matter what direction o the map, he went down to ...whatever place...  The point is if you start off in Florida per say, can you go Down To Georgia.  I can see an argument could be made for either side!  We ain't gonna solve this dispute in this paragraph!  Also, if its not in terms of Latitude, but in terms of Heaven and Hell and Earth,  Devil's gotta be going UP to Georgia.  He starts off in Hell!  Which IS Down!  Unless Georgia somehow is actually a place worse than Hell.  Which it may be, I dunno, never been there, I don't have all the details!
     What else is going on.  Certainly leaning towards Frozen Meal + Finishing White Rice.  I LIKE those odds.  Leaning towards is a phrase conveying odds.  Means DEFINITELY about 50% but PROBABLY BELOW, Oh I Don't Know, 85%?  90%?  I don't have all the details but one day when I have more time I'm gonna crunch the numbers and everything pertaining to this scenario.  I think I'm supposed to watch LoveCraft Country.  It seems like something I would enjoy RE: Positive Reviews!  IN the mean time, though, ONe Last SEason of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Almost ALL of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInFor.  Then ON TO LOVECRAFT COUNTY I SWEAR!  I'll get there if it's hte last thing I do!  Hmm that sounds PERFECT, make it the last thing I do.  I can put it off A LONG TIME if I'm waiting for it to be The Last Thing I Do.  That's the ultimate item on my Fuckit List.  Watch LoveCraft Country.  And then it sucks and I'm bored after 20 minutes of the first episode And I Just Die.
     Seems about right.  I find it interesting that Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman each had a FuckIt List yet 10 years later BOTH ARE STILL ALIVE?!?!?  Anyway here's a fun trend that I think should catch on-- the PENULTIMATE FUCKIT LIST.  Like when you retire, or turn lets say 65 or so without any underlying things which would cause a relatively early death.  Just the same thing but you get to enjoy the things without being like oh right i'm about to die.  Or maybe just FUckIt your entire life!  I ain't here to tell you what to do!  I like reading a myriad of people on Twitter re: On Going ELection where it's like one tweet is like WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS THE WORST NEWS I COULD EVER IMAGINE and then the next one 20 minutes later from someone else its like OH MAN HOLY SHIT IT'S IN THE BAG!  Ya know that sort of thing.  Lotta seniors crossing over to Biden who voted for Trump in 2016.  Biden leads among Seniors!  The Elderly, I mean.  Not College Seniors.  Well, probably ALSO College Seniors.  Ya Know What?  High School Seniors, too!  Roughly 10/12 of them are eligible to vote per my initial calculations.  Oh right the thing I was about to say.  Voting For Biden is on these dudes Fuck It List.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!





Come Back To Me

   I ain't got lunch going on quite yet.  Not hungry yet!  I'll eat that sucker of a lunch later.  We're talkin' 10 Tootsie Pops.  That sounds like fun BUT NOT TODAY.  The next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is the one with Catherine O' Hara.  Who I believe is related to The Airport.  That has a VERY Similar name.  Also gotta watch #SaturdayNightLiveToRemember but SAVING THAT for later in the day.  Presumably. If I remember.  That's why I started the hashtag in the first place, make sure I (and us!) remember.  So we'll see how that pans out is the point.  Anyway I've been keeping my electric guitar in its Soft Case like a Champ but SOMEHOW dust is STILL accumulating on the body!  We're talkin where the strings meet the body.  Beyond the fretboard.  Dust accumulating under the strings.  Sure I Know the anatomy of a guitar I JUST TOLD YOU.
Sure, what else is going on and crap.  Hey I got lunch going on right now.  It's delicious!  Frozen Meal + Rice + WING.  How come most of the cops in The WIre aren't evil.  You'd think that probably 75% of them would be evil Re: What Current Events Have Revealed To Us!  I like how there were huge BLM, etc Protests across the country and then there were Police Brutalities on Innocent People hundreds of times across the country on video and we were all just like Well YOU WIN THIS ROUND.  Presumably things won't get WORSE under Biden.  Biden 2020 Things Won't Get Worse!  A winning campaign promise if I've ever heard one!  Anyway the point is the end of the entry is really in sight at this point.  Then #WatchTheWireFallToListenInFor EPISODE III of III SO FAR OR SO.
     Okay wonderful.  Man oh man do I get to enjoy a solid EIGHT OR NINE hours without any sort of work at all!  Meat Loaf ain't but a thing, just pop it into oven, pop it out! Eat it!  Put dish in the sink!  Magically it will get into the dishwasher and be washed extensively!  Hmm thing where Biden is doing well with Seniors but it's just people who are the father of kids with the same names as them.  That about covers everything.  Hey just logged into STARZ: THE MOVIE STREAMING SERVICE WHICH IS ALSO A PREMIUM CHANNEL ON YOUR REGULAR TV!  We're talkin I'ma browse those Movie options real good later today, don't think I won't get to it, I'ma get to it, don'tchu worry about me.  Anyway I haven't shaved in about 2 months.  Looks like I haven't shaved in only ONE month.  FINALLY things are going my way!
     Penultimate paragraph!  Dunno if I'm gonna write tomorrow, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday.  Almost definitely gonna write when I re-up with alcohol.  Probably a solid 2/3rds- 3/4ths chance I WILL write the next few days.  These are the important issues.  These are the days of My Lives.  Probably like a 15% chance Mom needs cigarettes over the next few days so I can re-up with Beer THen!  THese are the im... Oh right I already just said that.  Now let's see what else is going on in the wide world of flat Earths.  Also if you're a Flat Earther exactly how deep do you think the Earth is.  I mean, we have coal mines and stuff which show that the Earth goes PRETTY deep.  I just wanna get your impression on HOW deep you're imagining it.  These ARE the important issues!  NOW I REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT THEY THINK RE: HOW DEEP THE FLAT EARTH IS!  Also is it divided up into Core and Mantle and Crust and/or all those stuff?  Or is that too advanced for a Flat Earther.  And it's just GROUND.  Either way HOW MUCH GROUND C'MON MAN GOTTA KNOW!
Last paragraph!  Do Flat Earthers think all the OTHER celestial bodies are flat?  Is the moon flat?  Sun flat?  C'mon why not let's just go ahead with EVERYTHING'S FLAT!  Don't see why not.  I don't get the appeal of the stupidest conspiracy theories.  Why do we need them?  I mean aren't there conspiracy theories you can get obsessed with that have a not insignificant probability that it's TRUE?  Why blow your load with QANON when you could be like... uh... what's a DECENT conspiracy theory.  Kennedy Assassination!  What was the deal with that?!  I DUNNO!  How about Jeffrey Epstein, "Suicide?"  Go research that!  I'm telling you I'm 100% sure the Earth is not flat!  Anyway that'll do it for today.  See You Tomorrow PROBABLY?  Later!

-1:03 P.M.




Saturday, October 24, 2020

I Don't Know Who Needs To Hear This

   I don't like that MEME.  What's a word for A MEME that's a phrase and it inspires follow up phrases on SOcial Media.  Not a MEME I know that much!  No I don't, might be a MEME, what the Hell do I know.  Anyway some bad news several polls from Weeks Ago PHASED OUT in National Poll Calculations and Biden DOWN 1.5 POINTS FROM HIS TIPPY TOP.  We're talkin current polls are like 9 points up instead of 10.5!  That's not so bad.  I'd love to be Nine Points Up on ANYTHING in life.  Except for Golf.  Actually lemme take that back.  In golf I'd rather Fail as much as possible at getting Ball into Hole.  More FUN for me!  I get to hit this ball with a stick WAY MORE TIMES than you guys who get it in that there hole quickly.  SUCKERS.  Isn't there a thing in Golf where after a certain amount of Tries it's just like Ok WELL WE'LL GIVE UP I'M CALLING MERCY NO MORE.  I wanna say around SIX tries? LMLTURQ.  HMM THIS IS COMPLICATED I GIVE UP.
Anyway such is life.  The point is Biden lost only .5 Percentage Points on Winning Election Calculation because 538 is all like yeah national polls are all well and good but we're gonna average STATE polls for some reason no one is really sure of.  And state polls PRETTY CONSISTENT!  So we got THAT going for us.  Anyway my legs hurt from overusing them by walking in the Wide World of The Wide World Of Outside My CrapShack.  NOt the part of legs that you might think of at first.  We're talking my SHINS for some reason.  Didn't see THAT development coming!  Maybe you would think my shins would hurt.  I'm putting all my pressure walking onto my shins directly!  Yep seems to check out now that I think about it.  538 is all like yea we predicting national margin at end of election will be Biden +8.0  And I'm all like hmm we at +9.2 today hmm 10 or 11 more days, if we don't get any lower than 8.0 we's losing a .1 a day.  Which is INTERESTING.  Kind of unlikely!  More likely to be like okay we stay even for four days and then on fifth day Trump gets +.5%!  SAME RESULT EASIER WAY TO IMAGINE IT
Cool!  My interpretation is even a point lower than that is PRETTY safe for Biden.  And then a point lower than that Biden STILL Pretty Well Favored.  Then a point lower than that what are we up to, negative three, I lost track.  I'm wrong for thinking this way, but I know in 2016 polls were off by around 3% and we're going into this election preparing for the same Off By Amount.  But the polls adjusted their methodology to work it out better.  C'mon how stupid do these polls have to be to get it wrong by the same amount AGAIN.  You just spent all your methodology calculations to IMPROVE and you're telling me you can't do ANY BETTER?  WHAT KIND OF IDIOTS ARE YOU JUST FIGURE IT OUT HOW HARD IS THAT!
Fascinating.  Something about weighting for white people with or without collegial entertainment.  I mean education.  That's what college is for education not entertainment.  Whew glad I covered my tracks there!  College prepares you for the real world of Never Ending Binge Drinking and Sexual Entertainment.  I mean education.  Sexual education that's that college is for.  Whew glad I covered my tracks there.  Most likely got some delicious Meat'd Loaf for dinner tonight.  Had some delicious Frozen Miniature Hot Dogs WITH 1/6th of A Chili for dinner last night.  I couldn't wait to eat those Hot Dogs I didn't even wait for the so called Blanker they're in to crisp up or anything.  Just pop those 1/3rd cooked Dogs into my mouth I GOT PLACES TO GO I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO COOK ANOTHER 15 MINUTES WHAT KIND OF CHUMP DO YOU TAKE ME FOR!
     Okay.  Figure it's due time I ate some Delicious Salmon for lunch.  Salman was in such a Rush t' Die he antagonized Muhammad or something.  Made fun of him.  Maybe even just drew a stick figure of him!  I dunno.  He's still with us apparently these Fatwas are ALL EMPTY THREATS.  Or something, I dunno, I don't have all the details.  Also maybe I'm an idiot for the most part when someone tweets I don't know who needs to hear this... They Know EXACTLY who needs to hear it!  But they're just biting their tongue and couching it in some vague sarcasm.  Maybe I just don't know how to read!  That's a solid chance!  Halfway through #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor with Jeffrey Jones and Anthony Michael Hall.  Not a lot of famous actors with FOUR names. 
I'm not sure why the premise of having a middle name is so universal.  There's a 10-15% amount of people who use their middle name all the time, that's fine.  But for most of us it's just some weird piece of trivia about us.  What's the point!  To give us all somewhat More Unique Complete Names to avoid IDENTITY THEFT, ETC?  I dunno maybe!  But it seems more of a cultural, personal thing rather than a legal, practical type thing.
     I've gien us all a lot to think about!  Oh I know.  Our middle names are so we can rename ourselves so people wouldn't know we're Jewish just by our name.  I'm MICHAEL ADAM.  Hmm that doesn't check out ADam can't be a last name.  I'm MICHAEL ADAMS.  Yep seems to check out!  I'm taking some liberties with my name but It Does Seem To Check Out.  Also that was the original name of The Beastie Boys.  Michael & The Adams.  NAILED IT!  One gotta imagine all three Beastie Boys are Jewish.  LMLTURQ.  Yep seems to check out.  Good for them/us!  Is there a special unit of people to carry out Fatwas.  Or is it more like a Free For All.  Yep Fatwas on ANYONE OUT THERE CAN DO IT totally de-centralized.  Or is there a special Iranian Para-Military Unit The Fatwa Squad.  These are important questions that not even LARRY DAVID addressed in his Curb Some Enthusiasms season about Fatwas.  Very Possible he addressed it.  If not explicitly then implicitly.  Hmm I wonder if Larry David is Jewish.  I'll be back in a nit!





I Don't Know Who Doesn't Need To Hear This

   I'm guessing a real solid majority.  Maybe 80-90% of people don't need to hear this.  DAMN my left shin is killing me.  What kind of wonderful podcast did I listen to my #MorningWalkFoRThisWeekToRemember.  Why it was only the next episode of the Sarah's Silver Man Podcast.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Is Sarah related to Nate Silver Man?  Hmm wonder if Nate Silver is Jewish.  LMLTURQ.  I totally expect to start googling Nate Silver Je... and then it finishing JEWISH.  Because that serach comes up a lot on Google.  Also why isn't there a search engine devoted entirely to Jews.  Oh, right.  LMLTURQ FROM BEFORE.  HALF JEWISH?  WHAT KINDA BULLSHIT IS THAT.  Anyway hey what else is going on and crap.  I guess if anyone had to develop a statistics model to determine how Jewish he is its him.  Hmm father was jewish mother wasn't... gonna have to really crunch the numbers here... give me a couple of months to figure this one out...
Cool!  For all I know Father was non-Jewish and mother was Jewish!  For all I know sounds like a phrase that means the opposite of what it means.  FOr ALL I KNOW!  I KNOW IT ALL!  FOR ALL I KNOW, here's an example OF SOMETHING I KNOW.  For all I know Father was non-Jewish and mother was Jewish!  How do you know that.  I DON'T ITS A PHRASE THAT'S LEADING YOU THE WRONG WAY!  Anyway lunch'll be solidly right around Part III of entry!  What else is going on and crap.  Is it a non-Jewish thing where traditionally you're the religion of your Mother.  In Jewish you're what your mom is!  I dunno why.  Seems like it should be Father.  Seems kind of SEXIST that its your Mother!  I don't like it!  Also Judaism tends to skip a generation.  Your mom was Jewish?  You ain't!  But your kid most likely will be.  That's JewNetics.  Jew.  Ge.  PRETTY CLOSE.
What else is going on and crap.  Four drinks today, four drinks tomorrow.  Maybe take a several day break from writing entry and then resume when Beer Supply is Re-upped.  I dunno sounds about right!  If I have to Work A Few Days For A Working Week might as well Not Have To Do Any Work For It.  It balences out somehow presumably I don't have all the details.  When I first saw Biden dropped over half a percent in National Lead over night I was like WHAT THE FUCK MUST HAVE BEEN SOME LOW ASS POLLS.  But it turns out no Solid Polls, just the REALLY Solid Polls were aged out!  That's not so bad!  Bound to happen eventually.  Averaging 9 points and having Good Polls aged out is a lot better than Averaging 7 points But Old Polls Still Apply so it's the same amount overall but being dragged down by Real Crappy Current Polls.  That's easy to follow logic!  I mean, it is.  I didn't do you any favors by not saying it clearly.  But if I had said it clearly you'd be like oh great I can totally follow this logic!
Cool!  Haven't even started my Potato Half Spheres cuase I ate those Crescent Potatoes first!  Do I put those in oven to have with Salmon!  Probably!  In fact I shuold do that right now!  Be Right Back!  YEP put those suckers in the oven.  Salmon will be Microwaved!  I've gone through the processes and Potato best in oven and Salmon best in microwave.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got a real great #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor que-ed up for Break II.  We're talkin one I always skipped and/or didn't pay attention to but the last time I watched it I enjoyed it so this time around I'll enjoy it once more presumably!  Anyway apparently young people MAY be voting at numbers not seen since 2008: The Dawn Of Barack Obama.  PLUS, I VOTED this year and DIDN'T VOTE in 2008.  So based on those two pieces of information WE'RE EXCEEDING 2008 LEVELS!  It's the same PLUS ONE VOTE HOLY SHIT BIDEN IS CRUSHING IT.  I voted in 2016.  That might have been the first time.  In the Primary, though.  I voted for One Bernard Sanders.  Wonder if he's Jewish.  My guess is Nope he's posing as a Jewish for POLITICS.  He crunched the numbers and determined he's best Jewish.  Seems to check out.
Hey another break after this paragraph!  Or a paragraph after this!  I dunno can't say for certain.  I can't wait for (hopefully) Biden is elected and we can be like OH BOY ITS ON NOW!  We Gonna See How Progressive We Can Get It Goin' Boy Oh Boy!  My guess?  I dunno!  I can safely say not too left wing.  For better or worse!  But we might be able to make some PROGRESS so to speak with our PROGRESSIVENESS.  Yep that's what the words meant all along.  So the point is LEGALIZE IT.  We're talking MARIJUANA.  Then we get to CHILL.  That's a great first thing to do after Trump.  Look, as Americans, after Trump, we all could use some time to Just CHILL.  Seems to check out and be a logical course of events and whatnot.  Anyway I'm gonna take a break in a minute.  Nah.  Write one more paragraph for this section of entry.  THEN take a break.  I feel very strongly about this for some reason!
     Cool!  Alternatively, other things Democrats can focus on -- voting rights, health care rights, racial justice, supreme court expansion, coronavirus addressingment.  Yep seems to check out Marijuana Is The Top Priority among those possibilities.  Also it BIPARTISAN.  Yo everyone on board with Legalization!  Well Coronavirus first.  THEN marijuana.  Or combine 'em!  Marijuana for people who have had coronavirus!  It's called INCREMENTAL PROGRESS you idiots!  Marijuana is RELEVANT for health care rights.  For Racial Justice! (assuming it corresponds with expunging records of people jailed/fined/whatever for weed).  Not so much Supreme Court Expansion or Voting Rights.  But IT COVERS A WHOLE LOT OF THE BASES C'MON MAN.  Anyway NOW it's about time to take a break.  Be back in a half an hour or so!





I Don't Know Who May or May Not Want To Hear This

   Well I got lunch going for me.  I got next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is a mediocre, serviceable episode.  We're talkin most likely Meat'd Loaf For Dinner.  We're talkin' I listened to the second half of Bat Out Of Hell last night before going to sleep for some reason.  Hmm, looking at HBOMax, maybe next thinkg I watch is The Hills Have Eyes II: The Sequel To The Remake Of The Original Film.  I'm pretty sure I saw this sucker in Movie Theater during Freshman Year in NYU and it was Fun Nice Movie Theater experience!  Kinda SPECIFICALLY remember smoking weed before hand!  THat's fun it makes lots of things for fun than normal.  Also makes me more creative than normal.  Basically we'd be stupid NOT to legalize it at least specifically For Me!
     Cool!  Also the hills themselves don't have eyes.  There's evil Mutant Cannibals who live in the hills that DO have eyes (why must they be evil and cannibals?  Is there some reason people who have mutated based on exposure to radiation from nuclear bomb tests are more prone to being Evil and/or Cannibals?  Maybe they're mutated so they resent the regular population who aren't mutated so the way they express that resentment is Eating Them and Enjoying The Idea That They're Killing Them In General.  Or maybe they mutated specifically in an evil way.  Their Soul Glands were corrupted now they ain't no good people not one bit!
     Anyway.  I don't get why it's hard to vote in swing states.  That it's up in the hair who wins.  What are you stupid just vote for Biden it's easy pretty straightforward what kind of idiot are you?!?  That's MY Hot Take!  Anyway did some laundry myself yesterday!  We're talking loaded up washing machine.  We're talkin' taking it out of washing machine after a while, putting it in dryer.  We're talkin' hanging up shirts on a hanger once that part was done.  We're talkin' brought up my Now Clean Laundry up to my room to be utilized next time I need to wear that there laundry!  And My Mom guided me through all of it but I think I can do it from now on in the future SHUOLD IT BE NECESSARY.  I'm bakning on IT NOT BEING NECESSARY for a good long time.  Because that means Less Work That I Have To Do.  LessWork = MoreGreat.
     Okay.  Maybe stick with #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Maybe lots of things!  Yeah leaning toward TFTC.  Fascinating.  How many Days we are till election Exactly.  Look Like Just About Ten.  Let's keep the ball rolling so to speak.  You know like in sports?  Bowling.  Bowling is the main sport with rolling balls.  Except for Dry Hockey.  Maybe that's a rolling ball.  In Ice Jockey it's a rolling puck.  Pretty close but no cigar!  How about Kick Ball.  Anyway is there any better Elementary School Sport than Kick Ball?  My guess is yes of course it's all very subjective but on the other hand Kickball is a blast I'm gonna make solid contact with this Big Rubber Ball kick it AS HIGH and AS FAR as I can make it go!
There's no way you can pitch a kick ball to make it tricky to kick.  Well, I'm sure there is a way.  But no Elementary School Kid, no matter how athletic, they don't know how to pitch a perfect kickball!  That's MY hot take!  Anyway Imminent Election Stress is gettin' to me!  It's totally an important election-- AND IMMINENT!  We need to knock this last week out of the park as much as we can!  Just imagine its a nice slow kickball being rolled towards you... you don't wanna GROUND OUT TO THE PITCHER.  You wanna Oh I Don't Know KICK IT TOWARDS THE GAP BETWEEN CENTERFIELDER AND RIGHT FIELDER.  Get yourself a Solid Double MAYBE a Triple!  Don't go for a homerun no just go Doubles Kickball Safe Way to go PLUS a double is pretty good all things considered!
Last paragraph!  Anyway I definitely did do a solid 15 minutes on Eletrical Guitar last night.  We're talkin during a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor I ENJOY but isn't one of my favorites but IT'S IN THE TOP 50% PERCENTILE.  Also is That a REDUNDANT.  50% Percentile?  It can't Just Be 50%, that's confusing.  It MAY just be 50 Percentile.  That's probably the case BUT THROW IN THAT PERCENTAGE SIGN REALLY DRIVE THE POINT HOME.  Anyway, great, what else is going on in the wide world of whole wide worlds.  THink where it's Kickball but for Basketball.  Gotta kick the ball into the basket.  The standard basket as if it were Basketball.  But only Kicks.  Yep that seems to check out, good athletes could probably turn that into a fun game.  Not most of us, we'd never have a chance at Kicking Some Baskets.  But there ARE people out there who could turn that into a real competitive entertaining game!  They're out there!  Just waiting to be recruited!  Anyway I'll see you tomorrow.

-3:17 P.M..





Friday, October 23, 2020

It's Gonna Be Good

   Well well well look whose back.  Me.  In a way I've never left.  But in a more accurate way I left yesterday when I finished writing the entry and then came back just now to start the new entry.  Took Another Walk TOday.  INcluding yeterday.  In a more accurate way I took my One and Only walk for today.  Anyway got HBOMAX and presumably other Streaming Services popping off on my computer!  Also watched Part I of Borat II: Part III of the IV Parts Of Borat Film Franchise.  It was Okay so far but I'm bettin' it really starts popping off in the second half.  Anyway didn't have to POp Off the Trail in Park too many times just once or twice with people Walking At Me.  Hmm isn't a lot of 70's/80's arcade games sort of just SOcial Distancing Training?  Like Frogger.  Gotta avoid those externalities from touchin' ya!  Pacman!  All these ghosts are after you and presumably ghosts can carry Coronavirus?  Seems plausible.  If an inanimate object that was NEVER alive can give it to you, a dead person who was FORMALLY alive certainly can!  I wouldn't wanna be part of a gang partying in a cemetery where a zombie outbreak is imminent THIS 2020!
How come 99% of Zombies are Evil.  And/or wanna eat us.  Can't there just be some zombies who are like yeah hey I'm alive again that's pretty good news for me.  What else is on TV.  I think that happens in IDLE HANDS: The Jessica Alba/Dewon Sawa Vehicle.  More or less.  But very rare!  Anyway watched first 1/3rd of Debate Between Past and/or Future Presidents then got tired and went to sleep.  Had a very prolonged nightmare where Trump won the debate and suddenly went up 7 points in Popular Vote.  Not even just 7 points above Biden in Post-Debate Instapoll.  No Popular Vote Poll.  Then I woke up and about the same polling results as First Poll.  And I was like YEAH FUCK YOU DREAMS YOU WANNA MAKE ME UPSET WELL LOOKS LIKE WAKING LIFE WINS AGAIN!  Biden is a better debater than I would have been.  Trump just kept repeating lies and slander and bullshit re: Joe BIden and I guess wanted Biden to take the bait and deny all of it and he'd have to spend the entire debate being like No that's not the case and Trump is like yup yes it is.  But Biden is disciplined!  Stayed on message!  Good For Him!
     Anyway Oh NO they're trying to tie Biden to wanting to transition from Fossil Fuels!  Uhh pretty sure that's popular in 90-95% percent of districts.  Yes for the minority of people who specifically rely on Fossil Fuels Jobs I can see it being an appropriate wedge issue.  So they can do some damage control oh i don't wanna transition RIGHT AWAY.  But c'mon most Americans are like UH YEAH WE WANT A PRESIDENT TO DO THAT YOU IDIOTS.  That's MY Hot Take but I could be wrong.  Also I didn't see this part of the debate Myself and am operating on bits and pieces and assumptions.  SOLID 50% chance I got some of the details wrong!  In which case suddenly my HOT Take has turned into No Kind Of Take At All!  Not even a cold take!  A cold take would be a (Most Likely?) ACCURATE Take that EVERYONE agrees on.  I got a Misinformed Take in this scenario.  Borat II is great.  All he has to say is My Name A Borat and I'm like YES HE'S DOING ALL OF THE OLD HITS. 
     Anyway.  Woke up around 5:00 from Nightmare, watched a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor, had some OTHER kind of nightmare that I forget, then I woke up.  To a wonderful beautiful world!  Hmm never put any beer in fridgerator over night, gotta have beer #1 of the day cold.  Oh well such is life.  That's my Room Temperature Take.  Had some Delicious Beef Sirloin last night.  Gonna have some salmon with finishing chili today for lunch presumably that sounds one way to go.  What kind of Delicious Podcast did I listen to on walk.  Why it's only Sarah Silverman: The Podcast Experience!  After yesterday's Conan O Brian: The Conan O Brian Podcast Enterprise.  Maybe tomorrow will be Oh I Don't Know ANOTHER EPISODE of one of those two?  Maybe a different podcast I dunno Variety is the Spice of Life!  Isn't that a Hollywood Entertainment Magazine.  Variety.  Hmm you're gonna have to narrow it down for me.  That's my Professional Critique of Magazine.
     What's the story about the second half of Borat II?  Does it make the film live up to expectations?  Or does it leave us going yeah that was great but not Super great!  We'll find out together:  You, Me, and My Mom!  Except not You.  But also Possibly Adding My Dad.  I feel very strongly about this.  Sure it's a real Mother-Son movie.  Or, alternatively, a Son-Mother movie.  Dunno which way it goes but definitely one of them one would imagine.  Figure I'll watch #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor last episode of season IV during Break From Entry.  Hmm kinda feel like Frozen Dinner + Rice for lunch.  Salmon could be for dinner.  I Feel Very Strongly About This!  Anyway what to say to finish this part of the entry.  Space Invaders as an arcade game NAME is DEFINITELY very Social-Distancing.  Doesn't get any closer.  THEY'RE INVADING YOUR SPACE.  But the gameplay it self is more about them shooting bullets at you.  Space bullets.  Well, sometimes.  ALL the time, though, you're firing Space Bullets at them.  And they're slowly getting closer and closer to invading your space.  Well I guess that Pun was intended in the game all along.  I never put it together until just now!  I'll be back in a bit.




So To Speak

   Well great I'm back and the bit it took me to get there was kind of a snooze!  Answered DoorBell Delivery.  Wiped some stuff down.  Knocked that #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor Episode out of the park!  By watching it!  Watching stuff is like hitting homeruns.  That's what I'VE been led to believe.  ANyway got A Lot of Streamers that I could watch but I think I"m gonna finish #TalesFromTheCRyptFallToFrightFor just one more time.  Two seasons left!  Then the third British Season I Don't FUck With!  THen I dunno maybe wrap back around to The WIRE.  It's a good TV show because it's socially acceptable to be like Hey what a great TV show not just for dumb shits but for smart poops.  It's a good TV show because it makes you Think!  About these characters what are they all about.  And these plots hmm wonder what the story is there.  And the conflicts between the characters wow these characters just keep bouncing into each other!
     Wonderful.  Man oh man is the next episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor a Real Winner!  It's got LAUGHS.  It's got FRIGHTS.  It's got TIM CURRY PLAYING THREE ROLLS-- MAMA PAPA AND GROWN ASS DAUGHTER.  And the protagonist (whose an antagonist but the story is told THRU HIS LENS) is why its none other than Ed Begley Jr.  I've never Begleyed for anything in my life I've EARNED my way to Play Antagonizing Protagonist.  You can be antagonizing but ya never heard people being protagonizing!  Not YET at least.  Let's see if we can get that to catch on!  Anyway decided to finish me some Beef Sirloin with Non-Half-Spheres-Of-Potatoes Potatoes.  These are sort of Crescents of Potatoes.  Differently seasoned!  LESS seasoned.  So now you see what kind of lunch I'm dealing with here.  That'll be ready ~part II being over but before ~part III.
     Cool!  Whole Weekend of Moderate amounts of drinking.  We're talking Eleven Beers over the next 2.5 days.  That's a lot when you put it that way.  Because 2.5 rounds down to 1 and Eleven rounds up to 30.  THIRTY BEERS IN ONE DAY THAT'S NOT HEALTHY AT ALL.  Anyway II didn't even have to make coffee today.  My Mom made coffee for herself LIKE A CHUMP.  There was totally enough left over for me to have one cup.  I feel kinda bad taking advantage of My Mother's good nature but what do you expect me to do, when life hands you lemons you drink lemonade!  Pretty straightforward equation scenario there.  When life hands you lemons you suck on it and make a real sour face get life intimidated life won't fuck with you again.
Cool!  I'm not exactly how to describe what this Beef Sirloin is.  Not quite steak.  Not quite roast beef.  Not quite Pot Roast, or Chuck Meat.  It just is!  I think it's called, "Beef Sirloin."  Oh Yeah That Explains it.  I always was familiar with Sirloin Steak.  And it's just Steak.  I dunno about this thing but either way It's Delicious!  And for 3 Meals worth of it being the main part of a meal but not exclusively the entire meal-- at 15 dollars-- Totally Affordable!  It's the Affordable Meat Act.  I don't have a job where I get Free Meat so of COURSE I need a government run Meat Distribution Policy.  C'mon Mike everyone knows Health Care is LEGIT a human right but meat isn't.  Says you!  Says most reasonable people.  Fine rub it in I'M WRONG ABOUT THE AFFORDABLE MEAT ACT okay ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?  Man oh man there was that #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor where a lady told a guy she didn't eat meat and he was like Woah and then later TURNS OUT SHE'S A GHOUL WHO EATS HUMANS and she's like Whaaat Caaan I Saaay?
    No spoilers!  Could be ANY episode that ends up that way out of 90 or whatever.  You don't know which one it is!  I feel very strongly about this.  In an ideal world I'd start working my way up in terms of playing electric guitar again.  We're talkin start small!  Just COMMIT 100% to just TEN minutes some day.  And then each day add 5 more minutes.  Don't just yeah I'll pick it up at some point and PROBABLY reach ten minutes, we'll see.  No we're talking Being POT COMMITTED to 10 minutes one day and then start building on that.  SO MANY GUITAR TONES AVAILABLE.  We're talkin, "Regular."  We're talking, "Heavy Fuzz."  We're talking, "Country Picking."  We're talking, "Some Sort of Generic Wah Wah Setting."  Lots of things we're talking about IF ONLY I POT COMMITTED TO IT.  I like WAH WAH.  Now THIS I LIKE.  KINDA FUNKY.  NO ONE WOULD EVER IMAGINE A WAH WAH SOUND IT'S TOTALLY OFF THE WALL.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit POSSIBLY with lunch.




It's Gonna be THE BEST

   Well I got lunch with me now.  What I Just described PLUS a Dinner Roll.  Ya know a small Roll.  I've been calling 'em, "Dinner Rolls," but now that I think about it I DUnno Maybe You Don't Get Oh Dinner Roll Means Small Roll as far as I know!  Anyway this is delicious, got a delicious Salmon with CHILI FOR SOME REASON planned out for dinner.  Got a delicious Finishing Borat II in an hour or two!  These Crescent Potatoes aren't really seasoned at all!  Kinda just crescents of Baked Potato and Not Well Done NO MATTER How Long It's In Oven!  The good news is after this sentence I somehow only have only four more paragraphs to write for today!
     Alright today let's say FIFTEEN MINUTES of Electrical Guitar playing.  Maybe TEN.  NAH let's go with FIFTEEN I'M FEELING PRODUCTIVE.  What else do I got going on for me.  How many days are we talkin' until Final Election Day.  ELEVEN DAYS?  Sounds like about A WEEK AND A HALF.  I'm gonna do ALL I CAN to get out the vote I'm writing a website where I talk about politics every so often!  Also keep people HAPPY and AMUSED so they're MOTIVATED to GET OUT THE VOTE.  Also I voted myself so that's about as much I can get out the vote personally!  If I voted any more Suddenly I'M The Asshole!  Anyway what kind of Possible Snacks do I have before dinner.  We're talkin a DINNER ROLL at some point maybe.  Maybe a Buffalo'd Wing!  Some Pop 'Em Chips.  I'm eating Cheez-Its right now because ANYTHING TO GET ME THROUGH THE ENTRY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE IT OVER.
     Cool.!  Had a Bonus Snack of TWO Vanilla-Infused TEA BISCUITS.  Also reminded me I had a DELICIOUS CUP'D CAKE FOR BREAKFAST.  I was all like can I just have a small piece of that and my Mom was like no either eat an entire one OR NOTHIN and I was like well it's Breakfast time I usually don't have breakfast at all these days but I MIGHT AS WELL have CUP'D CAKE BREAKFAST.  And I did and it was great and also now It's Over and Done with an entire 1.5 meals PAST that meal altogether!  Anyway let's see how many beers I got for today PROBABLY FIVE and about to start NUMBER THREE.  Also Pee is Number One.  Poop is Number Two.  I'm VERY interested in finding out what a Number Three is.  You've got my curiosity piqued WHAT IS IT.  Can't just be Vomit or something, right?  That's like a number 1.75.  Well I'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Will I take a bath/shower BEFORE Borat II?  Will I take a bath and/or a shower?  Leanin' towards SHOWER I think yeah shower sounds fun can't argue with a shower.  What could you possibly accomplish arguing with a shower.  Jeez let me finsh this entry.  What more is there to say.  Already got most of the day behind me all considered.  Trump didn't gain 7 points in the polls.  The second nightmare I had after brief time awake PROBABLY didn't happen, but I can't be certain because I forget what it was!  But, whatever it was, if it did happen, I'd be scared!  And I'm not really scared at all so far today!  Anyway I watched the first 80% of the time I watched debate yesterday With My Peepers.  Then I spent some time just LISTENING to it while being mostly in falling-asleep-mode.  Then I was like yeah I just wanna totally pot commit myself to sleeping turn this entire enterprise off.  And The Rest Is History!
     FASCINATING.  One more paragraph left!  Figure I'll start a #DoubleWalkADayFallToSetPrecedentFor next oh I don't know THURSDAY.  Can I go back in time and eat 95% less Cheez Its?  You know TWO instead of FORTY.  Cause my stomach is upset!  ANGRY one might say!  Anyway have you all heard the good news about Pennsylvania.  They get to be a TIPPING point State!  How wonderful for them!  I dunno I don't get it Pennsylvania has more Decent Sized Cities than even NEW YORK.  We got NYC and then a bunch of snoozes for cities.  They got PHILLY AND PITTSBURGH.  Sounds like the most Metropolitan State IN THE UNION also I'm assuming California is part of THE CONFEDERACY.  Hmm Pittsburgh is like 300k people, wonder if there's a NY city other than NYC to rival that.  LMLTURQ.  NOPE next closest is Buffalo only 260K.  PENNSYLVANIA has 2 cities 300k plus, NY just 1, SORRY NY LESS METROPOLITAN NICE TRY SEE YA LATER.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:49 P.M.




Thursday, October 22, 2020

That Wasn't So Great

   Well I Took a Damn Walk this morning!  We're talkin a solid 25-30 minutes Walk 'round the Park.  We're talkin pretty humid my glasses fogged up but I can't very well touch my glasses now can I I got GLOVES ON to protect from GERMS and it will spread from Glove To Glasses.  BUt the point is I social distanced Real Well.  See a person coming down the path towards me?  I swerve OFF THE PATH COMPLETELY.  I don't fuck around!  I ain't taking no chances!  Anyway I figure in a week or so I'll bump it up to TWO walks a day.  Probably chill at two walks.  No reason to exert myself.  I think you mean overexert yourself.  No just exert myself.  No reason to exert myself at all that's MY Hot Take!  Also got a Super Market Delivery.  IT had just about everything I wanted!  Fascinating!
     Anyway what's going on in the wide world of polls.  I mean, Sports.  No I don't.  I meant polls all along!  Surprise!  Biden, "Chillin'," at ~10.0% Polling Advantage over his top competitor business man Donald Trump.  Not bad that's a lot of percentage!  Can business be a euphemism for Taking Shits. Gotta perform my Business.  Taking a crap.  I feel like yeah there's a 90% chance I've heard that before, but there's a 10% chance I'M A GENIUS.  Either way what else is going on.  Taking Care of Business: The Song seems like false advertising.  It makes, "Taking care of business," sound like fun!  When in reality it just means yeah I'm doing my job kind of a snooze but we're all working for the weekend so to speak.  The song is like MAN TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS IN AND OF ITSELF IS A BLAST!  Probably some Capitalist Brainwashing or something.  Convince the PLeabs that doing their remedial work for low play is a blast!  I'm onto Bachman Turner Overdrive!  Sure I wuold be able to identify that band without google.  What kinda person you take me for.  Sure I know Working For The Weekend is Loverboy.  Just kidding.  I thought it was an autobiography of the songwriter who routinely teams up with The Weeknd.  And they time traveled to the 80's to write about it.
    Hey ARE YOU THE WEEKND?  Yeah just call me, "Weeknd."  Or, alternatively, Hey ARE YOU THE WEEKND?  Please The Weeknd was my father.  You can just call me, "The."  Anyway gonna start drinking beer right about now.  I paid my dues what with the 3 day week without drinking!  Now its time to HAVE A BLAST taking care of business on the weekend.  Thinking about having some delicious CHILI for lunch today.  With some delicious RICE.  Fascinating.  Wouldn't that make him Junior.  The Weeknd Junior.  Anyway I forgot the point I was trying to make.  Gotta figure out what to listen to during Walks.  That's a key part of getting maximum pleasure out of it.  My OWN music?  Music I already Know and Like?  NEW music?  PODCASTS?  Lots of options.  About four.  That's solidly several.  Sounds like a lot to me!  HEY next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is a fun one.  One with little Poltergeist lady.  Well the ANTI Poltergeist lady.
Cool.  MY current high-mid-shelf earphones are working about NINETY percent.  Right earbud works fine just fine.  100%!  Left ear bud not nearly as loud, but if I stuff it into my earhole just right, turn it upside down for some reason helps, then it's like it was being Panned (is that a correct way of phrasing it?  Probably Not!) 75%.  Like the right ear bud is about 2x as loud as the left in BEST CASE scenario.  But that best case scenario thus far is RELATIVELY easy to achieve.  So all in all not bad!  Anyway talked to Therapist about filling out that Social Security Form and got all the answers I need!  I get to be both Honest AND Give The Right Answer To Keep Social Security Coming' Presumably.  What else is going on.  No CircleWalking anymore!  In the end that's a good thing but I'm gonna be honest I've grown quite attached to it.  I'll realize I'm better off without it in no longer than 2 or 3 days, but for now it's like saying goodbye to an old friend.  Me.  Walking in a circle.  Being my own friend.  That Sort Of Thing.
Hey that's just great.  Do I put chili on a plate.  IN a bowl?  Or leave it in Plastic Container its in But Just not finish all of it at once.  I'm leaning toward the third one play it safe that's the way to go!  FOUR DAY WEEKEND.  That's MY Hot Take.  FIgure I'll have a real nice 25 minute break between this part and part ii.  Hmm what fantastic providence THAT'S JUST HOW LONG #TALESFROMTHECRYPTFALLTOFRIGHTFOR EPISODE WOULD TAKE!  Anyway Economist Election model has Biden at 93% CHANCE OF WINNING?  WTF?  AND THIS IS A LEGIT 1 OUT OF THE TOP 3 ELECTION MODELS?  That's pretty much saying it's as sure a thing as CONGRESS ELECTION.  538 has Biden about 5.5 points lower.  Lets SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE and be like Yeah Biden is ahead by a lot but you know what i can sorta picture it all going to putt.  That's the power of NEGATIVE ACTUALIZATION.  It's the preferred method of actualization of people who like to feel sorry for themselves.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Kind of a Snooze

   I think Biden should just make a deal with Trump where he wins the narrowest of electoral college victories, 270-268.  I mean on AVERAGE he's running 80 EC Units ahead of him!  So be like Okay we'll give YOU some sigifcant ground which is great for you as a comprise, and we just settle I barely win.  I think Trump might take that Grand Compromise.  On account of being a Dumb Shit.  OH NO Next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is one of the snooziest of the entire bunch!  Lookin' forward to some Great Debate Action tonight!  Hopefully the Computer Stream isn't all choppy and whatnot.  I can't watch it on TV my Dad is TEACHING this evening It'd be unfair to him and his STUDENTS to have A Great Debate going on in the background!  Also whose this moderator they got going.  Better look 'em up RQ.  KRISTEN WELKER?  Pretty sure she's spelling at least ONE of her names wrong.  Probably both!  SHE'S A BLACK LADY.  In THEORY.  USATODAY had an article where they're like Five Things You NEed To Know About KRISTEN WEKLER and number one was SHE'S A BLACK LADY.  Also suddenly me talking about her mispelling her name is RACIST.  Because African Americans, I dunno if this is controversial, ON AVERAGE use unique spellings for some names.  Not all the time!  And it's not African Americans exclusively that do this!  I'm just talking about ODDS.
     Well I already talked myself into a hole re: this great debate.  What else is going on and crap.  WHAT EXACTLY IS MY PROBLEM WITH THOSE NAMES SPELLINGS ANYWAY.  Kristen is pretty standard.  Welker?  That's her last name.  SHe didn't mean to have the last name Walker and just decided to add some jazz to it.  That was my premise, though, when I was thinking about it originally.  Meant to have her last name, "Walker," but somewhere it went wrong.  Anyway lunch with part III that's a fine way to go about one's lives.  I wonder what side of the screen Biden/Trump will be on.  After the first debate I'm obviously conceptualizing it the same way, Trump on Left Biden on Right.  I think the other way around though could work just as well.  Biden's got the JOementum and I think that would follow him even if he's now on the left instead of the right.  Trump, mixing it up may be his best chance at gaining some MoTrumptum so right is his best option seeing how left didn't work out that well for him.
     You know, that sort of thing.  MoTrumptum is the Tipping Point Joke of this entry.  If you enjoyed it it speaks well for the entire entry being a win.  If you didn't enjoy it, I'm in BIG trouble.  Not sure what all the talk of Tipping Points re: Electoral College is all about.  I thought the Tipping point was 15-20% standard.  That's no tipping point joke itself.  That joke can be a huge loss and in the end its not that indicative of a win one way or the other.  Sometimes I think about getting some Fancy Specialty Beer but its not Low Calorie!  So you can see the kind of bind I'm in re: Crafted Beers.  What if they have Biden on top of Trump on the stage.  Not literally standing on Trump's shoulders.  More like a Hollywood Squares type thing.  But only two squares.  Sort of a miniature Totem Pole.  Tomentum Pole.  Also what kind of Hollywooder would agree to go on Hollywood Squares.  They're implying you're LAME and/or NERDS in the title.  It's called PUNS you should be aware of puns at your advanced age.  I assume they're at advanced ages because their careers are behind them at this point.
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  For all his talk I don't think I've seen ONE CLIP of Biden doing push-ups.  Better LTURQ.  Nope I don't see a single clip online.  Maybe that's Trump's best line of attack.  You talk a big push up game but the voters haven't seen Push Up ONE.  WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE RE: PERFORMING PUSH UPS.  Also maybe I should start doing Push Ups again.  Biden is a Good Guy Again, introducing the prospect of push ups to our entire population.  He's got us THINKING about push ups in a way that we haven't been thinking about them in A LONG TIME.  Hey once I finish this paragraph there's one more paragraph then a break and then five more paragraphs.  I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS AND EVERYTHING.  I shuold challenge all my opponents to a Crunch The Numbers Challenge.  It's in my blood to be good at numbers!  Dad was a math teacher!  His Mom was some sort of NUmbers Cruncher.  In a bank or something?  I dunno the details but legend has it is not just in her job but in her personal life she could do the basic operations (Plus Minus Multiply and Division) with relatively big numbers LIKE IT WAS NOTHIN'.  So the legend goes.  She's a Rain Man except only the positive parts!  Not the part where she's Tom Cruise's brother!  Everything Else Is The Same Though!
     Anyway.  Anyway I'm really proud of my Dad because he had Colonoscopy a week or two ago and had A CRAZY amount of polyps and not one of 'em was malignant!  I have FIVE polyps last year and I thought that was a world record.  This dude my father had SEVEN OR EIGHT.  Guess he's re-taken the lead re: family polyp competition.  Better wait as long as I can before next colonoscopy so I give as many chances for polyps to develop as possible.  That's how HEALTH MAINTENANCE GOES for some reason no one is really sure of.  Anyway take care of that Snooze of a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episode during # 2 of 2 Breaks.  Come back with a third beer and some chili and some white rice!  Anyway on the one hand dropping from a 10 point plus lead to the high 9's FEELS pretty bad, all other things considered, just seeing a legit high quality national poll where he's up by 8 or 9 is STILL KINDA GOOD?  Better than FIVE.  That's MY Hot Take.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Practice Makes Perfect

   Well I got my lunch all set up and began to be eaten.  Chili was a wrong amount!  Too much for 1 Meal!  Not enough for 2!  Still had half of it!  Gotta be creative with what I use as sides for Chili!  Anyway what else is going on.  Looking forward to The Great Debate! In theory!  It might turn out to be not so great but either way it's a scholarly enterprise ABOUT THE ISSUES.  What do I have going for me Post- Entry and Pre- Debate.  We're talkin next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is Brad Pitt Car-Racing episode.  We're talkin' gotta accept some sort of delivery some time soon.  Using the internet or something to help my Mom figure out how to get to HBOMax on her TV not 100% sure what that's all about.  Take a shower or something.  Yep all that seems to check out Quite A Busy Day!  Oh and also Wipe down Rest Of Grocery Super Market Delivery.
     What to have for DUNNER!  That remains to be seen.  Got some Stringed Cheese.  Figure I'll put that on crackers and crap.  Take off a string of cheese then change it into a different shape.  Also even got crackers to go with it as the crackers.  Crackers don't grow on trees!  Trees don't grow on trees!  I don't get that saying, as if something that grows on trees there's an endless amount of.  Hey this one thing is FINITE, not like as if it were growing on trees.  I dunno what kind of magic trees you're thinking of but a tree can only produce so much Things and there's only so many Trees in the first place!  Cracked that code and whatnot.   Cool.  Hey don't eat all those apples.  Applies don't grow on trees!  Presumably.
     THree more paragraphs to go!  I like those odds!  NO Kettle Chips JOe BIden To Remember this week.  NO Tortilla Chips To Remember.  We're talkin back around to Pop Chips.  NOt so great but HEALTHY.  And also they're a fun flavor SOUR CREAM AND ONION so that's a nice change of pace.  The point is what else is going on.  Am I supposed to do 30 minutes of CircleWalking while I'm going through a week or so of Single 30 Minute OutsideWalking?  Hmm who should I go to with this question.  Is there some sort of Tech Support or Customer Service I'm not aware of?  Gotta be someone who could help guide me through this conundrum.   Oh I know call 911.  The police will know what to do!  Also what's the deal with police AND firemen AND others possibly all being 911?  Seems like it'll only stall the process.  YES GET ME THE POLICE NOT A FIRE THING THANK YOU.  Or YEP THERE'S A FIRE NO POLICE PLEASE.  Just make police 911 and firemen 811.  SEEMS PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD TO ME.
Two more paragraphs to go!  Hey pretty well into the afternoon.  I like those odds!  What kind of fun did I have on my walk.  We're talkin 75% around the park and 25% around city street or so.  We're talkin saw a group of 2 dozen people doing synchronized calisthenics roughly Just Social Distancing Enough apart.  WE're talkin a few peope gettin CLOSE to six feet near me but I made sure to stay as far away as possible!  We're talkin listened to my own music for 3 songs, got bored of it, listened to a Pod Cast for the rest of it, which was pretty good!  Hmm question is when I build up to 2 walks a day when do I take 2nd walk.  Maybe BEFORE some sort of Dinner we're talking Mid-Late Afternoon!  YEp that seems to check out.  Also I only HAVE to write one more paragraph for today!
     Anyway.  I dunno how long has this new streak of entry writing been since that week off without a computer.  Two weeks?  Two and a half weeks?  ONe and a half weeks?  I'm gonna put ALL MY MONEY on two and a half weeks.  LMLTURQ.  FUCK only 1 and a half weeks.  Well, there goes everything.  I'm Fucking Broke As A Joke!  WHY did I have to bet EVERYTHING.  What an idiot!  I've left myself with NOTHING.  Jesus.  My parents, I mean, they're gonna be so disappointed.  Not even angry!  They're just gonna be like Well we failed him as parents in the sense that he failed us as a son.  If we hadn't failed him as parents he wouldn't be in the position to fail us as a son.  Either way our lives are now permeably broken I guess all we have to look forward to is our swift ascension to death.  SO we got THAT going on for us is the point.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:00 P.M.




Wednesday, October 21, 2020

You Have To Listen To The Titles I'm Not Writing

   Well the good news is Working Week is Almost Over.  We're talking solidly into Day III of III.  Did the CircleWalkiing already, that's a key part of the day.  Solidly into the day!  Anyway my DAd saw this He and My Mom's votes were VERIFIED.  So presumably I could find out about my vote if only I Saved Some Sort Of Number or Verification Code or Product Key.  Probably around here somewhere.  Or not.  No way of knowing!  Looking forward to Debate BEtween Presidential Cnadidates on Thursday.  Trump is gonna be all like DUhhh I'm an asshole and Biden will be like Yooo check this outttt.  And the moderator will be like CMON CHUMPS!  ALSO THE AUDIENCE is the chumps not the president candidates SURPRISE.  538 has a new toy where you can say whether a candidate wins any state and then it calculates the chances that difference makes a Biden/Trump Win.  The point is THere's like a dozen states where Biden is competitive other than Pennsylvania that could put him over the top but somehow if Biden loses Pennsylvania TRUMP IS like a 3/4th FAVORITE TO WIN?  POUR EVERYTHING INTO PENNSYLVANIA. LET'S GET SYLVESTER STALLONE IN ON THIS.  WAYNE GRETZKEY.  He is a HOCKEY Player they have Hockey in Philadelphia!  TOM HANKS.
   I dunno.  The point is, what I"m trying to get out there, if you CAN vote, VOTE IN PENNSYLVANIA.  Hmmm geographically I'm VERY close to Pennsylvania.  And I live in a VERY blue state.  Gotta imagine some of that blue is rubbing off on the Tri-state area + Pennsylvania and Whatnot.  That's MY political analysis.  I've been to Pennsylvania.  It's called HERSHEY PARK you idiots.  WHat kina low brand Disney WOrld copycat rip off is that.  Yeah the person who pioneered Multiple Generations of huge family friendly films makes a theme park.  Billions and Billions of dollars enterprise.  Meanwhile Pennsylvania is stuck with IT'S THE GUY WHO NAMED A CANDY BAR AFTER HIMSELF THEME PARK.  I guess that's A sign of America's problem with malnutrition.  Also sure I'm most likely gonna have Frenched Toast for dinner.  It's HEALTHY because EGGS.  Egg World.  Nah that's nothing.
Okay.  I think that's another way to react to presumption 2016 polling was wrong.  My impression is it wasn't wrong, it was all within a reasonable margin of error.  But the way to deal with that thinking about 2020 is yeah THEY'RE WRONG ANYWAY EITHER AWY I"M JUST GONNA SAY MY GUESSES OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN ARE THE MOST LIKELY PREDICTION.  I'm A Pretty Smart Guy!   Seems to check out.  Anyway maybe a bagel for lunch today.  Been AT LEAST a week since last bagel.  Hmm what's the next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  HEY WOW THAT ONE?... That one is kind of a snooze.  The point is I've cycling through this for the eighth time in a row.  They're ALL kind of snoozes.  But also kind of entertaining!  And kind of comforting.  It's comfort food!  Some people listen to the same music albums and artists all the time.  I re-watch Television Shows over and over!  It Just Makes Sense.
     What else is going on and crap.  Hmm re-fill some coffee!  What's my problem with Chocolate Amusement Park there's a VERY Well Known Book and/or Movie about Chocolate Factories.  Yeah but that's an actual factory.  You can see/experience candy getting made in fantabulous ways.  There's no part of Hershey Park where part of the tour is seeing them make actual hershey bars.  Different scenario altogether!  I have a very difficult time remembering which incarnation of CHocolate Facotory was Willy Wonka and.. and which one was Charlie and...  I wanna say FIRST ONE was Willy Womnka and SECOND ONE was Charlie. LMLTURQ.  YUP I WAS RIGHT KNOCKED THAT ONE OUT OF THE PARK.  I'm not kidding though.  That thought occurs to me, I dunno, a dozen or two times a year.  Anyway hey what else is going on and crap.
     Get to take a break soon.  That's wonderful.  Maybe have Some Rib for lunch today.  Tater Tots and RIb.  I can, "Dig," that!  Put Tater Tots in oven in about 45 minutes.  Eat about 45 minutes after that!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.  No luck signing into HBO or STARZ can't get the right username/password!  Myabe I just keep misstyping it!  I Miss Typing It!  When I was typing it I had the world at my finger tips I had the promise of imminent HBOMAX.  Now that's all called into question!  I may not he using HBOMAX AT ALL FOR A LONG, LONG TIME.  Hmm I'd need to take RIbs out of FReezer now to defrost.  I can do that!  No one's doubting m ability to do that.  I dunno, maybe some people are.  In which case I gotta say I must be routinely performing beyond your expectations of what I can and cannot accomplish.  You're way on the Low End of estimating that sort of thing.  I'll be back in a bit.




It's called JAZZ

   It's called JIZZ.  The reason Pennsylvania counts so much in this model is because it assumes if Trump wins Pennsylvania that corresponds to him performing better out-of-state among similar demographics and whatnot.  I DUNNO WHAT TO MAKE OF THAT FACT.  Should I just be like Yeah doesn't really matter cause that correspondence WOULD be assumed or maybe I dunno in my imagination Doesn't Necessarily have to line up exactly!  YEAH!  The point is what's so great about inheriting a Chocolate Factory.  Sounds like a lot of work ESPECIALLY for a young kid!  And if its just I CAN EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE I WANT then I dunno get a regular job and just devote ALL your disposable income to chocolate!  Not out of the question if you have a decent job.  I mean even if you DO have a chocolate factory, you start eating all the inventory, you're gonna go out of business very quickly!  Not responsible!
     Yep that seems to check out.  Early dinner toinght because its Communal Dinner and my Dad has a Early Class.  We're talkin' eating dinner at FIVE THIRTY.  Oh well Early Bird Gets The Special.  Guess lunch is at 1:30.  That's a fair time for lunch VERY FAIR INDEED.  Lined up watching Borat II with Mom so I can watch it even without figuring out how to watch on my Personal PC Laptop Computer.  Also Sexually I'm a Lap Top.  Yep seems to check out.  I hold all your pornography within my hard drive.  Sounds like Sex to me!  OH BOY Rudy Giuliani IS MADE TO LOOK A FOOL in Borat movie!  I didn't read the article because it contained Spoilers and I'm ANTI Spoiler.  Also My Mom is ON BOARD with BOrat.  She said she saw the original one (I don't think she did!) and she said she liked it (A likely story!)  But I know for sure we watched This Is America as a tag team Mother-Son Duo and she liked that Fine!  And I liked it Fine, too!  Relatively more over all but what we both consider, "Fine," is a shifting qualification and whatnot.  Sure I know how to use words to accurately convey what I'm trying to say in sentences.
Okay.  Tots go in the oven but Ribs go in the microwave.  I learned all this the hard way!  Anyway about halfway into the entry.  And about all out of things to say!  I dunno I don't care what the odds are I want Exact Same Close Election Win but instead of Pennsylvania being the tipping state it's FLORIDA.  Same thing but Florida win not Pennsylvania.  I THINK FLORIDA WANTS A SHOT AT REDEMPTION.  It's time for FLORIDA to STEP UP.  Pennsylvania had its chance now FLORIDA is in the spot light!  I feel very strongly about this.  No I don't.  Kinda feel strongly about it.  No I don't. Yeah, ya got me.  Figure I'll put them tots in the oven in around FIFTEEN MINUTES can you dig it?  Anyway if we knew Trump won Pennsylvania AND that Biden DEFINITELY won either Michigan or Wisconsin, it's about a toss up!  So let's make dumb judgments and wild assumptions based on THAT shifting qualifications!
     Okay sure sounds like fun.  Kinda seems like an oversight that re: street lights There Is No Blue.  Street Traffic Lights are all Red, Green, Yellow.  Pedestrian Walkway lights are Red or Green.  WHERE'S THE BLUE.  THIS IS BLUE ERASURE.  Also I WANT A BLUE ERASER FOR MY PENCIL.  It's blue on the outside, it doesn't make a blue mark where there used to be pencil etchings before you started rubbing it out.  Seems about right.  DANG IT Biden dropped below DOUBLE DIGIT LEAD.  He's down to a PUNY and PEDESTRIAN 9.9% point National Lead.  THROW IN THE BLUE ERASERS THIS ELECTION IS SUDDENLY A TOSS UP!  Down to an 87.5% chance of winning from a 88.0% chance ROUGHLY.  I don't have any specifics on the number beyond .5's of ones.  AT THIS RATE HE'LL BE IN THE LOW 80'S BY ELECTION DAY.  We can't let this continue!  We can't let this stand!  Someone get Hershey Park on the phone, see if they can accommodate a Biden Rally with Chocolate Social Distancing!
     Last paragraph of this part of entry!  What else is going on.  Oh right put Tots in oven with this paragraph is over.  I can, "Dig," that.  Hey the good news is next entry will be aided by almighty alcohol!  And Part III of Today will be aided by magnificent meal.  HOLY CRAP a new National Poll showed up Biden +12  THAT MAYBE JUST MIGHT COULD BUMP HIM UP TO 10.0%+.  I'm on pins and needles here to see if that bumps it up!  HMM looking into it more extensively this poll has been pretty good for Biden.  ALL I NEED IS THE TINIEST BUMP POSSIBLE, .1 of a %!  C'MON I HAVE FAITH IN YOU, YOU DUMB POLL!  ANyway oh yeah gotta put tots in the oven.  I'll be back in a bit!



It's called RAGTIME

   Dammit!  I gotta Read All Twitters Half-Scared Of Spoilers!  On the other hand I'm having delicious BBQ Ribs and Tater Tots right now.  Also Still On The Good Hand BIDEN BACK UP TO 10.0% AVERAGE POLLING LEAD.  ANd you all said his campaign was done!  DIpping to 9.9% was the DEATH BLOW for his campaign!  You spoke too soon he's back and BETTER THAN EVER.  Except for the week he was between 10.1% and 10.7%.  NOt better than that.  But BETTER THAN EVER NOT INCLUDING THAT ONE WEEK!  I'm pretty sure these ribs are literally 3/4ths Fat.  I never seen so much fat in relation to NonFat  WHAT HAVE THEY BEEN FEEDING THESE RIBS?  Yeah ribs are animal.  You feed the rib you slaughter the rib you eat the rib.  I think it's some sort of SWINE.  The other good news is I only have 1.5 Meals of Ribs left in freezer.  I could eat that over the next week comfortably without forcing myself!
     What else.  What #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor do I have in store.  OH THAT ONE?  Yeah That One's Okay!  No Spoilers!  Not gonna say where it lands on which side of okay it is.  Could be Positive Okay could be negative okay.  Okay it self is already negative.  At least the way I'M IMAGINING IT!  Cool.  Gotta take a shower today.  Real shower!  Not imaginary shower!  Maybe a real bath instead.  DEFINITELY not an imaginary bath.  Where's the stakes to that?  Why does everything need to have stakes.  Because it makes things MORE interesting!  Biden KNOCKING some Iowa polls OUT OF THE PARK.  Solidly into the rest of the Midwest!  States surrounding Iowa!  The Fence it cleared is the Iowa Borders!  IT'S A HOME RUN NO MATTER WHAT DIRECTION YOU'RE HEADED IN!  Yeah sure that seems to check out.
So close to being done.  Ever so close.  Also Iowa is good because it speaks well for other mid western white people states!  I've crunched the numbers in my head about that and everything!  Hershey.  Her/She.  I've seen twitter accounts that sometimes specify, "She/Her," but HER/SHE?? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  The words are in a different order!  Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  Is there anything else in Pennsylvnaia that I might have visited.  OH, right.  Uncle took me to Casino twice and I think it was a Pennsylvnia Casino Enterprise.  LMLTURQ.  YEP PENNSYLVNAIA CASINOS AND CHOCOLATE THEME PARKS THAT'S WHAT PENNSYVALNIANS ARE ALL ABOUT.
  Is upstate New York in Pennsylvania.  I dunno what that sentence even means.  It's RAGTIME you wouldn't get it.  Maybe I should just read Borat II Spoilers.  So I don't have to worry about it getting spoiled.  Would already be spoiled!  Like pulling off a banded aid!  Not sure if that analogy is apt.  Not sure about A LOT of things these days.  WHAT THE HELL after these next few sentences ONLY ONE PARAGRAPH AWAY from a RELAX Day.  Except for Frenched Toast.  That's a hassle and a half.  Well, not even a hassle and a half.  Take out an entire hassle!  It's JUST A HALF.  Also gotta talk to therapist about this Social Security Form Update stuff, but starting to look like that won't be accomplished today.  Also I read a brief Context Information about Rudolph JEWlianis roll in Borat Film.  Not giving away anything!  Just a TASTE!  Anyway.  Rudy's Not Jewy.  He's some sort of dumb non-Jewish guy.  That's MY Hot Take.
     Last paragraph!  Giuliani campaigned as AMERICA'S MAYOR in 2008/(2012? 2016?).  Yeah right more like America's JEFFREY MAIER.  He was a kid at a Base Ball Game in Play Offs and he took The Baseball from Hitting The Outfield Wall and grasped it into the stands so they counted it as a Home Run.  So Giuliani is AMERICA'S VERSION of that presumably.  I guess the guy who hit the ball was Donald Trump?  And the ball itself is the child in all of us?  And the outfield wall is Health Care?  I lost track of what I was saying.  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow probably.  I've have alcohol to make me feel good!  NO reason I can't write an entry while feeling good!  See ya later.

-2:01 P.M.




Tuesday, October 20, 2020

It Doesn't Matter

   Wonderful.  ANother day I have to write an entry.  I dunno why.  No one knows why!  I crave Imaginary Attention!  I'm Definitely Giving MYSELF attention.  Nothing imaginary about that.  But I could give myself attention while watching Computer TV or Scrolling Through Social MEdia on my phone.  It's just SHARED attention.  Writing something for myself on my own self-made-and-operating Web Site?  Lots of Self Attention Uninterrupted.  Remember that Girl Uninterrupted movie.  I assume the climax is her going Well ya know what I-- and then someone Interrupts her SURPRISE ENDING.  HMM SCRATCH THAT the movie was Girl Interrupted.  WHY YUO KEEP INTERRUPTED THIS GIRL.  Sounds like MANSPLAINING!  Sounds like you've got some (MAN) splaning to do!  Girl Interrupted.  I assume the tagline is the poster is, "Just Let Me SAY SOMETHING!  QUIET!"
     Seems to check out.  Got most likely Frenched Toast for dinner tonight!  Lunch I dunno.  Thinkin' about a DOUBLE Healthy Version of Indulgent Brand of Breakfast Sandwich.  Maybe not.  Maybe so!  That narrows it down pretty good.  Had Pshyciatrist Phone appointment this morning.  Got some Social Security Form in the mail which seems important.  Gotta update them on Any Work Or Classes Or Potential Work Am I ABle To Work Stuff Like That.  UPdate since 2018.  Nothin to update that there that works out well hopefully they don't take away my Social Security Based On Nothing Changing.  I did take Comedy Class but that's more recreation than job-training-class.  Ooo sick burn of Myself and My Classmates and I Guess My Teacher Lets Get Her In On This Comedy Class Shaming.
Cool!  I wonder what happens if Biden reaches 90% odds of winning on FiveThirtyEight.  Does it go from Biden is FAVORED to win the election [emphasis MINE] to, lets say, Biden is VERY MUCH SO favored to win the election [emphasis THEIRS].  My guess is that 90% may change their Wording Estimation and it'll be interesting to see if/when that happens.  I hope it does happen!  That's MY hot take [emphasis YOURS].  Anyway during CircleWalk finished #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor Season II Edition.  First episode of Season III? LMLTURQ.  MAN OH MAN I Was thinking I think it's this one and IT TURNED OUT TO BE THIS ONE.  This is a creepy episode because its about a creepy guy who uses MAGIC or Something to win the affection of a lady.  BUt he's very creepy and weird.  Not in a HOSTILE way although he does get handsy!  More just in a This Dude Is Lame kinda way.  I relate to that HEAVILY.  Except for the part about Magic.  I've never used magic at all, least of all to win the affections of a lady.  Although I'm gonna be honest IF I Could DO Magic would I use it to win the affection of a lady?  I DUNNO big moral quandary there.  I'd say it depends on the specifics.  The Situation one might say.  I'd have to think about that one!
     Okay, great.  Leaning towards Something Else for lunch.  Maybe like 2 burritos that aren't breakfast burritos but are burritos all the same.  Maybe CHICKEN NUGGETS HOLY CRAP I dunno if I have them BUT IF I DO I can have Nuggets and Tots!  Because I'M EIGHT YEARS OLD THESE DAYS.  Yep just put that in the oven.  We're talkin ELEVEN nuggets.  And I dunno A DOZEN Tater Tots.  Also ALUMINUM FOIL WHICH I PUT IT ON IN THE OVEN.  I could eat that if I want to.  We're talkin ZERO calories presumably.  Delicious.  That'll line up nicely with Section II.  Anyway, gotta call Therapist to get The Real Deal about this Social Security Form Stuff I got in the mail.  What do I say so that they don't take away my social security?  Just be honest?  I think the honest positions are the same as the ones that would have me keep Social Security.  But one can never be too careful!  Well, you can be.  I wouldn't recommend it, though. 
     Wonderful.  Hey I can knock that episode out during Break between Sections I and III.  That's pretty good.  I only seen this episode FOUR or FIVE times over the past 6 months. THE PROSPECT OF FRENCHED TOAST FOR DINNER TONIGHT IS IN DANGER.  FLUX.  QUESTION.  THE PROSPECT IS INTERRUPTED ONE MIGHT SAY.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.  What else do I got in store for today.  Main chore is calling Therapist.  Figurin This Piece Of Mail Thing Out.  Am I able to work?  Define ABLE.  Am I physically and/or more importantly, mentally eqqupte to perform a job.  I dunno is Taking A Comedy Class a job?  Gonna have to look into that one.  At the end of class I was on stage FOR AN AUDIENCE for 5 minutes.  Being on stage and doing stuff is a job even if You're Paying THEM.  That's MY hot take.  Also I did Open Mic Shows twice and made FIVES of dollars.  That kind of is a job!  Happened before the time frame they're asking about, though!  Guess it's Irrelevant!  I'll be back in a bit!





   If Biden don't win, Trump may go after MY social security.  And other people in THE SAME SITUATION as me.  Not just single me out completely.  Anyway I'm basing this on things he's done and/or said.  The good news is I have lunch! And I have beer in roughly FORTY EIGHT HOURS: NOT THE EDDIE MURPHY/NICK NOLTE VEHICLE BUT A SIMILAR AMOUNT OF TIME.  PRESUMABLY.  Two weeks until election!  I can't wait that long!  When it was more than two weeks again, sure I could wait that long, not even really waiting, got other things on my mind.  Once we reach a Fortnight Away now suddenly our Waiting Glands are activated.  Anyway Debate this week!  That shuold be Fun & a Ton.  Trump's last chance to get some momentum?  Joe Biden to CRUSH IT and reach 100% Maximum Capacity JOEmentum?  Or something else.  I dunno!
     What else is going on.  What do I need to do to watch Borat II: The End Game.  Is it on The Netflix?  In which case I think my communal account is owned and operated by my Brother.  Sounds about plausible!  LMLTURQ.  AMAZON PRIME?!?!  I think that communal account is owned and operated by my parents!  I already live with them That Saves Me A Phone Call!  I wonder who Borat is gonna Razz this time around.  Probably some unsuspecting Fools!  Make 'em look REAL Foolish.  but let's be honest they were fools from the start.  Oh right gotta add some stuff to Super Market Delivery.  We're talkin re-up with Tater Tots and/or Frenched Fries.  We're talkin add Mash'd Potatoes for my mom.  We're talk a third thing I CAN'T REMEMBER.  Yep that all seems to add up.  Add up hardcore!
Cool!  Anyway my mom finished the Tostidos yesterday and I found the bag 99.8% empty.  Literally just the smallest crumbs possible.  And I' PRO- Eating Crumbs, but THIS WAS RIDICULOUS!  So I was like what kinda message is my Mom sending me by leaving this out.  YEP I FINISHED YOUR TORTILLA CHIPS AND I'M GONNA LEAVE THIS EMPTY BAG HERE TO REMIND YA THIS IS MY HOUSE BUDDY YOUR TORTILAA CHIPS ARE MINE.  So I got that Going Against me is the point.  I'm gonna write my review of Borat II ahead of time that's how confident I am-- "Borat Two was Loads of Laughs."  There knocked that responsibility out of the park now we can finally move on with my lives.  When this section is over I get to re-up with soda.  Pour that Fridgerated Soda into a glass I've been using just for this purpose of Drinking Things.
     Hmm with this laptop I can easily Use Computer while lying down on bed and resting Laptop on, well, my lap?  Nah that's too far away.  On my abdomen.  Still kinda far away.  Chest?  Gettin closer... Ok I rest the laptop on my neck.  Yep that seems to check out.  So I got that going for me.  This is an entry that could have been improved upon by it Not Existing.  Oh well more than 50% into it already!  We're talkin almost 2/3rds into it IN THE ABSTRACT if not in practice!  Anyway how's Early Voting going with you guys.  Ya'll voted early?  I guess it's not early if everyone does it.  VOting before it's legally allowed, that'd be pretty early.  If you cast a vote in 2018 then yeah you're voting early.  You vote the last few weeks you're Voting On Time!
     What if Republicans were like they're trying to PACK THE VOTING BALLOTS WITH VOTING.  SOMEONE MUST STOP THEM.  What if indeed!  Yep.  I just refilled my soda EARLY.  I also had A DELICIOUS PIECE OF CANDY.  We're talking DOVE chocolate miniature.  We're talkin are they related to the DOVE Body Care Products Enterprise?  Seems similar.  You want your chocolate candy to be Smooth just like how you want your soap and/or shampoo and/or etc.  We got Milk Chocolate AND Dark Chocolate.  I like to take one of each and bite off half of both.  It's called SPLITTING THE DIFFERENCE.  No it isn't.  It Might Be!  I guess.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Only 50% more entry compared to what I already did!  That's A LOT.  But also not as much as it seems if you describe it In Other Maths.  ALready 2/3rds there, only 1/3rd to go.  Exact same thing but 1/3rd to go as opposed to 50% of what I already did I Think We Can All Agree Which One Sounds Better.  I'll be back in a bit.





Remains To Be Seen

   What happens if/when Biden wins.  Personally I think I'll be like well that's a HUGE relief I'm gonna go back to sleep now.  Wake me up IF AND ONLY IF a Republican wins Presidency again.  Wait, no.  Wake me up in 3 years and 11 months so I could VOTE DEMOCRATIC AGAIN.  Then I'll stay up for a month to see how that goes.  Then if Democrat wins I can Go Back To Sleep For Another 3 11/12ths months.  And if the Republican wins I'd be Too Worried To Fall Asleep.  I think that was the plot of Rip Van Winkle.  He's like hmm kinda see some sort of Revolution War I dunno if I wanna be conscious for that better take a nap.  Except that's the exact opposite of the scenario I've been laying out for you.  Oh well such is life.  I mean it'd be NICE to do it that way.  Awake for the good times, Asleep for the bad times.  But that's not how our bodies work physiologically!
     Anyway.  Hmm what #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor do I have queued up.  Oh THAT one.  Always was one of the Snooziest ones to me but I can, "DIG," Watching that one Right About In 20 Minutes Or So Whenever This Entry Is Over.  See it HARDCORE.  Also, re: Trump's slander of Joe Biden, "Sleepy Joe," does that mean he himself is sleepy, or, he's making US sleepy?  Probably Trump never thought it through to completion!  That'd be my guess.  Also if he's making us sleepy I'm KIND OF on board with that?  Except for that's what hypnotists do.  Then the implant something to our consciousness so every time we hear the word Dove we start taking an imaginary shower.  Is THAT THE KIND OF FUTURE YOU WANT.  THAT'S JOE BIDEN'S AMERICA.  I don't know that's not so bad.  Especially if WE ALL have it.  Cause we'd be used to it and there wouldn't be any negative social consequences.  Just a strange shared experience for 4 or 8 years.
Sweet!  Three more paragraphs to go!  I kinda wanna take an imaginary shower RIGHT NOW.  Oh well such is life still busy writing this entry.  Also believe me, I've seen this guy Joe Biden, trust me, this guy gets NO SLEEP!  IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!    He's Busy Fucking All The Time!  Well that's just great.  Anyway do we have any updates on Major: The Dog?  Does he in fact exist and do the Bidens in fact cherish and love him as much as they cherish and love Champ?  Let's get some people working on that one.  Oh yeah right we saw that leaked Text Biden send to Major.  You Are A Beautiful Dog And I Love You.  Also Major can read.  Well not completely but he can get the general idea at least.  Hey only 2 more paragraphs to go after this one.  I WIN AGAIN.  A day with a Relative Productive.  Get Off My Back About It!
Cool!  Also Hunter is not a dog.  He is a human being. But if he WAS a dog I could only imagine the Bidens' other dog would be named Gatherer.  I could only imagine.  These are the important issues.  I don't know how any of this is gonna turn out.  All I can do is talk about Major and Champ.  They probably have INSANE net favorability ratings.  Most people haven't heard of Champ but those who have Know What A Good Boy He Is.  Hmm looks like if Biden is over 90% winning rate on 538 it goes from, "Favored," to, "Clearly Favored."  SO CLOSE JUST 3 POINTS.  If you're clearly favored then it's clearly a lock.  That's what words mean!  Anyway only one more paragraph after this one.  Then in about an hour call Therapist.  Then BEFORE THAT take a shower or something.  I pumped myself up about wanting to take a shower.  Also Real Shower is more Productive than Imaginary Shower.  That's my hot take on things!
     Okay.  Also despite what titles would have you believe IT ALL MATTERS.  I know we thought it didn't, but it does.  Something along those lines.  Let's keep the entry going until I'm Allowed To Stop.  I wonder if I'll skip writing an entry tomorrow.  Feels like possible the right way to go.  Everyone needs a break every now and then.  Whattado until this entry is over.  Probably more fluff to finish this paragraph with.  Hey have you heard the good news about Fluff.  Everyone's getting on board with Fluff it's the new craze.  It's like some foods and/or clouds and/or website content that means very little.  Doesn't even need to seem like it means anything.  Totally not a requirement one way or another!  Anyway the good news is I'll probably See You Tomorrow!

-1:26 P.M.





Monday, October 19, 2020

You Lost Me

   Well, great.  No Beer for a solid three days!  You know what that means!  I get to be a responsible adult for three days Hey That Ain't So Bad!  Anyway have a delicious lunch lined up of Frozen Meal and Extra White Rice.  Cool!  Dad is talking about how Coronavirus isn't really spreading too bad in K-12 Schools.  Which, in a roundabout way, is bad for Us.  He teaches college.  I think colleges are a lot more risky than K-12.  But if they start opening Colleges up too, he ain't on board with that.  He's an Old Guy!  With lots of conditions and whatnot.  Some of them PRE EXISTING.  Isn't every condition pre-existing.  It's not like you're buying healthcare and you're like Will this cover me 100% on all the Conditions that I don't have yet?  Anyway so its good news for a lot of people but bad news for us!  Dang it!  Also presumably Trump will take credit for it.  That's a nice premise for an October Surprise.  Find the 15% of stuff thats going great in the country and just be like YEP THAT WAS ME.  DIDN'T TALK ABOUT IT TILL NOW BUT NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT  I'M RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING [Except For Bad Things.  Most things are bad things.  Especially the stuff I REALLY AM responsible for!  Keep that on the down low though]
     Anyway.  Lunch will be with Part II it's jut too delicious to wait any longer for that!i  Hmm having trouble coming up with things that could be included in the 15% of things that are good.  Real Trouble.  We DIDN'T go to war with Iran.  Remember when that was about to happen?  ....Rich People and big corporations and wall street seem to be doing okay.  Tehy account for at least 5-10% of the picture?  That'll get us to 15% EASY.  Also these people probably count more is the sense I'm getting from the Republican Party of the last 40 years at least.  That'd be my hypothesis based on Things That Have Happened In History And Current Events.  Anyway two good things from my Household.  COffee machine malfunctioned yesterday but is working today.  And I told my Dad about External HardDrive and he didn't give me a lashing or beating or anything.  So basically yes Trump can take credit for those two positive things.  It all checks out and everything!
     Anyway.  They re-open schools and my Dad can't teach in person He's Effectively Done Teaching.  I dunno, though.  Based on my understanding (based on stories and studies and just logic) College IS a lot riskier than the Kinder Gardeners through the Twelves.  My parents never used Corporal Punishment on me.  Never used Sergeant Punishment, nor Major Punishment nor Captain Punishment.  Some Lieutenant Punishment, sure, but I Had That Coming.  Probably need a new Coffee Machine in the end, though.  So I could hook it up to my computer to play DVDs.  It's a combo CoffeeMaker/External CD Drive.  Seems like the most economical way to address these two positive (Thanks To Trump!) situations.  Is Trumps fate basically to be Voldemourt.  We never speak his name again or else it will give him power.  Kinda Freddy Krueger fate in that, too.  Also Lord Of The Rings, can't put the ring on except for The Bad Guys Now Know Your Whereabouts.  That one doesn't really check out.  The point is I forger.
Okay.  On the one hand we still talk about Obama a lot.  But when Obama was president how often were we like George W Bush...  Actually A Lot now that I think about it!  So the point is every president that passes is another executive administration farther removed from Trump.  It'll take a while to build up New Administrations that presumably aren't so bad but we'll get there!  LOok Biden can still lose.  I can imagine Trump winning and people who thought Biden was gonna win and started adapting to that Future Fact ahead of themselves will be like FUCK SHIT MOTHER FUCKER I TOLD MYSELF I WOULDN'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN AND THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN JESUS CHRIST.  So we got that to look forward to.  Get out there and vote!  Or stay inside and vote!  You can TOTALLY do that as an alternative.  Gotta send out your ballot someway.  Unless you live in the Sports Arena in Georgia where yuo can drop off ballots in your home You Gotta Leave The House SOMEWAY.  I want to live in a Sports Arena.  Sounds kinda fun!  Like the phantom of The CitiField.  He can play the Piano thing they have.  What's it called.  The Organ.
Anyway, take a break after this paragraph, return with Lunch!  Got a Phone Call Appointment tomorrow morning with Doctor: The Psychiatrist Doctor.  Dunno if I'm supposed to be on ZOOM for it.  Probably like a 1/3rd chance we're Supposed to do it that way. Only time will tell!  Starting to adjust to Solitaire on my new computer.  Different Visual Format which at first was jarring but now I'm on board with it!  Anyway this frozen meal is a kind I haven't had in a few months.  But it's GOOD and I'm LOOKING FORWARD to IT especially with WHITE rice.  Wait emphasizing the WHITE in WHITE RICE sounds like I prefer White to Other Colors RE: Things.  And that's not my real life position!  Not even Just In Rice.  I'd prefer Pork Fried Rice to White Rice.  Possibly Halal Cart Standard Rice to white rice!  Possibly that's in third and White Rice is in second!  I DUNNO AT THIS MOMENT I'll Keep You Updated On This Situation As It Progresses.





I'm Confused

   Well I got lunch and its a real Embarassment of Variety.  We're talkin' Chicken Tikka Marsala.  We're talkin white rice it came with.  We're talking white rice I added.  We're talking one dinner roll.  We're talking one buffalo wing.  DELICIOUS ALL COOKED TO PERFECTION.  Also this sauce the chicken came in is a delicious pairing with rice!  What else do I have in store for the rest of the day.  On Season II of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor: The Most Populous SEason.  18 Episodes!  THe next closest is 25 episodes! This is I dunno ONE FIFTH MORE?  crunched those numbers like it was nothin'.  There must be a lot of people working at K-12 Enterprises that are my Dad's age and don't wanna risk it.  That's where Jack Black Comes In.  My mom was briefly a substitute teacher.  That'd be something where it's like Alright your normal teacher Mr. Kor**lum isn't hee so her I am MRS. KOR**LUM.  Nah that's nothin.  I know its demeaning and inaccurate to think of teachers as baby sitters but for Substitute Teachers kinda accurate?  Not like a mid or long term Sub. Just a one day enterprise.  THey never teach us anything!  Whatta scam! 
     Further through Ribs at this point 1/2way through Deliery Week than I would have anticipated.  Also gotta eat the Mr. Cor**EEF sandwich and dinner seems like Prime Time to Dine on Some Swine.  If only it was corned Pork.  So, so, close.  Remember when Pork had an ad campaign The Other White Meat.  ANd Milk had a HUGE ad campaign Got Milk?  Look I know times were crazy in the lat 1990's but I THINK WE ALL KNEW ABOUT MILK ALREADY.  And look I don't like milk a lot less/more than the average guy.  I've never been like Hmm just want a glass of milk.  Especially cause the commercial said so!  They asked if I Got Milk and I Do so Now I'm Gonna Drink It!  Anyway I can't shake the thought that if I was living alone, I'd be able to do 80% of my regular life.  We're talkin UNLIMITED walks outside.  We're talkin' FOOD DELIVERY and/or JUST PIC UP FOOD I'M ALREADY WALKING.  We're talking Probably Still Avoid Starbucks.  We All Have To Make Sacrifices!  Presumably!  I heard that somewhere and it sounded right.  Hmm sacrifices yep probably checks out as far as I know.
Finished lunch!  DELICIOUS.  Started to REALLY pump myself up about Korn'd Beef Sandwich by remembering I CAN TOP THAT SUCKER WITH JALAPENO PEPPERS.  ALSO I DON'T HAVE THAT HARD AS A ROCK FRENCH BAGUETTE, SO I CAN USE REGULAR DELICIOUS ROLL BREAD.  Not Two Mini Rolls, But ONE GREAT ASS REGULAR ROLL!  Hmm what kind of side do I have.  Either chips or Tater Tots!  Soup is another possiblity But I Don't Fuck With Soup.  Not anymore!  LEarned that lesson the hard way!  What lesson.  I forget.  Some kind of Soup Lesson.  Which I apparently I learned in a more difficult way than one would originally imagine.  If K-12 are so safe why don't we just all start living at/working out of an Elementary School.  Seems like an out-of-the-box logical idea!  I dunno how they do Public School Names outside of NYC but here if its K-5 It's a P.S.  For example, I went to PS 31.  Then for middle school, it's either a J.S. or an I.S.  I dunno about high schools.  I think high schools just have Regular WOrd Names.  And maybe some Pre-High Schools but that's the exceptions Not The Rules.
So great I dunno what else is giong on.  Take a break in 2 paragraphs!  Then maybe have The Final Buffalo Wings Whose Gonna Stop Me You Unlikely!  The last thing I gotta get used to Re: new keyboard is around 1 out of 20 times I start a sentence the first TWO letters get capitalized!  For example, say this sentence began as, "FOr example..."  Gotta go back and correct that Over and/or Over again! HMm a single piece of rice was on my chair.  I just noticed!  I'm not ashamed to tell you I Ate That Sucker UP!  My chair is clean!  Except for what I can only assume is a very visible cum stain.  Or some White Sauce.  Odds are its a cum stain!  ANd its VERY apparent.  So much so that if it was in a public place or quasi-public place It's Time To Get Rid Of It and if you can't You HAVE To Get Rid Of The Chair COMPLETELY!
     Anyway.  Hey a break after this paragraph!  Dinner around 5 hours from Now Currently.  No beer in-between but such is life!  What #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor do I have coming up next.  Oh that one huh.  That's a good one!  That's my current hot take. NO SPOILERS!  If I even identify which one it is THAT SPOILS IT FOR YOU.  You would be like GREAT NOW I KNOW THE BASIC PLOT AND/OR CHARACTERS OF ONE OF THE EPISODES AT RANDOM THERE GOES THE SURPRISE.  I'mI'm gonna be honest I'm not digging the #TOstitoChipsFallToRemember as much as I was #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember.  Just being honest!  Kettlechips are better than Tortilla chips AS PER MY CURRENT OPINION.  My favorite chips are the ones at the bottom.  At the bottom you get these chips that are slightly smaller but slightly Kinda BROWNER?  Either Cooked In The Kettle More AND/OR Less Times than the other chips?  and it changes the texture and its GREAT.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!




Where Are You Going With This

   Where AREN'T I going?  ANyway certainly looks like DInner'll Be Corn Beef Sandwich with Tater Tots.  ALso I can start putting together the Super Market Delivery any time now!  Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today!  Especially when it's something you presumably WANT to do.  Online SUper Market Delivery List is FUN.  It's looking at pictures and/or reading descriptions and being like YEAH I WANNA STUFF THAT DOWN MY GULLET RIGHT NOW.  Of course I can't do it RIGHT NOW.  I have to wait!  Several days!  CLoser to A WEEK for some of it!  I thought of this Nothing a week or two ago--  Super Spreader.  Super Shredder.  That's when Ninja Turtle Ultra Villian, Shredder, gains some Technology advantages and/or genetic modification advantages and becomes even MORE powerful.  I didn't make that up IT'S A REAL THING LOOK IT UP.
At some point I think I'm justified in confronting my parents and/or brother about re-gaining access to The Streams.  I've gone on long enuogh with The Netflix!  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Base Ball Play Offs going on as per my understanding.  I dunno how they ever convinced people to start playing baseball in the late 1880's.  That's The ball We Play With?  BE CAREFUL WITH THAT THING IT'S GONNA HIT ME ON THE HEAD AND KNOCK ME OUT.  WHAT?  YOU WANNA PURPOSELY THROW IT IN MY GENERAL DIRECTION?  THIS IS THE DUMBEST GAME I EVER HEARD OF!  So, great, that's sort of a joke.  Only took me 12 paragraphs to get there!  And now I have to write another 2.5 paragraphs to get out of this here situation.  I never DID have that last final Buffalo Wing.  Talk about DIETARY CONCERN FULFILLED!
Huh.  Concert and Concern are only 1 letter off but they mean a lot of different things and are pronounced pretty differently too.  Hmm next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is pretty good but the one after that is kinda a snooze.  Then again I've watched it less than other episodes so it won't be so bad.  The one after that is a pretty good one, thuogh.  Hmm the episode after the episode after the next episode?  Gonna have to LTURQ.  Nah taht one ain't so great.  HOw about the one...  WHAT THE HELL WHY DID YOU LET ME WRITE THIS PARAGRAPH.  AN ENTIRE GOOD ENTRY GONE TO PUTT.   Hey good news Biden JUST reached his highest Lead In Polls et!  We're talking THIS PAST 15 Minutes!  He's +10.8 Points above Trump.  THAT'LL LEARN 'EM, THAT'LL LEARN ALL OF 'EM!  I don't get why Election Day is described as, "The people Headed To The Polls..."  Look I thought what we just did BEFORE was polls.  You asking us things for statistics analization.  Now voting is going to the polls?  MAKE UP YOUR DARN MIND.
     Good news is Only Two More Paragraphs.  Three main Election Calculations have Biden at ~High 80's, Low 90's in terms of Chance Of Winning The Election To Become Future President For Roughly Four More Years OR Eight More Years OR sometime between 0 more years and 8 more years that aren't exactly four or eight years.  Oh NOW I get it.  Checks out and everything.  Also FrontPage is ADAMENT about Analyzation not being a word.  I try ALL the spellings.  Analyization.  Analizination.  Ananylization.  NOTHING ACCEPTED.  Nothing even SUGGESTED from those attempts!  Dumb Program how else do you refer to something That Was Analyzed.  You don't, that's who!  WHAT THE HELL BIDEN IS SUDDENLY BACK DOWN TO 10.7% LEAD?  WHAT HAPPENED.  That's why you don't get emotionally invested in politics It'll Just Break Your Heart!
I dunno.  Last paragraph of the entry.  I can, "Dig," that!  Anyway maybe play some Electrical Guitar in a bit.  Everyone in household is awake as per my understanding so I wouldn't be disturbing anyone too bad.  THey might not LIKE what they have to hear but at least it isn't depriving them of their precious precious sleep.  Anyway just set up my portion of the Super Market Delivery.  That was delicious!   Tryin' something new MINI HOT DOG IN BLANKETS.  Always been one of my favorite food ACROSS genres of food.  But unhealthy!  I am throwing Caution to The Wind this week and gettin' down to what I wanna get down to!  Also I had a dream a few nights ago I Got THeir Fried Chicken which in actuality was only just adequate but in the dream it was pretty good so I'm like okay if the dream wants fried chicken The Dream Gets Fried Chicken!  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:58 P.M.





Sunday, October 18, 2020

Let Me At 'Em!

   Wonderful.  Anyway Lookin' Forward to a Salmon Lunch for a change!  Not just Settlin' For Salmon but Anticipating!  Also Side it with WHITE RICE.  NOw that we got THAT out of the way... we can start talking about what I'll have for dinner.  I dunno probably RIBS?  Either paired with A WING OR TWO (of Chicken) or Taterish Tots.  Anywy Ribs and Rice.  No that can't happen Rice is with Lunch.  THat's good I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN.  I was just trying to make YOU happy by considering it.  Anyway I had a dream I had to do a set of Standing Up Comedy and I was like great I got some bits from a year or so ago this is gonna go great!  Of all the people who are Suddenly Forced To Do Live Comedy For Five or Ten Minutes, WHAT PROVIDENCE That It Shuold Be Me!  Then later in the dream I was going through whatever bits I had saved and was like well these are terrible.  Worst of all were the references.  I was referencing either things Nobody Would Get or things That Aren't Even Real Things in the first place!  Woke up before I had to do it.  Whew!
Anyway. Started making Coffee earlier and THE THING MALFUNCTIONED.  Luckily I had almost a full cup from yesterday sitting on my desk.  Time to put that coffee to good use!  Drinking it!  Best way to use coffee.  Unless You're Starbucks.  Then the best way to use coffee is to pawn it off to some people in exchange for money.  That's WAY better than drinking it yourself.  Well depending on the circumstances I guess.  Anyway the days of me eating Communal Meatloaf with just 2 slices and some Potato Spheres are LONG GONE.  Now we're adding a Dinner Roll to the equation, splitting that in two, and having a Double Mini Open Faced Meatloaf Sandwich.  Meatloaf and Bread c'mon its a Dream Team!  I also have to eat a Corned Beef Sandwich.  If I wait too long and the Corned Beef Decreases In Quality Over time then MY DREAM FROM A FEW NIGHTS AGO WINS.  I can't let my dream win.  Except for Sex Dreams.  GOOD Sex Dreams.
     Huh.  Hmm upon further introspection I've talked about the benefits of a Meatloaf Sandwich before.  Remember?  It was about Double Teaming Meatloaf: The Actor and/or Musician Of Some Sort.  For some reason as a kid, without knowing music too well in general and especially not Meatloaf (But being able to identify I would do anything for love...), kinda thought he was A Gimmick type musician.  And maybe he still is!  It's just SLIGHTLY OFF.  Maybe it's Him.  That he's the One Main Guy AND his name is Meatloaf AND he won't specify what he won't do for love?  All in all SOMETHING'S SLIGHTLY OFF ABOUT THIS CHARACTER.  My Dad just yelled up to me, Michigan Court Says That If The Ballots Come After Election Day They Won't Count It.  And I was like Okay.  And inside I was like why does this need to be addressed immediately within the context of my household.  Besides, Kinda Figured that was going on in most of the swing states.  THANKS FOR CLARIFYING, THOUGH!
Okay.  Maybe we should start mailing in our Mail In Voting Ballots for 2024 NOW, Ahead Of Time, just to make sure they arrive in advance.  Seems about right.  Whatever.  Look there's a solid, I dunno, 35, 40% success rate in terms of Voting Issues Going To Court.  FORTY PERCENT?  THAT ROUNDS UP TO HALF THE TIME BASED ON MOST METRIC CALCULATIONS.  Figure I'll watch the rest of #SaturdayNightLiveToWatchRoughlyEveryTwoWeeksOverall... #ThroughoutTheEntireYearNotJustTelevisionSeasonYear.  NOPE that doesn't check out.  Last season was ONLY 20 EPISODES.  HOW THE HELL, WHAT, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SIMPLIFY 20 EPISODES OVER 52 WEEKS.  IT's IMPOSSIBLE.  But let me try.  10 Episodes of 26 weeks.  5 Episodes over 13 weeks.  Let's say 5 Episodes Every Calendar Season.  CHECKS OUT, CHECKS OUT REAL WELL.  Hmm where was I.  Oh, right.  Crappy Part I of entry.  GOt BBQ Salmon on the brain give me a break.  If you had Great Lunch waiting in the wings you'd be too preoccupied Wall Street to focus on your Weblog, too!  Hmm blogging service where the URL is WeBlogSeperateBetweenThe,"E,"andthe,"B,"GetIt?.Com
Now my Dad is telling me It's not just Michigan it's other places too, they don't count votes after the election.  It's good to have so many Anti-Democracy People on Courts.  They're ORIGINALISTS.  The Founding Fathers never could have conceived of a future where Lots Of People Want To Vote.  Better Stop 'Em From Voting!  I GUESS IT MUST BE IN THE CONSTITUTION APPARENTLY.  There's a question for Amy Barrett.  Would you be FOR people voting?  I DUNNO NEVER REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT.  I'D HAVE TO LOOK INTO THAT ONE!  That's HER in Bold and Italics.  I bet that's not even her real middle name.  Coney.  CLEARLY a ruse to get people to relate to her more.  If she was just Amy Barrett people would be like I AIN'T ON BOARD WITH THAT.  Now that she's Amy Coney Barrett people are like HMM SOUNDS NOT TOO BAD!  Anyway.  Time to take a break.  I'll be back in a little bit!




I Want To Sleep In A Bed

   I like mixing it up in regards to How High My Chair Is.  Standard I have it as is As High As Could Be.  That's like 90% Of The Time.  But sometimes I go in the complete other direction and have it as LOW as can be.  Also I was watching some TV or a Commercial where there was a Full Sized Bed RAISED UP like ~2 feet as opposed to the standard ~1 foot and I Was like I WANNA SLEEP IN THAT.  It's fun to be raised up and shit ya'll know what I Mean.  ANyway lunch with part III.  To keep me going, though, had a Buffalo Wing as a PRE LUNCH SNACK.  Hey what #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is coming up next.  ONE WITH BOBCAT AND DON RICKLES?  WHAT THE HELL THAT'S LIKE THE BEST EPISODE EVER.  PERSONALLY where I'M At In Life RIGHT NOW kinda bored of it, but being unbiased across the universe and without the shackles of time sure THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE.  It's got Frights and Gross-em-Ups and BOBCAT GOLDTHEWAIT AND DON RICKLES. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IT's DIRECTED BY FRANK DARABONT?  I NEVER SAW THAT ONE COMING UNTIL I READ IT JUST NOW.
     Fascinating.  I'm sure in Michigan, etc. they're gonna pushback on these rulings re: not counting votes.  Maybe we win in the end in states!  I dunno what's gonna happen!  Nobody does!  Well, I bet Some People do!  But I don't know those people so I'd have no way of knowing Myself!  What kind of Sociopath names their kid Bobcat.  And, the other way, what kind of Sociopath changes their name to Bobcat.  Gotta figure Bobcat got his name one of those two ways!  LMLTURQ.  Looks like he came up with it.  GOod for him that's HIS choice I ain't gonna tell him how to live HIS life.  Wouldn't be my place!  Also the, "Bob," comes from his first name being Robert.  And apparently the, "Cat," comes from his middle name being Francis.  Sure there's a Cat-Francis connection that I'm Just Not Seeing as of this moment.
     Anyway just got SPOOKED
I heard The Exorcist: The Theme Music coming in out from somewhere in house.  So I had to address this immediately.  WHERE, Narrowed it down to Parents' Bedroom, WHAT, MOM WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO EXORCIST MUSIC?  And it turned out to be Michael Moore's Podcast.  I guess cause it's about Catholics or something?  And The Exorcist girl is ANTI-Catholicism.  But the point is that movie traumatized me so I guess my Mom has to stop listening to ALL podcasts just to be safe!  WHAT THE HELL MY DAD IS WHISTLING THE JURASSIC PARK THEME MUSIC?  GET ME OUT OF THIS HORROR HELLSPACE.  WHAT THE HELL I'M PLAYING GOD BLESS AMERICA ON MY ACOUSTIC GUITAR???  WHEN WILL THE TERROR END!  The point is, considering everything, and especially if Trump wins in November, kinda wish Jurassic PArk was a real place so I Could Live There.  I get it's a Tourist Destination and not a Residential Place.  But I'm betting the people who work on/at Jurassic Park live on the island.  And Dinosaur Island sounds SO MUCH better than America.  Even if Biden wins!  It depends on if its Regular Dinosaur Island or if it's a Dinosaur Island where The Dinosaurs are running amuck and have taken control.  If Trump DOES win in November, YES I will settle for living on Dinosaur Island Ruled By Dinosaurs.  But if it's between Biden America and Safe Dinosaur Island, that ALSO is a no brainer!  Sign me up for Dinosaur Island!
     That shouldn't be a controversial statement.  It's just that even if Dinosaur Island is Safe At The Time it can go bad at any given moment.  You can never be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT safe @ Jurassic Park.  Also I'm under the impression they have dinosaurs that weren't specifically from The Jurassic Period.  WHATTA SCAM.  I guess the question now is What Kinda Job Could I Excel At on Dinosaur Island.  No scientist job for me.  No custodial job.  Tour Guide or something?  I could get into that.  I dunno lemme think about it I'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.  I dunno.  Five beers overall for the day.  A solid 1.5 beers into it as of now.  I saw Wayne Knight did some sort of promo for Voting By Mail and I thought That WAS GREAT.  So much so that it never caught on on social media seems like a big oversight.  Obviously I found it on social media, so I dunno.  I definitely don't google WAYNE KNIGHT PDAs.  I mean, PVCs. Nope that's wrong, too.  PSAs there we go.  Public Service Announcement.  Doesn't NBC have PSA's exclusively.  Never saw a PSA on a different channel.  And obviously Wayne Knight is NBC.  Seems like a scam to me.
  Maybe have Potato with Salmon.  BUt that sucker of a meal in oven RIGHT NOW.  BRB.  Yep I did that.  WHite Rice is enough for 1 meal, figure I'll save that to pair with Frozen Meal.  Figure lots of things!  Finishing off the Salmon with this lunch.  Finishing off the Potatoes.  Anyway, I dunno.  Not counting votes arrived after the election is TRIPLY BAD because we know the USPS is being sabotaged.  And even if it's Not So Bad most of the time, they can easily just Make It Even Worse selectively wherever/whenever they want.  Just make it so that votes submitted even more than a week before election just don't show up until after Election Day.  That's the real kicker!  Oh well we must continue to fight in the courts presumably I dunno the specifics on how this is going.  What Are You Dumb Or Something Just Let Us Vote What Kinda Idiot Are You!   Just Let Us Vote!  That's MY Hot Take.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Not Just Any Bed

   What if I just watched YouTube clips of Don Rickles instedad.  Sure.  Yeah! A real #FallRonRicklesInsultsInJestToFrightFor!  Nah I ain't gonna do that.  AT least not as a REPLACEMENT for #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Maybe look at it on my phone here and there During Down Time.  I like TFTC where Don Rickles plays a Ventriloquist and its 80% corny ventriloquism bits but it's also 20% Don Rickles being Don Rickles but with a Dummy.  Now I've seen everything!  Anyway.  Got lunch going on.  Got 4.5 paragraphs left.  Then its all smooth sailing!  With probably roughly 2.5 drinks left to go after Entry Completion.  What else is going on in the Wide World Of Sports.  Three days without Alcohol after today.  I can do that standing on my head.  Except for the standing on my head part.  I couldn't do ANYTHING standing on my head, not even the simplest thing you could think of!
    I haven't had Soup in A DOG'S AGE.  For the best!  I haven't had Chili since THREE Super Market Deliveries ago BY ACCIDENT.  Keep forgetting to Add It To Cart!  I ENJOYED IT IS THE POINT.  I know they say we're gonna be running out of oil at some point, but what if we made a Jurassic Park, then just waited a while?  Cracked that code!  Hmm haven't checked External Hard Drive in a while.  LMLTURQ.  Nah still ain't working.  I did just finish my lunch, though!  That's KIND OF relevant.  Hmm what kind of dessert could I have for lunch.  A BREAD STICK maybe?  Oh well gotta finish entry before Dessert.  It's called Being On Top Of Things get off my back about it.  I had a dream I was playing online poker a week or so ago.  True story!  But the fun part was I was playing High Stakes!  We're talkin' 10/20 dollar blinds!  Not the HIGHEST stakes but VERY HIGH nonetheless.  Basically I think it was my mind's way of telling me I Want To Get High.  Yep that seems to check out 100%.
     Three paragraphs to go!  Eh gonna have Breaded Stick now.  How does Trump's brand of Fascism where he sabotages the mail FROM working on time relate to Mussolini's making the trains work ON time?  Seems like a totally different direction to go!  That question Was Brought To You By Breaded Stick.  And to be read in the voice of Newman.  Not 100% sure why but such is life.  Anyway, gettin' close to ending the entry.  HMM wonder when I shuold start defrosting ribs.  Maybe say FOUR O CLOCK?  For it to be TOTALLY defrosted by SIX THIRTY or SEVEN.  To be MICROWAVED not OVEN'D.  Also dunno how Tater Tots work into this equation.  Those probably have to be OVEN'D.  Too many moving parts I can't keep my head straight this is all so confusing!
     What else do I have to get me through the day.  Lots of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr.  My fair share of Listening To Music.  Some sort of BATH or perhaps SHOWER.  Eating DINNER and Going To Bed.  Jeez how long does it take to go to bed.  Assuming your starting off point is In Your House.  Can't take more than 30 seconds at most, right?  I guess. But Going To Bed, for me, means Being In Bed and Going To Sleep.  Having Sleep being your priority but you gotta wait a while until it happens!  In which case I Go To Bed over the course of I dunno two or three hours!  It takes time but Do You Want It Done FAST Or DO You Want It Done RIGHT?  Also I tucked myself in last night.  Not just going to bed with blanket on wily nilly.  No I was like I'm gonna tuck inthis blanket around my figure like a Parent might be tucking me in.  But I cut out the middle man.  Tucked myself in!  Talk about EFFICIENT.
     Last paragraph!
  How's that for a Sex Fetish.  Tucking your Partner In.  I either made that joke before or its so great it gave me debilitating Deja Vu.  Probably made that joke before.  Anyway got myself some Single Serve bags of FAMOUS AMOS: THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ENTERPRISE.  Each bag is 170 calories and has I Wanna Say SIX cookies?  They're small cookies!  Not TOO Small.  But Smaller than would be your first impression or assumption of how big a cookie might be!  Anyway Hey Entry Well Done Another One In The Books.  I'll see ya later.

-2:51 P.M.





Saturday, October 17, 2020

You Don't Have To Tell Me

   Why not.  I dunno!  Anyway got High Quality Corned Beef from the Super Market Delivery and then I had a dream last night I was eating it BUT IT WAS THE LOW QUALITY CORNED BEEF.  So now I feel I kinda have to have that Corned Beef Sandwich TODAY just to PROVE MY DREAMS WRONG.  Can't let my dreams get complacent in their falsitude!  They need to know I'm gonna PUSH BACK on their LIES.  Also gotta eat it sometime this week anyway.  Probably with some POTATO: The Kind I Describe Every Time I Talk About Them As Half Spheres.  From now on you should know that's the kind of Potato I eat.  All I should ahve to do is say Potatoe and then you get it.  Also trying to get Potatoe as a Singular Spelling to catch on.  Just tell people it's how British people spell it, they'll buy in, hook like and stinker.  And tell British people Americans spell it that way.  Just for Balance!
     I saw Biden's campaign was like we ain't up double digits in The Nationally Context, can't get complacent like your Sandwich Dreams may be getting.  So gotta keep that in mind.  I dunno if we can't trust Nate Silver to be an impartial calculator who CAN we trust?  I dunno, Bill James?  Sounds about right.  Ya know we SHOULD get Bill James working on Polls and Modeling and whatnot.  Just tell him BASEBALL DEPENDS ON IT.  He'd buy in crook spine and splitter.  I dunno maybe Biden is Hoarding all the great polls.  Maybe HE'S got Bill James working on it!  It's a CAMPAIGN SECRET.  I cracked this conspiracy and it only took me HALF A PARAGRAPH.  Sure I'm gonna write in Kevin Youkilis for president.  Why RUN for president when you can WALK!  This is his campaign promise.  One would imagine.  Actually putting that out there would qualify as Running.  So he CAN'T, "Go There."  Kevin Youkilis is a Base Ball player who excels at walks.  Which is highly valued in Base Ball Player Statistics.  Much Thanks to Bill James, the static tan with an interest in Base Ball, who is famed for making u know Walks are Undervalued.
     That settles that!  I can't wait to make a friend who also enjoys #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor becaus there's DOZENS of plot holes across the episodes I want to talk about.  That settles THAT!  Hmm before Dream I was into the idea of Frozen Pizza for lunch.  Now that I think about it THat Would Hit The Spot.  Also 50/50 I'll have Meatloaf tonight.  Too much Beef between Corn'ed Beef and Meat Loaf!  Got a MEAT LOVERS frozen pizza because I CAN HANDLE IT and it may have beef in it.  Pepperoni, definitely.  Ham?  Sausage? LMLTURQ.  "Sausage, Pepperoni and Beef."  They don't even SPECIFY the beef.  Just BEEF.  I dunno I don't like don't like the SOUND of that but I think it would be DELICIOUS.  So I got THAT going for me is the point.  Kinda sucks letting yourself go weightwise but not being able to get truly great food to do it with.  From Outside.  I'm overeating all the same but imagine how happy I'd be to overeat DISGUSTINGLY GOOD food.  Why wuold you imagine something about my diet.  I dunno maybe you're just really invested in my well being!  Thanks!
Okay.  I saw a leaked text where Biden loves his son.  I dunno what the story behind that is.  Is that a thing where an October Surprise can be a GOOD thing for YOUR candidate?  Instead of some negative info coming out against your competition, just be like HEY OCTOBER SURPRISE TURNS OUT I DONATED ALL MY ORGANS TO NEEDY CHILDREN.  Nah that wouldn't work.  People would be like doesn't sound like he has the necessary organs to be a competent president.  So that would be a bad example.  How about, well, yeah, lets stick with I LOVE MY SON.  I know it was Trump's Campaign/Supporters of Trump's Campaign who put that out there.  But it could just as easily have been the Biden campaign.  TURNS OUT I GENUINELY LOVE MY SON SURPRISE!  I guess.  Hey what else is going on.  Fourth paragraph!  I like those odds.  Facing North this section of entry.  It's fun because I can disconnect Computer from Power Source without it shutting down completely immediately.  So much Freedoms!  In turns of having a Portable Computer to set up at different stations All Around My Room.
     What else.  The point is, Yes, Other Metrics of Presidential Candidates are Well and Good, but it all boils down to Which Candidate Can Walk Better.  I'd say probably Biden but I don't have the numbers in front of me.  The point is 3 Meat Pizza is only 10 calories more per slice (1/6th of pizza is slice in my book, each meal is 2/6ths) than Pepperoni Pizza.  Probably they just have 1/3rd of the Normal Pepperoni and equal amounts of Other Meats.  I still like it better VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.  Hmm. If it WAS just me in my CrapShack I'd be able to get Lots Of Great Food Deliveries either Directly From The Source or Through DoorDash: The Service Which Serves You Food From Great Distances Away.  I'd be CAUTIOUS and wouldn't high five delivery man (and/or woman) like I'm used to, but I'd say I AM WITH YOU IN SPIRIT and then say KEEP THE CHANGE YOU FILTHY ANIMAL.
     Also how does Kevin McAllister get away with treating an innocent pizza delivery man like that.
  I mean the whole movie He's The Hero, We're on his side.  But for some reason he has to pick on this delivery guy, make him feel like his life is in danger, and if my memory serves me correctly, not sure he even GIVES a tip or if he does, and its just Not Enough.  The point is WHAT AN ASSHOLE.  Probably aim to have Pizza Lunch around Part III of entry.  So I got some time to get to that.  The point is 1/3 of News Going After Hunter Biden ruthlessly, and even the pushback being partly throwing him under the bus and just saying it has nothing to do with Joe, can't be good for the pysche of someone who already struggles with Drug Abuse (and/or other problems?)  Lets think of Hunter as a person and not just a wedge issue?  It's called BEING A COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEING YOU IDIOTS.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.





Writing Some Entry Yeah

   I don't know anything about Hunter Biden.  Maybe he does deserve scorn!  I dunno I'm gonna err on the side of Joe Biden.  I said I'd support him all the way, so I guess I'm supporting him all the way!  I never said I'd support him all the way.  And ,if I did, it was probably all the way through November Whatever.  And then after that its down to Supporting Him SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of the way!  Also Not Really All The Way before November.  Maybe around 90% of the way up to and including Election Day.  ANyway I remembered just in time Gotta Defrost Pizza so I can Cut It into Thirds.  Instead of putting the whole sucker in the oven.  Need it to warm up to be able to cut it!  Also 1/6th of pizza isn't 10 Calories MOre re: Pepperoni Piza but TWENTY.  ANd yuo know what?  I KINDA LIKE THAT BETTER.  Really lets me know this is gonna be SLIGHTLY more meat than you were expecting!
Sounds about right.  Anyway getting into the middle of the entry soon.  9 Standard Portions Of Beer left for today and tomorrow!  After 9 Portions Of Beer consumed yesterday and the day after yesterday.  Wait no that's today.  The day BEFORE yesterday.  "The Day After Yesterday," is pretty clearly Just Today.  Remember in Home Alone II where Kevin McAllister has the portable Tape Player and it's a fun toy where he speaks into it and it replays what you spoke into it and there's a button where you can slow it down and it makes your voice deeper on account of Audio Science?  I GOT ONE OF THOSE as a kid!  And I always sort of got that they added that into the plot of Home Alone II so that they could sell it to kids After Seeing THe Movie.  NO way it could have been the other way!  THat they put it in the movie innocently and then some company was like hmm better get cracking on this.  Nope Real Life came first and then Movie came second. Ain't that always the way.  Wait.  Do I mean Movie came fist and Real Life came second?  I'm having a hard time wrapping my ahead around this qualification of thought!  Not surre what I'm trying to say either way!
     Figure I'll put pizza in oven in about 20, 25 minutes.  Shuold be defrosted enough at that point.  Sounds fun!  HMM.  I could cut pizza into FOURTHS.  And then pair each FOurth with a Buffalo Wing.  That sounds like fun BECAUSE VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE and also its easier to cut Food into quarters than it is to cut food into thirds!  I dunno I'll reconsider it WHen I'm Looking At Pizza Pie.  ANyway it seems like I've been at #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor for MONTHS but it's really been ONLY MORE THAN THREE WEEKS BUT LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS PRESUMABLY?  I mean, Fall To Fright FOr has only been 3-4 weeks.  Not TFTC binging in general.  We all remember it started off as a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  And there was Spring TFTC Binging but this was before I had to had Season Hashtag Experiences.  So, great, I dunno.  Dad is really upset about Texas Drop Off Ballot Case.  Where they limited it to 1 drop off per county or whatever.  Then they overturned it.  Then they overturned the overturn.  And he's like it's hopeless it's all over he packed all the courts and we'll never have AMerica again.  ANd I'm all like Loko I gotta hang around here for 50 more years don't tell me its hopeless kEEP IT TO YOURSELF.  I got 50 years in America to fight hopelessness and you're not helping!
     Stupid Dad.
  Feeling dejected and scared and spreading that to me.  Where does he get off.  Also my Dad does his own version of CIrcleWalking but he does it MUCH WORSE than I do.  Instead of walking in circles, he walks to the edges of rooms, then turns around, walks a line again, then turns around... he has the capability to walk in a circle (Or at least an oval) and instead he's walking into walls and then turning around.  He's got a lot to learn and it starts with Walking in CIRCLES not walking in straight lines and then turning around!  That would be enough to drive a man crazy!  Especially making him dejected and scared!  That's MY Hypothesis!  The point is I'm pretty sure my Dad loves me but WHERE'S MY TEXT MESSAGE?  That's my hot take.  THe point is the #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor with the dueling gamblers WAS one of my top half a dozen favorites dating back to olden days but at this point it's the boringest piece of crap I've ever seen!  Where do they get off!  Also some plot holes lets talk about it.
Okay.  Anyway I'm sure there's a third of judges who are at worst Center-Left.  And there's 20% of judges who are Center-Right and not totally corrupt.  And then yes there's a MINORITY of judges who we can't count on at all.  Just barely a minority.  ANd a clear plurality.  But That's Where We're At Right Now no time to give up!  Fight the good fight and whatnot, that's MY hot take!  Anyway figure I'll put pizza in oven after this section.  Might not line up wih Ending Entry.  Probably definitely not having lunch at START of Part III.  Either sometime along the ongoing Part III or perhaps not even until Entry Is Over!  Hmm 70, 75% chance Democrats win HOUSE SENATE AND PRESIDENCY.  So Let Them Have Their Courts!  Just avoid doing anything, personally, politically, or otherwise, that will go to the courts.  ONLY DO THINGS THAT GO TO PRESIDENT AND/OR HOUSE AND/OR SENATE.  Simple!  Let's start BYPASSING COURTS.  Cracked that code.  Except for In Practice.  In Practice that's just nonsense.  Oh well such is life.
put lunch in oven.  Made a Grand Compromise with myself where I at .25 of Pizza PIe with TWO Buffalo Wings.  More calories than just 1/3rd of pizza, but I DO get the Vairety Which Is The Spice Of Life As We All Know.  I dunno.  When this paragraph is over I got around 35, 40 minutes until taking lunch out of the oven.  That's a real Indulgent Break from The Entry.  Anyway, next week is THE PENULTIMATE WEEK before Election Day.  We're talking Next Week, The Week After, and then on Tuesday of what would be the week after that ELECTION DAY.  So basically TWO WEEKS.  Basically you listen to a Barenaked Ladies song TWICE and BOOM ITS ELECTION DAY SUDDENLY.  Vote you idiots!  I did!  And it may or may not have counted I guess we'll see!  Biden is gonna win NY.  Meng is gonna win My Congress.  But maybe YOUR state may not be a lock one way or the other.  A lot of people from Pennsylvania read my website.  Huge amount of fans in Pittsburgh.  Anyway NICE #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor coming up next.  One I always thought of a snooze but since the turn-over from ShriekFor To FrightFor, I LIKE THIS EPISODE A LOT.  That settles that.  Be back in a bit!





This Sure Is Something

   Look there is hope.  Biden's probably just trying not to get us complacent.  We're probably Solidly ahead!  And if he wins THAT'S KIND OF ENOUGH compared to where we were 3 years ago.  And then we can Do Court Enhancement and EVEN THAT is addressed!  Will it happen?  Probably not!  Is there a plurality it might happen?  I dunno what are the other options!  No One Know.  Anyway lunch ready in about 5, 10 minutes.  I LIKE those odds.  Maybe just have 1 Wing even though I cooked 2.  It's called BEING NUTRITIONALLY CONSCIOUS YOU IDIOTS.  Man why am I always calling you Idiots.  YOU KNOW WHY.  Unless You're AN IDIOT.  Also in Green Day: The Song From The Album: American Idiot, I always got the sense that he's saying Don't wanna be an AMERICAN Idiot.  Like he'd be okay with being a German Idiot or a Japanese Idiot.  Maybe he just means he doesn't wanna be an idiot, and its taken for granted that he's American.  I like My Way better, though.  Also a corollary where he's like I don't wanna be an American, YOU IDIOT!
Yep seems to check out.  Why do I refer to Green Day as a HE.  I dunno Why Wouldn't I.  Anyway get lunch ready after this second paragraph of part III right here.  Never felt comfortable with the name of the bang Green Day.  You're gonna have to be A LOT more specific.  Dunno what you're trying to say with That Title AT ALL.  Green can be weed, money, being new at something, The Color Green, Green Politics, Environment...  And in regards to Day?  It's like The Day This Green Comes To Fruition.  That's my Hot Take.  What else is Green.  I dunno I think I covered it all Nothing Else I Green.  ANyway I dunno.  I don't see a scenerio where in the next 5 years they take away my right to watch #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr.  THey might limit my rights to talk freely about it on the internet.  I might say something negative about the developing police state as an aside to talking about TFTC.  So I guess maybe that might happen?
      But in the meantime LET'S #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor like Nobodies Watching!
  Great, just great.  TWO FULL WEEKS THAT'S ALMOST IT.  That means you go through One More Week of Biden being steady in the polls and HOLY SMOKES WE'RE GETTING DOWN THE THE WIRE WITH A RESPECTABLE LEAD!  And then after that One Week Of Maintenance ONE MORE WEEK OF MAINTENANCE AND THEN WE'RE REALLY SITTIN PRETTY!  To what extent would a Biden Presidency be a continuation of Obama Presidency.  We know they're Best Bros but is it gonna be like Obama's politic closeness to Bill Clinton (not much!) or will it be like some sort of Being On The Same Page.  Gotta figure that one out!  I guess just go into it without much of a mindset and see what happens!  Biden gonna be all like Yooooo I'm President Now How The Worm Has Turned.  ALright White House Cafeteria these are the 2 dozen lunches I like MIX IT UP a bit but GIVE IT YOUR ALL.  Anyway I'd be happy with Meatloaf tonight But I'd be CLOSE TO as happy with Ribs.  Hey it's already just about 2:00 PM.  THAT'S ONLY HOURS AWAY FROM DINNER!
Living By My Lonesome means more Food Deliveries.  Means more Taking Walks Outside.  That's about it.  But those two things are Key.  Hey just got a Fundraising e-mail from the Joseph Biden campaign where they show a map and their projected lead/deficit in key states.  Roughly about 2 points less than 538 has them at.  THAT, I DON'T, HUH.  Just get through one more week Where They're At, and then get another week where they're at, we're sitting pretty!  Ya can even stand to lose a point of two and still comfortably have a great shot.  SO the point is why bother voting if they could win with only losing a point or two.  Doesn't add up!  Anyway only 1 or 2 more paragraphs after this one!  I LIKE those odds.  ALso they're probably underselling it and 538, etc. are more accurate.  Then they could stand to lose EVEN MORE.  They could lose SO MUCH there's no consequences That's How Much They Can Lose!
  Last paragraph most likely.  Three beers into 5 for the day.  You know what that means!  Two beers out of 5 for the rest of the day!  I crunched the numbers and everything believe me that's what the numbers are saying.   There was a sketch in #SaturdayNightLiveToRemember last week where a guy eats a steak and I was like WHAT THE HELL I WANNA EAT A STEAK.  WHY MUST YOU TEASE ME SO.  Ya know that sort of thing.  I could eat a steak if I lived in my OWN CrapShack.  But then again my parents support me financially so Not A Bad Trade Off living with them!  Plusses and Minuses to everything.  Sinuses.  That sort of thing.  Well that's about it for today.  Probably drink 1 beer, take a Bath Break, drink 2nd beer, or save 2nd beer until after Dinner Breek.  Can't wait to see how it goes!   Maybe only haf .5 beer before bath, then have .5 beer before dinner, then have 1.0 beer after dinner.  I LIKE THAT its got good compromise and I'm great at making Grand Compromises!  See ya later.

-2:13 P.M.





Friday, October 16, 2020

Thanks For The Website!

   The point is I have the scenario all mapped out re: owning up to buying Crap DVD External Rom.  Go to my Dad this afternoon, hey the External Computer Accessory stopped working for MY computer can I try it out on yours gotta know if its the Computer or THe Thing!  You may be thinking why is that any easier than Not Saying That.  I dunno it just makes the admission it doesn't work One Step Removed!  Also, practically, I dunno maybe it is the computer!  The point is I'll probably do that tomorrow because I will be drinking today and don't FEEL like it.  I will be drinking tomorrow but by then I'm BOUND to FEEL like it.  That'd be my hypothesis.  Anyway enjoyed some #JoeBidenTOwnHallToRemember!  Took him 5 or 10 minutes to get in his groove but after that He Was ON FIRE!  Also, I would have watched Trump's town hall If Only They Had Set Him On Fire Literally.  I like candidates who AREN'T set aflame.
I like the Beer Schedule of having 4.5 drinks during 4 day weekend.  ANd then there's a three day work week and whatnot.  I think that's some weird math conceptualization.  You have a four day weekend, people think of it starting Thursday NIGHT.  So basically, with that, its still a Four Day Work Week.  The way I do it is it's an entire Thursday for the weekend!  So we're down to a THREE Day Work Week.  These are the issues that matter!  Anyway had Some Rib and a Wing and some French Fries for dinner.  I will have some more ribs and wings for lunch today!  Probably no Potato Side!  Finished the fries, got some new tater tots, but I can't be eating Frozen Food now I Got FRESH Food to eat.  Anyway these two paragraphs are to Catch Up on and after this paragraph ends it's all gonna be great!
     LOOK I said I Was done with Lunch Talk but I saw A FRENCH FRY still sitting on Oven Tray from last night!   I ATE THAT SUCKER IT WAS DELICIOUS.  Also I had put some Rib in Fridge so it'll be Defrosted From The Start, had two bites cold, ALSO WAS DELICIOUS.  So much so I'm like WHY EVEN BOTHER HEATING IT UP ITS COLD RIBS.  THat's gonna be the new COld Pizza For Breakfast.  Cold Baby Back Ribs breakfast.  Anyway Trump wants to make Amferica Great Again.  Biden wants to build back better.  If I were running my slogan would be Give Me My Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back.  It's all a desire to return to a past time!  Where I HAD SOME SORT OF BABY.  AND NOW I WANT MY BABY BACK.
Eh that ain't so good.  What else is going on.  Is there a thing where you can get A SCrabled and/or Fried Egg on pizza and It's A Breakfast Pizza.  I dunno why not!  Dough is involved in Breakfast SANDWICHES Or WRAPS.  Cheese is involved in A LOT of Breakfast Deals.  Tomato Sauce not totally out of the picture-- think Spanish Omelet.  So just A BReakfast Pizza, a pizza INTENDED for Breakfast.  Get Jimmy Dean: The Indulgent Breakfast Operation on the phone!  And all I Demand is 1% of the Profit from every Breakfast Pizza sold!  Is Jimmy Dean related to James Dean?  One can only imagine.  Am I related to James Dean?  No of course not why would that thought even occur to you.
     Start Beer NOW! 
I dunno why I stopped getting tater tots and went back to frozen fries.  One can only imagine they were out of Tots once and then I went to fries and forgot to go back to Tater Tots.  One can only imagine lots of things!  Why, there's This Thing.  There's the Breakfast/50's Movie Star connection.  See two things.  That's a lot of things!  Relatively speaking, anything more than ONE is a lot, right?  I think my favorite part of Town Hall was Biden got a question from a young black guy about what he would address as president to earn people like him's vote (something like that) and his answer at first seemed meandering and unrelated fluffstuff that wasn't really answering the question.  But then he was asked a follow up question by Mr. Stephanopoulos about it and suddenly pivoted to Explaining why what he was saying was relevant and where that answer was coming from.  And it still wasn't The Best Answer, but at first it seemed like He Was Talking Not Relevant Bull Shit but then he tied it back around!  So basically Mr. Biden your answer about Addressing Black People's issues Really Spoke To ME and basically FROM MY VIEW turned out to be CLOSE ENOUGH to A GOOD ANSWER!
     Anyway one more paragraph to this part of entry.  THere were a lot of good moments in Biden Town Hall!  Also several bad moments!  Not so many neutral moments, though!  For the most part Neutral Moments get Bumped Up To Good Moments because NO News Is Good News!  If only just Biden can Keep Everything Neutral for the next Less Than Three Weeks he's sitting pretty!  But, I dunno, still try to balance it out with some Good Moments.  Basically you wanna look at achieving 30% Good Moments, 60% Neutral Moments, and 10% Bad Moments.  That's what I'd suggest.  Also where is Biden on the Breakfast Pizza Debate?  Do we put some millions of dollars into R & D to see if we can get a good blueprint for a Breakfast Pizza?  Oh, he doesn't give a shit?  Well, what if Breakfast Pizza was served on Trains! Exclusively In The Morning! NOW have I got his attention?  Anyway I'm Dumb.  Real Dumb! But it's balanced out with about 30% Smart and 50% Neutral.  I'll be back in a little bit.



I'm Doing WELL

   No SUPERMAN DOES WELL You're Doing GOOD.  YEp seems to check out.  Looking forward to Part III of entry & Lunch.  Anyway I have about a dozen of Left Eye Eye Contacts left with Zero Right Eye Eye Eye Contact Eyes Left.  So SURE I put one of them Left Eye Suckers on this morning and was like well lets just see maybe i can work with this.  ANd then it wasn't working up to my standards so I took that sucker out!  Anyway the Bad news is that Super Online Market had no #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember this week, so instead I got a #ItAin'tAPartyWIthoutBiteSizedTostidiosToAlsoRememeber.  THose used to be the STANDARD salted snack.  First few months of Quarantine.  Now it's back WITH A VENGEANCE.  Well to the extent that a salted snack could Have vengeance a salted snack can hold, at least.
Huh.  Finished Mini Six Episode Season I of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Second Season that's when the show Hits Its Prime.  It's got ALL the great episodes.  They started slowly with Season One and then were like well lets just blow our entire load with Season II.  No holding back this time!  All of that could be untrue.  The REAL impression I have, reviewing Season II episodes, is its very hit or miss.  Half of it are THE GREATEST but then there's a few that are a Real Snooze.  So MODE wise it's not the best.  But in terms of MEAN?  Definitely.  Median?  MAYBE that's a tough one I'd have to do a lot of research to answer that concretely.  This is an important paragraph.  Also its about time YOU started participating in #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Each episode is roughly 25 minutes on average.  Don't tell me you can't fit in ONE episode a day.  That'll last you into Winter but presumably you can watch TWO episodes a night even.  That'll get you through Most of all.  One and A HALF per day?  Still a little too much, per my Head Calculations.  One and A QUARTER per day?  That COULD be sweet spot based on my Head Calculations.  Watch 1.25 episodes a day and that'll be roughly the length of Fall.  Could be wrong I dunno get off my back about it.
     Anyway.  Them ribs cold Tasted Tops.  I've got a feeling Microwave will be better than oven, too.
  The good news is, if I'm wrong, I Still have NINE MEALS OF RIBS LEFT to get right.  Anyway I saw Biden's Town Hall beat Trump's town hall in ratings.  THAT SHUT 'EM UP.  Not sure if this study was based on just ABC vs NBC or ABC vs NBC PLUS MSNBC.  Because if its just the first, yeah Trump probably won in the end.  But even then it's a sign Biden is a RATINGS JUGGERNAUT which is a fun word that I'd like to get to the bottom of some day why there's no day like today lmlturq!  Hmm internet says it means merciless, destructive, and unstoppable.  I'm gonna be honest I only associated it with unstoppable.  I never conceptualized the word in terms of negative consequences.  You say something a juggernaut I'm like Good For Them We Could All WISH To Be Juggernauts.  But now I Realize MERCILESS?  DESTRUCTIVE?  NO WAY THAT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A GOOD THING AT ALL.
     I think
I think one of the ghosts in Thirteen Ghosts: The Tony Shaloub Vehicle was called THE JUGGERNAUT.  There's a main 11 or 12 or so ghosts, I forget, so he's not The STAR Ghost, he's part of an ensemble of ghosts.  Anyway that movie was kind of okay? but I remember Roger Eberts review where it really made him sick.  HE was like the editing, the cuts to and from ghosts, the loudness IT'S ALL TOO MUCH OF AN ASSAULT ON MY SENSES.  I dunno why I remember that.  I'm a big Roger Ebert Fan! That guy knew how to write a funny review!  And also Good Reviews!  He covers ALL the bases.  If its a crappy movie, he's Funny About It.  If its a great movie, he's insightful about it!  If its a mediocre/adequate movie, not so memorable reviews for those ones but Hey Isn't That Just Right And Appropriate?  Never got into Gene Siskel, though.  How/Why would I?  I never even seen ONE episode of a Siskel & Ebert.  I had a book as a kid (mid 1990's-high 1990's) of Ebert's WORST reviews for things and it was A Laugh And A Half!
     Anyway Biden hasn't talked about doing push ups VS Trump lately.  Kinda seems like even before being elected his going back on his campaign promise!  Biden promised us PUSH UPS.  And who cares if Trump doesn't participate.  Trump pulled out of debate, so Biden did the town hall!  Trump pulls out of Push Up Contest, Biden just has to do push ups INDIVIDUALLY For An Audience!  What else is going on.  Raining outside.  I don't think I've been rained on since Quarantine Began in March.  Left the house 6 or 8 times, but as far as I Can recollect NO RAIN.  Just like that Blind Melon song.  Except IN REAL LIFE.  Anyway, probably drink 4 beer today.  SaturNight Day Live is on late tomorrow and if I wanna stay up for it (solid 50% shot At This Point) I'm gonna need that One Extra Beer!  That's just Alcomath, that's all that it.  Oh man I'm gonna have to LTURQ but I thikn the first episode of Season II of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr is the one with Demithon Moore and Jacoby Tambor.  YEP IT IS.  I dunno why I'm THAT excited.  Solidly in the 70, 75th percentile.  PRETTY good but not the best!
     Wonderful.  Had a dream I Was losing teeth last night and I kept trying to convince my parents to take me to the dentist (remember, as in real life, in dream life I Am A Child) but they weren't having none of it.  Then I had a loose tooth and I knocked it out with my tongue and was like WELL WHAT ABOUT NOW IS THIS ENOUGH FOR YOU? and it wasn't enough I never actually got to the dentist in my dream.  So I got that going for me.  In terms of Having all my teeth SOLIDLY in real life, not ONE of em is even CLOSE to loose.  And also I'm SLIGHTLY more of an adult than that dream may imply.  Is Blind Melon friends with Third Eye Blind.  Seems like they'd have a lot in common.   Anyway watching the Town Hall yesterday I realized oh right I could be watching ALL REGULAR TVS on my computer live!  I had very little interest in ABC (other than the fact if The New Monkees ever gets off the ground I think they have the rights to The Old Moknees?) but OTHER channels might have some decent programming here and there!  WAIT A SECOND, THE OLD MONKEES WERE ON NBC?!?!  That's PERFECT it's my favorite channel of The Three Channels.  ABC is probably 2nd favorite but there's  steep drop.  CBS I assume shows things but I wouldn't know.
     Aren't I supposed to record The New Monkees Theme Song?  I had most of it mapped out for like 2 years.  And I figured out some of the Harmonizing with presumably 4 vocal tracks just recently.  I only got TWO or THREE of the Harmony Vocals.  NEED 2 OR SO MORE!  These are the days of my lives.  How does Harmonizing work in Band again?  If there's four people singing the same words at the same time is it standard they're all different?  Or could it be like 2 and 2.  Two doin' this one thing, two doin' this other thing.  I'd know but I DON'T KNOW.  Anyway, I honestly do have a not completely insignificant amount of the show worked out, but the real place where I Kinda Can Really See It Myself are the characters.  We're talkin I KNOW THE MAIN CHARACTER'S NAMES.  What they're ALL ABOUT.  How they may or may not RELATE to each other.  How they may or may not DEVELOP over time!  Well that last one not so much.  What am I some GENIUS I can't predict future.  Unless... nah I can't.  Was hoping I could, but I Can't!  The real point is I think it'd be great if I could do The New Monkees.  That'd be enough!  Wouldn't have to actually make it, that seems like a snooze, impossible, hard to do, not great in many ways!  But just having the SKILL and TALENT and WHEREWITHAL is enough for me!  Gotta do something, though.  That's the other side of the coin.



This Is Going GREAT

   Look I know I Can't Do The New Monkees.  But I'm a solid FORTY Percent there.  I could accomplish PROBABLY CLOSE TO HALF of it is the point all things considered.  LET'S MOVE ON.  I may have let you in on this pun before, but The New Monkees?  The Knew Monkeys?  People who first contracted AIDS.  Sex with Monkeys.  ANd to KNOW someone is to sex them in Old English or somethin' right?  That's how AIDS that went, right?  I better LTURQ before spreading False Bullshit.  Hey NOPE I was close but no cigar!  Not people having SEX with monkeys.  Just EATING monkeys.  Sorry to spread that False Bullshit.  I dunno there must be SOME people having sex with monkeys.  Not just in the 1980's in Africa.  ALL OVER THE PLACE AND ALL THE TIME.  That'd be my Educated Guess.  Also do I have to LURQ whether, "To Know," someone is to have sex with them?  Yeah I better just to play it safe.  I dunno not seeing an answer one way or the other.  The point is if I came up with it isn't that even better?  That's a good turn of phrase!  Look we're gonna have to Know monkeys sooner or later if we want some weird offshoot of evolution.  It's called BEING PRODUCTIVE.
    Fascinating.  Haven't started lunch yet.  Maybe closer to the end of the entry or sometin'!  Maybe lots of things!  No Knowin' Monkees, though!  Either Real Monkeys, New Monkees, or Old Monkees.  Don't know ANY of em except for maybe Old Monkees that seems to check out you're fine with knowing them.  I also had a dream a few nights ago I was putting together a movie About My Own Death.  I don't remember much beyond that.  But it was a positive thing.  It was a good movie, at least.  If not my Death In The Real World (in the Dream Real World, at least!).  My Dream Movie Death was kinda promising all things considered!  I dunno what else is going on.  Beyond #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor, what is there to watch.  Guess I could get access to HBOMax and/or Starz: The Streaming Service Operation Offshoot of The Premium Channel.  I like those odds.  Not odds at all.  Kinda set in stone is the point whether I can and/or cannot do that.
     I guess!  Hey until a week ago I had gone HALF A YEAR without taking a break from daily entrying.  I like those odds.  Again Already Happened That Way no odds involved.  That's why I like the odds so much!  100%!  Doesn't get much better than that!  Unless its a negative thing!  Then 0% is the best thing!  Or, lets say you wanna flip a coin, so to speak!  Then you're gonna want a 50% odds!  Yeah.  Okay what else.  I think I saw Biden beat both of Trump Town Hall Channels combined by his lonesome on One Channel.  In ratings!  Also subjectively in quality but that's not the point.  He's GOOD for ratings!  That'll learn 'em, that'll learn all of 'em!  Also I know Biden's premise of returning to good ol' days of semi-bi-partisan ship is a source of Mockery and I feel that way for the most part but I Dunno What IF He's Right???  Anything is possible.  All ya need is half a dozen Republican Senators willing to work in good faith and suddenly we're in a whole new situation.  Probably WON'T happen.  They'll MOST LIKELY be as disciplined as ever around the premise obstructing Everything.  But I dunno MAYBE!
     He's been around senators more than me.  By a long shot!  It's not even close!  So I dunno what else is going on and crap.  I believe the Biden is a bit malleable.  Which is bad in the context of working with Republicans.  But is good in the context of working with all-out Progressives.  I dunno how its gonna turn out but LETS WATCH TV ABOUT IT FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS.  Yeah that sounds like UTOPIA.  That's how I feel.  Gotta assume he'd be mostly more inclined to listen to Progressive Democrats than Republican Conservatives.  You don't HAVE to assume it but it would make you feel better!  So go ahead and assume it it's fun to feel better about things!  Anyway after 4 years of Trump being the main character on TV, it'd be weird to shift to more of an ensemble.  That's how it would presumably go.  Weird but AWESOME.  Let's see all these new characters I wonder what they're all about!  I dunno about this line of reasoning, maybe Biden is just gonna be The Main Character.  Who knows how its gonna go!  Probably some people!  I'm not one of those people!
     Okay.  Fifth paragraph!  That's enough for Parts Of Entry.  Sixth is on par with Parts Of Entry Previously In This Entry!  Seven would be An Even 20 Paragraphs Over The Entire Entry!  Gotta be one of those things.  Maybe finish it after this paragraph.  I'm just about dunzo to be honest with you.  Anyway finishing beer #3 right about now.  Hopefully am able to stick to 4 for the day.  Save that sucker for going to sleep.  So I have something to look forward to for the rest of the day where it's not time to go to sleep yet!  I think I saw some great things to watch on The Streams.  I forget, though.  Anyway.  I dunno better drink sooner I don't want my buzz to peter out just yet.  I don't want lots of things!  That is but one example!  Hmm could I come up with all the main characters FIRST names in The New Monkees.  Lets say.  Iamb.  Adam.  Joey??? Tommy???  Hearts, Daisy, Roland.  I think that's about accurate.  Also a Happy in there.   Not 100% committed to Joey and/or Tommy.  Also Iamb is the best New Monkey and Daisy is the best BEHIND THE SCENES character.  So you can see how far into this I am.  I like HEARTS.  That's the character I'm most invested in these days!
     Okay one more paragraph and then I'm done.  Heart works for the studio.  DO TV shows have studios.  Its like she worked for the studios coordinating with a specific production but instead it's the same thing but for TV Shows.  ANd I can use all my knowledge and insight about this plot line because of all my experience WATCHING TV.  Seems about right.  Hearts' Heart is in the right place!  That's all I have to say about that!  Anyway I dunno what else is going on.  Gotta do something!  Gotta get started on music, that's my real semi-realistic plan.  Not #TheNewMonkees, no, just The Real Me making More Music.  I think I'm on the verge of being capable of  starting that project.  I can SORT OF imagine me going down that road and it being Good Enough!  Anyway another entry in the books.  That'll last me a solid Whole Day Minus A Few Hours.  I'll see ya later.

-2:04 P.M.




Thursday, October 15, 2020

Entries Are For Fun

   Look I'm not in a great mood.  DVD drive ain't workin' ONE LICK!  Can't even get the thing to EJECT.  So now not only do I have to shell out the money for a new one but I gotta breach the subject with my Male Parental Unit and be like yeah just wasted 25 dollars SORRY BOUT THAT.  ANd he's like it ain't your fault is my position.  And I'm like nah more likely your position is that I shuold Have Done More Research and gotten a good one.  ANd he's like yeah that does sound more like me how about that.  And then we have a nice hearty laugh about it and I get a new one.  Hey that doesn't sound so bad.  Seems kinda fun now that I think about it.  I CAN'T WAIT TILL MY DAD COMES HOME!
Huh.  Also accepted Super Market Delivery and wiped down the important half.  Lunch'll be Finish Pasta & Meatballs.  Dinner'll be maybe just 2 Ribs 2 Wings.  But those are big ribs lemme tell ya.  Anyway finally watched the Final Last episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr and YEP STILL SCARY.  Especially the end.  Cause the bad guy wins!  No Spoilers!  And its a CARTOON.  Bad guy winning in a Cartoon JUST DOESN'T CHECK OUT MY MIND IS BEING BROKEN IN A NEGATIVE WAY.  Yep I cycled around and watched Episode I Volume I of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  I CAN'T watch DVDs and I DON'T FEEL LIKE pestering my parents/brothers for Log In Information for anything besides TUBI: THE FREE SERVICE and DISNEY PLUS: The Service I Signed Up For Myself So I Know The Log In Information!  Kenny Logins.  Is that something.  Anyway, the most important thing is I Installed Microsoft FrontPage.  SO I could get crackin' on the website.  DVDs I can do with out theoretically I have been For Years.
     Oh, right, beer.  I get to drink that and theoretically enjoy it!  What does Disney Plus over in the line of Horror Anthology Series?  Some?  A Lot?  Only a few?  I guess I'll look into that at some point.  I really might.  I like doing things that don't make sense some of the time.  Also how freakin' stupid is this External CDRom Drive.  How fuckin' hard is it to JUST EJECT.  Just Do It What Are You Dumb Or Something?  Hey Streaming service, Disney PLUS WHAT?  Stumped Em!  Maybe there is a percentage of the movies/TV shows that have NOTHING to do with Disney.  But my guess is It's All Stuff that's directly or nominally made by/owned by Disney.  SO Disney Plus? I COULD SUE THEM AND I'D WIN.
Hey up to fourth paragraph. I like those odds!  This may not be much of a hot take but is there a reason that invariably when you're on hold with a place and they're playing music to keep you occupied it's always TERRIBLE music?  I mean did they do studies where its like people will like hanging on the line better if they're being assaulted by just the dumbest music possible.  It can't be that they can't get the rights to decent music.  Hire me!  I'll write some decent Every-90-Seconds-Repeating music.  Get people PUMPED UP about being on hold.  And the point is I'd do it for VERY little certainly something within your budget!
     Okay.  Other idea-- instead of Waiting Music, how about Waiting Comedy?  Someone doing a 10 minute set while you're waiting.  Then it repeats after ten minutes but whose gonna know after ten minutes you've already thrown your phone out the window and/or in the trash and gone on with your life.  Anyway I was going through Pill Supplies and I have an obscene amount of Klonopin.  I could either Sell A Lot Of Klonopin ON THE STREET or I could Have a Really Fun Month.  I'm leaning towards Neither I'm A Responsible ADult neither of those are even in the realm of possibility for me!
  What's going on in the wide world of politics.  Biden Speaking tonight!  Trump too.  But BIDEN is the man of the hour that we all gotta keep our eye on.  Biden is the wave of the future!  Trump is a dumb guy who crashed on our couch for 4 years.  Dumb And Evil!  That's my Lloyd Christmas/Dr. Evil buddy comedy spin off movie.  Dumb and Dumber existing in the same world as Austin Powers?  HOLY SHIT IT ALL MAKES SENSE.  ALL, "Checks Out," ON MIGHT SAY!  Also I can imagine a 2022 where it's like HEY A NEW AUSTIN POWERS MOVIE!  Man, I'm great at movie ideas.  Only give me 1% Gross Royalties from the film, guys.  I'm practically giving it away!  Anyway hey now that we have a #2022ToLookForwardTo, lets take a break. 





I Feel Very Strongly About This

   The bad guy wins in the final episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr?  What Is This REAL LIFE?  I dunno about that one.  Good guys win a lot of the time in real life.  Probably solid 50/50 mean reversion.  Good or Bad In Quality has little effect on your ultimate win/loss record.  That'd be MY hypothesis.  I haven't done laundry in a Dog's Age.  You know, a really young dog.  A puppy, really.  ANd even younger than your average puppy all things considered.  Look I haven't done laundry in about a month.  Get Off My Back About It!  I saw Joe Biden's Dog's Name is CHAMP.  I like that Dog's Name!  I think this dog is ready to become The First Dog. 
    Hmm looks like Biden has a second dog named Major.  What the... huh... WHAT?  You're PLAYING FAVORITES WITH DOGS?  Yeah this one dog Champ we love, get a load of this dog.  ISN'T IT TRUE YOU HAVE ANOTHER DOG?  We don't talk about that.  Nope. Just Champ.  You must have gotten your facts confused.  Hmm maybe have Ribs and Wings for lunch not dinner.  I can, "DIG," that.  Alright set that plan into motion.  Defrosting Ribs!  2 Ribs 2 Wings.  That's a lunch EVERYONE can, "Dig."  In theory.  Not in Specific Practice.  You ain't gettin' ANYWHERE NEAR my lunch get that out of your mind right away.  Not Gonna Happen!
   Fascinating.  Okay.  Is one dog his Stay AT Home Dog and the other dog his Traveling Dog.  Gotta imagine that's how they're doing it.  Champ is on the campaign trail, that's why everyone knows Champ.  And Major stays with the family, keep them entertained and occupied.  I hope that's Trump's Next Attempt At October Surprise.  Smearing Champ about something.  Champ isn't the angel-dog we think he is!  HE'S HAVING AN AFFAIR.  Anyway I dunno.  If you're in no other committed relationships, is an affair still the right word?  Kinda implies there's some Cheating going on.  That's MY hot take.  Hey.  Great.  Presumably Lunch will be with part III.  Assuming it's defrosted enough by then.  Wings don't have to be defrosted.  Those suckers were only refrigerated not frozen!
    Moving on.  Not only is CDRom useless but I LOST A DVD OF SOMETHING IN THERE!  I forget what. GREEN MILE?  SEVEN?  Maybe some sort of... uhh... probably one of those.  I can crack this piece of junk open to retrieve the DVD.  No one's denying that possibility.  But all things the same I'd like to avoid that!  Anyway hopefully Election is called Election Night and the NYTime Headline the next day is We Are The CHAMPions! and it's just a picture of Champ.  What does Champ look like, now I gotta know.  I'm imagining him as a real Handsome Dog.  LMLTURQ.  YEP that dog is pretty hot.  I mean its not a TEN.  It's a solid Seven!  I like it.  Anyway where was I.  I've been assuming Champ is a Male but women can be champs too!  In terms of what words mean.  Now that I think about it.  LMLTURQ.  Hmm not a lot of info on this dog's gender.  Maybe its on the DARK WEB.  It's in THE EMAILS.  THE SERVER.  That sort of thing.
Okay.  I know MAJOR is Male.  They use the pronoun, "He" when referring to him.  That's great, just great.  Anyway Break #2 of 2 after this paragraph.  Or next paragraph.  First section was six paragraphs instead of five so don't let that get to your head and think they're ALL gonna be six from now on.  But it does increase the probability a little bit because Being Consistent is a SOMEWHAT real concern.  Not a big concern!  Minor concern!  Like Biden's next dog once Champ dies (Over 10 years old at this point)  Major and Minor Concern!  Oh I thought he was just gonna be called, "Minor."  Nope!  "Minor Concern!"  Sounds like a Punk Band.  Minor Threat?  Is that a band that I'm thinking of?  Yep Minor Threat already a punk band there goes that.  Minor Concern, though?  As a name for a DOG?  Yep don't think any dog with that name has had any sort of influence on the Dog Scene.
Cool I'll write another paragraph.  That ain't cool.  Yeah I guess not.  SUch is life!  I guess the PLUS in DISNEYPLUS is just yeah when we say DIsney movies you think of The Princess Movie, The Aladdins, Pinocchio Thing, that sort of animated stuff.  NO we're BEYOND THAT.  But they're still DISNEY movies.  So this is a major point of contention I have.  WHat else is going on.  Just tried a bit of Rib because it was defrosted enough and that was pretty good!  Gnona be even better Heat'd Up in microwave!  Maybe Oven too!  But for now I'm thinkin' about Microwaving it Sounds Like A Fun AND Productive.  It's a good thing this was a PLUS paragraph because it really added nothing to Whatever This IS.





Never Used THIS Title Before!

   Solid chance I used that title before.  WIth the exact Capitalizations, Grmmar, and Punctuation Mark.  Hmm Punctuation Mark SHOULD just mean Exclamation Marks and Question Marks and Periods THAT'S IT.  THey PUNCTUATE the phrase.  dotting an I?  Doing a Semi Colon?  Not punctuating SHIT.  Hmm internet telling me I don't know what Punctuate means.  I dunno I'm pretty sure Punctuating means ending it.  I don't care what other people say!  Yea I do.  I won't make this mistake again, you can bet on that!  I'm very repentant is the point.  Gonna have Pasta and Meatballz for lunch, actually.  Just not in the mood for ribs!  That'll be a Solid Dinner, though!
     Anyway, I dunno.  C'mon External CD/DVDRom Drive I know you WANT to do the right thing.  You WANT to open when I tell you to.  What's wrong, lets talk it out.  What can I do to get you to Eject.  WE NEED TO COMMUNICATE BETTER I know your heart is in the right place.  You know that sort of thing.  Anyway two Election Models I follow are finally pretty close!  538 has Biden at 87% chance of winng, THE ECONOMIST: The Election Model has Biden at 91% chance of winning.  You average those two things together, you get LESS than 1/9th and SLIGHTLY MORE than 1/10th chance Trump wins.  And a month or two ago they were 20 points apart.  FIVETHIRTYEIGHT IS CLOSING THE GAP WILL THEY NE THE HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF BIEN WINS BEFORE ELECTION DAY COMES I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT!
Cool.  I wonder if my vote is being counted.  Solid 70, 75% chance it is!  Figure I'll have lunch in about 15 minutes to thirty minutes to Back to 45 minutes showing digits instead of words then on to sixty minutes back to using words instead of digits.  Huh?  Almost Makes Sense To Me!  Anyway maybe has lunch at around Oh I Don't Know THE FOURTH PARAGRAPH OF THIS SECTION?  That's really soon! Better make it the Fifth Paragraph!  I just ain't ready yet!  I'm assuming Presidential Dogs need secret service agents.  THe only question is Are They Also Dogs or Not.  You'd think a Dog would be more comfortable with Canine SS Agents.  SS agents... isn't that what they called Nazis.  SS officer and so on and so forth.  I guess!  So let's just use the longhand and say Canine Secret Service Agents.  But then how do you teach a Dog to take a bullet for another Dog.  It'd be tough.  First, how do you teach him to do it on command, and then, just as importantly, how do you convince him that its a good idea! 
     Anyway.  Lunch after this paragraph!  Wonderful.  In the end, isn't a good thing I watch #TalesFromTHeCRyptFallToFrightFOr one more time through?  And then in 2 weeks when its over again, I should easily have NEW External CD/DVD Rom Drive ready to go.  I think there's a silver lining there!  Which is good unless it's lining Gold.  Silver Lining Gold you gotta be like well I'd be better without this lining completely.  Not often is the case but in this scenario yes do away with Silver Lining.  Anyway that's great.  Nate Silver should write an autobiography about the rough and tumbler world of Elite Statistic Modeling & Analysis or whatever and it's called Silver's Lining Playbook.
I have an argument with my Dad about 3 times a day where I'm like looking pretty good for Biden and he's like they'll just steal it to win and I'm like yeah but he's leading by enough to negate that and he's like they'll find a way and I'm like yeah maybe but I dunno it'd be tough!  Exponentially tougher by degrees of Biden winnings.  And its frustrating because Sure He's Very Possibly Right, but I gotta keep hope alive!  I heard that in a movie somewhere.  "Keep hope alive!"  That movie really spoke to me is the point and I hope we can determine what movie that was from over the next few weeks.
     OK got lunch going on.  One more paragraph?  Two?  Probably that's it!  2 beers into the day, 2 more to go presumably. If I could survive with 1 more that's even better!  My dad is upset that Trump will be on TWO channels tonight instead of just one like Biden.  Biden on ABC, Trump presumably on NBC AND MSNBC.  Seems unfair!  Of course he's gonna get a boost in ratings when he's ON TWO CHANNELS.  We need to even the playing field!  Now Trump is also on The Discovery Channel!  Now that we're in a pattern of Escalation, Trump is gonna be on the history channel!  Now Biden has to ADD two channels... he re-institutes Current, the Al Gore Channel...  I dunno what I was talking about.  Oh, right.  Channels!  Great!
     Last paragraph probably.  Hmm.  Now that I know the bad guy wins at the end of Tales From The Crypt, I can better understand all the episodes leading upto it.  Maybe I'm supposed to identify with The Bad Guys they seem to win at the end I Want To Win At The End!  Seems plausible.  Next episode is the one where the lady kills her husband on Christmas but then an escaped Mental Patient Santa is trying to kill HER.  A real snooze most of the time but I can see myself getting into it when this entry is dead!  I mean, DONE.  Too much #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor!  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow.





Wednesday, October 14, 2020

How About Entry

   Look we don't have a choice about it.  Entry is comin' whether you or I want it or not!  Well I have SOME say.  Not as much as you'd think, though!  Anyway went to get Blood Work done.  I was thinking about telling the phlebotomist about my Vampire Makes A Friend and drinks a little bit of blood 2, 3 times a week.  But I didn't!  I COULD HAVE.  She wouldn't recognize me from Adam because of my mask.  We can get away with saying weird things NO One Is Going To Be Able To Identify You After The Fact!  Anyway got mom cigarettes & Got Myself Some Bonus Beer!  We're talkin FIFTY OUNCES of beer.  Well it's just a tad over 4 beers all in all... but when you put it that way... FIFTY sounds like A LOT.  It's like a Forty Ounce but PLUS 25%!  Anyway we used to drink 40 Oz in Freshman NYU Year and then NEVER AGAIN (Nor before!) have I gotten that.  Seems like a pretty big oversight.  It's fun!  You get 1 and you're like this is gonna last me all night!  Then a month later you're like hmm kinda need 1.5, or 2 to get me through all night!  Oh well STILL PRETTY CONVENIENT!
  I'm seeing a lot of controversy about NBC giving Trump a town hall just for fun and also scheduling it opposite Joe Biden's town hall just for fun.  And I'm 100% critical of it as are these takes I'm consuming!  But one aspect is ya know its 2020 I think 90% of the people who would watch one of these can easily have the capability to watch the other one after. Not before.  Hadn't have occurred yet!   But after.  Also I think this is a great chance for Biden to get more viewers than Trump (who the hell WANTS to watch Trump who isn't his base) and that'll drive Trump up a tree.  We'd need to call Fire Men to get him out of the tree!  He won't want to leave!  Like the plot of that Ben Folds song presumably!  Look is it possible Trump beats Biden at ratings?  Maybe.  Maybe that's good, though.  He has a break through oh yeah now that I think about it I don't wanna be president I just wanna be on TV the most possible and have people watch me on TV the most possible.  Wait that's no good.  He'd have to stay president for all those ratings.  Ah so That's his motivation.  Cracked that code!
     Anyway got Pasta & Meatballz for tonight.  Got Super Market Delivery (to be read as Super Market Delivery!) and guess what I'm Gettin' Those RIbs Again.  The time has come for me to eat obscene amount of, I wanna say, porn?  Wait no.  PORK.  I'm eating obscene amounts of ribs of PORK not ribs of PORN.  Anyway down to the Last Ultimate Final #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  And it's the scariest one of all!  The cartoon one!  Horrifying!  Also a lot of DVDs ain't workin' with my computer.  Starting to get the sense I shouldn't have bought a 20 dollar External CD/DVD Rom Drive.  That's like the kind of thing you'd buy at the grocery store.  Gimme a pack of some e-cigarettes, 8 dollar pair of head pones, throw in a CDROM DRIVE...  Do E-Cigarettes come in packs.  Are there even E-Cigarettes?  Or am I thinking of something else.  Or am I thinking of the right thing but calling it something wrong.  Lots of things to consider when it comes to E-Cigarettes.  Oh cigarettes that hook you up to the world wide web.  I hear ya.
  Donald Trump was just the flavor of the month.  NOW Americans wanna hear more from this new guy Joe Biden I wonder what his deal is.  I Bet It's Good!  I think Trump is betting it all on getting much better ratings so he can be like see give me good coverage and let me be president again you'd get more viewers!  Is Corporate Media that transactional?  Yeah probably!  But maybe not!  LETS SEE WHAT JOE BIDEN Has To Say About It!  I wanna hear more about Joe FROM the source himself Joe Biden!  I want him on TV ALL.  The.  TIME.  It's true though, from a personal viewpoint.  I will leave the room if I can't turn off the TV with Trump on it.  I will stay in the room for 15 seconds to give Joe Biden a shot at entertaining me/makin'-me-feel-good.  Then I'LL LEAVE THE TV ON even when I leave the room because THAT'S THE KIND OF GUY I AM.
     OKay, sure.  Start beer.... Now.  I know Natural Light is stereotypically a Cheap Low Level Beer but I LIKE IT.  Much better than EIGHTY Percent of the other beers out there.  Also they add an extra ounce for every 24 ounces and I LIKE THAT EXTRA BIT A LOT.  I wonder what other DVDs I can try and fail at watching.  I dunno.  The The Shining stopped working once and then I took out and re-put-in the DVD and it worked for the rest of the Film.  Kingpin had the same thing THREEE times but at a point I was able to watch the last 54 minutes UNINTERRUPTED.  So I dunno I can live with those kinds of scenarios.  Compared to Worst Case Scenerio of None OF The DVDs working at all.  Ahh I was gonna watch SEVEN.  Mostly because I wanna see that scene with the fat tub of lard who Ate Himself To Death.  Also the other killings where it's like OH THATS GROSS!  Just in the mood for some Gross Seven DEADLY Sins Deaths.  Also, lets forget about this movie, lets think about WSeven Deadly Sins.  They're not in and of themselves deadly.  THey are SINS.  But under normal circumstances they won't KILL YOU.  So I don't 100% grasp the use of the word, "Deadly," in this phrase.  I think that was the Seven Killer's motivation, Phrase Confused Him and he was like hmm better put this into practice myself THEN THE PHRASE WILL BE GOOD.



That'd Be Fine

   Look, I dunno what I'm gonna have for lunch.  No Definite I-GOtta-Have-It-Or-It-Goes-Bad options.  Overall, Bagel with Cream Cheese or Butter-- one optoin.  French Bread Pizza with Some-Sort-of-SIde (Un-Frozen French Fries?)-- one option.  Turkey Sandwich (some sort of bread?)-- another option.  These are my best options.  Also turkey sandwich would require some side, too.  And I am SO over, "Beef Barley Soup."  Those pellets of pasta I'M DONE WITH.  I don't care if it tastes good for 75% of it (First 15% is no bueno, too hot, and Last 10% is no bueno, too cold), I'm DONE WITH IT.  ANyway Nurse took my weight and I either gained ~1 or 2 pounds or ~4,5 pounds.  I wrote down weight from 4 weeks ago But I forget if I adjusted for the weight of Cloths that were hanging around me at the time.  Ain't that just how it goes.  Anyway I fart a lot in my sweat pants at home, and was wearing them to Blood Work because I have no clean jeans, and I guess it's time to reap my just rewards.  I thought I could live forever without Fart Consequences.  Suddenly my entire world crashed down around me.  Oh well such is life.
  Pretty much decided to have Turkey Sandwich as lunch, and, I dunno, French Fries as a side.  Better put those in the oven Right About Now.  Almost forgot!  ALRIGHT took care of that.  Didn't even count it Fry-By-Fry to see how much I was gonna make.  Just took two handfuls and what ya see is what ya get!  It's called Natural Light but suddenly if I set it on fire I'M THE STUPID ONE?  Doesn't check out.  I feel like I made that, "Joke," before.  Setting light beer on fire.  Making me the stupid one.  Oh well bound to have SOME Repeats.  Probably more than I realize.  That's just part of the Grand Compromise when it comes to writing nonsense.  There's only so much nonsense to be gleamed from the universe that you start repeating yourself!  Anyway I have to leave my door open LIKE A CHUMP because I'm waiting to answer the front door for a delivery.  This happens like 2,3 times a week!  I've had it up to here with it!
     Okay.  Two dinner rolls for Turkey Sandwich(es).  No more fuckin' with this Hard As A Rock French Bread.  There's only one pirtion piece left and I can hae that as A SNACK!  Not even GETTING it for the next week.  It gets Too Hard Too Fast.  Which is the ONE complaint I've heard from Sex Partners.  Yep seems to check out.  Anyway have to have Early Dinner cause Dad has Early Evening CLass.  Gotta be eating that sucker around 5:30, 5:45!  No one eats dinner that early.  Unless, I dunno, now that I think about it, there's a lot of scenarios where people might eat dinner that early.  Too many scenarios that I can't even go through all of them with you!  It'd take too long and it would get boring, just trust me, there's a lot of scenarios out there where people might eat dinner What May Seem Early to You And I.  Huh?  WHa.  I forgot what I was talking about.
     Okay.  In waht scenerio does a phlebotomist need to know my weight and Belly Circumference.  Sounds like a scam to me.  I don't get why they need to know my Birthday when I already told them my complete name.  What am I gonna be like Ya Got Me I was taking this blood test for another person that you're checking my white blood cell counts.  I know you're concerned about his white blood cells but he's shy about it so he sent me in his place.  Well, I'll be leaving now.  I hope I have better luck next time when hopefully there's a NEW phlebotomist to scam!  Also how hard is it for me to find out the original person's birthday.  I guess in a scenario where He Isn't In On It.  I just wanna get my blood work done on HIS bill.  But then he'd get the results, not me.  A lot of things not adding up in this scenario is the point.
     I can't even start masturbating!  The doorbell might ring at any moment!  And if I answer the door and a sexy delivery lady is there and I have an erection but wanna make her feel good about herself and I'm like Sorry I got Too Hard Too Fast.  And she's like it's okay happens all the time.  Also HOW is that not a halloween costume (on normal Halloween years)?  SEXY UPS DELIVERY WOMAN.  I can PICTURE IT and it would BE GREAT.  I'd be all like HEY I'VE GOT A PACKAGE FOR YOU!  ...IN THIS SCENARIO I'M THE WAREHOUSE, NOT THE RECEIVER.  THAT'S HOW THIS TRANSACTION GOES.  ANyway when this paragraph is over I get about a 20 minute break then I return with Lunch & Part III of entry.  Wonderful.  Anyway what else is going on.  Anyway had a dream I went to my brother Hey would you want to go to Six Flags at some time over the next month and he was like cool that'd be great.  Then I woke up and Not Only Can We NOT go to Six Flags over the next month, but upon further reflection, THAT WASN'T EVEN MY BROTHER IN MY DREAM IT WAS AN IMPOSTER.  I'll be back in a little bit.



I've Had Just About Enough Of You

   Look, I'm having a Delicious 2 Mini Turkey Sandwiches and Some French Fries.  ANd the Delivery I was waiting for was delivered so now I can close my door and masturbate like a champ!  I think I dreamt about Six Flags not because I want what I can't have, but more because I want to play Roller Coaster Tycoon.   Also are there a lot of Tycoons who specialize in Roller Coasters (Or AMusement Parks in general?).  I get a tycoon might buy a Sports Franchise or something.  But buying A Six Flags and having to put your imprint on a Thrill Park seems like something out of the ordinary.  Hmm I wonder if I should add more Frozen French Fries to the SUPER Market Delivery.  Wonder Park.  Isn't that an amusement park in movies?  I dunno never saw it.  Corona virus got there first.   Unless if it was released last year.  Then i have no excuse.
  HERE'S THE DEAL I got TATER TOTS instead of Frozen Fries and I got TOSTIDOS (Bite Size Edition) instead of Kettle Chips.  They ran out of PARTY SIZE of Kettle Chips!  ANd if its not a party why bother.  Might as well get Tortilla Chips as long as It's Just Gonna Be Me. Oh right I forgot I have more beer.  I totally finished 25 oz of beer and now I have 24 oz left waiting in the wings!  Anyway watched some Face/Off last night on the Free Streaming Service: Tubi Or Something.  And is it possible That's What The Pinnacle Of A Film Is?   Partly!  It depends on what you're looking for in Film but there's certainly One Thing You Might Be Looking For where THIS IS THE BEST FILM OF THOSE THINGS.  Anyway I think Nicholas Cage won that movie VS John Travolta.  I assume that's how to watch it.  Which actor is winning the film.  And Travolta is Great but Cage Is Super Great!
     Anyway.  I think its somewhat safe to say that Both Actors are Better when They're The Other Person.  That's my hot take.  I keep telling myself I wont eat as many snacks but then I keep eating all the snacks I can possibly get my hands on.  We're talkin' CARBOHYDRATES.  Bread.  Other forms of bread.  Bread STICKS.  Lot of that sorta thing. Kettle Chips!  Hopefully with Tostidos instead of Kettle Chips I can re-align my diet and figure out how to be Healthier.  I'm only a few pounds away from being obese!  That's no good!  Then again in TV and Film sometimes you see a guy without a shirt on and he's obese but then with a shirt on you're like well this guy looks pretty standard, pretty normal.  And TV and Film wouldn't LIE to us.  What would be their motivation?  They'd have none, that's who!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Pretty much set that I'll try to watch more DVDs when this is over.  After a brief stint of watching Twitter.  There's 2 dozen accounts that Need Reading!  I was planning on having some Delicious Kansas City Style Ribs for lunch immediately tomorrow but now that we're having pasta tonight I have to have Part II tomorrow!  Why don't I just make less Pasta.  What are you Some Kind Of An Idiot?  Although I can safely have Delicious Kansas City Style Ribs for lunch tomorrow and have Pasta Part II for Dinner.  I feel like that's within my realm of responsible possibilities.  Also, how metropolitan is Kansas City, really.  Kansas is the lease metropolitan state I can imagine but also City Certainly Seems To Imply Some Sort Of City.  Also isn't it Missouri Partially right lets talk about it.
last paragraph!  Entry almost done.  And it's all been worth it!  I totally get to be conscious for the next, oh I don't know EIGHT OR NINE hours without any responsibility!  Except for cooking dinner!  That's a responsibility-em-up.  Also wiping down more grocery stuff.  Another Responsibility-em-up.  So basically throw out everything I just said.  Hmm if I fight my fears and watch final #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr episode, I CAN START OVER AT EPISODE 1!  OH MAN THOSE EARLY EPISODES!  HAVEN'T SEEN EM IN WHAT HALF A MONTH?  I can, "Dig," that!  Also episode III has the word, "Dig," in the title of the episode.  OH MAN I JUST REALIZED THE PUN IN THAT.  NO spoilers but it turns out to be a pun!  Anyway that'll do it for now.  Be back with More C-/C entries Tomorrows!

-1:59 P.M.




Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Let's Get Going

   Look, I don't know how the rest of the day is gonna go... but I have a Delicious Lunch lined up!  We're talkin' a single slice of meatloaf.  We're talkin TWO dinner rolls (Pre-cut in half).  We're talkin' SOME half spheres of potatoes.  It's delicious because SUddenly IT's a Meatloaf Sandwich.  Which is.. ya know... double teaming Meatloaf: The Acclaimed Musician and SOmetimes Actor.  Only negative thing is It's Not Really A Meatloaf Sandwich.  It's TWO Smaller Meatloaf Sandwiches.  Which I guess is okay but the point is This Paragraph is devoted to lunch and I WIll Never Speak Of It Again.  YOu have my WORD.  WHich means I promise or something.  I Give You My Word. iOh Yeah?  Well WHICH word?  ANd also unless you're a real Creative Type, I don't think you have ANY words of your own.  Not like me.  I've got gonna, I've got kinda, I've got Nate...
     Hmm still can't, "Indent."  How about that.
  Well great what else is going on.  I played 20 minutes of Civilization VI and I really bought into the idea, pre-playing it, it was light-years ahead of Civilization II.  Kinda 75% the same thing.  But the point is it turns out they DO have AMerica as a playable civilization. But you have to be TEDDY ROOSEVELT?  Who the... what... WHY HIM?  I can name HALF A DOZEN OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD better presidents AND most of those are Bipartisanlly Loved.  Why there's Abraham Lincoln.  There's Joe Washington... is Jonathan Kennedy Bipartisanly liked?  I feel like Republicans sympathize with his death.  Everyones on board with celebrating Jonathon Kennedy being shot.  Wait, no, let me rephrase that.  Everyone is on board with Jonathan Kennedy... due to the Overall Good Will he accumulated PARTIALLY from being shot.  Also partly because He Put A Man On The Moon.  It was his idea!  Before him no one ever thought to do that.  Also does that mean Kennedy and Columbus are the same thing?  In Columbo's time, a lot of people thought world was flat (even though most educated people didn't)  By the time we got to Kennedy people stopped believing that but Still Kennedy Made Em 100% SURE OF IT.  Then 50 years later We're Back To Thinking The World Is Flat.  Funny how things go like that.
     Anyway.  No beer today!  No beer tomorrow!  Beer the day after tomorrow!  Gotta cope with Climate Warming somehow!  Climate Warming... you know... GLOBAL CHANGE?  Get on board with it.  Can Flat Earthers believe in Climate Change?  We sure as hell know they won't believe in Global Warming.  YOU LOST ME AT GLOBAL.  They might say.  Hehe.  Also I Was thinking about it and can Black People be Qanon'ers?  I can definitely see non-white people buy into that.  I mean, not A LOT of them.  But a not insignificant amount!  WHich makes me WORRIED For our future.  We will see Cross-Demographic Support for Conspiracy Theories That's No Bueno I Ain't On Board With That.  ALso it's easier for me to conceptualize a lot of white people as Just Being Stupid.  I don't think that way about other people, though.  Not my place to say!  Maybe its because part of me, a small, 10% part of me, Gets the Stupidity that only Whiteness can bring about.  IT LIES WITHIN ME!
     Right, sure, what else is going on and crap.  Lots of stuff presumably.  Finished  The The Shining, watched The Kingpin, made it 10 minutes into The Bride Of CHucky before DVD stopped working.  So basically most movies work and who knows this DVD might start working again its hard to predict the future.  Actually, it's Very Easy to predict the future.  The tricky part is trying to make it accurate.  If you can do that COngrats You Can Be A Psychic.  You don't even need to go to school!  Although I'm sure Psychic Schools exist all over the place.  I can definitely see that being some sort of rip off scam type thing.  Go take these un-accredited classes to learn about Astrology and Palm Reading and Séances.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Wait, no.  Don't learn about them.  Learn how to DO them.  You don't wanna go to Psychic School just to learn ABOUT séances.  You need to learn PRACTICAL REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS!
     Wonderful.  Hey another paragraph then the first break of the entry.  First of Two Breaks!  I LIKE those odds.  If Bride Of Chucky: The Child's Play Franchise Movie keeps malfunctioning, then its high time I start thinking about The NEXT Film DVD I will watch.  Hmm thats a tough one I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  I'm gonna heat up Meatloaf and Potato in Microwave.  I don't HAVE TIME for oven.  I'm not gonna eat it for another hour or so.  So I guess i DO have time but this way there's more FLEXIBILITY to when I HAVE to consume lunch.  You know, that kind of thing!  Also maybe meatloaf is more delicious from microwave.  Never put this meatloaf in microwave before!  Kinda sounds GOOD to me.  Well, that's great, just great.  I'll be back in a little bit.  Will I have lunch at the same time?  We'll find out Very Soon!





Not Sure About That

   Well First Things First-- put food in oven.  Second Things Second-- may have French'd Bread instead of Double Dinner Rolls.  THe French'd Bread I got all for myself and HAVEN'T STARTED IT SINCE THURSDAY! WHA... HUH... THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.  So the bread is hard and can't be cut down the middle easily but I HAVE to at least try, right?  I mean even if its Very Hard I can always eat it as a snack. But there's such a thing as TOO HARD for a Sandwich.  JUST ASK MEATLOAF: THE MUSICIAN AND/OR ACTOR.  I saw Joe BIden, "Isn't a fan," of Court Packing.  Well that's just perfect, I'm not a fan of Joe Biden but I still want him to win the election all the same.  Nah I'm a Biden Bro Thru and Thru.  Yep that seems to check out.  How will News adjust to not taking about The President 24/7.  I mean Biden ain't gonna be Tweet Storming or whatever.  The only thing they can have is like Well Biden had a Grilled Chicken Sandwich for lunch.  Let's go to panel, what's the story on this lunch gaffe.  Why is Grilled Chicken Sandwich a gaffe?  That's for THE COURTS to decide!  The COURTS of public opinion.  CABLE NEWS CHANNELS.   Anyway Lunch is in a solid 40 minutes.  It will be delicious presumably!
     Talk about a Freudian Slip. I just want a Grilled Chicken Sandwich for lunch.  But a GOOD one.  That's the rub, can't just be random grilled chicken patty on some crap piece of bread.  I want a PROFESSIONAL Grilled Chicken Sandwich and that's no gaffe you can take that lunch to the bank!  I always felt Bride Of Chucky kind of jumped the shark.  Leaning too heavily into humor!  Keep it Horror c'mon no one wants to laugh about Child's Play.  We want to be SCARED and WORRIED what if this happens to us and/or our family?  Once you start having the Chucky Character making wise-cracks and being a congenial guy to hang around with NO LONGER VERY SCARY.  It's true he still kills people but its all for fun, it's not because he's evil.  He just happens to enjoy killing people that's his thing don't worry about it!
     Cool!  Probably have a frozen meal with white rice for dinner.  These are the days of my lives.  I enjoy this Guitar Amplification System.  That's the bottom line.  How about OLD SCHOOL.  That was sure an Adequate Movie as per my recollection.  Lots of Laffs in that one.  What about GHOSTBUSTERS.  People enjoyed that movie, right?  A thousand flies can't be wrong.  Cause they're pro-shit.  That's an expression I learned from my DAd.  Eat shit, 1000 Flies Can't Be Wrong.  It's 100% NOT in his character for him to use that as a personal motto.  He was just relaying to me Something He Had Heard Some Place.  Also he saw a line in a bathroom stall in a school that said Flush Hard, Its A Long Way To The Cafeteria.  Because the food there tastes like/IS shit.  My Dad is very scatological once he gets to be several people removed from the premise.  That's what I've discovered writing this paragraph.
     Gonna be either a Comedy or a Horror.  That's how I feel.  Anyway gettin' used to this computer.  I enjoy it.  It's got typing, its got TV.  Also I Think this might be a low quality HD-TV Screen!  I never even thought about that!  Mostly because I don't like HD.  Watching movies from pre-HD in HD TVs NOT THE WAY GOD INTENDED.  I'm an ORIGINALIST.  I think if the people who made the movie wanted them to be seen in faux-HD THEY WOULD HAVE SAID SO.  Sure they could have predicted the rise of High Definition Technology. Ya know just like how some people 250 years ago Predicted All Of American History Up To Now.  They saw it ALLLLLL Coming!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Supreme Court Justice Ruling.  I know she is running to be a supreme court justice, but there is NO JUSTICE... in the Supreme Court... should she be appointed.  Put that on a t-shirt!
     Why can't Democrats frame Court Packing like that.  We want MORE JUSTICE in the Supreme Court LITERALLY.  But, for real, they can come up with a more neutral term than Court Packing.  I don't even care if they get a PRO-"Court Packing" phrase.  Just A NEUTRAL ONE that's all I'm asking.  Also Originalist isn't even recognized in a word by Microsoft FrontPage.  That's how un-far-seeing they were, THEY DIDN'T EVEN SEE YOUR WORD COMING!  Anyway gonna have lunch when this paragraph is over.  Then resume entry later without lunch!  I've got my reasons don't you worry about me.  I really gotta start preparing for a future where THe Bridge Of Chucky no longer works at all and I need to pick a completely new DVD.  ANd OLD SCHOOL just ain't gonna cut it!  Ghustbusters I dunno not 100% on board with that but then again I dunno maybe there's some merit to watching Ghostbusters: The Ernie Hudson Vehicle.  Well I'll give it some thought.  Be back in a little bit!





That's Great, Just Great

   HEY back 10 minutes later WIth Lunch.  Figured I'll just try to power through!  Anway French Baguette was just able to be cut, but is still too hard!  That's how that goes!  Also added some Jalapeño Peppers!  That's how That goes!  These jalapeno peppers ain't really gellin.  Is it jellin or gellin.  My educated guess is jellin.  But my HYPOTHESIS is gellin.  I don't like the premise of having Hypotheses in Science.  Yeah I DON'T KNOW THAT'S WHY I'M DOING THIS EXPERIMENT.  Why should I make a prediction!  That seems COUNTER-Scientific.  You don't wanna go into something with preconceived notions, and least of all, be PROUD and EXPLICIT about that!  KEEP AN OPEN MIND, Scientists!  Anyway I am still consuming lunch.  So I got that going for me!  That's the point I'm trying to make.
     Anyway.  Tuesday, huh?  I can, "Dig," It.  I think we're operating under the premise we will make French Toast for dinner over the next week.  I'm using the Royal We.  Not my Family and I.  Nope It's BEEN ONLY ME THE ENTIRE TIME!    Anyway can people have Lunch Desserts?  Or Breakfast Desserts, for that matter?  Anyway if we can I'm Having a Breadstick as my Lunch Desserts.  Just Desserts.  Slant Rhyme!  Justice Is Served.  I don't get the premise of parents being like if you finish your plate you can get dessert.  You're messing this up on several levels.  First, your kid isn't hungry anymore!  Now you're gonna DOUBLE what he has to eat?  Also, for health, not sure if you get the premise of nutrition!  It's not good for him to finish his vegetables (AIN'T IT ALWAYS THE VEGETABLES) only to have a Sugar Infused New Meal of no nutritional values!  I dunno if my parents ever pulled that with me.  It doesn't occur to me.
     Three paragraphs to go!  Wonderful.  So what do I have in store for the rest of the day.  Some Movies.  Some sort of a Bathing Myself Scenario.  Probably spend 5-10 minutes trying to figure out Guitar/Amp in vain.   Look Teddy Roosevelt is OKAY and to be honest is kind of growing on me as a President for Civilization.  He's got Environment Conservation, he's got fun words to say, he's got Ruff Riders.  All in all you can do a lot worse than Teddy Roosevelt.  Hmm that reminds me I need to add ICE CREAM to upcoming Supermarket Delivery List.  I was talking abt desserts last paragraph.  Then five minutes later I realized Oh Right Ice Cream That Sounds About Right.  Hey I'm halfway through the Part III of the Entry.  Even more!  This paragraph is already dunzo!
     Okay.  There are other Computer Games I Can set up.  I can play RISK!  Is that game 25 years old?  You bet!  Man that makes me feel old.  I played this COMPUTER GAME oh I don't' know TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO!  Partly Making Me Feel Old but mostly Making Computers Seem Old.  That sort of thing.  Also I remember constantly as a teenager hanging out and being like LET'S PLAY RISK and everyone else was like Nah and I was like WHAT ARE YOU STUPID THIS IS THE FUNNEST THING WE CAN EVER DO.  And it's  not like my Let's Play Risk side was outvoted narrowly.  I was THE ONLY ONE pro-Risk.  I mean, we played it 6 or 10 times over the years.  But there reached a point I was Alone in my pursuit of playing Risk.  I Don't Know WHY.  WHAT ARE YOU STUPID THIS IS THE FUNNEST THING WE CAN EVER DO.
     Let's write the last paragraph and call it a day.  There's also ROLLER COASTER TYCOON which I can Kinda, "Dig," playing these days.  I can imagine myself doing it and looking at the game go on on the screen and listen to the sound of the game and being like I'M TOTALLY CAPTIVATED BY THIS THIS IS THE FUNNEST THING WE CAN EVER DO.  I mean just making the scenery of the Amusement Park.  Line up Trees and everything to surround the walkway.  Make it look real nice.  Ugh.  I dunno what's going on.  Well when this entry is over I go Right To Bed and Watch DVD HOPEFULLY The Bride OF Chucky.  Anyway.  Ran out of contact lenses last week.  It's all GLASSES or NOTHIN'!  I guess its for the best.  Now can I can rest my eyes to take a afternoon semi-siesta without falling asleep without the risk of falling asleep with contacts on.  So, yeah, great.  I'll see you tomorrow!

-2:06 P.M.





Monday, October 12, 2020

I'll Figure Something Out

   HEY!  It's your favorite Non-President, Me!  Been gone for a week because Old Computer Stopped Working. (Check out those Capitalizations!)  Was it because I spilled coffee on it and it seeped into the hardware?  Possibly!  Did I leave that part out when telling Parental Units it stopped working?  Probably!  Was it really old anyway and I needed a new one regardless for the most part?  Almost Definitely!  So the point is Hey New Computer Here and it's going Real Great.  First thing is, Keyboard is smaller, and it's taking me A Bit Of A While to get used to it, but I'm about 90% there. Also the Screen is different so there's a differnt size/indentation/font size to This Website (and all websites!) but that'll probably make some sort of difference.  My Mind is linked to Format of This Thing so changing one changes the other.  Well mostly just Format --> leads to different frame of mind.  Not so much Frame of mind --> different format.  Unless In My Mind I go hmm I should utilize This Thought That's Occurring Right Now and maybe change the format to the website.  So That Might Happen I guess.
     Hmm this is odd.  I can't use indent with Microsoft Front Page.  So from now on I'll just use FIVE BLANK SPACES to start off every paragraph!  Sounds about right.  Anyway took me 4 hours yesterday to set it up so I could Publish Website TO Internet. But I think I figured it out!  Hence me being here.  HEY I was watchin' some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor (only a few episodes left!) and there was one about vampires and I realized a New Realization about Vampires.  Why don't they just get one person, it could be a friend or whatever, and drink their blood every other day but just not enough to kill him.  Drink some blood, no more than it would be if he was donating blood.  ANd just do that 2, 3 times a week. You get UNLIMITED blood with only ONE victim and he's not even a victim He's Probably COOL WITH IT!  Well I cracked that code that'll show 'em, that'll show all of 'em!  They repeatedly said I wouldn't crack any codes at all, least of all Vampire Codes.  They're DEAD wrong!  Isn't that how you turn people into vampires sometimes?  Drink some blood but let them live.  I Don't Know About All That.  Sounds Like Bullshit.  But who am I to say.
     Hmm gonna have to get used to this, "No More Indentation," Thing.  I can handle that.  Anyway used ZOOM for the first time in my Current Life this morning for Therapist Visit and it was fun!  Hmm not in my current life.  Does that mean in a past life I may have used zoom?  No that can't happen Zoom is a relatively recent development on the Global Historical Time Line History Phase.  BUT in a FUTURE life I can use zoom!  That's still up in the air that's totally possible is the point.  Anyway Computer is TOps.  Nice decent computer across the board.  Not really excelling at anything but just a Solid Laptop that'll Get The Job Done.  OH HEY I also got my Guitar Amplification System!  That's tons of fun.  Except for how I immediately was like yeah this is okay now but JESUS IF I HAD MARIJUANA TO ACCOMPANY FIGURING THIS OUT I'D BE SET.  But I Don't.  SO there goes that!  I have beer.  That's kinda cool!
     Anyway got 5 beers to last me until Thursday.  Which means 3-5 today and anything left over for tomorrow.  I like those odds I did pretty good with that Super Spreading Out.  Parents are leaving the house in a couple of hours to take my Dad to Colonoscopy.  I assume he's gonna wear a mask over his asshole.  Folksssss.  Anyway now's time to throw a House Party just like that movie!  Risky Business!  Also how RIsky really is Tom Cruise's business.  I think I saw it once a long time ago and is the extent of his risk I'm throwing a party NOBODY MUST KNOW (besides people at Party).  Kinda low scale risk.  I mean even if his parents find out, not a big deal, he gets grounded or something!  You can't GROUND someone as punishment for a HOUSE PARTY.  THEY'LL JUST THROW EVEN MORE HOUSE PARTIES NOW THAT THEY'RE STUCK AT HOME!  Something with a prostitute.  That seems about right.  That's kinda risky I guess.
     The point is I actually am pretty accustomed to this keyboard after two days or so.  Great Stuff!  Only negative thing is the Speakers built into Computer aren't that great.  JUST loud enough to comfortably hear it From Bed watching Computer TV On Desk.  So basically It IS Okay BUT JUST BARELY.  GOt rid of Two Guitar Amplification Systems that were old and broken.  That'll show them!  No more Free Rides of giving them space in my room.  Anyway this new Amp is 2x as good as the last one and is 2x LESS the price.  50% the price I'm saying!  HALF the price!  I don't know how to make this any clearer!  Also this computer PLAYS DVDs and I GOT A BUNCH OF THOSE.  And its a lot of movies where you're like oh yeah that's a good movie forgot about it completely because its Not On Any Of The Streams.  Well, guess what?  I CAN WATCH THEM THERE MOVIES!  Had to get an external CD/DVD ROM drive BUT I DID BECAUSE IT WAS WORTH IT.  Right?  Will I buy some Lower Mid Level Speakers at some point?  Certainly a possibility!  Lots of things are possibilities!  Trump may win the election!  That's an example of something that is a possibility.  Probability is that he wont.  YES ALRIGHT LETS THROW A PARTY ABOUT IT!




That's How It Goes

   I had something for breakfast earlier today Ya'll Know What That's Like.  For the record, it was a delicous UN-Frozen Breakfast Wrap.  Egg!  Turkey Sausage! Some nice GREEN Peppers.  A FOURTH THING (Cheese?)  A FIFTH THING (CHEESE?  Only IF THE FOURTH THING WASN'T CHEESE THOUGH)  Anyway hey what else is going on and crap.  Look, besides DVDs, is there a chance I CYCLE THOURGH #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episodes AGAIN?  Nope probably not.  I was heavily CONSIDERING it before I realized I can Watch DVDs.  Too many good options to keep me going for a long time!  No NEED for the #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor!  Anyway is it just me or are we already SEVERAL WEEKS into Fall!  I remember Back In The Day It Was SUMMER!  Whatever happened to that?!?  Don't tell me I Don't Wanna Know!  I clearly do.  I was just wondering.  This whole paragraph isn't adding up in the least.
    OK, great!  So basically the impression I get is Trump is at about a 10-15% chance of Winning.  I dunno HOW MUCH cheating an suppression and not counting ballots is baked into the equation, though.  I mean, I'm guessing SOME of it.  Because it's based on past models and whatnot where that was going on.  BUT if they're doing it 5x as much this year I would guess that's just not factored in.  OR maybe they do it a little bit.  WHY WON'T NATE SILVER RELEASE HIS POLL PROJECTION FACTORS?  WHAT IS HE HIDING?  Anyway I dunno probably stuff and whatnot.  WHY DOESN'T MICROSOFT FRONTPAGE RECOGNIZE, "NATE," AS A WORD?  WHAT ARE THEY STUPID OR SOMETHING?  Anyway New Computer New I Gotta Adds certain words to Microsoft FrontPage dictionary.  And, "Gotta," has the honors of being the first!   Next is, "Kinda."  So basically if you wanna know how I process language in my mind its The Regular Dictionary PLUS Kinda PLUS Gotta.  I'm Two words ahead of most of you chumps!  OOP, "WANNA!"  INTO THE MIND and/or COMPUTER DICTIONARY YOU GO!
First DVD I started watching was The Shining.  Is it just me or is the point of the movie just Jack Nicholson is KIND OF A SHITTY WRITER?  The first 2 dozen times I watched it I sorta bought into the idea that he's a Real, Decent Writer and he wants to get away to work on something new.  NOw I'm like, uhh this guy is in way over his head he doesn't know what he's doing from the start NOT DUE TO THE HAUNTED HOTEL he just never had, "it," to begin with whose he trying to fool (Himself?  His wife?  His SON?).  I can relate!  The movie is all like  I COULD BE BETTER AT THIS SOMETHING IF ONLY I CHANGED THIS ONE ASPECT OF MY LIFE AND LIVED IN A HAUNTED HOTEL and it's like nope you're still a shitty, totally unaccomplished writer!  You got NOTHIN goin for you.  I assume he's an unaccomplished writer.  There's never any reference to any kind of success he's had.  He's just a dumb no talent jerk!  It's possible that's how many/most people see the movie from the first time they see it.  BUT NOT ME SO GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
     Wonderful.  About FORTY percent into the movie.  I like those odds!  I BOUGHT The Shining 16 years ago as part of a Buy-Every-Available-Kubrick Movie shopping spree, and then a few years ago my uncle gave me a Ripped DVD of it.  So of course I wam watching the Ripped DVD of it.  I lost the original one!  But I still had the DVD box!  So I put the ripped dvd into the REAL Box!  And that's what led me to where I'm at Today Right Now.  Hmm, "DUnno," another good word to add.  Now I'm up to THREE more words than you dummies got.  ALso with this computer I Can play CIVILIZATION VI which I bought roughly 2.5 years ago and didn't work on my old computer.  Now it works and I can fiugre that sucker out, the rules and guidelines and whatnot, and that could be HOURS of entertainment every afternoon or somethin' I dunno somethin' like that.  Anyway finished Beer #1.  Of today.  Not of Lifetime.  That'd be crazy!  That doesn't sound so crazy.  Yeah well when you put it that way I guess Everything I Say Is Wrong.  Is that your deal?  You wanna poke holes in everything I say?  THat's how you get your jollies?
     Hey another break after this paragraph.  What can I have for lunch.  Finished All MAIN Fresh Meals.  Still got some SIDES (Potato Spheres [Half Edition], some white rice).  I got French Bread'd Pizza for some sort of meal Why Not Lunch Today.  Got some Frozen Dinner to go with Rice.  I got lots of options!  That'll do it for Lunch Talk today.  Let's hope.  What else is going on and crap.  Also I said Trump has a 10-15% chance of winning Based ON Models But one of thw two models I enjoy the most has him at about 8-9% shot.  EVEN LESS THAN TEN PERCENT.  I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS AND EVERYTHING!  So that's good I enjoy that because I'm rooting against him to win. Oh Hey I Voted Myself Finally!  Only negative thing is My Signature Kinda Sucks across the board, every time I write it.  And right after signing the envelope or whatever it was where they needed a signature I was like well this signature is clearly no good.  Probably like Fuckin FIFTY percent chance they throw this out.  WHAT THE FUCK.  And there's no going back.  I signed it bad.  Too late!  Now all I can do is Hope It's Good Enough!  Anyway the point is I vote WORKING FAMILIES PARTY Thru and Thru!  They're like Democrats for most things but some things NOT and also if you vote on the Working Families Ticket GOOD THINGS happen I Don't get it 100% but that's my impression.  Hey I get to take a break now!  Be back in a little bit!




Through With Games!

   I also have ONE, count 'em ONE Buffalo Chicken Wing left which would pair nicely with a French Bread Pizza for today's lunch.  Anyway The Shining will be continued By Me for after this entry is over I'm Guessing.  Is that a spoiler alert.  That Jack Torrance is a writer but not having much success at Haunted Hotel?  Everyone's seen the The Shining at this point, right?  ANd if you haven't you won't.  That's my hot take.  Plus its even a book.  Even if you DIDN'T see it you might have Just As Well Have Seen It!  I assume!  Maybe some differences in the book.  Like Jack Torrance is an aspiring political cartoonist and not a writer.  Everything else is the same, though.  Yep that seems to check out.  POLITICAL CARTOONIST?  TALK ABOUT AN OXYMORON! Wait no lemme try that again... POLITICAL CARTOONIST?  TALK ABOUT BEING REDUNDANT!  Either they're the same or they're totally different.  Those two words/concepts.  "Politic," and, "Cartooning."  Yep seems to check out.  No it doesn't.  Yeah but it might to some people so get off your high horse.
  That's how they're gonna count my mail in ballot.  Yeah this signature is PRETTY Close but not 100%.  Better just THrow It Out In The Trash.  That's my accurate interpretation of how that might go based on NEWS STORIES of what is happening and what them Republicans are INTENDING to have happen.  Alright time to add, "Gonna," to the dictionary.  That's A Good One!  I'm not sure what to make of Trump probably losing a point of two based on Him Getting Coronavirus.  I mean it happened right after Debate which showed some movement, but the impression that I get is Coronavirus hurt him (IN POLLS NOT IN HEALTH HE IS IMPERVIOUS) On Top Of THat.  But WHY?  Was it like people were like hmm hes sick I don't want to vote for a sick person that's no bueno!  Is it that it's like OH YEAH CORONAVIRUS ITS ALL COMING BACK TO ME THIS JERK FAILED US  I figure we shuold Know Why This Polling Change has happened!  That's MY Hot Take.  I guess the main thought is its like HE CAN'T EVEN RUN HIS OWN LIFE WITH HIS OWN PEOPLE PROTECTING HIMSELF AND HIS HALF SPHERE.  Or a combo of all FOUR [Or Three I forgot how to count]?
     Three more paragraphs to go!  Then I get to watch some more Jack Torrance and maybe at some point he demonstratives some redeeming characteristic which clues us in that maybe he WAS or COULD BE a decent writer.  I kinda get the sense he could care less about his wife and son.  No bueno.  Can't write, can't be a good father and/or husband.  Pretty useless as a regular non-ghost and/or non-haunted-by-ghosts person.  But I guess he's a good OverLooker at the Overlook.  These ghosts seem VERY enthusiastic about getting him to be the Overlooker.  They must know something we don't about this guy.  Some kinda promise or innate talent for over-looking or something.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Just put food in oven, French BRead Pizza and Buffalo Wing, That's It That's ALl There Is To It!
     What else.  Kinda feel like I might drink 4 beers today nad 1 tomorrow.  Kinda dumb way to do it, who wants Just One BEer for a day.  Some sort of SOCIOPATH that's who.  Anyway that'll be ready in about 40 minutes.  And I'll be done here by then so really this is the last you'll be hearing of it!  I Promise!  Oh I still got 5-76 episodes of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor but after that SO MANY DVDs!  Digital Venereal Disease.  Brilliant.  It could happen that's what happens when you FingerPop without a a condom on.  Heh.  Finger Pop.  That's a phrase we used in Middle School.  Hypothetically.  Not that any of us were practiced at it.  That was just the slang at the time.  Prove Me Wrong!  You can't!  You'll find proving me wrong is a fool's errand.  Anyway while I had no computer I made progress in Martin Short The Book.  We're talkin around SIXTY pages read over a week.  We're talkin' I'm Almost Done WIth The Book COMPLETELY.
     That's what Everyone Is Talking About! Prove me wrong!  Hey its the last paragraph!  Also I know for sure Civilization VI works.  I loaded it up and everything!  It asked me to Pick a Historal World LEader/Civilization to play as and THERE WAS NO ABRAHAM LINCOLN?  Maybe you need to UNLOCK Abraham Lincoln by winning with GILGAMESH.  They couldn't have left America and Lincoln out completely! That's Everyone's Favorite Civilization
!  They even had CANADA ruled by MARTIN SHORT.  Sure I can't name any Canadian Leaders.  Justin something?  Or is that a European country.  Yep typed in, "Justin Canada," and Justin Trudeau popped right up.  In such a way where Google said it OFFICIALLY.  Justin Canada, oh, well clearly you meant Justin Trudeau!  Anyway hey made it through an entry for the first time in a week.  What a week it was!  Why, I did everything exactly the same after a day or two of mentally adjusting.  Except Without Entry.  But now I'm back.  Build Back Better.  Build BEtter Back.  Better Build Back.  I like that one.  YA BETTER BUILD BACK... OR ELSE!  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-1:43 P.M.





Saturday, October 3, 2020

Cool Another Repeat

   No I'm not.  Also did I mean Rerun?  Yep probably.  Do I thikn Repeat is a more Engaging Word For A Title?  You bet.  Did I make a Grand Compromise with myself to keep, "Repeat," in the title but make it known that I meant, "Rerun," and not, "Repeat?  Yep!  So we got that going for us is the point.  HALFWAY THROUGH WEEKEND.  We're talking I had 9 beers First Half Of Weekend and THE SAME FOR SECOND HALF.  I LIKE those odds.  Also did I think of a pun a few days ago Art Of The Feel?  Sure I did.  And its implied In My Memory Of Coming Up With that that I'M THE ONE who excels at The Art Of The Feel.  So get off my back about it!
    Wonderful.  Had some Delicious Meat'd Loaf last night for dinner and still uncertain what Delicious Food I'll have for lunch today!  Anyway I'm gonna be honest #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor was A LOT better watching it at random, one episode at a time.  Well, Random, OR knowing all the episodes and just going From Here To There based on whims.  Each Its Own Thing At Their Best and Chronologically its more like Hey this HBO show has some WEIRD continuity narrative but there's SOME continuity narrative that's there I JUST HAVEN'T FIGURED IT OUT YET!  That sort of thing, right?  Anyway got my TWO CAPOS along with TWO GUITAR PICKS.  Well, I got it on Tuesday, OPENED THAT SUCKER UP JUST NOW.  Then I put CAPO on Third Fret of Acoustic Guitar and played a C, a G, and a D (Not THE REAL C G and Ds the ADJUSTED C G and Ds as Per This Capo Tuned.  Well that's enough practice for one day what else is going on.
Hey, that's great.  Trump possibly knew he had Coronavirus 72 hours ago and didn't tell Biden and SHOWED UP AT FUNDRAISE WITHOUT MASK OR TELLING PEOPLE?  The point is This Is Why People Are Conflicted About His Death.  His Life MEANS OTHER PEOPLE DYING.  That's not a hill I'm willing to die on because I DON'T WANNA DIE.  Just like Trump.  Ahh let him live.  He's sorry!  Just look at that mug.  He's bound to come out of this situation with a new outlook and a renewed sense of gravitas and magnanimity.  That'd be MY guess.  No it isn't.  Yeah but It Would Be Really Weird If That Happened You gotta admit it would throw people for a loop!  Anyway.  Guitar Amplification System supposed to come in about a week.  I like those odds!  Not sure if its UPS or USPS.  So it could either be A Week or about a Fortnight.  I was gonna exaggerating the tardiness the USPS might display but then I was like hey I get to use the word Fortnight ACCURATELY so I went with my gut and said Fortnight.
  Gotta be honest I was expecting 6 Guitar Picks with Capos.  I would have settled for 4 Guitar Picks.  I got TWO?  WHATTA SCAM.  I don't get how I must have gotten around 70-80 Guitar Picks in my life and Lost All Of Them And WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GO?  ARE THEY ALL BUNCHED UP TOGETHER SOMEWHERE NOT SEEN BY THE NAKED EYE OR AN OBVIOUS PLACE TO CHECK WHEN I'M LOOKING FOR THEM?  Sure I SOMETIMES was living Elsewhere so they could have been lost There.  But I'd say if I had 70-80 overall, Probably around 45-60 that Must Have Been Lost in This Here CrapShack That I Reside In Now These Days.  Anyway I know we're all looking for Evidence of On Going Apocalypse Symptoms and isn't a Plague Wiping out the Evil Rulers somewhere on that list?  But like a POSITIVE Apocalypse.  Yeah these guys didn't take HEALTH or ENVIRONMENT or GOVERNING seriously and GOD RELEASED THE CHINA VIRUS ON THEIR DUMB, CORRUPT, UNCARING SELVES!  For some reason, "CHINA VIRUS," Sticks in this scenario.  Oh well it's called a Grand Compromise get over it.  Hmm.  How do Christian Right Wing grapple with that.  It might go A Little Something Like This...  OH HEY IT'S LIKE JOB THE REPUBLICANS ARE SO GOD LOVING AND WORTHY GOD DECIDED TO TEST THEM.  THIS IS ALL A BIG TEST.  WE MUST DOUBLE DOWN ON OUR BULLSHIT!  Uh oh that sounds like its kinda plausible I Don't Like Those Odds! 
    Anyway hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  I DO Like Those Odds.  Chili for Lunch?  Wings for Lunch?  Some sort of combination of Chili And Wings for Lunch?  I like that last one it sure seems to hit all the spots.  I had Breakfast for First Time In Week Or Two.  We're talking Breakfast Wrap it was delicious.  What else is going on and crap.  Any new Movies on Any And/Or All Of The Streams?  Probably But No Way Of Knowing.  Anyway Covid 19 isn't a plague.  Only SOME people die from it.  Not MOST people.  Yep that seems to check out.  Anyway I dunno.  Lunch'll Probably be Part III of Entry.  HMM just remembered there's COMMUNAL ROAST CHICKEN to have at some point for Dinner (/s Next Day Lunch).  Maybe Tonight?  I LOVE IT I GET TO EAT ALL THE SKIN.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.




Sounds About Right

   No it doesn't.  Hey you know what would be a good lunch?  Why its only Salmon + Potato HalfSpheres.  Runnin' low on them Half Spheres but have TOO much Spanish Rice.  So you know what would be a good lunch which is both delicious AND reduces the amount of Rice I'd have to eat After Said Lunch?  Why its only Salmon with Some Rice.  These are the days of some guys life.  I wanna say Me?  Yep that seems to check out.  Hmm wonder is Melania Trump is In Hospital.  Probably not.  We'd have been explicitly told?  Maybe she's embarrassed of Tapes of her being An Uber Jerk.  Maybe she has no shame.  I'm banking on She Has No Shame based on those tapes of her being An Uber Jerk.  Did I kinda wanna say, "Bitch?"  I feel like its ACCURATE.  But I'm NEVER gonna call a lady a, "Bitch."  Too much presumptive Sexism and that ain't the kinda comment I'm tryin' to make!
    Fascinating.  Sure I'll call ladies bitches at some point in my future life maybe.  Don't wanna take anything off the table at this point.  Gotta keep my options open!  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  Have to eat some Crap Rice.  Just my luck.  Why did I have to get A POUND OF CRAP RICE?  Or more.  I think its 24 OZ of Crap Rice overall.  A pound is I Wanna Say 16 OZ?  This is 3/2 Pounds of Rice.  1.5 Pounds of Rice to be clear.  Anyway I took a Solid Shower last afternoon instead of a bath.  It was fun!  I was all like mm this shower is doing all the work for me.  Something along those lines.  HEY what kinda #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor do I have comin' up next?  WHY its only the one about the Fraternity and they're Prankin' the Pledges with GHASTLY Consequences.  Anyway I made myself a 6 Cup Pot Of Coffee and I only got ONE CUP out of that.  One 1.5-2 Cup Cup.  My Mom Drank The Rest Of That Sucker!  Oh well such is life.
Cool.  I enjoyed that Wrap so much maybe I have another for Lunch.  Not satisfying enough.  Also really gotta knock this salmon and rice out of the park and today is a good day to take care of that I can imagine enjoying some salmon and getting as much as I can out of that there Rice.  Anyway.  Anyone else obsessively check their twitter account for any Likes Or Reposts or anything that might have occurred by accident?  Look I Don't Wanna Give Anyone The Wrong Idea.  If I have to Take Away Praise and/or Adoration in the form of Liking Tweets or Reposting them-- fine, that's just the world we live in.  Better Take It Away then have it Remain and People Get The Wrong Idea.  I STRIVE for a world where we all Tweet At Each Other Honestly.  Keep it honest!
Sure, great, that's a snooze.  Next time I feel like getting Two Things of rice, split it up 1/2 white rice, 1/2 yellow rice.  I won't get tired of it Quite As Much having Options.  Hmm maybe that's why I associate Yellow with Hispanic (Spanish in particular) people.  Eatin' Yellow Rice an they call it Spanish Rice.  Well I think we just cracked that code!  What other codes need cracking.  How about The Mystery of How The Hell Will I End This Entry For The Last 40% Of It.  That's not a Code that's a Mystery.  Yep but still needs Crackin'!  On hey I get to take a break in only a paragraph to consider this Mystery-In-Progress! 
    Okay sure what else is going on and crap.  I was thinkin about it and ya know what I'd like to eat?  Some sort of Fast Food Fish Sandwich.  Like a Filet Of Fish, or the equivalent from Nathan's or Burger's King, etc.  With nothing on it, of course.  No cheese, no, "Tartar," Sauce, just the bun and the fish.  I'd be More Than Okay with eating that for some reason.  Also French'd Fries in addition but that's in a PERFECT world not just a PRETTY GOOD world which would be just a Fish Fast Food Sandwich World With No Sides World.  I forget what that fish is called.  I think its something like Alaskan... so on and so forth, you get the idea.  I've Registered that it's often ALASKAN... something.  I can't pull the entire Fish.  Just that it's Always Alaskan.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.




Would You Look At That

   No I don't.  Look did I decide to have Half Spheres Of Potato with my Delicious BBQ Salmon Yes I Did!  Let's Do What Makes Us Feel Good it's called PHILOSOPHY.  Put off till tomorrow what you don't want to do today!  Also I pretty much HAVE to have the rice with the chili.  So that's 2 meals of rice!  Which I have 3-4 meals of overall!  I'LL GET THERE DON'T YOU WORRY ABOUT MY RICE.  It'll be consumed is the point.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Look the odds are against it, but does it kinda feel like we're watching Something Big Happen In Slow Motion?  Self Assassination?  Hmm I could address this and at the very least protect myself BUT I DON'T WANNA!  Way to go.  He's probably gonna live!  We got that to look forward to!
    Hmm I guess I DO want him to live.  Where's my prize for Not Wanting Trump To Die But Just Suffer And Wallow In Misery.  I feel like that makes me a 100% Great person Model Citizen.  It's like being against the death penalty.  That's all it is.  Except for its like I'm against the death penalty and as a consequence they release the guy who would have faced the death penalty out of prison and are like now don't you go committing any more murders and associated other crimes!  Which is what we're facing I guess if Trump survives.  So we got THAT to look forward to!  Anyway gonna go start Beer #3.  Probably 5 today!  I LIKE those odds!
Can fetuses get Coronavirus?  My guess?  I dunno probably I Wanna Say Not?  The point is I Potentially Called Trump dropping out of the race and eventually Gary Coleman being the next president In My Dreams.  So part I we're lookin at, I Dunno, all things considered, a 10-15% chance Trump bows out?  Either Because Of Death Or Very Significant Lasting Illness?  I dunno how Gary Coleman manages to win the election, tough.  He's Dead ALREADY!  Hmm we could have A Dead Person vs A Dead Person for President.  That'd Be Something Right!!?!  Anyway I dunno, what else is going on.  Gonna take a break after this paragraph, return with Lunch in about 20 minutes. 
    Hey great. We're Pro Life Except Yours.  Dunno whose saying that or for what.  But either way it sure is a sentence.  This salmon is pretty Filet-O-Fishy but not Breaded which is DEFINITELY what I was picturing when Wanting Alaska Fish Fast Food Sandwich.  Hmm wonder what The SECOND #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is that I have lined up.  Oh its that one.  I've only seen this one once or twice.  Not so great!  Maybe it is!  I forget!  Haven't seen it enough!  To make a Strong Statement about one way or another!  Anyway about 60% chance I'd say I'm having Communal Chicken for dinner tonight.  If not, I dunno.  Maybe that Chili ONCE and FOR ALL. Except not FOR ALL.  There will be more coming either way.  So Maybe Chili ONCE and EVEN MORE IS LEFT OVER FOR ALL!
Fascinating.  Anyway another day another entry down.  Only have 2morrow with Beer left over.  Then Back TO The Working Week!  Oh but I still have Much BEer left over to enjoy Today As Well!  Fascinating.  Hey I get to watch all these #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor and no one can stop me!  It's a real Abundance of Riches!  So Many Episodes!  What else is going on.  Trump is still alive.  That's good news for him at least.  One day I hope I Remain Alive and people are like Hmm Wonder What To Make Of That.  Don't Feel TOO Strongly One Way Or Another.  Ya know that sort of thing.  I'll be back tomorrow!  Presumably!

-2:30 P.M. 




Friday, October 2, 2020

You Get The Gist

   Anyway what's going on and crap.  Wiped down Part II of II of Groceries, including Rest Of Beer.  These are the important issues.  Trump has Coronavirus but I'm not sure that qualifies as Issues?  I mean, I guess it is an issue.  We can either be Pro- Trump getting CoronaVirus or Anti.  That makes it a Debatable Issue!  Pro Trump getting Coronavirus?  Or ANTI... VIRUS.  Head I win Tails You Lose!  Anyway I feel like I oscillate between Good him dying will prevent FUTURE Death Misery and Suffering, and, hmm I guess at time I have the Basest Amount of Empathy Possible and am somewhat, "Conflicted," about his potential Death and/or Suffering and/or Misery.  Well, conflicted about death.  Suffering and Misery I think its safe to say he's got comin' to him!
    Do I know for sure its true?  No but I'm not really seeing the arguments that its not.  Coming from both sides!  Some Paranoid Folk on BOTH SIDES are like THIS CAN'T BE TRUE FOR SOME REASON!  Maybe they're right!  Paranoid People are right VERY OFTEN, MUCH MORE OFTEN THEN PEOPLE WOULD THINK!  Anyway, I dunno, what else is going on.  Will there be an Effect Politically, specifically in regards to Impending General President Election?  Yeah possibly!  One way or another.  Maybe it helps him with some people and hurts him with others.  Maybe its more lopsided.  Maybe we forget about this by Tuesday.  I ain't here to tell you your future I'm no PSYCHIC.  Can Psychics Make Their Own Future.  Through the power of SELF ACTUALIZATION?  Figure if they knew Their OWN Potential Futures they can be like well this is obvious, this is How I Should Act Today so Tomorrow Is Forever In My Favor.
    Sounds about right. 
 Psychics aren't real.  Sounds about right.  Anyway my Mom had a LEGIT decent idea for SNL Sketch about Debate.  That incorporates These New Developments.  Its what they would have done with Debate Sketch before this, but there's a part where Trump is talking At Biden and you see characters playing the miniature Molecules of Virus being projected at Biden.  I mean, in retrospect, its not GREAT.  But my Mom isn't particularly amusing and I was like hmm for My Mom, that's pretty good!  I mean you got a better way to address this while still making the cold open a Debate Sketch?  I THINK NO... oh you do? Well I can't wait to see it!
Why am I Talking At SNL.  What, do I Think I'm Trump doing what he does to people Right In Their Face while he knowingly has or might have Coronavirus?  TALKING AT THEM?  Also Trump is a big Talking AT Person kinda guy. VERY LITTLE Talking To Person.  Crack'd That Code!  Ended up having Salmon and Potato last night.  Lunch today VERY LIKELY to be Chili + Side + ONE WING.  Also is there an East Wing anywhere?  North Wing?  SOuth Wing?  One would have to imagine there are but for someone people give very little shits about these wings.  Maybe that's where the Custodial Staff lives.  Gotta imagine Custodial People live at White House 24/7.  And 90% of the White House is Common Room Area.  Also once a month THEY get to be president.
    Cool.  Kanye wins presidency, first day on the job at White House, and he's like Hmm Well This Worked Out Pretty Nicely.  Something along those lines.  My mind is broken because my main Refreshing People On Twitter is Political Pollster accounts.  That's everything that counts in my mind these weeks.  Yeah but POLLWISE WHAT ARE WE LOOKIN' AT HERE?  ALSO have the answer within hours of the news, "Dropping," way before any polls are in.  THIS IS YOUR JOB TO ANTICIPATE FUTURE EVENTS AND POLLING THEM AHEAD OF TIME.  And you call yourself PSYCHICS.  No they don't.  Well SOME of them probably do.
    What else is going on.  One more paragraph then Break Time than Part II Time.  Anyway the last month or two have been the longest amount of time since NYU where I'm bathing Every Day.  Not missin' a single day!  Hmm its been all bathing but here me out what if I took A SHOWER today.  It sounds fun IN THEORY but also would make Listening To The Uppers harder.  It'd be exposed to Rain Water From Shower Head if its On Top Of Bathtub.  And if its Out Of Reach from Bathtub wouldn't be loud enough!  Great, just great.  That's the main part of my day where I get to be like Hmm wondering if I'm Any Good, I'll re-evaluate again same time tomorrow.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit. 




Let Me Tell You

   Alright.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Well the wide world of sports GOT A LITTLE WIDER this week when Playoffs of Multiple AMERICA SPORTS occurred Nationwide.  That's my Pitch for a Line of Monologue for Local News SportsCaster.  Hey I saw there's a BORAT II which is amazing.  Borat I might have been the best I laughed in a Movie Theater possibly ever?  Naked Wrestling Sequences, Christian MegaChurchThing Sequence, Opening Sequence where they're in Kazakhstan.  And All The Laughs That Lay In-Between!  So we got that to look forward to.  Oh man imagine if we could see that in in Theaters!  Why the laughs would increase a solid 1.5fold!  FIFTY percent more laughs?  Now do you get the picture? 
    Anyway had a crazy idea where I could have Kettle Chips To Remember as a side for Chili instead of The Spanish Rice and The American Half Spheres of Potato.  Yep that sounds about right.  Is there any food that's called AMERICAN dot dot dot...  I mean I know there's a lot of foods originating and/or popularized in American Cuisine.  But is there a thing, either outside of America or in it, when it's called American Something or Other.  Hmm.  Give me some American Pie.  Yup there we go cracked that code.  Can finally open Mail In Ballot Mail but I'm saving it for a nice Afternoon Activity.  Really treat myself Post Lunch & Entry Ending. Hmm not only do I get to vote for President Of The United States but ALSO other things potentially presumably.
Fascinating!  What else is going on.  I like those potato spheres normally you'd think Rice as side for Chili but I dunno I dunno at all Everything's In Play at this point!  Anyway I'm worried about how Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists are apparently talkin' about how they gave Trump Coronavirus on Purpose.  Damn Deep State!  And It's worrying not because they're dumb but because I can imagine Trump taking that and running with it.  He'll be at a rally and be like Isn't it, isn't it interesting that I happen to get it.  Interesting, right?  I'm, I'm a healthy, I would never get it under normal conditions, so, I dunno, it's interesting though, isn't it?  Because that would be Insane.
Sounds about right.  The good news is Joe Biden is Knocking Some Polls and Election Projections Out Of The Park!  People are seeing Joseph Biden and THEY LIKE WHAT THEY SEE. C'mon man You're a Clown.  Sounds JUST LIKE THE VOICE IN THE BACK OF MY HEAD.  And I like that, I like voices in the back of my head the speak truth to power.  Power being The Front Of My Head.  Front of my head, sometimes it gets to big for its britches.  Need the back of my head to keep it in line every now and then.  That's what Joe Biden is offering us!  I mean, KINDA?  Not really.  I guess not, upon further introspection.  Oh well such is life.
    Hey another paragraph, Another Break after paragraph.  What do I got in store for the rest of the day. First #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episode I got lined up is a Real Good One.  Probably in The Top Five I've Re-watched over the past month or two.  This time around IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.  Also if you watch each episode in chronological order you get some sort of prize at the end.  An autographed photo with You And The CryptKeeper.  Also does the Crypt Keeper have a name.  Ever?  Either in His Life or in His Death?  He couldn't have been called The Crypt Keeper when he was Young, he presumably didn't keep a Crypt AS A BABY.  So what did they refer to him before his Crypt Keeping Duties became synonymous with His Whole Deal As A Person/Ghoul. 
    Hey one more paragraph before I take a break!  I like those odds!  Hmm maybe have a sandwich for lunch.  That sounds Great As Of Now Actually.  No soup, though!  I've had it Up To Here with soup!  Grossness has overtaken all other positive aspects of Soup that I deal with.  Anyway great what else do I have in store for the rest of the day.  Well, MORE #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  I like those odds!  Hey it's been A LONG time without me using Tiny Fork.  I think its mostly for LOBSTER or CLAMS or TINY TINY MEAT OF FISH.  Haven't used it ALL Quarantine!  Presumably because it's a hassle and a half to wash.  Well, not that much Hassle.  Probably like A THIRD OF A COMPLETE HASSLE.  But... uh... huh... I'll be back in a little bit.




Get Out Of Town

   Or don't, I'm not the mayor.  Mayor gets to decide who needs to get out of town.  That reminds me If I Could Play Sim City 2000 I WOULD.  But that's not the world we live in now.  If I suddenly could play ANY video/computer game, here's what I would play.  3-- Some Sort of Baseball Game (All Star Baseball or Ken Griffey JR Presents Baseball, 2-- Civilization II, 1-- Red Alert.  I feel very strongly about this.  Except I dunno that's what I would devote my time to IN GENERAL if, lets say, I had several months worth to play Any One Game.  If it was ok right here right now what do you wanna play It'd be All Star Baseball 2003 or 2004 when there's such a thing as Franchise Mode.
    Or don't I'm not the mayor!  That's my new catch phrase.  I'm on a sitcom and I'm like Get A Grip!  OR NOT... I'M NOT THE MAYOR!  Yep seems to check out a real solid B+ Catchphrase.  The good news is there was one of roughly 2 or 3 NON British Episodes of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episodes where I never really registered what happened that I saw during today's CircleWalk and I KINDA Registered What Happened!  Something with Werewolves in a Hotel Resort.  And you're like hmm which of these people is the werewolf.  Also we know ONE OF THESE PEOPLE is THE WEREWOLF HUNTER dunno who that is either?  I can't wait to find out!  I kinda forget who was who.  I think ONE of them, either the werewolf or the werewolf hunter, was ONE OF the women who are at the hotel  Spoiler Alert!
    Anyway. Is The Wolf Man a werewolf?  Or just His Own Thing?  I hope to get to the bottom of that one day.  Hey I saw Joe Biden & Spouse tested Negative for Coronavirus!  That's good because I value this guy's life a lot more than this other clown's.  He's totally a NET POSITIVE on the world we live in these days.  Other clown (Trump) is a NET NEGATIVE yet now HE'S THE ONE WHOSE POSITIVE.  Hmmm seems to check out.  Also if Politics were in fact a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor, Trump is a Circus Freak, Biden is a Werewolf, Kamala Harris is a Vampire and Mike Pence is Some Sort of Sex Offender.
    Yep seems to check out for the most part.  Shouldn't Trump be the Sex Offender and Pence is the Circus Freak?  Yep that seems to check out even MORE for the most part.  So yeah lets make that adjustment and whatnot.   Hey just arranged lunch for myself.  We're talking PASTRAMI on FRENCH BAGUETTE with #JOEBIDENKETTLECHIPSTOREMEMBER.  Fascinating stuff.  Anyway today is Friday All Day.  That's what my Dad says when I ask him Is Today Friday (Or Whatever Day I'm Asking Him)?  All Day, he goes.  What fun.  Why is it a common scenario when I Need To Ask My Dad What Day Of The Week It Is.  I dunno WHY but its a good Father/Son activity so I'm glad its happening.  Anyway dinner tonight possibly Communal?  Again something I have to ask my Dad.  And Mom.  I'll get to the bottom of this if it takes me all afternoon!
    Sandwich Is great.  What else is great.  Communal Dinner would either be Meat'd Loaf or Roast'd Chicken.  Non Communal dinner would either be Finish Salmon, Maybe Eat Some Wings, maybe FINALLY HAVE THAT CHILI NOW WE HAVE A TOP CONTENDER.  Forget Communal Dinner unless Parents insist I WANT SOME CHILI!  With some rice potentially.  Gotta have the rice SOME time!  Why not with Chili As God Intended.  Anyway it turns out Melania Trump is A Really Shitty Person Too?  Never saw THAT coming.  I thought she would be an innocent good hearted thoughtful considerate person who married Trump as Part Of A Dare.  Who could have imagined the person who wanted to and did marry a shitty person would turn out to be shitty themselves?  NOT ME!
    Last paragraph of the entry!  What else is going on.  Got some nice Breakfast Wraps as Frozen Breakfasts.  We're talkin much healthier than Breakfast Sandwiches.  Why they're only in Wraps instead of Sandwiches that's MUCH healthier.  Finishing up Lunch at almost the exact same time as Entry. Wonderful! Had 3 beers of 5 so far.  Maybe 4 if I have a little bit of self control!  Don't count on it!  What else is going on.  I like the idea of taking a shower.  I have some sort of Shower Radio from some sort of Christmas Gift that I have somewhere so I could do that.  What kinda songs are on the radio these days.  I guess Maybe I'll Find Out!  Probably not though.  Anyway hey I'll see ya later.

-1:06 P.M.




Thursday, October 1, 2020

That Reminds Me

   Anyway, great news!  Main Week Chore has completely been knocked out of the park!  Metaphorically.  We're talkin' Accepted Delivery at the door.  We're talkin Human Interaction with DeliveryMan ("Is that all of it?"  "That's all of it!"  "Thanks!")-- nice moment of Intimacy!  We're talkin' wiping down 3/4ths of stuff down with CLeansing Wipe, when wiping it all down with Paper Towel Wipe.  We're talking I got A Beer Going For Me to start at any moment.  As well as some coffee.  Also I got more soda than I remembered I asked for!  I was going into today imagining six bottles of soda.  NOPE TRY TEN.  Ok sure if you insist!  This has been a productive paragraph because now you know My Thursday Morning is like Every Other Thursday Morning.  Whew that's a relief.
What else is great.  Probably try that Chili + SPANISH Rice for lunch today.  You know its Spanish Rice because its called Arroz.  I'm guessing.  I've been operating under the assumption that Arroz is Spanish FOr RIce since at least Middle School.  LMLTURQ.  Yep!  I like how you always see those studies that show its much easier for kids below a certain age to pick up a language and we're like hey that's cool that's interesting.  Hmm shouldn't we be teaching Foreign Languages in Elementary School rather than Middle & High & Intro To College Classes?  Nah we're not gonna do that.  Seems like a pretty big Mess-Em-Up!  Teach kids Spanish in grades K-5!  YOU'RE BEING DUMB BY NOT DOING IT!  Well that settles that.  Kinda interested in having those Hot Buffalo Wings for lunch.  Well that settles that. NOPE nothing is settled.  Totally UNsettled this What Will I Have For Lunch conundrum!
    Cool.  Spanish Yellow rice.  WHAT ARE ALL SPANISH PEOPLE YELLOW TO YOU? ...I kinda see it.  Yellow means Asian People in Derogatory Slang but hmm aren't some Hispanic people KINDA more Yellow?  Maybe my imagination has been corrupted but I'm trying to imagine Hispanic people in Stage & Screen and hmm Kinda Yellow Sort Of?  I'll have to LTURQ. ...Huh?  What would I be tying into google to look up.  Are Mexican People Yellow?  I can't do that.  I SHANT do that! ...Alright I think I'm gonna do that.  Well they Say Brown.  I dunno.  Some are browner than others.  Some are yellower than others!  Let's Agree To Disagree!  It's possible my imagination has been corrupted that's the moral of this paragraph.
  What else is going on and crap.  Maybe I just associate SOME Latinx people with the CONCEPT of Yellow for some reason.  And that's clouding my judgment in terms of how I picture them physically.  Also Yellow is GOOD.  We should all be so blessed to be associated with Yellow.  Anyway, I dunno.  Oh, right!  I Have Beer To Consume!  Look, lets be honest.  We're ALL kind of yellow!  If we had to say ALL HUMANS ARE THIS ONE COLOR... wouldn't Yellow be the Average Of All Things? ...No?  Hmm you make an interesting Counter Point.  Anyway the point is I only got Buffalo Wings not Buffalo Wings AND Buffalo Chicken Fingers.  On account og going halfsies with my Dad on Communal Dinner of Roast Whole Chicken.  I'm okay with this outcome!  I like roast chicken on account of I'm gonna be a pig and eat all this skin.  How is that not a culinary specialty meal.  Just CHICKEN SKIN and, I dunno... Spanish Rice.  Sounds both gross and indulgent.  Just like Specialty Culinary Extravaganzas SHOULD be!
    Cool.  How far into #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor am I?  I'd say probably around 1/2 way into it.  Might a little bit less.  LMLTURQ.  YEP NEXT EPISODE IS 45 OF 93.  I NAILED that approximation.  A little bit less than half?  NAILED IT!  Hey next episode is the one with Miniature Lady from The Poltergeist.  That's cool I can, "Dig," that episode and this lady.  Anyway just had a bite of Cold Chli and I CAN DIG THIS REAL GOOD.  It's MAGNIFICANT.  Plus I'm like, I could have 1 Buffalo Wing with this meal.  With the Arroz.  Some Chili, a Rice, a Wing!  So much various Deliciousness.  Delicatessen same etymology as Delicious?  Probably not but someone needs to lturq.
Anyway one more paragraph for this section of entry.  One more paragraph Hard Core!  I can be REALLY indulgent and have a DRUMSTICK of a wing and not a THIGH of a wing!  Also I don't get Thighs.  Are Chicken Thighs really this tiny?  If only our thighs could be this tiny am I right ladies?  And fellas?  And Non Binary Folks?  I dunno something along those lines.  I had aI had a dream a week or two ago where I mostly looked the same weight wise but there was like a 40 pound tumor or something on one of my buttocks.  Just a huge excess of skin and Poundage Beneath The Skin.  And it was accompanied with the thinking well this hardly seems fair.  Gonna boost my overall weight by a lot and its all in this one space!  Alright I'll be back in a little bit.




Oop I Forgot Again

   Anyway Chili Was Delicious but I feel like I'm not in the mood to eat it today for lunch.  Can't argue with a feeling!  And it makes me feel good in All Of My Hearts that I can positively look forward to eating it when I am in the mood because it will be Delicious!  Hey what do cows say when they don't feel like it.  I'm not in the Moo'd.  Hey what a genius guy.  There's that twitter account where it only tweets Jokes That Kids Make and 75% of them don't makes sense.  Not In The Moo'd, I feel like that makes 75% sense which is already better than Most of that 75% that don't make sense.  Makes sense to me.  SO what do I have for lunch if not Chili?  Some Buffalo Wings and Rice that's my best guess.
    Cool!  Finished Beer #1.  Figure today will either be 4 or 5 beers, with each being about as likely as the other.  I like those odds!  Also being Yellow doesn't mean being a coward.  I feel like we're past that definition completely and it just existing as An Old Timey Definition.  We could all IDENTIFY that definition but we would never use it ourselves normally in conversation.  Old Timey definition no longer applicable!  Closer definition is Coldplay song, "Yellow."  So we're all roughly Coldplay on average more or less.  Coldplay, huh, is that like rubbin' ice cubes on each other.  It's a real thing its a major plot point in Do The Right Thing
    Fascinating.  Is Coldplay an Old Timey band or are they still on the cutting edge.  Nobody Know For Sure!  For the first half of my Music Interested Adult Life I was not into Coldplay.  Then I WAS into Coldplay!  Then I lost interest again.  That's about where I am now.  Not so much interest BUT I appreciate them now that I've gone through a period of explicitly being interested in their music!  Also Mr. Coldplay had a nice cameo in Extras: The Ricky Gervais Vehicle.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Gonna open up Mail In Ballot Mail soon!  TODAY!  I get to find out if its a real Ballot or someone else's ballot!  Is it possible I kept misspelling, "ballot," as, "ballet," several times over the last week?  VERY possible!
We should be pronouncing it Bahl-Owh, that's my reaction to that!  Man oh Man I get to watch some more #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor when this entry is over.  I' feel like This Episode Comin' Up Next is a SOLID episode.  Nothing that Great but a lot of stuff that's Pretty Good!  What other kind of Foodstuffs are potential lunches.  Can't hurt to go through my options one time.  Salmon, that's a No. Meatloaf, nope, still may turn out to be communal dinner.  Sandwich?  Not today!  I dunno Wings and Rice seems like a real stand out contender.  They're running away with the show at this point.  Way ahead! 
    Cool.  Another paragraph then another break.  I like those odds!  Speaking of odds Biden been inching up in odds these days!  I like those... odds, yep, like I originally said.  Gotta keep that momentum up!  I support this guy for president so I hope the momentum is kept up All The Way!  I call it JOEmentum.  That sounds about right.  Anyway should I be putting Wings in oven?  Probably I guess but I'm not!  Rice is definitely no bueno in the oven.  So why put One Thing In Oven and Other Thing In Microwave.  Don't make sense It's No Bueno!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!




Wait, Something's Coming To Me

   Sure it is.  Hey I got lunch right now.  We're talkin 3 Wings and Some Measurement of Rice.  It's Very Good!  Anyway what do I got in store for Part III of III of Entry.  At what age do you start to shrink.  At some point I'm gonna be 5 foot Nothin'.  Will it be 50?  60?  SEVENTY??  SOMEWHERE BETWEEN FIFTY AND SEVENTY THAT IS NEITHER 50, 70, NOR 60?  Probably the third one.  That's just Mathematical Odds, that's all that is.  WHat else is All That Is.  Gosh these wings are hitting some spots!  Rice is pretty good, too!  Also what's the Standard Rice.  White rice?  If you're just like Hey you wanna think about some rice?  I'd be like sure I'm picturing white rice.  And you're like yup that's accurate thats the kind of rice I was thinking of, too!
Wonderful.  Maybe Chili for Dinner tonight.  I like thoe odds!  Gives me something to look forward to, AND something to prepare myself for!  Not only is it yeah I'm gonna enjoy this but also it provides me with some Work to knock out of the park.  Work in terms of gotta prepare myself for chili properly, gotta get on top of this as soon and as extensively as possible!  Hmm I think I have some Al Fredo sauce.  This Rice is pretty much Halal Food rice.  Al Fredo sauce is POSSIBLY pretty much Halal White Sauce?  Do I Dare, no, that would be too indulgent.  Do I DARE PUT AL FREDO SAUCE ON SPANISH RICE?
    Sure I'll dare to do that why not whose gonna stop me you I'd like to see you try in theory but not in practice you may not succeed at trying but its still a net negative for me just you trying even if its a very low chance of you succeeding.
  I've also got Hot Sauce.  AND EXTRA Hot Sauce.  Figure I could do about 1/3rd the amount of White Sauce as Hot Sauce.  Anyway hey only 2 more paragraphs after this one.  I get to CHILL OUT to a MAJOR EXTENT after entry.  We're talkin a solid TWO BEERS PROBABLY and just #TALESFROMTHECRYPTFALLTOFRIGHTFOR for the rest of the day.  And have some DELICIOUS CHILI FOR DINNER!
    What a wonderful October 1st.  If this is what October is gonna be like SIGN.  ME.  UP!!!  Anyway what kind of snacks did I get from Super Market.  Were talking a PARTY BAG of #KettleChips2020ToRemember.  We're talkin thats about it.  No Sweets or anything!  Also that's not READY for today.  That'll get wiped down TOMORROW.  Anyway if I SUDDENLY INEXPLICITLY had a house guest and I wanted to offer them a snack, my first instinct would be to say, VERBATIM, Would you like some Joe Biden Kettle Chips To Remember?  That really drives the point home that There Are Things Wrong With Me.  Wasn't Obama's first thing to increase High Speed Rail?  And Republicans were like NO WAY.  Is it possible Biden adopts that to be HIS first thing.  We know he's pro-train.  And that's not even politics.  I believe, 100%, he is PERSONALLY Pro-Train.  So lets get knock some high speed rail out of the park!
Anyway what else is going on.  One last paragraph of the entry.  Either that or more important things.  Either way!  When Obama was trying to do Trains, and Republicans were like NO WAY, was Obama like really.  That's how its gonna be?  No Way To Trains?  Alright I guess if that's how its gonna be...  What else is going on.  Finishing Beer #3 just about now.  I got that going for me for some reason no one is really sure of.  The more I watch #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor the more I realize ya know I probably DID see a lot of these when I was a kid.  Not just one or two as a Scary Treat.  I saw a bunch of em but they weren't 100% horror so I kinda didn't relate to them.  Adult Issues and whatnot.  Didn't really engage me.  So I got that going for me This Time Around.  I am roughly an Adult and can relate to Adult Issues.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-1:31 P.M.





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