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Monday, November 30, 2020

Happy New Week

   That musta been a title before.  It's got all the FAMILIARITY of, "Happy New Year," but also the CHARM of it being, "Not Really A thing But Imagine If It Was!"   The point is Last day of the weekend!  Monday!  I never thuoght I'd live a schedule where weekend is Thursday-Monday.  But I also never thought A Lot Of Things in My Life.  Like using mouses without a mousepad.  You told me I'd be doing that 25 years ago I'd LAUGH IN YOUR FACE.  Sure I looked around to see What Can I Reference about Something In My Life that is Different than I might have expected.  Mouses win the day!  Mice!  I think its Mouses in this scenerio!
     Those cartoons with mice where they'res like little holes in the walls that mice run in and out of-- is that a real thing somewhere!  I guess it would be exclusively Rural areas.  ANd back when Cartoons were new Rural America was REAL America.  Unlike now.  When Rural WHITE America is REAL America.  But anyway that always creeped me out.  Am I gonna have a home one day with mice running in and out of walls.  ALso who makes these holes.  And HOW.  Are mice Chewing up the walls.  Also I'm guessing that Cats are a practicality in Rural America.  Eat them mice.  But then dogs are also a necessity.  Eat them CATS.  Whose gonna eat the dogs?  I dunno that remains to be seen.  Helper Monkeys?  I don't have all the details yet.  Anyway got a nice lunch lined up.  Talkin' Noodles + Cocktail Franks.  Hmm how about that for a creative phrase, "Cocktail Franks," is that anything.  I'll get back to you on this Never I don't wanna think about it ever again.
     Cool!  Even when I was a kid, in books I read and what not, there was still the outgoing idea of Yep People who Run Family Farms that's as American as Apple Pie.  Presumably they make apple pie, too.  Seems like the kind of thing they'd do.  But the good news is onw SUBURBS are real America!  At this rate in eighty years CITIES will be real America.  Then 80 years after that CRUISESHIPS THAT ARE THE LAST BASTION OF HUMANITY AFTER THE WARS is the real... America?  I guess each country survives on different cruise ships.  This is the America Ship we're living on that's real America.  Gotta look up Origin of Apple Pie, and whether it really is in some sense quintessentially AMerican.  My guess without looking it up is Yes It's Consumed In America but probably comes from Europe.  LMLTURQ.  YEP SEEMS TO CHECK OUT I MUST BE SOME SORT OF GENIUS.  Anyway the Great News is I just started MY VERY OWN bottle of Pepsid.  We're talkin FIFTY PEPSIDS AT MY LEISURE.  We're more accurately talking ONLY FORTY EIGHT AFTER HAVING 2 LAST NIGHT. 
     Gotta get back on them Protonix!  That'll do the trick.  Presumably.  My Mom wanted to make sure I'm not just eating them like candy.  My parents have a VERY LOW opinion of me.  Yep that seems to check out.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Anyway.  Dogs eat cats.  Cats eat mouses.  Mouses eat spiders.  Spiders eat insects.  Insects eat plants.  Plants eat sunlight.  Sunlight eats solar system.  Solar system eats black holes.  Black holes eat big bang.  Big bang eats Helper Monkeys.  And thus the circle of life continues.  MIchael eats White Castle Hot Pocket and Potato Half Spheres Last Night.  It was real actually nothin that special.  I blame putting the White Castles in oven.  I KNEW I should have used Microwave but I was CORRECTLY putting the hot pocket and potato sphere halves in oven so just thought well lets make this simple.  Such is life! 
     Cool!  I was thinking about when Election Results were coming in over the first week or so and BIden won Pennsylvania that put him over the top and I Was liek GREAT HE WON.  Now if he wins Arizona and Georgia That's Just THe Topping On The Cake!  But in retrospect if he didn't win Georgia and/or Arizona I think they'd have a much bigger chance of stealing Election if it was just one state they could change.  So the point is USA USA USA USA USA.  Seeing some conflicting responses to latest Biden Super Team Of Friends.  On the one hand I know it's not THE BEST people.  On the other hand I dunno if its GOOD people, Good Enough People, Mediocre People, or TERRIBLE people.  My instinct is telling me Mediocre People but also KIND OF MAYBE Good Enough People but that might just be my innate HOPE and TRUST that hasn't been totally crushed yet in my 32 years on Planet.  So I got that going on for me is the point.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!




Is It Next Week Yet

   Maybe I should switch places between, "Good enough," and, "Mediocre," for Biden Super Friends Team.  Mediocre is BETTER than Good Enough.  That's MY Hot Take.  Would I rather be called Good Enough at Websiting or Mediocre.  Depends on the context!  It could go either way all depends on context.  Mediocre I think implies there's SOME redeeming quality.  It's not TOTALLY, "Poor,"  I dunno what else si going on.  Gotta eat lunch in Oh I Don't Know an hour and 15 minutes.  We're talkin 75 minutes.  75 minutes is a VERY Underrated amount of time.  I dunno about you but that's the main length of a standard College course.  Definitely in Queens College, and if my memory serves me right, also NYU.  PERFECT amount of time.  Whether you're, "into it," or not!  You're not into it?  Not too long!  Get in, be half asleep, get out!  You ARE into it?  Get in, learn some stuff, do some CLASS PARTICIPATION and then leave while you're still goin' strong and not losing momentum!
     75 Minutes.  Hour and 15 minutes.  Get on board this is gonna be the next big thing.  Does that translate into an hour and a half with commercials TV SHOW.  25 x 3 is 75... A LITTLE too long for that time slot.  Oh well such is life That Amount Of Time Is Now Down The Tubes.  Anyway I saw A GEORGIA DEBATE will be on NATIONAL TELEVISION at some point THIS WEEK &/OR NEXT WEEK.  I'll watch that.  I'd rather watch that than a Presidential Debate!  Presidential Campaign is over!  JOSEPH BIDEN I PROJECT WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  STARTING IN 2021!  I'M NOT PROJECTING HE LOSES HERE AND WINS THE NEXT ELECTION.  THAT'S NOT WHAT I IMAGINE HAPPENING AT ALL.  Anyway will Joe Biden be Good Enough or Mediocre?  I DUNNO IT'S ALL CONTEXT.  Let's hold out hope that he'll be Adequate.  It's a strong possibility. I STILL BELIEVE.  And America IS Possibilities.  You look up America in the dictionary it says Possibilities.  You look up Possibilities in the dictionary it says America.
That sort of thing!  Rhyming Thesaurus.  Is that a thing.  Probably not but oh well what can I do about it?  Also Trump needs to ADD-I-QUIT to his lexicon.  That's ALL the work he has to do over the next month or two.  So we settled that is the point, what else is going on and crap.  Lookin at Baseball for first time since last year.  It's all hey I RECOGNIZE THAT NAME OF PLAYER WONDER IF THEY'RE STILL PERFORMING at 2019 LEVELS BUT EITHER WAY I CAN'T REMEMBER 2019 LEVELS EITHER WAY I HAVE NO IDEA WHICH PLAYERS ARE WHO AND WHETHER THEY'RE ANY GOOD.  Also I was thinking back on when I was in Children's Baseball in my Late Ones into Early 10's, and how they tell you when you're batting, NEVER TAKE OUR EYES OFF THE BALL. And in retrospect, TERRIBLE ADVICE.  I gotta be preparing to swing where I ANTICIPATE the ball would be when it crosses home plate.  I never take my eyes off the ball?  I'm just watching this pitch being pitched while I NEED to be focusing on my Inevitable Swing.  Terrible advice!  Take your eyes OFF the ball just FEEL IT.  That's what I'd say if I were Coach.
     Cool!  The point is I once almost hit the ball into the outfield.  That Settles That..  I dunno I can go on about My Experience with Children's Baseball but its all been said!  Presumably by me!  If I was reading Someone ELSE talk about MY experience with Children's Baseball I THINK I'd remember such a thing.  I had no friends in Children's Baseball.  Closest thing I had was a kid who was in Hebrew School as me had a Dad as a coach and I was on Their Team at least one year.  I never talked to this kid.  He thinks he's such hot shit his dad is the Manager of our Children's Baseball Team.  He thinks he's so hot just because he caught the ball I almost hit into the outfield, playing SHORT STOP and LEAPING to grasp the ball.  Doesn't seem right.  Hebrew School has failed me.  Such is life.
     Cool.  I get to take a break in a paragraph!  Wonderful!  It's called HEBREW CHILDREN'S BASEBALL.  Except for the fact that it's MULI-DIMENSIONAL.  And we arent' children we are GROWN ADOLESCENTS.  No we aren't.  Ok but as long as we're calling things into question how about Multi-Dimensional.  Nah I'm Okay With That One.  Fascinating.  Eat Standard CUp O Noodles or Other NONGSHIM one.  I dunno!  NONGSHIM one is more HEARTY and more Spice'd.  But Cup O Noodles is Less Calories and LESS Spice'd.  I really don't know what to do in this scenario.  I truly don't!  Figure I'll figure it out in about half an hour when I need to have a decision made.  That sort of thing.  Hey I get to take a break in a minute.  Return with Lunch.  Could he before lunch but NAH lets just get lunch going with Act III!  I'll be back in a bit.





I Need a New Calendar Anyway

   Hey what's going on and crap.  Got Lunch going!  Cup O Noodles!  Less calories Not Spicy That Settles That!  I dunno.  Whattado with the last Act of The Entry.  Eat lunch Yeah We ALWAYS Do That.  Drink Beer #3 we SOMETIMES do that.  Write entry well invariably we always do that.  Maybe thinking about getting a new TV.  My brother was HYPED about 4K DVDS.  Figure 4K TVs are the asme thing but Live TV on DVD.  And I could see myself using 4K TV to get through Last Legs of Pandemic (around 75% or so of What We've ALready Quarnatining.)  Way Past PEAK QUARANTINE is the point I'm trying to make.  Gotta get a TV small enough to fit on Surface.  40-43 is the biggest it could be!  They might not even MAKE 4k TVs that size!  I have NO IDEA!  I REALLY SHOULD LOOK THAT UP RIGHT QUICK. 
     iI'll look it up sure but not RIGHT QUICK.  I gotta finish this entry!  Dunno what to have for dinner tonight.  Solid Possibility (AKA AMERICA) is Bagel with egg with 2 Slizzles of Bacon.  Also we got Bagels from Other Super Market Delivery that are THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF CALORIES FOR BAGEL.  We're talkin 275-325 not this 380 NONSENSE.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Will it be Less HEARTY I DON'T KNOW ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT TAKE A POLL DO YOU THINK IT WILL BE LESS HEARTY?  TThat reminds me of Game Shows.  Who Wants To BE Some Millionaire.  Is Reghist Phildman still alive?  WTF HE DIED IN JULY.  Where was the PUBLIC OUTPOURING OF EMOTION.  Doesn't seem right.  Yeah Alex Trebeck dies IT'S A NATIONAL FUCKING TRAGEDY and Reghis Feldman dies THATS OKAY EVERYONES ON BOARD WITH THAT?  Doesn't add up!  Also once a year the hosts of TV Game Shows should have to appear as a contestant.  For MANY reasons.  But mostly because ITS ONLY FAIR.
  The point is I think if they want me to be an Actor in Sopranos I could pull it off.  I've been watching these actors make faces and deliver lines.  Love how they move around their limbs and eye brows.  I could do it I think.  Might take A BIT of practice but I'M LEARNING is the point.  The tough/easy part about acting is I have enough trouble trying to be myself!  That settles that.  Anyway ALTERNATIVES TO BAGEL DINNER?  Lamb Saag and Rice.  FROZEN PIZZA MEAL.  Tomorrow PROBABLY MACARONI not tonight TOO SIMILAR TO LUNCH.  Anyway I'm happy with the Kind Of Noodles I made today.  This cup o noodles did the trick!  No complaints its all working uot for the best.  Anyway trying to start thinking concretely about what to do in SECOND QUARTER OF 2021.  We're talkin Best Idea is OPEN MIC IT UP.  80% DOING IT WITH COMEDY, 20% DOING IT WITH MUSIC.  One gotta imagine Established Comedy Clubs FIRST PRIORITY is LETS GET SOME OPEN MIC NIGHTS GOING.  You don't HAVE to imagine it but I strongly recommend it!
     Sure, great, what else.  Comedy gotta be notable in 2021.  Comedy talks about OUR SHARED EXPERIENCES.  And our Shared Experience for the bulk of 2020 is HMM THIS PANDEMIC QUARANTINE AND WHATNOT WONDER WHAT KIND OF YUKK-EM-UPS TO BE MADE.  You can't just IGNORE It.  You might Want To move PAST IT, but YOU CAN'T.  GOTTA ADDRESS THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.  ELEPHANTS ARE REPUBLICANS.  BECAUSE REPUBLICAN BE DUMB AS AN ELEPHANT.  50% shot I made this, "Joke," before-- Why did Republicans pick elephants and Democrats pick Donkeys.  I think BOTH have LOTS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT.  It's accurate because I don't want an elephant OR a donkey President.  Maybe a Chimpanzee-- the monkey that is actually not a monkey-- its an ape-- but looks like a monkey.
     Last paragraph!  How many Seasons of Sopranos are there.  Off the top of my head I'd say 6.  Next guess is 7.  Next guess is I DUNNO ONE OF THE FIRST TWO GUESSES.  Next guess is fine 8 seasons are you happy now?  YEP IT WAS SIX KNOCKED THAT ONE OUT OF THE PARK.  And I'm mostly through Season IV.  So So I got that going on for me is the point.  Just finished lunch.  Lunch came together quite nicely.  That's my opinion.  I put Bacon in Microwave last time.  Makes sense because nothing else requires oven.  But maybe it'd be better in the oven.  Even if nothing else is in oven!  You can take that to the bank or something.  Haven't read Barack Obama: The Memoir Experience in at least a week.  Last chapter I did read was all about Yo I met this lady Michelle get a load of our semi-early relationship just a bit am I right.  I can't relate to it!  Having a significant other!  Just doesn't Add Up to me!  So I got that going on for me is the point.  Hey the entry is over!  See ya tomorrow.

-1:07 P.M.





Sunday, November 29, 2020

I've Got Titles

   I don't like this talking about Parts Of Year in Quarters.  Oh Vaccine may be ready for some people Quarter One, the rest of us Quarter Two of 2021.  THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE SEASON NAMES FOR.  You wanna talk Quarter One?  IT'S CALLED WINTER YOU IDIOTS.  PERFECTLY GOOD NAME FOR A SEASON AND YOU JUST WANNA THROW IT OUT WITH SOME BABY'S BATH WATER?  Summer is even worse!  I can't get PUMPED about a vaccine in 2nd Quarter.  A vaccine with Summer though NOW WE'RE TALKING.  Anyway gettin a mini super market delivery today from Other Place: The Place that sells White Castle Hamburgers.  So I got THAT going on for me during dinner.  Pair that with some Frenched Fries of The Frozen Variety.  Some Chicken Fingers.  Lunch today is FINISHING COMMUNAL'D ROAST'D CHICKEN'D.  With RICE and/or POTATO HALF SPHERES.
     What's going on in the wide world of sports.  I lost track of Mets Baseball Completely over 2020.  They rushed the MLB SEASON (Springs & Summers MORE OR LESS) back and It blew up in their face!  I had no incentive to pay attention to a Strange Season so now when its over I'm FURTHER DISCONNECTED to MLB Storylines.  What players are on what team.  How good those players are performing.  How good the teams are performing.  Main three storylines for baseball off the top of my head.  Whose got Covid.  Who got Covid from Who.  Bonus storylines for 2020.  ALSO I just proved my point re: thinking about years in QUARTERS and not SEASONS.  You say second quarter 2021 I'm thinking SUMMER 2021.  Season is first season according to many.  But now that I think about it 2nd Quarter MAY BE AS SOON AS SPRING.  SO WE GOT THAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO!  Maybe you're like me and thinking Summer 2021.  NOPE!  WHY ITS ONLY SPRING 2021.  And that's a GUARANTEE you can TAKE TO THE BANK.
I feel like I should be awarded some sort of Nobel Peace Prize.  I just bumped up the time we'll all be getting vaccines by like TWO OR THREE MONTHS or so.  You're welcome!  Razzy Version of Nobel Peace Prize.  Give it to war criminals.  Is that anything?  I know how much Trump likes to win things and if there was an Anti-Nobel-Peace-Prize I'd EASILY give it to Trump.  Not even a second thought about it!  And the point is HE WOULD SHOW UP FOR THIS AWARD and happily accept it, maybe try to put A LITTLE BIT of a positive spin on it but for the most part feel good about the entire deal.  Anyway got TWO THINGS from bonus super market order.  We're talkin Big Ol Box of White Castle Hamburgers.  We're talking ONE BOX consisitng of TWO Hot Pocket: Some Generic Flavor That'll Do The Job.  Anyway.  In Face/Off when the bad guy wears the face of the good guy basically his new plan is I'm GONNA BRING SHIT DOWN FROM THE INSIDE.  I GOT THIS POWERFUL HIGH LEVEL LAW ENFORCEMENT PUBLIC TRUST POSITION, I CAN PUSH IT TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS, AND REALLY COMMIT SOME CRIME!  And the point is That Is Trump but before any Face/Offing.  That's his GENERIC state!
Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  Also I WANT to believe that Face/Off can be a thing but so far the science just isn't there yet.  Maybe a few decades down the line.  Is it a thing where we have a stable government and political environment and we're like hey nothin much going on LETS GET CRACKIN' ON SOME SCIENCE.  Maybe.  I hope so!  Except if that science is used for evil/is used for good but results in evil anyway.  So we gotta be CAREFUL with New Science but if we do it RESPONSIBLY it could WORK OUT IN OUR FAVOR.  I HAVE ONE CRESCENT ROLL LEFT UOT OF FOUR I GOT ON THURSDAY.  I can, "DIG," that.  I had one for breakfast in TWO PARTS this morning.  We're talkin woke up QUITE EARLY, had half, woke up REGULAR EARLY, had 2nd half.  It's called BEING RESPONSIBLE.  Hmm is there a way we can Program a Crescent Roll that gets the job done with HALF THE WORK?  What work.  What job done.  What the hell is a crescent roll.  WHERE AM I.
     Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph!  We're talkin probably lunch with Act III.  We're talkin 4 beers today 4 beers tomorrow then TWO DAYS without beer presumably!  I can, "DIG," that.  One thing I like about Poltergeist that I never really registered before (Maybe it was possibly edited out of TV Showings) is the parents smoking pot while the kids are in bed.  I'd like to be that kind of parent presumably!  Except for the part about having kids.  I'd rather be a parent who smoked marijuana but I'M NOT READY FOR KIDS YET.  I, "IDENTIFY," as a parent but not there yet!  I'll get there don't worry, I'm just PUTTING IT OFF for now.  That's why Marijuana should be legal.  If you're a parent smoking marijuana in MOST STATES its like telling your child cool to commit crimes.  Also we're outlaws now as a family.  Watch out for Johnny Law.  Also you're an accomplice after the fact right now so what's to stop you from committing further crimes and smoking marijuana as CHILDREN yourself??? The point is though, However, if its LEGAL it's more like hey we're adults we can decide to smoke marijuana.  Just like beer and/or tobacco cigarettes.  When you're an adult YOU CAN MAKE THESE DECISIONS for yourself.  Why CRIMINALIZE Marijuana Parents?  DOESN'T SEEM FAIR.




More Titles Than You

   JOE BIDEN IS GETTING A CAT TO BRING TO THE WHITE HOUSE.  ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME.  We don't know the name yet.  We don't know the breed yet.  The cat may not even exist as of this moment!  Gotta get a NEWBORN Cat.  That way the Cat grows 100% along the line of The Joe Biden White House Presidency Experience. ALSO that way Aawwww It's Just A Kitten Cat!  LOOK AT THAT CAT.  We don't have to rack our imagination to look at this cat eventually WE WILL HAVE A REAL CAT TO LOOK AT VERY, VERY SOON.  The point is I dunno.  I think I kind of underestimated the intelligence of dogs and/or cats.  They Know What's Going On to an extent I can't really fathom.  Hanging out with a dog, being affectionate.  The dog GETS IT.  He's being affectionate with you, too!  On a very close wave length!  Also cats know stuff to do.  Presumably.  I had a cat that seemed very smart but never really gave me any concrete proof.  Other than she withheld affection from me, as cats do.  Which turned out to VERY on point with how other living organisms have chosen to interact with me.
     I like my old cat why not.  Also to what extent are White House pets free to roam around.  Can't confine them to Just One Room, that's cruel.  Can't have em trippin' everybody up all over the place.  Gotta find a balance!  It's very possible this exact sequence of three titles has been used before.  And, if not exact, very LIKELY it's about 75-80% a repeat of titles.  Oh well what can ya do don't mess with success.  Figure I'll put lunch in the oven in about oh I don't know TEN MINUTES?  THIRTY MINUTES AT MOST?  MORE THAN THIRTY MINUTES?  TEN MINUTES?  OH I ALREADY GUESSED TEN MINUTES?  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT IS THE POINT?  I don't get West Point.  It's all relative.  On a Globe everything is equally west compared to something else.  On a map?  Well are you using a EUROcentric Map?  AMERICOcentric Map?  Gotta imagine people in Asia sometimes use an ASIOcentric Map?  IT'S ALL RELATIVE YOU IDIOTS IN THE WEST POINT ARMY SHOULD REALIZE THIS.
Cool!  What about the North Star.  Yeah but that's outer space.  I dunno.  I don't, "GET," directions.  Also how come Stars are always the same size.  One star could be 10 billion light years away, another star 10 TRILLION light years away, and they look EXACTLY the same size?  Also these hypothetical stars ARE the same size in REALITY just different distances.  Doesn't seem to check out I'm gonna have to LTURQ one day when I feel like it more than I feel like it right now.  Wouldn't it be weird if we find alien life forms and they're EXACTLY the same as us.  Humans.  Speak English.  No more developed or underdeveloped genetically or in sciences or in arts...  Because it'd be like Wha... we didn't see you guys coming... And YOU DIDN'T SEE US COMING... and... uh... HOLY SHIT MAN THIS IS TRIPPY!  WE'RE GONNA BE FRIENDS I CAN TELL.  Cause we're aliens to each other but amazingly on the exact same wave length!  Seems to check out.  What if that happens exactly 99.75% the same BUT THEY'RE ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS.  I dunno.  Maybe they have THEIR OWN Trump.  Or maybe they don't and when they show up here they just Really Like OUR Trump.  That doesn't sound good.
     One would imagine if they have their own Trump our Trump and their Trump wouldn't get along.  Especially on account of their own self loathing.  Also especially on account of They Don't Like Anyone Else on their Home Planet.  So why would they suddenly like this person on some other planet  Yep seems to check out.  ALRIGHT just put chicken in oven.  No Potato!  Gonna have some rice instead!  From microwave.  I feel like I started Halloween V: Somethin' About Michael Myers, but I forget how far into it I am.  Could EASILY be 5 minutes or less.  Could EASILY be 15 or 20 minutes.  Don't think it's much more than that!  BETTER LTURQ.  TWENTY SIX MINUTES IN?  BOY DO I FEEL LIKE AN ASSHOLE NOW.  You know, dumb.  Moronic.  Wrong about things re: intelligence.  That sort of thing!
     Cool!  I don't mean to nitpick but these guitarpicks are NOT AS HEARTY as guitar pics I used to have.  Just got a sense-memory of when I first lpayed exclusively acoustic guitar in 2004 or 2005, whenever it started, I had a nice red pick that was THE HARDEST PICK I EVER HAD.  ALso, pick or pic.  Better LTURQ.  Yep JUST PICK.  Anyway this pick you can't believe how hard it was.  No give and take to it at all!  Man oh man.  Back in the days!  Used to develop calluses in my fingers when NOT using Guitar Pick.  Gotta learn SOME POINT.  Gotta learn at WEST POINT.  That's what Military Men Parents say to their kids.  Their kids may not want to but these Military Men & Women Parents DON'T WANNA HEAR IT YOU'RE GOING TO WEST POINT END OF DISCUSSION.
Anyway.  Figure I'll write a bonus paragraph here and now.  Whose gonna stop me YOU?  Whose gonna stop me Military Men & Women Parents?  Not likely!  I don't know any Military Men & Women Parents so we could intuit from that that no Military Men & Women Parents know ME.  So if they don't know me HOW CAN THEY STOP ME.  Hmm I lost track of whether what I was saying made any logical sense at all.  That happens on occasion.  Solid #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor time for episode during break from Act II to Act III.  Just about the right amount of time!  A bonus 5-8 minutes for SAFETY that's right no target.  Hmm what episode to watch.  How about the one where its like those main characters have to like do something but the thing is OKAY OKAY THE ONE ABOUT... uhh... can you come back to me later.  NO YOU MUST KNOW NOW IT'S ABOUT TO START IN A MINUTE.  Ok, ok.  Lemme READ the list of episodes, that'll help me come up with a good one.  OK HOW ABOUT THIS ONE it's about The ROCK BAND where one of the guy gets a tattoo with GHASTLY consequences.  Sure I'll put that one on.  Be back in a bit!




So Many Titles

   So many chicken!  We're talking I Can't Finish all of this!  Well I can OVER TIME.  Alright took a half a dozen Good Big Bites now it's time to refocus my attention to website.  Never finished #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor Episode With ROck Star Tattoo.  Had to take lunch out of oven a few minutes early.  I think it would be fun to meet an alien species who are JUST as Intelligent as we are.  Not a lot of stories about that.  Or maybe there are, waht do I know.  If I was born 10 years earlier, I'd probably spend more of my Teenage Years reading Stories-- SCI FI Stories maybe.  Instead I had Internet.  I used to read a shit ton before I was 10 or 12.  Then I realized here I am reading books LIKE A SUCKER when I could be in CHAT ROOMS.  WIth my friends!  CHATTING WITH MY FRIENDS.  It's like a book Come Alive!
     Anyway.  I could be a Young Adult Writer.  I mean, an Adult Writer For Youths.  I mean an Adult who is Young Re; Writing.  Good shot I end up finishing this chicken.  Good shots for lots of stuff.  I could be a choose my own adventure writing.  Except it's just writing a page at a time.  And each page ends with turn to Next Page.  Seems to check out.  I was watching The Sopranos and a lot of it includes THERAPY.  And I obviously am under therapy now with Serious Mental Stuff but when I was but a child-- say, around the years The Sopranos first existed-- I was in therapy for DEPRESSION.  And it was fun because It Prepared Me For Adulthood.  Got all my life issues worked out when I was 11 now its all uphill from here.  Or downhill.  I forget what position I was re:mountains but the point is Learned A Lot!  Ya know that sort of stuff.  I learned that if I take Prozac for a year and a half I will solidly NEVER have Depression Again!  I'm not depressed at all since then!  Other Stuff Sure!  But I AIN'T GONNA LET IT GET ME DOWN.
     Cool!  Three more paragraphs to go.  I was happy with that exact amount of chicken.  Hard to judge before you start, "Digging," in.  But once I did I Was like hey this is a pretty large amount but solidly within the realm of eating the whole thing responsibly that sort of crap.  Chicken has a lot to do with Depression Young Man Therapy.  I'd get KFC IN THE WAY HOME.  DRIVE THRU KFC.  NEVER BEFORE DID I GET KFC.  KFC STANDS FOR KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN.  THEY HAD TO CHANGE THE NAME TO KFC BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T LEGALLY CALL IT, "CHICKEN," ANYMORE.  There was a, "Kennedy's Fried Chicken," outside Silvercup Studios, which I visited half a dozen times Freshman Year in High School, as some sort of After School Program.  THAT IS WHERE THEY FILMED THE SOPRANOS.  I SAW THE SET WITH MY VERY OWN EYES.  It all comes back to chicken re: my life.  You know that sort of thing.  Hey only 2 more paragraphs to go!
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I don't remember learning ANYTHING re: SilverCup Studios.  All we did was Walk Around and be like hey look at this and we look at it and they're like well come back again next month.  Not much of a structured program to teach us about Film &/Or TV Making!  Just a lot of lets walk around and see what happens.  Also ACTORS WEREN'T THERE.  The Sopranos Set WAS EMPTY NO ONE WORKING ON IT AT ALL.  Probably take a bath &/or shower half an hour after entry is over.  Can't wait too long then it starts bleeding into Super Market Delivery Might Deliver At This Time time.  Why would you do a rip off of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  That's really setting the bar VERY low.  The point is I only have to write one more paragraph!
     Cool.  Shower when this entry is over!  I think I touched on that subject before.  I broached it.  I introduced it into the lexicon.  I went to go to Comic-Con.  I planned to go to Comic-Con.  I entertained the idea of going to Comic-Con.  I knew what Comic-Con was.  I knew there was a thing called Comic-COn. I CAME UP WITH COMIC-CON.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Dinner is probably We're Talkin 3 White Castles, 1 Chicken Finger, around oh I don't know TWELVE Frozen Frenched fries.  Got a lot to look forward to today.  We're talkin that Dinner.  That shower.  Comic-Con.  Halloween V: Michael Myers Just Walks Around And Sees What Happens.  Also where is Michael Myers getting these masks from.  Ok he broke free from a mental institution fo the criminally insane... and he's got his mask back.  WHERE DID HE GET THIS MASK FROM.  No way they'd let him hold it for 10 years.  DO they just sell this mask at every gas station in America?  WHERE IS HE GETTING THESE MASKS FROM.  Ya know that sort of thing I'll See Ya Later.

-1:37 P.M.




Saturday, November 28, 2020

This Is Sure Something

   Wanna hear something trippy?  At SOME POINT in this website-- MOST of the website going back to 2012--  I NEVER TALKED ABOUT LUNCH AT ALL.  This is on the grand scale of things A VERY RECENT DEVELOPMENT.  I mean I'm sure once in a while I happened to mention lunch.  Two, three times a month!  But now its EVERY DAY and I wanna know HOW LONG THAT'S BEEN GOING ON but I can't LTURQ because Google would have NO IDEA.  Wait.. YES IT WOULD.  I could just google, "Lunch," for each Month's Webpage.  Still a LOT of work, but I guess technically, yeah, it Could Be Done!  Can't one of yuo do it.  I will Zoom you 12 dollars if you do this for me.  I will FaceTime you Bitcoin.  Instragram some Paypal is the point I'm trying to make.  Pay Pal?  Well if we're such great pals why do I owe him in the first place.
    Presumably because he provided me a product and/or service.
  I guess that checks out.  I can't have my pals doing stuff for me for free!  Hence me offering you my internet pay pals Bitcoin on FaceTime.  I dunno what else is going on.  Thinkin about Bacon & Egg & Bagel for lunch.  It's good because HOW GOOD IS THIS BACON GONNA BE I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT.  Won't be Crisp'd, I'm just gonna microwave it.  Unless I made it on Stove Top Thing like Eggs.  I'd have to LTURQ to see if that's an acceptable way to cook bacon.  Can't be a bacon omelet, though, right?  You need scrambled eggs to make an omelet not fried.  I feel like, on the one hand, yes that's common knowledge.  Omelet is scrambled eggs and never fried.  But ON THE OTHER HAND I feel like I could pull it off.  Get those fried eggs going, throw in some bits of bacon, I THINK I COULD DO IT.  I COULD DO IT.
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Woke up thinking about what's my alcohol schedule for the rest of the week.  It was the end of my Dreaming State and carried over to the beginning of my Waking State.  And the answer is PROBABLY 4 a day through Monday.  Maybe do 3 a day one day and 5 another day!  Maybe mix it up COMPLETELY I dunno I don't have all the answers!  Maybe tonight I'll dream about it during All Out Dream State.  Gotta dream about somethin'!  But anyway yeah after that brief Waking State worrying about Beer Schedule I transitioned cleanly into whatta waste of Dream State I know what I'm gonna do and I don't really need to get into it as of now anyway.  I can be half-dreaming about anything in the world and I'm busy with THIS CRAP?!?!  Doesn't check out.  I feel like I made this title before.  I've made all the titles before.  Except for titles that I haven't made yet.  Some of them!  Not all of them!  What Else Is Going On For Some Reason!
     Cool.  Two more paragraphs then I get to take a nice brief break.  Watched Halloween IV: Completely Forgettable Halloween lsat night.  I can watch Halloween V: Possibly The One WIth Paul Rudd today.  Better LTURQ.  Nope that was Halloween VI: The Halloween that Dropped ROman Numerals From The Title and Just Called Itself Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers.  Look the point is I'm sure a lot of you have thought at one point or another how the Halloween Super Villain is named Michael Meyers and there's the Comic Actor Mike Myers.  But if you're MY AGE and you like BASEBALL you will know there was ALSO a Reliever in the MLB (he would relieve the starting pitchers and pitch an inning or two in their place) named Mike Myers.  So when thinking about that you need all the context you can get.  Hmm any other Michael Myers better LTURQ.  Sure there's many but none I WOULD KNOW OF.
     Cool!  Probably lunch with Act III.  In the mean time I gotta get my Act Together.  Ya know the last 20% of Act I and all of Act II.  Gotta figure those out completely which isn't a GREAT situation to be in but the good news is at some point it will be over and I can enojy the rest of my day doing something presumably watching TV ON THE COMPUTER.  You know like those folks TV On The Radio.  Except more accurately a place you can watch TV.  Was it a thing in olden days where they would broadcast Audio of TV on the radio?  Better LTURQ.  Nothin coming up immediately.  Feels like something they might have done in the 50's or something though.  The NINETEEN Fifties.  You know that sort of thing.  Anyway hey I'll be back in a little bit!





You Got It

   Well it's been Roughly One Little Bit... Anyway what's going on.  Still looking forward to LUNCH later today!  VERY SOON.  We're talkin maybe 3 Little Bits, that's my best guesstimate off the top of my head.  I don't like the term, "Guesstimate," and I REALLY don't like how Microsoft FrontPage RECOGNIZES IT AS A WORD.  Do REAL dictionaries?  LMLTURQ.  YES REAL DICTIONARIES SOMEHOW INCLUDE THIS WORD.  The poin tis a guesstimate IS JUST AN ESTIMATE.  I mean I get what they're going for.  Estimate is based on SCIENCE HYPOTHESIS CALCULATION and guesstimate is based on Feelings.  But FEELINGS CAN BE SCIENCE HYPOTHESIS CALCULATION.  It's all under the same umbrella.  Guesstimate is just an Estimate that maybe isn't as quite as likely considering where the source of your Estimating is coming from!
     Well that settles that.  Gotta assume guesstimate was one of those words they add every year For Fun Purposes.  Like sure they're gonna include it in Dictionary so it's Good ENOUGH, but the main idea is LOL WHATTA YEAR THIS WAS GET A LOAD OF THIS WORD NOW IT'S OFFICIAL.  I don't HAVE to assume that but I CHOOSE to.  How's Georgia Elections going.  There's two of them and they are both Running Off per my understanding.  I know you're supposed to RUN For Office BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS.  Yep that seems to check out.  Hey I'm thinking about running for office.  Alright but pace yourself!  Dumb.  I also thought about making a joke with that INFAMOUS scene in Back To Some Future III where he's telling Old Time West Folk about how we run for pleasure.  I made my choice and I stand by it!  PACING YOURSELF BECAUSE RUNNING FOR TOO LONG IS PAINFUL AND A HASSLE YOU KNOW THAT SORT OF THING!
     Anyway.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  We covered what relief pitchers do.  The Starting pitcher pitches for usually around 5-7 innings ON AVERAGE and then they bring in another pitcher to, "Relieve," him.  I feel like we covered this extensively enough that we're all confident with our grasp of the term, "Relief Pitcher."  Anyway what have I ALREADY had to eat today.  We're talkin 2 Milano Cookies OVERNIGHT.  Can't really say at what point. Was it 1 AM?  MAYBE.  Was it 6 AM?  PROBABLY NOT.  Was it 4 AM?  POSSIBLY THAT'S THE UPPER END OF WHEN IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN.  Yep.  Had half a chicken finger a couple of hours ago.  Had A Solid BREADSTICK before starting Act II right here.  Now we're talking ENTERTAINMENT.  Is there a Double Marathon.  I know a Half Marathon is Solidly A Thing.  Better LTURQ.  YEP ITS CALLED AN ULTRA MARATHON!  No fooling!  That's exactly what I would have called it For Fun!  But it's not necessarily a double marathon.  It's anything more than a marathon and up to 100 Miles.  That settles that.
What else is going on and crap. BACON EH?  FreshDirect really Brought Home The Bacon.  My Home!  From Outside my home!  Bacon!  Some people grow up with cheeseburgers I GREW UP WITH BACON BURGERS GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  LOL BACK.  Bacon comes from the BACK of a pig.  That's why it's called BACK BACON.  I just googled Bacon and Pig and it looks like Bacon is like The Gut from a Pig.  Which presumably is huge because they want to get the most bacon out of any one pig so they shove millet down their gullet until their gut is nice and big.  Yep seems to check out.  Is there a Turduckken Type thing where you make a pig eat something then kill it while its still not digested and then you eat that stomach with the thing inside?  Seems like a thing to do because it seems very cruel and disgusting so of course SOME people would be into that.  Lots of people are cruel!  &/or disgusting!  This is RIGHT UP THEIR ALLEY.
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Also at what point in my life do I get to try Haggis.  Sounds good to me!  I'm STILL WAITING.  I think I may just be describing haggis.  Except for how you make a decision about Last Food stuck in stomach or something. I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS.  Is it true that cows have four stomachs?  That sounds like a lie to me.  I'd LTURQ but I am very confident its a lie so why bother!  Also I eat Bagel & Egg like HALF SANDWICHES.  But the egg won't stay on the half bagel like it was nothin.  So EACH BITE I gotta stack up a bit of egg on top of bagel and eat it.  Like it was a half sandwich.  But EACH BITE I need to organize it and whatnot.  Whatta do with bacon?  Do same thing?  Or eat separately.  I'll try out both SEE WHICH ONE I LIKE BETTER.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Be back in a bit.





For Real Though

   Sweet havin' lunch.  Burn't My Bagel a bit but its not too bad.  Bacon is Solidly Sure Hey Why Not.  From the Microwave.  Is there anyone whose favorite breakfast meat is Thin Ham.  Look a nice piece of Ham Steak I can see that.  But little thin cuts of ham like in an Omelet?  Bacon is better.  Sausage is WAY better.  Ham is the healthiest (ITS ALL RELATIVE) but the point is I Made My Point.  I dunno.  Hey getta load of this, imagine trying to explain Chicken Nuggets to a Cave'd Man.  Hey you nkow how you like to eat chicken.  Presumably we may not have domesticated wild fowl yet BUT YES I SEE WHAT YOU'RE SAYING.  Well what we do is we make a, "Nugget," out of 2000 Chickens ALL EVENLY DISTRIBUTED.  The point is did they have chicken back then?  BLTURQ.  YEP CHICKENS DON'T SHOW UP UNTIL AROUND NEGATIVE 2K.  We're talking more or less the exact amount of time it took to get from Chickens --> Jesus is the same amount of time it took for us to get from Jesus --> Chicken McNuggets.
     Fascinating.  Look bacon is delicious ham is delicious and whatnot.  Also at what point did Jesus say ya know what that stuff with Kosher yeah never mind just eat whatever you want.  And then Muslims came around and were like yeah we know what Jesus said but OOPS JUST ANOTHER JESUS BLOOPER go back to being kosher.  Just dropped a nice piece of Egg on the floor. Picked it up and ate it.  Floor is pretty clean.  And if I don't eat it then The Floor Wins.  And I'm not just about to admit defeat to A Floor!  Also if 5 second rules is a thing Adults adhere to SOLIDLY no more than 15 seconds.  It took me less than 5 seconds to DECIDE to eat Floor Egg but it took me 15 seconds or so to pick it up from floor.  I feel like this shouldn't be held against me at all!
     Cool.  What kinda Dumb Omelets do Jewish people eat.  Corn'd Beef that sounds GOOD.  Salami Omelet-- Mom used to make that for me when I was but a child.  What kinda dumb person, Jewish or not, just eats plain omelet.  Well, if they're cooking at home, sure, fine.  But if you're at a diner, what kind of DULLARD are you to get a plain omelet.  Look you're telling me There's NOTHING You Like That's Better Than NOTHING?!?!  C'mon you DULLARD get on board with SOMETHIN.  Doesn't need to be meat!  Get a mushroom omelet!  Get a pepper'd omelet.  ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING.  Anyway solid 75% chance I'm having the COMMUNAL Roast Chicken For Dinner.  Think I'll dip into my RICE as a side instead of POTATO HALF SPHERES.  Just feels right Chicken & Rice is a winning combination that I haven't been having at all lately!
     Wonderful.  If I wanted to GO CRAZY I'm sure there's frozen HASH BROWNS and/or HOME FRIES and/or SOME KIND OF HASH I could pair with bagel/egg/bacon.  Really GO CRAZY with it.  Whose gonna stop me you?  You haven't displayed the ability to stop me at such an endeavor.  MAN OH MAN Next Episode of #TheSopranosAutumnToWhatever is widely agreed to be THE BEST EPISODE and I GET IT its AT THE VERY LEAST one of the most MEMORABLE.  Especially since people say it's THE BEST EPISODE.  You don't forget a thing like that!  Memorable that other people like it.  Now that I think about it Nothin' THat Exceptional.  Yeesh.  What else is going on and crap.  Oh, right, only one more paragraph!
     Cool.  JUST CLEANED UP AFTER MYSELF.  We're talkin' wiped down pot-skillet-thing eggs were made in.  We're talkin wiped Top Of Stove that might have accumulated some egg and/or some other kinda stuff.  It's called CLEANING UP AFTER YOURSE... yeah, just like I said earlier, nothin' new here in how to call it something.  Man oh man is it great not having salmon.  I get to Get Into The REAL GOod Meals that are Freezer &/Or Pantry Meals.  Frozen Meal with rice.  Cup o Noodles with somethin.  I don't HAVE to get it done right away but there's LESS THINGS I DO NEED TO GET DONE RIGHT AWAY!  I cracked some sort of Super Market Code.  I dunno.  IF I liked alone I'd just get whatever I want but eat it whenever I want.  For some reason somewhere along the line I deduced my parents would JUDGE ME if I let fresh stuff sit in fridge too long!  ANyway great glad we settled that.  I'll see ya tomorrow.





Friday, November 27, 2020

I've Got An Idea

   Sounds about right.  Anyway hey it's Thanksgiving Weekend Part II: Thanksgiving's Revenge.  My bet is before the 20th century it was called ThanksgivingS.  I'm basing this on NOTHING BUT INSTINCT.  I can easily imagine people saying will you be celebrating THanksgivings.  And not that its a plural holiday.  It's not like there's more than one Thanksgiving.  NO its just how Grammar Used To Work Re: End OF Year Holidays.  Also I think it used to be Merry Chiristmases,  Happy Fourth Of Julies, etc.  Also Julies is APPARENTLY a real word.  Multiple July(s).  Gotta have SOME word for it.  Why not Julies.  Or maybe Microsoft FrontPage thinks its important to have a word for multiple Julie(s):The Female First Name.  Google isn't on board with ANY JULIES.  Hmm here let me try an experiment. AUGUSTS.  SEPTEMBERS.  HOW COME Microsoft FrontPage acknowledges these words and Regular Dictionary doesn't?!?  First of all it's DUMB from Regular Dictionaries its not out of the question that we'll need to refer to Multiples of Individual Months.  And also what does Microsoft FrontPage know that other dictionaries don't.  They know hmm on websites people will be talking about months better get on top of these words from the Gitmo.
What else is going on and crap.  Happy Chanukahs SOUNDS about right but it's Still Wrong.  Thinkin about a Frozen MEal + Rice for lunch today.  Not all the time.  I thought about it maybe 3-4 times over the last 20 minutes.  Not extensively at any time!  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  Alternate PRE 19TH Century Word for Holiday--  Happy Thanks & Givings.  They didn't even make it one word until the GILDED AGE.  I feel very strongly about this.  II think it's American History that we expanded out to the west as much as possible and then when we ran out of room then we stated building skyscrapers.  Ya know around 30 years later.  Took us 30 years to come up with the Skyscraper Technology but Yeah That Theory seems to check out.  Can't expand 2D, start building some 3D!
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I was watching The Sopranos and how they're always doing the thing when they great people affectionately and act like they're gonna go kiss someone on the cheek but you just kiss AIR about 4 inches away from the cheek.  And I HATE THAT.  I have Italian Step-Cousins or whatever and when I see them at Christmas they do this and I'm like I DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THIS AS AN INDIVIDUAL PERSON AND ALSO I DON'T LIKE THIS FROM A SOCIETAL STAND POINT.  Invades MY space which I Don't like personally, but also, I don't like it FOR ANYONE.  What's the end game, what are they trying to accomplish by us leaning in kissing some air bullshit.  Hmm.  Step Cousins.  Is that accurate.  I dunno wait I think I got it-- HALF COUSINS.  No, wait.  Actually, Step Cousins.  I GOT IT HALF STEP COUSINS.  Ya know like tuning down from a standard E to an #Eb cousins.  Half Step Cousins.  Wonderful!
     Wonderful.  What else is going on and crap.  If you tune up your guitar a step at a time now we're talkin' about climbing some stairs.  Can't be more than 2 or 3 stairs at most, though.  You're strings will snap!  Unless you start out VERY VERY LOOSE.  Which sure I guess you can do that why not I'm not here to tell you how to walk up the stairs re: Guitar Tuning.  Hmm it just occurred to me I haven't had to replace a guitar string in AT LEAST a year or two.  Man oh man Life Has Been GOod and I haven't even realized it!  I should have clarified for people from the start-- tuning up/down a step meaning TWO notes.  Like tuning down from an E to an Eb is Half a Step.  Tuning down from an E to a D is a full step.  I like explaining things when its already too late.  I gotta assume SOME OF YOU think this is a choose your own adventure and somehow got to this explanation first.  That sounds fun.  Never even considered that!  This website could be a choose your own adventure.  All the pieces are coming together.
  Last paragraph of Act I!  Either Meatloaf or Roast Chicken for dinner tonight.  A Communal Thing is the point.  Leaning towards Meatloaf but I DUNNO.  Jeez whatta do with upcoming Break from Website.  Maybe some, oh I dunno, I STILL DON'T KNOW even after the transitional phrase oh I dunno.  Finished Twilight Zones: The Film!  I'll figure something out don't you worry about me.  Was lookin at a note book I have that says Journal on the cover.  Journal.  Journey.  Journal your Journey.  Yep all that seems to check out good thing I cleared that one up for all of us.  Mayeb watch some POLTERGEIST: THE ORIGINAL POLTERGEIST.  That's a FINE movie.  I like the part where it's all like yo check it out some poltergeists going on get a lot of that.  I'll be back in a bit.



That'd Do The Trick

   Sure why not.  Got beer #2 with Act #2.  Lunch with Act #3!  Maybe Beer #3 with Act #3 and Lunch #1!  The good news is had a nice conversation with MY BROTHER just now.  We're talkin hey yo whassup whats going on that kind of thing.  Well Great Just Great I've revealed Too Much of my personal life.  Oh well no going back now.  Nice LAMB SAAG and BONUS WHITE RICE in store.  Wonderful.  Had a Crescent Pastry for breakfast!  Gotta eat them at some point!  That's the main consequences of ordering them.  All of a sudden I gotta EAT 'EM?  Hardly seems fair but that's life I guess.  Also Crescents on Flags... feel like that's on a Turkey Flag.  So Turkey: The Country are ALL ABOUT Croissants.  Better LTURQ.  YEP they got a Crescent and a star.  Why do I know the Turkish Flag.  Or at least part of it.  It's called INTUITION.  Also it might be a Muslim thing.  And Turkey might be partly a Muslim thing.  What else is going on and crap.
Anyway.  Brother also Way Into Horror Programs these days.  We're the Brothers Horror why not.  Blum Brothers just like that Horror Film Corporation.  Seems about right.  Oh RIGHT I can also watch #TheSopranosAutumnToSettleFor.  THE OTTOMANS.  That's where Turkey Flag comes from.  Yep that seems to check out that's kind of what I was thinking Without It Being 100% what I was thinking.  CONSTANTINOPLE those were the days right.  As a person who took History in Good Highschool and got Top Marks for it, and as someone who for YEARS was preparing to be a History Teacher-- Constantinople VERY VERY UNDERRATED.  Even me, I don't know TOO MUCH about it.  But it was a legit Superpower for LIKE A FUCKIN' THOUSAND YEARS.  And now nobody knows One Thing About It!  Hmm better LTURQ I wanna learn MORE about Constantinople.  Also is that = to Holy Roman Empire?  Better LTURQ.  Yep seems to check out more or less.
     Not the Roman Empire the HOLY Roman Empire you dolt.  Get it together with your history knowledge.  Bought some Frozen Bacon.  I make Egg & Bagel TWO TIMES a week might as well be like hey might as well add like 2 or 3 slices of bacon each time REALLY GET THE MOST OUT OF THE MEAL.  Anyway adjusted my chair's height level so I'm like no more than 2 feet above the floor because I WANT TO BE A HERO LIKE OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.  My shoulders come up to the table THIS IS HOW YOU'RE MEANT TO SIT AT DESKS.  I wonder if that last, "Press' 'Conference'" will influence a BOOM in low-chairs and/or high-desks.  People want to be like their hero Current President Donald Trump!  Yep seems to check out.  Who am I to judge.  I sit at desks all the time sometimes lower sometimes higher that's just life!
     Anyway, maybe POLTERGEIST beginning after 2 more paragraphs.  Maybe maybe not.  I don't have all the answers As Of This Paragraph.  Anyway, I've reached the point in my life that I start forgetting how old I am.  I mean, I can figure it out in 2 seconds.  But before this year I knew immediately instinctively oh I'm 20, or oh I'm 25, or whatever.  I'm 31 now (32 in a few weeks) and nowadays if it occurs to me to think about my age, I'm like I know it's LOW 30's... oh right 32 in a little bit.  I'm 31.  So the point is I'm an adult because I can't remember how much of an adult I am IN NUMBERS.  The good news is According to TV Demographics I have a solid THREE YEARS as being a STRAIGHT UP NO DISPUTIN' YOUNG MAN (KID).  Finally TV Demographics are paying off in dividends in terms of how I conceptualize how old I am.  It's ABOUT TIME.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Is there ANY kind of movie they could make where they need a SUPER-R rating.  Like, you gotta be 32 to watch it?  Lets get some people working on that one.  It seems weird that people celebrate their birthdays beyond, I dunno, I guess Twenty One.  Happy birthday you're Thirty Two!!  THIS IS TERRIBLE NEWS!  WHY MUST YOU REMIND ME I AM SLOWLY YET SURELY GETTING OLDER?  DOESN'T ADD UP GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT IS THE POINT I'M TRYING TO MAKE.  Also I was thinking about it and a Benjamin Button could NEVER Happen.  Sorry I just can't see it!  It just DOESN'T ADD UP.  My Dad told me some effects of COVID19 is your teeth start falling out.  For some people, at least.  Well that's great just great now I got THAT to think about.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




Starting To Kick In

   Sweet got lunch going.  We're talkin NOT LAMB SAAG but CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA.  We're talkin with white rice and a dinner roll.  That's all we're saying for now!  Started watching Poltergeist: The Original Poltergeist and its not so great this time around!  Not gonna stick with it or anything.  I dunno.  Whatta do with the rest of my life.  We're talkin some Entrying every day until a point is the not so distant future.  Thinkin about goin with a life without this every day.  So far, though, don't see myself gettin' there.  I got nothing else to do!  Might as well be a productive and write every day for some reason no one is really sure of except for oh yeah its to be a productive.
     Wonderf.  Ul.  Got 8 bottles of soda LIKE USUAL but instead of 6 pepsi 2 orange I got 6 ORANGE and 2 PEPSI.  Really, "Mixing it up!"  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of crap.  At this point I think Next Thing I watch will be #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor Season ONE Episode FIVE LOVER COME HACK TO ME.  It's got a lot going for it it's roughly 25 minutes and a lot of stuff happens both involving sight and sound.  Also there's totally some sort of Narrative to make each subsequent sight and/r sound INTERESTING in the context of the past sight and/or sound.  I dunno.  I can watch HALLOWEEN 4 AND/OR 5.  No 2 or 3.  But I pick right back up at 4!  And 3 isn't about Mike Meyers.  So basically I'm only missing ONE in terms of Franchise Narrative!  I can, "Live," with that!  I saw the next worst country after USA USA USA in terms of Losing To The CoronaVirus is INDIA.  Gotta imagine Chicken Tikka Masala is Indian and if not the next most likely is some sort of Middle Eastern.  Also I don't care how many people say India is in South Asia IT'S BORDERING ON MIDDLE EAT ITSELF.  I do care how many people say that.  It keeps me up at night.
3 more paragraphs to go!  Meatloaf for dinner tonight!  CAN TODAY GET ANY BETTER?!?!  Probably but it could also get worse.  That's the life we chose.  Was telling my brother I got a Delicious New Guitar Amplification System but left out the part of also YOUR old amp didn't work anymore and I threw it out.  Maybe HE KNEW it didn't work anymore but I don't think so!  I think I had used it for a couple of years beyond him leaving it here at home with me and then only after using it for a few years did it cease to work!  So basically I Don't Think Anyone Cares About This, Not Even Me and/or My Brother.  My brother was telling me he's all about new high quality horror 4K DVDS.  And I Was like alright i Know you're digging all these special features that are even more entertainment than the movie itself but YOU Shouldn't BE SPENDING FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS ON ANY DVD I DON'T CARE HOW MANY DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARIES THERE ARE.  Also GREAT IDEA for a special feature for DVD.  MULTIPLE DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARIES.  I don't mean one commentary with director and producer, and one with director and actors, etc.  No just the Exact Same People four or five times.  I'm full of Dumb Ideas.
     I'd make that riff funny by adding jokes to it but OH WELL WHAT CAN YA DO.  Man oh man is Orange Soda the Default Soda and Pepsi Soda is the Once In A While Soda.  Really mixing things up and whatnot.  What's THE MOST EXPENSIVE DVD in the world.  Gotta imagine there's some info out there on Internet if I were only to LTURQ.  Hmm.  Nothin THAT expensive.  At most 3 or 4 hundred dollars.  I was imagining a Diamond Studded DVD or something of some Super Movie (Diamond Themed?)  Blood Diamond.  That way You Can Be The VILLAIN From The Comfort of Your Living Room!  Lover come HACK To Me?  I can TOTALLY, "Dig," watching that directly after this entry is over.  Then ONTO something else like MORE The Sopranos.
     What else is going on and crap.  Electoral Votes are officially on December 14th per my understanding.  That's a good Belated Belated Birthday Present.  Presuming they are Faithful Electors.  Which you gotta imagine they'd be on account of LAWS and whatnot.  I dunno the point is I have to write LESS than a paragraph more and then it's all Uphill from here!  Uphill is good.  Good exercise!  Also the pleasure of being on top of a hill is all before you!  Anticipation is half the pleasure!  Man oh man are we gonna be At Top Of The Hill at Some Point Soon!  Man oh man what if I make 2 slices of Bacon with Meat'd Loaf with Roll and Potato Sphere Halves.  Make a mini Bacon Meatloaf Sandwich.  Like a BACON Burger.  I used to be ALL ABOUT Bacon Burgers when I was a kid before I started gaining weight.  If you're gonna get a hamburger at a diner or whatever well JUST GET A BACON BURGER WHY NOT IT CHECKS OUT COMPLETELY.  Yep that seems to check out.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:34 P.M.




Thursday, November 26, 2020

No Rest For The Website

   Sure there is the website just rested almost an entire day.  The point is Main Work For The Working Week occurred this morning!  Super Market Stuff.  It's all down hill from here.  accepting Super Market Delivery = Climbing a Mountain.  Got some of that NICE, HEARTY Cup o noodles alternative maibe I wanna say NISAN?  RICEN?  Better LTURQ.  NISSAN.  I've been looking forward to that All Morning!  We're talkin pair that with SIX Miniature Hate'd Dogs.  So now that we got all that out of the way what's wide world of sports.  Lunch is RELEVANT today because THANKSGIVING.  Also Thanksgiving does NOT represent THe Intruders Celebrating with the American Indians.  It's all about THE FOOD we shared.  American Indians were like here's some MAIZE.  Here's some turkey CANDIED YAMS.  NOW ARE WE GETTING ALONG?  WANNA STOP KILLING US?  And then European Introducers are like HEY GREAT FOOD.  WE WON'T FORGET THIS.  And American Indians are like GREAT LET'S USE THIS OCCASION TO CELEBRATE THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN US.  And then European Intruders are like NO WE MEANT THE FOOD.  GOTTA REMEMBER TO EAT THIS FOOD EVERY YEAR.  THANKS A LOT!
     It looks like THIS YEAR The American Indians win. 
We're all eating Hot n Spicy NOODLES plus MINIATURE HOT DOGS instead of Turkey and/or MAIZE and/or I dunno POTATOES?  Gotta imagine Current American Indians have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving.  Better LTURQ.  GOOGLE HOW DO CURRENT AMERICAN INDIANS FEEL ABOUT THANKSGIVING.  Hey got some good research here.  Thanksgiving is a day of MOURNING for some tribes.  NOt just because they want the morning to last all ay but because they remember the DEATH and SUFFERING the Interlockers brought.  Some tribes ALREADY celebrated Thanksgiving!  Before Thanksgiving!  When The Interlopers were like YEAH HOOK US UP WITH THAT SORT OF HOLIDAY.  Anyway I saw Biden is considering an American Indian for SECRETARY of THE INTERIOR.  Sounds good to me!  Having a member of a certain Tribe being The SECRETARY Of THE INTERIOR for JOE BIDEN makes up A LOT of ground for the past 500 years!
     You know that sort of thing.  Good roll for Elizabeth Warren looool GOTTEM.  Warren kinda sounds like an American Indian last name.  Or the first 2/3rds of one, at least.  Elizabeth War-'n-Peace.  IT'S REAL WORDS that you combine them and IT MEANS SOMETHING.  American Indian for Secretary of Interior makes sense.  Because the little land they have left is on the Interior of the land WE CLAIM.  Totally surrounded 360 degrees in all directions by America!  Makes sense to me kind of.  Anyway I realized I have  Joe Biden shirt.  I had a Barack Obama shirt.  Says Biden on it!  So basically people'll be like hey is that some sort of PROTEST shirt?  You wanna, in 2020, Vote for Biden but Write In SOME SORT OF OBAMA?  WHATCU TRYING TO SAY???  People have short memories!  Who can remember 12 years ago.  Lots of people I guess but also SOME PEOPLE NOT SO MUCH.  Also the Write In Obama is for PRESIDENT and somehow I guess you have to Write in Biden for VP because he's not on the ballot for VP.  Then again you can't split the ticket between president and vice president.  So it turns out NONE OF THIS makes any sense.
the biggest story from this Super Market Delivery is NO SALMON.  I always FANTASIZE about getting no slamon becaus I'm never interested in eating it (But when I DO GET AROUND to eating it I enjoy it).  But this time NO STRESS.  Fuck SAlmon completely!  Not even an after thought it's a NOT THOUGHT AT ALL.  Hmm American Holiday where you eat FISH as the main thing.  Not Thanksgiving.  NOt CHristmas.  Not EASTER.  Not Chanukah.  Not FOURTH of JULY.  Not Memorial Day.  Not VETERANS Day.  Not JFK Assassination Day.  WE NEED A FISH HOLIDAY.  Commemorates the day that Living Organisms made the jump from Living In Water into Living On Land.  No that's no good we'd need that EXACT SPECIES of we really wanted to celebrate that.  That'd be cool if that species was around.  One of the biggest species in World History!  I'd like to know What IT Was All About THAT'S ALL.  Oh, right.  Fish Holiday.  I dunno how about Passover or something.  We can work that out if we really wanted to.  Also YES Christian Holidays and SOME Jewish Holidays are American Holidays now.  Get used to it!
Wonderful.  Is it just me or is Coronavirus Rapidly getting worse exponentially.  I GET that sense from the odd Tweet but somehow it's not penetrating that thick dome of mine.  I think about Corona A LOT but more on a Personal Life basis.  It's like the Environment Slogan Think Global Act Local.  Except I'm Thinking Local and Acting Global.  Except I'm not acting at all.  BUt I AM Thinking Local.  So it's like that Coronavirus Saying... Think Local, and if you have the power or platform or influence or whatever couldn't hurt to go ahead and act global.  For most people though don't worry about it What Can Be Done right at least you're THINKING about it SOMEWHERE or something.  Kinda seems like an oversight that we don't include drinking alcohol on Thanksgiving.  You're telling me the original thanksgiving was TOTALLY SOBER?  Doesn't add up!  I dunno whatever.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Still Goin' Strong

   Hey what else is up.  Got lunch going with ACT III: THE NEXT ACT: NOT INCLUDING THE ENTIRETY OF THIS ACT.  Anyway up to Ultimate Episode of #TheSopranosAUtumnToNeverSettleOnConsistantHashTag SEASON II.  I LIKE those odds.  Also look I have different impressions of ALL the characters depending on what stage in my life I'm at... but JANICE maybe the most?  At first I thought she was DRAGGIN' TONY DOWN and goofy (in a negative way) and DUMB.  Now I'm like well clearly this is the best person in the entire cast of characters.  Well, that's an exaggeration.  But it went from Quite Negative to Solidly Positive.  That happens with all the characters, though!  Except for CHRISTOPHER.  HE JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE.  Also Tony.  Also MEADOW.  Also alright I can't go over every character and whether I find them better or worse people depending on my stage in life.
I COULD.  I CHOOSE NOT TO, though.  I forget if I thought this, or for some weird reason my brother or a friend who had this thought for some reason and told me for some weird reason... there's an episode in the last season where they're all having a Family Dinner (Christmas?  Thanksgiving?) and it ends on a wide shot of all of them either at the dining room table or relaxing in living room or something... and SOMEWHERE I got the thought THE HOUSE IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP.  I feel like that thought was SHARED with me but I have no idea how that could be brought up in conversation.  So I guess its just me.  Closing shot with them relaxing.. but before it going to credits... EXPLODE!!!!
I'm a sick, sick person.  That's the same thing that happens to a Raisin in the sun.  Also a raisin in the sun gotta be pretty lonely.  How often do you see/eat a single raisin.  Gotta have some RaisinSSS in the sun.  That's a SLIGHTLY better situation to be in.  Is there a thing where its a Solar System with Multiple Solars.  Better LTURQ.  YEP IT COULD HAPPEN.  MORE THAN HALF THE TIME GOOGLE HAS LED ME TO BELIEVE.  Alright that settles that.  Can that be like a Dumb talking point about why Solar Power is bad.  LOOK THE SUN IS VERY BIG VERY HOT YOU DON'T WANT THE SUN ON EARTH WE'D ALL DIE.  And, you egg heads.. you egg heads want to bring MORE OF THE SUN to Earth?  THAT'S GLOBAL WARMING RIGHT THERE MAN ARE THESE ENVIRONMENTOS HYPOCRITES AND WHATNOT.  Anyway for this year's Thanksgiving, I am Thankful that we still have eight or nine years until our climate starts completely collapsing completely and completely irreversibly completely.  MAN EIGHT OR NINE YEARS THAT'LL BE FUN.
Cool!  Got some Hate'd Dogs in Oven.  Pair that with some NOodles.  And that's a nice late late lunch.  Or early early dinner.  You can have early early dinners during Holidays!  When it's Holidays They Let You Do It!  But that's NOT what I am doing its a late late lunch on account of I will be having A Dinner at an EVEN LATER date.  Get off my back about it.  Gonna try to make Supply of Beer last 5 days.  Three Days with 4!  Two Days with 3!  That adds up to 5 days!  You also have to know in this equation it's 18 over all.  That's VERY important if you're doing the calculations from home.  Also the last sequence of an episode of The Sopranos is JANICE KILLS SOMEONE.  So if we consider that when judging her character sure it SEEMS BAD.  But that's only if we CONSIDER that.  If we DON'T consider that suddenly She's No So Bad!  So there's two sides to every story.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful.  Sure I watched Creepshow II last night IT WAS DELICIOUS.  Still have a couple of Horror Anthology movies tha AREN'T THE TOP ONES I'VE SEEN but may be entertaining enough!  Alright.  Mentioned Twilight Zone: The Twilight Zone Movie already a week or so ago.  Figure I'll get, "Cracking," on that one.  Also the great news is I tried my Brother's Password for SHUTTER: The Streaming with NETFLIX: The Streams, AND IT WORKED.  I'm accumulating Stream Services at an EXPONENTIAL RATE!  Ya know that sort of thing.  I tried plugging in my earphones into my Amp to see how it sounds.  Sounds pretty good!  And I can listen to it at a Relative Appropriate Volume which means At Higher Volume It Sounds Better and More Real so It Sounds Better and More Real in Earphones HOWEVER it's only in my ears and not penetrating my entire body WITH SOUND WAVES.  So I got that going for me is the point?  I forget.  Anyway I"ll be back in a little bit!




There's Something To Be Said

   Hey I'm back.  Got lunch going!  Finished Act I of Twilight Zones: The Film Experience.  About 2/3rds through My Giving and about 1/3rd into My Thanks I Got Coming To ME.  No Thanksgiving Soup.  FIgure we should have a Matzoh Ball Soup in there.  SO we're also thanking &/or giving Jews.  Is Matzoh Ball a thing Outside Jews?  I'll figure that one out one day when I have more interest in pursuing such knowledge.  The real point is most of the time over the past 10 years we would get Thanksgiving Dinner from BENS: THE DELICATESSEN CHAIN WITH 3-8 locations between New York and Florida.  So sure we'd probably sometimes get Matzoh Ball as a Thing We Choose.  THat's the most fun part of Holidays.  You put in an order for Holiday Food and they're like OK YOU GET TO HAVE THREE OUT OF THESE 10 THINGS MAKE YOUR CHOICE.  HOLY CRAP NOW WE'RE TALKIN ITS A FUN GAME WHICH FOODS DO I WANT NOW &/OR ANTICIPATE WANTING DURING HOLIDAY DAY.
     Anyway.  I MAY have a turkey sandwich today.  Solid Chance, I wouldn't bet even money on it, but it COULD happen.  Anyway that first Act of Twilight Zones man really makes me to not wanna be a racist/bigot/anti-Semite.  Gotta imagine that's why they made Twilight Zone The Movie to instigate tolerance.  The Twilight Zones could be a FUN movie to watch with Thanksgiving Relatives.  Right?  Hey lets get together CELEBRATE TOLERANCE... next Act is for OLD PEOPLE, Old Relatives would get a KICK (the can!) out of that... third paragraph about the Horrors of Little Boys, little boy wouldn't appreciate it but EVERYONE ELSE AT THE THANKSGIVING PARTY will GET.  This paragraph relies heavily on you all remembering the 3 Twilight Zones in The Twilight Zone MOvie.  OH, also the 4th one.  That I forgot about.  The one that's ON A Plane.  Not to be confused with Nirvana song On A Plain.
     Fascinating.  Three more paragraphs to go!  The nit's ALLLL Thanks from here on out.  Anyway Edie Falco was also a main character in OZ: The HBO Prison Soap Opera for the first half of the series, and I always watched it in the context of oh she is most well known for playing Carmela Soprano.  But I was watching it this past time and she has a dialogue where she's like I'm a BECK Fan, and that THREW ME FOR A LOOP.  Carmela Soprano would have NOTHING TO DO with Beck.  Not even on Carmela Soprano's radar EVEN A LITTLE BIT.  But it helped me understand her Prison Guard character better (She was a guard at a prisoner's abode-- a prison).  STILL kinda out of character to like Beck but I can SORT OF see it?  Also I've noticed this dialogue Past Times Watching Oz but I always kind of thought maybe there's A DIFFERENT Beck.  Like a JEff Beck or something.  Can't just be The Beck we know and love.
I like Beck!  He's got a dozen songs I KNOW MORE OR LESS.  I asked my Mom if there was anything special she wanted to watch on TV for Thanksgiving knowing FULL WELL there's not A SINGLE ANSWER she could have given that I'd be like OK LETS DO IT!  I just wanted to be polite that's all.  Finish Twilight Zone when entry is over.  I like those odds!  Still got 2 beers over the course of the day.  Thanksgiving Fun.  Anyway still finishing off Noodle Soup.  That's pretty good.  Almost made it a whole Act of Entry with a lunch!  Also Magic Man in Twilight Zone is Magic Man in The Shining.  Just figured that one out!  Also Magic Man is just Scatman Crothers, who is a person beyond being Magic Men In Movies.
Alright lets wrap this entry up.  Another fun day.  Already close to 3:30 PM!  When I nad a MP3 Player and saw ON A PLAIN come up I was always wondering is it really On a Plain or did the place I get this MP3 JUST MISSPELL IT.  And I had no way of knowing!  I STILL DON'T!  Wait a second yes I do.  LMLTURQ.  IT IS On a Plain but I don't 100% Buy It.  PRETTY SURE he means plane.  What kind of delicious could I have for dinner tonight.  If not Turkey.  Why It's Only... uhhh... Chicken Fingers.  That sounds about right.  Are there any Adults Secure Enough in their Maturity that they could be at a dinner date and be like I'LL HAVE THE CHICKEN FINGERS.  My guess is Yes I Am One Of That Adults except for the Being on Dinner Dates part.  NOT SAFE DURING COVID.  3 camera sitcom.  Co Videos.  I dunno you figure that one out.  I'll see you tomorrow!

-3:30 P.M.




Wednesday, November 25, 2020

I Live Here

   Hey great what else is going on.  Saved some beer from yesterday!  We're talkin 1.5 12 Ozes of alcohol.  As opposed to the 2.5 Ozes if alcohol yesterday! THE WIZARD OF OUNCE.  Alright!  I"m the first person ever to make that pun.  Where's my Nobel Peace Prize!  Trump making a speech at Gettysburg today!  At what point do we stop treating this as news and start treating it like Trump going I AM GOING TO BE MAKING A B. M. TOMORROW AFTERNOON!!!  BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!  It's funny because B.M. sounds funny in this context.  See I'm catching on, I, "Get," Comedy.  Anyway one meal is Finish Spaghett and Meatball.  Other meal is BIG SUBSTANTIVE CORNED BEEF SANDWICH.  Sorry MAIZED BEEF SANDWICH.  I know they say American Indians introduced Corn to the.. what's the PC word... the INTRUDERS... but I don't buy that!  You're telling me Europe NEVER FIGURED OUT CORN before this?  I don't buy it!  MY NAME IS KORN**UM and I'm from WAY OUT IN EUROPE.  Cracked that code.
Anyway.  Tomorrow is the start of the Super Market Week.  I like those odds!  What else is going on.  Been making progress with #TheSopranosAutumnToTakeHashTagsSeriouslyAgain.  I like that ADRIANA character.  She's got the BRAINS the BODY and the BEAUTY.  Plus she's devoted OH SO DEVOTED to her Significant Other (Christopher).  Maybe a little TOO DEVOTED.  LAY OFF A LITTLE BIT.  IT'S A BIT MUCH IS ALL I'M TRYING TO SAY.  I like it when there are CELEBRITY GUEST STARS.  By which I mean David Guest shows up every other episode and is like hey its me DAvid Guest I wanna say some sort of guy affiliated with Waiting With Guffman or those types of movies or something better lturq NOPE it turns out I was right about everything except my name its CHRISTOPHER GUEST which means the character of Adriana's Significant Other was based on ME it turns out.  I wonder if I've ever seen Spinal Tap.  I feel like YES I dido nce.  But on the other hand maybe I just saw part of it?  I guess we'll never know for sure, it's just one of those things.
     Wonderful.  Joe Biden giving a nice Thanksgiving FireSide Chat tonight presumably.  It's today THEY HAVEN'T SAID WHEN YET.  Anyway I dunno if this ist the start of a tradition of Fireside Chats but it SEEMS like a FUN thing to do.  And he's got the character to do it!  Old guy trying to be comforting.  Plus he was AROUND to hear FDR's Chats on radio.  And it's a direct replacement for Trump's Twitter.  He's still in the public eye constantly and getting his message out there, but instead of a barrage of tweets every night he just does a Fireside Chat once every week or two.  I LIKE THOSE ODDS PLUS I WANNA SEE IT RIGHT NOW LET'S GET IT GOING.  Look obviously its gonna be on TV (or maybe just Online, whatever) but the question is will it be in THREE DEE?  HD SURE THAT'S A GIVEN.  But do we need special 3D Glasses to watch President Joe Biden talk to us every week by The Side Of A Fire.  Also this fire better be being produced by GREEN TECHNOLOGY.
     Anyway what else is going on.  Maybe he delegates that to someone else.  Still stick with the main crux of that idea but it's Kamala or something doing it.  I can, "Dig," that!  Anyway what else is going on.  Fourth paragraph.  Means I get to take a break in less than two paragraphs!  Crunched the numbers and everything.  Maybe the reason FDR did fireside chats is because he was like I CAN'T GO ANYWHERE I'M PHYSICALLY DISABLED BRING THE CHAT TO ME, GIMME THAT RADIO MICROPHONE I'LL CHAT FROM MY OWN HOUSE.  Also gotta imagine it was being aired on a 5 second delay in case FDR started Cussing.  Yep seems to check out.  One thing about Trump is somehow he never said FUCK or SHIT in PUBLIC.  I mean there's records of him saying it in private.  But he was never just doing a Debate and being like Look this opponent of mine is a fucking loser am I right.  WHAT RESTRAINT!  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.
     Anyway.  PODCAST.  Forget the We Have To Show Up Hear It Live every week.  FIRESIDE PODCAST!!!  Now we're talkin Welcome To The 21st Century!  Podcaster In Chief.  What A Wonderful World.  Anyway think I'm gonna take a break from #TheSopranosAutumnToYeahSureWhatrever when this paragraph is done.  Maybe a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor!  Got enough beer left over to solidly get me through Act II of website.  Then Oh Well Ya Gotta Deal With The Circumstances You're Presented With.  Anyway what else is going on.  HMM which #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor in a minute.  Maybe the one with CRYPTKEEPER'S PARENTAL UNITS.  Maybe some other one what am I a Fortune Teller.  Probably not I would have realized it by now.  Either way hey I'll be back in a bit.





I'm Having Lots of Fun

   More or less.  I'm having Lots of Boredom and A little bit of Anxiety.  Fun?  Sure why not I'm okay with saying I am having lots of fun.  CHRISTOPHER IS THE SOPRANO WE CAN RELATE TO.  HE'S NOT MORBIDLY OBESE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.  Also did my +13 pounds get me to OBESE BMI?  My guess is RIGHT ON THE BORDER.  But is that MORBIDLY obese?  Maybe!  Maybe ALL obese is Morbid, I honestly don't know!  Anyway got beer with Act II, got lunch with Act III... then at some point Biden is giving a Pre-Thanksgiving FireSide Chat.  Also I assume Chats can be one sided.  Doesn't need to be a dialogue or else they would have corrected FDR calling his monologues chats.  They wouldn't let him embarrass himself like that!  How often were FDR Chats.  Once a week?  Better LTURQ.  HE ONLY DID 30 over the course of eleven years?!?!  WHAT THE HELL.  We in The Modern Era DEMAND MORE POLITICTAINMENT.
     You know that sort of thing.  What else is going on.  OH RIGHT got access to Shudder: The Horror Streams, I can watch THAT for the rest of the day!  Suddenly I got somethin' to look forward to.  Also I was watching Halloween: The Original Halloween, and I've seen it in completion probably 2 or 3 times before, but for some reason this time around I was more TUNED IN and I was like HEY THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE.  WHAT KIND OF IDIOT I WAS DISMISSING IT IN THE PAST.  The WRONG kind of idiot, that's who!  I like the part where THEY'RE SMOKING MARIJUANA CIGARETTES.  Spoiler Alert!  THIS IS HOW TEENAGERS REALLY ACT!  I ASSUME!  I had no friends in high school but I IMAGINED people who had friends as people who would be smoking marijuana on occasion.  I YEARNED for that but oh well yearning will get you NOWHERE.  Gotta make it happen!  Make some friends and then be like hey you know what would be great is if we smoke marijuana cigarettes.
You know that sort of thing.  I started drinking semi-regularly about, oh, I don't know, TWO OR FOUR MONTHS before starting smoking marijuana semi-regularly!  And the point is they've both changed my life for the better!  Presumably!  That's my impression!  I can imagine drinking and/or smoking marijuana and its like hey if I WAS doing that right now I'D PROBABLY BE MOMENTARILY HAPPY.  Also you're gonna wanna Lite Up for BidenSide Chats.  It gets TRIPPY I'm telling you.  I don't wanna LITE UP and have things get trippy.  That's the OPPOSITE I Want.  I wanna LITE UP and the trippiness of my regular life SUBSIDES.  Yep that seems to check out.  Also what am I trying to get #LiteUpWithBidenSideChats trending or something?  I'm not trying to do anything!  Other than write 3 Acts a day and For Ttoday Specifically Finish Halloween I: Halloween I and watch Halloween II: Halloween II.
     Anyway, great.  Gettin' There with the entry!  We're gettin' there!  I liked the Recent Halloween.  From 2019 probably or at the earliest 2018.  It was a good one!  I liked the Rob Zombie ones, too!  YA KNOW WHAT I UNDERRATE THIS FRANCHISE to a significant extent in my own head is the only point I'm trying to make.  Anyway NEVADA Certificityed Biden.  MINNESOTA not far behind.  SOME OTHER STATES maybe at this point.  The point is Biden Is The Champion.  Our long national nightmare of Counting The Votes is over.  Well, halfway there.  Such is life!  To be honest they prepared us pretty well for not adhering to a definite timeline re: election results.  I was even kinda subconsciously imagining it could go into December.  Three weeks or so?  I was prepared for that like a mother fucker!
     Wonderful.  Hey You Wanna Hear Something Trippy TRIPPY ISN'T EVEN IN THE DICTIONARY. ...Well, its in some dictionaries probably, but not NOT ALL OF THEM.  Not Microsoft FrontPage's dictionary.  If you Google, "Trippy," doesn't pop up immediately like if you googled other words.  Hey well done Website that is kind of Trippy!  See I Told You My Life Served A Purpose!  Whew that's a relief I was starting to doubt that completely!  Anyway hey what else is goin on and crap.  Just put in Frozen French'd Fries in the oven.  To pair with Corn'd Beef Sandwich!  Get on board!  Anyway yep I will FINISH #HalloweenFallOnlyTwoDaysInFall during Act Break.  See ya in a bit!




That's What I'm Talking About

   The bad news is the only Halloweens left are IV and V.  The good news is I don't really care.  Nice Lunch going on, though!  Can finish watching IT: THE Horror Movie With Children.  I seen it in theates but not in completion SINCE theaters.  Then after that Why Its Only IT II:  IT'S REVENGE.  IT II: THE REVENGE OF IT.  I dunno but the point is I'm almost done with entry and then it's Smooth Sailing more Shudder Movies maybe even ones I have never seen before and are decently enteratining!  Trump CANCELLED his Gettysburg Address.  Maybe he finally realized Hmm I Am Dumb better to stop talking completely.  I dunno what I'm gonna do for dinner!  A DECENT amount of SPaghetti and 2 MEatballs... but in teh end NOT ENOUGH Spaghetti.  Even a Dinner Roll might not be filling enough!  I feel very conflicted about what to do to make DInner Substantial Enough!  Hmm left over only 3-5 small slices of korn'd beef.  Could just add that to sphaghetti.  MAKES SENSE TO ME.
I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE BIDEN TALK.  Some people think he's Sleep but NOT ME I think he's CAPTIVATING AS FUCK.  And FUCK is PRETTY CAPTIVATING.  If I had to list a top 20 words (and/or concepts conveyed by words) FUCK would definitely be in the top TEN even solidly.  Pretty much populated by mostly cuss words.  They get the attention of the reader/listener, what can I say.  Do you know what's weird.  Biden has been Campaigning For President EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR AND A HALF.  Jesus Chrsit that sounds like a grind.  And now his reward is ok now BE President.  Gotta imagine that's an EVEN BIGGER GRIND (if you take Doing IT Seriously seriously)  The point is if Trump has ANY decency he'd leave his doctor's prescription for Adderall with Biden on his way out.  It's the LEAST he could do to HEAL this country.
     Wonderful.  The point is Next Entry I will have Re-Upped with my alcohol supply.  Get it straight from the docks.  The Greek on the docks.  That sort of thing.  HMM let's check out Shudder: The Streamer to see what movie I might like to watch VERY SOON.  SALEM'S LOT.  THAT RINGS ALL SORT OF QUALITY BELLS.  Directed by TOBE HOOPER I just watched The Massacre In Texas With CHainsaws and he directed that shit, STEPHEN KING WRITTEN BOOK, And I don't even think I've ever seen it before in MY LIFE.  The point is I noticed Tobe directed Texas last night, and I realized, ya know I kinda can remember there being a horror movie director Tobe Hooper but I THOUGHT he would have been from the 2000's or 2010's.  What kind of guy is named TOBE in the 1970's.  DOESN'T CHECK OUT.  A HOOPER At that.  Look, I can accept a Tobe from 1970's.  I can accept a HOOPER from the 1970's.  But a TOBE HOOPER?  THAT'S A BRIDGE TOO FAR.
     Two more paragraphs to go!  Also for some reason I touhght SALEM'S LOT had to do with Cats.  Turns out Nope Vampires.  Salem must have been the name of a Cat at some point.  Hopefully even a Stephen King novel.  Well gotta google. "Salem The Cat," LMLTURQ...  AH SABRINA THE WITCH WHOSE TEENAGED.  Of course!  See it turns out I SORT OF get it!  Also Clarissa Explains it All?  There's no way Clarissa can explain it all.  She's too young!  Check back with me in Oh I Don't Know THIRTY YEARS.  Then lets see how much you can explain.  Solid 33.3% chance I saw Salem's Lot at ONE POINT during my life.  I LIKE those odds.  I like ALL odds!  They help us contextualize things!  Thanks A Lot Odds!
     Wonderful.  Last paragraph of the day!  Anyway is it a thing where Democrats win both Run Offs in Georgia and with Kamala Harris as VP we control the Senate?  IS THAT A THING?  COULD THAT POSSIBLY BE A THING.  I dunno I guess sure why not anythings possible I Don't Know THE ODDS Though but this would be a situation where They Would Potentially Be Very Useful!  If I had to guess the odds I'd say Oh I Don't Know somewhere between 1/3rd and 1/2.  I LIKE THOSE O... well they're not really OFFICIAL odds.  Just made them up off the top of my dome!  Dome Hooper.  Is that a thing.  I lost track of what I was talking about but the good news is the entry is over.  See ya tomorrow!

-12:21 P.M.




Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Generic Title #1

   Hey how about that.  Trump is continuing to lose in a myriad of ways!  We're talkin MICHAGAN CERTIFICACY FOR BIDEN.  PENNSYLVANIA CERTIFICACY FOR BIDEN.  We're talkin GOVERNMENT IS GOING FORWARD WITH TRANSITIONING FROM PRESIDENT DUMP TO PRESIDENT RESIDIN' (IN THE WHITE HOUSE FROM ON).  So we got taht going for us is the point.  And that's just THE START of the good news.  I re-upped my Beer Supply This Morning!  We're talkin 2 25 oz cans!  We're talkin' Leaning Towards having both today and Nothin' Tomorrow.  Anyway at this point I think Trump's best chance at remaining president is him doing a Face/Off with Joe Biden.  But then people would be like hmm Biden seems to have gained 220 pounds over night wonder what that's all about.  The presidency adds 220 pounds.  Like how TV adds 10 pounds or something.  Is the science still out on that?  Is that a real thing?
  Endocrinologist checked my weight and I gained 13 pounds which I took as GREAT news.  I have NO IDEA when this weight gain is in context to.  February?  June?  August?  You'd think I'd have to know to either be Happy or Discouraged about it but YOU'D BE WRONG.  13 pounds, huh?  Over an undetermined amount of time?  SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.  THIRTEEN POUNDS?  THAT ROUNDS DOWN TO 10 POUNDS.  WHICH ROUNDS DOWN TO ONLY SINGLE DIGIT GAIN.  Anyway what else is going on.  Got a DELICIOUS NUTRITIOUS lunch in store.  We're talkin' that Salmon Filet I had left over.  MOST IMPORTANTLY a slice of Meatloaf my Mom left over.  A dinner roll to sandwich meat loaf!  AND THEN some half spheres of potatoes.  It's gonna be good!  We're talkin' PROBABLY SPAGHETTI tonight and/or tomorrow afternoon.  We're talkin MADE MYSELF SOME STEAK AND EGGS LAST NIGHT. We're talkin I Made Eggs we're talkin I made toast we're talkin I heated up some left over Beef Sirloin.
    HEATED UP?  Shouldn't that be like HATE UP?  Not like oh I don't like you i hate you.  Same pronunciation but the definition is To Have Heated.  Hate Up  Sounds like how language SHOULD work and I'm gonna petition Trump WHILE HE STILL IS IN OFFICE to see if we can add hate toe the dictionary.  Hey isn't that coffee cold.  NO I just hate it up.  That's the kind of thing I'm going for.  What else is the kind of thing I'm going for.  My favorite thing to eat possibly!  Smallish Meat Loaf Sandwich.  It's got A LOT going for it 1) Meat 2) Loaf 3) Sandwich.  Alsi I'm strongly considering encouraging my DAd to get enough turkey that I can have a nice SUBSTANTIAL Turkey Sandwich on Oh I Don't Know THURSDAY.  Also if Thanksgiving Weekend is Thursday and Friday how come we never do the whole deal on Friday?  WE GOT FRIDAY OFF, TOO.  LETS MIX IT UP ONE YEAR.  NOT THIS YEAR.  NO THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR I IMPLORE YOU.
     I asked my Endocrinologist HER thoughts on vaccines and SHE'S ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT THEM.  She's A Smart One, too!  I trust her WITH MY LIFE.  Well, with my Endocrine, at least.  Also if I could have a nice ol' turkey drumstick SURE I'D LIKE THAT but I Just Don't Think It's In The Cards for this year!  Anyway lookin' like best case scenario we're Coronavirusing it for about A SOLID YEAR.  Seems about right.  One year down!  And one would imagine we never have to face another pandemic or climate emergency or nuclear war or anything.  ALL SMOOTH SAILING FROM VACCINE ON OUT.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I'm VERY encouraged by the picks Biden has announced for cabinet.  A solid ONE QUARTER of them I'm VERY Happy about.  Then there's the rest which MAY SURPRISE US IN TERMS OF BEING BETTER THAN MORE OR LESS ADEQUATE.  So we got that going on.  Lots of women cabinet leadrers in roles a woman has NEVER HAD before.  It's like I've always said, JOE BIDEN LOVESSSSS THE LADIES!!!
Joe Biden is a Pimp essentially thats the point I'm trying to make.  And I don't want you to follow that thought to the next logical conclusion that if he's a pimp, his cabinet are sex workers.  I DON'T WANT TO MAKE THAT POINT.  It's INSULTING AND INACCURATE.  I just wanna make Joe Biden being a Pimp the point and THAT'S IT.  These women are STUCK with Joe Biden being a pimp while they're just REGULAR SMART EXPERIENCED MORE OR LESS ADEQUATE GOVERNMENT PEOPLE.  That's all I'm trying to say!  Also Pimp isn't a slant rhyme with Trump, not quite, but it's a slant rhyme if you only look at the letters in the word and not pronunciation.  Pi=Tru.  Yes Pi is Truly 3.14159etc.  What else is going on.  Oh hey it's time to take a break!  I'll be back in a little bit.






Original Title #1

   Hey I started watching Twilight Zone: The Movie: The Movie.  It's GOOD because I don't think I ever really saw/paid enough attention to ACT I of movie.  Not counting the INTRODUCTION.  Which I NEVER SAW EITHER!  I think Jewish people should SUE Movie Theaters that if they're of age for PG-13 they SHUOLD be of age for R movies.  THEY ARE MEN AT 13!  Also if it's a Jewish Little Lady THEY'RE READY FOR R RATED MOVIES AT 12!  PRESUMABLY BECAUSE THEY START MENSTRUATING BEFORE BOYS REALLY START ENJOYING SEX HORMONES THEMSELVES.  I don't have ALL the details.  Everyone knows about Bar Mitzfahs.  NO one gives a FUCK about Bat Mitfahs.  It doesn't seem right that's the only point I'm trying to make.  I remember when I had Bar Mitzfah I enjoyed/looked forward to the part where I kinda Sing in Hebrew.  I truly thought, me singing with my newly-minted deep voice, THIS COULD BE MY BIG BREAK.  I'LL KNOCK THE DOORS OFF THE HINGES.
     You know that sort of thing.  Who ARE these people who just hang out at synagogue EVERY weekend all day and if you're having a bar mitzfah they're just sitting there.  I don't KNOW YOU.  This is a PRIVATE PARTY YOU CREEP.  Also presumably its really religious people, they wanna do Jew Stuff All Day All Week All The Time.  But when I was in Hebrew School (which shared the same space as Actually Temple, etc), I kinda just imagined that these folks must be BORED OUT OF THEIR MIND.  The reason they're here is they somehow can't think of a better thing to do.  I see its a thing where some faction of Republicans are encouraging Georgians to not vote in Run Off and/or write in Trump (which I'm told ISN'T A THING you can't write in a vote in Run Off THAT'S WHY ITS A RUN OFF).  But not voting GREAT the only even BETTER way to show up for Trump is VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRAT.  IF you think Not Voting is good then voting for the opponent is clearly doing One Better.  If that's the point you're trying to make.  That's just MATH That's all that is.
I'm sure there'll be SOME split tickets in terms of people voting for one Republican and one Democrat.  But I specifically like the people who are gonna be like WELL I LIKE CHECKS ANDA BALANCES.  GONNA PICK ONE AT RANDOM EACH THEN SPLIT MY VOTE.  PRESUMABLY AM I RIGHT?  The point is WHEN DO I GET THE CHANCE TO RE-WATCH The #TalesFromTHeCryptFallToFrightFOr movies?!?!?  I'd watch the NON Dennis Miller one first and then directly after that The Dennis Miller one.  Is Dennis Miller a Trump Supporter.  One could imagine he is or he isn't.  Solid 50/50 shot I'd say.  I know he's a Republican IN GENERAL IN THE PAST so who can say for certain.  BETTER LTURQ.  WAIT A SECOND I JUST REALIZED I DON"T GIVE A FUCK.  So we got that giong on for us is the point.  Feeling real betrayal Randy Quaid being pro-Trump or whatever.  I DON'T READ THE TWEETS I JUST IMAGINE WHAT THEY MIGHT SAY.
     Wonderful.  Lunch with Act III!  I LIKE those odds.  Anyway for me I think yesterday was when I was like well Biden wins.  It's happening!  IT'S ALL HAPPENING.  Then I had to read Twitter ReTweet and/or ReSpond to Trump Tweets and it's still FRUSTRATING he won't just LEAVE but also I'm like HOLY SHIT I DON'T CARE AT ALL ANYMORE.  HE CAN SAY BULLSHIT AND IT MEANS.  AB. SO.  LUTE.  LY.  NOTHING FOR THE MOST PART!  I mean look if he encourages violence or criminality of any kind that must be taken seriously and addressed.  But if he's just being a dumb ass asshole hey have at it.  We've moved on you DOLT.  Hey I get to take a break after the paragraph after this one.  It's called Moving On YOU DOLTS!  Yep that seems to check out.  I dunno why exactly but for some reason I feel like we're returning to the 1990's.  Barack Obama History is being skipped over for some reason for Bill Clinton history.  I CAN'T PUT MY FINGER ON WHY.  But it just seems like BIDEN WINS Let's Party Like It's 1997!  I don't know WHY.  And I'm assuming IT'S JUST ME.  But that's my mindset for some reason!
     Sure, great, why not.  That's when America was great for me.  Being a kid.  Makes sense to me.  I assume one of Biden's first executive orders will be to give every single household a Sega Genesis.  And the NHL Game where you can FIGHT each other during Puck Disputes Or Whatever.  You know that sort of thing.  I saw in NY Democrats look to have won a supermajority in State Legilsature or whatever, and they almost passed Marijuana Legalization without the super majority, so it looks PROMISING with super majority.  And New Jersey legalized it so we can't let NJ steal our thunder!  Also Biden might legalize it at FEDERAL LEVEL.  THe point is did I have a dream last night about siphoning off marijuana from my brothers stash, hopefully without him realizing it?  TO SMOKE IT MYSELF?  SURE.  I dream about LOTS OF THINGS.  I'll be back in a little bit.





Title #3

   NEVADA circumscribed their results for Biden?!?!  I've never been Cirtificizeized by Nevada IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.  Real select company Joe Biden has in having Nevada certificatize his votes.  Nevada is one of those states, am I right?!? JUST ONE OF THOSE STATES.  Gonna have lunch in like an hour AFTER ENTRY IS DONE.  I can do whatever I want It's A NonStop Party.  At this point I AM getting tired of winning.  Because it's All Winning All The Time, not worrying about Losing so much anymore!  The point is a Sega Genesis just doesn't cut it he needs to give tax breaks to households without a TV for TV!  Also what was that game I liked on Sega: The Genesis.  Fighting game.  You know what I'm thinking of.  It's kind of ALMOST 3D but 2D in graphics.  But there is some 3D movement you can make.  Those were the best games of that generation, am I right.  2D but SOME GIVE AND TAKE in terms of Depth.
Fascinating.  Just Texted my brother about SHUDDER PASSWORD: THE STREAMING SERVICE.  Man oh man I'm PRETTY CONFIDENT I'll find a Thing or Two that I'd be Excited Enough to watch when this entry is over.  Maybe a RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.  Maybe SOMETHING ELSE.  I've narrowed it down to those two things.  Anyway in the mean time what else is going on and crap.  What else is going on.  Got ACCESS but no Return Of The Living Dead BUT LOTS OF OTHER THINGS I'LL WATCH and/or REWATCH.  HEY I JUST WATCHED Thirty Minutes of Biden Speaking w/ His Super Team Of Super Friends.  I Liked it!  None of them said anything INSANE or anything!  I kinda forgot oh right humanity can exist without people being crazy.  It's tough for me of all people to remember that but I ENJOY being reminded!  Also for those who say Trump people aren't insane, just amoral-- I say, they're INSANELY amoral.  Or INSANELY corrupt.  Or INSANELY misguided.  That Shut Em Up!
     What else is going on and crap.  Got lunch in oven right now.  Be ready in about 40 minutes from this very moment.  I LIKE those odds.  I WANNA HEAR MORE ABOUT THIS JANET YELLEN she's supposed to be one of the top people!  Also what kind of person is named JANET.  Sounds stupid to me but hey its not my place to say!  IF I had to guess (AND I DO FOR SOME REASON) I'm guessing one remaining big position will go to an all-out Republican, and one remaining big position will go to an all-out Progressive.  YES most people will fall in the middle (Maybe leaning towards the WRONG SIDE) but I can see 2 statement positions.  I can see lots of things!  That's but one!  Actually I can't really see it!  I kind of logically think it might happen but I can't REALLY PICTURE IT IN MY MIND'S EYE.  THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH WAS A LIE PERPETRATED ON YOU BY ME AND SOMEHOW I HAVE NO REMORSE ABOUT IT AT ALL!
Yep seems to check out.  I like the guy who had to wipe down the podium repeatedly.  What's HIS title.  Hey I only need to write two more paragraphs.  Sure I'll watch a Texas ChainSaw Massacre.  IDEALLY the sequel to the original one with Dennis Hopper.  IDEALLY lots of things!  THEY ONLY HAVE THE ORIGINAL?  FINE I'LL WATCH THAT.  HELL I'D WATCH THE ONE WITH R LEE ERMEY.  ERMEY WAS IN THE ARMY LOL.  One thing that occurs to me about Texas Massacres Involving Chain Saw is in NO VERSION do we ever get inside the head of the Person Whose Committing ChainSaw Massacres in Texas.  It's usually like a family of crazy people, and this one person is particularly crazy, and he just goes abuot his business with chainsaws and if a person shows up then that's just their bad luck he's gotta chainsaw them.  That's ALL WE KNOW.
     Last paragraph!  Look Joe Biden can be a Pimp and his Super Team can be Classy Ladies (& Classy Fellas) I feel very strongly about this.  Well not really.  SURE HAD YOU GOING FOR A MINUTE, THOUGH.  That I felt strongly about anything.  I can't feel a thing.  I'm dead inside.  Yep that seems to check out.  I can check out R Lee Ermey Edition of The Massacre of Chainsaws on STARZ: THE STREAMING SERVICE.  I feel like I watched that one about 6 or 7 weeks ago, though.  Not NEARLY long enough to watch it again!  Gotta wait until like 12 or 13 weeks to build up to that.  I can watch some HALLOWEENS.  It's good because I didn't get to have Halloween so I can live vicariously through Film.  I assume it's just a found footage documentary of kids taping themselves going trick or treating.  Then they threw the camera (WITH DIGITAL RECORD OF VIDEO) in a river and someone found that footage at some point.  And put it out on the big screen.  And then they put it out on the small screen.  Then I get to see it.  Wait what.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:07 P.M.



Monday, November 23, 2020

Me & My Website

   Hey friends.  Another glorious day without alcohol.  Sounds like an OxyMoron doesn't it.  Also are OxyMorons invariably Moronic?  Gotta figure that's what words mean.  What does, "Oxy," mean in this context, though.  Let's LTURQ!  ANyway I'm sure there's some real etymology things going on but I saw one of the half dozen google suggested questions was, "CAN PEOPLE BE OXY MORONS?"  So that settles that as far as I'm concerned.  Oxy means Drugs.  Like Oxygen.  Moron means You.  Like Not Me I'm The OPPOSITE of Moron.  Norom.  Normal.  Normal is pretty close to the opposite of Moron.  LA MORON.  Looool that'll show those Hollywood Types!  FREUDIAN SLIP, "oxy," might actually ITSELF mean OPPOSITE or something.  Maybe Not You can LTURQ yourselves!  Can't be relying on me for ALL The LURQs.  On second thought yeah MAYBE oxy means opposite but you know what I'm leaning towards IT DOESN'T.
  Saw some Cabinet Positions Appointed by President TO BE Joseph Biden.  I was all like based on my own intuition and 80% of people I trust on twitter NOT SO HOT PICKS.  But there was a SOLID 10% where its like Hey a few people I trust on twitter are, "DOWN," with it!  Boy oh boy would I like to be, "DOWN," with something in Politic.  These people I'm Down with they know what's up.  They'll take care of me.  That's how Democracy works, right?  I remembr Bernie/Progressives/Democratic Socialists/Whatever saying during Campaigns DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT YOU GOTTA PARTICIPATE.  And I was like YEAH!  But you know what?  I'm wiped out!  I don't think I wanna participate anymore!  Think I'll just be a spectator for a while!  THAT SOUNDS A LOT EASIER AND LESS STRESSFUL.
  What else is going on in wide world of crap.  Lots of Good possibilities for lunch today.  Maybe a CORNED BEEF Sandwich Gotta Eat that sooner or later.  Or right on time.  I don't wanna eat it sooner than right on time NOR later than right on time.  Why make me pick between two bad options when Right On Time is obviously the best option staring me right in the face.  Anyway Personnel is Policy.  I heard that somewhere and I was like YEAH THAT SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT.  So that's MY lens of Cabinetx People.  What else is going on.  Finished #OzTheHBOShowAutumn.  Really burn't out on #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Just finished Season ONE of #TheSopranosAutumnToWhateverIForget.  Need a SECOND and/or THIRD thing to pair (or form a TRIPLET) with that.
What else is going on and crap.  Announcing (Final?) certifications for Michigan and/or Pennsylvania President Race today.  I'm HOPING they go for Biden instead of being prolonged another Week and/or MORE.  Let's get this thing over with RIGHT?  THat's what MY impression is.  I have no Alcohol but WHAT IF I took a Klonopin and/or Ritalin.  I LIKE those odds.  Probably a Ritalin.  On account of I'm Prescribed that for 2x a day anyway.  I'm UNDERNOURISHED re: Doctor Ordered Ritalin Intake.  Anyway NOT SURE about that Corned Beef Sandwich.  Maybe finish that BEEF SIRLOIN.  It's not gonna finish itself!  That would be WEIRD.  I can't even FATHOM the logistics of it finishing itself. 
     Last paragraph of Act I.  LA MORON.  NOROMAL.  Knocked that one out of the park, had to go out past the outfield to retrieve it and knock it out of the park again.  Golf is like Baseball if you only had One Ball to play with.  Cracked that code.  Dunno maybe I'll watch some more #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  I can IMAGINE myself watching one of any HALF DOZEN of episodes.  One of the ones with Radio Show.  Another with Television Show.  One with a Circus Freak Show.  Maybe one that's titled "Two For The Show [not show related)"  None of that is a joke in any respect.  Those are actually my top 4 ideas.  And one of them HAS Show in the title yet neverthe less does not involve a Show.  Anyway hey finished this Act.  Be back in a bit with Act II!



Am I Decent

   Well that's just great.  I've even been operating under the MISGUIDED assumption I at least get beer Tuesday and Wednesday.  We're talkin I MIGHT WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY FINE I CAN LIVE WITH THAT THURSDAY IS ONE OF THE BEST DAYS.  Seems to check out.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  At what point do Republicans efforts to prolong the clock (Sports Term) start failing.  Just saying over and over again NOPE NOT READY TO ADMIT DEFEAT YET CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK.  Doesn't seem to be a SOUND Legal Persuasion Argument.  They're just being DICKS.  One of my least favorite Political Talking Points everyone does is Can You imagine if Hillary did this... and/or Obama and/or Whatever... YES I CAN IMAGINE.  I'M A VERY INTELLIGENT GUY I DON'T NEED YOU DOUBTING MY IMAGINATION POWERS.  GET A MORE INSIGHTFUL THING TO SAY YOU DOLTS.  Ah, their hearts are in the right place.  Right around their chest.  On I wanna say the left side of their body?  You know STAGE LEFT?
     Yep seems to check out.  Sure I googled, "Where Is The Heart," and that's solidly a Dumb Song Title.  Oh HEY gotta finish Salmon.  I can do that for lunch.  I'm in the mood for knocking some sort of meal out of the park so I don't have to eat it in the next few days.  Figure I'll aim to eat in Oh I Don't Know around an hour or an hour PLUS Oh I Don't Know another Half Of An Hour!  Why would they announce Certifications if they're just gonna kick the can down the road.  Seems like a waste of everyone's time to have a nice press conference celebrating Certificity and then being like FALSE ALARM OUR BAD CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK.  Also, "Certificity," SHOULD be a word and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.  Wonderful.  It's like if you were in Jury and then you tell judge you made your decision and then you're like before THE ENTIRE ASSEMBLED COURT just wanted to say we still don't know yet.  Check Back IN NEXT WEEK.
What else is going on and crap.  Gotta imagine all the conspiricy theories and fake news and whatnot gotta be wreaking HAVOC on our Jury Trials.  They're all like Hmm you and me Other QNON PERSON WE CAN PROVE THIS PERSON IS A SECRET HOLLYWOOD PEDOPHILE AND WE'LL NEVER VOTE INNOCENT.  Also the premise of that joke is they're not just being accused of being a secret pedophile but also that they're a secret HOLLYWOOD pedophile.  THey're actually a Big Celebrity but it's a secret that nobody knows.  Yep that seems to check out.  I don't think I'm doing A DAMN THING for Thanksgiving.  Maybe eat a turkey sandwich.  No joke!  I MIGHT go ahead and do that just for fun.  I might not!  IT'S UP TO ME!  Get off my back about it is the point I'm trying to make.
     Hey what else is going on.  Ya know what, put food in oven after this paragraph.  That seems to line things up pretty well in terms of Eating Lunch Future and/or Writing Act III Future.  I forgot to read another chapter of #BarackObamaTheBook last night!  Oh well such is life.  I'll get back to int today don't you worry.  Really don't worry.  I'll read it!  Honest!  You can take that to the bank.  Then deposit it.  Then withdraw it whenever you feel like it, when circumstances demand that you need to retrieve it.  What was I Talking about.  Oh, right.  Books.  I'll read more books don't you worry.  Really stop worrying these things barely matter to ME and its my life!  You worrying is just way out of line it doesn't affect you AT ALL.  ANd even if it did, NOT A HUGE DEAL ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.
  Put salmon in oven!  Along with Oh I Don't Know 7 or 8 Half Spheres of Potatoes!  Hey you wanna hear something WEIRD?  When this Month begain (both Real Month and Crazysheet Month) Election Day hadn't even STARTED yet.  We were all like man oh man what's gonna happen.  Then we found out what happened over the course of a week!  Good times.  Biden TOTALLY WON and is STILL WINNING.  ANd ya know what, truthfully, 100%?  GETTING TIRED OF WINNING.  Just put his victory to rest!  Us winning over and over and over again is starting to MAKE.  ME.  TIRED.  Speaking of me getting tired hey I'm just about ready to put this Act II to rest.  Watch a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after Act II, before Lunch & Act III.  I LIKE those odds.  I'll be back in a little bit!  Also yes I.  Am.  Getting. Tired.  FRom Winning!  But I'll never FALL ASLEEP until Winning is All Over, Said And Done!  DEMOCRACY NEVER RESTS!




My Website!  Get Your Own

   SPOILER ALERT-- I will find out what's the deal with Michigan Today during THIS ACT OF WEBSITE.  Better take it on a Paragraph By Paragraph basis.  I can't put off Act III indefinitely-- what if Press Conference Re: Certificity takes place in MORE THAN HOUR?  Then I'd look The FOOL by delaying Paragraphs.  ALSO I got lunch going for me RIGHT NOW so even if I wanted to, "Doomscroll And Chill" it would make my Lunch COLD.  I can't Twitter AND EAT at the same time!  I COULD but I wouldn't like it!  Why do something you don't like?  I'm sure you got your reasons.  Go ahead and do things you don't like till your heart's content.  Wonderful.  Why would they hold a press conference just to announce they didn't certify.  Doesn't Add Up!  Totally Prepared For It, Though!
     Hmm, I THINK IN ADVANCE, Michigan ain't certifying yet?  THAT SUCKS.  But We Shall Move On!  But yeah THAT SUCKS!  The preceding was written as a MENTAL EXERCISE to see how I would feel.  It JUST OCCURRED TO ME I never ripped off a piece of Paper Towel to Act AS Napkin.  Napkins are more important than ever when you're typing.  I can't get my keyboard all OILY.  It's be IRRESPONSIBLE.  Anyway it JUST OCCURED TO ME (by reading it explicitly on twitter) ALL THESE BIDEN PICKS AER FOREIGN POLICY THEMED.  I CRACKED THAT CODE!  JUST LIKE THE CODE CRACKER I AM.  ALso I gotta be some kind of idiot to have stopped watching #TheSimpsonsILastBingeWatchedEvenBeforePersonalHashTags!  Around season 10-13 or something.  Now I can PICK THAT BACK UP because it's THE BEST CHOICE of what I have left and WILL LIKE IT EVEN MORE THAN I FEEL.
     Cool!  I was reading one of the books by Simpsons Writer a few years ago and one little BEHIND THE SCENES JOKE is in the opening credits when you see THE SIMPSONS appearing in The Clouds you see the letters THE SIMPS first and Simpsons Writer was like BECAUSE IT MEANS THEY'RE SIMPLE.  IN TERMS OF INTELLIGENCE.  ANd I was like yeah you got us there.  Very clever.  Doesn't get much more clever than that.  The point is I am as old as the Simpsons and At What Age does The Simpsons throw in the towel.  40 Seasons?  LESS than 40 seasons?  MORE than 40 seasons?  IT NEVER EXISTED AT ALL AND WAS JUST A FEVER DREAM I'VE HAD MY ENTIRE LIFE?  Gonna eerr on the side of AROUND 40 seasons.  I know it wasn't an option but I'M BLOWING UP THE RULE BOOK.  Hopefully I have a new rule book ready.  Michigan MAY NOT be called yet but THE SIMPS is there for the viewing!  I wrote, "SCENES," wrong in teh beginning of the pargaraph and Microsoft FrontPage was like, DID YOU MEAN, "SCONES?"  And I DIDN'T but now that I think about it maybe I SHOULD HAVE?
  MAN OH MAN Certificacy coming soon!  WIther its PRO certificty or NON.  Or CON.  Not NON.  Look I'm making up words, MISPELLING the made up words, I can misuse NON and/or CON.  WHose gonna stop me YOU?  ANyway JOHN KERRY IS BACK IN THE MIX!!!!  CLIMATE CZAR.  Obviously everyone's wondering well if you wanted a Democratic Candidate for president who ultimately never became president to be Czar on Climate WHY ITS ONLY AL GORE.  But John Kerry is okay!  I CAME OF AGE during the 2004 President Election.  Presumably!  I spend several months coming of age overall, at least.  THe point is I made it into FOURTH PARAGRAPH of ACT III without CERTIFIACY done so I feel like I made the right decision to Knock Some Act III out of the park.  Anyway what else is going on.  One would imagine Websiters Dictionary's word of the year is going to be CERTIFICIACY.  EVERYONE's talking about it its gotta be WAY UP there on the lists.  I'm so stressed I WILL SAVE ONE OF THE 2 SALMON FILETS I HAD SCHEDULED FOR LUNCH TODAY.  WHICH IS BAD NEWS I DON'T WANNA HAVE TO EAT THIS CRAP LATER.
     Such is life!  Last paragraph of Life!  I MEAN Entry!  DAMN TRUMP WINED AND DINED THESE MICHIGAN PEOPLE RIGHT?   Why everything gotta be so dumb and cheatfilled.  I dunno but I gotta finish entry all the same.  WHICH TWITTER DO I FOLLOW FOR BREAKING NEWS.  These guys are PUNDITS YES ON THE BALL PUNDITS BUT PUNDITS AL THE SAME.  They don't break the news!  Well, at some point, one of them will!  But its easier to follow a Break The News type ACCOUNT of TV CHANNEL.  Also PUNDIT IS A SLUR.  They're Political People maybe they wrote books or articles.  Not just Talking Heads WHERE DO I GET OFF.  Anyway hey entry is over.  I did it!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:11 P.M.




Sunday, November 22, 2020

Let's Talk It Out

   Once upon a time In The West/Mad Man lost his damn mind In The West. ... ... Lovelace is a mad man, but I don't fear that/ got mad weapons, too, ain't trying to hear that!  Ok that settles that.  Got some sort of NURSE in my house to Give my dad blood or something?  Not a transfusion, an INFUSION.  SO I don't think it's blood in and of itself.  Just somethin GOOD for blood.  I dunno, maybe it is blood!  Obviously a transfusion is getting blood from someone else.  An infusion might just be getting blood synthesied in a lab or something.  I don't have all the answers!  Anyway got 3 beers for today!  I can live with that!  Three days without alcohol?  WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT.  Gotta leave house TUESDAY for Endocrinologist, solid 50/50 chance my Mom wants cigarettes on account of We Already Leavin' House, so I can get beer for Tuesday.  These are the days of my lives.  Salmon for lunch probably.  Bagel and Egg for dinner probably!  Maybe switch it up!  I WANNA IMPRESS NURSE LIKE SEEEEE I BE COOKIN'.
Wonderful.  I guess I'd have to offer her some Egg, though.  That's just civilized manners.  Ya want some fried egg?  Nobody makes fried egg like me!  ON account of me making it wrong in a weird way.  TASTES fine, though!  It's pretty standard what I do.  Crack open 3 eggs, mush it around a lot, particularly with the goal is spreading the yolk as much as I could.  That's it!   THen mush it around so more, maybe do a few FLIPS if I feel like it/can accomplish.  Of course I could always offer her some salmon.  Or I could combine salmon and egg!  IT'S CALLED A LEO OMELET EXCEPT FOR THE O.  It's called a LE ISLAND IS THE POINT I'M TRYING TO MAKE.  Anyway I've been seeing a disturbing number of Appointees from President-Elect Joe are corporatist/lobbyist type people.  Gotta HOPE that means its his way of compromising because he's appointing The GOOD People in Higher Level Rolls! I don't HAVE to hope that but I choose to and ya know what kinda seems possible?  Of course it's also very possible no these are the people he wants no matter what level.  In which case DAMNIT.
Wonderful.  TWO MORE EPISODES OF #OzTheHBOShowAutumn to go.  About HALFWAY THROUGH SEASON I of #TheSopranosFallToIForget.  Figure I'll make myself salmon for lunch.  I MADE MY MELON AND NOW I'LL SLEEP IN IT.  Anyway the point is if The Sopranos was 90% what they implied it would be in Pilot Episode instead of 80% THAT'D BE REAL COOL.  I mean, to some, the way it turned out is probably better!  I CAN SEE THAT!  But I would have liked what the pilot 95% was like.  AIN'T TRYIN' TO HEAR THAT.  He got MAD WEAPONS, TOO?  I AIN'T TRYING TO HEAR THAT!!!  Once upon a time in the west, mad man lost his damn MIND IN THE WEST.  I can't get enough of those two lyrics in particular.  So Dumb but So Fun.  Watched Not-So-Fresh-Anymore Prince of Bel Air reunion.  Look if he was fresh in 1989 or whatever, over Thirty Years later, the bloom has come off the rose so to speak.  Anyway I was hoping for some sort of SCRIPTED reunion where they're IN CHARACTER And IN A PLOT but oh well you live with what you get.  Presumably.  You don't HAVE to.  I ain't here to tell you whether to lie or die.
Anyway.  Without Fresh Prince we'd never have Jim West so we should be thanking our lucky stars.  How many lucky stars is one man entitled to have.  Two or three?  More like two or three DOZEN?  It's all relative is the point I"m trying to make.  Also I don't, "Buy," astronomers who can be like yep That's that constellation I know the name of, those are each star I can name by name.  THESE ARE JUST RANDOM POINTS OF LIGHT THERE'S NO WAY YOU CAN DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THEM.  WHat kind of fool do you take me for.  And honestly I've always had a REAL problem with constellations.  These are freakin' Rorschach tests!  There's NO WAY you're trying to make out a shape or several curves or lines and its the end all be all.  It's impossible to settle on one interpretations, and on a personal level, I could NEVER make sense of a constellation even if you TOLD ME what to look for.  I just see random points of light I CAN'T PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER MAYBE THAT'S ON ME.
Wonderful.  I dunno.  Also I have never seen Wild Wild West but I'm under the impression it makes those Worst Movies Ever lists.  Great song, though!  Also I think his name is Jim West.  Wild Wild West not just because The WEST (Part of 1800's Country) is Wild Wild but also because this CHARACTER (Jim West) has the tendency to be Wild Wild.  Man oh man this movie was based on a 1960's TV SHOW.  Even MORE astounding it was a box office bomb.  You'd think with all that audience BUILT IN because they loved the franchise for Decades it would have done GREAT.  I dunno, what else is Dumb.  The point is Yes I Realize the Reunion Special was just a GIMMICK to get us to watch Fresh Prince on HBOMax.  But I outsmarted them!  I'll watch the reunion thank you very much and STILL not watch the entire franchise.  I OUTSMARTED THEM GOOD.  I'll be back in a little bit with more entry.




How About That Crap

   Hey that's great.  Beer #2 of III.  Sure I mix up digits and roman numerals GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Gonna have the Bagel & Egg for lunch Get off my back, etc, you know the deal.  I read roughly ONE MORE CHAPTER of Barack Obama's Book Enterprise.  We're talkin might have been as little as Half a Chapter OR might have been as much as One and A Half Chapters.  So, great, what else is giong on.  MAN OH MAN if I can get beer on Tuesday that's only ONE DAY of Week without Beer!  I LIKE those odds.  Anyway is it a thing where in no 4-8 months we can MOre Or LEss go to normal?  Cause if so GOTTA START ON OPEN MICS AT GROUND ZERO.  It's like everyone's starting off at the same level!  Now I'm in at The Ground Level which Yes Is What I Originally Meant When I Said Ground Zero.  PLEASE FORGIVE ME MY TRESPASSES.
Cool!  Tough being around Nurse in kitchen.  Am I Standing Normally Enough.  What about Where I'm Looking.  Am I making any strange or unpleasant sounds.  What about when I do walking is my balance on point.  These are the things WE ALL think about CONSTANTLY but we don't realize until THERE'S A NURSE IN OUR HOUSE.  Tomorrow could be a Key Day in Election 2020.  Michigan and Pennsylvania might certify!  Which I BELIEVE may make Trumps path towards 270 Electoral Votes SLIM TO NONE and SLIM JUST LEFT TOWN. Snap into a Slim Jim.  I WOULD if I Could.  Really!  I don't care if it ruins my appetite.  Also I don't get the premise of Ruining one's appetite.  You're SATIATING your appetite.  That's EXACTLY what you're supposed to do.  No Mike it means you're satiating your appetite before socially accepted time at Meal PRESUMABLY Communal Meal thus ruining the whole deal.  Well maybe THEY'RE ruining their appetitive by going several hours without A Beef Jerky.  THEY'RE the wrong ones EVER THINK OF THAT?
     What else is going on.  Also when Snapping into a slim jim, does it mean you just take a bite and rip it off haphazardly from the rest of the slim jim?  Or are we supposed to take the slim jim and SNAP IT IN HALF COMPLETELY.  Which I kinda can picture Randy Macho Man Savage doing in commercial?  But the problem with that is Slim Jim Don't Snap.   It's not HARD enough to snap.  It's soft-- there's some give and take to it.  You can try snapping it but you'll have to add some extra effort, twisting it or something, to get it to properly, "Snap," if we can even call it that.  Also are APPETIZERS supposed to satisfy your appetite or INCREASE your appetite.  Seems like its in some weird middle ground that I don't see the point of EXCEPT FOR Appetizers are delicious.  Ya know that sort of thing.
Wonderful.  In all likelyhood, finishing @OzTheHBOShowToAutumn today.  Watch a few episodes of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Maybe catch an episode or two of #TheSopranosAutumnToIForget.  Am I misremembering or is the slogan REALLY SNap INto a Slim Jim OH YEAH!  I think, to the best of my recollection, Randy Macho Man Savage ALREADY had OH YEAH! as his Wrestling Campaign Slogan.  And then he brought that to his job selling Slim Jims.  Better LTURQ.  YES INDEED he sometimes says OH YEAH after telling us to Snap Into Slim Jims.  Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't!  I'm VERY happy with how that research turned out.  Imagine the actor who plays Randy Macho Man Savage having to Talk Like That ALL THE TIME.  I mean in tone of voice.  Like a guttural growl.  It's not natural!  He's putting an effort into everything he says and IT'S.  GOT.  To.  Be.  Hard.  Like A Slim Jim.  If You Really.  Want.  To.  Snap It.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  They can sell beer in Morning Not Sundays, right?  I'd be getting around to Convenience Store sometime around 9 AM to Oh I Don't Know 10:30 AM.  We'll see how that goes I guess.  Maybe I don't, "Get," stars as much as other people is living in NYC.  I think it's even worse other places, but pollution, etc. around NYC makes it harder to see as many stars as if I was in Oh I Don't Know KANSAS.  They can see MORE STARS, and See Them BETTER.  That's what I've been led to believe at some point or another.  Oh well such is life.  We get to see SKYLINE.  WHatever that's called.  Up in the air, particularly facing Manhattan, we see some pretty SKYLINES.  Also I live SORT OF live a block away from a hill so driving One Way I CAN see some of the Manhattan sky line even though I'm QUITE Far Away!  So I got that going for me is the point.  Anyway I'll be back with Act III in a little bit!




That's Not The Point

   Hey got Salmon going for lunch which is GREAT Because 1) Delicious and 2) get to look forward to Egg & Bagel for dinner and 3) didn't have to cook with Nurse's Prying Eyes Judging My EVERY MOVEMENT.  Anyway SIDES YOU ASK?  2 Filets of BBQ Salmon with FIVE Half Sphere Potatoes and A SINGLE Dinner Roll!  Anyway I've seen different numbers and based on similar but different questions, but I get the sense that its around 20-30% of people who think Trump won Presidency and/or At Least ACCEPTS Biden won presidency.  Which, compared to the thousands of polls I've looked at over the past 9 months... doesn't sound like an insurmpountable people.  We can surmount that number like it was nothing!  Surmount it REAL GOOD.
     Cool.  Man Oh man I still think it's around a 50% chance I can get beer on Tuesday but I WOULD BE QUITE HAPPY ABOUT IT.  Anyway I started watching Final Episode of #OzTheHBOShowAutumn and Yes It's 40 Minutes Longer than The Average Episode bit I'm STILL GONNA BE DONE WITH IT SOMETIME TODAY.  Also gotta be honest it was BETTER This Time Around compared to the last 1-3 times I re-watched it.  Kinda BACK ON BOARD!  I like Bagel & Egg so much maybe I should stop preparing to have ine 1-2 times a week and AIM FOR 3-4 times FROM THE OUTSET.  Maybe lots of things!  This is but one example of a Thing.  Are there Afternoon Open Mics?  I feel like I've done Afternoon MUSIC open mics which PRESUMABLY did Comedy.  But just imagine this scenario.  It's JUNE 2021.  I'm getting ready to do my FIRST OPEN MIC of the year-- an afternoon open mic.  In let's say MANHATTAN.  I get there an hour early and GET A BAGEL WITH EGG from some nearby deli.  IMAGINE IT BECAUSE THAT'S THE HEAVEN I AM POTENTIALLY ON THE VERGE OF!  Eat it in some nearby park.  I'm Imagining The Bitter End which I BELIEVE is Afternoon AND you can do comedy.  That's near Washington Squared Park.  Washington Squared is Washington Times Washington . Washington Times is presumably some sort of Right Wing publication.  I dunno if it exists but if it did I'd guess some sort of dumb Right Wing Rip Off of Washington Post.
     Bitter End, huh?  That reminds me of Some Sort Of Pun I could make with the words Bitter and/or End.  LOL THIS ISN'T EVEN MY A MATERIAL!  Finished lunch.  How far away is Delicious Dinner.  We're talkin between 5 and 6 hours, that's my best guess!  Well James Carville is still giving me e-mails about Georgia Run OFf.  I like how one Georgia Republic Senator has Covid!  I don't wanna vote for her she'd spread covid all across the sena... wait maybe I DO want to vote for her.  Because I hate the senate so much!  That's how LOTS of people feel.  DAMNIT she's gonna use this November Surprise to her advantage.  JUST OUR LUCK AM I RIGHT!
     Two more paragraphs to go.  20 Bonus Guitar Presets in addition to the 30 ones that are made obvious on Guitar Amplification System.  I don't know WHY they hid these tones.  But the point is Hey these tones ON AVERAGE are better than the 30 other ones ON AVERAGE.  What if I take my AMP to Comedy Open Mics and do my bits Through A Flanger.  WHAT IF.  Probably would just CONFUSE people.  Me in particular!  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I'd say while being FLANGED.  Comedy has gotta be hard the first few months after Quarantine.  All our previous material is 90% unrelatable.  DOESN'T QUITE RING TRUE ANYMORE.  We gotta work on NEW BITS.  So my Five Minutes on Starbucks is OUT THE DOOR.  NOw I gotta talk about... uh... getting DOOR DASH!... FROM STARBUCKS!... STARBUCKS IS ALL I KNOW PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME.
Last paragraph.  Hmm if COVID started being taking seriously as little as 1 or 2 months ahead of time wonder if that'll have effected Democratic Primary of Democratic Candidates 2020 Editino.  You don't HAVE to wonder that.  It's there for wondering, though!  I'm not even gonna wonder it and I CAME UP WITH IT.  Maybe you feel differently I DON'T KNOW I DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS.  Also I had no idea so many people liked Thanksgiving so much.  I think AT LEAST 50% of the people who are like I'm GONNA HAVE THANKSGIVING WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT probably would, if pressed, be like Yeah I Don't really like Thanksgiving... SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO SKIP IT. BUT THEN THE LIBREALS WIN.  The point is I'm Just Guessing!  I personally Really Do like Extended Family Get Togethers!  Maybes me feel Warm & Toasty Inside.  Presumably.  Who can remember. Last extended Family Meeting for me was CHristmas 2018.  It's been WEEKS since that.  Well, that's true.  LOTS of weeks.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:22 P.M.




Saturday, November 21, 2020

It's All Coming Back To Me

   HEY my Mom just gave me a great present!  A Whole Bottle Of Pepsid!  Well, Half a bottle of pepsid.  WELL, a third of a bottle of pepsid.  POSSIBLY no more than 25% full bottle.  The point is I can take these suckers at my leisure and I'm, "Down," with that.  How's election going.  We're talkin hmm a few dozen things in motion but In The End It All Amounts To Bullshit.  Well, half of it amounts to bull shit. MAYBE 2/3rds.  ALRIGHT no less than 75% of it is bullshit.  Let's be honest with ourselves!  And be LIARS with other people.  Gotta save the best for ourselves only.  Let OTHER people be exposed to the LIES.  I only have Oh I Don't Know FOUR #OzTheHBOShowAutumn left to watch.  SOLIDLY into the second half of #TheSopranosFallToWhateverIForget.  #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor still in play!  FINISHED CHapter I of Barack Obama: The Book That Is Barack Obama.  I didn't realize it had chapters until I got to the end of the chapter!  I knew it was divided into 6 or 8 LONG sections and I thought that was it.  Turns out NOPE chapters WITHIN the segments.  Boy did that make me happy.  Now I got an easier way to Structure My Reading.
So I got that going for me.  Probably the most responsible lunch I can have is Salmon but WITH WHAT SIDE.  Maybe go through some Half Potato Spheres but I WILL run out at some point.  That's just math!  Supply and demand!  Farming!  How did they discover Potatoes.  Someone was just looking at the ground and was like WOAH WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS  Sure I know how Farming works.  In the past.  Historical Farming.  I think that was a plot point in Good Will Hunting.  If you get that reference, good for you!  If you don't, I don't blame ya!  If you THINK you get it but aren't sure, I wish I could help you find your way to either getting it or not getting it!  Also good chance I don't get it.  This is the life we chose.  Also what kind of Classy Movie blatantly uses such a forced pun in their title.  Yep, Will Hinting IS Good.  Also, someone's hunting for Good Will.  HERE'S SIX ACADEMY AWARDS.  If Will Hunting was approached with that title he'd be like what are you stupid that's pretty dumn and trust me I'm Will Hunting: Intelligence Extraordinaire.
I mean I assume we only have Matt Damon and/or Ben Affleck to blame.  Gotta imagine it's one of theirs fault for Title.  LMLTURQ.  I dunno in the ONE Web Page I read 20%, didn't mention Who Came Up With Name.  Those two DID write it.  There were speculations of Ghostwriter but would-be Ghostwriter DENIES IT.  The point is we could do better.  C'mon.  We could do a lot better!  Maybe GUS VAN SANT came up with it.  He'd be the most likely if it weren't Ben & Matt.  GUS VAN SANT, more like GUS VAN SAND.  Movies are like sand.  Like sand through an hourglass.  These are teh days of our lives.  The point is In HourGlass does SAND KNOW that its being used to measure a certain amount of time.  Sand seems KIND OF alive in this scenario?  Just look at it move in a uniform fashion.  Like it's CONSCIOUS of what's going on.  I don't know where I'm going with that.  It makes a little bit of sense to me but then again I'm a WHAT AN IDIOT.
     Cool!  Hey only 2 more paragraphs then I get to take A Break!
  The thing about Trump trying to steal the election is its like Uhhhhh You CAN'T Do That.  Not just in theory, in practice!  Can't Be Done!  For It To Be Done... Why you'd need some sort of Oceans' Eleven Team of Ultra Criminals to Pull Of Stealing Election.  And I think you may know that, but your gang of ultra-criminals is Rudy Giuliani And Your Dumbass Kids.  So I guess that's what's going on sort of.  When I was a kid Rudy Giuliani wasn't a joke.  He was well respected!  He was the major during 9/11.  Thus he was respected.  Yep checks out.  My Dad BRAGS about how he knew all along Rudy (Giuliani) was EVIL.  MY word not his.  But the point is SOME OF US knew.  Like My DAD.  The point is MY DAD IS A WILL HUNTING LEVEL GENIUS.  Oh also if the title is like, "Will Hunting Is Good," obviously there's a dozen ways to interpret that.  Like He's GOOD But He COULD Be GREAT.
Wonderful.  I like how they worked in Ben Affleck's character Into Movie.  It's like well this Will Hunting stuff is all well and good, but WHAT IF HE HAD A FRIEND.  Because ONLY ONE of us can be William Huntford so we need ANOTHER role for THE OTHER one of us!  That seems to check out.  Apparently Barack Obama's mother and/or other family called him BAR as a kid and not like WILLIAM BARR more like BEAR..  Good Barr Hunting.  Isn't that an ice cream and/or candy bar.  Good Bar?  Good Bar William.  I forget what I was talking about.  So far my favorite part about Barack Obama is when he was a kid he kept JOURNALS of Random LAW and POLITIC AND Maybe PHILOSOPHY ETC Thoughts.  I'm on board with journals!  In theory!  Along the line my parents threw out half a dozen of my journals/random stuff which was a HUGE Blow and kind of makes me be like well what's the point anyway.  If all of this is gonna get thrown out in the end.  WHY BOTHER.  I'll be back in a bit.




No, That's New...

   The point is Am I 40% through the Bruno Kirby episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor YES I AM.  Also Kirby: The Nintendo Game What A Weird Game.  I feel like I've talked about this before here.  Kirby is a Cloud who shoots miniature clouds at the enemy and sometimes can shoot bullets at them and sometimes inflates and/or sometimes deflates depending on what the situation demands.  Republicans are like WE WANNA DELAY MICHIGAN CERTIFICATION FROM MONDAY TO 2 WEEKS.  And gotta imagine Michicgan is like Hmm why.  And they're like THE QUESTION YOU OUGHT TO BE ASKING IS WHY NOT.  MAYBE WE GOT GOOD REASON MAYBE WE DON'T THE IMPORTANT THING IS WE CAN IMAGINE WHATEVER WE WANT RE: COUNTING VOTES AND/OR CERTIFYING ELECTIONS.  I'm not sure what Kirby is.  Is he really a Cloud like I said?  He displays Cloudlike properties.  But what kind of cloud do you nkow that it sentient.  No where, that's why!
     Got lunch going on with Act III presumably.  KINDA feel like a Breakfast Wrap!  I can do that!  HEALTHY and DELICIOUS.  Even if I HAVE TWO.  NOW We're Talkin' DELICIOUS.  Figure I'll put them in oven around Paragraph IV of Act II.  Also in OZ they were putting on a Pretend Play of MacBeth.  How THE HELL does anyone know how to speak Shakespeare.  The cadence, the pronunciations, the rhythm.  It totally confuses me I can't make sense of it.  And there's Lots of Rhyme that don't SOUND like rhyme to me but if you're doing it right yeah I can see how that rhymes.  But are they explicitly TAUGHT Shakespeare.  OR are they just GREAT at reading.  Also in OZ they characters are played by actual actors so it makes sense they'd be good at acting.  I still don't LIKE It though.  If Shakespeare was so great, how come he never wrote an, "Adaptation," style Broadway Play.  Also how come Shakespeare didn't write A SINGLE Broadway Play in his life?  Seems like a SNUB.
     BUNS.  Snubs backwards.  Yep that seems to check out.  Also why is that even a phrase!  Hey I wrote a Broadway Play.  Well let's let Broadway be the judge of that.  Also how does it differ from Any Other Play.  I dunno.  Maybe it's like saying I wrote a Hollywood Movie.  Which on one hand is Nonsense but on the other hand I KIND OF Get It?  But what's the implication of Broadway.  Is it GOOD?  Is it bad?  Does it just mean, "Mainstream?"  I don't have all the answers!  I barely have A THIRD of the answers these days.  ALright what else.  Might as well just have that salmon.  If not who, when!  I think My Dad thinks the way it works is like Trump is like Ya Know What I'd Like To Steal The Election and then the next headline right off the presses is TRUMP DECIDES TO STEAL ELECTION: REMAINS PRESIDENT.  Maybe it IS like that?  I hope not!  But maybe it is!  That's 50% of the impression I'm getting from People Around ME.  Not counting me.  If I count me it's Oh I Don't Know 38% of people around me.
     Wonderful.  I bet the two Vaccines on horizon are THE SAME THING.  It's just a scam to get us to get it twice.  Also, gotta imagine that's available to the super rich.  We only get ONE.  They throw some money around, they're getting DOUBLE THE VACCINES.  Hardly seems right.  Doesn't seem right one bit.  Have Benjamin Affleck and Matthew Damon been doing any writing in Oh I Don't Know THE LAST TWO DECADES?  BLTURQ.  YEP THEY EACH GOT A COUPLE, "ALSO WRITER," CREDITS IN THEIR FILMOGRAPHIES.  Nothing that notable, though.  But ONE OF THEM is a movie YET TO BE RELEASED and THEY BOTH WROTE ON IT.  BLTURQ to see if its As Interesting As It Sounds.  UMM 14th century people fighting each other or something.  That sounds like a snooze but THEY are 67% of the screenwriters AND directed by Ridley Scott: The Guy Who Directs EXCITING Movies.  Also they're Both In It as actors.  Oh well you can't win 'em all.
     RIDLEY SCOTT would NEVER stand for a Stolen Election.  I don't know anything about him but he's OLDER THAN BIDEN.  I always kind of imagined him Oh I Don't Know 20 Years Younger Than He Is.  I dunno why I was always imagining him.  Probably had a good reason at some point and then that Wondering just STUCK.  Anyway, hey, get to take a break in a few sentences.  I LIKE those odds.  Presumably finish watching Bruno Kirby: The Episode of Tales From The Crypt.  I'm confused as to whats the percentage of Republican Voters who don't accept Biden won.  Is it a third?  Half?  Two thirds?  Some Other number that isn't roughly one of those three numbers?  I've narrowed it down to one of those.  Unless if ITS NOT A NUMBER AT ALL!!!! Yikes that's scary I'm PRETTY sure a number is what it is but I dunno maybe I don't know as much as I think I do!  Alright I'll be back in a little bit!




Always With The Titles!

   Great news!  FRUCK Salmon I'm going with TWO BREAKFAST WRAPS: SPINACH AND BACON EDITION.  THat's not a bad idea as a CElebration when Trump officially concedes defeat and/or something else happens thats Definitely the final nail in the coffin-- GET A BREAKFAST WRAP GOING.  Ideally it'd be Oven'd but that'd take 40 minutes.  Microwave a Breakfast Wrap that's CERTAINLY a solid way to go.  I don't think Trump ever concedes.  I mean, he'll concede, but he won't concede.  He'll be like ok Biden is moving into my house.  People are gonna call him president.  But i don't concede.  Never.  I'll never concede.  And then we'll all be like Ohhh that's Trump Being Trump.  Might as well live with this scenario where Biden gets to be president 98% of the way!  That 2% of the way where previous president refuses to accept his loss That's Just The Price OF Doing Business!
Under MOST circumstances (when I remember) I would cut an Oven't Wrap or Burrito IN TWO so I can eat it from the inside out.  So the Fillings don't get messed up.  Lsat time I FORGOT TO DO IT and IT STILL WENT OKAY.  THis time I FORGOT TO DO IT, THEN REMEMBERED JUST NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE, but NOW I REMEMBER LAST TIME IT WORKED OUT OKAY, so here we are is the point.  Anyway like I told you read some more Barack Obama: The Novel and it's pretty good!  I got into a groove where its not just like I am reading some sort of boiler plate from Barack Obama: The Last Respectable President who is arguably the Mainest World Figure of the last 20 years... its more like hey what the Hell this is just some guy.  Whose relatable!  It's just  life story of JUST SOME GUY.  Figure that'll change as the book goes on and He Actually Becomes President.  I don't have to figure a thing!  THE SCIENCE IS STILL OUT on whether I need to figure something or not!
     Cool!  I read the first sentence of CHAPTER II and I think it's gonna be about The Love Of Barack Obama's Life: Why It's Only Michelle Obama.  NOW you've lost me.  I dunno what else is going on.  I saw Obama released a Music PlayList a week or so ago (to go with reading his memoir?) and one of them songs was The Beatles-- Michelle.  I SEE WHAT YOU'RE UP TO THERE.  I CRACKED THAT CODE IMMEDIATELY.  I I lost my virginity to someone named Carly.  There's a Weezer song Mykel & Carli.  So basically I CAN TOTALLY RELATE.  Mykel is PRONOUNCED the exact same way as Michael: The Name Of The Guy Whose Me.  Sometimes I forget if her name was Carly or Carli.  80% sure it was Carly.  That SETTLES THAT.  Anyway gonna have beer through tomorrow: an amount that's satisfiable to myself.  Then what THREE DAYS without beer?  I can live with that!  Presumably!
Gotta go to Doctor on Tuesday morning!  I can live with that!  Presumably!  We're talking BLOOD WORK probably.  A FLU SHOT for some reason no one is really sure of.  Maybe see if she can prescribe me some PROTONICS: The Drug My Gastroenterologist prescribed but I don't wanna see just for that so maybe SHE can prescribe it.  That'd address all that Pepsid I've been taking presumably.  Address it real good!  Anyway whatta do with the rest of my day Post: Lunch.  What kinda stuff to watch.  Maybe Finish #OzTheHBOShowAutumn, or at least get VERY close to finishing it.  Maybe some other sort of crap, what do I Know.  Read more Obama Book but thinkin' about saving that till After Dinner.  That's the routine I'm in based on the last 2 days.  Read some book in EVENING not BEFORE Evening not AFTER Evening but During.  The good news is SOLID 50% chance I'll have salmon for dinner.  SOLID 50% chance I have meatloaf!  I win either way!
     Last paragraph.  FRESH PRINCE RE-UNION?  WHY THAT WAS ONLY THE 5th or 6th MOST WATCHED REGULAR SITCOM WHEN I WAS BUT A CHILD.  LOL CARLTON DANCING what a NERD.  I'll watch that at the end of this paragraph sure.  Also, over the last few months, I've listened to Will Smith's Wild Wild West (the song for the movie, not the movie itself) six or eight times and it ALWAYS cheers me up.  It's so bad it's good PLUS it's so good its bad.  LOL I was just thinking of one of the lyrics AND IT AMUSES ME.  LOL I JUST IMAGINED LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW LMAO.  I dunno.  Either 20 or 30 minutes left until Lunch is ready.   I did a bad job of keeping track.  Such is life!  Anyway what else is going on.  Figure I'll watch some #OzTheHBOShowAutumn directly after this entry.  Maybe while playing WIld Wild West on repeat with The Oz muted.   Maybe lots of things!  Anyway I'll see you tomorrow!  Oh right Fresh Prince.  I'll watch THAT right now!  See ya later.




Friday, November 20, 2020

I'll Give You That

   Give Who What Now?  Anyway here's an Thought-Em-Up... the tough part about overthrowing a majority vote is The Majority Of People Will Be Against It.  Really Makes ya think SOLID B- THOUGHT.  Here's another Thought-Em-Up... it's tough to eat beef jerky be... wait, no its not.  I just snapped into a non-slim jim and ate an entire Half of It.  Also slim jim form of Beef Jerky blows other forms OUT OF THE WATER.  You know, the very long thin cylinders.  Much better than just random tiny chunks.  So that's what I had going for me 2 minutes ago.  I see they're saying that if a lot of people have Thanksgivings as opposed to not too many, it could doom Tens of thousands of lives?  MULTIPLE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES?  JUST SAYING TENS OUF THOUSANDS OF LIVES ALREADY IMPLIES MULTIPLE TENS OF THOUSANDS?!?!
Anyway.  Every day I wake up and hope for that 2% chance its like TRUMP CONCEDES!  Gotta figure its a 2% chance that I will learn that upon waking up/checking my phone.  Most of the time I'd be awake to find out and even if I wasn't gotta imagine my Parent(s) would find out and wake me from my slumber.  Anyway.  Two times yesterday I got False He Conceded Feelings.  I heard my DAd yelling up at me MICHAEL HE CO... HE... and I rushed down stairs, "WHAT?  WHAT?" and my DAd was like THE DOOR BELL RANG JESUS CHRIST YOU GOTTA LISTEN FOR THESE THINGS THERE'S SOMEONE AT THE DOOR RIGHT NOW YOU MUST ANSWER IT.  And then the second scenario was The Exact Same Thing but a few hours later.  Different delivery!  Trumps not gonna concede out of the blue.  He needs to set up conditions for him to not be criminally charged and/or whatnot.  I like the premise of that.  I DON'T WANNA BE PROSECUTED FOR CRIMES SO MY MASTER PLAN IS TO COMMIT ONE MORE CRIME GOTTA IMAGINE THAT'LL PAY OFF SOMEHOW.  It's funny but it's also yep that sort of thing tends to work a lot probably.
   Anyway started Obama: The Book.  We're talking re-reading the Preface (I inadvertently read it online already!  Didn't even know I was reading the premise! (Also I like the idea of calling The Preface The Premise)  But anyway a solid oh I don't know SIX?  EIGHT?  pages into The Rest Of The Book.  Also I know it's pronounced pref-ess, but I'd much rather go with PRE-FACE.  Like that temporarily happens to John Travolta and/or Nicolas Cage.  Gotta take off their face before putting another face back on.  So there's time they're stuck with just their Pre-Face IN-BETWEEN FACES.  Anyway good for him it's a real great book.  This'd be a good book to turn randomly to pages and pick out a word/short sequences of words at random and be like HMM WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT.  For example, I WILL DO IT RIGHT NOW.  It's a magic trick.  Here we go.  I'm ready.  Are you ready?  Let's go!  Twenty-First Century.  EMPHASIS MINE.  The word that followed was Economy but I left that out before I just read it accidentally.  Nope, only words my fingers pointed out were twenty-first century.  Was there a dash between first and century?  No one knows for certain.
     So, what else.  In theory we COULD do a Thanks & Giving in my house.  Three of us!  All family!  All in same house for 8 months so there's no added risk of infection!  Only problem is my parents don't feel like Boston Market is worth the risk.  WE only be getting Super Market Deliveries but their Turkey Sides ain't so great.  I tolerated the stuffing-- parents would like it even less.  I don't want any sort of Mash'd Potatoes.  Or candied yams.  It's all a snooze!  An unappetizing to me snooze.  SO the point is we got that going for us is the point I'm trying to make.  Hard part about overthrowing a vote is that the majority of people will be against it.  INSIGHT -EM -UP.  I still feel like that'd be a nice trap.  Get voting rights on the table 1st thing in 2021 and be like well clearly Republicans you have lots of issues with protecting voting!  Let's address your BULLSHIT concerns while addressing our REAL concerns and put something together that's good for everybody!  It's a nice TRAP because it TRAPS Republicans.  Well look I know it'll go nowhere but it'd stil lbe like SEE THEY'RE FULL OF BULLSHIT... again.  Told ya!  For further evidence they're full of bullshit check back in next week for whatever we're talking about then!
Yep that seems to check out.  Didn't get enough Sides from Super Market Delivery so I'm gonna have to be creative.  I can't go back to Soup I'M DONE WITH THOSE CRAZY PELLETS.  Can over-rely on some Breads as side.  Got some Frozen Fries in Freezer.  So we'll see how that goes.  Anyway back to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor but no long chronological order!  I wanna watch an episode I WATCH IT I'M A BIG MAN I'll watch whatever I want WHENEVER I WANT.  Now of course sometimes it WILL be in chorological order-- even more than you'd thing if it were completely random.  If I finish an episode and see the next one is PRETTY good I may go with it.  I feel very strongly about this.  Hmm better check out what, "Chorological," REALLY means...  CHOROLOGY-- THE STUDY OF THE CAUSAL RELATIONS BETWEEN GEOGRAPHICAL PHENOMENA OCCURRING WITHIN A PARTICULAR REGION.  Oh I get it.  That checks out.  I totally 100% understand what that's all about.  Is it like hey an earthquake happened wonder if that'll set off the nearby volcano.  That's my best guess, and if that's the case, AWESOME I wanna learn more!  And if its not the case I'M DONE WITH THIS CONCEPT SEE YA LATER.



What Am I Some Sort of Idiot

   That Checks out!  Anyway got some lunch in the oven.  We're talkin Single Fried Chicken Breast (Not a very busty chicken), 2 WINGS of Buffalo, and Oh I Don't Know SIX Half SPheres of Potato.  Also how come we're always eating Chicken BREAST.  Wouldn't it be more EXCITING to eat the whole set of breasts!  Sure I know what words mean.  I know lots of things.  SSo anyway that'll be read in 30-40 minutes.  I crunched the numbers AND EVERYTHING.  I think the fun part of of Covid Vaccine(s) is we have no way of knowing, Now or even in several months when we can get it, the long term effects!  Might make us sick 10 months in.  We'll all find out together that sounds like a blast.  That's why my parents never wanted me getting Laser Eye Surgery.  Could make us all blind after 10 sets of 10 months!  Seems plausible.
     I remember my parents in teenage school (by which I mean high school) were like maybe we should get you on them growth hormones get you nice a big IMA EAT YA ONE DAY.  And I Was like hmm that's not great for my self esteem that my parents see my height as something wrong with me.  But anyway I went to a doctor and the doctor was like nope too late your bones are FUSED nothing we can do.  And my Mom cried.  ANd I was like hmm I guess I should be very sensitive about being short.  That's what the universe has been telling me over and over and over.  The good news is when You're A Website NO ONE CARES.  So I got that going for me.  When you're short they let you do it.  Not sure what that means.  Maybe you'll figure it out.  Get back to me one day if you ever figure it out.
Amazing!  LAST SEASON OF #OzTheHBOShowAutumn.  That series just FLEW BY didn't it.  Ya know what I got some #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember.  I got some #POPChipsRememberThose.  Gotta get both because my parents Also EAt Both.  But I could be saving my weekly portion for SIDES for MEALS.  I LIKE Those odds.  What other kinds of odds do I like.  Why there's only ONE, THREE, FIVE, and so on.  Thirteen.  That's a good Odd.  Wasn't that interested in going back to #PopChipsRememberThose but my Dad turned out to like 'em!  Can't taste much of anything!  I probably told you about that.  Since LAST summer he's like ya know what I CAN'T TAST MUCH OF ANYTHING.  Now do you get this story.  I said it then I said I probably said it then I re-iterated it from HIS point of view.  IS IT STARTING TO REGISTER WITH YOU YET?  GET THE IDEA?
  Also this may happen due to COVID.  I saw that's a possible symptom.  But this goes back to Oh I Don't Know SPRING/SUMMER 2019.  So maybe my Dad was Patient Zero for Losing Taste.  We don't konw!  THe facts aren't available to us as of this moment.  Anyway what other president/vice presidents have spent significant amounts of the lives pre-presidency Living Out Of Country.  Gotta imagine Kamala has.  I think her family tree includes people from all over so it's POSSIBLE.  I'd LTURQ, but... ah what the Hell I'll LTURQ.  I didn't see anything based on looking at google for eight seconds.  DID see Georgia is now like NOPE didn't certify quite yet!  It never ends.  Except for one day.  ONe day it'll end.  That's MY HOt Take.  It is a pretty hot take all things considered.  Plus I didn't even bother considering all things!  I got BETTER ways to spend my time is the point!
     Well, great, one more paragraph for ACT II.  I said 80 million people who voted for Biden wouldn't enjoy Trump being president but maybe that context isn't the best.  A lot of people WOULD enjoy Trump being president.  Let's put it this way, SEVEN MORE MILLION voted for Biden than Trump.  And gotta imagine there's a meaningful amount of people who voted for Trump who accept he lost and are like well I kinda enjoy this Democracy we got going here, I don't want Trump to steal it!  Gotta imagine a lot of things.  Mostly positive things.  If you don't imagine them, how will they ever be willed into reality?  Nowhere, that's who!  Anyway I'll be back with Act III in a little bit.





You Know What I'm Talkin' About

   I assume.  Got some lunch going.  We're talking the exact thing I told you it would be.  Anyway how steps down from being a Democracy are we compared to a month ago.  We were already not so great and gotta imagine the last fe weeks drops us down another notch or two.  I DON'T GOTTA IMAGINE ANYTHING ESPECIALLY NOT ABOUT NOTCHES THIS IS A DEMOCRACY.  I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR MASKS TO PROTECT MYSELF AND FELLOW CITIZENS THIS IS A DEMOCRACY.  I WANT THE PERSON I SUPPORT TO BE PRESIDENT EVEN THUOGH HE LOST FAIR AND SQUARE BY A SIGNIFICANT MARGIN THIS IS A DEMOCRACY.  Anyway for future reference-- to make Fried Chicken better HEAT IT UP HOTTER even if it means taking it out sooner.  @375 degrees for 30 minutes is BETTER than @250 degrees for 40 minutes!  Whouda think it!  YOU!  Now that I told yuo.  You can Thunk It for the rest of your life that's a life lesson you can TAKE TO THE BANK.  Very likely Beef Sirloin for tonight.  TAKE THAT TO THE BANK IF YOU'D LIKE AS WELL.
VERY VERY likely I switch over to some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after this entry.  I forget what alternative to Cup o Noodles I got yesterday, Computer will remember for me, but IT WAS THE BEST.  80 more calories but WORTH IT in TASTE and Satisfaction re: Hunger.  I wonder if the reason they un-certified the results in Georgia is because they heard I was reading Obama: The Book and wanted to not just punish me but punish ALL OF US for that.  Gotta imagine there's a STRONG possibility that's how the world works.  Anyway 2 beers into the day, figure 2 more overall.  Desert Rock, huh.  I'm on board with that name!  I'd be even MORE on board if it were Dessert Rock but Desert is pretty solid re: names for Guitar Tones and Whatnot.
     Wonderful!  Only three more paragraphs.  If My mom isn't, "Down," with Beef Sirloin I figure I'll make myself some Salmon!  It's good to have back up plans! I've said this before but one of the greatest betrayals in my life is when I discovered that in KFC the, "regular," wings and drum sticks were CRISPIER than the, "Crispy," wings and drum sticks.  WHAT DO WORDS MEAN ANYMORE.  How can I trust ANYBODY about ANYTHING.  EIther way FUCK this Fried Chicken from Super Market I'd get some KFC in a jiffy instead.  DEFINITELY Pop Eyes.  THey got some nice sides!   KFC has the biscuits and potato wedges, those are pretty good.  But Popeyes has, I dunno, other stuff, I CAN'T REALLY REMEMBER.  Probably biscuits as one thing.  Better LTURQ.  YEP BISCUITS.  CAJUN FRIES.  Imagine a world post- Trump, post- Covid, where we can just be like HEY I'M ENJOYING THE LIFE THAT I'M LIVING I MAY GET POPEYES FOR DINNER TONIGHT WHY NOT THERE'S NO REASON OT DO DO AS I FEEL.
Yep that seems to check out.  Solid 80% chance Trump won't be president next year and AND That We'll be able to responsibly stop quarantining 100%.  Man oh man that sounds like an impossible dream but ALSO I LIKE THOSE ODDS!  2021 AMERICANS BACK IN ACTION.  And being back in action is What Else EATING FAST FOOD.  Pretty, "On Brand," for Americans to celebrate their new found freedom by being like YESSSS YAY FAST FOOD HERE WE GO.  On brand AND ultimately ACCURATE AND ultimately DELICIOUS.  The pint is I'm pretty sure none of my Immediate Home Family has COVID.  Last time one of us went somewhere was about a week ago and No SYmptoms or anything!  SO FAR SO GOOD we still DOIN ALRIGHT.  I, "Get," that many people quarantining have access to Fast Food re: Door Dash, etc.  BUT I DON'T so get off my back about it.
     Last paragraph!  I still feel like there's a Third SOLID Popeye's side but it can't be.  I checked PopEyes Website themselves.  The SIDES page of the website!  Ah what the Hell I'LL DOUBLE CHECK.  Nope nothin.  I mean they do have other sides but nothing I would have been interested back in the day in 2008 when I lived near a Popeyes and would get it PRETTY regularly.  SUCH IS LIFE!  POPEYES TOTALLY delivers to my House but I can't get it Re: At RIsk Parents.  Oh well such is life.  I bet if it was BOSTON MARKET my therapist would be on board and would POSSIBLY be able to convince my parents.  POPEYES?  That's just a pie in the sky Young Person's Dream that may never ever come true.  WHat else.  Entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow PRESUMABLY.

-2:50 P.M.





Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Take Full Responsibility For Website

   Well, most responsibility.  Some of the the responsibility falls on GoDaddy, on The Internet, and also on The World Wide Web.  Is there any way The Internet and The World Wide Web are different? Obviously there's a 95% overlap.  But it's POSSIBLE the terms originally meant something slightly different!  I feel very strongly about this!  Anyway started re-watching #TheSopranosFallToWatchOrSomething.  We're talkin' Episode I! What's it all about am I right.  I know it's GOOD but do I really GET IT?  Probably Not!  Pretty much, hopefully, DONE with #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr.  I'm through with it!  I've gotten all I can out of it!  For at least 5 more weeks!  When it's WINTER.  How come there's no fancy names for Winter Spring and Summer.  Yeah Fall is Autumn, GOOD FOR FALL.  Winter needs a Classy Name, too!  Hmm let me get back to you on this.
     Cool!  Wiped down most Grocery Stuff.  Stuff that needed to be Fridged and/or Freezered!  Including Four count 'em FOUR cans of beer for today.  Apparently Trump still doesn't want to concede defeat.  Which is weird because he very clearly lost by a significant margin!  Not sure what his angle here is.  That's My Hot Take!  Also I sympathize with people getting death threats!  As someone who has had Paranoia in my past it SUCKS having to be paranoid!  Doesn't matter if it's real or imagined!  The good news is that from my experience as your mental health gradually improves the paranoia will disappear after Oh I Don't Know A DECADE OR TWO!  Anyway I got A LOT of good options for lunch today but I think I'm gonna go with Oven'd Fried Chicken and FINISH THAT THERE SPANISH RICE from last week.  Gotta do it!
     Wonderful.  I know Trump doesn't Take Questions anymore burt can someone ask him what's the deal with people threatening the lives of Government People Not Going Along With Coup.  You On board with that?  Maybe they're not asking because they know the answer.  They're Fine People!  Duh!  We know that's how he feels.  Ugh.  Makes me sick to my stomach!  I was, "Into," getting a bottle of Liquor to last me 2 weeks instead of an 18 Pack of beer for one week.  Almost exactly the same amount of Alcohol, but Socially and whatnot more accepted to drink a few beers a day then a few drinks of Oh I Don't Know WHITE Rum?  The good part about The Sopranos is THERE'S TOO MUCH GOING ON.  I'M HAVING PROBLEMS PROPERLY ABSORBING THIS WHAT TO THINK ABOUT WHAT TO THINK.  Anyway my Dad was whistling Godfather: The Tune and I was like hey you ever watch The Sopranos and he was like no I used to think it was a show about singers and I was like who wants to see that!  Which is funny because it reminded me I ALSO used to think it was a show about singers.  OPERA Singers, in my mind I narrowed it down to that.  So anyway my Dad and I are on the same wavelength.  Presumably.  To the extent that anyone can be on a wave length.  And such that another person could also be on THE SAME wavelength.
     Cool!  I think I got Obama: THe Memoirs: Act I yesterday so presumably Oh I Don't Know TOMORROW I can start reading it!  Sex and/or The City.  I was trying to think of other wrong ways to misinterupt titles of HBO shows from 20 years ago.  Couldn't come up with any!  Instead I came up with Sex And/Or The City.  So we got THAT going for us is the point.  MR SHOW?  More like... uhh... Get Back TO Me On This.  Fascinating, this is good stuff.  Instead of Orange Soda to pair with Pepsi, I got 2 bottles of Diet Dr Pepper.  Diet Dr Pepper, eh?  He can diet himself.  I mean I get maybe his eating is out of control but I'm in no way an authority on diets and how we should Diet Doctor Pepper.  A+ STUFF.  That riff could be a MR Show SKETCH DEFINITELY.  Is it a thing where we can get bipartisan people to pressure Trump to concede?  Because he lost?  Very clearly?  Indisputably?  Gotta imagine that could be a thing.
Probably.  I wouldn't put it past our Ruling Class.  Good thing we have a Ruling Class because in certain circumstances they MIGHT prevent a despot.  Solid 50/50 chance our Ruling Class helps protect us from Despots!  I LIKE those odds.  Hey Michael there has been half a dozen relatively Solid/Well Known Republicans who call Biden president elect.  WONDERFUL.  NOW ALL WE NEED IS THREE HUNDRED MORE!  I'm good at politics because I let people steal elections and usurp power DUHHHHHH.  That's their inner monologue!  ALl the time!  24/7/2.  Two weeks.  That's where the, "2," comes from.  Solid chance I Start episode 2 of #SopranosTheHashTagIHaven'tSettledOnYet.  Oh, right.  #TheSopranosFallToWatchOrSomething.  That's the first try I did and Why Not it's good enough!  Sopranos, eh?  I like his Family.  They're INNOCENT OF CRIMES and I can relate to that!  Having been innocent of crimes Myself.  In real world.  The point is Hey I'll be back in a little bit!




That's Where You're Wrong

   I am VERY MUCH looking forward to Lunch in about 1-1.5 hours.  Gotta put Fried Chicken in The Oven: The Way To Heat Up Food Sometimes.  Rice NOPE MICROWAVE FOR RICE.  Look Comprise for #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor-- just watch the episodes I Kinda Particularly Don't Dislike For The Most Part.  IN ORDER.  Still going in order but just skipping the Snoozes.  Anyway how did Top Line Great Actors know it was a good thing to do a Tales From The Crypt.  DId they actually see it and be like HEY THIS IS THE TOPS FOR A GREAT LINE ACTOR LIKE ME I WANNA DO IT.  Or were they just contacted by Tales From The Crypt and Tales From The Crypt was like TRUST US ITS A GOOD GIG SOLID SHOW WE GOT GOING FOR US HERE TRUST US IT'D BE GOOD.  Not a lot of cross over between The Sopranos and an OZ and/or The Wire and/or Tales From The Crypt.  THERE'S A FEW THOUGH  Edie Falco, that's the obvious one.  Steven Busciemi was in both The Sopranos and Tales From The Crypt.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
What else is going on and crap.  I know people always talk about October Surprises but from now on they'll be talking about November Surprises and the surprise is the losing candidate tried their hardest to overturn the election.  I was surprised!  NOt really.  I was somewhat prepared for this situation but I STILL couldn't really fathom how it would play out in practice.  Figure I'll put food in Oven in about 10 minutes.  Eat around Oh I Don't know 50 minutes from now.  Anyway my Dad wants me to leave the house (Risky!) to get a Flu Shot (Dumb!).  The point is I'm not Leaving The House to AVOID all sorts of flu.  To go ahead and get a flu shot IT CANCELS ITSELF OUT.  That sort of thing.
     Is it a thing where people tell Trump he can't steal the election.
  What does he think One Thing Is Gonna Work and then we're all gonna be like HEY HE GOT US BACK IN ACTION FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS!  Because I can tell you pretty confidently You Lost The Election.  And that' there's no scenario that the clean majority of people who voted for Biden would agree for you to usurp power and try to be president or something.  Oh let Trump do his thing he's only trying to save face.  This isn't him saving face!  He's destroying his face even more!  By the end of the month he's gonna have worse face than The Elephant Man!  Which kinda makes sense He IS The Elephant Man in my respects.  Well, mostly just that he makes me want to vomit.  Also Republicans= Elephants I dunno where that comes from but It Is nonetheless.
  Back to Episode II of #TheSopranosFallToWAtchOrSomething.  We're talkin' I'm a solid ONE THIRD THROUGH this specific episode. My favorite character is ADEBESI.  He was in OZ.  Ok my favorite character is EDIE FALCO.  She was in Oz... BUT ALSO THE SOPRANOS!  YAY!  Isn't there a nintendo character Falco.  And he was Star Fox's friend I think and also was one of the Super Smash Brothers.  Also if they're all Super SMash Brothers why all the fighting?  They shuold be friends.  Maybe they are all friends, brothers, but they just gotta let loose once in a while,  Uppercut each other and whatnot.  That sort of thing.  Also a handful of the Super Smash Brohters are Female.  I guess they're being Gender Progressive saying Females can be Brothers.  I dunno I don't have all the details on the implications of Female Smash Brothers.  Hey it just occurred to me that Joe Biden won the election.  Gotta imagine That Counts For Something.
     Where is Joe Biden EVERY DAY on TV reminding us he is President Elect.
  The more you let Trump set the narrative the more the narrative makes us believe Trump is still The Guy.  Anyway I put Fried Chicken In Oven.  Totally!  Three pieces.  TIny wing.  Smallish Drumpstick.  Smallish-Breast-Considering-How-Big-Breasts-Can-Sometimes-Be.  I bet Obama's book will make Trump admit defeat.  Freakin Criminal.  Crime Family Bullshit.  He's like The Sopranos but not as likable!  Also Sopranos never STOLE AN ELECTION.  That's the biggest thing you can steal!  Other than quarries and stadiums!  THe point is YES I was planning on having only 2 of the 4 pieces of fried chicken but the size of these pieces FORCED MY HAND to have 3 out of 4!  So, great, I Got that going for me.  Return with Part III with lunch presumably.  I presume a lot of things!  This is but one example of Something I presume!  Be back in a bit.




That's What I Thought

   Got lunch!  Totally what I expected!  Hmm thirs fried chicken isn't so great.  Next time Gotta Get Boston Market and/or Chicken.  BETTER LURQ which name came first and which name came second.  Boston Chicken FIrst.  Became Boston Market in WTH 1995?  I shuoldn't be able to remember Boston Chicken so vividly, then!  I WAS SIX YEARS AGO WHEN IT CHANGED.  Is it possible they MOSTLY changed to Boston Market but the one in the Bay Terrace Outside SHopping Mall didn't get the message for a few years?  SSure everythings possible.  Like Trump having actually won the election fair and square.  Wait NOPE THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE.  Jesus Christ you assholes.  You can't POSSIBLY believe he actually won the election fair and square.  Put an end to this for Gods Sake.  The point I'm trynig to make is I dunno about Boston Chicken but Fried Chicken from The KFC is better than this fried chicken.
    We all know how Boston is known for its chicken.  Or its Markets.  Maybe that's why they changed the name.  Hmm turns out people don't, "GET," BOSTON CHICKEN.  BUt maybe they'll find that Boston Being Known For Its Markets is a little easier to swallow.  A little bit more believable.  Wonderful.  What was the first Fried Food and HOW.  Also lets get into it which do I personally prefer as a title, Boston Market or Boston Chicken.  First instinct is Boston Chicken but that might just be nostalgia talking.  When I was Six I was REALLY into the title, "Boston Chicken."  Also what do  I know maybe Kentucky isn't really known for its fried chicken either.  I just bought in that KFC was a thing Hook Line And Stinker.  Hey no more rice for an entire week.  I LIKE those odds.  I know there's a lot of focus on the 1 or 2 dozen people actively trying to Throw A Coup but don't sleep on the EIGHTY MILLION PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR JOE BIDEN.  That's MY Hot Take.
     Fascinating.  I'm presumably one of those 80 million.
  I certainly TRIED to vote.  BUt NYC hasn't tallied 'em all yet.  And also maybe I denied for some reason no one is reall sure of.  Either way such is life.  Do you know what was a good chicken sandwich Why It's Only CHick-Fil-A.  PRETTY sure the only Chick-FIla-A in NYC is in an NYU cafeteria.  That's what I'd been led to believe.  So basically if I wanna live in NYC and I wanna eat Chick-Fil-A my ONLY OPTION is to re-enroll in NYU.  Nows the PERFECT TIME nobodies learning ANYTHING because of quarantine.  I'll sneak in, take a few 1 on 1 classes, eat some Chick-Fil-A... all the pieces are finally coming together.
     Wonderful.  Another entry ALMOST down.
  If Biden himself doesn't wanna appear on TV every day to Push Back against Trump Couping Attempts he shuold delegate someone else to do it.  Why It's Only Kamala Harris.  Get her on TV every day I'd BUY IT!  EIther with her Famous Shtick of CRACKING UP all the time Or Just Being A Normal Person.  I guess we're supposed to assume that for Biden to show up every day to denounce Coup it would look petty.  Like why give oxygen to it.  Because IT'S GOT A LOT OF OXYGEN TO IT ALREADY SO IF YOU NOT LET'S SAY KAMALA HARRIS that's what Vice President Elects Are For!  The point is the most responsible meal I can have for dinner is salmon.  ANd I may enjoy it!  Probably the way to go, all things considered.  One's gotta imagine that there's some restaurant SOME WHERE where you can just order an apetizer of Fried Chicken Skin.  I don't LIKE IT, too unhealthy, but in theory I'D LIKE THAT OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE IT.
     What kind of BEEF could I have for dinner.
  First thought was oh got that Beef Sirloin again.  Second thought was hey got that Sliced Corn'd Beef again.  Third thought was yeah if I wanna have a Beef eat some of that Corn'd Beef is the responsible way to go.  So we'll see how all that shakes out.  The thing about the coup is I Don't Know What The End Game Is.  But I get the feeling THEY might.  Also am I an idiot for pronouncing it Coo.  Is it REALLY pronounced Coop?  Cant be.  LMLTURQ.  Yep I was right.  I must be some sort of genius!  It takes a genius to admit he's not sure of something that most people know.  It's in the admitting he's dumb that he ascends to genius status!  I never ate the pickle, but I enjoyed the left-over taste, but in Chick-Fil-a for some reason they topped off the chicken with ONE SMALL SLICE of pickle.  A tiny slice right in the middle.  I dunno how they crunched the numbers that that's the best way to go with Chicken TOpping but IT WORKS.  I wouldn't EAT the pickle but to be honest I probably enjoyed the ZEST it added to that Very Center Of Chicken Sandwich.  Hmm.  That's one way to finish an entry.  SEe ya later!




Wednesday, November 18, 2020

One Title Down

   BAD NEWS-- no beer today.  GOOD NEWS-- enjoying a delicious Breakfast Wrap RIGHT NOW.  GOOD NEWS-- looks like both Georgia Run Offers are highly competitive.  GOOD NEWS-- never got this flavor of Breakfast Wrap before and IT'S DELICIOUS.  Anyway lets get this out of the way-- 2 meals for Day are Finishing Elbows: The Macaroni Shape with Some Chili AND MAYBE A DINNER ROLL and the other meal is Oh I Don't Know a FROZEN MEAL + SPANISH RICE.  The point is I haven't donated one cent to Georgia Run Off Candidates do I Feel Like I'm Doing My Part.  Anyway best thing we can do is get Good Coverage, "Trending,"  A nice POSITIVE video of Democrats and/or a nice NEGATIVE video of REpublicans.  A picture is worth a thousand words!  And a thousand words is worth Oh I Don't Know FIVE DOLLARS!  And remember this is a MOVING picture.  So let's say Five Dollars a Frame?  The point is worth a lot of dollars.
     I'd get it Trending but I have but one follower on Twitter.
  I pity them.  Probably one of my cousins.  Oh well such is life.  I haven't Tweeted ALL YEAR.  My Fan must be missing me!  When did I stop Facebooking.  I feel liek it was A NOVEMBER.  Either a year ago or TWO years ago.  I've narrowed it down to that!  EASY THERE.  GOOD CHANCE IT WASN'T NOVEMBER.  Oh well such is life.  I saw Michael J Fox has got a memoir coming out.  That must be difficult for him.  I guess he can afford Stenographers 24/7.  Would need Multiple Stenographers for that.  You can't be stenographizing 24 hours a day 7 days a wek.  THEY NEED REST.  I think 3 stenographers could cover it, 4 would be even better.  He says he's withdrawing from acting and we're all like HEY THAT'S TOO B... look lets be honest I haven't seen Michael J Fox IN A THING in a long time.  Also I like Michael J Fox!  Back To The Futures easily makes my top 10 movies.  It's a franchise!  Counts as one movie, though!  I don't make the rules but I don't break the rules.
     The FRIGHTENERS that's a good one.  Really shows off Fox's Acting Chops.  Also he works his Parkinsons into the character a bit where you wouldn't notice it without knowing he had it and it just looks like an acting choice.  BUT IT WORKS.  No Foolin!  Also he of course is a short guy.  At his age, he MAY be no taller than me!  THAT'LL LEARN 'EM, THAT'LL LEARN ALL OF 'EM.  Hey I may have thought of this before but is it a thing where I can just Pretend I Need to be in a wheel chair so no one can really tell how tall I am specifically in relation to other people.  My guess is Yes I could do that and I'm sure there are DOZENS of people out there in America faking disabilities, not for financial aid, but for PERSONAL reasons.  There's that guy in Better Call What's The Deal With Mary.  But that's a FICTIONALIZED version.  C'mon that's just A Story!
     Awesome!  Beer Re-up tomorrow.  Got Obama: The Book yesterday but will not crack it open until tomorrow OR MAYBE EVEN FRIDAY.  It's gotta have CarolinaVirus all over it not BECAUSE of Obama but IN SPITE OF Obama.  Yep that seems to check out.  I read a tiny expert with Obama talking about his sexual exploits in college and I was like WAIT A SECOND I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA BE ABLE TO RELATE TO OBAMA IN THIS BOOK.  SEXUAL EXPLOITS?  NOW YOU'VE LOST ME.  BEING PRESIDENT, THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND.  FUCKING AROUND IN COLLEGE AND I DUNNO WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.  So I got that to look forward to.  Is it possible that Trump being president is some sort of Hazing Stunt.  Yep seems to check out.  I was thinking about it and maybe Trump IS the natural successor to Obama.  Obama made us comfortable with Black Folk.  Then Trump comes along and we can ACTUALLY SEE how Black Folk are routinely undermined and exploited and denigrated and taken advantage of and threatened and intimidated and abused and ignored and undervalued and whatnot... cause that's whats happening to ALL OF US NON TRUMPERS (not to the same extent duh).  Either More than it had been before or it's just More Obvious than before.  Not sure if that's an insight em up!  I may have had to use the n-word to drive the point home.  Under Trump we are ALL n-words.  Well we got that going for us is the point.  Also I know its an exaggeration but I Don't Know KINDA INSIGHT?
     The good news is
WE CAN ALL HAVE DELICIOUS BREAKFAST WRAPS.  That's not a joke.  You can get one too!  No one's gonna stop you! Get it DELIVERED you don't wanna go out and about and get the CoronaVirus, but get it all the same.  Anyway Today's Breakfast Wrap was JIMMY DEAN BREAKFAST WRAPS-- SPINACH AND BACON.  I was very surprised to learn spinach actually tastes pretty good, a few years ago when I first tried spinach.  I have some more thoughts on spinach but I started writing them and was like i went through all this before.  THIS HAS ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE.  Maybe not the thought I DID jot down right now.  Spinach Surprised me in Terms of Taste.  And that's really the only point I wanna make anyway.  Anyway that insight-em-up last paragraph isn't an ULTIMATE insight em up.  It's not a 100% Great Take on Trump and/or Obama and/or Anything.  Just a fleeting theory!  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT IS THE POINT.  Man it's hard to decide what to have for lunch.  On the one hand Macaroni is delicious but COULD have been cooked a bit better.  On the other hand Frozen meal is DELICIOUS but may not be very strong in supposed Anti-Hunger effects.



Such Is Life

   The reason I'm experiencing a Spinach Renaissance is that the LAMB SAAG frozen meal is Lamb wrapped up in spinach.  Spinach is delicious hows THAT for a slant rhyme.  To be fair as a child I can't think of a SINGLE vegetable I could stomach.  Corn. SOMETIMES corn.  Corn on the cobb!  Loose Corn VERY DISGUSTING.  Potatoes but fine NO POTATOES IN THIS LIST.  Cheating!  Probably Broccoli once a month if my Parents FORCED it upon me.  That sums that up.  If anything if you want your kid to eat healthy let him eat crap to raise him!  Reverse Psychology!  You're like hey it's Triple Cheeseburger Night Again! and your kid is gonna rebel and be like Nah WHEN I GROW UP I want this spinach stuff.  Spinach everything.  Like in Forest Gump but Spinach instead of Shrimp. 
  What else is going on in the wide world of Cutlery.  This wasn't about Cutlery at all it was about FOOD cutlery is what cuts and/or scoops up and/or STABS food.  Also-- chop sticks-- cutlery or not?  Let's get our best and brightest working on that one.  I started eating Macaroni with Fork last night because Hey Other Pasta you need work.  Not Macaroni Elbows!  I went half a cup using a fork until I finally gave in and admitted the defeat I had realized after the first 2 bites-- gotta switch over to the spoon.  Also I was using fork for chili but even with that I was like ya know this proportion of Solid Chili to Liquid Chili, need a spoon for this sucker, too!
What kind of voyeuristic cuck shit is it for Trump to continue being like THEY WON'T LET US WATCH THE COUNT.  OR THE RECOUNT.  I WANNA SEE THEM COUNTING THE VOTES AGAIN WITH ME LOSING BY WIDE MARGINS.  KEEP THEM COUNTS COMING WE GET OFF ON IT.  Gottem!  To what extent can Trump, personally, in and of himself, unable to admit that he lost the election.  Does he BELIEVE he actually won it?  I dunno he's pretty stupid so I wouldn't put it past him.  Stupid AND Grandiose!  I CANT LOSE THAT MAKES NO SENSE.  I'M THE GRANDIEST PERSON IN THE ROOM YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THIS OTHER GUY BEAT ME?!?!?  SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM.  You know, that sort of thing.  Halfway through entry.  No alcohol!  Wonderful.  Had about THREE DROPS of liquor left over which I poured into coffee!  Couldn't really taste it too much but A VERY LITTLE BIT and I'm like alcohol in coffee where have you been all my life.  2009?  I was at a party and I had a coffee +alchol (I think they call it an IRISH COFFEE).  So it's been Around All My Life starting 2009 or so. 
Wonderful.  Maybe a CARROT here or there.  Either full carrots or slices of carrot.  I dunno.  You can go with the Carrot or you can go with the stick.  Well neither one is optimal.  Each have SOME positive aspects.  Carrots will keep me nurished but sticks, I think the implification is You Will Hit Me With The Stick, which I don't know if I'm on board with... but then he implication would be you'd also hit me with the carrot!  That might hurt, too!  Look, if you're just GIVING me a carrot OR a stick, I could make some use out of a stick.  Depending on he make up of the stick.  Ya know that sort of thing.  So the point is what do I got in store for the rest of the day.  Why It's Only more TV On the computer, 3 meals, a shower and/or bath, some music listening to... HEY great news!  Guitar Amplification System had THIRTY pre-sets of guitar model sounds which are all great.. I FOUND A BONUS TWENTY that they have hidden for some reason.  And ONE OF THOSE 20 BINGO THAT'S THE SOUND I'M USUALLY GOING FOR.  They call it, "Desert Rock."  Gotta LTURQ WHY IT'S THAT AND WHAT IT MEANS.  But either way Yep That's The Tune!  LMLTURQ.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palm_Desert_Scene I can't paraphrase EVERYTHING for you check it out yourself!
Cool!  Plus now I can modify it a thousand ways to PIN POINT my sound.  PIN POINT it GOOD.  What else is going on and crap.  At this point lunch'll be in 2-3 hours from this very moment.  I'll hold myself to that!  Presumably!  Unless I change my mind!  Then I have no incentive to really put up a fight!  Whatever I decide'll be fine, just fine.  Anyway maybe watch some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr after Act II.  It's an episode I find PARTICULARLY SNOOZY but gotta get it out of the way if not now when?  I have no idea which meal to have for lunch.  IT'S A TOSS UP AT THIS POINT ANYONE'S GAME.  I had a dream last night the MLB playoffs were still going in 2020 and the METS MADE THE PLAYOFFS and then I was like wait a second the Mets didn't make the playoffs so in the dream I looked at the standings and it confirmed yes the Mets solidly missed the playoffs... who are these people trying to convince me the Mets made the playoffs?  The playoffs that are currently going on?  I'll be back with Act III.




Don't I Know It

   The point is Hello Time For Act III.  I can't have alcohol right now but I have a nice Runner Up beverage Why It's Only Orange Juice!  Mixed with Water.  It's like when you get 50% less calories Orange Juice.  Says it on the bottle!  Gotta imagine that's just Regular Orange Juice And Water.  I mix it myself and save DOZENS OF CENTS over an entire life time! Just kidding.  If I did this every week I'd amass THREE FIGURES, MAYBE FOUR FIGURES JUST MIXING IN MY OWN WATER.  Gotta cut corners in this economy!  Presumably.  I dunno much about THIS economy or ANY OTHER economy.  I know you're supposed to shake up Orange Juice before pouring it out because My Dad tells me every time and every time I DO shake it up and he's always like NOT ENOUGH SHAKE IT MORE and I'm like LOOK I'M SHAKING IT EVEN LONGER THAN LAST TIME WE HAD THIS CONVERSATION WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END.  And he's like WHEN YOU'VE SHAKEN IT ENOUGH.
     You know, that sort of thing.  Also this ain't no PULP orange juice.  I can see why that would need to be shaken.  I just don't get this at all!  I BELIEVE my Dad I should shake it.  I'll give him that.  I just think he's asking for TOO MUCH Shaking.  Anyway I dunno anymore I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE.  Still got a bid of stuffing left.  I could add that to macaroni + chili.  Instead of A Bread.  Just have that Stuffing IT HAS BREAD IN IT.  CORN BREAD!  If their descriptions of products could be trusted, at least.  HEY wearing contacts for first time in a week or two.  YES I am still wearing the prescription for One Eye for Both My Eyes.  Gotta cut corners!  Hopefully that doesn't Cut my Corneas.  GOTTEM.  Gotta imagine that's one potential side effect of using Wrong Shape/Fitting contacts.  Gonna cut up your eyes!  The edges of contact lenses can get pretty sharp PARTICULARLY if they're drying out.
Anyway I, "Watched," that #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor thats a snooze.  Next episode STILL A SNOOZE.  Slightly less of a snooze, so we are making progress.  The point is what else is going on and crap.  I will have a BATH and/or SHOWER BEFORE MY LATE LUNCH not after NOT DURING but BEFORE.  When I was a kid I was scared of taking showers for some reason.  Lemme rephrase that-- I was afraid of being alone in the bathroom without an easy way to escape.  And I would offen leave the bathroom door OPEN just a crack in case I needed to run out of the room screaming.  We're talking when I was a teenager.  In high school.  Gotta leave the door open a crack so if a ghost (OR WHATEVER) shows up I Have As Easy Access An Exit as possible.  The point of this story is You Can Never Be Too Careful.  Leave doors open when YOU'RE bathing.  That 1 in a 100 time where there IS a ghost and/or Human Who Means You Harm you're gonna be happy you have a way out. 
     Wonderful.  Has anyone anywhere EVER taken a shit Facing the toilet tank.  Whatever it's called.  You straddle the toilet seat in the wrong direction is the point I'm trying to make.  And then DOO your thing. Hmm gotta try that out one day.  I'll put that on my To-DOO LIST.  Yep that checks out and everything.  Anyway you will be FASCINATED by this.  My last portion of Stuffing, I Put some ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER ON IT (after heating it up) and it made it great!  Stuffing Can and MAY BE and COULD BE sweet!  So I just TOOK THE INITIATIVE and tried it out and it worked!  20% Better than without it with this specific stuffing!  You nkow that sort of thing.  For some reason my Therapist is always Pushing Boston Market (Or Is It Boston Chicken) on me.  I may have talked about this before!  It's important.  EVERY thanksgiving she's like you're gonna do Thanksgiving?  You should get Boston Market.  They're great, they got everything you need.  Just try it!  If you've never had it, just try it!  Pretty much every ThanksgivingTime Discussion for at least 4 or 5 years.  I feel like I must have had Boston Market and/or Boston Chicken... whichever one was it's Original Name.  Nothin' special!
     Last paragraph!  Just FINALIZED POTENTIALLY my #MyWeeklySuperMarketDelivery.  Hmm a new hashtag?  I'm always on the look out for new HashTags!  Especially in Oh I Don't Know FIVE WEEKS from now when it's a new Season!  We're talkin WINTERS TO REMEMBER.  2020-2021 Winter to remember!  I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE REMEMBERING HALF IN JEST AND HALF SINCERE.  Also YES I'm getting TWO things of Beef Jerky.  One, 'CHOMPS' Jalapeņo Beef Stick.  a Serving Equating to Two Epic VENISON With Beef Bites.  VENISON I NEVER HAD THAT BEFORE.  If it tastes as good as Deers LOOK it'll be amazing.  I don't think I'm talking out of turn by saying Deer are beautiful creatures.  I'm not saying I'd like to be INTIMATE with one.  But they're pretty!  That's all I'm saying!  I really don't think this is that controversial a statement.  The point is YES I had to triple check these things to Make Sure They're Not Dog Food.  And if it turns out, despite all my carefulness, they ARE dog food?  What the Hell I'll try 'em anyway.  Anyway, great.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.




Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Good Clean Fun

   The point is there's a lot of poeple who I thought were in #WatchTheWireFallToListenInto and were in #OzTheHBOShowAutumn who were only in one.  What do they all crime-themed black people look alike to you.  Nope!  SOME DO.  ON occasion. For example KAREEM SAID and LESTER FREEMAN.  Look I know they're different people.  Different roles, different kinds of acting.  But they SOUND pretty similar and LOOK pretty similar.  Hmm better LTURQ to make sure they AREN'T the same person.  Nope they arent.  Main difference is Apparent Age.  Kareem gotta be 10-30 years younger than Lester Freaman.  Also that's really my only main example.  Pretty much everyone else I thought was a cross-over Actually Is.  So its not a race thing it's this ONE CASE of 2 Actors Thing.  The point is SHOULD there be a Wire/Oz Cross-Spin Off where it turns out Kareem Said is Lester Freamon's Son?  ANd they either Fight Crime Together or maybe have to DO Crime Together.  I'll let the writers work that one out!
     Wonderful.  Left myself 2 beers for today!  That's not so bad.  I can Get An Entry In under the influence of 2 Beers.  Then Rest of day without beer so what it happens!  Of course Little Kenny/Bodie is the same.  I bet if he was in something Today he'd STILL look 18 years old.  He's Got IT and by IT I mean LOOKS LIKE THE OLDEST TEENAGER IN THE WORLD.  Hmm what's this actors name.  Dude disappears into these characters so much I FORGET he's an actor!  LMLTURQ.  AHH I JUST SAW A (Current?) Picture of him AND HE LOOKS DIFFERENT.  Oh well it was Special While It Lasted.  Memories that will last a life time.  Presumably.  I got the memories of Episodes Of TV and he's presumably got the memories of Making Episode of TV.  What an amazing time we live in!  Also Born in 1978.  Probably would have been my guess.  If only I had thought to explicitly make a guess ahead of time.  I'd look like A GENIUS!
 Hey Best News Ever MAKIN SOME ELBOW MACARONI TONIGHT.  Been a DOG'S AGE.  We're talkin elbows no sauce just salt and butter.  We're talkin Never Even STARTED my Chili but PERFECT have half chili with Tonight Elbows and half chili with Tomorrow Elbows.  Still leaves the Unsolved Mystery of what to do with The Rice but that'll last as much as a WEEK more.  Also lunch today why it's only probably gonna be BAGEL AND EGG.  Meals are the best, aren't they?  Biden just announced four or five New People to His Team Of SuperFriends.  I DON'T KNOW CRAP ABOUT THEM.  One of them is apparently by far the best baseball player in congress.  Hmm Framing it that way in that sentence it sounds absurd.  But reading it on twitter... well.. in retrospect... still seems kind of absurd.  I get its a FUN fact that may matter to a select group of DC people and is a nice piece of Trivia for the rest of us... still kind of absurd.  ANd this is coming from someone who ENJOYS the fact he's Great Baseballer and am happy to know it!  STILL KINDA ABSURD.
     Cool!  In terms of whether they're Progressive or not and to what degree I figure I'll find that out in due time.  Also these aren't necessarily that important positions To My Knowledge.  But either way WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON.  Anyway.  Gotta do Phone Appointment at ~1:30- !2:00.  That'll throw a brick into my entry/drinking/lunch plans.  BRICK?  BRICKS?  THAT'S THE NICK NAME KENNY WANGLER ADOPTS IN SEASON OH I DON'T KNOW THREE?  Never really got that.  WHY is he going by Bricks now.  A) why is it important to the narrative that there's half a dozen lines of dialogue over a few episodes of BRICKS!  I TOLD YOU TO START CALLING ME BRICKS!  And then in the next episode he's talkin to someone else and he's like YES THANK YOU YOU REMEMBER TO CALL ME BRICKS!  I have no idea what this adds to the story.  And, either way, I have no idea WHY Kenny Wangler, the fictional character, has decided to change his name to, "Bricks."  Maybe if it was another name I could inject some meaning to it.  BRICKS?  I DON'T GET IT AND THAT'S A HILL I'M WILLING TO DIE OVER.
     Wonderful.  Figure I'll be able to work in ACT II w/ BEER II before Phone Appointment with My Psychiatrist.  Then have some lunch directly after!  Figure lots of things!  Anyway no more walks means no more gettin Liquor.  Oh well such is life.  Gotta make compromises in life!  That's what I'VE been led to believe.  I don't think I have to do a FACETIME or a ZOOM for this apointemnt.  Great!  I might have to do it!  Great!  Everything Is Great that's a valley I'm willing to die over.  That makes more sense.  Hills you die on.  Valleys you die over.  From being ontop of the hill as you just claimed you were.  And most of life is just hanging out walking around on a plateau.  That's what I'VE been led to believe!  Just got a few deliveries is it POSSIBLE one of them is Obama Book?  YES.  Solid 50% chance per my knowledge of all possible factors.  Anyway Hey I'll be back with Part II soon!




Great What Else

   HEY got Lunch # I of I for Act II!  Beer with Act III presumably After I of I Telephone appointments.  Apparently Lindsay Graham has been making the rounds in Close States where he's like hey you know what would be cool?  If yu throw out the votes in districts I don't want to coun the votes it.  Gotta imagine he faces no consequences for that.  BUT HES A SENATOR YOU CAN'T INDICT A SITTING SENATOR.  Sure you can.  YEAH BUT WE DON'T WANT TO.  HE'S ON OUR TEAM.  OUR TEAM OF FELLOW CRIMINALS.  PROSECUTING CRIMINALS IS PLAYING POLITICS BECAUSE IT JUST SO HAPPENS POLITICS IS A MAJOR CORRESPONDING AND/OR CAUSAL INDICATOR FOR COMMITTING CRIMES HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS.  If they Take Away Criminals Then Only Criminals Would Commit Crimes.  Anyway started Loading Up Super Market Delivery Order.  We're talkin a solid 75% of what I wanted been taken care of!
     Cool!  Figure I'll watch some #OZTheHBOShowAutumn after Act II o entry!  Then at some point Appointment. Then Beer II of II!  WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.  The point I'm starting to time When To Start Toasting Bagel in relation to when to start Frying Egg.  Got it down pretty good!  We're talkin I could have had it toasted an extra Oh I Don't Know THIRTY SECONDS?  But pretty close!  Also why don't I just toast it ahead of time so that way it'll definitely be toasted enough by the time Frying Eggs is over.  THEN THE BAGEL WILL BE SLIGHTLY LESS HOT.  Hmm that gives me an interesting idea.  Try Bagel & Egg UNTOASTED BAGEL.  Still gotta Fry THe Egg, though!  You eat Eggs Raw YOU GONNA GET SICK!  Presumably.  I know it's a Boxing Training thing to drink Eggs.  Also in #WatchTheWireFallToFrightFor them union folk crack eggs into beer and eat that.  The point is HERE I'VE BEEN COOKING MY EGGS LIKE A SUCKER.
Cool!  Tanning Trend but it's only Tanning your Balls.  I've been Cooking My Eggs LIKE A SUCKER.  Well that added nothing to the entry.  Might as well have said I'M GOIN BY BRICKS NOW C'MON GET IT RIGHT.  BRICKS HOW HARD IS IT TO REMEMBER THAT.  Maybe he's just TERRIBLE at Basketball.  And for some reason wants that to be what people think about him.  Maybe he's a carpenter or something.  One Who Lays Bricks.  Maybe he's a The Pink Floyd fan, all in all He's Just Another Bricks In The Walls.  Lyric from one of The Pink Floyds song.  The point is YES If I decided to devote the rest of the entry to Crackin the, "Bricks," code I WOULD eventually get there but it'd be a whole lot of Nothin' on the way there!  Hey did I tell you the good news?  A few days ago RE-UPPED WITH NORTON.  If you wanted to Hack Me you had a nice one week or so window!  TOO LATE NOW.  YA SNOOZE YA LOSE.  Norton is some kind of Mob Extortion Scheme.  Yeah you gotta protect yourself, lots of bad actors out there... gotta pay us to keep ya safe, ya know, it's be a SHAME if someone saw your Pornographies.  WAIT YOU DO PORNOGRAPHIES AND HAVE THEM ON YOUR COMPUTER?  I ONLY MEANT WATCHING PORNOGRAPHIES.  DOING PORNOGRAPHIES THAT'S GONNA COST YA AN EXTRA RATE!  Also we never even SEE Norton.  The boss man.  Only a MYTH.  A Legend.  A SYMBOL.  Hmm on second thought maybe Norton is a Super Hero.  He watches out for us without us even knowing who he is!
     Nope he makes us pay.  Batman is never like yep I'm fighting all sorts of crime but YA GOTTA KICK IN.  YOU WANT SOME JUSTICE YOU GOTTA PAY THE PRICE.  Batman doesn't need our money but who knows maybe the NEXT Batman won't be as independently wealthy and WILL demand a stipend for justice.  Gotta prepare NOW.  Ed Norton was The Hulk for a movie or two.  You wouldn't like Norton Security Systems When They're Angry.  Gotta keep a level head!  They're no good to ANY of us angry.  The criminals OR the innocents.  KEEP A CALM COOL LEVELED HEAD OKAY?  HEY next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is JOE PESCI one!  There's Plot Holes in All THem #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFors but for some reason there's a few in this episode that PARTICULARLY bother me.  No Spoilers!  That ain't my Style.  I'm not here to spoil ANYTHING for ANYONE.  ALl in all, though, not a bad episode.  Solid Average Episode.
Wonderful.  Has there ever been a Super Hero who works for the government?  Sure Two Face.  Yep that checks out.  Was ognna try to riff about that but What's The Point.  Oh, here's the point-- has there ever been a Super Hero who works for the government NOT IN LAW ENFORCEMENT, ETC?  Gotta imagine some Cool Folks made AOC into a COmic.  I feel like I've seen that somewhere and if I haven't then it's only a matter of time.  But that's REAL Comic Books.  What about FAKE COMIC BOOKS.  What about them.  I Dunno Just WHAT ABOUT THEM?  Right?  YA FEEL ME?  Has there ever been any public discussion on how to pronounce AOC as if it were a word and not initials?  AWK?  AEYK? AUH-OHK?  I think AWK is the most intuitive one.  I'm gonna try to get that, "Trending."  Hey the point is I get to take some sort of break from Entry.  What else is going on and crap.  Oh, right, like I just said.  Get to take some sort of break from Entry!  FASCINATING.




That Sounds Wonderful

   Hey what's up you idiots.  Took a ~1.5 Hour Break.  We're talkin SHOWERED.  We're talkin APPOINTMENT'D.  We're talkin #OzTheHBOShowAutumn IN AND IN BETWEEN.  We're talking still have Beer #2, later in entry, right now just havin some Juiced Orange'd Juice.  you know who didn't like the juice Why It's Only Hitler.  Alt Take-- you know who didn't like the juice OJ Simpson's Murder Victim(s).  They called him, "Juice," for some reason!  Always loved juice!  Anyway if I was Made To Look A Fool by Leslie Nielson for three movies I'd Go Into A Murderous Rage, too!  We should have seen it coming but now we can make SOLID CONCRETE ACTS to make sure it never happens again.
Yep.  Is it possible OJ Simpson wasn't in Naked Gun II?  Somewhat possible!  Haven't seen that one nearly as often as I and/or III.  I had III on VHS and watched that a lot.  I MAY have had the First one on VHS but even if not Seen It Plenty Of Times.  Naked Gun: The 2nd Movie But Called Something like 2.5 AS JOKES, not ringing any sorts of bells!  What if OJ Simpson's wife did a Face/Off with him but only after he died.  Seems as plausible a scenario as anything you've come up with.  What plausible, what scenario.  Either he killed her or he didn't.  Nope you're not considering the plausible scenario that SHE KILLED HIM, did a Face/Off, and now who we think is OJ Simpson is actually Who Used To Be OJ Simpson's wife.  Huh?  What?  Where am I.  I forget.  I'd also Go On A Murder Rampage if The Simpsons was making fun of my name TO MY FACE.  I'd be VERY UPSET.
     Cool!  Gettin some BEEF JERKY tomorrow.  I don't get why they don't sell Nice Big Ol Portions of Beef Jerky.  I mean, I guess because it'd be expensive.  Eatin it at the same rate at Kettle'd Chips, you're gonna run up quite a tab!  But still I want a FULL 12OZ BAG OF BEEF JERKY GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Anyway, first time to celebrate it since Joe Biden winning Election-- #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember.  However that one went.  Is it a thing in beef jerky that a 1 oz piece of beer jerky is actually like a 4 oz steak-- just REALLY REALLY condensed.  They just push it into itself so much that's why its expensive!  Probably seems about right.  Sure SEEMS condensed when you're eating it.  I dunno what I'm talking about anymore.  HEY next episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is a Real Solid one!  SPOILER ALERT-- ZACK GALLIGAN FROM THE GREMLINS IS IN IT.  Anyway I dunno.  Start Last Of The Beers for the week.  MY week.  Thursday Thru Wednesday.  Kinda fun week to work around all things considered.
     I think Slim Jims did a GREAT job marketing their product that the brand's name is UBIQUITOUS with the product.  Every time I have a panging for Beef Jerky I say to myself Gotta Snap Into A Slim Jim.  No I don't!  When I started this paragraph I touhght it was gonna be funny.  Hmm gotta snap into a slim jim.  Nope, still not funny!  Maybe if I say it a third time.  I want some beef jerky, eh?  Why it almost makes me want to think to myself Gotta snap into a Slim Jim.  Nope, none of this is working NEARLY as much as I want it to.  Also The Macho Man Randy Savage was a big proponent of this product.  Because Professional Show Wrestlers LOVE condensed meat.  That's not a joke.  I bet they do!  Totally within character (either REAL character OR Wrestling Persona) that they'd be into some Beef AND OR VENISON jerky
.  Anyway I bet that part of the appeal of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr is to activate thinking about the parts of ourselves that we consider SCARY or WEIRD.  And for me its the episode where they start killing people and serving the people and then other people eat the people.  And, it's not a 100% concious thought, but I usually watch that episode SORT OF thinking ya know lets be honest that looks good.  Under the right circumstances I MAY be open to eating Some Human.  Is that such a crime?!?!  I dunno MUST BE RIGHT?  I mean, I dunno.  What if someone dies and its in their will let people eat me.  And then you come along and are like well, he's already dead.  He's OKAY with being eaten.  WHAT'S THE HARM.
     The EATER might develop a taste for Human and then start killing people/eating people without their permission.
  Yep that seems to check out.  Also this shouldn't have to be said... COOKED PEOPLE.  I WILL NOT EAT RAW PEOPLE.  Just doesn't appeal to me!  Of course the biggest mark Randy "The Macho Man," Savage made on our culture is HE WAS KEEPING SPIDERMAN BUSY (Wrestling With Each Other) WHILE UNCLE BEN WAS GETTING SHOT AND/OR GRAND THEFT AUTO'D... well, an hour or two Before hand.  But Ben was  waiting to pick Spiderman up from After This Wrestling Match.  If there was no wrestling match Spiderman wouldn't need a ride home from NOTHING NOW WOULD HE?  Basically Spiderman needs to take down The Entire WCW for revenge but for some reason he just lets it go???  Alright that'll do it.  See ya tomorrow!

-2:50 P.M.




Monday, November 16, 2020

Gimme Five

   Hey Great News COVID IS BACK!  I mean, personally.  It SLIGHTLY effected me a few days ago when I Stopped Taking Walks.  But that's not a big deal.  NOw, my Dad had to go to Bank today, and in Parking Lot, some guy in a car WEARING NO MASK asked my DAd for directions or something and MY DAD ANSWERED HIM.  So basically my Dad is very very worried.  I'm not joking or exaggerating.  It's part of his pesonality!  He's UPSET TO THE MAX.  Basically I dunno it's 1 in 100?  1 in 200? chance that, given all this information (and knowing myDad was wearing a mask) we know.  1 in 100!  CALM DOWN DUDE THAT'S ROUGHLY ONLY 1%!  But that's the shitty thing about working your life around covid.  If you take it VERY Seriously then the 1 time a month you go out and chance upon a vaguely-relatively potentially damngerous situation It's The End Of The World!  But then there are people goin out there doin' their thing, work thing often, and you can't just get Dejected In Doom EVERY TIME someone talks to you ~6 feet away!  Probably not.  Maybe YOU CAN!  E-MAIL ME HOW MUCH YOU CAN @ CRAZYHS>.. NET.COM!
Wonderful.  I thought we weren't gonna talk about  COvid After Election?  Dumb thing to say!  We're gonna talk about COvid ALL THE TIME after election.  1) NEW WAVE OF WINTER GET READY.  2) Stressing over Election is over!  Covid goes from B Story Narrative along side Election to CLEARLY MOST IMPORTANT STORY.  3) I really wish I had a third reason.  I really do.  I'm sorry.  I've failed you all.  The point is we might be on the verge of Great Vaccines USA USA USA!  So basically when people die over the next half year because they don't wanna adjust their lifestyle for a LOUSY 5 MONTHS well that's just the price of doing business.  Also being a civilian is Doing Business.  CAPITALISM AM I RIGHT?!  Hey what else is going on and crap.  Got beer for today and/or tomorrow.  Wonderful!  Got a PHONE CALL appointment with Pshyciatrist tomrorow.  Wonderful!
     Just had a nice Gulp of Beer.  Made me think you know what this tastes ok but you know what tastes even better SODA POP I'd like to have some POP right now.  It's funny because in My Neck Of The Woods nobody calls it POP or Soda Pop.  SOda!  JUST SODA! Also why people always sharing space in their neck of the woods.  You shuoldn't be living in the woods at all!  Sounds like you're some sort of Hermit.  Is that a thing anymore.  I feel like in the 1600's-early 1900's there were HERMITS.  They live Out In The Woods Past The Outskirts Of Town.  Man oh man does that sound appealing!  I'm not joking if I could be a hermit I'D BE DOWN WITH IT.  Anyway.  That's where FAiry Tales Come From!  Hansel and Gretel.  Goldilocks and The Big Bad BEars.  The one with the Girl and Her Grandma-Wolf.  What's her name again?  LMLTURQ.  LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD.  The point is All taking place in cottages way out past the outskirts of town.
Fascinating.  I mean, maybe that's how MOST people lived in those times?  I gotta imagine small towns were a thing.  I'm talkin Even PAST the OUTSKIRTS of the small town.  I feel like I've made myself clear.  You know, SHREK.  Shrek at the beginning of SHREK.  But could be a family!  Could be a Witch's house.  Could be your Grandmas house.  ALl sorts of configurations of Hermits is the point I'm trying to make.   I dunno, maybe Goldilocks is in a town.  I just always imagined Bears living way past the out skirts of town.  Because they're bears. Maybe they lived in town and were respected members of the community!  I don't have all the answers.  Here's a good QNON/Kim Jong-Un-esque theory-- when Trump was hospitalized for COVID they took blood or something from him, and that's where the vaccine comes from.  Yep seems to check out.
Fascinating.  Gettin' There With My Oz Stories!  Dunno what I'm gonna have for lunch.  Maybe some Lunch.  I mean, maybe some Frozen Meal (CHICKEN PAD THAI???) WITH POTENTIALLY a bit of side dish (SPANISH RICE??)  That sounds about right I'm looking forward to that but NOT IMMEDIATELY.  I had a CUP'D CAKE FOR BREAKFAST WHY IT WASN'T EVEN THREE HOURS AGO!  Got some coffee going in about 10 minutes.  I got it going now.  It's in the process of going.  Going from Dry Beans/Grounds and Wet Water to combine to make the concoction we all know and love called Coffee.  I like how Trump can take credit for a vaccine he/federal government had nothing to do with but when it comes to other methods of saving lives he's like Meh Can't Be Bothered!  Can't SOMEONE ELSE DO IT?  Also HE DOESN'T EVEN WANT SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT.  If he was just incompetent, non-caring, and lazy, he at the very least could be like hmm just let someone else take care of it.  I won't stand in their way!  He somehow IS AGAINST THAT THOUGH.  There's people like Fauci and he just constantly UNDERMINES him/them/whatnot.  Cracked that code.




I'll Take What I Can Get

   Anyway BIDEN & KAMALA SPEECHTIME TODAY!  My mom was like we should have a drinking game, we have to drink every time he says a word.  MY word is, "Folks," what's YOURS?  And I was like well my word is, "THE!"  I'M GONNA WIN THIS GAME IN A LANDSLIDE.  Except I didn't really say that.  I said, "America."  That's more in keeping with the game!  But the joke with saying, "The," is I want to drink a lot for some reason no one is really sure of.  But that also implies my Mom really wants to play this game.  I think she just anticipates A Lot Of Folks and thought this was a clever way to make her point known.  Also is a thing now the Kamala is ALWAYS gonna be Biden's opening act?  Seems like they need a middle.  Lemme be the middle!  Kamala Get Em Started, I SHOW UP and keep it going, then Biden closes it out with some A PLUS MATERIAL.  Sounds aobut right I could handle that if I had to!
Wow.  The good news is HEY WATCHED 2 MORE #TALESFROMTHECRYPTFALLTOFRIGHTFOR during today's CircleWAlking.  What do I got NEXT.  WHY ITS ONLY THAT ONE POSSIBLY THE BIGGEST SNOOZE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES.  Also I may be wrong but I think it's a rip-off of a Twilight Zones EPisode.  E-mail me if I'm wrong!  You don't know my email.  Nor do you Even Know The Episode I'm Talking About.  HOW IN THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS COULD YOU GIVE ME AN ANSWER ON THIS.  The piont is Hey at this rate I'll have lunch with Act III.  I don't get the term fairy tale.  Almost NONE of these tales have fairies in them?  I can't even thing of A Single One off the top of my head!  I'll give Aesop, etc some credit, I'm sure there's at least two or three where Fairies play a key role.  NOT THE MAJORITY THOUGH.  NOT EVEN THE SUPER MAJORITY.  We're talking WAY LESS THAN 33% which basically means they have NO chance of obstructing justice in the senate.  Huh.  Oh?  Wha?  Okay.
Can that become a talking point for Trump?  Because Biden I think won not just a plurality but a clean Majority in Popular Vote Total.  But Trump can be like he may have won the majority, but we are the Super Majority.  It makes no sense which I think makes it pretty plausible Trump would say it.  Anyway AMAZON said I'd be getting Obama: The Book tomorrow but it also says IT ISN'T RELEASED UNTIL TOMORROW.  How could they manage that unless IT ACTUALLY EXISTED before it was released and they set it up that I could get it SAME DAY AS RELEASE.  Also presumably gotta let it settle for 2 or 3 days.  THEN wipe it down for CoronaCases and THEN start reading that sucker.  HMM is there a Biden Memoir.  Better LTURQ.  YEP THERE IS ONE.  Maybe I'll get around to it at some point I dunno I Got All My Spare Memoir Time filled up for the foreseeable future.  HMM Biden Talkin' in FORTY MINUTES.  What does that mean for This Entry.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.
  The piont is I'm PRETTY SURE I've never had this Chicken Pad Thai before.  430 Calories!  Most of these Nice Frozen Meals are 280-380 calories AT MOST.  430?  NICE.  Something about Peanut Sauce, though, which I didn't register when I got it.  I don't fuck with no Peanut?  What am I ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL.  I mean, NICOLAS TESLA.  I mean, GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER.  Alright got there took me a while but I got there!  Here's what it says On Box-- THAI STYLE PEANUT SAUCE.  Man oh man I Sure Hope Thai Style means DOESN'T INCLUDE.  LOL GOOD JOKE MIKE.  I was tellin' my parents about that Lady who they're sayin might be Defense Secretary and I used the word Lady and my Mom was like don't call women ladies.  And I was like I see where you're coming from But Also it's fun to call women ladies.  And I don't see why its offensive.  Certainly no more offensive than calling People Folks.  Which YOU seem to be 100% ON BOARD WITH!  Gottem.  E-mail me if you find it not offensive!  Don't e-mail me if you DO find it offensive.  I'll be able to tell how many and who find it offensive by the OPPOSITE amount of people of people who apparently don't find it offensive.  Yep seems to check out.
Wow!  I'd be ON BOARD with someone calling me a Gentleman.  Which I feel like is the Male Version of Lady.  I'd be down with being a Gentleman ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.  Is it a thing where Biden isn't running in 2024?  Or is that just Internet Speculation.  Gotta imagine he'd make it known one way or another somehow, be pretty upfront about it.  I GOTTA KNOW WHAT TO PREPARE FOR.  What if he's like I dunno yet!  I may be dead by then!  Then that throws everything into FLUX.  Who can say at this point.  If I'm dead I DEFINITELY won't be president.  And if I'm president I DEFINITELY wouldn't be dead!  FOLKS.  AMERICA. THE THE THE AMERICA.  You know, that sort of thing.  Also didn't Pelosi say in 2018 she would only serve 1 term?  I better LTURQ because people seem to have forgotten it.  DANG IT she said she'd only serve FOUR years in 2018. SHE GOT US GOOD.  I dunno.  I'll be back in a bit!





   Sweet!  Had the LONGEST break between Acts in a dog's age.  We're talkin stopped ~.5 hour before Biden scheduled to speak.  We're talkin ~25 hours after Biden spoke!  The bad news is not only does this sauce taste of peanuts but I THINK there are a few SOLID PEANUTS IN THE SAUCE.  Is it a thing I could ask Super Market to give me this Frozen TV Dinner without peanuts?  Probably not!  Baked into the meal!  It's like ifwhen I would get White'd Castle Hamburgers, with Jalapeņo Cheese on it FOR SPICY, but would ask for it without the cheese!  That reminds me, if I were ever to get a local KEY FOOD delivery rather than FRESH DIRECT, they sell WHITE'D CASTLE'D HAMBURGERS.  GET OUT OF THE WAY I WANNA DO THAT.
     VERY late lunch.  VERY.  What kinda LATE dinner could I have tonight.  Better have some CHILI and RICE.  Gotta get it out of the way If Not Now Then When.  Wait, what about, if its like, 1 Burrito and Some Chicken Nuggets.  I ALMOST made 4 Chicken Nuggets with Chicken Pad Thair INSTEAD Of rice.  Because nuggets are delicious but I DIDN'T because I need to finish rice anyway.  I had rice for lunch, now!  Get to reward myself with delicious chicken nuggets for dinner!  I feel like when I was a kid I'd occasionally have Peanut Butter sandwiches but I NEVER LIKED IT.  And would be DISGUSTED by it NOW.  Also for some reason I was raised in an Anti-Jelly household.  Never even OCCURRED to my Mom to make me peanut butter and jelly.  Just peanut butter!  And you know what I DON'T BLAME HER.
Cool!  Good chance we're talkin' some COMMUNAL PASTA for dinner tomorrow night (and leftover COMMUNAL PASTA for Me Lunch the afternoon afterwards!  The good news is I narrowed down the next time I get Chicken Pad THai with Peanut Sauce to NEVER AGAIN.  The other good news is its such a late lunch, that I can have a RELATIVELY late dinner, but its still soon enough to wipe that disgusting peanut sauce off my palate completely!  GET IT OUT OF THERE I CAN'T STAND THIS PEANUT CRAP.  At some point my parents have got to be on board with a Macaroni communal pasta, right?  No sauce.  Lots of butter and salt!  I can do that INDIVIDUALLY not force it on my MOm and/or Dad.  MMM.  I'd do it myself but, ya know.  Would have to eat pasta AGAIN tomorrow night!  Also we got all these Fettuccines and Al Fredo Sauces and we tried it once and we were like that wasn't so great so we NEVER TRIED IT AGAIN!
     Sounds about right.  HHmm is one of my Frozen Burritos Just Macaroni.  No.  Of course not.  That would make no sense!  Why would that thought even occur to me!  Makes not a lick of sense!  Anyway my Mom asked me after Biden Talking how would you rate that on a scale of one to ten.  And I was like well if I'm rating something between 1 and 10 I Need To Know what I'm Measuring By.  And she was like just one to ten, how would you grade it.  So I was like I dunno I guess A SIX?  And she was like Really.  I was gonna give it an Eight.  And even upon further reflection I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT WERE RATING.  Anyway Biden Accepting Speech Last Saturday made an impression on my parental units.  Never big Biden Fans but I think he won them over for some reason no one is really sure of.
     Cool!  Last paragraph.  IN MID EPISODES of both #TalesFromTheCryptFAllToFrightFor AND #OzTheHBOShowAutumn.  The point is I'll never get Saffron Road Chicken Pad Thai again UNLESS if it was for my enemies.  Gotta imagine all my enemies have the same palate as I do.  And I'd be like hey Chicken Pad Thai sounds pretty good and they'd be like yeah that does sound good and I'd be like TO MYSELF LITTLE DO THEY KNOW ITS PEANUT SAUCE.  The point is 1 Burrito Plus AS MUCH AS SEVEN Nuggets is an appropriate dinner.  Appropriate Hard Core!  Does Kamala Harris get to pick a Vice Vice President.  Can we get some people looking into that one.  The one saving grace from not having chili today, lunch OR dinner, is that it's not really quite 2 meals worth of chili.  More like 1 and a half meals.  Where Chili is main ingredient plus some rice.  Best meal is about .67% of the chili + some rice.  I dunno what to do with the rest but I'll figure it out!  Anyway, hey, great.  I'll see you tomorrow.

-4:36 P.M.




Sunday, November 15, 2020

That Rings a Bell

   Sure does!  What's going on in the Wide World of Sunday.  Got some nice Alcohol in store for Today and/or Tomorrow and/or NO MORE DAYS.  Until Working Weekend starts back up again on Oh I Don't Know THURSDAY?  Anyway it just occured to me that a couple of weeks ago my Mom is like hey got this spiral notebook, not a big one, smallish one, regular size pages but not too many pages... you want it?  An I was like UHHH YES.  Dunno what to do with it yet!  First step is figuring out where I put it.  Second step is hmm got lots of options with what to do with this notebook.  LOTS.  Anything would be good!  Anything is better than nothing!  The point is Probably Salon & Rice for Lunch.  Maybe some Oh I Don't Know SOMETHING ELSE for dinner?  Narrowed that one down Real Well.  Fine, just fine!
Okay.  I don't get how people can use Guitar and/or Guitar Amplification System on High Volume Levels.  Not the GAIN or that corresponding VOLUME.  THe MASTER.  GAS has Gain Volume and Master.  And if I turn the Master Volume up more than 1/4th the way WAY TOO LOUD.  But also the louder the Master is The More The Sound Is Like A Real Thing.  Low Master Volume?  I can tell the difference between different presets.  But they only sound GOOD and REAL and THE WAY IT SHOULD BE past that master volume.  WTH DO OTHER PEOPLE LIVE IN AN ABANDONED WAREHOUSE?  THAT'S WAY TOO LOUD YOU GOTTA BE ANNOYING OTHER PEOPLE.  Maybe I'm just somethin' wrong with my hearing or somethin.  Haven't cracked that code yet.  The point is if you're living and/or playing guitar in an Abandoned Warehouse GUESS WHAT NO LONGER ABANDONED.  Just a Warehouse Now!
     Yep that seems to check out.  I think living in a Huge Space that's 98% empty without furniture or electrical appliances or anything would be LIVING THE DREAM.  You can just run around in circles and no ones gonna stop you!  We're talkin' BIG circles.  Man oh man just thinking about it gets me going...  Anyway I feel like I'm about HALFWAY THROUGH #OzTheHBOShowAutumn.  LMLTURQ.  WHAT THE HELL ONLY 22 OUT OF 52?   ROUNDS DOWN TO 11 OUT OF 26!  ROUNDS DOWN TO 5.5 OUT OF 13?  How come we never Round Up.  22 out of 52?  SOUNDS LIKE 88 OUT OF 208!  The point is hey what else is going on and crap.  When God closes a door he opens up a Spiral Notebook.  A smallish one!  No pressure to do anything epic.  Just have a blast while it lasts!  Sounds about right to me!  I saw Trump had a tweet over night saying, "HE WON BECAUSE..." and he spouted some bullshit but AH HAHHH HE WON YOU SAID IT GOTCHA SEE YA LATER!
American Presidential Elections.  Let's say Muslims don't want me in Prison.  What's my back-up plan.  In OZ there's basically just a group of THE OTHERS and it's random non-violent white people and a Disabled Black Person.  But I don't think that's a real thing in prison.  Real Gangs Only!  Hmm.  Maybe I could live in the ex-cop ward and be a DOUBLE AGENT report back to Never-cops about what the ex-cops are doing.  That sounds like an overly elaborate plan that doesn't make sense and isn't needed by anyone.  Also They'd KNOW I'm not an ex-cop.  Gotta imagine they're talking in Cop Code all the time and I wouldn't get it!  I get 10-4.  I get 911.  Gotta imagine they only speak in Crime Numbers and I Just Wouldn't Be Able To Keep Up!  Maybe I just shouldn't take no as an answer from The Muslims.  Really dig in and somehow prove to them how great an addition I'd be to their Prison Gang.  Ehhhh what else is going on.
  AGAIN what can I do to support Democratic Senate Candidates in Georgia beyond giving them Out Of State Money.  Also, AGAIN, jut because I talk about something Into A Void, it certainly doesn't mean somehow an answer would/should come to me.  I dunno, what else is going on and crap.  Finished Whit Rum bottle.  Back To Beer during Act II of the entry.  Wonderful!  I had a CUPCAKE for breakfast get off my back about it.  We're talkin' chocolate cake.  We're talkin some sort of chocolate and/or fudge icing.  We're talkin Hey It Was Delicious get off my back about it Like I Already Said!  Hey that's great.  I'll be back in a little bit!




I'm Doing Okay

   There's gotta be an alternative to Being With The Muslims.  The Christians?  I'm betting 50% of, "The Christians," are sex offenders and whatnot.  That's not a slam on Christianity!  If any thing its an ENDORSEMENT!  Wait, no it isn't.  Still not a slam, though.  These people just happen to like re-habilitating themselves with Christianity.  That sort of thing.  What if I'm Like Some Sort Of Teacher.  I don't have a gang to protect me but I just gain everyone's trust because I teach them how to get their GED.  I can do that.  I've taken MULTIPLE college classes Learning How To Teach!  I think I got it all down.  All about Lesson Plans that's what I've gathered.  I dunno.  Maybe go towards some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after Act II of entry.
     Maybe I could just cripple myself.  No ones gonna fuck with a disabled person.  Leave 'em be!  That's the impression I've gathered.  Hey I ordered part one of The Obama Book: Some Sort Of Memoirs!  Will get that Oh I Don't Know November 17th at the earliest (when it officially, "Drops") and Oh I Don't know I'd say 2 or 3 days more after that.  Then again USPS is gonna sabotage mailing Obama Books in particular.  They've got a vendetta against this guy for some reason that no one is really sure of.  Hmm maybe delivered by UPS.  UPS as far as I can tell is about 50% less racist than the USPS.  That's what I've gathered!  WAIT A SECOND.  U P S.  UPS.  UP's!  Yep that all seems to check out.  That's my Dumb Band Name!  The Uppers.  And if you don't have time to say Three Syllables you can go with just, "The Ups!"
  I dunno.  Of course there's already The Postal Service.  There's already Lots Of Things.  Get off my back about it.  COVIDCASES going way, way up.  Just do what I do!  Stop taking walks, wipe down everything, and when you need to get blood work done etc every month WEAR SOME MASKS AND SOME GLOVES.  Stay AWAY from people you idiots.  Just a few more months!  POSSIBLY no more than half a year!  You can do that standing on your head!  Probably would be easier standing on your feet, though! Hmm wonder if there's video on YouTube of a guy standing AND WALKING on his head.  I get lots of people can figure out how to balance themselves on their Dome.  Can someone WALK with his Head?  I BETTER LTURQ.  I'm not seeing anything.  Kinda disappointed.  I was imagining possibly seein' some guy walk on their head.  Such is life!
Cool.  Maybe Have Salmon & Rice for dinner.  Good option for Lunch would be Bagel & Egg.  I got lots of POSSIBILITIES is the point. That's one thing I remember from Biden Accepting Speech.  America is defined in one word: Possibilities.  I specifically remember because I expected him to say America is defined in one word: America.  Because I'm ALWAYS ON and QUICK to Dumbness.  Is there a video on youtube of people dying doing parkour.  Gotta imagine there'd be one on the, "Dark Web."  I don't wanna see people die it'd make me sick to my stomach.  But if they die in the process of doing parkour?  Maybe one day I'll watch that video.  But not today.  Not today. Maybe some day.  Had some delicious Meat'd Loaf last night.  We're talkin' instead of 1 mini sandwich with a slice of meat loaf, 2 OPEN FACE mini sandwiches with BOTH slices of meat loaf.  We're talkin some Potato Side that ISN'T Half Potato Spheres.  Sorta Crescent Potatoes.  I've brought up these potatoes with you before.  I KNOW because the word Crescent was used both today and in past descriptions.  You don't forget using a word like ,"Crescent!"
     Okay.  I like this upcoming book By and ABOUT Obama (Presumably?) because... well... I don't know yet!  Gotta Read The Book to find out!  It's called A Promised Land.  Kinda implies there are OTHER Promised Lands.  One would imagine America is the promised land he's talking about.  But A instead of THE?  HE'S SAYING THERE ARE OTHER PROMISED LANDS OUT THERE TRAITOR!  Wonderful.  Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  Return to Act III with 2nd Beer and/or Lunch (Bagel and/or Egg).  FOr some reason I use the phrase, "And/Or," all the time Incorrectly.  For some reason at some point I just found it amusing to say it and then it became adopted into my regular lexicon because it's kind of silly and I never stopped enjoying it. The beer and/or lunch was ACCURATE.  The bagel and/or egg was INACCURATE!  Just trying to clear things up, that's all!  The point is I watched the first Oh I Don't Know 15,20 minutes of Child's Plays III and I can see myself picking up where I left off right about now when this paragraph is over.  This Paragraph is over.




Sure Seems Like It

   Yes I need to add, "Obama," to Microsoft Front Page dictionary.  Anyway I had a dream last night Nope ELECTION ISN'T OVER we're going through the entire electoral college again!  And that went on for a while in my dream until finally OOP TRUMP LOST AGAIN!  WHATTA RELIEF!  Is there a way Trump can twist and turn logic to be like I ONLY LOST BECAUSE OF ELECTORAL COLLEGE!!!  I think we could figure something out.  Yeah I lost by 7+ million votes nationally but that's just because REALLY RED STATES its voter suppression they are dissuaded from voting!  I would have made up 4 million votes in KENTUCKY ALONE!  That would be a weird way To Go Out.  Because Democrats wuold be like well yeah WONDERFUL.  I think that's the premise of a lot of speculation of what he might do in the last two months.  Maybe just do something Democrats want because a) he doesn't care anymore b) raelizes that appeasing Democrats on issues is making him on The Good Side Of History. 
     On the other hand I don't think he has any plan or anyting in place.  And he DEFINITELY doesn't wanna do anything that would require legislation and/or negotiating and/or might take up some of his time.  The point is I have a Bagel & Eggs going on right now and its delicious!  Real delicious!  Watched 20 more minutes of Child'sPlayIII during break between Act II and Act III.  I'm gonna be honest Not That Great A Movie.  For some reason one of relatively few sense memories I have from First Semester Sophomore Year was watching CHILD'S PLAY III on TV.  I don't think it was on DVD even though I had it on DVD.  I think it was on NYU MOVIE CHANNEL.  Also YES NYU DOES HAVE A MOVIE CHANNEL!  WITH MOVIES NOT EVEN RELEASED ON TV YET.  For example I remember seeing Idiocracy and/or Tenacious D movie on NYU MOVIE CHANNEL even though they.. well... yeah... like I said... haven't been on Cable TV or anything in Regular TV Channels.  On the same subject, I had a friend who got those DVDs they send out to people of Some Sort Of Film Guild for voting awards purposes.  And I guess hid parent(s) was in that guild.  PAN'S LABYRHTIN-- SEEN.  THE DEPARTED-- SEEN.  Possible I saw both on regular TV-- SEEN.
     What else is going on and crap.  The good news is I'm 100% done with Raw Chicken.  If it made me sick then it made me sick!  But I learnt an important lesson.  One day I'm gonna do a little bit of extra effort and make Scrambled Eggs instead of Fried.  But I don't know why!  I've been enjoying these fried eggs 100%!  There's no part of me that's like Man I need to UP my EGG game make some SCRAMBLED eggs.  But then again You never know if you don't go.  Gotta try it ONCE and maybe its even better What Do I Know.  I like blanketing my eggs with pepper and/or salt.  First drop the 3 eggs in?  Yolk totally intact, not cooked at all?  Add some salt and pepper.  Wait a minute?  Add some more salt and pepper.  Get it cookin, mixin it all in with a plastic spook-- add some smore salt and pepper.  The point is I know what I'm doing!
     The point is this is my first Bagel & Egg for the week and presumably that means ONE MORE.  The other piont is ONLY TWO MORE PARAGRAPHS AND WHATNOT.  Also SHOULD IT GO WITHOUT SAYING that I'm eating Egg & Bagel as Sandwich?  OPen Faced Sandwich, specifically.  You couldn't have assumed that, unless you nkow me really well and know my potential eating habits based on instinct.  But COULD YOU assume its either Open Faced or Closed Face?  I dunno what's going on in your mind.  I don't even know what's going on in MY mind.  MMM BAGEL BAGEL EGG MMM that's whats going on in my mind Right About Now.  Imagine a scenario where I don't need to plan out Meals weeks at a time.  I could just be like hmm want a bagel with egg today. DONE GOT IT.  I want some sort of HAMBURGER today.  GOT IT NO PROBLEM.  Want Oh I Don't Know VEGETARIAN PIZZA.  SURE THING WHY NOT.
Cool!  We MAY be getting some sort of Turkey for Thanksgivings.  May or May Not!  I've narrowed it down to those two things.  The point is If I Lived In An Abandoned Warehouse SURE I'd be doing better at playing guitar!  But we gotta make the most of the situations we're in.  Living in an abandoned warehouse is just a Pie In The Sky dream that'll NEVER HAPPEN so gotta settle for reality for now!  HMM may have Obama: The Book as soon as TUESDAY.  Probably, I'm gonna guess, Friday or Saturday at the latest!  Not a GREAT guess, I can definitely see it POTENTIALLY being longer.  Just a feeling!  That's all that guess is!  Anyway great just great.  I'll be back here tomorrow presumably.  See ya!

-12:48 P.M.




Saturday, November 14, 2020

What's Going On

   Yuk-em-up:  I know a lot of people are worried about Trump throwing a Coup and becoming the next president.  Don't Worry!  There's ZERO CHANCE he will become the next president.  He's the Current President.  He, by definition, CAN'T be the next president.  He would just remain the current president!  So, great, that's what's going on in my mind.  The only way Trump is the next president is if he wears a fake moustache and pretends to be Joe Biden.  Joe Biden doesn't have a moustache, let alone a fake one!  Yeah but its well within his character to start wearing a fake moustache on Inauguration Day.  Man Trump has got ALL The Bases Covered!  hmml  LAST PRESIDENT WITH MOUSTACHE AND/OR BEARD.  This is good stuff I'm gonna LTURQ.  WHAT THE HELL TAFT (1909-1913).  Been OVER A CENTURY.  Someone's gotta break this streak and it MOST LIKELY wont be Kamala Harris in 2024/2028.  All Eyes are on Joe Biden now!
     Is it like a Male Menopause thing but the way it affects you is Facial Hair.  I'm guessing no because if there was a male menopause my Dad would have gone through it and he still has facial hair.  Hmm this is good stuf.  Also Taft is a snooze, last GOOD president with facial hair was Teddy Roosevelt.  Who directly preceded Taft.  What kind of President goes by, "TEDDY."  The kind that has facial hair as president.  Yep that all seems to check out.  Alright, now I gotta know, current numbers of Men Who Mostly Have Facial Hair.  WHAT THE FUCK 1.33% men in America have facial hair (but 55% across the world).  1.33%?  THAT'S, WHA, THAT CAN'T BE!  HMM this other website says its more like 40% have it, 20% sometimes, 40% NEVER.  Can we get Nate Silver working on this one we need a model to average these different numbers and whatnot.
The point is I have scrappy facial hair because a) too lazy to shave every week or so) and b) I guess I just don't have it in me to have nice thick facial hair.  Such is life!  Let's be honest though, isn't On-Top-Of-Head Hair Facial Hair, too?  The top of your head is your face.  The top of your face!  Head hair covering up the very top of your face.  Seems to check out.  Anyway decent chance got some MEat Loaf for dinner tonight.  Solid chance I have some Cup o Noodles + Mini Sandwich for lunch.  Good stuff.  Anyway gettin' tired of #OzTheHBOShowAutumn.  Gettin' tired of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  What else can I do.  Watch THE SOPRANOS?  NO NO WAY.  I'm not READY to binge watch Sopranos again!  Maybe around New Years.  Wasn't that Sopranos movie supposed to come out Around Now.  November 2020.  Better LTURQ...  Moved to March 21.  The NEXT March 21.  We'ere talking presumably First Day of Spring!
Why is it a thing to delay a theaterical release until the end of March.  That's the WORST time to schedule it Vaccine is hopefully soon on its way and might as well play it safe.  And if you get Covid watching Sorpanos movie you know you're about to die several weeks later because Don't Stop Believing starts playing In Your Head while having dinner with your family.  Your real family.  Not your crime family.  Most of those people have already been killed by New York.  I dunno what's going on and crap.  I think that should have been the refrain of Tony Soprano.  YOU WANT ME TO CHOOSE BETWEEN MY REAL FAMILY AND MY CRIME FAMILY YOU'RE PUTTING ME IN A TOUGH POSITION!  He says that verbatim every episode Usually to His Wife.  Also its possible this movie was supposed to be an October Surprise. Getting released at the end of September.  It would leave people thinking hmm based on this movie now I wanna vote for Biden and/or Trump.  That's what The Sopranos is all about!
     Cool!  Getta take a break after this paragraph.  Gotta start taking Protonix again.  Probably would help me with my Constant Acid Reflux/HeartBurn/WhateverItIs.  But I'd have to CALL someone to refill and and they MIGHT not wanna give it to me unless I COME IN FOR A VISIT and I don't have it in me to do that!  I don't wanna get a CoronaCase!  WHAT THE HELL David Chappelle: The SHow is on HBOMAX IN COMPLETION PRESUMABLY.  I can watch that but I gotta Do It Right.  A century without facial hair.  That's a long time!  How'd they even manage that, you can't SHAVE in the 1920's.  Shaving hadn't been invented yet!  I guess they have to just elect presidents who have something wrong with their hormones or something that they can't grow facial hair.  Like Eunuchs maybe.  I wouldn't be surprised if eunuchs can't grow facial hair.  LMLTURQ.  YEP THEY DON'T.  So they got that working against them.  I'll be back in a bit!



I Forget

   Man oh man Biden would look good with some facial hair.  Just throwing that out there!  Ever been a 100% bald president?  Must have been some presidents GOING Bald or HALF BALD (no longer GOING bald but plateaued at HALF)?  And if so did they hide it or be upfront about it.  LMLTURQ.  Hmm Bunch of Hits so many that I lost interest in going through the results with you.  Anyway I can't watch The David Chappelle show today I wanna watch some HORRORS.  In the mean time though Hey Act II Of Entry.  Alright Here's One Presidents who ALWAYS wore glasses.  Real Egg Heads.  Probably TOo Many To Care About.  So we got that going for us is the point.  My favorite part of Cup O Noodles is the Noodles.  A close second is the slurping the water.  Third favorite part is THINKING about eating the styrofoam-esque container its in.  Kinda wins THIRD FAVORITE part by default.  Nothin else to enjoy after noodles and/or water!
     HEY next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr is a real MEDIOCRE episodes but I LIKE THE CHARACTERS for some reason.  Also they use a phrase Monkey Island which I always enjoy.  About two con artists and one is like I wanna pull off one last great con because when con people retire they go to a place called Monkey Island and nobody wants to be on Monkey Island so we gotta pull off one more con to avoid being stranded on Monkey Island.  SPOILER ALERT!  Eh it comes in the first 6 minutes of the episode I Ain't Spoilering Nothin'!  And the subtext to this paragarph is YES I'D LOVE TO BE ON MONKEY ISLAND.  Basically based on this paragraph all signs point to Donald Trump Being Stranded On Monkey Island.  He's HOPING he's got one last big ol' scam to avoid it!  I dunno we'll find out I guess!
     What else is going on and crap.  Got some beer going on with the entry.  I LIKE those odds.  When I'm watching #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor I notice that the Youtube View Hits haven't budged much over the last half year.  Woulda thought me talking all about it all the time would have inspired a resurgence of people watching them!  I guess my reach isn't as far as I had thought. But the piont is If You Read This jeez just watch some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor what are you stupid or something?  It's fun!  And you can watch it 2 dozen times and approach each episode from a new light.  And the episodes will approach YOU from a new light.  Win/win/win.  HMM two Alien Vs Predator movies.  I can SEE myself watching them.  I can SEE lots of things.  Mostly what's RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME in perpetuity.  I probably spend 98% of my life Seeing What's Right In Front Of Me as opposed to something else.  Even 2% sounds high.  Looking off  to the right or to the left.  I dunno, 2% for that sounds ABOUT right IMO.
     Cool!  What else is going on.  Lovecraft Country?  I can do that but again I'm not 100% INTO IT this very moment.  I I watched Childrens' Play Episode I AND II over the last week.  III is in the cards if I want it!  I don't want it for now!  Actually maybe I do want it!  In fact that sounds perfect I want it IMMEDIATELY.  Anyway.  Making eggs or making Cup O Noodles really isn't that laberous.  Or take too much time.  Makin pasta that's gonna run you as much as a half hour.  Noodles?  Maybe 10 minutes, and Eggs even less.  Instead of Two Alien Vs Predator movies can't there be just one movie with Aliens and one movie with predators?  Why do they have to fight?  There's a way we can get the same amount of narrative for Aliens and Predators WITHOUT all the violence and conflict of putting them up against each other!  Also I MAY be wrong but Predators are also Aliens and Aliens are also Predators.  I hope someone lost their jobs over that one!
     Wonderful.  Cool!  Fascinating.  If Child's Play was a real thing, and Chucky gets into the body of Andy, does Andy get into the body of Chucky?  Or does he just die/disappear completely?  Gotta imagine most likely he gets in the body of Chucky: The Good Guy Doll.  Which isn't so bad?  You can find some positives in this situation if you think about it.  I assume so.  I haven't thought about it yet myself but I imagine if I did I'd come up with somethin'.  Also at some point in the franchise I think Chucky gives up on trying to become a human and just gets acclimated to the idea he's a Good Guy Doll who still wants to keep his old personality of killing people alive.  I guess.  Anyway hey I get to take another break!  START UP SOME Child's Play Three!



That's The End of That Chapter

   Sup. Got some lunch.  Soup. Kinda.  When I was just a boy I considered Cup O Noodles to be soup.  It's water, isn't it?  Hot water!  With noodles in it!  Nope not a soup.  Just some noodles-- Heavily Watered Noodles.  I partially remember getting Cup O Noodles NYU Sophomore 2nd Half Of Year.  Before I EVER ate any soup at all!  I was just eating what was expected of me.  I dunno, I get that in MANY Colleges ya gotta have cup o noodles.  Because they don't have an abundance of eateries within walking distance!  Maybe two or three Cafeterias AT BEST.  I had the entirity of NYC within walking distance.  With FOUR OR FIVE Cafeterias At Best.  NYU Cafeterias.  Gotta imagine other colleges had their own cafeterias.  I don't fuck with other colleges' cafeterias!  I like sipping Hot Water before its cool enough to get to the noodles.  You think you're so hot, don't you.  Well I'm just gonna sip some small sips of hot water here and there and soon enough I can eat the noodles!
Anyway got some Mini Pastrami sandwich to go with noodles.  No more deli meat left over for me!  Did a real Responsible having this meal for lunch!  Obviously cup o noodles lasts for decades but it gave me something to pair Deli Meat With!  PLUS the Pastrami is still fresh enough it tastes Okay!  Totally not gettin any salmonella from Pastrami.   Anyway in Child's Play I--II the kid playing the kid is actually VERY GOOD ACTOR.  Never really appreciated it the first 60 times I watched these movies. Now I can see HE'S FIRING ON ALL CALENDARS.  The point is NYU Sophomore Year Second Half I had no friends, even MORE no friends than Other Semesters, but I made up for it in DRINKING AND EATING AND SMOKING.  That's not the point I was trying to make.  Way off from the point I was trying to make!  Not even near the same subject!
Three paragraphs to go!  The point is Meatloaf from Fresh'd Direct has always been delicious but for the last 6 weeks I've been pairing it with Dinner Roll which is DELICIOUS.  Roughly 1 piece WITHOUT ROLL, and 1 pieces COMPRISING SANDWICH, its amazing!  Oh HEY I just remembered I have to make progress with #OzTheHBOShowAutumn.  If I don't finish it I'LL NEVER FINISH ANYTHING.  How likely is it I can get a 90% worthwhile vaccine in April.  I saw them use April for some of these estimations.  So what are the odds.  And what are the odds it'd be BEFORE April and/or AFTER April.  And the odds it turns out to be nothing.  I NEED TO KNOW THE PROBABILITIES TO ADJUST MY CONCEPTUALIZING OF MY SHORT-MIDTERM LIFE!  Wonderful.  After 2 more paragraphs, I don't have to write ANYTHING for my Short-Short-Short-Mid-Short-Term Life.  I crunched the numbers, don't believe me?  Do the math yourself!  That's the terms I'm working with.
Cool!  I feel like I saw somewhere they were gonna make an Animated Childrens' Play but I may not have.  Solid, I dunno, 40% chance I saw that, and then a 90% chance IF I DID SEE THAT that it never did/never will actually pan out.  Remember PAN'S LABYRINTH?  God Knows I DON'T.  I remember some sort of Board Game The AMAZING Labyrinth. Somethin' along those lines.  Is it possible One Person can live inside a movie theater like the phantom of the opera and he gets to see All The Movies?  Seems like one way to go.  I mean, you'd have to charge him a lot.  To justify the operating costs of screening 4 movies a week just for him.  But there'll be people who'll sign up for that NO MATTER THE COST.  Well Somewhat Matter The Cost.  Billions of dollars, I don't think anyone is signing up for that.  The point is I only have to write one more paragraph.
     What's the main thing that happens in #TheSopranosFallToTheSopranos.  Something about his friend Pussy and he may or may not have some sort of conflict with his friend Pussy NO SPOILERS!  It does ask the question, though, how has Coronavirus and/or Pandemic affected the Mafia.  Can't be GOOD for business, can it?  I dunno maybe... gotta think about that one.  Between America and Italy, they're getting it on both ends!  Hey I finished Lunch.  VERY rare I make it Almost to the end of a section that started concurrently with lunch.  I guess the noodles pushed it over the top.  Gotta eat slowly the first five minutes, gotta be careful around the Hotness.  Anyway hey here we are.  No more entry!  I'll see you guys tomorrow presumably.

-1:55 P.M.




Friday, November 13, 2020

Read All About It

   Sources tellin' me its Friday The XIII.  Calendar. That's my main source re: Everything.  Also is the original Friday The 13th, in retrospect, called FRIDAY THE XIII I. And then would be Friday The XIII II.  Alternatively shouldn't the sequel be Friday the 14th.  Or maybe Saturday the 14th.  And/or Friday The XIV?  And so on from there?  Anyway I was thinking about Virtue Signaling and how I need to do it more often.  BUt I think the tone Biden is taking, a lot of stuff about trying to welcome Trump people back into the fold-- are they just gonna be like TRYING TO BE RIENDLY AND WELCOMING TO US LOL LIBS VIRTUE SIGNALLING.  OH YEAH YOU'RE SUCH GREAT PEOPLE TRYING TO REPRESENT US AND MAKING A GOVERNMENT GOOD FOR EVERYBODY, EVEN US.  YEAH WE'RE REALLLL IMPRESSED!  Seems like one way things might shake out.
     Anyway I haven't been outside in Oh I Don't Know OVER A DAY (24 Hours).  Got some delicious Stuffing & Salmon in Oven.  Made some Raw Chicken for dinner last night and may or may not have Salmonella.  No i just told you Salmon is TODAY's Lunch.  Yeah, but... uh... oh what wonderful webs we weave.  Salmonella is Female Spanish Salmon, right?  Ella means HER or LADY or something along those lines.  LMLTURQ.  Wait I Think it's SHE.  I got there even without LIURQ... better LIURQ to make sure...  YEP it's SHE.  Ella is one of the top 2 dozen hits that Mariachi Green Day cover band does.  Solidly one of their top 2 dozen hits, right?  The song, "SHE?"  You can get back to me at crazysheet@ ... wait a second THAT'S NOT HOW MY E-MAIL STARTS!  I dunno what else is going on.
     Cool!  On the one hand this chicken isn't cooked enough but ON THE OTHER HAND I could put it in the oven for another 20 minutes and it STILL may not be cooked enough might as well just get this over with.  Is there a way I can support Democratic Senate Candidates in Georgia without Turning Off Voters.  Hey all this money from Out Of State SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM.  Can I create an alternate Identity who is From Georgia?  Probably but how far am I gonna have to go with this alternate identity.  Do I just SAY I'm from Goergia?  Or do I need to get a Georgia Residency.  A new social security number.  A thing like in that #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor Arnold Schwarzenegger directed episode where, one part at a time, I trade my entire body with someone else, and I'm doing that with someone From Georgia?  That seems to check out LET'S DO THAT.
If I trade LITERALLY 100% of my body Except for Brain presumably with an eligible voter, gotta imagine I can vote legally As Them (Me), right?  Seems to check out.  So I'm done with #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  Got #OzTheHBOSHowAutumn and continuing #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor-- might need a THIRD THING to alternate things with.  Maybe Just Movies.  I like movies!  One of my favorite movies is a movie.  Hmm just had a tine stroke.  What else is going on and crap.  SEASON FOUR of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor, huh?  I Can, "DIG," that.  Like that #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episodes where someone DIGS their own grave!  Hmm I can think of AT LEAST 2 off the top of my head where someone digs their own grave.  And at least 2 or so where someone digs Someone Else's Grave.  Then... WAIT just thought of a 3rd episode where someone digs their own graves!  I'm not joking with this riff These Are The Real Numbers and there's probably more!  Also if you're expanding Dig Their Own Grave as a euphemism then Yes It's Like HALF the episodes, but I ain't even doing that!  That's Not What A Euphemism Is.  Yeah BUT CLOSE ENOUGH.
     What else.  Is there a facet of Presidential Transition where it's not just getting Biden prepared to be president but also getting Trump prepared to be a private citizen?  Maybe he's just jealous that Biden gets to transition to something new.  Trump wants a Civilian Transition to make him feel important.  Yep Mr Trump you are no longer president but now you get to be a Private Citizen again!  Let's Prepare!  Also, "Private," doesn't have to mean what you think it means!  C'mon You'd Like It!  I like the idea of Trump giving an interview January 21st and he's like this is wonderful I don't need to be responsible for anything anymore!  And we're all like UH OH IF THAT WAS HIM BEING Responsible... and so on and so forth.  Hey I get to take a break now.  Be back in a bit!



Sounds About Right

   Euphemism, huh?  I know that's the wrong word.  What do you want ME to do about it?  What kind of citizen is the kind of citizen In Jail.  He's not a private citizen.  Certainly not a Public Citizen.  Locked Up Citizen?  That seems about right.  Trump can never go to prison!  Everyone knows the law doesn't apply to people like Trump!  The point is if Trump was in prison what gang would he be in?  Well it's obviously the Aryans.  And when he first gets there he'd be like, all confidently and friendly,  Whassup White Brother Hood bringing tidings from outsi... and then they bitch slap him and make him their bitch.  That's what SHOULD happen and that's what WILL happen except It Will Definitely Not Happen but one can dream.  Anyway I already had more than Half The Stuffing in the last 26 hours.  And I don't even like it that much!  It's okay I guess!
     Do they have Thanksgiving in prison?  Gotta imagine its a top-down Thanksgiving.  You're gonna celebrate Thanksgiving or IT'S INTO THE HOLE WITH YOU.  The point is I found some presumably car keys on what may turn out to be my last walk of the year.  I didn't steal them because I don't have a license anyway.  Also no way of knowing what car they belong to!  Also wouldn't even BE stealing its called Finders v Keepers get on board!  Hmm I bet next time I make chicken I actually cook it thru and thru.  Maybe even tonight!  It's only HALF a chicken which means it can last But Two Meals as Main Course!  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Corn Bread and Sausage Stuffing?  Sausage just looks like Raisins 2.5x as big.  Doesn't TASTE like sausage.  KIND tastes like raisins if I HAD to pin point the taste to something.  It's sausage, though, theres no debating that.
Anyway, great.  If I was in OZ and I had to join a group probably go with The Muslims.  They seem the least likely to rape me.  Also that's the interesting thing about joining a group.  You'd think you'd join a group that would protect you from other people raping you.  Nope!  For the most part choosing a group is just choosing your rapists.  Muslims don't rape, that's why they're Muslims.  It might take some CONVINCING on account of them mostly being black and/or Arabic Presumably.  But I think I could, "Fake it till I make it," and in the end they get another Muslim in the flock and I get to not be raped so in the end it's pretty much win/win/win.  Hmm the Bikers WOULD be a good group but they're allied with the brotherhood.  PLUS they'll probably Rape Ya.  But I DO like Roller Skates so maybe they'll accept me as one of their own and not make me start off as a, "Prag."  Hey that's great just great.
Anyway.  If I had to be someone in The Wire I'd be Oh I Don't Know NAYMOND.  He's got his whole life ahead of him!  And he's being nurtured as much as possible from Major Colvin.  He's a smart kid, he may surprise us all given half a chance.  Sounds like ME.  Except for the kid part.  I'm What I Imagined Middle Aged Was when I was young.  I mean, almost.  35 is middle aged.  Literally!  So I got a few more years of All My Life Ahead Of Me.  Better start signing up for Teenage Speech & Debate Competitions.  I'd knock those out of the park lets be honest.  I dunno.  Hey this Act of The Entry is gettin' there!  We may be getting Thanksgiving Food for Thanksgiving.  We're talkin A TURKEY.  POSSIBLY this stuffing.  Some sort of SWEET POTATOE (Candid?)  (Did I write, "Candid," on purpose?).  Some sort of THIRD (Fourth?) thing?
     Hey I get to take a break in a little bit.  It's important to celebrate Thanksgiving as much as possible because it makes us remember hey remember LAST thanksgiving, was around roughly a year or so ago.  Gotta keep being reminded abuot that and whatnot.  The point is Chicken has now been cooked for 1.33 hours already.  I put the whole sucker in only to eat half.  But that means the 2nd half is cooked A BIT if not AS MUCH as should be.  Gotta put that in OVEN just to heat it up.  I forget where I am.  What's going on, what's everyone talking about.  Dunno whattado after Act II.  Probably #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor but #OzTheHBOShowAutumn has some points in its favor as well.  Hmm can play some SKATE PUNK when the entry is over.  Definitely Later On in the day either way.  We're talkin playin' an E.  Playin an F#.  Maybe some C# after that.  Good fun day ahead of me is the point!  I'll be back in a bit.




I Got That Going For Me

   The point is I like Stuffing so much in THEORY that I'm eating mediocre stuffing over and over again in PRACTICE.  Funny how things work out like that.  I didn't find it that amusing.  And I'm My Own Toughest Critic!  Also, MORE accurately, my owns most lenient critic!  I have No Other Critics, of course, so I by default Am Bboth.  But I imagine if I had more critics, and they were HONEST critics, they'd be Tougher Than I Am On Myself Critics.  Maybe they're sycophants, though!  Not tough critics at all!  Goal is to get All Sorts of Critics to tell you how good or not good you are at Websites.  Or have ZERO critics, that's probably even better!  Hey Things Are Finally Comin' Up My Way!
     Wonderful.  Finished lunch.  Had a nice Breadstick as Desert.  Had a nice Two Oreos as Ultra-Desert.  That settles that.  The point is I had half my weekly dose of salmon and its all smooth sailing from here on out!  What kind of ALTERNATIVE dinners could I have other than Salmonella & Sides.  Why it's only CHILI & Rice.  Maybe a BAGEL & Egg.  Some sort of Oh I Don't Know MACARONI HAVEN'T HAD THAT IN A WHILE.  I like the sound of that!  Sounds like boiling water.  Can't think of any other sound associated with macaroni.  Macarena.  That was a dumb dance people did for a few months.  Sports Arenas, Weddings and whatnot.  Real Dumb Dance.  Had NOTHING going for it.  Wasn't intimate-- 1 person dance.  Wasn't a good song--- annoying as crap.  Wasn't interesting dance moves-- just Dumb.  DUMB DUMB DUMB.
     Three more paragraphs to go.  One of my favorite songs ever was they did a cover of Who Let The Dogs Out called Who Let The Mets Out and it was the most amazing thing i ever heard.  Then I tried finding it on Youtube years later and they DID have a Who Let The Mets Out but IT WASN'T THE SAME.  It was a different MUCH WORSE version.  So I guess that's gone forever.  I have half 4 or 6 MIXTAPE CDs somewhere from that time period and it's POSISBLE its on one of those CDs but I've gone through them in the relative recent past and I don't RECALL it being on one of those.  I dunno why there's two different versions.  The lyrics are 100% different.  It's not like Some Remix or they changed the lyrics 15% to make it better.  Just TOTALLY DIFFERENT SONGS.  Presumably made by Radio Stations.  That kinda thing.
     Penultimate Paragraph!  Here's something I definitely said ~18 months ago-- there comes a time in every male's life where he grows from being a Baha Boy into being a Baha MAN.  Fascinating, that sort of thing.  Apparently they called Arizona for Biden.  I ALREADY DID THAT IN MY HEAD.  I also have Georgia called for Biden.  I figure I'm as important a framework as CNN or ABC or ANY OF EM.  I got Biden 306 EV to However Many Is Left Over!  CERTIFIED WINNER!  WE DID IT!  If I wanted to troll ABC: The Channel I'd make a cable channel DEF.  Sounds AMAZING also it's a BET thing where it's catered to, "Metro Youths," or whatever.  DEF.  Also ALL SUBTITLES ALL THE TIME.  DEF.  FOR REAL!  Shouldn't there be a thing where its for blind people and every time there's something written out in the scene on TV, someone has to say it out loud.  Say you're in a police station nd the sign by the door says SHERIFF'S OFFICE.  Wouldn't a blind person need someone to quickly voice over THE SIGN BY THE DOOR SAYS "SHERIFF's OFFICE!"
Hey only more paragraph to go!  HMM NY has gone from 79% districts reporting last week to 80% districts reporting!  I bet MY VOTE hasn't been counted yet!  That'd be my guess.  The point is both my parents are awake.  I don't have to listen for the doorbell for any reason.  I should play some Shake Punk!  I don't get how they invented the electric guitar.  That's it.  That's the tweet.  Man oh man do I have a disdain for any That's It, That's The Tweet.  Wanna blow my brains out!  That'd kind of be an extreme reaction.  Says you!  Its an appropriate reaction.  Not actually DOING IT, that'd be extreme.  But making me WANT to do it, that's on par with what's to be expected and whatnot.  Alright that's great another entry in the books!  I'll meet you here roughly the same time tomorrow!  Give or take!  See ya.

-2:19 P.M.




Thursday, November 12, 2020

I Don't Have Time For This

   Catchin' up on some #OzTheHBOShowAutumn!  Already up to Episode V?  Time Flies When You're Getting Drunk.  Oz is good because it prepares us for the inevitable day in all of our lives where We Will Be In Prison.  Anyway got a SUper Market Delivery today and I'm havin a nice MINI HOT DOG and STUFFING lunch!  All in All, not so bad!  I truly do think Trump is angling for his own TV channel.  Trump TV.  Because it will accumulate 9 Digit numbers of money and as soon as it's got a billion dollars Trump Will Then Sue Himself for using the word Trump so he could just get that money and pay off a portion of what he owes.  The point is Last Time I got Mini Hot Dogs I got impatient and ate 'em before they were cooked Thru and Thru.  This time I waited and IT WAS WORTH THAT THERE WAIT!  Delicious!
    I don't know how or why but now I'm operating under the assumption every thing Trump does is to make himself money.  SUre YOU have been operating under that assumption since the 1980's BUT I JUST GOT THERE GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT!  Nice Part I of III of What's Ideally a Communal Roast Chicken but I have to eat it all by my lonesome!  I think the problem I always had with It all comes down to his personal wealth with Trump is that ALSO he's a narccist even withing the contexts of money.  He's Definitely not smart enough to act in his own best interests, including re: money.  He also seems to like POWER just as much as money.  Not the same thing!  Sometimes related!  Anyway.
What else is going on and crap.  THe stuffing is GOOD ENOUGH.  Kind was imagining it would be better but OH WELL I got #OzTheHBOShowAutumn ALL AHEAD OF ME IT'S DELICIOUS!  Anyway CoronaCases all over and even specifically in Queens, New York, New York, AMERICA, and I'm gonna stop taking walks again!  At first I was like NO I got used to walks.  But then I was like C'mon Michael they say COronaVaccine will be coming in 4-12 months presumably.  Just Stop Walking Why Not.  TheN was like WHO THE HELL ARE YOU I KNOW WHO I AM WHOSE THIS CHARACTER IN MY HEAD TALKING BACK TO ME?  Still though, he/it makes a good point!  So I'll go back to CircleWalking.  Play It Safe!  Why not!  Hey GREAT NEWS we're talking RON MCKLAIN IS GONNA BE CHIEFTAN OF STAFFS!  I was all like hmm what TWITTER gotta say about this and TWITTER LOVED IT!  Alright FINALLY WE'RE MAKING SOME PROGRESS AS AMERICA.  JOHN MCCLANE IS CHIEF OF STAFF!  At first I was gonna say hmm he should be secretary of defense, because of all the violence, but then I was like hmm he'd be even better at Secretary of OFFENSE then I was like well there are federal agencies that are cop-type agencies For Real!  Put him in charge of FBI.  Some sort of ANTI-CRIME CZAR.  I don't have all the answers re: John McClain playing a major role in the Biden Administration!
     Kinda seems like we should have a Secretary of Offense.  That's what I've gathered from American Foreign Policy.  An OFFENSE CZAR one might say is needed.  Anyway when they started naming CZARS in American Politics... they are aware that things didn't work out so well for the Original CZARS in history, right?  The point is I've been having what I can only describe as heart burn ALL THE TIME for weeks.  I had already been having it More Times Than I'd Like for years.  But now its every day!  If only I could take PEPSID till my hearts content.  I'd do it!  But I don't wanna be a JUNKIE I'm gonna take it AT MOST once a day.  Gotta plan strategically!  Can I go an Afternoon in pain so I could go an Evening without pain?  It's called BEING READY FOR ANYTHING get off my back about it.
     Cool!  Get to take a break after this paragraph.  We're talkin' most likely some #OzTheHBOShowAutumn!  ALso, only ONE EPISODE LEFT of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  Wonderful!  I never really registered this the other 8 or 10 times I bingewatched OZ, but the editing and directing and set design, presumably intentionally, made me feel very claustrophobic!  These rooms are small PRISONER MIGUEL ALVAREZ NEEDS SOME ROOM TO BREATHE.  Doctor Nathan, she's working there on her own accord, and her ward is NOT SPACIOUS AT ALL.  Anyway on the one hand no more walks outside but on the other hand MORE WALKING INSIDE!  Life is full of compromises and whatnot.  Sometimes you gotta settle with a shit situation if it saves yours and/or other people's lives.  I know yours and/ot other peoples' lives don't SEEM important but when you really do some deep thinking on it you're like hmm maybe human lives are SORT OF valuable in the abstract?  I don't have all the details but that's the direction I'm leaning in.  I'll be back with Act II in a little bit.




I Don't Have Time At All

   Hello friends.  Back with Part II of Entry: The Middle.  Also I know Malcolm was in the middle but he didn't occupy the middle all by himself.  He had a younger brother and an older brother that lived with him.  Per my understanding, though, he had a much older brother who didn't live wit them.  So basically YES Malcolm IS in the middle but so is his Slightly Older Brother and NO ONE SEEMS TO TALK ABOUT THIS???  Malcolm was YOUNG SHELDON BEFORE YOUNG SHELDON.  Really makes ya think.  What kind of name is, "Sheldon."  "Malcolm," that's a fine, solid yet interesting name.  "Sheldon?"  GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT.  I'd name my kid Malcolm, everything else being equal.  I dunno what else is going on.  I tI think they should rebrand The Big Bang Theory as OLD SHELDON.  Seems kinda DUMB they wouldn't do that?
     Cool!  Probably gonna start Beer in Oh I Don't Know ONE TO THREE PARAGRAPHS?  Anyway I was watching #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor on Youtube, and if you leave it playing to the end, the next thing that starts up is one of half a dozen Free Horror movies, and every now and then another #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFOr itself.  Yesterday?  Went straight to BACK TO SCHOOL.  The Rodney Dangerfield 1980's comedy.  Not sure what connection they're trying to make there, but it's a story I will remember for the rest of my life!  Also the episode had nothing to do with SCHOOL.  Maybe being BACK To SOMETHIN', I don't remember what it was.  I remember no School Though.  Anyway, here's where I'm up to in #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor-- penultimate episode I watched, on the Wikipedia Page List OF Episodes, the short summary for the episode starts off, "AA down-on-his-luck reporter..." And the NEXT episode I'm watching starts off with, "When a down-on-his-luck alcoholic reporter..."  THAT'S RIGHT THE EXACT SAME FUCKIN THING.  Not even OH THIS ONE IS IN SEASON 2 THIS OTHER ONE SEASON SIX.  We're talking ONLY ONE EPISODE BETWIXT THEM.  C'mon they're different.  The 2nd down on his luck reporter is ALSO an alcoholic.  Yep that seems to check out.
     Wonderful.  Just took a PEPSID!  It's called I'm moderately slightly in pain GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Probably go back to a ONe Hour CircleWalk in the morning as opposed to 2 thirty minute walks over the day.  Probably lots of things!  Anyway I was thinking about it and there's gotta be a thing where it's like a wireless remote for your computer.  Like a TV remote!  But you aim it at your computer and you tell computer to STOP or PLAY or VOLUME-- ALLL from the pleasure from your bread and/or chair.  Sure that's a thing I'd wager my wages on it.  If not SHARK TANK HERE I COME.  Also how is Shark Tank presented as a positive thing.  Isn't the implication that these guys are SHARKS they're gonna take YOUR idea and make money off of it!  And then people are like WELL AT LESAT I KNOW IT WAS A GOOD IDEA THAT THEY STOLED IT FROM ME.  ALSO I GET TO BE ON THE TV!
That sort of thing.  Also lets be honest WHAT KINDA TANK OUT THERE THAT CAN HOLD A SHARK.  I don't think it's safe to have sharks ANYWHERE, but this ain't no tank you're describing this is an all out AQUARIUM.  But sharks are shifty and clever they'll take a bite out of your bottom the minute they get a chance!  Hey I get to NOT GO OUTSIDE ANYMORE!  Except for removing garbage and/or recyclingables.  And then returning back.  Without said garbage and/or recylingables.  Also ONCE A MONTH Bloodwork!/Get Mom Cigarettes!  Or Get my mom blood work and I keep the cigarettes!  We all know Lions are the kings of the jungle but is there a widespread assumption that sharks are the kings of the sea?  And lets be honest humans are king of MOST Of What's Left Over after Jungles and Seas.  I'm being generous letting them two animals be kings of their own domain.  LET EM HAVE THAT ONE.  We got plenty enough for us!
     Cool!  Is it a thing where a kid goes to a zoo and is like to his parents what did this monkey do to deserve going to jail.  Sounds like a real FUNNY and CLEVER and BRILLIANT thing a 5 year old could say.  In fact I wanna have kids now!  Then take em to  Bronx Zoo when they're five.  Then try to get 'em to say it somehow!  Riff where we're all stuck in our own Zoo for Pandemic AND we communicate on ZOOM!  You figure that one out, I've got better things to do!  What else is going on and crap.  WHAT THE HELL DO ZOOS DO DURING QUARANTINE.  I think it don't spread to animals.  But it does spread to humans!  Now that I think about it, If ANYTHING, a Zoo is THE SAFEST PLACE YOU CAN BE DURING PANDEMIC!!!  Not HUMAN Jails, though.  Those people are DYING BY THE THOUSANDS.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Nobody Has Time

   Had a bit of iced cream!  Good for the acid reflux or heart burn or whatever I got going on!  It's cool and creamy and goes down the gullet and any pain it encounters It absorbs like The Blob and makes it cool and creamy iced cream too!  Anyway what kind of dinner I got going on in a few hours.  Why It's Only some GARLIC & HERB'D ROAST CHICKEN with Oh I Don't Know FINISHING THE LAST OF POTATHO SPHERICAL HALVES.  ROALD KLINE NOW WE'RE TALKING.  I've been waiting ALL YEAR to find that one out!  Hey Roald would you be a Doll and write childrens' books.  Spell Doll as DAHL.  Go for it nobody is gonna stop you!  We're entering a new stage of America Politics where we can AND SHOULD pick whatever spellings we want WHENEVER we want!  Anyway hey watched some #OzAutmnOrSomething.  That's the Hashtag we're going with I think, right?  #OzAutmnOrSomething sounds about right.  I HAD been doing #OzTheHBOShowAutumn.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
I wouldn't wanna be high while in Oz.  You gotta have eyes in the back of your head there's any number of prisoners that are just waiting for a chance to Knock Your Block Off.  Gotta be aware!  Gotta be vigilant!  Gotta protect your block from being knocked off!  One fantasy re: Prison is whether its this, a different show, or a documentary, I always see them smoking cigarettes and am like well lets be real, if I was in jail for the rest of my life (HELL, if I was in jail for EIGHTEEN MONTHS) I'd start smoking again AND QUICK.  Also being high on nicotine if anything will make you MORE alert.  Protect your block even better!  Here's the real question though is what does a President Biden do RE: Space Force.  Yes the actual Space Force but more importantly the Netflix Series.  Gotta imagine Biden is sworn in and he's like wait so what's the deal with this space force thing?  did this ever become a real thing? and presumably they brief him on whether its a real thing or not, and to what extent.  Gotta imagine he's gonna be like wow its a real thing?  we sunk billions into it ALREADY?  AND IT'S ALL BASED ON TrumpShit?  STILL, I MEAN, I HAVE GOTTA SCRAP IT COMPLETELY.  This project is going NOWHERE!
That was him talking about Real Space Force not Netflix Space Force.  Space and Force are both relevant in Physics.  Space is all like well you know what space is.  Force is all like well you know what force is re: physics.  The point is Great What Else Is Going On.  Space The Force Be With You.  It's a SLANT RHYME get on board!  What other kind of Dumb Space-themed names are there in Star Wars.  Luke Skywalker.  I get it!  Walking in the sky, that's kind of space themed!  What about Preston Rocketship.  Luigi Asteroidbelt.  Madeline The Satellite.  Where am I.  What's going on again.  OH, right, third paragraph of Act III.  Anyway still on Beer #1.  It's called, I dunno, it's called somethin.  I lost enthusiasm for completing this paragraph adequately.
     Wonderful!  What else is going on.  Got some #OzTheHBOShowAutumn to stick with after this entry.   The current 1st Favorite Preset I have with Guitar Amplification System is called Skate Punk.  Because THAT'S JUST THE KIND OF GUY I AM.  I can't get ENOUGH of Roller Blading with the Punk Subculture.  We're talkin I've been working on a song with the chord progression E F# C# ON MY TUNED GUITAR.  It might be tuned A HALF STEP DOWN which case subtract half a Tune from those chords.  Wait Roller Blading isn't Skating.  Then it'd be called Blade Punk.  It's ROLLER SKATING I was trying to think of.  Those punks!  Can't get enough of roller skating!  Anyway hey I only have to write another paragraph after this one I LIKE THOSE ODDS and whatnot and so on and so forth.  The point is I've NOT put my guitar back in the case every time I'm done mucking around for 10 minutes.  Leave it out!  Give it some room to breathe!  Leaning against my amp!
    Plus side is EASY ACCESS.  Minus side is IT WILL ACCUMULATE DIRT AND/OR DUST AND/OR MILDEW AND/OR YOU GET THE PICTURE.  Other plus side is LOOKS SEXY.  Sorry a teenager's bedroom is just MORE SEXY with a sexy Black & White Stratocaster UP FRONT AND CENTER.  And I am a teenager in this scenario.  YEP seems to check out!  I assume all Executive Orders Joe Biden gives will be done via Free Style Rap.  I don't have a Joke or a Riff or a Cleverness about that.  YEP seems to check out.  Hey I get to BATHE myself soon.  I saw an article on WEBMD I WANNA SAY where they're like actually for real you're gonna be pissed but all you need is three or so bathings a week.  WHAT A WASTE OF CLEANSED WATER.  I use ALMOST TWO TIMES as much water as I shuold be is what you're saying?!?! BECAUSE I ALREADY WAS BATHING LESS THAN 6 DAYS A WEEK?  I dunno where I was going with that exactly.  What else... oh, right.  Entry is done!  Be back tomorrow!

-2:54 P.M.




Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Website Make Me Happy

   Hello friends.  AND whatnot.  Got some nice blood work done today.  Checked my temperature upon entering building -- I'm running a SOLID 98 Degrees.  Sounds like a 3rd rate boy band from late 90's behind the A Team of BackStreet Boys and Nsync.  No B team.  98 Degrees is C team.  Per MY understanding.  The point is they were either referencing a healthy body temperature OR an angle slightly LESS acute than a right angle.  What's the opposite of, "Acute?"  BETTER LTURQ.  OBTUSE HOW ABOUT THAT.  That's what Andy Defrane called Warden Whatever His Name Is.  And boy oh boy WARDEN DIDN'T LIKE THAT ONE BIT.  Also something where a guy or girl calls another guy or girl A CUTE.  Sounds like a positive thing!  Anyway where am I. Oh, right.  Bloodwork done!  Beer gotten!  Beer soon to be starten!  Drinkenin By Me!
     I dunno what kind of delicious lunch I'll be having.   Aiming for Bagel & Egg for either lunch or dinner LEANING TOWARDS DINNER.  There's also Frozen Pizza with Oh I Don't Know a side of A FEW POTATO HALF SPHERES.  There's a PASTRAMI sandwich, either Mini Sandwich OR regular sized sandwich MIXED WITH TURKEY if My Dad is, "OKAY," With that!  Also with potato half spheres.  THen there's frozen meal.  Also with half spheres of potato (multiple potatoes?)  These can't all be from the same potato.  The serving size from the beginning is Two, Three Potatoes AT LEAST.  Hey dictionary why do we add an, "E," to potatoes when it's plural.  BECAUSE ITS FUN.  Also what kind of low rent antiquated shit is kids playing with a Potato Head.  Gotta imagine it goes back centuries, right?  When kids Had No Toys (Both because toys didn't exist and parents don't wanna spoil their kids with such frivolity) the one toy they had was their parents being like HERE'S A POTATO!  GO NUTS!  I think we've come a long way since then though, in other respects, so I dunno why we're still giving kids FAKE potatoes to play with.
     Cool!  Maybe frozen meal with potatoe.  As of this very moment that's what I'm leaning towards.  Remember when MSNBC was like LEAN FORWARD.  That was tehir TV Campaign Promise in 2016.  Look i ain't here to shit on TV Campaign Promises.  But Leaning Forward TOO MUCH, you're just gonnna tip over!  Fall down completely!  We don't need to be advocating people lean forward any more than they might have done other wise!  Also I get its a TV THING.  It's like hey we know you're sittin on a couch or a chair HERE GET A LITTLE CLOSER YOU'RE GONNA WANNA SEE THIS PANEL DISCUSSION UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!  Wasn't it a thing when HD TVs started becoming popular they were like oh yeah the concurrent thing is 3D TVS!  It's gonna be the betamax vs. VHS of our time.  HD TV vs. 3D TV!  VERY possible nothing like that EVER happened.  I would have been high at the time I'm imagining it happen.  So maybe that's it.  Why can't you have an HD AND 3D TV?  I dunno the technology is just not there yet! 
     Also since I'm being honest about my misconceptions am I misremembering the Lean Forward campaign promise of MSNBC?  LMLTURQ.  YEP THAT WAS REAL!  NOw lemme look up 3d TV vs HD TV!  I dunno it looks like it MAY be at thing NOW but I thought it was a thing over a decade ago.  Such is life.  Also if you're leaning forward into a 3D TV WATCH OUT THINGS ARE GOING TO BOMBARD YOU.  Also, credit where credit is due-- in Back To The Future II where the future has 3d ads for films, and its Jaws and a shark is comin' out of 2d to Try To Bite You, they're right!  If 3D ads (and presumably movies) WERE a new thing and trying to make the most of its potential JAWS would be a DEFINITELY way to go IN REAL LIFE.  They've really thought this one through is the point I'm trying to make.  The reason I have Potato Sphere Halves as a side for Anything (other than Bagel & Egg) is because I have a surplus of Half Spheres of Potato right now.  Simple as that!
     Wow I get to take a break aftre this paragraph I don't believe it!  Anyway had to add a THIRD Side for FreshDirect and I was like hmm got some Brown rice which I haven't had in a while.. ya know what double down on some rice get SPANISH rice which I haven't had in a while.  Also some STUFFING which I assume is a Thanksgiving Special Thing.  Sausage and Cornbread Stuffing I think?  That SOUNDS DELICIOUS.  That could be a side or a main course or a side TO a main course.  Yeah that's what a, "Side," is.  YOU WIN THIS ROUND.  Saw SEVERAL Halal carts already set up when I went to get blood work done (not in hospital on STREETS) and part of me was like WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG FOR YOU THERE'S A PANDEMIC GOING ON ALSO GIVE ME SEVEN CHICKEN AND LAMB OVER RICE WITH HOT SAUCE... AND JUST A BIT OF WHITE CAUSE... ALSO WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE NOT OPEN YET AT 9:45 AM YOU'RE THERE AREN'T YOU?  DON'T BE A HALAL TEASE!  I think once Jews and Muslims put all their differences aside they can be like, 'oh you guys like Kosher, too?'  (Or, 'you guys like Halal, too?')  Because they're right IT'S HEALTHY, AND DELICIOUS, AND TOTALLY GOD-APPROVED!  I dunno a lot of delicious food not included.  Can they even eat Sausage and cornbread stuffing?  Not MOST of the time sausage is probably pork most of the time.  NOT GOD APPROVED!  I'll be back in a little bit.  FOUR OUT OF FIVE GODS AGREE, PORK IS NO BUENO TO EAT.  Alright.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Just Shooting The Shit!

   Riff about, "HD-READY," TV's a decade and a half ago. WOW you're READY for it.  That's just great that means NOTHING to me.  I'm READY for an HD-TV right now but I still don't have one!  Yes I know there's no logic to that joke.  I know Lots Of Things!  Lookin forward to some Oh I Don't Know UN-FROZEN LASAGNA with Potatoe for lunch during Act III of entry!  The point is I'm almost completely out of Contact Lenses.  Even using One Eye's Worth of Contact Lenses for The Other Eye as well!  NONE!  Well I got around 4 Left.  That's around 4 days worth.  Two eyes for 2 days each.  GET ON BOARD.  Here's how early HD-Ready was a thing, Weird Al brings up the phrase in Couch Potato-- a song from his TWO THOUSAND THREE ALBUM.  At that point HD was just a pie in the sky dream.  I dunno I think I've made my point!
Cool!  When people were referring to The Year during that decade, did they EVER use the word, "And?"  Two Thousand Three.  Sounds kind of choppy.  Probably should be saying Two Thousand AND Three.  Oh well live and learn too late to go back now lets just prepare for when it's the first decade of the 3000's.  Hmm when we get to the 2100's that's AN EXTRA SYLLABLE to clunk things up.  Nine-Ty For-ty-Four.  Four syllables.  Twen-Ty One For-ty Four.  BONUS SYLLABLE.  I DO NOT envy the people who will be living in the 2100's!  Gonna be tough.  Real Tough!  Of course in the 2100's we'll all still be around as cyborgs presumably so we got that to look forward to!  I know it's a hassle and a half to use that extra syllable for the year but at least we'll be AROUND in and some sort of External Body that WE get to design ourselves!
     What else is going on and crap.  They also took my weight at Blood Test but I was all like I AIN'T GONNA LOOK AT THAT.  I'd have to LEAN FORWARD to see the scale and then I might Topple Over Completely!  I don't get why they ask Where Is Your Belly Button when wrapping measuring tape around me.  I point to where it is, and go, "HERE," and then they're like Alrigth cool and just measure my waist from SOME OTHER POSITION.  It's ad umb thing to be upset about because presumably they're doing this correctly.  Gotta measure 2 inches ABOVE belly button.  But it still FEELS WRONG.  Proportion of people who have INNIE vs OUTIE belly buttons.  LMLTURQ.  OUTIES ARE ABOUT 10%!  Seems about right.  I've got an innie DON'T MEAN TO BRAG.  Also what the hell is happening with Outtie BElly Buttons.  Is it somehow a twist of fate?  For some reason it ended up that way?  Or are Birth Doctors doing different things to result in this.  I'd LIURQ... AND I WILL!...  Nope seems kinda based on chance.  AWESOME!
     The point is it's evolutionary advantageous to have an Innie because YOU CAN STORE LOOSE THINGS IN THERE.  I mean, I know not BIG things.  But there are things where it comes in handy!  I'm being DUMB and GROSS but when you really think about it YOU'LL SEE THINGS MY WAY!  What can you do with an Outtie Belly Button!  I can't think of a single thing.  Not big enough for sex penetration.  How is that my first thought for OUttie Belly Button uses.  I'd like to see you come up with EVEN ONE OTHER thought.  Email me your Outtie Belly Buttin uses at Mankindguy @ g mail . co m.  98 Degrees.  That's someone whose been VERY Busy at college!  Is tIs that a thing somewhere.  We're gonna seen in obituary, This lady, 88 years old, has been attending Oh I Don't Know RUTGERS UNIVERSITY for the past 70 years, accumulating 40 degrees in the process.  Not only SHOULD that be a thing but it SHOULD be me!  I can't afford it or anything but it sounds like a blast.  Also she has to be Dorming.  DUH! 
     Cool.  Hey I get to take another break after this paragraph.  I must have said this half a dozen times before, but I have dreams where I'm back in high school, AND in the dream I remember accurately I have graduated from college, and I'm always like WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS I ALREADY GRADUATED NOT JUST HIGH SCHOOL BUT COLLEGE AS WELL!.  But I just keep attending and graduating and attending again and graduating again High School in My Dreamscape.  Sounds about right.  Also SOMETIMES it's college instead of high school and its always accompanied with me living in a NICE full out multi-room apartment as if it were a dorm.  Like for some reason this NYC based college has dormitories where they have this one single insanely opulent dormitory space and I lucked out and got it.  Not even paying more!  Just won the Dorm Lottery so to speak.  Anyway hey this paragraph is just about over.  I'll be back with Act III WITH Lunch I!





   Hey got some lunch in the oven.  We're talkin Soon To Be UnFrozen'd Pizza and some Half Spheres of Potatoe.  Anyway, I don't think Trump will be successful in remaining president past 2.5 months from now.  But I don't think he has anything he wants to do.  He might as well not concede because that's as far as his imagination can run in regards to being president.  What, you think he's gonna get bogged down in the details of INFRASTRUCTURE or something?  He'd prepare a Legit Smooth and Bipartisan-ish Transition for President Biden?  No!  He's like well I dunno WHAT ELSE TO DO might as well BE A FUCKING ASSHOLE and not concede for as long as possible!  Sounds about right.
     Anyway what else is going on.  Nice Day I got for the rest of the day.  We're talkin some beer some AfternoonWalk some Afternoon Shower we're talkin #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo and some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor!  Lots of fun in store for me, don't you worry about me Re: Having Fun.  I saw we might have Vaccine by APRIL?  WTH THAT'S VERY VERY SOON.  We're talkin OH I DON'T KNOW LESS THAN HALF A YEAR?  I could do that in my sleep!  In fact, it'd be easier to do it in my sleep!  Totally unconscious so the time'll past quicker than I can even imagine!  The point is, when will there be some kind of drug that just makes us sleep for 5 months.  I guess it'd be like being in a Coma but NOT DANGEROUS.  And we can take it recreationally.  I dunno lets get some people working on that one for some reason no one is really sure of.  Off the top of my head, can't think of any good reasons for sleeping for 5 months, but there ARE reasons out there that apply to some people!  I feel very strongly about this.
     Cool!  Also if you're hibernating hard to get CoronaCase!  Ppl would have to invade your Resting Room and cough on you and what kinda jerk is that?!?!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I saw that 82% of CoronaVaccines is already bought up by the world's richest nations.  FINALLY BEING AMERICAN IS PAYING OFF.  No bueno for the OTHER 5 Billion without it but for us Hey Great News!  Anyway get a load of this my Dad doesn't wanna share a Communal Roast Chicken so I'm just getting MY OWN and also there are half a dozen Roast Half Chicken Flavors and I'm getting a NEW AND POTENTIALLY DELICIOUS one called.  ROASTED GARLIC AND HERB HALF CHICKEN.  MAN OH MAN I'D EAT THAT RIGHT NOW IF I HAD THE CHANCE.  Yeah it'll be Three Main Dishes worth of Meals but I CAN LIVE WITH THAT.  We all make compromises in life and my compromises tend to be Un-communal Roast Chicken Halves is the point I'm trying to make.  I don't mean to brag but my Free Norton AntiVirus expired yesterday.  I have it within my family household that I can re-install it with subscription.  But for now I'M AT HIGH RISK OF DANGER.  Don't Tell Anyone. Gonna take short break before lunch.
Awesome!  LUNCH GOING ON!  I saw they're doing a Re-Count in Georgia.  A fair recount Fine That's Great.  I'm worried it'll be a sham recount!  Throw out thousands of Dem Votes!  If they're corrupt enough to not accept defeat they're corrupt enough to cheat to win.  So we got THAT to look forward to.  Don't worry Biden wins even without GEoergia.  Yeah until the replicate that same strategy else where.  Sure there's an over 50% chance the recount will be fair and monitored by Democratic observers.  I LIKE those odds.  I get to go back to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after this entry.  I LIKE those odds.  Gotta wonder thuohg, what episode will the next #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episode?  Oh THAT ONE?  I can live with that one.  I don't think they ever finished Regular Count in GEorgia.  How can they re-count?!?!  What's THE DEAL with things?!?!
     Last paragraph!  I SAW ELECTION: THE MATTHEW BRODERICK REESE WITHERSPOON MOVIE!  You can just THROW OUT some votes discreetly and the other person wins the election!  I guess.  If it was definitely a fair recount Sure Have At It.  I'm not convinced it'll be definitely fair is the point so what else is going on and crap.  Entry just about over.  Figure that's good news and whatnot.  Good shot I'll be done with #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo today, and if not today, VERY likely tomorrow.  THen I gotta load up a 2nd Thing To watch to alternate with #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  We're talking maybe #OZ:TheHBOShowAutumn.  It's not that great a show BUT HOLY CRAP I CAN IMAGINE MYSELF STARTING THAT UP AGAIN RIGHT AFTER THIS ENTRY!!!  I wanna see all my old favorites Tobias Beecher VERNE SHILLINGER Ryan O Rielly TIM MCMANUS Sister Pete WARDEN GLYNN Kareem Said ADEBISI... YOU GET THE POINT!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-2:30 P.M.




Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Good Luck With That

   Hello friends and whatnot.  Here with a Non-Alcohol Entry.  Except for maybe Part III or something.  Was gonna get some Alcohol this MorningWalk but Liquor Store wasn't open yet!  Presumably I can take 2ndWalk after Act II, either immediately or AN HOUR OR TWO AFTER, and then I'm all jazzed up and ready for Act III!  The point is Hmm What's Going On In The Wide World Of Sports.  Trump doesn't wanna concede!  What a jerk!  II wonder how President Biden will deal with this when he becomes president in Oh I Don't Know NO MORE THAN 2.5 MONTHS!  We're talkin LESS THAN A SEASON.  That's my Weird Al parody of More Than A Reason.  LESS THAN A SEASON, IT'S ONLY 2 POINT FIVE MONTHS... MORE THAN A REASON IS THE SONG THAT LED TO THIS SONG.  "Months," and, "Song," SLANT RHYME.  I'LL FIGHT YOU ON THIS!
Tryin to stop Biden from Transitioning from Not President to President.  He can do that well and good on his own!  Buy some ESPN INSIDER: POLITICAL EDITION.  See the POWER RANKINGS of potential people for his CABINET.  Hey what's the deal with this why is it called a CABINET.  Also that's what French people call, "Cabins,"  Cab-in-ay.  THey would summarize Evil Dead as some guy and some other people fight evil in a CABIN-AYE.  Why are they saying the rest of that summary in English?  I don't know get off my back about it!  Is it possible Trump is angling for a position in Biden's cabinet by not conceding?  It's a negotionary tactic.  I'll step down but I WANNA BE VICE PRESIDENT!  Wha you already have a vice president... OK, I WANNA BE THE CHIEFTAIN OF STAFFS.  You Don't Want Me For THAT?  WHAT THE.. UH... WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU.  The answer as always is Trump Can Do Nothing For Us.  To that bit, Trump would be like why would I want to be a public servant.  ANd then we'd be like you were president for four years.  And then he'd be like yeah but I did all that to help me privately.  Yep All Seems To Check Out.
     What else is going on.  Jimmy Carter congratulated President Elect Biden.  Maybe Trump's resistance is because of the phrase President Elect Biden. WELL I'M THE PRESIDENT, says Trump, and I Don't WANT to elect Joe Biden.  Seems like it's well within my legal rights to NOT CONCEDE POWER BASED ON PHRASES I'VE MISINTERPRETED.  Yeah great good luck with that is the point I'm trying to make.  What else is giong on in the wide world of sports.  I was really happy with The Kind Of Alcohol I got last week.  We're talkin Bacardi I believe the word Superior is in there as well as the phrase White Rum.  An then I look in the mirror and it says MURE TIHW.  HORRIFYING.  Also for some reason it was written as Whit Erum.  Dunno what the story behind that mistake is.  I'll have to think on it for a bit and I'll get back to you once I've figured out some answers!
     Cool!  The good news is I siphoned off MORE than enough quarters to buy Next Alcohol.  We're talkin 10 dollars in quarters when all I need is probably NINE DOLLARS AT MOST.  Plus I have a dollar in paper money (I call it a, 'Dollar Bill,") to augment that so its all going very well is the point.  Starting to perform Guitar Playing: Not Quite Practice Edition a little bit more.  It's like practice but It's Not Good Enough to be defined as practice.  Several steps below Practice.  Hmm what could one call that.  Messing around.  I dunno messing around implies at some point you'll make sense of that mess and it'll develop into something good.  I dunno, I'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.  Internet says Alcohol Store should have been open.  But it was kinda early.  But maybe it means it still won't be open later.  I don't have all the answers!  Roughly 80% of the answers do I have!
     What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Got a nice deep pocket in my jeans.  Can totally fit a 375 ml bottle of alcohol in there UNDETECTED.  It's called being CLEVER hiding it from Parental Units.  Halfway through a #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor as of now.  Not a particularly great episode!  Might just go to #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo for Upcoming Act Break.  I dunno.  Maybe watch Part II of TROLL: The Movie That Inspired A Sequel, Troll II, Which Is Widely Considered To Be One Of The Word Movies Ever!  Troll I is pretty scary!  Little Troll they got runnin' around causing mayhem in an Apartment Complex is legit creepy!  Hmm really makes ya think.  NO it doesn't.  Hey that's a great counter-point!  Well done!  Anyway time for break.  Be back in a bit!



Get On With It

   I guess.  Anyway got lunch going on in Oh I DOn't Know THIRTY MINUTES?  Already took an EarlyShower today.  Figure I'll take SecondWalk in Oh I Don't Know SEVENTY FIVE MINUTES from Now?  So that's my day and whatnot.  Figure I'll knock a paragraph or two out of the park before Lunch.  Now that we got the important stuff out of the way.  At some point Biden & Democrats are the main people on Cable TV, right?  I'm looking forward to that Almost As Much as I abstractly look forward to a future without Cable TV.  Ya know the News Channels.  Not Comedy Central.  That Channel CRACKS.  ME.  UP.  I haven't watched Comedy Central in a while.  Gotta imagine that's still the channel The Daily Show is on.  That'd be MY guess.  I find it interesting that Republicans don't like Voting.  Hmm maybe we turn that around on 'em.  Be like GREAT YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT VOTING INTEGRITY, WONDERFUL, LETS WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE SOME LEGISLATION TO HELP IT.  From Our REAL concerns and even for your FAKE concerns!  It'll be a GRAND compromise!
     You know, that sort of thing.  Also COVID 19 could be bipartisan.  Wait no Republicans are PRO-Covid 19.  There's probably a few, "Swing Votes," of three or so Republican Senators who are like ya know what gotta break ranks on this a little bit I can KIND OF see the merits towards fighting Pandemic.  Right?  Gotta imagine there's TWO at least.  Maybe just one.  FINE NONE OF THEM GIVE A SHIT.  Look I get it some (most?) politicians don't give any shits about anything.  But on the other hand I DO give some shits so you could see where I'm coming from and whatnot.  What kinda lunch do I got in the oven.  Why it's only 1/3rd of Beef Sirloin and some Potato Half Spheres.  Possibly throw in a dinner roll there, too.  The other good news is I was wearing one of my contact lenses inside out.  Fixed that right up after shower!  All smooth sailing from here!  Re: My Eyes For The Rest Of The Day.
     Wonderful.  Gotta go get blood work done tomorrow LIKE A CHUMP.  Why can't they just take my word for Me Having Blood.  Testing my White Blood Cell Levels so I can continue taking Certain Medication Safely?  SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM.  They just want my blood to gain access to mY DNA and then before you know it DINOSAURS with parts of MY DNA because they didn't have 100% of From The Dino DNA so they need to splice in MY DNA.  GOD DAMN.  ON the other hand now I have some Dinosaurs in my Family Tree kind of?  In 40 years, if you clone yourself and then raise your clone from baby to child to onward, what kind of relation do they have to you?  Not your son or daughter.  KIND of, but its its own thing!  II wonder how that's all gonna shake out Gotta Start Preparing for it NOW.
Cool!  ANYWAY a certain, measurable amoutn of time has passed and now I'm here for 2 paragraphs!  Then take a bit of a break, take a walk, return with ALcohol Presumably!  Anyway at what point will Trump and Republicans acknowledge is the President Elect.  Will it be until after He's Just The President: No Longer Even Elect?  I dunno, who knows what's going on in their heads.  I know a great way to win Georgia Senate Seats.  Hey want to pass a stimulus that affects working and middle class workers and Republicans Don't!  It's the perfect scam!  People might presumably vote in their own best interests it'd be crazy no one would see such a development in politics coming!  What do I know, though.  NOt a lot.  I'll admit that!  I do not know a lot about things.
What kind of dinner do I got in store.  Bagel & Egg is a STRONG contender.  I think I have a French'd Bread'd Pizza left.  A frozen meal which I CAN'T pair with Extra Bonus Rice but I COULD pair with potato sphere halves.  A CUP FULL O NOODLES.  Anyway for all the complaints that the Press wasn't covering the Covid Bad News and whatnot, which is 100% warranted, they're ALSO barely covering the Covid GOOD NEWS.  Don't wanna get ahead of themselves, I can see that.  I just found it to be an INTERESTING development.  The kind of development that Brings You To The Verge of THINKING.  I like (dislike) potato chip flavor, "Sea Salt."  Look, salt, I'm on board with.  Besides Presumably Potato Salt is the main ingredients in these enterprises.  But SEA salt?  Aren't we supposed to not Drink Seawater because it's SALTY.  Seems like I'm putting my health in danger with sea salt.  Also just sounds gross!  I Don't Like It!  I'll be back in a little while.




Now You're Talking My Language

   I guess.  Hey took a walk got back with alcohol.  I gave the lady at Alcohol Desk Lotta Quarters.  Usually I count it out myself, but I realized Why Bother.  They're just gonna have to double check it anyway, that's THEIR job.  SO why bother I just dumped out some quarters and was like GET TO WORK.  IN the end though it worked out for both os us, on account of her selling me her inventory in exchange for money (Quarters, but money nonetheless!)  Also at what point are we going to reach Peak Copper.  There can only be so much copper on this planet we call Earth (well MOST of us do, anyway).  At some point, all the pennies we've been making, we're gonna reach a point where There's Less Copper Left compared to the amount we've already used.  I feel very strongly about this.
   And as the penny goes SO GOES ALL MONEY.  Suddenly we can't make pennies the ENTIRE SYSTEM shuts down!  Is it possible We In America could try to get the Euro going on Over Here.  Look I like its style.  It's got a lot going for it.  I feel like if I started to build grassroots support for Euros, I'd find some excitement about it, but then the CIA will come and shut me down.  I'm being an Agitator of some kind!  Throw me in Prison for some reason.  So in the end NOT WORTH IT, but it can't stop us from fantasizing about An American Future where We Use The Euro.  I'm the other way though on the metric system.  I think Everyone Else should GO OUR WAY.  Celsius, liters, centimeters, whatever.  They think we're gonna adapt to THEIR WAY?  Just because they've got 98% countries on board?!?  NOT LIKELY!  Also I DON'T KNOW HOW BIG MY DICK IS IN CENTIMETERS.  WHY BOTHER.  You know, that sort of thing.
  Anyway I'm a real asshole because a piece of gum must have gotten stuck to some laundry or something and now it was found in washing machine and its hard to get at it.  Which I figure is a solid 5-20% chance IT'S GONNA MUCK UP THE WASHING MACHINE COMPLETELY.  All due to Gum.  I haven't chewed gum in weeks, maybe months.  And now I'm vowing off gum completely.  Except for last night after I heard the news.  It's the Forbidden Fruit That Tastes The Sweetest.  How did they pitch gum.  Must been something like this.  HEY you like food, right?  Well I like CHEWING the food.  The rest of it I could do without.  Have I GOT A PRODUCT FOR YOU!...  "and scene."  It's hard to transition from Twitter --> No Twitter.  I can't even accomplish step one from doing Political/ Poll/Horse Race Type Punditry --> something more relevant now that ELECTION IS OVER.  They had their day in the sun and now its over!  One would imagine.  Me, I still am CAPTIVATED by these twitter accounts.  Does the term cop come from the term copper which is a reference to their badgers being made out of copper.  As good an explanation as I've ever heard.  So possible I'm gonna LTURQ.  NOPE NOT THE CASE.  Oh well, on to suicide for me!
I can't stand the embarrassment being wrong re: copper police badges.  First Instinct Is To Aid And Abet my Eventual (Sooner than later?) Death. Oh well, what can ya do.  I think the only burrito I have is a Breakfast Burrito.  I'm okay with that!  I enjoy all sorts of burritos I'm no snob.  Hey good personal news for The Fam, Spring Classes At Kingsoboro: The Community College My Dad Teaches At, is having online courses in the Spring!  That way my Dad gonna teach another 1 or 2 classes.  HANGIN' IN THERE.  Just like Jill Biden.  Also how awesome would it be to be in a class with Jill Biden.  I bet I'd impress her.  I'd be raising my hands all the times, impressing her and whatnot.  What does she teach.  I wanna Guess ENGLISH.  LMLTURQ.  YEP ENGLISH.  I EXCEL at sucking up to English Teachers.  I know all the word in all the books and some of the grammar and syntax.  I feel Very Strongly About This.  I once had a classmate named Jill in an English class.  TRUE STORY.
Last paragraph presumably! ...Wait, no.  That was a different class.  Not an English class.  REALLY True Story.  Wait... it's POSSIBLE it was an English Class after all.  Now I kinda am back to thinking it was an English class.  THE TRUEST STORY YOU'LL EVER HEAR.  What else is going on and crap.  I don't get why they call literature/writing classes English.  Yes it's based on the use of English.  But its so much more!  It's like calling a Math Class a Numbers Class.  Which actually, now that I bring it up, I think it is kinda charming.  I got Mr. Kornb*** for my Numbers Class Third Period.  I'm on board with Number Classes now that I think about it!  Also is that Mr. KOrnb*** me or my Dad.  At first it was my Dad but now that I think about it I'd be OKAY teaching a Numbers Class Third Period.   What else is going on and crap.  Oh, entry is over!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-3:22 P.M.




Monday, November 9, 2020

Better Late Than Never

   I don't mean to brag or anything, but my 4 digit Pin Code that lets me access Laptop after it being closed is VERY VERY GOOD.  Wonderful 4 digit code, and ya know what, I probably COULD share it with you.  On account of You Are Nowhere Near My Laptop, not close enough to steal it!  Also on account of old laptop didn't even HAVE this level of security so it's not really necessary to me.  One real TO share it is because you might like it so much you make it your four digit pin code.  In which case I can Access All Your Computers From Now.  Hmm.  Really makes ya think.  Looks like HOPEFULLY some POSSIBLY VERY HIGH EFFICACY Vaccine is on the way!!!  And we don't even need to worry about whether it helps/hurts Trump politically!  IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE ANYMORE!  JUST CELEBRATE GOOD THINGS, WORRY ABOUT BAD THINGS.  So along those lines Hmm Seems Like A GOOD THING.  They SAY 90% Efficacy (they didn't use that word I DID because I'm Some Sort Of Dictionary Genius), and if that's the case, having a hard time picturing my life after that.  Do we just kinda go about our business except for wearing masks?  Or do we still Be Extra Careful.  It's a tough one, 90%, right on the boarder.  If it was 75% I'd be like yeah better keep playing it safe.  If it was 98% I'd be like yeah just live life but with a mask and/or sometimes gloves.  90%?  WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOESD TO DO WITH THAT!!!
    The good news is it's probably under 90% and they're just Hypin' This Up as much as possible.  That's GOOD News?  Yeah, like I told you.  In that case I Now Know How To React.  Get on board!   My Therapist who I FACEZOOMED with this morning, before either of us heard about vaccine, was ALREADY like hmm you could probably take THREE walks a day.  ANd I was like I dunno that sounds like increasing my walks by 50%.  Trust me I crunched the numbers, I don't have time to watch you work it out to confirm my math WE GOT THERAPY TO GO THROUGH.  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Had to take Electrical Tape off of Covering My Phone Camera for the FaceZoom.  Replaced it with a brand new slice of tape!  Which is Really Good because my old slice of tape was partly covering the very top of the screen, where it says The Time and Battery Power Left.  Now I can See Time and Battery Power COMPLETELY UNENCUMBERED.
That sort of thing.  Gotta finish RIGATONI and MEAT'D BALLS for one meal today.  The other meal I DUNNO Gotta Think About It!  Hmm what kind of #TalesFromTheCryptFallTOFrightFor do I got comin' next.  I wanna say it's the one about the illustrator for #TalseFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor comics, in a piece of Meta TV episode I call.... The Tale of The Meta TV Episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Nice Title, right?  That's where I Excell!  The Titlings Of Stuff.  Gotta go without beer tomorrow.  Gotta go WITH beer for Wednesday.  Then maybe A WEEK from tomorrow and/or wednesday I get that 375 ML of ALCOHOL again.  I LIKE those odds.  Alan Trebeck.  How come when people die it's always revealed that yeah this guy was WONDERFUL GUY yuo don't even know.  ANd it's never just this guy was a dick or even, worse, it's never just yeah too bad but he never struck me as a BETTER than HALFWAY GUY, though!.  Always great!  WHAT KIND OF FOOLS DO YOU TAKE US FOR.
     What would people say when I die.  Who was that guy?  Oh, him.  I guess that's a shame.  Seems to check out.  Got some Orange Juice going for first time in Oh I Don't Know a MONTH?  Also coffee and also beer.  It's called BRUNCH you idiots.  That's the slang they use to criticize Liberals who are not gonna fight the good fight after election.  All gonna be too busy with Brunches.  With the implication they were kind of, "Virtue Signaling" for lack of a better phrase (there's GOTTA be a better phrase, that's a REPUBLICAN SLANDER PHRASE) and now that its over BACK TO BRUNCH.  Also the other implication is they do this "Virtue Signaling," SPECIFICALLY AT BRUNCH.  They get together with their friends and eat Brunch and talk about Politics And The Issues OF The Day.  Yep that ALL seems to check out.  Their activism doesn't extend beyond Eating Brunch with Likeminded People.  That's the context, right?
    Yep seems to check out!  You'll be happy to know I HAVE NO FRIENDS TO EAT BRUNCHES WITH.  What else is going on and crap.  Hmm is this website a Brunch.  Nah more like a Straight Up LUNCH.  Whew that's a relief.  SURE I HAVE VIRTUE AND IF IN THE COURSE OF THINGS IT HAPPENS TO BE SIGNALED TO YOU THAT'S JUST LOGICALLY THE WAY THINGS GO!  OH NO I'm up to the part of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo where McNulty starts pulling THE WEAKEST SHIT OF THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE.  No Spoilers BUT he starts fabricating a series of Homeless Murders to get funding for Fighting Presumed Serial Killer THEN FUNNELING IT INTO REAL POLICE WORK.  No Spoilers, though, right?  Anyway so I got all that going for me.  I'll be back in a bit with Act II!





Better Never Than Super Never

   Is it possibel that the later in the day, the better Of A Liberal you become?  Breakfast Liberal, doesn't get worse than that.  By the itm you're up to a Midnight Snack Liberal, now you're Takin Shit Seriously, Not Givin ONE INCH to The Anti-Pros.  That's what I call people who are united in their cause to fight Progressives.  ANTI-PROS.  AMAZING IT WORKS ON TWO OR THREE LEVELS.  That's the kind of cleverness you can expect from a Midnight Snack Liberal!  Short stories are great but I'm Anti-Prose, poetry Even Better.  Also of course Anti and Pro are OPPOSITE MEANINGS.  You know the word I'm looking for.  OPPOSITES IN MEANING.  CONTRADICTORY.  WHAT THE HELL IS THE WORD I'M TRYING TO THINK OF.  ANTONYMS CRACKED THAT CODE.  I know it's not a hard word IT JUST ESCAPE'D ME FOR A SECOND.
Cool!  Figure I'll eat some CHILI + Potato Half Spheres for LUNCH, finish That There Pasta meal For DINNER.  There's a GOOD chance I end up donating Oh I Don't Know FIFTEEN DOLLARS to Georgia.  Thre must be a fund where you donate it to them and splits it evenly between Two Georgia Democratic Candidates For Senate.  I can't Donate Half The Amount TWICE, once to each!  That's too much work!  MAKE IT SIMPLE FOR ME.  I thin kit's fun whenever I Find my nail clipper.  Sometimes on one of my desk/deskish surfaces.  Sometimes on the floor-- any area of the floor is possible!  Sometimes under my bed.  It's always a blast to be like Hmm wonder where my nail clipper is now.  And then I may look for it for 60 seconds and then give up.  But EVENTUALLY I'll come across it by accident so it all works out in the end is the point.
     Fascinating.  I'm under the impression that Donald Trump had nothing to do with Potential Vaccine but if it was announced last week he probably would have won.  Either way, man what a great week.  Biden is next president AND very possibly a LEGIT vaccine within a few months?  I LIKE those odds.  The only way to make this week even better is if they're like ya know what you're not gonna like this but we crunched the numbers and actually Globe ISN'T warming.  Climate ISN'T CHANGING.  A... a third way to put it ISN'T HAPPENING.  Gotta be a common, widespread phrase other than Global Warming and Climate Change.  I feel like there's a third one which uses the words Global and/or CLimate but with Different Second Words.  Global Heating?  I feel like I heard that somewhere.  Also, yes, we will be pissed if Global Warming isn't happening for about one and a half seconds and then be like HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING!
That sort of thing.  When Biden works the word science into his Campaign Promises is it implied he's referring to global warming?  I mean, the main implication is Covid Related.  That's obvious.  But is there a SECONDARY insinuation where it's like hmm what's the other thing Science Doesn't Like WHY IT'S ONLY CLIMATE CHANGE.  I enjoyed FaceZooming.  I only glanced at myself a half dozen times but when I did I was like MAN OH MAN DOES THIS GUY HAVE IT GOING ON.  Good thing those glances were few and far between AND were about half a second at most.  Any more time and I'd be like wait lemme scratch that man oh man does this guy NOT have it going on and so on and whatnot.i  What What else is science interested in.  Health.  Climate.  Hmm.  Gotta imagine Bidens got some scientists working on a THIRD and MAYBE FOURTH thing.  Jurassic Park but in real life.  Gotta be up there, right?
     What else is going on and crap.  Is it just me or does Kamala Harris laugh A LOT.  I've seen maybe a dozen or so short to medium length clips of her interviews/speeches over the last few weeks, and she is CRACKIN UP all the time!  I wanna know what she's laughing about!  I bet it's HILARIOUS.  Sir Laughs A Lot.  Is that a thing.  Sir Lancelot.  Pretty sure that's a thing.  Better LIURQ though.  It IS a thing but I don't know what it was.  Started reading the first sentence of an explanation of who/what that is and I got bored.  Such is life.  What else is going on and crap.  I wonder what the rest of the day has in store for me.  Probably same stuff as most of the other recent days and whatnot.  I'll be back in a little bit Presumably with LUNCH!!




Is It Too Late To Rule Out Early

   Well I got some delicious lunch going on.  We're talkin White RIce.  We're talkin One Buffalo Wing.  We'er talkin some CHILI (HEated up to around 67% of where it would be ideally!)!  Anyway I was having serious doubts about my choice for lunch just now.  I comitted to Chili earlier in entry btu I was kinda like hmm maybe just the pasta now and chili for dinner.  I stuck with it and in the end I think I made the right decision!  Also Brunch Liberal, does that apply mainly to women?  It makes me think of like Sex And/Or The City and them ladies are always having brunches ALL THE TIME.  Men just don't do Brunch really!  I feel very strongly about this!  Oop proved Brunch Liberal is a sexist phrase.  Now we gotta start at ZERO in terms of using phrases!
Then again, what's the Male:Female proportion of people who vote Democratic.  Gotta be like 60:40, right?  Maybe even higher!  LMLTURQ.  Looks like WIKIPEDIA (smartest website on the internet) says Democrats are Women +12.  I think that means something like 44% is Men and 56% is female.  What about non binary folks.  I dunno it doesn't say!  Do CEnsus include Non Binary people these days?  Seems like it could be a wedge issue one way or another!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Hey after the next few paragraphs I got an entire day to enjoy!  We're talkin Doin' The Same Stuff I Do Every Other Day.  What else is going on and crap.  I think once every 40 years we should have to take THE CENSUS' census!  Anyway.  Let's say there IS a 90% vaccine in a few months.  I'd take walks unabashedly.  Dunno about Delivery Food Deliveries.  Whether I keep wiping down and wiping down again InPut Things from OutSide.  Whether I resume my pre-Pandemic practice of getting up into my Mom and Dads' Grills and breathing into their face for 40 minutes.  I can't believe I've gone Rounding Up To A Year Vaguely WITHOUT THAT!
  Anyway apparently Phizer had nothin' to do with Operation WARP SPEED (whose coming up with these Operation Names?).  THey weer like yo I don't want anything TO DO with you folks.  So of course after the announcemnt Pence tweeted WE DID IT!!! or something along those lines.  And by Pence I mean Somewhere Along Those Lines.  Maybe Liberal Men DO Eat Brunch.  I'm out of the Purported Brunch Loop COMPLETELY.  What else is going on and crap.  Woke up a few hours earlier than yesterday because of Therapist.  I had forgotten I had the appointment.  She woke me up By Phone.  And she was like were you sleeping?  And I was like yeah and she was like tell me about it.  Except for that last part.  What do you think this is SOME KIND OF THERAPY?  More or less just Management.  Medication Management.  Symptom Management.  That sort of thing.
Only 2 paragraphs left to go!  What's today, MONDAY?  I think I'm somehow, for some reason, getting into a MindSpace where the days of the week are ACCURATE.  Instead of my week starting on Thursday or whatever.  Sunday feels like Sunday.  Monday feels like the first day of the work week.  I dunno what it is but over the last few days it's just been Clicking!  Just got a Spam email saying We See You Voted for Trump or Biden and I wasand I was like YEP YOU NAILED IT.  HOWD YOU PULL THAT OFF.  Yeah I get half of People didn't vote.  That's THEIR misfortune.  They don't get this spam and be like HEY HOW'D YOU PULL THAT OFF.  They get to be like NOPE YOU WERE WAY OFF I'M DEFINITELY NOT READING THIS SPAM.  I dunno.  What else is going on and crap.  Also, Brunch is sort of a Classist Generalization.  Only FANCY people, Upper Middle Class and UP eat BRUNCH.  Lots of layers of context to this phrase!  I don't have a problem with it.  I don't eat Brunch at all so I figure I'm in the clear. 
    Last paragraph!  Wonderful.  WTF It's 76 DEGREES?  IN HALFWAYTHRU NOVEMBER?  That doesn't sound right.  Better organize a brunch AND FAST to TALK ABOUT IT.  Is that another implication of Brunch Liberals.  WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR BRUNCH.  Makes sense.  I can imagine Brunch being a meandering thing.  Goes on forever.  WE NEED TO WORK ON STUFF NOT JUST HAVING A NEVER ENDING BRUNCH IT TAKES UP TOO MUCH TIME.  Anyway what else do I got going on for me in the day.  #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is in my IMMINENT future.  We're talkin literally a few sentences from now!  Shower at some point.  Either a Nice AfternoonWalk OR a Nice EveningWalk.  It's gonna be a good day!  Solid Day I got going on for me is the poin!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:18 P.M.





Sunday, November 8, 2020

This Title Is Way Up There

   Whell what else is going on.  That's how Black People pronounce Well when pretending to be white people. WH'EEL.  Speaking of WHEELS, another game show other than Wheel & Fortune is Jeopardy.  This man passed away today or yesterday.  WHO IS ALEX TRABECK?  That's the question we're all asking ourselves today.  For some reason it feels right to be like yeah I think I've heard he's a real righteous dude one of the best.  But also I have no idea where that comes from maybe he was an asshole, or,  more likely, Just Some Guy.  But I feel like people have been like Alex Trabeck Man DUde That Fellow Was THE TOPS.  If I had to Live On Jeopardy for 30 years I'd go insane.  Just imagine doing that day in day out for DECADES.  All the What Is's, all the This Thing For 500, all the Daily Doubles... I think hosting ANY one single game show for that long would be maddening.  Jeopardy especially though for some reason!  One day I hope to look up how to spell, "Trabeck."  Oh well what can ya do.
     Biden gave Acceptance Speech last night.  He was accepting that he has some problems with speech.  Stuttered One Out Of 100 Times HE Says Something.  He's grown to accept it and WOW on WHAT A STAGE last night!  I DUNNO WHATS GONNA HAPPEN.  We ain't going back to Obama.  We ain't goin back to Clinton or Bush or Other Bush.  We're Goin Into Some Totally New Thing!  Where WE ALL gotta stand up get up stand up for your (our) rights, try to make it The Best It's Own Thing As Possible.  Anyway the thing about Beer In Terms Of My Supplies Of Beer For This Week is I got 7 between today and tomorrow.  And on Tuesday AND/OR Wednesday I'm leaving house to get blood work done, coinciding with getting my MOm cigarettes, which presumably will correspond with me getting TWO or so Big Ol' Beers!
     Wonderful.  Still got A Meal of RIGATONI and Meatball for either today or tomorrow.  Got a Beef SIrloin + Potato Sphere Halves for dinner tonight.  Other meal within the next 3 meals is Oh I Don't Know BAGEL WITH EGG.  I LIKE those odds.  I wish I understood this Four SEasons Lanscaping Story better than 80%.  Because from what I gather it's hilarious.  But, in all honesty, there's a part to the story that I'm like that can't be right, there must be more to it that I'm not grasping.  I'm not being sarcastic or rhetorical or whatever.  I TRULY BELIEVE it can't Just Be What It Seems Like.  Also it's pleasant on a MicroScale that it's 70 degrees in November but on a Macroscale it's like well yep that's to be expected now.  Only gonna get worse.  OH WELL SUCH IS LIFE.  Imagine if Biden leads the entire globe into addressing Climate Change Adequately.  He'd be like, go down as, THE BEST PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF PEOPLE.  I mean, up till now.  Gotta imagine there'll be more potential Armageddon Apocalypses over The Rest Of Humanity but for now this is what we're dealing with.
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Still waiting on a Biden Playlist.  I guess we'll have to settle for the songs he played at Accepting Speech last night.  Didn't see it myself but I was informed he was playing, "Don't Back Down."  And I also heard them play, "The Song From Ghostbusters II where they put the slime in the statue of liberty to make it animated and everyone's digging the Alive Statue of Liberty."  Also that other song we all know but I forget the name of.  I guess that'll keep us going for now but I EXPECT MORE.  I feel like there was a Bruce Springsteen song in there as well.  I didn't know the song but I heard it and was like pretty sure that's Bruce Springsteen.  Then on further introspection from reading external websites I think they said something about a Bruce Springsteen.  So I GET IT!  It's solid 75% chance I got most of those songs wrong. Oh well such is life!
     Cool!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Is it a thing where Trump makes meaningless but minor steps to be like in my least few months I will address Climate Change.  And do NOTHING but sort of enough dumb stuff that he could be like YEP GOT THE BALL ROLLING TO SAVE THE WORLD GUESS I'M GOING DOWN IN HISTORY AS A GREAT GUY AFTER ALL!  Because I'd be conflicted about that!  Because he wouldn't be convincing any Republicans to take real action.  If anything, the opposite.  He'd make some token gestures that mean nothing, and then Republicans will be like YEP THIS IS PERFECT AMOUNT OF ACTION THIS IS AS FAR AS WELL GO.  So he could sabotage it by pretending to save it in order to save his self-sabotaged reputation.  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  Except for the part about Trump making token efforts to help people.  Don't see that coming true.  I'll be back in a bit.




That's What I've Been Led To Believe

   Anyway.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Was trying to stay up to watch SNL last night and I was gettin pretty tired by the end.  And I had been drinking.  Kinda reminded me of Being In Dormitories In College and drinking and being tired but that was overwhelmed by the feeling of hmm hanging around with Buzzed Girls!  THERE'S A 2 PERCENT CHANCE SOMETHING CUOLD HAPPEN THAT WOULDN'T HAPPEN IF I LEFT DORMITORY TO GO TO MY DORMITORY.  THEN AGAIN THERE'S A 1.5-3.0 PERCENT CHANCE SOMETHING MIGH HAPPEN BACK AT MY DORMITORY.  So the point is if Sex Could Happen you gotta stay awake! Don't fall asleep like a chump!  They were showing celebrations at Washington Square Park Yesterday.  That's merely as far away from My Freshman YEar DOrm as the Other Dorm I would Hang Out At THE OTHER DIRECTION AWAY.  So the point is wonder how much Celebration ended up in sex.  HOLY SHIT imagine that.  HOLY SHIT SUPER CELEBRATION TRUMPS GONE LETS EXPRESS OUR EXCITEMENT WITH EACH OTHER PHYSICALLY.
That's the dream, right!  The point is what else is going on and crap.  One's gotta imagine at some point my vote will be counted.  I heard after NY and California are all in Biden could have won Popular Vote by a SOLID 5%.  If 5 Percent was the chanec I'd get some sex I'D BE TAKING THAT BET EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK.  Solid chance I'd get to have sex once, twice a month at those odds!  Biden had a line a few times where he's like America can be summed up in one word: Possibilities.  And I kept on being, IN MY HEAD, wonder if he's referencing the Weezer song off of Maladroit: The Weezer Album.  You know, that sort of thing.  When I first was into Weezer they only had FOUR ALBUMS.  Now they have FOURTEEN Albums or so.  Hey how about this we all grow up with Weezer Albums and whatnot.  By WE ALL I mean Me.  GET THOSE CONFUSED ALL THE TIME.
Awesome!  Will have lunch with ACt III of entry no matter when or what or how that is.  America can be summed up in one word: America.  That settles That.  What Else Is Going On.  I dunno.  Can't wait to hear some podcasts recorded POST election perhaps PRE election being called and POST Biden accepting speech PRE Trump Whatever Sort OF Speech He'll Give Next.  If you think about Single Songs on Albums in succession in terms of track listings as being The Order Of Songs Across Discography, Weezer's POSSIBILITIES was the PENULTIMATE PENULTIMATE song I enjoyed from Weezer's Collection Of Songs For A YEAR OR TWO which I enjoyed listening to Weezer before MAKE BELIEVE (5th album) showed up.  So we got that going for us is the point.  Hmm Sean Connery Died and Alex Trebeck Died within a week of each other.  THOSE SNL SKETCHES FROM 20 YEARS AGO WERE A SIGN.
     Wonderful.  Also did Sean Connery EVER give the impression of being a dick in real life?  Because he was a huge jerk to Alex Trebeck in Fake Celebrity Jeopardizes.  I feel like they might have just conjured that out of thin air.  What do I know, though.  I hope people celebrating in Washington Square Park take a break to get a TURKEY SANDWICH with some RUFFLES and a MOUNTAIN DEW CODE RED from SPACE MARKET: The Deli-Bodega WHICH BORDERS WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK.  BUT HALF THE TIME INSTEAD OF CHIPS A NICE BLACK AND WHITE AND/OR CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE.  Variety Is The Spice Of Life!  The more Biden pads his national vote lead, yeah, first instinct is cool nice bump up in margin of victory.  But it's also like that's not cool, bump up in the discrepancy between Popular Vote and Electoral College Victory.  He could end up with a 5% National Lead and have only won the key electoral states by 1 or 3 hundred thousands per my understanding.  That Don't Sound Right.
Oh well what can you do.  THAT doens't sound right but SPACE MARKET sounds OUT OF THIS WORLD.  What's the over under where Trump is like HMM I WON A LOT OF STATES SHOULD WE SECEDE FROM THE UNION ???  Very possible, except for the fact he'd spell Secede as Succeed.  That's MY Hot Take.  Is there a 50% chance he tweets I WON WAY MORE STATES THAN JOE BIDEN!!!?  No, there isn't.  There's a HIGHER than 50% chance that works its way into his narrative.  The point is I'll solidly have lunch with Act III of entry most likely Bagel with Egg.  I can't stress this enough!  Nor can I convey my excitement about it enough!  Anyway when I Was taking out garbage last night I smelled some weed from somewhere, as I do on occasion, and was like ALRIGHT THAT'S GOOD FOR THEM SMOKING IT AND THAT WOULD BE FUN FOR ME TO DO BUT OH WELL SUCH IS LIFE.  I can just PICTURE getting calm-high and experimenting with this Wonderful Gutiar Amplification System.  It's RIGHT THERE FOR THE LIVING!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!





Ok Fine Entry Almost Over

   Hey got some lunch going on.  We're talkin Egg.  We're talkin 2/3rds toasted bagel.  We're talkin some PEPSI.  We're talkin half a beer.  Anyway just found a hair in my lunch.  Gotta be my own hair, right?  Don't see how any one else's hair could have gotten in my bagel and/or egg.  Unless there was a hair In The Egg.  Or In The Bagel for that matter.  Also, I've never really thought about it before, but Green Eggs & Ham sounds DELICIOUS.  I think we all kind of take it for granted that it's Some Weird Thing but when we think about it Yep Checks out eggs an ham is delicious Green Eggs isn't so weird I can imagine different colors of egg being even weirder than green.  Still got 1 meal of Chili, Rice, and Single Buffalo Wing left, too.  I'll get to that Probably Tomorrow Is My Best Guess.
     Wonderful.  Still gotta watch #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo Season V.  A lot of it is Dumb but some of it is Not As Dumb!  Anyway I must have woken up late today or something, it's already 3 PM and I didn't really take any long break Post Walk Pre ENtry.  The good news is That One Hair was it.  No more hair after that!  Anyway I once has a Bezoar in my stomach which was presumaby made up of Hair?  I dunno how that happened.  I don't eat hair except for maybe in my sleep and I don't know why I'd even consider the premise that I eat hair in my sleep except for the fact that there was a clump of some sort of matter (preusmably hair) in my stomach and I definitely don't eat hair in my waking life.  I dunno, maybe whatever meals I was eating for that year or two was just meals prepared with peoples' hairs.  I don't have all the answers!
    Well I finished lunch and it was delicious and the good news is dinner is in only four hours at most!  I LIKE those odds.  What else is going on and crap.  Gettin' bloodwork/vice purchases done on Wednesday.  Tuesday only day without alcohol in my next Oh I Don't Know WEEK?  Got MY OWN bottle of Pepsid.  Been taking those like once a day lately!  Now I got my own bottle in my room.  It's gonna be a blast I LOVE pepsid!!  Pepsi, Pepsid.  Hmm what's goin' on there.  Definitely gonna have some Sirloin an Potato Sphere Halves AROUND 7 PM for tonight dinner.  Dinner tonight!  You get the idea!  So great this paragraph is the, Possibilities of The Music Album That Is This Entry.  Penultimate to the Penultimate!  I LIKE those odds and whatnot is the point I'm trying to make.
     Cool!  Maybe cycle around to some #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo after this entry.  Maybe lots of things!  Gotta take a nice AfternoonWalk.  Enjoy a nice AfternoonBath &/Or AfternoonShower.  EveningDinner.  BedTimeSleep.  Man oh man do I have a lot in store for the next Oh I Don't Know EIGHT HOURS?  Am I supposed to donate to Georgia Runoffs or NOT donate to Georgia Runoffs.  Isn' there a Non-Insignificant Possibility where outside donations HURT the candidates?  My guess is YES I can imagine it being a small possibility and thus it is because A Young Man's Imagination is the most accurate thing we got going for us these days is the point.  What if I strike a compromise and don't donate to Georgia Democrats but SIPHON MONEY AWAY from Georgia Republicans.  Not 100% on how to accomplish that but it seems kind of an intuitive way to go about it, right?
     Last paragraph!  How about that.  Jeez I've been writing entries for half a year almost every day and other than CoronaCases election has been the thing weighing most heavily on my mind.  And its over!  My Fun Entry Narrative Is Caput!  Hmm gotta come up with something else to worry about.  How about CORONACASES: The Only Thing That Concerned Me As Much As Election.  With The Possible Addition/Exception of The Police Killing Black People Epidemic And The Protests And Conflicts Thus Resulting!  Can't forget about that!  I wrote about it for a week or two!  NOW IT'S IN THE HISTORY BOOKS!  Anyway hey the entry is over.  Gonna start right back up with a new entry tomorrow!  Presumably!  I got VERY LITTLE better to do.  If I had MARIJUANA I could work on music But I GUESS I'll Have To Live Without It.  Now the balls in YOUR court.  You know, that sort of thing!  I'll see you guys tomorrow I guess.

-3:33 P.M.




Saturday, November 7, 2020

We Did It!!

   What do you mean, "WE?"  Ok, fine.  About, I dunno, THOUSANDS of people or so did it.  I get that 80+ million in the end voted for Joe Biden.  Less donated to him but still a lot!  But lets be honest IT CAME DOWN TO SOME FOUR DIGIT NUMBER OF POEPLE And THEY Did It!  Credit where credit it is due!  Anyway so we got that out of the way.  Now its time to move on to Georgia Double Run Offs.  Which the press has got to LOVE.  I think they're not 100% sure on how to cover anything extensively that isn't an election.  I guess Appointments is their next line of Stuff To Cover.  They'll cover some Appointments pretty enthusiastically.  After that I DUNNO WHAT THEY'LL TALK ABOUT.  Probably Trump Again, somehow.  Not 100% how that's gonna play out but I wouldn't put it past 'em.  Maybe buy into the presumptive first premise of President Biden's Agenda-- Fighting Corona virus.  Bring media on board with reasonable and responsible Politicians and be like hey it took a while but what if we actually addressed this shit now, right?  No time like the present!
  That's what they're saying twn ahd a half months from now.  Not NOW Present.  Such is life.  Can someone convince Trump that the ultimate revenge-move before leaving the white house is like I'M GONNA BLOW UP THE ECONOMY BY ADDRESSING CORONAVIRUS ADEQUATELY!  THEY'LL REGRET THE DAY THEY MOVED ON FROM DONALD TRUMP!  Hey trump you know what would really get people's goat?  Incorporating a Mandatory Mask Policy as well as Structured Quarantining and whatnot.  That'll show us REAL GOOD.  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Turns out Election Is Over Now and Biden ended up coming out on top.  The Update.  Not sure about this coverage Biden Was The Right Person At The Right Moment.  ANd no other Democratic Candidate could have done it.  What was so, "Right," about Biden.  Because he had moderate, not-as-popular-as-left-wing positions?  Possible that's the implication.  Because he's a White Man (Non Jewish?)  Could be the subtext.  Just because hey he won its easier and more of an aesthetic narrative that It Had To Be Him.  Makes sense to me!
     Cool.  I still kind of half expect them to be like actually we changed our minds Trump is winner.  Not really anymore.  I took a walk an hour after they called it and by the time I got back I did actually feel that might happen.  But it didn't.  And now I'm pretty confident that, since it lasted a good two hours now, it's set in stone!  Anyway good news is Pasta & Meatball in store for tonight and it coincides with me Actually Being Excited About That.  Sometimes it's jut yeah I'm okay with that meal whenever my parents want it.  Tonight?  I CAN, "DIG THAT," REAL GOOD.  Also a meal of Pasta is a quintessential meal that you DIG IN TO.  I know its a way of saying Eating Anything.  Dig in.  But when it comes to spaghetti for interested, Getting In There With Your Fork, Twisting the Spaghetti Around, really smacks of DIGGING.  Anyway if I was one of the Dozen or so Twitter People that were really only noteworthy re: polls and election numbers and whatnot, I'd write a long Farewell Post.  ANd be like it's been fun and I'll see you in two ye... wait we got 2 months for Georgia Runoffs (OSSOFF MUST HAVE AN ADVANTGE IN THE ONE HE'S IN, ITS IN HIS NAME) stay tuned!
Fascinating.  My favorite parts of this are watching other people react to it.  Seeing my Dad upbeat is wonderful.  Best moment was a day or two ago when Trump was giving a speech and they cut away from it after 20 seconds.  And my Dad was like BYE BYE FUCKER.  Maybe that's Too Much Sensitive Information about My DAd.  Now they know he's pleased by Trump no longer getting attention While Being A Fucker.  Because this stuff has been weighing on my Dad, like all of us, for four years.  BYE BYE FUCKER.  Also my Dad doesn't say, "Fuck," a lot!  But you love to see it is the point.  My Dad isn't 100% celebrating yet, though.  Still thinks they might steal it.  For me, I think they're past the point of being able to steal it.  But maybe that's jusht a thing we have to deal with.  None of us will EVER be any more than 90% comfortable again EVER.
     Hey such is life that's how things go I guess.  I know there's talk, as there was before Trump being elected in 2016, that he's gonna start his own TV channel.  Which I like!  I don't think it should be a 24 Hours News channel, though.  I want a Truman-Show-esque Trump Channel.  Just follows him 24 hours a day and it IS like the Truman show and not EdTV because they DO concoct a whole Pleasantville-esque World Around Him.  He KNOWS he's on TV but it's not just him going around in what would be his regular, post-election life.  More like some sort of concocted Sitcom-type world.  I feel very strongly about this.  I got a nice decent #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor coming up after a few sentences.  Yes the election is over but we cannot let go of the Fright just yet.  This Fall To Fright For (Tales From The Crypt Style) GOES ON UNTIL DECEMBER 21ST YA HEARD!  Watch The Wire Fall To Listen In To, though, will be over within a week easily.  Only the 5th season left!  And don't see myself cycling back around to it over the next month and a half.  I'll be back in a bit.




Things Are Getting Very Slightly Better

   I LIKE Those Odds!  Very Slightly could be a solid 15, 20% Better!  Hey How About That That's Wonderful.  I get to eat dinner in three hours or so!  I, well, yeah, you get the gist of it.  Presumably Trump is waiting to concede so he could be like Duhhh I'll concede relatively quickly if you guarantee not to go after me legally Duhhh I'm an asshole.  And then they're like duhhh sounds good to me duhhhhh we're assholes, too.  It's a grand compromise Between Assholes.  The point is I dunno if this entry'll be three acts or just two!  I can't wait to carry my Guitar Amplification System somewhere.  The way it's designed is really intuitive and FUN the way you can grasp it with your hand to carry it.  Totally intuitive and easy way to pick the thing up!  This makes no sense to anyone who HASN'T SEEN MY GAS.  If you saw it you'd be like oh yeah I definitely see what you're saying.  I'd like to pick this up to move it somewhere else and then put it back down, too!
That sort of thing.  What kind of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor do I have going for me after Act II.  Oh HEY that's a good one!  I've enjoyed that one the last month or two.  No reason that won't stop going into Watching It Today.  Might as well stop entry after Act II.  That's enough for today!  I got that going for me is the point.  Take a BATH after Act II!  Maybe a SHOWER.  Saw some of the Chants they were Chanting at Chant Rallies today and they're all pretty good but I'd like to see us take back the, USA!  USA!  USA! chant.  Really re-appropriate it! Because it's a FUN chant.  Very aesthetically pleasing and it's patriotic.  How about an I AM HAPPY chant.  Four syllables which mixes things up a bit but Definitely Doable.  The point is Yes I'm pot committed to finishing #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo, watch season 5, but its only a matter of time until its like Look McNulty tryin' to pull some weak ass shit this is the dumbest... can't we get rid of McNulty or something he's just making a mockery of this entire enterprise.
That sort of thing!  Starting to play Guitar A LIL Bit More.  We're talking not only is it doubling from 15 mionutes to 30 minutes a day, but I actual KIND OF? am enjoying it!  Hmm wonder if I could justify moving this Guitar Ampliffication System Across the room.  Gotta be a good reason to do that.  I can't just move it for NO Good Reason as much as I'd like to.  Gotta wait for an opportunity to present itself, a legit practical opportunity!  I feel very strongly about this!  You know, that sort of thing.  I wonder if during his speech tonight, Joe Biden will take off his Headmask and reveal he was Kamala Harris all along.  And then we pan to the other part of the room where supposedly-Kamala-Harris is standing, watching, and then she takes off HER Head Mask and turns out SHE'S JOE BIDEN!  Biggest bait and switch in American Politics EVER!
Cool, cool.  What else is going on and crap.  How do I transition from reading Twitter to much to, fuck, skip Reading Twitter A Lot, just all the way down to Reading Twitter Sporadically.  It's gonna be tough!  Instead of checking Twitter 240 times a day, let's say down to a dozen.  It CAN be done presumably.  It's gonna take some sort to get there, but it CAN be done.  OH Also if NJ legalizes.. I was about to say, "FREE WEED," by accident instead of Legalized Weed... an that's just ONE STEP EXTRA I'D LIKE... but if NY legalizes weed, NY can't be so far behind?  I mean, just practically.  Look, we're 45 minutes away from legal weed.  Just make it easy on us and get us some Legal Weed without a Car Drive Trip.  Right?  That'd MY Hot Take.  Also, from now on, only I am allowed to do Hot Takes.  Seems like a good compromise Re: Hot Takes.
     Great!  Anyway watched Some Original Child's Play on some Streamer and was like hmm too bad I can't continue this binge watching Franchise and now I see HEY Child's Play II and III are available on This OTHER STREAMER.  So I can get on that presumably is the point.  Maybe not tonight!  Maybe not tomorrow!  MAYBE tomorrow!  Even MAYBE Tonight It's Within The Realm Of Possibilities!  WTH I also watched the original DAWN OF THE DEAD and now am like Hey this other Streamer has DAY OF THE DEAD TOO!  Man what an embarassment of riches or whatever however that saying goes.  Maybe write an Act III after my BathShower, whatever, I don't care, I'll stick with the Three Act Format another day, whose gonna stop me, You?  Probably not!  You're way OVer THere, can't even get near me, how are you gonna stop me.  I'll PROBABLY be back in a little bit!




Wait.. LMLTURQ...

   Hey I just totally Took a Shower in My Bathtub In My Bathroom In My Second Floor of house In My House.  ANd so on and so forth.  Also watched the first Oh I Don't Know 25 MINUTES of Child's Play II: The Reckoning of Childs' Plays.  YEP 22 Minutes 57 SECONDS, 25 minutes was VERY CLOSE and certainly 100% accurate if we're rounding off to nearest multiples of 5 minutes!  Anyway I know like it seems Trump has been fucking our shit up FOREVER but in another way its like Hey four years.  Got Stuck With Him Got Rid Of Him.  That was kind of quick.  I know its not TOtal Victory the fight remains and it's not a perfect world by a long shot.  But in a way its like Yeah I think we'll get through this.  I can TOTALLY imagine a past without Trump now that I think about it, so along those lines, I can SORT OF easily imagine a future without him!
Cool!  I hope I don't turn out to be the main antagonist of the Biden Presidency.  It's gotta be someone and I supposed it's possible it'll be me, no less likely than Anyone Else.  But I'm NINETY TWO AND 57/60THS BEHIND BIDEN ALL THE WAY.  EXCEPT FOR THAT SEVEN AND 3/60THS WAY.  ALMOST ALL THE WAY BEHIND BIDEN.  It'll surely go down.  This Afternoon May Be PEAK Supporting Joe Biden Time.  Seems about right, such is life, you know, that sort of thing, so on and so forth.  Actually that's not true.  General Election was Peak Supporting Joe Biden Time.  I supported him a solid Oh I Don't Know 98 and 17/60THS the last few months going into Election Day.  And the support I DIDN'T give him was just based on wanting him to do better In Political Areas that might help/hurt his chances to win/lose/tie.  I forget what I was talking about.  Oh, right.  The Joe Biden Train is leaving the station!
Cool!  What would happen if I just started chanting USA USA USA.  I mean, if I did it loud enough, for a long enough time, it would be hard for my neighbors too ignore.  And, this sounds like a little but I mean it to sound like a lot, a solid 1/3rd chance a neighbor or two joins me.  And that would be AWESOME.  But I dunno my parents wouldn't be on board with it.  But that's something you can try.  Up to Tomorrow.  This weekend, Pre-Monday, you've got a small window to start chanting USA USA USA in your house/apartment and MAYBE get some people to join you.  Only about 30 hours to do it!  And you probably don't wanna do it tonight/tomorrow morning at the Wee Hours Of That There Day.  So only about 24 hours or so lets say. GET TO IT!
Cool.  Anyway my Dad was like in the future, it'll be like, Where Were You When They Announced Joe Biden Won.  And I was like AT HOME LIKE EVERYONE ELSE LOL.  Then I did A SLAM DUNK mime and slapped hands with anyone AND EVERYONE in sight.  Anyway, hey I ended up writing an entry today!  Took off yesterday because I was just too busy checking Any New Election Info.  Then today they called it relatively early and I was like hey I could write an entry today.  Why not whose gonna stop me You?  Not Likely!  Anyway gotta start dinner about Oh I Don't Know EIGHTY MINUTES from now?  And I got an hour (INCLUDING CREDITS) of Child's Play II left.  So I'm gonna finish that sucker BEFORE dinner.  Then I can watch Child's Plays III: The Reckoning of Childs' Plays' II immediately AFTER dinner!  I LIKE those odds!
     Wonderful.  I can't wait to see what kind of TEAM Joe Biden assembles.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I will be RELATIVELY pleased with it.  A fair amount of Progressives Peoples and Progressive Ideals Included.  Just a guess!  I could easily end up being wrong.  But I could ALSO easily end up being right.  It's all easy is the point when it comes to me.  Easy easy easy!  Charles Lee Ray as secretary of defense.  The best defense is a good offense.  Not 100% what that means.  Also there's a million plot holes in Child's Play, but how does Chucky (The soul of Charles Lee Ray who inhabits a doll) know the three lines he's SUPPOSED to know?  He never saw the commercial for Good Guy Dolls.  Even if he has there's no way he'd remember the right lines.  But when he's pretending to be Just A Regular Doll he knows the go-to lines!  Doesn't add up!  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-4:45 P.M.




Thursday, November 5, 2020

Really Makes Ya Think

   Heelo friends.  Where we at in The Wide World of Elections.  Pennsylvania Arizona Nevada and Georgia.  Also NORTH CAROLINA SLEEPER SWINGER.  But the point is I'm estimating it at around 90-98% chance Biden wins.  That's NOT GREAT considering I'm VERY Invested in the idea of him winning at this point!  Also maybe there's just some Widespread un-intentional miscalculation.  Oh we thought there were 600,000 votes left over ONLY 200,000 WHOOPS.  That kind of stuff CAN and Does AND WILL happen.  Wait scratch out the, "Will."  Well, lets say For All Future.  It mathematically will happen at some point in our FutureHistory.  But for now Hope It Doesn't!  Anyway totally cycled back around to #TalesFromTheCryptFallTofrightFor watching each episode in order.  We're talkin I'M UP TO EPISODE FOUR AGAIN!  Missed the last 8 minutes of Episode Three.  THey announced on Downstairs TV stuff about Nevada and I Was like I GOTTA CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!
Wonderful.  The point is, if I was Biden running in Arizona, I'd aim to have the most votes cast for me.  That's my strategy.  I'd be like hmm lets see what can we do to make sure I receive more votes than ALL my opponents but specifically just Donald, "The Current President For Now," Trump.  Got a nice super market delivery delivered today!  We're talkin I FORGOT TO GET SODA MAN WHATTA BONEHEAD MOVE.  But other than that Not So Bad!  DIdn't have Meatloaf which was a Bonehead Move on THEIR Part.  But the point is I got CHILI and I will have CHILI and some RICE today.  I'm callin it!  My lunch is gonna be chili and rice in about an hour!  I've seen enough as one might say.  Is it possible Fox News and/or Associated Press News calls race for Biden?  Once Nevada is in?  My guess is NO Won't Happen.  They might call Nevada and at the same time be like yo actually scratch that Arizona call our bad.
Also part of me was like, I don't trust Fox NEws.  Maybe them calling Arizona for Biden only to have Trump sneak back in was a GRAND CONSPIRACY for reasons I can't quite put together for now but was POSSIBLY some sort of SCAM.  I wouldn't put it past them!  I'd put it BEHIND them, maybe.  Under them, very likely.  Parallel to them, now you're talking my language!  Anyway possible REAL News Networks call race for Biden today?  I dunno I DON'T HAVE ALL THE FIGURES IN FRONT OF ME.  Anyway still got 1/1.5 drinks of alcohol left over but NO SODA to mix it with!  My Mom got some Ginger Ale left.  But she's ANTI- me drinking her ginger ale.  Then again, I could have one drink of Ginger Ale and she'd probably be None The Wiser. So I got that going for me is the point.
     Cool!  Apparently in Georgia there were 150,00- mail in ballots that the USPS sat on and now we're like well didn't get in on time CAN'T COUNT EM!  Also solid, oh, I Don't Know, EIGHTY percent chance that's a real story and I conveyed the facts contained therein accurately!  I can't repeat stuff I Hear On Twitter From Legitimate People anymore!  Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool me twice, not looking' good for me.  Fool me three times, at this point one of us is Foolish AND IT AIN'T ME FOR SURE!  I dunno what that means.  HEY looks like Democrats might have A CHANCE at 50/50 Control of The Senate: The Beloved Chamber of Government.  That'd be THE SHIT.  Everyone'd be like OH MAN THIS.. well... this is The Shit, like I said.  Like we said.  Real shitty.  IN THE ONLY WAY THAT COULD BE INTERPRETED-- IN A POSITIVE SENSE!
Cool.  Parental Units seem to be into French'd Toast for Supper.  I'm Okay WIth That!  MORE Than Okay With That!  I'm PRETTY OKAY WIth That!  Hey I get to take a break at the end of this paragraph.  We're talkin Oh I Don't Know AN EPISODE OF #TALESFROMTHECRYPTFALLTOFRIGHTFOR?  Or Maybe AN EPISODE OF #WATCHTHEWIREFALLTOLISTENINTO?  So many great choices!  Two.  Two Great Choices.  That's All You Need!  I was thinking about it and I was like hmm wonder if I can watch Return Of THe Living Dead Part II smoewhere.  I know I can't but wouldn't it be nice.  That's what the Beach Boys were talking about.  Wouldn't it be nice to watch the Return Of The Living Dead Trilogy.  First Three.  After that it's some cheap dumbass direct-to-video snoozes of movies.  Anyway is Arizona aware that they still have votes to count?  Maybe someone needs to remind Arizona about this.  Because I'd like to know whose gonna win Arizona.  I'm HEAVILY invested into it all things considered!  I'll be back in a bit.





Nothing Better To Do

   Hwy friends.  Still a good chance Biden wins!  Nothing definite though PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Still having Lunch Right NOw PER MY UNDESRSTANDING.  Anyway considering Newspaper Likes Clever Headlines day after Big Election, but Biden is ahead but not 100% Counted, Just Biden His Time is pretty much the most serendipitous way to deal with those two facts, right?  In a related story, I had rice + Chili + One Wing for lunch and the Wing and mORE IMPORTNATLY the chili could have been heated up better?  Rice was right on point.  Wing wasn't hot but I can LIVE with that.  Chili should have been harder.  CHILLY?  MORE LIKE ROOM TEMPERATURE YA HEARD.  Might take a walk after Act II of entry.  Ben OVER HALF A YEAR since I took a Walking Break MID-Entry!  Also figured it I had the Dollar Dollar Bills Ya'll, I'd get a 375 ML of Alcohol ONCE A WEEK.  I have LOTS of Quarters.  But at MOSt one or two weeks' worths!
     Cool!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  The good news is I'm Re-Upping My Soda Supply with Amazon: Amazon Fresh &/OR Something.  Also if AND gets its own symbol In English-- WHY NOT OR.  Hmm probably a LATIN symbol for OR.  Like in Philosophy Math.  Is that a thing?  I feel like Latin Philosophy Math is a thing.  Anyway it's good if Biden Just Wins but a REAL good scenario going into 2021 is if Biden releases a Winter Alt/Indie Rock Playlist.  Get us all on the same page going into THe Long Cold COVID winter. Also, cold, Covid, VERY similar words in regards to the letters that compose them.  SEems kind of like a scam, right?  Also Not HIS OWN music.  He's not very well known for doing his own music.  He's just putting together a Winter Playlist of HIS favorite alt rock/pop-punk rock/indie rock songs.  WINTER THEMED at that!
     Cool.  Hey we're a Pop Punk Band.  WELL LETS LET YOUR ACTUAL AUDIENCE TO DETERMIN THAT.  Pop means popular.  You can't just say WE'RE A POPULAR PUNK BAND.  I need PROOF that you're possible.  Gotta imagine the, "Pop," in all terms regarding, "Pop Music," is generally from the word, "popular," right?  Well we don't HAVE to imagine it.  It would work out in our favor, though! Because it's PROBABLY MOSTLY accurate.  So we'd be way ahead of the game by imagining it at this early stage.  Get in on the ground level!  That's the point I'm trying to make.  Who cares what POP means.  No one is asking what ROCK means.  Because they know!  ROck 'n Roll!  Yeah but what does THAT mean.  I... uhh... it means... hmm.  Also does the abundance of Music Aligned Enterprises using the term, "Rolling Stone," means just because it's a clever phrase in terms of the phrase, "Rock n Roll?"  Or maybe that was EXPLICITLY where Rock n Roll: The Phrase comes from?  I DUNNO!
     One day I hope to get to the bottom of that but not today I've got better things to do.  Anyway I have a delicious French'd Toast in store for tonight.  Not even just one French Toast.  MULTIPLE French Toasts.  French Toasts that's like when you're drinking Champagne with your friends and make a Pact Of Something To Celebrate Or Feel Good About Or Something Right?  NAILED IT!  The point is Biden will probably win, but lets be honest, neither Biden or Trump ran a great Champagne.  Now Biden is gonna be the toast of the town!  I can't imagine all these sycophants sucking up to Biden like they do with Trump.  He'd just be like hey that's great what else is going on.  Gotta work on my Biden Character.  As of now His Voice just sounds A Lot Like Me.  Needs improvement!  That'd be my review of Home Improvement.  Needs Improvement!  Even that's a little too generous.  I've seen this show probably dozens of times and I don't think they have it in them to get any better.
     What else is going on and crap.  Got Double Left Eye Contact Lenses on.  It's called Being EFFICIENT.  Making THE MOST of a bad situation!  That sort of crap.  What else is going on and crap.  Feel good about returning to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor later today.  After AfternoonWalk.  Maybe before AfternoonWalk I dunno I'm not here to give you definitive answers on anything!  I think Biden can start Being President even before he's sworn in.  Just put out a PSA where its like WEAR A MASK!  And then the Republicans get all twisted about it and are like TRUMP IS STILL PRESIDENT AND BIDEN IS TRYING TO UNDERMINE HIM WITH THIS POLITICAL MESSAGE BEFORE HE'S EVEN BEEN SWORN IN?  LETS IMPEACH THIS MOTHER FUCKER NEXT MONTH.  Next Four Years.  At least I, IN THEORY, won't care.  I can avoid keeping up with the news to SOME extent.  But for it to be 100% the case I'd need to convince my parents to not watch Cable News everyday.  I dunno we'll have to see how that goes!  Be back in a bit.





Titles Are Hard Work!

   Jeez it's never easy.  Biden down 100K in Pennsylvania, SHUOLD catch up BUT WHO KNOWS.  There's all sorts of INTENTIONAL and UNINTENTIONAL SHENANIGANS. Shenanigans can be unintentional.  It's the restful of the thing that makes it a shenanigan, not the intention!  I feel very strongly about this.  In the sense that I don't feel strongly about this at all.  And to the extent I DO feel strongly about this, I actually kinda feel the exact opposite.  So we got that going on is the point.  Shouldn't Shenanigans be a Chain Restuarnt.  Like a Fuddruckers.  Or the fictional one in OFFICE SPACE, I wanna say... LMLTURQ... CHOTCHIES.  I thought it would be like BENNAGINS or something.  Either way eat at my Family Dinning Enterprise Shenanigans.  Now in NEGATIVE FOUR LOCATIONS.
  The point is who are Joe Biden's favorite comedians.  I bet he likes Oh I Don't Know... I DON'T know.  He may not enjoy stand up comedy at all!  I think if Trump wants to re-integrate into Decent Society step ONE is participating in a REAL ALL OUT ROAST.  No kiddie roast.  No kid gloves roast.  We're talkin REAL ROAST.  And that's just STEP ONE.  Doesn't get him out of jail free, but it's a GOOD first step.  That seems to check out as long as there's like 8,000 more steps.  Really!  That being a first step, and then there being 7,999 more SIMILAR and/or better and/or worse steps MAYBE we can have a discussion about Trump's future after that.  Hmm gotta make sure Trump doesn't Win Election first.  If he wins election he may NEVER be forced to subject himself to A Good Ribbing.
     What else is going on and crap.  At this point I guess I'm still interpreting it as about 90% chance Biden wins.  All things considered.  Well, some things considered.  The point is sure I can go to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after this entry is done.  I can do lots of things!  Right now that's in the lead!  I haven't even truly contemplated any other options thoroughly!  Isn't it a thing where they delayed mail in ballots on purpose, they had arrived at USPS Sorting Center and then left there, and we know where they are, and we shuold count them in Georgia ETC?  Sure SOUNDS like a thing but I dunno only about 80% sure that's a Thing.  Also, Provisional Ballots-- A Thing or NOT A Thing?  I dunno following the news is really hard! That's why I'm SO Over Following the news.  In theory.  In practice that's gotta be pretty hard.  That's MY Hot Take and Whatnot!  YO CHECK IT OUT BIDEN LESS THAN 100K FROM TRUMP IN PENNSYLVANIA: THE STATE.  We're Talkin ONLY DOWN BY FIVE DIGITS!  That's NO MORE than ONE HANDFUL.
Fascinating.  Looks like they be legalizing Marijuana: The Plant That Gets You High all over America!  I think New Jersey even!  If I had a car I could go to New Jersey and get weed!  And if I had a car, presumably, I could drive to a dealer in New York and get weed!  Turns out I just need a car.  THAT'LL get me towards drugs.  Do you need a State ID to get weed in places?  I dunno I Don't THINK So but on the other hand seems like a logical way to do it to respect other states' forced sobriety of their constituents.  I remember when I bought weed I'd have a seed or two that I would REPEATEDLY OVER AND OVER try to smoke.  Just light that Seed or also, what's it called, that Mini-Branch, on fire a dozen times in a row trying to coax SOME sort of marijuana out of it.  Never works, though!  I had to learn that THE HARD WAY.  Wasn't so hard.  Maybe kind of frustrating.  Not DIFFICULT, though, all things considered.
Is it possible election will be Called by tomorrow's entry?  Sure.  Is it possible it won't be?  Sure.  Is it possible tomorrow never happens and I have to live today again like a Groundhog's Day?  Probably not but we can't count anything out at this point.  Always all sorts of Shenanigans the universe could play on our (my) reality.  The good news is in the mean time my (our) reality is probably gonna be very similar to the realities we're all used to.  Not sharp 90 degree terms.  Smooth Sailing when it comes to Reality!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-4:20 P.M.





Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Down With Hot Takes

   Hey wonderful news!  I dunno what it IS but there's bound to be some Wonderful News out there!  Well, looks LIKELY Biden wins his campaign to become President of the United States for a term of four years.  PRETTY Likely.  Then again I thought it was PRETTY Likely he'd win before last night votes started coming in, so who knows!  THe moral of the story is, either way, I'm DUNZO with Twitter other than Ha-Ha People & Associates.  I'm starting to realize yes most of these people are just WRONG all the time!  The point is I was ready for Four MOre YEars in the wilderness and now with Biden being president hopefully, and unfortunately maybe a Republican senate, it's four more years in the STATE FOREST.  Not quite wilderness but still a crappy place to be stranded without MASKING TAPE and/or Pants.  Those are the two items Survivalists Need, right.  Gotta have masking tape and a nice pair of pants.
     Seems to check out.  Is that was a survivalist is.  Yuo know what I'm getting at.  DAMNIT I know Trump may still win, I'm not getting ahead of myself here!  I'm just Doing My Job.  Writing Internet Ha-Ha's & Whatnots.  Anyway.  Last night I was thinkin maybe it's abot time to be to quit being a hopeful guy and just give into cynicism.  No balence or anything.  Just embrase all out cynicism.  Seems to check out, I dunno.  Anyway went ahead and got a whole 375 ML portion of Alcohol yesterday.  Which really worked out in my favor!  I drank last night til my hearts' context.  Figure I'll take a longer sized break so I could re-calibrate & whatnots.  The point is even if I do end up reading Hot Takes all the time, my main hobby of the last six months is DUNZO.  We're talking CHECKING OUT POLLS.  And the real kicker is THEY WERE WAY OFF.  Fuckin' waste of my time!  I figured it I checked the polls all the time they'd be right.  I figured incorrectly!
     Cool.  Also I harbor no ill will to Cuban Americans.  How could they have known they'd get us depressed and worried from the getgo.  Getgo?  Gitmo!  America Torture Prison for, "Terrorists," based in Cuba.  You know, that sort of thing!  Anyway maybe it turns out Arizona is the tipping point state and maybe it turns out it was because they didn't like Trunmp shitting on Jonathon McCain and maybe it turns out I CALLED THAT SHIT MONTHS AGO.  But also maybe there's a 90% scenrio where none of that checks out.  That's MY Hot Take.  Also when you couch Hot Takes in Jokes and Exaggeration c'mon ain't no hot take.  Just bein' silly.  So it's Ok to have, "Silly," Hot Takes.  In fact, its encouraged!  That's my Ho... that's my opinion that you shouldn't take to heart.
What else is going on in the wide world of BIDEN IS KING.  I know a lot of depressing Hot Takes are like I can't believe all these people are on board with Trump.  Well get aload of this EVEN MORE ARE ON BOARD WITH BIDEN.  GET ON THE BIDEN TRAIN CHOO CHOO CHOO here we go!  Even if Republicans control Senate Biden Train Is TAKING OFF.  He's gonna get it ALL done.  Why, executive orders for this.  Executive orders for that.  And that's just TWO examples of what a President Biden might accomplish!  We're talkin' INFRASTRUCTURE.  Only the best infrastructure for America!  Get people ridin' around on highways without risk of the highways collapsing and your cars fall into the sewer.  No more worries!
     Hey what else is going on.  Almost done with Act I of the entry.  The point is I dunno.  Biden can still lose!  I'm not offering any Hot Takes on if he wins or loses!  I'm even less qualified to do hot takes than all these peopld doing hot takes that are wrong!  Also I wanna get some slang where someone is giving a good hot take and then someone else is like THat's Some Good HOT LUNCH.  ALso is Hot Lunch a term people are aware of?  When I was in elementary school, the cafeteria table was divided into two.  The people who had Lunches Prepared At Home and the people who ate, "Hot Lunch," the lunch prepared by the cafeteria enterprise.  I dunno why we were segregated.  It might have just been for some reason we arranged ourselves that way.  I don't think they MADE us sit segregated.  Anyway first half of Elementary School I had prepared lunch.  Second half I had Hot Lunch!  And I'm ALL ABOUT Hot Lunch these days (In Theory).  I'll be back in a bit.





   Look, I know it's tainted by us preparing ourselves to accept Trump winning, and also the fact that even if Biden wins it's way too close than it should be... but if they call it for Biden, which looks plausible... Isn't that a, "GREAT SUCCESS?"  I get they preformed shitty in house and senate.  I get that too many people Like Trump.  But still Biden being president is kinda what we all wanted?  Also the other part is We've Seen Not To Get Ahead Of Ourselves and prepare for a definite Biden Win.  And i'm not doing that.  But if I WERE to prepare myself for a LIKELY Biden win I'd be like hmm gotta prepare to be REALLY HAPPY.  Seems about right, right?  Right!
     Gonna have Part II of Communal Roast'd Chicken for lunch today.  Still got a handful of Potato Half Spheres!  Then for dinner WHO KNOWS!  LOTS OF GOOD OPTIONS!  Anyway set up Super Market Delivery order for tomorrow.  We're talkin I'ma get some CROISSANTS.  PLAIN CROISSANTS.  GOTTA BUY FOUR AT A TIME, SO FOUR IS WHAT I'M GETTING.  WOULD I RATHER JUST GET TWO?  YES PROBABLY.  NOT AN OPTION, THOUGH!  MAYBE MOM AND/OR DAD WILL HAVE ONE AND/OR TWO I DUNNO I don't wanna get too ahead of myself!  That sort of thing.  Also isn't there still a plausible scenario where DEMOCRATS HOLD ALL THREE CHAMBERS?  I mean it may be under 50% but that's still on the table presumably!  And that all in all is a GREAT SUCCESS.  Then the Republicans will be like yeah they were all elected but they didn't win by THAT much, clearly we represent the REAL majority of the people.  So we got that to look forward to.
     Cool!  What else do I got going on in the wide world of sports.  I have to decide WHEN and WHERE to have lunch.  Well narrowed down Where to My House.  I can probably further narrow it down to My Room but I don't wanna get ahead of myself.  And the when?  Probably in around 1-2 hours that'd be my instinct.  The point is I had a lot of fun drinking, what, Tequila?  OH, "White Rum."  Solidly NOT a 1/2 palindrome for, "Murder."  Anyway first time in like 5 or 6 months with a LIQUOR.  And it was great!  I totally got relatively pretty drunk and everything.  For all the takes that I can't believe so many Americans are this dumb/racist.  Gotta be thinking Glass is SLIGHTLY MORE THAN HALF FULL! This ain't evn a glass is half full/half empty scenerio.  We KNOW the glass is SLIGHTLY MORE THAN HALF FULL.  It's called BEING SILLY.  I get that 47% of the country either being extremely dumb and/or extremely racist is sigincant.  What if 47% of Americans were racist.  Would I be here saying YEAH BUT 53% OF AMERICANS NEVER RAPED A SINGLE PERSON IN THEIR LIFETIME.
I dunno, maybe!  Not sure whether to stick with Dumb Optimism or switch over to Clever Cynicism.  Next few hours my determine that for me FOR WHAT, THE NEXT Oh I Don't Know FOUR YEARS?  What else is going on and crap.  Wide world of sports.  Anyway if they call it for Biden Today I can be totally like OH SHIT GONNA WATCH SOME #TALESFROMTHECRYPUTFALLTOFRIGHTFOR.  That's the nice thing about Comfort Food.  You can obviously eat it in stressful times to ATTAIN comfort.  But the other side of the coin is, when things are going your way, Comfort TV Food is The Freakin' ICE CREAM ON THE CAKE.  It's all like ok Biden Wins and I'm like OMG I'M GONNA WATCH THAT EPISODE WHERE THE GUY IS IN A CENTRAL AMERICAN COUNTRY LOOKING FOR A VALUABLE JEWEL BUT HE MIGHT BE GETTING MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR without the stress of next/extension of current President Up In The Air.
  I think the headline of Newspaper, whoever wins President, should be, "DONALD TRUMP:  WHAT AN ASSHOLE!"  It covers all the bases, whether he wins or loses.  Anyway gotta imagine that Trump is WAY ahead in the Rapist Vote.  What kind of podcast did I listen to on my MorningWalk oh I don't' know only the ANDY RICHTER PODCAST with this episode featuring PAUL THOMPINKS.  And that'll presumably what I listen to during Afternoon Walk!  You don't change Horses in midstream!  Unless your horse is Trump Presidency.  In which case YOU GOTTA GET ON ANOTHER HORSE AND FAST I DON'T CARE HOW FAR INTO THIS STREAM WE ARE!  That sort of thing.  Also the episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor is the one with WHOOPFORD GOLDBERG.  If Biden wins my Newpapre Headline would be, "USA!  USA!  USA!" because despite Too Many Trumpers The USA IS FINALLY BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK.  And let's work on improving those tracks immediately.  INFRASTRUCTURE!  I'll be back in a bit.




Up With No Takes

   Fascinating.  Look Trump may still win and let's all get prepared to be despondent and whatnot for the next 48 months.  THat doesn't sound so bad.  Four more years of Trump sounds like a LOT.  Only 48 months?  We can take that One Month At A Time.  PReusmably.  We may not have a choice in the matter!  Anyway I dunno what to do.  Life Goes On!  And anything that happens today isn't just by chance.  It's based on what happened yesterday.  And anything that happens tomorrow is based on what happens today.  So whether one thing happens or not, that's just the way it had to go.  For better or worse!  I dunno I don't know PHILOSOPHY.  I took some sort of PHILOSOPHY CLASS I FORGET MOST OF THE DETAILS.  I've listened to the Ben Folds song Philosophy ISN'T THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU PEOPLE?
     Sweet!  I figure life will go smoothly enough if Biden wins.  Why It's Only he probably CAN put together a national strategy and whatnot to fight CoronaCases.  He probably CAN use police officers to remove Trump from White House SHOULD IT COME TO THAT  AND hire a team of elite custodians to wipe the Stank off the Oval Office.  Anyway I can't wait for this entry to be over.  Then I can watch Why It's Only #TheWireFallToListenInTo.  Then eat lunch or somethin'  Then take a walk!  Then do some other stuff.  Then take a shower.  Some more stuff. T Hen eat dinner!  I guess I've Got It All Mapped Out, Don't I.  Yeah I Guess So!  Anyway the biggest news of the entire week is I DIDN'T FORGET TO ORDER CHILI THIS TIME AROUND.  HEY FRIENDSi CHILI IS IN MY VERY NEAR FUTURE!  By which I mean I'm moving to Chile.  Gotta imagine that's better than Here.  I dunno off the top of my Dome I think Chili might be a right wing country, too.  LMLTURQ.  Well they're saying Chile is a LEGIT ALL OUT DEMOCRACY.  So I guess Good For Them?  I dunno if RIghtwingers are in charge, but if they are, Hey Democracy Huh That's Pretty Good Just By ITself.
     Cool!  CHILI DAVIS.  VERY Adequate DH/1B.  TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO!  Gottem.  Move to Canada where presumably it's Chilly often.  I can imagine Canada being similar to USA weather wise but on the colder side all things considered!  Canada is CLOSE to Snowland.  Snowland at the top of the globe is obviously cold, Canada nearer there than USA, Canada is more of a SnowLand than America is!  Cracked that code.  Gotta imagine it'll be Chilly outside when I take my 2nd Walk of the day in a couple of hours.  That is If There STILL IS an outside!  Gotta imagine there will be.  I can't imagine one single scenario where there won't be an outside in a few hours!  VERY unlikely that'll happen.
     Two paragraphs to go!  I LIKE those odds.  The point is even if Biden wins I think I'm gonna switch more to Clever Cynicism than Dumb Optimism.  I'll try to strike a fair and balanced balance between the two.  But having a little bit of a safety cushion for the next 4 years of a Moderate President'll give me some leeway to be like yep gonna indulge in this cynicism it's ACCURATE whose gonna stop me YOU?  But also Hey OPTIMISM!  IT AIN'T THAT NOT GREAT THINGS ARE OKAY ALL IN ALL PRESUMABLY.  Fair and balanced balance!  The point is Yes I Will Watch An Entire Episode of #WatchTheWIreFAllToListenInTo when this entry is over.  Then re-evaluate my life 50 minutes after that started! 
     Cool!  Last paragraph.  What a wonderful year it has been.  Why, it's only... uhhh... upon further introspection KIND OF A Shitty Year all things considered?  HOWEVER ALSO Kind of a Not So Bad Year all things considered?  ONLY ONE OF THESE THINGS CAN BE RIGHT.  No it doesn't.  Hmm I make an interesting counter-point to myself.  When I was thinking Trump was gonna win I was like hmm now a good time to get crackin' on some new music.  Screw the website lets get into some music.  I dunno WHY that was my reaction.  It just WAS.  But maybe I carry that over to even if Biden wins!  Music is important!  Websites somewhat less so!  All Things Considered!  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow presumably.

-12:00 P.M.




Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Results Show that I WON?!?!

   Anyway the amazing news is that I somehow have a single beer left over for today!  Two good options with that.  A couple of BAD options.  Good options are Save It For Late Tonight when I'm really gonna need it (Celebration beer and/or Stress beer and/or Disappointment beer), and SAve It For Act II of the entry when I'm really gonna need it (Keep everything going).  Anyway wearing Glasses today after Doube Single Eye Contact Lenses Wearings yesterday.  My vision was great but by the evening I was getting a head ache.  Gotta imagine wearing WronG Contact Lenses could easily give someone a head ache.  I Don't Want A Head Ache!  I can't go see an Ear Nose & Throat Doctor now THERE'S A CORONAVIRUS RUNNING AMUCK.  So, great, we got that going on for us.  Anyway had delicious Cup o Noodles with Chicken Nuggets for dinner last night.  That means I get BAgel & Egg for lunch Today Pre-Night.  Cool!
     Cool!  Final Main 2 Election Models have Biden up 89.5% and/or 97%.  Let's split the difference, and not really count the 97%, and just say Biden up by 90%!  That's, uh, what's the BEST poker analogy.  Inside straight draw on the turn.  All cards known it's about a 4 out of 46?  That's slightly less common than Trump Wins but then again if we go back to Estimations and weigh the 97% heavierly then suddenly we're talkin Inside Striaght going into the river!  And no oh I also win if I get this two pair or a set.  NO INSIDE STRAIGHT OR NOTHIN!  I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THIS!  From what I can gather, the main difference in Election Models is that 538 includes the Crappiest Polls, but weighted just a little bit, while Economist Model seems to just ignore them all completely.  Hmm really makes ya think.  One would imagine.  Bring me to the VERGE of thinking, anyway.
Wonderful.  What kind of wonderful walk did I have today.  Why it's only a very similar walk to what I've been having for close to the last few weeks.  Yep that seems to check out.  Also when we're walking by people, masks or not, to what extent are we instinctually holding our breaths.  I mean, you see someone coming to pass you in the opposite direction, it certainly can't HURT to be like alright I can go without breathing for a solid six seconds, that's no problem.  I mean it's a HASSLE to constantly stop breathing but I gotta imagine I'm not the only one doing this.  From what I can tell I only have about 1.15 episodes of Season III #WatchTheWireToFallListenInT.. wait lemme start over.  From what I can tell I only have about 1.15 episodes of Season III #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  Was PRETTY close the first time.  Just mixed up the, "Fall," and the, "To."  FASCINATING.
Cool!  Gotta put together Super Market Order today.  I have tomorrow to do it, too.  But why wait?  It's fun!  Got communal Roast'd Chicken for dinner tonight/Lunch tomorrow.  Then I got a dinner for night that's totally up in the air!  Probably gonna have beer with Act II.  Gives me something to do and whatnot!  Anyway.  I never did the follow up thing where I can check to see status of My Vote.  I heard that hurts your Voting Score.  Just looking up your vote brings i... ah you get the joke I'm trying to make.  Credit score or something.  Checking it hurts it PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  NOt exactly sure what it is in the first place?  How often yuo pay off your credit or something?  I dunno.  Yep it's a Real Thing but also not as true as some people think.  Checking it EXTENSIVELY Or Something can affect it but just a Quick Glance they won't hold against you.  Also what is a credit score?  That's for THE COURTS to decide!
     Cool!  Who shuold be president for thge next four years.  That's for THE COURTS to decide!  Wait that doesn't sound right.  Pretty sure that's not how its supposed to work.  In fact QUITE sure.  We're talking Clearly Favored in the direction That's Not How It's Supposed To Work.  Maybe cycle around to some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor during Upcoming Act I/Into Act II Break.  Beer with ACT II, Lunc with ACT III, There is no Act IV or Act V, Act VI starts around midnight.  Up to around Act XI tomorrow.  Isn't that the leader of China/  XI?  LMLTURQ.  XI JINPING.  Or, translated into English, ELEVEN JINPING.  Anyway today's entry is just about 1/3rd done!  I like those odds!  I was thinking about taking the day off but then I'd have an entry sized hole in my heart.  And I don't like those odds!  I'll be back in a little bit.




Didn't See That Coming

   Well if I had to estimate the chances Biden wins, I'd go out on a limb and say EITHER 89.5% or 97%.  Got a good feeling of those exact numbers.  Definitely those are my top two guesses PERSONALLY.  Still a chance Trump wins.  We'd all be like FUCK NOW WE'RE FUCKED.  So we got that to look forward to possibly.  MOre likely we find a middle ground COMPROMISE where Biden wins but Trump won't accept the results at first.  Sounds like a good compromise!  Better than Trump winning, not as good as a peaceful transfer of power to Biden.  ART OF THE DEAL!  Is it actually possible if Texas and Florida turn Blue that Republicans will Actually Be Like hmm Electoral College not such a huge fan of it anymore!  Probably not, because even if Texas is a swing state it's still better for them than Popular Vote WOULD BE MY GUESS.  But, I dunno, maybe that's a fringe benefit of Biden winning Texas.  Possibly makes people wanna get rid of Electoral College a little more bipartisanly.
     You know that sort of thing.  Got some beer going.  Gotta make this one count!  Only One!  I like these states that are in the mid to high teens in Electoral Votes.  Hey not bad!  You way ahead of IDAHO & WHATNOT.  You may not be a Top State but all together 18 Electoral Votes is nothin' to sneeze at!  Also ever since I talked about Sneezing sounding like someone saying A JEW, A JEW, I say that explicitly now most times I sneeze.  It's called ENTERTAINING myself wit WEIRD OCD type precision!  I bet Biden's first act as Super President will be a COVID-19 RELATED THING.  He's gonna be all like alright we gotta SHUT. IT.  DOWN.  The economy?  Not Really.  Quarantining?  Maybe A Little!  But really THE VIRUS.  WE SHUTTING DOWN THIS PIECE OF SHIT VIRUS IT'S GONNA WISH IT NEVER MESSED WITH THE LIKES OF JOSEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN JR.  Also after today hopefully we can get back to the idea that yeah Biden is pretty good but in the end Just Another POlitician.  Counting down the hours!  I DON'T look forward to that.  It's fun to delude yourself that your options are better than they really are.  I ENJOYED (/WILL ENJOY?) being dumbly overly into Biden all things considered!
     Cool!  Is Covid-19 possibly a direct result of them discontinuing the cereal Product 19?  Also what kind of equation gets you a Product 19.  Off the top of my head, 19 times 1.  Let's say 9.5 times 2'll get us there.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  I know it's not a popular opinion, not a lot of buzz around it, but I hope OHIO is tipping point state!  It's flown under the radar because not as good chance as other Midwestern Purple States, not as exciting as Sun Belt and whatnot, but C'MON ITS OHIO I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  Pretty sure that's what they USED to say was the Ultimate Swing State.  Maybe in 2004 or something like that.  Maybe 2008, too!  I DUNNO I DON'T HAVE ALL THE NUMBERS IN FRONT OF ME.  Ohio is another state that's more metropolitan then New York.  Off the top of my head, they got CINCINNATI.  They've got CLEVELAND.  LMLTURQ what else cities they got.  HOLY SHIT Columbus, Ohio BLOWS BOTH THOSE CITIES OUT OF THE WATER.  I never even really THOUGHT about Columbus that way.  It's A MILLION PEOPLE CITY?  Well we all learned something today.  Ohio is a place.  Lots of cities.  That sort of thing.  COLUMBUS IS THE 14th MOST POPULOUS CITY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  WOW talk about flying in under the radar!
     Cool!  I think it's possible people haven't been counting votes/polling the people in Columbus, Ohio because they weren't aware that they existed.  That could give the election to Biden RIGHT THERE.  It's revealed that Columbus exists, its a major city so it's gotta be pro-Biden, THERE'S THE ELECTION RIGHT THERE!  See I knew Ohio Had It In Them!  I know Purple State means it's between Red and Blue-- Republican and Democrat. But is Purple REALLY a mix of Red and Blue?  NO one's ever researched this before.  LMLTURQ.  Well YUP turns out it's purple.  You gotta fact check these things, though!  You never know unless you've done the research yourself!  Hmm what's Blue Plus Yellow.  GREEN?  Didn't see THAT one coming.  Green is the best color, too!  So now we know the best collar is Blue Plus Yellow.  Glad we figured that one out.
Alright one more paragraph then its time for a break!  Figure I'll watch some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor during upcoming break.  Maybe the one where the two people wearing masks have Halloween Sex and GHASTLY consequences ensue!  It was recently Halloween In Real Life so it is kind of relevant!  Also is Halloween the sexiest day of the year?  Gotta have some people looking into that one because I think it's definitely Up There.  In theory I could get a beer during next walk but I feel like being responsible and not abusing my parents' trust This Week.  Maybe a British #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Maybe lots of things! How about the one with CHEECH Marin.  I wonder if that's a stage name.  Cheech and Chong were just two characters that 2 guys made up.  Better LTURQ.  YEP his last name IS Marin but his first and second name is Richard Anthony.  Glad we got that covered it was very pertinent information.  What about Chong?  LMLTURQ.  NOPE THAT'S TOTALLY HIS NAME 100%  I'll be back in a little bit.




Well I guess

   Well I got bagel and Egg right now!  Actually re-thinking maybe getting 2-3 mini shot glasses of alcohol.  No One Will Know!  Except for you!  And anyone you might tell!  And anyone that they might tell.  Luckily, the amount of all those people 2 or 3 times removed from me is Just ONe, The Guy Whose Me.  Eggs A BIT too weel done but not too bad.  I'm pretty sure most Alcohol Shops also offer Election Day Voting.  I should check the status of my presumptive vote just in case.  You know, that sort of thing.  Anyway, haven't had Liquor since, I dunno, May or June.  What kind would I get?  Why there's only VOdka, there's only whiskey, there's scotch, rum, TEQUILA.  I dunno.  I've got 2 Five Dollar Bills.  THat shuold be enough for 3 drinks, right?  If not, I GOT PLENTY OF QUARTERS (25 Cent Pieces) as a back up!
      Cool!  Only sure thing to watch is finish last episode of Act III of #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  Maybe, hey, this feels Right for today, maybe start getting back into The Simpsons!  I don't know why it feels right!  It doesn't even physically feel right!  Makes not a single solitary impression on me Physically.  But Thematically In My Life it feels right!  On the one hand, I told my parents I wouldn't buy bonus alcohol.  On a similar hand, it's ever slightly so risky to go inside and buy alcohol.  But on THE OTHER hand, hey I'm adult I got the cash (2 Fives) why not just go with what I wanna do.  Hmm alcohol is all well and good but what If I just had another Bagel With Egg right now.  Anyway I'm pretty sure I have the kind of frying pan that doesn't need to be coated with butter to get Somethin A-Cookin.  But I was taught to do it with butter.  So I do it with butter!  Get off my back about it!
     Getting alcohol isn't cheating myself.  I know I like alcohol!  I know I'd drink slightly more on a week-by-week basis if I had it up to me!  When you look at it that way I'd be Dumb to not get three drinks to spread over the rest of the day and/or night.  Hmm do I set up Arbitrary Times for Alcohol Consumption.  Maybe first drink is at 5, second is at Oh I Don't know 7, and the third is at oh I don't know 8.  Man those are some Great Drinking TImes off the top of my head.  I'm pleased with myself for knocking out some arbitrary times out of the park!  Also if for some reason I don't finish 3 drinks by midnight gotta toss out the remaining alcohol in the trash.  I was supposed to drink it on election night!  If I didn't get to it TOTALLY USELESS TO ME SEE YA LATER.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Also got a Solid Shower to look forward to!  I LIKE those odds!  May even have my Solid Shower BEFORE walk (and/or Alcoholic Purchases).  I'm practically Out Of Shampoo though LIKE A CHUMP.  I still have A BIT but it's not enough that I can SQUEEZE and SQUEEZE bottle upside down til my Hearts' Content but nothin comes out!  Gotta UNSCREW entire Top and just pour into my palm whatever amount of shampoo happens to come out!  The point is Yes I have but one piece of French'd Baguette left over for today and tomorrow and I'M 100% On Board With That.  Gonna finish it most definiteluy before next Super Market Delivery!  And also I get to enjoy it Just The Once Time!  I think I had a dream last night I watched Kingpin AGAIN.  And that was the context in the dream.  Not just watching Kingpin, but watching it AGAIN!
Last paragraph and whatnot.  Lookin' forward to Some Delicious Dinner.  GOt a bit of rice and a bit of potato left over.  Figure I'll have rice with chicken tonight, potato with chicken tomorrow.  Then Dinner tomorrow is Oh I Don't Know maybe a frozen meal without bonus rice!  Maybe a Frozen Pizza COncotion.  Maybe ELBOWISH MACARONI or something that sounds like it might hit the spot in roughly 30 hours.  Also someone shuold explain to The Macaroni People that Elbows are OFTEN a straight line and not any kind of angle better Zero and 180 Degrees. Dunno if the geometry is right on that one.  I got better things to do to Fact Check Some Geometry.  Well that's just great, the entry is over.  Good Luck To America tonight!  See ya later.

-1:12 P.M.




Monday, November 2, 2020

This Is Fun For Me

   Well lets get the Great news out of the way-- Zero Thousand Five Hundred And Thirty Eight Point Zero has updated Biden from favored to CLEARLY FAVORED.  I never thought I'd see the day!  Well I kinda did.  Figured it was a solid 60/40 I'd see the day.  And now those odds Paid Off Bigly.  Anyway got rif of my Two TVS.  Now there's a corner in my room that's Way Empty!  I'm all like there's absolutely no kind of station I could set up in this space.  Nothin that could take up the space that Needs To Be Re-arranged.  But I like LOOKING at the corner in my room and it's all empty and I'm like Hmm Room is pretty clean now.  Look at all that space!  Anyway have a bagel with Egg for Oh I Don't Know lunch and finish salmon with rice for Oh I Don't Know dinner?  Or reverse 'em!  I feel very strongly about having those two things as my two meals today!  Very Strongly!
     Cool!  Got some Four Beers for today.  Then I'm clean and sober for a solid two days including Election Day and the most important non-election day of election-- Day After Election Tomorrow.  Not sure about #What2WatchAutumnToRemember these days.  We're talkin 1/2 way through #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo.  We're talkin I've finally started transitioning away from #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  We're talkin no live TV or things I've never seen before this Autumn is all about Comfort TV and/or Comfort Film.  I feel very bigly about this!  I always thought that when I see the word bigly in tweets or whatever they were makign fun fo Trump for saying it.  Which I believe he said and it was a thing.  So I thought every time anyone used the word it was a Dig At Trump.  NOw I realize I guess its a word.  I don't LIKE the word.  But I guess I was a little to quick to judge!  Remember when Supreme Court Justice tried to rape someone.  Yeah that rings some sort of a bell.  Oh well Supreme Court Justices Will Be Supreme Court Justices!
Ya know that sort of thing.  Wearin' contacts for first time in Oh I Don't Know two months or so.  I had a surplus of One Eye's worth of Contact Lense without any of the second eye.  So today I put One Eye Contact into BOTH EYES.  ANd ya know what EVEN BETTER THAN WHEN THEY WERE DIFFERENT.  Feels VERY comfortable an also I CAN SEE EVEN BETTER.  I dunno how my Optician Type Doctor screwed this one up so bad but Boy Oh Boy they had sex with a pooch or something real bad!  Biden is clearly favored at 90%.  I assume if he made it to 95% it would say Biden is Obviously Favored.  And if it was 98% it would be Biden is LOOK Biden Is Gonna Win Okay?  And if it was 99.975% it would be like BIDEN CAN'T LOSE I DON'T CARE IF THERE'S LIKE a ONE IN A THOUSAND CHANCE OR WHATEVER (YOU CAN'T EXPECT ME, 538, TO CRUNCH THE NUMBERS TO GET THAT REAL NUMBER I GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO) But THAT CAN'T HAPPEN PER MY UNDERSTANDING.
You know, that sort of thing.  If I had a car I'd be like gonna Day Trip to Pennsylvania, hang out at some polling places, be real positive.  Not really.  But it's a good idea for OTHER PEOPLE to do in THEORY.  Do people who identify with AntiFa actually pronounce it Aunt-E-Fah?  Seems counterintuitive.  Based on the definition.  Gotta imagine they'd pronounce it ANTE-FAH.  Hmm maybe i could make those phonetics more clear.  AUNT, like calling someone an AUNT, but not like the word ANT, like ON'T.  That's how anti-anti-fa say it.  And I'm guessing a Anti-Fa guy is like ANTE, like when you put in some chips playing poker, FAH.  I dunno.  How many people Identify as AntiFa.  It could be TWENTY.  Like its an entirely made up thing!  Could be TWENTY THOUSAND.  Could be TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND for all I know, I'm not in Anti-Fa circles so I have no way of knowing.  Anyway Good For Them.
     Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  BIDEN DOWN TO FAVORED?  BUT IT SAYS THE SAME THING IN NUMBERS?  Says Biden is 90/10 over Trump in NUMBERS.  But it goes back and forth between CLEARLY flavored and JUST FLAVORED.  I guess that <1% makes all the difference!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Good news is I had no breakfast so I can have a nice delicious lunch whenever I want.  Just be like Hmm kinda hungry, reasonable time to eat a meal, I'm gonna go ahead and do that!  What else is crappening.  How stupid does Pennsylvania have to be.  Look just vote for Biden how hard is that don't be a dummy this is EASY.  SO EASY.  Why are you trying to make this difficult?!?!  That sort of thing.  Hey this Act of the entry is over!  I'll be back in a little bit!




And it's Almost Fun For You?

   TI can't wait to watch the Senate Results start coming in tomorrow night!  That'll be exciting!  I CAN wait to watch Presidential Results are coming in.  THAT'S 1000X more Stressful!  Look I know Senate is very important too.  I donated to Flip Some SEnate, not Presidential Election!  But the stakes IN MY HEAD are a lot higher for President.  So it's FUN to see hey Dems got a good chance to take senate.  Hey they won this race, hey they lost that race, wow!  Presidential races start coming in and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THAT.  Is it a thing where people do Fireworks after Biden wins and/or is almost definitely gonna win?  My guess is yes.  Also if you're holding fire works in your hand, you burn yourself.  But if you clench your fist around the firework you lose your whole hand.  This was an important plot point in Armageddon: The Movie About A Potential Armageddon.
     Anyway.  What's James Carville gonna do after tomorrow.  His main job abd reason for being will be taken away from him!  I guess he can get started on raising money for 2020.  I hope so, at least.  Gotta worry about what James Carville is gonna do with the rest of his days now, great, just great.  Anyway I've noticed my Spam Folder in Mail is filling up VERY fastly.  We're talkin mostly fundraising e-mail from Democratic candidates and/or groups.  But for some reason, used to be like half a dozen a day.  Now we're talking easily 40-50 a day.  Gotta imagine after election that'll let up a bit.  Gotta imagine SOMETHING.  Other wise your imagination is going completely to waste.  And that's a scenario that's no bueno for you, for me, for The Others, for no one and/or every one!
Cool!  Figure lunch'll be with Act III.  Figure lots of things!  If I Didn't figure as many things my Figuring Powers would be going completely to waste.  The point is it was tough to get a handle on my TVs to bring downstairs, then to transfer from downstairs to outside, then from outside to Curb for Pick Up.  But I managed!  Heavy is one reason, but also just the way that they're built Hard To Figure Out A Way To Get A Good Handle On It! I Don't Know Why I'm Using All These Capitalizations I Hope To Get TO The Bottom Of It One Day!  Anyway I saved my Cable Box because my parents were like yep Verizon is gonna wanna reclaim them and I believe them, it sounds right, but on the other hand WHY.  What use do they get out of a used out of date 12 year old cable box.  No use that's who!  Anyway also have Old VCR stacked up there with cable box.  And I stuck my fingers in the slot and there's definitely a VHS stuck in there!  One day I hope to figure out what it is.  But I dunno, I can't get in there without hooking it up, and there's a better than 50% chance it won't load up anyway.
     Cool!  The point is YES I taped over home videos with myself singing The Real Slim Shady WHAT OF IT.  Gotta cover my tracks.  Get rid of all Home Video tapes COMPLETELY.  NO ONE MUST KNOW.  Anyway.  Lemme explain better why Senate is less stressful-- you can see a Democrat doing bad in one race, but then be like well hey this other Democrat doin GOOD in this other race!  Presidential Race, if Biden is doing badly, no other way to look at it!  Also to what extent will News make it abundantly clear what kinds of votes have already been counted and what kind of votes haven't been counted yet.  I mean, on a personal level, I can't keep track of all the differences in counting votes state-by-state.  Not even just mail in, early voting vs election day votes etc, but also Election Day County by County.  Which counties are reporting and are they Dem/Republican leaning?  So gotta imagine Media will have to pick up the slack and give us NON STOP CONTEXT!
     Cool!  Not 100% on why the generic term is HOME VIDEOS.  Look sometimes your HOME is key to the context.  But also VACATION videos are a key asset to have.  But the point is you're not taking videos of Your Home Your Beautiful Home.  I hope not!  You're taking videos of YOUR FAMILY.  Family Videos!  Unless you're like hey check out this home.  Walkin around.  We live in this kitchen and what not.  GET THAT KID OUT OF THE WAY HE'S BLOCKING THE DISHWASHER.  That sort of thing.  Anyway my dad was really creative with home videos.  He would take video of me and my brother acting like we're trapped in the video, then load that up on the TV, we're acting up and being like We're trapped in the TV! and then TAKE VIDEO OF THAT and used MANUAL editing where it looks like we're trapped in the TV in the video and suddenly we escape from the TV and are in Real Life (being captured by video).  So the point is Hey That's A Ton Of Fun!  I'll see you guys later.




It's Pretty Far From Fun For The Others

   Hey no Lunch right now.  It's called I'm Not Hungry Enough Yet!  Whose YOUR favorite #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo?  I think mine WAS Carver but I DUNNO HE'S KIND OF MORE OF a jerk than I registered.  I mean I always kne he started off a little Rough Around The Edges but he makes progress in becoming a Good Guy over the series-- and he does-- but NOT AS MUCH as I originally thought.  Also per my understanding he's not even RELATED to George Washington Carver.  I dunno maybe that's the subtext to the character that they never even bothered to call attention to explicitly.  He's George Washington Carver's great grand son and That's Why He Is Who He Is.  You know that sort of thing.
Wonderful!  The point is I've been making some solid dents in the French Baguette I got from Super Market Delivery on Thursday.  And one would imagine I'd give some consideration to having That with Egg instead of Bagel.  But I Dunno Bagel is just the way to go.  Just is!  Do I write an entry tomorrow?  Might as well.  Probably.  What else is going on and crap.  The point is I Have The Others on DVD and I'd definitely feel, "Comfortable," watching it If Only I Could!  Solid chance I CAN on a Streamer.  LMLTURQ.  HMM it appears to be on The Hulu which I believe My Brother Has Access To so I could text him about that.  Figure out how to get Sutter: The Horror Streamer, too!  So the point is I might as well do that at some point I dunno why or why not.  I don't get why Google Chrome is always like Do You Want TO Save This Username And Password DIRECTLY AFTER it being denied.  No I Don't wanna save this, if I wanted to enter in the wrong information I'll do that myself, okay?  Don't need any help with entering wrong info in on purpose!
Cool!  I wonder what Joe Bob Briggs has to say about Election.  One would imagine He's A Swing Vote.  Definitely seems to lean conservative in terms of personality/social issues.  But he's not an altogether unreasonable person RE: his depth of knowledge about Horror Movies.  Also, he's a character.  He's a Jewish guy in real life.  So characters are VERY MUCH swing voters.  That's my impression, at least.  I mean some characters have Who They Support In Election baked into the character.  But some characters are MALLEABLE.  They're able to be PERSUADED one way or another to be True To Themselves.  Them Own Character!  Sure this almost makes sense in an ideal world.  WHAT THE HELL?  A bad poll for Biden in Pennsylvania?  That can't be right!
     Two paragraphs to go!
  Never felt 100% comfortable & on board with the #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo being called The WIre. Yes over the entire franchise The Wire is a key part of the plot.  But it's not the MAIN thing.  It's not really hey there's this show about WIRETAPPING SPECIFICALLY lets get on board with it.  No it's a story about BALTIMORE and PEOPLE LOVING AND LIVING IN BALTIMORE.  SO the show should be called Baltimore: The Television Program About Baltimore.  That seems a lot more applicable is my point of view.  The point is 48 hours from now WE MIGHT be able to be like Hey Joe Biden IS gonna be president in two and a half months.  It is Just WHAT WILL HAPPEN.  No uncertainty.  Set in stone!  LETS GO!  There's also a bigger chance hmm things aren't cut and dry Quite Yet, very scary and uncertain right now, oh well we'll figure it out presumably or somethin' like that.
Last paragraph!  Ok-- just a thought experiment-- if I were to watch some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor today, what episodes would I watch.  Why it's only the one with Anti-Poltereist Lady I haven't watched that noe in a solid 1 or 2 weeks.  Why It's Only the one with Sam Kinison as a guy's Guilty Conscience.  Why it's only the one where, it's like the story is, there's this guy, and what he does is, well, hmm was pretty sure I'd come up with a third one if I just meandered long enough.  No such luck.  Anyway entry is just about over.  What fun was had.  That's a question, I'm asking you.  WHAT FUN WAS HAD?  Get back to me @ Mankindguy AT gmail. DOT com BACKSLASH Hashtag.  I'll see you guys later.

-1:06 P.M.




Sunday, November 1, 2020

I Don't Have To Put Up With This

   The bad news I'm having trouble uploading October 2020!  Made the Index Page THIS RIGHT HER-- CURRENT MONTH.  Tried setting up an October 2020 on the side bar.  HAVIN' TROUBLE WITH IT>  Just try to Remember October 2020 and eventually one day It'll just show up again like magic.  The point is what kind of Delicious Meals will I have today.  Definitely a RICE & Somethings for Lunch.  Either LAAM SAMG, CHICKEN, "BRIYONO," or, "Salmon: The Non Alskan Fish Presumably Maybe They Have Salmon In Alaska Well Off The Coast Of Alaska IN Alaska There's No Fish.  Well I'm sure there's plenty of fish in alaska too so I dunno GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  PlentyOfFish is (was?) a free dating app with Free Message Boards and I remember Doom Scrolling them when I was a teenager just to see all the posts and threads Bashing Short Men.  Ugh that brings back Shitty Feelings.  Thanks a lot you ASSHOLES.
The point is SURE I had breakfast today it's called a Health Breakfast Sandwich it was Fine Just Fine!  What else is Crappening.  Gotta get through the entry today.  NO one knows for sure why.  But the good news is It Will End, Each Act Will End, SO there will be THREE TIMES I get to be like well wrote some entry TIME FOR A BREAK.  So that's great, just great.  Election Day is in Oh I Don't Know TWO DAYS?!  That doesn't sound right.  Pretty sure it's about a week away.  You must have gotten your facts messed up.  The point is WHY AIN'T THERE HIGH ENOUGH VOTING BY MAILS AND PRE-ELECTION DAY VOTING IN PENNSYLVANIA.  What are they STUPID or something?  You're making yourself look FOOLISH.  Even OHIO is laughing at you!  GET THEM VOTES IN OR DIE.  What state was that the slogan for.  LIVE FREE OR DIE.  George Carlin has a WHOLE BIT about it.  Pretty sure it's North Eastern State.  NEW HAMPSHIRE.  I'm gonna be honest New Hampshire sounds pleasant enough, but if you said you can either go visit New Hampshire or Just Hampshire, I'd be like well this is a no brainer, HAMPSHIRE SOUNDS WONDERFUL!  Sign me up with some Hampshire.  I Don't Know WHY.  It just is!
Cool.  538 has Biden at 90% to win.  Economist has him at 95%.  Can't we just Split The Difference And Say Yep Biden is gonna win 100% totally guaranteed.  That seems like a fair compromise!  It's possible I don't know what, "Compromising," or, "Splitting The Difference," may or may not mean.  VERY possible.  For some reason, it must have been based solely on the candidates name, but I got, "Into," rooting for Cunningham in North Carolina more than any other senate race.  Just registered with me for some reason.  That name plays out.  And anyway then he's a Marital Infidelitorior and it knocked him back a couple of points with me but then he rebounded with me!  I was like YEAH EVEN WITH THAT SHIT HE'S WINNING THAT RACE THAT'LL LEARN 'EM.  So the point is hey consenting adults and all that.  He's an ASSHOLE but whose it hurting.  His wife.  His family.  Maybe his wife and families are really shitty people.  Maybe they had it coming, I Don't Know!  Ain't my place to say!
     Also the other one I'm most invested in is Susan Collins one, that's easy!  But that's more rooting AGAINST Collins and not for Oh I Don't Know I Want To Say GIDEON?  Yep nailed it.  I assume she's related to The Bible.  Anyway, that's rooting against Collins and I'm rooting FOR Cunningham!  I DON'T KNOW WHY!  Democratic Senate Candidate?  In North Carolina?  HIS NAME IS CUNNINGHAM?  YOU JUST HIT THE TRIFECTA FOR ME BEING A FAN OF SOMEONE.  I dunno what I'm talking about anymore.  Not really.  I also like ARIZONA race.  I like these races where Democratic Candidates are only a few points ahead, but seem to be ahead by SOMETHIN in 90% of the polls.  Very thin margins of leads but it seems like each poll shows them on top.  I LIKE THAT get off my back about it is the point!  Hmm Lindsay Graham VS what's his name.  I wanna say HARRISON?  LMLTURQ.  YEP NAILED IT.  I totally REMEMBER some of the names that I've been reading hundreds of times over the last few months.  Anyway I'm into season THREE of the Wire.  Hmm FASCINATING STUFF.
What else is going on and crap.  CoronaCases going up in New York.  Parents are re-evaluating being okay with me taking walks.  Greart, just greart.  What else is going on and BullShit.  The point is I donated 15 dollars to Flip The Senate and it's kind of like death penalty by firing squad.  They leave one of the gun's with blanks so you never know who killed the guy.  I'll never know for sure WHICH race my money was wasted on.  Makes A Man Feel Good To Not Know What His 15 Dollars Was Wasted On Explicitly.  Anyway go to some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after this paragraph.  Which One Will I Watch?  Oh I Don't Know How About The One Where Oh I Don't Know The Acronym, "GHOULS," comes into play!  There's a scene with a guy eating a hamburger. MAY have been a cheese burger.  But anyway I wanna eat a hamburger.  Maybe a cheeseburger!  So I got that going for me is the point.  Be back in a bit!




I've Got Dumber Things To Do

   Sweet.  Maybe I should stop taking walks.  It was a Fun One.25 Weeks and now I don't really see whats to be gained by prolonging this any longer.  Continued exercise and its good for my Mental Health.  Yeah but walking in a circle in my room is Continued Mental Health and it's good for my exercise.  Anyway finally getting rid of TWO count 'em TWO Television Sets tomorrow morning.  We're talkin my old Set that never really stopped working but is pretty useless and couldn't get anything were I to sell it.  We're talkin' a TV that my parents had in their bedroom without it being hooked up but more notably used to be my NYU TV!  So it's got sentimental value which you'd THINK would make it more valuable to someone looking to buy a TV but it turns out that people don't really care about that?
     Cool!  Oh hey Just Remembered Gotta Watch #SaturdayNightLiveSundayToRemember.  Everytime I pass a person not wearing a mask I kinda wanna be like HEY ASSHOLE YOU FUCKIN SHIT UP FOR THE REST OF US MOTHERFUCKER.  I mean c'mon what a jerk.  Who ARE These People?!  Hmm how would Jerry Seinfeld Make A Bit about Masks.  "You see Masks are like masks.  I"m herry seinfeld.  What a fuckin idiot.  DUHHHH what's the deal with these people DUHHHHH I'M AN IDIOT."  That's my Jerry Seinfeld impression.  Kinda more of an impression of myself but IN SEINFELD'S VOICE.  It's scary to BREATHE with ConronaCases going on.  Yeah part of me is breathing regularly but NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT AM I BREATHING TOO REGULARLY???  THIS DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT AT ALL!  Maybe that's an accurate universal experience or maybe I Have a CoronaCase I dunno only time will tell!
One would imagine having lunch in 2 hours will help me breath better.  Mouth and Respitory System and Ear Nose ANd Throat System will be so focused on Eating This Frozen Meal & Bonus Rice that breathing will be secondary!  Ya know that sort of thing.  There are doctors called Ear Nose & Throat Doctors.  I think I went to one once?  I was all like look Look if I slip ya a Fiver exam my eyeballs and eye sockets as well ok?  Ya know what here take these 14 silver dollars on top of that and check out my SCALP.  Get In There Good!  I like Season III of the Wire.  It's all like well pot comitted to finish bingewatching this, great, just great.  And the word part is the last THIRD of what I have left is Some BULLSHIT.  This third kinda snooze, too!  NEXT SEASON IT'S GONNA BE THE, "BOMB," THOUGH!
Cool!  Maybe watch The Deuce.  Which is three seasons worth of stuff, right?  I assume the last season is called The Quatro.  Anyway dropping a Deuce is gross, but don't even get me started on dropping a Quatro!  Anyway I think there should be a branch of people who like Pee/Poop re: Sex where it's not doing it on them and/or them doing it on you-- it's just You Both Doing It IN A TOILET AT THE SAME TIME.  Build a room in your house that has TWO toilets in it. Get on toilets (Facing each other?  next to each other facing the same direction?) and SYNCHRONIZE SOME BATHROOM.  Again, I want royalties on this, every time it happens I DEMAND 14 Silver Dollars.  The point is, to transition from Bathroom Sex to Food, feel pretty comfortable having bonus rice and Frozen Meal.  Cool!  Refrigerator Play.  Put your sex partner, stuff him or her in the fridge.  Be like You ain't coming out of the fridge until I'm good and ready to eat ya!  Man oh man I'm getting cold just thinking about it.
So I got that going for me is the point!  Hmm would I be a Refrigerator TOP or refrigerator BOTTOM.  In other words, am I getting stuffed in the fridge or doing the stuffing.  I can see myself getting into it either way.  Probably lean towards doing the stuffing more often than not.  That seems like the more intuitive way to go, Man is outside fridge, Lady is getting nice and cold.  Anyway back to some #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo after this paragraph.  I can, "Dig," that!   I know they say wearing a mask SLIGHTLY helps protect you from Coronavirus but is it a thing where I can wear Five Masks AT Once and it adds up pretty well to protecting me Pretty Good?  I guess it depends if they're all layered where the mask it supposed to be, or if I cover up Bonus Parts of Body with supplemental masks.  Anyway, hey, that's great, just great.  I'll be back with Act III of the entry in just a little bit!



Lots of Dumber Things

   Sweet Entry is gettin' close to being over!  No lunch during entry!  I had a Breakfast Only About An Hour Before Entry even started!  SO the point is my Mom has been eating almost all of my #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember.  But the real joke is if I wanna talk about the Kettle Chips in my head I'm about to say hey looks like Mom ate almost all of the Joe Biden Kettle Chips To Remember.  Because I broke my brain!  Somewhat intentionally!  Anyway caught 30 seconds of listening to Joe Biden Speech last night and he's PUMPED UP.  He's ANIMATED.  He's got some ENTHUSIASM.  This is a guy whose like MAN I'M ALMOST PRESIDENT WHATTA SCAM I PULLED TOTALLY PRESENTED MYSELF AS A REASONABLE HONEST GOOD GUY AND THEY FELL FOR IT.  Oh well such is life.  He's more reasonable, honest, and good than that other guy!  Good Enough For Me!
     Sweet.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Talked to My Mother (female parental unit, gave birth to me) and she's OKAY with me continuing to take walks FOR NOW.  Gonna have that CHICKEN based Frozen Meal.  Not having the Roast Chicken COMMUNAL meal tonight-- so I wouldn't wanna save the Frozen Chicken Meal for the same day as the Communal Chicken Meal!  Too much Chicken in one day!  Especially if you consider that the next day for lunch would be MORE of the Communal ROast Chicken.  So if I have having Frozen Chicken Meal for lunch, then ROsat CHicken for dinnner, then MORE ROast chicken for the next lunch-- that's THREE CHICKEN MEALS within roughly a little bit more than 24 hours!  I DON'T LIKE THOSE ODDS ONE BIT BETTER EAT THAT CHICKEN MEAL I GOT NEVER HAD THIS ONE BEFORE BUT WHY NOT IT'S PROBABLY DELICIOUS.
     Hey How About This To BingeWatch Why It's Only The Larry Sanders Show.  I should probably binge watch Stand Up Comedy Specials.  On account of Hey in 2023 when we're allowed to do Outside Things I'm Hittin Them Open Mic Circuits!  COMEDY TIME!  I dunno where I'm gonna be in 2023 other than MAINLY (and/or exclusively) AT HOME.  So that probably won't pan out but either way I LIKE watching stand up comedy there's a lot out there Just Waiting To Be Watched to the extent a Video of Stand Up Comedy Could Want Or Wait For Something.  One would imagine all the Arts and Creatives produced that we start seeing in 2022 will be OFF THE CHARTS GREAT.  We got a whole backlog of stuff and even more Extra Free Time for many to make Best Things Possible.  It increases the gross of Creative Stuff which makes it more likely that the things that get filtered down to general audience are better-- and also we get that many people have BONUS time to work on great stuff making it EVEN GREATER.  The point is this website is an excellent example of the pinnacle of What We As Humans can accomplish during some sort of pandemic quarantine or something I Don't Have All The Details!.
     Two more paragraphs.  Then Tomorrow is THE LAST ENTRY that's not on and/or after Final Election Day.  Are there Open Mic circuits.  Yeah there's like a dozen open mics I could potentially do.  Is that a circuit.  I dunno exactly what a circuit is.  I know it could be Short Circuited like Johnny, "I'm Alive," Five.  I know there's circuit JUDGES.  I know there's CIRCUSES.  Anyway where was I going with this?  Oh, right.  I won't accomplish anything in my life for the next few years but after that It's ALL SMOOTH SAILING.  I don't get creative people who have kids.  What are they stupid or something.  Just take care of yourself and/or your toilet significant other.  Man the dream would be installing duel toilets in your refrigerator.  Now THAT'S livin'!  Hey what else is going on.  One more paragraph.  Ain't that just how it goes.  I know they say the light in fridge goes off when its closed (I believe 'em sounds logical!) but what about opening door.  CAN you even open it from the inside if you somehow could fit inside?  Also, lets be honest, if you have a completely empty fridge for some reason, maybe you just moved into a new house and gor a new fridge, you'd try to cram yourself inside just to see what happens, right?  Just gotta hope you can open it back up from inside.  Otherwise you're gonna want a friend around just in case when you try this.
     Last paragraph!  Back to some #WatchTheWireFallToListenInTo after this paragraph.  Maybe transition to some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Not gonna have any #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember until THURSDAY at the earliest.  I don't see how any media other than Fox News can even contemplate going with the narrative well its true the votes not counted on election day DON'T COUNT!  WHY WOULD THEY.  Because it's an election?  And people voted legally and responsibly?  And there's absolutely zero reasons to take away someone's right to vote just because the vote arrives after an arbitrary date?  I mean, how can you even attempt to square that with the idea we're a representative Democracy.  Sure we're a Democracy But COUNTING EVERYONE'S VOTES?  THAT'S A BRIDGE TOO FAR.  That's what they sound like.  Anyway, hey entry is just about over.  Didn't really notice the Day Light Savings (Or is it Spendings this time?) Time but in retrospect I woke up about an hour earlier than usual.  By the clock, I mean.  I slept the same amount but then woke up to find the world around me decided to change what time it was for some reason no one is really sure of.  Anyway I'll see you tomorrow.

-12:04 P.M.




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