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Thursday, December 31, 2020

What Do You Think

   E-mail me what you think I'll consider it.  You know my e-mail address.  I've given out Fake E-Mail Addresses over and over!  One of them is bound to work!  Also there's real e-mail address at bottom of website.  I leave it there just in case!  It's called Being Prepared.  For anything!  Communication anything!  Anyway, moustache hairs getting too long that it's become a dietary problem.  I'm eatin' somethin I EASILY can get a piece of moustache hair in there.  Which is gross because I Don't Want To Eat Hair and also when you eat hair enough it forms a clump of hair in your stomach and that's what was the inspiration for the Eddie Murphy Movie (s) The Clumps.  The movie was The Nutty Professor.  The FAMILY were The Klumps.  Wonder if that movie holds up.  Probably.  Not Much Up that it needs to Hold to!  Sure I'd give it a chance get off my back about it. 
    I know Eddie Myrphy is Mr. Big Time Hollywood Star, but if he needed to pitch that movie to someone to get financiering, he'd have been like I play the main character.  The studio/producer is like okay.   And Eddie Murphy is I also play the main characters Mom.  Producer is like okay.  Eddie Murphy is like I have a great idea for who should play Main Character's Uncle.  Producer goes who.  Eddie Murphy goes Me.  Producer goes is there anyone not played by you in this movie?  And Eddie Murphy goes Dave Chappelle.  And the producer/studio/ALL OF US says SOLD!  Also I cut that bit short but he plays roughly half a dozen or more more characters.  Are wed supposed to imagine This IS Just What Goes On In Eddie Murphy's Mind All The Time In Real Life?  Just The Klump Family endlessly going back and forth.  I hope not.  That'd be a Net Negative for someone's mental health, that'd be my guess.
     Hey I got Super Market Delivery!  Including beer!  That'll last me FOUR to FIVE days.  Fun Lunch that'll be the FUnnest Lunch I can think of because It's All Ahead Of Me is Cup O Noodles with some CHILI.  I don't always get CHILI bu this time around I did because I was like THAT'D BE A GOOD COMBO WITH NOODLES.  It's like when I get BENS: THE HALF A DOZEN CHAIN STORE DELI THAT'S LEGIT DELI and they got Hungarian Goulash. The Hungarian part means Klumps of beef.  And the Goulash part means some sort of Macaroni-ish Pasta.  An when you put it together and you eat it and then poop it out it's called A Piece Of Crap.  Also I know Goulash is probably Eastern European (Hungarian?) but I can see someone on The Sopranos being like Heeyyy, get a load of this Goulash!  Pronouncing it SLIGHTLY different but ALMOST the same.  Reminds me of Goomar.  Gotta be it.  But I like Goulash BETTER.  And it can mean ANYTHING.  What fun.
     Also if you said in life, you have to choose between having goulash or having a goomar... well that's tough.  If it's a one time thing, easily, what am I more in the mood for.  But if its a lifetime decision... probably the goomar.  I'd feel BAD about it, though.  But I can definitely do without goulash for the rest of my life.  I'll probably go through phases where I want a goomar, though.  Just being honest!  HUNGARIAN GOULASH?  HUNGRY'N FOR GOULASH.  NOW all the pieces are starting to come together.  Also there's an episode or two #TalesFromTHeCRyptENdOfYearSAvingsEvent where it wouldn't be totally inappropriate for Cryptkeeper to talk about GHOULLLLash at some point in the introduction.  Stuff with meat, eating meat, stuff like that.  Well glad we settled that.  Anyway it'd be a good idea to re-boot Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor and the tagline is, "The Gang (Eddie Murphy) is back together again!"  Parenthesis PART OF THE TAGLINE
     Man oh man this Act is just flying by.  That happens when you're not invested in making it any good.  You'd be amazed how quickly doing something creative can be if you don't bother making it any good.  I'd LIKE it to be good.  I IMAGINE it being good.  But there's no Double or Triple Checking that its any good.  No Inner Editor or anything.  And I am more or less aware that Most Of It Isn't Really Any Good.  I accept that going into the whole ordeal!  Oh well what can ya do.  Also if Goulash is Hungary's greatest contribution to our Global Diet, doesn't reflext too well on Hungry.  And if Goulash is Hungary's greatest contribution to our Global ANYTHING, man oh man is Hungary Not Having A Lot Going For It.  I can SAY THAT because it's SOMEWHAT possible I've got some Hungary Genetics And Family Background in me.  Can't rule anything out at this point.  I'd guess Probably Not but its more likely than some other countries.  Hey I'll be back in a bit.





This Guy Knows What I'm Talking About

   High five or something.  Hungarian Ghoulash.  I like other kinds of Goulash but not Hungarian.  For some reason I imagined Jim Gaffigan saying that.  I rarely am doing voices in my head for Writing, but that just popped up.  Is it just me or is Jim Gaffigan's Comedy Delivery Style like a Whisper.  Like everything he's saying is SCANDALOUS and Something WE DON'T TALK ABOUT IN POLITE SOCIETY.  And it's just some dumb stuff often about food.  Works for me!  Is it just me or are there OTHER comedians I should be doing voices of in my head.  NOPE!  Not a fan of it!  It's ME or NOTHIN'.  Hmm maybe that's something to explore.  Nothing Doing A Voice In MY head.  Not sure how that would play out but its one way to go.  Anyway Alternate lunch to Noodle + Chili is Chicken Parmesan Single Serving Meal With All The Fixins (Spaghetti.  Chicken.  CHEESE.  Tomato Sauce.  All.  Them.  FIxins.)  This is how I'd rank What I Want For Lunch -- 1) noodles  2)chicken parm  3) chili.  DAMNIT THIS ISN'T SOLVING ANYTHING!
     What else is going on.  Microsoft FrontPage doesn't recognize Gaffigan as a word, nor does it offer me any good alternatives, so I guess we're just gonna have to hold our breaths and hope for the best.  It's a solid +50% that is his name.  ANyway.  Was watching one of the I Spit On Your Grave Reboot Movies yesterday.  They're movies where girls get raped but then over the rest of the film they get revenge on their raper(s).  I feel VERY uncomfortable with the first part but then when the lady is getting revenge I feel VERYYYYY COMFORTABLE.  I get A Lot out of that.  I dunno what that says about me!  I kinda do!  Off the top of my head gives me some valuable information!  That It FEELS Like The APPROPRIATE way to enjoy the movie!  But the UNDERLYING issues of Why I feel that, I should figure out at some point.
     The point is they're HORRORIFIC movies and Good Guys win at the end.  But it's not a pretty road to the end!  Where we're going we don't need roads.  What kinda nonsense is that.  We need roads everywhere.  You must be talking nonsense this stuff about no roads.  What else is going on.  The point is these movies make me uncomfortable which is good for horror movies because it's SCARY to Not Want TO Watch Something But You're Still Watching It For Some Reason.  How did I end up in this situation and why can't I get out of it.  Scary Stuff!  Leaning towards Chicken Parm for lunch.  It's got It's Easier and takes less time going for it, that's one thing to consider.  Based on this Act, movies I might like are Kill Bill, Kill Bill II, Free Willy, Dave, Free Willy II, Benjamin's Buttons, Jack, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.  I dunno what's going on anymore.  I do know it's about time for a new paragraph.  I'd like to confront Francis Ford Coppola about directing Jack and him just going... I dunno.  What's his dumb excuse for making, "Jack."  He needed money to support his Pill Addiction?  Obviously that's not an over 50% chance likelihood guess but it May Be the guess with the highest plurality possibility.
     Noodles with Chili STILL not out of the picture entirely.  STILL could make a comeback in terms of Being My Lunch.  Also The Ford Coppola sounds like a car.  It's not even a joke IT SOUNDS LIKE A CAR AND I WANT ONE NOW.  I guess that still leaves it from for being a joke.  If it brought you to the verge of amusement Guess What It's A Joke!  Also i don't want a car.  Driving is not something I ever want to do UNLESS it's Crusin' USA and MAN OH MAN if they were making 2020 Cruisin USA arcade simulations I can Only Imagine how much Cruisin USA has progressed over 20+ years.  It's a car game.  You race other cars.  Several different levels (across the USA).  I think the final one is San Francisco.  You've successfully cruised across the USA from the East Coast to the West Coast.  And the last level is notable because lots of Up and Down Hill in San Francisco.
    Am I up for finishing I Spit On Your Grave trilogy?
  Probably.  On account if It's Just A Movie.  Its not real life. Not as far as I know.  And if it is I'M GOING TO THE AUTHORITIES.  The point is I ran out of stuff to watch so what can you do.  Back to leaning towards noodles and chili.  Those Noodles Man They Just Keep Callin' To Me.  Hmm.  What if I paired Noodles with A Salmon.  Would THAT make me feel better about lunch.  Presumably.  Probably!  Might be JUST the mix-em-up I need to Figure Out This Today's Lunch Thing Once and For All.  Also if you're doing a One Night Only Performance of a Play and it's ALSO being Taped On Video it's ONCE and FOR ALL.  Get off my back about it is the point.  I feel like writing a bonus paragraph after this one.  But this paragraph isn't even finished itself!  I feel like Georgia is going good.  Based on MY deep dives into readings of Headlines and Twitter Summarations.  Goin good in Democratic places/people, not as good in Republican people/places.  I LIKE those odds!
     Bonus paragraph of Act II!  The wild card of course is that Chicken Parmesan has SOME Spaghetti which ARE noodles but NOT AS MANY as NOT AS GOOD.  What if I could take out the chicken parmesan and pair it with cup o noodles.  The Piece of Salmon will then be paired with spaghetti.  I dunno sounds complicated.  Better just to do things more straightforward.  THat's been My Experience.  I think it's interesting that one of my favorite #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent now is The First Episode of the series.  After being unenthusiastic about it at first.  It's the one with William Sadler-- the guy who shows up in Frank Darabont movies (and was the inspiration for Kill Bill).  It really proved to be a good distillation of the best the series has to offer!  So get off my back about it!  I'll be back later.  Soon.  In a bit.  Any minute now.  Well not that last one.  Won't be for a solid 20-30 minutes.  Yeah!





I've Decided To End Things

   Not my life.  The entry!  The year!  Not my life.  Cool down!  Anyway.  When I used to actually Make Music and spend All The Time making Imaginary Track Listings-- gotta imagine this is universal-- Best Track for each album is Final Track.  It's got the most character!  It makes the biggest difference!  It's the closing of the album!  Sure next best is Opening Track.  ANd it's hard to determine tracks between because there's no 100% set in stone amount of tracks overall.  But Last Track is Always The Best/Most Fun to Pretend With.  I feel very strongly about this!  I think if you said ok 12 tracks overall- assign o feeling or gist or premise to each # and what a good song/title would be for each #... I could have some fun with that.  I think I'd have a lot to say!  The point is what else is going on.  The point is I'm having Noodles + Salmon for lunch.
Isn't Noodles Flea's character's name in Back To The Future.  Where did I get Noodles from.  NEEDLES.  I correctly guessed After First Sentence Noodles, that can't be right.  But now I get it.  All the pieces are coming together.  Also is Needles a bad person?  I mean sure he street races but obviously Martin McFly does that sometimes too and he's not a bad person.  Maybe Noodles is just a fun loving guy.  But he becomes Marty McFLy's Boss in 2015.  And is antagonizing.  Maybe we don't see the entire picture of their relationship, though.  There's still hope for Noodles being a decent guy!  Also it's difficult to say what is a dumber name, Needles or Flea.  Either way He Made His Choice And He's Fine With It Presumably.  So I'm okay with that!  Anyway dunno whatta do for dinner tonight.  Chicken Parm was my obvious 1st choice but Spaghetti is too close to noodles.  Maybe need a different thing.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!  Over the next half an hour!  Which won't be much!  To really get the most out of This Issue Progressing you'd need me to update you Later In The Day!  And I Don't see that happening!
     Anyway over the years I've identified with different character of Back To The Future at different points for different reasons... but off the top of my head the most I identify with it NOW is Marty McFly Grown Up and playing electric guitar not plugged in for 5 minutes after work and not making any music out of it at all.  Just some strums.  Then he puts it down to eat Miniature Pizza Hut (which becomes MACRO Pizza Hut!)  OH YEAH that's another Dinner I can do.  Got some Dijoirnio: AT This Point We All Know It's Not Delivery.  There's a lot of Twitter Talk about how  because of Quarantine Pandemic we have to go without New Years Eves Party and Traditions and all that.  And I dunno about YOU GUYS but for me MY ENTIRE LIFE was Indoor TELEVISION New Years Eves Traditions, most prominently with Twilight Zone Marathon over 72-96 hours.  Now I don't have a TV but if I did OH BOY.  I could watch All The Twilight Zones somewhere for free.  Yeah but its not the same.  TV is COMMUNAL TV watching.  Streaming TV is PRIVATE TV watching and who the Hell needs that?
    Who came up with this Ball Dropping thing.  Not sure what that guy was smokin' but it seems pretty arbitrary when you take a step back to look at it.  Also why are people traditionally so excited about years ending.  Maybe it goes back to the Dark Ages and people just spent all year HOPING AGAINST HOPE next year will be better!  We're due!  We're spending ALLLLL YEAR waiting for Next Year!  But in Modern Society who needs it, c'mon.  Anyway.  If someone is Spitting On Your Grave, I can't decide if that's The Ultimate Insult or Totally Inconsequential.  Hey you're dead THIS PERSON'S SPIT AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE YOU STUCK WITH IT FOREVER.  But also, you're dead.  Plus you're six feet under.  This person's spit isn't gonna effect you one bit.  What else.  Watch some #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  Was watching some last night AFTER I Spit From Your Grave and I was like well empirically this is scarier, right?  Real people real lives in the balance.  And it checks out!  Why am I getting such shallow enjoyment out of Real Life Misery.  I dunno gonna have to get back to you on that one.
Last paragraph!  Will I be up at New Years Eve Transitioning To New Years Day?  I dunno!  Trying to transition to staying up an extra hour or two lately on account of not being able to fall asleep an extra hour or two.  So we'll see how that plays out tonight.  Figure I'll wipe down Part II of Super Market Delivery in a couple of hours.  Makes sense.  Just finished lunch.  Makes sense.  Watch some #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent after this entry is done.  Then some Bath &/Or Shower.  Then re-assess my Life Situation and just take it from there!  I was reminded yesterday oh yeah I can read books, that's a thing that some people do.  And I'm INTO 2 or 4 books or so to the point where I SHOULD be pot committed to finishing them.  But we'll have to re-assess how my Life Situation plays out re: Reading Books!  Also YES I ATE SALMON WITH A SPOON I didn't' feel like using TWO Utensils SO SUE ME.  Ugh.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:21 P.M.





Wednesday, December 30, 2020

I've Got It All Figured Out

   Just deleted some Spam.  I don't like it!  The delete option says, "Delete Forever."  Look I'm okay with deleting it for a long time.  Years, sure. Decades, my entire life time, maybe. ... but forever?  Am I really comfortable with that?  Apparently just selected it as I have been doing every day of my Adult Life.  That's what being an adult is all about.  Deleting Spam Forever.  Reading spam is for kids!  It seems FUN and RISKY and DANGEROUS and ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE DOING IT but look kids it's just a phase you'll grow out of one day!  Also it's okay to put your foot in the water and READ spam.  Don't ENGAGE WITH IT though, even if you're a kid.  I feel like people should already know this???  I think, "Put your foot in the water," is a Beach Reference.  Either that or some sort of Reverse Shower.  Hmm not a bad idea for Shark Tank: If It's The Show I Imagine It Is.  Some sort of shower but it comes at you from beneath.  Also it's Water Themed so Shark Tank should be on board.
     Wonderful.  Will be drinking beer in Oh I Don't Know just about 24 hours!  I can, "Deal," with that.  I think for a long time the main criticism of Mitch McConnell was that He Looks Weird but then it became He's Evil And Sabotaging Our Country Almost As Much As Trump If Not EQUALLY IF NOT MORE.  But IMO I think we should Keep That Energy but also transition A LITTLE BIT back to He Looks Weird.  I think we can walk and chew gum at the same time.  That's how I feel.  The point is if you pushed Mitch McConnell onto his back then he wouldn't be able to get back up!  Crisis Averted!  Turtle type image & persona.  I think that's one way to QUANTIFY how he looks weirdly.  That settles that.  Anyway made Macaroni last night and had half of it!  With a Dinner Roll and a Buffalo Wing.  Very Similar Lunch in store in a little bit.  Dinner'll be I DUNNO.  Out of options!  Maybe a sandwich but WITH WHAT?  Hmm haven't had the Savory Hearty Beef & Barley Soup since Oh I Don't Know SUMMER?  I can IMAGINE me trying that out again.  Assuming we still have any.  I'm not comfortable making that assumption!  Probably 85-90% we have some cans of that.  BUT NOT 100%.  The point is maybe I'd Assume It but you gotta let me know What Are The Odds, What Do I Stand to win/lose if I am correct/wrong.
     Get back to me on that as soon as possible!  E-mail is mankindguy @gmail .c om.  I just had a great Money Making Idea-- start registering Alternate End Of Website Addresses.  Crazysheet.crazysheet  That's the HTTP!  Someone get SHARK TANK ON THE PHONE.  Is this what Section 230 is about?  Seems everyone's talking about Section 230 and I presume Shark Tank will do a PSA on what it is.  FINE I'LL LIURQ. Without it its something like you can sue... websites... they did nothing wrong... or did they... good samaritan... above the law... 3rd party... It's like that meme galaxy brain, but instead of the assumed meaning of, "Putting all the pieces together," it really just is a head full of 3D points and not putting any of it together at all.  And the guy is just dumb and confused.  That's Galaxy Brain For Ya!  UNENLIGHTENING AS HELL.  The point is It's A Good Thing.  We have it now and its good everyone's happy with it.  That's MY Galaxy Brain.  Could be wrong!
Great!  It looks like Covid Vaccines are just going to expire because they're not getting them out even close to nearly enough.  Yep that seems to check out.  Wonderful.  It's infuriating and I'd never CONSCIOUSLY THINK THINGS COULD BE SO BAD but once it happens I'm like well that doesn't surprise me at all.  What if it comes out a year from now that Trump administration purposely slowed down the vaccination distribution as a way to punish people for voting against him?  I figure there's a nice 1/4-1/3rd chance that'll happen &/or we'll learn it happened.  In which case Prison for the rest of his life, right?  That'd be the appropriate consequence off the top of my head.  Not even exaggerating!  Well NEVER be rid of Trump.  We'll have to deal with YEARS of court cases and on and off and JESUS CHRIST.  I mean, if he's guilty, it's NECESSARY.  And we can just have that as the B or C story of News every night.  But ideally there would be Less Crimes committed by Trump AND we should ideally see Less Trump TV!
Last paragraph of Act I.  Parents are, "Binge,"  "Watching," Breaking Bad.  They've seen those suckers before 7 or 8 years ago.  Now they're seeing it all over again!  I'm OKAY with this.  And besides who am I to say what they should or shouldn't watch.  Out of my jurisdiction!  Late enough that I could have lunch with Act II.  But not quite hungry enough so I could have it with Act III more appropriately.  These are the days of my lives.  Hmm watch a #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  What's a good one.  How about the one where it's the guy who marries old ladies for their money and then kills them.  And takes their money.  Then moves on to a new old lady.  Kills them!  This goes on several times WITH GHASTLY CONSEQUENCES.  I think Tmo Hanks directed it because he shows up as a Cameo.  A Cameo is the dumbest premise for a service ever that also is great for artists/public personalities and I'm happy everyone's making money and the customer is happy and everything.  It's win/win/lose.  The lose is c'mon cameo is Objectively this is the dumbest thing ever.  Be back in a bit!





Make Yourself At Home

   Alright done I Live here.  Yesterday I pitched First Wife Swap and without saying Who, I said 1/4 of them will be happy.  I forget about First Wife Elect (And First Man Elect).  I meant Melanie is happy about being with Obama instead of Trump.  I tI think you could figure that one out on your own.  Also if her name was Melanie Trump, and all that goes along with such a difference, VERY different First Lady Energy.  Is that a MEME.  Something something Energy.  Probably.  Makes me think about Energy Drinks AND The wonderful Apples In Stereo song Energy from the Wonderful I-Listened-To-It-While-I-Was-High Album New Magnetic Wonder.  What a wonderful time in my life.  And if I had to pick ANY music album from that specific period of narrowed down to just a few months?  Easily That One!
     I am Looking Forward to Lunch.  Looking forward is hard.  I'd rather look backward.  Seems easier is all I'm sayin'!  Not only am I getting Beer tomorrow but also Re-upping with Lots Of Delicious.  We're talkin DIJORNIO: It's Pizza Ok Alright Everyone Cool With That is making a comeback after a month or two on the bench!  We're talkin' welwell that's the main difference-maker.  The point is New Years Eve Private Pizza Party?  I dunno I could do that BUT what's a pizza party without eating AN EXTRA BONUS SLICE OF PIZZA than you'd have regularly.  That's what makes it a party!  I'm eating the equivalent of 2 slices of pizza on New Years Eve?  Not A Party.  Just a tease.  Stop being a pizza tease, New Years Eve!  Also something where in Garden of Eden there was A New Eve every year.  January 1st.  Same ol' Adam, wakes up next to a New Eve.  They were fucking.  Well, Adam was having sex with one Eve.  Then 1/365 days he just wakes up to a New Eve. Was there fucking in The Garden Of Eden?  I know they didn't comprehend nakedness or anything.  Or LOVE Or LUST.  But they might have had sex without ANYYYY strings attached because hey this is just is biologically what we're being told to go for.
     I guess.  I think instead of Delete Forever I've been hitting the Not Spam button instead MANY TIMES over the past few months.  I just Just Stopped Myself.  The buttons are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER.  I have a sense memory of HITTING THE WRONG BUTTON LATELY.  So great just great.  Where's the I Changed My Mind button.  There's no I Changed My Mind button whatta scam!  Anyway hey halfway through Act II.  Then lunch with Act III.  We're talkin Macaroni, we're talkin 2 Crescent potato pieces for some reason I never finished them, we're talkin' a Buffalo wing, we're talkin PROBABLY A DINNER ROLL.  That's all we're talking about.  Well, I'm talking about it.  You can THINK about it.  But there's really no avenue for you to continue on with the conversation at least not in Real Time.  You can e-mail me about your Input I already told you my e-mai l addre ss.  It's clever because people use spaces in e-mail address for NO OBVIOUS REASON.  Yes there is.  I'm being Dumb just to Be Dumb.  That settles that.  Anyway when's the next Biden Wins day.  The day Senate &/or House confirms it.  January 5th or 6th, and the Run Off is the other day of that.  Better LTURQ.  January 6th.  What day is that in terms of Days Of The Week Next Week.  OH Why It's Only A Week From Today.  Next Wednesday!  Creepin' up on us!
     Wonderful.  Real Time with Bill Maher is horrifying.  Wait so you're saying I've been operating on UNREAL TIME MY ENTIRE LIFE?  THE IMPLICATIONS OF SUCH A THING WOW GALAXY BRAIN AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY.  Penultimate paragraph of paragraphs I have to write WITHOUT lunch TODAY not counting the paragraphs I have to write AFTER eating LUNCH.  I had a dream last night someone had the same calendar as me.  The Patriotic One that tells us about What Kind Of Moon we're at every 2 weeks.  Also, same dream, instead of getting a single roast chicken communal dinner, we got THREE.  And I was like how am I gonna eat all this communal roast chicken, jeez.  That part was a no bueno.  The calendar thing was fun, though.  Hey I've got a Calendar Bud.  You know, that sort of thing.  But also part of it was I don't really like my calendar (In the dream, at least.  In real life, I Kinda Do!), so I was upset that someone else had to deal with this shitty calendar (in retrospect it's not so shitty!).  That's My Dream Life, anyway.
     One more paragraph.  NEXT WEDNESDAY another SOLID Biden Wins Day.  Makes the top half dozen, I think that prediction may pan out pretty well.  Anyway, just did the laundry!  I moved the clothes from the washer (wet--getting dry, though) and threw them into the dryer (would make them even dryer!).  So basically I think that Rounds Up to Doing The Laundry.  Also, I brought down my clothes earlier.  Will bring them back up to my room later!  So that makes it REALLY Rounds Up to Doing The Laundries.  Anyway what kinda Entertainment Consumption is in store for upcoming break.  Maybe get into a #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  I can do that and I think its lined up where I get to start at the beginning of one.  Those are the best!  It's like drugs itself.  First time you're exposed to the drug (the episode!) is the best, then after that you're chasing that high.  First 5-10 minutes of #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent is AWESOME, its totally new stuff.  Then it gets tedious.  Then suddenly you're In An Intervention And You've Hit Rock Bottom.  Soon over you get to start anew, though!  I'll be back in a bit.





I Suppose That'll Do

   Yeah that doesn't really check out but what can ya do.  What lunch I'm having checks out!  Right on target.  OH RIGHT ADD CHILI OKAY DID THAT.  Also OH RIGHT stop watching #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  ALSO GET STARTED ON THINKING ABOUT NEXT HASHTAGS.  I feel like we're solidly into Winter where it can be something like #TalesFromTheCryptWinterTORemember.  Feels right to go back to just the generic "SeasonToRemember."  Winter now instead of Summer!  Been Half a Year since #MarvelSummerToRemember.  And I've been thinking about re-binge-watching those movies all over again.  But that's a last resort.  Same with StarWarsSummerToDoSomething.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that!  Anyway YES I originally took a Fork to eat this macaroni and figured out Pretty Early On this isn't going the way I hoped so I put fork in sink and took out a spoon!  That solves that problem.  Except for the fork.  FOr the fork, the problems are just beginning.
Wonderful.  I don't like the drama of boiling pasta and being like is it soft enough?  Is it getting too soft?  TOO HIGH STAKES FOR ME.  Also I don't like doing the Addition of Butter to pasta myself.  OK, so I add a little pad of butter.  Mix it up as best I can.  Still, though, all that butter is getting absorbed by a FINITE amount of pasta and 80-90% of it isn't getting any butter.  There's Got To Be A Better Way!  Make someone else cook your pasta for you.  Or at least butter your pasta for you . I don't see how they'd do Any Better, but at least you won't have yourself to blame.  I think Macaroni is where I discovered both I Like Pasta AND I Like Butter.  Had home cooked macaroni elbows with butter regularly for the first time maybe when I was 18-20.  And both clicked the same time.  So I had THAT going for me is the point.
     Wonderful.  This macaroni is bueno!  Tastes fine, perfect amount.  About 20% more than I actually need!  Perfect Amount!  Stuffin' my fat face with some elbows Delicious.  When I was a kid I thought Macaroni just meant Elbow Macaroni.  In time I realized How Wrong I Was.  Anyway got another Half an Act to get through and then moving on with the rest of my day!  And knowing Next Paragraph I Write will be WITH BEER.  And doing the next of the day WITH TV.  COMPUTER TV.  TOO MANY ADS BUT WHO AM I TO COMPLAIN.  What kinda dumb self deprecating bullshit is that idiom.  Who Am I To Complain.  You're YOU.  And being YOU is GREAT.  YOU'RE A GREAT PERSON VERY QUALIFIED TO COMPLAIN.  LET YOUR INNER COMPLAINIST COMPLAIN EXTERNALLY!  I dunno about that one.  Is, "Idiom," the right word?  Better LTURQ.  Hmm seems to check out.
Penultimate paragraph!  I'm getting EXCITED about having soup again.  GOod soup!  It'll be gross at times but for the most part I'm Missing it's Quality Taste and Filling Up Edness.  What kind of FUN movie can I watch.  Maybe a Horrorific maybe  Comediocentric.  Maybe a Dramathon.  One of those.  Not 100% a fan of Thirller or Suspense.  Action usually doesn't do it for me.  Documentaries have their moments!  The point is yes there's many genre of film get off my back about it.  Actions are often good.  Think about Super Hero Big Budget Franchise Movies.  Those involves LOTS of actions.  Dialogues, too!  Plot, well, a lot of them have plots, sure!  OH HEY I can do another podcast listening-to later with BONUS CircleWalk.  Look the point is my Day is gonna be just fine.  In the mean time, though, I only have one more paragraph to write!
     Cool.  Do you want any more private information.  I have a social security number that you may be interested in.  I have several passwords to All The Stuffs that might prove valuable!  I have a calendar that you might want me to Xerox and then Fax it over.  Can you Fax things without Xeroxing them... or its just combined into one.  It Faxes WHILE Xeroxing it.  Or the other way around.  The point is I know from experience there are machines that do both but At The Same Time or do you need to Take Turns.  I hope to get to the bottom of this one day.  HEY if Biden Wins Again is a week from today, GEorgia Run Offs are the day before that!  That's Less Than A Week.  That'll be fun.  Presumably we won't know who wins until HOURS UPON HOURS after.  Also if the Democrats win by 10,000 do we just get that challenged for several months again?  Is that what is going to happen now EVERY TIME THERE'S AN ELECTION?  My guess is No Only about 1/3rd of elections Don't Even Worry About It!  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:54 P.M.





Tuesday, December 29, 2020

This Must Exist

   Yeah!  Well, here we are again.  Me.  Me & Me.  Makes We!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  No beer for today, no beer for tomorrow!  It's Good because Hey Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Live Life.  Even if you're slightly addicted to something and you can't have it.  Way better than being Somewhat Addicted to something and can't get it.  Don't even get me started on being Very Addicted to something and not having it!  I don't like these last few sentences!  I'm Not Having It!  You know like a phrase.  A teacher would say that.  Students are muckin' around and the teacher is like YOU CHILDREN WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!  I'M NOT HAVING ANY OF IT!  That's where my mind goes for some reason.  The good news is Pretty Sure if the Snorted Klonopin effected me one way or another last week I think I'm past it now!  Totally Detoxed from that!  Presumably.  THat'd be my Guesstimate.
Wonderful.  Makes me not wanna take a Klonopin-- even regularly!-- today.  Just a few weeks pass and then re-evaluate my relationship with Klonopin.  Yup.  In MEDIA (fiction AND docuseries) I always see people talk about klonopin like it's a heavy drug, makes ya tired, puts you to sleep, relieves anxiety... I felt it A BIT when I snorted it, but when I take it regularly, really doesn't do much!  Maybe because If You Really Need It it doesn't hit like a drug, it's just doing its job making you feel normal.  Yeah but I felt normal BEFORE the Klonopin.  So there goes THAT guesstimate you dumbly had!  Yes I am very pleased, "Dumbly," is accepted as a word.  VERY Pleased.  I feel like it'd have been a good Mixing-Things-UP if there was an, "L," in, "Dumb."  Like a silent, "L."  Dulmb.  But we know to pronounce it, "Dumb."  It just feels like it would be a lot of fun!  Something to consider! I dunno this isn't No Bueno now that I think about it.  I keep wanting to pronounce the, "L."  Dull-mm-bb.  Really makes ya think.
     Great!  Looks like WE MAY get 2,000$ Stimulus Checks.  I know some say it's technically a Relief check, but STIMULUS just is more STIMULATING.  I really don't need to be stimulated.  I need a Relief check!  It's more RELIEVING.  I NEED to be relieved.  Gimme 2,000$ in relief!  Now you're talking my language.  Also gotta imagine a lot of ladies are trying to get pregnant as quick as possible because life begins at conception so basically fetus is worth 2000 dollar stimulus for you.  Then you can get it aborted after the fact so it's WIN-WIN!  Also are pets dependents.  They're living creatures.  With financial needs.  Who are dependent upon us.  More or less.  Just trying to see if I should adopt a feral raccoon get me this information as soon as possible.  Also-- are there ANY non-feral raccoons.  There must be!  You could tame a raccoon.  People have done it throughout history one would imagine!
     Wonderful.  I saw Michelle Obama has the plurality of Most Admired Woman of the Year.  And Trump (Donald) has the plurality of Men (Though significantly less plurality than Obama [Michelle]!).  I think this means they're legally married?  First Lady Swap is the new hit reality show for 2021.  Gotta imagine 1 out of 4 of those people involved would be happy with that.  You know, that sort of thing.  Anyway I am WAY out of meals for the next 2 days.  Pasta is definite!  A definition!  The definition of definite!  If MOM wants to make spaghetti sauce and meatballs I would make spaghetti itself-- dinner tonight/lunch tomorrow!  Otherwise I'll just make myself some Macaroni-- same thing otherwise-- just no sauce or meatballs- presumably an unhealthy amount of bultter.  Originally wanted to put the silent, "L," after the, "T's."  But that just makes the word, "Butler."
Fascinating.  Get to take a break after this paragraph.  OH didn't tell you the OTHER MEAL POSSIBILITIES I have for today and tomororw. We're talkin Bagel & Egg.  We're talkin' Sandwich with finishing off Crescent Potatoes.  We're talkin THAT'S ABOUT IT.  Got some Frozen Ribs but Those Ain't Great!  Anyway Hey it's Tuesday, right?  Better LTURQ.  Yep seems to check out.  I have to stop watching Intervention.  Just makes me feel Addicted to Intervention.  Like I need help or something.  I'M JUST WATCHING A TV SHOW, DON'T MAKE THIS ANY MORE DIFFICULT THAN IT HAS TO BE.  Part of it is I watch it over and over again like an addiction and part of it is we idolize and imitate the behavior we see on TV!  I get used to the idea of being exposed to continued drug use/withdrawal/confrontation-over-drug-use NOW I FEEL BAD.  I'll be back in a bit!





Not 100% Happy With That

   MAN I wish i could have pasta now.  I'm just In The Mood for Pasta.  Presumably Buttered Pasta as opposed to Sauced Pasta.  What does that mean, "Presumably."  Is that how things work in my head?  Presumably?  Also, "Sauced," means Drunk I feel like I heard that in a DocuSeries From The Past.  No I didn't.  The, "Past," Part checks out, it was probably used more in Ancient Times.  Docuseries I GUESS would capture it but... uhh... what else is going on.  Maybe Bagel & Egg.  Gotta put bultter on Frying Pan!  That gets absorbed by the eggs.  All that butter.  Also since Quarantine we've been getting BROWN Eggs?  Wha-huh-WHA?  Better LTURQ why some Eggs are White and some Eggs are Brown.  They prefer to be called AFRICAN AMERICAN Eggs.  Alright!  High Five!  Oh right LTURQ.  Depends on the, "Breed," of the chicken.  I dunno I guess that checks out.  I'm not the expert!  I could be if I studied this Wikipedia article more extensively but We'll Save That For Another Day.
     Wonderful.  Could have a Pastrami and Butter sandwich.  That's one way to go!  Also I dunno if that Egg Color Off Color Joke is Politically Correct Accurate.  Full disclosure!  Also, Life Begins at Menstruation.  We're eating Baby Chickens!  You won't hear about THAT in the, "Media!"  You know, Ancient Docu-Series?  Well great just great.  Lunch'll be with Act III.  I saw Kamala Harris got a Covid Vaccination.  THat's good except I'd Like One, Too.  Also for my immediate family.  THe ones in my immediate circle.  Us Three get them (Household Family #) we're sittin' pretty!  I don't blame Kamala Harris for this COMPLETELY.  It's also PARTLY Marco Rubio's fault.  Also a third person, presumably these three people (the two people mentioned + an impeding third person) are the ones who took Vaccinations from my family.  Hmm.  Let's go with Mike Pence.  THAT ASSHOLE.
     Great, just great.  Look do I want my brother to get Vaccinated?  YES.  But that involves tracking down a fourth person to blame for using up a vaccination.  Hmm.  Lets go with Tom Hanks Natural Immunity.  SHARE SOME WITH THE REST OF US.  Also over the next 5 years we are gonna be facing a lot of band names which reference Covid-19 in one way or another.  Or the medical or societal or cultural impact its had on us.  I'd elaborate but that's for The NEar Future BANDS to accomplish.  I can't do their job for them!   Probably not.  If I could I'd Just Do Their Job.  Make some money!  It's important to live.  What else.  Now I know NOT to add a sprinkle of Crushed Red Pepper to Eggs.  I am a LEARNING MACHINE.  Gimme some knowledge I'LL LEARN IT LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS.  Especially when it comes to Whether I Should Or Shouldn't Add Something to food.  Figuring that stuff out One Meal At A Time!
     Penultimate Paragraph of Act II.  Sister Act II.  I never even saw Sister Act I: A New Hope Presumably.  I think it involves someone impersonating a Nun in Act I, and then in Act II, she Just Is A Nun Or Something.  Also something with the Knicks.  She plays on the Knicks.  All Whoopi Goldberg Movies Look Alike To Me.  I'm not proud of it.  It's only because I Never Saw That Movie Either!!!  She shows up in a #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent episode in a dramatic role.  It's pretty good!  Coulda been SCARIER but her character wasn't a Horror Person, just a regular person in a HORRORIFIC STORY.  Wasn't that horrorific.  More suspense.  SOME Horrific.  Where Am I.  EDDIE.  THat's the Basketball Whoopi Goldberg movie.  Also when I talk about Jimmies being stimulants, Eddie also sounds like a stimulant.  To the extent that, I'll have to LTURQ, but maybe it REALLY DOES mean stimulus and I transferred that to Jimmies.  LTURQ.  Apparently some jerks somewhere call Energy Drinks eddies.  THat's the interesting thing about Urban Dictionary.  One group of friends in Wisconsin made that up and now I'M REPEATING It FOUR THOUSAND MILES AWAY.  Also energy drinks are Stimulus.  Yes I know I keep calling Stimulants, "Stimulus."  You'd do it too if you were in my shoes!
I've seen THE VIEW.  Not for me!  Anyway, jeez, another break after this paragraph.  Now that I think about it I'd Have Some Energy Drinks all things being equal.  I like those 5 hour energy drinks.  Similar thing with Klonopin with me.  Hmm I buy this relatively often over a period of a few months... can't say I feel any different... better keep buying it JUST IN CASE...  Anyway.  More often than not, I like FULL SIZED energy drinks.  They TASTE Good as well as presumed stimulus.  Make ya feel productive, too!  I'm accomplishing something JUST BY DRINKING A CARBONATED BEVERAGE!  One would imagine Energy Drinks are usually carbonated.  Why not.  GET OUT OF THE WAY THERE'S A FULL MOON TONIGHT!  Calendar told me!  So you KNOW it's important.  And probably Accurate!  Ya know that sort of thing.  I'll be back in a bit.






   Also Worthwhile-- stories &/Or nuggets!  THat's one way to describe the main content from this website?  Nuggets?  Never thought about it before!  I'll keep yuo updated on this situation as it progresses.  Anyway I forget If This Title Is Worthwhile.  Gotta be Somethin'.  I gotta be honest, since getting that Regular Caloried Bagel (270), and going back to Calorie Bagel I've Grown Accustomed Too Since Pandemic (370).... kinda feel like I'd Rather EAT (Taste) Lower Calorie Bagel.  Hey hey ain't that something.  Anyway yesterday exercised the most since I took walks those couple of weeks 1.5-2 months ago.  Did some RoomCircleWalking IN THE EVENING.  VERY EARLY EVENING.  We're talkin around 6-7:00 PM.  BEFORE DINNER AFTER AFTER NOON.  Listene to an Audio Podcast!  I can get into that routine.  A bonus hour of Circle Walking and catching up on Podcasts.  Also I was inspired to do more walking because I was watching an #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent about an anorexic who not just ate more or less nothing, was also constantly in motion.  And I was like this lady has got it figured out!  I can do A LITTLE BIT MORE than I've been doing!
You know that sort of thing.  HMM just had a nice bite of bagel & egg and TRULY Got The Taste of Butter.  It's a Post-Christmas Miracle.  Also I don't know if I've EVER had Margarine.  I feel like it was a staple in my house.  Or I feel like I've heard Family get it from Out-of-House.  I grew up Margarine ADJACENT.  But never for myself.  Hey great what else.  Here's what I think is happening-- used good-ol-sharp-steak knife to cut the butter.  Then used it to cut the bagel.  Some butter remained on the knife and TRANSFERRED to the bagel.  Makes sense to me.  I like reading stuff 19th century British stuff like Jane Eyre or Dickens, and its always like we didn't have it good, our biggest treat was once a week we had a thick slice of bread with butter.  And I'm like And You're COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS?  I WISH I had your life with thick slices of bread with butter.  HOw far we've come? No my friend How far we've GONE BACK.  Porridge for the rest of the days. I don't know what Porridge is but THREE BEARS AND A LITTLE GIRL CAN'T BE WRONG.
Still have 2 Buffalo Wings.  One fun way to go is have one with each serving of pasta Tonight/Tomorrow.  I saw McConnell shut down Stimulus Checks Proposal unless he can add some more of his bullshit.  If only there was a way soon to vote him out of power 80%.  Specifically for Georgians.  Seems like something that SHOULD IT BE POSSIBLE It.. should... the point is I want Democrats to win Georgian Senate Seats.  I feel like that's not taking too much of a, "Stand."  There's an episode of #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent where, Truly No Spoilers, there's a lady artist type person and she just slept with a guy and he wakes up to her like some sort of electric saw going, and he finds her and is like what's that and she's like i'm making a stand and he's like ok against what?  I know that's boring and means nothing but FINISHED A PARAGRAPH PRETTY WELL!
     Penultimate paragraph!  What are my options Post-Pandemic-Quarantine to get a single serving of Margarine.  If I go to a Deli Bodega do they have that as an option for rolls &/Or bagels?  I feel like I Don't Remember Seeing That As An Option but very well could be.  Hey just finished lunch.  Delicious!  I don't know what I was thinking, not being enthusiastic about lunch before starting to make it.  It ended up Fine Just Fine.  I look forward to doing it Twice Again from Thursday Until The Thursday After That.  I'm wearing the same t-shirt as yesterday.  So what I Really Feel That, "Tenacious D Rocks!"  Emphasis MINE.  They didn't use italics at all.  They DID use All Capitals, which I DIDN'T use.  The point is you'd have to see the t-shirt to get it.  it's a shirt.
Wonderful.  I feel like I could top off lunch with JUST A FEW #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember.  BRB with that!  Hey I did it.  It's funny because I keep calling them #JoeBidenKettleChipsTORemember.  That's gotta be amusing to SOMEONE, eight?  We have VEGGIE BURGERS in the freezer.  We've got TURKEY BURGERS in the freezer.  I don't know how to cook them!  Got 'em when Quarantine started and now its all going to putt.  I guess.  More Interventions and More Tales From The Crypt in store for today!  Maybe something else?  We'll see if I get around to it!  OH maybe another Hour of Walking with Podcasts.  I LIKE those odds.  The point is the entry is over in literally sentences!  Anorexic.  LOOK IS YOUR NAME, "ANN," OR ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT AN 'EXIT SIGN' BUT MISSPELLING AND PRONOUNCING IT MAKE UP YOUR MIND.  I went with that sentence DESPITE knowing I shouldn't have.  Sometimes you just gotta Go For It.  I'll see ya later.

-1:50 P.M.





Monday, December 28, 2020

That's What They Tell Me

   BAD NEWS I just figured out my Wonderful Theme Music to The New Monkees is CLOSE-- not identical, but close!-- to David Cross singing Superstar Machine in a Mr. Show episode.  It's different enough that I wouldn't feel bad about using it, but if you're listening for it, you'd hear the similarity!  Also I can't wait till the universe all comes into one, an event commonly referred to as Ultimate Similarity.  Singularity.  Dunno where I got, "Ultimate," from.  You know, that sort of thing.  Hey GOOD NEWS left myself two beers for today.  Drinking 5 days instead of 4 days?  Now we're talking More Responsible.  Sounds like less if you're not aware of the fact that it's the same amount of beer just spread out.  If you didn't know that-- and maybe you didn't!-- you'd just think oh well drinking 5 days is clearly more drinking than 4 days.  SIMILAR but different enough!  What?  Huh?
What kinda Monday is this.  Is it still Holiday.  When I was in school last week of December was Total Holiday.  K-12!  Even College except for when I took Winter Classes SEVERAL TIMES.  Also those years I was Not Doing Anything, I continued not doing anything for the last week of December.  Look, the fact is, lots of music is similar to lots of other music to this extent.  Don't LOOK, LISTEN.  You can't LOOK at sound unless you're reading sheet music.  Or guitar tablature?  Maybe a thid thing?  Who can say for sure.  Anyway beer it up with first two Acts, eat lunch with third.  We're talkin Frozen Meal + Rice.  We're also talkin maybe have some beer leftover for Act III It's All Coming Together!  I saw Donald Trump is campaigning in Georgia o Election Run Off Night Eve.  Great, I love it!  People will be like OH YEAH, I HATE THAT GUY, THANKS FOR REMINDING ME.  Anyway haven't had Frozen Meal in OH I DON'T KNOW a week?  Should be good!  That's my impression of how things should be and whatnot.
     Look is it a fact that this potential rice is almost 2 weeks old I DON'T KNOW most likely but the alternative is even worse, it being close to THREE weeks Old I don't KNOW.  Should be fine to eat, though.  Rice stays fresh for months.  Everyone knows this!  Maybe Spaghetti tonight maybe tomorrow!  Maybe lots of things get off my back about it!  I have this book called The ABC of Reading by famous Poet Ezra LB which I got for some kind of class and it always looked INTERESTING and NOT TOO DIFFICULT to read but I haven't yet!  It's on the docket, though.  It teaches you how to Read Good!  And it's not complex language or anything based on pages I've flipped to randomly!  Yes it's close to a century years old but he talks just like us!  Maybe we learned talking from him!  Can't rule out anything at this point!
     Wonderful.  ABC.  I don't get why calling someone a Beta is a real insult (especially for men!)  Yes I get it's lower than alpha... but it's still higher than TWENTY FOUR LETTERS.  You're a Beta YOU'RE SECOND IN COMMAND WAY MORE HIGHER UP THAN MOST.  Something happens to the alpha YOU'RE NEXT IN LINE.  Maybe it's a dig at Betamax.  Which, in name and deed, are the beta of 1980's replay video machines.  The point is If I was a D I'd be content with that!  In fact seems kind of ideal.  All I want is to be a Delta!  Delta means triangle.  Also a math and/or geography thing.  Better LTURQ.  YEP something to do with Land &/or Rivers in Geography.  In Math yep also something.  I would elaborate but then I'd have to figure it out myself and I got better things to do presumably!
     Hey I get to take a break in a paragraph!  I'm okay with eating a frozen meal + rice as Entry Lunch.  It's a little complicated going back and forth between that and typing, more so than SOME meals, but not complicated enough that it's a deal breaker.  Also, I've mentioned this 4-6 times, but when I can start getting Non Super Market food, SUBWAY SANDWICHES FOR LUNCH.  I dunno how they did it, but Subway got inside my brain where all I can think about is getting Chicken Sandwich with all the fixings (only about 2/3rds of the fixings).  Cause I can either get a half sandwich and maybe some snack or MAYBE just the half sandwich-- or I can get a FOOT LONG SANDWICH and it's not overeating!  Also ALL THOSE FIXINGS.  I never would eat so many fixings from Any Other Place!  If this was a Twilight Zone, the pandemic quarantine would be responsibly lifted, and I'd take a walk to Subway, and there'll be the sign that says... CLOSED DUE TO PANDEMIC QUARANTINE.  I'll be back in a little bit.





Get A Grasp

   I talked to my Mother about spaghetti and It's Too Soon To Say!   Tomorrow night would be a solid back-up plan, though.  Not just Tomorrow Night Occuring.  But having spaghetti tomorrow night.  That's the back-up plan!  In the mean time though what else is going on.  How are #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent going.  OKAY!  I like the young addicts best.  I can RELATE to them because I too am in my late teens/20's.  Wait a second... 1988... carry the 5... UH OH I'm 32!  That's No Bueno but oh well what can ya do.  Also a lot of these people seem to like meth!  That seems to have been the Drug of Choice in the mid 2000's.  Presumably transitioning to Opiods at some point in the late 2000's OR MAYBE 2010's!  Meth is fun because it's just Gross.  I mean Cocaine, that's a clean drug.  It just looks clean.  It feels clean!  Meth?  Makes me picture teeth rotting, people going crazy... maybe it's just the word.  Meth.  Smells bad.  Tastes bad!  SOUNDS BAD LOOKS BAD.  SEEEEMS Bad.  I'd never to Meth on purpose, sure I'll go out of my way to do it accidentally at some point JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS but never on purpose!
     Wonderful.  A solid LESS THAN 72 hours until I re-up with Plentiful Beer.  I can do that standing on my head.  If I was forced to.  It'd take me a dozen tries to start balancing but presuming I'm allowed to Lean Against Something, yep, I could probably stand on my head for 72 hours if I really needed to!  If it was SUPER Important.  I dunno, what else is going on.  I like my song Hey Hey We're The New Monkees.  "Hey Hey," SOUNDS like a thing The (New) Monkees would say.  Also introducing who they are in song.  Worked for Eminem!  Worked for Kid Rock!  Works for lots of people.  Their first hit is just THIS IS MY NAME GET USED TO IT.  My favorite song is Hey Hey We're The Led Zeppelins.  It's got a lot going for it it shows us an entire other side to The Led Zeppelins than we've seen outside of that song!
     Fascinating.  I think it took me close to a decade to realize Oh, yeah, Zeppelins-- like those Traveling Hot Air Balloons.  And then another half a decade to be like oh, right, and these zeppelins are being LED.  like the direction they're going in is being plotted out.  That brings us up to present time more or less.  NOT REALLY one more Learning-  I feel like I've read or heard that they meant it as Lead Zeppelin (like Pencil Lead) but they thought people would mispronounce it.  THAT brings us up to current times.  Great, just great.  It's VERY possible The Regular Monkees had a song, "Hey Hey We're The Monkees."  Better LTURQ.  Yep seems to check out.  Got music from Mr. Show.  Got title from The Regular Monkees.  The LYRICS are brand new, though!  Just, "Hey Hey We're the NEW Monkees," over and over.  Nobody has ever said that before ever!  To that music!  I'm a pioneer is the point but not literally, more in terms of Lyric Ideas.
     Wonderful.  I know The New Monkees is a pipe dream but it's the hardest I've worked at something creatively since SEVERAL YEARS BEFORE THAT.  We're talkin a solid 2 months of working on it in Fall 2018 or something.  Oh well what can ya do.  Write an Act of Entry About It.  Yeah but I mean what can you do that's productive about it.  Move On With My Life.  Yeah that seems to check out, that's the best I/you can do.  Also instead of D12 maybe they should call themselves, "The Eminems?"  Has anyone ever considered that?  Anyway.  I think my favorite/least favorite Chore is taking out the garbage 2-3 times a week.  It's very easy, very fast, very simple, PLUS I get to go outside.. but it's so simple that I'm just like C'MON WHY EVEN BOTHER WITH THIS IT's 7:30 or 8:00 I SHOULD BE ASLEEP BY NOW.  But then it all works out because I Get To Go Outside For a Solid SIXTY SECONDS making 2 or 3 trips from Front Door TO Garbage Bin.  But it's so miniscule it makes it feel like well I shouldn't have to waste my time on this, it's a Big Nothin'!
Cool!  Finishing beer with this paragraph.  I'm okay with that!  I didn't think I'd have any beer today.  And I THOUGHT WRONG.  That'll show 'em (me).  Me is an Opposite of Em.  I crunched the numbers and everything.  Man oh many How Many Emmys would the The New Monkees QUALIFY FOR.  A solid HALF OF THEM.  That sort of thing.  I dunno.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a creative job.  I don't care if it's Just The First Thing That Occurred To Me or Anything Else!!  Wonderful.  Anyway go back to #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent after this paragraph.  Gotta finish an episode OR skip the Intervention (AND Pre-intervention) and move on to Next Episode.  Gotta make a commitment one way or another, though.  This TV Show isn't gonna watch itself!  And if it did, it would probably be ANTI-skipping any part of it.  If it had any self respect.  I'll be back in a bit with lunch!  For me!  You can have lunch too, but that ball is in YOUR court.





Tone Me Down

   No bueno.  Gotta tone myself down!   That's how life goes presumably.  Anyway yes I have lunch going on and no beer going on.  Lunch is delicious!  I can stand it!  I eat the RIce part of the meal SEPARATELY, and i use the BONUS RICE to mix in with the Crux of the meal.  If you can think of a better way to eat Frozen Meal + Rice I'd like to hear it!  Sometimes I just pour All Excess Rice INTO Crux of Meal (surrounding it in sauce) or I just get a fork ful and DUNK it in.  You can DUNK in this rice because it's clumpted together!  For better or worse!  Ya know what, I've been dunkin' today, but I think I'm just gonna pour the rest of the bonus rice in.  Here we go!  Hey I did just like I said what do you know and it tastes about the same as I expected go figure.
  May not have beer for rest of the day, but at least I Have Nothing!  I could figure out what do to with Nothing.  Well within my capabilities, Doin' Nothing, I can handle that.  Anyway protein for Crux of Frozen Meal is CHICKEN.  Wha.. huh... CHICKEN?  I NEVER HEARD OF SOMETHING SO DELICIOUS.  Also if Subway is the main Relatively Healthy Thing I'm thinking about Post-Quarantine, the main Relatively Unhealthy Thing I'm thinking about is CHINESE FOOD.  Also can we Eat Chinese Food as sort of a Vaccine?  Gotta imagine it has trace amount of COVID on it (because that's what DumbFucks would say!) so... yeah... sure... you get the point.  There's a scene in SOUL of someone eating pizza for the first time and it struck a chord much more than it would have because I haven't had Real Pizza in 10 months.  I watch it under normal circumstances, I'm just like, yeah pizza I enjoy that pretty good not bad.  Now I'm like MAN OH MAN I CAN RELATE TO THIS GUY.  I CAN HAVE PIZZA FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL OVER AGAIN WHEN THIS IS DONE.
Wonderful.  If spaghetti isn't in the cards for tonight, the alternative is Why It's Only A Hot Pocket And Some Chicken Nuggets.  If I don't care about Health, my go to meal for Chinese Food is Why It's Only General Tso's Chicken.  Used to like the Butterfly Shrimp.  It's big ol' shrimp connected with scrambled egg and bacon.  Lo Mein, that's pretty gross and unhealthy.  Look most of Cheap Chinese Food is Gross and Unhealthy and Delicious, I don't think I'm talking out of turn here.  Fine, I'll wait for my turn... ... ... IS IT MY TURN YET?  Wonderful.  Alright Here's what I've been waiting so long to say-- I think it would be fun if they switched up the races in Georgia.  Have the Democrat and Republican face The Other One than they've been campaigning against up till now.  MIX IT UP THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING.
     Penultimate paragraph!  In THE WIRE there's a poor kid who orders something like Yaka Mein with Turkey Grease because his Mom gets that and everyone laughs at him because they're like that's so gross the alcoholics get that so they could throw up and drink more alcohol.  And every time I see that scene I'm like I WANNA TRY SOME OF THAT YAKA MEIN WITH TURKEY GREASE.  EVEN IF I HADN'T BEEN DRINKING AT ALL.  Like I said Chinese Food is gross and delicious so THE GROSSEST IS THE MOST DELICIOUS PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Also I didn't know they had Turkeys in China.  Shows how much I know!  IF IT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR DUKIE IT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.
     Last paragraph!  Also from my experience I enjoy ALL the Meins.  Lo Mein.  Chow Mein.  That's about all I know.  I was raised in a household where we said CHAR-MEIN for some reason.  It's like Chow Mein but there's an, "R," in there for some reason.  I hope to get to the bottom of this one day.  Mein means Noodles.  That's MY Educated Guess.  What else is going on and crap.  Got some good options for Snacks in the mean time before dinner.  We're talkin maybe have a breadstick or something that's what's going on in MY head.  When entry is over and I bring Lunch Plate down.  Yep it's all checking out in all sorts of places.  Anyway I will re-up with alcohol on New Years Eves Day.  Sounds about right.  It'd be, "Fun," to buy some alcohol to use it over 2 minutes like Election Night, but not, "Necessary," or, "Needed," or, "Suggested," at all.  On account of Who Cares.  The point is the entry is over.  I can live with that!  See ya later.

-2:26 P.M.




Sunday, December 27, 2020

You Know It

   Now we're talkin'.  Last day of The Working Week!  Working On Drinking Beer!  Thursday Through Sunday THIS WEEK.  Sometimes More NEVER LESS.  You know that sort of thing.  I happened to be taking walks during the 2 weeks in time that Election Night occured during and I happened to get a 375ml bottle of Oh I Don't Know RUM that very day (coincidence?  only I know for sure!).  And I was drinking that late night before falling asleep.  I fell asleep BEFORE Arizona was called for Biden by Fox's News.  And DURING Ohio going on which I forget how I interpreted it.  Georgia didn't look promising frmo WHERE I SAT.  At the time I was figuring like well it can go either way at this point 50/50 ain't that far off LETS SEE TIME TO SLEEP. WHAT FUN I missed liquor and Yet Again miss it!
    HEY GOOD NEWS BIDEN WON!  Wow it's about time someone acknowledged it.  You know, that sort of thing.  Anyway if Trump wasn't president he'd have to use his own money to support his Golf Habit.  We spent 150 million dollars for his golf outings during his Semester As President.  That's a Real, Accurate Number I Read! ...Also, Semester is 1/2 a year.  Four years is a complete degree.  Ok what was Trump majoring in.  Who cares HERE COMES MAJOR THE DOG now we're talkin.  I can't imagine Trump learning a single thing.  Even bad things, or wrong things!  Wait I can imagine him learning wrong things.  You know that sort of thing.  Anyway e-mail me What Trump Majored In During Presidency at mankindguy AT gmail DOT c OM.  I wanna hear YOUR clever bits using this set-up.  I'M BUSY I GOT THINGS TO DO.
     What else is going on and crap.  Lookin' forward to some lunch today.  Maybe BAGEL & EGG.  Had MEAT'D LOAF LAST NIGHT SURPRISE MOM WANTED IT I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING.  Anyway also got that Chicken to Pick at, but NOT DURING ENTRY.   Anyway.  #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent is confusing because I think AT LEAST HALF of these stories were written, "Back In The Day," in COMIC BOOK VERSION.  Better LTURQ what Back In The Day means in regards to this.  WE'RE TALKING 1950'S!  And anyway some episodes are probably Completely New, some are Old Ones adapted into Modern World, and some are just Old Ones where the time setting is the 1950's.  ANd the most common is Hmm Watching This Episode Is 75% just me wondering does this take place now or 65 years ago.  Keeps you on the edge of your seat!  I don't sit down when watching Computer-TV!  I'm laying down almost invariably!  On Bed!  Comfortable!
     Great.  Where do we imagine Trump does his tweeting.  Is he at a desk?  On the toilet?  Laying in bed? Just Standing Around?  I dunno this is a real think-em-up.  I think if we had Found Footage of seeing Trump Write A Tweet it would break the internet.  Oh THIS IS TRUMP TWEETING?  THE MAGIC IS GONE!  It's like seeing The Wizard Of Oz, that sort of thing.  My least favorite part of the day is when I spill out my leftover coffee from previous day For Some Reason In My Toilet.  It's easier somehow than my bathroom sink.  Certainly easier than bringing it down to kitchen sink.  And anyway yes pouring day old coffee into toilet just looks like diarrhea every day.  Even if I flush it immediately, I SAW IT and NOW I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!!  Sure I can.  I do.  But for 2 seconds it's like hey this reminds me of Gross.  Gotta stop watching #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  Reminds me too much of Gross.
What else is going on.  Make Intervention a game show.  Winner gets an intervention!  That's one way to develop the franchise into the 2020's!!!  Anyway what do we know about the 2020's.  The first year, pretty much.  Unless you consider it the conclusion to the 2010's which is FAIR.  It's Like The Number Ten.  1-10 is 10 years.  I know it's INACCURATE but it's also MAKIN' SOME SENSE.  I saw they calculated 1/1000 AMericans haev died from Covid.  But how do they measure the population of America?!?!  Different than it was in March 2020 than Today!! Sounds Like A SCAM!!! Anyway, also, I'm PRETTY SURE I'm not that 1/1000.  If I've been dead this whole time Man Whatta Jip!  Still could happen NEXT year.  Had some Coughing this morning and felt kinda feverish.  Feel better now, though!  Five beers for today.  That's EXTRAVAGANT.  INDULGEMENT.  ALCOHOL-EFFECTS-INDUCING.  Then I get a FUN three days of Sobriety!  It's fun because it's like being On Beer but Just Not Being On Beer for a few days!  I'll be back in a bit.





That's What I'm Talking About

   The last few days I've been waking up pretty early (7 or 8 AM) and being like I'm TOO BUSY To Wake Up!  Not really thinking it, because I can't define why.  It's more of a Feeling.  I FEEL LIKE I BETTER STAY IN BED, WAKING UP WOULD BE IRRESPONSIBLE.  So I got that going for me.  A good reason to have a Bagel & Egg TODAY is that I don't really have an abundant surplus of possible meals, so I may want to have it a SECOND time in the Non-Working Week (Monday-Wednesday).  So if I save it until Tuesday WTF TOO SOON TO EAT IT AGAIN NEXT DAY.  You know, that sort of thing.  Anyway VERY Slowly and NOT VERY SURELY but I am starting to play guitar more!  I figured out a Nice Simple Guitar Sound with the Guitar Amplification System.  We're talkin Acoustic Sim but I just change one variable-- DISTORTION.  It's like a distortion pedal but they call it a stomp (cause you stomp on pedals?) and they have a dozen different STOMPS and I use the one called FUZZ.  Lots of fun!  Pretty close to what I would get out of Old Amplifier &/or Distortion Pedal!
     So I got that going for me!  SEE YOU IN HELL, DESSERT ROCK.  I KNOW I PREVIOUSLY STATED IT WAS DESERT ROCK.  NOW I CALL IT DESSERT ROCK.  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT!!!  You know, that sort of thing!  Hey Dessert that reminds me Of Desserts.  The Food You Eat After A Meal Almost Exclusively Dinners.  Never in my life have I had a lunch and someone was like ok do you want anything for dessert.  Not ONCE.  Also yes no one has OFFERED me dessert but Also I have never gone out of my way to have a Lunch Dessert myself!  Doesn't check out!  Wait a second.  I remember getting Lunch Freshman Year at NYU where I would get a sandwich and SOMETIMES A JUMBO COOKIE.  THat's Dessert Lunch.  Maybe that's the most extravagant thing I could think of to do now that I was living on my own.  Yep that seems to check out.
    Sometimes a chocolate chip cookie.  Sometimes a BLACK &/OR WHITE.  Sometimes Chocolate Chip Cookie but instead of Chocolate Chips JIMMIES.
  Also I've never used the word Jimmy for Sprinkle in my life but somewhere along my Journey I picked up that some people call sprinkles jimmies!  And I LIKE that.  C'mon though where are OTHER people getting, "Jimmies," from.  Not even sure where I got it from.  Seems impossible!  For some reason in my head Jimmy sounds like a Stimulant.  Jimmy yourself up it's like gettin' Hyped and Uppered.  And that lends itself to Sprinkles, you put rainbow sprinkles on a cookie or in Iced Cream you're like MAN THESE SPRINKLES ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO MY HEAD I NEED TO SIT DOWN WAIT NO I NEED TO STAND UP GOTTA WALK AROUND OKAY I NEED TO SIT DOWN AGAIN THEN MORE WALKING@
That sort of thing.  You can have Just Brown/Black Sprinkles.  And maybe they ARE chocolate or maybe they're just meant to simulate chocolate by appearance.  And just taste like Other Jimmies. I never really figured that one out!  I think it's VERY possible that I'd be better at guitar if I didn't have little hands and fingers, otherwise known as Donald Trump Disease.  I can get ENOUGH out of the guitar to do somethin', but I'm severely limited by my tiny extremities!  That's what she said.  Wait, no.  THat's what she said ABOUT ME I mean.  THAT'S what she said.  Glad we covered that!  Also sure Love Organ is an Extremity.  Nobody's Arguing that!  Maybe get back into Watching Movies.  HORRORIFIC MOVIES.  You know FRANCHISES where I can watch ONE AFTER ANOTHER Maybe 3-5 Times IN A ROW.  I'll keep me updated on this situation as it progresses!
     Last paragraph Sans Bagel &/OR Egg.  Anyway SPOILER ALERT I'm getting a new Credit Card in the mail!  No spoilers!  Same Credit Card Plan and everything but my old one expired in No Spoilers UPCOMING MARCH.  I won't tell you when the NEW expiration date is- you could use that against me!  I guess you can use this one against me for another few weeks.  AH but you don't know my NAME.  Yes you do.  You don't know my birthday.  Wait, you know that, too... You don't know my ORIGINAL PHONE NUMBER, THAT'S THE BONUS SECURITY QUESTION.  AND I DO KNOW MY OLD NUMBER!!!  It's the same as my curr--. what my old phone number is ISN'T IMPORTANT.  The point I guess is I'm VERY BAD At NOT Giving Away Personal Information.  Now that I think about it it's one of my main faults!  The point is Don't Steal My Identity.  TRUST ME It's No Fun!  Oh well such is life.  I'll be back in a bit.





Get Comfortable

   Look the bad news is I made Egg & Bagel but the Eggs were EXTRA LARGE while I'm accustomed to JUST REGULAR LARGE.  And 2 EXTRALARGE Eggs isn't enough!  The good news is, I crack an egg over the FryerTrayPotTypeThing, I don't fuck around letting All The Egg Drip Down, I MOVE THE FUCK ON TO THE NEXT EGG.  Oh, the center of the egg (yolk?) clearly made it to the pan, I can see it nice and clearly-- GOOD ENUOGH.  I ain't wasting time after that!  Also You Still Can't Steal My Credit Card Identity because YOU DON'T KNOW THE LAST FOUR DIGITS AT ALL.  Maybe a seven in there, I dunno, no spoilers!  DAMNIT now you know there MAY OR MAY NOT BE a Seven In There!  I think we should be able to have VANITY Credit Card Numbers.  You want everyone to REMEMBER your credit card based on its ingenuity!
     That's why people with Vanity License Players are DUMB AS FUCK.  Say you get involved in a hit and run accident-- totally unintentional!-- now people are gonna remember your license plate and YOU'RE UP ON VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER CHARGES.  All because you had to be cute!  Not Worth It!  Also I'm not 100% convinced there's a difference between Large & Extra Large.  I think it's the exact same brand.  I dunno maybe I didn't let enough Egg Drip Down.  If anything this seems like LESS Egg.  Maybe I misread it.  Extra Medium they might have said!  Presumably finishing Chicken for dinner.  With either rice or Crescent Potato!  A dinner roll, too!  I LIKE those odds.  Anyway, not a lot of people who have Vanity Websites these days.  Better LUTRQ re: ANgelfire.  Yeah they're still doing the best they can.  How's MySpace going.  It looks like something That Isn't The MySpace I remember.  Live and learn!
     Cool!  Sprinkled JUST ONE SPRINKLESWORTH of crushed red pepper into Fried Eggs and NO BUENO.  I thought well I'd barely be able to notice this but I NOTICE IT AND IT'S NO BUENO.  Anyway maybe go into a #FinalDestinationEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  Someone on twitter (News-Type-Person!) was watching those and I was like YEAH I SEEN THEM SUCKERS ARE ON HBOMAX THAT'S A FRANCHISE.  I've seen them before.  More than a year ago, though!  It's all fair game again!  That should last me 2-5 days.  Probably knock it out before New Years Occurs.  ANyway that lunch sure filled me up.  All those Extra Large Eggs really did the trick!  All three of them!  Also is it a thing that your Standard Table Pepper adds nothing to the taste?  Maybe for people with more sensitive palate than I have.  For me, it's just yeah I'll add some pepper to whatever why not, I like that.  But there's never a moment later, where I'm eating it, and am lke yeah that pepper made all the difference.  Your STANDARD TABLE PEPPER.  I'm sure there's tons of pepper that does make a difference!  Blame it on my Palate!
     Penultimate paragraph!  Also SURE if I just poured pepper into my mouth I'd taste it.  But combined with Other Foods I THINK I'VE MADE MY POINT TIME AND TIME AGAIN get off my back about it is the point!  At this point Intervention is scarier by MANY degrees than a Final Destination.  I don't think I'm speaking out of school there.  Also look you're out of school You CAN SPeak Again!  I get that in school they tell ya to be quiet but you're done with that for the rest of the day.  Go Ahead And SPEAK IT UP!  That's MY Hot Take.  Also YES Speaking out of school may be a perversion of the phrase I'm intending to say.  Maybe better LTURQ.  Yep checks out an ACCURATE phrase and it applies about 75% to this paragraph right here.  Not bad!  75% EASILY rounds up to 100.
     Last paragraph!  Checked my weight yesterday As A Lark.  Turns out I'm RIGHT ON THE EDGE of overweight/obese.  Figure in a few months I can start Walking As Much As I Want (4-5 30 minute walks a day), being a bit more conscious about Diet, and THEN start to look weight SLOWLY &/OR SURELY.  So that's the plan re: That Stuff.  DAMMIT NOW YOU KNOW MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER HAS FOUR DIGITS AT THE END.  I just can't help myself!  Also I have a PHYSICAL REAL CREDIT CARD.  YOU WANT IT, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME.  Ya know that sort of thing.  I wonder what effect Pandemic &/Or Quarantine has had on Organized Crime.  And crime in general.  People stealing credit card numbers, for example.  Gotta make things slightly more difficult Depending On The Crime We're Talking About.  Also, is it stealing a credit card number if the person gives you Many Hints Through Stupidity??  Anyway hey the entry is over.  That happens all the time!  Once per day!  More or less!  I'll see ya'll tomorrow!

-2:45 P.M.





Saturday, December 26, 2020

I Already Did This Yesterday

   No I didn't.  I can see how I got confused, though.  What I Did YEsterday is VERY similar to what I am doing today.  SO far!  Can't speak for the future!  Also why shouldn't there be a sequel (PREQUEL?) for 8 Mile primarily about Future.  Marshall Mathers shows up in it, he's a main character too, but anscilarry!  Also what's B Rabbit's CHRISTIAN name in 8 Mile.  Jimmm Smith, Jr.  Man the screenwriters for that really swung for the fences with that name.  Laid it all out there!  Anyway I was reading some MEME at some point that struck with me-- the Song that was the #1 Hit when you TURNED 14 OR SOMETHING is emblematic of Your Life Or Somethin' I Forget All The Details.  FOr me it was, "Lose Yourself!"  That's when JSJ is singing it.  If it is from myself it'd be, "Lose Myself."  Dunno what that means.  Sounds about right.  My favorite part of Lose Yourself: The Movie is Eminem's costume of choice which is a Grey Sweatshirt Jacket.  I wore grey sweatshirt jackets all the time!  I think I even started BEFORE the movie.  Middle school, probably.  Carried that habit with me all through UP TO NYU COLLEGE.  It's A FUN STANDARD INOFFENSIVE SAFE COSTUME CHOICE.
You know, that sort of thing.  Also I blame Eminem for not being able to dance.  First Dance I ever went to, Pre- Middle School Mixer, they were freakin' playing Hi MY Name Is and I was like well clearly dancing to this is impossible... guess dancing in general is impossible... ya know what I'm just gonna wear grey sweatshirt jackets as often as possible it's the SAFE INOFFENSIVE COSTUME CHOICE.  Ya know that sort of thing.  14 birthday.  That was 3 months into Starting High School!  Didn't even have it on MP3 Player at that point.   I had an MP3 Player but I didn't have that song on it I THINK I'D REMEMBER SUCH A THING get off my back about it.  I find it interesting that to all of our knowledges, M 'n M's never sued Eminem.  Maybe they figured it's a net positive.  Free advertising!  It's like naming a Sports Stadium.  Naming a Popular Musician.  Dr Dre is sponsored by Sloan Kettering Cancer Prevention Center.  50 Cent is sponsored by the US Mint.  Those are the main Eminem-associated Acts.  D12 is sponsored by Battleship.  Which board game enterprises made Battleship.  Looks like Milton Bradley.  Milton Bradley the Baseball Player from the 2000's was named by Milton Bradley, that's pretty obvious, no deception there at all.  ALso Milton Bradley played WELLLLL INTO THE 2010's!  We're talking 2011.  Multiple Years!
    That's way more MLB Baseball than I've played in my entire life (So Far)!  What kind of delicious lunch do I have in store for Soon.  Little bit of Roast Chicken Left.  Kinda feel like Cup O Noodles.  Pair Noodles with Left Over Chicken!  I can do it because I got ZERO SALMON so I can pair WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT with these noodles!  Anyway saw the movie SOUL yesterday and I didn't quite get it-- Soul Music is it's own thing prettty distinct from Jazz.  And it's a movie about Jazz.  But it's called Soul.  Sounds kinda racist WHAT ARE ALL AFRICAN AMERICAN PRIMARILY POPULATED MUSIC ALL THE SAME TO YOU.  All in all it was a good movie.  It took me abuot 10 minutes to (Correctly!) figure out that one of the characters is Tina Fey.  I knew THIS IS FAMILIAR, COULD BE ANY ONE OF A DOZEN PEOPLE and then after a while I was like well this is Tina Fey I'm about 75% sure.  ANd I was right!  WHERE'S MY GAMBLING WINNINGS?
     You know that sort of thing.  ALso If I've learned anything from the baseball player Tino Martinez, it's that Tina Fey's Full Name is Constantina Fey.  And believe me I've learned A LOT from baseball player Tino Martinez.  Anyway saw something about New York doing Automatic Voter Registration.  I LIKE that.  Also I realized I got, "I LIKE that," from not just Brad Pitt in #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent but ALSO from a The Simpsons where Homer tells a story about how he had brain damage as an aside in reference to an issue Bart was dealing with and Bart is like what's the point of this story and Homer just goes, "I LIKE stories."  (Further driving home the point that he's brain damaged) So basically it's a combination between the two of them.  Anyway I'm pretty happy with whenever I thnk of a good line or short clip of The Simpsons I CAN GOOGLE IT and more often than not It's up on youtube-- just exactly what I wanted to see!  I LIKE those odds.
Anyway, hey, get to take a break after this paragraph.  Anyway, had 5 beers yesterday.  At this rate, I'm finishing the beer after 4 days as opposed to the originally planned 5!  I can, "Live," with that.  Sounds like fun all-in-all.  Anyway how many more days until 2021.  We're talkin' a solid 6 days.  PRACTICALLY a week.  Weeks are a convinient unit of time because that's exactly how long Marty McFly has to make his parents fall in love (but also in a BETTER way than originally happened).  I think that's where we get, "Weeks," from.  I was just thinking about The Exorcist and how does The Exorcist go back to Not Having A Broken Neck after this whole ordeal is over.  Seems kind of permanent to me.  You know that sort of thing.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.  Also allll that purging.  Alright be back soon!





No One Is Arguing That

   Was just watching an Intervention with FOUND FOOTAGE of the guy playing Basketball After Receiving Treatment To Show How Much Better He Is-- and it came to me-- THREE WAY BASKETBALL.  ONE ON ONE ON ONE.  LET'S GET IT GOIN!  Can either have Rest of Roast Chicken for lunch W/ Noodles OR I can have a Nice Clean TWO BUFFALO Wings.  Save that roast chicken for a meal where I'm not going back and forth Typing.  Picking at Chicken is BAD for TYPING 1) too messy 2) get preoccupied with picking so the entry goes on the back burner.  So that sounds like a nice ACT III!  My favorite part of Soul: The Major Motion Picture is-- spoiler alert-- the main character falling down a sewer.  It happens in the first ten minutes, so I'm not ruining too much.  If anything, Tina Fey playing a main character is even more ruinous.  But anyway Falling Down A Sewer NOW You're Speaking My Language!
     You know, that sort of thing.  Also it takes place in NYC I LOVE that place!  I often LIVE in that place.  I ALWAYS Live in that place if you expand the definition which you probably do!  Anyway I would have titled the movie SOLE because It Makes People THINK MORE.  Anywy B+/A- Movie Good Clean Fun.  Except for all that hardcore pornography.  Oops another spoiler alert!  DAMN NEXT INTERVENTION I'M TOTALLY SKIPPING-- A, "Follow Up," episode.  Look if you barely entertained me with teh AA Material you think I'm gonna be okay watching the C material you've accumulated?  You thought wrong!  You know that sort of thing.  I dunno maybe they've relapsed and we get to watch them while they relapse.  That sounds vaguely worthwhile.  I guess I've Given Myself A Lot To Think About.
     Wonderful.  is Wonder Woman a DC COMICS Lady?  Better LTURQ.  YEP SHE'S DC the Marvel version is CAPTAIN MARVEL.  Which reminds me of Ice Cream.  Marvel.  CARVEL ok I cracked that code.  I dunno about you guys but Carvel always seemed to me the B Version of Baskin-Robbins.  Dunno where I picked up that idea, that Baskin Robbins is a slightly fancier version of Carvel.  Probably based on advertising or something!  Ice Cream is Ice Cream I Doubt It's Much Of A difference Either Way.  Baskin Robbins is HEAVIER Ice Cream Carvel is SOFT ICE CREAM.  This is Based On Nothing.  But such is life!  Also Yes hard ice cream is better than soft ice cream.  It gives you OPTIONS.  You can either eat it as Hard Ice Cream OR JUST WAIT A WHILE.  Seems to check out.  Is it a think where we should be saying ICED Cream and not Ice Cream.  Better LTURQ.  OOP it turns how Who Gives A Shit.
     Yeah!  Figure I'll watch the next #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent that I already Random Number GEnerated.  It's about the Terrible Amateur Screenwriter Geek who meets a HOT HOT SEXY LADY in Apartment Complex and BITES OFF MORE THAN HE CAN CHEW to use a turn-of-phrase that Sort Of? applies here!  Certainly better a turn of phrase than I could think of if I spent any time thinking of it!  I can relate because I am just an Amateur Geek.  One day I aspire to be a full fledged Geek but for now I'm only in Double A in terms of being a geek!  Oh well practice makes perfect one would imagine.  Also Even More Importantly I aim to One Day LIVE IN AN APARTMENT COMPLEX.  NOW you're talkin' my language!  You know, that sort of thing.  Great, just great.  PROBABLY WILL EAT MEATLOAF TOMORROW NIGHT
     Last paragraph of the section.  Also Yes in one episode of #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent people DO eat Meatloaf.  The musician/actor.  Spoiler alert.  Anyway Meatloaf mayb not be the healthiest thing in the world but it's WORLDS HEALTHIER than a Dream Heroin Loaf.  If you do Heroin in a dream IT TURNS OUT YOU'RE DOING IT IN REAL LIFE.  You know, that sort of thing?  Also how come its a movie about Jazz but there's no EXPLICIT use of Jazz Cigarettes?  Only IMPLICIT.  Sorta I guess.  What else is going on and crap.  Also Noodles aren't an ideal meal for Entry Writing but better than Pickin' At Chicken.  Which rhymes!  That's how you KNOW it's a good sentence!  Anyway, I think I'm gonna stick with #InteventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent for directly after this paragraph!  Maybe see this FOLLOW UP entry just to see if I've been missing anything.  If I don't like it Head On I'M SKIPPING IT!  No commitments!  I'll be back in a bit.





Now We're Having Fun

   Alright!  Kinda feel like I've had This Exact Succession Of Titles before.  Probably around Oh I Don't Know OCTOBER or NOVEMBER.  Got some lunch going on.  Noodles + 2 wings.  One of which I ate while waiting for water to boil.  The other one I didn't!  Now We're ALl Caught Up!  Also I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say this is my favorite Pixar Movie Yet!  I've only seen a third of them!  Lemme LTURQ, what's #2... Hmm not even close.  I haven't seen LIKE I SAID 2/3 OF THEM and the ones I have have been FINE.  This one was fun, though.  I liked the part where its all like Hmm this is a laugh and a half but also SO RELEVANT TO MY (and everyone!  specially in my generation!) LIFE.  Presumably Kids would get a KICK out of it as well as the elderly.  Dunno what's appealing about it for Elderly People.  THey just like the Moving Pictures with DIALOGUE Audio going on in the back ground it's NEW and EXCITING for them.
    There are OLDER Characters in the film.  THe main character (35?  40?  FORTY FIVE?) has an ALIVE MOTHER and she's an OLDER lady but still Up and About!  The point is I feel like the main character is an Older Millennium and by that I mean an Older Millennial.  HMM what kind of Pixar Movies are available on DISNEY PLUS: The Streaming Service That I Have.  WOW it's got a lot of em!  Maybe watch UP next.  I feel like I have a sense memory of watching UP in 2010 while drinking some alcohol I got at alcohol store (For the first time from them nearby Home House) and it was a mixed drink because I was an alcohol novice.  And I was drinking that while watching THE FIRST THIRD of Up.  After that it's all a blur.  The drink was called ZOMBIE.  Better LTURQ to double check. YEP SEEMS TO CHECK OUT.  A mixed drink Brought To Us By BACARDI.  Also I'm sure the first third of Up was fine just fine.
     Anyway.  WAtch some RATATOUILLE.  I'm a Patton Oswalt, "Fan."  He was in a movie where HIS NAME WAS FAN.  Big Fan.  I assume a fictional relative of Real Life Dat Phan-- the 1st winner of Comedy Idol by which I mean Last Comic Standing.  Dunno yet if I'm gonna, "Feel It," but one possible GREAT dinner (if I, "Feel It!") is Bagel & Egg.  Not much other Fresh stuff I Can eat really.   ALso one of my titles is, "The Uppers," you'd think watching, "Up," would reveal some valuable information to me about what using the word, "Up," in your title is all about!  Also I don't get it in the entire movie Soul JESUS CHRIST OUR ROCK AND REDEEMER doesn't show up ONCE?  Seems like kind of , "War On CHristmas," movie ESPECIALLY IT BEING RELEASED ON CHRISTMAS>
     Penultimate paragraph!  Unless the main character is a metaphor for Christmas.  Or one of the secondary characters.  Maybe The Setting is a metaphor for Christmas.  Lots of things Really Are Christmas PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Anyway at this point it looks like lunch'll be in 4-5 hours.  Not going too far making that estimate, sounds about right and on par with Recent History.  Also are we still on the verge of legalized marijuana?  Either in New York or Federally?  I feel like it's supposed to pan out at least One Of Those Ways pretty soon?  Which means I can stop drinking?  It's good for Health Reasons all-in-all?  I was thinking about it, and maybe 75% of my Pot Smoking Career was With Other Poeple and just me thinking Ugh I Wish I was Alone For This.  I mean it's OKAY being high with other people but it's no match for all the fun you can have alone!  That's MY Hot Take.  Sometimes it was fun.  I told you!  25% of the time I Was totally on board!
     Great.  Hey the last paragraph.  Will I watch UP.  I dunno it's UP IN THE AIR.  Like the word in the title.  Up.  Showed up in a phrase I used after talking about the title..  Wow life is full of surprises.  Also gotta imagine this movie was HEAVILY marketed to be a hit in South Korea Capital.  You know that sort of thing.  Anyway I only got 1 noodles last super market order because they only had one ins tock!  And I got it!  But now I have ZERO NOODLES until Thursday WHATTA SCAM.  What's today, Sunday?  Seems about right.  Should have gotten a regular Cup O Noodles as a back up.  WHATTA IDIOT I AM.  I think I still have 1/3rd of a RIce left.  Which is how I divide it into portions (as a side portion in and of itself).  Match 1/3 of rice from super market with somethin' else!  Presumably a Frozen MEal in this case!  Hey just finished lunch EXACTLY when finishing entry.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-3:00 P.M.




Friday, December 25, 2020

I Never Imagined You Would Be Reading This

   Not in my wildest dreams.  Why would My Wildest Dreams include a part about You (Anyone) Reading This?  I can think of Wilder stuff. Like Gene & whatnot.  Billy.  Lots of Wilders out there.  Sometims when I see Billy Wilder I think it's Gene Wilder.  I forget there's a Billy Wilder, too.  Just think there's One Wilder and it's Gene.  Well we settled that Once And For All now it's time to move on.  It's XMAS Day a... WAIT A SECOND.  Microsoft FrontPage accepted, "Xmas," as a word.  What kind of Building Your Own Personal Website WAR ON CHRISTMAS BULLSHIT IS THIS.  Also thing where it's like, "XMAS is a holiday where you and your ex-significant other Fuck once a year.  Gotta imagine that there should be days commemorating that.  Also it's not one day each year that everyone celebrates.  IF it was just one day a year, you couldn't do it with multiple Exes.  Well, you could.  But the logistics of seeing all your exes in one day would be a NIGHTMARE.
Anyway, great, what else is going on.  I recently noticed after seeing an Intervention with a black man that it took 20 episodes into this series to have a Black Person.  I guess A & E audience isn't, "Down," with feeling sympathy for black people.  Their addictions don't matter as much.  Also this black p erson is a FORMER NBA PLAYER (For One Year).  You know what I figured this out, I cracked the code-- Interventions are just a White People thing.  Black people might just not be into Interventions culturally!  I feel like that's a possibility that borders on offensive but also borders on possibly accurate!  I LIKE those possibilities.
Here's where a comedian would do a riff where it's like for black people it just be like YO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.  I AIN'T SOLVING YOUR PROBLEMS FOR YOU GET RIGHT C'MON MAN.  Turned into Joe Biden at the end.  Don't we all.  Kinda hope not.  I'd rather Not Be Joe Biden At The End all things considered.  Anyway.  I remember in the 90's or 2000's or 2010's, whenever I saw/THOUGHT ABOUT the 2 Tales From The Crypt movies, it was always like yeah they're OK I GUESS but they don't live up to the franchise.  Turns out I just thought the franchise was something different than what it was.  In retrospect both movies are more or less pretty emblematic of what a film version of an episode of The Franchise would be.  Also is there a Wrestler named The Franchise.  My guess is probably around a 40% chance there is, and if not, there probably should be.  Lemme LTURQ.  YEP THERE IS.  Before my time!  But certainly possible I've heard his name and it never stopped bouncing around my noggin.  Also at what point does his Ownership of The Franchise expire and I can start calling Myself The Franchise. 
     Cool!  Also yeah this guy had (has?) a long career but at no point was he ever deserving of the title The Franchise.  A background player at best!  That's MY impression.  Anyway hopefully some Communal Roast Chicken tonight.  Gotta figure out a good lunch, though.  Probably make myself a Pastrami Sandwich that sounds like FUN and it helps my finish off the Deli Meat that I Just started.  For some reason Turkey, Etc. you can get by the quarter pound.  Pastrami, Etc. you have to get at least Half A Pound!  Whatta rip off!  I assume it's because of discrimination against Jews.  Pastrami, Corned Beef, ROAST BEEF (Well that's for everyone).  Anyway I don't want anything for Christmas EXCEPT MAYBE can someone shave myself for me.  I need to shave but it's a hassle and a half.  Someone do it for me!  All I want!
     Great, just great.  If I have sandwich, pair it with some Half Spheres of Potatoes.  I have a SURPLUS of Potato-Sides and I need to make progress with those, as well!  Anyway gotta imagine I'll get some Christmas/Chanukah Checks from SOMEONE but no one yet!  Got a couple of December 12 Birthday Credits.  That's fun!  Anyway do Arcades still exist and IF THEY DO are the games Futuristic Games (Compared to what they had in the mid-late 90's?)  LIke are there virtual reality games where I can play them for a dollar 50?  Is there some kind of EVEN MORE FUTURISTIC Air Hockey Tables?  Like maybe it's Virtual Reality Air Hockey?  That way you're not wasting money on Air?  Better LTURQ, I wanna see for real if there's Future Arcades going on RIGHT UNDER MY VERY NOSE.  Anyway the main arcade I had when I was growing up was called PETER PAN ARCADE GAMES.  Now it doesn't exist anymore.  Presumably because me and my generation-peers grew up.  Oh right was gonna look into Future (Present) Arcade Games.  YEAH nothin' that interesting there.  Most current arcades are RETRO &/or Japanese Style.  I'll be back in a bit.





I'm Talking To Someone Else

   Alright Black people MAY be Intervention Haters but the point is probably more We Don't Air Our Dirty Laundry.  Probably!  Makes sense to me.  If you can get an old Air Hockey Table is that a good substitute for an Oxygen Tank?  Also it can be a COMMUNAL oxygen tank.  So there's that.  Anyway just put some half spheres of potatoes in oven, that'll be ready in 45-60 minutes.  Presumably lining up with Act III.  Also good ol' Hearty Pastrami Sandwich to go along with it!  Anyway, in Arcades, does ANYONE ever collect enough tickets to get a Big Prize.  I mean ANYONE.  Gotta imagine there's about half a dozen people in a year that amass enough tickets to get one of the Top Shelf Prizes.  VERY rare but not unheard of.  Also I think Arcades should act as Pawn Shops.  That'll mix things up!  I don't care to elaborate on that riff, nope.  Not one bit.
Cool!  Anyway does JEsus celebrate his birthday?  Or is it kind of, "Beneath," him.  Also does God get him a present?  I GET he's not alive anymore but gotta presume he's still Half Human wherever he lives.  That half human part of him WANTS SOME PRESENTS.  AN AIR HOCKEY TABLE.  Gotta imagine In Heaven, you don't even need to plug the air hockey table in!  Save a FORTUNE on electricity.  Heaven is up in the clouds.  So much Air up there.  That's the point I'm trying to make.  Anyway what else is going on.  Didn't go last year to Christmas, but for the, I dunno, 10-15 years before that, would go over to my Uncle's.  He is Jewish but is married to a Christian Lady!  So we celebrated Christmas!  Now WHERE IS CHRISTMAS WHAT HAPPENED TO CHRISTMAS.  Also last year we didn't go but I NEED CHRISTMAS NOW.  Had a dream about my Uncle and Aunt last night.  Something about they came over to Here Where I Live just so we could go back to where They Live.  Presumably for Christmas in retrospect.  In the dream Christmas was NEVER mentioned.  Also at some point I Threw an Epic Party in my Uncle's House.  Invited all sorts of Cool Teenage Strangers, that kind of vibe, (with Me being an uncool teenage man, for reference point).  Sounds great, just great.
It's a party!  All I Want For Christmas Is A Shave.  Not Done By Me.  Someone Else.  That's the title to my Upcoming Christmas Song.  Haven't worked the kinks out yet, other than the title, but it sure is forthcoming!  Do I heat up Pastrami, or eat it cold.  I'm leaning towards Wanting To Eat It Heated Up, and I'm also leaning towards Not Wanting To Waste The Minimal Amount of Entry To Actually Heat It Up.  What shuold I do.  Eat it cold.  IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.  I dnuno maybe eat it hot. NOW I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK.  Anyway the best Holiday Presents I Can imagine is Stuff I have to do (shave, make decisions, etc.) being done For Me.  Sounds about right.  I want to exert Very Little Effort in life.  Ideal Gifts are just shaving that amount of effort by even more.  Wonderful!  Has anyone ever realized that Covid is the same number as Product?  That's one way to finish a paragraph.
Cool!  My favorite part of using Random Number Generator for #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent is it always makes me think oh I hope it ends up being THIS EPISODE.  And I never act on it.  I suddenly am ALWAYS inspired to watch a certain individual episode-- all I could ask for!-- but instead just continue watching ones I don't care to watch because THAT'S THE KIND OF GUY I AM.  Also it's not so much I Hope It's THIS Episode because it's 1 out of 90.  VERY VERY low odds it will be.  It's more Too Bad It Can't Be THIS EPISODE.  Which it could be.  But I'm not betting the Stimulus Check on it!  That'd be too much to gamble with!
HEY I'M STILL JEWISH!!!  IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.  You know, that sort of thing.  Being Jewish is cool.  You get to do whatever you want!  That's my style of Jewishness.  Just go have fun, do whatever!  You know that sort of thing.  I think I might actually Heat Up Pastrami.  It's just What I Want To Eat More!  And if Christmas is about anything, it's about Eating What You Want To Eat More.  Probably.  I WAS NEVER RAISED AND/OR TAUGHT ABOUT CHRISTMAS.  All I can tell is it's more or less Just go have fun, do whatever!  Which is a crossover with My Jewishness, so it all works out in the end.  Alright odds are it ends up Something Different, but most likely Beer Schedule for the week, and what I'm aiming for, is 4 beers for first 4 days, then 2 beers for last day.  Odds are it ends up SOMETHING ELSE, but it's still the odds on favorite Plurality & Whatnot that its this!  I'll be back in a bit.





That's What This Website Is

   ALRIGHT got MICROWAVED PASTRAMI.  On LIGHTLY TOASTED WHITE BREAD.  WITH 6-8 POTATO HALF SPHERES.  AND PEPSI COLA.  DIET PEPSI COLA.  Anyway when microwaving Pastrami I was like man this is a lot of pastrami gonna be a nice thik sandwick.  Then I was like gonna misspell words for fun.  Then I was like oh right this pastrami with this bread, not as thikk as I thought it would be!  But its all for the best it's still delicious.  What are some delicious Christmas movies that no one thinks about.  Oh I know Lord of The Rings.  I don't caer to follow up with that.  But it FEELS like every Lord of The Rings was released on Christmasses.  Dunno if that's accurate but it FEELS accurate.  In which case yep people celebrated Christmas 6 times (PLUS HOBBITS) within 12 years or whatever-- that's a Christmas Tradition-- now these movies Are Christmas.
That's MY Hot Take.  Also one would imagine King Kong is a Christmad movies.  King Kong is a metaphor for Jesus.  Look at him go, fighting Godzilla and Mothra.  Just like Christ.  Anyway Communal Roast Chicken is Great Overall but the BEST PART is having 1 of the 2 Drum sticks.  I can't get over how delicious this is!  I wouldn't WANT to get over it.  Just let it remain in my life As It Has Been and enjoying it once a week!  What else did I dream about last night.  Something about my Brother had a Loaf of Heroin.  It was Brown Heroin but about the shape of a loaf a bread (maybe half the size of your standard loaf).  Also no this wasn't Poo it was HEROIN.  Also the dream ended with My Dad thanking me and I was like what you thanking me for and he was like for what's in the fridge and I opened the fridge and it turned out I got a Taco Bell Promotional Item for him that was stuffed the the brim with nachos.  My Dad doesn't like nachos that much as far as I know.  But it was a FUN Stack of nachos or something.  That sort of thing.
Great!  Finishing Last Week's Half Potato Spheres tonight with Chicken.  Then I have This Week's CRESCENT POTATOES left over.  But it's okay because it's Half The Amount as when you get the Half Spheres.  Anyway got some Ribs yesterday.  Had some with some Buffalo wings last night for dinner!  It wasn't as delicious as I anticipated!  Maybe next time I'll cook it better!  I think it's FASCINATING that I like Nacho Cheese Doritos but actual Nachos with Cheese DISGUST THE CRAP OUT OF ME.  Not that fascinating.  Totally different Textures.  Totally different proportion of Nacho Cheese Flavor.  Alright Cracked That Code now I know It's Not Fascinating.  Also I like it because Nacho Cheese is the Default Doritos, right?  Pretty much the Main Flavor.  Cool Ranch beign next in line.  Which I also like!  Despite not liking Cool Ranches at all Outside of Doritos!  What else is going on.
Maybe the standard Dorito is actually Nacho CHEESIER.  I feel like it's branded that way sometimes.  But its the same thing.  They just decided to switch up names to keep us guessing.  Doh Reet Os.  Do Right Os.  Hey the Chips are telling us to Do Right sounds like a Christmas Miracle!  I just had a Bread Stick!  It's a Christmas Miracle!  HOW DO THEY FIT ALL THE NACHO CHEESIER INTO ONE TINY CHIP -- my pitch for MY line of dialogue in Dorito Commercial.  They'd reject that, though.  They don't want people associating Their Chips with Tiny Size.  They'd want to play up how BIG the chips are, so you feel like you're getting more bang for your buck.  Hmm good product though.  Bite Size Doritos.  That'd make a lot of money.  Kinda feel like I should be given royalties every time they sell a Future Bag of Presumable Bite Sized Doritos.  Or you can just pay me in Bite Size Doritos.  Either way.
     Cool!  Roughly half the size of a regular Dorito.  That'd be great for people on Diets.  Everyone's on a diet.  Whatever you eat and/or don't eat, that's your diet.  I feel very strongly about this!  Nacho Cheese Dorito are RED Cool Ranch is BLUE.  Everyone knows this!  If Jesus was around today he could make a lot of money being Company Spokesman.  Easily make 20 million just doing a few commercials for Doritos.  Easy.  What's another Main Dorito Flavor.  I feel like the next main flavor I can think of is like SPICY Nacho Cheese.  But let's put that to the side.  What's the next REAL DIFFERENT Main Flavor.  Yep you know it time to google, "Dorito Flavor Rankings."  Not just do I wanna be reminded What Else Is Out There I wanna see What OTHER People Think!  SALSA VERDE.  Yeah I think that rings some sort of bell.  Anyway, jeez.  Another entry in the books.  Happy LatinxMas!

-2:17 P.M.





Thursday, December 24, 2020

It's All For The Best

   No it isn't.  Maybe 50% for the best.  Is For The Best half full or half unfull I wanna say EMPTY IS THE WORD I'M LOOKING FOR?  Anyway, got some beer!  Tried something enw yesterday FULL DISCLOSURE I SNORTED 1/4th of a Klonopin!  It was VAGUELY NOTICEABLE.  Kinda similar to taking One Klonopin Regularly.  SO that panned out pretty well.  Then I tried it AGAIN and nothing happened!  Then I Was like well that solves that problem, does nothing for me, I'm not addicted to it, I'd rather just have a single beer anyway, that wraps things up very nicely!  So that's the end of that chapter!  It's fun to snort drugs, thouhgh!  Makes me feel like a BIG MAN.  Snort Drugs are for ADULTS not like your petty beer!  I'd LOVE to be a Drug Adult.  BUt then again I'd love to be Just An Adult which A Part Of It Is is NOT being a Drug Adult.  All works out for the best, though, I have Beer again!
  If I REALLY wanted to be a Drug Adult I'd, "SLAM," some drugs.  Which is named after pushing down on needle.  Needle into your body!  Pushing it down injects the substance into your blood stream ideally!  If you can't get a blood stream maybe just inject it into some cartilage or something!  I don't have all the details!  Still curious about bathing in alcohol.  That's a REAL Drug Adult move.  Presumably.  No one's tried it yet.  Maybe they have.  Better LTURQ.  ALL I SEE IS RANDOM INTERNET USER SPECULATION.  Where are the DOCTORS on this important subject.  NOWHERE THAT'S WHO.  Anyway in addition to beer got some nice Food Meals from Super Market Delivery.  But First Meal for today is Finish last week salmon.  With Noodles!  Get that out of the way so after this meal It's All Looking Upward Or Something!
     Cool!  Watching Internet Interventions, gotta watch a lot of commercials.  1/8th of the commercials are ANTI-SHINGLES commercials.  I guess that's what A&E thinks of their audience.  What's their number one condition that binds them all together.  OH.  Either HAD Shingles or are WORRIED about Shingles.  I'm gonna keep it 100% I DON'T KNOW WHAT SHINGLES Is.  LTURQ...  SOUNDS LIKE A VIRAL INFECTION.  Contagious!  Watch out for that!  Also A&E thinks all their viewers are Drug Addict Hoarders who are Scientology-Curious and VERY VERY worried about Shingles.  That's what I've picked up on.  Anyway just did a MICROCHORE.  It's called I gave the CareTaker Person for Neighborhood That THere Christmas BONUS we talked about.  It's not really a bonus.  More of a STIMULUS.  Lol imagine being like yo I got you this Christmas Stimulus Here You Go you know because of Current Events Lol?
That sort of thing.  Also we all agree that it's a Relief Bill, right?  Sure we do.  Gotta All Agree on something, right?  One would imagine A&E stands for Arts and Entertainment.  Well, they're halfway there on Entertainment, at least.  NO ARTS as far as I can tell.  Even considerably less Art than just your Standard Basic Cable Channel.  Docu-series aren't art at all they're INFORMATION.  A sitcom, that's more art than that!  Gameshow somewhere in the middle.  The point is Yes Some Of These Shows Border On Being Entertainment.  Also gotta imagine A&E is related to the Cream Soda Company.  Better LTURQ.  Nope that's A & W.  Oh well there goes everything.  Entire entry is tainted now!  Now I get to see what A & W stands for.  Probably the last names of the Dynamic Duo who came up with Cream Soda.  Yep Roy Allen and Frank Wright.  I personally would have gone with W & A but I guess they felt Allen should come first because he had slightly more to do with the Root Beer than Wright did.  Frank Wright.  What was he taking time off from INVENTING AIRPLANES?!?!  Also Frank Lloyd Wright.  Feel like That's A Person Too.  Better LTURQ.  Yep ARCHITECT.  From immediate reading don't think Trump would approve of him designing government buildings.  It never ends with this guy! 
Anyway, jeez.  How's Georgia Runoff going.  One can only imagine it's either good, or bad.  Or maybe We Don't Know Yet.  Or maybe we DO know and it's right between Good And Bad.  One of those things, that's my best guesstimation.  I think Perdue should have a Town Hall where he doesn't show up.  And it's just an empty stage for 60 minutes and sometimes you cut to the audience and/or moderator and they're just like shrugging their shoulders.  That seems about right.  For some reason I imagine All Town Halls In The Round.  Is that really a defining feature?  Or am I just remembering A Single Town Hall from somewhere and it was In The Round.  Which is when there's an audience All' Round' the stage, 360 degrees.  George Carlin did a special like that!  I wouldn't lie to you!  What would my motive be!  Anyway time to take a break!



I Can Live With That

   I'm pretty sure there was a show just called Addicted and it's the same as Intervention but without the Intervention.  JUst a docuseries of people being addicted to something and the show's producers and the subjects friends & family are like oh well what can ya do.  Anyway Terrible News I got back into suckin' Tootsie Pops a week or two ago and now I'm all out!  Not even a Single One Left.  And it's likely to remain this way for I dunno MONTHS?  WEEKS?  ENOUGH WEEKS WHERE IT BLEEDS OVER INTO MONTHS BUT ISN'T QUITE MONTHS IN AND OF ITSELF?  I LIKE THE LAST ESTIMATION THE BEST, IT'S LIKE 2-8 WEEKS OR SO?  MAYBE EVEN 8-12 BUT THAT'S LESS LIKELY?  Anyway when was the last time we had a War While Christmas.  Oh every Christmas.  When was the last time We Weren't At War.  Between 1st Iraq War and Afghanistan?  Seems to check out PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Sounds Sweet.
Cool!  Isn't there a story about Christmas during World War I and the Americans and the Germans left their trenches to play football or something?  Which Football, though?  Theirs or ours?  Better LTURQ.  IT WAS THEIR FOOTBALL.  DAMNIT THEY WON THE CHRISTMAS TRUCE.  We capitulated and played THEIR SPORT and not Ours I Hope Someone Lost Their Job Over THAT BLUNDER.  Anyway that's how I feel.  When I made myself bagel & eggs last night, dropped a relatively significant amount of egg on floor.  And even though floor is relatively clean I threw it out.  And now there's an emptiness inside of me that I don't think ANYTHING will ever be able to fill EXCEPT FOR MAYBE Christmas Shingles Vaccine.  Also if you're a family who is fine operating around the edges of criminality, getting someone a Covid Vaccine for Christmas would be ACES.  Probably shouldn't have waited until Everyone Gathered For Christmas... and then only giving ONE PERSON the Vaccine Which Already Is Too Late.  I dunno give everyone a vaccine upon arrival!  Be like oh and this is Christmas Gift #1 THERE'S MORE TO COME.  You know that sort of thing.  You can give someone Vaccine Credit virtually.  Just give 'em a vaccine gift card in the mail.  Easy.  EASY!
Hey that's great just great.  Lunch with Act III gonna be Finish Salmon with Noodles.  I told you that already!  I'm reiterating it!  It's still the plan get off my back about it!  Anyway if I'm Back ON Beer I guess that means I don't need to Gamble.  One hand washes the other.  That phrase doesn't apply here.  It's true, though!  Doesn't need to apply as long as its accurate.  I'm just throwing that bit of knowledge out there get off my back about it, etc.!  Also YES I am conflicted about Just Stop Watching Episodes when it reaches the Pre-Intervention Stage.  Watch the first half, Intervention Preparation starts, ON TO THE NEXT EPISODE.  So far I've been following through and watching each episode about 60% of the time.  But I should really pick a lane and stick to it.  Might as well watch these interventions even though THEY'RE ALL THE SAME.  Then again 40% of the time WHY BOTHER IT'S ALL THE SAME.
     Wonderful!  I once had a Mental Health Intervention.  I was being crazy then some people from Hospital came over and were like look if you don't stop being crazy we're gonna take you with us when we go back to Hospital and I was like NEVER and then they took me with them!  And it all paid off because Now I'm Not With Them Anymore.  Also SIGNIFICANTLY less crazy.  A solid 60% less crazy AT LEAST.  Get off my back about it, etc.!  I feel comfortable sharing this with you because Who Cares I Don't Give A Crap.  What else is going on and crap.  Really gotta drop the #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent Random Number Generator from 1-93 (amount of episodes overall) to 1-80 (none of the last British Season I COULD GIVE ZERO FUCKS ABOUT WATCHING BRITISH SEASON)... I dunno some of them are okay.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
     Great, just great.  I didn't snort Ritalin.  It's called being AN ADULT NON-ADULT DRUG USER.  I can't express how much I enjoy porn now on Pornhub knowing it's Definitely Consensual and Totally Adult.  It's Guilt Free all of a sudden!  Except for all the guilt.  But more or less it's better!  Also I don't know WHEN or HOW or WHY pornhub because the Go-To reference for a free aggregate porn site.  But I'm on board I started with 'em at some point at random and it looks like my hard work is paying off!  What hard work.  How is it paying off.  Why is this a topic.  You know, that sort of thing.  When I was Very Young And New To Pornography you had to DOWNLOAD porn and it took TENS OF MINUTES OR HOURS.  No streaming porn.  But it's fun because it feels like you accomplished something after all that time being downloaded.  Makes you appreciate each porn MUCH MORE and you get more out of it!  It's YOUR porn as opposed to these porn aggregate sites where you're watching the exact same stuff as everyone else!  Anyway that's an interesting think-em-up.  I'll be back in a bit.





Oh Sorry Didn't See You There

   Saw on Twitter a Seasons' Greetings' from Biden's dogs MAJOR and CHAMP.  WHEN IS YOUR CAT COMING?  Also MAKE IT A KITTEN I want to be WOWED by this Cat and Kitten is THE WAY TO GO.  Also Major and Champ CAN'T BE MORE DIFFERENT.  One of them (Champ?) just laying around by the Christmas Tree minding its own business.  Meanwhile the other (Major?) IS ROCKIN ALL OVER THE PLACE HAVING A BLAST.  Do dogs get along?  Maybe I dunno haven't seen enough Found Footage yet.  Anyway don't have lunch with Act III, not quite hungry enough!  Probably have it maybe DIRECTLY AFTER Act III.  Anyway I took a glimpse at 538 Average Polls of Georgia.  Pretty even!  One of them the Democrat is up by about .5% and the other one the Republican is up by about .5%.  Basically IT'S ANYONE'S GAME.  But if they called a Christmas Truce let's be honest Warnock and Ossoff would WIPE THE FLOORS with Perdue and Loeffer in some German Football.
     What else is going on and crap.  WHERE'S THAT KITTEN.  I WANNA SEE SOME KITTEN AND I WANNA SEE SOME KITTEN IMMEDIATELY.  Also do Majoe and Champ even KNOW they're about to become the most powerful dogs in the free world?  My guess is YES THEY CAN PICK UP SUCH THINGS.  They can sign an executive order on Whether A Dog Can Play Basketball.  I dunno that kind of crap.  I dunno, maybe go back to some #TalesFromTheCryptYearEndSavingEvent after some #InterventionYearEndSavingsEvent for most of today so far.  Anyway, jeez.  That's what would make a Kitten even Cuter.  A Kitten with VETO POWER.  The most powerful Kitten in the Free World! AWWW IT'S ADORABLE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.  Anyway I had a cat as a child.  My brother wanted a dog.  Parents didn't want the hassle of walking dogs and whatnot.  Settled on a cat!  Which in retrospect doesn't make sense.  That's like saying I WANT TO EAT A HAMBURGER FOR DINNER and then your parents being like WELL YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY DINNER TONIGHT BUT FOR LUNCH TOMORROW YOU CAN HAVE A CAESAR SALAD.  Very different things is the point! 
     But it all worked out because now I don't know shit about dogs and they SCARE ME (too big!) but cats I'm comfortable around.  Most dogs are too big, though.  They could easily overpower me!  I don't want a pet that could overpower me any time it feels like it!  They probably won't feel like it BUT IF THEY DID I'd be helpless!  I like how much my cat seemed to hate us.  Everytime the front door was open she'd try to escape.  You ain't goin' NOWHERE SWEETIE.  I think she liked me okay.  Everyone ELSE in my family was an asshole, but me, I'm sure she liked!  That'd be my guess at least.  I NAMED her.  Every time she heard her name she knows That's ME That's Caring About Her!  I dunno cats are dumb.  Not as dumb as dogs but dumber than Let's Say A HUMAN BEING.  Anyway, FiveThirtyEight had an OFFICIAL scientist backed personality test and I took but but I don't get it it didn't tell me what numbers to play for Lottery?  It didn't tell me what my horoscope was gonna be or anything?  This Ranking me from 1 to 100 on 5 different traits means NOTHING to me.  I want you to GIVE ME VALUABLE INFO based on my personality.  SOmething I could TAKE TO THE BANK.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Other pets are TERRIFYING to me.  A guniea pig.  A hamster.  JESUS CHRIST GET THESE DISEASE-RODENTS OUT OF HERE HORRIFYING JUST BEING NEAR THEM.  I dunno if I've ever been near a guniea pig or a hamster.  I feel like probably once or twice but I can't put my finger on it.  Even just being exposed to THE IDEA is gross.  You say Hamster I GET DISGUSTED.  Anyway what kind of crap can I have for dinner.  Maybe some sort of CHICKEN.  I got LOTS of chicken.  We're talkin a portion of ROAST'D CHICKEN.  We're talkin' maybe some BUFFALO WINGS.  We're talkin THAT'S ABOUT IT RE: CHICKEN.  Eggs ar chicken.  Pre-Chicken.  Not gonna have eggs, though.  Some guy who buys eggs and leaves them in his fridge for months and is confused and angry when they never hatch.  That's a thing, right?
     That'd be my guess.  Is it possible to buy eggs that ARE hatchable as long as we take care of them right?  Seems like something that SICK people would be into doing.  Why is that sick they're aiding the miracle of life.  What do they do if it DOES hatch?  I dunno eat the baby chicken or whatever I don't have all the details!  Also maybe life is a miricle but not as much as The Miricle ON ICE.  It's like the opposite of a Christmas Truce.  It's WARFARE THROUGH SPORTS.  Maybe that Christmas Truce Football game as, too.  I always imagined them getting along with each other SO MUCH it's just ALL IN  THE SPIRIT OF FUN.  But more likely, now that I think about it, each team was probably like FUCK THOSE FUCKERS WE GOTTA BEAT THEM BAD BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKER ASSHOLES MOTHERFUCKERS.  Oh well there goes Christmas Truce Miracle.  All in Bad Spirit.
One bonus paragraph!  I saw THE POUND just raised 1.3% in Worth POST BREXIT TRUCE MIRACLE.  ALso gotta imagine that 2,000 Pounds (Money) is called a Ton.  I have a ton of money = I have 2,000 British Pounds.  Seems to check out.  I dunno.  Is it just me or was the default American position re: Brexit kind of oh that's too bad I like it better when people get along apparently British People aren't getting along with the rest of European people sounds like a shame I think they SHOULDN'T have Brexited.  Probably because us Americans are warmed hearted and all we want is to see people get along!  More or less accurate, that's my guess.  Also that sounds like a way I can have fun with language from now on.  Every time I exit something (or, "leave," something, if you will) I can say I'm Brexiting.  For example when I'm done with this paragraph I will Brexit from Microsoft FrontPage and go back to whatever else I was doing some sort of #EndOfYearSavingsEvent.  Sounds about right.  I'll see ya later.

-12:44 P.M.





Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Almost Entertainment

   Hey got a great way to play out #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  RANDOM.  NUMBER.  GENERATOR!  We're talking Watching Them AT RANDOM like if I Was watching it on TV Tellin' Me What To Do.  Google maeks it all so simple.  1 to 91, spits out a number JUST LIKE THAT.  Hardly any wait! Just 15, 30 seconds for it to calculate.  Hardly nothin'!  Anyway so that's been fun and whatnot.  Lookin like Almost Definitely I get beer for tomorrow.  I LIKE those odds.  I figured out where I got this I LIKE whatnot and whatever.  From Brad Pitt in #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  He's talkin to some guy about cars (THey're Street RAcers!) and one guy is telling Brad Pitt about how he keeps his car maintained &/Or Supercharged and Brad Pitt is like I LIKE that. So the point is I'm Brad Pitt &/or aspire to be One Day.
     What else is wide world of sports.  HOLY SHIT WE MIGHT BE GETTING 2,000 DOllar CHecks.  600 didn't move me personally, but 2,000 NOW WE'RE TALKING.  I'm going to INVEST MY MONEY INTO WHATEVER THE HELL TRUMP DOES AFTER LEAVING OFFICE THIS GUY IS GREAT AT BUSINESS.  Anyway I Cracked THe Code and figured out what The Art Of The Deal Is.  You let two sides reach a deal and then are like Yeah WHAT IF WE CHANGED SOMETHING.  Wonderful negotiation!  I dunno, sounds about right.  We always kinda assumed The Art of The Deal was Negotiating in on way or another.  Nope!  Art of the Deal is Let Others Negotiate then when they've reached a negotiation just try to do whatever you want On Top Of It.  Sounds kinda clever that probably works a decent amount of the time WELL DONE.  Too bad I cracked the code, though!  Now EVERYONE IS HIP TO YOUR ARTS & DEALINGS.
     Yeah!  Looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Dr Jill Biden threw a Press Conference Party with Education Man NOT Alex Padilla he was the other New Guy from yesterday (Soon To Be Senator) no this guy's name is...  MIGUEL CARDONA.  I wasn't watching but I was reading some quotes from him on Twitter and HE CAN TALK IN COGENT SENTENCES I'M CONVINCED.  Anyway.  Very likely one meal today will be Egg & Bagel.  Very likely not both of the meals.  ALmost definetly not both of the meals.  Still maybe a .01% chance it'll be both of the meals!  Someone can do Armed BReak In Of My House and force me to eat Bagel & Eggs... TWICE.  But with enough time in between that it's not just a Big Double Meal of Bagel & Egg.  So that might happen PROBABLY NOT but stranger things have happened!  Presumably!  That's the impression I'm operating under!
     Cool!  I think it's, "Cool," that Trump pardoned War Criminals who killed Iraqi civilians, including women and children, because they felt like it!  A+ AMERICANS I GUESS.  Also he pardoned political allies and those who directly Illegalled on HIS BEHALF.  That's pretty, "Cool," too!  If President has Pardon Power shuoldn't they have UnPardon Power.  Biden comes in in a month and RESCNINDS PARDONS.  BACK TO JAIL YOU GO OR WHEREVER YOU WERE I DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY'VE BEEN KEEPING YOU DIRTBAGS EXPLICITLY.  You know, that sort of thing.  If I get 2,000 dollars in Stimulus I'm just gonna pay it back to the government.  LET IT RIDEEEEEE!  That brings me to the verge of being amused.  What else is going on.  Oh, finish this paragraph.  One more paragraph.  Then a nice Break!  Hmm better consult Random Number Generator to see what #TalesFromTheCrypTEndOfYearSavingsEvent will be next.  ALRIGHT 28... let's see what episode Lucky 28 Is...  Oh THAT One.  Interesting episode.  Haven't watched this one many times.  I can, "See," myself watching it again, though!  Especially if its like turned on HBO and they were showing random episodes and this one came up.  Makes Sense To Watch it Now To Me!
Great.  I saw Newt Gingrich isn't accepting Joe Biden as President.  Which is fair because I don't accept Newt Gingrich as Human.  Maybe in a month he's gonna be like AHH just meant CURRENT PRESIDENT TOTALLY ACCEPT HIM AS PRESIDENT NOW THAT HE IS SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT AND ACTING AS PRESIDENT GOTCHA!  In which case, yes,  Newt, "Gotacha'd," Us.  What else is going on and crap.  I can see Republican Senate going along with 2,000 dollar stimulus bills.  Because What's It GOnna Cost Em, deficit goes up a bit?  They don't give a shit.  If anything they can use it as justification after Biden is president where they're like we REALLY gave up everything in the first bill REALLY don't need anymore.  On the other hand YES I'D LIKE AN EXTRA 1.4 Thousand Dollars and I'D REALLY LIKE For those 100+ million AMericans who REALLY need it more than me!  Also 1.4 K IMAGINE ALL THE... hmmm.. what's my vice luxury I waste money on... IMAGINE ALL THE THERAPY VISITS I CAN HAVE!  MEDICARE COVERS 90% OF THEM BUT THAT 10% I NEED TO PAY EACH TIME I CAN PAY LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER.  I'll be back in a bit.





Vaguely Worthwhile

   Added Beer to Super Market Delivery!  Wonderful.  Not too hungry right now.  Might have Bagel & Egg for dinner and maybe a Frozen Meal + Rice for lunch.  Maybe lots of things!  Also I'm gonna be honest the last two #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent episodes that Random Number Generator has given me have been SNOOZES.  But at least It's At Random!  You know that sort of thing.  It's fun to watch Interventions while PERSONALLY going through Will he/Won't He Be An Amateur Alcoholic.  Last week it's been on my mind!  Apparently gonna continue being an Amateur Alcoholic!  Which is an alcoholic who drinks a fairly reasonable amount FOR NOW.  Anyway tomorrow is CHristmas Eve.  It's FUN because they show Christmas Movies on TV and WAIT A SECOND I DON'T HAVE A TV.  TALK ABOUT A WAR ON CHRISTMAS.
Right?  If anything Commercializing Christmas is the REAL war on Christmas.  The War On Christmas Is Coming From Inside The House!  Whatever I've got better things to do than riff on War On Christmas.  I dunno WHAT yet but I'm hopeful that something will come to me!  ALso who named Jesus.  Father or Mother.  Seems like they both shuold have had SOME imput.  Even Joseph, too.  Joseph is the Original Step Dad right?  How come no one talks about THAT.  Maybe they do what do I know.  I'm not involved in Christmas Alternative Family Discussions.  Maybe I SHOULD be but either way I'd have to wait for Pandemic Quarantine to end to meet up with these Discussion Groups IN PERSON.  Also ONE DAY I hope to figure out how to spell Quarantine correctly on my first try.  You'd think by now I'd realize it's not, "Quarentine," but YOU'D THINK WRONG.
     I mean if i had to  IDENTIFY the right spelling by READING, I'd get it right.  It's just when I let my fingers do the talking, my fingers get it wrong!  I saw NY might be losing a Congress Seat in Upcoming District Review.  I don't like that because I LIVE THERE but then again hey if population demographics are legitimately changing WHAT CAN YA DO.  I hope they dissolve MY district because presumably it would be absorbed by AOC district.  Then I'm an AOC constituent and THAT SOUNDS LIKE TONS OF FUN.  Then again I'd miss GRACE MENG.  YEAH.  Now that I think about it I wanna stick with Grace Meng she's a real SLEEPER for a GREAT CONGRESSLADY.  Don't SLEEP on Grace Meng!  She'll wake ya up if you're sleeping -- wake you up with competency!  You know that sort of thing.
I dunno, what else is going on.  What alternate lunch could I ahve.  Not really, "Diggin," bagel & egg OR Frozen Meal + Rice.  Nor Noodle + Salmon.  Nor Hours Deerves.  Hmm this is a tough one.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Also I know when Estimating Vaccine Roll Outs its like well we can have 100 mmillion done by May or Whatever It Is... We can get half of everybody by July... are they keeping account of people who don't want it?  I mean there's gotta be like off the top of my head FORTY, FIFTY MILLION PEOPLE who would be like NOPE NO THANKS.  And even THAT estimate is conservative?  So the point is HEY GREAT MORE VACCINES FOR THE REST OF US.  So we can get them sooner than you're saying.  Because of the people who don't want them.  Right?  I dunno I'd have to Crunch The Numbers on that Just Like Anyone Else.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful.  What happens if you get Vaccinated with BOTH main vaccines.  Do you become Super Vaccinated?  Where you can give blood transfusions with your SUPER VACCINATED COVID 19 ANTIBODIES and that'll cure other people?  My guess is YES the science behind that seems to check out!  So that's something to take into account I guess?  Also I think Blood Transfusions are a scam.  What, you expect me to believe that you can take SOMEONE ELSE'S BLOOD, and then put it in with MY BLOOD, and my body is just like yeah same thing more or less, this is fine.  IT'S SOME OTHER GUY'S BLOOD.  IT'S NOT MY BLOOD!  Doesn't add up that's all I'm saying!  Anyway get to go back to that Snooze of a #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent now.  I'll see ya soon!




Looks Like Something

   ALRIGHT settled on lunch-- Hors Derevues.  We're talkni 4 Hot Dog Cock Franks , FIVE Chicken Nugs, and about 125, 150 cal worth of FRENCH'D FRIES.  It's good because A) literally finishing ALL of those things.  None left over!  Finished 3 kinds of food!  I can't make this point any clearer!  B) not quite hungry enough now, but by having an OVEN LUNCH, it is delayed for 45 minutes to POSSIBLY AN HOUR for this one.  C) Gotta eat something!  D) smallISH meal (bites PER meal AND not too many Cals) which makes sense because I'm not that hungry!  E) WHAT A WONDERFUL PARAGRAPH ALL ABOUT LUNCH.  I may not be EATING lunch with Act III but I sure am TALKING about it a lot!
     Wonderful.  My Dad has me ON ALERT because he wants to give Holiday Present to guy who works in our neighborhood as gardener and caretaker and friendly friend to wave to when taking walks.  So I gotta be READY if he passes by.  Give him that there gift.  Also I CORRECTLY guessed how much my Dad was gonna give him.  It's 1.4 K.  We're Blowing our entire Bonus Stimulus on this guy.  But man oh man is his Friendly Wave Game gonna be UPPED TO THE EXTREME FROM NOW ON.  Also is Trickle Down Economics a Pun for Pee Play.  Cause Trump is into Pee Play.  Hmm what would be trickling down.  The Pee.  Yeah I mean What will it be Trickling Down ON?  A Poor Person.  Yeah I guess that seems to add up.  Showerhead Power.  Golden Showers.  Trump feels inadequate about his Stream.  Just trickles out of his Pee Hole.  VERY embarrassed about his weak stream.  Cracked those codes one after another!
     Great.  Think I'll go back to some #InterventionsEndOfYearSavingsEvent after this entry.  Anyway broke the news to my Dad abuot re-upping with beer.  I was throwing out the coffee filter after using it and he was like I'm very proud of you for throwing out the filter and I was like thanks but to be honest I'm gonna re-up with beer so you might not be proud of me for that and he was like i dunno seems about an even trade what else is giong on.  He didn't say that.  That's All I Heard, though.  More or less.  I like First Season (Plus?) of #InterventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent because they have more unconventional Addictions.  Not just Various Drugs &/Or Alcohol.  They got GAMBLING addicts.  SEX ADDICTS.  DUMB STUFF LIKE VIDEO GAME ADDICTS (NOT ON BOARD WITH SEX OR VIDEO GAME ADDICTS, NOT AS BIG A DEAL, JUST GET IT TOGETHER).  GAMBLING IS FUN THOUGH I LIKE WATCHING THEM GO AT IT.
     Penultimate Paragraph!  I LIKE those odds.  Might be too late to see this guy to give him holiday gift.  Apparently he usually shows up around my housearea in the morning!  We might have missed our window!  I can always look OUT the window every 15 minutes.  But my room is on the other side of the house!  Looking out my window would be IN THE COMPLETELY WRONG DIRECTION.  I'd have to LEAVE MY ROOM then look out SOME OTHER WINDOW every 15 minutes which I CAN do but if it's not explicitly asked of me I Don't See Any Reason Why I SHOULD Do It!  Alright #InteventionEndOfYearSavingsEvent I got coming up is a Gambling Addict COMBINED with a Prescription Pills Addict.  I like it when they're crossover addicts one seems to balanced out the other pretty well.  Just not if they're in jail.  TOO MUCH MISERY FOR ME.
     Last paragraph!  Got THE CHEAPER light beer out of Miller Lite vs Coors Light.  Coorslight was FOUR DOLLARS CHEAPER for the same amount of Beer THIS ONE IS A NO BRAINER.  Core Slight.  Is that anything.  Maybe if I thought about it some more.  I'm not going to, though.  I got better things to do presumably!  In the mean time, though, what else is going on.  I can look at my computer.  Is WINDOWS still the the default Operation System?  One would imagine YES no one has alerted me of any change otherwise!  Before Windows we had DOS.  I assume we can all still access DOS on our computers if we really felt like it.  Better LTURQ.  Yes and No.  Some people can and some people can't.  I don't know which kind of person I am.  So Yes &/Or No.  But the good news is now the entry is over.  See ya tomorrow!

-2:12 P.M.




Tuesday, December 22, 2020

This Whole Website Is Out Of Order

   That sort of thing.  Anyway Big Progress in playing guitar with Guitar Amplification System-- I found a new PRESET that I ENJOY and is FUN.  IT'S the U2 Model.  They call it, "You Too Anthem," to avoid copyright infringement I guess?  Or maybe just for fun.  It's fun to make up names that are slightly different than the most obvious names.  But anyway it's got a nice DELAY going on.  Never in my life did I think hmm gonna play some guitar with some nice clean DELAY but here I am!  Life is full of surprises.  WHAT you want to know OTHER PRESETS that are copycats of Famous Guitar Sounds?  Why here's one, "PINK OF THE MOON," which I believe is a mock up of P!nk's guitar sound presumably she has guitar prominently in her music.  "Stripes Fuzz," that sounds like The White Stripes (couldn't think of a good pun to make with this one).  "Police The Area," that's a The Police Sound.  What else is going on.
I wonder if my Fav Desert Rock is a pun on some Desert Band.  What's a good Desert Band.  Maybe it's a Premonition Preset and I have to become The Desert Rock Band.  Maybe not.  I like, "Maybe not," better-- a lot easier for me.  Anyway what's going on in the wide world of sports.  Lookin' like roughly 80% chance I will Re-Up with Beer on Thursday.  18 Beer A Week Life-- It's like regular life but a little bit buzzed most of the time.  Sounds Good To Me.  Well now I can't get What's A Good Desert Rock Band Name Out OF MY Head.  First thought is something with Arizona.  Arizona is a famous desert.  People like Arizona, it's a fun concept and word.  Also-- gotta double check-- desert means Hot Vacant Place and Dessert means SNack After Meal, right?  Better LTURQ.  OH MAN YEAH.  I was right about those things but ALSO DESERT MEANS VERB TOO.  I will Desert Rock.  NO I WON'T NEVER MAN I'M GONNA KEEP ON ROCKIN' TIL THE BREAK OF DAWN (When I'm 64).
     So I got that going for me is the point.  HMM HERE HOW ABOUT THIS-- A ROCK IN THE DESERT.  Is that a thing.  Deserts are usually empty plates.  You see a BIG OL ROCK in the middle of a desert You're Gonna Take Notice!  Ugh.  Yeah I know a month or two ago we clarified that Desert Rock is just a style of Rock.  But we're looking PAST THAT in this entry.  There's' MORE TO IT than what MEETS THE EYE.  Anyway having a nice ol' planning lunch of planning Noodles + Salmon.  I like that plan because I enjoy the noodles and the salmon isn't bad either and it all works out for the best in the end.  Also why isn't it a thing where I have been vaccinated yet.  I am a Front Line worker.  If you squint real hard at my life You'll Come To The Same Conclusion.  I won't EXPLAIN how you should squint to get there-- its a personal journey we're all on individually!  Why I am a Front Line Worker &/Or should get Vaccine Before Most People Including You.
     You know that sort of thing.  I saw like 69% of undocumented workers are Frontline &/Or Essential Workers.  THAT'S A LOT.  MAYBE WE SHOULD MAKE THEM DOCUMENTED.  That's been their dream since entering the country.  Want some documents!  I dunno what kind.  Maybe some dossiers.  Maybe some Term Papers.  Some rock lyrics.  GET THESE PEOPLE ALL THE DOCUMENTS THEY WANT THEY'RE LAYING IT ALL ON THE LINE.  I saw that Biden looks like he appointed a new Education Secretary and it's a person who actually was a teacher --> principal --> ?Superintendent? --> ??UltraIntendent?? --> ???SupremeIntendent???.  That does raise an interesting question, why do we have SuperIntendents when we don't just have any regular intendents.  Also why would it go from Super to Ultra then BACK TO SUPREME.  Supreme is more or less just another way of saying Super that's MY HOT TAKE.
     Wonderful.  What's his policy on No Child Left Behind.  Also is No Child Left Behind still going on.  I know we haven't talked about it since Bush was president.  But I dunno if it just became Standard Law & Policy or if it Expired At Some Point and we just abandoned it.  Better LTURQ IALB I got better things to do for now!!!  Also I think we should leave SOME children behind.  I don't feel like that's too much of a hot take.  It's a joke but also I am ANTI No Child Left Behind for some reason I FORGET WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT.  Something about uniform federal standards for stuff.  Grades and/or funding and/or Rates & Recidivism and/r Debts & Deficits.  That's what all government policy is.  Rates and Recidivism.  Hey I get to take a break now!





Better Things To Do Be Done

   This qualifies as one of the Better Things!  Also that's a great upbeat song!  It's called, "Better Things!"  By Some Kinks!  Where did I get the idea that using the word, "Some," as an incorrect pronoun is funny.  I dunno probably Your Fault.  I picked it up from SOMEWHERE musta been you!  Also The Kinks-- undrrated band, underrated BAND NAME.  It's got a lot going for it!  Simple!  Multiple Levels.  FUN TO SAY.  ANd it jsut SEEMS right to fit their songs.  This is a hill I'm willing to die on.  Any hill would be great.  I don't wanna die in some valley like common valleytrash.  I'm DYING ON A HILL AND THAT'S ALL I PLAN ON SAYING ON THE TOPIC.  Anyway Finish This Entry, Write Next Entry, then for the rest of my life I will have alcohol to write entries for the next 5 days or so after that.  I LIKE those odds. 
     Wonderful.  HEY found out that there's like A HUNDRED INTERVENTIONS available online FOR FREEDOM.  I have to watch ADVERTISEMENTS but that's just the price we have to pay for high quality entertainment.  Also in the first season they didn't owrk out all the KINKS yet.  And also the Interventionists haven't had FAME and SUCCESS and ADORATION go to their heads yet.  They're just some dumb people.  But if you watch them in season 1 and then in season 8 THEY'VE CHANGED MAN.  They need Fame Intervention.  Something along those lines.  Also I (correctly!) assume that interventionists are people who in the psat had been receiving interventions?  Stick with what you know!  The point is someone needs to check in on these people I THINK THEY'RE DOING DRUGS AND/OR COMPULSIVE GAMBLING AGAIN.
     You know that sort of thing.  HMM gotta see what subject this Man Taught. WHAT THE HELL THIS GUY IS POSSIBLY PRO CHARTER SCHOOLS?  WHAT A FUCKIN' ASSHOLE AND I WAS READY TO PRAISE HIM FOR BEING SOME KIND OF TEACHER OF A SUBJECT THAT I WAS VERY CLOSE TO DETERMINING.  Fourth Grade Teacher, though.  THat's good!  All the subjects.  Also the people in Washington could USE a nice 4th Grade Teacher am I right THESE PEOPLE ARE DUMB AS CHILDREN!  It (NYTIMES) says he will be a BLUNT contrast to Private School Devos.  Their word not mine!  Contrast!  I feel like This Man could teach us all abuot what the word contrast means by giving EXAMPLES and us writing in our WORK BOOKS and then reading a SHORT STORY and talking about the CONTRASTS between characters.  Anyway Public Money For Private School = Bad, Public Money For Charter School = Bad But Not As Bad As Private School AS FAR AS I CAN TELL.  RATES AND RECIDIVISM.
Wonderful.  I think fourth or fifth grade is when you become an Adult Child.  Some might say 6th or 7th, when Middle School starts.  I say 4th or 5th Grade, you're an Adultish Child.  Interesting year to be a teacher is all I'm saying!  Also I was in Elementary School K-5 and whenever I'm exposed to the idea or knowledge of someone doing K-6 it INFURIATES ME.  THAT WASN't MY EXPERIENCE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE.  Hey what else is going on.  Only One Paragraph+ to finish Act II then I get to eat lunch with Act III!  I LIKE those odds and so on and so forth.  Hmm wonder if I can watch ADDICTEDS instead of INTERVENTIONS.  It's all the fun of watch people throw their lives away without the TEDIUM of seeing them possibly start the road to recovery.  Better LTURQ.  Nope don't see anything like that.  Guess I could always just skip the last 1/4th of each episode.
I guess.  Royal Majesty, based on Sound that might be a Queen Guitar PRESET.  Little Champ, gotta imagine that's somethin.  The point is I am very close to being 2/3rds done with entry.  HEY New Years Eve Day is NEXT Thursday which means I Will Have Beer!  I can celebrate Hey Calendar Is Changing by toasting myself!  Anyway down to my last pair of contact lenses.  When these run out its over!  Until Quarantine Pandemic is over.  Jeez that's a lot of time either not seeing clearly and/or wearing glasses.  I'll get used to it, though!  No big deal there.  Isn't it a thing where you can pour salt on snow and then it goes away.  Or is that ice.  Figure that's a nice NATURAL way to avoid shoveling snow.  I think it's for ice.  Then it's a nice NATURAL way to get rid of ice, fine, get off my back about it!  I'll be back in a bit.





That's Very Kind Of You

   Welcome to Act III!  Got lunch!  Exactly what I predicted!  Anyway got a nice #InterventionYearsEndSavingsEvent for the next week or two.  Hmm Desert Rock.  Is that like a Joshua Tree thing.  Which is a title from some band.  Better LTURQ.  You can't be giving U2 TWO DIFFERENT PRESETS.  Also Joshua Tree has NOTHING to do with Desert.  It's both Place/Thing.  On Earth.  Deserts are places on Earth.  Sometimes there are trees in different ecosystems (rarely deserts).  Are Cacti tree.  Or plants.  Better LTURQ.  Nope Cacti ARE NOT TREES.  HOWEVER they MAY be named Joshua.  AnywayAnyway I only just learned R.E.M. are from Georgia.  I always imagining them from the North West like Nirvana because they inspired Nirvana and that sort of thing.  Nope I Was WAY OFF GEORGIA! ... And suddenly their music makes a lot more sense to me.  Runoffs in GOergia.  DO IT FOR THE R.E.M. BAND.  Also thought for a long time The Pixies were British.  GO FIGURE!
Four paragraphs to go.  Most likely dinner is Meat'd Loaf.  Who is from.... Texas Originally.. then Los ANgeels Possibly... Then People Lost track of him (By which I mean I stopped reading the Wikipedia Article).  Anyway today totally isn't the shortest day of the year!  Also in Entry yesterday I mocked people upset about Being The Day With Least Daylight.  Never bothered me before!  But then yesterday it turned dark earliy and I was like HEY NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT THIS KINDA SUCKS.  So the point is Never Count Your Blessings Before The Sky Turns Dark.  Anyway looks like I'll get Vaccine between April & August?  I can live with that!  Assuming my parents can get their vaccines before April.  ONce they get Vaccines I'M GOIN' ALL OUT AND TALKING MASKED AND GLOVE'D WALKS ALL OVER THE PLACE.
     What else is going on.  Second most likely dinner is Bagel & Eggs.  Which should be a Band a la Meatloaf but as of now ISN'T. How about SUBWAY.  Band name a la Meatloaf.  Subway isn't a bad Solo Artist Name.  Except the copyright infringement.  Gotta imagine the MTA would sue me in A HOT SECOND.  Anyway another day with another late lunch but SLIGHTLY earlier this time around.  Not too late all in all!  Mmmm gettin' some good slurps out of these noodles.  So much slurps it kinda IS soup.  I added bonus water.  They say fill in Up To This Line water and I went ABOVE AND BEYOND that line.  More Soup Water For Me, that's what I'm Getting Out Of It.  Anyway told my parents odds are I'm goin' back to beer for upcoming super market delivery.  So there's no HIDING and SHAME about the thing at all.
     Moustache hairs have grown too long!  Too curly, too!  I'm eatin something I'm bound to get a freakin' moustache hair in it and that's a hassle and a half!  There's a NON ZERO chance I will shave at some point presumably in the next week or two why not anything can happen.  Hey finished lunch.  I can have dinner in FOUR, FIVE HOURS and its a REGULAR TIME TO HAVE DINNER so it all is working out SPLENDIDLY.  Hey what else is going on.  Been just about a week since Beer.  And I am FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS but then again I COULD BE FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS BUZZED so YOU tell ME what I'm supposed to do!  Nah don't tell me I've already crunched the numbers and figured it out I Should Probably Be Drinking 18 Beers a week EXACTLY.  At ~100 cal a beer, that's almost exactly HALF A POUND A WEEK in calories consumed.  So it all checks out pretty good.
Last paragraph!  I also like watching People In Jail.  That's even better than watching people be Drug Addicts.  So I gotta look at some People In Prison shows I can cycle back and forth between Interventions.  I'd like to watch a crossover.  Either someone in prison gets out and becomes addicted.  Or obviously someone is addicted and then goes to prison (directly because of addiction???).  I dunno that's Too Much Misery.  I like snapshots of these Unfortunates Lives, too much more than that and I'm like hmm these people's ENTIRE LIVES ARE FUCKED, there's no escape!  But in the mean time Hey You're In Prison GREAT AT LEAST YOU'RE NOT ADDICTED and/or HEY YOU'RE ADDICTED GREAT AT LEAST YOU'RE NOT IN PRISON!  If you're both that's a bridge too far for me to enjoy.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-3:31 P.M.





Monday, December 21, 2020

Will This Ever End

   My guess is Yes AT Some Point maybe about 1.2 Trillion Years From Now.  So we got a lot of time to be, "Juss Chillin'" is the point.  I dunno about you guys but the word, "Trillion," always bothered me.  Can't put my finger on it!  Just somethin' Not Quite Right about it.  Anyway did some Shovelin' Snow half an hour ago!  First time in my life!  I mean I might have shoveled a piece of snow from Here to There as a LARK at some point.  But first time I Did it for 20 minutes straight as WORK and it SUCKED.  We're talkin' shoveling snow from Behind Car onto Sidewalk so car can back up.  But it's good exercise is the point I'm trying to make.  I wasn't trying to make that point.  It' ACCURATE.  I'm not UPSET that I made the point.  But it wasn't really something I was particularly TRYING to do.
Wonderful!  Had a nice breakfast today we're talking a single cupcake.  Lookin' forward to a nice lunch soon we're talkin probably the Chicken Parmesan.  Either with Act II or Act III!  We're talkin Still No Alcohol But Starting To Lean TOwards Re-Upping for Thursday.  I went without it and it was OKAY but WHY.  Might as well just Go Nuts that's what life is for.  We get 75 YEars On EArth, then another 1.2 Trillion Mucking Around The Universe, then nothing-- might as well drink as much as possible in those Live Years.  Give ya something to remember for he 1.2 Trillion (MINUS 50) years Without Life.  That sort of thing.  Also without any specific knowledge, I'd say Universe lasting for 1.2 Trillion years is a pretty good guess, right?  Could definitely be shorter.  Could be longer!  I'm not capable of saying!
     I mean it could easily be 1/100th of that, or Infinity X that!  EXPONENTIAL ESTIMATIONS ARE TOUGH IS THE POINT.  Anyway had Worst Meal Of The Week for dinner last night- we're talkin 2 pieces of salmon with rice.  2 pieces of salmon left over but you pair 1 piece with a Noodles for two meals-- not bad meals at all!  So I got that going for me is the point.  Also I know a lot of people are worried about what happens after death but I'm not particularly worried.  I have No Memories BORDERING ON GOOD MEMORIES about life BEFORE being alive.  No specific stuff to remember but if I had to lean one way or another I'd say ya know what it was probably not so bad.  And gotta figure After Life isn't so different than Before Life.  That'd be my educated guess at least.  Also I know it's a wedge issue that the Republicans SUCCESSFULLY got, "Three Martini Lunches," Tax Deductible or whatever in Stimulus Bill, and it SOUNDS Bad, but it also SOUNDS GOOD.  It's bad for me to pay for it for businesses to do it.  That's coming out of my Tax Money!  But it's GOOD to IMAGINE HAVING THAT LUNCH MYSELF.  I like Lunch on the whole and having MARTINIS WHICH I'M TOLD IS ALCOHOL as well?  Sounds good! I dunno though I don't wanna spend time with some Business Assholes or whatever.  Can 3 Martini Lunches be SINGLE PERSON LUNCHES?  THat's something that I'd like to see addressed in Next Stimulus Bill.
     Also calling it 3 Martini Lunches kind of makes it sound BETTER than it really is.  I'm under the impression it's just a blanket thing where you can literally just tax deductible whatever you want.  Martinis, I can at least IMAGINE how that might be good for Businesses.  You get someone drunk, they wanna do business with you, makes sense!  But I THINK now businesses can use this loophole just to pay for Random Bullshit!  I AM BASING THIS ON MY OWN INTERPRETATION GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  I think it's important that we all imagine what bills mean.  And not just imagine it privately, but to SHARE our IMAGINED HOT TAKES.  That's the RESPONSIBLE way to do Politics.  Well, sure it is.  Now you know One Way To Imagine Things.  You can use that knowledge one way or another!
Great, just great.  I think I get a 600 dollar check probably.  That'd be my GUESS.  You'd think I'd look into something like that one way or another.  Yeah you'd think so.  For me it's not a big deal.  For other people it is!  And they should be getting EXPONENTIALLY MORE.  But for me it's not a huge deal one way or another so that's where I'm Coming From.  Just add it to the pot.  My parents pay for my stuff and I sometimes contribute 600 dollars to the pot based on pandemic quarantine checks IT'S CALLED BEING A BIG BOY.  I contribute a lot to the pot.  It's called SOCIAL SECURITY BASED ON DISABILITY.  MIND DISABILITIES.  I'VE GOT BIG BOY PROBLEMS. Huh?  Oh.  Great.  Get to take a break now!





We've Only Just Begun

   Yeah!  I dunno, we all have experience not being alive, right?  Wasn't so bad.  Anyway lookin' forward to lunch with Act III!  How's it going on Georgia: The Senate Runoffs.  Still doin early voting I see.  That's good.  That's a net positive.  Better than them Shutting Down Voting.  That's MY Hot Take.  Don't count your blessings.  I wasn't going to but now that you insist yeah I REALLY WON'T.  They might shut down Georgia Voting but so far they haven't!  Count some blessings.  Alright one blessing-- haven't done that yet.  2nd blessing-- dunno where you're getting plural, "Blessings," from, I only mentioned ONE Potential Positive Thing!
Cool!  Anyway.  Trump Determining What Style Buildings Should Be In and Contemplating Which Airport Will Carry His Name seem to me more the actions of a Lame Duck President Imminently Giving Up Power And Just Puttering Around than someone Seriously Contemplating A Coup.  There that would be a 2nd Blessing NOW you can say, "Don't count your blessings."  ANYWAY let me be the first to say Merry Winter.  Also I know people always ridicule these War on Christmas Folks with c'mon no one is declaring war on Christmas... I go the other way and say YES NOW IS The PERFECT TIME TO WAGE A WAR ON CHRISTMAS because THhey'd REALLY never see it coming.  What could be accomplished with a war on Christmas?  Well, I guess the main thing is, December 25th is celebrated In A Different Way IF AT ALL.  Second thing is... mainly just the first thing.  So look we don't HAVE to wage a war on Christmas but if we wanted to I say we probably could win!
     Not happy with that paragraph.  Not happy with this Act.  Not happy with this entry!  Not happy with this life!  Before this life was pretty good, though!  That's where I'm at In My Cosmic Journey.  I dunno life has been okay.  Also Act I of Today's Entry wasn't so bad. So THAT'S where I'm at In My Cosmic Journey.  I liked shoveling snow because I did it for 20 minutes and about 5 minutes in I just got the sense of look I've done this for a while I Should Just Stop.  And that thought remained for 15 minutes.  But I Didn't Act On It!  I kept doin the job until it was done.  Even though in my head I was like this hardly seems fair why should I have to do ANYTHING?  You know, that sort of thing.  HEY I don't get shoveling snow, it's still gonna be somewhere!!! Look, the snow isn't here, now its 4 feet to the side.  IT'S REARRANGING DECK CHAIRS ON SOME TITANIC.  You know that sort of thing.
Wonderful.  Wouldn't it be weird to have a congress/senate where it's like hey lets actually do some relatively good things.  That'd be a STRANGE change of pace for Government.  To actually err on the side of Let's Do The Right Thing as opposed to Not Just Let's Do Nothing but more accurately Let's Do The EXPLICITLY AND EMPIRICALLY WRONG THING.  I think we feel like we're supposed to settle for Let's Do Nothing as the best case scenario.  I'm not happy with it, though!  I want a government where they do SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN NOTHING!  That's my pie in the sky dream.  Also when I say nothing I don't mean Literally Approach every new thing By Doing Nothing In Response.  I mean Doing Nothing = Marinating the Status Quo.  For example, this Stimulus Bill, that's Doing Nothing Maybe Even Bordering On Doing The Wrong Thing.  Actually Doing Nothing instead of this bill Would Be Doing The Wrong Thing.  That's all I'm trying to say.
  I get to take a break after this paragraph!  Then get to eat a Nice Late Lunch with Act III.  Then get to drink beer roughly Less Than 72 Hours From Now!  I think they should have added a bonus 100 billion in stimulus bill to get to 1 trillion.  I LIKE the word Trillion we shouldn't pass up the very rare opportunity that we get to use it.  That's MY Hot Take.  Whattado during UpComing break.  Watch some #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfYearSavingsEvent.  Which episode?  Only Time Can Tell!  Maybe how about that one where it's like the guy is with his wife on anniverary vacation and is she cheating on him with their best friend who is hosting their vacation in his log cabin only time will tell.  Worst part about that episode is on YouTube there's a portion of around 90-120 seconds where the dialogue audio cuts out and the video just plays some music instead.  Other than that Solid Episode!  I'll be back in a little bit.





Halfway There!

   Alright!  Watched Misery: The Most I Paid Attention To It Ever Out Of The Four Times I've Watched It.  It's interesting because MISERY is the title of the character-within-a-book-within-a-film-of-another-book BUT ALSO is a word within its own right!  Also makes me think of Elliott Smith's Miss Misery.  Kathy Bates is Miss Misery in my opinion.  I guess.  I saw WENDYS donated to David Perdue.  Do think they think his the eh heir to the Perdue Chicken Franchise?  Cause if so maybe I can understand.  Otherwise THEY'RE BEING ASSHOLES BOYCOTT WENDYS EVEN MORE THAN YOU ALREADY HAVE BEEN.  I don't get why Wendys is donating money to ANY senate campaign.  Look if the guy who owns Wendy's wants to donate to a senate campaign, great.  But why is WENDYS getting its feet wet?  Doesn't seem right!  Anyway YES I am having Chicken Parmesan right now.  LOts of chicken going on!
     Wendys had a good Spicy Chicken Sandwich Back In The Day and Presumably Up To Present Day.  I remember that was a conceit of my brothers personality in our teens.  He liked the Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  Now he's a vegetarian. As far as I know.  Go Figure!  I don't get why people are concerned with Today Being The Shortest Day Of The Year.  You ARE aware of Night Time, right?  You know the day is still 24 hours.  Just slightly more of it will be under the cover of darkness.  The DAY IS THE SAME THERE'S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT THERE.  Anyway Misery is a pretty good movie!  That Kathy Bates Got Some Chops I'm Tellin' Ya!  Between THIS and AMERICAN HORRORS STORY and SOME WATERBOY she's firing on all cylinders!  Probably some spheres.  Some Circular Prisms is the point I'm trying to make.
     Also lets be honest this Chicken Parm Single Serving from Super Market is PERFECT AMOUNT.  Just 5% more than what I would call a perfect amount which is THE REAL PERFECT AMOUNT because it's just a bit extra satisfying without going TOO FAR in the wrong direction.  Anyway got lots of good options for Dining.  Lots!  Dining!  Wonderful.  I can't wait to see Misery II: Is James Caan Still Alive?  I meant In Real Life but also Is James Caan's Character Still Alive makes sense as well.  ALso YES James Caan is still alive but looks like an old man now.  We're not just talking an old man version of James Caan.  Nope, old enough where he's just now a Generic Old Man Who Happened To Used To Be James Caan.  Tough But Fair.
Penultimate paragraph!  Dunno if my Dad is eligible for Upcoming Vaccination Group.  He's under 75, but he IS a teacher.  But he's not really a FRONTLINE teacher.  Also he's only an ADJUNCT.  So I'm betting Him Being Early 70's works out for him re: vaccine before Being A Teacher does but I guess only time can tell!  Also I majored in Education for 2.5 years WHERE'S MY VACCINE?  Doesn't seem fair!  Right now Top Contender for dinner is Assorted HOr Duerves (Yes there is a correct spelling for those words NO I WILL NOT LOOK IT UP).  We're talkin Mini Hot Dogs maybe some CHICKEN NUGGETS or White Castle Hamburgers or FRENCHED FRIES.  The main thing is them Cocktail Franks!  They're also the only one accurately classified as an Hour Dersevesusez.  Nuggets I can see you can make a case for.  But you get the point is the point.
     Wonderful last paragraph!  I had a thought experiment last night where I was like what happens if Covid mutates and current vaccines are no longer effective and my Brain Broke.  That'd throw everyone for a real loop!  Let's prepare for it though so we're SOMEWHAT PREPARED MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY if that does happen.  I dunno, in the mean time though let's LIVE IT UP.  Somethin' like that.  I dunno.  If I bring something up on website it might not help prepare you mentally and emotionally for it but it helps me.  And in the end that's what Personal Website is for.  Help myself!  Alright I dunno time to close it up.  Me and My Brother also liked Chicken Carbonera from QUIZNOS: The Sandwich Shop.  I mean look me and my brother probably liked All Sorts of Chicken Sandwich.  But definitely EXPLICITLY the Wendys AND the Quiznos.  I feel very strongly about this!  I'll see you guys tomorrow for some reason.

-3:52 P.M.




Sunday, December 20, 2020

I Didn't Think About That

   Now that I think about it I can't remember what I didn't think about.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Another day without beer.  What the hell, how do people motivate themselves to Just Do The Bare Minimum In Keeping Up Their Lives without some sort of Stimulus Present to give to oneself.  Also when Republicans think of Stimulus Bill do they really think yeah these people don't need these 1,200 dollar paments they're just greedy like we're greedy!  We want trillion dollar tax cuts even though we don't need them, they want smoe money even if they don't need 'em, all a level playing feild.  My opinion is I forget I just wanted to say I need a STIMULUS of DRUGS OR ALCOHOL.  Maybe a RELIEF BILL of Drugs or Alcohol.  It's the opposite of stimulus.  I want to be RELIEVED not STIMULATED all in all all things being equal and whatnot.  Also the only way I can take a single Klonopin is if I agree to have Joe Biden's FED activity possibilities crippled for his presidency or something.
Doesn't seem right!  One day I should look into what does this mean what they're threatening to do with FED and also what is FED and are we sure FED is a good thing?  Could be a wolf in sheep's clothing!  Maybe we should get rid of the FED completely!  I dunno I'd have to look that one up or something.  My Dad's Nurse is here!  Totally a Lady Probably Around My Age!  Wearing MASK though so I can't See That Pretty Smile.  Gotta assume she's happy with or without me that's all I'm trying to say.  One meal today will be Finish Roast Chicken (COMMUNAL Roast Chicken we started last night), and other meal is I DUNNO YET WE'LL SEE HOW IT PLAYS OUT.  Figured out that having chunks of roast chicken minus skin in dinner roll is a NICE OL' CHICKEN SANDWICH.  I forgot about chicken sandwiches completely this is a good one!  Not FRIED.  Not GRILLED.  Somewhere in-between!  ROAST'D JUST LIKE I TOLD YA.
Also is it possible if we don't like the way the Government FED is going we can start our own FED?  Do it the way WE want?  I feel like it's not within anyone's authority to stop us so that's something we can always consider as a potential compromise.  Look I know FED has to do with MONEY.  INTEREST RATES.  DEBT AND DOLLARS.  LOANS AND LENDINGS.  THAT SORT OF THING.  Wonderful, just wonderful.  I think My DAD betrayed some Prideful Emotions for me yesterday when he explicitly said to my Mom Hey Michael isn't getting beer this week.  She already knew too but him saying it makes me realize HE REALLY KNOWS IT TOO AND IS PROCESSING IT AND IS ON BOARD WITH IT FOR ME AND THAT SORT OF THING.  I was like, "We'll take it week-by-week."  Which is true.  We WILL take it week-by-week.  I call it Over The Months.  Huh. Not sure about that line.  Not sure about anything at this point.
     Cool!  Two more paragraphs and then I get to take a nice Plentiful Break.  Maybe watch one of the RADIO #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  Uh oh this may be THE FINAL DAY of #TalesFromTheCryptFallTOFrightFor.  Which came after I believe #TalesFromTheCryptSummerToShriekFor.  Better LTURQ.  YEP.  Okay lets get it out of the way for Winter... Winter to.. Wail for?  Whine for? WASTE AWAY for?  Let's go with that for now.  Tomorrow starts #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToWasteAwayFor.  I don't get the, "For."  Not really the, "Waste Away,"  The, "TalesFromTheCryptWinterTo," makes A LOT of sense to me though, so we'll see if I can build on that and work out the kinks and whatnot.  If only there was a different word than winter... OH OKAY HOW ABOUT THIS.  #TalesFromTheCryptEndOfTheYearSavingsEvent.  That'll tide us over for a couple of weeks to give me some time to work out the kinks on this one.
     Last paragraph! ... Of act I.  Even better!  Last paragraph for a while then I get to start back up in a bit!  #TalesFromTheCryptWinterToDieFor.  NO one says there has to be Rhyming and/or Punning.  Just get the message out there, Winter to die for, great, no fuss no muss.  Muss is a thing.  Associated with Fuss.  And when there's no Fuss usually that's associated with no Muss. Better look up right quick what, "Muss," is.  Alright looked it up and you know what I DON'T LIKE WHAT I SAW.  A couple of different definitions, none used in common talk, so you know what why bother telling you.  You really care you can look it up yourself.  I'm telling you though ahead of time, you'll be disappointed.  I'd rather, "Muss," not exist completely is the point I'm trying to make.  I'll be back in a bit.




Now That You Mention It

   Okay after this Act get back into #TalesFromTheCryptWinterSummerSavesForSavingsEventOfTheSeason.  Probably could make that a lot clunkier.  Anyway I dunno this entry is sure ya'll SUnday Mornings AM I Right Savings Event Of THe SEason.  Look I dunno what else is going on.  Leaning towards having the chicken for lunch!  It's good because it provides nourishment, that's what I get out of it.  I think it's interesting that Biden &/or Trump are the main storys 24/7 UNLESS there's some politics going on in which case they stay out of it.  Politics going on with Stimulus/Relief Deal!  Biden and Trump are PRACTICALLY ALWAYS THE MAIN STORY FOR LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE.  BUT NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL METE.  Also did Mark Twain GO BY Mark Twain as a made up name, or was it just for Writing Attributions.
     Like yes it was a Fake Penname, but did he just use it for reference in authorship, or was he also going around calling himself Mark in REAL LIFE.  I figure I SHOULD know the answer to this and that I don't is a FAILURE of our public school system.  Also when I went to Stuyvesant I literally thought that EMPIRICALLY this is the #1 BEST PUBLIC SCHOOL IN ENTIRE COUNTRY.  Now with further life experience it's like, I Dunno, Probably in the top 2 Dozen, more or less, who can really say.  Which makes me LOSE A LOT OF SELF ESTEEM WHATTA SCAM.  Sure you can say, rank by SAT scores, percent admission to top colleges, number of people who win Science or Math or Debate Championships.. basically not #1.  In the top 2 dozen!  Whatta scam I think about what high school I went to ALL THE TIME and since I recalibrated high school ranking metrics years ago my Self Esteem is DOWN THE TUBES.  JUST LIKE THAT GUY WHO WANTS TO THROW ELECTION FOR TRUMP.  I WANNA SAY TUBERVILLE?  Sounds like a joke I'd make up but I do think that's his real name.  Better LTURQ~  YEP TOMMY TUBERVILLE.  That's his real name.  LET'S RIDICULE HIM BASED ON THAT.
Right, right, Mark Twain.  Mark't Wain.  How do we market David Wain in today's comedy landscape.  That's what Samuel Clemens was interested in 150 years ago.  Also yes that would be a perfect #TalesFromTHeCryptWinterToWainFor but Wain means absolutely nothing in that context.  Means absolutely nothing in MOST contexts!   Hmm would be pretty SPOOKY and keeping with TFTC ETHOS to make up and use the word WAIN, better think about that some more.  Was it a thing before Shakespeare where there was just no such thing as humor.  Did Shakespeare ever think hmm I'M INVENTING COMEDY.  And if not him, did Twin think that, or Wilde think that?  Maybe Chaucer thought of it first before all of them.  But gotta imagine up until some relatively recent point in human history people had no idea about Comedy, certainly not Yukk-em-ups.  The only comedy we've always known is Piss and Poop and Sex and Stuff.  Instinctually funny stuff.  No WIT or anything!  Oh well now we're stuck with comedy as a species Whatta Jip.
     2 more paragraphs for Act II!
  Figure I'll put food in oven in about half an hour.  Eat it relatively soon after that.  I got Plans is the point I'm trying to make.  Also are we aware of WHY Mark Twain decided to become Mark Twain.  Kinda always just assumed it's a Cool Weird Quirky thing to do sort of as a Comedic Statement.  Maybe was just extremely embarrassed of himself and couldn't stand the thought of people knowing who he was.  There's probably answers to this ON INTERNET better LTURQ.  MARK TWAIN is some phrase they use in Shipboating.  He was a pilot of a ship boat (THEIR WORD NOT MINE) and at some point you use the phrase MARK TWAIN and he just liked it so much I guess he stuck with it.  Well we accomplished something this entry.  Now we both know FACTS.  Also what the FED does.  Monetary Policy.  Debts and Dollars.  Rates and Recidivism.  That sort of thing!
Sure that seems to check out pretty well.  Hey get to take a break soon!  Tommy Tuberville sounds like a penname I'd make up for myself when I was in 5th Grade.  Except I wouldn't be Traitor To Country.  You know when someone loses presidential election but they insist they are the next president and tries to stand in the way of actual president.  Anti-Democracy. That sort of thing!  It SUCKS when that happens is the point and my 5th Grade Alternate Identity / Literary Persona is NOT on board with that.  TOMMY TUBERVILLE IS A DISAPPOINTMENT TO HIS FAMILY.  HE'S RUINED THE NAME TOMMY TUBERVILLE.  Now people will LAUGH AT HIM and MOCK HIM wherever he goes!  Hopefully, at least!  I dunno what else is going on.  Take a break!  I'll be back in a little bit!




What Are We Were Talking About

   Oh, right, #TalesFromTheCryptYearEndSavingsEvent.  I like that because it leaves the door open to Stop Watching #TalesFromTheCryptYearEndSavingsEvent after the next 2 weeks.  Also the first few days of January are appropriate to be lumped in with Year End.  Year End is last 2-4 weeks of Year + 2-7 days of Next Year.  I don't make the rules but I do come up with the rules and if you agree with said rules then they do in fact become rules all of society (you and me) agree upon.  So in a way I make up the rules but you make them up with me just as well!  What else, put chicken in oven.  A few Roast Half Sphere Potatoes.  Maybe a single dinner roll to have with it but mostly just Regular Eat Chicken not make myself Plenty of Sandwiches.  You know that sort of thing.
     Four paragraphs to go!  I have FIFTY THREE CENTS on poker website.  Not sure what to do with that.  Not enough to sit at a 1/2 cent table.  Not enough to do pretty much anything!  All I know is if I DO deposit money, I'll have a nice Half a Dollar Bonus Just Sitting There Waiting For Me!  You know that sort of thing.  Nah I'd have to use a different poker website if I'm depositing.  This one only takes BITCOIN and CASHIER CHECKS and FED RESERVES.  That's another thing I know about the FED.  May or not have Reserves.  May easily not!  FED Reserves may be an entirely different thing than Just FED, I dunno, I Have VERY FEW of the answers!  Anyway BAD NEWS wiped down 90% of stuff from Super Market Delivery yesterday before consuming/moving/touching them, but my Mom DIDN'T GET THE MEMO and was moving around UNCLEAN bottles of soda across counters and into fridges and all over the place.  So on the one hand we know that's not how Covid Spreads.  But on the other hand We HAVE BEEN and STILL WILL BE DOING the extra green mile to NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN.  Just gotta hope this one time means nothing!
     That sort of thing!  Maybe take a mini break after this paragraph, return with Lunch.  Maybe lots of things!  That's one Maybe Thing That May or May Not Be Pan Out!  Look the main thing I DO know about FED is that it VERY OFTEN stands for FEDERAL.  If Tony Soprano is worried about the FED we know from context its not the Monetary Policy thing, it's an FBI Agent.  If a baby wants to be FED we know the baby does not want to become an FBI agent but instead wants baby food stuffed down its gullet.  If someone is FED UP that means they are FED UP WITH SOMETHING YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!  LIKE THEY'RE TIRED OF IT BUT NOT LITERALLY TIRED.  Fed Up that sort of thing.  Also wanting to be Fed and being Tired are two of the main 3 or 4 states for a baby.  Either tired, hungry, poopy, or I Guess Actually Asleep... And I guess a fifth state of, "Juss Chillin."  I have this on good authority!
     Two more paragraphs!  Probably done with this before lunch occurs.  It looks like 88% of people polled want 1,200 dollar stimulus checks.  I THINK I know what a 1,200 dollar stimulus check is.  It's where they give me 1,200 dollars.  Hopefully multiple times!  But not necessarily.  Also I don't get what the economic purpose of giving me money is it's not like it's gonna Trickle Down Anywhere.  If only me having money could trickle down somewhere.  It could trickle UP.  Is that a new idea.  Trickle Up Economics?  Because if not IT IS NOW.  I mean, huh, what?  If its not a new idea, it is now... or its an old idea... or not really an idea in the first place.  Narrowed it down to all those four states PLUS THE POSSIBILITY OF, "Juss Chillin."
Last paragraph!  Got a Last Act of a FridayXIII movie to finish today.  Figure out some other stuff to watch.  Take a SHOWERBATH at some point.  All the pieces are finally falling into place.  Anyway #TalesFromTheCryptYearsEndSavingsEvent reminds me IT'S ALMOST YEARSEND.  We're talkin 2021 coming up.  I LIKE that.  2021 sounds like its got some CHARACTER.  Some MOXIE.  Also our millennium is JUST ABOUT OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK.  #LetsGetFuckedUp2021.  You can't have a Year Hashtag without an election.  That's how/why we celebrate times.  When they're elections.  Oh well either way #2021ILIKEthat.  Still gotta work on these hashtags I'm not sure about the ones proposed in this paragraph at all.  Jeez.  I'll see you guys and gals tomorrow!

-1:42 P.M.





Saturday, December 19, 2020

Here We Go Again

   That There Title was DEFINITELY used before.  We're talkin' I'm guessing sometime between August and October.  I'd expand that guess time frame but I got better things to do!  Anyway Super Market Delivery coming today.  Is it really Super if it doesn't include alcohol?  Not for me to say.  There's not a lot for me to say.  Most things I could or would say would be better off coming from a More Reliable Source!  Anyway Later In The Day Delivery... Than Usual... Time... In The Delivery... Day.  Usually between 10-12.  Today S'POSED to be between 12-2.  In Contact with them, they're saying closer to three!  My EVEN MONEY BET would be AFTER THREE.  These are the days of someone's lives.  Hopefully someone whose a more Reliable Source Than Me! 
Still working out the, "KINKS," of how to structure calories consumed per day.  Right now I'm at a new Divisions Between Meals Etc Estimations, one than I've never done before, and if it pans out, I'll be the first to tell you!  No one is a more reliable source than me on this subject.  Except for my notebook I guess.  There's an element of possible error carrying over Notebook Calculations IN MY MIND into MY FINGERS typing INTO WEBSITE.  Is it a thing where people could live lives without a single vice being abused?  I mean smoking cigarettes too much, drinking too much, gambling too much... we all are on board with Everyone Has To Do At Least ONE VICE THEY ABUSE, Right?  That's part of the Human Condition.  Whew glad it's not just me.  It's not it's probably like 1/3 people.  THAT'S NOT A LOT BUT ALSO THAT'S ENOUGH TO MAKE ME FEEL OKAY WITH MYSELF.
  I already deleted them but over the last week I've gotten half a dozen e-mails from Democrat/Georgia Fundraisers that sound like suicide notes.  Both the Subject Line of the e-mail as well as the description in the sender... I think one was like, it was sent by, "I'm Crying," and the subject line was like, "It's All Over"  That's not a joke, that's one real one I got!  And there were a few that were similar.  So basically Jesus Christ Pull Yourself Together Donation Solicitation Services!  Anyway no Drug Pill to help me through Act I of entry.  Gotta imagine I'll re-assess for Act II.  Good shot I'll go without lunch during entry.  May have lunch during entry. I've Narrowed Down All Sorts Of Things To A Smaller Subset Of Possibilities than that were in play before the Narrowing Down.
     Cool!  SATURDAY OH BOY that means it's one of THREE OR FOUR DAYS that Premium Steamers might update their Supply Stock of Major Motion TV SHOWS AND FILMS.  Could be Friday, Saturday, SUnday, or Monday!  My best guess is narrow it down to Saturday-Monday.  ANd then narrow it down to Sunda-Monday.  But that's as far as I'll go!  Sunday is as possible as Monday AS FAR AS I KNOW.  If I remember correctly when I had REAL TV the HBO, etc channels would have Main Big Ol' Movie Debut Saturday Night, and it appears on demand Monday morning.  So that's influencing my Estimations pretty heavily.  Wouldn't that mean I think Monday is more likely than Sunday.  Yeah you'd think so wouldn't you.  That sort of thing.
Amazing!  Is it a thing where I can get a Vaccine on the Black Market.  One would imagine I'd have to be hooked up to the Black Market even if I could.  Where do I go to get involved with the Black Market.  I'd have no idea where to start.  Also Popeye's Chicken is sort of like the Black Version of Boston Market.  And Boston Market.  Because it tastes better.  Black people are associated with cooking/eating styles of food that taste better than White Versions FOR THE MOST PART.  What they're certainly not gonna be on board with KFC THAT DUDE IS A SLAVE OWNER.  If not, then at the very LEAST, a Confederate Sympathizer.  I don't see how that could be debatable.  Plus, I mean, he's a colonel.  He probably FOUGHT in Civil War himself!  Sure that's been done scores of times before.  I like it though because it filled up half a paragraph!  Sounds GOOD TO ME!  Civil War Synthesizer.  Is That Anything?
     Cool!  That paragraph sucked so I'm writing a bonus paragraph for Act I.  If I have lunch before Super Market Delivery, gotta be a Bagel & Egg, right?  Doesn't HAVE to be.  But it's a Very Strong Contender.  Ugh.  Is it a thing where we can have a website that keeps track of roughly when we are eligible/able to get vaccine?  I'd be interested in seeing that information and I ASSUME a small amount of the population would be into it as well.  You know, just as a Lark!  I know it'll be rough estimate but Rough Estimate Is Better Than No Estimate Unless SOMETIMES it can warp your thinking so better off with no estimate at all but ON THE OTHER HAND NOPE I'm A Big Boy I can handle a rough estimate while understanding it's not set in stone GIMME THOSE ROUGH ESTIMATES FOR ME AND MY FAMILY RE: VACCINE AVAILABILITY.  I'll be back in a bit.





   Civil War Synchronizer.  Sounds like some people in our government and media AM I RIGHT.  The good news is we have a 100% track record of Winning Civil Wars.  Also that maybe, if it came to it, 10%?  15%? of people would be on the wrong side?  They make the most noise but c'mon they'd be Run Over Completely.  Massacred but in a way they're kept alive if possible.  Won't even be close!  Good news is I probably won't have lunch until after Super Market Delivery because no good options!  Why that's good news is beyond me!  It's news!  I guess it's Good News To Have News One Way Or The Other!  I don't like the phrase No News Is Good News!  Tell that to people in the HOLOCAUST CONCENTRATION CAMPS.  They're in DESPERATE NEED of New News.  You know that sort of thing.
Anyway.  I saw the Pornhub PURGED ITSELF of non-consentuality and child-participant Free Porn.   I LOVE IT I HAD NO IDEA I WAS, "GOING AT IT," TO NON CONSENTUALITY AND CHILD-PARTICIPANT FREE PORN OH NO THIS IS BAD NEWS WHAT THE HELL I DIDN'T PUT 2 and 2 TOGETHER UNTIL TYPING THIS SENTENCE."  It's good news I won't be anymore.  But now that I think about it I MUST HAVE BEEN DOING IT IN THE PAST.  I mean I NEVER search for those kinds of porns.  But the impression is, by cutting their videos by 80%... a lot of what they had that WE THOUGHT was normal WASN'T.  Well THAT sucks.  So anyway we all have to deal with that in our own time and I wish you luck and blessings along your journey!  You know that sort of thing.  I assume 50% of what they deleted was porn with Journey playing in the background.  Journey never signed off on this!!!
     Hey that's great just great.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  10 million porns seems like a pretty high amount for them to never face consequences until just now.  Oh well what can ya do move on with our lives I guess!  NEXT YOU'RE GONNA TELL ME ALL THOSE GIRLS IN THE PORNS AREN'T REALLY ORGASMING.  I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT!  Orgasming isn't a word.  Really ought to be though, right?  That'd my hot take.  I want to live in a future where when you meet people the icebreaker you use is well lets exchange porns, see what each other is really all about.  Works for couples the best.  Hello nice to meet you how do you do here's US having sex and ah yes that'll be YOU having sex, let's get back to each other in about a week or so, okay?  This may be the start of a beautiful friendship.
That seems about right.  Two more paragraphs then I get to finiach Act II!  Hah.  Spelled Finish like it was combined with Spinach.  And that's how it sounded in my mind when typing it.  What a wonderful world.  Hmm it just occurred to me, there's probably a section on Amazon devoted to STICKERS and I can pay like 5 dollars for 120 DIFFERENT STICKERS.  Man oh man now we're talkin.  I'd be able to cover everything up with stickers till my hearts content.  I like POLITICAL stickers.  Stickers that MAKE A POINT.  Could be politics, or philosophy, or NEWS... the point is it MAKES A POINT.  Maybe a CARTOON or a CARICATURE.  Getta load of this DESIGN YOUR OWN STICKER.  That's GOT to be out there.  Now we're talkin A NICE FUN WEEK OF DESIGNATION OF STICKERS.  SURE I know what Designation Means.  It's whatever I say it means!
Great!  I think with Vaccine we should more or less do is strictly by age.  Over 100 you get it, then over 90 you get it, etc.  But it STARTS with 100-110.  If you're 112 YOU AIN'T GETTING IT YOU'RE GONNA DIE ANY DAY ANYWAY.  Would be a waste on THAT age.  This isn't that controversial.  Look if you're 104 YOU'RE STILL GETTING IT.  How many people are over 110 okay?  And besides they can't move or talk.  They're like the person in Se7en who was tied to the bed for a year and their brain turned to mush and they couldn't move a muscle or anything.  I watched Se7en last night.  Pretty good movie!  I liked that tub of lard who ate himself to death.  He's a role model that we should all aspire to be IF we HAVE TO get Serial Killed.  Might as well Go Out On Top eating Lots of Spaghetti!




Non One Gonna Tell Me What Titles To Write

   Not sure why Personal Porn Exchange is for Couples.  We can do that for Friends, for First Dates, for acquaintances... all sorts of relationships!  The point is Hey Last Act Of Entry.  And most likely won't get delivery for another 1.5 or 2 hours, so I can take my time with it!  Which I won't!  I still wanna get it out of the way as quickly as possible!  Hey better check if The Streams have New Major Motion Pictures &/Or Television Programmes.  NOPE not as far as I could see in the 50 seconds I devoted to it.  You know FIVE SIXTHS OF A MINUTE?  Standard amount of time to divide things by.  Is it just me or are this pictures of AOC getting vaccinated DOING ALL THE RIGHT THINGS IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES???  Well Sexualized a Congresswoman guess I'm going to Hell.  Sounds About Right!  It's funny because she's wearing A MASK in the pictures.  It's just some indeterminable person that we have to TRUST it is actually AOC getting a shot in the arm.  That's why it's FUN to be like Hmmm I'm getting a shot in the arm, too.  Hopefully.  3 or 4 months would be a fair compromise not too soon but not too long.  Who am I supposed to be bargaining with for this sort of thing.  ALSO AOC IS ONE OF THE GREATS
Dunno about that paragraph.  Almost as bad a Col Sanders paragraph.  That'd be a nice Unity Ticket.  Col Sanders/AOC.  Alright time to move on with My Life/This Entry/Is There A Difference!?  The thing is there's a lot of talk about Vaccine Rollouts and yes By Age + Frontline Workers makes the most sense... but how come no one has even SUGGESTED... a LOTTERY?  I mean I guess we're doing that By Age.  If you're 78 and there's another 78 year old person halfway across the country there's SOME randomness involved in whose gonna get it first.  But what about EVERYONE AT RANDOM?  It's like Two Face Philosophy-- ODDS, LUCK, PROBABILITIES... IT'S FAIR.  But also this time around Two Face is using his evil philosophy to vaccinate people from disease but IS IT THE RIGHT PEOPLE FIRST THAT'S WHERE HIS VILLAINNESS COMES IN.
You know, that sort of thing.  Also thinking about whether they should prioritize vaccinations for prisoners reminds me of Climax of Batman Versus Joker I Wanna Say It's Called The Dark Knight, where people have to decide whether to kill a boat of prisoners before the boat kills them.  Look prisoners need the vaccines sooner than we do, so it would be a slam dunk that they should get it first if it weren't for crimes.  But I think our society is probably leaning towards being like fuck them.  So basically Our Society is WORSE than the one in THE DARK KNIGHT (they ended up NOT killing each other).  I dunno I haven't seen/heard debate on Prison Vaccines.  Gotta be a real issue, right?  I can't be the only person thinking about this.  Also look I'm probably NEVER going to see Godzilla Again in the short-midterm future.  I don't know why.  I just don't know.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Also Alt Title for The Dark Knight-- Batman Again.  Anyway, thinkin' about Space Force.  I think we should send someone with Covid up to the International Space Station just to see what happens.  We need to see how Caronaviruses ADAPT in a SPACETYPE SETTING.  Right?  Seems like there's information to be gained there.  Not the worth the risk of KILLING EVERYONE ON BOARD ISS but gotta be SOME scientific merit to such an experiment.  Also as far as I know that's how we know We've Reached Another Final Frontier.  Spread some plague there.  That's WHAT WE DO AS HUMANS.  SPREAD PLAGUES.  You know that sort of thing what else is going on and crap.  A Name By Space Professionals, For Space Professionals.  They literally took the slogan for FUBU for some reason no one is really sure of.  For Us By Us.  Did they think no one would notice?  We Notice!  What The HELL IS WRONG with the Space Force?!?  Also can FUBU sue Space Force?  That's a sentence I didn't see myself saying 20 years ago.
Alright last paragraph.  Also calling yourself A SPACE PROFESSIONAL is pretty freackin dumb in and of itself.  I'm A SPACE PROFESSIONAL.  I overlooked the comedy in that!  Such is life.  Almost done with entry.  I LIKE those odds.  Probably go back to #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after this.  Save Shower &/OR Bath until after Super Market Delivery and stuff put away.  If its early enough have lunch first, too.  If it's late enough, skip lunch!  Wonderful just wonderful.  I dunno what kind of crap can I say to finish up this entry.  One of my guitar picks-- A Relatively New One-- totally broken.  Somehow the Pickiest part of the pick got broken off, not like a clean break, a strange break!  I'll get to the bottom of this eventually but not in my lifetime.  Huh.  Alright I'll see you guys tomorrow. 

-2:01 P.M.




Friday, December 18, 2020

I Can't Believe It

   Especially because I can't narrow down what It is.  Hard to believe something when there's nothing to believe in!  Anyway another day without beer.  And will go another WEEK withuot it-- pot committed at this point to not Re-Upping with Beer Tomorrow.  Also Food Super Market Delivery is a Greatest Hits-- It will only last me 5 days instead of the standard 7!  So it's ALL stuff what would I want to eat relatively immediately.  And it's THE BEST STUFF, I like all that crap I'm pot committed to at this point.  Anyway, still dunno whether I'm gonna get back into Online Poker.  If I didn't have the hassle of arguing with my parents about it, I'd probably have Deposited By Now!  But just KNOWING an argument would be imminent if I brought it up-- it's not just a road block, it's a way of them winning by actually making their point and it's like yeah I see your side of it TOO.  So the point is I dunno what's gonna happen I'm not pot committed one way or the other!
     Anyway, great, just great.  I dunno why it's a bad thing if Santa Claus gives you Coal.  THAT'S ENERGY.  NOW YOU CONTROL THE POWER GRID CONGRATULATIONS.  That sort of thing.  Today Lunch will be Non-Fancy Cup o Noodles with Oh I Don't Know SIX Chicken Nuggets?  Dinner either Pancakes or Frozen MEal with Rice.  Tomorrow ANYTHING I WANT WITHIN REASON (Reason = Stuff I'm Getting).  Maybe Chicken Parm IMMEDIATELY can't rule out that possibility at all.  Especially because it's the most likely possibility.  Why would even WANT to rule out the most most possible possibility.  ANyawy GREAT NEWS got a decent chunk of laundry done yesterday.  We're talkin half a dozen boxers.  We're talkin' half a dozen shirts.  We're talkin That's It For Now Nice Solid Chunk.  Also cleaned up bathroom re: throwing things out into garbage.  I had let bathroom garbage pile up in garbage can so it was overflowing like 4x the appropriate level that should be in garbage can.  Now it's all gone!  But the memories will last a life time.
Cool!  Really getting the most out of these last pair of contacts.  Possibly been an entire week with these.  So I got THAT going for me.  What's today.  Friday.  I like those odds.  Remember in the movie Friday where it turns out the surprise ending is Ice Cube had a sled named Friday when he was a lad.  Also who the hell is naming Sleds.  Let's go back from Friday Sled to Citizen Kane sled.  Rosebud.  Is a sled like an imaginary friend.  Needs a name?  Probably not because Rosebud is a crappy name for an anthropomorphic imaginary friend.  Maybe it was just the Brand Name of sled.  The Rosebud line of sleds.  That's the BEST thing I can come up with, but if that's the case, I'm sure he could track down another Rosebud Model Sled anytime he wants he's got the TIME and the RESOURCES.  Does he have the time?  YES IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH BEFORE HIS DEATH HE THOUGHT TO GET HIS ROSEBUD BACK.
     Anyway I think we're supposed to assume that Rosebud is NEITHER of those.  Just a plain-ol' inanimate sled named, "Rosebud."  BUT IT MAKES THE LEAST SENSE MAJOR PLOT HOLE.  Also if you're going down a mountain on a sled and you hit a Major Plot Hole Be careful you might get seriously injured.  If I ever become an ultra rich inhuman jerk off, what would my, "Rosebud," be...  Hmm.  OH I KNOW.  Not even a joke.  I'll think of a joke one in a minute-- when I was very yound (0-4 or 5 years old) I had this old towel I just to hold tight.  I dunno if I went around the house with it, or just in my bedroom before sleep, but I had a nice ol, "Blankie," type thing.  Man oh man if I had that back I'D BE MADE.  Okay that's kind of a snooze you don't DO much with a blankie it's just THERE.  What's something I'VE DONE STUFF WITH.  Oh, right.  Roller Blades.  From when I was 8-11 or so years old.  I never really liked roller blading that much, don't look back on that period when any special affinity, nor was even any good at it besides just roller balding on flat surfaces (maybe SLIGHTLY tilted surface [Down OR Up]), but it certainly goes with the theme of Sleds.
     What else.  Computer.  Get a lot of fun out of computer when you're a kid.  Maybe my dying words will be WINDOWS NINETY FIVE.  Seems to check out pretty well.  Nice solid TWO communal meals over 5 days post-Super-Market Delivery.  That ROUNDS UP TO EVERY OHTER NIGHT.  Possible we make a PASTA or a PANCAKE or a FRENCHED TOAST, which would get us Rounding Up TO EVERY NIGHT.  Anyway there's been a lot of speculation on what kind of vaccine rollout I'D be in favor of, and I think it's just do it by age with A LITTLE BIT of essential workers mixed in (specifically MEDICAL people who work with people who have COVID).  ALSO people stuck in places with other people who might have covid in very close spaces and can't really leave.  We're talking PRISONS.  We're talking NURSING HOMES (but they fall under Age Priority anyway which is 90% MAIN PRIORITY).  So that's a plan you can TAKE TO THE BANK.  Also Bank People aren't really essential workers.  At least not Re: Vaccine Rollout.  THERE I SAID IT!  I'll be back in a bit!




One of Three Titles

   I was thinking about it and i may be in favor of replacing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of House and a Good Compromise might be doing a Face/Off.  FOr all intents and purpoes the new speaker of the house LOOKS and SOUNDS like Nancy Pelosi, but it's actually someone knew.  And we're not tyring to trick anybody.  People know that it's not REALLY Nancy Pelosi.  We're totally 100% up front with that.  So I dunno something to think about.  I guess that's the same quandary Democrats act under for as far back as I can remember.  We want to make things better but also change might make things worse.  And thus Nothing Ever Happens.  Sounds about right I dunno though.  Most of what I learnt about politics are from TV and TWITTER!  So that's something to think about.
Also Nancy Pelosi got the Vaccine but Other People Haven't?  Sounds like the biggest political scandal of modern history.  Just putting that out there.  I haven't seen that take yet but gotta imagine someone'll make it.  Also I have a Net Favorability of Nancy Pelosi.  I approve of her by a solid 52-55% percent!  And negative opinion isn't just 45-38%... it's as low as 38-45%!  So wait lemme crunch these numbers again.  Net Favorability is actually uh... this is hard.  Addition AND subtraction?  I never signed up for that!!! So that's where I'M coming from.  Also this is now how we rank people as individuals.  Maybe we SHOULD BE but that's a discussion for another time.   Most likely lunch will be just like I told you.  Generic Noodles and Nuggets.  I TOLD YOU.
     Wonderful.  Drug Regimen I'm trying out today-- Ritalin with Act I.  Klonopin with Act II.  Lunch with Act III.  Then Call It A Day.  I don't get the common term Buenos Noches in Spanish, saying good night.  Do they say that as a START to a Nighttime conversation.  Hey, good night, how's it going.  Cause we don't play those games in English.  If We're saying Goodnight, even if it IS starting a NIGHT TIME conversation, we save the, "Good Night," for THE END of the conversation.  So basically someone's fucking up and I dunno who it is but we gotta get on the same page at some point.  I dunno, what else is going on and crap.  Sure I watched Amistad last night, and paid attention to it more than I usually pay attention to movies because it would be INSENSITIVE to not do that.  Sure the next movie I watch may be Godzilla: Matthew Broderick version.  Keepins with the same THEME.  Godzilla ALSO came from across the ocean (other ocean) and faces a society trying to constrain him and he's JUST TRYING TO LIVE HIS LIFE.  Society won't let them!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.
Hey great just great.  2 more paragraphs, NICE FUN BREAK, end of break is making lunch, LUNCH WITH ACT III!  I don't believe it.  Been a bit of a hassle last few days without beer but I think I'm doing the right thing over all.  My favorite part of Godzilla is when the mayor of NY and the mayor's sidekick are parodies of Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel (very obviously, that's the joke) and then when Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel were reviewing the movie They DID NOT Like It.  Mostly the movie it self, and if I remember correctly, gotta imagine they were not amused at being Poked FUn At.  Hmm better LTURQ.  Nah Ebert seemed to have been amused at being poked fun.  Still didn't like the movie, though!   Actually I'm just assuming that, too.  Better LTURQ... 1.5 stars.  Out of 4.  Not bad!  BORDERING on ALMOST Adequate.  Doesn't get much better than that.  That's pretty much my impression of where this here Website when ranking... things...  Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  I'd give myself 3 out of 4 stars lets be honest.  At least These Days.  I'm Doing Okay!
     Maybe have frozen meal + rice for lunch.  I've got the rice that must be eaten!  I'll have to make a decision one way or another soon!  Also I'm not saying the Deep State/Bill Gates, etc are using the vaccine as a way to inject microchips into our bodies to keep track of us or something... but if they were gonna do something like that... it would be NOW THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING I DON'T THINK THAT'S DEBATABLE.  Anyway, I dunno when I'm gonna get vaccine!  I've seen estimates that it's as soon as late February.  I've seen estimates that it's as later as end of Summer!  I've seen estimates between those times!  I'm gonna continue estimating I'll get it around April/May, split the difference while still being relatively optimistic.  And what I SAY GOES.  I feel dumb for making any estimation.  But I MUST.  I'm in a position of Public Trust and if I'm not speculating wildly on things beyond my base of knowledge how the Hell am I to best serve the public?  I'll be back in a bit.




While I've Got You...

   That sort of thing.  Monday Monday Monday JOE BIDEN RECIEVES VACCINE LIVE ON TV.  MAYBE NOT LIVE.  PRESUMABLY ON TV.  Along with Dr. Jill Biden.  Also I think the people ragging on her for going by Dr are really just telling on themselves.  They WISH they could call themselves Doctor but they're so far removed from being a doctor they'd look INSANE.  Clear cases of Doctor TItle Envy.  That sort of thing.  I mean I get that they rile up the rank and file who are like YEAH THOSE KIND OF DOCTORS AREN'T DOCTORS.  What do you mean I just never knew the right definition of Doctor and/or how its been applied historically.  THAT DOESN'T CHECK OUT we shuold have to go by the English I WANT.  Here's the real question, though.  This gets at the issue directly-- is Jill Biden's NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IN LIFE First Do No Harm.  Hmm that's something only Jill Biden knows! 
     It's part of Hammurabi's Code get on board with it!  So yeah lunch is nuggets and noodles.  A match made in the most generic level of HEa.... least bad part of Hel... a match made on Earth.  Slightly better than other made matches out there.  Anyway GAME CHANGER IDEA-- fast foods that do soup.  Pandora doesn't count as fast food!  Mostly because it doesn't exist as a chain restaurant.  Panera doesn't count as fastfood!  Different aesthetic completely.  I think some fast food (WENDY?) you can get chili or something which borders on soup.  I dunno about just like a chicken noodle soup.  Bette LTURQ.  Subway does soup.  That counts!  Subway is fast food!  Anyway today is Friday.  Did Ice Cube come out pro-Trump or something?  I feel like I read some interview that implied he wasn't explicitly ANTI Trump.  Which I find odd because I don't understand how anyone can not be explicitly Anti-Trump.
     Better LTRUQ.  I don't wanna besmirch the man's good name.  Nope he was working with Trump on a PLATINUM PLAN for minority communities.  So that sounds objectively Pro-Trump.  Also is there a thing where it's like a credit card that you never have to pay for anything.  The kind of thing you'd give to an ARMAGEDDON Astronaut when he returns to Earth from blowing up Armageddon Asteroid.  You just dole out half a dozen Super Duper Cards where it's like just give them whatever they want.  But it has to be FOR THEM.  And they actually have to use it.  Gotta work in the restrictions but in general I think the idea is fair.  Armageddon was released the same summer as Matthew Broderick Godzilla.  IN the beginning of Armageddon they show someone selling a knock off Godzilla doll in New York right before New York Gets Pummeled by Small(ish) asteroids.
     All in good fun!  Dinner'll either be pancakes of Frozen Meal + Rice.  GOtta be!  No good other options.  Hey I only have to write 2 more paragraphs.  Wonderful.  Anyway what else is going on.  When was the last time we had a Doctor First Lady.  I'm not sure we even had many Doctor First Presidents.  Woodrow Wilson seems to have a Doctorate Degree in Political Science.  So basically a first lady with a doctorate is something we should be celebrating but they got their first with their DUMB INACCURATE SHAMING.  The point is YES DOCTOR IN WHITE HOUSE THAT COULDN'T HURT.  Whatta do when this entry is over.  Probably a few #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor and some other stuff.  Some docuseries/documentaries about PEOPLE IN PRISON.  I like watching those because hey I'm not in prison as much as those people are.  I can totally leave the house if I wanted to risk my life &/or the Lives of My Loved Ones.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Yes I have several loved ones.  No more than a single digit amount but there's a few of 'em somewhere!
     Last paragraph!  Got a single serving od Diet Pepsi to last me the next 24 hours.  When would it count the most.  During Dinner?  Late night going to bed?  Some other time!  I've narrowed it down to probably one of those three times.  I guess if I was writing a Citizen Kane a century later, a generic non-sled would be a Game Boy.  Or a Game GEAR if you wanna mix things up.  Which sure I liked Game Boy AND Game Gear just fine!  I'd play them now if I could!  I'd also end this entry now if I could.  Because it's time to move on with my lives.  Hmm what should upcoming #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor be.  Just watched JON LOVITZ one.  Maybe watch Oh I Don't Know WHOOPI GOLDBERG ONE???  Maybe ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER DIRECTED ONE?  I've got lots of good options don' you worry about me.  I'll see ya here tomorrow.

-2:20 P.M.




Thursday, December 17, 2020

I've Got Lots of Nothing To Say

   BREAKING NEWS my coffee maker, beyond just the Turn On Brew button, has a supplemental button BOLD which presumably you press ALONG WITH Turn On Brew button and it makes it bold.  And for most of the machine I just made it regular.  Why start with extras just be thankful for what you have!  Then my Mom started pressing it and then I started pressing it because well obviously objectively Bold Is Better.  I'm not dumb enough to argue with that.  But then the last day or two, started experimenting with NO BOLD, and ya know what IT'S BETTER THAT WAY.  Maybe that makes me less of a, "Man," but I'm just being honest!  Anyway Great Just Great.  Looked outside and I was like MAN CHECK OUT ALL THAT SNOW.  IF I HAD TO WALK AROUND OUTSIDE THAT'D BE A HASSLE AND A HALF.  Also Snow is a NATURAL Quarantine Aide.  Makes ya not wanna go outside (and enough snow makes it IMPOSSIBLE).  I think that's why bears hibernate in winter presumably.  Got nothin' better to do outside might as well stay in a cave or something until it's all snowed over.  Which is a phrase that I'm confident MEANS SOMETHING.
Anyway, great.  Another day without alcohol!  Had a nice dream I was accumulating marijuana.  Never got to smoke it!  But I was mucking around in my brother's old room in Current House I Live In and, despite never finding any marijuana In REAL LIFE the two dozen times I've checked years ago until I lost all hope, this time SEVERAL, "DOSES," OF MARIJUANA.  I never got to smoke it but to find it was pleasurable enough!  So that's my dream.  Anyway.  Had forgotten I had Miniature Hot Dog Franks Cocktail Cylindrical Shape.  Paired that with some White Castles and Chicken Nuggets and PLAN IS TO DO THE SAME FOR LUNCH TODAY.  It's FUN because it's FINGER FOOD.  Which means that you hold it with your fingers.  We're not talking about Palm food where you use yuor whole hand.  This kinda stuff is FINGER FOOD.  Except for the times you use utensils.  You need a Whole Hand to GRASP A FORK.  And yes sure you could eat chicken nuggets as finger food-- sometimes it's acceptable, sometimes you're better off with a fork!  Mcnuggets, that you just dig into.  You got some frozen chicken nuggets unfrozen and cooked-- you're supposed to use a fork for those!  I feel very strongly about this.  I dunno.  I HALF the time use fingers for frozen nuggets.  But it's the other half that's prominent in my MindBrain.
Wonderful!  Still Gotta Meal of Finishing the Stewed Chick + SLoppy Chili + Yellow, "Spanish," Rice.  I wouldn't lie to you what would be my motivation.  Anyway beyond the beef part of chili, STEWED CHICKEN and BEAN PART OF CHILI and RICE?  WHAT THE HELL WE'RE TALKIN ABOUT A BURRITO LESS BURRITO.  That I still for some reason aren't enthused about.  What else is going on though, what's more important stories of our day and age.  What if I somehow found some Burrito Shells from Super Market.  That'd be a, "Game CHanger," in theory but not really in practice.  Waste of Calories!  But I could do that once a week sure!  No more drinking should get me to Not Gianing More Weight and trying to be a BIT better about Eating should get me to Slowly Losing Weight.  And doin WELL REALLLLL WELL with diet should get me to Losing Weight At A Relatively Considerable Rate!  You know that sort of thing.
     BEST ENTRY EVER SO FAR.  It's all about ya know what have I consumed in the last 16 hours going into the next 8 hours.  That sort of thing.  I liked my, "Bit," about the coffee.  Who here CAN'T relate to Bold or Not Bold On Home CoffeeMaker.  Knocked that, "Bit," out of the park!  Also yes I'd like to know what's the difference (in both process and result) between Bold and Not Bold.  If only there was a way to LTURQ.  Instead I'm stuck LTUIALB.  What else.  Have about 75% of a 2 Liter Diet Pepsi to last me until SATURADY AFTERNOON?  I DON'T like those odds.  Also what kind of European Scam is it that we're measuring soda in liters.  How did Europe Hack Into Our Measurements of Soft Drinks?!?  Maybe it's a crossover, Liter is okay in Imperialist Measurements.  Which is what I would have called our measuring system as a joke but that's what they actually call it.  Well, they say Imperial.  I added the, "Ist," it brings me to the verge of amusement.
Last paragraph of Act I!  Looking to have lunch in abuot an hour and a half, hour and 45 minutes.  Will that line up with Act III?  Will it be after Act III?  I have no idea we'll find out together I guess.  Anyway today lunch is Cut Nuggets from 5 to 10 but ADD Tater Tots &/or Frozen Fries whichever one I have.  I LIKE those odds etc and whatnot.  I feel like there was one episode of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor where CryptKeeper eats some corpses finger and is like, "I Just LOVE Finger Food!!!"  If not that's my pitch for if they do a reboot of #TalesFromTHeCryptFallToFrightFor.  We can work out the rest of the episode around that.  Something to do with fingers.  He already did that.  There was an episode about bands or music or something and in Introduction, Crypt Keeper is playing guitar and he's like I haven't quite mastered MY FINGERING and he's stroking the guitar with a disembodied finger.  I LIKE MY IDEA BETTER.  Be back in a bit.





Here's Some Important Crap

   We're talkin Put Food In Oven after Paragraph #2 of Entry #2122 of Section II.  The linear sequence of that may be not fully accurate.  Anyway took a big ol' break just now and now we're back in action.  Maybe if I don't drink I go back to Playing Poker Online!  Gotta get somethin' out of somethin'.  And it's not A Gambling Problem because it's only 2 hundred dollars!  One time!  LET IT RIDE!  DOUBLE UP SEVERAL TIMES.  WIN 6 EXPONENTIALLY RICH COIN FLIPS IN A ROW.    Suddenly I'm up 2 million dollars it happens all the time!  That's my impression of how poker workds for MOST people.  Look not EVERYBODY is gonna turn 200 into 2,000,000 within a few weeks.  For some people it can take them YEARS, I GET that.  But ya know what it's kinda worth it even if it DOES take three years?
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Jeez gotta put in order for Saturday Super Market Delivery.  I've narrowed it down to No Beer.  Had a Tootie Pop Lolli Pop yesterday and The Stick WAS 25% THE SIZE OF A REGULAR STICK.  It was a Little Person Stick.  Never seen anything like it!  Kinda fun, too.  I could roll around the Bulk of It Which Is Candy in my mouth wily nilly without a long stick clunking things up.  Also Yes the question on everybody's minds It Was GRAPE.  Also waht does, "Lolli," mean.  I get the Pop.  Wait, no I don't.  I don't get the Lolli OR the Pop.  Pop has become ubietuse as that kind of treat whether its lolli or not.  But WHY IS IT A POP IN THE FIRST PLACE?  But anyway the point is what the hall is a lolli.  Lolly.  Whichever way you spell it I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND IT!  Anyway wait another paragraph until Lunch Goes In Oven.
What else is going on and crap.  I get the impression that We Don't Get To Choose Which Vaccine We Want.  Talk about BIG GOVERNMENT limiting our Personal Decisions!  I WANT THE MODERNA VACCINE FUCK PFIZER.  You know that sort of thing.  Can't they ust figure out a way to market it where Democrats trust one more and Republicans trust the other one more.  That would solve all our dumb-people-are-hesitant-to-take-vaccine-problems.  We GET THE REAL ONE while those chumps on the other side are taking the FAKE ONE LOL.  I don't know how the kinks of such a vaccine roll out would be worked out, but it seems like there's SOMETHING there to be explored, right?  Then there'll be some Crossover.  Someone on the left might be like well clearly the Republicans have THE RIGHT ONE they only care about themselves BETTER TAKE REPUBLICAN VACCINE.  And Vice Versa.  The point is at this point I won't start oven until FINISHING ACT II COMPLETELY!
     I'm under the impression my Parents could be Vaccinated BY THE END OF FEBRUARY.  Not ALL Februarys.  The Upcoming One.  The 2021 February.  Anyway I LIKE those odds.  Would I change my routine in the couple/several months they have been vaccinated but I haven't?  I dunno that's a tough one.  Just hang on a couple more months to play it safe, or be like well I'll adjust my habits A BIT now, take walks, maybe get some Delivery...  Or just wait another few months!  THAT SOUNDS RIGHT.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I saw Mike PEnce is taking Vaccine Live tomorrow on The Television.  I saw Biden is presumably doing the same thing next week.  Hopefully Kamala Harris, too!  ALso WHAT THE FUCK why is Biden waiting weeks to get vaccinated.  GIVE THIS MAN A VACCINE IMMEDIATELY!  A LOT DEPENDS UPON IT!
  I think it's GOOD and FAIR that all vaccines are going to rich countries first.  How else would you do it?  Jeez, hey, after this paragraph the long awaited moment of Putting Food In Oven WILL PLAY OUR Before MY VERY EYES.  Anyway.  I would probably arrange which countries get vaccine  by considering If and WHY they deserve/don't deserve it.  Hey America YOU WANNA PERSUE HERD IMMUNITY?  HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS NEEDLESS DEATHS?  WELL SURE IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT...  GO FOR IT YOU AIN'T GETTIN NO VACCINE.  THINK WE'D RATHER GIVE VACCINES TO A COUNTRY THAT ACTUALLY TAKES IT'S CITIZENS LIVES MORE SERIOUSLY.  THAT SHUT EM UP.  There's a point in there!  That America is Evil But Also Please Give Us Vaccines WE'RE NOT ALL EVIL ALSO WE WILL EXCHANGE MONEY FOR IT WE HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY COMPARED TO OTHER COUNTRIES.  That shut 'em up.  I'll be back in a bit!





More December Please

   Why would anyone want more December?  Well, if it was suddenly some other month in the next few days, that would CONFUSE and ANGER people.  SCARE us too!  Anyway got lunch MINUS the Nuggets.  I Crunched The Numbers and decided I could Not Be Hungry After Meal Anymore Without The Nuggets.  Anyway I dunno.  Suggesting to my Father maybe wanna put some money on poker was the worst part of the process AND IT'S ~60% Done.  I was talking about how all Birthday and Chanukah and Christmas and MISC. CELEBRATIONS Gifts could just be added directly into the pot.  The family Pot.  Whets mine is yours!  But also, having said that, maybe put some money on poker... and dad was like OH NO HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH IT and I was like I SAID MAYBE.  So basically we know where this is gonna go!  Also if you think of it as a substitute for drinking, it pays for itself after 2 months!!!
    Thinkin if I do put money on, around TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS is the way to go.  I could play 25/50 Cent States with that bankroll.  Unless I lose 100 soon.  Then I Can RE-CALIBRATE WHENEVER/WHEREVER I WANT.  Looks like dinner'll be the Burritoless Burrito + Meat Pat Of Chili.  That sort of thing.  Best alternative is White Rice + FROZEN MEAL.  Gotta do that at least once over today and tomorrow.  Maybe even TWICE.  In which case I'd HAVE to have it for dinner tonight-- I can't do the same thing twice in the same day!  I can!  But that's just not the way I operate.  Right?  Sure.  Edward Snow'd In.  I cracked the code where Edward Snowden is!  He was Bear Hibernating in a Cave and he got Snow'd in.  Is it a secret Where Edward Snowden is?  Is it like a Where In The World Is Carmen Santiago scenario?  Or do people just know oh he's in Britain or something Oh Well What Can Ya Do.  Yep he's in Russia.  Well, I did it.  I CRACKED THE CODE of where Edward Snowden is.  Wonderful.
Three more paragraphs!  Then I will re-calibrate life.  I like the idea of putting money on poker I WILL PLAY POKER and that will take up my Late Afternoons More Or Less.  Afternoons have been a whole lot of NOTHIN' lets just put it out there.  Anyway did some Responsibility.  Cleaned up my room and bathroom.  Brought Down Laundry.  That's two things.  1.10 things.  Bringing down the laundry is 10% of Actually Doing Laundry.  Am I PRO pardon for Edward Snowden?  I dunno on the one hand He Lives In A Cave.  But on the other hand I may or may not be on, "Team Edward."  Thirdly, who is Edward Snowden.  Not 100% on what he did and/or why and/or how also this is all moot he lives in a cave separated from the rest of humanity by being snow'd in.
I guess that's as far as I'll go on this topic!  Two more paragraphs to go!  Current planning leads me to think I will watch ONE OR TWO #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor after entry is over-- then take BATH &/or Shower when that is over- then RECALIBRATE.  Hmm been a while since I took a BathShower.  I can do that in real life and it's very decadent.  No one's gonna stop me for now.  Also I think Trump knows what he's doing with having his CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT (PUN??!?) being loosening restrictions of water efficacy for showerheads.  Because he KNOWS some of us will be like look I kinda wanna see what a nice showerhead is.  I wanna be PUMMELED with water, INDULGE ME JUST ONCE I probably won't do it EVERY DAY but as a TREAT once a WEEK I'm okay with that.  TRUMP SHOWERS-- FOR WHEN YOU'LL NEVER FEEL CLEAN AGAIN.  Yeah that seems to check out all over the place.
     Last paragraph.  What else can I do today.  Watch mote Computer Web TV All The Streams that sort of stuff.  Refresh my Favorite Twits.  Also I assume if I misclick and, "Like," or "Re-tweet," or, "Follow," on twitter, but correct myself within 15 seconds-- it shouldn't show up on your updates, right?  Like dialing a phone number but hanging up in the first 2 seconds.  I need some LEEWAY for MAKING MISTAKES.  Also that's how Phone Knows I Agree I Missed A Call.  Miscalled shows up, red button says 1 (missed call), the only way I can get it down to Zero AS FAR AS I KNOW is You gotta Click That Call as if you're gonna Call Back but then Hang Up in the first 2 seconds Because You Don't Want To Talk TO This Person.  This is probably an error on MY PART.  I can't imagine this kinda kink other people have to deal with.  The point is Hey Entry Is Over!  See ya later.

-3:13 P.M.





Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Week Two: Endgame

   Re: Weeks Until Vaccine.  No I do not know when Vaccine will save ME or YOU or YOUR LOVED ONES or THOSE WHO YOU'D RATHER JUST DIE.  I'm estimating 20 weeks from Sub-Week-One and that means ABOUT FOUR TO FIVE MONTHS YOU IDIOTS.  I think that's one way to go with Rolling Out The Vaccine.  We each are polled and have to rank people from #1 Should Get The Vaccine all the way down to #320 million who should get a vaccine.  And we do it BASED ON MERIT.  POPULAR MERIT.  Who am I to say what's right that's for THE PUBLIC to decide!  Gotta imagine the top dozen will be people who are universally hated.  Because if you're universally hated that means A Lot Of People Know You and SOME OF THEM might not hate you.  So there are KINKS in this system but I'll try to work them out and get back to you.
     Also maybe we can do a UNPOPULAR Merit list and the higher you are, the quicker WE GIVE YOU COVID.  And then we meet somewhere in the middle and Boom Herd Immunity!  Anyway gonna try to Not Re-Up with beer this upcoming Saturday.  Gonna have to go several days without it and I figure as of now might as well think about trying to go without it.  We'll see how this pans out I dunno!  Anyway gonna have a delicious bagel with eggs for lunch ABOUT 70% ACCURACY to that statement.  Might be inaccurate but what can I do about it.  Probably nothing!  Stuck in this situation and there's no way out!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  I saw Biden is considering a REPUBLICAN for Commerce Secretary?  Must be to reward those 5% of Republicans who voted for Biden.  They should have their voice heard on Commerce Secretary!  Specifically Commerce Secretary more than anything else!  They want a Nice Republican Commerce Secretary that was the plan all along!  Yep that seems to check out.
Maybe he picks a Republican as Commerce Secretary and a SUPERSTAR LEFT WING PERSON as Labor person.  I'd consider being relatively nonplussed about that!  What else is going on.  Oh, right.  Nonplussed... sounds like Subtracted.  Or no arithmetic operations at all.  or Multiplication or Division.  I've narrowed it down to those four Operations.  What's your favorite operation.  Well Multiplication is very Exciting, that's gotta be #1.  Subtraction can be FUN, that's #2.  Division is a HASSLE AND A HALF, that's #4.  Addition comes in at #3 which seems about right, addition is FINE but nothing special about it.  So that's what I'm trying to get across with this paragraph.  Anyway yep so far I've written three paragraphs without any alcohol.  I LIKE those odds.  Probably still have lunch line up with Act III.  LIKE those odds AS WELL.
What else is going on.  Runnin' out of soda tonight, tomorrow at the latest.  I guess that's okay I can drink, "Water," I believe it's a fluid.  Also when I'm making pasta they say add a dash of salt to the boiling water before pasta goes in.  Well now it sounds like you just want me to recreate Salt Water.  Wouldn't it be easier if I just went to Beach and then got Pasta Water from THERE?  Go straight to the source that's MY Hot Take.  Yeah I GET that might be too much salt.  If there is such a thing am I right!!!  It's true I like more salt.  I know they say add a dash of salt but I REGULARLY do around THREE Dashes of salt I like salt so much!  One dash before pasta goes in.  One dash AFTER pasta goes in.  And a third or so as a Wildcard.  These are the important issues of the day.
Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  I wish I could figure out which would make me more Relaxed AND On Point for entry act writing-- Klonopin or Ritalin.  Gotta figure ONE of them would help.  Maybe I have ot take BOTH of them.  Maybe I DON'T.  Maybe I DON'T really need either and just have to get into a groove without substances making me more comfortable While Writing.  Maybe Lots Of Things!  I like the title Week Two: Endgame because we aren't at the endgame stage yet but man oh man imagine if Someone Thought We Were as the title implies I Feel.  It would bring everyone to the verge of being amused!  I dunno, crap and crap.  So here we are at end of Act I.  I'm very very close to not having contacts to wear.  I've been on my last 2 of 3 for several days.  Once i reach the limit with the pair I'm with, I only have 1 more, and I don't FEEL like walking around with one contact in and not 2.  Besides that would only push back the inevitable 2 or 3 days.  Great just great I'll be back in a bit.





Hello Friend

   Anyway here's a solution to well known assholes getting vaccine-- we rank EVERYBODY on a scale of, oh I don't know, One To Twenty.  One to ten isn't specific enough!  One to a hundred is TOO specific!  We're ranking everybody from 1-20.  Also if YOU WANT to prioritize old people, or frontline people, or people with pre-existing conditions-- GREAT You're Allowed To Rank People however you want!  Let the FREE MARKET OF PERSONAL RANKINGS DECIDE!  Anyway sure I'm looking forward to Act III with Lunch.  It gives me something to look forward to.  Sure I took a Ritalin about 15 minutes ago So Far So Good!  Also You're allowed to rank yourself as a TWENTY (or as a One if we're doing it CountdownStyle).  Doesn't mean you're gonna END UP THERE after everyone's ranking but you have as much input as anyone else!
     What else.  How's the MEDICARE FOR ALL push going.  Still a Push.  I learn't about the term from a Matchbox 20 Band.  Song.  Same difference.  My feeling is GO FOR IT!  Off the top of my head and whatnot.  The point is I have to write 5 paragraphs 3 times a day in close succession that's MY Job, that's MY PRIORITY.  NO one is really sure why somehow it just is!  Anyway watched Remake of CastleFreak on SHUDDER: THE HORRIFIC STREAMS and HEY PRETTY GOOD STUFF.  I mean it's pretty dumb but THIS FREAK IS SUFFICIENTLY FREAKY.  Nice make up artistry and costumes designations and CGI AIDED MAYBE?  The point is I feel like I got my money's worth watching This Castle Freak Go About His Business.  Her business, actually.  First 2/3rds I thought Castle Freak was male.  Then it turns out she's female!  Shows me right for making inaccurate assumptions re: Gender re: Castle Freaks.
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I think I had a dream last night or the night before, something about Dijornio: The Pizza No One Is Really Sure Whether It's Delivery Or Not.  It was sort of a Commercial but I feel like I dreamt it and not just watched a commercial in real life.  I can't put my finger on it but I think the fake dream commercial advertised things about Dijornio that are inaccurate, talking up flavors that don't exist, and also it lasted longer than any 15 or 30 second ad has a right to!  Anyway got a six pack of String Cheese a few months ago and finally finished it yesterday.  My main complaint was it's impossible to rip of strings of this cheese.  just a dumb rectangular prism that I have to BITE INTO and can't just peel off a nice regular sized piece.  This was Real Life.  I WISH it were a dream, but no such luck!
     Anyway, great!  Feel like getting back into Barack Obama: The Book.  Might as well read something now that I'm being productive.  Taking two Ritalin a day = being productive.  There's a correlation at least if not a causation.  Prove me wrong!  Ya know what there IS a causation, I'll say that comfortably.  BUT the causation can go BOTH WAYS.  Taking Ritalin can lead to Being Productive AND Being Productive can lead to taking Ritalin.  They're interwoven, no coincidences there, but it's still up in the air which one'll come first on any given Sunday.  So I got that going for me is the point.  I feel like the Barack Obama Book and the Beastie Boys Book are both Practical Joke books.  Each are like 800 pages.  And obviously no one will ever read that amount of pages.  So it's more like hah you bought it and thought you were gonna read it GOTCHA!  You know that sort of thing.  I'll read thse books if its the last thing I do!  Hopefully not, though.  I'd feel it's a real net positive if I get to do More Things even AFTER reading these books!
Great, just great!  Next paragraph is AIDED BY LUNCH.  Well what else.  Haven't had a haircut since Oh I Don't Know FEBRUARY?  Possibly even JANUARY.  Possibly even FIRST WEEK OR TWO OF MARCH I CAN'T RULE THAT OUT COMPLETELY.  Also I feel like if I was having haircuts that would lead to long hair 10 months later, I would have gotten something different.  The way this haircut grew out is OKAY, could have been worse, but also could have been better!  I dunno HOW I'd ask to get a haircut.  I guess just give me a cut that looks best 10 months from now.  That's gotta be a real thing they hear every now and then.  That's MY hot take!  Also I'm not getting a haircut in April or June or whenever I can get Vaccine.  Still too big a risk for too little a payoff!  Also Sure I May get a haircut in April or June DON'T HOLD ME TO A POSITION one way or another!  The point is I'll be back in a little bit.





Title --> Laughs

   No lunch yet.  Not hungry yet you idiots!  Anyway got a couple of e-mails PROMISING ME STICKERS if I donated money to Democratic Causes, and I was All Set To Consider It, but the cause is inauguration committee.  What the hell... my understanding is just like yep donate some money we're throwing an inauguration party We Need Some Funds!  Maybe I'm wrong.  Better LTURQ...  I mean YEAH it just seems like donate some money we're throwing a party.  In which case FUCK YOUR PARTY YES I WANT A STICKER BUT FOR A MORE NOBLE CAUSE.  Also SURE I wish you best of luck in throwing a great party.  I know it'll be a tenth the size as Usual Incoming President Partys and that's a GOOD THING.  The point is FINE HOW MUCH FOR THE STICKER YOU WORE ME DOWN.
Anyway.  Ritalin worked well for half an hour then I became Too Anxious.  I think part of it was Not Wanting Lunch Yet.  Well what the Hell am I supposed to do with that.  I'm probably Hungry On The Inside, and it's HEALTHY TO EAT LUNCHES, but on the outside No Real Inspiration To Eat Lunch Imminently.  I don't know how to PROCESS Those Feelings!  Hmm starting to get inspired to have lunch.  Maybe before entry ends even!  Look there MUST Be a Donation I could make to Georgia Runoffs where I get a sticker.  I'll LTURQ but not RQ maybe IALB.  In a Little Bit.  That acronym has some things going for it in terms of Catching On!  Even just amending LTURQ.  Hmm gotta look something up?  I'll LTUIALB.  Yep seems to check out 100%, time to move on with the entry though!
     What else is going on.
  TV is a good thing to do for most of the day.  I can watch some crap whether I've been drinking or not.  Also maybe the reason I'm anxious is Alcohol Withdrawal is kicking in?  I wouldn't put it past Alcohol Withdrawal.  Ya know what I MAY have lunch AFTER THIS PARAGRAPH.  EATIN' WITH THE LAST 2 PARAGRAPHS.  TEN MINUTE BREAK BETWEEN FOR THE COOKINGS.  We'll see how that goes VERY soon!  Anyway good chance we'll have COMMUNAL PANCAKES for dinner tonight &/Or tomorrow &/or Friday.  We all are running low on Meal Supplies and we got all this pancake mix and we have the tools and the wherewithal to convert that into pancakes.  We got all these pancakes mixings when Quarantine Started and I believe we had pancakes ONCE.  TWICE POSSIBLY.  Definitely not any other whole number, though!
     Yay!  I'll finish entry then eat lunch.  That feels Okay.  Also lets be real many cakes are cooked &/or served in pans.  Well not SERVED.  Stored, lets say that.  You can store a cake in a pan type deal but rarely is it like HERE'S LUNCH IT'S A PAN OF CAKE.  Not as far as I know.  Also why are you having cake for lunch.  If it's a Pan of Pan Cake then I guess that makes a LITTLE bit of sense.  Hey haven't had Chocolate Chip Pancakes in a year more or less.  I feel like we have to wait until ~beginning of February to Round Up Quarantine/Pandemic To A Year.  I mean I know some people were serious about it in February if not even January.  But it hit most of us in March.  So early February, ROUND UP TO A YEAR, that's fair all things considering things.
     Last paragraph!  Hey I got an idea.  I can donate to Inauguration Party.  Take their sticker.  Donate the sticker to the Georgia Runoff Elections. It's like Paying Peter to Pay Paul.  Who are these Peter and Paul characters and is it important they have alliteration.  Oh, right.  Peter and Paul are the Democrats running in Georgia.  Peter Warnock and Paul Ossoff.  Anyway finish the INTERVENTION: #InteventionEpisodesAvailableOnlyLastsAWeek I'm 2/3rds into and THEN have lunch.  I LIKE those odds, etc.  I still have a Sleeper Possibility of finishing Stewed Chicken/Yellow Rice/Chili ALL IN ONE MEAL.  If not for lunch probably for dinner.  It's fun because I Get To Finish Eating It after Eating Some Of It Earlier In The Week.  Whatta snooze of an Act III.  Oh well I guess the joke is on me.  See ya tomorrow.

-1:59 P.M.





Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Today Is Just Like Yesterday

   No it's not It's TODAY.  YESTERDAY was YESTERDAY.  Cracked that code!  Anyway Big Upz to WINTER BLIZZARD STORM coming on Thursday.  Also, I used the word storm, lemme just clarify-- NOTHING TO DO WITH QNON.  As far as I know.  Anyway, right-- WINTER BLIZZARD STORM Wednesday Night INTO THURSDAY means that Super Market Delivery Ain't Gonna Happen on Thursday.  Earliest time we can get is Saturday After Noon.  So you'd think oh this is TERRIBLE news I won't be recieving meals to eat.  WRONG it gives me a Great Opportunity to eat all the dumb Frozen Stuff I have.  And I can PUT OFF the Fresh Meals I have another day or two!  Also STEWED CHICKEN WITH CHILI AND SPANISH RICE WAS BORDERING ON DELICIOUS.  I wouldn't get it AGAIN, too much stress.  Will I eat it, will I not eat it, so on and so forth.  But anyway Yep Gonna Have the Meal I've been fantasizing about ALL MORNING why it's only Noodles and Salmon!
     Right!  Anyway a joke occured to me 2 nights ago that I was hesitant to put in Next Day ENtry because it feels like cheating.  I like jokes that just happen naturally through hard work.  THis is just something that appeared in my mind as a complete joke.  Anyway, might as well go for it-- was talkin about 50 cent.  What if 50 Cent Runs for president.  Slogan would have to be Change We Can Believe In!  THat's it.  I'm not PROUD of it.  But there it is!  Also wouls 50 Cent be running to the right of Kanye West Next Election?  I dunno both seem to, "Dig," Trump to some degree.  As far as I can tell!  Anyway Kanye came out of the gate TOO strong.  You wanna be president?  Start with SENATOR like REASONABLE celebrities do.  THEN we'll talk about MAYBE electing you president.  You gotta earn it, though!  Also, 50 Cent, is his first name 50 and his last name cent?  I'm under the impression he probably goes by 50 sometimes.  Like Hey 50 what's up. He'd turn his head and be like yup you must be talking to me.  But I dunno about, "Cent..." would he be Senator Cent?  Probably should LTURQ but I'm worried I Won't Find Any Pertinent Info without a Deep Dive.
  Got 2 beers left over for today!  So basically I did a strong 6 out of 7 days of Weekly Bee... oh crap no beer until Saturday.  Oh well such is life!  Dad floated the idea of getting a delivery from Local Super Market today or tomorrow as a stopgap solution.  I was AGAINST IT.  I wanna eat Frozen Meals!  And ya know what?  STILL AGAINST IT.  That's how NOT ALCOHOLIC I am.  Anyway.  I once heard that Cup O Noodles stays in your stomach for years and goes undigested.  But then I heard from a much, much more reputable source that's complete bullshit.  So now I don't know WHAT to believe!  Heard the same thing about gum.  Also heard the opposite about gum from more more reputable source source.  Ya know that kind of stuff.
  Will lunch be with Act II or Act III?  Probably Act III!  Is it possible that 20 years down the line The Storm That Is Coming turns out to just be a metaphor for Climate Change and it turns out Q ACCURATELY WARNED US.  Maybe 20 years down the line, but for the time being I'm sure 98% of them Q people are PRO Climate Change.  You that sort of thing.  Ya know Cause They're Dumb?  What else is going on.  Starting to feel like I'm gonna go a period of time in my life without binge watching a TV SERIES but just going through movies and maybe mini-series and/or maybe read a book for Gods Sakes but I dunno what if the book is boring like all books what's to be done ABOUT THAT.  I saw Bill Barr is on his way out.  I confuse Bill Barr  with Bill Burr The Comedian and with Babar The Cartoon Elephant.  Actually now that I think about it He MAY ACTUALLY BE Babar the Cartoon Elephant.
You know, that sort of thing.  He looks like a cartoon elephant.  He ACTS like a cartoon elephant.  He IS a cartoon elephant.  Cartoon means cartoon.  Elephant means Republicans.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Anyway I think yesterday was a SOLID #2 or #3 day where Biden Wins.  It all depends on Inauguration Day (And leading up to Inauguration Day).  What other days populate the top dozen Days Where Biden Wins?  Day that person allowed him to start Transitioning into President.  That time where the guys in Michigan or something met with Trump and then came back and were like actually nope we're still not gonna throw it for trump.  There was the day where Supreme Court ruled against Texas 9-0.  There was The several days leading up to Pennsylvania being called where he already had over 270 but not everything was called.  There's 2 years from now where he's been living in the White House for almost two years.  There's WHEN HIS PARENTS FUCKED, PRESIDENCY BEGINS AT CONCEPTION.  I Don't LIKE this riff.  OH well what can ya do.  The Court Case Days aren't really Biden Win days.  They're more Trump Still Is Losing Days.  Not as good! 




Get Off My Back About It

   Hey-- if it comes-- another TOP contender for Biden Wins Day is Trump conceeding.  Conceding to Some Relevant Degree.  So we got THAT to look forward to too!  Anyway yes lunch will be with Act III and yes I'M CALLING IT Lunch Will Be Delicious.  Anyway I put some of Hot Sauce on a single LARGE forkfull (two medium forkfills or three small forkfills) and I was like THIS ISN'T GO... WAIT AFTER TASTE IS KICKING IT... KINDA GO... AFTER AFTER TASTE IS KICKING IN I LIKE THIS.  And then I didn't put any more on.  I'll trust my FIRST instinct THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  THe meal I'm dreading the most is Finishing Penne & Meat'd Balls.  It's just not that great!  I blame myself for cooking it presumably not as well as possible.  Maybe should have left Penne in Boiling Water for longer!  Maybe for shorter!  Maybe right on and Something Else Went Wrong!  I dunno I don't have all the answers.
     What else.  50 Cent is equivalent to about 50 pennes.  Also if you wanna really Talk Yourself Up why only FIFTY CENTS.  Call yourself like THREE HUNDRED BILLION.  Which Isn't Much for The Stimulus Package We Need but is A LOT for a Rapper to... be!  Also why are we conceptualizing black people as money.  THIS REEKS OF WHITE WASHING SLAVERY.  ALSO WHITE WASHING REEKS OF BEING A RACIST TERM IN AND OF ITSELF.  Also I MAY NOT KNOW WHAT WHITE WASHING MEANS BASED ON THIS PARAGRAPH.  I thought it was interesting when McConnell was like Yep Biden won how about that and he complimented Kamala Harris for being first Woman VP and said NOTHING of her race/background.  Yep Women we'll accept not get on her case for that but BTW on the downlow Gonna Give Her A Hard Time based on race/global background.  Wow!  Also Biden was clearing his throat WAY TOO MUCH last night speech.  I HOPE HE'S OKAY.  It's okay I have phlegm all the time.  Had some just yesterday!  Was coughing, I thought a dry cough, but then I heaved up a big piece of phlegm onto bathroom mirror!  These are the important issues.
I wiped it OFF THE MIRROR c'mon.  I think I did.  Better LTURQ next time I'm in bathroom.  Also on the DOWN LOW kinda sounds like you're saying DOWNLOAD.  Download was a thing you used to have to do before all your files lived in clouds.  Ya know that kind of thing.  You can't Like OWN A CLOUD.  It's like American Indians couldn't conceptualize owning land. They REALLY couldn't conceptualize owning a cloud.  I can't either but maybe one day I'LL BE ABLE TO get off my back about it.  Cloud Warfare.  Maybe that'll be a thing.  I had to wake up early today for Phone Call Therapy.  We're talkin I was up at EIGHT A.M.  Twitter says, "Mitch McConnel OFFICIALLY Acknowledges Joe Biden as President-Elect."  OFFICIALLY?  I didn't know that was in McConnell's job description that he OFFICIALLY has to confirm Joe Biden as president.  Seems kind of UNOFFICIAL and if you're insisting it's Official then WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU MY MAN.
     I officially say Mitch McConnell is a Fuckhead!  Which is a BAD thing to be.  You don't wanna be a Fuck Head, I don't CARE what you're imagining a Fuck Head is in Real Life.  Also it's official now he is Fuck-Head Mitch McCconnell!  I DON'T WANNA USURP POWER.  I'm AGAINST This Riff.  I don't say things officially and I LIKE IT THAT WAY.  NYTIMES got it better.  McConnell, "acknowledges," Biden wins.  WTG!  Way To Go!  I feel like people have used WTG as an acronym I didn't make this up!  Anyway STARZ has ALL THE FRIDAYS OF THE THIRTEENTHS but you have to Pay Extra!  When I first was browing and I saw ALL THE FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTHS I was like PERFECT THIS IS GREAT I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS EXCEPT FOR BITS AND PIECES AND ONE COMPLETE MOVIE I REMEMBER I WANNA SAY THE FOURTH ONE?  But then it turns out nope gotta pay extra.  Whatta scam!  Exchanging product for money.  NOT IN MY AMERICA.  Because its MORE money.  I ALREADY spent money on things, now you're saying I need to spend MORE money on MORE THINGS?  THat's a scam if I've ever heard one!
     Anyway.  Take a break after this paragraph.  Nice medium-to-longish type break.  Elongated by Boiling Noodle Water.  So I got that going for me. WHOSE YOUR FAVORITE GEORGIA, JON OSSOFF OR RAPHAEL WARNOCK.  Don't make me choose They're BOTH great.  In different ways!  They're a Dream Tag Team!  Also if they are both elected I wanna see them form a SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP that LASTS THEIR ENTIRE TIME IN SENATE (and beyond?)  They're thrown into this situation where they SHOULD become best friends and I WANNA SEE THAT FRIENDSHIP BLOSSOM BEFORE MY VERY EYES!  Anyway I dunno.  Also how do we know how the SENIOR senator from Goergia would be.  Does it come down to Who Was Born First?  Better LTURQ.  Probably OSSOFF but lets see.  Warnock is 51.  OSSOFF IS THIRTY THREE.  That's okay they could be Friends until THE DAY ONE OF THEM DIES (Probably Warnock).  I'll be back in a little bit.




I Feel Like This Is Good Enough

   Sure I do.  Just barely!  But definitely Enough.  LUNCH!  Noodles + Salmon + Dinner Roll.  What else is going on and crap.  Apparently NINA TURNER is running to replace MARCIA FUDGE in CONGRESS and Nina Turner is ONE OF THE GREATS.  I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY (an OXYMoron If I ever heard one!) she's one of the greats politically.  Anyway today leaning towards finishing Stew and Chili and Spanish Rice for dinner.  Knock out THREE SEPERATE THINGS in one meal!  What was Nina Turner Role in Bernard Sanders Campaign.  Better LTURQ.  NATIONAL CO-CHAIR IN 2020 SANDERS?!?!  I don't believe it!  Also I don't mean to nitpick but a Co-Chair sounds just like a sofa or something.  No judgment!  OH MAN IS THAT WHERE THE WORD, "COUCH," COMES FROM/  CO-Ch... COUCH.  I accomplished a lot this paragraph.
Still, "Up In The Air," Whether I get more beer before Saturday.  I can see myself getting into a period of life without beer!  Seems tough at first BUT I COULD ACCMPLISH IT.  Also are we supposed to be using forks for Cup O Noodles?  Spoon seemed obvious to me, but that was back when I considered Cup O Noodles & Assorted Brand was  soup.  And it IS a lot of water!  But for the noodles themselves fork is better.  Put into noodles and twist fork around like pasta.  But then what do you do with the water?  SLURP IT LIKE YOU WANT TO ANYWAY.  OK now we're talkin.  Slurp some water, fork some noodles.  It's all coming together!  Anyway alternative dinners = bagel & egg &/Or pasta & meatball.  Anyway alternative ways to spend my time between entry an dinner = I Didn't Even Give You An Original Way To Spend That There Time.
     Three paragraphs to go!  ALso yes it's FUN to put Definitely Enough water into Pot For Boiling but trying to avoid TOO MUCH water that'll take longer to heat up.  Lots of fun!  Anyway gotta get bloodwork done in about 2 weeks.  I can, "Dig," that for some reason no one is really sure of.  ANyway was watching some INTERVENTION yesterday, probably go back to that when entry is done.  It's FUN because LOOK AT THEM PEOPLE NEEDING HELP SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT.  Anyway Noodles is starting to cool down to room temperature before me finishing it this is an unwelcome sequence of events!  All that FORK NONSENSE somehow mixed me up.  I'm sick of these people who face intervention and are immediately like yup lets do it no problem I'm with ya.  C'mon PUT UP A FIGHT.  I WANNA SEE YOU DEFEND YOUR BEHAVIOR.  If you're not sticking up for yourself NO ONE WILL.
Look I want them to get help EVENTUALLY.  Even this single intervention-- I'm rooting for them to Go To Treatment.  But I just wanna see some FIRE.  I wanna see some GIVE AND TAKE.  Don't just lay down immediately!  I dunno what I'm talking about really.  The point is this lunch really filled me up.  Probably on account of the noodles literally filling up my stomach, joining with all the other noodles I've eaten over the past several months.  All still sitting in stomach!  I dunno HOW.  Stomach can't be that big!  Oh well such is life.  Haven't swallowed any gum in a few months, though.  I know on account of not CHEWING any gum.  Totally Gum Free!  I saw some non-Fauci people saying we may not all get vaccines until the beginning of summer.  GOD DAMNIT FAUCI YOU SAID BY EARLY APRIL YOU'VE DECIEVED US FOR THE LAST TIME!!!  Not sure what point I'm trying to make there.  The point in the character, "I,"  Lowercase Style.  A tittle.
Title!  Didn't make THAT connection yesterday!  Anyway that's another thing I can get when Pandemic is Over.  Already thought about Diner, Pizza, assorted Fast Foods--- CHINESE FOOD, TOO!  We're talkin some real Greasy Lo Mien, it's like cup o noodles but EVEN SLOPPIER!  I can, "Dig," that.  Hey it's the last paragraph.  And I have But One More Bite of lunch left!  Alright that settles that.  Anyway had my FIRST CALENDAR NOTE.  Scheduled a Therapy Phone Call for January (A Specific Date in January NO SPOILERS) and wrote that sucker into the appropriate Day Box.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Ugh.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:08 P.M.




Monday, December 14, 2020

I Don't Know What's Up

   Great, just great.  I have TOO MUCH FRESH FOOD to eat for meals over next three days.  Why Oh Why did I get Stewed Chicken &/Or Chili.  Proably was Being Dumb for a few days last week.  I dunno WHY maybe My Birthday hanging over my head was messing with me.  Also something hanging over your head was a phrase specifically coined from Looney Tunes.  Some sort of character has an anvil over another one's head.  Somethin' hanging over their head.  You don't see a lot of Anvils over peoples' heads outside of cartoons.  And if you are I Wish You The Best Of Luck in terms of GETTING AS FAR AWAY FROM THAT SITUATION as possible.  There's better lifes you can live without anvils being hung over heads.  Anyway THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE IS GOING ON.  I think they should meet 2 times a year during presidential elections -- one for Electoral College Vote and one for SPRING BREAK!!! The next Spring.  That's how you measure years in College Calendars.  First come December then come APRIL I WANNA SAY???
It's a good bonding experience!  I'm looking forward to a nice Biden speech but is he STILL in Delaware?  I think this guy is gonna need to change his backdrop a bit.  Also, how do we know he's not in front of a green screen?  How do we know ALL OF US are not in front of green screens?  Little Philosophy-Em-Up For Ya.  Anyway GREAT NEWS first person who got Vaccine as far as I can tell, or at least the first that they made a big deal of-- Doctor &/Or Nurse in EASTERN QUEENS.  NORTHWELL HEALTH &/OR LIJ.  THAT'S WHERE I GO BUT A DIFFERENT COMPLEX BUT UNDER THE SAME UMBRELLA.  FINALLY my voting for Vaccine is paying off.  Gotta reward your Voters First, that's Politics For Ya!  Also is it possible you can take the premise of injecting me with Vaccine but instead you inject me with Heroin?  I just wanna see what it's like just once!
     You know, that sort of thing!  Anyway bad news I finished Low Fat CoffeeMate: The Flavored Cream For Coffee.  Now all that's left is the NON LOW FAT.  Or just Just Say CoffeeMate for short.  Got 4 beers for today.  Sounds great, just perfect!  Figure I'll mix the Stewed Chicken with the Chili (WITH SOME SPANISH RICE) for lunch today.  Just get some of it out of the wy PLUS I never had Stewed Chicken from Super Market yet maybe I like it.  The point is it's like Chicken and Lamb over rice except similar but different chicken and rice and chili instead of lamb.  The chili instead of lamb is the main difference maker.  But the point is WAIT A SECOND DO I HAVE WHITE SAUCE?!?!  We got some Whitish Sauce back in March or APril to have with FETTUCCINI.  Oh that reminds me it's called AL FREDO sauce.  But the point is it was uniformally disliked in Household so Never Again.  But maybe AGAIN THIS TIME?  We all know I have Hot Sauce.  It's called Hot Sauce: The Thing That Ruined My Eggs.  Wow I actually tricked myself into being enthusiastic about this Snooze of a Lunch.
  On the one hand I want the electors to vote 100% in line with general election results per state.  But on the other hand FAITHLESS ELECTORS sounds like a titillating Skin-i-max movie from 1999.  On the other hand no it doesn't.  But on the penultimate hand YES IT DOES.  Finally, where am I.  What's going on.  Reality Is But Five Dimensional Green Screens.  Titillating means Lots of Tits, right?  Cracked that code!  Other meal I have to have is Finish Penne &/Or Meatballs.  Also somewhere along the line I started saying, "&/Or," when it's Definitely either AND &/Or OR!  It's fun!  See!  I just did it there!  What else is going on and crap.  Enders Game is a book turned into a movie, &/Or And/or Game is a game I'M HAVING LOTS OF FUN WITH get on board is the point I'm trying to make.
     Hey, great, I get to take a break after this paragraph.!  Presumably have lunch with ACT III.  I dunno.  Georgia wants to send Alternative Electors to Electoral College.  That's like I Didn't Do Enough To Graduate but I'm Going To Give Myself MY OWN DEGREE.  Which some people do and it works out for them until they're revealed as FRAUDS and them they may or may not face some sort of consequences I DUNNO!  The point is if these people wanna attend a college so bad Why It's Only Trump University!  Go Nuts!  That's some circle of hell, right?  You have to attend Trump University FOREVER.  I dunno, this may or may not be a worthwhile riff!  I'm just trying to make fun of the fact that these people are dumb.  First joke I THOUGHT OF was like if the losing team of the superbowl was like WELL WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND ANYWAY!!!  But that doesn't work because sure fine they're free to go to Disneyland if its open no one is gonna stop them.  It's more like White House invites Superbowl Winner Team to White House and then the losing team is like WELL WE'RE GONNA GO TO THE WHITE HOUSE TOO!  ON THE PUBLICLY OPEN TOUR.  BUT IT STILL COUNTS AND CONFIRMS THAT WE WON, AND BY TAKING THE TOUR IT'S EVEN MORE PROOF WE WON THE GAME.  Hmm Trump may Host Alternative Electors at the White House.  Because we life in A Farce.  I'll be back in a little bit.



Titles Can Be Okay

   We got rid of Al Fredo Sauce cause no one liked it.  Whatta jip!  I still have Hot Sauce.  And Exta Hot Sauce.  Possibly a BBQ Sauce.  Plausible I have a Steak Sauce.  I MAY still have McDonalds Sauces That are 3 years old I LIKE those odds.  Hot sauce and Extra Hot sauce are same brand.  Different levels of Hot, though!  Anyway so far Electorate Collegial is following through with State Popular Vote TO A T.  Which is a phrase for some reason?  What does, "T," stand for.  Beter LTURQ.  HMM GOOD STUFF--  Google says it derives from to a Tittle, which is a word for the dot in the letter, "I."  So its to the TINIEST DOT, THE MOST MINUTE DETAIL.  Also YES I knew what a, "Tittle," was beforehand it's a plot point in a CROSS OVER between OZ: THE HBO SHOW and THE SOPRANOS: THE HBO SHOW.  Robert Iler PLAYS HIMSELF ON A GAME SHOW and one question is What Is A Tittle.  Anyway I don't need to tell you about Robert Iler appearing on OZ: The HBO Show.  You guys get it!
     What else.  I saw FAUCI was talkin some shit (Some GOOD Shit) to MSNBC: The Cable News Network about how EVERYONE CAN GET A VACCINE by Late March/Early April.  I DON'T BELIEVE IT THAT'S VERY SOON.  Really, I DON'T Believe It!  Sounds like a scam to me.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  LATE MARCH/EARLY APRIL?  WWhy that's in only.... one... twoo THREE OR FOUR MONTHS.  Crunched the numbers and everything.  It's too good to be true so it probably isn't true!  That's what I've been led to believe.  Anyway if Republicans are looking for an example in how to Dump Trump maybe they should look at all those Republican Judges who over and over have Dumped Trump.  That's MY hot take!  Extra Hot Take.  Some brand of Takes but one is more Extra than the other one.  Extra: The Gum.  Doublemint.  What's wrong with only a single mint.  Not minty enough?  But why stop there.  What about a Triple Mint.  Where am I.  What's going on.
Great!  Good News &/Or Bad News-- gotta bonus slice of Meatloaf.  For some reason we got SEVEN slices per a loaf instead of SIX.  So there was a bonus one.  But the good news is Meat Loaf is delicious very possibly the MVP of MEals week in, week out.  Bad news is I HAVE TOO MUCH FRESHISH FOOD TO GET THROUGH.  Anyway, yes, I'm wondering too if I got the same amount of Loaf and they just cut it differently.  To be honest that's my first (and probably correct) instinct but ON THE OTHER HAND by the SIGHT TEST the slices looked pretty normal.  Of course I may not be able to detect such a fractional difference.  The good news is what else is going on.  AlAlso the box of Penne I made ALSO seemed to be more than normal.  That's pretty obviously The True Case this box they just stuffed in a bunch more dry pasta SOMEHOW (Dunno HOW!) and for SOME REASON (Accident?).  ANyway hey get to write 2 more paragraphs then take a break!
     Wonderful.  Chili is ok but it's too LOOSE.  I want a chili that you can OBVIOUSLY eat with a fork as opposed to a chili where it's like MAYBE I SHOULD BE EATING THIS WITH A SPOON???  Oh well such is life.  I used to go to public-school-summer-camp with a kid who went by Spoon.  Then in college there was a single album by the band Spoon that I listened to for a few months.  And Ialways kinda thought these two must be related in SOME way.  I'm not saying they're the same person.  I'm not saying that either one knew of the other one's existence.  But there's just some thematical element that carries over from Kid I Vaguely Knew to Band I Vaguely Knew! ALSO The Utensil.  Also YES, "Thematical," isn't a word but Also YES OF COURSE IT SHOULD BE.  I even bet if I google it They'd be like Yeah Microsoft FrontPage was wrong, 'Thematical,' is definitely a word.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE they don't have Themetical as a word either.  Looks like I'm The New Shakespeare let's go.
Anyway what else is going on.  My favorite Biden Victories In General Election are when he talks afterward.  That'll happen tonight.  Presumably.  Also I'm not 100% on board with Trump Team getting Vaccines but I do definitely think Biden Team SHOULD.  For many reasons some of them good some of them bad.  But a solid MAJORITY of the reasons are GOOD no Foolin'!   Anyway what else is going on and crap.  When I was gettin' rid of MY old amplifier I threw out my brother's amplifier that I had been using because Neither One worked anymore.  But now I dread the day my brother shows up and is like WHERE'S MY AMPLIFIER IT WAS HERE WHEN I LEFT IT ALSO PRESUMABLY WORKED BACK THEN PRESUMABLY SOMEONE'S GONNA HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THIS.  Yep that sounds like my Brother.  I'll share my Guitar Amplification System with him sure that should be a nice compromise.  This GAS is better than his Gas.  So all in all A STEP UP FOR BOTH OF US.  I'll be back in a bit.





I Shall Finish Entry

   The point is I'm not really hungry yet so I'll eat lunch after entry.  Which is good because its a sloppy sorta lunch and I don't need to get That Slop over my computer.  Sometimes it's discouraging to see Faux Electors like In Georgia but then sometimes it's funny that They Live In Imagination Land.  I mean, I like in imagination land-- but a more ACCURATE imagination land.  And I don't try to force my Imagination Land on other people!  Maybe I Should!  I could garner many electoral votes and who knows maybe one day I can be Imagination Secretary of Treasury!  I dunno what's going on with that.  Got us through a paragraph, though!  Well, almonst.  Paragraph ain't over yet!  So much more to be said!  Wait no there isn't.  Jeez one of the worst paragraphs in the history of literature.
That sort of thing.  Back into some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor the last day or two.  Gotta figure out another thing, though.  I would watch those HBO Summer Heights High Series BUT THEY AREN'T AVAILABLE.  Whatta scam THEY BROUGHT ME TO LAUGHTER.  If YOU could be a faithless elector, what state's results would YOU want to undermine.  I dunno that's an interesting question.  Off the top of my head FLORIDA?  Either way.  Republican --> Democrat or Miami Vice Versa. I ORIGINALLY SAID GEORGIA BUT CHANGED IT TO FLORIDA CAN YOU CRACK THE CODE ON WHY I DID THIS???  I think running Team Senator Races is GREAT because it's both FUN and I think in essence is better for Democrats.  Because Democrats are UNION people and Good For ALL The People and We're ALL IN THIS TOGETHER People.  Goes well with Democratic Ethos is all I'm saying.  Also IT'S FUN ITS LIKE THE TAG TEAM MATCH DURING WRESTLEMANIA A NICE CHANGE OF PACE.
Wow!  Sounds good.  Also if you have Wrestle Mania you may want to see some sort of Doctor.  You know like Jill Biden?  I'm old enough to recognize that WSJ piece about Jill Biden not being a Doctor was written entirely for the backlash.  It makes no sense otherwise.  So we got that going for us.  MAN OH MAN we're gonna see some J.B. tonight.  And I don't mean Jack Black of Tenacious D I mean JOE BIDEN of Tenacious DeeMocracy!  JBJR is the MGMT band spin off that's exclusively about Joe Biden.  Yep that seems to check out.  I wonder what Biden's FIRST thing to do is after Inauguration Day.  I bet its good!  I ran for Class President in seventh grade.  I still remember when they announced the winner over the loudspeaker and it wasn't me.  Naturally I went to the principal's office and was like nope you're wrong I won.  I can see how you could make that mix up but I Am In Fact The Winner.  And HALF THE CLASS WAS BEHIND ME.  Ok maybe not half the class.  Probably NO ONE.  I dunno maybe I can see 1/20th of the grade supporting me in my insurgency efforts.  But JUST FOR LAFFS.  Which was my campaign promise anyway!
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  That's gotta be an element that media hasn't reported on.  People who are just getting a kick out of our Democratic Government being tested.  Everything being thrown into chaos.  Makes 'em laugh!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Anyway NOT ONE Faithless Elector yet.  We need AT LEAST TWO to have a Cinimax Lite Porn.  I guess we can have a single Faithless Elector but whose he being faithless to/whose he being faithless with?  Doesn't add up!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Probably More Stuff, that'd be my guess.  Hey this entry is almost over.  I don't believe it!  Probably #2 or 3 of my favorite Biden Wins days.  Probably #3.  #1 and 2 were Day I Talked About Yesterday after Media called it for Biden and he gave an acceptance speech, and then the other one will be Inauguration Day.  This today is a solid #3 I think.
     Well, that's great, what else.  Maybe today can make the top 2 if Biden gives a RIVETING speech tonight.  It's still in play I'm not gonna call it completely!  Anyway man at this point with when I'm having lunch maybe dinner AFTER BIDEN TALK.  Maybe DURING BIDEN TALK.  I'd be all like finishing Penne and Meat'd Balls with SUPER SOON TO BE PRESIDENT JBJR.  I call him JibberJabber for short!  That's not short.  Just the initials JBJR is short.  Spelling it out Jibber Jabber is just as long as just saying Joe Biden-- even a little bit longer!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  What if I put in the, "R."  Then it's nothing.  That sounds about right.  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow.  Later!

-2:45 P.M.





Sunday, December 13, 2020

Website Goes On

   Hey, my birthday is over!  I guess I can go back to Not Celebrating Myself.  That doesn't sound right.  Celebrating Myself is what I spend most of my time on.  Oh well there's always next year.  HEY do we know how long COVID VACCINE lasts?  My impression is NO I RESEARCHED IT.  I don't know WHY I asked a question I know the answer to (as much of an answer as we have!) it seems kind of unnecessary and dumb.  But the point is I THINK they started Trials in July and them people are still doing okay so MAYBE AT LEAST 5 MONTHS I CAN, "DIG," THAT.  Also HERD IMMUNITY.  Everyone doesn't have Coronavirus for 5 months GUESS WHAT HERD IMMUNITY!!!  Yep that seems to check out.
some PENNE for dinner tonight Bleeding Over into tomorrow lunch.  I WANTED to combine it with my Chili (Don't know when else I'll want the chili!) but my Mom was like NOPE MEATBALLS I WANT MEATBALLS AND IF I'M HAVING MEATBALLS I AIN'T DOING IT ALONE.  Which I guess is ok I Like Meatballs.  All in all I'd RATHER have meat balls but I jhust wanna knock some Chili out of the park in terms of I Don't Have To Eat It Anymore.  Penne is what they call One Cent Pieces in France.  What else.  What's the LOWEST unit of money in EURO.  YEP They got One Cent Pieces.  50 Cent MAY in fact be half a Euro if you get my drift!  That sounds like a way to knock someone down a peg or two.  I don't get the premise that 50 Cent being shot many times is good.  I like rappers that DON'T get shot.  It's funny because I think he supports Trump.  So I hoisted him on his own petard.  Which is a phrase!  Turns out from Shakespeare I learn't from Google!  Which I assume 50 Cent would appreciate because they both write Mad Rhymes.
     Anyway what else is going on and crap.  First Big Black European/American Writer.  I mean first Big Black Writer in a coming from a Majority WHITE place.  PHYLLIS WHEATLEY?  Didn't see THAT one coming.  I WAS SURE SHE WAS LATINX.  It's funny because I Am Celebrating My Own Ignorance of Black History.  Yep that seems to check out.  Anyway thinkin about havin' 2 salmon filets with YELLOW RICE for lunch.  Get some of that out o the way.  Then only one salmon filet left which pairs well with Why It's Only Cup O Noodles: The Brand That Isn't Called Cup O Noodles.  Tomorrow is gonna be a nice day for Biden to Win Election Again.  Definitely in the top half dozen of Days where Biden Is Confirmed As Sure, Absolute Winner.  Probably even #2 or #3 of those days.  What fun!  I think my favorite day where Biden wins was when he gave that nighttime speech a day or two after Pennsylvania was called-- possibly even on the same day.  That's MY favorite Biden Wins Day what's yours?
     I dunno.  Crap and crap.  I think if I wasn't having Penne tonight I'd be able to talk myself into just having 1 Salmon Filet and pair with Noodles.  But the way things stand there's Extra Incentive to do the right thing!  I think it's possible I have some sort of Phone Call Appointment this upcoming week.  Even MORE possible I don't!  I've narrowed it down to those two things.  You knwo what's a nice buttery snack?  RITZ.  No one talks about Ritz, they don't do a good job of Putting Themselves Out There but it's a nice buttery cracker!  I think Ritz is really getting the short end of the stick.  Which is an expression one can only assume was coined by William Shakespeare.  Man when William Shakespeare was President (by which I mean Around but I typed President by accident FREUD SLIPPING) a EuroOneCentCoin must have been worth a FORTUNE.  How did William Shakespeare make money from Plays.  I assume it was a The Producers type scenario.  Where he was like I'M LITERALLY JUST MAKING UP WORDS AND PEOPLE LOVE IT WHAT THE HELL?!?!?  That sort of thing.
     Anyway, I dunno.  Gettin' back into #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  A week or so away and IT'S ALL FRESH AGAIN I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS STUFF.  What else is going on and crap.  If you take anything away from this website over the past few months I hope it's 2) Watch ALL of #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor and 1) Listen to #WillSmithWildWildWestAmusementRap.  Over and over again!  However many times you feel like!  That sort of thing, right?  Also yes it's so dumb that we can revel in its idiocy but ya know what the rap rhymes are ON POINT, he's rappin' em well, and it's catchy and fun.  And clearly I want to listen to it over and over.  Basically everything they wanted out of THE MOVIE IT'S BASED ON but only limited to The Song it turns out.  Hmm if I'm making Penne COMMUNALLY gotta aim to eat around 6:45 or so.  Which influences When I Should Have My Lunch.  Maybe with Part III of Entry It Works out pretty well with that.  I'll be back in a bit!





Sick of Titles

   Yes I am.  Titles haven't been good in AT LEAST a month or two.  I was in a roll with titles for a while but let's fact facts No Bueno Lately.  I used to think Chelsea Handler was ACTUALLY named Chelsea Lately.  So that's something to take into account.  What else is going on.  I had a dream I had poker money on NOT ONE but TWO Poker Sites.  Also I CALLED a 100$ RAISE PREFLOP with JJ and the flop was JQA and I bet and the other guy folded.  100$ IN THE BANK IT'S ABOUT TIME.  Sure I'll put the $ after the number and not before the number it's called MIXING THINGS UP.  Anyway I don't wanna get you TOO excited but tomorrow is NEW MOON DAY.  HAPPENING ON A MONDAY TOO.  NEW MOON MOONDAY.  Or NEW MON MONDAY.  Make a decision and live with it!    Great just need to write one more transitional sentence and that'll be enough to finish this paragraph.
A+ WRITER.  Apparently the first day of Winter will be December 21.  That would have been my first guess I SWEAR IT.  So anyway, what else is going on.  It even says, "First Quarter," above, "First Day Of Winter."  Apparently this calendar is specifically for Business Types that think about Quarters Of The Years.  Also 50 Cent is worth about Two Quarters.  Winter and Spring presumably would be the way to go at this specific moment in time.  I dunno how it works but 50 Cent always reminded me of Two Face-- The Batman Villain Who Decides Things Based on Flipping a Coin.  And it's not just that he's the amount a coin could be (50 cent piece-- Rare but plausible!) but that 50 Cent is a Two Face type thing.  It's like Is the dollar half full or half empty.  I may not be getting my point across.  I may not have a point.  But the closest thing I have to a point is is the dollar half full or half empty.
What else is going on and crap.  Sure I've seen Get Rich Or Die Trying.  He got Rich.  That's good for him.  The two options he gave himself, he really got The Dollar is HALF FULL kind of outcome.  Anyway where was I.  About halfway through Act II.  I LIKE those odds.  JIMMY DORE IS IN THE NEWS ON TWITTER?  AND TODD GLASS ISN'T?!?!?  That hardly seems fair!  That's something Two People will understand.  Jimmy Dore and Todd Glass.  I don't even understand it and I SAID IT.  Some POLITICAL CONVERSATION with AOC which I like!  HEALTHY DEBATE IS GOOD.  Presumably.  Healthy Debate is GOOD but unhealthy debate JUST TASTES BETTER.  I saw the McRib is back.  I know it's a nice cultural touchstone where people are like MAN THE MCRIB THAT'S SOMETHING EVERYONE ENJOYS AS A STEREOTYPE... Have These People Ever Eaten The SUBWAY SANDWICH FRANCHISE VERSION OF A RIB SANDWICH?  They ALSO don't have it all the time, only as a special occasion, and it's also (More?) WONDERFUL.  The point is it's a, "Deep Cut," Sandwich, and if they ever bring it back You Go For It!
     Anyway.  SUBWAY SANDWICH IS ONLY ~4 or 5 MONTHS AWAY.  THat's my first thing.  AH NICHE HEALTHY SUBSTANTIAL HEARTY SANDWICH.  WHICH SUBWAY SANDWICH?  Probably either Oven Roasted Chicken OR the Subway Club THat's The Healthyish Version Of The Subway Club.  Lots of good options!  TWO!  More good options than SOME people have.  If you have just 1 option is that still called an, "Option?"  I think so!  Hey Lunch'll be in 30-45 minutes from Me Just Typing That.  I LIKE those odds.  What if I get some sort of Indulgant Subway Sandwich.  I guess it's a third possibility and would be DELICIOUS but I just don't see it panning out that way, just being honest!  The point is I literally just have 1 or 2 Bath/Showers left to finish my current bottle of shampoo.  I've been looking forward to starting a new bottle for A LONG TIME but this one just keeps on having more to be Sqooze out!  Really on its last legs though now.  I can just FEEL IT.
     What else is going on.  I don't think Subway Rib Sandwich is a, "Deep Cut."  Maybe a, "Next Steps," from the McRib.  Then the deep cut is, I dunno... I'd LOVE to find out, though!  Got enough beer for today and tomorrow is the point.  Comfortably!  It's all good is the point.  JIMMY DORE WAS a comedian but now is primarily a Political Commentator.  He hosted a podcast with COMEDIAN STILL Todd Glass.  ARE THE PIECES STARTING TO ADD UP YET???  Maybe Jimmy Dore still does comedy, I dunno!  And Todd Glass presumably still has political views.  Those would be my two Hot Takes.  Anyway I dunno, time to stop with Act II.  Lunch with Act III!  I'll see ya in a bit.





It Means Nothing

   Anway the Debate among Jimmy Dore and Non-Jimmy Dores (and presumably some non-Jimmy Dore's agreeing with Jimmy Dore!) is about AOC holding off from supporting Pelosi as Speaker unless the condition of a Medicare For All vote is called.  As far as I can tell.  I dunno where I stand because I Don't Even Wanna Bother Thinking About Where TO Stand I'd Just End Up Thinking The Wrong Thing Anyway.  Some people agree with Jimmy Dore (especially Jimmy Dore), some people agree that they AOC should withold support for some other kind of deal, and some people just.. I dunno... a third option!  Presumably the best option Pro- Pelosi!  AAs far as I can tell.  Anyway the OTHER point is I'm enojoying lunch Greatly.  We're talkin I'm ENJOYING the Spanish Rice and I'm ENJOYING the salmon.
     I dunno.  Off the top of my head a vote for M4A is GREAT.  Off the top of my head There's OTHER Great things to be done to ask for if cutting a deal.  Off the top of my head Maybe AOC knows what she's doing politically and we just don't see the behind the scnes stuff.  I DEMAND TO NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR FORMING MY OWN OPINION ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  The point is Yes I have to watch the second half of SNL (It's in my contract to watch All of SNLS!) and Yes I will watch more #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor.  I dunno.  Maybe BoardwalkEmpire Next?  I watched roughly 3 seasons or so of it about a year ago and never completed it.  Figure I'd have to start back at Zero if I wanna do that next.  Jimmy Dore can come off hostile and angry but I dunno maybe he represents the hostile and angry person In All Of Us.  Maybe not!  I'm not here to comment on anything one way or another.  Also this is based on TWITTER.  Ever hear of it??? It's How To Live Your Life And Judge Other People.
     Penpenultimate paragraph.  I can, "Dig," "Digging," into chili as a meal.  Won't even have to be two meals!  Eat 2/3rds the chili and rice as one meal... figure out somethin' to do with the last 3rd.  Maybe pair with Stewed Chicken I Have To Eat and also add some rice.  Maybe lots of things.  The bad thing about trusting politicians to do the right thing is that politicians are wrong ALL THE TIME.  But I have no opinion!  Activists are probably wrong a lot of the time, too!  It's a real Not Really A Conundrum Just Don't Express An Opinion Either Way THat's MY Solution.  Anyway listened to A SINGLE SONG from CHarlie Pride and I was all like hey no foolin I can see myself listening to MORE of this.  NO foolin!  Why would I be foolin is the point I'm trying to make.
Gotta imagine Charlie Pride faced some barriers because of his race.  That's why my documentary of him is called Charlie Pride & Prejudice.  You know that sort of thing.  I guess.  TOOK OUT MEATBALLS TO DEFROST.  We're talkin' removed 5 Meatballs from Freezer and placed them on counter (WHILE STILL BEING IN A PLASTIC BAG).  We're talkin WE STILL HAVE LIKE 20 MEATBALLS LEFT IN FREEZER FOR SOME REASON NO ONE IS REALLY SURE OF.  Anyway that salmon and rice really caught up with me, I'm totally FULL.  Not even not that hungry anymore.  Not even definitely not hungry anymore.  But all in all FULL.  Wonderful, that's great.  What paragraph is this?  Fourth of Five of Act III?  I LIKE those odds.  Anyway what kinda way can I celebr... CRAP I CAN'T CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY ANYMORE IT'S OVER.  And JUST when I was getting to accept the idea of It's My Birthday.  Suddenly IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY?  Here's an idea We All Have Birth WEEKS.  I feel like EVERYONE could get A LOT out of that.  How about EVERYONE has Birth MONTHS and they believe in ASTROLOGY for some reason no one is really sure of.
Last paragraph!  Why can't we do Deep Cut Astrology and it's divided into 52 weeks.  There's no reason NOT to.  I think we'd all get a kick out of that is the point I'm trying to make.  What about Deep Deep Cut--  It really is just By Birthday.  THAT'S RIDICULOUS ASTROLOGY CAN'T BE DAY BY DAY WHAT KIND OF IDIOT ARE YOU.  ... WEEK BY WEEK AT MOST.  THAT'S JUST SCIENCE.  Anyway.  Almost done with entry.  Hey it's Gotta Still Be Chanukah, right?  Wonderful.  WHERE THE HELL ARE MY CHOCOLATE COINS.  It doesn't seem right to not have guild.  Better LTURQ see what its really called.  GELT.  I was very close is the point I'm trying to make.  Yes Jews should have lots of guilt out of enjoying money.  I've made that pun many times in the past and it still rings true!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:37 P.M.





Saturday, December 12, 2020

I Have Lots Of Entry To Write

   Ya know roughly 15 paragraphs.  MUCH MORE THAN THAT SENTENCES.  SO MANY WORDS.  EVEN MOER CHARACTERS.  SPACES BETWEEN WORDS.  Space is a character.  Or maybe not.  I'd LTURQ but I'm not confident I'd find an answer.  Oh well let's LTURQ.  YEP Space is a character I KNEW IT.  It was the star of Space Jam.  Anyway my dad was on phone with bank and I happened to overhear they asked him last 4 digits of social security number and then I was like hmm what's MINE LAST FOUR DIGITS.  (I Will Not Elaborate WHAT THEY ARE).  But I WILL say my first thought was better Google that.  Then my second though was, MANY MINUTES LATER, WHILE WRITING THIS RIGHT HERE, oh yeah I know what it is.  No spoilers!
About 2/3rds chance I know what it is.  FEELS right.  HEY I'm The Birthday Boy!  Got a letter in the mail-- a few days ago-- but Just READY for Handling this morning-- celebrating my birthday and giving me a gift for my birthday dowry.  We're talkin NICE GIFT Thank You!  I won't say whose gift it was.  No spoilers!  I finished that Frozen Pizza on Birthday Eve last night.  Birthday lunch looks like Bagel and Eggg.  Birthday dinner still Up In The Air!  I saw speculation that one day soon Trump is just gonna go to Margo Largo (Which he named as a tribute to Large Marge from Pee Wee Herman) and never come back.  Not good enough for me!  I want him to EVEN FURTHER away.  Still too close for comfort!  Let him live out the rest of his years in exile in either that island they sent Napoleon OR the Lord of The Flies Island.  Hmm what character would Trump be in Lord Of The Flies.  Oh this is easy THE WILD BOAR.  What character would I be.  Oh this is easy A SPACE.
Wonderful!  Don't get Lord of The Flies being regularly taught ~5th grade as per my understanding.  What's the rationale for universally having kids read this.  Teacher is like NOW DON'T YOU GO GETTING ANY IDEAS!!!!  I guess that's why it's a well written book.  Makes you identify with the good guys and not the bad guys.  Otherwise kid's would be jerks!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Also I read Lord of the flies in FOURTH GRADE I AM VERY ADVANCED.  You know that sort of thing.  Who decided that Pet Cemeteries should be on Streaming Services but similarly popular horror movies from that era aren't.  Sounds like a scam to me!  I originally may have held Pet Cemetery in the same regard as the RETURN FROM LIVING DEADS or THE GATES but I'm BOMBARDED with Pet Cemeteries Over and Over that it's less exciting to watch it. I  still AM watching it.  Watched the first one last night and started the second one today.  They're GOOD movies that's the point I'm trying to make.
     What else is going on.  Also what a blooper I can't believe Stephen King doesn't know how to spell Cemetery AND nobody even corrected him?  Seems like that should have been THE FIRST THING his editor noticed about the book!  Also, Cujo.  I don't know any dogs named Cujo!  Sounds like a scam to me.  How the hell do you write a captivating book about a dog.  Is the text like OH NO THERE's A DOG AND WE'RE TRAPPED IN A CAR.  WHAT TO DO.  IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN THE CAR, TURN TO PAGE 64.  IF YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE CAR, TURN TO PAGE 128!  You know that sort of thing.  I dunno about you guys but I wanna STAY in the car.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Is it a real thing they're trying to do away with movie theaters.  I don't get it!  Don't movies make money from movie theaters?  Seems like they would.  Sounds like a SCAM to me.
     Wonderful.  Sure I'll watch THE GATE II I haven't seen it even ONCE since childhood probably pretty good though!  Yeah pretty sure this number I'm thinking of is my last four social security numbers.  Good number!  A little CLUNKY but I'm Used To It!  I don't know WHY or HOW but #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor episode with Steven Buscemi became possibly my favorite.  Defnitely in TOP TEN.  Not very likely in Top 5.  More likely it'd be my favorite than in the top 5.  Any number in the top 5.  INCLUDING NUMBER ONE.  Ya see what I'm sayin' I'm making a Silly-Em-Up get on board.  Also I don't identify with ANYONE in Lord of the Flies.  I mean I guess Piggy BUT I DON'T WEAR GLASSES.  Well, I guess I do now.  But I didn't wear glasses in elementary school!  So I never had THE OPPORTUNITY in the MOMENT to identify with Piggy.  Anyway hey I'll be back in a little bit!




Nothing But Laffs

   I'm a Space Man.  That's the point I'm trying to get across basically.  Anyway another Act of Entry to write, and then TIME TO EAT AND MAKE LUNCH.  YES in that order.  Nope.  I kinda like cooking eggs and bagel because it's QUICK it's EASY and it's PRODUCTIVE.  Anyway I didn't do nothin' during recent Act Break but for next Act Break thinking about CONTINUING some Pet Cemetery II: I Correct The Title For Them.  ANYWAY how them CHUMPS doing in Georgia (Republicans).  I hope Worse than the PLAYAS (Democrats).  Sounds about right.  Playa means POOL in Spanish.  Hmm.  I BETTER LTURQ.  BEACH!  I was closer than I thought I would be.  The point is Donde Esta La Biblioteca?  No bueno que viva en la playa.  Libraries shouldn't live on the beach that's all I'm truing to say.  Real question-- will a complete list of Donald Trump's Tweets be the main attraction in a Trump Library?
     Trump probably has no regards for Libraries but being able to put his name on a Brand NEw Kinda Building I'm sure he's on board with.  There's BEACHES in Georgia.  Presumably.  It's on the EDGE of ATLANTIC OCEAN.  Better LTURQ.  YEP OF COURSE THEY ARE.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Whose gonna win the Beach Vote in Georgia lets talk about it.  I dunno I better get back on track this, "Riff," is going nowhere.  I might have been to a beach ONCE in my life (probably 2 or 3 times) and all I can remember is THIS ISN'T PLEASANT AT ALL.  Sand is TOO HOT to walk on and feels WEIRD anyway.  Tide keeps coming in the closer you are to the water and that's a huge hassle.  I Don't Get It!  HEY LOOK AT OCEAN.  HOW ABOUT THAT.  That's the only thing I can imagine people like about it and I DON'T GET IT.
     What else is going on and crap.  10 times out of 20 I'd go to a Library over a beach.  I meant to say 10 times out of 10.  But 10 times out of 20 Sounds Funnier!  Anyway check out whose 32 these days (This Day).  Anything less Nope Not 32 Yet.  Anything more and Well I'm 32 AND SOME FRACTION.  Today's the day I'm 32!  Sounds fun.  There's an episode of The Simpsons where there's ONE SCENE specifically outside a Library and MANY SCENES at the beach.  I feel like this is important to bring up here in case you're thinking about it and wondering if I thought about it too.  I did!  Ain't that wonderful.  Gonna have Worse Bagel for lunch today.  Better in calories WORSE in taste but HEY I CAN STILL, "Dig," that!
  Andrew Cuomo for Attory General?  That's so bad I'd rather have THE GENERAL CAR INSURANCE as Attorney General.  And I'd rather have a PROGRESSIVE CAR INSURANCE as SECRETARY OF LABOR.  All State Car Insurance, well, duh, Secretary of State.  The point is America is a car and we need insurance salesman conglomerates in charge.  Yep that seems to check out about 100% not in terms of RIGHT/Should Be That Way but in terms of Right/Accurate!  Anyway I dunno.  Lord of the flies.  WHERE ARE THE FLIES IN THIS STORY.  There must be SOME flies.  But I remember thinking even way back when WTF WHERE THE FLIES, and also when thinking that it was accompanied by I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE WONDERING ABOUT THESE FLIES MAYBE THERE ARE FLIES I JUST NEVER REALLY REGISTERED THE FLIES.
What else is going on and crap.  20 Years ago TODAY Supreme Court ruled on Gore V Bush.  Or Bush V Gore.  Or V Gore Bush.  Or Gore 5 Bush.  Anyway the point is hopefully yesterday Supreme Court Not Even Wanting To Hear The Case is the blow in the camel's back and almost 20 years exactly to the last contested election which was contested on REAL grounds but hey what can ya d.  Blow in the camel's back.  Can't wait to see what REAL phrase I'm perverting with that.  Straw That Broke The Camel's Back.  Well, I have some thoughts on this-- 1) WHAT BACK?  Camels have multiple backs.  2) Must be A LOT of Straw already on Camel's back that this one extra straw can break the back.  3) WHAT BACK MULTIPLE HUMPS HENCE MULTIPLE BACKS.  Be back in a little bit.




Here Comes More

   I GOT EGG AND BAGEL GOING ON.  We're talkin' I Made Indulgant Bagel by accident!  Wasn't thinking and just grabbed the first bagel I could see!  Anyway I Sand &/or Pepper Eggs FIVE OR SIX TIMES.  Every step of the way while cooking them.  A last time after plating them.  I can't get enough of this Salt &/or Pepper stuff!  I think I was originally turned off from making eggs because the few times I made them soon after Quarentine Started I added Hot Sauce to the mixture.  I was like well I'm cookin I'ma BE A REAL COOK ADD SOME SPECIAL SAUCE.  And it made it taste worse.  NO MORE EGGS I GUESS!  CRACKED THAT CODE.  Like eggs.  It's a pun!  Anyway I saw Joe Biden fractured a bone in his foot but now they're saying He's Completely HEELED.  YEEHAHAHAH.  ALso they really are saying that I wouldn't lie to you.
Wonderful.  This may be my last indulgant bagel in TWO OR MORE WEEKS better make the most of it.  Anyway we have 4 Flame Things above stove, ya know, stove top whatever heat.  I put mine on the FRONT RIGHT side.  Because I'm a LEFTY so I can LEAN INTO IT.  But then my parents notified me recently heat gets hotter quicker on that flame.  Which was a SURPRISE to me that it was any different but you know what I'M ON BOARD with just using the hotter, quicker heat.  Get where you're going on half the time.  Anyway looks like MEAT'D LOAF FOR DINNER.  It's my birthday I WILL CELEBRATE WITH A NICE 2 SLICES FROM A LOAF OF MEAT.  PLUS SOME POTATO (Crescent Potato not Halve Spheres).  ONE OR TWO DINNER ROLLS to make SANDWICH with MEATLOAF.  The point is I assume they're making a Reboot of Pet Semetary II but maybe not?  They were PLANNING on it but this CoronaVirus Quarantine threw everything out of whack.
     Anyway today's bagel was NOT cut evenly.  One side SIGNIFICANTLY thicker than the other.  Like TWO TIMES as thick.  And ya know what I ENJOYED IT.  I had the smaller half first, like an appetizer, and the larger half afterwards, like a main course.  Anyway got some CHILI this time around from Super Market Delivery and strongly considered having it last night WITH EGGS.  But cooler heads prevailed!  I got 2 things of rice (WHITE &/OR SPANISH YELLOW) so if I'm not having rice with CHILI WHEN THE HELL WILL I BE HAVING RICE?  SUSAN RICE?  FOR I WANNA SAY WHAT WAS IT... SECRETARY OF HUD?  NOPE, "Domestic Policy Counsel."  Sounds imporatnt.  They will counsel with people (Biden?) re: Domestic Policy.  Hey just finished lunch (Not Really have a couple of scraps of egg left) and I only have 2 more paragraphs to go.  Whatta Happy Birthday!  The point is if yuo said I either had to have Egg with EVERY SINGLE MEAL I HAVE SOMEHOW or NO EGGS AT ALL I think the answer is fairly obvious.  EGGS.  It's HEALTHY for you Because Of CHOLESTEROL.
Wonderful.  Finish up some PET SEMETERAY II:  STILL HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT SPELLING when entry is over.  Down to the last THIRD or so of the movie.  Hey A THIRD of Republican Congressmen were AGAINST A COUP.  I think if we IMMEDIATELY knew how to pronounce, "Coup," and not have to think about it for a third of a second we'd be MORE SERIOUS ABOUT HOW TO DEAL WITH IT AS A CONCEPT.  That's my Hot Take.  Anyway Thirty Two, huh.  32.  I Can, "Dig," that.  Over theOver the last year or so I've gone from I DON'T WANNA BE AN ADULT AT ALL to FINALLY I'M AN ADULT NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME.  IT'S PROVEN IN NUMBERS AND MATH AND CALCULATIONS.  YOU KNOW GEOMETRY???  I asked my Dad what his favorite division of Math was.  He was like off the top of my head calculus.  And I was like ah so the more advanced the math, the more you like it (And/or like to teach it) and he was like NOPE, just like calculus.  FASCINATING.
Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  Yesterday.  Pet Cemetery Seemed So Far Away.  I was inspired by misspelling, "Cemetery," even more than I meant to in last paragraph.  And it reminded me of the REAL word Yesterday.  Which is a song written by I Wanna say Paul McCartney???  Better LTURQ.  YEP nailed it.  And I only had to have that piece of trivia drilled into my brain by ONE Popular Movie From Last Year.  The pint is I dunno maybe I should be having three slices of meatloaf at a time.  Probably Not but I dunno maybe as a Birthday Treat.  What else is going on.  I dunno.  I'll see you guys tomorrow or something.

-1:33 P.M.





Friday, December 11, 2020

I LIKE Those Odds

   I don't like getting conflicting solicitations for campaign donations.  One letter saying THERE'S NO CHANCE IN GEROGIA YOU BETTER DONATE QUICK ITS ALMOST OVER.  And then the enxt letter saying, MAYBE FROM THE SAME SOURCE, WE'RE ON THE VERGE OF WINNING IN GEORGIA JUST DONATE TO GET US OVER THE TOP.  Again, I appreciate that they did Calculations in Geometry and Arithmatic that this will net them the most money, short term.  But long term, it's just hurting your brand.  Oh.  You will say anything to get donations.  That's not an appealing message overall.  I'm still on board with Democrats, though!  They're the greatest political party we have out of the two major parties BY FAR.  Not even close!
The point is I haven't Donated Down To Georgia yet and I still may and I still may not!  Depends on the quality of Solicitation E-mails I get.  You send me a nice run of 3 or 4 GOOD letters, I'll think about it!  Maybe only one REALLY REALLY GOOD letter might do the trick.  The ball is in your courts now!  Lucille Ball.  Before the Supreme Court.  That sort of thing.  if Supreme Court is anything like a Supreme Pizza Pie I LIKE it.  So that's something to consider for some reason no one is really sure of.  Anyway, been seeing some polls for Georgia Run Offs and like everyone else I'm wondering have they done any course correction from November Polls?  I haven't seen it EXPLICITLY answered and I figured someone would answer me because NOBODY KNOWS.  Someone's gotta know!  Post it to the twitter.  Have ir re-tweeted A DOZEN times!  That sort of thing.  Anyway Georgia Senate Run Offs should be slam dunks.  We're decent people who want to give you stimulus money.  The opponents are rich-as-fuck kleptomaniacs who hate democracy and are clearly only in it for themselves.  It's really a slam dunk to win and you should treat it that way.  Don't be timid or reserved.  Go for the Gold! 
     That sort of thing.  Got some beer going on.  I LIKE those odds.  Had a decadent breakfast earlier we're talking a Chocolate Cupcake.  We're talkin' the cake was chocolate.  We're talkin the icing on top was chocolate.  Thick HEARTY icing.  You can have substantial icing or some sort of whipped icing.  This is the HEARTY icing you really gotta chew into it to get to the HEART of the matter.  Figure I'll have some lunch in a little bit.  Act III most likely we're talkin' about.  Anyway finished The Sopranos finished Comedy Doc-u-serious? and I may not stick with it but I started #TheDueceFallToBleedIntoWinterPresumably.  It MAY do the trick it may NOT.  So far I think I can handle it as my next re-watching which is some just-watching I never finished it while it was new! 
     Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  Thinkin about some bagel and egg for lunch.  Had noodles and salmon for dinner last night!  Had a little bit of Stewed Chicken: The Entree I got for the first time, as a not-even-a-snack-just-a-taste-testing and it was okay!  But not for lunch today.  Just doesn't feel right!  Bagel and Egg feel right!  Have 2 thin slices of Beef Sirloin left over might as well combine that with Bagel and Egg it couldn't HURT except for my terms of CALORIES and presumably FAT content and also on the other hand it KETOSIS so there's ups and downs to every situation is the point I'm trying to make this paragraph.  I think the Deuce is named for how many characters James Franco plays.  I hardly EVER think/talk about this show but I KNOW I made that exact, "Joke," before here.  Such is life!
one more paragraph then I get to take a break.  Has Supreme Court ruled re: Democracy yet?  Like you I'm on the edge of my seat to find out!  I haven't been on the edge of my seat this much since MSNBC's LEAN FORWARD campaign!  Alright killed 2 birds with one stone!  Talked about being on the edge of my seat AND gave a nod to, "LEAN FORWARD" Campaign!  Anyway bad news on a personal front-- may turn out to be nothing-- but my Dad has problems with his blood, I don't have all the details!-- but it was suggested to him that Vaccine MAY not be effective for him.  Based on hearsay and speculation!  But thems the breaks.  Hopefully it turns out to be wrong.  Because he NEEDS Vaccine TO LIVE.  You know that sort of thing.  I'll be back in a little bit.





Jeez THIS Again

   Look the good news is I've been taking Showers MORE OFTEN than baths lately.  Baths are kind of dumb, aren't they?  I don't know what I'm basing this on.  Overly indulgent!  Nobody NEEDS a bath.  Well disabled people do.  And Sadaam Hussein NEED a Baath Party.  Also Bath Party is that possibly a thing.  We'd need specially designed baths where you can have a bath party.  Essentially a pool party but without chlorine.  Like a hot tub but just room temperature.  The point is if you've got TIME for a bath and the MONEY for a lay-and-or-sit-down bath tub-- Pretty Indulgent!  But I'll have a bath every now and then I can listen to MUSIC during bath and it's always MY MUSIC and lately I don't feel like listening to MY MUSIC outside of taking Baths Where it's THE BEST OPTION OF MUSIC I have!
     Whatever.  I can't wait to see what Supreme Court says re: Democracy.  It's gonna be either a STUNNING REBUKE of Democracy or an UNNECESSARILY SOMEWHAT UNPREDICTABLE CONFIRMATION of Democracy.  Democracy may or may not literally hang in the balance-- it depends on whether you can conceptualize Democracy as a physical thing in which it may or may not be in balance or something.  Also something hanging on the balence-- that's like hanging off a cliff or something, right?  I imagine it being on the edge of the cliff-- trying to balence-- and either it steadys off can stays on cliff or it falls of cliff and That's The End Of That.  I may be thinking of a Looney Tunes Cartoon re: Road Runner and Road Runner's Opponent I wanna say a Coyote.  WILE E COYOTE HANGS IN THE BALENCE.  There, now you know what I'm imagining.  That sums that up!  Uhh who the Hell came up with the name Wile E Coyote.  WHY DOES HE HAVE A MIDDLE INITAIL IN HIS REGULAR NAME.  Most PEOPLE aren't that self-important to have a middle initial.  This is an ANIMAL and a dumb animal at that.  Also doesn't WILE mean smart?  He's NOT SMART AT ALL HE KEEPS FALLING FOR THIS ROAD RUNNER'S ANTICS.  I get he's TRYING to be Wile in terms of entrapping Road Runner but he NEVER NOT ONCE SUCCEEDS per my understanding.
E stands for Edward, right?  That's the assumption I'm operating under.  E Edward Grey was Maggie Gyllenhaal's ( OF THE DUECE FAME ) love interest in SECRETARY!  SUre I've seen certain parts of Secretary multiple times.  Get off my back about it is the point!  I don't know if I'm 100% into Bagel and Egg as I have been for today, so maybe it's best to save it for when I WILL be 100% into it?  Or ON THE OTHER HAND I'm 80% into it and maybe that's the limit I'll get to this week, and also it's more Percent than Any Alternative I Can Think Of.  Seems to check out.  Maybe save that bit of left over SIRLOIN.  Why go crazy just egg bagel and egg it's FUN.  Which came first, the bagel or the egg.  That's a REAL conundrum!  I guess it depends on that specific bagel and/or egg.  It's not gonna be a uniform answer either way.
Both come in dozens, though!  Presumably.  Obviously eggs do, we know that.  But from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with Bagel Store, they sell 'em by the dozen as one of the standards.  Probably in Supermarkets and whatnot, too.  SO basically YES they are both Cheaper By The Dozen.  Unless it's compared to maybe buying 40 at a time.  Then they're Cheaper By The Forties.  Anyway the most indulgent way of cleaning yourself is Bathing By Shower.  Ya shower with the plug plugged in so it accumulates at the bottom.  When you reach a high enough level of water, you go lay down, while the shower is still going on.  I haven't done this in a long time but I definitely HAVE dnoe this in the past and I can't recommend it enough.  Well, sure I can.  I've recommended it roughly 3 times this paragraph, sentence by sentence, and I'd say THAT'S ENOUGH FOR NOW.  Ya know that sort of thing.
     What else is going on and crap.  I've been making thee LARGE eggs since I Started making Eggs but one day I'll have to deal with the conundrum three EXTRA LARGE eggs or just TWO Extra Large Eggs also I REALIZE that the words I'M capitalizing in this SENTENCE aren't REALLY appropriate all THINGS considered.  Wonderful!  I need to find some new news/politics twitters to follow.  The one's I've been following have GROWN STALE.  Gotta imagine there must be better accounts out there!  Anyway probably return to #TheDueceFallBleedsIntoWinter after entry is over.  I like those odds, and whatnot, etc.  Also I feel like The DUece Makers are selling themselves short.  The TWO?  Two is the LOWEST POSSIBLE NUMBER that's positive and isn't ONLY ONE OR ZERO.  You can do better than a DEUCE you just have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES.  Yep, that sort of thing.  I'll be back in a little bit.





I Appreciate My Input

   Hey!  Figured out a lunch I was enthusiastic about.  We're talkin' finishing White Castles (3) and some Chicken Nuggets (5)!  And I'm enjoying that right now is the point.  Also almost exclusively been OVENING these thigns in the recent-to-mid past but this time Microwaving and THEY'RE..  Both.. BETER!  White Castles are SUPPOSED to be Sloppy and Gross!  Nuggets are supposed to be.. not... as... ovened as... I've been doing.  The good news is I might be able to have egg and bagel for DINNER and I can look forward to that All Day!  Anyway, Mike, Self, don't count on getting White Castles again anytime soon!  They don't have them IN STOCK with normal Super Market Delivery.  We happened to get Local Super Market DElivery for some reason a few weeks ago so that's where that comes from.  Don't, "Bank," on it happening again!
     What else is going on.  Still in Week ONE of BEATING PANDEMIC: Second Day of Week One Edition.  Anyway.  Is it a thing where Rank and File republicans have pushed the line back over and over whether they were so uniformly terrible that they shuold all be voted out to the point where they were like well if its gonna happen its gonna happen lets just go WAYYYYYY PAST reasonable points.  Overthrow an election!  Already been THREATENED with existential political ramifications EITHER IT HAPPENS OR NOT LET'S GO FOR IT.  Anyway remember that TV SHOW on NBC with Trump?  It was called THE BIGGEST LOSER.  I LIKE that I've never heard that joke before and if I did I forgot it.  Ya know, that sort of thing.  I saw the person who played the villian in The FRIDAY Film Series died.  Oh you mean White People?  Gottem!  No the bully who hurts people and whatnot.  Debo.  We wish him the best of luck Re: Afterlife hopefully it all works out.  I'm so old I remember a time when Trump was a laughing stock but we weren't really sure exactly why.  Conan used to do that bit where its a still image of a celebrity and then superimposed mouth which was impersonating them.  Usually people who talked vaguely funny, but I don't think that was the MAIN criteria necessarily.  Still, big stars!  We're talkin ARNOLD.  We're talking JON LOVITZ.  We're talking DONALD TRUMP.  We're talking SHOULD HAVE HAD JON LOVITZ IF THEY DIDN'T.  Probably did have W Bush.  IT was that era!  I can DEFINITELY see them doing George W. Bush.  What does W stand for and why is George W Bush a Warner Bros cartoon in retrospect. 
     The point is are today's youth sufficiently exposed to the movie High School High?  Because if not YOU'RE MISSING OUT THAT MOVIE DEIFNED MY CHILDHOOD PRESUMABLY TO SOME EXTENT.  My birthday is tomorrow and YES I still have some sort of Frozen Pizza in the mix.  I think it's 1/4th or 1/3rd a Dijornio: Look It's Not Delivery Get Over It Already.  Remember when I said Donald Trump was the biggest loser?  Oh boy did we have some laughs.  Halfway through Act III of Entry.  Wonderful! Relatively late lunch-- not too late-- but it's all the closer to a regular timed dinner!  Probably a FIVE BEER day.  Had 4 yeterdsay. If I had 5 today it's NINE for the next 2 (THREE???) days.  So that's the point I'm trying to make overall.  I wanna bathe in alcohol and presumably immediately die of alcohol poisoning.  That's the wy I wanna go out if I had a death penalty.  Hey you did some crime the PENATLY is death.  That doesn't sound right.  Not right at all.  ANd also yes we all know Trump is a monster but WHAT KIDN OF MONSTER is like well might as well just KILL SOME PEOPLE.  AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN.  JUST KILL 'EM. 
     That sort of thing.
  Jeez.  Also there's a lot of speculation on what happens in #TheSopranosFallTo right after the final shot of Tony LOOKING UP from looking at table he's seated at in diner.  I think it's A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY for Soprano (Tony).  Someone's walking up BRISKLY with a cake towards him and then he looks up and it's all SURPRISE!  And then Surprise Birthday Party ensues (Possibly a pizza party?  Most likely not.  They're already in a diner).  You know that sort of thing and whatnot. Also SPOILER ALERT?  I'm not even telling you something that happened.  I'm specifically telling you someting that DIDN'T HAPPEN.  But the fact that there's something that didn't happen is in and of itself something that did happen.  So anyway that's something to consider!
     Last paragraph of Entry!  So far CAlendar is working out very well.  I routinely look at calendar and am like Yp that's still the day we're at.  Recalibrate a little bit later either today or tomorrow.  What else is going on.  Maybe buy some sort of PC game!  I got CIVILIZATION VI OR SO but its kind of a snooze.  Like CIVILIZATION II but not as good!  Graphics a little bit improved!  These are the days of my lives.  Get back into #THEDUECEFALLTOBLEEDINTOWINTER!!!  Not even finished with Episode I: The First Episode.  But anyway Forty Two is the Duece what does that number mean  isn't there a thing where 42 is a special number?  Better LTURQ.  OH RIGHT That Hchichikers Land To Galaxy they like that number.  See I KNEW it was somethin'!  Anyway I'll see you idiots tomorrow.

-2:31 P.M.






Thursday, December 10, 2020

Week One: The Weekening

   Weakening is a word.  Pretty close!  Anyway ok 20 weeks to get to 100 Days War on COronavirus and we get to Admit Victory after 20 weeks from now.  Which I think we should make a national holiday and I'll try to come up with some funny Holiday Name and get back to you on that.  The virus is weakening your body.  The premise of Weekening is to fight the virus!  That's MY Hot Take.  Speaking of Hot I HAVE COFFEE WITH ME.  THat I will SIP from time to time, pretty often all things considered.  I saw two side effects of Corons is Lose Teeth and Lose Sex Drive and/or Ability To Get Hardened, and/or Etc.  WHAT THE HELL YOU MESSIN WITH MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS.  CHEWING AND GETTING HARD.  GETTIN HARD IS ENOUGH FOR ME I DON'T NEED TO FOLLOW THAT UP WITH BONUS STIMULATION WHICH PAYS OFF IN THE END EVEN MORE.  Nope I get hard job well done time to move on with my life!  Also, chewin' stuff.  Can't beat chewin' stuff!
    My generic Dick Stroke has CHANGED over the years.  Just where I grab, how I rub, speed, stuff like that.  So I've Been GROWING AS A PERSON IS THE POINT.  Except for how my dick has been shrinking very slowly over time somehow.  I've been LOSING GROUND AS A PERSON IN THAT RESPECT.  HEY got Super Market Delivery this morning and All Is Well!  Getta try that Chick Parm Non-Sand for lunch in a bit!  Maybe have half of it with some bread!  And probably not make it a sandwich but just use bread as an important addition to the Lunch Team Of Food.  So anyway I got that going for me is the point.  More beer!  Will start Beer #1 any moment now!  Also my dick is same size its always been.  It just is in constant FLUX.  Sometimes you're hard, sometimes you're harder, sometimes you're standard, sometimes it's shrinkage!  There's no ONE Dick Size unless you're measuring your dick size for context in which case ITS THE SIZE WHEN IT'S THE HARDEST AND LONGEST what kind of idiot are you not putting your best foot forward.  Oh, right, beer.
     So that's lunch.  I feel comfortable with that.  Having just Chick Parm with no bread is a PRETTY reasonable meal, slightly more than I would aim for but not insane.  But I'll still probably MIX IT UP.  I can always have like 2/3rds with a piece of bread!  Match that last 1/3 with any number of things that I got from Super Market Delivery.  Anyway, only 2 episodes left of  #SopranosFallTo, and 6 episodes left of #CNNComedyDocUSerious?  So I got that going for me is the point.  Anyway what's our goal for WEEK ONE of Quarantine: End Game.  So far I've got DON'T GO OUTSIDE AT ALL for those of you where that's feasible re: job, responsibilities, ability to survive at home indefinitely and what not.  Second level-- go out side OUTSIDE ONLY with mask and gloves.  Then if you have to go in places LIMIT YOU DUMMY and still wear masks and gloves.  Pretty much doing anything else and YOU'RE BRINGING US ALL DOWN I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU.  Also write letters to people telling them not to get Coronavirus.  Or to get serious about it, at least!  Some people need that extra personal touch.
     So that's Week One.  We'll recalibrate at Week Two and see how All We Learned During Week One is going.  Twenty weeks is nothing.  I can do that standing on my head.  140 days.  Man am I great at Number Calculations.  So yeah that sounds just about right.  If I had to estimate Now Until Biden Inauguration 40 would be RIGHT ON TARGET.  Then he says 100 more days?  DUDES IT'S TWENTY WEEKS FROM NOW OK LETS AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT!  Anyway went with MILLER'S LITE beer for this Week: The Continuation Of Weeks Where I Get Beer.  It's DELICIOUS It's LOW CALORIES and IT'S BEST WHILE POUR'D INTO A GLASS.  So we got that going for us is the point.  Saw Biden is going to Georgia (To steal himself a soul???).  One's gotta imagine he'll be like what are you stupid also I'm talking to republicans just let go you lost the election what are you morons or something.  Also please don't assassinate me that's gotta be a real concern my team has.  No Bueno Georgia I shouldn't have to worry about getting killed because your leaders want to to make as much money and score as many cheap political points and deny reality... if anything LETS KILL THE--wait that's not gonna play well.  The point is GEORGIA GEORGIA I LOVE YOU GUYS IN GEORGIA OR SOMETHING.  Why aren't I a Politics Speech Writer?  I'd KEEP IT REAL.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Someone could assassinate Joe Biden and the story on Fox News would be Kamala Harris Isn't Qualified To BE President and also She Probably Isn't LEGALLY President lemme show you some graphs...  So that's the USA.  One POSSIBLE USA!  Lots of Much Better possible USAS so lets hold on hope that a Better USA than that shows up in Our Reality.  I saw NINA TURNER is running for Congress the spot that was vacated by Marcia Fudge.  Hey get a load of this SHE'S A GREAT OL' PROGRESSIVE SHE'S WORKED WITH BERNARD SANDERS THAT'S RIGHT SHE'S A LADY BERNIE BRO.  We need a nice catch slogan for Bernie Bros who are ladies.  Bernie HOES... well kinda checks out but also I don't like the implication.  But then again the implication of Bernie Bros is presumably negative, too.  I dunno I don't have all the answers.  Hey I'll be back in a little bit!




See If I care

   Wonderful!  Chick Parm with a side of Ed (short for Bread) presumably with ACT III.  I LIKE those odds.  Somewhere along the line I started using the phrase, "I LIKE those odds," specifically with capitalizing, "Like."  I think I noticed I said it one entry and the rythm of it specifically with capitalizing, "Like," sounded weird and wrong but for some reason I was like YEAH I'M GONNA KEEP DOING THAT UNTIL IT SOUNDS RIGHT!  Did HP Lovecraft ever write a NOVELLA about a country naming themselves after him?  My guess is NO but then again I know shit all about HP Lovecraft other than he presumably Loves His Craft.  ANn that he was sponsored by Hewlett Packard.  Is that a thing.  That was a computer thing in the 1990's.  Lemme LTURQ.  Yep still a thing.  Also originally not just Computers ALL SORTS of Hardware.  But the point is I empathies with people nostalgic about Blockbuster and I Agree but WHERE'S THE LOVE FOR COMP USA?!?!?  Or a similar thing if they didn't have COMPUSA in your area.  They sell COMPUTERS.  They sell SOFTWARE.  FUN SOFTWARE, WORK SOFTWARE, AND ALL THAT LIES IN BETWEEN.  It's like blockbuster but you ALWAYS BUY the treat not just RENT IT.  Tons of fun!
     What else is going on and crap.  WHen I first read that 16-18 states were signing on with Texas suing the 4 close states to overturn results, I was like DAMN THATS A LOT OF STATES THAT SOUNDS BAD.  But then I looked at them on a map and was like LOL THESE STATES ARE LOSER STATES I'M SUDDENLY NOT THAT WORRIED.  Gotta imagine that's how it'll pan out, right?  Also LITERALLY loser states.  They all votes for Trump.  The loser!  Sure they're also Loser States in other respects but THAT'S NOT WHAT'S IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW.  Also I'm not ashamed to say it I'm nostalgic for Barnes & Nobles.  Yes I am.  I'm very ashamed to say it.  I know you're all judging me for it and I've dug myself in a hole I can never get out of! My favorite part was they had a Coffee Shop built in, the one Barnes & Nobles I would go to.  And I didn't drink coffee at the time but they had COOKIES AND SHIT.  I kinda feel like they had those pirouette cookies I used to like.  If I had to guess what kind of cookie off the top of my head, it'd be those.
     Anyway.  I had a relatively tough time writing down the date earlier today.  I GET that it's 12/10/20.  But for a while I was like, must be 10/12/20, right?  But then I reasoned with myself that I KNOW it can't be 13/10/20, so it had to be the other way.  Yes I know in Europe they do have it flipped.  But that's because they're dumb!  You got a better explanation than they're just dumb I'd like to see it!  What, they really think there's 13-31 months?  Sounds DUMB TO ME I cannot see a reasonable argument AGAINST them begin dumb.  I used to know a kid whose last name was Barnes.  Is that relevant?  Maybe he was heir to the Barnes & Nobles Enterprise.  Maybe that was just his last name and I knew him through I wanna say BOWLING?  Yep that seems to check out.
     Great, just great!  SUSAN RICE?  IN A DOMESTIC POLICY ROLL?  I DON'T SEE IT.  --Someone Who Never Heard of Susan Rice Before 40 Minutes Ago.  I've HEARD of her but it just never REGISTERED with me with really what she's all about and whatnot.  I'm worried some of the people I like in #TheSopranosFallTo will continue to die over the last 2 episodes of the series.  I'm HEAVILY banking on the same stuff happening these two episodes as the first time I've seen them.  Gotta imagine Texas is suing to change all that but We'll Just Have To Wait And See How That Goes.  I don't remember State Legislators EVER APPROVING the Sopranos franchise.  Gotta scrap it and start over!  I dunno something along those lines.  I'll finish this Act with one more paragraph and then it's time to take a break!
     Cool!  Go back to watching some #CNNAREYOUSERIESDOCUMENTRYCOMEDYENTERPRISE or whatever when this paragraph is over.  Been seeing some critisicm of Biden Picks where they are better suited for other rolls.  Seems legitimate concern based on READING I've done-- OVER THE INTERNET.  NO foolin I TRUST THESE INTERNET ACCOUNTS.  Gotta have faith in something.  Might as well have faith in things that are easily/apparently the most plausible information and contexts of all the Internet Accounts out there!  Also re: Goergia don't just be like lol Republican infighting that'll work itself out.  No!  Be like here's why Democrats are better for YOU fuck them other guys they'll work themselves out This Is Who WE Are And More Importantly This Is What WE'LL Do For You!  Seems the most easily and apparently plausible way things could go or something, I dunno, I don't have all the answers.  Probably around 15% of the answers.  I used to think it was more but I'm constantly rounding down the amount of answers I have the more that time passes.  See ya in a bit.




I Don't Know How You Would See it

   Sure I got lunch going on.  Meal was just right size for single portion!  I'm not enthusiastic about how long spaghetti strands are.  You could have the same amount of spaghetti but each strand is half the size!  Oh well such is life.  Watchin' the Comedy Show Episode about SEX.  (in relation to comedy).  THey don't just suddenly have halfway through sereis HERE'S SOME PORNOGRAPHY although that'd be an interesting way to go with it.  But anyway that's fun I like sex presumably.  I had never heard of sex before 40 minutes ago.  I get to eat and fetishize FOOD.  But is it really a fetish if that's what Early Man did?  They could get sex whenever they wanted but they can't always EAT whenever and WHEREVER they want.  Also is there a documentary on where and how Consent became a concept entrenched in humanity.  I dunno maybe there's always consent.  Just less picky females!  I dunno what any of that means I'm on a CHICKEN PARM HIGH get off my back about it!
     Wonderful.  I don't particularly want to watch #TheSopranosFallTo but I WILL have it finished today I feel comfortable making that prediction.  Dunno what to have for dinner.  First choice off the top of my head is Noodles + 1 Salmon Filet.  I'd have to wipe down Noodles, though.  I only wipe down Fridge and Freezer stuff first time around!  But I usually finish stuff later that day, sometimes the next day.  So I dunno it MAY be in play it may not be!  Maybe the difference isn't Less Picky Females, but More Intuitive & Understanding Males.  Male chimpanzees are like I'm not picking up any signals here why bother even trying I'M A NICE GUY.  Maybe some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor when this entry is over.  I can see myself, "Digging," that!  Anyway I'm happy with how the Chick Parm turned out.  Solidly Highly Adequate, bordering on Just Plain Good.
     Wonderful.  Here's the question we should all be asking ourselves-- DO I even WANT Noodles tonight.  I mean, the way I feel, I ALWAYS am gonna want noodles for the immediate future.  There were a few weeks I ALWAYS Wanted Eggs.  But do I PARTICULARLY want it tonight?  I dunno!  I Wanna Say MAYYYBE?  Maybe some eggs tonight!  Maybe eggs with noodles.  It's like egg drop soup but not as much water different way of cooking eggs and noodles.  Also separated the egg from the water.  So it's not much like egg drop soup at all is the point.  Boy was I anxious to tell my parents We Can Start Eating Egg Shells.  Somehow they didn't seem on board for some reason.  Was thinking about getting some green &/or red peppers to put in omelets but then I remembered I don't wanna make omelets it takes an extra 2 minutes over Fried Eggs.  And I Don't like THE PROCESS of beating eggs.  Gross to me!  Sure!  Also how come Chickens always lay 12 eggs at a time.  Sounds Like A Scam!
     Hmm.  Two paragraphs to go!  Anyway my calendar is a VERY Patriotic Calendar.  Current other side to the regular calendar (DEC 1-31) is a BALD EAGLE.  Skipping ahead the next one is of AMBER WAVES OF GRAIN.  The one after that is PURPLE MOUNTAIN MAJESTIES.  The point is I feel like I'm being indoctrinated into something with this calendar.  No such thing as a free lunch!  You want a calendar you're gonna be schooled on America Allegiance.  Also I THINK this was free, but my parents MAY have bought it for me, I dunno!  Either way Not Much I Can Do About It Now.  Purple mountain Majesty... WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?! Amber Waves of Grain... YOU'RE JUST TALKING NONSENSE!!!  I'd look at More Calendar Pictures but NO SPOILERS!!!
     Cool!  Anyway join me on the 10 for 20 Plan.  We got 20 weeks exactly to wait out Covid?  We got 20 weeks to ALL LOSE 10 POUNDS.  Figure that's a nice baseline for how much we all gained.  And if we gained more its a more reasonable goal than losing ALL of it by 20 weeks from now.  Lost half a point a week.  10 for 20!  Personally that means I'm SOLIDLY back below Obesity!  Not even a question!  Likew 5 or 7 pounds into Just Overweight!  So we got that going on for us is the point.  Maybe you're anorexic and want to get back on the right track and you want to GAIN weight.  You can do a 10 for 20, too!  Gain 10 pounds over 20 weeks I'm not here to judge I'm here to provide baseline numbers And That's ALL.  Hey another entry in the books.  See you guys tomorrow.

-1:19 P.M.




Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Have You Heard

   So what if I did get off my back about it.  Anyway here we are with an entry SANS beer.  SANS really needs an Update Word.  You know, it means the same thing but not LATIN-SOUNDING.  Hey I have an idea, "WITHOUT!"  New word Alert!  Anyway when googling SANS it said in the definition people use SANS specifically for humor.  I always thought it was a Fancy Word not a Funny Word.  Hence, "Comic Sans," I guess.  Without Comedy!  Anyway if I was writing a Hypothesis I would be like uhh so and so this sort of thing but also SANS whatever... this hypothesis is harder to come up with than I thought it would be... Let's get started on MATERIALS NEEDED.  That's the next thing in Lab Work.  Materials needed right after hypothesis!  I'm trying to do some lab work SANS needed material Oh No!
No blood work today!  No leaving house!  No beer!  I can, "Deal," with that.  My parents gifted me a wonderful calendar for some reason.  sticks to magnets.  Sticks to my Dad's Big Ol File Cabinet that resides in my room.  Perfectly positioned where my computer is, I can just Look To The Left and be like riiiight still December I got that going for me is the point.  And the idea is to write down appointments and stuff on it.  So anyway calendars start in December?  Maybe even November?  I'd like to get a calendar so early the starts in January and we just call it A Regular Calendar (we'd have to buy it IN ADVANCE thuogh)  Something along those lines.  Anyway got 2 Meals set up today that are sure things.  Gotta get 'em done before Super Market Delivery!  We're talkin Beef Sirloin Leftovers with Leftovers Potato Sphere Halves.  We're talkin a SLICE of Meat'd Loaf.  A SINGLE Buffalo wing.  SOME Leftover RICE.  ANd probably a DINNER ROLL I LIKE THEM MEATLOAF SANDS.  I feel like that's the main thing I picked up from The Sopranos. You want a Sand?  Short for sandwich.  Sandwich is too clunky a word.  TWO Syllables?  What... I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!
Hey great just great.  I think I undersold CNN COMEDY DOCU-SERIES yesterday.  It's actually not Low Adequate but HIGH Adequate AT LEAST.  It's good stuff.  It's all about hey remember comedy we got some clips ant interviews and NARRATION about it let's go!  Remember Comedy... WHAT IS THIS LED ZEPPELIN.  Robert Plant FAMOUSLY would say does anyone remember laughter at concerts POSSIBLY right before Stairway To Heaven.  Better LTURQ.  OH he says it MID Stairway'd Heavens.  After the word Laughter occurs in the lyric!  I guess that's still kind of fun but I liked it more as Banter.  Remember Laughter?  I Never FORGOT LAUGHTER MY MAN.  Some good stuff in store from Super Market Delivery, some stuff they don't have in Stock.  Oh well such is life maybe they'll get it back in stock by Six PM THE LIMIT I HAVE TO MODIFY CART FOR TOMORROW DELIVERY.  You know, that sort of thing.
     Wonderful.  I think Politic Places asking for my donations over e-mail are getting increasingly pushy, agitated, guilt-trippy, and aggressive.  I get that Hey Must Work To Make Money Otherwise They'd Do Something Else.  but ALSO lay off my man I don't need to donate anything to you you JERK... I WANT TO, but you're making it So Hard!  For me personally.  I'm a SWING DONATOR.  That sort of thing.  ONLY SIX EPISODES of #SopranosFallTo left!  Lots more Comedy Docus-eries left.  Like TWO TIMES THAT MINUS ONE OR TWO.  Wonderful, just wonderful.  Probably gonna go with the Meat'd Loaf Meal for lunch, Other Meal for dinner.  Probably gonna go with lots of things!
     Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph.  I never saw that comin'!  NO SALMON I LIKE?  ONLY OTHER SALMONS I DON'T REALLY LIKE?  WELL FUCK YOU MY MAN I'M GONNA GET CHICKEN PARMESAN WITH SPAGHETTI INSTEAD.  I've resisted ALL THIS TIME because hey we make pasta every other week why buy some pasta but you know what SCREW IT.  My MOM gets it every week.  I'm always Smellin' it and lookin' at it and why not right just GO FOR IT.  Anyway.  Bed sheet was too small.  Kept coming undone over night in my slumber.  Mom is buying me a slightly larger bed sheet to tuck in under mattress to address my bed sheet problem.  I'm Cool With That.  I'm Cool With Calendar.  I'm Cool With Chicken Parmesan.  How come Carmela never says you want a Chick Parm Sand?  TONY IS POTENTIALLY HUNGRY WE CAN'T WASTE TIME WITH SECOND SYLLABLES GET THIS MAN A SANDWICH.  ALright I'll be back in a little bit.




One More Thing

   Sure what's up.  I dunno.  Lunch'll be in SEVENTY MINUTES from now, presumably!  Hey you know what if police want to prove they're useful maybe they should do something about all the death threats and non-death threats being levied by people against people they view as Enemies of Trump.  Cause the way things are aren't going that great?  YES I get that the police are generally ON THE DEATH THREATERS SIDE but maybe it shouldn't be that way?  Oh well such is life what can I do about it.  If I tried to do anything about it I'd get Death Threats by my one reader.  I have one reader.  ANd it turns out they're a Trump/Police Supporter?  Great, just my luck.  Anyway.  Whats some common ground for what we can do.  Wanna play UNO or something.  Crazy Eights.  Crazy Eights is just Uno with a regular deck of cards per my understanding.
Wonderful.  Some of these Campaign Donation soliciting e-mails are okay.  MOST are okay but there are a few bad apples out there that's the point I'm trying to make.  Anyway the question on everybody's mind is What Kind of Light (OR LITE?) Beer am I getting tomorrow.  LOOKS LIKE Miller Lite.  They spell it LITE for STYLE.  AESTHETICALLY PLEASING TO SPELL IT THAT WAY.  People are ON.  BOARD.  WITH.  Lite.  I guess, I dunno.  STEWED CHICKEN INSTEAD OF BBQ SALMON?  THAT'S A SUBSTITUTION I CAN LIVE WITH.  Whatever what else is going on and crap.  Gettin LESS Potatoes upcoming order.  DOUBLE RICE.  We're talkin' WHITE RICE AND SPANISH, "YELLOW," RICE.  Such is the appropriateness of these sides per: the main courses I've been getting!  Get off my back about it!  Put lunch in oven in about FIFTEEN minues.  Then eat it about FOURTY FIVE MINUTES FROM THEN.  Also yes Fourty is spelled Forty but IT SHOULDN'T BE.
     Great, just great.  Watch some more #CNNCOMEDDOCUSERIOUS during upcoming break.  Watch some after Act III Rest Of The Day Break.  I LIKE those odds.  Gonna try to start DIETING.  We're talkin enough to lose about .5 pound a week.  And then when Quarntine is Lifted I start walking more and it works up to losing about 1 pound a week.  So the point is by Next Fall I'll be RIGHT WHERE I WANNA BE MORE OR LESS.  HEY I just got DELIVERY of MEDICATION.  Through the door.  Front door.  Some jerk was just STANDING THERE waiting for me to take it off his hands.  Also got another can of butter cookies for Freedom.  Which are GREAT but NOPE NOT ON THIS DIET I'M ON.  Does anybody remember laughter.  YEAH AND WE'D REMEMBER IT MORE IF YOU JUST TOLD SOME JOKES.  C'MON, MAN.  THESE, "SONGS," ARE A SNOOZE I WANNA HEAR SOME MATERIAL ABOUT YOUR LIVES THAT ONLY YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO MAKE JOKES ABOUT.
I dunno about that.  What else is going on and crap.  TOM VILSACK?  I REMEMBR THAT NAME AND IF I REMEMBER IT CORRECTLY NOT VERY WONDERFUL.  Oh I know.  It was from when I went to high school with him in the 1960's and we all called him SACK.  Like ballsack.  He never got over it and that's why he's megalomaniac re: Farm and Agricultural Governmental Positions.  WHAT THE HELL, NO JOKE, WIKPEDIA SAYS VILSACK WON THE POWERBALL IN 2020.  150K.  That's gotta be some sort of Practical Joke by Wikipedia Editors, right?  I DON'T GET IT if its a joke but I also DON'T GET IT if its real!  I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS ADDITION TO THE, "PERSONAL LIFE," SECTION FOR TOM VILSACK ONE BIT.  Vil SACK.  Power BALLS.  Oh now I get it.  I get jokes.  Hey one more paragraph then I get to take a break!
     Wonderful.  Powerball Winner AND gets to be Secretary of Agriculture?  SOME GUYS JUST HAVE ALL THE LUCK!  Anyway he seems like a terrible pick but it's hard to get fired up about anything in AGRICULTURE.  Most boring concept in the history of words and whatnot.  I know I'm wrong but still.  Agriculture means farms.  Nothing happens on farms.  Not family farms.  Not individually.  Maybe stuff that happens to/on ALL Family Farms.  Maybe stuff with big conglomerate farm enterprises a lot of stuff goes on and we need a strong Secretary Of Agriculture to take care of that and HE ISN'T IT but on the other hand Farms kind of a snooze what can ya do.  Anyway about TWENTY weeks until 100 days of Biden is over.  20 Weeks we gotta do this roughly!  One week at a time, okay?  Start doin' the right thing THIS WEEK, carry it over into NEXT WEEK, and keep that going for JUST 20 WEEKS TIME'LL JUST FLY BY! Yeah I  know that's a relatively arbitrary number but lets be honest Relatively significant number as well! 




Stick Around!

   I can do that for 5 paragraphs.  Got lunch going.  Wasn't a good idea to watch Comedy CNN Docuserum during breaks from website.  Because it really drives the point home this website accomplishes nothing other than killing time.  And it barely does that!  I mean for me it does.  But for you WHO KNOWS!  Tom Vilsack more like Tom VILLAIN SACK.  He's BAD for the family farm.  He's BAD for selling out to BIG A.G.  But he's GOOD for endorsing Joe Biden so hey that's how that goes.  Personnel is Policy.  And Policy is Rewarding People who helped you become president as a priority.  CRACKED THAT CODE.  Shouldn't he give Bernie Sanders a spot.  His full-fledged endorsement may have been the keyest endorsement of all!
     Oh well what can ya do probably nothing so why bother trying.  DECEMBER THE 9, HMM.  Wrote something in that square.  "Start New Diet 300/600/600/300."  In case I forget!  Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Misc!  CALORIES.  Also DON'T COUNT ALCOHOL CALORIES THAT'S BAKED INTO THE EQUATION SOMEHOW.  Also not always that exactly.  Those are AVERAGES get off my back about it and whatnot!  MISC includes COFFEE.  MISC includes SNACKS.  MISC includes THAT'S ABOUT IT.  Hey CHANUKAH is coming up according to calendar.  Friday The 11th of This Current Month.  Gotta imagine they mean that's the first night.  It'd be weird if it was the last night of Chanukah.  DAMN I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING WHY DIDN'T YOU WARN ME.  That's some guy responding to Late Chanukah Calendar Announcement.
Cool!  Maybe the reason I want a Safe Harbor day is because it literally followed the previous day of Pearl Harbor day.  Back to back Harbor Days now we're talkin!  Also why do we celebrate crappy things that happened to us.  What about 9/11.  I dunno because it Led to us KILLING LOTS OF PEOPLE.  Without Pearl Harbor Day we may have never had so much Killing Going on in World War II.  Without 9/11 THERE GOES THE WAR ON TERROR AND WARS IN AFHANGANITSTAN AND IRAQ.  If I was naming World War II Celebration Days how about the day Japan Surrendered?  Hey we won LETS CELEBRATE.  Not hey we just got permission to go KILL some people let's celebrate!  This is a RIFF that isn't very FUNNY and Doesn't REPRESENT any real philosophy or understanding of the conditions of life.  That Shut Me Up!
     More paragraphs.  Two of them!  I think December is First Month of this calendar and December is the Last Month of this calendar.  The circle of life continues.  Sort of.  Probably.  Seems like it would, at least, right?  HEY there's a NEW MOON upcoming Monday.  AWESOME I HATE THE OLD MOON SO MUCH.  Bout time we got a new one!  That's also some sort of Deadline Day for confirming JOE BIDEN WILL BE THE 46TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES EVEN INCLUDING HARRISON WHICH I DON'T REALLY SEE THE POINT OF.  Anyway main point with Dieting is Don't Do No So Much Snacking!  I eat pretty reasonable portions of Lunch and Dinner and EVEN MORE REASONABLE BREAKFAST ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE BREAKFAST HALF THE TIME.  But all that snacking adds up!  Also it's tough to transition from Lots of Snacks to Minimum Snacks but once I HAVE it's not too difficult to keeping it going.  These are the days of our Lites.
     Last paragraph!  Hey I'll have beer with PARAGRAPH ONE of next entry.  I LIKE those odds.  Tom Vilsack wanted to be PRESIDENT way back in 2004.  2003, at least.  He may not have even MADE IT to 2004 in That There Primaries.  Maybe he still WANTED To be president even after the primaries were over!  He may have WANTED to be president last year but just didn't act on his carnal desires.  Caramel Desires.  Is that a thing.  Only if you pronounce it that one way.  Big debate over how to pronounce it.  One way rhymes with carnal.  That settles that! CARM, WHERE'S MY CHICK PARM SAND!!! -- Tony Soprano, Class of 1978.  Yep.  That's his graduation quote.  How do you like THEM apples.  New moon on December 14.  FULL moon on December 29th.  Has anyone cracked the code of why calendars think we give a shit what kind of moon there is?  This effects and/or matters to maybe HALF A PERCENT OF PEOPLE?  You know, the 1 percent of people who are werewolves.  It effects them Half The Time.  .5 percent.  Anyway whatever I'll see ya'll tomorrow.

-1:19 P.M.





Tuesday, December 8, 2020

I Owe You One Entry

   Sounds good.  Pizza Hut sent me a Happy Birthday e-mail.  1) I APPRECIATE IT, BUT 2) Off by a solid four days!  AT first this CONFUSED ME but I Figured It Out!  They wnat me to PLAN AHEAD and get Pizza on my birthday!  I was ready to knock em down a peg or two for getting it wrong but I See Their PLan!  AND YES it would be a Delicious Pizza Party but I can't have guests over and I can't get pizza delivered.  If I could get Pizza Delivered I guess that's one guest.  OOPPPP came within 4 feet of crossing my front door PLUS you touched the pizza pie box YOU'RE A PIZZA PARTY GUEST thanks for coming!  You know that sort of thing.  This might have all been cleared up in the e-mail but I already deleted it.  Such is life!
     Got one beer left over for today!  Maybe with Act II.  Maybe with Act III.  Maybe Lots Of Things!  Anyway the point is I either have 1 French Bread Pizza in Freeze or 1/4th of a Digjoirno: Not Delivery We Swear Pizza.  SO YES I can have a Delicious Pizza Party on My Saturday Birthday.  ANd if I don't have either I CAN GET SOME SORT OF PIZZA.  Started watching this CNN doc-u-series and COMEDY and I LIKE IT.  Mostly on account of liking comedy.  Makes me laugh sometimes!  That's what I get out of it!  SALAMI OMELET FOR LUNCH TODAY.  Mixed things up from yesterday's plan.  Anyway goin' between CNN/Now-On-HBO-Max COMEDY DOCUMENTARY SERIES and #TheSopranosFallTo.  Up to SECOND HALF SEASON VI.  VI PIZZA IS THE NAME OF A PIZZERIA PIZZA PLACE NEARBY.  I always thought it meant like VIP, VIPizza, Very Important Pizza.  But now I see HOW WRONG I WAS.  It means SIX PIZZA.  All Baysiders could figure out Very Important Pizza.  Well, maybe half of us figured that out.  It takes a SPECIAL KINDA MAN to figure out Six Pizza.
     Anyway, I dunno, what else is going on and crap.
  Maybe take a slightly longer Act Break, have lunch during Act II, then drink during Act III.  THat sounds FUN but on the other hand I DUNNO.  We'll see how everything shakes out!  How many Documentary Series Episodes is there.  FOURTEEN HOLY MOLY.  Only up to Episode III.  Before Episode III has even started!  Also it straddles the line between being some dumb CNN generic overview of History Of Comedy (INTO PRESENT OF COMEDY???) and being hey this is relatively in depth and informative and provides some decent context.  More than I would have thought but hey still not anything too special!  BUT SPECIAL ENOUGH.  Saw the episode of #TheSopranosFallTo where I thought the house was gonna blow up.  It was the closing scene of Final Episode of Part I of Season VI.  They're all eating Christmas dinner at The Sopranos House.  And the camera pans back to a more panoramic view.  And this lasts, what, 10 seconds?  Some considerably amount of time for just a shot without any real action and definitely no dialogue.  And after 5 or 10 seconds I just picture THE HOUSE EXPLODING.  Which I think would have been an interesting direction for them to have gone in.
  I suppose.  Fourth paragraph of Act I!  I LIKE those odds.  I think first few episodes of CNN DOCUMENTARY U SERIES focuses more on History of Comedy and over time they segue into TOPICS.  Let's talk about POLITICAL comedy for this one episode.  Let's talk about WEIRD AL for this other episode.  There's an episode which the picture they share is of Weird Al.  So I assume it's just an episode devoted to Weird Al.  Which I would be 100% on board with lets talk about it!  No it's not about Music Comedy.  The title of the episode is just, "Making Fun," which I can't pin down what it means at all.  But I'll get there and I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Tomorrow is Three Acts NO BEER.  Today is Three Acts ONE BEER PRESUMABLY.  SMALLish but PLAUSable chance I have to go get blood work done tomorrow in which case I can RE-UP with beer.  We'll see how that shakes out I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Mom wants to make eggs with me in about 45 minutes from Right Now.  I guess LONG BREAK LETS DO IT.  I can watch a solid MOST OF AN EPISODE of #TheSopranosFallTo.  I can watch a solid Just About Exactly one episode of #CNNDOCUSERIESCOMEDYWONTLASTMORETHANTWOORTHREEDAYS.  Might as well do that Time Is a good Deciding Factor for when/if you want do some thing and can't decide.  I used to do that all the time when I would listen to full albums on Trains to school and/or from school.  Alright this album is 33 minutes, just finished it, hey, this other album is 28 minutes, and I DO got almost exactly an hour to fill overall, this'll work out just fine.  Makes sense to me.  Anyway I'll be back soon!




That's The Plan

   Nope.  Instead of taking Long BReak I took Short Break and will take Make Omelet Break halfway through Act II.  This is the important issue of the day!  Not even one of the most important IssueS. THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE.  I forget what it was.  Something about having lunch and when to write entry around it.  Sounds good to me!  Gotta have some BEEF'D SIRLOIN for toinght. Then again tomorrow.  Tomorrow with eggs!  Tonight with potatoes!  Lots of fun re: Meals I will be eating over the next 24 or 26 hours.  Anyway today is SAFE HARBOR day.  I don't see why we only have to have one Safe Harbor day every four years.  SAFE HARBOR DAY SOUNDS LIKE A POTENTIAL GREAT HOLIDAY.  Dunno what it would all be about but it SOUNDS like fun AND a productive AND maybe a day off work?  AND it's important we remember Safe Harbors for HISTORY.
     That sounds about right.  If you wanna Safe Harbor you need a really good lighthouse.  You know that places that Houses The Light.  So ships don't crash into Harbor.  Which would be unsafe?  Also not 100% sure what a harbor is.  NOr a lighthouse.  I think I know what a light house is BUT IF ITS WHAT I THINK IT IS kinda weird way to phrase it.  Light Projector Huose.  They send out the Bat Signal that Land Is A-Comin' So SLow DOwn or Change Course or whatever.  Also is it ever hard for Batman to determine if he's needed to fight crime or maybe there's a shipment coming in?  Also how does Batman KNOW WHERE THE CRIEM IS.  I've seen movie after movie where Batman sees a sign, suits up, goes to fight the crime!  I mean presumably he has a liason with Police Man Gordon but I never see that part actually happen.  Just skip right over it!  Maybe he can triangulate where the crime is based on the angle and intensity of the Bat Signal.  Maybe lots of things!
     Cool!  HEY just got lunch going.  Salami Omelet!  2 EGgs.  Half a dozen OR EIGHT small slices of salami.  Two pieces of toast!  FORK!  PLATE!  SHOVIN' IT DOWN MY GULLET!  First time I've had Scrambled Eggs in over half a year!  First time I've had salami in even longer!  Fork!  Plate!  Shove the Fork and Plate down my gullet!  The point is I think I can handle making Scrambled Eggs instead of fried eggs.  BEATING EGGS seems WRONG to me but I think I've, "CRACKED," how to accomplish it.  Still like Fried Eggs better though GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  OH but this way I can make Whatever Kinda Omelet I want!  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Probably can get some green peppers or something.  Would slices Jarred jalapeņo peppers make sense in an omelet?  Maybe!
     I have no idea of the reason Trump Administration would be like ya wanna offer us vaccines?  HPIZER?  CORONAVIRUS VACCINES??? ...NAH THAT'S OKAY.  I also don't get why that was even an option BEFORE Vaccine Occurred.  They were just banking on future vaccines and we were like hmm future vaccine sounds effective down the line NO THANKS NOT INTERESTED.  We're talkin' I get to have a beer with Part III: Otherwise Known As Act III.  The crappy thing about Bullet Salami is THEY DON'T SELL THAT THERE REDUCED FAT VERSION NO WHERE I LOOK ANYMORE.  That would be a, "GAMECHANGER," which is a phrase I see a lot and I never liked it but now that I get to use it appropriately What A Fun Turn of Phrase!  Hey just finished my lunch.  And it only took me two paragraphs!
  I can, "Dig," eating beef sirloin tonight.  I didn't know I would want to but I do!  AS of now.  About 4.5, 5 hours ahead of time.  I LIKE those odds.  It's called Bullet Salami cause it's shaped like a big ol' bullet.  Bullet going down my gullet.  Except I make tiny bites and chews so it assumes different geometrical proportions but you get the idea.  What other kinda fun fillings for omelets are out there.  Gotta imagine FreshDirect sells all sorts of peppers and whatnot!  Is it possible we could put Vaccine in a Brownie so more people would want to eat it.  ALso make the brownie free to all those who want it.  And VERY EXPENSIVE to all those who don't want it.  Serves them right for not wanting something!  I dunno I'll be back in a bit.




What Do You Mean Very Few Laffs

   So what who cares.  Website is about MORE than laffs.  Presumably!  Anyway started Act III withuot beer, probably gonna star beer in a paragraph or two.  Wonderful.  The point is EGGS are delicious just dont eat the shell.  Is that a weird thing, people eating egg shells.  Better LTURQ... EGG SHELLS ARE EDIBLE AND GOOD FOR HEALTH?  VERY MUCH CALCIUM IN EGG SHELLS?  I dunno sounds like a scam.  But also we should be donating our accumulated egg shells of the week to homeless shelters?  I don't think we're gonna eat them ourselves.  Better only the less fortunate be burdened with eating egg shells.  They're HEALTHY it's good for them!  Feel like that would be a good topping for an Ice Cream Cone.  Little bits of egg shells.  Tasty AND Nutritious!  And the egg shells are free!  Just use some leftover egg shells from the homeless shelter because nobody there is, "On Board," with eating them!
     What else.  Walking on egg shells.  I can think of worse things to walk on.  C'mon.  Use your imagination!  Anyway great what else is going on and crap.  Beef Sirloin + Poattoes tonight.  Beef Sirloin + Eggs one meal tomorrow.  Last meal?  Why it's only most likely FROZE MEAL WITH RICE.  Seems like the best way to go about things.  And yeah after tomorrow RE-UPPING with Super Market Delivery!  Alright, "Cracked," open a beer.  The indentations of metal on the top of the can made it very easy.  Anyway probably gonna eat A SINGLE BUFFALO WING before dinner.  I want it RIGHT NOW but I will wait until entry is over.  It's called being Wingresponsible.  No it isn't.  Yeah but I was kind of hoping it would catch on.  And I'd get royalties every time someone uses the phrase.  That's how Writing Websites Works.
     Pizza Hut at least might like that one?  man oh man 100 days in from Biden administration I'M RESERVING PIZZA PUTT 2 LARGE PIZZAS BOTH SUPREME LOVERS THAT VERY DAY IT'S CELEBRATION DAY.  Anyway I have three options when I can start taking walks again/get outside food again-- 1) take 5 walks a day, eat relatively little and burn off all the weight I gained in 9 months?  A year at most?  2) take 5 walks a day, eat same amount as now, stop gaining weight.  3) take 5 walks a day and GO NUTS I CAN EAT ALL THE PIZZA HUTTS I WANT MAYBE EVEN SOME UNHEALTHY SALANDS WITH TOO MANY CROUTONS HIGH IN FAT THEY ARE.  I'm leaning towards the first thing but if I have to settle for the second thing?  I dunno!  Worst case scenario is a 1.5 thing.  Still losing but significantly slower.  Anyway I got lots of time to settle this.  It's what, 7 weeks until Biden is sworn in.  Then 100 days from that...  April Or May Or So.  CALCULATOINS!  That's what Biden is talkin' about when he says 100 days!  Don't take my word for it!  Consult Your Local Calendar!
     I feel like my parents got me a calendar and want me to put it up on one of my walls. That rings some sort of bell.  I have yet to see said calendar yet, though!  Maybe it's a birthday present but not a surprise but I still have to open it and whatnot that sort of thing.  I dunno.  Why is it so hard for me to figure out 100 days from January 20th or whenever.  Maybe first I need to know the, "Whenever," that's step one.  You'd THINK so, but no!  I know it's AROUND THEN, give or take a day or two.  I can Handle using that as an estimation starting point.  Ok, lets say each month is 30 days.  that's over 3 months from Inauguration day. So BEGINNING OF MAY right?  WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS SO DIFFICULT.  Just say Up to the beginning of May, none of this 100 day wars crap!
     Last paragraph ever for the rest of the day.  Right now looking more likely than not I gotta get blood work done tomorrow.  That sounds fair.  I have to do something but on the other hand it brings me alcohol which I think is a fair trade off all in all things considered.  You might have to powder the Egg Shells.  Too sharp otherwise!  Powder them up, you can snort that, you're on top of the world!  I had that buffalo wing.  Such is life I said I'd eat it this afternoon and I ate it this afternoon I TOLD YOU this would happen!  I dunno maybe LATE APRIL EARLY MAY.  Somewhere around those lines.  Not too great at geometry what do you expect.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-3:02 P.M.




Monday, December 7, 2020

I Wonder About You

   Sounds about right.  Don't get a Swell Head, though!  I wonder about ALL The Peoples.  From A to Z.  Those aren't people those are characters. They suuuurree are.  Anyway got a nice Saved Amount Of Beer for final day of Beer Week!  FIVE!  I don't believe it I can drink five beers turns out life is worth living.  GOOD NEWS #TheSopranosAutumnTo HAS RESUMED.  We're talking up to last episode of last season Part A (Out Of B).  Had Therapist Appointement today OVER PHONE.  Over ZOOM.  Also lets get into it Why, "Zoom."  I mean I get ALL, "APPS," benefit from being Fast.  But video chatting over phone or computer, what does SPEED have SPECIFICALLY to do with this?  I don't get it and I DON'T LIKE IT.
    Anyway we talked about hey ain't my hair wild out of control and whatnot.  And then we made an appiontment for next month!  Presumably over ZOOM again.  The time'll just ZOOM by, maybe that's the context they meant.  You're gonna enjoy this, "App," so much You Won't Be Able To Wait until next time you have to use it!  What else is going on.  Mom is making Salmmi Omelets for dinner tonight!  Sure I'll eat that with some toast why not got nothin' better to do!  Gonna have Rice and Froze Meal OR noodles and Salmon Filet for lunch today.  I've narrowed it down to One Of Those Things.  Watched the Georgia Debate last night!  Well, over half of it!  I liked the part where Warnock SEEMED LIKE A GOOD REASONABLE GUY.  And the lady seemed like I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TALK IN DEBATES I MUST JUST REPEAT THE SAME THREE LINES OVER AND OVER THAT WILL CONNECT ME WITH THE WORKING MAN (and/or WOMAN)  So anyway gotta imagine that's gonna go well.  Democratics are up in both races Re: Polls.  So basically is it wrong to say I would bet even money on the Democratics winning rather than the Republicans.  With a SPLIT being a PUSH.
Sometimes I think about the movies SPLIT and GLASS and am like I dunno I wonder if a SPLIT ever happened to me.  Possibly a Glass might have been in my past.  Unbreakable?  I dunno maybe I haven't considered it extensively enough.  M NIGHT SHYAMALAN STOLE MY TITLE FROM A SCREENPLAY I WROTE ABOUT A GUY LEAVING SOME PLACE.  That settles that.  Are there any Famous Daisys?  Or any Daisys AT ALL in M Night Shyamalan's personal circle?  Where he can be in a relationship M NIGHT AND DAY...Z?  My guess is sure why not.  Daisy is a solid name.  The more people in M Night Shyamalan's circle named Daisy the better!  That's my hot take and whatnot.  It does raise the question, how does M Night Shaymalan introduce himself.  Is he M? Is he Night?  Is he M NIGHT?  That'd be my instinct if I had to address him in a Familiar Fashion.  Which may come up at some point in my life, I Don't Know!
    That sums that up.  Figure I'll have lunch with Act II or Act III!  Nothing new there!  I think I read he either added the, "M," for fun, or maybe it was the, "Night."  I can see a case being made for either one!  But the BEST CASE would be just Googling it and finding it out in 2 seconds. Oh well what can ya do. ... FINE I'll LTURQ.  YEP, "M," stands for Minoj and, "Night," stands for He Just Made That Crap Up.  Presumably one evening.  He was like c'mon gotta come up with a name, been working on this all day, it's already almost ni... THAT'S IT I CRACKED THE CODE OF THE MISSING NAME.  Wonderful, just wonderful.  Does Loeffer know that repeatedly calling Warnock a Radical Liberal makes me like him MORE?  And I'm THE TARGET AUDIENCE FOR THIS DEBATE?  I'm a SWING VOTER in Georgia because I dunno why somehow that might make sense but to be honest I'm not counting on it!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Finished Leatherface: The Movie That Was Completely Forgettable.  It's an inspiring movie.  Now I know we're allowed to completely forget movies.  Before I was spending too much time remembering movies I didn't particularly enjoy one way or the other!  Also if we're making movies, now we know to avoid them being completely forgettable!  That sort of thing.  The point is NO SPOILERS but the new password my parents came up with for the HBOMax Account (Verizon Account overall) the password is I LOVE IT.  Clever, easy to remember, makes me LAUGH.  My parents knocked this password out of the park.  Probably Too Much Information.  Forensic Passwordologists could figure it out based on this paragraph.  Too bad they don't exist.  Well, They MIGHT.  But we don't know about it yet!



By You I Don't Mean Me

   I have a conundrum people.  My Mom is making Salami Omelets EARLY because my Father has an EARLY Teaching Class.  We're talking it'll be ready FIFE THIRTY/  MAYB ESTIX?  If I had lunch this second it could be reasonable amount of time between meals But I Ain't Doing That!  I can just put my omelet in fridge for 2 hours.  I can do that and I MAY do that.  Also what the hell is up with these Streamers Film Categories Just Added.  Look 90% of these Just Addeds HAVE BEEN THERE AS JUST ADDEDS FOR WEEKS &/OR EASILY UP TO MONTHS.  WHERE'S THE LIMIT.  AT some point they gotta start removing the Just Addeds.  My guess is it's like four months, six months.  In all honesty, it could be even more!  Maybe less!  Also different Streamers might do it differently.  There's no Industry Standard to Just Addeds as far as I know.  Maybe there SHOULD Be that's not my role to say.
     Fascinating.  Might have to get blood work done tomorrow or Wednesday.  May not have to get blood work done tomorrow or Wednesday!  Narrowed it down to those two things.  Anyway after all that hard work Putting Sheet On Mattress, I woke up this morning sheet already coming off the mattress.  Maybe gotta Tuck It In better this time around.  Maybe it's all futile.  All of it.  Hopefully not, though.  If anything has to be futile it should JUST BE tucking in sheets around mattresses.  Because I can live with that sort of futility not such a big deal.  Yep that seems to check out.  Anyway on ZOOM today, I saw Video Of Me in Top Right of screen and I was like ya know what I looked better last month.  Oh well such is life.  Sometimes you look good on Zoom to Therapist, sometimes not so much!  It's FUTILE to Always Be Trying To Look Good.  Presumably.
     Anyway I guess #TheSopranosAutumnTo will be done sometimes this Working Week.  I LIKE those odds.  I threw up for the first time in months, maybe MANY MONTHS, last afternoon.  I had been drinking sure but nothing out of the ordinary.  Eating I assume sure but nothing out of the ordinary.  Just needed to cleanse my esophagus or stomach or wherever this vomit came from.  Also Vomit is CLEANSING FEELING.  I'm not bulimic but when the CHANCE to vomit NATURALLY comes about, Who Am I To Argue!  Cleanin' out the system, that's all I'm saying!  Feel like I've said that on Website before.  I wonder if we did all the calculations and research, what percent of things have I said before.  At least 50% the same thing.  I'd say, I dunno, a THIRD of the things I Say?  That seems kinda high but maybe that's wishful thinking.  Maybe about 20, 25% of what I say I have already said before.  It still even FEELS like less, but believe me it does come up at the very least relatively often.  These are the days of my lives.
     Really dunno about what to do with lunch.
If I wanna go NUTS, skip lunch and have early dinner.  Maybe tide myself by with some sort of O I Don't Know SOMETHING.  Maybe just the Salmon with a small amount of potato half spheres.  Save the noodles EVEN THOUGH the noodles would have been the highlight of the meal!  But it's irresponsible to go the other way and just have noodles and not the salmon.  I GOTTA FINISH THIS SALMON.  And if NOT ME Then WHO?  I saw Covid Cases can cause long term erectile dysfunction.  I wanna issue myself a pre-emptive pardon.  I combined two news stories into something that not quite borders on making sense and isn't SO FAR off from being a joke.  You know that sort of thing.  ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION MORE LIKE ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION AM I RIGHT?!?  If only, "electile," was a word as it SHOULD BE in a JUST World.  Anyway.  If I just eat lunch whenever I want, and dinner whenever I want, I can have the kind of lunch I DESERVE.  So let's just go with that.
Wonderful!  It's weird that I never make it through binging #MrShowSeasonTBD.  It was (/Is?) my favorite show of all time but whenever I try I can't get past the first 5 or 6  episodes.  Into Season II of IV (and the first season or two is less episodes) and I dunno I just lose enthusiasm.  I ought to be able to do that though is the point.  My favorite part was All The Laughs I Shared With Myself watching it all them times in high school.  Favorite part of enjoying Comedy Why It's Only THE LAUGHS THAT THEY INDUCE.  I HAVE TO WATCH LOVECRAFT COUNTY.  That seems to check out I guess.  I'll put it in the MAYBE PILE.  I think IN THE PAST my favorite #TheSopranosAutumnTo was PAULY that guy is a load of laughs.  But now upon further introspection its the bouncer guy at the strip club who isn't mobbed up and is the frequent subject of Tony's Violence and Ridicule.  FEEL BAD THE FOR THE GUY RIGHT WHAT HE'S JUST TRYING TO DO HIS JOB JUST LAY OFF HIM FOR A MINUTE OKAY HE'S DOING HIS BEST.  I'll be back in a little bit.



By You I Mean Probably Someone Else

   Sounds about right.  I've narrowed it down to MOST LIKELY not You or Me.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  No lunch now.  Lunch soon after entry is over!  Don't eat dinner when its ready!  Eat it 2 or 3 hours after its ready!  Now lets get back into EntryMode.  Gotta start gettin' some sort of Real Life Work in when Quarantine Subsides.  We're talkin OPEN MICS at the very least (alos at the very most unfortunately).  I get in some open mic material laughs ensue I do it again and again then who knows what happens!?!?  I have to write more material?  I don't like those odds but it's better than not having a job and better than most jobs and better than not knowing the concept of jobs and/or work in exchange for money or services.  That's a thing, right?  You get a nice spot on an Up & Comers Show or something and they're like alright we don't PAY but what if we mixed your Music Songs for you.  Ya know made this treble LOWER, this bass HIGHER, change FREQUENCIES.  We have it in our power as Club Promoters Or Something.
     That's be coming up Daisys that sort of FutureScenerio.
  Two days without beer.  I can, "Handle that."  Maybe if I do good on Up and Comer Show they pay me by going back in time and giving me six or eight beers for the next two days afte today.  Can't discount anything at this point.  Anyway gotta imagine I'll go right back to #TheSopranosAutumnTo after this entry is over.  Hmm.  Now that I Think about it.  Look into some good HORRORIFICS I can watch.  LMLTURQ!  I can watch one of them ANABELLE'S MOVIES.  That's some Dumb Horror that's entertaining enough that I could keep track o the plot and the spook frights.  Maybe if I ever get a FOUR K TV I bingewatch Alien: The Aliens Franchise: Maybe even Including Crossover with Predators.  Aliens in FOUR K WOW.  I still remember where I was the day I found out Aliens III was directed by David Fincher.  This was fresh off his role as Director of Fight Club: THe Major Motion Experience, and I was like man this guy must be the best director I ENOJYED THAT ONE MOVIE HE DIRECTED THAT SETTLES THAT.  Anyway.  Haven't seen that movie in a long time.  Fighting Clubs.  I think each sublevel of The FIght Clubs should join forces and fight other clubs.  And it becomes a full fledged team sport.  I don't mean 10 on 10 fights.  I mean some sort of TOURNAMENT.  A ROUND ROBIN.  A ROYAL RUMBLE, maybe a KING OF THE RING.  Is that a thing missing from Fight Club?  Organized Fights?  Betting on fights?  Forming Fighting Teams?  I feel like a lot of that would be contradictory to the whole deal they got going on.  Also get a load of this every time you're watching one of the Fight Clubbers it MAY BE A DIFFERENT FIGHT CLUBER NO SPOILERS.  It's just nonsense.  If you've never seen the movie &/or read the book.  It's just nonsense.
  It did lead me to enjoying the Pixies song Where Is My Mind?  I appreciated and enjoyed and listened often to a The Pixies song in my pre-teens!  Can't argue with that!  For some reason for a very long time I thought/assumed the Pixies were a British Band.  I Dunno where I got that.  They were talking about some sort of ocean.  Britain is near Oceans.  But anyway what else is going on and crap.  Pixies, PRO or ANTI: BREXIT?  They're the swing vote for Brexit because nobody would think to ask them until the very end so they get the final say, that sort of thing?  Anyway is there a REAL disconnect between me and the BLUM PICTURES ENTERPRISE which produces 50% of Horror movies the last decade?  YES.  I can't get it out of my mind the similiarites between My name and Their Name.  And that clouds EVERY SINGLE MOVIE.  Can't get it out of my head!  Nobody's FAULT, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.
     Penultimate Paragraph!  Another day of entry almost down.  Then its onto Oh I Don't Know HORRORIFIC MOVIES?  SOPRANOSTAKING SOME SORT OF SHOWER?  Was thinking about it and what is so appealing to me about Horror Movies and/or Horror Anthology TV SHOWS.  They don't SPOOK ME GOOD.  They're nothing new when considering I re-watch the same shit over and over.  I just like OTHER PEOPLE HAVING PROBLEMS.  That's the first instinct, trying to think about it.  AHhh being stalked by some psycho killer.  Killin' your friends, oh no, he's after you, what are you gonna doo.... WELCOME TO MY WORLD.  I am not being stalked by some psycho killer but I HAVE PROBLEMS TOO WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.  Cause it's always young people.  They need to accept responsibility for their actions!  And if they decide to be stalked by a Supernatural Serial Killer they need to look INWARD and try to figure what THEY'RE doing wrong.
Sounds reasonable.  ANNABELLE THE HORROR MOVIE FRANCHISE?  MORE LIKE ANNABELLE LEE THE EDGAR ALLEN POE POEM.  That SHUT THEM UP.  I can watch SEVEN.  I don't think anyone is gonna stop me from watching SEVEN.  The best parts of SEVEN is when we see the deceased people who committed one of seven deadly sins and its GROSS.  Like the guy who gorged himself to death (under pressure from a KILLER).  GROSS I WANNA SEE MORE.  Also supposed to just be a genuinely Great Thriller and Whatnot.  I've seen it once!  Probably two times!  My best guess is maybe three and a half times off the top of my head!  Spoiler Alert the lead detective and the killer Are CONJOINED TWINS.  That's inaccurate but there's another idea for a movie that's a freebee.  Go nutes with that one, the first taste is three.  You want more, you know where to find me!  Mank*ndg*y@gm**l.***  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-2:30 P.M.



Sunday, December 6, 2020

I Write Website

   Sounds like a THREAT.  Either that or a Philosophy or a Comment.  Well hey it's another day.  We're talkin had but 2 beers yesterday meaning I Can drink FIVE DAYS this week.  Four Today Four Tomorrow!  Sounds like a PHILOSOPHY.  Either that or a question or an exclamation.  Anyway December right?  Get a load of that.  We're talkin maybe a Froze Meal and Bonus Rice for lunch?  We weren't talking about it but hey we are now am I right.  Got lots of good options re: Lunch.  There's THAT.  There's some kind of sandwich presumably.  I like that idea.  Sandwiches, been a while Since Sandwiches.  We're talkin HBOMAX stopped working so I guess I'll never see the 2nd half of Season II of #TheSopranosFallTo for the seventh time.  STARZ still works!  I'm wathcing LETHERFACE: THE ORIGIN STORY: ALSO I GOT A TOPIC ABUOT LEATHERFACE.  My GUESS is nowhere in Original Movie do they use the phrase LeatherFace.  That's just a moniker Fans made up and used.  But then IT WAS ADOPTED INTO CANON.  I have no PROOF of this but it SOUNDS about right!  Leatherface... sounds like Maury Povich.  His face reminds me of leather.  That'll show him for Growing Old!
     Anyway, jeez.  Can always go with the Noodles + Salmon for lunch again today but as of now I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT.  Leatherface isn't on STARZ.  It's on PEACOCK.  I should have known because there are no Starz in Leatherface.  Peacock, I dunno, maybe.  Was the original premise of STARZ that they Legitimately, Consciously were like we're gonna mostly play movies with BIG STARS in them.  I think I remember Assuming That back when I was but a child.  I feel like originally we had NO Premium Channel.  Then HBO for a few years.  Then we started adding STARZ and SHOWTIME and WHATNOT.  But anyway STARZ yeah great.  No starz in Leatherface.  I feel like we've covered this ground before.  Starz... EITHER THAT OR IT WAS A PLANETARIUM LASER LIGHT SHOW 24/7.  Nope that doesn't check out at all.
  How's Covid going.  Oh.  Really?  That's not good.  That's not good at all.  How's Election Confirming going.  Oh.  It's good it's going pretty good?  But its not good that it's not going good enough.  Those are my hot takes Re: The Issues Of The Day.  Is COVID related to the New Pornographers album/song TWIN CINEMA?  Co Vid.  Twin Cinema.  Yep that seems to check out.  Just kidding no it doesn't.  Anyway.  I think it take BALLS to have a track title the same as the album title.  I generally don't LIKE IT but good for you for trying!  I had a dream last night the Mets lost ~106-64 in one game.  THe Mets were the AWAY team.  I remember reading the box score and the Mets were on top.  Then I spent most of my Waking Minutes doing calculations like how many runs would each team have to score each inning to get to a 106-64 game.  Anyway these are the important issues.
     What else is going on.  Birthday is coming up!  This is fun because FINALLY A DAY TO CELEBRATE MYSELF.  I've been waiting ALL YEAR for this!  Anyway just finished Beer #1.  Startin' Beer #2 with second act presumably!  Lunch with third act!  I got plans is the point I'm trying to make.  I saw Wall Street Traders are making a push to be considered Essential Workers so they get Vaccine first (OR SECOND AT THE VERY WORST).  Which sounds like a joke because It Is A Joke but at the same time Might Actually Happen because that's the world we live in.  They're literally the LEAST essential workers.  We should be concerned with KEEPING THEM Vulnerable To Covid, not the opposite!  That's MY Hot Take.
     Wonderful.  Last paragraph of Act I!  I think it would be cool if we keep the phrase essential workers going past Pandemic to describe, well, the people we've been accurately considering Essential Workers this year.  Why not just keep that MONIKER for them and then maybe get them some help FINANCIALLY and POLITICALLY and PHILOSOPHY with this newfound Respecting-them-and-That-There-Essential-Work-that-they-do-label.  Anyway I haven't shaved in, what, four months?  six months?  But for some reason my facial hair just decided to stop growing about a month in from that last time I shaved.  Which is GOOD because I have to shave LESS which is Less Work, so I got that going for me.  Anyway I'm also an episode or two behind in FIRST HALF of Last Season of #TheSopranosFallTo.  But the point is at some point I'll get back on HBOMAX but not today!  Not Today! 




Because I Can

   These titles are a snooze!  Been Done Before AND A SNOOZE EVEN IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Here's some good news-- I flipped My Mattress over so the Metal Sticking Out Danger is COMPROMISED.  That's my spin off character of The My Pillow Guy.  My Mattress Guy.  Also I've never HEARD or even READ stuff My Pillow Guy is saying.  I get the sense it's Dumb ThougH!  Anyway ALSO put a clean sheet on my bed!  It's weird sleeping Like A Regular Person except for how the bed is still broken is concave and sinks down in the middle.  That's a hassle and a half but hey life isn't easy!  Sometimes your bed sinks in in the middle like Quicked Sand and we just have to make our bed and sleep with it!  Hey sounds like what I did last night.  I slept IN my bed.  Not WITH it.  That sounds NO BUENO SEX KINK.
     Anyway All Sex Kink is Bueno!  As long as its consenting adults!  Or consentine adults with mattresses!  Or, let's face it, consenting Teens!  Not between teens AND adults.  But two sixteen year olds Go Nuts Consenting Teens Presumably I Dunno!  I lost my virginity in my teens just like NORMAL PEOPLE.  AND THAT SETTLES THAT!... it was about 3 months before my 20's.  AND THAT SETTLES THAT!  But I think 19 qualifies as Consenting Adults.  But not consenting teens.  Maybe 18+.  17+ I guess, maybe.  16?  TOO YOUNG FOR A 19 YEAR OLD I PUT MY FOOT DOWN ON THIS.  BONUS BED IMPROVEMENT NEWS-- my mom JUST has given me Two Pillowcases to put my Two Pillows in.  Now they're MY Pillows Dot Com!  Anyway what else is going on.  Maybe Bagel and Egg for DINNER tonight, if not Lunch.  Maybe lots of things!  Anyway Other Beer is good poured into a glass, but Bug Light is good from can!  Also I opened up that Bonus Can of Cookies from Pharmacy Delivery! All, "BUTTER COOKIES!"  But half a dozen different kinds!  The exact same kind but in different shapes.  But anyway it tastes good its like mini crunchy crescent rolls so I got that going for me.
     What else is crapenning.  That's now how you spell Crappening. You spell it, "Crappening," like I just said.  What else is going on and crappening.  Figure I'll get back into, "Leatherface," during Upcoming Act Break.  Was watching a commercial for Some Streamers Streaming James Bond, and they had a clip of one of the James Bonds saying My name is Bond James Bond but I really BELIEVED IT and it seemed NATURAL in conversation.  In my mind I always imagined that quote going, MY NAME IS BOND.. TURNS TO THE CAMERA... JAMES BOND... WINKS AT CAMERA.  Nope in this clip he was just like My name is Bond, oh, right, my first name, shoulda told you that also... James Bond!  Stand By Me is a nice Bond, Bond Between Pre-Teenagers Bond Movie.  That Settles that fine just fine.
  This guy's face isn't even Leather.  It's Other People's Faces, that's the impression I'm under.  So unless it's Maury Povich's Face, Laetherface is INACCURATE and also WHY WOULD YOU CLEAN UP THIS GUY'S ACT?  He's wearing Human Faces Over His Face, you're into this kind of movie deal, and you sell short his main attribute?  What Kinda Horrorific Movie Fan Are You?  Wonderful.  Got 2 books I gotta get back into.  We're talkin only 40% into George Carlin Book and what's the hold up GEorge Carlin is in the top 5 of Everybody Ever I Was A Fan Of.  Then tehre's only 2% into Barack Obama Book and what's the hold up... I have mixed feelings about him generally pretty positive though!  Certainly in my top 50 politicians.  Probably top 5 But Don't Tell Him That He'll Get A Swell Head!
     Wonderful, last paragraph of Act II.  Not 100% in terms of POLICY or HOW WELL THEY DID POLITICS JOB.  Just in terms of yeah this guy seems Cool that's MY Hot Take.  Also dealt with an impossible situation pretty well for eight or so years.  That's MY, "Hot Take!"  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Get to take an Act Break VERY soon.  We're talkin will watch I dunno 20 minutes of LeatherFace: The Major Motion Picture Experience between Act II and Act III!  Probably LAMB SAAG AND BONUS RICE for lunch with Act III.  Or maybe the CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA.  ALSO potentially with Bonus Rice!  Wonderful, just great.  If and when Quarantine Ends I can A) re-up with beer whenever I need to and/or B) get liquor &/or Liquor instead of beer!  I like those odds!  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.





Also Nothing Better To Do

   HEY put lunch in Oven won't be ready for another 35 minutes.  We're talkin Mixing THings UP having Cocktail Franks and WHite Castles and Potato Half Spheres.  Mixing it up by having very similar meal to Last Meal.  Last Supper.  I wonder if every time the Apostles gathered in groups of 2 or more after Last Supper they were like man I wish Jesus was here.  Probably, that'd be my guess.  How's SENATE RUNNING OFFS going.  Am I supposed to donate FIFTEEN dollars to it or would that be in bad taste.  They don't like out of towners participating in their elections!  Presumably!  Unless they're on My TEAM, Team DEMOCRATICS, in which case they'd be like sure all the help we can get!  I dunno it's a real PHILOSOPHY conundrum.  Also Threat Conundrum and Statement Conundrum.
     Wonderful.  One great piece of news is I found another NAIL CLIPPER.  WAY better than the one I've been using.  We're talkin nice comfy plastic (kinda plastic with give and take) that I push down for the sharp part to do it's Clipping (Presumably Nails).  Anyway last meal I had CHICKEN NUGGETS TOO but for today's lunch Skippin' The Nuggets!  Whattado with the rest of the day after this entry &/or lunch.  Probably more TV ON THE COMPUTER.  Maybe some MUSIC ON THE PHONE.  Maybe some FILM OUTSIDE THE WINDOW.  Maybe some READING BY TELEKINESIS.  Watched myself some Carrie II: The Sequel from the 1990's yesterday.  That was an okay movie!  I enjoyed the part where This Time Around It's Slightly Different From Carrie I: The Original Movie (as the title was when it was released in theaters originally)
     The Sopranos, huh?  I'll probably GAIN ACCESS to that within a day or two once we figured out this VERIZON TV PROVIDER PROBLEMS out.  Verizon isn't a word according to Microsoft FrontPage.  They think I meant Venison.  Yes.  I meant Venison.  The Venison TV Provider.  Anyway I tried Venison Jerky a month or so ago and Hey It Tasted Fine Just Fine.  I've been using this new old quality nail clipper too much.  Clippin' like crazy ya know how that goes.  SENATE DEBATE is tonight.  Presumably on CNN or so.  I might watch that presumably if I felt like it in the future.  Also LIVE TV appears to be working.  I dunno what's going on I don't have all the answers!  Such is life.  I'll bet my bottom dollar that dinner'll either be a delicious Egg & Bacon &/Or a delicious Froze Meal with Bonus Rice!  I'd Stake My ENTIRE REPUTATION on it!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Gonna most likely have a nice unique Non-Entry-Writing lunch!  I can, "Dig," that!  Too much nail clippings.  Gettin' down to the nub!  That sort of thing.  I think Electoral Vote is on Oh I Don't Know A WEEK FROM TOMORROW?  MONDAY?  THE NEXT NEXT MONDAY?  DECEMBER 14TH ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE YET?  Biden Been CERTIFIED for a while.  CONFIRMED BY EACH STATE HE WON BEFORE THAT.  CALLED BY MEDIA OUTLETS BEFORE THAT.  AHEAD IN COUNTING BEFORE THAT.  AHEAD IN POLLS BEFORE THAT.  BIDEN DECIDED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT.   TRUMP DECIDED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT.  BIG BANG &/OR VENISON BEFORE THAT.  The point is Biden won and we get to ELECTORALLY CONFIRM IT FOR SOME REASON.  Gotta imagine that'll go smoothly right.  Because the alternative is No Bueno!  Unless it's between CONSENTING adults.  Republican AND Democratic Adults.  IN which case WHO GOT TO YOU, YOU DEMOCRATIC, WHY YOU CHEATIN ON BEHALF OF TRUMPT.
     Last paragraph!
  Wonderful.  I think it's unfair to call Trump a Sore Loser.  He might be sore time and time again, but let's be honest, He's Just A Loser.  What else is going on and crap.  Got a nice Phone Call appointment with therapist tomorrow.  And, if not tomorrow, the next day.  And, if not the next day, really gotta look into when and where this call is gonna be occurring now that my first two guesses turned out to be inaccurate.  Anyway hey entry just about to be over.  Eat lunch maybe FIFTEEN minutes after paragraph ends.  I LIKE those odds.  Get back into some #TalesFromTheCryptFallToFrightFor in the meantime before I can get HBOMax up and running again.  Hey, great, just great.  I'll be back tomorrow presumably!

-3:04 P.M.




Saturday, December 5, 2020

I Keep Me Occupied

   Lets get right into it My Lunch Will Be Noodles + Salmon Filet.  Let's get right out of it What Else Is Going On.  Got 10 BEERS LEFT for the week.  Most likely 5 and 5 over next two days.  CONSIDERING 6 and 4!  That'd mix things up Just Fine.  You know what would be NUTS SEVEN AND THREE.  I don't even wanna think about that!  That'd be too, "crazy!"  Anyway it's my birthday in a week.  You know, the time period made famous by Bare Naked Ladies.  Is it Bare Naked Ladies or THE Bare Naked Ladies... or The Bare Naked Ladies.  I've narrowed it down to Not The One where All of, "The," is capitalized.  That's something I would have remembered.  Must have talked about this before, but the first Rock Song I registered as a, "Hit," in my life was ONE WEEK by (THE) BARE NAKED LADIES.  And it was notable because I was eight or whatever and it was like  BARE NAKED LADIES HOW IS THIS PORNOGRAPHY NAME ALLOWED.  Anyway upon Research no, "The," and no, "Space," between, "Bare And," "Naked."  So that settles that for some reason.  Hmm lemme do Experiment and type in BARENAKED to see if it is a word NOPE NO IT ISN'T THESE GUYS MUSTA FLUNKED ENGLISH OR SOMETHING.
It's like Nirvana The Album: Nevermind.  That's not one word but they made it one word.  What's going on in 90's Music Combining WORDS I DON'T LIKE IT.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Also is Nevermind an order or a comment.  Or maybe a philosophy.  Or maybe just a Fake Word that means absolutely nothing.  Just 9 letters in a row and anything beyond that is our own imagination.  Will lunch be with Act II?  Act III?  Gonna try to make it Act III but if I'm particularly hungry at Act II I'm Leaving My Options Open!  Anyway turning 32 huh.  What's that age/number all about.  Gotta lot of nice factors.  We're talkin One.  TWO.  Four.  EIGHT.  SIXTEEN.  THIRTY TWO.  AND THOSE ARE ONLY THE WHOLE NUMBER FACTORS.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  How about a Point Five and a 64.  Not whole numbers but CERTAINLY AN INTERESTING WAY TO CONCEPTUALIZE MY UPCOMING AGE.  Beatles song!  When I'm 64.  Exactly halfway there.
     I was thinking about it and I'm projecting 64 not being Solidly Old Age but just being the Very Beginning of Old Age.  30's-low 60's?  STILL JUST A REGULAR AGED YOUNG MAN.  My COMEDY and/or MUSIC Heroes can be in low 60's and they're Vital As Ever!  But in this conceptualization of age, there's no middle age.  Just straight from 63-- regular aged man, to 64-- gettin' on there in years.  I don't make the rules but I don't break the rules.  Also I do make the rules.  This entire thing is based on my own imagination.  Also lemme make this clearer.  64 isn't elderly.  You got ten years or so as Gettin' There Aged.  THen mid 70's on NOW THAT'S ELDERLY.  A lot of this is assuming some slight but noticeable increase in Mortality Age over the course of my Regular Ages and then Upper Ages and then Elderly Ages.  Assuming some slight but noticeable increases in Mortalty Age Hardcore!
     So anyway I get to do One More Of My Lives to reach Beatles Song Age and then I'm not even elderly I'm just Gettin' Up There.  Also I can't remember being a BABY.  So basically it's MORE than One More Of My Life because there's a few years of my life that doesn't register at all!  Can't be included in Conceptualizing My Life So Far!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Thirty Two, huh?  I've got MY ENTIRE LIFE AHEAD OF ME.  Except for the first 32 years.  Those are behind me empirically speaking.  But besides that EVERYTHING ELSE IS AHEAD OF ME!!!  GEORGIA DEBATE ON SUNDAY.  The Reverend Vs the Rich Lady!!!  I'm rooting for The Reverend HE'S A DEMOCRAT THAT'S THE TEAM I'M ON.  So that settles that.  Also this rich lady WHAT THE HELL USING OFFICE TO PROFIT MULTI MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?  THAT'S NOT GOOD.  Meanwhile the Reverend he's a GOOD Reverend not like all those Evil Reverends out there.  I can tell!  I think I saw a campaign ad or two from him over the last month!
     Hey last paragraph and then I get to take a break.  Wonderful.  Remember when I turned 16.  2004.  December!  Basically I did One More Of My Life Up To That Point.  What do you mean you don't remember when I turned 16.  I remember it pretty well!  Kinda assumed that memory was Universal!  Climate Czar Kerry had just lost his bid to become President Of THe United States!  It upset me!  But it all paid off because now he's spending his Golden Years being Climate Czar Kerry.  Maybe he can save the world from Climate Change!  Somebody's gotta do it!  And it's not gonna be me!  I got better things to do presumably.  I dunno what yet but I'm sure I'll figure it out!  The point is Bud Light Taste Good but Go Down To Fast.  That's one of the points, at least.  Probably another half dozen or so more points.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.




Somebody's Got To Do It

   I suppose.  I forget, though.  I wrote that title a while ago and just came back to it.  I dunno Who Is Somebody and What Is It.  And why it must be done.   Anyway what else is going on and crap.  No lunch yet!  Lunch with Act III!  I feel very strongly about this.  Starting to try to figure out what to re-binge-watch after #TheSopranosAutumnTo.  I might have to watch something new!  That sounds risky!  What if I DON'T LIKE IT.  I'd be pot committed to watching it from the moment I put it on!  Maybe THE DEUCE.  That's an HBO show as well which seems to be the common thread the last few months.  Also it's got SEX IN IT.  How TITILLATING.  Sure, pun, Tits are Titillating, why not, that'll close out this paragraph well enough.
Cool!  I really gotta call Gastroenterologist this upcoming week.  Get some Protonix!  Maybe when I'm back on the Protonix I won't need the Pepsid!  Sure, Pepsi and Pepsid, why not, that'll keep this paragraph moving along well enough.  Has it been long enough to start watching OZ again?  Not the Prison Drama, DR OZ.  Hmm is there a Streamers where I can binge watch some Maury's?  Better LTURQ.  NOPE no full episodes as far as I can tell.  Hmm is there a Streamers where I can find out Who Dr. OZ is and why people watch it.  I get the sense he's a Dr. Phil type character.  But Dr. Phil I know.  I think they had that on when I was In Hospital during Late Morning/Early Afternoon.  Figure that helps lighten the physicists workload.  Get some mental health from TV an hour a day.  No Maury, though.  That's too stimulating!
     Wonderful.  I used to like the episodes with the Problem Childs.  These kids are out of control!  Wearing Scandalous clothes.  Cursing their parents!  MAYBE HAVING SEX.  Someone has got to get these kids under control and if not Maury Then Who?  Dr Phil?  Yeah he can do that every now and again but he's got bigger fish to fry!  Presumably.  Lookin' forward to those Hearty Noodles.  Nice Hearty Filet of Salmon.  Hearty Pepsi or something.  Hopefully no Pepsid.  Already took a Pepsid today!  About 40 minutes ago!  Anticipate taking probably TWO MORE LATER TODAY, that's my best Guesstimation.  Lovecraft Company is suppoesd to be a good show.  I could watch that after #TheSopranosFallTo!  Better LTURQ to see what its really called.  Lovecraft Country.  I can watch that sure seems good is my impression.  Cool!  I'm AWARE of H.P. Lovecraft.  So I'm VERY prepared for what this show is gonna be like! 
     Maury is a show about out of control kids and spouses.  MAURY'S is a show about a diner run by semi-retired Maury Povich.  That settles that.  MAURY'S is a very, very slightly mispronounced way of saying MAURICE.  That settles that.  I dunno this entry is a snooze but at least it's an entry.  Sometimes anything is better than nothing.  Anyway where's the Height Diversity in Biden Administration.  I don't know ONE SHORT MAN that's in a prominent position!  Too low down below others' eye levels to be in a prominent position.  Up in the sky that's prominent.  Hmm best way to address this Why It's Only ROBERT REICH.  Good Progressive!  Good Experience!  Good VERY SHORT PERSON!  Checks off ALL the boxes is the point I'm trying to make!  Whose another good short person. I Dunno Michael J Fox?  But he retired from acting.  So there goes that.
     Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  I could, "Buy," Michael J Fox in a Cabinet Level Governmental Appointee Role.  Either in real life or in Movie or TV.  I sometimes forget the difference a lot of the time.  Such is life!  Anyway what else is going on.  I saw that Janet Yellen person was ACTUALLY fired for being too short by Trump.  But a) apparently she's literally just an inch shorter than the average height for ladies and b) being short as a lady isn't the same disadvantage in Professions as a man!  Need a short man for diversity sorry!  You wanna be an administration that represents The Little Guy WELL DUH YOU NEED A LITTLE GUY IN YOUR ADMINISTRATION.  It really is that simple!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!  With Lunch Presumably!




Same Time Tomorrow

   Hey I'm here again.  With lunch!  Only gotta write 50% of what I already wrote and then I can Call IT An Entry.  I was planning on Calling It An Entry ahead of time but by waiting I can be sure that it's accurate.  Gonna flip over my mattress later when entry is over.  That way only my Bed Frame gets cut up and not my wrists!  That's the way I like it.  If my wrists were cut up that would mean bad news for my life.  And I rely on My Life to Live!  Anyway I dunno lookin' forward to closing this entry up.  SNL tonight.  Maybe watch that Shudder: THe Streams Remake Of Film I Saw in January on Shudders: The Streams.  It's called CASTLE FREAK: THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE.  It takes place mostly in a Castle and at least one of the characters is Some Sort Of Freak!
     Wonderful.  Whattado for dinner tonight.  HEY I got those Mini Cocktail Franks.  Well, not mini cocktail franks.  Regular sized cocktail franks.  That are mini regular hot dogs.  Mini cocktail franks, that sound enticing, though.  Just half a bite things.  Anyway, pair that with some combination of chicken nuggets, White Castles, &/Or Frenched Fries/Half Potato Spheres.  Anyway how's #TheSopranosAutumnTo going.  Turns out Vito is gay!  I saw that coming based on Having Seen This Half A Dozen Times Before.  Anyway watching Final Season of Soprano, I kinda remember coming home during certain weekends of NYU FRESHMAN YEAR to binge watch however many Sopranos each time, POSSIBLY while smoking weed for the last batch?  Seems like fun.  I'd like to do that again!  Smoke weed!  And come home!  From NYU!  Freshman!  Year!  Oh well such is life can't go backward.  Maybe we can.  I dunno the schematics of that yet though.  I know we can go forward.  That's obvious enough.
     Three paragraphs to go!  Got them Tortilla Chips: Tostitos but NOT BITE SIZED REGULAR SIZED.  A regular sized chip is 20 calories.  Bit sized was around 6.  WTF I CAN'T STAND THESE REGULAR SIZED CHIPS THEY'RE DELICIOUS BUT AT WHAT COST?  About more than 3x the amount of calories that's what cost!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Is The Sopranos Crew the same level as New York?  I mean are they actually equal in terms of Money Making and Fighting Capacity.  I've heard some disputing claims on that In The Episodes.  And I dunno logically I can see a case being made either way based on my limited understanding about Mafia Organized Crime.  On the one hand New York is a lot BIGGER and more ECONOMY as Jersey.  On the other hand maybe Jersey Likes Mafia for some reason and Mafia can be very powerful in Jersey.  I DUNNO!
     Penultimate paragraph!  I can, "Dig," a dinner centered around Franks.  Let's see.  Six Franks, 1 White Castle, 3 nuggets, and some half spheres of potato.  Sounds about right!  Alright just finished lunch.  I like those odds!  If I don't drink any more beer today, I can have 4 tomorrow and 4 on Monday.  Get to stretch out the Drinking Week an extra day!  On the other hand might as well drink some more today whose gonna stop me you?  Whatever.  Take some time to chill out when the entry is over!  Wait until after I Flip Over Mattress to drink Beer #3!  That's right more beer today!  Whose gonna st... oh we already covered this.  Wonderful.  It must be very scary to see Maury Povich's Face on HD TV before they started applying makeup to accommodate for HD TV.  That's my Hot Take off the Top Of My Head.
     Last paragraph!  I could theoretically switch Mattresses with the one in my Brother's Old Room.  Same bed same mattress!  But so far this idea has yet to gain traction with my Parental Units.  They think there's better ways to go about this!  And the short term solution is just flip over mattress.  Whatever!  I'm a flexible guy!  I'll sleep on the floor if I have to!  SLEEP ON THE FLOOR LIKE A DOG!  Or more accurately In My Mind sleep on the floor like some guy visiting his friends for a few days or something.  Crashin' on the floor.  They either have no couch or someone else is already sleeping on the couch.  So the point is I may be sleeping on the floor but its all in the name of Good Friends.  I forget what I was talking about.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:52 P.M.



Friday, December 4, 2020

Write An Entry

   If I insist.  I'M TOO HUNGRY.  I had a niec HEARTY breakfast of Chocolate CupCake abuot 2, 2.5 hours ago.  Just had a nice HEARTY Buffalo Wing.  That's too much for now!  I can't eat more!  I can drink coffee I guess and soda!  That'll do the trick Hopefully Enough.  Anyway got nice Communal Meat'd Loaf tonight.  What other kind of Food & Drink stuff can I write to finish this paragraph.  Gotta stay with the same topic!  Lunch I think'll be Egg and Bagel and Bacon.  Alternate lunch I'm considering is Noodles + Salmon.  Gonna start a beer most likely sometime within Act I of this entry: The Act We're In Right Now.  Anyway.  Unemployment Numbers came out today!  My impression is NO IMPROVEMENT FROM LAST MONTH.  Also IMO we should be able to have A NEGATIVE unemployment rate.  Someone with two jobs?  DOUBLE EMPLOYMENT.  Conjoined Twins who both have jobs?  DOUBLE EMPLOYMENT.  That's an interesting conundrum.  What do conjoined Twins do for a living.  I know IN MOVIES sometimes they run bars &/or want to be actors.  Obviously IN REAL LIFE they have great pre-requisites for Freak Shows.  I dunno I forget what I was talking about. 
The point is you can't have one conjoined twin who works in an office and another one who is a police officer.  Wouldn't work!  Oh well that's the life they chose.  Presumably.  There's offices in Police Departments.  I guess so.  Presumably!  I IMAGINE there would be.  Remember those few months where Police committed thousands of acts of violence on innocent people ON VIDEO and faced absolutely no consequences and in then in the end it'll just be remembered by LOL 2020 WAS WEIRD RIGHT.  Seems to check out.  Anyway if I wanted to Counter-Slogan #DefundthePolice Why It's Only #DefEndThePolice. DEF END?  I'M ON BOARD WITH THAT TOO FROM THE OTHER SIDE.  We DEFINITELY SHOULD End the Police.  Originally the pro-police meant Defend.  So basically DefEndThePolice is a BIPARTISAN hashtag that we should all get on board with!  Also in retrospect whats so horrible about #DefundThePolice.  Police assault people all over on video with no consequence.  And we're supposed to be like,  THE WORD DEFUND?  WHAT IS THIS, ANARCHY?!?!?!
     Anyway, what else is going on.  Stomach is settlin'!  I can see myself Not Eating Lunch for another 1.5, 2 hours or so.  I like those odds!  What is so scary to people about Defunding Police.  OH NO NOW ALL THOSE PEOPLE WAITING TO MURDER ME ARE GONNA GET A FREE PASS.  I dunno time to move on Re: Topics.  Even then, though!  You liked the movie THE PURGE but if its real life SUDDENLY YOU'RE NOT ON BOARD.  Maybe its a guilty conscience type thing.  Hmm if police were defunded I PERSONALLY would do lots of crimes, so I certainly can't trust OTHERS to not commit crimes.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Bagel Egg And Bacon-- do I have the Less Hearty Bagel or the Hearty Bagel.  Still dunno!  Up In The Air!
     Cool.  Did my vote ever get counted Re: Election?  I think they SAID they counted at least A LOT of Queens NY votes.  But my Dad said his and my Mom's votes hadn't been counted yet or something.  This info is A Week Old!  I didn't keep track of the Sweepstakes Code to check up on my Vote's Progress so I can only go by My Parents Vote Status and assume its most likely the same as mine.  Anyway more than half way through the episodes of #TheSopranosAutumnTo where Tony Soprano is DeathDreamin'.  One thing that always intrigued me about dreaming In Real Life is how does the dream know how long your sleep will be.  Personally speaking, it's never like you're only a third into What The Dream Is About and then you wake up.  I mean, you can wake up mid-plot-point, sure.  Rarely the other way.  You never just dream a cinematic ending and every wraps up all nicely and then you immediately wake up feeling refreshed and like yep another nice dream.  But just in getting a sense of what your dream is, its never like All the plot is all plotting out I see where this is go-- and then you wake up.  You can wake up mid plot point in SECOND ACT or THIRD ACT of dream but not FIRST ACT is the point I think I'm trying to make!  I forget what I was talking about.  Dreams aren't universal.  Maybe you experience Dreams Different.
  What else is going on and crap.  HEY on Shudder: The Streams, there's a re-make of a Classic Horrific Movie I watched earlier this year pre-Pandemic.  I can watch that because I like Streams and Horrific Film Movies.  Also a solid 50% of the movies I binged on this Streams are definitely Re-watchable.  So I got all that going for me is the point.  Also if Fire Fighters were going around beating up white people and killing black and brown people I'd Probably Use Defunding Them as leverage, too!  Is Defund The Police just for leverage.  Nope, Probably Not!  But does it work as leverage?  Sure if you played your cards right WHICH YOU DIDN'T.  Oh well such is life.   Hey I get to take a break any minute now.  Well, not minutes that have already happened.  Or minutes way off in the distant future.  Mostly THIS MINUTE or at most NEXT MINUTE is the impression I'm getting.  Hey how about that I'll be back.




Might As Well

   Look the point is I'll have lunch with Act III.  Look the point is I'll have Less Hearty Bagel with Egg and Bacon.  Look the pont is I'm finishing a Single Serving Bag of Pretzels I ate 80% of last night.  Look that's all the points there are.  Time to move on to non-points!  HEY I saw the house (America House of Representatives) passed OVERWHELMINGLY a GOOD Marijuana bill.  Based on The Headline which is all I care to research for now I don't THINK it's a Legalize It Bill but rather a Decriminalize It &/or expunge records of people convicted of marijuana &/or Release Them From Prisons &/or clarify that it's legal in states that HAVE legalized it and isn't contradicting Federal Rules.  So it's good but I STILL CAN'T SMOKE MARIJUANA which for ME is a negative in ANY Congressional Bill.
      That's the main criteria I have when considering if Any Bill is good for me.  Does it lead to me smoking marijuana?  NO?  Well wake me up when they get to that.  Also sure it's possible they legalize marijuana and I try it and am like ya know what yeah not for me anymore!  But I'd like to TRY IT is the point.  Anyway AJ Soprano isn't as Dumb as I thought he was.  He's just a sensitive kid!  And, Sure, Not a hard worker!  Not particularly intelligent re: intelligence HOWEVER he gets EMOTIONAL and SOCIAL intelligence just fine.  So GET OFF HIS BACK HE'S TRYING HIS BEST.  The point is Bud Light TASTES fine but I go through it more quickly for some reason.  Which is a BIG factor in What Beer Should I Get.  How long it takes me to go through it.  ANyway.  In places Marijuana is legal is it available to only 21+ or 18+.  My guess probably 21+ but I have NO WAY OF KNOWING. Except for checking the internet.  I think the internet PROBABLY knows this.  Better LTURQ.  Seems to be 21+ for Recreation and 18+ for Medical GENERALLY NOT EVERYWHERE BUT THAT'S THE MOST COMMON.   Which is good because all 18-21 year olds Have Medical Bodies so they should be covered okay Re: My Understanding of Physiology. 
     What else is going on and crap.  Also if its good for you medically WHY 18+?  Hmm this'll help you with your symptoms but it might also make you feel good.  You need to be an adult to feel good.  Hang in there you'll reach 18 before ya know it!  Ya know that sort of thing.  Less Hearty Bagel.  Oh well!  Probably finishing the Bacon I got which wasn't that great.  So might as well finish bacon with less hearty bagel and use Hearty Bagel for Egg without Bacon.  To even things out.  Makes a lot of sense to me is the point I'm trying to make.  Marijuana Bagels.  Why are all Marijuana Edibles Sweets.  Why can't I have a Marijuana Bagel or something.  I get CARBOHYDRATES.  You can't put Marijuana in a steak!  But you could put it in a bagel I feel I HOPE SO at least.  Anyway!  I've never had an edible!  I'm not ashamed to say it!  Why would that be a source of shame!  Makes no sense!
     Wonderful.  I may have never even used one of those Big Bongs.  Which is my marijuana parody of the beginning of the universe.  But anyway, yeah!  Closest I came was using water bottles and/or vodka bottles I forget.  But none of those foot long calendars specifically for smoking or anything like that.  I'M ASHAMED TO SAY IT.  WHY MUST YOU JUDGE ME SO.  Hmm now that I think about it, just cracked this code-- I only want to smoke marijuana because IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD.  Pretty selfish of me!  I dunno that sort of thing what else is going on and crap.  ALSO if it's legalized I'd feel good knowing that it's making other people feel good.  I'd be feeling EXPONENTIALLY GOOD.  Ya know that sort of thing.  One more paragraph of Act II.  What a wonderful entry I got goin'.
     Okay, sure.  Maybe have some Noodles and Salmon after all.  I dunno yet it could go either way!  What's another way to have a negative unemployment rate.  Something like Toddlers ALREADY HAVE JOBS GUARANTEED even before they enter the workforce 15-20 years later.  That seems to check out.  I'll eat some marijuana noodles with some marijuana salmon.  Why not.  Can you taste marijuana at all in Cookies and Cakes and Candies.  My guess is No but on the other hand Some People Would Like That so Why Not?  Anyway got a Medication Delivery a few days ago from Pharmacy and THEY THREW IN A CAN OF COOKIES FOR FREE.  I can't WAIT to see what kind of cookies are in this can.  Parents wanted to let it Settle for a few days so Coronavirus Will Go Away.  But it's closing in on the moment I get to see what these cookies are all about.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Read An Entry

   Finished parts of #TheSopranosAutumnTo with Tony AT DEATH'S DOOR as Kevin Finnerty.  SEE YOU IN HELL KEVIN FINNERTY.  Anyway got lunch going on.  We're talkin Less Hearty Bagel WITH rest of Frozen Bacon.  Anyway is it possible that Federal Decriminilization of Marijuana leads to more states all-out legalizing it?  I hope so!  Because that's what I'd like to happen In My State.  New York State.  Marijuana.  Legalized.  So I can get it without any sort of hassle!  Both from THE LAW and from MY PARENTS.  And also from LOGISTICS of figuring out how to get it ILLEGALLY.  I don't have any, "Connections!"  I used to be in college and around people who smoked marijuana living in NYC and in an NYU dorm... STILL HAD NO CONNECTIONS.  The closest thing I had to a connection was a kid who went to Stuy who lived in Bronx who I didn't really know but I copped from a few times with ANOTHER person who went to Stuy and went with me the few times I copped!  Everything else (and I guess that included) relied on other people to cop for me.  Such is life!
     What else is going on.
  Meat'd Loaf for dinner tonight.  One or two Dinner Rolls to pair with it because sandwich meatloaf is DELICIOUS.  Some half spheres of potato.  Anyway there's a big correlation between if/when I smoke weed and if/when I start another project of music.  I'm not PROUD of it but I ACKNOWLEDGE it.  Anyway saw some Sopranos eating Pizza Pie in the last episode.  And I was like hey I remember eating Pizza Pie.  Pizza Regular Pizza.  Not French'd Breat or Hot'd Pocket or Dijornio: In Some Respects As Good As Delivery But Overall Not Really.  We're talkin' in a few months I can get STRAIGHT UP EXCELLENT MEDIOCRE PIZZA.  ANY TOPPING I WANT.  The SKY IS THE LIMIT.  Good thing no one ever told JFK that phrase.  It would have stunted our MOON PROJECT from the getgo!
Wonderful.  I'm under the impression Excellent Mediocre Pizza is more or less a NY thing.  Although I"m gonna be honest I'm such a big proponent of Pizza if there's a third rate Pizzeria in whatever suburb or whatever you're living in I'D FIND THAT EXCELLENT MEDIOCRE, TOO.  It's just that in NYC the excellent mediocre is even MORE excellent despite its mediocrity!  Wonderful that's great just great.  If we're calling Limited-Menu Italian Restaurants Pizzerias I'm in favor of calling Limited-Menu Delis Sandwich Shops.  I feel like it's possible that phrase has been used here and there, but whether it has or not, I think we should START/CONTINUE using that phrase these days or something.  Wonderful.  I forget what I was talking about.  Get high and eat pizza.  That's the moral of the story I've gathered from this entry.  Oh, but first, DEFUND THEM POLICE.  Or re-allocate the funds, I dunno.  Change the culture somehow, re-allocate the funds, I dunno I don't have the answers!  But the status quo is NOT. OH.  KAY.
Wonderful, two more paragraphs to go.  Man oh man what are these cookies all about.  They had pictures of them on the can but I don't 100%, "Buy," those pictures of cookies are representative of the cookies inside the can.  And even if they are the pictures aren't that great I need to see the actual cookies with my own two peepers.  Anyway instead of 18 beers over 5 days, this week it's gonna be 18 beers over 4 days.  Such is the consequence of getting Bud Light: The Beer That Doesn't Last As Long For Me At Least This Specific Week.  Anyway James Gandolfini is dead in real life.  That's a shame.  One can only imagine he died of a heart attack and/or stroke.  Better LTURQ.  Yep Heart Attack.  And he was only I wanna say FIFTY years old?  LMLTURQ.  YEP FIFTY ONE I WAS VERY CLOSE.  So in the end his death Meant SOMETHING.  It meant I accurately estimated his Date Of Death.  Took a while to get there but that's the payoff, I guess!
     Last paragraph.  What else is going on and crap.  Dinner is in about four hours from this very minute.  I like those odds.  I wonder if when James Gandolfini dies, he will be judged for Tony Soprano's sins.  It doesn't SEEM fair but maybe that's how it works???  I dunno, I don't have all the answers.  HOUSE VOTES TO DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA BUT LEGISLATION IS LIKELY DOOMED IN THE SENATE?!?!  DITCH MITCH that's the slogan I Must Have Heard Somewhere I'm Not Clever Enough To Come Up WIth It All By My Lonesome!  Oh well such is life the good news is the bill doesn't really effect me, only people worse off than me.  For example those who are in jail for selling it/maybe even just using it.  I guess they deserve to stay in prison for some reason no one is really sure of???  I don't have all the details!  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll see you folks tomorrow!

-2:57 P.M.




Thursday, December 3, 2020

Makes Me Laugh

   Si.  That means, "Yes,"  In SpaniardSpeak.  At what point in Future History, assuming everything else stays the same, does English: The Language start being referred to as American.  My guess?  WE'RE ALREADY THERE!!!!  We don't know it ourselves but I'm betting across the globe they talk about English like Speaking American.  If only that insight were interesting or funny.  Oh Well CAN'T WIN 'EM ALL!  Anyway Choresiest Morning of the week is DUNZO.  Walked & Got Groceries & Sanitized Groceries.  SEE YOU IN HELL NEXT WEEK!  I MEAN, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK, HELLISH MORNING!  I MEAN, MEET ME IN THE MORNING, BOB DYLAN!  Bob Dylan is a Hellion.  I think reasonable people could agree on that.  Got Bud Light for first time in possibly HALF A YEAR OR MORE.  Possibly less.  Possibly... well, that covers all the bases.  HMM that tastes INTERESTING.
    Fooled ya!
  Not very interesting at all.  It's all relative though.  Looks like Democrats got GOOD SHOT in Georgia Runnies.  I think the instinct among Political Minded people re: Runnnies in Georgia is well Republicans are sabotaging themselves might as well get out of the way!  NOPE!  We gotta GET IN THERE.  IT COULD EB A SCAM TO GET US COMPLACENT.  Gotta GET IN THERE and REALLY GET IN THERE and call them RUNNIES its like if Run Offs were a yearly elected governmental phenomenon in Britain they might call 'em RUNNIES and that's what I'm proposing we call them HERE and NOW. Hmm Other Countries that are divided specifically into, "States."  No synonyms I wanna know other UNITED states.  I don't really wanna know that.  I thought about wanting to know it, even made some preliminary steps to research it as if I cared about the results.  Nope.  Don't really wanna know it!  Not at all!  So far BAD entry but there's still ample time to make up for lost ground.  In my research I saw Delaware was the first state.  That seems like a lie.  Probably Massechusets.  Or perhaps Virginia.  Philadelphia, maybe-- not Pennsylvania but for some reason Philadelphia itself.  South Carolina.  Anyway we all know about South Carolina and we all know about North Carolina.  Gotta imagine there's a township Carolina that is right on the border and doesn't belong to either state.  We MUST imagine it! 
     Wonderful.  Likely Lunch is Salmon and Rice.  Not a lot of options particularly enthusing me so might as well get Some Salmon out of the way.  Anyway, jeez, what else is going on and crap.  My BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY is in Oh I Don't Know NINE DAYS.  When did The Commoner start to celebrate birthdays.  I mean, in Feudalism, say in the 1400's, was there ever anyone who is like THIS DAY IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY I WAS BORN and then someone slapped them on the face and went WHAT IS THIS FRIVOLOUSNESS.  Also what are Feudalism People STUPID can't they see THIS SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING OUT TO THEIR ADVANTAGE ONE BITAlso The truth is Feudal Commoners can't afford CALENDARS.  Who the hell KNOWS what day it is.  Also how did they have calendars before Printing Press.  I mean they must have had calendars in Public Service Departments and or/rich people.  But each calendar musta been made uniquely!  Sounds like a hassle!  Most of my knowledge about European Middle Ages Feudalism comes from ARMY OF DARKNESS.
Yep that seems to check out.  It's true, though.  It's such a shame there were so many wars In Feudalism between people when we could have been ALLYING All People to Fight The Deadites!  Such a shame.  I saw the headline and MAYBE the lede to a story a week or two ago about Real Life Mafia People who were arrested or brought up on charges or whatever, and the point is, NOT IMPRESSED WITH THESE GUYS' NAMES.  I guess that's a SMART thing to do-- give yourself a boring generic name so that it doesn't sound as high-up... but also not good for Accumulating Respect among other members of the Criminal Underworld.  Joey Legs.  Something like that.  WHATTA SNOOZE.  JOEY?  YEAH I'VE SEEN THAT BEFORE.  LEGS?  EVERYONE'S GOT LEGS YOU AIN'T SHOWIN ME ANYTHING SPECIAL WITH THIS NAME.  Hmm.  Really hope there wasn't actually a Joey Legs exactly.  Cause I pissed off this one Hypothetical Real Person unnecessarily.  Oh well such is life.
     Hey I get to take a break after this paragraph!  Finished Bud Light #1.  All in all kinda less pronounced taste-- not much of a taste at all-- but being honest kinda tastes BETTER that way.  Less taste is better taste.  Take that to the bank!  HOW OLD IS TONY SOPRANO?  My guess is he STARTS OUT early 40's or mid 40's.  Then Progresses In Age THE SAME WAY YOU OR I MIGHT.  LMLTURQ. HMM INTERESTING STUFF he was BUT AROUND 40 when The Sopranos Starts.  That's great I only have eight years until I'm a FAT SLOB like Tony Soprano.  Because other than age Tony Soprano is the closest I am to a person Real or Fiction.  You know on account of he's the main character of the thing I've been primarily watching the last two weeks?  That sort of thing.  I'll be back in a little bit.




No I'm Not

   Probably not at least.  What else is going on in the wide world of crap.  Beer #2 and whatnot.  Tastes Great.  Light Crisp Taste!  Beyond George McFly any other people EVER in WORLD HISTORY named Crispen?  My guess?  DEFINITELY.  My guess what have been I DUNNO but then I googled it and saw Yeah It's a Legit Albeit Uncommon Name.  So then my guess POST RESEARCH became DEFINITELY.  Still a guess!  It's called GUESSTIMATING with Added Data It's ALLOWED.  Watched The Back TO The Future Ride on Youtube two nights ago.  Not just the 4 minutes where its the ride itself, but also the 15 minutes of back-story that you see in bits and pieces while waiting on lines.  Also NOT VERY COMPELLING DRAMA.  Kinda DUMB if you ask me.  Anyway the point is the REAL Back To The Future Motion Capture Ride where its all shaky, why, it's only Just Make It A Michael J Fox Ride.  You sit in a motion simulation capturer and instead of being in the Back To The Future Universe its just Being Michael J Fox as if it were a Being John Malcovich.  Ya know on account of Parkinsons.  Speaking of Parkinsons, Barr has been in the news lately.  And it reminded me of Epstein Barr.  And Epstein was in the news a year or two back.  So Epstein Barr: Re Current Events.  Is THAT anything?
Okay.  Not a lot of nicknames in The Sopranos.  Junior is the first that comes to mind and Presumably he was just A JUNIOR.  Everyone pretty much just got regular names.  So basically Not Very Realistic c'mon lets talk about it.  When I was googling States I saw repeatedly stuff on google like why does America have 52 states?  Several areas of Google Results HEAVILY implied America was made up of 52 states.  And I Was like Hmm What The Hell Did I Miss?  Coulda just been some WEB CODE MISFIRING.  Could be some GOOGLE PRANKSTERS.  Could be I dunno maybe we have 52 states now.  My first thought was well I know they're not REALLY states but maybe they're counting DC and Puerto Rico now for some reason?  I dunno WHY.  I'm sure Google has ITS REASONS I'M NOT HERE TO SAY I'M ANY BETTER THAN GOOGLE.  GOOGLE IS ONE OF THE SMARTEST PERSONS ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!
What kind of HORRIFIC movie can I watch during next break &/or when entry is over.  LMLTURQ.  Hmm got some decent options out there don't you worry about me.  I dunno maybe you should worry about me.  That'd make me feel Fine Just Fine knowing people be lookin' out for me In Their Head.  Couldn't HURT.  Not me, at least.  Could hurt your Brain Health Happiness but then if that happens just come to terms with hey I'll be okay.  Your worrying inevitably will pay off in dividends because I'll Be Okay so ultimately Nothing To Worry About AND Your Worrying has Accomplished A Lot!  Presumably this paragraph makes sense for some reason no one is really sure of.  Anyway almost slit my wrists on my mattress 2 nights ago.  I've mentioned before there's some metal springs or something poking out of mattress.  Woke up yesterday morning with a Legit cut NO MORE THAN 2 INCHES above where Wrist Cutting would have been.  Up the hand a bit.  But VERY CLOSE.  Gotta wonder if that's a thing in Human History.  Sleep Suicides.  WONDER IT!  I WISH I COULD WONDER IT, NO TIME THOUGH.
     Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  MAN OH MAN I cn watch the Tales From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II: THE ONE WITH DENNIS HOPPER &/OR A RADIO STATION OR SOMETHING on STARZ: THE STREAMER.  I've only seen that TWO TIMES maybe THREE in my life.  I'll watch that sucker Next Up sure.  So I got that to look forward towards IMMEDIATELY.  Only less than 2 paragraphs to write then IT'S BEGUN.  I like it when they announce people Biden is adding to his Super Team.  Because I know hey in about 8-14 hours I will find out whether this is good or not.  You know, whether it's Good Enough or Mediocre.  I've narrowed down my expectations for Politics re: Joe Biden Super Team to those two things.  For the short term!  Maybe later on he adds an A+ person or a F- person.  Rahm Emanuel would be a plausible example of an F- person.  But FOR NOW I'm operating under the assumption it's mostly gonna overall be between the boundaries of Mediocre and Good Enough.  Prove me wrong!  In the good direction!  Not the other direction!  That'd be WORSE.  Or maybe, what you can do, is SOMETIMES in good direction and SOMETIMES bad direction but overall it AVERAGES OUT Slightly More In The Good Direction!  Huh.  How About That!
What else is going on and crap.  You know if there weren't' any of these Half Dozen Chainsaw Massacres documented on Film the Texas Electorate would be COMPLETELY different.  All these Texas Chainsaw Massacres ADD UP and its mostly YOUNG people getting killed, mostly LIBERAL people if I had to guess... seems like without any Chainsaw Massacres BETO MIGHT HAVE WON THE STATE.  Whattado with dinner.  Lunch'll be the Salmon.  Dinner?  I dunno!  Corn't Beef Sandwich maybe?  Kinda leaning towards a Reddish Meat.  Either Corn'd Beef, or maybe Meatloaf (would have to break from Tradition of eating it communally!), maybe some beef sirloin (Had some yesterday, though!), WHITE CASTLE BURGERS (but just got new fresh food why eat Freezer Food?).  The point is yeah sure lots of stuff to consider but in the mean time.  I dunno.  I get to take a break in 15 seconds and then we'll see what's up.  Be back in a bit!





So Bad

   Well here I am.  Been A Bit and now I'm Back.  Started watching that Massacre Re: Texas Chainsaws movie during break and it wasn't so great!  Anyway pretty much best case scenerio for dinner tonight is Communal Meat'd Loaf but that's out of my hands!  Up to the rest of the community!  My Dad and my Mom!  Anyway TOBE HOOPER directed this movie too.  He directed POLTERGEIST.  What kinda person was I confusing him with in the 2000's that had a similiar name.  I dunno.  On the one hand I might look that up, but, on the other hand, I don't really care enough to do much of anything.  What is it about Texas that makes Chainsaw Massacres more likely than in any other state.  I'd be interested enough to loko that up except for the fact I don't think I'd get any good research done, internet would have no idea!
   I think I saw a thing on Internet where there's a new Amusement Park About Nintendo in Japan?  That sounds AWESOME.  I get to LIVE OUT my fantasy of being LUIGI: MARIO'S SIDEKICK.  Also lets be honest Yes we all know Luigi is Mario's Brother and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND... but in the end.. still would rather BE Luigi.  Rather Be WITH Luigi.  Rather ANYTHING TO DO with Luigi as opposed to Mario.  Also Yoshi is fun but HOW MANY TIMES DOES THIS DINOSAUR NEED TO LAY AN EGG.  You play as Yoshi in Super Smash Brothers, he's laying an egg a dozen tims EASY over a 10 minute period.  Something's wrong with Yoshi's hormones!  Get it together!  First best option is Meat'd Loaf, 2nd best MAYBE CORNED BEEF SANDWICH?  Gotta get it out of the way, just like with Salmon.
     Cool.  I need to go do the Mario Kart Racing and try being DONKEY KONG of BOWSER to see if there's any benefits to choosing those characters.  Obviously the Bulkier the Race Character, the slower it'll go.  But, in retrospect, they probably have other Racing Attributes that made them worthwhile to make up for it.  Never even considered it!  Maybe they turn corners easterly.  Maybe they're more likely to hit people with shells or something.  SOMETHIN gotta be going on beyond just ok Luigi and Yoshi have already been taken whats the LEAST BAD character left I can take.  I dunno.  I only have to write 2 more paragraphs, I know that much!
     Cool.  LOL I Only have 50% of the amount of Salmon I would have if I ordered Salmon and hadn't eaten any yet.  LOL only 66% Brown Rice Left under same circumstances.  I dunno what can I say to finish this entry.  Whatta do when entry is finished!  Sopranos or Massacres.  Anyway gotta do some laundry.  By which I mean bring down clothes and encourage my mother do to some laundry.  Hmm Super Mario World JAPAN, seems like they'd have the technology to do a REAL LIFE MARIO KART.  I mean, a motion simulator one.  But that's as real life as you're gonna get!  SOUNDS LIKE FUN WHERE DO I INVEST.  Probably in Japan.  That'd be my first guess.  Educated Guess. A reallll Guesstimate.
     Last paragraph!  Just finished Beer #3.  Seems like Bud Lights go a lot quicker than Other Beers.  Coincidence or not, I dunno yet!  Not enough SAMPLE SIZE.  Wasn't paying too much attention to first 8 minutes of Texas II Chainsaw II Massacre but someone was driving Texas Chainsaw Massacre around in a car and he was using his chainsaw to massacre a neighboring vehicle and perhaps cutting the people within neighboring vehicle up in the process?  Also is this chainsaw run on BATTERIES?  It's not plugged in, it'd have to have an ENORMOUS cord for him to run around all over the place if it were plugged in... maybe its solar powered or something?  Is the technology there yet In Real Life?  Solar Powered Texas Chainsaw Massacres?  I dunno whatever this entry is over.  See ya later.

-2:21 P.M.




Wednesday, December 2, 2020

All These Titles!  And FOR WHAT!

   Sittin on my chair.  Adjustable height.  Unless it fits some sort of Desk Area exactly, what kind of idiot is using Any Chair Height that isn't ALl The Way Down or All The Way Up.  I GET if you're sitting at the kind of desk where there's room for your legs/chair to be tucked in, FINE.  But if not is anyone going yeah All The Way Up Is Okay, All The Way Down is Pretty Good... I've really found 60% All The Way Up is THE SWEET SPOT, THOUGH!  Why does this upset me.  WHy is this an issue!  WHat underlying mental health programs are betrayed by me by talking about this.  Don't wanna be too high or too low.  IS THAT SO WRONG.  YES YES IN MY OPINION YES it Is!  That's the point I've been trying to make.  Live and learn, its not psychotherapy but I figured out some important life lessons through talking it out it so THAT'S the point.
Last day of Super Market Order.  Re-up omming tomorrow!  Thinkin' Noodles + Nuggets for lunch.  SIrloin + Eggs for dinner.  Nothing plus nothing -- no other meal today.  Also is it possible CHAMP is a double agent working for The Republicans.  Champ.  The dog that injured President Soon To Be Biden.  Maybe it's like an THE OMEN thing.  The dog didn't really do it on purpose-- the dog doesn't know that its evil yet, nor that it has Powers-- but lets face it Evil Was AFOOT.  AND NOW BIDEN STUCK BEING AFOOT NO AFEET FOR HIM FOR A COUPLE WEEKS.  He was outstanding talking to TV yesterday about his team of Economy Friends.  Who I am solidly considering the BETTER of Good Enough People compared to Mediocre People.  Whichever one you prefer-- that's how I'm considering them!  Whatta SELL OUT I am.  Yep that seems to check out.
     Okay.  For some reason I'm leaning towards getting BUD LIGHT for Next Week Beer.  Coors Light &/Or Miller Lite is the exact same thing but 25% less calories.  But I WANT TO MIX IT UP.  I might be saddling myself with an extra I don't know FOUR HUNDRED CALORIES over the week?  But My Life Is Getting Mixed Up Variety Is The Spice Of Life.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Looks like Biden is considering ancelling student debt.  Look, I've heard of Canceling CULTURE but STUDENT DEBT THIS IS RIDICULOUS.  Hmm my internet computer jeyboard is starting to misfire.  I dunno yet if its the machine or my fingerrs. I think its my fingers I just suffered a small Hand Stroke.  Maybe it'll be 100% better by the end of this sentence (So far its been pretty good no mistakes at all lately).
     ... Sweet.  I'd rather have a temporary hand stroke than have to get a new computer.  I just got this one!  Oh, right.  Canceling Student Debt.  I'm 100% for it even though it will not effect me.  Because its a good thing to do!  Whih would help lots of other people!  In a meaningful way!  And also would be good for the economy overall even beyond the people who it immediately helps!  Also I'm FOR canceling culture because that means Suddenly They Need A Brand New Culture and whose gonna fill that void Why It's Just ME I CAN DO IT I'LL REPLACE CULTURE FOR YA.  I think it was the letter C that was messing me up.  Wait, no.  Random points on the left side of the Letters Part Of The Keyboard.  I'll have to keep you updated on this as this situation progresses!
Okay.  If I had a choice where they could help Exactly The Same Amount Of People to The Exact Same Degree with THe Exact Same Positive effect on overall economy/society, sure I'd rather they do something where it personally benefits me.  Like that Beatles song.  For the benefit of Dr. Kite.  You know its a Beatles song.  Wind is for the benefit of kites.  Without winds good luck getting that kite to do anything at all!  Never had a kite when I was a kid.  I feel like I really missed out!  Look at that thing in the air.  Isn't this fun.  Alright gonna chase after this thing in the air without keeping track of where I am on the gr-- ooop got run over by a truck.  Hope my parents bury me in Pet Cemetery!  I'll be back in a little bit.




Oh Yeah That Checks Out

   LEFT SIDE CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK REGULAR WORDS BUT SOME OF LETTERS ARE ON LEFT SIDE yep so far seems to be going okay.  Looks like my best GUESSTIMATE (REGULAR ESTIMATES BE DAMNED!) Parents might be able to get Vaccine February?  March?  JAnuary if we're lucky?  Maybe April if we're unlucky?  Maybe October if Shit happens.  Maybe last year if Time Travel works TO OUR ADVANTAGE.  And anyway off the top of my dome I could get it roughly 2 months after parents.  And once they get vaccine I can start takin' walks again.  I be Bein Careful For THEMS Benefit (Them and Professor KITE).  So the point is Hey QUARTER ONE OR QUARTER TWO.  I realized after being Anti-Quarters during Years oh this is like a Financial Thing.  This is what they say when they're selling stocks or making corporate board room decisions.  2nd Quarter 2021.  I Still don't LIKE IT but now I guess I GET it.
     Cool.  I assume it's January 1- March 30th is one quarter.  Sounds like the shortest quarter of a year.  Sure it ROUNDS UP to a quarter and it is COLLOQUIALLY a quarter but lets be honest NOT EXACTLY A QUARTER.  The point is HOPEFULLY Quarter One Vaccines for my Parents and Quarter Two for ME.  Who knows what's gonna happen if you told me last year I'd be getting a quarantine vaccine I'd be like Huh who are you AND WHY ARE YOU WEARING SUCH STRANGE FUTURE CLOTHES.  I dunno what's going on anymore.  No problems with keyboard, though, so that's pretty good.  Whattado with the rest of the day.  Finalize Super Market Delivery.  ANTICIPATE resuming drinking tomorrow.  Take some sort of BATH or SHOWER.  How are the Baathhs of Iraq doing.  There's the Sunni.  There's the Shia.  There's the Kurds.  I think the Baathhs were the people who enjoyed Saddam Hussein and overlapped mostly with the Sunni.  Better LTURQ.  YEP SEEMS TO mostly CHECK OUT.
     Remember the Iraq War.  Apparently I do Just A Bit!  We got that going for us is the point.  I've seen MOVIES about war.  There was the movie THE HILLS HAVE EYES II which is about a VERY VERY low level introductory training program for Army People and they're stranded in the desert and Evil Mutated Cannibals are giving these Entry-Level Army People MORE THAN THEY BARGAINED FOR.  So that's what I know about War.  Decent movie!  Feel Like I saw that one in theater!  LMLTURQ.. if it was released in 2007 I'm almost certain this is the one I saw...  YEP.  Anyway saw this HIGH with three or five friends.  GOOD TIMES.  Obviously, I was High.  ON MARIJUANA.
Cool!  I was watching #TheSopranosAtSomePointFinalizeThisHashTag and its like in 2001 and they're talkin' about HD-Ready TVs.  When did ACTUAL HD start.  Just the very first beginnings.  2006?  2007?  And then it slowly became More A Thing over years?  But anyway the point is HALF A DECADE WITH NO PAYOFF YOU GOT FLEECED MY FRIEND.  I could never be in The Army for many reasons but one of them is Constant NEed To Urinate.  Every 30 minutes give or take.  There must be some sort of Army Code about what to do if you need to urinate but there's a Battle going on and you can't just find a bathroom.  Just Go.  Is that the Army Slogan for Urination?  I mean at SOME POINT they have to address this, it WILL happen in The Real World.  Army of Number One.  Look I know Shitting Yourself is a REAL conundrum.  Better to pee your pants and walk around in that than shit your pants.  But then again you can hold in Feces more than Urination.  And presumably have to crap a lot less often than pee.  Anyway one more paragraph for Act II.  HEY IRAQ, URIN OUR NATION NOW. WE'RE GONNA TAKE ALL YOU BA'ATHS INTO A... ROOM!
Cool!  Figured out a way to adjust volume knobs on Guitar Amplification System so its not TOO loud but its loud enough that I can get the Right Sound Out Of These Presets/Variables.  So I got that going for me is the point.  GOT MY GUITAR TUNED TO STANDARD E!!  No foolin!  That's the standard tuning for guitars.  Getta load of that!  Gonna have lunch with Part III?  Or after Part III.  I dunno yet too many things still in motion!  What else is going on.  Iraq war still giong on.  They got a SHIA in charge there?  From my memory they were the majority in the country!  Good for them.  Hope they're still in charge for their sake.  Maybe other people would be better!  The point is as Americans we should get to decide that.  At least have SOME input.  After all We ARE Americans!  Be back in a bit.



No Foolin

   Aright after I get vaccine, you know what my next sentence is gonna be?  ONE SUBWAY SANDWICH, PLEASE!  Not to the person who just gave me the vaccine. I'd give 'em a nice nod.  Be quiet on the car ride home.  Will have already arranged with my Dad to drop me off at The Subway.  Then all the pieces of the plan suddenly all come together in motion.  Anyway hey another section of entry then no more entry while being sober for Oh I Don't Know another SIX DAYS or so?  I like those odds.  Probably gonna eat lunch AFTER entry is over.  Just feels right for today!  Left side of the keyboard has been working A-OK 100% NO COMPLAINTS.  Gotta find a 4K TV that's FORTY INCHES DIAGONAL.  Forty Three inches?  TOO MUCH.  Forty Inches? Just right!  VERY RARE DIMENSIONAL for TVs though!
     I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Was set to get TV in Winter 2017.  In a way my childhood died the day I didn't get a new TV.  So basically every day I have no TV I live and die re: Childhood over and over again but hey what can ya do There's OTHER ways I can watch movies!  Anyway HOT TAKE-- I Think Tony Sopranos (first?) Big strategical Muck-Em-Up was when he killed RALPHIE and then tried to blame New York for it.  Seemed like an easy, quick solution, and this was never explicitly addressed in Show, but my own impression is that had mid and long term consequences he may not have considered originally.  The point is if I could be any character in The Sopranos I'd be Christopher because he's high all the time and seems to be having A BLAST.  Just kidding.  We wish this fictional character the best of luck who may or may not be still alive by the end of the Documentary.
Cool!  Definitely goin with HEARTY A+ Noodles, but do I pair somethin' with it?  Maybe a Five Chicken Nugget Side.  Maybe I dunno BREAD or something?  A White Castle?  HMM that's a combo I considered earlier that I just remembered -- Noodles, 1 WC, 2 Nuggets.  They talk about the WC in Sopranos.  In New Jersey it means Wash Closet which means Bath Room.  So basically in Harold & Kumar go To New Jersey White Castle, if they just said WC, there could be some confusion because maybe they just wanted to go to the bathroom but now there's this Fast Food element to it that wasn't even intended to be there.  Is White Castle a chess thing.  Are White Castles and Burger Kings related.  Burger King of the White Castle.  And the court gesture is that Clown Mr. MacDonald.  Obviously the KFC Sanders is the Colonel..  The point is Fast Food is RAPIDLY uniting in a HOSTILE WAY that we haven't caught on to yet but I think we need to start taking the Inevitable Fast Food Singularity seriously.
     Two more paragraphs to go!  Man oh man 24 hours from now I'd solidly be into Beer #1 if not DONE with Beer #1!  I like those odds and so on and whatnot.  I think actually prosecuting Trump after Biden is sworn in is kind of a compromise.  We like it because hopefully he faces consequences for all his criminal activity.  And HE likes it because it's the best main scenario where h continues to be the center of attention.  What else has he got?  Ooo throwing a speech during Biden Inauguration.  Wouldn't even be televised!  And then what after that?  He's got nothing to build up to.  Unless he starts committing WORSE Crimes.  I hope that doesn't happen because as a society I am in favor or LESS Crimes, Not MORE.  But anyway I dunno what else is going on.  Vaguely-Biden-centric News for 4 years... UNLESS Trump Trial!  Something to consider!  Good bi-partisan compromise!  Think about it!
Last paragraph!  I like those odds.  What kinda Dumb Re-watching can I do after #TheSopranosAutumnTo.  I'd have to look into that.  Hey after this paragraph not only do I get to take a break I get to take THE LONGEST OF BREAKS.  Between Entry Breaks!  Doesn't get much longer re: Breaks than that.  Hmm if I get a new TV I can also get a new PLAYSTATION!  What are they up to now, Play Station II?  Also I'VE NEVER HAD A PLAYSTATION.  Mostly Nintendos!  Had a SEGA.  Had a DREAMCAST.  Had an XBOX.  NO PLAYSTATIONS SORRY THAT'S JUST HOW IT IS.  Is Sega related to Playstation?  Better LTURQ  NOPE DOESN'T SEEM TO CHECK OUT.  Dreamcast is a nice sleeper pick for sentimental gaming system  That's my hot take.  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow for some reason.

-1:39 P.M.




Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Which Titles We Talkin Here

   Anyway, Happy Tuesday.  Working Week Sobriety between Tuesdays and Wednesdays!  I can, "Deal," with that.  Got some coffee going that's delicious.  Got some great dinner planned, got a couple of good options for lunch.  All in all its shaping up to be a nice fun relaxing day assume I get into the groove of writing this entry 1 or 2 paragraphs in.  Once I'm A Paragraph Down it all becomes so easy!  I saw Arizona Certified Joe Biden.  Not impressed.  I've been Certified by Arizona Loads Of Times.  Also does he put that certificate in a frame on his Office Wall.  Arizona President Certified Class of 2020.  Also Is President's Main Office = West Wing.  Nope how about that Oval Room.  I forget what its called.  Oh, right.  OFFICE.  But is that more like Biden's SHOW Office and he really gets most of his work done in a less fancy, less visible room.  Like OVAL OFFICE is for photo ops and whatnot.  But he's got just a little nook somewhere where he's like alright gotta get to work.  Read the first three chapters of Barack Obama's Memoir and start doing an outline for a book report.
Sounds about right.  Is it possible Trump never did A SINGLE WORK while in office?  Anything attributed to him was just him talking to someone else and was like alright take care of that me put my name on top.  Oh and make sure to do it in my handwriting, can you imagine if the president handed in book reports in someone else's handwriting, I'd Be Impeached THINK MCFLY THINK.  Biden's Wife is an ACTIVE Teacher.  Gotta imagine they have some Sex Kink where once a week Biden has to hand in a book report.  A real one!  Not just a prop where its like HERE YOU GO TEACHER and then they have Relatively Normal Sex.  No Biden HAS TO READ A BOOK AND WRITE A REPORT EVERY WEEK.  And then they go over it together.  Dunno if they have Relatively Normal Sex after that or if that's just how it ends.  I'll have to research that more extensively.
What else is going on and crap.  Gotta imagine most other offices in White House are squares.  Or at least rectangles.  Maybe some parallelograms that sounds like fun.  But this is the only Oval One, though, that's for sure.  Otherwise it wouldn't be the defining characteristic In Name!  Is the White houes like that place where it rotates while being a restaurant.  You eat and it slowly rotates 360 degrees.  I can KIND OF picture The White House being like that but I'm not 100% sure.  I wanna eat and/or live in a Revolution Restaurant as opposed to just a Rotation Restaurant.  Really get some movement going that's my hot take.  My Dad saw Trump wants to expedite Vaccine and my Dad was like now I suddenly DON'T trust it.  So gotta imagine that's his goal.  Dissuade Regular People from wanting it while encouraging his supporters to want it.  It's brilliant political strategy!  Endangering through implication the lives of many people!  Why hasn't this guy gotten the Nobel Peace Prize Yet.  Oh because that's PROBABLY NOT COMPLETELY his intention?  FINE!  Get off my back about it either way.
     What else.  Two more paragraphs until a break!  I got that going for me is the point.  Biden introducing his Team of Super Economic Business Politician Public Servant Friends very soon.  I hope its like last week's roll out of Foreign Policy People.  Nice little event.  They each get to talk that GUY WHO WIPES DOWN PODIUM EACH TIME GETS SOME MORE WORK and we learn a little bit about everybody.  Also I wanna get a good look at these people I know them by THE VERY LIMITED ANALYSIS I'VE READ but you can judge a book by its cover so I will figure out All I Need To Know just by looking at them over the TV.  Anyway.  If I become president that'll be my first move.  BUILD ME A PARALLELOGRAM.  Yep seems to check out. Also YEAH I know Squares and Rectangles are kinds of parallelograms.  I'm OBVIOUSLY referring to the kind of parallelograms that are WEIRD and NOT JUST RECTANGLES.  If I meant  just a rectangle I WOULD HAVE JUST SAID A RECTANGLE.
Get to take a break soon!  Into Penultimate Season of #TheSopranosAutumnNeverSettledOnAHashtag.  What else is going on.  Most likely lunch is Lamb Saag + BONUS Rice.  Its EASY.  It's delicious.  It's FUN.  Not very filling compared to other options but hey you can't have it all!  Thinkin about getting a TV seriously for the first time in at least half a year.  Maybe beginning of Pandemic Quarantine I probably thought about it for a week.  Now I'm thinking about it AGAIN.  My brother was talkin' up how great 4K TV/DVDS are and I'm like YEAH LETS HOOK MYSELF UP WITH THAT.  Especially because I don't have any TV right now might as well get a GREAT TV.  Brother was like its like seeing it in theaters.  I assume he meant on the big screen in theaters.  I've been in theaters where they have a 20 inch TV around the concessions stands, I guess to keep the workers busy during downtime.  So watching a movie on that kinda seems like nothing special.  Also why did I pay a ticket for this.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!



This One, That One, Some Other One

   So I got that going for me is the point.  Decent Substitute for Alcohol-- Take one Ritalin &/Or Klonopoin.  Don't over do it!  At most 2 pills overall!  It'll get the job done.  Pretty sure I may have mixed up the prescriptions.  Ritalin relaxes me and Klonopin gets me in a clearer head space.  It's no joke.  I'm pretty sure I didn't Sleep-Take-Pills-Out-Of-One-Cainter-And-Put-It-In-The-Other-Container.  SO it must just be my Body-MInd Physiology is WRONG.  Maybe I don't know what it is to be relaxed &/or have a clearer head going.  I got them mixed up 100% is the point I'm trying to make!  And the worst part about this is I Will Never Learn My Lesson and take the one that would best treat my symptoms.  Always take the opposite one WILL I EVER LEARN?
     Cool.  Got some NEW kind of bagels.  We're talkin 270 calories instead of 380.  We're talkin SAME SIZE.  But I CAN sot of tell yeah these bagels aren't quite as HEARTY as the other ones.  But it's close enough I'd have a real decision to make each time I want bagels (presuming I have a choice).  The good news is I start thinking about post-Quarantine and all the SUBWAY SANDWICHES I can get for lunch WHENEVER I WANT.  I can MAKE MYSELF a BAGEL WITH EGGS as an alternative lunch the world is full of AMERICAS.  You know, Possibilities.  America MEANS Possibilities and Possibilities means AMERICA.  Do I need a Metrocard to be allowed into a Subway: The Sandwich Shop Organization.  Probably not on account of That's Just Nonsense.  I'm sure we can trust Vaccine as long as other people are saying its good to take.  If Trump is on board but everyone else is Also Still on board, that doesn't make much of a difference to me.  Even a broken time is right 2 clocks a day.
     I'm of an age where WE STILL WORE WATCHES SOMETIMES.  Maybe kids in K-12 still need to do that.  Gotta imagine there's a standard No Phone rule.  And gotta imagine no clocks in every classroom.  So we're talkin there's still kids with watches good for them.  Maybe there's a no watches rule, now, too!  Watches can be phones.  I saw a James Bond about it.  So kids with watches in K-12 Classes WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE UP TO.  Is is a thing where you put your watch on the wrist of I wanna say The OPPOSITE wrist of the Handedness you are.  I'm left handed and I can KIND OF picture wearing Watch on my RIGHT wrist I think.  Such is life I guess I'd look that up right quick but I don't feel like it right now.  Anyway hey more than halfway through the entry!  I like those odds!
     Wonderful.  I used to think 4K in regards to DVDs was like a Sports game but it anticipates the sport and players 2000 years in the future.  NBA2K13 or something would be a Basket'd Ball Game circle 2013.  So I thought I was getting a FUTURE sport.  That would be interesting and potentially profitable (if I'm the only one on Earth who knows about it I CAN GET 100% OF THE PROFITS GETTING IT UP OFF THE GROUND!) but in the end I think I'd rather just have a very High Def TV.  You know FOUR TIMES as High Def as what was previously imaginable!  NOW ARE WE TALKING THE SAME LANGUAGE.  I've reached a point in my life where I like watch pre-HD filmed shows and movies and watching them on HD and they look foolish with what kind of make up and stuff they have on because it was aimed for a different Definition.  Now that's what I think REAL people look like.  It's what's NORMAL now.  Now they'll have to start doing make up for 4K to get the effect of no make up on Regular HD from video that was originally intended for NON-HD Completely TV.  Sounds about right I Like What I Like get off my back about it.
Last paragraph of Act II!  I LIKE those odds.  Figure I'll have lunch with Act III.  Meal + Bonus Rice.  I like those odds.  The only thing I dunno is when I get Subway Sandwiches for lunch do I get a Half sandwich with some chips as a side, or do I get a FULL 12 INCH SUBWAY SUB WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS-- TWO THIRDS OF THE TRIMMINGS.  Get me that HONEY OAT WHEAT BREAD.  It's like regular Wheat Breat but MAN OH MAN IT's GOT HONEY OAT IN THE TITLE AS WELL.  We're talkin Cold Cut Sandwich.  We're talking TURKEY.  We're talking CHICKEN.  LOTS of good options.  I might even get a More Unhealthy sandwich once in a while!  That's for The COURTS to decide!  ANyway I'm gonna take another break here.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Give Me A Sign!

   That's great, just great.  A few more paragraphs and then the fun store for today is all uphill &/or something.  Watched a solid 50% of Biden & Friends Speaking.  Biden was STANDING UP VERY WELL that's my first impression.  I know he hurt his foot (did he have it coming?) but its nice to say its not keeping him down LITERALLY I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT HE'D BE CONFINED TO A ROCKING CHAIR.  Biden hurt his foot over the weekend.  Playing with his, "Dog." .. IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL IT?!?!  Hah!  Also call what.  What's my guess on the Secret Way He Twisted His Ankle &/or hairline fractures in foot.  I'm old enough to know Don't Trust The Lead Story!  But what could be the cover up?  Embarrassing game of Twister between the Bidens & the Harrises? Hmm.  It WAS a dog but it wasn't in the course of playing it was INTENTIONAL (either on the Dog's side or for some reason on Biden's side).  Biden's got a sex fetish where you sprain his ankle and he likes that.  We're never gonna get to the bottom of this until 20 years from now when they're writing books about this moment.
  Had delicious lunch while waiting for Biden & Friends to start.  It was delicious!  Lamb Saag + Bonus Rice + Bonus 2 Breadsticks.  So that's great what else is going on.  What kind of, "Horror," can I watch when this is over.  Better consult All My Streams.  How about DOCTOR SLEEP: THE SHINING SEQUEL.  Saw it in theaters-- was pretty good!  Saw it on my computer several months back-- was pretty good!  Can watch it again when this entry over-- probably'll be pretty good!  Maybe I just want a DUMB Movie ever think of that.  Doctor Sleep is TOO INTELLIGENT.  I WANT SOME DUMB.  Some Friday Some Thirteenths dumb out there.  I can watch those!  The point is whatever I'm watching I'M LEARNING.  Dumb horror movies?  Learning about dumb horror movies!  The Sopranos!  Learning about them there Sopranos!  It's called BEING A RESPONSIBLE ADULT PRIMARILY BY THE WATCHING OF TV (PRIPRIMARILY IT BEING TV YOU'VE WATCHED BEFORE!)
     Cool.  I LIKE this season of #TheSopranosAutumnToNeverHashTagConsistantly.  It's got STEVEN PUSCHEMI.  It's got FEECH LA MANCHA.  It's got directed by Allen Covert.  No it doesn't.  That's Adam Sandlers Fifth Best Friend.  I'm thinkinking of Allen COULTER.  You know that sort of thing.  The point is after today I Am Out Of Clean Shirts To Wear.  Either get started on some laundry &/Or wear some unclean shirts.  Pretty straightforward.  Or don't wear a shirt at all.  Not very likely but that is technically a plausible third option.  WHAT THE HELL I just saw a poll that showed both Democratic In Georgia Running-Offs are BEHIND?  HOW COULD THAT BE.  THEY WERE JUST TIED A WEEK OR TWO AGO AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE FOR REPUBLICANS SINCE THEN AND... THEY INCREASED THEIR LEAD?  DOESN'T ADD UP.  IT WAS DOMINIUM: THE VOTING SYSTEM HACK.  VENESLUVIA.  THEY'VE HAD IT IN FOR TRUMP FOR SO LONG IT WAS EVEN DEVELOPED BEFORE TRUMP EVEN RAN FOR PRESIDENT THE FIRST TIME.
     Two more paragraphs to go!  I was watching #TheSopranosNoHashTag and they're like dreams can be expressions of whishs. Or they could be Freudian.  Or they could be stuff we're thinking about.  Pretty insightful stuff because MY dreams pretty much just boil down to Just Walking Around All The Time And Seeing What Happens.  That's more or less my MINDSET that's more or less what I ACCOMPLISH and it's more or less WHAT I WISH FOR IN WAKING LIFE.  The good news is HEY THAT JAMIE LYNN SIEGLER... SURE IS WAY TOO YOUNG FOR ME.  WHIch is odd because She's Older Than Me.  But in TV CAPTURE technology suddenly II'M the creep.  DOESN'T SEEM FAIR.  Also TOO SMART.  In the show.  She's always having conversations with this really vast amount of knowledge about EVERYTHING and we're just supposed to be like what the hell why is this girl a STRAIGHT UP GENIUS!  And if not exceptional at intelligence, at the worst just insanely well read and well informed.  DOESN'T ADD UP.
     Also the part where They're The Mafia.  The Mafia doesn't exist.  There that settles that!  I remember once hearing people were playing MAFIA at a sleep over or something and I don't know the rules or how to play because I wasn't there but at the next few sleep overs I was like lets play MAFIA sounds like fun and NOBODY WANTED TO PLAY MAFIA.  So I got that working against me.  Anyway hey another entry in the books.  I took a week and a half or so off in early October and I think besides that I've been here every day for about 8.5 months?  We're talkin ABOUT HALFWAY Through eight months and nine months.  Crunch the numbers yourself I've Got Time! ... .. Hey finished yet?  Good.  Hope you got the same answer I did!  Anyway great just great.  I'll see you tomorrow presumably.

-2:35 P.M.






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