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Monday, May 31, 2021

Does It Matter

    Hello friends!  Got some stuff going today.  Pretty much same stuff I have going every day.  No rain today, though.  Blind Melon would be proud.  Presumably it's raining SOMEWHERE.  I'll google Is it always raining SOMEWHERE LMLTURQ.  YES Google says DEFINITIVELY it is ALWAYS raining somewhere.  Didn't see that coming.  I thought it would be like yep odds are if its not raining here probably somewhere else.  NOPE.  They were like Because of THE WATER CYCLE it's always raining somewhere.  I dunno what, "The Water Cycle," is.  I don't care to find out!  Sounds gross!  Makes me think of urine and urination and the urinary system!  I dunno why!  Because I have things that are wrong with me!  But anyway it means we should be PROUD when its raining.  We're taking one for the team.  We Withstand Rain so that Others Don't Have To.  So the point is When It's Raining You're A Hero.
     Yep seems to check out.  Hey its the last day of the month.  Hopefully.  If it turns out there's a May 32nd this year something has gone very wrong!  Dunno what kinda meals I'm gonna have today.  Still pretty m much a blank slate!  I got a Child's Fresh Meal from Super market this past week.  Instead of getting AN ADULT Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti I got a CHILD'S Chicken Parmesan with Rotini.  It's CHILD'S because there's half as much pasta.  Presumably.  Make Rotini is more for kids than spaghetti.  Fun little helix.  That's a helix, right.  Corkscrew.  That's what it is.  Either way I'm SOLD.  Incorrect.  The MEAL was SOLD.  TO ME.  I'm the buyer not the product being sold!  I looked up Meal Configuration online just now and they mention Sneaking Carrots Into The Sauce.  I guess because kids need carrots.  But won't eat them if they know about it explicitly.  Yep seems to check out.
Good chance we'd be getting Diner For Dinner and good chance I'd Like A Seafood Meal BUT I don't wanna stretch it out into 2 meals by having an extra soup.  I'm done with these soups!  WAY TOO MANY NOODLES.  Makes me not wanna get it completely!  Maybe get Freedom Fries instead of Potato.  That's Bonus Calories that would make up for not having Soup.  Anyway.  They thought they were doing themselves a favor by loading my soup with noodles.  He's gonna love this, get hooked on all these noodles, he's gonna be getting double soups from us for life.  WRONG.  Don't wanna deal with it!  I'm done with your soups completely!  Hmm I could say NOT TOO MANY NOODLES when ordering it.  Nope!  Why should I suffer.  By having to say things.  Doesn't seem fair!  Also, could you just not eat all the noodles?  WRONG.  Noodles take up space that could be used for Soup WATER.  All these noodles, hardly any soup!  Just a bowl of noodles soaking in a little bit of water!
     Cool!  Memorial Day.  Or as I call it, MAYmorial Day.  Cause its in May!  Feel free to use that one yourself.  Hey MAYorial Primary is in a few weeks.  Gonna go vote IN PERSON.  Greatly increases the likelihood I'll get some sort of sticker as a prize.  What would they say if I asked for 2 or 3 stickers.  I don't think they'd be prepared for that.  I could easily see them being like nope in our training its 1 sticker per 1 vote we could get in serious trouble if we give you bonus stickers OR them being sure why not it means nothing have at 'em.  I guess there's only one way to find out!  I hope to figure out that way to find out one day.  Would really like to get to the bottom of this.  HEY YA KNOW WHAT.  This is RANKED voting.  If I pick 3 people as my 1st through 3rd picks-- I should be getting Three Stickers!  Only fair!  This makes a lot of sense.  I feel like 3 is the right amount of people to vote for.  I'm under the impression that if you vote for someone with your 5th pick that's Better Than not voting for them at all???  It's confusing and no one has explicitly explained it to me oh well what can ya do.  Either way no more than 5 votes for me.  Probably 4 is the magic number.  Who cares. 
     Wonderful!  Can I write people in for ranked voting.  Who cares.  I make an interesting counterpoint!  Halfway through Earth II Tha Moon.  I like it!  In a way Aren't We ALL Astronauts?  Yes in a way we are.  In another, more correct way, we're not, but still!  Hmm.  Did my SOUP bit.  Did my Ranked Voting Chunk.  Talked about The Water Cycle.  What else is going on and crap.  Gotta figure out what music to listen to next!  Maybe some CLASSIC bands NEWER stuff.  I can't think of a good example because if I could I wouldn't be doing this I dunno what to listen to next bit.  Anyway my favorite part of it not raining, besides not getting wet, is not having to carefully step around puddles in the side walk.  Gotta maneuver it carefully.  Time your walks so your last step before he puddle is RIGHT BEFORE the puddle so you can stretch your Single Walk far enough so that your next step is JUST BEYOND the puddle.  You know what walking around puddles is like.  Maybe you don't.  And if you did, maybe you never thought about it explicitly.  So I'm doing something good  and worthwhile with this paragraph is the point.
    Sometimes I Jump Across Puddles.  Whose gonna stop me, you?  I only do this when no one else is around.  I don't need other people judging me for jumping.  I should probably figure out my voting preferences before going in to vote.  Morales is #1 we all know that.  Stringer probably #2 some of us know that.  #3 maybe Wiley a couple of us know that.  #4 maybe Yank or Maybe No Number 4.  Hmm that typo leads me to this ANDREW YANG REBRANDING HIMSELF AS "Weird AND' YANGkovic"  I think that'll get him The Youth Vote.  I dunno why.  Because The Youth is stupid I guess.  That's the main interpretation of why Youth will vote for him because of that.  Also if Andrew goes by AND as an abbreviation for Andrew I Will Vote For Him.  All he has to do is do it once.  Refer to himself as, "And' Yang."  He does it once over the next 3 weeks, he's got my vote.  The ball is in his court now.  The point is he's a solid 4th or 5th best vote HOWEVER maybe I don't wanna give him the 4th or 5th Ranking Bump.  Leave him off completely!  Because I don't want him to be mayor, all in all!  He' just The Best Of The Rest!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




Speak For Yourselves

    Do I understand what Ranked Voting means?  Probably not!  Have I been conceptualizing it incorrectly?  Most likely!  Should you care what I think about things?  At your own risk!  Anyway hey great.  Path toward walking into ParkWoods is blocked AN ENTIRE TREE CAME DOWN.  Presumably from Thunderstorm.  From lightening, not thunder.  I dunno.  Maybe the sound of thunder sonic-boomed the tree down and lightening never even hit it.  Either way I got to JUMP up onto the Fallen Tree then JUMP down.  Nice exercise!  Also I had that portion of path to myself!  No one else gonna bypass fallen tree.  Everyone else gonna just go take another route!  I guess they haven't heard the good news about JUMPING.  Also pretty sure it was an accident.  And not that they decided they wanted to close off portion of path to pedestrians and their best idea was to knock a tree down to signify don't walk this way.
Cool!  Got some sort of Endocrinologist appointment on Thursday.  I think I'm gonna get a Sonogram.  Wow!  Oh No they're gonna take my weight and I'm gonna have to have a decision made up whether to LOOK at weight, whether to accept weight if they decide to tell me audibly as they probably would, or if I should say DON'T TELL ME upfront and presumably they'd respect my wishes.  Hmm this is gonna be a tough one.  Maybe I should know.  Think I'll just Not Check Visually But If They Tell Me Fine.  Good.  Wonderful.  I can't wait!  I haven't had to leave a urine sample lately.  At first it was all they asked from me.  Every time, go piss in this little vial.  It's a big vial.  It's little compared to other things (MY DICK) but it's quite big compared to other vials.  Either way they haven't asked about that going back to As Far As I Can Tangibly Remember.
     Anyway.  Back to listening to Nas.  Good stuff!  Think I'll take a mid-entry break after this paragraph.  Take a shower!  I feel like I can use a break after all this hard work talking about... uh... MY DICK.  And its size compared to vials.  Primarily about its size compared to vials.  Hey its Memorial Day!  The day we take each year to remember how we celebrated Memorial Day Last Year At Around The Same Time.  Who can forget that This Is What The Calendar Says Every Year Right Around The Same Time.  Good to keep things in perspective.  Memorial Day is one of the most important days of the year for Patriotism Calendar.  July 4th probably the biggest.  Christmas 2nd biggest because Let's Lay Our Cards On The Table, part of being a Patriotism is being a Christian.  Lets lay our cards out on the table!   Like I said!  Memorial Day is right around #4.  9/11 is 3 Never Forget.  Hey I'll be back.

     Wonderful.  Forgot to put my Bar of Soap INSIDE bar of soap BOX it came in yesterday.  I figured if I did that it would protect soap for erroneous moisture and keep the bar of soap more solid!  Has it been working?  I don't think so but who can remember I just told you I forgot to do it for today.  Also yesterday put Shampoo down upsidedown for the first time in YEARS.  Partly because talking about it jogged my memory and partly because it's almost done and I Have No Choice I Have To Do It If I Want To Coax Out Shampoo.  Anyway hey I get to watch more #FromTheEarthToTheMoonSummerSpringtimeToRemember today!  At first I was like this is the dumbest most boring show but then I kept watching it and now I can't live without it.  Presumably mostly because I don't know what will replace it.  If I had a good replacement lined up I'd be dunzo with this show in two seconds flat.  Which is a saying.  One can only imagine Because Of Reasons.  Dunno how they settled on Two Seconds for this phrase is the point.
     Yeah!  Am I supposed to call the city about Downed Tree Blocking Path.  I feel like I'm not doing my civic duty if I'm not doing that.  Also who can pass up the chance to Talk To The City.  I wonder what the city is all about over the phone.  HOWEVER I am lazy in general and most people who aren't even lazy wouldn't' do this.  So that's the main proponent for not doing it.  If Nonlazy people are too lazy for this, and I'm lazy, WHAT RIGHT DO I HAVE to do it?  None, that's who!  ALSO maybe I WANT the tree to stay there.  I've established I can walk around it, and other people might not, so now I got a nice Private Portion Of Path!  This is working out to my benefit to such a great degree it makes one wonder if I didn't knock this tree down myself!  Uh oh made ya wonder it.  Now suddenly I'm a suspect.  Damnit!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  I just realized I'm closing in on halfway through Patriotism Calendar.  Oh no!  I've enjoyed it so much!  Figure I'll re-up with Patriotism Calendar for next year.  Gotta imagine this line of calendar wasn't a one-and-done thing.  Hmm maybe I'll be tired of Patriotism by next year.  Better get the Anti-Patriotism Calendar.  Is there a good word for Anti-Patriotism!  If there is, I don't know it!  Also, there is!  But I Don't Know It!  LMLTURQ.  A TREASON CALENDAR.  That sounds about right.  Anyway maybe take a walk right now, or maybe watch 20 minutes of #It'sNotHBOIt'sTheMoonLandingSummerSpringtime.  I like the sound of that!  Both of Thats!  Each one sounds good to me!  I need to make a decision RIGHT NOW.  DAMNIT THIS IS HELL.  Alright I'll watch 20 minutes of TV.  DAMNIT THIS IS HELL.  I'll be back in a little bit. 




Finally, The End

    Hey!  Watched some #It'sNotMoonLandingIT'sHBOSummerSpringtime before walk, then more after walk!  Now I got lunch going on and I'm finishing the entry.  Also not only is this A Kids Meal because of Proportion Of Components, but it's Designed &/V Presented in a much more appealing way.  It's symmetrical and everything.  Oval chicken parm in center, surrounded evenly by Rotini!  Looks nice!  Only the best looking meals for our nation's youths!  That's the premise I've been living under.  Anyway instead of Fries to make up for No Soup tonight, I'm thinkin DOUBLE SWEET POTATOE.  Sounds good to me.  I haven't really heard it explicitly, but the thought itself is appealing to me.
     Cool!  Is it possible I was overestimating how many Astronaut Deaths there have been?  I might have been.  Better LTURQ.  Only 15 Astronaut and 4 Cosmonaut deaths in space.  And more during training exercises.  That's not so bad.  Statistically you're more in danger on the trip TO THE MOON than actually dying on the moon itself!  Hmm better LTURQ.  Have people died on the moon?  And are their corpses still there?  Not seeing anything.  Maybe that's one thing we can do to get rid of the dead.  We're running out of space on Earth to stick corpses in the Earth.  Send em to the moon!  They'd like it!  Who wouldn't want to be dead on the moon!  Its like that old saying, Better to be dead on the moon than alive on the Earth.  Old wise adage.
     Penultimate paragraph.  Alright finished lunch.  It was fine!  I feel like I could go without eating anymore!  Hunger isn't totally satiated but it's got POTENTIAL to be enough, depending on how I feel over the next 5, 10, 15 minutes.  LOOK I'm gonna be totally honest with ya-- while I was microwaving Kids Meal I ate a single Steamed Shrimp Dumpling cold.  Am I proud of it?  YEAH ACTUALLY.  I made use of Bonus Food that might have gone totally wasted.  Also I'm gonna be totally honest with ya-- Do I Wish I Was Totally Wasted?  ACTUALLY I HAVE MIXED FEELINGS.  Short answer YES Long answer MAYBE LATER.  Hey its been 2 months since diet started.  For some reason the last day of March rings a bell as when I started dieting.  Go figure.
     Last paragraph!
  Oh man I never even told you guys my plan for Bonus Meal!  Chocolate Chip Pancakes!  Now that I mention it I'm so excited about that maybe that'll become my, "A," Meal and Fish will be my, "B," Meal!  I dunno about that.  DAMNIT I hate having decisions.  Can't SOMEONE ELSE decide for me.  I'd even take someone else deciding for me if that person goes into the decision explicitly thinking I Will ALWAYS Make The Decision That Is Worse For Michael Over All.  I can LIVE with that!  Every decision being ALWAYS the wrong decision.  As long as I don't have to make it!  Hey wonderful the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow probably!

-4:22 P.M.




Sunday, May 30, 2021

No More Yesterday!

    Hey!  Bad news!  Ran out of Fat Free Coffee Creamer.  That was only 25 calories per serving (TABLE SPOON??? TEASPOON?  SOME SORT OF SPOON).  Now I have to drink REGULAR Coffee Creamer which is a whopping 35 calories per serving (Same uncertainty regarding serving size as before)!  Which is bad because it's an extra Oh I Don't Know 40 calories a day.  But is GOOD because I'M DRINKING DELICIOUS NON FAT FREE COFFEE CREAMER.  THIS IS THE LIFE.  Anyway.  I told you the big story of this week how I got a free Smart Water, I think.  Turned out its GINSENG flavored.  I drank HALF OF IT when I got it and it tasted fine.  Then I poured the rest to mix with my orange juice just now!  It tastes fine just fine!  Here's a little Inside Baseball-- the reason I used Smart Water to mix with orange juice was because I had used all water from Water Pitcher to make coffee.  Didn't plan ahead!  That's not inside baseball.  It's not Inside Anything, and it's CERTAINLY Not Baseball.
The point is I finished Universally Acclaimed Final Tupac Album Not Post Humously.  It was fun!  I liked the part where there were roughly 80 guest rappers who spit at least one, "Bar?", over the course of the album and how the hell am I supposed to keep track of all these people.  They probably thought being on Tupac Album would be their big break and ya know what they did a great job for the most part but its too many to keep track!  I can hardly keep track of Tupac!  How much is one, "BAR."  Is that like 4 lines or something.  Off the top of my head I'd say I dunno sounds like 4 lines or something.  LMLTURQ.  "Every bar has 4 beats in rap."  That's like one line, right?  4 beats seems roughly 1 individual line.  I'll get back to you on this situation as it progresses.  No I won't.  I might.  But that would require me doing further research.  Not necessarily.  Explain.  Maybe you (I?) find out naturally in the course of the rest of my life and then whenever that happens I come back here and explain.  I guess that checks out.  Great.
Had delicious Chinese food last day (I guess I mean yesterday?) for lunch and delicious Steak food for dinner.  Going to do the exact same thing today!  NO problems there!  I'll do it indefinitely for the near future, that's how much I enjoyed it.  Only immediately indefinitely near future, though.  Today.  Tomorrow its time to start over.  Anyway.  Man there sure were a lot of casualties on the way From The Earth To The Moon.  When they start up Moon Program they're like ok one of our top two priorities is NO CALLOUSNESS WITH HUMAN LIFE.  GOTTA KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE.  That didn't pan out so well so far!  I also DON'T like how astronauts were the bees knees in the 50's and/or 60's.  They were like the coolest people alive.  Biggest celebrates in the world.  LOOK THESE ARE JUST SOME JERKS.  NOBODY WOULD LIKE THEM IN REAL LIFE, ESPECIALLY NOT YOU.  Think of how shitty a human you have to be in the entire era of human life where its like these assholes ARE SO TERRIBLE that we humans decided to SEND THEM OFF THE PLANET AS SOON AS THEY CAN.  Once the technology was there, humankind was like THESE PEOPLE NEED TO GO.
Wonderful.  I thought it was pretty good.  Wonderful.  Now you're stretching it.  Stretch Armstrong should be the coolest person alive.  Biggest celebrity in the world.  Presumably modeled after Neil Armstrong: Astronaut.  But Stretchier.  Well the name is similar, we know that.  But was Neil Armstrong known for being particularly Stretchy?  Possibly.  Coudla been an attribute that led to him being on Space Ship.  He can stretch into places no one else can which is VALUABLE in Space Travel for some reason no one is really sure of.  I dunno what else is going on.  I had a stretch armstrong.  I didn't have a lot of physical toys.  Certainly not a lot of action figures.  The only other action figure I can think of is a Jurassic Park Dinosaur.  Presumably from Jurassic Park.  It was the one that spits venom on Newman.  It didn't spit venom as an action figure, though.  That would have been fun, though.  Kinda messy!  I can see why they didn't do that but if they did probably would have had a better childhood.
Wonderful.  How did Michael Crighton come up with Jurassic Park.  Seems totally plausible!  He is just some author and he figured out how to bring back dinosaurs!  I dunno I don't think it's ACTUALLY plausible.  People would have talked more about it.  IT sure seems smart, though.  Well done!  I'm An Idiot.  I would go see a Jurassic Park in real life.  Despite what movies would have you believe, I'm pretty confident I'd be safe.  They know what they're doing!!!  I don't feel unsafe at the zoo.  And some Zoo animals wouldn't mind eating me or at the very least mauling me to death.  Why should I be scared here?  NO TREX AT ZOO.  Maybe at some zoos there are.  NOPE NO ZOOS.  Either way I'm not worried!  They got it all covered!  It's a Statistical FACT that you're more likely to die in a plane crash ON THE WAY TO JURASSIC PARK than in JURASSIC PARK ITSELF.  There've been STUDIES.  And its even MORE likely you'll die in a car crash ON THE WAY TO THE PLANE To Jurassic Park.  Also even MORE likely you'll die before you plan to go to Jurassic Park in the first place completely.  Yep!  All that seems to check out!
     Hey get to take another wonderful break after this paragraph.  Started up a new NAS album.  Probably gonna stick with that for now!  If I were Neil Armstrong I'd play a prank and leave dinosaur bones or something on the moon.  That way when we go back at some point everyone would freak out!  I wouldn't do that.  It'd cause too much commotion.  What kinda person ROOTS for commotion.  A SOCIOPATH that's why.  What else is going on.  Also, if I HAD dinosaur bones which I could leave on the moon-- guess what, just keep 'em!  I'd love to have some dinosaur bones.  Hmm I bet hat's something you can buy.  Gotta be a LEGAL market for Dinosaur Bones.  LMLTURQ.  Looks like Short Answer YES Long Answer IT'S HARD THOUGH.  Wonderful.  I don't want no dinosaur bones.  That's creepy!  I'd be haunted by Dead Dinosaur.  You're taking a skeleton of a living being into your house you're just ASKING to be haunted by Ghost Of Skeleton.  I'll be back in a bit.



Get Out Of The Way

    Hey!  Started raining moderately 2/3rds into my 2nd walk.  I don't like that!  I'm wearing headphones!  I can get electrocuted!  Which would be a bad thing unless it gives me super powers.  Which it wouldn't!  I dunno why I would even say that!  The chances that would happen are low!  Either way the chances I would get electrocuted are almost as low.  So it's a big question as to Why This Paragraph Exists At All.  Anyway got coffee #2.  Gonna be a good Act.  Anyway.  From The Earth To The Moon opening credits have the clip of Kennedy saying, "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy..."  What the Hell?  I didn't know Kennedy said stuff like that.  And Do The Other Things?  What Else have I been missing about American History.  Do I really wanna know What Other Things. Or am I better off having it left at that.  I don't get why Kennedy was so beloved.  He was just some guy!  I know plenty of guys!  None of them as universally beloved as JFK or other Kennedies excluding Teddy Kennedy.  Yeah but he had a distinctive accent.  Oh Now I Get It.
     Wonderful.  Also THERE WERE A LOT OF THEM.  Just within their immediate family, they brought up the statistics of being Beloved.  When 15% of America is Kennedies, of course JFK is gonna be relatively more beloved statistically!  I dunno as the years went by there seem to be less and less Kennedies.  Often because of murder.  That's gotta make a dent in the other direction.  I dunno what else is going on.  I don't get why people who go back in time, one of their big things is stopping JFK assassination.  So, what, what kind of better future are we gonna have.  Still in Vietnam!  That's the key one for the 1960's!  Unless you go back in time, SAVE HIM FROM SHOOTER, then show him a Power Point Presentation on Why We Shouldn't Get More Involved In Vietnam.  In which case, FINE, sounds good!
    Can you imagine showing a person from the 1960's a Power Point Presentation.  They'd be AMAZED.  They'd believe ANYTHING the Power Point Presentation told them.  Very convincing to someone who isn't familiar with that technology is the point.  I make an interesting Power Point.  I'm still gonna take another 3 walks today, Moderate Rain or No Moderate Rain.  Hopefully NO Moderate Rain.  Unless if instead of Moderate Rain it's Heavier Than Moderate Rain.  That's even worse!  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  How about this scandal-- JFK, who STARTED the Vietnam war arguably, NEVER EVEN SERVED IN VIETNAM.  Draft Dodger!  JFK Veterans For Truth!  He said he went to the war before he said he didn't go to the war!  I dunno I lost track of whatever Power Point I was trying to make.  Either way the point had no power.  I failed in other words.  JFK sent 11,000 Military Advisors to Vietnam.  What exactly does that accomplish.  What is a Military Advisor doing.  SHOOT THE OTHER PEOPLE.  ASSUMING YOU WANT TO BE AT WAR WITH THEM.  YOUR CALL.  And why do you need 11,000 people to say that.
    Smells like a scam!  What else is going on and crap.  Mets have a 4 game winning streak!  Halfway there to an 8 game winning streak.  Which is the Gold Standard of Winning Streaks.  Anyway.  Looking forward to the rest of the day.  We're talkin' same stuff as every day.  Every day is relatively good!  Even better if its not raining!  Still gonna be raining!  But all things considered, I got Some Rain Day Walks out of the way over the last few days.  Now presumably I got Sunny Day Walks ahead of me!  Maybe Fog Walks.  I'd prefer some Fog Walks all things considered but you gotta deal with what the universe gives you!  Was it FOGGY on the moon.  Also was it SUNNY on Moon.  Figure I can look that up easily.  Did it SEEM like DAY or NIGHT on Moon re: Amount of Light.  NOT A LOT OF DISCUSSION.  Obviously we knew they could see their way but I dunno if that's from Man Made Lightbulbs or if it was just Day Time On The Moon.  Seems like this is something we should know.  Maybe We Do Collectively Know It.  And it's only me who doesn't know it.  Hmm go figure.  HEY got some info.  There IS Day/Night on Moon, but it corresponds with the monthly lunar schedule.  You get month long daytimes and month long nighttimes.  Looks Like I'm A Genius For Coming Across AND SHARING Knowledge!
     Still don't know whether it was day or night when Astronauts Showed Up but in the end I Don't Really Care.  Go figure.  Internet says NASA hopes to have man manned trips to Mars by the 2030's.  When I was a kid OR TEENAGER that seemed like the distant future!  It's gonna be forever until that happens, why get excited at all.  At this point CREEPING UP.  Maybe I wanna go to Mars ever think of that!  In From Earth To Moon they reference the fact that Some Guy was Tall For An Astronaut at just a shade under 6'0.  WOW doest that mean Proto Astronauts were short?  NO.  But it DOES mean they were RELATIVELY SHORT.  Maybe for Astronaut Guys they thought 5;9 was short.  Gotta imagine being 5'2 would be EVEN BETTER.  I don't need to pack as much NUTRIENTS because my caloric intake is only 90% what the average man would need.  I can't think of any other reason.  Mostly Nutrient Storage.  Also I can fit in tight spaces.  Like Space Ship!  That's probably the main thing.
Take some sort of shower when this is over.  It's like walking in the moderate rain but more pleasant!  Less risk of electrocution!  I mean there's electricity going on in our bodies at all times, right?  I can still see it happening.  Better LTURQ.  Is there electricity going on in our bodies at all times.  YEP enough to power a light bulb is what internet says.  Here's a joke-- How Many Polish People Does It Take to POWER a light bulb.  SEVEN-- IT TAKES SEVEN TO DO WHAT IT TAKES ONE NORMAL PERSON TO DO.  I'm full of Laffs.  Is this the plot to The Matrix.  I feel like this is the plot to The Matrix.  Or at least A Matrix.  Maybe not THE Matrix.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  Hey the act is over.  I'll be back in a little bit!




This Is The Last Part Of The Entry

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  2nd Part of General Tso Chicken.  For some reason I'm really hungry!  I mean I guess its because I didn't have a proper breakfast and it's 4 PM.  But I've been living under those conditions for weeks and I don't get this hungry!  Maybe it was the rain.  Or NAS.  Or showering.  Or TUPAC.  Couldn't have been NAS or SHOWERING I've been doing those things all week!  Also it's been rain All Half Week.  Last 3 or 4 days??? Lots of rain!  Either way hopefully I'm less hungry by the time this thing is over.  Then re-evaluate where I'm at with my life.  Finishing all the chicken.  Leaving over a lot of rice.  Having 2nd of 2 pieces of Broccoli.  Still half a dozen Shrimp Dumplings which I'll figure out how to eat.  This is the story of my life.
    Where exactly is Queens Bridge.  I'm guessing somewhere near Queens Bridge.  Which I'm further guessing is Queensboro Bridge.  That wasn't a guess.  It came up in my research.  I just wanted to sound smart.  Either way YEAH borders East River.  I should have figured that out myself.  Being in the neighborhood of a bridge means you're waterside.  I was kinda imagining it inland!  Oh well what can ya do.  Did I know off the top of my head it was the East River between Manhattan and Queens?  Nope!  It was my first guess.  But I Didn't know it!  Alright finished lunch Satisfied Enough.  It was the biggest meal I've had in weeks &/v months, though!  Lotta chicken!  Lotta rice!  That's life, though.  Sometimes you're more hungry and you eat more and then you're less hungry so it all works out in the long run!  The REAL negative thing is I KNOW I dropped a tiny bit of rice on my floor and I Can't Figure Out Where It Is.  It blends in with the Floor Carpeting.  OH NO.
Penultimate paragraph.  I get the impression that Queensbridge isn't an upscale neighborhood form NAS raps HOWEVER you'd think it'd be very affluent.  They have PRIME ACCESS to Queens Bridge!  Buy up that real estate PRONTO.  You wanna travel across the bridge?  You're RIGHT THERE.  I dunno about that.  What else is going on.  Figure I'll watch some more #It'sNOtHBOIt'sTheMoonLanding after this entry.  Also am I the only one disappointed AND ANGRY that there's been ABSOLUTELY ZERO MOON WALKINGS IN FORTY EIGHT YEARS???  WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BUSY DOING.  Get SOME MORE PEOPLE UP THERE.  HAVE ME DO NEW MOON STUFF.  I'd go to the moon myself but I'm scared for my life.  Seems like every other astronaut blows up roughly on average!  Not worth it!  That's some WHITE PEOPLE SHIT.  You never see a Black Astronaut, and that's why!  EVERY OTHER ASTRONAUT BLOWS UP ON THEIR WAY TO THE MOON.  No Black Man Gonna Do That!  I just spend 180 seconds trying to phrase this joke in a funny, concise, relatable, and inoffensive way.  Then I Gave Up! 
     Last paragraph.
  There's been plenty of Black Astronauts.  You know FIFTEEN.  Wonderful.  Hey the entry is almost over.  I done did it again!  Maybe watch some HAUNTED instead of Moon Landing Programme.  This way I won't be scared at night when I go to sleep!  Enough time has passed between Scary TV Show and Me Turning Out Lights To Sleep.  How come there's no AMERICAN INDIAN astronauts.  Better LTURQ!  Not to confirm that there weren't, but to get the ball rolling on figuring out WHY there aren't.  Not a lot of scholarly discussion on why American Indians aren't astronauts.  Go figure.  ERASURE.  That sort of thing!  Anyway hey I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:40 P.M.



Saturday, May 29, 2021

Now That I've Got Your Attention

    Hello friends.  Today is the Tomorrow from Yesterday.  Hey I had some Coffee Flavored Bar Of Frozen Yogurt last night!  Delicious!  And, look, I get that this flavor is associated with, "Coffee."  I get that in some sense it does trigger the thought in the brain yep this is coffee flavored.  But overall, I drink coffee-- coffee doesn't taste like this!  What am I doing wrong with my coffee.  Not putting mounds of sugar and cream into it.  Yeah but still.  Distinct flavor to coffee ice cream!  Separate from distinct flavor to coffee: the beverage.  I'll get to the bottom of this yet!  About a 85, 90% chance I'm just dumb and coffee flavored ice cream does taste like coffee flavored coffee.  WAIT A SECOND THAT'S IT.  The coffee flavored ice cream tastes like COFFEE FLAVORED COFFEE.  Now it makes sense to me!
    Been walking in the rain the last two walks dating back to last night.  Cool!  I like it because it shows the world how determined I am to Walk.  RAIN HUH that ain't stopping me!  Now the world knows I mean business.  Also it turns out at least one of my sweatshirt jackets, the hood fits around and above the clunky headphones.  WOW WHAT A HOOD was my explicit thought.  What's going on in the wide world of meals.  Had my Mom's pizza last night to pair with leftover lasagna.  She had gotten extra cheese which I was not enthusiastic about at all.  HOWEVER after sitting in fridge for a few days, the extra cheese CONGEALED and I was able to scrape it off in but several big pieces.  Now whose laughing.  Me.  Before me laughing the pizza was laughing?  But now its me.  Alright!
     Cool!  Dunno about meals for today.  Maybe Chipotle for lunch!  Maybe Deli for Dinner!  Solid above 50% chance both of those are accurate.  Hey I found this scary show HAUNTED on The Netflix.  It's shot like a Docu Series where each episode is a guy or lady talking about how they've been HAUNTED.  By ghosts or monsters or aliens or whatever.  And it starts off THIS IS A TRUE STORY.  And it makes a difference!  Look, I'm not saying they're able to verify whether this person has a ghost messing with them.  But it makes a big difference whether it's a real person who really thinks this is happening to them, or if its all just scripted.  I WANT TO BELIEVE.  Dunno if I can.  Probably can't.  Either way, creepy!  I used to be scared a lot when I was a kid.  Ghost in the bed, ghost on the ceiling, ghost in the closet, ghost in the hallway, ghost in the refrigerator, ghost in my Mom's bathroom, ghost in the living room, ghost in the downstairs bathroom.  Hmm I was scared of ghosts a lot.  Really makes ya think.
Wonderful!  Also I wasn't so worried that there were actually ghosts there, but that there was POTENTIAL ghosts COULD BE there.  I never actually thought there was a ghost in the hallway-- just that there COULD be.  Well that makes sense no one is gonna argue with that.  Anyway.  Ghost under the bed.  That's a big one.  I ain't gettin' out of bed FOR ANYTHING ghost is gonna have easy access to grab my ankle!  What kinda chump you take me for!  Anyway.  It'd be weird to have a early childhood that wasn't dominated by fear!  Doesn't make sense to me!  The point is lets move on with our lives.  Also when I said I WANT TO BELIEVE in these people's story, that's a half-truth!  I want to believe for the duration of watching the TV Show.  Entertaining that way!  Gives me some creeps but then its over.  HOWEVER if I really DO Believe WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE ME WHEN THE SHOW ENDS.  Suddenly I'm at risk, too!  If it could happen to them it can happen to me presumably.  DAMN TV SHOW.
     Hey, great.
  In-between albums.  Gotta star Anew for next walk.  HMM this is a tough one!  Anyway.  I'm not scared in My House anymore!  I LIVE IN A DIFFERENT ROOM. 
I thought I wanted it because his room was twice the size, but maybe I wanted a fresh start with a room!  No worries about ghosts in this one!  Not yet, at least.  It's been roughly 17 years at this point and so far I've been doing okay!  Hmm at this rate I should be moving into my parents room sometime this or next year.  They can go to college.  I dunno.  My parents are under the impression that when they die I'll continue living in this house.  Dumb!  Sell the house and live somewhere more appropriate for a BACHELOR.  What am I supposed to do live in their room?  Creepy!  That's where my parents have sex!  Presumably.  Don't have any hard facts or figures whether they had sex in that room.  Or if they had sex in other rooms!  Or if they had sex outside.  Don't have any of those figures in front of me! 
     Of course the scariest thing that actually felt like a Ghosty Type Prescience in my life was when I had the recurring Sleep Paralysis.  Which was almost exclusively in Current Room!  Waking up not being able to move and feelin' some Ghostlike presence right by me that I can kind of see but can't move not even my eyes.  But that's SCIENCE.  I was just dreaming!  Happens to lots of people!  But either way that was a hassle and a half.  Not very pleasant at all!  Either way probably gonna listen to some more BAYSIDE and NAS today.  I don't 100% like this arrangement but I'm pot committed to seeing it through.  HMM what if I got a SUBWAY SANDWICH for lunch instead of Chipotle.  That sounds like a delicious proposition!  What kind of sandwich.  Why it could be ANY kind of sandwich.  Limited to the dozen or so sandwiches they sell that I can choose from.  Hmm what about TURKEY.  Well sure that makes sense!
     Bonus paragraph because of Ghost Talk which I'm sure I've gone through 2 or 5 times in the past On Website.  I feel like that happens a lot these days.  Goin' through stuff I've gone through.  It's bound to happen!  I've written thousands of entries!  Thousands multiplied by OH I Don't Know A DOZEN paragraphs over all?  That's... crunch the numbers... even more paragraphs than entries!  I dunno I don't really want Subway.  I'll have to think about this!  Chinese Food.  Let's go with that.  I dunno it's a good idea but I don't feel comfortable committing to it Just Like That!  Also if I get China Food how about GENERAL TSO CHICKEN.  How about making it TWO LUNCHES and THROWING OUT THE REST.  How about THAT.  Sure get off my back about it.  Listen to Universally Acclaimed TUPAC album for upcoming walk.  Makes sense to me.  I'll be back!




No Really Look

    Hey!  China Food STILL sounds like the best option.  GREAT lets move on with our lives.  We can't!  It hasn't been done yet!  I won't be able to move on with my life completely until after I've FINISHED all I'm going to eat with potential Chinese Food, should I get it, and rid of whatever was left over!  That's why I'm hesitant about this!  It's a whole big commitment that will impact my life FOR DAYS.  Still, though, sometimes we need to make tough choices and commit to things if its what is best for us (And Others) in the long run.  Not sure how this benefits anyone else in the long run.  Maybe AMY'S CHINESE RESTAURANT.  They're making some good business with this enterprise.  That's the real name of Restaurant!  Also I can easily imagine AMY being a Chinese American's name.  Sounds about right.  But do I want a Chinese American in charge of my Chinese Food?  You'd think I'd want a Straight Up Chinese but you'd be wrong.  I like that I can relate to Amy, the Chinese American, a bit more.  Makes all the difference!
    No rain for 2nd walk just now.  Tupac album has commenced!  I like it just fine.  Even MORE than just fine.  I like it Fine, Just Fine.  Yep that checks out.  This album is I believe seven hours long.  SO that should be a nice #TupacAllEyezOnMeSummerSpringtimeToRemember.  Hmm its only two hours 20 minutes.  That's still very good.  The real question is whether I pad the order with Steamed Shrimp Dumplings.  It makes it more worthwhile to get a delivery because the more I get the more it justifies the FEES and TAXES and TIPS.  But also I don't really need it.  HOWEVER ALSO sure why not delicious.  STILL ALSO Means I'd be eating less rice &/v General Tso Chicken to make room for dumplings.  YET MORE ALSO It's nutritious because of seafood.  ONCE AGAIN ALSO I'd have some of it left over no matter how many I add to Regular Meals I Got Planned.  So the point is I'm definitely leaning towards getting Bonus Shrimp Dumplings.  It just SOUNDS good, too.  That's Another Also.
     I dunno doesn't sound good to me.  THE FINAL ALSO!  Let's move on with our lives.  Poured myself Coffee #2.  Delicious!  Got the GOOD Artificial Sweetener.  Some sort of pun with Artificial Intelligence with Artificial Sweetener.  SPECIFICALLY in regards to Major Motion Picture AI: Artificial Intelligence.  Lol Good One.  Hey it's the third paragraph of Act II already!  Time is just flying by.  Anyway.  I've been scared plenty since Sleep Paralysis Episodes.  It's called Being Mentally Ill and it's no fun at all!  The good news is I've been Mentally Sane For Weeks!  Yep that seems to check out.  Look has it been MONTHS???  YES.  Easily.  Easy!  Finished watching all of the #It'sNotHBOIt'sWWIISummerSpringtime.  There's a THIRD mini series in the works but it won't be ready for this current Summer Springtime.  Not ready for it at all!
     Yeesh.  They covered European Theater.  They covered Pacific Theater.  What's left?  Was there any fighting with Canada that I wasn't aware about.  Gotta imagine no of course not.  Wikipedia says something to do with air force.  Their Exact Words!  Anyway that answers no questions.  What theater does this take place ABOVE.  It could be in the sky of Europe OR in the sky of Pacific OR both OR neither.  OR maybe its not in the sky at all.  It's about the air force but it turns out this particular air force never really GOT OFF THE GROUND if you know what I mean!  I mean THAT.  What I Just Said!  NORTH AFRICA.  Does that qualify as European Theater.  North Africa is PRETTY close to Europe.  Better LTURQ.  WAIT A SECOND
WHAT THE HELL AM I LOOKING UP.  Can we call North Africa Europe.  What do I expect to get out of that!
    Nothing, that's who!  I was inspired to get General Tso Chicken from the Hawaiian Chicken!  It's chicken in heavy sauce and presumably FRIED but not Deep Fried???.  Similar situation.  And I LIKED IT.  That goes without saying!  Apparently not!  I went ahead and said it just to play it safe!  Anyway have I thought on 2 or 3 occasions over the past Week To Remember hmm I should try Writing Raps?  Yes!  Did I ever actually try?  No!  I'd be terrible!  I thought of TWO stand alone rhymes and wrote them down, though.  So if I ever DO want to get started on that I'm way ahead of the game, already have two couplets  of lyrics!  It's important people know MY Story.  I'm WHITE and I DID STUFF.  That covers that more or less.  ALSO presumably I AM DOING STUFF and even WILL DO MORE STUFF.  Now we're talking That Covers All That More Or Less!
     Great!  Wonderful.  Got a shower coming up after this paragraph.  Gonna be great!  I don't like this soap I got going on.  Gets too soapy!  I feel like its getting SOFT too quickly.  When you start a bar of soap supposed to be SOLID.  Sure when it gets down to slivers you expect it to be soft and seem like it's gonna come apart easily.  You don't expect that from a New Practically Whole Sized Bar!  But that's what I'm getting!  I'm either doing something wrong with my soap or its the brand or This Is How Soap Works And I Just Never Noticed It.  Anyway.  I don't do it anymore, but for a long time I would turn my shampoo upside down while it was at its resting state.  Because then when you use it you don't need to coax the shampoo out by squeezing it several times.  Already at the top (the bottom) because of gravity!  I think I got that from my brother.  When we shared bathroom shower as teenagers (Not at the same time!!), I saw he was doing it and was like hmm not a bad idea.  I don't do it anymore, though.  I guess I just forgot about it!
     Last act was 7 paragraphs.  We'll do it again right here, right now.  Another interesting story from sharing shower with brother was the Abandoned Soap.  One of us (me?) would forget a bar of soap was ours (mine?) and it would just stay there collecting mold.  And whoever started it (me?) who forgot it was theirs (mine?) went on to a new soap, so this soap stays there for possibly YEARS and no one does a thing about it!  That Is an interesting story.  I'd like to hear it again one day.  Don't forget!  Wonderful.  I remember when I started college they were all like yep you gotta wear Shower Slippers when you take a shower because you're sharing it with four other people and I was like SURE and then when I moved in I was like I ain't wearing shower slippers, too lazy and I Suffered No Consequences!  Anyway I'll be back.




Everyone Come Back

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  Pretty good!  Pieces of General Tso Chicken are SMALLER than I thought they would be.  We're talking only 80% the size for the most part!  GREAT I can eat MORE PIECES.  What fun!  Started a new thing to watch Why It's Only From Tha Earth 2 Tha Moon as Tupac might Stylize it.  Good stuff.  I've already seen AL FRANKEN and STEPHEN ROOT as dramatic roles.  From 1998!  Gotta imagine Al Franken saw it as a test run for being a senator.  Not sure HOW that's the case.  Not sure WHY I GOTTA imagine it.  Either way there it is.  I'm enjoying The Tupac!  I'm enjoying The It Hasn't Rained Since 1st Walk Of Day.  Nice pleasant Not Rain going on!
     Cool.  Did I have to go to sleep with the lights on last night?  Sure, I ain't ashamed to admit it.  Sure I am.  Either way there it is.  Woke up in middle of night and turned the lights off then!  Enough time had passed that I was comfortable not being scared of ghosts or ghasts or any sort of Haunt Figures.  Anyway, pretty much perfect amount of General Tso chicken.  Right around what I would want for each meal for 2 mealsworth.  Well done!  Who am I talking to.  Amy.  Or Amy's Family.  Amy can't be running this Chinese Restaurant AND doing the cooking.  Gotta imagine Amy is the one calling the shots and her Chinese-Chinese family is busy cooking the food.  Anyway on last walk I walked by ANOTHER Chinese Restaurant that proudly showed off their BB health grade from the city.  Which is bordering on amusing!  They're PROUD OF THAT B!  Fine good for them.  B is pretty good!  I dunno.
Anyway.  SPOILER ALERT MAN WALKS ON MOON.  He even comes back from being on the moon!  But something isn't the same!  He keeps having terrible nightmares.  And then he wakes up in places and can't explain how he got there.  And people around him are being murdered one by one.  Hmm this mystery is no mystery he's clearly the one killing them.  Either because of something ALIEN he brought back from moon or maybe just Traveling To Moon And Back Made Him Crazy.  This isn't a joke.  That's just the plot to a movie.  I forget which one.  But I'm VERY comfortable saying that's just the plot to some movie.  The Astronaut's Wife.  Something like that But Not That.  Wait, scratch that.  Take out the, "But Not."  It is That.  Something like that That.
Last paragraph.  Done eating!  Had a bonus Shrimp Dumpling than what I had planned but that's not so bad!  Traditionally I eat 50% more of what I've allotted myself for Chinese Food Meals.  I feel like this is pretty good all in all!  I got an Egg Roll as a Bonus!  I dunno what to do with that!  Probably nothing!  Just forget about it!  That's one way to go.  Thinking of having a delicious Steak Dinner for tonight.  Different kind of steak than I've been getting!  Same EXPENSE so its a similar quality, but different!  I can't wait I'm gonna eat the shit out of 6 or 8 oz of steak.  Maybe 7?  That could happen!  I can TOTALLY imagine them being like ok here's a 14 oz steak have at it.  Anyway hey I finally finished the entry.  See ya tomorrow!

-4:10 P.M.




Friday, May 28, 2021

What Am I Doing Here

    Hey you idiots guess whose the real idiot I'M the real idiot.  I was talking about how I enjoy coffee more out of certain Coffee Mugs.  Made sense at the time.  Now, you know what I think it was?  I transitioned from truvia to sweet n' low.  I think that's the difference maker!  One obvious difference I can SEE is that sweet n low is MUCH more Fine Powderwise.  Truvia, the granulation isn't as deep.  Also the taste presumably is different.  Also these are the important issues of the day.  Seems pretty important to me.  Maybe not important but a worthwhile observation and determination based on observation!  Now I know!  Sweet N Low is KING of the 2 Artificial Sweeteners I've had over the last week.  Hmm should I go ahead and try em all.  Make a youtube video talking about THE KING of Artificial Sweeteners.  People would like me now.  Everyone loves influencers.
    I wanna be the ANTI influencer.  I wanna be a DISSUADER.  I Shit ON EVERYTHING.  Also I get paid by Big Nothing.  The lobbying and financial group that is determined for Nothing ever to happen.  Well I'm gettin' paid that's what matters.  That's an Elliott Smith song.  NOW I know the real meaning.  Whew that's a relief.  Now I can move on with my lives.  To determining the REAL meanings of other songs!  Once I'm done with that I can move onto other things Completely!  Can't wait!  Anyway I accepted Super Market Delivery this morning.  Went pretty well.  They gave us A BONUS APPLE CIDER.  Nobody asked for apple cider.  We got it anyway!  I dunno if I'll try that or not!  Seems like a pretty dumb drink!  We'll have to wait and see.  The Mets have allowed THE FEWEST RUNS of the Major League Baseball Teams at this point in the season.  And it's not because they've played about 8 less games than average compared to other teams on account of POSTPONEMENTS due to COVID or RAIN.  Actually lemme amend that analization.  It is ONLY Because they've played 8 less games on average.  I get NOT and ONLY confused all the time.  NOT ONLY NOW.  Hmm they seem to be Working Together in that sentence.  Wonder what that means!
   What's the general consensus of how much of the sweet n low packet we're comfortable pouring into coffee before giving up.  I feel like each packet I get a solid 80% in and then get bored and throw out the rest and move onto the next packet.  I'm wasting 20% of my Artificial Sweetener supply is the point. But I could be doing even less!  If I remember at STARNUCKS when they do it for you they do it quick as shit and maybe they're not pouring it all in or maybe they are and they're just very practiced at it they can do it in a blink.  I dunno!  Either way, something we should be thinking about.  I CAN'T GET EVERY LAST POWDER MORSEL INTO THIS COFFEE I'VE GOT THINGS TO DO. 
Also at Starnucks they do several at a time.  I gotta learn that move!  I'm not up to that level yet but it seems like something one should work towards.  Had FRIED CALAMARI last night.  Gonna have BISON BURGER for lunch.  Gonna finish LASAGNA PLUS SOME BONUS PIZZA tonight.  Gonna GO TO SLEEP some time after that.  Later after I wake up WRITE AN ENTRY.  Probably go ahead and CAPITALIZE A LOT of words.  Gonnna finish #It'sNotWWIIIt'sHBOSummerSpringtimeWeekToRemember today.  HEY MEMORIAL DAY IS COMING UP.  I elaborated by watching Actors Pretend To Be Soldiers.  Where's THEIR parade.  Or DAY.  They deserve parades, sure, but what they REALLY ought to get is a day.  Acting Day.  Is Halloween like an Acting Day.  You gotta dress up as a character but I don't think you're expected to PLAY a character.  I guess some people do?  That's something to consider for your next Halloween.
     Christmas.  Everyone PRETENDS to celebrate Christ.  Gottem.  Hey it's the fifth paragraph of Act I!  Gettin' there!  I think it'd be TERRIBLE to have a parade thrown in your honor.  Assuming you're riding in the parade waving to the crowd.  The whole time you must be thinking I CAN'T ENJOY THIS PARADE FROM THIS VANTAGE POINT AT ALL.  Why Oh Why can't I be in the CROWD WATCHING this.  That sort of thing.  What kind of person goes to watch a parade.  Depends on the parade.  I got myself there!  Hey what else is going on.  NAS and BAYSIDE can last me another couple of days but I wanna mix it up some more!  What's a third Musical Act I can throw into the mix.  Hmm lemme consult Patriotism Calendar.  THE EAGLES IS THAT A BAND.  I already listened to TWO The Eagles.  I'm done with that for now!  Maybe come back to it later, around 14 years from now.  IT'S GOOD TO HAVE PLANS.  I will come up with something by the end of this paragraph.  To make it worthwhile in the long run.  Hmm BAND ON THE RUN.  By The Wings.  Eagles have Wings.  It's one of their main attributes.  FINE.
What else is going on.  I'm not gonna listen to WINGS.  Maybe in 14 years!  Hmm already got The Eagles booked for then.  See, planning ahead is paying off!  I could have DOUBLE BOOKED myself for 14 years from now! 
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Not wearing a big ol' shirt today.  These are the days of my lives.  HMM what's my Patriotism Calendar's theme for June.  I'm gonna skip ahead!  And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood.  Hmm.  Makes ya think.  Mainly where did they come up with that half a phrase!  Never heard it before.  I THINK I would have remembered that half a phrase.  Ugh.  Hey the act is just about over.  Between albums right now.  This is gonna be a tough decision.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!




This Is Getting Serious

    No, I'm not.  Hmm Serious Use of Comma in that sentence.  Maybe I AM getting serious.  Anyway ended up listening to An The Alkaline Trio album from 2018 on my walk.  I like this band!  Always have!  Now I'm CATCHING UP.  Why did I need to capitalize Catching Up.  For emphasis.  Oh okay now I get it.  Anyway broached topic of getting wireless head/earphones without getting TV at same time with Mom.  She was open to the idea!  Now I don't need to clean up Mold in bathroom for 8 hours before I get new earphones!  Wonderful!  Now is the time to pick a good pair.  Hmm.  I've had bad results getting Highly Reviewed Midshelf Earphones.  The wires get tangled and then it stops working completely.  How can I be sure the same thing won't happen with these wireless earphones.  It sounds like a joke but I've never been more serious in my life.
Cool!  Enjoying some more coffee.  You know what that's like.  Took another look at Apple Cider.  I don't get it.  Doesn't add up, that's all I'm saying!  Took a very slightly different walk in the woods (park) yesterday.  The paths were parallel for about 4 minutes but this path was on VERY MUCH ELEVATED ground.  So I dunno.  I might try it again!  In the end its about the same distance walked.  And it's fun to be an Explorer.  Nobody ever walked down THIS path before.  Even when they were in the process of MAKING the path.  They made the path and GOT THE HELL OUT OF DODGE presumably because this path is haunted.  Hmm now I like it even more!  Wanna see some ghosts on my Afternoon Walk!  Maybe have Lasagna plus Pizza for LUNCH?!?!  I dunno.  Only time can tell!  And only watches can tell time.  Brought to you by Watches.
Anyway.  Before they had watches, people had to walk around with clocks.  That's no good.  Quite a hassle!  I feel like my main memory of using clocks is in K-12 school.  Standardly have a nice clock on the wall.  Presumably in the front of the room.  Because that's where we're looking anyway.  I think, and I think this is a real thing, that in some class rooms they specifically didn't have clocks because the students would just stare at the clock all period long and not register any of the teaching.  Which does check out, I can see that point's merit!  But its helpful FOR CONTEXT.  And specifically for Test Time.  Now you know how much time you've spent and how much time you have left!  Very convenient!  But even during regular classes.  FOR CONTEXT LIKE I SAID.
     Cool!  Gotta imagine there's some technology out there that its like Smart Watches and you can look at them during Test and see the same screen as SOMEONE ELSE IN THE ROOM taking the test and they can share answers.  I mean, the technology is there.  It's borrowing the technology from 2 or 3 different things, but based on what we have, I'm sure they can manage that.  So anyway that's a good way to cheat for now!  I dunno they might have already banned watches in K-12.  Better LTURQ.  Hmm looks like what I said has happened.  I'm not surprised!  Kids are pretty ingenious when it comes to cheating!  A lot more ingenious than when it comes to STUDYING and WORKING HARD (That's for chumps).  My High school strategy was pretty tight.  I didn't cheat and didn't study or work as hard as maybe I could have and ACCEPTED ADEQUATE GRADES.  I Beat The System!  Adequate!
     Anyway.  The Bayside Band started sounding like The Alkaline Trios to me which is good!  I enjoy that band so why wouldn't I enjoy a band emulating their sound!  Out of spite?  That doesn't sound like me!  Bayside could not do things out of spite, too.  Now The Bayside sounds like Me!  I dunno about that one.  Anyway gonna take some sort of a shower when this act is over.  That'll get the dirt off my body presumably!  Started a new soap yesterday.  That's gonna be GREAT for the first week or so.  Everyone likes a nice bar of soap that's pretty bar-like.  I dunno about everyone.  Probably some perverts who like slivers of soap that are coming apart and you gotta work hard to not break it because you want this sliver to last you another day.  And if it breaks then you're left with two tinier slivers and what the hell are you supposed to do with that?  Goddam Perverts.
Last paragraph of the act!  Mets have TENTH PICK in upcoming Draft of College &/V High School Baseball players.  In other words there are 9 picks before them.  Then they go!  Oh I get it now.  I'm not expecting my name to be called, certainly not that high.  But if I do get picked in one of the later rounds I'd have to seriously consider learning how to play baseball.  All I was taught over 5 years was DON'T SWING THE BAT YOU'RE TERRIBLE JUST TAKE THE WALK HALF THE TIME.  Of course at the professional level I won't be walking half the time because the pitchers now can throw strikes at will.  But other than that the training I've received still applies pretty much.  Anyway, great.  I'll be back in a little bit!





Keep It Moving

    Hey!   Got lunch going on.  Bison Burger + Bonus Leftover Calamari.  Wonderful!  I believe it is raining now.  And, if not now, probably by next week.  It just says RAIN though, which to me implies NOT TOO MUCH Rain.  If it was more than Not Too Much they would have specified!  So basically I can take all the 2 walks I want to take over the rest of the evening-night.  Maybe don't take the Elevated Park Path, though.  Too wet!  I might slip and fall onto the non-elevated park path.  And then where would I be.  Exactly where I wanna be.  Hmm sounds like a good thing then!  It's LOOKING LIKE I only got half the gum I wanted from Super Market Delivery.  I wanted a Wintergreen AND a Peppermint.  Looks like I just got Wintergreen.  WHAT THE HELL.
Jeez.  Bison burger got sautéed onion and mushroom.  Mushroom also possibly being sautéed.  I dunno how they do things and frankly I don't want to know!  Hey its Friday.  That's the last day of the Work Week.  Congratulations for successfully completing another work week!  Sounds good.  You get to have two and a half days where you're like MAN OH MAN I have to do The Work Week ALL THE TIME but for these 2.5 days It's Gonna Be Great!  Plus that happens EVERY WEEK.  Sounds pretty good to me!  I got it going the other way.  I HAVE NOTHING TO DO ALL THE TIME which I have to do but these 2.5 days a week I get to do some Relative Work IT'S GONNA BE GREAT.  WHAT 2.5 DAYS A WEEK.
Cool!  I ate the half dozen calamari first and the bison burger second!  Normally when you have FRIES as a side you go back and forth, right?  I dunno, maybe you eat all the fries and then all the burger.  I can imagine SOME idiots doing that.  Not me, though!  Unless it's only half a dozen of Side Hamburger Hustle.  And in this case Very Specifically That I Did It That Way.  Otherwise, HUH.  I forget what I was talking about logic-wise.  Oh, right.  I can see people who have never had a hamburger and fries before going into it tackling all the fries first and then the hamburger.  I wouldn't think it would go in the other order, though.  Hamburger then fries?  That makes little to no sense!
     Last paragraph!  Wonderful.  If I've learned anything from Fast Food, its that you're also going to want some chicken nuggets with a Hamburger & Fries Meal.  We all know to do that even though they never explicitly tell us.  I don't recall there being Value Meals with burgers and nuggets.  Maybe We Don't All Know That.  If you don't know it, you heard it here first!  Life Hack!  Have chicken nuggets with your hamburger and fries!  Smallest amount possible!  Even half of a Small Order of Nuggets would do!  Next hip hop artist I listen to may be Tupac!  I dunno if you've heard of this guy but he's widely considered to be One of The Greats if not THE GREAT.  I dunno about all that but I Guess I'll Find Out!  In the mean time though I'll see you later.

-4:09 P.M.





Thursday, May 27, 2021

This Is A Good Thing

    Hello friends.  I took a day off!  Now I'm back in action.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  HEY there IS something.  I had a nightmare this morning that I was VERY sympathetic to The New York Mets Organization for giving a 350 million contract to Francisco Lindor and he's performing so bad he doesn't belong in the major leagues.  Which is based on Real Life Fact.  All of that is true EXCEPT for how in real life what do I care about The New York Mets Organization losing money.  In fact, Good For Lindor!  He beat the system!  I'm happy for him and that's my official Waking Life Position.  However if my subconscious wants me to continue feeling bad for The New York Mets Organization as NIGHTMARES I am okay with that, too.  That's why it's called a nightmare! 
     Cool.  Making progress with Nas's's Discography.  I enjoy it and that's even with the inside knowledge that these albums I'm up to now aren't his best!  Still pretty good!  Still no referencing to BAYSIDE, though.  Hardly even a reference to New Found Glory.  I picked THAT band because I heard of them In A Nightmare.  A Waking Life reading Bayside WIkipedia Nightmare.  They came up with Bayside because they were on a train TO SEE New Found Glory.  And then there was the Fabled Bayside Stop.  Gotta imagine this is the LIRR, right.  I don't know any other trains with Bayside.  WOW LIRR I'VE RIDDEN THAT.  Anyway.  That's why I'm gonna name my band MURRAY HILL.  Auburndale.  Those are the two LIRR stops specifically On That Line that I choose to use for this, "Joke."
    Several episodes into THE SPECIFIC.  What's your third favorite ocean.  The Specific.  YES BE SPECIFIC about your third favorite ocean.  Specific.  THAT'S WHAT I SAID GO ON.  I dunno about that.  I think I figured out Hot Coffee is better in a certain type of mug which I've been neglecting since I got my own mugs.  I've been using Bernie Sanders Campaign Mug primarily, with a White Castle mug back-up.  Now I'm back to using one of our 4 or 6 Plain Brown Mugs and what a revelation!  Delicious!  I can't get enough of this mug.  Hmm.  It's bad for everyone if Francisco Lindor gets money for nothing.  That's money that could have gone to other people For Something!!!  I dunno I'm haply with Lindor getting his money.  I'm pretty entrenched in this position and I'm not sure you're gonna be able to talk me out of it.
    Gonna have some HAWAIIAN CHICKEN for lunch.  Hopefully Japan doesn't bomb my lunch.  Anyway my Mom got it but then was like ya know what FUCK THIS I ain't eatin' it!  So I'm gonna eat it because that's just the kind of guy I am.  Anyway.  It's like chicken-- well, it is chicken-- in sweet and sourish sauce.  Also they throw in some sort of vegetable for good measure.  I dunno what kind off the top of my head!  Better LTURQ.  One things for sure IT BETTER NOT BE PINEAPPLE.  They use Pineapple JUICE for the marinade.  I'm okay with that.  HEY I just realized that Spell-Check-As-Ya-Go is working again.  It hadn't been working for one or TWO weeks!  Oh right Hawaii Chicken Vegetable.  Better not just be, "Green Peppers."  That'd be a whole lot of Research Work with NO PAY OFF.  It's possible From This Place there's no vegetable.  GREAT JUST GREAT.  Really that is great.  YEAH.
     Wonderful.  Why didn't I write an entry yesterday?  Why It's Only Because I was really tired!  I woke up like 2 hours later than usual, plus I had no energy.  It was like being hungover kind of but without drinking.  Oh, so being tired.  You were tired.  That's what it was.  Yes that all seems to check out ASSUMING by me saying you and addressing it to some sort of you it was actually me addressing myself.  YES I WAS TIRED.  No fun!  But today I'm doing okay!  Is it possible I Slept Drank?  No!  I have no alcohol in the house.  Unless I also Slept Bought Alcohol.  Which I guess is a possibility.  Not a PROBABILITY but a POSSIBILITY.  Okay jeez stop yelling.  OKAY.  William Sadler is the guy IN CHARGE.  He's not just a soldier.  Too old to be just a soldier!  He's running the entire show.  Maybe not the ENTIRE show.  That's FDR per my understanding of How Wars Work.  But the point is HE LOOKS OLD NOW.  This is from 11 years ago and he looked old THEN is what I mean.  I'm sure he looks even older now!  I'm not SURE.  It's a good educated guess, though!
     Cool!  I get to take another walk pretty soon!  Right on target today!  Only took 4 walks yesterday!  Was gonna take the 5th walk an hour or two late but there was THUNDERSTORMS abrewing.  I didn't see it with mine own eyes but that's what they said.  They warned it.  I dunno if they ever said for sure it happened.  BETTER LTURQ.  HMM it looks like ACCUWEATHER among OTHERS don't keep logs of past weather.  I mean, I'm sure they do somewhere for their own records.  But I'm not seeing anything.  HOW THE HELL am I supposed to know whether it rained last night.  I NEED TO PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  Back To The Future joke.  That's the plot of it.  They knew Past Thunderstorms and PLANNED ACCORDINGLY.  Anyway great I'm gonna take another walk soon.  I'll be back!




Are You Gone Yet

    Hello friends.  I'm enjoying The Specific.  I liked the part where the Japanese guy was running around and they were like are we supposed to shoot him, he's just one guy just running around and then after a while they shot him.  Really makes ya think!  Anyway that spare chicken finger I Have from a week ago, I ate just now!  I must have told you about this chicken finger that I had left over.  Big part of my life over the past week!  Also Hey I checked my weight and I am DOWN roughly 12 pounds in roughly 2 months.  That works out to roughly FIVE OR SEVEN pounds a month.  Maybe both.  Let's say 1st month was seven pounds and second month was five pounds.  I am not basing this on anything except for intuition and also some information.  Sounds like I'm basing it on A LOT.  Sure does!
     ARGUABLY 10 pounds under Obesity.  If you trust my scale as the end all be all determiner of my weight.  Which We Probably Shouldn't if we want Accurace but we probably SHOULD if we wanna feel good about myselves!  Yeah!  Also upon further introspection pretty sure Hawaiian Chicken Non Chicken Component is Pineapple Chunks.  I don't have to eat 'em!  I'm probably not even gonna fish the chicken aspect of it.  HEY I got a WILD idea for dinner its called A Fried Calamari Appetizer But For Dinner.  I got the idea because Nas said something about Octopus a few songs ago.  I THINK even under the thematic element of EATING octopus.  Calamari ain't no octopus it's squid.  Better LTURQ.  IT'S SQUID.  And Squids ARE NOT Octopus.  Well glad we settled that once and for all.
Are appetizers actually designed for the purpose of Making Us More Hungry.  Because they Appetize-Us.  I dunno how that works AND I DON'T LIKE IT.  First of all WHY.  Second of all HOW.  Third of all WHEN.  I feel like there's a Fourth Of All to this situation I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Oh of course WHAT.  I dunno I feel like we kinda know, "What."  No we don't!  In FACT I've lost track of what I was talking about so I don't know the answer to anything!  Anyway.  I don't like me no non-fried Calamari.  One man's opinion!  ACTUALLY that should be EVERY MAN'S OPINION that I PERSONALLY Don't like me no non-fried calamari.  You can like it, you can not like it, totally up to you and totally IRRELEVANT.  We're talking about forming an opinion on whether I LIKE IT and guess what I FORGET WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT but I'm pretty sure it had to do with me not liking non-fried forms of calamari.  Hmm sounds like I remember what I was talking about pretty well, actually.  YOU'D THINK SO WOULDN'T YOU.
     Yeah!  I get DESSERTS.  Even if you're not hungry any more it's still a pleasant experience.  Hmm I don't need to eat but I need Some Sweet to CLEANSE MY PALATE.  Otherwise you're stuck at whatever main course you had in your salivary glands until morning!  You're gonna want Some Sweet to take its place!  I dunno about that one.  Let's move on with our lives.  After this act I'll probably take some sort of shower.  Presumably the same sort of shower I've been taking.  Maybe mix up the Shower Head Settings, I dunno!  I can make it RAIN or I can make it a Single Big Ol' Stream I can have Some Other Setting That's Presumably In-between The Two I Just Referred To.  Maybe have FRIED Calamari for dinner tonight, get my Bonus Meal in the form of Bison Burger for tomorrow.  I haven't had a burger in OH I DON'T KNOW A WEEK SINCE LAST SUNDAY.  I mean, a week BEFORE last Sunday.  Why didn't I just correct it and leave it at that.  Why do I have to leave the mistake and then clarify it by pointing out I figured out it was a mistake.  I dunno I don't know why a lot of things!
     Wonderful.  MARINES GETTIN' SOME LOVIN' IN AUSTRALIA.  They fought Japanese on some island and they won and then they were like lets go hang out in Australia! and THEY DID and some of them GOT SOME LOVIN'.  I envy them.  It's a good thing I wasn't Commander In Charge of America In Pacific.  All these dozens of small islands which aren't even inhabited, I'd be like fine go nuts keep em.  Means nothing to me.  WASTE your troops guarding and occupying these dumb islands.  I dunno maybe that would make me a BETTER commander?  I don't have all the details in front of me.  The best part about being Commander in charge of Specific Field Of War is I'd presumably get to boss William Sadler around.  Make him do characters and stuff.  If he feels like it!  I'm not gonna force him to.  I COULD, I have that authority, but I WOULDN'T.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Also I WOULDN'T let them have Hawaii!  Hawaii is HEAVILY POPULATED AND VALUABLE IN OTHER SENSES can you see the difference?  Also what else is going on.  Wearing a nice big shirt today.  Dunno what that means.  I felt like saying it, though!  I had the thought during my second walk.  Hmm wearing a nice big shirt.  Normally I don't like that.  Today I kinda like it!  Maybe it's cause I lost 2.5 pounds since last week presumably.  HERE I AM IN A BIG SHIRT THAT'S EVEN BIGGER BASED ON MY WEIGHT COMPARED TO LAST WEEK.  GONNA STRUT MY STUFF IN THIS BIG Ol' SHIRT.  Anyway hey Act II is over.  Gonna take a shower!  I'll be back a little bit later!




I'll Do It Again

    Hey!  Anyway I got a nice 6 pieces of Hawaiian Chicken and a dinner roll.  What was the vegetable that came with it?  I dunno!  It was RED.  Kinda like a carrot.  Couldn't be a carrot, though, could it?  What do Carrots have to do with Hawaii &/or Pineapple.  Pretty sure pineapples aren't red.  They're yellow!  I feel very strongly about this.  Anyway I'm happy with this portion of lunch depending upon whether I feel full when its all over.  Well yeah when you put it that way.  Cycling through NAS and BAYSIDE last couple of days.  Good.  It turns out I can SOLIDLY tolerate Bayside.  No appreciating it or getting what I'm supposed to get out of it, though.  Unless Solidly Tolerating It is what I'm supposed to get out of it.  In which case mission accomplished!
    Cool.  I can, "See," myself feeling full enough at the end of this mission.  Lunch mission.  Hows the war in the pacific going.  Still going pretty good.  I'm almost CERTAIN that America wins the war vs Japan.  Pretty sure this dinner roll isn't safe to eat anymore.  It's been in the fridge, but its been there for over a month.  Did I TASTE mold?  No.  Did I SEE mold?  Possibly.  I saw little specs of discoloration but that might just be how bread looks, I dunno, I forget!  Either way what can ya do.  Not eat moldy bread?  I don't like the sound of that!  Anyway.  Not sure if I'm happy for Francisco Lindor or not.  It depends on if he's trying his best.  He gets 350 million dollars and is like MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and doesn't try to do anything of value to anyone?  No Bueno!  Assuming he's still trying his best, though, can't hold it against him for suddenly being the worst player in the baseballs!
     Ya know that sort of thing.  Running low on days of May.  I love it!  May Flowers bring June... sh... Powers.  Anyway in June: The Month, I can go back to WHITE FONT on BLACK BACKGROUND for website.  Crazysheet Classic!  Uh oh I Wrote, "Crazysheet," that means in five days if I google Crazysheet THIS SPECIFIC INSTANCE comes up.  Which is a bad thing for some reason!  Oh, right!  It will lead to people reading this paragraph.  Which isn't one of my favorites in the grand scheme of things.  Not even in the top 50% of paragraphs.  Maybe something around the 30% area for Good Paragraphs.  Or 70%.  You get the idea.  The Worse One of those two numbers.  THANK GOD we won World War II Vs Japan Specifically.  Otherwise we'd be calling Hawaiian Chicken JAPANESE CHICKEN.  Because they own Hawaii.  Now what was Hawaii is now Japan.  Also they got the entire west coast.  Which isn't great, either!  But specifically The Name Of Chicken Dish is what I'm concerned about.
     Last paragraph!  Wonderful.  What do you figure a single piece of fried calamari is worth caloriewise.  Internet source said 12.  Too low in my head.  Maybe 15 would be accurate and even that may be too low.  I don't think it's 25 or higher.  I'm fine with estimating 15 because its low so I can gorge myself with them and its still higher than internet says it is so I'm Being A Responsible Erring On The Side Of Conservatively.  For Calamari Portions, at least.  NOT POLITICALLY.  Out of soda completely at this point!  Half a Dr Pepper 2 Liter Edition which I can get away with drinking but even WITH drinking all of that I have to go with some water for today.  WHAT AM I AN ANIMAL.  Yep seems to check out.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:23 P.M.




Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Now Its Me

    Hey!  Listened to some NAS: The Universally Considered Best Album By NAS last night!  Appreciated it!  Maybe got 65, 70% what I was supposed to get out of it!  Am on to a very different Musical Artist this morning, though.  BAYSIDE: The Emo Punk Band referring to the neighborhood they're from presumably.  I thought of it because I went out to take a walk and thought HMM WHERE AM I.  That settles that!  I WONDER IF NAS KNOWS ABOUT BAYSIDE.  He's from Queens.  He talks about different neighborhoods.  I couldn't stop worrying does Nas know all about Bayside?!?!  Wondering, not worrying.  Why would I be worrying if Nas knew about Bayside.  Scared that'd he judge us?  Doesn't make sense.  I mean, it might make sense that he judges us.  We're spoiled middle class white kids.  But that's his prerogative!  HEY THAT'S NOT FAIR.  Lot of middle class Asian American kids, too!  I don't know when to keep my mouth shut!  Nas HATES Asian Americans.  Lets get that fallacy trending.
    I don't get how you can spoil kids.  These kids Weren't Shit to begin with.  Have you SEEN these jerks as babies and toddlers?  They're simply on the same path of being jerks that they were on from conception.  NAY, from INCEPTION.  In my mind, inception means when the father &/or mother first has the thought hmm maybe should start up a baby.  Also, in my mind, nope!  It is the name of a movie, though!  Unrelated.  Went to get my blood work done today.  Presumably.  The plehemtologist sure SEEMED to take my blood.  Maybe it was all a scam, what do I know!  I like using the word phloemotolist.  I dunno how to spell it.  I'll do spell check later.  But maybe leave it the way it is in those two instances.  Now that I've drawn attention to it, it's part of the entry spelled that way! 
    Do I really live in Bayside?  The answer is about 80, 85% Yes.  It's on the edge, though!  Oh no too much personal information.  Now you'll come to My Extended Neighborhood and start up trouble for some reason no one is really sure of.  Maybe you live in Bayside, too!  Howdy, neighbor!  Maybe we know each other from the start!  Hey what's up been a while!  That's life I guess.  The Start Of What.  You know, the past.  From The Start Of The Past Or Something.  Oh, wait, no.  From The Start Of The Present.  We know each other from The Start Of The Present because we knew each other At Any Point During The Past.  Yep all that seems to check out 100%.  Is Bayside: The Band good?  I dunno!  I'm leaning towards NO but I'm still listening to it so it can't be that bad!  Dumb Spoiled Middle Class Kids and their Emo Pop Punk.  Think they're so great just because they're neighbors with Asian American kids.
What else is going on and crap.  Better LTURQ that Bayside is from My Bayside.  YEP THEY ARE.  How embarrassing.  Anyway, great, what else is going on.  Italian Restaurant Dinner tonight.  Thinking maybe some sort of HERO PARMIGIANA.  Meatball sounds delicious but also the unhealthiest of the bunch.  What about a.. hmm.. better LTURQ.  VEAL PARMIGIANA?!?!  I dunno that sounds okay.  I HAD VEAL TWO WEEKS AGO THOUGH.  Too much veal!  Potentially!  Nothing is set in stone yet!  I assume that expression comes from a time where people recorded everything They Were Going To Do by carving records of it in stone.  So when something was planned but then cancelled they can be like Well was it set in stone yet?  No?  Great we don't have to do it.  And if it was set in stone, I guess they're like NOPE WE ALREADY SET IT IN STONE.  WE HAVE TO DO IT.  NO WAY WE CAN JUST DISCARD THIS STONE AND START A NEW, MORE UP TO DATE STONE FROM SCRATCH.  WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH STONES.
Seems to check out.  WHAT THE HELL I HAVE TERRIBLE NEWS.  Bayside: The Band is from Queens New York, and named their band after Bayside: The Place, BUT AREN'T FROM BAYSIDE.  They heard the neighborhood while taking a train and heard next stop Bayside.  So the point is WHERE DO THEY GET OFF.  You can't fuckin take the name of a place you were never from at all!  I KNEW SOMETHING WAS UP WITH THIS BAND!  I knew it.  Something seemed off.  Now I know why.  THEY'RE NOT BAYSIDE AT ALL.  I was gonna listen to their entire discography but now I don't know what to do!  And it's a shame because I was REALLY tolerating their music.  HMM The founder went to Cardozo high school.  Bayside high school!  Not Bayside High School: The Other High School, but a high school solidly in Bayside.  I'M BACK ON BOARD WITH TOLERATING THEM.  Fascinating.
Anyway, I dunno.  About an hour ahead of time today because Early Blood Work.  Why did I capitalize, "Early Blood Work."  I dunno, I do a lot of things that don't make a ton of sense.  Started watching Army Of The Dead.  Which is a good movie because it doesn't make a ton of sense.  Also enjoying #It'sNotHBOIt'sWWIISummerSpringtimeWeekToRemember.  Hmm it got flipped.  Used to be Not WWII it's HBO.  Somewhere along the line it got twisted and I guess now it IS World War II and NOT HBO???  I'm okay either way, I just wanna be clear that I know it got mixed up somewhere halfway through Band of Brothers.  When they were in War, during These Battles & In-between Them & Whatnot, what was the prevailing attitude about whether America would win.  Was it like hmm 50 50 it can go either way better do our best.  Or was it like well clearly we're gonna mop the floors with 'em, and that's not just bravado, this is just how we really feel, it's a cakewalk.  We may DIE along the way INDIVIDUALLY but overall it'll work out.  Gotta imagine I DUNNO THAT'S WHY I'M ASKING YOU.  I'll be back in a little bit.




These Words Make Sense Here

    Sure they do.  Wonderful.  Hey potential dinner update-- How about some MEAT LASAGNA.  It's got the MEAT I crave but I can eat it in smaller portions potentially.  Split into not one not two but THREE MEALS as long as I have some of the bread with it.  You can't split it into one meal.  That's just The Meal.  But the point is I feel like I can split it into three delicious NOT NUTRITIOUS meals.  Red Meat is the healthiest component of the meal.  What's your problem with Red Meat.  I don't have a problem with red meat!  Lots of people do!  My one problem, if I was pressed, would be not really Red.  I've seen the color red, sir, and THIS IS NO RED.  What color IS it.  Brown?  Maybe it's its own color.  Meat Colored.  I can't picture it being any Other Real Color.  Better LTURQ. HMM LOOKS KIND OF RED.
But a different kind of red than YOU were implying.  I feel very strongly about this!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got Super Market Chicken Based Dish for lunch.  I can live with that.  I can live with most things.  It's a relatively small amount of things that are so bad that I would rather die than continue on living With Those Things.  Especially if its a one and done thing.  Some crappy thing happens that will be recurring for the rest of my life?  I dunno then I need to think carefully whether I wanna live with that.  However, I have to eat something for lunch I don't particularly want?  I can EASILY live with that because after lunch It's Over!  No more living with that!  Already LIVED with that.  Easy!  Anyway what else is going on.  Listening to more music.  You know what that's like.
     Cool!  They checked my weight at Blood Work Fleamattelogist.  I said curtly I DON'T WANNA KNOW.  They respected my wishes.  Shoulda Known.  Either way it's important to have context.  Oh well I made my decision and now I have to live with it.  OR DO I???  What else is going on.  They check your temperature when you enter hospital by silhouette and I am CONSISTENTLY below optimal temperature.  Wha, huh?  That's not supposed to happen!  The only time that happens if when you're turning into a zombie so you turn room temperature.  I saw a DOCUMENTARY about it.  Either way I'm a point and a half below optimal?  I don't get it what am I doing wrong and why am I still alive.  How come we don't feel our insides or at least our veins as if they're hot as hell.  You go outside and its 98 degrees you're not having a good time!  How come we don't feel that ALL THE TIME inside our veins.  Oh, right.  Some sort of pun with the boy band 98 degrees.  Sounds like a bit more obtuse than a right angle to me!  That's a different kind of pun.  Yep!  Hey I was right I used, "Obtuse," correctly there.  Looks like I'm a genius!
     Yeah.  Blood temperature supposed to be 98.6.  Around what I was picturing it was supposed to be.  Today I was at 97.3.  I don't get it!  Better LTURQ to see if I Really Should Be Dead Or Something.  95 Degrees and lower and you have hypothermia.  GREAT I'm in the worst of both worlds.  I'm not optimal AND I'm not low enough to have a special condition that makes everyone jealous.  You know HYPOTHERMIA.  HMM internet says Hypothyroidism can lead to low blood temperature.  I HAVE THAT.  GREAT JUST GREAT.  We got to the bottom of it though so now we can move on with our lives.  Also is everyone familiar with Silhouette Temperature Machine.  It takes video of you and you have to stand in it Just So so your head-on profile (head &/v shoulders) line up right in the middle and that's how they know your blood temperature.  Great.  Only the best blood temperature testing technology for me!
     Cool.  What else is going on and crap.  Way ahead of schedule today!  We're talkin, as of now?  OVER AN HOUR.  That's a lot of time.  Better use it wisely!  You'd be surprised at how quickly an Over An Hour Surplus can be depleted.  Well, maybe you wouldn't be.  Pretty straightforward calculations and estimations with that there.  Anyway how's World War II going.  I'm pretty confident America is gonna win.  Unless I've been wildly misled in school.  Which I guess is possible.  I'm sure I HAVE been wildly misled in school about other things.  Like GYM and RECESS.  They say recess is time off but ya know what Ya Learn The Most At Recess about LIFE.  Life is kind of like a game of freeze tag-- nobody quite knows how to win and most of it is just standing around in place.
    Maybe you don't know about Freeze Tag at all.  It's like tag but when you tag someone instead of them becoming it they have to FREEZE.  And I GUESS the way to win is for the tagger to freeze everybody?  I don't know if it ever got that far.  I don't know if the Frozen People even ever committed to the game.  We played every day but I'm pretty sure half the people who are frozen just wandered off and did their own thing.  Impossible to win a game when half the players wander off to do their own thing.  Or maybe it's EASIER to win that game.  Hey you haven't wandered off by the end of yard time?  Congratulations You're The Winners.  Anyway I'll be back later.






It Doesn't Get Any Easier

    Hey!  Back here with an hour early lunch!  It's HERBED chicken, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoe.  What kind of Herbs went into this chicken?  I dunno they didn't say!  Tastes just about what you'd expect An Herbed Chicken to taste.  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Solid chance I finish #BandOfBrothersThatSortOfThing by the end of tonight!  I wanna get through it as quick as possible!  Just like how they felt about the war!  Presumably.  Presuming we WON quickly.  If we went into the war as quickly as possible and lost, no ones on board with that!  Maybe we WIN D-DAY and get inland a bit, lose a couple of battles, and change our minds!  That didn't happen though thank god that we won several battles and built up some momentum per my understanding of how World War Two Works.
     Bordering on too much broccoli in this meal, but its well cooked.  Nice good consistency to this broccoli.  Am I gonna have an Hour Early Dinner?  I dunno!  Maybe!  I'm not adverse to such a situation.  Early bird special.  Is there such a high demand for worms among birds that you they have to get up so early to get the worm.  I bet there's plenty of worms even as late as round Noon Time.  Also do birds REALLY get up early to catch worms.  I feel like there's a solid 15, 20% chance that its 100% accurate that birds wake up early to catch worms.  I dunno maybe more like 10, 15%.  I Feel Very Strongly About This.  Maybe it's called An Early Bird Special because traditionally it's Turkey.  Or Chicken.  Chicken is a bird but if you're serving Bird I think traditionally that means turkey.  So there's that.
     Cool!  I still have a single chicken finger from this past weekend.  I can live with that.  They're good!  It'll make a good snack one day.  Hopefully soon.  Time limitations on how long chicken finger stays fresh.  Anyway what else is in the wide world of sports.  THE PACIFIC?  A whole mini series about AN OCEAN?!?!  I think Pacific is the 3rd best ocean.  I know that's a contentious subject and opinion.  Indian Ocean is the best.  Atlantic Ocean is second best.  Fourth best is I wanna say ARCTIC OCEAN?  HEY BREAKING NEWS now they say there's FIVE OCEANS.  With the fifth now being ANTARCTIC OCEAN.  I don't believe it!  At five, you can EASILY pull of an Ocean's Five to steal Some Sort Of Thing Of Value.  Four, that's nowhere near enough to steal this valuable item &/v service.  FIVE?  We got a sequel &/or PREQUEL on our hands. 
     Hey its the last paragraph.  Wonderful.  Lotta relaxation goin' for me during the rest of the day presumably.  Apple music doesn't have DE LA SOUL'S groundbreaking debut album?  Well that's a huge blow to my classic hip hop exposuring to myselves!   Also De La Soul never sounded good to me.  I don't like most R & B music!  I assumed De La Soul was R & B music for some reason.  You'd think if I was getting it wrong, I'd think it was Soul music.  Nope!  WAIT A SECOND, "DE LA," means OF THE in Spanish.  Of the soul.  Well what the hell does that mean.  Soul in Spanish means Soul in English it turns out.  I'm not buyin' it.  I think it's a glitch in Google Translation.  Not falling for that one!  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-3:40 P.M.







Monday, May 24, 2021

Whose In Charge Here

    Someone must be responsible!  Hey I watching me some #BandOfBrothersTwoOrThreeDaysToRemember yesterday!  I liked it!  GREAT production values.  I'm sold!  They certainly put a lot of money and effort into making this and whether it's good or not A+ RED STAR FOR EFFORT.  Why is the star Red.  Hmm that's a good question.  I'll get back to you!  Anyway I enjoy it.  Ya see it's good because they're bonding while killing people and being killed.  YES war is bad because of the death and destruction but it makes people friends so it's about a wash in my book.  I enjoy the show!  I WISH I had friends I could call brothers and we'd form some sort of metaphorical band.  Wonderful great lets move on with our lives.
What do I got in store for today other than continuing #BandOFBrothersTwoOrThreeDaysToRemember.  Good meals lined up!  Probably Chicken Parm from Super Market Delivery for lunch and Oh I Don't Know A SUBWAY SANDWICH FOR DINNER?!?!  Maybe, get a load of this, maybe TURKEY?!?  Holy moldy that sounds Just About Right.  I dunno I'm imagining not enough turkey.  I can get, "Double Meat," they offer that!  I dunno that sounds like too much turkey.  I can get, "1.5x Meat!"  No I can't they don't offer that.  I can get, "Double Meat," and throw away 25% of it!  That's no good I'd know I was wasting RESOURCES.  Food is resource.  Even if no one else know I'D KNOW.  What if I TELL THEM.  I'll pay for double meat but just go ahead and put about 1.5x on it.  Also while I'm saying this to you I specifically say, "One Point Five x."  There now I've done it again.
I dunno.  I'd like a COLD CUT TRIO but when I asked last time they were like nope if you want that gotta get a foot long not a 6 inch.  And I'm not getting a footlong.  Too much!  I don't want all that sandwich!  But anyway turkey is the main thing I Want so I'll just get turkey!  Anyway.  Only have enough orange juice for ONE MORE orange juicewater over this week until Friday.  Gotta save it!  However if I save it, each hour I'm saving it there is an increasing chance someone else will drink it.  Fine!  If that's the way it shakes out I have no control over that!  That's life.  Anyway.  I'd be a terrible soldier for about seven dozen reasons.  But the one I was thinking of is they'd be like okay study this map be ready for deployment tomorrow so you know everything about the surrounding area.  And I'd be like I can't focus on this under so much pressure.  I'm gonna go take a nap.  Just give me a gun tomorrow and I'll walk around and see if there's good people to shoot.
Terrible solider!  Terrible at most things!  That response to ANY sort of vocational task given is NEVER good.  Maybe some sort of video game.  In a lot of video games that's an appropriate position to take.  In the real world that's not gonna get you very far!  Probably gonna cut my hair with extensive help from Father in a couple of weeks.  Either 2 month anniversary of first haircut or 3rd month.  Gotta do things in portions of months.  That's just how life works.  Maybe if we had a word for 3 weeks I'd be saying 4 or 6 or whatever periods of three weeks.  We don't, though!  Hmm maybe I should come up with a word.  That's a tough one.  I'm pot committed to writing this Without Thinking At All.  That'd be a strange and unwelcome change of pace, having to think just a little bit.
     Dangit!  If I was in World War II I'd be a tank driver.  They seem pretty safe.  No way you can stop a tank!  Not based on my limited information.  Also I'd be the DRIVER.  INSIDE the tank.  For some reason they always appear to have a dozen or two soldiers riding on top of the tank.  Outside the tank.  They seem like chumps to me.  What, is the tank full?  How do they decide who gets to be in the tank.  Also if you really wanted to protect the soldiers don't send them to war.  That's even safer!  UNTIL THE WAR COMES TO THEIR DOORSTEP BECAUSE THEY DID NOTHING TO STOP IT.  Yep at that point they're in danger.  I was wrong I guess!  Get em into a battle while riding outside on top of a tank.  Ya got me.  Now I see it from your point of view!  Also I'm sure a tank can destroy another tank.  It's like how the only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond.  Which may or may not be accurate because I may or may not have heard that somewhere.  Better LTURQ.  That appears to be incorrect.  Now the question is if I really heard that somewhere or if its a product of an underactive imagination.
     What else is going on and crap.  LOOK I should be getting Double Turkey.  I know it, you know it, Subway probably knows it.  I just don't wanna bite into it and be like hmm too much turkey.  I don't want a nice overstuffed sandwich!  I'M IN THE MOOD FOR AN UNDERSTUFFED SANDWICH.  Mostly bread.  I wanted a bread sandwich with turkey topping!  Anyway.  But not really.  I want halfway between both!  Whatta life I lead.  Right now leaning towards double turkey.  I'll keep someone updated on some situation when it progresses.  What if the second half of turkey is what has covid.  Then I'd look like a Grade A Moron for getting double turkey.  Really blow up in my face completely!  Anyway.  My Dumb dad has a dumb immune disorder which makes him possibly suseptical to covid even with vaccine.  Probably not, but they don't know!  Which means I have to be more careful, too!  The good news is we're all still alive as of now.  Probably will continue to be alive for the immediate future.  That's what counts!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




If It Were Me

    Hey!  Back from walk.  Went pretty well.  Totally walked in an oval for the most part.  Not precise but the best I can do on such short notice!  There's another Band of Bros type show called THE SPECIFIC.  Which is about WWII (World War II) PACIFIC theater (The Ocean).  So basically at this point we're looking at a solid #It'sNotWWIIIt'sHBOSummerSpringtimeWeekToremember.  Hmm what kinda crazy cast members they got in Specific Theater.  I only recognize A SINGLE NAME.  William Sadler.  He may be the only name I recognize but MAN OH MAN is he the one guy I want in there!  I can't get me enough of William Sadler.  Well, I probably could!  But I haven't reached that point yet and it's not even close!  I dunno.  Subway Sandwich is still on my mind.  Been on my mind all day.  At least since I thought of it.  Which may have been last night.  But didn't really start THINKIN' about it until some time this morning.
    Cool.  Ron Livingston is in The Band OF Brothers?!?!  I don't know why but I DON'T LIKE HIM.  You'd think I'd like him, right?  Nope!  Maybe that's why I don't like him.  Nobody is gonna tell me who to like.  I don't like him out of spite it seems!  Anyway.  What music am I up to.  I realized there was a Them Beastie Boys album of non-instrumentals I had never heard.  Their most recent one!  I'm, "Digging," that to the full extent allowed by law.  Fun stuff!  I feel like they were never my favorite Musical Act, but IN RETROSPECT they SHOULD have been and SHOULD BE going forward.  Too fun to not be my favorite!  Also they inspired me to do music!  The first, "SONG," lyrics I consciously, "wrote," were to the tune of a Them Beastie Boys song.  I was just listening to the song and was like YA KNOW WHAT LEMME AT IT.  HERE I GO!!!  And the rest is history.  It wasn't rap.  I wish it was, though!  If I was writing rap instead of Whatever You Call What I Was Doing I'd be a lot happier AND HEALTHIER today.
     Seems about right!  Wait a second I wrote rap in middle school.  Who could forget The Mexico Song where every line rhymed with Mexico.  Which in retrospect I don't even get.  Why was Mexico On The Mind at all?  But anyway, this was the first NON-RAP I wrote.  There we go, that seems to check out.  There weren't caravans around the turn of the century.  I don't remember Mexico being an issue at all!  Certainly not since NAFTA was accomplished lo six or seven years past.  NAFTA stands for Not in my back... ya... the point is Mexico is our Trading Partner???  That's what NAFTA stands for.  I'm under the impression Trump cancelled NAFTA and then negotiated a new trade deal That Is NAFTA but now its called something different.  STRONGLY under that impression.  Better LTURQ.  Yep seems about right. 
     Cool!  When researching that, I read an article from June 2020 and it was like President Trump did this, what else is President Trump up to and it was like a bad PTSD flashback.  It's over now.  The Bad Man is gone.  WE'RE SAFE.  No we're not.  Well we're more safe than before.  That seems to check out.  Apparently #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRememebr released his budget proposal and it's LACKING in PROMISES he made while on the campaign TRAIL.  People are upset!  Far be it form me to get involved but let me just say I NEVER HAD FAITH FROM THE START.  That's my official position!  Not just now but in all politics and not just in all politics but in all arenas.  Anything good that happens is a Bonus!  I'm generally just happy with Nothing.  Hmm seems to check out. 
     Cool!  Take a shower when Act is done.  Then take a walk when shower is done.  Then Act III and lunch when walk is done!  Then whatever else happens usually I don't have it in me to Try Something New.  Routine has been going okay!  Gonna stick with routine!  Sticking with routine is my routine.  And anything good that happens from &/or during routine is A Bonus!  Did Joe Biden fight in #VietnamWarToRememeber and if not WHY NOT and I know he didn't but lemme look up WHY NOT.  BUNCH OF DEFERMENTS.  Which he later justified by saying I HAD ASTHMA THAT'S WHY.  Maybe it's because of his Stutter and he's too ashamed to have not fought in war because of stutter and came up with the much more acceptable excuse of Asthma.  Either way he was a student and ISN'T THAT ENOUGH to avoid war?  Apparently not based on this paragraph I was just reading.  I guess.  I could read more in depth but I don't have the discipline!  Look I never fought in Vietnam either.  I'm not gonna get on his case for that.
Last paragraph of the act.  HEY I FOUGHT IN VIETNAM.  Oh So You're A Veteran.  NOPE.  Makes me laugh.  The guy just was fighting people (We HOPE People) in Vietnam.  What else is going on.  Ya know what, I should get myself pumped up about eating Chicken Parmigiana from Super Market Delivery for lunch.  Not just HAVE it for lunch but Really Get What I'm Supposed To Get Out Of It for lunch.  What am I gonna watch next besides #It'sNotWWIIIt'sHBOSummerSpringtimeWeekTORemember.  I guess I can watch some
Army Of The Dead.  That's a Netflix Major Motion Picture which seems to be up some sort of alleys Possibly Mine.  Any Minor Motion Pictures out there.  I mean, yes, surely, there's any number of them.  But are there any films that would identify themselves as a Minor Motion Picture.  Sure there's any number of them.  NO BUT REALLY MINOR MOTION PICTURE.  Sure any number.  Ugh.  I'll be back a little bit later.




You're On It

    Hey!  I can imagine Michael Kenneth Williams saying that phrase.  You're On It.  All things being equal, he probably has said it at least once!   Anyway back with lunch.  Chicken Parmaga... you get the point.  It's pretty good!  Solidly Appreciating it!  Anyway based on enjoying Beastie Boys, maybe it's time I start listening to some classic rap!  I can think of no better place to start than NAS.  He is Classic per my understanding.  I know several NAS songs which I think are great.  He is from QUEENS NY as am I.  His name is SAN backwards.  Get Nas A San dwi... you get the point.  Anyway got subway on my latest walk.  Double meat!  I'm looking forward to appreciating it in roughly 4 hours 45 minutes.
     Cool!  Some more #It'sNotWWIIIt'sHBOSummerSpringtimeWeekToRemember.  Conspicuously absent of black people.  I think I'm 3.5 episodes into a 10 episode mini series and I can't recall one black person.  Oh, right.  In WWII they still have Specific Troops for black people?  Better LTURQ.  Yep seems to check out.  Were there any Black Nazis?  Better LTURQ.  Not seeing anything.  I mean, look, in the last century, there have been black Nazis.  Just not organized or anything.  Just your loose random black nazi here and there.  The odds are that there were, I dunno, dozens?  Hundreds?  If we count them accumulated across the lands.  The point is there should be an HBO WWII show about an AFRICAN AMERICAN TROOP.  And they can call it, get a load of this, "Band of BROTHERS."
Thanks!  Penultimate paragraph.  Finished chicken parma... you get the idea.  I left over some breading and cheese from the chicken part.  Because that's just how it all shaked out naturally.  Didn't go into eating the chicken cutlet aiming to leave over some of the breading.  It just happened!  My belly sure is full.  I stuffed myself silly!  Makes me laugh at least.  Anyway almost done with the entry.  Then I can go back to RELAXING and put on some comfy TV about PEOPLE KILLING EACH OTHER.  But it's history so it's good that it happened.  IT IS GOOD IT HAPPENED.  If the other people killed us more than we killed them they'd be running the show!  And they're significantly worse BY FAR than we are at How They'd Be Running Things.  That's not up for debate!  I guess it could be!  But I'm pretty well entrenched in the opinion that Americans are better than Nazi Germany!
     Last paragraph!  I see they give you Chocolate Bars as part of your supplies in World War II Army.  Well sounds good SIGN ME UP.  What do you mean I can just buy chocolate bars from the homeland without risking my life.  Where's THE STAKES to that, though.  Life Risking Chocolate Bars are the sweetest of the bunch!  Also chocolate bars are a reward!  You can't just eat chocolate bars whenever you want to.  What Would People Say???  But if you're risking your life GO AHEAD YOU EARNED THAT CHOCOLATE BAR.  Risking your life DEFEATING THE NAZIS.  Who'd be WAY WORSE than we'd be if they were in charge!  Not even up for debate!  Hmm what can I do In My Life to earn chocolate bars.  There must be SOMETHING I can do.  I just gotta figure out what that is.  I ain't talkin individual mini candy.  What do I have to do to have a regular full sized chocolate bar.  E-mail me your answers to mankind guy at gmail dot com.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:46 P.M.




Sunday, May 23, 2021

You've Got My Number

    Hey!  I'm here again for another Many Straight Days In A Row.  Since April 9th!  Man I am A GENIUS for being able to figure out estimates to their exactitude in the fly.  No argument there!  If I AM a genius, which I may or may not be, it definitely is for that specific reason . Genius at calculating Estimates Into Exactitudes.  Like in this situation.  And, potentially, others.  Anyway finished #BroadwalksEmpireSummerSpringtime.  Good stuff!  Now its onto bigger and better things.  Well, I hope so, at least.  I dunno how you can get a, "Bigger," TV Drama Series.  The production values on this show are unmatched!  "Better?"  Sure.  This was pretty good but you'll get no argument from me that there are empirically better shows out there.  Empirically.  Empire.  WHAT THE HELL.  Empirically this show is the most about empires.  Boardwalk Empires, at least.  There was also a show Empire.  That's more about Empires in general.  I think I'm thinking of the show, "DYNASTY."  I thought it was called Empire off the top of my head.  I still feel like there's another show called Empire.  PERHAPS an African AMericancentric show.  YEP that checks out completely.  So the point is I dunno.  Wanna stick with watching shows about Boardwalks more than Empires.  Any other shows about boardwalks???
    For all its talk about Empire this purported empire doesn't stretch much farther than THE BOARDWALK.  That one specific boardwalk in Atlantic City.  Not even a congregation of boardwalks.  Why that's no empire at all.  Had delicious steak dinner last night and I enjoyed it to an extent that was unpredictable during yesterday's entry.  Gonna enjoy it again today!  Either in late afternoon or early night.  Assuming we separate nights into Evening and Nights.  9:00 PM is way past the Late Evening but certainly there's plenty of Night to be had afterwards.  Early night!  It's called, "EVENING," because it Settles The Score between Day and Night.  It's the EVEN-NING.  That makes sense in my head.  Presumably if you read it enough times it'll come to you as well.  Anyway I was crunching the numbers and I've lost OVER A GALLON OF WEIGHT.  We're talkin' in the last 8 weeks I've lost roughly 1.2, 1.25 GALLONS.  Gallons of fat hopefully.  Gotta imagine I lost SOME muscle inadvertently by accident.  Body just messed up A LITTLE BIT.  I think losing 5% of weight In Muscle is a fair compromise.  Anyway.  Gallons!
     That's what they call cowboy hats.  Gallon hats.  Because you can fit however many gallons of fat in the hat presumably.  Of course that's just me being dumb.  It's so you can fit gallons of WATER in your hat.  Because in Cowboy times and places you have no access to water.  Gotta carry it around in your hat.  I just googled it and it IS called a, "Ten Gallon Hat," because it comes from Spanish and the word they used SOUNDED LIKE the American word, "Gallon," so that's the story behind that.  Nothin' to do with storing water.  DAMNIT!  I was sure my entire life it was because it holds a gallon (ten gallons?) of water.  Didn't know it was called a TEN Gallon had specifically.  Obviously these hats can't hold ten gallons.  They're big hats with a big reservoir but not that big a reservoir!  I got to use the word, "Reservoir."  What a genius am I!
Yeah!  Google has a question and answer WHAT IS THE CAPACITY OF TEN GALLON HATS.  And the answer is Three Quarts.  I guess because people had the same thought I had.  They might have known all along no way does this hold ten gallons but really HOW MUCH LIQUID DOES IT HOLD I'M ASKING FOR GOOD REASONS.  Three quarts.  GREAT NOW I CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  I dunno what they're/me am planning!  I don't like the sound of it if I'm gonna be totally honest!  How many three quarts of fat have I lost.  I'm done with calculations for today.  Sorry.  Ask again tomorrow.  I Surely Will If I Remember.  It will be a HILARIOUS, "Call-em-back!"  In the meantime though what else is going on.  I started looking up Quart Pound Calculations and it's very complicated.  Apparently 1 quart is ALMOST EXACTLY 2 pounds but off by about 5%.  Then I forget how many pounds I lost.  Oh I Just Remembered roughly 10.  So that's about 5 quarts?  And hats are three quarts?  1 and 2/3rd hats?  That's It?!?!?!  That's not so bad.  Those are big hats.  Just picture 'em!
    DAMNIT now I have nothing left over for tomorrow.  I'm gonna have to start tomorrow on a completely blank slate presumably!  Whatta jip.  Tomorrow is Victoria Day in Can (Canada???).  Gotta imagine to celebrate Queen Victoria.  One of them, at least.  Good shot there's been plenty of Queen Victorias.  But this one is specifically to celebrate The Best One Presumably.  Maybe the 3rd best one, but according to Can (Canada???) the 3rd best one is Actually The Best One!  Better LTURQ.  Celebrates 1800's Queen Victoria.  My immediate next google is "QUEEN VICTORIAS."  Nothin.  My next immediate google was, "How many Queen Victorias were there."  Nothin.  Wikipedia, though?  Seems to CONFIRM there's no others.  Seems weird.  My Uncle's name was Victor.  Is that relevant to this discussion?  I had a dream with my uncle last night.  I was house sitting for him and I threw a party and afterwards he was VERY disappointed.  Also a bunch of people came to the party and had fun but never once acknowledged me.  I feel like I got the worst of both worlds with that.  Humiliated at my own party because no one acknowledged me and then afterwards my Uncle was VERY disappointed.
     True story!  From my dream!  Dreams are true stories according to Dreams Themselves.  Huh.  I guess.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  HMM what episode of #TheDeuceSummerSpringtime do I appear to be up to.  SEASON TWO EPISODE 5.  HOW COULD I FORGET?!?!  Also I wasn't paying too much attention for what I was watching.  Still drinking at that time.  Still on twitter at that time!  Too busy with other supplemental activities which clogged up my focusing abilities to focus properly!  I ain't goin' back to the beginning, though.  I feel I've absorbed enough to more or less know what's going on!  Also it will no longer be a SummerSpringtime in four weeks.  Then it MAY be a SummerSummertime but I think we can ALL hope to do better than that.  The point is I'll be back in a little bit!




This Is What I Did Yesterday

    More or less.  Probably around the same.  More Or Less means Pretty Much The Same.  Which is odd, because it seems to be INSISTING that it's Definitely Different-- either MORE &/or LESS.  I don't get it!  What's the deal with things!  Anyway got coffee #2 of 2 and Orange Juicewater #1 of 1.  Only enough orange juice left for 1 portionsworth over the next week!  GREAT.  Too many calories!  It's delicious and nutritious as a Breakfast Beverage but what am I REALLY getting out of it.  Nutritious, like I said.  Bonus Benefit is Delicious.  So I'm getting nothing out of it more or less is what I'm trying to say.  More in this case.  Yep that all checks out and whatnot what else is going on.  Walked by a guy who was totally topless in the park just now.  I think it was a guy.  I didn't have my glasses on.  Wanted to do a Triple Take (I had already done a Double Take) JUST IN CASE there were Female Breasts afoot but I didn't have it in me.  85% sure it was Man Mounds.  In which case I have very little interest.
     What else is going on and crap.  Lookin like Chicken Fingers plus bonus #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember for lunch.   I got FIVE chicken fingers.  Thinking having FOUR as part of lunch enterprise.  Pretty small ones, 5 is certainly appropriate but I'm on a diet.  I eat FOUR out of Five things I get not all five.  It's called Taking Care Of Business.  Losing weight business.  I could eat all 5 and then no bonus kettle chips to remember.  I could do any number of things.  There's literally DOZENS of things I can do.  ANY NUMBER HIGHER THAN DOZENS IS LITERALLY DOZENS.  Even any number less than dozens.  If I can do three things, that's dozens of things, because it's up to 25% of 1 dozens.  Hmm.  I think we all learned something important re: Math & Semantics in this paragraph. 
    HMM I can watch World War II Miniature Series BAND OF BROTHERS.  It's executive produced by PEOPLE.  Sounds good to me.  UNIVERSAL ACCLAIM according to Wikipedia?  WOW Universal Studios IS AF AN OF THIS SHOW.  And as far as I know they didn't even produce it!  They just loved the show so much they just had to gush about it to Wikipedia.  Better LTURQ.  Maybe Universal was involved.  HBO might be affiliated with Universal in general.  NOPE doesn't look like it.  HBO is not Universal AND Band of Brothers is not Universal.  Why did I actually have to do a Look Em Up Right Quick based on some dumb nonsense I was saying.  Pot committed to the nonsense such that I need to follow it towards non-nonsense.  Thus vindicating it and making it Partly Just Sense.  HMM I wonder if anyone in my favorite classic HBO Drama Series To Remember is in Band Of Brothers.  LMLTURQ!!  MIGUEL ALVAREZ FROM OZ I KNEW IT.
That's enough for now.  No Spoilers!  Anyway what else is going on.  Gotta pay attention to Band of Brothers.  Wait whose fighting who.  Allies are fighting the Germans?  That seems to check out based on my limited knowledge.  Besides white supremacists, is there anyone who looks back on WWII and roots for the Germans.  They don't have any allegiance to Nazism but are fans of Germany in general.  Gotta imagine there's some of that in Germany.  Presumably we've mostly got them to think oh that wasn't so great what we did, kinda a mess-um-up.  But gotta imagine a lot of those people are like well yeah but it woulda been nice if won if we're being totally honest.  And I am.  I'm Thinking To Myself in this scenario.  Not talking to anyone.  NOT ME THOUGH.  That was someone else talking to themselves.  I'm Pro-Allies through and through!  There's not even a small 25% part of me rooting for Axis Powers.  NOT EVEN 20%.
     Anyway.  Gotta imagine it's good to watch Band Of Them Brothers because it's good to know history.  And World War II REALLY HAPPENED.  I have it on good authority that is the case.  What's my favorite war in history.  Hmm.  That's a tough one.  So many good wars to choose from!  Just kidding IT'S THE OPPOSITE.  Most wars are bad all things being equal.  BUT if they were some FUN Wars they might be... I dunno.  I kinda like the hundreds of random mini-wars across Europe throughout the 1000's.  Just funny.  They get themselves into a tizzy based on the smallest things!  And then they have weird alliances that make no sense and are inconsistent from war to war, and then ultimately the war ends based on nothing, only for a new war to start up.  SOUNDS FUNNY TO ME get off my back about it is the point. 
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful!  Take some sort of shower soon after the act.  That's the standard way to go about things the last couple of weeks.  Routines are good!  If they weren't good they wouldn't be routines!  Yep makes sense seems to check out completely.  Is Band of Brothers based on The Jonas Brothers.  Or HANSON.  Or The AC/DCs.  Or any number of bands employing brothers.  My guess is no of course not.  Them Kinks.  What else is going on and crap.  Next week is Memorial Day Weekend.  Finally I get A Monday Off.  Off from nothing.  Now I have ULTRA-NOTHING to do next Monday.  My Dad teaches Monday nights.  In the house!  I hear it happen!  So basically I Have To Do Something Mondays.  It's true!  I have to not talk to my Dad while he's teaching.  Not make any noise at all!  Not walk in front of his Webcamera and do stuff.  Huh.  I'll be back later!





I'm Gonna Keep At It

    Hello!  It's me again!  Same guy as before.  More or less.  I think I will be starting #BandOfBrothersWhattaThreeDaysToRemmeber later this evening after all.  I think I tried watching it 15 years ago but I wasn't ADULT enough to enjoy WORLD WAR II.  The only World War II I was interested in as a kid was CALL OF DUTY: The Video Game Where You Shoot People.  That's not a fair description.  The people you're shooting are also shooting at you.  This ain't no Mass Shooter Tragedy.  I mean it is but at least everyone is on the same page.  Anyway.  Very happy with the amount of chicken I'm eating as well as amount of kettle chips I'm eating!  All right on target for an ideal lunch-em-up.
    Yeesh.  In-between albums right now!  Just finished one at end of Just Passed Walk.  MAN I just had one kettle chip that was a straight up FULL FOUR KETTLECHIPS combined.  Fried together.  I've seen 2 kettle chips combined into one.  I'm sure I've seen three before.  Four?  This is cause for celebration!  Should have saved it as a souvenir.  Too late now.  Already chewed it up to pieces and it's descending into my belly or whatever food does.  Anyway.  It's my partly my fault my Dream House Party Guests didn't acknowledge me.  I didn't greet them at the door when they came.  I didn't engage them at all from where I stand.  What do they know where I am and what I'm up to.  They're here to party!  Get off their back they're doing the best they can.  Was ill will intended?  I dunno!  Maybe for some of them they made a point to ignore but, but for others it was inadvertent!  Great.  Either way I'M getting the headaches from my uncle after the fact.
     Cool!  I feel like my uncle would like Band Of Brothers.  Either in my dreams or in reality.  Well that settles that once and for all.  I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ADEQUATE HORROR MOVIE RIGHT NOW I can't go to Band of Bros immediately.  The adequate horror movie is LIGHTS OUT.  I was gonna say Mediocre Horror Movie but ya know what?  It's adequate!  I'm not gonna besmirch this horror movie by saying it's more or less below average.  It's SOLIDLY POSSIBLY EVEN A SCOTCH ABOVE AVERAGE.  Why am I yelling.  Because I'm enthusiastic about competency in horror film!  The point is 2 out of 9 nights on average I eat a tootsie pop in the middle of the night!  I fall asleep, GREAT.  BAD NEWS I'm waking up a few hours later with A CRAVING.  GOOD NEWS I can satisfy that craving with a tootsie pop.  Fall back asleep.  Sounds like I need a pacifier or something.  Well SURE if that was a possibility I'd be all for it!  Gotta settle for a tootsie pop though!
     Last paragraph!  Lets see what it will consist of.  We know Words &/V Sentences.  What kind of words and or sentences though, I dunno!  The good news is All Of That Counted As Three Or Four Sentences.  How did everyone spend their Friday May 21st.  Too late to ask about that.  We're up to Sunday May 23rd.  Should have asked yesterday, Saturday May 22nd.  So I'm a day late so what I wanna know how your special May Friday The 21st was!  YES I know this paragraph is worthless.  So far!  Ya never know the next 4 sentences might be knocked out of the park!  Which I believe is a baseball reference.  Uh oh that's one sentence down and it meant absolutely nothing.  I don't like where this is headed.  FHUCK FOUR SENTENCES DOWN ALREADY!  Wait, no, that's a good thing.  It means I can leave!  It means YOU can leave!  We're all done with this!  More or less, for another day at least.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:37 P.M.





Saturday, May 22, 2021

It Is What It Is

    Hey!  Having Super Market Iced Coffee for the 2nd time since PID (Personal Independence Day) and it's okay!  First time I'm having it instead of regular Hot Coffee as opposed to having it as a Bonus Beverage later in the day!  And ya know what?  I DON'T LIKE IT!  It's all fine and well as a bonus beverage, as its own thing, I can enjoy it.  But as a replacement for Breakfast Beverage Hot Coffee?  NOPE!  Oh well pot committed to it at this point.  POT, talk about HOT coffee, made in a pot... Man I must be some kind of genius!  Nice hot SummerSpringtime day out there.  Worked up a real sweat.  Wearin' a nice shirt and all.  Last couple of days I was down to my really oversized shirts which I don't like!  I think some people wear really oversized shirts to HIDE their Protruding Gut, but for me, I feel like it makes me look FATTER somehow.  Hmm what a big shirt.  I don't see the definition of his belly in it but One Can Only Assume it's humongous.  Humongous doesn't seem like a real world.  I feel like some kid made up the weird humongous in the late 1880's.  MAYBE early 1910's.  MAYBE.
   The point is, is my shirt clean?  No.  Well, maybe!  I never cleaned it.  But maybe in the process of sitting on my floor for a week it got clean one way or another.  It's not impossible!  It sounds impossible!  But in my mind I have some reservations of it being impossible.  Ya know what I can imagine crazier things is my thought process.  Imagine crazier things actually happening to be more specific.  Just imagining crazier things means nothing.  We can imagine lots of things that are certain to never happen.  That sort of thing.  Finisher another album this morning!  It was the one I put off last entry for a better idea!  I liked the better idea!  I liked this first idea!  I like music it turns out.  Didn't see THAT plot twist coming.
    Cool.  Look am I gonna get CHICKEN FINGERS tonight?  Probably not but now that I think about it Still Probably Not But Maybe!  Maybe get a steak.  I don't particularly WANT a steak but if I'm gonna get a steak now's the time to do it.  Also I don't particularly WANT anything else so that's part of the equation, too.  Sure sounds like I want chicken fingers.  Yeah You'd Think So Wouldn't You.  LOOK my bonus backup meal is Chicken Pot Pie one way or another.  I can't have chicken fingers as my Main Meal!  That's too much chicken!  Do I particularly want Chicken Pot Pie?  NO.  BUT IF I'M GONNA GET IT NOW IS REALLY THE TIME.  It turns out I'm not very good at picking meals for myselves.  Gonna have to think on this one.  Decide soon!  Gotta put in this order early in the day for this restaurant to set up delivery for this night!
     DAMNIT.  What else is going on and crap.  It's time to start thinking seriously about what Drama TV Series That Is Good I will watch when #BoardwalkEmpiresSummerSpringtime is over.  I will be done with it possibly TONIGHT.  Hmm I've been hearing good things about The Boardwalk Empires.  Wait a second, that's the show I was just watching!  Except in a different WRONG way of saying it.  Also I dunno if I've really heard good things about The Boardwalk Empire.  I feel like 8 or 9 years ago at Christmas my uncle was singing its praises and made me &/or us watch a couple of episodes.  Maybe that was when I visited him to go to Casino.  Either way YES I heard good things about it from my Uncle.  Who is the authority on such things.  Hmm really makes ya think.  What a great paragraph.  That's the thought it makes you think.  And if it didn't, you're certainly thinking it now!  What else is going on and crap.  No the casino wasn't in Atlantic City and my Uncle was showing me the show to get me into the mood.  Although maybe he thought it was in Atlantic City.  Even though he drove me there.  And he didn't drive me to Atlantic City.  Hmm I've given myselves a lot to think about.
Yeah!  My main impression watching #BoardwalkEmpireSummerSPringtime is yeah if you guys are so smart how come Atlantic City is A Big NOTHIN' these days.  If you're such a great people at city building and whatnot then how come a century later your precious Atlantic City is A GHOST TOWN.  Also if there really was a ghost town gotta imagine it'd be the greatest tourist destination of the world!  I wanna see some ghosts!  ESPECIALLY if they're confined in a town!  Not gonna bother me once I leave the town!  Probably'll try to haunt me while I'm in town but I'm assuming I'd be set up with proper protection from any serious danger the ghosts may wish to cause me.  Them trying to haunt me but me ultimately being safe is the THRILL RIDE OF THE CENTURY.  Wonderful.
Okay.  Gotta think of a new Music to listen to now.  HMM.  This is hard.  Pretty sure I've listened to about 95% of All Music the past 6 weeks.  Now I just gotta think about that 1 in 20 music I haven't listened to.  Hmm I've been hearing good things about THE EAGLES.  I was looking at my Patriotism Calendar.  My eyes focused in on a picture of Eagle.  Now you know the truth.  Hmm LMLTURQ.  Are Eagles anything good.  LAID BACK COUNTRY ROCK?!?!  I like a solid TWO of those words!  Including the ?!?!?  Also the ?!?!? counts as Two Words.  Anyway, I have no better idea, might as well give that a shot.  Well see if the Patriotism Calendar is really earning its keep based on this excursion.  Also the Act is over!  I'll be back later.




No Arguing That

    Hey!  Listened to The Eagles The Eagles and I'm enjoying it.  It may not be the COOLEST music but it's PRETTY COOL.  Like a nice cool breeze.  Not too cold!  Refreshing breeze that's all!  Also SCREW chickened pot pie I'M GOIN WITH THE CHICKEN FINGERS.  Still getting the steak.  I feel like this is a good compromise.  Getting steak and chicken fingers.  Compromise?  What am I talking about.  That's all anybody could ever want as a first best case scenario.  Also in my mind, working out the proportions of meals, I will have a leftover meal of a bit of steak and chicken fingers AT THE SAME TIME.  I don't believe it.  Also are we allowed to eat Eagles.  Gotta imagine eagles taste like SOMETHIN.  But it might be a federal crime because Eagles represent America.  And we're not allowed to eat America.  Hmm.  ARE WE forbidden from eating American Flag.  I know it was a, "Hot Button Issue," 50 years ago whether we can burn the flag.  Gotta imagine there's tangentially a debate over whether we can eat it.  I feel like eating is the ultimate sign of respect.  Not only are we allowed to eat flags but to be patriots we should be ENCOURAGED to eat flags.
Are we currently allowed to burn flag.  Better LTURQ.  YEP IT'S ALLOWED.  Wonderful.  My Flag Burning Business Is Saved!  I dunno.  I don't get why chicken fingers &/or other assorted foods are called Fingers.  Hey look at this strip of chicken.  LOOKS LIKE A FINGER DOESN'T IT.  No!  Not really!  I guess the shape is PRETTY MUCH SIMILAR to a finger.  But if no one said anything my first instinct would never be Man it's like Eating A FINGER made out of CHICKEN.  These are the days of my lives.  Gotta imagine chickens have claws.  Not fingers.  I'd LTURQ but I'm pretty sure I'm right and I'd like to continue living under the unconfirmed assumption that I'm right for some reason no one is really sure of.  The good news is I still have several The Eagles The Eagles songs left.  Then time to re-assess.  Is there another TOP ALBUM in The Eagles repertoire?  I'll find out later!  When I LTURQ.  Presumably.
Cool!  I had a dream last night I made some new music myself and some of it was GOOD.  And then I woke up and was like well that turned out to be a dream, great, just great.  I DO have some music already made, though.  So the dream is HALF true.  And some of that music I GUESS can be interpreted as good if you look at it under the right circumstances.  Also specifically if You're Looking At It.  If you're listening to it NO GOOD.  If you're looking at my music, though, you might find it not bad at all!  I dunno.  In my dream it was SPECIFICALLY this is like my old music in a way BUT GOOD.  So that settles that.  Old music is no music at all!  Hmm just had a sip of Cool Coffee.  I enjoyed this specific sip.  What a wonderful observation!
     Yeah!  Halfway through act.  NINE SIXTEENTHS through entry presumably.  That's a 9:7 ratio of what I've written to what I haven't written.  Fascinating.  Put in order for Tonight Delivery.  Exactly what I told you I'd get!  There's no secrets between us.  There's secrets Between Myselves, that's for sure.  How did the good music in my dream go exactly.  My Dreamself Imagination Memory ain't spilling the beans to my Conscious Wakingself!  That's life I guess.  Hmm better LURQ if there's a Next Eagles Album I Gotta Listen To.  WHAT THE HELL this isn't even considered one of their top albums!  They did The Hotel Californias which everyone is familiar with.  Great just great I have to listen to The Eagles Selling Out.  They abandoned their core principles of Naming Albums After Their Band Name later on in their discography.  Go figure.
    That's no joke.  Look at Led Zeppelin.
 They named albums after their bandname four times in a row!  Also look at Led Zeppelin.  Their music looks pretty good, right?  But get this, it Sounds Even Better than what you're getting out of it if you're just looking at their music.  I feel like by looking at their music, you're not getting a 100% complete picture of what makes them so good.  Just one man's opinion.  Just finished my one and only cup of Cooled Coffee for today.  Just one man's opinion.  Seems like a fact to me.  Not to ME, though!  I might end up drinking more cooled coffee today!  Then this supposed fact is wrong!  No good fact at all!
    Hey great just great.
  Almost done with Act II!  Listening for door bell for a while so I can't take another WALK or some sort of BATHING EXERCISE in the very immediate future.  In the somewhat immediate future SURE.  I dunno.  Anyway.   Drain in bathtub clogged very significantly.  Still some water leftover from shower from yesterday (which shouldn't have accumulated in the first place!)  Figure I'll see if I can fix that myself at some point.  It's been like this for at least a week.  But gotta imagine At Some Point I REALLY WILL check that out.  Hmm I can do it now.  Nah I ain't gonna do it now.  Hmm I can do it later.  Now You're Talking My Language!  Maybe it's all my Fat clogging up the drain.  Showering gets the loose fat I've lost off me and it accumulates under the drain thus clogging it.  You know what clogging drains means.  The point is Hey I'll Be Back In A Bit.




For The Love Of God

    Hey I got some lunch going.  Again, the soup has way too many noodles.  At least I know this time around to GO INTO IT with the plan to leave over noodles.  Not stuffin myself with noodles at first because I think I'm gonna eat em all.  Spread em out this time!  Yeah!  Anyway listening to Hotel California by The Eagles and I can only imagine this is what Eagle Eye Cherry was talking about.  WHAT WAS Eagle Eye Cherry Talking about.  I feel like they were talking about Save Tonight.  If I'm remembering my 90's correctly.  Also what is the song Hotel California all about.  I assume its a metaphor for California and some sort of Hotel inside of California.  Well that's about halfway there, I think I cracked that code more or less.
Yeah!  Took a nice shower before last walk.  I accepted delivery beforehand!  It was MILK.  That's it!  Finished lunch.  That's it!  In the mood for some SWEET to eat.  I guess it's acceptable for me to eat some sort of SWEET snack sometime between now and dinnertime.  Whose gonna judge me, YOU?  Hmm that seems to check out pretty well.  Ok I won't do it!  You win this round.  I could just wait for dinner and put sweet n low on my steak.  Kinda wanna try it for real In Real Life.  Just start off with a bitesworth, not the entire 40% of the steak!  C'mon what do you take me for.  Some kind of idiot.  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  But either way what else is going on and crap.
     Penultimate paragraph.  I could put sweet n low on steak OR I could put tiny chunklets of steak in ice cream.  Why Either Or, I could easily try both and nobody is gonna stop me.  I make an interesting pointlet.  What other band does my Patriotism Calendar inadvertently suggest to me.  Hmm.  Might have to turn the page to JUNE to figure one out.  I dunno if I wanna do that.  Feels wrong.  Maybe not literally illegal but certainly not socially acceptable.  What would people think is the point.  Who cares what they think.  Fine What Would I Think.  I dunno.  Exactly So Why Risk It.  Sure.  Looks like I'll be finishing #BoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtimeGhostTownDestination early tomorrow.  Then it's onto Bigger And Better things!  Well, better things at least.  Dunno about bigger things.  As far as TV Shows go this was One Of The Biggest by SEVERAL Metrics.
I'm thinkin Production Values.  That sort of thing.  Have some nice kinda fudgesickle as a snack.  DELICIOUS AND Nutritious.  More or less anyway.  How about resume THE DEUCE for the next show.  Don't start from Episode Zero.  I was about halfway through it a couple of months ago, figure out the exact place I was at, and start there.  I like that idea.  I LIKE THAT IDEA A LOT.  GREAT IT'S SETTLED.  WOAH NOW I said I liked the idea a lot I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT COMMITTING TO IT.  Sorry I just go tithe impression tha--- IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT IMPRESSION YOU GOT IT WAS WRONG.  Please spare me your wrath, I meant no ha-- HARM YOU WERE ABOUT TO SAY HARM WEREN'T YOU.  I KNOW IT DON'T LIE TO ME.  Anyway how do I break away from that Dialogue.  I did it!  It's broken away from!  I dunno now that I think about it kinda feels like I'm still in it.  Uh-oh.  HEY the point is the entry is over.  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-4:55 P.M.




Friday, May 21, 2021

Tomorrow Is Another Day

    Hello friends & enemies.  I'd like some enemies.  I think it'd be cool if it turned out all this time I've had enemies.  All WHAT time.  All THIS time.  You know, Now, dating all the way back to Several Time Measurement Units ago?  Enemies!  I mean lets be clear I hope I TRIUMPH over my enemies.  I don't want my enemies to succeed in their plots against me.  Assuming they have plots.  Maybe they're my enemy but just haven't gotten around to act on it yet.  Either way, look, if you wanna be my enemy I think that's great.  It's nice to give someone else some structure in life even if it means antagonizing them.  But let's be clear YOU SHALL NOT TRIUMPH OVER ME.  That's where I draw the line!
    Hey!  About half an hour behind today.  I turned being an hour behind yesterday into a SURPLUS OF TIME by mid day.  Presumably I can do at least half as well today!  Accepted Super Market delivery today.  That's why I'm .5 hour behind!  Either way I got everything I wanted per my understanding.  My Dad's Milk carton, the cardboard was kinda ripped open.  I don't think the milk was exposed to the elements but it was pretty much Everything But.  So anyway whoever is responsible for that is my Family's Enemy even if they don't know it yet.  They almost certainly didn't intend it.  But we give NO second chances.  You mucked up the milk?  You're going on in the Enemies List!  Also please identify yourself somehow so we can put you on the list.  As of now we're just at Unnamed Fresh Direct Worker.  If you come forward now it means less problems later!  That's just a lie to  et you to come forward now!  You'll be given no favors or benefits because of it later!  I shouldn't have said this last part out loud! 
    Now they know.  Wonderful.  Going to have a delicious Part I of II Fish Parade Dinner for Lunch.  Dunno about dinner yet!  Could be one of Any Number Of Things.  Let's say FOUR.  It could be one of Four Things.  Sounds like an appropriate number in this context all things being equal.  Anyway I checked my phone whom has been measuring my steps and I'm running myself just about 18,000 steps a day.  Pretty consistent!  NOT BAD but COULD BE BETTER.  If I saw I was at 20,000 steps a day I'd be like WONDERFUL PERFECT.  Almost there!  Anyway they say 10,000 steps a day but Walking Is My Thing so I GOTTA blow that out of the water.  A journey of 10,000 Steps begins with 1.  Every day.  Gotta start over each morning.  Presumably not even after accomplishing anything the previous day.  Dunno why you're taking these journeys every day.  Don't seem to be paying off by the evening at all.
Those are MY health guidelines.  Anyway.  I like #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime just about as much as anyone, but when I was watching 3 of them with my brother I got no joy out of it!  I just kept thinking, pretty much every second, I WONDER HOW HE'S ENJOYING THIS.  Not even This In General.  I mean THIS EXACT MOMENT.  OVER AND OVER.  I get no relief from worrying about my co-conspirator in consuming entertainment.  I'LL BE FINE EITHER WAY but this could MAKE OR BREAK my Friend's (Brother's) Day nay Year nah LIFE.  Lotta responsibility on me and with great responsibility comes great... the thing... the point is I should just never watch or consume any entertainment with Anyone Ever.  Unless its new to me.  It's new to me, GREAT!  I can take it in for myself.  I'm ON BOARD with consuming New To Me entertainment with other people!  Let's Go!
     Anyway.  I can do WHATEVER I WANT out of 4 things for dinner!  I dunno where did I get FOUR from.  Just seemed about right.  What if I got Chinese Food.  Well that sounds like a Great What If but what would I get!  I'm raising more questions, not answering any!  That's not the way to go re: Questions and Trying To Answer Questions without Raising More Questions.  Makes sense.  Been listening to albums from the past Oh I Don't Know FIVE YEARS from either new old bands I'm listening to or old old bands I've listened to in the past.  It's ALL WELL AND GOOD but I wanna return to some Classics.  Hmm what kind of Classics are out there.  I'll have to think about that one!  Even harder than I have been!  Been TRYING to think about it but very unsuccessfully as of this moment! 
     Wonderful.  What if I got Oh I Don't Know BBQ Spare Ribs.  If they're so Spare why am I paying so much for them.  Seems like you're desperate to Give Them Away if they're just LYING AROUND.  I'll give you 30% of what you're asking, deal or no deal.  If you don't like it, I'm just gonna go to another Chinese Restaurant, what the fuck I need you for!  You know that sort of thing.  Gonna be done with #BroadwalkEmpiresSummerSpringtime this weekend.  Probably finish it sometime around Sunday.  So much Around Sunday that it Will Be Sunday.  Sometime During Sunday is more accurate.  Then its onto bigger and better things.  Anyway.  Have they given any thought in terms of connecting the Boardwalk Empire universe to The Sopranos Universe.  Seems like a slam dunk.  Their main reason not to do it is because several characters will turn out to SURE LOOK A LOT LIKE EACH OTHER.  Uncle Junior and The Commodores Friend.  Nucky Thompson and Tony Blundetto.  A THIRD person.  Anyway you can still do it.  Just have that as a plot point.  HEY WE FOUND THIS BOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE 1920'S LOOK AT THIS PERSON LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU.  Lean into it, that's what I say!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




Don't Take That Tone With Me

    Hey!  Back here with coffee #2 of 2 PLUS in Oh I Don't Know 2 paragraphs I will have Orange Juicewater #1 of 1!  Also figured out dinner!  Why it's only Beef &/V Broccoli!  Bonus Broccoli!  Pork Friend Rice!  STEAMED SHRUMP DIMPLINGS.  Split that into 2 meals, leave over some rice, have 2 or 3 Dimplings as a snack-- all pans out!  Have seafood for lunch today and tomorrow.  ALL PANS OUT JUST LIKE I SAID.  In the meantime, though, what else is going on.  It's not just that I'm worrying How My Brother Will Like Each Individual Beat Of Tales From The Crypt Episodes Also I Forget Why I Am Capitalizing Each And Every Word Of This Part Of The Sentence.  That's MOST of it.  But it's also partly hmm now I'M watching these episodes with the added context of my brother here.  How should I be taking it in differently in this unique circumstance.  You know that sort of thing.
    It was uncomfortable in the moment, but since then, watching Tales From The Crypt episode, it's like a new page has been turned!  I'm in a different Tuning when it comes to watching this show based on this experience and Everything Is New Again!  Man oh man is my life going great and whatnot.  My Parade Dinner comes with broccoli.  I'm gonna have a lot of broccoli this weekend!  Not including Sunday.  Who knows what Sunday is gonna be like.  Not me!  Presumably Some Of You!  I wouldn't put it past Oh I Don't Know 70% of you to have your Sundays planned.  Wish you the best of luck!  Unless you're my enemies, and you're plotting your Sunday to use against me Somehow Someway.  In which case I hope you fail!  I'm pot committed to Supporting Myself in my eternal battle against You &/V other enemies you may or may not be in cahootz with.
     Yeah!  Forgot to re-up with GUM from Super Market delivery.  Have about, what, 25 or 30 pieces left?  To last me a week?  That's not too bad.  I can go several routes with this.  Obvious is ration them out equally day by day.  Have 4 pieces a day!  Less obvious put possibly BETTER is have them as much as I want and then when I'm done, I'm done.  That's pretty obvious, too.  Maybe even MORE OBVIOUS.  Damnit!  You're way ahead of me I guess when it comes to my gum chewing propositions for the week.  Don't use this information against me and we'll all walk away happy.  I'm getting Bonus Broccoli because Broccoli is good for you!  Gotta imagine the more of a good thing the better!  Yep seems to check out.  I mean there IS a point where it's too much broccoli.  I'm not gonna come anywhere near that point, no.  But if you stuff yourself silly with broccoli 24 hours a day, that's unhealthy!  Need to get some sleep!  Get a nice seven hours and then go back to bitin' broccoli the next day, well rested and refreshed!
Anyway.  Broccoli to me is DISGUSTING if you take a bite of it where you get either mostly the Bush OR mostly the stalk.  And then the next bite is THE WORST.  Where it's all stalk or all bush.  In my opinion YOU GOTTA DO IT EVENLY.  Broccoli most often is cooked in a way where you can eat it symmetrically.  Get an EVEN AMOUNT OF Bush and Stalk each Broccoli Bite and it's Fine, GREAT.  Other way?  DISGUSTING.  This isn't too hard to live by but it may be not intuitive.  When I was a kid I didn't know about this!  Just bit into broccoli wily nily and that's why I hated broccoli!  Anyway that's my story about broccoli.  I hope you enjoyed this paragraph as much as I enjoyed Ending It.
Cool!  Never poured myself orange juicewater.  At this point maybe just wait until the next day to drink it.  Otherwise known as Tomorrow.  I think I'll do that.  That's a bonus 50 calories for the day!  Well, not a bonus.  But not a 50 calorie Deficit.  HMM, you may be thinking, PRETTY SURE A GLASS OF ORANGE JUICE IS EXACTLY 110 CALORIES.  Not when you mix it so its 60% NON-ORANGE-JUICE WATER.  Then it ROUND OFF TO 50 CALORIES.  Man you must feel like an IDIOT right now.  I don't envy you right now.  Pretty embarrassing.  Oh well onward and upward as I say. I've never said that before.  I might continue to say it now though.  Kinda fun.  I like it!  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of Joe Biden Approval Ratings To Remember.  HIS APPROVAL RATING IS UP A POINT FROM YESTERDAY.  This is cause for celebration!  Let's start a new paragraph in lieu of a proper celebration!
     Last paragraph of the act.  Wonderful.  Gonna have to think of a good album to listen to on next walk.  Thought of one.  That settles that.  Not a good album thought, though.  That unsettles that.  Probably gonna stick with it, though.  That re-settles that.  Not happy about it.  Still settled but unhappy with it.  That's accurate.  That's accurate.  Today is FRIDAY THE 21ST.  I feel like That's Something.  Or at least it should be.  Friday 21st.  Has a nice ring to it!  OH I KNOW 21st is Average Season Starting Day.  And Friday is a well known Special Day because of Friday the 13th.  So Friday the 21st, that's great.  Is it specifically May 21st.  No but May 21 is a Very Good One.  In the top 4 or so of the best Friday the 21sts that can be.  What.  Huh.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Let's Leave It At That

    Hey!  Got lunch going on just as I suspected.  WAY TOO MANY NOODLES in this soup.  I didn't account for so many noodles!  I can leave some over I guess!  Should be possible to slurp all the soup without having the noodles cross into my gullet.  Other than that, though, Delicious!  Whatta lunch!  Even having the Most Special Soda Why It's Only Root Beer Soda.  I get 2 a week these days and those always Sell Out For Free To Myself within 2 or 3 days.  I could get more but I don't feel like it!  Already getting plenty of Other Soda.  There's a line in regards to how much soda I'll permit myself to get and I don't wanna cross it.  Anyway.  My guess is they had a bunch of noodles that were about to go bad so they were just like well lets just dump them all into this cup of soup.  Either that or they wanted to finish their Bag Of Noodles And QUICK so they dumped noodles into my soup.  Maybe they wanted to reward me for being a good guy.  I appreciate the thought but NO THANKS ON THE BONUS NOODLES.
Cool.  Thought of a better album to listen to than the one I was thinking of.  So far so good!  I feel pretty good about it.  I'm ENJOYING some LATEST RELEASES from bands I like New & Old but it's too stressful!  I dunno why!  I think there's a lot of stress and tension in having to judge music.  New releases?  Well this could be good or bad.  Or elements of both, even!  TOO COMPLICATED.  Old classic albums?  Not complicated at all!  They're Good!  That's it!  Enjoy!  Why don't you just Find The Good in Latest Releases.  That's the problem right there!  Don't put it on me to FIND something.  I want it all worked out for me beforehand!  I feel very strongly about this.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Finished lunch.  Assuming I don't eat any more noodles.  Which is a reasonable assumption.  The point is Great What Else.  Brought down empty plate, which wasn't empty, still had noodles in soup coup, and got rid of it.  So now the idea of me not having any noodles at this point is a VERY safe assumption.  Nothings 100%!  There is some real world chance I will go hunting into my garbage and eat some garbage noodles.  Ya know what its not as crazy as it seems.  I put top of Cup of Noodles Plastic Container back on because its liquidy and I didn't want the garbage getting wet and messy.  DOUBLE positive thing with that-- I can go into the garbage and eat the garbage noodles but the noodles are totally clean and safe to eat.  So I DID leave myself a little parachute in terms of potentially eating garbage noodles.  Is that an expression.  I left myself a parachute.  Hopefully you left it In The Plane.  Leaving it anywhere else is pretty useless.
Anyway.  Another day of hard work down.  Roughly 50% into the day overall.  Perhaps a little bit further on average.  Anyway.  I know I was joking about eating too much broccoli earlier but I actually DID have too much broccoli for lunch.  We're talking like SIX big pieces.  SIX?!?!  Everyone knows the appropriate number is three!  Maybe even TWO.  And I was thinking of getting BONUS BROCCOLI for dinner?  I dunno at this point I gotta re-evaluate all that.  Also, look, when I say two or three pieces, I'm talkin BIG pieces.  Little pieces?  Maybe six is good, maybe even TOO FEW if this is Baby Broccoli.  The point is hey what else is going on.  Obviously with Beef & Broccoli you can have more broccoli than in other cases Like This Past One.  If broccoli is part of the name of the dish it should thusly be a bigger part of the dish!  No argument from me there!  Anyway somehow I finished this entry.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:26 P.M.




Thursday, May 20, 2021

I Ain't Sayin' Nothin'

    Hello friends.  Today is Thursday!  Nobody's got a problem with Thursday!  And if they do, they certainly do a good job of keeping it to themselves!  I haven't heard any complaints in my experience!  Anyway I'm about an hour behind today.  Took first walk, generally considered the official start of the day, an hour later than usual!  And the Usual is about an hour later than I'd personally like it!  But the point is if I'm an hour late, and lunch usually lines up around 4:00 PM, What the fuck am I gonna do this afternoon?  I can't eat a lunch at 5:00 PM like an insane person.  I can figure out a way to eat lunch at 4:00 PM IT CAN BE DONE.  Wonderful.  This is a paragraph!  Gotcha!
Getting a delicious Dinner Delivery tonight.  I don't know from where!  And I don't like it!  On the one hand it's nice to have choices but on the other hand I Need Structure and Rules.  I need limits to my freedoms!  Otherwise I'm a victim of my own possibilities.  Anyway either Diner Delivery or Deli Delivery.  Either way some nice alliteration going on.  Alliteration, huh.  Sounds about right!  Checked weight today.  Down a solid 9 or 11 (Never Forget) pounds over 8 weeks more or less.  I can, "DIG," that.  Not only is it a pretty good pace but it's the CORRECT pace based on my calculations.  It's GOOD to know things are going as planned.  And that my body &/v scale are following conventional logic and wisdom re: losing weight &/V whatnot.
     Cool!  I want a STEAK.  I deserve it on account of BEING ALIVE.  I can get a steak EITHER PLACE.  But one place is about 5 dollars cheaper and if nothing else I am above all else FRUGAL all things being equal.  Also is the steak Quality 5 dollars less valuable?  SURE.  But I can deal with that.  I'm okay with having a steak at 80% worthiness as a steak from Other Place.  It's still a Very Nice Steak!  Wonderful.  Great!  What else is going on.  ON THE OTHER HAND the place with more expensive steak has a BACK UP BONUS MEAL which I'd prefer today specifically.  We're talking Diner Steak (more expensive) I can get nice Breakfastcentric Meal for tomorrow lunch.  Deli Steak (less expensive) I'd have to get some NON breakfastcentric meal Unless I Get An Omelet Which I Will Not.  Hah.  ANOTHER PARAGRAPH.  GOTCHA!
Wow!  Briefly thought about deleting this entire Act.  Decided against it!  In fact it was never really an option.  I THOUGHT about it but never did I once actually CONSIDER doing it!  Anyway it might sound boring but there's Deeper THEMES and MEANINGS.  Eating steak represents Eating steak.  Really!  Hmm steak is steak.  And all that comes with it.  Eating means you eat it.  Eating means things, too.  Thus Eating Steak BRAIN OVERLOAD TOO MANY THINGS IT COULD MEAN I CAN'T EVEN TRY TO CONTEMPLATE ALL AT ONCE I'D GO CRAZY.  Anyway in the meantime set up my orange juicewater, my coffee, things are going good re: Breakfast Liquids.
    I haven't gotta an omelet once since PID (Personal Independence Day).  Seems like a pretty big oversight.  I dunno I made eggs for myself a dozen times over Pandemic Quarantine.  Sorta took the Mystery Out Of Eggs.  In the past, I'm eating eggs, I wonder hmm what's this all about, lots to eggs underneath it all, eating omelet cooked by someone else I'm only scratching the surface of Eggs.  Now I know the truth that They're Just Eggs and I lost enthusiasm for it!  This makes sense.  Also STEAK AND EGGS is a thing.  WOW.  I NEVER SAW THAT COMING AND NOW THAT IT'S HERE I DON'T KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO FEEL.  Hmm.  HMM!  Diner Delivery normally you can get STEAK AND EGGS.  And that's cheaper than their regular steak!  Not on their, "Limited," Quarantine Menu but at this point they might be back to Regular Menu.  HMM.  It turns out this entry has been Worth Its Weight In Eggs.
     Wonderful.  The point is what else is going on.  Get to take a walk in 10 or 15 minutes.  Caught up about half an hour if that comes to pass.  And I owe it all to Writing Bullshit-- Quickly!  Cool!  WAIT A SECOND I don't wanna rush this orange juicewater and coffee!  This is my breakfast!  Breakfast is the start of a good day!  Also they say that Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day but I'm pretty sure that's a lie being perpetuated by Big Breakfast.  Hmm I used to like me a Big Breakfast.  Those ones where you just get every Breakfast component possible and you stuff yourself silly like the fat slob you are.  Presumably.  Also Steak & Eggs is a Big Breakfast.  The point is I'll be back later. 




Is That The Best I Can Do

    Hey!  Back from Walk.  Decided on walk SCREW STEAK I'M GETTIN BREAKFASTCENTRIC MEAL FOR DINNER.  And thusly screw steak as Backup Meal for tomorrow(s???).  Get me a FISH MEAL as a back up meal.  Two back up meals!  That's how it all works out get off my back about it.   FISH MEAL?  THAT'S AS EXTRAVAGANT AS STEAK.  Not if I put it that way.  If you're just eating something called Fish usually that's not the highest quality fish out there.  If it was they'd specify what kind of fish!  They do.  I'M the one calling it Just Fish.  The point is it's delicious and it will make a great Double Backup Meal. 75% of Waffle + Bonus Breakfast Sides will be a Delicious Dinner Meal.  ANOTHER PARAGRAPH!  GOTCHA.
Cool.  I've been listening to music you know how that goes.  Later More Recent releases from bands I was listening to previously their Heyday releases.  It's GOOD because I am continuing on the same threads I started LO these 5 or 6 weeks ago.  Also More Recent Is Good.  Presumably the world keeps getting BETTER and BETTER per my assumption.  Thus MUSIC will get better and better.  That's how the world works.  Hmm that doesn't seem to check out completely.  Says You!  Says a lot of people.  What people.  A lot of them, doesn't matter.  I forget what's going on.  I know I was talking to myself, and One Of Me was italics and The Other One was generic font.  That's about all I remember, though.  Everything else is a blur! 
     Anyway.  Corey Kluber of The Yankees pitched a NO HITTER yesterday.  He's on my Fantasy Baseball Team!  Thusly I feel like I've accomplished something.  I had Michael Trout on my team and now he's out for months.  He's the best player in the game!  NOW MY TEAM IS WORTHLESS.  If only I had it in me to abandon them.  I'm pot committed at this point!  I dunno I could probably abandon them if I REALLY tried.  Seems like something worth giving a shot.  I wonder if I can start a new team this late into the season.  Hmm.  I wonder.  Oh well no way of knowing.  What else is going on.  LETS TALK ABOUT LUNCH.  Gonna finish my Mom's Chicken Marsala from a few days ago.  Not touch ANY OF THE SPAGHETTI.  There's a method to my madness, though! -- I can have some BREAD with it as a carbohydrate.  They're called carbohydrates because they hydrate us with carbon.  Seems like a reasonable assumption to make.  Not it doesn't.  Fine it's the exception that proves the rule.
     Wonderful!  I'm looking forward to that.  HMM I bet there's some MUSHROOM with that chicken.  I can, "Dig," that!  Ya know what I'm VERY happy about upcoming meals.  It's Going WELL.  I get chicken marsala &/v chicken Parmigiana myself sometimes, or at least I did before Pandemic Quarantine, but my main feeling is that Might As Well Get Veal.  You can get chicken any old time.  HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET TO HAVE VEAL?  IN THESE EXACT CONDITIONS PRETTY MUCH ONLY.  I don't care if you're more in the mood for chicken.  Get yourself some veal!  Play it smart, don't be a chump!  Hmm I've lost track of any Veal Dish that isn't Italian in nature.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE I'M NOT SEEING ANYTHING.  VERY LITTLE, AT LEAST.  ANYTHING I'M SEEING IS THE EXCEPTION THAT PROVES THE RULE.
Yeah!  I LOST 1.5 POUNDS FROM A WEEK AGO.  I was thinking under the premise that I had lost 1.0 pounds.  Re-assessed and re-calibrated and YEP IT'S GOING GREAT.  1.5 pounds?  Why that's only... wait... carry the 2... TWENTY FOUR OZES?!?!  IN ONE WEEK.  Can you even IMAGINE all that OZES of disgusting fat that is NOW GONE COMPLETELY?!?!  I'm sure you can.  In which case Well Done!  You're great at imagining things in your mind's eye.  Gotta imagine that'll pay off in the long run in situations even more important than this one.  Anyway.  I'm right on track with Where I'm Supposed To Be at this time of day.  It all worked out well is the point.  I LIKE THIS ENTRY IT MAKES YOU THINK ABOUT THINGS.  The MEALS I'M HAVING TODAY for example.  And ALSO a second thing and presumably even A THIRD THING over the course of the last 11 paragraphs.
I don't believe it!  Gonna take some sort of shower when this act is over.  I don't believe it!  Maybe watch some TV for 10-20 minutes Between Said Activities.  I believe it.  I've given myself no reason to doubt myself.  All in all I find myself to be a pretty trustworthy Self to Myself.  The point is I'm pretty sure the bread I have is garlic bread.  In which case Life Keeps Getting Better And Better.  WHAT THE HELL WE'RE INTO THE 20'S OF MAY.  This is cause for celebration!  Huh.  I really thought those 2 sentences would get me somewhere.  Some solid progress into the paragraph, I thought!  Nope.  Came and went abruptly.  That's life I guess.  Well I guess the paragraph is over now.  Wonderful!  I'll be back with Act III in Oh I Don't Know pretty soon?




Really Makes Ya Think

    Hey!  Got lunch as I suspected!  FAIR amount of chicken but ideally I'd have 50% more.  That's just Facts!  Either way what else is going on.  Gotta write an amount of paragraphs!  Roughly 33% the amount of paragraphs as I have already written today!  That doesn't sound like so much.  1/3rd.  I don't care WHAT you're dividing by 3 (&/v MULTIPLYING by 1/3), 1/3rd Just Plain Isn't That Much.  I'd settle for AN EXTRA 1/3rd of the amount of chicken I have right now.  I know I said I'd like 50% more but I'd settle for 33.333% more!  Life is about making settlements!  That's the premise I've been operating under!  Civilization: The Computer Game is about Making Settlements!  Without settling City-Territories You Can't Accomplish A Thing!
     Cool.  HEY after 3 more paragraphs my day is All Free Time.  Not a single care in the world at all!  More or less!  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I'm going to have 1/4th of a Belgian Waffle leftover and nothing else?  GREAT.  I can have some fun with that.  Maybe as a SNACK.  Maybe as a LIGHT BREAKFAST.  Maybe figure out something where it's the Carbohydrate of a MEAL.  I was thinking get some ceasar salad from Super Market Delivery, and instead of bread, 1/4th of a Belgian Waffle.  And then I responded to that thought THAT SOUNDS DELICIOUS but then the Super Market didn't have them ceasar salads in stock.  But the point is Green Salads with Belgian Waffle is an idea that's ready to pop!  Which is a good thing!  Good thing for the idea, at least.  Maybe not for us.
     Anyway.  Sure I finished my lunch sometime last paragraph.  Get off my back about it!  I feel great about it.  My hunger is totally satiated &/V whatnot!  Anyway.  Patriotism Calendar tellin me we got VICTORIA DAY coming up next week.  Which I'm guessing is a Canada thing.  After Victoria Day, Patriotism has, "CAN," in Parenthesis.  Which I'm guessing is a Canada thing.  Can is short from Canada.  That's a pretty reasonable assumption to make I feel.  COULD it be wrong?  I dunno, I guess!  I WOULDN'T bet my life on it completely.  Unless I stand to gain A WHOLE LOT if I'm right.  I'd have to stand to gain A LOT if I was planning on betting my life if "Can," is short for, "Canada," in this specific Victoria-Day-Themed Instance.  From the source of Patriotism Calendar.  Huh.  What else.
Yeah!  One more paragraph.  Patriotism Calendar is informing me that Memorial Day is only 16 days after Armed Services Day.  I'm getting the impression from Patriotism Calendar that in America we're supposed to like War People Days.  LOOK am I gonna get Egg Whites as one side for Belgian Waffle I think we both know the answer is yes.  Well, I know it.  I knew it.  Now we both know it!  Assuming you see me as a reliable narrator.  If you choose to believe me when I say things, you know it, too!  If you choose NOT to see me as a reliable narrator, can't really argue with that either!  I'm sure you've got some good reasons for such a position, I don't doubt it!   Anyway Hey I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:27 P.M. 




Wednesday, May 19, 2021

You Make An Interesting Point

    Hello friends.  I'm here again!  That almost always happens.  Took a week off in October when I was computerless.  Took a single day off when PID (Personal Independence Day) hit.  The point is I keep doing this for some reason no one is really sure of.  Keeps me busy.  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  Anyway iPhone Music appears to be working.  SOUND appears.  I think your standard definition of Appears is VISUAL.  It appears IN SIGHT.  However in this case I am basing This Appearance by SOUND CONSUMPTION.  Better LTURQ, lets see what, "Appears," means Once And For All.  "Come into sight."  YEP NAILED IT.  Sight is sight.  Eye sight!  Another paragraph Well Spent.
Watched a The Simpsons this morning!  Great!  I can continue doing this for roughly Several Months!  I don't this thaink I can binge it to the extent It's MY Main Binge.  But it can be a Supplemental Binge.  Let's say 3-6 episodes a day.  Each episode is about 22 minutes.  22 minutes times 3-6?  Can't be done!  I can multiply 22 by 3 theoretically.  I can multiple 22 by 6 if I really put some effort into it.  3-6?  Totally nonsense!  Math doesn't work like that!  Sure it does.  Yeah but I'm being dumb for some reason no one is really sure of.  Yep that checks out pretty well.  I had a dream I was able to log into Sports New York TV Channel from my computer and I could watch The Mets games.  Hmm really makes ya think.  What's the Deep Hidden Meaning behind that.  Maybe that I'd Like To Watch The Mets games.  That seems to check out pretty well.
Wonderful.  Maybe its not that I'd like to watch The Mets games, but just that I'd like THE ABILITY to watch The Mets Games.  I wasn't actually watching any games in my dream.  Just logging into the system!  Yep that's my dream.  ACCESS To More TV!  Wonderful.  Anyway instead of Cold Italian Heroe I got a HIPPIE ROLL last night.  It's like a calzone but... well... it is a calzone.  It's a calzone with Italian Sausage, peppers, and cheese.  Maybe onions or something I don't have all the details.  Anyway it's called a Hippie Roll because Hippies love them Sausages.  Anyway I had half of that last night.  It was okay!  The whole one would be too much for a meal but half wasn't enough.  Gotta pair it with some cookies or chips or somethin!  I did cookies last night!  Wonderful!  Is it possible Italians don't know what Hippies were.  I'd think a vegetarian roll would be a hippie roll.  Hippies are probably more skewed towards vegetarianism than your standard subset of people. 
     I dunno.  Who does!  Not me!   fsdfd UH OH.  Spell check isn't working right now.  Lets see if it works if I do it Manually the hard way.  Yep.  If I go to Spell Check Itself it works.  It's just not updating me with wavy red lines as I go.  I can live with that I guess.  Not much of a choice!  Baseball.  Simpsons on Disney.  Disney owns Los Angeles Angels.  Angels in the Outfield.  Why the hell are angels getting involved in sports games.  The stakes are very low in terms of the eternal battle between good and evil!  What does it matter if the California Angels win a three game series over the Baltimore Orioles in the middle of August. And even if it does matter, why are they on board with one team over another.  What, are all the Angels great people and the Baltimore Orioles are all monsters?  Seems kinda weird!
     Anyway.  I guess real life angels were like HEY baseball team name after us.  That's all WE need to hear!  They wanna associate with us, great, we're on board, all on the same team now!  What are Real Life Angels.  That could EASILY refer to either Angel baseball players or supernatural Angels.  Look in my opinion NEITHER are real life Angels.  Except for the sports angels.  We can accurately call them Angels Baseball Players.  Also except for Supernatural Angels.  Unlike baseball players they're REALLY angels.  Well I'm glad we settled all that once and for all.  Cross sport game with Angels vs Devils.  The battle between good and evil!  Anaheim and New Jersey!  Baseball and I wanna say HOCKEY?  They sure love their hockey in New Jersey.  I guess.  They gotta love their hockey SOMEWHERE.  Why not New Jersey.  As good a state as any For Hockey.
What else is going on and crap.  I think I've always assumed they like hockey more in Canada because its colder there.  Hmm a game played on ice?  We're 20, 25% more familiar with Ice because of coldness than most of America.  Thusly we like games PLAYED on ice more.  We're more COMFORTABLE with ice IN GENERAL than many other countries so that's the games we're gonna play.  Hmm tryin' to think of next albums to listen to re: Music.  Goin back to Superchunk!  I enjoyed them but didn't finish their discography!  I forget what albums I've listened to, though!  I know a couple I definitely didn't!  I'll listen to those!  Then re-calibrate my situation after those.  Anyway in the mean time I'll be back in a little bit!





I Don't Like The Sound Of That

    Hey!  I finished The R.E.M. album I was listening to last!  I feel like I've listened enough to come to terms with the fact that I don't need to listen to any more.  The good news is I have orange juice going on right now.  It's healthy because of juice.  And it's delicious because of juice.  How many oranges produce how much juice.  Better LTURQ.  36 oranges makes a gallon of juice?!?!  I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Now if only I knew what a gallon was I'd really be getting to the bottom of things.  Better LTURQ.  A gallon is 128 OZ?  I DON'T BELIEVE IT!  I do believe it AND I like it.  I'm gonna have to remember that one!  128 ozes as a Standard Size and that size is called Why It's Only A Gallon.  I assume solid things can be gallons.  Nobody's stopping them.   Better LTURQ.  In England they have what they call A DRY GALLON.  I assume because in England their WITS are DRY.  It's all starting to come together.
Last 2 or 3 times I've gotten pizza since PID (Pandemic Independence Day) I've eaten it cold.  Today?  Might try putting it in the oven!  I got absolutely no problems eating pizza cold again but I feel like it's due time I try Hot Pizza.  Ovened Hot Pizza.  I might regret it but what I'd regret Even More is if I never try!  That's how life works or something, I don't have all the details.  I'm not 100% sure why the last 75% episodes &/or seasons of The Simpsons they settled into a routine where the first 2-10 minutes have absolutely nothing to do with anything, least of all the future plot of episode  I've always felt CHEATED and that THEY MUST BE DUMB to do that.  Now I feel like they're just fucking with us on purpose.  In which case GREAT NOW I FIND IT FUNNY, I'M IN ON THE JOKE, I GET IT!!!
I ate a delicious Some More Pop Tart this morning.  Down to only 2 left!  I need to get, get a load of this, I need to get SOME MORE SOME MORE POP TARTS.  Speaking of To Heat Up Food or To Not Heat Up Food, didn't Toasterize a single Pop Tart in this incarnation of Some More Pop Tarts.  This is good stuff, let's keep it goin'.  One of the most fun parts about taking walk is doing Estimations with Cross Walking Light.  Obviously I gotta wait for it to turn green before crossing the street (except all the times its red but there's no cars going either way as far as the eye can see which happens ALL THE TIME), but I like estimating will I still be in front of it when it starts blinking red.  I bet I make it all  the way across and the Walking Light is out of view before it starts blinking red.  I'd BET MY LIFE ON IT.  And I do bet my life on it.  I silently make some sort of Life Years Gamble.  Ok I'm Whatever Amount Certain this time around, that let's say if I'm right that I won't see it blinking red until I pass it completely and I Never See It, I get an extra month of life, and if I DO see it blink red, I die immediately on the spot.  Obviously for that specific gamble I should be VERY sure.  The point is, the good news is over 6 weeks I've only, "Died Immediately On The Spot," I think TWO TIMES.  And I got away with it somehow!  Still alive!
    That's what WALKING IS LIKE, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.  Totally universal OCD Experience.  Gotta do something I guess.  Obviously because I take the same Walking Routes over and over I can estimate how long the lights last.  Obviously.  Without that information this entire enterprise seems WAY too risky.  That's what makes it fun and reasonable and even productive one might argue.  Finished 3rd season of #TheBoardWalksTheEmpireSummerSpringtime last night!  Totally between seasons right now!  Maybe watch one either partially or completely after this paragraph but before next walk &/v shower.  I LIKE those odds.  Then again who knows.  I wouldn't bet my life on it either way.  Not even CLOSE to a Sure Thing.  What kind of fool do you take me for.  TODAY IS THE FIRST FISCAL QUARTER AGAIN?  I thought they already did that Once And For All last month!  Guess not!  They're WAY WAY WAY behind at the point.
  What else is going on and crap.  Maybe stick with cold pizza today.  I enjoy it get off my back about it is the point.  Anyway.  Same topping on All Pizza since PID (Pandemic &/V Personal Independence Day).  Garlic!  Every slice!  Some chopped garlic.  DELICIOUS!  Pretty sure there's no calories to garlic.  I used to think that way about vegetables or anchovies.  Calories were negligible I thought!  Now I think OTHERWISE.  Anchovie or Vegetable might add FIFTY OR MORE calories per slice.  I can't live with that!  I got better ways to eat pizza.  With garlic!  Yep this is a paragraph.  So far.  There's still time &/V space in the paragraph to make it about something else primarily.  But each sentence I write analyzing this paragraph I'm running out of time &/V space to actually change the paragraph for the better.  That's life I guess.  Hey, great, wonderful, I did it!
Cool.  We got some Heir Conditioning going on in house for first time this year!  Appears to be working.  SOUND appears.  Not eye sight appears.  I dunno, maybe I can see Air being conditioned on some sub-atomic theoretical level.  I don't CONSCIOUSLY REGISTER seeing the air being conditioned but maybe I am seeing it to some extent.  That seems to check out.  Hmm I wonder what episode of #ThSumpsonsSummerSpringtime do I have queued up.  Oh THAT ONE?  I remember the plot of that one.  Pretty sure there's jokes in it.  OH I remember one joke.  Heh.  That was a pretty good joke.  WELL I guess I don't need to watch that episode now do I!  Just joshin, I'll still watch it!  I got time to kill &/v whatnot!  I'll be back in a little bit.





In The Mean Time

    Hey I got pizza going on!  From OVEN.  I left it in Erring On The Short Side so it ain't piping hot but it ain't burnt either!  This is the compromise I made with myself and ya know what NOT BAD.  Also just in general how does hot pizza taste?  NOT BAD.  I can't believe no one has ever thought of this before!  Not before the Earl of Pizza.  Gotta imagine there was some Earl named Piazza who invented pizza.  Better LTURQ.  Eh maybe later.  I'm busy eating Delicious Pizza I don't have times to LTURQ.  (The, "T," means, "Things," and not, "That," in this instance).  Anyway what kind of delicious side IF ANY will I have with Delicious Half Hippie Roll.  Also a Hippie Roll sounds like a JOINT am I right lets talk about it.  Also Hmm maybe 2 cookies.  Maybe some CHIPS.  I feel like we've covered this ground already.
I never learnt how to roll a joint because I have bad eye-hand coordination.  Ya know what?  Just bad HAND COORDINATION.  I might have Great Or At Least Decent Eye Coordination, it's really just The Hand Coordination that's mucking up my ability to roll joints among other things.  Also, even worse, I'm bad at SMOKING joints when sharing with other people.  I get the joint all wet!  I dunno what I'm doing wrong when smoking joints 14 years ago but I guess I'm getting saliva on it for some reason much to my chagrin with my Marijuana Smoke Partners.  Anyway, closing in on a full TWO MONTHS since I saw they were legalizing marijuana with it being available for purchase sometime between 12-24 months From Then.  TWO MONTHS DOWN.  HOLY SHIT THAT'S HALFWAY THERE.
    Who cares.  Not me!  I got better things to care about or something.  I can't think of another, Non-Sumpsons show where they just so brazenly spend five minutes on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the entry other than an extremely absurd tenuous way to connect it to Rest Of Episode.  They get away with it because they're such a great success!  They're rubbing their freedoms in our faces!  JUST LIKE HOW THE REST OF THE WORLD FEELS RE: AMERICA.  THEY HATE OUR FREEDOMS JUST LIKE WE HATE THE SUMPSONS FREEDOMS.  I don't hate The Simpsons' freedoms.  I'm glad they CAN get away with that nonsense.  I'm just not happy about them actually doing it over and over all the time.  Anyway hey there's only one paragraph left to write!
     Cool.  I have the first three seasons of The Simpsons on DVD.  That means I count as a shareholder in the Simpsons Incorporated.  Thus my opinion must be heard and taken into account!  That's how shareholders work I'm guessing.  Seems about right.  I gotta think of a good pair for Hippie Roll.  Maybe a nice hearty Oatmeal Cookie.  That would hit some sort of spot or something.  Nah we want a SAVORY or SALTY not a SWEET side.  Hmm.  I got SOME #JoeBidenKettleChipsToRemember, I guess enough probably, unless my Dad has eaten more since I last calibrated the amount around 24 hours ago.  Which he may have!  It's within his rights!  Anyway I'll keep someone updated on some situation as it progresses.  I'll be back here tomorrow!

-4:05 P.M.





Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Great To Be Here

    Hey I guess.  Bad news!  My Apple Music iPhone App: The Way I Listen To Music is NOT WORKING.  I load it up and it loads up for a 2nd and then closes.  YES I WROTE the time period, "Second," as, "2nd."  There's more pressing matters to discuss!  So it looks like for an undetermined amount of time I can't listen to music on my walks!  I can't listen to song by song on YouTube.  That's too much manual labor!  I have delicate work sensibilities and I'm not cut out for that!  I can listen to podcasts but I wouldn't know where to start!  I could figure out how to fix it!  It's impossible, though!  I haven't been able to do it in 15 minutes so basically at this point its time to give up trying completely.  Now transition from Trying To Fix It to Hoping It Fixes Itself.  YES THAT SOUNDS EASIER.
    Hmm wonder if its fixed by now.  Been a solid 3 minutes since I checked.
  Oh, right.  I turned my phone off.  I had tried turning it off and on many times WHAT AM I AN IDIOT but now I'm figuring maybe it just needs to rest for a more substantial amount of time.  I was giving it MicroNaps and what it needs is a REAL nap.  I WAS TWO THIRDS WAYS THROUGH REM MONSTER AND THIS IS WHAT I GET?!?!  What the HELL is wrong with the universe.  What kind of MONSTER designed this universe?  NO ONE??? YEP THAT SEEMS TO CHECK OUT BASED ON THE CURRENT SITUATION I'M IN.  Nothing can be that cruel!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I guess I can listen to albums song by song on youtube.  Pretty inconvenient but upon further introspection That's Not So Bad.  I don't need to hear the video, though.  The music is fine.  But on Youtube they combine it with video!  And I can put it away in my pocket so I Don't' see the video but I Still Might Hear It!  ...Yep I'm an idiot!
You know what I want another crack at this.  Lemme load up my phone right quick. HMM here's a good idea.  Delete Apple Music and Re-install.  Let's Go!  HMM.  Looks like the problem may be I needed to install update on phone.  Now I'm downloading phone update and I'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.  In the meantime though still says Downloading.  Still says it.  Still saying it.  Hmm better write some while I'm waiting for it to download.  Also WHY THE HELL does it not give me a Percent Downloaded bar.  Just says downloading.  I need more details than that!  I need to estimate when it will be over AND I need confirmation that there's actually progress being made.  I know NOTHING by it just saying, "Downloading..."  Could be a complete lie!  HOW LONG MUST I SUFFER THROUGH THIS.
     Anyway.  Solid, I dunno, 2/3rds chance this'll do the trick.  Assuming it gets downloaded and whatnot!  We can't assume that at all.  Good point.  Solid 1/2lf chance this'll do the trick without any ancillary assumptions!  WHAT THE HELL I saw they DO have a Estimation Of Download Time ABOUT 34 MINUTES REMAINING.  What The HELL are you trying to pull.  That can't be right at all.  Unless during this download time they have A Window to jack into my phone even more than they normally can and are... I dunno.. trying to benefit somehow from Jacking into my phone?  I dunno what they'd get out of it but apparently THEY DO.  33 minutes.  Wonderful.  Progress!  This might not even help Apple Music.  Solid 2/3rds chance it does!  WONDERFUL.  Cool.  Jumped to 25 minutes?  WHY THAT'S BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS NEWS!  Except for how I'm pretty confident it'll jump back to 30's minutes.  Oh well this is the life we chose.
     Jeez.  Had ZOOM appointment with psychiatrist person this morning.  Went well.  I CONFIRMED I still have a diet of food AND that I sleep an amount of hours each night.  Sounds good to her, lets make an appointment for next month.  This isn't real psychiatry.  It's Maintenance.  There's no Deep Delving into ANYTHING.  Which is good!  None of her business!  Not even any of my business!  Whatever is going on beneath the surface is best to be just left alone!  I feel very strongly about this.  No I Don't.  How about that's accurately how I feel relatively but I don't feel strongly about it at all.  Yep that seems to check out pretty good.  Fascinating!  I can SEE progress being made with update.  The Bar is being filled with Blue from left to right and it's more to the right than it was last time I checked.  PROGRESS!!!
     Wonderful.  What else is going on and crap.  There's no guarantee every song on an album will be on youtube!  Pretty safe assumption that 99% will be, though.  These are popular albums I'm listening to!  All YouTube quality!  Maybe special bonus deluxe tracks aren't on YouTube which is GREAT I don't wanna listen to them anyway!  Now I have an even better excuse!  People will have conversations to me about bonus tracks and now instead of me saying I FELT LIKE NOT LISTENING TO THEM I can say I COULDN'T LISTEN TO THEM BECAUSE OF YOUTUBE YOU SEE.  Whew.  Weaseled my way out of that tough future situation that will never happen and even if it sort of did the logic behind it makes no sense.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!




That's How I Feel

    Hey you idiots MUSIC IS BACK.  We're talkin after downloading Phone Update it took 45 minutes to install.  Then it Was Installed and Turned Back On!  Then it was all updated which is all well and good but my priority was whether music works now.  IT DOES.  So far!  HOWEVER I needed to make a passcode for opening my phone.  EIGHT DIGITS.  I just made it my birthday.  Somehow I feel LESS Safe with an obvious passcode than with no passcode at all.  IT doesn't makes sense in logic but it makes sense in FEELINGS.  People can RELATE to feelings  I need to CALM DOWN.  Went audioless for last walk completely.  Not just audioless but headphoneless.  Both style and substance was effected.  But music is BACK now and presumably it'll stay that way for a few months or something.  Don't have all the details!
    Gonna get a COLD ITALIAN HEROE for dinner tonight!  It's cold because of Cold Cuts.  But they leave out the world Cuts.  They're just telling me that I'm getting an Italian Hero (I know this hero is Italian it's from an ITALIAN RESTAURANT) which is Cold.  Seems like they could be doing better titling their sandwiches.  Need help titling things?  That's where I come in!  Not a bad idea for a career.  Freelance Tilter.  My crazysheet titles haven't been high quality in months.  Well, sure.  If you're good at something don't give it away for free!  I'm saving all the good titles for paying customers!  Also I somehow feel MORE safe telling everyone my passcode explicitly than just leaving it for people to guess my birthday.  I'm in control somehow by sacrificing safety.  Makes me feel like a big man!  If it wasn't safe why would I do it.  I wouldn't, that's who!  Makes sense to me.
    Cool.  Bees were bothering me on my walk just now.  I didn't have big ol' headphones to protect me physically AND I didn't have the audio input to protect me from hearing them buzzin by my ears.  I'm protected both ways with headphones and I'm vulnerable both ways without them!  Glad that's all behind me now.  Hmm what to listen to next after REM The Monster Album.  Why it's only the next R.E.M album chronologically.  Seems to check out.  I'm enjoying R.E.M. over the last 36 hours or so.  We're talkin Salmami.  We're talkin prosccuito.  We're talking a third thing possibly HAM.  Oh man we're talkin PEPPERONI.  We're talkin Provolone dunno if that's good or not.  We're talkin' I can UPGRADE TO GARLIC BREAD.  What the Hell?  People get to eat Garlic Bread as Sandwich Bread like it was nothin'?  Just a regular every day thing?  Not only on their birthday or anniversary?  I KNEW life had elements of Good in it.  This is the proof!  It's the exception that proves the rule!  I dunno.  I LIKE this act of entry.
What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I don't like listening to myself breathing on walks.  I might be altering my breathing patterns if I walk by or just see someone else.  I don't hear it?  Great, doesn't effect me, I'm not self conscious about it.  I CAN hear it?  Oh no this other person might notice I'm breathing different as a reaction to them.  Now they're gonna judge me for being a Breath Creep.  I'm taking them in and breathing heavily or softy or just differently and THEY KNOW.  Of course I breathe differently if I come across a person.  It's called RE-CALIBRATING and it's nothing to be ashamed of.  All of this premise is based on the last walk where I climbed to the top of a hill and there happened to be a person walking by there from another direction and I started breathing differently because CHANGES IN WALK EFFORT AND ALTITUDE.  Which is totally normal!  But in my head I was thinking this breathing differently because of them bit.  Well I'm glad that settles that.  NOT A BREATH CREEP!  NOT FOR THE MOST PART AT LEAST!
The point is Yes in this specific situation that person MIGHT HAVE THOUGHT I was a breath creep but they'd be wrong for the most part at least.  What else is goin on in the wide world of sports.  Anyway last night I DID have a delicious Subway Sandwich Heroe with Special Cheese but No Special Sauce.  Was just what I was in the mood for!  Anyway it was pretty good.  I wasn't disappointed!  Sunchips could have been better!  They taste okay but they're thin as fuck.  You gotta eat 2 or 3 at time to reach appropriate thickness crunch and at that rate you're gonna eat your portion very quickly!  Too quickly one might argue!  What else is going on and crap.  Hmm better check Phone Music to see if it still works.  YEP still seems to work!   
  My birthday is Decembr 12, 1988.  My passcode for my phone is 121288.  COME AND TRY.  I challenge you to break into my phone some way or another.  I don't think you have it in ya!  Hmm maybe you can break into it remotely somehow.  Well in that case I WAS LYING.  My real birthday is somethin different and ANYWAY my passcode ISN'T EVEN MY REAL BIRTHDAY.  It's a DOUBLE LIE I've trapped you in!  Anyway great just great.  I misspelled, "December."  That should keep ya busy guessing for a little while!  Anyway.  Any REAL passcode I'm concerned about safety-wise is different!  I ain't tellin you my standard FOUR DIGIT passcode.  Is it 1212?  I dunno only one way to find out!  Is it 1988?  NOPE I'LL TELL YA RIGHT NOW.  Straight up!  You can cross off 1988 of your list of Trying To Guess My Passcodes.  I dunno what the Hell is going on.  I'm just excited about Music Again.  That seems to check out pretty well.  I'll be back soon!




Now That I Think About It

    Hey!  Got lunch going.  Chipotle Burrito Bowl The Second Of The Week.  That's a strange way to identify it.  That's life I guess!  Music is working.  Figured out a way to Cancel Passcode.  So that's done with altogether.  LOOK if I could have a 4 digit passcode I MIGHT consider it.  Eight figures is just dumb.  I got a NICE SOLID 4 digit one I'm a fan of.  But I guess now we're compromising with No Passcode.  Also, I let Phone figure out my Thumb Print but didn't set it up that I have to use it.  Great!  How the Hell is anyone supposed to remember their thumb print!  Impossible!  I'd have to constantly be setting it up for them to e-mail me a new thumb print because I can't remember the last one!  Who needs that.  Some other guy, maybe!  Certainly not me!
     Cool.  Enjoying Chipotle.  Could have left in microwave 30 seconds longer.  With the microwave on.  If I left it in the microwave 30 seconds longer without turning on the microwave then It's Just 30 Seconds Cooler.  At room temperature rates.  That sort of thing.  Anyway.  For some reason I couldn't access Doordash on my phone.  UNTIL TODAY.  New update software means new opportunities for accessing Doordash!  I love it!  Anyway will I be having some sort of sandwich for dinner 3 nights in a row?  Very possible!  Sandwiches are delicious though.  I don't get how Sandwiches are named after some guy named The Earl Of Sandwich.  What, no one thought of sandwiches before in human history?  Not buying it!  Sandwiches are pretty intuitive.  No way we made it all the way through history until BRITISH ARISTOCRACY before someone thought of eating a sandwich.  Doesn't check out!  Better LTURQ.  I feel like Earl of Sandwich is common knowledge.  Yep checks out.  1762.  No one ever ate a sandwich before then.  I'm not buyin' it!
Around turn of century, Biography Channel &/V Show had a countdown of top 100 influential people of the millennium.  Gotta imagine Earl of Sandwich, if its true he invented sandwiches, was at least in the top 50.  Anyway hey I'm gonna take a shower soon after this entry is over.  That's how that goes.  Earl of Sandwich was a HERO.  You'd think that'd be the start of me making 2-4 MORE sandwich puns with the Earl of Sandwich.  You'd think WRONG I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR SANDWICH PUNS.  I got a shower I wanna take soon!  Things To Do is the point I'm trying to make.  Been about a solid 2 months since I've had an alcoholic beverage.  Doin' fine!  Not thinking about it at all.  Sure I envision a time where I drink again and then think about it a lot again and drink pretty often!  Not now, though!  Got better things to do or something I don't have all the details!
     Last paragraph.  Having second thoughts about having a Cold Italian Hero.  Italian Hero, sounds like Roberto Benigini to me.  Sure he's the first Italian Movie Protagonist that came to mind.  Perfect reference there!  However he is not cold at all.  Very warm actually!  I'd go out of my way to describe him as warm all things being equal.  Whose a good COLD Italian Hero.  Also why did I think it had to be a movie star protagonist.  All sorts of Heroes in the world who aren't in films!  Only other Italian Protagonist that comes to mind is Mussolini.  But he's not a good guy per my understanding.  I'll have to get back to you on this one.  Anyway, in the meantime, I'll see ya later.

-4:19 P.M.




Monday, May 17, 2021

Gotta Think Of Something

    Hello friends.  What's new in my neck of the woods.  Which is a phrase!  Because people always used to live in the woods.  Standard way of saying Where You Live.  In The Woods!  In the Neck of the woods which I'm positive means something.  Better LTURQ.  It's a horse racing thing.  Horses are neck and neck.  When they're neck and neck they're really close.  Your neck of the woods means you're really close to that part of the woods.  Solid 100% chance That Is Entirely Inaccurate.  Great!  Anyway my future Walking Albums are uncertain.  Halfway through Nirvana-- The Bleach!  Not entirely happy with listening to this!  It's okay!  Next I dunno!  RADIOHEAD?  I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT.  I guess I can cycle back around to The R. E. M.'s.  I think there's a couple of solid Better Listen To These Albums I haven't gone through.  WONDERFUL THEN ITS SETTLED.
     Cool!  No longer entertaining my brother.  I showed him 3 #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSPringtime episodes!  I feel like that's a job well done as a host.  I got the idea from deducing hmm this is what people do when they play host.  Play tv or music or other entertainment THEY LIKE for their guest.  So the GUEST will like it.  Thus you've done your good deed for the day.  So basically cracked that code now I can host whomever I want whenever I want and I know EXACTLY what to do.  Except for the 2nd and 3rd Tales From The Crypts to watch.  First one is obvious!  I gotta crunch the numbers and figure out the other ones to show.  Depends on a guest-by-guest basis.  Sure it does.  That makes sense.  I can, "Dig," that!  Probably gonna get DoorDash today.  Probably Chipotle.  I can, "Dig," that!
     Maybe go into a Subway Station and get a sandwich for Other Meal.  I can, "REALLY," Dig, "THAT!"  I feel like in Days Past they had vending machines with sandwiches in them?  Possibly even in Regular Subway Stations?  I feel like I've seen that on Black &/V White TV.  Man whatta life.  Better LTURQ.  I wanna see what kind of sandwiches they had.  GOOGLE CONNECT ME TO VENDING MACHINE SANDWICHES.  Hmm.  Nothin notable came up.  GOOGLE CONNECT ME TO BLACK AND WHITE VENDING MACHINES.  ALSO BEFORE YOU DO THAT, GOOGLE, FIGURE OUT A WAY FOR ME TO BOLD TEXT IN GOOGLE SEARCH.  OKAY GOOGLE BACK TO WHAT I WAS ORIGINALLY SAYING CONNECT ME TO BLACK AND/V WHITE VENDING MACHINES.  Ugh I was really just about to type black and white sandwich vending machines into google.  What's my alternative. HISTORICAL Sandwich Vending Machines?  Ugh.  "Did they used to sell sandwiches in vending machines."  Google-- "Yes."  Well we settled that once and for all.  I'm glad we accomplished something at least.
     Cool.  Maybe get Chinese Food for Door Dash instead.  As of now I can imagine myself enjoying that more!  That settles that, then!  For the next 15 minutes I will consider Chinese Food to be in the lead over Chipotle as a lunch &/V dinner possibility.  GREAT.  Anyway I decided to watch however many #TheBoardwalksEmpireSummerSpringtime as I damn please each day.  I'm gonna have to think of something else to watch inevitably anyway!  What's the point in putting it off by stringing this out.  I figure if I finish this a few days early, it just means I'll have to figure out The Next Thing a few days early.  Easy.  EASY!  Hmm should I rewatch The Breaking Bad.  I can imagine a lot of profanity in that show.  Doesn't sound appealing to watch.  If I wanted to hear gutter mouths I'd go bowling.  That's a good phrase to catch on.  Go ahead and spread it.  Give me royalties each time its spread.  And you get a fraction of royalties each time someone who heard YOU say it SAYS IT.  Basically if I wanted to hear gutter mouths I'd go bowling is a big pyramid scheme but if you get in on the ground level I PROMISE you'd come out on top and not be the mark!  I GIVE YOU MY WORDS.
     Cool.  I'm shocked at some of the immoral behavior in #BoredWalkEmpireSummerSpringtime.  SHOCKED.  Bored walk empire.  Hah.  I'm the first person to think of that!  They certainly didn't realize that Potential Pun when titling the show.  I'm a genius and everyone else is a mark.  Cool!  I think when titling the show one of THEIR favorite puns is that it sounds like BROAD walk empire.  And a recurring theme in show is Women Getting Right to vote.  Uh oh now they can vote now they're going to, "WALK our empire," so to speak.  Not 100% what that means.  SOUNDS like something, though.  Also they're Broads.  There's a term that's fallen out of favor!  Go figure.  Chipotle is healthier than Chinese food.  It's got PINTO BEANS.  Well that settles that I guess.
Anyway.  Gonna take a walk when this paragraph is over!  I earned it!  By doing what I always do.  Sounds pretty good to me!  Boardwalk UMPIRE.  And there's reference to Arnold Rothstein fixing the Baseball Worldseries several times.  There THAT'S the snowmakers' favorite pun.  Maybe We're ALL Umpires watching &/V participating in this show.  Callin the good ol, "Balls," and, "Strikes," so to speak.  Really makes ya think.  Also Atlantic City ain't that big anymore!  I've been INVITED to go there to play at Card Game Casino but I never went!  I dunno if I was ever invited for a SPECIFIC Trip plan or just  a hypothetical one!  Either way pretty certain I never went there.  I'd remember such a thing!  Unless What Happens In Atlantic City Stays In Atlantic City.  Then I wouldn't remember!  If I remembered then It Didn't Exactly Stay There Did It.  Nope!  Huh.  I'll be back.




This Qualifies As Something

    Hey!  Looking like I'm gonna get Chipotle for lunch, Subway for dinner.  WHAT IS THIS SOME KIND OF UTOPIA?!?!  Seems to check out.  Main negative thing about Subway is I don't trust their Nutrition Calorie Information.  Am I supposed to go with What They Say, or just Assume They're Way Off and estimate based on Relatively Nothing But My Dumb Instincts.  SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE?  WHAT ARE YOU SOME SORT OF GENIUS?!?!  Anyway I finished The Nirvana's: Beach and next walk it's time for AUTOMATIC TO SOME PEOPLE by The R.E.M.'s.  Is that a GUN reference?  Are The R.E.M.'s supporting GUN PROLIFERATION?  Seems like a scandal just waiting to pop!
     Cool!  Tried Cooled Coffee last... day.  Ya know Yesterday.  Get off my back about it some words are too complicated for me.  Anyway it was okay!  Poured it into coffee mug.  Felt WRONG to drink coffee from a Glass Glass.  Either way FINE I don't have a problem drinking the rest of this.  Anyway man oh man if I remember correctly Subway got SUN CHIPS as a side.  I get a six inch sandwich, a personal bag of sun chips, I'm sitting pretty for lunch!  Which is an expression.  A good thing to be, Sitting Pretty.  It means like you got it all covered, its gonna work out for you.  Like Sitting Down While Being Pretty.  Yep seems to check out pretty well.  Plenty of horror movies on The Shudders Streaming Service To Remember that I haven't seen that seem check-out-able.  Yeah!
     What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Also I can go crazy with this six inch sub.  I can be like Ya Know What I'LL HAVE SOME CHEESE.  And they'd be aghast.  Maybe I'll be like YA KNOW WHAT PUT SOME SAUCE ON THERE.  And they'd be taken aback and whatnot!  That's another way to say aghast!  I crunched the numbers and everything.  Hmm what kind of delicious PROTEIN can I get.  How about some Delicious &/V Nutritious CHICKEN.  Can't go wrong with chicken!  Sure you can!  But we're not in this case!  In this case I feel like we're not going wrong at all!  Pretty Neutral bordering on Right!  Solid 20% chance I've listened to Automatic For People in completion in the last 6 weeks.  Solid 30% chance I've listened to several songs in sequential order starting with track one in the last 6 weeks.  Solid 100% chance the album exists in our universe dimension.  I dunno about that one.  Probably ROUNDS UP to 100%, I feel comfortable with that assessment.
     Anyway.  I think The Subway closes at 8:00 PM based on internet research.  I'd have to get it ahead of time before eating it.  I can live with that!  Chicken Sandwiches are a dish best served cold.  Sometimes.  Maybe a third of the time.  Maybe as high as half the time.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  I think the standard reaction to Nirvana's Bleach Album Title is BLEACH?  WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DRINK THAT!!!  At least that's always been mine.  I dunno why.  Nirvana never mentioned drinking it.  They could easily just be bringing to mind its cleansing powers or other positive aspects of its use.  Maybe bleaching hair or something.  My mind is THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT DRINKING BLEACH AND I DON'T LIKE IT.  DRINKING BLEACH, I MEAN.  I'M OKAY WITH THE TITLE.  BUT I WOULDN'T DRINK BLEACH MYSELF NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING NIRVANA MAKES IT SEEM.
     I dunno.  I get a sense of multiple meanings in the title at once, but the most prominent thing is Drinking Bleach.  Go figure.  Anyway, if I WAS going to drink bleach, what's the best flavor?  Gotta imagine there's Mint Flavored Bleach.  Probably an Orange Bleach.  I know we're not supposed to drink it but I assume there are flavors just in case.  Didn't Trump tell us to drink bleach.  No he said to INJECT bleach.  Give him SOME credit!  Better LTURQ.  It's all a blur at this point.  Yeah.  It happened!  Great, just great.  The good news is after the next paragraph I'm gonna take a solid shower.  Nice respectable shower.  Pretty quick and economical but not entirely rushed or anything.  It's gonna be good I feel comfortable with that prediction.
     Yeah!  Hey you got pepperjack cheese, the best of cheeses?  Gimme some of that on chicken sandwich.  Got some Buffalo Sauce, do ya?!?  I'll have some of THAT.  It's gonna be fun is the point.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Am I supposed to watch #BoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtime as if the characters are Real People or TV People.  Some of them are based on real people.  Some of them are loosely based on real people.  Some of them are false people.  But any of the three, do I give them credit for being REAL or credit for being TV people.  For example, if there are real people who are BAD people, they're bad!  That's all there is to it!  If there's TV people who are BAD people, they have redeeming qualities.  That's the fun of being a TV person!  You can't judge 'em completely because presumably they have redeeming qualities, we should look for the best in them and whatnot.  YEAH!  TV PEOPLE ARE THE BEST.  REAL PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE.  I'll be back in a little bit. 




Now We're Back To Nothing

    Hey what's up!  Back with lunch.  We're talking a STEAK Burrito Bowl from The Chipotles.  They didn't skimp on the spiciness with this one!  Too spicy even!  I don't care if that makes me less of a man in your eyes.  I like Some Spice but that's where I draw the line!  No more than Some Spice.  If anything I think that makes me more of a man in that I stand by my convictions.  Which is that to the lay person, what spicy is, I'm okay with that to an 90% degree.  Once we start talkin' about Spice Lovers Spice COUNT ME OUT.  Look I got nothin against Spice Lovers.  I envy them!  They seem like the got it all figured out and the world at their feet.  It ain't me that's all I'm sayin'!
     Cool.  Enjoying The Automatic People Album from The REM.  More than the albums I tried from R.E.M. 5 weeks ago.  Maybe its just a more palatable album to me!  Maybe I'm just more in the mood for REEM these days.  Not all the answers are possessed by me!  Anyway Subway says the sandwiches I'm thinking about are in the low to mid 300's in calories.  Let's put them down as high 300's and call that An Estimation.  Anyway.  My favorite part of Steak Topping at The Chipotles is it's got a nice Chew to it.  Obviously you don't want a straight up Chewy Steak.  But SOME chew is a nice surprising good quality all things being equal.  Maybe you do what a chewy steak, what do I know.  Seems like something DOGS would be on board with.  And dogs know best!  That's the assumption I've been operating under.
     Yeah!  Now I need an album waiting in the wings for after REM album.  How about the next REM album in chronological order.  It's so obvious it just might work!  I'm pretty, "Into," getting a bag of Sun Chips with Sandwich.  So much so that I'm wondering why I haven't been getting Sun Chips from Super Market Delivery orders now.  Maybe they don't have it!  I better LTURQ.  Nope they sell 'em!  I guess I just plumb forgot about them!  Anyway.  Said I was 1/3rd skeptical of CDC loosening guideline restrictions re: Covid, then became 2/3rd skeptical because of parents skepticism, then I talked to my brother, and now I'm back down to 1/3rd skeptical.  He wasn't skeptical!  And either him and my parents cancel each other out OR my brother's opinion is SLIGHTLY MORE VALID in this specific case.
     Cool.  He's skeptical of other things.  I think we all are!  Skepticism is the main emotion we feel As A People!  Wonderful.  DUMB SPICY FOOD STILL SPICIN' UP MY MOUTH.  Not only did I suffer Eating It but now I'm paying the price in perpetuity!  Unpleasant for the immediate near future!  We're talking it could be HALVES OF HOURS before this sensation goes away completely!  Better forego the Pepperjack Cheese from Subway.  That would only exacerbate the situation!  I'm not that sensitive to spice c'mon give me some credit.  I can handle some Pepperjack Cheese assuming they have it.  I can handle some Pepperjack Cheese even if they don't have it!  Whether I get it tonight or not has no bearing on whether I can handle it in general!  Great just great.  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-4:32 P.M.




Sunday, May 16, 2021

That'll Do For Now

    Hello friends.  Gonna write an entry today, probably 3 Acts, but it'll be, "disjointed," in its composition.  My brother'll be here in 20 minutes and I gotta play The Entertainer.  Hmm I feel like I could play The Entertainer on my guitar.  I feel like I've gone through ONE OR TWO periods of time where I would do that when I was noodling around over periods of weeks or months.  Not the entire thing!  Maybe just part of it.  This is good stuff lets keep it going.  When I was in African American Literature Or Something Class we were broken off into groups to talk about something, and Teacher came around, and I must have mentioned The Entertainer because out of now where he CHALLENGES ME to do the tune to The Entertainer.  He thought I didn't know!  I HUMMED IT and he was STUNNED.  Round One, Michael.  Actually this was one of the last sessions of the class.  Round Thirty One, Michael  Now the total score is 27-4 Teacher.  Presumably I caught up a little bit over the last 2 weeks of the class.  But still was crushed overall.
     Wonderful.  Ragtime don't get the credit it deserves!  Also one must imagine it had a pretty big influence on Future Music, but no one talks about THAT.  They talk about BLUES or SOUL or FOLK or COUNTRY as precursors to rock.  No love for RAGTIME.  Ragtime got Mad Riffs what's your problem.  Anyway.  How about these 100 piece Orchestras am I right.  I say, you can't convey a meaningful sound with TWENTY pieces you're kinda hopeless.  100 isn't gonna save ya.  Also what exactly can you accomplish with 100 pieces that you can't with 20.  IT'S LOUDER THAT'S WHAT IT ACCOMPLISHES.  We have loudness enhancing technology now!  We don't need it anymore!  Seems kinda dumb.  You don't see Rock bands with 12 drummers playing the same beat.  Ya know why?  Seems kinda dumb!
     Then again most things seem kinda dumb.  You show me a thing that isn't kinda dumb and I'll show you a thing not of this universe dimension.  Hey great we're exchanging things to show each other.  What else ya got.  Am I supposed to wear Mask with brother in house.  Gotta imagine someone'll tell me what to do.  I can't figure out what to do by myself.  I need someone else to blame if I make wrong decisions.  That's the best reason there is for not doing your own thing.  You'd have no one to blame when things inevitably go wrong!  THINK!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Had delicious Crab Meat Stuffed Filet Of Sole for dinner last night.  Half a portionsworth!  Which is a much more appropriate Portionsworth if we're being honest with each other.  I'm being honest with you.  Why aren't you being honest with me?  Doesn't seem fair.
Yeah!  Started listening to The Kinks: The Lola Album In Album Title And Certain Track Title.  It's good!  It may be a concept album but it's no Rock Opera.  I've had enough of Rock Operas in my life time!  Well maybe a dozen more.  Gotta imagine there's no more than a dozen Rock Operas I really have to listen to.  If there are I'll re-assess that situation as it develops!  Also, 100 piece orchestras not withstanding, can we agree Opera is the worst music of all time?  DUMB.  Just dumb!  I'd elaborate, but, ya know.  I can't think of how to.  Get off my back about it, etc.  Also I don't know anything about opera but these Rock Operas don't seem a lot of like Operas.  I GET IT.  They're long stories told in music.  Opera.  But MUSICALLY it doesn't sound like opera.  And this is MUSIC ISN'T IT.  Thus not a rock opera.  I don't believe myself in this line of logic at all.  Rock Operas are solidly accurate in calling themselves Rock Operas.  WHY AM I ARGUING OTHERWISE.  It makes no sense!
     Cool.  Gonna take a break after this paragraph.  That's not so bad!  An entire Act of Substantial Proportions before my Brother even got here!  Whatta day I'm working on.  Real productive and whatnot.  That sort of thing.  Anyway I'm down to My Last Shirt today.  Isn't that a phrase or something.  LMLTURQ after talking about My Last Shirt.  No laundry done after this shirt.  I dunno what to do tomorrow! Wear Unclean shirt, sure, that's what I'm gonna do, but I'm not happy about it.  Anyway.  Last shirt.  Isn't the phrase like this is my last shirt on the fence.  Better LTURQ.  No.  There's nothing like that.  Absolutely nothing even close.  I dunno I think internet is wrong.  I'm down to my last shirt on the fence.  It means something to me! 
    Eh I'll fit in a sixth paragraph.  It's what the people are used to and why would I deprive the people of what they're used to!  It'd be a real Dick Move on my part.  Dick Move.  Fascinating.  Maybe have some of the Cooled Coffee today.  Not iced!  There's no ice at all!  When you get iced coffee from Store its actually in ice.  This way is just Cooled.  I'm not happy about it but thems the breaks.  I'm assuming there's no ice in the Carafe of coffee I have in the fridge.  Safe assumption I think.  Even if I'm wrong, pretty safe!  No one is going to cause harm to me or my family if this assumption that there's no ice in Coffee Carafe turns out to be inaccurate.  I wouldn't think so at least.  Anyway great I'm gonna take a break now!





Its Not Now Anymore

    Hello friends.  It's been a few hours since Act I!  I had my entertaining duties to attend to!  My brother is still here but I'M DONE.  My parents can entertain him for the rest of however long he wishes to stay!  I got things to do!  Like this!  Eat lunch in an hour or two or something.  Maybe take a shower!  That might be too rude.  We have a visitor and I'm going to be FEET AWAY IN MY NAKEDNESS???  Doesn't sound appropriate for Mixed Company.  This isn't mixed company.  Same Sex as me AND we're brothers.  Still though it's crossing a line!  Maybe cause I can do it but he can't.  He sees I'm taking a shower he's gonna wanna take one, too!  I guess he CAN.  I'm not gonna be the one that stops him, I'll tell ya that!
     Cool.  I feel its possible there were 6 months or a year where I would bathe with my brother.  I had to be old enough that I would Float In The Bath.  Kinda rings a bell is the point.  Oh well those days are over.  Besides didn't really like it in the first place.  This is MY BATH.  Get The Hell Out!  You're using up my bathwater!  Also presumably Mom or Dad was supervising when this happened.  This is MY special time with Mom or Dad as Bath Supervisor.  You're getting in the way!  You know that sort of thing.  Maybe that's why we stopped.  Either him or me Just Had Enough and made our feelings known.  As likely as any other reason I suppose.  More likely!  More likely than I dunno 70% of other reasons.  I dunno Last Shirt On The Fence, still pretty sure that means something.  SONG.  In a town where I lost my last shirt on the fence.  That's a lyric.  I know it is!  GOOGLE IS NOT DOING ITS JOB with this.
     What the Hell am I thinking of.  E-mail your answers to mankindguy at gmail dot com.  REAL E-MAIL THIS TIME.  Real E-mail needs Real Answers!  NEW PORNOGRAPHERS.  SAVE ME SPANISH TECHNO.  Now lets see what the REAL lyrics are.  "In a town where I lost every shirt on the fence."  Well that's not funny.  I was confident I was getting the lyrics WAY off. I'm one word off.  Dangit.  The point is It Came To Me and I feel that's something I can be proud of.  Cracked that code and everything.  Also, good song!  I could easily say it was one of my top dozen favorite songs for a sold 6, 12 months of my life!  Fascinating.  Still don't know what it means to lose Every Shirt On The Fence.  I'm guessing its a Barbed Wire thing.  You're climbing above a Barbed Wire fence and the Barbs get ALL YOUR SHIRTS so by the time you're down you've lost your shirts.  Also if you're losing EVERY shirt on the fence, you have Also Lost Your LAST Shirt on the fence.  It's the last shirt of Every Shirt You Have.  Also lost on fence!
     Cool.  I don't have a New Pornographers t-shirt.  Seems like a pretty big oversight.  I don't need Band T Shirts anymore.  WHAT AM I 18?!?!  I'm no kid anymore.  I need t-shirts that are SERIOUS and about IMPORTANT things.  Anyway what else is going on.  I like the New Pornographers and I'm pretty interesting in giving the original The Pornographers a try.  If this is what the New version sounds like imagine The Original!  YEP.  Took up several sentences Did That!  100% mission accomplished there!  My story of bathing with brother qualifies as New Pornography.  Hey whatever floats your boat!  Also I'm old enough to float!  Also I don't think I had rubber ducky, maybe some sort of rubber DINGY?  I feel like there was some sort of Bath Toy I had but I might just be thinking about Bubbles.  Bubbles are entertaining, not a toy, but that might be where my memory of Fun In Bath comes from.
     Jeez.  Were my parents so hard up for water that we had to bathe at same time.  What's the reason for that!  Were they too lazy or something to do Bathing Exercise Twice.  I wanna know their motive and I wanna know it Yesterday!  I feel like when you're a toddler taking a bath you can KIND OF swim in it???  I have a memory of feeling like I could swim a little bit during bathing.  The science seems to check out.  I can imagine the size of a toddler and I can imagine the size of my personal bathtub and ya know what?  You can do some swimming!  From left to right.  Up and down.  Swim underwater a bit, why not!  Man oh man is that a luxury.  Swimming Pool Baths.  I don't mean bathing in a swimming pool.  No chlorine or anything.  I just mean a bath that's maybe 8, 10x as big as normal.    Nothing too crazy!  Just Crazy Enough, though!
     Wonderful.  Or you can go to a Community Swimming pool and wash yourself with soap.  Make a big production out of it, make sure people are watching you.  Put some shampoo in your hair.  Just to see what happens!  I bet people mostly leave you alone.  What are they gonna do.  Say STOP DON'T DO THAT.  They're gonna give you a wide berth.  They don't want anything to do with Someone Cleansing Themselves in Community Swimming Pool.  Stay as far away as possible, that's their prerogative!  Anyway gonna take a shower when this paragraph is over.  I've earned it!  I've lived the entire day and whatnot.  Besides what kind of example would I be setting for my brother if I'm Not Taking Showers?  What kind of message am I sending with that?  Bad Message, that's who!  I'll be back. 





Wait It's Now Again

    Yeah!  Took a shower.  Watched some #BroadwalkingEmpireSummerSpringtime.  Eating lunch and writing Act III!  Also was I a Tiny Toddler?  Sure!  Maybe you couldn't swim in bath as a toddler, but just imagine someone whose only 96% as big as you when you were a toddler.  THEN you'll see what I'm talking about.  Anyway we're talkin Bison Burger with Onion &/V Mushrooms and some Sweet Potatoe Fries.  It's healthy because of vegetables.  And bison!  For some reason Bison is healthier than Beef.  What was GOD'S PLAN with that.  Huh.  Evolution?  What's that.  Either way, though, What was EVOLUTION'S PLAN with that.  Gotta imagine it's good for animals to not provide sustenance to predators.  It makes it more likely predators would want to kill them!  THEN AGAIN it also makes it more likely Predators have a vested interest in keeping this species alive and kicking.  If cows were going extinct, we'd SAVE cows so we can keep eating them.  So even though we are Predating Cows, the act of Predating HELPS THEM in the long run.  Fascinating.
Cool!  Looks like today's entry is gonna get done pretty closely as to other entries.  Fascinating!  I've got one more #BroadsWalksEmpiresSummerSpringtime for today.  Gonna take another walk either DIRECTLY when this entry is over or INDIRECTLY some time after DIRECTLY this entry is over.  Reached my limit of The Kinks albums!  It appears they have 40 more albums after the one I listened to last but most of that isn't required reading.  So time to move on with my lives completely!  THE WHO?  I've heard all these songs on next album.  Time to move on with ALL OF OUR lives from that.  Ran out of Aimee Mann albums!  I'M RUNNING OUT OF LIVES TO MOVE ON WITH.  Hmm.  Gonna have to think about this one.  I need an album ready for 2nd half of upcoming walk!  Oh I Know FALLOUT BOY.  I dunno if that's a joke.  It's certainly not to be taken seriously.  That much is clear.
     I'll listen to some FALLOUT BOY at some point when I get to it appropriately 14 years from now.  Hey only 2 more paragraphs left of entry!  Got a delicious dinner coming to me in roughly Oh I Don't Know four and a half hours.  I EARNED it.  By BEING ALIVE.  And the nutrients provided to me as such would keep me alive AT LEAST another 12, 16 hours extra than if I hadn't absorbed said nutrients.  If you're allowed to eat food and not drink anything, I imagine you can survive that way, right? There's water in food.  You're drinking water by eating.  I dunno if its A LOT of water, but you're gettin in some of your vital H20 is the point I'm trying to make.  I feel like lemme LTURQ.  Looks like most likely I'm Dumb and this nonsense is way off.  Yeah I probably should have guessed as much.
     Last paragraph!  The human body is 80% water.  I think that means that you can survive with 80% less water.  Hmm.  Dunno about.  Means hardly anything.  A lot of nonsense means Almost Something.  Not that!  Pretty much nothin!  It's pretty notable how dumb it is all things considered!  Oh, right.  Next album to listen to.  What's a good contemporary of The Who and The Kinks that I haven't listened to at all.  Better LTURQ.  Pink Floyd?  TOO SCARY.  I can stand several Pink Floyd songs on their own, but together?  FRIGHTENING.  What THE HELL is GOING ON WITH THIS STUFF.  Too creepy for me is the point I'm trying to make.  What else.  I dunno if I want a hard rock album at all.  I dunno.  I'll think about it and I'll get back to you on this tomorrow.  See ya later!

-4:44 P.M.





Saturday, May 15, 2021

How Many Hands Am I Holding Up

    You know, like that phrase!!  That's very similar to what I just said!  I think you get it lets move on with our lives.  It's when someone has faced trauma and their friend holds up a certain amount of fingers and asked their friend how many fingers am I holding up to determine if they're current cognitive ability is able to withstand the apparent shock they've been under and can relay back to their friend how many fingers.  Also, what's the standard amount of fingers we're supposed to hold up.  I'm GUESSING normally between 1 and 4.  You can't be holding up two hands that's way too complicated.  And you can't be holding up NONE or ALL your 1 hand's fingers.  Seems like a trick question in those cases.  I say standard should be either 2, 3, or 4.  Then again if THEY know that's the standard its a lot easier for them to guess which one it is and thus this whole exercise is useless now.
    Wonderful.  Woke up an hour early today!  Then fell back asleep!  Then woke up an hour late today.  It all works out for the best because my OCD can just reason ok every single thing is just pushed back an hour.  Except for how my Walkings are influenced by when I need to put in order for dinner.  I can eat dinner whenever I want but I need to be here at around 6:00 to put in order and stay here for an hour or so to accept order.  ALSO I've been having 4:00 PM Lunches and 9:00 PM Dinners.  I CAN'T PUSH THAT AN HOUR BACK WHAT ARE YOU INSANE.  Somehow gotta stick with those times.  I don't like it either but that's life I guess.  Is it life?  I'm GUESSING it is.  Certainly not Death.  Not as far as I know.  I guess it could be.  PROBABLY not Death is all I can say as of this moment.
Anyway.  Have I mentioned I'm 75% through Tommy and so far I haven't been scared out of my whits!  I'm CONFUSED as to why this is supposed to be great.  I KIND OF like it.  It's not a negative impression.  And I REALLY LIKE not feeling scared &/V that my family is threatened.  I dunno.  Whatever!  I'm sure the movie is scarier.  I hear they got THE WHO to provide the soundtrack to it!  Wow whatta get!  Hmm I have a The Pete Townsend Documentary Book otherwise known as Memoir.  I'm 2/3rds into that sucker.  Then gave up!  I can get back into that if only Reading was a Worthy Endeavor.  The minute that that Reading becomes a Worthy Endeavor I'm all over finishing that book, believe you me.  I mean, you, you-- Believe ME.  I've said that before.  I'll say it again!
     Anyway.  The mets were on the verge of winning an 8 game winning streak like I was Hoping Against Hope they would.  Then they lost!  Turns out all that Hoping Against Hope was for nothing!  Also Hoping Against Hope sounds like Hope Canceling Itself Out.  You hope something, then you hope AGAINST THAT HOPE?  Make up your mind re: Hoping because it sounds like you don't know what you wanna hope for as of now.  Get it together!  Anyway if I finish this entry as quickly as I've written the first More Than Half Of It and then take a walk immediately after I can get my Behindness to HALF an hour.  That's nothin!  30 Minutes.  I crunched the numbers and everything.  I was thinking about how CO2 is destroying the atmosphere and planet and flora and fauna and I Was like ya know what I bet its not great that We Are Breathing A Lot More Carbon Dioxide than we're used to.  Kinda feels like we're gonna suffocate to death or something.  I don't have all the details because I am not a scientist As Of Now.  I'd rather breathe less CO2 though all things considered not Much More!  Patented Hot Take.
    Wonderful line of thought to share with people.
  I'm not a scientist BUT IF I WAS I WOULD GUESS THIS CERTAIN THING...  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  At what level does someone become a scientist.  Its not like being a doctor.  There's no official title or degree or commendation where you Officially Become A scientist.  I've taken plenty of science classes in high school and college and pre-high school!  Most of which I've passed!  Does that make me a scientist?  NO but MAYBE IT SHOULD.  Some of this information I've absorbed.  Absorbed way more than 25% of the population has.  I feel like if we're in the top 70% of knowing science We're ALL Scientists.  Except for the bottom 30% of people who know science.  THEY'RE DUMB but WE'RE Scientists.
     Great!  Another day with hot coffee and not cold coffee otherwise known as iced coffee.  I dunno it seems like there should be a cold coffee between iced and hot.  Slightly colder than room temperature but not cold enough that ice is involved in the equation.  Nope I don't see it.  That's not a good idea.  Maybe next time.  What do I listen to after Tommy.  I dunno what's the next The Who Album.  WHOSE NEXT?!?! THAT'S THEIR BEST ALBUM WITH PLENTY O' HITS.  It's about time!  I feel like I've listened to this album in sequential order a dozen times in my life.  Certainly listened to HALF or MOST of the songs a dozen or more times.  Either way I dunno maybe that disqualifies it from being part of my Listening Schedule Enterprise.  I'm gonna have to think about that one.  Maybe next Aimee Mann album for now.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!






This Almost Means Something

    Hey!  I finished TOMMY: The I Wanna Say ALBUM?  Listened to a few of my own songs to pad out The Walk.  This way next walk I'm starting fresh!  With Why It's Only Aimee Mann.  Most likely!  Hey I told you the good news about Light Blue Berry Tootsie Pops but I don't think I've shared that I got TROPICAL FLAVOR Gum!  We're talkin I get a real ORANGE sense.  Maybe not Straight Up Orange but some sort of Orange-eqsue Fruit Flavor.  Clementine or something.  TANGERINE.  Maybe some sort of grape fruit that has been left out for too long.  Also it's not JUST orange.  It's all kinds of citrus!  But primarily orange!  Anyway DELICIOUS.  I'll chew this all day if I have to!  I probably won't have to!  Thank God!  That wouldn't be a great life, chewing gum all day.  Anyway I was flossing TOO HARD yesterday.  After flossing I felt one tooth was out of place a bit.  Kinda loose &/or to the side of where it usually has been in my gums.  That's what ya get for taking care of yourself.  I'll Never Floss Again!
    I guess.
  Flossing is fun.  Lets get in there see whats going on.  Gonna get FREEDOM FRIES as my potatoe side for tonight's dinner.  Because not only am I having a 2 part dinner but I will be getting some sort of BISON BURGER.  And I can have some fries with that this way.  Not too many!  Whatever I'm comfortable with!  This is good stuff lets keep it goin'.  I saw Israel purposely bombed a  Newspaper Office.  Gotta wonder if that'll pay off in the long run.  Anyway I'm ANTI WAR and PRO PEACE.  And Israel STRONGLY SEEMS like the aggressor based on five half-tweets I've read over the last few days.  Wherever I'm being exposed to tweets, the tweets cut off halfway, but if these 5 different tweets are to be believed, and they ARE ALL CONSISTENT WITH EACH OTHER, not good stuff going on and its Israel Aggressing!  In general I don't wanna know but in specific STOP KILLING &/V TERRORIZING PEOPLE WHAT ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?  DON'T DO IT!  EASY.  EASY.
That settles that ONCE AND FOR ALL.  Uh oh I hope it didn't Settle Itself on an area bordering with Israel or arguably part of Israel I guess.  ISRAEL ISN'T GONNA LIKE THAT ONE BIT.  That may or may not be an accurate representation or interpretation of Situation.  I feel like it's a solid 50% that it's accurate to some extent.  Anyway.  JUST FUCKING LIVE NEXT TO EACH OTHER.  WHAT THE HELL IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT.  IT'S EASY.  EASY.  I get it.  It's I DON'T WANNA LIVE NEXT TO THEM I WANNA LIVE WHERE THEY'RE LIVING.  Figure it out!  Live in alternating buildings, I dunno!  IT'S NOT JUST LIVING IN A PLACE IT'S HAVING AUTONOMY FOR YOURSELF.  Fine!  Two states, and you live in alternating buildings.  Easy!  EASY.  The point is hey great lets move on with our lives.  A solid majority of us can move on with our lives while Israel and Palestine are going on.  Probably not gonna effect me personally!  Whatta blessing.
Great, just great.  At this point I pretty much caught up to My Schedule.  Maybe behind 20 minutes but for where I'm at now that's negligible.  These are the days of my lives.  Also YES Palestine is the victim in this case BASED ON TWEETS.  It's not a Both Sides thing right now.  THERE ARE HALF A DOZEN HALF TWEETS TO BACK THIS UP.  Also lets be honest, these, "Half Tweets," are probably more accurately described as, "2/3rds Tweets."  I get the sense I'm getting the majority of the tweets from This Twitter Exposure that pops up on my phone somehow for some reason.  Let's be honest about it!  I'm getting the bulk of the tweet!  Also I feel like the beginning of tweets are more important than the end.  You don't know how far into your tweet people are gonna read.  People don't have the attention span for 140 characters!  Gotta lead off with the main parts to be safe and smart about it.  YEAH.
What else is going on and crap.  I'm already halfway through my Root Beer supply for the week.  What the Hell is up with that?!!?  I gotta get things under control STAT.  Stat means immediately.  Presumably For Some Reason.  Better LTURQ. In LATIN (a language from years ago), "Statim," means INSTANTLY or IMMEDIATELY.  And Doctors speak in Latin for some reason no one is really sure about.  Seems kind of counterintuitive.  I NEED THIS DONE STAT.  And then the person supposed to help them has to think Hmm what does Stat mean again.  Some weird other language.  Gonna have to consult my Rosetta Stone about this one... and in the meantime the Patient AND/OR DOCTOR dies.  The point is Doctors desperately need to sound important.  If they say I Need this done IMMEDIATELY they'll sound undignified and no one would respect them or their medical assessments or opinions.  That's just logic!
     Cool!  Probably gonna take a bath &/V shower before next walk.  I got the time to do it!  I got the MOTIVE for doing it (cleansing myself of filth).  I got the MEANS to do it (Showerbath).  The point is what else is going on.  Damn I still haven't requested my absentee ballot for NYC MAYOR ELECTION: PRIMARY EDITION.  Hmm.  At this point I can probably vote in person.  It's in ROUGHLY A MONTH LMLTURQ.  JUNE 22.  2021.  ALSO presumably if I vote absentee no sticker but if I vote in person GOOD CHANCE I GOT A STICKER COMIN' TO ME.  I'll have to think about that one.  Whatever.  What's my voting preferences anyway.  MORALES, STRINGER, WILEY, YANG, ETC off the top of my head.  In Descendents Order.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!




Here Let Me Show You

    Hello & Whatnot friends.  Got delicious lunch of Super Market Fresh Meal of Chicken Curry going on right now.  Nice appropriately sized meal for how hungry I am!  Maybe about 65, 75% as big as your Standard Sized Meal All Things Considered.  Saw an old man with a Yarmulke on during my walk.  Obviously this is Israel TRYING TO INTIMIDATE ME.  I will not be silenced!  It's not like I see people with Yarmulkes on every day!  I know the score!  Anyway hey the entry is almost over.  Then its time to enjoy he 2nd half the day.  Kick back, relax.  Take another walk.  Kick back and relax again!  Take another walk!  Also the walks are relaxing, too!  It's All Relaxation in my life!
     Sometimes walks aren't relaxing they're STIMULATING.  And some times kicking back in house is STIMULATING NOT RELAXING.  The point is Stimulation is a needed complimentarian to Relaxation.  No complaints about Stimulation if we consider there's more than enough Relaxation!  Was watching one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacres with R Lee Ermey.  I realized R Lee Ermey is usually misused!  He's always Fun & A Half but most of the time he detracts from the film!  In Full Metal Jacket I GET why they have R Lee Ermey being R Lee Ermey-- because that's when R Lee Ermey started in the first place and was in totally appropriate DRAMATIC content.  Then he became the comic relief!  Which is okay in Horror COMEDIES (The Frighteners) but while FUN in Regular Horrors it make the films LESS SERIOUS.  The point is He's Dead Now. O Oh well what can ya do.  Look up how to spell his name.  That's Something You Can Do.  I'll do it first! LMLTURQ!  I've been spelling it right!  Beat Ya To It!
Cool!  I think every single film in the world is a Black Comedy.  Or a Dark Comedy.  I forget which one means which.  This film, like every other film ever, is FUNNY because IT'S NOT REAL.  NONE OF THIS IS REAL.  PITCH BLACK COMEDY.  What about documentaries.  IT'S FUNNY because IT'S ALL REAL.  ALL OF THIS IS REAL.  PITCH BLACK COMEDY.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I need to Floss My Tooth back into place.  Only solution to any problem is repeat what caused the problem.  Doing something twice Cancels Itself Out.  That's just Pitch Black Logic.  Hmm got some Frosted Wheated Cereal I can have a few pieces of that as a Small Lunch Dessert.  I can do lots of things.  This is just one example of HUNDREDS of things I can do in my immediate future STAT.
     Most of those things are very unlikely.  Oh well what can ya do.  Had 2 Tea Biscuits instead.  That's what I'm Gonna Do in the immediate past.  The Mets lost AGAIN today.  They're 0-2 in the past 24 hours!  I may not be a great baseball player but I've NEVER lost an MLB game.  And now they've lost TWO?  ...I'm being told they've lost thousands of games even BEFORE yesterday.  Not impressed!  Almost makes ya wanna go back in time and make the 1962 Queens World Fair not take place so that the Mets are never invented in the first place!  The good news is the entry is over!  The good news is I'll be back tomorrow!  Those are The Good News.  See ya.

-4:31 P.M.



Friday, May 14, 2021

Where Is Everyone Going

    Hello friends.  What's new in the wide world of sports.  Have they played sports Outside of World.  I can kind of picture Moonmen playing Golf On Moon but that might be a Satire Parody picture.  I'm gonna say 78% chance it's real.  Better LTURQ.  YEP THEY DID IT.  Gotta imagine they play all sorts of sports on International Space Station.  Air hockey, for one.  THAT'S THE ONE SPORT THEY CAN'T PLAY ON MOON.  If they had air my guess is they'd place more of a priority on Breathing Air than setting up Air Hockey.  Could be wrong!  Solid 78% chance I'm right that Astronaut Moonmen would rather live than play air hockey.  Also when they played golf on moon did they set up their own hole or were they just like hmm holes all over the place here, one is as good as another, just gonna try to sink this into any random hole.  Also I'm assuming they weren't keeping score.  It's just a scam!  They hit a ball once or twice and called it golf!  How INSULTING to golf.  That ain't golf that's NOTHIN'.
Anyway.  That's like me standing on a pitchers mound and going I'M PLAYING BASEBALL.  Sounds about right.  If I wasn't playing baseball what the Hell business do I have standing on a pitchers mound.  Anyway.  Accepted Super Market Delivery order this morning.  One new thing is I got a Carafe Or So of Iced Coffee.  I'll drink that, sure!  I'm pot committed at this point!  If I don't drink it that would reflect poorly on my character and be a complete waste of a solid 5 or so dollars.  Anyway.  Cycling through The Who The Kinks and The Aimee Mann's Discographies these days.  Good stuff!  The Kinks keep doing concept albums and I keep liking them.  UH-OH I'm up to The Who Concept Albums and I'm TERRIFIED.  The TOMMY SOUNDTRACK?  For some reason that SCARES me.  Maybe it's because It's frightening to imagine being blind deaf and dumb.  I know he can play Mean Pinball but he doesn't even know it!  What a useless and horrifying and terrible condition this guy is in!  Scary.
     Anyway.  Blind deaf and dumb.  So what CAN he do.  Feel smell and taste.  Off the top of my head those are the things he can do.  Maybe he's too DUMB to feel smell or taste.  Then why specify he's blind and deaf?  If he's too dumb to feel smell or taste, presumably that level of Dumbness would also make him not able to see or hear.  So we would not have to explicitly state it!  I forget if there's any internal logic to this paragraph.  That happens sometimes.  Anyway.  Pretty sure I have Tommy on DVD.  Pretty sure I've never watched it.  The good news is what else is going on.  They unexpectedly changed guidelines for mask wearing and whatnot.  I'M SKEPTICAL.  Seems kind of ODD.  What am I skeptical of exactly.  That it happened?  IT HAPPENED.  All the news reporting on it surely means it happened.  I am skeptical that IT'S RIGHT.  No I'm not.  My parents are.  That bleeds into my consciousness.  Without my parents I'd be maybe 1/3rd skeptical and WITH THEM I'm maybe 2/3rds skeptical.  LOTS OF SKEPTICISM re: This Happening.
     What else is going on and crap.  2/3rds into  1st @TheBroadWalksEmpireSummerSpringtime of the day.  Boy oh boy I can't wait to figure out what to watch today That Isn't This.  So many choices.  Hmm.  I'll keep myself updated on this situation as it progresses.  Anyway!  One .45 Steak Dinner meal, one Chickened Pot Pie meal for today.  In that order?  I'll Never Tell!  That's a lie.  I'll tell as soon as I know for sure.  When I'm having lunch.  I'll tell all over the place with no qualms about telling at all.  Apparently Boardwalk Empire is based on a true story.  There IS a place called Atlantic City and it WAS around in the 1920's!  Also the 1920's EXISTED.  I assume.  They say it's BASED on a true story but there's liberties they took.  There being a 1920's could easily have been one of them liberties!  How come none of these characters are just NORMAL.  Everyone in this show has somethin weird going on.
     Cool!  Everyone in every show has somethin weird going on.  It's called character traits and its how we distinguish one character from another.  Hmm that checks out pretty well upon further introspection.  Drinking regular coffee today.  My mom asked me to make coffee for her!  Might as well make coffee for me!  Also hot coffee is just what I want today!  Get off my back about it!  Anyway I DID end up cutting off a 1/10thpiece of Steak last night for Future Snack.  Big ol' steak they gave me!  Off the top of my head I'm guessing a 16 ozer!  Next most likely is a 14 ozer.  Then the next next most likely is anywhere between 12 and 22 ounces.  Then the next next next most likely is Anything Else.  Then the next next next next most likely is This Is The Matrix and I am Joe Pantiogonlo and There Is No Steak.
     I dunno, this being the Matrix MIGHT be more likely than the steak being under 12 oz &/V over 22 oz.  I'll have to look into that one, crunch some numbers and whatnot.  Kinda weird that Joe Pantoliono isn't in #BroadWlkEmpiresSummerSpringime.  Pretty big oversight!  He was in SOPRANOS.  He was in TALES FROM THE CRYPT.  He PRESUMABLY was in ARLI$$ I'VE NEVER SEEN IT.  Hmm am I supposed to watch Arli$$.  Outside of seeing it on TV Guide Channel in the mid to late 90's, I have never heard or read or seen a single thing about Arli$$ in my life.  For the best I suppose!  Anyway.  I feel like I'm taking a HUGE leap of faith every time I get spam e-mail then go to their website to tell them to unsubscribe me.  I am just encouraging them by engaging with them.  They're just gonna spend me more spam!  But I've been trying it lately.  Hard to tell if it works.  So many spam in the first place, I wouldn't notice if it starts decreasing a little bit.  Over time it may make a difference, it may not!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.




I Can See That

    Hey!  Back with another act.  I think act means Too Many words!  How do I know if we're talking about a Portion Of Play or if you're commanding me to perform in said Portion Of Play.  We don't, that's who!  Anyway strongly leaning towards having 45% of a steak + 50% of carrots + 50% of Bakes Potatoe for lunch.  It's healthy because of the carrots mainly.  How did they ever deduce that carrots are good for eyesight.  I'm guessing no one ever ate a plate of carrots and then went out Looking Around and was like ...WAIT A MINUTE... SOMETHING'S DIFFERENT.  SOMETHING'S BETTER... SIGHTWISE.  The point is carrots improving vision can Easily be a lie from Big Carrot and it wouldn't surprise me at all.  If carrots are so good for vision why does Bugs Bunny wear eyeglasses.  Gotcha there!
     Anyway.  Delicious coffee right now.  Finished some delicious snapple.  Gonna replace that with delicious orange juicewater very soon.  Hey I just did that.  Why put off to 5 minutes from now what we can do 5 seconds from n.. actually Now It's Just Now.  What else is going on.  I'll give you a booster shot of MY JOHNSON & JOHNSON!!!  For some reason I have to penises in this scenario.  Frankly I'm surprised penises is even a word.  I can't imagine a good scenario where you need to refer to multiple penises.  Except in pornography.  Happens all the time there!  Like I said no GOOD scenario.  Pornography isn't CHRISTIAN.  Per my understanding.  Isn't that Mr. Smith's non-corrupted friend in The Matrix.  Mr. Johnson.  Better LTURQ.  Checks out a little bit.  There is an Agent Johnson in weird offshoots of The Matrix.  Video games or comic books or something.  They got plenty of agents I guess!  Only a matter of time till they reach Agent Johnson.
     What else is going on and crap.  The Matrix franchise is all well and good, but Matrices in math per my understanding and recollection are DIFFICULT and CONFUSING and I think we'd all be a lot happier if we did away with them completely.  Presumably have no PRACTICAL use.  Get rid of 'em!  I cannot tell you a single thing about matrices.  If you asked me What Are Matrices I'd say I have no idea.  If you asked me what calculating Matrices is like I'd say I have no idea.  If you asked me Look I'm getting the sense you know nothing about matrices, I've asked all I need to ask, you can go on your way now I'd say THANK GOD LET ME GET HOME TO MY WIFE AND CHILDREN.  In this scenario I have a wife and children.  And a Home!  Sweet deal!  That's matrices for ya!
     Cool.  One thing I'm pretty sure of is Doing Matrices = Graphing Calculator.  Lets move on with our lives!  Back in my day we had a huge clunky graphing calculator.  Now presumably it's as LIGHT AS A TABLET.  Kids today, got it so easy.  Is it possible we can convince kids that Graphing Calculator is a Video Game?  My guess is nope they'd see right through that.  What else is Wide World Of Sports.  I dunno now that I think about it, I'd calculate some graphs.  Do some Algebra (&/or Calculus?) equation at random and see it graphed.  Sounds like fun.  I bet my Dad probably has a spare Graphing Calculator somewhere.  This could be my New Best Hobby!  Hmm how about graphing like x - 2 = 3y.  Maybe google can do that.  LMLTURQ.  HOLY SHOT DESMOS.COM/CALCULATOR.  Totally free!  Anyway x - 2 = 3y looks like a straight line!  I can do better than that!  I say I can figure out a CURVED Line!  Ok lays say x + y = -z.  You can't have a, "Z."  Online Graphing Calculator JUST PUT ME IN MY PLACE!  Makes sense.  There's an x and y axis.  No z axis.  I was HOPING there'd be a Hidden or Theoretical Z axis.  No such luck!
     I'll get back to that later!  I got Entry to write!  I wonder if this website can do Matrices for me Whatever They Are and for Whatever Reason I Have To Do Matrices For Some Reason.  Lets move on with our lives.  Tomorrow is FINALLY Armed Forces Day.  So much better than Unarmed Forces Day.  Pretty sure that Armed Forces Day is a brainchild of the Military Industrial Complex.  Heavy on The Industrial Complex!  You know LOCKHEED.  You know... uh... Hmm.  Anyway it's a scam.  "Let's celebrate Weapons of War!"  I'm onto them!  Yes, Military Industry IS complex.  That's a valid and widely accepted point!  You know that sort of thing!  Anyway jeez what else is going on.  Still wearing masks for now Even Outside.  I don't make the rules but I play by the rules.  Someone's rules.  There's conflicting rules so obviously I'm playing by someone's rules, all the potential rules have been staked out before me.  The point is the rules I follow are heavily influenced by my Parents Who I Live With.
     Fascinating!  No reason we shouldn't have 3D XYZ Graphs?  Lemme LTURQ.  YEP it's a thing.  If I was smarter I'd figure out what that's all about.  But I'm not smarter.  I am exactly as smart as I Am!  Cracked that code.  Whatta do for my immediate future.  Same stuff I always do for my Immediate Futures.  My immediate future is very VERY similar to my immediate pasts.  Anyway is there a place, maybe craigslist, where I can get someone to do my Matrices for me?  Ugh.  Isn't there a new The Matrix coming out?  Sounds good.  A solid 33% of The Matrix Movies SO Far have been High Quality Movies!  That's a track record of success you can take to the bank!  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.




No More Titles After This One

    Hello friends!  Back with Final Act of the day. Making progress with Aimee Mann's #I'mWithStupidAlbumToRemember.  The album is called I'm With Stupid.  There's a song called You're With Stupid Now.  I feel personally attacked assuming she's the one with stupid.  I'm the only other person here!  That makes me stupid!  NOT A FAN OF SLANDER.  That's not true.  Slander is usually fun!  NOT WHEN ITS AGAINST ME IT ISN'T.  Anyway I'm having #.45SteakToRemember.  In her other first album, she has a song where she talks about 50 years after NY Worlds Fair.  An I was like hmm SOUNDS LIKE 2012 TO ME.  Then I was listening to her LATEST album (from 199...6?) and the thought came to me out of nowhere-- SOUNDS MORE LIKE 2014 TO ME!  Then I looked it up WHILE WALKING because I JUST COULDN'T WAIT and it turns out I was right!  The 2nd time.  Worlds fair was #1964WorldsFairToRemember.  I'm With Stupid Was from 1995.  I feel very strongly about this.
     Cool!  I'm gonna have some GREAT meals this weekend.  Planning on getting Chipotle for both weekend lunches to remember.  Probably gonna get Diner Food for Dinner tomorrow and I'll get Why It's Only A Seafood Parade for the two Weekend Dinners.  Wow!  Now we're talking GREAT WEEKEND.  Anyway.  Got a nice piece of Steak Snack.  We're talkin a nice hearty big-for-a-snack but ya get a lot out of it!  A lot for a snack but you gotta spend calories to make calories!  Anyway they Invented The Mets for the 1964 Worlds Fair per my understanding.  Hmm 1/3rd of this Steak Snack is Fat.  And that's a lot of fat!  I told you this Steak Snack is really big!  1/3rd is thusly really big FOR A 1/3RD.  Lotta fat.  That raises all sorts of questions.  Do I just not eat the fat?  Well that's ONE question at least.  Actually, it's two!  Do I just NOT eat the fat?  Do I EAT THE FAT?  See Two Questions Thank You See Ya Later.
     Hey it's 2 seconds later!  This is half fat.  I'm just gonna finish it and not eat the fat.  There goes my Steak Snack To Remember.  I'm gonna be honest having a Steak Snack To Remember felt a little silly from the start.  Eat your steak!  We're bending the rules making it into two meals already!  See it all worked out for the best.  The good news is I'm drinking root beer.  That's a once in a full moon occasion?  So what's that like once a month.  That's not that rare.  Oh.  Once in a blue moon occasion?  What the Hell is a blue moon?  That sounds wrong.  I looked it up.  Not too sure what it is still.  I GET that it occurs roughly once ever 2.5 years.  Internet was clear about that.  Not sure WHAT IT IS though.  It involves moons, though, of this we can be certain.  I'm not 100% certain with that.  The point is what else is going on.
     Last paragraph!  I assume when Man Landed On The Moon it was during a Full Moon so they had more space to work with.  Showing up on a half moon, it's twice as hard to find somewhere to land!  Great, just great.  Have there been any CHILDREN astronauts.  Presumably we should send up children to space for scientific reasons.  I dunno what else is going on.  See the effects on the aging process.  See if kids have the mental fortitude to survive long space journeys.  See if astronauts can juggle their Space Responsibilities AND raising a child.  Gotta test people before we start sending families to Mars for Permanent. 
Anyway that's about it for today.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

-4:19 P.M.




Thursday, May 13, 2021

Better Than Nothing

    Hello friends.  Back with another fun filled day!  I enjoy my days!  Nice structure and routine.  Nice being healthy.  Nice Counting Numbers In My Head.  And the rest.  The good no GREAT news is that I wore no kind of jacket today during Walk.  Sweatshirt jacket?  Nope.  Slightly lighter sweatshirt jacket?  Nope.  Shirt?  Yep.  Is it illegal to go outside without a shirt on.  Is that public nudity.  My guess is probably not but I don't see other people doing it so it must be a grey area in the law.  Otherwise everyone would do it!  A lot more convenient.  Why waste your money buying shirts and waste your time wearing shirts.  A big hassle nobody needs.  Shirt Hides My Chub.  That's a fair point.  VERY fair.
Never wore shirt at neighborhood Swimming Pool.  More walking To and From Neighborhood Swimming Pool.  That's the exception that proves the rule.  I enjoy that phrase for comedic purposes but it makes absolutely no sense.  There's this rule, and then there's this exception.  The exception VERIFIES THE RULE IT CONTRADICTS?  WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.  STILL THOUGH, IT MAKES ME LAUGH FOR SOME REASON.  PROBABLY BECAUSE I DON'T GET IT.  OOP BEEN HOLDING DOWN THE SHIFT KEY SORRY.  Is that even a phrase.  Maybe I'm mixing things up.  Better LTURQ.  I looked it up and Wikipedia was like actually there's some dispute there's FIVE WAYS the phrase has been used... What the hell.  FIVE?  I don't have time to read FIVE things.  I barely have time to read THREE things.
     Cool!  This entry been a SNOOZE.  GREAT I LOVE SNOOZE.  It means I will be getting more sleep which I apparently desperately want &/V need.  Anyway maybe 3 #TheBroadwalksEmpireSummerSpringtime is a bit too low.  I don't know what to do with the rest of my day!  Four isn't so bad.  Besides whose gonna judge me you?  I guess.  It doesn't effect me, though!  You can judge all you want till your hearts' content and as long as I Don't Explicitly Know that you're judging me it doesn't effect me at all!  Maybe a bit!  I might IMPLICITLY Know you're judging me.  I can assume you're judging me RIGHT NOW for instance, reading this sentence and shaking your head in despair.  Which DOES effect me.  But you actually doing that or not will never reach me.  But I assume you are.  Either way send me whether you're shaking your head in despair right now to ssomefakeemail@crazyshet.org.
Anyway what else.  Maybe I should move to crazysheet.org.  Is this website more of an organization or a network?  Certainly not a commercial.  Crazysheet The Commercial was already registered when I bought this current domain.  That's life I guess!  Also for the .us and .uk type stuff do you really NEED to be from the country and our kingdom the website implies.  Or is it basically just a Style Consideration.  What are they gonna do check your passport when you're registering a website.  Better LTURQ.  Internet says you need to be from America for a .us domain.  I think there's WAYS TO WORK AROUND THAT THOUGH.  On the DARK WEB all they do is plan and plot ways for non Americans to get .us domains.  We may not want it that way!  But that's life I Guess!
     Also how dark is the dark web.  Am I really gonna be like HOLY SHIT THIS IS A WHOLE OTHER INTERNET THAN I RECOGNIZE AT ALL.  I don't wanna know!  Don't get my involved in the dark web.  Once you're in you can't get out!  Also seems VERY SCARY.  Anyway what else is going on.  Listened to another The Whom album.  I'll listen to another one after this one!  I enjoy them I guess.  And that's even in this phase we're they're mostly just generic Beatleseqsuebands but with a few real high quality songs.  They haven't even DEVELOPED into being THE GREATEST ROCK BAND IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD if we're not counting I dunno one or two other dozen bands.  That's still very good.  Top 12-24 rock bands of all time history of the world?  I think that's pretty good!  Nothing to shake your head in despair about over there.  Sure they could be higher than that get off my back about it is the point.
  The Whom is EASILY exactly #5 greatest rock bands of all time if we're doing your STANDARD CLASSICAL OBVIOUS rankings.  The point is lets move on with our lives!  Hey here's a think em-up a solid 80% chance I said roughly 5 years ago-- end lyric of National Anthem is Home of The Brave.  They sing National Anthem at Major League Baseball Games!  Including home games for the Atlanta Braves.  So when they sing Home of the Brave at Atlanta baseball game the crowd goes THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT US RIGHT HERE!  Amazing.  AMAZING!  Somehow that's the main bulk of an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH?  It's terrible AND it's been done before 85% chance.  Hey ya win some ya lose some.  I dunno.  Gotta imagine just by Fluke Chance there's been a couple of people throughout history who either Won ALL or LOST All.  They probably found their experiences winning &/or losing (OR NOT as the case may be) to be interesting.  I KEEP LOSING MY ENTIRE LIFE WHAT THE HELL is what one of their running thoughts might be.  I'll be back in a bit.





How Do I Do It

    I don't get why The Star Spangled Banner is the National Anthem.  I can think of PLENTY of America Songs that are better.  It's not even GOOD.  Most songs are at least better than silence.  This song is MUCH WORSE THAN SILENCE.  It's plenty of words we don't know, a complicated melody, way too long...  JUST LIKE AMERICA.  Well that checks out I guess.  SPANGLED isn't a word BANNER MEANS NOTHING in this context.  STARS I get.  They mean STATE in Flag Talk.  BANNER might be Flag.  In which case this is a Flag Anthem.  Who cares.  God Bless America. Simple.  Easy.  What other America songs are there.  Paul Simon America.  Gonna google, "TOP AMERICA SONGS."  THESE ARE ALL ROCK &/OR POP SONGS FROM THE PAST FIFTY YEARS.  I want potential national anthem songs.  Paul Simon JUST FITS IN BEYOND 50 YEARS in 1969 THAT'S WHY HE'S PART OF THE LIST.  Better LTURQ.  I don't know why 1969 was in my mind for that.  1965.  Also THIS IS IN JEST I Don't want Paul Simon to be National Anthem at all either!
     What else is going on and crap.  Listened to the majority of The Who Sells Out Or Something I Don't Have All The Details.  More songs I can enjoy!  I don't get what I'm supposed to get out of it.  I'm not particularly appreciating it.  But there is a sense of Enjoyment there!  And this is just generic 1960's rock n roll songs so far for the most part.  Soon it becomes THE WHOM WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE AND RANK EIGHTH OR TENTH OF ALL TIME ROCK BANDS!!!  More Deluxe Tracks every album.  There's more Deluxe Tracks than Regular Tracks!  I don't like it!  And as far as I know these aren't THE WHOM Sanctioned &/or Conceived Deluxe Tracks Added Decades Later.  Studio probably just tacked these on and were like well people like songs, presumably people would like more songs, we'd sell more copies with more songs, THEN IT'S SETTLED Let's Add Some More Songs.
Maybe The Whom was involved.  What do I know!  I know 70% of stuff but this is in the 30% I don't know.  Anyway, jeez, what else is going on and crap.  Put in order for Delivery Tonight.  We're talkin I'm getting same thing as last time.  A twomealsworth of Steak Dinner and a Chickened Pot Pie!  You don't mess with success.  Unless you want even MORE success.  You may be succeeding, but if you think by messing with it you may succeed to a higher level and a greater extent, you MAY want to CONSIDER messing with success.  Depends on your personal calculations and whatnot!  Take it on a case by case basis!  Anyway.  Watching some Horror Movies over and over again.  It's fun!  I like the Wheelchair Teenager in original Texas Massacre Re: Chainsaws.  Never really paid attention to form an opinion one way or another on him the past times I've watched this movie.  This time I REALLY FEEL FOR HIM.  It's either because he's a great actor or because HE'S IN A WHEELCHAIR PROP.  You put an actor in a wheelchair MISSION ACCOMPLISHED they have my sympathy.  I really BELIEVE he's sitting down in a wheelchair.  YOU DID IT!
Anyway.  Looks like I'm settling into a routine of having delicious decadent steak 2 out of Fourteen Main Meals a week.  Is that too indulgent?  I dunno!  Is seems more indulgent than having a steak 1 out of 14 meals... but its the same amount... over 2... it's actually LESS indulgent.  Or EQUALLY indulgent.  I think you can make a case for Less Indulgent!  GREAT PUT THE CASE TOGETHER FOR ME AND MEET ME BACK HERE THREE WEEKS FROM NOW.  We're going to have A Trial About It!  Huh.  Where am I.  What's going on.  Not a lot of Chainsaw Massacres in real life.  Not to our knowledge.  Better LTURQ.  Google ARE THERE REALLY CHAINSAW MASSACRES?  Doesn't look like it.  I mean I guess that's a good thing.  The less chainsaw massacres the better!  Let's go with that.
     What else is going on and crap.  Unless they were a chainsaw massacre which only massacres other chainsaw massacres.  Let's go with that.  Does Francis Scott Key get royalties from every baseball game.  Is there really a person named Francis Scott Key.  And if so, did he write the Star Spangled Banner.  Better LTURQ before going any further with this thought!  Yep he exists and He Did What I Say He Did.  The point is the Key Estate should be RAKING IN THE DOE but I'm pretty sure there's a law where it's like after 100 years no more copyright.  Better LTURQ before going any further with this thought!  HMM google says copyright for music is generally 70 Years after Writer Dies.  So unless Francis Scott Key lived to be 200 years old (Better LTURQ before going any further with this though!  NOPE HE'S BEEN DEAD) it's public domain.  The point is who cares I forget. 
     Wonderful.  Have I given any more thought to getting a Bass Guitar.  I dunno better LTURQ before I go any further with this thought.  Oh, right.  Nope.  In fact I haven't thought of it at all until directly after I just proposed that thought to myself.  Presumably the guy who invented baseball gets royalties every time Baseball Occurs.  Presumably he's 300 years old.  Ya know about how old as A SINGLE BASEBALL GAME TAKES!  These baseball games take forever, don't they.  Just go on and on!  Nobody is happy with how long baseball games take!  I think that's the premise Baseball People have been fretting about but I never felt that way.  I like baseball!  If it takes three hours and 10 minutes instead of three hours that's ten more minutes I'm enjoying baseball!  It evens out is the point!  Probably doesn't.  They'd have deduced that if that were the case.  The point is they're adding Deluxe Tracks to The Who to make it longer because if people like The Who they like MORE The Who.  Except for me.  I explicitly don't like the bonus tracks.  So it turns out the point is the MLB should get rid of the Bonus 10 minutes of MLB games.  Easy.  EASY! 





What Else Is Up

    I got a delicious and nutritious lunch of 2 Some More Pop Tarts!  Why haven't I thought of this for a lunch before.  Delicious and nutritious, just like I said.  Low in calories compared to a regular lunch.  Sounds nutritious to me!  Anyway apparently CDC relaxed some mask wearing guidelines and I broached subject of getting Delicious Subway Sandwiches for lunch by entering the building and it looks like that's in the cards!  I got a we'll see from my Mom but I'm CONFIDENT that Yes We WILL See In a positive fashion for what I'd like To Be Sawn.  Did I toaster my Some Mores Pop Tarts?  Thought about it!  Was even leaning towards doing it at a point!  Didn't!  Decided to play it safe.  Untoastered.  FASCINATING.
Also I Was thinking about this Steak Delivery and based on last time the portion was so big that it was too much for 2 mealsworth!  I did eat it in 2 mealsworth but I wasn't happy about it!  So the point is if it's that big again I'll chop off 10% to eat as a snack.  Now we're talking getting 2 meals PLUS A SNACK out of it?  Not indulgent at all!  Totally reasonable all things considered.  Anyway finished The Who Sold Out.  Started in on AIMEE MANN: THE DEBUT ALBUM.  I dunno What The Hell I'm Supposed To Get Out Of It or How To Appreciate It If I Even AM SUPPOSED TO Appreciate It.  I'll figure it out eventually.  Over time.  But like The Whom I am still ENJOYING it.  Hmm enjoying it.  IF ONLY I COULD FIGURE OUT WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF IT.  Yes I'm enjoying it BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF IT!!  That sort of thing.  I figure if I repeat the same sentence 4 times with Slightly Different Words the meaning of what I'm saying will become clear.  Practice makes perfect.
     Cool!  A third into The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II: The One With Dennis Hopper.  Okay movie!  I got no complaints!  I'm sure I could think of complaints if I was pressed!  Off the top of my head though seems pretty good, consistent with when I saw it the 2-4 times I've seen it before!  Anyway.  I should have put more thought into what kind of Potatoe Side I'm getting with steak.  Or if its even a Potatoe Side at all, or some sort of thing that's similar to a kind of potatoe side but is not potatoe at all.  Said it Twice, now it's clear!  Anyway went with Baked Potatoe off the top of my head and it very well may be to turn out to be the right decision but I didn't THINK about it at all.  Seems like a pretty big oversight!
     Cool!  I am NOT looking forward to taking walks without masks.  Now everyone will see the kind of a face I'm making!  I've become totally reliant on wearing a mask to cover up my SMILE or FROWN or CONFUSED FACE.  Lots of Confused Face.  Now they all know I'm confused!  Which makes me EVEN MORE CONFUSED.  Oh well such is life and crap.  Hey the entry is just about over.  Maybe some #TheBroadWalksEmpireSummerSpringtime immediately after the entry.  I can't wait for TONIGHT when I finish The 2nd Texas Chainsaw Massacre Of All Time.  Spooky movie gotta wait until the lights are out outside, otherwise known as the sun setting, to really get in the spirit of things.  Anyway great I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:12 P.M.





Wednesday, May 12, 2021

You Know What That Means

    Hey!  Weight Scale Assessment Update!  It no longer says I've lost 3 pounds in 5 days.  Now it says half a pound in 6 days!  It's NOT AS GOOD because I'd like to weigh less but it's BETTER because I trust my scale more.  Gotta have trust in any relationship!  Also I Still Don't Trust My Scale.  Now the other way.  I feel I should have lost a pound and a half in the last six days.  I can't BACK IT UP with research and information.  It's just a FEELING.  Scale must be LYING to me if its saying otherwise.  Anyway I've made a PACT with myself to stop checking #JoeBidenApprovalRatesToRemember and that might correspond with stop checking my weight.  Too Many Numbers, that's my life in a nutshell!  Gotta get more WORDS and LETTERS for my life to be all about.  Maybe SYMBOLS such as, "@," or, "&."  In fact lets go with that over words and letters.  Take away Numbers, add directly to Symbols, and keep Words and Letters about the same.
     Anyway.  Listening to most recent album of The Robyn Hitchcocks.  Good stuff!  I like the part where it sounds like music-- good music!  That's what I'm getting out of it.  I feel for this guy I'm NOT appreciating it BUT I am getting what I'm supposed to get out of it in a positive way.  Go figure!  Anyway my #BrotherToRemember may be coming To House [Our House (My House)] on Sunday.  I love visitors.  Except for aliens.  Sometimes people call aliens, "Visitors."  Actually I take it back.  If we're calling Aliens VISITORS that implies GOOD STUFF about them coming.  Visiting means they're not waging war on us-- a big plus!  Visiting means that they have no intention of staying-- Great!  Don't become a burden on us we've got enough people living here as it is.  If we're having aliens, Visitors is the best we can get!  ALSO it implies our planet is worth visiting.  Alright!  I knew our planet had some sort of redeeming cultural or geographical beauty or some such value.  I didn't Know It.  BUT I DO NOW!
What else is going on and crap.  There's probably SOME tourism to, to borrow a phrase, shithole places.  (But I mean REAL SHIT HOLES not just any place white people aren't.  Ya know places where there's GARBAGE STACKED HIGH AS THE EYE CAN SEE and ABANDONED TRUCKS AT RANDOM PLACES and POLLUTED PONDS THAT ARE YELLOW &/V BROWN... that's what I'M imagining)  You're visiting some foreign place, 90% of the time you wanna take in goodness.  I GUESS there's some people who are like ya know what lets go to the shittiest places possible and just take it all in.  Not a lot of catering to that environment in Tourism Commercials but there's gotta be SOME people like that.  I SURE HOPE ALIENS AREN'T HERE ON SAFARI.  That'd be a net negative for u... wait a second that doesn't mean they're hunting humans.  Maybe aliens are here on safari hunting Oh I Don't Know lobsters.  And they don't eat lobsters they just like Safaraing them.  Give the lobsters to us.  GREAT CUTS OUT THE MIDDLE MEN.  They're contributing to our economy and it's All Net Profit!  Wonderful.  Does, "Safari," specifically mean Hunting Animals.  Better LTURQ.  Very good chance it doesn't!  SAFARI just means, "Going up close on wildlife."  Gotta imagine the main point to get up close to wildlife is to kill them.  That's Just LOGIC.  Anyway I still hope aliens aren't here on safari!  Feels kinda demeaning to be reduced to An Animal To Get Up Close To.  Oh well what can ya do.  They're aliens, they can do whatever they want!  I dunno what if aliens are just really Dumb And Stupid.  Easy to outwit and outfight.  That'd be a net positive for us suddenly we're intergalactic heroes.
I forget what I was talking about.  My brother is coming on Oh I Don't Know SUNDAY.  How do we know if when We're On Safari... it's not the, "WILD," animals who are on Safari With Us??!  Oh I know how.  It doesn't make sense.  Makes no sense!  Can't be accurate.  That settles that.  ABANDONED TRUCKS?? WHAT THE HELL KIND OF DYSTOPIA IS THIS?!?!  The shitholes I'm imagining aren't even good enough to be called a Dystopia.  They're no TOPIA of any kind at all!  That's how I feel about things.  WHOSE GONNA CLEAN UP THESE TRUCKS.  THESE TRUCKS HAVE BEEN SITTING THERE FOR SEVEN YEARS.  Also I'm gonna be honest a brown or yellow pond... still kinda nice!  Ponds are nice.  You've got a pond going in your community you're probably doing pretty good for yourselves as a community.  I'd take a Brown &/V Yellow pond over No Pond At All.  Go figure.
What else is going on and crap.  Three episodes of #TheBoardwalkEmpiresSummerSpringtime for today?  Sounds perfect!  IN FACT maybe watch 3 episodes EVERY DAY.  Until I run out.  4 a day?  WHAT WAS I THINKING.  THAT'S INSANE.  Three a day, that's the sweet spot!  Sure 3 doesn't go evenly into 56 but I CAN MAKE ADJUSTMENTS.  There's CORNERS I CAN CUT.  One day can be Not 3 Days.  That's all it takes.  ONE DAY DIFFERENT.  I can live with that, live with it Real Good.  FRANCISCO LINDOR IS HEATING UP.  He stole a base and everything!  And it PAID OFF.  The next guy hit a single and HE SCORED whereas he wouldn't have before!  Also no telling whether the next guy would have hit a single if he hadn't stolen the base.  Domino theory!  Everything after the stolen base is different than what would have happened without the stolen base.  Either way HE STOLE THAT THERE BASE AND GOT KNOCKED HOME.  Knock knock.  Whose there. WHY IT'S ONLY AN RBI SINGLE FOR DOMINIC SMITH.
Cool.  Last paragraph of Act I!  I don't believe it!  Maybe I should buy a BASS guitar.  Pluck them strings.  Why bother my regular guitar already HAS plenty of strings some of them tuned lower than others.  I make a good point, but counterpoint-- bass guitar is different.  Presumably notes are an octave lower or something?  That sounds completely plausible.  LMLTURQ.  "It's notes are about an octave lower than regular guitar."  So says INTERNET.  I nailed it!  I hope I can HEAR the notes.  They could be so low I can't register them at all!  In which case man I BLEW this potential hundreds of dollars I spent on imaginary future bass guitar.  If only I can go back in time to The Present and not buy the bass guitar in the first place.  Hey I can.  HERE I AM.  I DID IT!  I forget what I was supposed to do, though.  I got way too excited that I successfully traveled in time to The Present.  I'll be back!




I Bet

    Hello friends.  I'm back!  I told you that would happen.  I've got a GREAT track record of Telling The Truth based on this one piece of evidence.  I'm batting ONE FOR ONE in terms of telling truths.  Anyway started listening to The Who: The Band.  Gonna go through it in chronological order!  We're talkin started off with My Generation (That's Them Talking, Not Me, Also This Isn't Part of The Title Either, It's Just Me).  I like it jus fine.  The Kids Are Alright?  That sounds MORE than alright to me.  Sounds Pretty Good!  Pretty Good being BETTER THAN Alright in this specific situation).  Listened to the Descendents in descending order.  No I didn't.  Listened to Built To Spill in Spilling order.  That's somehow completely accurate. 
     Gonna have cold pizza for lunch today.  Better than alternatives.  Cold is better than microwaved.  Cold is better than ovened.  Besides I will have Part II of Veal Parmigiana for dinner which will be microwaved. S o I will get SOME HOT out of today's meals.  Also iTunes Apple Music offered me both Stereo My Generation and Mono My Generation.  At first I clicked on Mono because you know my feelings about hearing vocals in only one ear.  Then after 5 seconds I was like YA KNOW WHAT?  THE WHO PUT A LOT OF THOUGHT AND EFFORT INTO THIS.  WHO AM I TO DISAGREE.  And I put on Stereo.  And luckily they played it pretty safe with it.  Some instrumental &/V vocal Tracks are louder in one ear than other, but not at least they're not COMPLETELY in one ear and not the other.  I can LIVE with this.  I have NO CHOICE.
     Whatever.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Mets are on verge of winning their seventh straight game!  That's right-- All Things Being Equal-- they have a ONE IN TWO CHANCE of having an eight game winning streak!  Presuming that if they have more than an eight game winning streak, we're still accurately calling it an Eight Game Winning Streak.  It's still an eight game winning streak if they win 11 games in a row.  In fact there's three or so 8 game winning streaks WITHIN an 11 game winning streak.  WOW THREE 8 GAME WINNING STREAKS!?!  THAT SOUNDS LIKE A 24 GAME WINNING STREAK IF I'M DECIDING NOT TO FOLLOW MY OWN CONVOLUTED INTERNAL LOGIC.  Sounds like a fun decision to make!  See you in HELL, Convoluted Internal Logic!!
     Cool.  What else is going on and crap.  We're talking I got the pizza with GARLIC again.  Nice chopped CLOVES of garlic presumably.  Not just sprinkled on garlic shred bits.  Also got crushed red pepper on the side presumably!  I asked for it!  Forget if I noticed it in the box or not!  Solid chance its there!  Crushed Red Pepper counts as a vegetable, right?  Suddenly I'm performing a Great Health Experience.  Spicy is good for Health Diet.  They say that for some reason.  I think PART OF IT is that spicy food fills you up or something?  So you're gonna eat less if you eat spicy food.  Presumably it increases your metabolism.  Body gotta spend lots of energy Cooling Down The Parts Of Your Body Heated Up By Spicy Food.  That's gonna take, what, 1000, 1200 calories per Spice?  This does not qualify as convoluted internal logic because it is neither logic NOR CONVOLUTED.  Kinda internal, I guess.  Not really.  It's here on website.  That's External.
Whatever.  What else is going on and whatnot.  Man just imagining a pick up truck abandoned on the road or maybe in some grass in a field or overlooking a pond.  I feel bad for the imaginary people who have to live with that!  Also that they're imaginary!  Don't even exist!  That's the worst thing that could happen to a person, more or less.  It turning out they don't exist.  Sounds about right.  I know PERSONALLY if I found out I didn't exist, that's certainly up there in terms of bad things that could happen to me.  Anyway gonna take some sort of Cleansing Activity either bath &/v shower when this act is over.  Take a walk.  Come back with lunch and Act III!
     In the meantime I have to write one more paragraph for some reason no one is really sure of.  The Mets officially won their baseball game of today.  As far as I know.  I know Pretty Well Far.  It's over.  They won!  That's all there is to it.  Also get a load of this, they finally have a positive RUN DIFFERENTIAL.  They're 5 games over .500, but if you take all their SCORED RUNS in the season and minus their SCORED RUNS GIVEN UP it's POSITIVE NOW.  Meaning they're SCORING JUST BARELY SLIGHTLY MORE RUNS THAN THEY'RE GIVING UP.  That's how I measure how great a team is.  Except for how the playoffs are decided the other way.  I guess no one cares how I measure how great a team is.  Has very little impact on how the game is reported on or played or analyzed.  Go figure.  I'll be back soon!




That Makes A Lot Of Sense

    Hello again.  I'm, "Hello'ing," roughly three times an entry.  Actually, probably more!  I may not be EXPLICITLY, "Hello-ing," but I'm operating under a Greetings &/V Salutations Premise ALL THE TIME.  Anyway I am having pizza and they did indeed include crushed red pepper.  Delicious!  What else is going on.  Two #TheBroadwalksEmpireSummerSPringtime left for today.  Perfect.  Taking a The Who Break by listening to The Both: The Aimee Mann/Ted Leo Supergroup.  Also based on the firs two tracks I'm getting the sense that LEFT EAR is Ted Leo singing/instrumentaling and RIGHT EAR is Aimee Mann.  Vocals?  Definitely so far.  PRETTY sure I can tell the difference between them singing.  Instrumentaling?  MOST LIKELY I'm hearing Ted Leo guitar on left and Aimee Mann WHATEVER DAMN INSTRUMENT SHE WANTS on the right.  But this entire thing Could Be A Set Up.  They've got me right where they want me in terms of assuming what Aimee Mann and Ted Leo are doing musically individually.
     Great, just great.  Is there any guitar track in popular music where it's two people playing the same guitar.  Gotta be, right?  There's HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Popular Music songs with guitar.  Gotta be at least half a dozen where two people are playing the same guitar.  Sounds like a weird fun Freak Show act.  Oh that was that horror movie.  No spoilers but this happen in horror movie.  I won't even tell you which one!  Or how it happens!  When I say No Spoilers I MEAN NO SPOILERS.  Also, chance my Brother doesn't come visit on Weekend.  No spoilers!  That'd spoil my entry writing routine.  I'd have to PLAY HOST and ENTERTAIN my brother instead of writing entry.  It's for a good cause, though.  Entertaining my brother and being good host.  Neither of those things are necessary.  Wonderful.
     Cool!  I'm guessing the Ted Leo/Aimee Mann supergroup The Both is called The Both because It's Both Of Them.  Off the top of my head that seems to check out.  Also one of the two tracks I listened to turned out to be the theme music to the Ted Leo/Aimee Mann Supergroup Podcast.  If I'm remembering my podcast theme music correctly.  The Who The My Generation Album offered about 2 dozen bonus tracks.  I ain't listening to these bonus tracks.  I still have REGULAR, NON-BONUS The Who TRACKS TO LISTEN TO.  FINE I'LL LISTEN TO THE FIRST ONE BECAUSE IT'S A SONG I KNOW AND LIKE.  But that's where I draw the line.  Supergroup is a supergroup word.   Of the words, "Super," and, "Group."  Supergroup is not recognized as a word by Microsoft FrontPage 2000 but that's presumably because Ted Leo and Aimee Mann hadn't teamed up yet by then.
Cool.  Last paragraph most likely!  I can, "Dag," it.  I don't understand any of the characters in #TheBroadwalkEmpiresSummerSpringtime.  What are their motivations?  Who are they really?  I don't GET IT.  It makes sense though because I don't understand any of the characters in #RealLifeReailtySummerSpringtime.  Who the Hell are these people?  I don't get it!  Anyway just finished lunch.  Almost done with entry.  What's today.  Wednesday May 12th.  My 5/12th Birthday!  HOLY SHIT 5/12 is my 5/12 BIRTHDAY.  GET OUT OF THE WAY IT'S NUMBERS RUNNING AMUCK.  That's not running amuck.  Pretty standard and obvious when ya think about it!  I thought about it so you don't have to!  Suffice to say that's no big coincidence or interesting phenomenon.  Stuff like this happens all the time and no one cares!  Anyway great the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:29 P.M.




Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Oh I Get It

    Hello friends.  What a wonderful Hebrew Day it's been since last entry.  Finished entry late afternoon.  Jewish Days start at night.  Sounds like a Hebrew Day To Me.  Also, as in this case, using the word Hebrew instead of Jewish, 90% of the time comes off like a slur.  But I can say it because I'm a Hebrew.  (See, in that case, using the word, "Hebrew," comes off like a slur).  Go figure!  Anyway got some delicious coffee going for me right now.  Delicious Italian Food for tonight.  Is pizza really Italian food.  Sounds more like American Food.  I GET that its more Italian than other Immigrant Groups BY FAR but if we're ranking countries as proponents of Pizza I think America comes 1st in the world.  I'm not saying that's good or bad, it just is!  Sounds good to me.  Pizza is great.  Thusly America is great for Spreading Pizza across the globe.
     Anyway, whatever.  What country comes LAST in the world re: Pizza.  I dunno.  Antarctica.  Is that even a country.  Let's say it isn't.  Fine!  Arctic Circle!  Let's say that isn't, either.  FINE.  I dunno NORTH KOREA.  Yep that sounds pretty accurate.  I could have made a joke here but Nope North Korea is probably the Least Pizzacentric country in the world.  How about India.  Are they allowed to eat cheese.  Cheese come from cow or something.  Can't eat cow!  Cow is holy!  Better LTURQ.  Also BEFORE LOOKING IT UP India has lots of people, even lots of people who ain't Hindu.  Anyway lemme LTURQ Anyway.  Nah they're cool with cheese.  Wonderful.  India probably is in the top 10 countries of Eating Pizza.  Lots of Indians is the point I'm trying to make. 
     What else is going on.  Pizza is but one thing I'd be getting From Italian Restaurant Delivery.  Some sort of DINNER is the other thing.  A PLATTER perhaps.  Split that sucker into two meals and I'm riding high!  I don't get considering Cows the most sacred animals out there.  Cows are dumb!  Just LOOK at a cow.  Seems pretty stupid to me.  I don't get the appeal is the point!  Anyway what kind of music have I been listening to most recently Why It's Only Aimee Mann.  I'm enjoying it!  Plus there's HALF A DOZEN albums I can listen to.  That'll last me a long time.  1.5 Jewish Days!  Or Regular Days, exact same thing.  I'm using days as a MEASUREMENT of time, not as a way to PLACE time Historically.  I dunno.
     Do Jews really get home from work, eat dinner, the sun sets completely, and then they're like FINALLY A NEW DAY!!!  My guess is maybe that's what Jew Laws seem to imply.  It's weird, though!  AHH THE DAWNING OF A NEW DAY.  NOW LET'S GET TO BED.  I don't get it!  Dumb!  Also it's explicitly NOT the Dawning of a new day.  It's the Sun Setting of a new day.  Go figure.  Lots of nudity in #BoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtime.  PERIOD NUDITY.  I really get the sense looking at a pair of boobs that its like yep this is what boobs looked like in the 1920's.  FASCINATING.  Also boobs looked Great in the 1920's!  I have zero complaints on that at all!  Except for that I wish boobs looked like that in the 2020's!  Oh well you win some you lose some!  Dunno what to have for lunch today.  Right now I'm thinkin I got some 45 Calorie Sawdust Dogs in the fridge, might as well have like four of those with some chips for lunch.  Been a while since I had them sawdust dogs!  Presumably they get better with age.  That's how Sawdust works when it interacts with Dogs.  Huh.
What else is going on!  Scale continues to tell me every day that I lost 2-3 pounds in less than a week.  Fine!  AT this point I'll just go with what Scale Is Telling Me Now.  I have no other options!  The only other option I have is to ignore scale completely.  Which is impossible!  What else is going on!  It's pretty impressive that at even just a moderate rate of dieting, lets say losing a pound a week, that means every day you lose an entire ONE SEVENTH of a pound.  I can just imagine what Disgusting Fat Physically Looks Like in my body.  It looks gross in my mind's eye!  But the point is after but ONE JEWISH DAY an amount that's worth an entire SEVENTH OF A POUNDSWORTH is gone?  That's pretty impressive in my uninformed and wild imagination!  Go figure! 
     Anyway.  I could be losing muscle and not fat.  Probably 30% fat 70% muscle.  Oh well you gotta spend money to make money!  Maybe I'm losing bone.  Maybe I'm losing Organ Bits.  I don't have all the details!  Ideally it'd be Fat but ya never know with things like this.  Mets have won 5 games in a row!  All things being equal, there's a ONE IN EIGHTHSWORTH chance that they go on to have an EIGHT game winning streak.  I don't know WHY I had to say that.  It went on my mind for some reason.  I don't know WHY I had to think it.  No one forced me to.  It just happened!  Sorry!  Also Of Course Delicious Bagel is main alternative for lunch.  With other options as Bonus Alternatives.  Anyway I'll be back.




Now I Remember

    Hello friends & whatnot.  Back here with Act II!  I think.  Doesn't exactly FEEL like an Act II to me, but logically I'm very certain it is.  Hey, great.  Started listening to Something Else by The The Kinks!  I like it!  I thought I wouldn't like these albums that are concept albums and not albums of Individual Hits but ya know what I like these concept albums that aren't albums of Individual Hits JUST FINE.  100%, NO, 85%! Appreciating them.  Not getting what I'm supposed to get out of it but hey beggars can't be choosers.  Of course they can.  They are CHOOSING to beg.  They have a choice between Begging and Just Plain Dying.  Also we all know Beggars is a word and a fine way to describe someone.  CHOOSERS?  Outside of this phrase I've never heard a class of people described as Choosers.  Nor have I ever heard an individual person described as a Chooser.  What does it even mean?  NOTHING that's who!
    Great.  My Dad was taking a walk when I went to take my last walk and then I felt guilty during my walk and was like my Mom is HOME ALONE.  What if she gets into some shenanigans like the guy in that movie The Home Alones.  I mean, that's a Nonsense Statement, but what if she is in pain for one reason or another.  No one there to help her!  Oh well everything went okay.  As far as I know.  5 minutes ago she asked me to put her phone on the phone charger for her.  Now I'm worried what if she needed that done HALF AN HOUR AGO.  This phone went uncharged FOR MINUTES because of my selfishness!  Doesn't seem right.  Shellfishness.  Is that anything.
Only 56 episodes of #TheBoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtime in total.  I was picturing more like 70, 75!  Whatta, "Letdown!"  I'd be lucky if that lasts me 2 weeks.  Hmm.  2 weeks would be exactly 4 episodes a day on average.  I can do that if I play my cards right.  Also why wouldn't I play my cards right.  Easy!  Just make the right decision re: My Cards.  Half the time The Right Decision is pretty obvious.  What about the other half of the time.  Just don't get invested in the pot!  That sounds like Playing My Cards, too.  I'm making a play to stay out of the pot.  FINE ya got me!  Play your cards right 100% of the time!  Makes sense to me.  The moral of This Paragraph is make a conscious effort to watch 4 episodes a day.  I can do that.  More OCD counting things to keep my days moving?  AMAZING.  I'm already having fun with this re: counting walks and counting calories and counting WHEN to take walks and consume calories.  Now I can count #TheBoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtime's!  Life KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.
Fascinating.  Four episodes, lets face it, that's PERFECT anyway.  It's A LOT. I'm binging on this A LOT.  But it allows room for other stuff, too!  I'm GORGING Boardwalk Empires but still to SOME extent keeping my insatiable hunger for It's Not TV IT's HBO Style Content at bay, and doing other things, too!  Is there a way HBO can team up with Dijiorno for Commercial Advertisements.  IT'S NEITHER DELIVERY OR TV, IT'S HBO AND DIJIORNO.  Seems like you're killing two birds with one stone with that sort of thing.  Also, makes sense!  You're watching TV, you're gonna want some Pizza Delivered to go along with it, right?  WRONG.  What you REALLY WANT is to watch HBO and eat some NON DELIVERY IT'S DIJIORNO PIZZA.  That's what this potential Commercial Advertisement is to make clear.
Whatever.  I dunno.  I feel like there should be a class action lawsuit against HBO with the premise being It Actually IS TV.  And they have to pay 300 million dollars.  I guess that'd be divided between however many households subscribe to HBO.  Off the top of my head?  Probably somewhere between 10 and 40 million American households.  Better LTURQ.  In 2021 HBO hit 44 MILLION.  Man I was CLOSE with my high end estimate.  I must be some sort of genius or something.  Anyway.  300 Million over 40 million?  Sounds like about 8 dollars for each household!  THAT'S ENOUGH TO COVER HBO FOR ABOUT ONE MONTH.  BETTER LTURQ, TOO.  Looks like standard HBO is around 15 dollars a month.  So basically It Being TV As Well As Being HBO nets all us subscribers 2 weeks of HBO Free.  That sounds like a pretty fair compromise all things considered.  I don't know why this is an entire paragraph either.
Anyway.  What's 1/7th of a pound anyway.  In the low 2 Points.  2.29.  EVERY DAY I'M LOSING 2.3 OZ?  THAT'S INSANE.  What else is going on and crap.  Also I'm presumably losing more than that.  My diet is more significant than the one presented theoretically in this entry!  FASCINATING.  Dunno what to listen to after The The Kinks Album.  I've got a few ideas, don't you worry!  Actually I've got One Idea.  Well, two ideas.  One idea is A Specific Album I Have In Mind.  My only other idea is Something Else. ... UH OH THAT'S NO GOOD I JUST LISTENED TO THAT ONE.  HERE WE GO AGAIN.  Anyway gonna take a Break now.  I'll see ya soon!




Another Day Down

    Great!  Got Sawdust Dogs for lunch.  And ya know what?  Taste SLIGHTLY MORE like Hot Dogs than Saw Dust.  If you asked me whether I was eating a hot dog or some sawdust, ten times out of ten I'm saying Hot Dog!  Hmm if I'm watching 4 #TheBoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtime a day, backdated back to when I first started... how many do I have left for today.  THREE?  THAT'S TOO INDULGENT FOR TODAY.  I'm gonna have to think on this, how I wanna proceed with this stuff, but I don't think watching 3 more episodes today is the best course of action.  I MAY decide it is, but right now I think I'd rather figure out A Better Way.  Anyway.  Finished The The Kinks.  Moved onto ROBYN HITCHCOCK.  Otherwise known as the Band Guy from that movie about Rachel Getting Married I Forget What It Was Called.  Also known as the Band Guy whose album I listened to a decade ago for a few months!  Now I'm listening to other album!  Good stuff!
     HBO is making over A BILLION DOLLARS every 2 months and IT'S ALL PROFIT.  I can't think of a SINGLE expense they have.  Hmm.  Okay what else is going on.  Delicious Dinner in store for tonight.  Thinking about Veal Parmigiana.  with Spaghetti!  Last time I was thinking about it I was thinkin hmm I wanna pasta I can STAB like a Rigatoni.  Now I'm going the complete other way!  I wanna pasta I can SWIRL.  Main difference between classes of pastas.  Pastas you stab and pastas you swirl.  I can't think of another way to get pasta onto your fork.  SCOOP?  I guess you can scoop some pasta.  Maybe.  You'd have to be pretty good at scooping but it CAN be done.  I was thinking about using Hot Sauce for first time in two third of a year but then I DIDN'T.  What a great story.  I'll remember it forever.
Anyway.  Watch some #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime when entry is over.  I gotta wean myself off of the #TheBoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtime teat!  Was originally gonna say, "Tit."  I probably SHOULD have stuck with, "Tit."  But how often do you get a chance to say, "Teat?"  Hardly ever.  Can't pass that up.  Full disclosure I originally spelled Teat as Teet not just once by accident but repeatedly with intention.  Then I saw I was wrong!  Changed the spelling thusly.  But I felt bad about the whole thing so I decided to be 100% honest with youse.  ALSO if we're being 100% honest, Last Act I said something about 300/40 being about 8?  I ACTUALLY thought it was about 9.  Then it turned out to be 7.5.  And I was ASHAMED of my guess.  Changed my guess to 8.  I'll understand if you want me to Resign as Chief Operator & Among Other Things of Website.
    In the meantime though let's finish this entry.  I remember thinking the Robyn Hitchcock album I was listening to in 2008 was from the 1970's or something.  Then I found out years later it was from 2006.  Oh well what can ya do.  Again, another story I will remember for the rest of my life.  Well that appears to be accurate.  It IS a considerable amount of time later than when this story took place and I DO still remember it apparently.  Go figure!  Did I mention there's a completely New To Me tootsie pop flavor and it's BLUEBERRY?  It tastes good, it's a good idea, but the BEST part is the wrapping isn't just your regular ordinary blue but a REAL APPEALING nice LIGHT BLUE which really grabs the eye.  I look at this light blue lollipop wrapped up like that and I just go crazy.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:14 P.M.




Monday, May 10, 2021

This Means Nothing To Me

    Nothing means Something.  Go figure.  Anyway, hello friends.  Great news!  I forget what, but there's presumably some great news out there.  Depends on how new something has to be for it to be news.  For example Man First Walked On The Moon in 1969.  That was great news.  OR maybe that IS great news.  Relatively new all things being equal is the point.  Anyway, my Weight Scale is unreliable!  More than before!  I checked TWO DAYS IN A ROW and it CONSISTENTLY over 2 times had me as losing 3 or 4 pounds in less than a week from lat time It Was Reliable.  Maybe I did!  I dunno!  I kinda seem FATTER when I'm getting handsy with myself.  I think when I was More Overweight I figured out ways to block it out by looking at the mirror only in certain angles and not paying attention to the Chub all over my body.  Now I'm losing that skill and even though I've lost a bit, what's left is more apparent to me.  Ya win some ya lose some!  That's a phrase!  SORT OF applies here!  Not really!
     Listening to The Kinks Are Some Village Green People Or Something.  Ya know what?  I like it!  It being Monday, it's appropriate for me to listen to a concept album and thusly I am and thusly I'm enjoying it.  Anyway here's the Great Personal news-- I settled on a new TV show to bingewatch Why It's Only The Boardwalk Empires.  And even Greater than Great is that I'M GETTING A KICK OUT OF IT.  Following the plot better than the last time(s) I've watched it.  In the past I was like okay I get that these people are some sort of criminals, presumably with illegal alcohol.  I SORT OF get what the top half dozen characters are all about.  And they're just bouncing into each other for 5 seasons.  Now when I'm watching it I SEE HOW THE PLOT MOVES scene to scene, sequence to sequence, episode to episode.  I'm actually able to follow what's going on!  I don't believe it!
     Anyway.  1920's?  I LOVE IT!  It's the 2020's now.  The Boardwalk Empires never saw THAT development coming.  But the point is this'll last me a solid 1.5 Fortnights.  Can easily get a Doordash Delivery for lunch &/v dinner tonight.  I dunno what!  Hey how about some WHITE CASTLE.  Been a while since I had that.  Well, the food produced and served INSIDE a White Castle.  I didn't eat the White Castle itself.  It's a building!  Unless we're calling their burgers White Castles.  Which we're not but I think that would be a FUN and INTERESTING way to go about things.  It would ruin the logic of this paragraph, but all things being equal, I'm a big proponent of calling Burgers served in White Castle (currently called, "SLIDERS,"), "White Castles.  Better LTURQ.  Maybe it's been done here and there in times past.  Nope nothing on the internet about that.  What was I expecting to find.  Of course there's nothing with that.  I dunno I kinda feel in the 1950's they could have been calling them White Castles.  Still though the internet wasn't around for most of the 1950's yet so that wouldn't have shown up anyway.
     Cool.  I think we should call their French Fries White Castles, too.  The soda they serve on tap?  White Castles.  Everything is called White Castles.  That's the way to go!  From what I've read of Rankings, the next The Kinks album to listen to is Something Else.  Yes I know I need to listen to something else next, BUT WHAT.  Something else.  YES HELP ME NARROW IT DOWN.  Amazing.  Did man REALLY first walk on the moon in 1969.  I've heard conflicting reports.  Still up in the air whether it really happened.  Also Moon is Up In The Air.  Not really.  It's up BEYOND the air.  Even More Up Than Air!  Good For Moon.  Probably should just eat something in house for Meals today.  Already got 1 meal in house for today Why It's Only Part II of Freedom Toastcentric meal.  I've got good options for Other Meal!  No reason to commit myself to an entire Delivery Enterprise Experience!
     Cool.  Main negative thing about The Kinks Village Green Enterprise Experience is they have it so instrumental and vocal tracks are panned all the way to the left &/V right for every song.  Instrumental Panning I can live with.  Vocal?  I can't FOCUS on A Singing if its only in one ear!  Not loud enough!  Also my other ear isn't registering it AT ALL.  Don't like it!  Presumably someone should have corrected this for them in the editing process.  Seems like a pretty big oversight!  Also I don't get it in the first place!  If you're listening to it On Speaker, not in Earphones, you can't tell.  Why should Ear Phone People have a completely different experience enterprise than Non-earphone people.  You want CONSISTENCY.  You want UNIVERSALITY.  You're RUINING EVERYTHING with Panning!
     Jeez.  Had a delicious Some Mores Pop Tart for breakfast this morning.  I did NOT put it inside of a toaster and pull The Toaster Trigger.  Didn't even put it on a plate.  Put it on a NAPKIN.  I can't waste a plate on this!  Doesn't makes sense!  Either way I got what I was supposed to get out of it.  Was pretty good!  Gonna watch some more #TheBoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtime and then take another walk!  Now you know my Immediate Next Hour.  Not sure the word, "Immediate," was necessary there.  Nice fun word though.  Especially in this context.  It's WRONG to use in this context but in The Greater Context you get the sense of which Actual Context using it in This Context implies.  Easy logic to follow.  EASY.  I'll be back in a little bit!



It's Today Again

    That happens all the time.  Every time I consider What Day It Is, 99.99925% of the time it could accurately be called TODAY.  The point is upon further introspection maybe people do call White Castle Hamburgers, "White Castles???"  Question Marks not part of the Quotation.  But still appropriately placed grammatically.  Go figure!  Anyway I'm still pretty sure no one calls White Castle Frenched Fries White Castles nor the Soft Drinks they serve.  Wonderful!  Listening another Descendant Album.  Am I listening to them in Descending Order?  If you picture the first album chronologically as At The Top, and each subsequence album as getting progressively further down, then...  Still no.  I haven't been listening in chronological order.  Also that's not what Descending Means Either.  I don't know what descending means.  Going Down!  Right?  Not GOING right, I'm saying Isn't It Right that it's Going Down???  Maybe Going BACKWARDS or something.  What do words really mean is the point.
Haven't had a bagel in over a month!  I can have that for dinner or lunch tomorrow.  I probably will!  I don't know which yet!  Get off my case about it!  Anyway.  My Dad was saying earlier today  It's 5/10 today, the Day is 2 times the month.  And I was like and last year the year would have been two times the day.  And I don't remember what my Dad said exactly but I got that the gist of it was this is the most proud of you I have ever been in our lives.  You know that sort of thing.  Good Son!  I entertain my Dad's Dumbness!  Anyway.  Patriotism Calendar is CONFIRMING indeed today is May 10th.  And it IS 2021, meaning last year was 2020, the last two digits of which ARE IN FACT two times 10.  How come I keep going back and forth between using Digit Numbers and Word Numbers.  I don't know WHY but it SEEMS RIGHT to me!
     Cool.  In Boardwalk Empire they're trying to CANCEL alcohol.  Doesn't seem right!  Anyway #BoardwalkEmpireSummerSpringtime is OKAY but I think I'm gonna be supplementing it more with other things than I was with #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime for the couple of weeks I was heavily leaning into it.  Instead of FOUR OR FIVE episodes of Main Show Binging a day, maybe THREE OR FOUR.  Maybe JUST FOUR.  Maybe SIX.  Maybe TWO OR THREE.  Maybe FIVE OR SIX.  Can't think of any other Maybes that Have Any Chance In Hell.  OH.  Maybe ZERO.  That could happen.  I think I've covered every reasonable circumstance.  What else is going on and crap.  Supplement it with #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime, that much is a given.  I forgot why I was talking about whatever I was talking about.  That's giving What I Was Talking About too much credit.  I wasn't talking about Anything.
Fascinating.  Bagel WILL NOT be paired with Egg.  Pair it with some Creamt Cheese or something.  That's how I feel for some reason!  Eatin' Eggs with Breakfastcentric Lunches &/V Dinners.  Don't need it with Bagels, Too!  Glad we covered all that.  A bagel is a Breakfastcentric Lunch &/V Dinner.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  I'll get around to it later.  I've got Entry to write!  I can't be busy THINKING.  Speaking of Eatings, ate some CHEEZ-ITS: Reduced Fat Edition for first time in Oh I Don't Know several months?  Delicious!  I ate Oh I Don't Know TEN which is roughly Oh I Don't Know FIFTEY CALORIES?  I'm gonna stick with spelling, "Fifty," as, "Fiftey."  Maybe add ANOTHER, "E," so it's, "Fifetey."  Nah I ain't gonna do that.  Then I'd need to adjust these sentences immediately following my first used of the word, "Fiftey," as it is currently.  Huh.
     Cool!  I saw BO: THE DOG died.  Presumably.  I read PARTS of a MULTITHREAD TWEET from Barack Obama.  Definitely got the sense Bo has passed.  I don't read Twitter anymore!  Not 100% on how I read this!  Somehow, I guess!  I'm not joking I don't know how or why I sometimes see portions of tweets, but I do!  I.  DON'T.  GET IT.  Wasn't BO originally a puppy.  I mean, wait, lemme rephrase that.  Of COURSE Bo was originally a puppy.  That's How Dogs Work!  But wasn't he a Puppy when The Obamas' adopted him?  12 years later HE'S DEAD?  That's not a very long life for a dog, is it?  I dunno.  Better LTURQ.  Dogs live 10-13 years.  I was imagining more like 14-18.  I don't know WHY.  Because I was WRONG about it.  Oh I get it.  What do people do with dead pets.  Stephen King stories aside, we don't actually bury them, do we?  Hmm better LTURQ.  HMM google seems to be telling me YA JUST THROW THEM OUT IN THE GARBAGE.  That sounds not so great.  Oh well, what can ya do.
    Gotta imagine there ARE Pet Cemeteries SOMEWHERE.  I can imagine most people throwing out pets in garbage, but some communities having Pet Cemeteries.  Better LTURQ.  YEP they exist.  There's over 100 in AMERICA alone!  And presumably less than 5% of them are on Ancient Indian Burial Grounds so it's very rare that them coming back to life but being evil is something you'll have to worry about.  Also 5% of 100?  Why it's only FIVE.  Crunched the numbers and everything.  I think some people cremate their pets.  I guess that's better than throwing them out in the garbage.  But then what do you do with their ashes.  Throw them out in the garbage.  Same in the end!  Anyway gonna take some sort of shower.  Take a walk.  Be back here with some sort of lunch!  See ya!



That Hardly Ever Happens

    Hello friends.  Back with lunch.  What's it been, like an hour?  A little INSIDE BASEBALL for you.  This very specific entry, it's been about an hour since I finished act II!  We're talkin WATCHED TV.  Took a shower.  WATCHED TV.  Took a walk.  CAME BACK HERE.  We're all caught up now is the point.  In-between albums as of now!  Probably listen to 2nd The Kinks album (Descending order???)  One day it's my goal to figure out just what Descending means Among Other Things.  Listened to a The Descendants album as the last album I listened to!  They get VERY, "Excessable," as time goes on.  I mean I felt ACCESS to them from the very beginning chronologically but now EVEN MORE SO.  Go figure.
     Cool!  Gotta imagine half of The Kinks are still alive and making music.  Better LTURQ.  BOTH DAVIES BROTHERS ARE ALIVE.  Both Musical Icon Brothers.  I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised it there were FELLOW Davies Brothers who just don't care too much about music.  I COULD LTURQ EASY.  EASY!  I already looked up their WIKIPEDIA to see if they were alive.  Now its just a question of do I have the motivation to Click Back into my web browser page where its already loaded up, and potentially have to make one to three more clicks from that starting point.  I can do it.  I CAN DO IT.  LMLTURQ.  GET A LOAD OF THIS TWIST.  EIGHT siblings but THEY'RE THE ONLY TWO BROTHERS.  Them 2 and six sisters.  I am FASCINATED.  I've always felt that if I had only had a sister I wouldn't be so extremely awkward around women.  I'd know where they're coming from All Things Considered.  Oh well what can ya do.  I could have also just been not so extremely awkward around non-sister women in my life and Learned About Them that way Through The Course Of Things.  Oh well what can ya do.  Too late now!
Cool.  I grew up with a MOTHER.  SHE'S a woman!  Yep that checks out I guess.  Oh well what can ya do.  Too late now!  Just finished lunch.   Got what I was supposed to get out of it and appreciated it, etc!  Wonderful.  HEY Boardwalk Empire all about Constitutional Amendment criminalizing alcohol.  But IN REAL LIFE, what actually IS the latest amendment to constitution.  Not fictional like in this TV show.  DELAY LAWS AFFECTING CONGRESSIONAL SALARY FROM TAKING EFFECT UNTIL AFTER NEXT ELECTION.  1992.  Yeah!  It's IMPOSSIBLE politically to have a constitutional amendment That's A Real Thing, but when it effects THEM congress is like YEAH BUT WHEN IT COMES TO OUR MONEY WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING.  Also seems like not such a big deal!  I think we're operating under assumptions that well if its a constitutional amendment needs to be a BIG BIG thing.  Nope.  Some of these Amendments are snoozes!  Lets have some more snoozes that just happen to be good for people or something, I don't have all the details in front of me.
     Last paragraph!  Looks like alcohol was illegal for about 13 or 14 years.  You know A RELATIVELY YOUNG AGE FOR A DOG TO DIE?!?  That's how I feel about things, at least.  Kids bothering me on my walks trying to sell me something or something.  Presumably cookies.  I have MANY feelings about this.  1-- DON'T YOU KNOW THERE'S A PANDEMIC GOING ON.  I know YOU'RE kids but most of us aren't!  Face-to-face salesmanship, NOW IS NOT THE TIME.  Also these sorts of things, where you sign up kids to sell cookies, are generally Scam Pyramid Schemes, so it is NEVER the time.  2) WHY ARE THESE KIDS ALWAYS OUT PLAYING &/OR SELLING COOKIES.  50% of my walks they're outside!  THEY NEED MORE TIME TO DEVELOP INSIDE.  3) SHOULDN'T THEY BE IN SCHOOL FOR MOST OF THESE WALKS??? 4) I TOLD YOU ONCE I DON'T WANT THEM, I STILL DON'T WANT THEM THE NEXT DAY, TOO.  5) NOBODY WANTS YOUR DAMN COOKIES.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:28 P.M.





Sunday, May 9, 2021

I'll Be Here

    Part of delivery I accepted yesterday was 2 bags of Tootsied Pops!  Talk about a delicious dessert!  You eat three of those over 2 hours at night that's FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SUCKING.  Today is Sunday again for some reason.  Mothers' Day!  I think it's a real missed opportunity that we don't have a widely accepted holiday on February 29th.  And if we DID it's not just based 100% around the novelty of only having it roughly once every four years.  I want it to be just something unrelated where we're like yeah we SHOULD remember this thing often, once a year is too much, lets say once every four years roughly.  What would be a good candidate.  COUSIN'S DAY.  We need to remember our cousins all things considered.  I don't know if we need to remember them THAT much, though.  Once every four yearsworth.
     I believe my paternal grandfather had a February 29th birthday.  Could be wrong!  I know my Paternal FATHER had a February 27th birthday.  It SOUNDS like yep exactly that's why I'm confused.  But I'm also 50% sure that's a coincidence on top of that and I was right about Paternal Grandfather's Rare Birthday.  OH maybe that's his DEATH DAY?  That's possible.  I had the instinct to LTURQ but I have severe doubts that internet would direct me towards the right information.  Hmm I CAN Look Up Right Quick famous people with February 29 birthday.  I BET there's at least one person that I recognize their name!  TONY ROBBINS AND USHER?!?!  I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  PRIME MINISTER PEDRO SANCHEZ OF SPAIN?!?!  AMAZING.  The point is I Don't Care About Those People At All.  Maybe Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of Spain. 
     Cool!  We don't even know if in Spain Prime Minister is The Main Guy or Some Supplemental Guy.  Who knows how important this guy is at all!  Better LTURQ.  Googled, "WHO IS IN CHARGE OF SPAIN," and Google says Prime Ministers since they became Democracy.  So this Pedro Sanchez is a pretty important player on the world stage.  Weird!  We hear a lot about British Prime Ministers, Merkel in Germany, some Macron Guy from France... PEDRO SANCHEZ IS PLAYING IT PRETTY CLOSE TO THE VEST.  I think the name Spain comes from because they invented Spanish.  Not sure what that sentence accomplishes.  The point is I finished #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  I dunno what to watch next!  Hmm.  It could be ANYTHING.  Why... it could even be... YOU!  Well on the condition You Are A High Quality Television Or Streaming Series.  Which you probably aren't.  Nobody Is That.  It's Not Something A Person Can Be.
     Hmm.  Breaking Bad?  I don't know just not the right TONE for the kind of life I wanna live consuming TV over the next few weeks.  Is there a show that's like The Sopranos but isn't a show that's commonly known to be like The Sopranos like Made Men or Boardwalk Empire but is Still Just Like The Sopranos but also Isn't The Sopranos.  Hmm gonna have to think on that one for a little bit.  That's a good Google Look-Em-Up.  GOOD SHOWS TO WATCH.  What if I watched SEVERAL MOVIES.  Several Movies is about equal to A Single Series.  Well, a season.  Let's say 3 or 4 movies = 1 season.  WAIT A SECOND.  So you're saying if I wanna replicate The Sopranos Viewing Experience-- 6 seasons-- I need to watch EIGHTEEN TO TWENTY FOUR MOVIES???  DOES THAT AMOUNT OF MOVIES EVEN EXIST?!?!
Man that sounds like a blast and a half.  I don't even know what the movies are yet but watching Eighteen Movies AT LEAST?  This is gonna be a FUN #MovieMaySummerSPringtimeToRemember.  #MajorMotionPictureMaySummerSpringtimeToRemember.  Haven't worked out The Kinks to that hashtag yet.  Hmm maybe I can listen to a THE KINKS album.  I'm POSITIVE 2 out of 3 of the top albums I haven't listened to over 75% of the songs.  NOT 100% POSITIVE but RELATIVELY Positive.  Anyway.  I have a deep realization last night man this website is weird.  People who read this, very possibly the top adjective used to describe it &/or Me For Writing It is WEIRD.  While I always have hoped the main thing is FUNNY.  But YA KNOW WHAT WHO CARES.  It's DEEP.  In the end isn't it WEIRD to want to be &/V BE Funny?  It's a weird enterprise!  I'm making a COMMENT ON THINGS get off my back about it!  Cool.  Getta take another Walk pretty soon!  Those are fun.  Isn't THE WORLD WEIRD.  Isn't WEIRD A WORD.  Isn't in Freaks & Geeks the main characters' last names' are Weir.  You add a, "D," you get Weird.  Title includes Freaks & Geeks and hidden description is WeirdsI'm onto them!
  What else is going on and crap.  I COULD make an effort to be less weird.  I think I'll do that!  Starting... now.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Anyway.  Hey get a load of this one remember the movie I Know What I Did Last Summer.  I don't know what that means.  I just saw the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer available on HBOMAX and I thought It'd be Funny Or HILARIOUS if it was called I Know What I Did Last Summer.  Personally speaking, I DO know what I did last summer.  I made A POINT to remember.  Based in hashtags.  I had a #MarvelSummerToRemember.  You don't forget a thing like that!  Anyway.  I still pay for DIsneyPlus every month but don't watch anything at all anymore.  It was originally to watch The Sumpsons.  I can watch THAT I guess.  No reason not to.  I'm more interested in a Drama TV Series but there's drama in The Sumpson's.  It has a plot and conflict and characters and everything.  Sounds dramatic to me.  Sure there's primarily Laffs but there's still PLOTS and CONFLICTS and CHARACTERS to follow.  Sounds dramatic to me!  I'll be back in a little bit.




That's What I Said

    I guess.  Back from walk #2.  Here with Act #2 and Coffee #2.  Snapple #1.  Following the 2nd inning of Mets Game #1.  It's 1:36 PM RIGHT NOW #1.  Hmm bet it turns to 1:37 soon.  Maybe even during this sentence that I'm writing right now. N.. THERE IT GOES.  Fascinating stuff.  This is good stuff!  Listening to more Descendants: The Band I Recently Realized Has No, "The," In Its Name.  You can still call them The Descendants for References Purposes but as a band name Nope No, "The!,"  My Dad's monthly nurse is here.  Who performs Blood Infusions On Him.  Don't think she's a mother.  Probably a few years older than me!  But I don't get a Mother sense from her.  SO basically she has no right to have a good day today and thusly I did not wish her well. 
     Anyway.  I think we all have a right to have a good day today.  If Any Mother Is Worth Her Weight In Salt, they'd donate their quality day to their kids.  So all of us offspring of mothers let's enjoy today!  It's what Mothers Would Have Wanted.  And DO Want.  Plenty of mothers are alive.  Off the top of my head I'd say probably 80% of Mothers in America are alive.  I guess what that means is Everyone Alive In America has a biological mother.  And of all those mothers, 80% are living.  Seems like a fair estimate off the top of my head.  VERY fair.  In fact it's one of the best estimates I've come across all week!  Maybe some people have TWO biological mothers.  You can have one mother where uterus and/or embryo come from??? And then another mother to have it in them while baby grows in them and inevitably gives birth to them?  I feel relatively certain that you can have 2 people who perform Mother Aspects on you pre-birth.  I don't have all the details of the specifics, though.  I don't know how these sorts of things work exactly.
    Anyway wonderful.  About halfway through out SummerSpringtime To Remember.  Then it's onto SummerSummertime.  Presumably To Remember.  Maybe not!  Maybe it'll be a SummerSummertime To Forget.  Hmm what kind of stuff will I be watching.  That's how we structure our Months &/or Seasons &/Or At Least Weeks.  What have I been watching.  Also I've had this laptop for over half a year now and I need to clean it!  There has been accumulation of gunk on the screen!  I'm used to it from starting at it 8 hours a day but once I clean it it'll be like cleaning your glasses and suddenly everything is so Brightness & Clarity!  Lookin' forward to that.  Next album will be another The Sleater-Kinneys!  Also how important is the Dash in Sleater-Kinney.  I feel like it should be within my rights to just say Sleater Kinney and not have people get on my case about it.  One man's opinion!
     Cool.  Oh right, The Kinks The Band could be next after 3rd Sleater--Kinney Album Personal Chronologically.  Better LURQ which The Kinks The Band album I should listen to first.  The Consensus of the first internet ranking I checked is Village Green Preservation Society.  Which works out because off the top of my head VERY SOLID chance I don't know the songs to this one.  Better LTURQ right now right quick Looking Up That.  Hmm it appears I know ZERO of these songs.  Which is amazing because I know A DOZEN or FOURTEEN The Kinks songs individually!  Yep that's Amazing, checks out.  I dunno do I wanna listen to a concept album today?  I didn't think so off the top of my head but MAYBE I can get into, "Dagging," it.  Concept Albums are all well and good but lets be honest All Things Being Equal I'll take a non-concept album over a concept album pretty much any day of the week not counting Thursdays.
    Just kidding.  Mondays and Wednesdays.  That sounds about right.  Gotta have concept albums early in the working week for some reason.  It's more WORK to follow a concept album, I think we can agree on that.  Thusly we should be doing it Mondays and Wednesdays.  Duh!  Also having concept albums 2 days a week instead of 1 day is fair.  It's still pretty clear that Non-concepts are better but it's not INSANE that 2 out of 7 days of the week I WOULD take a concept album over non concept album.  Huh.  I lost track of whether the nonsense I was saying followed any sort of internal logic.  I hate it when that happens!  Got Frenched Toastcentric lunch going on in an hour or two.  I like those odds!  No odds at all to it!  Not explicitly!  I guess there odds in Real Life but just within that sentence alone, a Frenched Toastcentric lunch was presented as An Absolute!  I was wrong!  It's a 95 Percenter!
     Cool.  I don't know why or how I started writing 6 paragraph Acts.  It's pretty fun half the time!  First act it's fun.  Second act it's half fun and half not fun.  Third act it's not fun.  In the end though you get what you give all things being equal.  Fascinating!  What if I did 6 paragraphs act 1, 5 act 2, 4 act 3.  Well that's a great, "What If," all things being equal but NO GOOD!  I'm ALREADY INTO PARAGRAPH 6 of Act 2 SO THIS WHOLE PREMISE IS WRONG FROM THE GETGO.  The point is would I like Fried Eggs instead of Scrambled Eggs most of the time with Breakfastcentric meal?  YES but it's too complicated!  Several kinds of fried eggs!  I only want ONE kind.  I can't take that kind of risk that I can't explain the kind of fried eggs I want explicitly and I get the wrong kind!  Better just get a kind of egg I don't want completely so at least there's no upsetting surprise about it.  Yeah!  I'll be back.




No One Listens To Me

    Hey I'm back!  With lunch, etc.  Aiming for 4 paragraphs this act!  Not a bad Act Routine Paragraphwise.  6/6/4.  A nice even 16!  That's a Perfect Square!  Also in high school Stuyvesant, we were all learning Socially how to become Perfect Squares.  Lets be honest we're squares All Things Being Equal, but at least we can PERFECT (pronounced Per-FECT) Squares!  Also lets be honest at some point in history it became COOL to be square.  Probably with Huey Lious.  Who is probably the band that had the song Hip To Be Square.  Better LTURQ.  Yep nailed it!  I think its interesting that being Punk is the best thing in the world you can be musically but in real life if you're A Punk not so great.  Snot nosed punk, as such.  Not only are they presumably a punk but they need to wipe their nose, too!  THAT'S THE LAST STRAW.
Cool.  I don't know WHY it's good to be Punk in music.  Doesn't make sense to me, either!  Such is life.  Anyway.  For the immediate future I can see myself using #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime as a bridge SummerSpringtime for a day or two until I find something else.  HMM I can watch the one where it's the guy who likes a girl but he's a geek but then he uses Love Potion and then she loves him but then she loves him TO DEATH if you know what I mean.  Or I can watch THAT OTHER ONE that is 90% the same but in the other one the guy isn't a geek.  Hmm Decisions Decisions!  Still enjoying Sleater------Kenney but I am left wondering what band will I enjoy next and maybe it will be The Kinks Experience Enterprise but I dunno kinda wanna try something else!  I feel like MOZART was the first Punk Band.  I could be confusing Mozart with someone else, but per my immediate memorythoughts, I Fe... WAIT A SECOND definitely Mozart.  We all saw that movie!  I forget what it was called.  Movie about Mozart.  And he ACTED a-punk and was MUSICALLY a-punk!  Fascinating.
     Oh, right.
  It was called Mozart: The Major Motion Picture Experience.  OH right.  "Amadeus."  Which I believe is a reference to Mozart Somehow but they never explain it in the movie.  Fascinating.  I finished lunch.  It was okay.  Not 100% happy with it.  Nothing went WRONG I just didn't Get What I Was Supposed To Get Out Of It.  I appreciated it, I guess. I mean, it did Nourish me to some extent.  My body is certainly healthier overall having ate it than if I hadn't ate it.  More or less.  Hey speaking of Genres of music have you heard about this DEATH METAL?  ...Why the, "DEATH?"  Sounds kind of Negative.  Also does the music actually have to do with Death.  My guess is a little bit!  If you were narrowing words you can associate with the Style Of Death Metal, the themes and connotation and concept of Death is probably in the top 2 dozen.  So I Get It.  But I say you can do better!  I'd go with something like SCARY METAL.  Or VERY INTENSE METAL.  How about just DARK METAL.  Dunno I'm not happy with this paragraph.
     Lots of other paragraphs, too, while we're on the subject.
  Also I have no immediate plans but I'd say over 50% shot I have a lunch of things I've waited a long time for-- 6 Inch Subway Sandwich + 1 Pop Tart (haven't measured the inches) Tart.  Also for Subway Sandwiches for some reason they measure length while TVs is Diagonal between length and width.  If it were up to me and we were talking about a 6 inch sandwich I'd assume all things being equal that's a Diagonal between Length and Width.  All things aren't equal though and that's not the case but what's to be done about it?  Nothing!  This is the world we live in for better or worse.  For worse in this one area.  Hey that's life!  VERY not happy with this paragraph.  That's life I guess!  Wonderful.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-4:33 P.M.




Saturday, May 8, 2021

If It Isn't Too Much Trouble

    I dunno that sounds like too much trouble.  I don't know what it is yet, but that's just the sense I'm getting.  Anyway got delicious Breakfast Beverage of Coffee and Semi-Breakfast Beverage of Snapple.  It's practically juice and juice is hands down a Breakfast Beverage.  Today is a Monthsworth since Personal Independence Day (PID).  A month of walks!  I can, "Dig," it.  A month of listening to new music.  I'm TOTALLY getting what I want out of that OVERALL and IN GENERAL.  Of course it differs on a Musical Act by Musical Act basis but the entire enterprise on a grand scale?  Not only am I Appreciating It, but I am also pretty much getting what I'm supposed to get out of it!  Going well is the point.  I'm, "Dagging," it!  Expecting a delivery from Amazon Fresh this afternoon.  That MAY impact my schedule.  Some of it is stuff that needs to be Refrigerated &/V Freezered.  And for some reason my Dad can't do that on his own.  Maybe he can.  I'll ask him.  Keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!  No I wont.  I might.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  Possibly gonna have 8 Day Old Meatloaf.  If it looks good.  My guess is it will look fine!  The meatloaf was supposed to last only one night but by God's Grace it lasted EIGHT NIGHTS.  That's my pitch for a Reboot of Chanukah.  I'm probably the first one to realize this but man The Descendants were an influential band not just on ONE future band but on SEVERAL future bands.  Go figure!  Sounds more like the OTHER bands were the Descendants of the Descendants.  And The Descendants would more appropriately be called The Ancestors or maybe The Grandparents Or Something.  Maybe their band name isn't to identify them at all, but a comment on Future Music.  Are band names allowed to do that.  I don't think so.  That doesn't sound right at all.
Anyway.  My favorite part of The Descendants so far is I've noticed in at least 2 or 3 songs that they do a thing with a drum (roll?) where it mimics the sound of dropping a small ball and then as it drops it bounces quicker and shorter exponentially and the bouncing becomes increasingly immediate and this lasts Oh I Don't Know five to ten seconds?  And anyway they MIMIC that sound in the music!  WOW.  I FEEL LIKE I'M RIGHT THERE, WATCHING A HANDBALL OR SOMETHING GETTING DROPPED.  Maybe they were the FIRST ONES to do that.  Before The Descendants, dropping balls didn't make that noise at all.  They started it completely!  Hmm really makes ya think.  Is there a way I can see The Many Saints of Newark sometimes this upcoming week?  Pretty sure they're done with the film.  It was supposed to be released last year.  I feel like there ought to be some sort of avenue I can watch it.  I don't think that's asking for too much!
     Newark is a weird name for a city.  Sounds like a bastardized way of saying New York.  Maybe that's how it started.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Is there a single actor reprising his role from #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime in #TheManySaintsOfNewarkHopefullyThisComingWeek.  My guess is POSSIBLY.  We haven't been made privy to it but that's be a nice surprise where we're like HOLY SHIT NOT ONLY IS THAT THE SAME CHARACTER AS IN THAT SHOW I LIKE, IT'S THE EXACT SAME GUY, I AM ON BOARD WITH THIS 100% IF ONLY I COULD HAVE SEEN IT EARLIER BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE HAS.  That's ME talking specifically.  In the future.  Assuming I don't get to see it this upcoming week which is a relatively safe assumption all things being equal.  Started a new BAG of coffee.  You know what that's like.  Pouring the entire bag into an old CAN of coffee because it's easier to scoop I guess.  That's just the way we do things! 
     Anyway.  Why is the mafia so big in New Jersey.  New Jersey is a pretty average sized state.  And I get the impression there's more Mafia in New Jersey than in the huge majority of other random states.  Don't other states have a need for mafia activities?  Is it just because its close to New York?  I'd LTURQ but I don't need the hassle of researching Mafia and then the Mafia finds out somehow and they pay me a visit and are like We heard you have some questions and I'm like look I don't want any trouble and then they're like well you found it.  So the point is just EMAIL me answers of why there's a New Jersey Mafia at NateSliver@fivefourtyeight.orgHmm laff-em-ups aside I DO wanna research Why New Jersey re: Mafia.  No immediate answers.  OH maybe there's a large Italian population in New Jersey?  I dunno about that one.  Well hopefully The Mafia gets back to me and we clear all this up.
Wonderful.  Hey last paragraph of Act I!  I don't believe it.  There's no OHIO Mafia.  There's no WYOMING Mafia.  There's no NEW JER... wait scratch that last one.  The point is what else is going on and crap.  Maybe there is Mafia in every state and they just do a lot better job than New Jersey in keeping it quiet.  In which case well done!  You're doing much better than your New Jersey counterparts.  My hats off to you!  What else is going on.  Take another walk soon.  I got that going for me is the point!  Hopefully my Dad accepts responsibility for delivery if I turn out to not be there.  So I can take walks whenever AND WHENEVER I want.  Now that I think about it, POSSIBLE nothing there NEEDS to be Refrigerated &/V Freezered at all.  Probably 2/3rds chance SOMETHIN does.  1/3rd chance NOPE.  But those two possibilities together and there's a ONE IN ONE chance (Definite) that uh somethin... or nothin... DEFINITELY somethin... I lost track.  The point is Life Goes On.




Nobody Tells Me Nothin

    1) Talked about looking into mafia on internet and then mafia finds out and confronts me before.  2) Best example for Ball Phenomenon I was talking about before is Basketball.  You drop a basketball and it bounces less and less each bounce but speeding up and it makes a sound NOT UNLIKE a drumming movement (ROLL?) Descandant: The Band did a couple of times.  Anyway.  The thing with the mafia COULD HAPPEN.  Also the thing with dropping the basketball COULD HAPPEN.  Anything could happen!  Started listening to Sleater-Kinney.  I looked up how to pronounce them two times and the two times disagreed with each other.  I don't feel COMFORTABLE talking about a band if I can't even pronounce it.  Better look a third time maybe there's a 2 out of 3 consensus.  OK lets do this bit by bit.  The Sleater is like as in Christen Slater.  This much we know.  Kenney?  Sounds like Somehow BETWEEN Kenny: The South Park Name and KINNY: Some sort of Irish-esque word I'm guessing.  Somehow splitting the difference.  Well I guess I can't talk about this band.  Don't know how to pronounce it even after extensive research!
Whatta jip.  Anyway I didn't like the first 2 songs on album but I KEPT AT IT and grew to Get What I'm Supposed To Get Out Of (But NOT Appreciate) the middle of the album so far.  What other band names have I been getting wrong.  Been calling AC/DC ACK DACK my entire life.  I could try to continue on with that and make some yukk-em-ups with more Musical Act Enterprises.  Don't feel like it!  Lost interest very quickly!  Also lets be honest we can't top ACK DACK.  It's a funny SOUND to READ.  Gonna take a walk sooner than I'd like so I can be back for Delivery Window They Specified.  They could be getting it wrong!  But I can't be here ALL DAY.  What is this some sort of Pandemic Quarantine!?!  NOPE NOT ANYMORE.  Life is Regular Life again.  More or less.  Seems pretty regular to me.  Also this is ME-centric not All Of Us.  I really don't care too much about you specifically.  Maybe you in general.  The ROYAL You.  I'm invested in that.  Just not YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL.
Anyway.  Hopefully can get in 4-6 paragraphs for this act before when I set my next walk for.  I got half an hour.  I can do that easily if its easy for me to do it!  HMM I wonder if the new Tony Soprano: James Gandolfini's Son is ALSO morbidly obese. I dunno what I was imagining!  I could easily see it going either way.  Or obese but not morbidly.  BETTER LTURQ.  PRETTY THIN GUY.  Also I saw what he looks like!  And ya know what?  I don't like him!  PASS.  Maybe he's gonna be a great actor, though.  No one is gonna be on board with this jerk just by looking at him.  Just looks like a jerk &/or chump! Presumably he must make up for it with acting ability.  His name IS Michael though, so he's got that going for him.  Well done on that aspect of his character.
     Cool!  HMM I wonder if there's a CARMELA in this movie.  CARMELA is the Juwanna Mann version of Carmelo Anthony!  Wonderful!  And I apparently wonder if there's a Juwanna Mann version of Carmelo Anthony in this movie!  Let's be philosophical about it-- there is a GREATER THAN ZERO CHANCE that there's a Juwanna Mann version of Carmelo Anthony in this movie about young Tony Soprano in the 1960's Newark.  New Ark?  Is that a JONAS reference?  Is Jonas what I said instead of JONAH.  Is JONAH what I said instead of NOAH.  There we go. Is that a NOAH reference?  Here's something I've never seen addressed-- what was the deal with FISH and other MARINE ANIMALS in the flood.  Presumably they were completely safe!  They already LIVE in water.  Maybe only salt water.  Or only fresh water.  But the point is PLENTY OF FISH could have survived the Great Flood by themselves!  Don't need Jonas at all!  And I don't remember Jonah having any fish tank aquariums for fish.  Hmm.  No one in 6000 years has ever thought of this.  Fish in Noah's Ark Flood Experience Enterprise.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK!!!
     Doesn't seem FAIR for fish to survive on their own.
  What kind of message is that sending to the other animals.  Yeah you animals somehow fucked up the deal that we narrowed it down to only 2 of you to start over.  FISH ARE COOL THOUGH.  They've been VERY good about this whole Earth History Environment thing I got no problem with fish.  Fish are doing fine!  That's God talking or something I guess.  Anyway.  I do remember BIRDS being a thing on Noah's Ark.  Which is fair.  Birds need places to land! Big flood going on?  Nowhere else to land!  But birds play a big part that's how they know the flood is receding.  They let a bird go fly around and it doesn't return or something so Jonah is like hmm must have found land or something, I don't have all the details, something with birds, though.  That's Noah talking or something I guess.
    Cool!  Hey I'm gonna fit in six paragraphs in a short time period which allows me to be BACK by 3:00 PM!  Delivery is supposedly gonna be between 3 and 5!  I can be around during that whole time period EASILY and without mucking up my schedule really too much!  How long was Earth flooded.  Was it like a couple of months or more like 40 years.  Or more like I dunno this story has lots of plot holes I'm starting to doubt that it happened at all.  Cool!  The point is I had a Sleater-Kinney album on my iTunes FOR A YEAR.  Better LTURQ.  Maybe it was a different Ladycentric Band.  YEP it was them.  So the point is I am VERY familiar with Sleater Kinney despite already forgetting how to pronounce it.  Oh right.  Christian Slayer Kenny meets Kinny.  Easy.  EASY.  I'll be back.




That's What I Was Thinking

    HEY just accepted Fresh Amazon Delivery.  And am eating Meated loaf based lunch!  We're talkin 2 mini sandwiches EACH COMPRISING ONE SLICE OF MEATLOAF and Ten count 'em TEN #JoeBidenKettleChipsToremember.  Anyway good day so far!  Gonna be done with entry Oh I Don't Know THIRTY MINUTES SOONER THAN NORMAL?  Probably!  Anyway lets forget about lunch.  Put that aside for a moment.  What's going on with ENTRY.  I'm between Walking Albums at the moment!  That doesn't have to do with ENTRY.  It's interesting Subject Matter for Entry but it's not About Entry in and of itself.  Although now that we've breeched the subject (am I using the wrong word on purpose??) I need to figure out Next Album.  Hmm this is a tough one.  Maybe another Sleater Kinney album.  It better be exactly like the one I just listened to, though!  That's where I draw some line!
     Cool.  Very likely I'm done with #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime today.  If not today, then tomorrow.  If not tomorrow, then... today, like I said.  Looking forward to dinner tonight!  I'm thinking a delicious Half a Parade of Broiled Seafood. What's that about 13 miles.  Wait, no.  I'm thinking of Marathons.  I dunno what half a parade would be exactly.  I guess it could be 13 miles but I dunno that seems like a really long parade to begin with.  Even Half a Parade by those numbers is way too long a parade.  Better LTURQ.  How long are parades in distance.  Macy's Thanksgiving day parade is 2.5 miles.  That's one of your standard parades. 
    What else is going on.  I dunno that seems like a lot of work for just 2.5 miles.  That's more or less just standing still!  I can walk 2.5 miles in 45, 50 minutes.  That's nothin!  You wanna get some MOVEMENT in a GOOD parade, make some progress from where you started.  Otherwise what's the point?  Also I wanna see a REALLY FAST parade.  What's the fastest parade in the world.  Better LTURQ.  Apparently Internet isn't ranking parades by how fast they are.  Seems like a pretty big oversight.  I've been aiming for 2000 calories a day.  I haven't gone OVER 2000 calories a day IN WEEKS.  Maybe even THREE WEEKS.  Which is a potentially big sleeper for us having a future word referring to it.  We start to make up some new words soon?  "Three Weeks As An Amount Of Time," is at The Top Of The List!
     Anyway.  Probably closer to only 2 weeks since over 2000 calories.  Which is a Fortnight I HATE IT SO MUCH.  You start out life thinking Fortnights are great.  Only with experience and maturity do we conclude they're no good and we should have three weeks words instead.  I dunno.  Makes sense to me for some reason no one is really sure of.  Here's something no one is really sure of-- what's the Alternative B-meal I get from Diner tonight.  We've obviously narrowed it down to some sort of Breakfast Meal.  I'm thinking a Belgian Waffle + Egg (FRIED??) + Turkey Sausage &/V Bacon.  Could be the same thing but Frenched Toast not Waffle.  Or Chocolate Chip Pancakes minus the sides.  Best 3 options! 
     Cool.  Gonna take some sort of bath or shower when this entry is done as it will be imminently.  Listen to another The Sleater-Kinneys for next walk.  You don't mess with success!  And they've been a success at keeping me ENTERTAINED and INTERESTED during lo these last walk and a halves.  Tomorrow is Mothers' Day.  Stylized as Mother's Day On My Patriotism Calendar as well as Most Likely On Yours.  The point is the extent of my gift the last 20 years has been Remembering to say Happy Mothers' Day sometime over the 24 hour period.  It's Not Nothin!  When I was a kid I wouldn't even be interested in doing that!  Nowadays?  We're talking I REMEMBER ITS A NATIONAL HOLIDAY and SAY A SENTENCE TO COMMEMORATE MY MOM!  Good A+ son #1 World's Greatest Son.
     Last paragraph!  I can, "Dig," that.  NEW MOON coming up next week.  Wonderful.  It'd be weird if we didn't have The Moon.  I'm glad we have Moon.  Big plus for us!  Where would we be Without Moon.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  How come when people die from drug overdoses its often like well we don't know if it was intentional or not, could have been either way.  But when a big fat slob like James Gandolfini dies of a heart attack it's never like well maybe it was intentional and he gorged himself to death on purpose.  Works both ways!  ANyway hey the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow presumably.

-4:05 P.M.




Friday, May 7, 2021

The Way I See It

    Friday!  That happens all the time! It's weird that by the time we die, there's a 6/7 chance that we will have lived Certain Days Of The Week more than other.  You're born on a Tuesday and die on a Wednesday?  You've had WAY MORE (Relatively speaking) Tuesdays and Wednesdays than the rest.  Hmm this is good stuff.  Is there Astrology for what day of the week you were born?  My guess is probably somewhere I dunno makes sense to me presumably makes sense to the universe so it pays off with people making a big deal about it.  Pays off for THEM.  You make a big deal about the day of the week you were born, you're going places in life!  Way more insight than the average person!  Hmm gonna look up day of the week I was born.  Google says it was MONDAY.  Why would Google lie.  Anyway ya know what I can dig being a Monday Baby. 
     Fascinating.  I was totally picturing being a weekend baby my entire life.  Long weekend.  Thursday night, maybe.  My entire life has been a lie.  What else is going on and crap.  Does time of day of birth matter?  No of course not that's just silly.  That settles that.  Accepted Super Market Delivery Order this morning.  It was good!  Not too much stuff!  Re-upped with soda and snapple.  Good stuff!  It'd be interested if you died the same time of day and same weekday and same calendar day as when you were born.  You know, but later.  A different year.  The same year would be a partial birth death and from what I've heard Democrats are in favor of them.  Also Partial Birth Death isn't a phrase but I dunno maybe it should be.  Anyway if you die 5 hours after you were born how do we know you're not just a JACK baby and you aged 82 years over 5 hours.  In which case lets face it you've had a long and fulfilling life.  No reason to get upset over that.  Anyway.  Here's a Philosophy em-up... if you're Dying in Childbirth... aren't you really being Born in ChildDeath?
     Cool!  Gotta nice BLUES guitar pick.  I always had it for 12 years but I came across it just recently.  It's a BLUES guitar pick because it's short and stubby.  Shorter than regular guitar pick.  Much THICKER than regular guitar pick.  You know like Blues Music.  I'm sure they have their reasons for calling it a Blues Guitar Pick but I am also unsure if they have any good reason for calling it a Blues Guitar Pick.  Better LTURQ make sure there is a thing called a Blues Guitar Pick and its a thing similar to what I'm talking about.  I had to scroll way down on Google to find a pick that looks AND ACTS like the one I'm talking about.  I was getting excited that I had a real unique item and that I was going to live out Tenacious D With Some Pick Of Destiny type narrative over the next few weeks or something.  Nope IT EXISTS for other people out there, too!  Anyway I forget what I was talking about.  Blues guitar picks.  Maybe I was confused and they said it was a BLUE guitar pick.  It IS purple and that's as close to blue as you can get!  Other than blue!
     Anyway, jeez.  Chicken Pot Pie for one meal today Presumably Lunch.  2nd Half of Steak and Potato and Some Carrot for other meal today Presumably Dinner.  Good stuff!  After a year on the sidelines, I've started using my Fun Mini Fork again since Pandemic Quarantine Ended.  I don't remember why those things are linked but they are.  Pandemic Quarantine going on?  Better stick to regular forks.   Little fork can't be in dishwasher gotta wash it individually?  Too much of a hassle.  But now, I can go take walks again?  Time to break out the mini fork and really start livin'.  Also I think the premise I've been operating under is mini fork is good for eating because it takes longer to eat presumably because mini fork means mini forkFULLS.  I dunno, though.  I think it's about the same, all things being equal,  All things being equal I think all things are equal.
You know, that sort of thing.  All things being equal I've been using Truvia.  THANKS.  That's a good comment after a joke that KILLED &/or Bombed.  Ever hear of Equal The Artificial Sweetener?  Well I'm gonna make a PUN with that!  THANKS!  You know that sort of thing.  Anyway.  Guy who tried to kill himself and lost an eye is BACK IN BASEBALL and went 0-4 in a Triple A game.  Hmm seems like missing an eye would be a net negative for a baseball player.  Less Depth Perception!  Also if we had three (OR MORE) eyes (regular eyes) would we have EVEN BETTER Depth Perception?  Gotta imagine the more eyes we have The More Depth We Can Perceive.  Sounds great to me.  Then again that's an extra eye (OR MORE) that we have to protect from getting poked out by people &/V things.
    Cool.  What's going on in the wide world of sports and whatnot.  We'd need specialty glasses.  Anyway this guy who lost his eye has a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to start wearing monocles.  If anyone can get away with wearing monocles it's gotta be the One Eyed, right?  They don't NEED Binocles.  Maybe this one eyed man doesn't NEED glasses at all, but he can wear a monocle for style anyway.  CAN AND SHOULD.  Do two ears help with SOUND Depth Perception.  Gotta imagine maybe that makes a LITTLE BIT of sense.  I can SORT OF imagine that being a thing.  Anyway.  Third Ear Blind.  I guess it would be Third Ear Deaf.  What else is going on and crap.  Hey I wrote another act with 6 paragraphs.  That's FOUR IN A ROW per my understanding.  I'll be back with more in a bit!





What's The Matter You

    I guess.  Another Act has begun!  Man I'm getting Delicious Some Mores Pop Tarts tomorrow.  Normally I wouldn't need to eat a Pop Tart for on average another week or so but I GOTTA work this into my rotation somehow over the weekend.  DELICIOUS.  Hmm what if I had three Some More Pop Tarts as a lunch.  OH I KNOW.  I got some meatloaf.  Two slices of meatloaf and a Pop Tart.  It Just Makes Sense.  Then again, maybe I should save it for when I really need it.  If I eat it ahead of time, then the time I DO really need it, it will have lost some of its POP SO TO SPEAK.  THANKS.  But the point is that's the point I was trying to make in earnest before Pun Came Up.  Better save it for when I need it I'd enjoy it even more!  I dunno I've given myself a lot to think about.
Cool!  POP SO TO SPEAK.  POP SODA SPEAK.  POP = SODA IN WORD DEFINITIONS.  THANKS VERY MUCH.  I add a, "Very Much," when it's REALLY... Somethin'... good or bad.  The point is It's REALLY In Terms of Adverbs.  You know what's weird.  There's probably HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of AMERICANS WHO WEAR MONOCLES REGULARLY.  Better LTURQ.  I don't even know how I would phrase that for google.  How many people wear Monocles.  That sounds about right.  Better LTURQ.  Ok went with Do People Still Wear Monocles.  1st result:  PEOPLE ALSO ASK-- "ARE MONOCLES MAKING A COMEBACK?"  Boy I hope so.  Also, it appears YES.  That settles that once and for all.  Great, just great.
Anyway.  Listening to some more of The Descendants Band and I oscillate between appreciating it and getting what I'm supposed to get out of it.  Not bad!  It's covering ALL the bases.  Just like infielders do Collectively.  Anyway got enough of that left over that I can listen to The Descendants Band all day!  Probably decide to mix it up but I don't know with what yet!  Whatta jip!  Anyway getting delicious Fat Free Coffee Creamer tomorrow.  It's like what I've been drinking bout roughly 20 calories less PER DAY not PER PORTION but PER DAY.  PER DIEM.  How come I don't get a Per Diem.  I feel like someone should be giving me Fourty Dollars A Day.  I dunno where I got Fourty From.  Oh, it's been a Plot Point the last couple of entries.  Me insisting I have the right to spell it wrong in hopes that it catches on and then suddenly guess what I'm The New Shakespeare re: Making New Words.  Also I feel like I could live on Fourty Dollars A Day as long as my Parents are taking care of me.  Theoretically I can (AND DO) live on Nothing A Day as long as my Parents are taking care of me.
     Cool.  I just crunched the numbers and what I get in Social Security Benefits re: Disabled List is JUST ABOUT FOURTY DOLLARS A DAY.  I guess I knew that subconsciously and that's where I got Fourty From.  Either that or the spelling thing.  Also its a bit LESS than Fourty Dollars a Day.  I don't wanna oversell it!  Get off my back it.  I wish I WAS on the 60 Day Disabled List.  Then I'd be better after 2 months which is a lot quicker than this Twelve Years And Counting my Disability has been taking.  I feel like I was disabled all my life and never knew it.  NO I don't!  Yeah but what can ya do.  Anyway.  In baseball they sometimes call REALLY FAR homeruns moon shots.  But has anyone really ever hit a homerun that landed on the moon.  My guess is no of course not.  Thanks.
Wonderful.  Do I Toasterize Pop Tart whenever it is I do eat it?  I dunno.  Maybe half and half.  That Can't Be Done.  If I break it in half and then put one half in the toaster it wouldn't Pop Up enough that I can get it out of the toaster.  Then I'm stuck with half a pop tart in the toaster.  NOT AGAIN!  Thanks.  Dunno what that means.  Oh, right.  I'd have to turn the toaster upside down and shake it up real good.  Which isn't an ideal situation.  Crumbs everywhere!  Gotta be Crumbs Aplenty at the bottom of toaster.  And why does it always fall on ME to empty the toaster of crumbs!  I never signed up for this!  Doesn't seem fair!
     Anyway.  Gonna put Chickened Pot Pie in oven in Oh I Don't Know half an hour?  That's not too long a time.  Not too short a time!  Just right all things considered!  YEP THAT'S WHY I PICKED IT.  Wonderful.  Also I picked it Not Just Because of it being an appropriate time to shove it in the oven, but also, it being an appropriate time for when I take it OUT of the oven.  To be honest that was the main concern!  When I put things in oven means very little all things being equal.  When I take it out and eat it!  Now we're talking Main Concern!  Anyway am I happy that 6th paragraph turned out to be a complete and total snooze? No, I'm not.  But I AM happy that if any paragraph had to be a snooze, it should be the sixth and bonus paragraph.  Thanks!  Go figure!  I'll be back!





Easy Does it

    Halfway through The Nirvanas-- In Utero (Have listened many times before).  Thoughts-- Heart Shaped Box is either about Valentine's Day candy OR a vagina.  Scentless Apprentice is a reference to SMELLS like Teen Spirit.  All the thoughts I have 5 songs into 12.  A dozen bites into Chicken Pot Pie.  Thoughts-- a little too big for my tastes.  Ideally this would be 85% of the size it is now.  For this specific meal.  Don't hold me to These Chicken Pot Pies Should Be 85% Of This Size ALL THE TIME.  ALTHOUGH if I had to make an argument for it being a different size ALL THE TIME-- I'd say lets go with It's Always 90% of the size it is now (and presumably is always).  Meet me in the middle!
     Cool.  I could always just eat 85% of it.  Maybe that's how they do things in your house but in my neck of the woods I dunno I forget what point I was trying to make.  Done with #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime within the next couple days.  Then its onward and upward to new things!  The point is I'll need something else lined up to listen to after Nirvana: In Utero is over for next walk.  Something'll come to me.  How about another Descendant album.  MAYBE IT'S JUST ME but DescendanT seems to be an early precursor to Popular Punk.  Particularly Early Green Day lets talk about it!  SHOULD we be stylizing Green Day as, "Greenday?"  I don't know.  Probably not!  That's an entirely different band.  MAYBE a better band MAYBE a worse band we don't have all the details in front of us!  Not only is there more to this chicken pot pie than I want, but there's notably more of the BAD STUFF.  The CORN, PEAS What Have You.
     Anyway.  Chicken pot pie wasn't as big as I thought.  The heat expanded it.  Was a little bit hollow inside just a bit but noticeable a bit.  The good news is I just threw out what I didn't wanna eat.  We're talkin' maybe 1/4th of the fillings.  Maybe 1/7th of the entire meal overall and whatnot.  Hmm that sounds a lot like 15% to me (INVERSE OF 85%!)  Lets see WHAT IS 1/7?!?! THE DAY AFTER JANUARY SIXTH: INSURRECTION DATE.  No but really WHAT IS 1/7?!?! 14.3%.  SOUNDS PRETTY CLOSE TO 15% TO ME.  I forget not so much what I was talking about but more WHY I was talking about.  Re: Heart Shaped Box, are Medical Nooses a thing?  I can't think of a good Medicine Use for nooses.  Better LTURQ.  Hmm he appears to be singing of Umbilical Nooses.  I dunno sounds like Medical Noose to me.  When googling it there is a metal band with a song Medical Noose.  Solid 85% chance its a reference to Nirvana.  Thus vindicating me completely and in total.
    Also solid 85% chance this is a metal band.  I don't know.  The entry is almost over!  I stop after this paragraph a nice even 16 paragraphs for the entry!  It's EVEN (Multiple of 2) and NICE (Well mannered).  Alright everything should be okay but we've got your Medical Noose handy just in case.  It could happen!  Looking forward to Sopranos movie.  Current theory-- it turns out It Was All Just A Dream.  Actually that fits for The Sopranos more than ANY OTHER TV SHOW IN HISTORY.  Multiple episodes were long parts of the episodes turn out to just be dreams!  Well then that settles it!  It Was All Just A Dream!  Also I'm under the impression the it was all just a dream is a cliché due to a real show (I forget which one!) where they DID do that and in the end it turned out it was all just a dream.  That's MY impression.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow for some reason presumably!

-4:28 P.M.





Thursday, May 6, 2021

Here Hold This

    I guess.  Got some coffee going.  Got some oranged juice going.  That's about all I have going right now!  I like watching #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime because I'm REALLY excelling at watching it this time around.  Look, I'm better at understanding the characters and relationships between characters better, that's a given.  I get better at that stuff with every viewing of everything!  But for Sopranos this time around I am absorbing the PLOT better.  In past times the multi-episode and even multi-season arcs just didn't register with me!  Each episode's action seemed like its own individual thing.  Because I'm an idiot or something!  I can't blame Phone for not paying attention.  Didn't even had FunInternetPhone first time or two around!  I'm just an idiot or something!
     Maybe next time I'll uncover EVEN MORE plot.  It's certainly possible.  I can't imagine it as of now-- I'm already absorbing SO MUCH PLOT.  But all things being equal I can GUESS there's more plot to be taken in!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Today is MAY SIXTH.  Thursday!  In the month of May!  Yep we covered that with, "May Sixth."  Well I just wanted to make it abundantly clear!  I got nice Bens: The Deli Delivery for tonight MOST LIKELY.  Ben is a mouse that lived with what's his name.  I wanna say CLIFFORD?  Oh Willard.  I figured that out without looking it up!  I typed Clifford and Willard is close enough that it came to me just by typing Clifford!  Also mice and rats are disgusting.  I wouldn't be friend with a mouse if my life dependended on it.  Maybe I'd TRY to be friends with the mouse if my life dependended on it.  Really pot committed to Living and I'd want to continue that by all means necessary.  I think I'd FAIL though.  Just can't do it!  We have nothing in common in addition to the mouse being disgusting!  Oh well There Goes My Life.
Such is life.  Do cats really eat mice.  That's not an appealing look for a cat.  Ripping a mouse to shreds.  Look I don't like mice as much as the next guy but this cat has got to play by society's rules.  Can't go ripping animals to shreds no matter how disgusting they are.  There's gotta be a better alternative to ripping mouse to shreds in terms of getting it out of my immediate vicinity.  Also it's a Sin to de-claw your pet cats.  Hows the cat gonna claw a mouse to shreds now?  Not gonna happen!  Totally useless cat now.  Now mice are gonna walk all over your cat and your cat can't do a damn thing about it.  Why do you want Mice to walk all over your Cat?  Whose side are you on anyway?  Also, do Dogs &/V Cats KNOW that dogs are higher up on our imaginary hierarchy of House Animals?  Doesn't seem right that society would deem dogs are above cats in the first place but WE know that's the case however unfair it is.  I'm wondering if THEY know, though.
     Cool!  Gotta imagine Helper Monkeys are above Dogs.  Whose gonna Help the Helper Monkey.  Hmm.  A disabled person needs a helper monkey to live, great-- but someone needs to take care of the helper monkey!  Unless helper monkey has been trained to feed itself somehow and whatnot.  I guess you can train a Helper Monkey to Help Itself.  Well, YOU can't.  I can't.  But whoever is training Helper Monkeys in the first place can probably do it.  Anyway.  What's the consensus on people shaving if they wear masks outside of the house 100% of the time.  I'm asking because I now can shave myself with Hair Cut Apparatus.  It takes maybe half a minute.  With an extra 5 minutes in terms of setting it up and cleaning up and putting it back for safe keeping.  And I KNOW how to do it.  So basically I WANT to have fun shaving again but I feel I don't need to with mask on all the time.
     Great, just great.  Figure I'll cut hair with Father's Help every 2, 2.5 months?  Seems reasonable.  Maybe 3!  I don't know how this hair is gonna grow out we'll have to wait and see!  I think it's been 3 or so weeks since haircut.  Less than four weeks.  Maybe JUST SLIGHTLY less than four weeks that we're supposed to round it to four weeks?  I don't have all the details in front of me.  I dunno let's just say three weeks okay get off my back about it.  What if your helper monkey becomes self aware and decides to go rogue.  He realizes he's in service for you as his whole purpose and decides he wants better for himself.  It could happen and it WILL happen.  I think this is how Planet of the Apes Starts.  Except they're apes.  This is a monkey.  Maybe we can have Helper Apes I don't know and I don't want to know!  Kinda do wanna know.  Better LTURQ.  I feel like a chimpanzee can help us.  Better LTURQ.  NOT SEEING ANYTHING RE: HELPER APES.
While looking at details of Helper Monkey the first thing they said was He Can Microwave Things.  That's the main priority I guess.  Using the microwave.  I'm not gonna argue, microwaving stuff is important, I can see that.  Also SO NOW THE MONKEY IS BEING EXPOSED TO RADIATION.  This is REALLY how Planet Of The Apes Starts.  It's like a cross between Godzilla and planet of the apes.  Apes get super smart because of radiation.  Prove me wrong!  It can happen!  It WILL happen.  Either in real life or in future fictional adaptations to this story.  We're talkin probably STEAK for tonight and again sometime the next day.  It's DELICIOUS and NOT TOTALLY UNREASONABLY EXTRAVAGANT.  There's a #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSPringtime where a lady feeds a dog a steak.  So based on this information I feel like I'm not being a jerk by eating steak.  Dogs eat it!  In fiction!  And the premise is that she's overindulging the dog!  So I can eat it.  That's also why I feel its in my right to have a Siamese miniature twin brother who grows out of my hand and we do ventriloquism acts together.  If that's how I wanna spend my life GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.




Plenty Of Titles Left

    I guess.  Time for Act II!  What kinda fun do we have in store for ourselves.  Coffee II plus Same Glass Of Oranged Juice But Part II Of Glass.  The great news is I'm into the 150's Of Pounds according to my proven-inaccurate scale.  Good enough for me!  How do we know that every other scale in the world is inaccurate and this one is the right one?  We don't know!  Also I bet if we got together a hundred scales, Oh I Don't Know THIRTEEN SCALES would have me at even less poundage than this one?  You gotta look at the bright side of things.  Well, not too bright.  That could hurt your eyes.  Better to look at the dark side of things.  Safer.  Also, more character.  Because of shadows and whatnot.  Let's gladly look at the dark side of things!
     Anyway.  Taking a Bath &/V Shower when this Act is over.  Probably.  That's my impression.  Into my Third The Descendants Album.  I like it!  Time for a break, though!  I dunno what to listen to!  Maybe another WIRE album I don't have all the details in front of me.  Also I'm gonna be totally upfront and honest-- I'm considering getting FREEDOM FRIES as a side for my Double Dinner of Steak.  Why not!  Treat myself!  Eat A DOZEN or so Frenched Fries as opposed to half a baked potato.  Presumably I'll still be in the 150's of pounds thanks to Faulty Scale anyway!  Does the scale recognize Itself when taking weight.  Hmm that's a real Philosophy-Think-Em-Up-Brain-Teaser.  NO it isn't.  It doesn't.  We'd be aware of it if it did.  Then again how do we know FOR SURE.  We don't!  We've just been GUESSING scale doesn't include scale in weight assessment!  Hmm at this rate I might solidly be in the 158'S of pounds.  Today just keeps getting better and better!
    Cool.  Also if we took Scale to Moon would it give accurate weight assessment or would it still be attuned to Earth weight assessment.  Hmm that's an interesting question to ask a scientist.  Next time I see a scientist I'm bombarding him with Home Person Scale Weight Assessment Questions.  I like peeing before checking my weight.  You pee for a good 10-15 seconds you get the sense ya know what if I had a nice carafe of this urine it'd really be relatively heavy.  Scale might hopefully be giving me some good news in a second because of this!  Anyway I've talked about all this before.  Except for hoping I'd be in the 158's of pounds if scale counts scale.  That's brand new because it specifically refers to my accurate weight on inaccurate scale being 159.5.  I've been that weight a dozen times IN TRANSITION but I don't think I've ever referred to that exact weight on Website before.  If I did I AM SORRY I FUCKED UP BAD!
     Cool.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I wonder if they touch on whether Tony Soprano dies at end of The Sopranos in Prequel Film at all.  Maybe there's a scene where he sees a fortune teller and the fortune teller is like there will be a time in THIRTY OR FOURTY YEARS, DEPENDING ON WHICH UNEQUAL TIME LINES WE'RE TALKING ABOUT, where you're at a diner with our family and you're listening to Jukebox and ANYWAY YOU DON'T DIE THAT NIGHT.  Man oh man would that scene get people talking!  HOWEVER we don't know if this fortune teller is telling the truth.  Pretty prescient that the fortune teller knows about this Diner Night.  But she could have her specifics confused re: Him Dying or Not Dying that night.  Last entry I used the word Forty and spelled it Fourty and then when I was done and doing spell check, spell check corrected me and said it's spelled Forty and I was like YA KNOW WHAT FUCK IT.  I'M STICKING WITH FOURTY FOR SOME REASON!!! I don't have a good excuse.  But anyway it just came up again and AGAIN I'm sticking with, "Fourty!"
Wonderful.  I wonder if watching Prequel Movie there will be aspects of it that makes us watch Original The Sopranos Series To Remember differently.  Whole new contexts we don't even know about that aren't just Stand Alone Contexts but make us return to the series seeing things in a whole new light!  That sounds WONDERFUL AND EXCITING but also TERRIFYING AND UPSETTING.  I told you I'm doing better this time around re: Watching The Sopranos Well.  Now you're telling me I've STILL been Way Off?  C'mon!  I just can't win with you people!  You Sopranoes People!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got delicious Barbacoa Burrito Bowl for lunch in a little bit.  Barbacoa is Chipotle for Meat.  Probably should be calling it a Freedom Burrito Bowl.  Damn Chipotle Speaking Countries Now who don't like our freedom.  What is everyone's problem with our freedom!?!
Anyway.  Last Act I had a bonus paragraph.  Gonna go for it again this act!  Can't take a shower yet anyway.  Dad is taking a walk.  And I'm listening for Delivery Door Bell.  It's not Delivery It's HBO.  Anyway.  Hmm do I pour Chipotle Burrito Bowl out onto a plate so I can EVENLY microwave it as opposed to just the top getting microwaved?  I dunno!  Another thing in that option's favor is they have some ingredients (I'm looking at YOU Pinto Beans!) all on the bottom.  The ingredients are divided evenly!  Totally sequestered!  Putting it on plate not only ensures its microwaved evenly BUT ALSO that I can more easily have forkfuls with multiple ingredients more better!  Huh.  Hey bonus paragraph!  Never said it would be an ENTERTAINING bonus paragraph!  Jokes on you! So it WAS joking after all.  Huh. I'll be back in a little bit.




Now That I've Got You

    Hey!  Got lunch going on.  Freedom Meat Burrito Bowl.  Very hungry for liquids right now!  It's kind of like being thirsty, because I want to consume beverages, but it's coming from a Hungry For Food place in my belly.  Either way I'm drinking a lot of soda and its getting better over time.  Maybe I'm just hungry and threes some misfiring in my brain or something.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Anyway went back to some YoLo Tango.  Good stuff!  All that proto-Pop Punk was STARTING to make me feel like my family wasn't safe.  I was just starting to get that inkling so I decided to change things up.
    Anyway what else is going on.  GREAT NEWS my Family is getting Amazon Fresh and there's a handful of things from them regular Super Market Delivery doesn't have.  We're talking TOOTSIED POPS.  We're talking POP.. TARTS: SMORE EDITION WHY IT'S ONLY THE BEST FLAVOR OUT THERE.  We're talkin Fiber One Cookies.  Nothin' to do with, "Pop," in their name.  Still though looking forward to them.  Oatmeal Raisin!  I haven't had a nice Oatmeal Raisin cookie in a long time!  Seems like a big oversight!  Whose oversight would that be.  God I guess.  God forgot to give me an Oatmeal Raisin cookie in the last 14-18 months.  Oh well that's life I guess.  I'm sure God has his reasons.  Maybe he doesn't.  I don't have all the details in front of me!
     Cool.  We're talkin a 2 parter Steak Dinner.  We're talkin' a Chickened Pot Pie.  God is Good!  That's what Muslims say.  Which is odd because it's most interesting in English on account of the words being practically similar!  In Muslim (Arabic?) the words probably are way off.  Allah Ackbah off the top of my head.  Better LTURQ.  Akbar.  Upon further introspection THOSE WORDS are pretty similar, too!  Hmm whats that all about.  The Arabic words aren't that similar.  Nah I guess not.  Also yes Arabic is the language involved in that there phrase.  Also GOD IS GOOD?  Sounds like you're underselling God a little bit.  I'd hope that if you believe in God you feel that he's at least SLIGHTLY better than GOOD.  That's my hot take.  Google said Allah Akbar means, "God Is Most Great."  I dunno I feel like it means, "God is good."  And that's a hill I'M WILLING TO DIE ON.
Uh oh no I'm not.  Was worried for a second someone would take me up on that and make me die on some hill for some nonsense I KNOW is wrong.  Technically I can end this entry any time I want.  Because of Bonus Paragraphs in previous Acts I am already at the standard 15 paragraphs.  Gonna keep going, though!  Dunno how long but presumably no more than 6 paragraphs for this act.  Just finished lunch.  Think I'll stop entry after this paragraph.  Because I like to MIX THINGS UP.  Anyway in the mean time lets have a fireside chat.  Hey you by side of fire.  Hey when I smoked cigarettes and people would ask me either for a cigarette & a light or just a light I would HAND THEM MY LIGHTER.  Some people, MOST PEOPLE, standardly are like GREAT LEMME LIGHT IT FOR YOU.  Keep that cigarette in your mouth and my hand will reach it and set the cigarette on fire!  NOT ME.  I don't invade people's space!  That's TOO INTIMATE for me and I don't feel comfortable with it!  Hand them the lighter and let me do it themselves. 
     Also IT'S A SIGN OF RESPECT.  Here ya go, I trust you to be able to figure out how this works on your own.  Not too complicated.  Push down here with your thumb and whatnot, you've seen this on TV, you can figure it out!  I HAVE COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAITH IN YOU.  Anyway I feel more comfortable writing 5 paragraphs this Act.  So here we are!  I feel like I'm starting to form impressions on the majority of bands and/V musical acts I've first listened to in the past month that will last me a lifetime!  This is just the BEGINNING of me having thoughts &/or opinions &/or observations on Yo La Tengo but what I've already got is a relatively substantial impression that will solidly last me however long it takes to form more COMPLICATED and INTENSIVE and INSIGHTFUL thoughts, opinions, and/V observations!  WONDERFUL.  MIGHT AS WELL WRITE SIXTH PARAGRAPH FOR ACT III.
Why am I yelling at myself?  Doesn't seem very respectful at all.  Also all things being equal I like myself.  Leave myself alone!  I think there should come a time and place where I eat two candy bars for meals.  I dunno WHICH candy bars.  Presumably NOT ONES WITH NUTS.  I can tolerate a Snickers but I'd PREFER NUTLESS.  Nutless isn't a word?  I dunno sounds like a word to me.  Maybe a Coco Nut.  If I've gotta have nuts, I'd enjoy a coco nut, as opposed to tolerating most other kinds of nuts.  Hey great the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:30 P.M.




Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Let's All Take A Breath

    In fact lets take Breaths over and over again.  One breath just isn't gonna cut it re: Staying Alive.  Hey I had a wonderful non-Breakfast-Liquid Breakfast today.  In addition to the Breakfast Liquids (Coffee &/V Oranged Juice) I had a Pip Tart!  No real gunny way of saying a word instead of, "Pop," in, "Pop Tart."  Poop Tart doesn't ring out.  Pip is just dumb.  Prep Tart?  I dunno what that means!  I'm never gonna make it in Open Mic Comedy if I can't replace the word, "Pop," in, "Pop Tart," with a similar sounding word for some reason no one is really sure of.  Also I'm never gonna make it in Open Mic Comedy WITHOUT that qualifier.  Just plain never gonna make it!  Oh no I was hoping that'd be My Next Thing.  It could still be my next thing.  I'd just be bad at it and no one would want to be my friends :-(.
    Anyway.  Had delicious Potato & Egg Hero last night!  Half of it, anyway!  And ya know what?  It was delicious!  I was pleasantly relatively surprised that it was a relatively pleasant experience all in all.  Got PIZZA for upcoming meal, part II of Hero (paired with something??) and a Chipotle Burrito Bowl Enterprise.  Maybe pizza for lunch.  I've narrowed it down to maybe I dunno got several options why commit now best to keep options open.  I got pizza with GARLIC.  That's hardly a topping at all!  Garlic is practically zero calories!  Better LTURQ!  YEP practically zero.  So basically assuming the zero calorie garlic rubs off on the pizza I'm looking at a Zero Calorie Lunch.  That's how garlic works!  Probably gonna put pizza in MICROWAVE.  I can do MICROWAVE or OVEN or even EAT IT COLD or Perhaps ROOM TEMPERATURE or maybe JAM IT INTO THE TOASTER.  I could think of unlimited more options but these are the most likely one.  It's unlimited!  For example lets say I take the pizza out of the fridge, fold it into a magazine, sink that to the bottom of a swimming pool for 3 months, and then retrieve and eat it.  That's just one of Infinity things I might do with pizza.
     Cool!  Pizza magazine won't sink to bottom of swimming pool.  Gonna float at the top.  Not if I connect it to some anvil or something.  That shut 'em up.  Also I came to the conclusion last night before ordering food that oh right Potato Egg Hero from Italian Restaurant probably has Tomatoish Sauce on it.  Better specifically say not to include that.  And I did!  And they didn't!  And it all worked out in the end is the point I'm trying to make.  I may have to PAIR half hero with something else!  Last night wasn't very hungry so half hero was enough.  This time around?  I DUNNO.  My MOTHER got Bakedish Manicotti and left some over and we AGREED I may have a bit to pair with Half Hero.  That's still on the table!  Well it's in the fridge now!  It's on a table in the fridge!  Fridge has multiple level surfaces so we can fit as much as possible into it!  Level Surfaces are Tables!
     Cool.  Was walking by Mailwoman during recent walk and she said hello and I said Good Morning.  Then I started doing calculations in my head as to whether it was probably past 12:00 or not (upon later introspection I determined it to be around 12:00, 12:02.)  So now I'm in my head whether I did the right thing.  I feel Good Morning is still REASONABLE at just barely after noon.  I don't think she's gonna be judging me too harshly.  Good afternoon is obviously DEFINITELY reasonable.  Because it's correct.  I dunno.  Even if it was 11:30, to me that's afternoon.  I know it's not after noon but it feels like An Afternoon Time.  We've discussed this before.  But the main point is she's judging me for thinking its morning off the top of my head?  WHERE DOES SHE GET THE NERVE.
    Anyway.  I shouldn't be talking to people anyway.  Not safe!  Anyway what else is going on.  Today is 5th Of May!  Who celebrates Cinco De Mayo exactly.  Off the top of my head it's probably specifically one Latin Country as opposed to all of them.  And maybe it spread to all of them but I think it originated with one.  That wasn't Spain hundreds of years ago.  Better LTURQ.  Celebrated Mexico's defeat of France in 1862.  Odd that even in America we celebrate a date of Mexico's Defeat of France in 1862 and do NOT know the history of the date we're supposed to be Remembering And Celebrating At all.  Seems like the holiday is a FAILURE.  It was supposed to GUARANTEE we'd remember and NOPE NONE OF US KNOW IT.  I didn't even know Mexico had a problem with France!  Now I do!  Better LTURQ for further research now I'm interested!  Eh started reading and I quickly became Uninterested.  Either way though MEXICO WIPED THE FLOOR WITH FRANCE keep it in mind for the rest of the day!




What Am I Saying

    Hey!  Listening to The U2's.  Another band where most songs sound like most other songs.  Per my current impression!  Anyway not Appreciating it OR Getting What I'm Supposed To Get Out Of It BUT I am enjoying it to some extent!  That's gotta be worth somethin' I guess.  Anyway right now looks like I will have COLD PIZZA for lunch today IN ROUGHLY AN HOUR FOURTY FIVE MINUTES OR SO.  I can't wait!  I had some Garlic Bread to tide me over.  Delicious!  I'd eat garlic bread all day long if I had to!  Well if I HAD TO that's not really an endorsement of any kind.  I HAVE TO.  OF COURSE I would do something I have to do.  But the point is All Things Being Equal I WOULD VOLUNTARILY eat garlic bread all day long.  All things being equal WHAT'S THE DEAL with that phrase.  All things are either ALWAYS equal or all things are NEVER going to be equal.  Depending upon which philosophy you ascribe to that day.  And also why does All Things Being Equal always speak to the positivity of the thing that it precedes.  All things being equal This Thing Will Happen.  WRONG.  I think All Things Being Equal Whatever I'm Saying Will NOT PAN OUT.
That makes sense to me.  Solid 25, 30% chance it makes sense to you!  Gotta come up with the next thing to listen to.  How about some SPANISH SPEAKING band in celebration of May Of Fifth.  Hmm off the top of my head PITBULL?  I dunno about any of this.  I speak English I feel like I' be a, "Race Traitor," if I listen to Spanish music.  What The Hell.  I saw Donald Trump is gonna have a Social Media Network.  That's all I know.  I read the headline, Donald Trump Is Gonna Have Some Sort of Social Media Network and that's all I got.  Sounds scary!  These people are going to be radicalized and it'll be a Scary!  Or maybe it will be a huge flop and be a Funny.  Either way gotta imagine they won't tolerate Race Traitors like me!  FINE!  I'm HAPPY.  I Don't need them anyway!
     Cool.  Also I just looked it up and apparently Donald Trump's social media platform is just a blog.  Hmm go figure.  Sounds like a Funny Huge Flop to me ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL AS OF NOW.  Also I can EASILY be wrong but I read lots of Trump Tweets back in the day and it was VERY RARE if EVER that he would write Tweet Threads.  Now he's writing a blog?  I don't see it!  He could easily have written his fair share of Threaded Tweets and I just don't remember.  All things being equal I Don't Really Care That Much.  Maybe I can listen PEARL JAM next.  If not me, WHO!  If not next, WHEN!  If not Pearl Jam, SOMETHING ELSE.  The point is whatever Donald Trump Social Media Enterprise becomes I assume it will be first and foremost some kind of scam.  Presumably a short term money scam to milk the users.  Or maybe a slightly more complicated mid or long term scam. Probably the short term scam!  All things being equal that's what I'd expect!
  Milk the users.  BILK the users.  I feel like if Bilk is a word this is presumably a good guess for where its used.  NOPE Bilk is ALMOST the right word but it's ALSO ALMOST the EXACT OPPOSITE word.  Let's stick with Milk All Things Being Equal!
     Anyway.  It could be a Radicalizing Scam and not Money Scam.  Or most likely a combination between Radicalizing Scam and Money Scam.  The point is what else is going on all things being equal.  Probably whatever else is going on even if all things were unequal.  Or if some things were equal and other things were unequal.  TERRIBLE NEWS the WIRE connecting my HeadPhones to my PhonePhone has gotten twisted a lot over the last 2 weeks and NOW it shorted out for a few seconds before coming back in for the rest of my walk.  We're talkin the volume decreased by half suddenly with some distortion before coming back to regular.  I can't deal with that!  And wireless headphones aren't in the cards until I fight AND DEFEAT Bathroom Mold Experience.  Something's gotta give.  Maybe the thing that will give is I fight AND DEFEAT bathroom mold experience.  If not how, when.  If not that, who.  If not now, huh?
     Last paragraph of Act II!  I love it!  I'm going to be honest I had two small bites of pizza last night.  We're talkin I had a bite of crust of one, and then I bit off the tip of regular part of pizza for the other.  I don't know WHY.  I guess I'm OUT OF CONTROL.  At least I knew it would ultimately be my pizza.  I was sure of it!  If I thought someone else might be having that pizza I wouldn't have done it!  That's where I draw the line!  Also I'm gonna be honest I soaked up the pizza grease with paper towel last night!  Why wouldn't I be honest about that!  It's pretty standard and doesn't reflect badly on me at all!  Some people ONLY eat the grease on pizza.  Dunno best way of consuming that.  Eat paper towel after its been soaked?  Lick pizza over and over again until you've gotten all the grease and none of the pizza?  Somehow squeeze the grease into some cup and drink it?  I don't have all the answers.  Anyway I'll be back!




I'll Need To Think On That

    Hey!  I got lunch going on It's Called Cold Pizza.  Delicious!  Maybe a step or two below Delicious!  But solidly GOOD all things being equal.  Listened to a The Descendents Album!  They're pretty good!  Not a lot of roles for ROBERT ILER these days.  Maybe there are.  Better LTURQ.  I just went to google to look up if there are any roles for ROBERT ILER these days and then was like wait I don't really think I care that much.  OH WELL at this point better LTURQ just to put my mind at ease.  NOPE NOTHIN'.  Maybe that's how he likes it.  Good for him! Also he's 3 years older than me.  What the Hell.  Maybe I am the same age as AJ but this guy was just playing a kid three years younger then him?  I FEEL SCAMMED AND RIPPED OFF.  Of COURSE the actor is gonna show remarkable insight and quality playing someone YOUNGER then them.  They already was that age a long time ago!  No fair!  Then again, at 32 years old as I am, I feel like I could CURRENTLY play a 15 year old and I am 100% available to do that if anyone needs it.
     Anyway.  Man pizza takes a long time to eat.  I'm impressed!  Good.  Then again it probably means this pizza is bigger than your standard pizza and thus more calories.  Still though I'm impressed by the high quality taste not just the size!  Probably gonna have Potato Egg Hero Part II for dinner.  Chipotle for tomorrow!   WAIT A SECOND JAMES GANDOLFINI WAS 43 WHEN TONY SOPRANO WAS 40?!?!?  THIS GRIFT HAS GONE TOTALLY UNDETECTED.  The point is 15 was a joke, but if I'M playing someone 3 years younger than I am in My Real Life that'd be 29.  Do I think I could play 29 year old with Insight?  I dunno I guess.  What was I up to when I was 29.  2018.  Open mics I think!  Musicstyle!  I can play that easily.  I already did it.  When I was 29.  No particular gained insight or anything but I definitely DID play a 29 year old for a solid year of my life.
     Cool!  HeadPhones shorting out may have been a result of Rain Today and not Wire Getting Twisted.  There was Rain Today.  Still is!  Even more than earlier!  Gonna have to start a new mask!  Normally use 1 mask perday!  This mask got too wet!  Gotta start another one!  Just like I said!  I feel like I enjoyed The Some Descendants but was too focused on Can't Waiting Til Walk Is Over So I Would Stop Getting Wet.  Next album I can hopefully enjoy in Sunshine.  Probably gonna still be raining tonight.  Better LTURQ.  Looks like it will be raining during NEXT walk and MAYBE during final walk.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  I forget what but it had something to do with rain.
Cool!  It's POPULAR PUNK.  You know that sort of thing.  Apparently upon further introspection all these lists of best bands and albums and what not, they all have Pavement as best Indie Rock band of the 1990's.  I LISTENED TO THEM IN HIGHS SCHOOL.  We're talking THREE ALBUMS I KNEW HALFWAY BACK AND FORTH.  The point is I deserve some sort of medal or award or a Prize of SOME KIND.  My present is not listening to them this time around.  Already listened to them!  I'll work my way around to listening to bands I already listened to!  I got nothin' better to do!  'm also operating under the presumption that Jamie Lynn Sigler is 3 years older than her character.  But I was already operating under that assumption.  Probably read it somewhere.  It's an assumption based on prior information which confirms that impression.  Better LTURQ to make sure.  YEP HER TOO.  Edie Falco how old is that lady.  About right.  I forget what I was talking about.
     Last paragraph!  Wonderful.  Feel like watching some #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime when this is over.  I get a kick out of those!  Maybe watch the one with a SCARECROW.  Maybe watch the one about TREE CHOPPERS.  You kn... LUMBER JACKS that's what they're called.  They Jack (Chop) Trees and turn the results (Jacking) into Lumber.  Also in Tales From The Crypt Opening Introduction Sequence there's a part for 3-5 seconds when you hear voices whispering indistinctly and I GOTTA KNOW WHAT THEY WERE WHISTLING.  It's SOMETHING.  I can HEAR IT.  But I can't make it out!  Oh well what can ya do.  Put this out there.  Raise awareness for this.  That's step one.  Get people talking and then maybe some sort of answer will come to address this growing need for Whisper Distinctions.  Well, great, just great.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:11 P.M. 




Tuesday, May 4, 2021

You're Way Out Of Line

    Cool!  Another day, another entry.  I've already accomplished so much.  Why it's only I Listened to a Cheap Trick Album on Walk #1.  My thoughts?  FINE I GUESS.  Gotta mix things up is the point.  Also now Classic Rock is cemented as its own unique phrase, but when it started, was it just people going man the rock from 10 or 15 years ago was CLASSIC.  CLASSIC ROCK!  Upon further introspection this bit makes no sense.  Of course that's what people thought.  That's how words work! It's just that the, "Classic," has taken on a life of its own in this phrase!  Anyway next is Nick Drake Album #2: The Album That's Actually #3 Chronologically.  Hmm strange Album Title but ya know what in this specific circumstance seems VERY PRESCIENT.  Well done to him!
     Jeez.  Pizza tonight!  Lunch this afternoon!  Dunno what yet!  Either Home Meated Loaf or some sort of Food Delivery.  I think Home Meat Loaf is the way to go.  I hardly have to pay any Delivery Fees or Driver's Tips at all.  I might give myself a quarter for microwaving it but in the end that all evens out.  What made me think of Cheap Trick last night.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Suffice to say somehow it occurred to me for some reason.  It was OKAY.  I didn't feel the need to stop listening to it after I already started!  However I didn't really appreciate it too much.  Maybe 25, 30% appreciated.  And did I get what I was supposed to get out of it?  The answer is no.  Also not a single song I would have identified.  Off the top of my head I'm sure I've heard 3 or 4 IN MY LIFE in the background somewhere.  But there wasn't a song I was like oh right this song.  Maybe, "Dream Police."  Definitely heard the phrase before.  Heard REFERENCES to this title.  That's halfway there I guess.
  Whatta TV Series to binge watch after #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  Too soon to start The Wire again.  HOWEVER later today I may listen to Wire: The British Band Enterprise again.  Different thing!  As far as I know.  Maybe in the end it turns out they're related.  Wire and The Wire turn out to be in the same cinematic universe.  Oh, right.  Reality.  They are in the same universe.  It's called Our Universe.  Yep that all seems to check out upon further introspection.  Today is May 4th.  If someone says May the Fourth be with you to me I'm gonna blow my top.  Luckily I only talk to my parents.  My Dad might say it.  I guess there's a 25, 30% chance he'd say it.  It's definitely the kind of thing he'd be interested in saying, but most likely it won't occur to him.  Also this counts as Me Saying It To Myself.  OH NO MY TOP IS GETTING BLOWN!
     Yeah!  It all comes out in the wash.  I'm trying to think if I ever did laundry for myself. I definitely have a sense memory of being in Dorm Laundry Room half a dozen times at NYU.  but I might have just been there for various other reasons.  Can't think of a good reason I'd be there.  OH maybe there was like a Vending Machine Machine where you put in money and get back quarters.  That's a good, interesting guess off the top of my head.  Maybe I was up to no good.  That doesn't sound like me.  I'm usually up to good or at the very least neutral.  Maybe it was just regular Vending Machine Machine where they gave you candy or soda in exchange for currency and it happened to be located in Laundry Dorm Room.  Lots of good reasons and one bad reason which is that I was up to no good.  No Good Reason!
     Wonderful.  OR maybe I just did my laundry a couple of times.  It's POSSIBLE.  Maybe 25, 30% chance.  Actually I think it's closer to 40, 45%.  It's just that there's a REOCCURRING JOKE where I'm saying 25, 30% for things this entry.  Hilarious!  I can't stop laughing.  It didn't just Occur once.  It is RE-OCCURRING.  I'm happy with that as opposed to Recurring in this context.  That would FIT too, but I prefer Reoccurring for this one, get off my back about it.  Also I had Laundry DONE when I was in NYU.  It's Called I came home once or twice a month for a weekend and my Mom did it.  Get off my back about it!  THE METS FIRED THEIR HITTING COACH.  Look these hitters who you're saying need coaching are in Major League Baseball.  At this point they should know how to hit better than whoever these dumb hitting coaches are.  Wow nice insight-em-up to end the Act I.   Yeah!  I'll be back soon!




Hey Break It Up

    Hey what's up.  Got lunch planned for Oh I Don't Know 2 hours from now.  Chipotle!  I like mixing things up and Chipotle is just the Mix Up my life needs for lunch today!  Running low on soda.  Not Low PERSAY.  Also lemme be 100% upfront with you, "Persay," should be a word and not have a space between the, "Per," and the, "Say."  Also re: Soda Reserves I can make it last 2.5 days until I Re-Up but I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.  If I had 1 bonus 2 liter bottle compared to what I have my life would be a lot easier and more pleasant.  That's just me being 100% upfront with you.  How is, "Upfront," a word and not, "Persay."  It's a crazy world we live in.
Yeah!  Really tweaking the preset presets on my Guitar Amplification System (GAS) so that the NAMES are names I'm on board with and that 2/3rds of them are SOUNDS I'm on board with.  Good stuff!  Now all I need to do is think of a real solid chord progression or RIFF or BASSLINE and we're off and running!  Is a Bassline just a riff with bass.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Maybe a riff is just a bassline with treble.  Again I don't have all the details in front of me.  I hardly have any details infront of me.  In my immediate viewline is my computer, a note book, my 8 track, coffee, glass of water.  Mouse.  Computer Mouse.  Not any other kin of mouse.  Couple of pencils.  NOPE NO DETAILS.  Really should look into Accumulating Some Details so I'll Know What I'm Talking About in future entries.
Cool.  Today is a real Mix-Em-Up Day!  Why there's having LUNCH which is a MixEmUp for some reason I forget.  There's starting the process of getting some details in front of me!  Conception is 90% of the work.  90% conceptualization, 8% follow through, 2% Reassessment.  That's MY process.  What's a good Music to listen to POST Nick Drake.  HMM the question is Just how much do I wanna mix-em-up.  Not gonna stick with singer songerwriter folk whatever.  CLASSIC ROCK?  I dunno I wasn't 100% happy with The Cheapest Trick.  Oh hey another WIRE album is highly acclaimed PERHAPS MORE SO than the first one I listened to.  That sounds like a Blast & A Half.  Which is my new band which apparently sounds like WIRE.  Or, MORE ACCURATELY, my new band sounds like Me Listening To Wire.  It's the listening that's a blast and a half.  Hmm given myself a lot to think about.
  I had a dream a few nights ago where I either got a new keyboard (Music Type) or fixed one of my current 2 ones that don't work in real life.  It was a blast and a half!  Hmm probably should do that in real life.  I think I've been SHY to do it because in my mind I just recently got my last one.  But upon further introspection what I felt was recent was ELEVEN YEARS AGO.  We're talkin' 2010!  It's WELL WITHIN MY RIGHTS to purchase a brand new wonderful musical keyboard enterprise.  NO one's gonna argue with that!  Hey I can LTURQ in terms of Nice Ones To Buy.  Find one that has new FEATURES and DETAILS compared to my last one!  This is gonna be a blast and 2 fifths!  Eh I'll get around to it later.  STILL THOUGH I've given myself a lot to think about.
Hey get to take a Bath &/V Shower break when this Act is done.  Then Walking Break.  Then Ordering Lunch Break.  Then eating Lunch while writing Act III Break.  The point is upon further introspection Everything I Do Is A Break even the things I Thought I was Doing Which I THOUGHT Necessitated Breaks Around Them.  I'm no Keyboard Snob but I draw the line at having a keyboard with BOTH white keys AND black keys.  That's the minimum of what I'm comfortable getting is the point I'm trying to make.  Hmm keyboard design where normally white keys are black and normally black keys are white.  I'm getting EXCITED just thinking about it!  It'd be a real Mix-Em-Up I think people would get a kick out of.  Hmm better Mail This Idea To Myself so I have legal copyright rights to this premise should it ever be enacted.  Anyway I'll be back later.




Don't Make Me Come Down There

    Hey I got delicious lunch going on.  So far, so good!  I anticipate the rest of the lunch will be Just About As Good.  It'll get SLIGHTLY COOLER over time but that's to be expected.  The big question at this point, and it's a small question but relatively big in the greater context of things, is what kind of pasta to get with my Veal Parmesan.  I could go through the list of half dozen possible pastas that don't cost Bonus but I think we'd both agree that's relatively pointless.  I WILL say that right now I'm leaning towards Linguini or Rigatoni.  That's all I feel comfortable saying for now!  It's called, "Linguini," because it has to do with Language.  That's a goof-em-up but Let's Be Honest it at least has WAY MORE to do with language than your standard spaghetti.
     Cool!  Still don't know what to listen to after #NickDrakeSummerSpringtimeToRemember.  I've narrowed it down to HEY That Reminds Me To Continue #MarvelFalcon&/VWinterSoldierSummerSpringTimeToRemember.  And that reminds me I still need to narrow down what next music I will listen to is.  If I was gonna go with a Classic Rock Musical Act To Remember, what would be a GOOD choice.  Not just a so-so choice like The Cheapest Tricks were.  I feel like I like AC/DC and there's plenty of AC/DC I haven't heard and that's certainly one way to go with my Immediate Future Life.  I mean when you think Classic Rock you think Led Zeppelin and I'm all about Led Zeppelin but I don't think there's a non-live album I haven't heard.  Also when you think Classic Rock you think Marvel Summer Weekend Soldier To Remember. 
    Anyway.  What's the consensus of how much cheese of Parmesan Platters we should eat.  Obviously we have to eat some cheese.  That's why it's a Parmesan Platter.  But I think if we eat all the cheese that's too much cheese.  That's not great, either!  I think anywhere between 1/3 the cheese and 2/3 the cheese is fair game and what we should all be aiming for if we want to excel at eating Parmesan Platters to the best of our abilities.  Sure it's a sin to waste food but its also a sin to eat too much food.  So you really have to pick the lesser of too evils.  Hmm good insight em up.  It is a sin to waste food but it is ALSO a sin to gorge on too much food.  We've been dealt an unwinnable hand!  Unless you save food for another time.  But then you're just a CHUMP.
Penultimate paragraph.  You're the OPPOSITE of a chump with saving food.  You SEEM like a chump to other REGULAR people but all things told you're coming out on top while everyone else is, "Chumping," It Up!  Anyway I lost track of what I was talking about.  Looking forward to doing Spell Check and having them correct all my attempts to spell Parmesan.  Also there's two ways to spell it.  I feel like there's one accurate way to spell it and one well most people spell it this way might as well formalize it and such way to spell it.  Or maybe there's one English way and one Italian way.  We have no way of knowing as of this moment.
     In my head Parmesan was the colloquial way to spell it and Parmigiana was the right way to spell it.  Upon further Introspection Parmesan is English and Parmigiana is Italian.  See ya learn something new every day.  GREAT I just blew the one thing I'm gonna learn today on Parmesan/Parmigiana?  THINK OF ALL THE GREATER THINGS I COULD HAVE LEARNT.  Whatta monumental let down!  Also getting pizza for a separate meal.  WHAT KIDNA TOPPING WE LOOKIN AT.  Don't want anything that'll overpower the pizza.  This is first regular pizza in over a year I just want REGULAR PIZZA.  But maybe GARLIC or something on top of it I dunno!  No MEATS then I'm just eating meat with pizza under it.  Just want some regular pizza maybe some garlic I don't know!  Hey entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-4:57 P.M.




Monday, May 3, 2021

Wonderful Entry Title Part I

    Hey!  Started listening to a new band.  Why it's only WIRE.  I remember reading about them in 2 or 3 of my Music Memoir Accounts and it's good stuff!  Only a few songs in and so far I don't feel my family is TOO threatened.  That could change in the blink of an eye.  Also listened to a Blink 182 album last night that I hadn't heard before!  Wasn't that satisfied with it!  Only got THE BAD I'm supposed to get out of Blink 182.  It's good that I'm getting what I'm supposed to get out of it but sometimes what you're supposed to get out of bands is negative feelings and listening to this album was in that spirit.  I mean it WAS MUSIC.  I wasn't confused as to what I was hearing.  It made SENSE I guess.  Anyway what else is going on.
    Still losing weight!  Assuming my scale is correct and not the dumb phlebotomists I'm down roughly SEVEN POUNDS in 5 or so weeks of dieting.  ROUGHLY SEVEN?  We can round that up to SEVEN POINT FIVE.  SEVEN POINT FIVE is exactly 25% of THIRTY.  Three more of what I did and I've lost THIRTY POUNDS.  Sure I conceptualize things with math equations do you know a better way to conceptualize things?  THIRTY POUNDS?  WHY I ONLY WANNA LOSE FORTY POUNDS.  If I lose thirty pounds I'm roughly halfway there to forty pounds!  I've lost enthusiasm for doing math equations so now I'm onto guessing.  30 times 2 is roughly 40.  YEAH!  Also was right around Overweight/Obese barrier when this started.  Thirty pounds less?  Right at Normal/Overweight Barrier!  It all works out!  THIS IS GREAT STUFF.  SO GREAT I'M THINKING, "I BETTER WRITE SIX PARAGRAPHS THIS ACT FOR GOOD MEASURE."  Nah I ain't gonna do that.
     Wonderful!  JOE BIDEN'S APPROVAL RATE TO REMEMBER is down .1% from yesterday!  I'm not gonna remember this approval rate.  2 Approval Ratings from now I'll forget all about current approval rating!  Oh well what can ya do.  If Biden really wants to be FDR he'd bring back fireside chats AND do them every week.  Not on the radio, though. On TV.  And instead of fireside chats he hosts a weekly TV series where they show cult horror movies and he talks in-between the movie and commercial breaks.  I don't get the appeal of fireside chats.  Sounds dangerous!  If Man has learned anything from his time on Earth it Should Have Been STAY AWAY FROM FIRE!  It's one of the most dangerous things out there per my understanding an experience.  Also what if people don't have fire.  Are they excluded from these chats?  If they don't have fireplaces are they expected to light a match for the duration of these intermittent chats?  Also chats go back and forth.  This is a fireside lecture.  Also what else is going on.  If Biden wanted to do a War Of The Worlds he could really make an impact.
     Cool.  Also this War of the worlds seems pretty one sided.  Per my understanding the war of the worlds is Martians coming to Earth and wreaking havoc.  That's no war.  We're not putting up a fight at all per my assumption of the plot of War Of The Worlds.  I mean we're probably trying to defend ourselves feebly.  We're certainly not going to their world and fighting.  All in all it doesn't look too good for mankind re: The War Of The Worlds and one can only hope this story is some sort of piece of fiction and not reality.  Anyway what else is going on.  Maybe I should look up War Of The Worlds to see if my Assumption Analysis is correct &/or relevant.  Oh well what can ya do.  Also don't get The Worlds involved in this.  This is a battle instigated by Martians and responded to by Earthlings.  Mars and Earth don't have a DAMN THING to do with it.  Not involved!  Don't blame them They're Only Planets!  Again, per my understanding.  Maybe Mars itself is alive and fighting Earth.  Maybe Earth is alive.  Probably not, though.  We would have noticed that.
Jeez.  No Spoilers but upon further research, Earthlings do put up a fight against Martians in War Of Some Worlds but as far as I know we never take the fight to them because we don't have the technology.  So, still, only a war of a single world.  Also, Fiction!  I know there's been some confusion about this but upon further research I can say with 95% certainty this whole thing is a work of fiction!  I wonder what kind of wire Wire was thinking about when they chose the name Wire.  Off the top of my head I don't know could be several things.  There had to be at least one, Maybe Two, MAIN ones in their mind, though!  I feel very strongly about this!  Also re: Fireside Chats CHAT seems too informal and common and colloquial.  This is important stuff FDR is talking about!  Presumably!  Maybe he was just exchanging pleasantries I don't have the details in front of me!  I'll be back later.



Lemme Tell You

    HEY it's later!  Listened to some more #TheWiresSummerSpringtime and I'm, "Digging," it!  It's FUN music and my family is assuredly safe based on what I've heard so far.  Main thing I don't like is that they're British.  I wasn't sure what I was imagining them as.  American, I guess.  Either American or Non-Country-Specific.  Either way not 100% on board with them being British but that's life I guess.  I have nothing against Britain.  I don't think it's GREAT but under most circumstances I'm okay with people or things being British.  Anyway have delicious Part II of Chocolated Chip Pancakes an Part I of I Chicken Curry meal for today's meals.  In which order will they be?  Can't say just yet!  No spoilers!  You'll find out with the rest of everybody!
    Cool.  I think its great that I don't do laundry at all and my Mom doesn't do it nearly often enough if she's operating under the premise She's Gonna Do My Laundry And I have To Wait For Her To Do It To Get Clean Clothes.  Anyway, so I cycle back around to shirts I haven't worn since 2 weeks ago without it being washed.  I think spending 2 weeks on my floor or in my bathroom hamper has given it some good time to Think About What It Did and devote itself to Being Cleaner Than It Was after I wore it last.  What am I supposed to do, keep wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday?  What if people notice!  Also I do do that sometimes!  People won't notice!  They're too DUMB to notice.  Sure, great, what else.  Are guitar strings wires.  That would be a good meaning for The Wires Of Music.
What else is going on.  Up to Steven Buscemi season of The Sopranos of It's Not TV It's HBO.  He's a fun actor I think we can all, "Dig."  Just look at him!  He's up to something!  Also YES I spelled Buscemi right on my first attempt EASILY.  Somewhere along the line (wire?) I absorbed right the trick is you separate Steve's last name into Bus and Cemi.  EASY.  Cemi sounds like Semi.  Which is a truck.  Bus and truck.  Two vehicles in consecutive last name syllables!  EASY.  I have a sense memory of making this observation in Oh I Don't Know 2014.  EASY.  HOW FAR WE'VE COME.  Listen to some Nicholas Drake after Wire.  It's called Mixing Things Up and I think we can all, "Dig," that.  Sure I may have listened to one or 2 of his top albums before.  I don't REMEMBER though so get off my back about it.
     Jeez.  Lookin' up NYC Open Mics and if they're open.  I got bored immediately after looking it up so I didn't register exactly whom and what are open.  But the point is when things open up 80% or more, thinking about trying my hand at some COMEDY open miccing.  Got a joke from yesterday!  I have a reoccurring nightmare where I have to get up.  It's not really a good enough stand alone joke but I wanted to put it in this paragraph because it's a more SUCCINCT and PUNCHY way of saying the joke than I did last entry.  So I've ACCOMPLISHED something is the point.  Also 90% sure there's a word, "reoccuring," and NOT a word, "recurring," which is a word everyone says instead of, "reoccuring," EXCEPT Microsoft FrontPage recognizes, "Recurring," as a word and NOT, "reoccuring."  I thought I was a genius with, "reoccuring."  Turns out I'm an idiot!  Hey when you're 99.75% Brilliance sometimes that 1/400 bites you in the ass.  That's right I know MATH.
The point is that's a nice thing I can do with my life for the midterm future.  Probably a few months away at least, though.  What can ya do!  Wait.  I do that all the time!  I'm the BEST at waiting.  Well, in the top 60TH Percentile.  The GOOD 60th.  I'm better at waiting than 3/5ths of people.  That's right I know MATH.  Jeez.  Gonna finish up #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime episode I'm 1/2 way through.  Then do some other stuff.  I got lots of plans but No Spoilers Alert I'm gonna keep those plans close to the vest for now.  You get it.  HMM.  Reoccurring is a word.  HEY REOCCURRING IS A WORD TOO.  I've been spelling it, "reoccuring," mostly and that's wrong.  But reoccurring is a word AS IS recurring.  Presumably with the same meaning but I don't know I'd LTURQ but... FINE I'LL LTURQ.  RECURRING means something that happens over and over again.  REOCCURRING means something that's happened multiple times but maybe just 2 times and that's it We Don't Know For Sure.  Alright another thing I'm wrong about.  Add that to the list.  I'll be back in a little bit.




What The Hell

    I finished Wire Album!  Didn't start Nick Drake yet!  Got lunch going on!  Pancakes peppered with chocolated chips.  What else is going on.  As far as I'm concerned the role of Tony Soprano died with James Gandolfini.  I know his son is playing Young Him in Upcoming Major Motion Picture but I DON'T LIKE IT.  Upon further introspection I LOVE IT I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THAT'S ALL ABOUT.  Something along those lines.  Takes place in mid-late 60's?  Soprano is around 40 in 2000?  His kid whose playing young him is around 20?  These numbers don't add up and I know numbers!  This entire film enterprise is predicated on a lie and I don't want my fiction to be based on lies!
     Cool.  What's new in the wide world of #JoeBidenApprovalRatingsToRemember.  He's up about half a point from yesterday.  NOT BAD.  NOT BAD AT ALL.  I'm only 4 paragraphs away from being Done With The Working Day!  Totally decompress and treat myself to a #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  Unlike watching it during The Working Day as a break.  It's not a Treat it's a Break!  Now its a Treat and not a Break.  AJ SOPRANO LEARNING THEM DRUMS in this season of #TheSopranosSummerSpringtime.  I've had the thought that I'd like to get drums &/V learn drums if only there was a place in my house that could hold them.  Wait.  I might just be thinking of wanting to get ROCK BAND: The Video Game for myself.  It comes with drums but not as intensive drums.  Either way sure I'd learn some drums.  Why not.  Whose gonna stop me.
     Anyway.  I'd be playing The Drums left handed like everyone's favorite drummer RINGO STARR.  Widely agreed to be in the top 10,000 drummers of the 20th century.  GET OFF HIS BACK HE'S DOING HIS BEST.  PETE BEST.  Which I'm assured is a Beatles Thing.  He was a Beatle or something.  Then they got rid of him.  Better LTURQ.  WHY HE WAS ONLY THE DRUMMER BEFORE RINGO STARR.  Presumably even worse than Ringo Starr.  That's why they replaced him.  Man oh man that's gotta be embarrassing for Pete Best.  Also LOOK if Ringo Starr would be My Drummer it'd be a dream come true.  Someone with that level of talent is MUCH BETTER THAN NOTHING when it comes to having drums in your music.  Also lets be honest if Ringo Starr was my drummer my music would suddenly receive A LOT of attention.
     Penultimate paragraph.  I bet it turns out Ringo Starr wrote all the Beatles songs but John Lennon and Paul MacCourtney and George Harrington somehow won all songwriting rights in some sort of gambling game.  I bet it turns out that DOESN'T happen.  VERY unlikely it happened.  Especially since 2 out of 3 of those people aren't people.  Is it possible The Beatles are the 2nd best band of All Time?  I feel like that's a good consensus.  No consensus on whose #1.  But Beatles at #2 I feel pretty comfortable with.  And I'm not talking my FAVORITE bands.  It's the bands which I deem to be the BEST bands.  Hmm what bands did Pete Best go on to participate in.  Presumably some even though he apparently wasn't very good at the drums at all.
     Last paragraph.  Is the number one best band Limp Bizkit?  Well he/it is in the top 100,000 at the very least.  In my adulthood I assume Bizkit is a reference to phallus (makes sense with the preface, "limp")  but that never occurred to me when I was a kid.  Go figure.  And The Beatles is a reference to Jerking Off.  Again-- never occurred to me as a kid!  In fact didn't occur to me until 12 seconds ago!  But now I can't get it out of my head!  Anyway hey the entry is over once and for all.  And we're a solid 18 or 20 or so hours away from having to start the next entry!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-4:17 P.M.





Sunday, May 2, 2021

Hi How Are You

    I guess.  Got some decadent coffee creamer again!  We're talking THIRTY FIVE calories per Serving Size instead of TWENTY FIVE.  WHAT HAVE I GONE INSANE?  Also I use roughly 2 serving sizes per coffee.  4 Serving sizes a day.  How many Coffee Units do I drink a day?  E-mail your answers to NateSilver#FiveThirtyEight.com.  What else do I have going on.  Listening to a 2nd The Yo La Tengoes album and I enjoy this one, too!  Liked the first one I listened to better!  Still deriving pleasure out of this one!  Anyway I've had my Music EQ set on Spoken Word for the last week or so and now I'm experimenting with having the EQ as NORMAL.  Kinda sounds normal!  At first didn't sound normal when I first started these ear phones!  Now I get the sense It's Actually Accurately Called Normal!  Go figure.  Spoken Word is still better.  I don't wanna miss a thing!  Wordwise.
     What else is going on.  There must be some way to do a Switch-em-up when mixing a song where spoken word would enhance the bass guitar or something.  Keep people on their toes!  I've been on my toes before!  I have this sense memory of being in high school and just standing on my toes all clandestine-like pretty much as the standard way of standing.  But in such a way no one would notice.  It's IMPORTANT because I look AN INCH taller.  Hmm gotta start bringing that strategy back into my life.  When I start going out and interacting with people, I'm Bringing Back Standing On My Toes!  Now I'm excited I can't wait. 
     Anyway.  Got some nice meals for today.  We're talkin same meals I was talking about yesterday as potential dinners.  I had seafood PART I last night and I still have 2 Parts of Chocolated Chip Pancakes and 1 part of seafood.  This is good stuff.  I just realized never in my life have I been following a person in person or online where they give me regular updates on the meals they're having, day in and day out.  Not even my parents and I live with them through every meal.  The point is I need a Pen Pal to discuss meals we're having and have a support structure to encourage each other to have the best meals possible.  Both in terms of selection of meals and getting the most out of whatever meal it is.
     Jeez.  I don't necessarily need feedback on meals.  I'd like to GIVE feedback, though.  Provide a public service and whatnot.  And get to live vicariously through someone else's meals.  Hmm it Patriotism Calendar says Monday is, "Last Quarter."  Which must be a Moon Thing because it said First Quarter a week or two ago.  Which I took to meant First Fiscal Quarter.  But now it looks like maybe that was First Moon Quarter.  Better LTURQ.  YEP I WAS WRONG.  I THOUGHT it seemed strange that the First Quarter started in late April.  Turns out I'm just an idiot.  HEY they just said, "First Quarter."  How the Hell am I supposed to know what kind of quarters they were talking about!  I'm placing ALL the blame on Patriotism Calendar.  Go figure.
What else is going on.  In America who cares about Moon Phases.  What does that have to do with Patriotism.  Who needs it!  Does MOON effect CROPS.  Better LTURQ.  Looks like NOPE.  That's life I guess.  Also America Is Crops.  Farmers.  Farmers are the real Americans and Farmers are All About Their Crops.  Wrong about Quarters.  Wrong about Percentiles.  Wrong about Little Pussies.  The moral of the story is it appears I don't know what I'm talking about!  The good news is I am still in the 99.75 Percentile of BRILLIANCE despite being wrong about pretty much everything.  Whew that's a relief.  Do I put pancake in oven or microwave.  This is a tough one!  Leaning towards oven!  Makes it like a cookie.  Cookies are Crisp.  Not soggy.  Microwave would make it soggy!  Not overly soggy, just as soggy as a pancake regularly is.  Soggy compared to something Real Crisp.  Then again I don't know I've given myself a lot to think about.  Be back soon!





Good Enough

    Maybe I'll have a Seafood Parade for lunch.  Half a parade.  First come two scallops, followed by one shrimp, followed by half a filet of sole.  Sounds like a parade to me.  And it's being run by half a baked potato.  And spectated by broccoli.  And waiting in the wings for that night's parade of matzoh ball soup.  That's all the ingredients of Seafood Parade.  Those aren't ingredients they're whole foods.  Ingredients are the micro foods in each whole food.  I feel very strongly about this!  Thinking of having Delicious Fast Food Lunches over the week.  We're talking Tuesday Through Thursday Lunches.  Burger King most likely!  Then MacDonalds.  Then Whited Castle.  Probably one of those.  I like it because it's Junk Food.  Junk Food tastes good to the palate!  I crunched the numbers based on past experience, etc.
     Cool.  Got some Orange Juice going with Coffee.  Go figure!  These scallops are big!  Not prepostoursly big but bigger and more hearty than your standard scallop.  Seafood Parade gonna be going in microwave.  You don't wanna Crisp Fish.  Unless it's fried.  Which this isn't!  I think the process of putting it in the oven is making it fried.  Yes, by setting my oven to Broil intuitively we can assume that it Fries The Food.  It does raise the question though How Come I Don't Have A Deep Fryer.  I feel like the Deep Fryer people really dropped the ball with their marketing efforts.  If I was in charge of marketing every family in America would feel pressure to have Deep Fryers.  Just to keep up with the neighbors.  You know, that sort of thing.
    Gonna take a shower before next walk!  Wonderful!  Will it actually be a bath?  Possible!  Sorry for potentially lying to you based on future circumstances.  What else is going on.  Still haven't gotten Italian Food as a delivery since re-igniting getting food deliveries Lo these 3 weeks ago.  I can eat real pizza!  It'd be delicious presumably!  I got that to look forward to maybe even this upcoming week.  We'll see how it all shakes out!  Get some sort of HERO so it lasts me 2 days.  What's a good HERO.  Trick question, there's Lots Of Good Heroes.  Potatoe and Egg comes to mind for some reason.  Probably seen it on The Sopranos recently.  Also if I was in charge of marketing The Sopranos would have had a Deep Fryer and that comes into play over a 3 episode arc.  Well great I guess.
  I like this act.  I need Every Other Act to have nothing redeeming about it.  It keeps us all in check and keeps us all honest and keeps us all humble.  That sort of thing!  I'm just trying to put on a brave front.  It eats me up inside when the Acts Are Bad.  Oh well what can ya do.  I feel like Potatoe & Egg are two non-bread things that you can make into specialty bread.  So a Potatoe and Egg Hero is just three kinds of bread stacked upon each other.  With one kind of bread doing double duty.  Assuming its not an open faced potatoe and egg hero.  Which it isn't.  Not in this case, at least!  Also what is a Pepper & Egg Hero.  Is it just an Egg Hero with black pepper sprinkled on the egg.  That's always what I imagined.  Upon further introspection no of course not that can't be it.  I guess red peppers.  Or green peppers.  Better LTURQ.  YEP seems to be some sort of hearty peppers as opposed to just fine grounded pepper.  I was right!  After being wrong for most of my life!  NOW whose in the 99.75% brilliance rate estimate.
Great.  I can see myself broaching the subject of getting Subway For Lunch at some point maybe next week or the week after.  I can see my parents generally supporting me in such a decision if that's what I have my heart set on.  Getting Iced Coffee every day is another story, though.  That's maybe a month or two away from being a possibility.  What kinda nightmare did I have last night.  I have a recurring nightmare where it's the morning and its the time I wanted to get up but I can't get up and go back to sleep and then I get up again and STILL don't wanna get back up and then I go back to sleep.  And this nightmare happens 2 or 3 times a night!  Near the end of the night!  It's already into the morning by the time I start having these nightmares!  When I would ideally be waking up according to Yesterday's Plans.  YEAH!  I'll be back soon.





I Forget What I Was Saying

    No we aren't.  Got lunch going on.  Chocolated Chip Pancakes!  Fish for dinner!  Started my third Nosotros Las Tengoes  album.  I like this music because I don't feel like my family is at risk by listening to it.  Anyway, I haven't fought my arch nemesis Bathroom Mold in at least a week.  Gotta get on top of that!  If not for my own health and sanitary reasons, for my own TV and TV Watching reasons.  I get TV when I'm done with that!  That's the unspoken arrangement we've settled on.  Kinda spoken.  Never 100% finalized and notarized but there's an explicit correlation there, that's been made clear!  What else.  I'm okay with the cookedness of the pancakes. Put em in oven but for shorter than usual.  Warm enough and right consistency.  Well done!  I'm congratulating myself.  I'm not saying they were cooked well done.  Yep seems to check out.
Cool!  Kinda nice routine I'm in.  After walk 1 is coffee 1 with act 1.  After walk 2 is coffee 2 with act 2.  After walk 3 is Lunch with act 3!  I feel BUSY 2/3rds of the day with No Real Payoff but hey you gotta spend money to make money!  That sounds like the financial premise of pyramid schemers.  Is it actually true you have to spend money to make money?  My guess is No It's A Dirty Dirty Lie.  Also Pyramids are three dimensional.  I feel in general, maybe 95% of the time, the phrase you're looking for is TRIANGLE SCHEMES.  Pyramid schemes are presumably possible but involve a much more complicated and nuanced scheme than your standard Triangle Scheme.
    Yeah!  What else is going on.  What exactly would non-triangulaic schemes look like.  A parallelogram scheme, per say.  Doesn't sound like a scheme at all.  In a parallelogram everyone's getting what they're after.  Presumably.  I can't even imagine!  I think it would be a real good pyramid scheme if during Ancient Egypt one of the slaves/low paid workers who built the pyramids hid in one catacomb of pyramid and died there and then reaped the same benefits of PHARAOH who lives for the rest of his death in pyramid.  Obviously this is a great honor for Pharaoh and presumably gives him lots of benefits, otherwise why would he do it... and now there's this slave or migrant worker whose BEAT THE SYSTEM and is enjoying the same Death Benefits as Pharaoh.  Sounds like a nice pyramid scheme to me.  Also Tower Heist was originally set in Ancient Egypt and it was called Pyramid Scheme.  Sure we're al familiar with the film Tower Heist.  It's one of the top movies in recent history!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Pyramid built on an ancient Indian burial ground.  That sort of thing.  Also how Ancient are ancient Indian burial grounds.  Let's say the one from Pet Semetary.  Are we talkin' REAL ancient?  Maybe 1000 years?  Or could it be as recent as I don't know the 1700's.  As far awe know this ancient burial ground can be only 4 generations old.  Your GRANDPARENTS' PARENTS could have been mucking around in its heyday.  Also what kind of use did Ancient Indians have for introducing an Evil Zombie element to society.  Doesn't seem useful for ANYONE.  Why did they make it in the first place is the point I'm trying to make.  Well hey the entry is over again.  That happens every day and it's always wonderful most of the time.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

     WAIT A SECOND I need to write another paragraph.  Good thing I double checked or else I'd never have known!  Well, great.  What's going on with you.  Are you WELL?  Going WELL ENOUGH?  Ugh.  I was so excited to do something else.  I was gonna put on another #TheSopranosSummerSpringtimeToRemember episode and watch it after I put it on.  Presumably while doing something else.  I don't know WHAT yet.  Looking at phone somehow.  I dunno WHAT.  I'm not on The Twitter anymore!  Don't read news except for a little bit.  HEY at this point I'm pretty close to being able to comfortably end the paragraph and thus the entry.  Finally my life is working out JUST A BIT In My Favor.  You know that sort of thing etc and whatnot.  Be back tomorrow.

-4:11 P.M.





Saturday, May 1, 2021

Please Continue

    I've got some interesting updated information re: NYC Mayoral Election: Primary Edition.  My brother is on board with MORALES first and not Stringer or Wiley.  I tend to trust my brother on these things.  He's been alive a solid 3 years and 2 months more than me and presumably he spent all that time researching and immersing himself in New York City Mayoral Political Election Projections.  Anyway I was sarcastically for Morales because she's #2 or #3 in my OLD Book but now I dunno what to think!  Maybe Morales is Best!  We want More of Morales!  Morales has Morals!  Morales, Wasn't That The Name Of Someone In OZ: The HBO Programme!  Morales, Sounds, "Like More Or Less!"  These are all potential high quality campaign promises.
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got myself some nice coffee going on.  It tastes like coffee PLUS creamer Why It's only Called Creme Brule.  Seems indulgent.  That's what the design logo on the container seemed to suggest.  DECADENT and INDULGENT and This is what The Nobles Of Europe might have been drinking back in their heyday.  I'm sold!  Listening to some Yo La Tengo.  I like it!  Good background music.  Like lets say I'm living my life, walking around, thinking about walking as my main thinking priority, but listening to music as my second or third priority-- this is where Yo La Tengo shines based on my experience with it over 26 minutes.  Go figure.  Yolo Tengo.  Is that a thing.
You only live once and that's why I don't have time to say the phrase, "You only live once."  Best to abbreviate it, otherwise that's wasting my one life.  Also, thing where its like you're talking to an Indian you only live once and he's like I DISAGREE HERE LET ME SHOW YOU SOME RESEARCH I'VE CONDUCTED.  Believing in religion or spirituality is research.  No one ever said research had to be GOOD or with scientific or logical merit.  Could just be reading a pamphlet on Hinduism at the airport.  Why is there an entire pamphlet dedicated to the idea of, "Hinduism at the airport."  What's going on at the airport with Hinduism that makes this a hot button issue that we should be researching.  Also I don't think that's Hindu People who annoy people at airports per my research of popular culture representations.  Better LTURQ.  Just googled, "Hindus at the airport."  Article from 2015 popped up about how Hindus aren't happy with lack of access to 'Hindu Prayer Rooms' at airports.  Go figure.  Hare Krishna is based in Hinduism.  I was right all along.  Get off my back about it.
What else is going on.  Hey I mixed up the colors this month.  White background black text.  The Regular.  This is what the people are used to in real life outside of Personal Vanity Website.  Saw the benches cleared last night at Mets game for potential fight.  One can only imagine at boxing matches sometimes the benches clear and they all play a game of baseball.  What benches in boxing.  You know the replacement boxers if the one in the ring gets too tired.  Those benches.  Getting Diner Dinner for Dinner tonight.  Dunno about lunch!  May get Chipotle, may eat something in the house, may get somewhere else, may not eat anything!  I've narrowed it down to those four possibilities. HMM got a good meal from Super Market Order Why it's only Chicken Curry.  That sounds about right for lunch today!
     Yeah!  I told you I was hit by HAIL yesterday.  Hail upon further research is Frozen Rain.  I dunno about that.  Feel more comfortable calling Rain, "Liquid Hail."  What else is going on and crap.  OH HEY gotta turn the page of Patriotism Calendar.  Lets go.  Hmm the theme of May is God Shed His Grace On Thee.  Seems about right.  HEY May 15th is Armed Forces Day.  How many days do Armed Forces need.  This is at LEAST the third day I'm aware of to celebrate Armed Forces.  And the other one is just 2 weeks after Armed Forces day Why It's Only Called Memorial Day.  I dunno is Memorial Day for armed forces only.  I know we're supposed to be memorializing armed forces but maybe we're just supposed to take this day to Remember Anything And Everything Possible Which We Want To.  Personal Memorial Day!  Memorize What You Want!  Huh.  I lost track of whether I was Following Logic in this paragraph.  I'll be back soon!





Here Comes Some Good

    Hey!  Looking forward to some dinner tonight.  The Royal We're thinkin' Broiled Seafood Parade.  Parades are fun, seafood is fun, broiled I don't have a problem with!  Also get some Chocolated Chip Pancakes!  FOUR MEALS OVERALL.  FOUR FUN MEALS.  For Fun Meals.  All meals are for fun.  That's what eating is.  Having some fun!  Enjoying Yo La Tengo.  I don't feel Threatened like I do with some other bands.  I like 'em but I just get the feeling me and my family aren't safe.  I can do without that hassle.  Anyway I wanna be a No Mask Tattletale.  Saw some people having a GRILLOUT in the park.  Half of them were sans mask!  Is there some sort of citizen's arrest I can do on them?  Maybe they're vaccinated?  Who cares.  Still wrong!  Also this is a public park.  If you're doing a grillout I hope you have enough to share with everybody!  That's the rules of having grillouts in public parks.  That's my assumption at least.
     Cool!  I don't like it when Dogs or Kids are walking with their parents and then run out far ahead and the parents keep their regular pace, sure that they'll catch up with their dogs or kids sooner or later.  And then I'm somewhat in front of the parents.  In between the parents and their dogs &/V kids.  Now these dogs &/or kids ARE MINE for all intents and purposes.  I'm closer to them!  I don't WANT them but I feel added responsibility being the nearest responsible adult is the point I'm trying to make.  Oh well what can ya do.  Can't just Stop and wait for parents to catch up.  Parents are walking TOO slow.  What else.  I'll eat some SCALLOPS.  I feel like when I was a kid I would sometimes just get The Scallops dinner.  Delicious!  Wait no I'm thinking of getting Broiled Seafood Parades when I was a kid.  That's what I'm doing all over again.  Nothing new.  The point is Scallops?  Delicious!
     Anyway.  With Morales, you get alliteration with, "Mayor Morales."  I feel like this isn't the TOP factor in deciding who to vote for in what order, but it's A factor, I don't think anyone is gonna argue with that.  What's Morales's First Name.  I need that to know who to vote for!  Otherwise I might vote for The Other Morales by accident!  DIANNE.  Good name.  Real solid name.  I don't have any problem with the name Dianne as the first name for Mayor Morales.  And even if I did, there's nothing to be done about it, so I might as well just shut up and like it.  Which I do.  No complaints!  Already told you!  Better LURQ Morales's positions on The Issues Of The Day.  SHE IS IN FAVOR OF NEW YORK.  Well she's in favor of a GOOD New York!  New York hasn't been all that good per my understanding.  Her main issue seems to be more or less A BETTER NEW YORK.  Good.  I dunno seems kind of radical.  I THINK she should be CLEAR that New York has been RELATIVELY OKAY.  Otherwise she's dismissing all the good we've accomplished!  Like, look at all those buildings going up to the sky!  Sounds pretty good to me!  Sure we can build MORE buildings that go even FURTHER up into the sky.  Whose platform is that.  Gotta imagine one of these dozen people have MORE SKYSCRAPERS AND TALLER ONES TOO as one of their top half dozen issues.  They've got MY attention!
What else is going on and crap.  I think we should build buildings that go 30 stories deep into the ground.  It's FUN to be underground in a building.  And that's just 1, 2 stories underground.  Imagine how much fun it would be to report to work 10 stories underground.  VERY much fun, that's how!  Also I Envy The Dead because they get to live underground for the rest of their lives.  Seems about right.  Is it an option for when I die that I can request to be Taxidermied and propped up somewhere nice?  I feel like I should have that right.  I mean, obviously, if my kids or other family members or friends WANT I can be set up in their living room or something. That's the ideal situation.  But lets say no one wants me!  There should be public facilities for the Taxidermied Deceased to spend time together at the very least, if no one else wants them.  I feel very strongly about this.
Anyway.  Not a lot of rice in Stuffed Cabbage last night!  There was rice mixed into the hamburgerish meat filling.  It was pretty good but I expected more rice.  Also wasn't a fan of the cabbage!  Just ate the meatmix.  Go figure. 
Last paragraph of act II!  Dunno who to have as 2nd choice now in Mayor Race.  Stringer or Wiley per my understanding.  Stringer has Sex Scandal or something from 20 years ago per my understanding.  Better LTURQ.  If he is guilty I'm not on board with him being in my top 3!  If he's innocent he's in my top 3!  I don't know whether he's innocent?  Isn't there some sort of way as to figuring out whether he's guilty or innocent and for it to be done in a timely manner?  Seems like that would be a useful public service.  Hmm giving myself a lot to think about.  I'll be back soon!





I See Where I'm Going With This

    Hey I'm back!  I got lunch going on.  Meatloaf!  Threw you a curveball with that one, didn't I!  The good news is what else is going on.  Amazon put a package outside our front door last night intended for other people!  Who live somewhere else!  Kinda close by!  Now it's on ME to bring it to them during my next walk.  My Dad called amazon and they said we could keep it!  Possible it's an anthrax attack though so I ain't openin' nothin'.  Bringing it to them because I am a Good Citizen.  Doing it 24 hours late because I am an Average Citizen.  Anyway.  2 Slices of meat loaf.  Two dinner rolls to make sandwiches.  TEN OR SO KETTLED CHIPS.
     Great!  I was finishing the Yo La Tengo album and there were birds chirping during my walk and I was like hmm kinda sounds good maybe they should put this bird chirping into the track.  Maybe they did and that's what I'm hearing.  Probably not, though.  Most likely this is REAL LIVE BIRDS.  I dunno, though.  What if listeners of this track want to imagine It's NIGHTTIME.  Its well within their rights!  Reasonable way to imagine things!  Now suddenly birds chirping are RUINING EVERYTHING!  LOOK is if I could go back in time and change things would I get 2 diet snapples instead of 12?  Yes but I CAN'T.  Not as of now, at least!
     Jeez.  I think my Man Mounds are getting smaller.  I really do!  That's possibly the worst place to gain weight as a man.  No man wants Man Mounds!  I guess some do!  No judgment!  But I don't!  The point is I can't wait to have a nice COMPACT body.  I'll be able to fit into TIGHT SPACES like AIR DUCT VENTILATION VENTS.  And that comes in handy in a myriad of ways.  I dunno looking forward to this entry being over.  Pretty close, too!  All things considered.  Well I don't know about ALL things.  Certainly have considered Lots Of Things but ALL THINGS?  Who am I foolin'.  No one, that's what!  I wonder what the SECOND most important &/OR good album of Yo La Tengo is.  My guess?  There IS a consensus second album that I could listen to next.  MAYBE it's between 2 albums which one is next.  No more, though!  Three or more Top Good Choices?  I just don't see it.  That's not to say there's not more GOOD ALBUMS.  I'm just saying it will be CLEAR which album comes next for my listening pleasure.  Go figure.
Anyway.  For all this talk about how great scallops are, I'll probably get four.  Two scallops for each dinner I make out of it.  A big nothin'!  You know what charachter I get a kick out of in The Sopranos its Why Its Only Artie WHAT A CUT UP.  He's the comic relief!  All characters are funny.  They're all comic relief.  I dunno I can think of some characters that aren't funny.  Like... uh... DAMNIT THEY ARE ALL HILARIOUS.  How about SIL.  What a snooze!  BIG PUSSY.  Not an amusing bone in his body!  For some reason the first few times I watched The Sopranos I was under the impression somehow that there was a Little Pussy.  There's a key character named Big Pussy in The Sopranos and there's NEVER ANY mention of a Little Pussy.  But I came away from watching it somehow thinking there was.  Go figure.  [EDITOR's NOTE-- Actually There Was A Little Pussy.  STILL THOUGH I stand by the gist of what I said]
Last paragraph!  Roughly 1/14th of what I've already written today.  That sounds doable.  Mom is gonna watch Tenet tonight and wants me to watch too.  Seems like a good movie, but I dunno!  It seems intense.  I know it's directed by The Christopher Nolan and that's intense enough for me.  Gotta wonder if me and my family are safe.  By watching this movie.  Who knows if there's even ANY comic relief in Tenet.  Anyway this paragraph is very short but I feel like its long enough.  I'll see you guys tomorrow. 

-4:09 P.M.







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