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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Over Here!

    That settles that!  Hello friends for yet another entry.  Really getting bored of saying, "Hello Friends," every entry.  If not explicitly then IMPLICITLY.  No beer today!  Gonna be like that for Oh I Don't Know Several Months At Least?  Right now operating under the presumption that there's a good, perhaps PLAUSIBLE chance that I will stop writing once Walks Start a week from tomorrow.  OR to REFORM the process if not getting rid of it completely.  Have it posted at different times.  Write it in different ways including ON PAPER.  Changing the standard 5 paragraph per 3 acts format!  The point is I HAVE to keep writing for at least 8 days!  The people expect as much!
    Today is the last day that I HAVE to writ that isn't the last day of the week being the last day of the entry.  Lemme walk you through that sentence.  Tomorrow will be the last Thursday before I start taking walks.  Today is Wednesday.  Still another Wednesday before Schedule Change.  So basically after today we're in final day territory.  It's IMPORTANT for CONTEXT to explain this so thoroughly.  LOOK I have low grade OCD for some things!  This website has been one of those things!  Get off my back about it and whatnot.  Getting DELI meat for last Super Market Order that won't be augmented by Other Outside Foods.  Cornt Beef!  I see now they have Deli CHEESE.  Like slices of cheese!  I feel like mixing Cornt Beef with Swiss'd Cheese may be delicious but IT DEFIES ALL SANDWICH LOGIC.  Oh well if nothing else I am a Sandwich Experimentor.  I'll keep someone OR SOMETHING updated on this situation as it progresses.
     Cool!  Well this isn't so hard so far.  Already 2/15 paragraphs down.  We're talking ONLY 13 left!  We're talking probably gonna have Chicken with Rice and Peapods and Oh I Don't Know CHICKEN?  What I already said chicken?  Well I wrapped back around to chicken.  Wanted to emphasize the chicken.  Main thing!  I'd like to see some sort of meal with protein where they're VERY clear that the protein is the 3rd of 4th element to the meal.  Can't think of one off the top of my head!  Protein is always the star or AT WORST a solid #2 ingredient!  Hmm pizza.  Meat Pizza.  That's the exception that proves the rule!  Whew got of easy with that.  I was CAUGHT in a MISINFORMATION ACT but I explained my way out of this sticky situation.
Wonderful.  Spoke to Therapist over ZOOM enterprise.  She was centered way in the right of my screen.  SHE WAS COVERING UP THE VIDEO OF ME.  Whatta letdown.  Also maybe my video was covering up the video of her.  Upon further introspection that's probably more accurate.  You'd thikn I'd remember and have registered which of those was the case.  You'd think Wrong!  What else is going on and crap.  Therapist gave me the green light to get my haircut after 2 weeks after 2nd vaccine.  She's the boss!  She'd have no motive for me to undergo risky enterprises.  If I die I can't see how that would ultimately help her someway.  So if we've learnt one thing from this paragraph its that Therapist MORE LIKELY THAN NOT doesn't want me dead.
     Unless That's Exactly What She WANTS me To Think.
  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  HMM better add that cheese.  BRB.  DOMESTIC SWISS CHEESE.  Seems like unless we're in Switzerland the Swiss Cheese isn't really all that domestic.  Yeah!  Also it let me buy it by the quarter pound!  We're talkin Not Very Much Pot Committed To This At All!  Wonderful!  Anyway its the last day of March 2021.  I was scared for a second earlier than I was thinking about My Age and for a second I miscalculated and thought I would be 34 for 11 out of 12 months of 2022.  NOPE.  ONLY 33 YEARS OLD.  World of difference!  33 I can still say Young!  Low thirties!  Once you're 34 that's Mid Thirties!  I don't like the sound of that!  I'll be back in a little bit.




Too Slow!

    I saw they're opening Marijuana Lounges in New York!  Where its a bar but for marijuana!  At first I was like cool whatever then I was like hmm actually then I Was like oh right.  Didn't capture my interest at first!  Then I realized it sounded great fun!  Then I realized I don't have any friends to go there with!  But hey why not it still sounds like fun for people with friends.  Or people who want to MAKE friends.  That sort of thing!  I can't wait to TRY DIFFERENT MARIJUANAS.  Hmm this strain is not without its charms.  This other one GREAT.  Hey quick question where can I get marijuana with PCP on it.  DAMNIT NO PCP!!!  Is PCP one of those drugs where it's like why would anyone take this on purpose.  Like the Scarecrow Drug in Batman.  At th beginning of Batman II he's like, to the drug dealer gangsters, I told you my compound would take you places, I never said they'd be places you want to go.  So that's what I think PCP is OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.
     Cool!  Also I can't wait for 10 years out where they're like ya know what upon further introspection Marijuana IS a gateway drug!  I don't think it'll happen. But that'd be a fun Oops-Em-Up that we could all get a kick out of.  Probably even less of a gateway drug that it is unlegalized!  Which already it wasn't really!  It being legal removes The Main Way it's the same as harder drugs!  Cause it's legal now!  They still aren't!  Don't gotta associate it with harder drugs at all!  Whew I was worried for a second Marijuana would be a gateway to PCP.  These days what ISN'T a gateway to PCP!  That's my hot take for some reason no one is really sure of!
    Presumably having lunch with Act III.  Lunch I was talking about earlier.  The Peapod Lunch with Brown Rice and a Dash of Grilled Chicken Cutlet.  What else is going on.  50/50 shot of Communal Pasta Dinner tonight or tomorrow.  Not 50% each day.  50% that it'd be either day.  Great this is good stuff.  I saw that Virus Vaccine is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT effective among 12-15 year olds.  Which just makes Doing A 13 Going On 30 even MORE egregious.  I like Google Dictionary's definition of, "Egregious:" 1) outstandingly bad; shocking.  2) remarkably good.  Doesn't get much funnier definitions than that.  #2 they attribute to, "Archaic Use."  So it meant good at first then became bad.  Which isn't that funny!  But reading it WITHOUT the archaic bonus information at first is A Laugh & A Half!
     Wonderful.  Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Thinking about transitioning to 2 acts of 5 paragraphs each per entry.  If I'm changing the LengthFormat that's the most obvious way to go per my limited comprehension and understanding.  But as of today Gonna Stick With Regular.  LOOK I want to be able to get Chipotle and I WILL be able to get Chipotle but they leave you NO OPTION to specify which toppings you want on Door Dash.  I don't know if I'm getting ALL the toppings by standard or NONE of the toppings by standard.  And either way Don't Really Want It.  Either I'm calling the shots or I'm just gonna have to forego your resturant altogether!  I've complained about Chipotle Ingredients on DoorDash While Browsing It In Anticipation before!  I'll complain about it again!  Squeaky Wheel Gets Some Grease!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful!  Gotta imagine they'll serve food at Marijuana Lounge.  Be interesting to see how they work with that.  Can they have a dozen foods on menu?  Seems like that should be allowed.  Seems like being an all-out restaurant might ruffle some regulation feathers.  They can't just have Regular Family Restaurants: the kind you take your family to, which also serve marijuana.  I mean they could.  But it just seems EGREGIOUS.  Which Egregious?  I'll never tell!  Can't smoke tobacco cigarettes at restaurant.  Can't smoke tobacco cigarettes anywhere!  Maybe you CAN have Marijuana Restaurants.  Upon further introspection Why Not!!!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!!!  ...Can't serve alcohol, though.  Whether they serve marijuana or alcohol must be decided on a Family Restaurant by Family Restaurant basis.



Can't Stop Now

    DAMNIT I just remembered I HATE peas.  And pea pods are like peas!  Man oh man what an OOPS-Em-UP.  And No Fooling since Pea Pods were main ingredient the other ingredience Taste Of Pea Pods!  Chicken and rice!  I can tolerate their pea podishness but its there!  Ruining everything!  I think TV is talking about George Floyd might have used a fake 20 dollar bill?  I once used a fake 20 dollar bill!  I think it was at McDonalds!  They confronted me about it, and I didn't have a Real 20 dollars or my Credit Card, so I went home!  GOT A REAL 20 DOLLAR BILL.  WALKED THE FUCK BACK TO MCDONALDS AND GOT MY DINNER.  Good thing no one killed me that night.  Not to my knowledge at least.
     Wonderful!  I have some Brown Rice of my own!  Not just as a side to a fully prepared 3 COURSE MEAL (rice chicken and pods), but as a complete 12 oz or so!  I still have 2/3rds of that more or less!  I can pair it with Oh I Don't Know CHILI for tonight?  And put that chili in a bowl!  I've learnt my lesson SEVERAL times putting chili loose on plate.  Anyway this brown rice hasn't been corrupted by pods so that's great just great.  What else is going on and crap.  Finished lunch!  Probably bring it down now.  Empty plate.  Not quite empty.  Packed With Pods.  Get a dinner roll or something on the way up.  Still kinda hungry!  Also the McDonalds was like half a mile away.  But I was determined to be like SEE I AIN'T SCAMMIN' NOBODY.  LET THIS NOT BE A BLUNDER ON MY GOOD NAME.
Third paragraph of Act III!  Upon further introspection, should we not have counterfeit money be illegal in the first place?  You're introducing a 20 dollar bill into the system!  You're Adding To The Economy!  It's a STIMULUS per my limited understanding!  Ya know that sort of thing.  Is it illegal to destroy Real Money?  You're taking AWAY from the economy now!  We'll heve negative inflation!  Deflation!  Presumably!  I haven't crunched the numbers yet but gotta imagine when you're in college to be an economist the two main things you learn about are counterfeit money (adding to the economy) and destroying real money (taking away from the economy).  Ya know that sort of thing.
Penultimate paragraph!  Just got 1 of 2 deliveries I've been expecting today!  Wonderful!  Once I get the 2nd one the doors open to take a bath!  Not literally!  I can't leave the door open while taking a bath!  I leave myself exposed to All Sorts of Psycho Scenarios!  HMM putting together Super Market order for next week and I realized haven't had BEEF Flavored Ramen in A Dog's Age!  Had chicken.  Had shrimp!  Had Spicy Had Mild.  Not had BEEF yet.  I can't wait for it to be next week so I can eat something that vaguely tastes like fake beef.  The moral of the story is you should always carry a Back Up 20 in case one of the regular 20s in your daily rotation isn't real.  Be prepared, that's my motto!  No it isn't!  Maybe it should be!
     Last paragraph of Act III!  And by extension The Entry.  Yeah!  That's a good option for dinner.  Sriracha Chicken Noodles + A Salmon.  How about that!  Not 100% on board with the taste of this styrofoam that holds this brand of noodles.  You'd think you wouldn't have to take into account the taste of the container of Ramen Noodles but You'd Be Wrong!  You're gonna be getting SOME Styrofoam taste and this current brand (Maru Chan) is the worst tasting Styrofoam of the 3 brands I've gotten regularly.  Wonderful, just wonderful.  Not For Me It Isn't!  Great, just great.  The best tasting Styrofoam is the Styrofoam that you don't even realize you're tasting it.  Also Styrofoam is a brand name.  Styrofoam with a lower case, "L," (styrofoam) ISN'T accepted as a word.  Go figure!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:57 P.M.




Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The End Is In Sight

    That settles that!  Hey friends, another entry.  Last entry with beer for Oh I Don't Know, the foreseeable future?  Not sure what that means specifically.  Once I figure it out I'll let you know.  Anyway I'm not quitting beer for Rest of Life but IF I DID it would be a good time to do it.  I had my last cigarette March 31st 2019.  I WOULD be having my last beer March 30th 2021.  But I'm not!  But not only is it same day but it's also I can say it was April 1st.  But now that wuold be foolish!  Plus it's off by one day!  You get the point.  It MEANS things when things happen on a similar day.  I don't know what but maybe that's your job to figure out what it means!
     Great, just great.  8 days of entries without beer starting tomorrow before PID (Personal Independence Day).  Then TIME TO REASSESS.  Re: Asses.  Makes me laugh!  Finished #ScreamSummerSpringtime #1 last night and started #2 today!  I like these movies.  I'm on board, but its kinda weird to make the Scary Movie Parody movie when 2/3rds of the parody movie is just doing the same jokes the original movie did but way more ham-handed.  It's the exact same movie but the jokes are more obvious and pronounced.  Kinda seems like Scary Movie should be sued by Scream.  And Neve Campbell sues the Wayans Brothers.  And a third thing.  We did the TITLES.  We did the STARS.  Also YES I meant that as a Title suing Another Title.  Do hams have hands.  Can we call pigs, "Hams?"  And no one would bother us about it?  Lemme LTURQ.  Not seeing anything about just calling Pigs, "Hams."  Lets see if we can get that, "Trending!"
    My Dad KNOWS ABOUT MEMES.  There was some story on News about it and he was like you heard of these things, "memes?"  What's that all about?  So we got that going for us is the point.  YOU MAY be able to call actors who Ham It UP Hams.  Lemme look that up right quick!  YEP that's appropriate.  Wasn't there a sitcom with a pig whose an actor.  Or am I just thinking about a joke from The Simpsons.  Either way, call that pig a, "Ham," maybe it's an acting thing maybe its just pointing out he's a big!  Here's a thought-- Awards for animal actors.  Monkeys, pigs, dogs, whatever.  Maybe you'd have to make it every 2 or 5 years, so you can really build up 5 or 6 big animal roles where they CLEARLY were doing some pretty good acting.  I'd watch that award show.  Too bad it would only take 3 minutes.  I can't think of any more than 1 award.  Maybe one for Supporting Roles and one for Starring Roles.  That's about it!  Unless there's some monkey cinematographers out there!
     Cool.  Green Acres.  The grass is always greener on the other acre.  How come that phrase assumes everyone is full of spite.  Supposed to be a universal point.  EVERYONE feels like the grass is always greener on the other side.  That's how it's meant.  NO WAY.  I'm sure there's plenty of people out there happy with their own grass!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Hams don't have hands.  They have hooves.  That's what I think off the top of my head, at least.  That's my current assumption as of now.  WHAT THE HELL MY GRASS AIN'T AS GREEN AS OTHER PLACES?  WHAT EVEN IS THE POINT OF LIVING ANYMORE!!!  That sort of thing.  I assume it's good to be green for grass because it's fresh.  You want your housesetting to be nice and fresh.  That's off the top of my head thoughts.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Wonderful.  Looking into possibly getting Chicken Parm Meal for lunch.  Not really looking into it as much as thinking about it.  You know, that kind of thing.  I don't get the title, "Scream."  Don't tell me what to do!  If I feel like screaming, I'll scream!  Don't you worry about me!  The point is if Scream is funnier than Scary Movie I think its safe to guesstimate that Scary Movie is scarier than Scream.  That's just philosophy math, and if not, it's something which RESEMBLES philosophy math if and only if you cross your eyes and whatnot.  How come that's not a thing.  Dot Your T's and Cross Your I's.  You can Cross Your Eyes it's a very common thing!  It's a pun you could make!  Not sure what Dot Your T's could mean but even without it Crossing Your Eyes is FUNNY.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Wait A Second

    Dot Your T's means Nipples.  They dot your T (tits).  Cracked that code.  If I was in Scream Movie and I was asked what's your favorite scary movie by Distortion Ghostface Killer, I'd be like well does this count?  I enjoy Scream movies so I wanna know if I can count the noe we're in right now.  Also I dunno!  If you asked me that when I was a preteen probably WOULD say Scream(s).  Now what would I say.  What's your favorite scary movie.  Well that's a complicated question what kind of criteria and context are we ascribing to these potential favorite scary movies?  Scariest?  The Exorcist.  Most fun?  Probably Return of the living Dead I.  Best MOVIE?  Dawn of the Dead.  I dunno, what's YOUR favorite scary movie?  And You Can't Say, "This One We're In!"
     Wonderful.  DOES MY LIFE COUNT AS A MOVIE.  Pretty scary stuff!  The stakes to My Life are WAY higher than any scary movie you might be thinking of!  And Stakes and Potential Consequences and Real Life Problems And Fears And Risks are VERY scary.  How about this answer-- well I'm gonna be honest ALL films are scary to me!  So you're basically just asking me what's my favorite movie.  IN WHICH CASE....  I dunno, what else is going on and crap.  Lunch with Act III!  It'll be a blast and a half.  My mom didn't like her Chicken Curry.  Now I'm on the hook for half or 2/3rds or 3/4ths or however much she left over.  I can get around it!  I can get my parents to be OKAY with me not finishing it.  But we all know the responsible thing is to finish My Mom's Chicken Curry.
     Wonderful!  Starting 2nd beer of the day.  Four overall!  Then I'm dunzo!  Gotta ZOOM call tomorrow morning with Therapist.  That's a blast and a half.  HEY LOOK AT ME IN THE CORNER NO I CAN'T LOOK AT ME THEY'LL KNOWWhatever.  What else is going on and crap.  Delivery on Friday is last weekly delivery which won't be augmented by Bonus Regular Delivery Places like on Doordash &/or they deliver themselves.  Man oh man.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  Finished #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  Makes sense to go back to #TheDeuceSummerSpringtime as a direct replacement.  I can do that an whatnot.  So much Sex in that show!  I dunno what to make of it!  More sex in one show that I've seen since I Don't KNOW When!  Feel like when I was 13 there were some series on Cinimax &/or Showtime that was soft porn.  I can't recall the premises or whatever but... Oh!  I think one of them had to do with a sorority!  Something like that.  I think there was one abuot a Call Lady.  Whatever you call people who do phone sex.  Call Ladies sounds about right!
     Anyway.  I remember thinking, soft porn ain't so amazing already, and this is a step down from regular soft porn.  Dunno how I'm measuring that.  Eroticness?  Production Values?  The point is Let's Move On With Our Lives.  Do kids these days even know what Soft Porn is?  On Internet I think you're mostly bombarded by Medium-To-Hard Porn.  Where do kids go to get exposed to soft porn?!?!  Whatever.  What else is going on and crap.  HOLLYWOOD?  Maybe.  Some movies have scenes &/or sequences that are halfway close to soft porn.  Prove me wrong!  Anyway I use TWITTER and one person I search for to read without subscribing is Dan Rather.  And the INTERESTING part of that is over the last week I've become unable to think Dan Rather and instead keep thinking Don Rother.  Go figure!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Is it possible Scream II is the best film of the original trilogy?  Possibly!  I don't have all the details in front of me!  Is it possible that Scream III is the worst film of the Scream Trilogy?  I've been operating under that assumption but I guess by tomorrow or the next day I'll have The Details In Front Of Me so I Could say for certain one way or another!  Enterprise where I ask Dan Rather to do things and it's called, "Would You, Rather?"  Nailed it.  Perfect joke.  No one ever thought of using PUNS for JOKES before.  I'm the first person to do that!  Anyway hey I'll be back in a little bit.




Tell Me About It

       George Floyd Killer Trial going on downstairs.  Through the TV.  Not actually downstairs.  BUT it is taking place in State Courtroom and not City!  If I've learned anything from #TheWireSummerSpringtime, it's that State Court Room won't hold him accountable because it's filled with white people.  Also I HAVE learned anything from The Wire.  Not just this, which is accurate, but maybe Oh I Don't Know A DOZEN THINGS?  Anyway having delicious Chicken Parmesan right now.  Most delicious it's been in months.  I'm really getting a, "Kick," out of this lunch!  Got good options for dinner.  Finish Artichoke &/Or Spinach pizza, off the top of my head!
    I can't watch George Floyd Killer Trial.  I can't follow Amazon Union Vote.  I'll just be disappointed.  What the George Floyd Killer Case won't be decided for weeks?  Ok well I STILL don't want to watch it.  What if a lawyer or witness says something anti- George Floyd &/or pro- George Floyd Killer.  Whatever.  There was a solid month or two of Pandemic where we were really talking about Police Abusing Black Americans.  I feel like we MAY circle back around to it at some point.  That'd be my instinct, at least.  When people think back on Pandemic Quarantine Year gotta imagine the 4th or 5th thing was Oh Right The Stuff Abuot Police Killing and/or assaulting people particularly Black Americans.  With that kind of capital, we'll circle back around to it in a jiffy!
     Wonderful.  I think Defund the police works as a THREAT if not a policy.  If you keep killing people we're gonna take your allowance away.  That's a different way to go about it!  Does the cast and crew of Reno 911 feel any sense of remorse in making Police a Goofball Laughing Matter?  My guess is YES it eats them up at night.  I combined eats them up inside or something with keeps them up at night.  Eats them up at night.  That makes sense already but now it makes even more sense.  Anyway for weeks I've reached the Hair Length that it gets in the way if I'm trying to eat food.  And I try to eat food several times a day!  No fair!  How about Super Troopers.  They're as responsible as anyone for this climate.
     Penultimate paragraph!  Wonderful.  Sometimes I find tiny miniscule pieces of glass on my floor and I'm like well FINALLY That's The End Of That!  And that happens once a week at this point.  FINALLY this last time PROBABLY WAS the end of that!  Jeez.  Microsoft Front Page doesn't even recognize, "Defund," as a word!  Talk about GETTING POLITICAL.  Microsoft Front Page FOR TOO LONG has been explicitly against Police Reform and IT'S NOT RIGHT.  I for one would like to see A NEW program that lets you easily build a website without knowing HTML or any code.  A website builder that is more Politically Progressive!  I'd even take Politically Neutral!  I'd prefer Politically Progressive Though All In All!  Hey one more paragraph to go.
     8 Entries with no alcohol OR walks.  Presumably.  Get off my back about it is the point.  ALSO according to Patriotism Calendar, after tomorrow, we're starting a new month!  I dunno what it's called yet but I can definitely see that the current month is gonna end after tomorrow.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!  Politically Progresses!  All In All that's what I'd prefer most from Website Builder Program.  Huh?  Wha?  Hey the entry is just about over.  I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-1:59 P.M.





Monday, March 29, 2021

Let Me Tell You Something

    Hello friends.  Monday!   One of several days that may start the week.  I've talked about this many times before but it's important.  When The Hell Do Weeks Start &/Or End.  Also-- here's a think 'em up-- is it possible the first day of the week and the last day of the week are the same fucking day.  I know what you're gonna say-- No, no way, week is seven days, each day is unique, everyone knows that.  I dunno about that!  Let's say it's Sunday.  Sunday starts and ends.  I know the arguments against it!  But it makes A BIT of sense if you really wanna go there and try to follow my dumb logic.  Also maybe it's Saturday.  Probably not.  Can't be Monday.  Friday?  How about one of the other days.  That narrows it down!  If this is a real thing, obviously we're sticking with Sunday.
not gonna re-up with beer this week.  I'm done!  Got 9 beers in store for today and tomorrow-- figured I'd drink a bit more than usual as a nice, "Sending Off," party especially considering if I'm stopping drinking why not stop a day or two sooner.  And go out with a NINE BEER TWO DAY BENDER.  Anyway gotta imagine that'll work out for me.  There was a period RECENT PERIOD where I went like 3 or 4 months without alcohol.  So recent it was during quarantine!  We're talkin' roughly Summer I think.  I THINK I remember watching Space Force during this sobriety period.  Lemme LTURQ!  Yep that woulda been May, early June.  I also remember being NOT sober while watching After Life: Probably For The Second Time At That Point.
    Whatta wonderful year.  There will be a Space Force II but it hasn't been filmed yet!  Presumably because of Corona Crisis.  Not 100% happy with the meals I got from Super Market Delivery.  I mean I GET that I've gotten them before and were good enough.  This time around though they all seem like snoozes.  That's life for ya!  10 days until PID (Personal Independence Day)!  That's A Week And A Half Exactly-- The LEAST AMOUNT OF DAYS A Week And A Half Exactly Could Be.  11 Days?  NO THANK YOU.  10 days?  Just as close to a week but WE MADE IT THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!  THE BOAT IS FREE.  I feel like this is supposed to spur global celebrations.  People dancing in the streets.  Fire works from here to there.  I dunno something like that.
Penultimate paragraph of Act I!  Can Fire Works be a Drug Pun.  One would imagine so.  Can it also be an antithesis to a Monopoly Space.  Water works, huh.  Well the opposite of that would be Fire works.  And as we all know if There's A Thing, There MUST be an opposite to a thing.  That's just Science/Philosophy, that's all that is.  Each and every thing has a direct opposite thing.  That's the impression I've been living under.  I guess I'm kind of, vaguely enthusiastic about the chicken meal with sweet potatoe and broccoli for lunch.  Upon further introspection that sounds pretty good!  Anyway.  Went to bad relatively late last night (we're talking TEN P.M.) and AGAIN it was a productive night of sleep.  Fell asleep within half an hour!  I like those odds!
     Cool.  Space Force feels like a million years ago!  It was actually only 1 in a million years ago!  We're talkin 1 year!  Crunched the numbers and everything!  Hey it's MONDAY.  Sometimes on CHANNELS or STREAMERS that's the day they add new movies for the week.  Why there's only a NON ZERO PERCENT NUMBER that ROTLD: I is out there.  We're talking .85%!  Lets round it up to 1%!  Hmm let me LTURQ.  NOPE!  There are places I could BUY &/or RENT it for at the lowest 3 or 4 dollars!  Been like that, though!  Doesn't count as the 1 in 100!  I crunched the numbers on whether this number should count and it doesn't!  If I was gonna spend 10 dollars to BUY Return of the living dead, might as well spend 10 dollars to BUY an external DVD ROM Drive on account of I have the DVD!  And it would cost the same, but now I ALSO HAVE a DVD Rom Drive out of the deal!  With 200 other movies!!!  On the other hand it might break after 30 minutes.  I've given myself a lot to think about!




How Do You Figure

    Why Yes double Sunday weeks DOES remind me of The Beatles.  If you're gonna have 8 days a week, this way makes the most sense!  Other than dividing each day so that there's 8 days equivalent days of hours over what we're used to-- 24 hour days.  Lemme crunch those numbers right Quick, tell you how many hours a day that would be.  Twenty One Hours!  Upon further introspection yep that sounds just about right.  So either Beatles have been living with Double Sundays OR they think each day is 21 hours.  Can't be both!  Then that'd be, what, NINE days a week?  Not exactly nine but around there?  I don't have all the details in front of me!
     Cool!  Still haven't watched Justice League: The Director's Cut By Some Guy I Never Even Heard Of: May Not Have Even Been The Director: I Guess He Must Have Been Involved Somehow: Maybe He Was The Editor Or Something: And Then Went Around Him For The First Cut.  Also yes if you told me the guys name I'd be like yep that sounds like some director that other people are more familiar with than I am.  So I am familiar with him by proxy.  I dunno.  What else is going on and crap.  Were the people on the boat still on the boat all this time.  If they all deserted the boat then the boat's precious precious cargo would be out in the open for anybody who wants to steal it.  Haven't these people ever heard the phrase going down with the ship.  It means you're supposed to stay on boats that are sinking.  This boat was sinking at some point, right?  Then it resurfaced.  I don't have all the details in front of me.
     Cool!  Was there ever a thought along the lines of lets blow up this ship.  I never thought of it before!  Or heard it expressed!  But that must have been ONE option they considered!  Just blow it up to smithereens!  Problem solved!  It's not a joke IT WOULD WORK.  Oh well lost opportunity to blow something up productively.  What else is going on and crap.  Is it possible that Post Master Dejoy sabotaged this shipboating enterprise so that it would take weeks for people to get their shipments that were part of boat's cargo?  He's the arch villain whose main crime is slowing down mail on purpose.  Which is a crime!  He shouldn't be allowed to do it!  It negatively effects ALL of our lives!  The point is he's our first suspect, no question.  What else is going on and crap.
     Penultimate Paragraph of Act II!  I dunno about you, but my first choice to replace Dejoy would be Ben Gibbard.  That's just common sense.  What else is going on and crap.  Had a potatoe pancake last night with meatloaf.  I enjoyed it!  Crunchy and the taste is good!  Anyway My Dad seems to be in good health today.  Back &/or Forth whistling has been reengaged.  Anyway, just told my Dad about my Too Late Plan to Blow Ship Up.  He was like that wouldn't work, all the debris would still be in the way.  I dunno, though.  The boats to Go Through The Debris can EASILY proceed In My Imagination.  Little pieces of debris stand NO MATCH for a big ol' shippingboat.  I dunno.  One more paragraph of Act II!
Wonderful.  Presumably have lunch with Act III.  Presumably the chicken sweet potatoe and broccoli lunch.  Those are two presumptions and I stand by them.  Why do the Beatles Double Days have to be Sundays.  They don't.  I just figure that's the most obvious one.  They can be doing Double Days of any day they please!  Also IF IT WERE UP TO ME I'd have everyone desert the boat COMPLETELY before blowing it up.  I'm drawing a line in the sand!  If we're blowing this ship up we MUST wait for it to be evacuated!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




I'll Give You That

    Hey what else is going on.  Got lunch going on.  Started it and upon further introspection not that hungry.  But it's a meal that's not that fulfilling hungerwise.  So I can finish it and everyone's happy!  Anyway.  Watching some #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  Halfway through Season V: The Dumbest Season By Far.  This time around it's okay!  I've gotten used to the specific dumbness that is this season.  What else is going on.  An entire MINI SERIES of #MarvelSummerSpringtime?  I can watch those.  I have no motive not to!  Also PRESUMABLY it's a small part in the bigger entire franchise storyline.  Now I'm REALLY pot committed to watching these, "Episodes."  Falcon and Winter Soldier.  I've heard of them before!  Probably from watching Major Motion Movies.
     Cool.  Wanna hear my secret shame?  Takes me a while to urinate these days!  Probably been going on for a long time but I can't really place when it started.  At this point It's All I Know.  It's not PAINFUL or anything.  I just gotta stand there for a while LIKE AN IDIOT.  Not always.  Sometimes I can Take Care Of Business within a small amount of seconds.  Sometimes it takes me 15, 20 seconds!  Oh well such is life.  Secret Shame.  Probably one of Oh I Don't Know TWELVE Secret Shames?  It's up there in the top 12!  What are the other ones.  I dunno.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!  No I won't. They're called SECRET Shames.  I'm already down to ELEVEN based on this paragraph.  That's no good!
     Third paragraph of Act III!  Dad is healthy today.  I probably already told you.  It's important!  Anyway.  Briefly thought about having an irresponsible lunch of Frozen Meal Lamb Saag with bonus brown rice.  Went with original choice because it's a Fresh Meal and I have to get it out of the way!  Wonderful.  Maybe have the frozen meal for dinner.  Maybe lots of things!  Gotta new brand of Noodles for this week.  Maru Chan but instead of Shrimp Flavor its SIRACHA CHICKEN.  It's okay!  I dunno about the Siracha!  I don't need spicy noodles upon further introspection.  HMM opon EVEN FURTHER introspection, there's an extra R in the word, "SRIRACHA!"  See ya learn something new every day. 
     Wonderful.  Lunch ended up being an appropriate amount of lunch.  Hmm.  Go figure!  So far having A LOT of fun staying up past dinner.  Maybe part of it is the Daylight Savings Times we just endured.  Discombobulated my Daysense!  For the best!  Point is tomorrow is SINGLE DIGITS before PID (Personal Independence Day).  Maybe play some guitar on my Guitar Amplification System later.  I'm getting back into that!  I still play as if I'm out of practice but I HAVE been practicing half an hour or 2 a day.  2 Half hours are an hour.  I can't say half an hour or an hour.  Saying half an hour or two is easier and sounds better.  But don't my word for it!  Because I'm Probably Lying.  I am an unreliable narrator as per this paragraph.  I'm either lying or just mistaken.  Either way sure is one way to end a paragraph.
Last paragraph!  How about that.  Dunno whatta do after PID.  Regarding Website.  Maybe stop completely!  WHY.  Maybe do it not every day!  WHY.  Maybe do it every day.  WHY.  I have to make decisions and I don't understand the consequences of any decision.  And even if I could understand the consequences of said decisions I would still be undecided!  Oh well live and learn.  Entry just about over.  I assume if you want to blow up big ol' shipboat, you have to go the Armageddon Route, and get a team of Drillers to land on the boatship (from above) and they drill into the center of the ship and plant bombs there.  I assume to detonate once they've all gotten on a rocketship and rocketed away to safety.  I assume lots of things!  Well great just great that'll be enough to end the entry.  See you guys tomorrow.

-12:57 P.M.




Sunday, March 28, 2021

I See What You Mean

    How's my external DVD ROM hard drive coming along? No where, that's who!  The point is they have Return Of The Living Dead on Youtube in 10 parts, each part is 2 or 3 minutes.  SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM.  NO way you can fit a 90 minute movie into 10 parts of 3 minutes.  The math JUST DOESN'T ADD UP.  Off the top of my head probably around  20 to 30 minutes you can fit!  My mama didn't raise no fool!  I became one anyway but don't blame my Mama!  What kind of delicious lunch can I have today.  Thinking a sandwich might hit the spot.  I have no sandwiches!  No pre-made sandwiches.  No sandwich meat.  I can make an EGG sandwich or something.  Even if I have bagel and egg separately.  It's like weird restaurants where they serve you meals with all the ingredients separate.  Bagel + eggs is just a Bagel + egg sandwich but I have to figure out what to do with it!  Also upon further introspection, I NORMALLY make it into 2 open faced sandwiches.  So that settles that!  I ain't gonna do that!
Maybe I will, who knows at this point.  Man oh man I stayed up LATE past 11:00 PM last night to watch SNL live and I had it set up but they just kept playing Datelines &/or To Catch Some Predators and by the time I realized I was on the WRONG NBC Livestream it was too late to start at the SNL beginning!  Went to sleep.  FELL ASLEEP WITHIN 15 MINUTES.  You have no idea!  Wonderful!  Day 1 of 7-11 Waking Life paid off IN DIVIDENDS.  Except for the part I woke up around 10 AM.  Yesterday AND today. Oh well what can ya do.  Turns out that's not Day 1 &/or 2 OF NOTHIN'.  Also SLEPT BACKWARDS.  Usually have my head WEST facing EAST on bed.  Went to sleep the other way around!  What a great switch-em-up!  I think I went back to normal at some point over the night but HEY GREAT.  Mattress isn't 100% great, kinda lumpy.  So sleeping the other way meant that the Lumps In The Mattress impacted my body differently at different points... IN A GOOD WAY.
Yeah!  Isn't To Catch A Predator very obviously entrapment?  That's not legal!  Also what's the point of hiring a woman just to say when the guy gets there, hey I'll be there in a minute.  He's already in the house.  What's he gonna do, take one step and be like WHAT THE HELL NO ONE HAS GREETED ME WITHIN SECONDS I'M OUT OF HERE.  In a way, aren't the To Catch a Predators' the REAL Predators.  They're predatoring on child sex people.  So they could get high ratings for their television program!  Lots of predators in this situation!  Also if I was Chris Hanson halfway through confronting Child Sex Predator I'd be like, well ya know... the offer still stands.  If you wanna hook up.  With someone.  I'm still here.   No I wouldn't!  I shouldn't have said If I was...  I should have just said It'd be funny if...  Oh well what can ya do.
     Up to Season V in #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  V means five.  Pretty sure about that.  Anyway as far as I remember Church Deacon don't show up in this season at all.  Probably does but nothing off the top of my head.  Anyway there's a supporting character in Season IV who ends up playing a small but significant role in season 5, and I'm gonna be honest, I used to not realize it was the same person.  Didn't realize it until I googled this actor-character last night.  EXTREMELY short.  Younger than the others!  But I wanted to see How Much Is It That This Guy Is Young and How Much Is It That This Guy Is Short.  Anyway, didn't realize this guy in season 5 was him!  What, all black people Don't Look Alike to you?  Something like that.  Oh well.
Also look 50% of it is THIS KID IS A GREAT ACTOR.  He SOLD me in his season 5 scene!  He was experiencing different EMOTIONS than he did in his scenes in season 4!  Totally seemed like a DIFFERENT PERSON because man what a great actor.  I guess.  Hey last paragraph of Act I!  Are torrents still a thing.  Can I download a Return Of The Living Dead illegally for free?  Better LTURQ.  Looks like they still exist.  But I'm not out of practice!  I don't wanna download a VIRUS.  That's be real net negative for me.  Also torrents are a gateway to the dark web.  Dark web?  Sounds scary!  They could give me a VIRUS without thinking twice!  Anyway, I'll be back in a little bit. 




I Owe You One

    Hey I just had HALF a Breakfast Wrap as some sort of BreakfastSnack.  It was delicious, I got no complaints!  ALSO it makes it easier to decide not to have bagel + eggs.  Already had some eggs today!  It wouldn't be very responsible of me to just have more eggs, would it?  Not very!  OH hey here's a yukk-em-up I came up with a week ago then forgot then remembered last night.  Hey Get A Load Of This I don't get why congress always makes these anagram acts.  Lemme LURQ a good example.  Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security act.  CARES.  Gotta imagine 80% of the time AT LEAST they're AMENDING the content of their bill to more appropriately suit its Cutesy Name.  Look, I know more than the average person how much fun titles can be.  But you should be focus on being SPECIFIC and COMMITTED to what yuo want Acts To Be.  Not on making a Fun Clever Titles!  Seems like you're sacrificing the exact specific conten... look you get the Joke &/or Valid Point.  Cutesy Names in Acts are detrimental because A) don't you have better things to do and B) there's NO WAY that this is the exact right title for an act in terms of its contents. LOOK there's an A AND a B!  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.
     What else is going on.  Make have that wide fetticcini once and for all!  Also came VERY close to spelling fettuccini right on my first try just then.  Closest I've gotten this entire time.  Ya see there's not just two, "T's," but ALSO two, "C's."  It's called PROGRESS and I' All About Progress!  Dunno if I'll have lunch with act III.  I guess probably!  I can handle that!  Again, I've talked about this half a dozen times, my brain must be broken because I want Subway: The Sandwich Shop Sandwiches more than anything else once PID (Personal Independence Day) has occurred.  Broken brain!  I don't know!  Oh I know why.  ONE-- all the fixings.  Haven't had nice surplus of vegetables in a while, let alone ALL the vegetables.  TWO-- Nice bread.  THREE-- I forget what I was talking about.  Oh, right.  Sandwiches!  Nice bread!  All the fixings!  That settles that.
Third paragraph of Act II!  Here's a good insight re: Me Wanting Subway Sandwiches!  Over the past decade, if I'm getting a MEAL, Subway would be the MAIN PLACE TO GET ONE that is on my walk!  And not delivery!  Hmm that probably checks out.  Could be that!  I dunno about getting a hair cut.  One the one hand, I want a haircut.  On the other hand, I need a haircut.  On the third hand, why risk it!  Third Eye Blind Tribute band called Third Hand Blind.  And its a reference to people who speak sign language or something.  I'd like to be FOR people who speak sign language but I can't figure out the equivalent of a band for people who can't hear music.  What would a Third Hand Blind BE for Sign Language People.  I dunno I'll circle back around to this at some point.
Cool.  Just forget about the Band Part and be like hey for people who can't SEE (&/OR HEAR???), instead of having a Third Eye what DO they have?  Third Hand is probably up there in Things That Could Have A Bonus Sense Or Something.  I've Lost Myself.  What's going on?  Something about trying to make puns but they just aren't able to be figured out!  When they're making Congress Acts, I've been giving them the benefit of the doubt that they get act done first and then try to come up with a cutesy title.  Upon further introspection, what if these idiots are coming up with the titles first and then the act.  What the Hell.  The scary part is that might be accurate?  RUN AWAY CONGRESS IS STUPID AS FUCK!!!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  What else is going on and crap.  And what's the target audience for Cute Bill Titles.  Who is really gaining what out of this entire enterprise.  I dunno.  I like that I'm almost done with Act II!  Means I'm relatively almost done with Entry!  Then I got the whole day ahead of me!  You know #TVSummerSpringtime.  BATHING oneself!  Those sorts of things.  I know I talk a big game about taking baths while showering but I haven't done it lately yet.  Maybe today is the day!  Been saving it for a special occasion.  Today is a special occasion.  Presumably.  I'll figure out why later!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




No, Not That

    Anyway, I'm An Asshole!  Was going downstairs to heat up lunch, whistled to my Dad for him to whistle back as a Call & Response, and he did, and then a second later He TRIPPED and FELL DOWN and broke the skin on his arm and forearm!  Bleeding a lot!  The dude has Mr Glass disease!  And it was me whom distracted him.  The point is it's 30% my fault by whistling.  We whistle at each other all the time all day and he's never fell down before!  Also it's not a SEXUAL whistling it's a PATERNAL father-and-son whistling!  But I guess that's the end of that!  Can't risk him falling down again!
     Wide Fettuccini Al Fredo... NAILED THE SPELLING THIS TIME.  Alright wonderful.  Hands and eyes aren't analogous no matter which of the 5 senses you're being deprived of.  Unless if ALL YOU GOT is feel.  If you're blind and deaf then YES your hands are the closest things you've got to sight.  So basically Anne Frank, she'... yep I mean Helen Keller.  So Yeah!  Yes, Helen Keller may or may not be Third Hand Blind.  Fettuccini is FINE this time around.  Sauce evaporated mostly, not ideal, but it's not as bad as I've made it before.  Still some flavor and the texture is pretty good!  It's not like I threw him off by whistling.  We do this 20 or 30 times a day!  Oh well what can ya do.  70% not my fault.  AT LEAST.  Possibly as high as 75, 80%!!!
     Wonderful.  Left over 1/4-1/3rd of pasta.
  Not hungry anymore!  Not gonna eat when I'm not hungry!  That'd be Dumb!  Only the third paragraph of Act III?  I was hoping it'd be Oh I Don't Know the FOURTH paragraph!  LOOK I was already pretty sleepy before SNL and when I was on The Wrong NBC I couldn't tell if it was DATELINE or TO CATCH A PREDATOR or Most Likely THEY WERE THE SAME THING.  Ya know that sort of thing.  I know I've complained several times about how a lot of #TalesFromTheCrypSummerSpringtime episodes don't make sense or have glaring pot holes, but I take it back.  ALL OF THEM have glaring plot holes &/or don't make sense.  It's not so much rare exceptions as it is a baked in part of the Entire Series Enterprise.  And once you realize that, you accept it, and it makes it all better.
     That sort of thing.  Look I'm finally at penultimate paragraph of entry.  I can, "Dig," this situation!  Haven't watched an #InsideComedySummerSpringtime in a few days.  Episode I left it at is a good one!  Why it's only the one with Judd Apatow &/OR Tina Fey!  STRONGLY banking on it being &.  Based on episode description.  Why would they lie?  Or be incorrect??  They'd have no motive for getting it wrong!  LOOK the point is My Dad could easily have hurt his LEG or HIP.  One of his HIPS is artificial.  So if a few Bloodies is all he's got it's not so b... wait a second, FrontPage recognizes, "Bloodies," as a word?  Presumably as a verb, right?  I meant it as a plural noun which CAN'T be right.  Yep verb seems to check out.  He bloodied his arm up by falling.  See, Front Page recognizes, "Bloodied," too! You can't see it!  Take my word for it!
Anyway, great, just great.  Last paragraph!  Go straight to some #TheWireSummerSpringtime when this paragraph is done.  I feel comforatble making those plans.  A quarter way into EPISODE ONE: THE SAGA BEGINS of Season V!  Wait a second it's Episode One: The Phantom Menace.  "The Saga Begins," is the title of the Weird Al song ABOUT The Phantom Menace (to the tune of American Pie)!  Glad we cracked that code.  The Phantom Furnace.  That's another way Weird Al could have gone.  ANyway hey the entry is just about over.  The phantom Tenant.  The Phantom Sentence.  The Phantom Premise.  Ya know those kinds of things.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:23 P.M.




Saturday, March 27, 2021

I Don't Feel So Good

    Another day down!  Well, yesterday is another day down.  Today isn't down yet!  It will be down at some point!  Per my understanding of how time works.  Anyway tryign to figure out a daily schedule once PID (Personal Independence Day) hits.  Trying to think of good standard times to go to bed and wake up, and I was thinking of the convenience store 7-11 and I was like Hmm that's PERFECT for what I wanna do.  I probably would have continued thinking about it and fine tuning my best guesstimations of a good daily schedule.  Instead I realized there's a convenience store that explicitly talks about their schedule and I'm like if it works for them, it works for me!
Go to Bed at 11.  Could fall asleep at 11-2!  That sort of thing.  Hmm we're talking about a breakfast at NINE.  Lunch at SOME POINT.  Dinner maybe around 6:30-8:00.  FUN FUN STUFF.  Also I make New Schedules every few months and never commit to them past a couple of days or so, but I feel GOOD about it this time.  This time around it's a great schedule and I'm pot committing to it even ahead of time!  You'd think I should give it a week and then see if I want to Pot Commit to it!  You'd think wrong!  Anyway still gotta wait Oh I Don't Know ELEVEN DAYS to start off with this?  I can live with that.  I have no choice.  My only other option is to Die at some point over the next 11 days.  Which could happen but I'm kind of banking on being alive in 11 days.
    Hmm.  There should be some calculator available (ON THE INTERNET?) where you enter in all your specifics and they give you the exact probability that you'd die in two weeks, or a year, or whatever.  I mean there is SOME chance I'm dead by 11 days from now.  The number exists and it's not zero!  This would add some nice fun context to how we live our lives.  One would imagine!  I've given myself a lot to think about.  Anyway.  Feeling a little fluish, but about 90% okay.  Lookin forward to Lunches again.  Make America Lunch Again.  Right not I'm fantastisizng about a chili + rice lunch.  Prove me wrong!  Fantastizing may not be the right word.  Well, first of all, duh.  It'll never be the right word for anything.  Not a word!  Second of all, duh, it's not the right word because the definition that presumably goes along with it-- the same exact definition as, "Fantasizing,"-- may be over selling it!  I can kind of, "DIG," Chili + Rice for lunch but I don't know about Fantastisizing about it!
     Cool!  Probably with Act III will I eat lunch.  That's been my experience more often than not!  Anyway ON A WHIM I tried to use my external DVD ROM player and it EJECTED for the first time in half a year and I got excited that I could use it and I put in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD I to watch and then it didn't load and then I couldn't eject it so basically I can't watch Return Of The Living Dead and I wouldn't be able to watch it any other way because the DVD is TRAPPED INSIDE the external DVD ROM Drive.  I can just crack the hardware open.  But that's irresponsible!  There's still hope this 10 dollar piece of crap that has a 98% track record of not working will pan out in the end!
     I dunno.  We'll have to wait and see!  I saw congress's approval rating is at the highest it's been in a decade.  All the way up to THIRTY SIX PERCENT.  Well done, congress!  Anyway, another yesterday down closer to having marijuana being made abundantly available to me!  What are the calculation odds I have marijuana made abundantly available to me by 11 days from now.  Again, not LIKELY.  But a non-zero number.  Probably more likely than dying?  I dunno.  With numbers that small it's hard to calculate exactly.  Also I'd rather have abundant marijuana than have death.  That's just one man's opinion!  Anyway.  Next question after calculating my odds of death-- calculating causes of death.  Going to get blood work done on Tuesday.  Car accident, right?  That's the most likely off the top of my head.  Whatever.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Hey Great Wha Huh

    No, I can't.  Oh, right!  Conronavirus!  I can die over the next 11 days due to that presumably somehow!  Anyway.  Starting to get really frustrated waiting around for things to be Microwaved.  We're talkin a minute and a half to five minutes or over sometimes?!?  Doesn't seem fair.  Seems like they should be able to have made SUPER MICROWAVES by now.  You're telling me that over the past 40 years they have no ability to make progress on the amount of the time it takes for them to safely microwave things?  DOESN'T CHECK OUT.  Presumably because somehow THEY (who is they?  I don't know!) make more money by having our microwave microwave things at a relatively slower rate.  Otherwise they'd have done it!  I feel VERY strongly about this.
     Anyway, what else is going on.  Also how in the hell have they not made VCRs that play the movie at 2 or 3 times faster than normal.  If I'm seeing a 90 minute movie (Return of the living dead 1?) at this point it shouldn't take more than 45 minutes!  I ALSO feel very strongly about this!  Yep that checks out pretty wel1!  I lived in a pretty well off family judging by the factor that I had VCR which rewinded tapes ITSELF.  No buying external Rewinder for me!  My VCR is a multitask machine!  Also the generation of VCR where I got my VCR was just progressed enough that Rewinder came standard.  So either it was standard or it's a symbol of my unmatched wealth.  One of those two things!
     Cool.  My main thought when getting sick after vaccine and having the standard halfway thought well maybe I just got coronavirus now is ya know what if I die from this it's not ALL THAT BAD because presumably my family would have a case to SUE CORONAVIRUS VACCINERS!  So I may be gone but I do a good deed for my family.  Bad deed for Pfizer!  But such is life.  Also probably a 50% shot that we'd lose that court case.  I guess most likely we'd reach a settlement.  But if there's a settlement gotta imagine that'd be a pretty penny by itself!  I dunno I forget what's going on.  Oh, right.  Gotta imagine 75% of people feeling sick over the day or two after vaccine KNOWS the game and that its standard, but STILL has the thought that they just got Coronavirus anyway by accident.
     Wonderful.  Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  I can, "Deal," with that!  FALLING ASLEEP at a time and WAKING UP at a time which equates to 6-8 hours of sleep?  That's PERFECT.  Also presumably the best way to estimate going to bed and falling asleep is falling asleep about half an huor into being in bed.  That's not TOO pie-in-the-sky but it's a lot better than MY standard of 2 or 3 hours.  I think about falling asleep a lot.  If only I could live a life where I fall asleep whenever AND WHEREVER I want.  It'd be the best life ever!  The point is 7.5 hours is the best amount of sleep a night anyone can get ever.  REM cycled are in 1.5 hours.  They say you should get 7-9 hours of sleep off the top of my head!  7.5 covers TAKING CARE OF BOTH CRITERIA!!!  Also LOGISTICAL.  We can have some fun and do some work on 7.5 hours asleep still!  Assuming we don't have a job!  And We Don't!  Royal We!
     Cool.  Where's my super microwave!  One and a half minutes?!?  I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!  What else is giong on.  Doing some #TheWireSummerSpringtime this morning &/or early afternoon.  Some #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime later in the day!  Everything else is just to get me from Point A to Point B.  That's Today for ya!  What else is going on and crap.  Maybe have wide fettuccini for lunch today.  Maybe stick with chili + rice!  Either way it has to be microwaved for roughly the same amount of time!  3-5 minutes overall!  Whatta disappointment.  There's TWO meals worth of rice + chili.  Only 1 of wide fettuccini.  Might as well do the one where I get to still have both over the next week.  The one that's one!  One one!  Hmm.  I'll be back in a little bit.




That's Enough

    No I can't.  Hey I got lunch with me.  Rice + Chili!  Soda!  I don't like having soda anymore!  What, you mean I have to pour this from a bottle into a cup?  And then DRINK IT ALL BY MYSELF?  Doesn't' seem right!  Entry &/or lunch a little late today.  Woke up at Oh I Don't Know 11?!?  THE ELEVEN IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE.  Although if I sleep from 7 PM to 11 AM, responsibly, that'd be a blast and a half!  I've gone through periods of time where I'd get 16 hours of sleep once or twice a month.  It IS a blast and a half!  Shuolda put this chili in a bowl and not on a plate.  Oh well can't go back in time.  Not as of now.  Maybe we'll figure that out later I don't have all the details in front of me!
    I like #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  THAT BOY MICHAEL FIERCE.  Good to have good role models in fiction.  And having the name Michael opens all the doors for me to relate to them.  That's MY name!  INSTANTLY I'm on board with this character!  What this other character has a similar life experience or mindset or qualities of me?  What's his name?  NOT MICHAEL?  YA LOST ME.  What else is going on and crap.  I will also accept Mike or someone with Corn &/or Bloom in their name.  But that's it!  I draw the line after those qualifications!  NAYMOND?!?  THAT'S NOT MY NAME AT ALL!!!
Wonderful.  According to my Patriotism calendar, we're less than a week away from April!  I like those odds!  Anyway, done with lunch.  Feel Very Strongly that I made the wrong choice.  Should have gone with wide fettuccini!  The good news is, let's operate under the premise that I wouldn't' like the chili + rice under ANY circumstances-- I got one of those meals out of the way!  Not a safe premise to operate under, though!  Reasonable!  Possibly it's correct!  But we can't assume its the case is the point I'm trying to make!  Thinking about trying to breach the subject with my parents of Maybe it's time I can start using glass glasses again.  I dunno if I'm ready yet but I feel I have to try.  I can't let Glasses win!  Go the rest of my life not using glass glasses.  Gotta pick myself back up and get on the horse! 
     That sort of thing.  Never been on a horse.  Don't think I've ever been on any animal.  Hmm.  I dunno.  Penultimate paragraph.  After car accident and coronavirus, what's the next most likely reasons I'll Be Dead By April 8th.  Hmm.  SUICIDE?  Right now I'm not even CLOSE to suicidal but those things can change in the blink of an eye!  Gotta imagine its in the top 20 at the very least.  Some sort of thing where it's on par with dropping glasses but it causes me death somehow.  That's probably up there in the top 10.  Falling down or dropping something or something.  Lots of good ways to kill myself by April 8th by accident is the point!
     Last paragraph!  MURDER?!?!  Again-- not a zero chance!  There is, IN THE REAL WORLD, a greater than zero chance I'll be MURDERED by April 8th!  Can't wait to find out!  I'll be dead but it raises more questions than it answers.  Fun to speculate on WHOM and WHY and HOW!!!  I won't be able to speculate after the fact, so I better start thinking NOW why and whom and how someone would murder me at some point over the next week and a half.  Can't wait until its too late!  I dunno I can kind of picture people wanting to murder me.  Upon further reflection its easily in the top 50.  EASILY.  Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow!  See ya!

-3:03 P.M.




Friday, March 26, 2021

Look At Me Go

    Either right now or At Some Point.  Anyway, feeling flu-ish.  I insist on using the word flu-ish.  If it were up to me I'd spell it fluish but neither way is acceptable to Microsoft Front Page.  Figure I'm splitting the difference with the hyphen.  Anyway trying to sleep last night as a NEGATIVE blast and a half but the point I'm at now kind of enjoying feeling fluish.  Don't kink shame me!  Probably comes from taking days off in elementary school primarily.  Got fevers can't go to school ALRIGHT TIME TO PARTY in a reserved and quiet and slow and laid back way.  Also is, "Kink," Shaming only Sexual Kinks.  You can kink shame people.  You know like the band The Kinks.  YOU figure out that pun I'VE GOT SICKNESS TO DEAL WITH.  You know like the band The Kinks!  You now like the band The Kinks.
Wonderful.  Potentially Penultimate time I'm getting beer for the foreseeable future.  Also even foreseeable future isn't even that foreseeable.  I thought you'd be impressed that I could see a future for what might be standard considered a foreseeable amount of future (several months?).  But I can't think that much ahead.  Not right now I've got ILLNESS to contend with.  Mmm I'm a big baby with a fever.  Someone better come take care of me.  And by Someone I mean that guy who paints pictures on daytime TV.  Not the MAIN guy.  Some knockoff guy.  What else is going on.  Accepted Super Market Delivery earlier.  Man oh man I get to have whatever lunch I want more or less.  I've been looking to this Abundance Of Riches all week!  Suddenly don't really wanna eat anything.  Due to Fever?  Can't discount that possibility completely!
     Yeah!  I don't feel like doing much of anything!  Other than wait 24 to 48 hours.  Presumably the foreseeable future of when sicknessitude will last.  BEFORE fever set in, I was thinking maybe Wide Fettuccini Al Fredo.  NOW I'm thinkin maybe Curried Chicken.  See they're two different things!  It's called having options!  This is what I anticipated with when thinking of putting together this Super Market Delivery order.  That I would need SEVERAL meals and that would lead to the happy circumstance of having a wide array of choices AT FIRST.  I would commit the word for Wide Fettucini to memory, but I have no motive!  Never gonna use it again presumably.  Doesn't seem like it.  Pepperfaffle.  Let's say how close that was.  PAPPERDALLE.  I don't know why I just looked it up again. I am VERY pot committed to not learning this word.  Not gonna happen!  Never!
     Penultimate Paragraph of Act I!  Started re-getting Frozen Breakfast sandwiches (&/or WRAPS) so I could have one of those for lunch.  Smaller meal!  That's part of why I don't anticipate lunch so greatly!  Can't STOMACH it.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Starting to circle back around to #TalesFromTheCryptSummerSpringtime.  Every day I enjoy the Summer Spring Time a bit more.  Both Summer Spring Time itself AND as a hashtag.  Prove me wrong!  I dunno if I enjoy the summer spring time that much in real life.  A little too summery!  Some summery is fine but too much and you're just using filler to write your book report.  Think about PUNS for that sentence give it some time A PUN WILL APPEAR.  Also apparently, "Summery," is a word.  Dictionary People want to be very explicit that something being like Summer is an appropriate word to include in dictionary.
     Cool!  OH I GET IT, "FILLER!"  Like as in, "FILL 'ER UP!"  As in, "things you say to gas station attendant and whatnot."  Hmm.  I come from a family where we NEVER use Pump Gas Your Own Damn Self.  Gotta LTURQ in terms of how many people do self serve gad and how many people leave it to some other guy.  HMM in most states its illegal!  Probably not New York!  I've been made privy to it!  Maybe from TV &/OR movies, though!  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Look the point is it doesn't make you any less of a man to have someone gas up your car for you.  That's the main takeaway from this paragraph I hope.  I'll be back in a little bit. 





Do What You Got To Do

    Either right now or At Some Point.  LOOK I pump my own gas okay I got a handle on this I put the handle into my vehicle at Designated Point and let the flow go.  Not really.  I don't drive at all!  And even if I did drive I don't care about gas too much one way or another.  To me, putting gas into an automobile is just a way of giving it fuel so it can power it so it can drive around some more.  NO MORE AND NO LESS.  Ugh.  The point is very early entry today.  Woke up at Oh I Don't Know SEVEN.  Also I didn't get any good sleep last night at all!  I blame either YOU, or perhaps getting The Vaccine: Part II.  About 50/50 in my mind whose more responsible.
Yeah!  I don't see why we're still Shipboating AT ALL.  Pretty sure aero-planes are more effective easier and more effective.  I dunno.  CREED II is available for Streaming.  So I can watch more #RockyBackThenItWasMarchWhatever, but I'd be MISSING a movie in between.  Also while, "Searching," across the streams to make sure Creed I is indeed unavailable, when I searched, "Creed," first suggestion is REAL STEEL.  Hmm you're looking for people boxing?  Well there's 1 or 2 dozen other movies about people boxing we've got but the one you REALLY want to see is the one where Robots Fight.  They got me down pat!  Maybe that Search Algorithm WAS tailored to me.  THEY KNEW not that I would watch it myself but that it would RESONATE with me and then when I talk about it in The Website I'd refer to it FREE ADVERTISING.
     You know that sort of thing.  HEY my brother is supposedly getting Vaccine Part I: Part I of II today!  I enjoy that because I VALUE this guy's life.  Pot committed to feeling brotherly love for him!  Which is now manifesting itself in concern for his health and wellbeing!  Seems about right!  Moderna vaccine for him, huh.  I don't fuck with no Moderna.  Pfizer with me all the way.  Also let's call every time there's a Health Miracle a PFIZER.  And right before starting to call a Health Miracle a PFIZER, we buy stock in PFIZER and then devote the rest of our lives trying to build up brand recognition and loyalty of Pfizer.  At the very least can we call a J & J a BUST or something.  Something that implies it's third place out of three.  A real dud!  That sounds like fun, too.
Hmm you'd think with That Many Johnsons they'd be able to figure out a better vaccine.  I'd expect this from maybe ONE Johnson, but now you've got at least two on the case!  And apparently that's not helping at all!  Thirteen days till PID (Personal Independence Day).  We're talking ONE MOVIE'S WORTH OF DAYS.  Specifically the movie, "Thirteen Days."  Not just ANY movie.  That's the one off the top of my head.  Anyway.  I forgot how to be excited and enthusiastic about pending marijuana availability.  Which makes sense because it's possibly more than a year away.  But there was a solid 16 hours I was pumped up about it!  I'll circle back around to it I'm sure.  Makes sense to look forward to things.  I've been looking forward to PID for a long time now!  That's just me, though.  You MAY be enjoying Quarantine Pandemic I don't have all the details in front of me.  Yeah.  Great. 
Last paragraph of Act II!  Gotta think of a good title for Act III.  I'll circle back around to it at some point I'm sure.  I don't get why all the channels had programming for kids aged 5 and up during day.  You do know you're only reaching TRUANTS, don't you?  How many kids out there in elementary school skipping school!  And specifically to watch Oh I Don't Know KNOCKOFF PAINTER.  Maybe some SITCOMS from Nickelodeon: The Channel For Children.  Four year olds ain't following Gullah Gullah Island!  I don't think ANYBODY is following Gullah Gullah Island!  Gotta imagine Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and Disney have lobbyists trying to get universal Pre-K to never take off.  They have FINANCIAL VESTED INTERESTS in keeping these kids ignorant!  I'll be back with Act III in a bit.





I Don't Like This Anymore

    Either right now or At Some Point.  No lunch going on right now.  Too early, too not hungry, What You Need A Third Thing?  I think not being hungry is way more than enough and it being early caps it!  Got the Curried Chicken this week but ALSO a The Same Thing but instead of Curried Chicken its Cirtus-Soy Chicken.  The RICE and VEGETABLES are the same!  I wouldn't lie to you!  I'd have no motive!  Anyway I feel like I've gotten as much out of Pleasure Kink Fluishness as I need!  Now I just wanna be back to normal!  Prove me wrong!  I'D HAVE NO MOTIVE TO LIE.  WHY DO YOU ALWAYS THINK I'M LYING? &/OR TELLING UNTRUTHS?!  Dumb.  That's you. 
     Jeez.  I realized the best character in The Wire is the church deacon.  Never paid him much no nevermind the last dozen times I've watched the show.  Kinda of a barely supporting-supporting character.  But he is ON POINT.  He HELPS people he's nice and calm and soothing TRULY GOOD GUY.  So yes This Character Wins The Wire.  The Wire is a competition for whose the best person in The Wire.  And this guy is RUNNING AWAY WITH IT per my current impressions while watching it.  I dunno.  What else is going on and crap.  Liked taking HIGHWAY to and from Vaccination Spot.  Makes me think about Sim City 2000.  You gotta build highways presumably if this is gonna be a city of any size and not just a town.  But designing highways is WAY out of my comfort zone.  How do you do it?  There's no specific Effective Highway Tutorial.  There SHOULD be.  Something to think about for Sim City 3000.  Yes that's the name of the game that came out around 1999-2001.  Too late to fix it for that edition of game!  Per my understanding!
     Anyway.  Any chance we'll have a season of The Wire: Where Are They Now?  And not just a short story.  We're talking a LONG story.  FILMED.  Divided into 56 minute episodes!  TEN OR TWELVE OF THEM.  The point is everyone would be on board with that.  That's my, "Hot Take!"  Also this time it's the gangsters who have A WIRE on the cops!  That's a mix em up no one would ever see coming BUT IS JUST THE KIND OF TWIST to get people talking!  In a speculatively positive way!  That sort of thing and whatnot.  Just finished coffee #3 of 3.  All soda &/or water from here on out!  Plus finishing either 2nd can of beer or finishing 2nd can of beer and starting and finishing 3rd can of beer.  I've narrowed it down to those two options!
Last paragraph that isn't the last paragraph.  Also the last paragraph can refer to paragraph #3 at this point.  But that's not my intention!  Get off my back about it and whatnot!  While vaguely cleaning up my room, I found the index card I took with me to Guitar Show II of II: My Own Show: The One I Bothered Getting A Recording Of.  The 2nd half is a little mixed up because in the show I realized I wouldn't have time enough to do all the songs-- intended!-- I extra prepared!-- but that mixed up the order, too!  Also I wrote some BANTER for before I started.  It was end of December and I wrote something like hey it was Christmas, how'd you guys like your Christmas, something like that.  I forget if I scrapped that or not.  Kidna hope I did.  Sounds DUMB &/or whatnot.
     Last paragraph that is the last paragraph.  Hmm.  I can get on board with living the rest of today.  Lenty to be done I guess!  Same stuff I always do!  But THIS TIME AROUND it's at one day further into the future than I was at yesterday.  Even more days ahead of where I was other days in the past!  Future is good!  Why it's only Going Outside &/or Walking Around!  Marijuana in A YEAR AND A HALF?  I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT.  Just do it ahead of time.  Treat it like a Vaccine Roll Out.  You don't wanna over-promise, so you say by the end of the year.  Actually happens IN TWO HOURS.  Two horus from now.  Not 2 hours from when I was first made privy to this situation.  Time for that has already expired!  But it's not too late to still do the right thing!  Legalize it by the end of the day!  I'M FEELING FLUISH.  Weed'll fix my fluish feelings!  Possibly!  Solid shot it could help!  Anyway.  I'll be back tomorrow.  Healthy, possibly!  See ya later.

-11:38 A.M.




Thursday, March 25, 2021

Entry Gonna Be Right

    You'll see!  Hey what else is going on!  Got my 2nd Vaccine roughly an hour ago.  If we're gonna be precise, about an hour and 7 minutes ago.  I wouldn't lie to you!  I'd have no motive!  Anyway that's great just great.  Felt kinda sick &/or flu-ish immediately after shot.  What fun!  This is going to be a Wild Ride! I thought.  Riding out being sick.  Don't feel anything now.  There goes My Wild Ride.  There's always tomorrow.  Lots of time for my Sickness Wild Ride to manifest.  Got blood work done next Tuesday.  Got beer for the next 2 weeks or so before I start PHASING OUT my beer intake.  I was ready to just stop completely.  My psychiatrist was like THAT WILL KILL YOU YOU NEED TO TAPER IT OFF.  From roughly 3 beers a day? is what I Thought, but what I said was sure okay I Heard you yup I'll do that what else is going on.
Lookin pretty official that they're predicting #MarijuanaLegalizationNewYork2022LongAssHashtag.  They're legalizing it NOW.  BUt won't make it available until NEXT YEAR apparently.  Maybe they decriminalize it IMMEDIATELY.  Seems like it'd be weird to continue criminalizing it for 9 months and be like whelp you should have waited a few more months YOU'VE BROUGHT THIS UPON YOURSELF.  I typed, "Welp," originally.  Didn't expect Microsoft FrontPage to recognize it.  And they didn't!  But they DID suggest, "Whelp."  Go figure.  Ya learn something every paragraph.  WHAT THE HELL.  Was just reading another boilerplate article from a different News Website Source.  "As Early As December 2022? " AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL THAT, "STARTING NEXT YEAR?"  Seems like a conspiracy scam I'm gonna have to do further research.  Here's a new one, "Sales Might Not Start Until 2022."
     Best case scenario-- and relatively likely possibly--  They mixed up and meant December 2021!  That CORRESPONDS with calling it Next Year and using December 2021 as estimation-- MIGHT Not Start Until 2022.  The The point is what else is going on.  I feel like they can do better.  Put your heads down, DO THE WORK, and get it to us in 3 months.  No point in putting off till tomorrow what you can do today!  Unless if you really wanna do it tomorrow!  In which case Fine do it tomorrow I ain't here to tell you how to live your life!  I just ate a small piece of turkey burger cold and without breadstuff around it.  Tasted ok!  First it tastes like Hmm I can see why the premise is this is like hamburger, kinda tastes like hamburger!  Then that wears off and I'm like Well NOW I taste the TURKEY and you know what NOT AS GOOD AS JUST REGULAR TURKEY NOT EVEN CLOSE.
Wonderful.  Jeez.  2 or 3 more weeks of beer.  Had I KNOWN that I had 9 months (and was sure about the time frame) before marijuana legalization of recreational use for me Mike the guy who lives in New York State I might not have committed to stopping drinking.  I'd be like well might as well let the inebriation train ride on.  Oh well what can ya do.  This way I lose weight quicker!  So that's a blast and a half.  Solid way to spend the next 9 months!  Presumably I'll get USED to not being inebriated.  And it'll give me something to Think On in the meantime.  Think On means look forward to it.  I'm THINKING about it.  In a POSITIVE, SPECULATIVE, ANTICIPATORY way!  That settles that.
     Last paragraph of Act I!
  Love it!  Lookin' like I'm making PASTA tonight.  Either Spaghetti or another Standard Pasta.  Not elbows and not fettuccini.  Tomato Sauce Based Pasta.  Pasta ain't made out of tomato sauce.  No but tomatoe sauce is the BASE for the pasta!  Anyway also meatballs.  Also presumably making enough for my lunch tomorrow!  I can, "Dig," that!  Anyway SPOILER ALERT they insist you Wait Around for EXACTLY 15 MINUTES after shot.  Go take a seat, make sure your body doesn't collapse.  WAITED 10 MINUTES.  Then used the bathroom.  THEN EXITED THE COMPOUND.  Bathroom was ~2 minutes, to and from.  So that got me up to 12 minutes.  Was in car in parking lot by the time it was 15 minutes.  Still There!  In parking lot!  I feel fine.  I'll be back in a little bit.




It's My First Day

    Now Biden is saying he can make 200 Million Vaccines by the end of his first 100 days!  I SAY WE CAN DO BETTER.  We Must Do 200 BILLION VACCINES!  Why settle that's the point I'm trying to make.  The point is Marijuana may not be legal for 6-24 months PER MY ESTIMATIONS but we all have something to Think On.  Except for people who don't smoke marijuana.  Or who smoke marijuana but can get it easily & safely & legally.  And people who don't live in New York.  Also people who are dead.  People who haven't been born ye... WAIT THIS EFFECTS THEM.  People think it's an important issue so THEY can get High.  But I say its an important issue because Now OUR CHILDREN WILL BE BALE TO GET HIGH.  And THEIR Children!  And their CHILDREN'S CHILDREN.  Yep that checks out.
I mean not WHILE they're children children.  Gotta wait till your a child adult.  Or just an adult adult.  I'm not here to tell you what kind of child or adult to be!  I saw that the age of legality re: marijuana is gonna be 21.  HAH.  TWENTY ONE?  I'M OLDER THAN THAT.!!!  That sort of thing.  So basically still a lot of illegal use?  Gotta imagine a higher proportion of marijuana smokers are teens into 20 Zero.  I dunno.  Maybe not!  I'd look at a GRAPH about that.  Nice BAR GRAPH.  What ages smoke marijuana and whatnot.  Seems like something I can LURQ.  Yeah!  LEMME LTURQ!  HEY here's the info I've gained-- they don't count under 18.  Well that's what got me started on this Fact Finding Mission.  Fine but HEY-- 19-28 is significantly highest group (PUN TOTALLY NOT INTENDED YO), then Older than 65 is significantly lowest group.  This is from 2019.  In I wanna say AMERICA?  Better LTURQ, too!  YEP CHECKS OUT.
     Anyway what else is going on.  I was DUPED by a fake elaborate bar graph going around twitter a few days ago purporting to give info on people who gained &/or lost weight during pandemic.  THEY GOT ME GOOD.  But for a few hours while I still believed it I was like HOLY MOLY people be gaining as much weight as I have!  And I'm sure its a lot of people!  Maybe not as much as I have!  Maybe not as MANY people as I AM.  Huh?  Lost myself in that last sentence.  Losing myself?  That's what marijuana might do to me theoretically!  Well I'll find out all over again in Oh I Don't Know A YEAR AND A HALF?!?!  How hard is it to get it set up and running.  Just look at what the other 14 states with recreational use legal.  Look at THEM and do what THEY did.  Or do something even better!  Try to improve on it!  Make it like a game!  The sooner we get to purchasable recreation marijuana determines whether We Win The Game!
     Yeah!  Are we supposed to tell our grandkids they can smoke marijuana because of Andrew Cuomo?  I dunno we don't have to tell our grandkids ANYTHING.  That's been my experience.  Let em learn themselves.  My kid &/or kids may have brought you into this world but its you whose gonna have to live in it.  Also yes it's possible you are the product of incest between my future children.  I don't like it either but this it the life we've got!  Huh.  I never had a relationship with any grandparent.  Dad's Mom died when I was 2.  Mom's Dad died when I was 8 but I never had a CONVERSATION with him or anything.  I was only 5 before he got real ill.  Can't relate to an Old Man even a little bit!  Other two were dead when I was born.  Glad we settled all this.  Hmm what are my grandparents like.  Gives me something to Think On before I die.  And meet them in the afterlife.  And am like, well nice to know you now but if this is presumably heaven I can think of much better ways to spend my time. 
     Something like that.  Communal Pasta has been cancelled.  BUT my Mom donated a slice of meatloaf to me.  Move over Whatever Lunch I Was Gonna Have I Wanna Say Turkey Burger we have a NEW lunch to consider.  Meatloaf.  Some chicken nuggets.  Some sort of potatoe based side.  Anyway.  Watched the Louie CK episode of #InsideComedySummerSpringtime.  Talks about jerking off a lot.  Talks about jerking off in front of poeple as a metaphor (for doing comedy?  I forget).  So basically yep that all seems to check out.  This is from Oh I Don't Know 2013.  Gotta imagine David Steinberg has heard the stories and is like yep all this seems to check out I see what you're doing here.  You don't have to imagine it.  Your choice!  I'll be back in a bit.




What Do I Do

    Tell you what, first of all I'm gonna have a slice of meat loaf + 2 Buffaloed Wings + 4 little spheres of half potatoes.  Wonderful!  Biden holding some sort of press conference soon.  I'll watch that!  Not gonna like all these questions &/or answers.  Why aren't they asking the questions I would ask?  Why aren't they giving the answers I would answer?  Also I don't 100% like the setting, either.  Also shouldn't there be an intermission halfway through?  Give everyone a chance to use the bathroom.  Although the bathrooms would be packed if everyone is going at the same time.  I've given us all a lot to think about.
What else.  Finished soda last night!  No more soda today!  That's a jip and a half.  Thinking about how New Routine of Walking w/o Inebriation will effect The Website.  Off the top of my head, maybe write every day, but cut it to 10 paragraphs a day.  That way I can write 5 paragraph parts in only 2 bursts through the day.  Maybe BEFORE big walk.  Maybe DURING or even AFTER big walk.  Lots of good opportunities when it comes to 2 Acts instead of 3.  Also it works out because act III is more often than not the worst act.  Anyway up to Season 4 Episode 2 of #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  I like this season because lots of fun stuff happens.  Kids go to SCHOOL.  Kids go to THE STREETS.  Kids go to BOXING GYM ENTERPRISE.  I can relate to all of that stuff!  Except for the boxing.  And the streets.  DEFINITELY went to school though.
    Wonderful.  I hope someone asks Biden about his position on Shipboating.  Lets pin him down whether he's PRO the Suez Canal being blocked or against it!  No playing both sides of the aisle!  Pick a lane!  Whose idea was it to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean anyway.  In retrospect that sounds CRAZY.  Was only a matter of time till it blew up in our faces!  Wait a second that's the PANAMA Canal?  Well what's so important about THIS canal.  Panama Canal I get it that's the best canal.  Suez?  That's around North Africa &/or the Middle East.  Well suddenly this dilemma has lost all stakes to me.  What else is going on and crap.
     Penultimate paragraph!  A different hemisphere than the one I live in?  Well how am I supposed to relate to that at all!  Apparently I "Relate," to the Panama Canal being blocked by a ship (sunken?).  It just rings true to me and my experience, that's all!  The good news is re: Scales, I haven't gained any weight in Oh I Don't Know six weeks?  Fluctuates from 167-171!  I can live with that!  Presumably I won't have to live with it any longer than 2 weeks!  Then it's on the way back down!  So basically I can live with living with it for the next 2 weeks of my live life.  One more paragraph to go.  Thanks a lot.
Cool.  Now I have to eat Turkey Burger for DINNER.  Ugh!  Maybe I can taste it as a burger for 5 seconds then SWALLOW IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so there's no time for it to taste like turkey but worse!  You can't taste something once you swallowed it.  Hmm.  Can you?  Maybe you really can't.  Or maybe you can.  I'm gonna perform an Academic Study and see if you can taste things which you swallowed immediately.  You can chew it for a few seconds but then swallow as soon as possible.  What else is going on and crap.  Hey the entry is over!  I'll see you guys tomorrow I guess!

-12:45 P.M.




Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Same Time Tomorrow

    That doesn't check out.  Compared to some time today, it can never be the same time tomorrow.  The Time It Is Right Now is pretty definitely NOT going to occur again tomorrow.  It's now!  Hey let's get into it I'm writing an entry.  Got some beer going today.  Probably not tomorrow.  Then probably the next day!  Wonderful!  Really gonna try to not drink at all after Walking structured my day.  Wakling in sunshine.  Get those ENDORPHINS going.  Some SEROTONIN.  Maybe some DOPAMINE I don't know if I'll have time for all the DOPAMINE.  Anyway my Dad had adopted my policy of walking around in a room 30 minutes a day (although I do 60 minutes).  He started a new thing, though!  Go step outside on front porch for 10 minutes a day!  Someone told him sunlight was good for him!  And I'd heard that too but I don't think it's THAT important.  But anyway yep he's gonna stand outside soak up some rays. 
     He's double vaccinated + bonus extra time, he should take walks outside.  Yeah people SHOULD do lots of things.  Get off their backs about it!  Trying to fantastasize about where my walks will go.  Live near a park.  Not used to exploring it that much!  There's lots of park out there that I can explore and whatnot!  Ya know that sort of thing.  Anyway.  Looking at potential delivery dinners across the board.  It's tough because I don't have it in me to Fantastasize THAT much.  Lookin' at Chinese Food menu and I'm like Hmm I'd like that, I'd like that, You KNOW I'D LIKE THAT...  How does anyone decide what to get on a menu wyth 80 things.  It's impossible!  I'd Get ALL OF THEM.  And if I DO really wanna mix it up it'll take me 2 years to go through all of them.  How do people did it!
     80 dinners &/OR lunches = 2 years.  Spread out because of usually getting something else for dinner.  And also having to have bonus dinners where I'm finishing the Unique Thing I got.  What else.  Get some ICED COFFEE most days.  Or cold brew.  It took me years to figure out which one is better, cold brew or iced coffee, and now I'm back to square one!  Don't Know All Over Again.  Started re-watching The SEVEN Samurai: Emphasis Mine.  Which is great because last 2 or 3 times I've seen it I haven't been paying enough attention to the point I absorbed maybe 20% of the dialogue!  Gotta READ IT.  It's in Japanese in audio!  Yes I've seen it a couple of times while paying attention but it's been a while!  Also Hey Good Movie!
     Cool!  I like the COMIC RELIEF.  There's that one samurai whose always acting a fool!  What a laugh and a half!  Let's move on with our lives.  Also where do all these samurai come from.  I get the sense that there's this class of samurai, pretty rare, and they live to fight dozens of battles over their lives.  This one in particular, there's seven of them protecting a peasant village from raiders who steal all their food.  7 vs 40.  And I know the samurai are way better trained.  Hell, they may even be the favorite in this match-up.  But wouldn't AT LEAST half of them be on the chopping block?  They're not gonna live to tell their tale and fight another day.  HALF of them SHOULD be dying each Fighting Situation they get themselves into.  Only reasonable way to conceptualize it is the samurai are WAYYYY more effective than 40 raiders & similar situations.  But based on past times I've seen this, I THINK half of them or so die by the end!  No spoilers!  It's not a spoiler because I honestly don't remember!  Could be 0, could be all 7!  I round it out to half I guess!
     What else is going on and crap.  There's no SUBTITLES of samurai dying explicitly.  So you can see why I'm confused about it.  Maybe have turkey burger for lunch.  I've put it off long enough!  Then again I don't wanna eat that crap.  Dunno why I got it.  Guess I'm some sort of idiot upon further introspection.  Best other options are Bagel + Egg or Hour Deserves Party.  I can deal with one of those, sure, why not.  I like digging into The Wire for deeper meaning.  Over my life I get more out of trying to get to deeper meanings of things I watch.  The first times I saw The Wire, the deepest meaning I got was, "Przbylewski, hmm, well clearly he's supposed to remind us of, 'President."  Now that I think about it That's Not So Obvious at all!  The point it it's important I was honest and upfront about my past mistakes upon further introspection.  I'll be back in a little bit.  Also googling how to spell, "Przbylewski," I realized it's MUCH more difficult to spell than I thought.  "What have I got myself into?" is what I thought while re-assessing how to spell it and how to duplicate the right spelling into my blog.  Very tough to spell!  I'll be back in a little bit.



I'll Be There!

    That checks out pretty well.  Finished an episode of #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  Now it's time to move on to other stuff next time I'm watching TV on the Computer.  Maybe some sort of #InsideComedySummerSpringTime.  The next one.  That one checks out, too!  Hey I'm having an Hour Deserves Party for lunch!  Be ready in about 45 minutes, presumably possibly lining up relatively well with starting Act III!  We're talkin SIX cocktail frankfurters.  We're talking FIVE chicken nuggets (not in oven, to be microwaved).  We're talking A DOZEN freedom fries.  Great so now we're all caught up.  I was talking to my Dad yesterday and he told me there was a talking head on Cable News that looked exactly like Barack Obama.  And I was like are you sure it wasn't jsut Barack Obama.  And anyway today just now my Dad screams up, very excited, THE GUY WHO LOOKS LIKE OBAMA IS ON!!!  But I just put my gel on so I don't wanna go near him.  He wouldn't approve!  Even if I put my shirt back on!  He's got issues like that!
     Wonderful.  Now I wanna see just how much this guy looks like Barack Obama.  I don't think my Dad would go through this process unless he REALLY looked like Barack Obama.  You don't go So Far Out Of Your Way to tell someone hey this black dude looks like a different black dude!  Seems like you'd save that analysis for times you're really pretty sure there's a resemblance.  Anyway I came up with another meal-- indulgent breakfast sandwich!  That's a fun meal to have over Today &/or Tomorrow's mealtimes.  Not as filling but the taste is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Look I have no enthusiasm for Steely Dan.  I always thought of them as a punch line for some reason I'm not really sure of.  Hmm now I feel enthusiastic about Putting That Theory To Rest.  The world thinks they're a punch line?  WELL I'LL SHOW THE WORLD.  Find out they're great and let everyone know!  Yeah!
Third paragraph of Act II!  Also this anecdote might be COMPLETELY made up by my mind, but there's scenes in The Seven Samurai and other Kurosawa films and for some reason I think I read while reading his autobiography that they were like well we gotta wait for it to rain before shooting this scene.  THIS IS TAKING FOREVER.  You know that sort of thing.  Dunno where I got that idea from.  Maybe I just knew he was a demanding director and knew that rain shows up in some scenes and put two and two together!  Seems about right.  Tomorrow is Vaccine #2 of 2.  For me!  That'll show 'em, that'll show ALL of 'em.  If you inject yourself with vaccine 10 times do you just get The Covid?  Did I make that same, "Joke," roughly 4 or 6 weeks ago?  Lots of unanswered questions in this paragraph.
     Anyway, I dunno.  I'm not joking about wanting 80 things from Chinese Delivery Restaurant.  I just browsed through the menu and item after item I'm like, well I'd have this, I'd have THIS, I'd DEFINITELY have this, That looks wonderful, wouldn't mind THAT, etc.  Great!  Sounds like a blast and a half figuring out how to deal with this in real life upcoming meals!  That's the kind of problem that I could get behind!  There's a part in Coming II America in Queens when Barber Shop Eddie Murphies refer to a Chinse restaurant King Yum.  And I used to go to a restaurant named King Yum!  In Queens!  Cause that's where I live!  And I was like well THAT'S a real coincidence.  Then I told my Dad and he was like well clearly they just knew the restaurant for some reason.  It's not really a FANCY restaurant.  That people would come to from across the city.  But it was several steps above Random Take Out Delivery Chinese Restaurant Hole In The Walls.  Was pretty crowded per my memory.  They have a lot of tables and booths and whatnot in my memory.  Lots of booths... more than their fare share of tables, too!  So now I don't know what to think!
     What else is going on.  Sure you pluralize Eddie Murphy as Eddie Murphies.  That's just English Logic!  Anyway.  Vaccine Part II tomorrow!  Which I believe means after that I Will Be Immortal.  At least based on current studies.  No one has EVER died after taking these vaccines in tandem.  That's been widely reported!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Got a nice solid 5 out of 30 presets to Guitar Amplification System that I made myself.  And I'm on board with these differences!  Nice names to 'em, too!  Finally it's all coming together!  Hey it's time to take a break.  I'll be back with Lunch!  Presumably!  I'll see ya in a minute!



That's Not Supposed To Happen

     I guess the only responsible way to live my life is to google CNN Talking Heads.  Hmm.  I found a guy who kind of looks like Obama.  Time to move on with our lives.  Hour Deserves Party is delicious.  And I'm looking forward to an even better dinner!  EGG will be a key component one way or another.  The point is time to move on with our lives.  Chicken Nuggets microwaved to perfection!  Soft and kind of hot and not too chewy like it is if you microwave to for too long.  You know how that is, right?  I assume my audience is adults.  And I assume adults are VERY familiar with micro waving chicken nuggets.  If not for themselves for their KIDS! 
     Something like that.  Just finished my lunch.  Something like that.  What else is going on and crap.  Watch some #TheSevenSamauriSummerSpringtime when this entry is over.  Maybe finish current #TheWireSummerSpringtime episode and THEN go to #TheSevenSamauriSummerSPringtime.  Either way have a bath at some point.  Maybe a shower!  Maybe a ShowerBath.  Start the bath.  Get water high enough where it's pretty much mostly a bath.  Then change water to SHOWER.  It's called mixing things up and it's a great idea.  Why didn't Kurosawa just film all his rain scenes in a bathtub.  Doesn't check out, no good reason why he wouldn't do that!  The good news is I've been using the same plastic mug for 4-8 weeks all day and haven't cleaned it the entire time.  Overall its okay except for when there's left over soda/coffee/water while pouring in the rest of whichever/one/itwasn't.
     What else is going on and crap.  Hmm now I wanna take ShowerBath right now!  That sounds like a blast and a half!  Also LITERALLY a ShowerBath is a Blast and a Half.  Water pressurewise.  Why don't I just have a Chicken Nuggets Hour Deserves Party.  I get the least out of the cocktail franks tastewise and the most calorieswise.  I can keep the freedom fries but just replace 6 cocktail frankfurters with 7 or 8 delicious chicken nuggets.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  Too bad I'll forget it.  Forget to even THINK about it.  Such is life.  Hows my nail healing and regenerating itself.  The one where I bit off MORE THAN I COULD CHEW and the entire half a nail came off.  LMLTURQ.  LOOKIN GOOD!  NAIL IS COMIN' IN NICELY!  You know that sort of thing.
     Penultimate paragraph.  I've said it before, I'll say it again-- big fan of Kurosawa since high school and the biggest way he's influenced me as an artist is the title of his autobiography, Something Like An Autobiography.  Sure his films are great-- the half dozen I've seen-- but that title STRONGLY RESONATED with me and influenced all my titles to come!  Not ashamed to say it again!  That's how an important marker it was in my life!  Also how he don't fuck with made up rain.  Only real rain for Kurosawa!  From the best clouds in Japan.  You know that sort of thing.  Hey this paragraph is over at the end of this sentence!
     Last paragraph.  Been hearing good things about the Netflix film The College Admissions Scandal.  I don't wanna watch it though!  Worried that'd make me an accessory after the fact!  Better just steer clear of this entire mess altogether!  Also instead of punishing parents by putting them in jail, how about you just make THEM go to college.  And you don't get to socialize NOR do you get any degree at the end.  But still you'd be enriched by gained knowledge, critical thinking skills, and expertise.  That doesn't sound fair!  You should gain NOTHING from this entire experience!  I dunno that checks out I guess?  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:56 P.M.




Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Glad I Could Help

    That's getting ahead of myself a bit.  Not great odds I Can Help.  Plus you gotta factor in the odds I'd Be Glad About It or not.  THe great news is I can start this entry off right.  Laughs &/or whatnot!  Lookin like a lot of Whatnot so far.  Got blood work results from Endocrine Doctor.  My GGT IS A LITTLE HIGH.  God DAMNIT IT.  Anything but my GGT!  It can be related to LIVER.  I HAVE a liver.  As far as I know.  Also I drink sure that effects liver which might effect GGT.  I've given myself a lot to think about re: GGT.  Just all the more motivation to stop drinking once walks are in the picture.  No one else is gonna take care of my GGT!  It's all up to me!
     Wonderful.  We're talking 16 days until Personal Independence Day and Everything Changes.  We're talking 16 days is the title of a song by Whiskeytown: The Ryan Adams Band.  Not sure why or how I know this band &/or this song.  I don't know any other songs.  This one I enjoy, though!  The song title is, "16 Days."  Not, "We're Talking 16 Days."  Although that would be an interesting title &/or premise to a song.  Get off my back about it is the point!  Anyway something scary happened to me last night.  I was playing my electric guitar AS ONE DOES and suddenly the Low E and the A strings just became significantly detuned.  Not just a little bit.  One Stroke it was fine, next stroke WAY OUT OF TUNE.  All of a sudden!  This has happened to me on occasion before.  I googled guitar becoming suddenly detuned, thinking I'd see some reports of similar situations and the logic behind it.  No one is talking about this happening to them!  MY GUITAR IS HAUNTED IS THE POINT.  Oh well what can you do.
Be scared!  Ghosts are scary!  That's been my experience.  Watching some more #InsideComedySummerSpringtime.  I enjoy it because look all all these weirdoes who talk about Inside Comedy.  They ARE inside comedy themselves and now they have to TALK about inside comedy?  Fascinating.  Yep that seems to check out.  Hmm.  I wonder if they have episodes of the old comedy central show Make Me Laugh on youtube.  It was a show where there's a guy and a comedian gets up in his face and has 30 or 60 seconds to make the chump laugh.  And if the chump doesn't laugh or something he gets money or something.  Better LTURQ. YEP that show seems to have Actually Existed.  Used to play it with my friend(S?) in middle school.  The point is I Was Great At This Game!  Then a decade later we tried playing it again, and I couldn't for the life of me make someone laugh.  I have become Comedically Instantly Detuned.  But not instantly.  Took a decade to get there.  But otherwise YES Comedically Detuned is what happened to me over my adolescence and younghood!  Young adulthood!  I don't know what to call age brackets!
     What else is going on and crap.  Maybe it was relatively immediate detuned.  I don't have all the facts and figures in front of me!  HEY its on YouTube.  That'll be a laugh and a half.  Hopefully only A Half if you're a contestant.  Half a laugh and you're still in the game accumulating more money every second that passes.  I dunno.  What about a CHORTLE.  A SOFT chortle.  Are you still in the game with a soft chortle?  What if you let out a short, "Huh," or, "Hmph!"  Would those be disqualifying  Chortle is the thing I'm thinking chortle is, right?  Yep that seems to check out pretty well.  Also presumably if there's a contestant who never laughs he runs up a fortune over the rest of his life.  The game can't end without laughter!  Nope that doesn't seem to check out that'd be impossible to tape &/or enforce.
Last paragraph of Act I!  What's the next #InsideComedySummerSpringtime I got comin' to me.  KATHY GRIFFIN &/OR STEPHEN WRIGHT?  Amazing!  Not at the same time.  Separately!  Presumably!  That's how previous episodes have gone at least.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  My Dad is VERY worried about my GGT.  Who wouldn't be.  High GGT is... well... it's bad, that's the point I'm trying to make.  MAN OH MAN there's FILMS I can see IN THEATERS in a few weeks.  FUN ASS FILMS.  MORTAL COMBAT THAT'S GONNA BE A FUN ASS FILM.  SPIDERMAN.  I've got nothing against Spidermen!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  A NEW GHOSTBUSTER MOVIE.  Look there's lots of films coming out that are exciting to see presuming you're TRIPLE socially distanced.  18 feet apart!  That's where I draw the line I guess!  I'll be back in a little bit.




Thank You For Your Concern

    Hey friends.  I think in Make Me Laugh, you get a total of 3 minutes to make the guy laugh, and each second they survive they get a dollar.  So basically if they WIN they get 180 dollars BEFORE tax.  Not such high stakes.  I guess the premise if you win more if you DO laugh.  Laugh is worth more than 40 or 50 dollars presumably.  That's my hot take.  Actually, I think it's more of a game show FOR the comedians I guess.  They may get paid the same amount either way, but it's about PRIDE.  They're competing against other comedians in the show to Do The Best!  Yep that seems to check out.  These people who may or may not laugh are an afterthought!  That's my hot take!
     Wonderful.  Looking like my best option for lunch would be Frozen Meal + Rice.  Either that or some other thing.  Great!  Man oh man I can WALK to movie theater.  It'd take me like an hour fifteen, two hours.  You can't estimate between An Hour Fifteen and then two hours.  INCONGRUOUS BOUNDARIES.  Nah I'm gonna stick with it.  I don't know whether it'll be 75 minutes of 120 minutes but my best guess is within those parameters.  I hope I've made myself very clear re: estimation of how long walkings will take.  The Democrats have the house, senate, and presidency.  You'd think they'd be able to do something about GUN CONTROL, right?  There's no excuse for being like YES this is bad IF ONLY WE COULD DO SOMETHING!!!  You can do something!  It's easy!  All you have to do to do it is Do It!  I crunched the numbers and everything!
Anyway.  Third paragraph of Act II!  I love it!  Based on police excusing white shooters-- the rationale has gone from the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun-- To Now It Being-- also the bad guy with the gun also wasn't so bad.  Oh well what can you do.  Got Frozen Ribs that are SEVERAL MONTHS AT LEAST old.  I can see myself mixing it up and having those.  Not during Entry, though!  It's not responsible my fingers would be covered with Barbeque sauce.  My GGT isn't great but at least I'll be replenishing my BBQ levels.  Got phone call &/or zoom call appointment with psychiatrist this afternoon.  Probably Zoom!  I can kinda picture having zoom calls with her in the past so no reason to think that will have changed!
     What else is going on and crap.  My CHOLESTEROL is fine.  My TESTOSTERONE is fine.  Some other three letter abbreviations were slightly out of range but Endocrine Doctor isn't concerned abuot it and I've never heard of these things so presumably they're not important!  That's my hot take.  Keep #TheConjuringSeriesSummerSpringtime going.  I like those movies because they're full of spooky things and presumably a ghost was transferred from Annabelle Comes Home into my guitar while I was watching it?  I CONJURED GHOST BY WATCHING MOVEI ABOUT THE CONJURING.  DAMNIT I FEEL LIKE A WORLD CLASS IDIOT.  How dumb do you have to be!  Also it's based on true stories.  There's gotta be a market out there for objects that are considered possessed and whatnot.  Like the real Annabelle Doll that was at the center of these dumb fake cases-- SOMEONE bought that for like 5 or 6 figures, right?  I mean, this one specifically, it's pop culture because of the movies.  Gotta be worth at least 5 figures!  MY thought would be, buy the doll and immediately send it to some enemy of mine.  Now HE'S cursed!  And now HE feels like a world class idiot!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Next film in #TheConjuringSeriesSummerSpringtime Chronologically and Instantly Available To Me is The Conjuring II.  Oh that one's scary.  That's the first one where I saw it for the first time and was like well yeah this movie is pretty spooky and well done!  Nice movie ya got going over here!  What am I in the middle of watching.  #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  That sounds about right.  I'll watch some #TheWireSummerSpringtime during upcoming Act Break.  Maybe get into some #HoardersSummerSpringtime.  I like those shows but they don't focus enough on dumb things being hoarded.  It's all about the hoarder in distress while people take away her stuff.  I wanna see more dumb stuff this person is distressed about losing!  And seeing them try to justify why its worth keeping!  That's SOME of it but I want it to be MORE of it.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Oh You Don't Say

    Hey friends.  Got lunch going on!  Lamb Saag + Bonus Rice!  It's delicious because it goes down your gullet and is good for you.  It gives you energy and isn't necessarily unhealthy in its components.  Probably high in sodium.  That's how it stay fresh!  Lets move on with our lives.  I stand by the premise of trying to stop drinking 90% once walkings start up again.  I STAND BY IT HARDCORE.  I stand by enjoying this lunch.  It won't last forever but while it lasts I'm gonna get as much out of it enjoyment wise as I can!  Anyway.  My favorite part of #TheWireSummerSpringtime is Top Dawg Drug Gang Boss Stringer Bell takes a college class and we see he got an A- on a test or paper.  And at first, watching it the first dozen times, I'm like yep proof that he's very smart and on the ball.  Lately I've been like, A MINUS Huh?  Leaves room for improvement.  This guy isn't 100% on the ball it turns out.
Wonderful!  I guess cause I'm Older.  When I was college aged an A- seems like a wonderful result.  Now that I'm PARENT AGED I'm like well could be even better!  I'm not saying that's what kind of parent I would be!  I'm just saying that there's levels to grades and if we don't talk about it then we're only letting the levels win.  Gotta have a turkey burger at least once over today or tomorrow.  I can see myself living with that.  I can see myself doing lots of things.  Also I'm not sure if Stringer Bell was every OFFICIALLY Top Dawg Drug Gang Boss.  It's arguable!  He was DEFINITELY #2 for a large amount of the time, and there's room for debate whether he was AT TIMES acting officially as #1.  Spoiler alert.
     How come Ghostbusters isn't a cross over between Both Ghostbusters.
  Seems like that's the most responsible way to go.  FUNNY, too!  I guess they don't live in the same universe.  I think in 2nd incarnation of Ghostbusters, the first Ghostbusters never existed.  But Hey we live in a universe with GHOSTS we can live in a universe with multiple ghostbusters across dimensions!  Dropping some rice on the floor.  I'll take care of that when lunch &/or entry are done.  HMM lots of pieces of lamb in this unfrozen lamb saag.  Must have crossed over with another dimension where they give you nice and hearty portions in frozen meals.  Yep that seems to check out.
Penultimate paragraph of entry!  Are there logical explanations for why 2 low strings on guitar suddenly detuned (not just a little bit, like detuned by several notes)?  Yes like I told you GHOSTS.  Specifically GHOSTS from THE MOVIE.  Either that or another dimension.  Strings have to do with multiple dimensions!  It's called STRING Theory.  String'er had a Theory WASN'T 100% ON THE BALL THOUGH, only A- this String Theory is.  Stringer Bell.  Ana belle.  DAMNIT ITS ALL COMING TOGETHER I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.  The good news is the entry is almost done.  I didn't drop any rice on the floor.  Dropped some rice on the table.  Table which holds my computer.  That sort of thing.
Last paragraph of entry!  Dinner'll either be turkey burger + sphere half potatoes, or bagel + egg.  With The Other One being one of my meals tomorrow presumably!  Glad we got all that out of the way.  Stephen Wright?  He's the guy who tells jokes, right?  What else is going on.  Pretty sure we live in only one dimension.  But within that one dimension sometimes strings just get detuned suddenly and significantly.  Based on seemingly nothing!  But possibly something! That's the world we live in and we better get used to it and whatnot!  The good news is I finished the entry!  I'll do that again tomorrow presumably!  See ya later!

-1:06 P.M.




Monday, March 22, 2021

What Am I Trying To Say

    Hello.  That sums that up.  Hows your #SummerSpringtime going?  Mine has just started!  Yours may not have started yet if you live on opposite side of the world.  Then I'm asking just shy of 6 months too early!  That's a thing, right.  Reversed side means reversed seasons. Better LTURQ.  YEP checks out.  So basically half?  More than half? of people have Christmas in the summer!  Go figure!  What are the exact dividing lines On Globe.  Better LTURQ, too!  DONE BY HEMISPHERES.  Go figure!  Maybe they still think it's #SummerSpringtime right now, but just think Springs Are Falls.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  The good news is we all learnt about 80% of A Fact from this paragraph.  This paragraph is good for something!
     Eh.  Can't be happy about Summer/Winter Olympics configuration, though!  Gotta be reminded constantly that They're Wrong re: Seasons.  They train in the winter for summer olympics and vice versa!  Gotta imagine that'll throw them off their, "Game," when competing.  Totally discombobulated!  Doesn't seem fair!  Also can you imagine the shitstorm of  having an Olympics that adheres to OTHER side of globes seasons?  Americans would go crazy!  WHY ARE WE ACQUIESCING TO THEIR SEASONS.  LETS THROW A RIOT ABOUT IT.  MULTIPLE RIOTS.  THAT'LL DO THE TRICK.  Let's google if that ever happened.  Here's ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF A FACT-- Brazil hosted Olympics in 2016 and Australia in 1956 AND 2000.  So they have their moments but clearly we're doing all we can to get Northern Hemispheres.  Throw southern a bone here and there but they know whose top dog re: what seasons are.
     Cool.  Also they know whose top dog re: how we conceptualize our globe for some reason.  Maybe its just me but doesn't it seem like we could easily just be thinking of the globe COMPLETELY UPSIDE DOWN.  That made my brain hurt.  I don't like the idea of that.  Maybe North is North because of the North Star?  Is that possible?  I don't have all the details in front of me.  GOOGLE-- "WHY IS NORTH NORTH."  HMM it seems like sunlight and whatnot helped us determine directions on globe.  Makes sense to me.  Somethin like that.  SOrta makes sense.  I still don't get it but if I don't say it makes sense then suddenly I look like a fool.  Meanwhile if I say I get it and you don't get it NOW whose the idiot?  You!  You know that sort of thing.
     Penultimate paragraph of Act I!  Most likely lunch is another Noodles but not + Salmon, + Wings.  Finished the salmon!  That's how that goes!  Either that or Frozen Meal + Rice.  That sort of thing!  "North means left-- because North is to the left of the rising sun."  According to google.  North means LEFT?  That's HILARIOUS!  WE WERE WAY OFF compared to what the word, "North," traditionally meant in German.  I dunno left to the rising sun KINDA seems like south.  Probably.  Google must be wrong.  South feels more accurate.  Better LTURQ later when I get a chance.  Maybe I just think that because I have a, "Thinking West," mindset so when I'm FACING West North is South.  I mean, left is south.  North in German is south when conceptualizing your direction as west.  Glad we figured that one out.
Anyway, what else is going on and crap.  Oddly enough, south paw means lefty.  Where was NORTH meant left.  So basically I'm ACTUALLY North handed and right handed people are South ...paws.  Hey PAW means hand in Animal Talk.  South paw.  NOW I GET IT.  All the pieces are finally starting to come together.  Except for how they mixed up North & South re: handedness!  What a blunder!  Ugh.  Hey almost finished with Act I!  Season III of #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  It's the season where The Wire in The Wire is least interesting.  The wire itself.  The subplot SPECIFICALLY about The Wire: As In Police Surveillance Wire Within The Story.  Not accomplishing a whole lot interesting stuff this season.  I mean some things are ACCOMPLISHED because of the wire, but it's kind of a snooze all things considered.  I'll be back in a little bit.





I Can't Think Of Anything

    Hello.  Yep that checks out.  ANYWAY enjoy this Maru Chan noodle composition.  Comes with 4 or 5 mini mini shrimp-- wonderful!  Same amount of mini mini carrot-- delicious!  Same amount of green peas or whatever-- DISGUSTING.  I take those out before I pour water in!  I don't need to taste Green Peas in my soup and I DEFINITELY don't need to bite into them individually one by one by accident.  You'd think I'd be insanely unlucky to get a bitesworth-- actually biting into-- the green peas each and every time!  And you'd be right!  It's unlucky but that doesn't mean it won't happen!  Are all peas, "Green?"  Furthermore why is, "Green," in quotation marks?
Whatever lets move on with our lives!  No Super Market Delivery on Thursday as would be usual.  Getting Double Vaccinated: Part II of II instead!  Getting the delivery on Friday!  Means I won't have Drink on Thursday unless I pick up beers after Vaccination.  Which I might if my Mom needs to re-up cigarettes.  I don't know what's gonna happen but either way I'm gonna have tile live my life with or without beer.  Ya know like the U2 Song.  With or without booze.  Beer doesn't rhyme with, "You," but LUCKILY, "Booze," slant rhymes with it. THANK GOD.  U2 cover band called, "Even Me?"  I don't like that joke.  U2 can mean dozens of things.  That cover band name is only applicable for one, or maybe several, tops.  Expanded game of Battle Ship.  Because U2 is a dot on the grid where your battleship might be.  ALSO I feel like U2 is a name for submarines.  GERMAN submarines.  I better LTURQ.  U boats, right?  LMLTURQ.  Yep checks out!  I didn't read the article but presumably at some point there were U2's, that's my educated guesstimate at least.
     What else is going on and crap.  Imagine how boring a game of Battleship would be if its 26x26 but the same amount of Battleships.  Very boring, I imagined it for you.  Even just Imagining It For Yourself is too boring!  I did all the hard work for ya so you got that going for you.  Then again there's a Battleship game out there where the battleships move after every turn.  That's exponentially more boring!  It'll never stop at this point!  Even when you HIT a battleship, a few turns later the battleship its back to being anonymous in purported body of water.  Then again if you hit a battleship maybe it slows it down some.  Because it's been damaged so it's not running as smoothly.  I'm getting exponentially more bored just thinking about it.
What else is going on and crap.  Take them dried out 5 peas throw em in the garbage.  I don't fuck with no peas.  Corn.  If there were pieces of corn, maybe there are, no thanks, get rid of those too.  The point is pellets of things are uniformly gross.  Barley.  Carrot isn't a pellet.  Even tiny tiny piece of carrot.  Different shape.  Pellet are spherical &/or possibly football shaped.  Mini carrot is more like a monolith.  Mini monolith.  Not sure if that makes sense.  I'm kind of banking on it not making sense to be honest.  Started re-watching The Conjuring Franchise: The 3 or 4 of them that are available to me.  It's fun!  I like those movies.  The conjure up scares & whatnot from me: the audience!  Good films, too!
Last paragraph of Act II!  I dunno if these tiny monoliths and pellets actually add to the taste of the noodlesoup.  Might just be for show.  Like they're implying that'll add to the taste, so we keep getting it under the premise this is real soup, but in reality its all a conspiracy scam and its just window dressing.  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Sometimes I like to take 1 or 2 bites of noodles with fork instead of spoon.  Presuming I have a fork for other part of meal.  Really is fun mixing it up.  Stick your fork in there, swivel it around, get some noodles.  I feel like I've done this BIT about using fork for noodles before.  Everyone remembers that from the 2 or 3 times I've done it before.  Laugh and a half!  I'll be back in a little bit.





I'll Leave You To It

    David Steinberg doesn't 120% agree with everyone on everything, as I implied.  He just happened to be on board with the people on the first episode or two!  Shows how much I know!  Got lunch!  Rice instead of wings!  Rice + Noodles!  Like 2/3rds of a Chinese Food lunch type thing.  Wonderful.  Got some #InsideComedySummerSpringtime coming up today.  Some more #TheConjuringSummerSpringtime.  More #TheWireSummerSpringtime.  You know, that sort of thing.  There's a crisis at the border!  The crisis isn't that there's people there, it's that they're suffering inhumane and dangerous conditions, right?  Not just OH NO PEOPLE ARE CROSSING THE BORDER.  THEY'LL NEGATIVELY EFFECT MY LIFE SOMEHOW.  On the other hand, yes, there is a crisis in regards to their housing and conditions.  Go figure.
Post 1st Paragraph.  1st paragraph of act III, at least!  THERE ARE PEOPLE COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY.  PEOPLE?  I CAN'T STAND PEOPLE.  What else is going on and crap.  All things being equal, frozen meal + rice would be one of the top meals I have left for the next 3.5 days.  But I'm having rice now!  Can't have 2 rices in a row.  That'd be irresponsible!  I got turkey burgers even though I didn't really like them the first time I got them.!  I messed up, okay?  Should have gotten something else instead of turkey burgers.  Even nothing at all instead would be better!  I mucked it all up and I'm sorry but its too late to go back now!  Not liking my long hair.  Lookin' in the mirror, I've reached a new point where it's just like well no one needs to hair hair this long.  Even if I wanted to, "Experiment," with long hair, this is too much!  Also upon further introspection I don't particularly want to, "Experiment," with long hair!  I've seen the detrimental effects of Too Long Hair and now my mind is made up!
    Was wathcing a #MyStrangeAddictionSummerSpringtime, and half of an episode was about a lady who wears those rings around her neck that people do in Africa &/or other places so that in elongates her neck.  And my 2nd and 3rd thoughts were that's unattractive and unsafe but my 1st thought was hmm that would increase my height!  Sure it's All In The Neck but EYE LEVEL WILL BE IMPACTED BY HOWEVER MUCH I WANT.  The bad thing is, and this hadn't happened to lady on docu series yet, but would eventually, is that your neck would outgrow your neck muscles and eventually your head will just collapse and sag to one side.  I don't like the sound of that!  Also it would just look weird to have a long neck.  Little neck, that's the protagonist in The Land Before Time.  I wouldn't like to you.  I might be mistaken To You, better LTURQ.  NOPE I realized EVEN BEFORE LTURQ, it's Little Foot.  I remember because I live near Great Neck and Little Neck Long Islands and neither of them is the protagonist young dinosaur from animation movies.
     Penultimate Paragraph!  Google says Great Neck is in Long Island.  And Little Neck is in Queens.  Sounds about right.  Both close to the border I guess!  My other favorite thing about #MyStrangeAddictionSummerSpringtime is that 2/3rds of them involve Subject Eating Things They Shouldn't Be Eating and they always see a doctor about it and 90% of the time the doctor is like well stunningly you seem to be doing fine but you should still stop.  So if they're doing fine eating sand or rubber or whatever & whatnot, imagine How Fine THE REST OF US are doing!  Very fine.  Jus like sand.  Very fine!  Hey it's almost the last paragraph.
     Yeah!  The point is that Neck Thing is the same premise of what people do with their legs sometimes.  Presumably it's main use is for when one leg is shorter than the other.  But you can also do it as an aesthetic surgery to make yourself taller!  Which makes a bit more sense because nobody lookin' at your undershins!  But also if you do it too much your body would collapse and sag down to your feet.  Presumably.  Oh well, what can ya do.  Maybe some sort of Bagel + Egg for dinner tonight.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  I'll see you tomorrow.

-12:42 P.M.






Sunday, March 21, 2021

I'll Be Your Best Friend

    Hello friends.  Pretty warm outside.  Well, it's pretty warm inside.  But I'm guessing based on it being warm inside-- while having my windows open-- that it's warm outside!  That's where Warmth comes from!  No way we got the heat on going today.  That settles that.  I can hear lawnmowers at work outside my window.  That's a warm, springtime activity.  Nobody's mowing their lawn unless it's warm &/or spring time.  That's how it seems, at least!  Just imagine that guy mowing some lawn.  Probably sweat trickling down his face.  Wants a glass of half lemonade half water.  Who wouldn't!  I had a glass of half orange juice and half water earlier today!  But that's more of an inside juice.  Lemonade is more of an outside juice.  Ya know that sort of thing!
     What else.  Lunches and dinners oh my.  I will have a lunch, I will have a dinner.  No foolin!  99.5% chance that pans out!  Sounds like about 199 out of 200.  I crunched the numbers and everything.  Jeez.  Can't wait to wear a backpack when I take #LongWalkSolidSpringtime.  Put my laptop in there-- don't even need to strap it down or anything.  Just put it in loose, it'll be okay.  Unless I throw my back pack onto the ground and stomp on it for 2 minutes.  2 minutes sounds about right as the over/under for when it would break.  I mean, most people could probably break it immediately.  Either because they're feet are strong or because they set up the laptop to maximize foot placement for stomping.  I'm not doing that.  Just going by looseness and by feel.
     Spiral notebook.  Lots of fun stuff you can put in backpack!  Mainly those two things.  Maybe some beer but why bother.  I dunno I'll have to look into that one re: why bothering.  Also who knows maybe my laptop is under warranty.  So I get a new one a few months after stomping old one for free!  PLUS I get the pleasure of stomping old one.  Seems like a win/win!  I dunno about that.  What else is going on.  What kinda stuff I been watching.  I feel like there was a thing I watched yesterday that I haven't explicitly stated I've been watching it lately.  Lemme LT... OH RIGHT Coming II America!  Averaged out, it was a pretty good movie!  I got lots of kicks out of the first third or half but then it started to drag!  Seemed that way to me!  Maybe I just personally can't handle following the same narrative for more than half an hour and started, "tuning out!"  But overall sure I enjoyed a significant percent of it!
     That's why I may never watch Justice League: The 4 Hour Enterprise under current life conditions.  I don't wanna watch a movie 4 hours in a row, but if I split it up into 2-4 watchings then suddenly it loses its novelty.  Might as well jsut be watching SERIAL TV.  One day I'm sure I'll be able and willing to watch 4 Hour Super Hero Movie.  I look forward to that day!  I guess!  Seems like an optimal set of circumstances for life even beyond this specific manifestation-- watching 4 hours of movie in a row-- in terms of how those conditions would impact my life BEYOND this movie!  This paragraph makes sense.  You might have to cross your eyes or something to get it but I GET IT.
I don't get it.  That's sounds about right, too!  I haven't worn contact lenses in at least a year.  Can't recall how far into quarantine I had contact supply IF I even had any going into quarantine.  I probably ran out within a month or two around quarantine.  We're talkin a window of a month before and a month after.  This isn't as complicated logic as last paragraph.  C'mon man you can figure out what sentences mean!  Man oh man getting my second dose upcoming Thursday.  Then I'll be invincible!  Any studies on whether covid 19 vaccine effects chances of getting Regular Flu?  Instead of asking my website program I should ask google!  LMLTURQ.  Nothin on it.  Lots of people wondering if Flu shot can effect Covid.  But these people are idiots.  I already know the answer to that!  On account of not being an idiot.  That sort of thing.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Who Said What Now

    I dunno.  People aren't, "Idiots," if they're searching Flu Vaccine effect on Covid.  Maybe there is a small effect!  I'd LTURQ but I'M NO IDIOT.  Fine lemme LTURQ.  Doesn't look like it!  See I told you idiots you were idiots.  Now whose the idiot!  LOOK I got lunch coming up its gonna be delicious.  We're talking Wide Fettuccini Al Fredo PLUS 2 Small Buffaloed Wings.  I can't believe it!  Yet all the evidence points to it.  No evidence.  Just educated guesstimates.  I dunno lets get it goin with some yukk em ups.  There's a crisis at the border!  Yeah there's crises everywhere.  Get off my back about it!  That's my official position for some reason. 
     Why do I need an official position?  Because having an unofficial position doesn't carry as much weight.  Oh I Get It Now.  Hey another thing I started watching-- re-watching-- Inside Comedy: The 2 Season Docu Series where David Steinberg interviews one OR TWO comedians &/or other assorted yukk-em-up-makers over the course of 26 minute episodes.  WHAT THE HELL IT'S THREE SEASONS.  10 episodes a pop!  This is gonna last me a solid week or two if I combine it with other things as I will!  So the point is look at all them laugh-em-up-makers.  Also MAN David Steinberg is 100% on board with EVERYONE ELSE'S PERSONAL THOUGHTS OPINIONS AND IMPRESSIONS.  90% of the time anyone says something vaguely insightful or noteworthy he goes YEP 100% THAT'S EXACTLY RIGHT. SOOOOO RIGHT.  And he goes through that, I dunno, 2 dozen times an episode?  He's Canadian I think that's why.  They're too polite!  Either that or they agree with what OTHER laugh-em-up-makers say All The Time FOr Some Reason!
    Haha.  I just googled David Steinberg to double check he was Canadian and google immediately said, once it recognized I was gonna say David Steinberg, "Canadian Comedian."  Good glad we got that most important thing out of the way!  Shows how much I know.  It does!  Anyway let's move on with our lives.  Canadian Comedian is a funny phrase, too!  Like a slant rhyme or somethin.  SOMETHIN to it.  Let's move on with our lives is the point.  #TheWireSolidSpringtime.  #InsideComedySolidSpringtime.  Try to figure out ~1 movie a day &/Or night.  #TalesFromTheCryptSolidSpringtime.  Almost typed "SummerSpringtime," for the last one.  It is very warm-- often a characteristic of summer.  But it's incorrect to say it's Summer.  Not for another 3 months, at least!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Of Act II.  Not of the entry &/Nor of my life.  Probably not, at least.  Solid 99.9975% chance I will write more paragraphs than this one and the next one.  Hmm how much does that translate into "One out of..."  LMLTURQ.  40,000 it looks like.  1 out of 40,000.  Not only does calculator tell me this but it just SEEMS right.  Also Yep I'm comfortable with estimating 1/40,000 I never write a paragraph after this one and the next one.  Kind of on the conservative side, but who knows, gotta account for all sorts of freak accidents &/or circumstances &/or whatnot.
     What else is going on and crap.  Well at the very least I know, after this paragraph, it won't be LESS than last paragraph + this paragraph.  Good to get that out of the way because if I didn't then I'd be forced to confront that it was an overlooked circumstance and worthy of all the attention we could afford to give it.  Yeah!  Anyway what else is going on.  Gonna finish #TheWireSummerSpringtime today.  I'm calling it!  Only 1.8 episodes to go!  I crunched the numbers in my head.  Was more than 1.75 and obviously less than 2.  Let's say 1.8!  I feel, "Comfortable," with that educated guesstimation.  The good news is I know who David Steinberg is this time around watching this because I had already watched this which educated me as to who David Steinberg was the last time I was watching this.  Yep checks out.  I should watch youtube of David Steinberg comedy Yep That Checks Out, too!  I'll do it SOON. SOOOOO SOON.




Where Is Everyone Going

    Seeing some evidence of price gouging when looking at menus for places online!  I'm a very solid 85% sure this is the correct phrase for what I'm seeing.  Last year a nice perfect steak &/or seafood entire dinner'll run ya 32-37 dollars.  Now it's that PLUS TEN DOLLARS.  And all because there's shortages of perfect steaks &/or seafoods.  Maybe that's it.  Maybe it's to make up for losing business, that they're just jacking up the prices to make up for that!  Or, yes, maybe there's less steak and seafood around.  It's possible either way!  Anyway got Al Fredo pasta and Buffaloed Wings.  Perfectly cooked more or less.  Solidly somewhere between 80% well cooked and 120% well cooked.  Not half bad is the point I'm trying to make.
Cool!  Watched some David Steinberg on youtube.  From THE 80'S.  Yuo know the 1980's?  The lower end of estimating 2000?  I dunno.  Anyway Steinberg was doing a bit about being bumped from Johnny Carson over and over again.  And I Was like THAT IS SO RIGHT, 100% I AM ON BOARD IN RELATING TO THIS BIT.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Maybe David Steinberg is such a great interviewer that he coaxes answers out of his subjects that he DOES agree 100% with.  Great interviewer!  Cracked that code.  That's what good interviewers are, right?  They get the answers that they want.  That seems to check out 100% sooooo right.  Also AS A VIEWER I am prone to being 100% agreeable to whatever My Favorite Comedians are saying but I Don't Know Better!  I am just a spectator to this entire enterprise!
     Penpenultimate paragraph of entry!  Better do a quick survey of upcoming entries of the series for people who have been cancelled.  I'm thinking of you, Louie CK!  Lemme LTURQ.  FIRST OF ALL there's a season 4 of 6 episodes.  46 overall!  That's the number president Joseph Biden is!  It helps if you know them by the numbers.  Anyway oh right LMLTURQ.  Looks like just Louie CK.  There's a few that have been close to cancellation but thus far have been able to dodge it.  I'm looking at YOU, CHEECH AND CHONG.  Anyway just finished lunch.  Presumably very close to exactly halfway through Act III!  What else.  Dinner'll either be Hour Deserves Party or Turkey Burger... party.  Haven't had them Hour Deserves in a while!
    Jeez.  Had 2.75 cups of coffee today.  Really wanted to finish the third cup before lunch because who drinks coffee with pasta gotta have soda with pasta.  And I'm not allowed to use glasses anymore so I have to use my one singular plastic mug.  So basically I needed lunch-- I was hungry!-- so I had to pour out .25 a cup of coffee.  This is great stuff and It's SOOOOO True 100% on board with myself.  It's true!  It is true!  No one is arguing it's not true!  HEY alternate dinner is Frozen Meal + Bonus Rice.  That sounds like a blast and a half.  Then again Hour Deserves party includes THREE THINGS that ya know what I'm kind of on board for.  Specifically Chicken Nuggets!  Specifically Who Cares Let's Write The Last Paragraph And Be Done With This!
     Yeah.  MAN what I would give to have that .25 coffee back.  Not a lot!  Pretty much nothing worth more than a quarter of a cup of coffee which is most things.  Maybe it's all in my head, but do they design cans now (specifically beer cans?) that stay somewhat cold outside of the refridge?  Kinda seems when I'm holding cans kinda COOL to the touch.  Maybe that's just how aluminum works and I never realized it.  Specifically cold around the parts that there's still beer left.  Can is half full, top half isn't cold!  Bottom half of can is cold!  I don't know the science behind it but something is going on with these Coors Light cans.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-12:51 P.M.




Saturday, March 20, 2021

Let Me Try Something New

    I don't like the sound of that.  I'll try something new later!  I've got a lot of same old stuff to get off my chest!  Ya know LUNCHES.  Dinners sometimes.  BEER OFTEN.  3 beers for today is most likely.  Lunch is probably either Wide Fettuccini OR Pepperoni Pizza.  Dinner could be MEAT'D LOAF or I dunno TURKEY BURGER?  Got all that out of the way.  Anyway Holy Shit they started a new season of #InterventionSolidSpringtime hmm springtime.  Yep.  It's a single word.  So I don't need to capitalize the, "T," in springtime in the hashtag.  Anyway not only are they back but they're back in America!  No more of this Canada bullshit!  Also if there's one thing Americans excell at it's doing drugs!  We've got that down pat!  Specifically about Las Vegas based addictioners this season.  Go figure!
Also because it's new I can watch it on A & E: The Streamer of the Regular Channel without logging in.  Interventions for all who want it!  What other kind of stuff do I got going on.  I don't trust this pepperoni pizza.  Significantly less calories than Spinach and Heartichoke Pizza was.  ANd its the same size and everything.  Sounds like a conspiracy scam.  I think it's tomato sauce based, though.  While the other one might have just been NO Sauced Based OR Cream Sauce based.  I always thought it was NO Sauced Based and the creaminess came from the cheese.  Maybe it was white sauce based and that's why its less calories how that it's tomato sauced based.  I've given myself A LOT to think about.  SO MUCH.
What else is going on and crap.  I saw Biden tripped while walking quickly up stairs to Air Force One!  That's not so bad.  It's be worse if he tripped for 16 hours on mushrooms.  Not sure that would be safe for a president to do!  Anyway based on how first two days of BeerWeek went, probably gonna go another week without skipping a day.  I like those odds and whatnot anyway what paragraph am I in only the third I don't like those odds.  I saw they were disqualifying people from serving at White House because of past marijuana use. Presumably not on board with mushrooms, either. But When The President Does It It's Not A Crime.  That's a phrase I believe Nixon came up with.  Presumably because he was zoned the fuck out on LSD.  Zoned out.  That's what drugs do, right?  Based on my own experience.
Speaking of my own experience with drugs, I was watching The Hills Have Eyes II (the newer version from 2007) and I'm 90% sure I saw that in theaters while on marijuana, and I dunno if its the editing or what but it captured that feeling and really brought back some sense memory where I was like 15% OH WAIT A SECOND I CAN ABSORB THIS IN A SIMILAR WAY TO WHEN I WAS HIGH.  It was awesome!  I, "Zoned Out," for a solid 15% of the movie!  What else is going on and crap.  Started re-watching #ScreamSolidSpringtime and it turns out it takes place in an affluent suburb in California.  For some reason I was always conceptualizing somewhere in the North East.  The North Eastiest part of the North East Relatively.  Oh well ya learn something new every day.  Great, just great.
     Also watching it again after so much experience watching other horror films from the 1970's-1990's, pretty obvious who the killer(s) is.  Also I also need to know ahead of time who the killer(s) is.  But combined with advance knowledge of ending AND with experience of previous films, paying attention to the dialogue mostly, yeah they were pretty much just upfront with it.  Ya know that sort of thing!  No spoilers!  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  I've said it before, I'll say it again-- the fake movie based on Scream I in Scream II is called Stab.  And it's my firm position that the fake movie in Stab would be called Knife.  I dunno why that logic makes sense to me.  But thinking about it always brings me joy!  I'll be back in a bit.




Let Me Stop You There

    Jeez Act II huh.  I can, "deal," with that.  What else is going on in Life.  My life, your life, board game, movie, cereal.  Life is a cereal, right.  Better LTURQ.  YEP it is and sounds like a slam dunk cereal.  I googled it (Right Quick) and the design on the box isn't bad!  I'd try a cereal based on this box design!  Life.  Wheaties,  Sports.  Olympics.  I saw Tokyo Olympics will go on without any spectators.  That's okay with me.  I can't stand the Olympics!  The less I hear about it, the better.  Presumably they'd still show it on TV.  DAMNIT.  Well that ruins MY summer!  I don't even have a TV.  YEAH but it probably will be available for free on the internet somewhere (somewhereS?).  DAMNIT like I said DAMNIT there goes MY summer!
     Based on looking things up right quick, seems like they're still sticking with calling it the 2020 Olympics.  I guess for symmetry and whatnot.  We all know its 2021 but its still called the 2020 Olympics just a year late.  Go figure!  Is Tokyo big enough for Olympics?  That's a lot of drawers people will have to be sleeping in.  I dunno lets get goin'.  What's today.  3/20.  Sounds like about 6.667.  That's my best guess off the top of my head.  Lemme LTURQ.  WHOOPS did it backwards.  Sounds a lot like .15.  But 20/3 would be 6.667.  Go figure!  Lemme LTURQ again.  YEP NAILED IT.  Man I'm great at math it only takes me two tries!  Other people'll be clueless!  I get a B!  B means 2nd best, means 2 tries.  My dad is a math teacher THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE!
Third paragraph of Act II.  20 or 19 days until Personal Independence Day (PID).  I'll take all the walks.  Man oh man.  Get all the meals.  Maybe about 75% of the meals.  Some of the meals aren't available.  Places got, "Limited Menus," all over the place.  I dunno.  The point is IF Scream had multiple killers we Still Don't and MAY NEVER know which one was doing which killing.  I dunno.  I can imagine Keith Williamson (writer who more commonly goes by KEVIN Williamson upon further introspection) doing an interview and is like well here's who killed who.  Wes Craven can't do it.  He's DEAD himself!  Damnit forgot to say No Spoilers.  Now you know Wes Craven has passed.  Oh well what can ya do.  Re: Scream, we can guess who killed who and that's it!  It's fun to speculate though.  Boy is it.  And also all of that is only IF there were multiple killers.  Not saying for sure one way or the other!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  The time is pretty early for when I usually am up to this point in entry.  May put off lunch until after entry is over!  I dunno it's 50/50 as of now.  Flip some coin.  Any coin in your immediate vicinity!  How come I've entrusted YOU to flip a coin re: my lunch decisions.  Seems like something I should take care of myself!  Ya know that sort of thing.  Also started watching the new episode of Intervention and I'm halfway through and this show has lost its charm.  I'm bored of it at this point!  So I got that going for me!  The great thing about Future Meals is the thing that I look forward to off the top of my head-- real pizza-- is a replacement for one of the Top Things In Terms Of What I Enjoy I get from Super Market Delivery.  Frozen pizza!  Go figure!  Maybe I just like pizza.  That seems to check out.
Wonderful.  Wait a second.  Re: Scream the major motion picture.  You're telling me IF I KNEW WHO THE KILLER(S) WAS... I'd be able to still retain that knowledge upon further introspection when re-watching the movie?!  I know it sounds crazy but that's the way this film is!  Anyway what else is going on.  Almost done with entry.  Around 20/3/10.  YEP CHECKS OUT.  MAN OH MAN I'M A MATH GREAT.  Also it means March 20th in Europe THAT'S TODAY'S DATE I WOULDN'T LIE TO YOU!!!  Also it says 10 which is 11 years ago today.  I wouldn't lie to you about that, either!  I'd have no motive!  Anyway I'm really confused what to do :re pizza or wide fettuccini.  I keep going back and forth.  Right now I'm on a Pro Pizza Kick.  Also it makes sense because it'll be ready in 45 minutes which is appropriate for when I would want to eat it I guess.  Maybe take a big ol break so that I return with Act III in an entire 45 minutes.  Sounds good.  I dunno, though!  You will be updated on this situation more or less imminently.  I envy you.  Be back in a little bit!




I Have To Go

    Wonderful.  I'm having pizza for lunch.  Futurewise.  I'm gonna have it ready in Oh I Don't Know an hour, an hour 15!  I like those odds!  Probably having Communal Meatloaf dor dinner!  I like those odds!  Solid 17/20 odds.  You think I'm joking, that's JUST THE RIGHT estimation.  So I got that going for me.  No more coffee for today.  Now I'm down to just drinking soda.  Soda isn't HEARTY at all.  I demand Heartiness from my beverages.  Beer isn't hearty.  But it's good for you so I don't mind it!  Heartiness is a word.  Go figure!  Presumably because people use it re: talking about beverages.  That's my best guess, as good a guess as anything else.
Wonderful.  Lookin at DoorDash: The Food Delivery Enterprise.  They got most of the places I'm totally on board with for future Lunches &/or dinner!  Solid 17/20 places, but within that there is a Further Fraction of what their limited menu has to offer in terms of what I might want.  It's MATH you wouldn't understand.  The point is lets move on with our lives.  MENUS?  MORE LIKE WOMEN-USE.  LIKE SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE: THE WOMAN U EXPERIENCE.  SARAH LAWRENCE BECAME MULTI-GENDERED IN 1968?!?  HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME.  Now I look like AN IDIOT thanks a lot.  Hey what else is going on and crap.  Putting Pizza in oven in 10, 15 minutes.  I had to have it defrost for at least half an hour so I can cut it in half!  That way I'm only cooking the half I am going to eat!  NOW WHOSE THE IDIOT?  YOU or something!
Cool!  Checked SUBWAY: THE SANDWICH EXPERIENCE and they seem to have All Them Toppings available.  So we got that going for us is the point.  Having tons of fun re-naming the guitar amplification system's presets.  All them models are well and good but what's really putting them over the top is re-naming them for when I scroll to them on top of Guitar Amplification System.  NOW we're talking some language!  What else.  Look I know hopefully by the summer Coronavirus will be 90, 95% under control, but just to be safe, I think they should push back the Summer Olympics to the Winter.  Get it.  Cause it's still the summer Olympics.  And most of the competitions you can't do in the winter at all.  But now you have to.  It's a joke!  Just Imagine Them Summer Competitions done over the cloak of snow and winter.
Penultimate paragraph!  IS there a winter in Tokyo?  If any one has figured out How To Defeat Winter it's Japan.  Also I feel like in our culture Winter is supposed to be The Worst for some reason.  I dunno why!  But gotta imagine it's a culture by culture thing.  Inuits are probably ALL ABOUT winter.  I dunno about that.  But the point is SOME people are pro-winter, even some people IN OUR CULTURE.  But overall we're against winter and that's a premise assumption you can take to the bank!  ITS COLD.  THAT'S A HASSLE AND A HALF.  Gotta wear more clothes?  I never signed up for wearing more clothes!  Seems like a Conspiracy Scam to me!
     Last paragraph and whatnot.  YES we can all individually enjoy winter.  But not collectively!  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.  Christmas I GET IT but that's The Exception That Proves The Rule!  Alright what else is going on.  Gonna have to do a 60 second Spell Check run through when this is over.  See which Red Wavy Lines need addressing and which ones don't.  A lotta stuff is red wavy lines but I don't care.  Take, "Lotta," for instance.  Not a word!  I don't care, I'm keeping it!  Get off my back about it!  Also YES there will be 3 or 4 spell check blunders where I intended a real word but missed it during 60 second spell check!  Sorry!  Don't hate the player, hate the game!  Wonderful.  Got pizza in about 35, 40 minutes.  I can, "live," with that.  Live Your Life: Eat Cereal is a commercial I'm workshopping.  Anyway I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-12:23 P.M.




Friday, March 19, 2021

Let Me Put It This Way

    Makes sense now that I think about it!  Anyway hey we got a Friday going on today!  I like those odds.  Totally gonna have lunch &/OR dinner today!  Watch some #DumbStuffSolidSpring.  A day before Spring.  I feel like we can call today Solid Spring!  We can all days whatever we want! No one's gonna stop us!  Anyway yesterday had the smallest amount of Drink on a day that there was Some Drink in oh I don't know YEARS?  1.20 beers!  That's it!  Presumably when I've gone to concerts &/or comedy shows &/or podcast experiences with my brother over the last few years, one drink is the standard!  Usually!  Get off my back about it is the point!
     Cool.  Flip a coin on whether I should elaborate on lunches &/OR dinners for today.  Call it.  Heads.  Heads is what.  Heads is I do it.  Ok lets go.  Hmm where's a coin.  Lemme amend this.  If I find a coin, I do it.  If I don't find a coin, I don't.  Hmm.  Now it's really incumbent upon me to make that decision.  If I get out of my chair to get a coin as I definitely would, gotta say it!  If I stay seated, we can all move on with our lives.  Hmm now I feel like I gotta go back to Flipping A Coin.  Only responsible way to settle this paragraph.  BRB!  TAILS.  Well, that settles that!  What else is going on I guess.
    Cool!  What was the generic way to decide a 50/50 before coins.  I mean I guess coins have been going on since the 1600's at least, right?  But not everyone had them!  You a peasant somewhere in the 1600's, if you had ONE COIN you would be rich!  And you certainly wouldn't jeopardize your accumulated wealth by FLIPPING IT now would you?  What if it breaks or comes apart?  Probably won't but who knows.  Keep that coin somewhere safe is the point.  What else is going on.  Making TENS OF CENTS in poker right now.  First time in months!  I stopped playing freerolls all day oh I don't know a year or two ago?  I got better things to do.  Only register for one a day.  And I get bored even with that even if I'm doing well.
They had coins in Roman Numeral Times.  You know Times New Roman Times?  That sort of thing.  Times New Roman is kind of the holy roman empire.  It's NEW roman.  Holy Roman Empire was an offshoot of Regular Roman Empire!  Ask any historian, they'll tell you!  Even someone who took World History II sophomore year We're On It!  Hmm is that part II.  Well lets be honest there's FOUR semesters of World History.  II would be the 2nd two combined.  So basically either starts off World History II more or less or finishes World History I.  Well I'm glad we settled this once and for all.  That's what Romulus and Remus-- the founding wolves of Rome-- said... when they settled Rome: The City-Settlement... as wolves.  You know that sort of thing.  poor Remus.  Gotta imagine there's a territory or two in Rome where they're like yeah we like Romulus as much as the next territory but what we're REALLY into is Remus!  You don't have to imagine it, I just imagined it for you!
   Last paragraph of Act I!  Look lets split the difference, I'll tell you my lunch in Act III when it's finalized and before me and settled for me.  I've got a few ideas up my sleeve don't you worry about my upcoming lunch.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Not happy when Calendars (Patriotism Calendars or not) tell me the beginning of any season is the 20th or the 22nd.  I was raised to consider the start of each season as always on the 21st!  March, June, September... I wanna say DECEMBER?  Always on the 21st.  So basically everything I've ever been told is a lie!  It all revolves around Season Start Days.  So once those are wrong it starts a domino effect where eventually Everything Is Wrong.  Oh well what can ya do.  Be back in a bit.  Hmm maybe World History I and II were only 2 semesters.  Just wanted to make that explicitly clear.  I'll be back in a jiffy!




High Fives All Around

    I talk about Romulus and Remus a lot.  It's nice to have Civilization Founders that one can relate to!  I dunno about that.  I could think of a dozen or two animals I'd rather have found my civilization before wolves.  Three or four dozen animals if we're going MYTHOLOGICAL BEASTS.  Also in this context, "Beasts," just means any animal.  Not a particularly, "BEASTIE," ones as we commonly use the word these days... as popularized by the, "BEASTIE," Boys... what's going on again.  I lost track.  Oh.  Mythic Animals Founding Civilizations.  Some sort of Pegasus, I dunno!  Unicorn.  I'm, "On Board," with Unicorns!  I like how the Beastie Boys started out relatively misogynistic but then REDEEMED themselves by becoming more pro-women in their lyrics.  Well Done!
     What else is going on and crap.  Romulus is considered a word by FrontPage.  Remus isn't.  I guess that's what you get for Losing The Wolf Wars.  I think Romulus ate Remus.  Or at the very least killed him some other way.  I dunno time to move on wit hour lives.  What else is going on and crap.  Hmm started the paragraph that way.  Well, no one ever told me what was going on and crap!  Cycled back around because I still don't know!  What if World History was 2 years but American History was only 1 year.  I dunno it's possible but kind of a scandal controversy.  WHAT KIDS ARE LEARNING MORE ABOUT WORLD THAN AMERICA?  WHAT KIND OF JEWISH GLOBALIST NONSENSE OF THIS.  ALSO ALL HISTORIANS ARE JEWISH.  THAT SMELLS LIKE A SCANDAL CONSPIRACY, TOO.  Yep that seems to check out.  I can think of One Historian off the top of my head.  And he probably is Jewish.  Really makes ya think!
    Cool!  Look, if you're Christian I encourage you to become historians, too!  It's there for anyone who wants it!  Go for it you've got my blessing!  Also much of World History We Learnt is Christianity.  Look into The Holy Roman Empire if you don't believe me!  Alright lets move on with our lives.  So far today Entertainment Consumption has been #TheWireSolidSpringtime.  Added the, "Time," to hashtag.  Makes it sound better.  That's just one man's opinion.  AT LEAST.  May be more than one man's opinion.  Depends on how many men (OR WOMEN) are out there, who read this, and agree with that opinion.  So that's great, wonderful.  Anyway into Season II of #TheWireSolidSpringtime.  I can dig that!  It's the third or fourth best season out of five!  Not bad!  Solidly ALMOST in the middle!
     Fourth paragraph of Act II.  I like those odds.  I do have a good idea of what I'll have for lunch.  No spoilers!  Are Roman coins worth ANYTHING re: Ancient Roman Currency.  Or is it just it's worth what it's worth either due to gold or silver in it, and it's just generic gold or silver, OR it's worth what it's worth due to being an ancient artifact, and as a relic its worth something.  What I wanna know is, is there this third thing-- is there still an economy system on Earth that is like alright this Roman coin'll gets you THIS much, still worth what its worth 2000 years ago, POSSIBLY adjusting for inflation... You know that sort of thing.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  What else is going on and crap.  I finished coffee for the day and now I'm drinking soda like a chump.  That's life I guess.  Gotta imagine the HEADS of Roman Coin was Romulus and TAIL was Remus.  That's how I would have done it at least.  One person's opinion!  Hey that's not so bad for Remus.  He still made it onto the coin!  Pretty good.  Also its his butt.  That's where the phrase, "Tails," comes from.  One side has always been Heads and the other side TRADITIONALLY has been butts.  Look that's probably where we Colloquially got, "Tails," in real life.  Hey this one side is heads LET'S DO A YUKK-EM-UP and call the other side Tails!!   Like if Coin was a real person!  Cracked that code.  I'll be back in a little bit.





That's It For Me

    Hey what's up.  Got lunch!  Lemme let you in on The Secret-- Lobster Ravioli + 3 Buffalo Wings.  SMALL Buffalo Wigns.  Not Extra Large or even AVERAGE.  The point is what else is going on and crap.  The point is the back of a quarter should be George Washington's Butt but oh well.  Was there any hesitancy to replace King George with Another George for America Colonists?  Gotta imagine there was some rumblings hmm we just got rid of George!  Now we're elevating a new George?  Doesn't seem right!  Anyway usually I'm not on board with this Lobster Ravioli sauce but today it's just right!  Halfway between a red sauce and a white sauce!  White Cause!  That's what they call their ideology!  The white supremacists!  You know! 
    If someone is pro Robert E Lee, and says it's Because Of History, you should ask them whether they're pro Abraham Lincoln.  That'll get you the information that you need but don't really need you already kind of know but this way it's all but confirmed.  Also I'm gonna be 110% honest-- before break after Act II, I was HEAVILY considering Wide Fettuccini Al Fredo for lunch!  Go figure!  Anyway, lobster ravioli isn't QUITE a Fisherman's Parade but it's halfway there.  Also YES I realized that it's a fisherman's parade because You Can Thank The Fisherman for This PARADE of Different Sea Foods coming up!  Not really a parade, still.  Close!  But unless it's being paraded to you by waiters, one mini portion of each fish one by one, NOT REALLY A PARADE!
     Cool.  I still LIKE It.  I've gotten it before when I was a Fancy Boy.  Not so much lately!  Now I'm more likely to get some sort of Surf and Turf but not lobster just regular ol STUFFED filet of sole.  Stuffed with crab meat!  So basically I'm still a Fancy Boy but it's a little bit different.  Also haven't done that in a year obviously so I've been Not A Fancy Boy for a year, just like you!  HEY I had that chicken curry last night and it was The Tops!  No complaints here!  Except for how I added bonus rice-- yellow rice-- and it didn't even need it!  Came on a bed of brown rice!  And all in all was pretty filling!  Lotta vegetables LOTTA vegetables.  Which I'm on board with these days.  Gimme some green peppers why not I'm open to all sorts of green &/or red peppers!
     Penultimate paragraph!  Finished lunch!  Such is life!  I won't keep you updated on what I'll have for dinner because it will be well past finishing the entry!  Anyway watching The Union season of #TheWireSolidSpringTime and I CAN kind of relate to this dummy Ziggy.  DUMB but is a laugh!  Nobody respects him except for those close to him who respect him IMPLICITLY for being a laugh!  No spoilers but it doesn't all work out for him by the end of the season.  So basically not only do I sort of relate to it but I very much ASPIRE to it!  I've been a laugh before in my life and god willing I'll be a laugh again!  Can't discount it completely!  Also his Dad is in charge of The Union.  My Dad was IN a union.  I guess he still is!  See the similarities keep comin'!
Last paragraph.  I did it!  Wonderful.  Look scientifically speaking, getting smaller buffalo wings but still the same amount of meat overall-- you get more of the less meaty to make up for it-- I SHOULD be on board with the smaller ones!  More easy to decide specific portions!  But I DON'T.  What's the use in eatin' a nice ol' wing when it's done so quickly!  I'm practically not accomplishing ANYTHING with these small wings.  You know that sort of thing.  Well another day down.  Man.  Been solidly definitely more than a year since Personal Pandemic hit.  By which I mean When I Personally Started Taking It Seriously re: LOCKDOWNS.  A week more or so!  And I went a week without writing entries in October.  So solidly 350 entries written during Quarantine Pandemic.  AND FOR WHAT.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-1:33 P.M.







Thursday, March 18, 2021

This Is Going Well

    Hello friends.  Just accepted Super market delivery and all is well!  They had more or less everything I wanted per my understanding.  Here's a winning premise-- combine the two IT movies (either the TV version of the MOVIE version or somehow BOTH) into 1 prolonged director's cut.  It can be done and it must!  Also no it's not just showing the entire first IT and then showing the second IT.  That would be too easy!  Also no it's not just showing every sequence over the original two movies in chronological order.  That would be too easy!  You can figure it out!  And if not you, some other director!  Maybe a Memonoto where its each sequence in anti-chronological order.  I haven't made up my mind whether that's appropriate or not!
     What else is going on.  Tryin a new Chicken Curry Fresh Direct Fresh Meal Enterprise.  That's lunch!  Either with Act II or Act III!  I don't know yet so the point is get off my back about it.  Making progress with #TheWireMarchWhatever.  Solidly almost finished with Act I: By Which I Mean Season I: But I've Conditioned Myself To Dividing Things Into Acts: As I Should.  Anyway speaking of directors, I had a dream (Nightmare?) where I was entertaining Woody Allen in my house and the premise was despite everything I GOTTA IMPRESS THIS GUY MAYBE HE'LL PUT ME IN HIS MOVIE.  Which is doubly odd because I don't want to be in any movies despite what Nightmares imply.  So the point is LET'S GO WITH NIGHTMARE!  My dream-character has been corrupted and exposed as infantine and self serving.  Dumb dreams.  Think they're so insightful.
     What else is going on.
  Also I remember taking a shower after dealing with Woody Allen in the dream.  So that was my way of my unconscious mind needing to get clean again.  That part seems redemptive a bit, I'm okay with taking a shower at the end of the dream to get the stink off.  Re-upped with, "Buffalo," Wings so I could pair 2 or 3 with Chicken Curry to make it a nice great meal.  Anyway.  Tried to motivate myself to start my Listen To 500 Best Albums At Random life premise.  Originally an idea for when walkings resumes, but I figured I could get started.  First album-- ranked 152 best of all time- STEELY DAN DEBUT ALBUM.  Well it's about time I become familiar with Steely Dan.  And it's about time I become familiar with Debut Albums!  Anyway listened to the first song and it was okay I guess!  Then I lost interest and that's where I'm at right now.  I know they have breast reduction surgery but do they have any de-butt surgery.  My guess is they must!  It's like weight loss liposuction surgery but for your butt.  Gotta imagine there's some demand for that out there.
     Cool.  Also if some people are getting surgery to make their butts bigger-- as there are-- well this is easy just take one person's butt and give it to another person.  People losing their butts don't even have to pay for surgery, then!  Doctor Surgeons are doing their surgery for free on the stipulation they now own that butt.  And can make money by doing a butt transplant to anyone who wants it.  You know that sort of thing.  Anyway this ain't ideal for not grossing people out but I was biting one of my nails and I guess I happened to get the angle and depth just right because I FREAKIN TORE OFF HALF THE NAIL.  Not the end piece of the nail.  ENTIRE FUCKIN' NAIL WAS COMING OFF.  I was able to correct course halfway through so it's not a total loss!  Anyway I got that going on for me.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  At this point it looks like Chicken Curry + Chicken Buffalo Wings will be with Act III!  I'm relatively hungry right now but the need for food is not quite an imminent concern for now.  Man.  I could have bit off the entire nail.  Everything was in place.  Luckily my responsible side kicked in and went NO MORE.  STOP HERE WHILE I STILL CAN.  I dunno what else is going on and crap.  ALso YES I am exposed to infection without half a nail.  That's why we have nails!  Otherwise germs would get at us through our fingertips and toetips.  Toetips isn't a word.  But it IS a physiological premise.  Same thing as fingertips but for toes!  Also Also if you come up with a word yourself Webster's Dictionary HAS to pay YOU for it to be included.  That's just business.  Come up with some slam dunk words and that's just what your career is.  I'll be back in a little bit.




No Thanks

    Look I know butt implants are a thing-- pretty sure I've seen a My Strange Addiction with a lady who loves em!-- but I'm talking about butt TRANSPLANTS that's what makes it HUMOROUS.  The point is lets move on with our lives.  Dose 2 in 1 week.  Safe in 3 weeks.  Alright!  I'm gonna be like yo hook me up with some... uh... WALKINGS.  Hey I just had a great idea that was demoted immediately to a bad idea that was upgraded to a decent idea.  Great idea-- hmm if I'm takin Big Ol Walks during afternoon-- I can get lunch at beginning of walks and eat them out in public!  Bad idea-- oh right it's probably safe but I should still avoid just chillin inside with other poeple.  Redemption Idea-- I CAN GET SOME LUNCH, GO TO THE PARK, EAT ON A BENCH.  ANY BENCH'LL DO.  NO SITTING ON THE GRASS, THOUGH.  THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE.  Maybe sitting on the bench ON GRASS, though!  It's drug talk, you wouldn't understand.
    We're talkin imagining eating a SUBWAY SANDWICH for lunch on a bench.
  That's all I can come up with.  Gonna be good.  Anyway lets move on with our lives.  For Super Market Delivery, my Dad got himself Frozen Kasha Knishes and I am very jealous that he gets to eat them.  Only 2 in the pack!  No way I can maneuver my way into having one of them!  Just gotta wait until next week.  Same brand I got potato pancakes!  Hmm I'm jealous of anyone eating those this week.  No way I can maneuver my way into having one of them!  First I need a list of all people within a 50 mile radius who got them and that's only the beginning of this process.  LOOK what kind of Noodles did I get?  Why it's only the kind that I had a few weeks ago that wasn't My Brand NOR was it Cup O Noodles but a third thing that had mini shrimp in it.  Good stuff!  I'd have it for lunch if only I could.  Gotta eat fresh foods first!
What else is going on and crap.  Maybe have a Fresh Food Pasta.  That's splitting the difference!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Anyway BANDCAMP DOT COM changed their format or something so that I can once again listen to my own music from my phone!  Finally!  I get to enjoy myself all over again!  Sounds like fun.  Anyway today isn't Spring.  Tomorrow isn't spring.  The day after tomorrow isn-- WAIT A SECOND THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW IS SPRING.  Suddenly that movie doesn't seem so bad.  We thought it would be about constant disasters due to climate change.  Nope!  Just a pleasant Spring!  At least for a few months.  Then after 3 or 4 months the Constant Climate Change Disasters begin.  But we get a solid spring!  #SomethingSomethingSolidSpring.  I'll keep you updates as I work the bugs out of that hash tag.
I dunno about other sports, but baseball's spring training is in February and March primarily.  And regular season starts end of March.  Kinda seems like Winter Training to me.  Why it's only a week or at most 2 weeks of Spring for this 8 or 10 week enterprise.  Kinda seems that way, don't it!  Who can I write an angry letter to re: this situation.  E-mail me at mankindguy @ gmail dot com to tell me where to send MY e-mails to.  And if it's YOU I need to e-mail, make sure to include a link in the e-mail that acts as a, "Reply," button!  I don't know how to reply to e-mails under normal circumstances! 
     Last paragraph of Act II!  It's called Spring Training because you're Training FOR SPRING.  Yes it's going on in the winter but the end result is you're doing it FOR Spring Activity.  So that's why it's labeled, "Spring," in, "Spring Training."  Cracked that code.  What else is there to say to finish this paragraph.  Lots of stuff I hope!  MaruChan.  That's the brand of noodles!  Not bad!  I like their shrimp flavor because the little piece of shrimp not only tastes like shrimp it tastes like fried shrimp and we all know anything fried tastes better than anything not fried under roughly 50% of the circumstances!  I like how in restaurants they often call either Fancy Fried Fish Combo or Fancy Regular Boiled or Broiled Fish Combo something like Fisherman's Parade.  Why is a fisherman getting a parade?  I dunno but I do know I LIKE IT.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Finally!  The End!

    Hey that sounds great!  Anyway I'm having noodles + salmon but its responsible because the salmon is fresh food PLUS its from last week so I need to eat it sooner than other fresh food!  All in all Lunch turned out to be TASTY, RESPONSIBLE, ADULT, and DELICIOUS.  What else is going on and crap.  Also let me be very clear-- I will never under any circumstances TALK to Woody Allen without throwing my drink in his face.  Presumably I have a drink while talking to him.  If not, I'll go get the nearest drink.  Also yes I know that's letting him off easy!  But I'm No Sort Of Robo Cop I can't dispense justice all by myself!  STREET justice, maybe.  That's from Training Day.  Which I imagine was inspired by Baseball's Spring Training.  Yeah, great, just great.
What else is going on.  Also let me be very clear-- I will appear in ANY role in ANY sort of Robo Cop franchise movie!  Unless, of course, Woody Allen is directing it.  Ugh.  What else is going on and crap.  I like waiting for Super market delivery because I get to check the front once every six minutes.  Hmm been six minutes in my room BETTER RE-CHECK.  That sort of thing.  It's fun to get some exercise!  The premise is on the off chance they deliver and just leave food products at my door and never even ring the bell.  Anyway I dunno.  THE PHARMACY WHERE I GET MY DRUGS FROM IS OPENING UP A VACCINATION STATION.  DAMNIT.  I blew my vaccinations on Aqueduct Race Track.  Should held out for Vitality: The Drug Store: It's Called Vitality.  That sort of thing.
     What else is going on.  Robocop VS Woody Allen?  That's a tricky one because it might be Robot Cop mopping the floors with Woody Allen.  But it'd have to be a documentary and not fiction.  Otherwise they're just faking it and I'm not down with that at all.  Also, let me be very clear-- I've never seen any Robo Cop.  Fiction, documentary, in real life, fake life, dreams, NOTHIN'.  Some COMMERCIALS or STILL IMAGES here or there, maybe.  Never a full Robo Cop, though!  Anyway, here's a think-em-up-- if regular police COULD program Robo Cop to discriminate &/or use violence &/or kill minorities, gotta imagine there's a 50% chance they add that to his mainframe database.  I mean, consciously.  They're presented with a 100% ready to go Robo Cop.  And it comes with instructions, to activate white supremacy mode, install this CD Rom.  And 50% of the time, that'd be my guess, they're like well might as well!
That's neither too high nor too low.  I feel 50% is accurate!  It may be AS LOW AS 1/4 TIMES, I DUNNO!!!  Anyway what else is going on.  Never seen The Original, "Cut," Of Justice League.  Probably watch this completely new 4 hours of movie, though!  I'm pot committed to participating in pop culture so I feel it's my duty to watch this movie.  Also it's been made available to me so I'd be a fool not to take advantage of this opportunity.  HEY the frozen pizza I got is the same as last few times but instead of spinach and artichoke hearts its Why It's Only PEPPERONI!!!  Which will taste delicious presumably but is more calories.  They were out of Spinach and Artichoke Heart Pizza!  Get off my back about it!
     Last paragraph!  Still a little bit of noodle left.  That worked out fine, just fine.  Still may have Chicken Curry meal for dinner!  Lookin' forward to it!  Anyway, I dunno.  Do some #TheWireMarchWhatever when this entry is over.  I'm enjoying that well enough this time around.  Anyway great news!  I just had one of these tiny piece of baby baby shrimp and it didn't look fried or taste fried texturewise, but YES isolated, that's where I was getting the fried taste!  So go figure about that!  ANyway entry is just about over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:37 P.M.




Wednesday, March 17, 2021

That's The End Of That Chapter

    Hello.  Made it a week with drinking every day!  I'm supposed to be proud about Drinking Every Day?  NO but I am supposed to be proud about rationing the drinking!  Let's throw a party where the party is I drink 3 beers over the course of the day!  Only I'm invited.  You can't come!  You may give me disease!  LOOK I'm going to finish this paragraph, paragraph one of act one, in a very undignified way-- a way that is neither entertaining nor funny.  It's undignified to share something that isn't good for other people to read!  No dignity in that!  Anyway lunch is most likely bagel + egg, dinner is beef sirloin.  ALSO new plan for when I get Deliveries Again!  Here's the premise.  More than half the time I get something it's to split between 2 or 3 meals.  NOW I know from first hand experience that something like that could last a solid week in fridge.  So I get one portion, then next week when I would get the same thing anyway, I just finish that first portion.  I feel like this is a real, "Game Changer."
     ALRIGHT now its time to get into yukk em ups.  The point is I started re-watching #TheWireMarchWhatever.  I don't know why.  It's good!  And it'll take me a week to finish it!  This time around I'm rooting for the drug dealers.  Maybe I always was.  I can't remember.  I think I rooted for people on a person by person basis.  Some cops and some drug dealers are good, some are bad!  Also they're all part good and part bad.  That's the human condition!  I dunno.  Pretty sure me personally, I'm not part good and part bad.  I'm just Nothin' through and through.  Nothing exceptionally good about me, and nothing really detrimental to my character.  So basically I'm on average just as good as anyone else.
     I'm part good and part bad.  Upon further introspection, at least!  Forget the characters, the WIRE is the real star of this show.  Look at it go!  They install the wire and can hear people's conversations!  None of this is possible without The Wire!  Well the wire is part bad, too.  Surveillance!  At times illegal!  And even when not illegal, often maybe bending the laws a bit.  Actually, yeah, suddenly I'm not on board with The Wire at all!  Oh well what can ya do.  My Mom got her second shot last night.  Good for her!  That'll show Coronavirus real good.  No Coronavirus for MY parents!  Presumably.  Dad's 2 week anniversary from 2nd shot is in a few days.  Also how are we all okay with using the word anniversary when it doesn't specifically mean A Year In Time.  Doesn't seem right.  Annual.  Every year.  C'mon, man!
     Oh well.  We're too pot committed to using the word, "anniversary," incorrectly.  I don't see a scenario where we educate the people to stop.  Plus, we'd need a new word (words?).  And I dunno how we'd figure that out anyway!  What else is going on and crap.  The interesting thing about The Wire is there's not a single character I relate to.  Cops?  Nope!  Drug dealers!  Nope!  Kids, assorted criminals, junkies, people who work in the media, teachers, union people, lawyers, politicians... NOPE.  There's no one LIKE ME.  Doesn't seem right.  Really!  It doesn't!  They're running the gamut of all the kinds of people people can be!  And I don't see myself in any of them!  Doesn't reflect well on the idea that I'm A Regular Person at all!  I relate to The kids a little bit.  The Teacher a little bit.  I've BEEN IN SCHOOL as a student and at times as a student-teacher.  I've DONE that but however it is not part of my current life identity!  What ELSE is going on.
Last paragraph of Act I!  YES the point is I am 3 weeks and a day from PID (Personal Independence Day).  I can't wait!  I'll do all that stuff I was planning on doing.  Walking and eating.  That sort of thing!  Maybe cut out drinking, maybe not!  Maybe drinking more!  Try not to do that last one!  I don't like Marlow.  He's TOO EFFECTIVE a criminal.  I can't relate to that kind of person!  The criminal part MAYBE.  But being SO GREAT at it?  Doesn't speak to my experience as a person.  Anyway hey what else is going on.  CRISIS at the border!  Bad things are going on!  YES maybe they've been going on EVEN WORSE forever but this time around IT'S FINALLY A CRISIS!  That's my hot take.  What's the crisis.  Too many people?  Something like that.  Hey here's an easy solution FIGURE IT OUT.  Also it's a crisis for them but not for me!  Gotta imagine there's crises all over the country that I'm not particularly explicitly worrying about!  Maybe I should be, though!  I'll be back in a little bit.




I'm Just Getting Started

    Turns out the border crisis is kids &/or younger people are crossing the border.  Well that's been going on!  So it's not as much a crisis as an opportunity for Biden to do something good.  It's not a crisis that just came about.  HOWEVER with people focused on it, it's a good opportunity to Figure It Out!  That's MY hot take!  Also the guy who killed Asian Women was just Having A Bad Day according to the police.  Not as bad as the people he killed, though!  That'd be my guess.  What do I know.  Maybe it was a REALLY SHITTY NO GOOD TERRIBLE VERY BAD DAY!  And it WAS worse then the combined suffering of the people he killed and those close to them.
     What else is going on and crap.  Also I think it's safe to say to split the difference and guesstimate his motives were both anti- Asian American and anti- women.  Why pick one!  You can have both!  No I don't know the details yet.  The only details they've released is He Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed.  So we'll have to wait for more information.  Also let's talk about it is there a WRONG side of the bed.  Not for me!  All bed is good.  Waking up on the floor, that's no bueno.  Unless you went to sleep on the floor.  In which case it's to be expected.  What else is going on.  Just, "Re-upped," with coffee & beer.  See that's a way I can relate to The Wire.  I, "Re-Up," with things!  Gotta imagine that shows up in The Wire.  Don't even have to imagine it!  Turn on The Wire and there's a solid 1/1200 chance they'll use the phrase, "Re-up," within 2 minutes of turning it on!  Not 100% sure on that math.  Get off my back about it is the point.
     Great!  Today is St. Patrick's Day!  Pretty sure I used to own a green shirt.  Long sleeve shirt.  Back in high school.  At some point it was done away with.  Can't even recall what shade of green it was.  Just having a Green Shirt rings some kind of bell.  Anyway.  Vaccine Dose II: The Reckoning is coming in Why It's Only A Week From Tomorrow!  Anyway.  Maybe the mass murder was 90% Asian American motivated and 10% women motivated!  I don't have all the details in front of me!  The good news is let this mass murderer sleep it off maybe tomorrow he'll be feeling better.  Also look I'm gonna say what we're all thinking-- were these Happy Ending Spas.  That maybe he did or did not take advantage of.  I'm not saying it makes a huge difference either way!  Just adds some periphery context!  CAN Spas be happy ending.  Or is that more Massage Parlors.  IS there a difference or is there some overlap to those enterprises.  I don't know!  Maybe he didn't know either!  Maybe lots of things I don't have all the details in front of me!
     We're not All Thinking That.  It's what I'm thinking of!  Periphery Context!  Anyway that settles that what else is going on and crap.  Here's the thing re: Asian American &/or Woman targeting-- first impression was oh this is because of Coronavirus Anti- Asian sentiments.  Maybe that was the driving force!  Stop trying to pin me down I keep telling you I don't have all the details in front of me!  I'll let you know when I do, though!  Then I'll give you updated periphery and NON-periphery context!  Anyway the good news is it's becoming increasingly exponentially likely that I'm gonna have bagel + egg for lunch.  Which is great!  I haven't had that in oh I don't know 2 or 3 weeks!!!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Anyway, Saturday is the first day of spring according to my patriotism calendar.  So we got that going for us is the point.  It's nice to have a president that won't be on the side of the mass murderer.  Doesn't feel nice!  It reminds me of when we recently DID have a president who would be on the side of mass murderers.  Oh well what can ya do!  Move forward, that's all!  What else is going on to finish Act II.  Last night instead of having a macaroni party I had a pizza party.  Feel like I should be upfront with you about this.  I'll see you guys in a little bit.




I'm Practically Giving It Away!

    Yeah!  Got bagel + eggs.  Anyway my Dad CONFIRMED he's open to Food Deliveries once I've (and all of us) have been double vaccinated + 2 weeks!  It was implied before but I got him on the record for it!  Anway this tmie around for lunch I toasted the bagel a bit too lightly!  Better than too much!  I'm fine with how it's all working out.  ALSO got My Dad to CONFIRM he's for reforming the filibuster.  Again-- on the record saying it.  We gotta pass the voting rights bill one way or another is his position, both officially and unofficially.  Could be a periphery assessment all things considered!  I don't have all the details in front of me!  Salted the eggs a bit too much.  Salt is best when its there but you don't notice it.  It makes its presence known subtly if done right!  Too much salt this time around!  Oh well what can ya do.
I dunno.  Wouldn't be a Political PARTY without a talking filibuster.  Get some snacks and stay up all night havin fun, talking filibusters... then when it's time for everyone to fall asleep you can pass bills with a regular majority of people voting for it!  That's my impression-assumption of how talking filibuster works.  Kinda like a 4th grade sleep over.  BUT IT CAN GO ON FOR WEEKS.  Even better!  Now I'm just crashing at my 4th grade best friend's house!  I can live with that presumably DEPENDING ON THE FRIEND.  The point is there's some focus on the political aspects of Talking Filibuster but no one is paying attention to how much fun it will be!  Also if you're filibustering you're no longer the silent majority. You are very clearly the vocal minority!  That's the whole premise to this situation!  It's FAIR the minority should be able to decide which things get passed and which don't.  Only Fair!
     Three paragraphs to go.  Happy with how this lunch turned out!  That sort of thing!  I don't get the lady who works at the strip club at first and later becomes Lester's girlfriend in THE WIRE.  Her job at Strip Club is to get people to buy her drinks?  That's all she does?  Encourages people to spend more on drinks at the bar!  I feel like I'm missing something.  Also NO it's not just a pretense to get the person to pay to sleep with her.  She's explicitly like I'm no whore I just get people to buy me drinks and I work for the enterprise.  One day I hope to get to the bottom of this and it may be today but most likely will not be today.
      Penultimate paragraph!  Finished lunch.  Dinner in 5.5 hours!  That sort of thing!  Also only a couple of pieces of egg were too salty.  For the most part all things considered it tasted on point!  Spiced by pepper and salt, so it's Cajun, but overall not too heavy.  What else is going on.  Cycling back around to #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever!  I like that series a lot!  Hmm this time around rooting for the opposite characters.  Presumably!  I'm rooting for The Opposite Episodes!  That makes sense I suppose.  HMM that just reminded me of a good episode to watch.  No Spoilers but it's a fine one and I'll enjoy watching it later today soon.
Last paragraph!  I don't think I can overstate how much of a, "Game Changer," it is to have 2nd halves of Dinners the next week.  This changes everything!  Specifically Some Sort Of Game or Games!  Now the only problem is Dinners where it's to be 3 meals.  Well that's easy just eat the extra 3rd part sometime over the week.  We all have to make sacrifices and if the price for eating a delicious dinner is having to eat it twice again and not once, then that's just how it is.  The point is I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:37 P.M.




Tuesday, March 16, 2021

You Can Say That Again

    You don't have to.  Feel free, though!  Just got back from the endocrine doctor.  Went outside beforehand and afterhand.  You know-- to get there-- and then to get home?  Anyway outside is doing fine just fine.  Thirty degrees, but nice and sunny.  I'm a big fan of outside!  No stars in the sky but I Think we can blame that on the sun.  Or the moon.  Someone's responsible for us not seeing stars in day time.  SUN Moon Kim.  Let's split the difference and say it was Sun Moon Kim.  THERE IS A SON MOON KIM.  HE IS A CARDIOLOGIST IN NORTH CAROLINA.  THAT'S EXACTLY WHOM I WAS TALKING ABOUT.  It does beg the question though, what's the guys name whom I was really think of.  Google is drawing a blank on this!  E-mail me your answers at mankindguy at g mai l dot co m!
     Pretty sure he was a Scam Evangelicist or something.  I don't have all the details in front of me.  Anyway yes the sun and the moon working in tandem are responsible for no daytime stars.  Go figure.  What kind of stuff do I got going on for me today.  Lunch is shaping up to be a nice solid lunch.  Dinner is still up in the air so I dunno.  I'll figure out something that I'll be happy with.  Ya knwo what I was thinking about making myself elbow macaroni at some point in the near future.  Doesn't get much nearer future than tonight!  Roughly 7 or 8 hours is Nearer Future but tonight is still considerably near future!
     Great!  Just great!  Cardiology?  NORTH CAROLINA??  Sun Moon Kim is knocking it out of the park!  Hah just realized Sun Moon Kim will google his name at some point and this will come up.  Hey!  Just poking fun.  Didn't mean anything by it.  Seriously, though-- your name is the tops.  Be proud!  Also, I'm pretty sure I know you're not responsible for no stars in daytime sky.  No worries!  What else is going on and crap.  Anyway, I finished the Community College Basketball Docu Series and GUESS WHAT SURPRISE ENDING COVID HITS AND THE REST OF THE PLAYOFFS ARE CANCELLED.  I didn't see that one coming!  But I'm glad it did!  Nice to see people responding to covid hitting in a Community College Basketball type setting.  They may very well have gone the distance!  Now we'll never know.
What else is going on and crap.  That's no joke!  This is real life!  Covid hit us all very hard and particularly college athletes to some degree.  I think it's not great that Trump supporters don't want to get shots.  We don't know how long our shots will last!  If people are runnin' around not being vaccinated then the disease will SURVIVE IN TEH WILD.  Suddenly in half a year disease is still going strong because people don't want to be vaccinated and we're back where we started.  So basically YES be a proponent of everyone getting a shot on the grounds that it's good for you specifically!  C'mon, man!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Looking like I'll be having lunch with act III.  Lookin like chicken sweet potatoe and broccoli meal + some sort of side maybe Freedom Fries?  We hear a lot about Freedom Fries 18 years ago but not so much about Freedom Toast.  Seems like some sort of fast food scam, that'd be my assumption.  Parody of Pulp Fiction where they're like well what do they call Freedom Fries in France and then the other one goes it's the little things, they call them French Fries and ya know that sort of joke.  I'll be back in a little bit.





Nobody's Stopping You

    Look is it possible I have white rice instead of freedom fries as a bonus to my lunch?  Yes!  At this point very possible.  Also look I'm as excited as the nexst guy to walk around and get meals once double vaccinationed, but I just don't see a scenario where I can ride the bus any time this year.  Just not in the cards!  Oh well what can ya do.  Take the bus, caution be damned!  I dunno about that one gonna have to consider it extensively at some point where I have the time and focus and energy and motivation.  Hmm.  Wonder if busses have set up socially distanced seats.  Seems like they could accomplish it.  Just put up a bunch of banners SIT HERE!  Or, alternatively, banners the opposite ways DON'T SIT HERE!  Now I wanna ride the bust just to see what they're doing precaution-wise.
     Precaution.  Caution.  What's the point of the pre.  Seems like just, "caution," would do the trick.  Precaution is before caution comes about.  So there isn't caution yet.  That's my hot take which may or may not make sense but definitely isn't logically &/or grammatically sound.  Anyway the great news is in 3 months I get to take a sonogram of my carotid  artery.  Sounds like a blast and a half!  Took me a while to get to the word, "Carotid," mostly because I thought it was a D not a T and a C not a D.  Ain't that always the way?  The point is my Dad is driving my Mom to get her 2nd vaccine tonight and you know what that means HOUSE PARTY.  House party = making macaroni.  Sounds about right!  No fooling!  I'm excited!  Finally I can make macaroni with stirring it constantly once water is boiling!  I BET it makes little difference to taste and texture but it saves me a lot of hard work!  Also, yes, I'll stir it a bit, on and off.  I'm not some sort of maniac!
     Cool.  I'm gonna be 100% honest-- if I had to make a choice for RIGHT NOW-- I'd rather try some freedom fries as opposed to french fries.  I don't think I've ever had freedom fries!  Gotta try it at least once, right?  Variety is the spice of life.  Also I'm about 50% sure that if you're referring to, "French Fries," you don't have to capitalize the, "F," in, "French," or, for that matter, the, "F," in, "Fries."  I feel very only 50% probability strongly about this!   Also in England they call them chips gotta imagine because they hate the French, too.  They were way ahead of the curve in terms of not using the word, "French," re: Fries.  Well done. 
Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Also-- yep-- never had, "Chips," before, so I'd want those roughly as much as I indicated I Wanted, "Freedom Fries."  Hard to pick one that I want more.  Freedom Fries has a lot going for it that I want to test but so does Chips!  Anyway I lost track of what exactly is going on.  Talk about cancel culture.  THEY TRIED TO CANCEL FRENCH FRIES!!!  Gottem.  What else is going on and crap.  What if I don't want to talk about cancel culture.  I feel like people are already talking about it too much!  Yep that checks out pretty well.  Looks like I will go entire Super Market Structured week without a day off of beer!  I did it!  For some reason!  Also this is an accomplishment for some reason!  I don't have all the details in front of me!
     Great!  Had to watch 45 minutes of Long Island Local News while waiting for Endocrine Treatment!  It sucked!  But the good news is I don't have to watch this again for another 3 months.  That'll show local news whose boss!  The good news is I dunno what kind of movies I can watch today.  Lots of docu series, mostly ones that I've seen before but not recently.  Gotta imagine there's some movies out there there to watch.  How about this film Bad Education.  Never heard of it before!  It's cleaning up on Rooten Potatoes, though!  Maybe I'll give that a shot.  Long Island!  I LOVE any TV that has to do with Long Island!  I'll be back in a little bit.





What Just Happened

    Nothing!  Hey I'm back with lunch.  Same lunch I predicted!  Amazing!  My Mom might be around for dinner tonight.  There goes my Macaroni House Party.  Unless..... What else is going on and crap.  Saw Biden wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations!  AWESOME.  Do I count as wealthy.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE looks like the speculation is for people earning 400K a year and up!  Whew!  Also AWESOME.  That'll redistribute the wealth more fairly and equitably presumably.  Plus it's trickle up economics!  Everything about this is wonderful for everybody.  Gotta imagine people paying higher taxes enjoy a strong sense of civic pride.  They're the luckiest of us all!  Also at this point its all speculation.  Only reported by Long Island Local News, Fox Business, and Bloomberg.  That doesn't sound like people who would be rooting for tax raises on wealthy at all!
     Yeah!  LOOK it's only been 5 minutes but my lunch cooled off way too fast!  Better pop it back in microwave for Oh I Don't Know NINETY SECONDS?  Hey just accomplished that.  Wonderful!  End of entry is within sight.  LOTS of good options for dinner.  I ain't even gonna bore you-- too many options-- would be too boring!  Anyway on way home from Endocrine wait what why there's only aw Popeye's Chicken Franchise!  Gotta imagine that'll be on Door Dash for when I'm allowed to eat Outside Food again.  They have CAJUN Fries.  Which is like French but with some Spice!  That's my, "Hot Take!"  Better LTURQ.  They may not have cajun fries.  THEY DO INDEED.  Plus they do INDEED deliver on Door Dash: The Food Delivery Enterprise!
     So I got that going for me in about 3 weeks.  Anyway.  Can't finish lunch!  Too much!  Well, I can finish it.  And I will!  But I'm putting it to the side for now.  What percent of people is that-- people making 400K a year and up.  LMLTURQ!  ONE POINT 8.  Hmm 1.8% of Americans would have their taxes raised.  Previous Recent Stimulus bill was 1.9 Trillion... hmm there's a code here to be cracked!  I'll get to the bottom of this code sooner or later.  I'll, "CRACK," the code, if you will.  Hey here's a great idea-- for me-- you'll find it worthless and boring-- I can finish all non-rice parts of lunch and leave over some rice!  FASCINATING.
Penultimate paragraph.  1.8% sounds like a lot of people, but it's not nearly as much as 98.2% of people.  Now that's A Lotta People who would presumably benefit from this enterprise.  Anyway, this grilled chicken part of lunch is, "Herbed."  That's how its described and that's how it tastes.  So, "Cajun," you mean.  Cajun is herbs and spices.  So I'm eating Cajun food is what you're trying to tell me.  Remember that time New Orleans was COMPLETELY UNDERWATER.  That's WEIRD I DON'T really remember that.  Seems like an important event on world history.  A relatively early, appropriately extreme example of how climate change makes weather events more extreme?  I dunno I don't have all the environmental science details.  But, even without that aspect, man that's weird an entire big city was underwater?  Well at least we handled it well and appropriately.  ...Right?  ...RIGHT?!?
Last paragraph.  BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED.  I feel like that's a campaign slogan from around that time.  Could have been Iraq War.  That makes a lot of sense.  The point is what else is going on.  Almost done with entry!  Wonderful.  THE ENTIRE CITY WASN'T UNDERWATER.  I TOTALLY REMEMBER SEEING LOTS OF ROOFS.  POKING OUT ABOVE WATER.  Well I got myself there!  Anyway hey great news entry is over!  Presumably be TOTALLY UNDERWATER when I'm taking my bath except NOT REALLY I WOULD HAVE DROWNED IN THE FUTURE.  Anyway I dunno.  I got plenty to do today, don't you worry.  Lots of TV a MOVIE POSSIBLY taking a bath (without drowning!) dinner dining All Sorts Of Stuff!  I'll see you tomorrow!

-12:59 P.M.





Monday, March 15, 2021

Great Website

    Thanks!  What's up you idiots.  Facing NORTH.  NORTH FACE.  Let's see how that works out for me.  Let's see what do I NORMALLY talk about.  Well first things first, why did I capitalize, "NORMALLY," PLUS why did I just do it again?  You know for Emphasis.  Helps you understand what my voice is LIKE.  Or sometimes I do the wrong EMPHASISES on purpose just to MIX THINGS up.  The point is great, just great-- really-- what do I always talk about.  Lets get that stuff out of the way.  7 Beers over next 3 days (Probably only make it to OVER next 2 days).  LOTS OF LUNCHES AND DINNERS.  Today most likely a Salon + Noodles.  Facing NORTH.  That about settles it, now we can talk about laugh em ups and yukks.
     It's a new week by many peoples' standards.  I'm not here to argue about that.  I can definitely, "Dig," today being the start of the week.  Chewed some gum today you know what that's like.  You chew a piece and then 8 minutes later you're like well either add a bonus piece or spit this out completely.  Also-- inside baseball-- best way to do it is to throw out half the first piece of gum before adding the entire second piece.  You don't want too big a wad of gum!  You get new tasting (plus proportionally it's even more new tasting) and you have a reasonable sized wad of gum going.  Maybe some people, the main thing for doubling or tripling up on gum is the size of the wad.  But for me it's taste reinforcements.  Actually, okay, maybe I even prefer a slightly larger wad.  But that's just me!  Yuo can have whatever sized wads you want!  This is America!
    When in olden days you would get gum and baseball cards together-- what was the main part of that deal?  Were you buying gum and they threw in baseball cards?  Or were you buying baseball cards and threw in gum.  The important thing is I better LTURQ to make sure gum + baseball cards is definitely a thing.  It is a thing.  And they threw the gum in with the baseball cards.  That would haven my educated guesstimate.  Then again what use are cards of baseball players.  GUm at least you can get something out of.  Baseball cards are INVESTMENTS.  You got a bunch of baseball cards from the 1950's they're blowing gum out of the water in terms of present worth.  All the gum you chewed in the 1950's is worth practically nothing now!
     Wonderful.  Were baseball cards the first NFT.  Could be!  You own RIGHTS to the baseball player whom you own cards about.  Something like that.  Not 100% what NFT is.  Gonna be honest-- not even 100% what a baseball card is.  I had some baseball cards when I was a kid.  Never knew WHY. They do practically nothing.  Had a binder where you store baseball cards.  I don't know WHY.  For convenience.  Oh that checks out.  But anyway hmm wonder if I still have those cards anywhere.  Presumably in the binder.  CECIL FIELDER.  For some reason I'm thinkin what's a good reference for the era of baseball cards I have.  Cecil Fielder!  That solves that problem!  Also he's a good card.  Not a superstar but pretty high quality player!  Gotta imagine lots of Cecil Fielder cards out there!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Ironically, Fielder became a more-often-than-not DH later in his career.  Go figure!  That's the kind of information a baseball card would have kept me informed about.  Not really.  This presumed baseball card is from before he became a DH most likely.  I don't have all the details in front of me!  Anyway.  My mom is getting her 2nd shot tomorrow despite Eminem's official position that we only get one shot.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Lunch with Act III.  Today is shaping up to be a pretty average day!  No complaints about average days.  If I had complaints I'd be complaining an average amount of the time!  That's too much complaining!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




Make Up Your Mind

    No way.  What's going on again?  Look, I would have liked a third cup of coffee right now, but it's not in the cards!  My mom had what could have been my third cup!  That's life I guess.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  I dunno about you but I'm a Flat Sports Earther.  You figure out what that would entail.  I got better things to do!  No I don't.  But I'm not seeing any obvious way to explain what a Flat Sports Earther would be.  I'm not even happy with the terminology I'm using.  WIde World of Sports + Flat Earth - ...???  Flat World Of Sports.  Let's go with that.  Balls in sports are often spherical.  Like Earth is in real life PROBABLY.
     Cool.  What else is going on.  Watchin that 1 season docu series about basketball players from competitive community college.  Basketball competitive.  Although it does raise the question hmm what are the best community colleges in the country education wise & future reputation based on attendance wise.  Lemme LTURQ.  HMM a bunch of community colleges that I've never even heard of!  What a surprise!  Anyway, browsed through the top 100 and neither of the ones my Dad has taught at makes the list!  Pretty sure that's a mix-em-up.  He's one of the best teachers out there so basically this seems like some kind of scam conspiracy.  Hockey puck is Flat.  Well it's cylindrical I guess.  Flat circle!  Is that what Flat Earthers think the Earth is?  Or is it just a rectangle.  The good news is who cares what they think they're some of the dumbest people around.
     What else is going on and crap.  Billion dollar idea -- mini basketball.  Hoops are lower, basketball is smaller.  Maybe the court is also proportionally smaller.  Suddenly I can compete!  Except for being fat and out of shape.  I can still dribble like nobody's business!  Presumably!  If the ball was smaller I could dribble!  As of now ball is too big!  Can't get a good rythm going.  HEY I can search it by college.  First college I checked which my Dad teaches/taught at is NUMBER 183 IN THE COUNTRY.  VERY strong showing.  Let's LURQ the other one.  HOLY MOLEY #115.  These colleges are a Billion Dollar idea waiting to pop.
Not sure how that works.  The point is I forget.  Hey this is the penultimate paragraph before Act III with lunch.  Also for context looks like they have 853 colleges ranked.  115 and 183!  Not bad!  Not bad at all!  What else.  How about some giant horse racing.  It can go both ways!  Everyone's happy when we change the size of sports.  Also I think it's not fair that I have to do the same amount of sit ups and push ups as larger people can do.  I should only have to do 2/3rds sit ups &/or push ups.  That's just math.  That's all that is!  Not 2/3rds THE AMOUNT of sit ups.  2/3rds of each individual presumptive sit up.  C'mon, man!
Wonderful.  Still possible I have enough beer to last me the entire week!  These are the important issues!  They're important to me!  And that's the end of that chapter.  Hey I still gotta watch Part IV of Woody Allen: The Child Molester Docu Series.  And that'll be the end of that chapter.  Gotta imagine there haven't been any new molesting children coming from Woody Allen over the last 30 years.  Probably got it all out of his system.  That'd be my guess!  HE LOVES SUNG YI HE WOULDN'T CHEAT ON HER WITH CHILDREN.  Maybe!  If you say so!  What else is going on.  Oh hey the Act II of the entry is over.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Keep It To Yourself

    Hey I'm back.  What are the odds that all three titles today I've done before?  Roughly 50%!   What are the odds I have noodles + salmon for lunch!  100%!  Let's see, what else is going on.  ACt III.  The act where it all comes together.  Best Act of the entry as far as I'm concerned!  And I am VERY concerned about Act III!  Specifically Now.  That I have to write it.  I don't like the sound of that!  GRAMMIES were yesterday.  I wouldn't lie to you!  Also again I've been snubbed.  What just because I haven't released any music nor have any fans nor anyone even knows about what I did back when I did it?  Seems like a Scam Conspiracy!
     Opposite of penultimate paragraph.  Penfirst Paragraph.  Also yes I can predict I will have beer every day of the week coming up!  Predict it with some sense of possible accuracy!  I can predict anything I want if I really felt like it!  I predict I will go back in time and win several grammies.  Doesn't mean I actually think it'll happen!  Just a fun thing to predict!  HEY get a load of this riff-- I hate it when people rope you into doing crosswords with them.  Someone doin a crossword and you're around, and it starts innocently enough.  One question.  Maybe I know it, maybe I don't.  But I engaged back with crossword person (Mother in this case).  Now she's asking me all the crosswords!  And I'm like LOOK if I wanted to do a crossword puzzle right now I'd be doing a crossword puzzle!  And then I left.  What an amazing anecdote.
Cool.  Still got lunch going.  That's a blast and a half.  SOrry to denigrate my mother publicly.  But she was asking for it!  Leave me alone with your crosswords and whatnot.  You wanna do a cross word?  Go ahead and do it nobody is stopping you.  Might as well be asking google for help with ones you don't know.  I am having communal dinner with my mother exclusively tonight!  We're talkin Beef Sirloin!  I'm okay with that!  She's okay with that!  It's all gonna work out!  Anyway got Endocrine Appointment tomorrow morning.  The good news is it will presumably be confirmed I have endocrine in my system.  The bad news is what if I don't.  Also they check my weight!  I check my own weight now!  Haven't gained anything in a month or a month and a half!  That's the good news!  The bad news is that's probably inaccurate!
     Regular Penultimate Paragraph.  Gotta finish Community College Basketball Docu Series.  Gotta finish Woody Allen Docu Series.  Gotta read some sort of BOOK I don't know!  Based on where they're at and how much Docu Series is left, I don't think this Community College Basketball Team is gonna go the distance.  They already made the playoffs.  I think they have a win or two left in the tank.  But no way do they go on to win the NBA finals.  Not enough time!  First they have to win College.  Then they have to play the best Europe has to offer.  THEN they get to the NBA finals.  Also they have to play the Harlem Globetrotters as a charity event.  But they don't have to win that even though it's encouraged that they do!
     Last paragraph.  I feel like I saw a Harlem Globetrotters game when I was a kid but I remember nothing.  Well, obviously I remember That It Happened.  I remember which friend it was I went with.  But that's all I can recall!  I remember it was his father who took us!  His parents were divorced!  Sometimes stuff was with his father (&/or at his apartment) and other times it was with his mother!  Spoiler Alert!  Hey I finished my lunch.  And just about finished the entry.  Another one in the books!  Presumably someone is keeping books of this!  Maybe not you, maybe not me, but it stands to reason SOMEONE.  The point is I'll be back here tomorrow!  See ya!  UGH.  Was repairing misspellings.  THINK I did Flat Sports Earth before.  THINK I did  Mini Basketball before.  Definitely did Gum Wads before.  Even possible I did Cecil Fielder before!  That might be it, though.  A solid FIFTY PERCENT of the entry might be new stuff!  I don't believe it!  I'll see ya later!


-2:03 P.M.




Sunday, March 14, 2021

What Else Is Going On

    Now we're talkin'!  Roughly TWENTY SIX DAYS till Personal Independence Day (PID).  We're talkin' WALKS.  We're talkin' MEALS.  We're talkin' NO BEER.  We're talkin' APRIL.  We're talkin' MAY.  All the way through All The Calendars!  Listen to them there music and podcasts on walk.  We're talkin... about that... well, we just were anyway.  Now the subject has changed.  Nurse is downstairs.  Not my nurse!  My Father's nurse!  He has vanity Blood Infusions.  He SAYS its for medical affliction But I JUST THINK HE WANTS MORE HIGHER QUALITY BLOOD.  Prove me wrong!  You can't!  You have VERY little access to the details of this exact situation!
     26 days.  We're talkin' actually some day between 24 and 28.  I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS EVEN THOUGH I HAVE ACCESS TO THEM (several calendars).  What else is going on and crap.  Finished Cobra Kai: All The Amount Of Episodes Available To Us.  I dunno about this cliff hanger seems like ONE of these dojos is down to only 1 or 2 people.  How is THAT gonna work out.  Can't teach 1 or 2 people!  It's impossible!  I think I've had several 1 on 1 tutors in my life.  At least one.  When I was getting BAR MITZVAHED I had to learn NOTE FOR NOTE my Special Hebrew Speech.  I went to Hebrew School but I DON'T READ HEBREW IT'S TOO HARD. Had to learn it PHONETICALLY.  Which worked out pretty good I Had Fun With It!  Anyway.  OH.  I had a one-on-one tutor for the Hunter College High School Test.  Which I ended up Failing.  THANKS FOR NOTHING.
What else.  Whattado for lunch?  I dunno yet!  Get Off My Back About It is the point!  ANYWAY looks like I am not re-upping with beer on Tuesday after Endocrine Assessment Appointment (EAA).  But at the rate I'm drinking I can still get through 6 out of 7 days with beer!  Not too bad!  I'm Having Fun With It is the point.  Maybe Lobster Ravioli.  Maybe Hour Deserves Party.  Maybe a third thing that I can't even think of!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  HEY we ...LOST?... an hour?  It was 9:00 when it should have been 8:00 for example.  So we skipped ahead.  An hour that SHOULD be there is now missing!  So yes we LOST an hour ...right?... STILL not sure about this.  Better LTURQ.  YEP LOST AN HOUR BUT WE DESERVES IT.  Party!
     Great, just great.  Havin' some coffee.  Havin' some beer.  Writin' some entry.  A Fourth Thing.  HEY it's PI DAY.  SIX YEARS AGO WAS A GREAT ONE.  3.14.15 AND SO ON.  MAYBE THE NEXT YEAR WAS BETTER IF WE'RE DOING ROUNDING UPS.  Baruch Atah Adanoi Eloheynu Melech Ha Olam.  I FEEL like that's roughly 80% accurate as THE START of my Special Speech.  And I can still imagine the tune in my head.  So basically HEY I'M BEING BAR MITZVAHED ALL OVER AGAIN.  Party!  Also that might be a VERY generic start to LOTS of Jewish Speeches.  PROBABLY IS!  But the point is on Bar Mitzvah I had to LEAD the congregation that SHABBAT with Regular Jewish Speeches so that's why it's important I knew it.
     What else is going on.  JEWISH.  MATH.  ENDOCRINE ASSESSMENT APPOINTMENTS (EAA).  LOBSTER RAVIOLI FOR LUNCH MAYBE.  BALANCES OUT THE JEWISH.  That's great, just great.  There's an interesting bland High School Basketball 1 Season Docu Series that may be good to put on in the background BUT there's a solid 50% chance I've already seen it.  I dunno I don't have all the details in front of me! ELOUHEYNU MEANS GOD.  God has MANY names.  Like half a dozen!  And AT LEAST ONE you're NEVER supposed to say.  Wait hold on.  Adanoi.  I think THAT'S GOD.  THAT MIGHT BE THE ONE I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY.  EVEN THOUGH I SAID IT.  Better LTURQ.  This is weird.  They both mean God.  Why would you say God twice in a row.  I'll get to the bottom of this one day.  No day like the present!  Lets LTURQ.  ALRIGHT THIS MAKES SENSE ACTUALLY.  It's like Thank you God, You're The Greatest God Around, etc and whatnot.  Also YES that's traditional Shabbat phrase.  BUT I SAID IT ONCE IN FRONT OF THE PEOPLE.  I'll be back in a bit.




Are You For Real

    YAHWEH.  That's the Hebrew word for God that we're not supposed to say.  But I IMAGINE it's okay to say it for Educating People!  Otherwise how would anyone know?  Maybe you're allowed to read it.  WELL WHAT'S READING BUT AFTER-THE-FACT WRITING.  So I THINK I'm gonna be okay!  Anyway what else is going on.  Planning out my life Post Personal Independence Day (Post PID).  We're talking scheduling WALKINGS.  Scheduling MEALS and what kinda snacks I can have (NOTABLY INCLUDING COFFEE HOT ICED &/OR ROOM TEMPERATURE).  Whatta do CREATIVELY.  Either Entries or Music, still in later morning/early afternoon.  PID CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH.
     Great!  Just great!  I feel bad for Jewish People because they lost an hour like all of us but it was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.  That's what ya get for having Upside Down Days.  Throws Monkey Wrench Purveyor Belt Streamlined Factory Enterprise.  GREAT.  What else is going on TODAY though.  Better figure out a way to atone to Yahweh SHIT I JUST DID IT AGAIN.  Sorry Yahweh FUCK.  MAN BEING JEWISH IS HARD.  Pretty sure this was the inspiration for Voldemort.  But Voldemort ys evil.  Yahweh is presumably good.  DAMNIT.  Well if the Harry Potter lady is against women or trans people or something like that, probably adds up that she thinks Jewish God is Super Evil Wizard Type Person Guy.
     What else is going on.  HEY I watched the latest SOUTHERN PARK a few days ago.  Pretty Fine Stuff!  That's MY Hot Take.  PROBABLY finally having Lobsterish Ravioli for lunch.  That's MY Hot Take.  I took a class in Ancient Israel first semester at NYU.  A History Class.  Not religious.  Straight Up Regular History of Ancient Israelites!  Anyway pretty sure they used the word Yahweh all the time.  It's OKAY if IT'S FOR HISTORY.  That's another one of MY PATENTED Hot Takes!  Also I don't remember Teacher's name but if I'm picturing him correctly (and I'm not-- I can hardly picture him at all!-- possibly had facial hair and MAYBE GLASSES), he MAY or may not have been Jewish.  So he may have no vested interest in whether saying Yahweh is okay to sa... FUCK THERE I GO AGAIN.
What else is going on and crap.  Would Yahweh approve of me listening to top 500 Music Albums according to Rolling Stone ON RANDOM DETERMINED BY RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR while taking 2-3 hour walks every day?  I think he's be OKAY with that.  Not particularly enthusiastic or anything but he'd be like sure what do I care.  That's how I feel.  Anyway that's one of my Possible Plans!  But not from 500 top albums down to 1, or 1 up to 500.  We're talking EMPLOYING RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR TO MIX THINGS UP RIGHT WELL AND PROPER.  We're talkin maybe 50/50 between music and podcasts.  MAYBE A DIFFERENT PROPORTION ALTOGETHER I DON'T HAVE DETAILS IN FRONT OF ME.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Solidly lookin' like Lobsterish Ravioli for lunch with Act III!  If you say Yahweh in the mirror 5 times CANDYMAN'LL GET YOU.  IN this scenario Candyman is working on behalf of God.  Hebrew God.  Old Testament God.  That kinda God.  That sort of thing!  What else is going on and crap.  Actually no.  In this scenario Candyman IS Old Testament God.  Didn't see that twist coming!  But the evidence speaks for itself!  WAIT A SECOND did I have my chicken yam and broccoli for the week yet?  DAMNIT I was SO CLOSE to having lobsterish ravioli ONCE AND FOR ALL and now a SECOND GREAT LUNCH has been thrown into the mix.  NO!  I WILL HAVE LOBSTERISH RAVIOLI!  I MUST.  I'll be back in a little bit.





You Know Me

    Alright got lunch.  Ravioli'd Lobster!  Tastes FINE JUST FINE.  What else is going on.  MORE THAN HALF OF MY CLOCKS ARE WRONG.  Computer is right and phone is right.  Coffee Machine, Microwave, Oven Clock-- All Wrong!  Way to Be DIFFICULT COFFEE MACHINE.  LOOK I don't know how best to describe this lunch.  IT'S FINE IN A POSITIVE WAY.  SOLID B/B+ TASTING.  NOT A LOT TO IT, THOUGH.  Won't fill me up!  That drops it down to a B-.  NOT EVEN B-/B.  Or THANKFULLY not C+/B-.  We're talking Straight Up B Minus!  If you Minus The Bees from Candy Man TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY.  He'd have no reason to go around Supernaturally Killing People Based On Living Inside All The Mirrors.
     Wicker Man, too!  Bees aren't our friends!  That's what I've gotten out of Horror Movies.  BEE MOVIE.  Presumably that carries on that lesson because it was bad for everyone involved in it!  People who made it-- bad for them!  People who watched it-- bad for them!  Look I know you're Punningly Going for a, "B," but I DON'T THINK YA MADE THE GRADE.  I've never seen this movie.  Just going based on instinct!  There's a #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever episode called Fitting Punishment which QUADRUPLE WORKS in regards to the episode.  Gotta imagine that's Cryptkeeper's Favorite Title of all time.  He can't get enough of that title!  JUST GOING BASED ON INSTINCT!  Great, just great.  The point is I HEATED UP LOBSTER RAVIOLI APPROPRIATELY.  SOLIDLY hot enough throughout the entire process!
     Cool.  Can't have a bath when entry is over!  Nurse is here!  I don't need her to know my Secret Shame that I like to undress completely and cover myself with water.  I even use SOAP ON OCCASION.  Dang it.  I don't know I don't wanna take a bath anyway. Maybe in AN HOUR OR TWO.  And maybe she'll still be here then.  So SUDDENLY THIS PARAGRAPH MAKES A LOT OF SENSE NOW DON'T IT.  Anyway I just finished lunch.  THat went okay.  Good enough that I'm like yeah I'll get the Lobsterish Ravioli again I dunno why I keep putting it off SOLID MEAL.  I guess Specifically SOLID MEAL for HALFWAY THROUGH SUPER MARKET DELIVERY WEEK.  ANyway DUH most obvious dinner is Yam Broccoli and Chicken.  That goes without saying!  I said it anyway! 
     Penultimate paragraph!  Gonna estimate try to lose a pound a week for Rest Of Year after PID (Personal Independence Day).  That'll get me where I want by New Years and this is only a BASELINE.  The way things might go I might lose FIVE OR TEN MORE POUNDS.  NOT TOO MUCH MORE THAN THAT, THOUGH.  THEN I'D WEIGH TOO LITTLE.  Anyway.  Last few times I took out garbage I happened to notice hey lots of stars out more than I'm used to.  And Either That's Just Dumb Miscalculating Stars Now & Then, OR So Much Less Pollution Over Last Year that HEY EVERYONE STARS ARE BACK!!!!  If that's not gonna motivate you to Stop Polluting I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL.  Global Warming yes that's serious but MAN OH MAN LOOK AT THEM STARS.  FASCINATING AND FUN. 
     What else is going on and crap.  Or there could be a third explanation for stars-- a different reason!  I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS IN FRONT OF ME.  Anyway LOOK I haven't said Yahweh out loud ONCE the entire day.  No rule I can't type it MAYBE.  DEFINITELY no rule I can't THINK It PROBABLY.  I think I'm gonna be okay.  Hmm now I kind of wanna say it.  It's the forbidden fruit which tastes the sweetest!  Presumably.  What else is going on to end the entry.  26 days until PID!  Well between 24-28.  Let's say 25-27.  I think we can go with that.  We're talking 3 and a half weeks!  Prove me wrong!  You can't its subjective!  Can't prove a subjective wrong!  Impossible!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:06 P.M.






Saturday, March 13, 2021

Oh Right Okay

    Can I think of a better title?   You'd think so, wouldn't you.  Maybe you wouldn't.  In which case Sorry Either Way.  ONE AND A HALF WEEKS UNTIL 2nd DOSE OF SHOT.  One week + 5 days.  I feel like 5 days is the highest amount of days in a week where you ON OCCASION DEPENDING ON CIRCUMSTANCES can get away with calling it Half A Week.  Surely Four Days.  That's TIED for as close to half a week you can get.  I'd like to continue this discussion later at a time You Will Be Participating In It.  No discussion as of now!  More of a Monologue!  But if we ever meet be SURE to remember Depending On Circumstances Can 5 Days Be Half A Week.
That settles that.  Finally am watching Season III of Cobra Kai: The Television Series Enterprise.  Good stuff!  I find it Entertaining!  Am up to Episode 7 out of 10 for the season.  Solidly HALFWAY THROUGH one might imagine.  I dunno about this one.  Let's Talk About It.  As Circumstances Change So Do Half Week Impressions!  A lot of people don't talk about it but if you count Friday (Ideally All Friday but even just Evening Onward) The Weekend is HALF THE TIME.  WOW SUDDENLY ALL OUR LIVES JUST GOT A LOT BETTER.  You are very welcome.  What else is going on.  Lunch today lookin like Lobsterish Ravioli.  Either that or Noodles + Salmon.  SOME sort of Pasta Type Deal, I feel kinda comfortable with this prediction.
     Noodles I got are STANDARD CUP O NOODLES.  Been a while since I circled my way back to them!  Kinda interested in seeing how they hold up against More Recent Brands I've Consumed.  WOKE UP WANTING A BREAKFAST.  HAD AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH INSTEAD.  Adult!  Ice Cream sandwich is MINI.  Not A Lot Too It!  Breakfast woulda been THREE, FOUR Times as many calories!  ADULT MAN WALKIN HERE COME AN ADULT MAN.  Seems pretty SPRINGISH outside.  I don't feel like I'm talking out of school here.  Ugh.  Halfway through Act I!  PRETTY MUCH PRECISELY NO BENDING THE RULES OF, "HALVES," THIS TIME AROUND!  Cool.  I like going a year and a half since seeing Season I and II of COBRA KAI. I forget which characters I'm supposed to be rooting for &/OR rooting against, so everyone gets a second chance!  Pretty much sympathizing with practically everyone at this point!  Thank GOD they made a Season III.  Season II 75% of these people DISGUSTED me.
     Anyway.  Lunch most likely with Act III as is Often The Case.  The point is either way I'm having Pastaish with Seafood Ish.  Either Cup O Noodles with SALMON FILET of Ravioli WITH LOBSTER HIDDEN INSIDE.  Super Market Delivery sells Jumbo, "COLOSSAL," Shrimp which I'd be interested in but on average each piece of shrimp costs about a dollar fifty.  I'D BE SPENDING MY ENTIRE RELIEF CHECK ON SEVERAL MONTHS WORTH OF SHRIMP.  I can't do that it's SOLIDLY only in the 75% percentile of Responsible Ways To Spend Relief Check.  Also how come NOW we're suddenly saying Relief.  When it was a bill it was Stimulus.  Now that we have checks its Relief.  WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF!?!?
     What else is going on.  HEY here's a good idea for a month from now-- Chinese Food-- BUTTERFLY SHRIMP.  Thems the suckers where you cover a big piece of shrimp with BACON and cook SCRAMBLED EGGS around it.  And you get like 4 or 6 pieces of shrimp covered in bacon covered in HEAPS of Scrambled Eggs.  Sounds about right Let's Do That.  Dunno why that merits Website Inclusion.  Dunno about a lot of things these days!  Maybe it's good for you to UNDERSTAND &/OR be REMINDED of what Butterfly Shrimp is so it can improve YOUR quality of life If And When you get Chinese Food delivered over the course of the rest of your life!  I'll be back in a little bit! 




Meet Me Half Way

    LOOK I don't like it any more than you do, but I was discussing FAMILY FINANCES with My Dad and WE FREAKIN' DONT QUALITY FOR THOSE SUCKERS OF RELIEF CHECKS BY A VERY THIN MARGIN.  Well there goes my, FINANCIAL, "INDIE," Cred.  The good news is I Still Make ZERO DOLLARS.  On the other hand HEY THIS NEW CONTEXT AND KNOWLEDGE AND NEW CONTEXT IN THE END EFFECTS ME VERY LITTLE.  Anyway.  My Pop got PENSION funds.  Got Part Time Teaching Funds.  Got Them SOCIAL SECURITIES.  It's an embarrassment of riches.  That's what the phrase means.  When you're embarrassed by how relatively rich you are.  Seems to check out Based On How I Feel This Paragraph.  AGAIN I HAVE ZERO DOLLARS.  Well maybe around 600-1000 dollars.  Haven't asked for Birthday &/or Chanukah &/Or Christmas Presents in half a decade.  I keep getting checks and not using them!
     Wonderful.  I'm still a good, "ALLY," to middle middle class Peoples and Downward.  This Changes Nothing!  Except for how much money I have accumulated!  Ya know that sort of thing.  I still IDENTIFY as A Middle Class.  Prove me wrong!  What else is going on and crap.  Pretty sure this is still Middle Upper Middle Class.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  What else is going on.  Look the moral of the story is I'M STILL NOT GETTING $1.50 "COLOSSAL," SHRIMP.  That sums that up.  I wouldn't be getting them if they were a dollar!  MAYBE if they were a dollar!  I'd need more context on what Colossal really means in this scenario!
     Cool.  I mean you go to Restaurant you get Shrimp cocktail you get 8 Big Size Shrimp for 8.99.  Which seems reasonable!  The problem is I don't want to get 30 shrimp at once!  There is a scene in COBRAS KAIS where JOHNNY LAWRENCE is eating Sushi!  If HE'S on board with Sushi then I think we can ALL be on board with Sushi.  He isn't 100% on board with sushi.  But that's HIS PROBLEM.  Shouldn't affect how much WE'RE ON BOARD WITH SUSHI.  Also haven't had sushi in over a year.  No Bueno!  I like SUshi as a 8 Sushi for 8.99$ type thing.  Off the top of my head.  Better LTURQ.  How much is A Sushi On Average.  A A PIECE OF SUSHI CAN BE 2-4 DOLLARS???  I guess the moral of this entry is I have no idea how much money I HAVE, how much money THINGS COST, how much money THINGS ARE TRULY WORTH, and how much money I SHOULD FEEL COMFORTABLE USING &/OR SAVING.  Oh well Go Figure I'm A Money Idiot!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II.  The latest clue was when I thought 1.9 Trillion's best context was TWO Watchmen Genius Rich Ladies.  What else is going on and crap.  Still dunno what to do about lunch!  I'll keep myself updated on this situation as it progresses! Looka Like there's a new EIGHTY TWO MINUTE Horror Movie on SHUTTERS: The Streamer Service.  82 minutes?  It MUST BE GREAT if its comfortable going out on a Limbic that it's only an hour 20 minutes long.  ALSO it MUST BE GREAT if the short reviews that CUSTOMERS are giving it Are Great.  So that's a good thing to do later today, sure, right, why not.  Maybe from now on every horror movie's subtext is just THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE MY MONEY AWAY.  That's how RICH PEOPLE THINK.  Presumably.  Anyway 1 more paragraph to write before Act Break.
     Again-- still have Zero Dollars.  Good for me.  LEANING towards Lobster Ravioli.  Only the best lunches for me!  What else is going on and crap.  Confuses me, though!  Halfway between Tomatoish Sauce and Creamyish Sauce.  I don't LIKE the sound of that but I am CURIOUS about it.  Sure I've had it before but WHO CAN REMEMBER what things taste like.  I've got better things to remember!  Presumably.  I forget.  Yeah!  Hmm lunch.  This is a tough one.  IF WE DIDN'T SPEND MONEY FOR SEVEN YEARS WE'D BE MILLIONAIRES.  And MILLIONAIRE is AS HIGH AS YOU CAN GET.  Also SEVEN YEARS that's nothing.  How hard is it to just Not Spend Money For Seven Years.  EASY.  EASY!!!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.  Also the million is divided over 3 people.  Or, maybe even less people.  IT could just be divided over my parents-- 2 people-- and they're just helping me out here and there.  In which case back to square one!  I'll be back in a little bit!




Too Late For That

    Hey got lunch!  Noodles + Salmon!  Noodles ain't that great!  Salmon ain't that great!  Both are Good Enough!  Isn't there someone I can pay to eat this lunch for me and make me a new one.  YES I'm sure there are MANY people out there who would sign up for that.  Yeah but they're not in my immediate vicinity.  So what good are they.  Yeah these Lunch Components are good enough.  What else is there to do today.  Came across a new DOCU SERIES.  About PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS.  That's fun.  I get to experience them fourth or fifth hand by watching the program!  THIS NOODLE SOUP HAD 4 DRY LOOSE PIECES OF PEA BEFORE WETTING THE NOODLES MAKING THEM EDIBLE.  I don't like peas!  THREW THEM OUT BEFORE WATER EVER EVEN TOUCHED THEM NOODLES.
     These noodles are Chicken Flavored!  I wouldn't lie to you!  And Noodle container wouldn't lie to me!  And Person At NISSIN putting together these noodle containers wouldn't lie to the Noodle Container!  That's A LOT of Trust I'm depending on re: whether this container of noodles is chicken flavored.  Oh well what else can ya do.  Gotta Trust in this life!  I'm TRUSTING Netflix that there's 4 more episodes of Cobra Kai.  I have no PROOF but I BELIEVE in Netflix Telling Me The Truth.  Anyway.  Certainly not Shrimp Or Beef flavored.  If there IS a flavor it's definitely chicken.  Maybe no flavor though!  It's borderline!
     What else is going on and crap.  My Dad was just outside WARMING UP CARS and when he was getting back into the house some GUY-- WHITE GUY, 20'S-- was like I wanna speak to Michael [ME] and My Dad was like HE'S BUSY and the guy was like HERE TAKE A PAMPHLET and my Dad was like NO and the guy was like I UNDERSTAND.  No idea who this could have been!  He knows me, though!  I don't know him!  Such is life!  Wonder who he was, wonder WHAT THE PAMPHLET was.  LOTS of unanswered questions in this situation!  No I don't get CALLERS from time to time.  This is the first time this has ever happened!  As far as I know!  Maybe he was looking for a different Michael!  There's got to be DOZENS of Michaels out there!
     Penultimate paragraph.  APPARENTLY he was wearing a mask.  Well that's good news for HIM at least.  What else is going on and crap.  YOU KNOW WHAT getting down to The Bottom Of Noodles, with Surplus Water, Water DOES kinda taste like Chicken Noodle Soup Water.  Noodles ain't chicken.  Water-Broth is chicken!  Cracked that code!  GONNA HAVE TO RUN IT BY MY PARENTS but maybe MEATLOAF is in the cards for tonight!  That's MY takeaway from this entry.  Just finished lunch.  I can handle That Amount Of Time Lunch Taking.  Halfway through Penultimate Paragraph.  Not bad!  Not bad at all!  What else.  Trying to think of any recent time I've given out my name &/OR address.  Not comin' up with anything!  Seems like a scam!  A WELL TARGETED SCAM.  The point is it's a scam but WELL DONE having my name correspond with my address!
     Last paragraph!  Talked to parents and YES MEATLOAF TONIGHT.  Ain't you can take that to the bank!  Probably should eat it, though.  Dunno what the bank is gonna do with your meatloaf!  What else is going on and crap.  Take a bath after entry.  Immediately after entry.  No 30 minutes, no 60 minutes after entry.  I Feel Very Strongly About This!  I SHALL be clean again!  What do I got going for Upcoming Week.  Nothin' new.  Same ol' shit.  I bet the person looking for me was A LONG LOST FRIEND.  And they thought ya know who would get a kick out of This Pamphlet?  MICHAEL.  Now let me Age Backwards A Few Years so I look like I'm in my 20's and HOP TO.  The point is the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:25 P.M.




Friday, March 12, 2021

New Entry Coming Up

    That title reminds me of pizza.  You go to a place that produces pizza and you're like hmm I haven't eaten in a while is it cool if you give me some pizza-- after its been fully cooked?  And then they go Some Cooked Pizza, Coming Up!  That seems about accurate.  LOTS of good options for lunches.  Should I go into them explicitly right now?  Probably.  I don't wanna leave you hanging!  Why it's only LOBSTER RAVIOLI.  ONE OF TWO DIFFERENT KIND OF WRAPS.  A CHICKEN YAM BROCCOLI ENTERPRISE.  Those kinds of things is the point I'm trying to make.  What else can I say in this paragraph that I would inevitably get to Over The Entry that I should just knock out of the park right now before Ruining Future Paragraphs. I dunno this is a tough one. 
Got Endocrine Appointment on Tuesday Of Next Week: The Day That's Roughly Four Days From Right Now.  I'm looking forward to it because Upon Further Introspection I'll probably be able to re-up my Mom with cigarettes on that Escapade, meaning I re-up myself with 2 24 oz of beer, meaning I DON'T GO A DAY WITHOUT DRINKING FOR A WEEK AND A HALF FROM NOW.  ALSO my Dad said he read somewhere where its like hey guess what yer testosterone levels might effect how much Covid you get &/or Vaccine That Sort Of Thing.  He's really gotta start reading a better place to get his news, this one DESPERATELY needs a copy editor.  I dunno what a, "Copy Editor," is.  Was fun to say.  Anyway I GOT LOWS TESTOSTERONE WITHOUT MEDICATION.  I take medication so I have REGULAR Testosterone.  Either way I'm probably fine, that's why I take that there Gel!  But I'll run that by my endocrinologist.  Right after clarifying what a Copy Editor is.
      HEY COPY EDITOR IS ALL THAT I HOPED IT WOULD BE.  It's like a Regular Editor.  Like if you were an editor for a novel, its that kind of editing you're doing for journalism.  Meanwhile there's the Editor OF The Newspaper who has a totally different role.  That's what I was concerned about.  But, yeah, copy editors, keep it up!  I See You copy editors thanks for making sense out of that weird stuff my Dad claimed he read verbatim for some reason no one is really sure.  Hmm imagine if I had a copy editor.  Why bother imagining it.  Just leave that to the copy editor!  He can imagine it for me.  Suddenly I DON'T HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER.  That's how Writing Works!  Right now thinking its between Turkey & Cheddar Wrap &/OR Lobsterish Ravioli Enterprise.  If only I had someone on call to decide lunches for me.  Not just at random.  OR what he might want.  Someone whose gone through training to know Which Lunch I'LL be happiest with ultimately.  Tough job but someone's gotta do it!  And right now all that responsibility is falling to me!  AND IT'S NOT FAIR.
Cool.  Maybe the Ham & Swiss Wrap.  It's anyone's ball games nows!  HAM AND SWISS HAS COME OUT OF NOWHERE TO BECOME THE LEADING CONTENDER FOR LUNCH AS OF NOW.  Cold.  Can't heat that up in Microwave &/or oven!  Only make it worse!  Also have a half dozen of sphere halve potatoes as a side.  DELICIOUS.  Chicken Broccoli Yam.  TOO MANY OPTIONS.  I'm GOING OUT OF MY MIND.  Gotta move on with entry for now, let it percolate under the surface, that's the only way I'll figure this one out responsibly and reliably.  I saw Presidential Biden said everyone is ELIGIBLE for Vaccine by May 1st.  I LIKE those odds.  Good for people!  I wish People the best of luck securing Health for themselves &/Or the people in their immediate vaccinities. 
     Hmm could I IN FURTHER INTROSPECTION add the Second Half of Paragraph IV to the End of Paragraph I?  Apparently not.  Otherwise I Would have done it.  Presumably! Vaccinate Yourself For Those In Your Vicinities.  Nice catchy and POSITIVE way to go about AND THINK ABOUT this process.  Finished watching All Them Rockies.  Not counting the Creeds.  Thems Creeds.  Talking about Them Rockies for now.  I like how in Rocky V it becomes apparent Rocky is Somewhat Brain Damaged.  Really adds a new Element to the character!  Fun!  Also it makes sense logically.  I'm no DOCTOR but I'd guess there's a strong correlation if not MOST LIKELY CAUSATION between losing mental acuity and Getting Your Block Knocked Off Thousands Of Times By The Best Block Knockers In The Business.  Maybe its causation THE OTHER WAY.  Gotta be brain damaged FROM THE START to be like hey you know what I should go with my life?  Get my Block Knocked Off over and over again by the Best Knock Blockers in The Business!  Great.  Wonderful!  I'll be back in a bit.




Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking

    Alright!  One more Act and One more Act Break until Lunch.  Late Lunch!  Woke up late today!  Everything got pushed back an hour or two!  Looks like Cuomo ain't resigning today.  Which is fair it's a lot to ask of someone!  I've never resigned (OFFICIALLY) once in my life!  Unofficially?  In social and not political situations?  Sure I must have Resigned dozens of tims!  And its for the best!  Resigning lets you grow as a person and when I say grow as a person I MEAN IN THE PEEN.  WHich he would presumably be okay for.  Look I'm TRYING to make a case for him resigning okay WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT HAS ANY HIGHER PROBABILITY OF WORKING?  NOTHIN' THAT'S WHO.
Anyway.  Turkey & Cheddar.  Ham & Swiss.  I'm PRETTY enthusiastic about EITHER of those but now we face the DIFFICULT DECISION of picking one.  Flip a coin.  First thing that comes to mind is heads.  Logically The Other Thing would be tails.  Maybe I can figure out which one is best ON MY OWN.  Still got time!  The point is what else is going on and crap.  Also Two Face thinks he's so smart that he has a quarter that is Heads On Both Sides but GUESS WHAT DUMMY NO LONGER LEGAL TENDER.  That, "Quarter," you think you got?  ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE IN TERMS OF OFFICIAL CURRENCY.  I think the premise of, "Two Face: The Politician," is kind of antiquated.  Now crappy politicians are Just One Face.  They're Evil And Bad And Completely Self Serving and Manipulative and Have No Interest In Helping People At All.  Loads of One Faces!
What else is going on and crap.  LOOK do I want a trick coin?  Where the trick is both sides are the same?  YES I'D PAY REAL MONEY CURRENCY FOR IT.  Sounds like I'm sayin' It's Worth Somethin' After all.  YEAH but you can't just USE IT.  You gotta sell it to someone Who Knows What It Is-- A Novelty.  Gotta imagine trying to use it for currency is a FELONY or something.  There's Laws On Them Books about trying to use fake currency.  You could GO TO JAIL and in Batman that'd be ARKHAM ASYLUM unless THAT'S A MENTAL HOSPITAL and not a jail I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS in front of me.  Also I GOTTA IMAGINE people can EASILY train themselves to flip coins so as to get whatever side they want up to come up.  Not too difficult!  Can't take more than a few days, WEEKS AT MOST.
     Just putting that out there!  SCAMS ARE THERE TO BE WON!  Wait a second... Two Face... each side of his coin is heads... HEADS ARE FACES... finally all the pieces are starting to come together.  What else is going on and crap.  How's the British Royal Family doing.  Gotta imagine they're still entrenched in power.  That'd be my guess, at least, off the top of my noggin'.  I think the main reason British Royal Family doesn't want Darker Skin people into their family is because they know FOR SURE this almost DEFINITELY isn't inbreeding!  And if you're not participating in Inbreeding what even is THE POINT of being in the British Royal Family?  That be my guess OFF THE TOP OF MY DOME.
     Anyway.  Great, just great.   HMM maybe I want an element of SALT to my lunch.  Ham sounds like it's more up Salt's Alley than Turkey.  Also more than Raviolish Lobsters.  Right now we're lookin into the Ham Swiss Mustard Spinach Wrap.  Anyway what else is going on.  Probably gonna have a later DINNER, too!  That's just MATH.  You have later lunch You're Gonna Want Later Dinner.  Today is my .25 Birthday.  I AM SOLIDLY 32.25 YEARS OLD.  Sounds like a nothing.  Halfway to 65.  65 MAY be a cut off point for Elderly IN SOME RESPECTS.  Halfway there to elderly!  Wonderful!  All in all though Numbers Mean Nothing In These Sorts Of Contextuals.  The good news is I'll be back in a little bit!




That'd Be Weird

    Hey I got lunch going on.  It's called Listening to Biden talk in the background.  I dunno if it qualifies as listening.  I'm recognizing someone is saying words, and I can tell it's BIDEN TALKING.  Not 100% what his diction is.  Diction means word choice.  I learnt about it in a Dictionary.  Yep that seems to check out.  OH RIGHT.  Real lunch!  Turkey + Cheddar Wrap.  4 Half Sphere Potatoes.  Potato warmed up in MICROwave while Wrap Room Temperatured Up.  Last MY STRANGE ADDICTION I watched was Guy who spends tens of thousands of dollars to look like Justin Beiber.  Makes sense!  HE'S APPARENTLY ALREADY GOT THE INTELLECT OF HIM BURN.  Dunno which one I'm burning there.  Justin Bieber or Presumed Justin Biebor.  Both of them seem stupid in this scenario is the point I'm trying to make and THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER.
     Gotta imagine Justin Bieber is watching this My Strange Addiction with eeryone making fun of his look-a-like and is like yeah he looks nothing like him and Justin is like IF THEY ONLY KNEW THAT'S WHAT MY LIFE IS LIKE CONSTANTLY.  Gotta wonder about something.  My interest would be PIQUED if I turned on Television and there was an episode where Some guy is trying to look like me.  Not like in wardrobe choices.  But as a LIFESTYLE.  Main thing they do in life is Trying To Look Like ME.  Gotta imagine I'd feel some sorts of concrete feelings for this dummy.  Can't say WHAT feelings or HOW I'LL FEEL THEM.  But it'd strike SOME sorts of chords, right?  B STORY of that episode was some guy who eats Plastic.  We wish him the best of luck.
Look if this guy eats plasticc ten times a day I THINK I can feed my dad A LITTLE BIT of plastic by proxy ONCE.  Anyway I had seen this Episode before but this time was the first time I noticed that the Bieber guy first introduces himself in the episodes as my name is so-and-so, I'm a Song Writer, and my addiction is trying to look like Justin Bieber...  SONG WRITER?  WANNA LOOK LIKE BEIBER?  NOW THAT ADDS AN ENTIRE WRENCH INTO THE FACTORY PURVEYOR BELT.  Anyway.  If They FORCED me to be on this show, My Strange Addiction, what would be the most obvious thing to talk about in relationship to what Other People's Strange Addictions Have Been?  OFf the top of my head, My name Is Michael, I'm 32 years old, and I write 15 paragraph of Dumb Diary a day.  Seems about right.  More like About WRONG am I right.
Cool.  I'm OKAY with how lunch turned out.  More or less what I was expecting.  Dinner should be better, tough.  I feel comfortable going out on that limb.  Lunch today was okay but dinner is gonna knock it out of the park RELATIVELY.  Has anyone considered there must be ways in New York State to get rid of a governor without him resigning.  Because I feel like the way it's constantly being framed is oh no each week it gets a little bit more likely HE'LL RESIGN!  I WONDER IF ANYTHING WORSE WILL COME OUT TO TIP THE SCALE SLIGHTLY MORE THAT HE'LL RESIGN!!!  Presumably there's WAYS TO TAKE HIM OUT OF OFFICE????  That's MY Hot Take.  Also it's an embarrassment to Democrats in general.  The longer this corrupt asshole jerk stays Democrat GOvernor is another day where we have a fuckin Corrupt Asshole Jerk DEMOCRAT as governor of New York.  NOT ON BOARD.  GET HIM OUTTA THERE.  ASSUMING THERE'S A WAY.  As of now the only way I've been made privy to is let's SHAME HIM a LITTLE BIT MORE with just A BIT MORE SHAME he's BOUND to resign!
Last paragraph of Entry.  I can thank New York State for my Vaccine.  Not him, though!  Presumably my Vaccination would have trickled down to me regardless of what asshole is the current governor.  Finished lunch.  Lots of good options for dinner.  Same as the options for lunch Plus Some Minus One.  Maybe read some more today.  Haven't read since finishing Martin Short: Memoir Of A Presidency a few days ago.  Get to take a bath today WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT!  Don't gotta be Listening for Door Bells for Deliveries to Answer For.  Just go in Bath and Bathe till my Heart's Content!  Anyway that'll do it for today.  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-3:19 P.M.




Thursday, March 11, 2021

You See The Thing Is

    Can't wait to find out What The Thing Is.  Finished watching Rocky IV last night.  Cold War CRISIS AVERTED.  Reading Synopsis of Rocky V, though, it looks like he's finally coming back down to Earth.  It's not an escalation of his power but a DE-ESCALATION.  And I went to a high school where I rode escalators 10 times a day I THINK I KNOW A LITTLE BIT ABOUT escalation &/OR de-escalation!  There were also elevators.  Only for teachers or disabled kids.  That'd be the dream though, right?  We never talked about it but the subtext was always man if only I get to a point in life where I Can Ride The Elevators.  Escalators are for KIDS.  FUN but UNRULY and INCONSISTENT.  Would be broken a third of the time.  Meanwhile, Elevators, that's where a MAN becomes a MAN.
     Also I don't get, "Stairway To Heaven."  Wouldn't it also be a Stairway from heaven To Earth?  Why are you framing it Only One Way!!!  You can be demoted from Heaven to Earth.  JUST LOOK AT THE CHRIS ROCK MOVIE, "DOWN TO EARTH."  I THINK THAT WILL ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS YOU HAVE RE: THIS MATTER.  Also it's a shame that handicapped people can't get into Heaven.  FAIR but unfortunate for them.  So yeah just accepted Super Market Delivery right before this entry started.  Thinkinin of MIXIN THINGS UP and having my chicken Caesar salad for lunch PLUS five bonus chicken nuggets.  Just what my Tummy is Rumbling for!  Some nice CHICKEN.  Nothin fancy about the chicken just CHICKEN HOW HARD IS THAT.  Exactly 2 weeks til Vaccination Part II: The Reckoning.  Then 2 more weeks until April 8th: Michael's Release Date!  WOW FOUR WEEKS.  We're talkn lemmme crunch them numbers.. TWENTY EIGHT DAYS.  So basically if Zombies start somewhere ANYWHERE in the world today by the time I'm fully save to end quarantine GUESS WHAT NO BUENO NOW ZOMBIES ARE RUNNING AROUND GOTTA GO RIGHT BACK INTO QUARENTINE.  Just when I thought I was out THEY DRAGGED ME BACK IN.
Anyway.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  In My Life Wide World of Sports, TV and Movies have been Running WIld on my Entertainment Consumption going almost completely unopposed by doing any readings.  Still time for that to change!  Lots of time!  Decades and decades!  Until I age to a point where I Cannot Read, there's time to turn it around!  Hmm wonder if I have any good Child's Books easy access.  We're talkin LOUIS SACHAR.  We're talkin NO ONE ELSE, either SACHAR OR BUST.  Googled, "Louis Sachar Cancelled," and NOTHING SO FAR.  HMM now there's even MORE pressure on me to read all of the Lous Sachar's!  There's gotta be 2 or 3 things over his 2 dozen popularist books that are No Bueno anymore and I CAN GET ALL THE GLORY BY POINTING THEM OUT EXPLICITLY FIRST.  So that's one way to spend the rest of my life.  Seeing who still needs to be cancelled.
Seems to check out.  I'm still confused on whether we're canceling people OR things that people have made/done.  Are we canceling the Offensive Scenario Specifically or do they do or create something No Bueno and we're like Well That's ALL SHE WROTE FUCK THIS GUY FOREVER.  Gonna CANCEL him.  Ugh.  I dunno.  What else is going on and crap.  I wish I knew about Cancel Culture when I was being turned down by girls.  Upon further introspection I realize now they were just trying to unfairly cancel me so basically they're CLEARLY the villains in this scenario.  Also does, "Cancel Culture," imply that all of us Cancellers are HAVING A BLAST doing all this canceling all the time?  It's like work 9-5, drive home, have soem dinner with the family, CANCEL PEOPLE 3 HOURS A NIGHT GLEEFULLY and then go to bed.  It's the defining way to participate in Current American Culture.  To CANCEL PEOPLE AND THINGS IN OUR SPARE TIME.
     Seems to check out.  Sounds like a plausible way that we're all supposed to be living our lives.  Whatta watch during upcoming Act Break.  Maybe some #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  Lots of good options!!!  The point is I've probably watched A Single Tales From The Crypt between 1000 and 3000 times over the last year.  FEELS about accurate.  Also WIDE BERTH of possibilities so it's not really going WAY TOO MUCH OUT ON A LIMB.  What's the Limbic System and why does it have so little to do with Limbs.  Better LTURQ.  LIMBIC SYSTEM is a part of BRAIN NEURONS that seems pretty important.  And, no, it's not just, This is the section of the brain that deals with moving AND/OR THINKING ABOUT the limbs of your body.  So basically I've raised more questions than I've answered!  I'll be back in a little bit.





I'll Keep My Options Open

    Sounds about right.  ANyway Rocky doesn't end the cold war QUITE YET at the end of Rocky IV but he's made an IMPORTANT STEP towards peace.  Look is there some sort of connection between Drago: The Russian Fighter From Rocky and Guile: The American Fighter from Street Fighter?  Obviously they come from totally different worlds but they LOOK the same and PRESUMABLY are both BIG fans of Upper Cuts.  Also has it ever been confirmed that Guile in Street Fighter is the main guy?  Either in terms of yes this is the main hero out of all these ensembles of fighters IN NARRATIVE &/OR this guy is the STRONGEST most POWERFUL TOP CHOICE FIGHTINGWISE out of this ensemble of fighters.  My guess is YES to Both.
     Wonderful.  HOw often is it in real life that someone gets killing while doing High-Stakes Boxing.  Upon further introspection, I knew Apollo Creed gets his block knocked off fatally by Russian (Spoiler Alert!) and it always amused me because its like THAT SEEMS EXTREME THAT HE'D LITERALLY GET HIS KNOCK BLOCKED OFF... but now I'm like yeah that's bound to happen now and again.  Better LTURQ.  Apparently it happens several times a year.  Oh well you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs!  I don't see how it's not MORE deaths.  If I were boxing someone, even someone my size but strong, I'd take one punch to the noggin' and presumably my skull would explode upon contact.  That'd be my guess.  Wha.. Huh... THEY'RE TRYING TO CANCEL MY LIFE THROUGH BOXING ATTACKS.
Cool.  Lookin forward to Chicken Caesar Salad + Bonus Chicken - Any Sort Of Dressing + Let's Say 50% of the grated cheese they included for me to sprinkle at my own free will.  Look the high light is the Bonus Chicken Nuggets.  I don't think I'm speaking out of school here.  NO RUFFLES THIS WEEK.  Most delicious BUT Most unhealthy.  Good options, though.  We're talkin DORITOS.  We're talkin TOSTITOS.  We're talking #JOEBIDENKETTLECHIPSTOREMEMBER.  Right now that's the top spot.  Also I got BREAD STICKS.  Those are kind of like chips!  Salty Carbohydrate Snacks.  So far haven't enjoyed the breadstick I had.  Maybe it was a mistake.  Oh well you can't eat snacks without cracking open a few omelets.
What else is going on.  Maybe have that there Chicken + Broccoli + Sweet Potatoe for lunch today and save the Caesar Salad for another time.  Also Caesar can't be very happy with the food named after him being a SALAD.  And kind of a crappy one at that.  I mean, no, lemme start over.  It's MY favorite salad.  Because its just the basics, nothin' I don't want!  But its pretty PEDESTRIAN!  NOT LIKE CAESAR AT ALL!  Also it's peasant food AND it's not very HEARTY or STRENGTHY.  Caesar should have a cut of steak or something.  if I were Caesar I'd want the food named after to me to be a eighteen egg omelet and if you can eat it in 15 minutes you get it for free.
     That's just me, though!  Getting salad from Panera, the legit main debate would be do I want the Caesar salad with CROUTONS or do I want the Caesar salad with CHINESE Hard Noodles.  They're two different things on the menu!  Presumably a single other thing was different.  Feels like China Salad (a lot of people are calling it) had NO GRATED CHEESE.  You know that sort of thing.  Chicken pieces might have been cut in different shapes??  Don't hold me to that!  I can neither confirm nor deny that at this point.  I know there's a lot of worry &/or attention given to the fact of China becoming the main challenigng superpower to the United States (of America) but I'm not worried because have you HEARD THIS LANGUAGE or even just SEEN IT?  SOUNDS AND LOOKS COMPLICATED AS FUCK.  English is a lot easier I THINK we're gonna be okay!
That settles that.  They don't even agree how to speak &/or write Chinese IN CHINA.  THey got DIALECTS.  Look get it together yourself THEN check in with the rest of the world.  If you can't decide between Mandarin and Cantonese &/or other Assorteds how do you expect ANYONE ELSE to make a commitment?  HEY I started a 6th paragraph of Act II.  Not on purpose!  But I guess I'm, "Pot," Committed to it at this point.  Still not sure about lunch.  Either way!  What else is going on.  Next section of entry Better Be Good!  That's all I can say.  So far entry hasn't been very good!  Next entry can MAKE, "&/OR BREAK," the entire entry!  I'll see ya soon!





You'll Be The First To Know

    I guess.  Lunch time!  Salad!  Plus Bonus!  Nuggets.  It's HEALTHY because it has the word, "Salad," in it!  Maybe a nice Pasta Dish is in store for tonight.  Al Fredo Dish.  Lobster Ravioli Dish.  One of those is the point.  Watched The Adam Sandler Netflix Project from apparently last year about Halloween.  Wonderful!  I enjoy these movies because all the worlds' problems just melt away.  Uh on now we're dealing with an even bigger problem.  All these melted problems CAN'T be good for the environment.  God damn problems just don't know when to quit!  Do people realize Adam Sandler is JEWISH?  That'd be an interesting poll to take.  But also ask them questions based on whether he's Jewish or no.  Does him being Jewish make you MORE LIKELY or LESS LIKELY to be on board with him.  That sort of thing.
     Personally I think it's more.
  We need all the Good Will Ambassadors we can get!  Anyway VERY happy with how Salad + Bonus Nuggets is going.  Delicious, filling, healthy, and there's still some left to eat!  WOrst part was I put chicken nuggets in microwave for A Wrong Amount Of Time.  Made consistency kinda rubbery.  EDIBLE but could be better!  Still gotta watch Season III of Cobra Kai.  Been putting it off because well for the most part I had no access to it.  Then once access was re-acquired, I don't wanna watch Kids Do Karate.  Then maybe I Do want to watch Kids Do Karate.  Shows How Much I Know!  Just finished lunch.  It tasted good because of HEALTH.
     Cool.  There's still a lot of Grated Cheese on the plate.  What am I suppoesd to do, just eat some grated cheese?  I Don't Know MAYBE?  This is a tough one!  HEY I'll need to LTURQ but I BELIEVE I saw some HEALTHY Speculation FIRST CAT IS ON HER WAY.  HIS WAY.  I DUNNO HOW THIS CAT IDENTIFIES.  Better LTURQ.  LOL I LOVE IT-- PSAKI had gone The Cat Will Break The Internet!  Psaki is the greatest.  Ain't she the greatest?  Now lets speculate about this cat.  Male or female.  Age?  Breed?  WHAT KINDA NAME THIS CAT GOT GOIN ON.  Does the cat have a potential TRUE REAL relationship with The Bidens specifically Joe?  Let's put everything on hold and start addressing the elephant in the room the cat.  Does the cat interact with the dogs?  And if so how doest hat go?  We'll just have to wait and see for most of these.  No way of saying yet!  It'll play out as it plays out!
     Penultimate paragraph.
  Got a third kind of Noodle for this week.  Instead of regular Hearty Spicy Noodle I'd been getting exclusively for half a year, and instead of the one-off different thing I got which was shrimp flavored (and a 3rd party unique brand), I'm back o REGULAR Cup O Noodles-- I Believe Chicken Flavored-- for this week.  So that should go OKAY I GUESS.  Mixing things up is the spice of life!  April 8th release date.  I can, "Handle," that.  First things first I'm gonna take a walk THAT VERY MORNING when I wake up.  Probably take only 2-3 walks for a week or so.  Get my SEA LEGS back.  Have to discuss with Parents about how to move forward with picking up foodstuffs &/or getting foodstuffs delivered.  But mainly WALKING THAT'S ALL MY PREROGATIVE.
     Last paragraph of the entry!  Figure I can take a BATH sometime soon.  I have to listen to DOORBELLS so that throws a monkey in the machinery but that's a discussion I can have with my Parentals.  I wish I had saved the leftover Grated Cheese.  I put a third of it on salad-- perfect!  WHAT A CHUMP THROWING THE REST OUT.  I could have put it in REFRIDGE and put it on OTHER KINDA STUFF.  I had my chance to have a Big Grated Cheese Moment and I BLEW IT.  Anyway at this point the plan is to continue writing an entry every day up until April 8th.  An entry a day Entire Quarantine Minus A Week I had no computer.  Then re-assess!  Presumably still keep going with it but That's Not For Me TO Say!  IT'S for FUTURE Me To Say!  Who knows what's going on in THAT MINE HEAD.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:52 P.M.





Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Anyone Call For A Website

    I know the answer to that and the answer is no.  The point is Today Is a No Beer Day.  Got COFFEE.  That's worth while.  Watched #RockyIIIMarchWhatever and MAN OH MAN I thought Rocky was gaining popularity in Rocky II but THIS IS CRAZY.  Rocky II Philly loved him.  Now EVERYONE IS ON BOARD WITH ROCKY ACROSS THE LAND.  I dunno what to make of that.  What happens in Rocky IV.  That's the one where he fights Russian Man.  I guess Rocky goes from being a Hero for himself, then for his family, then for his city, then all the way up to He Defeats Russian Presumably Which ENDS THE COLD WAR and somehow Rocky Just Saved The World.  Started off being a periphery person in Philadelphia with a boxing hobby and a few movies later ROCKY WINS A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE BY SAVING THE WORLD.  Kind of ironic prize for a boxer.  Sometimes we can only achieve lasting peace Through Boxing.  Seems to make sense.
     Cool.  No Breakfast for 2nd day in a row.  Cool.  Also THAT ONLY GETS US THROUGH ROCKY IV.  There's STILL A ROCKY 5 &THENSOME.  I imagine in Rocky 5 Rocky is installed as Hegemon World Leader and saves our planet from alien invaders.  Then in Rocky VI: Rocky Balboa, JESUS COMES BACK and ROCKY FIGHTS JESUS.  Who would win?  I dunno I can see it going either way.  Honestly I think the odds are on Jesus.  I'm gonna be honest.  Hmm in this scenario is Rocky now Essentially The Anti-Christ?  Well I didn't see that coming but it turns out yep that's the situation I've been describing.  Good thing this is all a Film Enterprise Situation.  ROCKY DOESN'T EXIST NO MATTER HOW GREAT AN ACTOR SYLVESTER STALLONE IS.  All Fiction!
     I think it really depends on the parameters of the match between Jesus and Rocky in terms of who would win.  If its just a straight up boxing match gotta imagine Rocky has the edge.  Jesus hasn't got a lot of experience in hand to hand combat AS FAR AS WE KNOW.  But if he can use magic and stuff to taunt &/or hurt Rocky then its anyone's game.  Pretty much 95% finalized Super Market Order Delivery for tomorrow.  Lots of good meals!  We're talkin 12-16 solid meals.  For 14 meals over 7 days.  SEEMS like that math is adding up pretty well.  Also in Rocky III they use the phrase, "Knock Their Block Off," some more to the point where maybe THIS IS WHAT POPULARIZED THAT PHRASE IN THE FIRST PLACE?  In which case Well Done It's a Fun Thing TO Say &/Or Listen To Being Said &/Or Even Just Reading It I'm Having A Blast. 
     Also American Culture Spoiler Alert when Mr. T says I Pity The Fool for the first time he wasn't spoutin a catchphrase off the top of my head, it was part of a a longer piece of Dialogue where he was saying ya know what I don't hate Rocky I PITY THE FOOL because he thinks he can go toe to toe with me Mr. T except my name is different OH NO I'VE SAID TOO MUCH.  That sort of thing.  Personally I'VE ALWAYS suspected I Pity The Fool always came from a source of REAL EMOTIONAL PITY.  Not just a Cold Cool thing to say about your adversaries.  That they're foolish and earn pity.  NOPE IT WAS TRUE HEARTFELT EMOTION GET OFF MR. T'S BACK.  Look good options for lunch aplenty but right now leaning towards Pizza.  It's great!  Glad we covered that so explicitly.
Last paragraph of Act I.  Also Mr T is a good actor!  If only he had decided to not Act Like That Character Acts for the rest of his life.  Really on point for Rocky III, the way he acts and talks.  Kinda imagined he could have switched it up but that's not how Mr T Roles and who am I to argue???  Also I think it's 75%/25% that he's mostly acting that way in an IRONIC or KITSCH type deal but still I WANNA SEE THE REAL MR. T AND I WANNA SEE IT YESTERDAY.  Not poking funs.  DO A REAL ACTING ROLE I'VE SEEN YOUR WORK ITS GOOD!!!  Hmm.  Better LTURQ to see if Mr. T ha any roles that are just different roles completely.  Hmm apparently he's more of a wrestler &/or SportsmanFirstActorSecond type guy.  STILL IT WAS GOOD ACTING.  I WANNA SEE SOME MORE!  Anyway I'll be back in a bit.





Well I'm Here Anyway

    I don't think Rocky is going to become an All Knowing and All Powerful Point of Light Entity.  I'm pretty sure that while he'll be dealt some HUBRIS he will also accumulate HUMILITY.  Ends up being just an Accomplished Well Adjusted Dude.  That's MY Hot Take.  Best lunch lookin' like Frozen Pizza.  Put that sucker in the oven at the end of Oh I Don't "know Paragraph III of Act II!??!  Rocky drinks 5 or 6 eggs for breakfast in Rocky One.  Look I'll all for Binging ON Eggs.  Just Cook it though!  Frying or Scrambling Eggs can't be getting the Useful Parts to evaporate or anything, right?  Just eat a HUMONGOUS OMELET and ENJOY YOURSELF.  First clue in the franchise that maybe this guy isn't every smart.  Second clue is when it turns out this guy can't read.
Meanwhile when in THE WIRE the Union People who Live At The Bar eat breakfast by pouring an egg into a beer-- THAT seems interesting.  I wanna know what that's all about!  Send me more information Wherever & However You Can.  Saw Major Biden got in some trouble for presumably biting a Secret Service agent.  Well, that's your problem right there.  Dog's secret service agent should ALSO be a dog.  They can get along and relate to each other and the First Dog wouldn't be, "Biting the hand that feeds," so to speak.  Because they're both dogs and close friends.  ALSO gotta imagine getting a Cat would be a calming influence on Dogs.  OR maybe the exact opposite-- but it gets the dogs to focus their aggression in a HEALTHY direction.  Get them chasing First Cat around they're having a blast, cat is having fun, NO ONE'S GETTING HURT. 
     Anyway where am I.
  Yes I am NOW in a place where I am for some reason comfortable referring to Joe Biden's dog as Major Biden.  Press Secretary said it and I was 50/50 that's DUMB and also 50/50 YEAH MAJOR BIDEN I LIKE IT.  Anyway-- spin off movie where IN 2021 Sinbad is back at it and this time is Secret Service DEtail is Major (&/OR CHAMP) Biden.  He thought working with a kid was tough NOW HE'S DEALING WITH DOGS.  I'd, "Sign up," to see that movie.  I wonder who they'd get to play Major &/OR CHAMP.  Other Dogs presumably.  That'd be my first instinct.  Anyway gonna put stuff in oven NOW.  Take it out in Oh I Don't Know Ideally FORTY FIVE MINUTES?  Anyway, I think Major is lashing out because Champ gets all the attention.  Champ has been a Biden for longer, everyone knows and loves Champ.  Major feeling like an afterthought!  That'd get to anybody!  If I was in that situation I'd start biting THOSE ASSIGNED TO PROTECT ME, TOO.
     Wait a second.  Oh.  I was misreading this story.  Major I think happened to bite a Secret Service Agent who was performing in another capacity.  I was imagining it that he bit the Secret Service Agent Specifically Devoted To Keeping Major Biden Safe.  Gotta imagine that's not a thing.  That'd be my, "Hot Take,"  Anyway more than 50% into the entry, and that's the main tough part to go without beer for.  So basically HALFWAY THERE.  Living on some prayer.  What else is going on and crap.  Haven't read books in a few days!  Finished Barack Obama, finished Martin Short, then NOTHIN'.  I got George Carlin possibility and why not he's the best but I dunno maybe I can do better than George Carlin Autibiographyicals re: Books To Be Read.  Wonderful.  At this rate gonna have a nice mid-sized break after act II.  If Only George Carlin Were Alive To Read THIS.
     Okay.  Hey get a load of this I'm ONE DAY AWAY from being A WEEK AWAY from having had Vaccination. Then, looking forward, I'm TWO WEEKS PLUS A DAY away from 2nd dose.  2 weeks after THAT for #PandemicReleaseDate4/8.  So basically taking all that into occasion weeks after some stuff, weeks before some stuff, weeks in general best way to measure.  Except for 28 weeks later.  I get 28 days later.  Seems like an appropriate time to talk about Apocalyptic Zombies. a month in.  But then the sequel is 28 WEEKS later.  That's way too big a jump.  Maybe something halfway.  Instead of 6 months later maybe something like like 3 moths later.  I GET there's a story you want to tell but I think there being a movie halfway between 28 days and 28 weeks is in EVERYONE'S Best Interest!  Hmm.  Not sure about this paragraph at all.  Probably could do with out it and Society would be All The Better For It.  Oh well what can ya do.





Don't Need To Tell Me Twice

    Maybe you do.  I forgot what it was you were telling me the first time.  Oh well there goes that.  HEY got lunch pizza going!  Delicious!  Voting in House on FINAL COVID 19 STIMULATION VOTE EVER.  If you don't count Biden, "Signing," it as a vote.  It's a vote.  One man vote.  Presumably in the affirmative.  Looks like next bill might be some CHINA STUFF?  I dunno about that!  That could be bipartisan, which I guess is what they're going for.  Because they're dumb and don't wanna press on doing stuff broadly supported by THE PEOPLES if not the representatives.  I dunno what to do about China Policy!  Depends on the policy!  Depends on the China!  Maybe the goal isn't so much to pass a slate of amendments of how to deal with China as much as it is a Starting Off Point.  Like hey we gonna pay attention to China now these days this is just to get the conversation started.  Sounds right.
     After watching The Rockies, I googled highest profiting franchises.  You know, from combined medias and advertising and whatnot.  Number one was Pokemon, I can see that!  Real thing that through me for a loop was WINNIE THE POOH-- 3RD HIGHEST GROSSING FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME -80 BILLION DOLLARS.  WHO THE HELL IS SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY ON WINNIE THE POOH BOOKS CARTOONS &/OR PARAPHERNALIA.  Winnie the pooh making more money than MICKEY MOUSE.  Star Wars.  MARVEL CINEMATIC universe.  What the hell did I just get dropped in a SLIGHTLY Alternate Dimension where Winnie The Pooh is 1,000x more prevalent in our culture than the impressions I've Been Operating Under.  Also there's a 45 Billion Dollar Franchise ANPANMAN who is a Japanese Kids Super Hero whose head is a pancake and he fights diseases.  Go figure.
     The point is Rocky Franchise made around 1.5-2 billion.  OH well what can ya do.
  The other point is took a break to watch Stimulation Bill Re-Pass House.  The other other point is took a break after THAT break and am Now Back Yet Again.  I need to write Why It's Only Less Than Three Paragraphs I can knock that amount of paragraphs' blocks off!  Guess Rocky IV: Rocky Is Still A Mere Mortal at some point today.  Presumably AFTER Bathing Myself but BEFORE Feeding Myself (re: Dinner).  Donner Party.  Dinner Party.  Donner Party had a Dinner Party Where They Ate The Donner Party For Dinner.  Anyway I dunno.  Only 2 more paragraphs to write!  Then it's onto bigger and better &/OR smaller and/OR worse things &/or enterprises!
     Cool.  Best dinner options = Chili + Rice &/OR Corned Beef Sandwiches + Potateo Wedge Spheres, Noodles + Some sort of side.  Now that we got that out of the way Hey What Else Is Going On.  HEY HERE'S A GOOD ONE-- a Best of Both Worlds, a SURF N TURF of Shrimp Flavored Cup o Noodles and a, "Slider," of Corned Beef Sandwich.  Surf because shrimp lives on the waves of ocean.  Turf because Corned Beef Sandwiches live on land.  Now we're talking Exciting Delicious Indulgent Dinner Party Dinner!  Gonna take a bath soon after this entry is over.  Then it's anyone's game!  Re: what I will be doing &/or consuming for entertainment.  That sort of thing.
     Jeez.  Also YES I could KIDN OF taste the Baby Shrimp in this Cup O Noodles flavor-- but in an UNEXPECTED WAY.  I thought it'd be one way but it's more like FRIED SHRIMP taste.  I mean it's 4 pieces of baby baby shrimp.  But it's FRIED.  OR TASTES Fried at least!  Which wasn't what I was expecting and not what I enjoyed but upon further Introspection Maybe It's Kinda Just WHAT I NEEDED?  AND NOW I NEED MORE?  You know that sort of thing.  The point is yes I've been experimenting eating Cup O Noodles with a fork.  Makes slurping a necessity, though.  Which is already easier.  You're eating Cup O Noodles you can't be drinking soup a spoonful at a time that'll get us nowhere!  Gotta slurp!  And then if you're just using utensil to neat noodles-- spoons are FINE they get the job done WELL I got NO PROBLEM with using spoons for this-- but MAYBE just MAYBE using a fork would be SLIGHTLY Better.  MAYBE!  Just putting that out there!  That sort of thing!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-3:12 P.M.





Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Use Your Head

    Great!  Last day of the BeerWeek this week.  We're talkin' enough beer to get me through the day Comfortably!  Very Comfortably!  No beer tomorrow!  Tomorrow to get me through to the day after tomorrow-- which brings with it the promise of more beer-- Comfortably!  Relatively Comfortably!  Comfort!  Never built any forts when I was a kid.  Look I'm Already In My House I THINK I'm Pretttty Safe.  Did I play with Couch Cushions In General?  In further Introspection YES.  But not to built a Fortress of Safety, jut to Surround Myself With COMFORTABLENESS.  That's how Forts go, right?  Walls and ceilings made out of pillows &/or Couch Cushions &/or that kind of stuff.  That's not gonna stand up to ANY kind of attack.  What was I talking about again?  Oh.  Something about kids who build forts turn out to be introverts.  Seems ACCURATE if neither Funny nor INSIGHTFUL.
Anyway I was, "ON THE FENCE," re: Legos.  I had some legos!  Would play with it at some points!  Usually under the premise of UGH FINE I'll mess around with these for 10 minutes I DON'T LIKE IT but THEMS THE BREAKS I'VE BEEN DEALT.  LOOK when I was a kid I was a READER.  Which is What GROWN UPS DO!  I TOLD YOU when I was younger I WAS AN ADULT.  Anyway haven't left the house but from the perspective of Having Windows Open I'm REALLY getting the sense that hey SPRINGTIME is in the air.  I hear birds chirping up a storm-- Springtime Chirpin.  Feeling WARMTH and SUNLIGHT from cracks in the window.  Cracks between blinds of the window.  There's no cracks in my window.  Window might be cracked open.  The point is YES APRIL 8th can't come soon enough!  Sure it can.  Anytime between now and end of April 7th.  That would be WAY TOO SOON.  Frankly it would be very upsetting AND CONCERNING if that happens!
     Cool.  Started Throwin In Some #MyStrangeAddictionMarchWhatever into the 600 Pound Lifers and the Interventionists.  NOW THAT'S A SHOW AFTER MY OWN HEART.  SIX HUNDRED POUND LIFERS.  Fat tubs of lard in jail *FOR LIFE* and they just shove all that disgusting food down their gullet.  Hmm.  That is the epitome of what I'm looking for re: entertainment and NO I AM forced with a RECKONING of why is this a perfect distillation of What I'm Into re: Dumb Docu Series.  SEEMS NOT GREAT.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Also on the occasion I had Legos In Front Of Me it was FREE FORM.  No puttin' stuff together.  Also never did anything creative.  Just connected one piece to another piece.  What fun.  Now this is 2 pieces.  Hmm if I add something to this now it's a three piece enterprise... that's about as far as I ever got.
     Turns out I'm PRETTY ANTI- LEGO.  The only relatively pro-lego thing is I HAD THEM and at times HAD THEM DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME.  That's the extent of Lego I did!  GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  Finished The Rockies I through II.  Spoiler alert I can live with these movies.  You put them in front of me I'll SIT THERE AND STARE for 2 hours a pop.  And YES did Rocky's Trainer use the phrase We're gonna knock his block off! at a KEY POP POINT of Rocky II?  YES I'd BE A PSYCHOPATH TO IMPLY SUCH A THING WITHOUT IT ACTUALLY BEING TRUE.  Apollo Creed was calling out Rocky on the news and then Mickey: The Trainer shows up at Rocky's House and is like: WE'VE GOT TO KNOCK HIS BLOCK OFF!!!  Yep that explains it.  Good think I gave you all that exposition.  You wouldn't have understood the context otherwise!
     LOOK I got lunch options and I dunno yet so we'll leave it at that for now!  I like watching My Strange Addictions the 6th or 8th time through because I'm subconsciously going like this isn't strange at all, I've seen people with this addiction plenty of ti.. OH RIGHT because I've watched this episode plenty of times.  None of its new to me!  I've seen it before!  Right here!  In this iteration!  What else is going on and crap.  No CREEDS available to me.  The CROODS may be available to me.  I HOPE NOT.  It might be a Lego type scenario where whether I like it or not it is presented to me and I just have to Sit There And Like It for an hour and a half!  Yeah whatever.  This season of #InterventionMarchWhatever is an OUTDOOR Season.  Phillycentric season-- that's interesting enough-- but because they're often homelessness cases all these interventions are done OUT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.  I like it.  I'd like to go outside and do an intervention in the park.  As long as it's on The Judging Side.  I Don't need you guys telling me how to live &/or not live my life!





Get Out Of Here

    So what.  I dunno.  They're not voting in house for Covid Stimulation Bill until tomorrow morning!  That's something I shuold have been saying YESTERDAY.  Or even better a WEEK AGO.  Or even better WHAT IF I WENT BACK IN TIME AND STOPPED MY PARENTS FROM HAVING SEX.  The point is Hey Part II of entry!  Part III, think I'm leanin' towards a Chicken Parm Lunch with Part III!  Prove me wrong!  Actually don't.  I don't need the hassle of being wrong!  Better just to steer clear of being wrong altogether!  What else is going on and crap.  Not a lot!  If there was-- and I was aware of it-- we wouldn't be IN THIS MESS of Me Not Saying Things!   Cool.  YES I will go back to #RockiesMarchWhatever later today but that's not an, "Act Break," Activity.
     I don't like how Rocky went from being a Character Study type role in Rocky ONE to being a bland Sudden Hometown Hero Blank Slate in Rocky TWO.  Rocky One he's jogging by himself!  Good movie!  Rocky Two EVERYONE'S JOGGING WITH HIM.  Fine movie! TOTALLY DIFFERENT MOVIE despite the plot points being exactly the same.  ROCKY IS DIFFERENT.  Look the Second Rocky is the Rocky I ALWAYS thought of.  For better or worse!  Or the same!  I've narrowed it down to those three things!  Back to some #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever today.  It's FUN because I ENJOY it.  APRIL 8TH IS MY RELEASE DATE, HUH?  I CAN REMEMBER THAT.  CLEARLY.  I JUST DID.  EXPLICITLY!  4/8.  Just SOUNDS like a good day, doesn't it?  I guess.  APRIL 8th?  THAT'S WONDERFUL!  This is the worst paragraph I've ever written.
     Prove me wrong!  Legos are bad but not as bad as Play-Doh!  Look am I SUPPOSED TO EAT THIS OR NOT.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND!  At least with Legos we KNOW we're supposed to eat them.  What else is going on and crap.  I like watching #MyStrangeAddictionsMarchWhatever because they're always eating Strange Things and I'm like ok if this person can eat sand six times a day for years I THINK I COULD HANDLE feeding my Dad * myself plastic EVERY NOW AND THEN.  Hmm haven't thought about that anecdote in a week or two.  So far so good!  No illness!   Also DOES eating plastic prevent you from contracting covid?  I'M NOT SURE THE SCIENCE IS STILL OUT.  So far the results seem promising, though!
     Cool!  Gotta come up with a good thing to read today.  I don't wanna have to do Legos Again.  Anyway.  Maybe I literally never played with Lego, but the sense memory I have is from maybe having play dates with friends and they're like ok now we're gonna devote an hour or two to LEGOs! and I'm like great just great.  Oh well what can ya do.  Sit here for an hour or two.  I don't even know how to FAKE enjoying legos.  Yep that seems to check out.  I OWNED some Lego, I feel.  But THAT'S IT!  IS LEGO MY EGGO a copyright infringement on EGGOS or on LEGOS.  They can't BOTH be doing a DUAL VENTURE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN CAN THEY?  I dunno maybe they can.  Seems to work out to BOTH their benefits.  Maybe there was some behind the scenes dealings and wheelings where they each assumed some of the cost *AND INPUT* for those commercials!  Maybe Lots Of Things!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  What else is going on and crap.  Listening for Door Bell!  To accept a delivery!  From Drug Store!  Someone is taking Drugs from Drug Store all the way To My Front Door and That's Where I Come In!  That sort of thing.  I saw that key part of Stimulation Bill is a think that cuts Childhood Poverty In HALF.  Look if you're giving checks based on children these kids will have no incentive to WORK.  These 2 year old needs to be in the work force and you're... uh... you get it its a joke.  I feel like I've spent all the energy on this joke that I feel I want to.  I assume you could cut childhood poverty in half by killing half the children.  That's Math.  I hope that's not what they're doing with this bill.  Is it?  If it is I'M RESCINDING MY SUPPORT 100%!!!  I'll see you guys in a little bit.





Okay That'll Do

    Hey great.  Five paragraphs to write.  Then it's all No Hill from there.  Not UP Hill, not DOWN Hill.  We're talkin a Nice Steady No Nonsense Plateau.  When I Think of, "Plateau," I still think High Up.  I know it's EVEN GROUND but I just imagine it RELATIVELY high up Below Sea Level as opposed to ON The Lower Side (Sea Level Wise!)  Also who the hell cares about sea level.  Why we always talking about sea level!  Doesn't bother me none one way or the other.  Obama devoted SEVERAL dozen paragraphs to Oil Spill in 2010 Off Coast of Gulf Of Mexico Roughly More Or Less.  Sea Level came into play there!  For better or worse!  For WORSE, Right?  I feel like we could Agree Epic Oil Spills are A Net Negative, right?
Maybe not.  Whatta have for dinner tonight?  Lots of good options.  ROUGHLY THREE off the top of my head.  There's Chili + Rice.  There's Noodles + Wings!  Corn't Beef Sandwich + Sphere Halves Potatoes.  Best three options right there.  Dad started his class last night.  We're talkin ONLINE CLASS.  That HE'S TEACHING.  He's calling the shots!  LOOK did New York State just lower Vaccination Threshold from 65 Year Olds Plus to SIXTY Year Olds Plus?  YES OF COURSE I'D BE INSANE TO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER IS IN THE AFFIRMATIVE AFTER STARTING THAT SENTENCE!  And anyway LOOK does that effect me at all NOPE.  But is it good for people aged 60-64?  YES WONDERFUL NEWS FOR THEM!  Anyway LOOK is this paragraph over?  Yes.  Just about is!  Right now, at least.  It's over Exactly NOW.
     Cool.  My Tummy Hurts!  Ate too much &/or too quick &/or wrong foodstuffs.  I think it was The Food Stuffs!  That's MY Hot Take!  Guess I'll get into some #GeorgeCarlinTheBookTheMarchWhatever when this entry is over.  FEELS right at least.  Maybe not IMMEDIATELY.  Maybe later today.  LOOK maybe I'll Never Read Again!  I can't solidly say Yes or No one way or another!  I KIND OF remember a Oil Spill Big Story going on in 2010.  For some reason I'm thinking oh right there was a multi episode arc on South Park about it.  Which may or may not be accurate.  It FEELS accurate.  Haven't watched South Park in a while.  That's what ya get for Making FUN of OIL SPILLS.  THEY'RE NO LAUGHING MATTERS.
     Penultimate paragraph!  GREAT FOURTH DINNER OPTION = PIZZA.  Do they still make Southern Parks?  Better LTURQ.  YEP MORE OR LESS.  That settles that.  I feel like it's a SEMI-Hot Take that South Park: The Movie is The Best Musical Ever Made Available.  Movie, Play, whatever.  It's The Top!  Plus its Good For Kids!  Good for everyone!  The point is I only have to write an extra paragraph and a half in addition to all the paragraphs that have already been written up to this point.  One thing I liked about South Park is THEY MADE IT IN A WEEK WOW.  One thing I DON'T liked about South Park was WAIT A A SECOND I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN EVEN COLLABORATION BETWEEN TREY PARKER AND MATT STONE... NOW YOU'RE TELLING ME... FIFTEEN YEARS AGO... THAT'S ITS MOSTLY JUST TREY PARKER BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM... POSSIBLY... I DON'T HAVE ALL THE DETAILS IN FRONT OF ME?
     Last paragraph of the entry!  Love it!  MATT STONE??? HE'S THE ONE WHO WEARS GLASSES!!!  Yep that seems to check out.  ALSO HE HAS MORE INTERESTING HAIR.  I WANNA SAY LONG HAIR.  FORGET THE DETAILS THOUGH.  I'm ASSUMING that'll seem to check out.  Pretty confident in its accuracy, that's all I'm sayin'.  Anyway there was an entry a few days ago where I constnatly refer to, "Corn't beef," and it made the entry MUCH Worse.  I flip through the entry and all I see is, "Corn't," here, and, "Corn't," there.  Doesnt work out in the long run!  Anyway great just great.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:21 P.M.





Monday, March 8, 2021

Unstoppable Entry Machine

    Sounds good!  Sight fine.  FINISHED Barack Obama Part I (Re-known-as-Part IV 20 years from now?), FINISHED Martin Short: The Book.  Next up is reading 2nd half of George Carlin The Book: Parts I Through X Minus Parts VII and VIII.  Huh.  I lost me.  Anyway what else is going on.  Got some nice Day Planned.  We're talking Coming To Terms with I guess I'm a guy who reeds books during much of the afternoon.  Go Figure!  It's called BEING AN ADULT.  No one wants to Talk About That, but the best way to grow from Child to Adult is By Reading.  Kids don't read they watch TV.  You reading books? CONGRATS ADULT.  I feel very strongly about this!  THE OTHER WAY THOUGH.  I wasn't lying when I said I Felt Strongly ABout This but in A MIX EM UP TWIST SURPRISE WORTHY R L STINE I feel THE EXACT OPPOSITE WAY.  Not sure if R L Stine ever employed Mix Em Up Twist Surprises.  Never read much of his books!  Too childish.
What else is going on and crap.  Today AND YESTERDAY I have had A Breakfast.  Not just a throwaway breakfast that don't make too much of a calorie difference for my day.  We're talkin INDULGENT BREAKFAST SANDWICH.  Go Figure!  When thinking about Diet once Quarantine Is Lifted SURE I'm like ya know what, even though I'm gonna try to lose weight, counter intuitively I'm gonna START eating Breakfasts Regular.  It sounds HEALTHY and I'm an ADULT and ADULTS EAT BREAKFAST NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Hmm.  Breakfast cereal I liked was Product 19.  Until they discontinued it.  Now we got Covid 19.  COVID 19 I wish they would DISCONTINUE THAT!  That'll show General Mills, that'll show General Mills HARDCORE.  Product 19 is Kellogg's.  Who cares I feel like General Mills is a better reference Get Off My Back About It.
     Wonderful.  For some reason it turns out watching DYLAN VS FARROW I MEAN GUTHRIE VS FARROW I MEAN ALLEN VS FARROW isn't That Much Fun To Watch?  I didn't' see that Twist Em Up Surprise coming!  Oh well what can ya do.  This isn't fun like watching heroin addicts!  UNLESS they Throw Woody Allen AN INTERVENTION!  That's a Twist Em Up worthy of JUDY BLUME.  The point is Barack Obama the book ended with him killing Osama Bin Laden.  Good!  Glad it happened!  Wonder what happens next!  Gotta imagine Why It's Only the SPRING and SUMMER of 2011!  Can't wait for that to be either confirmed &/OR denied.  It's FUN reading comedians, etc Memoirs after reading Barack Obama because its suddenly like oh well there's no stakes to this at all.  This is all just easy breezy bullshit.  FUN!  VERY FUN!  Thanks Martin R. L. Short!  Sorry Martin R. L. Short!  Your life matters a lot to me.  Thanks for the laughs!!  That shut em up.
Hmm.  Well.  Move on! All we can do is move on from that!  Lots of good options for lunch!  Rationally, The Best Option is NO Lunch but That's Just Not In The Cards!  I like getting access to More Streams made me want to watch Streams less.  Too many options, I'm paralyzed by abundance of opportunities, The Best Option is NO Streams.  Which is a good thing because NO TV --> Books --> Adult.  First you get the parallelized of stream options.  Then you get the books.  THEN YOU GET THE WOMEN.  Turns out, "Parallelized," is a word. Sounds like nonsense to me but NOPE it's a word!  Hey how about that what else do I got going on for me.  Probably lots of stuff.  St Patrick's Day coming up in a week!  I believe Patrick was The Saint Of Getting FUCKED THE FUCK UP!!!  Of all the saints he's the one REALLY into drinking.  But socially, in a fun way.  He doesn't have a problem is the point.  GET OFF HIS CASE HE'S DOING THE BEST HE CAN.
     Wonderful.  I dunno.  31 days now, right?  I remember yesterday I was 32 days away from Quarantine Lift because I remember it being a day after being 33 days away.  So I crunched the numbers and everything and 31 days!  THAT'S A MONTH.  EXACTLY A MONTH!  Hay that's right.  March 8 today.  April 8th Release Date.   I got that going for me is the point.  Hey what else is going on.  1.9 TRILLION DOLLAR STIMULATION BILL?  Gotta imagine that's the right thing to do.  I don't have the numbers in front of me but I TRUST people who are for it!  TRUST IS KEY!!!  NOT ALL PEOPLE FOR IT.  I don't trust everyone for it, but everyone I TRUST is for it (and/or, MOSTLY OR, it Not Being Enough, but a GOOD THING IN GENERAL STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION-- Better Than Doing Nothing Is The Point).  IT'S CALLED TRUST do you TRUST ME to have this paragraph make sense?  Either way April 8th Release Date I got that going for me is the point.  Be back in a bit!





More To The Point

    I dunno.  Finished watching ALLEN VS FARROW Episode III: Allen Is Still Guilty.  Great just great.  Watched 2/3rds of ROCKY: THE ROCKY MOVIE last night.  Possibly only the 2nd time I've watched it and the 1st time I've paid attention to it more or less.  Hmm so basically there's this guy Rocky.  A few other characters mucking around.  BOXING is involved.  And It Won Best Picture.  Yep seems about right.  Look did I see The Two Creeds in Theater?  YES MOST LIKELY.  I remember there was one which was the origin story.  Then there was another where He Does Underwater Training.  It's like he sinks into a Pool with Aquanaut Gear On and moves around TRAINING-WISE because being immersed in water BUILDS UP RESISTANCE.
     Sounds like a good movie to me.  Biden will PREFER To Keep Filibuster?  Well I'd PREFER He'd... uh... you know... the good thing.  Good political thing.  In terms of Both For Politics and For Helpings Peoples on a Thing-By-Thing Basis!  THIRTY FIVE MORE MINUTES OF ROCKY PART I: A NEW HOPE left.  Figure I can watch Oh I Don't Know HALF TO ALL OF THAT during Upcoming Act Break.  OR Some Intervention &/OR 600 Pound Lives.  Docu Series following impoverished people in Britain called My 600 Pound Life.  And they get paid 600 pounds a month.  It all depends on how often they're getting 600 pounds and the title doesn't say which way explicitly so in the end not a great title I dunno if this is gonna be about poor people, working class, upper class, or filthy rich.  Maybe their life is making 600 pounds a minute.  For their sake I HOPE SO!  For other peoples' sakes I HOPE NOT.  Not in Other Peopleses' Best Interest of This One Docu Series Subject to be So Filthy Rich!
     Anyway.  Royal Family Stuff Going On!  I believe Oprah is involved.  Presumably in her most common role as Interviewer.  I feel like the main people involved were the people who one of them was in the royal family and then the other one was from America and was &/or IS part &/or ALL black and married into the royal family.  And skin color was the source of conflict in this scenario.  About exactly as much as I've gathered from this News Topic.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I dunno if I'll have lunch with Act III or wait until after entry.!  I DON'T KNOW A LOT OF THINGS.  SEE I JUST TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS NEWSWORTHY TOPIC THAT EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT EXCEPT FOR ME.  Well I think I got about 50% of the sotry.  I got THE BASICS right just not THE SPECIFICS.  I'll be back in a bi... wait no I'm not going anywhere.  I'll be back in a second with the next paragraph
     HERE I AM.
  Well that was quick.  Hey what else is going on and crap.  The point is Is One Of The Supporting Actor Stars of Rocky Carl Weathers?  Yes no one is debating that.  Is another one Burgess Meredith?  One can only imagine I have very little reference point of what a Burgess Meredith is!  Referenced in A Mr. Show Sketch!  That's the extent of my knowledge of this current News Topic I'm Talking About Right Now.  LOOK am I worried that Joe Biden will be 100% unwilling to support to END or SIGNIFICANTLY ADJUST Filibuster?  YES OF COURSE I AM.  You'd have to be a FOOL, A DAMNED FOOL to not worry about it!  Still most likely He'll do more or less the right thing.  I can be worried about something that may or may not happen.  In fact, those are the BEST TIMES to be worried about something!  You worried about something that Definitely Will or Will Not Happen, you're just making it harder on yourself for no good reason!
     Last paragraph of Act II.  Chili + Rice NUMBER ONE LUNCH.  Al Fredo Dish NUMBER TWO LUNCH.  In terms of PROBABILITIES.  I like watching Rocky Movies because the main thread that I'm always thinking about is always Wait is, "Adrian," his love interest or his trainer.  I keep forgetting.  And then inevitably it is confirmed one way or another and I'm like Oh right I'll remember that from now on.  Also YES at THIS POINT I can CONFIDENTLY SAY, "Adrian," is his love interest.  But in terms of him being like YO ADRIAN, look, maybe he's talking to his trainer!  Adrian is usually a guy's name!  And that's something You Can Take To The Bank!  Anyway I'll see you guys in a little bit.





Pick It Up!

    Well, okay.  Got lunch going on.  Chili + Rice!  Wonderful!  Plus Wonderful!  2wonderful.  Math!  I dunno why Yo Adrian never explicitly had a Significant Other ring to it.  It's like a recognition of Someone Who Helped Get Rocky To This Point.  Yo Adrian can either mean hey TRAINER LOOK WHERE WE GOT WOULD YOU EVER HAVE BELIEVED?!?! OR hey SIGNIFICANT OTHER LOOK WHERE WE GOT WOULD YOU EVER HAVE BELIEVED?!?!  The point is Rocky should just date his trainer and that solves all the problems, makes everything a lot easier.  Anyway what else is going on.  Gotta imagine if Joe Manchin is open to some changes to Filibuster OF COURSE his, "Joe-Bro," Biden would be on board, too!  Imagine it!  I did and now You Must!  Cool.  Joe rhymes with Bro.  That seals the deal!
     The point is only 4 more paragraphs to write today!  We're talkin AN ENTIRE BEER LEFT FOR TODAY plus A FRACTION OF A BEER I'm WORKIN' ON!  I'm, "OLD ENOUGH," to remember that their main argument for electing George W Bush was he's a guy you would want to have a beer with.  And, look, in retrospect, WOULD I have a beer with George W Bush?  SURE.  Anyone is better than drinking alone!  But would I RATHER have a beer with Al Gore?  DEFINITELY.  I'd force him to explain Climate Change to me.  Not just the science but the politics of it and where we're at currently and what we need to do and maybe the history of it and what should be done and what may not be done even though it should be done and anyway JUST GET AL GORE TALKIN' YOU NEVER GOTTA TURN THAT MOTHER OFF!  On the other hand W might give me a cool nick name.
Three paragraphs to go!  Saw they might be doing an Infrastructure Bill next &/or soon.  Gotta imagine they could really LEAN INTO addressing climate change with Infrastructure bill.  Make that one of the main contexts and objectives for and of the bill.  I IMAGINED IT AND NOW YOU MUST I DON'T MAKE THE RULES BUT I DON'T BREAK THE RULES.  What else is going on.  Finished lunch.  It was delicious!  I've got no problems with it except for the fact that there wasn't 33% More Of It.  Pretty sure Rocky loses in Rocky I.  It's not a spoiler because I DON'T KNOW.  It IS a spoiler because it Spoils what I consider An Educated Guess.  Oh well what can ya do.  Finish writing the entry.  Only 2 more paragraphs to go!  I can handle that!  No problem.
     Cool!  There's STAKES to George Carlin's autobiograph.  Presumably he still does the Same Specials and Dies over the last few decades.  I KNOW the main part of what happens but if it turns out IT DIDN'T happen that's pretty high stakes!  The ramifications on my world would be TREMENDOUS!  What you mean things I definitely remember NEVER OCCURRED?!?!  WA... Hu... THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!  Anyway what else is going on.  Only But A Single Paragraph after this one is over!  I feel like this entry was BETTER than Yesterdays.  Which isn't saying a lot!  All Of Yesterday I was like not happy with the entry I wrote today [EDITOR'S Note -- YESTERDAY] but what can I do about it.  Not a lot!  JUST BIDE MY TIME.  Wait for Tomorrow [EDITOR'S NOTE -- TODAY] to make up for it!  Editor's Note-- I'm The Editor!  Same guy as the Regular Writer.  Kind of a trip, ain't it.
Last paragraph!  Spring coming up!  Pandemic Lifting coming up!  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME OCCURRING!  It's all lookin' great ain't it.  HEY great news I HAVEN'T BROKEN ANY GLASS in the last month or two.  Haven't broke ANYTHING.  EXCEPT FOR MY RECORD OF HAVING BROKEN THINGS. Broke That Record AND CONTINUE TO BREAK THAT RECORD every hour the passes by!  Take a nice ol' Bathing Bath in an hour or so.  I can live with that!  I can live without it!  Not indefinitely!  With or without it I WILL DIE AT SOME POINT.  That's MY Hot Take.  So far my favorite part about watching Rocky is being reminded of the phrase He Knocked His Block Off.  Whatever the pronouns are, I mean.  Someone getting their block knocked off.  I don't think anyone SAYS it in Rocky.  It just came to mind.  I'm gonna knock your block off.  I'm laughing just thinking about it!  Anyway.  I'll see you guys tomorrow I guess.

-2:49 P.M.






Sunday, March 7, 2021

It's Not Important

    We'll see about that!  Hey good news!  Facing EAST today.  For Act I.  It's good news because it's called Mixing It Up.  BAD NEWS can't think of a good lunch.  Every lunch I consider has STRONG NEGATIVES associated with it.  Off the top of my head I GUESS I'm leaning towards Chili + White Rice???  Off the penultimate top part of my head maybe Corn't Beef Sandwiches &/Or Half Sphere Potatoes?.  Third to top of my head this is a tough one.  Better check Online Receipt of recent Super Market order.  Get to see all my options RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME instead of having to rely on memory.  First things first, though-- rarely do I see other people use the word, "Penultimate."  Is it just because it never comes up elsewhere?  Or is it because people ar dumb and don't like the word, "Penultimate."  Probably 50/50.  Oh right Receipt Check Checking.  I DON'T SEE ANY GOOD ALTERNATIVES.  Whatta scam.
     85 pages left to Barack Obama: The Book Experience Part I.  He was originally gonna write a Memoir but it was too long and he split it into 2.  When is Part II being released?  And why is it like an It Scenario.  I ASSUME it's like an It Scenario.  Instead of talking about His History 2011-present, he goes back to talking about his youth and how his friends and him battled Supernatural Evil Clown.  Look would that surprise anyone?  That IT was Barack Obama's Actual Life Experience?  YES that would surprise just about everybody!  Except for Stephen King.  Presumably he saw it coming!  Not happy with this paragraph.  Oh well what can ya do.  Delete it?  WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M MADE OUT OF PARAGRAPHS?!?  Anyway.  YES I'm including the Acknowledgements as part of the book I plan on reading.  It's only a few pages I CAN HANDLE THAT.  Not reading the Index though!  That's where I draw the line!
     Cool.  Had Seafood dinner last night.  Ramen Noodles + what looked like TWO BABY SHRIMP.  Also Buffalo Wings.  IT'S Called SURF N TURF AND IT'S ALL THE RAGE.  When I was a kid I would sometimes get Lobster at Somewhat Fancy, "SEAFOOD RESTAURANT," because I'M A FANCY GUY and there's that brown stuff in the lobster tail that I was never quite sure was supposed to be eaten or not but I ate it anyway because I'M A FANCY GUY AND FANCY GUYS EAT ALL OF THE LOBSTER.  Wonderful.  I feel like I've gotten lobster recently.  Oh, right!  Why It's Only The Lobster Ravioli I got a few times!  Gonna be honest if I had that in refridge right now It'd be OPTION #1 of what to eat for lunch.  The point is I'm A Fancy Boy only the best for me!
     That sort of crap.  2 more paragraphs till I get to take a break!  Chili + Rice is the best option as of now!  Why It's Only a lunch of Turf & Turf!  Rice lives on land.  Chili lives on land.  I don't see why this is up for debate.  Possible riff I made a few months ago re: Lobster... who was the guy who discovered best way to serve lobster was to cook them alive.  Some MANIAC MALADJUSTED SADIST.  The point is lets move on with our lives.  You know what I'd like for lunch Why It's Only SUSHI.  Too bad.  No sushi in my immediate vicinity.  What else.  Remember last entry where I wrote A Snooze of a Paragraph I and I was like this is good now I know to write the rest Well.  Today is the same but instead of Paragraph One it's Act One.  I'm just being honest!  No I'm not.  I dunno how Act ONe will end up overall.  Still a Paragraph Five to be written!
     Cool.  I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out I can get sushi from Super Market Delivery and I just never came across &/Or specifically looked for it.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE NOTHIN.  Maybe some stuff where its like make your own sushi.  I don't wanna make my own sushi!  You make YOUR OWN Sushi.  I got THINGS to do!  When Does Barack Obama Part II get released.  Better LTURQ.  NOTHING ON THE INTERNET.  Why is this a Secret.  I'm sure Barack Obama's Publishers have their reasons.  Wanna build up anticipation.  Not unlike GRAND THEFT AUTO SIX.  VERY Not Unlike GRAND THEFT AUTO SIX.  Anyway what kinda TV am I watching today.  I dunno!  Figure out some movies to watch that's my first instinct.  The funny thing is I'm not a fan of the GTA franchise and I played GTA III on computer when it first acme out and liked it well enough, but after that dropped totally off my radar.  But I STILL check every month to see if there's new data or video of GTA VI.  Because there's so much hype about how intensive the game is.  I WANNA SEE A CRAZY INTENSIVE EXPANSIVE OPEN ENDED VIDEO GAME not so much to PLAY but just to ADMIRE.  What else.  I'll be back in a little bit.





Looking Forward To It

    Hey!!! Part II of III.  LOOK is it easy to just throw on a #600PoundLifeMarchWhatever whenever I Don't Even Wanna Think About What TO Watch?  Yes very easy!  Look at those fat tubs of lard.  I like it when they have like 80 Pound Masses that kinda look of scrotums.  Like a Really Really Big Scrotum.  But several of them.  Across the body.  YES the Mr Show sketch comes to mind.  With the guy who has many scrotums. Maybe this was their inspiration!  They knew 600 pounds of people who had what APPEARS to be many scrotums!  Also I assume it's because they have Ball-esque points of PURE FAT.  And then skin grows around those Bits Of Pure Fat NOT UNLIKE a Scrotum Forms around Ball-esque Testicles.  There just passed Medical School.
What else.  Diary Entry going not so great!  Stupid Journal.  OH well what can ya do!  More important things than Online Journal!  Like Why It's Only HEY CURRENT EVENTS LETS READ TWITTER ABOUT IT.  I have a SOLID one follower on Twitter.  Not bad!  Certainly not the least amount of followers one can have.  That's my hot take.  Maybe sandwiches for lunch today.  That sounds EASY and GOOD ENOUGH.  Anyway.  Just was looking at my SPAM folder and after selecting The New Spams I hit the button DELETE FOREVER. Well that's kind of fatalistic.  I mean, yeah, ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST DEFINITELY am I not gonna want these e-mails in the future.  But the word FOREVER is just too much for me!  I mean it's NOT I STILL CLICK IT ALL THE TIME.  But I'm not happy about it!  Not happy about this paragraph.  Not happy about a lot of things these days.  That's not true.  I'm happy all the time!
     Cool.  A WEEK FROM TODAY is Daylight Savings Time.  What is the corollary day called.  Better Be Daylight SPENDINGS Time!  Lemme LTURQ.  DOESN'T SHOW UP ON CALENDAR.  What the hell kind of knock off calendar is this.  Check Online I Guess!  ALRIGHT IT IS ONLINE & on calendar.  November 7th.  "Day Light Savings Time Ends."  Which doesn't make sense because IT'S NOT A CLEAN 6 MONTHS LIKE I ANTICIPATED & SO BASICALLY MOST OF THE YEAR IS JUST, "DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME?"  March through November.  The whole time we're LIVING in Day Light Savings Time ALL THE TIME.  Not just once or twice a year.  Well ya learn something new every day.  Presumably.  I haven't lived every day yet.  So far so good, though!
     Who do we have to blame for Daylight Savings.  Is it Ben Franklin?  I feel comfortable saying It's Probably Ben Franklin's Fault.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE WASN'T HIM.  He WAS a proponent of it but he neither came up with it OR implemented it so wide spreadedly.  So partial credit.  He was associated with it enough that Google Has A Lot To Say On This Matter.  No time to read it, though.  Get back to me before March 14th, though!  I'll be busy SAVING DAYLIGHT and I'll have NO TIME for your nonsense.  I may be wrong but Off The Top Of My Head the MOST important job an EDITOR does is picking out Font for book.  In my head that's how it works.  Obviously they do Spell Check, they have input on the content, all that stuff.  But most importantly SOMEONE'S gotta figure out the perfect font and size and layout of the book and Why Not The Editor?  I don't think they'll have someone else JUST for this Picking A Font job!  Anyway I hope Barack Obama clears this up in his Acknowledgements Chapter.
Last paragraph of Act II!  I dunno.  I can, "Dig," the Corn't Beef Sandwich Lunch Extravaganza for today.  I can, "DIG," taking a NICE Act Break very soon.  Whatta watch?  Still got a few episodes of #InterventionMarchWhatver to watch.  Might as well watch those both because I Enojy Them Still AND to just Knock Out One Option Off My Option List.  The point is Barack Obama did a lot of stuff in just LESS THAN FIRST HALF of Presidency!  Most of it pretty good!  SOLID B/B+ PRESIDENCY SO FAR.  Can't wait to find out what happens 2011-->onward.  2011 Going Towards Onward.  That's what I mean to say!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.  Actually NO.  I'm gonna write a few more sentences.  Well, it's been a few more sentences now, I guess.  I'll be back in a little bit.





What Have I Done

    Hey good news got lunch.  What I anticipated!  2 Mini Corn't Beef Sandwiches and FIVE Half Spheres of Potatoes.  Tastin' pretty good!  At this point I'm what about an even 3 days sing Vaccine Shot #1: The Reckoning.  No side effect pain as of this point.  Reckoning can't be the first thing.  It's dependent upon another thing.  So there CAN BE Reckoning.  Better LTURQ.  NOPE you can have a Reckoning as a Title For A First Thing.  I can SEE how I got confused but still I Was Wrong!  Not ashamed to admit I was wrong re: reckoning.  This has been QUITE A RECKONING this paragraph.  Nailed It.  Let's talk about it I finished 1st of 2, "Slider," sandwiches and the 2nd one has relatively more meat than 1st one!  Let's stop talking about it!  That's all there was to say!
     32 days!  Pretty sure I talked about yesterday there being 33 days until Fuck This Quarantine Personally.  DOWN TO 32 I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS AND EVERYTHING.  Hmm going back to some #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever sounds FUN AND A HALF.  Haven't watched that AT ALL for 2-4 days.  Now it's All Brand New To Me Yet Again!  YES I will finish BarackObamaPresidentBook.  It's just a matter of Crunching The numbers and moving things around to determine when I will finish reading a book and when I will re-binge-watch some TV on my Computer.  Will I take a bath, too!  YES.  I've got a lot going for me today!  Also lined up MARTIN SHORT: THE BOOK after this Barack Obama: The Book is done.  Almost done with that one ALREADY.  I think the last FICTION book I read was Gabriel Marquez Garcia.  I read 2/3rds of his, "Collective Stories," then put that back on the shelf and NEVER RETURNED!
     Maybe have that there chili + rice for dinner.  You'd think Corn't Beef and Beef Chili would be repetitive.  You'd THINK RIGHT BUT I DON'T CARE.  You make do with what you can!  Anyway the good news is The End Is Insight.  LOOK did I originally make 5 Potato Half Sphericals and only have 4?  YES.  I put the 5th BACK WITH THE REST.  LOOK was the main reason I did it because I didn't heat up the Sphericals Of Half Sphere Potatoes enough so they didn't taste great?  YES.  In the end, though, get off my case.  LOOK did HBOMax just upload the Six Regular Rocky movies such that I can binge watch them at some point over the next few weeks?  YES I'd Be INSANE To Suggest That Without It Being The Case!  Get off MY Case, etc.!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Anyway.  Shrimp Noodles were okay!  Been a while since I had a Noodles that wasn't Hint Of Hot & Spicy Tasting.  Today's Sunday, right?  Gotta be.  Lemme LTURQ.  YEP NAILED IT!  I dunno what else is going on.  Here's a good plan-- watch a single #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  Take a #BathMarchWhatever.  Read &/OR FINISH #BarackObamaMemoirEnterpriseMarchWhatever.  THEN WHO KNOWS maybe a #RockyMarchWhatever.  Rocky Don't March HE JOGS.  HE'S FAMOUSLY KNOWN FOR JOGGING AROUND.  People can't get enough of Rocky Jogging!  Both IN FICTION and IN REAL LIFE.  That's a thing, right?  Rocky is jogging around for training and then the people who see him are like yeah Rocky Good For You!  Seems like it's accurate, at least.
     Wonderful.  One last paragraph to go.  Hmm so many good options for #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  Several days without ANY of them.  It's a TOTAL and COMPLETE RESET!!!  I can't believe it what an abundance of riches.  The truth is I came CLOSE to having the Chili + Rice for Lunch.  Was considering it Up To The Last Second before ultimately deciding in favor of Corn't Beef Sandwiches.  So YES it might be SOMEWHAT repetitive for dinner, but it's the most Thought I've Given A Meal all day that wasn't the meal I had had for lunch!  Good stuff.  This Is Good Stuff!  Presumably.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-1:18 P.M.





Saturday, March 6, 2021

Whatever It Takes

    Hopefully Not A Lot!  I don't have it in me to confront a Whatever It Takes Scenario where It Takes A Lot!  Well I can confront it and then LOSE to those set of circumstances.  Fail in confrontation.  Hmm.  Okay.  Let's start the Entry!  LOOK is it possible they'll vote on Stimulation Bill in Senate: The Final End All Be All Vote while this entry is going on?  Seems like a possible scenario!  Hope we CONFRONT this scenario and WIN.  Ya never know someone can throw a wrench into the works.  Water Works.  Monopoly.  LOL.  So I got that going for me.  Look the end all be all goal of this paragraph is to Make A Point to myself to write the next 14 paragraphs REAL WELL.  Get all this out of my system in ONE paragraph... okay LETS GO.
     Lots of good Consumptions Today Right Now and Later Today.
  Can't go through them all!  Would ruin my Goal For This Entry!  Not a Real Good Well Way to write these 14 paragraphs!  Gotta move on with my life!  I can talk about ENTERTAINMENT consumption.  I watched Pet Semetary: The John Lithgow One: I Insist We Refer To This One As, "THe John Lithgow One," As A Standard For Referring To This Pet Semetary: The John Lithgow One.  Long title but IT'S WORTH IT.  It's TOTALLY DIFFERENT from original movie.  Different Gender of the kid who dies 2/3rds into the movie.  Different race of the guy who Doctor tries to help but dies and then comes back as a ghost to help (or ULTIMATELY HURT???) doctor.  Girl instead of boy.  Black instead of white.  TOTALLY DIFFERENT MOVIE.
Anyway what else is going on and crap.  John Lithgow instead of Who Cares What The Other Guy's Name Is All We Need To Know Is He's NO JOHN LITHGOW: The Actor  How do we know John Lithgow is really an actor.  Maybe he's just been ACTING all this time.  Pretending to be an actor.  Getting in our good graces.  Then one day he's like WAS A SCAM THE ENTIRE TIME I'M ACTUALLY AN ELECTRICIAN BY TRADE.  Dunno how to do Electrician Stuff that's why I decided to Act Like An Actor for Lo These Last Several Decades.  Gotta say that scam paid off pretty well for him.  Although it does beg the question WHO WILL DO OUR ELECTRICAL WORK.  One less qualified person in the workforce!  Apparently he wasn't very well qualified.  I dunno maybe he's just being modest.  I'm sure he was a passable electrician!
     Cool.  Fourth paragraph.  Well This Act is just writing itself!  Look I can't go into it re: previous commitments, but I'm enthusiastic about lunches I may or may not have.  That's all I have to say!  Gotta move on without any further details!  I MADE A PROMISE.  Countin' down the hours until I Can Take Walks Day.  Roughly 33 or 34 days.  Apparently I'm not taking Very Good Count.  That's pretty good.  FINE I'LL LTURQ GIVE ME A SECOND.  THIRTY THREE?  Let's say between 32 and 34.  I WAS SUPPOSED TO FIGURE IT OUT EXACTLY.  I WENT THE OTHER WAY.  NOW IT'S EVEN MORE ESTIMATED.  Oh well what can ya do that's how life goes.  Am I supposed to count The Day I Can Take Walks?  Upon further Introspection nope don't count that day I CAN take walks that day.  FINE LTURQ ONE FINAL TIME... including today...: THIRTY THREE.  I feel FAIRLY CONFIDENT it's 33 days.
     Wonderful.  THIRTY THREE DAYS?  THAT'S TWO DAYS FROM A MONTH.  I crunched the numbers and everything.... wait... maybe I better LTURQ... YEP 31 days a month.  Rejected Beatles Song.  Peoples' reactions were just yep that makes sense nothin odd there.  Look will I end up going back to #My600PoundLifeMarchWhatever over time?  YES I WILL.  Maybe even IMMEDIATELY.  I don't have all the answers re: Future Entertainment Consumption!  Once I' Doubly Vaccinated + 2 weeks why SURE I'd STRONGLY CONSIDER seein' some movies in theatrical releases.  See them suckers afternoon matinee during week days.  All the social distancing my  & society's little hearts desire!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.





You're Too Kind

    Hey Senate Passed Stimulation Bill!  I'm Properly Stimulated!  I saw they crunched the numbers and determined the average Family of Four will get 7.4K over the next year or something from Stimulation Bill.  Which means MY FAMILY will probably get around 300K.  I LIVE IN AN EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY OF FOUR and I DEMAND TO BE PROPERLY COMPENSATED.  Ya know that sort of thing.  Now it goes back to the house where they'll presumably Approval Senate Bill and then onto Joe Biden's desk to be signed.  Presumably one of his favorite desks.  Gotta imagine Joe Biden has got 6 or 8 Primary Desks across the White House &/Or Other Assorted Areas Joe Biden Works Relatively Frequently.  So basically it's up to him which desk it goes to??  Or does the senate get to decide that?  I don't have all the details.
     Anyway what else is going on.  Makin progress with #BarackObamaBookMarchWhatever.  Probably'll be done sometime this week.  By which I mean Some Time Next Week.  Saturday is in NO WAY appropriate to be considered at the beginning OR EVEN MIDDLE OF a week.  Either last day or penultimate day of the week.  Let's talk about it!  Look out of 1.9 trillion, I think it's not crazy to give my family of four 300 thousand dollars.  Seems appropriate, even!  Not even EACH Family Member.  OVERALL!   Anyway time to move on with this entry/my life.  When Barack Obama was running for president, and he was trying to court the CSPAN &/OR Senate Procedural Fan vote, he should have used a slogan along the lines of Vote O-Bam-A.  You wouldn't get it unless you're a CSPAN &/Or Senate Procedural Fan Vote.  What If I'm ANTI Senate Procedural.  That Still counts as being a fan of Senate Procedurals In General.  I shouldn't have to explain this!
     Hey great just great.  Gonna put food in the oven.  Let's get it all out there-- Havin' Some Frozen Artichoke and Spinach Pizza Unfrozen.  putting it in oven now!  That's it, that's all there is to it!  Alright accomplished that.  That's a load off my back.  LOOK did I cut myself 45% of Pizza instead of the 50% I aimed for?  YES but I can't go back in time and change it.  I could go Now In Time and cut off a slice of the 55% and put it in the oven with 45%.  TOO HARD.  Why tempt fate?  Could only end up making things worse!  I'm OKAY with the amount of pizza I got comin' to me is the point I'm trying to make!  I saw on #My600PoundLifeMarchWhatever that the doctor is like don't drink carbonated beverages, even diet, because the carbonation makes your stomach increase in size and then you'll be hungrier.  I had always seen Diet Soda can Lead To Weight Gain but NEVER DID SOMEONE EXPLAIN IT OT ME.  PLUS THIS EXPLANATION MAKES SENSE.  So that's sometin' I should be takin' with me for the rest of my days.
Cool.  33 days?  That's only THREE sets of 11 days!  If you know a better way to contextualize 33 days I'd Like To Hear It!  I think the worst part of Netflix is how they have algorithms to determine What Still Of The Movie shows up when you're browsing.  Look if I Wanted to see a still from this movie I'D FUCKIN' WATCH THE MOVIE.  Just give me the standard poster still don't try to IMPRESS ME with this It's DESPERATE and frankly an INVASION OF MY PRIVACY.  Look I GET you'll be Invading My Privacy either way but YOU DON'T HAVE TO CONSTANTLY REMIND ME ABOUT IT.  Anyway hey what else is going on.  Lunch'll be ready in Oh I Don't Know 25-30 minutes.  Lining up pretty well with Taking Short Break after Act II and having lunch wit Act III.
     Whatta watch in the mean time!!  I dunno!  Maybe some #InterventionMarchWhatever.  Gotta fair amount of those left.  Cool good stuff cool cool.  Hey I figured out a good compromise re: Potential Haircut.  It's YES I will get a hair cut BUT it's like OK GIVE ME A REAL HAIRCUT THAT'S UTILIZING MY CURRENT LONG HAIR.  Obviously cut off Some Of The Long Hair but with the end goal that It Looks Like A Real Quality Hair Cut and not just the nonsense that I got goin' on now.  Seems like a fair compromise.  Hey how about this I show barber picture of Brad Pitt and I'm like can you make me look like this and he's like no problem and then I get A Brad Pitt Haircut and I'm like NO I WANTED TO LOOK LIKE THIS *pointing to the picture more emphatically*.  I'll see you guys in a little bit.





What Time Is It

    Look if I have a couple of Rreal Read-O-Ramas, I could finish this book tomorrow.  If I had a REALLLL READORAMA I cuold finish it today!  It's 200 pages look I'm HAPPY with a Read-O-Rama of 100 pages per day.  In the mean time though hey got lunch just as I suspsected.  Look last night ended up having Chicken Caesar Salad I tried for first time.  It was okay!  We're talking yep basic components of chicken ceasar salad.  Lettuce.  A few pieces of chicken.  CROUTONS.  Dressing I didn't use.  Grated cheese I didn't use.  Wonderful.  Several good options for dinner tonight!  Current best option is what I anticipated for dinner last night Why It's Only Corn't Beef Sandwiches and Potato Sphere Halves.
     Great, just great.  A positive morning.  1.9 trillion dollars!  I have no idea if that's a lot or a little!  I've lost all ability to contextualize how much money money is.  Anyway how much money am I supposed to donate to the Dr. Seuss Estate.  I know Republicans are buying up Suess Books to protest Suess Estate and giving them money that way.  I assume those of us who SUPPORT the Seuss estate's efforts to not print racism should show our support by just DONATING them money.  SO in the end it cancels out and everyone is happy.  Seems to check out more or less.  The point is I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR.  As a (Gag?) gift someoene gave me a 200 page printed out book of my old Crazysheet.com.  Thought it was entirely appropriate and deserved at the time.  Looking back maybe he was making fun of me?  Either way I still presumably have that book somewhere.
     Three more paragraphs to go.  Just finished lunch.  The good news is I am drinking carbonated soda so that's either good or bad I forget the details.  Definitely somethin.  What else is going on and crap.  Presumably Brad Pitt has had different hair cuts over the years.  Maybe that's what I'm going for.  Maybe I want a haircut that will self-change-itself every 2 months.  I don't think that's too much to ask for!  Look I also need to have a #WatchDocuSeriesORamaMarchWhatever it's all about Finding A Balance!  LOOK Let's Talk About it Pizza has a creamish, white saucish taste.  WHICH I ENJOYED JUST NOW.  I can have a Pasta Al Fredo for dinner.  WHY NOT.  LET'S KEEP THIS CREAMISH TASTE GOIN LET IT RIDE!
Penultimate paragraph.  Thought of another way I can take Walk Breaks Walk Break.  Ya know sitting on a BENCH or at COFFEE SHOP midway through walk.  I can READ.  Take a book-- Any Book Will Do!-- and just READ THAT SUCKER for 40 minutes.  But IN PUBLIC.  People will be like hmm this guy must love reading he can't leave the house without reading now we're talkin.  I dunno the point is ever so closer to end of the entry.  Here's how II conceptualize 1.9 trillion-- Super Rich GEnius Lady in Watchmen is a Trillionaire.  Can't be much more than a single trillion, right?  So basically we're using THE ENTIRE FUNDS OF TWO TRILLIONAIRE-- Either FROM WATCHMEN or NOT.  Well, just under.  TWO .95 TRILLIONAIRES.  That's a lot of people's money!  TWO!  Anyway hey great time for one last paragraph. 
     Thank god for REAL LIFE Billionaires.  They help us contextualize TRILLIONS of dollars.
  I knew they were worth something!  Giving us Money Perspective!  So in the end its all worth it I guess.  Anyway lets get into it it's March SIXTH?  I can, "Live," with that.  I find March to be The Most Patriotic of ALL The Months.  March.  That's what soldiers do!  Or Trained Civilians in Authoritarianish Countries!  Only real rival is MAY.  May just plainly is Patriotic I don't know why but I feel we can all agree on that pretty universally.  HEY great the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow presumably.  Not LITERALLY.  See ya later.

-2:04 P.M.





Friday, March 5, 2021

Let's Entertain Myself

    Why not!  It's the best idea I've had All The Last Eight Seconds!  Accepted Super Market Delivery Order.  Put some of those suckers of items away!  Got coffee + beer going!  Will have lunch in Act III.  THOSE ARE ALL MY CONSUMPTIONS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.  Anyway I know they say your shoulder might feel sore a day or two after Shot but my UPPER ARM JUST BELOW THE SHOULDER FEELS SORE.  Maybe this Part Of Body is referred to as a Shoulder for short?  Like my shoulder has annexed the nearest part of arm to be considered a Shoulder?  I don't have all the, "Deets," but anyway YES its a few inches down from where Shot Took Place that I'm sore.  I guess Virus migrated a few inches and then camped out there and is like well gonna be sore here for a while.  That's how Viruses work!  That's how Everything works!
     Cool.  Look one more Consumption Note-- lunch gonna be Chicken + Broccoli + Sweet Potato + Bonus Piece of Chicken In The Form Of Buffalo'd Wing.  OK I think we're all caught up now!  Anyway GOT NETFLIX loaded back up.  HULU next!  Hulu MIGHT have All The #InterventionMarchWhatever and there's a solid SIX OR SO SEASONS I haven't seen.  Alright there's more Consumption talk.  We CONSUME entertainment.  Yep no one is arguing that.  I AM.  Yeah but no one is arguing AGAINST that.  NOT YET BUT THEY WILL.  Hmm.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  Anyway hey how about this What's next are they going to cancel WALDO?  Sure you can cancel him.  That's if you can find him!  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
Okay.  I SEE.  April 8th Release Date.  That's a solid THIRTY EIGHT WEEKS of 2021 to Enjoy!  We divide things into weeks for CONVENIENCE.  Nothin' ground breakin' there.  We're all on board with Weeks.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  One UH-OH I had was I forgot that this Super Market Delivery was only for 6 days, on account of it being delayed a day this week.  I PLANNED FOR SEVEN DAYS.  THIS IS THE BIGGEST UH-OH I'VE HAD ALL WEEK!  Uh-oh almost done with coffee.  What am I supposed to do RE-FILL THIS CUP?  Yep that seems pretty straightforward.  Upon further Introspection YES I CAN SEE MYSELF DOING THIS.  Ugh.  What else is giong on and crap.  We're talkin WALKS on APril 8th.  BIG OL' WALKS.  We're talkin FOOD DELIVERIES &/OR PICK UPPERIES.  Well we're talking about thiose thigns now.  I just brought them up!  I don't think anyone was JUST talking about it before then, though.
Wonderful.  Not on board with Last Saw Movie!  Easily Worst Saw Movie!  NO SPOILERS.  Do people consider that a Spoiler generally.  Real question.  Hey I HEARD THIS WAS GONNA BE either REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD.  That's A Spoiled!  I feel comfortable saying YES you should alert Spoiler Alert before discussing Quality Of The Movie.  YES I get its subjective where as spoiling something In Plot is objective.  I STILL FEEL THE WAY I SAID I FEEL RE: QUALITY SPOILERS AND NO ONE IS GOING TO CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.  Ugh.  Signed into HULU: The Word That Doesn't Really Exist and they have FOUR seasons of Intervention TWO OF WHICH I haven't seen.  Plus other stuff!  I can live with this turn of events!
     Cool.  LOTS OF Docu Series that I've watched across ALL the half dozen channels.  Plus Real Movies and TV!  This is gonna be a #MarchWhateverMarchForTheAges.  Presumably.  Make some more progress with #BarackObamasMemoirExperienceMarchWhatever later in the day.  Make some progress with Docu Series I'm 60% interested in, too!  Talk About A Nice Balanced Day Planned.  What's today THE FIFTH?  That surprised me.  I was operating under the impression gotta be March NINTH or something at this point.  Good thing I have a calendar to clear that whole mess up.  Also, "Above the fruited Plain!".  That's what My Calendar has got to say about, "March."  IT'S PATRIOTISM YOU WOULDN'T GET IT.  YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW MANY #My600PoundLifeMarchWhatever I have.  ROUGHLY FIFTY OR FIFTY FIVE.  Maybe you'll believe it.  I've proven to be a semi-trustworthy narrator.  Somewhat?  Almost?  I'm close to trustworthy ON OCCASION.  I'll be back in a bit.





    I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say people don't APPRETIATE that when you're having Any Sort Of Chip, the taste quality Goes DOWN every day that passes with the bag open.  You can try to roll it up, might help a little!  Not enough!  Anyway.  Also I Don't Think I'm EVER speaking out of turn on this website.  I'm the only one here!  It's ALWAYS My Turn!  Anyway lets talk about it.  BIDEN HAS A NET APPROVAL RATING OF +15.  We're talkin you take his approval rating.  You take his disapproval rating.  You subtract disapproval from approval.  Why IT's Only 15 On The Dot.  Anyway.  I like NeandterthalGate.  I feel like we may be reaching a POSITIVE inflection point where a majority of people across all spectrums are like well this is pretty dumb.  Potentially most UNITED the country has been in a while!  Based on MY OWN GUESSTIMATIONS I've seen no polling or even watched the news coverage explicitly myself! Just feels like a moment where we're all like this is supposed to be a thing?  And they're TRYING to make it a thing?  When it's clearly just Dumb?
Positive Guesstimation!  IF WE'RE NOT EARNESTLY FIGHTING OVER BIDEN SAYING OFFHAND THAT DUMB ACTING REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR ACTING DUMB IS DUMB LIKE NEANDERTHALS... WHO EVEN ARE WE AS A COUNTRY?  I dunno I guess we'll find out!  Anyway I dunno whatta do RE: #LockDownMarchWhatever.  Entertaining enough but at this point A DOZEN better options in terms of Many Episodes of Docu Series.  But I'm so far into... WAIT HOLY SHIT ONLY 1.5 EPISODES LEFT OF #LOCKDOWNMARCHWHATEVER.  That solves that!  FINISH THAT SUCKER and then move on to Better and Greener Pastures!  LIke Oh I Don't Know SPLITTING TIME BETWEEN #InterventionMarchWhatever &/OR #My600PoundLifeMarchWhatever.  Man Dr Nowzaradan must be a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR AIRE.  He's in ALL THESE SHOWS helping people lose weight.  We're talking like 50 or 55 episodes As Doctor Who Performs Weight Loss Surgery. 
     Rolling in the dough!  Some sort of pun about overweight people and, "Dough."  I'll leave it to YOU to figure that one out!  Anyway I think I had a tiny amount of coffee leftover in Travel Mug when I poured Orange Soda in just now and it's GREAT.  That's MY Hot Take.  LOOK let's talk CONSUMPTION I'm pot committed to Lunch I Told You About but what I have for dinner is UP IN THEMS AIRES.  Maybe a Corn't Beef Sandwich.  Haven't had that in a while!  Well great then its settled!  No not yet.  It's settled FOR NOW but I reserve the right to consider this motion further before tonight's dinner.  Have some roast half spheres of potatoes that are now qualified with, "Roast," even though I never used that in the description before... with the sandwich.
Cool!  AIRES is a word.  Presumably I'll LTURQ to SEE WHY.  BUENOS AIRES.  Yep that checks out.  I guess.  I think the only way to address this controversy this country has plunged into is to air ENCINO MAN tonight AND EVERY NIGHT at 8 PM on ALL THE CHANNELS.  Yeah!  Decent movie.  Maybe for 8 year olds.  That's when I considered it a decent movie.  And why shouldn't that count, 8 Year Olds consume a lot of entertainment.  We should devote ALL our entertainment resources to Getting Eight Year Olds On Board.  Seems about right.  Also LOOK is Brendan Frasier actually a Neanderthal PROBABLY NOT.  He's probably just a regular human but from 10,000 years ago.  I shouldn't have to explain this to you dummies.  Am I joking that Brendan Frasier's CHARACTER isn't technically a Neanderthal-- which isn't a joke, but is a true statement.  OR am I joking that Brendan Frasier-- in real life-- isn't a Neanderthal but a Regular Human from 10,000 years ago.  I dunno AND I HOPE TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS ONE DAY.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  HEY I just realized I have ONE LESS DAY before Super Market is re-upped which means one less day to ration re: Beers.  Probably was gonna go for 5 days out of 7 NOW ITS 5 out of 7!  Everything's working out my way!  Such Is Life!  Am I supposed to feel slightly guilty about getting vaccine because I was 5 pounds Over The Limit?  Maybe!  But if not me WHO SHOULD get it.  I think everyone Elderlies has already had it available.  So WHY NOT me over SOME OTHER JERKS.  Gotta be SOMEONE.  The point is Brendan Frasier must been THE VERY FIRST to get the vaccine.  WHAT THE HELL THIS GUY IS 10,000 YEARS OLD?  COME RIGHT THIS WAY IMMEDIATELY SIR.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit with Act III and Lunch #1 out of 1.  Yep that checks out.




That's How I Roll

    Hey I got lunch going on, JUST AS I SUSPECTED.  It's going OK.  Only a, "B."  Its GOOD but I'm gonna be honest I Was Hoping For More.  The point is what else is going on.  Lookin like Stimulus Bill might pass tonight?  Tomorrow?  Some other date in the future?  Never?  Before?  RIGHT NOW? In an alternate dimension?  Never even existed?  Exists but can't be passed for some metaphysical reason?  I've narrowed it down to those seven things.  Hmm GUESSTIMATED It was seven.  Let's go back and count!  NINE.  WONDERFUL.  Cool!  FINISH #LockDownMarchWhatever when this entry is over.  Lock Down, Lock Up, either way it's all Prisons and all Locks.
     Man oh man am I gonna have all the sweet potatoes my little heart desires in Oh I Don't Know A MONTH AND A WEEK?  BROCCOLI, TOO!  Also grilled chicken is all well and good but I CAN THINK OF BETTER PROTEINS TO HAVE. 
Anyway in IN THE ARMY NOW in the beginning when they're signing up for the Army Reserves they're like ok this is only a weekend a month.  And I never understood if signing up for the Army Reserves meant signing up for A WEEKEND EACH MONTH OR A WEEK AND A MONTH aka five weeks.  I'd look into it now but I'm not 100, "Comfortable," with Google seeing my ask about In The Army Now.  AS OF NOW, SUBJECT TO CHANGE, BUT AS OF NOW, I'm 100%, "Comfortable," with having 2 mini Corn't Beef Sandwiches plus Sphere Halves of Potatoes for dinner!  That's  pretty much a situation where 100% specifically Does NOT Apply.  Oh well what can ya do.
     Three more paragraphs to go.  Finished lunch!  I'm okay with it!  Solid, "B," lunch!  Anyway I LIKE MOST COOL PEOPLE are gonna have to make a decision on whether to get haircut when this is all finished.  Look we've grown it out longer than we ever would have before.  Why not just STICK WITH IT and SEE HOW FAR WE CAN TAKE IT.  OR well everyone else has long hair I'm gonna get ahead of the curve and be REALLY CUTTED HAIR'D people won't believe how short my hair is!  I dunno!  I feel like if I could just choose between Hair I Have Now and Nice Good Hair Cut I'd get the hair cut.  But I'd be CRIPPLING my chances of having longer hair anytime in the present-into-future.  THIS IS A TOUGH ONE and I'm gonna have to make a decision in Oh I Don't Know APRIL OR MAY.
Cool!  I need to completely shave and I'm often too lazy to do it myself.  Often just wait till I get a haircut.  So THAT certainly comes into play!  Didn't get any WRAP this week.  Got Corn't Beef instead.  Make my own sandwich(es).  MAYORAL RACE IS, "HEATING UP," IN NYC!  PRESUMABLY!  I HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT IT IN TWO WEEKS!  BUT BASED ON WHAT I HEARD TWO WEEKS AGO IT'S A DECENT EDUCATED GUESSTIMATION THAT BY THIS POINT IT WILL HAVE BEEN HEATING UP!  I'm supporting MAYA WILEY in this Early Stage of Primary.  I know there's HER and there's YANG and YANG said something wrong a few weeks ago I DON'T REMEMBER.  Ugh.  I'll look into this and get back to you Well Informed!  If not for you then FOR ME.  Definitely Not For You, Too!  What The Hell Do You Care!!!
     Last paragraph of the entry. Today's lunch had FOUR slices of Sweet Potato.  Last time it was THREE.  Progress.  What else is going on.  Upper arm still hurts.  Which I think means I have FULL FLEDGED COVID BUT IT'S ENTIRELY LOCALIZED RIGHT BENEATH RIGHT SHOULDER.  Which I guess is good?  As long as it doesn't spread My Right Arm Below Shoulder can handle Covid no problem.  Buffalo Wings SMALL again.  2/3rds, MAYBE 3/4ths the amount size of Regular Buffalo Wings!  Ya make do with what ya can!  They give MORE.  I think they give the same amount of OZ of Buffalo Wings no matter how many individual ones there are!  Doesn't sound good!  Sounds like I'm getting more Bone and less Wing in this scenario!  Oh well what can ya do.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.





Thursday, March 4, 2021

I Wouldn't Worry

    Look You Idiots I GOT VACCINATED PART I AND It was PFIZER!!!  I'm gonna be honest, I didn't wanna say this out loud, but between Pfizer and Moderna?  DOWN WITH PFIZER A BIT MORE.  SOUNDS COOLER.  So that worked out for me.  They Didn't ENFORCE the premise of us waiting around for 15 minutes after shot in case we got ill.  Totally based on the honor system!  I WAITED THOUGH.  Because I HAVE HONOR.  Also to celebrate all this I am having an Indulgent Breakfast Sandwich.  Look over the lat fe months ANY breakfast would be considered indulgent.  Also this is because No Beer today but I can make up for it in Breakfast Sandwiches!  NEXT SHOT is 3 Weeks from today-- Why It's Only March 25th!  TOTALLY SAFE TO DO STUFF 2 weeks from that-- WHY IT'S ONLY APRIL 8TH!
Yay!  The YAYS HAVE IT!  Also I think its a thing that when we're double vaccinated and safe We Revert To Exactly Who We Were A Year Ago.  We thought we were gonna grow as people thanks to this WORLDWIDE Re-adjustment.  NOPE THOUGHT WRONG!  TOTALLY WASTED YEAR.  Fooled Ya!  Hey Another One The YAYS have-- figured out I had EIGHT episodes of #InterventionMarchWhatever I could watch!  Watched about Oh I Don't Know THREE OR FOUR OF THEM.  I like those odds!  Also this season appears to be Only Canadian Cases.  Which is great because even when there's a drug addict ruining the lives of those close to them they're all VERY polite about it.  Most importantly at the end.  Will they accept treatment?  Yea sure okay I'm Canadian I'm okay with that.  You know that sort of thing.
     Cool!  Got shot in RIGHT shoulder.  They were like which arm is dominant.  And I FIGURED they meant Handedness.  So I asked!  And They Confirmed!  So they shot the NON Dominant Shoulder.  Hmm if I had Breakfast at 10:30-10:45, Lunch can be as soon as 2:00-2:30!  I've gotta crunch the numbers on that, its been a while since I've had to calculate Breakfast --> lunch.  ALSO where was the breakfast buffet where I was getting vaccinations!  Aqueduct Race Track!  Famously Known for it's Breakfast Buffets!  Anyway when they gave me my shot, a NURSE NOT A COMBAT PROFESSIONAL, I wanted to say SOMETHING but all I could come up with was Thank You For Your Service.  Which is ACCURATE in regards to what I wanted to say but it's WRONG to say that.  So basically I said THANKS FOR NOTHING and then took off my mask to Heavy Sigh On Them FOR AS LONG AS I COULD GET AWAY WITH IT.
     Anyway.  I was HAPPY with Adult Indulgent Breakfast Sandwich.  Hmm added, "adult," to that.  One can only imagine because I meant to say, "Indulgent," and it shares some letters and syllables are close.  Either that or NOW THE WHOLE THING IS SUDDENLY AN ADULT OPERATION.  Got some coffee going now.  Wonderful!  Maybe take a big ol' break after Act II and return with LUNCH & Act III!  HEY I got a Spam Donation email saying JOE BIDEN GIVIN A BIG OL' STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH IN, "THE COMING WEEKS"  REPUTABLE SOURCE, TOO.  THIS SOURCES' SPAM IS ALWAYS ON THE UP AND UP!  Now all he has to do is announce Cat and We're All On Board 100!  Anyway while waiting 15 minutes ON HONOR SYSTEM I was like hmm do feel kinda sick kind of immediately.  Oh well that's to be expected.  In fact that's how I know its working.  I hope this never goes away!  It did go away.  100 on board with my health symptoms as of now.
     Cool.  It is kind of weird where we spent A FUCKIN YEAR going WAY out of our way to not contract virus and suddenly I'm like Well now I have the virus and not only that I just gave it to myself on purpose.  Seems kind of counter intuitive.  I know THE SCIENCE behind it IT WAS JUST AN IDLE THOUGHT GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  You know what lunch I might want tomorrow, first meal of the week-- why it's only the Grilled CHicken Cutlet + Sweet Potatoes + Broccoli + SOME OTHER KIND OF SIDE I dunno MAYBE A WING OF BUFFALO?  That sweet potato hit the spot and ya know what what this broccoli, broccoli is okay on occasion, this broccoli was VERY OKAY!  Grilled chicken Cutlet was Great Sure Why Not.  Anyway I'll be back in a bit!




Don't Make Me Laugh

    No problem there!  Fantastasizing about takin Three Hour Walks in afternoon.  Just be like well lunch is done dinner later... GONNA WONDER AROUND GO AHEAD AND TRY TO STOP ME!  I can listen to MUSIC I've never heard before.  PODCASTS I've never heard before.  Maybe get an AUDIBLE account and listen to FOOTBALL PLAYS THAT WERE CALLED IN THE HUDDLE I've never heard before.  Hail Mary.  That's a football play.  It's the best one!  It's the one where its like OK EVERYONE WE'RE ALL GONNA RUN IN VERY STRAIGHT LINES AS FAR AS WE CAN GO, I'LL THROW IT TO ONE OF YOU, THE ONE WITH THE BEST CHANCE OF SCORING TOUCHDOWNS PER MYE EDUCATED GUESSTIMATION.
     Easy play to understand, is the most exciting play, and got a nice clever name.  What's not to like!  Why isn't it April 8th NOW.  Oh, right.  Because of how Calendars Work.  Cracked that code!  I HAVE COVID 19 NOW!  RIGHT?  GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!  Hmm if you're given a small dose of Covid... doesn't that mean you can SPREAD a small dose?  I guess NOT otherwise WE'D HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Hmm.  They say Vaccine doesn't protect from other people.  Well I guess that's why its important we all get Vaccines.  CRACKED THAT CODE.  But if I'm doin' my thing wearing masks Making It A Point to only Get Close to those who are vaccinated I CAN GO ABOUT MY LIFE MORE OR LESS RIGHT?  I'll wear MASK.  I'll wear DOUBLE MASKS, I don't care!
     Anyway.  I'll have a nice properly timed lunch whether it's with Act III or Beyond Or What.  Been reading about hopefully they might legalize marijuana before Bduget Bill or whatever is required April 1.  Now THAT'S a FANTASTASIZING worth FANTASTASIZING ABOUT.  Walking around for 3 hours ON MARIJUANA listening to MUSIC I AIN'T NEVER HEARD BEFORE.  Then ALSO before or after walk WORK ON MY OWN MUSIC.  Drinking is for Writing!  Marijuana is for Music!  EVERYONE KNOWS THIS.  Still not gonna get my hopes up.  Walking Around A Lot sober is GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.  Close enough to good enough.  I can live with living a life with these circumstances whatever they may be.  Listen to some AUDIO BOOKS.  Whose a good Audio Book writer.  We never learned that in school, audio books weren't being written yet!  Need a CRASH COURSE of who the best Audio Book writers are and how their respective catalogues of Audio Books stack up against one another.  It's funny because I'm Being Dumb.  Makes me laugh!  Well, bemused.  Makes me bemused!  Sure that's what Bemused means.  It's AMUSED but to the point You're BEING it.
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Anyway, with all thems walkings, I can be at a weight I'm VERY happy with by Oh I Don't Know NEW YEARS DAY.  CLOSE on New Years Eve.  VERY close.  New Years day that's CLINCHING IT.  CAMOUFLAGED Military Men doin' the Point Checks at Vaccination Spot.   Semper Pfizer am I right.  Oh I'm wrong?  That's Marines?  Maybe it was Marines being navigators for people to get vaccines.  Need the best and brightest of Military Men-- The Marine People-- running administrative tasks!  Anyway YOU IDIOTS SAID I WOULD NEVER GET VACCINED.  You were wrong!  Way off!  I totally got A VACCINE TODAY.  And am IN THE BOOKS for another one in 2 weeks.  TWENTY ONE DAYS.  I dunno not 100% happy with Whats BEcome Of This Paragraph.
  Maybe walk around a PARK.  Maybe walk on some of usually suburbish city streets.  The Citiest of them, thuogh!  I don't wanna walk past residential areas anymore than I have to!  I wanna be where the action is!  WHITE CASTLE.  I could walk to White Castle and back THAT'S WITHIN REASON over 3 hours.  Don't even need to get anything!  Just for fun!  Maybe watch some #InterventionMarchWhatever.  I can do that sure.  Anyway I'm gonna be honest with ya I'M FEELING FLUISH.  Wait, no.  I'm feeling FOOLISH.  Sorry.  I am also actually feeling Fluish.  Get off my back about it I'll Probably Be Okay!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.



Read A Bit More!

    Look is it a thing that people are, "Into," feeling sick?  Flu-ish symptoms specifically.  I'm asking for a friend.  Anyway Lunch Today is lookin like Noodle + Salmon.  Dinner lookin' like Hour Deserves Party.  I am NOT having lunch right now, though!  That'll be in a couple of hours!  I took a LONGER BREAK THAN NORMAL to BATHE myself but not long enough to be havin' lunch Right Quick.  Look 3 hour walk is gonna be great.  Take a backpack with me!  Throw in laptop in there LOOSE.  We're talkin leave a Spiral Notebook in my packback, too!  Maybe sit down at a BENCH and write or Oh I Don't Know A STARBUCKS and be like alright gonna set up shop here for Oh I Don't Know FORTY MINUTES?  Lots of opportunities to do stuff when You're Out Of The House!
  I was feeling FLOOISH a litle bit again before BATHING but now I feel back to normal again.  Wonderful, like I said, just like I said, wonderful.  At waht point can we Cancel Cancel Culture.  Wait no that's what THEY want us to do.  At what point can we Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel Culture? ... hmmm just figure if we stop talking about it, it will go away.  I wouldn't mind it not going away!  After years of scaring people the apocalypse was near, we're all child molesters and killers, Fox News Viewers being WHIPPED INTO A FRENZY over Children's Books seems kind of like a good thing?  Sorta the least worst of all possible worlds. There that should get the cancel cancel cancel cancel cancel cancel culture canceled.  THE NOODLES I'VE BEEN GETTING AREN'T AVAILABLE THIS WEEK.  Gonna have to try a different brand which YA KNOW WHAT I'M ON BOARD WITH.  SHRIMP FLAVORED?  WHY IT'S ONLY A FANCY SEAFOOD DINNER I'VE GOT COMING TO ME.
Yeah!  I cracked the code that they must not have Intervention in Canada and this is the only way they can find subjects who genuinely don't know they're gonna be facing an Intervention.  There cracked that #InterventionMarchWhateverMysteryOfTheYear.  Any more codes you want me to crack?  E-mail me the codes to mankindguy AT gmail DOT com Then NOTHING ELSE That's It.  That's The E-mail!  I guess so.  HEY I left my band aid from Vaccination on DURING BATH.  Which is good because now I know FOR SURE bathing didn't wash the vaccine away.  Extra layer of protection between my Vaccinated Shoulder and the Water Involved In The Bathing Enterprise.  I had a dream a night or two ago where I had money on poker and I just kept signing up for-- at first on purpose and then eventually uncontrolled-- Sit n Go tournaments and first it was 3 which I could keep up with all at the same time, then it was 4 at the same time that I tried to manage with, and it just kept getting HIGHER AND HIGHER and I was like JESUS I'M WASTING MONEY I CAN'T DO ALL THESE AT ONCE ITS IMPOSSIBLE I CAN'T EVEN FIT THEM ALL ONTO THE SAME SCREEN AT ONCE.  I woke up and it was just a dream!  Too bad.  Now I Don't have ANY money on poker.  Presumably in the dream I had at least SOME money left over even after wasting so much of it at once.
     Penultimate paragraph!
  HEY I just saw that the FINAL #SawFranchiseMarchWhatever movie that I hadn't seen is available to me ON THE STREAMS.  I'll watch THAT later!  Not too much later!  I don't wanna lose my chance to See Saw!  HILARIOUS STUFF, THIS IS GREAT.  SHRIMP?  Why I bet there's A SINGLE PIECE OF BABY SHRIMP IN THAT CUP.  No kidding I DO THINK that's a real possibility In The Cards!  Anyway my Today Lunch'll be in I dunno AN HOUR 45?  TWO HOURS?  From this very moment.  Got shot at Aqueduct Race Track.  What do Aqueducts have to do with race tracks.  I guess I'll never know!  Forgot to ask anyone there!  I blew my best shot!  Hmm getting a 2nd shot LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY in three weeks.  So it's settled, I'll Ask Everyone I See what's the deal with Aqueducts re: Race Tracks.
Alright last paragraph of the day.  Then tomorrow re-uppin with beer.  Will HOPEFULLY be SLIGHTLY Fluish?  GOnna have some great lunch &/or dinner.  Dad got Double V'd yesterday.  Mom's Double V'd Date is March 16th.  It's all going according to plan!  What plan.  The get Vaccines when you can get them plan.  Hmm sounds like a good plan will I be ablle to reproduce your results.  Probably only one way to find out Go Ahead And Try It!.  THanks for the tip I'm gonna step back and let yuo finish the entry now.  That's what happens!!  Jeez.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:24 P.M.





Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Is This The Best I Can Do

    Let's Hope... NOT?  ... Hope SO?  Maybe?  Not sure what the right answer is here but I can't spend any more time talking about it I've Got Potential Lunches To Update You On!  Best Tasting lunch could be Some Frozen Ribs.  But that's too messy to type with!  Best 2 options, then, are Bagel + Egg (NOT TOASTED BAGEL IT'S AN EVERYTHING BAGEL CAN'T TOAST THAT CRAP) and Noodles + Salmon (NOT TOASTED SALMON IT'S RIDICULOUS TO EVEN CONSIDER THAT WHAT'S YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION PROBLEM IS THE POINT I'M TRYING TO MAKE IN THIS PARENTHETICAL).  Vaccine tomorrow!  Still worried it'll be a J & J.  A lot of people are saying J And J vaccine is a scam and we should Throw Insurrection Riots if that's the vaccine we're being given.
     Cool.  I don't think its a coincidence that Texas Governor apparently wants more people to die of Covid for no good reason AND the fact that Texas kills more Death Penalty People than any other state.  These jokers in Texas just LOVE KILLING PEOPLE!  It's part of the Texas Spirit!  "Don't mess with Texas," and the subtext is "Or We'll KILL YA!"  Anyway what else is going on.  Not sure about that part of riff.  The whole premise is They'll Kill Ya even if you DON'T Mexx with Texas.  You could be sitting around minding your own business and then suddenly Texas Kills You.  Doesn't seem right but that's the choice you made!  You can move to another state!  No one's forcing you to live in Texas: The State That Kills People!
Yeah!  Good slogan for Congressional Campaign for whatever Congressional District is the Bottommost on the map-- "I'm FOR LOWER TEXAS."  Just throwing that out there.  Just an idea!  OH NO THEY'RE CANCELING DR. SEUSS!!!  THERE GOES MY AFTERNOON!!!!  Laff-em-up.  The premise is this adult is/was going to read Dr. Seuss for his afternoon.  Get It?  It's a joke!  It's a good one!  Let's go back and read it again.  I can't get enough of Having Written A Joke.  DR SS.  Is that like Goebells or.. AH GOOGLE SAYS JOSEPH MENGELE!  Yes I Googled, "Nazi Doctor."  Not because I'm into Nazi's, google!  Please believe me!  Because I wanted to write a spin off of Seinfeld where its a gang of, "Nazi Professionals," who refuse goods and services to people based on how much respect they are shown.  A Nazi Doctor is just a guy whose like NO HEALTH CARE FOR YOU. PLEASE BELIEVE ME!
Anyway, what else.  Maybe Egg and Bagel.  I can eat 3 eggs AND just snack on a Whole Uncooked Bagel.  Maybe divide bagel in half, have 2 half sandwiches of bagel + egg, but UNTOASTED.  Is that a thing people can do?  Surely!  You can have Bagel sandwiches without it being toasted.  That's THE STANDARD when you're at a Deli Bodega PER MY FURTHER INTROSPECTION.  Let's do it!  Read some more #BarackObamaMarchWhatever yesterday.  Will read some more today!  Pretty comfortable making that prediction!  Why shouldn't I feel comfortable making a prediction!  Even if it ends up wrong that's no reason to not feel Comfortable Making A Prediction!  Such is life sometimes you make wrong predictions!  Don't worry about it it's okay happens to the best of us!
     Last paragraph of Act I.  Finished The, "Green," Mile yet again.  Now its onto What I Dunno.  Better LTURQ, what FILM can I watch HOPEFULLY a Horrorific.  NOPE not coming up with anything.  SURE there's #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  I can watch the one described last entry Per My Understanding-- "TELEVISION TERROR!"  It's about a group of TV people going into a HAUNTED house with GHOULISH CONSEQUENCES.  No spoilers.  Alright just a little bit of spoiler.  Now you know They Enter A House.  And There MAY or MAY NOT Be Consequences.  Put that sucker on in a minute when act I is over I'm comfortable with that.  I'll see ya in a little bit!




Let Me Get Back To You

    Sweet!  Got some coffee and beer going.  Got lunch coming up in roughly an hour.  Got lots of things going for as of this moment!  Had ZOOM appointment with therapist today.  Forgot to bring up Why Am I Dropping Glasses All The Time.  Dunno if she'd have an answer beyond Hmm I dunno that's No Bueno though probably should look into that.  So basically I DID bring it up because APPARENTLY I could predict her response 100%.  Good as done.  I just hope I don't drop Vaccine!  They're about to give me my vaccine and I in an UNCONTROLLABLE SPASM GRASP THE SYRINGE FROM THEM AND THROW IT AGAINST THE WALL.  I HOPE that doesn't happen but look gotta be prepared.  Gotta focus on something else other than Politics.  These assholes defending the filibuster Make ME Wanna GRASP SPASM MY HAIR AND RIP IT OUT AND THEN THROW IT AGAINST THE WALL.  What's their motive!  Can't just be Naivety and Stupidity!  They MUST Have MOTIVES and I WANT TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS.
I guess we'll have to wait and see how much Democrats can manage to accomplish!  Who knows!  Presumably there won't be a Voting Rights Bill because they wont end the filibuster!  Allowing Republicans to continue and PROGRESS in rigging elections on a state level.  But WHAT CAN YA DO THERE'S A FILIBUSTER IN PLACE I GUESS WE'LL HAVE TO LET REPUBLICANS STEAL ELECTIONS.  Alright I'm done!  Done!  ...UNTIL ACT BREAK BETWEEN II and III.  THEN it's BACK TO TWITTER!!!  Maybe I'm displaying Naivety and Stupidity Myself!  I dunno the, "Deets!"  But that's these be the impressions I Been Gettins.  LOOK Barack Obama seemed to be against The Filibuster when he first broached it in his book!  Presumably that perspective lasts later into the book!  And Barack Obama is a Great Politics Guy.  Take your cues from him!  He's got it all figured out presumably!
  What else is going on and crap.  Manchin and Sinema seem to be okay with getting stuff done with reconciliation with 50+ votes.  So gotta imagine there's a handful of great things we can do with that process.  No we don't have to imagine that.  They'll throw a monkey in that wrench too presumably!  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  INFRASTRUCTURE BILL?  That sounds like it's right up Reconciliation's Alley!  Presumably that's why they're floating that to be the next thing!  Presumably Lots OF Stuff I DON'T HAVE ALL THE, "DEETS," as some might say.  Also presumably eternally a thing where you can imagine bipartisanship.  Let's see how that goes!  It's INTERESTING To See How That Will Go I THINK I KNOW ALREADY!!!  Will my Thoughts be CONFIRMED like Merrick Garland?  Or TOSSED ASIDE like Neera Tanden.
  I think it's interesting that I Never Was Exposed to Neera Tanden's Tweets.  From what I read ABOUT Her she seemed not so great in terms of potential Policywise and Background-Experiencewise.  But her tweets never even made it into my, "FEED," (BOTH LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY).  I get the sense SHE'S AN ASSHOLE but I have NO CONCRETE PROOF right in front of me.  Gotta imagine someone'll give me a Daily Briefing on Neera Tanden someday.  Better Late Than Never!  I can watch RED DRAGON: THE ONE OF THE HANNIBAL LECTOR MOVIES today.  That's a Horrorific.  I can, "Live," with watching that!  SINEMA sounds like a brand of vaccine.  MANCHIN sounds like a brand of Cupboard Noodles.  Glad we got all that covered.  Does Manchin have Presidential Ambitions?  Manchinian Candidate?  He can be a Manchinian Candidate even just for Senator.  Well we cracked that code.  Either he's a Manchurian Candidate OR he's Cupboard Noodles.  Can't be both!
Last paragraph of Act II!  Plenty of stuff I can do that's not Politic Consumption.  Why It's Only Reading Barack Obama THe B.. wait nope that's Politic-Current Event Consumption.  Just because it was 10 years ago Doesn't Make It Any Less CURRENT EV... WAIT yes it does.  Anyway great just great.  Watching it last night my favorite part of #TheGreen'dMileMarchWhatever is there's an entire sequence About CornBread and I was like hmmm wish I had some corn'd bread.  Got DINNER rolls in the fridge.  Guess I'll have one.  It's JUST NOT THE SAME THOUGH.  Then again the way Michael Clarke Duncan got Corn Bread was by curing Tom Hank's Urinary Tract Infection.  It was a GIFT for his service.  I've cured NOBODY'S ANYTHING.  Gotta do something to EARN the CornBread.  And as of now I haven't yet made a strong case for myself to get corn bread.  I'll be back in a little bit.





It's Hard To Say

    LOOK am I having Orange Juice right now mixed with water?  YES.  Also orange juice is ALWAYS mixed with water.  Unless you're Doing It Yourself.  Gotta imagine Store Bought Orange Juice has been Watered Down NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY.  You know like what's going on with the Covid-19 Stimulus Package?  NAILED IT!  I told myself I wasn't gonna write about politics Act III.  You don't pass up a good joke once the set-up has primed it.  You go for it and MAKE that joke.  Is it funny?  Not Really.  Is it clever?  KINDA!  Let's move on with our lives though, that's the point I'm trying to make.  Don't have lunch yet.  Too early in the day &/OR not really that hungry!
     ANYWAY what else is going on.  Need some QUALITY TV to watch on my MEDIOCORE BUT NEWISH Laptop While LYING in MY Bed.  Anyway.  Not a fan of how 90% of #LOCKUPSMarchWhatever are in JAILS not PRISONS.  Jail is where you are TEMPORARILY.  Either before being convicted &/OR for short sentences PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  I WANNA SEE LIFERS.  I WANNA SEE REAL-DEAL PENETENTIONARY ARENAS.  I haven't watched #TheDeuceMarchWhatever in 2 or 3 weeks I can get back into that it may even be significantly TITILLATING if you know what I mean!  Sure you know what I mean.  You Know WORDS.  That's a word we learn at the latest 8 or 9 years old.  Everyone GETS what words mean!  Anyway My Dad is DEMANDING QUARTERS for a reason I don't fully understand.  I know he's getting Shot #2 today and maybe the quarters are for a parking spot?  But he wants 16 quarters (I'm giving him 20 TO PLAY IT SAFE).  But anyway Don't Ask Don't Tell!  He want quarters SAY NO MORE HERE'S FIVE DOLLARS IN QUARTERS ENJOY.
Cool!  I don't think I'm alone to say I'd be AMAZED if there's a significant bipartisan bill on a, "Vaguely Touchy Subject Which Matters," with over 60 YAYS.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.  You're basically just saying I WAS ELECTED TO THE SENATE TO MAKE SURE NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.  Which may be how they feel!  Sounds about right!  NO ACTION is AN ACTION though!  IN FACT No Action is MORE OF AN ACTION than EVERYONE ELSE is taking.  Anyway what else is going on and crap.  I am LOOKING FORWARD to lunch I'm just not having it yet!  Get off my back about it & whatnot!  Here's a KEY sticking point-- if I were to return to #TheDeuceMarchWhatever-- is the exact moment in the exact episode I last watched Right There for me?  Makes things a whole lot easier.  Instead of speculating about this In A Paragraph I could have been looking it up myself  But its too late for that, now I have to finish this paragraph without looking it up.  I'll look it up once the paragraph is over, though.
     YEP and it looks like I stopped at the end of an episode.  So I got that going for me is the point.  Maybe despite being Democrats they Just Don't Like Helping People &/Or Doing The Right Thing.  Makes sense to me.  Probably consume SOME sort of entertainment for abuot half an hour after entry, then eat Lunch.  Probably lots of things!  MMM I was Thirsty and was like well I guess I have to drink soda it's whats in front of me and then I realized wait a second this is WATER JUICE THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS I CAN'T BELIEVE MY LUCK.  So that's the sort of thing I got going for me.  I think I saw they're preparing for planning of potential Violence Attacks tomorrow.  I just hope they stay away from The Aqueduct Race Track.  AND my house.  I'll be splitting time between Aqueduct Race Track & My House tomorrow.  So that's MY Hot Take.
     Last paragraph!  My personal timeline for Vaccination &/Or return to normal life is great, and its been settled over the last few weeks, but I really, "Dig," seeing Everyone Else's Timelines being moved up a few months over the last few weeks.  This is wonderful Communal Herd Immunity We All Gettin' In The Summer Spirit This Year Alright!  Of Course I'll be getting in the SPRING SPIRIT and I hope you'll continue to support me through this difficult time.  Havin' beer and orange juice at the same time brings to mind when I used to drink Vodka + Orange Juice.  My MAIN Alcohol Drink of choice first couple of College Semesters which was first times ever I been drinking!  Hmm good stuff.  Anyway I dunno that'll do it for today.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-12:07 P.M.




Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I Don't Mean Nothing By It

    Sounds about right.  Spoiler Alert-- "Sounds About Right," was original Title Just NoW but TOO HIGH a chance I've used it before.  We're talkin 80% shot!  I Don't Mean Nothing By It?  More like a 1 in 3 shot.  And I can deal with repeated dumb riffs and life stories but repeated Titles is A STEP TOO FAR.  Which I believe is a Walking On A Cliff Reference.  AA step too far, and you're going to plummet to your untimely death.  Had some fun bloodwork done today.  I guess!  Good to get out of the house, anyway.  Got 3 beers for tomorrow and today each.  Taking VACCINE DAY OFF.  Then back at it inside the day of Friday.  YES I had half a wrap for dinner and NO it wasn't Great but YES SOMEHOW I'm TRULY looking forward to finishing it for lunch.  I was all like this doesn't taste great but it's got a weirdness to it that I'm ENJOYING that not-quite-good taste.  Go Figure!
     Anyway.  Up to the part of Barack Obama Presidential Book where he's a newcomer on the INTERNATIONAL STAGE and getting impressions of World Leaders.  Makes ya think about Trump's interactions with world leaders.  Gotta imagine The Top Anwer Survey Says to how world leaders reacted to Trump was What The Hell Is The Deal With This Asshole.  Wonderful.  I think I'd be a good Diplomat for America.  Fist Order of Business- band named Diplo-- is that a reference to Diplomocy?  And I bring that up at the G20 Dinner when I formally Have The Floor.  Suddenly Brazil chimes in DIPLO IS A MUSICAL MAN NOT A BAND.  Brazil can't get enough of Diplo.  Ya know that sort of thing.  I don't have a problem with Brazil.  I don't have too much of an opinion of Brazil either way.  Off the top of my head, First Impression of Brazil is when Pitbull sings In Brazil They Freaky With Big Ol' Booties so I was like well THAT'S a net positive.  Then my Second Impression of Brazil, more of a deep dive thought is, when I had a Gameboy Soccer Video Game pretty sure Brazil was the team to beat.  So basically got all the important Intel going into a 1 on 1 meeting with a Brazil Person.
     Great!  If I'm getting a J & J Vaccine on Thursday I'm Gonnna Throw A Fit!  Dunno how that would help.  Make me feel better to vent some upsetedness.  One day I hope to get to the bottom of Why Portugal Is A European Country And Not A South American Country.  Gotta be some underlying logic to that which is just going straight over my head.  Also, taking Canada into the equation, I think one could argue America is a Central America Country.  That sort of thing.  I like how we're supposed to be Ultra Allies with Canada and Britain and when we ponder why, we might think about the entirety for 20th century history, OR we May Just Ponder Well Yeah we speak English like them.  Easy to communicate!  Makes sense to me.  Also all three are big CULTURAL producers.  Maybe I just think that because I consume Mostly Only English Spoken Culture.  I don't know I DON'T HAVE ALL THE PRESIDENTIAL BRIEFS IN FRONT OF ME.
     Cool.  Australia is English.  Great just great.  Australia is an after thought unless we're talking about Probable Future Dystopias.  One day I hope to get to the bottom of why Microsoft FrontPage is okay with the word Utopias but not with the word Dystopias.
  Sounds like a CURRENT FUTURE DYSTOPIA where WE'RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE WORD &/OR CONCEPT OF DYSTOPIAS.  That seems to check out.  What can ya do.  Probably not a lot!  That's what I've been operating under across all contexts.  What can ya do in general?  Probably Not A Lot!  That's My Hot Take.  Look I get J & J prevents Deat AT LEAST FOR MONTHS and greatly reduces chance of Serious Debilitations but I CAN GET SOMETHING THAT JUST WON'T GO AWAY FOR REST OF MY LIFE.  Oh 25% chance you'll get something that's mild. YEAH I KNOW THAT'S TERRIBLE THAT CAN GROW WORSE AND WORSE OVER THE COURSE OF MY LIFE (ROUGHLY OH I DON'T KNOW FORTY MORE YEARS???)
  Hmm maybe try putting Wrap In OVEN.  Googled that and read the results for ROUGHLY FOUR SECONDS and one tip I got was wrap that wrap sucker in a wrap of aluminum foil to put in oven then it gets heated evenly.  BEST SPENT FOUR SECONDS OF MY LIFE.  Now I Know about Alll The Wrappings Of Wraps.  Also I can sort of just IMAGINE putting a sandwich-wrap wrapped in aluminum foil into oven.  Dunno where I'm getting that from.  Presumably somewhere.  But It RINGS TRUE is the point.  Took my weight at Blood Work!  And since Vaccine Criteria I Can't Get ENOUGH of seeing how much I weigh.  No longer because I'm worried I won't qualify but just because Now Upon Further Introspection I ENJOY THE CONTEXT.  Anyway, weigh about as much as I thought I did.  So I got that going for me.  Hey I'll be back in a bit.





If You Ask Me

    I won't answer.  Either because I Don't Know or because I Don't Want YOU To Know!  Anyway lets crunch the numbers, I have 6 meals before Re-upping with Super Market.  1) Wrap 2) Wide Fetticni 3) Hour Deserves Party 4) Noodles + Salmon 5) Bagel + Egg 6) WILD CARD.  Sounds good just good.  Wrappin' up Wrap today for lunch!  I CAN DIG THAT.  I think the reason I can picture Wrap in oven in aluminum foil wrap is because I FEEL like if you get a Pita Sandwich from Halal Cart they serve it in aluminum foil.  Now, that doesn't mean they're telling you put in oven if you'd like, they gotta imagine you're eating that sucker imminently.  But I can PICTURE Pita Wrap in Foil so THAT SETTLES THAT.  Couldn't hurt.
     Man oh man all this talking about wraps made me go to Fridgerator and take a bite of that there wrap COLD.  Tastes GOOD.  I can LIVE with this in fact I can EXCEL IN LIFE with this.  3/4ths through #TheGreenMile'dMarchWhatever.  Maybe delve back into some #LockDownMarchWhatever.  Maybe A THIRD OR FOURTH THING I don't have the briefings in front of me.  Anyway gonna put those suckers in the oven in Oh I Don't Know 10 minutes?  Or Specifically End of Third Paragraph of Act II: The Act We're In: The Net Paragraph Of The Paragraph We're In.  Remember when we learned in the first months of Trump's Presidency that they have to include his name 2 dozen times in Presidential Briefings otherwise he'd get bored and wouldn't pay attention to them.  Back when Trump's Stupidity was the main thing for those few weeks.  IT WAS A SIMPLER TIME.  Because we had a SIMPLER president.  Ya know that sort of thing.
     Wonderful.  Sometimes it feels like, ACCURATELY, we need to accomplish as much as we can as quickly as we can re: Democratics In Power.  Then It's like Biden's gonna be president FOR FOUR FUCKING YEARS.  MAYBE EVEN EIGHT.  WHA... Tha... OVER HALF A DECADE PER THE AVERAGING OF CALCULATIONS.  Hey may not always have Senate &/Or House but He also MAY always have Senate &/Or House.  Generally do the right thing, pass voting rights act, and those midterms and presidential-year elections are there to be won!  How the west was won!  Presumably by Oregon Trail People.  West didn't know what hit 'em!  Anyway were Western American Indians aware of white people from their cousins on the east.  Did they have advance knowledge like hmm these fuckin' white devils just SHOWED UP One Day and yadayadayada they are just RUNNING SHIT NOW watch out for that THEY'LL COME FOR YOU TOO.
Yeah!  Put lunch in oven!  Yeah!  Wrapped Wrap in aluminum foil!  Yeah!  Put Potato'd Pancake ON aluminum foil!  Sure!  What else!  Cool!  Biden cut a deal between MERCK and J & J to share resoruces to get Vaccines out there.  GREAT.  NOW DO ALIEN VS PREDATOR.  What else is going on and crap.  If you add, "A's," to the front and back of, "MERCK," WELCOME TO AMERICA!  Hmm what's a good FUN #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  Maybe the one taking place in a HAUNTED HOUSE ON TV.  TV Crew goes into haunted house and get MORE HAUNTS THAN THEY BARGAINED FOR.  That's one option.  Several other options!  Best option is Just Watch Something Else Entirely.  I LIKE those odds.
Cool!  AMITYVILLE II: THE POSESSION: THE PREQUAL TO AMITYVILLE I is on Shudder!  Feel like I've seen it before but Hey That's The Kind Of Thing Yer Gonna Wanna See Again!  YOU YADAYADAYADA'd OVER THE GENOCIDE!!!  Call back!  I don't thikn it's fair that you can record a GREAT Answering Machine Message and YOU never get to enjoy it yourself.  It's only for OTHER people who, lets face it, are DUMB and aren't gonna appreciate this Answering Machine Message to the extent YOU would.  Also sure I've heard that riff somewhere before.  Maybe even Seinfeld!  Maybe nowhere!  The point is we can all enjoy it again in this here paragraph.  Anyway I'll be back with lunch with Act III!  See ya!





You'll Like This

    HEY got lunch going on.  Suddenly I'm reminded of Oh Yeah I DIDN'T particularly like this too much last night.  Putting it in wrap in oven WORKED but to be honest KINDA BETTER COLD.  Anyawy LOOK is WIde Fettuccini my best option for dinner tonight?  PROBABLY.  Anyway looking forward to, "Getting Into," The Barack OBama Book Experience.  He'd probably lie about it anyway, but since I am skeptical of politician, I always felt like in the 2004 Democratic National Convention HE KNEW alright ON THE FAST TRACK TO PRESIDENCY!!!  Not the impression he gives in book!  It's more like What A Wild Ride It's Been as opposed to Cold and Calculating.  Probably somewhere in the middle is the truth.  That's Political Actors For Ya!  Either way I'm comfortable 90%, "Buying Into," the narrative as Barack Obama tells it.  Probably True ENOUGH.
    At the same time Barack Obama was LIGHTING UP THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, I was riding high from giving a SPEECH I WROTE in Speech & Debate Class several months before.
  Never thought that would put ME on the fast track towards Presidency, though.  All that came as a surprise.  Or never occurred.  Either surprise or Just Didn't Happen.  Who can say!  Gotta nice ZOOM appointment tomorrow.  Must have done this Think-Em-Up... it's called Zoom because everybody involved wants it to be over as soon as possible, right?  SURE 90% shot I wrote that before.  How's Barack Obama's presidency going.  So Far, So Good!  Gotta imagine that'll continue in perpetuity.  Maybe it will, I dunno.  Obama can put a nice positive spin where he's like Overall My Term Was A SOLID B+/A-.  I wouldn't it put it past him!  To put a nice positive spin on it!  Which in the end isn't that All A Fella Could Want?
    Three more paragraphs to go.  NO CHIPS to snack on.  A few CHEEZ ITS upon further introspection.
  Oh well what can ya do.  Was listening to Apple Playlists of Bob Dylan: The Music and DID YOU KNOW that Tangled Up In Blue * Simple Twist Of Fate were ORIGINALLY ONE SINGULAR SENSATION SONG.  I heard it with my own ears!  And then 15 minutes later I was like Tangled Up... Twist... HE'S KEEPING THE TITLES WITHIN THE SAME FRAMEWORK.  So we got that going for us is the point.  I also like how Bob Dylan can just play totally different music live with totally different vocals with presumably the same lyrics more or less and we're supposed to just be like yep that's the Bob Dylan catalogue.  2 different songs are the same.  Makes sense.  Look it may be out of necessity than out of style.  Bob Dylan has hundreds of vaguely recognizable songs!  You can't expect him to REMEMBER HOW ALL THOSE SONGS GO.
    It's true, you can't!  Go ahead and try YOU'LL FAIL I GUARANTEE IT.  Maybe the reason it's called zoom is because presumably you have the option to Zoom In On Yourself (or other people) [or zoom OUT on yourself] {or other people}.  That doesn't seem to check out because I don't think those options are available but it would be one potential explanation if you were unfamiliar with the logistics of How Zoom Works.  I'm not sure what it is about Wrap I don't like.  I can identify the TASTE but I'm not sure if its coming from the chicken, the bacon, or the brie.  Or the wrap.  Or the spinach.  My best guess is THE CHEESE but I'm not 100% comfortable committing to that answer.
     Last paragraph!
  Next 3 things to do in I DUNNO WHAT ORDER-- Barack Obama The Book, Bath The Bathing Activity, and Oh I Don't Know FINISHING THE GREEN MILE: THE FILM BASED ON THE MAJOR MOTION NOVELLA.  Also it's called The Green Mile because it's Deathrow Jail Mile that they say is green but I've watched this movie plenty of times DON'T RECALL ANY GREEN.  Not in the costumes or props.  CERTAINLY not in the Aisle itself-- if it twere green, very muted!  We want EYE POPPING GREEN THAT'S WHAT WE PAID OUR TICKET TO SEE.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  And what an entry its been!  SOLID D+ entry.  Not even D+/C-.  D+!  What can ya do.  See ya tomorrow.

-2:18 P.M.





Monday, March 1, 2021

No Big Deal

    Wow it's a new month.  And with the new month comes A New Color!  It's called WHITE and it's All The Rage!  Nope.  Not that.  Sorry.  Anyway great news puttin' together Super Market Order for Acceptance on Friday.  Mmm cutting back Pasta meals to make way for Wrap Meals &/Or Personal Non-Pasta-ish meals.  Good stuff!  Halway through Part II of IV Parts of Woody Allen Docu Series.  Hmm lets crunch the numbers.  THREE EIGHTHS through the docu series.  Has anyone ever considered Woody can't be this guy's real name.  Is it Totally Made Up or is it from Woodford or something Better LTURQ.  ALLEN STEWART KONIGSBERG Is His Name. Well that's just great.  Obvious Hot Take-- Woody Allen DROPPING the Stewart to sound less Jewish and Jon Stewart ADOPTING the Stewart to sound less Jweish.  I dunno maybe either of them &/Or both had other motives.  Maybe lots of things!  Trying to think off the top of my head Jon Stewart's real name.  FOr some reason I keep thinking of Fran Lebowitz.  Maybe because that WAS his last name too.  Just drop the, "Fran!"
Cool.  Are right wing conservatives Against Changing Your Name.  GOD NAMED YOU ALLEN STEWART AND ITS NOT PART OF HIS PAN FOR YOU TO BE, "WOODY!"  One would imagine No That's Ridiculous How Could Anyone Hold Such An Obtuse Position.  Oh, right.  Them.  That's what they're known for?  Hmm Seems To Check Out.  Obtuse side of a triangle.  Let's think about it!  What else is going on and crap.  My middle name is Adam.  Am I supposed to change my name to Michael Adams? No!  How &/Or WHY is it suddenly PLURAL.  NOT ON BOARD, THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE.  I've never gone by Michael Adam K**Nlum in my life except for SOMETIMES on official paperwork forms and when that happens I'm like Hmm Michael Adam K**nblum THAT'S GOT CHARACTER.  I LIKE SEEING IT WRITTEN OUT.  It's Got CHARACTER. ... OH WELL WHAT CAN YA DO.  It's good as a SOMETIMES thing.  A nice sweet treat once a year or so.  Can't spoil that by making it the standard!  Wouldn't be special anymore!
     Cool.  I WILL accept the, "A," as part of my initials most of the time.  So there's that.  What do I got in store for lunch.  For today, best two options are a Noodles + Salmon and a 1/2 Wrap + Side.  Dunno which one for lunch.  MAYBE THE NOODLES + SALMON play it safe for some reason that's playing it safe I don't know why I don't have all the answers!  Why would Woody Allen change his name to make it suond a lot less Jewish and then HEAVILY lean into being Jewish for most of his career?  Wasn't thinking ahead, that's my guess.  Didn't Think It Through!  Maybe people are on board with a Jew with a Gentile Name.  A Jewish name is a bridge too far!  Also check out my new title A Jew With a Gentile Name.
Anyway.  Penultimate paragraph of Act I.  WRAP I have in store is Bacon Chicken + Brie.  Haven't tried this one yet in Entire Life!  So, "Hefty," that 1/2 wrap is more appropriate than entire wrap.  According to SELF PROCLAIMED NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION from Super Market Website!  Anyway Portioned My Beer such that I have THREE Beers a day over the week before Super Market Delivery on Friday, Not Counting the day with Vaccine Shot!  I was originally parceling it out so several of the days would be TWO.  I SHOWED ME, I SHOWED ME REAL GOOD.  Well that's good, Me Is On Board With Showing Myself Real Good.  Sounds like a Net Positive for everyone who identifies as me. 
     Yeah!  Made LOTS of progress in Barack Obama The Memoir: The Barack Obama Enterprise Experience.  Roughly halfway through this monstrosity.  Also, re-reading how his first few months went (as I am up to right now) I'm like OH RIGHT that stuff SORT OF rings a bell.  Seems like he was doing a DECENT job shoring up our current economy.  Not making changes to make it better and more fair overall, but making it better the way it already was.  So whose to say whose right.  Barack Obama.  He's writing the books I'm reading.  He says whose right.  Yeah but next I'll read something that says its wrong.  That's My Prerogative I Guess!  Seems to check out pretty good.  I don't know, do I REALLY want to commit myself to reading Another Book at some point during my life?  That sounds like too big a promise to make.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.



I Guess So

    Watched a bit of #LockDownMarchWhatever and if only I could splice Lock Down Docu Series with Woody Allen Docu Series.  YOU KNOW by having prisoners Make Films?  I'd watch some Prison Films.  Not films about prisons-- though I'd watch those, too!-- films made by ACTIVE PRISONERS.  Plus it's good because It Teaches Them To Get Along and also Now They Have Experience with Films for when they get out of jail.  And most importantly we've now got Prison Films.  JUST WHAT WE NEED!  Anyway where was I.  I had a SMALL Bite of Chicken Brie Cheese Bacon Wrap just to see what it was like-- tried to get a bite with all ingredients included-- and IT WAS OKAY but I can DEFINITELY, "Dig," saving that for dinner tonight and eating Noodles + Salmon for lunch!  Speaking of Hash Tags HEY IT'S MARCH.  I covered this before but I'm VERY Excited about.  February is the pits but March THAT'S WHEN SPRINGDOM STARTS.  Freakin 3 weeks away from Spring.  And almost definitely I'm gonna be able to start #WalkingAroundSpringToRemember at some point in APRIL. 
     I can see myself carrying that Hashtag With Me for Lo Those 80% of Spring Days that I would presumably be Walking Around (and having it be a Season To Remember Significantly DUE to the Walking Around).  I love it!  I was half joking a few entries ago about Just Walking Around All Day.  The more I sit with that thought the more I like it!  Only question is how can I determine a nice Walk that ends up being in a circle. I  CAN walk all the way one way and then just trace back my steps the way back.  But that's REPETITIVE.  Gotta figure out a way to Circle Around at SOME POINT at least.  ...Wouldn't that still get repetitive if I'm doing that each day?  Yes but only HALF as Reparative.  I CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS BRIEFLY IN MY HEAD AND OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD THAT'S AN ACCURATE MATH.
Cool!  Hey I wonder what kind of weather springs we'll have over the course of my life time.  Will Global Warming just make it pretty much just Warmer each Spring?  Could it have ancillary effects that make it colder?  Or something different?  Perhaps something totally unpredictable?  Presumably We Gotta Enjoy Each Spring As It Comes because it may be The Only Spring Like That We're Getting!  So ENJOY AND PARTICIPATE IN #WalkingAroundSpringToRemember.  It's now or never re: Remembering This Spring (and presumably Walking Around to the best of your ability).  Is it a thing where Wheel Chair confined people still take, "walks?"  It's good for mental health.  Gets you out of the house.  Soak up them Spring Conditions.  I'd do it if I was WheelChair.  That's good enough for me!
What else.  What are the odds I end up in a wheelchair over the course of my Future Life.  And not counting times where there's just an empty wheelchair somewhere and I sit in it and am like HEY LOOK AT ME!!!  I mean, will I be CONFINED to a wheelchair at some point.  I dunno.  10%?  If we're including the years where I'm Ultra Elderly.  Presumably.  If I make it that far.  I DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS.  All I know is DON'T SIT IN EMPTY WHEEL CHAIRS-- BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT.  What else is going on and crap.  1ST VACCINE Tomorrow's Tomorrow's TOMORROW.  I call it THURSDAY, how about you?  HEY THE GREEN'D MILE Is one of MANY newly added films to HBOMax this week.  I'll watch that film!  One of my favorite, "Dramatic-Themed," Films!
     Wonderful.  WITH JUST A TOUCH OF WHIMSY!!!  Hey this is the last paragraph of Act II!  Make some more progress with Barack: The Book: But Also Just A Crash Course Of What Happened In Politics During Lo These Several Years.  From the perspective of President Barack Obama!  He's at the center of it more than anyone else in the world, I think he's a pretty reliable narrator.  I saw Biden came out as Pro-Union.  Barack Obama beat him to it!  He was pro CIVIL Union.  Now Biden is trying to one up him by being Pro ANY Union PRESUMABLY FOR THE MOST APART ALTHOUGH I'M SURE THERE'S SOME UNIONS HE HAS MIXED POLITICS ABOUT.  I know there is FOR ME.  They're called Police Unions and They're Some Of The Worst And Most Harmful Organizations In America.  PER MY UNDERSTANDING.  Well I'll be back in a little bit.




What's The Point

    Look I can't be more than several dozen pages away from Cash4Clunkers.  Anyway I got a lot of B- options for TV Entertainment.  Lockdown, Punky Brewster, now A LOT of HBOMAX Film & Assorted Other Enterprises.  Look if you're asking me was I aware of the concept of a Punky Brewer before this week I'd say YES but I have No Further Knowledge. Other than it being a sitcom.  I knew that much.  LOOK if you told me that the Male Lead in this current Punky Brewster is Freddy Prinz Junior I'd be like NOPE but then I read Credits List and it is him and I'm like yeah I guess that checks out.  Also YES he's the Male LEad but he's not a co-equal lead with Punky.  He's the the Main Man but not on Punky's Level!
     Wonderful.  Also LOOK is there a new SNL castmember named Punky?  Almost definitely!  Better LTURQ.  Punkie Johnson.  Wonder if she's got any inside line on getting J & J vaccine.  Also I keep reading people are like JOHNSON AND JOHNSON VACCINE IS GREAT WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM.  My problem is it's less good than the other ones!  Maybe I'm eternally Missing Something but from what I gather to be common knowledge information J & J is worse!  I DON'T GET IT.  SOMETHING'S, "OFF," in my analysis presumably.  I Don't Get It!  LOOK if we were ranking last names by Most Common In America would Johnson come in around #7 or #8?  YES That's MY HOT TAKE.  Better LTURQ.  NUMBER 2?!?!?!  I was underestimating Johnson and I'm Sorry I've Learn't My Lesson I won't underestimate Johnson Again!  Unless if its their vaccine.  But I feel like I'm NOT underestimating it.  I'm just going by the information Made Available To Me!
Cool. Slurpin Some Noodle Soup.  I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a Dumb America Thing that we're not supposed to slurp soup &/OR noodles.  I bet in other parts of the world they're just like SLURP AWAY!  If we can't slurp that would make THE MAJORITY OF OUR MEALS INEDIBLE!  That's My hot take!  ALSO we're allowed to CHEW FOOD?  RIGHT? ...RIGHT?  THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING ANYWAY.  Alright maybe some #LockdownMarchWhatever when this entry is over.  I feel like I could watch that for 10-50 minutes!  About 10 minutes left on one episode.  That's where THOSE Estimations Come From!  It's tough reading Barack Obama Book for the first 200 pages and then have to read the rest.  Everything's Going GREAT the first 200 Pages.  THIS IS WONDERFUL I'M ON BOARD WITH ALL THIS HISTORY.  Then suddenly it's like WAIT WHAAAAAAT?  I DON'T LIKE BEING REMINDED OF THIS CRAP ESPECIALLY SINCE IT'S WHAT LED TO THE EVEN CRAPPIER CRAP THAT WE'VE BEEN THROUGH PAST CRAPPY DECADE.  Too much crap for one person to handle!  But if ANYONE can make it seem less Crappy I wouldn't put it past being Why It's Only President Barack Obama!
     Penultimate paragraph.
  If Trumpists refuse to say FORMER President Donald Trump then I'm gonna go with Not Saying FORMER President Barack Obama!  YA REAP WHAT YA SOW THAT'LL LEARN YA GOOD.  OH almost forgot #TalesFromTheCryptMarchWhatever.  So much good stuff to do!  TV.  BOOKS.  Looking forward to Health Security & Loosening of Life Restrictions.  Goin' Good!  Goin' PRETTY GOOD on my end.  And that doesn't even mention LUNCH and the quality/variety of lunch ROCKETING EXPONENTIALLY once Loosening of Life Restrictions kick in.  Anyway how's that Mars Rover going.  Anyway.  If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, I think it's safe to say NASA is clearly more into Men.  Just based on their recent track record of what they're enjoying exploring!  No judgment!
     Last paragraph!  Look its a joke I don't think you COULD land a Rover on Venus there's no solid ground per my understanding.  Get off my back about it Men &/OR WOMEN.  Math Question-- If I was trying to determine the least common last name in America-- would it be a last name with ONE person using it or a last name with ZERO people using it.  I feel like zero is a level BELOW least common.  That's My Hot Take!  Hey just about finishing lunch with finishing entry.  GOOD if not GREAT track record of finishing Act III more or less as the same time of finishing Salmon + Noodle lunch.  Wonderful!  I can't get enough of that synchronicity.  Anyway that'll just about do it for today.  Wonderful!  March!  See Ya Tomorrow!

-1:42 P.M.






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