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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Let Me See Something

    The Mets traded for Javy Baez!  Or Javier Baez!  Not sure which one he prefers!  Either way this is great news for some reason.  They tell me he's fun to watch.  That's great!  I usually don't enjoy watching baseball at all when I watch it so this is surely a welcome change of pace.  THE STATS SHOW HE'S FUN TO WATCH.  Homeruns are fun.  CHECK.  Stolen bases are fun.  CHECK.  Defensive WAR is fun.  SOMETIMES.  Defensive Goodness can be fun if its flashy!  But my impression is if you're REALLY good at defense you make it look easy.  So that's not fun!  HEY THIS LOOKS EASY I'M NOT ENTERTAINED AT AL.  That's my instinct.  Anyway being the manager I'm gonna slot him in at CLEAN UP.  Anyway COFFEE IS READY ALREADY but I'm gonna wait until 3rd paragraph to go get it.
     Also he might help the team win!  In general I am in favor of that because I like it when they make the playoffs.  And the more playoffs, the better!  So basically if they win as much as they can that increases the chances They Get To Play More Playoffs.  Also HE'S FRIENDS WITH FRANCISCO LINDOR AKA THE FRANCHISE.  Also do we call Francisco Lindor, "The Franchise," and if not WHY NOT.  He's the franchise!  Locked up for ten years!  Like it or not he's the franchise.  WHY WOULDN'T YOU LIKE IT.  Takes a while to get used to.  IT'S BEEN MONTHS GET USED TO IT ALREADY.  What else is going on.  Lindor says he wants Baez, METS GO OUT AND GET BAEZ.  When The Franchise Talks, the front office listens.  LOVE IT.  I can't get coffee now.  Too early!  I don't know why but that's my instinct.
     Great!  What kinds of meals do I have in store for today.  I don't know either one!  Dinner'll be a delivery and Lunch won't.  I've narrowed it down to that!  GREAT JUST GREAT.  It should be great.  I can pick anything I want.  But it's NOT great.  I NEED STRUCTURE.  This is too much free form unknowingnessitude.  I can't handle it!  I think it's pretty impressive that Javy Baez will be in the lineup tonight as far as I know.  He was all the way in some other city yesterday.  He had to take a PLANE on such short notice?!?!  I dunno what that means.  How does he know how The Mets Play Baseball.  He gets in town, they give him a uniform, and what, how does he get started.  JUST GO OUT THERE AND DO WHAT YOU DO.  I mean I GUESS THAT'S IT but he doesn't know Mets routines and strategies and whatnot.  Oh well what can ya do.
If I were players I wouldn't help the other players on the team.  I know that happens and they make it sound great but it's dumb.  Jacob Degrom giving tips to a younger pitcher.  DUMB.  The better other pitchers are out there in the MLB the WORSE IT IS FOR YOU AS A COMMODITY.  You wanna keep it to yourself!  That's just STRATEGY.  Also if you're like well I want my team to win, fine, that's an appropriate instinct, but what if he gets traded?  SUDDENLY YOU'RE HELPING THE OTHER TEAM.  Now you look like a DOUBLE Asshole.  The only person who looks like an asshole with this analysis is me.  Oh well what can ya do.  Now that I got Already Being An Asshole out of the way I can do whatever I want.  No worries about becoming an asshole.  Already over and done with, no need to worry about it further!  COFFEE TIME.
The Mets gave up A PROSPECT in the trade but it seems reasonable.  Around the 5th-8th best prospect in the organization.  That's a decent prospect!  But still not too bad.  Unless he turns out to be a good major leaguer.  In which case this was the worst trade of all time.  Not even just the worst trade of all time.  The worst decision anyone ever made in the history of the word  Not just the worst decision.  The worst thing to ever happen.  Ever!  Oh well sometimes you have to roll the dice.  If The Mets win the world series this year, having it turn out to be the worst thing that ever happen is roughly and even trade off.  Mets win world series 2021 ~= Worst Thing That Ever Happens.  What else is going on.  The logic with that doesn't line up very well.  It seems to say something opposite of what I'm trying to say.  But that's because the internal logic not only is wrong but mostly doesn't even exist.  Oh well that's life. 
     Sixth paragraph!  Wonderful.  Only played about an hour overall of Call Of Duty II yesterday.  Oh well.  As long as I'm not playing Tank Levels I'm having fun.  Also I got the hang of tank levels.  For most of it I was confused why I kept going in the wrong direction and couldn't correct course.  Once I figured out how to use the tank specially in regards to movement it wasn't SO bad.  Still I'd rather shoot people with People Guns and not Tank Guns.  And I'd rather GET SHOT AT by people and not enemy tanks.  That's life I guess.  What's today.  Saturday.  That's a solid day.  Probably!  I don't really remember.  Must have lived through several Saturdays in my life but who can keep track.
     Yeah!  Listened to a Wilco song inadvertently yesterday and I was like this concert might bring up TOO MANY FEELINGS.  All these Wilco songs bring back feelings.  It's too much!  Also is there a chance they Cancel Concert?  Probably!  I don't think they'll probably cancel it but there probably is a chance!  No way of knowing what degree of chance!  No way of knowing apparently if there's even a chance.  But I'm putting money on there being a chance and you can take that to the bank.  I hope they don't cancel it.  On account of Liking Doing Stuff.  But if they do that's their prerogative!  That's life!  Oh well what else is going on.  I've got a BIG problem with words that start off with PRE but are always pronounced as PER.  No one says PREE Rogative.  Maybe some people do!  Leave me out of it!
     Cool.  I have AN AISLE seat for Concert.  At first I was like GREAT I'm not sitting next to anyone other than my brother!  Then I was like OH NO I'M SITTING NEXT TO EVERYONE WALKING UP AND DOWN AISLE.  Also maybe I wanna sit next to someone who isn't my brother.  Might be a girl!  And with my mask on I'm supremely confident.  Who wouldn't be confident with the knowledge they can make any kind of face they want and the girl would be none the wiser.  Now I hold all the cards.  I forget what I was talking about.  Eighth paragraph, though.  Not sure how that happened but here we are.  What else is going on.  Today is a Six Walker.  I like those odds!  Maybe get a Subway Sandwich on a middle walk to have for lunch.  I dunno!  It's definitely something to think about considering. 
    Hey great what else.  I think the Mets should sign Baez long term after this season!  He seems like a very good player and who wouldn't want as many very good players on the team long term as possible.  That's just OBVIOUS strategy.  Makes sense to me.  Also that'd be the best infield not just in baseball but in any sport.  Fieldingwise AND hittingwise.  Even better than infielders in NON Sport situations.  Well I dunno about that.  Must be some infields in non-sport contexts that are arguably better but that's besides the point.  INFIELD IS A FOURTH OF YOUR TEAM.  There's infield, outfield, starting pitching and relief pitching.  Sounds about right.  Not sure why that's an important point to make.  BECAUSE NOW 1/4th of your team is THE ELITIST OF THE ELITE.  Wait a second you don't want an Elitist Infield.  Maybe you do, I don't know your politics.
    Hey this is the last paragraph of Act I.
  Walkwise not sure what to do.  Either take a walk more or less right after this paragraph or take roughly half hour break.  I guess I'll have to figure that out soon.  I can IMAGINE Javy hitting homeruns.  It just SEEMS like something he can do.  I looked up JAVY HIGHLIGHTS (I also used his last name but when typing it right now I liked the alliteration without his last name) and I watched 30 seconds of two videos (10 seconds of one and 20 of the other) and YEP HE HITS HOMERUNS SOMETIMES.  And they look nice.  Hey that's a nice looking homerun is the impression I get.  Just finished Coffee #1.  RIGHT ON TIME.  What else is going on.  Did I start any DVDS!!!!! last night.  I don't think so.  That's still in the cards though maybe for today.  Whatever.  I'll be back in a little bit!



What's That Supposed To Mean

    Thinkin' I might have a bagel AND BUTTER for lunch.  Combined!  Not gonna have a bite of bagel and then a bite of butter.  Maybe I should!  I've never done that before.  We all have to do things we've never done before because how do we know we shouldn't be doing it in the future?  We don't know, that's who!  Also thinking about getting some sort of Steak for dinner.  No butter!  Maybe they use butter when making the steak but I can't imagine why that would be the case.  Then again my imagination isn't great Re: Cases.  Anyway if Baez signs long term and Lindor is THE FRANCHISE, gotta imagine Baez will officially be FRIEND OF THE FRANCHISE.  Because they're friends!  And look it's not insulting that he's just Friend even though he's a star in his own right.  Most people don't get Official Nicknames at all!  Just the fact that we all refer to him as FRIEND OF THE FRANCHISE is enough respect and recognition!  Also I think he should take a huge pay cut to play the Mets.  If they're such great friends and all!  Only fair!
     FINE not a huge pay cut.  A SMALL pay cut.  That works out for everybody!  What else is going on.  Gonna have coffee with Act III.  Wonderful!  I woke up in the middle of the night and GORGED myself on a tiny snack I can't remember.  I FEEL like it might have been some tiny pieces of Graham Cracker I had left over.  I also remember feeling sick in one way o another.  I forget how exactly.  But I remember thinking OH NO IS THIS COVID.  Since then though I haven't felt any kind of sick.  That's good!  MY DAD IS IMMUNOCOMPROMISED I MUST TAKE THIS SERIOUSLYIER THAN MOST OTHERS.  I don't WANT Steak and Eggs but the steak with steak and eggs is cheaper and less fancy and I'd like that kind of steak but I don't want a side of eggs or Breakfast Potato.  I want DINNER POTATO and a side of VEGETABLE.  Hmm this is a tough one.
You know that sort of thing.  I want an UNCOMPLICATED steak.  If it's too high a quality steak that's just gonna get in my head and I can't concentrate on enjoying it.  Who needs it!  Also SIZEWISE steak and eggs steak is more appropriate size.  Fancy Steak is not just Fancier in taste and texture but also generally bigger.  Too much steak!  THERE'S TOO MUCH AT STEAK with a fancy stake.  You know that sort of thing.  Baez is from PUERTO RICO.  I've heard of that place.  I've got nothing but fondness for Puerto Rico.  It means RICH PORT per my understanding.  Also he's an American through and through.  BUT WE WON'T HOLD THAT AGAINST HIM.  Slam!  I slammed America and/or Americans with that sentence.  That'll teach ya for getting complacent.  You thought since I was an American you'd be Safe From Slams on this website.  Guess again!  No one is safe from my sharp wit!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  I don't believe it!  I wonder how much Butter I should use with Bagel.  CALORIEWISE I think 100-130 is the way to go.  Based on Calorie Amount I Want To Consume Calculations.  But I don't know how much butter that translates to!  Presumably I can figure that out easily you'd think.  I DO THINK THAT.  Wonderful that settles that for now then.  Every time I use cream cheese I'm disappointed.  There was a period of months to a solid year in my life I enjoyed cream cheese.  I don't anymore!  It's healthier than butter slightly presumably but it tastes weird to me!  These are the important issues.  Also EGG is a good side for bagel but I dunno!  I already told you I don't want Egg with Steak.  Why would I want it with Bagel?  I wouldn't, That's Who! 
     Last paragraph for now.  That's great, just great.  Lost track of getting Guitarsmith.  Just forgot about it over the last few days!  Maybe I'll think about it at some point today.  No way of knowing as of now.  Also sure it's called Rocksmith.  Also sure there's The Smiths and Elliott Smith and are they related to this program, I don't know.  If I were Javy Baez I'd start walking more and striking out less.  Still hit the same amount of homeruns and everything.  No other part of his game should suffer due to this.  Just cut down on the strike outs and walk more!  Easy!  If he does that that'd be really great for The Mets overall and himself!  Anyway I'm good at strategy is the point I'm really trying to make.  I'll be back in a little bit!



I've Got To Do Better

    Javier Baez was the spokesperson for Baseball Video Game 2020?  WOW.  I'm sold!  Anyway what else is going on.  Three walks into the day.  Shower after this entry.  Wonderful!  Do baseball players like baseball video games.  My instinct is SURE THEY WOULD EVERYONE LIKES BASEBALL VIDEO GAMES.  But maybe they're angry it's not more realistic or something.  If My Life was a video game I'd be angry that it wasn't more realistic.  Then again I'd play that video game.  Good practice!  With lower stakes than Real Life.  The moral of the story is I want to play a video game based off my life and that's what I would do all the time instead of living my actual life.  Safer!  Less at stake!  Also maybe at some point I'd master the video game and feel comfortable going back to Regular Life.  NOT IF THE VIDEO GAME ISN'T REALISTIC ENOUGH.
Anyway.  What else is going on.  Got coffee going on.  That's a blast and a half.  Took some Updated Inventory of medication.  On account o re-upping with some medication!  Wonderful.  I have a good idea of how much butter I'm going to eat today with the side of bagel.  I can picture the amount in my head!  Not just as a matter of numerical calories.  You can't picture numbers!  Too abstract!  What else is going on.  The good thing about fancy steak is sometimes there's some real nice pieces of fat.  Delicious fat!  Not your standard run of the mill fat that you could do without.  We're talking the highest quality fat.  Ugh.  I should eat myself.  That solves many problems at once!  No more fat.  Eat the fat!  Delicious and free!  That sort of thing.
Wonderful.  Got a whole lotta day left over after this is done.  Roughly Eight or so hours.  THAT'S INSANE.  EIGHT HOURS TO DO NOTHING?  I don't believe it!  And if I find that exciting, I'm gonna LOVE how I have AT LEAST THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS to do NOTHING AT ALL EITHER.  Hmm.  What is my long mid-term plan.  I've been operating under the assumption that Nothing Will Continue For Immediate Future.  Gotta imagine at some point I Have To Start Doing Something.  WELL NOT FOR MONTHS LIKE I SAID.  SEVERAL MONTHS.  THEN RE-CALIBRATE.  How much English does Javier Baez speak.  Some?  A Lot?  All Of It?  Gotta imagine he speaks at least Almost All Of It but may speak Spanish as a primary language.  GREAT.  SPANISH IS THE LANGUAGE OF BASEBALL.  I'M ON BOARD WITH BASEBALL PLAYERS SPEAKING THE UNIVERSAL BASEBALL LANGUAGE, SPANISH.
Anyway.  Penultimate paragraph!  Quien Donde Es Uno.  CLOSE ENOUGH TO SPANISH THAT YOU GET THE JOKE.  Solidly 50% accurate Spanish.  Halfway there to being accurate!  I don't believe it!  I think when Pete Alonso was in Minor Leagues I pictured him as Hispanish.  I still do sometimes!  I also picture him as being possibly black.  I've seen this guy a lot and I'm still only 40% sure he's white.  What else is going on.  QUIEN VIVA ON UNO.  What else is going on.  Good chance the steak I end up getting tonight is a RIB EYE STEAK partially because if I'm getting Fancy Steak might as well go with Tasty Rib Eye and UPON FURTHER INTROSPECTION to celebrate acquiring Javier Baez who gets lots of RBIS which Keith Hernandez calls RIB EYES.  Or maybe it's Ron Darling.  I think it's Keith Hernandez!  Anyway if a Mets player gets an RBI tonight someone makes a 10,000 dollar donation to No Kid Hungry.  GREAT hopefully that goes to ME.  That should cover HUNDREDS of steaks for me.
Last paragraph!  WAIT A SECOND I'm supposed to get shampoo today.  I don't THINK I've gotten it yet.  Better ask my Mom.  She'd know!  She's been downstairs all morning and early afternoon.  No delivery would have come without her knowing about it!  SHE DOESN'T KNOW.  I thought she was gonna be on top of this!  I'm very disappointed!  Then again looks like I get to go another day without shampoo.  ALRIGHT!  Shampoo is a hassle and a half.  Who needs it.  I'm doing just fine without it!  What else is going on.  Got some nice SPRITE going on right now.  I don't know what that accomplishes.  Other than adding a little bit of words to the paragraph so I'm that much closer to ending it.  Besides that there's no redeeming value to that sentence at all!  Oh well.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:56 P.M.




Friday, July 30, 2021

Looks Like You Want Something To Read

    Hello friends!  Accepted Super market delivery.  MAIN CHORE FOR THE WEEK DOWN.  It took roughly 15 minutes to unpack and put away and TWO HOURS to check the front door every nine minutes to see if it was here.  The point is It Was Here Eventually!  I got all my favorite things.  Well, a fraction of my favorite things.  Most of my favorite things I already had in stock!  Today is gonna be a rare day with No Delivery AND No meals from Previous Delivery.  Only stuff from Supermarket for meals today.  WOW I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Yet all the evidence points to this fact!  The Major League Baseball TRADE DEADLINE is today.  I'm rooting for The Mets to make a trade for some reason.  Not so much important whether they win the trade or lose the trade.  I JUST LIKE IT WHEN THINGS HAPPEN.
    That sort of thing.  Started coffee.  Gonna be ready to consume it in 2 or 3 paragraphs.  Today is a 5 Walk Day!  Great that's gonna work out for me I bet.  They're making a big deal about the Mets JERSEY for tonight.  It's BLACK.  And ya know what?  It sounds stupid as all Hell, but I KIND OF GET IT.  These are a throwback to the turn of the century (latest one).  I remember those days!  Roughly!  I was a child and my Memory Making Glands weren't in full effect yet but it rings SOME sort of bell.  HEY I watched the Back To The Futures II Through III on DVD!!!! last night.  Wonderful!  I'm done with it.  Should I have watched all of them with Creator Commentary?  YES.  But it's too late to go back now.  I'm not gonna watch them again.  Sure I will.  BUT NOT FOR WEEKS. 
     Anyway.  I feel the time is right for a Back To The Future IV.  LOOK THEY MADE THEIR POINT.  They didn't wanna exploit the franchise over and over to make money.  They went a solid OVER THIRTY YEARS without a sequel.  WELL DONE but NOW IT'S TIME FOR A SEQUEL.  All the people are still alive.  I'm assuming.  And if they're not you can work that into the script!  Time travel doesn't make you immune to Father Death.  Is there a Father Death.  I feel like There's A Father Death.  If not there should be.  Also IT SHOULD BE A WESTERN AGAIN.  That would make people ANGRY.  Then you have them RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT THEM.  I don't know why you want people angry.  That's up to the Back To The Future Producers to decide.  Gotta imagine they'd have fun working into the plot the hilarity of them being WAY off with what 2015 was like.  I can imagine Yukk-em-ups referencing that.  I haven't THOUGHT of a single yukk-em-up for that yet but they're definitely out there!
     The main part they were right about 2015 was IT DID HAPPEN.  That's halfway there to getting it right.  There was a year we all referred to as 2015 and it took place the same time they predicted it would.  Anyway.  If Back To The Future has taught us anything, it's to lower our expectations significantly for what the future will be like.  It will be MUCH more similar to the present than our wildest dreams may imagine.  GOOD I LIKE THAT.  CHANGE SCARES ME.  Let's keep it simple.  Future is more or less the same as now.  Wonderful.  Only the last couple of times watching Back To The Future have I appreciated that Michael J Fox is really short.  Most of my life I thought he was just an average guy.  BETTER than average maybe.  Now I realize hey this guy is pretty short like me.  A little bit taller than me which isn't like me but more or less HE'S THE HERO ROLE MODEL I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.  So I've got that going for me.  HERE COMES COFFEE.
Great.  The Mets have less than four hours to make their move!  Now's the time to panic!  You wanna give up everything you can to get something.  PEOPLE LIKE IT WHEN THINGS HAPPEN.  Anyway making progress in The Call Of Duty II.  Good stuff.  I'm pretty bad at grenades.  I throw grenades all the time!  To little avail.  Maybe it helps making the enemy run away when I throw a grenade.  That probably happens a fair amount of time.  Rarely do I get KILLS with the grenade, though.  Hey pushing enemy back with grenades is a great benefit to using grenades.  NOW YOU TELL ME.  I could have been living my entire life throwing grenades to push my enemies back.  Lotta good that information does me NOW.  Also maybe they should work out a system where you can pick up a thrown grenade and throw it yourself.  Obviously you'd need to be quick about but that sounds like fun.  I demand royalties every time someone picks up a thrown grenade from now on.
Anyway.  Seventh paragraph!  No it isn't it's the sixth paragraph.  Yeah that checks out I guess.  I GUESS.  Also if you throw a grenade on top of a thrown grenade they cancel each other out.  That's just physics!  I can't ask for royalties on that because that's just how things work innately.  What else is going on.  Do we still use grenades.  Gotta imagine someone still uses a grenade.  The only way to stop a bad guy with a grenade is a good guy with a grenade.  That's the assumption I've been living under.  A good guy with a grenade.  Child's Play III.  CHUCKY (a good guy doll) THROWS A GRENADE at some point in the movie.  Well I'm glad we covered that.  You'd have been confused if I didn't make that reference.  Because it's right there and me not saying it would be very odd!
     Seventh paragraph-- for real!  I was going back and forth with a Fantasy Baseball team with a trade revolving around 2 players which was pretty close to getting done and now I see the guy made a trade with another team with the player I was trying to get.  WHAT ASSHOLES.  I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO STUFF LIKE THIS.  Trades should either Benefit Me or BUST.  I can't stand seeing other people work together in a mutually beneficial situation.  THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME is all I have on the mind.  is it just me or are all 30 baseball teams stupid.  OH NO WE BETTER MAKE THE TRADE THE CLOCK COULD STOP AT ANY TIME.  You do realize this has been the deadline all season long.  WHY DID YOU PUT OFF YOUR TRADING TO THE LAST MINUTE.  You should have gotten this done way ahead of time if you thought it was so important.  You reap what you sow!  Let this be a lesson for next season.  Get your deals done in MAY.
    That sort of thing.  What else is going on.  HMM I could watch another DVD!!!! next.  What's a good movie to watch.  I have lots of good movies.  I've got 100-200 DVDS!!!! and probably a solid 30% of them are good movies to watch.  Look they're almost ALL good movies and/or movies to watch.  But only 30% of them Are Good Movies & To Watch.  That's still a lot.  Off the top of my head 30-60 Good Movies To Watch!  THAT'S RIGHT I'M ADEPT AT MATH.  What else is going on.  Also let's be honest there's a lot of movies that aren't good OR movies to watch.  In a way that makes them more worthwhile to watch.  They're SLEEPER picks.  They're THE UNDERDOG.  I wanna watch an underdog DVD for some reason maybe.  I dunno what that means.  Well, yeah, I do.  But YOU probably don't know what it means.  But trust me it makes sense to me at least!
     Ninth paragraph!  I didn't see this outcome of MOST playoff bound teams making pretty big trades.  I was okay with Mets not making any big moves but this puts pressure on them!  Not just because fans are like HEY WE WANNA GET IN ON THE ACTION.  But because if their main playoff competition is improving they'd presumably need to improve too for facing them.  OH WELL.  I think we should get in on the action by STANDING PAT.  That's just the kind of out of the box move that no other teams are making that could work to our favor.  YEAH.  What else is going on.  Out of the box.  Think outside the bun.  I CAN GET TACO BELL TODAY.  Hmm.  I don't think I've ever gotten a Taco Bell Doordash order.  That's probably for the best.  Oh well what can ya do.  Remember when the spokesperson for Taco Bell was a Chiwahaha.  Also I CAN'T WAIT to find out how to spell Chi Wawa.  I'm gonna check RIGHT NOW.  CHIHUAHUA.  Capitalizations On Or Off.  That's up TO YOU!  Fascinating.
Last paragraph of the act!  Wonderful.  What else is going on today.  "US BASEBALL ROUTS ISRAEL IN OLYMPICS OPENER."  YES.  SEE YOU IN HELL ISRAEL.  WE'RE ON OUR WAY TO THE TOP.  THE 2021 OLYMPICS BASEBALL TOP.  Also is this olympics called 2021 or 2020.  Off the top of my head I DON'T KNOW.  I'd say 70, 75% chance they call it 2021, 25, 29% chance they call it 2020, and a very small chance they call it something else.  THAT'S JUST FOR LAUGHS I'm sure it's either 2020 or 2021.  Then again AM I REALLY SURE.  Lemme lturq.  STILL REFERRED TO AS 2020.  I KNEW I should have made that my first choice guess.  PART of me knew it at least.  A SOLID 25, 30% PART OF ME.  Wow that's a big part.   There's more of a part of me that knew it was 2020 olympics than the part of me that is not made up of water.  YEAH.  I'll be back in a little bit. 




Can't Help You

    Hey!  My parents are upset about this stuff with giving 100 dollars to people to get vaccinated.  Particularly my Mom.  I agree that it's not fair and I'm solidly in that camp that This Is Stupid And Sucks.  However there is a chance it helps more people get vaccinated which is good for everyone so that's good!  What they should do is pay people retroactively who got the vaccine.  Only fair way to do it!  But without that I'm AGAINST IT but still hopes we get some good out of it.  You heard it here first. MICHAEL IS AGAINST IT.  UNLESS IT'S RETROFITTED.  THAT SORT OF THING.  Also I say partly in jest PEOPLE LIKE IT WHEN THINGS HAPPEN SO THAT'S WHY THE METS SHOULD MAKE A TRADE but it's also partly because THAT'S GENUINELY HOW I FEEL PRACTICALLY 100%.
The best comedy comes from real life.  Also, apparently, the WORST comedy.  So I've got all that covered is the point.  Maybe have Wide Al Fredo for lunch today.  Roast chicken for dinner.  I can see myself, "Digging," both meals imminently and I think as of now that order is the one most appealing to me.  IT'S HEALTHY BECAUSE SOME OF THE UNHEALTHYINESS OF IT DISSOLVES.  Presumably.  I would guess.  Anyway.  Gonna take shower for upcoming Act Break but no Walk Break at the same time.  This is the way today is, get on board or get off board.  Wait a second you can't get off board if you never got on board.  Either Get On Board or Stay Off Board.  There that settles that once and for all.
Anyway.  The fun part of big name players is I'VE HEARD OF SOME OF THESE PEOPLE BEFORE.  WOW!  Someone I heard of going to a team I've heard of?  That's a match made in heaven!  Why are they making matches in heaven.  Probably should have been done on Earth before Heaven even enters the picture.  Hmm.  I know the Mets are in contention for Post Season but if they decide to SELL at the deadline they can trade ALL their players and potentially get back TWO TIMES AS MANY PLAYERS.  52 players going into next year would BEAT THE HELL out of every other team with only ~25 players (they each lost two players to the Mets and got one in return).  So that's something to consider if you feel like trying to consider things that don't make sense.  In which case I don't envy you.  But you made it this far which is pretty good.  Well done!
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  I kind of feel like offering Vaccine-Reluctant People 100 dollars to get a vaccine might make them LESS likely to get it.  A HUNDRED DOLLARS?  THERE'S GOTTA BE A CATCH.  THE CATCH IS I NEED TO TAKE THIS VACCINE AND THAT MEANS IT MUST BE A BAD THING TO DO.  THAT'S HOW CATCHES WORK.  NO THANK YOU.  We have to keep in mind that people who haven't gotten the vaccine are Already Dumb People so we can't count out them being Even Dumber.  Wonderful.  Also the other way to go instead of retroactively giving people hundred dollars for getting vaccine is instead of giving people money for vaccine from now on, we just penalize people and take away money of they continue to not get it.  That way it's motivation, it's fair, and we MAKE money instead of lose it.  WOW that sounds like a great solution If Only It Made More Sense.
Last paragraph of Act II!  Should get shampoo tomorrow.  Then it's a question of whether it comes before or after my standard time of shower.  So I've got that going for me.  How finalized do you need to make a trade before the 4:00 PM Deadline.  Is there some sort of way they can track the time of Phone Conversations and then one guy offers another guy a trade and at 3:59 54 seconds the other guy is like OKAY YES LETS DO IT and that works.  Or does it need to be notarized and stuff.  Because if you need to make it official one way or another you might have to allow MINUTES or even TENS OF MINUTES to do that.  Which doesn't sound fair!  Sure it's fair.  Effects every team the same way.  Yeah but it's not fair TO ME.  Somehow.  I forget why.  The point is I'm gonna take a shower now.




Not A Big Fan Of These Titles

    I'd like to eat something sweet.  Eating Al Fredo dish is almost like eating a Sweet Meal.  Like your Breakfast Meal types.  Alfredo is white.  White is creamy.  Cream is sweet.  It's not sweet but it's SWEET ADJACENT.  Anyway hey I get to have the rest of my day be whatever I want it after this entry!  The first part of my day was whatever I wanted, too!  I wanted to do the same thing as yesterday.  I like doing the same thing as yesterday everyday!  Pretty good routine to get into.  Routines are fun.  You don't have to think too hard about them.  And we all know thinking too hard about things is NOT fun.  I don't think I've ever Thought Hard about something in my life.  I think about things.  Sometimes!  Either I'm thinking about it or I'm not.  There's no Strength or Degree involved in thinking.  Except for time!  Only exception that proves this rule!  Devoting more time to thinking about something makes a difference.  But within a time period Thinking Is At Only One Possible Level.  For me!  Maybe you can think harder or softer about something at will!  I envy you!
     Anyway.  Got coffee #2 of the day going.  Delicious!  Somewhat sweet.  Again CREAM but also ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER.  That's the kicker!  I don't like all these Trade Deadline blockbusters.  Look if you wanted to get this superstar at the deadline MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST SIGNED HIM IN THE LAST OFF SEASON.  That way you'd have him THE ENTIRE SEASON and also YOU LOSE NO PIECES WHICH YOU'RE TRADING AWAY.  Look do I KNOW that there's reasons that doesn't always happen and trade deadline deals make more sense all the time?  YES but on the other hand YOU'RE THE IDIOT just sign them in the off season YOU MORON.  Why am I so angry at people who make more sense than me.  Jealousy, probably!  What else is going on.  The Mets better not trade away ANY PROSPECT I'VE HEARD OF.  That's a good dividing line.  If I've heard of them THEY'RE OFF LIMITS.  Also by Me Having Heard Of Them that includes people who if I read their name I'd be like YEAH THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR.  Not just people who I could name off the top of my head.  Like BRETT BEATY.  Or Francisco ALVAREZ.  That sort of thing.
     What else is going on.  Then again if they're trading for someone I've REALLY heard of at the major league level that's in flux.  Basically the way to measure a player's value is How Much Have I Heard Of Them.  I either meaning the standard Mets fan OR ME in particular.  What else is going on.  Why is there a trade deadline.  Who is it really hurting if two teams wanna make a trade in September.  HMM that's an interesting point.  Sure it makes sense for teams to WANT to make a trade around the end of July but why force them?  Just have 24/7/365 Open Trading Period.  Some people need deadlines or else they'll never get things done.  Sure but some people DON'T.  Why penalize them so that other people have their dumb deadline.  Doesn't seem fair!  Can you make trades in Post Season.  That doesn't sound fair.  Who cares!  It's fair because EVERY TEAM LIVES BY THE SAME RULES.  There!  Fair!
     Anyway.  I don't really believe that.  But I like saying things I don't believe.  Keeps ya guessing!   What do I mean and what don't I mean.  It's fun to wonder!  What else is going on.  Watch some sort of DVD!!!!! after this entry.  Start watching it, at least.  Well, watch the program encoded digitally on the DVD.  Watching the physical DVD itself would get boring after a while.  Hmm.  Maybe some sort of HORROR movie.  I like those this decade for some reason no one is really sure of.  Don't have to think about What Are They About.  They're for Spookiness and Frights!  I think I've made this point a few months ago.  We know what horror movies are for!  And boy oh boy do they USUALLY NOT DELIVER but they tried and its the effort that counts!  That's how I feel.
     Last paragraph!  I don't believe it.  Yet all the evidence is there!  I can eat some tic tacs.  That's a sweet snack.  Minty is sweet.  Sort of!  Minty is also kind of a spice.  Spice and sweet are in direction contradiction!  What about cinnamon.  Exception that proves the rule!  Also I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn Minty is NOT kind of like a spice.  And I would be SOMEWHAT unsurprised to learn that Minty is INDEED a spice.  I would be surprised either way to learn I was right and not surprised to learn I was wrong.  That sort of thing.  Wow.  Hey the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-2:45 P.M.




Thursday, July 29, 2021

Today Is Similar To Yesterday

    Hey!  I woke up early today to get cigarettes for my mom.  Mission accomplished!  She's got the cigarettes now!  Someone might come and take them but the odds of that are very low.  No one knows they're here.  And no one will EVER know. I was alarmed to find out Bob Odenkirk was feeling under the weather yesterday but I'm under the impression he's doing well now.  Great!  I don't like how everyone likes Bob Odenkirk.  When I was a kid Mr. Show was my thing.  Now people like him for more mainstream reasons and I DON'T LIKE IT.  I kinda like it.  Upon further introspection while thinking about him last night I'm good with everyone liking him.  Either way probably a good thing he's alive and kicking.  Dunno what he's kicking.  It might not be a good thing that he's kicking.  Depends!
     What else is going on.  Got coffee going on.  And by going on I mean Brewing.  Lots of different phases of Going On that coffee can be in.  Drinking WATER right now.  Interesting mix-em-up.  Running low on soda and snapple and won't re-up for another 24 hours.  Water tastes pretty good!  Been a while.  I get SUPER water.  NYC tap water is the best in the world.  PLUS I got a water filter.  PLUS presumably my mouth filters the water better than other mouths.  Mouths isn't a word.  It's MITHES.  That's my impression.  Either way I should be havin' that coffee in roughly 1 or 2 paragraphs.  Wonderful!  Mets game is EARLY today.  We're talking THE MORNING.  12:10 PM.  PREGAME STARTS IN THE MORNING, THAT'S ACCURATE.  Pregame is official start of game.  That's why it has the word, "GAME," in it.  What else is going on.
    Pregame isn't even a real word apparently.  TELL THAT TO COLLEGE STUDENTS.  They're all about, "Pre-gaming."  Which means setting up the Nintendo Game Cube so they can Play Super Smash Bros.  That's my main best memory of college.  Gotta imagine that's universal.  EVEN if it's 10% universal for my specific generation HEY THAT's PRETTY UNIVERSAL.  Also the Universal Opening Credits Title Card?  Very Pretty!  Especially the updated one as of the 1990's.  Where it's a more ACCURATE and AESTHETICALLY PLEASING Earth rotating.  I can't get enough of that!  I wonder if I zoom in on the Universal Logo if I can see my house.  My house is on Earth.  I HOPE so.  I've been living my entire life with that presumption.  If that's wrong I don't even wanna think of the negative implications.  What about the positive implications.  Sure I'll think of the positive implications.  No harm no foul there!
   My parents like to tell a story of when I was a kid in preschool (WHICH IS RECOGNIZED AS A WORD) someone asked me where I was from or where I lived, I forget, and my answer was EARTH.  Good stuff.  AND ACCURATE.  I think I can vaguely recollect my mindset, could be a false memory, but either way I think my thought process was YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE.  MORE OR LESS AROUND THE SAME PLACE AS YOU.  C'MON.  MIGHT AS WELL JUST GIVE YOU THE MACRO ANSWER.  Anyway.  Got some GUM from cigarette purchase.  Which is great!  I finished my gum last night.  I don't get more gum until Friday... OR SO I THOUGHT.  Just got some gum today!  Also I got to do a Mix-em-up with Brand of Gum.  YEAH.  Gonna finish Salmon for lunch.  Dinner is anyone's guess!  Go ahead and guess.  You might be right!  Specifically if you guess All The Guesses You Can Think Of.  I never said you were limited to one guess!  Go ahead and make all your guesses I LIKE YOUR ODDS.
Gonna get coffee after this paragraph.  There were a few levels in Call Of Duty II where I controlled A Tank and had to shoot other Tanks AND I DON'T LIKE TANK LEVELS.  Too impersonal.  I wanna shoot PEOPLE not VEHICLES.  And I wanna RUN AROUND AND JUMP not ride in a vehicle.  And I wanna shot GUNS not artillery rounds.  Also I WANNA CROUCH.  No crouching with tanks.  I TRIED.  OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  I didn't really try crouching over and over again.  HOWEVER I really did try Getting Out Of The Tank and seeing if I could do the mission just on foot with a regular gun.  They wouldn't let me!  Which is accurate, I would never be able to destroy tanks with a regular gun.  But it couldn't hurt TO TRY.  Unless I get killed.  Which seems like the most likely outcome.  They have tanks all over the place!
Anyway here comes coffee.  Now coffee is in another phase of being coffee!  Me drinking it!  Anyway.  I happened to be browsing TV Guide last night and there was some History program on PBS and I was like HOLY SHIT THIS IS IT.  THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.  I wanna watch shows like this all the time!  It was like a thing about WAS KING ARHTUR BASED ON SOMETHING and they were doing Dig-Em-Ups and seeing fossils from 1500 years ago and making calculations of what life was like then and all that stuff.  Like, SERIOUS history programs.  Not Dumb ones.  I'd watch these!  Also KING ARTHUR TELL ME ABOUT IT.  I dunno about it!  It's a MYTH is it based on REAL.  Gotta imagine there's Streamers somewhere with Serious History Programs.  YEAH.  If only I could get it out of my imagination and into the real world.  Then we'd be talking!  I'm talking anyway.  Yeah But You're Not.  You will be then, though!  Yep checks out.
What else is going on.  Ate some GRAHAM CRACKER for breakfast today.  I enjoyed it.  It made my Taste Receptors feel good for a while.  Seventh paragraph!  Hey great just great.  The Mets already won enough games to satisfy me in their current five game series.  Today is the rubber game!  They're 2-2.  They can lose and THEY'RE STILL WINNERS.  But man oh man if they win they're some kind of SUPER WINNERS.  I hope The Mets make a trade deadline deal where they get something GREAT and give up something(s?) LESS GREAT.  That's good strategy IMO.  Make trades where overall you come out on top.  I BELONG IN FRONT OFFICES.  ANSWERING THE PHONES.  THAT'S ALL I'm QUALIFIED FOR.  NOT REALLY QUALIFIED FOR THAT EITHER.  I can't have a phone answering job.  I don't like OR EXCEL at talking to and/or from people.  Maybe I can have a job working with EXCEL.  I'm not great at that either.  I forget the point I was trying to make.
     Yeah!  If I were a baseball player and I hit the ball, I'd run directly from home plate to second base.  If you wanna get a double, why run all the way to first.  Quickest way from point to point is a straight line!  I feel like this should be obvious.  Yeah.  Or just stay where you are.  Count to ten.  Then it's a homerun.  Sure you have to count to ten but there's no rule that says you can't count as quickly as you possibly can.  Don't need to do a ONE MISSISSIPPI...  Just rattle off ONE TWO THREE FOUR...  again this is good stuff I don't belong in front offices I belong in The Manager's Chair.  Gotta imagine Manager gets a special chair in the dugout.  That's how people know he's the manager.  Hey I only need to write 2 more paragraphs.  Then this act is over AND the entry is half over.
     Wonderful.  I was taking a walk a few days ago and some kids were smoking marijuana right out on the sidewalk and as I was passing by and JUST ALMOST COMPLETELY PAST THEM it LOOKED like one guy was offering me the joint.  It was hard to tell.  Coulda been me, coulda been a guy standing right next to me.  But either way I instinctively nodded my head SIDEWAYS (which means no) and kept walking without really slowing down.  MIGHT have said something like no thanks.  Either way YES I like marijuana potentially but PRIVATELY.  I can't enjoy a high being around other people.  I DON'T LIKE being around other people.  This'll just make it worse!  Also I didn't have time to really think about it.  Maybe if I came back from the future 10 minutes before this happened and warned myself this would happen I'd have time to think about if I should take a hit.  I didn't, though.  Seems like a pretty big oversight.  Shuolda went back in time after this happened to warn myself.  Oh well live and learn.
     What else is going on.  Last paragraph.  AT LEAST warn myself to look more carefully to see if guy is even offering me the joint or if he's offering it to his friend.  I NEED CLOSURE on whether it was offered to me in the first place!  Anyway what else is going on.  Are baseball players allowed to drink Gatorade during games.  Or is that too much of a performance enhancing substance.  Along the same lines can they eat Wheaties the morning of games.  I forget what's going on.  What else is going on.  Closing in on the end of July.  And the beginning of August.  WOW AUGUST.  I got nothing against August.  Pretty solid month!  It makes me think of Going To College, specifically dorming.  Exciting!  Get to go back to Dorming at the end of August and see all your friends.  Or make all new friends!  Or be by yourself but all in all that's pretty exciting, too!  I'd rather be by myself dorming and going to college than a lot of other permutations of how life can be.  Yeah.  I'll be back soon.   




You're Going To Have To Speak Up

    Hey!  I have no reserves of Shampoo.  I have to go several days without shampoo!  Presumably my Mom has Lady's Shampoo but I'd rather go with no shampoo.  HEY my DAD is a guy, he probably uses MAN SHAMPOO.  Maybe he's got a bonus shampoo I can use.  I dunno then I'll smell like My Dad's hair.  I don't know what my Dad's hair smells like.  Or more accurately I probably know what my Dad's hair smells like but I think that's just what everything smells like.  Am I saying the base thing I smell all the time in the house is My Dad's Shampooed Hair.  Yes that's what I'm saying.  It's not ACCURATE but it is in fact what I've been saying lo these past several sentences.  HMM this is a good opportunity to pick my own shampoo.  I've always left that to my Mom.  But now I can pick a Shampoo Flavor I REALLY LIKE.  WOW.
There's gotta be a dozen different scents you can get.  WHAT DO I WANT.  Hmm.  Is there Mint Shampoo.  I'd go with some Mint Flavored Hair.  Also I assume we can eat SOME of the shampoo.  Not an entire bottle at once.  Not even a single gulp at once.  Just a dot of shampoo.  A morsel!  Just enough to get the main jist of it.  Gonna take a nice Break Between Walks right now.  Mostly because that's how it all shook out but also it's nice because I get to watch Metropolitan Game more.  Thinking about PIZZA tonight.  That could easily have been one of your top half dozen guesses.  I would have guessed it!  I DID guess it.  I never said it out loud but in the back of my mind I thought  I BET PIZZA IS A GOOD GUESS.  I wasn't actually THINKING hmm would I like pizza or not.  Let's figure this one out.  I was actually accurately literally thinking hmm IF I WERE A GUESSING MAN... (Pizza would be a good Guess).  What an idiot.
     Yeah!  I am a Guessing Man.  Apparently!  Also I dunno if I've made clear how likely Pizza already is at this point.  I already brought up to my Dad think I'd be interested in Centre Pizza for tonight.  And pizza is the general way to go in that case.  So yes it's VERY MUCH in the cards.  I was very happy with eating pizza facing East, I already told you a few days ago.  That's ACCURATELY DESCRIBED as either the main or at worst second main reason in my head I might want pizza.  Hmm I know it works well with facing East so that's a very big plus in the Check Mark Column for Pizza.  Also apparently I gotta get this Grading Rubric for deciding Meals worked out.  Plusses?  Check Marks?  COLUMNS???  I need to work out the kinks of this entire exercise!  Hey great The Mets game starts in 10 or 15 minutes.  I MAY have this Act done by then.  I don't wanna rush it, though!  What am I talking about.  Of course I want to rush it.  The entire driving force of getting entries done is I Want This To Be Over As Soon As Possible.
Yeah!  The Mets have home field advantage today.  That only happens every other game.  On average!  I think it's kind of odd that Stadiums are entirely different dimensions.  Are there other sports where that happens.  I don't think so!  I can't think of one off the top of my head!  Sure it's GREAT because it adds to the fun.  I LIKE it.  I think other sports should do it, too.  That'd be GREAT and add to the fun of OTHER SPORTS.  But they have to pay both me and Major League Baseball royalties every time they use a distinct stadium schematics for the original idea.  50% me, 50% Major League Baseball.  It works out in their favor in the end because of all the new fans watching Basketball now.  Also if in basketball you shoot a basket in the other team's net DO THEY GET POINTS?  I didn't mean that as a serious question because No Of Course Not but now that I think about it I DUNNO IT KIND OF MAKES SENSE.  I highly doubt its the case but I can think of REAL reasons why it SHOULD be.  Oh well what can ya do.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Pizza is good for you because of the cheese.  Milk!  Cows are good for you.  Also I don't know what those sentences accomplish at all.  HMM gotta make sure I remember to add GUM to Super market delivery order.  I think I got everything else I need.  Just gotta add gum.  I could do it now but I dunno I feel like I have better things to do.  I gotta have it done by SIX PM.  That's the cutoff Date!  Which isn't a date!  It's a time!  But the rest of the premise is accurate!  Unless if it's FIVE PM.  Then the entire premise of what I said is inaccurate!  Wonderful.  The Yankees made a pretty big trade!  I don't care that much!  I root against the Yankees and I dunno if this trade is good for them or not!  Either way I wish them The Worst Of Luck with all their endeavors.  Hey I'll be back in a little bit.




I Have A Good Idea

    Hey!  Got coffee going.  Delicious!  Maybe I just like coffee more lately for general reasons, or maybe I like it more lately because I've figured out a new Proportion Formula when making it.  They say you should have same amount of cups of water and cups of coffee grounds.  I'm putting in SEVEN cups of water and EIGHT cups of Coffee Ground.  You don't mess with success!  And it's been a success.  Also in all honesty, and why would I lie about this anyway, most cups of coffee ground are OVERFLOWING a bit.  I use the plastic cup scoop but I like gettin' it where there's coffee grounds LOADED into the cup more than just 100%.  YEAH.  The point is you can work this into your coffee routine and maybe you'll like it better.  Maybe you won't.  I'm not here to tell you what and whatnot to like.
     Yeah!  Took a shower between acts II and III but no walk.  That's how that goes.  I think maybe the reason I'm losing weight at a slightly faster clip than I was years ago is because I underestimated the amount of calories of milk in iced coffees.  They say it's 50 calories per large iced coffee or so.  I've seen them pour the milk in.  It's so much!  Upon further introspection I might be getting 200 calories of milk per large iced coffee.  And I was getting two a day!  Maybe even three!  I don't remember!  So that adds up QUICK.  Anyway wonderful.  I haven't had a good iced coffee in Oh I Don't Know OVER SIXTEEN MONTHS.  Got the Room Temperature Iced Coffee from Super market delivery but that was a complete bust.  Oh well what can ya do.  Maybe they sell Iced Coffee at Wilco concert.  Gotta imagine Wilco would DEMAND they do.  I don't have to imagine that.  And neither do you.
Cool.  Asked Dad about shampoo and he has special old people &/v gray hair shampoo.  So I figure I'll just go without shampoo for a few days.  Should be here on Saturday or Sunday.  I can LIVE with that.  I've gone through periods of life where I didn't bathe for weeks if not months.  YEAH.  Probably.  I can't recall DEFINITELY going through those periods of life but I feel like there were some years there when I wasn't doing anything at all and probably went long streaks without bathing and/or bathing my hair.  What else is going on.  Finished watching the DVD!!!! of Back To The Future yesterday.  Is watching Them Other Back To The Futures in the cards?  YES.  Absolutely!  Presumably in chronological order.  Figuring out Plotwise Chronological order for Back To The Futures has got to be a headache and a half.  Not that hard.  I'd say for the most part you go III, I, II.  Obviously there's back and forth (on account of time traveling) but that's my instinct off the top of my head.  Also YES I know in real life watching the movies they won't make sense that way.  ...OR WILL THEY?!?!   We've never even tried!  Maybe that works out well!  I JUST DISCOVERED AN EASTER EGG GET ON BOARD WITH IT.
YEAH!  Hey the end of the entry is very much within reach.  Supposed to be T-storming later today.  T is short for Thunder.  I don't know why I said T-Storm either.  Either way next walk should be 100% fine, then hopefully I'm able to take other walks I WANNA take WHEN I WANNA take 'em.  We'll have to wait and see.  Presumably.  What else is going on.  For most of the last 30 hours I've been confusing Joey Gallo with Joey Votto.  Because I thought they were the same person from the start.  Now I realize they're different people and I dunno!  Joey Votto would be a better pick up for NOW but Joey Gallo is better LONG TERM.  Probably.  I MIGHT STILL BE CONFUSING THEM.  Either that or I don't know either of them well enough separately either.  As far as I know they play baseball and I hope that works out for them.
     Last paragraph!  I had good results also with Degree of Cookedness with pizza last week.  Left it out for a couple of hours after it got here, then ate it like that.  No fridge, no oven, no microwave.  I'll do it again today it looks like!  HMM do I want to mix up TOPPING.  I dunno I've had good success with GARLIC.  These are the important issues of the day.  Hey the Braves have hit 2 homeruns since 2 paragraphs ago.  Wow they're homering at a 1 homerun per paragraph rate!  Gotta wonder if they can keep that up all season.  Anyway I get to take a walk break soon and maybe in that half hour the Mets make up some ground themselves.  Maybe they can be homeruning at a 2 homerun per walk break.  Me walking.  Not a baseball base on balls.  That sort of thing.  Hey I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:18 P.M.




Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Point Is What Else Is Going On

    Hello friends.  It's a new day.  Today is a Five Walker.  That's just the way things go!  It's not good, it's not bad.  It just is.  Kinda bad.  On the other hand kinda good.  Also on some other person's hands Kinda Just ISN'T.  I'm not 100% sure This Is.  Huh.  I made coffee but I'm gonna write two paragraphs before going to get it.  One reason is it may not be ready yet.  Another reason is I want this coffee to last me all Act!  The later into the Act I start it the more likely that will be the case. I DUNNO I'm risking NOT FINISHING IT by the end of the Act.  That's just a risk I have to take.  I don't have to take it.  Sure I do.  I AM taking it.  Therefore I Have To Take It.  That's just Physics.  Philosophy Physics.  Stuff like that!  Made more progress into BACK TO THE FUTURE.  I like the part where he goes Back To The Future.  I dunno most of the movie is him going Forward To The Past.  Most of the FRANCHISE.
     What else is going on.  I like these movies a lot more before I started thinking about how none of it makes sense.  I don't like things that don't make sense.  They JUST AREN'T.  I can't enjoy something That Cannot Be.  Even if I wanted to!  What else is going on.  I feel like most likely, next time I check my weight I will be the lowest weight I've been in roughly six to eight years.  Only several pounds overweight!  I don't believe it.  I feel like so far I've lost the most weight in my legs.  Below the knee.  Which makes sense because of all the walking.  Walking exercises The Leg Muscles.  Below the knee.  Anyway I got Some Sweet Gams.  Are gams more the Calf and or Thigh area.  Either way I've got some sweet legs below the knee.  Which is great!  I'm happy about it.  BETTER WRITE A THIRD PARAGRAPH BEFORE COFFEE.
    I guess.  Got some sweet knees.  I find knees to be the most erotic part of the body.  Underneath the knee maybe.  Knees themselves are gross but man the opposite side of the knee that's also a strangely appealing weird part of the body.  And Strangely Appealing Weird Things Is Sexy.  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Can we make armpit farts but with backside of knee.  Hmm.  ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!.  LMLTURQ.  I dunno I have pants on.  That'd make it harder.  I need a Bare underneath the knee to really try.  I can LTURQ ON THE INTERNET.  I don't wanna put the word fart into Google.  Then for the rest of my life I'm gonna be getting suggestions with the word fart in it.  And I never wanna see that word again.  Hey here comes coffee.
     Hey I got coffee.  Great!  What do I have in store for today.  Maybe some video games.  Or more accurately, Video Game.  Call of Duty II!  HEY I JUST FINISHED A MISSION.  A SUPRA mission not a SUB mission.  Submission.  WORDS!  Anyway I think there's six Super Missions and this was the 2nd.  I think!  I could be wrong.  Who cares.  I don't mind being wrong here.  Nobody cares.  Anyway that was RUSSIAN.  I think now I am British OR MAYBE EVEN AMERICAN.  American?  I LOVE to be American in War Games.  Not just because I root for America generally in wars but because WE Got The Greatest Weapons.  Presumably.  I haven't been America yet in this game!  WOW WHOLE NEW SET OF WEAPONS.  I wonder if Americans have PISTOLS.  Russians and British didn't!  Let's move on with my lives.  I WILL be moving on with my lives-- in the direction of playing video games as America War Machine!  THIS IS MY LIFE NOW better get used to it.
Anyway.  Halfway into 4 or 6 movies.  Gotta imagine I'll make progress with 1 or 2 of them today.  METS game tonight.  Gotta imagine there's a 50% chance the Mets aren't getting blown out so I'd be interested in watching it for the most part.  Wonderful.  How's OLYMPICS going.  I saw South Korea I believe has a system where they have compulsory military service in general but if someone wins a gold medal in Olympics they're exempt.  THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO SEE.  That's just a step or two removed from WIN GOLD MEDAL OR DIE!!!  Which I feel would make Olympics a lot more interesting to watch.  Also I think they should be called Winning Gold METALS.  Gold is a metal.  Medal is made out of gold!  Gold may not be a metal.  Better LTURQ!  Damnit I'm wearing pants I can't look it up now.  Just kidding.  I'll LTURQ for real!  GOLD IS A METAL.
Fascinating.  Nobody cares!  I don't even care.  Except for how it justifies my theory that we should be calling it winning Gold Metals.  What else is going on.  Had Frenched toast last night!  Gonna have Burger and Calamari today, presumably in that order.  With space in between.  If I was having them at once probably would have calamari first.  Calamari is appetizer while burger is more of a main dish.  Hmm.  Maybe put calamari on top of burger.  Maybe put burger on top of calamari!  That sounds like an interesting way to go.  Oh well no way of knowing.  I forget what I'm talking about.  What else is going on.  Sixth paragraph!  Solidly into the second half of Act I now!  I get annoyed too much watching baseball.  I literally have the thought process every other at bat, if a Met swings and misses or takes a strike or something WHAT ARE YOU STUPID JUST DO THE RIGHT THING.  YOU MAKE A LOT OF MONEY TO PLAY BASEBALL AND YOU'RE RELATIVELY ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD AND YOU CAN'T SWING AT A STRIKE?  ARE YOU SOME KIND OF A MORON.
I get frustrated easily!  And I take it out on the people I'm rooting for In My Mind.  It's not just oh well that sucks here comes the next batter.  I get ANGRY.  And not at the opposition for doing good.  At the team I'm rooting for for not doing better!  Oh well that's Sports for ya.  I don't like it when Mets face division rivals in series.  Too much at stake!  I can't handle all the stress!  I like games where t he Mets can lose and the division rival can also lose in their separate game.  Much less stakes!  We can lose all we want and we're STILL IN THE SAME PLACE in the standings!  Then again, playing division rival, if we WIN it's guaranteed our division rival loses.  WHO CARES.  I wanna safeguard US LOSING.  Winning is a pipe dream at this moment let's just try to make sure we get the least consequences of losing.
     Anyway.  Eighth paragraph.  I don't believe it!  I'm gonna be out of gum tomorrow.  I don't re-up with gum until Friday (which IS LATER than tomorrow).  I dunno what to do! I can go into store and get a single pack of gum which will last me.  But I'd have to use MONEY to get it.  And I wanna save the money I have in case I reach a point I want to be alcohol secretly and don't wanna use my credit card because that would give away the secret.  Right now I have no desire to do that but Hey Gotta Plan Ahead.  Either way how much can a pack of gum cost.  I'd guess ONE TO THREE AND A HALF DOLLARS.  Better LTURQ.  Internet says it can cost about 1 to 2 dollars per pack.  WOW WHAT A DEAL!  I dunno.  What else is going on.  I could buy a single shot serving of alcohol with that money.  I think!  I forget!  If my memory serves me correctly single shot bottles of alcohol are 99 cents to 4 dollars.  Oh well what can ya do.
What else is going on.  I might have calamari cold.  The last few times I've considered doing that!  And I feel I've talked about this on website at least once of the last few times!  I dunno.  Microwave maybe.  Oven is obvious because my first instinct if Calamari should be crispy because it's fried and fried should be crispy.  But I dunno!  Cold is good.  Microwaved is good I think, too!  WE'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE.  No we won't. We have to Wait and DECIDE. I can't just passively wait and the way I have calamari will be revealed to me in the natural process of things.  I HAVE TO DO DECIDE.  DAMNIT.  Also I have to decide how much to estimate calamari calories.  My instinct today is each piece is Oh I Don't Know EIGHTEEN OR NINETEEN CALORIES.  I forget what I'm basing this on.  Probably nothing!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  I don't know how I did it so quickly.  Partially because I said nothing and also partially because I said nothing FAST.  Anyway.  Been watching Friday The Thirteenths in order here and there as the appear on Live Television.  Each movie gets gradually more supernatural.  First one I don't think was super natural at all.  Then the next one it's not clear whether it's supernatural or not.  The third one has the same ambiguity as the second one but at this point even if Jason is Alive Regularly it's unrealistically impossible to stop him.  He can survive too many things.  And my impression is each movie he gets gradually more invincible until they reach the point that I always associated with the franchise which is just that he's a supernatural mostly undead killing machine with no thought process or remorse and ultimately no way to stop him.  YEAH.  Also that's it for now.  I'll be back!



So I've Got That Going For Me

    Hey!  Got coffee going on.  Gonna take a shower between upcoming Acts but NOT A WALK.  That's where I draw the line.  What line.  The one I'm Drawing somewhere.  I don't like watching nudity from 1970's and 1980's movies.  THAT COULD BE MY MOM.  Agewise.  In history.  HOWEVER nudity looks different then.  Either because womens' bodies were different or there were different standards when casting women for nudity roles.  And in THAT respect I'm on board.  I like seeing unique nudiness! Variety is the spice of life.  I've talked about this before.  I'll talk about it again!  It comes up roughly two or three times a week.  Big part of my life all things considered.  The point is I think Historically AND CURRENTLY Hollywood and/or Pornogrpahywood casts certain body types so we think all women look like that.  And then we see a LIVE naked woman and are like HEY I HAVEN'T SEEN THIS BEFORE.  I'm basing this on personal experience presumably one would imagine!
    What else is going on.  I've got a big decision to make.  What kind of side will I eat with Bison Burger.  And how much of what kind of side.  And WHEN to eat it in the meal. Right now I think it'd be an interesting mix em up to have Chocolate Chip Cookie with it.  Just one!  And AT BEGINNING OF MEAL COMPLETELY.  Eat the cookie, get that out of the way, and then be like ok now the entire burger.  Feels like a fun way to go.  I DUNNO USUALLY A WANT A SALTY CRUNCH SNACK WITH BURGER.  I could have CHIPS of one sort of another.  I dunno about that.  I wouldn't be having enough to justify them.  I could have 4-8 chips DEPENDING ON THE CHIP and what's the point.  I'm just getting myself started with that amount of chips.  And with no payoff!  I TALK ABOUT THIS A LOT.  Comes up 2 or 3 times a week!  This is the life I chose.
     Anyway.  Been takin' some nice showers lately.  The one part of shower I don't like is Getting Into Shower.  I already start water before I get in.  I don't wanna Get In, start water, and it's TOO COLD for TEN SECONDS.  No, I start shower, get it warm, wait 15 seconds, then get in!  TOO WARM AT FIRST.  The heat I want ultimately is TOO HOT for the first 4 seconds getting into it.  Then I get acclimated.  But anyway that's the worst part.  THIS IS GONNA STING A LITTLE BIT BUT IT'S ALL FOR THE BEST.  And it IS all for the best.  Because after The Sting I get used to it and that's a huge rush.  THE WORST IS OVER WITH NOW IT'S ALL UPHILL.  I get a great feeling once I acclimate to shower water temperature!  Gotta look at the bright side of things.  That doesn't sound right.  Could be bad for your eyes.  You don't wanna look directly into too bright light.  Gotta look at the dark dull side of things. That sounds SAFE.
Anyway.  I feel like 80% of this entry has been done before.  And 80% of that Shouldn't Have Been Done In The First Place.  So what percent of things HAVEN'T been done before and/or HAVE been done before but ARE WORTH WHILE.  What's 4/5ths of 4/5ths.  64%!  THAT MEANS 36% is either NEW or at least OLD BUT WORTHWHILE.  Hey that's over 1/3rd!  WOW THAT'S A LOT OF THINGS.  What's going on again.  I forget.  36%.  That's a lot!  No doubtin' that.  I forget what its a reference to but 36% is definitely a good amount.  Also OLD BUT WORTHWHILE ISN'T A GOOD THING.  We're still at 20% worthwhile.  WAIT A SECOND there's also the category of New But Not Worthwhile.  DAMNIT.  We're really getting down to Not A Lot Of This Is Worthwhile.  DAMNIT.  Hey this paragraph is almost over.  DAMNIT.
Yeah!  I finished my coffee #2.  DAMNIT.  I enjoy my coffees each day but somehow I rarely get to a point where I finish coffee too soon and wish I had more.  We're there today!  I wouldn't mind drinking more coffee!  OH WELL THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW.  There's USUALLY Tomorrow.  If there's No Tomorrow then we've got bigger problems than me and my coffee.  We've got bigger problems than me and my coffee even if there is tomorrow.  SLIGHTLY bigger problems!  Half a dozen of them at least!  Oh well gotta take one thing at a time.  Right now the priority is me and my coffee.  No it isn't.  Nothin' there!  I don't have more.  I'd like more but that's it.  No more.  Just gotta live with this.  Fine, great.  I don't know what's going on.  I'll be back later.




I Don't Know What I'm Doing

    Hey you idiots I didn't get to shampoo my hair today.  Shampoo was all used up.  I didn't see that coming!  Yesterday I had all the shampoo in the world.  Today suddenly NOTHING?  And midshower it's too late to go and find a new bottle of shampoo.  There wasn't any in the room at all!  I checked afterward!  You could easily make an argument that if I had to go into a drawer or cabinet in the bathroom to get a new shampoo I could do that midshower.  But I didn't.  And then it turns out I didn't have it anyway.  So my decision to not leave the shower looks appropriate.  The point is I'm pretty sure I got shampoo somewhere and I'll have to figure that out before Tomorrow Shower.  For today though my hair smells bad or something?   Shampoo is for smell, right.  That's my impression.  I PUT ON EXTRA SOAP TO MAKE UP FOR IT.  True story!  I figured if my hair will smell bad then at least my body can smell SLIGHTLY FRACTIONALLY better.
     Wonderful.  What the Hell.  At this point I could fit in six walks but why bother.  Five is the way to go today!  Also what else is going on.  I think Jason Voorhees is too similar to Michael Myers.  And also the premise of the movies are too similar.  HALLOWEEN THAT'S A SPOOKY DAY.  FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH THAT'S A SPOOKY DAY.  And also they're similar like I said.  Wear masks!  Unstoppable killing machines!  Both were treated badly as kids and that's why they hate teenagers or something.  Neither of them talk at all!  If I had to choose one, hmm.  Am I choosing which one I'd be more likely to Survive?  That'd be my main criteria if I was in the same universe as one of them.  I'd want one that is less likely to ultimately kill me.  Hmm.  Michael Myers.  I feel like Jason is better at finding people's hiding spaces and stuff.  I feel like I could hide from Michael Myers.  Then again I think it's easier to OUTRUN Jason as opposed to Michael Myers.  So do I wanna RUN or HIDE.  That's what it comes down to.  I think I wanna RUN.  Hiding is a hassle.  How long do I have to stay hidden?  Gets frustrating after a while.
What else is going on.  Then again there's also the question of which one is easier for ME TO CONTROL and have them kill My Enemies.  I don't have many enemies.  And even if I did, in real life, I don't think killing people is the answer!  That's my impression.  What else is going on.  HMM also would I rather it be Halloween OR A Friday The Thirteenth.  EASY Halloween!  Halloween is a fun day.  I might have to deal with Michael Myers 2 or 3 hours out of the day, but the rest of the day is a blast and a half!  Lots of fun stuff you can do on Halloween.  Friday The 13th?  More or less just a regular day most of the time.  So that's another thing to consider.  WAIT A SECOND Friday the  13th is ALWAYS A FRIDAY.  And Friday has gotta be the best day of the week.  MAYBE 2nd best but I think you could definitely make a case for Friday.  EVEN IF (ESPECIALLY IF???) you're working on Friday.  It's a half work day but it's also half NO MORE WORK day.  THEN AGAIN it's a 1/7 chance Halloween IS ALSO A FRIDAY.  Which would be the dream best-case scenario.  What's going on again.
Penultimate paragraph!  Any benefit or detriment for it being the 13th.  Hmm.  Solidly in the middle of the month.  Can't think of why that would be good or bad.  Is the 13th of any month a special day.  I can't think of anything off the top of my head.  My birthday is a 12th.  If it was a 13th then Friday The 13th has a 1/12 chance of being my birthday!!!  But my birthday is the 12th.  So that's not really a consideration.  What else is going on.  Should really look at a calendar to confirm that there's no holidays that always fall on the 13th of some month.  LMLTURQ.  HMM not seeing anything immediately.  I don't know why I looked that up.  It doesn't matter to anyone.  Except for me.  I needed closure on this whole issue!  It's reasonable to assume that no one else cares.
     Last paragraph!  I don't believe it.  JANUARY 13TH IS STEPHEN FOSTER MEMORIAL DAY.  OFFICIALLY.  IN THE UNITED STATES.  One day I hope to figure out who Stephen Foster is.  Hopefully on a January The Thirteenth.  Seems like the most appropriate day to find that out.  HE WROTE CAMPTOWN RACES AMONG OTHER THINGS.  Good.  I don't know why we have to observe him every year.  Camptown races is a memorable tune but I think all in all we could do without it.  Probably responsible for as much Evil as it is Good.  Huh.  HEY THIS IS MEMORABLE.  That famous Honey Mooners episode with the trivia question about Who Wrote This Song IT WAS STEPHEN FOSTER IN REALITY.  Is that a famous Honey Mooners episode.  I know about it for some reason.  Maybe you don't know ANY Honey Mooners episode.  And if you do, surely at least you're wondering why I'm making Honey Mooners two words.  YEAH.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:39 P.M.




Tuesday, July 27, 2021

No Sense In Letting All This Go To Waste

    Hello friends.  Another entry starting with, "H."  This is the hard hitting topics people wanna read about.  All in all I think H isn't a great letter.  Too pompous.  Just look at it.  H is kind of full of itself.  Well that's a Rorschach Test For Ya.  Hey today is a new day.  I've set myself up for another six walk day.  Not sure why.  Because I'm dumb!  Five walks is more than enough.  Then again I get to do different stuff on walk than I would not on walk.  Like listening to The Latest Music.  I'm all up to date on that!  Anyway the Mets split a double header yesterday and I was very excited about that.  They're in first, all they need to do is run out the clock.  There's sixty games left.  EXACTLY that's the EXACT NUMBER OF CLOCKS.  See now whose dumb.  Sixty is Clock's favorite number.  Then 12.  Then MAYBE 24.  You heard it here first.
     Maybe a THIRTY.  People like HALVING things why should clocks be any different.  Still have my Cable Box Clock covered.  Every now and then I consider what my life might be like if the clock was visible.  I dunno!  Hard to imagine such a wildly different parallel universe.  I can imagine some benefits, sure.  But overall I feel like I'm doing the right thing.  HEY the Chipotle they gave me yesterday I wasn't happy with.  Way too much meat.  We're talking legitimately best guess is four times as much Barbacoa as they're supposed to.  And I saved about half of it.  So I still ate double of what it should be.  MATH IS AFOOT WONDERFUL.  Also all that barbacoa made it abundantly clear to me for the first time this is like 80% Fat.  I thought shredded beef was healthy.  But not when it's essentially Shredded Beef Fat.  Also presumably not when it's just shredded beef.  Either way that's life for ya.
     I can make A SANDWICH out of the barbacoa I left over.  I don't wanna make a sandwich.  I ALREADY ATE THAT SANDWICH FILLING YESTERDAY.  Either way I get to have something NEW for dinner tonight.  Totally not something I've eaten before!  Well I ate the same THING before but not the EXACT same thing.  That's already been eaten and digested and pissed and pooed out.  Presumably now it lives in the sewer.  Also how come they never addressed how fucking filthy the Ninja Turtles must have been.  They must have been covered on liquid shit 24/7.  Same joke with BANE from Batman.  Or PENGUIN from Batman.   Hmm lots of people live in sewers.  That's because Fiction hasn't properly told them how Shitty They'd Be All The Time.
     Turtles like filth.  That's the message I get out of this.  Shittiness not withstanding (or IS IT with standing?) I'd live in a sewer.  Seems like fun.  Yep.  Tried some Grand Theft Auto San Andreas last night.  I don't like this game.  Too violent.  You just walk around and kill people for no reason.  That's the Base Level of what you do in the game.  Well probably steal people's cars is More Base.  I dunno.  I think it's odd that you successfully steal the car in the middle of the street all the time (or 99% of the time maybe).  Gotta imagine in real life 2 out of 5 times the person in the car successfully shakes you off and drives away.  This game is giving people FALSE EXPECTATIONS of how successful they'd be stealing cars from the street.  Also what kind of consequences there may or may not be for killing people all the time for no reason.
     Hey what else is going on.  Pour my coffee after this paragraph.  I don't know why I'm not doing it now.  Don't feel like getting up!  I like how if you commit a crime in view of a police officer then suddenly the police are on you for 90 seconds and then if they don't get you for 90 seconds they give up and the police aren't on you anymore.  If only that was real life.  Commit a crime.  Run away for a minute and a half!  Police are like oh well we tried lets move on with our lives.  I dunno.  That doesn't help me!  I don't WANT to commit any crimes that might lead to that situation.  Hmm.  Gotta be SOME crime I'd commit if I knew I could get away with it.  Hmm.  Can't think of a violent crime.  This is a good think-em-up.  What's the worst crime I would do if I could definitely get away with it.  I don't know!  Only crimes I can think of is consumption of illegal substances maybe if I felt like it.
     I dunno.  Oh Right Coffee.  Okay hey about this.  Steal money from a source that doesn't need it/won't miss it/doesn't deserve it.  I like money!  I'd take some money if it doesn't hurt anyone!  Alright then it's settled.  I'll steal money and get away wit hit.  What do you mean this was hypothetical.  That sounds like a lie.  YOU PROMISED I COULD COMMIT A CRIME.  Anyway hey sixth paragraph.  The Mets are playing a game tonight.  You heard it here first.  Salmon was okay last night.  I didn't hate it!  Today I got Chipotle for lunch.  Wonder if they gave me way too much bonus Steak.  Probably not.  I can imagine in my mind's eye the burrito bowl and I imagine the appropriate amount of steak.  Not sure what that accomplishes.
Anyway.  Off the top of my head maybe a Sweet Breakfast Meal for dinner.  We're talkin PANCAKES.  We're talkin FRENCHED TOAST.  We're talkin' BELGIAN WAFFLE.  Sweet.  It's healthy because it's delicious.  Am I the only person who sometimes puts artificial sweetener on breakfast sweet meals like it was powdered sugar.  I don't have powdered sugar!  Also this way it's zero calories!  Hmm I guess you're wondering Well Does It Work.  The answer is SURE I GUESS I DON'T REALLY KNOW.  I know I EAT IT sometimes.  I know I TASTE THE SWEET.  Not sure if it adds to the meal or takes away, though.  You'd think I'd know after doing it a hundred times.  Yeah you'd think so wouldn't you.  Hey there's only three more paragraphs or Act I after this one.  You'd think so wouldn't you.
Anyway.  Is there a sewers for the sewers.  Not sure what that accomplishes.  Wait a second YEAH I DO KNOW.  I imagine there might be multi-layered sewers.  There's the regular sewers and then there's the super sewers.  I think that makes a lot of sense.  What comes after The SUPER Sewers.  Nothing!  That's more than enough sewers!  What are you an idiot or something!  I think the main reason I wouldn't live in the sewers is that the sewer... circles... those things that cover... THE MAN HOLE COVERS... are deceptively heavy!  Everyone just imagines opening them like it was nothing but they're VERY heavy.  And I don't need that kind of hassle every time I go from sewers to Upper World or vice versa.  Man Holes.  That's what they're called.  I dunno why.  They have nothing to do with Men.  Sure Men invented them and built them.  But Men invented and built many things.
    Maybe it's because only REAL men can open this Manhole cover.  On account of physical strength.  Maybe.  I dunno.  Also it must be really dark in the sewers.  Very little light at all!  I'd need some sort of flashlight and that's a hassle and a half.  Let's move on with our lives.   Ninth paragraph I think.  What is ED Norton's job exactly.  Just go down into different sewers every day and be like WELL EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE IN ORDER.  Maybe I'd know the answer if I watched the show.  Anyway.  For some reason when I was a kid I imagined The Honeymooners as being from the 1920's.  Now I know TV wasn't around then!  I probably even knew it when I was a kid but didn't put two and two together.  FASCINATING.  The point is it is kind of fascinating.  Because the sort of Personal Relationships and whatnot in Honeymooners was actually representative of the 1950's while I thought it was 1920's.  WOW PEOPLE IN THE 1950'S WERE REAL JERKS.
Last paragraph of Act I!  My Dad teaches downstairs on computer Monday and Wednesday nights.  I can't play electric guitar during those nights!  Hmm that's probably why I don't play Good Guitar.  My Dad's fault!  Well it's his students fault.  How dare they take classes.  Internet classes!  They're mucking this up for everybody.  Anyway as of now the only game I'm confident I can get hours out of playing with joy is Call Of Duty II.  After that I might have to buy a new game.  Maybe some sort of RACING game.  I dunno why I said that.  I don't particularly like racing games.  Yeah but now's a great time to rectify that!  Get on board with a racing game.  Is CRUSIN' USA on Xbox 360.  Probably not.  Anyway.  Great.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Please Help Yourself

    Hey!  Back with Act II.  My Future Meal Decisions are coming into focus.  I don't wanna give anything away but for lunch it looks like Chipotle, for dinner it looks like OLD FASHIONED Frenched Toast, and for meals tomorrow it looks like Bison Burger and Fried Calamari.  And for lunch on Thursday it looks like Salmon.  WHAT THE HELL I JUST GAVE EVERYTHING AWAY.  Not even just a little bit.  I blew EVERYTHING I HAD.  Anyway none of it is finalized but right now that's what's going on in my mind.  WONDERFUL.  My Mind has never been so happy.  It's been productive and imaginationing and I can't complain with that at all.  Old Fashioned French Toast is French Toast made out of White Bread.  Like they USED To do.  Regular French Toast is Challah Bread.  THAT'S RIGHT NEW FANGLED CHALLAH BREAD.
     Yeah!  I like Challah French Toast but I also like to MIX IT UP.  This is the place that DON'T DO CINNAMON though.  Maybe they do now!  They saw the other place did it and they refused to be One-Upped.  Wonderful.  Fried Calamari.  Delicious.  Also Bison Burger.  Delicious.  Salmon.  I dunno I can live with that.  Gotta eat it either way, though.  IT GOES BAD AFTER SEVERAL DAYS.  I can't wait for BOOSTER SHOTS.  And then several months until I CAN GET A BOOSTER SHOT.  I have nothing but good memories getting my first several shots.  It was a blast and a half! TWO BLASTS if you consider each shot A BLAST.  Which you might.  I feel like in Drug Talk some dumb people probably call shooting up a blast.  And we were all shooting up Vaccinations.
     That sort of thing.  My favorite part is feeling sick for a day after shot.  THIS IS GREAT I get all the BENEFITS of feeling sick without any real risk of it developing into a problem.  Who wouldn't like feeling under the weather but for just a day.  That's the dream, right!  Anyway.  Xbox 360 Controller has RUMBLE PACK.  It's activated all the time in Call Of Duty II.  Lots of stuff can trigger Rumbling.  What fun!  I like using PISTOLS in Call of Duty II.  Not effective at all!  No benefits.  Except for one benefit IT'S FUN.  We're in war and I'm poppin' off on you with a small gun and I'm having a blast with it.  That's great.  Also it's GERMAN Pistols.  So far I don't think I've used any Russian or British pistols.  Only Germans carrying pistols!  GO FIGURE.
     Penultimate paragraph of Act II.
  Great.  I wonder how deep into the Single Player Missions I'm in.  It could be 10%.  It could be 60%!  My guess is it's between 25 and 50%.  Hmm pretty good guess.  I'm happy about that guess.  I'd be even happier if it turns out to be true.  And if it turns out to be inaccurate then I will feel BAD about the guess retroactively.  Wonderful.  I think Baseball Olympics starts tomorrow.  Not sure if and when games will be televised.  If and when they are I may watch some of then if and when I feel like it.  I watched some Women Softball a few days ago.  Not Olympic!  College!  FLORIDA versus FLORIDA STATE.  Pretty sure that was the plot of The Water Boy except different sport.  Also I'm not a fan with how you pitch in softball.  Just looks dumb!  I'm sure it's very fast and hard to hit.  I don't know. Maybe!  But it looks dumb to me.  That's not an ANTI WOMAN thing.  Anyone who pitches softball looks dumb.
    Also I'm so PRO WOMAN that I think they should be playing baseball.  I wanna see a lady throw a regular baseball with a regular delivery.  I'd watch that all day!  Until they tell me to leave the stadium!  Because I'm making people uncomfortable!  YEAH.  Wonderful.  Not gonna take my next walk until Dad gets back from his walk.  Which he hasn't started yet.  So I got a nice break coming up.  And I still got enough time to fit in six walks overall pretty conveniently.  I dunno whatta do now, though.  Maybe watch some sort of Television.  Probably the one I have in my room.  That's the most convenient one for the moment.  It's weird to say we watch Television.  We watch the motion pictures that appear on the television.  Saying you're watching television is like saying you're watching the toaster.  We watch toaster all the time.  WHO KNOWS when its gonna pop.  Microwave we don't have to watch all the time.  We see the time, we can walk away, estimate when it'll be ready.  Toaster?  GOTTA KEEP AN EYE ON THIS IT COULD BE ANY MOMENT.  Anyway.  You get the point!  I'll be back later.




Come Back Tomorrow

    Hello friends.  Here with Act III!  I waited to take a walk.  I took a walk!  I took a shower.  Now I'm here.  In the midst of watching BACK TO THE FUTURE on DVD.  I wanted to emphasize the DVD.  I capitalized each letter!  I don't feel like that got the point across.  The point is hey gotta imagine this is slightly different than TV version.  So basically I'm justified in watching it again.  The point is probably watched each DVD roughly once.  That'd be my guess.  THERE'S DELETED SCENES.  But I'd have to watch them SEPARATELY.  No thanks!  Some DVDs have deleted scenes and you select an option that MAKES THEM SHOW UP WHEN YOU WATCH THE COMPLETE MOVIE.  Those DVDs are the best.  I guess.  I forget what I was talking about.
     Anyway.  It's a good movie because it makes you think.  Hmm 1950's wonder what that's all about.  Now we know!  What else.  Think I'm gonna go with CHALLAH Frenched Toast.  Not Old Fashioned.  NEW FANGLED CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST.  Anyway.  I feel like for a while before Pandemic Quarantine when I got bison burgers I got Onion Mushroom AND JALEPENO pepper.  Since Pandemic Quarantine being lifted I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THE JALEPENO PEPPERS.  Then I remembered a few weeks ago AND THEN I DECIDED TO NOT BOTHER NEXT TIME I ORDERED IT AND THEN I FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT AGAIN.  Now I remember.  And maybe I will ask about it for tonight.  Or tell my Dad to ask about it.  I make him call to get the deliveries.  HE gets stuff for himself, too.  And sometimes my Mom.  But I sit silently and watch him order.  I get my jollies that way.
     Anyway.  What.  I forget.  HMM I can, "Mix it up," and get RAW ONION instead of SAUTEED ONION.  That sounds great because you know how big a fan of Mixing It Up I am.  HEY I still got my second coffee to drink.  Wow.  At this point maybe I should just forego it.  NO WAY I DRINK SECOND COFFEES IN MY HOUSE THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT'S DONE.  I dunno I don't particularly WANT coffee.  You'd think that'd be the guiding light.  You'd think so wouldn't you.  I never even finished First Coffee.  STILL 10% IN THERE.  Hey great lets move on with my life.  Put rest of Rotisserie Chicken IN FREEZER.  I had one meal of it this week.  That'll do for now.  IT'S TWO AND A HALF POUNDS.  That's what they say.  Gotta imagine that includes bone and skin.  Skin can't weigh that much.  Oh yeah tell that to people who get weight loss surgery and then lose weight and then have lots of skin.  The point is I have a lot of chicken left but it's in the freezer!  IT COULD LAST MONTHS EASILY.  I'll eat it much sooner than months!  I can have it Oh I Don't Know ONCE A WEEK.  And there's roughly 4 or 5 mealsworth left!  MAYBE THREE IF I STUFF MYSELF SILLY.
Penultimate paragraph!  What team am I rooting for in Baseball Olympics.  Well I live in and am from America, that'd be my first instinct.  Then again I don't know.  Maybe Mexico.  Lots of good Latin American baseball players but Mexico per my understanding isn't exactly a hot bed of superstar baseball activity.  That's why I LIKE IT.  Mexico is coming into this competition with something to prove.  ALRIGHT IT'S SETTLED I'M ROOTING FOR MEXICO.  Not just in life, but in Baseball Olympics.  But also in life.  I root for most countries!  I wish the best for mostly everyone save for several countries.  THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE.  And They Know What They Did.  What else is going on.  Poured myself coffee.  Poured myself soda.  I got that going for me is the point. HEY I got a nice little block of time before next walk.  I wonder what kind of TV I will watch.  Maybe the DVD.  AGAIN I wanted to emphasize saying DVD BUT THERE'S NO WAY.
Last paragraph.  If we accept Canada is the next most America thing is Mexico 2nd?  I dunno England sounds pretty America.  Is Mexico the most America that doesn't speak English.  I don't know what that means.  Either way I feel like we should relate to Mexico more than most of us feel that we do.  It lives very close to us!  Also TEX MEX is an American cuisine.  I wonder if they have TEX MEX cuisine in Mexico.  And whether they call it MEX TEX or not.  I'd call it MEX TEX if I was them.  Also what does TEX really add to the cuisine.  I could easily be wrong but my impression of Tex Mex is that it's Mex but what was Mex geographically  is now Tex.  But the point is TEX added very little Cuisinewise.  I dunno.  The point is I'm done here for the day.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-2:25 P.M.




Monday, July 26, 2021

First Things First

    Hello friends.  Most of the time I start the entry with an H.  I copy and paste from Last Post to start a new post, and I usually have an H to start posts, like I said!  So that goes on.  Then again sometimes I mix it up!  But even when I mix it up I'm likely to start the next post with an H.  Because I KNOW I've had good success with H's.  The point is Great Just Great.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Lost another 2 pounds in a week and a half!  I LIKE those odds!  I'm roughly exactly halfway through losing weight exercise.  Lost 25 pounds.  Wanna lose another 25 pounds.  SOUNDS LIKE EXACTLY, where's this, "ROUGHLY," stuff coming from.  Just hedging my bets!  Sonic the Hedgehog!  There's some sort of Sonic The Hedgehog Game I can get for Xbox 360 that's only 20 dollars.  Something is only 20 dollars? I'd be a fool NOT to buy it!  Also twenty dollars is a REAL sweet spot for buying something.  Cheap enough that it's not a big deal.  Expensive enough that you're gettin' something good.  I'd pay 20 dollars for things all day if I had to.  Or at least until the 20 dollars run out.  Or The Things run out.
Wonderful.  Playin' some Call Of Duties II here and there.  Fun game!  I like the part where I kill people.  FINALLY.  All my life I've been waiting to kill people in a fun and safe environment and this is that!  Anyway.  Maybe get Chipotle today.  Pretty good odds.  Been a while.  WEEKS!  Maybe even A MONTH.  I can check that LMLTUQ.  I CAN look it up right quick.  I dunno if its worth it.  I could think of better ways to spend 25 seconds.  EH I'LL DO IT.  For YOU.  LAST ORDERED 6/21.  OVER A MONTH.  YOUR WELCOME.  Well I benefit too.  Now I know as well as you.  Anyway.  Ugh.  Gotta have Salmon for Other Meal today.  It's possible I'd be excited about that at some point either before eating it, during eating it, or after eating it!  Anyway.  I'm not a fan of teams trading players and getting little in return.  IT seems like all the time in baseball at least teams are trading quality players for prospects and the prospect haul is very underwhelming.  I don't know why I don't like this.  Even if it was The Mets, and The Mets were benefiting from it, I'd be like well that's good I guess but STILL the other team should have done better.
    I feel it's insulting to the quality major league player.  I feel it's unfortunate for the team trading the quality major league player.  It's unfortunate for the prospects I guess in some way.  Somehow it's unfortunate for the team getting the major league player.  EVERYONE LOSES in this scenario.  SURE in real life Most people Win In This Scenario BUT NOT ME.  I FEEL LIKE I'VE LOST.  As a fan!  I WANNA SEE BIG TRADES.  ELITE PROSPECTS ON THE MOVE.  I DON'T CARE ABOUT THESE CLUNKER PROSPECTS.  Wonderful.  The Mets are playing a Double Header today.  Which is good because I like The Mets.  And also upon further introspection is good because so far I Really Like 7 inning games.  These are gonna be a blast and a half!  Or more accurately, combined, 14/9ths of a blast.  Over the entire day.  YEAH.
Wonderful.  I'm a little worried if I get Guitar Program for Xbox I'd become a little TOO good at guitar.  Like, it wouldn't be fair to everyone else.  So there's that.  I had delicious Extra Lean Corned Beef Sandwich last night.  No Cold Hot Dogs!  Anyway I've been getting this restaurant since I was a kid, we used to go there pretty often, and they have Corned Beef sandwich, and they have EXTRA LEAN corned beef sandwich.  And most of my life I was pretty sure they had LEAN corned beef sandwich.  I always thought they had three levels.  Regular, Lean, EXTRA LEAN.  Now that I Read Menus more often I'm abundantly aware there's no Regular Lean.  Just jumps from regular to EXTRA LEAN.  Seems strange.  YEAH.  I prefer regular Tastewise but you can't argue with lean meat healthwise.  You can't argue with lean meat at all!  It wouldn't argue back!
     What is this.  Fifth paragraph?  That's not great.  I still have a lot to write and ALSO what I have written is substantial enough that the low quality really sticks in my craw.  What else is going on.  Tokyo Olympics is going on.  Gotta imagine it takes place in Tokyo.  I feel like when Browsing Guide it says LIVE FROM TOKYO.  It's Saturday Night!  That sort of thing.  Did Inventory of Pills yesterday.  I've got roughly Oh I Don't Know 2.5, 3 dozen pill bottles which are mostly 100% full.  It's good because now I know if I'm on a desert island I have plenty of pills.  Not really.  I have them HERE.  What good does that do me if I'm Away on a desert  island.  Maybe I took my pills with me.  Well that would be good thinking ahead but we can't count on that!  Sure we can. I'm a genius.  Well Good Fine either way let's use this paragraph as a learning experience and conclude that every time I go to desert islands I'm taking all I can with me.  That should be obvious but it's not.
    This entry is dumb.  That should be obvious and it is.  That's life I guess.  Gotta imagine pill are 80% salt water.  You can't take pills on a desert island!  Dunno what that accomplishes.  Hey what else is going on.  Since a week ago I am now officially considering my weight as 3 pounds over what Home Scale says.  It's OFFICIAL.  I dunno about it being OFFICIAL.  It's the new STANDARD.  It's my new general stance.  I dunno if I put it into legally binding contracts though.  Anyway.  HEY concert is in less than four weeks.  My main goal to prepare is Finish Sleater---Kinney Book.  Seems like a positive way to go.  And I already read Wilco Book several years ago.  I know ALL These people's books.  Now I hold all the power.  Wonderful.  Is there any chance they cancel concert.  It's outside but still ya never know. Maybe you do know.  That's why I asked.  Nah you don't know.  Look at you!  You're dumb!  You don't know a thing!
     Sorry.  I ate a delicious NO SIDES AT ALL with sandwich last night.  I ate entire sandwich!  That's more then enough.  I dunno I don't like meals without sides.  I need VARIETY.  Mostly for taste reasons but also for health reasons.  Body needs all kinds of foods all the time to be firing at all cylinders.  That's my impression.  HMM.  Is there a chance that's 20% correct?  That metabolism and health and all sorts of things CAN benefit from eating different foods together?  I've never seen any health article or spreadsheet that explores that but it seems relatively possible!  We need studies!  What are good foods to eat together.  What are foods we should NEVER eat together.  Looks like I'm a genius, I cracked a health code.  Now the ball is in YOUR court.
    Wonderful.  You can't be playing with balls in court.  THIS IS SERIOUS QUIT THE HORSEPLAY.  The court I mean for that pun in this instance is a Judicial Court.  I think that's the first thing we think of when we think court.  But it could mean lots of things!  Like Medieval Castle Court.  And/or basketball.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  Hey I'm getting closer and closer to finishing this act.  YEP.  That's how it works.  Unless I start deleting things instead of adding things.  Which all in all would probably be the better way to go but I don't think that's in the cards.  Now or ever!  I can't remember the last thing I deleted.  Certainly wasn't the H that started the entry.  I kept that! 
    Anyway.  The Mets are playing with HOME COURT ADVANTAGE today.  This is serious quit the horseplay.  Also if horseplay is a fetish I don't wanna know what it is!  LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.  Oh, right.  I saw a documentary program about people who are into acting like horses.  That's what it is I guess.  STILL leave me out of it.  For now!  Maybe in the future I decide I like horseplay but that's not in the cards for now!  I like CARDPLAY.  That's when you play a game of cards instead of having sex.  Sounds kinky.  Wait a second I don't like cardplay.  Well I guess it depends on the game.  YEAH.  Think I'm probably gonna get Chipotle for lunch and have salmon for dinner.  Because right now I don't wanna eat salmon.  Maybe By Later I will.  Do I wanna eat Chipotle soon, though?  Yeah sure I do.  Why wouldn't I?  I'd have to be some sort of idiot!
     Last paragraph! For now.  Then more later.  You know how that goes.  Also if you're stranded on a desert island who cares what you bring with you you're gonna die pretty quickly.  It's a DESERT island.  People can't live in DESERTS.  Unless they have the right SUPPLIES.  And CLEARLY YOU DON'T.  I can't really picture desert island.  Maybe the entire time the phrase people should be saying is a DESERTED ISLAND.  What would you bring with you on a DESERTED island.  That makes a lot more sense!  However NOPE no one is saying that.  Not until me!  Just now!  Wonderful.  Also I'm sure there are desert islands.  There's all sorts of islands.  No doubtin' that!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




I Don't Like This One Bit

    I might have used this title before.  I don't like that one bit.  Too bad, too, because it's a pretty good title.  Oh well what can ya do.  Wonder if I'm gonna try the Medium-Hot Green Colored Sauce/Salsa for Chipotle Burrito Bowl.  I feel like I wanna try it BUT I'm concerned!  Very concerned!  Might be solid pieces of tomato.  Or tomatillo.  Which is probably a tomato.  That's my guess.  Maybe it means Little Tomato.  Spanish Teacher used to call me Miguelito which means Little Michael &/or Mikey.  Illo is different than ito.  I don't know about that.  Pretty similar!  Roughly an entire 67% of the letters are exactly the same.  That EASILY rounds up to All Of Them.  Anyway gonna have entry done pretty early into the day.  Lots of fun time to spend watch and/or playing things.
    What a wonderful world.  Also I haven't taken full advantage of Watching DVDs.  Only one so far!  Gotta imagine there's DOZENS I can watch happily and even more if I decide I wanna Watch Some Commentaries.  Director's commentary, that's the main one!  You can have producer commentary or cast commentaries.  I haven't seen any Critic Commentaries but that'd be a GREAT idea for the future.  I know he's dead, but imagine being able to watch a Roger Ebert commentary.  Even WITH him being dead I'd watch it.  I dunno about any other critic, though.  I like Roger Ebert a lot and everyone else can suck a lemon.  Either way pretty good idea for Future.  Also I assume every other critic rates things on a scale of Zero To Four Lemons.  But the twist is THE LOWER the better.  Four Lemons is THE BIGGEST DUD OF A MOVIE THAT A FILM CAN BE.
Anyway.  That's a paragraph!  I hope the Mets win BOTH games today.  I know a lot of fans are probably just hoping for a Split but Me I'm The Kind Of Guy that wants my team to win as often as possible.  It's good strategy!  Sets em up best for Winning As Often As Possible.  By winning as often as possible.  YEAH.  Anyway.  I have an NFL BLITZ Xbox game but it doesn't work for Xbox 360 and I feel like it NEVER worked for Xbox 360.  I don't think I EVER was able to play it.  Maybe it was an Xbox Game.  Either way I don't remember EVER having played it for any system.  DAMNIT.  NFL BLITZ is better because of all the Passings.  Also I feel like each player is half robot??  I better LTURQ.  Maybe only one team is Robots.  I looked it up and left more confused than I was before looking it up.
     Wonderful.  CARNITAS Burrito Bowl.  That's SHREDDED PORK.  Pork isn't good for you.  It must be delicious then!  I've had pork hundreds of times.  DELICIOUS.  Also Shredded pork?  What a wonderful texture for pork.  That sort of thing.  I wonder what the rest of the paragraph will be like.  Probably more talk about lunch.  HEY LUNCH IS IN BUT FOUR HOURS.  Wonderful!  For some reason Breakfasts of 1-2 cookies depending on the size has a months-long track record of satisfying me.  And it's not like I'm not hungry at all in beginning of the day.  I wake up hungry!  I eat 2 largish Small Cookies and I'm good for 4-6 hours.  I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Sure I Do!  It's been going on for a long time!  I GUESS I DO BELIEVE IT.  That sort of thing.  See this paragraph wasn't ALL about upcoming lunch.  Some of it was about Past Breakfasts.
Last paragraph for Act II!  Then I take some sort of walk again.  That's a ton of fun.  Not sure what to listen to these days.  I've been stuck on listening to Modern Day Playlists.  HITS?  POPS?  ALTS?  NEW ARTISTS??  All of the above!!!  Anyway I wouldn't mind listening to something new but who knows what to listen to.  Not me!  Hmm if you know what I should listen to e-mail me!  mankindguy at I AIN'T SAYIN I DON'T WANT THAT OUT THERE FOR SEARCH ENGINES BUT LETS JUST SAY IT STARTS WITH A G AND IT'S THE MAIN ONE THAT STARTS WITH A G dot com.  Oh!  And e-mail me what to listen to!  That was the original thing that made me Sort Of say my e-mail address.  I don't expect anyone to e-mail me.  This website only goes one way.  Me ---> You.  That's the only way it works!  Anyway.  I'll be back in a little bit.




Let's All Leave

    Screw shredded pork!  I'm gonna have Steak as my Burrito Bowl filling today . And for tomorrow BARBACOA.  Barbacoa is Shredded BEEF.  It's healthier than pork for some reason.  Cows are healthier than pigs.  Have you SEEN pigs?  DISGUSTING.  Then again when you think about it Cows are pretty gross, too.  I wouldn't be into Cowplay.  Not a sexy animal like horses are.  YEAH.  Anyway boy oh boy do I have a nice long day in store with minimal chores and responsibilities.  I have to WORK AROUND watching The Mets Games.  That's the main Work I can think of.  The stress of timing walks!  Actually not so much stress its kind of fun.  It's a GAME what's the best time to pick taking a walk.  YEAH.  Everything that is work is actually a game.  That's a good life lesson.  INCORRECT but still.
     Wonderful.  Where can I get my hands on the Mets KETO Bars.  Hmm.  I'd buy Food Bars if they were endorsed by the Mets.  I'd also buy Mets Tickets if they were endorsed by Food Bars.  The point is I am easily swayed by corporate endorsements.  You wouldn't' think that'd be the case but it turns out it is.  HMM I haven't had a Food Bar in a long time.  I don't eat snacks really these days!  I eat MICRO SNACKS.  Maybe a few chips or several animal crackers.  One to four times throughout the day.  Then I eat a Solid Snack before bed.  But the point is no good times for Food Bars.  I've GROWN OUT of them.  I'll grow back into them later don't worry.  My diet will change every several months for better or worse and Food Bars will make a Big Comeback don't worry about Food Bars.
Food Bars are what I call restaurants.  THEY'RE LIKE BARS BUT FOR FOOD.  That's how that joke goes.  Where did Bars get their name.  Is it because in a bar all the alcohol is sitting on A Bar.  Is it because the customer sits up at The Bar.  Well sure WE NOW KNOW that's called a bar.  But if Bars never existed and you sat up at a horizontal counter, the word bar wouldn't come into play.  I mean I guess GEOMETRICALLY SPEAKING It IS a bar.  The point is I'm confused about a lot of things.  Mainly What I'm Talking About.  I don't get it!  Gonna take a shower when this entry is over.  More or less!  More or less what.  Shower!  Huh?  Wonderful.  I like freeze framing Baseball Pitches and then watching it in slow motion.  I gotta keep it paused for 10 seconds during Live TV because otherwise the TV gets confused and just goes to Live Regular Motion TV.  The point is that's wonderful and I'm glad I had an opportunity to share it with you.
     Penultimate paragraph!  How long have I been in this format.  10/5/5.  I wanna say over a week and at most two weeks?  I wanna say lots of things!  Half the time because I think they're accurate!  The point is I have so much surplus Klonopin that I could easily become a Klonopin Dealer for several months.  Depends on how much customers I have I guess. And How Much They Like Klonopin.  The point is I've Got Lots.  I can't say that on internet.  Now you will break into my house for Klonopin.  Don't do it!  It's against the law!  And also it's against THE SOCIAL CONTRACT.  What else is going on.  When is the Baseball Olympics at.  That's one Olympics I'd be somewhat interested in watching.  Maybe a Softball Olympics.  That too!  Oh right this website is only Me ----> You.  The point is you can't tell me when the baseball Olympics and/or softball Olympics is, but take this as a lesson that You Should Know and maybe tell as many people as you can about it.  Who knows maybe indirectly over time it'll work its way back to me.
I like those odds!  Rich Hill looked GREAT yesterday.  Unfortunately his pitching wasn't good but MAN OH MAN WHAT A LOOKER.  What else is going on.  His pitching was OKAY.  I like the times he threw curve balls!  Can't get enough of those!  What else is going on.  It's funny because he's OLD.  He's 41!  VERY OLD for baseball player.  And old men can't be lookers.  Being A Looker is a Young Man's Game.  That's my unofficial position for the next several years.  What else.  I still have to watch the last ten minutes of The Mummy Returns.  What a great movie that must have been!  I couldn't even leave it on for 10 more minutes.  That's how bad it was.  I liked the part where ADEBISI from THE OZ was in it.  Highlight of the movie!  Hell Highlight of MY LIFE.  Wasn't that great.  Still might have been the highlight of my life but that's not saying much.  The point is I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:34 P.M.




Sunday, July 25, 2021

Let Me Think About It

    Hey!  Good news.  I've been having wonderful success with eating meals facing East.  Not so much the facing East that's the best part.  It's equal parts Facing East, Height Of Surface, and ability to Scroll Computer if I want to make meal last longer.  Wow I can check out things on the internet while I'm eating?  That's living in the lap of luxury!  WHAT IS THIS THE FUTURE!!!  Eating and browsing a the same time??  YES IT IS THE FUTURE. Compared to the past.  Also most of what we know is The Past.  The only other thing we know it The Present.  Future is anyone's guess.  So basically Yes In General We Are Always Living In The Future.  WOW HOW SCIENCE FICTIONEY.  Hey that's great just great.  Talked over ROCKSMITH with My Dad and it looks like that is in the cards!  I'll probably have the go ahead to get it within the next couple days.
    WOW.  I'm gonna LEARN SONGS.  I didn't even know that was a possibility when playing guitar.  I don't even know how to play my own songs, that's how dumb I am.  Probably for the best.  That's how dumb my songs are.  Anyway.  Tried a few other games on Xbox 360.  Madden 06?  WORKS!  Simpsons Road Rage?  WORKS!  I Feel Like There Was A Third Game I Tried Which Works?  WORKS!  Anyway as of now the only game really worth playing is Call Of Duty II and that's great just great it's fun.  I'm getting the hang of it, too!  I know how much I have to shoot someone for them to die and how much shooting I can withstand before I die.  That's pretty much the main part of the game.  It has had ill effects on me, though.  Now when I'm taking walks I feel like I should be jumping all the time and shooting people.  Or preparing for people to shoot me.  And that I should have half a dozen fellow Warfares supporting me and scouting the area.  Oh well what can ya do.
I played an entire HALF of a Football Game!  Each quarter was 5 minutes which I'm pretty sure is wrong.  But since the scores are so high I think they do that so the scores resemble normal scores.  Also so people don't get bored.  I got bored anyway.  Oh well it was relatively entertaining!  I LIKE THE RUNNING.  I LIKE THE PASSING.  The defense I CAN DO WITHOUT.  Defense isn't fun at all!  I got nothin' to do.  Hopefully the 90% of players I'm not controlling will take care of business, it's anyone's guess.  Also the person I'm controlling I should presumably not touch any controls and let that person do what they're supposed to do in the play.  So basically I GOT NOTHIN' TO DO.  I can pick defensive plays.  That's boring even if you know what you're doing and I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.  The most exciting thing I can think of is doing a Blitz every play.  And even that's boring. 
     Wonderful.  I play as the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I don't know why.  I remember when I was a kid I would be the Jacksonville Jaguars in Video Football.  Probably dating to NFL BLITZES at Arcades.  I don't know why!  There must have been something that set me on the path of being The Jaguars.  Oh well I guess we'll never know.  Was it their uniforms?  Was it because Football Game told me their attributes lined up with the kind of attributes I wanted out of a team?  Was it because I just liked the name?  Was it because at some point they were the best team in the NFL so I wanted to be them?  I KEEP TELLING YOU I DON'T KNOW.  WHY WON'T YOU BELIEVE ME.  Looks like Salmon is in the cards for lunch today.  Looks like maybe HOT DOGS are in the cards for dinner.  I don't know why I get hot dogs once a week.  Probably because I'm dumb!  That's a good hypothesis.
Hey I'm gonna get coffee now Great How About That.  Hey I got coffee how about that.  Rich Hill is making his Metropolitans Debut this afternoon!  Great!  I dunno about day games, though.  I'm either taking a walk or finishing my entry or taking a shower or watching the game.  Hey that last part sounds convenient for day games.  All of the other stuff, though, rather it'd be a night game!  Oh well.  Gotta watch today.  Rich Hill is making his Metropolitans Debut!  A day that will go down in history!  It might.  Something historical is bound to happen now and again.  What would be a good historical.  Perfect Game isn't historical enough.  We need something TWICE as historical as a Perfect Game.  Two perfect Games.  That can't happen.  18 Inning Perfect Game.  That can happen!  I GUESS.  That would be historical I GUESS but I STILL think we can do better.  Maybe a Homerun Perfect Game.  27 up, 27 homeruns, 27 down.  They also were out when they hit the homeruns?  YEP out of the ball park!
    Jeez.  Sixth paragraph!  I don't believe it.  I'm not sure how Video Game system can register what I'm doing on my electric guitar.  That doesn't sound possible.  I think it's a scam.  And all the customer reviews are in on it!  Hmm.  What percent of highly suggest good customer reviews are plants.  Gotta imagine some of them.  But when you see a review generally it's because other people voted for this review as a great review.  Maybe people can smell a plant review and they never vote for it to be a good review so no one sees it.  Gotta imagine SOME of the good reviews we see are Scams, though.  We don't know which one is, though!  Maybe you do!  You're more perceptive than me!  OR MAYBE YOU'RE THE ONE WRITING THE SCAM REVIEWS.  YOU JUST GAVE YOURSELF AWAY.  I gotcha!  You know that sort of thing.
    What else.  There's a NEW Rocksmith coming out later this year or next year but I think it sounds WORSE.  I wanna go with this one from seven years ago.  That's my hot take.  Speaking of seven this is the seventh paragraph.  Speaking of seven I tried to record onto DVR the original The Magnificent Seven yesterday but it didn't work.  Speaking of The Magnificent Seven I already had the newer version recorded on DVR from years ago and I may watch that at some point.  I dunno if it recorded in HD.  I didn't have HD then.  Now if I watch DVR from then it very well may not be HD.  You mean I have to watch something in Standard Definition LIKE AN ANIMAL?  Why are we making Animals watch TV in the first place.  And it hurts no one for a Dog to Watch HD.  Costs you nothing extra!  Let your pets watch HD!
     Eighth paragraph I don't believe it.  What else is going on.  I tried watching some Olympics yesterday and it was Beach Volleyball and I was like this is the worst thing I've ever seen.  Also they're terrible at it.  They literally go back and forth 2 times before someone scores a point.  They look like amateurs!  Also I saw a minute of Skate Boarding.  TRICK skate boarding not Distance.  Again that was a snooze!  Amateur!  I do better than this as a Beginner Level in Tony Hawk Skate Video Game To Remember From 18 years ago.  Also why are either of these Olympic Sports.  Not only are the participants terrible but the competitions themselves aren't upper echelon sport athletic games at all.  PEASANT games.  Beach Volleyball and Skate Boardings?  That's For PLEABS.  HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SPELL PLEEBS.
     Penultimate paragraph of Act I!  Jeez.  It's unintuitive if you could see the set up of my room, but eating facing East is actually kind of a convenient spin-chair-around angle to watch the TV facing South.  Maybe it just feels that way because in the past for years I sat in this direction at computer and had TV on at same time and would do both All The Time.  That was my standard setup activity when in room.  Computer and TV!  Now I pick a lane and stick to it.  Most of the time.  For the most part!  Anyway I dunno.  I know sometimes cheap TVs can look bad depending upon the angle.  Not this TV!  Looks fine from all the angles I've tried.  I haven't tried every angle!  Maybe one day I will but for now I've got better things to do.  Make some more Checkpoints in Call of Duty II.  That sort of thing!  Also I'm getting a hang of figuring out how to make the most of each Unique Gun.  Wow.
     Cool!  I lost as much as I could lose yesterday Met game.  Mets lost.  Both starting pitchers whom I had in fantasy baseball did terrible.  The hitters I had... did okay.  But overall I DEMAND A DO-OVER.  HEY They're playing again today.  LOOKS LIKE THEY TOOK MY CALL FOR A DO-OVER SERIOUSLY.  Wow that makes me feel great.  Imagine what else I could accomplish by Demanding Do-Overs for things!  THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!  Ugh.  What else is going on.  XBOX 360 doesn't work 100%.  Sometimes it takes half a dozen times of Opening And Closing Tray before it recognizing the Game at all.  But at least once it does it doesn't cut out.  HOWEVER still from time to time the CONTROLLER cuts out.  But overall it's tolerable.  YEAH.  Gotta imagine this is the end of the paragraph.  I'll be back in a little bit!




Okay I'm Ready

    Hey friends.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Today is shaping up to be a great day!  I get to eat hot dogs!  Which are fun to anticipate eating and then are a bit of a snooze to eat.  Go through it quickly.  Doesn't taste that good.  Never really sure whether I cooked it and/or not cooked it the right way.  The last few times I keep thinking I'D LIKE TO EAT THEM COLD OR ROOM TEMPERATURE. Then I lose the balls to actually do it by the time I'm supposed to eat them.  BETTER MICROWAVE THEM AT LEAST.  OVEN IS OUT OF THE PICTURE.  MICROWAVE I GUESS.  Not only do I want to eat them room temperature today I'M GONNA EAT THEM COLD.  I dunno about that.  I could put them in fridge for 2 hours before eating them OR I can just leave them out.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  Man What An Idiot.  WHY.  Lots Of Reasons.  FAIR ENOUGH.
Wonderful.  The first couple of levels in Call Of Duty II I was playing as The Russians fighting The Germans (World War II).  I had mixed feelings about that.  Yes they are allies but they're not all that great either.  Now I believe I'm playing as the British.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Yes they are allies but they're not all that great either.  JERKS.  They're all SNOBS.  They talk in British Accents like JERKS.  What was I talking about.  Eating hot dogs.  These Hot Dogs fro Ben's Deli are FINE.  Not the best hot dogs but they're fine.  Also they're presumably kosher.  Which is good for some reason.  I assume every meal I eat that's kosher as opposed to having a meal that's un-kosher is a small notch in my favor re: God Judging Me.  And all those tiny notches in my favor add up!  By the end of my life my final judgment would be like well overall he was a B-/B person but all those times he ate More Or Less Kosher Meals... think we're just gonna give him a B.  WOW I must be some kind of AMAZING to be a, "B," Person!
     That sort of thing.  The reason I keep getting hot dogs is because I would gladly get a regular sandwich that's healthier but the PORTION is confusing.  Half a regular sandwich isn't enough.  The entire regular sandwich is too much.  What am I supposed to do HAVE 3/4THS OF THE SANDWICH.  That would require ME to do some Fractioning-- not in my head but TANGIBLY-- and I don't know if I feel comfortable with that!  Sounds hard.  Hot Dogs meanwhile, two of 'em?  Appropriate portion!  Hmm I've given myself a lot to think about.  I CAN do fractions if I really put my mind to it.  Why not!  If anyone can do it it's me.  WHY.  Because I'm An Amazing, "B," Person.  Oh right I forgot.  What else is going on.  Then the question is WHAT KIND OF SANDWICH.  And on WHAT KIND OF BREAD.  Well that's easy let's go with Club Bread!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.
Cool!  What else is going on.  BUT THEN AGAIN... I wouldn't be able to eat Cold Hot Dogs.  And I got myself all excited about cold hot dogs!  LIKE I SAID I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  That's what I'm doing right now!  Update!  Situation progressed!  YEAH.  What else is going on and crap.  I wonder what kind of Dumb Olympics are going on right now.  Oh well no way of knowing.  WHAT THE HELL I CAN GET TOASTED GARLIC BREAD AS THE BREAD?  Now I GOTTA get a sandwich.  YEAH.  What else is going on.  Pretty sure I haven't made a single joke this entire entry.  Maybe this entire week!  TODAY IS SUNDAY NEW WEEK.   Maybe this entire month!  OH NO THAT CHECKS OUT PRETTY WELL AND REFLECTS POORLY ON ME.  Damnit!  Maybe I can eat entire sandwich for a meal.  Sandwiches may be smaller than I'm imagining!
    DAMNIT I still haven't made a joke this entry.  Gotta do that.  Let's go!  Hmm.  I dunno.  THIS IS HARD!  Might as well move on with my life and keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Gonna have three walks by the time I get home from next walk at 1:00.  That might be a new world record!  What do you call a world record that happens on Mars.  A World Record!  Mars is a world!  But it's only a record for That World.  It's not a WORLDS Record.  Wait a second maybe it is.  Maybe what I THOUGHT we were calling World Records we DO cal Worlds Records.  That sounds kind of right, too!  SURE It would be a different worlds (World's MOST LIKELY) but the point is I'm dumb and this does not qualify as a joke.  Not even close!  Kind of close.  Relatively close!  I'll be back later. 




I Need More Time

    Hello friends.  Took a shower, took a walk, took about half an hour Watching Mets Pregame And First Inning Break.  Now I'm here!  Got Mets game going on ON MUTE.  I can't concentrate on both at the same time!  What am I some sort of Super Concentrator Guy?  Hardly!  Sometimes I'm pretty good at concentration, sometimes I'm pretty bad!  Cancels out overall.  Anyway.  Thinking about having a portion of ROTISSERIE CHICKEN for lunch.  With halved spheres of potato!  I like the idea of that.  Makes me happy in my imaginary Gut and Salivary Glands.  I can imagine it making a good impression on the REAL gut and salivary glands.  That's how that goes.  Got coffee #2 going.  That's how that goes.  So far Rich Hill has looked OKAY.  Some of the time he's making a good impression and some of the time he's making a bad impression.  CANCELS OUT.  He's doing Okay Overall.
     Wonderful.  Thinking about getting a Extra Lean Corned Beef Sandwich for dinner.  I like Fat but I also like Healthy.  So gonna go with The Lean!  Also gonna go with CLUB BREAD instead of Toasted Garlic Bread.  All things being equal of course I'd prefer the toasted garlic bread.  But I would be eating it a couple of hours after I get it  The Toastedness will have dissipated!  I dunno if I wanna get Toasted Bread if it's no longer Toasted.  Just go with club bread!  EASY.  EASY.  Also I'm thinkin' I could probably have entire sandwich.  NOW I'm imagining it as LESS sandwich as I was before.  We'll just have to wait and see I guess.  How terrible is this paragraph.  And also its compounded by making clear to me roughly 50% of all entries are more or less the same amount of terrible in the same way roughly as this paragraph.  Now you know my sandwiches may be bigger or smaller than I imagine.  Or I may imagine several imaginations so I cover all the bases.  YEP.
What do Big Leaguers eat if they're hungry.  Gotta imagine they can have some sort of snack.  They probably go into the stadium to eat.  They don't wanna be spotted eating something in the dug out.  No, go down the tunnel and have your secret snack without shame.   Some sort of BARS.  Protein Bar?  KETO Bar?  Gotta imagine there's KETO Bars.  Gotta imagine The KETO BAR company supplies major league baseball teams with free Keto Bars.  Why, though?  It's their secret shame snack, no one sees them eat it.  Yeah but... huh... wha... I want a fresh start.  Whatever it was I was talking about, comes to an abrupt end without reaching a natural conclusion.  I want to move on!  Well sure who WOULDN'T like to move on.  Presumably people and whatnot.  HEY METS HIT EXTRA BASE HIT.  I saw it but I didn't hear it.  FASCINATING.
Penultimate paragraph!  When I'm done WRITING the entry I can finally relax because it's over.  Uh oh but that only starts the problem of you and others READING the entry.  That's even worse!  I can handle letting myself down.  Letting others down?  I can handle that too I guess but I'm Not Happy About It!  If Rich Hill is so rich why does he play baseball.  Because he loves the game.  Moving On!  THE METS JUST SCORED A BASEBALL RUN.  You heard it here first!  Man oh man am I gonna watch the Mets game for an hour and a half without taking a walk!  That's the great thing about taking walks early and often.  Nice 2 or 3 LONG walk breaks over the day.  Really get comfortable Doing Stuff In House!
    Anyway.  I dunno.  Probably watch The Met game for an indefinite amount of time with the option of switching to Call Of Duty II.  These are the days of my lives.  GREAT DAYS!  I got TV AND Video Games in my life.  I didn't have either of those a month ago.  WOW WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.  Then I mean.  Now I'm living life to the fullest.  More or less.  The point is I don't know how much corned bee there will be AND I don't know how much it will stick to the bread.  If I can easily just peel it off, I can microwave that for my sandwich.  OR I could just eat it room temperature.  I DON'T KNOW YET.  I'll DEFINITELY tell you tomorrow how it all turned out, though.  I am nothing if not... the kind of guy... who keeps you updated.  On things.  Yeah.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:45 P.M.




Saturday, July 24, 2021

Need Some New Titles

    Hello friends.  Got some updates for ya!  First of all My Dad was telling me about a joke he liked from a commercial.  Nice father son bonding time.  I heard an interesting joke as an aside in a commercial this morning...  Anyway it was What do they call an Earthquake that happens on Mars.  I forgot to ask what the commercial was for.  Either way that was annoying enough and then my Dad had to make it worse and be like that's like something George Carlin would say!  And that infuriated me!  I kept it to myself but I was thinking GEORGE CARLIN DON'T GOT TIME FOR THIS NONSENSE HE'S GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO.  Being Dead is the main thing he has to do now.  But even if he wasn't BETTER THINGS.  And My Dad continued to be like it's like the George Carlin joke why do we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway.  LOOK GEORGE CARLIN NEVER SAID THAT.  You're just digging yourself deeper and deeper into this hole!  The point is I MUST know if my Dad remembered what the commercial was for.  I need to know if They Won This Situation Completely.
    Also Hey Good News I Guess!  My Xbox 360 Controller has been STAYING ON and I can play games now!  I know Quake 4 works from two nights ago when controller was cutting out.  Then tonight I PLAYED Call of Duty II for FORTY FIVE MINUTES.  I'm not so great at it yet but I'll get there!  Part of my problem as of now is I dunno if I'm supposed to run up into the enemy like a one man wrecking crew or if I'm supposed to lie back and have my Computer Warmates do most of the heavy lifting gradually.  Probably in the middle.  Get in there with the Warmates doing heavy lifting but take it slow and don't run wildly through enemy fire.  I guess.  Also I don't like how hard it is to distinguish between my Warmates and The Enemy.  It might make me shoot everyone including my Warmates which is bad OR EVEN WORSE it makes me not wanna shoot ANYONE just to play it safe.  NOT SHOOTING PEOPLE?  That's the ANTITHESIS of what video games and/or life is and/or are about.  Anyway.  Also spend 15 minutes playing All Star Baseball 2003.  Wonderful!
     Franchise Mode still works PRETTY well.  Better than I remember.  Part of Fun of Franchise Mode is tracking Statistics and league leaders and what your hitters did during the season and whatnot.  And I remember the stats were all haywire and were weird combinations of letters and numbers that didn't mean anything.  This time around?  Only BATTING AVERAGE is like that.  Is that a key stat to keep track of?  Sure!  But 90% o other key stats are fine!  Anyway the good news is the teams are based on 2001 teams.  Wonderful!  It's a blast from the past or something!  Oddly enough All Star Baseball 2004 doesn't work but 2003 does work.  I find it odd.  REAL ODD.  I hope to get to the bottom of this some day.  The point is these graphics are even better than I remembered because it's a larger screen!  Plus I get to JUMP and CROUCH and AIM GUNS.  I get to do it all despite these games being 15+ years old!
    One thing I've picked up on SO FAR is I can go into enemy fire wily-nily AS LONG AS I'M CRAWLING.  If I crawl the entire way they'll be none the wiser!  Unless I get up by accident.  That can happen in video games and real life.  Who among us haven't been crawling extensively and then gotten up by accident.  And then were presumably shot at by The Germans.  Anyway.  I'm gonna go get my coffee that's presumably ready by now.  OH WAIT another thing I'm not sure of is how quickly we regenerate.  We can get shot successively 12 times and it's like better go for cover before this gets real bad!  And then ya do and over a short period of time I THINK it just goes away and you're back to regular.  But I dunno how long.  That's life for ya!  Coffee time.
     Hey I got coffee wonderful.  Hey I had two chocolate chipped cookies for breakfast wonderful.  Hey This Is Wonderful I'm experimenting now with a new surface and direction to face for eating meals in room.  Last night I set up Pizza Meal Eating facing EAST where my laptop currently sits.  Worked fine!  Surface is an appropriate height for meal.  I can turn around easily to watch TV while it happens.  It's not so different than when I used to eat meals on same surface as computer before TV came (but a different surface).  All in all it MAY have just been good because pizza is delicious and takes a little bit longer to eat than usual.  Or it may be PARTLY that and PARTLY hey this is a great set up for meals.  I'll try it again for lunch presumably!  Part II of Steak and Eggs!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Yep!  That's a paragraph!  Ya get what you give.  NOTHING.
Wonderful.  Sixth paragraph!  If I finish this act fast enough I can fit in my next walk before my Dad's walk which would be an ideal situation all in all.  Wonderful!  Anyway I ate my pizza at a cookedness I haven't eaten at all recently.  We're talkin' I got it Fairly Hot Presumably from Delivery.  We're talkin left it out for two hours.  We're talkin ate it then.  Not eating it hot!  Obviously not eating it Oven or Microwaved!  Not eating it cold from fridge!  Whatever It Was I was happy with it.  VERY happy.  SOMEWHAT happy.  Not VERY happy.  I dunno VERY SOMEWHAT HAPPY.  It was good!  Oh well what can ya do.  Move on with our lives!  Another thing I don't know yet in Call Of Duty is not just how long it takes or me to die but how much shooting I have to shoot someone else for them to die.  That's life for ya.
     Anyway.  What else is going on.  Another Mets game tonight!  That'll keep me entertained!  Presumably!  I like the parts where Mets Do Good.  I'm on board for the roughly 52% of times that happens this year.  Mets coverage is all well and good but instead of showing us the Mets players' averages have they considered saying stuff like, ".x7z," in place of the average instead?  I think people would get a real kick out of it.  It's like Life Imitating Video Games Imitating Life But Not Very Well.  Also when you're doing a Franchise Draft in All Star Baseball 2003 you're gonna wanna be The Minnesota Twins.  They get first pick!  And this ain't a snake draft or anything.  First pick of every round!  Also I was playing in Minnesota Stadium and it's a nice looking stadium!  All in all you really wanna be the Minnesota Twins.  Also in Fiction off the top of my head Little Big League took place as Minnesota Twins.  Presumably other movies.  Better LTURQ.  Google MOVIES WITH MINESOTTA TWINS BUT SPELLED CORRECTLY.  Major League III: Back To The Minors takes place within the Twins ORGANIZATION.  Primarily a minor league team but the Major League Team plays into the plot significantly!  Also I remember that movie being Obviously The Worst But At The Same Time I Watched It More Than My Fair Share.
     Wonderful.  Where does Minnesota take place.  Not sure what that means.  I was compelled to say it, though!  What paragraph we at.  Eighth paragraph!  HEY ALRIGHT I just worked it  out with My dad that I will take a walk before his.  YEAH.  That's how that goes.  I wonder when Rich Hill will pitch for the Mets.  Maybe this weekend!  Maybe Monday!  Monday is an extension of The Weekend!  Not sure what that means.  It's ACCURATE but I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be.  Anyway looked at a minute or two of Rich Hill pitching and He's got SECONDARY PITCHES.  We're talkin CURVE BALL.  We're talkin PRESUMABLY OTHER ONES.  I like watching that curve ball.  I can't wait to see more of it! 
     Wonderful.  I guess!  Pitchers can have 2 or 3 or even 4 secondary pitches.  But I've never heard of Tertiary pitches.  of Four-version-of-secondary pitches.  GEORGE CARLIN IS SPINNING IN HIS GRAVE that he never thought of this.  How come he was made aware of this.  He's dead!  Whose the one blabbing to Dead George Carlin about me saying things he'd sarcastically be jealous of me for thinking of it.  Is it YOU.  You know, The Guy Whose You.  I'm talking YOU.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  I like it when I reach CHECKPOINTS in Call of Duty II.  ALRIGHT THIS LAST 5 MINUTES HAS PAID OFF ALREADY.  I never have to do THAT again.  Also I started the game from the very beginning.  I needed to for Training and also I forget the plot.  Also not 100% sure there is a plot.  By which I mean I AM 100% sure there is a plot and it'd probably be fun to follow but so far I'm not really.  HMM I WANNA FOLLOW THAT PLOT.  From now on I'm following the plot!
Yeah!  I mean I know the general plot.  WORLD WAR II.  That's a plot!  And I get it more or less.  But the specifics I don't know.  Anyway hey after this paragraph I get to take a nice walk.  Wonderful.  I like JUMPING in the game.  Just line in Real War.  People jumping all the time.  For strategy!  I dunno.  Tonight is a rare night where my Dad wants to get food delivery but I really can't help him with that in terms of me getting something with him.  Too much stuff from Super Market PLUS the thing I HAVE to eat is stuff from Super market from the week before.  SORRY CAN'T HELP YA.  WOW I have both starting pitchers participating in The Mets game!  I CAN'T LOSE!  Sure I can.  I can easily lose!  I CAN'T WIN!  Accurate.  Both pitchers CANNOT get a win.  But both pitchers CAN Not Get A Win.  Wait a second those sentences sound exactly the same but are meant to mean different things.  Someone alert George Carlin LANGUAGE IDIOSYNCRASIES ARE AFOOT.  Anyway I'll be back soon.





So Far So Good

    Hey!  They're saying immunocompromized people should really be getting third booster shots.  My Dad is that!  Btu right now they're not doing it because they're like I dunno that might make Other People not trust vaccine WE BETTER LET THESE OTHER PEOPLE DIE as a compromise.  In which case what are you stupid.  Let the people who need the vaccines get the vaccines.  EASY.  Easy!  What's your problem is the point I'm trying to make!  BOOSTER SHOT?  THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN!  Booster is a fun word.  Shots are fun to get!  Booster Shot sounds like a slam dunk.  I dunno it might make people already not getting shots have another dumb incorrect argument against shots.  AND THEN WHEN WHERE WOULD BE.  Some more of us would be alive and/or not seriously ill.  YEAH BUT AT WHAT COST.
What else is going on.  I think it's great that me and my team of fellow Warfarers all stay alive mission after mission.  I mean we die sometimes but at the end we're all alive.  Wow we must be the greatest warriors of all time.  I like the part where I throw grenades!  Smoke grenades!  I dunno how effective they are.  I certainly can't see through them for a period of 5-12 seconds.  I dunno about the Computer AI or not.  Presumably it hurts their vision too but we have no way of knowing!  Except through trial and error.  And boy have I been doing a lot of trial and error.  By which I mean I get myself killed over and over.  JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE.  Sort of I guess!  I like JUMPING but even more I like JUMPING OVER THINGS.  There's some sort of hurdle in my way?  Jump right over it!  Finally jumping is REALLY starting to pay off!
     Hey The Mets made another trade.  For a Triple A outfielder!  Gotta imagine that'll pay off.  Probably.  For the Triple A team.  I wish them and him the best of luck.  The Mets gave NOTHING but Cash Considerations.  Which I assume means they're considering giving the other team some cash.  May or may not!  But they're STRONGLY considering it.  Sounds fair to me.  OUT FIELDER?  THOSE ARE SOMETIMES THE BEST HITTERS.  When I was a kid outfielders and first basemen were good hitters and everyone else wasn't.  Sometimes third basemen were good hitters.  These days ya just never can tell based on what position someone is playing!  YEAH.  What else is going on.  Dad is taking a walk.  When both This Act and His Walk are over, I will be taking a shower.  Maybe not immediately!  But soon after immediately.  Also no video games any time soon.  That's a SECOND HALF OF THE DAY activity.  Wow I can't wait.  I'll get through Oh I Don't Know 10 or 12 Checkpoints by the end of the day!
     Wonderful.  I HATE it when I make it halfway through a check point but I had to put a lot of work into it and then I die and I start Way Back At The Other Check Point.  SHUOLDA BEEN A CHECKPOINT PAST THAT LAST CHECKPOINT THAT I REACHED ALREADY.  That's checkpoints for ya.  Right now not doing great at Baseball Game.  Pitching is fine.  For some reason it's easy.  These hitters are terrible!  I can pitch any pitch anywhere in the strike zone and they RARELY are making contact at all and if so soft contact!  Right now I'm terrible at hitting but in the past I was great at it AND I SHALL BE GREAT AT IT AGAIN.  YEAH.  Either that or I WON'T DEVOTE MUCH OR ANY TIME TO THIS BASEBALL GAME AGAIN.  YEAH.  What else is going on.  Derek Jeter is the mascot of this video game.  Wonderful!  What a jerk!  Hey he was a short stop and a good hitter when I was a kid.  Yeah but he's the exception that proves the rule.  There were a dozen very good hitting short stops at the time.  ALL EXCEPTIONS THAT PROVES THE RULE.
     Last paragraph of Act II!  At this point in following baseball I easily would root for The Mets over rooting for My Players on other teams and in other situations where only one can prevail.  Easily!  My fantasy baseball league is dumb even if I DO spend a combined 30 minutes EVERY DAY following it.  Mets are more important!  YEAH.  Also it works out because 40% of my team Are Mets.  YEAH.  What else is going on.  I should put a hundred dollars on the Mets winning the world series.  I'd make like 8 or 9 thousand dollars.  IF ONLY I HAD A HUNDRED DOLLARS.  AND PLUS IF ONLY THE METS WON THE WORLD SERIES.  Hmm if I had to pick between Having A Hundred Dollars or Mets Winning World Series... my instinct is I'd RATHER the Mets win the world series but I Gotta Be A Responsible Adult And Take The Money.  Wonderful.  SO is that proposition in the cards?  No!  I'm not getting any money NOR are the Mets winning the world series
!  I dunno either CAN happen.  Maybe even BOTH can happen!  We'll just have to wait and see. 





I Don't Know, Probably Not

    Hello friends.  Time for the end of the entry.  Relatively speaking!  All in all I'm 75% into it.  25% is the ending.  Solidly!  Anyway wearing a nice shirt today.  Nice blue shirt with darker blue sleeves.  You know what that's like, right.  Probably gonna finally do Inventory of Pill Collection today.  My Dad asked me to do it earlier this week and I feel like if I don't do it today I'll solidly be in territory where I've putt it off slightly too much.  The point is HUH.  I had a dream I was wearing braces and my thought process was WAIT A SECOND I THOUGHT I WAS DONE WITH THIS.  OH NO.  Then it turned out I wasn't wearing braces but wearing some weird non-real-life braces/retainer mash-up.  Which made me feel a little bit better.  Then I woke up!  No braces!  SEE YOU IN HELL ORTHINDOTESTRY.
Wonderful.  Maybe I should get braces.  I stopped wearing my retainer type thing before I was fully Braced.  Ended up only having a 90% braced Teeth Arrangement.  Nah I'm okay with my Teeth Arrangement.  In fact I regret getting ANY of it done.  I feel like it changed my biting habits.  That should be obvious.  Different teeth alignment, biting gonna be different!  And it's a long time ago but I'd bet money that I was happier with my bitings before braces.  I really enjoyed biting stuff, mostly food, in the past before being a mid-teenager!  Presumably!  I don't know what I'm basing that on but it FEELS right.  HEY I can buy games for Xbox 360.  They're like 20 dollars!  Also there's a ROCKSMITH game where you plug in Real Guitar and it Helps You!  That's more expensive but HEY THAT MIGHT BE THE JOLT MY MUSIC CAREER NEEDS.  Also my music career will from now on be me committing to JOLT, the New Name Of My Imaginary Band.
What else is going.  On!  The Mets had ROBERTO ALOMAR?  That doesn't sound right.  I mean upon further introspection YEAH it sounds right but at the same time That doesn't sound right.  Thinking about heating up Steak and/or Eggs in OVEN for lunch in a little bit.  At some point you'd think I'd remember which is better for steak-- oven or microwave.  I'd think so, too!  It's WRONG but that'd be my first instinct even after knowing that I don't know.  HASH BROWNS are better in oven-- check.  Eggs?  I dunno about that either, oven or microwave.  And ya know what I can find some good in Microwaved Hash Browns.  The point is Yesterday I Used Microwave so Today I will Use Oven.  Maybe write a note somewhere how it all turned out.  Turn that note into a book!  Turn that book into a writing career!  Then die at some point hopefully.
     Penultimate paragraph.  I was watching video of Guitarsmith and ya know what that looks great!  I legitimately wanna get it.  It's only LESS THAN A HUNDRED DOLLARS.  I just made that much by forbidding the Mets from winning the world series.  Alright!  Also no chance this program turns out to be a dud.  I've seen VIDEOS and customer satisfaction videos!  Wonderful.  This IS the jolt I need to start writing songs for JOLT.  Then again what else is going on that I can write to finish this entry.  Gotta imagine there's MULTIPLE things I can say that will sufficiently end the entry.  WOW so many options open to me.  I guess.  Gotta imagine there's lots of Crouching and Jumping in Guitarsmith.  Is it actually called Guitarsmith.  I think it is.  Either Guitarsmith of Rocksmith.  Better LTURQ.  YEP Rocksmisth.  JUST AS I SECONDARILY SUSPECTED.
Last paragraph!  I don't believe it.  WITH A PRODUCT LIKE THIS HOW ARE THERE NOT MILLIONS OF AMAZING GUITAR PLAYERS OUT THERE.  That's a real thought I had.  Well if this is so great WHY HAVEN'T THE RESULTS BEEN MADE ABUNDANTLY CLEAR to Me and/or Society.  Seems like it'd be important for us to know!  I dunno what else is going on.  Five Walk Day today!  I'm okay with that!  That's still the standard.  I got no problem with a five walk day.  All in all probably BETTER than six walk days.  But it's close!  Anyway.  Not only can I get ROcksmith but I CAN GET IT SOON.  I'm used to waiting weeks and months if I wanna get something.  For one reason or another.  For this?  I bring it up to my parents, I get the Okay to get it, and I get it!  Here within a week!  WOW I'll think about this for several weeks and get back to me.  What else.  Oh, that's it.  Wonderful.  I'll see ya later.

-2:37 P.M.





Friday, July 23, 2021

This Isn't A Great Titles

    Hey!  Here's a thing that happened a week ago but I didn't wanna put in website because I'M NOT A LAME.  This is the kind of thing my Mom would imagine would be good for Website Fodder.  And maybe my hypothetical mom would be theoretically right but to me it's a LAME.  Anyway the thing was it was raining outside and my parents were like don't go out there's lightening reported.  And after 15 seconds of back and forth I was like you're literally worried I'm going to get hit by lightening.  And then they realized the error of their ways and were like YEAH I GUESS WE ARE.  Half in a isn't that funny sort of way and half in a Yeah but REALLY sort of way.  AWW AIN'T THAT A CUTE STORY.  My Mom would be proud!  The premise is that getting hit by lightening is often considered like a It's Never Gonna Happen statistic.  Also my ammendum to the joke is finally being short is paying off.  Lightening hits tallest object type thing.  That Ain't Me!
     Wonderful.  Hey what's going on in the wide world of sport.  I was able to get Xbox 360 Controller WORKING ON AND OFF.  It stayed on for as much as 15 minutes but usually went off and on after 90 seconds.  So I can't really Play Games.  But I CAN put on movies.  I put on a movie last night!  Why it's only The Good The Bad The Ugly.  Also I have a BIG problem with these labels.  The Good isn't particularly Good, the Ugly is pretty ugly but he's got INNER beauty, and The Bad has his own set of morals and principles.  But anyway I like that movie because I WAS TOLD it was a classic movie and WHO AM I TO ARGUE.  I like the part where there's a fly buzzing on Ugly's Face.  I also like the part where Good is dying in dessert from thirst and lack of energy and his face is all crusty.  THAT LOOKS WEIRD WELL DONE MAKE UP DEPARTMENT.  The entire movie is made up.  The Make Up department could be EVERYONE working on the movie.  I dunno about that.  The script could be a make up department.  Production is Solid Tangible Thing.  You build a fake set of a living room, That's REALLY There Sort Of!  No make believe with that!
     What else is going on.  Accepted Super Market delivery just now.  20 minutes ago or so.  Wonderful!  I'm done with that for solidly a week.  I'm drinking coffee and whatnot.  That's how that goes.  The Mets are BACK IN ACTION today.  Presumably they were IN ACTION yesterday.  I'm not suggesting that all 26 roster players as well as the coaches and assorted other custodial workers are completely sedentary for a prolonged amount of time.  Maybe I AM suggesting that.  But inadvertently!  That's not the message I'm trying to get across because it's probably incorrect!  Why would I want to get incorrect messages across on purpose!  I dunno!  I'm sure there's reasons in a incorrect message by incorrect message basis!  I got a Belgian Waffle for last night!  Got Steak and Eggs for Today Lunch and Tomorrow Lunch.  It's GOOD because it's delicious.  And it's GOOD because I kept putting it off.  I ate more Fiscally Responsible meals several nights in a row instead of Steak &/v Eggs.  YEAH.  But I'm having it for lunch.  STEAK FOR LUNCH?  WHAT IS THIS LIFESTYLES OF THEM RICH AND FAMOUS?!?
Wonderful.  I'd rather watch a lifestyle of the Poor and Famous.  Gotta imagine them down on their luck famous people are fun to watch because we can revel in their unfortunateness.  OH NO BREAKING NEWS Cleveland Baseball Team has announced their new names... THE GUARDIANS.  WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT.  I may grow to like it within a matter of minutes but my immediate reaction is THAT'S STUPID partly because I DON'T GET IT YET.  I don't know what Guardians have to do with Cleveland and/or baseball.  It's possible it has SOMETHING to do with those things in which case I may amend my position.  But as of now Breaking News SOUNDS DUMB.  Maybe I'm just jealous.  I want MY team to be The Guardians.  Also it sounds like Super Hero type stuff.  I don't know if I feel comfortable mixing super heroes with baseball.  That's a crossover that hasn't happened yet and if something hasn't happened yet it probably isn't good.  Otherwise it'd have happened!  ALRIGHT GONNA LOOK INTO THIS TO SEE WHAT IT MEANS BRB.
The good news is for most of my life I've confused Baltimore and Cleveland.  Either just in baseball context or possibly in all contexts.  I've mentioned that before here.  I'll mention it again!  It makes it abundantly clear that I'm an idiot for most of my life.  WAIT A SECOND BALTIMORE ORIOLES THAT'S A BIRD.  And it's NOT a Raven.  Why would Baltimore go out of their way to have a Bird Name and NOT make it a tribute to Edgar Allen Poe.  Cause they can't be The Ravens, The Ravels are already The Ravens.  Well they can be the Next Best Bird in Edgar Allen Poe.  Gotta imagine he wrote a Lesser Poem about Crows.  Solid 15% chance Crows show up in Edgar Allen Poe.  Ya know what?   Solid 65% chance Crows show up in Edgar Allen Poe.  And even if they don't, Crows are Spooky!  Baltimore likes Crows!  So basically they should have gone with The Cleveland Crows.  What's going on again.  Oh right I was gonna see if Guardians has anything to do with Cleveland.
    Google says it's a reference to THE FAMOUS, "Guardians Of Transportation."  Which I believe is a reference to Pete Buttiegieg.  And if not that I don't know and I don't care to find out!  I'm halfway through too many movies.  THREE!  Good Bad Ugly.  Poltergeist (2015).  The Mummy (1999?).  I've seen them all before but I need to see them all again!  Pot committed to all three!  Anyway hey Sixth paragraph.  Today gonna be a six walker.  I woke up early to get a walk in before Super Market.  Wonderful!  I figure at the rate I'm having six walks instead of five, by the end of the year, I'd be down an extra 1-1.5 pounds!  WOW and all I had to do was walk three hours a day once every 4 or 5 days instead of two and a half.  Also gotta imagine its good for mental health.  WOW I'm outside now all the endorphins are coming my way.  Not sure what an endorphin is.  Not sure what a lot of things are!  I've got great news for Cleveland, The Guardians ALREADY have a winning record of 48-46 this year.  They've only existed roughly an hour officially and they ALREADY are only 9 games back from the Division Lead.  WOW.  Imagine if The Guardians make up the 9 games and make the playoffs.  Everyone will be like WOW THE GUARDIANS THAT'S A THING BASEBALL WILL REMEMBER THIS SEASON.  And all they have to do is make up a measly 9 games.  They can do that!  They've got New Name Mojo!
     Anyway.  What else is going on.  Seventh paragraph!  I'm guessing.  Gonna have to look into that one.  YEAH I was right.  YEAH.  WHAT THE HELL The Guardians are only SIX games out of the 2nd wild card spot.  They can make up six games.  And it's still a big reach enough (especially considering all the teams ahead of them in the wild card race) that would make Baseball History.  People will REMEMBER 2021 as the year of The Guardians.  Now the ball is in THEIR court.  Also Now They Play Basketball.  You heard it here first!  What else is going on.  My Mom is doing A LOT of my laundry today.  We're talking a substantial amount for the first time in 3-5 weeks.  Instead of just 4-6 shirts once a week.  WOW this is gonna be great.  So many shirts at bottom half of hamper I haven't worn in a dog's age!  Not the ones at bottom of hamper!  They're still there!  My Mom is only doing 2/3-3/4ths of my laundry.  HEY that's pretty good.  Also HEY the comforter I have right now STILL smells fresh roughly a week since I started using it.  WHAT THE HELL.  This is amazing!  No wonder people wash their comforters relatively often.  It's a dream going to sleep these days!
     Wonderful.  Eighth paragraph!  Three more than I take a walk.  Amazing.  Imagine if I had Sheets.  No sheets for me!  Just an unsheeted bed and a comforter.  Sheets are GREAT when you first lie down but then they get undone by the 2nd or 3rd day and I'd rather have No Sheet than an Undone Sheet!  Too much of a hassle.  I don't wanna get involved in sheets coming off the bed and getting bunched up and all that.  Too much of a hassle!  What else is going on.  ESPN and presumably other places still have Cleveland Indians in their algorithms.  GET WITH THE TIMES.  You look DUMB.  Something about architecture.  Transportation Architecture?  I dunno Guardians seems dumb.  WAIT A SECOND isn't one of the premises of my life that I like transportation.  SORT OF but My Thing is PUBLIC Transportation.  Bridge for cars?  I could take it or leave it!  Bridge part is Fine.  I like a bridge IN THEORY.  But Cars driving on bridge?  That's a wash.  Bridge is great, cars ain't!
     My Mom thinks my website is Get a load of this my parents literally told me they're worried I'll get struck by lightening!  While in reality my website is Bridge is great, cars ain't!  What else is going on.  Ninth paragraph.  I don't believe it!  What else is going on.  Lookin' likely we're getting PIZZERIA for dinner tonight.  And/or Italian Food.  It's called Centre Pizza but they serve Italian Food other than Pizza!  I'll be getting Pizza, though.  You don't mess with success!  And pizza is generally A Success I guess.  Maybe with GARLIC on it.  PIECES of Garlic.  Yeah that sounds great what else is going on.  I may have done this bit before, it's dumb, but I feel like I said it a month or two ago.  But it's why is Cleveland Indians.  Sure Indians lived in Cleveland, no doubt.  They lived all over America.  Nothin' special about Cleveland!  Wonderful.  Good thing I said it again!  You might have forgotten that I'm dumb most of the time.
     Last paragraph!  What else is going on.  Looking forward to trying Chocolate Chip Cookies from Super Market tomorrow for breakfast.  We're talking I Will Have TWO of them.  NOT BAD.  That's way more than One.  100% more!  And 100% is obviously the highest percent you can have.  So basically this is the highest amount of cookies one can have entirely!  YES now we're talking!  I tried loading Quake 4: One Of The Two Or Three Xbox 360 Games I Don't Think I Ever Loaded Up At All and it looks good enough graphicswise and like it would be a fun game to play!  Can't because of Game Controller going in and out.  But if I get New Xbox I wouldn't mind playing this one before buying new game.  Or more accurately buying 2 or 3 new games and also playing this one at the same time.  Because it's CINEMATIC.  There's CUT SCENES that remind me of MOVIES.  The good news is I'm done here for now.  I'll be back in a little bit.





I Like Those Odds

    Took a look at the steak I will be having presumably half of.  I will halve it to have it.  But that's not the point!  The point is Wow Lots Of Steak There I'm Gonna Have Fun With This One!  Also I will have BREAD With it.  I never do that!  Presumably eat half of it like an open face sandwich with the fried egg.  And maybe even have a bite or two of STEAK EGG AND BREAD at the same time.  If I really wanna go nuts!  I was looking at images of Steak and ya know what I miss a good T-Bone.  That was the steak My Mom would make for me at times throughout my life.  Part of it is Good Memory Of Steak because I ate the entire thing at that's a lot of steak.  But also it's delicious.  And also it's COMPARTMENTALIZED.  I'm gonna eat the part of the T-Bone steak that's 2x the other part first.  Then the smaller part WHICH IS MORE TENDER is to be the closer of the meal.  Also I presumably got an entire Baked Potato with this.  Also THE BONE!  Rip at that bone in an uncouth way.  Just grab the T-bone and try to tear at it with my teeth in an inefficient but EVENTUALLY effectual way.  Is it inefficient or unefficient.  Or neither.  Apparently it's inefficient.  Oh well let's move on.
     Cool!  If Oakland Athletics move to another city do they change their name.  I think they should.  Athletics is a nod to Oakland Itself because of all the athleticism in Oakland.  You live in a different city?  You need a different name.  Might I suggest The Indians.  In demand name that recently became available!  You're gonna wanna snatch that up before someone else gets it!  Is there a pun there with Indian Giver.  I dunno.  Gotta imagine Indian Giver isn't politically correct anymore.  Gotta imagine Indian Giver was NEVER politically correct.  What else is going on.  Gonna take a nice break after this Act.  Dad is taking a walk roughly when I will be done with this act, maybe a few minutes before or after.  And that's a 40 minute block I gotta stay in the house and not shower either.  So I got a nice long BREAK from all the work I do.  Hmm maybe I'll watch some TV.  That's just the Out Of The Box Idea that can make this day worthwhile!  Also I'm a third into watching Major League II.  That's another movie I could presumably pick up!  I dunno Out Of Date now as of a couple of hours ago.  Good point that movie isn't worth watching anymore. 
     What else is going on.  I feel like as a kid I liked Major League II better than Major League I.  And as an Adult I had better things to do with my life.  Much better things than concerning myself with The Major League Franchise!  What else is going on and crap.  What exactly is Cleveland Guardians guarding.  Baseball?  The city of Cleveland?  Sports?  AMERICA?  They're gonna have to figure this out QUICK because if they don't get out in front of What They Are Guarding it will only fuel speculation and allow someone else to control the narrative of what they may or may not be guarding.  I think CLEVELAND is the first thought but Cleveland Doesn't Need Guarding!  Maybe BASEBALL.  Baseball is on the way down per my impression and a good Cleveland Baseball Team is going to GUARD baseball from all those who come in its way.
     What else is going on.  Which was the plot of Major League.  THEY KNEW THE FUTURE AHEAD OF TIME.  Wow amazing.  I dunno.  A lot more impressive than Knowing The Future After The Fact.  Anyone can know that!  I dunno.  The point is you know a movie is good when you stop watching a third into it.  WOW I like this movie so much I want to save it for later when I'm REALLY gonna get into it.  Makes sense to me.  Been watching some INTERVENTIONS.  CANADIAN Interventions.  As they all are these days.  Because Canada doesn't know yet that TV shows about addictions will inevitably be Interventions.  They've got a rude awakening in for them!  All awakenings are rude.  WHAT THE HELL I WAS SLEEPING WHERE DO YOU GET OFF.  That's a good point!  I make lots of good points.  I've made roughly seven this year!
     Last paragraph!  Of Act II!  Not Ever!  I haven't had beer in Oh I Don't Know closing in on four months.  I anticipate having beer during concert!  Otherwise who knows if I'd enjoy it.  Not me!  It could go either way!  Man oh man if I had one to three beers though, that'll seal the deal!  Unless it's like HEY this music is well and good but I MISS THIS ALCOHOL THING EVEN MORE THIS IS GREAT.  Maybe I shouldn't drink, then.  Make the music less appreciated, not more!  I just wanna appreciate music!  That's what I wanna get out of this excursion!  Not just appreciate but GET WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF IT.  Which is easy because I have a great track record of getting what I'm supposed to get out of Wilco and also getting SOME stuff I'm supposed to get out of Sleater-Kinney
.  YEP that's life I guess.  I'll be back a little bit later.





To Whom Am I Speaking

    Hey!  Tried one of them Chocolated Chipped Cookies and it's good stuff!  Just what I want from a chocolate chip cookie.  A crunchy/crispy one.  We're gonna separate those from Chewy Cookies.  I want different things from them!  But for a crunchy one this is wonderful!  Also HEY the Cleveland Baseball Team will remain The Indians for the 2021 season!  Well there goes that.  I was ready to root for the Cleveland Guardians but now it's BAD if Cleveland mounts a comeback this season.  It would be The Indian's Revenge!  Also by next year the novelty of a new name will have subsided some so I don't need to root for them then either.  Basically they handled this situation TERRIBLY.  First they didn't name themselves The Cleveland Crows and now this!  Anyway I can see two of these cookies being a delicious breakfast and being just enough to tide me over.  YEAH.
Wonderful.  I get to have lunch in 2 hours.  You know what that's like, right.  You stuff food down your gullet for roughly 5 minutes to half an hour.  I dunno how long it takes you to stuff food down your gullet.  For me it usually takes 5-15 minutes.  What else is going on.  HEY The Mets made/are finalizing a trade!  They're getting a starting pitcher WHOM I'VE HEARD OF.  I forget the context (but was reminded of it when I looked it up online) but the name definitely rang a bell.  AMAZING.  Rich Hill.  Which is the wealthy neighborhood overlooking the ancient Indian Burial Ground That is Cleveland.  Not sure that sentence even made sense enough to not make sense.  Not making sense would be a STEP UP for that sentence in regards to how much sense it makes.
  The movie I've continued so far today is THE MUMMY.  It's a good movie because it makes ya think.  I dunno.  I CAN PICK UP RICH HILL IN FANTASY BASEBALL.  But I'd have to drop someone and I don't have anyone I want to drop!  There is a pitcher I can drop but he's one of the other Mets starters!  I want as many Mets on my team at all times!  I can drop a hitter to make room for Rich Hill but then I'd be down a hitter and that's not a great strategy!  I need to MAKE UP ground in hitting categories not LOSE ground.  Let's Talk About It!  Hey the entry is gradually getting closer to being completed.  Yep that's how that works.  Wonderful.  Been playing guitar a bit more often since I got TV.  Put it on during the evening, ideally with Baseball Game, sit on floor with electric guitar.  Not doing WELL on guitar but even just holding it is progress!  Also I pluck and/or hit the strings sometimes which makes SOUNDS.  Not GREAT sounds but it's progress!
     Wonderful.  I haven't liked the sound I get out of my acoustic guitar in years!  Oh well!  Presumably I could get a new acoustic guitar but nows not the time.  THE TIME ISN'T RIGHT.  Also per my understanding The Mets are giving up nothing valuable at all for this pitcher.  WHAT A STEAL.  They're getting someone WHO MAY be good for two people who PROBABLY WON'T be good.  WOW.  I forget what I was talking about.  I was walking behind a lady on my walk for about 90 seconds which I hate because I don't want to feel like I'm stalking someone so I decided to speed up my walking by a lot and walk around her but that was no good either because THAT caught her off guard and she was like YOU CAN'T JUST PULL UP ON PEOPLE.  And I felt terrible!  I'm sorry!  But it's a lose lose either way!  Unless I walk in another direction!  And I really wanted to walk in this direction she was walking in!  Hmm what if I RUN past her.  By the time she could respond I'M WELL ON MY WAY.
     What else is going on.  HEY I got 14 clean shirts right now!  It's an embarrassment of Riches!  Also presumably if Rich Hill pitches a really terrible game the New York Post headline will be AN EMBARRASSMENT OF RICH'S!  Or maybe The Daily News.  I forget which newspaper would be into that kind of thing.  Probably both AND THEN SOME.  Is, "Embarrassment of Riches," even a phrase.  I better LTURQ.  YEP IT IS and I'm using it 100% CORRECTLY.  That's as much correct as you can be!  WOW!  What else is going on.  I can't wait to wake up tomorrow.  I'm gonna have two cookies!  I dunno I CAN wait.  There's roughly Several Times I Can Eat Delicious even before then.  Not AS delicious but food that is delicious in its own right.  Yeah.  Sure.  Whatever.  As long as I can stop now.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-2:41 P.M.





Thursday, July 22, 2021

Lets Read This Together

    Hello friends.  Did blood work today.  Or Had It Done To Me.  Either way I Did something and I feel like that's something I should be proud about.  Also I dunno about you guys but when I have my waist circumstance measured I Suck It In A LITTLE BIT.  Always!  Look I could easily be sucking it in more.  Just a little bit!  I feel as long as I'm consistent I'm doing the right thing.  Also I don't know why I care.  I don't know the number.  If I did know the number I don't know it in context.  I just want THEM to think good of me.  Anyway.  My pulse was high today!  Not sure what that's about.  The good news is I Am Still Alive as of now.  What else is going on.  I gave Tobacco Convenience Store my phone number!  They didn't have My Mom's Potential Cigarettes in stock so I gave them my number to call when they do.  I ended up getting them from some other place!  But they're gonna call soon and I'm anxious about it.  I don't wanna talk to them!  This is terrible.  They can call at any time, too!  I don't know when!
     Yeah!  I dunno if its because my Pulse was already high, or I was thinking about getting my mom cigarettes, but while waiting for blood work I was like hey I could smoke a cigarette.  Maybe because I was In Hospital.  Those were the times I wanted cigarettes the most!  Being In Hospital for a long time and not being bale to smoke!  Go figure.  I feel okay now, though.  Cigarettes aren't useful to me at all.  They don't help me accomplish my Life Goals at all.  In fact they are a mark against my Life Goal of Living For As Long As Possible.  Sure by the time I'm elderly I can be a Cyborg PROBABLY but we can't 100% count on that.  Well we can.  But we'd be wrong!  Still though what a way to live life.  Being 100% you're a Cyborg by the time you're not dead yet.  Yeah!  That sort of thing!
Wonderful.  I saw Joe Biden gave a Town Hall yesterday.  I didn't see it!  But I saw he DID it.  Which I think is great.  I'd do Town Halls to if I could.  No I wouldn't.  I'd have to come up with material first.  I mean I guess I WOULD.  But I'd need to know it's happening a long time in advance.  You tell me I'm doing a town hall 18 months from now I'm excited about it!  I'll come up with some great stuff.  Whatever is befitting a Town Hall but GOOD.  That's my plan if this scenario comes true.  HEY I checked to see if I could hook up Xbox to TV so at least I might be able to watch DVDS if not play games and HEY IT WORKED HOWEVER the Game Controllers don't work.  Which I think is 50% batteries are dead and 50% remotes are just broken somehow internally.  Either way for some reason the screen is discolored when Xbox Is On Screen.  It was like this years ago on old TV!  I chalked it up to the connection.  Nope!  Xbox!
     Either way sure I didn't know what movie to watch first yet get off my back about it.  I dunno.  Chinese food for luck yesterday was either a slight success or a relative failure.  Tasted okay!  I was REASONABLY full by the end.  But I didn't feel like I ate enough to please my senses.  I wasn't too hungry by the time I was done but while eating it I was like this isn't lasting long enough to my likings at all.  Also what else is going on.  Gonna have part II of that for lunch today!  That's how that goes.  I'm not gonna eat the Bonus Egg Roll they gave me.  What am I an idiot?  Sure Egg Rolls are delicious that's how they draw you in but they're unhealthy!  Unlike other Chinese Food.  Somethin' like that.  I dunno!  Crystal Shrimp Dumplings were delicious.  Somethin' like that.  I dunno!
     Hey coffee should be ready by now.  I think I'm gonna wait to get it until after this paragraph.  Because waiting to do things is good.  That way it's spread out so you can get the most of out Things You Do while doing them Less.  Yeah...?  Also the anticipation makes Doing The Thing that much sweeter.  The point is Yes I am getting BBQ Salmon from Super Market for first time since before Personal Independence Day (PID).  It's good because it's healthy (Salmon) and delicious (BBQ).  Barbaque isn't that hard to spell.  Why we using BBQ.  Hmm barbaque is pretty hard to spell.  I've already spelled it wrong twice in the past 15 seconds.  Alright I'm gonna try to get it without using spell check.  Barbque.  Barrbeque.  Barbaqaue.  THIS IS GOING NOWHERE.  I MUST KNOW WHAT IT IS IMMEDIATELY.  BARNAQUE.  Alright I'm gonna type a standard misspelling for Barbque coming up and then spell check it.  So you will only see it Correct.  Here we go.  BARBEQUE.  WHAT THAT'S IT?  That can't be it!  That's DUMB.  I'm gonna get coffee.
Yeah!  Putting together Super Market order and I'm plannin on mixing it up for breakfast this week.  We're talking instead of the cookie I've been getting the last couple of weeks for breakfast and also instead of the OTHER kind of cookie I've had recently for breakfast, I'm trying  A DIFFERENT COOKIE.  A SMALLER cookie in size.  So I would have MORE COOKIES.  But DIFFERENT.  Wonderful.  That sort of thing!  Maybe get Steak & Eggs once and for all tonight.  Not really For All.  Also, guess what?  Not Once either.  I guess it could be For All but I don't like the sound of that one bit!  What else is going on.  I can't play video games they're way too DARK BLUE.  Blue alone I can live with.  Dark Blue?  I can barely make out anything!  Too dark!  Also Too Blue!  Hmm I know how to address vision settings on TV.  Maybe I can come up with an arrangement that works.  YEAH YOU'D THINK SO WOULDN'T YOU.  Jeez why am I yelling.  I FORGET.
Wonderful.  The great news is if I get a new Xbox I get a new controller.  Presumably this controller will be firing on most cylinders and also several spheres and cone type situations.  Also I wonder what kind of color it would be.  I hope BLACK.  Can't go wrong with BLACK electronic devices.  Controller is an electronic device.  It solidly uses electricity!  I don't think that can be debated.  Anyway.  Found a place to stop off after Cigarette Place That Didn't Have Cigarettes and got cigarettes there.  I don't need more!  I kind of do but I'll survive without them!  My Mom wanted three cartons and we got two!  That'll have to do for now!  Get off someone's back about it!  Hey after this sentence and perhaps one more sentence there's only three more paragraphs to the act!  WOW I ALLOTTED ROOM FOR THIS SENTENCE RIGHT HERE.
You know that sort of thing.  Someone offered me a trade in Fantasy Baseball!  Get a load of this!  It wasn't a fair trade but it MAY be a prelude to further trade proposals that MAY increasingly get more fair.  And it's addressing issues my Team has!  YES WONDERFUL I'D LIKE TO HEAR MORE.  Nothin' more!  That's it for now!  OH NO WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON.  Stuff I guess!  YEAH GREAT.  What else is going on.  I know they tell you that you can check your own pulse and I know how to do it but I'm not gonna do that.  I got THINGS to do.  And also I live the high life I get other people to check my pulse for me.  I'm not checking my own pulse like a Lowly Peasant.  Get real!  Hmm I tried checking my pulse and I don't feel/hear anything.  I guess I don't have a pulse.  Whew that's a relief.  I thought I had a HIGH pulse.  Wonderful.
     Cool.  What else is going on!  Presumably something.  Otherwise the next several paragraphs wouldn't be able to exist.  And if you're reading this, most likely, you can see They Do Exist.  Lucky you.  What else.  LOOK for the majority of next week I will eat the same cookies I have been eating for breakfast.  Why it's only Small Black And White Cookies that are big enough that one is good for breakfast.  But to fill in the OTHER days I'm getting CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies that are smaller but I could eat TWO OR THREE for Breakfast.  And it's DELICIOUS because it's made by A COMPANY.  A COMPANY?  MAKING FOOD?  That MUST be a slam dunk.  My Dad called up Kellogg's yesterday because he wasn't happy he couldn't find Total Cereal easily.  I heard him talking to them without knowing it was them he was talking to and I thought he was talking to my uncle.  The way he was going on congenially and affably about his Super Market habits.  Like he was talking to a friend somehow.   Nope!  KELLOGS.  Internet says Total is General Mills.  And General Mills isn't Kelloggs.  I guess my Dad was talking to the wrong company about their cereal.  NOPE.  Must have been a miscommunication.  Blame ME not him.  I'M the one wrong somewhere in this story.
     Wonderful.  Unless Kellogg's has sabotaged General Mill's Total and somehow they're to blame for its scarcity.  In which case Yes you can take up your grievances with Kelloggs.  Hey this is the last paragraph of the act.  And I'm already easily on schedule for regular time for 5 walks but with a bonus walk earlier.  Wonderful.  I can't wait to figure out music I want to listen to.  I listened to the Recent Hits Of The Day enough.  Now it's time to move onto bigger and better things.  Or at least things that are the same size and roughly the same quality.  I'd settle for that easy!  Also it's easily possible Xbox Controller would work with batteries.  That's the most intuitive thing.  Why wouldn't it work.  But I've got a gut feeling none of 'em would work.  I've got THREE I know where they are.  None of em are gonna work!  I'd bet money on this!  Because I Win Either Way!  Either I win money or I win Access To Xbox by using Controller That Works!  I CAN'T LOSE!!!  See ya in a little bit.




Now Let's Do It Separate

    Hey friends.  Back from a walk.  I did it!  Gonna be checking my weight in less than a week.  You know what that's like.  Stressful!  Who needs it.  I feel like other information that is stressful I just ignore.  Halfway through watching the remake of The Poltergeist on TV.  That was one of the first movies I saw in Better Movie Theater back in Oh I Don't Know 2015.  Because I was dorming for a month that summer for some reason no one is really sure of.  And that theater was closer!  And after that I ended up going to that theater more than the other because Hey It's A Better Theater.  Also at some point the other theater closed down completely!  HMM.  I could probably go to movie theaters now but my parents would be like Look we won't stop you but we'll be disappointed in you if you do.  I don't need that hassle!  Too stressful!  Might as well avoid letting my parents down altogether.  That's JUST WHAT THEY WANT to happen.  Yeah and I'll give it to 'em!  Why not!
     Cool.  I think it was during the month of dorming that I considered going to A Psychic or Tarot Card Reader Or Something like that that was on the way from Dorm to Theater.  I had seen The Sign plenty of times on Bus Ride.  And I was like ya know what I WANNA GET SOME STUFF FIGURED OUT.  But it was closed.  And I never returned again!  I don't need that kind of hassle.  May even be a SCAM for all I know!  Also I can do my own Tarot Cards.  All I need is a pack of Tarot Cards.  Draw the cards myself I CAN DRAW CARDS I THINK.  What do I need them for.  To help me interpret the cards?  C'mon!  I can interpret cards.  See this one says DEATH.  That means... well... not a lot!  I just drew NINE CARDS and one individual one means hardly anything.  In fact All Of Them Combined don't mean anything at all!  So I saved money on THAT.  Except for what I spent on the Tarot Cards.  I regret that hypothetical future purchase.  I assume I can use Standard Deck Of Cards and there's some sort of guidelines as to which Regular Card corresponds to which Tarot Card.  Easy! 
    Also why are Uno cards all over the place when we can just play Crazy Eights!  I'd say there's a solid SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT CHANCE the games are more or less the same.  I FORGET.  I haven't played Crazy Eights since middle school.  UNO I haven't played since then either but I REMEMBER how Uno goes.  Played it more often!  DRAW FOUR THAT'S THE BEST... WHEN IT HITS ANOTHER PERSON.  If you draw a Draw Four for yourself that's not good.  If it applies to someone man that guy is gettin' a hurtin'.  What else is going on.  WILD.  And then SUPER WILD.  I don't remember it as much as I thought I did but Draw Fours and some sort of Ultimate Wild, those are important cards.  Those and DEATH.  The Mets have a day off today.  Good for them.  Bad for me!  It's good that they get a break but it's bad that I don't have that entertainment.  Also HEY I was watching a Non-Mets game for the first time in hardly ever last night.  The Yankees game.  And I was ROOTING FOR THE YANKEES for the first time since Oh I Don't Know 1997?  Because they were playing Mets Division Rival so I wanted that team to LOSE ground in the standings not GAIN ground.  And the Yankees won!  ALSO the color commentators for Yankess are A SNOOZE.  METS ANNOUNCERS AND COLOR COMMENTATORS ALL THE WAY. 
     Wonderful.  Mets are playing Them Toronto Blue Jays next.  Talk about a snooze of a Baseball Team Name. Blue Jays?  I don't CARE.  Presumably Toronto has a lot of Blue Jays but whose excited about Most Birds which Blue Jays apply to.  Baltimore Ravens that's WONDERFUL because it's like Edgar Allen Poe.  St Louis CARDINALS is great because it's like the priesthood.  Blue Jays?  WONDERFUL LEAVE ME OUT OF IT I DON'T CARE.  What birds live in Washington DC.  That's a good idea for Washington Football Team.  Or maybe for Cleveland Baseball Team.  But that would be what birds live in Cleveland.  I don't want the bird that lives in Washington DC to be the basis for the Cleveland's team name.  Hmm.  Is there any other color of Socks that exist.  Purple?  I feel like I've seen some purple socks.  Probably for old people or something.  Or they're special Health Socks in some fashion.  Striped socks.  For some reason that sounds like it exists to me.
     Wonderful.  Why not go bare foot!  The Cleveland Feet.  I'm on board with that.  OH BLACK SOCKS OF COURSE.  I'm wearing them right now!  Wonderful.  Hey my Dad is taking a walk right now so I'm going to be forced to watch TV for a little bit before I take Next Walk and after I finish This Paragraph.  I can live with that!  TV is entertaining now and again.  For some reason I kind of imagine the White Sox as The Black Sox presumably because they live in an African American neighborhood.  Expanded neighborhood.  And also I could be wrong about that!  For some reason I think of Cubs as White Chicago and White Sox as Black Chicago.  BETTER LTURQ.  YEP I WAS RIGHT.  Cubs are Northside of Chicago (White) and White Sox are Southside (Black).  Generally!  So that settles that for now for some reason.  I forget what.  HEY I'll be back in a little bit.




You Know What I Mean

    Hello friends.  I'm here to write the rest of the entry!  Hopefully it doesn't take too long.  I'm ready to move on with my life for the rest of the day.  Watch some YOUTUBE HORROR.  Which is mostly re-watching Tales From Them Crypts and partly re-browsing whether there's any free horror movies on there that I can watch.  You'd be surprised at how many free movies are on youtube!  Maybe you wouldn't be!  You probably wouldn't be if its the kind of thing you'd be interested in!  If you're not interested in it at all you probably WOULD be surprised about it if only because you don't care and this knowledge means nothing to you.  That sounds surprising.  Wonderful!  Got coffee #2 going.  Wonderful!  don't have a cold beverage right now at the same time.  WHAT THE HELL.  I better go take care of that. ...Later!
I don't wanna have to get up.  I just got down!  Gettin some good communal dinner meals from Super Market mostly for myself.  Sure I'll buy a ROTISSERIE CHICKEN I can put the 3/4ths I don't eat immediately in the FREEZER.  It's worth it because it's delicious, it's nutritious, and it's relatively cheap compared to other options!  Also My Mom is unhappy with Non 100 Cigarettes.  Not because smoking a non-1oo cigarette isn't long enough.  Well Yes Abstractly that is the case.  But her premise is I wanna SAVE cigarettes.  I like the 100s because I can split that in half or so.  Regulars?  I CAN'T SPLIT THAT EVENLY IN HALF.  Hopefully I can educate her on Fractions and how you can have all sorts of fractions that aren't Wholes Or Halves and that might help change her mind.  If there's a third left, so what.  Smoke that third and smoke a fifth of the next one, whatever fraction you want, it's up to you!
     Wonderful.  Also I ACCURATELY remembered the White Sox uniforms of my youth were black.  And probably are still black!  That's the exact opposite of what you should be doing!  But it also helped foster a sense in my mind of them being The Black Sox.  What else is going.  Looking forward to lunch!  Not for another Over Two Hours though.  I can live with that!  I'm not starving or anything.  It's gonna be a GREAT before lunch period today.  Solid long amount of time being done with entry.  I get to RELAX once and for all.  Hopefully not For All.  Wait a second YEAH.  HOPEFULLY FOR ALL.  The Relaxation Period I'm about to embark on may last THE REST OF MY LIFE.  Alright now we're talking!
 The nice thing about getting Chicken and Meatloaf and Salmon for upcoming week is  I GET TO GET THE HALF SPHERES OF POTATO ONCE AGAIN.  I haven't had that in three and a half months!  They're delicious presumably I don't really remember.  They were okay all in all per my memory now that I try to remember.  So that's exciting is the point.  I WAS pairing salmon with cup o noodles back then.  Now I'm just gonna pair it with potatoes.  Why not?  It seems like a solid way to go!  ROTISSERIE CHICKEN?  THAT'S HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS.  I'm very excited about rotisserie chicken and I feel I'm not even excited enough!  Well maybe I am excited enough.  I'm pretty excited.  I guess it's appropriate.  Fascinating.  Hey after this sentence the next sentence will begin the last paragraph.
Wonderful!  My credit card is unfrozen!  If it was even frozen at all in the first place!  All I know is it works today and that's GREAT.  Hey maybe by later today I can watch DVDs on my TV!  And also maybe they will look appropriate and not un-watchable Very Dark Blue.  Hmm A Maybe is 50/50 so there's a 1/4 chance I can watch DVDs.  I don't know where I decided that Maybe's are 50/50 standardly.  I mean I guess if you had to guess based on nothing 50/50 is a good place to start.  Also 50/50 is 1.  Maybes aren't a 1!  I lost track of what I was talking about.  Oh hey the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:09 P.M.




Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Entry Is Good

    Hello friends.  The Great News is that I figured out the right ANGLE and TORQUE and PRESSURE to put my charging wire into my phone socket.  I can get it within the first half dozen tries EASY.  It's KIND OF hard but overall it's EASIER than the alternative.  The alternative is NOT knowing the torque and it taking me DOZENS of tries.  Also I am PUMPED about using the word torque.  Mostly correctly, too!  Gotta imagine they use the word torque in Fast And Furious.  I think that's what Tokyo Drift is.  Tokyo Torque.  I never saw the movie.  I imagine it's like that thing where the car is driving at you and then pulls up at the last minute so they're ultimately horizontal to you and then Vin Diesel is like get in we're gonna party!  I DON'T get into that car.  Not safe!  I've never seen the movie but I gotta imagine 80% of cars end up crashing.  Or end up CLOSE to crashing.
     Wonderful.  Anyway a little ahead of schedule today.  I should be able to get in six walks but it's gonna be a little tight for the first several where I'm working around Writing Acts Of Entry.  Anyway.  Talked with pshycholist type person today and that went great.  We actually talke d for Oh I Don't Know NINE MINUTES?  We accomplished a lot.  Sure half of it was her Soda Shaming me but that's just the life I choose to live.  I feel like every other appointment I have ends up with me being Soda Shamed.  And they're right!  I should stop.  But I'm not gonna!  If I don't' stop for MYSELF why in the hell would I stop for YOU.  Anyway there was some mixup and we didn't pay My Credit Card Bill from last month on time!  We worked it out but my card is FROZEN for today and/or tomorrow.  So if you plan on stealing my credit card and USING it ya might wanna wait a day or two.  Well, you don't have to.  Go ahead and try to charge it all you want!  You ain't gettin' anywhere, though!  Hmm what kind of hints can I give you for what my Safe Word is for my credit card.
It's not my safe word!  My parents came up with it!  There that's a pretty got hint.  I don't know what it is!  That's an INTERESTING hint in the sense that it may just be me trying to throw you off the scent.  Probably not, though.  Maybe!  I don't know!  I ain't tellin'!  Anyway pumped up about some LUNCH today.  I'm thinking CHINESE FOOD and I'm thinking ways to make it Reasonable Responsible Meal.  I'm calculating how much of each component of meal I can eat and I'm HAPPY with how much it'll be and I'm anticipating enjoying EACH component.  The point is I have to do that with my Dad's door dash account.  My credit card is frozen you idiots!  What happens if you try to use your frozen credit card A LOT.  Gotta imagine at some point it would Thaw.  You know that sort of thing.  Hey the Mets are playing a very early game today.  We're talking around 12:30 PM in the Day do they start.  I'm rooting for THE METS.  I always root for the Mets.
Hmm has there been another team I've actively rooted for other than the Mets in the past 2 decades.  HMM.  And I mean any sport.  HMM.  I root for the sports teams in TV show and movie.  Does that count.  No?  Well FUCK YOU TOO.  Yeesh.  I may watch some Olympics, why not.  Gonna be in HD that's a nice twist.  I dunno who to root for, though!  Obvious choice is Team USA.  I LIVE THERE.  But maybe I wanna mix it up.  What's a good team to mix it up with.  Honestly, any other year, I'd say Hey lets go with JAPAN.  But they're the host this year!  They have home field advantage so they're kind of The Team To Beat.  I want a Scrappy Up And Coming Country to root for.  Hmm.  What's the scrappiest country participating.  And/or the most Up And Coming Country.  I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Hey my coffee is probably Ready Enough at this point.  Such that there's definitely enough ready but it may not be All Ready.  But who cares I'm gonna pour my coffee!  I'm gonna have to look into that one. 
    Sure.  What else is going on.  I like taking six walk days when it's convenient.  It means I'm going the extra mile!  More like the extra MILE AND A FOURTH.  It's FUNNY because each walk is roughly a mile and a fourth long.  HILARIOUS.  Is there a Casual Walk Competition at the Olympics?  Because if there is sign me up!  For he one in 2028!  Unless they have Casual Walking In The Light Snow in 2024.  Olympics is every 4 years, right?  Not every 2.  That'd be Too Much Olympics.  YEP EVERY FOUR YEARS.  Even that is a lot of Olympics!  What else is going on and crap.  Are there Country Traitors in Olympics.  Gotta imagine there are!  Even if its inadvertent and without malice.  You can be citizens of multiple countries at once!  You gotta pick one to represent!  If it were up to me I'd go with whichever country is more Scrappy and/or Up And Coming.  Even if neither country is, one of them has to be SLIGHTLY more scrappy to SOME degree.  No two countries are equal.  Re: Scrappiness and Up and Comingness.
     Wonderful.  Sixth paragraph!  What else is going on and crap.  Had Turkey Meal last night.  Gonna have part II tonight!  Not as much turkey as I anticipated.  But I figured out a good way to stretch the meal out.  Why it's only eat a few broken off pieces of Graham Cracker I had left over.  They weren't in the solid recommended serving size pieces.  Crumbled into HALF A DOZEN ON AVERAGE pieces of what should be one piece.  The point is DELICIOUS.  The Graham Cracker, though kept in Fridge, did get a little soft over the last week or two but Delicious All The Same.  What else is going on.  Crap and crap.  My credit card is frozen.  What are they MR. FREEZE?!  Also maybe it's just because Batman & Robin is seared into my memory but I can't imagine a Dark Serious Portrayal of Mr. Freeze.  He's going to SHOOT FREEZING RAY AT YOU and IT'S SERIOUS.  I dunno sure whatever. 
     Seventh paragraph!   Seven seems pretty far into the Act of 10 paragraphs but it's still AN ENTIRE FOUR PARAGRAPHS I have to write.  That's MATH for ya.  Not intuitive at all!  It can't GET more intuitive than Simple Math.  It's MATH.  Always 100% ACCURATE.  I dunno sometimes math is intuitive to me, sometimes it isn't!  It's intuitive on a person by person basis.  I dunno MATH SHOULD BE OBVIOUS.  Oh well what can ya do.  I'm slowly accumulating access to Different Streams on my TV.  I'm at about 40% of what I had access to on my computer.  Got DISNEY.  Now I got AMAZON PRIME.  Still in the cards-- Netflix, Hulu, and hopefully Shutters The Streaming Service.  YEAH.  I don't get why I can't watch Shutters on my TV.  Look it's easy.  Just play it!  I know it can be played on the internet.  Just do it.  How dumb can you be.
     Wonderful.  It's all about WE CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DECRYPT IT.  EASY just do it.  What's the problem.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  The pace of Act I has been positive re: my fitting in walks when I want to.  But I can't count eggs before they hatch!  Sure I can.  In fact I can't count eggs AFTER they hatch.  No longer eggs!  Also I'd lose track of how much eggs there were originally.  All I see is egg shells all over the place and I can't put the pieces together to see how many eggs there were originally.  Count chickens, right.  I dunno there can be twin chickens, right?  Why not!  Better LTURQ.  Twin animal in egg shells.  YEP IT HAPPENS.  It says eggs with two yolks happen Rarely at 1 in 1,000 times.  That's not rare at all.  WE EAT EGGS ALL THE TIME.  I feel like I'd go through 1,000 eggs in a month.  That's MATH.  And I don't remember EVER seeing a double yolker.  98% of eggs I eat I don't make myself crackin' eggs.  YEAH BUT STILL. 
     Ninth paragraph.  I feel like if I crack an egg and there's two yolks I'm A Winner.  Got a bonus yolk for nothing!  Maybe I'm a loser.  Gotta imagine if there's More Yolk there's less... what's it called.. Non-Yolk!  Only a finite amount of room Inside Egg.  What else is going on.  Looking forward to ending this act and taking next walk.  Because that's the kind of guy I am Right Now.  Normally I'd get Mom cigarettes tomorrow after my blood work.  My card may or may not be frozen!  What to do!  Use my Dad's card?  I don't know if that's On The Up And Up!  NOT get my Mom Cigarettes?  I don't know if that's on The Up And Up!  STEAL the cigarettes?  That'd almost certainly NOT on the up and up.  Hmm the moral of the story is What's On The Up And Up.  I'll think about this and get back to you.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Thinking about taking shower in Evening.  That way my Morning/Early Afternoon schedule is that much more relaxed.  Twenty minutes more relaxed.  Shower + drying off completely takes twenty minutes.  That's a CONSERVATIVE estimate.  Or a LIBERAL estimate.  I forget what words mean in this context.  Oh, right.  TORQUE.  What else is going on.  I'll watch some Olympics for the first time in my life.  For some reason that appeals to me off the top of my head.  Could be that I have a Bigger Screen TV than ever and it's Higher Definition Than Ever.  Also that I like Japan.  Also that I like Competitions sometimes.  Every now and then I'll enjoy a Competition!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




This One Right Here

    Hey!  Great news!  Chinese Takeout Restaurant has CRYSTAL Shrimp Dumplings!  I was just gonna get Shrimp Dumplings.  They have that.  But they also have CRYSTAL (emphasis mine) Shrimp Dumplings!  FINALLY they're giving the people what the ywant.  We don't know what Crystal Shrimp Dumplings are but presumably once we've had it we will want it in retrospect.  I don't know what they are but boy am I excited about it.  What else is going on.  Another reason Olympics is interesting this year is because of Pandemic Quarantine 2020 To Remember.  People are gonna be DOING STUFF this summer Olympics.  Out and about!  With other people around!  I WANNA SEE HOW THAT TURNS OUT.  What are the odds they end up shutting the Olympics down because of Covid.  The Odds exist.  I wish I knew them, though!  That was the message I was trying to convey With That Sentence.
     What else is going on.  Right on target with where I wanna be re: Walk Schedule.  Don't even need to rush it at all anymore.  I already made up all the ground I had to!  I can even take a shower when I normally do.  BUT I MAY NOT WANT TO.  Mets game is going on.  Imagine all the strike outs and foul balls I'll miss during my shower.  ROUGHLY SEVERAL.  What else is going on.  HMM the portion of General Tso Chicken Itself I want to aim for is THE PALM OF MY HAND.  I can imagine Tetrissing General Tso Chicken Pieces into my hand and that's a decent amount of pieces!  Finally all my half hours playing tetris is paying off.  I feel like in my life I'd probably played HOURS of Tetris!  Wow I don't believe it.  Oh right I had Tetris on Game Boy!  I remember playing it there.  I may have played it on a TV Game System or a computer here and there but probably not much.  Game boy though, that's Tetris's time to shine!  Also I had a COLOR Game Boy at some point.  WOW COLORS WHAT IS THIS THE FUTURE?!?!  That's what the mid 1990's were like!
     Anyway.  What else is going on!  Probably gonna take a walk between Act II and III instead of a shower.  You can't argue with that!  I haven't given you the means to do so and I don't anticipate giving you the means to argue with me at any point in the near to mid future!  One possible thing I read about CRYSTAL Shrimp Dumplings is that on one website they talk about THEIR way to make them and they were like we mix in some PORK FAT into the dumplings even though Shrimp is the ingredient not pork.  But the way they said it made me think that's THEIR way to do Crystal, not the only main way.  So I still don't know!  But if that is what's going on that sounds delicious!  Probably hundreds of calories more based on a half teaspoon of pork fat but you can't argue with results!  No results yet.  Can't argue with something that doesn't exist.  I haven't even given you the means to do that yet.  And I NEVER WILL.
What else.  Why not have some pork fat in my dumplings.  Already have pork all over my pork fried rice!  Gotta imagine the General Tsos chicken is soaked in pork grease while cooking.  Broccoli is probably made out of pork.  What else.  If I was getting chipotle I probably would have gotten THE PORK protein for today.  So in the end it's all a wash.  Not sure the math works out on that.  Not sure there IS any math.  I didn't offer any calculations or equations or geometry or calculus.  No math to be done as of now!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  Man I'm gonna watch some METS game when this act is over.  My Dad is taking his walk now, so I can't go for roughly 20-40 minutes.  WOW I can watch an entire SIXTH of a game in that time.  So only an inning and a half.  DAMNIT THAT'S NOTHING.
Wonderful.  Speaking of Mets I'm going to be In A Stadium in a month.  Different stadium!  But Mets are A Sport and Sports are SOMETIMES played in this stadium I'm going to.  I wanna say TENNIS?  Maybe Wilco will play Sleater--Kinney in Tennis.  They never explicitly said they'd be playing music.  We assumed they would be but That's On Us!  Maybe they explicitly said it at some point.  I didn't go over the fine print in the contract carefully enough yet.  Hey what else is going on.  I think its presumptuous to assume that if we want fried rice we're automatically gonna want pork fried rice.  Yes it's ACCURATE but still I feel you should give us the OPTION to have it.  Standard should be Nothin' and they're like hey you wanna free bonus upgrade to pieces of pork peppered in there.  I dunno about all that but the point is I'm done here for now!  Be back soon.




Fine Don't Believe Me

    Hey!  Back from a walk.  Mets are up in the baseball game their playing today (Up means They're Winning).  All is right in the world.  Well at least Those Two Things.  I can think of DOZENS of things that are not right in the world.  Hmm that doesn't sound great overall.  Especially because the things that Are Right are totally inconsequential.  DAMNIT.  Hey the Mets just hit a homerun while I was typing that sentence.  That's NOT a third thing that's right in the world, it's just an augmented Second Thing.  Also the first thing that was right in the world was Me Being Back From A Walk???  That's NOTHIN'.  I guess it's a positive thing that I Made My Way Home but it's really not that big of a deal at all!
    Well maybe it is but it shouldn't be.  The point is it will be roughly 2 hours from Right Now that I will have lunch.  Also I'm gonna be eating When Food Gets Here.  That hardly ever happens!  I usually leave food out for 2 hours and then have to heat it up later.  MAYBE I have to heat it up anyway but if I do it won't be as much.  Hmm eating food as it was prepared seems like an interesting way to mix-em-up.  I think it's possible I've had Crystal Shrimp Dumplings before from other Chinese Take Out Places but they just call it regular Shrimp Dumplings and I didn't really process that there was anything different about them.  Lots of things are possible!  That's EASILY one of those things.  HMM I can probably easily fit in a shower before my next walk.  I think I'll do that.  So I'm cleaner than I was going into this whole situation!
    Cool.  What a wonderful day.  I've had a single thought process of hmm should I even bother getting video game system (GES).  Maybe I don't need it!  Maybe I'd regret it 10 minutes after I get it and start up a game.  Then I thought NO THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT.  Generally we should BUY THINGS and that will make us HAPPIER.  And that's the premise I'm continuing to operate under and I think its overall the right way to go.  Also video games these days is like watching movies!  And we all know how much I enjoy watching movies as much as the next guy.  What else is going on as much as the next guy.  Gotta start thinking about what I want from Super Market Delivery in a few days.  Looks like we're getting COMMUNAL MEATLOAF.  For the first time in Oh I Don't Know FOUR WEEKS?  Yep that's accurate.  Not sure if it's entertaining or important.  Pretty sure it isn't if we're being honest!
     What else is going on.  Took off my pants!  I don't need to wear them before taking my shower so might as well get a head start on starting to undress.  Life is great when you're not wearing pants.  Shirt, underwear, socks, great!  That's all ya need.  Also HEARTY underwear.  Nothin' where there's a bulge or too much skin or something.  Let's keep it respectable!  But anyway that's the life!  Also presumably if we are comfortably thin we don't need the shirts either!  I dunno I feel like a shirt is better even if we're comfortable with out guts.  Just more respectable overall!  We want to be comfortable however we must keep things respectable I feel very strongly about this!
     Last paragraph!  I don't believe it!  What else is going on.  I'm gonna be done here within a matter of minutes.  I wish it was seconds but hey what can ya do.  It could be seconds.  180 seconds and down is seconds.  If I finish within three minutes That's Seconds.  Hmm I make an interesting Counter Point.  What else is going on.  I can' twait to have HULU on my TV.  Imagine the several things that I might find worth watching on that!  Yeah!  I can see myself binge watching The Twilight Zones again.  A while back I made myself deep into that series Episode By Episode before I stopped.  I can pick up right where I left off.  Really!  I somehow remember one of the last episodes I was up to!  I must have some great memory or something.  I dunno that was a scary episode.  I don't wanna be SCARED.  That's no good for anybody except HULU because they're making money every time I get scared or something while watching them.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:32 P.M.




Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Ok Lets Do This

    Hello friends.  Today is solidly Yesterday's Tomorrow.  Also, less important, today is also Tomorrow's Yesterday.  More to the point Today Is Today.  I dunno that may not be accurate if today ISN'T today.  The point is let's get into it.  FINISHED weekly ALT ROCK CURRENT HITS iTunes playlist.  Now I don't know what to do until Friday when I start PLAYLISTS again.  Hmm how about some ROCK MUSIC.  I like ROCK N ROLL that's just the kind of guy I am.  I like the GUITARS.  The DRUMS.  The SINGING.  The BASS GUITAR I can do without.  What else is going on.  I feel like most songs have Bass guitar or Bass synthesizers or something and most songs I can't hear the bass.  I'm sure I'm registering it somehow.  And it influences how I hear the song overall.  I just can't consciously make out the bass.  So get off my back about it!
     Maybe songs these days don't have bass.  Maybe songs never had bass!  Me thinking music has bass is a Total Recall false memory in my brain and it's not reality.  That seems relatively probable I guess.  I wonder how much of my life is A Total Recall and never happened.  Probably 20, 30% right?  That's a conservative estimate.  If only I knew for sure.  What else is going on.  Ended up eating delicious Frozen Pizza for dinner last night.  I went with my gut feeling and my gut feeling at the time was like hey lets eat some frozen pizza.  SUPER Market Frozen Pizza Fresh.  Not Dignoiro.  We're talking Online Internet Delivery Supermarket makes their own special fresh food and they made this pizza themselves.  WOW talk about EXTRAVAGANT.  Super market pizza I don't believe it.  It's THIN CRUST pizza.  It had PEPPERONI.  Those things CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT and it's regular pizza in the end.  YEAH.
What else.  Highly considering getting Chipotle for lunch today, though!  And turkey dinner for tonight is the best guess off the top of my head.  I like turkey!  It's healthy!  Also I like turkey!  Also hey why not nothing else seems right but Turkey Seems Right.  Gotta go with your gut!  Most Recent Gut Feeling.  If my gut is telling me something in a few hours, obviously you're going with your most up-to-date Gut.  That's common sense!  Maybe!  Maybe it's wrong!  Something can be Common Sense AND be Wrong.  People are wrong about things all the time so collectively they're wrong about things all the time, too!  Also the point is I THINK WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED APART OF BRITAIN.  Thomas Paine WAS WAY OFF THE MARK.
     Oh well too late to go back now.  I feel like we're pot committed to being United States of America and not part of Britain.  Hey that's great I wish us the best of luck.  Haven't looked at Patriotism Calendar in two weeks!  Oh No I'm gonna see if I missed any Patriotism Days.  HMM this past Saturday was the First Quarter.  FINALLY the first Financial Quarter in the year in Why It's Only THE MIDDLE OF JULY?!?!  WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF.  Anyway I dunno.  A little bit ahead of Base Schedule today.  Half an hour, forty five minutes or so.  One of those!  Maybe between.  Possibly outside those parameters a little!  YEAH.  Had the shortest pshyatrity or pshytriatry-esque appointment of my life this morning.  90 seconds at most!  Maybe 120 seconds at most!  But probably closer to 90 seconds!  Not only is that great but I saw video OF ME in the periphery of my vision and I'M LOOKIN' GOOD.  Doctor said so, too.  That's what I got out of this appointment!
     Gotta get something out of something.  No you don't.  Rarely do you!  Almost everything we do in life we get nothing out of.  Well I'm just speaking for myself there.  I have no idea how much you get out of most of your life.  I wish you the best of luck with it though!  Maybe eat Super Market Lasagna for lunch today.  It's good because I have to eat it AND it's good because maybe I'd rather eat that than a burrito bowl I DON'T KNOW I'll have SEVERAL more up-to-date gut feelings by the time I need to commit.  Wonderful.  OH HEY my coffee gotta be ready!  Be right back!  Good thing I said I'd be right back.  Otherwise you'd have stopped reading at the end of that sentence and been like WHEN IS THIS GUY GONNA BE BACK SO I CAN CONTINUE READING.  THIS IS TAKING FOREVER.  Oh right I gotta get my coffee.  Be right back!
Jeez.  I dunno.  What else is going on!  I was supposed to tell Pshyutrist not to re-up with a couple of medications because I have Big Surplus of them.  I forgot!  Now I'm trying to get in touch with her to tell her.  Because I'm supposed to!  I do the things I'm supposed to do!  That's just the kind of guy I am this year.  Anyway.  My Dad wants me to make an Inventory of all the pill bottles I have.  Also I have 3 dozen pill bottles more or less.  Let's go with less.  Also I have 2 dozen pill bottles more or less.  That's accurate.  But there's many different KINDS of medication.  So I need to keep track ON PAPER with what I have for CONVENIENCE SAKE.  This way I don't need to go through the pill bottles every time I need to start Anew.  That's LIFE for ya. MY LIFE.  Get on board with it or get off my website!  Or don't get on board with it and stay on my website.  Or get on board with it AND get off my website.  I feel like there's one more permutation.  Oh well what can ya do.
Move on with my life!  I sent email to The Shutter Streaming Service about getting it working on my TV.  They just e-mailed me back with some tips.  A solid ALL OF THEM are things that I can't do/have done/won't help me one way or the other.  Maybe ONE or SOME of them I can actually try and might help.  I'll look into that in a little bit!  Either way DAMN I GOTTA WATCH THEM SHUDDERS.  Seventh paragraph!  I can always watch The Shudder on my computer.  YEAH BUT WHY.  I have a TV.  I watch things on TV!  That's the way my life works now!  HMM maybe I can buy WIRE to hook Computer to TV and set it up on my computer so it plays on TV.  That sounds like A THING that COULD POSSIBLY happen in reality.  I dunno Buying A Wire?  And connecting it to both devices?  So they're connected?  That sounds like an impossible hassle.
     What else.  HMM what kind of Time is the Mets game tonight?  7:10?  That sounds great!  I'll watch that until I get frustrated and then I'll stop watching it and keep track here and there on phone and then if it's worth watching again I'll put it on and off here and there per (1) it being interesting and (2) it being not scary situation where surely Bad Is About To Happen.  YEAH.  NINTH PARAGRAPH.  THAT'S HOW WE DO IT. ...Is what I will say accurately next paragraph.  No I won't.  I already said it this paragraph.  Incorrectly, sure, but still.  I'm not gonna say the same thing again.  We already read it!  HMM what if I turn power on and off.  The power for the TV.  That may or may not do anything.  Probably May Not!  I LIKE those odds.  Wait a second.  No I don't!  Damnit. 
     YEAH NINTH PARAGRAPH THAT'S HOW WE DO IT.  YEAH.  The Mets line up is staring to FIRE AT MANY CYLINDERS.  Which I assume is some sort of Factory Mechanical Hardware Talk.  I don't know what a cylinder is!  I kinda wanna know now though!  LMLTURQ.  OH WELL IT'S THE THING THAT'S A CIRCLE we all know that.  Well we all SORT OF know that.  Some of us may or may not have forgotten it!  Also I DUNNO they might be DIFFERENT WORDS I THINK THEY ARE.  Better LMLTURQ.  YUP INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE.  JUST AS I SUSPECTED.  I think that's what they call the Farting Process in the human body.  Not sure that makes sense.  Not sure a lot of things make sense these days!  Also it's the same word because presumably the mechanical cylinders are cylindric!  WOW I'm cracking ALL SORTS of codes this paragraph.
  Last paragraph of the act!  We learn a lot about the human body in school in Human Body class (Subset of biology?) but I don't remember any day or week devoted to the Gas Process specifically.  Kinda seems like an oversight.  THE PEOPLE DEMAND ANSWERS.  I have four Mets hitters on Fantasy Baseball Line up and they all hit a homerun yesterday.  SEPARATELY.  They didn't combine in one at bat somehow to hit a homerun.  Standing on each other's shoulders.  That would be a terrible way to play baseball!  I don't care how far into the gap you hit a ball, they're gonna throw you out at first trying to coordinate getting from home plate to first base standing on each other.  Hey the paragraph is over.  The act is over!  I'm gonna take a walk now.  I will listen to Something.  I guess! 




There Must Be More 

    Hey!  What's going on.  Came back from a walk.  Tried, "Troubleshooting," My TV so that I can play The Shutters.  I TURNED THE POWER ON THE SURGE PROTECTOR OFF AND ON.  To no avail!  I don't like this situation one bit.  The good news is at some point I may be able to watch these movies on my TV.  I just don't know how to get from THIS POINT to THAT POINT.  WAIT A WHILE hasn't been working.  Not yet, at least.  I can give it some more time and see what happens!  Also look I'm pretty good at typing on the TV but its still kind of annoying.  I'm better than most!  Most being My Mom.  She's not very good at it!  I have no other reference point but I'd wager that Including Old People I'm way ahead of the curve overall.  Maybe Cookies should be saving this information for me.  Maybe cookies should be letting me watch Movies.  I don't know all the details!
     Anyway.  Shower when this portion of 5 paragraphs is over.  I LIKE those odds.  Got coffee #2 going.  I'm fine with that arrangement.  Been A LONG TIME since I came up with a New Unique Password.  I may have talked about this a month or two ago.  But now I remember it again!  It's time I mix it up.  Well it's always good to discuss password habits On Internet.  I said A NEW password.  I didn't give you any hints!  It's impossible!  Even I don't know what its gonna be yet.  Uh oh that's a hint.  You know it doesn't exist yet.  That narrows it down somehow one would imagine.  Hmm.  What's a good WORD.  I don't know about you guys but I like to do passwords that are word(s) then numbers.  DAMNIT WHY DID I SAY THAT.  I feel like that's more than 50% of people.  We need to include numbers and symbols?  Tack em on at the end!  Do words then numbers than symbols.  WHAT THE HELL WHY AM I SAYING THIS.  Because it's COMMON Human Experience.  WE ALL can relate to this!  Also maybe you're onto me now but guess what I'M ON TO YOU.  I know you're doing this, too!  I'm halfway there on YOUR password how do you like that!
What else is going on.  I dunno.  I got MEALS coming up  that's good.  I got The Mets game which probably I can watch roughly a sixth of it stress free.  A SIXTH.  OUT OF 18 HALF INNINGS?  SURE SOUNDS LIKE 3 HALF INNINGS TO ME.  And THAT sounds like an inning and a half.  Hmm I bet I can do MORE than that.  I can easily do TWO innings.  I dunno I forget what I was talking about.  You wouldn't think an inning and a half is an entire sixth.  Sure you would that's simple math that checks out.  I dunno it FEELS wrong to me.  An inning and a half is barely anything!  It's nothing!  And a sixth is something!  I DON'T RELATE TO MATHEMATICALLY ACCURATE THINGS is the point I'm trying to make.  What else is going on.  I haven't taken a bath since Tiles were retiled!  I bet I notice weight loss.  I'd be seeing my body from an angle I haven't seen it from in weeks!  I predict that I would be like yeah I can sort of see a difference but you know what I can sort of NOT see a difference I'M UNHAPPY WITH THIS ARRANGEMENT.  So I'm gonna take a shower instead!  Play it safe!
     Penultimate paragraph of act II!  If I don't get Chipotle today I'll probably get it tomorrow!  So at this point it's really just what am I in the mood for to have for lunch TODAY.  Lasagna?  Chipotle?  HERBED CHICKEN WITH SWEET POTATO?  Not that!  ANYTHING BUT THAT.  (Anything Out of the other two options).  Herbed chicken?  You're going to have to be more specific than that!  No you don't I get the sense of what you're saying this chicken is all about.  But maybe that's because I've had it half a dozen OR EIGHT times already.  If I never had it before, AND if I never SEEN it before, I'd be able to make a reasonable GUESS as to what it's all about but that's all it would be a guess.  A reasonably ACCURATE guess.  Wonderful.  That's a paragraph right there.  It's a paragraph about nothing!  Super Market estimates Lasagna Meal at 490 calories.  I'm gonna consider it 600 calories.  Wonderful.
Last paragraph before Act Break!  Shower act break.  I dunno.  Saw the same person twice on my most recent walk.  And it was THE WORST person I could possibly see!  Guy who always wants to stop and talk to me.  I saw in very early in my walk in park.  Walked by each other.  Then by the end when I was half a block away from my house he was crossing me again.  Directionswise it makes sense but he must have STOPPED or was going at a much slower pace than I did.  Anyway how terrible.  Also even worse I think he thought I was waving to him during the fist walk.  Because I was batting flies away.  And if I don't wanna give someone the impression I'm waving at them It's THIS GUY.  Just my luck.  Might not have been luck!  He could have been planning this! Just my luck.  CORRECT USE.  That would be EVEN WORSE luck that this guy is Walk-Stalking me.  The point is hey act is done.  I'll be back soon. 




That's Good Enough

    Wow!  I spent an entire 15-20 minutes trying to figure out The Shutter Streaming on my TV and I still couldn't get it working.  I tried EVERYTHING.  Everything I could think of!  Which was about roughly two things!  MULTIPLE THINGS?  Sounds like everything to me!  Anyway lets get this entry on the books.  Or in the books.  The point is I want this to end.  Enjoy some The Rest Of The Day.  I started watching Ash Vs The Evil Dead and it's great!  I watched the first season when it came out.  Now I'm watching it again!  Great!  It's full of laughs and also it makes ya think.  Also scare-em-ups!  I like the supporting characters.  Or the supporting actors.  I know they're supporting actors but maybe they just play Characters and not Supporting Characters.  Either way I remember not liking them the first time around.  These people are with Bruce Campbell AKA ASH?  They don't hold up next to him!  Now, though, I like 'em!  Hmm fascinating.
Anyway.  My Dad is taking his walk now.  Which means I'm staying in the house for the next 40, 45 minutes.  Maybe as much as an hour if he doesn't take his walk immediately.  Which is okay!  I can take my walk after that and be right on target for where I wanna be.  LOOK have I considered watching Deadwood again.  YES SLIGHTLY.  But I could be PLAYING Deadwood some day soon so that solves that problem.  I think Redwood game takes place in 1899 (starts then an continues?)  Look I'm sure at that point in history the west was PRETTY wild but it was already in the process of being tamed per my understanding.  The WILD wild west was the half a century BEFORE then.  We're talkin' by the time I'm done with my missions HERBERT HOOVER might be president?  Hmm those are some long missions.  Hey in real life Missions can take YEARS to complete.  Look we're not gonna make it to Hoover but maybe Teddy Roosevelt!  That's MODERN ERA.  20th century.  INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE is in the mix.  Hmm that's a good dividing line.  By the time Cars came Wild Wild West is LONG gone.  Or at the very least SOMEWHAT GONE by then.  Cars = The West Isn't Wild anymore, and it probably hasn't been for a while!
    Also how many Horsepower is a horse.  One.  That probably checks out.  Different horses have different power!  That's the assumption I'm operating under.  I think the Mets should trade for Kris Bryant AND SIGN Kris Bryant.  They should just accumulate Seven Or Eight Super Star players.  Sure you have to pay them money but on the other hand IT'S FUN for your fans.  Sounds like a fair deal.  Square deal one might even say.  Who made the first Square Deal.  I think it was BEFORE FDR New Deal.  That's why it was a NEW Deal.  No longer the old deal.  The Square Deal.  LMLTURQ.  THEODORE ROOSEVELT!  What's with Roosevelt Presidents and Deals.  Something, one would imagine!  Anyway I might be operating in the Wild Wild West AND have a Square Deal at the same time?  WHAT KIND OF HISTORY DISTORTION IS THIS?!?!
     Penultimate paragraph.  Wonderful.  What am I gonna watch if not Shudder.  Plenty of things.  Yeah that checks out but I'm not happy about it!  I'm not happy about there being so many Midwest teams.  There's like SEVEN major league baseball teams in Pennsylvania alone!  Presumably they're doing enough business that they're staying afloat but I don't get it.  HOW MANY PENNSYLVANIA BASEBALL FANS CAN THERE BE?  And don't even get me started on Ohio!  OH NO I got myself started on Ohio!  Here we go...!  Same deal as Pennsylvania.  Except Ohio has like TWENTY major league baseball teams.  I don't like it!  There really are I think four major league baseball teams in California but at least there's a lot of people in California!  Also baseball fans!  Everyone knows there's no baseball fans in Ohio.  It just doesn't add up!
     Last paragraph, though.  That's good.  How's Grand Theft Auto SIX coming along.  Is that in the cards for 2022?  I better LTURQ.  I can't WAIT for Grand Theft Auto Six.  I never particularly liked the original games but man THIS ONE.  It's gonna have a BIG WORLD.  So many square miles you can walk and/or drive around.  I don't even know how many!  It might be THOUSANDS!  They've been spending a lot of time on this game!  Gotta imagine most of it is designing neighborhoods.  Better LTURQ.  It's not gonna be released until 2025 Oh No!  And I got excited about this game in 2017 LIKE A FOOL.  However if its THAT much time MAN OH MAN IMAGINE ALL THE UNIQUE NEIGHBORHOODS.  There must be DOZENS in the cards.  Eh you've seen one you've seen 'em all.  What else is going on.  Hey the entry is over.  Wonderful.  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-2:07 P.M.




Monday, July 19, 2021

Get Out Of Here

    What's up friends.  I'm here to say stuff!  Presumably.  HEY GOOD NEWS I've got something to say.  My scale is off a few pounds!  Lower than it should be!  I KNEW THIS but at the same time I WOULDN'T ADMIT IT TO MYSELF.  I know when I get weight done in Doctor Setting it's several pounds more.  I always chalked it up to Scales don't agree.  Maybe MY scale is right, maybe a wide variety of scales from different Doctor and Medical Offices are wrong!  My Mom checked her weight recently and she had her weight taken at Medical Setting and she reported the same experience.  And I was finally like YEAH FINE I GUESS THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS.  But I'm still losing weight at the same rate I was before!  I still look VISIBLY the same even if NUMERICAL WISE I'm not as good.  All it means is if I wanna reach A NUMBER I gotta diet for another two or three weeks.  This is a GOOD paragraph because IT HAS INFORMATION.  Information about my life.  IMPORTANT information.
Yeah!  Lets settle this once and for all-- I ended up not getting Steak & Eggs last night.  Got Chocolate Chip Pancakes and a Bison Burger.  I had 2/3rds of the Pancakes last night and will have the Bison Burger for lunch today.  DINNER IS UP IN THE AIR.  I was thinking about getting THE CHIPOTLE but I DUMBLY asked my Mom if she would want anything for dinner (MY DAD DOESN'T HE'S TEACHING TONIGHT) and she was like yeah probably!  And she doesn't want Chipotle.  GREAT JUST GREAT.  That's what I get for being polite.  BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.  I still feel like I can maneuver myself into getting Chipotle tonight.  It's just gonna be more of a problem than I anticipated.  A problem of my own making!  Partly My Mom's Making!  How DARE HER want food during the nighttime.
     YEAH.  Mets ended up winning yesterday!  The good news is at some point their injured super stars might even not be injured anymore!  That way they've got THREE HEALTHY SUPER STARS!  Wow this is good news.  When nobody is injured I'm not confident.  When the two best players are injured man oh man if they can treat water until the superstars get back WE'VE GOT THE DIVISION BY THE BALLS.  Wonderful.  I saw someone threw a baseball at a baseball player a few days ago?  Which was MY IDEA FROM SLIGHTLY MORE DAYS AGO?  I smell a Copyright Infringement!  A COURT CASE IS COMING.  I want ALL the money this guy made by throwing a baseball at someone during a baseball game from the stands.  Not A QUARTER.  Not HALF.  I WANT IT ALL.  He's not making any money from this.  Maybe not MONEY but POWER.  He can run for office based on this.  I'm the guy who threw a baseball at a Red Sox player VOTE FOR ME.  Is there a way I can sue him to get his Political Power?  His Future Hypothetical Political Power?  Gotta imagine we can sue people for anything they've got! 
     Anyway.  My Dad still needs more time to process whether I can get an XBOX!  I'll give him time, sure.  I got plenty of time!  It's my main resource I've accumulated.  No money. No political power!  Lots of time, though!  Alright sounds not so bad.  Can I get Chinese Food instead of Chipotle SURE.  But it's less healthy AND I'm less in the mood for it as of this early point in the day.  Also WHAT TO GET.  BBQ SPARE RIBS?  THAT'S RIDICULOUS I HAVEN'T EVEN CONSIDERED IT.  Hmm that would be delicious though.  Hey I want some BBQ Spare Ribs.  SIGN ME UP I'M ON BOARD.  Well that resolved itself pretty quickly!  I'm okay Health Wise eating BBQ Spare Ribs.  Portion control, though!  Also I can get SOMETHING ELSE from Chinese Restaurant for tomorrow.  SOMETHING ELSE?  I LOVE OTHER THINGS.  DEPENDING ON THE THING, OF COURSE.
What else is going on.  HMM the Restaurant I'm on board with IS OPEN TODAY AND TONIGHT.  Last I checked they were closed from Monday Through Thursday.  Two weeks ago or so!  I guess they decided they'd make more business if they were open during the week.  That's just the kind of radical thinking that will put This Chinese Food Restaurant on the map!  They're on maps.  I know where they are generally anyway without looking at a map!  I used to occasionally go there After Middle School with my friends!  WOW Middle School?  Yep!  WOW Friends?  You know it!  WOW MID AFTERNOON?  That's The Best Of All!  What else is going on again.  Got ZOOM appointment with psychiatrist tomorrow.  Got ZOOM appointment with similar-to-physiatrist lady arrangement the next day.  Got Gotta Go Get Blood Work the day after the next day.  WOW THINGS.  Responsibilities!  I'll knock those out of the park sure. 
  MLB game is more expensive.  I think I had a dream last night I was playing the MLB Game!  Either how the game play really goes (I watched a few minutes on YouTube) or something vaguely resembling it.  I remember doing either GREAT or TERRIBLE.  I feel like the pitching was doing great and nobody was hitting.  But I forget if I was controlling the pitching or the hitting!  I'm gonna be honest I THINK I WAS HITTING AND I WAS LOSING GAME AFTER GAME.  Which is odd because once I get the controls down I'm generally knocking Video Baseball out of the park!  Hmm what has changed in the last 20 years.  Nowadays I gotta employ THE SHIFT all the time.  I forget when and why.  But every now and then shift an infielder to the other side of the infield.  For strategy!  That'll show 'em to Ground Balls in that direction.
What else is going on.  Seventh paragraph!  I'm gettin' there!  I don't know where!  But I'm gettin' somewhere!  HMM I checked online and BBQ Spare Ribs are pretty high in calories.  I didn't see THAT coming.  Accurate!  For some reason I was like ya know what I feel if I limit myself to four or five it wouldn't be so bad.  And ya know what?  I guess it wouldn't be SO bad but TOO BAD for me.  Too bad for me!  FOUR would be the limit.  Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't trying to lose weight and just trying to maintain.  But I AM trying to lose weight.  And I WILL BE for another 2 or 3 weeks if I'm aiming for A WEIGHT NUMBER the same as before.  AWESOME TWO OR THREE WEEKS MORE I CAN DO THAT.  This is MUCH better than not having to do the extra two or three weeks more.  Now I know it's POSSIBLE to do it Completely At Some Point!  A later point But STILL it's SOME point.  That makes sense.  Wonderful!  Things should always make sense!  Especially things that make sense.
Eighth paragraph!  Gotta imagine BBQ Spare Ribs without the bone are considerably less calories.  Yeah I know I'm not supposed to eat the bone I'm not an IDIOT.  But the calories STICK to the bone such that if I'm eating a bone... uhh... I forget what the joke here is supposed to be.  Somehow bones make it more calories.  That's the set up.  I don't know what the punch line is!  I don't even know if that's a set up in any possibly accurate sense.  Oh well lets move on with my lives.  I guess the joke could have been that I eat the bone in the spare ribs and the bone has calories.  But I nipped that in the bud!  I went out of my way to say that I don't eat the bone.  I just couldn't stand people ACTUALLY thinking I ate Spare Rib Bones because I DON'T.  Phone wire still giving me some problems!  I can get it in every now and then which is GOOD ENOUGH.  But I really should look into getting a new wire.  Not just any wire.  A wire that connects phone to electrical outlet so that the phone is recharged.  That's the main type of wire I should narrow it down to.
     Great!  Finish this act by 15 minutes from now so I can fit in a walk before my Dad takes HIS walk.  So one of us can be in the house at least so my Mom feels comfortable.  She might FALL DOWN or something.  What if no one is here.  What if she STOPS BREATHING.  Anything can happen!  Also if anything happens while my Dad isn't here and I am I don't know what the Hell to do!  Maybe 50% of possible situations I could figure out.  Every other catastrophic thing that could happen I'd be clueless, though.  Well, here's a good idea-- CALL DAD.  Alright great.  Now I figured that out!  WHAT IF HE DOESN'T ANSWER.  Then I'll call him ON THE PHONE.  The joke is for some reason I was calling out to Dad in person while he was away.  Hey that IS sort of kind of like a joke.  I get it!
Yeah!  Hey that paragraph took 90 seconds.  I like those odds!  What else is going on.  Listening to ALTERNATIVE Recent Playlist on my phone during walks.  IT's ALTERNATIVE because it sometimes has GUITARS.  Wow I don't believe it.  I like a lot of songs!  I like them more when I hear them a few times.  Oh NOW I Get the gist of this took me a while to figure out what this song was all about.  Also if I don't understand what songs are about I don't like them!  I don't like what I don't understand!  I feel that's a pretty basic human feeling!  And I'm a pretty basic human!  What else is going on.  I don't know.  For some reason it amuses me that my Dad knows Xbox.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's because Xbox are relatively new.  They didn't exist before the 21st century at all!  And that's when my Dad spent Most Of His Time!  I dunno I'll have to think about that one.  I'll be back in a little bit!




You're Kidding Me

    Hey what's up.  Talked it over with my Mother Figure (my Mom) and she's okay with me getting Chipotle for myself!  AM I bad son for not insisting we get something together?  Possibly!  Am I a bad son for other reasons?  Probably!  Am I an okay son overall when all is said and done?  Yeah I think I'm doing a decent job all in all!  Anyway I'm gonna get BURRITO BOWL  Two of them!  One for tonight another one for tomorrow.  You know how THAT goes.  What's the percent of people who get deliveries for themselves and go out of their way to get several meals to justify the delivery.  I know I'm not THE ONLY one but I dunno if it's even over 50% or under.  Sure it depends on a basis-by-basis basis but in general other people must do this as well.  I was gonna originally estimate it at WAY over 50% but now that I think about it people are stupid they're gonna pay delivery fees and tips and just get one mealsworth.  Dummies!
     Hey I'm a Dummy, too!  We have that in common.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Had A THIRD of a chocolate chip pancake for breakfast today.  I'll do the same thing the next two days presumably.  WOW we're talking A NINTH of the entire dish of Chocolate Chip Pancakes I was originally supplied with.  Wow math!  I don't believe it!  Pizza Hut is VERY good at advertising.  Maybe it's just that I Like Pizza Hut, or maybe they're just great with their e-mail spam and commercials and all that that I always want to get Pizza Hut when I see it.  HOWEVER I never get Pizza Hut.  So they can't be doing THAT great.  I don't think their ultimate goal is Fan Appreciation.  They want BUSINESS they wanna SELL PIZZAS.  What good is it to them that I like the taste of pizza hut and shrug my shoulders and get something else?  SOMEWHAT GOOD it means I'm a prime candidate for FUTURE Pizza Getting if they figure out how to play their cards right.
What else is going on.  I think part of it is I just like pizza hut!  It tastes good to me!  Hmm seems like a scam.  I bet they PURPOSELY made their disgusting pizza taste disgustingly good.  I'm onto their tricks!  Anyway what else is going on.  Should I get LETTUCE with my Burrito Bowls.  I'm not getting the FAJITA vegetables.  I just don't like the texture and taste as a component of the overall deal.  Lettuce?  I don't know!  Probably the same situation but maybe not.  I think I'll go WITHOUT IT.  WOW.  Maybe I should use MY OWN hot sauce and not get THEIR hot sauce either.  I dunno about that!  I don't remember particularly liking MY OWN hot sauce.  Hmm I've given myself a lot to think about.  I didn't really give it to myself.  It was never mine to give.  This Stuff To Think About was out there whether I wanted myself to think about it or no.  YEAH.
What else is going on.  I feel like by the end of my dream I was 1-6 in the standings.  The baseball standings.  The baseball dream.  The video baseball dream.  I was 1-6 into the Fantasy Season I started.  HEY THAT'S ALRIGHT.  I just started playing this game and I've won a game already.  By the end of this season I'll have 120 wins or so!  Dream season.  Dream wins!  I dunno in Dreams ANYTHING can happen.  It doesn't mater how good I may or may not be at potential game in real life.  In dreams I can go 0-162.  Hell, in dreams, I can go 0-10,000 IT'S A DREAM ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.  Well apparently not.  In dreams APPARENTLY I go 1-6.  As of yesterday's dream.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!  I think I'm gonna start watching a lot of the Shudder: The Horror Streaming Service movies I haven't watched yet.  There's DOZENS of movies there that I may or may not get SOME sort of kick out of.  And that way I can watch MOVIES on TV.  Movies are where it's at!
     Last paragraph before taking break.  Shower break!  Also presumably a little bit of TV/Movie Break.  Gonna have coffee #2 with act #3!  That's how that goes today.  What else is going on how it goes today.  Hmm those pinto beans'll be pretty good.  Steak filling for today will be great.  Rice?  I can see myself really, "Digging," some rice.  Wow this meal is really shaping up to be an, "Out of the park," Dinner Experience!  If only I knew what to do re: Hot Sauce.  I like their hot sauce generally but last time I got it I didn't like it that much.  THIS IS GOOD STUFF unfortunately I have to take a break very soon.  I'll think about my Hot Sauce Situation in the shower and maybe I'll come up with some answer.  Probably not.  I can think about it all I want and I still can't come to a good conclusion.  Just like with every problem in my life.  The good news with that is I know I shouldn't bother to think at all!  Pointless!  Might as well go about life Not Thinking At All!  I'll be back soon.




I Don't Believe It

    I'M HAVING TROUBLE watching The Shutter Streaming Site on my TV!  There's ENCRYPTION AFOOT and my TV is having none of it!  Or too much of it!  I'm not sure about the specifics except that it MAY be a pun because CRYPTS are Horror Settings.  The point is one would imagine I'd contact customer support or something and have it worked out.  I'd imagine it!  That's ONE right there!  Wonderful.  Hey there's a Mets game tonight.  I'll watch that!  For the next few months there's a Met Game ALL THE TIME and most often AT NIGHT.  Wow what a routine!  Five days a week a Nighttime Met game on average for 2.4 months?  DID I MEAN TO SAY 2.5 MONTHS?  YES.  BUT IS 2.4 SLIGHTLY MORE ACCURATE?  YOU BET.  Now I look like an Estimation GENIUS saying 2.4 months.  This guy is getting it EXACT one might imagine.  I imagined it.  That's ONE right there!  Also I imagined YOU imagining it.  Does that count for anything?
    Five days a week?  That's almost as often as The Beatles Need Our Love.  Unless I'm mixing up songs.  Eight days a week is the one where they're telling us (Babe) that they need our love.  Better LTURQ.  YEP THAT'S IT.  Also you'd think if they're making a big deal about doing something eight days a week they'd be talking about how hard working or something.  Like I'm gettin shit done EIGHT days a week.  They're putting The OverDoneness ON US.  We need to give them love eight days a week!  I'm not sure I'm happy about that at all!  WAIT NO THEY ARE SAYING THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING.  They ain't got nothing but love eight days a week.  Well are they GIVING love or RECEIVING love.  It's a little CONFUSING I'm not sure what's going on in this song/this life.
Whatever who cares.  This is over 50 years ago!  It doesn't matter to us anymore in the modern era.  We've got other things to deal with.  Also if there are eight days a week, does that mean a week is 1 and 1/7th times as long as normal, OR does it mean that each day is... what's the math... 7/8ths as long as a day used to be.  That math MAY be accurate.  Wow I like those odds!  May!  What else is going on and crap.  It might be raining a bit during upcoming walk.  I can live with that!  I can live with lots of things!  This is one example of something I can live with!  What else is going on.  I can watch some stuff on TV without having to contact customer support.  I don't know why I'm hesitant to do it.  It wouldn't be too hard.  YEAH I'M RIGHT I SHOULD DO IT.  Well that settles that.
Penultimate paragraph!  Looking forward to my lunch.  I'm not 100% happy with my Eating Meals Arrangement, though.  Facing WEST while I'm eating?  I dunno about that.  I tried sitting on the floor facing SOUTH like I used to but I don't like eating on the floor.  I feel like a child!  Also I feel like a child while eating on the floor!  I guess I can eat facing NORTH but that's not so great, either!  The surface I'd have Meal On facing North is ELEVATED higher than I'm used to.  I don't like the Meal being that close to my upper body.  Doesn't feel right.  The point is I'll figure something out I'm sure but right now I'm not sure what that is!  Have I considered facing EAST.  Also remember I'm watching TV while this meal is going on and I'd need to be able to conveniently go between Watching TV and Eating.  SO MANY MOVING PARTS I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS.  No There Aren't.
Wonderful.  Last paragraph!  Maybe try GREEN sauce topping instead of HOT sauce topping for burrito bowl.  It's MODERATELY spicy instead of HEAVILY spicy.  I don't care about all that it's more the texture I'm interested in.  I don't want a sauce that'll have bits of tomato!  That taste like hey I'm eating a tomato.  I don't like eating tomato!  Wow I've given myself a lot to think about.  Also Green might be Guacamole.  I'm not sure how I feel about that!  I'm pretty sure I feel negatively about that!  Which is EVEN WORSE than not knowing how I feel about that!  We're talkin' I'm solidly leaning towards NEGATIVE feelings about that!  Well that's great just great.  I finally reached enough sentences that I can end this entry and move on with my lives.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

-2:30 P.M.




Sunday, July 18, 2021

Hey Here We Go

    Hello friends.  The big news in my life is a Negative News!  My phone charger is only working one out of 20 times!  We're talking a 5% success rate!  Which isn't as bad as it sounds.  I unplug and plug it back in twenty times rapidly it'll work eventually and Stay Charging for that Success Attempt.  So it's annoying but right now I can deal with it!  If the odds are 5% something will happen, and you do it 20 times, what are the odds that it won't happen in the first 20 times. I'd say UNDER 50%!!!  WOW that's some interesting numbers crunching.  I hope one day when I'm dead I'll have the time to crunch the numbers.  Also what else is going on.  Sunday!  Wearing a shirt I haven't worn in a week and a half!  Got some coffee a-brewin'!  I CAN GET THE DEADWOOD GAME FOR 37 DOLLARS?  This is my lucky day!  Presumably.  I probably shouldn't get it before I have Gaming System. Although IF I DID it would be my lucky day apparently.  I want a lucky day!  So that's something to consider.
     Mets lost in gut punching fashion last night.  The good news is it doesn't matter.  IT MATTERS SO MUCH.  THE FANS ARE HEAVILY INVESTED IN IT.  THE PLAYERS MAKE THEIR MONEY OFF OF IT.  THE OTHER TEAMS ARE JERKS AND I DON'T WANT THEM TO SUCCEED.  Why does baseball have to matter so much it's not fair!  Anyway.  I watched THE FAN two days ago starring Robert De Nero (More like Robert De ZERO!) and Wesley Snipes (More like Wesley SUCKS).  It  was an okay movie!  Seems weird I'd never seen it before.  It's about baseball and I'm a fan of baseball more or less.  What kind of major motion pictures can I watch today.  Do the Harlem Globetrotters actually play their home games in Harlem.  I know their name makes obvious the fact that they Trot The Globe (playing basketball while doing it presumably) but if I know sports like I think I do their name implies that 50% of the time they play in Harlem.  People in Harlem gotta be tired of that act though, right?  Also do they have ANY basis in Harlem other than Hmm Harlem sounds like black people live there also these people are presumably mostly black.  HMM.  I better LTURQ.  There must be some white people on the Globe Trotters!  Maybe even Other Races.  LMLTURQ.  Google Racial Makeup of Harlem Globetrotters. 
I saw a couple of pictures pop up of complete roster and they all appear to be black!  Now I gotta see the Washington Generals.  That'll be REAL interesting.  They appear to be 50+% white.  Well that's how that goes.  What else is going on.  HEY you'll get a kick out of this, my fantasy baseball trade went through.  Now I got someone whose been hitting HOMERUNS.  Driving in RBIS.  Very respectable AVERAGE.  He's gonna take my team to the next level!  Competing for SECOND PLACE by the end of the year instead of THIRD.  Amazing!  I forget his name.  Jared Walsh.  Solid 75% chance that's his name.  And the other 25% is Something Very Close To That.  YEP that's his name.  WOW I GUESSED SOMEONE'S NAME.  THIS IS HILARIOUS.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF READING THIS WHILE I'M WRITING THIS.
What else.  Hey coffee gotta be ready by now!  I'll be back!  Hey coffee was ready!  I'm back!  Can there be Harlem Globetrotter type acts with other sports.  Gotta imagine they can figure that out.  Stuff like In Hockey while they're running a round passing the puck to themselves back and forth they shoot goals through people's legs and stuff.  Not the goalie that's too obvious.  They pass to someone else by passing it through the enemy's legs.  And then the enemy gets discombobulated and Split-Falls Down and cries in embarrassment.  I imagine most Harlem Globetrotter games end in Tears for the other team.  I'd be upset!  How embarrassing!  Who signs up for playing for the Washington Generals.  Do they even need to be halfway decent at basketball.  And if they are do they feel like Sell Outs by doing bad on purpose.  They might feel like Sell Outs when they SELL OUT THE ARENA PEOPLE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS SHOW THEY OUGHT TO BE PROUD OF THEIR PARTICIPATION.
    Hey 5th paragraph.
  I feel like roughly half of a paragraph combined has been worth while!  WOW ONE EIGHTH.  That's a number they use in Drugs often.  An eighth of an ounce presumably for the most part.  Fascinating.  Gonna have Big Fish Dinner Part II for lunch today!  Dunno about dinner!  Maybe some sort of Lunch Part I!  YEAH.  Bison burger sounds good.  It's been a few days since I've had that.  It's good because Hamburger but it's also good because Special.  Yep that's how that goes for some reason.  Hmm I wonder if phone is still plugged in and charging.  Better look that up right quick.  YEP it's still going.  That's the good news.  Once I DO get it plugged in and charging it seems to stay that way.  That's the good news!  The bad news is other stuff.  Lots of bad news.  Why narrow it down.
     Cool!  I was re-crunching the numbers re: counting calories and losing weight, and I have been overestimating how much I should be losing.  The amount of calories I burn each day WITHOUT exercise is really less than it was a few months ago when I was heavier.  My metabolism burns less calories on account of weighing less!  So that's GOOD because it means I'm Slightly Better At Crunching Numbers Than I Thought I Was but BAD because I want to burn more calories each and every day.  The point is oh well what can ya do you can only do your best.  That's not true.  You can also do WORSE than your best.  A whole wide spectrum of worse ! You can do bad, you can do really bad, you can do good, you can do average... you can do MANY THINGS other than your best.  I wouldn't even recommend aiming for doing your best!  Too risky!  Just play it safe and aim for Doing Your Average. Safer and EASIER.
    Seventh paragraph I don't believe it!  I haven't had a hamburger with hamburger meat in a while.  Probably since the first week or two of Personal Independence Day (PID) when I got Hamburger Fast Food 2 or 3 times.  WOW.  I haven't done that in a  while!  Probably for health reasons!  More probably for calorie reasons!  Not the same!  Anyway I should think about that.  Variety is good for the Health Diet.  Sometimes you have to eat unhealthy just to mix things up and keep your body guessing.  I made that joke in roughly 2015.  I say the same things over again VERY often but for some reason that joke really made me think Not only did I say this but I said this A LONG time ago.  I guess it's just an important point to me.  I think it makes sense beyond being a joke!  It's how I feel deep in my bones!
     Anyway.  Hey the Mets two star players are injured.  And they keep losing!  WOW THIS IS GETTING SERIOUS.  They still have a star player left!  The guy who likes to hit homeruns Pete Alonso!  YEAH.  They can still compete but it's gonna be tough!  In fact I feel MORE confident in the team now.  Same thing happens in games.  If they're tied Zero Zero I'm not confident at all.  If a couple of innings later they're down Two to One I'm like ALRIGHT ONLY DOWN BY ONE THAT'S NOTHING THEY CAN WIN THIS GAME EASY STILL.  Because my powers of reasoning aren't great!  I think part of it is if the other team scores I'm like well apparently SOMEONE can score runs this game, so why not The Mets.  When it's zero zero I'm like Well no one is scoring runs so The Mets probably won't either.  Again my powers of reasoning aren't great!  That's life I guess.
     Ninth paragraph!  I don't believe it!  Take a walk after the tenth!  Can't wait!  Gotta keep writing until I get there.  The entire entry so far has been dumb and unreadable so why stop now!  Also look the Pittsburgh Pirate Baseball Stadium View is beautiful.  You can see A BRIDGE past the bleachers in the outfield.  Overlooking some sort of BODY OF WATER I WANNA SAY A RIVER.  Fantastic!  I'd go there just for the view!  Get some seats in the upper deck, stare out at the view for 3 hours!  What else is going on.  Why do I need Some SEATS I'm doing this alone.  I could be doing this with a friend or family member!  Nah nobody else is gonna wanna do this.  I'll MAKE THEM want to do this.  That's no good either.  Hey what else is going on.  I'll be able tot ake a walk after next paragraph Easy.  My Dad takes walks and generally we try to keep it so one of us is in the house at all times.  But I can get in there before he wants his!  YEAH.
     We need someone in the house for SAFETY.  My MOM lives here!  What if she needs help with something.  It could happen! Nobody knows!  I'm okay with this arrangement!  HEY The Mets have been losing?  That must mean They Can WIN, too!  Now I'm confident about the rest of the season!  They're gonna win roughly half of the time if they play their cards right!  Isn't there some sort of games you can play with baseball cards!  Like Mock Simulation Baseball Games.  You can get a single or something by playing the right card.  This is what kids did in the 1980's or something.  I feel like there's SOME truth to this.  What else is going on.  Oh Hey the paragraph is over.  The Act is over!  I'M over.  For now!  See ya in a little bit.




Hey Here We Continue

    Now I'm thinking about getting Steak & Eggs for dinner tonight.  Steak is arguably healthier than bison!  Anything is arguable!  I can know I'm wrong going into an argument and still have fun arguing it!  Either way it costs more so it's healthier and better tasting.  Also it's TWO meals not just one.  Also this time around I THINK I WILL HAVE THE TOAST THAT COMES WITH IT.  Eat only a third of the Hashed Browns I would have without the toast.  It evens out but this way I Get To Eat Toast What A Wonderful Mix-Em-Up.  Anyway took me about 25 times to get Phone Wire Charging just now.  What are the odds.  I told you I'll Figure It Out When I'm Dead!
     Yeah!  Gonna take a shower when this act is over.  That's how that goes.  Hey the Mets are already down three nothing that's how that goes.  That's TOO MUCH.  Last time I checked they were down by one AND THAT'S THE METS HAVING THE PIRATES RIGHT WHERE THEY WANT THEM.  Now they're down by three?  Hopeless why do I even bother.  Have the Washington Football Team considered going with being The Washington Generals.  Must have been at least suggested at SOME level.  People get paid to consider things and this is something worth considering!  Maybe get a Bonus Meal from Diner of Breakfast Meal.  Right know WAFFLE sounds about right!  Chocolated Chip Pancakes would be good.  Frenched Toast would be good.  A Waffle seems like the best way to go, though!  No sides!  Just eat the entire waffle for a meal!  YEAH.
Anyway.  The Mets are arguably the most frustrating team in baseball.  I have very little to compare it to!  I don't know what its like to be a fan for 28 of the other teams.  The Yankees I get exposed to and I don't think it's as frustrating being a fan of the Yankees usually.  I guess it comes in waves!  Right now it's probably frustrating to be a Yankee fan whereas it wasn't in the late 1990's.  DOING GOOD MEANS LESS FRUSTRATING.  You're frustrated because they're NOT doing good.  YEAH but they gotta be at least Middling to be frustrating.  If you have no expectations of quality it's not frustrating when they suck.  YEAH.  I dunno I think rooting for a bad team year in year out would be frustrating.  But that's ON YOU.  Pick another team or get something else going on with your life! 
     What else.  My guess is Bison is healthier than steak.  The real question is whether Hamburger or Steak is healthier.  And I did some research!  Steak is generally the better bet because ground beef can have god knows what in it (POSSIBLY BAD THINGS).  But also ground beef is healthier in some regards if it's high quality ground beef.  So basically I'm gonna go with Steak is healthier because it sounds right.  Hey the Mets are down by six!  You know what that means!  I'm gonna turn off the TV!  See Mets not only are you letting your fans down but you're letting your corporate sponsors down.  WHO WILL WATCH YOUR COMMERCIALS NOW.  No one that's who.  HMM something happened.  Mets Manager Getting into it with umpires.  One can only imagine what happened.  Nope!  I CAN'T imagine what happened. I 'm trying!  I can look at TV and rewind it.  Nah!  Oh well I guess we'll never know for sure.
     Last paragraph.  Hey the Pirates have scored fifteen runs and counting in the last two and a third innings.  Not bad!  I wish them the best of luck in general.  All teams should have a taste of success!  Gotta imagine the Mets will have some at some point.  Seems reasonable.  HEY I haven't turned off the TV yet.  Seems like I should get on that!  I made my decision to turn it off and I need to stick wit hit.  Eh I'll go get the remote later.  It's roughly FIVE FEET AWAY.  What am I an Olympian Athlete I can't reach five feet away.  HMM ESPN has the Mets at a 6.4% chance to win.  HOLY SMOKES THAT CAN HAPPEN PLENTY OF TIMES.  It's WAY more probable than me plugging in my phone working!  PERCENTAGE POINTS MORE PROBABLE!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.



Hey Here We End

    Hey.  I was thinking I might play it safe and have Whole Wheat Toast but ya know what?  This is my special day!  I'm gonna get RYE Toast.  When I was a kid we couldn't even imagine Rye Toast.  Sure there's white bread and whole wheat bread toast.  Sure there's Rye Bread.  RYE TOAST?  THAT WOULD NEVER FIT IN YOUR STANDARD TOASTER.  Rye toast is HORIZONTALLY BIGGER.  That's just math!  Anyway rye bread is delicious.  I have a memory of always pulling the crust off rye bread and eating it separate.  I liked the crust just fine.  But it was better when they were separated and eaten individually.  I don't remember doing this with other bread.  Hmm this is good stuff.  What other thoughts do I have On Bread.  Used to have sandwiches cut vertically/horizontally, whichever way you wanna imagine it.  Not diagonally!  That's the way We Did It.  And I liked it just fine!  Never even CONSIDERED the other way.  Not in my wildest dreams!
     Cool.  I finally turned off the TV!  After sort of seeing what the controversy in Mets Game was.  I had it on mute so I'm not sure but it seems like there was a foul ball hit by Pittsburgh Pirates that the Mets grabbed before it rolled fair but they called it fair and the Pirates thusly ended up scoring 3 runs or something.  And they replayed it a lot and the Mets were right and umpires were wrong.  Unless I'M wrong.  I don't really know what happened!  That's the main sense I got though.  Either way DAMN UMPIRES WHO NEEDS EM.  We can do this all BY COMPUTER and it'll be 100% accurate.  Umpires are a dying breed and ya know what GOOD RIDDANCE.  SEE YOU IN HELL.  The good news is for the most part Mets Division Rivals are losing all the time, too.  That sounds great!  Sometimes they win and overall they're catching up to Mets but not as much as they could be!
    Hey what else is going on.  Part II of Big Fish Dinner in a couple of hours.  For Lunch!  I dunno about all this stuffed filet of sole.  I wanna leave some of it over.  Not a lot!  Just enough that would have vaguely satisfied a starving person.  That's the amount I want to throw out.  Oh well what can ya do.  Not much!  Eat it myself I guess.  That means presumably I will have to eat less later, thus conserving food and/or energy.  I don't have all the details in front of me but the general impression I get is if we eat the food we buy it's better overall for people somehow.  Sure seems like the general impression I get!  Anyway.  Rye bread is a delicious treat!  I don't know why!  But that's the impression I get.  What's an even better treat.  Oh I Don't Know CLUB BREAD?  Whatever.  As long as it means the paragraph is over, I'm okay overall with whatever it was that I just said.
Anyway.  The Mets are still in first place for some reason.  You'd think after the last few games they'd be in fourth place!  Nope!  Hey that's great they're still hanging in there.  I wish THEM the best of luck.  I know I wished the Pirates the best of luck TEMPORARILY a few paragraphs ago but I'm rescinding that because The Mets can still do something good with The Best Of Luck and I Don't wanna waste it on a team I don't even care about.  So that's where I'M at re: Following Baseball this week.  What else is going on.  I think a good argument that umpires can give re: them still being a part of baseball is hey what's next COMPUTER PLAYERS???  Why not just have CYBORGS playing baseball if we're doing that.  In which case that sounds PRETTY DUMB but off the top of my head I don't have a good answer.
You know that sort of thing.  GETTING CALLS WRONG IS A PART OF BASEBALL.  THE MAIN PART.  That's their argument I guess.  What else is going on and crap.  Haven't taken a day off from website in a while.  Probably not in over a month!  That's good news for some reason no one is really sure of.  Also hey I'm gonna get FRIED eggs with my Steak.  Last few times I got SCRAMBLED.  I'm gonna get the Fried Eggs where YOLK IS BROKEN.  Which I think THEY refer to us Fried Eggs Well Done.  But GOOGLE tells me it's Fried Eggs Over Hard.  And I'm not 100% happy with EITHER term.  I just wanna say Fried eggs with the yolk broken how hard is that.  The point is Yolk is DISGUSTING but when its broken it's spread out so it's not bad if anything its GOOD.  YEAH.  Hey the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-2:18 P.M.




Saturday, July 17, 2021

Nobody's Stopping You

    Hello friends!  What's new in the wide world of sports.  Sports World ain't that wide.  No wider than the rest of the world, at least.  I dunno sports world is PRETTY wide.  There's gotta be THOUSANDS of sports.  DOZENS OF WHICH are halfway worthwhile.  Three or four of which are actually good overall.  One of which I like halfway.  BASKETBALL.  I feel like I would like basketball!  If only I had the chance to be exposed to it.  YEAH.  Anyway I checked my Weight Amount and I'm down 1.5 pounds in a week and a half!  Per my calculations, it should have been more, but in reality, coulda been less!  I think it's a good compromise!  I'm okay with compromises!  That's my general stance.  If I wasn't it wouldn't be a compromise.  Yeah but maybe overall in general I'm 100% never gonna make a compromise.  That's me not on board with compromises!  YEAH.
Whatever.  I'm PRONE to be against compromises.  Seems like a scam!  If the other person is willing to go with this arrangement he must know something I don't!  I don't buy it!  Fantasy baseball trade is STILL PENDING.  Right now I feel like I'd like the trade to go through.  It's FUN.  I may regret the trade later on but WOW I'M GETTING A BRAND NEW PLAYER.  Welcome to the team!  Jared Walsh I Wanna Say!  Better LTURQ.  Who the Hell did I just trade for.  JARED WALSH just like I suspected.  He has 22 homeruns already!  I've never heard of him before but that's several more homeruns than my Elite Relief Pitcher I'm trading away has hit.  YEAH.  I should have counter-offered one of my Not As Good But Still Very Good relief pitchers.  I didn't think hard enough about it!  Oh well what can ya do. Vote Against Your Own Trade.  I Did Do That!  Can't do anything else though.
Wonderful!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  We already covered that.  That was the last two paragraphs.  Oh Right.  SIXTY SIX RBIS?  That's more than ANYONE on my team.  COMBINED!  Nope not combined.  Yeah but imagine if it was!  Hard to imagine that scenario.  Can never happen in reality!  I can't imagine things that can't happen.  That would make them Possible To Happen.  I learnt that in Philosophy Class I think!  Something like that!  If we can imagine it then it's a legitimate scenario or something.  It's ONE Philosophy I guess.  Philosophy Class isn't just giving you All The Philosophies and the teacher is like And remember ALL OF THESE have been proven right.  That can't happen!  People disagree on philosophy how can they all be right.  Hmm that sounds like a question For PHILOSOPHY!!! Philosophy can answer How That Can Happen!  Yay philosophy to the rescue!
     Jeez.  When the hell is this trade gonna be approved.  Look I'm on board with the feature that gives the other teams a chance to vote against the trade.  But I feel like this has been going on for MONTHS if not days (two days).  At some point the trade is essentially useless because it doesn't get approved until it's too late for it to make a difference.  DAMNIT I HATE USELESS TRADES.  Anyway.  I was looking up Al Fredo Pasta Dishes and the calorie estimations are lower than I would have thought!  I still think Super Market is lying about THEIR calorie assessment for their Fresh Wide Al Fredo Meal but it's not as off as I thought it would be.  WOW I'm gonna eat LOTS of white sauce from now on.  I assume this is white sauce.  White sauce is what you call the white sauce in Halal Food.  This is white sauce!  Presumably pretty similar!  YEAH.
Anyway.  Hey speaking of White Sauce I still gotta watch The Space Jam II.  I don't know why I have to watch it.  So that I'm on the up and up with Culture & Whatnot.  That makes sense.  I liked the first movie well enough.  The first SPACE JAM movie.  I don't know if I've ever seen The First Movie.  Is there a consensus on what the first movie is?  I guess there's varying definitions for exactly What Makes A Movie.  Either way I'll look into that later.  I hope one of the contenders is that movie of a Train Barreling Towards The Camera.  I haven't seen that movie yet but I wanna!  Anyway I'm an hour or two ahead of Schedule Today.  Great! More time to do Nonsense Activities!  144 Pounds?  WOW.  I don't believe it!  At this rate I can still be where I wanna be at the end of the year which is the overall goal.  And This Rate is lower than it should be so it might even pick up at some point!  Or it might slow down more what do I know apparently not a lot.  YEAH.
Cool!  Talk about a Progress Year.  We're talkin' LOSIN' WEIGHT.  We're talkin' BUYING VIDEO GAME SYSTEM PRESUMABLY.  We're talkin' CLEANED UP BATHROOM and that reminds me I SHOULD KEEP IT CLEAN.  Clean it up a bit more in the next few days.  Wipe stuff down and whatnot!  I can get it back to The Start with a half an hour of Cleaning.  YEAH let's do that.  Anyway I watch Zombies a lot and you'd think I would like The Walking Dead and you'd probably be wrong!  My Mom used to watch it.  I saw bits and pieces here and there and I Don't Like It!  Also I watched the first season of Fear Them Walking Dead and it was okay but I didn't feel the need to watch the next season.  It's ACTION TV not HORROR TV.  That's MY impression based on What I Just Said My Basises Were.  Also I DON'T Fear the walking dead.  I feel like I can easily outmaneuver them in real life.  I still LIKE there being Walking Deads (IN FICTION).  In the right circumstances I CAN fear the walking dead.  But for the most part that's not my main reaction!
     Cool.  Seventh paragraph!  Well this is just flying by.  And all I had to do to make it fly by was talk Nonsense Talk.  Wow what a great.  I can't see if other people voted against My Trade or not!  I can't even see if I voted against My Trade.  It's possible they didn't recognize the vote at all.  Either way I HAD TO DROP A HITTER to make room for this guy.  And ADD A pitcher.  But I can't have Hitter Bench Players that's a waste of a roster spot.  Gotta have PITCHER bench players because I can still use them 100% of the time on account of pitchers only start once every five days so I can have them on the bench for the rest of the time.  This is Basic Fantasy Baseball 101 but maybe some of you don't know about it.  See I'm doing A Good Thing with this paragraph.  And you all doubted me!
     Cool.  I HAVE to eat the Wide Al Fredo dish today.  It's from LAST WEEK's order.  It can go bad at any moment.  Any moment I say!  I might put off part II of Big Fish Meal for tomorrow, though.  I dunno I got lots of ideas for how it might turn out!  Roughly two ideas.  I might think of some more ideas.  Two is a lot.  Some people are lucky if they have even ONE idea.  I'm blowing them out of the water with TWO.  Jeez.  Also I dropped a hitter and added a pitcher AHEAD OF TIME today.  I'm assuming the trade goes through by tomorrow.  It's a big assumption but then again it's not a big assumption I think I read it takes 2 or 3 days for it to go through and it's been 2 or 3 days.  And I don't think people will vote against it!  I don't think enough people follow the league at this point in the season to vote against it!  Also FIRST TRADE in the league.  I assume we get some Bonus for that.  I don't know WHY.  It just seems like we should get something out of the deal.
    Whatever.  Ninth paragraph!  Today is probably gonna be a Six Walker.  By which I mean I will take six walks.  Just wanted to clear that up!  Anyway what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I still put on Interventions now and then since New TV and new Access to Episodes I Haven't Seen but I don't get much out of it.  Maybe it's because I'm not drinking anymore these days.  I liked watching OTHER people use drugs and alcohol while I was using it.  It's like when a dog sees a dog on TV and gets excited.  Which is a thing I've been assured of from Somewhere.  Feel like it might have been part of a George Carlin joke.  But not the joke.  The exposition to the joke.  As if it were just true common knowledge that people would be like YEAH THAT DOES HAPPEN HE'S RIGHT.  Either way what else is going on. Oh, right.  I Watch TV A Lot.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  I don't believe it!  There's ONE HUNDRED SIXTY SEVEN days left in the year.  That's roughly SEVENTEEN weeks and a halves (going with 10 days estimation for week point 5).  You crunch those numbers and you get some sort of result.  A number result!  Maybe you need more numbers to get a result.  That's just one variable.  Either way I forget.  ALSO it turns out I just had a pitcher come off the disabled list!  So basically I dropped a hitter to make room for New Hitter and that's it.  Activate this other guy and I'm All Square Again.  WHAT THE HELL.  I'M TALKING ABOUT ADDING AND SUBTRACTING PLAYERS ON FANTASY BASEBALL.  AND NOT EVEN GETTING INTO SPECIFICS.  THAT'D BE INTERESTING.  WOW MIKE HAS BLAKE SNELL COMING INTO THE ACTIVE ROSTER.  THAT'S FASCINATING.  BUT I'M NOT EVEN SAYING THAT!!! HOW THE HELL DID I END UP HERE.  I AM SORRY.  I TRULY AM.  Either way I'll be back in a little bit.  Also there's a guy named Blake Snell.  That's a weird name!  Alright that redeems this paragraph GOOD STUFF.





I Don't Know Either

    Hello friends.  I've talked about this before, but one reason I don't wanna watch The Walking Dead is because I know one of the most popular character DIES eventually!  And YES EVERYONE dies eventually.  But not always while we're being exposed to them!  Most people who die on TV die after the show has ended.  I dunno what percentage of character in TV ultimately Die So We're Aware Of It but the point is this guy is one of them!  Also everyone dies in real life!  Most of the people I know right now will probably die before I die.  Which I guess is a GOOD thing.  Bad for them!  But GOOD for me!  The point is what else is going on in Wide World Of Sport.  Wide World of Pasta.  EXTRA WIDE World.  I See.  The METS are playing today.  That hardly ever happens!  Less than every other day of the year!  Unless they make it deep into the playoffs!  And their double headers are kept to a minimum!  And spring training doesn't count!  The point is FINE The Mets play roughly every other day of the year.  WOW I LIKE THOSE ODDS.  I turn on a TV and there's a 50% chance A Met Game is going on.
     Wonderful!  I find watching baseball too stressful.  What if They Fail.  The Mets pitcher might fail when he's pitching!  The Mets hitter might fail when he's hitting!  And lets face it Odds Are the hitter will fail.  That's just baseball math.  Pitcher wins 2 out of 3 times!  So watching the Mets hit is terrible because they WILL fail most of the time.  And watching the Mets pitch is terrible because Man Oh Man They Could Fail and if they do it's BIG Trouble.  Yeah.  That's baseball.  I feel like other people watching the games doesn't feel the stress I feel while watching it.  They take it as it goes!  Meanwhile I'm CONCERNED all the time!  I'll Mute the TV right as the pitch is coming in.  I DON'T WANNA HEAR THE CALL IT COULD BE BAD.  The point is I'm bad at Watching Sports and I'm bad at Watching TV In General.  Isn't there a Washington Generals somewhere.  Which makes sense because there was a General Washington.  Better LTURQ where do Washington Generals Belong.  OH RIGHT they play The Harlem Globetrotters.  Well that's not good news for THEM but they have a nice Team Name so that makes up for it halfway there. 
     That's how I feel.  Gotta imagine George Washington wouldn't be happy with there being a team named The Washington Generals and also them being literally The Worst Team In Sports In The World.  Gotta imagine George Washington wouldn't be happy with about 50% of things.  That's a fair estimation of where we're all at.  50% Not Happy!  I dunno I'd have to crunch those numbers.  Could be way more, could be way less, I don't know!  50/50 is a good Starting Point For A Guess though.  Yeah!  Maybe I will have Al Fredo for lunch and Fish Part II for dinner.  That's the most standard, obvious, baseline guess I have.  Those are the two things that I would need to eat re: eating the things that would last the shortest as soon as possible.  Also Hey Great Wonderful.  Hmm I make an interesting counterpoint.  The, "Hey Great Wonderful," was the counterpoint.  It was great. 
Cool.  Maybe take a Walk Break between act II and III instead of a shower break.  Maybe do lots of things!  What do I got going on in the wide world of sports for me when this entry is over.  Is the Olympics going on yet.  I'd watch that for some reason.  I've never watched it before!  The closest I've come to watching the Olympics is renting the Nagano Winter Olympics video game for Nintendo 64.  Hmm that sounds fun.  I'd play that again right now if I Had To!  Well sure I'd do it if I HAD to.  The point I'm trying to make is I'd play that again right now even if it were up to me!  Also better LTURQ to make sure it exists.  HEY IT SURE DOES.  Wow, it EXISTS?  Now I'm REALLY on board!  Also gotta imagine Snow Board is one of the games.  We don't have to imagine it!  I can CHECK RIGHT NOW.  HERE I GO! ... YEP SNOWBOARD INDEED.  Can you do tricks on snowboard like you can with skateboard.  Or is it more generally just a mode of transportation.  Better LTURQ.  YEP THERE IS.  There's Distance Snowboarding AND Trick Snowboarding.
     Well I'm glad we finally settled that once and for all.  I think Distance Snowboarding is probably more accurately called Speed Snowboarding.  You don't get a prize for Snowboarding the furthest.  You should!  But you don't!  I assume!  What else is going on.  I still am surrounded by flies a lot while walking in the park but not as much as it was AND ALSO I realized I don't mind as much because I don't HATE them being in my eye line and swatting them away AS LONG AS I CAN'T HEAR THEM.  It was very annoying to hear them loudly BUZZ by my ears every four seconds.  Now I'm wearing earphones!  Noise canceling earphones!  They don't really cancel noise, that's not their advertised function!  But they do a decent job anyways!  So I got that going for me this summer is the point I'm trying to make!  I'll be back later!





That's Alright I Guess

    Wonderful.  I'm back!  I took a walk AND a shower.  So now I'm all fresh.  Had a rare snack between breakfast and lunch.  We're talkin' I Was Hungry So I Ate Something.  Hmm that's an interesting way to go.  Gotta wonder if that'll pay off in the long run.  My guess is sure I think I'm A Healthy by eating when I'm hungry.  That's jus the kind of innovative thinking that'll get me out of this... life... I've been living... that I don't like... that sort of thing.  Wilco Sleater-Kinney concert is in but 5 weeks.  I remember when it was TEN weeks.  Probably.  It was definitely AT LEAST Eight or Nine Weeks.  So at least eight.  YES AT LEAST EIGHT A.K.A. Probably Ten!
     Cool.  Hey great the Mets game tonight was cancelled.  Cancel Culture Strikes Again!  Anyway that'll give me more time to Watch Something Else I Don't Know What.  It's gonna be fun trying to find out, though!  OH NO I had the Mets player who was gonna pitch tonight on Fantasy Baseball!  Now I have to wait for him to pitch TOMORROW.  Tomorrow? WHO KNOWS IF THAT'LL EVEN COME.  I don't even know if The Rest Of Today is going to occur!  Let alone tomorrow!  Dangit!  The good news is The Mets can't lose tonight.  Ya can't lose if you don't play!  ALRIGHT that's a compromise!  That's a compromise I KINDA LIKE.  What else.  I weigh 144 pounds.  I feel like 12 x 12 is 144.  First I felt it, then when typing it I 90% did it in my head and felt it was right, and now it's time to check calculator FOR SURE.  I WAS RIGHT AMAZING.  The point is if you divided my body into 12 equal parts, each part would weigh 12 pounds.  WHEW glad we finally got THAT covered.
     What else is going on.
  When they used to Draw & Quarter people, was there sort of a wishbone type scenario.  See which quarter gets the majority of the torso?  Gotta imagine that was something people thought about AND GAMBLED ABOUT when watching Drawn &/v Quartering.  Anyway.  Does torso include upper torso.  Not even sure what that means!  Oh well what else is going on.  I feel like a fun Mix-Em-Up for Draw & Quartering people is also get a horse tied to The Head.  All limbs AND the head.  Now we're talkin' about splitting people in fives!  What's the word for Quartering but instead of 4 it's 5.  I don't know and I DON'T CARE.  Well that settles that I guess!  Anyway what else is going on.  Gonna watch some TELEVISION when this is over.  You know what that's like! 
     Jeez.  Any update on me getting a Gaming Entertainment System (GES)?  Yeah I still plan on it!  I'd say it's 40/60 whether I would actually try to get it next time I see it available somewhere.  I feel I haven't Concreted it enough with my Dad that I'll get the instant green light when I tell him its possibly available.  Maybe a SEMI-INSTANT Yellow light.  Yellow doesn't help me at all in this situation, though!  Maybe a little.  Depends on the shade of yellow!  One greenish yellow is he goes look I don't know do what you want.  That's green enough!  I'd feel BAD about it because I want him to be on board but I'd probably go ahead and get it in that scenario.  So the point is I'm going to be a Cowboy one day soon and I will be a MOSTLY GOOD cowboy.  I might do bad things here and there but I want people to think of me with ESTEEM.  Sure I know how to use words CORRECTLY.
     Last paragraph!  Might take my next walk sooner than I thought because it may or may not be raining today.  Where I Live!  Presumably it's raining in Pittsburgh because they canceled the baseball game that lives there tonight.  Also I probably said this before, like most of this entry, but Pittsburgh is an onomatopoeia?  I never sad that before!  I didn't think of it until halfway through the sentence!  I was just gonna say it sounds dumb and unappealing and it fits Pittsburgh because Pittsburgh is dumb and unappealing but now I added THE HUMOR of that's the sound Pittsburgh itself makes.  It's a JOKE get over it!  Hey the good news is the entry is over.  Get over it!  I'll see you guys tomorrow.

-1:41 P.M.





Friday, July 16, 2021

Hey I'm Here Again How Wonderful

    What's up friends.  I just accepted Super Market delivery and put everything away all by myself!  Usually I accept it, I take out everything that must be put away immediately, and I hand off things to my Dad one by one (OR TWO BY TWO OR EVEN SOMETIMES THREE BY THREE) and he puts them away.  He's not around right now!  I did it myself!  I prefer it this way!  I can do it a lot quicker and whatnot.  The good news is nothing was leaking per my understanding.  Maybe there was some internal leaking.  Can't count that out completely.  Either way the point is I'm drinking delicious root beer because I have all the soda in the world for the next six days.  Then there's a day low on soda.  Then the cycle repeats!  You'd think I could get 1 or 2 more bottles of soda each week.  Yeah you'd think so wouldn't you.
    Anyway!  My Dad just came back.  PRESUMABLY.  My MOM just came back.  My dad is PRESUMABLY parking the car.  PRESUMABLY.  Also my Mom is A-Okay!  She was at doctor appointment.  Her lungs aren't great but they're no worse than last time.  ALRIGHT NO WORSE that's something EVERYONE can get on board with.  Also by aren't great I mean are terrible.  But they're no more terrible than last time!  Let's celebrate by smoking several cigarettes!  You know five or ten.  Maybe thirty!  AT MOST TWO HUNDRED.  Here's the big news in MY LIFE I just restarted my computer.  I usually leave it on 24/7 SORT OF.  If I put screen down and its in Idle Mode is that On or Off.  I think it's off!  I've heard differing opinions!  The point is I KNOW in reality it's off in some respects and on in other respects.  The point is I restarted my computer and now I have to open all my tabs up again.  You know what that's like!  Usually they save your tabs.  And you open up web browser and it says You Wanna Go Back To Your Tabs?.  NOT WITH ME THOUGH.
Man I spent DAYS working on having All The Tabs I Wanted.  It'll take me WEEKS to figure out all the tabs all over again!  DAMNIT.  Got Chicken Pot Pie for lunch today!  Dunno about dinner.  Off the top of my head most likely is Bison Burger.  It's healthy because Bison is another word for BUFFALO.  Why do buffalo need two names.  Because we killed all the buffalo.  Then when they started up again they're bison.  Yep.  Reliable Google says Bison and Buffalo are two distinct animals.  Sounds like a lie.  No way am I buying that.  What kinda fool do you take me for.  I think it would be interesting if .25% of the time Google Just Tells You Wrong Information On Purpose.  That would mix things up!  At least on April Fools or something, right.  Then people know It's For Fun and they can get reliable information the next day.  YEAH.
Hey.  Who is the protagonist of April Fools Day.  Is it The Fool or The Person Fooling The Fool.  Also do most people identify with the Fooler?  It's called FOOLS' Day.  It belongs to the Fools.  But no one goes into the day thinking man oh man I'M GONNA GET FOOLED ALL DAY.  That doesn't sound fun at all.  But that's the way IT SHOULD BE and THAT'S THE WAY IT IS.  No it isn't.  Is it?  I forget what I was saying.  I remember the subject matter but I forget what point I was making one way or the other.  What kind of person goes into the day thinking MAN OH MAN I'M GONNA FOOL PEOPLE ALL DAY.  Maybe 5% of people!  Which all things being equal is A LOT of people whose primary directive is fooling people.  But most people are just innocent onlookers re: Fools & Fooling.  YEAH.  We got to April Fools because I was talking about Google Lying To People.  Natural progression!
     What else is going on.  Today is Friday.  I wouldn't lie to you!  This isn't GOOGLE telling you it's Friday we're talking about You Can Trust Me!  I probably like roughly 5% of the time.  One out of 20 things I say, overall, including everything, is a purposeful lie.  Not even counting stuff I'm wrong about.  HOWEVER I AM counting stuff I'm lying about in jest and you may probably realize this.  That counts as a lie.  It's a White Lie!  A white lie means a lie told for good reasons.  A Joke Lie is good and honorable reasons!  Joke Lies are White Lies.  See is me Thinking/Saying that a joke lie?  YES!  I know Joke Lies AREN'T white lies and I'm assuming you're following me there.  Maybe you bought into the idea that a Joke Lie is a White Lie.  I don't know!  That's your problem!
     You know that sort of thing.  About 45 minutes ahead of schedule today.  At this point I'm ahead of schedule most days.  Let's recalibrate and think about it as 45 minutes ahead of Latest Reasonable Schedule I'm Comfortable With.  Nah that's too clunky.  I'll come back to this and how to calibrate it properly and whatnot in the future.  Also for the most part we can just say calibrate instead of recalibrate.  Why is it important that I've calibrated in the past?  Irrelevant!  I'm Calibrating NOW that's what's important!  I dunno maybe 50% of the time Recalibrate is a reasonable distinction to make.  YEAH but that means roughly 50% of the time it's not.  The point is I DON'T KNOW!
    Cool.  Seventh paragraph!  I'm gettin' there, slowly but surely.  Also, not all that slowly!  Relatively Surely, though!  Jeez.  My Mom had me throw out Regular Blanket I've Been Using For Years.  I have mixed feelings.  On the one hand I Don't Care.  On the other hand I'm Happy About It!  MIXED FEELINGS LIKE I TOLD YOU.  I guess part of me is a little upset because it seems like a big step!  I haven't been getting much out of this blanket, sure, but throwing it out is a big commitment.  ANti-commimetnt.  Something along those lines.  The point is last night Dormitory Blanket still smelled nice and fresh.  Wonder how long that'll last.  Can't be more than another day or two, right?  Maybe I can get it washed and Smell Nicely'd Up every month.  What am I A BAJILLIONAIRE?  How come when you make up false dumb words for Money Having (Kajillionaire, etc.) it always means A LOT of money.  How do we know a Bajillionaire isn't somehow in the hundreds of money?  Because if it was we'd say Hundreds.  Yeah but what if we DIDN'T. 
     What else is going on.  Thinking about getting back into Classic Rap.  Why it's only MOBB DEEP is on the docket.  Am I using that word correctly?  MOBB?  Oh I just figured it out it's like MOB.  And DEEP means DEEP.  Until this paragraph it just seemed like nonsense words to me.  It could men other things I'm sure.  Yeah but I don't know those things yet!  Presumably they'll explain it in the track 0 prologue to the album.  Which album.  All of the albums!  What if people forget from one album to the other!  Anyway what else is going on.  I googled how to pronounce Mobb Deep and I am at least getting the pronunciation right.  That's step one!  Anyway.  Ninth paragraph!  Is what I will say after this sentence.
Ninth paragraph!  Wonderful.  Have I been eating Bison Burgers or Buffalo Burgers this whole time.  Normally it says Bison on the menu.  But if I'M confusing them for being the same thing, Restaurant can easily be doing the same thing I'm doing.  I could be eating Buffalo Burgers!  I feel like I'd be happier eating Bison.  Just seems more responsible.  I know American Pioneers nearly wiped out the buffalo.  I don't know what the story is with the bison!  Maybe google was Doing A Lie to me when it just told me they're different.  Still a solid chance they're the same.  BETTER LTURQ AGAIN.  What are the odds google will lie twice?  I dunno maybe that's part of the algorithm, that they lie about the same thing consistently instead of just at random.  HMM American Bison/Buffalo are the same thing but in other countries there's different kinds of Bison?  The point is WE'RE ALL A LITTLE BIT RIGHT!!!  Also you're a little bit wrong.  Not me, though!  FOR SHAME.
     Last paragraph of Act I.  I don't believe it!  Did I eat slightly more Graham Cracker for breakfast than normal?  YES slightly.  The leftover Graham Crackers were broken into pieces so I had to estimate how much was a Full Normal one.  I went over board a little bit!  You win some, you lose some.  I WON some because I ate more delicious graham cracker.  I LOST some because it's slightly more unhealthy presumably.  Hey that's great just great.  I don't know if the plan is to get me a brand new blanket or as my Mom calls it comforter.  I've heard that word used there before!  Hey I'm trying to sleep in bed I AM UNCOMFORTABLE OH WHAT'S THIS A BLANKET WOW I AM WAY MORE COMFORTED THAN BEFORE.  The point is presumably a new blanket will smell even better!  I dunno it may work that way it may not.  Either way I'm gonna be back in a little bit.




Still Mucking Around

    Hey!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Baseball games going on today!  That hasn't happened FOR ROUGHLY TWO DAYS.  I dunno I'd wager they're playing baseball somewhere every day of the year.  Well it depends on the odds.  If I was paying off 5000 to 1 that there is at least one day in THIS calendar year no baseball is being played?  At least PROVABLE baseball?  I wouldn't take that bet!  Not worth the risk!  Then again SOUNDS LIKE AN EASY DOLLAR TO ME.  Solid 90% chance I'm right.  I'd be a FOOL to not take that dollar based on 10% chance I lose.  That's MATH.  Too bad I didn't grow up with marbles.  My gambling skills would be more appropriate.  Appropriate means Good.  Appropriate level of skill.  Respectable Gambling Skill.  That sort of thing!  Also I just told you I WOULDN'T take that bet.  I'm doing THE RIGHT gambling thing.  Sounds good to me!
     Anyway.  Shower after this act!  It's gonna be a blast and a half.  I don't get why cold showers are uncomfortable.  I like it when it rains an appropriate amount on me!  Cold rain!  I WOULDN'T like Hot Rain.  How come Shower is Reversed.  Look it depends on the water pressure, sure.  It depends on the nature of the rain pellets &/v drops.  But still I think I should like cold showers and I think I WILL like cold showers.  I'll force myself to get used to them.  Shouldn't take more than a week or two of body conditioning to get used to AND ENJOY cold showers.  YEAH.  Also how cold is cold.  ICE COLD.  I think an Outkast song goes like that.  Something along those lines.  Close enough!  Have they considered that maybe they're outcasts because they're spelling words inappropriately.  That's strike one re: being a normal member of society!
     Cool!  What else is going on.  Gonna have to have oven on for an hour and a half to heat up chicken pot pie.  AGAIN I Don't KNOW why I have to heat things up way longer than other people to reach the same amount of Warmed Upedness.  But either way I HAVE TO and my Parents are gonna be like WHAT THE HELL IT'S WARM TODAY AND NOW YOU'RE TURNING ON OVEN FOR A LONG TIME?  And I'm like WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING WE CAN TURN IT ON ONE DEGREE COLDER IF YOU'D LIKE.  And they're like I DUNNO I THINK THAT'S NOT GOOD.  And I'm like TOO BAD I'M RUNNING THIS SHOW AND I'M PUTTING THE OVEN ON.  I win that show down!  They have no retort to me Assuming Ultimate Power.  What can they do?  Nothing, that's who!  I MADE A TRADE IN FANTASY BASEBALL YESTERDAY.  I traded All Star Reliever for Solid Power Hitter.  IT WAS NECESSARY.
    Then I VOTED AGAINST the trade.  Apparently they have a feature when you make a trade that other teams in league can vote against it because sometimes you get a lopsided trade because on team is dumb and we vote against that for the sake of fairness.  Anyway I accepted the trade and then I was like YA KNOW WHAT I'M NOT SO SURE ABOUT THAT and voted against it.  I'll be satisfied either way!  One way or another I feel like I'm being Heard in this Fantasy Baseball Transaction.  Wonderful.  I can't put chicken pot pie in the microwave.  That's disgusting!  Crust of Chicken Pot Pie is the whole appeal of it!  Crust gotta be Crusty.  Not soggy.  That's why they call it Crust!  Either that or the noun Crust game before the adjective Crusty.  And that's why they call it Crusty!  One way or another I think I've made my point.
     Last paragraph before shower.  I don't believe it!  Having my Bathrobe Belt done in upcoming wash my Mom is doing.  Not gonna be ready for today but Bathrobe Itself is ready and I feel like I'd rather use a bathrobe beltless than just an extra towel to tie around my waist.  It's the lesser of two evils!  Wonderful!  Not a fan of my facial hair growing.  I think it's growing slightly faster than it used to!  It's been only A Week And A Half since the last time I shaved almost completely and ALREADY the stubble is getting out of control.  I don't like it!  What am I supposed to shave every WEEK?  I'm not MADE OUT Of... Shaving.. Equipment... And Time To... Shave... Hey what else is going on.  Oh, right.  See you in a bit!



That's How That Goes

    Hey!  Got a new idea for dinner.  Why it's only Part I of a Seafood Dinner!  No Parade!  Stuffed Filet of Sole.  It's BETTER because it COSTS MORE.  Also healthier.  Fish is healthy.  I've been led to believe this by I Forget.  Big Fish!  Well sure great.  The point is what else is going on.  I could potentially get Big Fish Dinner AND Bison Burger but I got enough Lunches Stored Up from Super Market Order.  Wouldn't be responsible to add a bonus meal into this mix at this point in the week!  Not one bit!  That's also the answer to How many Bits per entry are entertaining.  I don't know if I do Bits.  Don't Bits need to be Thought Out.  And Clever &/V Entertaining?  Sounds like a hassle I don't need!
     Cool.  I watched CUJO: THE DOG WITH RABIES a couple of days ago.  He was big by a Bat!  Also it's a  shame because he was such a charming dog before he started killing/trying to kill people.  Kinda dumb looking but in a fun way.  I don't think I've ever been friends with a dog.  Dogs scared me!  Dogs Actively scare me!  Still though I feel like I'm missing out.  Look was Cujo kind of a boring movie?  YES I've talked about this before.  Nothing happens!  But one has to imagine it's an even boringer book.  What the hell is in the book. DOG HAS RABIES.  FAMILY IS IN THE CAR.  DOG TRYIN' TO GET INTO CAR.  BITE THE FAMILY.  THAT'S NO GOOD NEWS FOR THEM SHOULD IT OCCUR.  This is how I imagine Books Work.  I really gotta read a book at some point.  I may be grossly misinformed re: What Books Are Like.
    Jeez.  Three more paragraphs to go. Then my day is all Consumption Of Entertainment.  I can't wait!  I've been Doing Something LIKE A CHUMP.  Who needs it!  Cujo is an easy movie to pay attention to because nothing happens that you need to pay attention to.  You get everything you need to get out of it by just glancing at the screen 5% of the time.  Hmm Family Still In Car.  Dog Still Out There.  NOPE I HAVEN'T MISSED ONE BIT.  So basically Great Movie.  A Movie that succeeds at what it's trying to succeed at with me not paying attention?  Well done!  Well done All Around!  I've been wearing the same shirts for a while.  I wear shirts.  I put them in hamper.  My Mom says bring down a few shirts.  Bring down a few shirts from top of hamper.  When I'm done, they go back to top of hamper.  Bring down a few more shirts.  Down the same shirts go!  Good news is hey if I HAVE to wear Same Shirts these ones aren't SO bad.
Sure there's solutions to this problem.  I'm not an IDIOT.  There's plenty of remedies to this situation.  I just don't feel like doing them so get off my back about it.  What else is going on and crap.  Got some GUM today.  I was talking to my mom yesterday about getting a new carton of Tic Tacs from her stash and she was like don't eat all of them and I was like I got My cum GUM coming tomorrow.  Then soon afterwards I had a similar conversation with my Dad.  And I was like I got my C GUM coming tomorrow.  Over time I learned how to stop myself a little bit more from saying Cum to my parents.  By next week hopefully I won't even START saying Cum.  Good to have goals in life.
     Last paragraph.
  What else is going on.  Then again even beyond replacement for gum I've been enjoying Tic Tacs.  When I was a kid they were 100% Breath Mints that you can chew down when you're almost done with them.  Now?  Maybe 30% breath mints and 70% candy!  Just pop them in, chow down on 'em, it's healthy!  It's only A LITTLE big of sugar and also it's mint flavored!  Minty Mouth Means Health.  That's what Commercials For Various Products have led me to believe!  Also I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined tic tacs satisfying hunger.  Now?  You pop three in, you pop another three in a few minutes later... that's a nice micro snack you just had!  The point is the entry is over.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-1:48 P.M.




Thursday, July 15, 2021

Tomorrow Is Another Day

    Hey!  I have an update on how several weeks ago I said I was gonna start cutting down on the soda.  I said that, right?  I know I THOUGHT it.  And if I actually THOUGHT something of course I'm gonna say it!  90% of things I say I Never Even Thought so if something occurs to me it's DEFINITELY going on the website.  Anyway Surprise I never cut down on the soda!  I guess I did A LITTLE BIT.  I bought less.  And it lasted me almost as much as when I bought more.  But now I'm going back to buying the regular amount.  It's SODA it's healthy.  It's a Miracle Tonic and whatnot!  That's my impression from the 1800's.  Anyway went to laundromat today.  Ended up not bringing my blanket!  Just some other stuff!  I'm stuck with my Dormitory Comforter for now and I LOVE IT.  It smells good because it hasn't been used since it was cleaned.  WOW GOOD SMELLS WHILE I'M TRYING TO SLEEP???  That's an interesting turn of events!
    Also my mom insisted I take another pillow.  Now I have three pillows!  Regular pillows.  All the same kind of pillow!  Different Pillow Casings, though.  One has no pillow casing.  One has A pillow casing!  The third I'm Not So Sure.  Actually it was THE SECOND I'm Not So Sure.  It was the third that DOES have the casing.  Yes Wonderful It's GOOD that I wrote that sentence.  OH NO someone offered me a good trade in Fantasy Baseball.  It's probably good for my team.  It's good for their team, though!  It's a Win-Win and I DON'T LIKE THAT.  I only wanna make trades where I win.  Him winning?  I don't know if I feel comfortable with that!  I'm gonna have to think on this for a little bit longer.  Watched The Return Of Them Living Deads II last night.  I haven't seen it in a while.  It's solidly oh this movie isn't great.  It's not wonderful BUT looking back it had the mist lasting effect that Zombie Movie PLOTS had on my subconsciously.  The way that the zombies are in the suburbs sort of and going house to house.  That comes from this movie!  And that was often what I thought about zombies subconsciously in my child hood!  AMAZING.
Xbox was in stock for several hours yesterday at The You Best Better Buy the Electronic & Others Store.  Dad wasn't comfortable with me getting it, though!  Although we covered some ground and at this point we have time to cover MORE ground so that with the MORE ground we may or may not cover we may be ready to get it next time I see it in stock.  WOW.  I think I'm gonna get THREE games to start.  Red Dead Redemption.  Sports game (MLB?  Basketball?  The OTHER MLB?).  A Shooing Game like a Call of Duty perhaps.  That's it!  That's more than enough to get me going for a couple of months.  Right?  Man oh man I can't wait for Deadwood game.  I bet it'll be like hey this guy is shooting people maybe you should shoot him It's The Wild West.  And then I shoot him!  And the first guy is like well done check back with me later I'll tell you more people you maybe should shoot.  Now I've made a friend! 
     Anyway.  Oh I watched The Crazy Heart yesterday.  I like that one song that he plays sometimes.  Not so much the other songs!  But one of them is pretty good!  Jeff Bridges is 58 in that movie!  Well his character is.  (Years Old).  I LIKE that because he seems to be not elderly and still a youngish man and I've got TWENTY FIVE YEARS until I'm 58.  WOW think of all I could accomplish in 25 years.  I could probably play HUNDREDS of video games All The Way.  Sounds good to me.  Each video game completed earns me extra reward points.  By the time I die I'll have many points saved up!  Gotta imagine that'll pay off in the afterlife.  Gotta imagine there's no such thing as the afterlife.  Hey I'll imagine what I want get off my back about it.  Fair enough!  Sure there's an after life!  There's DEFINITELY an afterlife.  It just might not be Any Sort Of Life At All.  Being Dead is the after life.  It is a state of being.  AFTER Life!  WOW THIS IS GREAT NEWS!
Wonderful.  WOW Play Station Five is in stock.  That's ALMOST the XBox being in stock.  They're both THINGS.  What else is going on.  My Dad is like well maybe we should wait for Xbox to go on sale It Can Go On Sale At Any Time!  And is there a possibility it will?  Sure!  There's a solid Above 1 Percent chance it goes on sale somewhere in the next couple months.  But I don't THINK it will!  Because it's so low in stock.  What would be their motive to make it less of a price!  I'm lucky they're not making it more of a price!  Well other people are lucky!  So far I haven't benefited from it at all!  But the point is great what else is going on.  Gonna get DELI tonight.  Might get two hot dogs again.  It's not healthy, it's not filling, it's not that great tasting... but it's SOLIDLY MEDIOCRE in all categories.  So on average it's worthwhile.  I don't see how it's Relatively Healthy.  That's the exception that proves the rule!
  What else is going on.  Haven't listened to new music in a while.  Been stuck on POPULAR HITS of the day and assorted other similar playlists.  It's good because I LIKE TO SEE WHAT'S OUT THERE.  I'm ON TOP of it.  I GET what the kids are up to!  Not really.  Oh well what can ya do.  It looks like they're making steps in Senate to decriminalize marijuana and whatnot.  GREAT.  I hope they decriminalize it, legalize it, and open Federal Marijuana Stores IMMEDIATELY.  Beat New York to the punch!  I don't think that's how it works.  Yeah but who knows I might be wrong.  Doesn't matter what I think!  What matters is how it shakes out IN REALITY.  Speaking of Punch is there any marijuana beverages.  I never heard of that!  Better LTURQ.  HMM they do appear to be out there!  I wanna marijuana drink.  It's like a V8 because it's VEGETABLES.  Marijuana isn't a vegetable. It's a plant.  Plants are vegetables!  Or at the very least plants are V8 ingredients.  YEAH.
Wonderful!  What paragraph is this.  Seventh?  I'm gettin' there!  At what point do we see a V9 and there's a huge ad campaign that talks up the new ingredient whatever it is.  At SOME point?  I dunno I'd rather see a Reboot of V8 that's just V4.  Let's narrow it down to what we really need!  Too many clunkers in V8.  We can AND MUST do better!  Also it's my impression the Oceans 11 Movie is a spin-off of a beverage called Oceans 11 which is made up of 11 ingredients FOUND IN THE OCEAN or something.  You know WATER, that's one.  PLANKTON.  Maybe some... what else is in the ocean.  Did I already say Salt Water?  That's the main part of the ocean!  Gotta imagine Salt Water is LOADED with electrolytes.  On account of the salt!  What level of salt in water is okay to drink.  Gotta imagine there's plenty of proportions that are safe and responsible to drink.  Is it 50/50 regular water/salt water or does it need to be like 95/5 regular water/salt water.  Get back to me on this as soon as possible!  Why did I rope you into this.  I don't know but it's too late to go back now!
     Cool.  Maybe wait until next Halo to buy a Halo.  It's only six months away!  YEAH lets do that.  WOW there's a game between the Boston Red Sox and The New York Yankees tonight!  That's a RIVALRY match up!  I don't get sports rivalries.  I don't care how much better one team is than the other (and presumably in rivalries they're relatively evenly matched-- that's why it's notable!).  Each team is gonna beat the other time PLENTY OF TIMES.  One game isn't gonna be the end-all be all at all!  The Yankees can win tonight and guess what the Red Sox can win tomorrow night.  IT MEANS NOTHING.  I dunno about that what if they're PLAYOFF rivalries.  In THAT case... sports are still meaningless and rivalries-- a subset of sports-- are even more meaningless.  Also ALL THIS IS LOSER TALK.  If I'm so much against rivalries must be because my team isn't great at rivalries!  YEAH THAT MUST BE IT.
Wonderful!  Ninth paragraph!  I'm gettin' there!  We've got rivalries with YANKEES.  In the 1990's with THE ATLANTA BRAVES.  Now I dunno ALL THE DIVISION COMPETITORS.  We're competiting with them for the playoffs every year because that's how baseball schedules work WOW WHAT A RIVALRY.  IT MEANS NOTHING.  I dunno maybe I'm just jealous of DECENT rivalries.  We don't have one going right now.  What team should we have a rivalry with.  OAKLAND ATHLETICS.  I HATE THEM SO MUCH.  What else is going on.  Also Rivalries are Bad because all teams should WORK TOGETHER to make baseball as great as possible.  You've got infighting within Major League Baseball it's just gonna result in bad results!  We need to UNITE and COME TOGETHER to make The Best Baseball Possible!  YEAH.
     Last paragraph of Act I!
  I don't believe it!  I don't think I have any rivalries in real life.  Not to my knowledge.  I guess I probably do but nothing is coming to mind as of now.  HMM what kind of DRAMA FILM can I watch today.  I already watched Crazy Heart.  How many Drama Films are left after that?  Twelve?  Thirteen?  Oh Right Thirteen Days.  That's one of the other Drama Films.  What else is going on.  Oh Right Thirteen Ghosts.  That's not a Drama Film.  Also I've watched it as recently as last week or so.  I don't know why!  It's got GHOSTS in it now you've got my attention!  It's got roughly THIRTEEN.  I dunno I think if we counted them one by one it's maybe around 15?  16?  I don't have all the details in front of me but I can think of AT LEAST 1 GHOST who isn't in the 13.  Also, "The 13," is CONFUSING even while watching the movie.  It may be 12 or 14 just by itself.  Because of plot holes!  Anyway I'll be back soon.





How's Everybody Doing

    For a Rivalry Game/Series to be interesting, it needs at least two of these three things-- (1) a mutual real distaste/hatred for the other teams players/fans, (2) it to be an important game/series in the late season/playoffs, (3) for the two teams to be contending for the same spot in the standings/playoffs for AT LEAST the past 2 or 3 seasons.  Ideally all three!  All three and that's good.  Two out of three I can live with calling an Entertainment Rivalry!  Also what really sticks in my craw is there's no CLOSURE to rivalries.  If its the final series of playoffs and one team beats the other that's some DECENT Mid-term closure.  But games in the middle of the season will never be remembered or cared about AS WELL THEY SHOULDN'T BE.  What else is going on.  Got my bathrobe being cleaned.  NOT my bathrobe belt, though.  Nice bathrobe material belt to hold my bathrobe shut.  That's going uncleaned!  Oh no now I'm gonna get sick from bathrobe belt.
Anyway.  Gonna take a shower after Act II!  It's gonna be fun!  I'll have to use two towels instead of bathrobe and one towel.  Hmm sounds like I'm coming out of that deal REAL BAD.  NO way is one towel equal to one bathrobe.  Oh well it's just for today.  I can make sacrifices!  Life is all about sacrifices!  That's been my experience!  For some reason I'm picturing eating the Hot Dogs cold tonight.  It just SEEMS right.  The premise I think is hmm if I'm eating the hot dog cold I must REALLY wanna eat it RIGHT NOW that I can't heat it up.  Also sure Hot Dog Cold no longer a Hot Dog.  Either a Room Temperature Dog or maybe even really a Cold Dog.  I think I'm picturing a Room Temperature Dog.  It's the best of both worlds!  Not sure what all that accomplishes.  Other than being a Truth Telling Exercise.  It's all based on FACT.
     You know that sort of thing.  Getting to the point in Weight Loss where I'm at the Poundage I was at LAST TIME I tried losing weight and hit a wall.  And then after hitting the wall after a few weeks I went back to gaining weight.  So basically I see myself losing weight at a MUCH reduced rate based on past experience but I feel like if I ever get over this hump it's time to REALLY get down to business.  Not sure what that accomplishes.  Not sure what that means!  Not sure why I said it or believe it to be the case at all.  The point is I'm gonna check my weight in Oh I Don't Know TWO DAYS?  That's roughly 1/6.5 of Thirteen Days!  Think of how many two days I can fit into Thirteen Days!!!  6.5 Like I Just Said.  Wow that's a lot of days.  Let's round it up to 7!  YEAH LET'S DO THAT.
Jeez.  Gotta get Pick Up from lanudromat in a few hours!  After my shower!  After Act III!  After driving there!  Before driving back!  Before Whatever The Else I Have Going On Later Today.  WOW The Red Sox are playing the Yankees.  And it's already HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON.  An the Red Sox are only EIGHT GAMES AHEAD Of The Yankees.  THIS ONE IS FOR ALL THEM MARBLES.  I don't think kids should be gambling with marbles.  You know, kids from the 1950's.  What kind of game is that.  It's GAMBLING.  Why are their parents okay with this?  Also I guess you can play marbles but Everyone Gets To Keep Their Marbles At The End.  It's my impression that generally you play marbles and the winner gets All Your Marbles.  Something like that!  I used to have a bowl of my Dad's old marbles.  Lots of marbles!  I dunno if they're worth anything!  I don't know what happened to that bowl.  Presumably the marbles still exist SOMEWHERE.
Jeez.  WOW SPHERES THESE ARE WORTH A FORTUNE.  What else is going on.  Also I'm not a fan of kids from the 1950's collecting baseball cards, either!  They might trade cards with their friends.  What kind of lesson is that for kids?  Making Trades?  Only ADULTS can make trades responsibly and it's a TERRIBLE habit to start.  Adults don't do that much recreational trading.  Maybe they do. I don't.  And I'm more or less an adult.  I think there should be inter-sport rivalries.  The Mets have A BIG problem with The Denver Broncos.  Also the big ones of course are teams with the sane name.  New York Rangers and the Texas Rangers?  Man oh man is that a good rivalry.  I guess.  The good news is I'm done with Act II.  I'll be back in a little bit!  GOOGLE SPORTS TEAMS WITH THE SAME NAME.  OH NO THERE'S WAY TOO MANY OF THEM.  ROUGHLY HALF A DOZEN WORTH BEING NOTABLE ABOUT.  Wow So Many Rivalries.





I'll Think Of a Better Title In a Little Bit

    Hello friends!  Took a shower.  I don't believe it!  Gonna have a Super Market pasta dish for lunch today.  Either Wide Al Fredo or Kids Meal Chicken Parm.  I'm leaning towards the wide al fredo.  I can see myself stuffing that down my gullet and getting a blast and a quarter out of it.  Whereas I'd only get roughly one blast with no additional fraction from the Chicken Parm.  And why settle for that when I can have an Additional Fraction!  Anyway got about an hour by the time this entry is over before going to laundromat.  And I'm not taking a walk until right after.  So I get to catch up on some TV watching.  FILM TV Watching.  Watching a FILM on THE TV.  That sort of thing!  I'm in the mood for DRAMA.  Not too much DRAMA but solidly in the CATEGORY of Drama.  The category of DRAMA is A Film That Isn't Anything Else.  Is it funny?  Nope!  Is it scary?  Nope!  Is it Something Else?  NOPE!  IT'S DRAMA.
Not sure if that checks out.  It feels right.  Every genre has Drama.  That's what Stories Are.  But Drama is JUST Drama.  WONDERFUL.  I don't care about films that fit multiple categories right now!  I'm not including that as part of the discussion!  Not relevant to the point I'm trying AND SUCCEEDING at making.  Anyway.  I dunno.  Drinking water right now!  I'm not happy about it but thems the breaks.  About a third of a Diet Dr Pepper 2 Liter Bottle To Remember left!  But that's my Mom's soda and she presumably gets angry if I finish it even though she wouldn't finish it and SHE'S RE-UPPING TOMORROW.  But the point is even if I DO have the rest of it I'm gonna need to drink some more water throughout the day.  Might as well get some water out of the way now!  Save them Stolen Dr Pepper for later when I'm really gonna need it!
     What else.  We have orange juice!  WHAT AM I A SLOB.  Juice has calories!  Doesn't get much more unhealthy than that!  I saw Coca-Cola is changing their Coke Zero formula.  WOW I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT is a thought that just occurred to me WHILE I WAS TYPING IT IN JEST.  I started typing it as a joke but roughly 25% of the way through I realized THIS IS TRUE I DO WANNA TRY IT NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT.  I'm ALL ABOUT soda and, look, I don't have high hopes.  Most likely it'll taste dumb.  But I don't know that yet!  Could be GREAT as far as I know!  So I got that to look forward to I guess.  It's THAT and Wilco Sleater-Kinney concert.  WOW TWO THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN THE MID-TERM?  Talk about Fulfilling Life Drama!  I got THINGS in store.  ENTERTAINMENT and BEVERAGE CONSUMPTION things.  Is Beverage Consumption a subset of Entertainment.  In this case?  YES.
Penultimate paragraph.  I don't believe it!  How far are we into this Entry Structure Routine.  10/5/5 paragraphs.  I wanna say FOUR TO SIX DAYS.  Wow talk about a Bold Prediction.  NOPE more like an ITALICS Prediction.  Wow talk about a Somewhat Capitalized Sentence.  YEAH what else is going on.  Is the Lawnmower Man any good.  I can see that AND Lawnmower Man II on the Television Set.  I think it's a FUNNY title because it makes ya think about a guy who mows lawns.  Or MAYBE a man who is Half Lawnmower himself.  That's the best interpretation!  But I believe it's about Something Else Entirely.  In which case why bother my imagination is already way better than watching this movie.  Might as well just imagine someone who is half mechanical lawnmower.  Hmm.  Now I gotta use my imagination?  That's too much work.  Why would you wish that on me. 
     Last paragraph!  I don't think I ever finished Last Of Them Mohicans.  I don't think ANYONE has ever finished Last Of Them Mohicans.  WONDERFUL until we finish it The Mohicans Are STILL IN PLAY.  Once the movie ends I think that's officially the end of the Mohicans.  I'm keeping the Mohicans alive single handedly!  Also I have two hands!  I can even use BOTH MY HANDS to do it.  Nope that'd be double handedly.  What's your problem with using two hands.  I don't see how that's relevant to this situation at all!  I don't see how ANYTHING is relevant to this situation!  It's A Nonsense Situation!  It's completely irrelevant to anything is the point.  Yep.  Anyway I'll be back tomorrow. 

-1:28 P.M.





Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I'm Happy With How This Is Going To Turn Out

    Hey!  First things first-- I had 1st half of Appetizer Variety Collection COLD for Last Lunch.  Delicious!  I made the right decision!  Also I ate the sampling amount that I wanted!  Not just 50/50!  Maybe 40/??? (I don't know the next meals amount!  Definitely 60 at most!).  Also I ate the ITEMS I wanted.  I'm happy with how it all turned out and I feel like I'm going to enjoy it again today for lunch!  Sure I can do without them mozzarella sticks but when life makes you mozzarella sticks you eat cold mozzarella sticks.  Hmm good Life Adage.  Anyway the National League came close to winning the All Star Game!  They were within JUST A COUPLE OF POINTS by the end of the game.  I consider this a moral victory!
     That's how I live my life, at least.  I come close to winning at something in life?  Or at life overall in general?  Moral Victory!  Well done I did respectably.  That's all I want for myself and anyone else who isn't evil.  If we all do respectably in life we can all go to our grave feeling okay with ourselves.  But Evil People I hope fail completely.  They're EVIL, them doing respectably would mean BAD NEWS for the rest of us.  HMM I may be taking Bed Blanket to Laundromat tomorrow!  That's exciting.  For roughly 18 hours the novelty of having a CLEAN COMFY SMELL NICILY BLANKET is gonna give me a real kick!  It's about time!  However it may disrupt my sleep!  I'm gonna like being under the covers so much I'll never wanna fall asleep!  I wanna get the most out of this!  I'm not gettin' nothin' out of it in my sleep!
     Cool.  I'm wearing CLOTHES right now that HAVE BEEN WASHED.  What a novelty!  Wait a second my pants haven't been washed in weeks.  It's called CONSERVING ENERGY.  I'm conserving my energy by not washing my pants!  It's being environmentally responsible get on board with it or get off my website.  How often are we supposed to wear the same pants.  Several days in a row?  A week?  A new pair every day?  That sounds right for most people!  I've always changed pants every 2 or 3 days, though.  I was encouraged in that habit by my Mother and she was the person who set me on my clothes wearing routine course by laying out my clothes for me as late as roughly 5 years ago.  Either way Hmm this is a real think-em-up.  WHY was I wearing the same pair of pants over several days in the first place.  Conserving energy, like I said.  They're pants They Don't Go Bad for days!
I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Right now!  Google how often should I change pants.  HMM internet says SURE GO AHEAD AND WEAR PANTS 2-4 DAYS IN A ROW.  WOW INTERNET THANKS.  Now me wearing the same pants for the last 4 months is PROPORTIONALLY NOT AS BAD.  You know MATH.  Proportions!  Instead of it being bad because I'm supposed to change every day, it's only bad because I'm supposed to change twice a week.  NOT AS BAD.  PROPORTIONS.  MATH.  CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS.  Ugh.  Hey my Mom just gave me my old Dormitory Blanket to use while current blanket is being washed!  So many memories!  I remember lying in bed pretending I'm trying to sleep while other people were having fun.  They never invited me to partake in the fun I can't go out of my way and be like HEY I LIKE FUN.  Also do I like fun?  I'm not sure!  Depends on the fun!  Also even if I do like Most Fun not sure I would like fun with These People.  Best to just lie in bed and pretend I'm trying to fall asleep.  Why can't I just pretend I AM asleep.  Or just Try To Fall Asleep.  Nope!  Pretend To Try!  That's MY strategy!
     Yeah!  What kind of fun stuff can I watch on The Television tonight.  OR today!  I get to watch both during the day and the night!  Roughly mid afternoon to late evening.  Maybe even EARLY NIGHT not just late evening.  Yes there are many hours of the day I am awake and interested in seeing what to watch on The Television.  I'll watch some HORROR movies.  Those are fun because they sometimes have NUDITY.  I was thinking about it and when I was a kid I hardly ever saw nudity in my life!  Before I became interested in pornography.  It was a big EVENT if I saw some nudity.  That's the way it should be, right?  Oh well too late.  Society has easy access pornography!  Also Films and TV have more pornography than before is my assumption!  Too much nakedness going around!  Oh well what can ya do.  Fetishize nakedness.  YEAH THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN.  Nakedness is sexual by nature.  That's the moral of Adam And Eve!  But WE GO TOO FAR.
  WAIT A SECOND we've got pieces of art with nudity in the house!  But its mostly ABSTRACT art.  Pictures of circles and whatnot where lady's breasts are supposed to be.  I know what that means!  Pretty suggestive!  I can think of one picture that has A DOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CIRCLES I KNOW WHAT THAT'S ALL ABOUT.  Anyway what else is going on.  Sixth paragraph!  I don't believe it!  Had steak and eggs for dinner last night.  Gonna have it again tonight!  The half that I didn't eat!  I guess I could figure out a way to have the half I already ate but I can't imagine that being healthy or safe at all!  It's healthy because they're HOME FRIES.  French fries are fried all the way around.  Home fries are SHREDDED POTATOE underneath the Top Friedness.  I feel very strongly about this!  I might be thinking of Hash Browns.  It's BROWN because of the FRIED.  I feel very strongly about this! 
     Ugh.  Also mozzarella sticks are healthy if you just eat the cheese!  Also onion rings are a strange food because I'd say 50% of the time there's no onion in them.  I can't think of another food that is completely 100% absent in its serving.  Let's face it for the most part, if you're thinking of having an onion ring, you're just imagining eating a fried circle.  Look I KNOW the onion part of it is delicious and an important part of the flavor but HALF THE TIME you're just eating a fried circle and We're just OKAY with that?!?  Wait a second I can imagine the same thing with mozzarella sticks.  Nowhere near as often!  But I can imagine empty mozzarella sticks.  GOOD I DON'T LIKE THEM.  Good.  YEAH I SAID IT WAS GOOD.  Yep.  YEAH.  I was talking to my parents about if we still have old VHS of home videos (we probably do!) but they don't wanna send THOSE to the VHS --> DVD people because they're embarrassed by NORMAL home videos.  Not even masturbation ones!  And look are we acting like a terrible hateful angry unhappy family half the time NO it's probably MORE THAN HALF but they're used to that sort of thing they don't care!
     So that's the state of that!  The point is I'M the protagonist of our family and everyone watching those videos is rooting for me and upset with these jerks that I have to deal with all the time.  That's MY impression.  Eighth paragraph.  That's MY impression.  The point is unexpectedly the TV started telling The Right Time!  I still have cable box covered, but if I uncovered it, it would presumably have the right time now, too!  But screw the cable box now when I'm pressing INFO or looking at THE GUIDE they know the score!  Wow how convenient.  You know that sort of thing.  Over the past 2 weeks I've thought 5 or 6 times individually while idly glancing at my DVD collection Ya know I'd Watch Street Fighter.  For some reason my eyes go to Street Fighter.  And my thought is always EXACTLY Ya know I'd Watch Street Fighter.  It's a good movie because it... well... I can't qualify why it's a good movie!  It probably ISN'T a good movie.  But its good for kids at least!  I'm a kid at heart!  Which is good for cardiology reasons one would imagine!  Maybe it's BAD for cardiology reasons.  I still have my baby ventricles.  Haven't detached so I could form my adult ventricles.
     You know that sort of thing.  Ventricles are part of the heart.  The main part!  What else.  Here come the olympics!  Gotta imagine there's a tleast one olympic competition I'd be interested in watching.  Maybe the baseball competition!  That's one!  Gotta imagine there's at least one other olympic competition I'd be interested in watching.  Hmm.  Better LTURQ.  KARATE?  That's what the olympic website says but I don't believe it.  Also is Karate Japanese?  If so they have a huge, "LEG UP."  Also SWEEP THE LEG that's Karate lingo.  Based on a major motion picture!  More or less!  WOW KARATE IS MAKING ITS OLYMPIC DEBUT.  Maybe It IS going to be a Real Relatively Hyped Competition!  YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST POTENTIALLY.  Now I gotta LTURQ re: Karate being Japanese.  YEP IT IS.  Originally came from Okinawa which I know all about from a Major Motion Picture but we can accurately say it's Japanese, too!
     WONDERFUL.  Hmm Japan really kinda STACKING THE DECK re: New Olympic Sports.  Just piling on Japanese Type Sport Athletic Competitions.  Doesn't seem fair.  Oh well what can ya do other than boycott the olympics.  What else is going on!  I gotta admit I was excited to see Shohei Ohtani pitch and hit in all star game!  I kinda got on his case for not being a GREAT pitcher but I was into it by the time the game started!  HE DID OKAY WELL DONE.  He can pitch a fast ball that is PRETTY HIGH IN MILES PER HOUR SPEED.  Although I guess in Japan they go by Kilometers Per Hour.  Or Kilometer by Metric Time Unit.  Better LTURQ.  Google does Japan use Metric Time Units.  WAIT NO that's nonsense.  What I MEANT was Google does Japan use Miles.  They're no the Metric Scale I knew it!  No I didn't.  I just made a point to convey I didn't know it.  Yeah but I KINDA knew it I was just humouring you!  I don't think that's the case.  The good news is it's time for a break!  I'll be back later! 




I've Got Lots Of Thoughts

    Hey!  You'll be pleased to know that over the last few weeks, taking a walk in the park, the flies have been at a minimum!  Still there a little bit!  In the prime fly real estate part of the park, I have to swat some flies away maybe 4 or 6 times overall.  Not bad!  I just don't wanna be doing it for minutes constantly!  Either way I feel like they got the message.  That I won't be intimidated!  What kind of person gets an ant farm.  A child.  Yeah but what kind of person gets an ant farm for a child.  Ants are disgusting!  I don't wanna see them doing stuff!  It teaches you about building.  They carry pebbles or something to form structures.  So this is for engineering research.  I dunno about that.  What if it breaks?  Then you got ants!  Also how long do ants live.  Do you have to Refill Your Ant Farm every month?  You can't just have one round of ants, they die, and then that's it.  Also if your ant dies how do you give them a proper burial.  You can't have dead ants AND live ants trying to work around the dead ants.  That's CRUEL.  Google how long do ants live.
WOW they can live up to 3 months!  I get 120 days of looking at ants?  Sign me up!  I dunno.  The one good part about ant farm is you know there's That Many Ants trapped in your ant farm than would be out and about in the wild AND POTENTIALLY YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.  They're trapped right where they belong!  Do you have to feed your ants.  What do you feed ants.  Other ants?  That's CRUEL.  Gotta imagine ants don't like living in a 2 dimensional universe.  Imagine if you had to live in two dimensions!  You wouldn't like it.  Also imagine if you had to build structures or something in the dirt.  You wouldn't like it!  Also if we're gonna make ants build structures for our amusement maybe we should get them to build PRODUCTIVE things that WE CAN USE. I dunno that takes jobs away from Good Workers.  All the construction jobs that should be going to people are being taken by ants whom you barely have to pay at all!
    Doesn't seem right!  Maybe they can learn to work together.  Have a 30/70 split of People Workers and Ant Workers.  Both sides benefit from that arrangement presumably!  Anyway I might heat up Appetizer Collection today.  Cold worked yesterday!  Now its time for something else.  Maybe microwave!  I guess!  The most likely outcome will be hey this Kinda UNEVENLY WARM I should have just had it cold.  Cold is good.  Appropriately warm is good!  Unevenly Not Warm Enough?  USELESS THROW IT OUT I DON'T WANNA STUFF THIS DOWN MY GULLET AT ALL.  Maybe I should just put it in for more time if its not warm enough.  Maybe you should SHUT THE HELL UP.  If I heat it up for too long it will start becoming a weird dumb texture that isn't appealing to eat at all!  NOW IT REALLY IS USELESS.  All THANKS TO YOUR DUMB IDEA. YOU IDIOT.
Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Then its time to take a shower.  After Last Paragraph of Act II!  Not the penultimate paragraph of act II!  Just wanted to clear that up!  Haven't had coffee #2 yet.  I saved it for Act III!  Wow now we're talking Great Act I'm gonna have a fun time with that one!  Anyway got a nice great towel rack that I haven't been using at all.  I put towel over clothes hamper!  Why mess with success!  It works for me and that's the way I'm gonna keep it.  Also I rest Bathrobe over clothes hamper, too! I have a towel rack which it MAY be too heavy for to do it regularly but I also have hook on top of bathroom door.  I don't care!  Clothes hamper! You don't mess with success!  Unless you wanna aim for even more success!  Then it might be worth the risk on a case-by-case basis!
     Yeah!  I feel like I've said all this before.  Now I've said it again!  For EMPHASIS!  I'm going to take a shower very soon, too.  I've done that before too!  I'm doing it again FOR EMPHASIS.  Show them dirts whose boss.  First I taught the flies, now I'm teaching the dirt.  Don't mess with me!  I'll swat ya away or bathe ya away on a case-by-case basis.  I watched EVIL DEAD the original yesterday.  I've seen it 10 times!  One day I hope to watch it where I'm paying attention to it at AT LEAST a 75% Rate.  I feel like it's a good movie that I'd really get a kick out of if I let myself!  I know most of what happens because it's the same thing as Evil Dead II which I've watched SEVERAL MORE TIMES and often at a SLIGHTLY HIGHER Paying Attention Rate.  FASCINATING.  The point is am I going to watch Evil Dead II today or soon?  Because I like watching Franchises?  In order?  YEAH MAKES SENSE.  Anyway I'll be back soon!




This Is It For Now

    Hey!  Ya know what, I might have Appetizer Part II cold!  Ya know what!  I started watching Evil Dead II while drying off from shower.  We're talking I accomplished watching the Production Company Logo AS WELL AS the opening credits where they describe The Book Of The Dead for a solid FORTY FIVE SECONDS!  Alright I'm BEAT time to take a break.  Also I didn't get to the opening credits yet!  They were about to start after the Book Of The Dead Introduction.  I saw the title Evil Dead II appear and I was like WELL THAT'S A GOOD START FOR NOW TIME TO PAUSE.  I have coffee going on now, too!  Wonderful!  That's it!  We're all caught up!  I dunno if I'll microwave Steak and Eggs or Ovenize it!  I guess we're NOT all caught up.  Oh no I'm scared.
Wonderful.  It looks like the Oakland Athletics of Baseball MAY POSSIBLY be moving To The Las Vegas!  AMAZING.  LAS VEGAS HAS A GREAT PR CAMPAIGN OPERATION so I am VERY invested in everything Las Vegas.  Not so much Army Of The Dead.  I watched some of it and I didn't like it that much!  Just keeping it 100%!  Which means something.  I'm telling 100% of the truth!  That's my assumption.  If you're keeping it 90% that means 10% of what you're saying is a dirty dirty lie.  I'm going to keep it 100% I want this entry to be over.  If I could instantly make it over with the last 3 paragraphs at about a 50% Readability Entertainment Rate I'd take that deal.  OF COURSE I would.  Even if it takes me the normal amount of time to write three paragraphs odds are it'll be UNDER a 50% Readability Entertainment Rate.  Is the entry half readable or half unreadable.  It's neither it's SOLIDLY UNREADABLE I just told you it's under 50%.  Oh no I'm scared.
     Hey!  Is there even still the premise of Home Videos these days.  I mean, I'm sure parents and perhaps kids are like hey we wanna make some memories we're going to record this thing.  But it's just No Different Than Any Other Day.  I assume!  I don't have a family but I imagine they're always filming each other for one reason or another.  We used to only film each other for posterities sake!  Families these days video each other for other reasons presumably.  Utility reasons.  Hey get ready for dinner your mother says on your phone video screen.  My mother NEVER said Get Ready For Dinner.  I didn't have that kind of relationship with her!  I knew when dinner was!  She knew when dinner was!  We didn't make a BIG DEAL about it like families did in the past and apparently in the future.  Also apparently the present is the future.  Yeah!  Oh no I'm scared.
Penultimate paragraph.  Also I don't know how to get ready for dinner.  I am ready!  What more can I do?  I'm as ready as I'll ever be!  I guess in the past you needed to wear special dinner clothes or something.  Wash your hands maybe, that makes sense. When I was a kid the washing your hands fad was thankfully over, though.  If I wanna wash my hands, I will, if I don't, I won't!  That's MY choice.  What else is going on.  Gonna take a walk soon after this is over.  Maybe watch a nice big ol' portion of Evil Dead II.  We're talking maybe as much as TWO MINUTES.  I dunno I might lose interested after Two SECONDS.  If that's the case you'd think I'd watch something else instead.  Or do something else.  I have a book to read!  Yeah you'd think so wouldn't you. 
     Last paragraph.  I don't believe it!  HEY over the last week I've grown accustomed to being on computer facing east VERY quickly.  It hardly registered at all!  I feel great about that.  What has made a slight difference was eating meals at different surfaces (and thus MOSTLY facing different directions).  I feel OKAY with how that's going.  No problems really.  But it's been A LITTLE strange getting used to it whereas computer difference I hardly even thought about apparently!  I didn't even KNOW I was hardly thinking about it at the time!  That's where the Not Thinking About It REALLY came into play.  YEAH.  That sort of thing.  Maybe we have some Digital Camera Tapes with old video camera VHS tapes of Home Video.  Which I THINK I'm okay with.  If I was experimenting on a tape in high school I think that'd probably not have made its away to a Master Stash somewhere else in the house.  So that's where my life is at this week!  I'll see ya tomorrow.

-2:33 P.M. 




Tuesday, July 13, 2021

This Is Going To Be Something

    Hello friends!  It's a new day!  They call it TUESDAY.  Tuesday is a pretty good day if you have no working week.  If you have a seven day weekend, I don't know why, but Tuesday is a good day.  ALSO if you have a seven day work week!  If you have no distinguishable weekend or work week, Tuesday is Great For Some Reason.  This may not check out at all.  I don't even know why I'm saying it.  It doesn't really make sense or register as a Deeper Truth really.  I mean if you WANT IT to check out as a Deeper Truth, it is.  If you go into this thinking Mike's gonna say some Deeper Truth you can convince yourself Tuesday Is A Great Day is accurate.  That's on YOU though!  I'm having SPRITE.  Breakfast of champions!
    How did Breakfast Cereals convince us that whatever dumb cereal we eat for breakfast is going to have a huge impact on our day specifically athleticism wise.  It's just pellets of corn or other kinds of grains!  I'm sure loaded with sugar!  Even the non-sugar cereal.  I'm sure there's sugar in all of them!  It's not gonna help you do squat!  I wonder what Wheaties are made out of.  No way of knowing!  Anyway Peter Alonso won the home run derby last night!  Which is good because he represents The Mets-- the team I get a kick out of rooting for!  I'd like to see him hit MORE homeruns that's my hot take.  Specifically in baseball games!  That's when they count the most per my understanding.  ALSO I was very happy that the other contenders did very respectably for the most part.  No one embarrassed themselves which is great I'm happy everyone went home feeling they did a good job.  That's what I want to get out of sporting competitions! 
     I remember as a baseball fan I'm VERY bad at tracking baseballs when I'm in the stadium.  The homerun derby would be wasted on me!  I might be able to see the ball when it's being pitched because I know exactly where to look.  Once it's hit I can't follow it that quick it could go in ANY direction at ANY speed at ANY kind of angle.  I better just watch the fielders for context.  See what direction They're All going in.  They know where the ball is I trust them to lead me in the right direction!  I saw they drafted the first practicing Orthodox Jew baseball player in the draft!  Amazing!  He WON'T be taking Saturdays off though.  He'll pitch on Saturdays.  Ah so you mean he's NOT a practicing Orthodox Jew.  There's levels to Orthodoxitry!  He can be a Beginniner Orthodox Jew.  A novice!  By the time he's retired he'll work his way up to not doing things on Sabbath!
     God would want him to work on Saturdays because it's Sports which is more important than other jobs it turns out!  Other jobs, no exceptions.  For SPORTS jobs?  I think God is okay with that!  People NEED sports is the impression I'm getting apparently.  Apparently William Crystal was part of the festivities yesterday.  Well I saw that coming a mile away.  And by a mile away I mean roughly six hours.  And also presumably this was all arranged weeks or months ago.  So I wasn't privy to that but it was already set into motion way before I called it.  Which means that knowledge might have been floating around the ether and I grabbed onto it.  I'm not SMART I just know how to grab things in the ether!  Which is great too but I'd rather be smart!  What if the ether is wrong?  Smartness can't be wrong!  Ether can be!  HEY I made coffee. It should be ready by now.  I wonder what the ether has to say about this.  Ether says it's ready.  Alright I got the green light to go get it!
    Amazing coffee is ready.  The ether called it!  Couldn't have just been me being able to tell time roughly.  It was The Ether!  What else is going on.  Got diner last night it turns out!  Frenched Toast!  I also got Appetizer Sampler which it turns out is 2+ meals.  Gonna have one for lunch today.  The PLUS means I'm roughly a chicken finger Over.  Eating what I want for each meal leaves over a spare chicken finger!  Maybe a spare mozzarella stick or two.  Or a spare half a chicken finger and a mozzarella stick.  The point is I'd rather eat chicken finger than mozzarella stick BUT fraction wise it's easier to leave over the chicken finger. AMAZING.  Is it possible chicken fingers are the breakfast of champions?  I dunno.  I doubt there IS a breakfast of champions.  You do a poll of champions I bet you'd find they eat a large variety of things for breakfast! 
     Cool!  Oh no the All Star game is today.  I'm gonna watch that for a while at least!  Look I know it's FUN that Shoshani Oteri is pitching and hitting but he doesn't belong in the game as a pitcher!  He's doing WELL as a pitcher!  He had one TERRIBLE start which I know about because he's on my team AS A PITCHER NOT A HITTER and maybe without that one start he can make a case for himself as a All Star pitcher.  But WITH IT just a Good Starter not All Star.  IT'S ALL A SCAM.  WE'RE BEING SCAMMED By Big Shohani Otani.  SHOHEI OHTANI.  Let the records state that I said his accurate name at least once.  Right there!  His name is Shohei Ohtani.  You heard it here first.  Also I feel like Japanese people are too modest.  You might even say Meek!  I can tell by the look on his face he's not a jerk which I don't like!  Not from my elite sportsmen!  Not one bit!
     Whatever.  Enjoying some SPRITE today.  The liquid of champions!  How is Shohei Ohtani going to hit homeruns being so polite?  He doesn't wanna hurt the pitcher's feelings.  Best to just ground out to the third baseman.  Also this way to third baseman gets a chance to shine!  It's the altruistic thing to do to ground out.  That's what's going on in HIS mind.  That doesn't check out he's been putting up huge numbers.  Oh well we'll have to wait and see how it turns out long-term!  What is this, the seventh paragraph?  Sure it is!  Better LTURQ just to be sure.  HEY it is!  Don't chalk that up to The Ether OR to Smartness.  Chalk it up to me Actually Checking before I guessed.  I was only checking while paying 80% attention so there WAS a chance I got it wrong while checking.  I didn't, though!  I was right!  This is good stuff let's keep it going.
Anyway.  If we have baseball players that can pitch and hit, then we can have baseball players who take Saturdays off.  And Friday nights presumably.  I feel very strongly about this!  You wanna call yourself a practicing Orthodox Jew, I wanna see some slight benign controversy about you Not Playing On Shabbat!  SET A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR THE KIDS.  The ORTHODOX JEW KIDS.  YOU KNOW THOSE SORT OF PEOPLE.  Baseball players know what I'm talking about with Tuesday.  They don't have a weekday/weekend schedule.  They know all about how great Tuesday is for some reason no one is really sure of.  I'm sure SOMEONE is sure of it.  Some GENIUS.  Who can ALSO tap into the ether pretty well.  Genius First, Tapping Into Ether Champion Second.  Wow this guy knows ALL ABOUT Tuesday.  Huh?  Wha?  I lost track of what was going on.
     Ninth paragraph!  Look did they put a lot of cinnamon on my french toast YES.  Does cinnamon taste great SURE USUALLY.  Did I scrape off as much as I could?  SURE.  Was there still a bit left?  YEAH.  Was I okay with the amount left?  SURE WASN'T TOO MUCH.  The point is DELICIOUS.  I feel like cinnamon shouldn't be able calories because it's a spice.  Spices aren't calories!  However cinnamon is Some Calories.  Not too much.  But certainly not negligible.  Also is there sugar in cinnamon?  I dunno how spices work!  Maybe there's cinnamon the spice, and then they add sugar, and that creates what WE KNOW as cinnamon through out consumption habits.  I dunno I'm gonna have to look into that one.  Hey I should.  Sounds like an interesting knowledge-em-up!  Oh well what can ya do.
Last paragraph of Act I!  Was there a bit of powerdered sugar on the French Toast too?  NOPE FOOLED YA!  Ah I fooled ya with The Fooled Ya YES there was a bit.  But the amount was confusing!  There was a tiny bit covering about 5% of the French Toast.  I don't get it!  You'd think it'd be uniform!  It's like they started putting it on and were like OH NO I DON'T WANNA DO THIS and stopped as soon as they could.  Either way DELICIOUS but NOT NUTRITIOUS.  Scrapped ALL of that off successfully!  WHAT GREAT JOURNAL FODDER.  I think Powdered Sugar is a VERY underrated form of sugar.  You don't hear much about it but I think we can all agree it's great.  I'm sure we can't ALL agree on it.  Some of you are bound to be jerks and disagree.  I think a plurality of us can agree!  YEAH.  I'll be back soon!




I'm Not So Sure About That

    I'm pretty sure Eggs are the breakfast of champions.  That'd be my first guess.  Whatever!  Thinking about getting steak and eggs for dinner.  I did that recently already!  I'll do it again!  It's the Breakfast-For-Dinner of Champions.  Also I wanna eat the breakfast for Runner Ups.  Presumably I can get that breakfast at a discount price.  Good value!  And you still end up as a Runner Up, not such a bad deal.  And you're saving DOLLARS a year paying for the Less Good Breakfast.  Presumably!  I don't know how much these breakfasts cost because It's Not A Real Thing!  Hmm when was the last time I ate a real breakfast.  Lets count Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches as real breakfasts.  Gotta be 3-4 months ago at this point.  Maybe FIVE.  Is Pop Tart a breakfast.  Unfortunately Yes!  That's the world we live in!  That's Capitalism For Ya!
     Wonderful!  Gonna take a shower after this Act.  Wonderful!  Looking forward to Lunch Of Losers appetizer sampler.  I don't like the term Sampler in this context.  You KNOW what you're getting.  You've had chicken fingers before!  You're not ordering this thinking hmm I wanna get a good sample of each thing I wonder what MOZZARELLA STICKS are like.  It's an Appetizer Variety Collection!  Let's call it what it is!  Also IN REAL LIFE I Wonder what MOZZARELLA STICKS are.  I never had a mozzarella stick until I was 28 years old!  I still don't like them but I'll eat them because they're part of your standard Appetizer Variety Collection and I LIKE VARIETY.  Anyway.  My Dad was telling me there must be a way to register my TV and I must do that for Safety Upkeep reasons.  If it breaks and it is under warranty they'd be like well why didn't you ever register it Too Late Now YOU LOSE.  I can't figure out how to register it!  And I've looked into it for a solid amount of MINUTES.  Oh well what can ya do.
Anyway.  I don't need them to know all about my TV.  Registering it is an invasion of privacy!  For all they know I never received my TV and that's the way I like it!  Keep it close to the vest, that's my motto!  Also we all wear vests in this scenario!  I don't know why!  Kumar Rocker is instantly the Mets second best prospect ACCORDING TO A WEBSITE.  Wow it's on the internet?  I'M SOLD!  The point is I hope to see him in a Mets uniform by 2022!  I think it would be a good Photo Op!  He shouldn't be playing baseball during him wearing a Mets uniform to avoid confusion but I wanna see what that might look like.  In Picture Form!  Also I'm a little concerned he's so big that in your standard TV angle over the pitcher's shoulder into the home plate he might block the camera so we can't see the At Bats.  Nothing against him.  Nothing for him!  He's a big guy!  And Major League Baseball Production Team Cameras aren't prepared!
    I dunno.  I think the longer your arms the better because you can release the pitch that much closer to home plate.  Yep that checks out I'm sure scouts and whatnot are all aware of that.  Yeah but it just occurred to me just now so GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT.  What else is going on.  HOWEVER the taller you are the longer your arms are the harder it is for you at the plate.  You need to swing them arms around that much more to hit the ball.  I dunno I'm having a hard time picturing whether that checks out or not.  And logic-assumption-wise I'd say there's a 20, 25% chance it checks out at all off the top of my head.  Oh well I like those odds okay.  Way more than a 0% chance!  Which would be what I'm at if I Just Said Nothing!  You can't win if you don't play!
    Great!  Last paragraph of Act II!  I can, "Dig," that!  OH NO seven inning games in double headers are likely gone for next year!  OH GOOD runners starting at second base during extra innings are likely gone for next year.  OH OKAY most rules are staying the same.  OH NO baseball!  OH OKAY what else is going on!  Anyway when I follow baseball games on computer as I was before TV they always give updated estimates of who will win the game.  And if you're down by three in the seventh inning you might has a 92% chance to lose the game or whatever.  Now I feel like those people who leave early At baseball games are smarter than I gave them credit for.  I was always like they're down by three going into the 9th THAT'S NOTHIN.  Now I know there's like a 3% chance they'll win.  Which means 98% of the time THESE PEOPLE ARE ON THE BALL LET'S GET OUT OF HERE WE GOT THINGS TO DO THAT AREN'T ONLY 2% ODDS TO BE GOOD.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




The Point Is I Forget

    Hey!  Took a shower.  That was quick!  Now I'm back.  That was quick!  I should have taken a TV break.  For Oh I Don't Know 10-30 minutes?  I didn't, though.  That settles that.  Halfway through The Last Of Them Mohicans.  Pretty sure at this point Daniel Day-Lewis ISN'T gonna put on a fake moustache and top hat and say Whoospie Daisy!  Also lets give Daniel Day-Lewis SOME credit, he probably grew a real moustache in Gangs Of New York.  Also he probably wore a REAL top hat!  Not sure he wore top hats in that movie.  Solid 55% chance he did, though.  You can't win if you don't play!  I saw American Indian Tribe/Reservations may be selling legal marijuana in NY before other places.  GREAT JUST GREAT that does nothing for me.  Unless they deliver!  Which they probably won't!  Either way I think they call that the Peace Pipe.  Gottem.  I imagine American Indian tribes also had a War Pipe in case they felt it might be necessary.  Speak softly and carry a big War Pipe!  That's Foreign Policy for ya! 
     Wonderful.  I feel like I had a video game on Sega Genesis where one of the characters you could choose's weapon was a pipe.  A metal pipe.  You choose this guy and his specialty move is hitting people with a big ol metal pipe.  Hmm sounds good I'd like to play as him RIGHT NOW.  Wonderful.  Also this game was SLIGHTLY three dimensional.  You could walk not just left to right but also up and down.  That sounds like two dimensional.  I dunno about all that but it was state of the art revolutionary for the time.  Not really.  Lots of games at the time had that.  But the point is that kind of game setup was fun and I'd like to play it again some day!  If Daniel Day-Lewis is such a great actor how come there's VERY LITTLE consistency to the characters he plays!  He can't even do the same thing twice.  Each movie his character is something different!  Acting is about CONSTANCY.  Well that's one day to finish a paragraph.
Jeez.  Got two ZOOM appointments next week.  Got blood work due for next week.  The point is I get to leave the house!  I leave the house every day.  Yeah but now I get to GO INSIDE SOMEWHERE ELSE.  I do that every other day on average, use the facilities at the Starbucks.  Yeah but now I get to Oh I Don't Know have my blood work done!  Yep that checks out that's the main gist of what I will accomplish.  I think I'm going to microwave Appetizer Variety Collection Part I.  Oven is obvious way to go with fried food.  You want fried food to be crispy!  But microwave is Sleeper Option for fried food.  I don't know why but it certainly is a different way to heat up your food!  I dunno the REAL sleeper option for fried food is eat it cold.  Hmm.  I probably should do that.  I'm not!  But I bet I'd be happy with it!  But I'm not gonna do it!  That's where I draw the line!
     Penultimate paragraph.  I don't believe it!  Live Spell Check isn't on right now for some reason.  No red wavey lines at all!  Regular Spell Check will probably work, though.  So I'll survive!  For now!  Wonderful.  I actually had a dream last night that I was eating a mozzarella stick and I was NOT enjoying it.  I forget if it was cold or hot.  And if hot What Kind Of Hot.  Either way Oh Well What Can Ya Do.  You gotta eat what they give you!  You ordered it!  Now you must face the consequences of your order!  The point is what else is going on.  Hey I just put on clothes.  I knew I was gonna do that at some point after showering but I didn't know exactly when.  Now I do!  Just happened!  Also I went through several periods of clothes.  First no clothes, but with bathrobe.  Then with boxers.  Then with boxers and shirt.  Then finally with boxers, shirt, socks, and pants.  That's what I'm up to now!
     Last paragraph!  Is it possible these are boxer briefs?  Sure!  I don't know!  If I had to guess I'd say YES boxer-briefs.  Wonderful.  Barbara Boxer giving regular updates or something to her staff.  I dunno if that's a thing.  I don't know if Barbara Boxer still is in the senate!  Eve if she isn't she may still have a staff anyway!  Who need to be briefed!  By her!  What else is going on.  I dunno!  I've been writing 20 paragraphs a day for several days now!  I don't know why!  I don't need to!  But I do anyway!  Yep.  I dunno.  Gettin' into the summer now.  Several weeks in!  Closing in on a month in just a little bit less than a week!  Each season is three months!  One month is one third of a season.  These are the facts and figures as they stand right now.  I'll be back tomorrow.  SORRY.

-2:19 P.M.




Monday, July 12, 2021

Finally The Same Thing As Yesterday

    Hello friends!  I lost all my money on poker!  Which is good because I don't want to be playing poker and generally I like losing money because I don't want to be playing poker.  Losing ALL my money feels like shit, though!  I like it dwindling down that's fun.  But once it's all gone I have a deep sense of loss!  Oh well in the long run its good because I Don't Care.  Hey the Mets got a nice good ol' draft pick man yesterday in Baseball Draft.  Kumar Rocker!  Which it turns out isn't related to John Rocker JUST AS I SUSPECTED.  It he was I wouldn't have understood why Mets fans wanted him lo these past several weeks.  John Rocker is a relief pitcher from 20 years ago who was a dick or something against the mets.  Possibly with a racist tint.  I don't remember!  Either way this Rocker is different and I'M ON BOARD!  And HE'S ON BOARD.  The big board!  The big board where they keep track of who drafted who so that they don't forget!  I believe it's Oak Tag!
   More or less set it up with my Dad that if I see an Xbox available I'm gonna go ahead and get it.  MORE OR LESS?  WELL WHICH IS IT.  Less!  I think usually if you're saying More Or Less it's LESS.  More Or Less this will happen.  That means it probably will happen but not definitely.  It's not MORE than definitely it's LESS.  So basically either I set it up with my Dad I'm gonna get an Xbox or LESS and YES it IS LESS or definitely NOT MORE.  And it is LESS in this case, not definitely!  Ugh.  The point is I set it up enough that I'll ALERT him if I see it available and then get it instead of just getting it but he's DEFINITELY OR LESS prepared for that scenario.  All of this paragraph makes sense to me more or less so it probably makes sense to you.  SEE It doesn't make sense to me MORE than making sense, that makes no sense.  It might make sense to me LESS than making sense THAT'S WITHIN THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY.  Sense Or Less!
    Anyway I watched Return Of Them Living Dead I for the second time in a week last night because this time it was on Big Screen H.D. Smart Television Flat Screen.  WOW so many ways it's different AND BETTER than previous television.  Bigger screen?  CHECK.  Flatter Screen?  That's a check!  SMARTER?  Oh boy is it.  Higher definition?  You know it!  Less buttons on the TV itself?  Unfortunately accurate!  I don't know if there's a single button on the TV.  What were they thinking?!?!  People love pushing buttons, the more buttons the better, that's my engineering product design philosophy.  You can't go wrong with bonus buttons I think we can all agree on that.  Worse closed captioning than past TV.  I dunno they have lots of options and modifications to closed captioning which MAY make it Better than old TV.  What I saw by spending 2 minutes with it was universally Worse though.  Oh no that's terrible.
Cool!  Good chance I'm gonna get Chipotle today.  Lunch?  Maybe!  Dinner?  More likely!  Never?  Also possible!  Something else?  Shut up!  All of the above?  Get off of my website!  MOVING ON.  I think Kumar Rocker should lose some weight that's my hot take.  He has a BMI of 29!  Not obese but if he lowered that down to 26 I think that his fast ball would be more consistent!  Also it's my impression that if a sportsman is overweight by a lot we can assume whatever their listed weight is lower than their real weight.  We have to account for BUILT IN deception when it comes to weight.  I dunno about that lets give big athletes some credit for being honest and honorable people.  Sounds about right!  I HAVE MY SUSPICIONS but I'll keep them to myself from now on!  Anyway.  Shorter athletes might lie about being taller!  The point is athletes are dirty dirty liars and we can't trust them one lick.
     Cool!  All star game is either toady or tomorrow.  Or Wednesday!  I've narrowed it down to well it's not narrowed down well at all is it.  LMLTURQ.  It's Tomorrow!  I KNEW IT.  Even when I didn't know it I knew it.  Is the Home Run Derby Exhibition tonight?  LMLTURQ!  YES it is tonight.  WOW A Metropolitans player is participating!  I'm rooting for him because that's the team I like based on where I live and where I grew up.  Do they still do the Old Timers &/V Celebrities game over All Star Week.  Also do they combine those games?  I feel like there was definitely an old timers game and definitely a celebrities game and I'm ~70, 75% sure they were the same game.  Better LTURQ.  Apparently there is a celebrities game but no old timers.  Unless there's the odd old timer whose a celebrity.  Either way I think it was played yesterday but will be broadcast tonight!  I'm not that into it!  Most of the celebrities are wrestlers or players of other sports.  The whole premise of celebrity game is LOOK AT THOSE PEOPLE DO TERRIBLE AT SOMETHING THEY LOOK LIKE FOOLS.  Athletes playing?  I don't care good for them I'm sure they know what they're doing to some extent!
    Dumb!  Why would I want to watch people do stuff if they're good at it!  I want to watch people embarrass themselves by doing things they're NOT good at!  Now THAT'S entertainment.  WHERE'S BILLY CRYSTAL.  I'm sure he played in celebrity games in the 1990's and so forth.  I'd wager my entire reputation on it!  Lemme LTURQ.  HOLD UP before that FORMER MLB PLAYERS ARE IN THE CELEBRITY GAME.  Old Timers!!  But it's people who are in their 40's!  That's not old timers that's just recently retired players!  I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THAT.  Oh right I was gonna look up Google Billy Crystal Celebrity MLB Game.  YEP HE PLAYED IN 2008.  At Least!  Probably more but I feel my reputation is safe and sound just based on that first result showing he played in 2008.  WHEW my reputation was really at risk there!  Hanging in the balance on something so dumb.  Thankfully it all worked out. 
     I feel like I have a reputation.  I'm a public figure as far as you know!  I don't know if its good or bad but by definition if someone like yourself is reading this, then someone like yourself has an opinion on my overall body of work!  Or body of self.  Somethin' about me can be judged one way or the other is the point!  Anyway I watched The Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark movie and it's not bad!  It's not good!  But it's okay!  I realized one part I don't like about it is it takes place in the late 1960's which I don't get!  When reading the books I think it takes place in the early 1900's because it's all stuff about FARMS and stuff like that.  Every story takes place on a farm!  And they could have gone the other way and have it take place in modern era.  They went with the late 60's!  The only reason I could think of is because that's as distant a time period to kids today as American Farm Period was to me in the 1990's.  WOW.
Anyway.  Eighth paragraph!  Maybe get Chinese food instead of Chipotle.  I don't know about that!  Might taste better but is less healthy.  They cook Chinese Food in unhealthy pots and pans is my understanding!  Probably gonna get whatever I get for dinner, not lunch!  Gonna have a Super Market prepared Pasta meal for lunch.  I got Kids Meal Chicken Parm.  I got extremely underestimated calorie projection Wide Al Fredo Dish.  We're talkin' I got Beef Lasagna dish which I never had before and presumably is more or less a piece (or Several SMALLER pieces) of lasagna.  Fascinating lets go with the Higher Than Advertised Wide Al Fredo dish as the leading contender for now.  Also I continue to type Al Fredo as two words for scores of times over the months since being corrected once and not caring enough to do it the right way.  Somewhere halfway between doing it wrong on purpose for laughs and just doing it wrong.  More or less somewhere in-between the two extremes!  Or maybe OSCILLATING between them.  WOW OSCILLATION we don't hear enough about oscillation.
Cool.  What else is going on!  Got rid of TV box.  Got rid of old desktop monitor!  Talking about getting rid of VCR.  I've got a decision to make re: Old VHS of movies.  Or, more specifically, old Digital Camera Tapes of home movies that you put the smaller digital camera tape into a larger VHS tape so you can watch it on VHS.  But the point is on one tape I MAY have taped myself masturbating in high school.  JUST FOR F... uh... I DON'T HAVE A GOOD REASON.  It's called EXPERIMENTING and GETTING COMFORTABLE WITH ONE'S BODY AND SEXUALITY it's totally normal.  But the point is I really should figure out a way to go through these tapes myself so I can get rid of it.  The second best option is send them away to a VHS--> DVD company and just include the note DELETE THE CHILD PORNOGRAPHY FOR ME.  I can't do that!  For lots of reasons!  Also the other option is destroying all Digital Mini VHSs.  Which right now is my best option.  Oh well sorry about that Family Memories.  What can ya do!
     I should to that RIGHT NOW in case I forget.  I'd have to find the tapes, though.  I'll look into finding the tapes today and then destroying them if I do.  See already today is turning into a really productive day.  Wonderful!  Also there's a solid 80% chance I never RECORDED myself masturbating but just sort of looked through the camera at myself doing it without pressing record.  But I can't take that chance!  Also there's an 80% chance I recorded myself singing The Real Slim Shady at some point!  Which for most of my life, while thinking about that, I felt more ashamed of than anything else.  But looking back I think my Future Family would get a kick out of that.  Watching their Dad and/or Husband rapping terribly when he was 12 or 13!  The masturbation part NOT SO MUCH.  Now that I think about it I probably didn't record it.  Still though gotta destroy tapes if I find them!  I should just have a little more breathing room if someone else finds them at some point and puts them on.  I'LL BE BACK IN A LITTLE BIT!




Everyone Loves Part II

    Hey!  Quickly found one digital video camera tape.  Threw that right out!  Alright!  That's roughly 33% or 50% of potential damning tapes out there!  There's also a tape in the VCR which very well may be the Special VHS Tape that you put a Smaller Digital Camera Tape in to play.  Which presumably would hold another potential Damning tape!  And I'm gonna throw out VCR later this week, just confirmed it with my parents!  Now we're down to roughly 0-2 tapes out there that might come back to hurt me.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!  Who needs family memories anyway.  It's in the past!  I'm focused on the future!  Anyway.  Thinking about getting Chinese Food for dinner!  It's delicious AND nutritious!  Well not really nutritious.  YEAH, REALLY nutritious!  It's nutritious by the transitive property of being delicious.  That's MATH.
     Oh man I just imagined my Dad telling jokes to a video camera or something when I was a kid and I JUST THREW THAT OUT.  Now the only way I can see my Dad make jokes to entertain Family is by seeing him do it in real life.  BUT TIME HAS RAVAGED HIM.  He's a SHELL of the person he once was.  I dunno maybe he's 2% Ravaged By Time.  Still 98% there, though!  DAMNIT THAT 2% IS GONE FOREVER THANKS TO MY MASTURBATIONS.  Is there any area of my life My Masturbations WON'T come back to haunt me?  Oh well I can obviously remember the memories of my Dad cracking wise NOW.  There!  It's a memory!  That's all ya need!  Being able to watch it doesn't bring it back any more then Thinking On It does!  Yep that checks out.  FEELS Bad though.  I FEEL like an asshole.  Such is life!  That's part of growing up!  Being a man is all about Realizing You're Always The Asshole.  That's been my family experience at least.  HEY I just remembered/realized, 80% of our home videos were from NON digital camera and would be on REGULAR VHS.  I don't know where that is!  Maybe we got rid of those already, too!  But if we didn't Hey I Got No Problems With Those!  HOLY SHIT I'M SLIGHTLY LESS OF AN ASSHOLE ALL OF A SUDDEN.
Whatever.  Maybe we already got rid of all of those.  I'd wager we got some of them stored away somewhere!  Hey this is great news High Fives All Around.  HEY we got PICTURES.  Still pictures!  It's that thing where it's like a movie but just a freeze frame.  Those conjure up memories alright!  No way I'm masturbating on those videos!  Maybe there's a decent 15% chance I am!  I don't think my parents would tape it, but I'd say there's a decent 15% chance I was playing with myself at any given moment before reaching puberty.  I don't know why it just felt like the right thing to do!  What else is going on!  Also the earlier the memory the better.  VHS memories are earlier than Digital Video Camera Records.  Now we're talking!  Anyway what else is going on.  Gonna take a shower after this act.  Really cleanse off the guilt and shame I've accumulated in the last hour or two.  Alright!
Wonderful.  WOW The Mets selected a Canadian with their 2nd round draft pick.  The TOP Canadian in the draft! I'd have settled for a Canadian just in The Top Ten let alone The TOP Canadian.  Hmm the place I would have gotten Chinese Food from is CLOSED.  I assume to Celebrate Mondays.  There's plenty of other places I can try so we'll just have to look into that more thoroughly.  Well, I will.  You can supervise!  See we're doing it together after all.  We're a team!  Anyway hey I'm gonna take a shower pretty soon after the next paragraph.  I can, "DIG," that.  I can also, "DIG," General Tso's Chicken and Steamed Shrimp Dumplings!  Appropriate Portions of each!  Not to mention The Porked Fried Rice!  Again-- reasonable portion!  That's where I draw the line!  If I'm eating unhealthy food the least I can do it eat no more than moderate portions!
     Cool.  Great!  What else is going on!  I wonder if we have any Audio Tape Home Movies.  That's an interesting proposition.  My guess is NO.  It's a good guess!  I'd say there's over a 50% chance it's accurate?  A not just plurality but MAJORITY chance it's accurate?  It doesn't get much better Guessing than that!  Jeez.  Then again I'm sure if there are audio tape home movies there's also audio tapes of me masturbating.  That's just how things are!  I don't like it anymore than you do.  I probably like it LESS than you do.  For all I know you may be getting off on this while I'm definitely having a bad time with it!  What else is going on.  For all I know there's video of my Dad masturbating on old VHSs.  Probably not!  I'd say there's solidly a 75, 80% chance my Dad never taped himself masturbating!  I LIKE those odds!  Anyway hey now it's time to take a shower break.  I'll see you in a little bit!




Oh No The End

    Wonderful.  The Chinese restaurant I would prefer isn't open until Thursday!  I guess they take days off to celebrate The Working Week.  It's called Amy's.  Which I assume is a reference to Amy from Futurama who is notoriously of Asian Characteristics.  I could have said Descent.  I dunno how descendant she is or isn't!  She's got the characteristics that's what we know about her!  Also I know she's from MARS in the show.  But anyway you get the idea.  Maybe try the lasagna today.  Maybe try lots of things.  I dunno I'm not gonna try that many things.  Gonna relatively likely try a new Chinese Restaurant!  Yeah you'd think so huh.  I need to find a place where I explicitly get pork fried rice with the general Tso's chicken.  There are places where I PROBABLY get it but they don't explicitly say!  I can't take that risk!  If I'm not getting pork fried rice I might as well be getting regular rice from Chipotle.  The Pork Friedness is KEY to this Dinner Meal Experience.
     Cool!  Maybe get Hot & Sour Soups instead of Steamed Shrimp Dumplings.  It's healthier because it's 95% water.  75% of it is water and 80% of everything solid is made out of water so you crunch the numbers and you get 95% water.  That can't be right.  I didn't crunch the numbers myself.  No way is that actually the correct answer you get from crunching the numbers.  Speaking of crunching there's some sort of vegetables in hot and sour soup that crunch!  Chinese vegetables!  Presumably!   Hot AND Sour soup?  I would have settled for just Hot Soup!  This keeps getting better and better!  Whatever.  HOT Soup?  I would have settled for just Steamed Shrimp Dumplings.  Actually I'd prefer Steamed Shrimp Dumplings.  Steamed Shrimp Dumplings?  I would have settled for Hot And Sour Soup!  Ok.
Hey we're inching towards the end.  Then I take a walk.  Then I come back!  That's one of the mainest parts of taking walks.  Ultimately coming back to my house-- the starting point!  I took mini video tape from Digital Camera out of the garbage and put it in my desk.  Here's a scenario where I'd need it-- somehow my parents are alerted to the fact I may have masturbated on one of these tapes.  And they're like well just you watch em and if you did then get rid of it.  I would never bring it up to them-- too embarrassed!  But if they DID know they I can figure it out myself whether to save it or not.  Possibly.  A lot of moving pieces to get to that conclusion but it is RELATIVELY possible.  Also my RELATIVES will see me masturbate as a 16 year old.  YEP that's the problem.  That's the problem, indeed!  I feel like 16 years old is the age of consent for you to give yourself permission to do stuff on camera for yourself and only for yourself.  I dunno I think it should be EIGHTEEN upon further introspection.
Wonderful!  Penultimate paragraph.  Right now I'm STRONGLY considering trying the Lasagna today for lunch.  It seems like the right time for it.  Doesn't Garfield like Lasagna.  Presumably.  HILARIOUS.  A cat who eats pasta?  Now you've got my attention!  We don't know if Garfield eats lasagna.  Maybe he'd really like to eat it and talks about it a lot but John His Owner never would actually feed his cat lasagna.  I wouldn't feed my cat lasagna!  I would feed it those brown pebble pellets that are normal cat food.  It seems gross to me but cats seem to tolerate it well enough!  I'd save all the lasagna for myself and my human family members who live with me.  Is John The Garfield Owner a bachelor.  I feel like he is.  Probably Garfield scares off any potential partners.  Too Complicated!
     Last paragraph.  I'm seeing Kumar Rocker may be in the majors BY THE END OF THIS YEAR?!?!  Take your time!  There's plenty of time to get to the major leagues we don't wanna rush things!  I'd say lets aim for late 2022!  It's still very soon but gives Rocker some time to lose some weight.  I think he's gonna want a BMI of 25 or 26 when in front of a National Media Home Audience.  Also I believe he is half Indian and half Black not unlike our second lady Kamala Harris.  Maybe the math on that isn't 100% but it's relatively similar!  Is Kamala Harris Second Lady.  Is that the right terminology?  Better LTURQ!  I don't think there IS a Second Lady right now.  There's a Second Gentleman who is Kamala Harris' husband.  She herself is just Vice President.  NO Seconds About It!  Oh well what can ya do.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

-3:05 P.M.




Sunday, July 11, 2021

Wow Talk About Some Words

    Yeah lets do it.  Some words exist.  I am talking about it.  Right now!  I think we're due for some new words.  I know The Dictionary makes a big deal about including a new word a year but we should be doing DOZENS of new words a year-- good words!  How are we growing as a people if our vocabulary isn't growing.  Words Are People Too!  Not sure about that last sentence.  Pretty sure about the previous sentences-- those all Definitely made sense!  Anyway the Baseball Superstar for the Atlanta Braves Baseball Organization is injured for the rest of the year!  I feel like I'm A Good Person because my FIRST instinct was ah that' too bad and only my SECOND instinct was GREAT this is good for The Mets because this team was one of their prime disruptors.  Wow talk about a great person.  Yep lets talk about it some more on the condition that The Great Person In Question is ME.
Anyway.  If everyone was injured on the other teams the Mets would coast to victory.  I was wondering yesterday if its possible in the rules that teams just forfeit either before the game even starts or during it.  Gotta have happened at some point.  In the Dead Ball era, sure.  I'm talking in the last 50 years, must have been SOME forfeits.  AT LEAST midgame if they were getting blown out.  But I REALLY wanna see if there were forfeits before the game even started.  Some team was just like yea you know what think we'll take the night off.  I'm gonna LTURQ!  HAH.  The last forfeit was in 1995 because they gave out baseballs as a promotional item to the fans and the fans were throwing them at the players so they had to cancel the game.  Home team forfeited!  That's what ya get for trusting baseball fans to not be jerks.
Wonderful.  It wasn't so much that they were worried about players getting hurt but that they would forget which baseball is the official baseball being used.  Yep that checks out.  HMM that's a good idea.  Why can't fans bring baseballs and when someone is trying to catch the real ball near the stands They Let Loose.  What's the worst that can happen.  They're not gonna be ARRESTED are they.  What kind of consequences can they really face.  PUBLIC SHAMING everyone would boo.  I dunno I think everyone would laugh and applaud.  People LOVE jerks because they mix things up and people LOVE things being mixed up because people ARE JERKS.  Anyway.  Got part II of Stuffed Filet of Sole dinner as well as a Bison burger meal.  Also they didn't give way too much stuffed filet of sole!  They gave PLENTY and I was very happy with the generous portion they gave!  More would have been too much!  Less what have been okay but less filling!  WOW I DIDN'T WASTE FOOD.  THAT'S CAPITALISM FOR YA.
Anyway.  I ended up getting The Subway yesterday for lunch but A DIFFERENT FILLING than I thought.  I made a last second split second decision while stepping up to the counter to get a Chicken sandwich instead of a Turkey sandwich.  I think it's because I kinda smelled chicken sandwich in the air and I was like hey that's a good idea I'm Gonna Do That!  Wonderful.  Their Fake Chicken Sandwich Spray strikes again!  And works again!  Well done!  Gonna get rid of TV Box today.  Gonna get rid of Old Desktop Computer Monitor today.  What else should I get rid of.  HMM.  Wonderful.  Nice early The Mets game today.  I'll watch that.  Still fiddling with Television Picture Settings (TPS).  Brightness?  Contrast?  SHARPNESS?  These words all mean something (different things!) but I don't know what they mean.  I can sort of tell the difference in the picture as I adjust the levels in real time but even more so than being able to recognize the difference I AM UNABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE.  I have a block in my brain about it!  I can see it change but I can't quite put it into words or contextualize it!  WOW sounds like I'm dumb it turns out!
Cool!  I want it to look like if I Was watching Film in theater!  Now the sharpest most high def most brightness TV!  FILM SCREEN EMULATOR that's what I'm after!  I dunno it may not be possible.  TO my knowledge most film screens in theaters are slightly bigger than my TV.  Hmm that's an interesting counterpoint.  Oh well what can ya do.  I can make out the dialogue of everything I watch!  That wasn't the case for the first 24, 36 hours.  I GOT THERE EVENTUALLY and I will GET THE PICTURE RIGHT EVENTUALLY.  PRESUMABLY.  DECENT CHANCE I'LL FIGURE OUT SOMETHING I'M HAPPY WITH.  Okay okay stop yelling.  SURE NO PROBLEM.  I'm in third place in my fantasy baseball league!  Now all I need is 150 more top players injured and I'll COAST into 1st!  (Assuming the top 150 players injured are for the other teams and not my players).  Which is a reasonable assumption.  Apparently I'm calling the shots in this strange alternate universe where most of the best baseball players get injured, so that's the way I'd want it, so that's the way it'd be!  AMAZING.
Cool!  Also my best player has been injured for the last 2 months so this would just be a way for the universe to balance things out!  Which is very likely!  Seems like it's within the universe's M.O. to even things out.  That's what several philosophies seem to imply the universe is about more or less.  COOL.  Not sure I'm happy with masking tape over cable box.  I still look at it instinctively all the time and instead of being annoyed by seeing the time (THE WRONG TIME AT THAT) I'm annoyed by seeing some clunky masking tape.  I JUST CAN'T WIN CAN I.  I can if everyone else is injured.  By flying baseballs.  So everyone else has to forfeit.  YES IN THAT SCENARIO I CAN WIN.  Whatever.  Hmm I'd like a handball.  I wanna bounce it against my walls.  I've gone through periods in my life where I wish I had handballs and would bounce them against walls.  But if I ever did get a handball and did that my parents would throw a fit!  I JUST CAN'T WIN.  Maybe they'd be okay with it.  I'm an adult and if I wanna throw a handball against the wall all the time that's the way it's gonna be!  Still would annoy them.  Too bad Adults Get To Annoy Each Other that's what being an adult is all about!
     Jeez.  What paragraph is this.  Seventh?  Yeah!  I'm aiming for a specific amount of paragraphs loosely but I'm not gonna tell ya!  We'll just have to wait and see together how it shakes out.  I still wonder if at some point my TV is just gonna suddenly collapse because I didn't use those 2 pieces of plastic that I THINK were to hold wires/cables in place.  I didn't NEED it.  Not to my knowledge!  Either way I guess we'll just have to wait and see together how it shakes out.  Maybe if I used these pieces of plastic the time of the cable box setting would be correctualized.  Probably not, though!  I think I had this problem 2 years ago when old TV was connected to cable box!  I'd call them to see how to fix it but... but... can't think of a good reason not to do that.  Maybe I'll do that!  Fascinating.
     Anyway.  Maybe I'll choose not to do the instructions they give to fix it because it'll inconvieniencize me overall.  But I can at least Seek Knowledge of what I COULD do to fix it if I chose to do it.  Having fun with Soap Dish in shower.  It totally makes my soap dry each time I pick it up for The Day's Shower!  I can't get enough of Pretty Dry Bar Of Soap!  Anyway they're starting to talk about booster shots for Covid Vaccination Enterprise.  Wonderful!  I hope I have to get it in Oh I Don't Know DECEMBER.  Anything earlier than that is an inconvenience!  Maybe NOVEMBER is okay.  And anything later than that is TOO LATE I WANNA GET IT C'MON GIVE IT.  Also what's supply gonna be like for that.  Can I set up an inoculation NOW and get way ahead of the 8 ball?  My guess?  NO.  Oh well what can ya do.
     I dunno.  Covid never ends!  I forgot to take it seriously personally!  Now I look The Fool don't I.  Anyway.  I was wondering what's the relatively accurate number of the 600,000 America Covid Deaths that were spread Outside and not Inside.  100,000?  LESS?  MORE?  I've narrowed it down to those three options.  I need to know because I go outside a lot!  And I won't die from Covid but it'd still be a big, "Bummer," to get it!  Oh well no way of knowing.  Accurate!  There IS no way of knowing!  Lots of good ways to ESTIMATE.  Accurate!  People who got the Data In Front Of Them CAN estimate!  But they haven't shared their estimations with me personally.  Accurate!  As far as I know!  If they have, I forgot!  Also then we can narrow it down to Outside Spread AND People Wore Masks.  Also we can further narrow it down to WILL I GET COVID MYSELF OR NOT just TELL me.
Last paragraph of Act I!  I don't believe it!  Bison burger for lunch probably.  Fish Non-Parade for dinner!  I don't believe it!  I had some good luck with microwave for fish last night!  Gonna go with that again tonight presumably.  Bison burger?  I dunno!  Maybe microwave, too!  My parents get annoyed when I use the oven during the Warmer Months because they think INCORRECTLY it makes the house warmer and they don't wanna deal with a warmer house.  Maybe they're more sensitive because of their advanced age or maybe they're just dumb.  My guess is I think it's dumb IN GENERAL but they probably do feel the Warmer Difference I'll give them that much.  But STILL I think it's REAL Dumb.  I don't think microwave makes it warmer.  Unless they're in the microwave.  Which I wouldn't suggest for many reasons!  I'll be back in a little bit.





Now There's Even More

    Hey!  I'd be happier if my TV had a volume button on the TV itself.  I'm preconditioned to going to Screen Apparatus to adjust volume as well as other things and now I can't do that!  Sure if I had to PICK between remote and TV Structure I'd go with remote.  But why can't I have both?  Button on TV would be too sensitive.  It'd be changing volume here and there based on the Richter Scale.  I don't know about that.  And by That I mean the use of the term The Richter Scale.  I don't know about it!  You get the point but it's not Accurate.  I dunno if you're getting the point that makes it Accurate Enough.  Language is to MAKE POINTS.  I made the point!  Thus GOOD LANGUAGE.
     Wonderful!  I don't get why pitchers throw balls all the time.  Balls that the hitter probably won't swing at!  You're wasting all of our times!  And your own Arm Strength.  That's one more pitch that you can't make later because you have a pitch limit!  I guess they think maybe the batter will swing.  NOT LIKELY.  Maybe they're trying to pitch a strike but are very bad at locating pitches.  YEAH I THINK THAT'S IT.  These pitchers are just Terrible Baseball Players.  Sounds about right!  Also why do hitters hit foul balls.  Again you're just wasting all of our times!  Also that's one more swing you can't make later.  You have a Swing Limit!  Seems like hitters should have swing limit.  Sure the limit is VERY VERY HIGH that will NEVER be reached but there's still a number where it's like actually take the rest of the night off you've swung your last swing.  Also Catching Balls.  Yep that's a third way to make this dumb point type thing.  Not a point.  Just a Dumb Type Thing.  I'm a Dumb Typing Things.
     Jeez.  I got the Mets game going on in the background and The Mets are doing well but I don't like the configuration of doing multiple things at once.  I'm getting overwhelmed!  This is no good!  I feel a nervous breakdown a-brewing!  It's only .5% there but that's .5% closer to a nervous breakdown than I want to be at overall!  I'd rather have a Communication Breakdown because it's a Nice Ol' The Led Zeppelins song.  I'd like to do what quality songs talk about!  That's why they're quality songs!  Ugh.  I want to put off the Mets game but they're doing so well!  I wanna see where this goes!  DAMNIT TALK ABOUT A SOPHIA'S CHOICE.  Wonderful now you're talking about a Sophia's Choice now it's THREE THINGS I gotta be paying attention to.  Don't bring up NEW things I've already got enough going on in my mind!
    Great!  I'm watching Apollo Thirteen dating back to last night What Of It.  I've seen it before!  Without paying attention to it at all!  Now I'm playing a solid 65, 70% attention to it and what a wonderful movie.  I dunno that oversells it a bit.  What a Movie.  That's about right.  Not really the, "Whatta," part.  It is Movie though.  Alright the Mets finally stopped Doing Good after Doing Really Good For Ten Minutes so I can put that off for now.  I don't need to see Commercials and Mets Doing Decent Pitching And Fielding Presumably.  I don't need to see a lot of things!  That's why I close my eyes so option!  More convenient!  Who needs to put all that effort into keeping their eyes open when they don't even have to!  YEAH.  I'm gonna take a shower after next paragraph.  YEAH.
What else is going on.  HMM I stopped typing completely when I turned Mets game off.  Somehow things got twisted and I was paying more attention to Writing Entry when TV was on.  I turned TV and in a way it's like I turned off a part of myself as well.  What a Sophia's Choice.  No it isn't.  Maybe it's A Sophia's Choice whether to Accept That as a Sophia's Choice.  Maybe!  I never read the book!  Or saw the movie!  Or heard the soundtrack of music inspired by the book and/or movie Sophia's Choice.  The point is GREAT WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON.  I haven't taken a bath since I could take showers starting a week ago.  Maybe it's time I took a bath!  If not now when.  Some other time.  That isn't Now.  Yep that checks out as well.  Think I'm gonna stick with shower for today.  GREAT WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON.  Nothing!  I'll be back soon!





I Forgot All About That

    Hello friends.  Down to the final act!  And it can be as short as four paragraphs!  I dunno five would be Real Symmetrical and Aesthetically Pleasing.  I dunno about PLEASING.  I don't think anyone is gonna get anything out of this Act other than me.  And even Me Getting Something Out Of It is a stretch!  I may THINK I'm getting something out of it but deep down it does me no good!  Anyway hey at this point, starting tomorrow or so, I can start the process of Getting Xbox If I See It Available For Normal Price.  It's been DAYS since I got TV it's time to move on to the next thing I need to buy to make my life worthwhile!  Video games HUH?  Based on DEADWOOD?  Now we're talking!  There's not Video GAMES based on Deadwood.  There's only ONE GAME based on Deadwood.  And even THAT GAME ISN'T BASED ON DEADWOOD.
I'd still play it and in the back of my mind the entire time I play it I'm thinkin this is Deadwood I'm playing I don't care what anyone says.  I assume there are Showdowns in Wild West video game.  That's the main part of The Wild West!  Face-offs!  That and TRAINS.  Hmm I wonder if I can ride a train in Red Dead Redumbtion.  I'd ride a train in a video game all the time like it was nothin'!  I think there was a level of Goldeneye which took place on a Train.  Goldeneye was a James Bond movie based on a video game.  Presumably.  That's my interpretation of recent history at least.  I like it when people on my fantasy baseball team play the Mets.  I CAN'T LOSE!!!  Either The Mets win or my Team wins!  On the other hand I CAN'T WIN!!!  I dunno I see it as the glass is half I Can't Lose.  Also my players can do badly against The Mets and The Mets still lose.  OH NO I DOUBLY LOSE I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS AND IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.
Cool!  Gonna take a walk when this act is over.  Gonna end the entry when this act is over.  By the transitive property which I'm sure is a thing I will take a walk when this entry is over.  Probably.  I mean I KNOW it's accurate in this case but I don't know if, those qualifications being equal, it's accurate in every case.  I'd crunch the numbers but whose got the time!  Also what do I work for NASA or something.  I'm not qualified to crunch any numbers!  I'm not even sure what Crunching Numbers even entails exactly!  Presumably the four operations of Addition Through Division are key parts.  That's your basic crunching.  Also we rank operations in order of easiness.  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.  Everyone knows that's the order of operations.  Everyone who went to fourth grade at least!  Which is mostly everyone. 
    Whatever!  Penultimate paragraph.  Also subtraction is addition and division is multiplication.  It's just slightly different!  I feel very strongly about this.  Hmm so there's only two operations.  You heard it here first!  I don't even know if these things are actually called operations and if they are if there are more operations.  Is exponents an operation?  That's an example of something I Don't Know AND I Don't Care Enough About To Go Any Further With This!  Exponents is multiplication.  I JUST DON'T KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP DO I.  Anyway.  What else is going on.  I watched all the Puppet Masters immediately available to me.  Which is good news because I didn't really care for those movies!  They could have been worse.  But then again they COULDN'T have been worse.  They were just not good enough to have no redeeming qualities.  Being any worse would make them better!  That's just Exponents For Ya!
     Jeez.  Another entry almost in the books.  I give it a solid D+/C-.  WOW that C- sure looks good.  Not happy about the D+.  In the end though life is about compromises.  I guess!  I think it's bad to watch baseball and the crowd behind the plate is not only sparsely populated but aren't enthusiastic or even paying attention to what's going on.  You should do what they do at political rallies and pay people to look really enthusiastic about the game.  We take our cues from them!  If they don't care why should we.  And then if they DO care WHO ARE WE NOT TO CARE.  What DO WE THINK WE'RE BETTER THAN THEM?!?  The point is I've given you all a lot to think about.  The other point is the entry is over!  I'll be back here again tomorrow.  See you later!  Starting... now.  See you later is fully in effect! ... Now.

-2:31 P.M.





Saturday, July 10, 2021

I Can Do This Okay

    Hey, terrible news!  I don't have enough gum to comfortably last me the entire week.  I do have enough gum to GENERALLY last me the entire week-- I have no choice!  Gonna have to portion it out to a degree I'm uncomfortable with!  I can chew 1 piece of gum instead of 2 whenever I want and it STILL wouldn't last me.  OR I could chew 2 pieces of gum half the times over the week and it STILL wouldn't last me.  THE MATH FOR EACH IS THE SAME.  WORK IT OUT ON LOOSE-LEAF WITH A PENCIL YOU'LL SEE.  I haven't used loose-leaf in a long time!  I got plenty of spiral notebooks with uniform non-loose leaf paper!  So LEAF PAPER I GUESS.  Is all paper leafs?  I don't think ANY paper is leafs.  Paper is from Bark.  That'd be my hypothesis.  Maybe it's SAP.  Could be branches as far as I know, what am I some genius type guy?
     Anyway.  Covered up cable box time with masking tape.  But there's still the problem of the time ON THE TV in GUIDE or INFO BUTTON or SCHEDULING is an hour behind.  Which is TERRIBLE on my mind set.  Suddenly for 50% of my mind I think everything is an hour before it is.  That's right TV takes up 50% of my mind.  I feel that's an accurate hypothesis.  Also yeah while watching TV I KNOW it's wrong.  But subliminally it registers with 50% of my mind, like I said!  Dang it!  Anyway accepted Super Marker Update Delivery of milk and chocolate pudding.  Disgusting!  I might get Subway for lunch today.  Disgusting!  I think Subway has been getting a free ride on this website.  Lots of good press and they don't pay me a dime.  No more free rides!  My opinion on Subway is UNDETERMINED for now pending further updates.
     Free rides.  Subway.  Public transportation.  You get the idea.  Been resuming binge watching Entire Series Of Simpsons now on my Television instead of my computer.  WOW LOADS OF LAUGHS.  I start laughing 25% way into the jokes.  I know what the jokes are of course.  I know these episodes backwards and forwards.  So in a split nanosecond when I'm reminded of the upcoming joke I start laughing in anticipation.  It's fun!  Sometimes it's even before the joke starts at all.  There's a line of dialogue and I know the joke that will respond to it and I'm laughing while the other guy is still talking.  What fun!  What kind of movies have I been watching.  I watched That Puppet Master III and it was a fine movie, just fine.  Also the entire series the puppets are good guys?  So far?  I haven't really been paying attention to 67% of the movies I've just seen but in that 33% of the attention I paid they seem to be on the side of the protagonist and on the enemy side of the antagonist.  GREAT THIS IS WORKING OUT WONDERFULLY.
Anyway.  I was looking forward to having a nightmare last night but alas I had no nightmare.  I guess when you want to have a nightmare, having no nightmare is the real nightmare.  I dunno I don't think the math of that checks out.  The science of it may.  Foreign Language.  Social Studies.  What else is going on.  I was watching Hackers which takes place in my old high school in real setting film location wise and a fictional version in Dramawise and it agitated me.  I DON'T REMEMBER MY CLASSMATES BEING THIS ATTRACTIVE AND OBVIOUSLY IN THEIR 20'S AND ACTING LIKE ACTORS ALL THE TIME.  Also I don't think we had a single Hacker at all!  Sure plenty of COMPUTER people.  But they wouldn't Hack into things and if they didn't they wouldn't be the top hackers of the country they'd be regular dumb rank and file hackers.  THIS MOVIE ISN'T MY LIFE AT ALL HOW INFURIATING.
Cool.  The part that really irked me was the actors acting like actors the entire movie.  None of us acted like actors in real life!  What else is going on.  Got some snapple going on.  Got some coffee going on.  So I got all that stuff going for me.  Is it possible I can hack into that 1990's film The Hackers and change it around to make it more of the kind of film I'd want it to be.  Gotta imagine it's POSSIBLE but it's not within my skills yet.  We'd need an entire The Matrix type scenario to accomplish that kind of stuff and to my recollection that movie is fiction and not real life.  UNLESS I HACK INTO THE MATRIX THE MOVIE TO MAKE REAL LIFE THE MATRIX.  Not sure the Sophomore English II checks out on that logic.  Anyway what else is going on.  I don't know how long acts are supposed to be anymore or how many acts there are.  I can't do it on a day-by-day basis!  I need STRUCTURE and REGIMEN.  I'd go CRAZY without it! 
     Jeez.  Hey I haven't played my mandolin in a while.  I may not even have a mandolin.  It's the little guitar type thing with 4 sets of double string.  Odds are it's a mandolin.  Lemme check that up right quick.  YEP it's a mandolin.  Probably cost my brother 40 dollars to get it to give to me.  That's how cheap it is!  VERY!  Hey it's better than nothing.  I don't know about that it's very possible Nothing is better than this.  Yep that's right Nothin' Is Better Than This It's The Best It Can Be!  OH NO WHAT DO WORDS MEAN ANYMORE.  Also it's for righties which makes it less valuable for me.  But it has sentimental value because It Was A Gift Of Love or at least Birthday Appreciation or something.  The point is I'll not throw it out but I'm not gonna spend time on it either.  The point is oh right Said The Point Last Sentence!  Moving On!
Yeah!  What kind of Subway sandwich might I get (which MAY OR MAY NOT be enjoyable and a good experience worth your consideration for yourself).  Double turkey.  Double ham!  Chicken.  Wow so many options which may or may not be something we should want to stuff down our collective gullet.  Hmm now that I think about it I don't really want Subway anymore.  I got better things to shove down my gullet!  I'll have to think about this.  Chinese food sounds good but it's not very nutritious.  Unlike Subway.  That'll make you lose weight and potentially become a Pedophile Photography Consumer but also potentially NOT do that as far as we know.  Was that the extent of Jared's crimes.  I feel like he never did Pedophile Personal Actions.  He just encouraged Pedophilia by being a consumer of multimedia of pedophilia.  BETTER LT>... WAIT BETTER NOT LTURQ.  Whew that was close.  Moving on!  I can look up Jared's crimes.  It's fit for public consumption, a description of his crimes.  Better LTURQ!  Not only consumed pedophilia multimedia but DISTRIBUTED it.  And also Traveled to Engage In Sex With A Minor.  Which I guess he didn't accomplish.  It'd be weird if it's legal to Do Pedophilia but not to Travel On The Way To Do It.
     Anyway.  Eighth paragraph!  This may be it for Act I as far as I know!  Subway is still the most likely lunch option I got for today.  I'm in the mood for a nice good sandwich.  And I don't have sandwich meat in my house!  And for some reason Quiznos doesn't deliver on doordash!  And for some reason Quiznos isn't within easy walking distance from me!  I haven't had The Quiznos is a long time.  Delicious!  Quiznos knows what they're doing re: Making And Serving Sandwiches.  How come Quiznos gets a free ride and not Subway.  Subway got a free ride for a long time!  Now Quiznos needs a free ride for a while to EVEN IT UP.  Once they've reached the same amount of free ride sandwich website propaganda I can stop giving free rides to either because it's all even to that point.  Yep that checks out.  What about Blimpie.  WHAT ABOUT BLIMPIE.
Ninth paragraph!  Gonna aim for 10 this act!  I did that yesterday and if I did something yesterday odds are I should do it today.  That's my entire Life Premise for as long as I can remember.  Also lets just be honest Quiznos is better than Subway!  IS THAT PART OF THE FREE RIDE PROPAGANDA OR IS IT HOW I TRULY FEEL?  Doesn't matter!  For now they're the same thing As Far As You Know!  Moving on.  I initially covered up cable box time with too much tape because suddenly my remote didn't work.  I covered up the part where they register the remote signal!  So I took off a bit of the masking tape and remote works again AND time is still 98.5% covered up from all directions!  From one direction it's 85% covered up!  From all other directions it's 100% covered up.  WOW MATH I CAN'T WAIT TO START CRACKIN' THESE NUMBERS.  Really, "Hack," into this math equation so to speak.  Yeah!
Cool!  Computer clock still shows the right time.  Computer clock knows the score!  Anyway I think it's great that I know my brother's and my parent's standard passwords.  I think it's great WE ALL know our brothers' and parents' passwords!  Because we need to log into each other's streamers.  Also really makes ya think hmm so THIS is the kind of person my relatives are based on their password choice.  GO FIGURE!  Makes ya think about your own password choices more deeply.  What does this say about ME now that I think about it.  Interesting stuff!  Hmm been a while since I created a Brand New Totally Unique Password.  I think I'm due!  Hmm this can be fun, what's a great password that only people relatively close to me can reasonably guess quickly.  I'll have to give this some time!  Anyway in the mean time I'm gonna take a break.  Be back soon!




It's Not So Bad

    Hey!  When I was IN high school, I thought 2 out of 3 girls were extremely attractive.  But now I know better!  Not as attractive as actors!  Also hey just took second walk.  Gonna write a lesser paragraph'd act and then take a shower.  Write another lesser paragraph'd act!  Most likely.  That's the plan as of now.  Thinkin' about getting a Nice FISH DINNER for tonight.  No Parade, though!  Just a stationary Stuffed Filet Of Sole.  Which is higher quality because you're getting CRAB MEAT with that Fish Dinner which is one of the best Fish Meats.  Everyone's heard of Imitation Crab Meat.  If Crab Meat wasn't good it wouldn't be worth imitating!  That's my hot take!  Also usually you don't call Fish Meat.  For Crab ya do.  Crab Meat.  I feel like that's also evidence of crab's high quality re: Food.
     Anyway.  Also for whatever reason you get way more fish overall with Stuffed Filet Of Sole than with a Seafood Parade.  I guess because scallops really Break The Bank so if you're getting filet of sole stuffed with crab meat that's less pricy.  I don't know WHY but I GUESS.  Stuffed filet.  Stuffed Fill It.  Redundant!  I'll leave it to the most dedicated among you to determine what point I was trying to make with those several sentences.  Yeah!  At this point it looks like I'll be getting The Full Subway Experience for lunch today with a Double Ham Sandwich.  It's delicious because it's Black Forest Ham which sounds better than regular ham because if it wasn't why would they bother with the title Black Forest.  If it was no good they'd keep it to themselves!  I assume Black Forest is like a Poland Spring where they're not real places at all.
     Jeez.  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Getting the hang of watching New TV from all different sorts of angles.  We're talkin in bed at end of bed lying down.  We're talkin' sittin' up on bed on other end of bed in middle of room.  We're talkin' sitting at computer on Chair.  We're talking about sitting on the same chair but up in front of the TV.  Next step is to experiment with watching TV while sitting on the floor.  I feel like that might be a blast and a half as far as I know.  Yep this is a paragraph.  It was the primary function of my life yesterday!  Sitting and watching TV from new and exciting places!  YEAH.  Also no complaints with TV looking weird from different angles.  I can tell some difference but it's more or less acceptable from any angle.  YEAH. 
     Anyway.  Shower coming up soon!  That's a nice break.  I get to get water on me from above.  Yep that's how it works.  What kind of Horror movie can I watch today.  I can watch The Scary Story To Tell In Them Dark movie!  I haven't seen that since I saw it in theaters!  I feel like I might halfway enjoy that.  Maybe a quarterway.  It's halfway enjoyable but it's decreased by half again because of my affinity for the source material and being upset that they only made a quarterway enjoyable movie.  So maybe It should be an eighthway worthwhile???  I haven't crunched the numbers explicitly but the point is I'll watch it sure.  Also another halfway division because it's too much for kids!  I was expecting Scary For Teenagers with this film but I got FOR THE MOST PART just Scary For Pre-teenagers.  OH NO WHAT A LETDOWN.
Last paragraph of Act II!  I don't believe it.  I think I've got it backwards.  What's scary for teenagers is LESS scary than what's scary for pre-teens!  I feel like pre-teens can handle horror pretty well, unlike teenagers, who notoriously are scared of films all the time.  Hmm.  I've given us all a lot to think about.  Gotta fine tune the vegetable toppings I want from Subway for my Sandwich.  I don't wanna get All The Ones I generally like more or less.  No banana peppers for me today!  Maybe no green peppers!  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses???  The point is after 36 hours of looking at clock on cable box, albeit with the wrong time, I'm CONSTANTLY looking at cable box thinking I'd see the time (albeit the wrong time) and being disappointed.  WHAT THE HELL TIME IS IT NOW I NEED TO KNOW.  I feel over time I'll eventually grow less dependent upon Cable Clock.  It just takes time, like with anything!  I'll be back in a bit.



Each Title Is Special

    Or at least that's what we should be telling Titles to make them feel good about themselves.  The point is I took a shower and finished a The Simpsons episode and hey I'll never not be annoyed when Microsoft FrontPage tells me, "Simpsons," isn't a word.  I've seen THE SIMPSONS title sequence ALL THE TIME and it definitely is a word!  I dunno solid EIGHTY PERCENT CHANCE they use an apostrophe?  Better LTURQ.  HEY THEY DON'T.  I obviously thought at first they didn't, that's why I keep writing it that way.  But then I was like well they MUST be doing it the right way otherwise they wouldn't let it on TV.  But The Simpsons is correct and Microsoft FrontPage (2000!) doesn't recognize it.  They've had 11 years to figure out The Simpsons and they never got it right!  Hey I was making websites in 2001?!!  Suddenly I feel old.  That was 20 years ago!
    I was watching The Simpson's in 2001?  Suddenly I feel old.  That was Also 20 years ago!  This is Microsoft FrontPage 2002.  Suddenly I feel young!  WHEW That was a stressful 90 seconds.  I thought I was old briefly!  Thank God that's over.  There's a Mets double header today.  Like that Greek God.  With two heads.  You know which one I'm thinking of!  Anyway I can watch The Mets all day today more or less!  I'll do that for a while, sure, why not.  Sit up Real Close to TV.  Play some Electric Guitar while watching.  Because that's the kind of guy I am Dating Back To Last Night.  Seems like a good Kind Of Guy To Be For An Intermediately Extended Length Period Of Time.  Wonderful.  Hey if I write 3 more paragraphs I'll have the same amount of paragraphs as yesterday?  YESTERDAY??? Now we're talking!
Yeah!  Finished coffee for the day.  Finished juice for the day.  And by juice I mean Diet Snapple.  Qualifies as juice in my book!  JUST BARELY.  It's 5 calories per serving size!  If it wasn't juice it'd be zero calories.  That's 5 calories worth of Lemon Juice Or Something.  Probably is just sugar.  Sugar is juice.  It's called sugarcane.  Huh.  Well this afternoon I'm gonna be the kind of guy who eats a Subway Sandwich while watching The Mets game.  I'm not necessarily proud of it.  I'm not necessarily embarrassed by it!  I feel both at once!  No neutrality!  Both extremes at once!  Not to an extreme extent.  I feel both extremes slightly moderately at once!  Yep that checks out more or less.  Also it's a late afternoon game and sandwich!  I have late lunches I can't be having a sandwich with the beginning of a Mets game that starts at 1:10!  Too early!  Yep.
Penultimate paragraph!  I don't believe it.  I'll probably not have sandwich for 20-30 minutes until after I get home.  It's too EARLY to eat lunch at 4:00 I'm the kind of guy who waits until 4:15 because that's just obviously the way to go this season!  Anyway.  With New TV I can actually make out the price which Maggie Costs when being swiped in the supermarket conveyor belt register in the The Simpson's opening credits.  I knew For Trivia people already knew it but I could not see it on my old technology TV for myself.  What an age we live in.  Also I forget how much it is.  I don't even remember the price to the tenth power it was.  Or to the second power.  I forget how math works but the point is I dunno if its on the ONES or the TENS or the THOUSANDS or anything!  Could be anything as far as I know.  BETTER LTURQ.  I don't know WHY but I BETTER.  Google HOW MUCH IS MAGGIE WORTH.  $482.52.  Yep seems about appropriate.
Last paragraph!  The point is they give way too much Stuffed Filet Of Sole with dinner and that's why I tend to get the seafood parade.  Parade costs more!  And I like the taste of the fish less!  But this way I'm not wasting food.  TODAY though I'm like So what if I wanna leave some Crab Meat over no one will be the wiser and it's cheaper and tastes better I'd be a Fool to NOT Waste Food.  That's CAPITALISM for ya!  Probably I haven't crunched the numbers explicitly but it sure SOUNDS like capitalism.  Also A Baby is worth less than 500 dollars.  THAT'S ALSO capitalism for ya!  Presumably.  I guess.  Hey the entry is just about over.  What a wonderful First 40% of the day.  Now it's time to relax and watch TV from several different angles for variety which is the spice of life.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-3:08 P.M.




Friday, July 9, 2021

Oh Now I Get It

    Hello friends.  Got some orange juice water going on!  Only one cup of coffee today, make up the rest of Breakfast Drink Calories with orange juice water!  Anyway had some good nightmares last night.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night screaming and then going back to sleep and having more nightmares, but by the time I woke up in the morning I was like ya know what, all that was kinda pleasant.  Entertaining!  I'd do it again if given a choice!  Give me a choice!  I'll sign up to do it again, just like I said!  Anyway, accepted Super market delivery this morning and t he milk carton was leaking significantly and now everything is VERY SLIGHTLY milky.  I'd still consume everything else!  Most of it was in packages!  But lets face facts the packages are slightly milky.  DISGUSTING.  People actually DRINK this stuff?
     Anyway.  I told myself I wouldn't be watching TV wily-nily.  No checkin' out whatever dumb movie OR WORSE SITCOM is on and just putting it on.  Only watch things With Purpose!  Full movies!  Full baseball games!  That's about it!  SO FAR NOT SO GOOD.  I was watching Bad News Bears The Original WHY NOT IT WAS ON.  Who am I to argue with what's on.  Someone's job is to determine what's on at any given time and they put a lot of thought into it!  Also if Futurama was on SURE I'D WATCH IT.  Who am I to not watch Futurama.  Some sort of sociopath?  Anyway.  Figured out I wasn't even watching Full HD Capabilities until last night.  I was watching it at 720 PS.  My TV goes up to 2060!  My cable box goes up to 1030!  Now I'm watching it at 1030!  AMAZING.  Also SOMEHOW I determined a good Audio EQ balance setting where I can make out the dialogue of what's on TV pretty well!  AMAZING.
Dialogue is my priority!  I set it up so it's All Dialogue, All The Time.  BASS sound effects?  TREBLE sound effects?  I don't need it!  I wanna hear what people are saying!  Still not 100% happy with Picture Settings but I'm getting there!  Figuring out how to make it More HD certainly helped!  MAYBE IT'S JUST ME but the Mets seem to have had over a dozen rained out games this season so far?  At some point I think we're due some quintuple headers.  WOW that's a number so big I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.  My first guess is FIVE.  Then the next guess is SIX.  Then FOUR.  Then SEVEN.  Then all other numbers can compete in a Round Robin to determine the top 16 numbers which will compete in a King Of The Ring and the winner of that is my fifth guess.  I looked it up and It Was Five.  I KINDA knew it would be.  I was exaggerating my uncertainty-- For Humour!
Wow.  I guess My Life Is TV Now.  I was worried that might happen!  Oh well what can ya do.  Worse ways to live your life than being a Always TV Watcher Guy.  I can't THINK of any but it stands to reason there are!  Also if I watch things On Demand it saves it on a page called MY STUFF which is very convenient and great and for me this is a new development.  HOWEVER it combines MY STUFF with the My Stuff from OTHER household TV so now I can see My PARENT'S STUFF and they can see MINE.  GREAT now I can't watch pornography or regular film or TV for obviously pornography reasons.  Now not only am I a  TV Watcher Guy but I'm a PG-13 TV Watcher Guy.  You'd think if you're watching TV you should at least be getting pornography out of the deal!  I dunno I doubt You Would Think That.  I thought it!  That's MY problem I guess.
Jeez.  Got some Chocolate Chip Pancakes for one meal today.  Part II of Steak and Eggs for one meal today.  Combined, they make two meals.  I am going to have two meals!  Wow this is working out Great... just as I planned!  For a while there it looked like I would have to have closed captioning on my TV.  I couldn't register what was being said!  And if I Could it took ALL my attention and effort.  Also I'm not a fan of the closed captioning font!  They had several options and I didn't like any of 'em!  I'm looking forward to chocolate chip pancakes for lunch probably.  It's delicious AND nutritious!  Except not really nutritious!  And delicious is overselling it by a lot!  It IS FOOD though.  That's a 100% fair and accurate statement!  Hey Wilco/The-Sleater-Kinney show is in but 6 weeks.  I'm looking forward to that.  It's MUSIC and you know how I feel about music!  Probably!  I feel like I might have touched on it before!
     Sixth paragraph I don't believe it.  HMM I wonder what's on TV right now.  That's not accurate.  EVERYTHING is on TV now.  So many channels!  So many on demands!  So many streamers!  It'd be more reasonable to wonder what's NOT on TV right now.  But unproductive what do I get out of the Wonderment.  Alright how about this-- I wonder what's it'd be like to be watching TV right now!  Probably FUN and GREAT.  Oh well what can ya do.  Gotta wait for that!  It's gonna be great!  God Damn TV taking over my life within a span of 36 hours!  I should have seen it coming!  I watched GANGS OF NEW YORK as the first film I paid attention to and enjoyed watching on TV AND was 1045 HD FPS setting.  Wonderful!  I like the part where Daniel Day Lewis goes WHOOSPIE DAISY!  Best part of the entire movie!  Yep that's accurate.  It's a fine moment, just fine.
Also I have The Last Of Them Mohicans saved up so I could watch that, too!  HOWEVER it might be saved only in Standard Definition.  EWWW DISGUSTING.  My favorite part of Gangs of New York is that Daniel Day Lewis's character reminds me of the guy in Deadwood.  Kind of a similar look, similar era of history!  WOW!  I can't get enough of... that kind of... historical... guy.  Yep that checks out.  I was going to watch a Mets game last night but I was busy with Gangs of New York!  Then I was like ya know what SCREW GANGS OF NEW YORK I can record it again when it's playing SATURDAY I'm gonna watch The Mets game right n-- OH IT'S RAINED OUT WHAT PROVIDENCE.  Bad providence!  I was gonna watch it!  Suddenly I can't!  BUT it was providence because it made making a decision moot.  WOW providence.
Cool.  I haven't signed into any Streamers yet on TV.  Only free ones where I didn't need to sign in.  So... no signing in, like I said.  Yeah I guess so get off my back about it.  Hey I bet I can watch that Black Widow Summer TO Remember Movie on Disney Plus.  I'd watch that on new TV!  I have A DECENT FPS HD NUMBER SETTING GOING it's gonna be great!  HEY I can't watch Black Window on Disney Plus.  I can't even watch Black WIDOW which is a real movie!  Whatta scam.  Anyway what else is going on and crap. Eighth paragraph of Act I!  That's the standard the last 2 or 3 days.  Sounds like a Set In Regiment to me.  That's SEVERAL TIMES IN A ROW I gotta stick with that!
    Nah I'll write another paragraph or two.  See how that goes!  Might go well.  It's possible!  For some reason I suddenly had $1.68 on poker.  I built it up to $3.14!  On poker!  I'd like to cash out now and buy a medium iced coffee.  It's totally FREE I don't know what I did to deserve this $1.68!  Probably nothing!  What do you mean I can't cash out such a small amount.  Whatta SCAM.  You give me money that it turns out I can't redeem?!  I ain't buying it!  I dunno what this paragraph means at all.  I think the remake of Bad News Bears is interesting because there's two, "B's" in the initials of the film title Bad News Bears AS WELL AS in the star's Name Billy Bob Thornton.  This is the kind of premium content you get when you read this.
     Last paragraph of Act I!
  I can't go beyond 10 paragraphs.  That would be flat out dumb!  I think it's possible Daniel Day Lewis isn't that great of an actor because I like the other guy in Deadwood more.  So you're saying because I like an entirely different character in a different movie/TV show AS A CHARACTER the first guy isn't as good an actor.  YES CORRECT.  I'd wanna watch This Guy From Deadwood be one of the main characters in EVERY MOVIE from now on is the point I'm trying to make.  Maybe I'd get bored with it after 36 hours!  Probably!  That'd be my guess if we're being honest about it.  Also when I'm buying iced coffee with bonus poker money they have to deliver it to me for free.  That's where I draw the line!  What line.  I dunno whatever line I just drew get off my back about it.  Hey I'll be back a little bit later.




Crap I Just Lost It

    Wonderful.  Hey, I'm back!  Hardly took a break.  Took a half hour walk, that's pretty much it!  I want to get this entry done as soon as possible so I can watch the end of I Think I Love My Wife for the 19th time.  Also the title is a spoiler alert.  I don't wanna know whether the main character thinks he loves his wife until THE SURPRISE ENDING WHEN IT TURNS OUT HE... no spoilers.  Also Christ Rock plays A NERD in this movie!  Not a computer nerd but a faithful-to-his-wife-for-the-most-part nerd.  Isn't he concerned people will confuse the character with him?  And that people will think Chris Rock is the kind of guy to be mostly faithful to his wife?  Seems like he's taking a big risk!  THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE.  He's broadcasting his doubt that he loves his Real Life Wife!  Assuming he has a real life wife!  Solid 2/3rds chance Chris Rock Has AND IS been married.  Yep he was married and has since gotten divorced.  Who coulda seen that coming.
  I know they say that 50% of all marriages end in divorce but I don't think you should take that to mean YOUR marriage is a 50/50 shot.  Gotta take into account all the serial divorcers there are!  Someone gets divorced, gets remarried-- he or she is just the kinda person to get divorced again!  There's serial divorces getting divorced dozens of times over the course of their life and they're bringing the average WAY down for the rest of us.  So your chance of having a Positive Marriage Only Ending In Death Of One Of You is WAY UP to around I dunno 55%?  STILL IT'S A GOOD INSIGHT.  Gotta be other Ultimate Outcomes of marriage other than divorce or death.  Hmm.  Neither of you EVER DIES?  Gotta be another ultimate outcome other than that because to my knowledge That Can't Happen.  Also marriage doesn't end when someone dies it lasts ETERNALLY.  Sorry!  I HATE TO BE THE ONE TO BREAK IT TO YOU!
Anyway.  Google True Ultimate Outcomes of Marriage.  Google ain't sayin' shit!  Clearly in the pocket of Big Marriage.  I dunno why that would be the case.  And I Don't know why Big Marriage would want to obstruct the True Outcomes Of Marriage.  I don't know why any of this is being said at all!  Oh, right.  Fill up paragraphs.  Gotcha!  Marriages can be NULLIFIED.  If it turns out the marriage was illegal!  That ends the marriage without death or divorce.  Yep good point, Me!  Wonderful.  I figured out a way to make the time on the cable box LESS BRIGHT.  That's halfway there to getting rid of the clock completely.  Now all I need is to figure out another way to maybe it EVEN LESS BRIGHT.  And then, after that, another way to decrease the brightness again!  After many times doing this it will be so unbright that I can't even see it!  Yep that's how things work.  Wonderful! 
Penultimate paragraph of Act II!  Gonna make post-Shower its own act because that's the way things should be.  Also I'm a little worried Futurama is TOO bright.  Look I like staring at colorful cartoons as much as the next guy but even I have a limit!  What else is going on.  I hope I have more nightmares tonight.  Not only is it entertainment, but its BONUS entertainment.  I'm consuming no less entertainment during the day, and now I'm being entertained IN MY SLEEP AS WELL?  What providence!  My life is knocking it out of the park right now is the point I'm trying to make and one can only imagine my life will continue to be this good for the rest of my life.  Prove me wrong!  Anyway.  I found a screw behind my toilet yesterday.  Presumably when people were retiling my shower area there was a big loose screw somewhere and they were like WHATEVER! and just left it there.  That's what I'd like to imagine.
     Jeez.  We've established lately that I'm good with screws from when I put TV Stand into TV.  So if anyone can figure out how to make the best of this situation its me!  Also I'm 80% sure there's no accounting for Angling when attaching Stand to TV but that 20% I feel like I messed up!  I would have liked TV to be at a slightly different angle all things considered.  I dunno if that option was available to me but either way that's how I feel!  I got spoiled looking at Computer at Whatever Angle I Wanted!  Oh well what else is going on.  Also for some reason I had like a 15% instinct when putting TV together that I could just rest the TV on the stand without screwing it in!  It'd Stay Up For A While For The Most Part!  I dunno why I'm 15% Pure Dumb but that's just the way my cards were dealt.  I'll be back in a little bit.



Maybe I Found It Again, Maybe I Didn't

    Wow!  If I get Xbox, that will make me Not So Much Of A TV Guy.  I'd be a TV and Video Game Guy!  Which is arguably better!  Arguably worse!  I'm just gonna have to wait and see.  Either way hey it's time for the last act of the entry.  I'm up to Puppet Master III: The Last Of The Puppet Masters Available To Me.  This time around it's actually watchable though!  I can make out the dialogue, and it looks more normal because of higher FPS HD Setting.  It actually feels like I'm watching and listening to a movie this time around!  Anyway.  Just looked down at my body while taking a shower and I was like hmm this is more Black And White than I'm used to.  Which I attribute to too much color setting on TV!  Makes my real life look like black and white!  Didn't see that development coming.  But I adjusted TV setting based on my personal experience so I got that going for me.
     Sure.  Is it possible that it's because the color on TV wasn't enough and I reversed it by accident?  Sure anything's possible.  This is one example of anything!  I feel like there's a significant part of me that is like ya know what I'm very used to standard 4:3 aspect ratio.  Screw this wide screen crap GIMME THE REGULAR TV DUMB ASPECT RATIO.  Also there's a significant part of me-- significantly more significant-- that feels the opposite way!  Well this is an easy decision, go with the part of me that's most significant.  Cracked that code.  Have gone a few days without reading the Carrie Brownstein book.  Went even longer without reading it until reading some of it yesterday or the day before.  So I'm making progress!  Although now that I have a TV are books obsolete?  Hmm I wonder.
     What else is going on and crap.  I think it's pretty impressive that I didn't order the wrong TV by accident.  I felt that was a real possibility.  I kept double checking to make sure yes this is the one I've been looking at all along, not a different TV that I loaded up by accident.  And all that double checking paid off-- I did get the right TV!  But there was a big period of time when that was in doubt.  Yep.  I have developed OCD about that kind of stuff.  AWESOME.  Having OCD is Responsible and Productive!  In these kinds of instances, at least.  I don't see how you can argue against Habitually Being Sure About Doing Stuff.  It's not a character defect it's the natural course of human evolution!  OCD IS THE FUTURE GET ON BOARD WITH IT.  Also I need a new cable box so that my TV 2060 OCD Setting can be FULLY Utilized!
     Penultimate paragraph.  I guess.  Not only was Milk Carton not doing its main job of keeping milk in carton, but chocolate pudding was leaking, too!  The good news is I don't drink milk because its disgusting and I don't eat chocolate pudding because it's disgusting.  I had to clean up the milky stuff and I may eat the milky stuff (But not the outside container of it-- that's where I draw the line!) but all in all I walked away from this situation relatively unaffected.  Except they're gonna send us replacement milk and chocolate pudding tomorrow.  And I need to be around to accept that delivery!  GREAT I HAVE TO BE IN THE HOUSE FOR A PERIOD OF 90 MINUTES?  WHY GOD WHY.  Anyway what an entry.  20 paragraphs presumably!  I don't believe it.  What a responsible and productive I'm being this morning and early afternoon!
     Here we go with the end!  Hmm I still have my Xbox 360.  Maybe I can hook it up to the TV.  But then that might persuade me to not spend 500 dollars on a new system!  And then where would I be.  I dunno I'm gonna have to think about that one.  What's there to think about!  Don't do it!  I need to buy a new system and that's obvious and anything that might make that less likely is certainly not a productive and responsible way to go.  Also KIND OF DUSTY.  I can't be getting KIND OF DUSTY things near my TV.  It's not safe!  Also I don't even have HALO.  What's the point if I'm not playing HALO.  In HALO you can get into MOTORCYCLE THINGS or FLYING SHIP THINGS just like that and then you can shoot at your enemies with the vehicle's own gunnery systems!  Wow sounds like fun!  Anyway I'm done here.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-2:45 P.M.





Thursday, July 8, 2021

I'm Going To Do This Again

    Hello friends.  Facing East because I got my TV!  It works and everything.  I'm still deciding on fine-tuned settings for PICTURE and SOUND.  I think I got the picture I want pretty good but the sound is a tough one!  I think I'm gonna go with one of their presets.  They know what they're doing!  That's why they make the TVs.  And not other people.  Who don't know what they're doing!  Anyway first film I watched on TV was THE PUPPET MASTER which I have seen roughly once before without paying attention.  Amazing!  It's like watching it IN HOME THEATER.  NO way the novelty of that will wear off within 12 hours!  Anyway.  Got cable box on top of file cabinet-- check!  Can't have it facing the other way, though-- No Check!  One of the cables is just too short that the extra 6 inches of turning cable box around is no bueno.  OH WELL.  I can put masking tap over the clock if I really felt like it.  I DON'T RIGHT NOW.  I might LATER.  Also the time is an hour behind but oh well we all have to make sacrifices.  Presumably.  I guess some people don't have to make sacrifices.  But they might anyway!  Good for them!
     Also I was amused to find that the shows I had saved on my DVR from over 2 years ago are still there!  FINALLY I CAN WATCH TAG.  Anyway.  First THING I watched was a half inning of Met game.  WOW IT'S LIKE WATCHING A BASEBALL FILM.  Color me impressed!  Also for some reason the standard Color setting is only 75% through from black and white to all the colors.  And they're right-- too much color looks weird!  But I don't get the science behind it.  In real life we see all the color we can.  Why would it be different on TV.  I think we should be maxing out the color but it turns out we're not supposed to be and I don't know how I feel about that!  Listened to a song of mine on INTERNET option.  WOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME ALRIGHT.  Put on some PORN just because why not.  Kind of a let down from the porn!  Oh well what can ya do.
     Definitely room for XBOX on surface.  This is going great!  Also hey there's a dozen episodes of The Intervention that I haven't seen that I can watch for free!  Finally more shows that I like to watch for some reason!  But first PUPPET MASTERS II and III are definitely in the cards.  Just watched 3 minutes of Futurama and WOW BEAUTIFUL.  I can't wait for the novelty of all this to never wear off.  This is my life now!  Appreciating Futurama picture.  And ya know what the audio I'm set up for works GREAT for Futurama episodes.  So that's one check mark in favor of it.  Basically I covered all the bases.  Sports, Interventions, Films, Porn, Myself, Future Cartoons... oh no I haven't done Tales From The Crypts on Youtube yet.  What have I been thinking?!?!  I did think to do it last night but it just got lost in the shuffle.  Oh no what do I do.  Put it on.  That checks out.
Wonderful!  Dunno what I'm gonna have for lunch It's Wide Open.  Just like the world of possibilities of things I can and/or cannot watch on Tv!!!  I dunno about the and/or cannot.  I guess it's accurate!  There ARE MANY things I can't watch on the TV.  But those things aren't even on my mind for now.  I'll worry about that later!  Anyway.  IF cable box didn't want me to cover up the clock they'd have shown me the right time.  Showing me a wrong time?  That's just BEGGING for masking tape to cover it completely.  They know there'd be consequences for their actions!  Yeah!  HEY I came up with a 25% Sense Making Solution for how to use Patriotism Calendar.  I put it on THE OTHER SIDE of File Cabinet which I can SORT OF ALMOST PRACTICALLY see if I turn my head ~110 degrees from Facing East while at computer.  Not really!  I can see the calendar but can't really make out the days and whatnot.  WOW WHAT AN IDIOT.
Cool!  Just started coffee now because I forgot to start it earlier!  WOW now I have it all saved up for part II of act I!  This is gonna be a blast and a quarter.  Can I to VOCAL BOOSTER on TV Equalizer?  Well, YES, if I knew the exact EQ settings for each Frequency.  I don't though!  Well then I'd have to experiment with a lot of things.  That sounds hard!  Yep better to just not do anything.  That sounds like a good plan in any situation which sounds hard.  Yep well done.  What paragraph we up to.  Fifth?  FINE!  I was hoping sixth but I knew from the start it was a long shot.  I can't wait to clean up my room of remnants from TV package like Box and Styrofoam and Papers.  My room gonna be clean!  That's how I like it!
    Wonderful!  Set up TV right in the CENTER of the surface.  Yep that's usually the way to go.  Also corresponds to roughly center of the room, too!  WOW WHAT PROVIDENCE.  Also I can totally see TV turning my head around roughly 135 degrees while Facing East at computer.  I wouldn't wanna watch TV that way NORMALLY but if I have to I can.  Why would I have to.  I dunno there's scenarios where I'd have to.  I can't think of any but Logic Tells Us scenarios exist.  Also in general I don't wanna be on computer and watch TV at same time.  If it's good enough for me to watch it 20%, it's good enough for me to watch it 80% without being at computer!  MAKE A CHOICE COMPUTER OR TV that's how I feel.  I CHOOSE TV except when I'm writing this.  Well done good choice!  Wait a second I get to choose in a scenerio-by-scenerio basis.  WOW that sounds wonderful I'm glad I wrote these sentences!
     Ugh.  Two more paragraphs of Act I!  The entry will be done relatively soon and then I can watch TV all day!  Except for when I'm not.  That goes without saying!  FINALLY I can catch up on THE LAST O.G.  What else is going on and crap.  The point is I'm some sort of handyman genius.  I had to use SCREWS and a SCREWDRIVER to set TV up on TV Stand.  I totally did it myself!  Except for my Dad giving me the screwdriver from his secret hiding space.  I SCREWED THEM SCREWS IN LIKE A PRO.  Also there were two other pieces of plastic that came with TV that I JUST DECIDED TO NOT USE.  I don't need 'em!  I BELIEVE the premise of them was to hold cables and wires connected to TV in place or something.  I don't need it!  I'm making an executive decision to not use these pieces!  Gotta imagine that'll work out in the long run.  Hopefully it doesn't void my warranty.  Hopefully if it does void my warranty they wouldn't know about it.  Hopefully I have a warranty.
     Last paragraph!  I have a 1 year warrant!  I know this!  What else is going on.  I'm pretty good with the remote!  I can type relatively quickly all things considered.  The only hard part was it legitimately took me a full 20 minutes to figure out how to take off back of remote so I could put batteries in.  It was really hard!  I got there, though!  Maybe have a cup o noodles non cup o noodles brand cup o noodles for lunch.  Been a while since I had that!  Also it's nutritious because it's less calories than things with more calories.  Less calories mean nutritious.  That's the presumption I've been living under for fun!  I need to figure out the ideal way to eat meals in my room now!  I haven't quite cracked this code yet.  Not much of a code.  But it does need to be cracked.  Oh there's no question.  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit!




Wow I Don't Believe It

    Hey!  Figured next thing I'll watch on TV is The Puppet Master II!  Sure seems like a good way to go about things.  I already watched the first 3 minutes.  I like that one guy with the really tiny head.  Or maybe he has a really big body.  Is the head half full or half not, I dunno which when it comes to this puppet.  Either way I also watched 10 minutes of a #TheTalesFromTheCryptTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent and got bored!  I DON'T NEED TO WATCH THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  There's literally DOZENS of things I can watch that might entertain me.  Gotta make incremental progress in watching things I may or may not like each day!  Today is The Puppet Masters I through III.  For any other Puppet Masters I dunno I'll have to put that off for the future!
     Cool!  Got coffee #2 going.  Gonna have noodles for lunch.  Maybe a steak and egg for dinner.  Half a steak.  AN entire egg!  Some fraction of the home fries of hash browns or whatever they wanna call their breakfast potatoe side this week.  PICK A LANE, HASH BROWNS OR HOME FRIES.  I dunno about that.  Gonna take a shower relatively soon.  Not directly when Part I of Part II is over.  But SOON after.  I'm assuming there's no webcam on the television.  Because I already masturbated in front of it.  Probably should have checked that out first.  Oh well what can ya do.  Someone would have needed to hack into my TV in the first 18 hours of it being set up.  I don't think the odds are great for that.  Also I don't think the odds are great for there being a webcam on the TV!  So basically as of now I've been masturbating privately all day.  Yep.
Anyway.  I increased the BRIGHTNESS of TV Visual Setting BY ONE.  We're talkin I think it goes from negative four to positive four.  This setting had it at Zero.  I made it One!  I KNOW WHAT I LIKE AND IT'S VERY SLIGHTLY BRIGHTER THAN NORMAL SETTING FOR THIS PRESETTING.  Wonderful.  Can't wait for daylight savings so that my cable box is accurate.  I dunno about that.  I'm not joking when I'm saying I'm PROBABLY gonna cover up time with masking tape.  That's just the kind of guy I am this month!  Anyway.  Starting in the next couple of days, start keeping up to date on if I can find an XBOX in stock and if I do, going for it and getting it!  Now we're talking!  I'm gonna play the DEADWOOD game.  You can be either a good guy or a bad guy or somewhere in between.  HMM THIS IS A TOUGH ONE.  Being a bad guy sounds most FUN but then again I don't want hurt people or take advantage of them or anything.  Hmm it sounds like for me being a bad guy WOULDN'T be fun.  Then it's settled I'll be a good guy!  That doesn't sound very fun.  The moral of the story is I Don't Think I Want To Play This Game.
Yeah!  All I wanna do is play The Simpsons Crazy Taxi rip-off game that I had for Original Xbox.  I forget which cars are the best cars for Game Reasons and which cars are best for Funny Dialogue Reasons.  I don't even remember most of the cars!  Simpsons car, that's obvious.  I feel like a Mr. Plow was in the mix.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  I assume there's some game on XBox where it allows me to change the clock on my cable box by an hour.  Ugh.  What else is going on.  My room feels a lot more crowded all of a sudden.  I think part of it is the TV which I can't work around, but most of it is Garbage Box and Rest Of Garbage From TV.  I'll get rid of that stuff soon! We're talking in DAYS.  We're talking my Dad wants me to not throw it out for DAYS and I will abide by him!  Am I using the word abide correctly!  One can only imagine I'm using it 75% correctly!

     Cool!  Took a shower.  Adjusted TV Picture Settings a bit.  I tried watching TV from seat at my computer (BUT MY BODY TURNED AROUND) and I adjusted me some settings so that it looks good from BOTH angles.  WOW WHAT A STORY!  Whatta scoop!  I got way out in front of this breaking news!  Anyway I just realized I'm basing 100% of my Visual Standards on NON-HD film and TV and Cartoons.  Well, I dunno, I DO need to have my NON HD viewings to look their best.  But I should probably center standard settings on HD consumption.  You'd think so, huh.  Yeah, I would!  I know that's what I said.  Huh.  Okay.  Put all the stuff I'm not saving into TV Box and put it in corner of room!  I'm saving Instruction Manuals as well as pieces of plastic I made an executive decision to not use!  YEAH!
Hey I only need to write three more paragraphs.  That's great, just great.  TOO MUCH COLOR the TV had when I was sitting at computer seat and seeing it from an angle.  WHAT WAS I THINKING with all this color.  Wonderful.  A little bit ahead of schedule today with walks and entry.  I guess at this point there is no schedule.  Or there is a loose schedule.  That's the most accurate thing I've ever said!  Loose schedule.  Also forget The Puppet Master THE PUPPETS ARE THE REAL STARS OF THIS HORROR FILM.  Like the guy with a tiny head and a big body!  I never seen this guy before!  The other puppets look familiar but for some reason this guy doesn't register any bells with my memory mind.  And he's one of the main ones in the first two films of this franchise.
     This is good stuff lets keep it going.  Penultimate paragraph!  I only watched one half inning of double header of Met game yesterday.  Today?  I MIGHT WATCH THE ENTIRE SUCKER OF A GAME.  Really get in the spirit of the whole thing.  HEY IT'S FRANCISCO LINDOR I'VE NEVER SEEN HIM AS A MET BEFORE.  Why he's one of the Great Players Of The Game!  I know he's doing bad so far but I have faith he'll turn it around.  He can hit DOUBLES he can WALK he can do all of what you want from baseball people.  Also he hits second ENOUGH SAID.  Why are there Pittsburgh pirates.  Pittsburgh isn't even Oceanside.  What kind of pirates are operating inland no kind of pirates I want to be associated with that's my position.
     Also what's wrong with The Pittsburgh Pirates the baseball team Not Very Good At Baseball not the kind of pirates I want to be associated with.  Gottem.  Hey it's the last paragraph already.  What a wonderful first, I dunno, third of a day?  Maybe as much as 40% of the day?  I dunno I don't have all the numbers in front of me.  I wonder which side of the TV I'd put Xbox.  I think there's a bit more room to the RIGHT of TV and it would look better taking up that space.  But cable box is to the LEFT of TV so if I need to connect it to cable box (I might!  I don't know!  I'd guess not BUT WHO KNOWS!) then that might narrow my options.  Good stuff.  Hey the entry is just about over.  Is this a pretty good standard entry format?  I think the results speak for themselves.  OH NO THE RESULTS OF THE ENTRY ARE SPEAKING GET OUT OF THE WAY.  Yep.  That sort of thing!  I'll be back tomorrow.

-1:55 P.M.




Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Where Am I Going With This

    Hello friends!  Back from walk number 1.  On a regular schedule today Timewise.  No Everything Earlier By One Or Two Hours.  NORMAL.  NICE GOOD STUFF.  Also TV is supposedly coming today!  They said today originally when I ordered it!  They said it's out for delivery just earlier this morning and will be here by 7:00 PM!  So the good news is Wonderful That's Great.  HOWEVER I dunno what to do if it interrupts entry!  I guess I HAVE to stop entry and set up TV but I don't like it.  I'd rather finish entry and then set up TV.  But I'd like Dumb and Stupid to everyone around me and even other people not involved!  The point is this may be the last entry ever Facing South.  Next time we meet I'll be facing East!  WOW.
What else is going on.  Had a dream I was drinking a Coffee Coolata!  COFFEE FLAVORED Coffee Coolata.  Then I woke up and was like DAMNIT I'd like that I bet I could get one.  Then I fell back asleep.  Then I woke up again!  And was like DAMNIT even if I do feel comfortable going into store the Coffee Coolatta is like 400 calories instead of 50 for a regular iced coffee I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THAT.  Then I fell back asleep.  Then I woke up later!  Then an hour AFTER I WOKE UP THE FINAL TIME I was like well once I'm done dieting once in a while I can get a coffee coolatta.  WOW WHAT AN EPIC SAGA AND IT'S HARDLY EVEN NOON!  Also I had a dream where I did Crystal Meth!  And I barely felt anything!  And I was like hey this is great I hardly feel anything at all I'll definitely be doing this again!  I don't know why I'd do drugs to Feel Exactly The Same.  I don't know a lot of things!
     Jeez.  It's a dream it doesn't have to make sense.  It's preferable if it doesn't!  If it made sense Hey Might As Well Live It In Real Life.  HMM what is to be done about Patriotism Calendar.  Right now it's hanging MAGNETICALLY on File Cabinet.  No reason to leave it there because I'm not gonna be sitting here to see it.  Unless I'm sitting right in front of the TV for some reason.  AND I need to know what day of the month it is While Doing That.  HMM THIS IA TOUGH ONE.  I might have to retire Patriotism Calendar use only halfway through the year!  I guess I can TAPE IT to the side of desk where computer will be.  Need to be some heavy duty tape, though.  Your typical Scotch won't do the job.  Maybe if you uses many pieces of it.  I don't know!  The point is these are the real issues.
Cool!  Gonna have Super Market Meal of herbed chicken, sweet potatoe, and broccoli for lunch.  Gonna have Deli Meal of Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.  Why did I capitalize Chicken Pot Pie but not the ingredients herbed chicken, sweet potatoe and broccoli.  For EMPHASIS.  Yeah I guess that checks out?  I had some fun watching #TalesFromTheCryptTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent last night on Computer.  It felt like the end of an era!  Now I'm gonna watch OTHER STUFF.  On a SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT SCREEN.  WOW I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Also presumably it will be LOUDER.  I standardly have volume all the way to the nines when watching Computer TV from bed.  Usually loud enough!  Sometimes barely!  Now I can experiment with LOUDER TV.  Amazing!  Also is there porn specifically for HD?  Only one way to find out!  MAN I wish I knew how to find out.  Hopefully one day I figure out that one way to find out.  Because I'm relatively interested in crackin' this code!  It might effect my quality of life.
     Whatever.  Hopefully Romeo Must Die is on TV when I hook it up.  Not so much because I want to watch it but because it would help confirm my suspicions that It's Always On TV.  Also sure I'd watch it.  I like that Anthony Anderson he makes me laugh.  I think it's POSSIBLE I read a story about him sexually assaulting people.  Better LTURQ.  YEP THAT CHECKS OUT.  Well that's not very funny at all.  Also maybe he did it maybe he didn't!  We have to assume he did it!  Play it safe!  Gonna need to figure out a different surface to eat meals at in my room.  So far the top contender is Night table by my bed.  But do I Sit on bed to eat?  Do I pull up chair over there?  I dunno this raises more questions than it answers.  Not really.  Roughly two questions.  Then again it's Zero Answers.  So two questions vs zero answers?  More questions than answers!  Well that settles that once and for all.
Wonderful!  Probably gonna save shower until evening.  After TV comes!  I can do that at least as A Responsible.  An interesting contender is eat meals where 8 Track Recorder is set up, facing North.  But that wouldn't allow me to watch TV at the same time.  Gotta commit all my attention to eating the meal.  Which, hey, I guess that's certainly one way to go!  I don't think it's the most intuitive, though.  Obviously people want to watch TV as much as possible and eat as much as possible.  That's what America is all about!  So when possible you do both at the same time.  That's just obvious!  Anyway.  Looking blankly at my DVD collection, man, a lot of these films I'd easily be happy with putting on and watching.  We're talking DOZENS.  WOW DOZENS OF MOVIES THAT's ROUGHLY THOUSANDS OF MINUTES OF ENTERTAINMENT.  Not sure what that accomplishes.
     Yeah!  I hope its a touch screen TV.  Because I feel like I'm gonna wanna touch it a lot and it might as well be for a purpose.  Not sure what that accomplishes.  Back in the day I had a big cardboard box that I would set up Meal On Top Of so I sat on edge of bed, ate at cardboard box, facing TV.  In retrospect what a strange life I led.  Also at this time ideally I was high on marijuana smoke at the time.  Was I always high?  No!  Was I high as often as I could be?  Yes!  What a wonderful life I led.  Presumably.  I don't remember accomplishing a lot but I vaguely remember having a good time!  Sounds great.  Saw some kids smoking marijuana outside their house on past walk.  I ASSUME it was their house.  Smoking marijuana outside SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE VAGUELY ON THE SIDEWALK?  Now you're loitering!  Anyway good for them.  I envy them. 
     Jeez.  Last paragraph of Act I!  I don't believe it.  Watched BEN yesterday.  Weird movie!  It's a third about scary killer rats.  A third about a little kid makes a friend rat how touching.  And a third very little really happens in this movie at all.  And also it produced the Michael Jackson song Ben where he's like hey you've got a friend in me It's A Touching Hit Song Get On Board With It.  And it's a sequel to a straight up horror movie!  I went into it thinking it'd be the same!  WHAT A STRANGE EXPERIENCE I HAD WATCHING A FILM.  Anyway.  Looked up kid who played the kid.  I like reading Wikipedia articles about people who clearly wrote the article for themselves.  It makes me laugh!  I don't know why.  I guess part of it is schadenfreude mixed with pity that only they give a crap to write about themselves, and another part of it is good for them they're takin' charge of their life narrative!  I'll be back in a little bit!




Where Have I Gone With This

    Hello friends.  Back from Walk #2!  Got coffee #2.  Writing paragraph #9 or so.  No TV yet!  I'm planning on hooking it up when it gets here!  To the place where I want to hook it up to!  Sounds like a good plan.  Listening to the current ALT ROCK playlist on The Apple Music.  Current Alt Rock is different than Current Hits because they're 90% the same as current pop hits but 10% with an EDGE.  Wow 10% edge it doesn't get that much edgier than that these days.  I Know That's The Problem!  And another thing what's with the kids these days with their music.  I shouldn't blame it on the kids!  This is the music they've been given!  Not their fault!  They're innocent victims in this scenario!
     Wonderful.  I think I'm gonna have to retire Patriotism Calendar.  I can't think of a good way to hang it up on a non-magnetized surface and I can't think of a good reason to even really further think about it or try.  That's life I guess.  I don't even use it.  I have appointments and stuff like that which would make good use of it.  I just write them down in a notebook!  I just like LOOKING AT IT every now and then.  It COMFORTS ME.  Anyway TV itself weighs SEVENTEEN POUNDS.  That's no more than a heavy bowling ball.  I can carry that like it was nothing.  Also if I lose 17 pounds which is more than half of what I want to lose I'd be carrying THAT MUCH LESS WEIGHT?!?!  Doesn't seem right.  I don't FEEL like I'm carrying half a dozen or 8 bowling balls Right Now.  I think I'd feel it if that were the case!  So the point is I forget but something along the lines of I'm An Idiot.
     Cool!  Is Upcoming TV widescreen?  I dunno!  Seems like the kind of thing I'd have looked into when getting it.  Oh well what can ya do.  I'm assuming it has the latest-to-date closed captioning capabilities.  I could probably adjust the size and font and background color and FOREGROUND COLOR to my specific liking.  One can only imagine.  Maybe I can put it on Spanish.  Learn some Spanish while I'm at it!  Now we're talking PRODUCTIVE USE OF TIME.  No we're not.  Yeah that checks out too.  Maybe get Chipotle tomorrow.  It's very possibly in the cards!  Last time I didn't get the Fajita Vegetables or The Lettuce or The... Third Thing I Didn't Get... Somethin... Better LTURQ.  NOPE THAT'S IT.  The point is I can tolerate lettuce and fajita vegetables and presumably it pads out the meal so its more hearty but THIS IS TASTING BETTER WITHOUT IT.  And ya know what More Than Hearty Enough!  Fascinating.
Cool!  Maybe Popular ALT Rock was always 90% Current Pop Music and nobody bothered to tell me.  I don't know!  I can't go BACK IN TIME and do studies.  It's Past Already!  No way of knowing what happened in the past!  I dunno.  What else is going on.  Maybe Alt Rook is Alt Rock and Popular Music is 90% Alt Rock.  I hope that's not the case.  Then again I hope The Other Way isn't the case.  The point is Real Life Exists but I Hope That's Not The Case.  Sure, great, whatever.  Only a few paragraphs from ending the entry.  Either three or four more after this one!  Then it's time to Fantastisize about the TV for a couple of hours before it gets here and I hook it up and am like wait now I gotta WATCH THIS CRAP?  Television is THE WORST.
I agree that Television Is The Worst but what I WANNA WATCH is ITS NOT TV IT'S MOSTLY HBO.  I dunno I watched most of the HBO I'd want to watch.  I just wanna watch THE FILMS is that so wrong.  Watch a lot of Major Motion Pictures on different channels SO WHAT.  Why am I being defensive about this, no one is arguing against me watching films.  Not now they aren't!  I shamed them into retreating from that initial position they were prone to assume!  Well the Mets game started off with a solo homerun AGAINST the Mets.  That's not supposed to happen.  I like the Mets.  Good things are supposed to happen to Them and by extension Me.  Or is it Me and then by extension Them.  Either way it's a similar point being made but the exact point is different depending on the extension order!  Fascinating this is good stuff lets keep it going.
Wonderful!  Three more paragraphs to go!  Maybe two!  We'll see how I feel.  I'll see how I feel.  Keep it to myself!  I don't need you knowing how I feel it's private!  I can't wait to find out if I need to hook up Regular Cable Cable from Cable Box to TV.  It's a riddle that's been metastasizing in my mind the last couple of days.  Do I Need To Do It?  Do I NOT Need To Do It?  That's about it.  What about can I CHOOSE to do it if I feel like it.  I dunno PROBABLY?  If I don't need to do it I don't see how doing it would have a negative effect.  Sure I do.  Easily could have a negative effect.  See this is why it's been on my mind all week!  So many moving parts to this conundrum it'd been a joy to think on it to be frank.  Really keeping myself busy in a productive way!
    Cool.  With that kind of paragraph I GOTTA write the extra paragraph, right?  Yep it's JUST THAT GOOD.  Amazing.  The Mets answered right back with THEIR OWN RUN.  Now it's ANYBODY'S GAME.  Probably either The Mets or The Milwaukee Brewers.  It'd be a SHOCK if any other team wins this game.  What else is going on.  I'm gonna listen to more Current ALT ROCK.  It's wonderful!  It's like current pop music but a nice 10% more alt!  WOW it doesn't get any better than that.  I KNOW that's the problem!  Ah now I see.  I'm gonna estimate very roughly I get XBOX at the very end of July.  It could be anything from mid July to Oh I Don't Know OCTOBER.  But I think Very Late July would be a GREAT compromise.  I'd sign up for that compromise!  Where can I sign up for this compromise.  Do you know any websites that offer this compromise for a reasonable compromise price.
Last paragraph!  Got some nice lunch coming up in less than two hours.  I can see myself... eating... that... you know that sort of thing.  I think if I could increase my attribute abilities in one area Microwaving Things More Appropriately would be a good skill set I'd like to increase.  I can never get it right!  Too little or too much microwaving, that's my problem!  Usually too little.  Too much DOES happen.  Either way hmm maybe there's some sort of Evening Class I can take in this?  I got stuff to do in the Mornings and Afternoons.  As far as YOU KNOW!  Actually You Specifically know I Don't.  But as far as THEY KNOW!  Alright that checks out a little bit better.  Anyway hey the entry is over.  I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-2:34 P.M.




Tuesday, July 6, 2021

This Happened Yesterday

    Checked my weight!  Down a pound since last week!  Should have been better but coulda been worse!  WOW WHAT AN UPDATE!  Also upon further introspection, my weight was probably inaccurately low last week, so I could have lost 1.5 or 2 pounds in reality, which is right on target!  RIGHT ON, TARGET!  I'm a fan of Target The Store.  And I think they're making good moves and decisions that I feel I should encourage with praise!  Anyway wide world of sports.  I'm looking forward to getting baseball game and playing ENTIRE SEASONS 1 game by 1.  I'm not sure if I ever made it through any of the 6 or 8 baseball games I've had over the years.  I've simulated seasons up until I get to the world series game seven!  That's very clearly NOT playing it game by game.  But this time around I Feel like that's a good use of my time!  Also I'm gonna play as THE METS THE REAL METS NO DRAFT.  Also I'm gonna see if I can TRADE FOR A FRANCHISE PLAYER.  I'll give up all the prospects what do I care.  Nothin!  That's what I care!  If I cared about stuff I wouldn't have written this paragraph.  No good for me, no good for you!  Kind of good for me!  It's one less paragraph of work I have for the day!
     Jeez. Even more unrealistic is when I would start seasons WITH MY BROTHER under the premise we would EACH play our individual teams games over the entire season.  WHAT THE HELL.  Not only do we each need to actually play that much but we need to play Alternating Games because I can't certainly go to Thursday's Game if Brother's Wednesday Game isn't played yet!  That's not how time works in real life or in baseball video games!  Wonderful.  I'm gonna try to hit opposite field doubles down the line.  That's my strategy for baseball.  Hmm probably should depend on the hitter/pitcher match up.  You'd think so but No!  Opposite field doubles down the line!  Never fails!  You know that sort of thing!
     Cool.  Dad has nurse in house today for blood infusion.  Normally she comes on Sunday.  Not this week!  Presumably because this Sunday was a July 4th Summer To Remember.  I think it's great when my neighborhood sets off fireworks because my neighborhood invented fireworks.  Mostly Chinese.  I feel like my neighbors are mostly Chinese.  I don't think they're Japanese!  I don't think they're Korean!  That narrows it down to Chinese!  I can think of several Other Countries.  You'd think so wouldn't you.  Yes I just said I did.  Well that's great just great.  I don't think they're Vietnamese!  I don't think their Thailanders.  Thailander is like Highlander.  Well that's great just great.
    The point is Europe is way smarter than China!  Hey instead of having fun with them lets shoot fireworks AT EACH OTHER.  I've, "Gone There," before with this topic and I'll, "Go There," again!  I was watching THE LAST SAMURAI yesterday.  I don't get it!  I'm sure there's still samurais around.  Like in Old West Tourist Attractions.  They play pretend.  Gotta imagine they're happy with that arrangement.  No way is it demeaning of humiliating or shameful for them.  Either way they're getting paid good money for that.  We're talking YEN.  ALL THE YEN THEY CAN DREAM OF.  I think A Yen is worth very very little.  So all the yen they can dream of is still Not Very Much.  But they're used to worth of yen!  They can definitely dream of a high amount of yen that would satisfy them.  Oh I Don't Know TWO BILLION YEN.  Let's see how much two billion yen is worth in Regular Money (OUR MONEY).  EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS.  Now that's QUITE A HAUL for this... pretend.. Samurai... in their dream... what's going on in this paragraph again?
Cool!  One yen is just about one cent.  A little bit less!  That checks out Math Wise.  The point is what else is going on.  I know according to Film Samurai are great people who are enlightened and moral and wonderful but let's face facts the main thing about them is They're All About Killing People.  And Getting Killed, to be fair.  But they LOVE fighting to the death!  What kinda lesson is that to teach children.  It's good to kill people.  It's good to die in battle.  All we are worth is measured in Death.  CAUSING DEATH!!!  OTHERS AND OUR OWN!  Dumb!  It's A SCAM.  YEAH BUT THEY GO ABOUT IT IN A DIFFERENT WAY THAN OTHER FIGHTING PEOPLE>  So what!  How about just not fighting people ever think of that?  Hmm I HAVEN'T thought about that but now that I bring it up it checks out pretty well!
Anyway.  SAMURAI RIDE HORSES NOT GUNS.  Wonderful good for them I wish them all the best.  Now in The Seven Samurai they're good because they protect defenseless peasants.  HOWEVER I'm betting that's just pro-Samurai propaganda and that kind of stuff didn't really happen.  I feel VERY confident in this assumption.  Solidly 65, 70% confident in it!  It just SEEMS right and you can take that to the bank.  The point is if in Japan you think of someone as a billionaire do they actually think of people who have 15 million American dollars?  I don't know!  Maybe BILLIONAIRE is somehow a universal title for people who have billion of America Dollars.  Only one way to find out!  Go to Japan!  Take a survey!  Come back to America to post results on website!  I can post on website in Japan.  They're good with technology.  That's why Samurai went away!  Too much technology!  HOW DARE THEM ADAPT MODERN TECHNOLOGY.  WAR TECHNOLOGY.  Well that doesn't sound great.
     Jeez.  TV can come today!  It's possible!  Man oh man I'll see if there's good MOVIES to watch.  I like HORROR MOVIES This decade there might be some good ones I can check out.  Also maybe I'm dumb but right now I'm leaning toward keeping cable box facing 90 degrees away from where I usually am.  Assuming the signal can bounce around the white walls and I can use remote to change stuff with cable box.  I'm dumb yes this is a given.  But I'm smart enough to know what kind of cable box layout I want and to DO WHAT I WANT.  Takes a genius to just do what he wants Dumb Or Not.  Maybe.  The point is for the rest of my life my first instinct for Who was the first Trillionaire in history will be the lady from Watchmen.  I'm not proud of thinking dumb things as my first instinct!  I kind of am!  It takes a genius to be proud of the Dumb Things He Thinks And Goes!
     Last paragraph of Act I!  Then time for a break.  I can't wait!  I think originally in history American Indians got a bad rap due to Scalping.  Because I learned in history white people did it to them first all the time and then they started doing it as a reaction to white people doing it.  HOWEVER it doesn't reflect GREATLY on the American Indians either.  Who sees their friends getting scalped and goes HEY THAT LOOKS LIKE A GOOD IDEA.  Just KILL the other people who killed your friends and family.  With SAMURAI SWORDS LIKE GENTLEMAN.  No guns!  No SCALPING.  Just ride on horses and slice them with swords that's the HONORABLE way to kill people you don't like!  Anyway hey Act I is over.  I'll be back with Act II at some point in the near future! 



This Will Happen Tomorrow

    Hey!  Set up shower rod and curtain yesterday.  Gonna take a shower soon!  Wonderful.  Curtain isn't quite as see-through as I was hoping.  Not bad!  I can still more or less see through it.  I was just hopping for it to be 30, 35% more transparent.  Gonna have coffee #2 during part II of act two.  WOW I SAID 2 THREE DIFFERENT WAYS IN ONE SENTENCE.  Now THAT'S entertainment.  There's even more ways I can say 2 phonetically but with different definitions.  We're talking TO.  We're talking TOO.  We're talking that MAY BE it.  I wonder what happens if they deliver TV while I'm not home and I get there 20 minutes later and its gone.  What's their process?  They gotta just give me another one, right?  I never explicitly said I'll be hone when they come and if I'm not that's my problem.  Then again I could just set it up that my neighbor sneakily takes it and I call it in as missing and then we get a bonus TV.  I guess the question is HOW TRUSTWORTHY AM I.  The answer is PRETTY TRUSTWORTHY at least when it comes to Not Colluding With Neighbors.
Wonderful.  Hmm what was I in the middle of watching.  Oh, right.  I still don't know.  I felt it coming to me while I was typing, "Oh, right."  I really thought I was a nanosecond away from realizing it.  Even writing this sentence, right now, I feel it will come to me by the end of this sentence.  So far, nothing.  STILL nothing.  FINE I'LL CHECK FOR REAL... OH RIGHT Lethal Weapon.  The director died yesterday!  I heard that and put the movie on a few hours later without realizing any sort of causation.  One would imagine there's some sort of causation but it wasn't conscious causation!  YEAH.  He directed a lot of great movies!  I was just looking at the list of the films he directed and my favorite one is I don't really like ANY of these films particularly much.  Some of them are pretty okay!  Not a huge fan!  Why kick a man when he's down.  He's dead!  Doesn't get any further down than that!
     Whatever.  Also when a man is down it's the BEST time to kick him.  He's totally defenseless AND he's in prime space for kicking-- he's already near where your feet are!  YEAH.  What else is going on.  Maybe eat some delicious hot dogs for dinner.  Off the top of my head, across 3 different possible delivery restaurants, the first thing I cycled through as possible means that I was relatively enthusiastic was I'ma eat some hot dogs.  It's HEALTHY because the bread is A HOT DOG BUN.  We're not talkin sliced bread or a club bread.  We're talking hot dog buns the most nutritious of all breads!  Dunno what that accomplishes.  Also I'd have 8 doritos as a side but I'm ognna be honest the doritos I've had over the past 2 weeks I haven't been enthusiastic about!  But I bought the bag!  Gotta eat em!  Maybe I'll GET enthusiastic about them!
     Last paragraph before shower.  It's gonna be a blast and a half!  I don't buy that there's that many villages in Japan.  Not a huge country!  I've seen maps!  You want me to believe there's all these villages that may or may not be samurai villages?  Can't be more than 10, 12 villages total but you're implying there's thousands!  Not sure what that accomplishes.  I was doing research and apparently the Earth is roughly 28,000 miles circumstance.  I found it interesting!  Now YOU know.  You may find it interesting!  Maybe not!  Fine, don't find it interesting, all the more Interest Appreciation for me!  Not sure that's how it works.  Not sure of a lot of things these days.  Anyway.  I'll be back in a little bit! 

     Hey!  I took a shower!  Everything went okay.  Gotta say I'm happy with this contraption that you put the bar of soap on and the wetness gets filtered to the bottom and the bar of soap gets dry over time.  By the next day, at least.  I haven't timed it specifically but by Next Bathing Experience it's dry!  Anyway I've seen Lethal Weapon before and I'll probably see it again especially if you count Other Lethal Weapons as Lethal Weapon.  For example me seeing Lethal Weapon IV counts as me seeing Lethal Weapon again.  That doesn't sound intuitive but it DOES increase the odds I'll see Lethal Weapon again.  I think Christ Rock is in Lethal Weapon IV.  It just SOUNDS right.  And Jet Li.  Possibly.  Better LTURQ.  HOLY SHIT I WAS RIGHT ON BOTH COUNTS.  Also HOLY SHIT THERE WILL BE A LETHAL WEAPON FIVE.  You heard it here first! POSSIBLY!
Anyway.  Jet Li is no longer among us.  I'm sure he's still physically somewhere but he's dead.  Wait a second I'm gonna have to look into that one!  Hey he's alive good for him!  I was confused because Aaliyah: Jet Li's Love Interest in the cult classic Romeo Must Die... well... died.  She's Juliet.  She died.  That's why Romeo must die!  Cracked that code.  I don't like it any better than you do! What else is going on.  I imagine this time around there's a piece of dialogue for Danny Glover I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, and I don't say this lightly, but it's VERY TRUE, I'm SUPER OLD FOR THIS.  He's not super old to be honest.  He's 75 right now.  He could EASILY be making a Lethal Weapon when he's 85 and if all goes according to play Again When He's 95! Also he's only 74 right now. He turns 75 in two weeks.  Happy Birthday Danny Glover!  WOW in the film I'm watching it STARTS with his character having a birthday.  And now it turns out he, THE REAL PERSON, ALSO has a birthday at some point over the year.  I DON'T BELIEVE IT.
Penultimate paragraph!  UH OH Lethal Weapon Five was to be directed by Richard Donner.  Now who knows what's gonna happen!  I know something that WON'T happen.  Richard Donner won't direct the movie from the grave.  That's one thing that won't happen, so slowly we can start narrowing down the things that MAY happen.  It's good news that Jet Li is still alive.  For some reason I've seen Romeo Must Die a lot of times.  I think for some reason it was on HBO or one of the other Special Premium Movie Channels ALL THE TIME.  Way more than any other movies!  That's probably it.  I would wager that's accurate!  Romeo Must Die was shown on STARZ more than any other film... COMBINED!!!  Well not all other films combined.  But POSSIBLY up there in the top 10, 20 in that 1-4 year period!
     Wonderful.  It's a GOOD movie because it promotes DIVERSITY and INCLUSIVENESS.  Gonna take a walk when this is over.  At this rate I'm solidly gonna take 6 walks today on the same schedule as normal for 5 walks but each walk is one increased because I took one early.  Walks are at same time!  But what WOULD HAVE BEEN my 2nd walk is now my THIRD Walk.  WOW AMAZING I'm glad I took the extra time to explain it by repeating myself.  Yeah!  Anyway today each act was 8 paragraphs?  That's as much as I was writing for the month or two where I did 3 acts of 6/6/4 paragraph set-up!  But now there's no act III!  WONDERFUL I CAN LIVE WITH THIS OR CHANGE IT UP IT'S ALL UP TO ME.  I like those odds!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:59 P.M.




Monday, July 5, 2021

Happy New Day

    Hey!  What's up!  It's a new day.  Another day down!  Another day closer to... uhh.. something'll happen eventually!  I don't know what but whatever it is we're another day closer to it!  I shaved myself last night.  That's right I'm some sort of Man Adult.  And I only cut myself twice and those cuts healed within the 5 minutes it took for me to shave completely.  Cut myself with some blood right at the start?  NO MORE BY THE END.  That doesn't sound right.  Maybe not physiologically but in terms of convenience Wow Can't Argue With Healing That Quick!  We're another day closer to my TV!  They said by Wednesday!  Well they said by July 7th.  Which is Wednesday!  I had to do that Math on that myself but that's more or less what they said.  Also I don't know if they said BY July 7th.  They might have just said July 7??? Maybe!  We're saying July 7th but who knows for sure.  Wow!
     Cool!  I'm gonna check my weight tomorrow!  I got my reasons for when and when not I check my weight, don't you worry about me.  I could get into it but it would take PARAGRAPHS.  Hmm sounds like a good way to kill PARAGRAPHS.  I'll think about it maybe later!  Sometimes I have an urge to use my nail clipper to clip my guitar strings.  The ones attached to my guitar.  I guess that's like thoughts of self harm.  That's what doctors ask you.  Have you had thoughts of self harm.  And the standard answer I assume is well no but now that you bring it up I Kind Of Do?  You're the one that keeps bringing up self harm to me every month!  I'm starting to get the idea that you're pushing the idea!  Maybe you know something I don't!  That I should be Self Harming!
     Yeah.  How come they're only worried about Self Harm.  I'd imagine just Generic Harm is even worse because it's being taken out on people who never asked for it.  Psychiatrist should just act DO YOU WANT TO CAUSE HARM?  I guess.  Got part II of turkey dinner for one meal today.  Probably other meal is Wide Al Fredo Dish.  AMAZING.  Does that come into play when determining when I check my weight next?  WELL YES AND NO.  MOSTLY YES BUT PARTLY NO.  That settles that!  Shaving left a little bit of stubble.  I can live with that!  Would I prefer it didn't SURE.  But is it the same as it would have been if it shaved completely and then it was 72 hours later?  SURE.  I lost that 72 hours of Prime Shaved Time but in the end that makes not much of a difference.  In the beginning it makes a pretty big difference!  Mid term I guess more of a difference than long term but not as much as beginning term!
     Jeez.  I figured out a great way to deal with Cable Box Clock Bothering Me.  TURNING THE CABLE BOX 90 DEGREES SO IT'S FACING ANOTHER DIRECTION COMPLETELY.  I may be crazy but I may actually do this regularly.  Would signal from remote still get to it?  My guess is probably yes!  And if it doesn't, maybe I can have cable box regular facing during the day, but before sleep turn it the other way.  Not only is it bad because I don't wanna know the time all the time when I'm sleeping, but the time is LIT UP.  I'm trying to sleep I DON'T NEED A CABLE BOX NIGHT LIGHT.  MAYBE I DO but I DON'T WANT TO ADMIT IT.  Nah I don't I've gone 2 years without it!  And I've slept GREAT that two years.  Well, I slept great SOME OF THE TIME.  Anyway hey what else is going on.
Yeesh.  Also facing the cable box this weird way is convenient because if someone breaks into my room and is on the other corner of the room than I am now they can see the cable box time and if they had a remote too they could DEFINITELY access the cable box.  Not a great view for the TV though!  So I don't know what they'd be trying to accomplish with the cable box but apparently they've got some ideas about it.  Best alternative to Wide Al Fredo is Kids Meal Chicken Parm.  They're both pasta centric!  Well chicken parm is chicken parm centric!  But there's pasta secondary to it!  They're both Italian Dishcentric!  What else is going on.  I've been talking almost exclusively about cable box, TV, and game system for Oh I Don't Know TWO WEEKS?  Gotta imagine that'll pay off down the road.
What else is going on.  It's called a JOURNAL.  It's about MY LIFE.  And I DON'T HAVE A LIFE.  But once I can watch TV and play video games HEY SUDDENLY CHECK OUT WHOSE GOT A LIFE.  ESPECIALLY video games.  Now I'M In The Action!  The point is what else is going on.  Also let's talk about the cable box!  Without the cable box TV is USELESS.  I might be able get to get the standard 2, 4, 7 channels I MIGHT NOT I don't know!  WOW I CAN WATCH A DR. PHIL.  I don't wanna watch a Dr. Phil.  I don't think anyone wants to watch a Dr. Phil!  Clearly a lot of people do.  Yeah Dumb People!  Well that checks out accurately.  Anyway what else is going on.  Open up THE GUIDE.  Browse what's on the channels.  That's how it works, yup!
      Wonderful.  As of now it looks like the first show I'm gonna binge watch with TV is ASH VERSUS THEM EVIL DEADS.  Did I saw the first season and a third?  Yes!  Did I like it?  I think I did!  Did I stop watching it?  Clearly!  Will I watch it again?  That's The Point I'm Trying To Get Across Right Now!  Also it's good HD watching because of them blood and guts.  Now I really get the idea that there's Gross-em-outs.  I dunno gonna take a lot more than blood and guts on TV to gross me out.  What about blood adn guts on HD TV.  Well I guess I'm just gonna have to wait and see won't I.  Anyway what else is going on.  Already half done with my Journal Work for today.  Wow what a Productive.  Now we all know I'm still interested in TV and Video Game.  I'll be sure to keep you updated on this situation as it further progresses!




That's What They Tell Me

    Hello friends.  I'm back with Part II!  Because that's the kind of guy I am this decade.  Gonna take a bath halfway through Part II.  Three paragraphs in?  Four paragraphs in?  I'll never tell!  Not ahead of time!  We'll all find out together When It Happens.  Me first overall though.  That's how time works this decade.  What's a good thing to watch on High Definition Television.  How High?  Definition Man?  There's no movie called Definition Man yet.  Hmm gotta be SOME film with the word, "Definition," in it.  Better LTURQ.  Google DEFINITION FILM.  Well Great google just went right to definition of film.  Man is google dumb half the time.  I'm looking for a film with the word definition in the title HOW COMPLICATED IS THAT.  Pretty complicated if there is no film.  Downright impossible.  I'm not seeing anything.  Wonderful.
     Oh right HIGH DEFINITION.  Gotta imagine if there is an upcoming movie this decade with Definition in the title, solid >50% chance the film is called High Definition.  What else is going on.  I DUNNO ABOUT GREATER THAN 50%.  A PLURALITY SURE I DUNNO ABOUT A MAJORITY.  That settles that!  Once and for all!  Gonna set up shower rod and curtain today.  Man I'm knocking Chores and Things out of the park.  Which is good.  I'm up at bat and knocking things out of the park is a positive thing Because Of Baseball.  Seems counterintuitive.  When baseball started you can't just go ahead and WASTE AND LOSE baseballs all the time.  They're INCENTIVIZING losing baseballs with homeruns!  They gotta be rewarding you for using the same baseball all game by keeping the balls in the parks!  Wonderful.  It's true though!  I KNOW I SAID WONDERFUL.  Wonderful.  OR just play kickball.  That's one way to go.
Cool.  Are there Pitches in Kickball.  Beside just rolling the ball.  Maybe the most complicated it gets is rolling ball as a bowling ball with a late break sort of.  I can't imagine how you can get more complicated than that but I'm betting YOU CAN even though I can't imagine it right now.  Gotta be pitches in kickball!  Otherwise the batter would have too big an advantage.  What else is going on.  What would they do if you just throw the kickball at the plate.  You're not supposed to!  You're supposed to roll it!  But really what can they do if you throw it.  Nothin'!  They can't do a god damn thing!  Hmm that checks out I GUESS.  I've said all this before.  Homeruns being bad for ball conservation.  Stuff about kickball.  I'm just cycling through the same 200 things in the back of my mind every few months.  Oh well what can ya do.  Hopefully FORGET about the stuff.   That way when I say it again in November it'll be brand new!
     Cool.  I may not be accomplishing much here on the crazy sheet but I WILL be playing video games hopefully by the end of July.  That way I will accomplish MEASURABLE things like Points and Games In Sports Standings and Achieving Bonuses like Costumes And Better Guns.  WOW NOW WE'RE TALKING PRODUCTIVE USE OF TIME.  Also, besides, 50% of the things I say are more or less new.  WOW THAT'S... HOLD ON... LEMME CRUNCH THE NUMBERS... ROUGHLY HALF OF THE THINGS.  Every other thing is half worthwhile!  That makes 25% of this worthwhile!  Way more than the ZERO PERCENT of Worthwhile Journaling YOU do.  So the entire point I'm trying to make is Get Off My Back About It.  Alright I'm gonna take a bath now.  I'll be back in a little bit!

     Wonderful!  I like the 10% of all entries where I talk about talking about the same things again.  Now that's entertainment!  It was entertainment before now, too!  Presumably will continue being entertainment into the future.  Until at some point it ceases being entertainment.  Roughly when the universe ends.  Wow that's gonna last A LONG TIME.  Lets hope so!  Seems about right!  Looking forward to Turkey Lunch.  Also this stuffing?  Not so bad!  Maybe not my favorite stuffing but I solidly enjoyed it in a positive sense!  Also, portions?  Almost 100% PERFECT.  Amount of turkey?  Amount of stuffing?  Amount of potatoe and broccoli?  PERFECT for two hearty yet reasonable meals!  I don't say that very often so you know I really mean it!
     Either that or I feel it often but just forget to say it!  Both are reasonable conclusions!  Drinking coffee #2 of 2.  It's fun.  I enjoy the Sweetener I have right now because you open up the little packet in half pour in the sweetener and it all comes out QUICKLY and NEATLY.  Other sweeteners you gotta shake out the sweetener for seven seconds, still doesn't get all of it, it comes out uneven.  This brand?  COMES OUT CLEANLY AND RAPIDLY and IT DOESN'T GET ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I'd tell you what brand it is so you know for yourself but I don't know right now!  Maybe I'll tell you later today!  Maybe I'll remember to tell you at a later date!  I owe it to you to tell you at some point!  TRUVIA.  I figured it out by going downstairs and checking the label of the packet.  Yep that seems like a solid way to go about it.  I didn't go down just for you!  I re-filled my soda!  But it WAS 50% For You.  So basically a reward is in order?
     Penultimate paragraph!
  I feel like a reward is in store for every entry.  If you're reading this presumably you tolerate reading this and it kills hmm how long DOES it kill.  I just realized I have no idea how long it takes to read an entry standardly.  Could be 2 minutes, could be 20 minutes!  Probably not two minutes of 20 minutes!  On the lower end of the spectrum, I guess it depends on how loosely you wanna define Reading.  You can stare at it for 5 seconds and recognize six words, is that reading it?  I Say YES.  YOU READ IT WELL DONE.  Oh well what can ya do.  Speculate about it I guess!  Also I've never actually read an entry.  Not in a long time, at least.  I sometimes stare at it for 5 seconds and recognize six words and that's pretty much as far as I can tolerate it!  Hey that's life I guess.
Last paragraph!  Whatta watch for the rest of the day.  Maybe some MY BIG FAT DUMB LIFE which may or may not be 90% accurate title for That Show Where People Get Weight Loss Surgery.  Anyway there's hundreds of episodes of them and they're all the same but Hey You Can't Argue With The Amount Of Unique Episodes.  That's what I like to see!  Half a dozen seasons of INTERVENTIONS I never seen.  Solid Reasonable Chance I can see them on Upcoming New TV!!!  WOW DRUG ADDICTS I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  That's how I feel!  What's new in the wide world of sports.  Kinda late in the entry to get into what's new in the wide world of sports.  Presumably.  I guess not if I won't follow it up on anything, and was just using it as a transitional phrase.  Even still, though, that would imply it transitions to SOMETHING.  And I don't know if I have it in me to type ANYTHING. OH, Wait.  Right.  This!  I'll be back tomorrow!

-2:15 P.M!




Sunday, July 4, 2021

This Is Only The Beginning

    Hello friends!  I'm here early by a few hours.  You have no way of knowing this!  Sure you do I JUST FREAKIN' TOLD YOU.  You have no way of NOT knowing this!  Anyway cleaned up surfaces in my room yesterday.  We're talkin MINIMAL DUST.  We're talkin ONLY STUFF I MAY ACTUALLY USE out on surfaces.  EXCEPT for some books.  Half a dozen books I probably won't read, but might, but definitely belong out.  Beastie Boys book!  Huge colorful hardcover book.  It's called a conversation starter!  And I of course have it and other conversation starter books which are mostly about music by my 8 track recorder.  For INSPIRATION.  So I can start A CONVERSATION with my recording music!  Anyway cords came yesterday but I haven't checked them out yet!  I will today!  I will also shave myself today!  WOW WHAT A DAY.
Cool!  Got some delicious lunch comin' to me. I  don't know what yet!  Probably some sort of meal I have in the house already.  I got several!  Roughly Oh I Don't Know FOUR good options?  I don't know why I'm asking you.  Not only do you not know but This Can't Be A Conversation Starter YOU CAN'T RESPOND.  Sure you can I just won't hear it.  I imagine you respond to Website in some sort of way.  Maybe audibly, maybe not!  If someone makes a sound while reading my website in the forest does it make a sound, that sort of thing, that's what I'm wondering.  I dunno what to do with my acoustic guitar.  Doesn't sound good the last year I've tried to play it!  Is it the guitar.  Is it the strings.  Is it me.  Is it the room surrounding atmospheres.  Is it actually good and I'm lying somehow for some reason.  Right now I'd say some combination of all of them except me lying I'm pretty confident I'm telling the truth.
Anyway.  I'm worried I'll start watching HD TV and be like ya know what actually I DON'T LIKE THIS.  It's scary!  Why are people looking like that I don't like it I wanna go home.  Solid 25, 30% chance that's how I feel ultimately.  How long does it take to charge a smart tv.  If it takes more than three hours I'm not on board!  Not sure what that accomplishes.  Presumably gonna leave my Guitar Amplification System (GAS) where it is.  On side of room where Computer is now but TV will be soon.  That's where it was In Past when I had TV.  No reason to mix it up now.  Also I can play guitar on electric guitar.  It's only ME and STRINGS which aren't great with that.  Guitar itself and atmosphere are probably okay for electric guitar.
     Yeah!  I think my smart phone is too smart.  For weeks I would set up a 9 AM wake up clock alarm the night before.  Individually.  Not repeating!  Then it started giving me the message you wanna me to set up 9 o clock wake up clock alarm for tomorrow?  YES I DO but HOW DARE YOU this is an invasion of my privacy.  I don't like it one bit!  I like it hardly any fraction of a bits!  Oh right I like it Negative Bits.  That's the point I'm trying to make!  Anyway I got the Kurt Cobain Journals Collection on 8 track recorder desk.  Again A CONVERSATION STARTER.  This one I actually read so I don't need to remind myself to read it.  But still NOW I KNOW HOW TO MAKE BEASTIE BOYS AND NIRVANA MUSIC.  Because of Solid Concrete THREE DIMENSIONAL books.  Music is three dimensional.  Length, width, and sound.  That checks out I Guess.  What about depth.  Yeah you're right!  But there's no WIDTH to music.  There's length, sound, and depth.  Yep that checks out assuming this is accurate which we all know it is not.
What else is going on.  I can take 6 walks today without it being overcrowded time to take the walks.  I don't know if I wanna do that, though!  Bad precedent.  I don't care how much Awake Time I have During Day Time I don't wanna make myself take six walks.  Bad precedent like I said!  I said the exact same two sentences twice.  Now you know I really mean it!  Maybe I'll take six walks I don't know I don't have all the details in front of me.  50% of the reason I don't make new music experimenting with 8 track is because if I got my earphones on I can't hear my parents and I dread the all of a sudden POUNDING POUNDING AT MY DOOR that I hear and I realize my parents have been trying to get my attention for MINUTES and they're angry and now I'm rattled and it's not pleasant for anyone!  The alternative is each time I do it I tell my parent gonna have earphones on for a while if you need me call the phone and I'll see if it lights up.  Not only does that put too much pressure on me To Do It and Make It A Concrete Time To Do IT And Not Loose, but now I gotta have my phone in my peripheral vision.  THERE'S NO SOLUTION.  My solution has been to not use headphones but hook it up to Mini Amp.  TERRIBLE SOLUTION IT DOESN'T SOUND RIGHT.  Maybe it's not a good solution but it is a solution.  SO SAYS YOU.
How did I work around this in the past.  Just figured 14 out of 15 times I'd be okay and didn't worry about the 15th time of Pounding Pounding On Door.  I can't get it out of my head now, though!  Can't go back to that simpler time.  Unfortunately!  What else is going on.  What if I hang a sign on my door the moment before I Start using it.  That way I don't tell my parents, I Can do it Loosey Goosey, and they get frustrated halfway there if I don't respond but by the time they get to my door they're like OH THAT'S WHAT'S GOING ON.  What if they really need me.  They'd still pound on door to get my attention.  Plus I don't know how to hang a Sorry We're Closed sign on my door.  TAPE IT TO THE DOOR?  I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT.  Sure I do.  TOUCHÉ.  Anyway I dunno I'm gonna have to put some more thought into this. 
     Yeah!  There's a Call of Duty game called Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.  Cold War.  Doesn't sound like a very fun game at all!  You have to practice DETENTE with your adversary and avoid fighting at all costs!  Sounds like a blast and a half... NOT.  What else is going on.  Cold war?  I can do that without even signing into Xbox.  I'm doing a cold war right now with everyone I know!  I dunno about that one.  What else is going on.  Gotta imagine with cold war with USSR USSR had the advantage because it's colder where they are.  Some parts of America can get cold but for the most part it's colder in Russia!  Also on the other hand gotta imagine USA had the advantage because We Won.  That checks out, too!  Now I don't know what to think!  I'll be back in a little bit.




This Is Already The End

    Hooked up power chord to cable box.  It worked!  Cable box is on.  Hooked up HDMI cable to cable box.  IT worked!  It fits into the outlet relatively smoothly!  Hooked up Wall Cable to cable box. It worked! Screwed in just as I suspected.  The point is I think cable box makes a slight low humming sound all the time which I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR.  Sure I'll get used to it and its just white noise but I don't want any noise!  Now I can't hear my parents if they're calling for me CABLE BOX IS TOO LOUD.  Great just my luck.  It's not luck it's the nature of cable box.  Great just my luck.  Think I'm gonna have meatloaf for lunch.  Turkey for dinner!  Just my luck.  YEAH IT SOUNDS GREAT.
Anyway.  I'm worried now I'm gonna spend all my time staring at the clock on the cable box.  Some things are better left to the imagination!  Is it 11:35 or as late as 12:00.  I have no idea.  I could check if I want to-- great!  It's Tops to have that option.  I don't wanna KNOW all the time.  I can cover that up with tape.  Masking tape!  Not clear tape!  Yeah but that would be INSANE who does that.  SANE PEOPLE.  Hmm sounds like a contradiction conundrum.  Probably gonna take a bath halfway through Act II.   I have my reasons!  Wanna get clean.  That checks out as one of the main reasons.  Also wanna do somethin' else to take a break.  Gotta do Other Stuff in this life so that we don't grow to resent the Non-Other-Stuff that we do.  I guess.  Clock isn't set up on cable box yet.  I get the feeling I need to hook it up to TV before I can get that going.  ALRIGHT a few more days without Cable Clock.
Anyway.  I can HEAR this cable box.  I can SEE this cable box.  What the hell is my life turning into?!?!  What else is going on.  HMM looking at my DVDs I can see plenty I wouldn't mind watching when I can.  I can watch A MOVIE A NIGHT lets make it a thing.  What's the movie for tonight?! I ask myself For Fun.  Great!  I can listen to commentaries, too!  Are there commentaries that are Movie Critic commentaries?  That'd be a good idea.  No it isn't.  I'd try it out though once.  Maybe.  Maybe it depends on the movie.  I got myself there.  Let's re-animate Roger Ebert and get working on that.  We can leave Gene Siskel dead.  We'll let him know if we need him! (We Won't.)  We do need to pair re-animated Roger Ebert with someone, though.  I just think we can do better than Gene Siskel.  Well we'd be dealing with Zombie Gene Siskel.  That's even worse!  Okay.
Cool!  I think turkey might come with stuffing.  I don't know how I feel about that!  At first I was like I HATE THE STUFFING FROM THIS PLACE.  Then I realized I'VE GOTTEN THE STUFFING FROM THIS PLACE MANY TIMES AND I DON'T LOVE IT BUT I CAN TOLERATE IT PRETTY GOOD.  Then I realized NOPE THAT'S IT THAT'S ALL OF MY REALIZATIONS FOR NOW.  So I got that going for me.  What was the stuffing I was thinking of that I can't tolerate.  That's the real riddle of all of this.  I'm assuming Diner is open for July 4th.  I don't see why not!  It's not disrespectful to eat on July 4th.  Not to my knowledge.  It probably is but I DON'T CARE!  I'm gonna eat today anyway because that's just the kind of rebel I am this month.  Anyway I'm gonna take a Bath Break now!  Be back soon!

     Hey it's soon!  What's going on in the wide world of sports.  Gonna have six walks today.  That should net me about 4 pound loss than I would otherwise!  Assuming it's the start of a new 6 walk routine!  Which goes on for the next 7 years!  That's a lot of assumptions, especially too many assumptions based on bad math.  It's not so much Bad Math as No Math.  I just picked out numbers based on nothing.  Actually, WORSE than based on nothing!  I picked out numbers that I was guessing were purposely off the mark!  The good news is it's all over now we can put this entire ordeal experience behind us.  HMM I got to think about what to listen to next walk.  It could be anything!  There's literally DOZENS of musical artists out there, many of which have MORE THAN ONE SONG.
    Yeah!  The HDMI cable totally fit into the cable box and I barely had to JAM IT IN at all!  I LIKE those odds.  I don't get why we still celebrate Independence Day.  We declared our independence from England 250 years ago!  GET OVER IT.  Uh oh I can be deported for that.  Where would they deport me to.  I've been here my entire life!  Is it part of the definition of Deportation that it's back where ya came from?  I guess not.  They can deport me anywhere they want that's their prerogative.  I hope it's JAPAN.  I'd go to Japan, I've talked about it before.  Japan knows the score!  Also they can deport me anywhere and then I CAN GO ANYWHERE.  They're not gonna deport me to Venezuela and then check in on me twice a year to make sure I'm still in Venezuela.  I can leave Venezuela and go to Japan My Own Self!
    Sounds good to me.  If only I had celebrated Indepfendence Day I would still be in America.  I am still in America.  Well sure FOR NOW.  What else is going on and crap.  Not only am I finishing entry after Act II but I started Act I way ahead of time so the publishing of this entry to internet is gonna be very early!  Assuming the next 2 paragraphs don't take Oh I Don't Know The next seven years.  If they do, though, they better be Some Damn Good Paragraphs.  Now I kinda wanna try that.  Spend 7 years on two paragraphs?  Seems like a good use of my time.  At least as good as anything else I've come up with.  So sure I'll think about trying that.  Can I write other paragraphs in the meantime or do I devote 100% of my energy to these 2 paragraphs.  Well sure if I can write other paragraphs too there's no stakes to it!  I need to do ONLY THESE 2 PARAGRAPHS if I really wanna get what I'm supposed to get and give what I'm supposed to give out of this experience.
     Last paragraph!  I'm a weird guy because my reasoning for shaving myself now is because I don't wanna look disheveled for when I start watching TV.  I subliminally think I'm Watching TV, I'm Also Being Watched Somehow BY TV Or Something.  Not really.  I just wanna Look Good for this new stage of my life.  It doesn't matter if anyone or anything is watching me.  I KNOW how I look and that's what matters.  Wanna look my best!  It's totally NORMAL get off my back about it.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  There's a double header between The Metropolitans and The Yankees today.  Hmm that's some good insight.  NOW what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I dunno that might have covered everything.  That's some GREAT insight in retrospect.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-12:48 P.M.




Saturday, July 3, 2021

I Understand

    Hello friends.  On the precipice of a new Entry Routine.  We're talkin no more Act III's!  A normal person would have reached that conclusion several months ago but I'm no normal person!  I'm an EXCEPTIONAL person!  An exceptionally Stupid person.  Anyway this way I'm done with entry an entire a hour or two sooner in the day.  I forego the Act III's generally Crumminess.  I have more TIME to do other stuff such as watch TV potentially!  All in all it's a very exciting prospect and I can't wait for it to get off the ground.  But what will become of First Two Acts?  Same as before!  Right now 7 paragraphs each but that may change a paragraph or two give or take over time!  WOW WHAT A INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH.  ALSO, THIS THESIS STATEMENT COMING UP NEXT SENTENCES?  BEAUTIFUL!
Webster's Dictionary defines Beautiful as...  You know that sort of thing.  Gonna have a Mystery Dinner tonight.  It could be from ANY of the 3 top places we get dinner from!  That's usually not the case.  Most often we know exactly which one is Up, and if not, it's down to two.  THREE?  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.  I don't know which one is the right choice as of now but I hope we think carefully and measured about it and I know if we put our collective effort and Brain Powers together we can figure out one of the top quarter of a dozen places to get dinner from.  Anyway.  WIRES might be coming today?  I don't believe it!  I can presumably determine whether power cord works immediately.  And I can determine if HDMI cord fits into cable box, too!  WOW WHAT PROGRESS.  By the time I get TV the wires will be roughly half done already.  WOW WHAT PROGRESS.
Yeah!  I also don't know what to have for lunch but that's another story for another paragraph.  HEY.  THIS is another paragraph?  WOW WHAT PROGRESS.  Ugh.  Looks like I'll set up shower curtain and rod in the next couple of days.  Then it's time for me to take showers!  I don't believe it!  I'm gonna use Soap And Everything!  Every time I bathe or take showers I usually use soap behind each ear But Once.  One swipe across.  And every single time I think hmm its a stereotype that they're like Oh Clean Behind Your Ears, I should probably be doing that more than once.  I always do it once though.  I'm gonna do it But Once again.  Maybe next time I'll give more than once a shot.  I'm a creature of ROUTINE AND HABIT sometimes it works out for me sometimes it doesn't!  Also ONE SWIPE IS ENOUGH THAT'S HOW I REALLY FEEL.  YEAH!  CLEAN BEHIND MY EARS?  BUT THAT'S WHERE MY SKULL IS!!!
    Dunno what that accomplishes.  Is Skull Island shaped like a skull.  I feel like it is.  But how did the inhabitants know that.  They didn't have ariel views.  They could figure it out by Cartography and map making.  Yeah I guess.  Also skulls are three dimensional.  So is Skull Island Kind Of That's The Entire Premise Of The Latest Incarnation Of Skull Island.  I make an interesting point.  A VERY interesting point.  I haven't been this interested in HALVES OF HOURS.  I had a hearty graham cracker for breakfast today.  Very interested to see if it would tide me over!  It did!  We're talking HEARTY grand cracker.  Two or TWO AND A HALF times as big as what you might imagine a standard size grand cracker is.  Do I know whether I'm saying, "Grand Cracker?"  I'll never tell!
What else is going on.  I've got TWO bath towels going on in my bathroom now.  I had one!  Then we took my bathroom rug mat to Laundromat!  When I took bath while it was still there I took a bonus towel to LAY DOWN on the floor so it wouldn't get wet.  Now the Bath rug is back.  AND I STILL HAVE THE BONUS TOWEL.  I can use it for general towel purposes now.  What an abundance of riches.  One towel, ANOTHER towel, a Bath ROBE. ... A BATH RUG.  The bathtub.  Paper towels!  Toilet paper!  The WINDOW.  I forgot what I was talking about.  Is it a coincidence that skull island is shaped like a skull.  Of course not there are no coincidences its all part of God's Plan.  Why would God's plan include a King Kong.  He protects the people we should be ever grateful God Created King Kong.  I guess that checks out.
    What else is going on.  Is Godzilla blasphemous.  One can only imagine YES for SEVERAL reasons.  What else is going on and crap.  Then again isn't King Kong like a False Idol to the inhabitants of Skull Island.  God wouldn't like that!  Hey great what else is going on.  I don't know what God would like.  Maybe he gets off on there being false idols secretly, I don't know, that's his business!  Hey great what else is going on.  Maybe take a bath after Act I today.  Gonna mix things up!  Maybe I should buy bath salts.  That'll SPICE up my bath.  I think bath salts are called Spice.  Solid 50, 55% chance I'm right on that lingo.  Either way gotta imagine bathing in bath salts is as healthy as smoking them is.  But healthier!  I dunno about this I'm gonna have to check into that one.
Last paragraph!  What is the premise of bath salts legal use.  I get its salt that goes into a bath.  But what's the benefit?  Smells good or something?  Too bad there's no way of knowing.  Hmm better LTURQ.  Bath salts are supposed to be good for CLEANING baths and presumably help you RELAX.  Well that settles it I'm gonna smoke some bath salts!  Wait NO That's The Wrong Conclusion To Come TO!!!  Oh well too late now can't go back gonna smoke some bath salts!  What else is going on and crap.  Nice Future I got comin' to me!  Facing south to watch TV.  Facing east to be on computer.  Facing north to do stuff on 8 track.  Facing west NEVER THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE.  I guess on average 2 or 3 times a year I face the Other Direction while going to bed which would be facing West.  It used to be more!  I went through periods where it was a toss up which direction in bed I would be sleeping towards.  WOW.  I'll be back!




I'm Gonna Need To Look Into That

    I'm facing west when I'm bathing.  GREAT.  I'm facing up when I'm bathing.  EVEN BETTER.  Wow Act II is the last act.  Maybe now I'll start hitting a wall in Act II!  It wasn't the amount of acts that was the problem, it was that Final Act Is No Fun.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses!  Think I know what I'm doing for meals today.  Corned Beef Sandwich with DORITOS for lunch and two slices of pizza WITH ANOCHOVIE for dinner.  I haven't had anchovie in a long time!  For some reason when checking anchovie calories on Internet I overestimate how much they actually add per slice.  I think it's not so much that it's a difference!  I'll go to MY GRAVE thinking that.  No I won't.  Solid 65, 70% chance I change my mind.  And that change of mind would be IN EFFECT when I die (and go to my grave).
     Wonderful.  Doritos are HEALTHY because I can eat 8 or 9 with a meal and it's not anywhere near an inappropriate amount of Energy for a side dish to a meal.  Also CHEESE IS PROTEIN.  Doritos promise not just Nacho Cheese but NACHO CHEESIER THAN OUR WILDEST IMAGINATIONS.  They still do that, right?  I feel like 70, 75% of the time Doritos have a promotion where they call their Nacho Cheese Flavor Nacho Cheesier.  And of that amount of time, maybe 25, 30% of the time do they actually make it Nacho Cheesier!  I dunno what they do exactly but they add Nacho Cheese Flavor to the already Nacho Cheese Flavored chips.  Seems like otherwise I could SUE THEM.  They promised a Nacho Cheesier Experience and they FAILED TO DELIVER.  Class action lawsuit time!  Wonderful.  COOL RANCHER.  That one doesn't work as well.  Also, the flavor doesn't work as well!  Not as good and/or pleasant to eat!  Cool Ranch is EASILY the, "B," version of Dorito Flavors.  We all agree on that!  PRESUMABLY.
Cool!  I'll eat lots of nacho cheese flavored things.  I will never eat nacho cheese.  DISGUSTING.  What else is going on in the wide world of sports.  I'm following a BASEBALL GAME right now.  It's The Mets game!  WOW in a week I can WATCH IT IN REAL LIFE.  Not just following the bat-by-bat results!  At Bats.  All these singles now I get it.  I didn't GET singles the way I will get it in the near future.  Hmm I could clean up my room a little bit today.  Clean off surfaces of books and CDs and stuff like that that I do not plan on using in the near future.  Maybe WIPE DOWN surfaces BRIEFLY of excess dust and stuff.  No goin' crazy cleaning but I can do a step slightly above the bare minimum!  I feel like that could be a blast and a half.  I could EASILY hear #TalesFromTheCryptTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent while cleaning MY ROOM.  I'm ALREADY IN THE SAME ROOM WONDERFUL AND WHATNOT. 
     Anyway.  I looked up online whether they can retrieve hard drives from desktop computers and sure they can!  Now we're talking!  I'll get those notes I made in high school back like its nobody's business.  UH OH IT IS NOBODY'S BUSINESS.  When they retrieve the hard drive they might see it!  Now it's their business!  BUT IT'S NOT THEIR BUSINESS that's why I have a problem with this!  Also YES there's probably lots of pornography on there which isn't their business either!  But more their business than my notes!  Pornography is from Common Shared Internet. My notes were JUST EXCLUSIVE FOR ME.  Anyway I feel very strongly about this!  Also sure I'd check out that pornography.  It'd be a blast and a half from my past!
     YEAH.  When I was a kid we had to DOWNLOAD pornography.  Well, we didn't HAVE TO.  But to my knowledge there were none of the aggregate streaming sites and whatnot.  Technology wasn't there yet to browse and download quick enough!  But we didn't let that get us down!  Just made pornography All The More Special.  YEAH.  Also WOW I CAN READ ALL MY CHAPTER OUTLINES AND SUMMARIES OF GLOBAL HISTORY II TEXTBOOKS.  And that's just ONE EXAMPLE of all the loads of Outlines and Summaries I had made for ALL YEARS of ALL GENRES OF CLASS.  Man oh man Talk about Outlines!  Also outlining textbook chapters is great on all ends!  Easy to do because you just re-write the topic sentence of each paragraph and/or section in the textbook.  And it's good repetition that it actually makes it stick pretty well.  You could do it without paying attention or thinking about it really but it still helps it register when you do it!  WOW WHAT A GENERIC HOME WORK ASSIGNMENT TO GIVE.
Cool!  Then again that's an assignment you can't do on the train.  Some assignments you can do on the train!  Reading an English book for example.  Maybe you can do it on the train home where you have some space for yourself.  Still kind of a hassle.  And no way you can do it on Train Into City because it's crowded as fuck and you may not even get a seat at all!  These are the days of my lives.  My lives from Oh I Don't Know 17 years ago.  Wonderful.  Sure I'll read some WHITE OLEANDER on the train.  That was from Freshman English class!  I don't want you thinkin THAT AIN'T A GOOD COMPLICATED BOOK FOR A JUNIOR CLASSMAN OR SENIOR CLASSMAN.  Well, I do want you thinking that!  But I want you to know that wasn't the case!
     Wonderful.  I forget what White Oleander was about.  I think it was a mother-daughter book.  Or perhaps a daughter-mother book.  Something along those lines!  And I remember it was being made into a movie while we were reading it and that was exciting.  Pretty good claim to fame.  I'm READING THE BOOK that's BECOMING A MOVIE EVEN WHILE WE SPEAK?  HOLY SHIT!!!  That sort of thing.  HMM I can still change my mind and face North for computer and face East for 8 track.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.  I have DAYS to figure it out at least.  Gonna take all my brain power to accomplish this!  Apparently we only use 10% of our brains.  I gotta get that to 15, 20% AT LEAST over the next few days to figure this one out!  Also our brains are 80% water.  We're using 10% of our brains?  That's an entire half of our brains that aren't water.  Sounds pretty resourceful to me!  I'll be back tomorrow.

-2:24 P.M.




Friday, July 2, 2021

That's A Great Title

    WOW.  Here we go with Friday.  Waiting for Super Market Delivery sometime over the next two hours presumably.  Soon after that going to Laundromat to CLEAN THINGS that CANNOT BE CLEANED otherwise.  Well have them clean things.  I got things to do!  Presumably!  Also gonna order cords and TV today from 2 separate places.  But All Today!  YES NOW WE'RE TALKING.  I can't wait to turn on TV and be like GREAT THIS IS WONDERFUL.  I don't wanna watch LIVE TV, though. Too stressful!  Other people are watching this at the exact same time.  I don't wanna do what other people are doing.  Have you SEEN these people.  Only Movies and Bingewatching for me.  That's where the line is drawn!  By me!  Wow I can draw a line not bad.
Makes sense that I'd be able to draw a line.  Most people can!  I'm Most People!  Watched FREAKS last night.  I had seen it once before relatively recently.  The first time it creeped me out a lot!  Some of these freaks are on the freakier side of things even compared to other freaks you may see.  This time around?  TOTALLY USED TO IT.  Not freaked out by them at all!  The most freaky guy though overall is the guy with no lower body.  I don't GET IT.  How does he pee and poop.  WHAT THE HELL.  Also for some reason the main character Dwarf LOOKS LIKE A BABY.  I've seen my fair share of dwarfs in entertainment and even in real life and they look like adults that are shorter and often disproportioned.  This guy in the movie legitimately has the head and face of a baby!  But I know its a man!  I've seen him talk!
    So that's that.  Got delicious bison burger for lunch today.  Delicious part II of Seafood Parade for dinner.  Is there a Fourth Of July parade.  One would imagine there's a solid 50, 55% chance there's a real parade.  And about a Other Percent Chance that there's a parade here and there but nothing to really concern yourself about.  SOMEONE SENT ME A RELATIVELY FAIR TRADE ON FANTASY BASEBALL.  I'm used to sending someone a trade proposal, and they must have been really offended, because they send me a NO WHERE NEAR fair trade proposal back.  Like I'm some sort of asshole!  And I feel tempted to accept the trade JUST TO SPITE THEM.  But anyway this thing just now I sent an offer and the guy sent back A REASONABLE OFFER.  No way I'm accepting it I NEED XANDER BOGAERTS but thanks anyway!
Anyway.  I put my cable box on top of file cabinet For Practice and it looks just fine!  Now the question is do I have it at a diagonal so it's facing me when I'm lying on bed or do I leave it horizontal as if it was facing me head on if I was sitting in chair on other side of room.  I don't know!  I'm thinking diagonal would but the COOLEST but horizontal is more TRADITIONAL.  I've given myself a lot to think about.  I'm gonna continue thinking about it during this Act I!  I'm not saying anything of consequence or entertainment so I might as well continue thinking AND TALKING about this.  Yep.  Got Graham Crackers from Super Market instead of mini Black and Whites this week.  Gotta wonder if that'll pay off in the long run.   My guess is I Don't Know.  Decent guess! 
     Cool!  I've got a lot of surge protectors in my room.  Hmm.  Look I'm definitely wrong because of how words work but I would imagine surge protectors INCREASE the possibility of Surge!  I wouldn't be able to plug in all this stuff WITHOUT the surge protector.  Not enough outlets!  Now that I have surge protector I can plug in way more stuff!  Thus causing surges!  Well Great I insist something I know is wrong makes sense.  Sometimes wrong things make sense.  A lot of the times wrong things make sense!  That's wonderful.  It's protecting from Surge because you're not jamming 4 plugs into 1 outlet.  You CAN'T do that.  It's physically IMPOSSIBLE.  You could try.  TRY AND FAIL.
     What else is going on.  I wonder what kind of commercials are on TV these days.  Been a while A LONG WHILE since I watched TV Commercials.  I know a lot of internet commercials and internet TV commercials are probably on TV too.  But there's a lot of ad campaigns I'VE TOTALLY MISSED OUT ON.  Is there anyway I can get caught up on Ad Campaigns over the past 2 years?  I feel if I went straight to the ad campaigns of today I'd be confused and not able to follow it.  I don't know the historical context its in!  You know that sort of thing.  What's TACO BELL been up to.  They're good at commercials.  I think commercials, I think Taco Bell.  Wow they ARE good at commercials.  Jeez.  Shower curtain and shower rod have arrived!  I might be able to take a shower today!  WOW I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  Sure I do.  I WAS SAYING THAT FOR EFFECT.
Anyway.  For years I thought I had Grand Theft Auto Five.  Because I had a 3 pack of Grand Theft Auto Three, and then 2 more Grand Theft Autos.  So for the last decade I thought I had Grand Theft Autos three through five.  Last week I discovered the 2nd two I have are Expansion Pack type stuff.  I never played Four OR Five.  WOW FASCINATING.  No wonder I thought the entire time Grand Theft Auto Five, not so great, not so far off from Grand Theft Auto Three!  Which it turns out is because I was playing Grand Theft Auto Three.  Wow great story I hope to hear it again some day.  Anyway.  Hey the Act is just about over.  It could stand to benefit from another two or so sentences!  After this one!  The one I just wrote!  Actually no after THIS ONE RIGHT NOW.  Okay that makes sense Let's Keep The Act Goin'!!!!  Okay now it's done.




Keep It To Yourself

    Hey, just had a graham cracker.  Delicious!  Also a lot of Heartiness to it for just 110 calories!  Also NUTRITIOUS because I could taste a good amount of cinnamon.  Spice is good for you!  Cinnamon is spice!  Therefore I'm knocking my diet out of the park today.  Anyway also good news I ordered TV and assorted cords!  I saw TV was on SALE from $499 all the way down to #399 PRESUMABLY BECAUSE OF JULY FOURTH.  So I bought that up before they could rescind the sale!  Then bought cords from other website because Why Not Let's Get It All Done!  Cords should be here tomorrow!  TV by next Wednesday!  Now we're talking!  Man oh man that graham cracker was good.  I can see myself happy with having 1 of those for breakfast instead of a black and white.  Nothing against black and white!  They're delicious, too!  What's black and white and is red all over.  My breakfast when I wake up bleeding!  Checks out.
Yeah!  Solid 85, 90% chance I'll end up with all the necessary wires and can figure out how to install everything myself.  WOW WHAT ODDS!  Good odds!  OH SO THAT'S WHAT ODDS.  Anyway I saw the HBO Show CARNIVALE might have Freak Shows in it!  But the rest of the summary of the show didn't appeal to me.  Seemed too weird!  I like weird looking PEOPLE not weird SHOWS.  I wonder how many people identify with freaks when they see freaks.  Gotta imagine it's roughly 50/50, right.  Every other person is content with themselves that they appear to the naked eye as Regular.  While 50% are self conscious and think well yeah I'm close to regular compared to THESE FREAKS but I got a lot in common with them, too.  I'm in the 50%!  THAT NARROWS IT DOWN.  I'm in the 2nd 50%!  THAT NARROWS IT DOWN.  YEAH.
Dumb 50% of people who think they're normal.
  The truth is 80% of us are normal.  But 30% of us are normal and don't think so.  WOW WHAT MATH.  NUMBERS.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT.  I dunno what to listen to today.  Need a break from The Wilco and The-Sleater Kinney.  Need a break from listening to recent POP and HITS and UP AND COMING POP HITS.  Hmm how about some Patriotism Music.  Get into the spirit of July 4th.  I assume Apple Music has a constantly updated Patriotism Playlist.  If not maybe that's a good idea for them.  And I get royalties every time someone listens to it.  I came up with the idea!  Anyway what's a good Patriotism Tune.  God Bless America.  Not the phrase, the title to the song.  The patriotism song.  I like that one!  How about From Sea To Shining Sea.  That's not a song but one day it may be.
     Jeez.  I've always wondered what MATH ROCK is.  I think it's just Nerd Rock and Nerd = Math.  Or maybe the premise is somehow when creating the music they use math.  I can see how chord progressions and stuff like that is Math.  Still though I think it's just Nerd = Math.  Wonderful.  Maybe Nerd Rock is just Math Rock Made Out Of Nerds.  When I first set out to write that sentence it made sense to me.  Then, before actually writing it, it quickly occurred to me it doesn't make sense.  Then I typed it out, hoping I'd change my mind once more.  No such luck!  We're stuck at It Doesn't Make Sense.. WAIT A SECOND JUST NOW I had a feeling it makes sense.  Wonderful, great, lets move on with my lives.  Got 4 less bottles of soda this week than I normally do.  Gotta cut down!  Only EIGHT bottles for the week instead of TWELVE.  This is gonna be a grind but I think I'll come out of the experience a better man!
     Cool!  Presumably I can take a bath soon after this act is over.  Presumably A Lot Of Things.  I think shower curtain and shower rod to hang shower curtain on have both arrived.  Not set up for today, though!  I'd imagine I get it set up tomorrow or the day after or perhaps several days from now or more.  In the mean time though sure I'll take a bath why not I can do that easy.  What if I shrink myself down like Antman.  Then I can take a shower from the bath faucet.  I dunno it wouldn't come out All Shower Like.  Just what to me would be a HUGE stream of water Absolutely DRENCHING me.  Suddenly this plan doesn't sound so good after all!  Oh well what can ya do.  What if I shrink down the Bath Faucet ALONG WITH ME?  Then we're in the same situation as we were before shrinking down anything.  Yeah I guess!
      Wonderful!  Is it safe to watch pornography on TV without worrying if someone will be able to see that I've been watching pornography?  I mean someone in the same household.  Will it show up for them.  OBVIOUSLY the people at Verizon Fios and Assorted Organizations will see me watching pornography.  They'll be keeping close tabs on me for such things.  But I don't care what they knew Don't Bother Me None!  Hmm maybe it depends on what kind of pornography.  Certain kinds of pornography they might feel a need to alert my parents for certain reasons unknown to me as of now
.  Yep that seems to check out.  I don't need to watch pornography on TV.  It's not even something I'm thinking about!  I thought of it to say in this paragraph.  Yeah but that's the exception that proves the rule!
     Last paragraph of Act II!  Wonderful.  I'll watch YOUTUBE videos on TV.  Get on board with the latest MEMES and TRENDS.  No I won't.  I'll make a point to Absolutely Not Do That.  Yep that checks out.  Maybe listen to some more UP AND COMING pop &/v hits.  I like it because I'm getting in on the ground floor with these things. Ground floor is generally how you wanna get into a building.  Nope not always.  When I went to The Stuyvesant I got in on the 2nd floor.  There WAS doors for Floor 1 but they were closed generally and we entered Floor #2 from a Bridge.  A 2nd story adjacent bridge!  Hmm fascinating.  The good news is another Act down.  I'm knocking these acts out of the park!  In terms of Doing Them In A Reasonable Amount Of Time with As Little Effort As Possible.  In terms of them being good No not so much.  I'll be back later.




I Can See That

    Hey!  I got lunch going.  Write 4 paragraphs now more or less.  Or Exact.  I'm really aiming for Exact!  What do I got in store for the rest of the day.  Couple walks.  A dinner!  TV on The Computer.  I hope I'm making the right decision with New TV.  At this point I'm 70% looking forward to Video Games and only 30% TV.  Also Zero Percent Other Things.  That can't be right.  Other Things have got to be either a solid few percentage points or a solid few NEGATIVE percentage points.  To some extent I am either looking forward towards OR DREADING other things.  I have to have an opinion on Other Things one way or another, right?  Can't just be indifferent!
     Yeah!  My guess is I'm looking forward to several things several positive points, dreading other things several negative points, but OVERALL ALL OTHER THINGS are several POSITIVE points.  Anyway today is one of the two days between Canada Day and Independence Day.  UNTRUE.  There's 361 OTHER DAYS between Canada Day and Indepdence Day.  Never said what order hey have to be in while being inbetween them!  Well I got ya there.  Canada seems too meek to have a day.  Not in Canada's characteristics to have a Canada Day!  And frankly I'm a little disappointed with Canada!  I thought Canada was better than this!  No I didn't.  I suspected all along that Canada was no good and would disappoint us all given a chance.
Cool!  Getting close to being done with the entry.  Then I get to move on with my lives!  Onto the next thing!  Which is presumably finishing the movie I've been watching.  You know it's a good movie because I paused it during its exciting climax to do something else.  Gotta SAVE the rest of this exciting climax, I'm enjoying it so much, I might enjoy it even more given half a chance.  I know we call orgasms climaxes but I find they're more of a dénouement.  You heard it here first!
     Last paragraph!
  Wonderful.  I find orgasms are more of the Hypothesis.  That makes sense, sure.  I don't know what else is going on!  I could theoretically put laptop on same desksurface as TV with cable box on file cabinet.  I don't know why I'd WANT to do that.  So I can watch TV AND watch COMPUTER at the exact same time.  Why would I want to do that.  I wouldn't, that's why!  Hmm gonna get a kick out of looking at cable box for quick Time Reference Purposes on top of the file cabinet.  I'm gonna be looking over all the time and like I said I can Dig It!  Wonderful.  Has any single sentence in this act been worth reading at all?  Has anything EVER been worth reading even beyond things I've said?  I dunno that's a philosophy-em-up you gotta figure out for yourself!  I'll see ya tomorrow!

-4:34 P.M.




Thursday, July 1, 2021

I Guarantee It

    Sounds about right.  Hey!  Gonna hopefully get Necessary Cords tonight from THE AMAZON and necessary TV from THE PC RICHARD.  My whole life I thought it was PC RICHARDS.  Now I'm faced with the prospect that there might not be an, "S."  Oh No my life has been a lie! Not really a lie.  More of a Mistake.  Oh no my life has been a mistake!  Alright that checks out.  Anyway surprisingly parents are on board with me potentially putting cable box on file cabinet.  It's usually the kind of thing where for some reason they'd be like NO WAY THAT'S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE.  I can't think of a good reason but I'm sure they could think of a halfway logical reason!  File cabinet is METAL of some sort.  You can't have overheating cable box on metal.  That causes explosions per my understanding.  Cable box shouldn't be overheating from regular use.  Cable box shouldn't be on File Cabinet for regular use!  I'm breaking all sorts of rules with this configuration!
    Yeah!  The point is at this point I might get Tv WITHIN THE WEEK.  Not this calendar week.  This mathematic unit of time The Week.  From now until roughly 7 days from now.  Seven days is a week.  Most of the time!  HEY gotta turn the page of Patriotism Calendar.  Let's do that right now!  GREAT.  Patriotism Calendar says today is, "Canada Day."  JUST EXACTLY WHAT SIDE ARE YOU ON PATRIOTISM CALENDAR?  Talking' about Victoria Day.  Talkin' about Canada Day.  This patriotism calendar is subversive as fuck!  Tryin' to get us to be Canadians subliminally.  Not really subliminal.  They're pretty liminal about it.   Anyway the picture of it is of a silhouette of a guy fishing and the phrase is FROM SEA... and then on the other side of the page ... TO SHINING SEA!  That sums up this month of patriotism calendar.  I'll keep you updated on this situation as it progresses.  WAIT A SECOND I'm not sure this guy is fishing.  He's doin something.  What the hell is this guy up to.
Anyway.  Not worried anymore about Old and Crappy Cable Box Remote.  The TV Remote is gonna do the heavy lifting from now on!  Not used to that!  But with Smart Televisions I guess that's the standard.  GREAT.  Gotta time my next walk a little bit ahead of time so I don't get in the worst of the upcoming rain.  That sounds great.  I'll walk around in some Nonrain no problem.  Anyway.  Earbuds are working almost all the time but 2 or 3 times over the past week it sort of cuts in and out for a couple of minutes.  Then I figure out how to get it working again.  By turning the phone off and on.  Seems to work!  Wow I'm some sort of Troubleshooting Wunderkind.  I can't be a Wunderkind.  I'm too old!  I dunno when it comes to trouble shooting I am still pretty young.  Troubleshooting is generally an old man's game.
     Whatever.  Pun involving Troubleshooting.  WELL MY JOB HERE IS DONE.  Gonna put TV connectors together and whatnot myself.  My parents were ready to pay ONE HUNDRED Dollars for someone else to do it.  Takes 5 minutes.  There's like 3 or 4 cables to hook up at most.  I'll do it FOR ONLY THIRTY DOLLARS.  Which I will put towards ONE FIFTH OF AN XBOX GAME that I will never open and save as A COLLECTABLE.  It's an NGO you wouldn't understand.  God knows I don't understand.  And I understand a solid 80, 85% of things.  Things I don't understand-- NGOs.  I'll update this list as time goes on and I take special note of things I don't understand.  Right now isn't much of a list.  Solid 50, 60% chance there is no such thing as an NGO and I'm thinking of another acronym.  I dunno there's gotta be SOMETHING that's an NGO.  It might not be this.  But I'd say 85, 90% chance SOMETHING is an NGO if not this.  YEP NGO means, "Non Governmental Association.  JUST AS I SUSPECTED.
     Hey!  Great!  Well that's not narrowing it down at all.  I'd say 90, 95% of all associations aren't governmental.  This phrase is too general and thus useless.  You heard it here first.  Anyway today is the first day of a new month.  July!  Hasn't been July in roughly 11 months!  Thinking about getting a delicious Sea Food Parade for dinner tonight.  Part I of II!  This month is From Sea To Shining Sea so I feel to be a Patriot this month I need to start on a Seafood Parade and END on a Seafood Parade.  Hmm sounds patriotic.  Both because of SEA food and because of PARADE.  I feel roughly 40, 45% of parades are patriotic to a significant extent.  That's easily a big plurality of parades being patriotic either as primary function or secondary function!
     Yeah!  If I take a walk when I want to I'd STILL be stuck in NON-LIGHT Rain for at least 10 minutes.  But it wood be surrounded by Only LIGHT Rain.  That's a sacrifice I may be willing to make.  Well easy to say that NOW once I'm in the moderate rain I won't feel so good about it.  We gotta make sacrifices in life!  Our gods demand it!  If we're not sacrificing to Apollo why would he ever bless us with good tidings?  He'd have no motive.  Anyway.  Whose the god of Rain.  Solid 60, 65% chance there's a God Of Rain. Zeus.  He's one of the mainest gods and rain isn't his primary function but it IS a secondary function.  It's part of his responsibility is the point.  So let's sacrifice to Zeus so there's less rain.  I dunno what about farmers sacrificing to Zeus so there's MORE rain.  Well looks like we're at an impasse.  Is Zeus on OUR side or on FARMERS' side.  What the Hell am I talking about again.
     Last paragraph of Act I!  HMM I just realized I can take a walk 20 minutes before I wanted to and then I might miss the moderate rain completely.  I'd have to start in roughly 10 minutes from now, though.  I can do that.  I can write this paragraph in 5 minutes, easy.  Why do I have to.  Because that's the kind of guy I am this month.  I dunno I can be Any Kind Of Guy I Want TO Be This Month.  New month!  I can do what I want!  YEAH but I need to set a PRECEDENT for the rest of the month that I can be happy with and proud of.  And stopping now is a bad precedent!  Meanwhile what else is going on in the wide world of sports.  Oh, right, paragraph is long enough now.  See ya soon!




Just As I Suspected

    Hey!  Started raining lightly 30 seconds before getting home.  PERFECT.  I like light rain and 30 seconds worth is PERFECT.  I dunno I coulda stood ANOTHER 30 seconds of the same degree of light.  Oh well we all have to make sacrifices.  We covered this last Act!  Good compromise between Normal People and Farmers.  We come together to advocate for constant light rain.  Everybody wins!  Except for ZEUS.  H's gotta spend ALL HIS TIME 24/7 working on some light rain.  Hey if he didn't want responsibility he shouldn't have become a god.  He put himself in this position or something!  Thinking about getting SWEET POTATOE FRIES with Seafood Parade.  Delicious!  I'm more excited about this than I should be and there's no chance I actually start eating them and feel my excitement was justified!  It'll be fine I guess!
     Wonderful.  Listening to a lot of #The-Sleater-KinneysTheSummerToRememberSavingsEvent lately.  Presumably I will continue the book at some point.  I made it a quarterways in!  Then I went a couple of days without touching it.  Too Much Think-em-ups.  Wanna make an insight-em-up, great, people love it but IT'S TOO MUCH.  I can't be exposed to insight-em-ups day in and day out.  I need time to process the LAST think-em-up.  Give me time to process!  Rain might be done by the time I wanna take next walk.  WONDERFUL.  LET'S MOVE ON WITH MY LIVES.  Been watching more #TalesFromTheCryptTheSummerToRememberSAvingsEvent as a TRANSITIONAL PERIOD between Last Show I watched and Next Show I will have watched in futurespeak.  Good stuff!  WOW I'LL BE ABLE TO WATCH IT ON THE BIG SCREEN TV.  32 INCH!  SEEMS BIG TO ME.  ALSO HD!  Will the monsters look DUMB in HD TV specs?  I don't know!  One can only hope so!
     Anyway.  Gonna try to transition to not drinking as much soda.  I was watching a My 600 Pound Lives and there's a part where they are like drinking soda ain't good, even diet soda and I was like HEY THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE.  HOW COME NO ONE EVER TOLD ME DIET SODA MIGHT NOT BE GOOD FOR ME BEFORE.  My Dad has said it many times throughout my lives.  Many!  But now that TV says it it really hits home!  So anyway we'll see how that goes.  I feel like I've tried doing this very thing half a dozen times over the years and maybe I almost make it an entire week before going back to drinking All The Soda I Want.  I dunno we'll have to wait and see how it goes.  My dad's reasoning is always IT'S MADE OF CHEMICALS.  NEWSFLASH DAD EVERYTHING IS MADE OF CHEMICALS.  That's the Nature of Things!  Things can be reduced down to chemicals.  LOOKS LIKE I WIN THIS ROUND.
Maybe take a bath after this paragraph.  My Mom got me a nice useful soap dish.  Where you put the soap dish on a checkered surface so that the moisture from soap trickles down to the bottom and the soap itself gets dry.  That's the premise at least!  I'm on board with giving it a shot!  Anyway.  Cleaning kids mouths out with soap.  You DO KNOW that's not how it works, right.  Soap is for cleaning physical bodies.  You want something more metaphorical, less literal.  This isn't going to accomplish anything at all.  The point is parents are stupid.  They just don't understand!  That's what I've been led to believe.  Also is putting soap in kids mouth child abuse?  I feel like that's open for discussion in Reality.  Not just discussion in dumb website.  It's a legitimate question!  I don't know who cares but if you did care it's a conversation starter!  Gonna take a bath now!

    Hey that's what happened.  I took a bath then!  I'm drinking WATER right now.  I feel like I deserve some sort of reward.  Or award.  Something along those lines.  HMM looks like I'm gonna order TV cords tonight and TV tomorrow.  If I apply some light pressure on my parents to go along with those two things I think I can ACCOMPLISH those two things.  You won't get anywhere in this world without applying some light pressure on people.  That's the assumption I've been operating under this paragraph.  That, and I deserve a prize for drinking water.  No chemicals in water!  Presumably.  I dunno maybe there are maybe there aren't.  Is H2O a chemical.  No those are ELEMENTS.  Are elements chemicals.  I DON'T KNOW.  YES THEY ARE.  Just as I suspected.  And my parents were wrong about!  But I was right about!  The entire time!  Everything is Chemicals!
     ALRIGHT that's gotta net me ANOTHER award.  I'm racking up potential awards alright.  I'm gonna come away from this entry being owed 4 or HALF A DOZEN awards all told.  YES.  What else is going on and crap.  I like sweet potatoe fries because they LOOK well done.  And I like well done fries!  And the color of sweet potatoe is DARKER than the color of regular potatoe.  Why do I continue to spell, "Potato," as, "Potatoe."  It's not an accident.  It's not because I don't know how to spell potato.  It's not because I think it's funny.  I don't!  I just keep doing it for some reason.  Routine I guess.  I'm in the habit of doing it and I don't break habits as a rule.  Obviously it's something I want to do!  Otherwise I wouldn't have done it!  Hmm.  That logic checks out 80, 85% I guess.
Last paragraph of Act II!  Sure I'll eat some scallop.  I used to like scallop when I was a kid.  Then I went a very long time without eating any scallops.  I ate fish a lot.  High quality fish!  I just never had scallops get off my back about it.  DELICIOUS.  What I really liked as a kid were them baked clams.  I'd presumably like them as an adult!  Don't know how or where to get them!  I can get other kinds of clams and stuff from Italian Food Restaurant Enterprise.  Like mini clams.  Not the same thing.  I want some NICE BIG HEARTY baked clams.  Get off my back about it!  Why are you on my back about upper mid shelf seafood experiences.  What the Hell do you care about whether I'm eating scallops and whatnot?  Get over it!  Anyway I'll be back in a little bit.




No More Anymore

    Hey!  Got chicken curry going on for lunch.  Delicious!  Apparently my mom is gonna need eye surgery.  On both eyes!  Her cataracts are getting out of control is the impression I'm under.  So that's not a good thing but there are worse things that could happen.  A solid 10% of all things are worse things than this.  Maybe even as high as 15, 20% of all things!  Anyway got delicious soda going on.  I went about one glass of liquid refreshment as water before I went back to soda.  I need to finish the soda I already have, that's obvious.  AND I need to finish the soda I'm getting for tomorrow.  I can TECHNICALLY change the order to remove the soda but that's being TOO PROACTIVE.  Might as well just RELAX let things play out naturally.
Cool!  I should think about listening to Wilco albums that I know and love.  I may very well decide against it but it'd be an interesting Thought Experiment to Experiment With Thinking About It.  Also Wilco has too many classic songs.  They can only play a small fraction each show!  And that's already baked in that they'd play a lot of the recent songs.  The point is they have way too many songs that I'd want to hear and I think they should feel badly about the problems they're causing.  Either them or Apollo.  One of them has to take responsibility!  Or maybe neither of them to.  What a terrible world where neither bands or Greek &/v Roman gods take responsibility.
What else is going on.  Another day of responsibility down!  Gotta imagine I buy cords tonight.  That's a responsibility.  Did Canada purposely make Canada Day close to our Fourth of July.  Did Canada purposely make Canada Day remind us of The Soda Canada Dry.  Also this soda is very explicitly wet.  I wouldn't buy a dry soda in a million years!  Actually sure I would.  I wanna try eating some soda.  Anyway the point is Canada is dumb for some reason.  I feel like there should be a soda that is explicitly AMERICAN SODA.  Finally I'd have a reason to be patriotic.  Soda Brand is talkin' up America?  I got no reason to go against soda brand.  I'm on board with America Cola, too!  Anyway I just finished lunch.  Wonderful.  I knew that would happen at some point.  It happened at this point!  Just now!

     Last paragraph.  Hey, great, how about that.  I just took a rare walking break during Act III!  It's called I Saw It Was Raining Soon And Wanted To Get My Walk In.  That's a verbose name for a walking break.  Sure it is so what.  Only one more walk left in the day and I'm going to be awake for at least Oh I Don't Know FIVE HOURS?  Amazing!  Been watching #MyFavoriteMovieToRemember Return of them Living Deads I today.  It became available on HBOMax!  WOW I HAVEN'T WATCHED THIS IS IN SEVERAL MONTHS.  Time flies when you're not watching your favorite movies to remember.  Also YES if I was forced to pick A The Favorite Movie Overall #1 To Remember solid chance THIS ISN'T THAT BUT IS IN THE TOP 5.  Glad we got all that settled.  I'm going to write an extra paragraph because it's a different Experience than the first part of Act III and we need to pad out experiences is the impression I've been under.
     Cool!  This may be the longest entry in recent memory.  Paragraphwise!  19!  I DON'T BELIEVE IT WE MAY BE TYING RECORDS IF NOT EXCEEDING THEM.  Man if I knew my parents would be on boar dwith me putting electronics on File Cabinet I would have been doing that this whole time!  No I wouldn't have.  I mean, I would have FELT FREE to.  But I can't think of a situation where I would put something on top there.  But I'm looking forward to THIS situation nonetheless!  Can't wait to find out if I have to aim my remote at cable box or if aiming it at TV is Close Enough that The Cable Box Will Get The Picture.  I'm okay either way!  I think it's fun to use the remote Not At The Cable Box But The Signal Bounces Around And Gets There.  Remember when we were kids and we would aim the remote BACKWARDS but it bounced off White Wall and GOT TO THE CABLE BOX?  Surely your childhood memories are exactly like mine.  Anyway great.  I'll be back tomorrow!

-5:29 P.M.







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